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The Golden Era Mar 13, 1897

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Array We nuke a Specialty of
Bill Heads,      Postors,
Letter Pads,   Dodgers,
Business Cards,     Etc,,
Etc., Etc., Etc.
Best Advertising Medium
in East Kootenay.
Neat, Artistic Job Printing
promptly executed.
vi. N0.32.
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On ffionday
March 1st, commence stock-taking-,
it is going on you can get
Great Bargains
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Dry Goods, etc., for Spring  Stock are
Daily Arriving.
Special Bargains in Clothing.
' A limited number of Suits and Pants to be
cleared out at a great reduction.
> -i
Complete Stock
of Bran, Shorts, Oats and Chop now on hand
. A fresh supply of.tho
Do you want a Piano ?
. f
Mason & Risch Pianos
are   mm.
for cash.   Do not miss this chance, tlicie
may be something you want.
p<r-   jtSr-   Have a look at tin. Great B-irgninis   ***--,
-TS*    -ISBtj
Messrs Duiiinril, Low anil Richiird-
The Rev. Father Coccola of St. En-
gene Mission, was a guest at the Queen's
Hotel tins week. He held service in
IRoniiin Catholic church on Sunday.
Tile Reverend Father also visited Cul-
gury mi business in connection with a
liiiiitl-onm church now in course of
construction at the Mission.
At a meeting of the Town Committee
hold uu Thursday afternoon the secro-
tui-y wns instructed to write Col.
J-iuker u-.king him to use his Influence
iu having the bill to exclude Chineso
Irom working in coal mines amendod
to rami "to exclude Chinese and Japanese from working in all mines."
At the Territorial Conservative Convention held ac Regina last week a
large number of delegates were present.
Mr. Dnvin, M.P., was chosen presi-
dent ol the Association and Hon. Hugh
John McDonald was present and told
the Conservatives bow they could
array themselves in order to get back
to power. There will need to be a lot
more "weeding out" done before the
Conservative party can hope to attain
success. The Tupper element must bo,
t*ot rid of before the Conservatives
will ever be re-united.
Golden, on the miiiii line of the Canadian! 8on ,1R"P bonded 4 claims on McMiinlo j    A curious form of life insurance is
Pacific Railway, at its connection with the Creek   lo   a   local   inuu   fui   several' '   *"" '
steamboat navigation of the Columbia river;' thousand dollars,
the uiiueriil unil commercial cmiti-n of Easteru '
llritish Columbia : headquarter, ot'th." ('old-
on Smelting works, tlie I'pper Coluinliia
Navigation Co., mul liuulei- industry; the
outlet for the wit'ely known and fur
famed agricultural nntl graitiug li.utl of the
Columliiu A Kootenay Valleys; unrivalled
for scenery ol all kinds: the distributing
point for tlie richest mineral country 011 the
Owing to tho increased demands tip*
onr advertising space tli.i Eua will
next week be enlarged bv the addition
of two pages We hope nt an early
date to he in a position to make a still
further enlaruament of the paper iii
order that we may he able to publish
much interesting matter which we are
now unable to Snd room for. Send
along your subscriptions and help us
to make tbe paper a successful medium
through which to make known the resources uud requirements of our District.
"* ���   ,
����      �� ��      ���      ���     ���      ��      ��� ��� ���>.
���     v~._ *���     *���
Agent For   .   .   .
The Phoenix of London and other Insurance Go's
1... + + 4* s
���   . .        ��� \
The Confederation Life Association. Toronto.
. + + +
The Reliance Loan & Savings Co., of Ontario.
Revelstoke is agitating for invor-
Mr. O. B. McDermot has gone east
on a business trip.
The assizes will he held at Donald
on June 22nd, next.
Asst. Supt. Niblock, C.P.R., wiih iu
town on Thursday.
Mr. A. J. Hopkins has gone to Fort
Steele ou a business trip.
Vancouver is to huve a ��1��0,000
smelter, built by the Rothschild-., of
London, Eng.
Tho British South Africa company
have 11 scheme for developing the Yukon gold fields,
Messrs. Cowell and Brady returned
from Fort Steele on Wednesday uud
left for the coast.
Mr. Joe Lake, manager of the East
Kootenay Supply Store, Windermere,
is >i visitor tbis week.
Word from Fort Steele is to the
effect tbut properties are being picked
up rii| idly and prices are coiug up.
Thomas Hebson and partners are
engaged in development work ou their
claims ou Frenchman's Creek, near
Mr. Manuel Dainard leaves for Fort
Steele ou Weuiitsilay next 011 mining
business and will likely be absent f-.it*
some mouths.
Calgary people are agaiu agitating
for the erection of a smelter tliu...
They stand about as good a chance of
having a smelter there as ut the North
Mr. Jumes Henderson of Oolden,
hits appraised the loss on Mr. Kiinptou's house at Donald at $240. The
loss is covered hy insurance in thu
Uniou Assurance Society.
Passenger traffle rn the C. P. B. is
picking up. Almost every truin g���-
111 i*r wost. is l.iadetl with people bound
for the Knoieiiiiy.
Mr Goo N'liin of St. Thomas, passed I Ill-oil;-li Guillen uu Wednesday. Oil
his return   from   Wns!   Kuuieiia.v   he
v. ill visit the Fort Steele country.
H. 0 Parson's rink was defeated hy
McNeish's rink on Friday e.lining
March nth. in a curling match for a
i-.nse of coal uil lor the hospital.
A rink skipped liy G. Woodley defeated a Colutubia House rink skipi ed
by J Lsmoiitaiiii on Tuesday evening
for a side of mutton  for the hospital.
All Liberuls. residing in tho district,
whose names nre not on the voter's
list, are requested to leave their names
with Mr. Greene ut the Queen's Hotel.
Messrs. Moodie aud Greene have
bonded the "Norman" claim at Otter
tail 10 a Vancouver syndicate and development, work will be cuiiiumnced
within HU days.
Mr. A. E. Cross, manager of the
Calgary Brewing and Malting Co.,
passed through Golden 011 Thursday
on his return from a holiday trip to
Honolulu and Southern Culiforniu.
The first regular meet in
executive committee of the Golden
Lilit-rsl Association was held 111 lhe
Queen's Hotel. Saturday evening last,
when several important mutter*, note
springing up in France under the name
of "La Fourmi" (the ant). The peculiarity is that the longer a man lives
the less his heirs become entitled to.
The payment of four shillings a month
entitles tho payment of $1000 to tho
heirs uf a man dying before ths age of
'ii-i. he payment diminishing propor-
tlunuiely to about $500 at 51, tbe idea,
Iieing that, if a man dies young, his
children will require help, but thut,
when he is 60 they will be ablo to
earn their own living.
