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The Golden Era Jul 9, 1897

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Array -
The Golden Era
Io the most widely circulated and
boot advectieing medium iu 'East
Kootenay. Thio io the paper that
la read by the miners, the ranchers,
tbe raildroaders and lumbermen.
Subscription, $2.00 par Annum
In Advance	
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Mining Broker, llt.nl   F.slnlc
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HI.   View,  on   Interesting   Topics���
Tile Smelter Question
Hewitt Bostock, Esq,, M. P., re.
turned from his Parliamentary duties
on Tuesday. He inform-, us that he
did his utmost ta get the Government
to put in a telegraph line between
Golden and Fort Steele, but that owing to the large grant that hail to be
made for tho Crow's Nest Pass Railway, anil the opposition ol the eastern
members to further votes for the west,
it was impossible to get Ministers to
agree to voles for works that Mr.
Bostock would have liked to have
seen done in this part of the constitu
ency had it been possible to get. the
necessary moneys. He had therefore
to rest satisfied with a promise of a
vote for next year for the establishment of the much required telegraphic
With reference to the dyking of tho
Columbia and Kickinghorso rivers to
protect the farm lands. Mr. Bostock
duly presented the petition recently
sent in from Golden, and has obtained
the assurance of the Minister for
Agriculture that lie will visit the
district in August, ami will .-.eo for
himself what is required. Mr. Bostock
will arrange to give the people here
timely notice of his visit so that they
can discuss the mutter with him
iwraonally, and will himself meet the
Minister on his arrival nt Golden and
show him through the Columbia
Mr. Bostock expresses his disappointment that he wus unable to
secure a better mail service between
Golden and Steele, but that Mr,
Mulock was bent on retrenchment,
and he could not be induced to agree
to the more efficient, though more
costly, service. Our member hopes,
however, to see the better service yet
agreed to by the Department.
Though ho would rather see the
Government tako in hand the con
struction and operation of the railways
ol Canada, that time hag not yet
arrived, and he considers the arrangement about the Crow's Nest road as
reasonable a bargain aa could have
been made between the company and
the Government. As to the charter
for a road through the Columbia
Valley, from Golden to Steele, that
appeared to bo a purely speculative
affair, and so was thrown out.
Mr. Bostock expresses the opinion
that the provisions of the new tariff
will have the effect of inducing the
smelting of the ores of B. C. to be
done largely In the province itself,
and hopes, as oue result of thie legislation, to see tho smelter in Goldeu
soon in full blast.
Regarding the 15,000,000 loan Mr.
Bostock says that was unavoidable as
tbe Conservative party had left a legacy ol a large floating debt, and theu
there was the Crow's Nest Pass grant
and other works that hud to be kept
Tbe editor of the Era brought under
Mr. Bostock's notice the complaints
that have been made to him about the
Golden titles to town lots and Mr.
Bostock promised to write to the department about It at once and endeavor to have the grievance rectified.
Mr. Bostock regretted his inability
to  stop  off at Golden as he had to
hurry on ro Kamloops on urgent busi* j lociility;   Donald,  by A.  Denman on
ness,  but he will take un early opportunity of visiting    tlio   district   und
meeting tlie people.
Railway Accident
A Woman Struck l.y itn Engine.at the
(lllieler Sli.llon
Just ns .ve pro to pi-ess wo learn
that a woman has been taken by
speciiil truin io the C. P. 1). Hospital at Donald, who had h en run
into by an engine ut Glacier Station.
Her arm wns broken, and slur was
supposed to have sustained liitcritul
injuries of a serious character.
. 1.
An assayer from the coast intends
opening at Golden.
J. Snowden has sold tlio Glen Craig
claim, between Porcupine anil Hear
creeks, to J. D. S. Wallbriil.���,-, of
The Mineral  King claim on Pern-
Creek,     recently   purchased    hy   W.
Lindsay,   is  suid to lie a very protnis.
ing property.
Messrs. Moody and Connor report
bavin-* found lour lends in the course
of their last prospecting tour of lhe
Blnewater country.
Unusually wet wenther lias heen experienced ut Fort Sleele, and lhe prospectors have lieen driven from tiie hills
10 the town till lhe weather clears up.
Mr. To'vnsend camo into Gjlden ou
Tuesday from ihe International, where
he lias put in hand development work.
The sinking of the shaft is now being
proceeded wilh.
1 he recent rich discoveries of ore at
Beaver nre attracting tho attention of
capitalists, and we learn that an English syndicate hns arranged to obtain
a report on some prospects there with
a view to investing in lhat locality.
Capt. Armstrong informs us that
severul line discoveries of ore have
been made in the Windermere district,
especially on Horse-thief and Toby
creeks; also ut No. 2 Creek at the
southern extremity of tbe Golden
The following is the assay obtained
by J. C. Pitt., of Donald, on tho ore
which he brought down three weeks
ago from the claim recorded on Toby
Creek by Irwin end party: Gold, a
trace; copper, 12j per cent; silver, the
balance to make au assay value of $27
per ton.
- The following claims have been recorded at Golden: July 7th-Vancouver, bv J- Watt on brunch of McMurdo Creek; Ruby, by Oscar Booth
same locality; Kent, by II. T. Munn
on No. 2 Creek; Montrunl, by W. A.
Allen same locality; A. M. O., by P.
W. Aylmer on Drysword Creek.
The following partnership locations
havo beon recordtd at Donald: Jumbo
No. 1 by Bainos, Lanoy and Allen, on
W'aitabit Creek; Full-moon by the
same parties and in the lame locality;
Grouse by Allen ami Luppau, on Prairie Mountain; Buuk Goat l.y tli" same
parties and iu lire same locution;
Acorn bv Balnea and Cooper, lictwivu
head ol Lid's Creek ami Blnewater.
The Home Payne Company nre in
treaty for the Brown Bern- property at
Illecilliwaet. This claim is owned by
W. G. Neilson, who has as co-proprietors Messrs. Kirkpatrick, Elsmi and
Griffiths. The assays of ore from this
laim have averaged 12H ounces of silver to tho ton. Mr. Neilson went to
Illecilliwaet on Tuesday to meet the
representative of tlio company and
take him over the ground.
The following locations have been
recorded at Donald: June .'l*. Gold
Rock, by B. Lawsou at Rogers Pass:
July 3rd, Iron Horse, bv W. J. Lap-
pan between Quarts anil Porcupine
creeks; Alice,  by A. Denuiau in same
north side ol Griz-tlcy creek; Daisy, by
W. G Neilson between Quarts and
Porcupine creeks; July full, Jubilee,
by A. Meltiie on Copperstaiii Mountain, Grizzley Creek.
The recent, discoveries on the Blue-
water are attracting attention to Donald as a mining centre. During llie
past week it number of prospectors
have come into Golden from the
southern country, attracted by tlio accounts which they have seen in the
Gm.I.iin Eua, and they inform us that
they will shortly make for the Blue-
water country, Already about 2fl
prospectors are known to be at work
in the vicinity of Donald.
