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The Golden Era Nov 8, 1901

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�����^^gJSS3,-' '-'���
*_ f^Jf^***^ -^^d^y.
����� OL. Xi NO.
GOLDEN, BBri^-yoL-DMB-ti, FRIDAY, November 8,1901
$2 Pee Year.
Tk* <J��t**.��**��v-l*-Oal.f May ****%*.
sm��. Elt.h*a.r. .    ..;.
latwloo.Nev.a-It la aaw taollly
aakaawladaid la oOai-U etoaMt that
,11*14 Marshall Earl Bobatta la <*a*t miy,
aoalou* to go out tb theTraMveal
��^nte**a*a-iuuid of tba furosribmha
ku *ttk** to do ao, "Bob." wMrtf
to luasraad ***** Kitabanar, whosv. *t**k
hai bam itaadlly feUieg tor taontkt l*
tba light alihamaagstt aal dltagr-a-
aale lutalllaMM eowiaatly tricktfcw
eat Irom tba aoaib. Friaadi of tha
Khartoum here tblak it ta tlm* ba
r-*ad**om*dsHitlv* mora aad tbov***
Lard Bobtrt*. whatlt*- ri-jhilulr, or
wroogtaUy, b��*ta���� drawn till* tha
Buller aeaadal. Aa waa %s*led lilt
wnk, it ht tha aeemttd ballal thatlidy
, :|^liaB*.l-il*0lt?M*do Wltk thldM
grao* of th* form** |ri<(* o( tha army
wan **mt*mmmt-*'fb��itmi at
tsa-Mp tha Slid ratrthal and tba lliul.
- gantral, lei ietm t*-*m-ben baatatn
*** IllMliBg te iomi year*, end now
that **ntim*ntlit*-or ol tb* d*po**d
it* -dfool oa ""Bobt*"
|f Lord Boblrti go** fertb t��8auth
Africa he trill, it man*, aaJSraad*
Kltobtaar. wbo wltt ii-*r**we*lly.**#*<'.
called.   Thi! will oonol aa aaattaek
- for ihi "allinl rain."
'   Aa'M-tM-'-*baa'*M of Lord Bobern
going back, opinion is unanlmoai that
'   ha trill t��"iioliia K-t��h*h�� enow*!
MrasTthiag **!����**fwithio a���� -rarstak*.
- Tba rtaletay.&**,.-*** ����et ta giva
oat II Om-iiW-t****^ ***'������ -'*
>rt.  r���� ai^Bar ��*, M *������!��!'���
- eoltjfe* ***' IM -fm :-��*rof -*"-**
- |*ldt wlt*ho��t taalilng atasyl lieperteet
3 captor* oe-huuilug dowo lha raranaat*
''-lit taa aommindii**. Tha sBsiara, te
|lh-4r part.ka-ra pi-don^-lef'imiii,
**o��her .tag* aad tucataded in aluding
suit, *-*^Wt> sa.uth ot ihieind
A Word Apttut the Sale ajnd the Shop-
piitg dunpg November
-We have for sever^ ttays been preparing tor a busy month-an
Economist month, if you pleasC-a month wht)n our sltopping public shall have a chance to pick up some rare Values in Dry Goods,
m.nh..*bm.pr��ading. it ta urio��|ciothinaT. Boots and Shoes, the like of which they haven't known
before. Not one item in a dozen can be quoted in an advertisement
but the following sample items wlU serve, to show you what this
ECONblvtlST SAjL��� w��Hy means. Supple you go over this
list carefully, check the items you are most mtereated in, bring it
to the afore hnd do your own investigating and judging,
afs fair isn't it!
*af|ff& 1-9^^ I
WWpgW W -VgHWIsB _*-M4jm*,G��mf Blanbat     ���� *�� He.vy Cou.fort.ri
&t.'7^-. -.*���***-; ;���,������.!&_:_*_ .���fi; gfg'-TV?:'  *.*.,.���.,> ������-',..,.  ,.'.*,, ���   8 65 ,   Pillow*, per p.W
S^;tWl**��l*r^a���2i ��   �����       "      *������          -*���;.......*.*������.������.     8 00 Made up Sheets, [
c-^-bi.:*"'--���;������-���-     IU1U.MV 8   .,   Wbtt* Bed. .,    ,',.,(i,-n,v '.-.  8 60'' .   him	
.''.A'.Wia-Sii'assfilili*--    *���;'���   ���'���'""���'.*'     "?.'���.������      "     ,.;j'.v...V '    8 00
-ffm,il*��taay.    T.Sutb.
Haao Oyncm "l********
DJ.. Wll.xie, Oeneral Manager.
��� _,     ,  ti a^,-;ji*P~i*!*fi  Ci ;
.'���'��� '���*-      ���Ura-faek** ;'
^SSJeaaT'  Vrfe^T .'-afflP-**
��� it**,u*.
b.tal> VmlMeiftm
-Bank af Monlraal,'B*ak at
lu l* sfmta. AM***
Pori wool, doable width, drni Hargt. ��*noy
mlMdTwsMd ettets aad haaty lultlug-non*
evar iold lass than J5 on , ��nd,l
135 aUd
aiast ef them
Mnch ��ilting, bluk, navy and brown, valut*
ap to WiSa,,,.- ���".' f-iifit-..* ���	
60M>tat-dta**T*.eedi, allk mlied.bwkt* PUidt
and 64 ofet Mask Henrietta*, sftrgsM, lanoy
laatre*,' and Navy Blaa 8*rg��lV f��K ��� ��� ��� ��� ��������� ���
*nd��100bja-ji3*r**a, "fci-��ai Cloill-
and fanov waavat,
10 18
DjuMj Width ikjrt lining*...................
20 ceiit 8 le.lai and !>io*uette*........  ......
IS sunt fanoy Wrapr-lrettea.... ,..
65 cent Turkey md Table Linen and wide heavy
'Lwin Damask...    .   .'..��� ,.,'	
80cent Drapery Cretonne* and 4rt Sateeni.,.'.
���Bauble  wid'h.  *"a*bj*ble TCratonne Draper/,
printed on both aldD*....,.,;-.....,.	
Mending Wjol and Dirning Cotton. ."nr doxdn
Pure8axony Yarn, any ciloe .,'.'..���'.....-,.. .
Lidia*' riblwl Caibintr*H>a*..., '	
Any spotted vailing I* ttaok.,. ;'.-*.;, .......;
fttllit.te..:..:.;....���',.'.4,.       1.60
���'���-   ... 11,00, II95 and 2.00
plain and twilled,' WiiA wid*
 -..'...ptr doion     9 00
Whit s$1.00 will buy fora Man.
T#a dollar,Hs��>vy Tweed Flannel Shirt*, knit.
Md neok ��aA wrl*l*,. no button*.,	
|I 50 M��cklo��w ihirii, til oolon and lizei....
���8.60 Oraaa flblMa-tha'Uai taadi..,.
Para  Wool  Flttoe lined Sbiria and Ois.wera.
*.* 'I-,.-.;-. ..' .-.. penult
Haayy Scotch ykrn knitted Shlrn and Drawer!
,_,....  ..penult
PJoe'sSooteh' knit Shirta ansl,Dras��*r*... per lilt
1 85
1 60
1 75
1 60
2 00
1 60
Eight pair of heavy wove sox.....
Three pair home made yarn mitt*..
California Buck over-mitt*	
All wool ribbed underwear.	
Fleece lined underwear	
Scotch knit      �����*.-,    .���  ss
Heavy knitted over thirl*	
Whit* dr-sii shirtt, with or without collar.
Large colored handkerchief*. dnien
Fleece lined Mocha glove*....,    	
Linen collar*, any ttyla ..-...... haltdozen
Heavy -ktiitied Cardigan Jacket* .*..... ..
of thia
thess is the
same as
gntting sis
quartDrs for
ibtatlota which, from a valnli ifandpoin-t, ar*
*t��4Blrtthabl-fl*ia��;thrrfi i**4* ������� bapptotd.
Lot'.I* 15.00.
All **v*n. tight pad nlna dollir aalti,. Blia*
Berg*, Eanov Twsrad*, P*��t ahiAiiaditrlptt,
aa oolor, aay ilia Irom 86 to af j *,. ��� .bbolc*
Htr* a oa aan ���alaet from all tba tta, twelve and
lourtttn dollar adit* -lanoy flootei and Canadian Twaada, Xagllak Wliatidi, plain and
lanay, aaat Ohatloti and Imporiad *r��i*-
-*--��    of lot 9
W 00.
Lot 3. $10.00.
'Tin greatest of them all," inolndlng all the
highest grade suits in itook. Fini black
worsteds with silk lining, handsome and
durable Scotch Tweedt, pure long noveSergei,
n��vy blu* Wonted* and Engliib Whipcord*,
all sins, all oolora. all ond prlo*     	
BEDUCED.     .
MEN'S ODD PANTS from tha heavy working
one* to th* flneet iold so low lhat we sannot
1 find -type tmall tnough to print tha prion, but
you'll Ilk* ihem.
BEEFEB COAT8 for man, ibat ware five, *lx
and*av��n dollar*	
Melton oloth with valval collar......
10 00
6 00
Clothing Economy.
ake* ot dollar qvaralls.
��� aak** ot dolln
ItMAdsfl-W       "
i*���l.ek pswtta wltk|aavy wool
80 "Seraira*" liotd, duck cost*, all teami triple
100 *       '' lawn with waxed linen thread and riveted at
all poektt cdrnen and team intersections���
160 , tli-**l*iigili*j,'-tbteeprlos)*......13.00, 5.0Oand 8 00
JohnB*.! s^sitaon'ihmont it* brimJomlfrero
^��l��-��rlieMMI��T����l.'. :s. V.. ��� ��� ���. ...*������.��� ��� ���
All six and atvln ���Wlw**tea'*. t..,,%. ��� t.*
���  -   - aaA light
^||t and Gap Econoniy.
Boyi'cloth oaps.	
Boya' knitted cap* with atorm band	
Man'a cloth cap* wiih alarm hand.	
