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The Golden Era Jan 19, 1895

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Array ��� f
VOL. IV.   NO. 24
9i Per Year
Charles A.  ttlawen's.
Has been newly built and newly furnished.
Heated throughout with hot air. The
table is first class. The bar is stocked
with choice Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
Wm. f/Letyeish, - Prop.
Watchmaker & Jeweller,
Cajlofeiry      -       -      Alberta
(Incorporated 1070.)
Etc. Etc.
Prices quoted and samples supplied on
The  representatives of  the eustern I outstanding bills against this fund for
tailoring firms   are on the road again | lumber, etc., amounting to about S2N.
with samples of spring goods. We!
have been visited by two of these
gentlemen this week.
At a meeting of the directors of the
Golden Hospital on Monday evening,
Mr. J. P. Armstrong was appointed
secretary in place of tlie late Mr. Hurry
There hns been excellent skating on
the river all week. Mr. Bob Rusk
litis his skating riilk now in good running order and skaters cun enjoy
themselves there, any afternoon or
evening at very little cost.
Mr. Wilson, tlie tramp journalist,
and his companion, Mr. Yorke, arrived
here on Monday morning. After a
stay of an hour or two, during which
time their various wants were attended to by some of our kind hearted citizens, including a trimming from our
tonsorial artist Joe, they proceeded on
their tramp west.
Special  attention given   to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
Co'y, Calgary, or
P.O. BOX 53.
& TramWay
During the winter a stage will be run between
GoldenjGalena, Windermere, Thunder Hil!, Canal
Flat, Wasa and Fort Steele,
leaving Golden on the following Tuesdays:
November 13 & 27.
December 11 & 25.
January 8 & 22.
February 5 & 10.
March 5 & 19.
April 2 & 16.
and leaving Fort Steele on the alternate Tuesdays.
Golden to "Fort Steele 10 cents per pound
When the Company's liability is limited to Two Dollars per pound
Special rates given on more valuable parcels.
Through $16.00.       Local 10 cents per mile.
T, B. H. COCHRANE, President;       F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
Wholeaulo nnd
Retail DrRggit-it
Orders Promptly   Atte.mued  To.
correspondence somcitei).
Golden, on tho main line of the Canadian
Pacific Railway, at its connection with the
steuinhoiit navigation of the Columbia river ;
tho mineral ami coiiiniercuil-'eiitreufEastem
llritish Columbia* headquarters of tit. liolden Smelling works, tlio Upper Columbia
Navigation Co., anil lumber industry; the
outlet for the widely known and far
tinned agricultural and grazing land of the
Columbia A Kootenay Valleys: unrivalled
for scenery of all kinds; the distributing
point for the richest mineral country on the
Tlie Bon Ton Bakery for fresh bread,
cakes, pies, etc.
Skating at the curling rink to-night
Admission 25 cents.
Mr. H. G. Parson returned on Thursday from Winnipeg.
T. B. H. Cochrane, president of the
U.C.N, & T.Co., wns a visitor this
The soft weather which prevailed
last week has left ue nnd we are now
experiencing something a little more
like winter,
Mr. C. A. Warren is now busy getting ready for the change in tho post
office department spoken of some time
A good si|tiure meal at tlte Bon Ton
Restaurant for 2b cents Meals at all
An effort was being made this week
to get up a hockey match, to bo played
this afternoon. We hnve not been
informed whether it will materialize
or uot,
The calico masquerade ball was
postponed from Wednesday to Friday
night on account of the accident at
Notch Hill, some of the employees of
the bridge gang being expected at the
ball and Messrs. Griffith and Mai-pole
being absent at the scene of the wreck
it was considered best to postpone it
and give all who wished a chance to
The tramp journalist Wilson, accompanied by Mr. Yorke, arrived here
Tuesday. They were entertained by
Sheriff Redgrave to dinner, Asst. Supt
Beasley at supper and Mr. R. Kimp-
ton's for bed and breakfast. They left
here at about 10 o'clock the next
morning for Bear creek their next
stopping place.
The Ladies Aid Society of the Presbyterian Church wisli it to be remembered that their social comes off on
Tuesday, Jan. 22, at the 'nnnse. They
oxpect everybody to put in an appearance, A good time is promiaed to all
who come,
The annual business meeting of St.
Andrew's Presbyterian church took
place Tuesday night. The proceedings
were opened with prayer by Rev. W.
It. Ross. The minutes of lust annual
meeting were read and approved. Sabbath school Superintendent J. Hunger-
ford read his report giving the details
of his nnd his assistants work from
July to end of year. The financial
standing of the Sunday school is very
good so that many new books and
leaflets can bo bought especially as the
library needs replenishing. The S.S.
work was very much approved of by
Rev. Mr. Boss, who spoke in glowing
terms of tho work done by Mr. Hun-
gerford and his assistants in spite of
tho many changes that hud taken
place in the stuff of teachers hy removal from the town. The pcngrngatloii. !
tl.rough    Mr.    Ross,    unanimously
Although considerable money' had
been collected, as the liabilities begin-
ing the last fiscal vear were S2.10.9U,
the reports seemed satisfactory, there
being many demands made for church
schemes whioh had to be liquidated.
Rov. Mr. Ross' report regarding outside missions, including, Golden,
Beaver, Stoney Creek and Rogers
Pass, was very gratifying as ho attended all these places whenever ho
hud the opportunity and train service
niiide it possible for him to go. Tho
managers being re-elected the proceedings closed with the benediction, after
whicli refreshments were served h) the
Don't forget the sooiul of the Ladies
Aid Society of the Presbyterian Church
on Tuesday, Jan. 22ud.
Some lunatics kept the citizens
! awake most all Tuesday night by firing oil pistols and guns. It was
lucky for them that our constable, Mr.
Stirrett, had no snowshoes or they
might have cooled their ardor in the
mansion on the hill with friend Cassi-
ar for host.
Everybody was glad to fhake hands
again with our old friend Bob Nelson,
who looks us natural as ever ultor his
trip to California and the coast cities,
although everyone was much disappointed ut not seeing a " Mrs. Bob''
as they felt sure that was the object of
the. vacation.
��� Nemo.
Dr. Price's riiikln*r Powder Receives It
(Chicago Tribune.)
For leavening power, keeping qualities, purity and general excellence the
AVorld's Pair jury decided that Dr.
Price's Cream Baking Powder has no
equal. On each of its claims it was
awarded a first, prize or a diploma.
All lhe baking powders entered for
prizes were subjected to a most exhaustive examination, and the jury
was the best equipped to make the
decision of any ever got together.
Their verdict was supported by the
testimony of Dr. H. W. Wiley, chief
chemist of the United Slates Department of Agriculture at Washington.
Dr. Wilev is an expert ou food products and the highest authority on
such mutters iu America. This verdict settles a long debated question as
to which among the many baking
powders is the best.
Sonio exciting games have been
played in the rink this week. The
gold button competition is now well
under way ut.d there is lots of room
for speculation as to the winner, we
would remind the boys, however, that
those who do the most practicing
stand the best chuiiueof distinguishing
A meeting uf  tin' club  was held nt
thanked Mr.  Hungerford  and assist- i 'ho rink  ou  Tiusiiuy  evening, Vice-
ants   for   the  good   work done  und' Pl-esldmit Parson  in the chair,     Tho
bogged them to keep on iu their rosiiec- Huoiotary wus   iiistriioled
tive  positions  and  wishing them all  gold
success for tlio future.   The S c -Tivas
Mr. Pitts, then rend his report on the I
io order tho
buttons at. once. Considerable
iiiiriei Was ex proved ut the difficulties
which hud been experienced during the
past three Weeks, and better, tilings
were hoped lur iu the future. Messrs.
