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The Golden Era Feb 1, 1896

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Array (       7  .'       ,
VOL. V.   NO. M
92 Per Yeah
Stock Taking
Must bo cleared out to make room
for Spring Goods.
H. D. HUME, Prop.
(INCOItl'ORATED 1070.)
The backbone of the winter is
now practically broken and we
must clear out the balance of
our furs or carry tbem over until next season. Carrying goods
from one season to another is
not our policy so please see if
what follows does not interest
Original price $io Reduced to $20
Original price $50 Reduced to $45
"      45       " 40
40       " 36
Original Price 935 Reduced to $26
Men's Persian Lamb. Beaver and other
Cups at 10 per cent discount.
"That Dead, Tired, Sore Feeling-,"
dispejjLiju nv usi.no
impson's Kidney Pills
Templeton, Ag-ent, Calgary.
Golden, on the main line of the Canadian
Pacific Ituil'v'iy, ut its connection with tbo
steamboat navigation of tbe Columbia river:
the mineral and commercial centre of Eastern
liritisli Columbia: headquarters of liu Golden Smelting works, the Ippor Columbia
Navigation Co., and lumber industry; ibe
outlet for the widely known und fur
famed agricultural and --razing l���nd of tbe
Columbia k Kootenay Valleys; unrivalled
for scenery uf nil kinds; tne distributing
poiut for the richest mineral country on the
arranged into shields and other figures
wus very pleasing indeed. In the
absence of Mr. Wurrsn, Mr, Brock
very kindly oilioiuted as fLor manager
and the only thing wanting ill the
suiallost degree wus a waltz-quadrille,
which are so generally popular in a,
ball room. The refreshments -which
were kindly and liberally given by the
Indies of Golden���were taken as tbe:
"Midnight bell,
Did  with his iron tongue and brazen
Sound   one   unto  the drowsy race of
I am sure all present enjoyed themselves greatly, and carried away with
tbem highly favourable impressions of
the members of the Ooldeu Curling
Club us entertainers. The programme
wits as follows;
Grand March
the   ...utter of
deceased :
James M. Rogers,
fines and Liquors Wholesale,
Drewiy's Celebrated Beer.
Just Opened Out a Shipment of
Hater Boots and Shoes
By order of the County Court of
Kootenay, sealed tenders for the purchase of Lot 108, Group 1, situate
near Windermere in the district of
East Kootciuiy, will lie received by tlie
undersigned and will be opened ai
noon ou Tuesday the 18th day ol
February, A.D., lHflli.
This is ns fine a farm lis there is in the ilis-
lri.-t, IH acres have been under cultivation
nml urn fenced and irrigated, (JO acres mid!-
tioual are fenced ami have lieen used lie pasture 2'*l acres nro excellent amble land ami
enn be irrigated lit ll small expense, 'llie
improvements include a frame dwelling
house und a full set of outbuildings.
$1,500 .uuy remain ou mortgage for
.'I -tears at 8 per cent interest.
IW terms and further particulars
apply to tho undersigned.
Official Administrator,
.114 Donald, B.C.
Klexander Block,
A witting of the County Court of
KoOjOnay will be held at the Court
House at Donald, on Monday tho lilth
day of February, IHJltl, ut 10 o'clock
in the forenoon.
By order,
J, F. AiiMsruosii,
Donald, B.C., loth January, I8!l(i.
Oolden. B.C.
Oolden Hospital Society.
From _>.-a0 a.m. to 11 a.m.
"      2  p.m. " 4 p.m.
..       7     ....   8   "
Sunday from 10 a.m. to 12 in., and
from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.
visiting minis.
From 2:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., daily,
except Monday and Saturday.
Br Ob-M.
Mr. S'appond who is representing a
bicycle firm is in town, so if you wish
to break your neck next summer you
had butter interview hlm.
We are glad to greet Mr. Warren
back again, he has -'been doing" the
cast for several weeks, New York more
purlieu Inrly.
Mr. McNeish who took u flying trip
lust week to the coast, including
Seattle, hns iignin left town to visit
his copper property ut  Spillem   bene. ;
What hns become of the pfopose I
bridge that Golden sought, has ii Ir i
swept away by the llood of conflicting
interests, imaginary ones! menu. The,
citizens of neighboring towns are attempting unanimity to obtain appropriations. Whv cuiinot we obtain
some ?
It has been almost definitely arranged that a concert will be held iu the
I.O.O.F. hall next Friday night, nt 8
o'clock in aid of St Paul's Church.
As this is the first of a series of four,
I hope the attendance will be us large
us possible, tbe admission is fiO cents.
Me iti.ui of this was made somo weeks
back but u continued run of adverse
circuuiftunot-N prevented tho arrange*
ment being made as early as intended.
The series of curling games between
Calgary and Golden ended on Friday
of lust week, White defeating Grant of
Calgary. The points game this week
resulted as follows: P. E. Young, 1st
J. Rae 2nd, G. H Brock 3rd.
The   Curlers' Mull.
The Second Annual Bull of the Golden Curling Club ���which was looked
forward to by us with so much interest���took place on Thursday, 2strd ult.
Desiring to show their appreciation in
some marked manner of Ibe honour
done theiu by the Calgary Curling
Club in sending two rinks lo visit
then, the Golden curlers gave in their
honour uu extremely ..ice Bull in the
I.O.O.F. Hall The ball committee
consisted of H. G. Parson, H. G.
