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The Golden Era Mar 14, 1896

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Array f��
VOL. V.   Nr().
92 Peb Year
Must he cleared out to make room
for Spring Goods.
II. D. HUME,  Prop.
fieux Goods
Arriving Constantly
And My Stock In AU Lines
Is Very Complete.
As Having Adopted The
I Am Enabled To Offer
"A Drop
"In the Bucket"
doesn't amount to much,
but a drop in prices
amounts to a whole lot
to most people. That's
what has happened in
the Grocery Department
of tlie Mig Store on Stephen Avenue, Calgary.
There's no reason why
you shouldn't get the
benefit so drop us a card
and get more valuable
information on the subject.
American Silver Trusses
Hard Rubber Trusses,
New York Elastic Trusses
The Neilson Furniture Co
Will mail, free of charge, one of their
Illustrated Catalogues and Price
Lists to any person sending them
their address.
The   Neilson    Furniture   Co.,
Calg-ary, Alberta.
3pring is come, sure, I saw one ol
those insects extremely aniioyous to
both men aud beasts, representing the
culex genera, u mosquito.
Mr. Granger has for some months
been seeing to some work on a quartz
mine near Spillemachene. Hs came
into town this week reporting* considerable strike of recent date, a large
quartz lode thickly disseminate with
iron pyrites. He has had some of it
assayed which runs $13 to the ton in
The events for the coming week aaa
many, so look out for them.
Ciolilen, on tho main line of the Canadian
I'lii-ilii: Railway. ��t its connection with tho
steamboat navigation of the Columbia river;
the niiiioriil unit commercial centre of���astern
British Columbia s heudquurtei's of iiu Oolden Smelting works, tho Upper Columbia
Navigation Co., anil lumber Industry; the
outlet lor the widely known and far
t'aincd agricultural and grazing luud of the
Columbia A Kooteiiny Valleys ; unrivalled
for scenery of till kinds; the distributing
poiut for the richest mineral country on the
Iu   the   matter of   James M. Rogers,
deceased :
By order of the Ccunty Court of
Kootenay. sealed tenders for the purchase of Lot ION, Group 1, situate
near Windermere in the district of
East Kootenay, will be received by the
undersigned mul will be opened at
noon on Tuesday the 18th day of
February, A.D., 18911.
This is as tine a farm as there is in the dis-
trirt, III acres have been under cultivation
and are fenced nnd in igiited, 00 acres additional nro fenced and have been used as pasture. 250 acres are excellent arable land nud
can lie irrigated at a small expense. The
improvements include �� frame uwelling
house nud a lull set of outbuildings.
$1,500 may remain on mortgage for
il j ears ut 8 per cent interest.
For terms and further particulars
apply to iho undersigned.
Official Administrator.
dl4 Donald, B.C.
Alexander   Block.
Guillen Hospital Society.
From !):.'I0 a.m. to 11 a.m.
'���      2  p.m. "  4 p.in.
"       7     ���������'*���   "
Sunday  from   10 a.m. to  12 III., and
from 7 p. in. to S n m,
vism NO nouns.
From  2:1)0 p.m.  to  8  p.m., daily,
except Monday and Saturday.
Br Ori.rk.
hsilj, C_c_*j, P_-_a_ent*y Eestoroi
Weakness Nervousness, Debility,
and all tht train oi
evils {rom early errors
or later excesses, tha
.^results of overwork,
lick-ess, worry, etc,
Full strength, develop-
ment and tone given to
every organ andportion
of the body. Simple,
natural ucthoils. Immediate Improvement
seen. Failure impossible. 2,000 references.
Boo**, explanation and
proofii nuilta (sealed)
ET.IE MEDICAL CO., Bsl/alo, H.Yb
If calculations are correct this will
be our last issue, so good-bye, "God be
with you till we meet again." The
comet comes to-morrow.
They tell me, too, if we escape this
bane, we shall, 18 days to come, see
marvels revealed. It comes on Number 1.
Capt. Armstrong left town for Canal Flat last Tuesday. It is his intention to enlarge the boat plying the
Upper Columbia Lake.
It is reported that the Kootenay
House is likely to change hands in a
short time. We hope this is not altogether correct, as Mr, Hume will lie
universally missed as '-mine host."
The curling hns, I think, closed for
the season, at least such does the removal of the stones from the rink indicate. There were, I lielieve, a pair
of curling stones competed for which
were won by one of the tenderfeet.
Wherewith the Silver Button and the
stones he will I fear think he can run
Strange to say thnt in the persual of
ordinary events there occurred a ���
what shall I call it���prize fight, for
instance. I have seen those who witnessed it and they suy it took the
cake fur anything occuning in later
days. I cannot quite arrange who
the principles were, but the seconds
were 90.
Neither of the muses Euterpe or
Terpischore have favoured us of lute.
I'olyuiiiiu will of course come nt, Easter
as some of our church choirs will
Tho Presbyterian social has beon
definitely fixed for next weok,
The Town Committee in n body
visited the banks of the Kicking Horse
river on Tuesday last, for the purpose
of investigating the best wny to fix
the banks against the approaching
high water. We sincerelv hope that
something will be done almost immediately.
Wo have in onr midst some gentle,
men who left here last summer for
West Kootenay. They, however, do
not give us such a good account of thn
boom of thc country as the local papers do. This is I suppose because
they belong to East Kootenay that
land where all things go well.
Curling Notes.
The final in the Frrt Steele competition was played on .Monday night
between J. Rae and P. White, and
after a close and exciting game resulted in favor of Rae by one point.
The li) point competition was also
finished on Monday night. The final
wus between T. Todd and J. Rae,
Todd being victorious by lil to 8.
