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The Golden Era Sep 24, 1897

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Array if
The Golden Era
Is the most widely circulated and
best advertising medium in East
Kootenay. This is the paper tbat
is read by the miners, the ranchers,
the railroaders and lumbermen.
Subscription, $2.00 per Annum
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^ .-iiiii Dominion of t'slllidll 14 in I r, 4_io,
# Poirket Map Yukon, prepared from O-ril.iu
i�� Surveys, with enlarged map of
r-" 1 ITtc       Klondyke and noiiaiisn . reek, 2,1c,
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0391 O 0 SO 0 0 0 0 0O 9
Columbia Valley
To the Yukon Gold Diggings
Statements by
Men Who Know tho
Aillor Interviewed
Miners Supplies a Specialty
* . Agent For . .
Phonix of London .and otber Fire Insurance Co's
+  +
Tha confederation life Association, Toronto.
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+  +
Canadian Railway Accident Insurance Company.
S. Adler on being interview-oil nt the
Kootenay House said: ''I have been
in the Parsnip River country and the
Omenion. When they talk about tiold
in Penco river that must hs the locality they moan as there Is no -told east
of the Rocky Mountains. The Peace
River begins where the Parsnip and
Findlay River join. The Parsnip
River is as big as the Columbia. That
is a wonderful country for gamo���
fowl, moose and bear, while the rivers
are also stocked with large trout, I
am certain that the country is Im-
mensly rich for gold. As good Duds
will be got there and in tho Cassiar
district as in the Yukon. I have seen
lumps of gold taken out there from
Defoe Creek weighing as much ns 16
to IT ounces nud the gold was such in
Walker Creek that after putting it
through the sluice boxes and panning
it out, it was so porous that if you ran
your hands through the wash you
could press it together with the points
ol yonr fingers, which would be covered with gold. This shows lhat the
gold was not water worn and could
not have travelled, but had evidently
been deposited there from the wearing
down of honey-combed quartz. I
have never seen the- like of it
anywhere else. Near Dease River the
gold was of such higli.'-uality that it
was worth 119 to $22 per- ounce, but
the curious thing was that as you
went higher up the creeks the qunlity
became inferior and diminished in
quantity. Let me add that Irani what
I have seen of the country there the
Stickeen route to Tesliu Luke is far
ahead ol any other of the coast
C. Wilson, who has been up the
Canoe River by what the Revelsioke
Herald describes as "tlie Gulden Era
air line," says "I know the country
as far as St. George on the Frnser
River. It is only 20 miles from Canoe
River to Tete Jamie Cache and u
stream and valley run nearly all the
way so that thero are no mountains io
cross. The route suggested is the only
really good moans of communication
inland with the Yukon as the country
is good Lravclliuu, whereas tlio ro.nl
round by Edmoton is bad travelling,
that country consisting nf so much
swamp and muskeg, while it is about
twice the distance compared with the
way up the Columbia Valley."      .
J. Barr, who has had a lot of experience in the Rocky Mountains said:
"The Moberly trail goes aa far as
Wood River and is a capital line ol
road. There is only one really bad
place In it and that is near Wood
River, where there ia a slide whicli
would require to be cleaned out eiv-r.
spring. The trail runs about three
miles up Wood River to clear the
canyon. The Canoe River comes in ��
little above Wood River, and from
there to Tete Jamie Cache It is about
90 miles, being 14 miles aero-a from
Csnoe tivor to Tete Jaune Cache Up
Canoe River the country is a wide
open valley-1 think about ten miles
wide, and easy traveling. From
Oolden to Tete Jaune Cache there is
no trouble in the world. I estimate
the distance from Oolden to Tete
Jaune Cache at 170 miles. It is '100
miles from Edmonton to 'fete Jamie
Cache and the country is swampy and
bad to travel, whereas you have a
good dry trail by the Columbia and
Canoe River. Thu Canoe River is the
best river for the length of it that I
bave ever seen for travelling by. Tliere
would be no rock cutting whatever in
making a read up there. The river .8
alao good for boats. I hava taken IWO
pounds up Canoe River without uny
difficulty. 1 thiuk a trail could be cut
tn connect Moberly trail with Canoe
River for ISO a mile and a good wagon
road would probably cost about $7C0
to $800 a mile. II the Government
wont do It let the people raise the money
to open the road. 1 will give $60 towards It myself snd shall be glad to
give all the assistance In my power."
J. DOIj-AO-'h opinion.
J. Dolmage said: "I know the
way round both from Edmonton to
Tete Jaune Cache and also that along
the Columbia and Canoe Rivera, to
Tete Jaune Cache. I travelled both
these ways in 18811, having gone from
Edmonton to Tete Jaune Cache and
then down Canoe River and thence to
Revelstoke. Part ol the way from
Edmonton Is good aud part is low
lying marshy country very bad to gel
over. The country down Canoe River
is excellent for travelling and a splendid road cau be got by that way
at little cost. Then again the road
from Oolden to Canoe River would
have this advantage-that It is only
about hall tbe distanos ol ths road
(rom Edmonton, whioh ts a vsry round
about way."  '
M. Carlin said: "I know the Edmonton ronte to Tete Janne Cache well aud
bave travailed that way. Is It a
wretchedly bad road. From what I
have seen ol the proposed vvav by
Canoe River I think an excellent road
cau be gut that way,"
In proof of tbe above statements it
is stated by a Winnipeg paper that the
large party which recently set out
from Edmonton has had to turn back.
One of the number lost his life,
Ben Abel reports a rich strlko on
Dutch Creek.
Major Clohecy litis resumed work on
the Crown Point. .
The second wash-up ol tho Cariboo
Hydraulic Co. resulted in a gold brick
valued at {81,987.
Rossland shipped $1,500,000 worth of
ore for the first eight months of this
year as against $il2!),'.0 for the same
period of last year.
J. Dolmage has shown us a fine
specimen of chslcopyrite which he
brought in from Cnriboe Basin from a
claim whicli lie staked thero. The
ledge is about six feet .vide and crops
out from a fresh slide.
A Slocan Mine Malinger estimates
that a ton of Slocan oro is worth $50
f r silver nt BO cents and -525 for lend
at * 2.20 or a total of Mil. The cost
of freight and treatment is $20 a ton,
leaving a margin of $55 tot mining
and putting on curs.
Tho follou-in-; claims have been re
corded at Oolden, Sept 20th: Gold Leaf
and Harvest, on middle fork of *Spill-
imachine hy .1. W. Coimorulnd J.
Giflin respectively; Sept. 31slrMitch-
ell, by E. C. Bronson anil Klondike by
A. J. MoldanhniMir. hotb at the head
of McMiiriln Ci-sek^,__"
Tbe C. P. K.'-lhtttii.l to establish a
steamship sorvice between Vancouver
and the Stickeen River, and will build
a railway up Telifrrap-'Creek to Tesliu
Lake, whence bouts can run all the
wny to Dawson City. This will provide an alt Canadian route to the
Yukon for the next spring.
Messrs McLaughlin and Wilson,
owners of the Gold ('up olaim in llie
Ottertail district, inform us thut they
intend to do considerable development
work on the property this season nml
if possible wiil arrange ro take iidvim
tage of lhe offer of the C. P It to deliver ore nt Swansea at the rate stsied
in a recent issue.
Wo have seen some samples nf ore
brought in from AV. Upton's cliiiius
on rlrri di.-i.le hotwe-n (Jupiter and Yer
inont Creeks. These samples look
rich, nml were taken out of n six inch
hole in which a shot was fired. A
former assay of tho ore from these
claims run $10 in gold and 24 pur cent
copper. The ledge is a large one boing
from 9 to 14 feet in width.
Prof Hardman and Mr. Townsend
set out for tbo International on
Monday night. On returning to Carbonate Ihe Professor will go on to
Fort Steele to inspect some properties
there tbat Mr Bruce has bonded for
the English syndicate represented by
Mr. Hammond. From Steele tho Pro-
fesor will probably return to Golde i
and ihen he goes in the Boundaiy
Creek country where he has to inspect
and report ou some properties.
Messrs McKinuon and Cameron
hnve received assays of ore from their
claim, the Copper King, on McMurdo
Creak, showing $15 in gold and 4] per
cent copper. The shaft is now down
9 feet aud the vein is 2ii inches in
width. Messrs McKinuon and
Cameron now intend putting in development work on the Lorence a
copier property fun hea duwn McMurdo Creek ���
J. Adler of Golden, nnd G. Hayes,
of Fort Steele, have received samples
of ore from their claim at Movie, in
which free gold can be seen in the
quarts. The oro has assayed $40 in
gold and lb' per cent copper. Thev
also have a claim at Skooktiinchuck.
the ore being a quartz carrying galena.
This assays as much us $50 in gold.
Tho ledge is from four to six feet in
thickness and lies between walls of
slaie and granite.
J. Barr is still pushing on work on
his claims up the Blueberry. The tunnel is In 12 feet and is about a foot
into the lead which he expects lo
prove about fifteen feet in thicku.ss
He finds it getting better as he goes
in on it. Mr. Barr has arranged with
Mr. Griffith for the Government to as-
list him in cutting a trail, as without
tbls he finds it next to impossible to
get in supplies. He expects to continue the development of his claim
steadily till Christmas.
Messrs Lee and Kinnisten, directors
of the Bald Mountain Company, past -
ed through Oolden on Wednesday on
their return from a visit to the mine.
They are highly pleased with the
prospects of their property. The
essays on the new strike run from $'15
a ton upwards and tbey state that the
tests showed beyond doubt that the
ore is free milling. If this is so it is
the first true free milling strike that
has heen made in East Kootenay; It is
therefore most important. Twenty
sacks of the ore have been taken out
lo be pat through sampling works
and the directors are so pleased wilh
the look of things that 'Vy hava
taken up a mill atle and will advise
putting in machinery. Before tbls is
done however considerable more development work will have to lie put in
to thoroughly prove the property.
