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The Golden Era Aug 4, 1899

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*rmoc*ft       * >W*>   .v.*.. *     , ,"   ���^���atiir ���'-*��� ,
���* *""H
Thomas O'Brien,
Notary Publlc,Conv��yane-��r, ete
i Is Uppsr Columbia Nivigstiw and
Trans-ay Company'. Building,
-     *    m. a.
��� - .-BS'       %ri*t t
%'. *    *%- <y   *4
James Hentebscit,
Builder & Contractor,
A supply of Bnilding Lime for Sale.
Plans prepared.   Prompt attention given to
Vol ix no. 1.
GOLDEN   B.C., FRIDAY, AUGUST 4.   1899.
$2 Feb Yeas
The Men and Women
Of The Future
will soon be starting to school again and
will require new things of all sorts. The
following items are of special interest to
mothers because tbe happy combination of
high quality and price littleness places them
in a class by themselves���quite beyond all
for boys & girls with boyish tendencies-the
never-wear-out sort���with double knees,
double soles, and high spliced ankles.
strong and durable, yet pliable and easy on
the little feet. We have every sort, low
shoes, button shoes, and strong lace boots. A
special line of Tan Oxfords at 75 Gents.
Hats and Caps,
Straw, Felt and Cloth. The assortment is so
large description is impossible. Prices will
surprise you.
Boys' Reefer Suits, Sailor Suits, Two-piece
suits, Three-piece suits, and Youths' long-pant
suits. ' !
extra special value in Boys' Ceylon flannel
and cambric shirts.
A choice selection of Misses Blouses made of
Percales, Cambric and Madras.
Handkerchiefs, Neck-
Wear, hair ribbon,
no matter what is needed,you will find it here,
General   Merchant.
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Co.
ft International Transportation Co.
Connecting with C.P.R. nt Golden, B.C.
Direct Route to Athalmer & Windermere,
and surrounding Mining District.
Steamers Leave Golden Tuesday and Friday
mornings at 4 a.m.
The Only Quick and Comfortable Route.
Consignors will be charged with all way. freight between
widen and Windermero at which point a Company's
agent will be stationed.
All freight. and charges on goods to Windermere and
points beyond, will have to be paid to the Company's
agent at Windermere before delivery of goods.
t.   H.   PARSON, M��H��ei.
groceries, Stationery, .Tinware, Boots & Shoes,
Glassware, Hardware, Gents Hats and Caps, Parfi-
���ple*, Blinds, Clothing, Umberellas, Fancy Goods,
Gents Furnishings, Neck Ties, Men's Gloves and
Stts, Ladies Gloves, Iron Beds; Spring Beds, Mat:
Mes, Pillows, Saddles, Baby waggons, Whips,
Cigars, Flour, Bran, Oats.
Special Values in Teas and Coffees at
C.     A.     WARREN'S.
Kootenay House,
First Clan Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men.
Baggage Transferred Free.
Jilt M* Gold Baths,
Ullock Se Berry*
not      rffoMMi-ta
Report of W. P. Robertson, Pro-
vindUl Mineralogist.
TmrNDtm hill otour.
A location .��**��� tht North Fork ot
Toby Creek, -about tii; rallw up Irom
the mala ���treatn, at nn titration ol
6,100 feet. Owned by Bin Abell aud
E. Stoddart, of Windn-mtre, tnd bond*
ed tt Collett ft Starbird. of Fort Steele.
Ou a steep bank ot a tmall tributary
creek coming in from tht west a quartz
vein of from two to tbree feet wide,
outcropping nearly horiiiontul, kae
been traced tor awKral 4 unci red feet,
Tht outcrop at many point, where
exposed it heavily mineralized. At
one of these points nn inolined shaft
baa bttn sunk some 40 ft. on tbe vein,
wbioh wat found to dip 8. 70* W, at
an angle of 30*. From this thaft several tout of galeua, carrying gray cop*
per, had bttn taken, assaying 50 to 80
os. silver to the ton.
Tin ore exposed in tbt sidt of tht
thaft would indioatt a thickn.s. tf
from 6 to 30 inches of aolid galena,
which continued down for soma 20ft.,
when the galena became largely mixed
with Iron -pyritst, an amount ol eal<
cite appearing lu the vein about tht
same point.. Some 200 feet to the
oast of the tunnel, and on the trail,
then it a good outcropping of galena
12 inch., thick, acoompanltd by ar*
sen leal iron.
Sufficient work has not yet been
done on tht property to show what
might be expected, further than that a
fairly woll delinod vein otistt, carrying in placet galena and gray copper
in considerable quantity.
I hart a letter from Mr. Collett,
dated December iiOih, in whioh he
���ays:-"We have tank 70 foot and
drifted 80 feet north aud south. At
the bottom of tht Incline was 80 lnohes
of clean ore (galena), carrying a good
dual of gray cupper and some copptr
pyrites. The oro assayed 60 p.c. lead,
120 os. .liver, 0 p.c. (-lipp-tr* and 1**1.86
��� nuiALuiutv'll, NOH. Iand
Two locations uliout hulf it miln
south of the Hot Punch, owned by
Matthews, Stoddart k Fraser, of Windermere. Elevation, 6,800 fit't. There
is exposed, In a 10-foot open cn' nnd in
some 100 feet of stripping on the
sleep hillside, a slip in the schists
carrying fiotn 1 to 8 indies of galena.
The .tin is exposed on one aid* and
surface wash hns filled in the crevice.
Very little work hail been done on the
property and snch of the vein as was
exposed did not give much promise,
This group consist* of three full lo*
tuition, on tht tttep hillside to tht
east of th�� north fork ot Toby Creek,
and some 6 to 8 miles from tht main
creek, or  about   20  miles   from   the
Salmon Bed.,"- tbo head of steamer
navigation on the Columbia River.
Tht claims are known at the Eureka,
Dulphlno and "616" mineral claims,
aud adjoin, lying iu a general north
and south lin-, with tha Eureka, tbe
most southerly. Owners, 11. A. Kimpton, Geo. Starke and Arthur Harrison,
of Windermere. Having only this
year been located, but little work had
bran done on these propsrties at tho
time of my vl.lt, Aug. 27th, but such
slight work as was lu evidence gave
gieat promise.
A vein of solid galena, varying from
12 to 86 itches, had been exposed In a
series of open cuts for a distance of
some 150 feel j while surface scrapings
further along the tame lint would
seem to indicate that tht vein extended pretty well through two, at least,
of tht claims. Tht vein It somewhat
broken at the eurfaoo by tmall slips,
eto , but has every appearance et being
a trut fissure vein, witb ttrlkt S, 15'
��,, and dip S. 76' W., apparently cutting tht schists.
Wbtn I vlowed the properties tbe
greatest depth attained wat about tin
(set aud the length of the exposure in
tbe cnt about 80 leet, the work having
all been done on the Dolphin, the central claim. Some 25 or 80 tont ot
gtltnahad beta taken from the surface
showing, of which 20 tool were afterwards packed over the trail to the
'Salmon Beds" with the Intention of
making a trial shipment ol thtra. Unfortunately, the tnddtn fall oi wattr
In tht Colombia at that tlma, rendered
it impossible for tht tteamer to ascend
tht riyer to ftr and tht ort htd to bt
ltft ovtr nntil spring.
A tample taken by me at representing tht ore from whioh tht shipment
wat made gavt on aatay 64.68 ptr cent
lead, 60 ot. silrtr, Certain tt tbt on
will undoubtedly go higher than this,
and It it it yet, too toon, to say what
will annually prove to bathe average.
Should tubeequtnt development ful.
HI the promise of tho eurfaot ihowing.
a large body of ore will he fonnd, and
so situated on a steep hill that It oan
bt ttaohed at a dtpth by a tunnel. A
waggon road conld bt built from tht
���'Salmon Beds'' at a reasonable cost,
and will be se built aa aeon al It It
justified by the mining development,
Mineral end Copper Creeke art lw*
short crttke lowing tot* Mr Crttk
fttwi tilt tank/ two art W�� aim rt-
speotlvely, abova.the North Fork. At
thit latter point the elevation ot the
main stream ie In the neighbourhood
of 4500 feet.
Between these two creeks and surrounding their basins a large number
of locations have (ten made, the district being generally kuown as ths Copper Creak diltriot; the trill following
up the crttk of this name. It la by no
mean, tn easy trail to follow, being
very steep and poorly made.
The claima here mostly show copper
bnt al ytt in no workable quantities.
Few it any, ban more than ontycar'i
assessinsnt work done on them, Ior
whioh reason It is only possible to
speak of indications.
A location, owned by C. Troyer, ol
Windermere, situated on Copper Creek
slope, at an elevation of 5,700 leet. No
work has been done on the claim with
the exception of a littlo surface scratch*
ing near the dlsastery post, where a
deposit of quarts ih a quartzoas-schist
hat been uncovered, carrying a few
patohes of oopper pyrites aod considerable blue oopper carbonate stain not in
very encouraging quantites.
A location ataked by Ii.ao Norton
In June, 1898, near the Paul mineral
claim, at an elevation of 6,000 feet
Practically, no work ha. been done on
this property. At this particular point
the country rock la completely covered
with wash, but at the disoovory post
there is showing a loose piece of quartz
oarrying a little copper pyrites and
some blue stain.
Lying next to the Paul ia the Morning Glory, a looation owned bv C,
Troyer. I am informed that certain
development work has been done on
this claim, but continued searching
for an hour, on my part, fulled to show
where it was.
Thit location, owned by the same
party, lies above the Morning Glory,
and the same quarts lodge is supposed
to run through both claims. On this
property considerable.work has lieen
done io the way of open cuts. Expos*
td in these is a quartz load, some 24
inches wide, intei-bedded between the
seblstt and dipping N. 80* E. at an
an*-**. <*- *-***-", In placo. there i*> a Quna-
tIty of cooper pyrue.'snowing in tho
quartz, hut ns ye*, not very   strongly.
 Qiud-.--6u-.w-.il, Lai-Veen Mineral and
Copper creeks, on a claim kuown aa
the Cracker Jack, three quartz veins
ate exposed, respectively, 6 leet, 3 feet
and 1 foot wide, whicli cut aoross the
sclii.ts and slatos. The quartz con
tains a small presantage of copper
sulphides and stain, which is strong
est iu the sninl-eat ledge. Vei-y little
work has been done on these as yet.
The tame remark applies also to the
Copper King, a locatiou owned by E.
Stevenson, in which the general condition! are tht samo aa in the Cracker
A number of additional prospects
bavt been loomed in tht neighbourhood, all equally undeveloped, recorded at tht Copper Queen, Sunny Queen,
Sunny Friuceua, Shady Prince, Horse-
Shot, Orase Valley, Goldeu Star,
Shady Park and Letter B.
rituT-ry aim onour.
This group consists of six locations,
vis., tbe Vsnus, New Chum, Pretty
Girl, Minnehaha, Old Chum, and
Beauty, held by the New Golden B. C.
Company of London, Eug., represented
hy W. G, MiiohelMnuts, of Golden,
The claima are located noar the head of
Boulder Creek, on the right-hand side
going np, aud from a hair, extending
over the summit into Law's Creek.
Work has beon confined to the Pretty
Girl, whioh lies ou tht summit of the
divide. Tke altitude of the valley ol
Boulder Creek, below the claims, is
0,200 feet, while tho open cut on which
the work waa done on the Pretty Girl
ia at an elevation of 0,250 feet, more
than 8,000 feet abovo the valley,
Tble open out, 12 feet in length, has
been eunk 10 or 12 feet in a eolt shale,
dipping nearly vertical, and striking,
approximately, S. 25' W. Lying between the layera of the shales or slates
across the out wero hands of gray copper aod some carbonates of copper,
forming a highly mineralised zone
some 0 to 8 feet wide, irom which
large pieces ef eplendid ore had been
taken. The shales were very much
weathered and soft to the depth at-
tained hero, and are Habit to an alteration ol dtp at thty go down.
There stems lo be no rein, In the
uiual acceptance of tht term, but a
tont In tht bedding of thetbales,
whioh, at tht surface, carries very
considerable qnantlties of ore. A fairly
representative sample of tbis ore gave
on assay, 26.68 p.o. oopper, 65.6
os. silver to the ton.
Upon the very meagre data obtained
whin the open out was down 8 feet,
tnd with no other positive surface
ihowing, the Company started a ton-
aal 160 tait vertically below tht out,
and approximately 250 feet horizontally from the aame. It wai expected
tbat at 90 feet in this would cut the
ore-body at a point where a baud in
the lame was supposed to occur from
tht indication! of tht surface shales,
From thtl point the tunntl, it wai
tup-pond, would run on In ore, At
tht timt ot my visit, September 2nd,
the tnnnel we* in 200 teat, and had
failed to tar to find tha ore-body. Tht
management bad just begun In eink a
���hailla tha nrfaco showing to obtain
bon data as to thi dip ot tht ore,
which thty Intended followln* down
tOtHOttU.   TtomtUiamOty
wonld then drift to tht right or left
from the end of the tunnel.
I am since Informed tbat tht ore
has be-in ttruck from the ttlnnel, and
hat been found vtry promising, both
as to quantity and quality; but am
unable to obtain any reliable figures
regarding tame.
There ia connected with tbt property
a good large log cabin, situated at an
elevation of 7,500 feet, just above the
timber line, from which point all mine
timbers have to be packed to the working!. Tht trail from tht valley up to
tht proporty has been built by the
Company, and Is in very fair condition.
dblos onoup,
This group consists of four locations,
vis.: The Calamity Jane, De.os and
Trojan, on the right-band bank of
Boulder Creek,and across tbe creok the
Colossus, owned by Tom Jones, of
Golden, and bonded to tho Mines Development and Guarantee Truss Co.,
of Rossland. The claima are situated
on a steep bank and the work has been
done on tht Delos a few feet above
water level.
The oountry rock is composed of
slates, whioh appear to be bedded
neatly horizontally, while the cleavage planes ars usually vertical, .although in one or two places they stem
to be horizontal.
Running through the slates and
parallel with tht cleavage planes, is a
belt or zone some 150 feet wide, coin-
posed of quartz stringers running with
the belt, but very irregular as to direction. These stringers vary in size
from I inch to 24 inches, and at the
surface where a lot of stripping has
been done, are very much jumbled. It
ie probable that several of these
stringers will get together, forming a
larger ledge which may be followed to
a depth, but thie hus not as yet been
proven. Along this surface outcropping quite larfce masses of copper
pyrites aro found in the quartz, from
which several tons of ore corjd be
At the lower end of the stripped
aurface a tunnel haa been driven in 63
feet, of which the first 30 feet was a
cross-cut nud the remainder on a
quartz ledge about 20 inches wide, in
which occurs a very fair percentage of
copper pyrites. Tin's ore lias certainly
a very stiiliing npiiem-ance, being often
in grout masses of oolin pyrites. My
sample of the clean oro gave ue on
assay 32.48 p.c. copper, with only
traces of silver.
