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The Golden Era Jun 22, 1895

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VOL. IV.   NO. 46
93 Pes Year
I have just finished my annual stocktaking; and find that my stock far exceeds
my expectations in suits, pants, coats, vests, boots and shoes,
hats and eaps.
In order to remedy this I offer the following Inducements:
Cuitt-a        I have over FIFTY Suits that I  will sell  at cost and
OU113* under.
Pa Tlte      l h*Te ov8r THREE HUNDRED pairs of pants that I will sell
r ail la. Bt extot cogt,
Pftfl t<5     * httve over TWENTY coat8 thftt -iwi"ReU at a11 Pflcw.
Vocfc       l  aV)t 0Ter TWENTY  vests   that   I  will sell at  very
YOD19. lowprioes.
Dnnlc   jRt   Qli A_e     I haste an immense stock of boots and shoes at
DUU19   06   O11U0&. prices satisfactory to all.
HfatQ   Rl   PflTIQ     * nave nat** an-l caPs to fit the head and suit the
It will be to yonr Interest to call and examine these
VV. J. Rookb CowEM., M.A., B.Sc.F.G.S,
N. S. Arnold Wallino-R.
Cowell and Wallinger,
Assayers tt Metallurgists.
Assays and Analysis mode of nil kinds of ores.
Experiment* made and advice -riven on
easiest methods of reduction or extraction.
Up Country results returned
next mall.
Golden, B.C
Has been newly built and newly furnished.
Heated throughout with hot air. The
table is first class. The bar is stocked
with choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Wm. JVIefieish, �� Prop.
Upper CoMlaiffisyfe
Commencing May 28, Steamers leave Golden
Steamer���Golden to Adela. . . leaves Tuesday 7 a.m.
Tramway���Adela to Interlaken . . Wednesday.
Steamer���Interlaken to Canal Flat       .      . **
Steamer-Canal Flat to Fort Steele arrives Thursday p.m.
Steamer���Fort Steele to Canal Flat leaves Friday 7 a.m.
Steamer���Canal Flat to Interlaken . . Saturday
Tramway���Interlaken to Adela      .      .      . '
Steamer-~Adela to Golden   .    arrives Sunday 18 o'clock.
Through $12.00.    Local about 5 cents per mile.
Meals 50 cents.   Berths in cabin 50cts., in stateroom $1.00.
Through rate 5 cents per pound.
When the Company's liability is limited to Two Dollars per pound.
Golden to Fort Steele A 3.00;  B2.50;   C2.00; D 1.50.
*       ���  Canal Flat A 1.75; Bl.60;  C 1.40; D 1.20.
Rate A inoludes Class 1 and 8 Canadian Freight Classification.
ii b      ������ ������   8 and 4       " " -"
ii   (j      i�� ��i   6 and 6        " " "
ii  j)      ���< ii   7 and 8        ���- '��� '<
Rate C and D will only apply to shipments of 10,000 lbs or more at one time.
Freight will be delivered as far south as navigation will permit, and
will bs oharged for according to distance transported.
T. _. H. COCHRANE. President;       F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
Wholesale  and Retail
Druggist, West of Winnipeg.
IH O 17 Rooky Mountain Lodge,
eXJeVeFe n���. 84, meets every
Monday evening at 8 o'clock, Visiting
brethern cordially welcomed.
H. G. Parson, Secy.
Golden, on the main line of the Canadian
Pacific Hallway, at ita connection with the
steamboat navigation of the Columbia river ;
the mineral anu commercial centre of Eastern
llritish Coluinliia; headquarters of th* Golden Smelting works, the Upper Coluinliia
Navigation Co., and lumber industry; the
outlet for the widely known ana far
famed agricultural nnd grazing land of the
Columbia & Kootenay Valleys; unrivalled
for scenery of all kinds - the distributing
point for the richest mineral country on the
Mr. and Mrs. M. Carlin returned on
Thursday from their honeymoon trip
in the eaat.
The annual school meeting will be
held in tbe school house on Saturday
morning next at 11 o'clock.
Presbyterian service will be held in
the school house to-morrow evening at
7:30 o'clock, conducted by Rev. T. 8.
Miss G. Connacher returned on
Thursday from Tacoma, she was
accompanied by her sister, Mrs. H. D
Hume of Salmon Ann.
Mr. G. H. Brock, chief assistant of
our popular merchant, Mr. C. A.
Warren, left on Tuesday's express for
Calgary, for a few days' visit.
The Mitchell Inuos, Bros., Bat tho,
Leake, Thompson, and M. Dainard
left on Tuesday, per 8. S. Duehess, to
make an inspection of Toby Creek.
Mrs. M. A. Brett, phrenologist,
gave a lecture in the school, bouse,
Thursday evening, on "Man, Know
Thysell." There was a fair attendance.
A football match was played between
the patrons of the Kootenay House
and tbe Queen's Hotel, on Saturday-
evening last, resulting in a draw, one
goal each.
The winners of the Upper Columbia
Co.'s curler's prise received their
passes this week. We wish them a
pleasant trip whenever they may find
it convenient to utilize their passes.
J. C. Donovan, advance agent of the
New Great Syndicate Shows and Paris
Hippodrome, was in town ou Wednesday, and completed arrangements for
the appearance of his company here on
July 25th.
Prom the recent regular (?) practice of the Golden Gun Club, it is generally surmised that it is their intention to give the visiting teams a
" show " for tho trophy to be shot for
ou July Sud.
Several of the prospectors who went
up Canyon Creek have returned and
show good prospects from various
parts of the creek. Another deal has
been made on the creek hy which Mr.
Leake, M.E., acquires a considerable
portion ol H. Estoll's ground.
Messrs. Mitchell Innes, Bros., and
Battho returned last week from Kin-
basket Lake, where they had been examining Frank Bethune's property.