The Turner government has appointed Dr. George Duncan secretary of thn
provincial board of health. When tho
irenernl elections were in progress Dr.
Duncan was in charge of the quarantine station at Victoria. In order to
insure tho return of Colonel Prior und
Thomas Earle ho neglected his duties
and allowed people from the quarantine to go to the polls and vote. For
this he was promptly dismissed, but
the ring that he served control thn
provincial government and they aru
trying to even things up by giving
j him the secretaryship of the provincial board of health.���Tribune.
The Hon. R. W. Scott, Secretary of
State,   does not  think much ot the
Crow's  Nest railway.     " Why," he
asked, "should we concern ourselves
j about a road for the Kootenay mining
district'!   In all Southern British Col-
of ^ the ^ umi.iu ihe total population does not exceed 25,000, and of these only about
o.Ot-O are  Canadians.     Why, then,
should   we spend  money to provide
American   capitalists   and American
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  j miners with a railway ?   There would
Nelson. Russian! nnd Three Forks ' be '��"''���> more to be said in favour of
are Iieing incorporated by  the Hritish  expenditure of money for a railway in
Colutubia  Legislature.    S;.eciul  pro., t be Ruiuy River gold district in On-
vision is initde to permit the burrowiug
of large sums on debentures  for sanitary pill-puses.
We call the attention of our readers
this week to D. L. Bettscheu's advertisement in another col 11 in 11. Watches,
clocks, jewelry, otc, left with Mr.
-ettscbeii for repairs wiil receive
prompt attention.
Mr. Brownlee. Mining Engineer of
Vancouver,   was in  town  this  week
tariii,   where   the mines  nre chiefly
owned by Canadians."���Great Scott!
Col. Redpath has paid the second
depusit on his bond on the Sullivan
group, a silver lead property in the St.
Mary's River district. The Sullivan
group is situated about 30 miles west
of Fort Steele and within two and a
hull miles of the now famous North
Star mine.       >
Work has been pushed with gteat
vigor oi. the Ellwood claims on Perry
having come down to examine some (.,wk) wjth the pleas-n- resultg ,-,,-j
mining properties in the vicinity. He .,,��� led(,e hag heen 8truck _t _ d th of
was acron.-Hiiieil l,y Mr. ( has    Duel- [m feet     It ������   now   proyed   ������,      j
lug ami Mayor rtnuplu.il- of v��'"'->u-jd..ubt that the quarts is free milling,
*-*���*���*��� I ami further thnt it increases iu value
Mr. Thomas McNuight of Thmmer ��* it noes down. Surface assays show*
Hill, Ims'li-'-.ii.eil to uis'ii un,office here al nn averago of $17 per ton, The
ami at Fort Steele for the pur;.ise uf luilir��s on Perry Creek are from 3 feet
currying on the business ol a iii.uilig , to 20 feet in width,
broker and flniiiiirinl agent. At present
Mr McNntiglii will li- found nt Mr.
Mot'srtei's iiiiin- iu the Alexander Hlk.
The Allstrtn #. Knot'eiiay UJevelup*
ment Co. have (li.vio-e.l uf th-.ii- first,
block of treasury sli-.re-., l*ii*i,(;00, and
have enquiries lor several thousand
mora shams. A new block will li-.-ly
lie placed 1111 the market shortly in older tu supply ibe ileiiiiiiid.
The In',, li-jht ni Cnsriii, Nevada, Is
attracting people Irom even <ii-.-t'tioit.
Almost every (' I* R 'ruin f-u tin- west
has puss tigers ^onu iluut tu pay ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
their goiil money in see the liiuii It is not necessary to pull down
tuned'-���scrap." Corliett steins to be your competitor's business iu order lu
the favorite with Uulduiiitmi. [ build up your own.
Prospectors and Miners having claims or
iiiiniwts in claims tor sale, could not do hotter than cuimuunicate with
Milling Broker A Financial Agent,
Oolden ash Finer Si-kki.e.
All intelligent effort in advertising
has a theory behind it that directs and
molds it. Whs (JSi-il-eH t&va
The OOLDEN KKA .a published every
Saturday morning iu time to catch the eust
antl west mail trains, also the mail for the
iirinor country, Windermere, Port Steelo etc
il is thu only advertising medium iu the Eea
K lotmiiiy district,
Subscription  Rates t
SU.OOper annum  IN
Advt.rtisements and changei must lie in
the office not Inter than li! a in, nn Thursday
ti insure insertion.
All cash to bo paid to the Manager, from
whom the Company's receipt will be obtained.
Advertisement rates made known on appli*
c-itioi' -ro
The Ufa En' Publish!.! Company.
Kootenay during the present year will
more than justify the expenditure of
the necessary capital to construct this
SATURDAY, M'C'H 13, 1897.
Tub press despatches of the past
week, if true, indicate that there is now
a probability that the question of the
construction of the Crow's Nest Pa��s
railway will be shelved for some time
to come. In certain quarters a perfect
storm of opposition has been raised
against the C. P. R. being permitted
to.have anything to do with it, and
the people at the coast are kicking
against government aid being given to
any road that does not go through to
the coast.
Then again there are a few moth-
eaten -nembeiy down east who are on
general principles opposed to anything
which might assist the western portion of Canada and they will doubtless
join forces with the other "kickers"
and between them thev may succeed in
preventing the road being built this
Any British Columbia member who
votes against aid being given on proper tortus, towards the construction of
that road, ought to be " rotton eggod "
out of the Province.
Our own Member is a warm supporter of the project but will doubtless see
to it that proper terms are imposed
upon any corporation that undertakes
the work. We understand that his
own inclination is towards Governmental construction and control, not
only of the Crow's Nest Pass road but
of all other roads.
At any rate we believe he will be
found advocating the immediate construction of the road no matter who
builds it, and tbat is precisely the way
the great majority of the people of this
couutry feel about the matter.
*   *   *
And while the enemies of the C.P.R.
are grinding op their axes getting
ready for the onslsught upon the C P.
li., the long-headed Sir William has
so dealt the cards as to have the game
pretty will in his own hands already.
He has secured an option on the B. C.
Southern charter and effects. This
means that the road will likely be
built under the name of the B. C.
Southern and the holders of that charter will retain all the grants already
mads to that company and will also
get the requisite assistance from the
Federal Government.
We have received a copy of the proposed bill to incorporate tbe East
Kootenay Railway Company. The
capital stock is placed at one million
dollars, in shares of $100 each. The
incorporators are Alfred St. George
Hammersley, Robert O. Tallow and J.
W. McFarland. The head office is to
be at Vancouver. Tho company is
asking for powers to operate telegraph
and telephone lines, to construct
wharves, docks, elevators, etc., and to
build and operate steamers for freight
and passenger business. Tho incor*
porators are now giving notice of application for a similar charter from the
Federal parliament at its next session.
