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The Golden Era Nov 11, 1893

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Array ^jyJXZT
VOL. III.   NO 15.
$j Per Yea ii
are a positive cure for all casos of headache, whether
nervours, bilious, or neuralgic.    Sent post
free on receipt of price
��.�� Cent*   Per Box.
Dry Goods,  Groceries, Boots  and  Shoes,
Hardware, Etc., Etc,
California Giant Powder Co.
Of which a Full Stock is Constantly on hand.
Subscriptions taken for all Canadian, American, British or
Foreign Newspapers and Periodicals.
Golden, B.C.
(Incorporated 1(170.)
Prices quoted und samples supi lied on
happenings of this week will lead, to
Golden's success, there is every probability that they will, as all concerned
in the "re-arrangement of affairs"
will hereafter ho much interested in
the interests cf the town.
On Wednesday last Mr. Peter McCarthy and also Mr. S. Barber arrived
from Calgary accompanied by Dr. Mc-
JCid. A trio of professional men, each
iu his respective capacity of note.
These friends were welcome, as are all
arrivals in fact. AVo hear that one of
the three named will in a very short
time como to Golden to reside permanently. All were much pleased with
the progress that is Iieing made ill the
'own and returned to Calgary in the
evening comforted by such a visit and
the warmth of their reception on all
Now ready fur business, has been newly built
and newly furnished. The table is first class. The bail's stocked with choice Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
Special  attention given   to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
Coy, Calgary, or
W. McNeish -  Proprietor.
Carlin & Lake,
General Merchants, Alexander Block.
Is a wholesale and retail
druggist and can supply
to ketaiIj ti i:��ciiaxts
AT IIKill,'I.Alt PltlCI'H.
rEMPLSTON,     -     D.TJ&GIST,
("luu'cli of EiiKlnml.
Hev. H. Irwin will  conduct the ser
vices in St   Paul's Church to-morrow
evening at 7:110 o'clock.
Presbyterian Church.
Service will be held in tlie school
house to-morrow morning at. 10 o'clock
conducted by the Rev. AV. R. Ross.
Allotllor   Siilrwalk
Is Iieing put iu under the Ihie of Bob
Rusk, between the Kootenay House
and the Government bridge, thus giving uninterrupted communication from
one end of the town to uuoiher.
or it towi-.
(mlilen, nn the im,hi line nt' llie Caiiiiililin
i'ucilic Ititihv'iy. ;,| its ('ouucctiuii ivitli the
110(11111111111 uiivigaliuii nt'tlie ( nliuiilii-i river :
die mineral .'mil i'niiiiiiiTcii.lcoiitro of Eastern
llritish Columbia: liciulqiinrters ot'llu (.lold-
m Nuiehiiij. works, the I'ppei- 1 oliimliin
.Vavigi.tioii Co., and lumber industry; the
unlet for the widely known and tar
''lined lu-rii'iiliiii'iil mill grazing haul of the
Culiiiiihia it Kootenai* V.-.llevs: imriv.'illed
tor scenery nt .-ill kinds: the ilistriluiiiii',-
|H,iut tin- the richest mineral country on the
House to Kent.
A very convenient live-roomed house
to rent, at $10 per month. Situated
on the Golden Smeiter Townsite and
within a short distance of Carlin &
Lake's store.    Apply to:
Tim Golden Eba Pun. Co.
Gum Boots,
Gall and See the New Goods we are
Opening out Daily.
Commissioner  Chas.   F.  Law-
New York last week for England.
Mr. Rutherford's wife mid family
arrived from tho east on Monday.
Mr, Pete White has returned to
town and will have charge of bis old
section (his winter.
Mrs. McDowell arrived on No. 2 Inst
Wednesday and will remain for some
time, the guest of Miss Lang.
Mr. George Ruinbold left on Sunday
for ihe const. Air. Jack Rue also left
for the coast ou Monday's No  I.
Mr. and Mrs. McRne and Messrs.
Tuinton and Barnes came down from
the Upper Country on Monday last.
Mr. ,1. R. Anderson, the statlsclan
ol the Department of Agriculture, Victoria, returned from a business trip to
the ranches up the Columbia Volley on
Sunday and left with Mrs. Anderson
for home ou Tuesday.
Many iinnortiiiit changes have taken
place iu llie business circles of the
town recently, full and reliable information concerning snme will be pub-
lisnel next week.     We hope thai the
Plunged Into Tho Fraser.
What might have proved to have
been a very serious accident happened
to No 2 express on Sunday afternoon
at Sea Bird Bluff, a short distance beyond Maria Island and this side of
Ruby creek. The train left Vancouver
on time in charge of Peter Barnhardt.
as conductor, with Peter Righter, as
engineer on locomotive No. iill. A. E.
Selloivay being fireman, and on the
mail car W. T. Cox had charge, with
Air, Powell as assistant, whilst Harry
Rankin wns iu charge of the express
goods department, J. Hughes baggageman. The train was fairly well HI led
with passengers going east. At f>: 15,
when travelling at a slow rate, the engineer discovered a rock slide on the
track, but not iu time to bring the
train to a halt. He instantly applied
the air brakes and revoiKcd the working gear, whistled an alarm, and then
with his fireman jumped tu the left of
the train. No sooner had they done
so than the locomotive went over the
bank and plunged into the river, which
at this point is deeji mid the current
swift. The tender was taken over by
the engine and the baggage car partly
Air. William Dwycr, one of thp members   of  Mr. J.   A. Coryell's   survey
party, which  has  been  surveying in
vicinity of Kettle river during the past
summer, for the Provincial   Government, has returned to Victoria, bringing   some   interesting   mining  news.
Of  the  niiiu-s  about   Fall-view  Air.
Dwyer   says:      '-The   Morning Star
mineral claim of Camp Fall-view, owned  by Messrs,   Alangot, MacEachran
and Lefevre, is atrritctiug considerable
attention in the interior.     'Ibis claim
has   been   developed   quietly   by   the
owners   during   the  past four years,
and about a  month ago, during a temporary   suspension   of   work  on   the
Stratheyre Mining Company's properties, Alessrs.   Alangot   & MacEachran
conceived the idea of leasing the company's mill  and  running through the
1U0 and odd tons of rock they had in
their dump.     The result  has been so
successful that the owners have put a
force of men to  work  getting out ore
as fust as the mill can dispose of it,
the returns to date showing from S50
per ton into the thousands.     The oro
extracted during the past month shows
free gold in quantity, plainly visible
throughout the quart'',,and as they have
fully  10,1)00 tons of ore now in sight
appearance point to the fact that the
Osoyoos country  will  be a large producer of ore in a short time.
