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The Golden Era Jul 19, 1901

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 U /U-U l> '" i.)   v '
J��%        JaiksHendeeson,
^ Builder & Contractor,
rjf A supply of Bi-Udinjt l.isne fur Bale,"""
1*4 PI.hss prepared. Promnt attention K>*on to
JA orders.
Sign Writer yj
Scenic Artlut ^
Hon*.' Decorator. h-.
Leave Order, at Ko.t��aajf Hous, Goldsn, BiC.   i
?OL. XI NO. 40
GOLDEN. British Columbia. FRIDAY, JULY 19. 1001
2 Per Year.
The Big Store.
Now stock of food stuffs for man
and beast--a full car load of the best
brands. Prices as easy as possible
under present market conditions.
Boiled Oats
Graham Flour
Corn Meal
Split Peas
Pearl Barley
Special Value in Ore-
gon and Canadian
h Carnp Blankets.
Tram Where Cash does Double Duty.
the stock of
Hats and Caps.
Gents' Furnishings,
Fine Suitings,
Up-to-Date Pantings, at
J. C. TOM & Cos.
If not an inspection will pay you.
Goods Right.    +    +    +   Prices Right.
Upper Columbia
Navigations Tramway Co,
Steamers DUCHESS and HYAK c*rryln*
H. SI. Halls.
Season of 1901 Opens April 2nd.
Saddles, Pack-saddles,
Straps, Whips, Collars, etc.
Boss Miner's Boot,        - 55,50
16-inch River Boot, made in full French
Calf, double soles,        -        -        -        7.50
Imperial Bank of Canada
Ca pi till
Paid Upi ����,.>0��>,000
II. S. IIuwl,*..'..l,       -       I'l'essitleut.
T* 11. Merrill,        -        Vice-I'res.
Wssi. Hiiiusiiy,     T, .Sutlisii'l.iiul StAynor
Hssberl Jaffniy, Elius lingers,
Ws... Ileitilrie,
Hkaii Ol'l'lUEi  Toronto.
1). If. Wii.kik, lienor.il Miuisger,
��. Hav, l...si*ectur.
MANITOBA, N. W. T. ami 11. C.
Ilriimloii, C'liljrtiry, Kdn.fi.iton,
Ilssltlen,       Nelson.        I'nrlspe In I'rjurie,
I'linse Allien,      Itevelatuke,     StiHthcuiii..
Vancouver,        Wilmips'',',
Essex, Furjrim, (i)ilt, Hnntllliiii, Ingei-tsnll,
l.iatowel, Xi.igti.-ji Fulls, Port Colboume
Hist Portnjre, Snsili Ste. Mario, St.
Ciitlii>riii<-~>. St. Thtftiins, Toronto, Wolliitul,
Woodstock, anil Mo.itrtal, V.s-.o.
Agents In l.i'.-nt Britain:
l.luysl's llnuk. I.tsl , 72 l.onsliarsl St., I.ot.ilo.1
with svliuiii money mny lie slej-sstsstesl tor
trilnat'er l.y loiter or i-.ll.lo to any of tlie
above lirniii'lips.
Ajteiitsin V11 lleil States.:
NEW YORK-Hunk of Montreal, Hank ol
I'llli'Alill-Firat Nutiniiiil llnuk.
ST. I'AIII.-Se.'ousl National Hunk.
���SAN FUANli'lSfll-Wolla, -a'tgtgt Co's
AjrcntM in Suulli Africa.
lntisi'*'.Kt jillmvi'il ou ||eiK>alUs.
l'ro,i.lt'i.il, Mtpiirir.it ai.il ullier ilelissiitiires
��� piir.'l.nKpil.
.V.'nil..ljlo at nil points in I'tuiaila, Unilis*.
Kingdom, l.'nilsul Stales.
London, July, 17-Lonl Rosclery
has iBsued n m-inifesto on the divisions
in the Liberal |>arty, It is contained
in a letter to the City Liberal Club
which invited Iii in to doliver an nd-
di-esc. H. dl.oluiina any desire to re
enter politics, hut speaks out: ''Under
the remarkable charier agreed upon by
the Liberal members ol the Houso of
Commons of hearty and undisjstits-d
allegiance to the loader and complete
liberty <)t acii,'ii to dissent with regard
to the ono vital question before ihe
country. The Liberal party can become a power only when it shall have
made up Its mind on theliupciial questions whicli nre at this moment in the
air.'' Lord Rosebery concludes wilh
this gloomy touch : " It in a matter of
sorrow and anxiety to se%�� weak Government faced by a weaker Opposition,
at a juncture of foreign hostility and
international competition which needs
all the vigil nice, power and ability nl
our command." Ho believes that
Great Britain is at a crisis which may
have unlimited .'Meets upon its future,
���       m .��r>.<^-	
Pitub.ifg, Pa., July 17-Word received from all sources connected wish
tliegreat strike of the steel workers,
'wlrichi, coiiiinciicoJ on Monday, iudi-
tijiAed.'iliiit: sSm-jaeinbers of tho Aim.l
KaiiNits-ssJrA^ociaitftTi'Vsd mutter*, svell
hi liiisot isnd that the strike order wus
I. S. Gibb, Mgr., Golden Branch, i Keiieris-ll.. obeyed.   At the Ainalgaiiji(j��
--.��� - .  ���   i*s**l A*-ssociation   headquarters  it   was
\ stated that the (inure*.,given on S.sttir*
ilny night,  regarding the number ot
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solicitor,
notary TublicConveyancer, etc
Otlice in L'fijser Columbia Navigation and
Tram wty Company's Huil.ling,
(���olden. B. V.
Harvey, McCarter & Pinkham,
lli,s*.'l.tura, SoilPltol'a, Ae.
Hevelstoke, II.C. Fort Steele, U.C,
Usioiiih Alexander Hloi-k  C-ol��Ion 11. ('.
Jas. Brady, D.L.S., & P.L.S.
Minin�� Engineer,
M. Adi'il Inst. M.E.
Surveys made fur Assessment Work nml
Crown Grunts.
Lund for wile ou Lako Windermere uml
Findlay Creek, East Kootenny.
Only Quick and Comfortable Route to Mining Towns of Windermere Mining
LMve Golden Tuesday 4 a.m., arriving at Peterborough,
Athalmer, Canterbury and Windermere same evening'
Returning arrive at Golden Wednesday afternoon.
Leave Golden Friday 4 a.m. for Peterborough and intermediate points; returning arrive at Golden Sunday
Low rates on Oris, Lumber, Hay, Grain and Coal.
$ For further information apply to
.   .   .   Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
Son.Is HMc Kicking Horae River,
Hull Bros. & Go.
Wholesale A Retail
Cattle, Sheep and Horse Dealers,
For flrst-ciass
Dairy Butter
Fresh Eggs
and all kinds ot
Farm Produce
Apply to
C.   H.   PARSON-, Seorotary,
men who would he actually idle iu the
mines of the three oompufiiea have linen
proven correct. Thia number was
placed at 74,010.
 ��� , 0+***	
St. Petersburg, July la-Large parts
ofthcRussianEinjiireare again threat
ened with famine. The last official
report, which has just been published,
was dated June 21. Since thou not a
drop of rain has fallen iu the eastern
provinces, and it is believed that the
crojis are now largely beyond hope in
many districts. . .
Since early June'tlie temper*.'lire hus
been about 101 ami no rain has fallen.
The fields are bnrriel down and thi*
feeding of cattle and horses liasalreaily
begun to he a problem. The same kind
of reports are coming from the province of Kazan. The Volga provinces
have already been visited by two severe famines during the last ten years
aud the population has lost whatevcr
power it ouce possessed to withstand
Ilssfositesl In tlle Lords.
Loudon, July 11!.���The Government
was defeated in the House of Lords this
afternoon. Although quite unimportant iu itself, lhe defeat wna indicative
ot the growing discontent. The incident arose from the question whether a
model of the new War Office sliould be
made and exhibited. Lord Lansdowiie,
the Foreign Secretary, refused to entertain this proposition, but on division
the motion was carried by 41 votes,
against 20. The announcement of
these figures was greeted with |>ro-
longed cheer*.
700 .luviin.'so Perish,
Tanomii, July 15.���Oriental advices
give details of a terrible destruction of
human life which occurred in northern
Java last month by a sudddei. and
terrific outburst of the volcano Kloet.
For fifty miles around, ull the coffee
plantation.-, and other estates were destroyed by showers of ashes and stones,
together with great streams of lava
uud.hot ...ud.
Seven hundred natives and a limn*
ber of Eui'0|ieans perished,   *
JOB PRINTING our Specially,
Tlie Chlof <��omml-Mlon��r  Correct i  a
Btfilmnent Attributed to llim.
(From tlie Victoria Colonist.)
Hon. W. C. Wells returned from n
visit tu the Kootenny on Thursday.
The Chief Commissioner of Xvands nnd
Works made the trip foi- the purpose
of arranging certain details in regard
to contracts recontly lot for road making in that district.
He informed a Colonist reporter
that lie fouud the contractors iu hII
cases pushing work along at a. satisfactory rate. At Revelstoke a road is
being built which will give access to
tlie Big Bend country, by skirting ihe
rivor for nine miles around a bad
stretch of broken water, where connection will be made wilh a steamer,
now under construction, which is being
subsidized by the Government, and
whiob will ply on the upper river as
far as Death Rapids. The importance
uf this road and steamboat service
may be estimated when it is considered
that every pound of freight, carried into
thut country at preseut pays atoll of 14
cents. It is hoped that the road will
be completed and the steamer ready
for business soon enough to carry in
supplies to the several mining camps
before the close of navigation.
''By the way" said Mr. Wells,
''while11 think of it, I wish to sny
that the Gjlden Eka has heen under
some misconception iu a recent issue
as to any remarks I may have made
regarding the Coast'Kootenay railway.
Tlie statement attributed to me has
certainly some foundation in the fact
that the Government are considering
the advisability of sending out a corps
uf engineers to determine the feasibility
of a Hope Mountain puss, hut assured
ly not for lhe benefit of any particular
ruilway company. If the Government
were committed to the C. V. R, for
the Uiiminy of ;,Uti road, au I it was
agreed upoti, there would be no necessity for a Government survey���-thai
wuuld bu tbo busiuta-s of the contracting company.
"The leal ubj Ctof the survey would
he, lir.it, io determine tho practicability
of the routt', ouce for all, a Question uu
wbich there is considerable doubi, und
which no railway company has ue yet
seeu tit to attempt lo solve Sjco id
ly-if a feasible routo worn found the
survey would enable the Government
to determine the approximate cost, so
as to deal intelligently with any company undertaking tho work,
"When the survey Ims beeu mad-j ii
will be time enough to talk of who
shall build, the roud-that will depend
wholly on the responsible company or
individual who cau offer the host
terms to the province, Tho Government hnve no favorites in the matter,
they will make a contract inespL-etite
of per.ions-   ou the be-,t  possible terms
'���The Eka  has evidently   assumed ; ing at work in the
the probability of tbo  C. P. R. under-  are   engineers    ami
Steyn'R Nuiniw tint-iipe.
