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The Golden Era Mar 3, 1894

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Array -*r
VOL. III.   NO 31.
��2 Per Year
are a positive care for all cases of headache, whether
nervours, bilious, or neuralgic.    Sent post
free on receipt of price
85   Cents   Per  Box.
Chas. A. Warren's
Grand Stock Taking Sale
Now Going On.
Call   Early   and   Avoid   the   Rush.
oca tows.
(Incorporated 1070.)
"��� W.INES,
Etc. Etc.
Prices quoted and samples supt lied on
Golden, on the main line of tbe Canadian
Pacific Ruilivay. at its connection with the
steamboat navigation of tlie Columbia river :
the mineral and commercial centre of Eastern
llritish Columbia; headquarters of tin Cold-
en Smelting works, the Upper  Columbia
Navigation Co., and lumber industry; tho | townspeople are practicing sweet smiles
outlet  tor   the   widely   known   mid    far
Mr.  Gould, the photographer,  has
opened up in town and several of our
famed agricultural i.ud grazing bind of tlio
Columbia A Kootenay Valleys; unrivalled
fur scenery of all kinds; tho distributing
point for tiie richest mineral country on tho
Has ['jbeen newly built and newly furnished.
Heated throughout with hot air. The
table is first class. The bar is stocked
with choice Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
Wm. J-rTefteish, - Prop.
Carlin and Lake
Ger|era,l Merchants
One Swallow does not make a
Summer, nor will a few Summer
Hats bring* warm weather any
sooner than it wants to come.
Nevertheless one of our new hats,
will be a most enjoyable relief to
Sour head, after  wearing:   that
eavy,     plucked i>  Beaver     all
the elegant stock which we have
to offer, and make your Selections
before it is too late. It costs too
much to go further into details
here, but we might mention that
we have a good range of the celebrated J. B. Stetson & Co.'s soft
Blacks and Browns and Buckskin
Cowboys, besides many other first
class styles.
Special  attention given  to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
Co'y, pgary, or
Notice to Taxpayers.
Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
accordance with tlie Statutes, that
Provincial Beventie Tax aud all Taxes
levied under the AuseHsinout Act are
due for the year 1894. All of the above
named Taxes collectible within the
Eastern Division, of the District of
Kootenay, are payable ut my office,
Court Hotiso, Donald. Assessed Taxes
are collectible at the following rates,
If paid on or before June 30th, 181)4: ���
Provincial Revenue, $3,00 per capita.
One-half of one per cent on Ileal
Two per cont on assessed value of
Wild Land.
One-third of one per cent on Personal
One-half of one por cent on income.
If paid after June 30th, 1894: ���
Two-lhird8 of one per cont on Real
Two and onc-hulf per cent on assessed value of Wild Land.
One-half of one per cent on Personal
Property. ���>
Three-fourths of. one per cent on
Assessor and Collector.
Donald, Feb 6th, 1894.
Mr. A. Granger is in town this
week. *
Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Kimpton left on
Wednesday for Windermere.
Mrs. A. F.  Turnbull of Ottertail is
in town, the guest of Mrs. G. Addison.
Mrs. Hume of Salmon Arm is here
on a  visit to her  sister, Miss Connacher.
Chas. Cartwright and George Rury
of Carbonate paid a flying visit to
Golden this week.
Miss Monteith arrived from Banff on
Wednesday to take tho position of
matron at the hospital.
During the first part of the week tbe
trains from tlie west were delayed by
snow slides in the Selkirks.
Mr. Hardie, brother of the deceased
Miss Hurdle, came iu from Victoria on
Sunday. He returned on Tuesday
with Miss M. Hardia.
On Tuesday nil-lit un attempt was
made to break into C A. Warren's
store. We are glad to state however,
that the burglar, whoever lie was, got
The funerul of tbe Into Miss Hardie
took place on Sunday morning at 0:30
o'clock, to the new burying ground.
The Rev. Archdeacon McKaj officiated
at the grave.
On Sunday morning last Rev. Archdeacon McKay preached a funeral sermon in St. Paul's Church, to a very
attentive end appreciative audience.
Iu the evening he again alluded,
touching!}-, to tlio recent death ill on*.'
The recent soft weather has made
walking very disagreeable, especially
in the neighborhood of the Queen's
Hotel, and the public have been greatly inconvenienced in attempting to
pass this house. Will tlie responsible
party be good enough to see thut this
is remedied at once.
in private, so ns not to break the machine when they pose befoie it.
Col. Baker's speech, ns reported by
you, has been responsible for many
arguments, one of our most influential residents being strongly opposed to
the view of the question taken by Col.
Baker, and by his most able arguments
he bus convinced many of the uritena-
bility of our members position.
An innovation is promised by tho
Committee of the Quadrille Club at the
noxt dance. This is to be " Ladies
Choice" when the ladies will have the
privilege of selecting their partners.
Some of tbo boys lira bothering over
the fact that thty will have to refuse
some of tbe fair ones. May be they
are counting their chickens before they
me hutched.   We'll sec.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Jamieson entertained a number of friends ut their residence, A verv pleasant evening was
spent in dancing aud it goes without
saying that all present enjoyed themselves.
On Sunday evening Rev. Mr. Ross
in tlie course of his sermon paid a
touching tribute to the memory of the
lute Miss Hardie, referring to her many
sterling qualities uud her unceasing
energy iu ministering to those under
her euro. These remarks are echoed
by ail who knew her uud though sho
had been so short a time iu our district
her influence had gone beyond the
town where she lived, uud many here
could endorse tho words spokeu by Mr.
The annual meeting of tbe shareholders of the Upper Columbia Navigation and Tramway Company,
Limited, will be held in the Company's
office in Golden, B.C., ou Monday the
uth day of March, A.D., 1894, at two
o'clock in the afternoon, By order of
the Board of Directors.
Golden, 12th February, 18114.
General den-nut Wanted.
General servant wanted, duties  to
begin end of March.     Wages $2b per
month.     Address:   Mrs. F. P. Ann-
strong, Golden, B.C.
Rriint-elUtle Service.
J. W. Puton the shinny man, will
hold evangelistic service in the school
houso, Sundiy afternoon  at 3 o'clock.
Everybody invited.
Public School Honor Roll.
