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The Golden Era Jun 12, 1897

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Array wm
*We,mak.o8peefc*ty_f   >'
��-__!��_.' ''HSH'
Etc., Itc., Etc.
���       A       ���      ****���.
Best Advertising Me-liun-,
la Eoit Kootenay.
Ns��t. Artistic Job Printing
|    promptly executed.
i in' lil
Vol vi. no. 45.
GOLI*J5N B��., SATURDAY, JUNE 12'   1897
Per Year
General �� Merchant,
Has a Complete Stock in all Lines.
Miners' and Prospectors'
Supplies a Specialty
.'eece e o o.o oe 09099.
Jessops Finest Quality Dfill Steel,.
You Can
a ���      f      '.I    l,��
Boots �� Shoes  '
Hals & Caps
e____se_    _______
Straw Hats
.,. Shpes
Dress Goods
Large Stock and must be Reduced.
' ' * ��� .*
ft - '' .; -,*������'���
Prospector^ and Miners supplies always
in stock. r
Black Diamond Prill Steel
Picks. Shovels. Dynamite Caps and Fustf.
,*        *��� ;>- -  **-������,
Tec ��"����� 5 e :: <_���o> 9'cV4,
Hay and Oats, -
! Shorts and, Chop*
1 '.'���������.      ������
Just to hand a carload of the Cetebrated
Chatham Wagons and GrayST well
known Buggies, P.m'MN.ard*. Etc.
: : t : c ���
-*��� .
Agent For   .   ..���-;,
and other Fire lilsttrance Co's
s ���. t-
.      . + + +
The Confederation Life Association; Ti����n!o.
%        A ������    ' ���:     ^^AA--'
���- . + + +."     ������.������' .'*i.'yw. ���
The.Relianca Loan S Saving Co..; of Ontario;
F. Fields bas abandoned his intsn*
tion of -emoving to Fort Ulesle.
' E. A. Haggen, of Golden, has been
invited to lecture at Kansas City, U.
S. A.
Daring the post year 100 pre-emp*
tioss of Isnd have been made in East
Kootenay, which is more than for 2)
yesrs previous.
Is the recently elected Town Committee to be s hollow (ane? Why
dose* the secretary not call a meeting
and hand over tbe books. *
Tboss wanting plans prepared or
new buildings erected cannot ib "better
thsn entrust their orders to '-limes
Henderson, builder and contractor:    .
Tbe Wonewoo Bargain Bouse, of
Wonewoc, Wie., TJ. S. A., offers a bar-
I gain through our advsrjtisiog columns
snd also makes application for agsnts.
Another instance of tbe progress of
Oolden. Postmsit-er- Warren informs
ui that there baa recently been a Urge
increase in the business of tbe postoffice
'" We have to tbsnk Mr. A. R. B,
Bearn. roanager of tbe Imperial Book
at Bevelstoke, for a copy of tbe Banks''
Illustrated calendar (or the current
Ae W. J. Gould, photographer, has
to go e��st be will be unable to renjaio
in Oolden after June 16tb, by wltub
time orders should be sent in for execution. ���
Capt. Armstrong, of the Upfier Navigation Company, will probably, make
the new townsite of Warder bie future
headquarters, Capt. Bacon managing
the Golden end.
Dr. Proctor, who commenced prsc*
tics In Donsld a year ago, is a.fav_rite
with the people of that town, where
his professionsl services have ghien
great satisfaction.
Splendid showers olsain have been
experienced irt the Columbia Vslley
this week end ought to delight the
hearts of lbs farmer*, ensuring good
growth Of their crops.   .     'j*
F. W. Aylmer returned to. Qi)Iden
on Tuesday, having been'.away about
sit months, during which time "he
visited Ireland end spent a month in
the Province of Quebec.
In one of the oamps nen -ir,widen it
wss snepecte-1 a number of thieves es
isted, but how. .to catch them was a
pttssle. Every1, oonoelvable means was
trifd^nd laiteVI. Ope day a heap of
rubbish   was   being   removed when.
about a bushel and a- half of tobacco
with knives,, rings, etc.,,wss found.
Rats had been relieving the boys of
their treasures.        '  ���';  '"���"'"'
-**. W. Bnbear, foreman.of the first
lumber camp on tbe Columbia above
Golden, hns great faith in the future
mineral development of the .Boundary
"Creek country, where he owps a ranch,
tV. L- Bettscbcn, watchmaker and
jeweler, has decided to settle in. Fort
Steele and removes there this month.
He hss secur.ed n good sits on River*
side avenue, opposite Penostn A Co.'s
The C. P. R. ere filling up the bed
of Mountain Creek where it crosses
the line snd where, it was svanned by
a bridge 500 feet long. The stresm
hss been diverted by means of a largo
J. McMillan,, watchmaker and
jeweler, of Golden, gives prompt attention to orders sent by mail. Mr. McMillan is agent for the Canadian Smelt-
ion and'Assaying Works and undertakes tbe greatest expedition in assay
Mr. Rusk is in charge of. the government dredge on the Columbia and A.
E. Coosins, late of the C. V: R. shops
st Vsncouver, is foreman. The foremen of the C. P. R. shops V Donald
had the offer ol working tho dredge
but refused.
Ill the garnishee esse of J. A. Stoddard vo Col. McKay, he��xd at Donald
County Cour.t on Frida/ by Judge
Vo-r.io, judgment wss given for defen
dans witb costs. Mr. Spragge appeared for. plaintiff and Mr. Curlynn
for defendant.
Mr. J. F. Arraatrohc, Gold Commla- j
sioncr. informs w-.Utut steps will be
takon by the government nt an early
date to ereet a bridge; over the lllue
Mrrj- River and to improve the Mo-!
berly trail. - This will- be gaod'nows '
to onr neighbors at D mold.  ���
We bave to thank Hewitt Bostock,
Esq., M. P., for copies of the Hon. G.
E. Forbes' speech 'on tbs Do -ilnion
budget' and (or tuo amended erbe-tul-tt.
o( the tariff. Any of our renders wishing to'pBruse-these may do so by calling at tlie office of thcEus.
General Superintendent. While is
prohsUy-t.heptdeatp_i.iial in the st
vice of the C. P. lit, Uo is a. warm
favorite, both with, the public ami tha
eiupjpyeaoj tlie.co'iip.ii-y. In consideration of the.*jxcellehce of his man*.
Xinent last yenr the company sup*,
nspte. his salary with a handsome'
bonus. Tbe government should get a
moo "ike'Mr. White to manage the
Intercolonial and so kill-the argument
Of (he chartermonj-irs that the state
cannot manage railway, just' aa successfully ss private syndicates
. C..A. Werreu left-for Kamloops- on
Sunday tb givs.vidtn-e in the taitcli
Case. Hs will also represent the local
lodge at the western meeting of- Oddfellows to be held there next woe*:.