London.   July H.���the   War Office*
has received the following despatches
from Lord Kitchener, dated at fretoriar
"Broad wood's brigade surprised
Reitz, capturing Sieyn's brother arni
oilier*, Steyn himself escaped in lit**
shirt sleeves with one o'her man only.
The so culled 'Oruiiye River Guvrrn-
ment' pnper*" were captured.''
. Lord Kitchener also reports that
Scheeper's commando (is announced
in the Associated Tress despatches
early last wreck), burne 1 the publid
buildings in Mnrrayshurg, Cape Col*
ony, and some furm houses in tho
According to further advices frotil
Ijord Kitchener, the columns under'
Grtnerul Foal herstone uud Colonel Dixon have reached Zi-erusi, Westerif
Ti'.iusvaul. They met. with opposition
and made some captures. The British
casualties were ouo ofii'ier killed and
three officers and iweury-four men
Mare Mmiiitwit   Mutt.
Lon-lon, July If).-Lord Kitchener
hai advised the Government - so ilifl
"Daily News" undeistands ���that it is
possible to withdraw a large number
of infantry p-gtments from South
Africa, am nu mi iil; virtually to thd
greater part ofthe unmounted army.
At the same time hc request.*, that hs
be supplied with mon* mounted met..
The Government is considering this,
according to the "iJaily .Newt.,'' and
will probably Xm guided by Lord Kitchener's ndvicus.
"It is also coutemplatol'' says thn
same journal, ''if the in fin try is largely
withdrawn! to concentrate the British
troops ulong the .Nita! Ruilway lietween Durbnu uuu l'letertnu lit-/.hurt:,
and between Jobaiiuonhurg and Pretoria, thus carrying f'jod aud provisions
for the troops by u shorcr route thnn
tlie Cape Town route. A portion of
the fine from C-ipnTuwnto Pretoria
may be abandoned.
Of the geuerafs in Snuff Africaj
Lord Aieihuen is 'hemost highly com-
meihleil hy the otlieers serving under
lilm. He is dt-cribed an one of the
most energetic and resourceful generals
at the front. Instead of complaining
of the harsh criticism tu which he
wus subjected he has remained iu the
service nud displayed Untiring iudus-
irv* and grtllanirv.
AH In IJuiet at ltdrtnltltltl Chimp but mr
I1uk.Ii* of AjTruoilluilt roe SiltU int-ut
ofthe Striku Y-.t Arrived at.
Rossland, 15. C, July 10. ���The
strike situation iu this camp is unchanged. All t Im employees of t he
big mines, embracing approximately
1/200 men, nre idle, and iboMj remain-
uciple puopert ii-s
pumpmen,    who
taking tho building of the road, and -stayed in ut, the U.iiou'n orders, to
has iu some way identified any state-1 keep the mines free of water. A uum-
inent I may have made regarding this ! ber of mine properties, including iho
railway with that company." j Iron Musk, I. ,X L., Humeotuke, umi
The Horse Thief creek wagon road; New St Elmo, have not been affected
is fairly started .uid will give access ' by the labor trouble. The city is very
to a rich mining district, wbich so quiet, nothing having transpired pur-
far has become retarded for want of' taking iu the slighieiit degree of die*
transportation facilities. The company j order. l\,e Union bus sternly for
operating the Red Line group of mines ! bidden ifs member*, u in itilge iu uny
on McDonald creek is spending $.J0, I practice ��*voritiK. of violence. S.-\.ii.l
000 on improvements, and road mak . coinmiiniciiioh* ha\e pH^etHwluH-ir
ing, which latter tbe Governmeut ti the tf:rikn E.tccL.dv.-' and ilie mine*
supplementing by a grant. The com-1 managers, ull ol thu moat euurieuu**
puny  contracted  for  the  building of  nature, but MPthhiif  b���� betfn  evolvm!
the roud, and will push it to completion ns speedily as possible. During
last winter this company shipped between 4,000 aud &.000 tuns of rich
galena ore. -The Paradise on Toby
creek, which is controlled by a Toronto
syndicate, represented by Older* Hammond & XaulotK  also shipped  a large
yet iu the shape of a basis of agree-*
ment. Tbe Board1 of Trade is exeriiug
very effort to promote a ���seulenieut,-
but SO far wii Imui market success, although loo early to judge a-s to the'
pionablu on I co, im of the business men'*
attempt ut \>nt, that lott.
quantity of ore, which averaged about i    Tbe rep-rewd u.u*roWi\ Collms left
f>0 ounces  of silver  and 50  j.er cent
Mr Wells says there is no 'rouble iu
tfie mines in this district,aud work is
beiug carried on steadily ou the pro
per lies above mentioned and mau,\
others. Earming operation*-! in East
Kootenay are promising, the indications being for good crops-in fact
everything iu the district looks promising.
Torouto manufacturers will erect m
$10,000 arch during tbe Duke of York's
muuy memorials of his sojourn hi
NeU-ou jail iu the shm-ie of numerous'
Uni'd-scapes v*. iVich h<_> pariited from
nature While enjoyin�� ihe hospitality
of ttr.it institution, tie pit sun ted these*
works of art, which are of uo mean*
quality, to the jail oflicials, wi'W
wlroiu he wus a gftneral Favorite, H��"
cheerfully entered upon Ms- life teuieneer
wblob he confidently anticipates will
be commuted to a year. Fttlly convinced of the justice of his crime, he*
is a stranger to remorse, and may be
accounted1 u product of tho War feyer"
ibat ia ubt>uad,    N-ew I-kmivcl* ^d;.te.
<1 THE ERA, GOLrEN, B.C.,July !P, HO!,
��he tfk-ill-.ru ��rm.
Eo- V. Chamhbrs, * Editor and Publisher
.������MihKiTi.itions $200 per year in advimce.
Advortising rates mane known on request
FRIDAY. Jii.v   Ht. 1901.
Economist'-. St PeiersWg correspondent says that the entire foreign trade
of the Russian empire ti practically
stationary. The imports ovfr tiie
European hor der, according to the
Economist, fell otl four per cent, lust
l\e r, although tlm ex porta increased
i 14 per cent. The foreign trade of
Riii-trtia is now $���'> per capita, a ?um
} lower than the per c (pita foreign trade
i of the empire twenty years n%a. In
Since our hist issue another strike! ,nost countries such a record would
has takeu place among the miners of create concern, but in Russia it is
Roland district. The strikers de considered excellent, an theGKar.wJahefi
in uid an increase of SO cents a day for ; his subjects to do their trading among
muckers and redrtas of several griev* tbHmtftflvvf, so that they will not bounces  iu  genutal.   Upward of  1,000U0U1U dependent upon other nations.
men nre out of   work, and  every effort [  --*-m~**t~***em    -���������.
is being made bythe Hoard of Trade'        WHITE VERSUS BROWN.
of Rossland to bring about  an adjust       The   .Japanese   aro   fishing on   the
ment of differences.   Tho closing down ' Eraser and iho  white men  are on the
of the mines at Rosslsnd bas affected
the smelier at Trail aud this in turn
will affect the conl mines and train
crews, to say nothing ofthe loss to
business met). Here we huve -a case
that clearly illustrates our interdepend*
enr.t. aud tha question of public tights.
We are driven to tlie conclusion that
the day cannot be far distant when
diiferences between labor and capital
will, in tbe Interests of ihe public,have
to be dealt with by compulsory arbitration. This strike will be a serious
blow to tlo- mining industry, which,
as yet, can only be said to be iu its
infancy, and too frequent ocuurreuee
oi strikes will tenil to dampen the
ardor of capitalists iu investing iu
uniting properties.
The rights of an individual are said to
cento wheu the rights of another com*
ine.ir.--s. Otl the sume principle the
rights of a certuiu class ought to
cease when the rights of another com
meiices. The closing of mines affects
the smelters, tbe closing of smellers
affects the coal und coke industry, aud
soon. Therefore the affected classes
ought to hare something to suy on the
question. Thii cannot bu mu-h longer
delayed wii bout tremendous loss to
the whole province. Strikes are too
������xpeusive u way of sealing disputes
and seriously deranges the affairs ol
business men.
We believe this question should bt
HgilHtud with a view to forcing ade*
quale legislation to deal with ever*,
qiiebttou between labor and capita,
tnat effects the good of the community.
bunk. Tho white fishermen have not.
been able to come to terms with the
dinners; the Japanese contractors urn
said to owe money to the canners and
the brown men under tbem have got
to lish. The question is now arising
who, in future, is to own the river,
white men or bl'O.vu men ? T'.iequestion
is answered for the present-llie Japanese own the Eraser,
We are now confronted with a
great industrial problem in British
Columbia. We have got to llud out
whether a big industry, which, wheu
it is in1 he hands of wbitemen, dis
b itrim millions of dollars in this district, ii to he allowed ro depart rrom
us and is to go into the possession of
the Chinese auJ Japanese. Wo will
nut etiier into any of the merits of ihe
���-.triku uf white fishermen. Our cul-
'im us have b-jen opeu to bo'b meu and
cuu: ers and they have taken advantage
jf tliHin. Rut for the sake of the merchants of Vancouver and New Westminster wc ure bound to ask whut will
be the result if the Cninese a nd Japanese drive the whito fishermen into
the river? It will mean more money
to go to ihe Orient and less to aiil iu
thu upbuilding of the Coast towns.
When brown and yellow oust white
on the Fraser our population must .1*.-
crease for the whites must live and
they will seek other places where the
ou ise of the Asiatic is not overall.���
Vancouver World.
A True Bear Story.
One bright July afternoon, in the
summer or 18112, three pro-spectors
might have heen seen with saddle
horses and pack animals', crossing the
Komenay river ferry at Hummers' ll.st.
iu East Kootenay, B C. heading for
the mountains iu the vicinity ofthe
North Star mine, as this gseat strike
hy Joe Bourgeois at tiiat lime caused
a stampede of prospectors to thai locality. After crossing the river wo foi
lowed a read for al.out two miles to
Boh Mnlliew's ranch, here we ascended the high bench that borders the
valley of ihe Kootonay river, our
course from here lying in a northwesterly direction across rolling prairie
like bunch grass foot hills, where roam
iu plenty the white tailed sleer. for
some fifteen miles, to tbo base of the
S.dkirk range. We pur|>osed to make
this our base of supply camp as we
were unable to proceed further wilh
burses ou account of heavy under.
biMsb, fallen timber and the steep
ascent of the range. Thut night,
we sat aro ind the camp lire smoking
our pipes, I proposed that Clans, who
I was born somewhat sued, and could
Ido with a lar-re amount ol sleep, re
!mnin to protect our supplies from
! wolves and other wild animals, and
jour horses from prowling Indians, who
j were in the habit of ^ttiinpesliiig and
! running off with |u-ospectors' stock,
I while Eric, a good natured, broad
shouldered S.vedp, brim full of unec
dote, and I take our blankets nud
about two weeks' supply of provisions
each, and strike into the hills. Our
main object on this trip was to |-ros
pect for any outcropjiiug of the North
Star vein farther to ibe north of the
main |iroporly.
