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The Golden Era Dec 23, 1898

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 The Golden Era
Il tb* moat widely olrculatod tnd
(Met advertising medium ia Eut
Xaotooay. Thia it the paper thit
ia nad by the mlnen, the raaehen,
th* rallroadan aad lambermea.
Safeoerlptlon, $2.00 per Annum
In Advance	
The Golden Era,
Hue been appointed the Gazette
for North Best Kootenay tir-
Duminien and Provincial Gov-
e'ven-ont notices and ndvertisa-
Dieim.    Published by
Thk Golden Bra Co., Ltd., Lt,:,
..���-.-���> Odtpg��*=B.C
TOL. VIII.   NO. 21
$2 Per Year
Holiday Bargains
The  Big Store
In Full   Swing.
An unusual opportunity has enabled me to
make an extraordinary purchase of
Choice-, Fancy and Staple Dry
Fo? the Winter Tradfc.
Dress Goods:
An endless variety with
Trimmings to match.
Black and Colored Silks,
Casbmorea, Serges in
Navy and Black. Beautiful Hues in Melton
-Gloves & Mitts:
Black and colored Kid,
Pur Lined.
Ladles' Department:
Mantlea, Jaokets, Wool
bona, Laces, Feathers
and Flowers.
Shelves   and   Counters   are   Groaning
with the Weight of Bargains.
H. G.   Parson, Golden.
House Furnishings:
Blankets and Sheetings,
Towels and Towellings,
in fact everything that's
Gents' Department:
Crowded with bargains.
Fur coats, caps, and
mi tts to match. Clothing, Boots and Rubbers a
Bargains i
In ends of carpets, floor
rugs and niatts.
for a pine Suit
and a Perfect pit
... PAtftmlze . . .
J. C. TOM,
The Fashionable Tailor.
Opposite The Columbia House.      Mtc
��� ��General Merchant.
Cigars. B. Lawrence Spectacles.
Agent for Giant Powder Co'y,
Agent for Lancashire Insurance Co'y
of England.
��������� I !���!���������!    I I I     HI   ��� I II II
Subscriptions Taken for all Papers &
What'ea Town Without alapdri
In   writing up a recent trip across
tb* mountains Frank Oliver rdttalU an
example of the benefits of a live news*'
. paper la a town, and of how  dead  a
K'ao* becomes without a paper. John
ouaton, aow mayor of Nelson, went
tip' from Calgary and started a little
paptrat Donald which he called tha
Troth. It wa* an excellent paper
typographically and in news matter'
(tad it spread ths name and fame of
Donald far aad wide. Houston loomed
Donald in tb* sen tor ol a great mineral
reigon. * H* aad the richest claims
oa sartb *oattered nil over the sur-
rflUddlng hill*. Prospectors sooured
tb* country, and Donald enjoyed quite
a atlaing boom, But Houston was in-
dwotd to remove to New Westminister,
Troth died, the mining boom collapsed
and Donald itself took the down
grade. The rloh claims are etill thi re
bnt Donald hna no newspaper to rail
attention to them. Consequently capital stays away.
Mpaln'aGreatest "Need.
Mr. R. P, Olivia, .of Barcelona,
Spain, spende his wintere at Aiken, S.
0. Weak nerves had caused severe
pains in ths back of his head. On
using Eleotric Bitters, America's greatest Blood and Nerve Remedy, all pain
toon left him. He shj-s this grand
medicine is what his country needs.
All America knows that it cures liver
and kidney trouble, purifies' the blood,
tones up th* stomach, Strengthens the
nerves, puts vim, vigor ind new life
Into every muscle, nerve and organ of
the body, If weak, tired or ailingyou
need it. Every bottle guaranteed, only
60 cents,   Sold by all Druggists.   1
TAKE NOTICE thnt CO days after publi-
ceti.n of this notice I intend to make application to the Commissioner of 1,,-tutls &
Works at Victoria, B,C., to purchase the*
following piece of land situated in tho Mining
Division of Windermere, North Kast Koote-.
nay, B.C.:
Commencing ,1t a potit marked ll. Ii.
Bruce'. North East Corner, situated about��
mile, up from tho mouth ol tho Little North
Fork of Toby Creek on the North Me nf the
said creek, thence South III chains, tlieuce
West 40 chaius, thence North 10 chains
thonce East 40 chain* to point of coiutueuce*
uiont, coutaioiug 160 acres.
Dated at tlio Little North Foil-, of Tobv
Croek this 18tli alav of October, 18ttt.
WOJaU Locator.
NOTICE id hireby Riven that -application
wtll be miifle to the Leginlntive Assembly ut'
tho Province ot* British Columbia, at the noxt
Session thereof.hy the North Bur und Arrow
Lake Kailway Company for an Act amending Section 40 of the "North Star and Arrow
Lake Railway Aet-^ 1898" by oxtenrimff for
oi.e year the time within which tiie security
mentioned tn the said 8oetion 40 shall be
given by the said Company, and also extending for one year the time wiihin which the
sum of teu thousand dollars in the Section
mentioned, shall be.expanded; and further to
amend the said Act by ��d-lin�� ah a Third
Section to the schedule tnareof. tlio words,' "a
" railway from a point at or near Fort Steele
" on the line of railway mentioned in tliu first
" section of this schedule by the most feasiblo
"route so a point at or near Uolden."
Dated at Victoria, B.C.. this 35th day of
November, l.O. ISM.
Solicitors for the North Star and Arrow Lake
Railway Company, the Applicants
596 j��6
>'0T1CE is hereby given that application
will bo made to the Legislative Assembly of
the Province of British Columbia at its nett
session, for an act to incorporate a company
with power io construct, equip, operate and
maintain a railway (standard or narrow
cuage) for the convening ot passengers and
Freight from some point at or near Cranbrook,
thence to Golden, both in the Kootenay District of British Columbia, by the shortest and.
most practicable route; with power to con?
struct, equip, operate and maintain branch
linos and all necessary roads, bndges, waVn,
ferries, wharves, plucks und coal hunkers,
also steam ami otlW vessels and boats, and
generally to carry on the business of transportation, with power to erect, operato and
maintain telegraph and telephone lines in
connection with the mid railway and branches
for transmission of mnsHages for the public,
and te acquire water rights to supply water
or water power, and to generate electricity
fortfce supply of light, heat and po^er, as
well for their own use as to soil atftl supply to
the public, and with power fo carry on a
business of a mining, smelting aud refining
com puny, and to construct, equip, operato,
or to turn to account, to sell or otherwise dispose of luinoi, smelters or refinerios; to acquire, hold and dispose of mining lands, miu
fag; rights, coal lands, timber lands, timber
claims, surface rights, water rights ami
privileges, or other real or personal property,
aud with power to expropriate lands tor the
purposes of the proposed railway, and to acquire lauds, bonuses, privileges ur other aids
from any Government or persons or bodies
corporate, and te make traffic or other arrangements with railways, steamboats or
other companies, with power to build wagon
roads to be used iu the construction of such
railways or any advauco of the tuuue, and to
levy and collect tolls from all persons using,
ana of freight passing, over, any of such
read**, with all other rights, powers or privileges aa may be necessary or incidental or
conducive to the attainment of tho above
objects or any of them.
Solicitors for the Applicant.
Victoria, B.C., November 9th, 1808.    5'JOd:
NOTICE is hereby given that application
will be made to tbe Legislative Assembly ef
tbo Province of British Columbia at iu noxt
session for an Act to amend Ihe Ko.tenay and
North West UailwayCoiupauy's Act 18W, b7
coutii-ining and consolidating in the Iioeto-
nay and North Wet Ifailavuy Company .11
tbo franchises, rights aud powers grantBil by
the East Kootenay Itaiiwny Act, 1897, to tho
East Kootonay Kailavay Compauy anal granted by the south East Kootonay Kailavay
Act 1898 to the South East Kootonay llailway
Company and purchased or otherwise tic-
Quir'ad by tho said Kcotenayand North West
llailway Company and to extend tho time or
times limited in tho said Acts, or aa.y of
them, for tlio commencement and coinpl.tiou
ofthe works or auy part thereof authorised
hythe said Acts or any of them and oxteud-
ing tho time of giving any security or tho
doing oi any acts for a period of threo years
and for exteudod powers and ior all such
other powers as may be necessary to fully
and completely carry ou and operate the
works aforesaid or any of them.
Dated this 8th day of December, 1898.
CUB Solicitors for Iho applicants.
MI-. Mitchell's Importations.
Ur. Mitchell, of Columbia Valley,
arrived in Golden this week with n
carload ol sheep, which ho has
purchased at Cochrane. Mr. Mitchell
has sold out his former flock and ii
going In for the Oxford Down breed of
shebp, hi* purchase comprising a part-
bred ram and a number oi pure* bred
ewes, as well as oross-breeds,
Mr. Mitchell also purchased a pedi
gree Hartford bull whioh was originally Imported by tbe Cockranes of
Hillhurst, Quebec, and for which *
large figure wss paid at the time of
his importation. As this animal will
be available for stud purposes a fine
opportunity will ho afforded to the
farmers of the -.alley for improving
their breed of stock.
To Advertiser, and Subscribers.
Tho OOLDEN RRA Is niibliehed eterj
Friday eroning. It is the best advertising
medium iu the East Kootenay district.
Subscription Kates : SIJ.DU per annum IN
. Alterations and changes of standing advertisements must he in the ollke not lator than
noon on Wednesday to ensure insertion, but
casual advert Foments will he received up till
noon am Friday,
While all reasonable care will he taken,the
proprietors will not bo responsible w auv
omission or error iu any advorti-aomout.
All accounts to he paid to tbe Managing
Director,or lain authorized agont,from vvhoni
the company's receipt-will be.obtained.
Advertising rates i Display ntlr>., 151.50 per
oliimn inch: Legal ail..,, 10 cents lier linn
I'or first insertion, ii cents I'or each additional
insertion,- Heading notices, 12 cents per line
each issue.
All business communications should be ad-
Qressed to the Managing Director, and ail
litorary communications, lotters for publication or news items Should he addressed to tho
Correspondence is invited on matters of
public interest, but to secure publication
Bitch lottoi-s must bo brief, in the case ot
knonymous letters filename and address of
[ho writer must bo enclosed, not for publication, but for the private Information of the
editor and as a guarantee of pr-od faith. Anv
letter received later than Wednesday will
have to stand over till the following isasu'e.
Ibe Golden Eia Companf Limited Liability,
Omen, Goldish, B. 0.
(Kite (Solium Viva
Again con-as round the fettivo season of the year. Yule-tide is the one
aiuual festival that is observed all the
world over with those ceremonies
which are supposed lo exhibit tho hest
and mast generous traits of humanity.
It is a season above all for the children
when thoy enjoy tT.e generosity of
parents and friends in special degree.
For the sake of the children even-
town and community should have its
Christmas trees and entertainments,
and we think is is a thousand pities
that this old-time festival is not observed in Golden Oft this Christmas-
tide ac in previous yours. Ou the
children the futui-o of the nation depends, and it is the daty of all to endeavor to make their lives noble, and
generous, and useful, Nothing doe.
so muoh to stimulate these fine qualities in the youth of our laud as does
the proper observation ef the Annual
Christmas Festival. We wish our
The Liberals ire .till dominant tn
the Dominion, The bye-elections held
last week were almost a clean sweep
for the Liberals, who carried nine out
of teu seats.
The Semlin Government ur* evidently retaining the confidence of the people. Mr. Neill has been again returned
for the Alberni bye election by a substantial majority over Mr. Ward, the
Turnerite candidate.
Th* Kamloops Sentinel very truly
remarks: "The fact that Hon. Jos.
Martin is being so freely abused by the
Opposition press, will persuade most
men that he is the right man iu the
right place,"
The News-Advertiser says: "The
present provincial Government has
succeeded to a terrible load of debt and
obligations as lhe legacy Irom the
discredited Turner administration.
Scarcely a week passes that does net
disclose some new blunder on the part
of the late Government, whereby fur
ther financial obligations are eatailed
or new and unexpected demalds made
ou th* Province."