J,   Rue,   G.   B.   McDermot   una   H.
financial standing of the chut'eh,
Gross receipts from all sources $4!)'1.80
Total expenditure ?4!l)).4ii, showing a
degcit, besides there bding a deficit | Woodley were 'appointed ail ico com-
from last fiscal year. The church is mittee. A competition committee con-
behind iu the salary of the minis tor folsistlug of .Messrs. W. Mc.Xoisli, D. M.
the amount of $ll(-.4."), besides other \ Rue. H. Woodley. C. A. Wurreti and
items oalled for by.the synod. The P. J- Russell was appointed to arrange
financial report of the manse building j 'he details in the various competitions.-
uud showed also a dniijit as there aiei'^'"" meeting then adjourned. ��It* (ffialinj'tj Visa
The GOLDEN KltA is published every
Saturday morning iu time to catch the east
���ml wont mail trains, also the mail tor tlio
upper country, Windermere, Kurt Steele et.
It i.l the. only advertising medium in iheEe.u
Kootenay district.
Subscription Kates: $11.00 per annum IN
Advertisements and change'! mutt be in
the oliiee nol Inter than Iii a in, on Thursday
co insure insertion.
Advertisement rates mall* kue*��noueppli-
,.    ii,! ... ,(i.. M���i.i.i-rtr. from
���. .   IP, i-'.'.i.
A dull gray sky and dull brown earth.
And the tlrt'ury, stoutly rain,
The shadow, grow deoper within the room;
A tty creeps uver lliu pane,
Treo. stand still and lifeless and dull.
The raindrops cling to the leavers;
A lonely sparrow, rolled up in a ball
I    Chirps drearily under the eaves.
The .wi*nt blush roses hang their heads,
Heavy umi iiri|ipiiii,r ii-itii rain;
I A lnittcrfly tmilH the limp, wnitu wings
I     He never will Uue again.
The Inni-lun'i grass, with foam-liko fringe,
i     Lieu luugied nil luu ground.
j\i '1 tlie rnin'stsl,deadening spell has husked
Each liny Iumjui suund.
A dull gray Hky and a steady rain
Al.il nliil'luvvb iiiiu up-piled,
And out uf llie darkness nml sadness rings
The laugh nfil little cltild.
) I'll 5CH3RCK&R.
Tl...   Lust    Conltuffrutlon    the    .-Oast
Toronto, Jan. 10.���Another great
fire is raging in Toronto this ovening
and ut the present moment tliere is do
telling what ms-y be the extent of it.
It Ins already far exceeded that cf
Sunday morning in the damage
it has don.'. Very curiously
it started at the exact spot whore the
Globe lire of Sunday ended, cn Melindn
street. Tho Osgooilby building, whioh
adjoins that of 8 F MitKiillioti & Co.,
destroyed on Sunday, and which then
narrowly escaped, was the origin of
to-ni tht's fire, nil i From Chat [uiint it
spread west and sot tliWest to WaHing-
lon street. The follow lug rue the
places between Jordan anl Bay street
���.-���iiiirii caught and burne.1 out within
nu hour: it P Gray it Co., white wear;
Brei-eton & Manning, furs; Tlios Dun-
not .4 Co., furs; E Boisseau & Co..
clothing; Robert Darling & Co.,
wholesale woollens. Tiie lust named
building is very high, and the hose
reached only hull way up. The Kronen are almost powerless. The fire
crossed Wellington street and the
promises of Hunter, Rose A Co.,
printers and wholesale booksellers.
Hart A Riddle, wholesale stationers,
and Buiitin, Reid ft Co., paper manufacturers, are burning furiously. A
heavy rain began to fall an hour after
the lire started and afforded the fire
men some assistance, but this soon
stopped. Sparks are flying half a
mile from the scene of the fire. When
the fire broke out in the Osgoodby
building the caretaker and his wife
the latter prostrated from the effects of
Sunday's lire, were confined in a room
on the top flat. The fire escape could
net be reached in time und they had to
do their best to slidedown a wire rope.
The sick woman slid part of the wny
down and fell, turning a somersault,
striking on the telegraph wires, and
landed in a blanket held out for her.
She was terribly injured. She was
clad only in a night dress. The men
came down safely.
Later -It is impossible to accurately estimate the various losses of last
night's lire, but an approximate estimate of the losses is placet) at three-
quarters of a million, the insurance
reaching about two-thirds of that
sum. Tlie Osgoodby building alone
contained some 30 tenants, many of
them manufacturers and carrying
valuable stocks, of which not it vestige
remains. The total loss on stocks in
this building reaches $105,000.
The underwriters are discussing the
question of increasing the insurance.
It was moved that the insurance on
buildings over four stories high be
increased 60 per cent. This would
have passed but a member of the city
council, who wm present, assured the
insurance people that they would purchase four steam engines, ladders and
other appliances.
See onr  spicial  offer   in  another
co lumn.
tiuii,   :
Fi i.ri'sr
ei, im
in'. ���
i-;-. '.
I. i.
tin i
)-i iir
Well, good by, old fellow. Enjoy
yourself and don't lose your heart to tlie
pretty fish girls."
"Uood-by, Ted. denr. Dense write
tf. um us often us you can. With Ralph
away as well as }��� n I shall bo rulh.r
dull at home.''
The speakers were my friend Ralph
Shirley, head clerk at Messrs. Carter's
blink, a careworn man of five atuf forty,
wiih grizzled hitir.iiid upro-ocoiipiudeX'
) rr.-i.il>:;. ami his pretty Utile step sister
Kilt1.', 0:0.1 si. my affianced wife.
Tii" time was 10 o'clock on an August
moiiiini*; the place. Charing Cross sin-
j departure   planum,  of the
..ro train, in wuich I. Edward
��� 'int. i\ed twenty-live, was seat-
y way to enjoy iny brief hull-
'i.e "beautiful IrkHiloug; the place
itl'llUgcr  Who's  tiu.ic so'jjl'ljliuj
lu tills ense.  however.  I myself hnd
done nothing wrong,  although at the
inoiiioiit i was ti giaid deal troubled eon-
cernirrx tho .vri.ng duing uf o.iiurs,
Two uigits before Ralph   had cotn-
��� ���.'..   i tu me,  under oath ofsecre*
....���  startling  piec of informs-
A  ertain fust yonng noblomiiu,
rr.. .pus of , had inoro Hum a
���go.  procured from   Messrs. Car*
lank an   advance of twenty-lire
thousand pounds, upon the security of
Certain fuiiiulis pearls, which lie liud inherited from his mother, a Ruts-inn
Tlie pearls were reputed to lie worth
fifty thousand, and were duly lodged in
Messrs. Carter's strong worn, with
every possible precaution. Within the
past fo,tiii���ht, however, it hud come
to the knowledge of Messrs. Carter
thnt. by an extraordinary exercise of iu-
g'itiuiiy ami cunning tho loons o. the
atroug lu.uii aud safes luul been tampered vi ilh, and a portion of the jewelry,
amounting to between fifteen and
twenty tiiousand pounds, had disappeared.
The loss was not. so fnr, known to
the remainder of the staff. But Ralph,
Shirley, who had entered the bank ... a.
boy. uud had grown gray in its service,
wus admitted into the secrets of the linn.
I ha-1 for three years lodged in Ralph's
house at Chipham, and as his closest
friend and his stepsister's future husband, Ralph had, somewhat un wisely
p.-Imps, in ifided the secret of the loss
of the pearls to ine.
Tlie sliiick had affected him stro-igly.
He considered the honor of tlie bank as
his own, us was but natural after his long
service. He was evpn somewhat shocked
and pained at my determination, in lho
tnce of such news, to tnko my iiniiiial
holiday us though nothing had hup-
He himself was going down tn Somersetshire. B'lt that was in order to make
private inquiries concerning the antecedents of ono of our clerks whom
Messrs. Carter had reason to suspect
of trifling nets of dishonesty.
