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The Golden Era Oct 17, 1896

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\/*4ti&*%t *0t*t*X*
VOL: VI.   NO. 11
92 Per Yeai*
Just to Hand.
Going at Very Low Prices.
ALL   TO   BE   HAD   AT
Watch,]iClock & Jewelry
in the best style of kthe trade with the
least possible delay. Mail and Express
orders receive prompt attention.
Watchmaker and  Jeweller.
-Holden, B.C.
Opposite the  Columbia  House.
"A Drop
"In the Bucket"
doesn't amount to much,
but a drop in prices,
amounts to a whole lot
to most people. That's
what has happened in
the Grocery Department
of the Big Store on Stephen Avenue, Calgary.
There's no reason why
you shouldn't get the
benefit so drop us a card
and get more valuable
information on the subject.
The Neilson Furniture Co
Will mail, free of charge, une of their
Illustrated Catalogues and Price
Lists to any person sending them
their address.
The  Nellson   Furniture
Calgary, Alberta.
Golden, on the main line nf the Canadian
I'nirifiir Railway, at its connection with the
steamboat iiavu-atiou of the Coluinliia rlvur;
tha miueral anil cuninieri'ial centre of Eastern
Hritish Columbia; headquarters of tli* Golden Smelting works, the 1'p-ier Columbia
Navigation Co., and lumber industry; the
outlet for the widely known and far
famed agricultural and grazing land of the
Columbia A Kootenay Valleys; unrivalled
for scenery of all kinds; the distributing
point for the richest mineral country on the
ever. Will be some one else's (tain.
The hospital management have been
fortunate in securing the services of
Miss Holt, who comes highly recommended and with a large experience as
a nurse from Winnipeg.
A Hibernian gentleman, who wal
asked the effect Of the sixteen to one
policy in the United States, says that
if it succeeds it will mean "Nothing* to
Ate" for the American people in A
short time.
pall and Winter Stock
Complete in all the Newest Fashions
and Styles of the Season.
\f       Dress Goods,  Trimmings, Ribbons, /Laces, Blouses,
\ Wrappers, Hats, Feathers and Flowers.
Endless Variety of Ladies Underwear,
Hose and Gloves.
House Furnishing Goods, Sheetings, Pillow Cotton,
Grey and: White Blankets, Lace Curtains, Art Muslins,
Grey or White Cottons, Flannelettes. A large range of
Table Damask, Towels.
Gents' Outflttings.
Shirts, Collars, Ties, Hats & Caps, Clothing & Overcoats
Boots and Shoes.
Men's, Women's, and Children's Leathers and Rubbers
all sizes, shapes and prices.
Groceries Department.
Well .assorted with N__w, Ifresh
Wholesale and Retail Druggist
between Winnipeg' and
the  Coast.
Mail Orders Receive
Prompt Attention.
Calgary,  Alberta.
Mr. J. C. Tom, merchant tsilor,
Calgary,is here on business this week.
Lord and Lady Aberdeen passed ihro'
Golden on Wednesday en route for the
Messrs. Hull Bros. & Co. imported
a car load of cattle from the prairie
Monday last.
Pacific By.
Direct and Quickest Route to all points
West and
Lake  Steamers    leave   Fort
William for Owen Sound,
ALBERTA, Tuesday,
.      ATHABASCA, Thursday,
Cheap Excursions to
The Kootenay
and to the Pacific Coast.
L've Montreal, Wednesdays -.Saturdays
"   Now York
To CHINA A JAPAN, October 12th.
To AUSTRALIA, Octobers.
The C.P.R: offer more attractive Excursions than any other line on the
Continent. For further information
write or apply to
Traffic Manager,
Or to 'Winnipeg.
Agent, (-.olden.
Sir  William   Van  Home
through Golden westward on a special
Thursday afternoon.
Mrs. 'James Henderson -ret.rned
from Scotland on Wednesday, where
she has been spending the summer.
We would call attention to the artistic display of dry goods in the Big
Store. A large and varied stock just
received. ,
The Duchess left on Tuesday morning on her last trip for the season, but
was compelled to return owing to the
lewness of the water.
Wah Pong, the celestial, who appeared before Stipendiary Magistrate
Armstrong on Monday, charged with
stealing, was sent down for trial at
the next assizes.
The sidewalk, from opposite the
Kootenay House to the bridge, has
heen raised about a foot this week.
This will make it mora comfortable
for pedestrians in winter time, and
will also be more easily kept clean.
The C.P.R. are offering a reward of
1500 and 10 per cent of the money
found, for the arrest of one of their
creditable icabs whom they placed at
Oak Lake during the operators' strike.
He skipped with 14,000.
We have received a copy this week
ol the seventeenth annual report of the
British Columbia Board of Trade. It
is replete with n vast amount Of valuable information on the industries,
trade and commerce, and natural resources of the Province, which cannot
fail to help in making British Columbia Irutter known abroad.
Tiie C.P.R. operator at Field who
was put on during the strike was the
ecipient of much attention at the
hands of the townspeople during hi*
short stay. On Tuesday evening he
was serenaded ly alurge crowd and on
Wednesday evening he wal presented
with a basket of eggs, a souvenir of
the late election. On Thursday he
said he was unworthy of such kindness and left.���Calgary Herald,
- The annual harvest festival of St.
Paul's Church waa successfully celebrated last Sunday evening, Rev.