A pnrly of prospectors are about to
start out to rIio head writers uf the
Blue-* -ter rivrrr.
Mr. Lindsay has arranged to purchase
the in-erests   if S.   Bsrlmr and H. P,
Moody in the .Sunday claim at  Otter
tnil and proposes io   put   In   develop,
ment work on it.
Tlie Following transfers are reenrdod | esch
at Golden: .hulk Hawk, on Crv-nil
Crook, from !���'. |{. Parry to R,,ilr.|i
Hughes; Grlzr-ilv on Bnil-ior Creek, by
W.G. Mitchell-Innes to A.C. Mitchell-
Lead is increasing in value and will
mako up for tho lower value of silver
in galena ores. It is predicted that
lead will reach the $4,50 mark per ICO
lbs. and the possible novelty may so. n
be witnessed of "load" mines in full
operation, producing 25 per cent of
lead with 75 per cent of silver as a
"by product."
T. E. Wilson and W, Peto have
bonded to Mr. Willis, of the Channe
Mining Company, Vancouver, the
Bookrest and Golden Hope claims on
Ice River. Mr. Willis says these are
the best prospects and carry the richest ore that he has seen iu this country, the assays having run from $150
to $250 per ton, mostly in gold und
copper. It is reported that the amount
of the bond is $15,000.
P. Wattelet brought down on the
Duchess on Monday a ton of ore from
his Bugaboo claims for treatment at
tbe Everett Smelter.     The   develop.
Pro-t��ect of Hurl  Times
Tlie special coli-epuii.iotit of lhe Min-
ing nnd Scientific Press says- "Grub
was completely cleaned out this spring
and 1st winter there was such a '
sen I-.-, ity thnt moose limns sold for $:10
ll'iur $120 a hundred,, bacon $1 a
pniiiul, Wiint will nut lispp-n this
coming winter? Why, will not people-
actually stiir.e to death?
"As to shelter 00 per cent of Dawson wus living in tents in July, labor
is scarce and houses cannot be built.
How are 7,000 people to willistand tht
rigor of a nine months' winter of semi-
darkness, when the mercury goes 70*
below zero?
"As to labor, it Is true that last
winter- the winter succeeding tho
great strike, whon men were scarce-
wages were $15 a day; but if no new
strike is made what is to keep wages
up this winter? There are but 'i4i>
claims on Bonunza, Eldorado anl
Hunker Creeks that will probably be
worked this winter. An average of
eight men to each is. I think, liberal.
If but 2,700 men are employed ami
there are 5,000 or more looking fur
work, what must be the result?
Wages must go down. I am told that
much grub has gone over tho divide;
yet, from what I know, I would
wuger that not to exceed 500 tons
of supplies over and above what ihe
^fi\^%ur���^������������_ ta^mammmwummam^mt
Shopping   |
BY Letter
HE first thing wise people think of
wlien ordering goods by mail is
the capacity fur [iiixiue** of those
they wi-iie to. Tiio reputa ion we
enjoy for promptness makes our Mail
Order trade forge attend at a gratifying riltir.
carriers   ate  will reuch the diggings.
No man poing in can arrive with more
ment work on the properly consists of then a four months supply."
a shaft (10 fee' in depth and which had
to be abandoned tor tliu present till a
means of pumping air into ihe shaft
has heen devised. About a thousand
feet below the shaft an open cut has
been made for forty feet In length
and thirty feet deep, and from this a
tunnel has been run for a distance of
from twenty five to thirty feet, It
was from this tunnel that the present
shipment of galena ore has been taken.
The mine is improving in value with
depth as while the ore in the shaft
carried %0 to $10 per ton in gold that
in the tunnel assays $21.20 in gold.
Air. W. G. Mitcliell-lunes has had
the good news that at [he Pretty Girl
on Horse Thief Creek, lhe sinking of
the shaft 15 feet has developed ��
splendid body ot* ore. The ore body
has wideiii'd out us compared with tlie
surface showing, and the quality of
the ore has also improved. The unsays
of sin-fnce ore ran 32 ounces in silver
and ill! per cent copper. The latest reports Mr. Mit..hell Innes has receive!
from Prairie Mountain show that the
lead which was struck at a point 50
feet from the mouth of the tunnel has
heen penerr ited from four und a half,
to six feet without getting through it
an-] it is looking so well that free gold
has been punned from lhe rock. Wilh
a view of putting in winter camps if
jnst iti d. Mr. Mitchell- Lines arranged
for W. Pellew Harvey to inspect both
the Prairie Mountain and Horse Thief
properties, and will cable the substance of the report to London so as
to get instructions us early as possible.
A. W. Grierson, with his .ring of
linemen, is luisily engaged iu repairing the C. P It. Telegraph line ui-d
adding vires tocopo with the increasing business.
We owe an explanation to tbe Inland Sentinel, of Kamloops. The
paragraph we published in last issi o
relating to Mr. McDonald's appointment *v��s not from its columns but
from the Kamloops Standard.
Men's Furuishiug-i
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To Ad verttteri and SnbMcrtbem.
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Fri'lny evening. It is the liest advert..* in k
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Alteration- and changes nf stn.ii.inp advor-
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l-!U'll JSMIC.
All business couunuuicatious should lie ad-
dre��wod to tbo Managing Director, ami all
literary communications.letters for publication or news items should lie addressed to tho
Correspondence is invited on imittrrs of
public interest, but to secure publication
such letters must lie brief. In the case ot
anonymous letters the name nnd address of
the writer must be enclosed, not for publication, bnt for the private in form at inn of the
editor and ns a guarantee uf good faith,
l(ie .nltfEii Era Company Limited Liability.
office, Golden, fl. 0.
iXhc (ftolbrn <��va
(Edited by E. A. HAGGEN.)
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Miss This Opportunity!
Wo have on several occasions drawn
atlention to llie mischief that in likely
to he done by   the  demonetisation   of
silver,   and   to   the fact that British
Columliiu must be a  terrible   sufferer
by   such  a policy.    Still so dense and
blind is the ignorance of many on this
important subject that   they   ridicule
any   attempt   that   is   being made to
draw public attention to the question.
Level headed men like the directors ol
the  Bank of England nre alive to the
mischief of demonetising silver and   it
is   with pleasure that we see they are
prepared to do their share towards devising   a remedy by proposing to hold
one fifth of the bank's reserve in silver.
This will do much to break down   the
senseless prejudice that exists against
the white metal.   The Salt Lake Tribune puts the matter very well when it
says:    "Our   belief is that the money
powers of the .vorld will very soon he
obliged to retnonetise silver   at   some
ratio.    It   will   be   that  or a crash
which   will   convulse   the    business
world.    Tho reason   why is   that as
men lose faith in the ultimate restoration uf silver thn white inetul will continue to decline until there will   come
a  grand   scramble  to unload tlie old
stocks of silver, and prices   generally
of   all  products   will  follow the gold
basis, aud then tbere   will   be   chaos
and   general   repudiation.   The   rich
men of this world cannot stand an upheaval of that kind.   The most  conservative statisticians   estimate   that
half   the yearly product of gold is absorbed in the arts.   Some insist   thut
nem-ly alt is used up that   way.     But
if  it   were   not so, the whole.au.ount
reliance and the cessation of borrowing
of any kind. With such a wealthy
territory na that of the Dominion we
say advisedly that there should be the
necessity for neither a loan policy nor
a deficit. The income should be arranged to meet the expenditure and
should not be exceeded unless temporarily under extreme conditions. The
debt is already so large that it will
take more than half the customs
duties to pay the annual interest on
it, and if it grows at the rate of .the
present year we shall find that it will
absorb the whole of the customs and
there will be no available means of
carrying on public works, The Star
says: "The total amount voted in
connection with the public debt Is
$13,016,857, which leaves less than
six millions of revenue from customs
for use in defraying the running expenses of tbo Dominion. Of this, the
Provincial subsidies alone demand no
less than $4,239,600; thus reducing
the amount of the customs collections
available for Federal purposes to about
a million and three-quarters, Now
the point of Importance in this connection is that tbe public debt Is still
growing. The sufficiently grave
situation indicated above lias not
made our political masters afraid to
increase the debt with light hearts.
Some years ago the then Oovernment
had a lucid interval when it declared
its policy to be that henceforth tbe
country must live within its income.
But the pressure of those who think
no more of a non-spending Government than the toper does of an emtpy
whisky bottle was too strong, and
the merry round game of borrow and
spend went on. It has not been
checked since."
The prospects of Oolden and' the
Columbia Valley were never better
than they are today. Good news
comes in from all sections of the mining districts as the result of more extended development work. The farmers have had good crops. Two firms
of English capitalists are arranging to
put into East Kootenay, in time for
next spring, ample capital for the development of every prospect in the district that justifies further expenditure,
and both of these companies will have
their head-quarters at Golden.
Then there is the fact that the
Columbia Valley and its extensions
form the nearest and best route to the
Yukon gold fields, with rioh oountry
on the way. It seems pretty oertain
that the Dominion Government will
make their proposed wagon road to
the Yukon from Tete Jaune Cache,
and whether Kamloops, Reyelstoke or
Edmonton is favored as the connecting point in preference to Donald,
the Columbia Valley route has the
advantage of the Moberly trail to
Canoe River, leaving only 80 miles to
connect with the Dominion road at
Tete Jaune Cache. In such a case
private enterprise would go in and
make that connecting road and so
secure to the Columbia Valley the
traffic which must in the nature of
things seek tbe shortest and best route
to the railway.
J. Umontagna,
T-wmorlnl Artlat.
Everything Strictly First Class
���Wot*. Shoe* it nil II urn ���'���.���.
Repaired promptly.
It is high time that we spoke with
no uncertain sound as regards the
way the Provincial Government are
neglecting the means of communication
to the mining ceitres of tbis part of
East Kootenay. Mr. Wattelet and
the Golden and Fort Steele Company
have now shipping mines at Bugaboo
but owing to bad means of access
they cannot get ore nut at anything
like reasonable cost. The shipment of
ore which Mr. Wattelet is making to
JEvere-t will cost him $100 a ton, of
���liich $35 is for transportation
from the mine to the Columbia River.