Arrival  of   Fug/incurs���Constructlon
to In* I'l.Kl.i-rl Itnplilly
Mr, Earl, C. P. R. Engineer, left
Montreal on Saturday and arrived in
Golden on Wednesday morning to
start work on the Crow's Nest road.
Mr. Earl was the Engineer who laid
out the section of Hue between the
I���rckinglioi-se canyon and Rogers
Pass. Ho wus also in charge of the
engineering work on the western
.slopes cf the Selkirk Mountains, one
of the mos*. difficult und successfully
I erformed pieces of engineering on the
present. C. P. II. route. He also did a
good deal of tho engineering of the
line through the Gold Range. Mr.
Earl's party will start at Moyie Lake
und do the engineering of the line
light through to Nelson. The party
consists   of   O". Grant, F. W. White,
The Work In  Hand���Tlie Prcei.utl.ius
Taken to Prevent Aeeliienta
When ut Douald the other flay wo
had a run through the C. P. R. shops,
lhe foreman, Mr. Hobbs. kindly favoring us with ull inf"iiiui:ion about the
work bjiug dono and tho machinery in
use. Here we saw the huge engines
used on the mountain section in various stages of repair, from tlio mere
shell to a stage as complete lie that in
which the new engines leave the work
shops at Montreal. Ono of the Consolidated engines was in process of
having a new lire box put in. Another
Consolidated, No. 402, was in for genera] over haul. A Mogul engine was
undergoing general repair. The largest
Consolidated the C. P. R. have, No.
i)14, was being thoroughly overhauled.'
One of the new ballast trucks wns
in for repair, These are most ingenious appliances and are dimmed and replaced automatically Irom tue engine
by pneumatic action.
As a visitor goes through the shops
he finds a perfect system of organization everywhere. Eucll Ulan is at Iris
post or tending his particular machine, and it is this specialization of
labor that enables aucii excellent work
to lie done at the Donald shops.
Some of the machinery n the Donald shops is of great magnitude and
power. The double wheel lathe for
turning tires is a wondei-.iind behind it
another powerful and ingeniously built
machine is the cast iron car wheel
borer for boring the axle shaft holes in
the wheels as they are received at
Donald from the foundry.    Then there
II. A. Ross, W. L. Matthers   and   L,
It. Bell.    Caddy,   the transit man of is a huge press for pressing the wheeis
on the axles. The Donald work shops
furnish and fit tha wheels and axles
not only for the mountain sections,
but   also   for   Revelstoke, Kamloops,
ihe party, is going through the Crow's
Nest. Pass from Macleod, and with the
axemen will join Mr. Earl's party at
Moyie. Mr. Enrl intonns us that it
is the intention of the C. P. R. to
push on as rapidly as possible with
construction, hut he doubts whether
they will lie able to get any further
than the Crow's Nest Pass this season
before the snow sets in.
. ���
That tlol'l ("oiniiilsaloncrshlp
Eiinint Eua,���My attention has
l*en called to a paragraph in your
issue of 25th June, IW, re candidates
for the Gold Commissionership
for the north end of East
Kootenay, I beg you will
correct mi error in said paragraph, I.e.: Mr. Edwards la not the
senior recorder in the district of East
Kootonay. Mr. Goldie is not only the
senior recorder but tho senior mining
officer in tlio district and. so far as 1
know, hns no designs or aspirations
in the diieciion of the Gold Cununis-
sionership, hut expresses himself ns
desirous that, AU, of the candidates
secure the appointment, in which
event all and everyone will likely be
leased- at least he hopes so.
Golden, B. C, July 5th, 1897.
Nakusp and Nelson. The wheels are
miml-ered anil a record kept of the
dates of their being made nud the
workmen who turned tliein oui. so
that the life of each wheel is known,
and if any flaw is found in a wheel or
any aircideut happens to it. it can he
traced right back to thc maker, nud
this ensures careful workmanship.
The C. P. R. make all their own cast,
iron wheels, and Mr. Hobhs assured
us these are the safest cast iron wheels
made on the American continent.
The axles are all carefully inspected
as they come into the yards nnd if
there is the slightest Haw on them
they are rejected and new ones put iu.
Tho policy of the C. P. R. isio
spare no expense to ensure snfetv, ami
Mr. Hobbs personally inspects with
the utmost care every piece of work or
repair that comes iu or goes out of the
shops to ensure thoroughness of work.
At present between 40 nud 50 men are
employed in the Donald work shops.
. ���
It is reported that the llnnk of
Montreal intends opening a branch iu
Golden. The lirst bank thai opens
will got the business.
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The UOLDEN KIIA .* nublhdit-d every
Friday evening,   Ir is the best advertising
medium in tiie Knst Kootenay district,
Subscription Kates i   f-00 per annum IN
A Iterations and changes of standing advertisements must lie in tl e oliiee not later than
noon on Wednesday to ensure insertion, but
cnsitnl advert semen's will be received up till
uooiVon Friday.
While all rensoualile enro will lie tnken, tlio
proprietors will not la. responsible for ,-uiy
omission or error in any advertisement.
AH accounts to be paid to the Managing
Director.or his authorized agent,from whom
thn com puny1.-, receipt will he obtained.
Advertising rates: Display lulu., 11,50 per
column lllclll Leg I ads., Ill cents tier linn
I'm- lirst insertion, (1 coins for eacli additional
nsertloni Heading notices, I*! cents per line
e.-icli issue.
All husiness .-omtiumieiitions should be ail*
dressed to ilio Maiiagliig Director, nml nil
literary coiniiuinieiitious, letters I'm- publication or news items should hu addressed tu the
Correspondence is invited on matters of
public interest, hut to secure publication
such letters must lie hriuf. In the case of
anonymous letters the name nnd address of
the writer must lie enclosed, not for publication, hut for the private information of tlie
alitor and as a guarantee of goal fuitli.
The Golden Eia Company Limited Liability.
Office, Golden, B. 0.
our hands by catering for the patron-
ago of a ministry tainted with such
jobbery as that of which Col. Baker is
a member.
We consider that the time is fully
ripe for the organization of a Miners'
Association for Golden. There is
much work for such an association to
do here in advancing and promoting
the mining interests of the district.
This association would also have a
good effect in acting as a deterrent to
the crooked work lhat has oeon complained of in the past, while It might
be mado of great value in attracting
investors to the district, and would
also act as a means of enabling the
miners of the district to combine for
their mutual protection, especially in
the case of attempted claim jumping
or bogus litigation. Then again at
meetings of such an association good
service might be done by an exchange
of vlows regarding the ore deposits of
the different localities and of experi
ences in practical prospecting.
OChc OBolttc-i Viva
(Edited  by E. A. HAOOBN.)
FRIDAY,   JULY   9,   1897.
Mining Supplies
A special feature of
our business.
We Guarantee
Tlie safe carriage of
Goods pnt np hy us to
nny part of the mountains. Wc employ an
old. experienced packer,
whose duty it is to personally inspect every
package put up for pack
trains liefore leaving
the premises.
We have something for you
for the next two weeks.