"The development work on the
Brown Bear and Wild West claims
only proves the rock richer iu free gold
us depth is obtained, and there is uo
longer any doubt but that Fuirvicu' is
destined to be one of the greatest gold
camps of the interior. The natural
townsite for this camp is at the Government bridge, ou tlie Hayues estate,
where ample water power can be obtained for reduction works, eic, and
it is rumored that this will soon bo
opened for sale,
"On Boundary creek, in the Providence claim, ore is being packed out to
Colville smelter, some seventy-live
miles, at a good profit, and this and a
number of other rich strikes along the
Kettle river point to the location of a
smelter in that district ere long.
"In Camp AIcKiuney the expected
construction of the Kettle river wagon
road has caused renewed confidence,
and a number of abandoned claims
have been re-located and development
work renewed.
'���Although the placer excitement at
Ah 3he oteek has subsided, two others '
were budding into bloom as I left Kettle river, with prospects of twenty
cents to ihe pan. The construction of
a railway through Kettle river is looked forward to by the settlers in the
near future, and such au event will
certainly mean the rapid development
one of the richest sections of the Province."���Colonist.
Nocdl.'Njt   IIIoo.InIiviI.
London, Nor  II.    In   the   House of
Commons  to-day the Right  Hon. Sir
The baggageman was not Injured, i James Fergusson, formerly Piirlianien-
iior was tho baggage much damaged. I tary Secretary of the Foreign Office,
Tho express and mail cars kept the asked if the Government believed that
track, as did all the oilier coaches, there had been any needless bloodshed.
At first it was supposed that beyond a Henry Liibouchere, who is bitterly
shaking up Air. Righter had sustained opposed to the met hods of the British
no injury.   It has since been ascertain- South   Africa   Company,   wauled   to
ed that these are greater than at first
believed, but they are nut serious. He
wns the only one, however, who was
so hurt as to demand slight attention.
Tho evening was fast darkening and
all felt thankful that the mishap was
not more serious than it really was. ���
Vancouver World.
Accuracy is the twin brother to honesty
know if the Government did not consider the massacre of 1100 men needless
Air. Buxton, secretary of the Colonial Office, replied that ho did not regard
it as his business lo say whether the
killing of the Alataheles was a massacre
of necessity of bloodshed. He added,
however, that he was glad to see that
the number of Africans killed was only
500. l';.W (ifjejiiJU (lii-lV
Tlio GJLDSN EIJ.V is published every
Saturday moraine; hi ti.no to catch the oast
a.i.i woit .iiiiil tr.diis, iii&o the ut.,il fur the
uiqier ci.nilr/, Wlildoi-iliOI'O, i'"uri .Steele etc
It is the only nilvoi'tisi.ig medium iu theEeat
K uteuiiy district.
8 ihscriptioh Hates: Jli.OQ per anmiiii in
Alvortlsoineiits anl changes must !��' in
the office nut later th..u I- i, uu Tli..irsil..y
to insure insertion.
Advertisement rules made known on nppll-
C.'ltilll- *o
All cash to Im pal I to the Manager, from
who.a the Uo*iip,i!iy's rocoipt will boobtidaod,
TI15 SilJen tu Publishing Company
CI ltd TH Sll CO!jl.TIItIA.
Mr.   jXcto.i   llurrowa   ii:   tlie   I'acilic
Among the passengers on Sunday's
Atlantic express wus Air. Acton Burrows, returning iu nxcnllwif, hi-alt.li and
splrns from a mouth's trip to the Pacific coast.
"Yes," s.iid he when queried by a
Free Press reporter, "I have been
greatly benefitted by the change and
hive enjoyed the trip immensely. Until a couple of days iu the middle of
last week the went her was perfect and
the great beauty of the scenery was
greatly enhanced by tho radiant
autumnal tints of the maple,, and other
deciduous trees."
"How is business at the coast?"
asked the reporter.
"Personally I am more than satis-
11 il with tho result of my visil, but of
course the general depression has affected business i': British Columbia as
well as elsewhere iu Canada, hut not
to anything like the same extent as iu
the Puget Sound district south of the
boundary line. Coming iu contact
with a number of people who have
1 itely visited Western Washington,
Oregon and California, as well.ns meeting wilh several residents of Puget
Sound points I am satisfied that while
the greatest depression and stagnation
exists tliere, British Columbia is bold-
i ig its own well and is ou the eve of a
development of i's great potential
wealth that will astonish tlie world
and make th" province the richest iu
"What about the cities?"
*' Well, I visited Victoria first, and
was more than ever struck with the
unique beauty of its position. To
know Victoria is to love it. It is
charmingly situated, and is remarkable
for its handsome residences, beautiful
gardens and the unbounded hospitality
of the people. The view from the top
of Mount Tolmie is one never to he forgotten. Victoria will nlwavs hold its
pre-eminence as a residential city und
us a favorite halting place for tourists.
Vancouver has made very marked
progress since a year ago. The Bunk
of Montreal und the Bunk of British
North America have shown their faith
in the city's future by erecting buildings that would de credit to Montreal
or Toronto, The handsome post office
is just ready for occupation ; the city
has erontul a number of solid brick
school buildings; a large number of
houses have been built ; several of the
streets have been asphalted; the Hudson's Bay Co. aro erecting huge warehouses and on every hind are to he
seen proofs of solid prosperity and progress. There is a great deal of misapprehension iu the east in regard to
the prices of real estate in Vancouver,
many appearing lo think they ure
away out of sight. but after most careful investigation I am satisfied such is
not the ease, The best business property in the city can he bought at $5C0
a front foil, and when tho present
population and trade, and the city's
undoubted future are considered, it
will be se.eil that t'l'a. price is decidedly
j moderate and offers excellent oppurtun-
, Uks ior pruiiuible investment. The
I same is trje of the great bull: of
I residential property. Ne.v ,7esiu.i:i-
I ster has greatly benefitted by the im-
I u.ease run of s.Union in the Fraser this
year���probably the largest in the history oi tiie cunning iuHustry. Ic has
also a valuable up-river trade, uud
witli the surrounding; tanning districts.
Au excellent hole! has been opened
there this year and fills u long felt
" Wuat urn thu chief hues along
which you expect development In British Columbia in the near future."
