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The Golden Era Oct 11, 1901

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Array .^yu^Qst - 4-n^&-^LAy
OOLT^IX, British Columbia, FRIDAY, October /7/l 001
92 Per Yeah.
,  Is here and so gate Blanket
'       '   *���'  " '        *,��  I     tilatas it si   I     '       *������.   ���
values in plenty . ... .
"Victoria dross ?%"***,*
; .    ��� ���    -T .- . . 7 and 9 pounds.
Oregon ������ * bl^^9ttl^JJ4>1.3i
***, -.'���    '*.    a     il '������** *     '
White Ded Blankets, any
weight from. 6 to 9 lbs.
w Comfortersflllcd with pure whitew
J^���^-^-^^^J-wttrkgahdeoYei-ed with
Art Muslin, Art Sateen, Chintz, or Comforter
Print. ,:'"���'-'  ��� y
Flannelette $������*$$��-> �����*! $?
*iW*~"^^   wMfe both medium
+and large sizes;   White Flannelette sheeting by
thejrard���flinches wide.
; to use..       ���      '*...��� - .
Our Fall Goods hav-e just-arrived and we are
,jm,wr:-y:,     .*'--.. *
now showing the very latest patterns in
u*>i >r,y> *��� TWEEDS   <'-*���
J. C. Il@fiil[ 13^*^
Upper Columbia
Steamers DUCHESS aiul HM
of 1991 Open April Sad.
tt. tt. ttalla.
Ronte to Min<
Imperial Bank of Canada
Caaltal (Paid V��j ;s��UOOjeOO
B,f. IfawUud,    *'..'    Fi
T. B. Merrill, Vto
Wm. Hwdrta.
T. Sutherland
El In Bo,
Hi ad umoai Tsoaoa-ro.
D. E. WllJUa, s3ontret Haugstr.
��� ���'   *..HAr, Uurstctor, -    ���*
.    -ViwiaitfMt'    -   -
MA��1T0BA. N. W.t.and��. C.
Vancouver,       IVJUnlpeg,
"���"- -Oall, Hamilton, Ini
, _ ... ..-_��ra   ftdlo.   Port Colborne
frl"*4*4*"*-. Jt**6*. M-u*te\-*isiet.
***m, 8t. Thomas, Toronto, WWsnil,
Wash-lock and Montrud, 'iu*.:
Agitata Ira tSt-mtt Rrlttlai
Us*y*>*t-slt. UlWt--s-d, 71 l^b^.gt,, London, with whom rao * '
ibr transfer by lei.
the tbove brani'het.
motile, may b* depotited
etbl* to any of
Ag-eata la Gnlted Htatea:
NEW YORK-Btnk of Montreal, Bank ol
ftlCAUO^FIrst Nation*! Bink.
BT. PAUL-Becond National Bank.
SAN FltANClSCU-Welle, Fargo k Co.1*
���   ���  'Bank..':-' " ���
Afttt*la. 8ar.ll. Africa.
Inters-at iHo-ved on fitpDtitt.
'       ���'���   OEBENTUBEft.
Provincial, MunUip.1 and other debentum
purchased.   ,-.-..
i. S. *lb*. titer., Oolden Branch.
TUonias O'Brien,
Barrtoter, Solicitor.   ''
notary PuWlcConveyanoer, eto
Mi-sain Up|ser Cs-sstynbla th<-lg*tk>u and
Traavay iCawismiyV B-isjdmg,
fiaMcrt, H.��l
g-vtyty* MoCarter ��. Pinkham,
-l*Jtfs|*t.rva.llelt��'r^ Ae.
lUvsjIstoke, I1.C. FbtttHeeit, B.C.
Rsjonit Alex*nd*r Mock 1-oidt.i B. C.
r.i.'n lil is I t-**-**-*-**-*-***-.****--*----**
Jas. Brady, D.^8., & P.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
M. -tnt*. Inst. M.E.
8s.rv.ys node for Aimtnient Work and
Crown llrants.
Load for ial* on Lain Wind-trmere and
Findlay Omk, Eut Koo'-enav.
P. A
.   ,'���"*.  Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
floats. HM* Kicking lira River.
Hnll Bros. & Go.
���vTholesuile 4 ReUll
Cattle, Simp aad Hom Dealer.. .
|Oaa*f IjWbrgnt and Bntllan-
'tgti Hottl* la BrltUh CdlonfbU.
Mtmfay.    BiJtciali-ra*",**
" ?|p**'*��<r0i*'
elMle* or a anmlurn tor
tor naaca   .BM-fla  to*
La����e GMdaa Ttwtday 4 a.m., arriving at
AthalipwrjCanterburyand Wind*
Retarni]igarrive at Oolden. Wediflesaay
Leave Gol4t��i Frtday 4 a.m. f^j^^b^rough
ints; returning arrive at Oolde^i^i
..     at^BcJti,:,.. ...
hew rataS'-iWlOire, Lumber, Hay, Qnin andCoal.;
j^;ftirthor information up^ty to
C. H. PARSON, SeeMtn-y,
ot Wett.ni Oanatta ef an ac-
���rmomat��f   and   a   nllabl*
ill-aaon |n Amtrk*.
t than ntaotlatton.
there ,h*a. buseasMMiilrtrt.a law* aan-
ber, of accurate and nlltbl* combine*]
iherWnstriet.iis end r
bay* **tpte*uu\sm
rnadt.ttpeclt.lly to
��J illmatr mat wtlk tn *h��> eoontrr
���A* biis-omattr 'ia   ItiMiliaM'li th-
s^t^^dej!-* to ���>���"' **S->#lMta*i��-J
Tbesj.h-.nsli-qmc ;t*tram*-ita. -IBs"-.
ponitMMtt'Wery h���<;** It V.'.>������ j
Ctna-di,'Will Is* rent tnee to uriv i>sj:-'
asn 'orwardtng |j.".l Irr ,ij ...Jkij
tret JPiett.
The Concert Given by the Children Highly Spoken Of.
Th*>*nt*rt*inment given In Colum
Ua Rail, Tuesday evening, nnder tbe
*n*pi*n of thi Ladlei' Aid bf the
Mithodlst church, tuined out a very
tucemful affair. Muoh apprnlation
ll Mntnnd In tha tray the little folk*
performed their various part*. White
tb* whol* antertainmmt wa* good,
than war* a number of pieces which
dtnrve special mention. Roy Laidley's
llngipg of "Shoemaker John" wat
vary good.   Little Edna Whiting nn*
Th* -Pretty Uoon" and won til
hsurti-by her *w*et way. Thii boys
military drill wai good aa wt* alio
the dairy maidi drill. Min Ratr and
Mn.i Beach gav* nleottou* on i tl.e
mouth organ aad antoharp aod wan
well received. The event that oalled
forth in* loudest applaun wa* the
oboraa "Tim Soldier Boy*,'' whioh was
��nth**ia*tlc*lly received. Tl,* pin*
wa* repeated by ipeclal request. An-
otbar pin* that waa well received wss
the-chorut "Bye-low Land." Th*
aud**noe demanded mon and when the
sotar-siaia ron Ih* childnn wen snn
In an attitude ot repow asleep nnder
thiannflowar* with dolli beside them'.
- ,-flie ladles and instructors an to be
aMtgratulatstd upon tba manner in
whioh lhe whole programma wa*
managed, and it it to be hoped lhat
thiOr hard work ant with a good
financial result.
. 'Th* rs.ftesli.ne.it* provided by the
ladies were all that eould be wished
lor snd wen speedily got away with.
It ba* been suggnied that the pro-
liramine U npeated and the proceeds
divided wiih tha hoapital.   Theidea is
a good one and would no doubt meet
wKk liesriy ruiport.   If th* tiokeis
wara iold at. lay 26 cent!, everybody
would buy and help lo awrll the fund
lot ihe hospiialaiid church.   .
ifoilowiug it. the programma,:   .
���a .'-Merry Siiig* tin L*rk"
Chorus ..
sl'lias. Dalquist.
 CsboeHinker Jol...
Itoy Laidley.
Wallace Dabutrd..
.A llish. hi a Reilwaj Car.
( hildren...
 The Doll .Fnueral
l lura Chambers.
 The Pretly Moon
Edna Whiting.
*   RoyiJiidlev. I
 'lhe Soldier Boya
Vivian Nittru.
 ; .Apples for a Tenny
Clan Chambers. _
  . Her Aniwer
Mty Miller.
  Hye low Las-d
 Longfellowi First Fswu
Herbert BlakVty
.......... A Merry Fanner Boy
ClubSvdnging... ............. Lilt Laidley
(Juartell*..   /our girlt
Inslrumenttl duetii...;	
-Mm. Beach aad Mitt Barr.
Radiation B* Polite
Harold Tom.
Marching tong. .Roy Laidlavand J. Blakley
Boy.'DBU.., ,.  	
Tha Duke ol Cornwall aud York,
while out bunting at Manitoba lake.,
baggad BS bird*. Tbo Duchn* joined
her huiband at Poplar Point on Tun-
day and lha royal parly an now *n-
rout* to T-ironio.
Assignment Notice.