Archdeacon McKay conducting lhe
service, whioh was largely attended
by people of all denominations. The
church was tastefully and Appropriately decorated for the occasion, and
reflected great praise upon those who
performed the work. The chnrch
management desire to express their
thanks to the many donater* of flowers,
fruits and vegetables.
The Kaslo Kootenaln states that on
Thursday last a party of trail builder-
arrived in Kaslo from East Kootenay,
having completed a trail from Salmon
Flats on Toby Creek, to Glacier Creek,
on the Duncan river, a distance of 68>
miles. The party had heen out nearly
three months. They were to leave
last Saturday on the return trip. Tho
trail, which has been constructed by
the Government, will have (2,000
spent on it next year in improving it.
The country which it traverses is, as A
rule, mineralized, and the opening up
of new mining camps will doubtless
follow in due course.
At a meeting of the Calgary Curling
Club on Tuesday last the date of the
annual bonspiel was fixed for January
28th to ilOth inclusive. A movement
is on loot for the purpose of forming a
Territorial branch of the Rojal Caledonian Curling Club.
We regret to state that Nurse Monteith, who has been connected with
the hospital for the past year, severs
her connection with that institution
at the end of this month. During her
residence ainon-ist us Nurse Monteith
has made many friends who will be
sorry to see her depart, our loss, how*
"While down id the southwestern
part of the state some time ago," says
Mr. W. Chalmers, editor of the Chico
(Cal.) Enterprise, "I had an attack of
dysentery. Having henrd of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy I bought a bottle. A couple
of doses of it completely cured me.
Now I am a champion of that remedy
(or all stomach and bowel complaints.'
For sale by Druggists Lung-
Icy A Co., Wholesale Agents, Victoria
and Vancouver.
Church Services.
The usual evening service Will ht
held to-morrow in St. Paul's Church
at 7:30 o'clock.
Service will be conducted in tho
Prosliyterian Church by Rev. T. S.
Glassford, B.A., to morrow morning
at 10 o'clock.
Methodist service will be held ih th*
school house to-morrow tvening
at 7:30 o'clock.
sea v..
SChe GtalbitUi Viva
The  IKIjj'lJK*.' V..l\   is  p-iliiisliirtl uviri--
Saturday raoraing in u.ai Ki .-..Veu ,iliu eust
iiil fur tin.
and west-mail train*. ,-ijr
npperi(.H-Siitry,*.Ti�� Itfri.nir.t7 t'uii ������-u.--.-iii iii'ii
is theo.ily .��lr*i|tuiit^-...--i)i.uii i.i lint l-.il..1
ooteimy ilistrii-i
Itatt.s ;   -���i.'H  per
'���' Ad^erfciHiiiiifliitt. ��� .-iO'l;t.'liiiii*^Hs 'ipi-st lie in
the'-olftco-'ii-ir. 1i|ior- .ii.ln l*-*.ri��i',.-u.'.'''1iiu'rtil'iy
to ii-urAniijer-oii,-.', , .\   ;-���.''.'���.'���������"���
*' ;��**���-, A''e .���".'.-.'.''' Ci"-.!'"-'���''������ '',.-v.,l>��i"is"'foVinor  political friends, whore-
Alt cash to-ntf ii.ii-1-i/slliU^VI.iiii-wi.H,, 'ttW     .. ���', ,. . .
who_th.oor,ii��i,.*>,'--i,V'itti'iviiiVr,i;;iiiifM; t=e'*,,!-- lnon-,y- He ���*"--* -i-~-teprep*****-.
Ailrertiseninui r.-tii-r iii-ulu known mi appli-
eatior '0
The Ufa Era Pullislil-B Coup1;,
>hich delegates from all the
districts could attend. A
���night then be agreed upon,
ver, at ���
111 at lorn*
and ap ex-jctftiv'ft -committee appointed
iu otgjiii.ii* tlie .campaign.
������"���Let us w-oj^wd-^oing, the time for
.ictioif hus arrived. '.'.���������' "SI*
*    %,Turte's Libel Suit.   , >.
Montreal"^ Oct. 10.-In the Tar.t-9-
Orenier libel suit*, yesterday in answer
10 questions, Hon. Mr. Tarte said he
.'w/w not. anxious to  give the names of
SATURDAY, OCT. 17, 189(1.
Province: With the prospect of a
general election next spring, what
steps are being taken to organize the
new party which is to take the place
of the present Government in the administration of the affairs of this province?
It is generally admitted that there
must be a change; that new men and
new methods are required. Who are
the new men and what are thn new
methods ? It is time organization was
commenced. In a recent issue we advocated a clean sweep. Our remarks
have been variously commented upon
and the idea generally approved, though
the ''Columbian" thinks we were too
severe upon the Opposition.
We condemned the Opposition "as
such," not the individual members
thereof, some of whom have proved
good men and true, whose services
will be reqnired. The past record of
the Opposition does not recommend
itself to us in any way. and we think
we are justified in saying that the
people of British Columbia are not
anxious to entrust tbe government of
this province to that party as at present constituted. We know that many
wbo are disgusted with the Turner
administration have 110 confidence
whatever in the capacity of the Opposition to mend matters. Tbis being
the case, the best course to pursue is
to at once organize a new party and
adopt a platform iu accordance with
the necessities of the situation.
Let this be done and let the campaign
be opened without further loss of time.
It may be that the Government will
survive the coming session, in that
event there will be the bettor opportunity for making success doubly sure
in '9H, but we incline to the opinion,
and with good reasons, that not later
than June next will the people be
callel upon to elect a new Parliament.