During Mr. Warren's absence 0. W.'
Brooks is fulfilling tho duties of Postmaster.
Instance, of broken government
promises���Hon. Col. Baker in IKS'.:
"I promise that ths road between Oolden and Donald will be completed in
two years." Not done yet! Sam.
gentlemen wiring constitutenta: "I
promise- that the ti-sjl between Donald
and' Canoe river shall be opened in
first-class style."   Nov done yet!
The Beaver sawmills are busy, fating at work mainly on tho titubt-r for
the new C, P. R. bidge at Surprit.*
Creek. Mr. Neilson. Una a large nuui- '
ber of men employed! at the Blaeberry
camp, whsj-e ties and Ipgs are being
got out The company* have turned
out 40,000 tics so,far this season, most
of them, being cut three miles east of
Donald, Seventy-five meq srsst present employed by the Beaver mills.
The temperature aa recorded by F.
C. Long at Golden averaged 63 degrees for last month. The hottest day
was .May 29th, 84, degrees, end the
coldest was May 3rd and Cth when tin
thermometer registered 43 degreed. Fur
May of last year the average waa 53
degrees, so that the May weather wan
over 10 degrees warmer than for tli,
sume month of lost year, when tlm
liiittnst .lay was 74 degrees and the
tiiildest 4'J degress.
A m.'.'ting of tha OoMen Spoils'
Committee was held on lust Friday
night at the Columbia House, when
there wero present Messrs. Wau-eii,
Chairman McNeiali, Pugh, Skeltoii,
L-iriiioutaigne, MtrtViiiiot, Haggen
uud tbe .Secretary,, J. Adler. The
ground committee, having arrabge>l
with J. Noble to improve* the ground
and G,-. hurdle-*, it wast decided to get
thn truck; well rolled. The proposal to
(mid a, moonlight excursion by tli*
Navii^ition Company's Dueh'ess in von*
ritic-ti-~.it with the fete was approved.
The secretary reported tbat 1116 h^l
been collected since last meeting, njali-
(ng'8528..1.,'exclusive of the s-iecisl
prises. It was dcoided to ask. bicyclists
to uso the racetrack as _tuo_ au pos"-'
sible so na to get it into good condition. C. Warren, J. P., wus, elected,
president, and it was decided, to eli*
nounco tbat the aports would, lis held-
at the Jubilee Park, 0-1 Ion,
V ���"���a*-..
To -.1 vrulaura anil Subscriber...
The OOLDEN ERA ~ published every
Saturday raorning in time to catch the east
ami west mail trains, also the mail for the
upper iroiuitry, WiudBrmere.Port Steele otc.
It is thn best advertising medium in the East
Kootenay district,
Sulwcritition Kates:  92.00 per annum IN
Alterations and changes of standing adver-
titeiuents must bo in the office not later than
noon on Wednesday to ensure insertion, but
' raouol advertisements will be received up till
noon on Friday.
While all reasonable caro will be taken, tbe
i-mnpany will not be responsible for any
miiim-iou 0/ error in any advertisement.
All accounts to be paid tu the Managing
Director, or his authorized agent, from whom
the company's receipt will be obtained.
Advertisement rates made known on application to tbe office of the Oolden Era, either
personally or by letter.
All business communications should bo addressed to tbe Managing Director, and all
literary communications, letters for publication or news items should be addressed to the
Correspondence is invited on matters of
public interest, but to secure publication
such letters must be brief. In the case of
anonymous letters the name and address of
the writer must be enclosed, not for publication, but for tha private information of tbe
editor and as a guarantee of good faith.
The Golden En Conpiny Limited L.rtilit|.
Office, Golden, B. ft
governed by a committee on whieh tbe
C. P. R. employes would themselves
Im represented. The committee could
then obtain the usual hospital grant
from the government, and thn hospital
be conducted in an efficient manner, instead of as it now is���an eyesore to
tho town.
Kite dSolben <Hta
(Edited  by E. A. IlAOOEN.)
SATURDAY, JUNE 12, ,18!)7.
If the people of British Columbia
don't hurry up and secure a change of
government in the Province, there will
soon be nothing left to govern. The
Turner psrty has made the Province ��
prey for charter-mongers, till there ore
charters over everything except, perhaps, the air. We give the Turner
government full credit for one thing.
Tbey havo proved themselves ever
ready and willing to give away what
doesn't belong to tbem. It is pretty
well time that inquiry was made into
the whole of the charter grants in
Britiah Columbia. Such an inquiry
should be exhaustive, and tbe evidence
should be printed and placed in the
hands of every elector. The people
would then see for themselves where
-they stand and how muoh of the Province they have got left. Perhaps
they might then wake up to the necessity of returning to Parliament men
who could be depended on to preserve
.the publio interests and use well the
little that remains.
Now that Superintendent White has
taken over the western division of ths
C.P.R. to Vancouver, he has taken steps
to close the provisional department at
Donald, and wo understand the provision oars are to be stopped as well.
We Congratulate Mr. White on this
sensible move, ss the C. P. R. has
quite enough monopoly without running the store-keeping business.
H. Carmiohoel, Provincial Assayer,
assures us that there is no
justification so far as hs is concerned
for the complaints referred to in our
issue of May 29th concerning the Government Assay Office. He assures in.
that; he has never made any money,
directly or indirectly, out of mines,
nor has he any .interest in any mining
claim or stock in the Province. We.
gladly give publicity ti Mr. Car-
michael's statement in tbe hope that it
will assist in removing any want ot
confidence in the Government Assay
Ono of tho many weak points of the
policy of the Provincial government is
the way in whioh the educational Interests of the couutry districts are neglected. People with families living in
the outlying districts are subject to
great disadvantages' in this respect.
It is to the interest of the Province to
have ita outlying country settled. To
bring this about it is necessary that a
specially liberal policy of education
should be organized for such, districts
to make up to some extent for the dis-
advantages under which the children
so situated have to labor. .