Thomas hits showed up remarkably
well this season for a green curler,
winning the shove competition and
holding second place iu the Points.
The Points Competition was continued on Wednesday evening, G.
Woodley taking first place, A. McLean
2nd. and G. H. Brock 3rd.
I'ublic Meeting.
A public meetiug of the citizens of
Golden will be held in the Kootenay
House on Tuesday evening, March
24th, at 8 o'clock, for the purpose of
electing a Town Committee for the
ensuing year.
By order of the Town Committee.
D. M. Rah, Kee. Secy.
Mining Tax.
There were a few persons, who its
spite of the opinions of the whole
press of British Columbia, held that
the amendment of the assessment act
would be only brought to bear on tba
profits of the mine in operation. This
was, however, quite a mistake, as the
Government has now so altered it that
the assessment will be on smelter re-
turns. The mining delegation from
Kootenay in connection with the pro.
posed assessment on mines hnd two
interviews with the Provincial Government on Wednesday. At the
second, the Government informed the
delegation that, that Act would be
amended and the rate made one per
cent on the smelter returns. The delegation is satisfied witb tbis and leaves
for home.
The effect of this amendment is,
thnt the tax will be levied on the
gross value of ore less carriage and
cost of treatment, This is a large reduction from ths Bill as introduced,
not only being only half the rata per
cent originally named, but also levied
in a manner much more favorable to
tho mines.
Church Services.
The usual evening service will be
held to-morrow in St. Paul's Church
at 7:30 o'clock.
Methodist service will be held in the
school house to-morrow evening at
7:30 o'clock, conducted by Mr. Robins.
Presbyterian service will be held
to-morrow morning in the school
house at 10 o'clock, conducted hy
Rev. T. S. Glassford, B. A. Wlte ����{->3ii ';*���-.��� ii
The il.lij..'....* ...',.'. is jr.,.....-in.,', over*,
Saturday morning i.i i.....'.��� ...it'll the cast
and west mill trains, also tliu uutil tor the
upper ������01111:1''.',   . ,.1 ,ni'���iui'e, -i.. , , tc
is tlie 0.1I y ., I i't*.'t.i.si..g .110 ..uu 1., llie j.e���,
ooteuay .iisti'i.'.i
Subscription II..;.,..: it_t.la.I put niililtlil 1.,
Advertiso iwuts nud I'liaug.is must l,e iu
the oliiee 11 al r .tar tit..n ,:.'., .11. uu . lu.rsiiiiy
to insure insertion.
All cash to lie pail tu -lis Miinnger, from
win.11 tlin Uo .1 vi iy's rHroipi will i��u 1I1 niued.
Advertise nun rates made kin ivi nppli*
catior 'o
Li- ujiilrjn riii fjiiMiiiij; C.-fip-nny,
nay   it  is somewhat different.   There
have   come   in   there oltl experienced
Imillers   from   the  States,   and with
money   and   experience   to back them
j they have at lust  brought the country
into a fair stage of progress.
Then again all prospecting has now
ceased that is prospecting to any degree. We hope however to see it survive again this summer. This is the
only material difference between East
and West Kooteiiny. Of course prospecting is roally hard work, if-proper-
l,r done I know of no harclor, still it
inviiriuiily pays to do it properly in
frict its tlie only way that, will pay ill
lire long I'llU.
SATURDAY, MAR   11, IbDfl.
Ir appears to tunny, anil especially
��� strangers coming into thn country,
strange that there should be so much
talk about West Kooteiiny and- with
the exception of a mine or two on the
south end, that East Kootenay should
be as silent ns the grave, and many
naturally infer that thor-o is nothing
worth noticing iu East Kootenay.
This is not the case however. Now
various reasons are given as the cause
of this, .nut all mav in a more or less
degree have a bearing on the ease.
But in un interview with an old timer
of East and West Kootenay, of in fact
British Col it 111 bin, which I hud last
week, I was rather struck with the
way   he   explained  the thing, anil on
'���consideration thought it-u very feasible one. Ho said : ''If you were to
mention to some of our prospectors
that they did not know the lirst thing
nbout   the   rudiments of   prospecting
��� work they would not he a little iiidig
naut, and that the country there has
not been prospected to anything liko it
proper degree they would he still more
indignant ami you could get a scrap
almost immediately if yon wished, by
taking up the subject and expressing
these opinions." Nevertheless it lits
the bill more exactly than anything I
know of. The country really has not
been prospected at all, for if it had
East Kooteiiny would havo had 11 different population to what it has at
present. With a few exceptions the
prospectors that are here are 1101 prospectors at all. they were formerly
ranchers, and after attempting to become rich by tlie discovery of some
mine of fabulous wealth they have
again settled down to their former
occupation, with the tale that there is
nothing worth hunting for in tho
country, and there is certainly not iu
the way they look for it. Prospect ing
isa business and has to he properly
learned and, unless so learned, all
search will invariably lead to ultimate
failure In the first place you must
know how and where lu hunt for mhiatal, secondly you must know what
you are hunting for, thirdly you must j
know unmistakably when you have
fjiiud it, and last, hut not least, you
must know how to show up your liutl
to the b'-sf advantage. Of course
there are rich liuds made, where the
finder had no option hut to iiml it, and !
���nay be suid, was not his fault, but
there are not many of those suattered '
through a thickly timbered cotintiy.
Nilie times out of tell in Ibis country
when 11 man has hy accident or de.
sign found a mineral vom, he goes
and completely ruins its appearance by
working it in some way, which will
totally hide the tiling which he wishes
to show. This is really a fact, he!
seems bound to do it and bo thinks
that th r fut.'s are against lilm. They
are sure. Last summer ue saw instances of men coining from the prairie, sanguine tiuit they would Iiml iu
British Coin 111 bin mines of untold
wealth, sum,' so far as thinking they
could live .111 tho minerals they had in
prospect of finding; they did not in
the least degree know what ihey wero
limiting for and do you think they
"iverj likely tcHlud it.   In West Kooto-
Golden should be a port of entry.