"Tne improvement oi transportation
facilities, That is all lhat is required
to start the minus in Kootenay into
uu'.ive operalio... Even ii silver goes
down io sixty coins an ounce, ihe
minus oi the Sloc.m, Nelson and other
districts could, owing to the high pur-
centaiie of silver in their ore, be worked at a good profit, while the lower
peiceiititgu mines south of the boundary will have to stay closed,Up, Tue
C.P.R. are now building ten miles of
line south from llisvelstokn down the
Columbia River, by means of which
it will be possible to connect with the
steamers nt a point where tliere is
always plenty of water and up communication down the Columbia uud
Arrow lakes almost tho entire year
round, work is also being rushed on
the Nakusp and Slocan a line of some
thirty or forty miles from the upper
head of Arrow lake into the heart of
the Slocan mining district. This line
will be ready to bring out ore in the
spring. Two other lines are almost
sum to gojui next year. One leaving
Spence's Bridge, on the Fraser, will
run some miles into the valley of the
Nicola, where there are valuable coul
deposits, the workings of which will
lie of immense importance to the Mainland, The other, starting from the
C.P.R. at Ashuroft, Savona or Kamloops will penetrate the Cariboo country. During the gold excitement of
i ho sixties n large amount of the precious metal wits taken out of Cariboo,
lint only the surface wus skimmed and
it is an undoubted fact chat witli mod-
���Hi methods of mining, which will be
possible of operation ns soon as improved transportation is provided, the
great output of a quarter of a century
,'igo will he put entirely in the shade.
The provincial government are fully
alive to the nec.pssi'ies of the situation
and have pledged themselves to the
early construction of' the two roads
referred to. The Nicola anl Cariboo
lines will also open up a considerable
amount of farming hind."
'��� I suppose the C.P.R. are still improving their line?"
���'Yes, the work accomplished dining the past twelve months is remarkable. Curvature and gradients have
been reduced, wooden structures have,
where practical, given way to solid
earth fills, a large amount, of retaining
wall has Ihiuii built along the rivers
and in fact nothing has been left undone to bring the track up to tho highest state uf efficiency and safety. Magnificent iron bridges are being built
over Stony creel; nnd Salmon river, I
should like io mention just ouo instance
of the latent wealth awaiting development. TheCP.R, management having decided to fill in a grasshopper
trestle, proceeded to move the earth
from a high hank alongside tlie track
by hydriiulicing or in oilier words by
using water to force the earth through
a long wooden Hough to the place
where it wns required to deposit it.
Soon after the work started traces of
gold wero discovesed in the trough,
quicksilver wns brought into requisition and before the work was completed, enough gold had lieen taken out, to
pny the entire cost of filling the
" Did yon go into the interior
much?"   '
"I had a, delightful trip over the
E.-'quiinalt &, N.inaimo   railwai   from
Victoria to Nunaimo.     The line runs
near ihe eastern shore of   Vancouver j
Island for almost   its  entire  distance
and has very fine scenery.     Iu Naiiaimo and Wellington I looked thorough-!
1/ into the uo.d industry.   Tue present
combined daily output of thu two com-1 ,       '.   .    .,     .    ' ,
I .    , .     I present time no clue bus been toaiiit
i panics operating there  is about 2,-iUO    , . .       .,   .    .    .,,.���,
i' ' " ...   the parties  who robbed the Chinese
tons, the principal portion of which
goes to Sail Francisco. The Now V.m- j
uouver Coul company, now carry ou
sub-marine mining, their workings ux-
] tending under thu sou fur cui'S.der.ible
distance opposite Naiiuiuio, The shafts
are over did feet deep uud there I lOiiud
a novelty iu the existence of an excellently uqulpped underground electric
I'.i.lwiiy, 'vllioll l.us .several lines of
track, over which lho coal is hauled
from llie workings lo the foot oi the
siiuli. The result is must satisfactory
the Service buuig much quicker tllitu
the inuLs formerly used. At Kamloops I hud an opportunity of seeing
some ol the ranches, Tne climate at
this point is voi'i salubrious and it improved hotel accouiiiiudatiu.i was provided it would likely become u fuvoritu
resort for invalids, I was unfortunately uiia'ulu tu curry unt iny intent.on
ui visiting ihe Okiiiiagoii district uf
which I heard much from both real-
dents and visitors.
Ii is reached from Sicunious on the
C.P.R. by ii branch of lll'ty-u.ie uiilua,
from the terminus of which a fi.iu
steamer plies to ihe foot of Okniiiiguii
hike. There is no doubt whatever that
the valley is iiduiirnlily adapted lo
fruit and crop growing as well as general mixed farming and a big development may consequently be looked for
theie. Vernon tlie ch.ef town in the
district, is described to ine as being
must charmingly siiuuted and as it
has a first-class hold mid excellent
shoo ing iv it In u easy reach it is much
visited. Further south, towards tlie
International boundary, mining will
be ap important industry. At the
Fairvle.v camp gold is being mined out
iu very paying quantities." ��� Free
Thu I.nte Electric Our Accident.
Portland, Ore., Nov 3.- The Coroner's jury iu the case of the electric
car accident, hy which H people were
drowned, rendered a verdict to-night
charging niotoriuaii Terry with gross
negligence and recommending: such
regulations hy the city at the drawbridge ns shall prevent any such accident in the future.
The War In South Africa.
Capetown, Nov. 1.-Advices received
from Fort Victoria this neon give an
estimate of the Alutiibelc losses as reported by the natives. Iu the first
skirmish the Mutnbele lost 200 men ;
in the light nt the great Laager, 1500 ;
ou the following day, 250. The Chartered Company's troops have burned
Lobengtila's great military kraal at
Another Iti'eoe.i llrokell.
New York. Nov. :;. -Another ocean
record was smashed to-day by the
arrival ol the Cuuiii'd Liner Luuuuiu
which was sighted off Fire Island at
1:02 o'cloch p.m. Tiie Lucaiiia sailed
from Qneenstown at 1 p.m., October
2!)ih. and arrived at Sandy Hook Bar
at 9:19 o'clock p'in., having completed
the voyage in 5 days, 12 hours and 54
minutes, heating by 29 minutes the
best previous record held by the Cniii-
painti, 5 days, lit. hours  and 2.1 mins.
The War In Morocco.'
Aliidrid, Nov. SJ, ���The Rillhius attacked the Spanish infantry which had
been sent out from Mellila to protect
several wagon loads of provisions and
ammunition for tlie foils between the
citadel and thu enemies trenches. Two
Spaniards were hilled and 111 otliers
wounded. The impression prevails
that Spain is likely to have a long
campaign in .Morocco- Tiie Government has decided to mobilise all tlie
three year reserves, so that they shall j and the c-.rbonatos average ICO ounces,
be ready to go to the front in case war From 1,000 to 1,500 feet of develop-
should assumo larger proportions. merit work has been done, and G2 tons
Twenty.Olio Thousand Dollars was the
Amomit oi the Dishonest
(Jle.ui  Up.