We have to thank the pooplo of Gol.
den, Donald, Windermere and surrounding districts for tbe liberal support already accorded us. During the
short time that the paper has been
under its new management tho circulation of tbe Era hoe been doubled
till it is now one of the best advertising journals in East Kootensy,
The C. P. R hospital at Donald is
in a disgraceful condition, and has
heen a justifiable cause, of complaint
for years on the part of the men, who
.are in hopes that now Superintendent
White has taken over the division he
will take immediate steps to hays the
grievance Teoti.fied. As tb��y have an
excellent medical 'man at Donald we
suggest to Mr. Whitethat a better arrangement would be for ithe C. p. R.
to agree to contract for tbeir men being attended to at the hospital, whieh
poult then be mode a local institution,
Ths people of Donald- are being
shamefully treated as regards their
school. The school hss capacity for
only 24. children, yet over 40 are
packed into it. The school work is
thus carried on under great difficulties
to both teacher and children. Soi
years ago the Miniater of Education,
Hon. Col. Baker, promised to have
this school enlarged, but like many
more promises reported tb* have been
made by the hon. gentleman - in East
Kootenay, it remains unfulfilled. It
is time the government gave the people
of Donald the consideration to which
they are entitled in thie matter. If
tbe building were enlarged it is probable the attendance of children would
be considerably increased, in which
case the Donald school would bs entitled to an assistant teacher.
A Spirited tetter
To tu Ed'itob: Sir-The no-firs conveyed by your last week's issue was
nn agreeable surprise which will no
doubt be .appreciated by the Golden
people and those of the surrounding
districts. It hss often been remarked
that the Golden people belonged to an
antediluvian race, with no spirit of
enterprise in them, but judging from
tbe subscription list for sports, this is
a mistake. Good for Golden! Good
(or Adler and nil connected with the
scheme! The publio cares little about
paltry squabbles and miserable jealousies. Life is too short and enjoyments too few to be spent in even listening to them, but a scheme like this
that will give a day's enjoyment to
the orowd deserves, and will no doubt
receive, the hearty co-operation of all.
Boys of the camps, boys of the mills
and all the other boys! Do your best
to make the 9th of July a memorable
day in Golden! I.*��������-..
'���<   <       A Suu-jcRinif-R.
. ���
Bridging the Kicking Horse.
The bridge which is being erected
over the Kicking Horse at Golden will
be over 800 feet in length when com*
pleted and will carry one of the C. P.
R. consolidated engines. The north
end of the bridge, over the main channel of the river, is a Howe trues span
125 feet in length. In tbe middle of
the bridge there will be 60 feet, of pile
work and at the southern end the two
msin spans of. the present bridge,
which are about 12b feet long, w|}l be
re-erected. The bridge is being built
by the Golden"Lumber Company, under
subsidy from tha Provincial Government, and the work is being carried on
nnder the supervision of J. McDcr-
mott, bridge foreman for the C. P, R,
The new rail track tooross the bridge
will be run on the west side of the
Navigation Company's office in place
of the east side where the track now
is. The new track from the railway
station to the mill is being laid with
heavy steel rails and the line will be
At Golden, B. C.
Suits to Measure. From
$15 up
Hew. is It _Khi��?
Business Cards.
Prospectors ond Miners having claims or
interests in claims for sale, could not do better than communicate with
Mining Broker ft Financial Agent,
Oolden aud Fort Steele
1st���By buying (or spot cash
getting sll the advantages.
2nd-By selling for spot cash and
avoiding all bad debts. " .;
3rd���By doing roy own cutting and
saving 1100 per month.
4th���By s��ving heavy travelling
and other expenses:
In patronising me you, support the' .
the claims of labor. I pay the
highest rate of wages
and expect tbe
J. FfpUGH,:
Scientific Cutter and Practical
,     Tailor, Golden, B. C. . ' etc
Sate of Kootenay House Hotel,
Golden, British Columbia.
PURSUANT to the order of the Supreme
Court of British Columbia made in the suit of
re Conacber Conacher vs Pither, sealed tenders marked on tbe envelope "Tender re
Conacher" and addressed to J. V. Armstrong,
Esq., Registrar County Court, Donald; B.U.,
will be received up to Friday, tha 18th day
of June, IMA, ot nouu, for the pun-base of the
land and premises known as the Kootenay
House Hotel at Oolden, in tbe district of
Kootenay, British Columbia, together with
tbe furniture of the si.id Hotel.
Tbo premises cousist of lot e, block 6, and
a lot ou the river bauk opposite the suid kit
8. Thero are Crown puiouts to both tuc-ae
lots. Upon the premises are erected a two-
and-a-half story frame hotel, and the same io
now in occupation uud is doing a good business. There is ou the river |ot,�� bullding
nsed as a liquor store boMt-aud sample
rooms for commercial travellers.     .. '
Tbo bouse has an es.abl.abe4 reputation
aud connection. ��� -^ -
Tbe highest or any tender-not necessarily
-copied. ,        .''..���
For terms and particulars apply to A. G.
M. -prog-re, Solicitor, DonaU and Revelstoke atatlin, British Columbia.      ,
Dated this first day of June, 1SOT.
A. O. M. 8PBAIH1K,
-ttje-g Plaintiffs Solicitor.
Sign Writer, Painter  and
Paper Hanger,
Orders promptly attended to.
Present address, Russell House.   22to
Notary Public, Golden, B. C.
A post card addressed to me
at the poet office, Golden, will
receive prompt attention.       29tc
Builder and Contractor,
- ���  -   -  Golden, B. C.
Plans prepared.   Prompt attention given to orders. 28tc
D.L.S. A P.L.S. for B.C. Dominion A
Provincial Land Surveyor, Draughtsman, Valuator, Etc., Calgary, N. W.
T. Correspondence Solicited.
R. J. Jefsos, D.L.S., P.L.S. of B.C.
and Ont. - Calgary, Alba.
Wane of the Heart-Human Skill was Almost
Defeated when Dr Agnew's Cure for
the Heart Fell Into tlie Breach, and is a
Few Minutes After Ono Dose He Fonnd
���'���    Orent Relief, ond Five Bottles Made a
Bad Heart a Good Ono.
Wm Cherry, of Owen Sound, Out,-, writes;
"For tbe past two years I have beep greatly
troubled witb weakness of the heart and
fainting spells.  I tried several remedicand
consulted best physicians without any apparent relief.  I noticed testimoniala'af great
cures made hy Dr Agnew's Cure far tl*
Heart.  I -yecured a bottle, add tbs first
dose gave me great relief.   The first bottle
did wonders for me.   After using five bottles
there sre none of th* symptoms remaining
whatever.  I think ft* great boon to mankind."
Sold by O. A, Warm.  it
Insignificant Beginnings--- Rut They Steal
on one as a Thief's the Night, and Before one has time to Wonder Whs** Alio
him he is in .he Firm Grasp of ^it-ease���
South American Kidney Cure will Break
the Bonds and Liberate, no Matter How
Strong the Cords.