We trust that tbe year 18!'8 will see
construction of this road undertaken,
We feel sure thet the development
which  will surely take place in East
It is to be hoped   that Mr. Bostock
or  some  otlier  member who has the
courage   will  at  the  present session
introduce a bill to prevent members of
the  House  of  Commons and Senate
from accepting   railway passes and at
the same time putting their hands into
tho   public   treasury   and abstracting
therefrom the mileage which they do
not  actually  pay   out    ��� _,t present
nearly   every   member   of Parliainenl
and   Senator  carries   au annual pass
over the railways.    Tho allowance for
mileage  is  supposed to cover the expense the members   are supposed to be
under  in   travelling  to and from the
sessions of the House,     But as a matter of fact theso conscientious members
and  senators  ure  under  uo expense
whatever for transportation but ut the
session   these   gentry   walk up to the
table  and   draw ou' of the Dominion
treasury largo sums  which thoy never
expend   iu   travelling but with it pay
their   board bills, etc., and as a result
have the sessional  indemnity of $1000
to take   home  with them und some ol
them we presume make large donations
to religious ami other charitable objects
out of   the moneys they have thus acquired.     They may be legully right in
accepting this mileage money but from
tbe moral point of   view those who do
it  are  no   better  than lots of  other
"good" citizens who   are serving time
for helping themselves to other peoplo's
It may be ull right for these men to
accept passes from the railways (although many hold the view that they
should not do so) but they should be
satisfied with that unil not take out ol
the treasury, moneys to which they
are not morally entitled. If thc railways see fit to carry our legislators
around tho country for nothing ull
well and good -but the country should
get the benefit of it -The general opinion seems to be that tho railway companies expect a "quid pro quo" from
most gentlemen whon railway legislation comes before the House. Iu this
connection we are proud to be able to
say that the Member for this District
has enough independence about him to
refuse a pass���He pays hia way like a
man, and if the railway companies
come to parliament asking for auy
legislation they will get his vote if
they are entitled to it, but if they
want something which in his opinion
they should not have, the vote will be
rendered the other way.
At the session held just prior to the
last general election Mr. Mulock tried
to get a bill through preventing
Members accepting passes, but it could
not be made law at the time. It is to
be hoped that at this session such a
bill will be passed through by Mr.
Mulock aud his friends.
March Number  of tbe Delineator.
Tho March Number of the Delineator is
culled tl.o "Early Spring Number."
Its forocastof Spring and summer fashions
is mado graphic by numerous plates illustrating the incoming Dress Modes nud Fabrics.
Its literary menu includes a charming unvote'to of Now York art lifo by Ellen Gluey
Kirk, called " The Story ofa Picture." tu
her second paper on Social Life iu the American metropolis, Mary C'ad-vulder Jones is
i.i-tiirally at hor best. No. :i of Dr. Uruee
Peiklium-Mitnay's "Talks on Health and
Heout y " treats of the euro of the hair, ami is
np io tho high standard of solid worth set by
its predecessors. A Oirl's Wedding ami
Homecoming are discussed wisely ami tenderly by Maud C. .Murray-Miller. In an Oyster
Chat a number of tho untisuid dishes to be
made from this delicious bivalve aro explained. E. U. Viclt oilers tiuioly suggestions to
those pre|Niriiu to plant kitchen Hardens and
lay out flower beds. J. Harry Adams illustrates an Artistic Medicine Chest and describes its cuiistriictiiiii. People interested
ill Palmistry will liud something about it in
Mrs. VVithorspoou's Tei.-Tabto Chat. The
young folk will enjoy a lilcyclo Entertain-
ment, and a storiette called lee Cream Made
tu a Minute. Tliere are tho usual notes ou
new books, seasonable cookery antl domestic
science. Einiiia Haywood describes some
embroidered cases fur dollies, receipts, etc.,
are, as always, valuable fo iierlleivuiiien,
Address couuiiunicutioiis to lhe Delineator
Publishing Co. of Toronto, Ltd., ilil Richmond
Nt,, West, Toronto, I Int., or the local agent
for the llutterick I'attorns.
Subscription prico of This Delihoator, 81,00
per year, or 15c por single copy.
instructed by j-xerueliillng Ilheu-
uiutlo Pains (seven Tears' Untold
Misery-No Remedy ro Help-No
l'liyxlclan to Thwart thoOnslauRlit
tint South American lllicu.untie
Cures Charms Awny tho I'uln In 13
Hours nnd tho Suffering Slave la
J. D. McLeod of Loith, Out., suys i " I
have been a victim of rheumatism tor seven
years, being confined to my bed for mouths
at a timo and unable to turu myself. Havo
beon treated by many of the host physicians
without benefit. I had no faith in cures 1 suw
advertised, but my wife induced me to gat a
bottle of South Americim Klioumatic Cure.
At the time 1 was suffering agonizing pains,
but inside of 12 hours after 1 had taken the
first dose the pains left mo. Three bottles
completely cured me, und I rejoice iu having the opportunity of telling what a great
cure it has wrought in me. Sold by 0. A.
The Boston Transcript records another instance of a foolish question and
a sharp answer.
"There, now, is my new picture!"
" What's the matter with that,  eh ? "
"I don't know," answered the friend
" but I should say it was a case of
art failure."
���a ���
How to Cure lihoumtitlsin.
Arago, Coos Co., Oregon, Nov. 10,
189'!. ��� I wish to inform you of the
great good Chamberlain's Pain Balm
has done my wife. She has been troubled with rheumatism of the anus and
hands lor six months, uud has tried
many remedies prescribed for that complaint, but found no relief until she
used this Paiu Balm; one bottle of
which has completely cttieti her. I
lake pleasure iu recommending it for
thut trouble. Yours truly, C. A. Bui-
lord. For sale by Druggists Langly &
Co., Wholesale Agents Victoria aud
���S ���
A bit of conversation overheard iu
the conservatory at an evening party :
She -Do you adiuiro black, eves or
He -The. light is so dim here, 1
really can't say.
CEALED TENDERS,  addressed to tho
���   Postmaster Ooueral, will lie received at
Ottawa until noon, on 2nd Day of April 1897,
for the conveyance of Her Majesty's Mail, nil
a proposal contract for four years, once per
week each way,  between Goldon and  St.
Eugoue Mission from  tho 1st July,  next,
Printed notices containing further information as to conditions ol proposed contract
may be soon and blank forms of Tender
may be obtained  at the Post OtHces of
Oolden,  Catena, Windermere,   Fairmont
Springs, Fort Steele,' St. Eugene Mission,
Donald and Calgary, Alta.
Post Office Inspector's Office,)
Victoria, B.C., IU Fob'y, 1001,]
52A.���1,000-21-7 90.
Shopping By Letter.