Th* Boundary Croek Times Hays:
"It is decidedly refreshing to watch
the acts ol Hon. Joseph Marti*, after
several years of a lethargic uttornty-
ganaral. Hon. Mr. Martin is taking
charge of the cases at the assises and
is prosecuting with a vigor characteristic ef the man. In tbe details of his
department he acts promptly and there
Is no uncertainty about his intentions,
Two matters to whiuh hie attention
was called by residents of Greenwood
ware decided at ouce, aad iu tho public
The Semlin Government propose to
inaugurate a splendid policy ia regard
to public works and railway charters
In seine cases the province will direct
ly undertake railroad extension and
other public works arid in others possibly co-operate by loan or sharetaking,
whilst there may be a very limited
number of cases in which subsidies lu
cash or kind may be advisable. But
in these last the present governmont
will take particular car* that a very
distinct quid pro quo shall be secured
the sommunity. The dav of practically unconditional land and cash subsidies from thin province is over.
Bight  New f-luoer  Lease. Taken Cp.
This woek Mr. Griffith, Gold Commissioner, received applications from
the manager of the Fi-such Creek H.a -
draulic Company, operating in tb* Big
Bend, for eight placer leases on the
Columbia River, In the vicinity of Surprise Rapids, about 30 milts north of
The Company has had prospectors at
work on the ground for somo time,
and is satisfied as to its value as a hy
draulic field. The French Creek Company is an enterprising concern, and
tho fact that it is taking up this
ground is a guarantee that it has a
good prospect in hand, The laying in
ot water and hydraulic pipes will provide a lot of labor during the coming
season, if tho enterprise is taken up in
the inauuor lhat is anticipated.
DR. VON STAN'S PINEAPPLE TABLETS���Nature's most potent aid to digestion���pleasant and positive curo for Dyspepsia, Indigestion, and all stomach deraugo-
nients���a now but well tried and tested
discovery in the medicine kingdom��� harmless as milk, mild aud pure���prevent tliseasos
���curotho incipient cases liko magic-aud
will relievo the most chronic cases In one day.
*lfi cents.
*eUbyC A. Warren,
A Big Strike RoportaMl,
A big strike of copper ore is rsportod
on tbe Swansea, at Windermere, It is
stated that tho ore body struck in tbo
shaft shows six inches of native copper end tliraoo feet of carbonates. If
these statements and indications at*
correct the Savansua gives promise of
being a big capper mine in the future.
The St. Eugene expects to send *ut
its lirst shipoment of ore by the first
of aTanna'ry.
It is reported that a deal is ou hand
for tho purchase of the copper locations
on Jubilee Mountain.
The Winnipeg Free Press says that a
smelting process has besu invented hy
which ores can besu elted fortl a ton.
Tbe Alberta and Kootenay Develop,
ment Company are applying far a
Crow*-Grant for tha Caritwo Marsh
claim, located at Moyi*.'
The Boundary Creek Times says :
"Heretoforo crown grants issued for
mining properties contained tbe names
of owners, but lot their interests.
Each man had an equal interest according to the crown grant. Police
Magistrate Hnllet wrote fo the attor-
ney-geueral pointing out that a client
of his had applied for a crown grant
for a valuable mining property in
which he held a 2d-.Si.ud interest. The
crown grant did not show that bis interest was any greater than that of
the other owner. Hon. Mr. Martin
replied at once that lie fully endorsed
Ur. Huliet's contention and that he
had made arrangements to have crown
grants made out iu the future 30 that
th* interest Of each jrantee will be
expressly stipulated. This decision is
an important one, as it rolievos miae
owners of muoh worry and expense."
Nelson Tribnno says:���The prospect
of profit from the mica deposits of the
Ye!l*w Head Pass and other points in
the Rockies are very bright, Some
300,000 pounds of this mineral are used
annually in the United States, and the
supply is so much less than the demand
that bb p(u- cent of tho iniba used is
imported from Scandinavia and Russia.
The substauce is worth from 81.80 to
25 dollars a pound, according to size
and color, the larger and more transparent plates bringing tho higher
prii'e.1. Its use's are numerous, In
niicmscopy and optics; for making
broaze powder; instead of glass; and
as a lubricant iniop, is in demand. Even
���crap mica, th* debris ot the mine, s
worth, from tb to i'ib a ton, being an
ingredient in some varnishes and
paints, and in thesize for coating wall
paper. As it i* generally quarried hy
open face workings, its getting io
��� a*-	
-Two Pointed   Questions An.w.red.
What is the use of making a better
article than your corapatitor if you can
not get a batter price for it?
Ans.��� As there is ne difference ia
the price tha public will buy duly tlio
better, ss that whiltour profit.* may
bt smaller on a single sale thoy will be
much greater in the aggregate.
How can you get the public to know
your mako is the bett?
If both articles are brought promiti*
ontly before the public both are certain
to be tried and the public will very
quickly pass judgement on tltoni aud
use only the bettor one.
This explains the large sale on
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. The
people havo been using it for years and
have found that it can always bo depended upon. Thoy may occasionally
take np with some fashionable novelty
put forth with exaggerated claims,
but are certain to return to the one
remedy that they know to bo reliable,
and for coughs, colds add croup there
is nothing equal to Chamberlains
Cough Remedy. For sale hy all druggist, Langly k Co Wholesalo Agents
Victoria antl VidicOiffof,
A Manly 8pee.fi at Albcrul.
At a public meeting at Albert-i,
Attoruey-Gcneratl Martin s'ated that
his reasons for speaking were to be
able to answer the attacks made in hie
presence and the many made in his
coroners' reoulatioss!
He drew attention to tbe coroners'
legulations issued by himself. Those
sot agreeing with these regulations
had better vote against the government The governmen had made the
regulations  and were going to stand
U,a   alaajala aalaal    Stta* tu   I tla-,1' asllfoi Ca-mSHt.
He had been complimented lay many
coroners on iho new rules. Tiie government would Bee that public..moneys
wore not wasted.
Ko instance had been shewn of it
competent man being dismissed, only
that of uian who were inoptnpetent;
aud iu no case was a man dismissed
to make room for political suppoi'tere
or friends of members of the government. Referring to iho dismissal 0?
Mr. Dick, he said he had aot done hi't
duty, therefore he had to go to make
room tor a man who would do his,
duty. Referring to ex-Magistrate
Macrae's dismissal, the speaker explained the investigation and Btartd
tliat under similar circurastancts he
would do the same ihing again. Ht
referred to Miss Nuttal's dismissal ami
tha absurdity of keeping people who
had relations hard up by the province.
Th* government Bund many officials
doing nothing and drawing salariss.
Tht government intended to carry
out every pledge tTiat they had made.
The gove'riliient's policy was di itinctly
at variance wilh that of thn opposition in its railway policy. There will
be no mors land grabs by railway f-nii-
Th*. government, intends as far al
possible to pursue the policy of goveru-
tnent ownership uf railways. 00 referred to tiie arrangement made with
the C.P.R. aid the utter incompetency
of tht Turner government in matting
such a bargain. The mun whe expects to got privileges ei monopolies
fordoing nothing would uot bacon
sidered by tbs preieut government'.
Any profits to be made are to be made
by tht people, nnd the government will
ste that the people get then.
Every prospector has aright in spit*^
of Dunsmuir 10 go and prospect in the
E. k N. railway belt; and let. any
prospector entering the belt to stako
claims Some to hirt. *(tHe -".ttomey-gon-
aral) and he would light tho matin
through o the highest court.without
axpenso to the prosper, or. ho would
prove that the E. & N. company were
subjects of the crown, and that the
crown was preertliiieiit. He criticized
tbo policy of the Dunsmuirs, who demanded pro-payment for working a
minora! claim in Hie. raijway belt, N'<!
institution can be allowed to stop thi
progress uf the proviso*,
Invitations have been received from
Calgary and Rossland curling clubs to
attend their rea-it-.t've bctaSpiels, bot.H
ot which take place from Jan. 24th to
27th. As it is impossible for tho local
curlers to attend both honspieis the
chances ire in favor ot ths Calgary
invitation being nt-cepted.
Tho following is the result ot tho
President vs. Vice-President match :
Warren       13   vs.       Ullock   17
MoNeish      2    "      B a6     2d
Heudersou    7     "       Grsene   13
Majority for Vice-President-28.
Play in the Pryan k Lee competition startod Tuesday night, when
Ullock defeated Warren 14 to 5. anil
Rae defeated Greene 1G to fi. On
Thursday evening Ullook defeated
Greene 17 to 9.
O. S. McCarter, formerly at Golden,
is bringing a riukot Revelstoke curlers
to Golden for a friendly game 01;
Monday next.
A meeting of the curling club will
be held at ihe rink on Tuesday evening Dee. 27th at 8 o'clock. The nrin-.
cipul business of tha meeting will bt
to select rinks to represent the club st
the Calgary Boiispiel. A full attendance is requested.
Tltflit Throbbini;   Jlt-attar-hc
Would quickly le.tve you, if vorf
usod Dr. King's New Life I'ilis. Thousands of sufferers have proved their
matchless merit for Sick and Nervous
Headaches. They make pnr* blood
mid strong nervos dud buiM up your
health. Easy to take. Try tliem^
Only 25cents. Money hack ifiiettufetf
?.iM by till briigtflM NEWS IN BRIEF.
King Oscar of  Sweden le  111.
Madame Dreyfus is  seriously HI.
Le-iTaaay I. ou the increase In ltuttla.
Barou Ferdinand ale Rothschild I.
Several Huttlas provinces nre sutler.
Ing from famine.
The anti-anarchist conference at Borne
ha. proved a  success.
Two Ohio boys, aged 10 and 13, were
convicted ot murder.
There 1b no change la the Q. T, R.
telegraphers' difficulty.
Hartland P. Hurley, author, known as
"Old Sleuth," is  dead.
A French expedition 1. moving up tb.
Y-uig-Tae-KIang River.
General Shatter d.einres Cuban, are
unfit tor veil government.
The International commission will re*
assemble on January 0th.
Russian agents are trying to float a
loan In   the United State..
Ore shipments from Itosslaud aggregated 1,8a:! ton. last week.
0. r. It. traffic receipts for last week
���how au lucreaae of $111,000,
Oreat progress I. being made In Portage la Prairie and vicinity.
Unkuaiwu parties stole $1,000 from J.
Watklu's store at Forrest, Man,
A thousand Italians are en route to
work un the Wultt. 1'ass railway.
Simeon Csuby ha. coufa-ssed tai the mur*
der of  tho Uallcio/us at Stuartburu.
An unconfirmed report nf the death
of  General Homes is current In  Madrid.
Russia Is anxious to arrange a friend*
ly understanding with Great Britain.
Canada has received 01,000 feet of
space at the Paris exhibition  of 1900.
English Liberal papers criticise Sla
Wlallam Vernon llarcourt aud Mr. Mor*
Senor Montero RIos severely criticises the United States' policy towards
Jarnegaii, the extractor of gold from
sen water, has scut $70,000 to bis
dupes. i
The Northwest Commercial Travellers' Association elected officers on Saturday,
The new steamer Oaspesla arrived al
Paspeblac, U��� from Mlifurd Haven, on
Development of the Crow's Nest coal
measures will Insure cheaper fuel to
Qold ore worth $25,000 per ton has
beeu struck in the Mikado Mine, Lake of
tbe Woods,
The Duke of Oonnaught will lay the
Inundation stone of the Gordon memorial at Khartoum.
Canadian couiiulssioners hope to have
a draft treaty with the V. s. ready by
the eud of  January,
Tho attorney general of Ontario de.
clare* marriages lu Ontario by a foreign minister illegal.
A Slntaluta farmetv writes an interest-
account of his proglreas Iu ten years.
Ue is   worth $75,000.
Grand Duke Nicholas, of Russia, un.
veiled a monument to saildler. who tela
ta   the Rusto-Turkish war.
Ultra religious people In England
aro opposing Lord Kitchener's scheme
for a   Gordon memorial college.
The Newfoundland French shore difficulty may cause serious complication*.
between  Great liritalu and France.
Paul Brown, sentenced to death for
the murder of Wilbur E. Burton, at
Winnipeg, has beeu respited till Febru-
aril Hard.        . ,    .
J. 0. Foley, of the Foley mine, Rainy
Lake, urges western boards uf trade to
advertise Western Ontario's uilnera.