Tbe thousands of cases that have been
helped, and outen by tho great South American Kidney Cure is the best; recommend cf
ita curative qualities.   The remedy is a specific for all kidney troubles.   The rormula is
compounded on the very latest scientific discoveries in tbe medical world. Tbere are
thousands today who do do truthfully ooyi '.I.
am living because I used South, American
Kidney Cure.*' It relieves in six hours,
-old by C. A. Warren. . 43
Kl-UT   FBOM  THE   MIS-..
Family Ties may be Broken in the Grand
Rush for Oold, but Wbot'o Wealth Without Health-Dr Agnew's Catarrhal Powder, is a Wonderful Cure-It Never Falls
to Relieve In Ten Minutes.
Fred Lswrie, of Trail Creek, B C, writes!
"_heve used two bottles of Dr. Agnew's Co*
tarrhal Powder, and have been wonderfully
helped,   I can recommend it very highly to
all sufferers from Catarrh." And here Is another-���Mr B L Eagon, Enston, Pa/layst
"When 1 read that Dr Agnew's Catarrhal-
Powder would relievo Catarrh in 10 minutes,
I mast say I woo br from being convinced ef
tbe tact. I decided to try it. 1 purchased a
bottle.  A single puff of tbe po wder through
the blower afforded Instantaneous relief."
Sold by ft A. Warren. 42
jinrSubserlbe (or the Gollbx En*.
Toronto Mh"��r_l Claim, situate in the Oolden Mining Division ot East Kootenay District
located Spillimacbeen Mountain,,
Teke notice tbi-t I, John McRae, free miner.*
certificate No. 41117. intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to tie Gold
Commissioner fora certificate of hop-one-
metals, for the onrpose of obtaining t
Crown grant .of the above claim.
And further take notice, that advenwelsims
must be sent So the Gold Comrnioolonor
an action commenced, before theissw-u'ct*
nl NHih certillcate of |iuproven,e��t*i.
Rated tMs 10* day ot* June, IMW,
John McB.e.
By b-> agent, P. V*. Ay!m��r.
Notice to the Public
Notice is hereby given that Mr. D. M. Roe
is not connected wilh tbe management of tbe
Oolden Era, .and that I am the only person
authorised to make contracts and to collect
and recei-ie payment of occounto due to the
proprietory eMnpuiy.
E. A. Haqoki,
Managing Director Golden Era
Company Limited Liability.
Dated thia 17th day of May, 1897.
NOTICE is hereby given that I intend to
apply sixty days after date to the Commissioner of Lands and Works for the District
of East Kootenay, for permission to pur-
chase-ISO acres otnnsurveyed, unoccupied
and unreserved Crown L-uds, described as
> follows i Commencing at a post planted
on the east hank of the Columbia river
about 15 chains south of Spilloinacheen
steamer landing i thenee east 40 chains,
thence north 80 chains, thenee west to tbe
Columbia river say DO chains and thence
following the Columbia river south to the
poiut ol commencement.     ,
Dated, Galena, B. ft, HOth March, 1897.
Advertise Yoqr District
To do eo, ssnd your orders (or us
to print your memoranda with a
locality may of East Kootenay
and the various locations on the
back of each form I
The Golden Era Company
Limited Liability
General Printers and Publishers,
-   Golden, B. C.
Undertakers and
.  .  Embalmers,
-Calgary     ���    ���   .  Alta
.���.        Winfield   Pork.
..underbill, will handle freight between
Adela. Mud Lake and Fort Steele, and
return. Goods warehoused at both ends.
For rates apply to
Barrister, Solicitor &
- - - Notary Public.
Office at Upper Colombia Navigation
Co. Building, Golden, B. C
Will be in Golden on Monday of each
week. ..       36to
Clock snd Jewelry repairing done in
the best style of the tr.de with tlie ,
least possible delay. . "ail and express orders receive prompt attention
ItkkMkei at Jeweller ��� Mta, I.t.
(Opposite the Columbia House.)
Agent for the I anadian tinn-lting k
Assaying Works
Assays. Tests und Smelting of Ores
witb the greatest expedition ond scientific accuracy
Coll or write lorl further information
Assay Offices and Chemical Loliorutory,
Vancouver, B. C.
Established IKfl.
For several yeara wilh Vivian k Sons,
Swmisea, ond local representative for tbem.
,'-. For & years manager for the assayers to ,
tbe Rio Tbiw Co., London.
Caiajdion representative of tlie Cossel Gold '
Extracting i.e., Ltd, Ulasguw   liyauklo
protons i.
N.B.���All work ncmonally superintended.
Only competent men employed. So pupils
received. ,   7tc
ran jon_*_L umi so
Blue Peioil Riles.
���A- Ow ���MT'JBV-Jf.
r for the see of 1
M practical rales i
wrltee����eet ���BelleS.
lent es ���aes-st of nriee. P..*, ��0 cats EXPOSURE BROUGHT ON AM ATTACK OF RHEUMATISM.
Nervouenee. and, Stomach   Trouble.
Followed���Bleep i.t.Tln.M Was Im
poMlble**H��ulth Again Be.tored.
From the Amherst, N. S., Sentinel.
The little village bf Petitcodiao is
situated in the south-easterly part of
New Brunswick, on the line of the Intercolonial Railway. Mr! Herbert
Yeomans, who resides there, follows
the occupation of a hunter and trapper.
His occupation requires him to endure
a great deal of exposure and hardship,
more especially when the snow lies
thick and deep on the ground in our
cold winters. A few years ago Mr.
Yeomans tells our correspondent that
he was. seized with a bilious attaok
and a complication of diseases, such as
sour stomach, sick headache and rheumatism,   mt. Yeomans' version of the
facts are: ��� '���! became very 111 and snf
fered the inost excruiciatipg pains in
my arms, lego and shoulders, so much
ao that I could not rest in any position. I frequently could not sleep
nights, and when I did I awoke with
n tired feeling and very much depressed.
My appetite was very poor, anil, if I
ate anything at all, no matter how
light the food was, it gave ine a dull,
heavy feeling in my stomach, which
would be followed by vomiting. I
suffered so intensely with pains in my
arms and shoulders that I could
sc;i-icely raise my hands to my head. I
tried different remedies, but all to no
purpose. A neighbor came in one
evening and asked "have you tried
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills?" I had not
but then determined to try them, nnd
procured a bog, and nefore the pills
were all gone, I began to improve.
This encouraged me to purchase more
and iu a few week* the pains in my
shoulder* aud anna were ull gone and
I was able to get a good night's rest.