Mr idan being agseed to, Eric and I
started the next morning bright and
early, each with about sixty pounds
s'i'iippel on bis back ..nd armed with
prospecting picks. For a number of
miles after leaving camp we found
travelling exceedingly difficult, tin
great amount of fallen timber and
thick, tangled underbrush, together
j with a (iO-lb. puck, rendered, our progress very slow,    However,   the next
The .lomniid i�� itriHit'orl U-..V at noon found ns jsst about limber
line on lop of the range and at the ex
T ie sharp an 1 vi.-orous tariff ret.ili-
ntiuu put into force hythe Kussinn
G ivi'mment. against tin. United Stat ���-���
when the Washington Goverunieiii
pl..i-ed a ili-*i:riltiiu.-itii]g tax ull Rossini.
siignr is rt'Siiliiug in heavy loss tu
1'i.iied Stales exporters. Xot s feu
ofthe United Sial.s newspapers have ! Alj,l.iv,'u. Fall
been declaring lhat the tariff li'oiilsli I issnult on is
with Russia was not uintetially affect  !arrcst.    11
I--OJJSII, I'll.l.S.
tlif.ii* irorth.   Or. Agueiv's Liver I'iili
iiesititsg i<in iiinny fossil formulas ist.-i quanei ,
alms.   They're bettor medicine, easier ibises   treine lien,I   of  Mark   crenk.  ..small
r'y'JriirLn^ *'''��*" ���*-���''  *""e�� '�� *��*���"
the liver right und vuti'll imt lutvcHick Mean-  that empties into St. Mary's ri.er, just
ache, llil.ousuu.iM, iNauswi.  I oiisiipatiou aad I,   , .,      *T    ..    Q
.Sallow Mciu -Sold by H, W. 1'at.ia.r*..   (ii    [below ��� tho  North   Star  untie.
belo-.v  the  North   Star  mine.     After
lunching on a hot  bannock aud  piece
nnifljii ruler TuWr* {of sour b Ily, ue again shouldered our
Thefjllowing appearel iu the News    packs and striking a well beaten   bear
Adver.iser of Thursday. July U. trail, leading dowu stream,  we pro
Re intimidation ; ��� Convictions were
htuhied ut, Gulden yesterday  against
ou  two  counts,   for
fi   foreman   and resisting
Wus fined   $2."i ami costs,
ing United   States   trade   with   thut
country,   but   these declarations   are
or  for'y  days   bard   labor.    Another
conviction   was   secured at   tfoldvn,
ceeded to follo.v it. We hud not gone
but a short distance when we emerged
onto a beautiful grassy nuadow, the
grass boiiu about 12 indies high, Interspersed here and tbere with clumps
of low willow, and small second-** ion tb
jack pi net, with limbs growing down
vastly wide off the mark,   tf we are to ! against Achulo Falco,  for asatilt  on a 't0 the ground.    As  we were leisurely
take theword of American Trade, of j railway, constable in the execution of I walking through the meudew, tide by
P iludelphia, which sa.\a: "As a re hits iutyi Kined $10 and -costs or ten j side, Eric, for probably five minutes,
suit  oTthe countervailing duty  of i'U' days bard labor, 'had  been   silent.    Since   then  it hu
per  rent   imposed   by Russia   on   all'    This itcrt  tf thing  is gottint;  tire-1 always beeu a mytery   to uie how this
A nericui inaiiiifactuie I goods, the ex- j some and if the (
purl trade with thtt country hits coin-
in a   s'liiid-'ill.    The only   direct   line
from   New Vork  to St. Petuisb.ri
the Scandinavian-American,   and dnr
ing   the  season   of navigatijii   in   Lhe
I'lltic every  aieamshlp carried   from
���ini)   to   1.UOt) tons   of freight.   chietl\
machinery,   for   Sr   Pet ers burs,   The
-ttfj.il ahii'   Alexandria   sailed   June K.
for Christiana.  Copenhagen  and Siet
'ui,    and   'he   only  freight thnt    wat*
off.'iel   (or   St   IViorsbtirg   va-.   ia
ii*H'"'-iU df I'ni'lc extract.
"Thoee ir.'erested in thee Ba'tic
trxile tay that (1)01*8 can be no hope V-
f..r m I'fauinption of Russian trade this '*'
tnmnifr. They htliare that the levy-
in: : f tin* inn on dutr en the Russian
t igara we* a huge inisiake, consider*
i '�� huw liiHuitesimal 'he amount iiu-
V, \l. management 'Swede managed to let his tongue rest
thinks to help its cause hy these ex- for that length of time. But he did,
uggs-traiious  itis,   to use a slang ex�� and probably to this fact alone we owe
\*   prei-siou, wuy off.
Gn Her Feet
All day long and mcMttg with puin irom
her head  to her heels.    That is what
many u Belf'SUpportlUjji girl must experience.     On   those
(lays each mouth,
when in other circumstances   she
WOUld  go  to bed,
she must still   be
at  the  desk   or
counter uud Strit'**-
throitgh   t.ie
us   best   she
put us,
Ht'ics n
Backache, ne.nl-
ache,   ami    othci  vxy
pains   caused    hy'**^^Oj
womanly   disease:
are perfectly cured fc.
,    . ,i bv Dr, Pierce's Fa-
ported wiisund  the vast export (rate   v<?rjtc  prescrip-
we had with Russia aud Siberia.   Thn! tion.    It  cures
attempt  to boom   Um products ofthe   lh6>mm of lhese
augur irunt   ti cotttng inuiiiifsctiirers
of iron and Sterl a vast sum of monei,
a* theoO percent   duty Is simply pro
hihitive.   it   is  Intimated  'hat  thcae
inanufrtoturtrs will  be hear!   from he |
fore loug,   tud tlmt   there i��  a move
inaut on toot to  lay the  whole unit it*,
b fore the Treasury   D.'purtmunt,    I
c tiispq.ieiiC" of  t he present  cnudl1 ton
E iropeun    mannfac'iin s    are    bein.
lii-hed into Ru.ssiii   and the   poi-ix ar
crowded with veeafls carrying them,
"Ainerlcati exports cuusUt largely
���oT urtieral ugHtultural machinery t<
Ri.rirlrt. while vast i,uai,tirie-. of rail
mad   material,    mining   and   geu ru
It cstnb-
dries enfeebling
drains, heals inflammation uud
ulceration and
cures female weakness. // makes ���-j
weak women ,-J
strong and sick
women well,
PAW Ail GQieT.
-rinv-i.iketi your tin-iltelnc wfth the
nitfifactioa " ivrite-i Mr**, neorr-e Rle'il, ofl/eks
p ii st *n.ni, WMtiiiuvcl.iuU Cu., l'ciiuii, "Vour
M'T-orit,' Prc-wrlaMoir tin caret! "'������ Cliterbta
(Mtlllle tliat J Hinrt-rt-d irom for liftccn years.an I
[-uuiii. uioulHIy trntthlK I cad hoflertlv say ��
can work ii whole itay aiul not wt tired, on I
tu-f-TP tjiiclmr nr. Pierced nifdidnes I always
P.-lt tiruil My pnii I- -II -/one and I -eel Itke'n
new petaon    I 1111fFert.1t with hendnche all tha
I ti ue, tan have no headache imw since lak hit
vivii- itterlicuie,   I have heen cured of trouhltl I
i tint t luTffed froai fo- ROeen veara, nad the
ben* doctoi hi the state conld not cure me.-1 j
ntaehiitery have been exported io Vladi-1      Pr. ���'.-rce's Common Cense Medical
our lives, for as we rounded a clump of
] willows, and uot more tban thirty
yards distant, we came upon a huge
; cinnamon bear, quie'ly f jading, with
��� his head thrust dowu in the tall grass.
These are the most dangerous wild
animals iu the mountains of British
Columbia. It was quite evident he
had uut heard us, as he continued
feer ing. I whispered to Eric to wtand
pet fen ly motionless , tliat if the bear
raised his head (which he did the next
moment/) he would not recognize us
from any of tho natural surrounding
objects. The hear looked straight lo
wards us for possibly half a minute.
We did uot move a muscle, not even
winked. He seemed satisfied that
nothing unusual was iu sight and
agtiin lowered his head j it the grass
and continue I feeding, then wequickty
stepped behind the clump of willows
and divested ourselves of our packs.
Erto said, "Now. I will sboost show
you how doze bear will run " I re-
replied: "You hml better be careful ns
tbis is a cinnamon." Erie, answered, j
"I ahoost uever saw a bear in my lifel
but, what would  ruu away  from me." i
As we had left our Winchesters in
in the camp wilh Claua, ami had -nothing Imt our prospecting picks to de-
fund ourselves. I sail (hat each hud
better, select a small j ick pine to ahiu
up providing the bear run the wroiu |
way. Kric s-deved one about forty
feet   away.    Then   he took a tin cup
.  liis   prospecting pick   and   sre*i
vuMuek fioiu At!uiithi p.-rts,   much of I Aflv!s-f. iu paper covers, is sent free ou j ped from behind the clump of willows,
It M.*, .I,ip,*d .'son, New York.'        | ^t*t^^TnilTXn oVil   '�� fu" '"WV ��'  "'��� '*'���   "",1 ��"V' "
liul   un   tlse utlscr   liunsl,   Istiudon, Addicta Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N, Y, | !������* '''I*1* "Allli ul�� V-O- on tlse tin ciiji
I notices! en his features a l.roftsl irrin.
Tl.e bear raised liis l.ei.sl at the first
airiiiifce soiiiid. Eric 'hen rattled the
cup snore vigorously, when the bear
only bristles] up seedy fur a fight.
Then we both commenced to shout.
At the first sound of onr voices ".he
hugs' beasi charged straight (or Erie
I, of co'irao, wss up my tree in a
twinkling, where I watched with mnch
hits-rest the race for life. I do not
think that Eric's rns-o of forty feet
to reach that tree will ever be beaten.
When l.e reached tl.e tree he made a
sprins to catch an overhead limb, which
immediately broke wiih his weight,
and down ho came to the ground.
Then I thought it was all up with him
as the great hulk of a beast was close
at his heels. But not so, for Eric
handled himself with the inpidity of
greased lightning and swiftly glided
up. but not in time to avoid a tremendous blow from Ihe beat's inuv across
his heavy prospecting hoot, and which
stripiied tl.e bark from tl.e tree. As
the cinnamon is nut known to climb,
we felt for the time being comparatively safe, with leisure to view the
fierce looking brute just beneath us.
who apparently had no intention just
yet to take himself off, but stood
quietly watching us for perliaj.s half
an hour, when he very leisurely walk'
ed away.