Childi-tu'* fur-trimsu*d lalt Hsjoda, Tatut, Bon*
ForCaot, Ntck Bull and gauntlet*,
iy .������������. ...;...,....., oboica
1 00
for Men* Women aqd Chil
r on the Mune Economical
C'r.k.r ���.**��� Ov.r BlsOklsftalualilp
I* -l.ka V. Uarrell.
Nsw York, Not. 6-S*th Low, for
mar praiidiat of -th* Columbia Uui-
ttrtlty, aod four year, ago tb* CUI-
unt* Union oindidalt ler tb*Mayor of
Greater Ntw York, wa* la-day elected
th* Moond Mayor of Oraatar New York,
by a majority ranging any w btr* frem
thirty to forty thouttud, defeating
Edward Shsppard, of Brooklyn, the
Democralio nomine*. The campaign
wat an exciting on, and Iba vote,
though saoiawhat let* ihau the presi
dential eleciion a year ago, wa* the
large*! *v*r polled in a municipal con*
test in thit city.
Io addition to the canva** [or mayor
publio intereil largely ssentred in tb.
nomination by th* Fatiouists of Wil*
litmTraveri Jerome, for district attor*
my, and Mayor Bobtrt Van Wyck, by
iht Dimocrutt, for Justice of th* Su
preme.Court. Both the candidatei lot-
district attornty and jjstica of the
Sjprtme Court w.re voted for ouly on
on the territory conttined in New York
County! Ksturnt received up to 11
p.m , indicate that Jerome has been
���looted by a comfortable plurality and
tbat Mayor Van Wyck baa been de
fitted. Th* latter ran behind hia
ticket from 16,000 to 80,000.
Ratlins alto ind'eat* Ih* complete ,
tri.mph of. tb* Oreatw *N*w York
Fa.loa tieket, Charle* Vincent Ftr.nes,
the nomine, ol the Citixen'e Union and
ih* Bepublicana, deteaiing George Van'
Hoaisn, ths Bemsoratio nominaa, for
Preaid.nl of th* Board of Alderman.
Edward al. Sheppard at 10 o'clock
tonight, puhliely aonoeded th* tleetiou
ofHr^Stth Lsaw.jMd arnt bim a tele.
��� . ��� ''jv+.-f-i'f*:. ���
grim ijf codaratulltion.
Thagtand lotal for Mayor of Greater
Now York ia: Low, f38,318; Sh*p
pard, 888,914.
Mr. Crok.r, Mr. Maurice U.termeyer
and Senator T. D. Sullivan were together at dinner to-night, and it is said
s.n good authority thai a liule later
Mr. Croker asked Sjnator Sullivan who
he desired a* leader. Senator Sullivan
answered thut John F. Carroll would'
be platting to Lira Then and there
Mr. Croker abslicated hit Uaderahin of;
Tammany Sail, and turned it Over to
John F. Carroll.
Tbe parly proceeded to Tammany
Hall, where John F. Carroll' wai await
Incilhaai. Ha wa* apprised of thv
purpowof Mr. Croker, bu*. laid no
thing. Hi accompanied Mr, Croker to
the Democratic Club in a -can, and,
going up lialra, ramaiiitd almoat au
hour oloaetsHl with hiin. It was sltsr
thii conference that Mr. Croker au.
noun'cld: 'Tbli it my latt campaign "
\imte*^*��tii^r.ybcs' Double Duty.
f v..,-.-, -,   ���������   '.--is'.'j.v,;-'ve ���" ' -*-��������� ���'-' . *-.
Ottawa, Nev.,6 -Thar* hav* been all
���ort* uf rumors current in the city today with retarance to the despatch of
another Camdian contingent to South
Ad lea Pulliii lentl aiut li t ro.igly
in favor of tha Government showing
Ul good-will toward* Iht Mother
Country at Ihi* time by offering another mojntad force. While all the
Australian oolonta* have eouiing*iii*
th* field, Canada it uurepreteuted
��� lisp*, by a littl* band ot toouia uit.l.r
M jor Charle* Ron, flnt orgauizud by
t'lelamented G'ai Howard. The thouiand msn who joined the South African
Constabulary bave lost* tbeir identity
as Canadians, aa they are Imperial
troops *b*olutely. It wn* stated tonight that no d'teef offer of another
eontlageut had beeu made lo Ihe home
authorities, but an intimation waa
conveyed to them lhat the Offer of laat
May t-till huld* .ool
Th* publiu ds.|-��ruueut�� .are busil
engaged iu scrutiuixing t'he account*
ii.uurt-al in cuismnjiiwi Willi the visit
of th* royal party.' Pafii.ineut onlv
voted IliO.COO'fof ihis |.urpnse la.
ss**a.on, bat the total,oxpn.se incurred
wa* n**r y 8330.CO0,
 !��� ItSjl SS,   ' ���*���
��� Sevirtl uonliaaicri ara at preseiii at
Banff looking ever th* arouiig wii'h a
view ia Itndorlngon tie proponed ad-
dliion to lha Baiiff hjirl. Tii* plan*
oall for a datached stfuothre'el ilmilar
dealgn to iht pi-aunt building, and
work will be itarted as early as poi-
-sible In the siiritii*,
Baris, Nov. 5--The Porte hai aiked
Great Britain, luyi the Couittntino*
pie correspondent of tha Repodee, Peril, lo fulfill tin tcrmt of the Convention of 1872, whereby in exchange for
lhe Island of Cyprus Great Britain
guaranteti tbe integrity ot tiie Sultan's
Asiatic possesions, , The Porte claims
under.tbis convention tbat Great Britain ihould protect Aliatic Tuikey
���giintt ait.it ks by France .and sug-
gesta that Grea. Britain should tend a
squadron to the Levant foi that purpose.
Nondon, Nov. 5-The Paris correspondent of the Daily Mail aaya it is
understood despatchea have been receired at the Freuch capital announcing that Admiral Cail)ard's division,
tbe French Mediterranean squadron,
bai arrived at Smyrna and aeized ih*
Vancouver, Nov. 4���An offer was
tnade by Rev. E. D. McLaren, D.D.* of
St. Audr.w't Presbyterian church,
Vancouvet, duriug his sermon ou Sunday, to atop the wholrtale gambling'
in Vancouver, if he wat "appoiated
deputy chief of police! withotii'salary.
Cutler, who lost 81,800 of jiis am-
ploy.r'a (Hiutoo k Co ) money before
fleeing from'justice,; wioie.from the
States tbe different gambling houses he
lost it iu. The matter has caused a
senaatiuu, aa the police aay they oaunot act aa lhe gambling dens are ruu
alilubk. Dr. McLaren hut offered iu*
clou tLi deu'a if giveu an opportunity.
Victoria, Nov. 1 -The Council of
the Board of Trudt-awl ..lhe..official**
of tba Canadian Pacjiic and E>qui-
malt and Nanaimo railways, .wet today to discuss the transportation question, and how ih* cu.i.iuiiniuai'i.iu l��-
iween* Victoria aud thu uiui|il��u4.
might lie improvsal. i-
The lotul: of tbooout.renc* it that
a lerry will, run daily except Salurduyi
both way.; lliul su effort will be mad*
10 have theVEiquinuIt k Nauaiiuu
Might .train iu bete by noun, or shortly afterwards; that uieiuhaiiia can
���hip by boat t. th. iuterio.- wheuevtr
they with to do ie without extra-
charge and thai the Charmer will wait
till for o'clock fur lb* traiu if-late Wl
Vancouver. '
The T.riiiiual Railway Company,
(.dvKeazi. Brothers of. Vancouver),
-esterduv look over lhe .Vict<irla and
Sydney Railway, aud lhe work ol
couliuuiug lhe line iuto the city wiil
he puahed with vigor.
Wheu tbe pruper ferry is constructed Capiaiu McKenzie hopes that ihive
nipt will be made between Victoria
aud the Mainland,.
Oitawa, Nuv. 1-Mr. Robert Sasteea-
Engineer of the Ottuwu Improvement
Commission, baa instructed his soiiui-
lor to take a libel suit s-gsiust lha
-Oitawa "Citizen." The libit -J. .aid
to have beeu contained, iu au interview published iu tliu "Citiz.a" with
Mayor Morris. This inlet ylaw Mr.
Sutteeiiayi Is au atl.ck on bim professionally.
Wiuuipeg, Nov. 1 -Ac��a,! of.ius.i-'
pox wae discovered by lhe Medical
Health Olftuer ill Ibe i.oiib end oi li,*
oity thia evening. T.,4 visit iin is a
you.ig uisn named i'-l.-s, aboniihiriv,
unmarried, who twine btiu fioiu Nyrih
D.tkotst, Ht w.t promptly removed-
to the pest house.
London, Nov. i-In a apsssb made
at Briatol, Sir Michael Hicks Bead,,
Chancellor of th* Exchequer, aaid f
"Th* coat of lb* war li. Suuth Africa
la eiiurinoua It still drugs ou. It
may be when next j ear comes thai I
may havo to ask ihe iseo.le of ihu
il.e cossissiy t* (war oven greater bur-
dem and wake even greater sanriticu,."'
"DOOLEK' ia trEAD.--;
Chicago, >idv S Jam*. UuGarre.
ih* original * of F. P'ler**���' Duuua'r
"Dooley" died hern y.sierday at air
advanced age. JdcOarrv waa formerly
a aaloon keaper. wt.ll knows, locally for
hi*, wit aud ilie whimsical philosophy ha brought to hour on pitssis**!
events. :'������:.'.
���m J TtfG ER.,O0L"E^D.r, N>i*&teR
Sht -ftalbett (Bva.
PL'auinau avaar raioar.
Eb. V. CHiaiiBRs, . Kditor and I'uhliahcr
8��Wrl"ts>iB aj 0*1 par yesr in sdranrs.
Adsr*rlMiu( rise, mad. kuown on requsHi
FRIDAY. NuVbhiibk 8. 19111.
