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The Golden Era Nov 22, 1901

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Array I .1
���/OL. XI NO, 47
OMawa^Moa.W-Honr W-'O, Weill,
cbiel oomtnlulontr ol landi mid workt
(er -Britieh Columbii, arrived la tha|
ally but sight with Mr. Oreenibleldt
tha Monintl adveeate. thty mat Hon
'  Mr. Tart* at hit rvild.uo* han latt
night ind talked aver torn*, matter*
connected with the devtlopsntnt ot the
builaet.i-itan.ttoftbtprovli.ee.  Hon
"Mr, Walla laid to a reporttr that the
raaaoaa which have actuated tin Oom
Inloa in withholding any railway tub-
aldin fnm Britiab. Columbia' in  the
put,  bava   bnn   largely   removed
hy hii preaeaaa hen.   He met tome of
the ministers today and left in the al-
tssrnoou for Montreal.   Ht got* from
thtn to Toronto aud will return hen
ou Friday nail, .
...:,.. I. H '���'���
$2 Pee Yeah.
1    '"     '"" :  k '      ,*-*-**-
-.. SALE.....
London Nov. 10,��� The following is
th* cornet copy of the despatch sent
by Sir Redven * Buller to Oen. Wblte
during the alege of Ladysmlth : "I
���bar* failed; not ablt to try again without (lag* operation!* taking a month.
Can you bold out to loug? If not, I
luggeit yeur Arlng away at muoh
ammunition ������ postible, finally miking tha beat itemt, If you have, any
other allernatlee lo iugg.it I can remain whin I am at long at you like."
The heliogram aa piibliebed by the National Utview la aa followa j "I have
lain repulted. Tou will burn yonrcipb-
Or*. You will deetroy all your emmuni*
Iioa. "If ou will the* make the bnt ter mi
you stan with lha Boer*, after T have
fortified uiyealf on the Tugela-."'
According lo advion front Ottawa,
ityt thi Yaneouver Province, the Department  of  Iba  Interior evidently
iblnkt that the lumbermen ol Britieh
Columbia hav* a good thing, and that
go-ting oet lumber OU thll. tide of the
line hea advlojigt* ovtr 'he nme    _
' bu.loetH.ia Waablngtun time. ���*���**'*���*.
rebate, wblci liajt Wu^llewetWH^ ^
aateat '���**? 40 ****t ptr iKMinireHa ���*
^m**,l*k**t-s**Oemt*i*. tktSKan*1^
4tpt*-******AiWriCsrt-lisK'bM been
nnia4t^... Tii*-x*aaOii giv*n I* that
the sto-ad^lo-s^der which the lloeatees
sMUduot llua#i ttuiiuni bin an iaora
tteveyable thau tbcae acroil the line in
Wuhington.    '
Tbi* it rathstr In line with iheaction
of the provincial goveHntut at ihelast
���enloo ol thelegitietuYe In pissing tin
act igaluit the export of oed.r lumber
to the American eid*.' Larg* shipments
*of lurasWr an being madt continually
frem the Britieh Columbia eo*��t to
Puget Sound, and according toatate-
menli of lumbermota, a better price i��
paid there, aad a batter market exitti
then then ia locally.       \\\\\\_^^^m
has so far been an unqualified success and no wondei-
when prices like the following prevail. By comparison
all things are Judged -all standards fixed and it is by
comparison we expect .you to judge whether > or not
THIS ECONOM IST SALE is worthy of its name. The
more you compare the more your judgment will favor us
for our prices not only compare favorably with but are
,., actually lower than those of eastern houses doing business two thousand miles nearer the fountain head of
supply.      w      .      oj   .     .     ,   ���������iS	
EoONoanr in ouad^iNB & qotlts.
Lace curtains do hot - admit of very much desrt-iptioa that will be of any
benefit- to the reader, so we can "only mention prices and ask you to come early
and pick out patterns that suit your taste. We know' the prices will suit your
pocket-book- . All our lace curtains are *J i yards long and from 56 to 64 in. wide.
11.35 while lac* Curtain*.
1.T5    "     "      " *   ..... ........
200   " . "     "    '!',':..������.!...!....],.
2.60      *'       " ����� '..'.". i.   ';'".'.'.'
Chanile eurtein* in red,  peacock,  Iwo shades
������ %t*1-tfim* end brown with double knotted
fringe -yifl handsome dado border at both
~ \****m
1 00
1 25
1 40
1 75
3 50
fringe sit
*mJ>i,'lB U'ulily
13.50 qualitv. .���.lhe color* t* above     2 50
Aniline Curtains' rivalling in  ap|��ariiiire the
'       finest Ts|��'ltry. at quarter th. price, made
In rlob colurcombination*, with two right
si le*. three jfar'* long and five feet wide,
regular value |7,.../.>..  .,	
IS.00 Marseille*	
ft 15 white' liont.ye.osnb....,     	
11.60 white hoi.eycp.nb with crimson borders..
Colored di*.. Serge*, full
flimsy  fabric*,   but
I'bioTi i
��� ���      | tr*
44 inches #idt, not
 ..  -., Itrong.  firm iloih.
whicli usually cost you doubt*.."..   1,0.25
Bl��ck. navy and brown heavy suitings, fully 50 ���*.".*���
inche. wide, nothing better for akin*can ������-..
. be ha.) fur doublet he price        80
Fancy Tar'ar plaid silks, 22 iuclin wide, lhat   ,
wen 75 certs   ......... ..".^  ..... j...       60
All wot* colored se^ge*.   81. inol.ea  wide, and ,
Tweed elects raugirrg from 3*1 to44 inch.��
Heavy Tweed* in ...��i dherks. *tri|se* an.l iiilx--
��� Hires, twseds with'silk overshot,  broken
plaid*, dl'e''lack Heurie.ll**.  serges and
. '-"" faiicy weaves, and ex ir*' wide navy blue
eerges, bqih ronr-ss* Mid -fine twill 	
Colored China .ilks, 24 Inches wide."	
~^H. 8. Howland, President.      '
T. E. Mmuitt, Viet-Pmfdtnt,
D. B. Wilkib, Otntral Manager.
am,    *
Intstr-Mt Allowsd on
D<*pogltg of 11.00 and
Upwards at Current Bites.
J. 8. GIBB. Mlnlgtr.
Jas. Beady, D.L.S., & PUS.
Mining Engineer,
Servers audi fer linalt.nl Work and
Orevm O-aatt. ������.-
1 on Liko Wiadermere and
Bast Koaleuav..
P. A. 0E808MEAU,
>  . .*���' Tailor.
geatk IM* Kl.klaa ������*** liver.
Hull Bros. & Co.
^-mmmiltirttDealer.,   i
UptMtl: .giO, --
Economy in Ribbons and Laces.
The whole ribbon stock has been arranged in five l&rge boxes, each box
containing all ribbon to be sold at a given pi-ice. The prices are 5, 10, 15,
20 end 1?& cents. These are ordinary prices for ribbon but it is not ordinary
ribbon that we are selling at these prices.' In each box you can find Ribbon
worth double the price 1      . " -
5, lOand 15 cents are the prices for Laces, the whole stock being arranged
the same as the Ribbons, which means that you get your choice of any Lace in
stock for 15 cents.
Economy in Clothing for Men and Boys.
DO TOD WEAE PANTS I   Ids*, w�� want
* a little ot your attention.   Your good nnn
and Judgment wtll do the net.   Seventy
pair ol $2 pantt made of etrong Canadian
tweed in  mat brown and grey mixed
ohecki and i.riptt   ..<. 1186
Choice of any dollar overall  80
Choice of all 11 26 and 11.60 overall!     1 00
Boyi' htavy overeoatl with military oape....   8 00
Boyi hlaa urge auita  . 1 76
Boya' Una pnn wool wonted and tweed tultt..   8 00
Flm Frleae ind Chinchilla reefer*. ;..   6 00
. Subetantial working coat* tor man m*d< of
'    wool, iu Hn*ibl* dark colon, really the
--.'- - mott serviceable garment of in kind in tha
Heavy rtef*r ooats, lined wilh tweed overcoat
lining, dnp norm collar; and all modern
ideas of makeup ibat go to make a good
Chesterfield overall I wilh velvet collar	
Youtln' three-piece suits, with long pant*	
Tnmiten' lined duck overcoatt with norm
collar '.-,,������	
1 00
4 00
6 00
4 00
- The whole stook of Men's Suits divided into three lots, each of which con*
tains suits worth double the price���j95,18 and $10.
, ���    ���**   '     ' '     ' .      .*: - -
Economy in all these lines:
Small win*
Drapery Oood*
Towsilllng -
Sock.    .'-
- Curling Coatt
,.       If you live out of town and cannot coma in person send its your orders by
l marl, with thtf money, and we will do your shopping for yon. ;
On Monday tvening lilt, a row oo-
eured in Sarforth's retturant.   Ur. J.
Buckbim being annulled by J. Lamontagne, and during tbe souffle that en
���ued, J. Smith, who hit bnn working
for Lamontagne, came t. hii aetistance
and dealt Buekham a severe blow on
the heal with a bottle.   Buekham waa
taker, to tbe hoapital and atitchn were
put in the eut, while Mr. J. Pinkham
laid an information agalnat Smith be
fore H. E. Moodi*, J.P., who iatued a
warrant for Smith's arrest.    Wben
Officer Laag attempted to serve  the
warrant, hs wa* interfered with by La*
montagne, who wai plaeed under arrest
Smith In tba mWntlrae, concealing him-
���elf to effectually that he could not be
found.  About 3 a.m. Tuesday, he called Percy MoAlplne out of bad and asked for shelter till   morning, thii wat
granted, and aa toon as day broke the
Sheriff wa* notfied, and Smith was at
ono* arrested.
Before Magistrate Griffith on Tne*
day at 2 p.m. the case of Jos. Lamon
tagne for obstructing a peace officer iu
tb* discharge of hia duly wa* proceeded with After F. C. Lang bad given
bi* ei-idence, Mr. Thos. O'Brien, for
the defenoe, admitted the charge and
atked fo.' clemency aa thii offence kad
not been very pronounced, and aa the
pritoner wai charged with another and
more aerious offence. The prisoner
wis lined 810 ansl Costs or 14 daya in
jail, the magiatrate pointing out that
the penalty might be two years.
J. A. Buekham vs. J. Lamontagne���
The second charge against the prinUuer
was for assault with intent to do griev-
iout bodily harm.' At Mr. O'Brien's
request all witneaaes were excluded
from the court room.