Woodley, G. H. Brock, P. R. White,
and E. M. Innes, Invitations had
been sent out to thu citizens of the
neighboring towns to come ami partake
of Golden's hospitality, consequently
the hull was well filled. Tbe decorating of the hall was very kindly done
hy Messrs, Lang and E. M. Innes,
assisted by some of the other citizens,
and I must suy to their credit that no
pains were spared to make it appear to
full advantage;  the raised portion at
Two Step
Two Step
Higbl'd Scholtische Waltz
Two Step
utogu Lancers.
Donald  Doing*.
A public meeting was held in tha
Oddfellows hull on Wednesday evening, (loth) for the purpose of considering the questiou of appropriations to
be usked from the Provincial Government ut its present session. Mr.
Spragge was appointed chairman and
.Mr. Pitts secretary. After some informal discussion, a permanent advisory board consisting of .Messrs,
Spragge, Pitts, Beasley, Hobbs, Patmore, Forrest, Haines, wus appointed
to look after, from time to time, tho
needs of the district. It was then resolved io ask the Government for
f 1,100 for trails, bridges, etc., $1500
for the enlargement of the public
school and 8J0O for the improvement
of lhe streets of Donald. It wus
thought best to leave the apportionment of the $4,100 to the Board
which met the following morning at
Mr, Spragge's oliiee, where the necessary ...e.uoriul was drawn up aud forwarded to the proper quarter.
R. M. Goodwin, an official of the
American Railway Union, met a number of the employees of tbo C.P.R. on
Saturday evening ut the Oddfellows'
hull, and explained to theiu at length
the benefits and merits of the order.
After the lecture quiio a number signi
lied their Intention of joining aud
doing their utmost to push its interests. Mr. Goodwin enjoyed the rather
memorable distinction of spending 3
months iu jail last yeur for contempt
of court it. connection with the lute
Pull.nntl strike.
Misfortunes never cume singly. Mr.
John Hurt, wbo some weeks ugo lost
his house and its co.items by li.v, has
now u sick daughter ou his bunds.
The young lady cuugbt u severe cold
which evoutuiilly developed into pnue-
nioiiia. However, the doctor hopes
with careful nursing mid attention to
pull her through.
The  ivo.aius  uf   the    unfortunate
trapper   tibu   -ana   frozen   to .hatha
couple oi* weeks a-,u near liuaver, were
..,.._ .   ��'    ....   H. i'i,, ������. .I I brought in Suiiduy and bulled here,
the top ond wus artistically luul out us "
a reception room which added greatly  '  Miss Walker, macl-ci-of
to  the  appearance of the floor.   The-j Kartell   is  expootei
walls were elaborately decorated with  the end of ibis week
the kinder-
from the coast at
School will re-
the practical emblems of tbe clubs, and
the manner in which the brooms wore
open on Mojida.t
-;:__o. iilltr '
Tho y I'-ii-V
.Saturday uioi-uin.
and wast mail trtii
uppir ������' in. ..-,   ���
is ui
ooiuiiuy ai
EUA  i-
ily ad.
Subs"! itlu
AUVi\x Iti.
Advertiai a
the otneo
t > hisiiro i
All ca-r'i
who.a the
late.' lli.in I:.-.
p.iub, bod overy
i cntcli the east
ic mull for the
, run eiei'le etc
I'll, ,l!l   in  iill, ���Ollt
mist be in
'I illll'sdav
sen "a: rules
i|.i" II.
1(1-1,1 Iii "V
-it, from
vast for figures to convoy reulities to reached ns low as -4 cents a pound,
the ii.ind. When lire Franco-German The chief use of nickel tit present is for
war ended, Germany bad 570.0C0,. nuking un alloy it. the manufacture of
troops of all anus on French soil, steel. The very successful tests of
To day the regular peutse tooting of the ��� armor plates made ot nickel steel that
regular French army, without coiintiii)' , have been carried on in different couii-
fil, iilltt'il Era pVallihiili Cnmn,-.->y,
geudiirilleric or any reserves exceeds
by :i0,000 tho total muster of 'tho Ger-
iniins nt ..ho time ol their triumph, or
in other words ihe French and Germans have ut the present moment
ubout 800,000 iiioio professional fi,-ht-
ing men iu active service -now in time
of peace ���lllilli tbey bad iu tbo war of
1870, Thinking tbey in themselves
wero insufficient to avert a conflict
thoy   funned  alliances with oilier na-
tries have given a healthy impetus to
the prod uei ion of the metal. Thu demand ill the United States for nickel
will bo larger in.the future than in
the past, as that country has received
tbe contract for armor plate for several
Russian vessels, and the Uniieil Stales
will require u good deal of the metal
tor tho construction of its. own warships. 'I he Russians have decided ou
nickel  armor plate; the United Scutes
SATURDAY,   FEB.  1  I89G,
TllEltB is one phrase which is continually falling from the lips of most
ot us, it is "hard times," and without
doubt it describes our presDtit condition
ns fitly as we wish it to be describe,1.