���|I*T 01 amy, ,*vi, ata,K���*a  *��� >���*  l*ersousM,
eatate, eredita and effect! which may lie
Mind and told under execution, and -dl his
ml estati. lo Thomas O'Brien, af Uolden
sferatsld, Barraan-it-Liw. iu trust for tbe
atuertl kvaegt of kit creditors, n* nid
dsvtdsjss*t*s*eutedby t-U saeiaaer nd Ike
uid ti-Mtn, n tb* Alb day at t5ttob*r. IWI.
atw, armi tnt corporattMii hiving
IgalnrttjMaaid ttMnrdW.sPalMn
injrasjtofs-i-w.rd to. Om mdirtland
full pswfssuUr..ftketr cltims. duly wri
And ���otleaJ. hereby glvan lhat *fl*r Ihe
tilth day of KosjsSiber. IWI, lb* trails*-, will
p.sMndt-ilisftriliute the ttiett oftMntat*
-Ihe-nirtle. enthled. thereto, ltavii
rtrSonly lo Ihtcltlm.ot* whkih tlw Mid
wMaiilltben Inn lad notiee, and that
! AMSL'SiJ��K milA m
, tana tatf-tof, or any pari lam utentt. tn
iWbuttd toany ptnoq et wjoni. timet
rnorttlsma, of whose debt or rltim
all uut have had nellce. A nsssetlng srf t
���UH-r. trill ta .held at lb* ofne ef lhe
lifloklen. B. C��� o�� Ihe ��li
IWI, ai tb* hour ol llloVh��k
ti.swei.l*��i to th* bnt-mtn
.     .     i, -i^nantltir tb* ��� wuttn*. ittl*-
"Slil *Th-X)m. B.C.. rt.1. I0��h diy of
O.Wb.r.lW..      ftr ,mm
Ottawa, Oot. T.-Th* 9th ot No-
vera ber. King Edward'* birthday, will
he a publio holiday nnder the Interpretation Act, Among holiday* is "t'h*
birthdav or day flxed by proclamation
for oelehrttitn of the birthday of Ihe
reigning'lorenign."   '
Then Is no intention to far to Issue
any promclamatiou fixing another siay
io that the 9th of Not-ember will be
obnrved tt a public holiday.
Woodbridge, Ont., Oct. 8.-Hon. N
Clark* Wallace passed away at 10:16
p. it.     '"'���'
Hon. Nathaniel Clarke Wallace was
born at *Wnodbrldge, Out., May 24,
184.1, and after being educated at the
local schools and Western Orsmmrr
school, ha engaged some year* in teaching. - He and hit brothir established
the milling and merohnrttile firm of
Wallace Bros, at Woodbridge, and In
1874 he emend public life, when he
wai elected deputy mre of Vanghan,
He became warden of tlie county in
1878, and lhe same year wn* returned
for lhe Hous* of Commons for We*>t
York, as a Conservative and wus one
of those who helped iqgive life and
shape to the National Policy that tins
done so mnch towards building up
Canada's industrial protptrlty. Hn
continued 10 bold that position ever
���ince, lo'ng nturned at each election.
He was an Orangeman from his
youth up, and held Ihe high office of
Orand Muter and Sovs-teign of the
Order in British America. He waa
alio president of the Triennial Counoil
of the Orangemen of the World.
He was controller of custom* under
Sir John Thompson's admistration,
and held that office nntil 1895, when
lie retired from the ministry owing to
his difference ol opinion witli the Cabinet on the Manitoba school question.
Hs was very pronounced in Us views,
and firm in Lis principles. So itrong
a held had h.en hitONivtitusvicy, shut
he has been sometimes culled --The Uncrowned King of Wett York."
rlnj-ton-ltnlwer   Tr.-at.3s *IAbr**rated.
London, Ool. 8.���The Washington
correajsondent of the -'Daily Chronicle"
gives lhe alleged substance of a provisional canal treaty, abrogating the
Clayton Bulwer Treaty. Commenting
editorially upon then advices, the
Daily Chronicle says:
"Englishmen will be startled to learn
that we have abandoned our rights
under the Clayton-Bulwer Treaty, and
surrendered every disputed point without auy compensation. The new treaty
is apparently another imtance ol Lord
Salisbury's placid indifference, and
Lord Lnnsdown'* impulsive generosity.
It is said that the President ot the
United States will recommei.d in adop
tion to the Senate.
Doubtless Great Britain will agree ts,
it. Although it gives us nothing ai
all,��lt will hav* the advantage of get
ting rid of all outtttnding grievance*
with the United States."
There will ba a meeting of the Senior
Football club tonight at 8 o'clock in
th* Ruaaell Houn.
Th* election of Tho*. Gifford in New
Wntminster will ba protested du the
ttdial *i*tutory vrooads.
���Every Rome
A Reliable
and Barometer
Worth $1.01), ���pevlalljr mad* to
- meet the climatic oundklons of
' Western Osnasla. will be    *e-it
tree to every yearly subscriber
ot the
Season io��i-i-sj��*
Cut out this adv.rtl.ans.nt
and forward to Fiat Prtn with
on* stollar and receive WnkVy
Fn. Pren tor on* ****��� lo****-
���r with * huiasom* thtrmom-
Mer.aiid barometer,
Con*ider��ble intprnt ia being manifes*
in tbe can of Miss Stone, sn American
missionary in Mscrdnnia, who waa ab-
ducttd by brigand, shout two wrek*
ago and held for $160,000 ransom.
Subscriptions are pouring into th*
hands of the American Missionary
8ociety and already over* $100,0C0 hat
been raised. Boston slcne, expects to.
put up about one third of the money
needed. The United Stat**-Government ha* taken ihe matter up and i*
using all its vast consular machinery
on behalf of the unfortunate lady.. The
money has to be paid before the end of
this month or the missionary will lose
her life. Il i* safe 10 ny, however,
that tlist rsiisoiii money will be paid.
Melbourne, Australia, Oet. b. -In
the federal house of representatives today the Commonwealth tariff bill was
introduced, by 'lie Riirlit Honorable
Chas. Cameron Kingston, minister of
trade and commerce, who congratulated
the House thai from this moment free
trade existed among the states of tha
Commonwealth. Mr. Kingston explained that the new tariff would be 01.
the Hues of moderate protection. He
announced that the Government intended to introduce a system of bonuses for the purpose uf encouraging titer
establishment of new industries, especially in the case .of locally smelted
iron and locally made machinery,
Loudon, Oct, 8.���Ar. the meeting today
of the stockholders of theGraud Trunk
railroad, the report of tlte 1 resident,
Sir Charles Rivers-Wilson, was unanimously adopted.
The reports referred to the tragedy
at Buffalo, and said tlini if Prfiids-s t
Roosevelt succeeded incnrr.viug out
the policy of reciprocity, indicated in
President McKir.le.i'i last speech, ���*
would remove some of the most svrioii.
barrier* to the |sroxp*rity of Canada
and ot the Grand Trunk railroad. .
The Orange Lodtie passud a resolution
at Thursday night's meeting, reurpt-
ting the removal by d��a,h of the head
of Iheir order, N. Clarke Wallace.
According to the Vancouver World,
F. W. Moberly, who has late., enitauad
on the Hope Mountain surrey, huR rn.
turned, and reports that a feasible
route, with no unusual difficultie��. has
been located, from the Fraser river <o
Princeton, a distance ol 80 miles.
Peter .McCarthy, K. C. or Calgary,
died on Wednesday, nover hmini; completely recovered from his serious illness this spring Mr. McCarthy was
well known in this neighborhood, hn
having, at one time been interested
in the smelter tow site, and also
having mining interest* in this district. Mueh sympathy is fell for hi*
widow and family.
Mr. and Mrs. McNeish left Thursday
evening for their future home in Vanoouver. On Wednesday night a supper
and smoking concert was tendered Mr.
McNeish by hia friends and many expressions of regret al losinir them bosli
win heard from tho-s* isre'snt. Th*
Eka join* with all the resident* of
Oolden In wishing Mr.. and Mis. McNeish * pro*|*er��u* lutnre and we can
assure them of a hearty welcome if
ev*r they return.
Sheriff Redgrave bas heard from
England of the death of his brother,
Elisha Redgrave. For over 60 year*
vear* he wa* a well known anrtiane-r
and accountant in Birmingham, but
had retired from business. He left his
residence st Whelton. Northampton-
���hire, to visit his d'tuuhter at, Hilly
Honn, Birmingham, where he wis
taken rick and died suddenl;. Aged 72
Chicago, Oot. 8,-Shonly befon
midnight tonight fire started on tha
docks of the Peabody Coal company at
tha foot ot Orleans ��trnt. Twenty
flat ctn wen consumed. Thi tim
tpread through the Peabody yards until five acre* of ooal were in flames.
The Iou on ooal I* est imated at up
ward* of $250,000. Th* Ure is believed to have tram of iueendiarj origin.
Martial Ins bee proclaimed in several
districts of Can* Colony,
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fl THE ER ���, OOU EN, ft 6, Ocobi r 1   11*��� 1
��ht Wollrttt fffira.
rvauiRan kvbbv fwdav.
.-ii'.'"d. But now that the move it on
r ni I. eon.picsiniit by h.U abs*nce.
Verily, Joseph, you an a connnndrun. I
E,. V. C.tauBssKS, - Editor and Pabllsber
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FRIDAY. Octobbu 11, 1B01.
Mr F Carter-Cotton in th* Nst.vs-
Advertiser of the 6th inst., in an cdi
tori*] on provincial politic*, in si*e..k-
iug of th* memlsers ol the cabinet, and
with special refence to the department
of laii'ls and workt, hai ibe folluwii.it
dirty itiiinuation agaiust tht Hon. W.
0 Well.:
"For these inntleri ths- province require! ths services of i's bat aud most
capable men ; men who ara willing tss
devote their time and attention lo -nib
He Hairs for motives other thahih*
ms re emoluments of offlc*. Indeed li
would ssot Ise an altogether uiiwi>u-
qualification to insist thai the in is,
who could not in bit private capaciy
earn at least as much as be woulsl re
ceive in otfi.iial emoluments, was noi
one to whose cara the public interest-
should be entrusted. What a lot of
incompetents this would huye barred
out during ihe past ten years, panic i
larly in recent times!"
The EltA has been referred to in til'
coast papers as "the mouthpiece of Mr
Wells," and while ws nan assure the**"
who think such is th* cast that Mv.
Wells ha* in uo way, directly or its
directly, any control ol this pn|,er.
still we must point out tor I he i u forma
lion of Mr. Cotton and any others who
may agree with his opinions, as ex*
pressed in the extracts above quoted,
tuat Mr. Wells' earning capacity ia not
to be measured by th) amouut he ro
ceives as oabiuet minister. A mau
who has, in 'he face of many difficult,
i-s, built up the splendid business thai
Ho... Mr. Weill has* done need, have
no fear ol insinuations emanating from
such a so'ircii, n hile his oonduct of his
department has showed him 10 be
what tbi* province need*, i.e., a business man administering a business du
paiuneut iu a businesslike' manner,
and not a politician using hit department* at a means of furthering hi* own
ambition*. We may also say that we
believe Hon. Mr. Wells would be tlse
gaiuer fiuanoially il ha were lo leave
the cabinet and devote the time new
a,-en. iu Victoria tn bis own busiueis
Moreover I he standard nt up by rhe
ed.ior uf il.e News-Ad.erii.ei i* fain
and would work a lasting injury to
tbis proviuceit it wasoarried out. Th
ability to "e-.ru" ��� certain sum uf
money, esiojcially under modem eco
tioiuic cuudiiiuno, it sometimes more
just cause why the holder ihould Le
sent to prison (or robbery or extortion
than nud him to administer other
peoples money under cover oi govern
ment prestige. The money maker is
uot necusarlly tlio best law maker,
No doubt it would auit men of Mr.