Buekham. ��worn -I am a druggist |
reside at Ool.len.   Last night at 6:0.1
was  ��t/*npi*r  at  Starforth'*..J!fa* .__.-���,*- ---���-������������ ..-�����"���';"""""������
���nOlb ftwrn^'e,..mm-twA**** *3^�� baia^M^denored, ffnitb
tertfr*W��me in whistlingiud Punadou, �� tilvar dollar.nd tbrew'i-.
��    _.t .��� ....       _.  ..        .* nn ika.l.i.        1 ..l-l���l  :- - ��    -
had bia iupi>ir in abjut  five or .eu
milium, and sat waiting, which  Was
not a naual custom of hit.    Mr.  Li-
montigne came fn then and tat down
and commenced talking.   'He  laid:
'Buekham, I can out-run any p*r��on
| in Oolden.    Du you understand ine?"
Smith ��aid: "I wish I could have aald
Ibat on Sunday.*   Lamontagne laid:
"I can  lick  anything of  my own
���eight.     I weigh   160  pounds  and
you're not too big."   I said: "All right,
old   chap.'*    He laid:    'You're unprincipled end a coward."   I laid I ,lid
not know; did not think so, and that
h* was a coward and and Smith was
worse.   H( jumped  to hi* feet and
grabbed a table fork and Smith got up
and look up a ketchup bottle,   I got up
from my place and went to the opposite
���id* of the,table from Smith,   lie
montagne fallowed me With the fork iu
hie baud, and called me a coward tev-
eral timet, ind laid he would drive tha
fork Into my hetrt.   1 warned h'ia off.
He oame three or four limn with the
fork up-lifted.   I  etood In the lame
place.   Smith ttood   on tbe ojijiosite
tide of table with the bottl* lu bit
hand,   I iold  bim to put it down.
Thtn Mr. Pinkham thoultd to him to
lay it down.   H* put It down.    Mr.
Pinkham want round and got the bottle.   Ltmontagn* cam*  ou with the
fork.   I eaugbt hi* arm a-ith my left
arm an 1 atruck hiin with my right
���nd hi fell forward.   At the tarn* time
Smith grabbed a cup or jug and threw
it at me.   I aaw it coining and dodge I
It and it bit the wall and broke, ttiuit b
thon drew a mor and card* at ine
round the eud of the tibia.   He draw
th* raxor bick and I etruCk him once
and maybe twice, then Siarforth and
Pinkham interfered, grabbed Ssaith and
put him in the corner,   I backed away
tewards the kitchen  followed  by La
montagne,   At Corner of lahle I .ot
fret from bim and atruck him twins*
before he grabbed me again.    Then I
threw hira down and got htm by tin-
throat and   was then sir ick ou Ih
back of my head with a bottle bt
Smith,   Smith jumped over u. (La
montagne end inynlf) into the kitchen.
Some perton picked me up for I was
dated.   Lamentagiit got up and the
Lit I aaw of thnn Smith waa holding
a ohair over hii head in tbe kitchen,
al if to itrike anyone who'euiered.
The kitchen door   Wei   closed and I
tried to open It but could not.   I went,
ontiide.   Lamontagne followed witb u
carving fork and Smith came out wltk
hiaraior, Lamontage began awearinuf
and oalling me naract and aaid he
would blow my braina out. Smith
awore he would cut my head off with'
a razor. After Handing on the sidewalk in front of barber shop I went
into my store with Mrssrs. Pinkham,
Walker and Langdall*. Had no more
trouble with them. I got ray head,
dressed at the hospital.
When 1 wat standing on tidewalk
Smith ind Lamontagne were Iraudinjf
in Starfottb's door. The fint attempt,
wat made With labia fork, but after
Lamontage came out of kitchen he'
carried a carting fork  with   hiin out-
���Ide .      ���'..���!'"���''���''-
Cross-examined by counlel for defense the following fact, were brouglft
Lahdelle,    Pinkham,   Walker   and
Stafforth were prennt.
Was  hot  through dinner; almott
Referring to the remark'made by
Smith about runping, Mr. Buekham
explained that on Sajurlny night last,
about i o'olock, he neesled change and
took a five-dollar bill Idtu Iiamon-
tagne'i thop to get it changed; handed
the money io Smith who took out the
cish box to make the change. Hi'
(Buekham) went to mirror to squeeze a
pimple and aaw Smith in the mirror
folding a tl bill.
Continuing, Mr. Buekham aaid: ���
I ttood there with my back td
Smith and when he got through I
turned round and waa standing on one
aide of the barber ohair witli Smith
oppotite. When I turned round he
counted over the change in tuch a way
that the doubled bill counted aa two.
All had heard of him doing it before
1 wai uncertain whit to do. I ttood
with lhe change in toy hand till hi
put away the oath box, then I started
to/count It ansl pulled ihem out one by
one and found 1 had only four dollars.
on the ohair.   I pioked it up-and ifart-
���J for the door   I had my hand ou the
latch, when Sraiih aaid,   '��� Hold on j
there ii a two-dollar bill in thii:"'* l
���aid "la there?*  holding out my hand
with the money, which he knocked on
the floor, then picked it up and laid it
wit til right. Snme person tald ta
Look out or hsi will'Blfh Haul
you." I tald: "Ne danger. Ialwa>��
count the change coining from hiin."
Mr. Howden wae there at tht tim* at
wa* altt) Mr. La.noniagnt. On Sunday morning, a thort time belore 10, t
went lo Starforth'* for breakfast. Mr.
Starforth was behind the counter. I
told hiin about what had happened the
night before. I naked him what he
would do if anyone tried that iriuk on
him. He aaid h* would pound thein.
Aa he was laying that, S.nith came in
the door and laid : '-What are yon d���
twlndltri talking about?" Directly
hi laid that I turned on hiin and naked
what lie meant by playing such a oou-
tempiihl. trick on me. He professed
ignorance of my meaning. 1 said to
try and thort change ma hy doubling a
II bill. Ha laid: "Why. vou will get
lot* of people in this oountry who will
play that trick oi yo.i." I said I
I didn't think peopl* in :h�� wnt wer*
���o dishonest. He said ''Tea, right
hen in Oolden." W* wire sitting at
th* labia by thi* tim*. I uid "Smith,
a man who would do a trick like that
ia a thief and yon ara nothing mora
than a thief."    I nailed him ad   ���
thief and a robber and a d  * - of*
a b���,, and hs aaid I wa* too hot
and ,wa* �� d ��� fool. I thtn went
rouud the table. Mr. Laudell'a pushed
hi* dhair back so he (S.nith) could not
g*t ��w��y and 1 struck him ou lhe head
and knocked off his wig, Itheutirjok
him thm or four time* before S'ar-
forth nparated us. Smith went out
IWfi upstair* to hi* room. I went out
and washed the blood off my hands,
Tor I had out my hand on hit wig.
Lamontagne and I have always bnn
good frienda.
L..H night S.nltu might have boen
at enmity with me.
Mr. Lamontage wat hot as drunk a*
he pretended to h��. I knew he had a
glass or t wo and waa nut for blood.
Smith said "Lamontagne is more ol
your lias than I am You thrashes!
me, now thrash Lamontagne." I told
Joetokrephi* bands off mnj that I
had nu quarrel with him.
(Continued on page fonr.J
M^rv-��iiistism"'a tsalll''MM'S'i|��*i>i��*��'is>.i'-jaiiiT*i '*t**m*f^Tyr-r
THE ERA, GOLDEX, Ii C, Xovembek 21 (III
��Ite (Cu'.bcu (Bra.
E... V. Cil ViCiKR*!, - Editor and Publisher
Suharrii'tiu... K(10 per yssar in advance.
Advertiisiitg rates uin,.e kuusru usire.ti.est
FRIDAY. Novcublk 22, IMI.
lt is not generally real.aed hy lhe
|,eo|,le of Gobi... and ihia dislrie. just
how valuable the mica |iropertie* thai
have heen 6|-e��ed up this summer in
the Uiu Bend and ou Ice river are.
Mr. J. F. Smith, of K,.u.l.opa, ha-
M|*e..s a few'days in Gol I, is, at lhe in*
.-nance of Messrs. Price anl Hutcl-,
HUj-eriuteiidiu.1 the pre|sa.*atiou fur the
market ul the proluct of their Big
li'isd pro|��riiea. Hia opinion- may be
taken as authoritative, aa lie Im. Im
tit. |iast nine years been taking oul
mica fro... a mine at Tete Jenne Caclis
and bringing it lu Kainloops bv pael.
i'ri-lM over lhe iiiountaiiis, Tbat the
���j.1 iter ill ao bruught out has paid Mr.
Smith good wages will give some i.',*��
uf its value ou the market, au i when
he state* that the mica he'has seen iu
town is of as guuil a quality aa thai
taken from his claima, it will be aeen
that the lountora of theae claiina have
a bun huh. In Mr. Smith's opinion a
good mica mine ia sm-tli twice as
much aa a gold .nine even if llieq'itirll
..saved aa high as tiii te .baton. Bs
sides, mica is a pour man's proposition
as good wanes cau always be made
working uii ler primitive conditions.
'i'ne iio, eri.in.ui should lose uo time
i i ii-iying a goosi road constructed into
these |��o|seriiea, for il is th* intention
uf thoae interested to continuedeve.up-
iij.iiI w.uk. -.*,'���'
- As tu<the-value of il.e de|.s.sisa ou
I* river we have uo data, hut a shipment has been sent to the,English
market and when returns are made
tt.s-.ir act mil value will be known.
I 'has beeu known tor a long time
t litis ...tea was lo la. found iu thi* die-
t i, I. lust the average prxapeutor would
paa* over u.icsi without a thought iu
It.a ai'iti-cb ior other minerals.       -i
Tii Hit 'sieral interest shown by the
business iiieu uf llulslou, in this question oi mica production, has tseen lavo.-
aiily uuiiuiieiiied upon by Mr. Smith,
w no s,��.i a ViiaV it is ui uiarkeu coutrasi
to tltu iiidiliHt'eiluu he has suet Willi ill
K���iuloupa when trying lo arouse Use
pvoi-le there loa sense of I lie value oj
b.aay.'oprrl lea ul Tete Jenne Cache.
COalMEltJI.lL RJ*.Jll'ltpjIiY.
Wash u,iion, UO.. N sv. Id.���A dsa
tin-[j..i.eJ uud.,' rs^sresM.i'iug the coin,
.noic.il   ulDaiiuulions of New Yosk,
llostuu, Buffalo, Pittsburg, Cleveland,.
Iidiauapolis'and Cincinnati  called ou
���'.   Prtntideht Kuoseilit today lo urge the
importance   ol recij.ioc.iy with   Cau
', ada., ��� " .
The delegation iucluded Mr,   0.  H.
