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The Golden Era Oct 28, 1893

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Array ��c^
VOL. III.   XJ  18.
��2 Per Yeah
are a positive cure for nil cases of headache, ivlietlie'r
nervours, bilious, or neuralgin.     Sunt post
free on receipt of price
25  Out*   Per  ll��-*;.
-.���dealer in:
Dry Goods,  Groceries, Boots and  Shoes,
Hardware, Etc., Etc,
Miss A. Haywood came in on Sunday's delayed train from llie east, und
proceeded tip river on Tuesday on a
visit to her iiunt Mrs. .1. McKay.
Clirlpttuiia 1'i'eni'ntp.
C.   A.   Warren  hns  now ou view a
very well selected  and  complete lot of
Christmas goods, suitable for presenta
Mr. Geo.   Altwood   ptissed through t0 J'0''11'" anA M ���*lik<-'     Tll0SI-
Oolden   on   Saturday   on bis way to:'"'0   opening their hearts and purses,
Camp Paii'viow.     Mr.   Attwood
been on a business trip to Montreal
|ms ��� should give Mr. Warren a call.   There
is no need to send out of town for any*
Mpssrs. Ploivright and Biiinbold left
on Tuesday to pny a visit to Hon. J''.
Cj. Y* .��� *^       w      ^ m  v�� UM   l '"-"I'l.V    ID |"iy 'I VISll iu    nun.   J
11 (US li    H     til    II ���t"l0e-'es  who, we hear, is  now com
Iff III 8 A   !��!    jf fo''tal,|y installed in bis new and lux
V 'jlfJL JL La A "I    X urlous quarters near the Flat.
v. n,
California Giant Powder uo.
Of which a Full Stock   is Constantly on hand.
.Subscriptions taken for all  Canadian,  Amarioan, British  or
Foreign Newspa-iers and Periodicals.
Golden, B.C.
(Incorporated 1!7C.)
Prices quoted nnd samples supj lied on ! horses
Now ready for business, ha? been newly built
a-icl *yv-,-1v f'ui'-risherl. The table is firs'- class. The bur
is stoakecl wi:h choice Wines, Liquor--, and Cigars.
W. MoKeish -  Proprietor.
Special  attention given  to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
Address Hl$S0N'S M
fi'-;   Pi!^"'''.'  r"
Ldjf, i/iiit)-iy, L.
Carlin & Lake,
General Merchants, Alexander Block
Gam Boots,
Is a wholesale and retail
druggist und can supply
AT IlKlil'I.Ut I'ltlCliS.
The Vermont, road now under construction and referred to elsewhere,
will not he long before comi'luted.
About thirty men ure steadily employed thereon.    Mike is chief pusher.
The Kicking Horse river is commencing to freeze up once innr", On
Monday the lirst flnkuB of ice came
flowing down and ou Tuesday "he
banks were retaining a gooa proportion
of them.
Mr. Manuel Daittnrd is laying in a
stock of lirst class liny for the many
which he has tho pleasure to
provide for. To get service out of au
animal you must put good stuff into
him. Would 'h:il ll good nianv more
followed this example.
Mr. J, R, Anderson, of Ihe Department of Agriculture, Victoria, nnd Mrs.
Anderson came in on No. 2 on Thursday lust. Mr. Anderson hns heen all
through the Cariboo and Yule divisions on business in connection with
his department and will complete the
trip by running up to Fort Steele.
Mr. Robinson who has been assisting at the C.l'.R. depot here for
severnfc mouths, left ou Tuesday for
Calgary where he bus received another
appointment under the same corporation. Mr. Robinson wus universally
respected by nil who knew him and
takes with hiiu the best wishes of
many friends.
More Light.
It   is  supposed   that   a few   more
lamps will shortly  be erected in Golden.     They   ure   badly    wanted   and
would he a boon to ihe inhabitants.
Golden, on the inn in line nf llie Ciuindiim
I'uciiic b'.-.U'v.-iy. at its connection witli the
stcuinhii'it navigation of the t oiiiinliiii river:
the minora! unci coiimiereinl centre of ICustorn
llritish Columbia: iictiili|ui,rici'ii ot'tii i Gold-
en Smelling works, the  Upper  Columbia
.\'.-:vig,.tiiii�� l.' ml lumber industry; the
outlet t'nr the -virtoly known iiiitl far
famed iigriciilmi'i.l i.nd grassing luntl nl' the
Columbia* Kooteunv ViiIIoyxi unrivalled
for scenery nt .-,11 kinds:  the distributing fulfilling its mission to the letter
l-oi'itliieiit     "l''"M "','"1"'"1 KOm"'y"U ""' I Lowery is editor nnd manager
Call and See the New Goods we are
Opening out Daily.
Mr. .1. Dover of Nelson was in town
this week.
Snow fell very slightly on Tuesday
night last.
The weather this week has been
.���leiir ami frosty.
Tlie Nnliim-i Ledge
Is the name of West ICootenay's
latest nddit'on to the ranks of the
press. The Ledge is well written nnd
conducted uud should come pretty nenr
,owory *    "
thing, as what with this store, Cui'liil
A Lake, and M.  !i.   Lang's, the inter'
|ests of tlie inhabitants arc thoroughly
I well looked alter.
Two I'.itiilitlei,
Lust week, when freighting between
Canal Flat and .Fort Sieele with u s .;
horse team, .I nn Rogers accidentally
fell troin the wagon, underneath the
wheels which went over liini, and he
������'ns instantly killed. The body was
fiiirfnlly mangled. Much iie.ro: is
felt, ns is also lor Hob Thol'iihiiry, a
native of Ontario, who wns on hot'-v-
bnck at Windermere on his way to dig
a grave for Rogers, when he suddenly
expired iu the saddle.
The Highway  Robi-orl-wi
Messrs. Hannny nnd Edwards nro
out scouring the country iu search oi
the men who recently robbed tho
Chinamen of about $2,000. The government hns had two posses organized,
one is in ohtit'ge of Mr. Jus. Hannny,
and the other in ch:tr���c ol Recorder C,
M. Edwards. Uo to date we have not
heard of any captures, but we tinder-
stand pursuit will he continued right
down to thu bound try,where the masked gentry are supposed lo have gu,,o
and come from.