The first thing wise people think of when
ordering goods by mail is the capacity for
business of those they wish to writo to.
The reputation we enjoy makes our Moil
Order trade forge ahead at a gratifying
I hereby give notice that I intend to apply
to 3, F. Armstrong, Esq.,' Stipeudnry Magistrate, for tho District of East Kootenay,
tor a license to sell wines, spirits, beer or
other fermented or intoxicating liquor by retail, at the premises known as the Russell
House, in tlio town of (.olden, situate immediately south of Skelton A Hamilton's Livery
Dated this Ilrd Day of March, 18117.
In the fall of 18SM a son of Mr. T.
A. A. McFarland, a prominent merchant of Live Oak, Sutter Co., Cal.,
was taken with a very heavy cold.
Tbe pains in the chest were so severe
thut. he hud spisms and was threaten
ed with pneumonia. His father gave
him several large doses of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy which broke up
the cold and cured hiin. Mr. McFarland says whenever his children have
croup he invartbly gives them Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy and it always
cures them. He considers it the liest
cough remedy iu the market. Fur Sale
hy Druggists Langly A Co., Wholesale Agents Victoria and Vancouver.
Tho Annual Meeting of the 'Kliaroholilors
nf tho Upper Coliiniliia Navigation A Train
way-Company will be hold at tho I ampany's
Olhco, in Gulden, II. C, nu Miiuduy
The  15th Day  of iKa-*-''!!,
A, I)., 18117, at 2 o'clock in tho aflernoon ; for
the olecti-ili of Directors*irnd for llitlnidering
of tho affairs of tlio Company generally,
liy order of the Hoard,
C. li. PinsflN,
Ccliln, H.C., 1st March, W.
Toronto Mineral Claim, situate in the Oolden Milling Division ot East Kootenay District
located Spilliiuaeheeti Mountain.
Take notieo that I, John Mel.iio, frooiiiinerV
certificate No. 41117, intend, sixty daw
from the date hereof, to apply tn tlio Gol
Coiiiliifainner font certificate of improve-
ments, for tho purposo of obtaining ;
Crown grant ol the above claim.
And further take uotice, that ail\oi-.-o claim,
must be sent to the Cold Cbmiiiissionoi
an action commenced before ihnlssiutuci
of such certificate uf improvements.
Dated this 10th day of,) one, l8!Ki,
.11'lix MuRAB,
liy h'.f ngout, F. \V. Aylmer.
Notice to Taxpayers
Assessmentsct and Provincia
Revenue Tax.
Pacific By.
Direct Route to all. Eastern
Montreal nnd Toronto without
change of cars.
Direct connection steamers at
Bag-gage checked to European
Special trip
Around   the  World,
R.M.5. " AORANC-I" intended to
leave London March 17th,
1897, via Tenerlffe, Cape
Town, Melbourne, Sydney,
New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii,
and Vanoouver;    Tickets
good for 12 months.
Shortest and quickest route to
To China and Japan via the
famous Empress Steamers
TO Australia and N:W   Zeal&nd ImieiiiHlouiwiHiirtoi-ofiiue per c.-iit;  when
via the Can-Aus. line.
Apply for particulars to
Traffic jManager,
Or to Winnipeg.
Agent, (liolden.
North-UN Division of East Kootenav District.
NOTICE is hereby given in accordance
with the Statutes that I'rovinclnl Revenue Tux aud all taxes levied under ilia As
sessment Acturo now due for the year .NI7.
All of tho above named taxes collectable
within the .Northern Dirisi.ui of East konte
nay District are 'Niyablo at my oliiee, the
Court House, Coition.
Assessed taxes arc collectable at tho follow
lug rates, viz t���
If paid on or before 3 wye 30th WJ1:
Three tilths of one per cent ou I!e.,l Property.
T.vo and one-half [ror cent on assessed value
nf wild laud.
thin -half of ono per cent ou personal property.
I In so much of the incomes ot any piir.-iui.-i:-
oxi'eeds oue tlioiiiiauil dollars the following
rates namely:- Upon such excess of income
when the sum i.i not moro ilu.ii ton thoiisuud
dollars, one jier eent: "hoii such excess is
over ten thousand dollars ami not more iluili
twenty thousand dollars one antl nno-yui.rtor
of one per cent: when such ex. ess is over
twenty thniisitnil doll..is, one uud one half of
one per cent.
If paid on or after the 1st July 1S97
Four-llftha of ono per cont on l.cal proporty
Three por rout mi tho assessed value of
wild hind.
Thran-foiirthsofone nor cent on Personal
On so much of the incomes oi any person us
exceeds one thousand dollars the following
rates luuiialyt���llpon such excess when the
same is not more than ten ahousanil dollars
such excess is over ten thousand dollars nn 1
not more than twenty thousand doll..rs, one
Mid one-half ot'one por coin: when such excess is over twenty thousand dull.-.i�� ouo anil
threiMuiartersof one por rent.
Provincial Revenue Tux *).(H per capita.
P.'.b. LANG,
Assossor and Collector.
Goldeu, January 2nd, WJl.
Our Specialties  .  .
Requests for Frite Lists and Samples receive
prompt attention. *
Calgary,   -   Alta.
East, West, North, South.
Yon need not ko either direction to get Perfect-Fitting,
Well-Made,   and  Durable
'   (riai-meiita.
Ye people of Goldon, and Donald too,
Your Tailor has come, his name is Frank
Ho can cut unit tit with tho best in the laud.
And makes up a garment with his own hand,
In England ho cut for houses of fame.
.Such as liubson's of Loudon, who bears a
��� [ great name;
Ami iu Camilla too, jnst let ine say
lie was cutter for the great Hudson's Bay.
Repairing, cleaning, nntl altering too,
\1 ill bo thoroughly ib-ue by this same Frank
liuth Ladies'and Gentlemen's clothes let me
j [state,
Will be workmanlike done, and quite up to
**low let. me solicit your work, old and new,
Aud put fo the u-st your tailor, Frank I'ugh;
His charges you'll nnd Will be all right
And lho work-when completed,  "Just out
(of sight."
' Patronise Home Industry!"
Store opposite post office,
Golden, B. C.
J. F. PU(GH,
Alberta & kootenay
(L't'd Ly.)
Office Alexander Block, Upstairs,
Mines Lot-sod, llouded, Nought, Developed
and Operated.
Cnrrespniiilcnce from Owners of Mining i'ropertios und 1'nrtios Seeking
Milling Investments solicited.
Wholesale and Retail Druggist
between Winnipeg and
the Coast
IVIail Orders Receive ���
Prompt Attention.
Calgary,  Alberta.
WATCH   .      .
clock and Jewelry repairing done In
the host stylo of the trade with the
loust possible delay. Hail anil ex-
prees orders receive prompt attention.