My appetite came back and the dull,
listless feeling left me. I could eat a
hearty meal and have iio bud after effects and I felt strong and well enough
as though I bad taken a now lease of
life. My old . occupation became a
pleasure to me and I think nothing of
tramping eighteen or twenty miles a
day. I know from experience and I
fully appreciate tho wonderful results
of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills us a safe
nnd aura core and I would urge all
those afflicted with lheumuiiaui or any
oihi.r ailment, to try Pink Pills aa
they create uew vigor, build, up tha
shattered nervous system and uinku it
new being of you. The genuine Piuk
Pills are sold only ir bexon. bearing
llie full trade mark. "Dr. Williams'
Pbik Pills (or Pals People." Protect
- yourself from imposition by refusing
any pill that does not, bear tbe regie*
tared trade mark around the box.    41
Joseph Shaw 1065, Joirwt E.Shaw 865.
Fourth class ��� Evelyn   Hamilton
1,068, ^dword^prresljIrj-'W,,EllenShaw
688. .-��� . '"     ' ���   ' "
Third class-Zeta Clark .708, Florence Williamson 636, 'Deborah Forrest
Second class���Florence Forrest 588,
Bertram Shaw 566, George Atkinson
605.    .. ~
Second primer class-Fred Urquhart
345, Percy Dunne 3.5, -.the] Chapman
First dasB-Hilda Hobbs 415, Rosy
Match 343, William Chapman 279.
. a a
Steps will probably be taken to have
a Masonic lodge established in Golden.
Messrs. Northwsy and McKay
killed two grizzly bears when out prospecting near McKay's ranch a fortnight ago.
The annual meeting of shareholders
of the Golden Lumber Company, convened for Monday last*, has beon ad'
jburned to Monday, July 5th, as some
of the .members were unable to attend.
The Donald Gun Club, of which A.
Q. M. Spragge is president, 'numbers
88 members. They are making good
shooting for the MoNaughton medal,
and at last shoot the leading five
averaged 64.44 points.
J. C Greene has been effecting bou-.
sldernble improvements at the. Queen's
Hotel. , The house has been renovated'
throughout, refurnished, electric'bells
fitted np and the former office adjoining tha dining room lias been converted into a smoking room and well
Ranchers and lumbermen or. pro
verbiol for their hospitality, and the
other day we had an opportunity of
appreciating, the hospitality of'tis
latt'-r-by n visit to McLaughlin's earn-,
This, la the principal logging camp cf
the Golden Lumber Company ami is in
charge of W. McLaughlin,- who hi*s
spent twenty-three years among the
lumber camps of Canadi,.. Mr.'M'-*
Laughlin has the reputation of Iieing
one of the best luinherinirmcn of the
wear. There are ut present 4*Min>n am
ployed at this'camp, ami judging from
the fare provide.], wu must lay that
the company feeds its men woll. Thia
is the second season the camp has
been running, and it turns ont One
tinibei, both for ties nnd for milling. '
HULL BROS & CoJGolden Sash & Door Factory & Machine Shop.
" Wholesale and Retail
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN, B.C.       26tc
Golden Hospital Society.
Tl*-E HOSPITAL is now open for the
'admission of patients..
TICKETS may be had from the under
signed or any member of tbe
PRICE-Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Acting Secretary. .
The Donald School-*Deport for May
Forty-seven pupils attended during
the month of May, and the average
daily attendance wok 42 Tbe school
has not sufficient accommodation* ot.
present for more than thirty, but it is
hoped that it will be enlarged during
the summer vacation.
The following is a list of tbe first
three pupils iu each class, -with tbeir
number o( marks attained in the
monthly reports:
fifth class-Christine MitoheU 1071,
Beer!   Beer!   Beer!
The best Deer in Canada'is miiile by tlio
Calgary   Brewing  & Halting
""'���',���     Co.,   Lt'd.
Manufacturers of Ileer, Ale anil-Soda Water
Insist on getting Ciilgory How every -line
They sll have it.
The Company's agent for Knst Kaotcni.y i
II. G. Parson,
Golden, II.C.
��� Fur
Paeif ie fty.
Direct Roil Route to
Montreal and Toronto
And nil Eastern points.
Luke route to the east���Sailings from
Fort Vt'Ilium.
Alberts  Evory Tuesday
Athabasca...'. .Evory Thurisjay
Manitoba !.. Every Sunday
Shortest and quickest route to
Kaslo, Nelson, Sandon
Aud all points in the For Fumed Kootouny
''ami Silvery Slocan.
To China and Japan
via.the famous Empress  Steamers from
Empress of India illst May
Empress of Japan 21st June
Honolulu, Australia,
New Zealand,
via tho Can, Aus, Line from Vancouver
Aorangl Hth Juno
Warrimoo..; :wii j���|y
Apply (or particulars to
Traffic .Manager,
Or to Winnipeg.
C. K. WEMjS.
*        .' Agent. WoMen.
The Neilson Furniture Co
*��� ; \ \\ '     '.(Limited)
Will .mail, free of charge, one of, their
illustrated. Catalogues and Price
Lists'  tb uny --ersou sending them
their address. '"'
The   Nellson   Furniture  Co.
Calgary, Alberta.     ���
Pure Drags
Send to      :     :     i     :"-'. *
Or to ���    i      :      !
.    '      New Denver.'
so vsahs'
���kMoh uur! dMOlptlon iw
, whatbar est Intuition le
. Couraun���.tlona -IrloUi-
���sr��H,'WMiurint- pat.nl.
. jit. . Wwtihtf ton oISm.
tliroujih lluii. A Co. mi*-.*
Ml Ur.udt.ov, Mow York.
I      r-i-p-a-N-S
-fl The modern stan_-
ard   Family Medicine:   Cures   the
common every-day
ills of humanit--.
' t
'ma\\W a*am
hi ItWHtiti    Safa. Su*. and Ahray.
���trust suhsti t u i as  r.o__ii
or mated, tne from obM-aik-a, ee receipt tt
Itet, SrstedputicularileMn.
Sm- <_��< halt cu b. now-
���.'    Hill, I'll '.ce.aRU, eai
.ca io iw.  MimM, aad
��� �����*_ fM.Mi Sa.in]M by
PILATON.'Mtietlyharmtim Sm.bra-tl.iwled,
on-ec.lp.nf price ���1.00.     -n�� warned.
Mannlncturers ot Bash, Doors, Mouldings, Turned and Sawn Balusters,
Newel Posts, Hand Ralls and Brackets.   All sites of gloss in stock.
The Machine and Blaoksmith Shop ore prepared to do all kind of repair
as soon a* possible,   j" 11 sizes of Pino Fitting and Brass goodson hand.
Wagon repair, Poles, Shafts, Aslos, Spokes and Felloes. Hickory aud
Maplo Plonk.
���Ti-rJ'tt1U0 \��___jf<-..  1
UM Mntklae Ca, MoointkCss.