200 Blouses at
Exactly Half Trice.
Ladies' and Children's Hoots
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the next 30 days.
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Now that Golden is about to develop
into so muoh importance as a railroad town and distributing point it is
necessary thnt steps should he tnken
to have a Board of Trade established
here. Such boards have been of great
service in promoting tlie interests oi
towns whore they aro established, and
we need go no further than Revelstoke
to see the splendid work which the
Board of Trade has done fnr that
town. One of the first things to be
done by a Board of Trade would lie the
securing of n reduation on freight
rates to Golden as a distributing
point. Similar concessions have been
gi anted to Revelstoke as the result of
the action of the Board of Trade. At
present the C. P. R. carry goods to
Vancouver for less than half what
they charge to Golden- Allowing for
the effect of competing lines in through
freight, there is, still ample reason
why there should not be such a dis
crepancy in tho rates for goods con
signed respectively to Golden and Vancouver. Now is the time to urge reduced rates, and we havo no doubt the
C. P. R. would givo every consider*
tion to proposals Irom a representative
body like a Board of Trade,
The Hon, Col. Baker has failed to
send the Era a mining advertisement
which he has sent to the papers in the
neighbouring districts. If the Era is
too clean to support Col. linker in the
shady legislation with which he has
been connected, that is hardly a reason why our readers should bo do.
prived of the advantages of any information usually conveyed by Government advertisements. A mail who
has gol through Parliament such
legislation for his own benefit as the
B. C. Southern charter and its amendments; or who got a land, grant
through giving his support in the
Legislature to another scheme of a
similar character; or whose Cran-
brook estate wus valued for purposes of public taxation at 11.80 an
acre, when he valued It at f 12 an acre
for sale to a company, and when the
inferior lands uf the Columbia valley
runohers were taxed at to, is hardly
the class of legislator that any honest newspaper can support. We shall
rather be without the advertisements of
the Provincial Government than  soil
. -o-���
Complaints are frequentlySnade to
us that there is much unnecessary and
vexatious delav in getting title deeds
through the land registry office at Victoria, If the Legislature had adopted
the excellent suggestions made by Mr.
Cotton, M. P. P., at last session the
system of registration would have
been much simplified, but the Turner
Government seems too antiquated for
anything except the making of gifts
to its friends of the heritage of the
people. As they seem to he determined
tn maintain the present antediluvian
system of registration, the least they
might do is to see that the office Is run
with some little degree of expedition
in place of the muddling delav that
now at present seems to bo its chief
Now is the time for the hotel keep-
ers und carriers between Golden and
Steele to co-operate with the Navigation Co. and with thu stage, proprietors in promoting traffic into the Fort
Steele country by this route. There
is no doubt that the traffic can be secured. We have made enquiries as to
the best method of doing it and are
informed that to bring about this desirable state of affairs it can be done
if the charges for accommodation and
so forth were reduced to the same rales
as prevail on the southern routes. It
is therefore in the interest of tlio hotel
keepers and freighters on the Golden-
Fort Steele road to consider this matter and determine to make their rates
just jis favorable tu the tiave'liug public ns, if not better than, can be got at
the othor end of the district.
Owing to the inrush of new subscribers to the Golden Era we hnd
again last week, for the second time in
succession, to raise the number printed
by 25 per cent over the previous
week's issue. That's right! Get The
Era. You cant do without it if you
want to help on your district and to
know all about it and the sayings and
doings of its pvople!
This Hot
You Are Physically and mentally Exhausted
The action of the Senate in blocking
the legislation of the Laurier Government shows that some attention will
have io be given shortly to the position of thnt antiquated body. In a
constitution like that of the Dominion
of Canada there ia no necessity for a
second chamber and the fact that during the past session the Senate threw
out five of the Government measures
shows how that body may bo used to
thwart the will of the electors as ex.
pressed at the ballot box. As the
Senate Ib now constituted it is made
np mainly of defeated Conservative
candidates who were no use to anybody but bull dozers and boodlers
We are of those who believe that there
is only one efficient way to reform the
Senate anu that is to wipe it out of
existence altogether.
With reference to tho article in lust
issue advocating that the Jubilee Park
at Golden should be secured as a permanent reservation for tho town, Mr,
J, F. Armstrong gives ns thu welcome
information that .the park is already
in that position, having boon so gazetted by the Dominion Government.
Mr. Armstrong also informs us that if
Golden were incorporated this park
would come under tho control and possession of the City Council for publio
Says the Daily Times ol Viotoria:
'The Golden Era now makes its appearance in enlarged and very much
improved form, under the management
of Mr. E. A. Haggen. Golden and ita
district should be able to give support
to a good newspaper, and the Era's
new manager it evidently determined
to make it worthy of support."
An eastern paper says: Mr. Laurier
went to England as the representative
of a colony. He will come hack as an
Imperial statesman. The Premier of
Canada will occupy as prominent a
role in thc future councils of the Empire as any of tlio statesmen of Great
The Kamloops Liberal Association
suggests the holding of a Liberal convention at Kamloops to consider
whether tho coming Provincial elections should lie run on party lines.
Delegate? aio to lus invited from all
paits of the province.
Mr. Roy, Dominion Govemmont
Engineer, has given instructions that
tho dredging work in the Upper Columbia should be continued down the
river, and the channel protected with
a view to improving it as far sb possible for navigation.
It is stated to he probablo that East
Kootenay will have two members in
the next Provincial Parliament as it
is proposed to divide the district into
northern and southern electorates,
with Golden and Fort Steele as the
respective centres.
The Dominion Government Is making full inquiry into the past expenditure of public money on the Columbia
and other rivers. It is reported that
the information so far obtained will
lead to startling developments.
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A correspondent writes from Vancouver to the editor of tbe Era: "You
are getting up the brightest and newsiest weekly paper in the province, and
I assure you I read it with a great
deal of interest."
Tolls the Story of his Expnauro-Tlio Fate
that llefel Mini, anil haw ho was Kol'ovetl
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ciuire chronic. I was rocoiiuiiemlod to try
Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder. In 10 minutes idler lhe first application I had relief,
nnd iu an almost incredibly short lime all
symptoms had disappeared. I feel I can not
speak too strongly in recommending this
remedy. It is a rdeasiui,, safe and quick
Sold by C, A Warren. 00
��� ���
Itching, naming Skin Diseases
Keliovodlnaday. JSesema, salt rheum, bar.
bar's itch, and all eruptions of the skin quickly relieved and speedily cured by Dr. Agnew's Ointment. It will give instant comfort
in canes of itching, bleeding cr blind piles,
and will cure In from three to six nights. 85
Sold hy C. A. Warren. M
Business Cards.
Sign  Writer, Painter  and
Paper Hanger,
Orders promptly attended to.
Present address, Russell House.    22to
Notary Public, Golden, B. C.
A post enrd addressed to me
at the post office, Golden, will
receive prompt attention.       29to
Builder and Contractor,
*   -   -   -   Golden, fl. C,
A supply of Building Lime
For Sale.