Cotton's well kiiunu character to
create a dollarooracy iu this piovinoe
that would control everything in sight
fur their own benefit, but it will never
be ao, fur we are for enough advanced
iu civiliii.ition to know ibat a man of
character uud ability Is at no dliad
vantage, even though lie be poor, iu
this laud oi liberty.
Th* \ i��it to Canada oi I hr Duke and
Duuhva*. ot Cornwall aud \'u|k   but
oreated a gnat demand, tor 'life-like
p.rirai.a ..rTIit.it  Ilujul  Uinh.,..'sses.
sTanastlua ratine and Uu*nt northern   Nol only has It aroused great  interest
Hn. lag  Work Toward the ��ew I In the*D,k* and D'che...  built  has
"������������p. I ureal.Iy 'deepened llie interest In hi* fat*
Cnii'idiun  and American compani-***
Tbe   Vanuourur   Worlsl   announce*
that a convention uf Liberal* is  to be
held iu Vancouver in the uear future
for lb* purpose oi discussing th* advisability ot introducing parly politic,
in provincial campaign*, aud if a favorable decision i* arrived at, choosing a
loader.   We desire to legisier a kick
agaiuat Vaucouver ueuiug the convention.   A mora central towu ought to be
selected.     Kamloops    or   Rovelstoke
would  be a  muoh   more couyeuiaut
place.   The poople  ou the coast aie
promt tu consider tht.nselvt* the whole
ai.ow aud take uo thought for the iu-
Uresis of th* interior constituencies.
If thi*  convention   Is desired   to be
t horuughly representative of provincial
liberalis.ii than let a central point be
cliis**.. ior Hi* convention,  bul if it is
to b* a hole in-corner affair then Vancouver ia tha right plaoe for it.   Iu
the latter aveut iuwrior Liberal* need
nut (nl themselves bound to fall iu
witb lb* view* of Ih* convention or
follow th* isssader ohonu.
are Im ring * hoi lime ol it building
rival and parallel line* between Republic and Graid Fork*. Work 1.
rii.hing on both lin.*, and every effort
i-s toils*: made bv both to finish baton
'he rival. H^^_
Th:s is the principal newt of inter-
' st. occurring io the statement of Mr.
Murray, the provincial timlser inspector
-ho Isn't retnrnel to Vanconver from
a trip through the Interior. Mr. Mur
ray vi-slted Kossland, which it still
juis'i from lis* result* ol the ttrike,
.nd shs'ii went lo the Boundary. The
Inner district it very lively, and'. Orand.
Fnrk�� ia the centre of aolelty. The
smelter then il being doubled In capacity, and work is progressing very
fast in various mining propertiea.
But the valley of tbeCawley river
i. the particular center on the other
���tide of the boundary. Lines of railway are lieing built, one on either side
ot the stream, and the language that
occasionally wafts over tl.e stream is
particularly anrbanting. The com
pauies are nearly even in Ihe amount
nf wrsrk accomplished More men are
wanted in railway construction all the
time, and the lowest wages paid, $2.60
Iter day.
Mr. Murray arranged for the collection ol th* royalty on two and a
half million feet of lumber, which had
1-etn out on lhe Canadian side and will
Ise floated down in tlie tall freshen for
ihe construction ol railways ou the
American aide.
Canadian Pacific engineers in is,
charge of construction work on tin
new Canadian line. The Grauby smelter expects io obtain from 600 to 700
tans ol nre per day from Republic as
soon ns the lin* i* completed.-Vancouver Province.
Th* Executive ol the British Colum-
Liberal Association met iu Vancouver
ou Oct., 4, Senator Temploinan ot Victoria (.residing.
The following resolutions were pass-
"The secretary on the advice ofthe
preeident Ise authorized to call i convention of the par'.y immediately lha<
it is intimated ��� general election will
he held;
''That thii convention be held in the
olty ol Vanconver;
"That eaoh provincial eleetorsl dis-
tilot be entitled to representation l.y
three accrediied delegate* per member
.uch district eleots;
"That all members of th* Dominion
or Provincial Legislature*, of the Liberal faith, be ex officio members of th*
eonrention; and
"That no proxies be allowed."
The scope of the convention will of
course Include the formulatian of polioy
and platform and the choice of leader*;
while it is fully expected lhat the
tlie more prominent Liberals In the
several district* will nol by any mean*
wait for the announcement ot a general
election to make preliminary movn In
the game -gatllng their idea* a* to'
policy In shajse fur prenntatlon to the
convention, looking about for the bnt
leaders available, etc, (to,
Joa, Martin wa* uot prenir at thi*
ner aud iniiiUr, King Edws.d aud
Q >evu Alexandra, and lias slso nude a
great demand for pictures of Thrir
To ...eet this demand the Winnipeg
Tribisiif haa .ecssred a supply, witb
��xclnsis-e control tor W*��i*rn Oanada,
of splendid, highly colored pioture* ot
Their Roj a. Uigl.ue.sea lhe Duke and
Duche..* Tiie work on then pictuie*
i-s of the very highest character. They
a-enot cheap cl.romo llkt or hsjlf-toned
productions, bnt finely colored plate*
and fit to adorn the wall* ul any draw
lug room, measuring In aixe 18x24 in.
Then great pictur a are to ba giveu
twuy free to subscribers loth* Weekly
Tribune, That large and popular
family newspaper is giveu from now
till January 1st; 1908 fur lb* prioe ol
a year'* subscription, On* Dollar only,
and every subscriber ba* tha olioic* ol
one set uf these apleigtid portrait*, the'
King and Queen, or the* Duk* and
Ii snm* to master not what other
iiewapHperi may offer aa premium*, Iht
Family Herald and Wnkly Star, ol
Montreal, can alway* go them one
beiler, uud thi* yenr they hav* agaiu
.dearly outclassed all aom|,*lilo��,
Subscribers to that great family papsr
will thi* nason receive the biggnt
valu* ever offered. In addition to a
very muoh Improved pu|ier, each subscriber will receive no leas than llirri-
valuable aud seasonable premium pio
sura*. Th* pictures are large portraits
of our new King, Edward VII, ami
the beautiful Qtte*n Alexandra, eaob
18x24 iucliet, on beautiful paper, making a lovely pair uf pioture* ready tor
framing, and which ahould be fouud
in every Canadian home. Th* third
pioture it a grand turpris*. We have
all heard ot the renowned Gaintborougl.
picture, i he Duchess of Devonshire, ihe
picture stolen aud recovered after 2fi
years and recentlj |,urclin**d by J.
Plerpont Morgau (*��� $76,000 . oath.
Tin publisher* of thv Family Herald
are givingmah subscriber thit nason
* beautiful copy of thi* historical pic
tnre (23 x 28 inches) in ten rich colors,
.aiue a* tha original, along with the
King nud Queen. All three picture*
aud a y��*r'* subscription tu the bnt
family paper on th* continent for oue
dollar i* certainly a big dollar'* worth;
Th* plain ol the King and Quran will
bea surprise. No suoh plates were
ever given with a newspaper.'
sDa-M-sMMtfir-httj-Nrt *a*mt*xot*9
You - ���
I.'* a lil.l* quees, wheu you com* to
think of il, that Mr. Joseph Murifu
sliould have ..Imuted lii.HM.il from the
I. s sMiug of lb* Liberal executive held 1 -
Vancouver rsw-iu.ly. A littl. uver a
jsiar ago Mr. Martin Wa*. vary anxious
to drag, lb* Libn-al |*ttjr M�� tba, oha.n.bn.l.i,, of Canada *nd the Minto
alou^h of j.roviucial l*oJ^I��a(il(at lh��u,Oup.
Carbondnla, Ills., Oot., ��.- A tragedy
wa* en��ot*d here today al a time when
tha streets wire crowded wilh people.
John C. Brown wn ihot by Rav, Joa
eph McGainmish, dying forty minute*
later. Tha two men had bnn bltttr
enemies fur nearly a year, owing to
Brown being jealou* of th* relations
between tba talniiter and hi* wif*.
During the early morning hour* Brown
had told nverat citizens tbat he would
kill McGimmlih before tuudowu.
Word* rnched the uiiuiiter and ha
armed himself. McGiiniiiieli had gone
into a store to tranta.it tome butinest, j
an I Brown, neing hiin. W-mt in with
an open knife in hit hand. He opened
a quarrel, and raised biibiudlodrik*
MisGininilih,'when thi latter drew hi*
r.ivol'-er aod find, ih* ball pining
through Brown'* lung. Browu leaves
a wif* and one Child.
Tb* Vancouver Y M. ('. A. Iscro.n
twin lid last Friday for tbe east whin
tlwy will play tnrln of matches with
tha Shamrock* of Mon'nwl for lha
Van MM it* NNrwrnMHi
-if dlrMaaafbr whan tha haaH
atai-la" tha haart la alok.
Dr. Agnew'a Curt fw Iht Heart It ��� heart
tpecillc. Under it'* aw.*, any or all of thai
Mutations of diMreu will rtnlu. kkt dew belon
Ihemomlngaun, Itlawlnnsn|(old��.ei.co.niunsl
every day aa a nevw-Itiliisg tnalraent -Oat
iota give, reliel In thirty minulea. Afcwbol.lt.
will eur. lb. nost uuwora out. It
Sold by 0. W. Field.
\s   *�� ' '���  '
Mu^> Dealers,
Testimony Which Shows ths
Great Value of Dr. Clarke a
Little Bed Pills.
Dr. Claike'* Littl* Red Pill* cured
me ol chronio rheusnati.m after I had
been given up by lha doctor*���Archibald Wilson; Sault St. Mari��.