,11. II. I..*iiig'-i Stove Warehouse
Is full of every kind of useful cooking, warming, und other apparatus in
this line. i. all there are nbout
eighty stoves. One particularly line
tturiiey is on view, this is miide of
steel nnd throughout hns many novel*
:ics which should lie a great inducement
to those wanting the "correct" thing,
to purchase. The furnnce supplied by
Mr. Lung to the hospital is a Guriiey-
Uarris wood burner. No. 14. with a
heating capacity of 7U,t)0U cubic ket
per dicni.
Townsite Improvement)).
The Golden Townsite Co, ure having
their property improved rapidly. There
is now a splendid side walk all the
way from the store of Carlin, Lake A
Co, right across to the bridge. The
walk is eight feet wide nnd nliout live
hundred long, so the amount of en I or-1 aggressor
prise shown   in  building this can be|
Mike in  Court.
Last Saturday Mike Carlin was
brought up before Justice Gibson,
charged hy one whoso liuiue we have
not the piousure of knowing nnd do not
want to know; with committing an
assault and battery. It is true that
Mike did very readily and "a' hi Cor*
lieu " knock the follow down and had
to pny the piper Sii and costs for doing
so, but when very foul language leads
up to such pugilistic exercise, we do
not wonder at the public sentiment
when   it   decidedly    leans   with   the
Harvest festival.
The  Annual  Harvest   Festival wns
j held in St. Paul's Uliureli ou Sunday
lasl.   The ediflce was crowded and the
| the internal nnd external comforts of servico throughout  very appropriate,
hi;his customers.     This week Mr. Lnngl'''1'0 docoratlons were the admiration
sold him a furnace of the same type ns Of all, nnd admitted to ho by fur the
Mr. W, Alexander of Donald visited : better imngined than described.
Golden on Tuesday Inst. 	
Mr, .1. K  Kne bus been in town this J      Tin-('oiiiinliiii House Ooiiiforte.
week uud left (or Ciiunioic ou the -'-lili |    Will. McNeish issurel' looking slier
Mr. and Mrs.  Erlckson  and el
from Field huve been  visiting Golden|sold linn
this week. j that supplied the hospital, this will ho ! host ever accomplished  in the church.
Work hns commenced on Capt. Arm- laid almost immediately nnd when In Mr. Rumbold presided at the organ,
strong's new house, just below that of working order will give "JJIIIy " thai The following are to be thanked and
Mr. P, Lung's, lohanoetosay thai his hotel was the
congratulated  on the success of then'
, kiiin iHurts :  Mesd.inies Moodie, Arm-
Many men are now employed ou tho first in Goldeli heated by hot sir. strong    R'obsnn.  nnd  Wells:   Misses
into the
road   which  is Iieing   maili
Vermont Creek district.
The Golden merchants are still going
it, ten moro car loads of merchandise
r-IH-ienffi'r  l.lKt.
Up River. ��� Messrs. Edmonson,
Greig, Keith, Wilson, Wells. Aylmer,
have arrived since we lust referred to Rui'y, Pullman, McNeil. Hamilton,
this rush of business: Morrison. Brownrigg, Crosby,Siddons,
, strong
! Mocdie nnd
i Armstrong,
Armstrong j   and Messrs.
Robson,   Plowright nnd
Tho new oil warehouse for Carlin,
Lake & Co. is now very l.enrlj completed. That pnrt of the townsite is
gelling pretty well built over.
Mr. nnd Mrs.  Bulmnn and three children.
Down River.- Messrs. Clark, Jones,
and five Chinamen.
ROOEIlS. ��� At Fori'   Steele on the l'ith
Inst. Janus Rogers. (Accidentally
Thokhyoroft -At Windermere on tho
17ih    lust,    Robert    Thorubury.
(Sudden dentil, i CC'.-e ��olijcit C3va
��� ILDEV EliA   i    ptiblislu,
Tho ���'��� ILDEV E1(A
Saturday norulug in time to ratch tin- ensi
ami west mail trains, also the mini tin* the
upper country, Wiiiiloi'inoro, Fort Steele etc
It. is the only ml 'Oi'tising iiiodium in the Eoat
Kootouay dUtrict,
| country to other European centres."
When Englishmen say, 'wo c*iu al-
wiivs   gel gold if   .Ve   ivaul it," thoy
I   shall   conclude with   a   few  tion of essays by Dr. Giffen. who di-  with as little delay as possible.     The
on public; opinion nod literature I recta the Board of  Trade's   statistical j Times publishes a report condemnatory
Subscription Rates:
Advertisements and changes must be in
the office not later than l- n.ui, ou Thursday
to insure lusei'tiou.
ciltlor *"
nt I'liteu iiiatlo known uu appli-
All cash to lie pail tn th" Manager, fron
who.ii the Company's receipt will bo obtained
The Slide" Eia Publish',";; Company,
Reasons for Restoring: tne old
English Law of Bimetallism.
Ily Jo'.ni II. Twigs. M.A., niiblin. lute
or the Bengal Civil Service, now
of Vancouver, ll.C.
(Continued from last week.)
2ii. Objection. ��� England should
continue independent of other nations
in her money system and is strong
enough to do so.
Answer.-She is not independent in
money matters, nor is her financial
position so strong us is commonly
The prices of nil goods, for instance,
in this country are dependent on tlie
supply of gold money and this is
largely controlled by the United States
and by Continental Governments,
which can create an increased scarcity
of gold at will. The President of the
United States, for example, has legal
power to issue a gold loan at any time,
and he may do so, with tho result perhaps of ruinous panic in this country
and a run upon the banks. Iu such a
crisis, as Mr. Goschen says, "Bank
notes me of no sufficient avail. What
yon want is cash ���gold which will pay
your liabilities iu foreign countries;
and the printing press at a moment of
this kind is a dancer, not a resource."
Where then is tlie gold to bo had?
Certainly nut in England. Her banks
keep nearly all their gold at the Batik
of England a total of less than .'!U
millions ; so inadequate in the face uf
liabilities payable on demand to the
amount of 000 millions, that the greatest anxiety is now felt, and proposals
are actually on foot for keeping reserves
independent of the Bank of England.
That bank stands, as regards coin,
only fifth among European banks,
having uo more than luoul 2(i million's
���e. ,..,!., . -hiln
G8 millions of
millions ot silver, :,"r to mention its
lower and steadier rale for loans.
People uiny say our credit will pull us
through, as it has done in past lime.
In past time, up to 18711, v,o should
remember the Continent bad bimetallism, giving us tbo practical right of
getting either silver or gold at short
notice. We have no such right now,
and our credit will not create gold,
which does not exist in large available
forgot the rate ot   'ntoros', which iu
times of pressure is ruinous.