Schwab, ciiainnaii,' and   Mr. Uaior
& r.iilss and Mr. S   P   Webb,   ol. the
coiitihiiiee oi' foreign   commerce .aud
rs.vessue law. of the uliuiuia-r ol   cosu
nierce'of'iht Slate uf New York, and
Mr. C. H K.��p.', ol Buff iiu, represent ���
'���' i ig  III* Lake Carrier*'   Association.
Mr. J. R,. Lauuu ul the Boston chasu
bj.- jf   commerce,   apukesfuau cf ib*
party, luiii ilia   President that next to
Ureal Britain and Germany, tlle trad,
of sj.stiada with ths. U.iiteu Stum rv
ireseuleJ more ... money to maiiufao
\\reis   aud   piu...ui.ua uf   ihe U.iliei
Sate* than thai uf ant ulher sjuumr-.
and that Uiiie.s  something   wer* done
iu lulher this! Had.   in ihe way of re
lUjsrocli uuiisjeaaiuu.., ail of it .night he
endanger* I-
Tt'.e President received rhk delegation
' Cordially. H s aaid I hat ll* did hoi need
lo be -reminded ol 'i lis* Importance ot a
question to which he bad given much
thought and attention.   H.akid, how:
.ever; that he did not tliluk it proper
*lor l.'i.u io eai..'���a. a pVeiersuiue (ur r*K>i.
jrocity With one   paS-tieular  C.uu'rj
' wnilii the aubj-oi was li ing isanvaaaei.
' b,.l Ise hoped* I hat iyiuet hitig woulsl he
do... in tntapproaoli'sng sesaiou of son
' gri-se.   Headdtid that tl.e organization*
i"pseWisiiieii could do much b, bunging
ii Hiiensie to bear upuii their iu*.i��euia
tiv��t hi cougress. -*
'*'   "��� ' -ssiaas's.    '' '  -
,     , Guana. Hot. IR*. Tils/ uuvernineiit
has a-i'i-iisrsl tu tlw li��|H'ri��i-*ullis.rilln
to eaieiid G��u O'Orady Haley's ie*ui
otfic* until June 80 b next.    His isn.e
Was Up laes Julv aud exsesided  Id Ibt-
telllber. .. How it, }* .'pruptRiml JO ft,'?**}.
luiii M*i*is)i>i*i�� Iseresttx' lUoiit'li. lougs.r','
...  AleianslerSkiiiUeri of Liudanv Oil.
..who w-siililbS.i.1.1 h A frail* wirb Ssralh.
tiiiii-VHUri*, dietl'of  -HMiimlt  iisja'r
Vs ���irtii;g.*��ii Tueadsty   Ha was air-eni
��� la.r-��f-'s.��j*i#,�� rkilwa." guard. ~8.i'u
p..'. widow, risihle* at.L.ilda.ijij'
London, Nov, lo -A despatch frum
Lord ICilvlienor, dated Pretoria, today,
aaya tbat a strong patrul uf Yeomanry,
while reconuoiieriog on Nov. lilib, at
Brakspruit, near Z.trust, iu iheTi-aua
vaal Colouy, about 140 mile* west uf
Pretoria, wa. am rounded bySOOBuara.
aud luat six man killed au I aixt*. u
captured aud wen subaeq'ieutly re
Tha rear guars] ol Col. Byng'a col
'iiun was aitacked near Heilbron.
Orange River Colony, on Nov. 14.h,
l.y 400 Boen. aaid lo be under Ihe
I'Oiuinaiiil ol General Da Wet. After
'wo hours'Savhting the Boers retired,
leaving eight dead on lhe Held. 01
Col Byng'a column,' Lient. MoHtfith
ansl tji.e man were killed, while three
office, t lud nine men* were wounded.
Middreburg. Cape Colony. Nov. 15 -
O.i* hundred and' eighty mount'el
troop*, composed laruelv-f Dutohmen.
witli-iheir arms and horses, aurreii
lered tu Smut's commando on Nov. Ill
The district troops fls-etr-moit.of their
ainiuuiiiiion at long range, ah I ihen
refused to fight further. Capt. Thorn-
tun, their commander, belie.ea their
surrender to have bnn pre arranged.
London, Nov. 15-Two ol Kitchener, monthly reviews, detail August S
and SeptembsH S, weie published in the
Gazette thisevening. 'They nrechieflv
summaries of wid*, sweeping movement* through all part* of-ihs* disputed territory, with the results, caiu-
alties and prisoner's captured, al previously reported. An astonishing
iiuuiber of hor.es were captured, this*
in August alone numbering IS.570.
About 20 per cent of then an fit lur
remounts, an.l oilier* are brood mere*
aud foal*. Though admitting the die
appointing results pf someof iheo|*ei-a
tiuns, Lord Kitchener ��� communis on
thein- a.' follows: "So long as thit
m thud of jrojress can be n ai itained,
there can be little doubt of its ultima**
effect, even on an enemy to whom uo
other form of argument seems to ap
The reporta-further aay that tbeaya.
lein oi chaina of block-house* al Inter-
vase *o' -a'mile, and toinetiinea less;
along the railroads, was being extend-
ski. L>rd Kituliensu-lays: -Theintiti
'uoe ot th* Boar leaders, mil iheir
sigauized a.vatem of intimidation am*ill
keep in the Held a large numb r ot
burgher* who. if left letliwinaelves.
toulsl la. ready tu surrender." The
writer tavorally ment iona several Iiun
died offiier-s, nok-coinmlit o .ed officer!
and Iiieu,
Hams Dyeing Mate Easy
-    AitE VISED.
For quality, variety,. brilliancy and
iiuraiiiiit) ol colors, the U.hiuuii-i Dy-a
excel all other package- d.te. in lit.
voi ll. The Diamond Dye* are rai.ie
hi over llfiy diffeieul oolor* for wtiol
and allk, and ai-ecial last colors ar*
Wade, tor dyeing eUUoa and mixed
guu.lt.. No otber dyet io isrong, eo
true to culor or ao tiinpit lo uso. Full
and ax|dicit directions on (lobpackage
enable the inexperienced to do ai good
���wo:k *a,ihe i-rofeaaional d.ier."
, The Di .mond D.te Mai and Rag Pat-
lerni colored on a superior quality ol
SsMiiei) Hessian are telling laat. With
uiiit of these detigm il i. easy to make
s |sreiiy tiuor oii.a.nei.t. The Weill at
Kst'.hursltuii Co., Liuii'eil, iOO Moutn*
aid a'rei'i. Montreal. P Q", will se.,d
ynu Iree hy mail all the new patients
ilyou tend in )tui addre-s.     *
Possases Special Virtues
and Powers for Femals
A Hamilton, Ont-, Lady Whose
Life was Despaired or Is Made
Well and Strong; After
Yeare of Suffering.       '
Paine's Celery Compo mil has stood
ihe leai.if lithe if]d oxperieno* while
hundreds ot the cuniinon preparaiinns
arefa-*i sinking into obacttriiy. Pain.'*
Ceb-ry Coin|iuund is uot a iwlent'ined
cite ; it ia the discovery of one pi the
greatest and ablest jilivairiana. thai
ver prasjliae.1 lhe noble profeaaion.
snd for Ihis leasou ft is |,reset.Ised by
many able doctor* who recognix'e its
worth '        -       *
Paine'** Celery Compound |os*i>s��PS
special virtues and powers for female
health building. Il banishes nervous
nest, weakiiesa, backache*, a'deachea,
and all the. uan.eless ills that comelo
women ot all age*. Ii gives t hem ro*y
cheeks.- a|s'arklmg eyes,* and rs itistys
th* freshil.es ami acilvily of girlhood.
Min Blake, ol HughaOh St., Hamilton. Ont.. givn Iter testimony tor the
Iwnettt ol women who are Buffering-
mahy in silence-anil earnestly looking
lor health and strength*:
" For yeara I suffered innch and waa
under the can ot doctors who finally
lold\(ie I wa* going inn. couaiim|itibu.
I b cmne worn 11.rough th.unuf modi-
ciues, aud gave my doctor, up, Whil.
ia a very critical condition, notaisle to
re*t br ��le*p, alway* laint and weak,
appetite and distention bad. my jiytiem
ruliuing down ��ud liule lefl in me, I
coh.meucfd to us-e Pallia'* Celery Cam
pound. After tl.e us. uf one Lottie I
felt muoh relieved;"! have used inaill
nven or eight bottles, and am now a
n*w woiupn, oan enjoy life and aa Well
aa'I wi��h lo be," ��� ���: ..'"     -""
Los d iii. Nov. 15 The E eiiing New*
itf slay lays lhe Irish Nationalist! have
flffesSrd Mr.- Ki uuer a safe parliamentary
sea*r,ill i*eland. Tney . Iiolsl tl.at Tu
C nieijneiice of Lu.dK'.i' hWr's prwia1
insti'is. Mr Kruger is Js- f..sjio a Br.il-
(sii sul ject. 1
','"". 1  if.'-,:'   *4'i,'.**'' 'pi   ���    ���'���   "
Chief. J ua...* Strung baa lajen lip-
|soiuted adiniiiialra.ur ,|sirin-| laird
Miiito's-abiience'iii Nes�� York.    * '
W* draw atieniiuu ol the retidnut
af Ouiden to the following paragraph
from the MouetJir'y Tiawt: What a
dreadfully menacing thing a fieice Die
is to i vill.gv wlili litiieor no ineans
of ttsihtiiiit ll; a,sW, Iruhght home lo
-Ih'.re.id'e'ns* of Va.Vlsei.il Ssa'sipn. or
D'fi.ou'.:'Qia-.. on, Tuessday. Tlie *r
rival on Hie seen, of part of tbv Mini.
I real Hr. J.riga.de pselMl.ly eeyti Ih.
liule plii.'j. Irtisn ilesrssclisjri jKa ii.ia.
snanv ar* < homeless; ��� Few tl.iisas .ra
more ltn|-o.rtAiil' lha r fsjr ,cUlle.ss^to
Is.ok aft.r tlle.ir...lii*��.!.|i|i.aiide-s; and
e * l li ii.MS * ie won priaistSlol |> n��g-
'esi til.. ...   '. ' ������   f ''  ,fY:
'*���'" " "' * ���' '-      "''   "���  ''-' '
Ilia asipi.i.hiag ho.v threat a change
a tew years ol mar-ad life well make iu
thea|i|-earaticeaud disposition ot many
women, the Iresh ,n-s. ilraoharm, lh��
br.lilamw vanish like tbe bloom liom
a peach which is rudely handled. The
matron ia onlv a dim shadow, a-faint
echo, o( the oharming' maiden. Thert
are iwo reatoni for tbii chaage.