There i* no remedy for rheumatism,
nr for building ap the sy��t*sn. equal to
Dr Clarke's woud"rfui Littl* Red Pill*.
1 would not be .without'bam for their
weight In gold.���J. J. Brandon, Fen*-
ion Fsii*. om. nnn
Io��n truthfully lay lhat Dr. Clarke's
Littl* Red Pill* have don* me mon
uoed than any other medicine . I have
ever taken.���Mn. Oriion R. Estcy,
Wate-tille, N. B. ft/p?
Thin i* no nmedv to *qn*l Dr.
Clarke'* Liule Red Pill* for nirvana
roubles.���W. H. Rontrtnn, Editor
Dally Timn Peterborough, Out.
Dr. Clarke'* Littl* Ked Pill* cured
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constant suffering.���J. B. Armour,
bookkeeper, Toronto Junction.       ���'-.-.
Dr. Clarke's Liule Red Pill* are*
positive and certain enn for la'gtippe,
rbnemai ism. asi lima paralysis, catarrh
oxein'a, coughs, backache, indigestion,
sll stomach and liver troubles, female
complaints even when she diseases b*v*
brni standing for many ynrt, Ih* moat
stubborn cases will yield. Pric* 60
nntl per box.   For ul* by local drug
lat*. Dr. Clurke'i Dura Cun for
Catarrh, and Dr. Clarke'* Sun Cure
for Eczema, tan,* pric*. $10 will br
paid for any ease ihey will not per
tnanantly oun
[ Dr. Clarke'* Sun Cun for f'atarrah
and Dr. Clark*'* Sure Cun for Ecnmt,
ume price. Ten dollars will Is* paid
for any caw thsy will not ptrmtntntly
Columbia River Lumbeir Qo.
_______ ^ -"d Spnice Jumber.
MANUFACTUBERS OF ftjOfir' $j||jj.   -jfe:
ElL-flimenslon a^ Specialty.
*^^^4^^���*w-*t^.w^*w-*m_^-.^^g^g/m*fQ-,-_,'m ?..���*���
A Toronto despatch ttyt: Th* rumor of tha retirement of Jutt let Rob-
irtion I* reilved, It I* aland that tha
Dominion Governmtut bu oonnntad
to make a gsnerou* retiring tllowanc*.
Thi* will ore��l* a vacancy in th* Chant
wry diviaion of lb* High Court.
Mr. Ralph Smith, M.P., Itanalmo,
I. at Ottawa in th* Interwtt of th*
Labor party; Ha. Il *ndtavoring to
pertuade Ihs Dej-artratnt ol Labor to.
tak* immediate action toward tba d��-
porlatlon of the alltn mlntn at Ro**-j
Th* Canadian Pacific railway au
thoritin hava under consideration an
Immenn scheme of irrigation for thr
Nortbwnt by which it I* proposed to
���tke good farming and gnaing oountry out of million* ol ion* wbieh a
it* dried and arid between Calgary and
Madicina Hit Immediately on th* north
railway lint.     .
-*+ Hills at Golden, Beaver and Kualt. ���*��
Larregt Capaelty In the Mountains.    Terms Casta.
���BAD ���WICK. - - sSOXDE-ff, b. V.
Eleventh Tear of Pnblic��tlc*ii.
Circulates Throughout the District
Subscribers all over the Continent.
ot Attunt*,* [ ajojj*) rtty.
It a dlteate of civfiUatlon. Whta tha
Indian wu * tlranger to the whit* man
ht.had ao name Iir 10* *--**hrd*r�� fcr
tbi* dreaded malady. -., ���'���-'
Without .rgulng u to th* eanMllty
*' ���mmption, it may ba ttatad- potl-
tbat DmU*---^^^^^
a Golden atai,]
tl*t*d tnd
a cough, tud
"-nan which
ted or ua,
-ITntn i* na alcohol
tt**nn C(
Examihe our list and see if there is anything you require
in Job Printing.  WB P��I��T^S* % ^
;..;..,.,.���..*���,'.,    r-.f,J,*J*^-*J\ft\.J'.\    '->-*-���?    :*
Your 0*Aari**   emit* Vaur| try t****r,/rw.
' ^vr9' '
mr*****- ttttU���OtU* nrnfO-t*--*
alva Dlaohairca,
H*v. Dr. Bosthnr,
i*i. Itt ntio* -na hiaulnn*., rivm*
lb* mnt gr*ta>M. rttM wUhlai tta saiann
*fstr irtt irnitiniift*    n onl*. i.
*mo*ma, ��.a   ssj*a*js|J^aw*^a^^^^       *_*** s^^^v^w ay
Sow by 0. % tlaig.
,nn ��   _
i|i  i in nil
iiltfuiliilnniit inn
, ;,*��ilfr*'sftfT,T _, _
���rt���-������*-,.l*,*_**w   mm-mme i-sstWfB
[ivaa apraa ItMunUa^iass-
tii; tha Gerald Sifion ranrdasr ail* of
Lori.lon, Qni;., \U'S*l-MwAm*wi:.    .
Senator Chaunay *Jf. napa��. af Natr.
York. I. goimj ta marry lit** Miy
I'aln.ei', uf Chicago,        -
tooctor PJtrW'a MlMrat ****** I
y.i-iwii.'F fi
'y:' '"*H
���;.;:;��� M
-miry TfiE "ERA, GOLDEN, B. C, October
11, iiti.
Blu.tr.ai   SUrprlM   tar   Aaaerlsvan
' T*ii*|aj'.*
Wuhisigfosn- 0��teU*r 4. -The war
d*p*rtme��t! ."MatM Mj-seivsrd; tb* bl*
lowing Asj.p'.iohtrbmG��nCh*l|s-..dated
Manilla, giving further detail* of th*
dfeutrou* aluuk ou tb* 9ib ngimtnt
"Manila, Ootober ��.���Adjutant general,
Waebinf ton-Front thon wh* ncapsid,
Ihi* toliowiug atory of tha Wrpiaeef
Berwmher 2Sih, iaf furnUhad: While
at'titeakfait at 8:45 a. m., on 8��pls*m<
bar VOU., the. compa*y wa* attacked
Ost a signal of th* ringing of thteon<
v*ni Mis. by ��bo*t 600 bolomeu, S60
from th* mr sit th* eoutp*ny't quartan, aud ISO from tha Irani. Tha
attack wu ilmulunaoui upon tba
otaoan .quartan. Tha oompany wu
com|)liily .urpnaad, Tha aiuoking
front gain**! psaaeaaioii of tha oompany'* arm*. Plght eniued forthwith,
tu whioh many m*t death lu tba mn��
room and in th* rear. Tba *nemy
war* beaten ot temporarily by about
��5 men, who had gained tb*lr *r*nt.
Sergaani Rettron uiumed command
ai��d endeavored to collect th* menand
leav* la tba boat*, when h* wu n
���tta-aked by tba euemy. Th* (traagth
ot the oompany wu 8 offioiri and 72
man. Tb* killed Include 8 officer* and
40 ei.liated men, mining 6, woandad
18, preswnt 18, Th* party attaoking
tha officer* ih lha convent followed
then, through th* ohurob. Then wen
probably 101 rifle* with tba oompany,
86 of whioh wan tavad, and 16 of the
lon rifle* had their boll* drawn Than
wm 36,000 round* of ammunition loet.
.Ninety-live prisoner* Ouiiida tha quartan joined in tba attack at the algnai.
Vancouver, Ootober 4.���The tletsut-
Iv* of Ih* Pro7iuoi��l Liberal Association mat ben tbii evening. Senator
Templeman presided. It wu decided
to hold a oonveution cf tha party, at
���whioh then will ba ihn* dal*g*tn al-
lowad from e.ch contiiiuency, it swon |
't*t a. then I* any definite new* witb re-
���past to another provincial generil
election. It i* uud.ritood that lha
memben ol the executive an in faror
Of conducting ih* next provinol.l campaign upontirlct parly lines.
Ottawa. Out., Oot. 4-Th* Colon!*!
-Setratary hu iiotlfiad tba department
ortraila��nd aouimsam today thill Oer*
nt'.**, lad' exteadM mull D*Wmb��r
81,1*01, thamoat favoredhalloa tract
ramit to subjnt* and products of lb*
United Kiliadam, ell Britiab colons'**
and. fcraiffa poaanlioni with th* ��������
caption of Canada.
Tba d*p��rtm*na of mill I* wuad-
ailed tsM*r tbat trooptr E. F. Chrla-
tojih'er.oftM South African Conttaiv
glary, wtitllghtlywounded.at Wolv*-
fo.it.lu, S*At*mb*r 1��. -
Qtiawa'a. atsNUtaaut thia jrnr will
���bow an Inonanstf aalUloa and a half
doNer*. Thi* hu bna nourad by In*
cnaaing tb* l*Jt on land v*lun In lha
For raedHll advice.' Men and4tdm
en lufferiug from chronic dinasalar*
inviitd to caa*alt Dr. Pier**, Buffalo,
N. T., by sVntr .twelinely without fee
ur oharge. For mon than thirty years
aa chief consulting  physician to the
Invalid.' Hotel and Surgical 1u*I|siii*
of Buffalo. N, Y, Dr. Pierre hud*
luted himself io  ih* I realm nt and
gild Cnra of chronic forma of disease. |
Ariitted by bi. ttaS of nearly a More
f physlolans. each, man a tpnialiat, hit
i.iccns hai hnli phenomenal, ninety.
C gbt p*rtcnt iu'ei-ery hui.dred treated
hs-ic*, absolutely alld alt.sgether eurad.
Wsjmen have npeoidly availed thiol
aelvae of Dr. Pitrte'i o��*r of ftae.cdn
; lulution by letter, thenby-avoiding
tbe. unpleannt questioning*,  thi ob
1 noxietu fzaminaiion*, aod odlon* Ileal
trntajegtl  contidtxed  ntonnry   by
praotltloner*.   Ov*r half a million wo i
' Inn bava bna treated ��� ky Dr. Pleres
i and hll ataf (or dl*nn* peculiar to
wom-m, with unvarying luoont. Wi
> without fear aa without tta.   Eviry
i latter 1* tnaieaaa itriotly ptivataind
i ����ondlr eonfldintlei, aal all anawata
\ an* nnt In plain epvsllotssM, bearing no
irlntlng niMQ^-fttiifesAddree* B. V.