Fort  Steele, Out.   29.-Op   to   the
rests upon
man, a gambler  by profession  and an
opium   smuggler���who   recently took
French leave of Fori. Sieele.
A man named Siepert, of Lihby
Creek, Montana, who worked on B.
AV. Jones' steamer Annerly ns a deck
hand, left the steamer on her last trip
up, remained here and built a small
boat, in which he left rather mysteriously :it Ho'clock at night for Jennings,
Montana. He got to Tobacco Plains
(a distance of 70 miles) next morning
early, and was seen alone in the boat
at MeCrncken's store. It, whs known,
before he reached Tobacco Plains, that
he had u party with him named Kirk-
Special Officer Nelson saw Kirkpat-
rlck on llie opposite side of tiie Kootenay, nnd when he espied the officer
Im took to the brush and disappeared.
It is thought he afterwards joined the
boat further down the river, and it is
further reported that ��21,1X0 was
offerel at the railroid oliiee at Joining's to be expressed to Spokane (ill
dust), about the amount lost by the
Chinese, but this lacks continual loi ,
Kirkpati'ick, or Fitzpatrick, hails
from Spokane, and is reported to have
had a hotel ur saloon there. He has
been uround the Chinese n good deal
and knew all about their clean up and
about their going out, as be mixed
freely amongst thorn. In fact, the
Chinese admit that thoy sold him aud
his partner about forty pounds ol
opium, which they say went down the
river to the United Status.
Air. Cummins, S.M., is still here,
and has left no .stone unturned to hel
to the bottom of the matter, but be
finds it difficult to secure the facts.
Suspicion points strongly to certain
parties at Fort Sreele who must have
lent their aid to the party or parties
who curried out the robbery, nn I it is
hoped ere long thai they will be in
safe keeping.
Poor llogcrs, who wns killed near
Ciiual Flat, was buried at Windermere
and a man inline 1 Bob Thornbury,
who wns going to help to dig the
grave dropped dead on his way to the
graveyard, and was buried next day
in a grave beside the man whose grave
he intended to dig.
The tuiicrulot both men wns largely
attended, testifying ihe respect, both
were held in ; wreaths or wild flowers
were placed on both graves, and the
burial service was read by Geo. Goldic,
the recorder at Windermere.
There is a strong feeling in hit or of
appointing an officer at Tobacco Plains
at once, as a most undesirable clement
aro getting close to the Hue. The
American authorities should be promptly advised that this is Iieing in; ] r.ii
avenuo for opium smuggling ai tl
smuggling Chinese across the line.
An order has been recently sent for one
hundred pounds of opium through the
Chinese here, which ii is Intended for
shipment to the other side.
Kootenay   Minus.
T. J. Leiidriiiu, milling recorder for
the district of Aiusworth, in conversation with a reporter a few days ago
said: The outlook in the Kootenay
country is exceedingly cucouragiug.
H. Stevenson, lessco of the Number
Ouo mine ut Ainsworth, is developing
the property, and taking out ore for
shipment. It is his intention to erect
a concentrator and mill either this full
or early in tbo coming spring. There
aro now 111 men employed in the mine,
and a fine body of ore is exposed. It
is a dry silver proposition, very high
grude.     Some of it runs U50 ounces,
uf ore have been shipped, the average
returns showing 150 ounces 111 silvir
to tlie ton. Mr, Siorcuson has also
j bought the Highland mine, in tbo
same vicinity, nnd /has driven three
I tunnels. In the lower tunnel he has
two feet of solid ore. Air, Z,>.'liuruiii
I met Thomas Johnson a iu.v days ugu
un his way co Aiusworth from Sditttle,
Ho was not ilio.i prepared to statu
whether or not work will be resinned
this winter on the big tuiiiiel. Owing
tu thu accessibility uf the Ainsworth
mints and tlie superior transportation
facilities, Mr. Leiidruin thinks they
aro destined to be recognized as exceedingly valuable proper-ies. "The situation at Kaslo," he said, " is vory encouraging. All the houses on Front
street, vacant during ihe summer, uro
being rented. There uru now livo
stall's uf engineers iu the field extending the old survey of the Kaslo and
Slocan railroad and cross-sectioning
llie line The representative citizens
who went lo St. Paul to confer with
the Great Northern people concerning
tlie sale of the franchise hate relumed,
and while they are reticent o.i tho
subject there is a general belief lhat
that their mission was successful.
Ore is si ill coming down from the
mines to Kaslo, and every bout brings
out large shipments." Mr. Leudruiu
slates that a great deal of work has
been duuu at Ainsworth and through-
uut that milling region this season.
Notwithstanding tho low prices of silver and lead, the number of mining
claims recorded was nioi-u than double
that of last year. - Vancouver World.
Dyiiiiiulto  Explosion.
Madrid, Nov. 4. ��� A most startling
message was received late last night
from a small vilh.ge- near tlie city of
Saiitander, the capital of the province
of that inline, and situated a little over
200 miles from this ciry, announcing a
terrific explosion of dynamite which
had killed Governor Prince and a large
number of people, including several
lending citizens, and which uud also
set lire to tlie city and caused immense
damage ou all sid.es. Further particulars were unobtainable lust night
owing to the (uct that nil telegraph
wiles in the vicinity of Suntande.' hud
been blown down by the explosion,
but dispatches are now arriving from
the village of Boo, which bring particular:; concerning thi; really terrible
A steamship, believed to he the
steamer Volo, British, 870 tons, which
reached Sautauder from Cardiff, caught
fire yesterday evening to tlie intense
alarm of the port officials, who feared
that the Haines would cause further
damage to shipping, to the quay near
which she was moored and to the
houses in the vicinity. The officials
of Santander, however, seem to have
liec'.i iinaWiii'O that nho was loaded
wilh dynamite for they sent ull thu
fire departments to the scene. The
governor of the province, chief municipal officers and ninny leading citizens
if il : i ''.-ii were superintending the
efforts to subdue ihe ffre on bin id the
Volo. Suddenly tliere were cries rf
alu .. i ioiii those ' .-'irking about the
.' lo. and ihe alarming news spread
witli rapidity that the ship was loaded
with dynamite, anil that the tlaines
were rapidly approaching the terrible
cargo. Before the crowd had time to
rush backward there was a dull roar
followed by a fearful burst of Hume
aud a deafening explosion, which blew
the quay into fragments, set fire to a
number of adjacent houses, and which
smashed windows in every house for
miles around. Tlie inliabitantr after
the explosion, were reduced to a state
of most abject terror, and most alarm-
idg reports were circulated as to tbo
loss of life caused by the explosion.