Iu another way the delusion that
England's money system is independent of other nations' action may before
?-i.no per annum in j long be exposed, if the United States,
| in company with certain other nations,
adopt a silver standard with free coinage of that metal, securing thereby a
stoutly basis ot exchange with one
another and partially shutting out
gold money countries from their commerce, As an immediate consequence
Canada would have to do the same
thing, because of their dose commercial contact with the United States,
whose coinage she at present uses,
though sovereigns arc legal tender,
together with gold dollars of the
Our loss would be enormous, for a
great part of our exports already go to
silver-using countries.
It is thus evident that every nation
is dependent on the laws made by
other nations in regard to money.
This important fact, however, has not
been generally understood till quite
lately, and so its effect ou international
politics is only beginning to attract
attention. It is easy to see that, if
the policy of England in refusing to
join a bimetallic union of nations be
regarded by them us sellish and injurious, they may act accordingly towards
her, and opportunities for effective unfriendliness multiply every year both
in peace and war. if, for instance,
the United States assume control of
the projected Nicaragua ''anal, very
serious disputes may arise.
27. Objection.���There are remedies
better than bimetallism for present
Answer. ���In considering a remedy,
we must first ask whether it will meet
all or any of our present difficulties,
which are chiefly (1) artificially depressed prices, (2) increased burthen of
debts and fixed charges, (il) uncertainty as to the future course of prices and
(4) the dislocation ot money exchanges
between countries using gold and those
using silver. It has been proposed to
do on a small scale what the United
States are doing, that is to coin more
silver to a limited extent. Such devices stay the fall of prices a little,
but tho uncertainty both of prices and
of exchange with other countries continues. The United States may cease
to coin silver and, if so, they may require gold in addition to the large
supply of their own mines. We shall
certainly get no more gold from that
quarter unless silver is coined there in
place of gold. The result will be an
increased struggle for gold in Europe
with n further fall of prices for all
goods; iu fact, an aggravation of the
depression which now prevails.
Since tho first proof sheets of this
pamphlet were sent to press England
u Bank ot France has has decided to stop the free coinage of
old in addition to 51 rupees in India, so that (hey may,
throng] scarcity, rise in value above
tiii iilvei contained in them till they
are worth each the fifteenth part of n
sovereign. The ;ol(i sovereign will
thus become the standard coin of India
and the rupee a mere
tative of gold likt    :
American loll
longer be uncertain!
of money between '
couutiles, moreover,
k. nor rcpresen-
liilling and the
re will thon no
n tho exchange
ud gold using
payments due
sums outside the great European State from the Indian Government to Eng-
banks and treasuries. Germany and land can then bo made with a smaller
Russia practically -refuse to lend large number ot rupees at tho new artificial
sums in gold, and tho Bunk of France. | value nnd interest on the public debt of
has power to pay either in silver or India ean be reduced. These are three
gold at choice, both being legal tender groat a, tuges of the gold standard
to any amount. It was only as a mat- for India, but with them must come
tcr of   special grace that we obtained also tho evils now   felt in gold coun-
from that bank and from Russia ii,
millions during tho Baring failure and
thus English bankers and their customers escaped, as Mr. Goschen told
them, "by the skin of their teeth."
from a catastrophe which might have
transferred  "tlio   business  of    this
tries, nnd these evils will come in an
aggravated degree, so far as India joins
in the scramble for gold. The Indian
Government desired a union of nations
for bimetallism but England refused,
so the gold standard was chosen for
India as the least injurious alternative.
in relation to bimetallism. A Royal
Commission of twelve eminent persons
reported unanimously, in 1888, that it
was possible to maintain a fixed value
between gold uud silver through bimetallism, though six of them considered the system needles-;, objectionable
or premature, unu two of the six
doubted whether the fixity between
gold and silver would be permanent.
One of tne six, Mr, Leonard Courtney,
has quite lately withdrawn his objections and now advocates bimetallism.
The cause has been eagerly taken up
by Lancashire, the ngrioiiitural classes
and the general body of wage earners,
under the guidance ot distinguished
men, including members of every political party and nx-governors of the
Bank of England. It is supported
also by the University profossors ot
political economy, so that final success
is assured, notwithstanding occasional
obstructions through the supposed
necessities ot party politics ; for instance a large number of bimetallists
in the House of Commons, on the 28th
February last, felt themselves obliged
for tlie moment to withhold support
from a resolution favouring a reassembly of the Brussels Monetary Conference, Australia also has taken up the
'.ittise of bimetallism and Canada will
loubtless soon follow.
20. The chief active opponents of
bimetallism are the money-lending
classes, including many bankers. They
lose in the end by tlie ruin of manufactures, labour and commerce, but are
not yet themselves in distress, and
tliere are gains to be made in the
present struggle by clever financiers at
the public expense. Mr. Goschen has
done good service by appealing to the
self-interest of these classes, and warning them of great national disaster,
unless our monetary system be reformed, and he has mentioned bimetallism
as one means ot effectual reform.
The Loudon Press is opposed to bimetallism, as might have been expected. Pew journalists know much of
tho question, and all of them are
largely dependent on the money-lending classes and bankers for information
about such matters.
30. The reader who wishes to pursue
tho subject further, should procure Sir
Guilford Molesworth's excellent essay,
also a pamphlet by Archbishop Walsh
on "The Currency Question and the
Irish Land Question," and Mr. Robert
Barclay's book on "The Silver Question and the Gold Question." The
proceedings of tho Currency Commission of 188G haw been conveniently
summarised by Mr. George Howell,
M.P., and there are many valuable
papers on the question by Mr. Henry
Hacks Gibbs, formerly Governor of the
Bank of England, by Professor Fox-
well, of Cambridge, aud Professor
Nicholson, of Edinburgh. A great
deal ot literature is to be found at the
flees of the Bimetallic League, 27
Grenl -Gconrge Street, London, and in
Manchester, The " Journal of the So-
oiety or Arts for February, 18!)-),
contain:' an oxtrpmely valuable paper
by Mr. J. Barr Robertson, whose experience in different countries should
carry great weight. Most of the bimetallic literature is published- by
Messrs, Effingham Wilson & Co., Royal Exchange, London.