The honor roll for February is as
follows :
5th Class Beatrice Biibnr
dth    "    Jennie Wells
3rd    "    Charles Biibnr
2nd Primer Class Ella Love
1st       "        "    Emma Kenny
The  avernge    attendance   for  tlio
month was 20.(10.
M. Luu as, Teacher.
The ltlnli.
Iii future the rink will be used for
curling only. Notices to this effect
havo been posted iu conspicuous places.
There has been no curling this week
owing to the soft weather, but hopes
ure entertnined by the " knights of the
broom " that it wili turn colder before
Fire ut Kaslo.
Kaslo, Feb. 25. -The dreaded destroyer visited this place last night
the result being tliut the whole of
Front street between Third and Fourth
was swept from earth by the destroying element, with the exception of the
Lelund hotel, Green Bros., and Wilson's stores. Over 30 buildings wero
burned, including Fletcher's Central
Hotel, the lirst building erected ou
Front street; the Palace, conducted by
Muhouey & Lu.idberg; the Coeur
d'Alene, by J. F. Wurd; and the Noble
Five aud Dai dauelles. GiegiichBros.'
large general store, the Galena Trading Co.'s general store, the Beyers
Hardware Co., a large concern, and
Burke's bank building were demolished.
jVuiong tlio reniniiuloi- of the buildings
were some line structures used as stores
real estate offices, restaurants, assay
i offices, barber shops, tailor shops, etc.
It is hard to estimate the loss and the
! extent of insurance carried is not yet
known.     Most of the property swept
j away was insured, and with the proceeds of the insurance the proprietors
will start rebuilding at once.
"The  Province"
"The Province" will make its first
appearance to*day, Saturday 3rd
March. It wiil bo published evory
Saturday by The Province Publishing
Company, ti Broughton Street, Victoria, B.C. The subscription price is It is reported that a dressmaking
$2.00 per annum, single copies ii cents: aud milliuery establishment will bo
gucl,, I opened up here shortly. The GOLf'S"*. E!U ii published every
Siturday inorniarf iu liaio to catch the cast
and west mail trains, also the mail for the j
uppar country, Wiinlui-inere, Fort Steele etc I
It is the only advertising medium iu the teat
Kootenay district.
8 ibicriptiou Rates : S-'.tX) per annum IN
A ivertisotnents nn'l changes must bo in
the oliiee not later than 1-' .1.111, on Thursday
to insure inscrtiiiu.
Advertisement rates made known on nppli-
catior '.0
All ca*li to Ikj pail to tho Manager, from
wluni the Company's receipt will beobtuinod.
Hit Ufa Era Publishing tea.,'',
SATURDAY,   MARCH U,   3894.
in 1886, when be gave 1321,000 for 640
acres, with about 50 bead of outtle and
the sitine number of horsos, farm
buildings, etc. Since that period the
value of the property has increased
enormously because of its being nt the
entrance of the pass leading to Kootenay Lake across the Selkirks, being
lik.iwise tlie only puss avuilublo for a
railroad from thnt point to Rogers'
Pass, where the C.P R. now runs.
Tho distance from Fort Steele is about
200 miles j and tlie further fact that
C.P.R. engineers have located the
Crow's Nest Pass line right through
the Craubrook estate adds to its value
and iinportuiice. An English gentle-
man uf means paid Craubrook a visit
a short time since, and after remaining some 10 days, milking a personal
I exploration of tbcnlace and its vicinity
I was no well pleased with what ho saw j
that be made Oil. Baked' an offer of |
8100,000 cash for bis property, but it
was declii.ed with thanks.
As illustrating the va'.ue of similar
lands to those of Col. Baker in thnt
section of tho Province, a ranch con-
��� aiiiing li'O acres and 50 head of cattlo
changed ownership tome six years
since, for 83,000, und eight years ago
800 ucros with 300 hoad of cattle, Hi
miles from Craubrook, were sold for
$lU,5Mb At St. Eugene's Mission, two
miles distant, there is a largo industrial school uud 11 farm attached. At
Fort Steele, close by, are located tiie
Government offices, a good-sissed hotel
and a coupio more iu course of erection.
(Continued on page 4.)
(From the Vancouver World.)
Last week u very bitter and vindictive attack was made upon the Hon,
Col. Baker, Provincial Secretary, Minister of Education und Minister of
Mines, in tbo house of Assembly, the
prinoip��l in the affair Iieing the Hon.
Robert Beuvau. Hitherto that gentleman has not deigned to stoon to what
may very properly be termed dirty political or shady party work, and those
who know hiin are more than surprised
that ho should have allowed himself to
bo made the cat's-paw of others less
cunning and crafty than he is generally credited with being. If it is true as
is reported, that lots wore cast by the
Opposition and that it fell to Mr.
Lduvon to formulate the attack, party
exigencies will tie made by him the
stalking htirso upon which he expects
to occupy a saddle for the unenviable
part ho played in the scandalous allnir.
It is a rave ocounence in public life
where a lender endeavors - as Mr,
Beaven undoubtedly did - to take advantage of un opponent, who, in the
conduct of his business, is known to
be an honest, upright gentleman, as
Hon. Col. Baker on al! sides is admitted to bo, to endeavor to show him up
i.s an uni.'iivii'.hlo individual, and were
it not that the gallant colonel's character and reputation are established
and well known, the uncontradicted
reports sent out by the Opposition
press would assuredly be productive of
much harm, financially, to that gentleman, and that such was tbo object
of the attack by those taking part in it
does not admit of any manner of doubt.
Instead, however, of falling heavily
upon his head, the missile rebounded
with double vengeance upon those who
thought they had 11 'earthed a mare's
nest thut would result iu their getting
control of British Columbia's strong
���sash box. But in this, as tho sequence
will demonstrate, they were wofully
mistaken. Of a few iu the Opposition,
Mr. Kitchen for instance, anything
might be expected, but from the lender
of that party totally different things
were anticipated.