1 should judge that he would weigh
fully one thousand pounds. We remained in the trees for some time, until wc concluded he was well out of
the way, I Iiun quietly descending to
the ground we shouldered our packs
and hastily left the pli.ee.
Since this advenure, whon travelling th sough the mountains, I have
always carried my little DO-ilO Win*
chesicr, with which 1 have killed many
lai'i.e bear. 11.
Impsrial Bank of Canada.
In our last iss'ie we reported in detail the report jiresenied at the 2Gth
annual meeting of tl.e Imperial llank
of C'Siiasla. The general manager, Mr.
D. It. Wilkie, in making his report,
referred to the establishment of a mini
and Ooverninent assay ofiice in Cnn-
adii, which will Ise read wish considerable interest by our readers and meel
with the unqualified approval uf every
resident in British Columbia. Mr.
Wilkie raid amongst other references
to tlse Hubj -ut:
s* Mns'.ls has b.'en said outside of |snr
liaiiieiit against lhe proposed estab-
lisliineu's, which, however, has been
unanimously approved by the House of
Commons mil by the Senate. Ido nol
concur in the objections which have
heen raise I to those projects, on the
contrary, I am more than ever convinced, from a patriotic, a sentimental
and an economic point of view, lhat no
time should be lost in completing their
establishment. The advantage of attracting to our markets the producers
of nn ever increasing output of gold
and silver, won from our own territory, by the establishment of Govtrn-
ment assay offices is self evident; the
alarm lest we have an over-production
of gold nud silver coin through tha
establishment of a mint, is needless ;
our priwut excellent currency system
will not. he interfere 1 with. Canadian
gold assayed and refined bv Americans
finds a market today in the shape of
U. S. bars or U. 8. coins, whichever is
applied for by the depositors. Why
should a nonunion Government assay
and a Dominion Government certificate
in the shape of an impression nf His
Majesty's head upon each coin and
upon each ingot debase their value or
divert their course. It is not necessary
or ex|.edient that everything in the
shape of gold or silver purchused at the
Government assay offices should be
coined into sjvereigns, or decimal coinage-such is not the course of events
in Great Britain or iu gold-producing
countries such as Au.tralia and the
United States, where Government
mints now exist. Much of our Canadian gold does, under American auspices, find ii s market in the shape of
ngots or bars. Its coinage into sovereigns, half-sovereigns and decimal
pieces will not be compulsory. The
profit ou the coin.ge of silver currency
will jsrohably encourage our Governmeut to devise steps whicli will lead to
tl.e sub.tit.uioi. of our own Canadian
coiiiHge for the large amount of United
Stated silver which now forms the
principal part of tl.e metallic currency
of British Columbia. Such a demand
(or our silver coinage would, of itself,
go far to meet lhe oipein.es uf the pro
pus-sj Mint. Tlie |,ioilt tu the United
Stales Govern...eut on their silser
coinage in circulation in Canada, Is
MllinaUd a. fio,,. 11,00(1.00U to $2,000,���
tOO.a profit entirely lo��t to our Government.    Canadian sovereigns  will
Townsite Of Golden.
Business and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time to Buy. '
Moderate Prices & Easy lerms of Payment.
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia Kiver, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with the
fact that transportation is now assured at an early date
by a railway running the length of the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Xegotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forms
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase before a further rise
takes place.
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agreement for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on
application to
IT. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
II. G. Parson. Merchant.
circulate side by side wiih the products of the Royal Mints ol England
and Australia wherever a British
sovereign w ,11 pass as currency, and
will advertise to each possessor, for
the time being, tl.e wealth of the
Dominion in that precious metal.
I' was not ...nil 1S49 that the value
of the sold and silver products of the
United States exceeded the present
gold and silver product of Canada ,*)5
years after United States assay offices
and United Stales Mints hnd been es*
tablished. There ore at this present
moment three, if not four, Government
Mints In the United States, besides
eight Government assay offices, and
this with a total out put of gold in
1B97 of $.'.7,:i'i3,000 only is against
a present output in Canada of about
$40,000,000, without one such sstab
lislmient. Seattle has grown from a
town of 28,350 in ISilO to a city of 80,
671 in 1900, mainly through its trade
with the mining regions of Canada,
and many millions, the product of
Canadian mines, have bsen expended
in its development, millions that might
havs just as well remained with us
No less than 0,000 deposits were made
in the United States assay office in
Seattle during the year 1900, the great
bulk of thein consisting of Canadian
gold. The assayer in charge, in his
annual report for 1900 ssys: "The
value of the deposits amounted to 113,
747,011. an average or I3.36G.91 to
each deposit. The major portiou of
the bullion handled was of foreign
production, originating from ths placer
mines in the North Wsst Territories
of Canada." Dou't let us hear anything more about opposition to n policy that will open up a wide and
profitable trade for our manufacturers,
our merchants and our agricultualists.
and that will he another and an essential forward move towards Canadian nationality, without any inlerfer
ence with Britisli connection.
When a boy turns hia pocket inside out we
marvel at the quantity and variety of articles
he has stowed sway. Odd lengths of string,
marbela, a horse-chestnut, a top, brass noils,
hickory-nuts, nu apple and many more articles are garnered by Ibis "sssnpper up ef un*
considered trifles." We think the collection
must be hard on a boy's pocket, und it is.
But do ne ever think ol the variety ansl miscellany ef the subslsnces we put iuto the
pocket of our stomach ? There's the apple
and the nuts, and things besides quite as
indigestible ns brass and nulla and wilh no
mors food value than so many marbles, And
yet no .vender that the stomach "gives out.''
When the stomach breaks down under the
strain of careless eating and irregular meals
it cau Ise pm-foclly and permanently restores!
to health and strength by tl.e use of Doctor
Pierce's Medical Discovery. The action of
ihis meiliciue on tho stomach snd other
organs of diges'ion and nutrition is so mark*
est, thul relief from disease is at once exiperi-
ouccd, ami lhe headaches, liver "troubles."
I kidney disonlers, skin eruptions and other
symptoms of a diseased stomach are quickly
cured. Whenever the use it a laxative
medicine ia indicated, use Dr, Tierce's
I'loasaut Pellets. They act in harmony will,
the "Discovery" and assist its action hy
purging tl.e bowels of foul aucumnlstiun.
Wonderful Rjvalts Fallow tit, Cm of
Dr. ClirltV. Little llj.l Pill..
Tu the Editor of the Eka :
Sir: ���We make the following pro
posals to the readers of tl.e Golden Era:
To any oue who is a subject of rheumatism (no matter how long standing)
or any blood disease, as enumerated
below, and will give Dr. Clarke's Wonderful Little Ked Pills a fair and impartial tiial and do not find a perfect
cure, we will refund the money paid
for the pills. If no substantial improvement is observed we will in addition, pay 110 in cash on satisfactory-
evidence being supplied us to this
We have yet to know of a single
case where these wonderful pills have
not been almost entire!) successful ia
effecting a cure. CANADA CHEMICAL CO, Peterborough, Ont.
They cured me ol rheumatism after
I had been given up. ���Andrew Closkey,
Victoria, B.C.
Ex-Aid. Bailey, St, Johns, writes :
I cannot speak too highly ol Dr.Clark's
Wonderful Little lied Pills. They
worked a miracle in my case nnd cured
me alter many years of suffering. I do
not think their equal is to be obtained.
Nothing like Dr. Clarke's Little Ked
Pills for the enre of heart trouble,
weaknesses and blood diseases. Hav*
used them everywhere with success.���
Dr. E F Mann, late ol H. M. forces,
South Africa,
Dr. Clarke's Little Red Pills permanently cured ine of backache. I suffered
for years and only look two boxes.
That is a year ago. I have not had a
symptom since. James R. Jackson,
Sault Ste Marie, Ont.
I do not believe there is a medicine
to compare with Dr. Clarke's Little
Ked Pills, They cured me of indigestion and catarrh of the stomach, after
nine year.' suffering.���H. S. Macdonald, G.T.R. shops, Montreal.
Dr. Clarke's Little Red Pills area
positive and certain cure for la grippe,
rhueinatisin, asthma,paralysis, catarrh
eczema, coughs, backache, indigestion,
all stomach and liver troubles, female
coni|ilaints even when the diseases have
bren standing for many years, the most
stubborn cases wili yield. Price 50
cents per box. For sale by looal druggists. Dr. Clarke's Sure Cure' for
Catarrh, and Dr, Clarke's Sure Cure
for Eczema, same price. 110 will be
paid for any case ihey will not permanently cure.
Dr. Clarke's Sure Cure for Caiarrab,
and Dr. Clarke's Sure Cure for Eczema,
same price. Ten dollars will be paid
for any case they will not permanently
The British steamer Deimar is ashore
ou Newfoundland's const.
Major Charlie Ross, ofthe Canadian
scouts, seut homo for a Canadian flag
mm THE ERA, GOLDEN, B. C. July,
The Mine Tapped at Five Dif.
ferent Places Reveals High
Grade Ore.
A representative of Ihe Era while
spending some time at Field recently,
took occasion to visit the claim's Sunday and Yvonne, owned by-t he Sunday
Mining Co., ot Waterloo, Que., which
are situated on the banks' of Ottertail
creek immediately above the railway
bridge. ��
To visit a mine gei-emlly, means a
trip of from 8 to 50 miles into the
fastnesses of the mountains,  but  in
these claims the SundayrMining Co
have the finest transcontinental line
within InOO feet of their shaft and one
can step from a Pulmnn car and in 5
minutes easy  walking b*> nt lho entrance of the  workings.   This feature
is one that must not be over looked in
estimating the value of the property,
as the ores can be placed on  tho cars
on the mainline of the C. P. R.  at a
lower cost than nny other  mine we
have ever heard of.    Mr. L. Mercier,
the foreman of the gang of seven men,
who are engaged at present, very kindly
offered to take the Eka man  over the
ground and show him the work which
is beiug done with the idea of proving
I tho property.   After nn excellent din*
fner served   by   the chef,  pipes were
f ighted and  we   strolled  oyer to the
���point on the river bank where the trail
���leaves the level ground and follows nu
���easy grade to the level  of the creek.
[Passing by the railroad a large pile of
lore, neatly sacked, lies awaiting trans
Iportatiou to the smelter at Trail.   A
[car has been promised   by the railway
���authorities, and it   is expected thnt it
���will be available this  week, when tie
Ilirst sl.ipn.ini will be made from this
This ore was taken out while a lull-
fnel, only 27 feet long, was being driven,
and assays made by different parties
|hnve given results, varying from $18 to
Una per ton. The ore is heavy with
both silver and copper.