H. M. S, Irresistible was launched al
The new hydraulic mining regulations
are gajett.d,
The U. S. peace commissioners sail for
home to-day,
l'leus Coin, a Kentucky outlaw, was
lynched by a  mob,
A canal from Lake Michigan to Loki
Superior is projected,
Canadian trade for five mouths past
aggregated $180,200,000.
Alfred Head was killed at Oalgary by
au explosion of  acetylene gas.
Mubdl Dlnln, an Arubluu chief, Is lead.
Ing a serious rebellion la  Yamen.
Alexander Grant, registrar ol the
Ontario court of appeals, is dead.
Minneapolis flour mills will not entei
Mclutyre's proposed flour combine.
Montreal has started a subscription
Ior Lord kitchener's Gordon memorial.
Tho Waterworks bondholders have accepted Winnipeg's offer fair the works.
The high Joint commission will pro-
bably adjourn for the holiday, on Monday.
A new town on the a N. P. railway la.
called Sirdar, In honor of Lord Kitchener.,
The ashes of Julius Caesar are reported of having been found la the Forum
at Roma,
A jiropotol to tunnel Manhattan Is.
land for transit .purpose. 1. taking de.
finite ahape.
Tho names of successful Winnipeg candidates lu th* civil.service examinations
are gatetted.
George 11. Maxwell and D. H. Rowan,
of the Winnipeg cu.tome' .taff, havi
beeu df.mlssed.
An insane man attacked the Brltl.h
embassy at Washington with bricks, do.
ing $700 damage.
The Olive Quid mine, Seine River, has
declared monthly dividends of ono pecan t. for December aud January.
The question of dividing the 'territories into provinces will he considered al
the coming .es.lon of the Northwe.t
legislature, / '*..",
There Is a grain blockade at Buffalo.
A revolution "hat broken out In  Boll-
Baron Newton, * Crimean veteran,  Is
dead. I
Dreyfus Is .aid to be en route tn
(France, . . i s .
The Indian mints will not1 be re.
opened. : i -
Count Tal.toi ta to be expelled from
Rnasla. <    .
'    Algeria is threatened with antl-Seml-
tlc riots, i    < i
Spain hopes to [ay all her debt* within
eight years,  . , ��� '
Gold has been discovered In a new district near Glenora.
Henry A. Rice, ex-Governor of Malta-
chussetts, Is dead,
Lord Ourxon, viceroy of India, haa
tailed tor Calcutta.
M. Mueller, nf Berne, ft elected president of  Swl norland.
Spain asks Italy ta watch the movements nf Don Carlos.
A "Jack the Ripper" murder I. re.
ported from Brunei..
The Victoria Colonist contempt of
court case was dismissed.
Lord Mlntn was entertained at din-
Mr by the Toronto club.
Canada's mineral output for 1898 1.
estimated at $40,000,000.
Several men are reported froien to
death on the Yukon trail.
Lord and Lady Mlntn were given a
civic reception in Toronto, a
Tb* Emperor of China IT- afflicted
with abnormal melancholia/
EdmtMiton farmers ask a revision of
freight  rates tn Kootenay.
The V. S. National Board of Trade
favors reciprocity with Canada.
A new manager has been appointed to
the Winnipeg branch ot   Molson's Bank.
The Winnipeg Trades onal Labor Oaaun-
a-ll endorse Mayor Andrews' candidature.
Germany will Insist upon the "open
daaor" policy in Central and South America. .
Railway statistics show rapid development In central and northwutern Manitoba.
British Liberals desiro Lord Bosebery
and Mr. Asqulth as leaders of their
party. a ...       - -
Russia is building a powerful lce-
breaklng steamer for winter navigation.
The M. S. association held their annual dinner at the Manitoba, Hotel last
The Niger protocol expired ou Tuesday without a treaty haviug been
framed, ' i
The N. W. Commercial Travellers' As.
eoclatlain report a considerable Increase
iu   membership.
Grand Trunk stock fell three points In
London owing tu the impending telegraphers' strike,
Russia has opened negotiations with
Great Britain for a settlement of the
Chlneso question.
It Is hoped that She Internaatlonal
commission mny agree upon a treaty
before December 2*lrd,
A steamer, supposed to be the Dominion Liner New Ihigland, Is In distress
off Baltimore, Ireland.
The government candidate In the bye-
electlon In Albernl, B. 0., Is 2d ahead
according to returns received.
Dr. Frank J. Gouldlng. formerly of
Winnipeg, died at Grafton, N. !>., from
the effects of accidental poisoning.
Cordelia Yiau wus convicted at Ste.
Scholastique, ijue., and sentenced to
death for the murder of   her husband.
'i'be department of the Interior is
about to publish a very complete atlas
of the world, North America and Canada, a
It is reported that Prince Victor
Napoleon was In Paris last week conferring with General Mercier and M.
Paul Deroulede, " ,
The most Important point In ' dispute before tho international commission
1. the lumber duties. A treaty on other
questions is considered certala,
Senator MacF&rlime, of Nova Scotia,
is   dead,
A successful grain show was held at
Gladstone.. '
Arcade, N. Y., was almost totally destroyed by fire,
A Northern Pacific switchman was
killed at Fargo.
Minnesota farm delegates report favorably on Manitoba.
Rich mineral discoveries have been
made at Slave Lake,
Brandon's mayor and council were
elected by acclamation.
A Minneapolis liquor dealer is report,
ed missing with $-.5,000.
Mr. Thomas Kelly suggests a delay In
the Winnipeg labor enquiry.
The Elder-Dempster company have
purchased tbe Beaver Line steamers.
Mr. Slfton was given u magnificent
reception at Brandon ou Wedueeday.
Eight more of the crew of the steamer Loifdonlaa were suveil from the wreck.
Several bodies were recovered from tho
wreck ot the Avenue A gas tank, New
Toronto capitalists aro negotiating
for control ot tho Havana street railway,
It will require- 81,000 U. S. troops to
garrison  Cuba. Porto    Rico    and   tho
I'llllIppillM, .   .
Turkish outrages aro Increasing In
Armenia and the Armenians are starving to death. i
Douglas, Liberal, wa. elected In the
Ontario bye-election for East Northumberland on Wednesday,
Manitoba's total grain crop of 1808
was 47,345,084 bushels, including 25,.
813,7-MS bushels of   wheat.
The partly cremated remains of. a worn,
an, supposed to be those of Mrs. Nellie
J. Horn, were discovered at Hot Springs,
Lord Strathcona presented the Royal
Victoria Women's College, Montreal, with
au additional donation making his con-
trlbutions over $1,500,000.
In the Diamliiioii bye-elfeOtlops on Wednesday Liberals wore returned in West
Lambton, Moiitmogny, llagot and East
Prince. Lcightou McCarthy, Independent, ;\vas elected In  North Slmcoe.
Several vessels are fast In the Ice In
Lake Erie,
French Imperialists held a meeting at
Baron de Lougueull died suddenly In
New York.
It was 28 below sero at West Superior
on Monday.
Two French deputies fought a duel���
neither hurt,
Philippine Insurgents are torturing
friars uud nuns. '
The G. T. R. telegraphers art om th.
verge ota strike, t <  a
A plot to kill Dreyfus haa been discovered In  Paris,
Robert Bolnier, postmaster ol Oak-
vllle, Ont., 1. dead.
President Kruger will go to Europe
tu consult an oculist.
Three Winnipeg boys were arrested
for stealing yesterday.
The Investigation of Dochester penitentiary Is  proceeding.
Winnipeg St. Andrew'. Society appointed committee, for tbe year.
Government reserved mining claims Ir
Yukon will be eold at auction.
Fifteen Belgian traders were killed
and eaten by African cannibal*.
The contract for St. John harbor Improvement, ha. been awarded.
The American Federation of Labor Is
In convention at Kansas City.
The Winnipeg school "hoard decided
not to Investigate th. .Inking fund.
Eight laborer, were killed by a train
on the New York Central railway.
Annie Walker, ot Hamilton, Is suing
J. A. Goldman for breach of promts*.
Joseph N. Olmate, of New York, will
b* li. 8. ambassador to Great Britain.
Trains are again cronlng the recon*
itructed Victoria Bridge at Montreal.
Several workmen were killed by an ex-
plosion  In a Pennsylvania powder mill.
Ore worth $20,000 a ton bat been
struck In the Mikado Mine, Lake ot th*
The St. Regis Indian* wish tn revert
to their tribal methods of electing coua
Nominations for mayor, aldermen and
school trustees for Winnipeg were held
A majority nf Democratic senators
wilt support W, J, Bryan for president
in   1900.
Mr. William McGregor, M. P., Is mentioned a. th* next Lieut. Governor of
Several vessel, which sailed from Philadelphia tire believed to bs lost with
their crews.
A fortnightly steamship service will be
established next year between Antwerp
and Montreal.
Russia hopes to secure Japanese war*
ship, by having China delay payment of
the war Indemnity.
Oreat Britain ha�� forwarded the Newfoundland commission's re-port ta th*
French government.
Marsh, the defaulting president of th*
Philadelphia Keystone Bank, wa* ���
tamed to twelve years Imprisonment,
Ur. Garrow's majority in Wast Haron
wa. 45. | if.',
Three men were killed In a riot at
Small pox 1. epidemic at Nebraska
City, Neb. i
Sir William Jenner, the Queen', physician, lt dMd, I
John W. Nelson committed suicide star
Whltewood, A.sa,
The campaign in North Slmcoe Is
proceeding   quietly.
Brandon Liberals will banquet Mr.
Slfton on Wednesday.
Canada was awarded eev.ral medals at
the Omaha exhibition.
Municipal elections wtr* held In the
Territories ou Monday.
Customs officials will lu future have
tu furnish fidelity bond*.
A seat ou the Montreal Stock Exchange I. held at $10,000.
Work on the White Pas. and Yukon
railway I. being expedited.
A moose was killed by an Intercolon*
Ial train near Newcastle, N. S.
Four men were asphyxiated by fume*
from a smelter at Butte. Montana.
The steamer Aurora caught tire und
was scuttled nud sunk In Lake Erie.
It Is hoped in Europe that the Csar's
peace proposal may have go.d result.,
The rumor Is revived that Mr. Harty
will   retire from  tho Ontario  cabinet.
The feeling nt hostility between Sweden an"? Norway is said to be increasing.
A lumberman named Simpson was kill*
ed by a falling tree near Rat Portage.
An unsuccessful attempt was made to
rob tbe safe In a city hotel on Monday
Mayoralty and Aldermanlc candidates
addressed a meeting ot cltiiens last
Dr. Rutherford. 5f. P. for Macdonald,
addressed tho Wlunipeg Liberal association last night.
There wore free fights In the French
chamber of deputies during a debate on
the Dreyfus case.
Two hundred families will remove
from Minnesota aud Wisconsin to Manitoba next spring.
Dr. R. Rogers Is appointed house surgeon of the Winnipeg General Hospital
from January 1st, 1899.
Philippine Insurgents claim to have
captured Hollo and the Spaniards report
tho insurgents repulsed with heavy loss.
The Illegality of Judge Martin's appointment was pleaded for tbe defence
In the Victoria Colonist's contempt of
court case.
A Test Case.
Woodstock, Dec. 12.���In the police
court thi* morning E. W. Langley,
manager ol the Dominion Trading
Stamp company, Toronto, was convicted ot having contravened the provisions of the bye-law relating to
transient traders. The Trading
Stamp company has fourteen
branches. About a month ago a
branch was opened In Woodstock, but
would not pay the license. Langley
was summoned to the police court.
The defence was that the company
sold no goods, and therefore did not
come under the by-law. The magistrate held that the company sold
stamps, for which goods were exchanged, which system of business
waa to all intents and purposes selling, and ho fined defendant $10 and
coats, and ordered the license to be
paid. The decision will be appealed,
Langley having expressed his Intention to make It a test cause.
Moose on the Rail.
Quebec, Deo. 12.-���The maritime express, which left Hnlifx on Friday and
arrived nt Levi at uoou on Saturday,
ran into a herd of some thirty moose
shortly after leaving Newcastle. Three
of thorn were killed outright nnd several wonnded. Ono of the itnimnls
killed was a cow moose, weighed over
600 pounds, and was brought to town
by J. B. Lambkin, who wns on the
Oom Paul Is 111.