Desiring to get nt tho bottom of the
whole matter, tho World has taken the
trouble to glean many facts connected
with tbe Craubrook estate. A gentleman who is well known in the vicinity
of Fort Steele, ou the coast, and in fact
throughout the whale Province, and
who is in a poni-ion to vouch for the
correctness of his statements, says
���hot the survey of Col. Baker's estate
was made by Mr. Cummins in 1889,
before he was a Government employe
and four years prior to Col. Baker becoming a-Miu'ster of the Crown, ova
member of tho Cubinot. It, was quite
tho prop.ir thing then for Mr. Cum-
I'lius to prep.ir.i a report of his work
from the field notes he liud taken. Mu
-one else wan familiar with the estate,
��iiil no valid objection can be raise:!
���gainst either Col. Baker or Mr. Cummins :n this coiitiectiou. Part of the j ���I-** -">n placed on a chair by your wife
'dotniAu wits  purchased  by Col. Baker| ���Sifting*.
She was a Vassar graduate, and
didn't know 11 little bit about housekeeping when she married her last
beau uud settled down to domestic
Her first order at the grocer's w��s a
crusher, but that good man wus used
to all sorts of people, and cou!d interpret Vassal' as easily us plain English.
"I want 'en pound" of paralyzed
sugar," she said with a business air.
"Yes'm.   Anything else?"
"Two cans of condemned milk.'*
" Yes'm. He set down " pulverized
sugar," "condensed milk."
"A bag of flesh salt- be sure that il
is fresh."
"Yes'm.    What next?"
" A pound of desecrated codfish.
������Yes'm." ne wrote glibly "dessi-
catod cod."
"Nothing more, ma'am? Here's
some nice horseradish, just in."
"No," she said, with a sad wabble
to her flexible voice; "it would be of
no use, us we don't keep n horse."
Then the grocer sat down on a kit
of mackerel uud funned himself with a
patent washboard. Vassar had taken
ihecuke.���Detroit Free Proas.
Met ��1 Iteport.
We ure indebted to the Engineering
and Mining Journal of New York for
the following quotations :���
New York. Feb. 16, 1894.
Silver has been quiet here and the market in Loudon has been weak, yet
purchases by shorts have contributed to stonily a market that
otherwise would have been a declining one, since trade is dull and
uu prospect of immediate revival.
Now   York, 03ots., Loudon, 29id.
Copper. Manufacturers are still complaining about lack of orders to
enable them to work full time, and
the prospects for a change for the
better in this direction are apparently not of a very promising
nature.   O.M.B's. J.40 15,. Cd,
Lead is slitiriug the fato of all other
metals, the week showing another
decline, Spanish, ��9 3s 9d., and
English, ��9 6s. 3d.
To enjoy a warm spring sit 00 a hot
On the smooth, sunlit waters of the gulf
of .Mexico a man was pacing tbe deck of a
line frigate, over which floated the gay
flag of the Colombian confederation, one
ot the great Spanish republics of South
That he did not belong to the ship was
evident enough, (or he wan not iu uniform,
but in plainclothes, and his fair complexion and light balr coiitmstcd so markedly
with the swarthy faced and black beards of
the crew us to show at the tint gliuico that
he was no countryman of theirs.
Hemight'of course be a passenger, and
���ucb huh,':. J lie was, but a passenger of a
-nimcwliiit, peculiar kind���viz, 11 prisoner,
j'.u American by birth, he hud served tor
some iliuu in the United States navy, and
then seeing110 chance of active servici-nuil
-tone smith to take part 1-. a volunteer iu
one (if the countless wars that were always
ind tig on iu South America, in tlie coumo
nl whUili his iihlp and himself after a lt**s*
aiid desperate combat bad been taken oy
im' enemy.
b'kcli tiling tbe ensfl, it might have seemed Htraugu to uuy one to nee till* prisoner of
ivur wabiii.g nt largo on tbo deck ot the
vessel (hut had captured lilm, and to all
appearances quite at home there. But the
courtesy us well cn the courage of Spain
hail been Inherited by the hruve men who
ciimiuiuitleii the victorious frigate, aud they
did their inmost lo soften the captivity of
1111 opponent whose stubborn valor bad wou
tiie luluili'iiiiou of them all.
Contenting themselves with exacting a
pledge In.ni their prisoner that he would
unike uo attempt to escape���which Indeed
tlicic was little chance of his doing out
li.t-1'e iu the open sea, with no friendly sail
In Ki-ilit���the captain und olllcera of the
frigate treated him as a guest rat her than
u captive, made him dine at their table,
talked with Idm bite old friends, supplied
li 1 tn with cigars Irom their own "stock, and,
in u word,,did ull they could to moke Uim
Hut for all this kindness they were destined to be repaid in a very unexpected
'1 no frigate, having received not a few
severe Injuries hi the recent light, wa�� making lor Cuitbupciiii���the nearest Colombian port���in order to refit, and all went
will till lltcy were within a short distance
of tbe coast, when the weather, which had
hitherto been Ixautilully line, suddenly be-
came thick and hany, culminating ,11 lnuj-th
lu uue ot liu.se formidable sea fogs wuich
so olten roll in from the north Athuitio
when uo one expect* them, literally turning day into night.
The Colombian captain, though familiar
with these waters from his childhood, was.
now "at sen" In every sense of the words,
uud brave aa he was begun to feel uncomfortable. He knew that be could uot lie far
from the mouth of the Curtliiigemi harbor,
and be reiiu-nihercd only too well the dau-
geroils coral reel* which made ti oiid of the
most perilous sjois tu all South A merictv
Moreover, in watei* wuich literally
KWiiruuit witli coasting vessels of ail sizes,
the risk of 11 latul collision stared tncia iu
tlie face every nam,cut, and in such weather, when uo one could st* half a cable's
length ahead, �� but could they do to avoid
The oncer* were all on deck���tbe captain
himself Included���and with them was the
Amerlci'i prisoner, whose thorough naval
training enabled him to appreciate the (ull
extent of iu* danger 0* keenly a* any man
on board.
All were straining their eye* and enm to
the utmost tor any sign of an approac'.iiit'-
vbhscI, when all iitouce the Yankee ollicer'*
quick shrill duv-rllK-d, looming ghostlike
through the spectral dimueiu that hemmed
them in, tho shadowy outline nf n huge
simp, bull a* large again a* their own.
which seemed to be bearing right dowu
upon them.