We have also to point out the
necessity that exists for a good wag-
road being made into the
Spillimachene country, especially to
tap the head of the middle and north
forks. Another place where a road
is urgently required is up the Beaver
Valley to give access to Pra.rie Mountain, Healey, Logan, and Bennison
creeks. There haa been a good deal of
work done up tliere this season nnd
the mineral wealth of that country
is proved beyond doubt.   These roads
Among other reforms that the Cabinet that will replace the Turner Government must bring about is the reorganization of the Provincial
Surveyor's office. This branch of the
public service s-ema to be in a hopeless muddle. A case has been brought
under our notice where it took something like four years for tbe survey ot
a farm to get through this slough of
despond, and much the sume trouble
seems to be experienced in regard to
mining claims. The department require a plan of adjoining claims and
ought to supply copies of these when
nsked to do so. Instead of this they
refer surveyors at this end of the district to tho office at Donald, and the
plnns are not there either. This
necessitates no end of annoyance aud
loss of time. As a matter of fact the
Surveyor-General seems to know very
little about the details of his department and has yet to learn that be is a
servant ol the public and bound to
meet tlie public convenience. It is
time there was a Minister at the head
of affairs wbo would put this department on a different footing which
would ensure prompt and civil attention to the public business.
When a crime is committed, no matter
in what corner of the earth tbe criminal
tries to hide, he knows that probably
somewhere or other on the look-out is a
detective waiting to lay his hand on him.
When any
disease attacks mankind and
hides ttaell
in the human system,
no matter
how obscure
or complicated the
disease may
be, Nature
among her
great force
of detective
remedies hss
one that will
hunt down
tnd arrest
that partlc-
���������hhm-   - liar disease.
Lung and bronchial disease, are among
the most baffling complaints which doctors haveto deal with; because it isn't the
lunga or bronchial tubes alone which are
affected, but every corner of the system
furnishes a lurking pluce for these elu*
rrive maladies.
They change and reappear and dodge
about the system under numberless dis*
f-uiscB. They are almost always complicated with liver or stomach troubles, nervousness, neuralgia, or " general debility.''
The test detective remedy which Nature tans provided to search out and arrest
these perplexing ailments is Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery. It lays an arresting hand directly upon the poisonous,
paralyzing elements hiding in the liver
aud digestive organs.
It gives the blood-making glands power
to manufacture au abundant supply of
pure, red, highly vitalized blood which
..Notice of Removal..
I'm just going across the river,
Only a few yards away,
To premises more convenient,
Where I intend to stay.
I must thank the people of Golden
For their patronage in the old store,
And assure them that in the future
I shall try and merit it more.
My samples for fall and winter
Are all of the newest class,
And are sure to give satisfaction
Because  sold  at  low prices for
Suits io Measure From
$15 up
Inspect my patterns nnd compare
prices before placing your
orders elsewhere.
Cleaning, Repairing- and
Altering Done.
Business Cards.
Sign Writer,  Painter and
Paper Hanger.
Orders promptly attended to.      22tc
pure, ..cu, jji��>..j  ,.���...���.  -.
reinforces the lungs with healthy tissue;
feeds the nerve-centers with power, and
builds up solid muscular flesh and active
For weak lungs, spitting of blood, shortness of breath, nasal catarrh, bronchitis,
severe coughs, asthma, and kindred affections, it is a sovcr.rign remedy. While
it promptly cures the severest cough it
strengthens the system and purifies the
" I feel very grateful for the home-treatment given mc by lhe World's Dispensary
Mcdical Association," writea Mr. T. J. F.
Ilrown, of Sands, Watauga Co., N. C. " I
had catarrh for several years, then took
-crip, also had hemorrhar-e from the lunga.
1 had tbe best of medical attention but only
to bring; partial relief. I got up fur a few
months but had more hemorrhages. 1 took
Dr. ��� 'a Discovery, (twenty-five or
thirty buttles) hut in a few months I had
more spells of bleeding. I wrote to Dr.
Pierce and received directions what kind
of medicine to use; I commenced taking
his 'Oolden Medical Discovery' and Dr.
tinge's Catarrh Remedy. 1 had only
taken one bottle when I could see I waa
linprovini-. I used three bottles of Dr.
Sage's Catarrh Kemedy, and five bottles of
the 'Discovery.' I have been able to do
any kind of labor for more than twelve
months. Well 1 jrr.t aimply owe my life to
the World's Dispensary Medical
tion, '
Notary Public, Golden, B. C.
A post card addressed to me
at the post office. Golden, will
receive prompt attention.        29tc
Builder and Contractor,
-   -   -   -   Golden, B. C.
A supply of  Building   Limo
For Sale.
Plans prepared.   Prompt attention given to orders. 28tc
e whole.an.ount | ���
distributed among thc nations would \m *^*^> ������enti.l to the proper
not begin to keep up with the world's I (,oveloP"nent of thU P"* of ��-��� c0~��"
ti-adej   it   would    not   supply   basis Itr-* *ai ~' is imer ,0"*,h~~t trafflo for
ay life to
Undertakers and   -
.   .   Embalmera,   '/
Calgary,   ���   ���   Alta.
enough for the world's prices, and
hence production, where supply and
demand   are   normal, pays nothing to
these points is compelled to go some
thing like 40 miles when access cau be
had by constructing a road which will
mrraal, pays nothing to -    .  ��� ������*       -..-,,     ,     .
.���      , -. ...      ..���    ..    shorten the distance by half nnd   give
tho producer.   The question with   the   , ....
��� . ... ,        ,   ,, in.,.,-    a    ���nifth    hotter mail than thev
financiers will soon be whether to re-
Livsry and Feed Stables
Goad Saddle Horses and
Rigs of all kinds for
Hire at Reasonable Rates.
Teaming of all kinds a specialty.
Hamilton iSkelton.
GOLDEN, B. C.        131tc
The McMurdo House,
Chas. Cartwrioht, Proprietor.
Oood accommodation for Miners.
Best Brands ot Liquors Kept,
Saddle or Pack Horses for Sale or Hire
monetise silver or demonetise gold and
trust to paper issued to an amount
equal to a given sun per capita of the
people, for money. Some of the gold
journals of the east are already alarmed lest silver go to nothing and there
shall come a scramble to uuload the
stocks of silver on baud. It has lost
more than half its value already, but
with it the world's property has
sunken i<J per ctint, and, uot withstanding all the eastern exultation,
the shrewd men there are rilled with
apprehension. They understand that
the present advances are due to misfortunes of nations beyond the sea,
and they dread next year. There is
this year a poultice for the sore, which
relieves it temporarily, but that is all."
���^"���__S*-��*      i
Tbe Monntreal Star has done good
good service in drawing attention to
the serious way in which the publio
debt is being oiled up. Ths loan policy of th< Government is a thing ws
must utterly condemn. One ol the
lint planks of the Liberal Party
in this country should be tbat of self-
(lountl... Hodlly Ailment.
Directly Attributable to a Disordered Nerve
System���Dispelled in s Hurry by the
Great South American Nervine ���Get
Well and Keep Well With It
Noble Wright, Dairyman, of Orsngevllle,
���ays: "For a number of years I was s great
sufferer from Indigestion and dyspepsia. My
liver and kidneys Inlhei���I me. I treated
with many doctors and used many remedies,
I procured South Amoriciin Nervine. One
bottle greatly benefitted me, and six bottles
entirely cured me, and today I am as well as
ever I wss. It is a great remedy, and I am
ulsd to be able to recomms.id It always."
Sold by U A. Warren. 108
them a much better road than they
cun possibly have by the present
route. It would be a good deal better
for the country if money that the
Turner Government ia at present
squandering in the subsidising of a
corrupt press in view of the coming
elections were spent in making good
roads Into the mining camps and so
promoting the true development and
progress of the province.
  ���  ���-���
The suggestion made at the banquet
by Mr. H. G. Parson, that a Board of
Trade should be established for Golden,
is one that should nol bs lost sight of.
At present there is no body to represent the commercial interests of the
town, and such an institution is badly
needed. We shall help the movement
all we oan by offering to provide fret
office accomodation and we hope that
our fellow townsmen will pull together
to give the idea definite shape. A
meeting is convened at The Era
office for Monday night at 8 p.m. to
make Another effort to organise n body
ot the kind and we hope the people ol
Golden will study their interests by
helping to get a representative Board
ol Trade started.
Tbe "Smithy'." Daughter
Attacked by that Moat Insidious of Maraud*
en-Kidney DUense-Geta Good Health
llack by Using South American Kidney
Cure���A Kidney Specific
The action ol the Bank of Ergland
in announcing its intention to hold
fifth of its reserve in silver conditionally, has hud the effect of restoring
the white metal and reviving its price.
The decision of the bank, if given
effect to, will do more to reunite the
interests of the British Empire than
any net of statemanship. It is a
practical demonstration of tbe policy
of the Bunk to endeavor to secure a
more stable condition of things. Of-
course The Times and other English
newspapers which are but the tools
and mouthpieces of Lombard and
Wall streets, are raving because they
see in this an attempt to break down
the monopoly possessed by the
power of gold. Notwithstanding this
the Bank will have the support of by
fsr the greater portion of the Britiah
Empire in the policy which it bus so
pluokily announced in the (soe of the
powerful opposition whioh the directors must have known would be hurled about their heads.
I was first taken (nearly two years ago)
with cholcinr- and aching in my throat, and
I suffered dreadfully." writes Mrs. D. Z.
Moore, of Denting, Grant Co., N. Mex. " I
took everything I could think of, and spent
a great deal of iriorrcv. Had three doctors
treating me. My throat ulcerated, and I
lost my voice. Could sca-cely taIk eo a
person could understand me. The doctors
called thc trouble bronchial affection; said
the larnyx wus badly affected. I was almost dead when I commenced taking Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. My
neighbor, thought I would not live a
month. I was almost in consumption, but
thought I would try the ' Discovery.' From
the first I commenced to Improve. I have
taken it right along and with a few more
bottles think I will have as good health as
ever. I owe my life to Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery. I have been the cause
of several in this town being cured hy it."