<TPIeroe,  W^fjfpiary Medical
' Anoolttion
Btmevta f.r lsas.Tlalrlt.atla Tin*.
Abraban Uacolu-*ouk*tw*i obi*
tad open lut weak aad aighmn ptnooi
paaad upon tbii long-dead martyred
prntdeot aad gnat amanolpator, and
then tbe oatktt holding ill that waa
mortal ai Ih* honond dead, wu Hnally
laid away tor tba. thirteenth time
Lincoln wa* a buay* mtn through hi*
lit*. .Hi* friand* have bean buy witb
hll remain* line* hi. death, Privioot
to tbl* lui removal the ouket hii
removed from itt mtihg plan
twelve timet; while* thia made the
thirteenth. Eaob removal wa* Ihoughl
*o be the laat. Now, it i* declared,
then can never again ba ooouion for
(or dilturblng th* retting place, which
I* iniide an iron oaga imbedslod in a
huge bleak of cement beneath the tomb
of the Lincoln monument in Oakbridge
cemeiry at Springfield, Illinois. A
conference ot Ih* monument coin*
minionert look plan in thr memorial
hall of the monument and the matter
of opening the caaket to the light of
day wa* discussed. Some of thon
pnnnt Mid they did not can to look
apoin the remain*, but thon who favored the proposition raid that it wu
not a matter of wiihea, bul on* of
isxentitioation, to be mad* a mailer of
moid for all tim* to com*. It was
finally agraed to open the casket, and
after excluding everyone from the
memorial ball except mem ban of tb*
commiislon and lb* Lincoln guard Of
honor the casket wm .pens*) and the
|tt��aNn*eijsoaekl fo vi*w for l.be flnt
rtmellisceMsy 18ih, 1887, Thefe.i-
urtt were gaxs-,1 upon by thoee who
bad nen then, bolore for the ptirnon
olideutification.   The casket war t hen
ressealed and |.la.ed in a cement box.
��� .,��I ste  ;���
..*,-.* *** *.*.. II dea*
^~^*__jj��ist.-ngi. ySSKt^t. .wmy a* fBe**n , ~*e��m .Kg^f
Tn^**,:yi.ftm'.';-������.' "���"..���
- , -'ti-Tii l.ij.,TtsnH|tg*iia*l_. I. .*' *     ���    ..'
K- vmimmmmmtiws,
mulri lit ��n laWtA-tHeM
lapportr-a, tm'*> %-^#M��bsy-*lilp
C*    Thee. ���*'������ HtCjjjiy^ IjJBm tb*
\t\ **"^ iP^w*r"S .^Mj^ysaasn******te
liuiiUdlwl^ufci sJglidWbfeilfeii"  '
MB ���RsMhsii��istli*Bi-*''d*^'i'H
L JoliawlllskMt.-.- _.���_..
| to thaCtov��ct����atni; adwMalt I* wal'tl
member until a fiw wnk* ago.
.       -    LOCAL NEWS.   -
Mr Bullock Webiter of thi Provincial polio, fore* wu in attend* .c* at
Mr. Thos. O'Drieu reluintd from at -j^^^^*Ban^a^^anraa^BKis
ltnglhv vl-l: to the coast oitin on '"0 b* the futun of Canada, la one of
Saturday* I
Ron. F.'Lascelln wa* brought lo ou ,
Wk.l 1.1. B. Caasssta'a rat.n.
Torouto, Oot. l.-The Evening Tele
gram'*   London   cable   lays:    "Tb*
Daily New* commenting on th* royal
visit to ihu  Duu.iuion say*: . 'What
Suodaj't  train by Officer Cox.   He
w*t toeomptnied by hi* eounnl Ch**.
Wibwu, K C.
Mr. J. C. Ornn* aad wife nturned
London, Oct. 6 Sir Michael Hick*
ohaucellor of tb* exchequer,
deuin that parliament will mast thll
autumn to provide for money for tbe
pioncutlou of the wir in South Africa,
Neyerthele.. at th* prennt rati of ti*
penditure, tha defloit for tha fiscal
year will be ��681724,000, while tb*
sixty million* ot new consuls, with
wbioh it wai expected to meet the
deficit, rexlixed at 94/r-��&8,700,000-
leevlna a nat deficit-whioh Mint be
provided for by tmh appropriation* ol
��13,000,000. Sir Michael Hicki-Betoh
doubt lets considers that prompt action
by parliament in January will take
care of the deficit.
Sold by All Newsdealers
taa. tan laa dar wan ku bnn a
-mra, aal Dr. Tta anaa
sa*e*_4 attttt**M*"*-a-e*an
arm tan Uttttvtrttt fsvratt^Pjuytptl*
-siann u tta> a^pasgu iw*aa daikana
'ij Aad * lni**i* I. all Ihu It ntesttd to oon-
Vtnce tht rSoitTlmpailent tad tcepileal of
palh-atf. Cnnr them about with you ia yonr
pcsolMi; Uk����bemwb.n.ndwhweyoopl��sMj
they'rt htrtnlea tnd givt ibBea Isinsnl relltt,
A gteilt lo*lc ts> tb* whole aanran tysuts.
jjjeta IsvtotibkK- ' g
Sol* by C.W. Field.
KlagJMvrarsr. I*ai.p*.ltl.a I* Oaru*
lag M*.h Alaras.
l*n, Ootjy 4.���Th* annonr.sjemsmt
of King Edward'* indiipotltion in the
niwipapwi of Copenhagen trom which
eJt��; hia. majntir; haa jut reta-atd, |
���nd wben nent* ot th* Britiih mart
an moie lik*ly to ink put ihi* el*t��
wben, ia cau-sing aomaoommotion I *tt,
and tbe tact lb*��th* ouMoaiary oonrt
oiraujar don not.appnr in thi* morn-
ing'l papen addi to tbe uneuy fnling.
*V *'Vt:A, |��***wl������e��B -.MfSrmlDig
to oome from a titled rmamber of tbe
late Quna Vloiorla'a'liaanbold, giving
color to th* cancer aicry, that* court
aireln are dlnuitlngtht poniblllty of
W>apr*����tlou taking plu* uaxt ynr.
It I* imaouibl*, bowtver, to obtain
Unglbta-eerroboratlv* *vld��no*of thi*
nporti''-1.'   'jiM\       ��� ���*'���' ������*'-
,����� -A.-v'-.t   | jrBkk-'-j :���   '!.  ���
Abardna, Oot., 4.���Sir Jamn Raid,
th* di*tlpg��i|h*d phytlclan, ��s_ iv
���tayIng in tbi* v|clnlty, bubnn *um<
mooed to Balmoral.   Th�� Absirdten
EsmHi Niwi * ny. Sing; Ed w.rd'li.
..,  ,.j. '..   '      ''^-isjsiih,      ���_   -
: tfig, CHatbt Wallace, who wat report-
b* haAa*>lal*atlen of realpilai, *^faJa��-.sfca��3-efbily 111 lut wnk, kut'*
would ^W }W*iii&
uooriabrMnb 1
-TUt-tm*iiesyal**. >ws*��def Oltowliig
���MayJli-i    ,	
bain a 'Snowsawa" Tag.
to'AtkWiiinl-^Ml-ai^ u
kn-awti-arl gi-rnr for them,   WbaH-j1
uaaoo, aikyoar dealer m,mt m*-,
Jlluitraled pnm lum calalefla*. I      ��8
the biggest qusuiiuu* that faoe* the
Britiab Empire' today. Uuhajpily,
Englilh immigration, ntvrr very larj-re.
hu very much declined 'within the
lut ftw year*. Cauada ha* even lot
iti population, and Sir Wilfrid Laur-
*aa*-am*******************************mr,     .,,w -*"" allowed reoruiiiug offivaia tor
from tbi cout oa Buudiy'i train, "-lth.-3outh African con.tabularv to sir.w
in common with thon who took in the | (rom ibthottm 0| C.nad.'. prennt
Wntmiutw (air, report a good lime. ;���*,-,��� in lh, Nor*hw()i,...
Then are eom* baok yard* In thi*
towp, (bin* bting along the main bud
nan fire**; that -*ould be better (ur a
cleanup.   0(i a "waraa day th*y ��r* an
ofenol to t^kfnMdslvtlry ergan*.
W.(rl*^4,isinl* In on Monday'*
train lo make* arrangamenle to mov*
hi* s*aVoU la V��nCtmvsjr.   Hei* wall
plsn*ef* >irHi>: fcl* hew venture in the
lerml^atifltv,. and will bt pltr.ied to
neatayvliitingGoldenltnat thlBaul-
dsir.  i���*���'"'���'.".
:  Hoi -F. W, Ayliner it in town thll
wnk *sld repons a good tttton'a work
with i.li��sl-��4gfc   The working.torn
wae reduoedat tb* beginning of th*
month, but the dredge will knp tt
work aa long as possible.    A ntw dam
bu bnn built and several old onn repaired ihi* anion.
H. E. Fortter ��nd C. A.  Warren
cam* up th* river, with the Selkirk on
Tuesday and ttoppad tt the vtrioui
towna.   At Canterbury they enlivened
��� b J town considerably  and taking T.
H Taylor,   P. L. S.,   on board  thty
weUt on up ibe lake lo ipend a short
time .hooting duck.-Outcrop.
Ou Monday'! Ko. 2 there was quite
* larg* number of people got off at
Oolden, ** the visitors returning from
th* Westminster fair and the member*
af the legal fraternity,  who came io
attend the assizes,   arriied on that
train.   Among, tha latter wen G. F.
McCarter, Revelstoke, and Deputy At
torney Oeneral McLean.
The local hunters hav* not mad*
���ny laig* bagt this year as the blrdt
an Mattered and  hard lo get.   From
op the valley complaint* hav* come In
of the scarcity of grouse,  thi* being
attributed to the action of the tele
graph construction party,   who it is
staid,    (hot: indiscriminately   during
tielr trip this summer. I
Mr. Jas. Fraser ot Windermere waa
cue of the guard of honor at lhe Aeen*
lion of the Royal viaitors at  V iotoria.