There is uo doubt of this, it is the
natural location for one, and besides
we badly stand ill need of one here.
Wa appeal' to be dead, or if not really
dead, iii such a chronic statu of us-
pliixia that it would be better if we
were dead that others may take oui
place who wciild get 11 move on sometimes.
We appear to lo very much interest'
od iu any war talk between u�� and the
United States and we fly to anus at
once if such a thing is but insinuated,
and here we rest perfectly contented to
see the great commercial war that is
beii.g carried on with them in the
southern ends of both the Kootemiys
and never make uuy attempt to fight
it. They like 11 leech are silently
sucking our life's blood from us and
we remain perfectly indifferent. Every
one turns from the subject saying,
well what can I do, Certainly, you
can do nothing by yourself, but you
can combine with others and form a
corps whose ranks would rot be totally disregarded when it directed a
well organised inarch. I do not know
what the peo| le of British Columbia
are thinking about in remaining siloin
when there is so much at stake. I
should have thought 100 that the C.P.
R. would havo been more forward in
promoting their interests t If it ti they
have in these quarters, Imagine the
difference it would make to them if
���li'iv held the control of transportation
between their main line and the boundary line. A trade once established is
not easily broken off. and ibe United
States are more and more gaining our
trade, they on the one hand are doing
everything���leaving no stone uiituni-
nl -to obiaiii our trade, and 011 the
other hand we are doing nothing. Du
you think we. are likely to obtain it
under such circumstance*.. It is our
duty us Canadian citizens to attempt
to obtain this trade to snatch it', in
fact- from our American rivals. It
does not of course make much difference to our Victorian majority in the
House. But it is of vital importance
to ns on the Mainland. The S.atcs
are eating lis up.
There are two things which will
help out this individual community: -
Better men 11a of transport between us
ami tho Southern part of tho district,
and making Golden a port, of entry.
Any person bringing about such 111..y
be termed a lieuefiictur to his country.
Wn AUK glad to note that lhe Pro
viuoiiil Government have somewhat
changed tlioil taut.us in relation lo the
assessment uf minus anil have now
added to the proposed aiuutiiliueuis of
the assessment uei the following:
"Iu arriving at the estimated viiluu
of the nro for assessment purposes, the
assessor shall (if the ore be smelted on
the promises) tuke into consideration
the cost of treatment, and in addition
thereto shall make an allowance for
expenses of mining of th rue dollars a
ton for each ton treated 011 or shipped
from the milling premises,
'���Every owner of a placer or hydraulic, mine shall, ul the end of each
year, bu entitled to a refund or rebate
of tho amount of taxes thai have been
charged upun the actual working expenses of the mine during tlio preceding season, us  then computed and de
termined, excluding all cost and outlay
which may bo pro,.erly chargeable to
capital account."
I have, only one remark to offer and
that is that their fixture of 93 per ton
ns expenses of mining is totally inadequate 10 --(iii the bill." Some may, on
extensively worked mines, only cost
chat amount, or in fact not that
amount, but at the commencement of
the development of mines it will bu
more likely to cost $13 thfcn three, and
it will como particularly heavy on
those for whoso Uruelit we should attempt to maku it light, viz., the true
developer of properties. It is at that
stage thu miner wants somo encouragement to continue his work.
Cm,. WAitlt-N has a very interesting letter In the "Dnilv News-Advertiser" of Saturday last, on the taxation
per capita of the different countries of
tho world iu which he shows that
llritish Columbia is taxed per cuf.it 11
'���more than double that f any of tli"
European countries except France and
still greater by fur than the taxation
which falls upon any Crown Colony."
it is about SJ1 per capita.
Tub Provincial Government has refused 10 guarantee to the promoters of
Ihe British I'acilic rail road, the subsidies they require, for the following
causes: -
'���It does not appear by the proposed
agreement that any arrangements have
yet been made for connection with any
lines beyond the eastern I otfudary of
tlu Province, so as to givo a through
transcontinental service,
"Xo definite ngrcemetil appears to
have been arrived at with either the
Dominion Government or tho City of
Victoria as to any subsidies towards
Hie building of the line.
'���No adequate capital has been sub
scribed or assured for the const rue ion
ol the litre or to supplement any subsidies whicli may be granted.
'���Upon these insufficient data the
Province of British Columbia is asked
to incur tlie onerous liability of issuing
bunds to the extent of six millions ot
dollars at .'! per cont. interest per annum, with 11 sinking fund added so
that they may be redeemed 11 a number of years to bo determined upon,
and the only security offered hi the
Company for safeguarding the I'rovince for this grave responsibility and
for the due completion and opei riuu
of ap; roximatoly (iio miles uf railway
is a bond from lhe Company for SirOO,-
UIO, with the additional suppositious
security of tho lands which are comprised iu the land grant attached to
aforementioned Ae:. of the Legislature,
ihe snid lauds being already a part of
the realty of the Province.
"The Government fully realises the
great advantages which might accrue
to the Province through the building
of the British Pacifio Railway as part
of a transcontinental system.especially
if ihu route of the line took the direo-
tion of the Pino and Peace rivers,
where it, is reported there uru immense
tracts of rich agricultural lauds Iii fur
.-enlenient. The Government also recognizes thu advaiitiigu of railway
communication 10 the Cariboo district
su as 10 open up the rich mineral resources of tho country, and it is sincerely desirous of furthering railway
construction throughout the Province
in anv legitimate manner which can
hu designated, but it would not be
justified iu Incurring a heavy liability
of what practically amounts to a gift
of six millions of dollars to be applied
to tho building of only a moiety of the
Hritish Pacific Railway under tho in-1
sufficient guarantees nnd indefinite
securities for ils completion and operation which sre set forth in the proposed agreement submitted.