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medics!
Adviser is a book of i.ooS pages and
over three hundred illustrations, some of
them colored, all fully explained. This
book ts free. It has been selling for $1.50.
Kow you may have It tn all Its usefulness,
ami in strong paper covers, for 31 one-cent
stamps, which pays the cost of customs
and mailing only, at iu cloth binding for
50 stamps. It is a veritable medical 11-
krrary all contained in a single volume.
Address, World's Dispensary Medical
Association, Buffalo, N.Y.
Be loyal to your town and district!
Get your printing done at the office of
the Golden Eka.
�� ���
A Prominent U. 8. Phyalclan Pralae.
Ur. Agnew'a Ointment
Dr. M.  Bnrkmiiii, Uinghiunplon, N. Y���
writes:   "Send ine 1*2 dozen moro of llr. Ag-
new'a Ointment. I prescribe large quantities
of it.  It is a great remedv fur tattor, wilt
rheum, ecaema mnl nil skin diseases, nnd also
a cure for piles.   Price .Iti cents a Iris.
Bold by C. A. Warren. ,     108
Barrister, Solicitor &
- - - Notary Public.
Office at Upper Columbia Navigation
Co. Building, Golden. B. C.
Will I* in Golden on Monday of each
week. 86to
Theophile Gadboia, ef Arnprior. writes!
"My daughter was a great sufferer from kidney disease. Medical men did their beat for
ber and we tried all the remedies at com
mand, and not until South American Kidney
Cure waa tried did she get any benefit. Three
doses brought great relief. Two or three
bottles isomaetely cured her-not a. sign of
pain or dlatrea. of any kind loft. It is truly a
wonder worker." 	
Hold by C.A.Warren. 108
What Dyes are always guaranteed,
And in our country take the lead?
The Diamond Dyesl
What Dyes are strong, and bright and
And-always dye to live and lsst?
The Diamond Dyesl
What Dyes  bring   profit,   pleasure,
And by their work a great increase?
The Diamond Dyesl
What Dyes should every woman try?
Hark!   Listen to the mighty ery��� '
163 The Diamond Dyesl
An 4eknowledg.in.nl
TO tbe editor,���Through your col
urns I desire to publicly thank the
members ol the Ladies Hospital Guild
ol Donald for thsir kind and muoh appreciated contribution to our church,
On behalf ol the Presbyterian
ohurch In Donald.
R. A. Kino, B. A.,
Donald, September 16.   Missionary
Watch, Clock and
Jewelery Repairing
In all its lines done on
SHORT Notice.
Watches, Chains, Lockets, Rings and
Jewelery carried  in  stock, also
Spectacles and Eye Glasses.
.    Mail Orders Solicited.
Call at my new place of  business,
Opposite the Post Office.
john McMillan,
Watohuiaker,   *   -   -   Golden, B, C.
Vim, Vigor, Vitality
Ootxl Bfl-ect. at One*.
Cures general or special debllltv, wakeful-
nen, spermatorrhoea, emissions, impotency,
paresis, etc. Corrects functional disorders,
caused by errors or eicesms, quickly restoring Lost Msnhood in old or young, giving
Vigor snd Strength where former weakness
prevailed. Convenient package, simple,
effectual snd legitimate.
��� are Is Quick asd Thorough.
Don't be deceived by imitations; Insist on
Caton's Vlt-iusers. Sent sealed If your druggist does not have It, Price 11 per pkge., 6
ior 85, with wrltton guarantee of complete
cure. Information references, etc.. free and
confidential. Send us statement of case and
85 cts for a week's trial treatment. One only
sent to each person 68tc
Oatea Met. Co., Boston, Mass.
E. A. IIA����KS
Mining, Ileal Estate and
Flnanetnl Agent ....
Purchasers Obtained for Prospects and Developed Claims.
....  Oolden, B. C.
For Sale
Group of two claims.   Accessible position.
Hi-rti assays in gold, silver, and copper.    10
-Group of four vlaims.   Oro carries copper
and gold.   Good position. 14
Group of two claims of gold-bearing quarts
in Inst mineral district of East Kootenay.
Assays up to 8700 in gold. 16,17
l'liurer lease. 15
Group of two gold claims. One of the best
propositions on the market, and can lw
cheaply developed- Assays gave about 8200
per Ion. 11
Interest in gold property iu exchange for
development work. 8
Group of 10 claims, developed. No better
properly in llritish Columbia. 18
Woll deri.li.peil cl.iiui. Mast promising
discovery in the Selkirks. Assays up to 878. 2
Group of seven claims iu quartz country.
Good averago assays. 18
Group of four full sised claims. Copper
oro carrying gold. 8
Copp-'r proporty. Extensive development
work. Easy of access. Assays up to 00 per
emit copper. 4
Threo claims of SO acres each on Forty
Mile Crook, near Klondike. Extensive development. Shafts, tunnel, shucks, blacksmith', shop ami tools. Wash averages 8.���
per square foot, fi
Claim near railway. Gold, silver and copper. 11
Ono of best copper properties iu East Kootenay. Smelter test '21 per cent cupper, besides golil. ft
Claim in ono of best locations in Selkirks.
Cliiuiply worked. Assays $115 in gold, silver
ami cupper. 0
Choice gold property, partly free-nllling.
Assays up to 8540.   Development work      18
Extension of copper claim.   Cheap.       10
Two clsims in good location. Quarts carrying gokl ami copiwr. 80
Claim adjoining known gold properly.   81
Two claims, gold and copper. 88,-1
For Sale:-Treasury stock in the Vieloria-
Toxadu Gold Mining Co. This stock Is offered at tlie par value ol 25 rents. Five of
the mines on Texada Island have been working for the past 10 mouths ami tbls company
considers it owns the lies! proposiiion on the
Island. Prospectus may In seen and full par-
cnlars obluned on application at my office.
Farm of 100 acres near Golden; DO acres In
cultivation; well watered. Outbuilding, cm
slst of hay slied, poultry yards, rout house,
milk house and stables.
Farm of 160 acres, one of the best and most
highly Improved to be got in Eust Kootenay.
Golden town lots.
Patents for a Hallway Coupler and a Hope .
To Let
Stable, in Golden.
For. particular, of above apply to
_. A. Haoobn,
Golden Era Office.
Private Board
and Lodging
��� AT-
Mrs. Browm.gg'g,
South Alberta St., Golden. 147te THE
News From the Yukon
Letter From Archdeacon MoKny
Mrs. McKay,   wile  of  Archdeacon
McKay,   who  recently  left  for  the
Yukon,   has received a letter from her
husband.   He reached  Dawson  City
on July 19th.   On the way the  party
had   a thrilling experience.   By getting their  boats  through  a canyon
they oould avoid a long nnd severe
portage.      But      the     task    was
such a dangerous one    that   after
examining  It aeveral of the party advised giving  up  the  attempt.    The
Archdeacon went on an exploring expedition  through  the sanyon on his
own acoount and decided that if   two
ol  the  party wonld go with him, he
���was prepared to risk the  trip.   The
result was that tbe Archdeacon, with
his well known pluck and Intrepidity,
was  able successfully to negotiate all
dangers and transportation was made
in two  honrs that would otherwise
have taken a long  time.  The  Archdeacon  says  the  gold  deposits  ate
something wonderful.   Ho will build
a cabin at Dawson City which he will
make his  head quarters  for  winter,
and he  will either go out prospecting
or take work at the current wages   of
$ 15 a day till  suoh  time  as  opportunity offers.
The Crow's Nest Road
The Grim Reaper Foiled
The   Marvellous   Virtues of
Paine's Celery Compound
Conquer   and   Ban's-
a Lady's Troubles
$500*?? IN GOLD I
1st Prise
2nd Prise
8rd Prize
2 Prizes of
5 Prizes of
10 Prizes ot
25.00 each
10.00 each
5.00 each
1       T���the.Twentypeop,whoso,ve��hisPuzz,, ii there are so many correct,
we will give the above Prizes IN CASH.
Five Doctors Were Unable to Help
the Sufferer
Twelve years of misery and agony
from female, kidney and stomach trou
bles! Physicians were utterly perplexed and unable to cure the ladyl
In a time of gloom and despondency
the magic virtues oi Paine's Celery
Compound bring joy and new life!
These are the lending facts in the foi
lowing statement made by Mrs. G.
Stone, of Eganville, Ont,
"For more than twelve  years I was QCL.IXL/     nv     ��.. ��� .	
afflicted with kidney, stomach and female troubles, and had been attended        I' more than Twenty should be correct, every correct oue will (in addition
by five doctors,   and  tried  medicine to tbe Money Prizes) be awarded our  lamoua  "Faithful  Timekeeper Silver
after medicine, without auv good re- Watoh,"  ot  whioh the net factory price is 810,   If preferred, the winner can
choose a genuine Gold-cased Watch of the same value.
With Yonr
Mr. Lumsden, Engineer-in-chief of
���the C. P. R., was in Golden last week
on his way through to Steele.   He Informs  ns  that  there  are at present
nine engineering  parties at work on
the Crow's Nest Road,   and  of these
Ave  parties  are working west of the
Kootenay River.   Mr. Earle is working west of Moyie Lake; Mr. Cranston
is doing the  section  at  Moyie Lake
���which is a heavy piece of  work  involving a lot of rock cutting and tun
neling; Mr. Heanington is engaged on
the work from Kootenay Lake to meet
Mr Earle; Mr. Garden   has  In  hand
the section between  Cranbrook  and
Moyie;  And  Mr.   H. W.  Armstrong
is  doing the seotion between  Cranbrook and Elk River.    Mr. Lumsden
says that the C. P. R. construction
road will be completed over the Crow's
Nest Pass Road Into the Kootenay
Valley within three or four weeks.