Upper Golurrjbia NaVigatioq ��& TraniWay Co.,
e    ���    and     ���    e     ���
Iijterqational Traqsportatioi] Eoqpaijy.
TIME    TA1JLE.    i897.
(Joi.DKN- Four Stim'i.e mute- fiitil nprnlii-; of Ritvlirnlion, Slage will
leave Golden evory Tuesday, 2, p. in., arriving iri'Fort Steelo Saturday
Leaves Fort Steelo every Tuesday morning, arriving at Golden Friday
After 1st Msy, Steamers will leave Golden 4, a. m., Tuesdays anil Fri-
iliiys, i-oiineriing with Stage at Adelu and arrive at Fort Steele Thursday
anil Sunday afternoons.
Leave Fort Steele Tuesday and Friday muriiings and orrivo at Golden
Thursday anil Siiniluy ut'tnrniKiiis.
Fort Hteel��> nnd Jemilng* Route.
Alter 1st Mny boats will leave
Navigation expected too-ieii li'ili April
daily (except Sunday-.
Golden Ist Mnr.li.
F. P
9 ���*"��*? 9 9' ��.S ft., <J_i. 9Ji9\
;__������" .,* ijS_is - * it 5 5 *. it a �� ft .
L & 5 5 (j 5 9 o c*"g>
Rigby Waterproof Golf Capes
are the most comfortable and convenient out-
of-door garment a I_,dy can wear. If you cannot get one in your town suggest to your dealer
to write to --. -
. . . H. SHOREY & CO., Montreal
who will forward Samples to any Dry Goods
Mcrch.nt free of charge.
-i_.aiMSt,n>mpM-itsiidlotoit Ua. ot mat!
*-r-*__ppli_*w��lnt_�� world. Thev hoveomr
faawllocur*. Wo or. so positive o( It that wt
will -nek uur belief ond ttnd you uj IlNtrk-l
/.rplUnrammln th.i__-k.toodyou esa try It
tu-Tlirv. H-intho. Ur|solJlstoCMsUnio-tals
on earth, fend tot book and Journal Tna.
W. T. Ba.r * Ci.., Trt-dor, OatU -
i. Tkt
FtNt.TTr. I   CpB
iRVMCWueiO ���   m   ���������*��� I
"Mona-wfl'' Tr*'��� put up by the Indian Te.
a, . asmpla ,.f the biral cjualulea uf Indian
lho���fore tliiry urw Ih. trr���.lei ear. in Ike
twa.  Tl
lection of Hi. Tta .nd ila -Md, that ie why Ui,-
,nt It up them��el*e. and wil it only!. Ih. original
.ickavc*. there-..-.-curinir ila ptttity and eacrllrf,-.
Pitt up in H lb., ��� Ib, and < lb. pa_-i{-. ond ntMT
If yovi gtoeatrima net keep It, Ull kin to writ, to
11 and'U-Sront Clrmt Cost, lor.nl*.
These wonderful Dyes save tbnnsands of
dollars annually to happy homes in Canada.
At tills season, oltl, faded and. uilcddrcssc-,
capes jockels, ond mens' ond Ikiv-j' suits cm
be re-dyed, and made to look ot well at new,
Diamond Dyes ore the cosiest ti nse j they
are the brightest, strongest ami most dural-l-,
.\��k for the " Diamond "| refuse all other.
Direction Boat and samples tf colored tlet.l
freo, address *��
WtLU.-i Uiliiard-onCo.,Montreal?. Q. Awarded
Highest Honors-Wodd's Pall
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
lorn Ammonia, Alum or sny other adulterant,
Forty-nine feet of snow recorded at
thu glacier this winter.
Robert Wild, of Oolden, contemplates a trip home at an early date.
Two patents are advertised for ssle.
For particulars apply at Era office.
Tho crops at Windermere are re-
ji j.-ted to be looking well tbis season.
Thc Liberals st Donald will shortly
organize in view of the Provincial elections.
The Golden Lumber Company have
supplied tbo timber for a new hotel at
At the Supreme Court an Kamloops
ljoitch was sentenced to 10 year's imprisonment for the mail robbery.
Mr. Goldie has kindly promised tho
Nuawap Indians the gift of a bell for
their new church at Windermere.
A farm of 1(10 acres near Oolden is
for aale. Particulars may be obtained
from E. A. Haggen, office of the Era.
ltoss A Pellegvin believe grapes will
do well at Oolden and they intend trying the Concord variety on tbeir farm.
Owing to the increase of traffic at
Gulden railway station the staff will
be increased by the addition of another
The school for which a grant was
made last session by the Provincial
Parliament will be erected at Fort
Vacbon Bros, have a magnificent
show of small fruit in their garden
this season, especially in gooseberries
and currants.
V. 3. Walton, timekeeper at the
McLaughlin camp, haa procured a
photographer's outfit and will expert-
ment on the bovs.
The Upper Columbia Navigation Co.
have bad a new punt built for freighting up the river. It has a sarfsce
measurement of 40-16 feet.
Tbe average attendance nt Donald's
school is i'i. Miss Pitts also conducts
at Donald a pnvate school at which
there is an attendance of 26.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Stoddart, of
Windermere, sre erecting a handsome
little monument to the memory of
their lute son, James Edward.
The interior arrangements of the Recorder's office at Golden have been improved with a. view to giving better
accommodations to the public.
F. McCarty, of Revelstoke, hss
added to hia new butchery premises a
cool store which will be the largest in
British Columbia outside tbe great
The postal arrangements at Fori
Steele oan hardly be of tho best. A
gentleman who was recently in Golden
informed us thst he gave Instructions
to hsve his letters sent on here and he
got them three weeks after.
J. F. Pugh drsws attention to the
advantages which his method of eon
ducting tbe tsiloring business offers to
tbe publio���suits of clothes at low
prioss with best material and work*
manship.   Support local industry.
E. Hutcherton, of Ladnet's nursery,
has arranged with E. A. Morrisey, of
Lunos, to plant out an apple orchard
of 100 acres in ths Upper Columbia
Valley. It is understood that Windermere will be the location of this im-
portent enterprise.
The customs returns for ths yesr
(exclusive of Inland revenue) collected at Oolden by C. H. Parsons,
Customs Officer, were as follows for
the past four months: January 143.71,
February 1109.55, March 1370.94,
April $272.36, May $3*9.16.
Mr. Barber informs ns that ths Golden Lumber Company nre now employing 100 men, whieh means a large
amount of money being put in circulation in the way of wages. The-company anticipate a busy season, having
large orders in from the east,
Vachon Bros, propose to bnild soms
pleasure boats to let ont to parties in*
tent on a day's outing. As they own
pert of tbe lsrgs slough in front of
their property the sits is a capital one
for tbe purpose, and boating on the
slough is one of the favorite recreations
ot tbe people ot Golden.