We think it will tie wisest to assume
that the appeal to tne country will be
made next spring and, consequently,
that prompt action is in order.
There is no need to beat about the
bush iu this matter. Plain speaking
can do no harm. Tbe whole province
is crying out against the present Government. Every independent paper in
British Columbia advocates a chunge.
Mr. Turner nnd his colleagues know
that they are thoroughly discredited,
and that the people sre anxiously
awaiting an opportunity to give tliein
practical evidence to this effect by
their votes. It is equally apparent
that the people lnfve very little respect
for the present Opposition, and no desire to entrust them with the reins of
This state of affairs must be recognized and acted upon. If we are 10
secure good government we must see
to it that we have the men and the
platform that are best calculated to
give us what we want. The men are
not lacking, aud the platform can be
constructed without
start must be made.
The Province would suggest the advisability of a provincial convention,
to bo held forthwith-- say, ut Vaiicou
to bear   the full responsibility of  the
ailair. He was paid (5,000 bv Pacaud,
�� liich   he used for political purposes.
Ho ut tlie time told Pacaud the money
would   be  used   in   the Conservative
interest.     Mr.   Tarte  objected to the
whole  article   in Libre Parole, where
he was charged with having practised
blackmail  and  extortion.     He  had
never done anything in the Conservative** party of  which be was ashamed.
He had never been dishonest, nor had
be betrayed his former friends.   When
he came  to Montreal   he lived largely
on his parliamentary allowance.   This
being   insufficient   for  his family, he
realized on his insurance policies, and
Madame Tarte and his daughters, who
had some slight savings, .consented to
part with them aud lived very modestly.     The allusion  made in the article
to his   family, he deemed an outrage
The insinuation was made that he had
lived   by    dishonest    means.     Mr.
-haughnessy, of  the C.P.R. had long
been a close friend of the witness, and
on hearing of  his  financial ruin rendered  him   assistance.     The witness
refused to accept the gift, but nsked if
he would advance (3,000 to his sons,
they to pay him back in printing. The
C.PR.   nd.anced  (3,000,   and   that
amount his sons had been paying back
as  best they could in printing      Thi
amount  of  Courville  cheque, whicl
was his property, was used to buy the
title  of  Cultivateur, and part of Mr.
Shuughnesey's advance was made by
the Lisle, election
How to Prepare Manuscript.
Write upon pages of a single size;
Cross yuur t's and dot your i's,
On one side only let your line, tie seen
Both sides filled up announce a verdant
Correct���yes, recorrect-all  that you
And let your ink be black, your paper
For spongy foolscap, of a muddy blue,
Betrays a mind of the same dismal hue
Punctuate carefully, for on this score
Nothing  proclaims a practiced writer
Then send it off, and,lest it merit lack,
Inclose s stamp with which to send it
buck ;
But first pay all the postage on it, too,
For editors  look blank on "six cents
And murmur, as they run the effusion
"A   shabby   fellow  and  a wretched
Yet, ere it goes, tako of it a copy clean
Wri-ers should own a copy ing machine
Little they know the time that's spent,
and cure
In   hunting   "copy"   vanished-who
knows where?
Bear  this   in   mind, observo it to the
And you  shall make the editor your
.        . -KOSgLAND.
���   *   ��� '
The Good Hype  mining company is
poshing development work on Us Red
Mountain property.
The machinery at the O.K.', Monta
Cristo and Crown Point mines is rapidly being put together. All their
plants will probably startup about the
same time.
The Great Western company is sinking the old shaft on the Golden
Chariot and prosper ting the surface
generally in order to be ready for permanent development work this winter.
The Morning star company has resumed work in the shaft on its property and the property is looking fine.
It is nearly all ore of fair grade.
The new showing on the Colonna is
reported to be holding its own. The
ore so far obtained here is of very high
grade especially in copper
The* Imperial company has eight
miners at woi k on the Lookout mountain property. They are running a
75-foot tunnel on contract.
The dispute 'over tbe title to the
ground lying west of and adjoining
the Homestake is reported settled.
Work on the No. 2 shaft of the
Phoenix is being prosecuted as fast as
possible, five feet having been added to
tbe depth during the past week. It
is reported to be looking better than
The owners of the Emu in the south
belt are erecting cabins in order to
prosecute work all winter on their
claims. A force of 16 miners is now
employed and they expect to increase
the number as work progresses.
General Turner paid a portion of the
second payment on the Iron Horse
Fraction last" week and got an extension of itimn on the balance. The
claim is looking very well.
Bend To-day.
Ladies and gentlemen, le alive to
your own interest. There has recently
been discovered, and is now for sale by
the undersigned, a truly wonderful
"Hair Grower" and "Comploxion
Whitening." This "Hair Grower" will
actually grow hair 011 a bald bead in
six weeks by the use of this wonderful
"Hair Grower." It will also prevent
the hair from falling. By the use of
this excellent remedv boys raise an excellent moustache in six weeks. Ladies
if you want a surprising head of hair,
have it immediately by 'he use of this
"Hair Grower." We also sell a "Complexion Whitening" that will in one
month's time make you as clear and
white as the skin can be made. We
never knew a lady or gentleman to use
two bottles of "Whitening," for they
all say that before they finished the
second bottle they were as white as
they would wish to be. After the use
of this "Whitening," the skin will forever retain its color. It alse removes
freckles, etc., etc. The "Hair Grower"
is 50 cents per bottle, and the "Face
Whitening*' 50 cents per bottle. Either
of these remedies will be sent to any
address on receipt of price. Address
all orders to��� ,
R. is J. RYAN,
201 Division Street, Otawa, Ont,
- Notes and Queries.