Plans prepared.    Prompt attention given to orders. 28to
it. 4 jF.PHMnr.
D.L.S. _ P.L.S. for B.C. Dominion A
Provincial Laud Surveyor, Draughtsman, Valuator, Etc., Calgary, N. W.
T. Correspondence Solicited.
R J. .Ikphmin, D L.8., P.L.S. of B.C.
and Out. Calgary, Alba.
Undertakers and
.    .  .   Embalmers,
Calgary ���      A Urn
Notice to the Public
Notice is hereby given that Mr. D. M. Hue
is not connected with the management of the
Uolden Era, and that 1 am tho only ..orsuu
authorized lo make contracts and to collect
nud receive payment of accounts due to the
proprietory com puny.
-.A. Haiioen,
Managing Director Oolden Era
Company Limited Liability.
Dated Ihis 17th day of May, 1807.
Jndioious advertising Is the keystone ol success. Advertise in the
Golden Era.
A f irtuno in an hour ran be fnade l.y
inventing suint-thiug new. Send stamp
for our beautiful " Book nf I'atei.ta,'
"Prizeson Pateuts." and " What I rentable to Invent." MARION & MARION,
Temple Bnlldlng, Montreal, (an. llie
only firm of Graduate Civil Engineers iu
the Dominion, transacting patent business exclusively. Fees Moderate. No
patent, no pay.
Advertising is to business what food
Is to existence. Try an ad. in the Era.
For Sale
Farm of IW acres near Ooklen; on acres in
cultivutloni well watered. Outbuildings con
slst of hay shed, poultry yards, root house,
milk house and stables. For price and
ticulars apply to
E. A. Haoobn,
note Oliiee of the Era, Uolden.
Barrister, Solicitor &
-���-... Notary Public,
Office at Upper Columbia Navigation
Cp. Building, Golden, B. C.
Will be In Golden on Monday ol each
week. Ulito
WATCH  .  .  .
Clock and Jewelry repairing done in
the best style of the tr.de with the
least possible delay. all and express orders receive prompt attention
Vilcbmiei and Jeielln - CiMei, I, C,
(Opposite the Columbia House.)
Agent for Ilia (anadian Smelting &
Assaying Works
Assays, Tests aud Smelting of Ores
with the greatest expedition and scientilic accuracy
tail or write for further information
Assay Offices nud Chemical Laboratory,
Vancouver, B. 0.
Established 1800.
For several years with Vivian k Sons,
Swansea, Mid local representative for theiu.
For A years manager for the assayers te
the Hlo Tinto to., London.
('aiuidtini representative of the Cssael Gold
--ttriunliig l.u., L'til,   Ulasgow   (Cyanide
process I.
N.H.���All work personally superintended.
Only I'ompeieut men employed. No pupils
roci Ived. j 7tc THE-GOLDEN  ERA,  FRIDAY. JULY P.  tf
Round the Ranches
The first form on the south side of
Golden is that occupied by H. and A.
Vaohon. Fronting the Fort Steele
road, overlooking the valley of the
Columbia and sheltered (rom the north
and south winds, this homestead is
one of the choicest in tbe vicinity of
Golden. The holding consists of 320
acres, taking in part of the adjacent
slough and extending to the smelter
townsite boundary on the Bouth side.
Vaehon Bros, make a specialty of cultivating vegetables and small fruits
such as currants, gooseberries, strawberries and raspberries. A now bed of
strawberries was planted out for this
season. The Sharpless variety is
found to do well, slid Irom a small
patch 80 pounds of this Iruit was
gathered last season. Fresh beds of
strawberries are planted out every two
yoars. Apples have been found to do
well and a number of trees, supplied
from Hutoherson's nursery at Ladner's
have been planted out this season. The
soil around the homestead is rich and
there are capital facilities for irrigation, a stream from the mountains
flowing through the property. Oats,
wheat and potato crops have been put
in this spring, most of the ploughing
having been done in autumn before the
snow fell, but good wheat has been
grown on the farm when sown as late
as June. Poultry houses have been
built and Vaehon Bros, intend to increase their number of fowls to about
100. Thoy also intend going in for raising ducks. Considering that it is only 3J
years since they took np this farm
Vaehon Bros, have done an immense
amount of work in clearing and cultivation. They are now clearing a further portion for cultivation next
The next section was taken by Allan
Granger, hut very littlo improvements
have been effected, and we are in.
formed the lot has practically been
abandoned, and is open for selection by
anyone requiring a conveniently situated farm.
Tlie next farm ia that occupied by J.
C. Stacey, who combines shooting and
flshiug for market with funning. The
farm is a good selection and consists
of ISO acres, of which 15 acres have
lieen cleared and cultivated. Crops of
wheat, oats, potatoes- and vegetables
nre grown. A due stable and hay loft
have been built, and thero are also
good fowl houses with winter scratching ground Mr. Stacey keeps about
80 fowls���a cross between Luugshuns
and Blaok Minorcas.
S. D. Niklasson is the occupier of
the next property. A native of
Sweden, ho came to Canada to work
on ihe railways, and settled in Golden
three years ago. The farm consists ol
1G0 acres, half of whicli is on each
side of the Columbia river. Mr. Niklasson does a little dairying und keeps
a good number of poultry. Ho has
cleared a parch of new ground on the
upper side of the rond, in which crops
ol oats, turnips and potatoes have
been put iu. A good deal of work has
been dono on the farm iu the way ol
clearing, fencing and ploughing.
John Lee - hus taken up a lot of 160
acres adjoining the last mentioned
propertv, but has not yet had time to
effect any improvements.  .
Ross A Pellagrin, who hail from
Italy, nre pushing settlors Their
farm is at Horse Creek und consists of
320 acres. They have been settled
here four years aud have already 30
acres ol land cleared, fenced and cultivated, with crops of oats, potatoes
and vegetables coming nu Thoy go
in extensively for poultry ami have an
excellent poultry yard. Fruit growing will ulso claim their attention,
and this season a large nuiiilwr nf
fruit tree< havo beau plained out.
Be loyal to your distriot!   Siihseribe
to anil advertise in the Golden Er,..
Wnnfjftri���Agents for "Qneon  Vic
inond Jubilee." overflowing with Intent nn,1
richest pictures. Contains tlie endorsed hi-
ography of Iter Majesty, with authentic History of her remarkuhle reign, and full account of the Diamond Jubilee. Only *;..���,
Big book. Tremendous nVinnnd. Roniiiu-n
for agents. Commission DO per cent. 'Credit
���liven. Freight paid, uu rn-r kkbk. Dim-
paid. Write gnfelt fur outHt and territory.
Dearborn St., Chicago. iimiii
���   For Sale
__        '*
Patents for a Railway Coupler ami a Rope
Clamp.   For particulars apply to
.|(|e The Golden Era Office.
A Thank Offering
A Clergyman Writes on Behalf
of Grateful People
Dr. William.' Pink Pill. Restored
Their Health and Thev Wish Other
Sufferers to Know tt���A Letter that
Will Bring Hollo to Many-No Other
Medicine Uet. 8ui.li Vi.luntu.-y
The following loiter written by the
Rev. Win. Lawson, Methodist minister at Riohibucto, N, 11.. attests in the
strongest manner the merits of Dr.