"My sufferings a year ago from the
kidneys and stomach  were  dreadful.
I was in suoh a state that I could not
live, and concluded there was no use
trying other medicines.
"I was  advised, however,   to  try
Paine's Celery Compound, nnd finally
I decided to give it a trial. Before I had
finished the first bottle I had improved verv much, and after the use of a
few more bottles I had not been so
well tor long years, and am altogether a different person. The use
of Paine's Celery Compound also
banished my nervousness. I can therefore recommend Paine's Celery Compound to any one suffering from kidney, stomach and female ti onbles." 164
F - R - M - ST
A word hoi*
"True to the
Our Promt
is-silion  ,
m the Watch
A word whicli
hero ii.et.iis
thev will last
a fife-time.
The qualities
of our
whioh are
to be the
in the English
and American
The shape for slender feet and .ty'tisn.
dress.     Straight sided American
type, with high, stiff, moderately
full, box toe. A man-of-fashion shoe.
Seal Brown, Carmine or Wine Color,
5 to ii.     Widths A. to E.     Goodyear Welt,
- fa-10. $4-5��. 15 5��.   Stamped on sole.
Black, Tan,
Half sizes
"The Slater Shoe.
H. G. Parson, Sole Local Agent.
|Upper Colunjbia Navigation & Tra^Way L,o..��j
���" i.i-niTt.it.. If
As this wonderful offer ts only made to advertise onr far famed Silver
Watches, every Competitor must read the following conditions and comply
with them.   .
1.1 nrr tin,
00 dnys ofter
me Chief Commissioner of Lands and wonts far permission
to purchase HrlO acres of Und situated in East
Kootenay District and described as follows:
Commencing nt n post placed at the southwest corner of lot HO, G. 1, thenee west 40
chains, thence north HO chains, thence oast 40
chains, thence south 80 chains to place of
I,. T. MacLeod.
Unted August 23rd, UW. 16tnl6
It Raves the tl roupy Children
Sbavibw, Va.���We have a splendid
���ale on Chamberlain'* Cough Remedy,
and our customers coming from tar
and near, speak of it in the highest
terms.    Many have said that their
ohildren would have died of croup if
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy had not
been   given.��� Kellam   A   Ourr.n.
For sale by all druggists.    Langley A
Co., wholesale agents Victoria   and
Vancouver. 146o8
* ���
The National Hatte Smelter.
I 8.0. Gordon, hereby give notice that, 60
' days after date, 1 intend to apply tu tho
Chief Commissioner ot Lands and Works for
permission to purchase 820 acres of land in
' East Kootenay District, nnd described as
follows:���Commencing at a post placed at
I tho south-west corner of Lot 211G. 1; thence
west .40 ehalns; thenen north HO chains; thence
east 40 chains; thence south 80 chains to
place of commencement.
Dated August 17th, 1807. l-��a_6
1, Send your answer on an "International Post Card," which can be
bought at the post office (price 2 cents)
There  is  no  entrance fee or charge
2. In addition to the Cash Prizes,
everyone who sends the correct answer
will thereby win ono of our "Faithful
Timekeeper" Silver Watches which we
sell in England for 110 each, and
which could be sold retail in America
for $16 to 128 each.
8. Every winner of tbe Watch is required to purchase one of our spi.knmi.
value inexpensive Solid Silver Albert
Chains to wear with the Watch, as
per our unprecedented offer which we
will send. These Chains are Hallmarked on every link hy the English
Government. If the same Watch ia
required with Gold filled case instead
of Solid Silver, a chain to match may,
If desired, be chosen.
4. With our Watch and Chain you
 --������-..I. (lutalouite
Injenjatiorial Trai\spoitatioi\ Gorqpaqy.
Connecting with C. P. It. at Golden, II. C, anil
Groat Northern Railway at .lontiiiigs, Montana.
ii,t-.ljmtu*t 17th. urw. '��� _ " *j  w'th our Watch and Uham you
���Twilllam McKenzie. hereby give notice       j ,_, ou. mammoth C��talo|-uei
Stf^-ilSfe^ ifflIttat Cone who solve* the
S. the second largest amount, and
A practical, oheap and simple method
of matting sulphide ore, such aa nickel,
copper, gold, and silver ores. In localities where lead ores and fuel are
scarce and almost unattainable our
pyritic water-jacketed Matte Smelter
has been recognised with highly satisfactory results, and has been thoroughly tested on various pyritic,
sulphide, and arsenide ores, incapacity
of two to 80 tons per day It is the
simplest method of gold aud silver ore
matting and oonoentrating that is
known today.
It requires no extraordinary 	
no lead ores, no fluxing material, and
no fuel for the smelter after it ia
started. The sulphur in the ore Is
Its natural fuel only, and its cost has
no comparison with any other process
of concentrating.
We are prepared to furnish any size or
capacity plant complete to substantial
---.-   ... i, ,,��� ������,��� furnish
doscriued as io..i.�����j���..........���icing at a post
placed ut tho north-east corner of Lot 29 G. 1;
thonco west 40chains; thence north 80chains;
thence east 40 chains; thence south 80 chains
to place of eomiiioucemout.
1    Dated .luly 20th, 18'.I7, ocl2
so on, If not more than twenty wtn'
and receive tlie Watch and Chain, and
if these do not buy anything from the
catalogue, the whole of the prize
money will be equally divided among
them, giving $25 each. All amounts
in this advertisement are taken at the
exchange of *5 tn ��1.
5. A form will be sent free to you
which must hv filled up and forwarded
to reach us by December iioth of all
goods ordered on account of these
6. The names and addresses of the
cash prize winners will be printed in
the Times, Daily Tub-graph and Standard, ot London, on Dec. illst next,
and subsequently in the New York
Herald. Drafts for the Prizes will be
posted same day.
7. Write your name and address in
full every time you write to us to
avoid mistakes.
8. Orders for these Prizes may be
sent in separately from time to time
and you will be credited with the total
of all when you send iu the report
form ns above.
9. When sending Orders please remember thut the letter postage to England is 5 cents per halt ounce, and if
Insufficient postage is used the le'ter is
liable to go astray.
148 Hours to Fort Steeley
iti ......        ���*���--���
18. -
Steamers loavo Golden Monday and Friday evenings on arrival
of East bound train. Connection, at Cuiiid Flat with Stage t'or
Fort Steele ami Warilucr.
Tlie only quick nnd comfortable route.
Address all express euro ol II. C. CVy., Golden.
F. P. Armstrong,
it i
T  J. U. Dnlton hereby give notice that 00
'  dnys after date 1 intend to apply to the
Chiet Commissioner of Lands and Works for
permission to purchase 820 acres of land
situr.toil in East Kootenay District, described
as follows:���Commencing at. a post placed on
tho east boundary of Lot 30 G. 1, at the angle
whero said boundary jags east; thence north
80 chains to Hazon's S.F.. corner; Iheuce east
40 chains; thenee south 80 cliiiius; theuce
west 40 chains to place of crrniniencsmcnt.
Dated August Snd, 1897. ocStf
VOT1CE is hureby given that 00 days after
at   is        date 1. the undersigned, intend to apply
tn tho Commissioner of Lands and Works for
....    leave to purchase 100 acres of land, described
Skin,  m follows:���Beginning at a post marked "A.
G. Ferguson's south-east corner," situated
about the 'unction ot tho North and West
Hranches of the St. Mary's River, in East
Kootonay, Fort Ht *ele District; thence west
40 chains; thence north 40 chains; theuce
east 40 chains; thonco south 40 chains to the
place of beginuing.
East Kootonay, Fort Steele District,
Juno 21st, 1807 I
Send your answer at once!   You are sure to win a Prize
if correct, while even if not correct it
costs yon nothing.
The Watchmakers' Alliance & Ernest Goods's Stores
Incorporated according to Act of Parliament -Capital ��111,000 (WiiO.flnO).     LIMITED,
184 Oxford Street, London.
Address;  "CLOCKLIKE, LONDON."   Husinoss Established 1*0.
t. i*hi_-��_a-fr -���������'-"-*-��������*������-������IIT i���i  fi ,**������-������--tri H   '���   _  t _r�� i
HnfefiR-ja gJOYCLIS.
A WINNER from the Start
You'll want It, If you SEE It
��Q��nti Want.* In Uiwee.pleil Tsrrllor*.
Big la.uc.mMl) to Wotkirs.
capacity plan* uuu.|��c.�� -w ....���
mining people, set tt up and furnish
our men to run it for them on easy
to   BUUB���	
V.t^ l!ril^!l  NOTICE ishcrohy given that00 days after
> run .. .u. them on easy  l>   dote I, the undersigned, intend ti apply
payments.   Prices and specifications, to the Commissioner of Lands and Works for
with references and testimonials, on leaveito purchase. 160 acres of land, dwritod
s* follows:- 1-OKiuiuiiK al a post inarkd "H.
Abbott's southwest corner," situated about
the Junction of tlio North and West Hranches
of tho St. Mary's River, in Eoat Kootenay,
���*   - u.-..i��� ril...-,,,. tl * �����--.__.!
Manufacturers of Furnaces for Nickel, Copper, Gold, Stiver, and Lead Ores.
ST. LOUIS,  MO. l.Otc
Wholesftle -nd HetMi
GOLDEN, B. C      **��
of the St. Mary a um, ... __,. .������,
Fort Steele District: thence east 40 chains;
thence north 40 chains; thence west 40
chains; theuce south 40 chains to the place of
East Kootenay, t-ort Steele Disiriet,
June 21st, 1807. SOSeM
Caton's Ta.nsv' Pills. -^a^Mbomid-i^^
VXIjIU-I a   lailOJ   _ Ul-J.    totheCommlMionerofLiuiiis    ���������'-'--������-.-
���  -*-   -.nrr mo n-nutl     leave to purchase MB acre, of
that 00 days after
1 'niteiid to apply
aud Works for
A tried, trne.snd safe Ptlltt (011 WOMEN
Alway. reliable. Avoid  mi" m ���w���'
imitations.    Get   UATON'S and save regret..   At druggists, or sent sealed, (I. Our
C-oklotlcenU. CMc
Oaten Inee. Co., Boston. Ha��
"���"lljtl, CttyorOoaairy
..ato i, mu u,u���>
to the Commissioner of Lanns auu num. ...
leave to purehaae 100 acre, of land, described
as follows: - lleginning at a post marked "J.