Whether the large surface showing
is connected with a large and moro
regular ledge remains for further
development to prove.
School Accommodation at Ool.
den."Mew School for Field.
Athalmer Bridge.
Mr. Wells M. P. P. completed some
good work wben he was at Victoria.
He hat secured ths neccessary appropriation of 12,600 for the removal ofthe
Courthouse from Donald to Golden
and the work will be put in hand at
once, tbe contract being let to Jas.
Mr. Wells has also made arrangements for improved accommodation at
the Golden School, so that thn teaching staff may be increased with the attendance of pupils.
The matter of school accommodation
at Field has also had Mr. Wells's attention, he having attended a meeting of
the poople there a week sgo to consider
tbis important matter. The C. P. R.
required the use of the portion of the
station building hitherto used ss a
school and it has become necessary for
tht Government to provide school
accommodation. Tbe people of Field
would like to have a building that
could also be used as a hall, thus
bringing in school revenue for the assistance of the trustees in managing
tbs school, and Mr. Wells ia endeavoring to arrange with the Government to
to give effect to the wishes of the people of Field.
Mr. Wells has also arranged with
the Dominion Government to grant
the nae of their pile driver for driving
the piles for the new bridge iu course
of construction at Athalmer, so as to
facilitate the work being rapidly pushed
A MutlittrTelia flow She Saved Her
Little Daughter'. Life.
I am Hie Mother of eight children
and havo had a great deal of experience
with medicines. Last summer my
little daughter had the dysentery in
its worst form. We thought she
would die. I tried everything I could
think of, but nothing seemed to do her
any good. I saw by an advertisement
in our paper that Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Btmsdy wat
highly recommended and tent and got
a bottle at ouce. It proved to be ont
ol tin very best mtdicinta we ever had
in the houss. It saved my little daugh*
ter's life, I am anxious for every
mother to know what an excellent
medicine it is. Had I known it at first
it would have saved rae a great deal
of anxiety and my little daughter much
suffering, fours truly. Mrs. Geo. F.
Bui-kick, Liberty< lv. I. For sale by
all druggists. Henderson Bros, wholesale agis. Victoria and Vancouver.
Says the Nelson Tribune: "New
that he has resigned tht offico of attorney-general, tho newspapers that
abnsod Joo Martin iu office nre admit-
tiog tbat he is an ahle man, and that
the laws of the Province have been
placed in boner shape through hia
work. This is a good deal like flattering a man after hs is dead. The trouble is the majority of the people prefer
to be governed by goody-goody, spiritless men who cannot say No, Joe
Martin ia not a good man; fe/v able
men aro, Jos Martin is not spiritless;
the trouble with all able meu is that at
times they tako too muoh spirits. Joe
Martin can aay No; and wheu bo says
No be ��loe.-i not mean Yes."
Troable.om. to the Ant, y.
During the civil war, as well at lo
our late war with Spain, diarrhoea was
one of tho most troublesome diseaets
tho army had to contend with. In
many instances it became chronic and
tbt old soldiers still suffer from it. Mr.
David Taylor of Wind Ridge, Greene
Co., Pa., is one of these. He uees
Chamberlain'a Colio, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy and says he nover
found anything that would give him
suoh quick relief. It it for sale by all
druggists. Henderson Bros wholesale
agti, Victoria and Vancouver.
8mth American Kidnoy Cure Steps iu and
Cures Bright's Disease aod other Kidney
It Is really wonderful tht nnmber of so
-Ailed boptleu eases diagnosed so by the
best physicians in the land, thtl havt Men
radically cured by South American Kidney
Cure. It jroo. directly to tho sest of the
trouble, dissolves and eradicates from the
system every impurity that would cleg then
organs and prevent them performing their
perfecthnctk-n. ISwsande.have written
voluntarily to say "It has cure* are,"
MtWCU.Warre��'.  -. ..
Resignation of Hon. Jos. Martin.
Tho Government Caucus was held
on the 2(>th to consider the demand of
Premier Semlin for tho resignation of
Hon. Jos. Martin. There was almost
a full attendance of the supporters of
the Government. Several members
strongly expressed theopinion that the
Premier was not justified in calling on
Mr. Martin to resign. From I he statements made by Ministers themselves it
was evident the Cabinet had been getting along very well, aud there appeared to be no reason fjr the Premier's
action. The party were thut divided
but a majority were disposed to support tht Premier, toeing tht matter
had gone ao far, and that there was
danger of precipitating a general election ehould tht Premier'! aotion not bt
endorsed. To his credit be it said, Mr.
W. C. Weill, M.P.P., as representative
of North East Kootenay, stood to his
guns aud told tht meeting that he
would not be deterred from doing what
wat right by the Hon. Jos. Martin by
any threats of precipitating a general
election. He waa quite prepared to
face hie constituents at auy time-it
necessary. After a long and full discussion Mr. Martin said be did not
wish to be a means of causing trouble
in tbe party and he would resign vol*
untarily. Under these circumstances
the parly determined to stand together
as before and to hack up the Government iu oarrying out its policy.
Strike on Fifteen Mile Creek.
Last -molt tk* ltad wu eat by ���
cross-oat boa th* Ke. 1 tanntl at 75
leet and preoented a good ihowing ot
ore. A* thie croei-cut tap! tha vela
about 800 feet below the highest out.
crop where there le a tne ihowing of
ore it look! aa if the Company are in a
fair way to prove n large body of ore
in sight on thie property. Develop,
mint work wai ttarted on Saturday
on the big outcrop about 500 feet abovo
the No. 1 tnnnel, and thie tunnel,
known ea No. 2, will be puihed on
night and day in three 8-hour ihlfti.
Cabini ar* alio being built at th*
At the Porphyry and Iron Hill On!
Canyon Crnk a trull hai been put in
from tbt Government trail to tht oamp
in tbe timber below where tht work ii
being done, a log cabin built, aid a
trail made to the s.;eno of work. Dt'
velnpment ll at present being confined
to cross-cat* to determine the dip of
the lead.
*. .
Cable Breaks and Car Filled
with Passengers Precipitated
6,000 Feet.
Vienna, Jnly 28.���A frightful catastrophe is reported from Meran, Austrian Tyrol, the health resort where
the Crown Prince Alfred of Saxe-
Coburg, grandson of Queen Victoria,
met his death last spring. A party of
tourists were going op the side of the
Scbeoeberg, when the cable by whioh
the car is moved, broke, while the ear
was near the summit. The car, which
was filled with passengers, was precipitated a distance of 6,000 feet, and
dashed to pieces in tht valley below.
Oue of the passengers, Professor August Herbert, the violin virtuoso, ws*
instantly killed. Geo. Von Ompeted,
the popular German novel writer, ia io
badly injured that he cannot recover.
There were twelve passengers in the
***< Of <t.ae. fiv. -were latally injured, while other! are suffering Irom
broken limb* and bruiiee, and from
prostration! by shock.
Premature Explosion slays one
Man Instantly and Man.
gles Another.
Sandon, B. C, July 28.���A lerioul
acoident occurred here to-day at tho
Sovereign mine, whereby Ellis Williams, a will experienced miner, lon
hii lite, and hie comrade wae leyinly
and probably fatally injured....   *���   .
Both men left here yesterday to-do
contract work at the Sovereign mine,
and jnst started work to-day. They
had tunnelled about 20 feet and were
drilling more holes and loadings when
somehow or other, whether through
striking the cap! too hard or the fuse
being toe short, is not known, three or
four charge! went off simultaneously,
killing Williams and injuring hii
partner, Crowee.
The Nanaimo Free Press remarks:
"Friends of the Labor Party in this
city as well as throughout the provinoe
will hear with sincere regret that Mr.
Joseph Martin has resigned his position in the Cabinet as Attorney-General. That his resignation is the result
of a conspiracy amongst some of the
Coast politicians, who have beeu tampered with by the Opposition, tbercoan
be little doubt. The charges that were
brought up against him iu the Caucus
were ohildish iu tho extreme and there
wat not the slightest attempt made to
substantiate them."
Tho Privy Council has upheld the
Duuemuire appeal against the employment of Chinese in mines and holds
that the law of the Province forbidding the employment of Chinese ia un-
coastitutioal The Government can
get ever that by puttiug a heavy tax
on oompanies employing Asiatic labor.
The Dominion Government haa passed a resolution endorsing tbe action of
the Home Government in taking steps
lo redi-eBS the grlevaucea of British
subjects in the Transvaal.
Healthy Nerves are tho Corner Stone of Good
Health���Tako South American Nervine-
It Does Everything it Promises.
La grippe has left many "stranded" con
stitutions, nervous wrecks, hopeless despondent esses. South American Nervine is seek*
ing ih-mi out-has gone to the fountain bead
of the trouble aad is lifting many a prostrated one out of the darkness of diaeau into the
noonday light of perfect health,
known Toronto lady wrote last wm
at death's door, and South American'Servine
A well-
wrote last wsekiT tl was
saved me."*. ,    .,
Sir James Edgar Passes Away
Toronto, Aug. 1.���Sir James IX
Edgar, Speaker of the Houss of Com.
pious, died laat night from tho effects
of an operation for itoue in the bladder. It ii likely Deputy. Speaker Bor-
dean will be promoted to the Speakership.
   a    .
Atlin's Output.
Victoria, Aug, 1.���Lieut.-Governor
Mclnnes says that Atlin'e output tor
this season will be 11,000,000. Hii
Honor ipeaki with groat hopefulness
of the Canadian diggings.
Our Mew Attorney-General.
Viotoria, B.C., Aug. l.-Alsundtr
Henderson, Q.C., representing New
We.tminster city, ha* been offered and
hai accepted the portfolio of Attorney.
Gtneralship, resigned by Mr. Joseph
Martin.       ���	
'" ������' *
Toronto Telegram: "British Colombia
hoboes are now afraid to wear theie
���wallow-tailed coat a lest they be mil-.
taken for tbe trampain dress mils who
wore to unfavorable mentioned by that,
prince of after-dinner speaker*, tk*
Hon. Joaepb Merlin,"
For Twelve Years Catarrh was tbo Bane ol
his Life��� Dr. Agn.it'a Catarrhal Powder
Cured Him,
Mr. James Ormaby, a plumber, line at 1��
Jarvia street, Tronto. He says: "For nearly twelve yean i have been troubled with-
catarrh: my noetrlht were conthmally .topp*
��� up, and I .uttered very much from head'
 S,   The doctor, nrm-lut..
manont relief.
���  try much	
The doctor, proclaimed it chronic ca
it    '
der both - relieved sad - cured
_ctor. p
They could not give uu anyner-
 hia Aw.
Dr. Agnow's Catarrh.'
recommend it with confluence. *
Sold by O. A. W.arrsu.
1 can
-"**,**��� i^mP"'/'-*
iAZl. f-
Any Modification of tbe   Policy of
Monroeism Would Have to Cone
From the United Stat���.
Loudon, Jnly 28.���The Hague oorro-
poudent of tbe Times reports a long
eouversaton with Mr. Andrew D.
White, United States ambassador to
Berlin, aud head of the American delegation. The ambassador, after referring to tbe raruest desire of the American people for a comprehensive arbitration scheme, us proved iu the constant
petitions aud resolutions of large meetings held iu all parts of the United
States siuce tbe coufereuce has been
sittiug, said:
"I believe a vast mujority of our people wiil welcome our arbitration treaty
aud see in it a serviceable plan from
tbe outset, and u germ from which a
more complete system will ho evolved
by future conferences. Ah time progresses, wit!.out doubt, references to
the tribunal will become increasingly
natural aud normal, and thu-* we may
hope to have every advantage claimed
for obligatory arbitration without its
overwhelming disadvatuuges. But it
could hardly be expected that we
should be willing to accept tbe require*
ment to sweep away at once, here and
now, the policy of Mourocism.
"If any modification is ever made of
that policy, it must be made by the United Stattts nfter it has bud the fullest
opportunity to study the subject in all
its bearings. Such u change cannot
be made bere by implications, in a
treaty made distinctly for another purpose, und it is important tbat there
should lw uo doubt on this point."
Friday, .Inly SB.
Ge����. Llip, nt   Pertli, Ont., \vnn shot by
The    bricklayer* nl    Vancouver have
kiiiu" out ou Htiike.
Mnrkfiule ami .Munn will :ou*truQt new
niilwa.ru In  China.
The c. I\ t:. I'iiie-��tone lirnin.ii will le
extended 40 miles this joSr.
IE. 0, Iiiyersoir* Imdy wa* cremated.
Virdeij   exliMilit.il   \vn* a    hiil-CSM.
Another rich strike i> reported Iroiu
Lake Maultou on the S-iwye** property.
U. D Mnuu suied the Canadian Nor them cnmtuuiy win i.uitti to prince Albert;
I.iietuerl, the i'liinijj'i wit*.' murderer,
wan  found  dead  ut   Juliet lenltentl-iry,
F. Boe, <>f Oration, conimltled milelde
Iiui   Whinlietf   hotel  hy   taking enrludlc.
Ooveriinieiit SiitniorterB lu DrMUh Col.
iimhin huve ileeUed t.i Htuud liy Premier
Semi In.
11. II. Howell, the American, won the
"tujfle H.'iiiiu* etutinidoiiHliii) of the
Federating wu* carried hy vt
majorities in tne colonies of
uml Tasmania.
UartlHiuakes aud tidal waves have
vlHlied the lluwtillan isiands. rcsultUm
hi    much  do ui" a*-'.
���I T. Wilkinson und It, C. Husking. Van.
eoiivi-r newHiiiiju'r men. Iiud ttirllllns
eMi'tijicit   from   drown Inn.
The II. s. irooi.K cinilured tilt) toivji o!
(Viinndin.   in     the   Philippine*,     and   re-
souod Spanish  prltnnors,
Attorney (lentiul Martin, of llrltlfili
Columbia, Iium rcBiKiied ii Ih jnu'iioiio,
and in- h mi lu   Vancouver.
0, T. It. main Hue traeknu'ii will re
I'clv-i' un aihuuee In iuiy; nruiu'h Hut
men   Will   ii1.1   he  iieueflttud.
Tin Manitoba team won the champion,
khIn in tin- Northwest crluket tnurna
iiielit at Wluiilixg, tk'fi'utiiijE Chletitfo.
MiuueKuta  lost  to Omaha.
ry large
He JJh-it  From   Heart  Failure While on
au KuNlern Tour.
Grenfell, Assa., July 28.��� All are
sorry to learn of tbo death of Lieut,
Col. Lake of heart failure, in one of
the eastern provinces whither he had
gone to recuperate his health, which
had been failing for some time past.