Aucssrding to ��� n.w arr.ng.msnt
between Crest Britain and th* United
Slate*, the fos-mer country ��urn nder*
all ber tieaty right iu the Isthmian
canal, unconditionally. England ia
whetting Unci* 8 s.n'�� avarice to such
���n extent that aome day he will ask
John Bull lur the baud ol bis aide*'
daughter (Canada) ami will gel her too
liule*. Miaa Canada I* strong enough
t'i fight her own battle. Thar* Is
something deplorably weak about th,
a!a*-ini��tralioii ol Ibe Foreign Office
f*Tt,i*e dny a. It wa* eonfidsntly *x
f.-oted lhat the IT,sue sBov*rnm*in
would tak* advantagn of thia opportunity to gat concessions on lb* Alas
k.tn boundary dispute.
The Revelstoke Herald ol Nov. Snd,
publishes* a report to the effect that
Gold Commissioner Griffith of Golden,
will be removed to Revelstoke and bi*
placo here taken by Mr. H. Killeen,
provincial inspector of roads aud
bridge*. Wi ara in a position to give
an n nc-.ua! i Bed deulal to tljie report, *���
Mr. Griffith hits uo dea.re to leave
Golden, and lhe Government woulsl
not request bim to move Ogainit hi,
own wishes. The Herald trie* to
' Make a point against the Guvcinroeii
and Hon. W. 0. Wslls on th* strength
Of this report, because * Revelstoke man
is nol heing appointed to th* plaoe, but
we hav* yet lo hear of the iniroduo-
li*n of �� rule governing provincial
appointment* lo th* effect lhat a local
man must be c .usen.
li ii right euough that children
actually alHictel with the mump*
Should be seut home Irom sohool and
b�� cosifiusd lw thu bouse, uot so much
tor tear ui couiagiou, a* tor tbe per
��jsial lately of th* patient, but when
the Sohool Act demand* that children
ha aent home from school became some
little tot in tha same family haa ii.
then it dais-ends to ths*ridiculous The
mump* are not serions enough to justify extreme precaution*. Moreover,
s*Tp*ri.nc. .hnw* that it it better lo
have thn* when young at thev are
>*���* likely to prove set-are. Not one
rasa in a hundred ever proven danger
on*, ao what I* the sense in lending
children horn* from tchool *im|ily be
eassaeaouie oilier meuibar of th* family
happen* to hav* the malady. The
pr.veiiiive precaution takeu i* worse
I siau ill. disease. We lbii.lt lira Board
or Eiut.ati.jii might employ itaell bat-,
Mr than* pulls.i^ such .illy regulations
i.i th�� Suhool Aol -a regulation lhat
would be mole uo.ior.id iu lhe breach
lisass iu lhe outer vano*.,
The vinegar treattnaut a* a preventive agalnat contagion ot small-pox,
discovered and introduced by Dr. C. F,
How*, eouuty health officer, Atchison.
Kauaaa, list* paused' the point ol mare
liuaory aud i* uow au eatauiiebed f*et,>
having bean efficient hi wvlfal hup
diud case, of exposure alauy of ex
pu.uras nav* beuu Ih* uursw-i, a. wet.
a. many oilier* thai il wa* impossible
to i-olaie fruui lb. ongiiml case oi
until pox lor thu ��aut ot room. L.
other, words, anyone, vnoclnated oi
li' , oau nurse a caa* ol smallpox wil bout (tar ot contracting
tim dineasa, II al the same time he
use* tin vinegar in tablupoonful
do**, four tlmt* daily In * half oup of
water. Ii may be taken in lets amount*
for ohildiin, er more by adult*.
Dr. Howe adviae* th* ua* ot pur.'
o'uler vinegar only, a* otbera contain
alcohol. * Even alter th* person ex.
ftu'mt h.i'run alsoott th* emir* luen
. b*-tlon period, the nae of vinegar will I
ititjjW abort the diaess* entirely or
nosJtfy to he extent of h��vlug all the
.(irodromsl ��ymplom* whho-it th* din*
figuring *rupiIon. To gat ihe irnmed ���
at* sjontrol of a isnall-i-ox epidemic In
a community, tweryoao ahould lake a
esinr** of vln*tt��r tor a weak, whether
exposed or nor;
Dilut*l vii.sMtar applied loeally wisl
control the .telling of email pox. A
sl.M-.ry elm poitlilee applied to the
f.c* while ta the s*-*leil4ar ������a* wilt
Crow'* Hest Cal -.11... Will Soon He*.
slnsse 4.000 Ton..
The pr*��nt output ot "he Crow'.
Neat coal mines I* from l.WiO in8.0"0
tons fsfr d.y. The munaeer reporta
this, in . vary shirt tim* the csitptit
will hn incrs*>aastsl to l.lilHl tons per day.
aid it will not be long nefor. the people
nf this provii.es begin lo real.** in a
v��*rv s��.|sf*si>orv wav what th* d*.
.'���loping of t he-Crow's Ne��i Company'*
intereat. mean* to British Columbia.
J J Hill, of lb* Great Northern R ill-
way, who ia a large stock bolder in
the company, makei theatatement that
at tha tnd ot tout yeara from uow th*
output will be 18,000 lout perdgy. At
th. preaent royalty and Ial thia will
mean an addition to tk* revenue ol
WOO.HOO a year. Evan ii Mr. Hill*
estimate i* not reached, tha revenue
will be augmemed ill a very considerable measure by the development ol
ooal company's niii.ta.
It. stlund, Nov. 1 ��� It la by no means
ceraiii who will succeed Bernard McDonald aa manager the Le Roi, but the
manager'* down-town friend* have
been basy to-day explaining why he
waa fled. Ii hn* been hinted tbat not
only will th* entire office staff be
changed by the new management, but
a uew firm of solicitor* will alao he
Th* Dominion Government appear to
ha,e tscomidered their position on tb*
alien labor question, possibly ou lie
very itrong present at ion ot the ca-a by
Williams, alien labor a^eut, ou hi*
returu to Oitawa. From whatever
cause, it haa beau decided thut William
Lyon Mackenzie King, deputy miuister
uf labor, should come to Rostland at
once. The Government have taken ��o
long to mak* np their mind* on lhe
subject tbat the men do not put much
���ruat In Mr. King'a visit.
Washington, Nor. 8- In view of the
expected return lo the United State* of
Lord Pauncefote and.ths hmnastiaia
resumption ot negotiations, whioh iu
this case ara to ba put in the form ot a
treaty, the proposi'ious agrted upon
by the Government ot the United
Stale* and Great Britain at a convention to replace the Pannoelot* Hay
treaty ol latt year, it may be proper lo
atale, upon th* higlieit official authority, that there ia absolutely no other
qnwtlon than lhat ot lb* Isthmian
canal involved in th* negotiation!.
Further, il ia dated lhat no demand
has been made by the Briiish Government fur any compensation w hatever
lor the relinquishment ol its joint
rights in tbe control of auch a canal.
The construction ot the oannl waa con-
eidered by both nation* a desirable
lung (or the world ac li.rg , and tin,t
thought waa at the bottom ot the
Muk. D..|wrate Atlas* ���* a At ltl.lt
l.luiisn Hear B.tb.1.
London, Nov.- St.-Lord Kitchener
ha* reported eevne- fighting nasi
Bethel, Eaitern Transvaal, in which
twoiiun* w*i*> lost aud tin vatuu.iie.
\er) heavy. L.rd L.tobswslr reports:
" I hav* jutt heard of.stvere attack
snada on ih* rear guard of Col. Ben
sou', column, when about 100 mile*
north ot Bethel, near Bsakeiilagia,
during a thick mi.t. Th* tirtngili of
ih* enemy i* iaport*d lo h*v* been ���
thousand. They ruthed two guns
with Ibe ranr guard, but it it unoerltip
whether they were abli up, reini
ihem.. I fear our casualties vi
heavy. Col Bunion wa* killed.-ijA'
r.lie iu*; column will reach thein tiiis
morning. O'her casiialiha are: Kil
led***Cul. Gfiines-s, MiiJMj'.aB. Mur
ray, Cnptitjni W.,;M.*Wsay and *jft
T. Torohl..'Lieu-aua'ni* E V 1 rtroki
and R E. Shoipard, and Second Liei
'A- 3: Corleft.1"D'esl of his wounds,
C.,|.t. Fyre Llnyd. L.*rd Kitchen r
ili-.il gins the unmet ol. 13 oil.tr
oflics'is who wert wonnded, moit ot
sutorely, and aniioiitics that 64 Aon
ccmmlaaioned officer* and meu were
killed and 160 wonnded, adding that
four of the latter have shire died ol
iheir wound*.
The fighting was at very olos* quarters snd mail talne-l with great deter
mination by both sides. The enemy,
suffered heavily but I have not receiv<
ed * reliable eitim.tte. The Boen retired ettt. ' .'.
London,: Nov. 8���A Pretoria del'
patch not by Ki-chener aaya: Col,
Kekewioh, daring a night surprise of
Van Albert'i laager, about 60 milea
west ol Pretoria, captured 79 Boeri.
' Constantinople, Nov. 1.-The sago
tiation* with the'raptor* of Mis* Ellen
M. Stone,' tlie American misslodary,
appear to be going on so successfully
that her reltase uow appear! to be ouly
a matter of daya. It is aaid here that
a .other letter, written two day* ago,
hid been received from her.       '*-
New York, Nov, 2-Edwssrd Stile*
Siok** died at 8 o'clock ihi* afternoon.
He wa* a conspicuous figut* iu lhe life
ul New York (or 40 year*. Ho wss to
the for* in public visw even to tba last,
(or ihe biiterii*** and ��ifife of Ih* Mil-
gaiipu in whioh be wa.'leoonily engaged with! hi* cojsin, tt. E. D.
Stokis, attracting general attention.
H.ti uaiut wat iuaejiarably connects*!