A deal has been made with the owners
ol the claim and the aforesaid gentlemen will do considerable development
work this summer.
Messrs, Carlin & Lake have secured
the services of Miss Fletcher, formerly
of Vernon, B.C., to take charge of
their dress and mantle making and
millinery departments, and confidently
assure all who entrust her with orders
that goods will be made up in latest
styles and at moderate prices.
Kootenay Mail: " The Revelstoke
Gun Club having decided to visit
Golden on July Snd, and take part in
the shooting arranged for there, has
therefore declined to accept the invitation to go to Sicamous. It is the
general wish that our home club will
win the honors at Golden, and there
is no doubt thev will do so if they are
fully up in their practice."
Vancouver World: " James Brady,
C.E., is in the city. He is extremely
hopeful that East Kootenay's mines
will yet prove to be as valuable as are
those of West Kootenay. The eastern
division of thc riding has abundance
of coal, which the west has not, The
settlers there are doing well, as they
are getting good prices, nnd the miners
and prospectors are likewise well
pleased. He is confident the long and
anxiously looked for mining era in
Kootenay has set in and that the results hereafter will astonish many who
have been extremely skeptical of the
resources, from a mining standpoint,
of that section of the Province."
News Notes.
The Harlem canal was opened on
M. Percerancier was shoi accidentally at Rath well.
The monument to celebrate the capture of Louisburg was dedicated on
Viscount Hampton has been appointed governor of New South
An explosion at New Orleans caused
great damage, and a dozen men are
Fires at Mount Forrest nnd Peter-
boro destroyed property amounting to
Foster has informed Laurier that no
more government measures will be
introduced this season.
An incendiary fire in Ohio destroyed
property valued at (200,000, of which
only $75,000 is insured.
A true bill has been found by thc
London, Bug., grand jury against
Jabez Balfour, the Liberator swindler.
Parliament voted on Tuesday that
prohibition should not he dealt with
until tlie Imperial privy council decides appeals on that i|iics*.ioii now
Turkey's Luteal Iteply,
Constantinople, June 18���Tlie Turkish government has made a fresh re*
ply to the note of the powers outlining
the reforms insisted upon for Armenia.
Tne porte accepts tho principle of the
proposed reforms; but requests that
several points bv discussed before any
action is taken. The Turkish govern,
ment also denies thut the terms of tb.
treaty of the Berlin to confer the rights
of demanding the guarantee! formulated by tho powers and expresses the
hope that the sultan's sovereign rights
will not be prejudiced. The impression
which prevails here is that this last
reply is tantamount to a refusal and it
is feared the powers will adopt more
urgent measures to enforce their demands, The British Mediterranern
squadron which arrived at lioyrout,
June 3, has sailed from that port to
Tripoli. Reinforcements of Russian
troops, it has now been definitely as*,
certained have been sent to the Turkish frontier in the vicinity of Armenia
in order to prevent the passage of
marauders and supplies of arms and
Hendershott  und    Welter   Pay   the
Oeutb   Penalty.
St. Thomas, June 18.��� John Hen*.
dershott and William David Welter
were hanged in the jail yard here this.,
morning the drop falling at 8:15.
Both ol the prisoners slept the greater
part of the night and were stronger
than yesterday. When awakened at
five o'clock they were in good spirits
and laughed and talked with the
watch. Then Rev. Mr. Spencer, their
spiritual adviser, was ushered into the
cell, and the men realized that the.,
hour of death was near. A few sentences of Scripture were rend and then,
both men gave way, sobbing piteously
All three then knelt in prayer. Then
breakfast was served. The excitement
throughout the jail was most intense..
At 6:50 Rev. Mr. Spencer paid his.
final visit to the condemned men,
accompanied by the Rev. Dr. Hannon,
The spectators aud reporters were admitted to the jail at 1:30, about forty-
people in all. Everything was ia.
readiness at 8:05, when the procession
started for thegailows. The moans *>('
the two victims were then frightful.
Hendershott's being so loud and full of
anguish that strong men shuddered.
Both men walked firmly, however, and
without assistance. Radclive, the
hangman, guided the men to their
places and strapped them up. The,,
men were asked if thoy had anything
to say and Welter, seeing Dr. Edmonds,
an old acquaintance, bid him "good*
bye." The black caps were then adjusted. Rev. Mr. Spencer then commenced to repeat the Lord's Prayer,
and us the words "Deliver us from all
evil" were repeated, Radclive pulled
the drop and Welter and Hendershott.
passed into eternity. The doctors
found that both men had died instantly, their nocks being broken hy the
fall, Au inquest wus held aud a vet*.
diet according to the facts returned.
The Mate Ke.pon.ltile.
London, June 17.���The Hoard of
Trade, alter examining thoroughly
tho reports re'.'i.rdiiig the sinking of
the North German Lloyd steamship
Elbe, the morning of Jun, .'II, which
resulted iu the loss of about 31l) lives,
has ruled thut the mute of the Cruthie,
the British steamer which ran into
uud sunk the Gerinan steamship, Was
responsible for thc disaster, consequently the mate's certificate was suspended
The court added that the collision
might have been averted and danger
passed if Ibe Elbe had stopped immediately alter the ollicer of lhe watch
sighted the danger.
Mr. H. R. Moodio returned yesterday morning from a prolonged visit in
the oust, tJt-lte v-Sali-cit -iBr��
The GOLDEN I.'S V is pul.lisheil every
Saturday morning in time to catch tho east
and wost mail trains, id��o tin. mail for the
tipper country, iViislerinore, Fort Steele etc
tt is the only advertising medium in the Kent
Kootenay district
Subscription (laws i
&1.00 per annum IN
Advertisements and changes must he in
tho officD not lat'ir than 13 a in, on Thursday
to insure insertion.