Hi* warning shout called the attention of
his companion* to this alarming apparition, which was already dun aboard of
Tlicn the officer of the watch, a young
aud comparatively inexperienced man, unnerved by this sudden nnd tcrrllio peril,
lost hi* head and called out wildly to the
man at tin* wheel:
"Port yoar bclml"
But tbe captive American, with hi* Yankee quickM-st- and long nautical experience, saw in 11 moment that this order, if
obeyed, must inevitably briicj tbe two vessels into toilit-iuu. Quick as beaming lie
sprang forward mid shouted tu Spanish to
tbe slu-iranian with the full strength of his
powerful vole*!
"Starboard-your helnil   SturbonrdF
The second order came just In time to
my companion* wonld hare been lost, in
their uame* and my own 1 beg to thank
you for what you have done, uud I trust
yon will permit me to have the honor of
presenting you with this alight token ot my
He drew a costly emerald ring from his
finger as he spoke and offered it to tbe
American, who accepted with a courteous
bow, and iu after year* when the war was
over and the two brave men met us friends
tlie Colombian saw his gift still upon the
northern ollicer'* linger, where Indeed it remained 10 long a* tiiu latter wo* olive.���
Exchange. ^^^^^^_^_^
U.��d Another Article.
"Are you n good plain -rook, Mary'"
asked tbe ladynf the house to the tenth applicant for a position.
"Yes, 'uni."
"Are you a good laundress""
"Yes, 'utn."
"Are you quick with your workf Can
you scour and clean with ulucrity!"1
"Yes, 'utn, I guess so, mum," replied
Mary somewhat doubtfully. Then iu a
burst of coiillileuue she saiib "You see,
mum, I don't ki.iiw ubout alacrity. In me
last pilled lucy always used soup uud sand
for scouring aud cleaning." ��� New York
_j*lt*j.    "
The bicycle *ulky is now being used in
Tom McGregor, S:20W, Is the first pacet
lu the list by ilobcrf, McGregor.
There is talk of utilizing the tttrf oirol*
at Skeepsheud Bay for u trotting track.
Tbe tost *pnni��r Morgan waa used by
Colonel Jack China lust, year as a plow
A prominent Kentucky hre��d(M*ndvoente.-
that trotting assoctatiouaiaaiiu their tracks
at least CO feet wide.
W. O'B. Macdonongh will wait nntil thi
Ormondes begin to come aluug before he
again take* up racing.
Wheat will probably figure more crn
spicuously in tbe feed for horses during ut
coming year than ever before.
Tbe Inst foal sired by Electioneer was thf
bay filly Attractive, now two years old.
Attractive has a record of 3:83}i.
Mrs. P. Brewster of Clyde, N. Y., is an
active partner with her husband in tht
owiicrsbipof the bay gelding Opal Patchen,
Those who knew the Olnff horses hnvi
great hopes that tbe Orloff- American trot
ter I. the coming type ol tbe uoble animal.
Edward Hayc* ban sold his half interest
In the Standard Trotting Horse corapasy U
Morris J. Jones. The sale Includes Alix
Pittsbnrg Phil ha* sued W. O'B. Mao
donough for ROOD, the price paid for Trin-
culo. Smith claims he found the colt to bt
a roarer.
Pierre Lorillard is opposed to book-nuking on the ground that it offers induce
ment* to atop favorite*. Ho thinks tht
mutual system is the fairest lue-aiod ol
Governors Flower of New York and Pat
tison of Pennsylvauia were in the livt
stock pavilion at the World's fairwhen the
saddlers were judged. Governor Flower'i
f-tviiri.3 got seveutU place aud Govemoi
raibisou'u tenth.
Fleas will never touch an epileptic and
will instantly leave a dead or dying porsou.
Horses always sleep with one ear pointed
to the front. The reason of it no man can
Female spiders are much larger and
more ferocious than the males and general'
ly devour their husbands.
Tr.e greatest destroyer of the aphis Is the
apparently hormleas ladybird, whicli. de
vours them by thousand*.
The tiger makes short work of the buffalo in Sumatra. Therefore to avoid its enemy the buffalo rests at night in the river,
with only its nose and horn* above tbe surface.
An 8ehaolna*Ur* CoM-rttedr
I do not know whether yon have ever noticed it or not, bnt my experience has been
that schoolmasters are the most conceited
set of fellows one can possibly come across.
In my day I have known a very large number of masters both at public and private
schools, and while nearly all of them were
men of excellent education they seemed to
be filled with a most extraordinary idea of
their own Importance, and looked upon all
other profession* outside their own as very
inferior Indeed.
The bump of conceit seemed in them to
counteract tne lirst. Hound dew the wheel, j "be developed to an abnormal degree, and
and the frigate, "puyiug off" linruly In th.*** companionship, therefore, could not
time, passed so ulrwis to the strange vessel tie altogether coiled agreeable.
thai.as.liieii'sCuoritcsjiyiiiK would phrase: What is the reason of thief I suppose it
it, "yon might havesliied n biscuit aboard." to be that at school they are accustomed to
lu number Instant th* stronger hud van- ��� \0Ta it over th* rising generation, and that
���shed -'he a divam. | within school walls every word they utter
"By St. .loaol" muttered the sailor* to is weighted with an authority which i* iu-
e"ich other. "That official Americano" disputable I fancy that they are bellcv-
(American officer) "ha* been a lucky pris*! tra in tbe saying of the versifier who al
oner for us, for If It hadn't lieen for him we ] leged that "men woe only boys grown
should have gone straight toth* bottom,! tall," *o that they find themwlve* quit*
ship mid all.' : unable, outside the ���choolrooni, to conduct
About nu hour later th* fog "lifted," and  themselves In any othv fashion than they
the anxious captain beheld to hi* no small do lu their class**.���Cor. London Tit-Bits.
relief tbe familiar entrance of Carthageua
harbor only a lew mi Ic* off 011 the port
bow. with it* grim old fortress scowling
above it.   And when they had worked tat-ir
A little Jod��m��.t X-MdJxL
What is needed in the open street ears I*
way In through the perilous cliunuel and ��� bodjr ���' -��*-d->e��->��� wl*o will arrange pas-
were safe ot anchor hi the sheltered roud* *Wgereln th. favorite *��rk��r* of a streak
stead the youngColotublau lieutenant went J* le"D *"'���� f*"^ *' '**\ U to f1-"���01"'
straight up to tbe spot where the American *�� wwlf" ttv�� br0**d '?����Pd ?TTTn I"0
prisoner was standing and held out hi* -��; "f^, and *c1 run th. risk of bursting
[,um- ont the sides of the oar, and allow five oon-
"Se'nor," said he, with stately Spanish 4*n^ people to rattle arouud iu the next
courtesy, "your skill and presence of mind ""S Wtb judicious mixing nil would b��
have ��uv.d all our lives sud our ship a* ���omfortable andI the *ide* of the car be pre-
well, for, had yuu not, had the boldni-s* to -�����"* Uitti-fc**-Boston Traumrlpt,
contradict '.he order jin-cli 1 gave,^ aud ail
Secretary of State Gresham works seven
lays a week.