Ignorance and negsVol. Few young wo
mess Kj |ir,v.i.,te the shock to lhe iy*
te.il through llie ciiiuiKa'whicli toiuea
with nisrrla-M. Many neglect to deal
wilh -he uii|slenaaut drains wbioh
are often cones-quern on uinrriago arid
inolherhood, not uiid.ratauding that
tbi*-teor��l draini* robbing the cheek'ol
Ity freshness and th* form of il* Uir.
ness. A* turely ai tht general health*
auff.n when then le dtrangemeht of
the health of lhe deficit! womanly or
gana ao turely wbiii tbtae organf ..an
ettali)iibed in health lhe (sic. and (orm
et ouet wltuett to thi fuel' IU renewed
co'meliuett. Half a million women and
mnn have found health and liappin.lt
hi tht nae ol Dr. Pure*. Favorite Pne.,
eriptlon Ii makee weak women .trong
aud lick women well.
The poun Ikeeptr at North Toronto
ia an enterpriiing individual, When*
0 P.R train wa* wrecked then a lew,
day* tgo a nook car was broken open
. and ai:-kinsla of
:   Musical
C. klHMItUfi^H.
Musie Daalers,
-Ualarsry, Alta.
Testimony Whioh Shows the
Great Value of Dr. Clarke'a
Little Red Pills.        .
Dr. Claike'a Little Red P.lli oured
me of chronic rheumatism alter I had
been given up by tht" doctor! -Arclii
bald Wilson, Sault St. Marie.
There la no reinedy for rlieumatism.
or for building np.the lystetn. equal tu
Dr Clarke'a wonderful Little Red Pill*.
I would not he withont then, lor theii
weight iri-gold.-J. J. Brainlon, Fefle:
lon Fall*. Out.
lean lrutbfully say lhat Dr. Claike'a
Little Red Pill, have dosy me more
good than any other medicine I have'
ever taken.���Mrs. Orison R. Estey,
Watsjrtille, N. B, , -. ,;
There is no - remedy to equal Dr.
Clarke'i Lil i le art Pillt for nervoue
troubles.-W. H. Roberieon, Editor
Dally TiiiiM Peterborough, Out.
Dr.'Clarke'i Littl* Red Pilla cored
me ol'iheimatiam after 18 years ol
ennat'ttnt suffering. -J.f'B. 'Arinour,
bookkeeper, Toronto Juncllou.       **
Dr. Clarke', Liule fissd Pills ar* a
positive and certain cssre (or,,|�� giippe,
rhueinat ism. as> bsna.pisrt.Jyais. catarrh
all sioiliiu.'h ansfliver I roubles, fshnale
nbin|,lainis even when lh. diseases have
heuatansliugfur inany yeari, than.o*.
stuisbori. easel will yield. Price 50
nent* |seir Isox. "Fur aale by local dniir-
glste.' Or. Clnrka'a' Sura ,-Cijre. for
Catarrh, and Dr. Clarke's Siiie Cssre
for Ecxema, aame price. SIO* will he
|.a'rdfur any caw they.1*- will* not' permanently oun
The Canadian Chemical Company,
Peterborough. Out.', will.lorf.it 110 for
any case that then'pllli do not help.
'Dr. Clarke'i Sure Cure forf.'atarrah
and Dr. "Clarke's Sure Cure lor Eoif mi,
sain* price. Ten dollar* 'will* ba paid
for any can-they will Uot permanently
oun.S .' '.'.,,- - i
Dublin, Nov. 15-Th* Parliamentary
contest in Oalwsy. resulting frpro the
vaoancy in lhe House o( Common*
causal l.y the elevation uf Mr. Martin
H.-F. Morri* to the peri*ge. ia being
marked by a luccettion of Bghti wbieh
tlket' all'������: the constabulary ol the'
neighborhood to keep ihe contestants
wichin bounds. Mr. Horace Plunkett,
Uuioniat, formtr mt.mber o( parlhi-
rotut lor thi aouih dlyiilon of Dublin,
lounty, It opposing Col, Arthur Lynch,
who nrved on the Boer tlds* Ir; South
Attic*. The uta of fii-nrmtbatnot
yit bee,i rtported, but tilokt,- itonee,
bricka and bottln Bgure In -thtdally
encounten, Tht wlndowt and-doon
of |*r. huukftt'i eofemittn' rpomf
were imatlstd In during lha night",
The polioe have bnn obligtd on n��*ral
accatloni'to oharge with thtlr baton*
Arid dlspsrrsu the* moha. 'Thltv.lt*
lengthy )Ut of Injured p*opla..' -
The.City  srd S*n FrenelMb had ���
i HV m aivva  vm    na*  uivbvh < wwh ;   ������   -.���:    .���--*���*-������ .���***������, *���*      a. ���*���.,-��� ���Wit)
-. f.iiinJ t,**A mt ..,,i.\i\,-..,-4' npnetloo lha other day whenaoapttva;
s.nd Ihiny head  of  oaitle>lllieralid.: (j||l.o|)n -|lh  B,A  __;________,_,*_, ^eke
Mrs Pouudkeeper roun.l.d up the bunch /rom lit
at one* aud nfined.' to allow thi iom-
asny poianiibii of thein until hi* feea,
AUO, wen i-aid.   Tue C* P. R. put up.
mbpriaga and tailed iway.
After ea utievenitnl .toyage ol a couple
bt hourl thi runaway landed lately a
few milea out In the oountry and tha
tuition of tbe city wa* relieved. ,
���*-*���***���w ~ *     -  -a*-_:_.__*z-*i I   jfoor^cl-ilu jewf-���' '
li*j**t*-i s*n*ssjjma# amsrrni1.
yfMid *M ttwmtut ��M R m*** -*** ******* m-m*********** .......
irthT veryTKtnlt **f **t��va ^Si'.^'aSiffV^Wi^ Br. AfMW-< Urar tttt U* m-**f
"sMatak uwm" mmj^mtm* y^^*^.'?**^ ***'������*��� *mmf, ^jSSte-iJfJaK^u**n*JJi**r
Columbia River LuiyiBCfl 0o.
"':- "v:.:"'-' Fir and SpmitiLtolw,
MANUFACTURERS OF Cf^ $i||8,  BtC.V   ��� "'-
ALL KINDS OF. ...   '  "T ^Z-*:* ���'���������:���'; --���������������'A. ...
~- Rr Oiinension a;^ectalty^
h* Mills at Qblden, JeaVtjfW*\ ^alt. -k
Largest Capacity In tie Mountains.    Tarmg Cash.
nr.APQFFicK.   ' ;:; 1,;... ���;.-2": ''SSewJoy-v,,j. c. ���
1 w. t. iibus*���.ti "
ng Sash & Door
,.;,;,'.���;I>si>�� *n4 eJi**, Br***rt*t������* S^eclmiy.
"T*^^ " ii ���' . ���"   *  ... ]
sy-HjMiT|T,..F*jfti .il-IM.M.'l
Pellew-Hapyey, f ^S"*^
Bryant * Gihnan, Pr#vlnel(ll Arti^fc
iysfc mj Ha?*>iT,t a'.���b.'b.m-,������: A.I.m'.m
, E. Phimp Gn.-hm, a R58.M.F.G.8.
Tbe Vancouver Assay Office fare Testing Works
'.";''���'.   ''-,''..     E8TABL18HEP IMO.   : ���'���������' --.-'-''    -
���".; beporit on Mines md Metillurgical and Milling Preen**., /
��� '��������� ,   y-t'sPRClAyn: *aMPlRE Ind CONTROL ABsitS.-sjai
Vlotori* OIKm: 4 Vi*wttr*et(Opr*iite*l)riardH..rtl.) V<3nC6UV6r.
-   'Shipping tags Hiay be had free at the Era Office.'
Ufeja'ai  Ti-*-a
if iff: i'.'1'ji
��� e >  r.   , Bt jj
;        Golden
'  * VKOTEMBEB Khh, 1901.
Fo^ the Correet 8tyleg of Jewellry for %venlng
Henry Humphrrv, of I.ntvdsjn, pnt, supi.aatl
���.,-*���'    nensy nunspnn-., a, ,s***w, wh., .aiasspiiB
fn a.HsirH *Han *psilU-*ln. a tfhskllnf H hlni.'lf verv sarOntiy i���" 1 thltW f hsaantilsm Is
sjesatrsm'|t!tas|ilsng,wwlkwsxkHaqukkand adrtnon from th slower regions. Judging bjr my
vn.an.nl c re laliy magic.   It i��.ihe tine nKtsKngt btfon I began using Soma Aiswikaa
^ei|liesi*irs��i-so>s��flicNrt^vlr.a.��ihesTs-*n Rhs-umatleCss*. l^sirajreterihedthearoeg-
er ooaiinafloi   10
of ���upreaiaer and on which la ItiauHbsd tbe lit.  nt liolmenu
smrth,- -" fs> netser mlH"  TWilv mlnuin after  this grrst ten
l.s-h-r ih�� ��r,.l dose, tk* tick Kan torgeta Its  tnd ta
pusb,   Try it *   ��J     boille.;
l��**Ul"liiC.'..'vVl jKiild.' "..'." '" '    ��� ��� iSoldhyC.'W,
Thty are tyMna resMvatoii, Wood fareriSara.
TO* IneieeeaiH **rinu 'mt yo*.
KNliwy ''u*Am ttotOi a-MtiMti
tsUMl ���ui-** fey aMnrth Arnart.
:;-,Mff  sKfsfs-s-N*-, sDiir-i-ltl *is^rW|;
Kldsty Curt, tnd I can
lo Ihe long list of caret l^.. .
claltin. for I can work fats**** Aoyiia
aad not feel tired.   1 hid gMesSar,!*
but fat no help from thrni." .-��� ;**--
Jimf" 8sui1v*b, Chaibim. '
Itiviieveslarilliswrss. at
I**** Br-.rtir>ip*''TT-
li.lsvAtt^no^ta*i-ffi|2tJiMw-ui^-^ -ftfy ,,,,���, -���d (Uo*'I*, OM
l,Wl"in{a^ ���-"*'���"���' " b-nenttdtad BlmUlated I. Su|,l by C. Wi Field.
I tm of IlieU.   le�� pills la* vial, tjc 4|
[SuWby C. W. Field,
lubscriln lor the Era.
. u*^3^^^^eei*Htof
f>MtbiRleodi*e,ltnowon hit way
le^Htig'^tH^^'ia^tw^aop,,    .
la��a��af ib* mmSk* aouatr, a*t tl,.
^���^^^���^���������������AWI0. Ha
���^1.ll��-lnki-a.dayaBawtoo im��
..:H*n*gtt Charljw.^p^ornrf
froat-tuu.g ntimA^mnw^-n*
Ing whlen. tlmt H^ eaaltiunr, .
ooak anditwa vy*I|ort tnv,l\ti i^.KO */*
*)���***������- -|flisj>prrtatton' at'** found ttjsL
no&a*r\��,8��0,-|-wli^tngft^ i
'.   '*.'. ,.i..ms* ') '���������* -..,..  : *.'���
liiture ift- the-Tt-itaJt-j*) put *       '
'..'������ 'S-.\ '.-.���.':'-.