31. Tho case against bimetallism
consists mainly of the objections which
1 have already discussed, but monc-
metallists seldom defend their objections by argument. Their silence bus
perhaps been explained by Mr. Goschen
Chuncellcr of the Exchequer, who said
in a reply to a deputation (May 30th,
1880):���"I am awiirethat most of the
monometallists bold their views so
strongly that many of them, like the
most orthodox religious people, are
unable to give an account of their
Such arguments ns the monemctal-
lists have, are to be found in Mr. Geo,
Howell's abstract of the Currency
Commission's Report, and in a collec-
work. He propounds the strange ot Sir George Dibbs' policy in allowing
theory that the quantity of money in : tho first section of the Australian and
use does not influence prices, but that British Columbia cable to fall into the
prices influence the quantity. This hands of tne French government. Tho
view, so far as I know, is contradicted '��� Imperial government is condemned for
by the highest authority, and even by j not taking up the question long ago,
Dr. Giffen himself, in a valuable paper] and is being urged to act promptly
on prices which he has judiciously now before further progress is made by
omitted from the collection in question. ; tho French  company  in  ths direction
In that paper he shows th:
city of gold hns been the
of low prices.
(The End.)
,t the
���if   laying  the  second   section of the
uise ; cable to tho Fiji Islands und thence fo
Vancouver, B.C.
How Gold  la Minted.
The 8110,000,000 worth of gold
mined annually Is not nearly enough
to moot tho world's requirements. The
yearly wastage of this metal is onor-
motts. Various kinds of gilding con-
sumo great amounts of it. It is
reckoned that in Great Britain alono
25,000 ounces are used every year for
making gold leaf, while not less than
20,000 ounces more are employed in tlie
same longth of time manufacturing
gilt buttons. The finest buttons of
this description, says tho Boston
Transcript, are produced by applying
the gold in the shape of fine dust
mixed into a paste with quicksilver.
The mercury causes tlie gold to adhere
to tho base metal, after which it is
evaporated by heat, leaving tlie gold
on the surface. Large quantities of
pure gold are utilized tor the plating of
other metals and for ornamental pottery, but by far the greatest waste of
gold is incidental to its use of jewelry,
which consumes more than three times
as much of the metal as is coined.
Not less than $30,000,000 of gold is
devoted every year to making articles
of ornament. Nearly all of this is
eventually lost, not more than one-
fortieth of it ever returning to the
hands of refiners or manufacturers.
With gold coins the loss by abrasion
is considerable. To avoid this natives
in India wrap each coin singly in
Rcvclstoko und Arrow l.iikc.
Work is progressing rapidly on the
Revelstoke nnd Arrow Luke railroad.
The ohjective point for the season's
work is the Wigwam, a place about 15
miles below Revelstoke This is the
point whore the ice usually jams first
in the spring. Tho iee also forms
early at this point. While this piece
nf line will not secure uninterrupted
communication during the year, the
chances are that the route can be kept
open later in the year nnd resumed
earlier than under the old system.
Contractor McGillivray will crowd
the work on the R. and A. L., in order
to facilitate mutters on the N. & S.
He hopes by this means to be able to
get in a sufficient quantity of supplies
to continue on to Three Forks without
any cessation of work.���Miner.
Notca from Trout t.uke.
The town has appeared a little more
lively during the past week. Many of
the prospectors have been driven down
from tho mountains by the snow.
The Queen's hotel wa Formally
opened on Monday night
Married in Fun.
Newport News, Va., Oct. 19. ��� Miss
Elizabeth Clnrke, who was selected to
represent Virginia at the Confederate
reunion at Birmingham, Ala., has unwittingly become tho wifo of Dr. Taylor, who resides on Hampton Roads, a
mile below this city.
On Tuesday evening last Miss Clarke
attended a social gathering nt tho Taylor cottage. Among the guests was a
justice of the peace named Haskins,
who was recently authorized to perform
tho marriage ceremony,. During the
evening the conversation turned upon
the new duties of Justice Haskins,
and some one suggested that he try
his hand in tying the nuptial knot.
Miss Clarke and Dr. Taylor agree 1
to plav the parts of bride and bridegroom, and Justice Haskins, after ask-
tho usual questions, which wore properly answered, pronounced the couple
man and wife.
The affair wns looked on as a mere
incident of the evening's entertainment
until to-day, when it was learned that
it was in all lospects a perfectly valid
marriage under the laws of Virginia.
The situation is further complicated
by the fact, as alleged, that Miss
Clarke is engaged to be married to
another, and that the affair will have
to bo postponed until after she can be
divorced from Dr. Taylor.
quite a work of  art.
cedar cut on the lain
hand, dressed and
beautiful vetoing of tho mitu
iVndy Craig has been establish! ;
his office us recorder for the district.
The necessity for a post offico will bo
urged next. A gunny-suck full of
mail w.s brought in lost week by a
charitable traveller. It bad been at
Thompson's more than two weeks.���
Nelson Miner.
The Brazilian Revolt.
Buenos Ayres. Oct. 20. -The Brazilian minister here is trying to negotiate the purchase of two ironclads
from '.he Argentine government, but it
is not likely to succeed. Agents of the
revolutionists hove asked the Argentine government to recognize the independence of the revolting Brazilian
states of Rio Grande do Sitl nnd Santa
Catherina. Senator Rny Barbosa, a
prominent leader among the insurgents
has arrived here. He had a narrow
escape from capture nt Rio do Janeiro.
Government troops in search of hi in
boarded the steamer he was on but tho
British Admiral .ieut a force to protect
him ant refused to deliver him up 1-
is said that the Peixotto gonernment
has made a clandestine issue of $75.-
000.000 in bonds to raioo money for
war expenses.
Eighteen passengers who have juit
arrived from Rio Janeiro say that tho
reports of the sinking of the Uruno by
Fort Santa Cruz arc unfounded. When
they left lvo tho war vessel hud crossed   the bar and was   anchored in the
bay.     First   reports  said that both
vessels were  seriously   damaged and
later it was said that  the Uruno had
bon   sunk and the   Pnllos   repulsed.
In  bar is The passengers say that such reports
It is made of I as -:,;., \,av... !������>,, ^^ oul -l0m official
���'��� shore, solii  by    :,...|,.,    ,,,-,i   H -   therefore   untrnst-
iled, showing !i"   worthy, the otraosi  care being tokei
government to prevent the real
���'.   loin becoming known.
The Auetrullitii Cable.
London, Oct. 20.-The Thunderer
has an article urging the necessity of
immediately laying the proposed British cable between Australia and Canada. It thinks the disaster to the
Miowera a striking proof of tho desirability of having tho proposed cablo
Clinics' Doportntlon.