The C. P, R. publish in onr columns
particulars of service by the lake route
to the east and intimate that they furnish the shortest and quickest route to
Kootenay and Slocan. ... The dstes of
sailing of the company's steamships
tor Chins. Japan, Honolulu, Australia
and New Zealand are also given.
Capt. Bacon mode a smart ran with
the Duchess on lsst Saturday's trip.
Shs lsft Uolden st 6:80 p.m. on that
day and returned at 10:80 on Monday
mornlnj-. As the boat laid over seven
hours np the river sbs thus did ths
complete return trip in 34 hours.
This is one of the smartest trips tbe
Duo-ess baa made.
Golden possesses on inventive genius
in H. Vschon. Amongst the patents
he has pnt through are a railroad car
coupler, a lace-up-beot attachment and
an automatic rope clamp and a bottle
that oan be used only once, for which
he received the "Reward of Genius"
gold medal. Of these inventions the
rope clamp is probably the mast .useful, being quick and effective, and its
use in shipping, or where ropes are
used to any extent, wonld be a great
eaving of labor and precaution against
accidents. -
Do not Foolishly Experiment
With Hed.oii.es that haw no
Standing or Reputation
J. Gibson, Notary Public, of Golden,
is prepared to do notarial work. A
post-card addressed to bim at tbs post-
effir e, Oolden, will receive prompt attention.
In our article on the Donald road we
stated tbat tbe work had bsen laid out
"by J. P. Armstrong." The paragraph should hajve read "by J, P.
Tbe government dredge is at work
at the upper eud ot Lake Windermere
and tbe work being done will be a
great help to navigation between Golden and Upper. Columbia Lake.
Mrs. Hood, mother of the late J. A,
Hood, and her, three little daughters
intend coming from Scotland to mass
tbeir home in Golden. They will
probably salt during this month.
Hotels and' business bouses should
take advantage of tbo offer we mske Ik
our sdvertising columus ��� to print
memo, forms witb a map ot East
Kootenay on the back showing the
various mineral locations In the district. Help ns to advertise the (lis*
trlot hy circulating these localltr -naps' genuine make- the V
nnd send in your orders. I people well.
Polo.'* Celery C.mpoaa-  the Oal-r
Medlelne that Cwvo and Bloeoeo
the Mela matters ot health and life no man
or woman ean afford to take risks or
experiment foolishly, A wrong move,
or following the advice ot tbe careless
or ignorant, may result in serious
complications. This is especially true
in regard to the use of medicines when
people nre in a low condition of health.
when the physical powers are impaired, when you are weak, nervous,
irritable, despondent, sleepless or
weighed down with tbat dull and tired
feeling that usually commsneee at this
season ot the year, it is wise a.d prudent to use the medicine tbat bas
given health, vim nnd aetlvity to
thousands of wssk people in tbs past.
This safe, certain and health giving
remedy is Paine's Celery Compound
which is now so extensively prescribed
by the ablest doctors in Canada. The
indorse��� ot Palne'e Celery Compound,
besides those In the ordinary walks of
life, are clergymen, lawyers, judges,
members cf parliament and bankers,
hundreds of whom it bas rescued from
suffering and death..
Avoid tbe numberloss liquid modi-
cines that era worthless from a medical standpoint, and that Have never
gained the shadow of a reputation.
Put your faith in Paine's Celery Compound, and when you purchase be sure
you are supplied with the right article.
See that -be bottle aad h*W Veer the
name "Paine's Celery Compounl" nn.i
the  stalk  of celery; thi| It tfit��� -
wat   -rakes
. 43
As a mining locality East Kootenay
is bnt in its infancy.    It wss in August, 1888, the*, the first records were
made in the division snd the Recorder's
office for Esst Kootenay was then at
Wild Hor-m Creek.   Tbe first location
in the district wss made on Spillimachene Mountain, where a. galena and
copper proportion was staked.   In the
sams year placer gold was discovered
on Canon Creek and the returns were
ststed to average $8 ptr man por day.
In 1884 a recording office was opened
at Golden In charge, of Gold Commts*
sioner A. W. Rotvell and Sheriff Rod-
grave and the fir*, records filed were
for olaims  to  the eoat  of  Mounts
Stephen  and Field.   In June,  1884,
the Monarch was recorded, J. fi. Baa-
kins being the discoverer.     Then foi*
lowed    several    other locations  on
Mount Field,  but tbste were after*
wards abandoned.    The recording office woo subsequently removed to Don*
aid, which waa then made the headquarters of the government offices for*
East Kootenay.   In May,  1890, Gol*
den wns created a mining division and
a recording office reopened in chsrge ot
H. W. Moodie, who held the nojitipn
till November, 1894, when F. C. Long
succeeded as Recorder snd  has held
the position ever since.   It was during
Mr. Moody's term  of office, that tbe
present magnificent collection of speci*
mens of tho mineral resources of East
Kootenay was begun, and it remains
today as tho best mineral collection
outside of the city of Victoria.   Mr.
Long is ia anxious to keep np the col*
lection and to make it thoroughly representative of tbe mines of the division.   In this he oaks tb�� assistance of
the] miners, in sending .htax specimens
of ores from the claims nnt yet represented.   Such a collection is most desirable, as it gives intending investors
an idea of the mineral resources of the
the different, localities and tbe nature
of tho ores, und it is to the iu'trest of
the miners   themselves, to assist in
making the collection as complete ss
On ths east.of Golden' through the
Kicking Horse Pass ant the locations
of Kts.. Field and Stephen, Ottertail
Creek and Boar Creek. The ores are
copper and galena ind active develop-
ment work is going on at Ottertail. To
the south of Oolden lies Canon
Creek, where three are three placer
claims. The Mitchell-Innes Bros,
have done a lot of work on tbeir
claim, wbioh they purchased a year
ago from Mr. Estell. . This olaim is a
mile aud a half in length along the
the bed of the creek and operations will
be pushed on next month with a view
to getting bed-rock. Tbe tunnel bas
already been driven SOO feet, The
flume pnt in last season Is not of suf*
ficlent length and will have to be et*
tended. Last summer tbey got down
25 feet and found gold all through the
gravel, but got blocked with water.