Professor David Swing finds recreation f
hi working like a laborer.on his farm.
Jim McWillan, the Detroit millionaire,
begun life a* u clerk in a hardware store,
John Shu Its, the millionaire baker and
horseman of Brooklyn, began life as a working baker.
Tbe motto on Sir William Thomas Lewis*
family coat of arms is "Gwua addylit doed
a ddelo" (Do thy duty, come what may).
Ex-Senator Henry G. Davis of West Virginia Has presented to tbe town of Elkins
iu that state a picturesque natural park of
nine acres.
Sir Isaac liolden Is an M. P. and four
years older than Gladstone. He smokes
every day four big, black, strong cigars and
can walk 10 miles.
Major Kofner, who ha* given a 150,000
paik to the public on Stockton-on-Tees,
sold hot rolls ou- the streets of Hartlepool,
England, when u lad.
Btiron ['elder of Vienna has occupied hi*
(line lur ninny year* in gathering rare butterflies. Recently be sold bis collection to
Lord IfothscUild for the *um of 45,000.
Horace Boies has never nsed tobacco tn
any form and Is unacquainted with tbe
taste of liquor, nnd perhaps his only profanity was when he swore in a* the governor of Iowa.
Lord I'eanmont, who is descended from
the last king of Jerusalem, succeeded to
the title last year at the death of bis older
brother, He hue traveled extensively iu
the I' lilted States.
Justice Field will begin his thirty-first
year of service on the supreme bench the
coining term. This record haa been sur*
liiissed hut once in the history of the court
and equated but four times.
"Fighting Bob" Evans ha* been promoted to be captain in tho navy. He has earned
the "step" by deeds which have conferred
honor un the country a* well a* by long
service and is still 11 young man.
.1. Woodbridge Davis, the inventor of the
life Having kite, is somewhat slender, ha* a
bluck mustache and the face of 11 deep student. He is the principal of Woodbridge
school and resides on Madison avenue.
Edwin Gould, known in Wall street us
"bail boy Eddie," has attained the dignity
cf fatherhood. His son Is the tilth member of the third generation of the Jay
Gould family. He was christened Edwin
Gould, Jr.
Swift MacNclll.M. P., the Irish gentie-
nmii who pulled Harry Furniss' ears bo*
(a use of a caricature iu Punch, is declared
by disinterested people to be so unspeakably homely that Furniss couldn't have 11-
Ixiled him.
It Is not generally known thnt the John
l>. Rockefeller who recently celebrated his
iwrnty-tiflh anniversary a�� supi>riht��odciit.
of tbe Euclid Avenue Baptist church of
Cleveland is the New York millionaire of
that iiiuue.
Mr. George W. Child* of Philadelphia
was so much Interested iu the Wisconsin
lug house 011 exhibition at tlio World's fair
that be wont In mid bought it, complete,
and will have it removed to his country
place near Philadelphia.
Blue rose* and blue dahlias, nt one time
thought impossible and probably still impossible ns u natural product, may now be
obtained by placing the cut flowers iu a solution of aniline substances.
There ure, according to Dean Stanley,
still eight of the olives of Gethseiueno
standing, "whose gnarled trunks uud scanty foliage will always lie regarded as the
most aireel ing of the sacred memorial* in or
about Jerusalem."
The ho tree of Annrajahpoora, in Oeylon,
In perhaps the oldest specimen or 11 very
long lived species. It is held sacred upon
the ground that It sprung from a branch
nf the identical tree under which Buddha
reclined for seven years while undergoing
his apotheosis.
The oak is well known to be a long liver,
nnd there are specimens still standing in
Palestine of which tbe tradition goes that
tbey grew of Cain's stalT. ��� The hawthorn,
again, sometimes lives to be very old. There
is said to be one Inside Cawdor castle of an
"immemorial uge."
Davey's invention of the safety lamp was
due to noticing that a flame waa deflected
liy being pressed against a Que wire netting.
An inclined elevator, working on the
principle of a treadmill, is proposed to take
the place of vertical ones in business build- ���
Two boy* at Medford, Mich., have patented an appliance with which the leaves
of sheet music may be readily turned by
tbe performer at the piano.
Kettle* for boiling pnrpoaas are now
made with tubes running diagonally
1 iirougb tbem oh the principal of the locomotive boiler. Water bolls very quickly
iu tbem.
Mr. Edison is now engaged in the con-
strtictiou of a magnetic ore concentrator
which he expect* will work a revolution In
ih. irou business so that northern furnace*
can once more successfully compete with
th. south. 	
Acid etching.was first don. In 1518,       _
Ireland I* larger than Scotland by 1,809
square mile*.
More neopledie in the spring thu in any
of tbe other seasons.
'(���'���j:--''.. A
% '-<>
Application for certificate  of  Improvement..
'Take ndtico that I, as agent for
Donald D. Mann', free miner's certificate No. i)o-114, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the
Gold Commissioner for a certificate of
improvements, for tbe purpose of obtaining a Crown grunt of tho above
claim. i
And further take notice that adverse
claims must be sent to the Mining Recorder, and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this First day of "February,
Leslie Hill.
Application   for certificate of  Improvements.
0 ':'.    AliNl;)' Wj  OjAUI'
To So notiu.' that. I, as agent for
Donul.-i D. Maun, free minor's certificate No. 35314, intend sixty days from
the date* hereof, to apply to the Gold
Commissioner for n * certificate of
improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of tbo above
And further take notice that adverse
claims must be sent to the Mining Recorder, and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this First day of February,
Leslie Hill.