Should   a   proposal  be made to.1 ho
Government showing that un adequate '
amount of capital would be subscribed
and  satisfactory guarantees provided
for the completion of ihe whole lino as'
set forth in the Act of 1889 and amend-'
in-* acts, and its connection on tho
eastern boundary with a railway system which would give the Province
through communication with the Atlantic ocean, nnd also if sufficient
guarantees were forthcoming ior operating the line when completed, this
Government will be prepared to give
favourable consideration towards
equitable assistance on the part of the
We consider this is as it should be.
The construction of the British Pacific
is of course of great interest to the inhabitants of thc Island, but to us on
the Mainland���apart from Cariboo-it
is much to our interest to fightaguinst
it. It only means heavier liabilities
for the Province, that is, our taxes
will be much increased, and God
knows our liabilities and taxes are
heavy enough now.
It is reported that Mr. Rithot has
sufficient power nt his hack to over
throw tho Government if they still refuse to reconsider their decision.'
The Fori Steel-! Prospector is indeed
quite a "kicker," but we hnve to thank
it for being implicit. It expresses the
desire that the Canadian Government
should assist them to lake the trade
totally from their own people and give
it to tbeii neighbors. The more "favored Columbia guts nearly Sf-,0','0 for
improvements,''so near that it amounts
to 92,500. Of course it should be
more. The Government is not so
short-sighted us it might be, most of
them are Canadians I believe and they
have the best interests of Canada at
The railway charter agitation-an
epidemic sure - is takingu very serious
turn now in British Columbia. From
every quarter of die Province you hear
of resolutions for or against some proposed railroad scheme. Tlie Columbia
& Western is now claiming serious
attention by some.
The report intidii by surveyor R. H.
Lee for thr Provincial Government on
thu cost ol making the Columbia
rlvur navigable foi steam boats from
Revelstoke'to Canoe river, is just to
baud and is as follows :
Canyon.-IniN.uhove Revel8toke �� 7.lil 0
Steamboat Rapids         l,f.00
Eight mile bar   ..    ;,fiOU
One mile below Downie Creek .    2,0(0
Priests and Death Rapids     u0,C( 0
Cariboo Rapids    lii.CCO
O.her places     f^coo
Total $82,C00
It hardly seems possible. Wo understand there are somo very wicked
st renins in it, or does this only mean
in very high water.
Wo dr. not I10W ourselves responsible for the
opinions oxpro-uod by our correspondents!
Claim .lumping.
Salmon River, Feb. 29, '93.
Editor Golden Eiu i
Silt,-Our legislators lire now ..til**
zliug their brains iu regard tu the
above. The press have several articles
on the same question. So far I see
nothing thut hits the mark. Tliere is
I might say legitimate claim-jumping,
then there is another class under the
same name that is a curse to any mining community. To reach tho latter
without effecting the bona fide miner
and prospector i�� the question. We
have a department of mines. That department was started at the wrong
end, for instead of first having a Minister of mines wo should have a department to ndihinistor. So far there
is no s'oii department. Tne Whole
theory ol the mineral not Is bitsod on
the .Placer Mining Act drawn np by
the  old  placer miners; a hard-headed
race   of   men.     Quartz   mining is  a
horse of another color, and the present
act is uot drawn up to fill the bill of a
live mining   community as the experience  in   West Kootenay proves.   To
strike   at   the root of  the evil and at
once  do away with illegitimate claim
jumping, which  is doing the Province
more harm   than onr legislators little
dream of.      In the first place do away
with this farce of assessment-expending one hundred dollars ptr year on a
claim   and   recording the same.   The
Government get no benefit from such
work   and   iu  a great many cases the
property   is not advanced one particle
and   the   miner and prospector is one
hundred dollars poorer.     Let a tax of
suy, ten   dollars, he  collected on each
claim for five years, at the expiration
of that time co much bona fide develop,
ment work to be done on the property
or pay   a line into the Government ot
, so mnoh  pur acre in lieu of the work,
i this would  give the miner and pros-
| pec-tor   a   chance  and   would   give a
larger   revenue   to   the Province, yet
with all  be inuuh easier on the miner.
In   the   second place instead nf the
.Mineral Act referring to the Gold Commissioner as he shall see fit, or to the
satisfaction of the Gold Commissioner
which our present act is teeming with,
wipe Oiat figure-head off the statutes,
the   very   name   smacks of the early
"fifties," for what a district like East
Kootenay   wants   with a Gold Commissioner I never yet understood, but
more  on   this question later, divorce
the Lands nnd Works department from
the   mineral   department and let good
live mine inspectors be appointed, men
who understand mining, for the average Gold .Commissioner of British Columbia knows about as much iu regard
to  quartz   mining  as  quartz knows
about tbem as officials.    They are useless to the  miner, whereas a practical
mining   engineer's   ideas   would be a
great benefit to the prospector, furthermore such nninspector should see each
claim and give a report on the same, a
duplicate   handed   to the miner, those
reports   put   in   uttriietive   pamphlet
form each year by our Government and
a few hundred dollars wisely spent in
advertising the same, not iu dribs nnd
dralis,but scattered broadcast amongst
t!re mining  and investing community
of the world      British Columbia as a
whole, *he mining districts in particular, would  go ahead with bounds and
the  miner   and  prospector would not
it   gray-beaded   waiting for capital,
I a-    t   mist be admitted our administration   is  doing   little or nothing to
make known our mineral wealth. Anyone   who   has   watched the press can
see  our   London   agent   pleading for
more   information iu regard to mines.