Martin Is In It.
Toronto, Oct. 9. - It is understood
that the portfolio of mines, to be created as promised to the West, wilt be
given to Joseph Martin.
Johnnie Fewscsds   I tell you frank-
difficulty, but a ly thnt I  shall not lie able to pay lor
this su.t until ie t y<ar
Tailor-All right sir.
"When will you have it ready?"
"Next year."-Tit Bits.
There is one medicino which every
family should be provided with. ' We
refer to Chamberlain's Pain Balm.
When it is kept at hand the severe
pain of a burn or scald may be promptly relieved and the sore healed in much
less time than when medicine has to
be sent for. A sprain may be promptly treated before iuliainniatiou sets in,
which insures a cure in about one-
third the time otherwise required.
Cuts and bruises should receive imme
iliate attention,beforo the parts become
swollen, nud when Chamberlain's Pain
Balm is Applied it will heal them with
out matter being formed, snd without
leaving scar. A sore throat may be
cured iu oue night. A piece of flannel
dampened with this liniment and
bound on over the seat of pain, will
cure lame back or pain in the side or
chest in twenty-four houis. It i* the
most valuable, however, for rheumatism. Persons afflicted with this disease will be delighted with the prompt
relief from pain which it affords, and
it can be depended upon to effect
a complete cure. For sale by
Druggists Langley A Co., Wholesale Agents, Victoria and Vancouver.
. -v ITonr attained���down*
/*������- stored���howpreserved,
Ordinary works on *Phr*
the doctors ctn'i or
���"-jwon'li butallthe ���fine
you wish lo-uow. Yenr
ere the Key to Life
and its reprodactlon.
Our book leys bare ths
troth. Every man who
would rep*-tn sexual vi*
���^p-^>ic-or lost through folly,
���~'WrlU��-'or develop members
weak by nature or wasted by diiease, should
Write for our nealcd book, "Perfect Man.
tocJ." Ni)-share* Ailreil (In ���xr-desce),
Attou-uy-G-N-Kal's Office,
June 10th, lb9ii.
Disputed Lands in Railway Belt.
Kootenay Distiict.
Lot 6, Group I.. Townsite of Farwell
���Original grantee, Arthur Stanhope
Lot 7, Group I.���Original grantee,
Gustavus Blin Wright.
Yale Distriot (Kamloops Division).
Lot 513, Group I.���Original grantee,
George Bohun Martin.
Lot 526, Group I-Original grantee,
Gustavus Blin Wright.
Loti497, Group I -Original grantee,
Gustavus Blin Wright,
Lot 529. Group I Original grantees.
James Mcintosh,William Bell Wilson.
Lot 452, Group I-Original grantee.
George Byrnes.
Lot 525, Group I-Original grantee,
Charles Edward Perry.
Lot 528, Group I- Original grantee,
William Arthur Beddoe.
Lot 490. Group I - Original grantees.
Simon John Tunstall, James K. Call-
Arrangements having been made between the respective Govern ments of
the Dominion of Canada aud the Province of Biitish Columbia whereby
owners of lands in above named districts deriving their titles through
original grantees from the Provincial
Government may obtain confirmatory
grarts of said lands from the Dominion Government, notice is hereby given
that all persons owning lands as aforesaid are requested to forward their
applications for suob grants forthwith
to the undersigned, together with
their title deeds or authenticated copies
thereof, in order that the same may he
examined, and releases anu surrenders
piepared for execution.
Deputy Attorney General.
We pay (6 to (10 per week for
easy home work. Child oan do it. No
Scheme, Books or Peddling-. This is
bona fide. Send stamp for work and
particulars at once. THE SEYMOUR
SUPPLY CO., Mar-.oi.io Temple, Camden, N.J.
hy lliomasfc. Safe, tan aad Aiwa-- rsl-bl.
MrUSlSUBSTITUTH. Froin ��U droatau
er mailed, tm turn OamnDaa, on nwipt ol
(1.00. Ssabdpa-dealsn I casts ���
��� PlLATON,'Mtfceil-/l_mlM- ftnabvsull.ssds-f,
<ianc-iplorpflet.ll.00. Afsan waited.
-  UNI	
Education Office,
Victoria, May 4th, 1896.
MOTICE is hereby given, that the an-
*" niial examination of candidates
for certificates of qualification to teach
in the Public Schools of the Province.
will be held as follows, commencing 011
Friday, July 3rd, 1896, at 9 a.m, : ���
Victoria In South Park School Building
Vancouver- In High School Building.
Kamloops-In Public School Buildin-.-.
Each applicant must forward a notice, thirty days before the examination, stating the class* and grade of
certificate for which he will be a candidate, the optional subjects selected,
and at which of the above named
places he will attend.
Every notice of intention to be an
applicant must be accompanied with
satisfactory testimonial of moral
Candidates  are  notified that ail uf
the  above requirements must be fulfilled liefore their  applications
All candidates for First Class, Grade
A. Certificates, including Graduates,
must attend in Victoria to take the
subjects prescribed for July 14th und
15th instants, and to undergo required
oral examinations.