Of nil this Kate knew not a word. She
was a very pretty girl with trustful
brown eyes and a good figure; but her
frocks did not lit her properly, and sho
luul no conversation! mil I. a foolish
yonng fellow with extravagant tastes
and a liking for French novels, now ami
then iul.1 myself tiuit, nlihotigli my fiancee was a denr girl ainl itiiich attached
to me, she was far from being my ideal
of womanhood.
Jii.it as the train wns shunt tn steam
out of the station, the door opened suddenly to admit of a young widow,
whose fnco was completely hidden by
Iier black crape veil. I luul hardly time
tu notice her before the train was iu motion, mid alter a hnrriod kiss to Ki.tuui.d
hiirni. rake with her brother, I settled
myself into n corner of tlie compartment
to re-nl Guy de Maupassant's "Bel
In about a quarter of an hour's time
a deep drawn sigh from my companion
drew my attention to her. She had
raised her veil, and was staring out of
the window with a look of pensive! sadness, whicli. in one so beautiful, went
straight     my hear.-.
For Flio was lieiintiiulr thin almost
to eiuai i ition, and perhaps, from a wo
man's point nf view, past her first, her
very first, youth, but all the more interesting ou that account. She leaked like
the heroine of a three volume novel of
the "intense" order. Her hair, under
her very becoming widow's bjunot, was
of a peculiar bright unburn; ber eyes
were gray and singularly brilliant, her
lashes long and jetty black. Her complexion was extremely pale and transparent, nud her voice, as sho nsked mo
presently whether I minded having the
window down, completed tny subjection.
It was a most delicious voice; of u panic
lillirly caressing quality that at once ap.
pealed lo the softest side of a-young
man's nature.
Pour thing 1 Her tale was n sad one,
ss 1 soon learned. Left a widow six
months ago by the Widen deal h of her
husband, a hard-working Eist Dull curate, she was now on her way to Paris, in
order to take a position ns govern i 'ss to a
wealthy French family, acquaintances
of the Rothschilds.
How different from Knto, who had
never read anything Btronger than
"East Lynne," and thought "Ouida"
"rather dreadful!"
Stella D.de realized my ideal of womanhood. Tho interest r-h�� took in mu
was extraordinary. She seemed never
tired of uslting me tlie minutest ques
tions as to how I spent my ti...e, who
WJre my chief companions, etc. As iti
excuse for hor curiosity she owned, wilh
modest tenderness, that I ha! inspired
in her ft vory deep interest. She wishe. I.
she playfully told mo, being suver.ii
yours older than I, to be my Lmly Confessor, and she very speedily got out of
mo nil that there wastotell, with which,
however, she seemed hardly satisfied.
"I want your fullest confidence, denr
Edward," she said, with an angelic
Of course I accompanied her to Parte.
I could not let anyone so beautiful
travel alone. She was not due nt her
employer's house for three dnys. Mean
time, like myself, she stayed nt thu
Hotel de Suede.
On the first day of my arrival I received a terrible shock. Stella luul retired to her room witli a headache, and
1 wus wandering about tiie 1 onlevur Is
when my attention was ntttwte I -by
the ocomirtnts of a very handsome nnd
well-turned uut carriage, drawn by a
splendid pair of English grays.
The laiiv inside, leaning u..ck ngainft
embroidered cushions, anl e'liliorutely
overdressed, was both handsome and
wicked looking, a well-known opera
botill'e lunger, the bystanders siiid.
noteil for her extravagance and dissipated manner of life;   But the i, 1   .*
companion���the faultlessly dressed,
haggard looking man, with white
worried face, mad eyes and grizzled
Could my eyesight be playing tne false,
or was it indeed Messrs. Carter's trusted
head clerk, my friend nnd future bro-
ther-in law, Ralph Shirley?
Any il.in.it I may have had on the
subject was dispelled by the look upun
his face when his eyes fell upon me. He
turned first red anil then ghastly pule,
and looked furtively away in u huuuteu,
terrified manner.
I hailed a cub and followed the carriage. It stopped before one of tno
largest and most expensive hotels iu
Paris. I jumped ont and laid my hand
upon Ralph's arm as he too descenuud.
"Ralph," I said, quietly, "I must
speak to yon."
He looked at me vacantly for a moment.
"The game's np then, I suppose," he
said, and led me without a word more
to his room.
"Don't tell Kate," he said, "and don't
ask mo what made me do it. It wns
coming on for �� whole year���that feeling that the pearls were tliere. doing
nobody any good, and that I knew how
to get at them. No ono suspected tne.
I've lei n dog's lire of dreary routine
nnd tremendous responsibility for five
and twenty yours. I've got In-art uiseiis:*.
I know it, and I told myself I wanted
just ouco to know what'life,' ns Ihey
call it, was like before I was snnffpil
out like a candlo. Well, it's a miserable failure, Ted. Money, luxury, g.iy
society, ns it's called���I've hud a week
ot it all; 1 don't want any mora. Do I
repent? No, why should I? I w'isn't
going out uf tho world without knnwiii--
Boiiiuihiug about it. Wait; I'll give in..
the rest of the pearls and the uddi'Ooses
of tlio places where the otliers were
taken. Also my confession. Iprcpii'iJ
that beforehand, lest this heart trouble
should take me olf. It's addressed to
Mr*. Samuel Curler nnd sealed. Now,
take these things, go buck to yonr lioti 1
and cull here again to sen me at six this
evening. Vou needn't fear thut I shall
have bolted. You'll find me right
enough. Good-by, nud keep your pro
mise to Kate."
I knew quite well that I should not
see lilm alive again. I was utterly dum-
fminded at wlr.it 1 hnd scon nnd hunt}.
With lho precious bag in n.'v hands i
returned' to the Hotel de Suede, passed
quickly upstairs, to iny own i'l-ntu.
opeuod the door���nnd found Sleilii Dalit
ou hor knees on the floor, busily engaged
in ransacking my portuiunteim. which I
had left securely locked, and the contents of which were now strewn about
the room.
She lonke 1 up with n little cry ns I
entered and then fled to her owu room.
Iu doing sn. she dropped a piece of paper
fro n her pocket, it was a telegraph
form, already addressed to ono of lue
best-known Loudon detective ugcneiv'S,
l.here "a stuff nf specially-qualified
fe.iniri'i detectives" was emji!,nye.l.
In this, my fair and sympnthotle
widow, v, iin signi'd hi'.-elr "Jnckr-uii,"
ir formed her um-jdoyen- that she hn.1
"t nt hor ir an to Pat-is, nn 1 honed very
shortly t.: boon the truck of the miss-
ing pearls."
1 tii.tly travel-soil the passage
friend's room, turned tho key
i ick and tir. ust hor telegram und
Then I packed my portmanteau, left
the hotel after nettling my bill, and
drove to Ralph's address.
Holes, liitr proprietor, informed mo
my friend had. iu my absence, taken
tin overdose of some sedative medicine
und was niifoi'tnniiti'ly dead.
I proved Ihe truth of his words, and
in half an hour was ou my wny back lo
London, a sadder and wiser mun.
There is little more to bo told.
Messrs. Carter roenverod the pearls, and
1 am i-1ill i i their employ. I have a
rooted dislike against women with sympathetic Manners, nnd have been for a
year t'.io husband of Kate, who will
never learn from me tho truth concerning the ti'iiuic summer holiday twu years
IIlll'l Notes.