In   what   sanpe is o..i- Department of.
Mines to give this in forum* ion?- in no
shape.     Hottest editor, the child-like
simplicity of   asking a miner to bring
iu a pound of   rock to be forwarded to
Victoria   is   nonsense,   for no mailer
how attractive our capital may be for
some  of  our   legislators, but a small
per rent of mining men go there and it
would  be about as sensible to ask our
farmers to ship a turnip off their farm,
now,   if  I  wished  to, buy a farm I
would uot go much on that turnip 110
mutter  how  line  it  looked us there
would   he  a  chance  that it had its
growth on n manure pile, so it is with
mineral   claims.      What   would I do
ubout the farm if I could not see it for
myself, tho  next   best thing would be
tu pick on a man who knew something
about farm   lauds to give ine a report
on  the  same, on the strength of that
report   I would reject or make further
enquiries.     This   is    about   whut I
would   like to see our mineral department doing iu regard to claims.     Another point and 11 very simple one thnt
could   be improved on, is the posts on
a claim  this alone is enough to cause
litigation   instead of  a four inch post
tour feet above ground, etc , a reasonable post not less than three feet aboiu
''round.     'ihis   would   tuke another
plank from under the feet of the claim
jumper, and an old fashioned ducking
stool   in   every   mining   community
would also have a tendency to cool off
illegitimate claim jumpers.
W. G. Bo-rr. Notice to Taxpayers.
Assessment Act a���d Provincial
Revenue Tax.
DoxaIjD Division ok E.isr Kooi'-.nay
T.JOTICE is hereby given, in nceord-
** ance with the Statues, that Provincial Revenue Tux and all nixes
levied under the Assessment Act are
now due for thu year 18911. All of the
above named' taxes collectable within
thc Donald Division of East Kootenay
district, are payable nt my oliiee, the
Court House, Golden.
Assessed tuxes are collectable at the
following rates, viz. :
If jiaid ou or before June 30th WO"���:
One hulf uf one per cent on real property.
Two per cent on assessed value of
wild land.
One third of one per cent on personal properly.
One half of one per cent on income.
If paid after June 30th lKli���
Two thirds of one per cent on real
Two and one half per cent on assessed value of wild laud.
One half of one per cent on personal
Three fourths of one er cent on income.
Provincial Kriveuiie Tax 43.00 per
Assessor and Collector.
Application for Ortlflcute of Improvements.
Take notice that I, Walter Dainard,
free miner's certifloate No.47839,1ntend,
liO days from the date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for a certilieute
of improvements, fur tliu purpose of
obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further take notice, that adverse
claims must, be scut tu the .Mining Recorder and action commenced before
the issuance of such certllicatu of improvements.
llttud this seventh day of December
-gueitu-** (ttm'ii*.
Hon, J, A. IjOuohbed, Q,C.
.   MCCAltTER.
I,-tia-,;.<'��><!  A   3li'Vurtev,
Barristers, Advocates, Sol  iters, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Bank o  Montreal.
OAUIAltv, - N.W.T.
R.  J.   .IIU'CISW.V.
D.I..S. &  I'.Ij.S. for ll.C.   DOMINIONS
I>i-.-,iiglirsiiinii, Vnliiiitiii'.etc.CAUiAI.Y,
N.W.T,  Correspondence Solicited,
R.J.Jl*l>II80N, D.L.S..P.L.8. of ll.C. 'iOiit.
C.w.uakv, Alba.
Golden. January Sud, ISiPI.
In the Supreme Conr" of British Columbia, ru Connacher,���Connacher
vs. Pither.
Pursuant to an order of the .Supreme
Cnirr of British Columbia made in the
mailer of the estate of Henry Connacher in the suit uf Connacher vs
Pither. Toe creditors of Henry Con-
li.icher, hue of Golden, iu the District
of Kootenay, hot��*| keeper, deceased,
who died on oi- about the month of
January, 1895, are on or liefore tbo
first day of April. I89i. to scud by
registers,1 letter to A. G. il Spl'agge.
of Donald, lu the District of Kootenay.
British Columbia, thn s diciior for
James Stevens Conna-Iier, thu iilio-e
named plaintiff, the executor of the
deceased, their Christian and siirnumi'
addresses nud inscriptions, the full
particular., of their claims,,i statement
of their accounts, and the nature of
the securities (if any) held by ihem or
in default thereof they will be pi-ronip-
torilly excluded from the benefit of tlie
said order. Every 'creditor holding
any security is to produce the same
before James Ferguson Armstrong,
Registrar of the County Court at Donald, the Referee appointed by the
Court to taku the accounts and enquiries under the said order, at bin
chambers at the Court House at Don-
uld in the Province of British Coluinliia on the 8th day of April. I-.89, at
ten o'clock in the forenoon Iieing the
time appointed fur adjudication ou the
said claims.
Dated nt Donald, in the District of
Kootenay, British Columbia, this i.'ith
day of January, ISIMI,
Referee appointed under the said order.
WALTEli Daixaiui,
By his agent, F. AV. Ayl
Application    for   Ortllli'itt s of  Improvements.
Take notice that I. Thomas Jones.
free miner's certificate No 47848, intend
110 days from date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for certificates
of improvements fur the purpose of
obtaining crowu grants of above
,'\inl further take notice that adversi
claims must be sunt to the .Mining Record! rand action commenced before
the issuance of such certificates of improvements.
Titos. Jones.
By his agent F. W. Aylmer.