Superintendent of Educatio
���THE following extract from- the
* "Health Aot, Win," is published
for general information by direction of
tlm Provincial Board of Health:
"Sec, 69. Whenever any householder
knows that nnv person within his
family or houselioW hns the small pox,
diphtheria, scarlet fever, cholera, or
typhoid fever, he shall (subject in case
of refusal or neglect to tlm penalties
provided by sub-section (2) of section
98) within twenty-four hours give
notice thereof to the Local Board of
Health,* or to the Medical Health
Officer of the District in which be resides, if there Iw one, and such notice
shall be given either Ht the office of the
Medical Health Officer or by s communication addressed to hiin and duly
mailed within the time above specified,
nnd in case there is no Medical Health
Officer, then to tbe Local Board of
Sub-section (2) of section 98 provides
a penalty of (1((), or imprisonment fer
six months, for neglect to report us
*The Government Agent is 'be Local Board of Health in outlying Districts.
Secretary. Provincial Board nf Health.
Gold Quartz
Advertiser will promptly
investigate promising prospects and close a deal, immediately on satisfactory proposition, ir-end fullest particulars and fair samples,
with price asked to
W. Thos. Newman,
Care of "Golden Era"
Golden, B.C. I
(Notice to Taxpayers.
'Assessment Act and Provincial
,. Revenue Tax.
[Donald Division of East Kootenay
1 '���' ��� .', ��� fc     DlSTllICT.
VltfQTI.E is hereby given, in nccord-
l*' anoe with the Statues, that Provincial Revenue Tax and all taxes
Wied under the AssessmentjAct are
k toV'-djiir ten*- the year,189s. All of the
" above^ntmea' tuxes collectable within
'the Donald Division of East Kootenay
istrict, are payable at my office, (he
ourt House, Golden.
Assessed taxes are collectable at the
ollowing rates, viz.:
I If paid on or before June 30th 1896:
i f One half of one per ceut on real pro-
Two  per  cent on assessed value of
,   One third of one per cent on person-
'jrild I
J r�������
"al property.
I One half of one per cent on income,
\ If paid after June 30th 1891-
/ Two-thirds  of  one per cent on real
{ Two and one half per cent on assessed value of wild laud.
I  One half of one per cent uu personal
I Threo-fonrths of one  er cent on in-
'   Provincial  Rovenue  Tax 93M0 per
Assessor and Collector.
Jolden, Janiiury 2nd, 189 i.
Application for Certlneuto of Im*
Take notice that I, Walter Dainard,
free miner's certificate No.47839,intend,
60 days from the date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for a certificate
of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further take notice, that adverse
claims must be sent to the Mining Recorder and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this seventh duy of December
Walter Dainard. ;
By his agent, F. W. Aylmer.
��xx��itis*a ���ttx*0��.
Hon. J, A. Louoiieed, Q.C.
. McCarter.
Long-heed  A   McCartev,
Barristers, Advocates, Sol iters, Notaries
Ktc, Etc.
Solicitors lor Bank Montreal.
Caloary, - N.W.T.
It.   J.   JEFHSO**,
D.L.S. �� 'P.Ij.8. for B.C. DOMINION &
Draughtsman, Valuator.etc., CALGAUY,
N.W.T.   Correspondence Solicited.
R.J.JEPHSON, D.1j.S���P.L.S. of B.C. &Ont.
Caluarv, Alba.
Application   for) Certificates of Improvements.
Take notice that I, Thomas Jones,
free miner's certificate No. 47848, intend
60 days from date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for certificates
of improvements for the purpose of
obtaining crown grants of above
And further take uotice that adverse
claims must be sent to the Mining Recorder and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificates of improvements.
Thos. Jones,
By his agent F. W. Aylmer.
Dated this 14th day of December,
���fn the Supreme Court of British C<~>1-
utnbia, re Connacher,��� Coiiuacher
vs. Pither.
Pursuant to an order of the Supreme
���Jour't of British Columbia made in the
'���/natter  of  the estate of   Henry Cou-
Qiacher   in the suit  of  Connacher vs
(Pither.     Tlie creditors of Henry Con-
���acher, late of Golden, iu the District
I if  Kootenay. hotel   keeper, deceased,
j ivho  died  on   or about the month of
I /January, 1895,   are  on or before the
first  day   of   April. 1891, to send by
JfTi-i.isterBl letter to A. G. M. Spragge,
'of Donald, In the District of Kootenay,
IBritish   Columbia,   the   solicitor   for
I (James  Stevens Connacher, the above
, .named   plaintiff,   the executor of  the
Uieoeased, their Christian and surname
f (addresses  and  discriptions.   the full
p-irtioulari. of their cluims.a statement
, (of  their  accounts, and the nature of
I (the securities (if any) held by them or
1 Sn default thereof they will be peremp-
I torilly excluded from the benefit of the
/said order.     Every creditor holding
'any   security   is to produce the same
1 , before  James  Ferguson   Armst-oog,
.'Registrar of the County Court at Don-
I aid,  the Referee  appointed   by   the
J Court  to  take the accounts and en
/quiries  nnder   the. said order, at his
J chambers at the Court House at Don
f aid in the Province of  British Coltun-
kbia on the 8th   day of  April, 1889, at
'ten   o'olouk   in the forenoon being the
time appointed for adjudication on the
| said claims.
Dated at  Donald, in the District of
Kootenay, British Columbia, this loth
I day of January, 1896.
Referee appointed under the Bald order.
Notice of Application for Certificates
of Improvements.
Take notice thst I, John McRae,
free miner's certificate No. 34453.
intend, sixty days from the dute
hereof, to apply to the Gold Commissioner for certificates of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
Crown grants of the above claims.