Watchmaker mil Jeweller - Ufa, I, (,
(Opposito the Columbia Howe.)
Agent for tlie Canadian'Smelling A
Assaying Works.
Assays, Tests und Smelting of Owe
.   with the greatest expedition and scientific accuracy.
Call or writo for further Information. ro
111111     a-- -a :j.sh,mi;.:-^ iji
'       '/V   Vl    it/       i
1 rAA<A^A^
- i,
: iiiii-.-,.: j.-.-rt.wt.i.L-.v.i-.-viHrl,,..,,
iijjte/ AKBCmjJtLTrC. H&j
���*i��yr       .���=>-���, fri;'|!��<|
IlirmsTORB r~re?.��cT!i. H ffl
jviwuiv. US H
I P!��l   BfSCtVS
!.iSr|i;::.'  witi.-n-i
'���'> :ff\ uvi.R ��*������..-..
'! ���"-"������'���������*��� ---.ac'liSfty
Trie tiinon. S
U'JIH j-iN-j blAVCi. r
-������������    soi_ *JB
1-RiMiPiW.ris *>'
It Makes
Sick People
Well and Strong.
gxxeixxsaa (.mi*..
Has Cured
and Given Them
a New Lease
of Life.
��*:��. IS. MeV�� ifcTKB.
Nin'Aitv l'uui.itj, Cii.sVi.v.i.Wi.it, En;.,
(lliico  ���
Aluxaiulur lilock, - Goldon, ll. C.
'I he AIlKji'tt: ��� Kooteu.,y lleveloptuent Co.
'llie��� i.st Kooteiiny   .Viuing and   Development Co., Ktc, Etc.,
Mineral Claims bouglii, sold, and lUm-kiped,
K.   J.   .IKl-ltiSt-**..
D.Ij.S. a I'.Ij.S, for HiC.  DOMINION A
Drtiiigiinuiuiii, Viiliy.tor.etc.,1.Al.li.iliY,
a.v,. i,  t'ori-ijVi|*oiideui-e Suiifltetl.
R.J.Ji-j1>i|-k.i.\, ti.L.l���,l'.L,'!). of ll.C, -Out.
tai.iM.n.', Alba.
.[.ON AN
jMiliiiig lir.ikor,
Fiiuuiei.,1 Agent,
Do Not Allow
Your Dealer to
Offer You
a Substitute.
Watch Repairing.
OOLDEN   anii
mill TESTS
Conducted iu all its branches by
VV.    P_U8W-HARV_iY,   FC.S,
(M.N.Eng. Inst. M. A ,M.E.)
Mm.-,,   i.. i.i. elites
Samples lesietl up io
direct tu clients.
By a Competent Man.
W. Alexander will lie at the Queen's
Hotel every Thursday and Friday
and will be pleased to quote prices
on work and Watches at figures that
will open your eyes.
Canmore,      : - :     Alberta.
�� n �� -g-ir'ti
CO Cl tt C tc C rt. C -DC-tCICrtoO C ��_{
(,'ross Women.
A druggist doing fnisiiiess iii it Irn'-ii-
Ontario town l-t-.rr-tilly ivrnuiiis follows
" I hate lately niel witli some very
cross women. For i-er.soris'best known
to theiiliolves tliey piiroiiiisel cotuiiio.i
pickage dyes instead of the relii.M .
and never failing Diamond D.ies for
home dyeing. They were sorely disappointed in results, ami Iiml their
goods spoiled. Tney came to me after
ward, knowing that I sell only the
Diamond Dyes."
Moral: When you are nnloi-ing goods
Ht home use the ������ Diamond" that
guaruiiteemcness; refuse all imitation*.
���t ���
Tlireo Months Without Sle. ���>-Wasted
lil !'lesli nii'l Given up to 111,, bnt
the Great flout li Ar.iovlcrio Noivllle
Hnntlft-sli. Kent witli ..iu. Ilnse nntl
Btt'ttetaaRiiplil unit Herniiilimit ��� uiv
Mrs. White of Mono Township, l'eavorton,
I'. (J., was lUiugero.isly ill .irom  nervoui
trouble,   i-he was so nervous lhat she h.d
not slept a night for three niriiitlis:   Mie wut;
so low that her friends despaired ot her re
covery, In tact, had given Iier up to die. 1-hu
was persuaded to try South American NerV
lue.    Iier relief was su iust'iiiu.neoits llii.t'l
after taking one dose- she slepi s.i.iiilly all!
night She persist**: iu the- cure of till, gre. t j
cure a.nl g.iii ml in ho..Ith rapidly, so lhat
now theiv ^ um a sign of die lieivousiie.-s,
anil she feels she is eutirely ciuou.     if you
doubt it, write itiid t-k her.    .--.ild by L.A.
;.--  "
m tmoo
i fit-
Showing a
Suli'er'er F:-om
was Curet'.
J. Hopkins, Alexander Bock.
He (angrily) Look at this bill.
Fortydulliirs tor pei-f.iiiiery for nie.o
odors that fade uwuy forever I
She (oalinly) (.ore it. meet the
���moke from  Ibe  last   ei.*>lit   buses of
cigars yon hu.c coiisu'iied dtuing
lust three moiitlis.
i t'orri-fiyoirtii-nt . I' ' lie OrHII-i y'ey.v-
I,i-fer With I'eviiilS-'l.iit "������������on Hit"
jlut.oi Hnl-us tbi- Lel-'.-r- I'nl Ili-lt
w'il Ik.<1Iii.IIv Kifnil li.-lltlit-i mif-
fe .   s ift..in fills fii'./nl   Uiluily.
I'l-oni Ti.e < irillh. r.ews-I,et:or.
The ft'llnyi'ing It-tier bus Icon for-
wtu-tltr.i ii's liy the Cold water. Out..
i.,on-es(-oinletit of the Nen's-Letter,
���A-liii-li wo lia-.-e irr.'iit pleiisun'' in pub-
Colthviifi"', rSept. i-'riili. i'-'9">. A fow
iveeks ago 1 ie-iiiin1 very unwell from
nil arlm-l: of sciatica, and ifciiieniliei-riig
that ir while'ago n iveli-kito.vu irieiul
of mine, Mr. 0. T. Hopson. of FthSer
ton. a ft-., ini t-s i'i-oiii hue, bud bVeii a
rrr.-ut. niiff'ier fri.tii this painful coin
|ilainl. 1 tbimglll it would be well fi r
to consult that veritleuiau as to tin
ine-lif-ine lie gives i-ivitit to for his r-
lief iliul on re. as I wns pwure 'lint la-
was n -w well uinl heart' (full hltdeyci
since b -tin in steiulj work among Inni
ber lus regnlnr bisiner-s lie gnv.