I    Of the 15.000,000 children of school
: age in lhe United States only 8,51)0,0.10
regularly attend Sunday-school,
i     Some water taken from the snered
we'd nt Mecca wlien analyed recently
I was found to contain five times as in cell
I chemical impurities as is supposed to bo
. the limit for safe drinking. Ic is this
1 well which is tlie cause  of so much
cholera in the far East.   -
Sinrp Ifriiiricr died tlie sun don't shine sn
I        lil-i.rlrt.
The sn, rs don't I winkle neai'sn t-een at nii*' t.
Tae I'l.iireli bell Sunday mouiin' an I I..U
It had -vh-ii she was here,
Sinco Haulier died.
The very chfi-ketifl mi ses thinner's eare.
Ami iin 'round ��ilt. ti srirter ii - ��.. -Ir,
There ain't no k'-arl of Joy a [mm tht -i.aco
Wlthiiiu hersndliii' fiii'U,
fMllee Hiuiii.'l'dieii.
The card en tools Inner i'i the appl" trees,
Tlie linsswei'ds are tt*kil!in' "IT tli" peast
There's an line hero to linn the Inters uow,
j Kr feed tlie liogsna1 cow.
[ Bine. I'itiiuiM' died.
I s'pose. of course, l*d ortor be resinned,'
Hut wlien 1 go out in I hushed and find
The ax sho .-impped the .vuud will! all thou)
I      years.
I wet il witli my tears.
Since Hannerdieit.
II)' llie llei'ii Sea.
They are ivntt-liing tiie foam as it trailed
itself iu strange, fantastic shapes alouij lhe
j-fili.iv Bauds.
i "How wonderful, how mysterious i�� the
seal" I'Xi'hiinied Paul, "Uow superior in
its in j sue. mil in illness it is in nil tlie
' achievements nf art. Think, darling, Into
i what beiiuti ii1, barinnnioiis foiuis you
i bubbling fount is wrought."
"I am thinking." replied F.ititine, catching liis eiiliiii-liisin. "thinking �� hut lovely
euibruideiy piuierun ii would in.ike."
lrlliulul.. li.'i.i.i't.'d ll..rili.
"That man Ardnp," said Hie unin in tlio
mackintosh, "iv.ih as gisid hearted a fel
low au ever lived, bat In* was always iu
debt and always hounded by creditors,
Poor fellow! lie deserves a belter epILipu
tliciti au unfeeling pu.-terity will eugra.'u
on his tombstone."
" 'Well illumed, good and faiiWnl ser>
vnnt,' " suggested the man who had Ids
feet on the table, and a deep silence fell
on the group.
Nut I'i* In Tennis.
Mrs, Homestead ( rom tlie letter)���
Wn-al, 1 KWiinnyl et lllrim don't Waliler
liev us send him two diillurs fer a lentils
r.ielict. Naow this i; ���join' too ier
alto��� ���
Mr. Homestead (liiterrnptlmt)���Spud it
along, llr.rlar. lioys '11 he buys, an'imy
might'�� well go through in mill fustns
las: (Ai-iue.- Uuriicd ef I km kick ..II
I net, ll rrse' t r cost luu over foul'd.dli.rs,
wheu 1 wuz i.is a;.;<', ter git lull uu
Hunt a ii nt*
lie wore a euat uf shilling mail,.
A visor cla-icd anil tight;
Like a stiluiei' uf erUoiules
And wins lie wus lieliigllt.
And when with wassail gund and pipes
He llni'ii tliutlu-il. .villi tight,
I      Tho neighbors knew there wus a sound
Of revelry by knight,
���J. J. Mcchi.li,
I uv
T.�� queen of England always sleeps)
with her l.edi'ooin window up-in.
Ambng Ids many uecotnplishmeiitg the
fluke of.l'jdinhui'gh oau speak seven differ*
.lit la igiia^'in,
Sir I'-ilivin'Arnotd snid the  other
tliut he Hinbirsei] n remark once made
Chaiittnay ,\l, Ilepew:    "F*m-depends ou
l��.n^' 'ti.'il lu interviewers,''
The duke of V' rk h..s never conquered
his tendrjinry i.i.seusickness, and alihongh
lie does a great deal of yachting with his
lather il is not all pi iin sailing with hint.
Lord Aberdeen tirst met his wife on
(inism:: nil, her father's estur", when ho
Was u lad, a d. having lost himself on tlio
hill-, beggeil shelter at the lodge fur bitn-
keif inni bis [.nil'-,
Here is n gun) story which i'i told of Sir
Arthur Sullivan:    ll w.is ill dinner, and a
���"tiles' lady   iiqiiired ol SirA>thl|rwhether
Itaeli wu- I- :n|,osi ie anything at  present,
N'o, ' be rej liuil;  "at pruduut lirl   is   de-
I'OlllpOsillg. '
Tliediiki of York, who is an  enthnsl-
.'slie hlamp col ector, rceelilly llpplieil lo
the ic*' lit gi'lieral nl tire enloiiies lor speei-
iiiei s "i tlie issues id tli��ir euiiurriea. In
reply sunups'have been s ut lu him by
tne sheet, und III smut' liases issues withdrawn have bee i reprinted for hiin.
i Clouds thnt more in lhe direction op*
���nsite to lli.it nf the surface current indi-
l cute a itliiui'.'e id weather', bee..use they
} i rove the cxlstHiiue uf two air cu:rents, one
| ' .r.it ai.il ii.e other cold, and l.iu iaiiigit..g
[ <!'. ....,-��� nil" i causes rain,
I'i... sir- ugesl miist'lu  is iu the calf ot
I th.. I..I.., i ncause I'.euiuotii.u  is one of Ine
I ;   >.^. i./'issjiry funi'iions.    The gl't'iilluiw-
^-'"**'rf*ie calf lias been found ly autiinl
I.#Vii'iin'i.nt, to be eupalde ui susiuiuiiig
t ���.!��� ii ci.it -s inn Wi if-bi i.i the body.
Mun,.- pet'S'itiH lay a poker across tlie t.v>
of a ^r iie in make trie lire burn, because
nf a pnpular hiiperst.it;i..ii, inioe credited,
Hint n stubborn Ure was due I., the devil.
Twit pokers were usi-U, and were laid aurusa
the tire iii iiu.- form in a cross.
Tiie hiiinaii system cun endure a heat of
ttvu hundred ami iweive tlegrees, the boil-
pig point nf wn er, becanw 'lie skill is o
i'.td eiiuiluetnr and liecause ti.e perspira-
I,ou co. 1. uio body. Men have witlis inul
en limit injury ��� lie.it of tiiree hundred
u.glees for several lultitttes.
An engraver in Rio de Janeiro can make
��1S [ier week.
A Miiuksmiih in Jerusalem con make
(l.lii per week.
Tin' King of Bnrnria has a salary of
A print.���: in Pern can make from $1,25
to 5l.SU a dny.
Simp girls in li-rice receivo au average
nf ��1(11 a year.
In .i'.'.vico seamstresses are paid 37 cents
a day   wen icrs, jl) cents.
I'linkkeepers iii Geruinn-r receive from
-J3-JI) to sirvu-i i. yeur.
loo li.i.Hl ti Judge.
Wagstaff���Where's that's famous dog of
yours tliut wus such a goud jnduu of
train ps?
lliioscotch���I was obliged to give him
SWny, To tie frank, wlien I came home
from the ruces tne other ni^iit he bio
Wns Ununited.
Tom (during the i ui.i.eal debate)���What
do you know ..uuiii luli'niclpal govci'iuiien ,
I'd like to know? liu.y���v. nul uu 1 knot-.'
Hang ll nli, -..isn't 1 iu. koitt i.i a L'uiea..i.
gamliliiig.iiuusu fur twu year*.?���Lhiuubu
The Task Tuu Ureal.