(1. Abbott's north-east comer," situated
about the Junction of the Nor'h and West
Hrauchos of thn St. Mary's River, in Eaat
Kuutnniiy. Fort Steele Diatrict: Ihenco west
40 chains; thence south 40 chains; thence
eaat 40 chains: Iheuee north 40 chains to the
place of beginning.
East Kootonay, Fort Steele District,
June 21st, 18117. !
ftapplten for
Assayers .,*
Chemists -:
Muffles, Crucibles, Scoriti.*rs, Furnaces,
Chemicals, Chemical Apparatus, Balances,
linker _ Adaiimuii'a C. V. Acids.
We are liniurters, Manufacturers
and Jobliers.
420 Heventeontb Bt. Worka at
Denver, Colo. Pueblo. Colo.
60 days after
dto apply
Works for
ta mn-m i.--..������,	
Iifkt. City or Couairy  ���-        	
UUIIII  rilkl.1  IIU NEEDED to-he&iininlaslonerof_aniis-indV.-	
ageatsaetaallr getting rl.-i soeaayon leave to purchase 100 acres of land, described
Dm acent, la me day, clmed ��� .3.40. as follows:-Beginning at a post marked " W.
Pi-atoaadOatalaga.tn.oBappllM'loD A. Morrison's north-west corner," situated
linmr eirr   ���    innifnn about the Junction of the "- ortli anil West
ALPINE SAFE & LOCK CO       *    - "���- ������ -���-������* ���"�����������. in East
br .>n.u.-|, Sal., tme ud Alway. ntiabl*.
KErUSt SUBSTITl r��4 ���*..>< all dmnll-
or mailed, tm horn emtneuoe, m nc*i*ar ol
tl.00, Sn-dD_ir��-nSc����<
LANK MBOieiN. CO , NOHTRtaL, e��
Pacific Hy-
n/AUSSVa*.*-   Am- _n Baatarn PJttnta*
Uk. route to the^t^slltng. fro...
place of beginning.   w   . MOi;BIg0N.
East Kootenay, Fort Steele District.
June 2lBt, 1897, * --'
Chemist & Druggist
Has now opened in the premises
���aJy oeTpiJby  D. L. Bettschen.
Presoriptlons c^/uUj^Pt'***'--
A Full Wock of Patent. Mo'.lciiies and
Druggists Sundries Kept.	
He��d om����. ToTonto.
Paid Up Capital - WjJ
Kfiserve   -   ���_  11,156,800
H 8. Howland, President.
T R.Merrltt. Vice Pres.(8t.Catharlne.)
William Ramsay, Robert Jaffray,
Hugh Byan, *. Sutherland Stayner,
R. Rogers.
D. R. Wilkie, General Manager.
North West and British Columtim.
. liu-noui tntr nr *���* *****;
et y.uia,
-..2 ���___
ilmmm^A'^"il^r?    '
A sitting of tho County Court of ��-,���..
will be held at the Court House at Donalu,
on Friday, the 8th day of October, 1887, at
10 o'clock In ths forenoon.
By order
JosiAH Btmbbtt,
Donald, B. C, September 6th, 1887.
Daily and'd'irect service to
taslo, Nelson, Sandon
And all point. In the Far Famed Kootenay
and Silvery Slocan.
To China and Japan
From Vancouver
Empress of India Snd August
Empress of Japan SUrd August
Honolulu, Australia,
New Zealand,
From Vancouver
Mlowera 8th August
Aorangl t nl August
Apply for particulars to
t'. K. WEI.L8,
Or write to    ROBT. K_RR,
Traffic Manager,
61to Wiunipeg.
St Thomas
Brandon    Portage la
Calgary Prairie
Edmonton Prince Albert
      M    Ontario.
Essex       Niagara Falls
Fergus     Port Colborne
Gait        RatPortsge -
Ingersoll Sault 8ie. Marie  Woodstock
I St. Catharines
Agents in Great Britain���Lloyd's Bank,
Ltd., "2 Loeibard St., London, with whom
money may bo dopositc-1 fnr transfer by tetter
or .-able to any ot above branches.
Agents lu tho United States -New York,
Bank of Montreal, llnnk of America; Clii-
Bicycle that sells quickly because it is mado
to please the rider. Ilecause it i uns wonderfully easy with its long chain, and with
the liearino-s so made that Hie halls revolve
without even common friction.
The Keating is the Lightest Guaranteed
Road Bicycle in the World.
it Keating Wheel Co., it
Write ami mention """' "
Lodging House
JIM-..���  -*****-***1*-*-**"****'!,'" '"'"   r?t**lMi*_**'*>^r.M���m'  . Ttl^MoT.^^^^^^^^^^^^'^^^^'^^^
Bank uf Montreal. Hank uf America; v-��- ���_���_"-��-��-��_-"-��_��"_���-
, cago, First National Bank; Ht. Paul, Second
! National Bank.
Havings Bank Department���Deposits of II _���*__ *1 _.     TT_.___._w
���^ati^Winire^^^    OTposrrE the Steele House, ������ steei^*
llobonuires -1 ro��'/'*���l'
other le*��^-�� ff.yrSrlU-Available at
iiD"!S?n*S*ta &, U. lte.1 Klngilom,
m Manager Calgary Branch,
prices to Suit Everybody.
C. LEVETT, Prop. ���7
E.Kenny is emitteu with Klondioi-
*is and talks ot going lo the Yukon.
.ample copies of the Gih.iiev Era
will be mailed free upon application.
S;rvice will be held on Sabtiath in the
*Presbyteiiaii church at II a.m. and
I*- DO p.m.
Cspt. Armstrong informs us thnt
ithe dredge has done gocd work on the
Columbia River this season.
W. G. Mitchell-Innes intends leaving for England on business in the
.course of two or three months.
Mr. Hammond, of Toronto, has to
���delay his visit to East Koo'enav till
October. He also intends going as far
���us Cariboo.
Mr. Griffith informs us that the
Kicking Horse bridge will lie all right
���when it is lifted up and ihis he has
���arranged to have done.
Rev. G. E. Smith will conduct
(services in connection with tho Methodist church .on Sunday ntxt u�� fallows:
JDonald at 1.1 a.m.; Golden at 7,80p.m.
W. McNeish intends making extensive additions to the Columbia House
{u the shape ol a three storey building
with a suite of offices on the ground
P. L'ind offers a reward of $10 fot
the recovery of a two year old black
stallion which he has lost and whicli
is known to have gone hy the Fort
'Steele rood ill the direction of
There is considerable kicking in the
town at the action of the Government
in sanding a Victoria man to Golden
as policeman when there were plenty
<of men in tbe district who are capable
of performing the duties.
The-C. P. R. have pulled down thc
building recently owned by H. ���stelle
.on the railway frontige at Golden,
-and are rebuilding it brliind the old
���cemetery, where it will be used as a
{loose for-the section foreman.
The public will be interested in
-hearing that the "Family Herald and
Weekly Star," of Montreal, has now
the largest circulation in the world of
Any publication of its class. It has
.gone to the top by .leaps and bounds.
Owu'ug to complaints made to Mr.
iGnftith, 8. M. by Mr. Siurforth and
���others, regarding the disturbances
.that have been going on in the streets
���at night, W. Miller was put on ns
���special .constable on Saturday and
���Sunday nights last.
But for the vigilance of Mr. P.
"While, section foreman of Golden,
���there -vou!-' have been a trage.ly tc
record nt Moheily yesterday morning,
as a drunken man was lying between
���the tails shortly b. fore ii freight pass-
���3d. Mr. White luofcil.y found him
���there and removed hiin -to a place of
The Eagle Foundry, ol Montreal,
draw attention through our ad-enisling columns to i heir mill and mining
���maehipwy. engines and boilers, est.
lings, elevators, sliiui-le n.ilU aud
intone breakers. Tho-ie requiring machinery for their mine, or mills should
fiet from the E 'gie Foundry psrticu
Jars of their supplies
A. L. S-fton, of Calgary, wrote to
Mr. Hamilton expressing his regret
.at being unable to be present at the
bauquetito Mr. rSostock on Monday
week "to do honor to a man for whom
If have the greatest respect on account
.of his plucky fight against heavy
.odds as well ue his constant attention
,to the requirements of the west."
The first portion of the preliminary
-work of making the proposed alterations at Golden Station has heen pnt in
.band. Mr. Irvine, of the C. P. il.
���engineering staff at Winnipeg, started
work last week on the survey of the
.station yard and grounds on either
iSidelor the purpose of sen-ling iu to
(the head office the necessary estimates
ior the proposed work.
At a m<*eting of the Golden Town
iComioittee, held on Monday, it was
resolved to urge on Mr. Griffith
Government Agent, tho appoiutinout
of a constable for Golden, as it was
considered with the duties of recorder
and valuator, F. 0. Lang had quite
A ifflrieni .to do without performing
police d.itv. At the same meeting it
was decided to ask Mr. Griffith to get
���the bridge contract finished as soon as
M. Carlin the manager of the Golden Lumber Company has been appointed manager of the Columbia
River Sawmill Company. Owing to
Ihe increase in fhe company's business
W.G. Neilson who has so successfully
managed tbe company's business so
far will in future act an secretary to
ithe company and will devote his attention to the office and financial part
of the company's business. Mr Carlin
.titers on his duties ou October 1st.
Roth Messrs. Carlin and Neilson have
.acquired an interest in the business
oanrl mean to make things hum.