We all know what bard times are and
to our misfortune realise keenly when
they come upon us. But what I want
to get at is: what are the circumstances that havo brought about this condition. It is evident thut they were
not always thus, or you wonld not
now recognize tbem. Its not the lack
of money that brings this condition,
its the lack of a ii.euiuin through
which it can be profitably circulated,
��� or in other words profitable industries. Now in East Kootenay we do
not lack natural resources upon which
to build these industries. One of the
two things that have retarded their
growth here is gradually dying uwuy,
it is ibe reduction in tbe price ot labor
Labor is tit course always balanced by
the cost of living, tbo cost of living
hns until of late been high throughout
the Province of British Coluinliia. It
is however, now, much reduced, unil
tho time is nearly at hand iu which
our natural resources will be rich
enough to allow them to be brought to
the markets of the world at lhe existing price of labor. Unless we have
enormously rich resources to counterbalance il high cost ot living, bard
times aie the inevitable consequence.
cliiiation to upset the balance of
power thus formed. The Emperor's
message bud a tendency to make England extend her sympathy to the
French alliance, but the rumouret;
alliance of Russia ajid Turkey iu an
offensive and defensive treaty will of
course alter the face ot tbe whole ques
tion, The news of the riitilicutioti of
the treaty of alliance between Russia
nntl Turkey, which could uot. but include the French Republic us well is,
it not ii3 yet au actual fact, at the
most only a premature announce...ent.
The formation of such an alliance is of
the very greatest importance and
eclipses any diplomatic event for years
It i.-j well known that the dream of
Russia and tbe aim ot Russian slates-
craft bus ever been the right of passage to and from the Bluck Sea. Ot
course Great. Britain will emphatically
protest against this arrangement and
should Russia persist it is difficult to
see how a coufiict between ibe two
nations can be avoided. Who will
I hen side with England and who with
Russia is the paratnont question''
Surely the world was never iu such
a critical position lis it is at lhe present moment, and thu issue is anxiously
awaited by ull.
is rapidl;
approaching and it behooves Thrifty TTouse-
i to study carefully where they can best*
lions. England, though more friendly I intend using it, und iho recent cublu-
disposed to the Dreibund than the grutu to ihis city from Germany is
French  alliance, has never showed an  evidence   that tho   German Empire is
going to adopt nickel stoel for its war
vessels. Canadian nickel will probably
enter into the construction of seurly
every warship that is built in the future. If the price of nickel can be kept
down to it low liguro, its use will extend to the miinufucture of a great
many domestic articles. 'Ihis is the
Held iu which the greatest quantity
will be used. Roue.it improvements
in refining aro such ns will cheapen
tne cost of production viry materially
and enable nickel to bu pl.tied ou the
market at a figure which will ensure a
very largely increased production of
the lneuil."
T.IF. C'.usl.innu.M recently received
by u Montreal firm from the Emperor
of Germany, asking it tbey could supply bim with 200 tons of nickel, has
caused some excitement to those interested iu the nickel industry. Why
nickel has not received more ultcntion
than it bits is an enigma, it can only
be   suggested   by way of  explanation
GllBAT Biiit.IIN is apparently the
butt ot thu whole world just lit present. They lire nil anxious to twist thullhM Canada controls the supplies,
lion's mil at this juncture. Even Bra- No'v tho rea*��" why it is uot more
zil is now extending that favor to him Kenerally used for domestic articles is
nnd makes an apology iu thecontro.|tbatnoonehM>,et(leviHed a" economic
virsy us to the ownership of the Island
of T.'illldud, She refuses to refer lhe
dispute to arbitration. Iu fact she is
taking exactly the sume attitude as
Great Britain did in tbe boundary dispute between British Guiana ami Venezuela, England is quite willing that
the affair be submitted to arbitration
but Brazil Hrivs no. Xjw what will
the great champion of the Americas do
in this case? Surely the Monroe doctrine is as applicable lo brazil as ii
was to England in similar circumstance*., I.i thut case the United
States irrin do no other than appoint
at.other noli! mission ami on force Brazil
to accept Its decision hy tho "proud
control of tierce uinl bloody war."
Tills  Incident mav cans.. the United
Stales to reconsider tho mortis of  the
idolized Monroe doctrine, or thev mn.V | l-n-ovin.ee; Unit  the mines in New Cule-
involve themselves   moro  than they I'-01'1*- clu,"ot nt all compete wl'h ours
want in the dispute of others.
smell ing and refining method, no
doubt if Euglaud had bad Canada's
nickel deposits wi'hiu her own shores
she would long since hnve invented a
plan fur its cheaper product .ou. There
are enormous deposits of ibis u.ei.il at
Siidl.i.r.i, Out.
Nickel is renll.v ontrof the most valuable metals we hue, ir. fact ,f a plan
can be uevrsed for i .-; cliCnp piuductioti
we tuny s'.v the mo-M valuable. It
does not coi'i'i'ii". .vh'i'ein it bus a decided aiivuiiiiui' over iron, It is ductile
very tenacious and .ru,...Lira uf welding.
Ii   is   iuipIj iinpluyu! unulloyid, but
some uf its allu.ts | issi-ss tetioil k.ilibr
leiisiile sir,!iiei|i, Ci. ,���.�� l'iu To.'o.Ho
World snys :
'���Ii is admitted thai the I est nlcltol
mines In lliu world  i.io located iri this
in richness or In extent; that the pro-
dre'io.i ef nickel in Norway uud
Sweden, which was ut one time of
Ir has r.i-.itN the opinion of tho some Importance, bus practically
world that France would liy at Ger- ceased. Canada is, thorefoie;. certain
ninny's throat as soon ns it seemed of raceivlng tlte benefit of any increas-
snfn io do so, to pay t belli their debt ed demand that may arisefor nickel,
���of sweet revenge���for 1870, and the The production o't nickel in theSud-
terror that some untoward incident bury district iu 181)5 was 'l,5'iti,54-ll,s
might precipitate lhe ever-tbreateiiing of which il, ]il8,_t>01b_. were exported
coufiict, has never ceased to haunt the  to the   United States by the Canadian
imagination of men.