He was accompanied by his wife and
son, Richard. For a time the change
appeared to strengthen him, bnt a sudden turn for the worse came and on
Thursday last be passed away to his
reward. He was one of tbe oldest settlers in this district and was held in
the highest esteem by all. His charitable hand aud friendly help in every
good cause will not soon be foigotten.
His magnificent figure and military
bearing wus marked. Through a long
genealogy his ancestors have fought for
Britain's glory aud freedom und in his
early years the colonel himself engaged
in active service. The family have the
sympathy of the entire community in
their bereavement.
Cleveland Street Car Strike,
OleveUnd. Ohio, Julx. 28.���Th-ara^far a_daiE-_nrrsa;
was littlo change' m" the street car
strike situation this morning. As a result of tbe vigilance ot the police and
the soldiers patrolling the streets last
night, obstructions on the trucks of the
big consolidated lines at daylight were
very few aud far between. Much sat-
sfaction is expressed ou all sides over
the calling of a special meeting of the
city council for tonight to bring about,
if possible, a settlement of the strike.
Lnetgert Fonnd Dead.
Joliet, Ills , July 28.���Adolph L.
Leutgert, the wealthy sausage maker
of Chicago, serving a life sentence in
the penitentiary hero for the murder
of his wife, was found dead in hiB cell
today. The authorities are unable to
ascertain the cause of death and an inquest will be held to determine whether
he killed himself or died of heart dis-
A Maniac's Work.
Brazil. Ind., July 28.��� Charles Wol-
fangel became violently insane last
night at his home in Denmark, south
of here, and seizing a hatchet, chopped
his two daughters and his wife to
death, while tbey were sleeping. He
then took a knife and cut his throat.
The murdered children were 8 and 13
yea in old.	
Federation Carried*
Melbourne, Victo.ia, July 38.���Voting on the question of federation is proceeding in Victoria. Returns received
up to 5.80 o'clock tbis afternoon show
(14,000 votes enst in favorof federation,
and 11,000 votes cast in favor of federation against the proposition. An overwhelming majority in favor of federation is assured.
Race Called Off.
Dorvul. Wae., July 28.��� The race
committee for tbe Seawaubaka onp
nave decided to call the race off today
on account of a high wind an J tea.
Bt. Thomas, Jnly 28.���J. Wilkinson
has sold the Times, of this city, to A.
K. Wallace, of the Atlas Loan oompany. Fred E. Johnusou, the city editor, retains an interest in the business
and will continue therein. The priot
mentioned is $26,000.
Vancouver   llrlKklayem, Clilengo   llrick-
tiittk-nrn anil Phlladel|ihla Mtuweii-
���tfi'i-n (lu Out.
Vancouver, July 38.���Nearly nil tbe
bricklayers employed in the city went
on strike yesterday as a protest against
the employment by contractors of Chin
fcse labor. They cannot help using
Chinese made bricks as oriental labor
bus almost entirely secured the monopoly o* brick manufacturing, but bricklayers and builders will make a strong
tight before they will allow Chinese to
work alongside of them in buildings.
Philadelphia, Jnly 28.���The fever of
striking, which seems to bave taken
possession of the telegraph messengers
in various cities, reached two hundred
out of a total of more than five hundred
employed by the different telegraph
companies struck for higher wages.
They now receive two cents a message
and the night shift fifty cents a night.
In addition, no payment is made on
messages undelivered. The boys want
to be paid for the latter and demand
three cents a message nnd R0 cents for
uight work.
Chicago, Jnly 28. ��� Some 2,000
brick makers struck today, tieing up
about forty brickyards in the city.
The strike is to aid the union men in
several north side yards.
Shot by Tramps.
Perth, July 28.���Last night about 11
o'clock George" Lite, aged fifteen, was
sbot iu the head witb a revolver by a
tramp, presumably named James Hart,
one of a gang of toughs banging around
for ftjdav ��*��� aa���Tba_wQDndis not
serious, tho bullet entering the seaip
on the left side of the head and grazing
the skull, coming out above the ear.
The boy states be was wheeling home
wben he was stopped by men who came
to him and asked him to buy a ring for
|2. On declining tbey abused him and
on starting away one drew a revolver
and struck him on the bead with it,
shooting at the same time. Tbe boy's
description fitted Hnrt, wbo with three
others were captured early this morning by two policemen and a number of
citizens. The men showed fight and
some shots were fired. A bullet hit a
revolver in a policeman's hand. Two
loaded revolvers, one with no empty
cartridges, were taken from the men.
Toronto, July 28.���A paragraph appeared here on July 0, stating the
death of R. 6. Clappison, whose wife
is here and who had been looking for
him. One Geo. M. Tolton, of Macleod,
wrote saying that Clappison had died
at Lethbridge in October last and was
buried by E, McFarqnbar, undertaker.
MoFarquhar bas written denying that
be bnried bim and contradicting the
statement of Tolton's that he was the
chief undertaker for the Crows' Nest
Puss railway.
San Francisco, Jnly 28. ��� Pierre
Humbert, Jr., a Boston banker, wbo is
at the head of a project to construct a
railroad from Pyramid Harbor to Fort
Selkirk, is iu the city. "We have
made our filings," said be, "and have
practically secured a charter for that
portion of the road traversing American
territory. We are now waiting on Ottawa for a Canadian charter and right
of way from the boundary to the
Ynkon. As soon us this is accomplished we will begin coustruction."
Kingston, July 28.���Last evening
Calvin's new steamer India had a trial
ran around the harbor. The engines
and steering apparatus worked well.
This aft*?moon she cleared for Cleveland to load ooal for Fort William.
She then goes to Serpent River, Wis.,
for iron ore for Deseronto.
Toledo, Ohio, July 28.���O. M. Spit-
zer, president of the Ohio Central railroad, h:u resigned.
Recognition of an Arbitration Court
Represents Vast Progress In the
Evolution of Human Society.
The Hague, July 27.���William T.
Stead made the following statement ia
reference to tbe work of the peace commission: "The conference achieved a
great unccess, mnch greater than the
delegates anticipated, aud tbe result
was achieved largely by tbe amour
propre of capable men from all parts of
the world, determined to accomplish
something worthy their assembling together. The result surprised all of
them and the magnitude of the gains is
imperfectly understood even by the
"The establishment of a permanent
court of arbitration on the American
principle of revision, pins the Frenoh
declaration of the duty of neutrals to
recommend disputing powers to refer
to an arbitration court rather than to
war, represents vast progress in the
evolntiou of human society. The recognition of tbe duty to represent to
disputants the desirability of resorting
to the arbitration court entails no obligation on tbe Americans inconsistent
with their traditional polioy. This is
made absolutely clear by the declaration signed by the American delegation, read in full at the conference today and entered on the records.
"The relations between the Americans and other delegates, notably the
British, German and Russian have
beeu extremely friendly. Tne British
and Americans acted throughout almost like a joint delegation. This was
due to no arrangement or direction, bnt
solely because both nations found common ground of defense, common interests, civilization nnd hnmanitv. Tbe
only point ou which the British dele
gates failed to support the Americans
was in the resolution forbidding tbe
capture of private property at sea. To
this, the British representatives were
not opposed bnt the British cabinet being divided, tbe delegates had no instructions regarding the matter und abstained from taking action.
"After tho arbitration convention is
signed it will probably be open to tbe
adhesion of all the other powers not
represented at the conference, on the
condition that no original signatory of
the convention object. This right to
blackball a power wishing to join tbe
convention was insisted upon by it iu
order to prevent the adhesion of the
pope, and by Britain on account of the
Transvaal. It is hoped that all the
South American states will come in.
Ic is the unanimous opinion of all the
delegates that tbe conference begins a
new epoch, and that the good seed now
sown will bear a rich harvest hereafter. ''        *^*___
*--*r*..ittlnil ���t Work  on
Pennsylvania lt.llro.ll.
Jeney Oily, July 27.���The freight
handlers employed iu the Pennsylvania
railroad company's yards aud ou its
piers at Jersey City, who have been
agitating a strike for several days and
who thought they wonld qnit work
this afternoon, decided to continue
work nntil they conld hare further
conferences with the company's officers.
There was no disturbance on the main
pier when the decision was announced.
Shortly before the time for going to
work tbe men came to the deoislou
after a strong speech made by Father
John Brady, who advised them for tbe
sake ol their families to be patient,
and to take no hasty action.
John Taylor Will Uet the Lash.
Wolseley, Assa, July 37.���A meeting
of tbe supreme court of the Northwest
Territories was held here, Jndge Wet-
more presiding. Among the legal
talent present are Messrs. Johnston, of
Reglna; L. Thomson, Wolseley; Feel,
of Grenfell, and McSorg and Owillin,
of Moosomin. Tbe first case to be
tried was Queen vs. John Taylor for an
offense under the Charlton act. The
following jury was chosen and elected,
the first named as foreman; Jas. McCowan, W. Aldreil, W. Linnell, W. Ingram, S. Fleming, Sr., and George
Moore. The prisoner was found gnilty.
Levi Thomson was the prosecutor for
the crown and Mr. Johnson, of Reglna,
represented Taylor.
Jit the court house sentences were
passed as follows: Henry Hatch, one
year In common jail, Reglna; John
Taylor, three years in Manitoba penitentiary and ten lashes. The sheriff
sent out the prisoners by police escort
this evening. ^^^
Semlin or Martin.
Viotoria, B.C., Jnly 27.���A government oanens is lo be held here-tonight
to deolde whether the party will sustain Mr. Semlin iu asking Mr. Jos.
Martin to resign. The latter say, he
will abide by the result. The olty is
full of politicians uud wire pulling Is
actively progressing. Ic is believed
that a general election will be the result.
Could only give temporary relief to Mr. Parson, who suffered for thirteen years with
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills made him well.
Mr. A. W. Parson, Martinville, Que., writes: "I was a sufferer from kidney disease
and bladder trouble for 13 years, and had a constant desire to urinate with its accompanying weakness. Medicine prescribed by a skilful physician only gave me temporary relief.
The trouble would recur at very awkward times. I was persuaded to try Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills. I obtained relief after one dose, and before I had finished the first box
felt better than I had for many years."
The abundance of evidence that is published from time to time must convince the
most skeptical of the wonderful curative properties of Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, the
world's greatest kidney cure.   A trial is the only better proof we have to offer.
One pill a dose. Twenty-five cents a box, at all dealers, or Edmansoh, Bates & Co.,
ThnrMliir, .Inly Slept. Dreyfus is seriously Ul witli
Military law has Iiwa proclaims* t��
Hn.vtl I. trying to coifcprouil.. ->Wb
ber creditors.
Tonne. Bo. wa. towud deajfl lu l.-l ia
lu n   tYinnlpeg hotel.
Ilo-p, are urrlrlmi la Ulanl****** I��r the
Septenil.fr Held trial..
A military "Taltoo" was held with
great .uece.. 'lu  Toronto.
l'ettil and Day. two 'loionto men who
disappeared, have turned up saldy.
A l.urgtnr carried ill co.islilerab;. sll*
verware Intra a  \viiinl..e*r residence.
A riirht ol -vnv survey ha. commenced
alouii the proposed X. I'. Portage eilen.
A new .hip canal from lake Krle via
I.uki* Uiilorlo 1.1 the Hudson. I. proponed.
Honolulu had a linn Incident. 11 party
ol Americana hauling down a Herman
The Ilrltlah hattlc.hlp, Veniroance, and
the French I.Atlle-lilp, Hillfrm, war.
The exodus or hnrvc.t lined. Irom
Ontario till, season to Manitoba will
uot be large.
tloo. ltlddlc, Muiiltoliii's lilcyclo chum*
pion, lias entered lor tne world', meet
in   Montreal.
Manager Whyte and parly ire nt Vancouver, returning Irom tlio Boundary
Creel; district.
Million, nt loot ol line Umber were
destroyed liy lillsli llrfs along lhe Crow .
Neat l'a.s line.
ticueral de Nearlor, a incmlici- of tin
���upreine council ol war. Prunes, hns
lieen disgraced.
Japan desires u men.arc of lliiiinc.lal
control In Chliin In o.cliuiige lor r��*
organising tlio army.
Lemlenx. the accountant ol the VIII.
Marie bank, Montreal, ha. surrendered
himself and promises revelation..
President  Ulyrspa  II:-liri-ltlix, of Sao   Do-
Mingo, i-IIiiril.red at Mora.
New York, July 27.���The Associated
Press is advised by officials of the
United States and the Hayliau Telegraph company, that President Ulysses
Henreaul, of Santo Domingo, was
murdered at Mocca, SantoDoiuingo.at i
o'clock this afternoon. General Hen*
ream was elected president in 1897.
Fort de France, Island of Martinique,
July 27.���General Ulysses Henrenux,
president of the Dominignan Republic,
was assassinated at Mocca at half past
four o'clock this af teruoou. The nam*
of the murderer is Ramon Oaceres. He
succeeded in making hia escape, bnt an
energetic pursuit was at once begun,
and it is probable tbat he will soon be
captured. Vice-President General Fi-
guero immediately assumed tbe direction of affairs. The remains of the
president will probably be taken to San
Domingo for tbe funeral services.
Oeaeral Axllne Stoned.
Cleveland, Jnly 27.���The storm centre of the street railway strike has, according lo the authorities, beeu settled
in Brooklyn, a suburb connected with
Cleveland by a long high bridge. At
noon ISO employees of the Born Steel
Range company, blockaded a oar on tha
bridge and dragged the motorman and
conductor from their posts, Inflioling
with their fists and other weapons in*
juries more painful than serions. Soldiers on guard at the barns half n mile
away hurried to the scene, bnt the riot-
am had taken refuge ur tne tmjrorjr
whiob stands nnder the approach to the
bridge. General Axline, in command
of the troop, here, lu order to |*csou��l.y
view the situaiiou, took a ride today
on an Orange street oar. He was in
civilian dress and Ihe car was stoned
ut various intervals all along the route.
A rock came near bitting him.
Delt-oit, Jnly 27.���A strike of street
railway employees of Detroit is among
tbe possibilities of the near future.
The exeoutive committee of the local
union is in conference with company
officers, tbe ohief points nt issue being
changes iu tbe number of working
hours, and nn increase in pay from 21
to 25 cents per honr.
Cinciuuali, Jnly 27 ���Tho mesbeuger
boys' strike was coutiuued today, bnt
the lawlessness attending it heretofore
was much lessened by tbe more active
work of the police. Throughout tbe
day policemen escorted the messengers,
and no crowds were allowed to collect.
Tlfc Boer Parliament Has the Utmost
Confidence In Its President Though
It Differs With His Polioy.
Lemieux Surrenders.
Montreal, July 97.���bemieux, tha
aoconntant of the Bank Villo Marie,
whioh snspended payment yesterday,
appeared iu the police court this morning before Jndge Lafontaine, and at
his own request the oase was postponed
nntil Friday to permit him consulting
his lawyer. He has retained J. N.