me the infon oitiou i-e-.i ilrmi. ami wrote
o it tlio (uiluvving Ifc-itiinoiriiil whirl,
he deiiit-es to have (iiilli.-lieil in imy
way Iiliiuk pro ,-r. hoping thnt it will
meet Ihe eye ot niiitiy suffero.s I ke lu.i
tiolf ivho -lie ittistiO'is !o u��t relief. I
tiiei-efiui- foiwiud it io vou to publish:
Fewer-toil. S-pt. IHih. IW'. --It ..-
with the givriiesT pleasure tha' I lesli
fy io ihe loiti-ii'lioiis iHitiitit ttiul cure
thru I),- Willin.u*.' Piuk Pills eff.-fli-l
in tny enso. In the year lWh. I wus
ttiken.vci-y bad with sciniica,    I
Uiui'-rtakii's uiid
. ���   .   Eiiibi'.jnierE,
Cal(i,ar.r     ���     ���       At. a
Ti.,l,iJ(II.A!'ll    IHll.i-illM    t'llll.lil'TI.V
A i-i i.Niilrn   ru.
-.Vill mail, free ol charge, one of their
Illustrated   Catalogue,,   and    Price
Listr-   io   any   pei-nou sending tbem
their address.
'he   Neiliio-i    Furniiure   Co.,
Calvary, Aibertn.
Wholcs-alr aiesl ISH-'.il
battle, Sbeep and
Horse X)e��Icrs.
Upper Cclun|bia NaVigatioi) &TraiqWay to.,
���    ���    anal    ���    ���
IqtBqatiorial Trarjsportatioq Gonjpariy.
TIME    TAULE.    1897.
(���iildil N-Four STKl-rl.K route-L'ntil opening of Navigation, Stage will
leave (,'oiiien every Tuesday, 2, p. in., arriving in Fort Steele Saturday
Loaves Fort Steelo every Tuesday morning, arriving at Golden Friday
After 1st Mny, Steamers will leave (loltlen I, a. m., Tuesdays and Fridays, connecting with S>t;ige at Adela anil arrive at Fort Steele Thursday
and Sunday afternoons.
Leave Fort Steele Tuesday ami Friday mornings and arrive at Golden
Thursday uud Sunday afternoon...
I'V-rt Kto-'le ami Jenningsi Route.
Navigation expected to o-reu lilth April.   After 1st May boat, will leave
daily (except Sunday;.
Gultleii Ist Man-It.
F. P. Armstrong*,
it 9 �� 5 O 3 0 8 �� O 9 ��  ~ "~
;S(i!.(S9SC:$3990$ 5 9 9 9 9C9 OO V 9 9 9 O 9~Q
k r
Langly & Co.. Wlioliisnl.-Diuggis's.
Vii'tbiria nnd Vancouver, desire us.to
pi blr.-b the foliowii.g cxti-iiisi fro'lli u
letier of < 'l.'is. M. Gutfl'Jd, of ll.eilley.
Fresno t'o.. Cui , us ),e liiiudliS ti.t*
remeily refiii-r.-il to m.il wi.iii> Ins ctis-
toiueis lo know what a splendid ni/'i-
cine it is : I
"It is wiih plt-iis-ii-i- I iell you that |
by one din's io>e uf-tj'haiitliei-lain'sj
Cough Kciucily 1 was ll'l.ttl-nlof u very i
nevoiv ttold. My bend was cniiipletelj |
slopped up and I oould lint sleep al |
l.igbt I ci.li i.'i'oiiiiiii'ui[ this reined.., j
A coll nearly ulivavi-siui-t-iu ihe head |
and nfterwi,ids et.t.'inls to the mruni
mnl lungs. Hv using tlii* reined,. '
fie.il. us soon as the li-ltl h ��� been con- |
ti-i.clud ii .Vill cure t l.e cold m oueeund j
prevent it from trxiciitiing to theltings.
treated ��t difforAnl titiie
toi-s but ili'ii'-iii-eil. with
as I found I was not ,.e
for relied'.    1 Ibeu irie.l
* ���
:i Only il.-*nri.l liy
Kidney IH��eu��<
tt ll  null., w lll'tl Is III Iiirpiill Fill ill
Ciiiiiiii.ii sense��,;   i-ltiii,-.
For a tli.urui i! ��.o.i���.ch or- sit il lur
pill am: powders lire not '��� III
vbeu rbc esau.i it-, n ii-h ..i'i
ki neyt:in-i.se lho d-4i7li.ni: rt
rebukes't-Gi-I. im.    I'lds in.i i-
lug di.-etiiej.lll nol ie. ri co ,
tetn i,ule til.iiei.irii.Ji. .inr.i
solve lhe I.i..id si-I'i-t, le-e   al i'- .���
li.i.e   tll.it gi.ei.i.e lu llio .i,.-.*>
that Isciiiiimoa to .11 whu <ju' in-
i-oiupliiiiii.   jpoutli jiiiii-yi.-S.irl
a kalnuy sis.cilic.    It ii.-mI'i
Subslunces, and while iiuissol.es It also heals
Tlie cures otlected leave no qiiosliuu ol its
merits.  Sold by 0. A. Warren.
i ho,
uHottl, but
.���.-.id I ��� c.ie
Btr nt r-creui-n
...:^ am: . n*. -
I nan tl. .->;.-
i'li.,t I.i.s i.iri-
tli-l'liiti I. .ii n?
i. > .....; i....
- fi'Olu kioticy
iilntii* - ure is
il.i-.-o hard
bv two tltii.',.
tlo-ir- s-Tvi.-..-
tiiig r|,e hoped
Utfleruut t-.-.u
e.ii.'S iiilv.-i-ri-ed ns a cun- ior sc ti ic..
but with no iieit-r lesultr Tlieu 1 tried
stroll-Iv l'fi-o'iiiiiieii'lu'l eict-.i.i-it-al .- p-i
ane a -b . s i 11- to i.u purppse I din
iiot n p ie e .-.uy anil iIk- pain ui - ox
criuri. ti g. .'ini I liegiin to lose ull hope
oi' e-ti r ,.-" i if la itt'., I t-tiuiil nor -it
tim. u or Ili-'VH nliiili't withuii sti'.i: tij.r
iiitunsi- | ni , mil llie only i-hIii'iIciiuiiI
get wus Wbe.i I i...v tlo.ri with inv
ie.s sti'i-'������'-e 1 st.ai .-,lii out inni tbei.
the pun w s soUitwiiiii Jess. I was
iu this 11 si bin one duy ebon I pickce
up a tiov..-��� a. e|- lying I'V luy s do nun
I here I n-u i of �� lllilli c roil of .v.it'Oi.
l.y ti.kin. Dr W.iliuiiis1 Piuk Piil-s.