With iho.trngio killing ol Jams* Flak,
jr., wbo w** ihot by bim in 1888 alter
i, fatuous quarrel involving large flnin
cial hitiroati and tht favor of Jotle
Uai.all*!.!, a beau'ltd Calltorufan.' -:
Moutreal, Nor. 8-TheSt. Lawrence
and Redpalh eugar refining eompauiea
have mad* a cut In I hi price ol lugara
ol all grades of lOcauiiperlOOp'eunli,
ih* n*w tariff going fnio effect i*hii
Loodoni.No*. 8 -Cheer* greeted tha
Duk* and Dueh*** o( Cornwall and
York to-day ** t nay' paeata}: a* their
triiunjihal return ftom their world
sour through the crowded *tr*et* nf
Loiidon. The ceremonista paesMd off
exi.e|-*ii*|y. * k"#i*
To put the brake au t lie .wagon going
diwn the bill Is * help to ibad.orse,
when Ihe wagon is heavily loasleS. But
what driver would think of applying
the brake lo a loaded wasoii going up
hill ? It he did! hia sensible hone*
would probably balk. Many a man is
iu I he coudii ion ol pulling* load up bill
witb tb* brake Ml agaiuat bim. Whin
his stomach Is out of order and tha
allied organ* of digestion and nutrition
iiapairtd ia ibtir (unctions, a diction
ii tet up which haa lo be overcome ia
addition to the periormance of daily
duties. A foul atomach makei a foggy
brain, and the men with a disordered
atomaoh hat often to grope hie way
through the day'i business like a man
in a fog. He forget! appointment!.
Problem! seeni pretented tp bla mind
"wrong end to."' Thii condition is|
entirely remedied by thi an of Dr.
Piero.'* Golden Medioal Di*covery. It
puu��� the' itomacb and dlgeetive and
n-itritly* lyitem into a condition of
perleot health, and give, a.clear brain,
a tleady baud and a light ttep tor the.J
day'i duties. Wbin const Ipailon clogt
tbe channel! ol the body, Dr. Pierce'.
Plraiant Pellet* will work an effectual
car* of thisdlsturoui disease.
.19 TRB MU4.ai.lMR.
���.b-AAAX+X4*-** **X%*
r   PisAnos
'     tndallltladtei -
��� Musical
Music Dealers,
Calarj?y, Alta.
Testimony Whleh Shows the
Great V*\*e of .Dr. Clarke'*
LltU.�� Red Pllli.
Dr. Clarke'* Little Bed Pill* oared
me ot ehronio rheuroittim ifter I had
been given op by tne dootortV-Arobi
bald Wilion, Sault St. Marie.:
There to ho remedy (or rttetrmatlam
or ior building up th* *y��t*in. equal if
Dr: CUrke'* wonderful Little Red Pill*
I would not be without ihem lor theii
weight in gold.-J. J. Brandon, Fen*
lon Fall* Ont.
1 ean truthfully lay thai Dr. Clarke'
Llttl* Bad Pill* hav* done me mor*
good than any other medioine I have
ever taken.���Mre.  Orison B. E*t*y,
Waterillle, N. B. .,
There is no remedv to equal Dr.
Clark*'* Little Bed Pill* for nervou*
tronblei.-W. H. Robtrisou, Editor
Daily Timea Peterborough, Out.
I)r. Clarke'* Llttl* Red Pilla cured
me ot rheimatlam ��fter 16 yean ot
coadant suffering.-J. B. Armour,
bookkeeper, Toronto Junction.   .     .
Dr. Clarke's Little Red.Plil* area
positive and certain tttre for la grippe,
rhueinaiisin.asthina.paralyiia, oatarrh
eczema, coughs, backache, Indigestion,
all stomach and Jl ver troubles, female
e.oin|,laiuts even when the diseases hav*
been standing for many yean, th* most
stubborn caees will yield. Prlo* 60
cent* per box. For aale by Iboal drug-
gists. Dr. Clarke'i Sure Cur* for
Catarrh, and Dr. Clarke'a Sure Cure
for Ecze.iia, lame price, f 10 wilt br
paid for any ws* they will not permanently cur*
' The Canadian IChemlcal Company,
Peterborough. Ont.. will forfeit 110 for
any rate that thet*. pllli do not help.
Dr. Clarke'i Sun Cure (or Catarrah
and Dr. Clarke'i Sun Cora (or Eciem*,
ume prloe.., Ten dbllara will be paid
for any caa* they will not permantntly
ALL KINDS OF ��� ���
QbiuMBiiA River L-^mwit' Go.
*.'*������' '.i'litxi: and Spruce Lumber.
Cedar Sills, etc.,
fir dimension a Specialty.
** Mills at Golden. Beaver and iualt. +��
.  Largest Capacity in the lonntalns.    Terms Cagk.
nr.AD ernci^l^^m^   <goi.de>. ��. c
Ins   thtt*   e*t**U
RhsatirrMt-tle 0*tr***t\
-n rMlevM In six umttr*.
"Fer tin* week. I lay In bed iftTsrsig ssstt,
Till following paragraph, from th*
Monlnal Hirahl will be ot intetait to
our leaden as Lord Aylmer ii tb*
father o( -Hon. F. W. Aylmer, of
Oolden. "On the ooeailou ot the passing of the royal party through Hloh
mond (Qstsebec) on th* 16th air;,* thi
irajn wa* ttopped for'a few minutii tp
allow ol tbl prtttntatlon oftornp flow-
in, not by ,I*>*4' Aylmlr, whltb %
R H. the Duohiaa 'o(*L'CosJisWf;8a't��
Vork, was graciouaiy pleaaid*loaccept
irom lliia Aylmer, holing ngfihiif Of,.
her grandfaibir, Lord AfMef; wbo
'waa prtvenie^by lllnesiji-om being |
present. Mini Aylmtr wai pri��*nt*si|
10 Their Roytl Hljhneitet by. lAtti
Lord Crlighlon, iiad hrttihba bain tbii , ..
noipiint of a' titter' from' LW>?;|Si^ip***^
Lyjrori. conveying rhe thankl of, "
the DuoheM. and a kind tueiiage ta
'^ra.:A>lj|i**.,',-:'' 'V-.   -x,^;,':,,-.,:.-,..
la natktn* choice ot * ..-,-.*_���
tt-Ht watk-rrot *t*eon  1WMB
Troi mre,. Winnipeg, have   *t**tir*sl
MT*ettrtn|r quit* out ot tbe orilnary.'
ContUeratlon ot tht value lo th*
farmen of Wteterm Ctsnada ot usia.'
curat, therroomettr and a rtliabl*
baromtter M to nefotlatlon* wtlh the
kwrrtit mak*n ot obttrvsttory In-
���trum.nU aad1 appliance* In Amsttle*,
ami t* arteelt of th*n n��otlt��on*
���tr �� Kcurale ana rtimpw oocnrpntM
'thvrinoMBtjHeri 'and *baixnntt*tna nMdi
mire been usted etrthilly, attar btlnf
mate- eepieiaifer to aalt ,m�� battstmia
sjt cllmat. met .with la (hi* eouatry.
TM tJ*��<orn��t*r It aur-antsed to to.
lluatst. attrsM|��htflo (bang** -orrtcUy
Jfi*''W*A**- *- m _*\wmm oe.*wj
^Vtsawa ;-fraitelwrriV'4Mskt^ IasSi-*
' i��aaial^> i*V��r>tkma,:|B Watlani'i
C*nlo*a. *IH.*��*.*ti<rtraf.to.aas*.oar-
ton ter**ti**g %!.** tit vat ���treeVy
****tmA    ���������������.. ������'.���*   .'���
.;:,;.'-******?*******'****���-      .',..'.
Sash & Door M-acbine
Fae1��iT.��:; BlM)p,
- ' EwrlMsa ttaHl'a*j||��r ***e*\tt**e.A *t. *\w**UA*y
Bryant aft Oilman,
��� "hiLi,j!ij .J-L--J   ..." i mi...
W. P��m.��WiH����tbt. Jf.C.8,, M.I.Mll.
Caoit. M. BpTAtrr, AB.8.B...A.I}. U
E., Pmu*. Q-sUiam, A.R.S.M.F.ti.8.
Prsi-/lsiel*l AeiHijrcn.     *.''     ��� *!
The Vancouver
j^B|^^^^KXKTjk��Ui;BED M(9. *<   ..mm_a__aam________________________m
, Rtporti on Mint* and -tfetiillnrglejal and Milling Proeeit**.
*a��8PECIAL^T;^JPffi*R ind GOIvtAqL ABSATS.-W
yiotori*.>ffic*!,4yiawiti5**(Opi^^ - VBIIPOllYBr.
Shipping t��gr*iii*��y^
TBty^i%CROP.* *������������.
WlnnljSg, Nov.J-Man.Vi>l>i'i r-b-at
yield lor the imp ja*r. ttim li lati-
seated at a^orj&qOO buihtls*. 46,'OOa,.
millliitoi wirtaja-wW '*i*,-i*.''mum,'
The lotal amostnt. af-. -gaim tim,
larplsbed todaj-Vfer OMil Oratn la*
ipiojer: Borne, It W**00,0�� IWiheii, a
tbik ot whub M pt-Hge* ��� *,*>-*
>Ammw**UA-WAmif *-*'
���. ~.ir.l*rl''lb'* po*'��>"* ���""����� teVltewlUyswdutte y -^^J^^^i-*!,
lint only anon "���* h��- �� ^^^  gheumtiss*,"*.sjjyr. W.; B. H. ���*���*���*,.*,
preveoi   <he   pirtlna)     *^�� "s*1^' S!aL*y..9^
h, aetet mtOf I** v^N
have formstd,
eo��llsfofnl'e,| ne, 1 ����iffil��W-
Amtriean khesmmlc Csite.  Ah-r
kstit. 1 ws. nia svaly ila. io Iran* sty |
���avTfitsht my frlarsM by walltiag itm* 1
Bold by C. W. ricld,
tm tain l#j
to.**woued m tueumtIMt,
-mti ��**** i**��e*   ��� *77^
isju b; c. w rwd.
>la'^t4jj|^aBt A ta.sjjat* ,'
iii!llmr^*��|2*i -
it^lot.-n, thoagk   '
A-m*t *****
Sisiii i i     ' alia*--.*.