Advertisement rates mnde known on appli-
cntior *.o
All tra-ih to Im paid to the Manager, from
whom the Company's receipt will be obtained.
lhe Golden hi Publishing Conipan-f.
Wo du not hold ourselves responsible fur the
opinions oxprettjed by our correspondents.
Free Trntlii vs. Protection.--Memories
of the Past.
Etlitar GOLDEN Era :
Salmon River. East Kootenay,
June 13th, 189...
Sir, -As the approaching political
���fight will bo lor and against the above
it might nol be out of place to look
into ho'h systems. The leader of the
Liberal party points to England ; let
us be candid and compare thut busy-
isle to this country. Canada is, first
and foremost, an agricultural country.
Nature has given us giant resources,
but towering above all stands our agricultural interests. We are producers
not (or ourselves alone but for a large
���share of the human family: To handle
land with success requires machinery
therefore we must do a little manufacturing as one is a help to the other.
A weak state cannot cope successfully
with a strong powerful rival without
some protection. This wns the position ot our manufacturers when they
received protection; we are now asked
by the Liberals to abolish protection
and udopt free trade, as the only sure
way to national greatness. In looking
at the agriculturalist of England under
free taade, we find that he has gradually but surely been pushed to the
wall, until a large percentage, unable
any longer to stand the pressure, have
sought protected countries to carry on
their operations in, and we find today that the British agriculturalist is
producing, both in Canada and the
IJnittd States, produce not lor home
consumption but actually shipping the
same at a profit to the freo trade home
lie left, where he could not make ends
meet, nnd anyone who has watched
the course of events must admit there
is a strong undercurrent of feeling in
Great Britain to again establish the
corn laws in an modified form, for no
country either in ancient or modern
times is secure without a sound agricultural policy for in the old saying,
"Land is perpetual man, and from the
lady's kid slipper to the leather ir her
hat all are from the soil." Take a
look at our own province and see the
effects of freo trade. The nations of
the world will not require much in-
'lucemeut io accept our gold and silver.
Kootenay alone could in ten years
time pay oft the little obligation China
lias incurred with Japan nnd still
keep supplies in camp. Our live
stock in round numbers amounts to
about two hundred thousand head,
would dedreciato at least seven dollars
per head, this would be a loss at one
blow of one and a half million dollars
and would apply, to hundreds of
thousands of animals,yet unborn. We
have a market within-our province of
all home produce und can extend a
helping hand to our struggling brother
in the Territories, and wo are asked
to throw up these advantages for
���what, in return a cold McKinley wall
���where there is not a loop hole to pass
through without paying toll.    This
might ho divine but it is hardly
humane; we have a small per cent of
the former class iu Cauada, but tho
majority belong to the latter. The
Liberal party remind me of the Mongolian race, not that they all wear
queues, altho a large per cent have a
cue of their own to play, " whisper it
softly," I refer to their habits of imitation-John is a poor inventor but
quick of imitation. Last election the
aged premier appealed to the patriotism
of the Canadian people for support
from Atlantic to Pacific, he received it.
Onr Liberal friends are now beating
their breasts in a frantio manner and
proclaiming their loyalty from the
house tops. They seem to forget the
nut was cracked five years a-,;o, the
meat extracted and In some mysterious
manner they have got hold of the
empty shell and are now offering the
same to the people of Canada as the
geimino article. When the Iree trado
policy was broached, the people of
Uncle Sam wanted a more liberal
trado policy, tho Democrats under
that, cry went into office, we will do
likewise solemnized our liberal friends,
bnt before tbey can muster, another
wave has swept over tho republic, the
democrats have gone and a strong
protective party has taken their place,
yet in tbe face of that we are requested
to adopt free trade. I am reminded of
a little advice that was given to the
people of Canada, I refer to the historian Mr. Fronde, who savs, "If
Canadians are wise they will be guided in their policy by* the people to the
south." Will Canada take that advico
coming from such a quarter, it is not
to be lii'htlv thrown aside. Australia
rejected it, yet the very disaster that
eagle eye of his foresaw, happened a
few years later, I refer to their financial policy which brought ruin nnd
sorrow to so many people there. Will
wo Canadians of five million adopt
free trade with a giant republic along
our border for near three thousand
miles, a people twelve to ono, tho
twelve to trade free the one to pny toll
How long would such a policy last?
nay, more, how long would such n
people last under such a policy V We
would soon lie in harder lines thnn the
Israelites of old. As a boy I often
went up to the House of Commons to
hear the debates and ns I write
memory runs back to the past and the
life-like picture of some of Canada's
greatest statesmen conies to mind, at
that time Manitoba was struggling
for existence, British Columbia, likewise the mighty Territories between,
was a blank. Since then I have travelled over that territory, first with
animals later by steam and the question has often come to my mind why
the Liberals in those days wished to
make Ontario the western boundary of
Canada, yet such seemed their policy,
a policy all liberal-minded men now
admit was cramped, warped and narrow. When now travelling over the
mineral region of Lake Superior, the
smiling prairie of a thousand miles
exrent, the sunny dales and lofty
mountains of British Columbia on
through a panorama of scenery surpassed by no country, equalled by few,
out to tho balmy Pacific on whose
bosom the wealth of the Orient is
curried to our shores to be distributed
to the marts of the world, the vastness
of this country, the greatness of its
resources nnd as tlie eye would take in
spch scenes the mind should expand
nnd rebound for this is the greater
Canada the conservative statesman of
old looked forward to,
W. G. Borr.
Thnro's msny a house ol grnndero*,
Wiih turret, tower and dome,
That knows not peace or comfort,
Anil does not prove a home*
I do not auk tor splendor
To crown my .tally lot.
But this I ask: a kitchen
Where the kettle's always hoi
It things an not all ship-mape,
I do not fume or trek
A little clean disorder
Does not my nerve. upset
But one thing Is essential.