���r.   -f*
f**A\  /\*.     -J
������*e..  t      ��,;'
THE ERA, QOLDEN, B. C, November 22, IMI,
Asthma Q-ctipe f^ee.
Athm ilene Brings Instant Relief and Permanent Cure in all Cases.       r
JOU Till
*    WHt* Vtmr STlM-ae aad AsWr-Baa PUInly.
"Vm is nothing like .Asth-
"ma.o.'*'(' It bring,s .instatat relief, "even in the worst dases.
.1- 'Mi%% ,vhen*a1l .else- falls.
The Re. 0. F. Wtw.1. of V.II*,*Bldge,
III.. ia\*; ','Yout trial huttl. ot,Ar,'hmi.
llUS rtceived in gomlyoudliloif.. .^Cannot
toll you how illankfsil I fell for ilia good
'Mve-Wsfom It.   twat a alavejlalned
-with putrid ion throat and At hint far 10
' -ytln:   f dupatred of ever Mii-j ouied.
I aaw-your astirertlnnient fof thecunof
���il,fi." iivfcdful' ��nd;  tormeistjng'iiijetse.
Jktihin*. and'thought you h��dov*i|K)k��n
yourielve*. but i-eaolved lo give |i,J ir.��l.
' To-niy astoni.hment the trial acted like a
charm.   Send ine a full *ir,ed -bjttl*.
Rabbi or Cong. Bnal Israel',
���Vrlaw tokg, Jan. 8, 1901.
Dbs. Tait Bboi'. Mbdioihb Co ,'}
Gentlemen; Tour AathmalenelK.anei.
cellent reinedy for Aithma and Hay Fe.sr
..,.l-i.i and it. compptltibn alleviatta all trouble*
whioh ^combine with As.li.i.a. Ill *uoce*t iaj.astoiiisiiiiii and iVolisiertu).
After hiving it oarefullv analysed, vre can atate lhat Aatlnnaleiie contain* no
opium, iuorpbl��i*,'oblortWr;uor ether.,- -Stusjir" "ir-rv'���i-'uir,     ,���_��_',, '*,''
-        ' Avon Spbisou, NY, Feb. 1, 1901.
Da. T.i*r Bboi. Mbdipixb Co.j   ,--.- .    .
Gantlmnen, -I write thia testimonial from a ien*e of duty, having te*t*d
the wonderful elfeota of Athmalene, for the curt of Aaihma. My wife has
bnn affljiteil with apaanodio Aithma for the piat 18 years. Having exhamt
' el (nr ova Ikillai wall aa manv othlra" I ohanctil to an your sign upon your
window, oa 111 1th itraat,, New. Turk, I ito-ica obtained a bottle of Asth.nal.ne.
My wif. 0vnmancel taking it about tfce-*lil of Novomber. I very tpon noticed,
a radio*! ImprovVm'iit. After utlilg Ml bml* her Aathini ba* diaapiseared
and sh�� I* emirelv free from *ll *yinptoina. I feel that I oan conanielirl.v
recoininaud the medicine 'o all who are afflicted with this diatreasiiig diafase
Tsiuransjieciiyei^; 0. D. PHELPS, M.-^
Da T.trr BaavMBDi.iiSB Co: *   .   -~~*""' ������    .'j.^.
. Oemleia.,,,-I wa* troubled whh-A'ithiini for 22 vlarl. I.have-.ned
nnsrierds.. rem��iies. but they h'vfl'-all'talia-l' I ran aoron your ��lly��tMs��enl
ami etarse I with a trial buttle. 1 found reliel at onoe. I have since purchased
yonr full alas bottl-., and I dm ever grritefnl. I ba*e a family of fpurohildreii.
ami for��i* ve.rs I was unable'**..--*Wstrk- I am now in tin! best of healiri.and
am doliigliHainasa.very day. This testimony you c*n umbo such Use of as
you an tv.   Horn* address, 236 Bivlogtoi. S'reet, B: RAPHABi*.
ii ���'<���',.".    s37Ea��t 129ih*t, New York qj.y,
.   Di (wit ,Uit.   Write at We.aiUresslim.Dft. TAFT BROS'MEDICINE
.     CO. 19. Ki at^i h .81, ttdm^.ib Olty. *.' yarSOLD BY ALL DRU1JGIST8,
���"���'    '-   ~ '     "���    :��� . .  : |-,..fi"    ']'*;*    ,'   iV-'   "*���'"'*     f 1"  1
WOUNDED soldiers.   Soaroorowo.
s fi- I
Eleventh Year of Publication. i
Circulates Throughout the District.
Subscribers all over the Continent.
Prices       I
B6'asonab3 U
Examine our list and see if there is anything you requirt
in Job Printing.   WEPBIjJJTi
.  "'*: ENV^Ldj-ES
j   ' ' """���> ,    BTATEMENTSI
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fSfS . CtRCCLABfli '    v ..    ���;���:
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;,;      . . ',': ' '   D0DGER8 ,*. ^]
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���S    ���   '1  " .PROGRAJdMES   ���'���''''   '   *'^   [.
'V     *���   -jr.      ' VMITING CARDS. j*po.
ssjwsin   ss.  sasii
Ml -tiesMway, K.w T.rk.
IU a tvonderfol Irettmnt I* ��w of blind,
Uesidlna. licking aad ulcerating Kfet, Tetter,
Mt RsVassjia, &��M-head, ttltf-worm. Ectena,
Itch, Skia Ulcaclsess, Pltapto, Clrooic Hryiipelsu.
LimRpotsi Dr7Arasn��'aC)lntmfsitl..-i*clsdly
ettasaou. u ��� .Me eur*. - Apply It M&re rellr.
Sold'bv 0. W, Einld
Job'printing at th* Eua offlc*.
Otwapasiabl. !���> B. HU b, ��� apenlB.ll.
'   tan* ���*a>wks*>l. tlevv*  Dlsplajnl
* fcy ******** ��!����- Hswdln* 4MT a Paal.
I* a Muhvlll. Bsstpllal.
"Wounded men," tald the colonel, "wert
often niltundtntsxHl. Oeneral Fuller bl
Tolfdo told me tbat he never eipecttd for-
glnnesf fnr sat" hank lodgment cl hit.
In tbt midst of a battle be wn trying to
mop Ibt Sight ot panic stricken mon. One
man came atnnibllng along, not heeding a
word that wn nld to him. Indignant
and Impellent, Fuller, aa be came near
him, leaned' ftom hit bom and touched
the man witb his sword, nylng sharply,
'Oo baok,' tlrl'   Tht mtn looked up with
* look tbat nld m plain at word., 'lam
looking for a plan to die,' Re opened hit
bloun ind inowod a greet, gtplng wound
In bl* omit. Then be. dropped to the
groond. Tb* general dismounted as ss��n
a. he rould, Tsui stlnuwt n h* took Ih*
in��h*. head' tu bla arma tb* poor fellow
'-Some men when struck thnwtsd no
lign. I reu.en.ber un. Ulttlo fellow who
wn struok three timet' in aa many min-
ilea. Tha flnt thot struck bis right arm,
ind hi prsxeoded* to load with hit left
The neat thai struck him In tho Jeg slid
brought hln. to hit knee* He hid hit left
���rm up, ramming bomt ��� load, when a
bullet atruck tbat arm. Then he looked
np and sold quietly: 'Thtsy have a particular *pll* agalnat ma I guess I'll quit.'
And he dropped down."
���'We bid one man In our company,"
aald tha sergennl, "who was shot through
th* body at Saitoh. Ht wat carried off Itt
an ambulance, and tbe boyi tuppoted tbey
would never we him again. But tbra*
da*t after tha battle tht regiment went
Into cup not far from th. Held hoapital,'
and thll afternoon the men were tnrprlsed
lo tn Ih. man who had been Ihot ihrough
and through walk Into oamp, using his
rlH. as a cane. .He announoed that he had
had enough of tbs. hoapital and.-syoulsln I
go batik toll Thu i-eiilinoiiul surgeon
swore a good deal, Insisting that th*
wounded man ahuuld return to tho hospital, but tn the end agreed that lha plucky
-fellow ihould he scared far In th* company'1 quarters.. The boyi look grcat.cura
0! him. H. luiprnvctl rlpldly, a'ent on
duly as toon at bo wu able to walk and
wn f Ith the company lo tba end of tbe
earvlsjo. ��� ,     '-.'To.'.
"Other men who oouldn't bmi* physical
rain were greatly ironl-Jed by lluah wobhiit
���nil rccolvt'd Ism sympathy ihnn thoy do*
terved. Tho hard.*! ivu.in.ls to benr.saera
thun from spent lulls. These wore more
painful than the wsmnila Irom. tho bard
hitlers, hut mon .trunk by spent billIt'ls
receired no lynipnthy at pll For soma
reason It was oouiittal dlsreputahli tub.
bit hy ��� sjsent bull nr a splinter from ���
ruck, and ninny i.icn worried along under
the most pulnful wounds without going
to thu hnaj.ltal nr without ..von consul/lug,
tho .nrgeon Koine uf thesis fellows carry
the marks today und say nothing about
M-roti. ;,::   ' '���* '.. '   ���      il   "*
'���Tbl oiTlclul report of tho capture ^f
lisSoltoOt -niiHintaln," selti the uuiair,
"siatnt fhiitUfiiisr.il Wultur 0, lYhltiskisr
wna w.iuiid.-d, but ihnt-huillsln'f lent., tho
Ui'ld Thut Is nil true, but It Is rally .bisll
thuatory. . Whllak.T was ..lieu/ Ihe iniwl
Inijiotuous. drhlug ..lllt-crs (11 lhe army
lie wus a regular old startiier. Ho wit
pushing things In great sbapo In front
when hi ana atruck by* rlllu ball - H*
beoame deathly .Ick, and It was sujipss-wl
et Area that he wat fatally wounded. Tha
surgeons nnd some of his aswiclnie officer,
patbt'i-od .Isout hiiu.niiiloiiis and nerval's'
1*. surgeon opened thu geni-rnl.-s coat and
vest, looking for the wound, whleh scorned
to be In iN.tliilnlty of the atomaoh. Ht
found Iwtwoen tho vest and tho sunder-
clothing a rldo hull Ibat bad not broken
tno skin.