"My boy came .home from sohool
-one day with his hand badly lacerated
and suffering great palp,"says Mr,
_t. J. Sohall, with Meyer Bros.' Drug
. .Co.,8t. Louis, Mo. "I dressed the
wound, snd applied Chsmlierlajii's
Pain Balm freely. All pain ceased
sand in a remarkably short time it
healed without, leaving a soar. For
wounds, sprains, swellings and rheumatism, I know of no medicine or pre
���reription equal to It. I oonslder it a
household nettssity." For sale by all
druggists. .Lsnglsy A Co., wholesale
���tftnts Victoria and Vanco iver.  14'k-o*
Mr. McKenzie, of Toronto, one of
the proprietors of the Beavet jiawmills.
came through from the Eas> dn Sun-
titty and was met at Calgary by W. G.
Neilson, manager of the mills.
In recognition of the valuable services rendered by Tom Jones to the
mineral development of East Kootenay, Capt. Armstrong has presented
hiin with a free pass by the Upper
Columbia Navigation Go's hosts.
The pass covers the exigencies of
time as it marked "Good until death."
W. E. McCormick. member of tlie
firm of Messrs Creed, Slutor and (Jo..of
Vancouver, who was a visitor to Golden yesterday, informs ns thnt .things
are Inoiiiag up in Vancouver and there
is a decided improvement in business
He says*llntt those who hinl fuith in
tVaiKioiiver now feel more I ban ever
that that faith was jiistiHed.
Mr. Walton, who has opened nn
a<sny oUtce in Golden, has already
(e'en receiving samples from Fort
���Steele where lie wis formerly in bnsi-
iii-sh. Mr. Walton was fur some
years employed in Forties Uiuknrd's
assay office in Colorado where ho was
entrusted with the important work of
checking ossavs against the smelters,
and also the bunk assay work.
Regarding the new police appointment a correspondent wi-iies: "It is
quite evident that the needy adventurer who is s.ippo-..d to be our representative in the local Legislature. Im.
not any intention of contesting tlie
constituency at the next election
oth'r.vi-e he would have beon suck.
ing round until after the election io
nee who would l> the most popular
prr.-on lo appoint."
The result of the visit of Postal Iu-
s|iectoi-s S'.voiitniun nnd Fletcher to
-Golden and Steele districts is that in
addition to the stage lying over a
day at Steel* to give the people time to
answer their letters hv return mail, u
weekly service will lie continued be-
continued between Golden und Steele
during the winter months and a weekly service will nlso be arranged between Steele, Wardner and the American side.
In replying to the address presented
to him nt Donald Mr. Bostock M. P.
suid it wasa wrong thing lhat a railway company should be allowed to
ruin a town by removing from it after
P'-ru le hud bought their lots and had
built on them on the reasonable
grounds of it being periiumeut. It
would give hiin much pleasure to endeavor to have -statutory provision
whereby a railway company in such
cases slionll pay compensation to
people whose property might be destroyed thereby.
We congratulate Mr Griffith, Gov.
eminent Agent, on the wny he is getting to work. He returned this week
from Windermere district where he
had heen on a trip of insnection to tlie
trails on Toby and Dutch Creeks.
Owing to the activity on these creeks
he let a contract for the opening uu of
a trail up Dutch Creek and over t he
liviile into Toby Creek. Mr. Griffith
proposes to make nn inspection of the
.-soberly trail ns far ns Wood River
wt-rii a view to assert niu what work is
necessary to put this important trail
into good condition.
Golden Town Board
Yesterday the members of the
Golden Town Bonrd, Messrs J, C.
Greeno (chaimnn), H. G. Parson, C.E.
Hamilton, J. Henderson nnd G.
H. McDermot, waited on Mr.
Griffith, Government Agent, with
reference to the requirements of
the town. The Commitee urged that
guard rails should be placed on the
bridge for the protection of children,
that the public should have equal
rights with the Golden Lumber Company in regard to right of way on the
bridge, that, the main road should be
widened and that a bad portion of it
between the residences of Messrs Henderson and Lake should be put into
repair, lhat the hole in the street opposite the Gomiu. Eua office should
he filled up, that tho roud ut the far
end of the bridge hud not been properly tilled in and should be attended to,
that the C.P.R, should he prohibited
from using tlie bridge as a side track
ihereby blocking public traffic, that
the bridge contract should lie completer! and the old bridge removed, that a
proper road should be made to the
Jubilee Park, that a dyke should be
built to protect the Hospital grounds
from flooding and to confine the river
to the main channel. The Committee
considered they should have had sonre
voice in the appointment of the
Iu reply Mr. Griffith said that
Superintendent Hnssey claimed the
right to make the appointment of
constable and ns it had been made
that matter was done with. Witli reference to the bridge, he had arranged
that the guard rails should he pnt on
and they are waiting for t'he timber,
Tbe oilier ma tiers referred to would
have his best attention.
*t ���
The New -Jhiitliiim Wagon
Thn Toronto Globo on the Fair says
of this vehicle: "Manufactured by
the Chatham Company,Chatham,Out.,
with ita beautifully grained box, rendering it a suitable vehicle for market,
mill or meeting. It is complex, with the
patent malleable giant arms, patent
malleable ndjustible stakes and patent
acme end gate-three invaluable im-
pruveineiits,found only in the construction of the now Chatham Wagon���by
consent giving il the lend of all others
at the Industrial Fair, as well as at
the World's Fair in Chicago, where
it came in competition with the best
wagons made in the United States,and
bore off tlie highest award-a medal and
diploma���and it is pleasing to learn
that farmers and teamstersthrough-
out uhe Dominion so thoroughly appreciate the great superiority of tho
HB-.V Clint hum that thn demand for it
iin reuses by leaps and hounds
Those interested should not leave
the grounds without closely examining th entire exhibit of the Chatham
Manufacturing Company, which consists of light and heavy wagons, and
the celebrated patent Oscillating Bobsleigh, made only by this  company."
H. G. Patron, the agent for East
Kootenay, has received two cars of
these wagons this summer nnd is now
arranging for a car of sleighs for the
coming season.
�� ��
���lake, the Dear to ll.-lir
When a baby
smiles in its sleep
it Is tbe mother's
fond belief that
an angel is kissing it. No woman
attains the su*
preme joy of wo*
manhood until
I she knows the
; caressing touch
of a first-born's
fingers. No woman knows the
supreme sorrow
of womanhood
until she sees her
baby in the cold
embrace of death.
Thousands of women daily achieve womanhood's supremest joy, only to meet, a
few days Or weeks or months later, Its
supremest sorrow. This is because so
many babies are bom into the world with
the seeds of death already sown in their
little bodies. If a woman would bave
healthyi robust children, strong and able
to withstand the usual little illnesses of
childhood, she must "look before she
If a woman will take the proper care of
her health in a womanly way, during the
period of prospective maternity, she may
J.rotect herself against much pain and sui-
bring and possible death, and insure the
health of her child. Dr. Pierce's Favorite
���Prescription is the greatest of nil medicines
for prospective inothcrc. It nets directly
on the delicate and important organs that
bear the burdens of maternity and makes
.them strong, healthy, vigorous and elastic.
It allays inflammation, heals ulceration,
f-oothes pain and tones the tortured nerves.
It banishes the usual discomforts of the
expectant period and makes baby's advent
to this world easy and almost painless. It
insure* an ample supply of nourishment.
It is the greatest known nerve tonic and
invigorator for women. All good dealers
sell it. Say "No" and ntlck to It when
urged to accept a .ubstltute said to be
"just as good aa Dr. Pierce's Favorite
-1 had miscarried twice and was so weak I
could not stand on my feet," writes Mrs. Minnie
Smith. P. M., of Lowell, l,ane Co.. Oregon. "I
tool: two .bottles of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre���
scription and now hsve a healthy baby and am
slm/HRer l*jnn for twelve years."
The quick constipation - cure ��� Doctor
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. Never gripe.
Accept no substitutes or imitations.
Kootenay Valley Land Co.
Mr, Venablcs Kyrke, Director of the
Kootenay Land Company and tho
London and B.C. Goldflelds Company,
was in Golden on Friday, accompani
ed by the new agent of tbe former
company. .Mr. Proctor, of Nelson.
Messrs Kyrkeand Proctor lefi on Saturday for Canal Flat, whence they will
go down Canoe River through the
Company's blocks of land. Dnrlng
this visit the gentlemen in question
will decide on the values to be put on the
lands and on a plan of opening these
lands for settlement. Several applications have been received for hotel sites
<_c, and these will be available to the
applicants as soon as the scheme of
dealing with them has been decided
on. Mr. Kyrke informs us that it is
the intention of his company to offer
all reasonable inducements to people to
take up these lands. The party will
make the trip down'the Kootenay
River in a Peterborough Canoe which
was imported to their order by G, B,
McDermot. Mr. Kyrke had bis sporting outfit with him and Intends to
combine sport with business.
Mr   Griffith  expresses  him,.If  it Mmwt Mirac���lon. *��� ite Kfflcacy-Chronic
highly pleased with tiie condition
which he found the main road Ik.
tween G-Men and Canal Fiat. There
will be immense traffic on the road
this season and the late Government
Agent fur this district, Mr. Armstrong
deserves credit for having taken time
by the forelock in having this road
nm into such good condition for the
demands that are likely to be made
upon it. With some improvements
on the portion between Canal Flat and
Sreele this rosd will lie in splendid
condition right through for winter
The editor of the Eua, hy request
of the commit." on the Columbia-Yukon road, drew up the memorial to the
Minister of the Interior and which
waa presented to him through Mr.
lit/Stock, and he also drew up u stat*
ment of the case for tlie road from the
Coluinliia Valley to Tete Jamie Cache
for presentntioi, to Hon. Col. Baker,
as member for the diatrict, wilh a request that he would do his utmost lo
obtain the co operation of the Provluc
clal Government wi'h the Dominion
Government in the construction of
this road as it would open up some of
the richest gold bearing country in the
A Oreal Bonk Free!