Or seems su to my thought.
And that's a tidy kitchen
Where the kettle's always hob
In my Aunt Rattle's household,
Tliotiitli skies i.iitsldo are drear.
Though limes are dark aud troubled.
You'll always find stood cheer. -
Anil in her quaint old kitchen.
The very homiest spot.
Tho kettle's always singing.
The water's always hot.
And If you have u headache,
Whate'or thu hour may be,
There is no tedious uitltiug
To got your trup of tea,
1 duu't know how site docB It,
Home magic she hits caught.
For the kitchen's cool In summer, ���**.
Yet the kettle's always hot.
Oh, there's naught else so dreary
In any household found
As a cold iliul sullen kettle
That does uot make a sound.
And I think that love Is lucking
In the hearts in such a spot.
Or thc keltic would bo singing
And the water would be hot.
-Ella Wheeler Wilooi.
Advice tn Prospectors and Miners.
The now book " Hidden Mines and
How to Find Them," by W. Thos.
Newman, describes every ore, gem,
and precious stone of value to commerce, and tells how to find tbem, and
test them by simple means, in plain
language. This book is needed by
every mnn here, nnd to accommodate,
may be ordered at this office. Price is
only $1.50 in cloth, and $2.00 in
leather covers (nice to carry around)
and means money made and' saved to
the prospector.
The postmaster at Chelsea station had
a conscience, of course. Everybody has.
The public servants into whose hands
the government's postal affairs are intrusted are not generally credited with
being the possessors of such an inconvenient article, but the worthy officials
nf the above-mentioned point woe an exception to tlie rule.
An explanation of that statement
nmy be .given by telling yon that not
only waa Silas Gardiner the distributor
of the malls, bnt a deacon in the Baptist church ns well, so, although that
same conscience was couiposod of many
of tho ingredients that also are constituent parts of India rubber, and although
it oft-times became so elastic as to allow
of bis reading postal cards, letters not
Fccurely sealed and so forth, we may be
sure that never was he found guilty of
such nn offence .without experiencing
many severe twinges of that trouble*
eouie monitor.
One Thusday afternoon there came an
unusually strong temptation. The four
o'clock mall came in. bringing a letter
that sent the blood surging in crimson
waves over Postmaster Gardiner's face
and mode Ms heart beat against its prison like a trip hammer.
It was not a very important 1. -king
letter; just a small, square white envelope addressed in an even business
hand, bnt it was the name that produced the postmaster's paroxysm of
enriositr. It waa no remarkable thing
for Miss Millicent Darrell to be the recipient of letters, bnt never before had
she received one in the free, dashing
hand that graced the envelope that lay
lief ore bim. He well knew that, for not
a missive for Miss Darrell had passed
through the office that he had not examined the writing closely.
Through the long hours of the evening while tbe neighbors had congregated in the little room there was a conflict in the postmaster's mind. Like the
Danish prince, he was trying to solve
the qnealion: "To be or not to lie." "To
do or not to do." By twenty minutes to
nine the little room was deserted. Securely fastening the outer door and the
one communicating with tho sitting*
room of his sister's family, the postmaster removed the oil lamp from its accustomed place on the bracket on the wall to
his desk in the corner and once more
took up Millicent's letter.
lie held it up to the light; hepntit
buck in box No. 13; he took it np and
looked at it again, and then carefully
broke the seal and removed the closely
written sheets from tbeir covering. He
looked at theiu a few minutes as thoy
lay there exposed to viow as if wondering how he dared to lie so bold. But the
Rubicon wns crossed; there wss no re*
tro'iting, nnd he pushed courageously
forward and read Miss Millicent's letter.
The postmaster's lifo had always been
very prosaic. There was one thing in
his remembrance that had evor shed a
to.eute glow over the commonplace,
monotonous oxpiinse of years he had
lived through, and that was an nn*
avowed affection for Millicent Darrell.
Ho had worshipped her from afar when
they had gone to school together at the
little red brick house at the foot of the
hill. Time had bnt served to strengthen
this childish devotion. Through youth
and the first years of his manhood she
hnd been his star of Bethlehem, as it
were, fully ss unapproachable as though
she had in reality occupied a position in
a world far beyond the sphere wherein
he dwelt
She may have been aware of the homage thnt was hers, but had given no encouragement to tbe admirer, who was
too faint-hearted to give expression to
his regard by word or sign, but Who
hopelessly waited for some one else to
win the prize that he so much valued.
But for reasons best known to hetself
alone Miss Darrell preferred a life of
single blessedness to one of double
wretchedness, and passed contentedly
nn I comfortably into n state of old*"
mu leulio-iil, iiiiu the postmaster settled
i.otvn into a chronic, lovelorn melnn
trholy, from wiiioh coiniitoso condition
iio was partially aroused now and then
uy the thought thut bIio might yet
change her inind und honor some unfortunate being with her heart and hand.
Bo that wns the situation when Miss
larroll went down to the seashore one
liiiniiir to visit her brother. Silas
Gardiner's heart was filled with mis-
iriviilgs during her absence, lest what
lie had lung feiireil should come to puss.
It was iiliiu.t u week niter her return, in
llie autumn, that the carvier brought
thu letter, lho very appeul'niice at which
wns sulUciuiit tu produce such agitation
in hi.-r lirrnst. r.nd a pertinal of which
confiimod his insti'i'tivti belief in
some entangling nllinirc. Thnt night,
as he read und reread tho words that
were Intended for ".ilss ,\ illlcent's eyes
alone, his heart grew heavy, for every
line breathed forth nn unmistakable devotion, which judging from the frequent
allusions to future happiness, was not
It was near morning when he completed his delilrelations over the letter
and carefully located it iu a seldom-
used compartment of his desk. The
next d.iy Mi-is Dnrroll drove over to the
offlco with her niece and namesake, who
had accnuip inied hor on her return to
Chelsea r.tiu'nn. and Inquired for mail.