Greenehields and M. F Qnlnu, M.F.,
to defend him. Some startling revelations In connection with the affair an
When arrested last evening Lemlenx
declared he and Teller Herbert ware
not the only ones concerned ana that
some other poisons would find themselves In trouble before long.
Nathaniel Leech Breaks His Meek.
Calgary, N.W.T., July 27.���Nathaniel Leech, a well known farmer, near
this city, while stepping off a train at
tha C.P. R. station here last uight,
missed his footing and fell upon his
head, breaking his neck. Death was
Dreyfus Contracts Fever.
Paris, July 27.���Le  Petit  Journal
says that Dreyfus is ill with fever and
that his condition la serious.
1 ,
quietness at Cleveland.
Cleveland, July 28.���Soenes of wild
disorder and violenoe witnessed in oon-
ueotlon with the street oar strike were
suooeeded thia morning by marked
quietness. The care are running on
at least a dozen different lines of the
ble consolidated system. They, how
ever, carry but few passengers. Bosses
are in operation over many big consolidated lines and these are well patronised. The olty authorities were in
oonferenoe at the olty hall nearly all
night and as a result, a call has been
sent ont for additional troops.
The Msjbrlek Case.
London, Jnly IS.���In the house of
commons yesterday Michael Davltt, M.
P. for South Mayo, aaked tbe government If in view of the fact that the
oondnct of Mn. Maybriok in prison haa
been uniformly good the home offloe
oould not reoommend royal clemency In
her case. Sir Matthew White Ridley,
the home seontary, said that he waa
nnable to hold out the hope of the un-
exceptional treatment of Mrs. May.
brlok, and that ha was not aware of
any reason for royal clemency.
Cape Town, July 26.���Advices have
been received here confirming the report tbat President Kruger, of the
South African republic, bas resigned.
Later advices are to the effect tbat
President Kruger has definitely aban
doned the idea of resigning.
Pretoria, Jnly 86.���Amicable relations between the volksraad and President Kruger have been restored. The
conspiracy case against ex-British officers has been withdrawn, aud the remaining prisoners were released today.
London, Jnly 27 According to the
Cape Town correspondent of the Daily
Mail, President Kroger's reiiguatfou Is
regarded as a onto move to create a
crisis for the purpose of tiding over the
interval nntil the rainy season begins.
Tbe correspondent says that the Dutch
extremists ascribe it to a deep British
game for the pensioning of President
Kruger in order to allow the nelson of
the couutry.
London, July 211.���Reports regarding
the resignation of President Kruger, of
the South African Republic, are conflicting, bnt according to the best information be actually resigned his
office conditionally. The volksraad,
while maintaining its opposition to
President Krnger's views ou the dynamite concession, has given ita assurance
thst it still bad tbe utmost confidence
in President Kruger, and it is believed
he has withdrawn his resignation.
Owlug to the Defalcation or Two or Its
Kmploye.a the Vllle Marl. Suspends.
Montreal, July 26.���The Ville Marie
bank is in financial difficulties, and
dosed its doors yesterday. The cause
of the suspension is reported by bank
officials to be the defalcation by Ao*
o'rantant F. Lemieux, and Teller J. J.
Herbert.. Both men ore said to have
left the olty, and their books are now
being examined to discover the. amount
of their shortage.
- The bank is comparatively a small
one aud the resnlts nre uot likely to be
of a serious mitu.-e. The president is
William Weir, who is well and favorably known in banking circles through
out tbe Dominion.
The amount of the defalcation is
not* said to be $68,060. Herbert is accused of taking tbe money while Lemieux is suspeoted of being an accomplice Requests will be sent out to tbe
lending United States cities to arrest
the men if they oan be located. It is
now stated on good authority that
banking circles have known of tbe
bank's troubles since tbe first of the
week, and tbat they have been proceeding with a view of protecting themselves, with the result that there was a
balance against the Bank-Ville Marie
in the clearing house today of abont
176,000. Iu view of the circumstances
the directors deuiaed *.*., to -.��. today and the bank suspended business.
It also seems that Lemieux and Herbert admitted on Saturday last that
there wos a defalcation, but it was not
known tken how mnch it was.
Some of tbe bank officials say the
shortage of Herbert and Lenleux
amounts to 160,000. Rumor plaoes it
as high as 180,000. The banking act
allows the bank ninety days in whioh
to ascertain the position of its affairs.
Conflicting rumors are afloat regarding
the liability of tbe bank apart from the
loss by theft. Detectives are hot foot
after the two missing men. It is said
tliat oue of tbom has not left the city.
Two Toronto Men Disappear.
Toronto, Jnly 26.���Last night at a
quarter after 10 o'olook. Eddie Day,
the steward of the Royal Canadian
Yacht olnb, and Harvey Pettit, of the
crew of the Vreda, took a canoe and
went out on the bay to noddle. They
went westward, and soon a couple of
fishermen at the breakwater, south of
the freight sheds, heard calls for help.
Soon after 11 o'clock tbe canoe was
found empty, upset and one paddle
missing. An uunvailiug search was
made. Today developed the" faot that
Pettit had told his friends that he and
a obuni were going to Ireland, and had
bought tiokeis for Alexandria Bay,
whence they were going to Montreal to
take ship. The price mentioned and
the oiroutuatnnces point to tbeir having
boarded tbe steamer Argyle, which left
for Alexandria last night. The reason
assigned for their leaving in such a
inannir is Day's scruples about giving
a month's notice. - Pettit has resigned
his job on the Vroda. Tbe authorities
are still dragging the bay.
Utloa, N.Y., July 86 ���Tbe twenty-
first annual convention of tbe grand
lodge for tbe Knights of Pythias, state
of New York, opened here this morning. Mayor Kenuey briefly bade the
visitors welcome Grand Chancellor
Chas T. Goodrich responded. Other
addresses were msde by Hon. Gen. S.
Klock and Samuel T. Hill.
Wtdm-adny. July SR.
A cyclone wrecked liotiaea In La Parte,
Champion rugill.t Jclfriea la irolnB to
Tin; tailor.' strike lu New Ydrk ts
Ueorg. Cotter escaped from th. Winnipeg jail.
F. "iVhaley, ol Toronto, was drowned
at Port Dalhouale.
llus.la and Japan are liotli arming for
a ctliilllct In Corea.
V. U. Mann will go to Asia on in-o.pec.
live railway contracts.
The value of tnxuiile land in Manitoba
1. placed at f 84,1100.0011.
A lawn tennis tournament will take
place In  Brandon during August.
Air. Ilclntimiiii, a prominent' piano
inaiiulacturer ol Toi-onlo, Is dead.
Americans liellevc the Alaskan 'annul.
in-..' diBputc will yet u.ul in a compromise.
Mexican Indians nre In n stale ol revolt, nml have murdered Hie laic U. S.
(Ivor 1,(100 soldiers nrrlvcd In Cleveland yesterday to sn; press strike
ti-ou IiIcb.
Nine hundred Buiptoyocs of the ennada
Copper Co., at Hndhitry, have gone out
on strike.
.1. A. Iticliarilsiui, of VTlnnlj'Cg, wn.
sent up lor trial 0:1 a charge ol am-
I cx-lement.
An -al koine" wns given at Uovern-
lueut House, Winnipeg, tu tlle vlsltlug
(lueeu Victoria Jill's underwent successful treatment for Iter eyesight during the
[mat ten weeks.
Lieut. Col. Holmes litis demanded payment Irom London, (Int., city i-ounell for
nillltlti services.
Tin- general lines of the agi-ccmeiit he
tweeu the colonics nud llrllaln on th.
l'nelfii: cahle havo lieen arranged.
The largest gold Inuring body ol ore In
Canada ha. Iiecu tomtit at i'lnrinlgan
Buy. near the Mikado peninsula, Luke of
the Woods.
Fort William, Jnly 24.���Owing to
the accident liy Are to the O. P. R.
steamer Athabasca at Owen Sound, the
Manitoba arrived here Saturday morning In her plaoe, sharp on time, having
made the trip to Owen Bound and return In fonr days.	
Montreal, July 84.���Aoting Detective Riohard While, while dispersing a
party of loafers this morning on St.
James street was stabbed in the abdomen. He is lying iu a precarious condition in the hospital. His assailant
waa arrested.
Interchange ef Trade.
Vancouver, July 24.���An arrangement for the exohange of traffic between the Canadian Paolllo and the
Nelson k Fort Sheppard railways haa
been praotloally completed, so Mr
Wm, Whyte, manager of the 0. P. R.
lines west of Lake Superior, said when
he was in Nolson with other offloiala
on Thursday. This an-aogenient will
be of gnat convenience to shippers and
especially to ths ooal mines of the
Ofmt't Nest Pass, na co.il and coke lose
largely in handling.
An American Opinion on the Oncsllnii
of Arbitration.
Washington, Jnly 86.���Inasmuch as
the Canadian officials bave laid stress
upon the refusal of the United States
to accept fair arbitration of the pending questions, it may be proper to explain tbe reason for their refusnl as
pointed out by n high offioial. In the
first place, the United States government contended absolutely, heing certain of the soundness of its olnims in
the matter of the boundary. That
would seem to be n good reason for submitting the matter to arbitration on
the ground that a good cause had nothing to fear from fair arbitrators, but
tbis government holds that arbitrators'
treatment is all snjbeet to Ibe fatal
weakness of compromising. In our
case any compromise would nmonut to
the loss of our whole contention. It
was for this reason that Secretary Hay
rejected tbe Canadian proposal to arbitrate, attended by the contingent that
iu any case Pyramid Harbor should be
bestowed on Canada. Then, too it was
realized tbat an agreement to arbitrate
mny be extremely nnpouulnr in the
west, that the oclliiuls will be glad to
adjust the matter without resort to arbitration, if possible. This has oansed
a revival of the project to allow Canada free privileges at some specified
ports on the Lynn Cnnal, Dyes, Skagway or Pryamid Harbor, perhaps while
allowing sovereignity over them to remain in the United States, and this is
one of the propositions now engaging
our attention. It Is realized that tbis
plan would meet with  strong oppos1*
..ou f,*oii> ,liu, alomoMt which fuvnrs no
concession whatever to Canada.
Atlin Oold Output.
Skagway, Alasxa, July 10, via Sent-
tie, Wash., July 26. ��� Gold dust
amounting to $180,000 came in by
train from Atlin. The shipment is
made by tbe Atlin branch of the Merchants Bank of Halifax. Mr. Botsford,
travelling auditor of the bank, had
with him an assortment ot nuggets, the
largest of which waa 16 ounces of pure
Hundreds of claims are idle owing to
disputes and hundreds of others nre
idle because tbe owners did not care to
go on tbem while tbe close season lasted. It is believed, however, that the
season will be opened August 1 and
during the next two months the ontput
will be a surprise.
Manitoba-is In Klondike.
Vancouver, July 26.���Mr. W. H.
Ronrke arrived tbis morning from
Klondike and went east this afternoon.
He hss had a very fortunate season In
tbe north and besides doing bis regular
contracting work lias secured several
good claims. He says that the Winnipeg contingent hnve been fbrtuuate to
a man in tbe north and most of them
are getting along bo well that they are
not thinking of coming ont, at least
just now. Geo, MacLeod and Archie
MoMurray have particularly prosperous
looking holdings. Maofurlane is also
doing well and lie is thinking of com
ing home in n few weeks. The
"Colonel" Is going to Ottawa, spending a few days in Wiunipeg on Hie
way, and will be book here again on
his way north in a couple of weeks.
Windsor, July 20.���William "Wood,
the 25 year old son of Abraham Wood,
a fanner of Sandwich West, ten miles
from here, cut his throat with a nzor
early tbis morning while iu bed. His
mother heard groans and came np tbe
stairs and roused hor husband, who
was sleeping In another bed in the same
room. They found the yonng man
bathed lu blood; his jugular vein was
J". TD. O'-BuxEisr,
MS  PriiMM St., WlaBlp***
��tlw> wltt all BBuukus,
���vala Wagkl an* tantat ea auua-l>.
Wheat���No. I hard, Fort William,
Flour���Ogilvies���Hungarian patent,
11.86; Glenora, 1.76; Manitoba strong
bakers, ��1.86. Lake of the Woods-
Patent, (1.85; sirong bakers, $1.75;
second bakers, $1.86; X2XX, $1.00
per saok ot 08 lbs. Discount of So per
sack to cash buyers.        '
Millfeed���Bran, $10, and shorts MS
per ton in bulk; huge lots, $1   per ton .
Ground Feed���Best Oat ohop, $98
per ton; mixed barley and oats, $23.50
to $94.60; best grades of oorn feed $19,
Inferior qualities $17.50 per ton. Oil-
oake, $24 per ton.
Oats���Good feed, 40o to 41o.
Oatmeal���Oar lota of rolled abont
$1.80 for 80 lb. sacks.
Cora���Oar lots on traok here, 41o.
Barley- About !18j per bushel of 48
Wheat���Oountry prices���68 to 65o
for best grades.
Hay���Baled, $6.00 to $7.00 on track
hen.  Loose bay on tbe street, $6,
Butter���Creamery, 15*^0; dairy,
10 to lift
Cheese���Large, 8^0; small, 7}��o.
Eggs���Onndled, 18o.
Vegetables���Potatoes, ohoioe, 40 to
SOo'per bushel; new potatoes, OOo;
rhubarb, lo per lb ; radishes, lOo per
doaen bunobes; green onions, 12^o per
doz. bnuohts; cauliflower, 40 to 45c per
dozen,-"according to size; tomatoes, 60
per lb.; new peas, $1.00 per bushel;
butter beans, 7c per pound.
Seneca Root���2(-o per pound.
Hides���Na 1, 8jo; Na 9, S^o; Na
8, 4 1 9. Kip, 6 to 6��o; calf, 80; dea-
kin skins, 95 to 8S0 eaoh; sheepaUni
and lambskins, 40 to 05o; horse hides,
SOo to 76c each.
ISo per lb, dressed.
Dressed Meats���Beef, 0% to 7)��o;
mutton, 10 to 10J��o; veal, 7 to 8J**o;
pork, 6 to 6J��c; spring lamb, $8.60 to
$4 50, as to size and quality.
Wool���7 to 80 for unwashed Manitoba fleece
Poultry���Fowl, SOo per pair; spring
chickens, 86 to 40o per pair; yonng
docks, COii per pair; turkeys, lie per
lb., live weight; upland plover, 8O0
per pnlr.
Tallow���No. 1, 8Ho; Na 9, .%.
Oattle���Choice fat cattle, 4 If per lb.;
common, 4c; stockers, yearlings, $19
to $16;  two year olds, $18 to $92.
Hogs���For selected weights, $1 60
per'100 pounds.
Cows���From $80 to.$46 is the price
for good dairy cows.