Diie.l this llth day of December.
Vot iee of An|��lloiltlo*n for *>rtllIi-:itov
of I-Mprovt'iiiuiitN.
ItSi-in-; B-jiigiitct-r,
<_ jUetallui'-riMt.
Reports ou properties a Specialty.
Golden. B.C.
Mining! Smelting
CO, (Limited)
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
SIMi'lli: AXll  l,AN't!ASr!lll  UIKKItAI.
Take  nn'ice that  I.   John   McRae.
rne   miller's    certilieute    No.   illl.i.'l.
intend,   sixty   days   frum   the   ihitt
he u if, to   apply   io the   Gold   Com
lissioner for certificates of  improve
'iniifs.   for, the  purpose of olitailiitig
Jniivii grunts of the above claims
And furl her take notice that adverse
claims must he sent to the Mining He
order, and  action commenced i-vfoii
lhe issuance of such certificates of im
Jottx MiRae,
By his agent F  W. Avi.MEIt.
Dated this 14th  day of  December.
lV!i����l����xnlt* nml Ketail ���
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Undertakers and
���   .   -inbalmers,
<'nl{f>ir.r     -     -       Albn
TELEOItAI'll   OllllliltS   PROMPTLY
A I'I'EN I.El)    TO.
, Silver fi Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H 3. ALEXANDER, manager
ate/vith  Misses Baiilow & Weir.
Portage la Prairie.
C'liui'f'li Service*.
The usual evening service will be
held to-morrow iu St. Paul's Church
nt 7:ii0 o'clock.
Methodist service will be held iu the
Sohool house to morrow evening at
7:110 o'clock, conducted bv Mr. Robins.
Presbyterian   service   will be   held
I to-morrow   morning   in  the   school
house  at    10 o'clock,  conducted   be
liev. T. S. Glassford, B.A.
that application will be mail.'to the
Legislative Assembly of the Proviu.ti
of llritish Coluinliia at the uoltt ses
sion for au act to incorporate a com
pally for ihe purpose of constructing,
operating and working deep tunnels,
drifts or shafts for the purpose of exploring for. ��� disi'i.'-eriiig, working,
gelling, stti'iiiriiig and recovering minerals Hit nntl! iii blind veins, ledges or
In les in the llttiiciiof K.isr and W. si
Kootenav. Yule and Cariboo, in the
I'rovince of llr,tish Columbia, i.ml for
entering upon and acquiring lauds lor
such purposes, and for collecting tolls
for ibe use uf such tunnels or work-
tugs by any other persons or companies engaged iu milling ami for nc-
qiiiring s,.cli water powers ur privileges, rights or incidents, as may hc
necessary for, or incidental or conducive to the attainment of the foregoing objects or any of them,
(124 at Applicant.
All  orders left with .Mil. G. B, Mo-
ili.li.'ioi' will have prompt attention.
oids'ii Hosp.ial Souieiy.
i'HK HOSPITAL is now open for the
,.111.11s.-.,1111 i.f patients.
TICKETS may be hud from the tinder-
-dcned or any member of the
PRICE Ten Dollars (ier year or Six
Dollars per half yeur.
VO EXTRAS except private wards.
G. F. P.iRS-J N
Job    Depeirtrr_er|t
���:o:~ OF ���:o:���
Wore cither
hnve Lc-ou el-
perfocteniio to wearer than by till other
ni'Vii'i'tromhlnt-il _ hey i etai*. largeit
Rupture ui-utir sovcreii strain. A aya*
torn oftlttlntrhRB been perfected tbo
I'������- infnrmatlon nntl freo Han-lbook writo to
U'JXS X CO., m ..ihmj-hay. Ni:w VuuR.
Oltk-"t hiireau for lecurltitf pttonta in A-merlcn.  '
i-'-.-.'i'' pntQttt ttikoii our, by ui ie brouglii beforo  i
t tie j'U'iii- by a iiniu'i. given iru. ot cburife tn tliu   ���
as ��� i-B-
I.an.l circulation of any nol-mtlllo paper in the
K'irl'l,    Snltriiillillv lllil-itriteil.    No  ililp]���l.'i'i.:
uutil ihotitq bn -vtihiiui it.   Weekly. M III' a
������ ��� tun-ix iiiniitii-   Atldrma SluNS .1 io^
V... siciu, juijiroaaaaf.Ktnt \\rk .-iirr.
IU.1 tiokfi-oo ���
Ltli���uar tl W��� luruulo_
The modern standard Family Medicine: Cures the
common every-day
ills of humanity.
Prompt anaarer and an lumen opinion, write to
I MI.'NN -��� t!0.. who have hail nearly llf ly years'
experience In tho patent tiualness. I nuiruunlca-
tlona atrlctly onnltflentlfll.   -" llnnrihonk of In-.
. I0t*motlon coneernnir* I'tlte.ita ���ij.1 turn- to obtain tbem aent free. A t,o a entatofue oi mechanical ana HclcntlOo 'iour.ii. ,ont free.
Patents taken thmiml. Munn - Co. reeelre
apeolul notice In the frienilflc American, and
thus are brouclit widely before tha public without coat to the inventor. This splendid carper.
Issued weekly, elegantly illustrated, haa bv far the
lamest circulation of any scientinc work in the
I world, ta a year. Sample copies sent free.
1 Building Rdltlon. monthly, liriOa year. Slnarle
copies, iill ceuta. Every number contains beautiful plates, In colore, and photographs of new
liousea, witb plana, enabling biilld.rsioabow th.