Some had it that hundreds of lives
were lost, and others claimed that only
fifty were killed. It is not likely that
the fatalities will excesd the latter
Gunpowder made all men of one height. THE FLOCR-OOLD PBOBLE.M.
Au Ualio I'l'OapuctQr Tliln'-s He has
Successfully Solved It.
For many years it liar been known
thut tho bars along the Suu'ite and
lower Columbia rivers contain tin .immense quantity of flour-gol J. ii.invalid various have been ihe s��'.iemes
devised to recover  this  gold, ail more
Mr. Dobell says 'that the capital re^
quired is S2.5C0,CCC, of which $o00,0C0
bus been paid in. A meeting of the
Canadian directors will Lo held iu a
few days to consider the offer just received to construct the cable. An effort
will bo made to induce the Dominion
parliament, in the coining session, to
grant a subsidy towards establishing
a direct cable connection  between .Ca-
, ,,,,., ! liadu and Great Britain.    It is believed
or Jess unsuccessful.    During'the past   ,    ��� . . , .,,   ,
, ,   ���    j the British government will also assist
the enterprise, which  will form a link
gueint*** (JTavii��.
season the stimulus to the search foi
gold has resulted in an unusual number of the.so iiiio gold saving machines.
Tlie Alining and Scientific Press refers
to the latest appliance us follows :
A prosptctor named Taylor, uf Idaho, thinks he has solved the ilour-guld
problem, so vexations tu pi,.cur milieus.
He lias iiivoulcd un appliance' consist*
ing chielly ol a sluieu-box, in thu boi-
toni of which is a row of overlapping
boards. These huai'uS, prior to being
placed in tho sluice, ure smeared witli
white lead ami then Sprinkled with
sand. O.or this surface the water
runs in a sluw cream. The gravel
reaches a sluice through a grizzly,
The gold and smid settle to thu bottom
and are caught ou the sanded hoards.
After the sand and gold has accumulated it is taken up and amalgamated,
iu a quicksilver bath. This device, il
is said, can ho Worked ut ti cos*, uf
about $10 per day, and, whiJu not perfect, it is credited Willi tlie'bust work
yet done ou the Snake river placers,
where the amount oi flour-gold is very
large. Ii, is said thai Taylor's machine
has been in use ull Slimmer and cleaned up from Silo lo .joU per day.
A ProiiilHlna* Group of Claims Within
Fil'teell  ,11 Huh from Nell-Oil.
Carl Klainschmidt, the well known
Salmon River placer man left Nelson
Afonduy morning for a group of claims
which ho mid several otliers have
located about fifteen, m.les from Nelson.
Pending the arrival of as��ay returns
Kleiiisclnnidt has kept, ruther qujei
about these locutions. Now that lie
hi s his assays, he pushed out at once
with several men and will ascertain
what tiiero is in tho properties which
he has discovered.
There are ten or twelve locations in
the group, the assays from which
show gold, silver, and copper. From
one of the locations, known us tin
British Lion, the assay return was It-
dollars in gold, ill unices in silver,
and 2!) per cent copper. There were
nine assays made iu all, the specimens
for the same being sent to Helena, Spokane and other outside points. The
lowest assays showed thirteen per com
iu copper, two ounces in silver, and $9
in gold,   These are al! surface assays.
Associated witli him in the quartz
locations are Messrs. Roster, AlcKel-
vey, Aliilloy and Gray, uud all have
great expectations of their proper!,, . ���
in the cable communication England
expects to secure with Australia over
British cables and British territory.
Down With Eig-h Prices For
Electric Belts.
81..15, $2,(15, s?o.7(); former prices ("5, $7,
��19. Qunlty remains tho same���111 different styles* dry battery aiulacid belts
���mild or strong current. Less than ball
the prico of any other company and inoro
home testimonials than all tho rest together. Full list free. Mention thi3
paper. W. T. BAEE ii CO. Wii ilsor, Ont.
railway co.
Isho'eby given, lhat In pursuance of lho
Act,.-, Map or Plan li���s lids day noon file I in
ihe Dopi.rtiueut of LiiihIh ..nil iVorks suiting
forth the binds to he ti.ku i by llie si i.i R-.il-
wry for i ighf of way purposes between Station IPIS lo Station l-IUI, on lho nasi .si lent
llie Ilk i Ivor to llie cniifluOllCeuf Michel
I'reek, ilieiico up the left side uf the vidioyof
Michel Creek to lho crcsihig of s..n,o, and
thence along its right hank, all in the l)is-
rii't of Lust Koete.n.y, li.J,,u dist..iicoof it)
HON'. J, A. Louohbed, Q,C.
(i. s. McCakter.
l.sn-rjltt't-il  4%,   ItlcCarter,
Oiu'i'isters; jlilvocntos, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Efc.
Solicitors for III.nk nl' Motitro',1,
Cai.UAHV, - N.W.T.
.1 y,l'lli4US ami VVII lll'ljilit
Momhnrs Assoen. D.L.S. & P.I..S, for p.c,
SURVEYORS, Civil Engineers, Draughtsmen, Valuators, etc Cidgiiryiiiul New Westminster, Correspondence solicited..
H.J.JEl'lisox, D.L.S.,I'.L.S, of ll.C. &Ollt;
C.tl.ll.lltV, Alllll,
A. 0. WllEEIiElt, D.L.S. & I'.L.S. of ll.C.
New Westminstiiiii B.C.
lUrCiU'thy   .ft    Hnivey.
Ilin-risti'i's, Advnc.tcs, Notcrio.i, &c,   Solicitors lor:
The Impori..l Hindi ��l'C.-.ii.'.ibi.
The Clllinihl renin.lieiit Lolni A Savings Co.
'1 tin Yoi'lcslilro I ni.n 'S: Hcciirl iosi oi'poi'iitloii
Tin; Mti-Moy-Hiirrih' ". I Ltd), etc., etc.
(Illici's- Stephen Avotit.o, I ;.lg,-.ry..
P. MuOAKI'IIV, (i.O.   .
lloii.liil- HARVEY, U.A., L.I..1I.
Asso.:. Mem, Inst. C.E.
October 5lh, 1803.
Alailllgilig Director.