^a__* .*tM\*m*m*i**.^mi.
-W*U*m.^!i,���     ���
_,...���, -adivlth
liborln    If   s lho
tr^' amonii i he, 1 titer
...      ���..r*^. ���*-t*-#|B^-*%��M.
So*nl la r��pr-��t��*M-iatttM'-s��dlttM)
di-nlop-Mtertlia'sisNntrr.       ���    ,
.^MHiiHiiiiiMiliMi 'I
TfiE ERA, GOIaDEN, R C, November 8; IMI.
/J a     ..
Athmalene Brings Instant Belief and Permanent Cure In all Cases.
Write Yrmr Manie natl Addreaa plainly.
Thore is nothing like Asth-
malene. It brings instant relief, even in the worst -oases.
It cures when: al I else fails.
The Btv, C. t. Will*, of Villa Ridge,
III. ��a,st: "Your trial boi tie of Airhma-
Istno received la gaad.eoridlilon. I canpot
..!t vs.ii bow thankfnl I fall for ih* good
Ischiali.oui ii. I. <va* * slava ohalned
- sith i sstrisl s-ore tliroat audAihma for 10
t*��.rs    I despaired, cf ever lieing oured.
fiaW'yojsiaiiveriiiiBiuent for tha cun of
'/'li**-^.*A\titi. and   lornieuling disease,
Aithma. iiii thought vou bad ovenpoken
vourselves, but ret bleed tb give tt a trial.
To my astonishment the trial acted like a
sthariu,   Send ino-a full sited battle."
Rabbi of Cong- Bnai Iarael,
New York, Jan. 8, 1901.
Das. Taft Baos'. Midicihi Co ,
Qentlemen: 'Sour Althmalene is an excellent remedy for-Aathm* and Bay Fiver
and it* compoiiiion alleviate* all troubles
lis success  is astonishing and wonderful.
After having it carefully analysed, we can state that Astbmalene contain! no
"opium, morphine, chloroform or ether.   Yours very truly,
whioh oomblno
Avon Spbimoi, N.Y., Feb. t, 1901.
Du Txrr Baoi. MaomiMi Co.:
Oentleinen.-I write till* testimonial frotn a sense ol duty, having tered
Ibe wonderful effect* of Athmalene, for the. oure of Asthma. My wife bat
train affljetad with apannodio Asthma for the past 12 years. Having exhaust
e��l my own (kill as well a* manv others; I chancel to ate your elgn upon y*ur
window* on 130th street, New York, I at once obtained a bottle of Asthmalene,
My will oommehced taking it about tbe 1*1 of November. I very toon noticed
a radical improvement. After uting one bottl. her Aithma hai disappeared
and eh* I* entirely free from all symptoms. I feel that I can eontitteiitly
rtcomiutud tbe medicine lo all who are afflicted with' -thiwdistressing disesse.
Ysstirt reipectively, O. D. PHELPS, MD
: pa. T*rr Bao*. Mbdiuixb Co.: -. T4??
Gentlemen,-I was troubled with Asthma for 22 year*.   I hive tried
: numerous remaJiea, bnt they hive all failed    I ran across your advertisement
and llariest with a trial bottle. I found relief at ontse. I have-altice purchased
I jrour fall-*!** bottle, and I am *ver grateful. I have a family of four ohlldren
j Snd for ill yetra I was unable to work. I am now in the beat of het.lth.and
* am doing business every day.   This testimony you can mak* auch u��e of a*
youanht.   H>.ueuds|ress, 239 Bivlpgton Street. g. RAPHAEL,
J1 : , V 67 Eut 129th it, New York City.
Do not delav.   Write at once addntiiug DB. TAFT BR08.' MEDICINE
����>., 79 Eait t30th8t, New York Pity,, f*# SOLD[BY ALL DRUGGISTS
��leventh Tear of Publication.
irenlates Throughout the District.
Subscribers all over th e cntii cut.
Examine our list and see if there is'anjs/thing you requirt
' 'in Job Printing    tVE PRINT: ���|l;'-:
*   ;V   " ENVELbt-ES    '-;���-':,':' '
' Sk en*. HEAD*   I*'--        ...
Ir] ' STATjBMENTB    ...v.'
'4 '"  LE1TER HEADS?
'   >'*' ,.   LEflAL ^ORM."*),*'):   : ������ -
A-ti-RE|ailENTti* *S< ""   '"
cHsWoms et-.*na    .
'.���wwa^BB-'''' "j'*.:'       x.y*4
'D^DOE^'f *' '-'"-.' ������'���-.
���^jftCTffi*   -������t
:��sBJ^iMMBSi.   ;*������;���"���;.,
:Vtiet%*-piQkBl)e. mo.
*%-!?���.'-, :!������ ...... ,'..,���;      .   i-r-
iH* ii rri
���bh-ljTassa ttatasM*ssstatasrssmiMltt* iaf*
^______\-__f taataS-asJaTsiasftaa     ****   UA
m*Va\****\T*X****iimA*a\retZ mm
**\*--9WiM!^^mm M*
,'\w**Mmmn-*", lasstpiiaws-a
a ssaaj**t*ssyaB."fap
���-'���-���m~-..*rA*'---*m.  *.-.-   ...      ..-
Mi-JlsaswtlH ���*��*����������- ��
���jLiKaii nttmt-m-*-*
2,vTtaMmM**- A*
Bs AlsosJ to **.rtora. ��� Or set garvle. Fm
;  Maultlosl and to JElavat. tlw Standard
et MoKsKohss-od, sj>at Ma. JBmiU DIdnl
^pprsntato Ul. 0.1* Can.
Colonel Benton shifted hit'(eet on the
table, "ret," he tald,* "I bat* bad my
���hire of unusual uptrl.nooa. About e
year ago I waa glanelng through stolen*
tlflo Journal when a little Item tucked
���way In th* oorntr of a pegt caught uiy
���y*.   It wu busied Ilk. thi.:
' 'IntarJMloa AmOog Insoott-Tht
Mosquito follow* Man'* Xuinple.' Tb*
paragraph wont on to suy that lb. natural
food Of tb* isHMquilo consists of various
vegetable ���nbsmrstel' found In bark,
moms, eto. Tb. habit of coninmlng hu*
,tttt-\ blood, It wu said, Is an acquired
taste tat the mosquito, almllor to tbe tista
for 1I004MI* drink* among men. Th*
motqolta git* lntezic*ttd with blood, and
sitter be hat thorough!? gorged himself
deatb entuesv Thu* tba-parallel between'
tbo laaeoti and tbehu'uaf
"Ton maytx> tiirp-rlaod to know, gentlemen, tbtt I itw the possibilities ol
gnat enterprise In thtt little statement.
My reasoning wat m tollowt: It I. a woll
.known fact tbit tha appetite for liquor
i��k '"{' '"/M^latl^'allji^J|��A'oAa��,
cm bt entirely overcome In Ihe avoragt
hnman being by the use ot certain preparation* ot bichloride of gold. Ws have then
two fact*���lint, the appetite of tbe drunk'
ard for liquor and tba thirst of tba mosquito for blood an practically Identical;
second, the detlra for liquor eao be cured
by a simple hypodermic treatment. Ergo,
yon ls>ve only to disoovor n preparation
whioh tell) produce a similar result In the
mosquito snd you bave freed the hnman
race from oneof Itt ohlef sources of annoyance.
"ITon ean lmaglno my Joy wben tbl*
grand Idea flnt flashed upon me.. I saw
myself hailed at a universal benefactor.
Banquets would bs spread In my honor,
modal! would decornt* my breast, my po-
iltlon In life would bo assured. I figured
that tunimer hotol proprietors alone would
yield ma an Independent Income.
"Then were many dlfllcultiet to be snr-
mounted, however.   My first step was to
5other a fin* collection of the Insects,
'bey wen In all stages of the blood drinking habit,-from those who bsd but tasted
their tint drop te tbo old rounder! wbo
Wen tottering to a besot tod end. An expert chemist and a well known naturalist,
whom I had Interested Id my scheme, thsm
began experiments upon thes* nwplt
inosqnltoea, It teemed a long time to me,
linpotlont at "i waa, hut lu renHty leal
than a month passed boforo my assistant*
bad discovered n solution which produced
the desired effect*. Indeed, the enn
brought abont inch a oomplete change In
the chancier ot thd Insects thit they
wonld rat their natural tend from the
palms of onr hands, without ever attempting to molest ns.
"Then came tho praotloal application ot
tho cun on a large scale. IVbllo ray sol-
entiilo friends had been searching for tbt
curo whioh was lo Work inch wooden I
bad carefully evolved a plan for putting It
In operation, liy Idea wat to establish
mosquito asylums, a* I may call thom for
.wont ��f a hotter nam*,. In variourawaiupy
region* whom tho Insects ara bred In large
nninber*. Largo platform* wow to be
erected on which tbo vepetable food ot the
mosquito could be spread In great quantities. Fortunately It was not necessary to
administer our oure by bypodcriulo Injections. By merely saturating tbo food witb
tbe solution lho same remit wat produced.
If I did not succeed In attrantlng enough
mosquitoes by tbia means, I bad In reserve
tbe Idea of erecting a email hotel In elose
proximity to my platforms. The verandas
woold be provided with hammocks, and
the windows with mosquito netting. I
could easily get arfew people to apend a few
woekt In tbi place by offering them free
entertainment. I alto planned to put up
uy mosquito chloride in small bottles for
home use, placing II on sale at all drug
���tore*. These wen tba first step* of my
enterprise. Of noon* I built' my hope*
largely on tho bollef that the moaquitoe*
that had been cured would bring forth offspring In whom tbe blood drinking habit
woald be entirely wanting. Having tbut
obliterated tbe hereditary tendency to Intemperance, I counted on tbe speedy regeneration of tho ins-siqullO no*.   *.'.���!