The work being executed liy the com-
Isany this season is done wilh the islca
pf opening up ihe claim  in   several
j,laces lo secure snore knowledge of lhe
Ixtent of the ore bodies, and with this
|i view there are four open cuts being
lun in, two at the river live! and two
ligher up the hunk.   In  all  of these.
though ihey are only   nicely  started,
ijiueral  hiss been fouud from almost
he first disturbance of she surface.    A
liaft has also bodii sunk, in which, at
I depth of ,'15 feet, the vein which sup
llieltheorn f.sr shipment,   has been
liiii'k.    Thus, we find,   that on  ihis
Iroperty the foreman  has,  iu a shoit
p-isou's work,  located,  located high
n-ade ore at five different points oti
|.ese claims.
The foreman gave the information
|hat the company had arranged with
Hr. Jas. Brady, mining engineer,
-Those long and varied experience iu
hining has made him ore of the most
|u8tworthy authorities in the pro-
pee, to visit the property and make a
Iport on it. On this report will de*
and whether work will be gone on
I On returning from the workings, the
p-iter had a talk with Mr. T. Hehson
nd Mr. Clement. Mr. Henson is well
|sown as a practical miner and has
j-avs been a firm believer in the
Balth of the mineral belt of theOtter-
II region. He naturally is very well
lased with the showing made on the
sir. Clement is a large shareholder in
i company and is a practical miner.
i gave the following description of
ne claims   owned   by  the Sunday
ining Co., in the neighborhood of
lie, B.C., not far from Nelson :   The
|st group consists of the Treasure
Flora Belle, Yvonne, and are
Juated 13 miles north-west from Erie
JI have a 14-inch ledge carrying gold
i,l copper values of {44 per ton.
[The J. R   Tarte. five miles north-
pest of Erie, lias a   10 foot ledge and
esays give 133 of gold and copper per
,. The Happy Jack and O.K. are in Ihe
nmedintp vicinity of such well-known
toperties as theCo|iper King, Home-
|:ake Silver Qieen nnd Maud S.
The company are to he congratulated
I their success of Retting hold of good
taperties.-and it speaks well for our
Jstrlct that the only claim, held b.v
p in this district have opened up so
We trust to be able to give tl.e eugi-
br's report on these properties iu the
��r future.
rilERE D ) *T,*H i 1)0 AflilKE .'-I'hy-
nn* no lon*rer 'en'isider it entering to
uack*sry" i.i reominnn'liiig iu pras-tico
" mnritnt'irt'i. a remedy lor Indigestion,
^���anopsia aiij Nervousness aa South Amseri*
| Nervine. They realise that It Isast-i;.
[.'..Ivnin'c in medical science ami a sure
1 permanent cum fm* diso.-iaes of Ihs- atom-
Ih,   "twill cur.) you.-Sold by It; ,V. l'at-
What for? If you nsk her she will tell
you she doesn't kuow. She just feels
nervous, that's all. A nmn is apt to
have very little sympathy with this condition in his wife. He", can't se.. anv
earthly reason why she slinulsl cry. She
has plenty to eat, plenty tD wear, and he
docs everything lie ciu.i, l.e thinks, to
make her happy; and in spite of ih.it.
she sits down .-nisi cries softly to herself,
apparently without any cause or reason.
But there is a cause, and that cause is
some disorder or disease, of-the delicate
womanly organism. Unliealtliv sliai.is
have taken away the vital force." Inflammation is fretting the nerves of the
whole body. K women did hut understand the intimate relation of the general health to the local health of the
delicate womanly organs, they would
realize that the (ii'.ujk way to establish
the general health is to cure the local
disorders. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription dries the drains that enfeeble
women, heals iufkiuituuliou and ulceration ami cures female weakness. It is a
medicine that can absolutely he relied
upon to make weak uomen-'atruiitf and
"ick women well. It contains no alcohol, and is eiHirely free from opiuui,
**ucaine and all ota'er narcotics-
Women suffering from disease in
-shrank form nre invited to consult Dr.
Pierce, by litter, free ot charge. Dr,
Pierce, assistcsi by liis staff of nearlv a
score of physicians, has in.a little over
thirty years treated asi'd-cured more
than half n million sick and ailing
women. All corres'jloiiiieiiee is strictly
private and sacr-dly confidential. Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, 663 Alain Street,
Buffalo, N. Y.
a For tin* snkc of poor, MilTering wnniiin.* I f"cl
it my duiv io Inform von of tlie tire-it hem .il
your medicim; linn given nif," writi'S Mrs. Cnllw
Ptnvlcfl, of Wutts. Ircilt.II Co.. N. C. " I wiih in ,|
Bllsi-rable conililinii wlitrn 1 wrote lo von. I Imd
utcri-iK- (li.sc.i-4e so tnd I cmiliii sai'mOv mills
md bu Fercd such drt-iidful niist-rV 1 lionet! lo he
relieved hy dentil, Yon'wtotc to lire to lake
four I'.-mirite Prescription' nml It have liikeii
eleven iKittten of it. nnd two of vonr I'knwnit
Pellets. I mn entirety well nnd fvVl like u tin?
wo-nnii, I feel iha.iU-'.i. (o Cod and to p.-ciur
Pierce for the blessings I now enjoy. I Imve a
fine, big hoy, two montlw old nnd never jrot
ilony as welt in (ny H.'e. I can't prni.se youl
medicines eitotiftli,"
no use ton dootors.
"Aliosst five y-nra n.:n I liail verv pssnr licnlth,*
writes Mis. S. H. Wfinlen, of llot.len, Jijlisisr:-.
Co.. Missouri. si After doctoring loaryears ss-liti
Our tosvn doctors Uuy Rave my ease lip; unirl
lliev hn* llolle a!', lliey coiilit. I linil lieen confined to sssy liett half my lissse; the other half
coiild hardly *r*a nroillia. I hud auch pnins in
my bae'. fssss* rIhJouicu I could not stand oil my
feet fur niois than a few iiiimites. My fes-t
were cold or ftiirnttlg, and my periods came too
often. The stoetoi-s said it was chain,*** of lhe,
to, as I had beanl of Dr. Fierce', medicines, my
hnsliand pot me n boltle of * Favorite Prescription,* I took it and it helped sue iss some svaya,
io I wrote to voa and lollosved vossr advlee.
I cossintencest 'Favorite Frescripti'ou,' 'Golden
Medical Diseos'crv' and the ' Pleasant Pellets,'
aa t was so conii!l|iated all the time and pit!,
would weaken sue a.�� that I woisld have to ro to
bed. To the great siirprise of everylsody I sot
Well, and when I met .ny friends they svossl.l
.ay, 'I never thoicrlst you would be here now,*
lint I can sny it was vour medicine, which no
doubt is tlle best in lie world. Have had no
use for doctors since I is.ed ytar sssedicine."
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant IV cts nre an
effective medicine for the bowels and
liver. They da nol re-act u-sou tha
Mr. Uooloy on Lord Mratlscnisn.
"Carnegie has founded more libraries
and mus.'.yums than you can shake a
stick at, and kapesou founding. There
is; another mane Scotchman of the
same kidney over the bordther. He
has a lot of titles tacked on to his
name now, but the name I e started
out wid was Donald Smith. He lived
for a number of years in the city of
Montharyal, and it was tbe Divvel's
own luck for Mouthryal, for he has
sjiint money like water on the place,
and by right it ought to be called
Smithville. He is like Carnegy, apprehensive that he may die worth
soinethin'. The Boer war gave him a
giaat chance to unlode. There were
no private gifts from the English, for
though they are generous, they are deliberate, aud they were afraid the war
would he over before they had time to
plank out; bnt the mane Scotch Canuck took his chances, and paid out a
million with ns little fuss as we would
loight our pipes. He raited a regiment
of Horse and sent out to Afrika BOO
Western Canucks, broths of boys,
who conld ride, shoot or swear wid the
hist of thom. They do tell mn, Hin-
nis����y, that it was ihe best found
re.Milium iu the whole shooting match.
Wnuii jou us't n nml ScoioUiu���ii, Hn.
islssey,I here's no limit to his mansness."
experimenting when y.m've discovered that
3'o,i are t, victim of some one form or ....other
of kidney disease. Lay held of the treatment that thousands have pinned their faith
to imd lies cured spiiokly und permanently.
Hostili American liiduey Cure stands pre*
eminent in 'he world of medicine aa the Kid-
uey sufferer's truest friend.���Sold liy I!. \V.
Patmoro -02
���Hie Dhow ol Gallantry Rebuked by Genuine Curtesy.
The oar was crowded. It happened that
only men were standing, with tho exception of �� colored womnn, iu tho iniddlu of
thu car. But at a corner a woman dressed
In the top uf the mode got on. Sho stood
nost tho duor, nnd plainly here was a
chance for some masculine person to bo
gallant. An old beuu, who was seated
near tho center, was obviously fusoinated
by the appearance uf thlsbcnuteousfu.nole
nnd bobbed his bead to catch her eye.
Finally succeeding ho arose, beckoned to
her and murmured:
"Won't you take my Boat, madam!"
Tho colored womnn. standing directly
In front of him, heard this and, turning,
thanked him gratefully as ehe mode a
movement towunl tho viionnt sjince. With
Indignation wrinkling his tinto;! ::osc and
spoiling fur a uioiuont tho gracious air
which hc had assumed, he pushed her
lin.sk, with both liuuds ut hor elbows, as
lie exclaimed:
"Oh, no; not for you, nia'ainl"
His adjustment of expression was rapid
as ho turned once more to her of the hunil-
eoino face and fashionable clothes and
made way. Then, with n smile at his
noighbors which plainly snld, "Didn't I
manage thnt well?" he leaned comfortably
on bis stick.
The favored one hnd not noticed tho little play which had been enacted Ior her
benelit, but a young girl who sat In the
nest seat was .... observer and saw tho
warm red deeply flush under the black
skin of tho other woman and the tears
come In the dark eyes, she saw tho mouth
quivering, and her own eyes snapped.
With n glance at "his complacency," unmistakably expressive of her scorn and In-
ilignution, sho quickly rose, touched the
womnn on this arm and gently said:
"Take my seat. I'm getting out at the
next comer."
Then, Hashing a look nt tho man, unilor
which his expression of self congratulation
rapidly changed to something near to
sbeeplshnuss, she passcsl out of tho oor, and
more than one man thero would havo bet
that she had nut intended to get off at
that corner.���New York Sun.
Canadian Pacific Railway
AJtO NOO hl-tt*
Starting June 10th, will
make the run from Coast
to coast in 	
100 Hours.
Cheap rates now in effect
For full particulars apply
to the nearest local agent,
or to
0. E. WELLS,
Golden, B.C.
It Wu Probably First Fallowed by the
Biae.y.iis or N'orivegians.
As to who among northern nations may
piBtly claim the liisnur of first daring to
attack tho mighty whale thero Is some lit*
lio doubt. Uut the balance of probability
Inclines to tho Ulseiiyans or Norwegians.
Wo hnve ii reasonably slellnito ncsiount In
(Iroslusof buy whaling having been earned on from the .North etipe nlong the
shores of tho White sea In Iho ninth con-
t-iry. l.nngchek, a Danish writer, assorts
1 0B|lively that tho Norwegians were Iho
I luncera of whale hunting on tho coasts of
iheir own country about the year 870.