."He nld quietly, -A spent ball.' Tht
general opened hi. ryct tnd looked:up
wntbful uid Indignant, 'What't iliatl
What'i that! Somebody hit mc with ���
lisentballl 1 won't stand It. Bring me
my bnree.' And, fairly throw Ing aaid* all
th* people about lilm. tie sprung to hia
'.-of, climbed on hia hom, end, with his
clothing In disarray and hia hat bunged
on hia bead, started for the fn.nl, swoar,
Ing at th* man who bod hit him with a
ipent ball. But tho old general after thai
probably htd more lyiiipiflhy with tbe
men who wero ttruok by balls that aconinl
to fall from tho air or that oame with at
llttlt form et e itone Ihnwn by a vlcloui
boy. Sometime! theso woold Strike a man
on the foot and fairly erne bim with pain,
tjometliun tbty would drop on hit bock
as be lay fan downob tb*ground kicking,
up bis beele, and be wuuld wrlthu as
though he wen In tha aguiiaj* of death."
" Whil* 1 wil In oharge nf una of the
bnrpltali at Kaahrllle," tald tho surgeon,
"tht mott dlflluult ctici to handle were
Ihen IU which th* Mullen were Inlluensied
by hillus.tnat.ons or suporslltlons. Tbl
putlcnu ivem arrengnd In ��� largo hall, the
Cola In long row a, onendlng lha lull length
of the room Ono night a putlriit abuut
lialf w*y down the hall died Thiini'il
night the nun coining next In Use row
died, end the noxt day lhe third man In
order died. * Iminodhitvly No. A, 0 and 1
Insisted on beiug niuiial frblu the row
���nd they, were to wild abuut It that they
bad to b* moved.
"Ko 7,1 noticed,1 WM sqnltt, uncotn
plaining man oJ-esjuabsV ttuuper, nntl, loot*
ing that I must In somo way stop the
panic and break the Hnool supers! Rlout
dmd, 1 Wont to hliu and led .up to th.
point by asking thai If he hid any super
���tltloui nollont. II* tald n* had not
Tben | ststkod bim if ba would b* tatlaniid
to reiuntn *�� h* wm and eipluliiod thnt if
be did uot Intltt Upon bolng moved I cuuld
quit! tho tlolmuent Hi tnillssd and tald
he would trust htmseU tn Ihu unlnnky
row. Trifling m this circumstance waa
It' bast tb. greatest influunoe on the spa
tlent* In th* row Thry walohed thai man
tor two days with unllaagllvg luieroat, aud
ItWMtgresu trltllur Iku torn, whenever he wm lifted up by tbe nurse, * dutan
wild eyod men took Ing him over to see
whether death Wn on aim ur not, hut lw
���teed bli ground tnd 'Mopped tbs panic
Sle reodvered and hn* tasou.as hearty as e
uok e'vpr alnoe."���Chicago Inter Uuwn.
C.llMSM Dlaaar. -���
A Women who hat carelully studhd tnt
tffectt ot light at herdluinsn nyt that"un*
shttlod otntllo. lu high old l*t*hltiu.*d oan-
dvlabr* tbat branch out lu many dlrou-
tloni an abaoluloly the perlootiun of light
tor a table, end en, too, e moot becoming
light to tbi�������� ��f tbe C'sasta gaUwred
2221  . 'awv^Tj-rr
The term Is almost e niisnomer, now*,
days. For the "century-living crow" L'aj
been nchoolcd by experience. The scarecrow doHn't scare him. Investigating orui*
tholoflsts uy that he can tell a -gun from a
���tick end can count u$ to seven. Evidently
the crow baa
progressed from
the ignorance of
his ancestry.
- The crow ia ism
aome thing* la
advance of tht
human family,
There are scare-
crowa 'which
scared our
lS, grand fat her a,
^ and which ara
just as fearsome
to us. In spite
of the fact that
some scientific
say. "There'a
nothing to be
afraid of. A
scarecrow can't
hurt you," the
bulk of men and
women still believe the scare*
ciow is a powerful and destroy-
in j fetish.
This attitude
la most marked in relation to curtain forma
of disease. In diseases of the lungs and
respiratory organs, for instance, ft ia the
custom to .MB-ume that there is no cure for
tbe cough, 110 help for the hemorrhage, no
healiiig for tbe lungs. The scarecrow, Con
sumpi**vnr ia eet up, often taking the form
of some inexperienced and unskillful practitioner who deuiea hope or help to the
victim of disease.
Yet the records go to ahow that stubborn
soughs have been cured, that persistent
hemorrhages have been stopped, and that
weak lungs huve been made strong by
the use of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medicai
All tbe claims in the world for the enn
tive virtues o.f a m.-dicinc will not equal
'one testimony to the actual fact of cure
Thousands of testimonials like the following have been received from persons cured
of lung "troubles,"bronchitis, hemorrhage,
obstinate coughs, etc., by "Golden Medical
.Discovery:." ���,
��I was very ftick indeed." writes Mn. Molltr
Jacobs, of Helton, Kent Co.. DetRware, "nnd
our fitmih*-* doctor said I hsd consimii-tlon. I
thought I must die soon, for I felt so awiiilly
bad. Had a bad c-rmjeh, spit blood, was verv
short of breath; in fact, could hardly get my
breath At ill suinelimes., I bid pains la my
chest "and right liiiibT, also had ilysn.jisia
Before I took your 'Golden Medical Uiscuv.
.ery' and 'Pleasant
relicts' I was so
weak I could
nol sweep a robin,
and now I can do
s small washing. I
worked in the can- /
11 lug factory this
Tall, and f feel like
a new person. I
thauk the good
Lord, and also Dr.
ricrce for making
this good medicine.
,1 believe that the
.Lord ami your medicine hav** ss****-' . j
Ufe. 1 was sick over
two years. I took
thirteen bottles of
the ' Oolden Medical Dwcovorjt' and
'four vials of Doctor
Pierce's PelleU."
There is no al*
Medical Dlsci'tv-
rry " aiul it is t n-
tirely free frum
opium, cocain.',
aud all other uur-
Sometimes a
u'-aler wjll offer
s substitute for
the- "Discover:*"
claiming it to be
"Must as good."
The substitute
pay a him  more
P'ofit, that's why.
rotcct yourself
from unscrupulous dealers by
Insisting on Dr. rkr;e's Golden KcJIcil
Discovery. - -
_    31 CPUS' Y/CRTal
Of knowledge wouldn't amount th much,
you'd think. But fur just 31 cents iuvesfea
In onr-ceiit stamps'(to pay expense of mailing only), you can Jbtflin knowledge which
It has taken hundreds of y-ears and 111 ill ions
of monev to acquire. I*>r> Pierce's Common
Sense Medical Advtker covers the field /ot
medicine and hygiene -from, the day of
. Galen to the present hour. Tlie ioo3 pages
of this great work are full of facts vital to
human health and happiness, The book
b given away, bring sent entirely free on
receipt of stamps to pay expense of etia-
toms and mailing only. Send ,11 bnecint
stamps for the book iii paper covers or 5C
stamps for the cloth bound book, Address
Dr. R. V. Pierce. Buffalo. N. Y.
London, Nov. t4���Loid RoseUrv.
gprftkliift to-ni-ght in Edinburgh, ittid
ha did not intend to try to ircurp a
reform of ihe Houae of Lords ai thU
wm not n task for one individual but
on* needing a national impale*-.
"I would liko to eee," he continued,
"an experiment for/a year of a -sover'n-
ment formed entirely of b'ualnMe men
raooh it, for example, Mr. CHrneglt-
and Hit Thomas Upton, instead of
politician*. I would aak you are 11
getting: our money*! worth for the
money epent?- We ara beglnnlnff to
learn, a lesson tbat f reat-meaeurea
must Infuture be carried mor-^by bar
mony of contending-parties or by the
agreement v of belligerent poliiiolana
jhan by the overpowering' aacsnden'cy
pf any one fact lu the country."
I Continuing, the speaker said he
blamed no party or blamed* no govern
ment but saw around him question*
demanding, solutions and a general
apathy and impotence to deal. wi;h
theu. Political parties, he said, mu*;
on occasion-be willing to sink'tbsir
differences and te> forget who wae I n
power and who wonld get credit foi
the-mrrylitg out of meaoures if tho-,
wish'those meaanreH tj lisuained oat..
Siv�� Toar Snowshe Ttg8.'f-
The most popular brand of GLnwIti
Tobacco to Canada to-liy I* ** !*������>
���toll.* Every plug of.�� Vmy Boll��
lw��r��*'a ,,Biiowsboo"Tag. C-manme-fK
s'tonld *t(tvfe lhe*e'*tggt\a a* vaHmbtt-
prewits ht** given - fot^hem.-riWh^-
you buy M.^ny..nAll^CKew.lngTo-
baoco, .ask yo.Ut.Mealer for onr new
illustrated pwrtiiiun. cologne. Tag*
are good up to Jan.-d'*it|19C8.'
E3TAB   SHED   1877.
lNCOR��ORATCO   1008.
ajthqrizeb c-xriTjq. 1100.000.
For Downright Satlal*.tloa,
Shipment alter Shipment,
Ship four Goods to Va.
Full   Price,   ant- /mine-
' f ' .��*.**-*r ,"
ditto Payment Every Tlm*.
Bom CalahHthi* 24 Keere.
Write Ibr Prket. Make Trial
Shipment.   CmvUc* Yourself.
McMillan Fur and Wool Co.
200.212 FIRST AVE. N.
Victoria, Nov. In - ��yery in.licniiop
u;oes lo show  tbst the |iiemier Hon
Jains's Dunsmuir is maiiilesiinn a dls-
|iosi<loii to till urshisoabii et, aliliouuh
he sienles aliiolutely that the governor
list directed him tb do so'.   Yesterday
overtures   were,  madt to two pulilii.
men in this city, ot opposing ..political'
islens,   with  .  view to  lilling iii* llie
ciil.ii.ft vscsric'et.   Tl.rtew.re Lient.-
Col*. Prior,. MP..'ii lid  Mi*.  K.  Drjry
she Feileral I.iberul i:uinlidnip, u-hd'wat
l.-fi'iiieil in lhe (jenoral elections.    The
Inner n-iis offered nje'poat of provincial
ss'cretnry.     Alil.oi.cl.   I,e ' decliues to
,lis.'..ss llie mailer.  Col." Pi ior, it  is
understood, iold Hon. Mr.   Diinsniiiir,
,n reply to his  represeutiiiions, thai ii
wns irapossilile ior anyoiigsiipiiortini.'
tlie [res.ul Provincial Ooierument to
be returned in Victoria.   It is belie.veil
here, and with good grounds,'(l...tCol
Prior is anxious to lake over the pro
vincial |,re..sierslsip. although he tliinlis
lie I'OiiM not lie elecied as a *��|,|ior..r
of tl.e Dunsinuir Government even il he
were so disposed.    Is,  is even stated
that Iheaugiiestion wns* made lo Mr.