London, Dec. 18.-*The Pretoria correspondent of tha Daily Mall revives
the story that President Kruger, of the
Trunsvanl, is ill.and mnst go to Europe
to consult a specialist on account of inflammation of his eyes. The correspondent says the executive council is
obliged to hold their meetings' at the
pressident's houso on aoconut ol'his illness.      *
Brantford, Deo. 12.-The first stone
In tbe foundation of the new span of
Lorno bridge was laid to-day. An
exciting Incident transpired during
tho ceremony. A derrick was lowering s hlg three-ton atone, when a
link broke, and allowed the enormous
slab to drop twenty feet to tbe
bottom of the workings, Th* massive timber was smashed, and tbe
city engineer, Jones, with several
other men who were at the bottom
of  tbe pit, received a serious shock.
New York, Dec. 12.-Tho French line
steamship La Champagne, which arrived at quarantine this morning, had
an board General Juan Rill's Rivera,
a distinguished Cuban soldier, who
has been for n year a prisoner In
Spain, confined at Barcelona. Oeneral Rivera was met at the French
line pier by hlg wife nnd Estrada Pal-
ma, president of the Cuban delegation, and a few personal friends.
A Deadly Nuisance.
Suit Lake, Utah, Dec. 18.���A special
from Butte, Mont., says: Five deaths
ocenred in Butte, which aro claimed to
have b"*en caused by the dreadful sulphur and arsenio fumes from the smelters. Many people who can do so nre
leaving tho city to get ont of the smoke.
A mass meeting of citizens has been
called to take steps against the deadly
nuisance. Last night's smoke was
moro dense and suffocating than ever.
Threats are made and it is feared that
some violence may result from the mass
St. Regis Indians.
Ottawa, Deo. IS.���Some Indians upon
tbe St. Regis Reserve are agitating for
a return to the tribal system of electing
councillors. Inspector MoRae and Mr.
J. A. J. McHenna, of the Indian department, left today for the reserve to
confer with them and endeavor to re'
move their muttering* of dissatisfao-
A Constable Kills His Wife and Child
to Prevent Them From Falling
Into the Hand* ef Savages.
San Francisco, Doc. 18.���The Manila
correspondent of the Hong Kong press,
gives the details of the shockng treatment of friars and other prisoners cap-
tared by the insurgents in the northern
part of the island of Luzon. General
Leybe, who was Bent by Agninaldo to
attack the cities in tbe extreme north of
Luzon, sent a report to his chief that he
had brought tho entire section raided,
completely under the control of the
Filipinos. Leybe also reported tbe capture of 124 friars and lay brothers,
many Spanish soldiers witb their arms
antl properly, and silver and gold
valued at $800,000.
The press correspondent slates that
from Spanish sources have coine reports of terrible atrocities committed
by the rebels, who are said to have
looted the churches in the towns el
Cuigayan and April. The correspond-
cut says: "The bishop was subjected
to the grossest indignities. The friars
were beaten with sticks, kicked and
hung up in the torrid sun for several
hours. The natives were forbidden to
render the friars any assistance. During their greatest suffering, while hanging hungry nnd naked in the burning
sun, Chinese and natives furtively supplied thein with food and water. One
aged friar was placed upon it saddle
and jumped upon until tho blood poured
from his mouth and nose. Another, il
is snid, elothed only in n rain coat, was
carried in triumph for 300 yards and
then oudgeled to death amid savage
cries. Nuns iu the convent are subjected to shameless treatment."
San Francisco, Cal., Dec. 18.���Terrible atrocities are reported from Formosa. Two hundred rebels recently
attacked a village, surprising the populace and looting the place. Thoy burned
thirty-seven houses. A Japanese police inspector and six constables per
ished in repelling tho attack. Out
constable was captured alive. The insurgents fastened on his back the
bloody lie-ids of his companions antl
drove him beforo them into tho woods.
Reinforcements were sent to tho village, wharo the mutilated bodies of the
victims wero found. One constable,
who etc iped, killed his own wife and
obild with his sword to prevent them
from becoming captives. He was then
killed by tbo savages.
There is much disquietude among the
inhabitants of Hankow since the recent Are, in which 8,000 people lost
their lives. Several smaller fires hnve
occurred since, all believed to be the
work of incendiaries. The Shanghai
daily press sayB five Ohinese wore
caught in tho act of igniting as many
dwellings. They were thrown into the
flames and burned alive.
A New Departure.
Dr. Mai-schand, the celebrated
French physician, has at last opened
his magnificently equipped laboratory
in "Windsor, Ont. Thero is a large
staff of obemists and physicians at his
command, and the men and women
of Canada may now procure the advice
of this famous specialist free of charge.
Dr. Marschanrtjhas a world-wide reputation for successfully treating all
nervous diseases of men and women,
and you have but to write the doctor
to be convinced that yonr answer, when
received, is from a man who is entitled to the high position he holds in
the medical fraternity.
Why suffer in silence when yon can
secure the advice of this eminent physician free of charge.
All correspondence is striotly confidential and names are held as sacred.
Answers to correspondents are
mailed in plain envelopes.
You are not asked to pay auy exorbitant price for medicines, in fact it
rarely happens that a patient has expended over 50 cents to one dollar before he or she becomes it firm friend
and admirer of the doctor.
A Bpecial staff of lady physicians
assist Dr. Mnrschand in his treatment
of females cases. Always inclose three-
cent stamp when you write nnd address
Tho Dr. Mnrschand Chemical Co., Detroit, Mich., U. S. A. Mention the
Golden Era when yon write the doctor.
Will Brim Wort To All.
I TISM but can ho CURED for *
effect tt permanent curo where all
other remedies (nil to af.ord the slightest r.lU-f.
They mnko the old folk? young again
Aud make the cripple* leap;
And give you com furl while awake
Ana comfort while you Bleep.
Rustle Rheumatic Indoles nro made to
fit nil sizes of shoes and will be sent hy
ninll to any address on receipt of price,
50c. A positive cure gurantecd In every
case of Rheumatism or money refunded,.
Advice furnished free on application.
General nganls wanted everywhere. Do
not suffer any more but Bend at once for
a pair of Rustic Rheumatic Insnlea that
mil give you everlasting relief and
happiness.   Apdress,
Detroit, Mich. Windsor, Ont.
Mention the Golden Era,
His Broken Promise.
Florence hardly recognized herself
when she gave the final look In tbe large
mirror. The bright glistening silk was
softened by rich white lsae; the fair face,
usually so calm and tranquil, was
Bushed with excitement: there was a
light In her eyei whloii came from hopes
as Might as they were beautiful. The
thick colls ot light-brown hair were
woven and plaoed. like a coronet round
the graceful head. The well-sbsped arms
and neek rivalled the pearls tbnt gleamed upon them. A fair vision of loveliness was Florence Hamilton as she stood
In her ball-dress. Her mother and lover
were both proud of her.
Florence was bewildered by tbe coup
d aeil that the ball-room presented; but
she and Walter were more than bewildered when Inez stood before them, her
radiant fuce bright with smiles of wel-
oorae. Walter had Mrer seen Mils De
Burgh before In evenlng-dresa, and he
was literally daezled by her bewitching
beauty. A robe of white satin gleamed
through the white lace that shrouded Its
bright folds, a coronet of diamonds lay
mid the dark wavy masses of hair, a diamond necklace enolroled tho shapely
throat, diamonds gleamed on the bare
arms. In the bodice ot her dress he wore
one orlmson camellia, and that was the
only show of color whioh relieved her
attire. She wns Indeed a vision of loveliness,
Inez opened the ball with Lord fleas
dale, then Walter claimed her for a waltz.
The music, the perfumes, the flashing
jewels, the waving plumes, and the
beautiful women all brought to him a
sense of enchantment. When the notes
of the waltz sounded and he moved to
its muslo with Miss De Burgh, he was
fascinated beyond expression. Her lustrous eyes were raised to his, her red lips
were parted with the sweetest of smiles,
"I am never tired of waltzing," the
said ss they stood for a few minutes
watching the happy couples as the went
floating by.
"I should never tire cf waltzing with
you," declared Walter. "I would give
years of life's sober joys for one suoh
half-hour as this."
"I am not n 'sober joy,' I suppose,"
she returned, with n pretty pout.
"You, Miss Do Burgh? You are fascination  itself���Irresistible; you  are���"
"Do not go Into raptures, Mr, Bohun,"
she Interrupted, laughing. "I am rather
amused. I should hardly havo thought
you capable of appreciating anything
but sober joys My awn ease Is different,
I oonfess honestly that I like excitement
of all kinds. The only approach to a
fault that I have noticed In you Is that
you seem too quiet."
"Ah, you do not know met I feel as
though I had awakened from a long
deep sleep."
"At whose oallf" she asked, with an
air of Innocence that she knew well how
to assume,
"Can you ask me, Miss De Burgb? I
seem to pereelve beauty and grace for
the first time."
"That Is hardly flattering to yonr old
friends Mr. Bohun. Bee���there Is Florence looking at us with eyes full of wonder! Let ns join her."
It was half reluctantly that Walter
complied; he wanted to remain near this
darling Ciroe who had captivated and en*
trailed him. A few weeks since he would
have asked from Fortune nothing better
than to 'be with Florence. Now ths
thought ot leaving the radiant girl by
his side for conversation or a danoe with
bis betrothed was wearisome. He bad
tasted the oharmed oup.
Florence had noticed the long tete-a-
tete, and the admiring look tbat ber
lover bent upon their hostess. A sharp
pang of jealousy shot through the girl's
heart ss she saw Walter's Impassioned
gesture and the blush that covered Inez's
Miss De Burgh had no Idea of the engagement between Miss Hamilton and
Walter Bohun, for the two still kept lt a
profound secret���and she was not displeased on that happy evening to read
something more than admiration In the
young man's faoe, For, with all the
strength of ber warm passionate nature,
Inez loved Walter Bohun, and she had
resolved that he should return her love;
she had loved him from the first moment
tbe saw him by the brook-tide.
Walter was simple and inexperienced:
he did not know the eharm that drew
him constantly to the Hall; the glamour
of love wat upon him. He had made one
mistake In life, and now he was to make
a greater. He had mistaken the quiet
brotherly affection he had always felt
for Florence Hamilton for affection of
another kind; and now, when he wat
���wakened to a knowledge of hit own
heart, he threw bis love, uninfluenced by
any thought of her real worth, at the
feet ot one who had won him by the simple powers of her lustrous beauty.
That he had made a mistake Walter
felt convinced at he watched the two
girls���Florence to gentle, so fair, aud to
salmi, Insz so beautiful, brilliant and
piquant No thought of the future
troubled him at he tunned himself In the
light of her eyes, but, at be watched
Mist D* Burgh, ho wished with a sigh
that he had not been In quite tuob a
hurry to engage himself.
"What a grave faoe," said Inez to
him, as the flatbed by on Lord Bess*
dale's arm. '
A few minutes later the returned
alone. He wat still standing where she
had left him.
"Mr. Bohun," she said, "have you
danced with Florenoo yetf"
He began to stammer tome excuse.
"Nonsense," she orled. "Come with
me���the is In the conservatory with Mrs.
Hamilton���and you will then be uble
to thank me for having procured you a
'sober Joy.' "
There w*t a slight ring of sarcasm in
her voice; yet, slight as It wus, it gave
fresh Impulse to Walter's new train of
The ball,, with all Its glories, was
ended at last; but, when Florence
thought of - the events of the evening,
she did not feel satisfied. There wat
somsthlng nsw and strange about Walter.
Yet the next evening he come as usual,
and wss kind and affectionate In his
manner. True he teemed rather absent
and onoe or twice he called her "Inez,"
at whioh she smiled and her mother
looked grave.
It was very slowly that the truth
dawned upon Florence; hut she could
not ovoid seeing lt at longth. Walter's
visits to the cottage beaame lest fra*-
quent���he seemed to live at the Hall.
She had met him riding with luez In
the green lanes, and they had pulled up
and spoken to her. But on tuoh occasions the did not like tbe light on the
beautiful face or   the  air   of confusion
_  whioh her lover met bar.