And further take notice that adverse
claims must be sent to the Mining Recorder, and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificates of improvements.
John McRae,
By his agent F W. Aylmer.
Dated this 14th day of December,
Conducted in all its brunches by
(M.N. _ug. Inst. M.&M.E.)
Samples tested up to 200 lbs.   Certificates
direct to clients.
A. J. Hopkins, Alexander Block.
Whole-mi-- and Retail
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
J. SMART     CO.
Undertakers and
���  .   Embalmers,
Calgary Alba
TELEGRAPH orders promptly
The attention of Prospectors and Miners is called to the merits of a new
improved apparatus, for testing and smelting various kinds of ores and miner-
a s, also separating and refining base bullion, etc.
Manufactured by a chemist and metallurgist who thoroughly understands
the wants of the assayer, the prospector, the miner, the chemist for laboratory
test; for all furnace work, such as smelting, scorifying, coupelling, fusing in
crucibles, testing of sampling charges, rousting, etc.
This furnace is built in two halves for easy transportation, is complete in
itself, made of steel plate, with cast-iron slag nnd metal spouts, wind supply
pipe and knock-down bottom.
It is of the cupola type, with extension when smelting ores J capacity 1000
to 5000 pounds per heat; also smaller size, capacity from 1C0 to 200 pounds
per heut, according to the charactei of ties.
The Advantages in Practice are as Follows:
This furnace is constructed by and for a prospector, who requires a serviceable furnace, easily transported over a mountainous country by a pack burro,
that is complete and ready to.be bet up at aliy dump of low grade ores, that
���otherwise will not pay to ship, and make his good pay out ol one to two tons
of ore u day.
Oh low-grade ores pleke.lut the dump, tills little fnrnnco will pny for-Itself every week, besides wages and expenees, Let someone else do the rink in
mining, and stick to a certuinity.
What We Furnish and What it Costs.
A Handy Prospector's Furnace, 3 feet in diameter by 5 feet high, cupola
type with knock-down bottom, made ol No. 10 Steele plate, and stiffened with
angle-irons made in two half-circles for easy transportation, and then bolted
together. Two Steele-Hanged metal anil slag spouts, one blast supply pipe,
two ladles, three furnace tupping tools, two darlings (or plugging sticks), one
graphite No. 40 crucible, one blacksmith's forge blower, geared complete in iron
frame, to supply blast by hand-power for the furnace.
The entire outfit complete, ready to be sot up, delivered on board nn
St. Louis, will cost ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS NET. Terms : tti-0
cash with order, balance draft attached with bill of lading;   the smaller sin
100 to 800 I'ouihIh Capacity, Coat ��48.00 Set.
Terms:   $20.00 cash with order, balance draft attached to  bill  of lading; 5
per ceut discount for cash with order.
Printed Directions nnd instructions as to setting up furnace, fluxing
material, fuei. smelting operation, separating und refining of base bullion, etc..
We Want a Representative. 415 LoCUSt St., ST. LOUIT, Mo.
Water-Jacketed Furnaces for Nickel, Copper, Gold, Silver and
Lead Ores, Aluminum and Nickel Alloys.
Engineers und Contractors for Equipment of Clicnilenl   Redaction Works,
LEAD,8' 0RES    ���  '  ���
copper     ��� ��� WANTED.
Write for prices.   Uire assays, etc.
DI5NVF.lt,   COLO.
(inl-oii Hospital Soeloty.
From 9:30 a.m. toll a.m.
"       2   p.m. "  4 p.m.
i.       7     it   "  8   "
Sunday 'from 10 a.m. to 12 in., and
from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.
From 2:80 p.m. to 8 p.m., dai
except Monday aud Saturday.
*--'    n      .
Golden City Bakery.
Fresh Bread Daily.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the undersigned or any member of the
PRICE-Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Acting Secretary.
Job    Depeirtirierit
_:o:_ OF ���:o-���
riNUTTCl ���   L_H
IN THC WORLD ���     �����������
''Monsoon-* Tsals put up by tiio Indisn Tm
graven as a sample of um best qualities of Indian
Teas. Therefore they im Um fret-teat can In the i
���election of Ibe Tea and lit bind, that Is why tbey
put It up IhemtaWee snd sell it only in ths original
packages, thereby securing- lis purity and escellence.
Put up In M lb., i lb. and s lb. package., and navar
���old In bulk.
If your grocer doss not keep it tall him to write to
-*- 9TIIL, HAYTM * OO. |
It anil 13 Front Strait East, Toronto. ... I
For Informntlon anil tree Handbook writ- to
MUNN a co, sui nROADWAT, nsw yonc.
Oldest Imrraii for ���s*���riiwm_nttlnAniorle.
-rcry -intent taken ��ut or "J'�� -WSM bcftmi
tbe publio by a notice given free or c���irnre In the
Iritutific |wflta
Tj.n*��it clr���llntton of any wlenOBo paper In the
world. SulondlUI/ iriuntrnlud. No lut.'111-tjii--
mnn should, bo without It. w��kl-,jM--J-0��
yean ��IJ�� r_t month*. Addr***, MON*T�� CO��
VuBLuni-s, SOI -roadway, Naw York City.
Manufacturers of Sash, Poors, Mouldings
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets.   All sizes of glass in stock.
The Machine and Blacksmith .Shop are prepared to do
all kinds of repairs as soon as possible. All sizes of Pipe
Fitting- and Brass Goods on hand.