F.ac-rr Tim ���      l__H
.NTHtrWoaio ���   ������������
rwoM ths: tm plant to thi tw cug
" Monaooo" Teat la put np tf the Indian Ta
1-TOWt.f-i as a aaaaple of lhe beat qualitiao .if In���aa
Teas. Than-fiira ihey use th* r-���.teat care in lho
-l.xl.on of the To and its Mend, t���at ia why thi-y 1
pit it up themsel���-, and strll it only ia the original
n.-kne-ea, thereby .ecurinar ita purityand eacdlenre
Piit up in If Ik, .lb. aad | lb. pacatMee, tnd nntr _
��uld ��� b__
If your crocer doaa not heap it, toll him to write to
' n and 13 Front 8Uwa�� -aat. Toronto.
A Awarded
Highest Honors���World's Fair,
A pure Cr.tpe Cream of Tartar Powder.  Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,
st..:.;rr, prospectors , , rec.,',1 the siill.O |   COMMUNICATIONS.
���v'lich  will av.id trouble ,.rt,r,.i rj.-,
and  ar,!   o.iposrrl   1 1   the -{ranting of
wholesale   ,.i'i' i'o.'i's to indiutU.iils re
���jardill's waier ri-Jltf, etc.
We liear from a nun who oti-jlit to
know   what,   he is talkiim about chat
j) ritUh Cultiinbiii \ i I le viti el by
more minion in veal oi'K this year tluin
ever   before   in   its history or else all
! siens will I'.i.l.
are roreivin-r
'Capital on|*or I
1 all the K'ood I
1 have."    Uitf
��� als iu �� liich
LSG   :.'_���* VV.'-i.
Mr. Y mil���jr, manage.' of tho I I'.-ict.i
Oold Miles, Ltd.. and Mr. .Mitchell
Purser of the same, passed tliruugh
(.olden, on Moiii'tiiy. on their way to
the Co.'s gold mine ou Wild Horse.
They arc '-oiii'-" to coiiiiniriice active
hydrauliu oiiei'iitious as soon us the
������priii1' opens up. This is the property
that formerly belonged to Mr. Griffith,
who was iu tlie old cotihlry last winter. Mr. Young is Koin;" now 10 in
vestigntu the iiiine ami ascertain the
machinery, etc.. required, which lie
wiil obtain in Victoria and it is his
intention of pi.ssiug through here
again iu a few weeks.
Company iroiroiers
let lers f "in England.
to gel no H ('. Si'i
niotiey proposition:-! y.
deals and rumors oE big" 1
British capital is interested aro he-
CDuing more numerous every month,
anu it is expected that t'Orxt spring all
industries will be stimulated by an in*
tinx of capital. Engliili capiiiil is
determined to control Ihe entire salmon industry. If present contemplated ileali coirsumiiiaie, this state of
affair.- will come to pa.-s.
There appear to be some people who
douot quite agree with the views of j
Mr. W. P. Harvey, (late of Golden.)
expressed re metallurgy in the ll.C. I
Mining Record, and certainly some ot
his statements made tliere will not
bear close examination.
The Caiiiilian Pacific Rail way Company has established at Montreal a
mining department in charge of a
ca|iable consulting milling engineer.
Mr. J, li. S11ss111r.11, who is in charge
of this branch of the company's service, is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and has
done much practical work iu the
metallurgy and milling of lhe | recious
metals. Mr. Siissiniin will examine
and report 011 all mining enterprises in
any district through which the Canadian P.ieiliu puss's. If his report is
favourable tho company will do everything within its power to assist by
building branch lines, giving low
rates of freight, etc.
It is difficult to keep track of the
numerous companies being rapidly organized to develop lhe different re-
si.i.r cs of the Pioviuce. The organization of sonic of these, it is feared,
Will have but one result, to empty the
coffers of British capitalists and fill
the purses of unprincipled promoters,
but instances of this Iiinil are remarkably few and not so numerous as
might bo expected iu these nervous
times, while tho capital involved is nol
large. In view of the very huge mint-
Ier nf legitimate entcrpris.sunder way
one cannot conceive how it in possible
for liritisli Columbia prosperity to be
retarded another year, for million-: of
capital will flow in here next summer
to develop our marvellously rich resources. The fishing industry will
reci-iie a tremendous impetus; au army
of prospectors will disclose millions of
tuns more of our vast mineral 'wealth.
Lumber will recover under the influence of lhe big I'acilic Coal Trust, and
all other industries will boom from
s.' mpathy. There is not any iutelli
gent business man in British Columbia
whu does not predict 11 revival of trade
for this Province iu 18'Jri. -Commercial.
A Toronto firm are working a wet
oro proposition on Vermont creek, a
small tributary of the Spillemachcen
river. Assays giie all average of 121)
ounces to the ton.-Kaslo Claim.
The mining men of British Coluinliia
have succeeded in rganizing "The
llritish Columbia Association of Mining Engineers." The officers are:-
Presldout, It. C. Campbell Johnstone,
M.E., Vancouver; Vice-President, 8.
M. Robins, Nanaimo; Secretary-j|,, aj
Treasurer. G. P. Moucton, M.E., Vancouver; Council. Howard West, A. II.
Holditch, H. E. D.' Merry, .1. New-
lauds, E. Bellamy, and two others not
yet appointed. Tno association comprises members who tire actively engaged in mining ill tbe province, associate mem hers who are not profession-
al mining men but rue iuteientod in
the development of British Coluinliia
minerals, and students. The honorary
members nre: Col, Baker, Minister of
Mines, Victoria; Dr. tl. M. Ilu-vson,
Director 01 the Geological Survey ; Mr
B. T. A. Bell, editor cf the Canadian
Mining Review. The lirst. tegular
meeting will be held at Nelson iu
F. C. Gamble, Dominion Government Engineer, is in Nelson, on busi-
niss connected with his department,
during the week lis has been looking
over the Columbia river between Rob-
sou and Trail, and is milking improvements which it is ex pee ted will gieat*
navigation in the future at low
wati r. Twelve men are at work putting iu cribbing.