Outwardly things went on at usual;
bnt In reality Walter had awakened to
the knowledge that he loved the beautiful Inez de Burgh with a devotion to
wbioh ho oould set no limit. The affection he had entertained for Florenoe
was as different from his overpowering
all-mastering love as moonlight from
sunlight. He would have given a year ot
his life for one loving word from th*
haughty lips. It was first love, without
reason, without control, without anything tave Its own violence. Still no
word did he utter of love to the one girl,
while materially he did not ohange to
tbe other.
But Florenoe taw lt all. The gentle
faithful beart wat stung to tbs quick.
His lovs had been her life, her hope, ner
all; her mother bad thought very muoh
of it, and had rejoiced In the future that
shs believed her child would enjoy. Ah,
why had thit radiant beauty, with her
proud faoe, come to take her lover from
herr Florence wept passionate bitter
tears. Surely Mlas De Burgh, with her
anolent lineage,  her noble  name,   her
aright loveliness, might have been hapr?
with one of the peers the hnd talked
about I Why mutt the step In and lure
Walter from her?
Tbe calm face grew pale aud tnd, the
dove-like eyes had a deep shoal a,�� bs*
neath them, there was a ring of pain In
every word that fell from her lips. Not
that sho thought yet of the worst that
might happen. She was Jealous and unhappy, and, though the visited Ines, at
times there was somsthlng like anger
springing up In her beart for her beautiful rival.
While affairs were In thit unsatisfactory state a new career wat dawning for
Walter Bohun. A message come ono
morning summoning blm to London,
where Sir Thornton lay dying at hia
town house. He had wished at last to
see his long-neglected heir.
There was but little time for uttering
fsrewells. Walter went first to the oot-
tage and told his news,
"I have not a moment to spare, Florence," he eald. ",I shall write to you
however when I reach London, Goodbye, dear;" and he put his lips lightly
to hers.
Only the day before he had kissed
with far greater ardor a rosebud that
Inez bad touched I
"Good-bye, Walter," she responded
quietly; and her lips quivered and her
eyes grew dim with tears at the spake.
Then he hurried to the Hall. Sir Hubert entered heartily Into his affairs.
Inez stood listening, with a dreamy softened expression on her face. Sir Hubert
left them to say adieu while he ordered
the dog-oort, Intending to drive Walter
to the station himself.
"So you are going to London, Mr.
Bohun?" said Inez.
"Yes; let me take one kind word with
me to cheer and brighten the way. '
"What would you like me to say?"
she usked smilingly.
His face grew pale with emotion.
"Say, 'Good-bye dear Walter; I will
try to like you.' "
She repented the words slowly after
him, a deep blush ooverlng her faoe.
"Will you try to like me, Inez!" he
"Perhaps 1 do now," the replied. ' We.
are going to London next month, and
then I may tell you more about It."
"Now, Walter," orled Sir Hubert,
"sre you ready?"
Walter pressed his lips upon the hand
that he held In his and want away, the
music of her words ringing In hit   oars.
Some weeks afterwards the family at
the Hall left Oulston to spend the end
of the tesson In London. Inez colled to
toy good-bye to Florenoe and Mrs. Hamilton. She thought ths formar cold and
constrained In her manner, and so did
not, as she bad intended, atk her to
write to her while the remained In town.
The village teemed qnlet and deserted
now, and poor Florenoe began to count
the days which must elapse before her
lover returned. She little thought that
Walter Bohun and herself would never
meet In Oulston again.
... . * t
- Long dreary months pasted, and there
was at yet no time fixed for Walter's
return. Neither had the De Burgh fnm
Uy given any Intimation uf coming to
the Hall.
Florenoe wrote to Walter and he replied. His letters were always kind and
affectionate, very much Ike the letters of
a brother to a sitter; but, If Florence
had known the world better, the wonld
have recognised tbat there was little In
them that bespoke tbe lover. Of lata
however even these epistles had grown
rarer. Sometimes two or three weeks
would elapse, and then a hurried little
note would come saying how muoh th*.
writer was engaged.
But Florence oould not avoid noting
that there wat never any mention ot
their marriage or of the future that he
hod once painted for her In suoh bright
colors. Nor did he speak of his prospects,
his new estates, or the houses that at
last were his. It was not a cheerful stats
of affairs, and the glrl't face began to
look very grave; there was no light of
happiness thlnlng now In ths clear eye-.
One morning���lt was th* last hopeful
one of poor Florence's life���tbe welcome
sound of tha postman's knock waa heard
at tbe cottage door. Mr*. Hamilton took
the letters from the servant. There wat
one for Florence In Walter's handwriting. Thinking lt would afford tome
pleasure to her daughter, who hid teemed
neither well nor happy of late, Mrs.
Hamilton took lt up to her room. Florence was still asleep, so her mother laid
the letter on the pillow, where she would
see lt on awakening.
One hour pasted after another, and
Florenoe did not eome down smiling and
bright as Mrs. Hamilton expeoted. At
last the went up again and softly entered the room.
Florenoe was lying still and motionless, the letter opened and clasped In her
hands. On drawing nearer Mre. Hamilton, to her great alarm, saw that bar
ohlld was not sleeping, but had besom*
All else was forgotten In the anxiety
of the moment: but, when the clew blue
eyei had opened once more and th* colorless lips had parted to utter faintly
something about her letter, Mre, Hamilton bethought herself of It and, picking
It np from the floor where lt had fallen,
she read the words' that had been as a
death-blow to the trembling girl before
her. _____
(Te B* ContluMd.)
Cairo. Deo. ie. ��� Tbe Khedive ha*
headed the local subscription lor tha
Gordon memorial college at Khartoum, giving 9500 for the purpos*.
4��MS��Si&.TaiiiM���IMF1"'   '��� THE GOLDEN ERA.
Tk< Starr of Haw th* Old Warrior
Quit Gambling.
"Bluoher, like many prominent men of
his time, was a reckless gambler. The
kin?, wbo was much attached to him, bad
paid hit debts over and over"again, but It
was of no use. The old marshal had gone
through his wife's property as well aa his
own, and his pay was always spent In advance. Once he was 'dead broke' and had
to go to the king. 'If I get you out of this
scrape, will you promise me not to gamble
nguinP' said the king. Hlncher gave the
promise and added as the king gave him
liiii.OOO thalers, 'I will go straight home
to my wifo aud Bottle half of this money
upon her, so that I shall not be able to
touch It, and 1 will then pay up all my
debts and nover touch a card any more.'
'Bluoher wont home, gave 50,000 to hit
w'.io aud after dinner sallied forth to pay
tils debts. At midnight Bluchor's wife
wits roused from her slumber by ono of
Im r husband's stnff officers, who had been
sent fur 25,000 tholers. 'Dear, good man,'
snl-.l the lauly. I knew he would want It
before morning, so I have put up Just that
emu in a package for him. Here It Is, and
tell him tu tie careful about the oold sir
coming homo and to muffle up well.'
'The officer departed, only to return
after a few hours for tho rest of the money,
with the some success. Bluoher went
home to breukfost In the morning, having
lost every penny of the king's gift at play.
"Again Blucher went to tbe king, told
the wbolo story and listened attentively
to all the reproaches until his majesty
said, 'Uncle'���for ho always colled Bluoher
'uncle'���'1 thought you gave roe your
sacred word of honor that you would not
play cards for money again.' 'No, sir,'
answered Blucher, l did not give my
snored word of honor.' 'Will you give lt
to ine now?' asked the king. ' Aeh, that
It a hard thing to ask from Bluchor,' replied the hero of Waterloo. But after some
grumbling the sacred promise was given,
and old - Vorwocrts' stopped gambling.''
���St. Louts Globe-Democrat.
How   Ther   Stand   the   Climate  and
Manas** Domeetlo Affairs.
It may be Interesting to note how English people live in India. Those thnt have
been usod to a climate liko ours cannot,
without great danger and sacrifice, live
as the nntlves do, to they adopt a style
that prudence and experience havo sug
gested as best suited to the conditions that
exist there.
In nearly all the larger cities the houses
of the Kuropeani aro found In the sub
nrbs, surrounded by large plots of ground
often four or fife acres In extent. Thus
the noisome smells of the thickly crowded
native olty are In a measure avoided, and
one ts shut out from tbe peculiar noises
and cries and thrumming of oriental Instruments of tnuslo and the olouds of dust
that continually swell up from the great
The houses occupied by the Europeans
are usually built on a plan that will ol
low of lofty rooms and ample ventilation
They are only one story high and have a
large veranda across the front and rear
Thut the hot tun Is kept out and free circulation Is allowed. The kitchen it a
small house, all by Itself, at one tide of
the dwelling house or In the rear.
Owing to the extreme heat, white worn
en oannot pos-lbly do their own work
The climate Is suoh tbat manual work Is
simply out of the question. Servants ore
easily obtainable, and with their assist
ance, when one hat a genius for managing them, living In that country Is not
only tolerable, but even pleasant Servants will work Indefinite hours eaoh day
for $1,50 a month and support themselves.
They are neat and quiet, and almost Invariably perform their respective duties
In an efficient manner. It takes 13 or IB
servants to run a bout* well. Many ladle* have even a larger number. Tbe
matter of expense It not a serious matter
to the wives of European officials, who
draw excellent salaries.���Vlc-k's Magazine
British Sharks.
British sharks are very substantial foots.
Tb* largest of them la an Innocuous giant
that basks in the sunshine and perhaps
feeds on nothing larger than a shrimp.
But the blue shark aud porbeagle, both of
whioh grow to a length of several yards
and a-welght of hundreds of pounds, are
vicious petti and most unweloome on ths
fishing grounds. The former takes bit favorite pleasure In eating mackerel out of
tha nets, doing as muoh damage In Its
disentanglement as will absorb a fisherman's weekly wage to make good. Wherefore lt comes about that as soon as one Is
hauled aboard the fishermen forget their
aoouttomed mildness, and, seizing it close
to the tall, belabor with Its shovel shaped
head th* nearest thwart until peace reigns
once mora.
The porbeagle Is a somewhat leas active
and less vlolous animal of duller hue and
of a smell that passes any other on sea or
land To prevent Its blood imparting this
odor of tho abattoir to the boat the porbeagle Is usually slain over the side snd Is
then Ignomlnlonsly slung In a noose at
th* bow.���Saturday Itevlew.
When ii 2-yenr-old, John Nolan oonld
pane it mile in 2:18 ��� _.
Snlfono, 2:29)4, by Sulfoual, 2:10%,
Is tbe first standard performer for bit
John Nolan wat named in honor of a
big hearted Irishman of Cripple Greek,
For creating new track reoords Democracy is tho "whole thing." This
leasou he has mado 10.
In tho first heat of the 2:30 pace at
Columbus Starter Lehman sent the field
tf 17 away the first time down.
The pacing stallionOonoillio, 3:13}..
by Delineator, will be out as a trotter
next season.  He is now 10 years old.
Hnns McGregor, by hia performance
at Columbus, now.holds tbe 2 mile record tor guideless wonder* to harness.
Grey Dawn, the trotting bred oob
tbat has been winning blue ribbon* in
Ibe east, was bred in Iowa, where he
was known as David Belmont. His sir*
is Davenant, 2:26^.
The government report for 1897 tsyi
that the improvement in horses in Arizona has been far more rapid and permanent in the past few yean thin ii
known to the casual observer.
Ms Liuint Cm WMl
Twelve Hundred Mile. Long and On*
of the World's Wondera.
That great barrlor reef which frloget
the coast of Queensland north of Brisbane
In the direction of Torres straits must always rank amung the wondera of the
world. For 1,300 miles the coral animalcule have raised a solid protection against
the rage of the ocean swell at a distance
varying from 30 to 150 miles from the
shore, leaving a comparatively safe and
oalra Inner passage, suitable for navigation by th* largest steamers on their voyages north and east. Sundry ohannels
penetrate the reef at Intervals, and whole
fleets of trading schooners are regularly
engaged amid the Intricate labyrinth of
coral islets.
Those who have seen the skeleton madrepores and branchlug corals on the shelves
of a museum can form no conception of
the surpassing beauty of the living organisms, vigorous ot or near the surface ot
the translucent teas. On the ebbing tide
wo find every description of animated coral
growth exposed from the rounded masses
of brain coral to the stag's horn madrepores, those of corymbose form and a variety too numerous to mention. The brilliant coloration of the myriads of polyps
Includes every shade, from the more somber brown ot thefungla tribe to delicate
lemon yellows, lilac, pink, rloh green Interspersed with golden hues, apple greens
tipped with violet, bright red, chocolate,
purple and even blue The various aggregations of minute vivacious animals possess all modifications of radiated inflorescence. Some have club headed tentacles,
others expand In a feathery fringe, while
tho number of rays to eaoh organism varies
according to the families and genera of
coral classification.