Dunsmuir ihat he drop-out,  nonilna
inn Col Prior 10 lhe Lieut. Governor
na his successor, bul that Mr.   Dunn
muir would not listen  to the sucnes
lion.   Col. Prior agrees, in  the event
of his formi -k a cnbiuet,' to mako it a
non I'srty one, ami it. is believed that
under* such circuinsisr.cet   lie   could
carry llie city.
i x;::t.i J. hi m
caia   50 ids.
There *re -people who (ny that the
benelit derived from the use of put-up
niedicine* is imaginary. It is not tlle
cate with Dr. Picrce't Favorite Pjescrip-
tion, which make* weak women strong
���nd sick women well. A woman may
imagine she's weak, or may fancy tlie t
lick, but her imagination can't aid forty
founds to ker weight. The -positive
proof of the curative power of " Favorite
Prescription " ia found in Hie restorat'on
of health which it recorded in tate and
form, of ttrensrth which can he tested,
end weight which can be registered in
pounds and ounces.
Tiie general health of women is to
Intimately connected with the local
health oil the womanly organs that
when these ere dieeaaed the whole bod)
suffers loss. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre-
tcription cures * womanly diseases. It
establishes regularity, stops weakening
drains, heals inflammation and. ulceration and cures female weakness..
���I am very srlad lo let *ot*iea- poor anffers-ra
know wht|t Dr. fierce', fficilifil'ie. have sloste
for rae,* as-rilea Mr.. Kdwl* H. Gardner, of
BMchwoosl. Norfolk Co., Man. (asm *o.) "Yon
know I wrote to vou l.s*t Mnsnser.   I read what
fonr rsMilktsie had Am* tar ataer 'fsSM-pl.. so
hniwht I woulsl try It, snd .1 founl ft was .
blnsaliis; t. me snd my family. I be*a. in Jnne
assd took .1. bottles af vosst meslidste. nnd flsrs-e
ssi-sla of Pellet*.' I took ratr mnUdne a year
wise* 1 had a ten-pouud girl. I hast lie esalnt
Ume I ever had with aay of ny three children.
I have beer. yer. well slim I took -nam- medicine. I look three bolt;., of ' F.,-oH��e Pro��rls>
Hon.'.three of ' Golden Medical pl--|-ssserv.' an.1
thsve vl.l.of ' Pellel..' t had no appetite nnd
csssld not ent much without it 'di.tre-salnst me
tsefor. 1 tnnk vtmr * Pavorite rTf*Kriflrwn.' and I
only, wel-rlied i*. possnu..   Now J welsxh .75."
Dr.. Pierce's Common Sense Medical
Adviser iB sent five on receipt of 31 one-
cent stamps to pay exjsjuse 9f -customs
tnd mailing onlv. Address Dr. R. V.
Pierce, Buffalo, N, Y.
Canadian Pacific
Railway asp two mxk.
Effective October 13th, 1001.
Train. *���'.._* Golden     ,.
EAST BOUjND,   -   -    ln:I0
WE8T BOUND,   -   .   10:20
Passengers booked to all Eastern Canadian and United Stales |,oii.ts.
Berlin reserved  on Atlantic, steamer*
for passengers to the Old Country.
Direct steamer service from
Full information and Illustrated Pamphlet's furnished on spplication.
Aa��n'. A G.P.A.,
Golden, B.C. Vautouvrr.
Church Services.
Services every Sunday at 11 a in. and
7:30 p.m. Celebration of Holy Communion 1st snd 3rd Sniida.is of the month
after Morning Prayer, snd on Greater
Pettivals tnd Holy Dsys st H a.m.. or
as may be announced from the chancel.
Ssinday School at 2:30 nm.
All ara cordially invites' io attend
tl.e service!,
C F. Yai si, Vicr.
Service every Sundty st 7:30 p m,
Sunday School slid Biiile Class .: ���
p.m. slsarp.
Choir practtc* ��very Thuraday ��ven.
it 7.
Rav. Jas. McLean. Paitor.
mvrnoiHsr church.
Services every Sniidav at 11 a.m.m.d
7:3. i-iii.
Sunday Schsjol At 2:30 p.m.
Pr��yer Meeting on Tiiesday .18 p.m.
.   Rsv. R.B. Laiui.uv, Pastor.
A. P. �� A. M.
A Mountain l^stg., No. II. A. V. *
A. M. rlegular s.'oniiiiunlitt.i.n,
aeeisiid Mo.isiay in every mouth.
Hsitoiirning brethren cordially invited,      ~.
I. H PARSON   8��er*t*rv.
I,  ��.  0.  P.   s
Reeky Mountain bulge nn. Hi meet, in
Mdlellssws H..II, (lolslfii,everv\V��lneisd��y
HirjB Writ, r
Ncsrnle Artlat
Honae llerarnlor.
L ��vt Orltrt tt Columbia Home, Oolder, B.O
1, lyaf-'- -
"Oefure buying Rails
elsewhere fret oiir
quotations oti'H, 1 \
16 lh. an I larger
Rails i n carload and
less than carload
Works; t.t*l.
Rlteco-taO'!. ...
Arni.troillt *V ..Mors*Ims:s.
���faoWnlstsJUrsa jtnnndsvj*,
Blaokamithe. Boi enasiktrt.
Fire was ditooverad in. the root of
Ur. John Pratt'* ro.idenoe, la��t Sator
dty, which, fortunately, waa' eatln-
giiithed before astu.ning serious pro-,
isorlloas. s
Ur. J. F. S.ulih returned to Kura-
loop* on Tuesday- after spending five
slays ill town ins', fueling Messrs. Price
and Hatch how to trim and prepare
iheir mica for inaiket. Messrs. Price
nud Hatch, together .with thoae inter
ested with liiem i.i the.nic*proper'its.
r* very graielul to Mr. Smii h - for
ioming to Ool leu at a great personal
suoriBot md doing everything In hie
s'Ow.r to aid and help local men to
market their preduot under the mo*t
favorable cossilition*. He freely and
������heeWnllv gavo thein iht benefit ol hll
en >ears'��X|serien(-e with mica ansl te
.ay that. MeswaPrisM and Hasten*'art-
.i.t-rs'ilaive i* to put this car* very
mil.II, siLih-eil.
B. V.
Vancouess.   Nov..21. ���Current   re
wrs'hiss ic iha' Mr ��. V. Bodwell. K
'*'. will bo'o(ips>*.d bv the Hou Ed^ir
Dewdney v*,lio ran aga-iii>t Aulny Mor-
ii��.n in ilie Wss.---Federal  i-lection.    It
is dither's,, id'ibat* sua).- Prist haa reebn'
siderad liis refusal io enter the Cabinet
andwill Itand for EiqiiimtH, wieif]
Mr.Pooley will retire in order ta opin
the constituency in hii behalf.
Man ufacttores and canieu in 8*-ock Lumber Harness,
Farm Harness, Double Carriage Harness, Single llaggy
Harness, Stock Saddle Ladies'Side Saddles, Halters, Riding Bridles, Riding Whips, Buggy Whip-*, Cattle Whips,
Spurs, Currycombs, Brushes, Snaps (all sites'), Sweat Pads"
Horse Blankets, Surcingles. Boots an I shoes ofall kinds
made to order., Leather goods of al I k ii ids tvpaii��A ;   ,
Pric.38 right. Mailoi-dersyf all kinds receive prompt
attention. ,.'   '���'-" ���- -*y--.��*.'".-. ."   '"^ ���'''!��� '",'.'''     ""���
Too Inch.
a *���*/*/*/&/% ./p/g/gi/Q/S. '���4t.>^t/%/eY%%/^-
tToxvn arid!District.}
*��* *'%&-,'*'.**. ������/*i*it--*iX  fWt/V-\
The steel lining for thsr Iniserial
Bu.k has arrival. Il weighs over .1.,
1100 lha '     -
Supt Thos. K Ipatris-k and Maa'nr
Mechanic Hull ef theO. P R, were in
town on Monday, oh their way baok
frosu a trip of inspection lo Field, ,
O'Viiig to the .'l-eis'ir. on osir local
column*, thi* wes-k. we have be...
ol.'lu'"sl to greatly reduce tha space
li*s mill allotte.1 to d'��|satch mailer.  ,,
Tu* driver* ot thsViriall* delivery
teams are k.|.t hsuy witb order*,tor
wove wod these dssvs. ' On. pi: ibeui
���tated that ther* wm* IMI order* wait ���
tug to Is. filled.   ' ,M,
A Riichie an 1 . Nl Inkwire arrived
iu town yeaierdaviwiih -./*" !ieads,f rattle f.o.n ihe rangee'of. the Elk Park
Rnssch and H. E. For.ter. These are
p.irt of ;he beef cattle purchased by R
(Oontinued from page i.)
Wh*n firat (aw the carving' fprk I
was about six feet away. He said ha
would drive it into me. He did not
attempt tellriki ine with tbe carving
fork. .'������'...
--Jamea   Pinkham,   sworn ���* Gave
'���ssrrs-sbatory evidssnsw.   The eilaroi na
non of this witness brought out-the
fant that Lamoniagne wae the aggret*
���Or and forced the fight on Buekham.
R. -Landell* gav* wideiKi* twit' no
naw faot* ware elicited.
R.'J; Starforth gave evidence of the
fact thai the first bios* with lhe table
fork Lainontau-ne aimed at Backbite!
cams, vwy nearthe letter's fai'iv
; For the defence. Hon, P. W Ayl-tier
gav* evidence to the faot 1 halt - bolwetli1
five tnd six o'clock he saw j*UfMaia-|B*>
and be gave.tin imyra^aion tbit he w����
andtr-rbe iuSnenaeofihijiior; /Wit
vVwild nol (wear po.iilv.ly "skai'tsui 'ht*
swonitil i<in. ,' i     -..,,,,
0. E, H.mllt^n.iw tisnont.untl*.
twten 8 and 9 o'silnvk. Hit had' beet,
drinking. .jt	
F, C. Lmg a Idresss*! ihe ma'istrate
J. Rsb'nsoii on hisrecent trip. ,.---,.
"for  th.  new 1TJrf>^ii^*1?,,*��?-*��i;*^l^.**b?r'" ���f^JSS^r?^
Tne contract _^^_^_^_^^_
hsiuse has Is-en lei, Mr; Jas. Henderson
signing tl.e papers thit wnk. Build
iiu operation* will be commenced on
Monday and pushed to completion at.
a* earlv a' dsit* -4 po��sil.le,
Mr. E. V. Bodwell, solieitor and
promoter ot lb* V., V. k E railroad,
ha. announced hi* inieutiou of oppoi-
ing ih�� Government candidate Itr th*
vacancy ll. Victoria canted by the
resignation ot Hr. J. H. Turner.