Hut there uro tunny references tu whale
fishing In tho chronicles of Hint period.
Tho "Translation nt les Mirnolcs do St
Viiost" tolls of a dentition by Willi..... the
Conqueror uf a tithe of whales caught ut
Dives to the Convent of the Holy Trinity I
at dun. A hull or Pope Eugene 111 gives ���
a tithe ssf the tongues of ivhaics caught at
Islevri to the church nt Coutnnecs. These i
two will probably siilllie us a sample of
lho references tu tlie cetacea in lliuse early
litres. Historians, however, are agreed
that the llasqui-s ami Blscoyuna lirst ventured far to seo from thoir own shores mid
so becnino thu originators of the whale
fishery prnpor.
Absstit lfi,5n combined floetof I*iscnya��
nnd Iceland vessels, numbering Au or Iiu
sail, commenced whaling upon the coasts
of Newfoundland, Ireland nnd southern
llrcenhind. In 16114 the English sijipoiir to
have awakened to the prosjiuct of profit
from the whale fishery, for wo rend that
several shlj.s .vera titled out in thut year
nt Hrlslol for a whaling voyage to Cnj.0
llit'tu.i. Ono of thom, thu Grace of liris-
tul, found between "IIU .....I 800 blades or
luminal uf whaluhono on thu shores uf St.
slcurge's bay, whero two largo lilsunyan
ships had been wreokod threo years beforo.
This seenis to hnvo boon tho first Instance
uf the Impurtntion of whnlubonu iuto England.���London Spi*jtntor.
Where All It'eeesl Their Escorts.
Tho diversions of Now Yorkors of the
Inst century wero very much milder than
nro thssso of the present day. "In winter
a century ngo," Sirs. Ilurton Harrison
writes In Thu Ladles' Homo Journal,
"whon not assembled fur skating upon the
Colled], tlio favorite ni��usain��nt of Hans
and Kutrlna seems to have been a sleighing frolic In .Ion Uerlekson's four horse
sleslgu to Harlem, whore they had n dance
and u supper nt thu hostelry of Mynheer
Dorsum. Ten couples ('packed close, ns II
sulteth young men and maidens to rldo,'
snid the old chronicler, was tho sleigh loud,
and after a rtijinst of broad and hot chocolate, conolu.llngsi.me hours spent in caper*
Ing to the tiddlers' strains, tho party re
turned to town. Speeding by moonlight
over hard frozen roads, juist manor house
nnd cottage wrapped in deep reposu, the
chief adventure of the return was apt to
be u stup on thu Kissing bridge (at Seoond
avenue ..ml Fiftieth street, across tho rivulet flowing front Teu Water spring), at
which jioint oustom allowed tho cavalier
to tloniund of the lady ho oscurtesl the prlv*
liege of a special salutation. Unless this
toll were yielded the cortcgo oame to a
halt, or else it turned In another direction."
Easy Hnokkeer-luff.
A Chlcngo woman, according to The
Post of that city, had served acceptably as
treasurer of tho club for a little over a
year, and that was an oxceptionol record.
"Dun'tyou hnvo tlllTluulty In balancing
yostr books!/" thoy askod.
"Oh, dear, no," she replied. "Why, It's
the easiest thing In tho world, I just add
up whnt I have received and subtract from
that what 1 havo paid out, to show whnt
Is duo the olub, and then I make my husband givo me a check for the amount,
There's really nothing hnrd about koeplng
books whon you know how."
Church Services.
st. Paul's- church of en-gland.
Services every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:,')0p.m. Celebration of Holy Communion 1st nnd .'lid Sundays of tbo month
after .Morning Prayer, and on Greater
Festivals and Holy Dnys at 8 a.m., or
ns may be announced from the chancel,
Sunday School at. 2:30 p.m'.
All are cordially invited to attend
the services.
C F. Yates, V'icnr.
Service every Sunday nt 7:,*10 p.m.
Sunday School and Bible Class at il
p.m. sharp.
Choir practice every Thursday even-
at 7.
Bev. V. M. Purdy, U.A., Pastor.
Services every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:3. ji n\
Sunday School it 2:.10 p.m.
Prayer Meeting on Tuesday at8 p.m.
Hev. 11. h. I.aidi.ky, Pastor.
.miMou itt llwilistrllmtiiiff imiiit for tlie rich
Mining piviKiimfl nt* CJntden nuti Winilerr-
mere. Trains, mails, stajre nml buiitH arrive
and depart lis tul low* ���
C.I'.Ii, I'niiii E,fnt, liiiftfi, Daily.
'���   Wont, IOiOJI.     "'
Stnfffl���frrtiii Winderninru, IfliOO, Frld-iv.
SS. IhicliK.ss timii Wimlcriiii'ic,  10*00 Wed
lie.stl'iy and Sunday.
O.P.R. fifing,Wont, IGjVi, Dully.
Bust, 1Ot0ii,    "
Sfafffl to Winder ti lore, 8rfl', Sunday**.
SS. Diu'Ik'sn tu Windermere, 4;(Xt,"'l'iiiwlays
and Fridays.
Mails arrive and depart from Goldon Pout
Office as below:
Arrive���From Kast 15:.") daily.
"    West 10:0:1 "
"    South 17.-00 Wort, ami FrUay.
Depart-Fur West  to55 daily,
*'    Kant    10-Otf  "  "
"    South 21t00 Saturdays: 18tH0
lie-tfistered mail must be in 10     Juntos before mails flnM!-
i'avitic standard lime.
A, V,  A   A.  M.
Mountain Lodge, No. II, A. F. &
A. M. Ketfular Communication,
second Monday in every month.
ttolouriiing brethren cordially invited.
0 ri. PARSON    Secretary.
I.   O.   O.   V*
Knckv Moutltalo l-od^e Ne. :il meets in
Oddtelioivfl Hall, (.oldon, every Wednesday ,
at H lun.   Sojourning brethren welcome.
C. PKAIM'K N.ti. J T. WOOD See.
(Form F.)
Certificate of Improvements.
claims, situate in the Golden Mining Division of North Kast Kootenay District.
Where located :-On Ottertail Croek.
Take notice that I. K. MneKeiiido, Free
Miner's Certificate No. 11 lOiti*.', intend, sixty
davs from the date hereof, toapply to the
Mining Reconler for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
grant of Ihe above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 117, miiht-bo commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this Tenth day of June, 1001,
1-tv his Agent
ntO *H. vJ. PARSON.
Columbia River Lumber Co.
  Fir and Spruce Lumber,
MANUFACTURERS OF ��.,,.       cil.
ALL KINDS OF ^^  SlIlS,   ��&.
Fir Dimension a Specialty.
-H- Mills at Golden, Beaver and Kualt. -t-
Largest Capacity in the Mountains.     Terms Cash.
Head Office, Oolciein, B.C.
AGENT for Golden
and vicinity for the
Sale of hardly lines
Standard Fruit Stock, Small Fruits. Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, etc. Terms liberal.
Apply now to the
The Prospectors' Exchange
No. 4, K.-W.-G. BLOCK, NELSON, B.C.
Gold, Silver Loud and Cojijier Minos wnsste,! nt the EXCHANGE.
FREE MILLING GOLD |sroperlies wanted sit oni.e for Enssern investors.
Parties havinj* mining proiicrty for sale are requested to pend sainides of their
ore to the Exchangu for exhibition,
We desire to hear  from  prospectors  who  have promising mineral claim,   n
lli'itish Columbia.
Prospectors and ininini; men are reqssested to snake the Exchange their  headquarters when in Nelson.
All samples should be sent by express, PREPAID.
Correspondent*.) solicited.    Address all coinsnunicatiors to
AXIHtf-W  V. ItO-SI \lir.HI.F,H
Telephone No. IC4. P.O. Box 700. NELSON, B.C.
T" Golden
Eleventh Year of Publication.
Circulates Throughout the District.
Subscribers all over the Continent.
Examine our list and ses if there is anything yo:i require
In Job Printing.   WE PKINT:
Lot. Will Find tha -K*y.
Will Gotthore���.Miss llowo, yon know !
Ihe lanijiuiKe of flowers.   Do you Unit Bny j
hidden meaning In this simple littlo clover
Annie llowo���A clover lead Let me
see. One, hi. loves ...e; two, ho loves mo
not; three, ho loves mel Oh, Will, this Is
sso sudilenl���Pearson's Weekly.
01 the Mail Htmssps wliltb have heen Issued the values h;i\*s ri.tsjird Irssiii I cent
to fi,1100. Filedolhir��l�� the hl(!hi��t .alue
among postage .Lanipa, but newspaper
stumps resell Ihe hundred dollar mark,
whit* * niveous .tauiB mat reortmu :i* ���
Fisflr'^ns ill���nn-"lf""e Hnnrtlsoosc writ.to
IIUI,.. t- CO., ;...! lissOAlsw.v. Nsw York.
Olst -<st bur-.u .or w^ssrinTpftUsntalaADSstrlcss.
Every pftles.tlaUenojtlty iir Is l,s*oaght bssfori.
tlio publlg by . siosico given freo or charge In th*
gtiwfflk ��mxkm
T-��rr"*it drs-iilnf lr.n nf any iwlpntlllc paper In th*��
v.Tl.l. ��1 imdlilly f hMrntal. Sn liitftligrnt
nun nhpiil-l Im wllhtiut It, Weekly, gS.'DOs
**n?t>I.W��5ni5��H(*i-*. A-1(lr>-��-��.MnVN ft CO.,
>cn; isiilss, .181 -Ir.-aih.n;, I*.'-, w \orifc City,
Eider Agents Wanted
One in each town to ride a- d exhilsis a sussipls, 1001 model Itievote nf our
inn n u fact ure. YOU IV N MAKE SIO TO *D0 A WEEK besides tiuvitit* ��
wheel to risle for yourself.
1901 Models, K'g*h Grade Guaranteed, $10 to $18
'00 & *33 Models Eest Make. - - !*.7to$i2
500 Second-Hand Wheels, taken in trado
by eur Chicago atorea, many ss good a: new   -   -   -     $3 to $8
W��� .1,!.. nn,- hi���.'nl�� ON APPROVAL  io ni.yone WITUCt'T A CLNT
DEPOSIT IN ADVA.V. 101 fl t\~xr,   Craa  Trial     Ynilisfc-'s'lisiiliiiHy
Mid allow iUUiySriPH   * Nni.    NO RISK in nr,'er-
illK fro... us, as you do uot need lo |ns.v n cp.n if the hicycle doe* isos suit yon.
fin nnt hllW " lvl"'0' until von h.-s-e wrltien ror our FACTORY PRICES
JU IIUI LUV and FREE T.UAL OFFER. This lihrral offsr lis. never
been rqusilled and it is a yuarsusses'of tlse quality of onr wheels.