"I cm ace by your expression, gentlemen, thtt yog have been Interested in tbe
recital of my hopes and aiplrntlona Yon
will undoubtedly .sympathise' With me
When I tell you of thoir downfall, I began
operation* on * until wale In* lonely pari
ef New Jtrtey, when I could be mtn from
Intrusion. For ��� few dtyi all went woll
jYfes-qoltoe. cue In iwnnus, attrnotod by
my ball The effect of the cun win nt onct
aiiptrml Th* futun (Mined vary bright,
Bul alii tar my bopMl. When tuccem
wems-d il'raoit within mygrnip,* slight
error In onr ttlcnlatlona torvod to ruin th*
Stalin* tohemsj. we had sli.ij.ly failed to
MtMldwth. lofswaelotareriis-Mol tbe nftvj*
saltar*. The ll��i|e beast, didn't want to
baeored. Like loo niany of tbeir human
prototypsrsi-ths'y actually preferred tn continue In the Iwrblroat ciiitoins.of tholi
eneoMorl rather than ardajit th* hletttngi
of a Mber and tomperaie lifo, Those who
bad bs*aa oured tald tk'lr frlohdi iboui It,
and tht nr.rmi that bid surrounded our
'asylum' d-vlHti-led to * beggarly number.
To a��ld toourdlsooitillture, the peoplo wbo
had oome oul from the city end wire get-
Hbf their board tm at onr bote) began to
klok'aboatth* butter, the lack of toeuery
���ndlhe listdtv��l*r. Many doptrtod In u
muoh ladlgnatlen a* If thpy bad boen pay-
tag a gilt edged price tor their ronm*.
The* our flnanelel bolklng beg.n to
T***k*a, and It wm net long btforo tb*
while taterprlst (rom which w* htd ex-
peeled tuch art** reiult* wm m dead m
the prorswhlnl OoonulL rm'taymh. I
hav. oomluded to alta  hoinnnltarlan
Some time ago then wu a notable
automobile profession in the city of Buffalo', N.Y. lt was notable for its size, and
alao for tbe fact that it was entirely composed of automobile wagons (like that
In the cut.above), built to distribute
the advertising literature of the World'!
Dispensary Medical Association;.propri-
etors and, manufacturers of Dr. I'ierce'!
medicines."In many a town and village
aee Is carried I* Dr. Picrce't automobile has been the
pioneer horseless vehicle. These wag na,
tent to every important section of the
country, ere doing more than merely
advertise Dr. Pierce's Remedies���they
are pioneera of progress, heralds of the
automobile age.
,. And thia is in keeping with tbe record
made by Dr. Fierce ansl his .anions pie*
pnrations, which have always kept in
the front on their merits. Dr. Pierce'a
Oolden Medical Discovslry ia still the
leading medicine for disorders aud diseases of the stomach and digestive and
nutritive systems, for tlie purifying of
tbe blood and heallng-ef Weak lungs.
Women place Dr. Pierce'a Favorite
Prescription in the front of all put-up
medicines specially designed (or women's
ine. The wide benefits this medicine
has brought to women have been well
tummed up in the words " // makes weak
women strong and sick women welt.''
The reputation of Dr. Pierce's Plt**-
ant Pellet* aa a ta(e and effective laxative for family use Is International.
It may be asserted without fear of contradiction tbat no other firm or company
engaged in the vending of put-up medietas-* can rank with the World'a Dispen-
sary Medical Association, either in th*
opinion of the medical profession or of
the Intelligent public. Tbe Invalids'
Hotel and Surgical Institute, which is
connected with the "World's Dispensary," is alone aufficient to prove thii
���uplemacy. Here it a great modern
hospital, alwaya tilled witb patientt.
where every day successful operations
ere performed on men and women whose
diseases demand the aid of sfirgcry. No
hospital in Buffalo is better equipped,
with respect to its .modern appliances, or
the surgical ability of its staff. Dr. R. V.
Pierce, the chief consulting phvsicisn of
thit grett institution, has associated wiih
himself nearly a Icon of physician.,
each man being a picked man, chosen
for his ability in tbe treatment and cure
of home special form of disease.
- The offer tliat Dr. Fierce makee to
men and women suffering with chronic
diseases of a free consultation by letter,
is really without a parallel. It placet
withont cost or charge, the entire re-
aourcea of a great medical institute at
tbe service of the sick. Such sn offer is
not for one moment to be confounded
with those offers of" free medical aslvice"
which are made by people who are not
physicians, cannot and do not practice
medicine, and are only saved from pro-
���ecution by artfully wording their advertisements so that they give the impression tliat they tre phyticlana without
nuking the claim to be licensed.
Those who write to Dr. Pierre, chief
consulting physician to the Invalids''
Hotel and Surgical Institute, Buffalo,
N. Y., may do so with the assurance that
they will receive not onlv the advice of
a competent physician, but the advice
of a' physician whon wide experience
In the treatment and cure of disease, and
whose sympsthy with human suffering
leads him to take a deep, personal interest in all .those wbo seek his help and
that of hia aasoclate staff of apeciallati.
Dr. Picrce't Medical Adviaer (in paper
coven), 1008 pages, ii. aent fret on receipt nf jt one-cent stamps, or So stamps
for the cloth-bound volume, to pay ex-
penn of customs uud mailing only. Ad-
dreal Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y
Adl-rti-asaeln** ���kin dlaaaaa had
���Mil nlarh wnokidi hit) g**U
���hip ��B��fJth," but Dr. Ai-
Mr/i Ointment earn* to tha
- lf�� tlmaly   --"
Mbenm tbt Ml
.,. The eolooel
teto batooa ��a*^i
tinda bright r.
alia  human
illy it *u elec-
l.on* psMhed It,
*~    'A 'Vasmasksbssussi MsistssiWssstal-aT.
m*Wm*m-ytm^ j^AWrm*ammama ^ y^.
Boaa-1 hoar your IrleMd Kllkini t,
******* money la thai eonatry town.
Jok-Tmi be ewe HvstoaMuMHtd^
tortgbU If tbey Kite ^Tfftaa the
with them. He1* ibe 'atii> Ijayst.
snd andertakar la-tne
phi* Record.
With ont taoeptlon th* pavarnon of all
thittaltt nesdteo defiultu (alary, withont
ItMlaldlthmotfanorperqnlilte*. Taeex-
otpsiloq. M tai-governor of Oregtm,-vrti*
geti Il.iw siatb ani some extrai
rallavMl   thn  dlrrtrwM and
brsaught him Mfa to land.
C. H. Howard, a pnmlneat Heemboal man.
of Kenftsey, Mtlne, Mltei:-''Encle*vtd And
thlrty-av*es*tt for a bos of Dr. Agntw't Obit.
ment. I bought * box In Portland remit* tar
adlauessiagcaaeoriliin dlaeaae.tnd ll did me
to much good that I want to try aisothar box.
It la the only remedy that hu ever given ne aay
relltfsu-d!believ��it will cure me" 35 eta jt
Sold by C W. Field.
London, Nor. 1-The Rerlin correi-
pondlnt of thi Timt* lay* lb* letten
ot General Voyron, who commanded
the Frenoh troops iu Cbint, 10 Field
Manbal Von Waldersee have made a
diaagreeabl* Impression. The German
publio, which had been deluded iuto
tbe belief lu a growing Franco Oarmau
friendship, now ha* its eyei opened.
Tbe Kruei Zeltung does not publish
she tours, twain*.*, ii li las 1, " tbey
do not furniih altogether attractive
rtadlnig for wider eirclee.
Stve tew SnowBhoe Tagg.
lb* molt popular brand of Chewing
Ts-AeoeeIn Canada to-dsy It "Pay
atsini-' Every ping of -Pay �������"
beaiii a '-Snowaho." Tag. Comumers
(honld aavt these tagi, at valuable
preuntt ate given, for them. When
yon buy "Pay Boll" ChewliigTo
bacoo, aik your dealer for our new
��� llH��rat'S'*pnmriim''ba'faf6'|,ue.- "-sss------
For flrst-class
j Dairy Butter
Fresh Eggs
'| and all kinds of
Farm Produce
Apply to
Canadiaij Pacific
Aten uooLingf
The New Strike In Cariboo.
We give below tbe latest authentic
newt of the etrike made in Cariboo
So loon ai the news of tbi rich
itrike reached Aabcrott, on October
19, Fraok L. K.-ynolds and Robert
Neibitt left by stage for lib Mile house,
Lac La Haebe, and by wiring ahead
had pack horses ready for tbe hard
trip in, intending to go as far as poa
sible with these. Nesbitt it a vatoran
Klondike miner and a thorough proa
pecter ; Reynolds is a ion of Dr. F, S
editor and proprietor of tlie Ashcroft
Journal. It ia from lum ibat a letter,
dated from Harper'i Camp 011 tbe 24th
ult��� has bwn receive!, from which
the following extrsoti are taken:
"We arrived hen yesterday after
noon aud will leave this afternoon for
��1 Dorado creak, ai tbe new discovery
ii generally called. We an taking a
man with ui and expeot to get within
five milea of where we want to go
(about 70 miles from here) before ..ban
dolling lhe horses, which tho man will
bring back to McKinley'. for us. We
will take euough supplies with us to
laat a mouth and will come out again
on inbwihoei.
"BobCampbell and several othiri
returned laat night from their laat trip
np and bring good reports from the
new discovery. They say there are
several creeks thst curry gold but
which thev had 110 time to prospect a-
tbey.had to pack their supplies in from
Horsefly lake over 20 miles ef the
hardest, kind of country aud could
S(.eU'l but a abort time on tbe ground.
'Campbell says thai oil Eureka
creek he cau take a |san and easily
make ,,
simi'ly punning on', aud.thiii there are
several other creeks thai cany gold
and which may be just as good or
bitter. None ot the party, and no
oilier pnrt lea, have ever prospected
them. All tbat have bwn tbere yet
have staked claims on Eureka aa ll is.
known to bn very rich. It is now all
���taked off and we will have to proai eet
aome of th. oilier creeki for a while
before locating.
"Campbell cut down a tree aid ho!*
lowed out the log roughly and shoveled it for one hour. Hi Bays he lott
more tban hall the gold, but took out
in one hour iu thit erudi w*y $12.60.