Wagon Repairs, Poles, Shafts, Axles, Spokes & Felloes,
Hickory and Maple Plank.
HOUSTON   ***���.  CO.
The modern standard Family Medicine : Cures the
common every-day
ills of humanity.
Warning... _1_-REWARD
It has come to our knowledge that certain persons, for the purpose of helping
off their unsaleable stock of clothing, have taken our guarantee curds from
the pockets of garments of our make and have put them in the pockets
of other goods of inferior make, thus leading the purchaser to believe he
was getting Shorey's clothing and thereby damaging our reputation.
We therefore wish to give notice to our customers and the public, that
we will prosecute, to the full rigour of the lew, any ore whom we can prove
to have done this, and we will pay a reward of $100.00 to tin* person
who will give us sufficient evidence to convict any denier of this offence.
H SHOREY ft CO., Montreal.
N.B.���We sre spending n great deal rt money to make the merits <*f our clothing known
to the public and we insist upon dealers giving peonle what they ask lor.
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii mi��iMimin< mmm
ii.i ii i
Highest Honors���World's Fair,
A pure Crape Cream of Tartar Powder.  Free
Som Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant.
to-llLER.'    MR-'I'INU.
A  meeting  of the curling club wns
held in the Columbia   House, Tuesday
evening last, President Woodley in the
chair.     The   following  officers were
elected ror the ensuing year :
Patron -rtewitt Bostock. M.P.
President   C. A. Warren.
Vice-President - .Ins. Henderson.
Sec.-treaB.��� D. M. Rae.
Umpire���H. 0. Parson.
Representative    members   William
Georgeson and Thos. Kelly, Winnipeg.
The officers of the club were named
an Executive Committee.
A general discussion took place as to
the Wntihg of the rink for the season.
It was decided to leave the matter over
till the next meeting. The meeting
then adjourned.
The next meeting of the club will be
held on Tuesday evening next in the
Columbia House at 8 o'clock, when
the following important business will
lie discussed:
Arranging terms with syndicate.
Fixing the membership fee.
Election of skips.
It is important thit those who intend to join the i.lub inform the secretary at once and be present at the next
meeting as practically nothing can be
done until a fair idea is obtained as lo
strength of the club. There is everv
reasou to believe that there will be two
or three good trophies for competition
this season ih addition to last year's
list and everything points to a most
successful winter's sport.
The syndicate are having ell neces-
' -sary repairs made to Ihe rink, and in
the way of improvements will have
ventilators put in and will cover the
bottom of the rink with sawdust in
order to hnve a good foundation on
which to build up the ice. It has also
bean suggested that large reflectors be
made for the lamps in order to have
better light.
At the quarterly meeting of the Victoria Board of Trade, held last evening, it was moved : "That iu view of
the probable assistance which will be
given by the Dominion Government to
the early construction of a railway
through Crow's Nest Puss into Koote*
bay in the interests ot the merchants
Of British Columbia it is desirable
that this Board should strongly urge
the  continuance of such a railway to
give this remedy a trial and we assure
' von that you �����. ill be more than pleased
I with the result. For sale by Druggists
j L-u-j-ley A Co., Wholesale Agents, Vie-
i toria and Vuncou.er,
Ooni.l 1  Doings.
Everything is very quiet here hut
the morioio ly is broken by an occasional wedding. Oh by the way it
has been reporied that a matrimonial
agency exists in our midst. If so I
will endeavor to inform you later on.
The ladies of the Hospital Guild
have been canvassing the town for tbe
si-anon's quadrille club, but whether
lli-~.ii* is any money or not in the enterprise t-eiimius to b�� seen. With such
Au eri.'ci.iiit committee it will surely be
a success.
'1 he strike of C. P.R. telegraphers is
now a mrittni- ol past history and report says that it. was ended without
loss to the striki.'i-s save to those (if
uiiv) who have violated the laws,
Both parties claim not to have backed
down nml yet they have come to a decision satisfactory to both. It wuuld
have been milch more pleasant had
there been in tlie commencement of the
strike less blulf and tyranny���We
fear in many instances long friendships
have been strained if not broken for
ever-mid had the outcome been the
result of the manliness of both parties,
and not brought about by the intervention of the other powerful brotherhoods. However we believe the compromise will be beneficial and both
parties will now better understand
each otlier.
The -astern Question.
London, Oct. 13.���A letter written
hy Sir William Vernon Harcourt to a
personal friend, declares the Armenian
question is filially settled. This means
that a working agreement has lieen
reached between Russia,- France, and
England, probably France being intrusted with the task of imposing on
the Sultan the necessity for the agreed
counsel of action.
Sir Michael Hicks-Beach, Chancellor
of the Exchequer, speaking at Darlington to-night, declared that the actual
position of the powers with regard to
the Eastern question was that Rusris,
Austria and Germany were determined
with a view of preserving European
peace, to maintain the status quo in
Torkev. That had been England's
traditional policy, he said, And any
deParture from it would meet with
active resistance by the Powers. At
the same time absolute inaction was
more dangerous to the peace of Europe
than would be united interference by
the Powers to compel Turkish reform,
the coast, and that the building of the England's present policy, the Chan-
���xtension should be simultaneous with ,cellor affirmed, was to secure a con-
that of  the   main lino; thnt equitable cert'of   the Powers to insist  upon re-
From Ottawa.