WE WAN r a rellal.le person sn each town lodlstrllsillo casalos/ues for us
it. exchange for a hicjclo.    Write today for free catalogue and our special offer,
J. L IKEAD CYCLE CO.. Chicago. .....v.***-
��he. Gtolton (Cnt.      i
PL'BMSHED EVCRY fTth*****-      '**
-El). V. Cm \Mimn|J|*^%)r and Publisher
Subscript ion jL&OI por yonr in advance.
Advertising rates made known on request'
FRIDAY, jVi.y   )!��. 1301.
\V 13 regret very much if wc huve
mn wittingly uiUrepreRented the Hon.
Mr. Wells' remark** to lis in our issue
of July 5 When, during the interview, he gave ns to understand thut
theCP.R. was ulike.y" to pet the
privilege���he (Vd not state positively
that tha C P.R. would be given the
the charter, or that any definite ar-
raPKempnts had teen made-we assumed that if, us a result of ihe survey.
a featible route whs fonnd, the C.P.R.
would be allowed to build ihe roud.
We have no desire to misrepresent
what Mr. Welle said r.nd willingly
give space to the article from the Colo-
, nis', printed in another column, under
ilie c iption." Kooienay'sNew Roads/'
to set tha matter H-jlit before the pub
1 c. We m ike this explanation in justice to Mr. WelW, who has been s.ib-
j.scted to much annoying criticism as a
result of cur taking certain things fur
In u not hor column ol this edition we
pu'ilish it  quotation  frotn tho address
of Mr.D. R.   Wilkie, General Manager
of the Imperial Bank  of Canada, with
reference  to   the   establishment   of ��
Mint and  Government  assay oftice in
Canada.    I' is a source of much gratification to thosa who have invested in
this Province to find that they hnve in
Mr. Wilkin an advocate  who  has  the
couiage of his convictions aud declares
them openly, despite the fact  that at
that particular period prominent bank*
ers wero diametrically opposed  to  tlio
btarfd taken   by   him.    The   Toronto
"Mail  and  Empire"   recently,   com-j
menting upon  declarations auainit aj
Canadian Mint, made by Mr. Clouston, |
of  the   Bank   of  Montreal,   aud Mr. 1
Walker, of the Bank of Commerce, aud
M its fat or-by Mr.   I),  tt   Wilkie, of'
fTotvri and District.'
5: **&���
?*\& fc/e/s yp't. &lf*VS/V% \V*V^/*Vlt%
Alr. Georpp Sinclair left on Sunday
.ast on a visit tn Calif-try,
Mr J T. H-trron returned from
Donald where he spent a short
holiday. **
Mr. Thos. U'Brlen left on Friday for
A visit to Calgary, lie. experts to return Sunday,
The chief coitAU-t commissioner fur
B.C. i*> in town this week making a
dual revision of the census lists for
(.Ins district.
Jno, W re tin left on Tuesday's boat
for the Spillliinnchoiio district, where
he is inlet es ted in several mining pro-
"The Victoria Football Club intends
giving a grand hall near the latter end
of August, to raise funds for their trip
to Hevelstoke in September.
Mr. F. Douglass, of the Big S.oro,
was confined to the house for a couple
of days us ii result of being thrown
from his horse while riding.
Prospectors who have claims to dis
pose of k hou Id consult Andrew F.
Rosenb'-rger, of the Prospector's Ex
change, Nelscu.   Sie   ad ou pane il. *
Tlie infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Sanhorne died on Sunday evening. The
little one had been seriously ill for
some time. Much sympathy is felt for
the bereaved purer ts.   ' j
T.ie Kelly Merry Makers forgot to
stop ofT to fill their engagement iu
Ooiden, Thursday night, much to the
disappointment of a large number who
had arranged to attend.
The engine which since the strike tii-
tran has been employed pulling the
Japanese gang over the road, had to
go to Revelstoke ou Wednesday with a
loose tire. Oue of our local punsters
remarked that it was "lired** of hs
At Heron Bay. a statl.jn !JL*0 miles
'>ust of Ft. William, a 8| ecu.I constable
named I'roulx. shot uu Italian laborer,
who had been brought from the east
to take the place of strikers, nnd who
refused to go to woik when he arrived
oii'liegro-n . This constable a oul.
ha given h v ry severe s-euteuco fur so
iibiniug his utithori'y.
Much Interest is being nbowu by our
th-*} Imperial Bank, declared unhesitat- Uocul sportsmen iu the competition
ingly for the view taken by Mr. Wilkie,
Which is naturally tliat of every Brit-
Ml Columbian,    The  "Mail and Em-
p iv" rightfully arguestlint the Yukon
iiiiueisure  more or less apt to follow
their gold wi h   themselves and their  off.    J. G* Ullo-k heads the score with
i ra le- hence if Canada can attract more ; C. A. Warren only oue point  behind.
tue traps, Tor a medal pies**uied by Mr
A. McNaughton, fir the best uv rage
in four afternoons' shooting. The
shoo iug takes \i\��c* ou Saturday afur*
noons,and two hav j n'r atdy baan pulled
I    J. R. Hardy and   \V. B* Drummond j Rounding a
I were in town on  Thursday,   ou   their
| way  to  tlie Windermere   rJUtrict  to
look up nnd report on some properties
���here for West Kootenay capitalist's.
Sheriff Redgrave stated, in reply to
���\ question, that this town has never
heen so orderly and quiet for years past
as ii ii now. Hut has no prisoners on
hand to look after, and cousoq'ientl y is
having an easy time.
The Ladies of the Presbyterian
Church will hold a Strawberry and
Ice Cream Social on Wednpi-dvv even
ing next iu tho Columbia Hall. A
kood programme is being prepare! and
a pleasant time may be expected.
Mr. W, G. Mitchell-Innes returned
to town on Wednesday evening, having asked to be released from liis position as chief cf tlie special police employed by the C. P. R , ae his mining
business requires his Immediate attention. Wheu Mr. Innes left it was expected thut the strike would be settled
in a very short time.
Sheriff Redgrave lias good reason to
he proud of his garden. If everv plot
of grojiid iu this towu was cultivated with tlie same cure there would
be no need to send a dollar out of town
for vegetables. This morning the
Sheriff brought us au immense bunch
of lettuce weighing two pounds. We
believe that this specimen, which was
per fee* ly developed, would capture a
prize at the Westminster exhibition.
The J. M Ward Co. opened in town
on Monday night with "Ton Nights in
a Bur Room," playing to a rather slim
home, The play was put on at a dis
advantage, owing to the small stage,
and was, as a whole, a rather poor
i-erformanee, though several of the
company showed themselves to be good
entertainer-*.. One novelv was the introduction of the Carrie Nation hatchet
brigade, who marched across the stage
with brand new in j nets1 axes from MeDermot's. The leader of the brigade
certainly looked like hsr famous proto
type, and thu audience demanded au
encore of the march. Arneldo, the
hand balancer, was certainly good and
be deserved the tide al applause he
received. O.i Tuesday night there
were very few present, but those who
were there enj tyed themsohes im-
meiisely over the foolishness of '.'Lord
Fii/.uooJie," the itspirapl to the hand
' of the mtraciive widow,        ti\
i   iheir  g<dd   by   Mint facilities,   so
uch the better.
O.ir representatives in the Dominion
A rather interesting sight may open
be aeen ou our streets when Mr. McNeish   gives   the end  of   bis   horse's
House, irrjspectiveof  politics,   are i" | |iuiter l0 his brown
t'fluiel  aud   tells
favor of Urn establishment of i Mint; | hir t0 uke *,.e hmn t0 *,.��� 8!llUe, I
lhe |,.vsr throughout the whole of this 0lhei. ,,���_.��� ���lhJ. ���..������,, .���,-*,.,, ���',,���.|
Province su,,|,o.t .he views s-Xpres-edL*.,,,..*,... *,���.   ,��� .,,��� suMi ���,,,  Dave
by Mr. Wilkie,  without  qualification, ,   f        .       . . .
' l ��� s must go before she releases her grip on :
and is safe to predict lhat the bankers ' ,i . -.....,-.
who have expressed   thalr disapproval:     ... , , ,
,..,... |     Notices are posttd around  to.vu cal-
of such a proj ct will,   upon more ma> '
lure   colisidiration,   eventually withdraw their opposition to ths establish-
ment of au itisdtutiui that will do
ui ue to ad/ert se British Col nubia, as
o i(j of the richo-it mining regions yet
discovered, than anything else the
Governmant ran devise. The arguments adduced by Mr. Wilkie ure un*
..UivVL-ralile. I'-e.i the few opposed to
ihs establish mull! of a Mint cannot dis
pjte thom, noi* yet cau Ihey ndvauco a
siiigh- iiiguiiiL-.n of any weight Hgaiust
tho uouieiiiiou that the establishment
of a Mint would not ouly be In the best
iuier-:sts of Britisli Columbia but also
uf this Dominion.
I; is to be hi. ud that Mr. Wilkie
will cou tin uu io take an active iti lei est
in this qudsiiou. Should he du ho, it
is safe to assume, with co-operation,
Wd Will, at no dis ant day, see the
establishment uf au institution iu Can
ada that will, na bu so aptli states iu
his address, "open up u wide and pro*
liiablt trade for our manufacturers,
our merchants aud our agriculturists,
aud that will be another and an essential forward move towards Canadian
nationality, without auv iuterfoiMuco
wi.b British couuection."
Ottawa. .July 14 - An announcement
from Govern men i. house Hays that
during the forthcoming visit of their
io>al highnesses half-hiouri i.igis to be
worn by ladies avoiding to Queeu
Alexandra's order, thut is mauve, lilac,
grey or black and while.
The-ftli-a*- > ���*���-* ���" England Uesli-
tVia'ed at Utii busht-U per acre.
Vp to date $1,076,1X0 building per-
ii.ii-; Jiavn Um. granted iu Winnipeg
ail.'.t. j ear,
I ling a special meeting  of tlie voters of
JGolJei   School   District  to be held in
the school bonne on Monday, July 21).
at 11 o'clock, for  the  purpose of tip-
PallUar Pi'ju.uh
Wo .i Oar Ow.*s Uai-i'ii.tn-nident, * . -.
Pallist-r, July 17. - Education in
this materialistic a.e ought, to bu pre
eminently practical, the merely ornamental aud classical studies being a
dead weight to the large majority ol
scholars, Hnv many meu are found
behind the lio*>, the pick and shovel
and even the slab who pored over Lat
in. Hebrew and Greek with no pre
cuniary be. in fit. How mauy meu are
found in the professions loaded to the
muzzle with learning, yet starving; to
llie world unknown and unsought.
Within the circle of any person's acquaintances are preachers wbo would
have made splendid ploughmen; law-
yen who would have shone as head
waiters; doctors .who wonld have
honored a  meat  axe, legislators  who
shirp curve in lbs road,
which lings tbe liasp of  n fteep mountain   for two miles on one side,   with
the   foaming Kicking   Horse on   the
other, storj his bearsbip sniffing dan-
gf-r  from  the direction  ofthe young
ladies.   No  sooner had  Annie's hone
caught  sight of  bruin than  ho soistnd
the bit in   liis tenth   and "lit  out" for
bear  wi'h   all liis   might and   main.