Washington, D.C., Oct. IS.���No
efforts will be made by the counsel for
the Chinese who appealed from the decision ot Judge Marrow refusing to
liberate them from the order of deportation made by Judge Ross in Califor
nia to advance the cases on the calendar of the supreme court of tho United
States until a full bench shall have
been secured. One of them said to-day
he did not expect that to be accomplished until after the date of the
election in Now York state next
month. "Vows of British Successes Against tho
Johannesburg, Oct. 20. ���It has been j
learned here that Capt. Campbell was
���wounded on October 15, while recou-
noitering in the   vicinity of  a kraal,
southwest of  the Iiidiunns  mountain.
He was shot  hy n   Motabele  who was
concealed behind a rock.      Fearful of
thi puiiishmenl they know tie' llritish
would inflicl upon them foi tho shoot- |
ing, all the natives in the vicinity fled i
into a more inaccessible country. They I
left precipitately, abandoning 550 head
of cattle.     Siiuitly after Capt. Campbell's leg wns amputated iiu died from
the shock.
Col. Brabant, commanding 100. of
Chief Khamas'Beohtiiinas, encountered
a strong party of Metabeles in tho Ma-
soppo hilU ou Oct. 15 and fought an
engagement with I hem. Twenty-seven
of the Metabeles were killed and 25
head of their entile captured., The
Metabeles were reinforced and Col.
Brabant was forced to retire. The
Metabeles pursued tlie Beohuanns for a
short distance and then, evidently
fearing Col. Brabant was attempting
to draw them into tho open country,
they abandoned the chase and retired
to the hills.
English Coal Strike.
London, Oct 20,���Thirty-nine hundred coal miners returned to work in
the Bamburlong and Ashfoti collerics
to-day at the old wages, A house of a
minor at St. Helen's, Lancashire, was
blown up by a roburite cartridge and
the family narrowly escaped death.
The bouses iu the neighborhood were
h recked. The miner had refused to
join the strikers who ure believed to
have caused the explosion.
iii'ltleh li'iido ileturns.
:. ii ion, Oct. 18 -Tho British board
��� I .i. de returns show that British exports to Canada decreased 18.52 per
couli ir September, and increased 3 per
cent, iu the same month iu 1HII2. -British imports from Canada decreased
��� i.iii'i per cent, for (he nioiith, and 17.4
tor iiiin) months. Canada sent less
ou: !��� sheep, bui.ni), hums, butter,
cheese, egg.., fish and wheat than she
did last year.
Tho United Stilton Semite.
Washington, Oct. IS.���The senate
was in session at midnight., with a
determination not to adjourn till action
was taken ou the bill to repeal the
silver law.     The outcome is doubtful.
&uatm*00 CLutvl-e,
Hon. J, A. LouftHEBO, Q,C,
(i. S,  McCAllTEK.
Lim-rli<M'<!  A   NcGnrtci*.
fWriston-, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
  Etc.,  Inc.
��-.^������ -nrniei.  -��._-u t- ���        -, Solicitors for Bunk of Montreal.
Down With Hig-h Pnces Ft**-? caloahy, n.w.t.
Illown to Atoms,
Niagara Falls, Oct. IS. ���A dynamite
cartridge exploded while workmen
were drilling a boulder iu the trench
in the tunnel yesterday. Giverio Gic-
ross' body was blown to atoms and
portions of it scattered fifty feet away.
Two others were seriously hurt.
Allo-reil Kmhezzlumuiit.
Niagara   Falls, Out., Oct. 18 The
man who gives his name us A. F, Mc-
liitvre but whose real name is believed
to bo Win. Hammond was arrested
here last night on the arrival of the
train from Toronto where he has been
living for some time mist. Hammond
is charged with having embezzled
$0,500 from a retired Boston merchant
named Goodrich five years ago.
Aa*;'i>i Broken.
New   "fork, Oct, 20,    The   Cnnard
li 'earner, Cuinpnnia, nrri ,*ed al the
Iliii ���.. 10:37 "'clock p.m., beating tho
westorn record bj B minutes. She
pflssntl Uautit's Hock .it 1:85 p.m. on
October 15th. Tho Lucnnin, of the
same line, previously held the westward record, 5 days, 13 hours and 45
lied River Fever E-ilileinlc.
Buffalo, N.D.,Oct. 20.- Cass county
is becoming overrun wilh what is
known as the Red River fever, there
being according to somo estimates bo-
tween 100 nnd 200 cases now existing.
One physician at Wheatland claims to
have attended over 130 cases during
the last few weeks. Fortunately, it is
in a comparatively mild form and but
few  deaths have resulted up till the
Electric Belts,
f I..-),���), S2.05,53.7i j former prices $5, {7,
fi!!,'', i ('vi^ rirTu^J.'T""!'! '!i''' 'Ion.bci*s,Wn.'I'.I,S. & P.|.>; for ||.(',
ieroi t styles; dry battery anilaoid belts DOMINION AND PROVINCIAL LAND
���mild or strong current. L��ss than naif ; SL'liVEVOIIs, Civil Englnoers, Draughts-
the jiriee of any other compnm "udnioro ! iiion,Vnliiators,otc' Ciiignrytiiiil New West-
home testimonials than all tlio rest to- I minster. Correspondence Bo'licited,,
pother. Full list free. Mention tins ' KJ.*,*��*��SON, D.L.S.,l'.L.S. of ll.C. fcOiit,
paper. W. T. BAER & 00. Wii dsor.Ont. '...,,. Wnmhm D.L.S. & iufs! ofil'.C
  New \\'ESTjiix.sri;ii li.c.
Metal Kepoit. "WcCni'thy   &    IBrivcj,
We are indebted to tlio Engineering Fiiirrlstors, Advocntos, Notaries, &c,  Soiled-
and Mining Journal of New York  tor ^ ImpoTinl llnr.k of C'n.inrl,,.
the following quotations ;   - Tho Cimiidii I'oi'iiinuoiil Loiui & Savings Co.
��� Tlio Yorkshire Loim A Seciu-itiesCorpui'iitlun
NEW YORK. Oct. 13,1893. 'flip MtiBsoy-ll'irrist'u. (Ltd), otc,, etc.
,,.,           m,    t     .            ,     ,      , Offices���Sloplioii Avenue, Unlgarv.