To counterbalance tho-drcad of op
proacbiiig conflict each nation lias in
creased its Standing  army until at the
Copper CompMiy for refilling. The
principal of the remaining was exported to Europe. The most notable .'cat-
lire in the market   lately has been the
The copper market has for the last
month continued iu it verv unsatisfactory condition, u considerable increase
of prices was expected both here and
iu Europe, but this has not come lo
pass, neither can ic be accounted for.
After waiting for a tinner market and
being disappointed the producers show
more willingness to meet, the condition
and some business wus done at Hi* to
!);cts. for best Luke copper and Diets.
for electrolytic. Lewis & Sons lu
I heir monthly report says: "On the
one hand the demand for consumption
both here and on the com inc..i continues good, ii considerable business
bus been dune for India uud both
smellers' and consumers' stocks are
exceptionally small; on the other hand
American production increases, being
;t,4ri-.' Ions (or nearly iu per cunt' more
during November than the monthly
average of the lirst of the year, and
their home consumption has fallen ull
and is likely '.o be ou u much reduced
scale for the next four mouths, with
ibe result that exports to Europe will
be much larger than they have been
the past four mom ns."
Of course tbo recent war scares have
bad a very depressing effect upon ull
ihu metal markets except nickel.
There has been a slight advance iu
thu pricti of silver the piou mouth, the
demand being ch icily for European
accounts, it has risen from Go}, to UTi
owing to this rise the London firms
released their supplies, and the market
has still remained stationery ut tiie
latter figure,
1.1.A tl.
There has been u slight li.oro.ise lit
the price of lead aim the market is
'much firmer, quotations aro 3,02 to
8,0ft. The for jign murkut however is
not so good.
is much more active than it has beet,
for somo time and considerable business bus been done at 93,to,
The demand for   bismuth  is still in-
purchase their supplies and all the
Innumerable + Freity + Things
which go to make Dear Old Christmasa really happy and
joyful season Santa Cluus ia a little out of voice just
now. but for the last week he has beon whispering to tho
knowing ones that
Hc is actually taking the wind out of old Santa Claus by
presenting to his customers
A Handsome Present
delivered at their homes
Free   of    Charge.
Another departure which is puzzling old St. Nicholas
is that McDermot; has 'perfected arrangements to have
not one bnt
is a big lot of stuff, hut half of these
lust Le _oid before ictruary 1st.
to make room for hid
Immense Spring Purchases
Don't Miss This Chance of securing* some
of the Wonderful Bargains to lo_oflered,
Tqurscbiy Deo. l^th
.'f, Great Bargain Man.
A telegram from Vancouver says: -
"Thcrn is ������.rent excitement iii Vancouver to-dny over reports from South
Kootenay, 11.0., when-, it is suid by
coi,''.'rvuii11> men, that there havo
been 25 mines discovered which will be
Cecil Wade who Las been visiting British Columbia in thointorest ol
Huron Rothschild and llaron liirsch
who have some mining interests here j worth abjut a million each yearly to
made the following stuteinc.it a few their owners. They a.e mostly owned
days ago: "My report will be most j by jVniericuiis. Excitement was 111-
fiivouinble. I havo spent a month in j creased to-day hy the announcement
different parts of British Columbia thut silver wns going up uud the inland from what I have seen could not. mense silver deposits of West Koote-
do otherwise than report favourably, j ���Uy, running $100 to the ton ou au
We have two of the very best experts average, would come into the market.
at work uud another is ou his way ' Ou lop of this came news of satisfac-
oat from England.    I have with nie a \ tory cleun-ups of the Cariboo country
oreusiug   though the price has not yet I nugget which   contains $120 worth of hydraulic   mines,   ami,   to  cup   the
present   time   the  proportions are too steady decline of the mctiil, which l.us tjuuliiy
materially  risen   and   ...ay bo quoted
from il iiO to SI.70 per Ib. according to
gold and 24 ozs of silver. 1 tuke climax, word touched ihe city today
ubout 70 other samples from different from Ebui-n, u few miles from Van-
mines, couyer, that   while John McLeod was boring for water in front of tho
Methodist Church, he wits surprised
to strike fine flake gold in quantities
ut from 200 feet from the surface.
After galloping into Westminster to
stake his claim, hu returned to prospect, and found the gold run uOcts. to
the pan and wus the finest Hake quality, worth ��21 per oz, People in the
vicinity ure feverishly excited. They
Jolieve McLeod has struck the bed of
in old river, and preparations are
���oing made to honeycomb tho earth for
uilcs in the vicinity."
, Church Sul'vlc*.-*!.
Tho usual evening service will be
eld to-morrow in St. Paul's Church
t 7:.'10 o'clock.
Methodist service will be held in the
���hool houso to-morrow evening at
rjK) o'clock, conducted by Mr. Robins.