Horses���Good work, $100 to $176;
heavy draft, $125 np
Bradford, Pa., Jnly 24.���Two trolley
cars came together with great force on
n steep hill ou Kast Main street this
afternoon and were wrecked. Motor-
man JohnBon was fatally injured nnd
tou or twelvo passengers badly cut and
Quebec, July 24.���Three negresses
were steerage passengers on tbe Lake
Superior, returning home to Georgia
from Liberia. A party of five hundred
southern negroes were induced to go
there. Wben they arrived they were
badly treated.
Hamilton, July 24.���Frederick W.
Watkins, proprietor of 11 departmental
store, has joined tho Seventh Dny Ad-
vontists. Ho kept hi? store closed from
sttuset Frldny lo sunset Saturday,
opening from eight lo ten Saturday
evening. This aotion has caused much
Toronto, Jnly 28.���William Ferrier,
a street car conductor, this morning at
the Don bridge, beoame entangled in
the trolly rope nud was thrown head
first to tlio ground and received a scalp
St. Paul, Jnly 28.���A servant girl
in the employ of Ed. Sinkler at Gra'f.
ton, N. D., tonight nsed gasoline to
light n fire.' An explosion followed
uud the girl wns fntally burned.
Tke Epworth League.
Indianapolis, Ind., July 98.���Last
night's session of the Epworth League
was held tn three places, Ihe tent, Tom-
linson Hsll and in tbe opera house, all
of whioh wero crowded. The forepart
of tbe free meetings was devoted to
son* service. Rev. A. Carman, of To
ronto, presided In Tomlinson hall.
Women are always looking in th.
glass, bnt men look in only when then
Is liqnld In it.
Santiago de Chill, Jnly 98.���The
storm mentioned in the dispntch on
Jnly 18 still continues. The damage to
ntlways and bridges Is estimated at
6,000,000 pesos. The wheat orop is believed to have been completely destroyed. ^_^^__^_i___
Ttnate Beat Explosion.
London, July 28���An explosion on
board the torpedo buat destroyer Bnll-
flaoh. on the Solent, during her trial
today, killed seven aud injured eleven
ot thon on board.
Norwood, July 28 This morning at
Salmon Island, Stoney Lake, Hntiie,
the nine year old daughter of R. J.
Stuart, grand organizer ot Ihe Canadian Order of Foresters, was drowned
despito tbe efforts of the father nnd
two brothers to rescue her. But far
the presenco of mind of Percy Olarke
nil four would have been drowued as
the father became helpless through excitement.
Alloway & Champion,
I.lat��l -Hocks bonsbl. "old, and Mrrrlwl
on tn.rgl,,.
Writ. n. If yon w'sh to exeliania any kind ot
money, to buy liovci-iimout or C, N*. w. Co.
Lands, or to tend money auf where,
Reported  by  Alloway A Champion,
Stock Brokers, Winnipeg
*n.ni|*es, July is. lata.
7'iw!-*, SttUn. Buyer'
Montreal  .... sue
Commerce  \b\% tan
War Englc  IHU SOO
Payne..  1111 ,    1*0
Commercial llaltle..  IH7U IS.
MontrenlTel  IH 170
lilcli. & tlnl. Nnv  11114 19
titty fas. Ity XD U.8 160
Batlfax B'y  IW It*
MonttMlOa,  25 201    "
To-fOJtoB'y  Wft llUi
Dululh Preform  11 t
Oan. fao. B'y, Montreal  1,1% tl
Om. IV'. B'y. Londu  Il-i, ....
Money,time  6 .,,,
Honey,oncall  ft ���,,
Quoted  by Alloway * Champion,
882 Main street, Winnipeg.
8H>*****V (o.ssi-4
JTaS::;::::::::::::;:::::::: ��**
Franc.       .IBM
HniNd.il Itoultlc  ,   SOW
Unnlth HSirka-aa..; "���",.���''..'.."'' -is
Kroner ���    .ss
Italian Lin ,.,,,,,,.,,,.A n ��.
Golden Eba.
Ha Should 11-ffln HU Apprriitlcefthlp   i*
a* to ll* Through Whttit Twttiiiy-Oii*-.
'Seventeen la the preferable age ol
going to e trade, but In many oases 10 li
not too young, nor 18 too old," wrltet
Barton Cheyney, in The Ladies' Home
Journal. "But, all aomllfloni lieing
favorable, It is well tor a boy to arrange
hia apprenticeship ro that he can finish
bli trade by the time he Is 31. One ol
the advantage! of going to a trade early
If thai It allows the lad timo to mako a
ebange ahould he discover that he hai
made a mistake In ohooslng his vocation,
and there le no infallible method or rul<
that van be followed In order that suoh
mistakes oan ba avoided. But the bent
course to pursue ts for tha lad to fully
acquaint himself with the details of the
trades to which be may incline before h��
makes a selection. This can be easily
done at tha expen.-w only of a little observation and Inquiry. Then the matter
of natural aptitude oan be considered���
and it Is a most Important factor��� ��i
that, the lad can avoid going into anything for which he has no especial flt-
mw. It ti ns.wted that overy one Is ad*
lifted for some one thing better than any*
thing else, and the boy shonld strive to
discover what that one thing Is It would
be a great mistake for a lad without a
natural b-*nfc for u.iichanha to attempt to
learn the machinist'* trade, and tbs
chances nould bo ajmlnst suoh a boy "s
proper advancement, for one's best work
an��t developmnnt uro the outcome of
being congenial)? omtilcved,"
Minard's Liniment Cnrei Bnrni, etc.
How m Drunken  HuhImuhI Wm Mail* ��
Sober Man 1>y *} Determined Wire.
Hhe writes:���"I bad for along time
been thinking of trying tho Samaria
Prescription treatment on my hnsbaud
for hta drinking habits, bnt I was
afraid he wonld discover tbat I waa
giving htm medioine and the thonght
ou nerved me. I hesitated for nearly ft
week, bnt one day when he came home
very moon intoxicated and his week's
���salury nearly all spent, I threw off all
fear and determined to make an effort
to save onr home from the min I saw
coming, at all hazards. I sent for yonr
Samaria Prescription and pnt it in his
coffee aa directed next morning and
watched and prayed for the result At
noon I gave him more and - also at supper. He never suspected a thing, and
I then boldly kept right on giving it
regnluriy asl had discovered something
that set every nerve in my body tingling witb hone aud happiness, und I
oould see a bright future spread ont before me���a peaceful, happy home, a
share in tho good things of life, an at
teutive, loving husband, comforts, and
everything else dear to a woman's
heart, for my hnsbaud had told me that
whiskey was vile stuff and he was taking a dislike to it. It was ouly too
true, for before I had given him the
full course be had stopped drinking altogether, bnt I kept giving the medic
ine till it was gone, and then sent for
another lot to have on hand if he
should relapse, as be had doqe from bis
promises before. He never has, and I
am writing yon tbis letter to tell yon
how thankful I am. I honestly believe
it will oure tbe worst cases."
We will send our pamphlet free, giving testimonials and all fall informn- ��
tion with directions how to tako or administer Samaria Prescription. Correspondence considered saoredly confidential. Address The Samaria Remedy
Oa, Jordan street, Toronto, Ont.
UL0ERKUEE-31II CUI iW POlttl Oft 01 IfT
To Crisp Lettace Le��v��e.
Do yon know how to crisp lettuce
leaves? A most simple process, but one
rarely adopted judging by the wilted
stuff we generally see served. A gentleman .of the old school was my teacher,
aud white yet a mere mn Ul 1 was promoted to the proud dignity of crisping
the lettuce.
First carefully separate the leaves from
the stalk, discarding discolored aud imperfect ones aud leaving untouched the
tiny henrts; lay them all In cool, clear
water for awhile, all morning If yon
choose; pick them over a couple of tim���
before serving; wash one by one and lay
In n wire basket if yon have one; If not,
a clean, soft towol will answer; gather
tbe ends and sides loosely In your hand
and lightly shake the lettuce; then put
the leaves in a coluiuler, which you set
Iii the ,r*��frlgemtor, Imt uot ou the ice.
).<cave until needed, whet) you will tiinl
the lettuce deliriously cool and crisp
enough (o eruek. Never cut tho leaven.
|f very'large, divide with the Augers into
(Utwlltr pieces.-What to Bnt.
Minard's Liniment Keileres Neuralgia
The IflBtlnction of Oreat Name*,
Neither Bacon. Newton, I��oeke, I>nvy
por Stuart Mill left u sou to Inherit his
fuoie, while of historians Hume, -Ulbh'ii)
nud Macaulay were never married.
Among our great painters Reynoldk,
It��wreuce and the late Lord Mghtiui
Were bachelors. Hogurth perpetrated e
romantic love match, which wa* fruitless,
nnd Turner, the great mngiclan of color
and cnnvits, twice soured by early dlsnpt
(Kilntmepts, never married.
Jin tide), who may almost be claimed as
an Muglishman, had no wife but bis art,
Mrshara, perhaps our greatest singer,
w;hose daughter we some of us remember
tl�� f<ady Waldegrnvc, 1 believe left nq
son, while of the giants of tbe footlights
pavy Harriet* and John Rouble died
childless, nnd tho direct male Issue of
lOdmund Reap ended witb tho death of
uf bis son Oharlcs.-1'oll Mali Gasette,
like a 1*4 r *
"Frances," said that Httls girl's mam*
pia, wbo was entertaining callers in the
parlor, "you come down stairs so noisily
that you could be heard all over tha
house, Vol) kqow bow to do It better
thaq that. Now go back snd come dowq
the stairs like a lady,"
' Frances retired and after a lapse of a
few minutes re-entered the parlor.
���'Did yon hear mu oome down stairs
this time, mamma?"
"No, dear. I am glad yon came down
quietly. Now don't let me ever have to
'. tell-you again not to como down noisily,
far I see that you caq come down like a
lady the second time, while the lirst time
you made so much noise."
"The last time I slid down the banisters," explained Frances.���Harper's Ila*
wr. *   *	
HIS Brief Blatorr.
Pull of the enthusiasm uf youth, ha
started out to see the world.
Rut his eftsh gave out, nnd he had to
.������hunt for work, i
The only opening he could find was a
coal mine.
Ho he who hnd started out to see lho
world gave It up.
Aud be started in to see it���Chicane
Tribune.        *   _���	
���turt'i UiUaent foi sale eterywhere
Busk!  Ibe wnvca come Tolling In,
Whito with fohm, white with foam.
Father toiU amid the din,
Bat baby Bleeps at home.
HuBhl  The winds war hoarse and deep
- As they come, as thty come.
Brother hunts the lasy sheep.
Bat baby sleeps Bt home.
Hush!  The rain sweeps o'er the knoTJSSb
Where tbey roam, where they roam.
Bister goes to seek the cows,
But baby Bleeps at home.
Wbts the Qwbmi Were Not Allow-*
ed to Smoke om the Street*.
There are many old time Germans who
remember how strictly the low against
public smoking used to be enforced. That
the law is dead is one of the fruits of the
revolution of 1848. The Berliners wero
the first Germans to smoke In public.
Courage to do bo came to them during
tbe memorable days when they dictated
laws to their king, Frederick William IV,
the present kaiser's granduncle. As that
monarch, while standing on the balcony
of the Berlin castle, was commanded by
the revolutionists to uncover before their
dead "the mob," says a contemporary
chronicler, "heaped the additional indignity upon him of puffing huge pipes in
hi* presence."
The citlsens stuck to their pipes and
cigars during the following mouths, when
the police and military dared not interfere with tbem ou trifling provocation.
Afterward, wben the tide bad turned, au
attempt was made to aguiu enforce the
law, but the people got so wrought np
over the matter that the police dropped
tbe persecutions. In March, 1840, the
old law was repeated.
As it happened liberty to smoke everywhere except in church and in the theater was one of tbe few results of the revolution that have nerer been Interfered
with by subsequent government ucts.
Before the revolution disobedience to
tbe anttsmoktng law was punishable by
a fine ot 1 thaler. If a German passed
a sentry box or a royal palace pipe In
mouth, be was mulcted B tinders. Tho
smoking of cigars lu public was deemed
particularly offensive, and judges frequently Imposed an extra thaler on the
person guilty of smoking such an article.
Iu Germany the cigar came to be considered "the correct thing" only after the
introduction of matches. It was easier
to light a cigar than a pipe by the uew-
funglcd agency; hence the cigar Increased lu popularity and became gradually
recognized as the superior of tbo pipe iu
a "social way."
But "liberty to smoke" is not yet universal iu Germany or elsewhere. In
Berlin, Munich and other capitals,1 including Vienna, army officers and soldiers
are forbidden to smoke In the principul
streets through which members of the
royal family are liable to drive. If In
other streets they see a royal curriuce
approaching, tbey must throw away their
Early Impresaloaa.
Memory plays queer antics at times. As
our Ideas of things develop ami mako progress the relation to ourselves, as wo wero
of a remembered placo or Incident, keeps
pace with the advance. When we wero In
youth, we thought the house In which we
lived In those days a veritable mansion
and the yard was as large and commodious as a park now seems to us. Our memory keeps tbem thus, although wo have
long outgrown our little selves.
But when we again visit the haunts of
the early years we find that the mansion
hns diminished to a cottage and the yard
seems miserably small. Wo havo outgrown them. There seems to bo n self adjusting lens that, as we fare farther from
tho scenes and surroundings wo once
Knew won, Keeps magnifying ilium so
that they are always tho samo to us.
And it must be so of incidents and
people as welL Memory Is kind and
throws a mantle of softening mist over
whatever comes Into her realm. And
when ws go baok and find the old neighborhood or see again our long remembered
friends we must not put all tho blame of
changing upon thorn. It Is wa who hnvo
changed, perhaps far more than have
they, only we do not stop to realize the
fact.��� Exchange.
Mlaatea and Second*.
At least 85 oonturlos B. C. tho Babylonians used a sexagesimal system of nutation, consisting of sari and sobs), of which
we hnve vestiges when we reckon 00 minutes to the hour and 00 seconds to tht
minute, or 8,600 seconds��� thut Is, a enroll
of sossl���to tbe houq. That we count Iii
Inches to tho foot, 84 hours to the day, Htm
degrees of longitude around tho equator,
00 degrees of latitude from tbe equator to
tho polos nnd 00 miles to a degree mny
also be traced to the same duodecimal
Babylonian system ot numeration, which
originally reckoned 60 shekels totho luhiit
and 60 minus to the talent. All these
numbers are factors or multiples of tha
saros, or 00. Our measures of timo, money,
of linear And angular space, are nil derived
from tho Grooks, who obtained thorn from
the Babylonians, probably through tha
Phutn Ic lansJ	
Shopatrl'a Hard tot.
Persons complain that shopgirls do not
jump actively to wait upon them when
thoy enter n store. Why uot? The other
day I saw a girl approach a respectably
dressed woman of middle age���that's 35���
and heard her ask, over the counter,
"What would you like, ma'am?"