When Dr. R. V. Pierce, of Buffalo,
N. Y., published the first edition cf
his great work, The People's Common
Sense Medical Adviser, he announced
that after (100,000 copies had been sold
st the regular price.ll.uO per oopy, the
profit on which would renav hiin for
the great amount ol labor and money
expended in producing it, he would
distribute the next half million free.
As this number of copies has already
beon sold, he is now giving away, absolutely free, 500.000 copies of this
most complete, interesting and valuable common sense ine Heal work erer
published���the recipient only being required to mail to him, at above address. HI one-cent stamps to cover
cost of mailing only, and the book will
be sent post-paid. It is a veritable
medical library, complete in one volume. Contains 1008 pages, profusely
illustrated, The Free Edition is precisely the same aa (hat sold at tl.60
except only thnt the books are in
strong inanilla paper covers Instead
of cloth. Send now before all given
a wny. I fill
Ae showing the activity that has
been experienced at Fort Steele Mr. J.
F. Armstrong informs us that since
entering on his duties there the work
of Government offices for last month
wae greater thsn for the whole of the
previous half year.
��� ���
A Care for Billon. Oollo
ItusoiriiL-E, SintEVKN Co., Ga.
have been subject to attacks of bilious
colic for several years. Chaniberlain's
Colic. Cholera ond Diarrhoea Remedy
is the only sure relief. It acts liko a
charm. One dose of it gives relief
when all other remedies fail.-G. D.
Sharp. For sale by all druggists.
L-iigley ft Co . wholesale agents Victoria and Vancouver 146oR
�� ���
J. F. Pugh. the well known tailor
nnd clothier, bus removed to his new
premises at the Kicking Hoise bridge
where we wish him a suucesrfiil
business career.
The Village MnokaiiiltlraSong--Tear,
of Puln-Itut south American .then-
niatle Cure Welded tbe -Ink Whieh
Hind. Him to (lood Health Again
This is what J. H. t.a-lboia, ..locksmith, of
Arnprior, Out, says: 'I was a great sufferer
from acute rheumatism. I used many remedies without relief, I was induced to try
South American ltlieumntic Cure. Tlie first
dose helped me, and before 1 had used half
the bottle I was greatly benefitted. It has
cured me, and 1 heartily recommend it to all
sufferers from rheumatism."
Sold by 0. A. Warren. 108
Reliable Assays
*l ���
Gold ii r-o
Silver  1 fiO
Gold and Silver... 2 CO
Copper  1 50
Lead  1 B0
Lead and Silver... 2 00
Ores tested by Cyanide Process.
127tc Other Fees on Application.
Another Remarkable Recovery
From Catarrh
,f npaneiie Catarrh Cure
A   Never   Falling   Remedy ������ OareA
wheu Catarrh Speolall.t. Failed.
Joseph Littlo, mill owner, Port
Esslngton, formerly of Vancouver,
writes: ��� "Japanese Catarrh Cure
cured me of catarrh which had troubled
me for 25 years, during which time I
had spent hundreds of dollars with
specialists in Toronto and San Francisco, but obtained no permanent
relief until using Japanese Catarrh
Cure about eight years ago. Sinos
that time I have been completely-
cured, and my catarrh hns not
troubled me In tho least. It ts truly a
wonderfnl remedy; the first application
Japaness Catarrh Core cures Cold
In the Head in 30 minutes, and there
is not a case of Catarrh which cannot
be cured if Japanese Catarrh Cure It
persistently used. Sold by all druggists; 60 eents. Mailed on receipt of
price. Address W. A. Griffiths A Co.,
wholesale druggists, Vancouver, B. C.
S.impte free, enclose three eent stamp.
LOST-A Bluck Stallion, two years old.
Went towards Windermere. Finder reward*
ed on returning to
172021 P. Limo, Golden.
lVprVP NERVE BEANS-are a new
-" "*7* ���" V discovery lhat cure the worst
Rpgno coses of nervous debility. Lost
jDUctllH. yigor ���,,, PnJ|,n. H^lhaod.
restores the weakness of body or mind caused
by overwork or the errors or excesses of
youth. This remedy absolutely cures the moat
obstinate coses when all other treatments have
foiled even to relieve. Sold by druggists ottl
per package or six for 15, or sent V mail on
receipt of price by addressing THE ,TAM_8
MEDICINE CO., Toronto Ont. Write for
pamphlet. 173(21
rolumbia House,
A Strictly First Class Hotel in Everj Respect.
Equipped with all Modern Conveniences.
Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
Thn Table is Second to None.
Headquarters for Mining nnd Commercial Men.
Golden, B. C.
Wm. McNeish, Prop.
* ��� ���> ���
I'otorrh Induced Deafness���Dr. Agnew's
Catarrhal Powder Restores the Hearing
With ull its Acuteiiess
.luhn Mac funis, Wnlhnbnck llridge. N. 8.,
says: "1 wos afflicted with cotorrh whicli
left mo very deaf, but afior using one bottle
of Dr, Agnew's Catarrhal l'owdormy catarrli
li.-itl loft ine, and 1 now hear os woll as ever I
did, It is painless and ilelighlliil to use. I
got relief in 10 minutes oiler making first
Snid by C. A. Warren. 1118
Mr. Cox has Iwen appointed constable for Golden and arrived on
Wednesday evening to enter on his
new duties. Mr. Cox has lieen engaged on police duty nt Victoria and is
recomended by Superintendent Hnssey
as a most capable man.
With the Duchess ��� and Hyak
both on the route the Upper Columbia
Navigation Company are determined
to rustle through f.eiglit. Capt Slade
has come up from the Kootenay end to
take .charge ot the Hyak, and Capt.
Bacon will stick io the Duchess.
* ���
An Alarming Condition
Of o Gannnoque Itosldont - Flesh Fell off
From 214 lo 111 Ahaiulnnod by Physic-
iaas���Dr. Agnew's Cure for llie Heart
Saved his Lifo
Four years ago ,lsrob Dewitta, of Hoy Is-
hind, near Ganonoque, wos drugged almost
to the vorge of death hy dreadful heart ills-
ease. Kenicdiea foiled. Physicians foiled,
He wos given up to din. Prom vigorous
mini!.ksI he hail gone to a broken dosisiii'ient
wreck. He procured Dr. Agnew'a Cure for
llie Heart, used It faithfully, snd today he
neigh. 218 --omuls, nnd lives lo bless tbe day
llie groat remedy was recommended to him.
Sold by C. A. Warren. Ills'
Stable to Bent
Opposite the ('neon's Hotel.  Inquire at
Queen's Hotel for terms. Ask tor proprietor.
The Eagle Foundry
No. M King St., Montreal.
Mill and Mining Machinery,
Portable Engines, Pumps,
Castings and Forgings.
m%    e$     tat
Manufacturer of
Elevators, Shingle Mills, Etc.,
Blake's Challenge Stone Breaker,
Heine Safety Steam Boilers.      17W21
Board of Trade
For Golden
A mooting to organise a Board of Trade
for Goldon will lie held at the office of tho
Golden Eka on Moiidnv, Sept.27, ot 8 p.m.
E. A. Haoobn.
. _  _ Practical
Price List on Application. 144ic
William Bennison,
Mining Broker;
Seattle. Wnwhlngton.
Mines exchanged, bought, sold or bonded.
Correspondence solicited.
London reforence���W. L. Conner, Solicitor,
Nu. I) Queen Ann Street, _. C,
American references- Seattle Nationol Honk
and Everett National Hank. IW
Fort Steele
. _ . Boyal Mail
Stage Lines
Stage Leaves l.elden
Every TUESDAY morning at 7.80
o'clock and arrives at Fort Steele
HMge Leave* fart Steele
Every  SATURDAY morning  and
arrives at Golden every MONDAY
Flntt Claw E��iilp_ae*.t
and  every attention  given to the
comfort   of   passengers.     Good
stopping houses every 26 miles
on ths route.
Rxareaa Hatter .    ,
of all kinds handled with promptness and ears.
Fulmer & Kerfoot. Props.
Head Office, Golden.   l���
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines. Liquors and Cign.i-8.
Rates $2.00 Per Day. _::::0::::���.
Neilson Furniture Co.,
Parlor, Dining Room, Bed Room, Office
and General Furnishing:.
Special Inducements for
One Month Only:���
10 per oent Discount on Orders Under 120.
10 per cent Discount and Freight Paid on Orders
Over 120.
A Rigby Waterproof Bicycle Suit
... Shorey1 s Make
Made of all wool tweed.   Coat with four safety pockets.   Pants with
two tide and hip and watch pockets, made either to buckle at the knee |
or button with cuffs; til double stitched teams, can be bought retail
for $4.75.   Worth $9.00 nude to Older.   For tale by all Unt-dans
dealers in Canada.
ters, and carry
Furnaces,   Fire
-n-'.We are Manufacturers and Direct Iinpor-
a Large Stock of Balances,
Cloy Goods, Scientific and
Practical Books, Olas.-
wai-e, Platinum Goods,
Acids, Chemicals, and all
other Assayers' and Miners' requirements.
Sole Agents fer Moreen
Crucible Company, Batter*
.���..-. sea: Booker's Son's Balan
ces; Brunton A Pearse's Pocket Mine Transit, etc
Va-eaaver, B. C.
P. O. Box Sol). Tslea*rsp_le Addreui  "A88A1V Vancouver, B. C.
Golden Sash & Door Factory & Machine Shop.
Honnlactnrera ot Saih, Doors, Moulding., Turned and Sawn Bslnatari,
Newel Posts, Hand Kails snd Brackets. All slsts of glass In stock.
The Machine and Blacktmilh Shop are prepared tods sll -lad of repair
ns soon sa possible, A Ualsea of Pipe Fitting o_i Br_M goods oa band.
Wagon repair, Pole., Shaft., Axles, Spokss sad TMIoss. Hickory sal
Maple Plonk. 7


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