Williams' Pink'Pills, anil a perusal of
it will suggest why this great medicine le so popular in thousands of
homes throughout the Dominion-it
cures when other medicines fail.
RtomnuOTO, N.B., April 2lith, '1)7.
Dr. Williams'Medicine Co.,
Dear Sirs,���I am glad to furnish
you the following voluntarily given
testimonial, with the fullest permission to give the names and place. They
do this as a thank offering to God
and your medicine, Mrs. .Wm, Wurman of Molus River (near hare) says
her sou Alden was sickly from birth.
He could hardly ever retain food, and
his parents had but little hopes that he
would live long and the doctors who
attended him were of tbe same opinion Till seven years of age he continued in that condition. Then the
uso of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills was
begun, and under them he recovered
and is now a strong healthy boy. Mr.
Warman, the boy's father, also adds
his testimonial to the great value of
Pink Pills, saying: "I suffered for
years with a bud back, until I used
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and they
cured me," Miss Annie Warman adds
this evidence with enthusiasm and
freedom: "I was weak and sickly,
and did not know the blessing of good
health till 1 took Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills. I used eight boxes and have
since enjored the best of health. In
fact I am never sick now."
Here you have three members of a
family restored to health by the uso ol
vour medicine, and you would almosi
covet their good health arid genial
wavs largely resulting from such
health. They wish you to finely use
these facts to help other sufferers, ami
I am nbio as their pastor tu certify i.
the facts above stated.
Sincerely yours,
Wm. LaWKO.i,
Cu Methodist Minister.
An Ontario fjiuly hail her Hand.
Ladle.- should remember that the
Diamond Dyes are the only pure, true,
and unadulterated dyes in tho world.
The imitation dyes sold under various
names have hulk enough, but three-
fourths of the contents is composed of
cheap and worthless ingredients most
dangerous to use hnd handle.
Dinmonul Dyes, prepared nccording
to scientilic. principles, are always thc
same in color and strength; these
great advantages the women ol Canada
fully appreciate,
An Ontario lady, writing about
Diamond Dyes, says '
" Your Diamond Dyes are the best
I have ever used; they are quite harmless to work with and never irritate
the skin. I had occasion to use n
package of common, cheap dye that
was (old me as being equal to the
'Diamond,' but it proved a source of
great trouble. After using it a suvere
rash appeared an my hands, showing
it contained poisonous mutter,"    Oi
Subscribe to the Goi.dhn Kit a snd
help to advance the Interests   uf  tho
distriot,   Send 82 for  u year's subscription!
To know ifTiiElliil.tnrN Eua is n good
itdvcrtising medium, To Test Ibis mnl
In iut.roflii.ro our goods in this vicinity
wo will give awiiy absulutelv I'ltiE a
Sterling Silver Pi.-kle Fork, heantil'ally
twisted handle, il ini-iie, long,
I'll! on this nd. ami send with
' for
packing mnl postage and we will semi
fork prepaid, together witli our hig bur-
gain list raw,   VV�� have liiu-gidn* in
everything nml sell nt wholesale direct
to consumer.   AUENT8 \> ANTED.
Wv-e-oc Bargain Haa***,
Wonewoe. WU.
THE- ���������
Office. . .
*% ���  ���  ��� ���
NEW Ail-litinnx lmvc linen ni.w.e to uur plant
nmi .ippiinii.-**..
Our pi-H-OH nre ri^ht.
We .-.halt endeavor to plwwe yon.
We have the ttost of wnrkiimii-ship.
Support local industry.
Hive um n trial.
._-.�� ���__.
-: we print : -
Send un yoitr order*.
Tln.t In what we nro hern for.
The Golden Era Company
Managing Director.
Address: Golden, R O.
Pacific Hy,
Direct Hail Route to
.Montreal and Toronto
Ami nil Eastern points.
Lako route to the east���Sailings from
.   Fort William.
Alherln Evory Tncwdiiylo Windsor
Athabasca...Every Thursday to Owen Maiual
Manitoba Every Sunday to. I liven Sound
Connecting trains from Golden at H'.-iil every
Monday, Thursday inni Hatunllty.
Daily and direct service to
Kaslb, Nelson, Sandon
And all points in the Far Famed Kootenay
nud Silvery Slocan.
To China and Japan
From Vancouver
Empress of China 12th July
Empress of India -til August
Honolulu, Australia.
New Zealand,
From Vuiiiniuver
Warrimoo Hth July
Miowera Wli August
Apply for particulars to
C. K. WKI.I.M.
Agent. ��-i��lilen.
Or write to    ROBT, KERR,
Traffic Manager,
filto Winnipeg.
Wholesale ami Itetail
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN,  B. C.       36to
Windermere Hols!,
l-e-*t Brand ft ������-'
Miliion-i Kept...
���  ���   ���
Buddie Morgan, Binifln and Double Iliws
* n Mire nt Shortcut NotU'Q.       lite
Golden Hospital Society.
THR HOSPITAL ifl now opon for the
admission of patients,
TICKETS may lie hud from the under-
signed or nny member of .the
PRIOR���Ten Dollnrfi per yenr or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Acting Secretary.
Beer!   Beer!   Beer!
Thn best Item- in Canada is made by lhe
Calgary   Browing'   & Wit'.ling
Co.,   Lt'd.
Manufacturer*, nf Peer, Ale 111W Smla Water
hli-drtt uu jji'ttinjj Culjr-nry lieer every nine
Thoy all have it.
Tho Company'--! agent ior East Kootenay i
H. G. Parson,
Oolden. IW.
Send li	
Ortn      r      i     i
New Denver.
Will mail, free of charge, one of their
illustrated Catalogues and Pric.
Lists to any person sending then
their address.
The   Neilson    Furniture   Co.
Calgary, Aibi-rta.
Advertise Your District
To do so, send yonr orders for us
to print your memoranda with n
locality map of East Kootenai
and the various locutions on the
hack of each form I
The Oolden Era Company
Limited Liability
Oinoral Printers ami Publishers,
Gulden. B. C.
������M���Moon" To,',, put up by tho Indian Tea
���rower, a. a umple ef the beat qualities of Indian
��� .-ifl. There*.��� lh.-> u��� .he Qrreatmt care in the
election of Ihe Tea and ll. Wend, lhat I. why Ihey
,���itll up llwmMlve. and sell it only In the original
p.vkao-e*. thereby .ewrtna- It. purity end ���rcelli-mc.
Hi up in M lb., > Ib. and j lb. packail-, and n.v.r
If your grocer doe. not keep ll, tell him'to writ, to
11 and 13 Front Strait Eat*. Toronto.
. THIRTY-9EV-NTH VEAB.   ��� 4-  ���
itmii-Mi mi.
ammo ahd wiEimnc pbbss,
220 Manser8t.. gwFgWWfffgjO^r;
"The Province" Series of
Mining Maps
Of British Catyahbia
~^i Sheet Three n^
Slocan District contains  Four  Colored   Maps, Mining
Code,   Mining  Laws, Etc.