Mr. Fraser Is ou* of tbe veteran* of
th* Red Rivar expedition, .and wa*
much imp-rened bv ths gracioaanns of
Their Royal High nesns.
Puratahaa Monthly to ill loren of
^Soog and Htaic �� vtil volum. of Haw,
Cholc* Copyright Competition* by
the mott popoltr luthon.
64 met ol nine pint
���ill Vm.1, Half Isatrsaustsl
ll Onqpfitt neees fn nam
Oan a Month lor 25 sCrata.
Ynrly StAtcrbj-tka, $240.
II bss-arlst In any n-sts-te ston .1
.     ��*-*it*H, ��outl cm tSM,
I uvlng *l $5.00 mtsilhlr.
In on* ynr yoa (tt nearly 800 Paget sol
Matte, comprising 2S2 Complete Piece*
If yoa wlU and m *u NasM ami AdVbaa *t
VtVB- rtm tai Otgta Play", w. wU Hod
vsssl.csojy *t th. Matulti. Fr...
J. W. PEPPER. Pubii.a.r,
eighth a Locu.t au., Phii.*.i.i.ia, p..
Imperial Life
Assurance Go.
of Canada::::
Capital Subscribed 11,000,000 00
Capital Paid Up........    460,000 00
Government,Deposit.... . 860,000 00
Aunt! $180 to every 8100ot Liabilities
First tnd Paramount:  '* Abiolutt Security to Policy Holdira"
Die*riet Ageat   *  -   -QaUaa.
For flrst-clatm
Dairy Butter
Fresh Eggs
t- ��� ���-������
. and all klndl of
���     -:    ���''������-
Farm Produce
Apply to
msjysjtn  m  -v.
Ml ln.sl.av, K.w Terk.
F. 8. Andrews, au i Id-lime pro��pec-
tor, cominitte.1 suicide at the Nelson
cemetery last Friday night by blowing
himself up with dyn.init.. He left
letter for thu mayor to gather np the
pines, put ihem in * nek and bury
them in a pauper's grave.
The Columbia won three straight
raon from Shamrock II. la lb* con lest
for tbi America cup.
Or. AfnatVa Olntmant wrlH ra.
liava and sunt any akln-nia-
-Ural   f-
"���tlnc. ^^^^^^^^^
Lieut. Bndtf-sm, Ntlksnai Soldier.' Heme, In
Grant County, Inouna, trod a very acute allock
of Eryilpelsu. Hll IM aad bead wert ia torment with burning aad licking sensation. A
drunitt racominensled Dr. Agnew'i Oimmat
it tnt quickest relief .nd cute. H. bought a
box snd fouud II u goods. II promlted, tnd a
few tpplicailons, to uu hit owa word., "put
oul the fin sunt lest than a box tniirstly eurad
me."   I*-*)***,*** . ���
Sold by C W. Field.
Ji*" iiyalpselaa-lha
-s^laatlan   kllla  tha
MR. KRitdER Failing.
The Higu*,. Oct., 4. -A. D. W.
Wolinann*, an* of the Boer letdere
Who his b��n visiting Mr, Kruger,'
found th* mental oondition uf the former pmldstnt of tb* TrtniVial to bt by
ae mnnt **tltf*ctoty. Mr. Kruger
Is slowly growing weaker, phyalcilly
and mentally. Hi* slo-vneu in naob-
Ing t decision on important quntlon*
il found to- he a hlndrtun to thon
working lu Euroi*e In bihilf of th*
Botr ctute. Al tha slightest question
regarding hii health Mr. Kruger ex-
bibitt ints-mn irritation, aod vehemently dei.'iea that anything Is wrong. Tha
approaoh of winter oausn. anxiety, a*
Mr. Kruger nfuie* to leave Holland.
According to a remark made by a
pramlnint Boer, th* former firnldeni'i
oondition would long ilnce have bnn
much Worn if hatred of Oreat Britain
-did not nerve him to continue. '
The bapplnca of home life depend*
largely on the health of t!ic wife and
mottier. When her ttrens>tli is unequal
to the daily carea an.1 duties of home,
the evening hour Cuds her utterly worn
out, too tired to talk, too weary to read.
At fint even the is glad to'have ber
butband go oul for ihe evening. Shi
wints rest md quiet at any price. And
to the foundttinn for marital misery it
often laid in ill-health.
But when the housewife it healthy
���nd strong she finds itt lier dey's dutiet
only i sufficient outlet for her energy.
She looks forward all day to the evening
hour* tpeut with her hutband over *
took, or paited in quiet conversation.
Aud every evening eo spent draws tlie
wife nearer to the husband aud knit*
together the twnin who arc "one Cesh"
in the higher unity of one mind.
Bvery woman sliould know that th*
general health depends on the local
womanly health. Irregularity, weakening drains, inflammation, ulceration and
female weakness are disorders which sap
th* woman'* rtrei-jjtli and des-Uuy her
happines* with her 1'mlth.
In ninety-eight caws in every hundred
the um of Dr. Picnic's l'avorile Pre-
tcription will effeC a complete cure of
womanly diseases. It it a reliable regulator. It driea llie draius which enfeeble
women. It heals iiiUnillinaliou uud ulceration and cur*, female weal: nests. //
��m*�� weak women strong and sick
women well.
Sick and ailing wrtf*."-.! ere invited to
consult Dr. Pierce, I* letter, free. All
correspondence il lititl as -o.cr.sllv confidential anil Tvcmlrtfitj- coiitiJences are
guarded by Hrlc't pro'et'lorsnl piivacy.
Address Dr. it. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
In a little Over thirty years, assisted
by hid niedicai staff of iiSilriv a score of
physician-r, Dr. Pierce, ch'ef constiltinjr
physician to the Invalids' Hotel and
Surgical Institute; of BufTalo, N. Y��� hst
treated and cured mor* tllan hnlf a mil-
nan women.
Tliefe is no eiiuikr ofMt of fm con-
(dltation by letter whicli has behind it
* physician of Dr. Pierce's etrlncnrc nnd
success, or an institution bf world-wide
fame such as the Inn-lids' Hotel and
Surgical Institute nf Buffalo, N. Y.
Write to Dr. Pierce snd obtain *
specialist's opinion absolutely without
charge or fee.
M wm plea-ttd that Dr. Pierce rfniwer-ed my
tetter.*" wrilci Mm. C. W. Yoi-ig, ftf Bonth,
Hegent Strctt (Ue Purk), WilkioLnrrt- Pciiun.
���iSmnerfectly willitipfuryoit to ii.-e ti Vtiame
tnd aifjiess, u 1 iiiiule it my duty to t��t the
Kuple know whnt a von dr rut nienidhit yoa
ire. When I luti thoae uiuhiiM.I bc-giu to
think I would never hi-^-e rhlklreti, nnd my
husbatid alway* sai.l that if I would take vour
meittcinc'I wouM R"Oii be alt ri. ht. K'y.Wk
Hnetl to almost lircak aud I would get ufek at
uy stomach nnd hnv* mich hrndoclieii 1 did not
know what to do; they used to net tne nearly
cr*<ty, and t used to drend to get up. I frit eo
bad; then I began taking vr-ur medicitlt.
When baby wat expected I loo-i it all the time
X w�� that way. I felt tine all the time nnd I
���ever get those dizzy sj ells uow. I hardly ever
have a ner-rou* headache any more.   I nave a ���
Krfect romp of a bov; he �� the light of onr
me. X am now twenty yeara old and my
baby U almoat eight months old. I now feel
well, and weij-*h iSo -pounda, and the baby ajW
poundi. We feel very grateful for the good
your medicine did for us. We are both healthy.
(autnka to Ur. Pierce'* iiiediciue.**
.Vour ' Favorite Presscriptioa' has dont tl
auch for sue,* aaya Mra. Hssanss Wcni.., of haw*.
date, Clneltnd Co., N. C, "lhat I feel it ny
duty to write to you assd tell you I think It
ssved my life. I had been under the treattnent
*t two doctors���had two niis>!i��p.. I was Simon
t skeleton, weighed only .evenly pOQutW, A
friend of.nine recoiasueuded Doctor Mir**',
-ssavs-rlte Preacriptloa, snd when I Mmhscaced
Is tske It tay health began U ImpreVe imlly.
I* tea mo.thB I was s happy mother. I had
���salsr Ukea six bottle, tad hue* Hewr nkert Ins/
aaeshelH al.ee, of say klud, tllsl now welljH ij.
poosd.. t am now .wyltlnst lhe lsirafi.1 of
Colher child la Ihe WS.bf Beillll. 1 csnoot
uv toe woe* fat 1*41* it year ��� faMritc fn*.
Dr, Piercsi'l tteasant Pellet* in it
tM the mot* agreeable and molt effective tttatHe f�� woroaa'* net.
Canadiaq Pacific
Effective October 18tn, 1901/
Trains pass Oolden
EAST BOUND,   -   -   15:10
WESTBOUND,   ���   .    10:20
Paisengers booked to all East, rn Can-'
adian and United Stale! poiuH.
Berths reserved on Atlantic steamer*'
for passengers to the Old Country.
Direct steamer service from
Full information nnd Illustrated Pamphlets furnished on application.
Oolden, B.C.
Church Services.
Services every Sunday at 11 a m. and
7:30 p. ui, Celebration of Holy Communion lat and 3rd Sundays of the month,
after Morning Prayer, and on Greater
Festivals and Holy Days at S a.m., or
as may be announced from the chancel.
Sunday School at 3:30 p.m.
All are cordially invited lo intend
the services.
C F. Yates, Vicar.
Service every Sunslav at 7:30 p m.
Sunday School and Bible Class at i
p.m. sharp.
Choir practice every Thursday .venal 7.
Rev. V. M. Pordv, B.A., Pastor.
Servi.*-*-! every Ssinday at 11 a.m. and
7:8;. p-m.
Sunday School it 2:30 p.m.
Prayer Meeiing on Tuesday a.8 p.m.
Rev. R.B. Laiiii.kv,   Pastir.
(I'l.RM F.)