Ottawa. Oct. 12. An Order-in-
Comicil was passed to-day appointing
Mr. A. J. McColl. Q.C., New Westminster. Judge of the Supreme Court
of British Columbia. A Minister of
the Crown states that the matter was
never brought up in the Council till
to-day, nor discusssd in any way so
thrtt it could not have been offered to
anybody previously.
Herr  Breschner, composer, is dead.
Fort William   has been made a port
of entry.
Two fires at Toronto caused a loss
of $6,500.
H.M.S.' Talbot, reported lost, has
arrived at Halifax.
Benjamin MnMahon sentenced for
life for murder, has been pardoned.
Republican   leaders   claim that Mo-
Kinley and Hobnrt's election is certain
Several   serious engagements have
occurred   in  Cuba  during   the  past
Quebec post office officials have been
reprimanded for general carelessness.
The Globe announces that the Government will dismiss the deputy minis*
J. B. Tyrrell, of the geological survey, has arrived at Prince Albert from
the far north.
Thanksgiving day has been fixed for
November 26, the same day as in the
United States.
Italy has addressed a peremptory
note to Turkey, demanding reparation
for the murder ol an Italian subject.
The Canadians who emigrated from
Quebec to Bras-il recently are greatly
disappointed with the country.
John Fnhey, undergoing a sentence
of fourteen years for robbery, has been
released. He has Served eight yeurs.
W. V. Powell, grand chief O.R.T.
expresses satisfaction at the settlement
made between the C.P.R. and the operators.
Baribeau,the government co .tractor,
charged with obtaining money ou falsv
pretences, has been committed for trial
at Prince Albert.
"Hidden  Mines,"
"How to Find Them,"   I
Practical Information
Get your pplntlnj do e at
the GOLDEN Ei.A office. Neat
and artist o work done cheap.
'Companies'  Act," Jaiit
AM-NDtN-l- Acts.
iv., AND
regulations respecting freight and passenger rates lie made a condition pre-
cedent to any line being so assisted;
ind ttUt the further condition be imposed of making a schedule of rates
common to the four coast cities of
British Columbia."
Mr. J. K. Fowler, secretary and
treasurer ot tbe Corinne Mill, Cansl
���nd Stock Co., of Corinne, Utah, in
Speaking of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy says: ' -I consider it the best
in the market. I have used many
kinds bnt Ann Chamberlain's the most
pram-1 and effectual in giving relief,
���nd now keep no other in my home."
When  troubled with a cough or  cold
He asserted mrst emphatically that
the Government did not desire to act
alone or to ohtnin any special advantage for England.
" tt Is worth the prim to every pen...
who enn reads a net-spar-, r."���Liar ling um
ns joowal asms to
Blue Penoil Rules.
-_. Oh. 3SI-UVJJCT0.
A Pocket Primer forth* use of
Short, rimpU ���
making and i'
and of equal ���
write correct
Sent on recrti
"ff-J*-** A"
rales for
m to ul wbo wish hi
. Pilee, 10 rents
"KoorBNAY  Consolidated  Mining
ED   TUB   21ST SDAV  OP All.*
ttST, 1896.
t hereby certify thut I have this day
registered the "Kootenay Consolidated
Mining Company" (Foreign), under the
"Companies'Act," Part IV., ^Registration of Foreign Companies,'' and
amending acts.
The head office of the snid Company
is situated nt the City of Everett,
State of Washington, U.S.A.
The objects for which tbe said Company is established are: ���
To carrv on a general mining business in the United States and British
Columbia; aud to that end to buy,sell,
lease and improve real estate; to locate,
buy, sell, lease and deal in mines and
mining claims; to open, develop, improve, and work mining properties; to
buy, sell, ship, reouce and smelt ores;
to   build,   equip,   lease,   operate and
maintain inills.concentrato(8,amelters,
refineries, and nil other buildings and
plants ot every kind and description
whatsoever, necessary and proper to
carry out the purposes of said corporation ; to build, equip, lease, opera's
and maintain rail and tram ways ahd
wagon roads ; to lease, purchase and
operate steamboats; uud to do any and
all other acts necessary, essential or
inoident to the purposes of said corporation as above enumerated.
The capital stock of the Said Company is one million dollars, divided
into one million shares of the par
value of one dollar each.
Given under my hahd and seal of
ifflce, at Victoria. Province of British
Columbia, this 21st day of August,
[I..8.] S.' Y. WOOTTON,
Registrar Of Joint Stock Companies.
Mines, Metals and Ores
A Complete Glossary of Mining Terms
Sent post paid on receipt cf price,
Two   Dollars.
The Golden  Era  Publishing Company,
Golden. B.C.
RiasoD. my Shorey's Clothing
Is til Bui I'
Because���8**<7*** the only mMrjfictniCT of dcr<__ig wl��-ri_. I'
:=__-__=-.   rsnt-e their work snd thr ir (fasrsntJ�� fa u *^ n-gold.' '
A__-drniatr_-i__wS--*'��-^ j
^ Their Bh-ydeSui-ai-eirpto-dateriMdeW ,
They Rigby Waterproof all their Spring and Fsi! Overcoats and make no extra 11
charge for It    Eveiybrdy is i.ikin-; for S>1>   sy'o clotiiing but MMeth-ts dealers {i
try to penuade people to take inferior goods.
Ieook in tbe pocket far Shorey's Guarantee
lung bat SflMetiittksdeslarsI I
rantee Ticket. X
tern Milling Co.
Reffina,  N.W.T.
Manufacturers Of
M. McDonald,**:1,'
Calgary, Alb.
for N.W. Terrltorlei
British Columbia.


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