"I am einuig iu my love tor you," the
yolilh protested. IS tit when sue buue linn
.���pen li.e wilitit.W in tue lirst-ebtss Inilw.iy
coach ill wiiicii tiny weiv ,������ irueyiug bo
fled iu tlespair.���Dctiuli 'lr buiie.
The Candidate (uiuuin 1 )���The majority
if voters against ine IV..s etiuriiitiiis. ii.a
Friend (euiisoliii.iy)���.Never uuiiil; jnst
mink wi.nl n vr.iulu have been id everybody hud io ud.���wi..tragi, li curd.
l.i.v.i.1���lite -|...uey.
An absent inludcd frji.tilui.ark wiuiiaii
Went to bunk ""��� i.tie r day in nave ensued
.. cheek her husband sent her, Sue indorsed il tt.us:    "Vt nr lot nig wile, Mary
1 Millet.'' -I'liiiU't'lpinu licet
J*" .'*i|i'i.print.'.
"Mrs. 1'iltc:'.- paii'oi died lust w^uk arid
they coiidueted n r.uriul sorviuo."
"Win. offldaied?" .     '
"Mr.   Putter.    Yon  know the parrot
loved to hear him swear,"
Answer, tlie I'urpose.
He���Can you remember the names of
H&Wells' novels?
She���Oh. yes; Aunt Beaconhill makes
ine memorize Ilium. But I cuu't reuieui-
her llie stories.-���Judge. J.
Application for (citlllciite of Improvements.
b-jAok house .mineiui, claim.
Take notice thnt I, Manuel Dainard,
fnre miner's certificate No.47467,intend,
liOdays from the date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for a certificate
of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further take notice, that adverse
claims must lie sent to the Gold Commissioner and action commenced liefore
ihe issuance of such certificate uf improvements,
Dm ted lliis thirtieth dav of October,
MANt'in. D.U.WIKD.
FOR $2.25
"Golden Era
-t-hnsittcou emrfc*.
Hon. J, A. Louoheed, Q,C.
G. s. McCarter.
fionshced  si)  jTtet'arter.
d..i-1-i.ters, Advoi'iitcs, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Bank of Utontrenl.
rolloxk iK.in.
20 Complete Novelettes
II.  J.  Jt-PH-WKV
DLiS; ���ti���.I'-,'-s- ���''"��� ���*������"��� DQMIjriON A
nriiiiiflilsiuiin, Viihuit(ir.etc.,('AI,(JABY,
N.\V.T.   turrcsiioiidencu Solicited.
EPIlnO.N, D.Ij.S.,IMj.S. of U.C. 40nt.
Application    for    Cttrtlflcuto  of Ini-
.Take noticet*i��t I, Manuel Dainard,
free miner's certificate No. 474 17. intend
(iO days ftom date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for a certificate
of inipi-oveuientH for tlie purpose of
obtaining a crown grant of above
And further take notice that adverse
claims must he sent to the .Mining Recorder and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate uf improvements.
Diied this thirtieth day of October.
Ma.vuei, Dai.vakh.
Notice, of A->|.licit Inn  for Ccillllcntc
ot Improvements.
Take notice that I, Harold E. Por
ster, free miner's substitiitetl certificate
No. 'iij.jl'). intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Gold Commissioner for a certifijuU) of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown grunt of the above claim.
Ami further take notice thnt ndversi.
claims must be sent to the .Minin'- Re
cordcr, and nation commenced bef. re
the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Harold K. Foiisteii,
By his agent F W. AvLMHlt,
Dated this ���.���"Ith  day of   December,
Golden H jspifa! Society.
THH HOSPITAL is now open for tin
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the undersigned or any member of tin
TRICE -Ten Dollars |-er year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Acting Secretary.
AHK.iy Officer. Si rii.'nilful  Ijiib.-rulory,
(ENt.iMi.shud iu M.C. in 1880.)
Vunoouver*       -       !>#������
We bar�� nmnpeil with the publlRtwr of the pnpti����r
lllui-traiotl literary nrnl family moiirlily, Tht> ll'im-
1r i It'll  Iliiini* OiM'��.t, to furnish ttili excfllont
fitihlli'.'itloi. In cliili with uur pai-or upon the nwintiy
Ih'-ral termn (pioiod allot; i, and wo are elmi enahleil to
oil ir to each Kiilmcrlbor,  Fr-i-p. ����� lame ailil hamhmnn
Kru'iilum book, onMtloil, " Ttv.-iity (.'iimult-tt-
itiri'luttfi* bv i'-p-ilnt* AuUioi*." TTtiin
our Kiibtnriberi, by tiklnn nlmnttza of the abovo
lihrjnloTer, ni-iyssciire, In alll'ln to (heir fnrorlte
home nB��*s->a|)3rt a y��ftr-*t snim-in itlnn to one of tbe
bent and in-irt popuUr literary And family panere pub.
Ihbeil, anl also m attracMro nriJ entertain Inn- book
eontalniaQ twenty ooinplete novelettes hv twenty of
the mo-it famoii-t nnt'iora of Anmrlca, Knnlnnd and I
France-lo fact, a larjio amount of the mo-it fttdclnatlng
reading matter as the mont trlfHoff cost.
Is a larije and bandrinmo lil-pnw ftt-rnl-imn lllns-
i trated literary and famllv paper, puhilBhr-d mnnthiy,
1 and mntii-iln'r serial and M-iort storle"- by tbe mni"t
popular autborX Rkotolw*, Pobuih. rRefill Vixrollnnv,
i IIou*)lnM. flhlTdren'e nnd Hntnopo'in "Ofli artment",
I and everpthlnTtoi'-i'i-"), entertala and Instruct, each ���
1 member of tho fli-ndy circle    Anmntt the writer* j
whose tfinrw conntan'-y an-wnr li Thr in-rpTRATED |
IIOKB omarr are Mrs. Fmiii ft. p, N. Sonthworth,
I Mrs. Mary J. Holm-H Charlotte M. Hrnf-me. Mrc. Ann
'. P. Stin��i-jti*, Mrs, Mw -Attnes riemln-r. Etta w. I'lnrro, i
! Mrs. .Ii'ia t'!, Aiiit.-i, Iimma Onrrlson Jones. Mary
Kyle DaIIim, Sylvauui Cobb, Jr., Kmsrspn Bennett, a.
f.'ona'i Dayte, and many other*.   Tt l�� a hlarh-clnss pub-
licaMn tor the family circle,  handsomely printed,
lieviMfiilU" illn-ifvi-ts'l, and while It I-always Interest-
inn aid nerer dti'l, it to pure l*i moral tone, not an
obJeoMinable w-r-d or line Imln-r allowed to enter Ita
coin nn-.   You ..ill ho dellr-rhfed with this charminff
paper, and oa-j-irlv .rclcome Its monthly visits.
S.V Popular AutVifM li n lattre and hnndsome
ok of I93lari?i W tVe-orilu-nn octavo psses. nicely
printed In e'ear. MM, rea-lab'a troe on -rood paper,
and handsome1? bound In colored papflr {.nv��r��. It
cont.pri-t, aa lt*tlt'q lud'eafo*. t'oentu complete nnrfMUt
by twenty wq'1-itnown aud p<mular aiPhors, each one
of which is inren-a-tly Intires' ins;. It comprliws a whole
reason's dellvbtfit) roa-Mn-?, and Is by far the larrest
and finest eoileftlon of complete ponnlar noretette-i
over published tn a sfnsli volume. The tlr>s of the
twenty complete novelettes contained in this book are
as follows:
Inner the Molly Derrlce, By Cbarlntie M.
Tbe Phnntom Wedtllnp;. "v Mrs. Pnim�� i>. f.. s.