These gardens of the sea are too beautl
ful tor words By subtle transitions the
lime secreting corals pass Into the uncovered sea anemones of resplendent kinds,
antl the reefs swarm with numberless
ochinoderms, nudlbranoh lnollusca and
particolored fishes of most extraordinary
shapo und size. Everything in the tropica]
seas assumes a striking brilliancy of color
and the twenty or more kinds of nolo-
thurla aro not tbo least Interesting among
the organisms which abound.���London
The Relinn Sliver Statue.
A Kansas paper says that the celebrated Montana silver statne of Ada
Eehau, which was one of the features
of the World's fair, is not silver at all,
only lead with a silver skin, II was
supposed to havo been worth $30,000,
bnt n Chicago firm which holds it for
debt cannot find bnycrs at (1,000.
Suva-Re as a Fertiliser.
Three yean ago Paris began to dispose of its sewage, after the manner of
Berlin, by turning it iuto fields planted
with orchards and vegetables. One-
fourth of the tewage it already thus
disposed i'f, and it is hoped that in two
more years the whole ot it will b*.
Be not merely good; be good for something.��� Thoreau.
Evil is wrought by waut of thought
as well as by want of heart.���Hood.
Our ancestors have traveled tbe iron
age. The golden it before us.���-St.
We are indebted to Christianity foi
gentleness, especially toward women.���
O. Sinimous.
God governs the world, and we have
only to do oar dnty wisely and leavo
tho issue to him.���John Jay.
Good taste rejects excessive nlocty.
It treats little things as little things
and Is not hurt by them.���Feulton.
No man waa ever so completely skilled in the couduct of life as not to re-
ceivo new information from age aud experience,���Terence.
Onr lives by acts exemplary net
only win ourselves good names, but do
to others give matter for virtuous doeds,
by whioh we live.���Chapman.
Narrow minded and ignorant personi
talk about persons and not things, hence
gossip it tbe bane and disgrace of so
large a portion of society.-r-Sheridan.
Pain and Weakness Banished
through lhe uso of Milburn's
Heart and Nerve Pills.
It's sad to think that so many women
suffer from pain, Weak Spells, Heart
Palpitation,   Sinking   Sensations,
Nervousness, Sleeplessness���who could
be restored to the full enjoyment of perfect health by a few boxes of Milburn's
Heart and Nerve Pills.
There can bo no question about the
efficacy of this remedy. Thousands of
women, have found it do all that isclaimcd
for it. Hera Is the testimony of Mrs.
Glllen, Wesley Street, Moncton, N.B.
" Before taking Milburn's Heart and
Nerve Pills I used to suffer untold agony
from violent headaches, irregular action
of tha heart, together with pains or
spasms in various parts of my body.
"Sometimes I felt so weak that I was
unable to look after my domestic duties.
However, I had to endure this worry and
trouble, because all the remedies I tried
failed to give me relief, until happily I
heardof Milburn's Heart and Nerve Pills.
I had only been takingthem a short time
when I felt greatly benefited. This encouraged me to continue their use until
a complete cure was effected.
" I have not been troubled with a headache since taking these pills. They increased my appetite, Invigorated my entire system, and gave me back my old
time strength and vigor."
Take a Lau-Llv.r Pill before retiring.
'Twill w.rk while you sleep without a grip
or gripe, ond make you feel better In tne
morning.   Price MS. Sold by all alrujgl.U.
MM Liiimcit Circs Diiteajer,    im unint tie mmm ttu.
Wiofred Schofield, of Gaspereau. N S., Telia
How He Obtained a Speedy and
Permanent Curt.
From the Acndla-n, Wolfville, S. S.
The many oases brought to his notice
of residents in this vioinity being cured
from physical disorders through the
ngenoy of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills,
have created in the mind of the Acadian
representative a sincere belief iu the
healing powers of this remedy. Tet
withal he was a little incredulous the
other day when told of a yonog man
wbo had been cured of a very serious
and deplorable disease by the use of
only some two boxes of these little
mirac-lo workers. It seemed impossible
that such a remarkable healing oould
Be wrought even by Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills in such snort order. Accordingly he was possessed of a strong
desire to investigate. Mr. Winfrod
Schofield, of Gaspereao,was the address
given us by our informant, and were
not long in hunting him up. We
found Mr. Schofield to be a bright
young man of abont twenty years of
age and of moro than ordinary intelligence. Hia air ot candor and straightforwardness dispelled any doubts we
may have had. In a very few words he
stated to us his case. "Two years ago,"
he said, "I was taken with an attack of
St. Vitus Dance, Sometimes when at
work I found that my fingers would all
at once straighten out and I would be
compelled to drop anything I was hold
ing. One dny I was using on axe when
seised with ono of these attacks. The
axe slipped from my nunds and in falling struck my foot and gave it a nasty
cnt. After that you oan depend upon
it I left axes aloue, and it wus not long
before I had to give up using any kind
of tool. My complaint rapidly grew
worse and I was soon unfitted for any
sort of work. Everything possible was
tried by my iu order to get relief, but I
got no better. At last one day a neighbor of mine, Mr. Fred Fielding, who
hod been cured by the UBe of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, advised me to give
them a trial, offering to pay for them
himself if they did not help me. As il
turned ont he was safe enough in making the offer. I followed his advice,
but had soaroely begun to use them
when I began to feel very mu3h better.
After using two boxes I was perfectly
cured aud have never been troubled
with the complaint since. I am confident that to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
alone I owe my oure.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills create new
blood, build up tbe nerves, and thus
drive disease from the system. Iu linn,
dreds of cases they have cured after all
other medicines have failed, thus estao
lishing tho claim that they ore a marvel
among the triumphs of modern medical
science. The gent in) Pink Pills are
sold only in boxes, bearing the full
trademark "Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
for Pale People." Protect yourself from
imposition by refusing any pill that
does not bear the registered trade mark
around the box. If in doubt send direot
to Dr. Williams' Medioine Co., Brock*
ville, Ont., and they will be mailed to
you post paid at BOo a box, or six boxes
for J2.60.
The Last Execution at Tyburn.
The last execution at Tyburn took plnoa
on Friday, Nov 7, 1788, in the person of
John Austin, convicted on the preceding
Saturday of robbing John Spleer and cutting and wounding him In a oruel manner. In Wnlford's "Old and New London" lt la erroneously said that "the lost
criminal exeouted here wa* one Byland,
who was hung (sic) for forgery In 1783."
William Ryland was executed on Aug. 39,
two months before the date of Austin's
conviction, and many a poor wretoh ninde
the fatal pilgrimage to Tyburn In the In
tervol, hanging by wholesale being the
rule In those day*
The long procession westward had been
attended hy tuch disgraceful seenes that
tho authorities resolved to hang orlminals
henceforth outside Newgate prison,
straight from the condemned cell. Accord-
ingly nn Deo. 8,1788, the recorder ordurcd
the erection of a scaffold In front of the
Jail, of whioh a notice and desoriptlve engraving appear In The Gentleman's Magn
sine for the tame month, and on the 10th
the new hanging place was Inaugurated
by the exeoutlon of ten malefactors,���
Votes and Queries.
Bismarck am an Escort.
A Stockholm newspaper tells a story
about Bismarck, for whioh an aged Swedish lady Is the authority. Nearly 00 years
ago, whon a girl, she went to Berlin,
where she expected to meet a cousin, thon
studying at the university there. This
cousin appeared and proved to be a fascinating youth. For several days bo waa
a constant escort and a charming companion. It wot only when ihe wot on the eve
of departure that he mad* the explanation: "You tee, my dear cousin, I am not
your cousin. My friend, your cousin, It
so very busy preparing for an examination
tbat he has asked me to take his place.
My name It Otto vor. Bismarck." In
1880, when the lady made ber next visit
to Berlin, the called on the chancellor,
who remarked: "I have to thank you tbat
I one* succeeded In seeing the Berlin museums. I have nevsr seen them again."���
London Chronicle.
What a  Well-Known  Medioal  Journal
Bay. About the King of Disease.
This is essentially on age pf scientific pro*
-ess. Science And invontion go hanal In
-and. Thanks to a dlstlngulsned chemls
"consumption is robbed of its terrors.doprlvee
"of Its destrnctivene-as.and this lnsidlaus dlB*
"easo can first bo raliova-d aud then cured.
"But to accomplish a cure that is final one
"effective there must be constautperslslonej
"In treatment ond right living. The sultorei
"must take the right medical relief, rightly ad*
"mlnlBtered. By the labor, skill and research
"of an claimant chemist, T. A. talc-cum, con-
"sumptlon can bo both rollovod and cured."���
Medical Tribune.
Throe free sample bottles of the Slocum Cure
will be sent to any sufferer from consumption,
lung or throat troubles or general debility, II
name, address and express office aro sent 1c
The T. A. Slocum Oo., Limited, 176 King strre
woflt, Toronto, Ont. Thia la A genuine offer,
and tf tho render Is���or knows a friend who if
���n sufferer, send at onoo for tho free samples
and mention this popol.
Who  Joked   HI.   I'lit-suer   Who   Tnlnly
Trleal to slaty Mini.
Lord Malmesbuiy usod to relate a good
etory told him by one of Napoleon's
oflDoors���an Incident of tbe peninsular
campaign. Tbe French officer wos recon-
nolGering with throe or four troopers,
when they come suddenly npon a young
English officer similarly occupied, mounted on a superb thoroughbred horse. Sum*
moned by the French oolonet to surrender, he quietly cantered away with a mocking smile on his face. The Frenchman,
who rode a heavy horse, pursued at full
gallop. The Englishman allowed him to
get quite olost. Then kissing hia hand,
and leaving him behind, he ahouted,
pointing to hia horse, "A Norman horse,
sii." Again the Frenchman punned,
threatening to ahoot hia enemy If he did
not surrender. He went so for as to point
n pistol at him, Lut the weapon missed
fire, With a roar of laughter, the young
Englishman shouted again, "Made at
Versailles, sir," and giving the thoroughbred his hood was soon out ot sight. It
was most amusing to bear tho colonel
tell this story and describe his rage,
adding, however, that he had always felt
glad that he had not shot "the brave
is the best.
Matthias Foley, Oil Olty, Om-.
Joseph Snow, Norway, Me.
Chas. Whooten, Mnlgrave, N. S.
Rov. B. O. Armstrong, Mulgrave,
Pierre Landry, senr., Pokemouche,
N. B.
Thomas Wasson, Sheffield, N. B
The As* of an Oyster.
It it just as easy to tell tbe age of en
Oyster by looking at its shell as it is to
ascertain the age of A horse by examining its teeth, ot a tree by inspecting
the circles revealed by tbe ax or saw
Wheu it is laid low. When the oyster is
6 months old, it is at big as a dime;
When 1 year old, it will cover a silver
half dollar, and when 2 years old, will
be about tbe circumference of a silver
The oyster, unlike tbe crab, is not
���bliged to seek new quarters or build a
new house every time he grows appre-
liably. The extensions that he puts on
his house are clearly marked by a well
defined ridge.
Oysters are esteemed to be at their
best when between 4 and 5 years of age,
and tbe planters endeavor to protect tho
beds for that length of time. Conscientious oyster men���that is, men who are
not inclined to kill the goose that layt
the golden egg���always return to the
bed oyttera that are too young, but iu
case a patriarch it brought up, over
whose shell the tides of from 8 to 12
winters aud summers have ebbed aud
flowed, he is tent to market, where he
is put at the bottom of the heap and
told with his younger and more lusoions
oompanione.���Pearson's Weekly.
Fre.-nra, ot the Ocean.
There are spots In tho ocean where the
Water is flvs miles deep. If It Is true that
the pressure of water on any body In the
water is one pound to the square inch for
every two feel of ths depth anything at
ths bottom of ono of tbe"flvo-uille-lioles"
would have a pressure about It ot 18,SOU
pounds to every square inch. Thero is nothing of bunion manufacture that would
resl.t tuoh a pressure.