" Robt. Sanderton, a biidge carpenter,
* * brought in laat night from Roger*
Past suffering trom ��� bad cut inflicted
by an ad��* on hi" left shin. He le put-
Lug up st the City and Is* able to be e.
���u<id.-*'R.v*lstok* Herald.
Tin folliiwing gentlemen from out-
oi.tstda points cam* in to at'lnd ibe
hall on Wednesilay evening: A, M
Fis.khain. Re.elateke; Dr. White,
Band, Oeorge Weil*. Palliser; Mr
Rjliin-ion, England; J. Skinner, F.
Tiiuniiiis. Fielsl.
Majssr Walker wat in town on Thurt-
day, having been in lo vitlt hii proper
ties ou Moose river. He brought out
lhe men who have been working on
lhe claiina, owing io tht amount ol
���now which ha.i lallen Ihere. He i
well I'less.d wish tht showing of tkt
Mrs R A. Kimi'ton, of Windermere,
���tens aws-ek saitb htr sister,   Mn. R.
P.tinort, on hstr mnirii frtiu * irl|. to
���sseru point".    Mrs. Kimpton waa iu
the Temple ol Mu.io ai  Buffalo whsn.
1  Presidenl McKinley vvs* *ssa**inat*d.
,  ��nd   sa.is  th* txeit*in*ut   amumiied
al.nosi to   a   paiiio.   8b.  co..��.der*si
tsrself lucky  whe. the *,.i!e��eded, ii.
gaining the open eir again.��� ..Apail
'-Irom sllis'h.r trip an. * intHM .*mJoj-
aid. one- ' ���-    '
Tl.e Sanday Sehool Committee of t he
Methodist church sieve decided lo hold
thair umsal Ohrl*ima**jiirtll��nient iu
Columbia   H*U   on  (|hrl��ini��r ***,���
Thejr are pnttiug forth *v*rjr *fort it)
"""TimlM! 'b'* eniertalninstiiif larpara j��ll
oilier*.    ('(tmi'iii���'i"rr>' '*-*m* wi"
be givin to a" oWW""1**. al lha
Susi'ia) WNi��!l..��ho|sr��ve��uefci��^^
a��*i*l**i��i* '��� ih.Iatdse*' Aid*js��a-*��1n-
main In Ooiaher, and alii bfa|MMrl la
We aily oi them  *�����<> wll,h ** "������"-I
kj^v ����vicei tor ibii ouo. j
been forced on Buekham, and that-ihrj
accused, together witbSiatiH, followed J
BnekHam onl, and asked lor a fliulllig*
acedrding to the evidence,
Tho*. O'Brien, sfstleniw, ad.nliied an
assault, but olaimed thai then wa* tyj
criminal intent, iuasmi-ch a* h* mads
tb* attack with so insignificant.-' wes.
pon is a table fork, and therefore the
Offense w*> cpmnwp assault, which Ot*
defence sdssiitie I, and in consislswalion
ol tba trouble between SVniib, hi* part
net. and Mr. Bucklntin, ha ����ked (sure
verdict ot common aisnnkt,  	
' Judgm.nt wa* reeerved until'next
morning, -    '   ' s
Un-Wvl.-redWy nroririni! Lamontagsie
was brought ap for sentence, but 1st
fort it w.t protunnetd tht proaecu Ion
applied ihehav*lhem��t re-opened as
they wlshel to put In additional evi
derict. Mr. Orllfith denlfiied 16 allow
thll and proceed d to. deliver ttntenre,
He told Lamontagne lhat he had two
couriet open, ohe lieing to commit birvij
lor triel, tbe otber lo Ine bim. The
maximum penally waa ISO and cone
or ihree niontba hr jail, whioh penally
h.lmpoted, lb* eoai* lo include ihe
loctor's fee fcr dressing ih* Wound
whioh Smith iuflioMd on Bnckli.in'i
h**d. In addition h* would require
Lamontagne to ta* bound over to'keep
'be.peace for If month* with/ one
bond* man an* hrmtell to the amount''
of t-ioO'-aeh^jT ^^
t On Tniirnday morning iba charge
natlntt Jas. J, S.nlih waa- taken up.
Mr. T. O'Brien noted for thed*f��nse,
whil* A. M. Pinkham. ol Revelatoke,
isrosecuted. The evides.oe ol. .Tame*
Pinkham J A. Buekham. Or. Taylor
and H. J Starforth ws*taken, nothing
diBepmi.lrom the facte brought O'H in
Lamoiitigne'l oase being given. Tii*
siaaWrti. found ihst th. evlle-ies*
instilled him iu Fom-snis.tjng.lresec.issd
ro msnd trial at III* next aeai*. cOnrf,
svl.ich w.t d.sne, Mr 0'Bil��n reserr-
iug hi* d.fessee, and ..king for * oopy
of the evidence in order to make ��ri application for l>��i I.
is bound tn\-0tmi Itself
in your dress. The
clothes worit wT$fe'y-sSJO
are a hustling business
man will not do while
you are in society, v.
Clothes for business or
'   -��� pleasure made cori-ectly
������*���'��.. ';>r   itere       *i?ij..'. .'..'".'*"���'
Peimit us to take your m3asure for one of our  *
$22.03 Fall Business Suits to order Sr.
I ' or bur -       *     ,.,--.-'
$32.00 Evening Suit to order
then you can lie well dressed on either occasioh.
j; c; Ifoiyi &f)o. h
\A/�� have $15,000.00 too much
* ���   Stock which we are going
to turn into Cash in the . .  .  .
lilf $o DAYa
We are marking right down to
���0OST, ��ud many lines*' under
Cost In Order to make a quick
We will hare the goods marked down
land ready for your inspection
Look for'the stamp ������-���Carss Mackinaw "oili:
��� *  evepy.gaiinen.t.'.NM genuine without stamp. M
The bait wai very tiitefully draped
wii|i flag! and bunting, beerlag evi'
���lence ol etrtrlal and palnitakiog effort
on ibe pert of tbi dsmorat Ing oommlltt*,
while thaeJMt ot .lb* colored thadaf-J
whiclnuldsitd laa glare ol the gai,
waa la ktaptng wtih.lhe- general color
effect ol th*d**or��tion*.
��� Thi mmjo WAisiipplisr.1 by Mr. E.
ftsjH.'-.Wilklnia. of Calgwy, who made
hil'Srit apbtariiaaa in Oolden, aad
whsjaa ikill.ai the piano called forth
many ttkooalumt  Irom -ithe oTaBoer*.'
The eopper, whleh* #*��� laWed l��f.|
lhe conimodisrue dining room, ot tb*
Csviuinhia Hsn*e.-*a*ni pronooncavl perfect Ky ibott who partook caT therflairjr
a- tbe (.neaa-s Hotel. OoH*n, will be sold
by tbe proprietor on November DOtk, 1(01.
*-.', J. 0. URJUENI.
Oolden B.C* October tl lOT.    ;
���Zf ��� ['���'.
���Atinf-jhriaeelbHrof lb* Bbahl at* Lt-
"���  rem* r ���*��� Inn.it fcr th* UeMsn
Distrlet of Nortb-Ea* KeelenarleW bold Id
lb* .'oan Hem. Ottiem. at. t.o'��fc-li In the
' Des**��
R WWW;-aajlyMsijiW-JCgRett
 _____________________._��� ..-^in&Ff��
delmire provided, the t-aatJj*fnll'r'laifofj-e,5S!l,Stti
teblea appealing la tha artlitle eeaie*
w*ll* the Viand* **tlafiad tba aputtllij
for more mtltrial Ihiet*.
' The drawn* of the I*dls��,were not lot-!
���bly t**t*fu|, tbiwgh the prelabre tin-
ear local column* thi* wert terhlie as
making any Individual' maatlon.
Thsi' prouramma, -eonsisilBg  of .SO
Urit-Clatt AtiftliHta Ira
.  Replete in Every thing.
Bamgoo lb* only direct rent* te tba abet oa Toby, Hone ThWiod Ho, t
Oood Stable Aeeoinmo-Ufltm.  ;*-...".',;-'���
fiiKMt irantlf
x*i Clfars.  -
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ anmbers, wat, through ih.gobd oa'tarsi
THB HOSPITAL BALL. i pllli'; Wilklal iirtaapondlng to many
Th* ��nnn��l hall given try the Oold*n *Bs*s0r*a. quite Moret enotig^, ���jor if*
HiwpiiHl tlociety Is alway* looked for ~\**t *nihoiltttic ianer.' At-tt *in|j>
w*rd to hy the towniwtopl* ������ lb* par aatraa wisre plavel by Mi*. Well*,
principal sooi.l eventof ihi*ea*on. and'"-! Meaar*. 0. 'Wall*..and J. 8 Gibb,
ihe one held in fJbliiifAi* hari'aa W*-^fmVm "*r* "���"���J1 *n-w*<l- D<noiag
needsy evening fulfills^ the eipeota-' ������� kept uponril 4:+) .�� sis. and Ihen |
iio���.oiiuo*tailiudlng. , it waa "After tha Bull."
*f5iiKhmi��i' lktry--8\M-***tm Hoo*.,
^-**cJi.-s>r*^*.>-ir*v*.'��*rvv*��*iW'. *>*^-. *.*���>������*���. *><,;��.v.>'i��r*-. js.-a*r<-.-��-��sr-.'.
.asssassssssssssssssssssssssssVir        Y*"-   g
H*yor Horrla of Ottawa, who. wa*
rioenily eonviete-1 In tha *pollca" ooirri
iSf porohsslng llqusrv after hoort, it
'il��s*n*!Hls*d trom sSol'llng'hls poalllon
ss mayor ami osnrrot ha a -olwii��H*te.
S|.ln fortwoyeaya,
��� -    ���i"     ���" ���
'Imuri i'a.'the:IiBpeH*J[-fith-
Thoinas O'Brien,
���   BtrrlsUr, Solioltor.,  "',
NoUry PaWlerCon-ftyaiiMr, ste
- ; " *-s>*-'-i Y,'4-\\\%'*fi$f��;#i}��?.,
0*tt*\n Upper Oghrabia Itaitgalien 'linl
,-'��� ;' ,Ttaai��*y CetsjNMiy's Bafldiag,
o*U**'   S_ ": ,**v.
[���HwTMy.^arttr * Makkan,
Burrl-a*-*, a.ll.Hori, ��..
 w,***.:������-  ^^^^	
Room. Aluinder Blmk Golden S. C.
">". ,       HOT ANO, COLD BATW
""      d*r. , BpMlil rait* tor


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