In tlie County Court of Kootenay, holden nt
the East Crossing of tho Columbia River; in
the matter of James M. Rogers, deceased, and
in tlie matter of tbe Official Administrators
Act; dated the eighteenth dav of December.
A.D., IBIS i
Upon reading the affidavits 'of Arthur
Patrick Cummins and George Goldie; it. is
ordered that Arthur Patrick Cummins, Official Administrator for the County Court,
District of Kootenay, sln.ll bo Administrator
of nil aud singular the goods, chattels and
credits of James M. lingers, deceasod.
Aud that this order be published in tho
Gulden E.ia uowspapor, during tlio period
of sixty day*.
(Signed)   Wll. WARD SPIXKS, J.
The creditors of .Tames M. Rogers, Into of
Windermere, in the district of Kootenay,
farmer, deceased, are required to send to mo,
within silly days of this date, statements and
full particulars of their claims, and nfier the
expiration of such time I shall proceed with
tiie distributioiii'of the said esuite.
Dated at Donald, tith January, 18!U.
Official Administrator
gutfitt��00 ,OT(lv*i��0.
G. 8. McCarter.
Iiougheed  ft  McCarter,
Barristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Notariei
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors fur Bank of Montreal.
Caloaiiv, - N.W.T.
Members Assocn.SD.L.S. A P.L.S. for B.C.
SURVEYORs, Civil Engineers, Draughtsmen, Valuators, etc* Calgary anil Now Westminster. Correspondence solicited..
K.J.Jei*hsox, D.L.S.,i".L.S. of B.C. &Ont.
Cai.oary. Alba.
A. 0. Wheeler, D.L.S. & P.L.S. of B.C.
New Westminster B.C.
McCarthy   ft   Harvey.
Barristers, Advocates, Notaries, &c.   Solicitors tor i���
The Imperial Bunk nf Canada;
The ("iiniuln Porinancnt l.onn A Savings Co.
The Yorkshire Loan A Securitlest.'orporation
Tlie Massey-Harris Co, (Ltd).etc., etc.
Offices���Stephen Avenue, Calgary.
P. McCarthy, Q.C.
HoiiAiJH Harvey, H.A., L.L.B
Mining! Smelting
CO, (Limited)
Application for certificate of Improvement*.
Take notice thnt I, as agent for
Donald D. Maun, free miner's certi
ficate No. DailH, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the
Gold Ournissioner for a certificate of
improveim nts, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of tbe above
And further take notice that adverse
claims must be sent to the Mining Recorder, and uctio.i commenced before
tho issuance of such certificate of
Dated this first day of February,
Leslie Hill.
Application for certificate of Improvements.
Take notice that I, us agent for
Donald D. Mann, free miner's certificate No. 35314, intend, sixty dnys
from tiie date hereof, to apply to the
Gold Commissioner for a certificate of
improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of tbe above
And further take notice thnt adverse
claims must be sent to the Mining Recorder, and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this First day of February,
Leslie Hill.
special notice In tl
toil* ��r* brousht *-..__. 	
out cost to tho Inventor, This
issued weekly, elegantly'liuf trati
largest circulation of ���
world. S3 a rear.  Si
Handle-* Edition, ���nonthlf, 1
fonlos, ���ill cent*. KTerriiiun
In tho County Court of Kootenay, liolden
at the East Crossing of the Columbia River;
in the matter of James baker, deceased, and
in the matter of the Official Administrators
Act, dated tho 9th day of January, A.D.,
Upon reading the affidavits of Arthur Patrick Cummins and Henry Rodhnell Holt; it
is ordered that Arthur Patrick Cummins,
Official Administrator for the County court.
District of Knoiunay. he jldininistrator of all
and singular the goods, chattels, rights and
credits, of James Baker, deceased.
Aud that this order be published in the
Gulden Era newspaper for the period of
sixty days.
(Signed)  Wm. WARD SPINKS, J.
The creditors of Jatuos Baker, late of Golden, in the District of Kootcuay, foreman
j-overnniont roads, aro requested to send to
me within Unlays of this dato particulars of
their claims. After the completion of the
suid lid days I shall pr.iccod with tho distribution of the said estate.
Dated at Donald, in the district of Kootenay
this Dili day of January, 18.4.
Official Administrator.
Assoc. Mem. Inst. C.E.
Cochrane, Alba.���Ft. Steele, B.C.
(Uraduato of Laval nnd McGill.)
Head Otlice, Queuec ; Branch Offices
SiiERimooKE, & 17 Place d'Armes
Hill, Montreal.
In the county court of Kootenay.
holdoti at the east crossing of the Columbia
river; iu the mutter of ('hnrles Laiigstone
Lewis, deceased aud iu tho matter of the
Official Administrators Act, dated tho 9th
day of January, 1894 s
Upon rending the affidavit of Arthur Patrick Cummins, it is ordered that Arthur Patrick Cummins, Official Administrator for tho
county court. District of Kootenay, bo Administrator of id! and singular the goods,
chattels and credit* of Charles Laiigstoiie
Lewis, deceased
And that this order bo published in tlio
Column Era nowspnpor for tho peri.*! of
sixty days.
(Signed)   WM. WARD SPINKS. J.
Tho creiliiors nf Charles Lnngstone Lewis,
into of (iiiloiia, in tha district of Kootenay,
farmer, aro requested to send hi the particulars of their claims to the undersigned within sixty days of this dato, attor which time
tlio said estate will bo distributed.
Dated this 9th January, 1894, at Donald, iu
tho district of Kootenay.
Official Administrator.
Golden Hospital Society.
plans, unabltnf
THE HOSPITAL is now opon for tho
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from tlio under*
signed or any member of lho
PRICE -Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
i NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Analytical Chemist St Assaycr,
Golden, British Columbia.
1392      ASSAYER TO TUB        892
British Columbia Government
of all specir-ien-i lent from the Province to
Bank Of Montreal.
Interest at Current rates.
W. B. GRAVELEY, Manager.
Gold, Silver fi Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manaqer
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
HULL BROS & 10.,
Whole-talc and ltetail
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Undertakers and
.   ���  .   Embalmers,
Caljjary     ���     -     Alba.