Presbyterian service will be held
i-morrow morning in tho school
3U86 at 10 o'clock, conducted bv
ev. T. S. Glassford, B.A.
decline may be arrtstr.il hefors ��-5���TT
Strength may be restored j powers wiie",
fc-ipov-rriSiV'd by youth's reckless over*lrn n J
may hi r-uvi^oratcd by our home treat-
b*Vl Ma '->��!�� Wi-a
jie-er hm its ci'a-lcl In the breasl-.of fea
Who hrr.ve weal;,-irtmken, undeveloped or
dlieasi-.'. - cans. The evil tliat men do
ti_ou--h ignorance in ooyhood and crrrirj
of ear'** uutuk-oj leaves ***._���_���$* c^c'A
���**-i ������*���. - - ��� ��� *.^**k r*>, ",*-, r"\
i _ ii.-..--*.'.:* a Uki-��'iJ
to vigorous rital'ty you digit be suctefreful
iu business, fervent ia Bpirit. Our cur-iva
*_ea.oi!s ere u-ifeilin-*. Writeforour boo!;,
������ PERFECT ilANIIOC-.," scut fret
-___-_* BUFMtO. K. V.
Coul it:
Appllcatlon for C'urtlScutu of  Ini-
Take notice thnt I, Waller Dainard,
free miner's certillcate No.47S89,iu-ieiid,
liO days from the date hereof, to apply lo
the Gold Commissioner for a certilieute
of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further tuke notieo, that adverse
claims must bu sunt to the Mining Recorder ami action commenced before
lhe issuance of such certilieute of improvements,
Dated this seventh day of December
By bis agent. P, W. Aylmer,
Application   for' Cortlflcut. b of  Improvements.
Al. claims.
Take notice that I, Thomas Jones,
tre* minor's certillcate Xo. 47S4S, intend
l!U days from date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for certificates
ol improvements for the purpose of
obtaining crown grants of above
And further take notice that adverse
claims must be scut to the Mining He-
con lit* and action commenced before
tbe issuance of such certificates of improvements.
Tikis. Jones,-
By liis agent F. W. Aylmer.
Dated this llth day of December,
@xx&ixxs*& ffiovJis.
Hon. J, A. Louoiiebd, Q,C
. McCahtbr.
lj-an��'!ie<'il   A,   IHcCarter.
IWristor.s, Advocates, Sol itnrs, Notaries
Etc., Ktc.
Solicitors lur Ili.nk o Montreal.
B.  S.  JEVRmS,
Druiightsiuiu., Valuator.etc, ('A I,IIAl.Y,
N.W.I1.   Correspondence Solicited,
R.J.JBPUBO.V, D.1j.S.,P,L.S. of II.C. -Out.
(JAIjOAKV, Alba.
Assoc. Mem. Inst, C.E.
Coohkane, Ai.nA.��� Ft, Steele, B.C.
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses ior Hire.
IVJioii'Niile nntl UCetail
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDfiN,  B. C.
S-]       E. DEWDXEY,
JTORIA, by theGrnceof God of the
United Kingdom of Great Britai.
und Irohind, Qo-b.-j, Dofeuder of
the Faith, &c. itc, _c.
onr faithful the Ministers elected ti
serve iu the Legislative Assembly
of Our Province of British Colui.i
Ida   at   Our  City   of Victoria -
I. EiiEitrs, 1  M/HEREA**
torney-General. | ���" We are
rous and resolved, as soon us ma.i
ro meet Our Peopleof Our Provider
ritish Columbia, mid to bare tiieii
co in our Legislature :
OW KNOW YE. that   for divers
es and considerations, ami taking
consideration   the ease anil con
>..co  of   Our loving subjects, Wc
r thought  ti', by nud with the ud-
of   Our Executive Council of   the
inco of liritisli Columbia, to herein voko, nud  by these presei.'.s on*
you. utul   each   of   you, that on
sdiiy, the  Twenty-third   day   of
mouth of .January, one thousand
hundred  and   ninety-six. you
Us   in   Our said Legislature or
anient,   of   Our said Province, in
-nv of Victoria. FOR THE DIS-
HI   OF BUSINESS, to treat, do,
ml   conclude  upon those things
iin   Onr Legislature of  the Proof   British   Columbia,   hy the
ion Council of Our said Prov-'ncc
by tbo favor of God, be ordained,
rnsi-iMiixv Wll-ll-OF Wc have
uisoil theso Our Lutters to be
itulo Patent, ami tho Great Seal
! the sui.I Province to be heretin-
i affixed ! Witness, the Hon-
irable Kulak DmntNl.Y. Lieu-
mint-Governor of Our said I'ro-
nce of British Colnuibln, in Our
ty of Victoria, in.Our snid Pro-
nce. this liftii duy of December,
tbe year of Our Lord one
oiisund eight hundred and nluo-
���livo, nnd in the llfty-llilith year
Our Reign,
By Copiiniind.
liu Provincial Secretary.
Xotlc.- of Application fnr rertlllcritcs
of Improvements.
st.iir'oi: ax:i tiANiiAsrcn jiinei.ai,
Take notice that I, John McRse,
free minor's cirtilicnte Xo. 3,45,',.
intend, sixty dnys from the date
hereof, to apply to the Gold Com
riiisr-rroiur for certificates of improvement!., for the purposo of obtaining
Crown grants of the above claims,
jVuil furl ber take notice that adverse
claims must be sent to the Alining Recorder, and action commenced before
ibe issuance of such certificates of improvements.
John MoRab,
By bis agent F  VV. Ayi.meii.