To this polite attention 1 wns shocked
to hear the woman reply: "Yon shut np!
Don't you talk to mel 1 can ask tor
what I want, and I don't wont any Impudence from ek-rks!"
A few rebuffs from such creatures are
quite -.'nongh te cool the ardor of any
The Fitness of TIiIum*
"Yes, that's tho bride,"
"Very young, isn't she?'
"Nineteen, I believe."
"Who aro those middled aged women
with hor?"
"Thoseare hor unmarried sisters Hhe's
chaperoning thorn."���Cleveland I lain
HotM and Notre.
"Does your wife play by note?"
"I'm���er���yes.   The piano dealer lm!ds
mine for |A00,"���Colorado Springs (lu
sette. '
The turkey wss first discovered In
America and was brought to lOngiand in
tbe early part o( (he sixteenth century.
Since then It has been acclimated Is
nearly all parts of the world.
Remain huco menus "the mouth of
hell," In allusion to the violent surf always seen at tip mouth of its ehlef river.
The Point ��f View,
The Desoendant of the PIlgrira*-My
ancestors came over In tbe Mayflower.
The Anglomanhw���That Is nothing tl
be proud of, mo good fellnw. Juitthlnk
What a doooe of a time tt Is sine* the;
w ve jCngllsh. Now, my people came QTob
only a hundwed yeahs ago.���New Vork
Journal ���	
tits Redeeealn* Point,
Mrs. Cadger���They tell me, Henrietta,
that yonr husband Is unkind to you.
Mrs. Howes���Yes, John Is not very gen*
lie In his manners, I must admit, bnt
there Is one thing I will say for him, he
never kicks up a rug or creases a tidy���
Boston Transcript.
Catarrh Cured
After Fifteen
Years' Suffering.
Mr. Johu Crow, til Heater Street, Vancouver,
B.O-, writes: ''After receiving invaluable
benefit from Japanese Catarrh Cora, I consider
It my duty to,eud my tntlmony for the benefit
of fellow sufferers. I had been a great sufferer
from catarrh for fifteen years; aad during that
time I tried almost every remedy I ever he-am
of for this trouble, nnd a score nf doctors; but
the result wae only temporary relief, and in
each cam the catarrh returned. I used six
boxen of Japanese Catarrh Cure over one year
Sgo, and ninoetb.it time h-tve lieen completely
free from catarrh."
Japanese Catarrh Care is the only permanent
cure for catarrh yet discovered; ihe first application relieves, and alx boxes are guaranteed
io cure Ihe worst .-a.se of catarrh, or money will
tie refundeil. We will also Ih- printied tu wad a
sample to any person troubled with this disease.
Address. Tbe Grlfltths Se Maepherson Co., iii
Church Street. Toronto. Bold by ail druggists
Price, 60 ecntp; alx for I��".fi0, with gnur.nilee,
The  Auctioneer Waa  Qnlck Wltte*
and Finally Made a Sale.
An auctioneer on Kast Washington
street���one of those redoubtable Individuals commonly termed "slick"���was
the cause of a farcical scene recently
that would havo doue credit to a burlesque show. lie had been talking Industriously for a long time to a crowd of
Interested but enthusiastic listeners.
The affable auctioneer conscientiously
went through his repertory from beginning to end, but somehow the crowd did
oot "warm up" to bim���to quote his owu
language. Finally, with a dark look that
bordered on despair, he grabbed up a
well known pasteboard hatbox containing aoout 50 spools of silk thread of different colors. With the grace of a conjurer be extracted five ot tbe spools, and,
arraying them in a tempting semicircle
on the counter, announced that tbey wer��
"to go at any price."
But the audience, while admitting with
nods of approval lhat they were good
spools of thread, displayed no marked
Inclination to become excited over them.
Not a bid was offered.
"I'll sell 'em for IU cents," suggested
the auctioneer timidly. It was plain
from the toue of his voice that he was
losing faith In himself and in all the
world. There were uo takers. Tbe
man of the red gag added tbree more
���pools to the semicircle. "All for 10
cents," he declared. But thread stock
was far below par. Tbe auctioneer
caught up all the spools from the counter and flung tbem Into the box with an
Impressive gesture. The light of Inspiration flashed from his eyes.
"Tho whole blamed box for 10 cents!"
he cried.
"I'll take it," was the prompt response,
and a little man in a washed out overcoat aud wearer of red chin whiskers
stepped out from tbe crowd with a dirty
10 cent piece in his upraised hand. The
auctioneer clutched the money feverishly, and, turning the box upside down st
that all the spools dropped into a basket
on the counter, he handed the worthless
piece of ancient pasteboard to the anxious customer, A roar of hilarious
laughter rose from the crowd that was
heard throughout that neighborhood.
"I don't want your blamed old box!"
walled tbe unfortunate purchaser.
"You said you'd take It," replied the
auctioneer. "I'll leave it to tbe crowd-
did n't he?"
"Yes I" came in a strong chorus from
the delighted audience.
"I bought the spools!"
"No, you didn't! You bought the box!
I'll leave it to the crowd���didn't he?"
"Yes!" came the answer again, stronger than ever. The red whUkered man
stalked Indignantly from tho place with
the box tinder his arm.
' What you goiujUgjtojffiULitT' sell-
"That's what!" cried the speculator
as be held the pasteboard box in both
hands, football fashion, and kicked it
vigorously into tho middle of Washington street.
The Rnlldov,
To the uninitiated on affection for a
bulldog seems a perversion of taste, for the
bulldog Is not symmetrical, Is not graceful and sometimes appears to lack intelligence. About his intelligence, however,
thore Is moro than one opinion. About
his affection and his loyalty there can be
no doubt whatever. Bis alfeotlon knows
neither hesitation, wavering or change,
and he Is loyal to the death. Then, again,
he Is a rare comrade. He Is not noisy, he
Is not nervous, and be Is not given to demonstration. Bo Alls the requirements tbat
Emerson formulated as to perfect oompan
lonsblp. He does not need to speak to
���how his sympathy. Ho can tell you what
he wishes to say with his little eyes, and
ho oan be eloquent with the wagglnga of
his stumpy tail.
This kind of a companion Is not such
commends himself to all persons, for tbere
are tboso In the world who like chatterers
and consider the unending small talk of
the drawing room the highest and most
pleasurable expression ot human wit. For
such as theso the bulldog Is not likely to
have the greatest attractions. Let such
Save a frolicsome dog or a kitten that will
phase Its tall But the bulldog Is a good
companion for a quiet man ot a thoughtful and phllosophto oast of mind. The
bulldog will not disturb his musings, the
bulldog will not say the wrong thing at a
time when silence is preolom, for tbe bulldog rarely speaks, when be does, ha Is
short, though not sharp, In his coinuiuul
cations and very muoh to the purpose,-
Tho Telltale Bye,
"No matter how self possessed a man
may appear on the surface," said a close
observer, ''there aro certain Involuntary
movoments by which he will always bo
troy himself to mlnuto scrutiny. To
Illustrate the point, here's a neat little
parlor trick In mind reading:
Boat yourself directly In front of your
subject and tell him to book his finger
tips together before his chest and pull as
hard as he can, at the same time thinking Intently of somo letter of the alphabet
Then look fixedly at his right eye and repeat the letters aloud, beginning with A
when you come to the ono he Is thinking
about, a swift, indescribable ohango will
flash eenfts the pupil It Is purely unconscious and Involuntary, and no human
being nllvo can prevent it The purpose
of the finger tip pulling Is mciely to distract tils thoughts and keep htm from
baffling yon by concentration of will. Try
tt somo time-"���New Orleans Tlmut-
Brlnslav l'p the Average,
Old lttifus Gogbllnk, a stow, deliberate
sort of mail, dropped In one day In a casual sort of way to soe his friend, Stephen
Nobbier It wns tho first timo hehad been
In to see -Stephen In 41) years.
"Uin-m l Vou don't come In very often,
Rufus," said Mr. Nobbier.
"No," said Mr. Gogbllnk.
But he went in to see his friend Mr
Nobbier again the very next day.
"Uin-m I You're coming in pretty often
now, liufus," snid Mr. Nobbier.
"Ya-ns," sold Mr. Gogbllnk. "I'm
sorto' bringing up tbe average."���New
York Sun-	
Natter af Digestion.
"Oh, that I had tho wings ofeblrdl'
sho sighed with Infinite sadness.
Fur dinner she had eaten pork chops,
pickled olives and toe cream.
vine tt, then, that she needed the gts-
unl rather than the wings of a bird, tn
order tbat she might be happy?���Detroit
Sounded Ominoaa.
It was Scythe's wedding day, an I he
was teasing his boy brother-in-law.
"Well, Johnny," he said, "I'm going to take yonr sister away and have
her all to myself, and yon won't see
her any more."
"No. really���are yonl" said the boy
"Yes, I am. What do yon think ot
iti" ���  ���
"Nothing. I fancy I can stand it H
yon can."
A Pleaaaat Proapeet.
Prospective Lodger���The main thing
is that I get a room In quiet honse
Landlady���Oh, this Is a qniet house,
sir I In the next room a singer lodges,
and if it were not qniet be couldn't
practice all day long, as he does now.���
Lnstige Blatter.	
UL0EBKUBE Hull Ul Worst Bttt-fMfttt
Stiff Dote.
"The doctor pnt my husband on Iii?
feet in a week," she exclaimed. "It
wss no trouble at all The bill he presented fuirly lifted him out of bed. "���
Chicago Record,
The Profesaor'i Fear.
She���I am ufruid, professor, that bis
Voice will change.
Professor���Veil, I am afraid it won't.
���~''U(*-T' ������"
Bltlons headache, to which women are
more subject than men, lieoomes so acute
In some mhjoots tbat they are utterly
prostrated. The stcmach refuses food,
and tbere is a constant aud distressing
effort to free the stomach from bile whioh
has become unduly secreted tbere. Par-
melett's Vegetable Pills are a speedy
alterative, and In neutral King tbe effects
of the Intruding bile relieves the pressure
on the nerves -which causes tbe headache.
Try tbem.
A Klondike at Home.
Wayside Character���I beg pardon,
bnt can yon spare me u dime to get
something to eat with?
Philanthropist���Yon do look really
hnugry, and yon huve an bouest face.
Here, tuke tbis. A quarter onght to get
yon a pretty good meal
Wayside Character (contemplating
coin after phiJauthropi&t has passed ou)
���Holly gee, and fellers go way out to
Alaska aud actually dig for money!���
Boston Transcript.
IHdn't Walt to Hear.
Hewitt���Gruett says that you are
afraid of him.
Jowett���Afraid of hitnl Why, 'twaa
only yesterday tbat I called bim evety-
thing I conld think of.
Hewitt���Wbat did he say?
Jewett���I came away from the telephone as soon as I bad said all 1 bad to
say.���New York Journal.
TO THOSE OP SEDENTARY OCCUPATION ilatu who . follow sedentary
occupations, wbioh deprive them Of fresh
air and exercise, are more prone to disorders of tbe liver and kidneys than those
who lead active, outdoor lives Tbe
former will find In Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills a restorative without question the
most efficacious on tbe market. They are
easily procurable, easily taken, act expeditiously, and they ate surprisingly
cheap considering their excellence.
Sample* of Brlelc Walla.
In the city offices of a big brick manufacturing concern there are a number of
small sections of brick walls. In old
days bricks were substantially all of one
cc!or, but now they ore mado la many
colors, lu various shades of each of these
colors. They also come In various
shapes and sixes.
It is to show how the modern bricks
look when laid thst the little sections
of wall were built, Tbey were selected
out of the many varieties of bricks produced, some doseu or 20, showing the
different sizes snd some of tbe different
colors, and with bricks of these several
kluds as many small separate sections
of wall have been put up, the bricks
being duly laid In mortar or cement.���
New Vork Bun.
Bice ii ted.
"What do you consider the greatest
object of Interest in America?" asked
Miss Cayenne.
"Well," answered the lecturer, "I arrived here day before yesterday, and"���
"Of course," she exclaimed apologetically, "1 meant the greatest object of interest uext to you raelf."��� Wash lug too
i Belleville My, Whom Doctors
failed to Help, Onred at
Last by Doan's Udnsy
N�� one who hu not mtrerti from maty
dtaeue un imagine, Ih. terrible torture
thou endure who ue the victim, of mm.
disorder of these delict, filter, of th.
body. Mn. Ricluu-d Rees, a well-known
.ndhlghlyreipectedladyof Belleville, Ont.,
had to bear the burden of kidney complaint
for over w year, and new Doan's Kidney
Pills hav. cured her when all else failed.
Her husband made the following slate-
ment of her case i " For �� years my wif.
has been a sufferer from pain in th. back,
sleeplessness and nervousness and general
prostration. Nothing seemed to help her.
Doctors and medicine, all failed, until w.
it a ray of hope when we aaw Doan's
idney Pills advertised as * positive cure.
" She began to take them and they helped
her right away, and sh. Is now better in
every respect. We can heartily recommend Doan's Kidney Pills to all sufferers,
forthey seem tostriketheright .pot quickly,
and their action Is not only quick but it is
" I cannot say more in favor of tha.
wonderful pills than that they aaved my
wife from lingering torture, which she had
endured for so years past, and I sincerely
trust that all sufferers will give Doana
Kidney Pill, a fair trial."
U!XA�� Cure constipation, biliousness
sick headache and dyspepsia.
. |yrn Every pill guaranteed perfect
���"������"���- and to act without any grip-
B.I ��� m *��> "ffeakming or sickening
PIUsjB -tOMta.  >5C at .11 druggists.
Save the Babies.
Thousands of them die every summer who could be saved by the
timely, use of Dr. Fowler's Ext.
of Wild Strawberry.
There is not a mother
who loves her Infant but
should keep on band during the hut weather a
bottle ol Dr. Fowler's
Extract of Wild Straw-
There is no remedy so
safe and so effective fur
yhe diarrluva of Infants,
and none has the endor-
sation of so many Canadian mothers who have
proved its merits, and therefore speak
witb confidence. One of these is Airs.
Peter Jones, Warkworth, Ont., who says:
" I can give Dr. Fowler's Extract of Wild
Strawberry great praise, for it saved my
baby's life. She was cutting her teeth
and was taken with diarrhua very bad.
My sister advised me to get Dr. Fowler's
Extract of Wild Strawberry. I got a
bottle and It qured the baby almost at
Pelt IU Wm Miunir.
A brilliant young man, HO years ago.
was beginning to form the habit of in
dulgenoe In thu wlnu cnp. Ho knew that
otber men were drunkards, but he felt
tbat he himself wus strong and would
never be anything but clear-eyed nnii
strong of nerve and firm of flesh. Tht
years went by- He has had honor and
position. He has become n drunkard with
It all, and bis honors bave beeu for nothing. Whisky and wlno have done for him
what they have dono for all tbe rest and
wbat they will do for all who uro foolish
enough to be deceived by thein. If bt
could, he would deter young men from
following In his footsteps, but ho will
not Influence them. They will think of
him simply as an old drunkard, and uuy
that hu was a fool not to have controlled
himself a littlo; and they will follow him
on to death.