At thc disappointment "Is thnt alii"
with which I oth Indiej received the contents of box No. 13, a wave of repentance rolled over lhe postmaster's bouI
and the letter secreted in his private
desk appeared before him like an accusing angel.
During the next fow weeks letters
came for Miss Darrell on nn averngeof
once a dny���letters whoso tone ranged
through the various phases of human
passion, from most tender affection to
extreme auger at their failure to elicit a
reply, nnd each, as it arrived, wns read
by Mr. Gardiner with a sort of grim satisfaction and deposited witb its predecessors.
Miss Millicent's niece was crying. "I
can't understand it;" she said to her
elderly relative between (robs. "I!ve
been here live weeks and not a word
have I hoard from Charles, What can
i: mean?"
"I'm not at nil surprised It's just as
I expected," Miss Millicent answered,
with a half triumphant air. "Didn't I
tell you so! Don't yon remember what I
said to yon the first day I saw him about
deceit ami rascality being depicted upon
his conntennncel And I consider myself
a pretty good judge of human nature.
Of course he's never write to you. He's
just been making a fool of yon this
In the r'ccsses of her heart'Miss Darrell may have sympathized with her
niece, but she only expressed contempt
for such a roiuautic trust in the sincerity of the v.-ouor who had been known
but ono summer, and the discussion
ended tliere.
Charles Williams was puzzled and
angry, decidedly so. To the best of bis
knowledge he had written thirty-five
letters to Miss Millicent Darrell. the
younger, in as niiuiy days, not one of
which she hud deemed worthy of an answer.
"She's jnst like the rest of 'em," he
told his best friend when lamenting tbe
"So innocent and true sho seemed,
too. What a f.nil I wus to believe her.
She's nothing but a confounded flirt
I'll think no more about her."
Contrary u> hts declaration of fi->rg"t-
fulness, he t hunch mure about her than
over, nud the consequence was that, he
went down In Chelsea station the next
day to invrsiir-nte tiio case. The explanations which I'ire.'tlv followed con
vint-e I each yonng person ��t the faithfulness nf t ,i- otlier. ami Miss Darrell
no*_inwlodged her inability to interpret
ono's iintiir..' from Ihe physiognomy.
But there was one question confronting tlmtn, lim) thnt was: "Where were
thi'SH leiiei. r" 'i liirty-five epistles, all
heavy laden with ue��l��'St feeling, could
har-iiy iuiye gone astray. The only pos-
sible iiilntinn wits tint soiliir one nniBt'
Iniv" mi.' li il nn, 1 ut who could it have
lieoriV ]\i.isr' In r.ell left tho lovers dis-
<'ussii.;( v.<��� I'tiiiit. and, putting on her
shawl, w. nt quickly doiyn to the post-
Office.    1 ho deal on wan alone.
������cilas Gardiner," she said, cooly, "I
want my niece's letters."
" "What do 1 know of Miss Milly's letters!" he nsked, with assumed careless*
'"Yon know everything about them,"
she snid, looking at nlm unflinchingly.
���'I've been wondering about this thing
for weeks. I understand it all now.
They were Milly's love letters, nnd yon
thought they were mins. As it an old
woman like myself wonld bo guilty of
such nonsense t I suppose yon have hid*
den them or destroyed them. For shame,
Silas Gardiner, to resort to such trickery to prevent some; other person from
having what you yourself are too big a
dunce to ask fori" -
He went to his desk, and taking, out
the bundle of letters, gave them to her,
"Here they are. I pray yon not to expose me. I did it because of my love
for yon.   I conld not bear���"
He said no more. It was not necessary. He conld not have made a mora
eloquent plea. A woman -will forgive
many a grave offence it yon will bnt
tell her it was committed through love
for her.
The culprit was pardoned, and itia
with authority that wa state that he
never was guilty ot a similar transgression. . I.,,
Just after Christmaa that -fear Miss
Darrell received tha following tela*
gram: ���������
"Dear Aunt���I was married yesterday. Molt Wiij-t-Mg.--
To which the elder lady -replied & '
"Dear Milly-8o was t
��� ''M_jU(j_ot GjU-MK-b.'-
Bow to Drink Milk.
"Why don't yon post a placard telling
yonr customers how to drink milkt" said
a customer to a milk dealer after a man
that had just emptied Ma glass at two
gulps had gone out "Milk is food and
should be treated as such," continued
the speaker. ' -It should be drank slowly in small sips, so that the saliva shall
lie mixed With it. Itia better, indeed,
to eat something as one drinks, so as to
excite the flow; of saliva. When the
doctors put their patients on the exclusive milk diet they recommend the use
of chewing gum during the continuance
ot the regimen. That is why all the
makers of chewing gum advertise their
wares as a cure tor indigestion."���New
York Sun.
Prank, nt Flnrlds. Wood-Rat..
Tho latest narrative of the queer doing,
of tho Florida wood-rat comes from Mrs.
C. V. Latham of.Mlcoo, Fla. Provlnw
to tho destruction by fire ot the old Oak
Lodge, year before last, it waa often visited by a pair of very soeiablo and quite
harmless wood-rate, who nested in a pnl-
lritto hut near by, and made it their
1 uue until some cats name into tho family. The wood-rats were big-eyed, handsome creatures without tbe vicious look
of the common rat, wtth fine, yellowish-
gray fur, white fost, and white under
pans, ltnsmuoh as thoy never destroyed
anything save a pair of Mrs. Latham's
shoe-strings, which they had to cut in
order to got them out of tho eye-lot holes,
they wore tolerated about thn promises,
and here are some of the queer things
they did. _��� _^        .
Catholics In the United State..