Ifyou want yuitr liouso Painted. Papered
or t'ulsoniincil, or any kind ot a si-jn l'uiuted
write lo J. H. MII.IjWAHO. CALGARY, the
Leailm-* Paint Shop in tlie West, lor Rood
Work and prices that are right.
nif-jPi CC I ��'ill mail (free) on receipt
1 Iill I Lll��J. of a 2 stam-i.a roceipotor a
��iinple VEGETAIILE BALM that will re-
movo Tan. Freckle*. PIiiiiiI.-h, Blotches,
Blackhead*, etc.. loavinjr the skin soft,
clear and beautiful. Address A. D. STEM-
PEL, CO Ann St., New York.
"It ia worth the price to every tiemou
who even reads a newspaper."���Dalllnglon
Blue Penoil Rules.
A Pocket Primer for the us* of Reporter*,
H. Connacher, Proprietor.
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictly FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Headquarters for mining men and
miners. Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer and wholesale and
retail dealer in Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
Special attention given to orders from u<j the
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,        -       B.C.
Job    Dcpa,rtmcr|t
���:o:��� OF ��� :o:���
���*��� *j itiit^la^ii ���^���Mitflfc^Jistirt'iliiif sj-s-striri r"T*itri- *l-'~1T--*"-*--f-i��#aAi1tY:-*-^  *���,
Oorrospondents  and Copy Choppers.
rt, tlmple Md practical rule* (or
���-dM and edition newspaper copy,
and of equal value to all who wilh to
write correct EDgllsh.
Bent on receipt of price. Price. 10 rent*
per copy. ALLAN TORMAN, Publisher.
UT Nustn Btreat, K*w Vork.
Box 7, Donald, B. C,
Watches,   Glocks  and  JeWeleiy.  1
n tA
mm^smmm^^mmmm ���-���-���-���"�����"
(Continued from paj*o 2.)
Within a radius of 12 miles are settled the following gentlemen, who are
in the ranching business: Capt, Parker, Messrs. R. L..T. Oalbraith, Hur-
monv and brother, Clark, Fenwick &
brother, Humphrey. Norbury, McVittie, Phillips. Baker, Edwards, Kelley,
Mather, Moore, Goodrich, Hanson,
Johnston, Dowar, Funk, Eiicks, Boyle,
Dowell, Seveth, Hill, .Holt, Carlin and
others. Wild Horse Creek settlement,
only six miles away, has extensive
hydraulic mining works in progress
and likewise valuable quart-- mines
which are being opened. This is
essentially a valuable mineral district,
and In the neighborhood of tlie Craubrook estate there ure a largo number
of prospectors, and constantly increasing. ��� The estate has a river frontage
of eight miles along the bunks of the
Kootenay, which is a navigable stream
and upon which steamers piy during
the season of navigation. The soil is
fertile. Says onr informant: I have
seen growing in Col. Baker's garden,
without any forcing process being resorted to, cucumbers, vegetable marrow, black wax beans, peas, lettuce,
carrots, turnips, beets, cabbage, cauliflowers, potatoes, onions, etc. One
cabbage whicli I saw weighed 23h
pounds. A sunflower measured 3 feet
4 inches round the seed led. Two
acres planted to potatoes yielded 42,-
000 poends without manure, whilst 12
acres of outs yielded about 60 tons of
oat hay. Thirty bushels of wheat to
the acre has been grown and barley to
great perfection.
Such in brief is an outline of the estate Ccl. Baker, as is well known, has
been offering for sale for the past
couple of years. Those who tne familiar with it and the prospects in
stote for that section of tlio country
aver that at the price named in the
prospectus it is an exceedingly good
bargain. Wo, like thousands of others
throughout the province, fail to observe
how the hon. gentleman erred in allowing his brokers, who eudeavorrd to
float the scheme by organizing a syndicate in London to purchase the
estate, te mention the fact thut he. as
the owner, was a member of the Government of British Columbia. The
name of Sir Joseph Trutcli, a gentleman well known in this Province uud
Canada generally to be the pink of
honor and houesty���was likewise mentioned. We have yet to learn that
becaure oue happens to hold u portfolio
and is a sworn Minister of tho Crown,
an adviser to Her Majesty's constitutional representative, he is to be do-
burred the right of selling his own, or
that his agents are not to be permitted
to mention the fact that it belongs to
a person occupying an exalted position
in the country of his adoption. Such
nn idea is simply preposterous and
worthy oulv of the few on the left
of the Speaker who so wantonly assailed Col. Baker. He, finding himself
unable to work the estate as it ought
to be developed to render it a success,
was endeavoring to induce capitalists
to join in the enterprise, and by the
aid of Increased capital two, possibly
three blades of grass would bo made to
grow wuere none grew before, and thus
Col. Baker and those associated with
him would become benefactors to this
country and its inhabitants. Well,
indeed, may many of those who are
opposed to the Government of Mr.
Davie blush with shame nt the conduct of such a-> Hon. Mr. Heaven, J.
C. Brown, Thos. E. Kitchen, and ���
ahull we suy It���F. L. Carter-Cotton,
in their efforts to bring ruin and disaster upon a gentleman who never did
hia assailants or those belonging to
thorn the slightest barm. On the long
hlooit roll of honorable achievements
in Britain's proudest wars the name
of Lient.-Cnl. James Baker stands preeminent.     His record io the "ftoj-aj
Horse Guards, Blue, is an untarnished
one, and in the 8tli Hussars he fought
for Queen und country in^the Crimea.
Medals and u clasp are his reward for
gallantry displayed at the battle of
Tcheniaja and the seige and fall of
Sevastopol. Bom of a familv that hus
fuced diiuger with the intrepidity of
heroes, und won, it is unlikely that his
miserable detractors, who cannot point
to a singlo useful thing done by them
d.iring their picayunish careers, will
accomplish tlio ruin they seek. The
electors of this Province will judge
between the honorable soldier and upright statesman and his enemies when
they have an opportunity afforded
tliein of expressing their feelings at thu
polls. Upon their decision we are content, ami should be, to rely,
We do not hold ourselves responsible for tlie
opinions expretMod by our correspondents,
Vol. Bilker'* Pani-ililet on llliiiutnlisiii.
Editor Golden Eua :
This extraordinary production hns
not so far received any notice by your
correspondents, due no doubt to this
being an exceeding busy timo of the
year. 1 also would incline to be silent
were it not that Col. Baker besides
being Minister of Mines is oar repre
sentative, and it is possible if his
theories remained unchallenged be, as
well as the public, might take it for
granted that tiiey were those of his
constituents also. I venture to say
that they are not.