That it exists there Is no doubt. It Is
known that the pressure of a well-eoiked
glass bottle at the depth of 800 feet Is so
great that the water will force Its way
through tbe pores of the glass. It is also
said that pieees ot wood hav* been
welghled and sunk In the tea to tuch a
deptli that the tisiuet havo Income to
contlonsed that the wood hot lost It*
buoyancy anl would never float again.
I't ooulil not even be made to bum whe*
Minard's Liniment Is used 57 PMiais.
Ant f worry Pndi.
Among sure preventive** for gray hnlw
and crow's feet; a certain busy woman rets
down what she culls an antl worry pad.
She keeps an ordinary note slzo writing
pad on her dressing table, and on thts sho
jots down a list of engagements, letters to
be answered, business to be attended to,
articles needed for house or for perse nn!
Use, conveniences, charities, and nil the
other Interests that enter Into a busy life,
as they come to her mind By this means
sho relieves herself of the worrying sense
of something forgotten, which Is apt to
haunt the worann or man whose days are
filled with a multiplicity of demands, end
who bos no secretary to keep him cr her
remembering details. For such the r.ntl
worry pad Is recommended as a nerve nnd
temper tonio,
Take Laxative Broino Quinine Tablet*.   Al'
iruggisti rt-fonil the money If ll falls te enrr
IAD BL000.
You can't be healthy if your
blood is impure or watery,���-if
poison is circulating through your
arteries instead of rich, pure, life-
giving blood.
If you feel drowsy, languid,���
are constipated, havo pimples or
blotches breaking out on your body
the remedy for you is Burdock
Blood Bitters.
"I have been using B.B.B., also my
brother and sister-in-law, and we find it
a  most   reliable  and efficacious blood
fmrifier, and most cordially recommend
t. We purchased it from J. R. Ault &
Sons of this town." MISS C. M. WATSON, Aultsville, Ont.
B.B.B. is a highly concentrated
blood purifying vegetable remedy,
���only 1 teaspoonful at a dose,���
you add the water yourself.
Tilsonbuifr. Ont. F. b. 21st, 180K
The Odorless Crematory Count Uo.,
Gentlemen 1 I have need vour Odorless
closet In my hntti-room for some time, mill
have much pleasure in recommending lt to
theimhlle. Neither before, during or nfior
turning out. you ca-inotdetectthu slightest
odor, and would not 1 c without It for double
the toit. Yours tiuly, W. R, Uutim.
It requires no Are while In use a id witb a
family of from 41 if! m-inhere a lire once in
two weeks is Bullion-lit.
The Odorless Crematory snd
General Heating Co.,
A Oood and Healthful Drink
If they will use
White Star
Made According to
directions, and vou
will have n drink of
exquisite tiavor'aml
nervous system.
All kinds of Grain bought nnd sold. Liberal advances on consignments.  Prompt returns.
bend Samples.
Write or wire for Prices, Box 574-
r. O, Drawer 1387. Tel. 1187.
J.  D.  O'BRIEN,
Grain and Stock Broker.
Grain and spouritit * carried on margins.   Private who connection
with all markets,
A lni g3 Block of Cut Flowers of all description. Lai ga collection of Flowering and Foi-
[age Plants.
33* Portage Avenue, WINNIPEG.
Melt door to P. O.
Household Safe*, small size,   -   -   $12.00
HouHeliold Jsafes, large size,     -   -     30.00
Just the tiling for a Christmas present. Both
useful and ornamental.
Merchants' Safes, all sizes nnd prii t�� ; on
���-.-���.iKv terms or cash. Come and see u tin or
write for quotations Special prices auring
November and December.
W. N   U.
eo   SOXsTO-S SOc.
All the latest New Yoik 1618 suoeewes.
Words aud iiiusie fur i*iauo. Positively tho b'gge-st music offer over made in
Canada. Send today. Offer onen for S
ci months, TheTraversMustcCo .World
*$ Building, Toronto,   stamps taken.
General Insurance Ag*at,
FIKE Oou-pawle. Beprwaented i
Quebec Fire Assurance Co.
Hoyal Insurance Go.
Sun Insurance Offioe
Union Assuranoe Sooiety
AU slnsse. at Insurances transacted audioes**
promptly and satisfactorily settled.
PjJPP I A Solid Sold Shell Ring
I* ft E E 1 or Curb Chain Braoslet
DON'T sand money. Juit your name
nml address on a POST CtftO, and
we will send   you  "20 packages of
AROMATIC CACH0U', ��delicioua confection to perfume thu breath, to sell
(or un, it you can, at ��> cent* per tnitki-n- When MM tend
us our money, $1.00, and we will km    you P R E E your
choice of the beautiful prises illustrated.   Goods retainable tf not sold.   Mention this paper.
_,_���,. .   Mi.*... u gam     SNOWOON CHAMBERS
TISDALL SUPPLY CO., Toronto. o*t.
Is a condensed fuod, capable of preserving physical strength
Through Any Physical Strain
And is ea-ually valuable to those requiring to use
It has no oqus 1 for giving
Strength to the Invalid
And   it will agree   with   tho   weak at
stomachs.   Get it (rein your drag-
1st or grocer and t**l>
its value.
bit, i*/ '/%, tf:&*M,JuucJU& ���
"We f-ive ajair cash customers
Absolutely Free
their choice of tho following handsome
,r��0 MEDALLIONS with if i nn
brass chains worth ...       *"PI.UU
60 .MEDALLION'S with I P-
brass mounts worth         I .OU
with picture worth        JL OU
of tho QUEEN'S HEU..V     J�� -n
bound iu green and sold..      O.UU
Elm anal Gilt famines liiu.      C fin
in width worth  O.UU
all Gilt frames 6 inches in      /inn
width  worth       *f.UU
PICTURES,  While and
Gold frame* 4 inches in      9 nn
width worth        O.UU
TYPES,   Elm   and  Gilt
frame* 6 inches in width      C nn
worth        O.UU
Dive the ehecks given with your cash
purchases and when you have enough
to secure oue of our gift* present
them at the counter.
Check* amounting to $6 will secure a
Medallion and soon according to tbe
value of the present.
just arrived:
Carload of Choice Grocories and Confectionery.
Carload of Furniture.
Carload of Hardware.
Carload of Crockery and Glassware.
Carload of Ogilvie's Patent Hungarian
Hor* New Stoves-Selling Fast.
Fresh Hams, Bacon and Xmas Fowl.
Skat** and Skating Boots on hand.
��� ���*, ���
Geo. B. McDermot,
General Merchant,
Of Suffering: from Gravel, Mr. J,
H. Babooek Recovers.
Thanks to Dodd't Kidney Pill, which
Cured Hint   Speedly   And    Thor-
ona-lily-.Mr.   Babeook't    Story
la hit-Own Emphatic
Word a).
Sharbot Lake Dec. 19���A Dresden
despatch, to the Canadian press, last
week, described how ex-reeve VV, G.
Cragg, of that town, was cured of
severe Inflammatory Rheumatism by
Dodd'a Kilney Pills, after tbe best
doctor* had failed to benefit him, and
after many so-called "remadie*" had
proved utterly useless.
Tha story hi* b*en tbe subj*ct of a
great deal of interested discussion here
and it has beta ascertained that Dodd's
Kidney Pills are an article in universal
use in this district.
"Ur. Cragg cannot tell me anything
abont Dodd's Kidney Pills that I don't
k*ow��lready," said a well-known lawyer, who waa discussing the matter
with a group of friends yesterday. "I
have knovvh them to cure cases ef
Rheumatism which six doctors had
pronounced incurable."
"I have experie*c*d what Dodd's
Kidn--y Pill* will do," said Mr. John
Nichols* Babcock, another well-known
resident. "I sufferred the most acute
tortures from Gravel and other Kidney
Disease*, for twenty long yean, I
spent hundreds of dollars in doctors'
hills, and for various so called cure* but
wilh no lasting benefit.
"I didn't b. l"*v* Dodd's Kidney Pill*
would enra w, but expected to get a
little temporary relief from their use.
J was completely and thoroughly cured
by them though. There is no Kidney
medicine on enrth to compare with
Dodd's Kidney Pills." -.
Score* of people in this district testify gratefully to the wonderful power
and virtu* of Dodd't Kidney Pills
Every phase of Kidney Disease, including Bright'* Disease, Diabetes, Rheumatism, Gout, Impure Blood, Heart
Failure, Paralysis, Dropsy, Sciatica,
Lnmbago, Gravel, Stone In the Bladder,
and Woman's Troubles, yield positively and ape dily, to the powor of this
great Life Saver.
' '������M-aa-a--*. Windermere.
fayateu a tiorden Prop..
.��� ���
Oood accomodation for prospectors and
Freighters.    First-class meals.
joif JaUr-w: Modkimti.,
Mr. and Mrs. Rohder have been very
ill at Windermere.
Alex MbDoniild anal Andfew Mai
colm were killed by h eaiiowsiialo near
Burton City.
.Mrs. "W. C. Wol.ls an.l Mr. J. Well*
returned to Palliser on Tuesday from
thoir eastern trip.
Tho lumber concerns on i he Pacific
Cojwt halve u6mbiui.il to put, up the
price of lumber $2 per 100C.
A skating anal curling carnival to
bo held ou tho Moualay niter New
Year's Day in being tnlkei of.
Capt. Sanbnrn, who went with
Capt. Armstrong to t has Stickine, it at
Moyie iooking ufier his mining interests there.
The residents of Windermere have
petitioned the Government for aid in
securing ihe services of a medical man
for the district.
J. A. Utiles has gone to the Coast
for the Christ-nan holidays aud with a
view to attending un important meeting of the Teachers Institute.
J. Henderson is busily engaged iu
completing the intiale portion of the
Catholic Church at Golden, so as to
hav* it available for th* opening of
tho bazaar.
Mrs. Lake is selling dR her winter
Millinery at discount nf 20 per cent
thus affording great bat-gains. S.iiloi
and wnlkiag hats, your choice for tl
until the lit, of January.
Mr. W. R. Hull wa�� on a visit to
-Golden this week. He informs n
that owing to the progress of Field hia
firm Lave decided on opening a branch
butchery business there.
On Christmas Day there will be
Mattine and Celebration of Holy Communion at 11 a.m. at St. Peter's
Church, Donald. Evensong nud sermon at 7:30 p.m. at St. Paul's Church,
The people of Field now Want, a
school-room erected by the Government as the C.P.R. will require the
use of the room in the station building
which has hiiherto been used for
school purposes.
Chamberlains Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy cau always bo depended upon and is pleasant and safe
to take. For sale by all druggists,
Langly and Co. Wholesale Agent*
Victoria and    Vancouver.
At ths present time the C.P.R. in
addition to 800 box cars, is building
60 ore cars at its shops at Perth, Out,
These cars aieot 60,000 lbs, capacity
and are especially designed for the
mineral traflic of British Columbia.
No. 1 ran oS the rails at Illecillewaet
on Friday. Tho cause of the mishap
was a spread rail. The express and
mail van, aud baggage car were
wrecked. No person was hurt but tbe
passengers bad the unpleasant wait of
twelve hours before being transferred
to Revelstoke.
Miss Gibbons, teacher of the Windermere school, arrived in Oolden last
night on her way to visit her parents.
An excellententtrtninment and Christ-
mas Tree iii connection with the school
was held at Wiaderm*r* ou Tuesday
evening. The school appear* to have
mad* a good showing under Mis* Gib-
boa's management,
H. A. Kimpton is the suceessful
tenderer for the mail contract between
Golden and Windermere.and will start
with his new contract about the beginning of February. It is understood
that G. Geary is the succcseful tender.
er for the contract between Windermere and Fort Steele.
Mrs. J. C. Green* roqu. its us to
stat* that at th* bazaar this week
there will be ice cream and oysters
galore. Mrs, Greene is a general favorite and most energetic in anything
sh* take* up, and the fact that she is
taking suck aa active part in the bazaar ia a guarantee of it* success.
At the Magistrate'* Court at Golden
on Monday a suit of J, C. Greene vs.
8. Wilson for cash lent, board, etc.,
was heard by Mr. Griffith, S.M., who
gave judgment for pliintiS for ISn;
116 to be paid on Feb. 1st, and the
balance on March 1st. E. A, Haggen
appeared for the plaintiff.