Away went bear and dog (Chum) with '
hor.se and fearless rider a  furlong in
the rear     All that   was visible  was a
streak of bear and  yelping dog  for a
good   half   mile, the  snorting  horso
making  his  last and  closing leap as
the bear showed  a pair of clean heels
over a  log wbich   barred further  pursuit.    The older  horse was so scared
that ho turned and could not be reined
in until  he had   covered two  miles in
the opposite direction with its precious
load.    Thus   a  little   interesting  adventure will be handed down no doubt
to the grand and great-grand children
ol the principals.
It-is said that newsboys on thetrain
have boycotted pro strike newspapers
What about the liberty ofthe press
now ?
Two diplomas of honor, issued by
the Department of EMucatien at different times, have tlie word '-honor"
with aud without, 'hi/' which is somewhat confusivo to the pupil. Let us
have a modern Educational Depart
ment that will banish the useless "u"
from "honour," and harbofu)r it no
more iu the many looks of lore.
It has b.-come quite fashionable
throughout the mountains to wear
tlie shirts outside of pants. Anyone
uot haviuy tried it.could not estimate
the comfort and freedom of limb and
body which ihis style ens tiers during
the hot spell. Try it and be convinced,
A single saw in tlie mill here cut
2.200 ft. in 20 minue s or at the rate
of GJ,0C0 fr. per day. Bob Feather-
stone held the levers and Jack Mc-
Conucll did the setting.
There was some morry-making iu the
Hotel Debunk on Sat ur Jay night which
culminated in an old time stag hoe-
down. Indian war ��� whoops commingled with the wild shriek of a
"hyena" added to the vociferous yells
of the iufa uated dancers, turned our
.usually quiet little hamlet into a veritable pandemonium. Go slow, gentlemen, next time \ ou indulge in the
light, fantastic, lerpsichoreau nit.
Mr. MoManu-** is t'unpor-iril.y C.P.R,,
agent here, vice A. W. Sli.rp, transferred to Kuderby
** A. M. Puller, of Gol Un. representing
unTorontn tailoring establishm nt, was
hej-e on Tuesday tak ng orders Tor his
���- Tho strike drags along at a wary
pace, Not a few of tlie men have found
other employment at better paj. Tue
strikers are all well behaved und firmly
believe iheir tun*so io be a righteous oue.
Meanwhile the grass and weeds are
axle high on some parts cf the track.
Hugh McLaughlin is scouring the
mountains for mineral and grizzlies.
He is thoroughly equipped and pro-
pared for surpris,
luck to him.
Is full of Business���infact. weLtwoa littl'-nioie
than wc can handlo just now. ("listomeii., how-
over, wait patiently their turn to purchase the
Bargains now offering.
Mark, Learn and Don't Forget
the Following   .    .    . j . ���.      S-j
We aro now doing Business on tlie
and intend to stick to it or leave town
ON HAND. This is too large a stock for our present
premises and we intend to sell half of the Goods in the
next 60 Days. We are now in the tiring line and do
not intend to lot anyone undersell us.
rn-cviiim, or otherwise, of ihe seli'Otlun I would liiive inside lo^-iolliiitf 11 scieiicu
mad*.- by ihs Trustees or n sise for un *.,,,] editors who should have gracd n
elementary sohool bulldinu on lots 8T, I'pon" instead of bein���* behind one.
3-1 snd 'iii. H!ock 13, Smelter Townsite, True, there area few successful ones
A quiet wesldinit took j.Ihcp nt ihe >n learned ooou'pntIous but the profes*
home of Mr. and   Mrs.   Sutherland,  ��lon�� are overloaded with those who
Oolden, lust Saturday even n , viheu nr.iieitlierofuseororiiaiiie.it. Many
Mr, Fred M. Barrett, our popular sad* K00<1 formers and mechanics have had
die and harness sinker, was n.s.nied >eil* I'���" Isoiselossy Waited wish tl.e
to Miss Wllla.il Bond, siiier of Mrs. college craze. The whole curriculum
Sutherland, l!ov. lt B. Liildley, lied of studies should be lovisej and ...ade
the nuptial knot wiih his usu.l sklP. [praotloal, also adjusted to the mental
Mr, and Mrs, llsrreti hare taken their >"J Physical capacity of oacli scholar,
residence in a house on Mr. A. Oamp- No! ���-* quantity but tlu quality s,f
hell's ranch. We j .i.i with the many etluoatlon is at fault,
friends of Ilia newly wedded couple in i An encouraging letter from Mrs Jas.
wishing fur them a happy married life! llargravesto her husband, announcing
and hope that their  troubles will only j her iiiipi-ovel health while undergoing
he lit lie one.-).
11 inst week's issue we published an
ileus nil.'ciing the ),o|iul.tr secretary of
the ho.spits.l, lu which it was staled
tliat a certain man did wo k for Mv.
llobhins -��� wit.J. the consent of she Hos-
j.ital Board,"    Iu this tve were slightly
medical treatment in a Mo.itreal hos
pital, will be welcome news to her
numerous friends here,
The Japs who are replacing the
white men on strike keep near at hand
a supply uf four foot cudgels while at
work in fe ir nf an attack from strikers.
in error, us we have been iisformi'd ou i How their consciences must trouble
goal authority tli.st tlie Hospital them tu make them so fearful and
Bear I knew'nolhiug abuut the matter
nntii tiie charges weie  hi'uti*.hi  '"-fore
liiem iu a meeting, wheu it waa found
llint the asiUiisers  htsd   uo  case at all
aud Mr. II il,bins was in III, sense guilty
of any imp roper conduct.   The fstci is,
thia absurd cl.aige ahould   sieves- base
been made a-tihere was nut <he aught
unf. fu.si.da iou   for    t,  ex-apt  ou  the
word  ul su.   iri'sssio sible   indivislsni)
wiio uuiiti'adfutud  himself ever,,   litne
.le upu..*.d hss iiioUtl...
Su,sciibe now f.i tl.e EltA.
cowardly, how ineau these jioor heathens feel to hu made the tools of uuder-
ItrapiKirsV There is not. tlie slightest
danger ou the j,art of striker..
The Missis Annie and Aggie Allan
bid a thrilling adventure wiih a bear
w l.ilo riding ou horseback up the cainp
road the other evening. Miss Annie
was uioui.ted on a bursa hied on the
plains i-liich, iu his yuuiigerdayti, had
aeen trained lu give chase lu bear,
while her si.te.'s horae, apparently,
h.sd iiC'iirsjen 01 .in.il b..lr in Lis life.
Look at these SNAPS   . ..   .   .
2,000   TINS Best Condensed Milk, only 5c. per tin.
20,000   TINS Best; Conned Tomatoes, Corn, Peas and
Beans, 3 tins for 25c.
* *( '"��� .-.
5 Tons Now Evaporated Peaches, extra choice; 3 lbs.
for 25c.
During the Holidays we give to every purchaser o��
1 or more pounds of Our Best CcfFees or Tefts a beautiful
ucsent fre��. Wc import Our Own Teas and Coffees and
can guarantee Best Quality and Prices. t *���-.���.
We have positively the finest and best selected stoek
of Goods in British Columbia, and our prices are the closest.
...   ���  . ��������*�����?
No Jaw-Bone   .   .   .   . rfH
Taken iu exchange i'or Goods. CASH is tin* only
article to work miracles with at Our Store.
frum  tiiilitn*.    Good
-.mint-in to travel anil nd vert iso for nld cstnti-
lii-died Iiousd of solid finani-i.-il stand nig. Salary $780 a year mid expensed',' all payable in
i'lutli. No canvassing minimi, (live re*
forences and enclui-o self i.ddtweed stampt'd
envelope. Addro.M* Manager, 055 1'nxton
Itlitg.. i liica-z.0. oet 11
Colinnliia���-Thos Jones," Snllli niichene, A
W Campbell, Winnipofl1, J I, McKay, Chas
Meiiill, llaltfa.x; W Jt Robertson, F Stalker,
Heaver; 1, M {jinm, Laggan, .las M Ward
Tbeatrical tl'o.i X- McLean, Monsojaw, S
Walker, Calgary; 0 Wells. Palliser; W .1
Kirbv, Vaiu-over; ,1 A Duff, Windermoro;
S E llainbly, Hlaoberry; H Lang, Carbonate; S A Jackson. Itrockvil'e; (j I' Histeen,
Hevelstoke; F S Findlay, Vancouver; W K
Lindsay, Watorloit,
Kootemiy���W A Austen, HSIinrp, 1'alliHor:
V Andi'iMin, A Maddux, Field; S llalsio:'.
W Lvitou, Calgary; 1) W Stevens, J LyoilHi
C 11 Snviler. W Cottraft', J Wilkes, 0 M
Hates, Revelstoke; T 0 James, Jr., John
Livingston, Field, Jas Gilpin, Toronto; J H
Hiillautyuo, Kfl in loops i A Murray, FieUj J
Xi Hardy, AV H Hruiniuoud, Ainswortli.
Queou'*���D Jenkins, AViudermere; M Me
Uouald, Vaucouvor; W A Richards, John
Ramli, Ooldeu; J XX Steuger, L'algaiv, M N
llaclcott, Mmitroal; W U Allen, 1'alliser; W
II Yums, Montreal; Thos In kor. Rossland;
AE I'aruiich.iol, Winuiimg; ti llott, Ottawa; S (,Yaig ami wife. Miss Miss J Craig.
Howden, 'llio*> Alton, Spillimachene.
Russell-1) McDonald, Win Williamson,
Peter Samson, Arcbio Mclntyro, Win Oliver
John Dennis, Harry Weaver, aud Samuel
��� "Itis not within the conception of man to
measure my great sufferings from heart disease For years I endured almost constant
cutting and tearing nhout my heart, and
mauy a tiino would have welcomed death.
Dr. Agnew's Curo for the Heart bas worked
a veritable miracle,"���Thon Hicks, Perth,
Out.   Snld by It. \V. Patmore.-59
One of lho Largest and Rest Managed Hotels in Hrltisli Columbia.
t-n.sppcial attention given to baggage of
Cunimereifil men. Delivered to and from
station free of charge.
RaTES, 92 .per day. Special rates ior
regular boarders.
Grplden, B.C.
Send Your Money ��$ Town,
But for i-mm
Gents' Watches
Ladies' Watches
Silver Novelties
Optical Goods
At reasonable prices, call on
A gigh-t Verdict.
Aswd Catarrh
Will iix that cold iniyour hea d
ha3 several(kimis in,slock am)
good.   :-.-     :-:     >:      :-:      :-;
-DEALER IN- "J' '���
Drugs, Stationery, Confectionery and Ci-ga-rs.


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