'Ihe Colonel's great trouble is the
" scarcity of gold " and tho " unstable
foundations of credit," I was under
the impression that the millions of
gold in the Banks of England and
France wore at the call of anybody
presenting bank notes, and to get these
notes it was only necessary to soil
something. This idea appears to be
be ail wrong: Gold, he says, is held
by Mammon Gods, whose function
seems to be to lend that they niny
destroy. Where they live move or
have their being he does not inform us,
but "falsity, rottonuess, shoin-fabrics,
coufusion, agony, despair, follow iu
their train. Men go down beforethom
like grass before the scythe." " All
this misery and all this anguish," he
says, " is the outcome of un inadequate
supply of gold and silver to meet the
liouciary paper in circulation." I will
leave your readers to suy whether this
is not hysterical nonsense.
Truly as Adam Smith says, '-Money
like wine must always be scarce with
those who have not wherewithal to
buy it, or credit to borrow it."
He tells us that the gold in the
world is ��790,000,000 sterling. This
is about lho amount of Great Britain's
national debt, und according to the
Colonel's theory of "fiduciary paper''
this gigantic indebtedness should be
represent"!! in coin, and if so it would
absorb all the existing precious metal.
What are the facts: There is not a
shilling directly iu reserve, and yot the
three per cent Consols usually stand
about pur. backed us they are by all
ihe wealth ��f the country both on laud
uud sea. Would Col. llukir instance
Consols as based upon au " unstable
founds*won of credit" ?
As the production of gold is steadily
increasing at tho rate of from $100 at.
Ifi0,000,000 a your, nnd as it is not
suitable as an article of food and is in
many other ways indistruotible, it may
be expected to fulfil its legitimate function of serving ns the small change
required iu tho settlement of the differences in trado between nations. Silver
is bulky, expensive to carry, and
therefore inconvenient.
There may not be any reason why
silver should not be coined '-to any
amount" for internal circulation, but
a piece of silver worth only 30 at 60
cents and stamped at a unit will never
pass current as a 100 cent dollar out-
aide the country of its production.   As
well might a farmer expect to pass off
his wheat worth CO cents for a hundred.
To back up bis silver money theory
Col. Baker supposes a man to borrow
$20,000 in {"old for 3 years to set himself up in business, and that during
tho currency of the 3 years gold
doubles in value. He says it is evident tho debtor would have to pay
back double the money and be a
"ruined man." The auawer to thut is
that the borrower would be trading on
a gold basis, and that during the 3
years ho would have the advantage of
the rise on the same proportion as his
creditor ; ho himself would be a creditor and have his debtors for the gold
Col. Baker tells the farmers that the
present low price of silver lias told
upon them with "fatal effect," and he
gives au example to show tho further
fatal effects likely to accrue if the silver principle is not adopted. He supposes that at present 10 tons of wheat
will buy a pound of gold, but that if
gold is appreciated to doublo its present value it will take 20 tons. Good 1
In the next sentence, however, ho says
" the prices of commodities cannot
adapt themselves with sufiicient rapidity to tho fluctuations in tho value of
gold." How then dots he get nt tho
fall in wheat? The value of gold can
only bo determined by what it can buy.
Next, the fall in silver is attributed
to " tho greed of influential holuers of
gold " and Pot to the collapse of the
United Slates scheme to prop up the
silver interest to get tho silver voto.
India is trying similarly to nvtifi.iially
support the rupee, and the more she
tries the greater the fall. Copper and
iron "rigs" fail in the same way and
for the same reason.)
The debtor aud creditor, and tobacco
and wheat examples are of tho farmer
type and need no further refutation
Tho whole tendency of Colonel
Bakor's speech is in the direction of
labor against capital. The capitalist
is represented as a monster, who
hoards millions of gold for offensive
purposes against the public generally.
Whoreas in reality the capitalise is tho
meet timid of created beings. Ho is
anybody and everydody, including the
maiden aunt, anybody who has saved
or inherited much or little, anyone
who desires by lending to those in
need to earn a trifling return by way
of interest Capital is the accumulated
earnings of millions of people and may
exist in gold, silver, copper or any
other marketable commodity. The
Colonel confounds the capitalist with
the reckless speculator who may at
times by over-trading throw business
into confusion, but tbe steady production of the necessaries of life always
win iu the end when thu speculator is
I will quit by again quoting from
Adam Smith's "Wealth of Nations."
" Upon every account therefore the attention of Government was never so
unnecessarily employed ns whon directed to watch over the preservation or
increase- of the quantity of money in
any country."
What are we to think of our statesmen in Victoriu who passod tho resolution based on tho arguments of our
representative ?
Kootenay East.
in Navigation /-a
*u &T*famWayvUit
OOr-YRIOHTa,   ate.
(men  *       -
Oliitit bureau for seoniini patent* la America,
wont taken out br ut I. l-nuthi betote
9 mnt\i\t ^mxitm
Royal Mail Line.
Stage will leave Golden on the following
Tuesdays ��� '���
December 12 and 26; January 9, and 23;
Feby. 6 and 20; March 6 and'20 j
April 3 and 17.
Returning will leave Fort Steele on the
Intermediate Tuesdays.
Through Fare $16;   Way Fare I Octs. per mile.
Express, Golden to Fort Steele 10 cents per lb., the'eoni
pany's liability is limited to $2.00 per lb., unless one per cent
extra is paid on marked value.
During season of navigation a steamer leaves Golden
every Tuesday.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;       F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
:M.   B.   LANG.ZjsZ
lining Mwal Supplies.
BOOTS & SHOES,       STATIONERY, PIPES,   Etc.,   Etc.
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
M. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
Machine Shop.
Golden, B.C.,
TTAVE on hand for SALE a lot of Pipe Fitting, con-
**��� sisting of Short Nipples, Bushings, Union Couplings, Elbows, Tees, Brass Globe Valves, Brass Pet Cocks
Nuts and Washers, Square-head Machine Bolts, Carriage
Bolts and Iron.
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, Frames, Stair and Turned
Work. Estimates furnished and contracts taken on all
kinds of buildings.


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