Bsnln worth,
Thct n.nwvfa Wfirnintr.   r- Mrs, Hrnry wood,
llloanahlne nnd  Mnrmiorltea.   i'y "Tiis im-
Ttte llondamna of Antwerp.   Br Mr*, Ann a
THf�� fttar* Of n f.tlh.    By Mrs. Mav Ai-ni-s Fleming.
Old Uil.1.Wr.-ri1 Hull.    Bv MtM M. R. B.*Mmi.
lil'im-lio of B-*!!illicit.   By Alfsanil-r Dnma*
A Tnlo of Tlirno I.lnna.   "-1 H. BMsr n-nciror-j.
A Ilnimn In fhf Air*   B*-- ������,",,''�� Vsrnr.
"Th�� flturf nf llplon.   Bv Amsnds H. Pn-iitlnf.
Tbe Captain of tbe Pole-star.  By a. Comb
The fin Hor'* Borret.   B*Mrs. J*n>-o. Anptln.
Tn�� flael In Horn- Wood.   By wnKi*.Cniiin��.
Tlie llelreu of Wbltion ��ron��Y.   By M. T.
nam t/fir-n.   B��- Msrr Kvl" B-llss.
The niiirkN.nltli*��i llmisTbter. By Etu w. Pi*rr*
The Hf-ulptor nf Mntlenn,   Hy Syhnntu am. .tr.
Tht" fiilsjo nirtttinilrf*.    ����������� Vr*. Msry A. Denlwui,
Ashoroft HjAll.   By Rmms OarriiMn ) >ne��.
lnt.n veiitl THE OOIjDBN EUA tin- one
-ur une year, nntl the liooll, "Tivcicy Inni
pleiu Novilcttcs l.y l'ti|inli.r -iiitliors," nil
[-ust-pniil liy inin'l upon rece pi of only *W.*i.j.
I liis ufior npiilies huili ttt ne.v stil'Mcrils'i's
.mil reiieivnls. Every lover of Initflit mul
���i.scillinill',' li'eriitiue sllulil.l I: ke iiilv'ilit'i*-c
utit. Stiinplcs copiosof "Tlie Ill.istr.iteil
llii'ne fines:" mul nt' the pic.iiii.in lunik limy
lie seen nt tin's uHice.   Address i.ll letters:
fho Golden Era Pub. Co.
Golden, B.C.
Iliraith.v   A   Hnrrt'.v.
Ilnrristors, .Vlvoeiilos, Xutiirios, &'c.  Solici-
tnrK till* t���
The linperi.il Itnuk nf Caimds,
riel'ini.iilii I'ernuitieiit l.otmk Savingsfu.
11'"'orlishire l.oiiit A Souiiritiast'ori-urstiuii
1 In. iMiissey-Hnrris ( u. (I.til'.etc., etc,
OthcoH -iritiplieii Avenue, L'slgiiry.
1'. MuCiitritv, tf,V.
llllKAUK HilllVUV, ll.A,   Ij.L.II.
Assoc jMi.m. I.N.SI-. C.E.
CoUURANtt,  AIjIIA.-Ft. SlKI'LlJ, U.C.
(lii'.'itlii.'ite nl'Lull.I mul Mcljill.)
iiim-.<���!  j:.\<i*ii\i--f:it.
Heiul OflSce, Qubiiko; lliniicli Uffices
StlKltii.'tiMiKli, ft 17 Plnce d'Ariiies
Hill. Jlo\Titu.w���
Mining? Smelting
CO, (Limited)
Samuel S. Fowler, EM.,
WI-MHs. -rl.-VI-ll-VKI-R.
Properties re|��ir!wl itiHili.    Estiiiint.s .'intl
pliiiis fur nil inct.lluigici.l pliuils.
P. 0. Box 1,    -    Golden, B.C.
Bank Of Montreal.
Interest at Current rates.
W. B. UliAVEl-EY. Maxaoeii.
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
<.oi.ni-.iv. ��.<*.
Whole-wilt* nnd Hetall
field, Silver & Lead
For full particulars apply to
.' .. ��� gggg . ���"      rr ^zsss-sssssms!���a,1-8-1 jh'-'-i.-��iiji�����/
Tru-iios. "wiih
rfiTnot omo to wei -it. than Ly ull other
Si'iKmruuibliii'il Xheyi-etainlarfreit
upture under eeveraec ���train. Aiya-
tem orilttlnRhfti beou porfeotod the
Inst 03 yoari. fully ���uusl tojptrsonol
esamlnatloD i'�� mull. 87 tmtonrg
[ Itl.fcoltfi'ta
, M��lnr&t.W.,TarLUIO,
I'resli.vtcrlini Service.
Service will he held to-morrow
moruiu'r in the school house at 10
o'clock, couiliicteJ hy Rev. Wt, II.
Iu the Supreme Court of llriti-.li I'ul.iinl.i.i.
18111, li Xn. II
l.eh'i'pii   Aleviniilcr  I..   Ilugrg umi  l''r..lik
lluiii'litnu, I'Liuri Is;
lliiiile. r.  K/trrell i.ml ll. II..Mnmun, Du
To ('hnrles C Fiu-roll mid (���. II. Johnson of
Kurt Steele, iu tliu Ilistri.tof l.nut.-ne;*,
Tnkn iiiiiicn tli'itnn tliesivth liny of All'XUst
IS'.li, n writ of s.iiiiiiiiius uvis i-tsi.t'il nut ot tins
Court ii-t'iiust yuu nt tiro -ir.it of tlte .-.hove
li.iliii' I. Alcxi.ntler I.. Ifu'.'i; llllll Kr.-.iik
lltiii'li'iiu, ut' !''urt Steelo, Kre" Minors:
Tliut tlio sniil writ mis oui'ljseil witli the
-i II.tt iug s'u'o'uoul iii'cliiiiii:
-"Hi.' pl..iutfli'-cji im ii tor tlii'c.'iucell.'itiiin
uf tlte ri'c. I'iIk .if the IIi'iiiI.vihhI mul I O'.'l.l
Tcinler uiiueriil Cliiiius, i i llie nttiroof the
Miuiiiir Ifei" r.ler nt Fort .-leele in ihu Province of llri.ish Coliiniltiti, for un iiijiiiii'tinu
rosin IniiiK the ilefoiiilunts, ih��ir sei'vuiits,
iii-eiits. ur ii'orkniou Irom e iteriuif iiiioii the
(ifiinoti ni'tliu Hills mul Luke Shore inul Move,
miner,.I cli.i us. mul fur dim.ii'.'es mill lite
cunts nt' this iictlon."
Anil Hike iiuiice. further, thnt hv nn order
of lliu I.tirilshlp Mr..I.i-iicit Wnlkeiii, ilntol
Mil (|c toiler, Is'.t . ii iviis iiriloro.11 lint service
uf tinisniil writ-Iio e''ecteil l.y nustiiiir Ihe
miuii. t..i the otHco nf the Mliiiiiff Het'enfer ��t
I'-.trt Sl'ielo, inul nn the w.i I i^ui'iui nf tlte
llilli, Mnyen nml l.l.ke Shore cl.ii lis, mid hy
itdvortisiiiirii itollco thereof Ibr-ftlliys in the
tiiii.i.i.x En.i uewf-p-ipor, mul thnt the de
feii'linit.-t tin enter mi np|ie.'irinice ivithiu.jO
d.'ivs uf tlie lirst insertion of such notice,
Vou lire thirretiire required piirsiimit to
such onlei' tu eiuer mi fippcurmicc lo the sniil
writ in Ihuiillice of the Ke-ristrar of tills
(ti.ii't ut K'iiiul.io|is, llriii.-h Coltuuliiii. nithin
i* dnvs of lho Hrsl Insertion of this noliio.
ll.iicd this -Jlith Noveilllror, WM.