Province Publishing Co.,
��� Limited Liability ���
All Newsdealers Price, $1.00.
G_.(ieti Sash & Door Factory & Machine Shop.
Manufacturers nt Siish, Door*, Mouldings, Turned and Biiivn Bnhtaters,
Newel Pouts, Hand Kails and Brackets.   All nines of glass in'stock,
Tlie Mncliino and Blacksmith Shop are prepared to do ull kind of repair
ns soon as possible,   i 11 sizes of Pipe Fin ing and Brass gootla on hand.
Wagon repair, Poles, Shafts, Axles, Spokes and Felloes. Hickory and.
Mnplo Plank.
*_,*-_.!)'- t__-*j it y _��� so ..?._���!-. .'!L'-__(?. *
BJ-jp a* ���, (T* *-_ -a" tj a a, a a <*> pa p<t ciot &*"���_ '*-___.���''.
H Upper Columbia Navigation, & tttnptfay Lo..
e    ���    nml    ���    ���
International Transportation Company.
Conr.octing with 0. P. It. ut Oolden, It. C., uud
Ureal Northern Rnilivay at Jennings, Montana.
48 Hours to Fort Steele;
Steamers leave Oolden Monday .'mil Tliursilay evenings on arrival ...
/        of East bound train.   Connection-at Canid Flat with Stage for [J
Fort Steele ami Wardner. '���"
The only quick and comfortable route. .'j
Aildrow all express care ol I-. C. C'o'y., (lolden.
F. P. ArmstroiiR',
j; rj "r^'-is-T-*--^* ;j  i 1 4 O  i -t i. 'B 1 -t 4- "  '- "   'wi 5  t T  i. 3_ i- 3  i 5  i  T  4  ~_ _ 9
At the See-side.        ��
Do not take sny chances during your
summer outing, have yoni  travelling garments mode of rUgby Waterproof Clutll.    If
Pi  ���   caught in a rainstorm yi n jusl shake yourself
' ���-tnr-    and you are dry.   Shorey's make of Bicycle
.        J-.     suits and I.igiit Overcoats uic all   Rigby
-���     "T     Waterproofed.
ftf-^M.��� RiRby is suitable alike for Ladies nnd
Gentlemen's garments.    Porous  yet water*   ij
proof.   Cool, dry ami comfortable, jo o
by .b���m,.nd��. S*f*, Sur�� and Alw.v. I���tlwblo.
".KHIsl- SUHSTITI I'Kt    F.-n. ��.l dn.|���rial-
or mnl.il, free r-on. ob,er��.n���tl 0,1 rsceipl vl
tl.K<     S-.', J o��>. cillitr. rr ,PIH,
L��NC M.OICIell CO . MOMTStAl.. -.-.
1'.p*-lloi"i lisir mi. b. .-~-
��d Iron, the fi.ee, nrn-s, ��t,.i
.i-ck ih   l'-"i Mlft'ii**. *r>'
-��� *m��lli 'orev-r o���ir'tv-d bv
'PII.ATON,'p-r(i--.lyhi,iril'.��. Sen'hv ni.il,>e��l.d.
onr��c��llii of pr���:e.|i.0O.   A^.ll.. WJ..MI
LAN.MCOieiNCCO,, Moltvncai., o.��
n _o��t��. $$ 00.   Pmii. ubtx Fttt   1a��
Um Mrt-clfi-* Co . Montmil.Cu.
00PVMONT8 *e-
Anyone n-n-linB ��nkctch unil dOMripiloi) nu r
quickly Bci:urt.itn, frcu, wlicMnir mi iuvutitlon ���_
probH-ly ttfttentil-lR i "tiiini:iili-i\tiniiH etriut.y
eonndentinl. Oldott nauu*-:- firwcurin-.- patenta
In Am.rida.   Wo hnro a Wtu-lnniitpu ofllw.
Pttento taken tlirough Munn * Co, r-uelve
���Hal notice In the
bnu-tlfullr llluatratM, Inwert olrtmlntlon of
IlGO SIK month*. Specimen out**! a,'d __KO
Boo. ON Patents wut (ree. Adam.
301 BraaSwav. N��w Vork. THE GOLDEN ERA, FRIDAY, JULY 9,  1897.
Highest Honors���World's Fair,
A pure Crape Cream of Tartar hnvder.   Fre.
{torn Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
The British Columbia Oil Co., pro-
puses to bore for oil at Kamloops,
Mr. Whyte, General Manager of the
0, P. K., will return from thu wesi in
a few days.
There is a man in Golden who has
twice read in the newspapers an account ol his own death.
J. Henderson has sub-let the contract for painting tho Hospital to
Mesne. Muir and Dean.
This season is the wettest that has
lieen experienced in thc Upper Columbia
Valley for a number nf years.
Mr. Harcourt will conduct service
here on Sabbath, at 11 o'clock in the
morning und 7.30 in the evening.
The Law Society nre prosecuting a
Ko-.sl.uid lawyer lor doing business
before being admitted to the bar of
11 0.
We are informed that the Palliser
sawmills will shut down this week, as
the supply of logs in the boom bas
been cut out.
The Revelstoke Herald suggests that
West Kootenay should have seven
members instead of three in the Provincial Parliament.
At H. G. Parson's store special
bargains are being offered in boots and
shoes, which are being offered at cost
to clear the large stock held.
It is reported that Col. Baker makes
*:IOO,000 out of the B. C. Southern
Charter and the Crow's Nest road
deals���"steals," some people cull theiu,
Mr. Armstrong, Gold Commissioner,
informs us thut the revenue of his
district for the mouth of June last was
as much as for the whole year of
F. Fields, who went out with i
party of prospectors to Prairie Moun
tain last week wns seized with illness
while in camp, and returned on
Patients attending tlio Golden Hos
pital are fortunate iu having Miss
Holt as their nurse. Much of the
successful treatment uf patients at that
institution is due to her care and
Both the Chinese and Indian prison-
ere convicted and sentenced at the
Supreme Court sittings at Donald are
in very bad health, The Judge had
the Chinaman examined by Dr. Proctor
with a view to recommending hie
release.   He is suffering from pthisis.
The customs duties collected at
Golden by C. H. Parson tor the month
of June amounted to 1783, the highest
monthly return since Golden was
made a place of customs entry. The
inland revenue collected at Golden for
t he quarter ending June :10th amounted
to $2021.45.
Mr, Spraguo intends moving his
home Irom Donala to Kevelstoke, and
will probably leave for there in August.
Mrs. Sprague will be much missed in
Donald, where she has been a great
favorite, taking an active part in every
movement that had for its object the
social welfare ol the town in which she
On Sunday night a mishap befe!