According to the statistics ot the Homnn
Catholic church in the United States, as
furnished by the official Catholic Directory, tho membership ot tho church in
this country Increased 179,1-3 in 1804.
The figures were furnished by the chancellors of the various dioceses throughout
the land.
They show that the Catholic population
of the United States is 0 077,856. In the
whole country there are seventeen Archbishops, seventy-five Bishops, 10,0511
priests, 5,650 churches with resident pastors, 8,650 missions with churches, making 0,800 churches In all; 6,101 stations
and chapels, nine universities, twenty-
eight seminaries for secular students,
with 2,1'-U students, seventy-seven seminaries of the religious orders, such as Jesuits, Franciscans, etc., with 1,474 students;
182 high schools for boys, 600 high schools
for girls, 8,781 parochial schools, with
775.070 pupils ;888 orphan asylums, sheltering 80,867 orphans, and 881 charitable
Institutions. The total number of children In Catholic Institutions Is 018,807.
The figures, compared with the figures
for the previous year, show the following
Increases: Priests, 886; churches, 680;,
universities, 1; secular seminaries, S;
-regular scinlnarloe, 16; children attending
parochial schools, 10,000; charitable iu
stltutlons, 68; children oared for In charitable Institutions, 6,686.��� Buffalo .. Express. ��� _____________
A Pall.al Model.
Thn other morning, says a letter from
Algiers, an English lady who desired to
take tho portrait of a ragged, but "picturesque" Moor, whom she met on tho
street, got hlm in' position, but found on
examination that she had neglected to
bril'g an important part of her kodak.
So sho ran buck to the hotel, two blocks
away. She there met some dear friends
from Loudon who had lust arrived; so
she forgot all about the Moor and tho
kodak. After dinner,. eight o'clock, she
rciiii'inliered', so, with an escort, she hur*
rletl to tho spot. There the old Moor sat,
jusl as she hnd left him, facing the Instrument. "Long time take that pletur," he
snid. He hail boon there since ten o'clock
a.m. of thnt day, hut tba business of sit*
ling suited bim. ���
Programme oi Sports.
Golden, B.C., -July 1st I 2nd.
(Commencing at 13 o'clock, sharp.)
Purse.   1st.     2nd.
Half-mile dash, saddle horse race, open to horses who have never
won an advertised purse of SIO.  Owners up      810 00 8H0 00 810 00
First Heat Half-milo Horse Race        40 00    80 00    10 00
One Hundred Yards Foot Race, open to any person resident of
Kootenay for six months        12 50   1000     2 60
Second Heat Half-mile hone race
Slow Race, cripples barred, no saddles, whips or spurs allowed.
Time limit SO minutes        10 00    10 00
Third Heat Half-mile Horse Race if necessary.
Wheelbarrow Race,blindfolded         10 00     7 00     3 00
First Heat Hurdle Race       50 00   85 00    1500
Miners'Race, course decided by Judges        16 00    10 00     6 00
Second Heat Hurdle Race.
Third Heat Hurdle Race, if necessary.
Football Mutch���Golden vs. All Comers,
In all events 4 to enter 8 to start  Hones to carry uot less than lSOIbs.   Entrance
fee 10 per cent of purse.
��xx&ixxee* ��avfc��.
6. 8. McCart-ei-,
Long-heed  &  McCarter,
Barristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Bank of Montreal.
It.   J.   JKPHSOJf,
D.L.8. & P.L.S. for B.C. DOMINION &
Draughtsman, Vsluntor.etc, CALGARY,
N.W.T.   Correspondence Solicited.
R.J.JEPHSON, D.L.S..P.L.S. of B.C. -Out.
Calgaby, Alba.
McCarthy   A   llar-ey.
Barristers, Advocates, Notaries, _c.   Solicitors tor i���
The Imperial Bank of Canada.
The Canada Permanent Loan A Ravings Co.
Tho Yorkshire Loan & SecuritiesCorporation
The Massey-llarris Co. (Ltd), etc., etc.
Offices-Stephen Avenue, Calgary.   .
P. McCarthy, Q.C.
Horace Harvey, B.A. L.L.B.
Mining I Smelting
CO. (Limited)
Assoc. Mem. Inst. C.E.
Cochrane, Alba.���Ft. Steele, B.C.
Moonlight Excursion on the Columbia River per S.S. Duchess.
Gun Club Shoot, governed by Fort Garry rules, 0 men in each team, IS shots to each man.
Entrance fee (6 for each team. Trophy���a cup valued at 125, Shoot to commence at 9 o'clock.
(Commencing at 13 o'clock.;
Four Hundred Yards Foot Race	
Ono Mile Dash .....'	
Catching Greasy Pig. Prise���the pig.
Purse. 1st.    2nd
820 00  US 00  $5 00
75 00    SO 00    25 00
Tub Race   810 00
Greasy Poio  10 00
Log Rolling Contest  8,10 00  820 00 810 00
Canoe Race  2000    IS Ol     6 00
In all events 4 to enter 3 to start.  Hones to carry not less than 19011m.    Entrance
10 por cent of purse In all coses, except Tub Race and Greasy Pole, which nro free.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open tor the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may ht had from ths under*
signed or any member ol tha
PRICE-Ten Dollars per year or Sll
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Presbyterian Service.
Service will be held to-morrow
evening in the school house at 7:30
o'clock, conducted by Rev. T. S. ,|
���-���wing the Dates and Places *>f
Courts of Assise, Niel Prlui, Oyer
and Terminer, and uenernl Uaol
Delivery for the Tear 1895.
Samuel S. Fowler, E.M.,
MEM. AM. INS. -.-.
Properties reported upon.    Estimates and
plans for all metallurgical plants.
P. 0. Box 1,    -    Golden, B.C.
Livery It Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire,
Wholeaale and Kctall
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Undertakers and
���   .   Embalmers,
Calgary Alba
"It Is worth the price to even* person
who even reads a n.w.pep.r."-Di__nft<~.
m joum-Ii nuns m
Blue Penoil Rules.