Oliver.     The London market has been p MuCuitiiv nr
strong nnd advanced, based on j Hiiracm IlAltVEV, II..,., L.L.ll.I
active dem'nnd from Indin, and
short supplies.    China has also      IjESjuXE   C.   IJI��iL,
been an nctive  buyer for future
shipments.     Prices   ruling   in
New   York 74c. per oz., London
34Jd. per oz.
Copper,     The market hns been very
flat, indeed a few parcels have
been sold at !)jjc.    Exports have
been unprecedented.   G. M. B,
i'12 to ��42 7s. (id. per ton.
Loud.     This market hns improved on
diminished production.     Prices
ruling being from 8.72*1 to il.77jc
per lb.    English   ��9   13s.   lid.
Spanish ��9 lis. 3d, per ton.
CO (Limited)
Assoc. Mem, Ixst. c. e,
COOllltAXE, Al.llA.    Ft. Si-kei.e, B.C.
(Gi'iidunto of Lnvi.l mid McGili.)
jffllYIKfil    KX-I.IXKKK.
Head Office, Queuec ;  Branch Offlces
SllBlllllloOKB, & 17 Place d'Armes
Hill, Mo.NTltBAL.
w. pellew Harvey
Anslytloul Chemist & Assavor,
Golden, British Columbia.
Gold, Silver
For full particulars apply
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
1SD2     ASSAYER TO TUB       Nils
AppiiciiticnrorLioonaoto c.tTin.:or British Columbia Government
of all spsoin-mi cent from tie Provincn tj
NOTICE is lieroby given that SO days after -pH-p  wniii n*<a   i.'.vrn    rmrxnn
date I ill-end applying to the Hon. the Cliiof \lalu   ""ItLIlb   I Allf,  tlilLALO.
Commissioner ol Limns and Works for a license in cut nnil curry invav timber from tlio ,
following tract nt' limd :   Commencing at n I
stako planted on the North and East sltlo of
the. North fork of Michel Oreolt -.bout Id
chains heloiv the canon, thence due East 20
chains, thence duo South   ill I'ilililis, thence
due West 11(1 eliliins, tlieuco due North 7(1
irll'dns,tliencc duoK.-ist 1120 chains hi the plnco
ni beginning containing Id' iiihueastirotiioiit
IB I acres..
Toronto, Out., 18th Sept. 18113.
Bank Of RHontreal.   i
Interest at Current rates.
W. B. GRAVELEY. Maxaobb.
i ��� _ 2 -'-.���-''   -���>-��������� "' "'"��� *'-���
T*>1filiiPiW#f!lP?'N is1 ��' L >
'"M-iwbmtl&u Arm-1 >,:i
Application foi'LtfianaC to (Jut T'luilier
: Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
mm:A'--: :':^'H. Comiacher, Proprietor
Newly refitted aud furnished. Stimuli I'lUST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Coiiimercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
��� if guests, Hendqiinrters fie milling nun und
miners. Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer and wholesnlo and
retail dealer iu Wines. Liquors, and Cigais.
Special attention given to orders from u,, tho
Columbia River.
Wliolo-ilo iitid ECcinil
NOTICE is lieroby given IliatSOiTnys after
date I intend applying tu the Hon. the t'hiei'
Cniiiniissianor of Lands nnd Works for n II-1
cem*e to cut and carry away timber li'niii the [
following1 tract of laud:    Commencing nta
st.-.ke pli.nled en the N'orthiinil Eastsiiloof i-i_Ai.i_    Cli.������� ���,��,i
the North fork of Michel Creek nl t 101 Cattle, bllOCp ftllCl
cli.'.iiis below tlio ciiiion, thonco duo Ei.sl SO n.,,.,,.   r��^..��j^�����
chains, Ihenco duo North 70 chiuns, thenee lliJl'SO JLJ-eJUCrS.
duo Wast 14J cliiilus. llionco duo South  70 m,'r>>7M    n   f
chains, thonco duo East ISO chniiis lu Ihe wuuun,   o. i,.
place of beginning coutidiiiug by adiiieasiiro- '  ���
iiient OdOacres.
GOLDEN,       -       B.C.
Bellevillo, Out., 1n.Ii. Sept. I8I��.
Undertakers and i
.   ���   .   Embalmers,      ���
: I
IlillEltH    I'llOJIIjn.V     I
\Ti'i:xiii:n   To. i
All persons indebted to ,T. (:. Greene,:
Queens Hotel, Golden, are requested to
settle their nccounis within THIRTY
rKHSES-'!*; I'AJJtfT fHUH'.
II'Vim li'lilll J'i.,.1   llUllKI   i'llillteil.   I'.'lpei'dl
r CnlsoiiiliKxl, nr ally Kilul ol nsign I'lunii'il
DAYS from  this date, after which all; writeto.I. II. MlLLWAIID, CAI.U lliv, tho
, . ...i,,.,     Lending 1 nlnt ahop m tb" uust, for good
unsettled accounts will bo placed in the, wnik and prlcos that are right,
collector's hands,    J'le.-ise avoid cpsts. ! _ 	
i     Job    Depeiri mer|t
���:o:    OF    :o: -
.7. C. GREENE.
m, Sept, 28th, 1H9I1.
"JiASQ* CQ I "illai.'iil'l UCEieii ii'ieipi
" Jifli LtO. nl'n 2 stump, ii rocolpe for ll
slinplo YKI.'ET.UILI', IIAI.M th.it will re-
innvi'T'oii. "���'roeklos* I'impii".. HloteliCN,
lllnclilicixls. eic.. leaving the sMu soft,
clearinitl liniuillful. Address .\. IX STEM
PEL, UO Aim SI., New York,
C0PYRI0HT8,   eto.
For Information and f reo llt-mlt-on!; write to
MU.VN' It C0��� ail Biioann-jir. New York.
Oldest bnrvau for wii'ilrliij; patent. In Am.'rira.
j:rciT patent taken out by lie I�� ln-nuvli^ bofOi*o
tiie public by n notice .riven tree ot cliar-ie In tlio
$tmtiik ^mmm
Lamost otronlatlon of any scientific paper in tlio
world. Splendidly Illustrated. No Intclli'e.'iit.
man ahniild bo vlilmui it. Weekly. *.;!.<!ll a
year; SLSOiix months. Aildrew MIINN A CO..
I'i iiuuutns. UUl Broadway, New York City.
" It is worth llie |irii'*�� i., even,' peraon
who even reads a in'w.pup, r."���liatliDu.ou
TH.; .im i:\ai, HKR1IS to
Blue Pencil Rules.