Aiwa,-- huviiiu bit litile f nli  n nr-o-
pf.Italy I i O.lii... a^r i.i vi.-w uf  Ull
oxpiT'i-iu-e 1 iilnu-iy liud, I Wo.Id   not
oi tried ill in l> it bir lho lint L li.tr   my-
wil.- in.-isi.-il i ii gi iiirt   t .iiiitl' ��mi pro*
ciniiig some     iSlie ^ot n box ond   pur-
itiu-.it! I tne to lake, tliem.     l.y tin- li'iie
I llllll tiili-.il-.il  tilt- l.u*  I lliriii". .'    I    .'-ll   j
iii.'iiiT, ���"<��� I kepi on taking tije-piliMtiid
by I 1,0 1..:.I! I I'l'.tl   till-ill   .- ..   li.l.tfS   l\
Will. I'll'   l-i-ii- C   lO'l.      I    lll.ii    bl-l-jl    lr��ill |
up fui f-'ni-um ri.n bi'l'ol'it luking llm|
l'.uk I'rlis. uinl t shnll oonl,uue in iiiki-1
lie in i'C.r.--..tiituil,. uf I know lii-'iir to
lio ii.ii cxi-i iictii iii.-it c.ioii. 1 .-hull
t.-,et-     f.'M<u      I't'it ruotoriiijll^    tip-Ill.
ViilU'S U-lll...  I..II.. In--*  'I'.   liupr-OII
0-r coii'.sr .inii i.i   iiiuis  ib.-.i   ibis
letter is ft out a .unci) 1'espocicti resident
, of Fesseiton, whose word is  -.-enciully
considered as good us his bond.
The I est I'eer in f'tilitlllll is luaile 1 y bo
:.ilg.;y   Brflvv.ng:  &  Ma'iing
Cc.   Lt'd.
.'iilll-.fliettireis if I'eir. A In anil Stslli V titer.
losii. ou   -ei-ing lilgnry iecrever;- in.e.
hi'".-nil lii.veit.
Tlio t'onipiniv'siigent for lust Kootenuy is
<iiOlili*n, B.���.
1 I'lant your i
I        home claim with        f
[Steele, Briggs!
,-t v*.
. xJLrxAjr'X*
,v ��vr\>;v.../-<(i
' \. *iAXr"*.s;%y
Job    Dept-irtmcrjt
���:o:��� OF ���:o-���
.ma.-, p.-
Wagon repair,
Maple I'lank.
"High Or.de" Seeds,
���ttid by l-Mui og dsaUi-s.
���  A-k f >r tbem.
Sale investment.
iThe Steele, Briggs Seed Co.j
Golden Sash & Door Factory & Machine hSop.
Maiiiitiicturers ot S.ish, Hours, Mouldings, Turned and Sawn Halusters,
""* " i~ ~~         ~~~     '
, Newel Posts, Hand'Rails and Druckets.   All sizes of glass in stock.
The M.ichl.io an I I'l.icksmlth Shop are prepared to do all kind of repair
nllili.   .- II li-ies of i'ipi Fitting and Kress goods on hand.
nie., Shafts, Alius, .-'���js.kcsand Felloes,  Hickory and
|    H. Shorey & Co.
of Montreal
A weuMiv vouug liwv-'r spe'.t   two
,l���,s mil two  'i.'-"s  ���*'���"''  w*'.,''***
���nd st the enii of iInn time "'���"Id   " t|
���ell which side he was on.   It   was  a
case uf champagne.
��� have raised the standard of Ve.ilv Made
J cloliiillX si lit.!* the I..-I iii    .���   I people iu
i Caiiiiilii i.r.t nuiv , ������.tiiu-rtliv.ruii.ke.
��� lively g.,ri;re.it is r-u.iraiit-.oi to the firllcat
| cxlc it I will i.t taken li.ul. it nut up to
i tho'ttiuthml. ThJrltl jxiol t.iiu.iilSirliig
��� Over uats j.ru .- 'I '.< g y .'��� nl... pi'ool. rl, -
| which iricttw I'i y .ill "l . ti cart the wet but
i not the air.���All iirsK !a:sd--i.li.rs keep their
��� goods. Ask for, and sec that you get,
[ 14 Shorey's make.
iS��*SS*St*tAtft*i4*J*C��3��C��i��5Jt��*it__._ai8M*M��iS*M(6 Awarueu
Highest Honors���World's Fair,
pure l.rjne Cream of Tartar Powder.  Free
nn Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,
Pursuant to tho "Execution Act."
Tclcgiiiph Lino to Fort Steele.
Mr. John Clancy of Glenoglo has
furnished us with an estimate of the
probable cost of construction of a telegraph lino between Oolden and Fort
Steele���n work that is already badly
needed, and in view of the development tnat is sure to occur in the
southern portion of East Kootenav
during this year, wo venture to predict
lhat the want of such a service will be
Keenly fejt, not only by residents of the
Port Steele district and intermediate
suctions but also by people at a distance who have business relations with
the country such a line would traverse
Mi-. Clancy's estimate is in the neigh
liorliooil of $14,000 and he makes it up
in this way:
Wire, 28 tons   $ 2,442 00
In the Supremo Court of British Columbia
Ainsley Meg-raw,
~*    William Bavin Couson.
W J Armstrong,
William Bavin Couson, Defendant.
In obedience to two writs of Fieri Facias, issued out of the above Court, and to
me delivered in the above suits, tho former for the sum of 9481.72, and the latter for the sum
of $216.28, together with interest on the same,besides Sheriff's fees, Poundages, undullctlter
expenses connected with these suits, I have seized and will offer for sale by Public Auction
in front of the Post Office, Donald, Province of British Columbia, ull the right, title, aud
interest of tlie above-named Defendant in the lauds and premises described below, or
sufficient thereof to satisfy the judgment debts and custs iu these actions.
Poles, 6760.
Oak top pieces	
Glass in.-.iilators, 6000..
Tools, etc	
Batteries, otc	
4,220 00
50 00
240 00
200 00
200 00
6,300 00
���13,652 00
To this must lie added the freight
ohnrges on the material and supplies.
tf such mline can be built for the
money it seems to us it would be a
first class investment and one that
. would cam large dividends. Tbe line
would undoubtedly be of immense
benefit 'luring the construction of the
mountain section of the Crow's Nest
I'ass li.iilwav and even after its construction would easily earn a large
divider.- on the amount invested.
It, tn ttst of course be borne iu mind
that it would be necessary to obtain a
charter from the Government authorizing the construction of such a work
on highways and other crown lands.
Tho East Kootenay Railway Co.,
notice of whose application for a char-
ter���appears in another column are
asking for powers to construct tele-
graph and telephone lines and we hope
that befor 1897 expires we will be able
to exchange fraternal greetings with
our friends at Fort Steele by some
means of a "swifter" sort than at
present exists.