Dated ibis Mib  dav of  December,
that application will be marie to'.he
Legislative Asrsi'it.hly of the Proviuci
of Hritish Columbia at the next sea
sion for an mil to incorporate n coin
pany for the purpose uf i-oiisti'iictiug.
operating and working il��'|i tunnels,
drifts or shafts for the purpose of exploring for. discovering, working,
getting, acquiring and recovering minerals situate iu blind veins, ledges or
hides in tlie |) .-Uriels of East nltfl West
linoleum-. Yale nml Cariboo, in the
Province of British Columbia, ami for
entering upon and acquil'lng lands lor
such purposes, and tor collecting lolls
for iho uso of snob tunnels or workings by any otlier persons or onm-
paiiicfl engaged in mining and for acquiring s ch water powers ur privileges, ri'.'his or Incidents, as may bo
necessary for, or incidental or con-
iluoive to the attainment of the foregoing objects or any of tliotll.
J. SMART t% CO. (
Undertakers and \
���   .   Embalmers,
Calgary     -     ���       Alba
T-lj-QltAFII    OltllEKS   I'UOMl'TI.V
ining I Smelting
CO, (Limited)
Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H B. ALEXANDER, manager
lute with  Misses Baki.ow & W-ltt.
Portage la Prairie.
All  orders left  with Mil. G. II. Mir-
DWilli)r will bave'proiupl ulteiiiion.
'<*;-'**""��� Woonif'?' '���-^"-'otv
uU.uwii  .juOUjIui  wUuiwtjf.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
uii.uis.-.iuu 1,1 putieuis.
TICKETS may be hud from the under.
signed   or    any   member   of   tho
PRICE   Tun Dollars per yeur or Six
Dollars per half year.
XO EXTRAS oxcept private wards,
U. > . PAiiSQN,
��� r   i1*}'-''.''   1 ir1 I    31 (  r'T^    '
>��iitM.*~.v fab*I ���.
Annul   for   ATLAS    INSURANCE
COMPANY <if   .Vlniitreul. mul PIKK  j
MX    .mil    .11 'he ],ruii'ii..iI ci iiij.jinres
I'epl'i s.ru;e ! ill Vh.ici u  it.
AI.-HI  .-ilKN." Fllll
a. .-.). 4i.i x k urn, I'm.-.
.'X .
Oil! A: .i   u liii .-oc. .U
Job    Depeirtmer|t
���:o:��� OF ���:o:���
J-li    law
d34 st
i " 8 "__",rri Iff-) F* tfon cwnr'i
���jJPTUgE featt?^
111 �������� i �����-���-�����������__���_���_������_��� Trussei, witii
PorJortoniia to wnuror than r_y ail other
da it 4'4��-i>iiiii>in-'<i xfauy.dtAltiianjeBt
Kiiitiiri- ii'tuT HiH'i'rwi Htmlii. (V_yu-
tem ol*httlnif linnbiici pottoi.t-.il the .
ins: Jiff yoni'8. fully oiiun1 toporBotml /.
exiiminntlon '** imill.   87 ; atom.   / ]
, iNKittC bUW.,l��ft��U!0,
Tlie modern standard Faiiiily Medicine : Cures tlm
common cvery-day
ills of humanit".
CtW I OUTj-iIN A PATENT �� Por a
SK-WL'S'Sff and un hone-.r opinion, writo to
al I N > .V C.'ll,, who tiavc hat. nwirlv flfty yonr*'
exnerlonoo In tno nutent bOBtnals. I'liirrinuniira.
tion; mrlirtiy cotiad.wilal. A Ifnilillioiik ot In-
formation conoaruloji t'rrt."". uid bow to oh.
talii tlwi.i -ont fn'o. A r-i n cau,:, Ruaot mecaiuj-
Icril and aoleutifla boo';   ������ u fr, !���
I'atontr. tnkan tnronah M_ia i Co. rerolvo
fPi'cialaotlcoiiifhor . ��� i rr' ��� , ."ipirir. inul
t"UB aro brouvhi widely KI ,l it.'io puhllovrlth.
out c-rmt. to tho inventor, ' h a-r.-n ' paper.
Issued weekly, eloeruitly um , ���... hat by fur tho
liii'irirst Olrpolattofi o( nnys-    ...me work In tho
. �������� .iu iiiiuts, unnean'f Doiriioratii.rinwi
"KS"S5Sili~,-l ���mJ iecuro eoairai'tn. AiMiroa
MUHS A Co, Saw Souk, am lnauuwAT.
''Monsoon" Tea is put up by the Indian Tea
grower-, ns a -ample of Ihe best qua]itiea of Indiaa
Tea*. Therefore Ihey uaa Ihe greatest care in the
selecU'on of tho Tea and ita blend, t���it la why Ihey
put it up themselvea and Hell It only in the original
packages, thereby securing Ita purity and exceltenee.
Put up in it lb., i lb. and j lb. pa-ugee, and narar
sold in bulk.
If your grocer doaa not keep it, (all him to wriu ts
11 and M Front Mraat East, TorsnHb  ju Awarded
Highest Honors-World's Fair,
copper pre.-, but the .yreat btijr-beur at hall of last Thursday, and to see the
pro wit Is the distance from any lame large number assembled amid such
lnrkoton whicli to pli.ce our proline- sitrrotiudii.-.s, occupied in si.iue of the
t'011' merriest   of   children's games was, to
Lij.iii Onus.