Fori    Steele
will bo found ii jrreu.l fiohvenicnea as by i! lvatches n id
other repaii-s sent to W. ALEXANDER, Donald,
will rcccivo prompt attention.
JX. Q-.
A Pocket Primer for Ho use of Reporters.
Correspondents and Copy Choppers.
Short, simple and practical rules for
raskini* and cditlnx news-viper copy,
and of equal value fo all who wish to
wr.to correct Knulisli.
Don't Forget The Address 5
!j ��1/1 ATI        BOX    /,      ^
3    # Donald, B.C
If Alexander,
Sont on receipt of prlrn. Price, 1(1 ccnta
yr copy. ALLAN TOKMAN, Publlihct
11" Nassau Street, Ken- York.
Watchmaker, JeWeller h Optician. LINTON BROS.,
v *"i"- (ci **i��� ���* -.     O ?i !*n v ���-*�� n \ 1 n *��� ***
OiUMt>.lw.��li     aiUatit-jJilwIU,
AX �� *SF.WS.iF,.Vl .EHS.
TOYS,  FANCY   (100DS   &   WALL
The Golden l*IO"pltal.
! This very flue and well arranged
j struc.iiii'B is uow nearly completed, the
masons are busily eii^ane'l plasteriui;,
and this week the furnace will be put
III place roady for work. The entire
huililili'- will be heated by a Gurney
furniu',0 hot air iiiTiiii'-eiiicut, one well
adapted to such a purpose. Mr. Lnun
has supplied same. Mr. .las. Henderson contracted for the building uud has
completed his part tu the satisfaction
of the committee. Mr. Gordon Sutherland has been iu charge of tbe,'jiiild-
ing stuff, nmi he too has done his pari
well. Moiau Bros of Calgury have
already fixed all the air Hues and Mr,
Houston of Golden will lay the furnace
and culllieuliuiis,
The dimensions of the various looms
are as under: -
Firsl lloor:
Hull 11 foot x 21 feet.
General ward 17 feet x 15 feet.
Sitting room 15    " x 13    "
Diiiiii(t room 15    " x 111   "
Kitchen 12   " x 14   "
Operating room 12 " x 12   "
Dispensary       fi    " x   G   '���
and various small apartments.
Second floor:
Two pay wards 15 feet x 11 feet.
Matron's room  10   '��� x 10   "
Wouiens' ward 15   " x 13   "
Bath room        11   " x 11   "
Isolated fever ward 15ft.x 13ft.
and various closets.
The withe construction is complete
and shews that the architects. Messrs.
Child & Wilson of Calgary, know
their business.
Miss Steene left last week for the
World's Fair.
The weekly dunces still continue and
seem to lie lietter attended every evening.
Wo not ice the rotary snowplotiph ' C'
from Hevelstoko standing in the yard,
- in for repairs.
Hy. Cnllnn bus so fur improved as
to la' able lo walk around and soon
will be quite well,
Arthur Cnto spent Monday in town
this week. He is looking us if Hevelstoko agreed with him.
Sim Palmer is the proud exhibitor
of a deei's.head being a trophy secured
by him in the Okauugaii country last
Miss Steveson, sister of Mr. V.
Steveson has arrived from the east and
intends to keep house for her brother
this winter.
Mr. 11. Ilavies the popular circuit
chief is enjoying a well earned holiday
at Kamloops, Mr. .1. lliingerford is
filling his place very satisfactorily.
Steps are being taken to form a telephone exchange which will he a great
boon to the residents of the town, and
which will save many a trip for the
message and call boys. We hope it
will be a success.
A rumour has reached us that Mr
S, Rounding contemplates removing
from Donald. We hope such is not
the case as Sum is a most careful and
painstaking official, nnd all would be
sorry to see him go.
On Saturday eve-.:''!'; one of the
windows iu the front of W. Alexander's store wan broken by a man who
was "carryings load." On Monday
he settled thu damage and costs of
court beiorc .1. C. Pitts, J.P.
Charlie Carey hns got buck from the
World's Fair and is getting down to
���work. We expect to nee tho trains on
time again now. The winter schedule
comes in lorre soon but the new lime
table has not yet been made public.
Mr. J. Levell, who has been running
every day on the express between
Donald and Lnggun, has had his run
changed to every other day lietwecn
Donald and Cnninore. .fuck's smile
will be less frequently seen in towu,
but Caiiiiiore will be Ihe gainer.
The new telegraph office at I he station is now almost ready for occupation. Mr. P. Steveson nnd 0. (iood-
year are busv milking the connections.
The interior ol the new otlice is a great
Improvement on the old one. The instruments Iieing placed on bard wood
tables, and all the lit tings being of the
linest kind. The general public are
not to he admitted intothis grind place
hut stand on the outside nf a high
counter. When the ������ hoys" get fully
installed they will be unapproachable.
Mr. J. K. Rao gave a series of lime
light views illustrating Modern Babylon, on Saturday evening Inst, which
wns well attended hy n most appro.i-
ative audience. Mr. Rue put the
audience in good humour nt the commencement by residing "Kirsty's electric trip to London," a short -ketch Typo it rltora Row-ire
illustrative of tho misooni'���: 'ion in a A singular example of the operation
country woman's mind of the (-ossib.Ii- of the tariff is developing in Halifax,
ties of the electric telegraph, this was A firm received a lot of typo-written
followed by some splendid views of the correspondence from New York, the
iliffit'-r points of interest in the great packet being quite bulky and contain-
city. .Uiss Purvis presided at the or- ing several type-written legal doon-
gan and from time to time rendered ments as well. The gentleman whose
selections which were well received.     ! names appeared on the address on the
Tlie Verniou. Hlelffli Road.
V-'o have linnnl several cuinpl.-uuts about
the way things lire Iieing run in connection
with this I'unil mid have mi enquiry fur iufui-
liintluii ns to win) has given instructions lor it
to he started at a point about seven nilies from
C.'irliiuiiitp I.milling'' It is claimed hy pros-
���lector.-, that the road should not lie in.ale
from the e, hut from I 'nrhnnntii, mid thut if it
is, the (lot eminent will lie going liliuil fulilen
into ii schoii.e nldi'li those, who should lie
studied ii little urn very indignant nliniit. Has
any got eminent official person.. Ily inspected
tlie two routes V Is it nut timo that all those
who contriliiile towards the revenue of this
country were deemed worthyof consideration
from ifiose in authority? Morn will lie heard
of this next week. Yes. �� great doi.l more we
England la Solid.