G. McMillan, of Galena, brought to
Golden on Friday, two tons of beef,
which he disposed of to G. B. McDermot. Mr. McMillan informs u*
this waa tke finest lot nf beef he hns
brought to Golden, snd his annual
supply has hitherto been regarded as
amongst the fines', r.iised in the Columbia Valley, which is rapidly becoming famous a* a locality for ���lock-
J. E, Stoddart, of Wind��rm*re, was
1* town thi* week. Mr. Steddart it
secretary of thi Windermere Racing
Club, and informs us that a meeting of
the Committee was held at the Windermere Hotel on Wednesday week,the
President, Mr. E. Clark, in the chair.
Tbe report and balance-sheet presented
by the Secretary showed a credit balance of (100, which wa* ordered to be
held over till next season's m*et.
Pains In the chest when a person
has a cold indicate a tendency toward
pnenmonia. A piece of flannel dampened with Chamberlain'* Pain Balm
and bound on to the cheat over the seat
of pfrtHftvill promptly relive the pain
and prevent the threatened attack of
pneumonia. This same treatment will
cure a lame back in a few hours.
For sale by all druggists. Langly k Co
wholesale Agents Victoria and Vancouver,
A Fine Display or Oootls.
Golden has pat "on lis Christmus
attire. Tbo shop* are overflowing
with Block suitable to tho soasou.
Messrs.. Hull Bros, have a first class
supply ef meats, fowl and small goods.
The windows of H. G. Parson's store
��ru a treat worth inspection, with
thulr prettily arranged'exhibit of the
season's goods. Jn lust issue we re
ferrcd to the grocery display. Toil
week Mr. S. Pnrson, who is ia charge
of the soft goods department, has
decorated the window devoted to that
portion of the business, and he has
succeeded In producing an excellent
effect. The show comprises ladies
dies* goods, Tarn o' Shantcre, gloves,
perfumes, handkerchief*, purses,
scarves, silk drapes, fancy goods. The
shop is neatly set eut internally, and
visitor* are met with the Welcome suspended from the ceiling "We wish you
a Merry Christinas.'"
0, A. Warren is displaying a ohoice
stock of goods suitable for Christmas
G. B, McDermot is sparing no effort
to make bis store attractive and has
decorated it with evergreens from
which Chinese lantern* are suspended,
which should make a pleasing effect.
He too has an -excellent stock of seasonable goods.
Mrs. Lako has a flue stock of millinery aad Indies and children's goods.
Closing  Ewulnatlen Biaiaort   for
The closing eia-mination of the Primary Department was held Thursday
afternoon. Quite a number of parents
and friends wer* preaent aad expressed
themselves as greatly pleassd with the
progress of the pupil* under Miss Millard's teaching and management. Miss
Millard seems to be ��n expert in the
phouic method of teaching reading and
spelling, and tbe children have made
marked progress in these branches.
The examination ot th* senior department was held Friday afternoo*.
The classes were examined in arithmetic, reading,spellia��and geography.
Several ef those present noticed a great
improvement since the laat examination. Rev. Mr. Burton questioned
some ef the classes in reading and geography aud Mist Millard heard the
Fourth Class in spelling.
Beth departments have done muoh
better work line* tbe addition of the
Primary Department.
Dr. Cross offered a prize for the
Primary Department and a silver
medal for the Senior.
Th* fallowing is the report for th.
month of December {
Fourth Class���1. Catherine Atkinson, 2 Flora Palmer.
Third Class-1 Winifred Daniels, 2
Norma Macnab.
Second Cl��si-1 Ellen Daniel*, 2
William Forrest.
A medal offered by Da, Cross wa*
awarded to Fred Urquhart for greatest
proficiency ia the work of hi* class,
First Reader-1 Stanley McKay, 2
Gordon Woodhonse.
Second Primer���1 Maggie Daniels, 2
John Gul'ieano,
First Primer-1 Winifred Aintworth
2 Clifford Urquhart.
Chart Class-1 Alfred Dauiel-|, 3
Howard Macnab.
Prizes were awarded to Stanley McKay, Maggie Daniels, Winnie Ains-
worth and Alfred Daniels.
Th*   Province has the following:���
The Windermere district, lying between Gslden on the north and Fort
Steele on the south, is coming rapidly
to tho front, and some term it the new
Slocan. The mineral of the country
ooneiat* of gold, silver, copper and
lead, and so far shows an excess of
galena. The leads are generally large
and promise to be strong, aid, like
the Sl*can, the ore is clean and rich at
tbe grass roots, many assay* running
���400 to tha tou.
Considerable development has been
done ou properties during the put two
month*, both by companies and original owners, aid great activity is expected next season. A* English syndicate bas bonded and ia workiag th*
Pretty Girl group of eight claim*, and
besides sinking a testing shaft ia driving a crosscut tunnel to tap the lead
at a depth of about 200 feet. The Hot
Punch g'oup has been bonded by a
Montana syndicate, aad a abaft sunk
65 lest, opening a fine body of solid
galena carrying a good percentage of
copper. The values run from 40 to 800
ounces! silver and 12 to (III in gold.
Tha company will ship next spring.
Messrs. Stark and Kimpton own th*
Delphine group. This ia a* excellent
property, the values ranging from 100
to 600 .ounces in silver, with a large
per cent of lead and copper. They
have been working with a good fore*
of men and ar* now packing *re witb
10 horset to the Columbia river,
A Nelson company has bonded th*
Bathes* group and i* pushing development work.
Th* Del*s property shows a fine
body of miurai, and ��0 horse* ar*
packing *r* to th* river.
The Sitting Bull gronp, consisting
of four claims, has been bonded to a
Nelson corporation, and they are now
working. This is a valimblo property
of high grade copper carbonates,   The
lead is three feet wide and rua* 742
ounce* silver, besides a big percentage
of copper.
On the west of the Sittlhg Bull
group lies the Alps group, one of tbt
most promising discoveries in the
oountry.. Tlrarp iire'four claims with
two rich and well defined -ledges ruu-
ning through them. Ouo of the leads
is solid galeua from three to four feet
wide, oarrying 75 to 800 ounces in silver and 50 to 75 per cent lead. The
other is carbonates and galena seven
feet wide. Tiie holders'of this property will commence vigorous operations
in the spring.
Seven feet of solid galena ore has
been uncovered on the Dividend group,
the values ranging from 46 to 180
ounces in silver and 75 per cent lead.
It is rumored that a Montana syndicate ha* secured a bond on the property.
A Rossland company ha* sutured a
bond ou tke Swansea gronp and has
bten working a large faro* Of men all
All Doubts  Vanish
When Paine's Celery
Compound is Used
Its Wondrous Work Commands
the Admiration of AH.
It only requires the fair a*"d honest
use of one bottle of Paine's Celery Compound to convince a suffering man or
woman that there is virtue, power and
life in each drop of the wondrous medicine. This naseertion in supported by
tbe fact that thousands of men and
women in Canada who can well afford
te call In the best medical aid in times
���f sickness ar* now using Paine's
Celery Compound in preference to all
other medical prescriptions.
Some people, who have never tasted
the health-giving virtue* of Paine's
Celery Compound' wrongly class it
with the common patent medicine*,
aaraaparillas, nervines and purifiers so
extensively advertised. Paine's Celery Compound is far removed from
any of these ordinary preparations; it
is as muoh superior to ali other medicines as the diamond is superior lo
cheap glass.
Paine's Celery Compound is the
marvellous prescription of on* of the
greatest physican* that ever lived,and
has won the heavy endorsatio* of th*
noblest medical men of the age. It*
merits and its continued victories over
disease have carried it te *nd��ri ngfamo.
It has given aew life to those almost
dying from liver and kidney troubles;
it has raised up the rheumatic, neu
ralgic and dyspeptic, and purified the
blood of those tortured by blood diseases.
If you are sick, ailing and cannot
enjoy life, try sue bottle of Paine's Celery Compound.
Closing  Ceren-oul.i.-Re.nlt   ot th*
fi-eaiul nation.,
the Golden school dosed for tb*
Christinas holidays on Friday. Several of the parents, and Messrs. Houston and Sutherland, two of th* Trustees, were present at th* closing ceremonies, Mr. Bates took tbe ehildren
through some cf their work in th*
presence of th* visitor* and they ��.-
quitted themtelves insst ot-cdilably,
Messrs. Houston and Sutherland addressed the ohildr*n with appropriate
Th* following pupil* have been pro-
motsd as result of semi-annual examination*:
Promoted  to  V.   Class-Required
marks 426:-   ,
Ernest Sutherland
Mary Conner
Charlie Bubar
Mali* Andersen
Minnie Weodley
Promoted  to IV, Class��� Required
marks 876: -
Willi* Houston
Ida Bookhout
Maggie Aroher
Ella May Love
Emily Kenny
Arthur Jaynes
Promoted to Senior III. Class -Re
quired marks 276: ���
Lotti* Woodley
George Love *
Violet Pugh*
Lila Love
Bart Hanna
Promoted to Junior III. Class-Required mark* 200:���
Minnie Sutherland   411;
Jaok Paraons 274.
Blanch* Lov* 257,
Addi* 4-ntoya 228.
< Mab*l Archer 204.
Promoted to II. Primer :���
Charlie JDalquist,   Arnold  Hanna,
John Soles, Beverley Nattrass, Harold
Tom, Joe Sutherland, Albert Sol**.
Steading of I, Claa* without examination :���
1. Allan Hanna; 2, Kova Nicholson;
8. Owena Starforth.
Tha Methodist Cbureh ha* b**n
beautifully decorated for theChriftma*
Tree which will be held there to night.
The tree is ittell of course the centr*
of attraetion, it* boughs bsing laden
with good thing* thai ought t* please
th* children,
gation fi Tram way Iti
& Iqterqational Transportation Coy.
w*. f?om���ti��g withT CP.R. at Golden, B.C, and Great
Northern Railway at Jennings, Montana.
C. H. Parson,
hUiyiQEH CO., IiT'D.
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kind*
of Lumber, Etc.
Golden and Beaver, B. O*
���  ��� the Polumbia House,
A Strictly Fint Clas* Hotel in Every Respect.
Equipped with all Modem Conveniences.
Best Brands of Liquor* and Cigara.
Tht Table ia Second to Nona.
Headquarter* for Mining anil Commercial M��n..
Golden, B. d.
7^ *T
'Wm. McNeish, Prop*
Kootenay House,
First Class Accommodation for Traveller*
and Commercial and Mining Men.
Baggage Transferred Free.
flot and Cold Baths.
Ullock & Berry,
810��t Proprl*t*r*.
THE  i  .  ��  -*
��   *  ���   ���
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Baggage transferred free,
fiot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and CigAfii
Rates   2.00 Per Day.
JAMES BRADY, D.L.8. 4I-.L.3.
...Mining Engineer...
M. Am'n Inst. M. E.
Agent for obtaining Crown  Grants,
doing annual assesraent work, at*.
Address:     liiolden. B. &
Wholesale and Retail
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
OOLDEN,  B. C.       Mt*
Livery and Feed Stables
Good Saddle Hone* and
Big* of all kinda for
Hira at Seasonable Sates,
Teaming of all kind* * speoialty,
+ X + X +
A. C. Hamilton,
GOLDEN, B. O.        lilt*
Mrs. Lake
bag* to announce to the ladios
of Golden tbat sh* has begun
butinsss a* MILLINER in
the premise* lately occupied
by J. McMillan, opposite O.
B. McDermot'* store. Selected *tock of th* newest styles
Choice lot of Ladit* Under
elotking. Children's olothing
Pacific $y
If you intend spending tho
winter in a
Write or call for pjtr'->
ticulars of rates,
routes, etc., to
Hawaiian Islands,
Bermuda, and
West India Islands,
Or the
Old Country.
Reduced Rate
Excursion lickett,
Apply to th* nearest: Canadian Pa<
clfl* Railway Agent, or address
,   Traflle Manager,
*���..;.��� Winnipeg, Man.
0. E. WELLS, ���'"
lit* Tioket Agent, Golden
Builder and Contractor,
-  -  -  -  Golden, B. &
A supply of Building Ida*
For Sale.   '
Plans prepared.   Prompt attention given to orders, Mte


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