A purr: Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.  Free
from Ammonia, Alur.i or any other adulterant,
Now if the ores contain appreciable
<|iuiiitiiiesof gold or silver, it is goner*
ally 11.ore iidvis.ibh) to convert the
copper into a initio for.11; but if they
contain none of iheseum! are corn-para-
tively free from deleterious inetiils (as
arsenic, antimony and nickel) it will
I* more economical to produce from
theiu the black copper direct, if they
however contain ihe above mentioned
deleterious metals it is advisable to
convert the (-renter portion into matte
only and some into black copper which
will contain most of them and the
matte will he produced comparatively
free from them. Alter this thu success of the smelting opera) ions depends
mainly upon the proper composition of
lhe charges placed iu the furnace, and
here it is that the experienced metallurgist is indispensable, for it is bis
province to determine the proper compos ton of ihe smelting mixture, and
this he should be able to bring about
by the admixture ot the different ores
receive I with as Iii tie '-dead fluxing,"
as possible. A mixture of the ore so
as to make a good tiuxiug compound
is termed 11 standard orii. To bring
about the standard by the ores as
brought in without using fluxes is the
great desideratum iu .smelting, for it
costs nearly as much to smelt .1 ton
of barren llux as u ton of ore.
The terms wet and dry ores are
generally much misunderstood. A
wet ore is, generally speaking, one thut
bus ,1 lurge percentage of copper or
lend, say _T, per cent and upward of
copper or 40 per cent uud upward of
lead, though there is no line of demarcation, for any ore containing less
than fi per cent ol either metal is called
a dry ore, therefore, si to speak, between 5 aud 25 per cent they are
neither one nor the other though
smelters do net pay for the lead any
ore contains if under 5 per cent, so
Ibis may really be called the line of
In lhe charging of the furnace it is
found best to charge alternately with
layers of coke and ore, proportionately
the eh urge of ore 10 the 11111011.it of
coke used; generally 1,'iOlbs ot coke
will be sufficient to smelt 700 to 1000
lbs of ore. The filler the ore. of course
the finer will the coke require to be,
tho proper size for the ore and coke to
be is about thc size of 11 hen's egg.
The furnace is blown iu and lho
proper charges given ; the cop|ier is
taken out as either black copper or
matte as tbe case may be-this of
course ull depends on the lluxini-, the
difference iu producing bluck copper
and matte is the different degrees of
reduction tlie ore is submitted to, and
this is brought ubout by the reducing
materia! fluxes.
I may add that the smelter Golden
now possesses is a water jacket furnace (or Piltz us it is sometimes called)
and though erected more particularly
for Galena ores with a few alterations
is equally adapted for the reduction of
Lend does nol occur iu nature iu the
liitlive .-.late except on very rare o,:ca-
s.oirs, it is generally combined wiih
sulphur, uud various other elements as
arsenic, tellurium, selenium. Lead
oris .'re easily distinguished from
most of the other of the mentis
by their high specific gravity but ibis
j is not always the case us 1 bey vary
from ii.5 to K.ii and their softness.
Another distinguishing feature too is
the readiness with which 11 globule of
lead can he obtaiued from uuy of the
ore before the blow-pipe on charcoal.
This ore which is very common in
East Jiooteiiay generally occurs in the
formal ion of a cube, ils secondary
form is sometimes termed steel or culm
galenite according to the size of the
crystals. It is useless to describe the
mineral us it is the most abundant iu
East Kooteiiny and all interested iu
mining are perfectly well acquainted
with it. Its composition wheu pure is
HO.5 per cent lead and li).5 sulphur.
It never occurs iu the pure state, is
nearly always combined with silver or
zinc or some other metal, and this
combination with the former is called
argentiferous tialeuiie. It is of curse
the silver contained thut makes this 11
valuable ore, and though it is really
found without any silver it sometimes
contains it in such small proportions
(hat the silver will not balance tbe
refining expenses.
I have two tpecimens which I keen
as special curiosities. Both of them
are from the sume loculitv, in fact
from different parts of the same vein,
and are exact y alike in appearance,
you cannot in any way distinguish
them without a determination. The
one enrrvs $f>,2C0 of silver to the ton.
from the other you are doing well if
you can obtain a trace. In addition
to silver.galenite nearly always carries
some gold. Percy says that he has
rarely found a lend ore that does no.
contain gold. This however is not
always in appreciable quantities and
the recovery of the same could only be
accomplished at u loss. As this ore is
the principal one yet found in East
Kootenay I shall give a short description of some of the chief deposits
found here.
The North Star mine, which is at
present the lamest shipping galena
mine in East Kootenay, is situated in
the foot hills of the Purcell ramie of
mountains, 20 miles from Fort Steele
011 the Kootenay river, and 175 miles
from Golden on the C.P.R. There
was not nny considerable amount of
work done on the property until thie
fall though it wus discovered und loomed three years ago. A good wagon
roud has been made Irom the Kootenay
river to the niinr. Active mining
operations were commenced lust Sdp-
teinber by the North Star Mining Co.,
of which Mr. D. I). Mann is President.
Drifts were run at ri;ht angles to the
main shaft, at the commencement of
the year over 2,1/00 tons of good ore
were mined and placed 01. the o.e-pile
which assays $75 lu the ton.
(Tojje Continued.)
On Friday there was found, after the
ball in the I.O.O.F. hall the following
articles :
A silk umbrella.
Pair of glove,.
Considering that there are no flies
at this season of the year- a spider in
the shape of a pin seems out of place.