Certificate   of Improvements^
LITTLE CIIIF.l'* Fra.-iioim: lliueralClaim,
situate in the (Jnlili-n Milling Division or
East Kootenay District, on tlte Middle Fork
of the 8jiillinia.-liei,e river, and lusui tl.d
north Isy vacant Crows, laiiit.; south lsy the
Whistler and Favuri.e, Cr. Or,, mineral
claims; eaat by Maud 8. and Stand by, Tr.
Or., mineral claima; weal by the Inter-
' national mi'! Favorite Cr. llr mineral rlsiuis.
I   TAKE NOTICE that I, Jame. Bndy,
; acting as ajrent for J. I.. Sni.ik. J J. Kenny,
and II. N*. llninl. Free Miner's CersJik-ste'
iNos. BlMDiiO, II44(WanH Ii 107M. initidj
sixty days from the date hereof, toapply to
the Mining Heeorder for a Certilieate of Im
nrovenieiits, fssr the purpose of obtaining *
Crown Grant of the above rlaissi.
And fus ther take uotii's that action, under*
.Action 37, limit be comn,ens-ed before Ih*
lasuance isl'asscli Certilieate ot lmprovenieiits.
Dated this Thirteenth day of July, A.M.
IMI. Oil
IK THE MATTIH of an anpliealion ler
���*, diinllealf. of tsjro CrlilvalwofTithile
I-en liand 1% Block l.Townof OoMtu,
HBIsMt OirMt thaw J* I*
���sOtil-f IL *m*mm.mm-mmm���-mM3333__
fJafflaWl t^tt^S^^l
. nisontn iron) im tun iwnitf-Ktmn wr^v v-~
Ui.pUeaM.ef the Ceriilicatw of Tilttieth*
l��syirsl nir.ntl.sAMl lot. In lit' illiiieof WiJIlalu
MeStUh, whioh tasjrrltn.it*. tre due* 1h*
(ith dty ol Oeivbor, iMM, tud nuulwad
linWA and IMtNlA risifset'Hvefy. "^
H, Fi M��ol,s��0!>i
District Itattiatrir.
lint Tarlstry Office, Nelauu, 1>.��J., -Brd i
ayofMeplslmswr, 1001, 1.8   '
A special from Victoria ro the Nol-
ion Tribune lays i Premier Dunsmuir
atata* that ha will not resig.ii and it is
generally believed that be ha* made
conceatlo.it to the wing nf bit sup-
posters lhat havt remained true to h'm
at head ot the Government This
wing will be given lhe two vtcant
portfolio!. By lilting tliis course
Dunsinuif t!iln rely oh the sn pi or', of
Martin and at l6*��t three of his follower*. These, together with Mnuneu,
D.ckie, Pooley, Hall, Boo'h AW.
Smith, Hunter, Ellison. Roger*, Fulton, Kidd, Taylor, Oreen. Ebena. Well*
*nd Prentice will give him a working
majority, notwithstanding th* defection-of tfnfiride. Helmcken. MuPhilli|>s.
Hay ward, Murphy, Tallow and Oa*-
den. Thew ��even w 1 have Curtis,
fi.O. Smith. Hasjuhs-irnHiwal'i*, Oliver,
Gilford and Munroe a*, coadjutors.
Gllmonr It classed as an inslependrnt
���nd the Government Bide believe tl.ey
ean win the vacant sent in Vcoria.
This arrangement may I '��t the lifeot
th��J prswnnt host.*, .a tie nn jority of
the memh��rs know the |).op!e arc
heartily tick of th* elections. MeBride
and Otirtl* will lead tht* opposition.
It has hewn ttuted bv*. i rorart.r
owner on Fall, oreek, V.inensiver. shut
-miMi: of ih* property on th,* meek h-,��
been transferred to the Va' cosivei'.
We*iminster. N'.rthorn # Yi'kon rail
Way. a. d lll.it this .-.oiiii-hiiv have sj.o
puruhaeed the Kojal City Mill siie fur
s��rminal i<ur|.usti,
A. P. A A. M.
Mountain Lodge, No. 11. A.F. k
A. M. Regular Communl. ttion,
second Mnnsuiy In every month.
S'slnnrnillg brethren . ordi.lly 1*-
C ll PARSON   Secretary.
I,   O.  O.   V.
Rocky Mountain Lodge vn. M meet, in
Oddlellows Hull, Uolden, every Wednesday
al 8 nm.   Sojourning brethren welcome.
Toronto, Out. 5���A horrible accident
occurred at the residence of Mrs. Chafer, No. 304 Lippincott siree', by
which her brother, a Utile iii.ie-ye.ir-*
old boy, aliot and instantly killed ths
19 mouth old baby girl of Mrs. Chain,
in her mother's anus The bov caina*
came into.llie dining room of Mrs.
Chafer's resideuoe wilh a nuesage for
her, and after delivering it he lifted up
a gun that was lying in lhe comer aud
began examining it. Then, not knowing it was loaded, he i-ointed it at Mrs.
Chater aud the baby in lier arms and?
fired. The bullet struck the ohild ill
the head and killed it instantly. The
police, after injuiry, decisled that the
terrible affair was entirely accidental.
���etrth American Nervine eui-ed
that Kaaknaynd apastoti. ������/��
trial wrtll eonvlnoa you.* 0**w*
 "-   It   na  daoepilor*
tailistn aopllad te this *-r*atV
eet et* Nerve trait
An Inlluentltl gei,llem*n reoently wreta i���"1
loin with the thousands who have been beneltw
by South AmsTicanNrvlneinlhelr food opiaksssf
Of It. Il waa res-umiuenited to me by one whe
had bwn cured by it. 1 ttied it ind ta coreda
and I heartily pan tht good word along���ll'i f
hot tonic. Ml
Sold by C. W. Field.
���~**4 , GOLDEN, N(ffiTH-EAOT KOira^ OcTOWBl t,  IWA
Tjl'E have a large stock of sec-
Vl ond baud Engines Butlers,
and S.wmill OniHts nud will be
glid to send description of sam*.
W* make a sjieoialij of bulls)-
ing cars of any sixe or type lo
���uii requirement*
We carry a large atuck of Belt
ing, Valves, Fitting* Pii"** Polished Shsf'lng. Issjectora, etc,
for iinmellai. ��hipm*nl.
We manufacture Thawing
PoiiHs, Wli.-els and Axles nnd
evurything for the uorihern
Wsi alao carry a large stuck of
8ts����l Platea ol all ��ixes, ami from
X,. Hi auage lo 7*8 ii.cl. thick.
Boiler Tub ���*, all sixes Steam
Pi,,,- up to 10 inches.
Your .'ominnnieation b.v mail
will he prom|stly attended to.
Works, Ltd.
Sneeessoe. t*
Arsiistioii* * Morrison.
Masii.iai.t3, In* Itudtrt,
rltektnlt-M, lot.erinak.rt.
VAXt'OCVEK, -  ���   II-C.
The Assizes.
Grand Jury  Throws Out Bill
against  Hankins���Lascel
lr>a  Acquitted Because of
Mental Infirmity.
On Tsiesday morning the Court of
A.aize waa oi-ens-d ��h��rp on time before
Judge Jrving, who paid hi* tirat ofH
cial vitit to this dirriot.
The follosving grind jurors answered
to their mine* nnd were duly ewurn,
"Mr. Oibh lieing elected as furfsnan:
W. L Houston. W.Sutherland, 0 B
McDermoi, C. H. Parson, .1. S Glhb.
J. 0. Green, 8 U. Robbins. J. Devlin
H. R. Moodie R J. Rjbimon W. W.
itogera, J. G. Ullock.
The Judge Ihen directed that the
���j'ssiel of the |*tit jurors he oalled and
il.e gravity of the court  win severely
mi-aimd   when, afier calling one ol
names,   the   sheriff   announced  in
singe whisper  "He can't answer, ray
1-jrd, for I have hiin locked  up",   The
j ..l.e then addressed the Grand Jury
tolling them that they   had two cases
tu iironouuce on :  King vs.  Laseelles
an I iiing vi. Hankins, tiie first being
* charge of murder,  the other one of
-horse steuliiiK.   The grand jury then
���retired,   on lhe request  of the judge,
-considering   Ibe    indictment   agains
L .acellei first, and finding a true bill
'J .injury for tl.e murder case was then
mt-cied ts follows:    W.  Alexander,
J. Lnwaon,  F. Hallidsiy,   H G.   Par*
���ton,  F. W.   Aylmer,   W. Miller, B.
filler.  J    La Montagne.  >.-.   A. Mc
Uillan, J. McMattie, A. .1* Lspworlh,
L. McKeuzi*.   Alter the juror* had
kin sworn, F. W. Aylmer waa selected
*>-s foreman.
The grand jury then announced themselves ready to report ou the second
case and were called into tbe court
fuom. Mr. Gibb handed th* indiot-
ineni to th* registrar with the endor-
��aiiou "No Bill," and Hankint who
wa* iu llie ooun room heaved e tigh
os relist.
Before ih* o**e  againit Laictllta
w.t gom on wiih,  hit countel,  Mr.
Chat. Wilson, K.C., niiiited by Thot.
O'Brien,   moved   thu   th*   accused
-be allowed to take advantage ot th*
nesnion of the Code which allow* a
jwnosi, whoa* health I* likely to be
adversely affected by th* (train  of attendance i'i court during hia trial,  to
be removed from the court room after
tlse charge had been read against him,
si,.,mining in aupjsort of hie request
an affidavit from ihe medical superintendent of the Weaiiniueter asylunl to
III*  effect tbat  attendance   in oourt
wuuld be likely to have a detrimental
affect   ou lb* *ecu*ed.   Thi. requett
wae granted and Latcelles wa* brought
and, afier having tb* oharge read to
him and answering, through hi* ooun-
"gel, "Mul Guilty," wu removed to the
j.ilagain    Difiuty Attorney General
MsiLesin then opened the oat* for tb*
cruwu, reviewing ai length the clruum-
atiiiieea leading "��� w the shooting of
llssok L'isu, hi* Chineae cook by Hon.