AppllcMitlcn f��r LUamtw to Cut Tluilrei
NOTICE is lieroby -trivon tl-fit ttft tl.-iys tiftcr
date I iiitciiii f<pplyiuj/ to I ha Hon. tin- (, hie*
Cu.n inVstiiiinr ut' L.tints ..im .Voi'KH tor �� ii
cuiiM* !<i cut anil navvy aw/ivtiin er tVoni tin?
tbllo vi��# ti'.ict of hind: Co i-iiiGuriiur tit.-,
stake plauto I uu tlio North ami FautisMoot'
the Nurtli fork ut Michel treok .Jmut Hi
i-iiaiiis helo'iV tho ctuioii, thence ih.o East 2*)
���.'hail's, theiK'O due oo.ith ot chaius, flionec
due -Vast IK) chains, tlieuce dan North 70
clinJuH.ihoncc dueiiast l-'IclauiiMto ihe pl��co
ut loj. iu-iiu^ cuut..hiiUJ>r hy luliuettsureuiont
IK) iu ��-es.,
Toronto, Ont, 13Mi 8o;>t .8.1.:.
ffrm_ro i:\ui \fi:u,
Cooiikane, Aliia. --Ft, STEELE, B.O.
(lir.iiliiateof l.(iv;.l and MeGill.)
Head Office, Qubiibc ;  Branch Offices
Siiuiilii'iiiii'i:, A 17 Place d'Armes
Hill. MoNI'ltBAIi.
iningi Smelting
CO, (Limited)
Analytioal Cuomiat �� Assayer,
Golden, British Columbia.
British Columbia Government
of all s e-eDinm, sent fnm tlio Proviacn to
Application foi'LtftenBti to Oat Timber
NOTICE is he-ehytfivei. that:,Od;iys nflw
dnto I iiitoini iippiyiihf to tho Hon. thu* < hlof
< nnoiiissioiii'r nt Lnnii- and Works tor it ii
ceiwa to cut aud carry iiwi.y timber frniii tlio
tbllowiiitf twtct of I ud: t'o'iitiienum^ at a
utake j h.nted on tho North and Eastsidoot*'
tho North fork of Micho! * rook njtottt 10
��-liaius below tho canon, thonco di.oEast/)
chains, thence due North iO chains, thonco
due V\ est i41 chahw. thonco due'Soutn 7'i
chains, thence u*.o E..st t^l) da.ins to the
placu of bo^ilining containing by adinwwure-
nieut iWOaerqs.
Ilelloville. Out., 18lh, Supt. iHiCJ.   ,
Tho Imperial I'lirllumenta
London, Nov. <��. - In tlio House of
Ooininousi to-day, Mr. Gi-idstone promised at the earliest
promote a .��� ��� sui*'-
ment of n but ;. oi ui
vent strike,.
,i, -ji'ttuiitv to
LuO appohit-
ratoi'H Lu i  u-
sir .loli.. Tiiouipaou on the Tiii-IIT.
Montreal, Nov.:) S.r ,Tohn Thompson in an interview here -mid that ice
Government proposed to call Parliament together as early ns possible,
Tho Ooverr.nient, lie said, was alive to
the necessity of tariff reform, and ut
the proper time would show the people
that it had their interests at heart.
All persons Indebted to J. C. Greene,
Queens Hotel, Golden, are requested to
settle thoir accounts within THIRTY
DAYS from this date, . ffer which all
unsettle 1 accounts will lie; ! iced in the
collector'.- i.e.lids.     Please avoid costs.
J. 0. GKEICXi'*.
Golden, Sept. 28th, 18911,
Bank Of Montreal.
Interest ut Current rates.
W. B. GRAVELEY. Manager.
Livory & Feed Stables,
Saddlo liorsos for Hiro.
For full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
H. Connacher. Proprietor.
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictly FIRST
CLASS iu every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Headquarters for mining men and
miners. Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer nnd wholesale and
retail dealer in Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
Special attention given to orders from Uj. the
Columbia River.
tVIiolt-rt-ili-nnti Kvinil
Cattle, Slieep and
Horse Dealers.
G0_D_N,  B. C.
Undertakers and.
.   ���   .   Embalmers,
<'��I-jiii',,     -     ���     Alba,    i
I    Tl.l.lilill.ll'll    OltllBIIS   1'IIOMITLY    j
\ Ai'i'i;Nnr.ii  to. "
t>10IVKI']��t I'AIXT SHOP.
If you waul your liouae Painted. Prtpor*,il
or CalHii-.nnioii', nr iniy kniil "t nsign I'lihilinl
ivrltetoJ. II. MII.I.WA'-'I). I'Ai.u.'iiV, the
I.eiidiuu* Piihlt Shop in the WoSt, for good
IVork and prices that are right.
GOLDEN,        -        B.C.
Job    DepeirtiTier|t
_:o:_- OF ���:o:���
I'ulile Co ineetlona.
Ottawa, Mov. l.-R. R. Dobell, a
wealthy Quebec capitalist and president of the Canadian Atlantic Cable
company, has just returned from England, where be has received an oITh-
for laying the company's cable from a
point at the Straits of, Bello Islo to a
point on tho west  coast of  Ireland.
��',    ^���^���"^       DESION  PATEMTS,
���������     ^ coHvnioHTs,  etsJ
For Information anil free Unndhook wrilo to
ML'NN ,1; CO.. BUI IlnoADWAr. New Yokk.
Oiliest tiureau for socurin:,' patents In Anierlcn.
nvery patent taken out l��y ns Is bronelit bcfoi'o
tbe public by a notiot) gil on Ii-oe of ciiurco in tbo
jfMntiiti 2i\muM
Lnrpest circulation of Mir scientlflo paper in tbo
world. Spleiitlidlv illusttntud. No IntelllL'i.-iil
limn should be Mil limit It, Weekly. $3.00 a
vear; U.Ualx moiuhs. Address Ml'N.N & COH
Voausuuidi, 11111 Uroauwuy, How Vork City.
DIMDI CC ' lvi|l in.'iil'I'IIMKMiu receipt i
rllflrl.C'J of ii -.'.���<tiiiiip.li rocolpo for ii !
simple VEOETAIILE MALM llu.t nill I'e-
iiiovo Tan* i''i'('ciii,'-i. riiii|iii���i. 111,,-ciu',. j
llliieklioaila. etc., loavlng the akin soft,
clu.,r (uul lieauiili.l. Address A. 1>. STES1- J
PEL, (ill Ann .xt., fioiv Yink.