A. O. M. SI'I'AISliE,
Of I'linnl I,   iu th" District  of Kuuttitt y,
I'hiiiiti Is" Siiicitor.
l-'ii's inncrtion Dec, Iii nsn.
SE^- H. Connacher, Propriefor.
Newly refitted Hinl fiiriiislu'il.   Strictlv PI1IST .';'     ,".   '!'
CLASS   in   every   ii-spect.     Sriinplu   Kootns   f"r "",.
Coiiiliiei'cinl men.    Kii-c-ju-tiof snfe for coiiiTiiiuiico
of  irucsts,      Heiitlifliiii'tfll'S   for   iiiiuiii-;   iiicu  r*nl '
miners.     C'oiiveiiiuiit   to   iStntinn   inul  Steiiiiihimt
Ijiiiidiii*:.      Direct   importer   mul   wholi'siili'   mul      "..
ii'tiiil   de.'il.'i'   iu   Wines,   Ijiijtiuis,   mid   (jipits.      "'
S|Kfinl   allPiition   -jiveti   to   orders- from   u,. ihe ,",;,
Coliiuibiii Hiver,
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEX,        -        B.C.
Undertakers and
���  .   Embalmers.
<-nl-rnr.v Alba
I.TKlJIillAI'll    UK 'lilts   1'ltOJfl'lt.V
ATTBS .Ull   TO.
" It Is worth tbe price to every mrsnn
who ens reads a new.pap.r."-llarllnilon
tbe jonnsai. Riritis to
Blue Pencil Rules.
���. G. X-TSrtriXTB.
A Pocket Primer for the ass of Reporter.,
Job    J )cpeii*t:i.iicf]t
���:o: 0F_;o:_
Oonwepondeiita and Copy Choppers.
Short, simple and practical rales for
making and editing aewspapsr copy,
and of equal Tains to all who wish to
write cornet English.
Sent on receipt of price. Price. ID cnl*
Pj-r copy. ALLAN TOBMAN, Pnbllabti
117 Nassau Bti-ett, Mew Tort.  *
Onlilen llnapltul Hnrlcly.
From DillO n.m. to II n.iu.
" 2 p.m. " 4 p.m.
..       7     .i    ii   8   "
Sunday from  10 e.m. to 12 Hi., and
from 7 p.m. to H p lu.
visinxo iiorns.
From 2.-.-10 p.m. to S p.m., daily,
except Moiitlny uud Sritiiiilii.v. I
J'.v ClKPHR.     ,
��         Tr-T-sTrm--t-������__     -as*
, trio nan sad
PATKNT t    for a
*      lion, write ni
IjWlr wars'
sj-Bsrlsnos In the pstJtnt tnulnwi. ... ..    	
ttniu nrletlr coniMeiitl.1.  A HanilbooU ol In.
Ol'in'tm. wrilc n
-   r'troniuitiri--
formstli*n coDourDliu I'alrma and how tn oh-
islntb.    -   -' *      "
Ic-il. *
tba. are broogbt wltl.lf ttoi
Ibsn sent free. A Im s caialo-nis et msvliau-
rad Ktcntlflo tnolw Mr* *���
lasts taken ilironeb  .     .     	
slnotl-MlnthsSeleaiillc tiiieriran. an.i
let >nd Ktc-itlflo booiit wnt free'.'
P.l-rnu trakeo ilironeb Munn 4 Co. rccelm
   , -oror..tbc mibllcwitti-
ott oast to the IniwitJ-T. This snlcndld ns|-cr,
Iwued weeHj, slegsnUy llinitrsten.bait by r-ir tin.
Unreal clrmiliitlon ol snr scicntlBc wort m tba
world., fit s resr, tjiniitl-1 iriiplc. rent free.
Banding Mtluo. monthly, ���B.JUsyi*.-'. Hlnile
aoptss, ilHeflfit.. r.rety number cont.lns he.ii.
Ilfnl pistes. In coldrit, snd photovrspb. nf nuw
tingMSi Willi plsns, ensbl'tw bulldars fo ��buw tile
"stent dest-m. snd team contrsci,.. iddrcm
UVKUi CO., KtW VoilK, 361 n-H-jiiii'JT.
FlMtltTTt. ���     -L-H
'*MotifO0ii" Tvah pu( tip'fy tlie ttVfrkn Tea
ftniwvn (i.i fl r-amj-li- nf ilie K.-tit qualtifea ��� -tf��� 1-tifJlruti
lY.t!*.. Tlicrtforc iIk'v use flu* pjrr.itot euir in l|w
ivltfijtion of flic T.-ji mij its blniit, lh.it ih �� hy lh��.y
put it up thciiisflv,*'] -iiiJ f.L-11 it I'nU* in ttit- <-r-j*ir).r|
rimftttffL^. thrr.'I'V M-CUrlllg ����S purify ft lid rvcvllritn'..
'ut up in J-i 111., 111). onj ,���- Ih. |M>-l.je-co, -Aiiii never
ihiIiI tn bulk.
If your grocer does wut Icep it. tell liim -To ***�� rt��c ��**���
ti in. i i.i r.'tmi 8',-ri e.ui, Toronto, MIND ACTING ON MIND.
Tha Mo-rsHst Talks lularssllngly of Tale-
ratky, Ball.Tlng Thai IU Exl.tene* lias
|  t-tt   aalantiasally    BaMMIshad ��� Bis
r   Carloas Psnonal -tip.ri.HM.
A writer like David Christie Murray,
who has taken all life for the field of hie
art aa a novelist, and draws upon the
whole planet for his illustriitiuns, must
have had rich experiences in the domain
which tho Psychical Investigation Society has chosen tor its own. But he
do**- not overload his books with material of this kind, nor ia liia conversation much weighted with the burden of
things between heaven and earth thnt
ve do not usually dream of. And yet
when prompted to do to, he can speak
on these subject* not only with knowledge, but also with eloquence. He is
Ml/ml to do this, first, by his fine mental
organisation, Sot he haa been psychically
neiisitive rineo boyhood, and next by the
many psychical experiences which have
fallen to his lot during a long, active
nud adventurous life, lived among
many people and many puts of the
Ono doy recently Mr. Murray talked
to a Toronto Pen and Scissors man on
tue special subject of telepathy, and
after showing, from his own personal ex-
1't-rienc-ts, how miud may act upon mind
at a distance, independently of the ordinary means of intercommunication, he
-aunt on to suy:
"Here in a case in point. My eldest
brother, who died in 1865. was at sea as
midshipman on board a merchant vessel.
Manufactures of Sash, Doors, Mouldings
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.
Havo on hand a lot of Wash Basin and Bath
least dofrree mini on any otlier question,
and I lielieve lilm to bo n mini of the
strictest vi't'ifity. But, nil the mime, 1
should nut lino to sham liiH belief.
"I think ��-n hiivo reached a stupe,"
suid Mr. Murray, "in which the existence uf un I*-, nit means of fouimuiiiuu-
tion is sctMiirliciillv estiiblislieil, uud I
think thnt, .""kiiignt all the inquiries
we Iiuve nt work, we shall ultimately
te.icu a ii-iiHiimible explanation or hypothesis. It mny be piis-.iLle',tUiit tliu in*
ivttrtl nnd spiritual essence of a mini was
at tlie earliest stage of man's history
iit.clinieil in tlie body, ns the eiirlies-r
loi'iu of sentiment being was once anchored to the rock; and is it not just conceivable that such essence mny be in the
net of achieving a certain  sort  of free-
,.-,,.,, .       , doint   But   whatever   explanation  or
He sailed under a drunken captain, who theory we adopt I don't see how it can
behavedI to him with horrible cruelty, have anv effect at all upon what are
Ue got the seeds of ci-asumptiou on that called spiritual truths."
voyage.   W hile ho was at sea my mother
was nursing her uncle, James Withers
Marsh, and in the very hour of his death
Ihe old man, who had been tenderly attached to my brother,* sat np and said
aloud: 'Leave the lad alone. Have you
no bowelsf My mother asked hiin what
he wns thinking of, nnd he said: 'That
o ptain ii ill treating Jack horribly.'