4 ���
llie London Times on East Kootenuy.
The London Times is producing a
series of articles on the mineral resource, of British Columbia. In its first
art icle���which are being wriiten by its
Colonial Editor, Miss Shaw ; who vis*
lied the mines of South Africa and
Australia and described thein so
graphically���She thus writes about
t be mining prospects of East Kootenay:
In Fust Kootenay, McMurdo. Fort
Steele, St. Mary's and the Crow's Nest
give high-grade copper ores, lead ores,
averaging 40o_. of silver and 45 per
cent ��f leail, with big ledges of low-
grade gold-bearing quartz, of which
70 per cent is free milling. The coal-
fields ol the Crow's Nest Pass are in
this District and are of vast extern.
There ure uiso streams containing alluvial gold, and at Donald where gold
lias been found associated with platinum.
It is iuto this rich mining neighborhood of British Columbia it is proposed
to carry the Crow's Nest railway,
which if constructed, will intersect the
country between the Canadian Pacific
railway and tho southern boundary
line and probably afford the means of
transport which are required for the
more successful development of some
of the mining Adds. To the north of
tlie Canadian Pacific railway line lies
a vast area partially prospected but as
yet scarcely touched, of whioh the
mineral wealth is believed to be no less
* nun that of tho more easily approached southern strip. It is to the possible
development of the whole of this immense area that Mr. Laurier no doubt
is looking when he speaks with confidence of the not distant day when
the population of Canada will number
10,000,000 instead of 5,000,000.
NO. OF i,o r
East Kootonay
No. 2,
Block 4.
Addition No. 1 Town of
Donald-Map 448
Lease demise for 99 years
yearly rout of $1.00
Monday, March 29th, 1897,12 noon
Front of Post Office Donald
Tkrms Cash.
Land Registry Office, Victoria,
ilrd day of March, 1897,
��� 9i!l0 o'clock a.m.
I hereby certify that the following are the omy charges registered against Lot
2, Block 4, addition No. 1 Town of Donald, (Map 448.) the title to which is registered in the
name of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company!���
4tji September, 1894, The Canadian Pacific Railway Company (by their attorney
in fact, Harry Abbott Power, filed No. 1G85) to William Bavin Couson, Demise for 99 years
at the yearly rent of 81.00, (I li. Bk. 14,148.1112 D).
1st December, 1891, William Bavin Couson to Arthur Deniumi, mortgage for all
the residue of the term created by the said Lease, except the last day thereof to secure payment of the sum of 8400.00 in 12 months from date and interest at 6 per cent, per annum,
(C. B. 14, m, 1685 D.) (application lOQ-Vo registered 24-9*95).
And I certify that the following are the oidy judgments registered against the
real estate of William Bavin Couson.
18 Wl
8174 72
8123 00
8209 28
8128 (XI
8202 93
Ainsley Megraw
Samuel C. Smith
W. J. Armstrong
Samuel C. Smith
Ainsley Megraw etal.
'And I certify that there is no unregistered application for registration in
respect of the said lots.
Vernon. B.C.
Registrar General.
Bast Kootenay Iu vestments.
S. S. Bailey, one of the pioneers of
the Slocan, has made some purchases
in East Kootenay and will give his
attention to other development. The
four claims included in the deal are the
Great Northern, Argenta, Del Norte
and Fred T. Dubois. They are located
on Hell Roaring creek, a tributary of
the St. Mary's. They are silver-lead
propositions. About 81.500 worth of
development work has been done on
the Del Norte. The owners of the
claims were A. L. Jameson, L. Bow-
ker, Phil Casey and Capt. G. B. Gray,
and they parted with them for a 93b.-
000 bond. The ore is of a very fair
grade, and' with tbe building of the
Crow's Nest Pass Railway, there is no
doubt as to the value of tho mine, and
little doubt that the bond will be taken
np. A substantial cash payment is
made, which will secure an option to
July 1, 1837. All payments are to be
made within a year.
Public Works Report.
The annual report of the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works of the
Province, for the year ending 81st
December, 1896, has just been issned.
The most important works executed in
East Kootenay District were the draw*
bridge over the Kootenay river at Fort
Steele; extension of St Mary's trail to
the West Kootenay line; extension of
the Toby Creek trail to Houser Lake,
West Kootenay; repairs and improve
ments on the Trunk Road; extension
of the Tiunk Road to Moberly. The
draw bridge at Fort Steele cost $3829. ���
98.   The extension of St. Mary's trail
to the West Kootenay line connecting
at the summit with trail to Pilot Bay
and the extension of the Toby creek
trail to Houser Lake cost $1,866.75.
On the repairs and improvements on
the Trunk Road have been expended
$8,772.41; while on the streets of
Golden, including budges and protection work, and also road and bridges
in Swede settlement have been expended $1,678.28. The other work has
mainly been the construction of. trails
for opening up promising mining
Take notice that I intend to apply to J F
Armstrong, -sqtiiro.Stineudiiiry Magistrate,
for a License to sell wines, liquors, etc, ete,
by retail on the promises known as the Rus-
sol House, Oolden.
Golden, B.C., March llth, 1897.
�� .'Uj-Xwi
try thiM.su.l..  !������(*, *���.-��� eed Aur��"�� nHsM.
Rf.HJ*K-l'H��TIIUIKS    t��>i* S'l *���*�������*."
nt smII'i', frn trim ahettnOaa, oe r-c.1-.* o<
fi..**.   S-.l��d|iviieulK.Sc.on
AN- MCBICINC 60 , MONTM*.. ���a.
-WAW Tm Sowrtloii. ball cm W nm-
|���_ A I ij nirtom tht face, ame eed
���J f\ I fC Md- la Tw Uleam,ead
* * * * " ^ (...��t1i fe~��r dr.ii-r��<t at
������:��� ��� ION.'-JtrMcilt-lisiialHS. t��<bra-il,KaM.
��� '..dpi .it voce Si.OU. Asm.ws.iW.
mg-J'WOilS DEBILITY, ?��
Mk *c.,i-iiu-..i^-.i^'-_ANB,����PB*
NEW      .      .
Bring- along* your
ETC.   .     .
and have them put in first class repair. !
Mail orders receive prompt attention
" Satisfaction Guaranteed."
Watchmaker & Jeweller.
When you come to Golden stop at ���
The   Kootenay   House,
KOOMS.        S
82.00 PER DAT.
S.     ADLER,     Proprietor.
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Rates $2.00 Per Day.
J.   C.   GREENE,  -    Prop.
?_! Columbia House
Home "Comforts.
Modern Conveniences.        .        .
Be.->t Cuisine in the West.    .
Commodious Sample Rooms.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
First Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
CUm.JVlcJ.eish, - Prop.


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