J. Miles has bonded the Majestic
claim, near Nelson, to Henry Symoiids
I of Calgary, The lirst payment of
$2,100 is due on May I next ami the
balance of the money iii two equal instalments   of 011,1.00 each on Nov. 1,
1 1801, and May 1, IHDT, respectively.
The Majestic is situ.tted close to the
Royal Canadian, Oil tlie hillside between   Eagle   and   Forty-nine creeks.
i Miles has spent a (coed deal of money
011 the claim anil there is n tunnel in
a considerable distance uud some ot her
woi ks.
.,���,., To ���' t or Sell.
The   Fort Steele miners know what
they want and are not slow to ask for A   comfortable   dwelling bouse tor
it.     Tbey   have     memorialized   the R,lle or t0 ,("''    Six room*'    S,able "-ml
Provincial  parliament, asking to have outbuildings complete, for   particulars
it take up the abuses of claim jumping, | a',l'1-*' t0 B- ���Lundoin.
delinquent partners' assessment work 	
and tho repeal of the act taxing miner- Merchants  should advertise for tbe
al   claims   until  they become wealth- good they can derive from it.     Not as
producing.     They  want a grub-stake philanthropists;   not   ns donation to
law   which will require persons grub the newspaper.
We do nol hold ourselves responsible for tlto
opinions oxpres.iod by our correspondents:
Donald. Feb. 4th, 189'i.
Editor GoIjUbn Eua :
S It, - I sea by a late issue of the
Victoria Colonist that the Kamloops
Board of Trade has unanimously pass-
el a resolution disapproving of the
periodic visits of the C.P.R. store car,
and asking Supt. Marpole to do away
with this injustice tu the local merchants.
Now if Kamloops feels aggrieved iu
this matter, I think Donald should
feel doubly so, as wc have the Company's storo planted permanently in
our midst, and we have lhe pleasure ot
seeing a giant monopoly competing
against merchants who have their all
staked in Mountain town. Surely this
is not fair and calls for protests from
all traders along.
Trusting this letter will induce
others interested to take np cudgels in
this matter.
I nm,
One Interested.
Oonnttl  Dolnga.
Donald-she do move. The latest
ndvance is the telephone, tor which we
have to thank Mr. C. N. Nelles.
Phone- have been put in at the station,
post office and Nelles House, and it is
expected that by spring we will have
a verv complete system. The Coin
pany's poles are at present use'd but us
soon as the weather breaks Mr. Nelles
expects to put up his own poles. Don-
1.1,lilts should however remember that
all hough it is amongst the possibilities
of tbe future, at pieseut you cannoi
have, cocktail sent by telephone.
A very pleasant subscription dance
touk place on Wednesday ever ing in
the Oddfellows Hall. Notwithstanding the coldi.ess of the night quite a
number were present and had a very
enjoyable time.
Tlie Ladies Aid of the English
Church is at present busily engaged in
making useful articles for a sale of
work which is to be held immediately
after Lent.
Among the novelties promised for
the Irish concert on the 17th are an
Irish Jig by a lady and gentleman
prominent in society circles, aud a
song in the old Celtic tongue.
Post Office Inspector Fletcher was
iu town last week on business connected with his department.
��� N-MO,
Public Siliiu.l Heport.
The   following   is the school report
for the month of February :
Pupils attending during month ���32.
' Average attendance   2 i.30.
110X01! 1101,1,.
S.'nior Fifth Class���
1 Aubrey Harrison.
2 Winifred Armstrong.
Fifth Class-
1 Jennie Wells.
2 Mary A. Kenny.
Fourth Class ���
1 Oertrude Fields.
2 Laura Kenny.
Third Class -
1 Mary Connor.
2 Malie A. Anderson,
Second Class ���
1 Emma Kenny.
II. Primer -
1 Lottie Woodley.
2 Oeorge Lore..
Tablet Class -
1 Harold McDonald.
Aubrey Harrison. Walter Houston,
Gertrude Fields, Charles Bubar.
S. Piiestos, Teacher.
McMii.IjAN-Yuu.i.. -At Golden, B.C.,
on Wednesday, January 15th by
tho Rev. T. S. Glassford, B.A.,
Mr. Geor-re McMillan, Galena, to
Miss Yuill.
jn Navigation  f-A
IQ & TramWav v"
& TramWay
During- the winter a stage will be run between
Gotten, Galena, Windermere, Thunder Hill, Canal
Flat, Wasa and Fort Steele,
Leaving* Golden and Fort Steele
Golden to Fort Steele 10 cents per pound
When the Company's liability is limited to Two Dollars -ier pound.
Special rates given on more valuable parcels.
Through $10.00.    Local 10 cents per mile.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;       F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
Look in the Pockets
Of any Ready-Made suit op gar-
\ ment you may buy and see that it
5 contains ono of Shorey's   Guarantee
l Tickets.   If so you   have Shorey's
!�� Clothing and the best value that is
5 to be had anywhere.
iz a**-** -fas'- 7* t&t&7s,tSitai*ai9a/��s,9ai*s/te/t&*$,'*t/��t/tvto/a\
Manufacturers of Sash, Doora, Mouldings
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets.   All sizes of glass in stock.
The Machine and Blacksmith Shop are prepared to do
all kinds of repairs as soon as possible. All sizes of Pipe
Fitting and Brass Goods on hand.
Wagon Repairs, Poles, Shafts, Axles, Spokes & Felloes,
Hickory and Maple Plank.


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