"The first officer, a Mr. Mnndy, took
command of the ship when Captuin
Gregory died in delirium tremens, nnd
was buried at the Azores. Mundy
brought my brother home, and he was
told the story of the old man's dying
words. He produced his own note book
and showed that on the day of tho old
man's death he hail made an entry, lie-
cause he intended to indict the cuotain
for hi* cruelty on their return to a Brit*
ia'i port. What is most singular Is that
when he came to work out the difference
of latitude he found tbe entry in his private log and the time of the' old man's
dying speech c��incidod to a moment
There are thousands of such instances
reported, and it seems to me quite idle to
dismiss them ae mere coincidences. Coincidence has a very long arm, indeed,
especially in drama and fiction. But I
mink it hardly reaches so far as that.
���Not very long ago," Mr. Murray re-
mined, "I had a very curious personal
experience. Two people had lieen dining with me-one a very dear and
intimate personal friend, tho other a
comparative stranger. When they had
left me I distinctly heard a personal
conversation within my own mind. I
do sot pretend thnt the words would
have been audible to anybody else���thnt
Sonld be nonsense. But I heurd it
within my mind, and recognized the
Voices of the two men. They discussed
lay own character and the action I had
taken alwut a certain matter at that
time. Tbe comparative stranger waa
���riticsl and unfriendly, and my old
friend fought my cause with great
warmth. 1 questioned him afterward,
and he assured me that such a conversation hud taken place as he and hia
convive had driven in the carriage to
*a�� club from my house."
The novelist was here asked whether
be had met with any cases of the action
of a dead on a living mind. lie replied.
���peaking iu aa impressive and reverent
tone of voice; "I am profoundly convinced, though I do not want to be regarded at a madman, thnt after his
death my father assisted mu in my liter-
, ar j work. For a year or two I was profoundly conscious of it, and I wrote aa
if I waa absolutely nnder his eye, and
with an assurance of his sympathy and
aid that.however conveyed, wasatmolnte
'1 he near connection between physical
aberration! and insanity has always
lieen recognised, and Mr. Murray tells a
story that strongly suggest* this familiar
���-I know in Melbourne," he said, "an
" honorable and high-minded man���a man
of lettera aud of marked ability���who
-.���euros ine that his most constant com*
rpuuion waa au inhabitant of Thebes
wlien that city wae in its glory. He
pr.ifer.ses an intimate acquaintance with
' tne life of the city at that time nnd a
Knowledge from hearsay of many of its
inhabitant*.   He i* certainly not in the
1 lie Luteal Cry.
neard at every house just now:
"Well, I don't see how the moths got
into that undershirt."���Atchison Globe.
Couldn't llo IU
"The gentleman you see pacing np and
down yonder ss if lie were mentally de
runted is .Schmidt, the fuiiiousi.ee..uuii.iit "
"What is the matter with hituT" "He
was trying yesterday to unravel tlie complications ul! his wife's housekeeping book."
Haudelszcitiing. -
The catacombs of Rome cintirn the remains of ubout six million human beings,
and those of Paris about three million.
Tbe latter were formerly stonu quarries.
London bridge is nine hundred and
twenty feet long, fifty-six f et wide and
fifty-five feet in height. It hns five semi-
elliptical arches, the centre oue being one
hundred aud fifty feet.
The best bricks in the world are made
by the tribes of Central Asia.
| New York city hns thirty-four thousand
miles of underground wires.
I    Every Yankee warship has an  outfit- of
1 over one hundred and fifty flags.
| In England householders hare to pay
a tax ou each male servant in their employ.
| Street bands are not permitted in Germany unless they accompany processions.
t In 1850 the foreign-born population
formed 9.68 per cent of the whole; now it
is 14.77. _
Hi.nlT vs. Cun more.
A rifle match took place at Canmore
between teams of six men from Banff
nnd Cunmore respectively. After un
exciting finish the formerWon by four
points, the following were the teams:
Capt. Harper
Corp. Aston
N. B. Sanson
John Stocks
Sergt. A. R. Brook
Wm. Huntley
Const. Lelloy
W. Brown
W. Jack
A. Brown
Ross Peacock
W. Vick
A turkey shoot followed, after which
an excellent dinner was given the
visiting riflemen by the Canmore
shots. John Stocks nnd Corp. Aston
conducted the whole affair to the satisfaction of all concerned. Capt. Harper
very kindly drove the Bnnffites to the
railway town in his four-in-hand. In
the sweepstakes Capt. Harper, Cons*.
Lelloy and W. Jack took 1st, 2nd and
3rd prizes respectively. The National
Park team would like to meet a team
of a or (J men from either Golden or
Donald, by writing the Secretary, N.
B, Sanson, Banff, all information cun
be obtained.
Curling Club Hull.
We beg to remind the public that
the curlers' ball takes place on Friday
evening next the 25th inst. All the
necessary details in connection with an
affair of this kind have been attended
to and tin enjoyable time is anticipated,
A large number of Donaldites and
Fieldites are expected to be present,
tbe music furnished will be first class
and everything points towards this
being the affair of the season, Tickets
may be had from any member of the
committee or at any of the stores in
town.   Grand March at 9 o'clock.
Notice to Taxpayers.
Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
MOTICE is hereby given, in accord-
*���" auco with the Statutes, that Provincial Revenue Tax and ull Taxc*,
evicd under the Assessment Act are
now due for the year 1NSI5. All of the
above mimed Taxes collectible within
the Eustern Division of the District of
Kootenay, are payable at my office.
Court House, Donald. Assessed taxi:
are collectible at the following rates,
viz. :
If paid on or before June 30th, 189.'i
Provincial Revenue $3.00 per cipita
Onc-lialf of one per cent ou Real
Two per cent on assessed value of
Wild Land.
One-third of one per cent on Personal Property.
One-half of one per cent on income.
If paid after June 30th, 1S!)5:
Two-thirds of one per cent on Roil
Two and one-half per cent on assess
ed value of Wild Laud.
Oneliiilf of one per cent on Personal
Three-fourths of   one  per cent   on
Assessor and Collector.
Donald, B.C., Jan. 14rh, 1H05.
Estate of .11. II. I.line Ilecensed.
CE;\LED tenders Ht a rate on the
*s* dollar are invited for tlie purchase
of the whole of the stock-in-trade (consisting of Groceries, Hardware, Dry
Goods, and stock-in-trade of a General
Merchant) belonging or appertaining
to the business lately carried on by
Margaret Boyce Lung, deceased, i.ituate
at Golden, B. C. Tenae'S will he received by the undersigned up tc llie 1st
day of February, 18!)*.. Particulars
and all other information may be obtained upon application to the undersigned. The lowest or any tender noi
necessarily accepted.
Victoria, B. C.
Administrator of the Estate ol M. B.
Lang, deceased,
Don't forget the Curlers' Ball next
Friday evening, in the Alexander
Hall. Tickets $2.00. Grand Match
at!) o'clock.
Caplin  & Lake.
Just to see if tliere is
any cash in Golden, we have
decided to offer some of the
Biggest Mirations Ever
Given in B.C.
We have placed 021 our Bargain Tables several lines of
Staples, and put ths kiSife to
the price. Some we have cut
in two, some at a reduction
of 38H per cent, and none
lower than SO per cent. We
make a loss, but what is our
loss is your gain. We will
not describe goods or quote
prices. We want you to come
and see for yourself.
Carlin & Lake


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