F. Laaoeila*im%-*nth of May, dur-
��'.n addteae taking ilw opportunity ta
-c .inpilinent ��ae*t- Osataerun  on th*
wurage and tact ilttfaytd by bla In
the afreet ol liaacelhak, i, Lambert
wa* ihen oalled aad wagas��a*nln*d verv
����bau.iively a* tw Ma i^ga\i*\a\**a
wiih accused, und th* looation and
plan ot th* l.oute iu whioh th.shsx.t-
i..g look plane. Al 1*1.4*) lheuoui-1 ad
juurusil tur l.ucls uuiii It.' On ifea.-
se.ulsling, Lumball ttus further ex
am.lied a* tu ine evenis immediately
preceesliug the shooting und Iold bos*,
ou Lusculle-s return Iru.u i lie court held
iu Peterboro, Mny iiui., l.e seemed tu
Ise verv much exo.ied uie. th- conduct
of sff.iir- there, aud how tbi. six'ejie*
���ueni continued until th* final tragedy'.
.Mr Lambert �� as oross exasuiued carefully by Mr* Wilson, bul witbuut nl.)
of the verv common severity witb
whicli many counsel* couduct a cross
Lambert wat followed hy F. Kimpton, 0. Cameron and Dr. Elliot, th.
evidence given being practically the
name** that brought out at the enr-
onei't inquest, which w.st given*in full
at the time by the Eua. Thi* closed
the case for tl.e crown and a 10 minute
recess waa given by the Judge, which
waa much appreciated hy the jury.
After it was over, the defense was
speneil by Mr. Wilson, who, iu outlining hi* defense, rerlewel iheevid pee
already in, and said if the disposal 61
a human life did not hang on the .ss e
lhat he would feel temj.ted to submit
the casu a* it stood to the jury, .as be
considered a verdict of "Nor Guilty"
would be given on the evidence already
in. The responsibility resting
in him, however, was too great for
'isns tu throw away any chances so he
would proceed to call expert evidence
o prove that, at the lime of the oom
mission of Ihe act, Lane lies was not
in a condition lo ba held accountable
for his conduct
The following [ire eminent was theu
made hy the grand jury who wore
i hanked hy the judge and discharged
To Ihe Honorable P. JE. Irving. Jus'-
ice of the Supreme Court of British
May it please yonr Lordship���
We the Grand Jury ot North East
Kooienay beg to extend to you a hearty
welcome on  thia ths occasiou of your
first visit to our district in your official
Wt desire to bring before your Lord
ship's notice the follow ing recommend
1. That the gaol he enlarged and nc
I'.otuodat ion be provided fur female
2. That a constnble without other
duties be appointed lor the town.
II. "We would again recommend that
our Sheriff, Mr. S. Redgrave, who has
reached the age of seventy years,.and
has been a faithful servant to the
Oroveruin ut fur eighteen yeara, be
.-.UjH-run.inied and |i*u��ioued.
And we your petitioner* shall aver
Signed ou behalf of the Grand Jury,
J 8. Gibb,
Dr. Mancheeter, the madicul superintendent of tbs Westminster asylum,
was than called, and being duly sworn
gav* hia evidence in a moil clear and
instructive manner. After detailing
th* reception of the accused at th* asylum in Jun* he told how after 18 day*
h* received Irom Laseelles * full ag
count ofthe occurences leading up to
the shooting. This narrative the Dr.
repealed, and afterwards showed how
the.liffwent pari* ol the story fitted
iu with the known Symplons of "Acute
Hnlliicionnry Paronla." fiom whioh
form of disease the accused wai suffering.
Tiie narrative, is related by Dr.
MancliMtir, w*�� of great interest, aud.
better than anything elae, atrvcu lo
���how the jury, th* extraordinary con
���traction jiltced on eommonplaee Incident* hy one affected witb ditrate of
th* brain.
Laseelles spoke of enemies ** 'they?
Wh*n pressed aa to who "they" were,
betook refuge in another generality
and referred to them *t the "rough
el"itient." He laid ihey were retpon-
alhl* for hi* having been tnmmoned to
tbe court at Peterboro, and that, he
went there and found that the magistrate wa* mesmerised, a* he could 1*11
by lhe wav ihe Bible was held, while
In) wa. being sworn. Ha also noted
lhat lawver McDonald was th* one
who had meameriaesl Scovil, and b*
could see that McDonald wore a maik
���ml nai in reality on* Fairfax. After
the oonrt wa* concluded he judged il
best lor hie own -uifCty to not eat anything in Peterboro, but proeead to
Windermere, where he (pent Ih* night.
On leaving Windermere for bora* he
hn osit * good stout club In sssjsj-it*r that
de<>sid liiius��lf if attacked by "Lame
Jo*," * Kootenav Indian, who was
lliyi.ig on him. His suspicions were
nor* i han ouo* irones-d hy remark*
mad* by the men working oa hi*
h.use, that they too w*re iu th* plot
a.i ������
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against him, bat nothing particular
occurred until th* day before the *hoot
ing,* when ha left aa uiuii to round np
Iii* horse*. During that diy he had a
terriblesxps*rienoe, ae lha whole-country was peopled with Indiana, who
made hostile de-nonitration* againit
hiin. He *l*o|heard a band playing and
Caw bright lights ��� flashing, while
voice* were continually calling to him,
The*! voice* purauad him home, and
all ihrough the night preceding the
tragedy he heard thain talking outalde
Iii* hone*. It wat thi* data of;*ff*ir*
that finally lad him to oall them to
com* in and he-re the trouble over.
He took ap a poiltlon commanding the
front entrance, whin hi htardtomeoiit
coining In by tbe back way and turning raw bi* asaailsnt beuding'down *���
if armed. He shot him and tban latt
th* house; ipent the das* wandering
round, still bearing voicet, nntil he
finally mat with one who called himself a policeman and ha then gave bit*-
self up.
Thi* ie, lo brief, the itory of the
(hooting froiri Lraetlle*' distorted
point ot view. Tha dootor #a* examined further and gave evi le��oe tending to demon tt rale, for th* bnnafit of
th* jury, the peculiar insMtal condition
of Liscelles, and though oioas-exara-
insjd at tosnelengih by Mr. McLean,
lilt evidence wa. not thiken.
Dr Tayior wa* thai! called and Wleiy
corroborated .Dr..; Xt^clieillstr'i evidence. Thl*olo*iiig the evithuoe fag
ih* defence, Mr. - W.liuu thtn suiam*d
sip vary bsieliv. Mpnusiug ih* opiuloa
i has th* jury would find no difficulty
iu finding bit *ll*isf not guilts/ on th^
ground of intaalty.
i Mr. Mr.Ls-sa-ti,, fuUo��**d and argiMA
that *v*n granting thai L*ae*Ils*i* halt
by rwuoil ,,��f hM: Infirmity, rnleinw*
ereted thing., ayJtJIl l.a ��� ould not buy*
b-sn jjtt.tillad in ehCotliig ag he dislr
even if the things hc imagined had
been trua, and atked tor a verdict bf
manslaughter, aa he cOmldertd thit
inch a verdict was iuitlhed.
Tbe judge, In charging, epoke ot the
danger ol expert Cvidenoe bting bliwd,
though Dr, Maneheitar-'a position as
���uperlntendent of (ba provincial uylom
removed to a great extent thsuipiclon
generally *tt��oh*d to egpert ayldence.
He polaied out what legal Innanlly
wai, and during hi* whel* charge
maintained a ttrlotly latpartial atll-
Th* jury retired and in five nlnatea
announced that they had fonnd a ear*
dipt On tbeir bting pajhsl Into oonrt
Foreratn Alyratr annoatMCa it M "aot
guilty.** HI* Lordahlp thea inkmlttid
the following question* to the jury,
wbieh were aniwarad in tha affirm*-
tive: /-.   i*;
Do you conildn thit at the time ol
the eommi.tion of tba-acl iba nttuWaM
waalncanaf ...
Wa*ys��ar v*i-dlot *str.di*ad -en. ae-
ooont of this Insanity U
ThtprlionsJt w*e tbea brsnght in
aod the verdict read lo Mm, the judge
then luftirraing lilm thai he wcejd b*
kept la'atosiaedataa^i'^'^'' oiltil
he eould b. tmotttt* t*j| Vaikala-
iter .tylum, aad (share i����stall wwait-
DaHtif hw4*^p> tffrtMMM ����� W0
***���%!���-Aiitttp!^^ "
armbi* *fo* tit*., *U**��4UOm t��
���t&m'--et<m'-1 Ma     ''
at*th��ini**ti��uof hiefi
tauet give bend* aatitfaatoit:����tl|e
(gr**<f��a.M<*r->etp him in eueie<|t. -
; ,'Aft.r th, tnal wa. ... tta:^
la��ort��*e��atle* with. the^m*��.*t
hs-irtry, npriilid thet>ti4r*tosttal'b*
did aot thlak the jury <��uld -f*W w*tt
have brought iu iss^efliaj*. v^iyt.,-.
ijffirw -na^sfVi-r>iJsrV��r����*ipf^ k-jyi-
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lart viatk, tot the |iriii>it*l IretVc*
heetaabera. While here,- be appeiatei
LoUliM, Omii a* agtat (or Oolden
Hnd sflityict, who i>iiU (apply tb* wania
at tba*| t-jqalrlag inylalag la tba
book Msie aadsirni soamiMtt to ean-
-rae, Oai1|ea-rt*��t .wtpk tm-Vktltmm
sMraera. We might gstatlsM that ha
v��Hrla*aapiwa|-liaa tWahlMbea, alao
���am Mr* valitabls owl on The' Un*
*tgr��M a��hi*ri Wfckr ���* Diok***,
Tsaarjatari, Irving, "fioimta aodSiowa
nnnumtgg g*t\uj M4I
~v..fT...':. "it1.., ��� ��� li, '.lijiiia'ii'fii ii.ni*n
.����*Wrt<aae> ������
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Bar. Mr, McLean will kaM Mfftee"
bath asiorair�� ait*> ��>*wl^ ���
AMtyteriaa abaraV*^ >r*iay imM.
' B. W. .-^i����(M^^*-ii^7^>p^tei�� ^'a��u ���
ttsr*��ifw���� all hll goodie* '.nr.'
lilt. ____________aaaKemm.'
e-e^we nennntmn),


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