Ileinedy for Sore Throat*
Tbh is just where GriMths' Menthol
Liniment Is bo very valuable Apply lt
to the throat and oh-st when going to
bed, snd the sourness nnd lull unmm Ion
will become Immediately reli-svcd. No
other liniment has ever given such universal natlsf -ction as this remedy. Hold
by all druggists, 25 cents
The Innocent.
She took a tragi.* flower from a bunch against
her breast-*-
Sweet little niuiilen that slit*, was!
Fts vuiuN for ii moment bt her ripe, red lips
Woi�� pressed--
Dainty little midden thut aim vu.i!
Then she bade uie sweet "Good day,"
Threw tha scented bud away,
And I wuti-lit-il it where It Iny���
Pretty little midden thut sin- wusl
I knelt btiMide tho flower where it lay upon the
Tender little nmiden that she waul
I fondly pressed it to my lip* us aba had done
Darling little maiden that she wssl
And then, turning suddenly,
At the corner 1 could see
Ber tdyly watching me���
Cunning little maiden that uhe was!
���Cleveland Leader.
Dear Sirs,���I have used MINARD'S
LINIMENT iu my Btublo for uver a
year and consider it tho very best for
horse flesh I ean gnt and strongly recommend It. GEO. HOUGH.
Livery Stables, -Quebec
vastly Different.
As will be soon, it makes a great difference how ono-uses tho muscular resources
at one's command.
A member of un nthletlo club, nfter
swimming tho length of tho large tank
In the basement uf tho Institution, eome
out pulling and blowing, apparently ex
"Vou don't manage your breathing
right," eatd the swimming Instructor
"It ought not to tiro yon bo. As to the
upper part of your body, Including your
arms, you uso exactly tho same muscles,
and In vory much the same way, in swim
minguslu sawing wood."
"No, alrl" gasped tho swlininer. "When
It comes to sowing wood, I uso tlio mils
closofsome other man."���Youth's dun
pan ion
So rapidly does lung iiritatlon spread
and deepen, that often lu a fow weeks a
simple cough oultiiluxt's iu tubeteular
consumption. Ghe heed to a cough,
tbere ts always danger in delay, get it
bottle of Blckle's Autl-Coiidumptlve
riyrup, and cure yourself. It Is n mull-
cine unsurpassed for all throat and luug
troubles, It Is compounded (rem several
herbs, eaoh one of whioh stnnds at the
head of tbe list as exerting a womicifnl
Influenoe In onrlng consumption and all
lung diseases.
"Don't yon have some nneaainess ns
to the result of this operation, doctor V
anxiously inquired the patient.
"Not nbit." cheerfully answered the
surgeon, arranging his instruments so
they wonld be bandy when needed. "My
dear sir, at least 15 per cent of the operations of this nature are entirely sue
Burrows, Stewart & Milne, Limited,
Hamilton, Canada, have Issued a circular to the stove dealers stating thit the
Are which occurred in their factory last
week will Dot Interfere with stove basl-
ness or repairs Tbo part of the building
horned was thu mounting shoo, which
Will be rebuilt inside of two weeks,
Fortunately the large concern's stook
of stoves, furnaces, und scales, which is
very heavy at this time of the year,
esoaped lire, owing to their vory large
Hie outnt.
"I want my snowshoes, my chest
protector, my fur overcoat and an oil
"Why, where on earth are yon go-
"To the -spring picnic!"��� Atlanta
ULOEBKUBE Htali All ou or mm woaeds.
A Sadden Start.
"You used to go to school with Coppers
Ihe new millionaire, didn't your'
"I did. Fact is, I gave him his first
start in life."
"With a bent pin. "-Cleveland Plain
Reverse Effect.
"So they finally frozo -joansoti out of
the company, did thoy?"
"Yes. And I never saw a hotter man
In sll U1J life." .___-_
���turd's Liniment Caret Dandruff.
*i\ <;���*�� *#i*-i */i*�� *n!*vmy
FIRST in 1851.   -X-   FOREMOST in 1899
for the Least Money.
W���riyrnjt> *ur*vxJi  Mis Mb}'" Or**-**/
Ur -Li   -
dO/ evrni/ iurii/
LEST YOU foiu;i;t--Write for Prloea
on Oream Separators, Gasoline Engines, Tread
Powers, and everything used in the Cheese
Factory, Creami'i'v or Dairy. If you have ten
cows-one of onr Hand Separators WILL SAVE
Its cost the first year.
LUCAS, STEELE & BRISTOL    rirele Teas
Importer of Groceries      }��jj'* JjSjJjJ,
WHIG IIS, Hamilton,Out.    L.8.ten',Spines '
everywhere todla
tribute samples'anil ml'  ...
Syrup; ('.'pi-i'tlav iii,t!i!\|i.-n.-ii.'s |nu*l: i-.i-lnnvrv
week: liiirlli-iiliii'-i'iii'.-ii-iit <*tuiii|>    l.'ALIFOli
XIAORANUKSVI-fUPrn.Siiii FiiiiielHi-i.,('ul
Voli uncle, he done put on li.:; go tu meetln
An he nex" sot down  foil lo tuke :i lillln
isut de dork, he tlok so f;ift
Dai when he gottcr town wlf his folks
dut dny,
De people on do corner, dey Jc-s' laugh and
"De pulicesslon Im done tfono pusl'"
de hand.
Dor wn'n't nobody in do big grand stand.
An my href cuine mii-;hiy fast
When   I   seen   dut   I   hnd   como   upon   do
Kroiimt too Into,
An de big policeman tot" ine dut It wn'n't
no tiso io wait,
Ho pullCOSSlon had (lone none past.
Oh, dar's lots o' folks n-ttxln an a-fusB',n
hy tlo hour
An   piiltin   off   do   trouble   an   a-suvln   uf
di-ir power,
An when dey arrives at last
Dey   wishes dey  bad   hurried,  'ease ycu
dasn't hesitate;
Dey (In'a dis world's been movin. 'case 11
hadn't time to wait.
De nuhcenslon bus done none past.
-Washington Star.
There never was, and never will be, a
anlversul punacea, lu one remedy, for all
Ills to which Hush Is heir���the very nature
ol many curatives being such that were
the germs of other and differently seated
diseases rooted in the system of the patient���what would relieve one ill In turn
would aggravate the other, We havo,
however, tn Quinine Wine, when obtainable In a sound, unadulterated state, a
remedy fur many and grievous Ills. By Its
gradual and judicious uso the frailest systems aro led into convalescence and
strength bv tho Influence which Quinine
exerts on Nat uro "a own restoratives. It
relieves the drooping spirits of those with
whom a chronic state of morbid despondency and lack of interest in life Is a disease, and, hy trnnquillzlng the nerves,
disposes to sound and refreshing sleep-
imparts vigor to the notion of tho blood,
which, being stimulated, courses throughout thu veins, strengthening the healthy
animal functions of tbe system, thereby
making activity a necessary result,
strengthening the frame, and giving life
to tbe digestive organs, whioh naturally
demand Increased substance���result, Improved appetite. Northrop aud Lyman, of
Toronto, have given to tbe publio their
superior Quinine Wine at tbe usual ^?to,
and, gauged by the opinion of scientists,
this wine approaches nearest perfection
of any in the market. All druggists sell
' What's in a name ?   A rose by any
other name would smell as sweet"
There in n good d* nl hi
lhe inline 'is
Tliiit   means u j-iinl-iilitra of I'l'lllTV
uml K.\CKI.LKNH:.
Is everywhere lit this country.   Oni-i- uneii
it Im it eoiitlniioiiH favorite,
1 tool) mv kitty ywicrday
To lioVo lier (ili-tnru mmlot
They wanted ms'Is hold hor Kill
llecflUM ilio wns afraid.
��1 never hnvo my picture took,
rtcroiiK l nhnysrry,
That uttfai oamora'a eye).
My kitty trf-Jgled all about
Ami atpojl mi.>iii lier ln-a-.li
Ami l forgot tlic camera
Until���"All dono!" they said.
Hut when tin' phtiiiT camo it wu
The quo-dust thing���you <���������''.
Tho kitty didn't ahow ut all-
The picture wasol me!
-Abbio Kurwell Urown in Lltllu Mm ami Won:
What a ltaeliHiir Kay*.
A unman hns mi nso fur it mun plie
cnu't use,
Women seem to thi tilt u bachelor has
no busiuess tn know anything ubout
Lot's wife probably turned around io
see if thu hired girl hud let loose the
canary bird.
A woman's sympathies aro always
wilh the nudcr dog unless the upper
dcitf is lier husband.
Most girls trent n man about tho wny
thoy do it libbou���-when they tako him
oft their tucks they wind him around
their fingers.
You cau ahvnyo tell how old n woman is by finding out whether sbe thinks
u mun is fuscitiuting bccmiso ho is
wicked or wicked because he is fasciuut-
ing.���New York Press.
A SHORT ROAD to health was opened
to those suffotli'g from t hronlo coughs,
aathma, brouuhitle, catarrh, lumbago,
tumors, rheiiniatiHit, excoriated nippies
or Influmod bressr, and kidney complaints, by the introduction o( the In-
expensive nnd effective remedy, Dr.
Thomas' Eulectrlo UU.
is the kind that housekeepers who want only the
host always buy. Packed
in pound and two-pound
tin cans, it comes into
the home with all its natural aroma and strength.
Protected by our Seal,
the consumer knows that
its purity and strength
have been untampered
with. Your grocer sells
this kind, but be sure our
seal and name is on the
can you bny.
Sif-f\MI3\/ T��ltliealni*crll.v otllil.
lVlUlNIl Y tm .ml l�� -.fillltv lo
_ v'1 ,*" * folly ����������(������ yuu by 11,1.
D A f\r nff.r���. .undinK oiler uml
n/\V-,JN. iUai-siitee: W.chumilly re*
r      niMd tlio money for any -rooiis
rt'tllr I uninjured.   Tills Is tin- llli,-rnl |mlir.v
nn ivblfli wo. lire building up tlm ln.ll order
hns i ,-s. We must iik-.se you ; f.llinir >o |ile.s ���
wo full lu kei-ii you rs . customer nud wc have
waited our i ley in .dvertlslni-   Our Cu-
loirne I lis of Dry Oood. of .11 klncH. Clotli-
lilli |..iM.;i.iiiiI i\*nnini.Olovo.in il Hosiery.
Hoots nml Shoe., Hat. and Cups, Drugs,
Hooks, Hitrdwar-..China.nilulnsswure,
(irm-ci-li-s mid Provision., C'urpet. nml
House Furnishings, Furniture, Wnll
t-itlH'is mi I Picture.. Catalogue aad
Sum pies tree If you write
The Canada A��ct<tnni Aanur. Co'y, a clear
and reliable policy giving indemnity for total
or pnrtlnl -dlsabluni-unt without extra charge.
The   American   Kart-ty   Co'y.  the   largest
guarantee company in the world.
W.  T.  KIRBY,
345 Main St., .       Winnipeg.
are   the   llneil      *rr A C P**"1c<hI.   Put
liHltu and Ceylon   I C,i\o up hy
W.Sft��.M�� JBW JV.��.
Ac,   COCKSH1IIT PLOW CO., Winnipeg.
W. S. V.   281 R.
Like Kelly Did.
Kelly thrashed his wife���and the highest court in the
land justified his action.
Kelly's wife foolishly sent his hard earned money to
the Big Departmental Stores East and paid just the same
price for poor goods when she could get first class quality
from McDERMOT'S and save the extra cash spent on express charges.
McDERMOT has twice as large a stock as
any of the Big Departmental Stores in pro
portion to the population.
So keep money circulating in your own town and
don't give your husbands a chance to do
ft B. MeDermot
have opened as
ATHALMER,    (Salmon Beds)
Full Stock of Miners'  Supplies, General
Stores and all Camp Requisites.
Athalmer House,
Athalmer, B. C,
First Class accommodation for Travellers,
Prospectors and Mining Men.
Saddle and Pack Horses Supplied.
Kirqptori    6c    Pitts,
General Merchants,
Afiningsupplies a Specialty
Miners going northward via Canoe river route will
find it a largo saving and convenience to procure tbeir
supplies at Donald.
Sole Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windermere, Oolden   &   Donald
Mining Divisions.
Agents at Windermere for California Giant Powder Co
Crow. NhI Coal sharea an rising
rapidly, ud are at 1165.
Tha Duchesi was crowded this morning with pussengers en rout, to Windermere, sports.
Divlnt service will be held In the
Presbyterian Church on Sunday next
at 7:80 p.m.
Superintendent Whyte and party
passed through Golden on Monday
morning ou their way east.
Postmaster Warren has ad.led a set
ol new boxes at the post otiice to meet
the iooisjasiug publio deuitiud.
James Brady, M.E., hns been reporting on the prospects ol Brid-je Biver
as a free gold oitiup ter the Hon. C tf.
Tbe articles in IbeERA on Mining In
ibe Windermere distriot have been extensively copied by the milling aud
Eastern press.
The Columbia Eiver Lumber Company pi'oiiuau lo n..t*l the electrio
light at their Heaver mills witu a view
to ruuoiug night aud day.
Chalui. McKay, formerly of Oolden,
ie reported to have done well in the
Yukon and ie one of the men who oan
afford to walk rouud with MU.OUO lu
his pockets.
George Carlin, a brother of Hike,
Joe, WU aud Jim, the well-known
Carliu brothers, wus a visitor to Golden thia week. He is a student for the
E. W. Pattuere has now got his shop
aoross the Kickiughoiee Uiver nicely
fitted np and bas opened with a flue
etock of tobacco, cigar., stationery and
fancy goods.
The Montreal Herald has a loug article on the Certaiuy Uold und Alining
Company, operating at Golden, and
gives a ��ood description of tbe Company's operations.
W. C. Wells, 11 P.P., returned from
Victoria ou Saturday, having gone
tbere to attend the Government caucus regarding the position of tbe Hon.
Jos. Martin.
Services at St, Paul's Church on
Sunday next Aug. Gib, will be es follows:��� 11 a.m. Mattins aud Celebration of Holy Communiou, 7:30 p.m.
Evenoong and sermon,
Au interesting game of football was
played yesterday evening between the
Mill team aud a scratch team made up
from the mill and town, The game
resulted iu a draw neither team scoring.
Mr. Shannon, Accountant of Bail-
ways and Canals, was a visitor to
Uolden last week and look a trip on
the Duchess to Windermere. Mr,
Shannon is a brother-in-law of Capt.