Any person giving a correct description to Mr. Miller of any or all .he
ubove urticlcs will be rewardeo.
Children's Party.
On Tuesday night the members of
the Curling Club gave a patty for the
children in I.O.O.F. hall. The decor-
ntions were still untouched after the
say the least, a happy sij-ht, uud fortunate indeed are those who possess a
spirit of such potentiality that they
can cast olf the habitual thought concomitant to a moro advanced period of
life ami ind ilge witb real pleasure in a
hearty frolic of juvenile ���.nines, I
may mention one game which wus
strikingly enjoyable. "Gathering nuts
in May." Another feature uud not a
small one of the party wus that
many of those of piper age who cume
to witness thc juniors enjoy themselves, ufter 11 time were permitted to
prolong tl*) occasion by having a
iluuce, the music being kindly furnished by the Missus Harrison, Lung and
Wells and Mr. E. Plowright.
& TiamWay
During the winter a stng'o will be run between
Iu the Supreme Court ot British Columbia, ru Com.acher, - Connaclier
vs. Pither.
Pursuant to an order of the Supreme
Court of British Columbia made il. the
.natter of the estate of Henry Cou-
nacber in the suit of Connacher vs
Pither. The creditors of Henry Connacher, late of Golden, iu the Distr.ct
of Kootenay, hotel keeper, deceused,
who died on or about the month of
January, 1H')5, are on or before the
lirst day of April, W.)>, to send by
reiristersd letter to A. G. M. Spragge,
of Donald, lu the District of Kootenay,
British Columbia, tbe solicitor for
James Stevens Coiinaclier, the above
named plaintiff, the executor of the
deceased, their Christian and surname
addresses and inscriptions, the full
particular:" of their claims,11 statement
of their accounts, und the nature of
the securities (if uuy) held by theiu or
iu default thereof tbey will be peremp-
torilly excluded from the benefit of the
said order. Every creditor holding
any security is to produce the same
before James Ferguson Armstrong,
Rugistrar of the County Court at Donald, lhe Referee appointed by the
Court to take th-j nuro ..its and enquiries under tho said order, at his
cbiimbcrs.it the Court House at Donald in the Province of British Columbia on the 8th day of April, 1HHS), at
ten o'clock in the forenoon being the
time appointed for adjudication 011 the
said claims.
Dated at Donald, ill the District of
Kootenay, British Columbia, this loth
duy of January, IK!) >. ,
Referee appointed under the said order.
Notice to Taxpayers.
Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
Donald Division of East Kootenay
KjjOTICE is hereby given, in accord-
" lines with tbe Statues, that Provincial Revenue Tax and ull taxes
levied under the Assessment Act are
now due for the year 1HS)!|, All of the
above named tuxes collectable within
the Donald Division of East Kootenay
district, are payable at my ofiice, tho
Court House, Golden.
Assessed taxes ure collectuble at the
following rates, viz. :
If paid on or before June IlOth 189(1:
One half of one per cent on real property.
Two   per  cent on assessed value of
wild laud.
One third of one per cent on personal properly.
One half of one per cent on income.
If paid after June aOth 189(i-
Two-thirds  of  one per cent on real
Two and One half per cent on assessed value of wild land.
One half of one per cent on personal
Three-fourths of ono per cent on income.
Provincial   Revenue  Tax 13.00 per
Assessor and Collector.
Golden, January 2nd, 1896.
Golden, Galena, Windermere, Thunder Kill, Canal
Flat, Wasa and Fort Steele,
leaving Golden on the following- Tuesdays:
November 12&26.
December 10 & 24.
January 7& 21.
February 4 & 18.
March 3, 17&31.
April 7 & 21.
and leaving Fort Steele on the alternate Tuesday-.
Golden to Fort Steele 10 cents per pound
When the Company's liability is limited to Two Dollars per pound.
Special rates given on more valuable parcels.
Through $16,00.    Local 10 cents per mile.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;        F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
Small Investments.
Returning prosperity will make many rich, but nowhere can thoy make su much within
a short time as by successful Speculation in Drain, Provisions and Stock.
$| f\  FOR EACH DOLLAR INVESTED can be made by our
I U       Systematic Plan of Speculation
orb-muted by us.   All successful speculators operate on a regular system.
It is a well-known fact thnt there are thousand* of men in ull parts of the United States
who, hy s> steinatic trading through I hicugu brokers, iniike largo amounts every year.
ranging 11 oin a few thousand dollars for the lean who invests a hundred or two liunilred
dollars up tu $50,000 to 81111,000 or ...ore by those who invest a tew thousand.
It is also a fact that those who make the largest profits from comparatively small investment* on this plan are persons who live away from Uncage and invest tir rough brokers
who thoroughly understand systematic trailing.
Uur plan does not risk the whole amount invested on any trade, but covers both sides,
so that whether the market rises or falls it brings a steady profit thut piles up enormously
iu it short time.
WHIT- FOR CONVINCING PROOFS, also our Manual on successful speculation
and our Duily Market Report, full of money-making pointers. ALL FK���E. Our Maiural
explains margin trading fully.   Highest references in regard to our stimiliug aud ��u -est.
For further particulars address
THOMAS & Co.. Bankers and Brokers.
2*1-242 RlalW   'uilui.ig", CHICAGO, ILL.
Manufactures of Sash, Doors, Moulding*
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.
Have on Hand a lot of Wash Basin and Bath


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