"It la worth Iho pr'n- to evorv npninn
who i-V'-u reads a nenepapi r."���limllug.on
I 'l"7.fV-iY V p'*,'f-'-i','Vf-*rj^ry-'^',V''-''-^-^r''r;,'.r-j-)V'^r.'-i'''l'r,'''.'*''"i""i
L **)���!.* nr ���_ Msl AVui .���jrtfi'-fca-aj)^.:- ainUi wmMmjmAttAimmmmimaMmMmmmF*.
y. r
thu .inrit\Ai, KErcHs to
Blue Pencil Rules.
_.. Q-. X7���VIITS.
A Pocket I'r'ner for tho use of Rcpnrtera,
Gorreaponilente and Copy Choppers.
Hhort. aimple and praclical rales for
raakinx and odltlDR newspaper copy,
andnf rquil value tn all ��ho wish lo
wr.to correct EnKlhh.
8entoarec.lntof trim   P-lns, 10 rents
p��r cony.   ALLAN KORMAN, Puhllahei:
117 Nassau Utrcol. New York.
Box 7, Donald, B. C., |
| Watches,  Clocks  and  JeWellery. |
*?."*? '*fy* *,**.*"% .t
Stations, Booksellers,
All XjflW$��-Al._BS.
CALGARY      -       ALBA.
Ultll'lSlI   CUIiUMIIlA   MINKS.
Professor  A.  K. Walton, M.E.M.I. I 	
M.M., of   London, is a  guest at   thej    Tho   falling price of   loul has again
Spokane.     He   lias had au extensive affected the  Oui'ir d'Aleno mines, and
it is ipiestloniihlc what will be lho
result, if there is no improvement in
ihe early future. The Bunker Hill &
Sullivan at Wiirdunr, which started
operations recently, has curtailed cx-
|ieiises iu every possible manner, and
for the present the night shift has been
dispensed with. Tlio statistical situation iu lend gives promise of better
prices, and it is to be hoped that uu
advance will soon occur.
gauge, and where could these narrow-
gauge rails he better used than in
Cariboo? Other railway schemes ���
the Nakusp & Slocan Railway to open
np the Kootenay mines, the Chilliwack
Ai New West mi nster Railway and the
Speuce's Bridge and Nicola Railway -
are also engaging the earnest attention
of the Provincial Ministry in pursuance of the desire to md in the operating of all railway enterprises which
ure likely to he of a profitable character, and which can lie assisted without
impairing the finances or the credit of
the Province.
tour through the principal mining districts of British Columbia.
" For a long time past the existence
of mineral bearing ledges has been
known," he said last evening, " but it
is only within the last few years that
prospectors, capitalists and others have
been attracted, owing to the high
grade of the ore, both in galena mid
silver. At present the Slocan district
is ahead, both in development and shipments of ore, and has over Li promising mines, among which may be
mentioned the Slocan Scar, Washington, Oshkosh, and otliers that might
be named,
"In the Aiusworth district one or
two mines are shipping. Tliere are
several gooil prospects iu the Lardeau
district, but the development is not so
far advanced, although work and prospecting are going on.
"Iu a large milling area like British
Columbia all locutions will not turn
out to be mines. There is certain to
lie the usual ' wild-cut' of all mining
camps. Still there is no question that
some good and paying properties exist
���and if judiciously selected will be a
good Held fur tlie investment of capital.
"Nelson, which is a pretty town
and a growing one too, has within 7
miles of it the Silver King mine,
which was organized into uu English
company a few months ago, and they
are commencing to get to work.
"The value of the picked und dressed ore from the Slocan camps runs
from about 100 ounces and as high as
1)00 ounces, and carries from till to 75
per cent, galena.
"Railway communication, roads
and cheap transport is now what is
required. They are in course of construction, and when completed smelting and reduction works will no doubt
be erected. Then the mining region ui
British Columbia will give, a profitable
ami lasting harvest from Us mines to
their owners."���Spokane Review.
Its Policy Commended.
The following is from the Canadian
Gazette, of Loudon, Eug.: Cariboo
was long a inline to conjure wilh iu
British Columbia, and the premier of
the province is evidently of opinion
that its fame will soon return. Mr.
Davie has recently been visiting in
Cariboo, thus setting uu excellent example to other Provincial Premiers -
Provincial politicians would all be the
bettor for the shedding of some of
-.heir localisms;   and  he brinifs buck
tales of busy agriculture and overflow-1 ,.������ ,-lt.y -md ljtH,0
ing bams.    If other districts followed I ������ ,,,e (Jl.oll|li,
I'll) Uso of Cop-iei* Ainonfr the Amorl-
c.iei liiiliiuiH.
An article by R. L. Packard in the
American Antiquarian says that careful investigation seems to show that
at the time of the discovery of America
copper was used by the North American Indians only as a precious inetal
and for ornamental imposes, und had
not reached the stage of industrial us,
as it had among the Aztecs in Mexico,
Tliere is, moreover, noevidencelo show
that the northern Indians had acknowledge of ore working or smelting,
and it is almost certain that all the
copper they possessed was found in the
metallic or native state. There is nothing to show that they were aware
of tho existence of copper ore as a
source of metal. No remains of smelting places, or slag, or other indications
of metallurgical operations have yet
Leon found. ' The quantity of copper
which the Indians possessed at tlie
time of the discovery, although tlie
metal wus diffused over a very wide
territory, was very small as compared
with stone. This is shown by the
relatively small proportion of copper
implements in the principal collections
as at the Smithsonian Institution ami
others. The larger numbers are found
in Wisconsin, and this is accounted
for by the fact that Wisconsin is directly south of Keweenaw district in
Michigan, where the largest beds of
native copper occur. Iu these beds the
copper shows us such in tho ,-ock, and
thu ancient miners had only to follow
down a promising oi.torop showing
metal for a few feet, und hummer away
the rock from the oop|ier to secure the
latter. When they camo upon a largo
mass they were compelled to abandon
it after hammering off projecting pieces
because they had no tools for cutting
it tip arid removing it. Several instances of this sort have been found.
The ancient mines were uot real mines,
not being underground working.-!, but
merely shallow pits or trenches, aud
sometimes oxen v. "is in the face of a
liif.     At the lie.   i lodorn mining be-
luere depressions
these   workings
the practice of Cirihoo, wo would not I w|),,���  ,,,.,���;������,,  coutfilned HtOlie hiwn-
have to lament  the  astounding  fact | ,������,��� w |B|M|,i| (|  few WOoden shovnlg,
brought out in the report ol the Provincial Department of Agriculture that
*-i,��00,0UU is sen' OUt of British Columbia each year to buy what their
own people might well supply. Hut
Cariboo's past fame, and perhups her
future fame also, lies iu her mineral
wealth  and   .VIr.   Davies  makes thej nr Jay. Nov. 4th, gays:     Such seen***
remains nf wooden -owls for baking,
birch bark 1-nskcls, and some spear or
lance beans and other articles of
Clilra-ro Alili-i nii'ii  Fight.