No. ti train shortly after leaving
Golden. When about four miles up the
Kickinghorse Canyon the Pullman ear
left the rails and turned over on its
side. Then were about 10 passengers
in tht ear at the time, and all escaped
unhurt ezeept a gentleman who had
one ot his arms slightly bruised. The
���dergear ot the car appeared to be
Irlght. and the cause of the accident
;�� unaocountable.
It is estimated that the farmers of
the Windermere distriot will produces
million pounds of grain this season.
Marion A Marion, patent agents, of
Montreal, have a notice in our columns
of interest to those of an inventive
turn of mind.
W. A. Griffiths & Co., wholesale
druggists, of Vancouver, draw attention, through our advertising columns,
to the merits of Japanese Catarrh
There is immense traffic on the
C. P. It. at present. We are informed
there were 400 cars of freight
between Golden and Banff waiting to
be moved.
Mr. Niblock. Divisional Snperinlcn*
lent of tho C. P. R . arrived in Golden
yesterday to arrange for lhe clearing
of the mountain sections of tlie road
which hnve heen blocked by freight us
tho result of the recent washout in lhe
The following teams will represent
the Golden Gun Club in the match
today: -1st team, C. A. Warren,
Dr. J. N. Taylor, G. B McDermot,
Cap.. F. Armstrong, J. Bates; 2nd
team, ��� Mackenzie, H. G. Low, F. H.
Bacon, A. Taylor, W. McNeish.   .
Now that the Golden Lumber Co.
have their new locomotive at work
they find the advantages very great in
getting out their timber to the C. P. R.
station. Thi locomotive is in charge
of G. Guinon, who is a certificated
engineer. Betsy is now used for doing
the yard work at the mill.
The C. P. R. publish a new advertisement giving the sailing dates of
steamers on the Lake route. The
C. P. R. also provide daily communication with all points of "far-famed
Kootenay" and "silvery Slocan."
The sailing dates of steamers to China
and Japan, and to Honolulu, Australia,
and New Zealand, are also published.
Two English tourists were nt the
Forest House, Donald, this week, for
the purpose of going on a sporting
expedition down the Columbia and up
the Canoe River. They have arranged
with J. Goodfellow. of Beaver, to act
as gnideon the expedition. It is stated
they will examine the Canoe River
with a view to ascertaining its prospects as a field for mining operations
as well.
With good weather the sports in
Golden tomorrow ought -l.o be a great
success. Several horses have arrived
from Calgary and otlier points The
grounds will he made attractive by the
music of the Fire Brigade Band of
Calgary, who will be represented by 14
pieces. On Saturday night the Band
will- give an entertainment in the
Alexander Hall, when there will doubtless be a good attendance.
Coma able Barnes, of Fort Steele,
has be.-ii u most successful officer in
--curing the observance of the law
during the recent rush to Foit Steele.
The difficulty of his situation will be
understood when we say that he has
to look after the whole district south
of Golden division to the International
boundary���far too much to expect of
one man. It is now likely, however,
th.t he will receive some assistance;
it is high time that he did, with the
responsibility of such an extensive
district on his shoulders.
The other day our representative
paid a visit to the dairy carried on by
Jas. I. Brewster. The cow-siables
have stalls for 11! cows, and are well
kept. Arrangements are being made
to whitewash the buildings inside
from time to time so us to ensure the
strictest cleanliness. Over the stables
is a left capable of holding 15 tons of
hay. At present Mr. Brewster Is
milking 14 cows, and this number
will shortly be increased by two more.
In addition to supplying Golden, Mr.
Brewster sends milk regularly to
The Ladies' Guild of Donald has
done much good work iu that towu
since its organisation. The. ladies
hare devoted a good deal of attention
to the Hospital, whieh they nave
partly furnished snd endeavored to;
make as comfortable as might be done
with such a miserable hovel. It was
also their intention to see Mr Whyte,
General Manager of the C. P. R , with
reference to tho erection of a new hospital building at Donald, and In the
event ot that being done they intended
to establish a maternity ward in connection with the new Institution.
The prospectors at McMurdo have
been in luck lately, getting several
cariboo deer with which to vary their
camp bills of fare. ���
W, C. Miller has shown us a numismatic curio in ths shape of a halfpenny
of the year 1814, with the head of the
Duke of Wellington stumped on its
Capt. Armstrong informs us that,
from the rush of prospectors who are
working north, be expects to see
Golden ns busy and important a point
as Fort Steele ere long. He considers
we have quite as good mineral resources here as at Steele.
Mr. Hobbs has resigned the position
of School trustee for Donald, a position
which he hns filled, and taken a most
active interest in, for the past eight
years. At the annual election on
Saturday week .I.C.Pitts wss elected in
place of Mr. Hobbs, and J. 0. Nealon
was elected in place of J. McLeod, the
trustee who retired in rotation.
The Golden Era Company have
leased from F. C. Lang the warehouse
at present occupied by G. B. McDermot,
opposite the Post Office, Our printing
plant will be removed there within the
course of a fortnight, and the new
office will be much more convenient for
the public than the out-of-the-way-
place where thc paper has been hitherto
We publish in our advertising
columns the new time-table of the
Upper Columbia Navigation Co.'s
steamship service. The new service
is a record one, landing passengers
from Golden to Steele in 31! hours,
Tbat was the total time occupied by
the passengers from Steele, who
arrived in Golden by the Duchess on
Wednesday night, and they can be
landed from Golden to Steele in the
same time. The steamers leave Golden
on Mondays and Thursdays on the
arrival of the east-bound train.
The Golden Hospital grounds hnve
lieen greatly improved by tho erection
of it neat fence around them, enclosing
tbo reserve of five act es. Theextension
to this building, just about completed
by J. Henderson, tire contractor, provides au operating .room Mixl2ft,
plastered inside, and an addition to
thc general ward of l(!fi square, making
it an average width of 17ft by 32ft in
length. The room formerly used us a
dispensary bus been converted iuto li
passage-way, and the dispensary removed to the room hitherto used sb
the operating room. A bath-room is
also being provided for the use of the
patients of the general ward.
The fact that new buildings are
steadily going up in the town of
Golden is one of the best proofs of its
progress. Here is a list of the buildings which Jas. Henderson has in
hand, or has completed, in Golden,
within the past few weeks: ���Warehouse, 20x34ft., and two storeys in
height, built forjC. A. Warren ; house
for G. Rehder, two storeys in height,
and containing nine rooms; addition
of 12x18ft. to White's building for D.
Calder, chemist; addition to warehouse of 20x28ft., for H. G. Parson;
addition to Golden Hospital of an
operating room and the enlargement of
the general ward; and a two-storey
warehouse for G. B. McDermot,
Mr. Barber, secretary to the Golden
Lumber Co., returned on Friday from
a trip to the Coast and to West Kootenay. He found the lumber trade in
the west very brisk, the rates on
lumber having recently heen raised.
The activity is due to the great demand for West Kootenay. Mr. Barber
visited Nelson, Kaslo, and Sandon,
where there are so many mines now
shipping ore, Thc scene in Kaslo on
Saturday night was particularly
striking, crowds of people coming into
the town from the neighboring- mines.