"The j arty says the country Is just
like that around Barkervillt, with
every chance of being equally good or
better than it. They aay tbe couutry
il shallow all through.
Tbe writer adds that anyone desiring 10 go Into the country will now
have to wait until spring on account
of tbl snow.
While they are accumulating knowledge
on the profound sciences, an often 10
ignorant of their own natures lhat ihey
allow local diacese to fasten on them to
the ruin of the genenl health. Backache, headache, nervousness, point to a
���Ilsordtnd or diteated local condition
which should have prompt attention.
Dr. Pierce'* Favorite Prescription may
be relied upon at a perfect regulator. It
���stops enfeebl'ng drr.ins, heels Inflammation and uh-eratton, ��nd cure* female
weakneta. // makes totak women strong
and sick women wilt.
There la nn alcohol in "Favorite Fre-
tcrjptton" and it it entirely free from
opium, cocaine and all other narcotist.
��Vswr tetter Isiat msHss-rs!." write. Mlas aosse
Kllfs.th.sr, of 41 Wet BliarpsMKU St.. Gersssan-
Isjmn, rhllnlclphia. HM*.    "Woe*, foil to
ftmni! II to**e tha���***\"woaJeSa and beat
mats-dy for rStstl. trail*, last I ner have
IrM. torn I did nol know of -star' Fave-iM
FresKtlptlon' year. **-*
Tit. Pierce'* Common Sense Medical
Advlier It aent fit* on receipt of Ji one-
Mat stamp, to pay expense of customt
and nulling only. Address Dr.- R. V.
rtere*,-7MaW, fe V.       ������'-'  -
Effective October 13tn, 1901/
Trains past Goldm
EAST BOUND,   -   -   15:10
WESTBOUND,   -   .   I0:J0
Passengers booked to all Eaitcrn Can-'
adian and United Statel points.
Berthi reserved on Atlantic tteam.rl
for passenger, to th* Old Country.
Direct steamer service from
Full information aud Illustrated Pamphlets furnished on application.
Agent, A O.P.A.,
Golden, B.C, Tancoover.
Church Services.
Service! every Sunday at 11a.m. and
7:30 p.m. Celehration of Holy Communion lit and Srd Sundays of tbe month
after Morning Prayer, and on Greater
Festivals and Holy Daya at 8 a.m., or
as may be announced from theohancel.
Sanday School at 2:30 P.m.
All are cordially invites' to attend
the .services.
C F. Taiai, Vic��r.
Service .very Sunday at 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School and Bible Clate at ���
p.m. sharp.
Choir practice every Thuraday .venal 7,
Rbv. V. M. Pukdy, B.A., Pa*tor.
Servie.* every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:8:; p-m.
Sunday School ��t 2;80 p.m.
Prayer Meeting on Tueaday al8 p.m.
Rsv. R.B. LaiUlbv,  Paator.
a. r. a A. m.
Mountain I.wljre, No. II. A. K. S
A. M. Regular Cnmmtinfrit.nn;
���eeoud Holiday in erery mouth;
Sojourning brethren cordislly invited.
O H PARSON   Rsvretnrr,
i. o. o. r.
Reeky Mountain Lodge Ko. M meets I*
Oddfellows Hall, (iol.lln,every Weslueaslsy
at 8 n.m.   Sojourning brethren wclrnm*.
IK THE MATTER of an application ler
* duplicates of two CVrtifirates of Title te
Lots lis and 16. Work 4. Town nf (lolilen.
-\OTlCE IS HEREBY GIVEN that it is
my intention tn issue at tl.e expiration of one
month Iron, lhe Aral piihlii-ntir.ii hereot twd
Duplicates ofthe Certiorates of Title to lis*'
above mentioned lots in lb. name of VYilliimt
McNeish, whicli Certificates are dated th*
Blhd*y of October, 1894, and ui.uiberrd
1800RA and I8099A respectively.
H. P. M.cl.rnr.,    *
District Registrar.
ljind Registry Office, Nelson, II 0., Bird
sy of September, 1901. 118
The Imperial Life
Assurance Co
of tanadar.:-.
Capital 8iibacriheil..:     Hi IT.iip (tf
Capital Paid Up .       4.'si' 100 ul)
Boveinment Deposit. .,    Pno.ono 11)
Ansel a $1K0 to every sfl HO ol I.ii.bilitifs
First ifsi.il Pisi'iiniiirpt :  ' Absolute Security so P'tl'uv Holsler* "
ii. v. t ii.im-i its.
Pl.ti'tcr Aj'.'in   -   -   Oo'ifun.
-Sold by All Newsdealers
Furnlahea Monthly to all lover- o.
Song sod Moalc a vt* voltun�� ol M��w,
Choice Copyright Cempoaltlbn. .,,���
th* meat popnlar tsrthora.
li met ir nm m
gilt Vsscal, B.lf laamausUI
Oom a Month for 25 Cents.
Ytirly Sotrxrlptlon, **?.
H bssutjbt In sssss ssusk star, .t
***itu*r*n, wools���� ii.';'-.
. al-sls-f ai 15.00 Mosthly,
In oa* ytar yoo gii otaiiy bOO','.,-.,:
Music, competiog 29 CemyltU '* i -
Ior the Piano.
IfywwWaanlul-s.Kss,. - : '-.-:
FIV3 Pitaa tai Oi,-,, PUi'r .
vt* * cssjsf ssi lbs MAgslUi. trt:.
I.W. PEPPER, fsi
Wa-Mn-a l��sral tit., fhlle*.., ' la, I GOLDEN, NORTH-EAST KOOTENAY, RC, FRlt)AY.   NoyeMber \.t(A
���tlTE have a large itook of too-
' 'if"* ond hand Enginei. Boilers,
and Sawmill Oniftts and will be
glad to aend description ol lame.
We make a specially of building cara ot any siie or type to
luit requirement!.
Weoarry a large Itock o( Belting, Valvei, Fittlngi Pipe, Polished Shutting. Iiljeoton, etc,
for immediate shipment.
We manufacture Thawing
Pointi, Wheele and Axlei and
everything ler the northern
trade. ...
Wo also carry a large aloe* of
Steel Platen of all linea, and from
No. 90 guage to 7-8 inch thick.
BoileVTubet, ��11 tiaea Steam
Pine up to 10 inches.
Your communication by mail
will be promptly atteudtd to.
Works, Ltd.
Ruooessors to
Armstrong- * MarrlMO,
MMhlnlita, Ire* Itaadin,
BUekamltha, BoUnnakert.
VAKCOeVtiB, ���'.'!���   B.C,
�� *m/&*ty<-''iS/3--J*W* ,.%&*-*i%*W
f Town and District.|
^si^.'i'a'8'av'fc**** *i*/t/w%%
Remember the Hospital Ball on the
2Cth inst.
Mr. A. Mitchell, of Briito, wai in
town.lhii week.
*   A Langlandi ia acting as gaoler  in
the Sheriff'taUencc.
A new furnace is being placed in
poaition in th* Court boute.
C. A. McMillan, ol th* Big Store,
���rent up the river thi* week.
J. E. Griffith lett on Mouday for
���peterboro. He will be away about 10
Mr. J. McKay tame to town on
Thursday lo bt present at tk* mealing
of tbe Elk Park Ranch Co.
Mr. H. O'Connor, ot Winnipeg, a
memoir ol the staff ol ih* CPU*, ie iu
town .pending a few days at theguost
.elMt. F. W. Jouei.
Read Panon'iad on int page-
Don't fcrget the Football Club'a ball
The Elk Park Ren -h Co. .re holding
Iheir annual meeting lo day.
Mrt. Howard Pra-t, ot Field, li visiting at bar father in-law, Mr. John
Pnmter Duntmuir il aetiog at Chief
Commiliioner of Land* and Work*
during tha absence at Montreal of Hon.
W. C. Well*.
It ha* been tome time linei the citl-
una ol Golden have had *uch a ran
opportunity a* that prenntad this
month to leoun aome remarkably good
bargain* in drygoodi, *to., by theEoo
nomitt flali now on at H. G. Person'..
Read hi* ad.
Thomtl Tail, general manager ol
tramiortatlon ol the C PR., announ-
ot* that next year initiad ol an Im
perlal Limited, ai thii Mann, there
trill be a latt train every othtr day in
addition to Ihe regular services, miking two transconlinental trains thne
timet a week. The fait train will
ratktthtr-iu from Montreal to Van
eouvlr in ninety, houn.
The ooaat papers have beeen making
capital out ol tbe faot that th* Hou.
W.C. Will* kit tor tb* oast on tbe
lame train ai Mr. G. McL. Brown, a
CP.R. official. The** ram* paper*
bay* entirely overlooked the tact,
wbieh wa* duly noted in the last inue
of the Era, that Mr. Wells ipent a
couple ot daya in thii neighborhood
before proceeding on hii eaitern trir*.
Mr. Petar Sobaitian, our local reiuiug
expert, ii malting arrangemento eitab-
liih an up to-date anaying plant in
connection with bli smelter. As thi
extent ol the plant be. will purchase
will depend largely oa thi amount of
patronage he will receive, local milling
men thonld call oa Mr. Sebaitian and
givi bim aiturance of their, support
Tht Townsite Smelter wou't be in it
with Peter'* outfit.
Spatial ret* of fin and on* third
will be in tf act on the Canadian Pa-
citc Railway between ill stations west
ot Dunmon Junction in conueetiou
with the King's birthday and alao in
connection with . Thanksgiving Day.
Ticket* will be on aale November. 8th
ind 9th good to return on Nov. llth,
and an Nov. 26th, 27th and ?8th, good
to nturn until Nov. 30tb.
Copite ol the pioturei ol King: Ed
ward and Quetn Alexandra, whioh the
"% -p.     ���
Manufactures and .carries in stock Lumber Harness,
Farm Harness, Double: Carriage Harness, Single Buggy
Harness, Stock Saddles, Ladies' Side Saddles, Halters, Riding Bridles, Riding Whips, Buggy Whips, Cattle. Whips,
Spurs, CurrytJOmbs, Brushes, Snaps (all sizes), Sweat Pads,
Horse Blankets, Surcingles. Boots and Shoes, of all kinds
made to order.   Leather goods of all kinds repaired.