Aylmer and McDonald, the owners of
the adjoining claims, will get to work
this season. On McMurdo Creek, nt
ths headwaters of ths north fork ot
tbe Spillimachene these are nine locations. On the middle fork of tba
Spillimachene the following locations
have been made: Spruce-tree Creek 6;
Cariboo Creek 7; Carbonate Creek 7;
Carbonate Mountain 8; Bobby Burns'
Creek 10; Internationa) at head of
Middle Fork 10; Copper- 3*. South fork
of Spillimachene: Vermont Creek 7:
Cryetal Creek 1. Fifteen-Mile creak
Tbis stream is up tbe Columbia Rivet,
���sight nrles from Goldsn, and at the
head waters, about seven miles np tbe
creek, five claims bave been located.
Other locations are: Spillimachene
Mountain 9; Jubilee Mountain 18;
Bugaboo Creek 13. There are also
claims staked at Salmon River nnd
Quarts Basin on Steamboat Butte.
clans���Gertie Fields, 1st; Mary Con*
ner, 2d; 3d class���Willie Houston, 1st;
Maggie Archer, 2d; 3d class-Lottie
Woodley, 1st; Lyla Love, 3d; Part S-.
Mayorio Armstrong, 1st; Stanley
Woodie, 2d; Part 1���Addie Antoya,
1st; Percy Lake, 2d. Average attendance, 31.
6th class���Jennie Wells ranks 1st,
Winifred Armstrong ranks second;
4th class -Gertie Fields ranks 1st;
Msry Conner. 3d; 3d class ��� Emma
Good, 1st; Willis Houston, Ud; 3d
class���Lottie Woodlsy, 1st; Arthur
Jaynts, 3d; Part 2���Mayorie Armstrong, 1st; Stanley Moodie, 2d; Part
1���Addle Antoya, 1st; Thomas Conner,
3d.   Average attendance, 83.
Visitors at the Hotels
W C Wells- Pollster; John Groat,
Dan Brown, McLaughlin's Csu~p; J
Siillivau,Braudon;A)ex Patterson, Jno
McMillan, F Lehman; Win Lee, "W
OO'Laughlin, Winnipeg; B Gricoll.
Montreal; James McOuire, San Francisco;; Arthur Gray, Beaver; T Shurln,
Winnipeg". Zan Glubjak; David Mo*
Atter, Winnipeg; R L Sutherland,
Revelstoke; Samuel May, Kingston;
M J Harper, Anthracite; P Gilbert, R
Orieson, Fields; F Ashomer, Bug-o-
boo; 0 Greiner, Wm Greiner, Kings*
villa, Ont.;. E M Lowery, Hamilton;
Rev F Poytavin, O M T, Revelstoke;
G R Hughes, Banff; U M Upton, Nelson; T Johnson, Neleon; George A
Brooke, Laurie;. W O Neilson, Beavsr;
H W Barnes, Eric Sundin, Miss Jessie
Lewis, C P Williamotts, Kamloops;
T K Bingham, Columbia Valley; L
McNeill, E Mooi-fthouoe, Windermere;
J �� Lundgren, Seattle, Wash.
T Ede, IS Frees* Mr Gruner, Calgary; Sheriff;Redgrave, Donald; J Mo-
Neil, Tacoms; Mr- Crome, Vancouver;
Mr Clark, Mr FenWick, C M Edwards.
Miss Asher, L C Fula-ci-, Mr Brewster,
Fort Steele; W D Kerfoot, Calgary;
Mrs Freeman, Windermere; William
Logan, CaibonAte; D McDougal, Prairie Mountain.
K V Elmyne, A G Walton, Winnipeg; C B Laurence,. J A Doudon, Montreal; A B Bunting, ECWhortin,
Calgary; P Brook', W F Mtfkley, Van-
eouver; D A McKirinon, MoMurdo; E
A Soums, San Frknctoco: T D Hoyden,
Toronto: A Leitch,- Oak: Lake; R C
Davie, Quebec; H Chapman, Victoria;
J ���
3 0 Pitts, Donald; J D Wells, Palliser; R Winfield, Neihart, Mont-. A W
Bleasdell, A Doyle, Fort Steele; A Malins, New Westminster; JMcMaster,
Revelstoke; V Orr, Prince Albert,
e���*��� e
Boat Passengers
The following ie a list of the passengers ot tbe Steamer Duchess:
June & up. ���Capt. F P Armstrong,
T G McClelland, H C Hammond, H
Hardman, J A McMartin, Frank P
Davis, Henry T Curtis, Herbert Me-
Wait, J A Thomson, to Steele; Thos
Jones, to Windermere; Jno Evans, to
Sinclair; C Stevens, to Carbonate; C M
Sorel, Carbonate to Johnston's Landing
June 7th, down-A Leitch. Winder*
ere to Golden; G Gordon, Windermere to MsoKay's.       '
June 10 down.���L McNeil, E Moore-
house, Tom Bingham, Miss Asher,
Mrs Freemen.
To know if Thr Goldrh Era is a good
advertising medium. To. Test thit snd
to introduce our goods
we will give away
dt in, this
le Pork, be
Sterling .liver Pickle Fork. beMtlfSlr
twbted.ondte,��mcbeolong,worth 11.15.
Cut out this od. snd send witb Jte for
. 1 postage-.:
fork prepaid, together with our
packing and pottage snd we will tend
gain litt FRR-.  We have
__,      .-.-Jis in
everything and eel! at wholesale direct
to con-tuner.  AGENTS WANTED.
Weae-wee Bargala Baaac,
WsBewee. Wle.
- Photographer,
Will be unable to remain in
later than JUNE 16th.
Get yonr orders executed in time.
"  WJeli
Windermere Hotel,
Beet Brands ef
Liquors Kept...
a a a
Soddle lionet, Single snd Double Bigs
On Hire stSherteet Notice.      -Uio
Headquarters for Commei-cial men.
- Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wwes, Liquors and Ci^acs.
Rates $-.e0 Per bay.
The Imperial Bank bas had a large
amount of business since opening nnd
already the staff comprises three officers. Tbis new branch of the bsek
is under tbo' management of Mr. A. B.
Henrn, .who hss hss bad coneidesble
banking experience in Canada nnd
whose eourtesy and attention mske
him a favorite with the customers of
ths bank. The business turn over ot
Revelstoke last yesr woo nearly three-
quarters of a million.
Oolden ���eboel
In the report which follows Is given
the names of tbe two scholars ranking
tbe highest:
RFjPOST ?OR -At. ���
"I: class   Jennie"Wells ranks
I Wlhifirwl  Armstrong Tauks
2d; 4th
?_!��� Columbia House
Home Comforts,   j   .
Modern Conveniences.
Beist Cuisine in the. West.   .       ��� .
Commodious Sample Rooms.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
First Class. Brauds of Liquors and Cigars.
aim. ^efieish, - Prop.
This space reserved
General Merohant,


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