The United States cities do a great
deal of blowing about their great undertakings and wonderful accomplishments, hut occasionally one hears of
something being done in "slow old
England" that illustrates what dogged
British persistence can do. The city
of Manchester, for example has been
currying through some little matters
that an American metropolis might, not
he ashamed to match. One of these is
toe construction of the great ship canal that makes her independent of Liverpool, and gives vessels direct access
to her docks. The cost of this job is
about $.'10,000,000, borne liy Manchester and the other cities on the route.
At the same timo with this, which
might have been supposed to be enough
to occupy one city's tiuieaud resources,
Manchester has been providing herself
with a new watei supply. Sbo purchased Tlilrluioie. one of tho Cumberland lakes, with the hills which form
ils watershed, constructed a ' .... that
���/ill hold 80,000,000 gallon-', and laid
P and built tunnels to oarrv the
w . r 100 miles to her distributing
re rvoir. This will give her the bust
w: ter supply in all Kiigbind. It is
,:< ut the public expense, aud the
cost of it is about $13,000,000. They
aro not s> slow in Great Britain, except when it comes to a yacht nice.���
Vancouver World.
packet were surprised to learn that
they will have to pay a duty ot 3.) per
cent, before the matter will be allowed
to be delivered. The authorities at Ottawa have decided that type-written
sheets are nol to be considered as free
manuscript, ami must,  therefore, pay
[the regular duty imposed on printed
| matter.
Sir John Abbott is not quite so well
this week.
Nothing has been settled concerning
the repu.il of the Sherman silver purchase act.
The winter time table of the C.P.R.
will come into elf eel lo morrow tlio
-".Ith hist.
Ou the 23rd hist. Russian military
und naval oliicials were well received
in Paris.
Mr. Hush John Macdonald has sent
in his resignation as member for Winnipeg in the Canadian Commons.
English newspapers are t.dvocating
a gold loan of ��5.000,010 to India, to
help her out of financial difficulties.
The C.P, II. Co. successfully floated
��1,320,010 worth of 4 per cent preferential stock in Loudon at 90 on the
23rd Inst.
The Bank of Montreal has declared a
o per cent dividend uu its paid up capital of *12,00J,UuO for the out-rout half
year.- The interest being payable uu
Dec. 1st next.
At Now York on Monday last, Roberts the Eiigiisu cnainpion Uiiia.ru
player gave ileoro, the Cuban, ,100
points, iu two oOO point games and
beat inin.
Thirty Italian warships met those
of the British fleet and saluted them at
Speiu-iu this weuk and King Humbert
intends visiting that place to honor
the Britishers.
At the World's Fair cheese competition (finals) out of 530 exhibits, Canada came out considerably ahead of tlie
United States. The points being 400
awards us against 49.
Mr. Snnforl Fleming, who recently
left Canada tor Australia, proposes
ihat a cituio uu operated between these
colonies and owned by thu governments
interested. The cost of working ihe
line lie estimates at &iU0,ObO aiiuually
aiui proposes lowering the rate to aO
cents pui word.
Upper Columbia ?S;yCo.
Tramway from C.P.R. Golden to Columbia River.
DUCHESS &HYAK on Columbia River
I'viw-iway botwstm I'-'tl I'iii'o cad Upper Columlia lute.
PERT on Upper Columbia Lake.
Freight Wagons between V^yoc Columbia Lake and Kootenay Birer.
GWENDOLINE on Upper Kootenay Riv.
Stago Line from Upper Columbia Lake to Fort Steele,
Saturday -
Friday ...
nrr. Cioldeii.s.rlynk, I've,
Galena        "  nrr.
Windermere "
1. Adela "     "
air.   " Tramway leave
I've. C1.U..I Flat, "   "
nrr.        "    Stage l'vo.
I've, Wasa "
Fort Steele   "
Fiiro j
from  I
4 2 0
i> 00
7 00
11 m
12 00
Tuesday     7fl0
I Weilnesdny   lMHl
Thursday    IlitW
" 10:01
" W0
Friday    7:00
Saturday    7*0!)
Drar.ll baa a New Preeltlont.
Rio Janeiro, Oct. 24. -Fre.lcrico
Guilhcriue de Lorena has been proclaimed Provisional President of Brazil
by Admiral Mello iu command of the
insurgent fleet. Lorena is the captain
of one of the rebel war ships, aud the
Provisional Government of which he
is uow declared President was established some days ago, us was cabled
at tlie time, at Desterro, which is the
capital of tliestmeof Santa Cuthariua.
The bombardment of Rio, the capital,
has been suspended, O.ie reason given
iu Rio for this action is that Admiral
Mello is waiting the arrival of the ship
Cuidad do Porto, wll.cli set out from
this port recently louded with provisions, but especially ammunition for
Mello. She has not reached Rio harbor yet, aud cousei-ueutly it is surmised that thu rebel gunners have run
out of gunpowder aud projectiles, and
do not think it wise to exhaust what
they have left, lest before the arrival
of the Ciu.lad with fresh supplies some
ol Peixoto's ships, though of inferior
calibre, might engage the rebel squadron, and after obliging them to exhaust
their ammunition iu repulsing the
attack, overpower them by mere force
of numbers.
Freight Rates to Fort Steele, Canadian Freight Classification.
A   Class 1 &2  S3.C0
B       "    3, 4, "), &fi  $2.25
C       "    7, 8. 9, & 10  $1.50
Express Rates, Golden to Fort Steele - 4 cents per lb. and 2 p. c. on marked value.
" Golden to Caniil Flat 2cts. per lb. and 1 p.c. "
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;        F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
:m. b. lang;
BOOTS & SHOES,        STATIONERY, PIPES,   Etc.,   Etc.
He���"I know that you love me,
dearest." She���"Then I can never
marry you." He ��� " Why not?"
She���"Because I have sworn never to
marry a man who knows mora than I
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
M. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
Machine Shop
GcMen, B.C.,
TTAVE on hand for SALE a lot cf Pipe Fitting, con-
xx sisting of Short Nipples, Bushings, Lnion Couplings, Elbows, Tees, Hi-ass Globe Valves, Brass Pet Cocks
Nuts and Washers, Square-head Machine Bolts, Carriage
Bolts and Iron.
Sash, Duors, Blinds, Mouldings, Frames, Stair and Turned
Work. Estimates furnished and contracts taken on, all
kinds of buildings.


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