A Pocket Primer for the �����*< Bj-pefters,
Qo-rtMponde&ts aad Oopy Choppers.
J    '     ���1 practical rales tor
 ��� na newspaper eopy,
and of equal value to all who wish to
Short,'-mpS and .
making ana editing newspaper,,
wrltecorrect Enillsh.
Sent on receipt of 8rlv*���*f^jJ��1.eaBts
per oopy. ALLAN TORMA1.. Publk-ea,
W Nassau Street, Now Yet-.    .
Sprino Assizes,
Oolden Hospital Society.
From 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.
"       2  p.m. "  4 p.m.
ii       7     it   tt   ������   it
Sunday from  10 a.m. to 12 m., and
from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.
From 2:110 p.m. lo 8 p.m., daily,
except Monday and Saturday.
Br Oki-M.
...7th May
.. 14th May,
,21st May1
Down With High Prices For
Electric Belts,
" t{"~E�� * *27.h Sav ���-���55-12-65- **3'70 > former ��"*ice* ���% %
 "ond/y ��� ��� ill? J}ay 110.    Qualiy remsins the same-lO dif-
 Tjiesday.. 28th May  ferent ;t-le,'( dry u^jj Md���a ^j.
Nanaimo Tuesday
Mew Weetminster.Tuesday
Vancouver Tuesday
Kamloops    . Monday.. ilrd June | -qUj oi ���.trongojirrent. Less than ball
Vernon Monday.. 10th June the pr*0eof any other company and more
���Donald Friday... Uth June j,,-,,,, testimonials than all the rest to*
���Jfelson Wednesday 19th June, gethor.   Full list free.   Mention this
paper. W. T. BAEB k CO, Wii dsor, One
"Special Assize, .
Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H B. ALEXANDER, manager
H. Connacher, Proprietor.
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictly FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Headquarters for mining men and
miners. Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer nnd wholesale and
retail dealer in Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
Special attention given to orders from Uj. tiie
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,        -       B.C.
Job    Depeirtmcr|t
���:o:��� OF ���.a���
CAM I OBTAIN A PATENT*    Por a      iktmcWoru,
EromM answer end ���i boneit opinit.it. writo to
Mltltlt Ic CO.. wbo bate bad neatly iifty .oars'
eiperlenee In tbe patent busim,**. r-im-iiinirai-
__r patent   	
tion. Mrlctl-r ennfldentlal. A Handbook uf I n-
fortnatloa etjt-oernitJK I'nientH ami Iio- tn obtain tbem aent free. Also a catalog-* of ntotrli���.-
leal ud MentlSe books sent free.
Patent, taken thrown Munn k Co. retroiro
nee-l notice In tbe HeientlAc Amerlrnn. anil
thu ere brought widely before the publtcwitli*
t*> tlie 'nVentroi'."'THIS Wle'ndld "iia-iit.
ekly.ele-*- ���       ...........
~juletlon i    _
_   iw.    .
 elegantly UluRtrated. bas by far Hie
��rculat.ou ol any ��ei entitle work Itt tho
Sjfc.rew.  Sample --���	
by far f
irk lu t
a sent free.
onu. Brety number contain- bean-
1d colon., and -photograph- ot now
plana, enabling builderi to nhnw tho
�� and secure contract-. A-tdrt-sa
iriatti" _ 	
j%W|W plana,^ euablinf-
r YouK> aUF _Juu_.-iw.AY.
'*Mcmioon" Train put up by (he Indian To*
growers ai a -ample of lhe best qualities of Indian
i'efti, Therefore they me the preatt^t care in the
Bi'1-.vtkwi of the Tea. and iti blend, that is why they
put it up thcmtelvai and sett it only in the original
p-u-kagi**, th-Tcby securing' ita purity and cjuv.le.itt-.
Put up in % lb., t lb. and j lb. packages, and never
soUl in bulL
, If your grocer does not keep it, tell hint to write U>
; 11 and 13 Front 8tr.et Etui. Toronto.
�������� ��-. ,��*,.,,, t; Awarded
Highest Honors���World'* Pair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Fret
-torn Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant.
waist has been reduced by it two
inches; nnd men would not discard
braces, although that unhealthy contrivance made them stoop.
Another Nlti_i.ru Victim. (
Niagara Falls, Ont., Juno 18.-The
nude body of a man was discovered on
the Canadian side of the river near the
Maid of the Mist landing yesterday
afternoon and removed to the undertaking establishment of M. Morse, at
Niagara Falls, South, Ont. The body
had been in the water for some time
and the head especially, was so decomposed that identification will be
difficult or impossible.
I EltltOlt  IN TURRET.
Sofia, Bulgaria, June 17.���Advices
were received here yesterday from
Krooshowa, Macedonia, telling of two
startling occurrences which may be
followed by much more serious trouble
in that district. The first disturbance
it is said, was caused by a Turkish
policeman, who killed a young woman
on tho eve of her marriage to a Roumanian The girl's two brothers
swore vengeance, and the Turkish
policeman and one of his comrades
were killed by them shortly after the
death of the girl. This caused great
excitement in the neighborhood aud
attempts were made to capture the
brothers, who sought refuge in a
house which they prepared to defend
to the utmost. This building was
eventually surrounded by the Turkish
police and the brothers opened fire
upon them with guns and revolvers
from the windows of tbe bouse and
during the affair killed two more gendarmes. But the two brothers were
themselves killed by the Turkish
police. The firing caused wild excitement everywhere in the neighborhood
and the oominander of the Turkish
troops in that district was obliged to
send for reinforcements in order to
maintain order.