A (lesi atch from Chicago dated Svit-
welcoino announcement, that his Gov
eminent, ia expecting, before long, to
be in receipt of a p1 iposnl from a coin
were never before enacted in the city
ouiic.il chamber of this city as took
place to-day.    Before the crupe-druped
pany with which
iidian Pacific speaker's  desk   stood   two uld'-rincn,
company is in thorough accord, for the
purpose of running rails into Cariboo
from the main Canadian Pacific line.
Some 200 miles of the ''alt narrow-
gauge road in Alberta bave to be taken
out   and   replaced   by   the   standard I resolution   because it was  not in
political opponents, each declaring
himself chairman of the Lady. The
reaoing clerk leaped upon the back of
one of tlio contestants aud tried to
eject him.     Another clerk tore up a
i line
���with what his party desired. Over
the somberly draped rails of the
speaker's stand leaped another alderman noon the back of the clerk, and
colleagues flocked to his aid. Upon
him jumped an alderman of the opposing faction, clutching nt the throat of
the man who wns by force trying to
get before the council thnt which
should legally have been received.
Police officers rushed into the enclosure
to separate the struggling aldermen,
and in the fight that ensued, the crape
hull); around the desk of the dead.
mayor was rent, lorn down and
trampled under fool. Men, who three
days ago spent money and labor to
honor Mayor Harrison, disgraced his
memory to-day liy a disgraceful brawl
over the right to sit for 20 minutes iu
the chair.
A Kins Rtoneil tn Ifeutli.
Liverpool, Nov. II. - Letters from Accra on tho West African Gold Coast,
say that the King of Ashiintee was
stoned to death recently by insurgents
in the street of Coomassie, his Capital.
The Ashuntees have again attacked a
tribe protected hy the British and "100
Honssas tinder British officers have
started from Bonny for the interior to
punish them. Reinforcements will be
sent after them. Trade on the Gold
Coast is at a standstill.
Murder Near Ottawa.
Ottawa, Nov. (i. ���The story of what
may turn out to be a murder reached
here ut noon to-day from Portage Dillon, about thirty miles up the Ottawa.
A young man iu tlie vicinity seduced
the daughter of a respectable farmer.
The father met the young man at
church yesterday. After service the
old man upbraided his daughter's seducer. The hitter attacked t he former
with a club and beat him so badly
thut it is said ho died to-day from the
injuries lie received.
Latei*. ��� A dispatch wns received
to-day iu Ottawa to arrest the man,
whose name is Bennett, for murder.
Strung; Dp Four.
Nashville, Teun., Nov. (!.���Information has been received from Lynchburg, Moore county, that four negroes
were Ivnched Saturday night on
Brookville turnpike, eighteen miles
from Lynchburg. A mob of over 200
men, all mounted on horses, and part
of them masked, from the west end of
Moore county, went to Ned Waggoner's
house and took out Waggoner, his son
William, his son-in-h.w, Sam Motlow,
and Sam Motlow's wife, Eliza. All
were then hanged to a tree on the
Brookville turnpike. Ned Waggoner's
wife was terribly whipped and given
three days to leave the county. In the
house, at the time the negroes were
taken out, were Henry Motlow and
Jeff Wise, a boy, ll! years old. They
state they did uot recognize any of the
inob. All tlie negroes hanged were
desperate characters. They were
rbarged with house and bam burning,
having liii overheard making their
plans. I lie mob, it appears, was sure
of their guilt.
Wunta u Duke for HIa UtuijrUUir.
London, Nov. li ���Society has been
deeply stirred up by the news that the
uugiiiTiuuut of the Hon. Nellie Buss,
whoso lather, Lord Burton, got his
fortune and title by brewing a famous
ale, lo Keith Fraser hns been broken.
The young woman is an only daughter.
Her father settled upon her ��2,000,000
as :��� marriage portion, and she will
probably inherit ��0,000,000 more after
his death. It is reported that Lord
Burton broke the engagement because
he thought his fortune sufficient to
warrant his getting a duke for a son-in-
The talent of success is nothing more
than doing what you can do well;
and doing well whatever you do-
without a thought ol fame.
Upper Columbia t3S.Co.
Tramway from CF H. Goldon to Columbia-River.
DUCHESS & HYAK on Columbia River
Tramway between Uud Lake and "pper Columbia Lake,
PERT on Upper Columbia Lake.
Freight Wagons between Upper Columbia Lako and Kootenay River.
GWENDOLINE on Upper Kootenay Riv.
Stags Line Iron Upper Colombia Lake to Fort Steele.
Saturday  liiflO
Friday  18:10
Thursday  20*00
" 1I5.-00
Wednesday     S):00
nrr. Goldon, a.Hyuk, live,
"   Galena "   nrr.
" Windermere "     "
I've, Ailela "     "
iirr.   " Tramivay leavo|
I've. Cinuil Kbit, '���   "
|nrr.        "    Stage I've.
I've. Wiwa "
"  Fort Steele   "
|4 2 0
s on
11 00
12 00
Tuesday     7*10
Wednesday  18*10
Thurwluy    il-00
" IDfO
Friday    7*0
Saturday    7410
" 12*50
Freight Rates to Fort. Steele, Canadian Freight Classification.
A   Classl&2  $-U0
B       "    3,4,5,46  $2.25
C       "    7, 8. 9,&10  91.00
Express Rates, Golden toFort Steele���4 cents per lb. and 2 p.c. on marked value.
" Golden to Canal Flat 2cts. per lb. and 1 p.c. "
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;        F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
:m. b. lang,__
Mining & General Supplies.
BOOTS &SHOES,        STATIONERY, PIPES,   Etc.,   Etc.
Pine Groceries a Specialty.
M. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
Machine Shop
Golden, B.C.,
TTAVE on hand for SALE a lot of Pipe Fitting-, con-
** Bistmg of Short Nipples, Bushings, Union Couplings, Elbows, Tees, Brass Globe Valves, Brass Pet Cocks
Nnts and Washers, Square-head Machine Bolts, Carriace
Bolts and Iron.
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, Frames, Stair and Turned
Work. Estimates furnished and contracts taken on all
kinds of buildings.


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