Walter Dainard arid D. Bobertson
returned from Tete Jaune Cache on
Thursday ot lastweekj. .^MJie.rtson
taa* vtt* ->l ,,��rtioi****3***"*Opinions uiuttr
about the conutry, Dainard stating
his conviction that it is allright from
a mining point of view.
W. Caldwell, when engaged in clearing the trail to the Porphyry and Iron
Hill claim, on Caujou Creek, now
being developed by the Certainty Geld
and Mining Company, bad his right
foot badly cut oil Saturday by his axe
The soothing and healing properties
of Chamberlain's Cough Bcmedy, its
pleasant taste and prompt and permanent-oures, bave made it a great favorite
with the people everywhere. Foresle
by all druggists, Henderson Bros,
wholesale agts. Victoria and Vancouver.
A new townsite ia lieing pushed at
tba mouth ol Horsethief Creek. It Is
sailed Peterboro. B. B. Bruce, W. G.
Mitchell-Innes, H. B. Neave, and Capt.
fiaoon ate the promoters. J. Lake, of
Athalmer, Is ageut, and considers the
new townsite bos an excellent prospect
before it.'
On Sunday last Ole Oberg, who is
employed on the Certainty Company's
mine on Fifteen Mile Creek, was coming down the Pepperbox Mountain
wben he slipped and rolled down a
elide some 600 feet. He was considerably cut and bruised, and the wonder
is that he got off so well.
English Spavin Liniment removes all
bard, soft or calloused Lumps aud
Blemishes from horses, Blood Spavin,
Curbs, Splints, Bing Bone, Sweeney,
Stifles, Sprains, Sore and Swollen
Throat, Coughs, eto. Save t&0 by use
of one bottle, Warranted the moet.
wonderful Blemish Cure ever known,
Sold by C. A. Warren.
J. E. Grifflih, Gold Commissioner,
has been making stroogrepresentations
to the C.P.B. that the success of Windermere aa a mining camp Is now
assnred, the ouly element now wanting
being transportation, and he lias urged
lhat the C.P B. should push their line
In there. Superintendent Mat pole will
visit Ihe Windermere distriot at an
early date.
Several new locations have been
made on Grizzly Creek.
J. Lake Is doing development work
on a properly whioh he holds on Boulder Creek across the gulch from the
Pretty Girl.
An aerial tramway With a length of
3,100 feet and a capacity of IS tons
per hour is being put in at the St.
Eugene mine.
P. McCarthy, Q. C. of Calgary haa
sold a half, interest in some copper properties he has on Castle Mountain to
an eastern syndicate for 175.000.  *
6. M. Wlllard has made an Important strike of gold-copper ore on Toby
Creek. A great advantage of the location is that it Is handy to transport-
Ole Oberg hss made a etrike of floe
copper ort ou the Pepperbox Mountain,
opposite the Certainty Companv'.
claims en Fifteen Mile Creek. He has
located two claims.
B. B. Brooe Is pushing on work on
tbe Sitting Bull, on Law Creek. It ie
reported that he bas an immense body
of ere In sight, having made a big
etrike about a fortnight ago.
John Henderson has at length etruck
the Burns load in the tunnel on the
Lucky Jack claim at thn Burne Basin,
He is also taking out fine copper ore at
the camp at Spruce Mountain.
We are informed that samples ot
copper ore brought into Windermere
from Dutch Croek by W. B. Abel, beat
"anything ever before seen In the district in the way of oopper ore,
Mr. Williams, M.B., has examined
the Porcupine Creek claims in which
Sam Yuill and others ere Interested
for Byron White.. Yuill is doing considerable development work au tbis
Mr. Mulford, M.E., New York manager of Fraser A Chalmers, has bought
the Silver Thread property on Horsethief Creek outright, paying therefor
160,000 cash. Development work will
be started at once. Windermere is
fortunate in getting interested there
such a first-rate mining man as Mr.
Mulford. Messrs. Taylor nnd Haupt
were the owners of the property.
Messrs. Allan and Lee, two of the
Directors of the Bald Monntain Company, bave been on a visit to the pro*
perty with Mr. J. H. Iukster, M.E.,
representing English capitalists. We
are informed that Mr. Inketer was well
pleased with his inspection of the
property. The Compsny are still
pushing on development work.
Donald ie excited ever news of a big
strike made on the Acorn and Chest-
not claims at Donald, owned by
Messrs. Baines and Cooper. A t.mnel
wae started iu tbe slate, opposite the
ebowing of ore, and we are informed
that tbe tunnel hae cut the lead and
struck it rioh, Large, blocks of ore
averaging over f 100 in value are being
taken tut.
_ A general meeting of the Oolden Hospital
Society fer tho ole. lien of Trustee, for tbe
ensuing year will be held at the Columbia
Heff, Golden, B.C., on Monday August 7th,
1*6, at 8 o'clock p.m,
Similar meeting, will sin be held at Donald, Beaver, Palliser, Field. Thunder Hill,
Wosa.Fort Steele tod Windermere, at the
same date sad hour.
NOTICE is hereby given tbat two month,
after dale 1 intend to apply to ihe Chief Com*
missioiior of Land. fpd  works, lor permis
sion to ptirchsso 'tnV fnllowiiiflr described
land:-Lots numbers SKS and 2f,i9. being on
the Columbia River in Hie District ot East
Kootonay, and containing? 866.8 and 212.1
acres respectively, be ths seme more or less*
Dated st Uolden, 3rd July, 1899.
boil Ha. t,
Mo. 1 and No. S sold in Oolden by C. W
FieM, C. A. Warren, and K. W, Palmate
Bead ol navigation oa Coltatbla Bim.
Tht mott central point tn Windormtrt Mining Division.
Extract from Beport ot Minister of Mints ftr 1898: "A wigmt road
could bt built tram tht 'Salmon Bedt * ATHALMEB-at a rataoMUt MM,
and will bt to built at toon tt It It justified by tht mining development."
Dry climate, oharming eeenery, perfect totting on lakt tnd tUat, eat .
good finking ud shooting in immediate vleinlty.
Level surface with gravel subsoil to build upon; cold, clear water tt-f
year round for household purposes, tnd splendid water power olott tt town.
Large and oomplete saw-mill (SO M. dally capaolty) on tht ground
cheap lumber.
Verms easy, particularly to to Inveetore wishing tt knttd.
C. D. Iiang, Agent
E. A. Haggen,
Notary Public. Mining-, Ptnnnefnl and
Commission Agent. Commissioner
of tlio Supremo Courts
Deods attested.    Parties represented fa
Police, Small Debts aud Countv Cour
Accounts  collect*! and   disputed  cJaii
To Be Sold
In Lots to Suit Buyers
IS Draught Mole,
lt Pack -Volet,
18 Cay-ween.
The above stock is in first class condi'lon,
and Is well broken. Pack rigging and harness can also be arranged for. The etock is
situated In Kamloops neighborhood. Offers
to be made to
The Waverley Ulna United.
Headquarters far Commercial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Booms.   Baggage Transferred Free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Bate* 98 per day. Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars
J. 0. Greene, Proprietor.
T. D. Pickard,
Gold, Silver or Lead 11.90
Copper    ��.00
Ooldantl Silver    MO
Gold or Silver and Copper ....   2. GO
Gold, Silver and Und       8.08
Gold, Silvor, Lead and Copper 4.00
Prompt Attention to Samples by mail.
Cash must accompany the Sample.
Pulp kept for three mouths.
Front Street, Hevelstoke, B.C.
Fof a pine Suit
and a Perfect pit
J. G. TOM,
The Fashionable Tailor.
Opposite The Columbia House.
The B. C. Assay & Chemical Supply Co, Ltd.
We tn Manufacturers and direct Importers, and carry a large stock of Bel
Fnrnaces, Fire Clay Goods, Scientific snd Practical Books, Glassware, Platinum
Acids, Chemical., and all of her Assayers' end Miner.' requirement..
��� ,      HOLE AGENTS fcr Morgan Crucible Company, Vatttntai Becker. Sets'
Balancer, Etc,
Catalogue and full particulars en application.
Exporter* and
WO to 200 Flrat Aw. Hie
A Young Lady in Trenton Released; from Suffering:.
Sit. Snffered 'Untold Aaron I- from fltoni-
ncta. Trouble, anil sick Heataobes-
Or. Wllllah,.' l-liiliPill. Unred Ber
-from the Courier, Trenton, Ont.
Some years ago we reported the case
of Wm. Pickering, Trenton, being
cured of locomotor ataxia, Me wat
not able to more and wat confined to'
hia bed for weeks. Upon ad.ice he
tried Dr. Williams' Pink Pills snd
immediately obtained relief. He it
etiil free trots tkt terrible excruciating
affection, tnd enjoys active, robust,
health. Wt htvt jnst learned of another positive cure through using Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. It ie the cats
of Miaa Cassie Way, who has been an
acute sufferer from that common foe of
humanity and tht foundation for many
other Ells, dyspepsia, For nearly eight
years Miss Way Buffered untold agonies with slek headache tnd pains In
the stomach. "She tried several doe-
tors without any material benefit. A
year ago she oaine to live with i
frieud iu Trenton, Mrs. W. L. Derby,
shire, and was so reduced that the
could not sit np an hour. She feared
her trouble would drive ber craty. Sbe
wat advised to try Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills. She replied that ehe had mn 11
box before and they had dont her no
good, It was urged that .he could
not hope for relief from one box and
ehe commenced them again, Sbe continued Using the Pills throughout tbt
year with tht result that she has completely recovered her health. Ber
appetite is good, she hae gained Dealt
rapidly, and is able to attend to all her
household duties. Sbe voluntarily
offers this testimony at a tribute of
gratitude for tbe benefit sha list derlv.
til with tht hoot that others suffering
as she has, may bt Induced to try tbit
health restoring remedy, Mrs Derby-
shirt adds htr , testimony to tht correctness of thr etatentente of Milt
Allow me to add thst for fonr or Art
years tbt editor-tf this paper hss euf-
fsred from tn itching rash that attacked oil hit joint! tnd all tht ointrae.ite
within retched failed to banish It. Ht
took Dr. Williams' Pink Pills last year
nnd is nearly well.
Dyspepsia, rheumatism, soittlot,
ntnralgia. partial paralysis, locomotor
ataxia, nervont headache, nervous
prostration, kidnty troublt nnd dis-
toast depending upon humors in tht
blood, inch as scrofula, chroalo erysl-
poles, eto., nil disappear before t felr
treatment with Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills. Thoy ��!����� t healthy glow to
pale and sallow complexions and build
up tnd renew the tntirt system, Soli
by til dealeri or sent pott paid at 60o
n box or tix boxst 12 SO, by addressing
tbt Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont. Do not be persuaded
to take tome substitute.
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Etc.
Agont for E. A, HAGGEN,
Assayer ft Metallurgist.
Orrion at Lakeside Hotbi,,
Windermere, * B.C.
Writ* Ht CIpmI-m
Lakeside Hotel,
Good arcotniMdstiot for Proapsetort end
Freighter.,  flrst-ckueineale,
Drugs, Tinoturet, Solutions. Weters, Perfumes, Ointments, Powders, Pills, Linimente, Trooohee, Patsnts, Tooth Powders, Dentifrices or Toilet Preparations, Horise, Cattle or Dog Bemedlet,
Journals, Day Books, Ledgers. 'Dairies, Holt, Baeeipt, Draft o'r
Order Books, Time and Pats Books tnd Norsls, Bill Hind forms.
Memo Pad i mil Writing Padt, P.-ipeteriee, Ink, Inkstands and
Mucilage, Pint nnd Penolle, etc, etc.,
Cigars, Clgarefttt, Tobacco or Pipes, if to
just other elde of Bridge,
ful attention.
Mail orders receive pr-napl nnd tart
White & Scott,
Barristers, Solloltors, Notaries,
Hevelstoke, B.C.
Will attend-all County*Courls at Golden.B.O
W. Winn, Q.C. J. M. Soon, B.A..LL. B
Wood's Phosphodikh Is sold in Oolden
by B. \V. Patrnvre, C. A. Warren, and 0.
W. Field, Druggist,.
Advertise In
ReeoeMMtM by Uadiag
Livery & Feed Stables
Bigs ol sll kinds fcr kin st nseonaMe nW.
Teaming of tU kinds t Sptelslfy.
A. C. Hamilton;
/Lssayer & Metallurgist,
j Always Pkast.
'm, *
A*Mr*MyuMrMamip*lNi,   ~~
IM te IW w. 141k ilreet. Nn ��eit
tMfMaet Mafaslae   P,
Iwullnil Color*! Mam.
MsUteat Patlsms, tu*-
inc. Work..
Conuln. Bawtlhil
.   Ions, fancy Wert..
wa-rk.   Write fer nmu aid etherp*jti*-
itt te ut W. i.tb It.. New V.**
Rubber Stamps.
MtnlVBabbsr Stamps tnd StehyiUbt
reeelMdtt the Gou>nn Inn OOMaad
executed with promptS*.
*'     st tn.	
Limited UiUUtr.
 ii to
.:  IIP
 '*... ltD'
Gold end Sliver  il 00
A. W. Palmer,
Chemist Se Druggist*,
Hull Bros. Se Co.
Wholesale A Betatt
Cottle. Sheep al Bent Deelers.
-OOLDEN, 8.0.
Jas. Bbady, D.L8., & P.L&
Mining1 Engineer,
annual HaeMiq.nl work, etc.   Address t
"ildtL.-  .. . ���,.
Ltad nnd Sliver  3 OO
Oold and Copper    8 50
Silver end Copper  8 SO
Oold, Silver aud Lead.. -.  SOO
Oold, Silver and Copper  8 50
Gold, Silver, Deed nnd Copptr. 4 OO
Iron  400
Pin i  SOO
Zlno  SOO
Aelaye, Sampling, Analytical  Work
and Conctntrattd Om.
All ptroeledf nre are carefully sample!,
ont portion (MM, oho libelled and
kept, tnd tbt third, if required, rt.
turned to owner ss a check on the
teiay made.
Tenant Catfc With RaatylM.
Wuromiunn-E. J. SCOVIL.
ATHAinnn-J. J, SAKE.
Orders lift with above agents will t*-
otlrt prompt atttntion.
Canadian Pacific Railway
The Dally Service between tit
Atlantic arid Pacific
by tht
"Imperial Limited'*
Working endDivkltad Paying
various parts ot British Columbia.
Mines In
Oaleoa and Cupper
, end Silver-lead
��� -   on bond
Stocduta British Oetablt tttMshmght
CtMtAidnMi  XArtAOAN, OoUm
***** "��ia to'tkj^ ***
Kootenay Country
R'S&sT!       ��
Oolden to the last vl* Like
Boat* In 00 hoars.
East via Lake Route
Staaatn htvt ftrt WBUm i
Very Cheap Bate to
Dawson   and Atlin*
W. kM-Mj^jjnftMtimm
i   V


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