From what Mr. Barber saw he came
to the~boncliision thut whnt we want
in this district Is to get some of our
mines to the shipping point. When
that is reached capital will come in
freely for Investment, and where
capital goes labor and population
The offices of the Mining and Scientific Press have been removed from 220
to 330 Market Street, San Francisco.
Cal.,���the finest business location in
that city.
We remind our readers of the excursion up the river by the Duchess,
tonight (Friday), after the sports. An
orchestra will be on board the stoamer
to entertain those availing themselves
of the crip, which will doubtless be a
most enjoyable one.
Mr. Carlin was the victim of an
unpleasant accident on Friday evening.
He was engaged in seeing that the
boom at the Golden Lumber Co 's mill
was secure against the rising waters
when he slipped and fell into the river.
As he wore heavy gum boots, these
filled with water and placed him in a
difficult position till assistance camo,
when with the aid of ropes ha wus
rescued from his perilous situation.
In view of the changes which are
about to be made- by the C. P. It.,
General Manager Whyte proposes to
make arrangements with the trustees
of the Golden Hospital to have that
institution open to the treatment of
the employees of the C. P. R. No
aotion will therefore be taken to improve thc C. P. R. Hospital at Donald.
Dr. Taylor will probably be appointed
C. P. R. su|geon for this section, and
it is reported that the C. P. R. intend
establishing another hospital at Revelstoke, to the charge of which Dr.
Proctor, the present C P. R. doctor
at Donald, will probably be appointed,
together with the duties of medical
officer to the employees at that
Some of our friends at Donald profess to be very much annoyed with us
for publishing our interview with Mr.
Whyte, General Manager of the
C.P.R., regarding the removal of the
workshops to Golden. Such a position
is utterly unreasonable. We are
the business to get news, and we shall
get it us fully and accurately as
possible. In the case in question we
went to considerable trouble to get an
authoritative statement. We shall
continue to do our liest to get the latest
and best, news of interest to our
renders, and to publish it, irrespective
ef whom we may please or offend.
When it won't pay us to run a newspaper on these lines we shall get out of
the business.
Wher. at Calgary Inst week Mr.
Wilson, foreman of the Golden Era
office wns the recipient of a handsome
presentation from the Fire Brigade, of
which he had been n member, having
been captain of the chemical engine,
The presentation took the form of ah
engraved gold locket and a pretty
address, designed by' one of the Band
boys. We quote the following paragraph from the addresB :���"To say
that your" loss will be deeply felt is to
,-ay you no conventional compliment.
It is difficult to fill the places vacated
by so many old friends who have
found it necessary to seek homes elsewhere, but you may rest assured that
wherever you go, or whatever new
associations you may make, yon "will
find no more firm friends, or sincere
wellwishers, than your companions in
the Calgary, Fire Brigade, with whom
you worked and played tor so many
years." Mr. Wilson expressed his
thanks for the kindness shown him by
his late comrades, and a very pleasant
social evening followed the presentation.
A. Campbell informs us that the
crops around Golden are better this
season than he has hitherto known
them. We hear similarly good accounts from all parts of tha Columbia
We are afraid that we shall have to
give up the Golden Town Committee
as a bad job. Another cause of complaint against them is that, through
their neglect to meet and take some
action, the grant made at last session
of the Provincial Parliament for fire
protection in Golden remains unutilized. Donsld leads the way in this
respect. The Golden Town Committee
might wake up and take a lesson fromj
the sister town in this respect,
E. A, Haggen, who recently purchased tho controlling interest in the
Golden Era, and is now its editor, has
had large experience in journalistic
work in New Zealand, where he also
took a prominent part in public affairs,
He represented the distriot in which
he resided on the Government Land
and Education Boards, High School
Commissioners, Licensing Committee,
was Justice of the Peace, President of
the Publio Librarv, Vice-President of
the Horticultural Society, member of
the Agricultural Board and School
Committee, and President of the Fruit
Growers' Association. He was elected
mayor on the only occasion on whioh
he contested for that office. He also
took an active interest in the development of mineral resources in New
* ���
Golden Era,
Published Every
Friday Evening-.
Subscription, $2 per Annum,
Payable in Advance.
. Paper.
A Remedy has been Discovered
that will Positively Cure
IVf-on+AJ-l���Agents for "Queen Vie-
" �������-��" toria, Her Reign and Diamond Jubilee." Overflowing with latest anil
richest pictures. Contains the endorsed biography of Her Majesty, with authentic History of her remarkable reign, and full account of the Diamond Jubilee. Only 11.50.
Big book. Tremendous demand. Bonansa
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paid, Write quick for outfit and territory.
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A Never Falling Remedy
A well known Vanconverito permanently cured of catarrh. Japanese
Catarrh Cure cures. Mr. Jno. Crow,
421 Keefer street, Vancouver, writes:
Japanese Catarrh Cure has completely
cured me of u case of catarrh of 13
years standing. I have tried all the
other remedies, but the result was
only temporary relief. It is now three
vears since I used Japanese Catarrh
Cure, and since that time my catarrh
has not troubled me in the least. It Is
truly a wonderful remedy, the first application relieved. My wife also uses
It for severe headaches and in every
case it gives almost instant relief.
Price 50 cents, six tor $2.50. Sold by
all druggists or mailed on receipt of
price. Address W. A. Griffiths <_ Co.,
Wholesale Druggists, Vancouver, B.C.
Six boxes guaranteed or money refunded. ��7.o2
The Business Man,
The Politician.
The Railroader,
The Miner,
The Rancher,
The Lumberman.
Medicine Hat
Winnipeg   -
London, Ont.
Canal Flat
Fort Steele
New Denver
One of the most vigorously conducted and widely circulated papers
published in British Columbia.
A Tip-Top Medium for Advertisers.
Rates on application to the proprietors.
Judicious advertising Is the keystone of success. Advertise in the
Goi.iikn Eua.
Chemist & Druggist
Has now opened in the premises
lately occupied by D. L, Bettaohen.
Prescriptions Carefully l'reprirod.
A Full Stock of Patent Meilcines and
Druggists Sundries Kept.
A fortune In an hour can tm made by
Inventing something new. Semi stumt.
for our beautiful "Book of Patents,
"Prizeson Patents," and "What pr-int*
oble to Invent," MARION * MARION,
Temple Building, Montreal. Can. The
only firm of Graduate Civil Kngineers in
tlie Dominion, transacting Patent business exclusively. Fees Moderate. No
patent, no pay*.
Board and lodging in private family,
ply "A. 11." care Uoi.ue.n Era oliiee.
The Golden Era Co.,
Limited Liability,
Golden,  - B. C.
An Intelligent lad for the Golden Era of.
lice,   l'eriiuiaent situation if suitable.
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
l-.gjr-.gc transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines; Liquors and Cigars.
Rates 9 -'.00 Per Day.
32 Columbia House
Home Comforts.       ....
Modern Conveniences.        .     -   .
Best Cuisine in the West.    .
Commodious Sample Rooms.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
, First Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
UXtn. JWefleish, �� Prop.


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