The second story is even more startling than the first. According to advices from the Roumanian village of
Waltsch, in the same district, that
place was recently invaded, during
the absence of the male portion of its
population by a band of Albanian brigands, The women of Waltsch, however, seized upon whatever weapons
they could get hold of, and made a
determined resistance to the brigands,
who, during the fight which followed,
killed nine ol the heroic women, burned
the village to the ground, seized all
the cattle and drove them away
towards their stronghold. Naturally,
tho affair has aroused the most intense
indignation against the brigands and
a strong detachment of troops has
been sent in pursuit of them.
London, June 17.-Rational dress
enthusiasts assembled in great force
at tho Cavendish rooms in thc west
end tho other night at tbe invitation
of tho '��� Healthy and Artistic Dress
Association." Tbe gathering was
truly remarkable for tho manner in
which grown up men and women made
fools of themselves. All the women
wore knickerbockers and most of the
men disported themselves in knee
breeches, silk stockings anil colored
garters, a fjw adding scarlet dress
coats. Somo eccentric females, wore
sandals instead of boots, the Inter it
seems, being hygenicully accursed and
of course abhorred. The corset was
conspicuously absent. The speeches
were defiant, but a vein of melancholy
run through all of them. It was admitted that the great movement made
little progress owing to tbe tyranny
of fashion. Women continued to wear
corsets despite the demonstrable fact
that tho average size of  the  female
Not broken down Mentally ana Pliy-
sl.ttlly ue Reported.
London, June 17.���All manner of
stories are circulated about the prison
lifo of Oscat Wilde, including persistent reports that he is in a state of
mental and physical collapse. The
fact is that he is perfectly sound in
mind and body. At first he suffered
acutely, while Taylor took his sentence
as cool.v as an old hand. Wilde was
terribly cast dowu and was in a state
of semi-collapse in his cell at Newgate
prior to his transfer to Pentonville.
There he rapidly recovered and something of the jaunty and rather defiant
demeanor which he displayed at his
first trial re-appeared. He, to all
appearances is reconciled to his fate.
His condition is, he gives littlo trouble
and abides by the rules, which becomes
less irksome in consequence.
Le Siecle of Paris, says that a few
days previous to the Queensbury suit
Oscar Wilde had completed a new
comedy entitled " Friends." The Italian actor Ermette Saccone, has just
purchased the right of representation
and will introduce the comedy before
n Milan audience at the commencement
of the autumn season. A well known
Italian dramatist has consented to
undertake the translation. Three of
Wildes plays are now being performed
in England.
London, June 17.���An application
was made to-day for the release of
Oscar Wilde, pending steps to be .taken
for a new trial. The application was
The Dollnentor for July
Contains interesting nnd instructive
articles on tbe following subjects: ���
The Etiquette of Visiting, Training-
School Experiences. Profitable Poultry
Keeping, Kindergarten Papers, Burnt
Work, Voice Culture, Relations of
Mistress and Servant, Choosing a
Boy's Career, Amusements for Summer Evenings, etc., etc.
Be tolerant even with the intolerant.
A great good is seldom got by little
Succeis ia measured best by our soul
A good deed in the morning strews
the duy's path with roses.
A judicious silence is always better
than a truth  spoken without charity.
There are few people more often in
the wrong than those who cannot endure to be thought so.
Be neither too early in tbe fashion,
nor too long ont of it; nor at any
time in the extremes of it.
There are more who have missed
opportunities than there are who have
lucked opportunities.
Not a day passes over the earth but
men and women of no note do great-
deeds, speak great words and suffer
noble sorrows.
No man can tell whether be is rich
or poor by turning to his ledger. Ha
is rich according to what he is, not
according to what be has.
Trust for tho overcoming of a difficulty,   not  to  long-continued study
after you have become bewildered, but
to repeated trials at intervals.
Ono couldn't carry on life comfortably without a little blindness to the
fact thnt everything has been said
better than we can put it ourselves.
Employment, which Galen calls
nature's physician, is so essential to
human happiness that indolence is
justly considered the mother of
No man can ever be noble who
thinks meanly and contemptuously of
himself, and no man can ever be noble
who thinks first and only of himself.
Nothing is easier than fault finding
no self-denial, no talent, no brains, no
character are required to set up in the
grumbling business; but those who
are moved by a genuine desire to do
good have little time for murmuring
or complaint.
He that has never known adversity
is but half acquainted with himself or
with others. Constant snccess shows
us but one side of life, for, as it surrounds us with friends who tell us
only of our merits, so it silences those
from whom alone wo can learn our
Fidelity is a principle which cannot
be too highly prized. We are living
in an age of restlessness, nnsettleraent
and change. Principles are easily
abandoned, and friends shaken off.
The old virtue of faithfulness to our
convictions and loyalty to our friends
is greatly to be desired and honored.
Cann & Co.
Booksellers, Stationers ft
Dealers In
Wall   Paper, .Musical    Instruments,
Fruits, Confectionery, Arc. Ac.
Pianos,  Organs, A Sewing Machines
sold for cash or long time
Orders by Mail or Otherwise will
Receive Prompt Attention.
Opposite the Kootenay Hotel,
Golden, B.C.
Rouge Villa Library.
Books  may iie Oiitained  on Cir-
uulatini. Lines by Suiisuription.
Five .Cents per volume. One Dollar
per month.
In order to insure the return of
volumes a nominal deposit of $1 must
be advanced.
Books may be exchanged between
tbe hours of 2 p.m. and i p.m. every
Carlin & Iiake,
All of which  will be sold at  Lowest
Possible Prices.
Manufactures of Sash, Doors, Mouldings
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.
Have on hand a lot of Wash Basin and Bath
andundentands what pare wool ia and
appreciates exquisite finish buys the
both for herself or children. These
are made ia Vests, Drawers,
its and C!ombniatkm_, and are
hy every fust-class dry goods
store. ���


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