Prices light Mail orders of all kindArecelvo prompt
We will give the above reward to sny person who will correctly image thef
" "ia unmet ol thm Canadian dtle* llMeaeh letter bot A
positively glv* th* money away, and you may bathe \
l labove letten to spell lhe nouteiol three Canadian citie*. Uaeeaeh litter ball
Vonce. Try it. We will positively giv* the money away, and yoa may b*the\
8hould there be more than lssrtei oorrediniwen, thef
i fortunate,
l money will bedlvidedetiuaUy.Tori.-rtancell
aniwer*, etch will receive ttO; ahould 10 pel
I 'each will receive 120 j twenty persons, f 10 ei
, lour firm -uid nodi w* handle t* quickly a* jjostrible.  BEND
1 WITH YOUR ANSWER,  Tlili ila FREE crateit.* A poet
1   %,    ���Xhe***-ehav***ii*mlvm**y-~*t--m---neo-*-tt*,tn
;00 Too M.
\A/E have $15,000.00 too much
���"v   Stoek which we are going
to turn Into Cash In the .
We are marklngf right
COST, and many
cost In order to
We will have the goo^.-^a^a.db'^
and ready for yoor inspection
J. A. Leames. arrived ftom Halifax
to-day to altii*d tbi meeting o��^ �����>*�� Elk' Montnal Htrald and Star an giving
Park Ranch Co.,> which b* hold* �� to thd. aabsKriteri, t-aelher, with the
Iar(teiuteiest. . oopy in eolori of the l��mo ��� Gaimboro
Our Siutiosi Agent, **,.��� O.'E Wells, painting, have been received by the
ii confined Will's* house with an age- ERi, They are iplendid specimens of
lion ol tbe lliio.il. Mr. Rjbinaon, of-'piotoral reproduction, and worthy of a
Donald, ia relieving bim. | place on tbe  walls' of shy library.
The Football Club have oemplited Subtoribtr* may obtain, tb* Family
��rrsns*.nenn for tbeir ball to-uight Herald and Weekly Star, together witb
anl a Urge number baveiignified iheir
intention oi being present.
Sheriff Rsdgrav* left ou Moudav I*r
the Edmonton ditir'ci, when h* will
visit his daughter. We bop* to ate th*
Sh��rlff return benofittiij by his holiday.
The Golden Hoipiul bat J.nt re
eeiveJ a car-load oi the I.i.uouianlhra
eitioo-il, through lhe loo-il igent, H.
6, Panon, fer their new "S-iuliglit"
Thos. Tompklui. C.P.R contractor,
hai completed I be uew hotel at Field.
It contains 60 budrooma aud 30 bathrooms, beiidta a larg* number of par-
Ion and tilting room*.
J. R. Robiuton leturned lait S*iui-
thi Ek* and tbe three premium pio
turn, tor one year, for tbi, traall sum
ol tS.oO, payable iirietly in advano*.
Tb* picsutei lion* an worth tha
" A meeting of the Golden Beard ol
Trade wa* held ia the office ol C. H
Panon, on Wednesday afternoon, th*
preiidint, 3. S. Gibb, In th* chair,
Atttr thi uiual routii a buiine**, i the
matter ot the trail down tbe Colnmbia
valley wai taktu up, *nd Mmk*. Aylmer, Ullook and O'Briin w*n nominated al a committe* to collect nil
available information regarding the
! propoted trail and III oon and report
; aa aoon al pouibli. Tb* matttr of the
trait Into the Bugaboo wat brought aa
d.y from bit trip up tl.e v*ll*y. H* .-jj -.--, ��,mmltiee named above wan
purclnied over 100 head ot prima ****! nqanted to look lato th* detail* ol
cattle whioh will bedriveu dowu with- ,*���,*, ,.. well. Nolle* wit given et a
hi the nixt fortnight. | motion to be Introduced at tba annual
Mr. Harrison moted tbii walk inte malting changing the yttrly lubaeiip'
hii commodious uew residence.   The,tion  trim  one lo fire' dolt.rt.   The
houte he vacated will be occupied by
Rev. Mr. Laidley n soon ii a fe.v
ueceistry alteralioni an madt.
Saturday, Nov. Oth, being tbe King'a
birthday tin lion* will be oloaed until
6 p.m.. when the merchant! will open
up to give the public a chauce to do
tbeir .bopping lor Sunday.'
Wo li.��d a l.tter fioiu Louie Gould
���taiing ileal h* arrived lafily at V*r-
,trot, and fouud about two.inoheiol
iloppy tnew. The banana belt hisl.
beateu our record tor an early mow-
1*14. ihli year.
V"' r.l.rei.Cjto ihe trail to the Bugs
boo it may*he mentioned that during
tl.* patt Maion tba.sDa-rernmeut bait
i*caiv*lln t��*��n ��tt**at eon Ira tied
at f 1,600, while th* amenni ipent thit
leaioa ou that* dt.irict was 1150,
Tb* Hj/ok at tb* Big"Siyra i. ueariy
rompl.itsd tot tU**; Homing * whiter.
Amoug tbt msmsiU r��*(iiisiV|Nl during ihe
past f��*v days itn*i**m->.Mgi*K*ii-a,
and a oar 1
car of choice iliayibj)'
qutttion el afflliaiiug with the Alio-
clattd Board* af Trade ol tbe provlnoa
wit informally talked ove* aud will
come belora t he annual muting. The
muting then adjourned.
C.pt,. Armatrong bit rMuraed to
tloldra after ipanding the grtaler part
of tb* aamawr 10 the south of ih*
boundary Hat. Ihe Oapt. went down
to *ecun*h*l***am*r North Star for
tht Upper Columbi* Navigation Co,
to f un betarean Ueldei end Lake Win.
dermera On hia arrival at *J*natog*
ih* Captain found ibti owing 10 tht
conttruciion af tb�� llne'tolng built by
Jim Hill to tap tba Crow1*, Ne��t P��*i
cotlfiitdt, thert w**aprofit��bl* boal-
am to be don* bttwetn Jenniafi aad
Crow's Nest Landing. Tbl boat It at
prennt.laid up In winter %uari*n,
laady,' if butlutw warrant*, ta be
brought 10 Golden neat **a*oa. The
Captain nport. a i*ry buay >utamer
and think* lhat next ****au will be
xoosl one oa ilia.riyer her*, at a. uum
Fine Line of.
Full Dross Shirts,
White Hei,
White Gloves
and all other neoerssaries at
J. 0. TQM & Cm
t        1 .J   a***U..i***M       e,t+*+ *a    nVV* WUt- W�� iUm-JtfWr  MIIrM  -��    IIHIII'
of ��tliK*����4 Ho-iow, alao.,w 0, prop,rtiw u ^Wiu-l^aiji,
lot ilmolby  bay  WMI '"���IsiUtr-ot.wUl tak. out or. tbl* wlnttr.
���UMr.sU. will mJw out or. ibi* winter,
|lo bt .liip|std utxt .u-amsw;
Pekiu,. No*. ft-Tha anhountautaat
baa hata raade that UHuog Ctt-ttg it
dud, Following the Intelligence oame
tha nport that th* bar Ial elethti had
been put on. Tht court vardt of the
Ytmtn aw fttle* vrtth lifealied paper
hortn *nsi oh*lm with Ooolli b**riin
wbioh bit frllndt ara aaading In ao-
eordaime with th* OiiMt* aaitomi to
bt borled In order to aarry hii toul to
the Chin*** official* an lemewhal
uosNty eoocarallig tb* iittt ala dtath
will bar*^^aa t*U'*jff^[im\ to gaard
tgalaat a poealble mtt foreign demon
ilratltm toe OhtltMt g*r-��rali have dla*
psraad their troop* about the city in
IsmIi a taajr a* 10 command tba alta*
Hou. *Troa1iK>M����ais U *ft**--*t
probablai' r���*:*'*''*'*'���,f';*
vammMtto los*n*i* tbi dalle* bn
*}he following llnei ot rjoodt,i Agrlcuh
ttnal Implemeote, aawn lamoer .aad
tlmair, woyliau good*, oaimta), iblm,
oolliri. 4c. Ai the Uoqoet bald tnt h*
Winder, ta tlu a-aolBg, llr WUWi
L*urt*.r made tha MaooMt-aeot that
11 tht *0olt*sl Btattt wtaiel cloaH
irtlaiioai th*fint adyaaoa',***��[**��**
from thtra. Ha *J*o **I4 th* tarif
wai tallttactarjr to the maoutsT^Aursirt,
vrhlcb ttataraatst Vm noaited with a
���tormof "Kca."
'i'bt MaBufan'o^m' Ajnoaiallon, al*
iumsMlsg In Moutreal, ou Wsrfn**-
i*y, ******* molsaUoa* u-glag tlm
. ���*wi*J|wi''^ij|H|PiPF1'" *     '
u***l*AtHtit ���' '  '
I*uiel)t4��>itir.    ������
jt%ygftr*m*i OilaaihiSean,**m*,M,
Thomas O'Brlea,
BawrUttr, toltoltor. / .
��)  ..,<ft
��� ��� h^'-o^ ������������'fifm- tk.
��� '*****)���*,
, 11 '.a ' . 1 tm:, |iir*��s~.
Htumy, VBCtmr *��fBkbM,
.   .    Hanitlen. lMt*lt*ri, ���*,     ;
;.'.'*.,, '      - 'rl'lln "*t.- '"ty't *l j2h**
'.' ^?y'''*^'.'/j'-:''1,V'--'
���*��� ':*$iisM'" :i'iJ;'?-y*-s^(
em**.nm tu
i/m*-*7***-*,.        .'Tr""!:.".**
������;.*, ���.    -   ���������:'S<^&'f-. 'W..1-"
-*-*--.*-*-&*��� .'.������'*'..'... * -���


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