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The Golden Era Feb 29, 1896

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Array UttUa    t h    UK.
VOL. V.    NO. 30
92 Per Year
Stock Taking.
Must bo cleared out to make room
for Spring* Goods.
$       ""rj_2_t  1? GOLDEN,   B.C.,
H. D. HUME, Prop.
- -���JS'i.-to.ii.. iiij j_^.
I respectfully beg to announce that on and after
March 1st next. I shall discontinue ffivinjr any
CREDIT, 1-elievinff that
the only satisfactory way in
which to do business.
I trust that this arrangement will prove mutually
successful, and that by offering- the bost goods at the
lowest profitable prices, I
shall continue to receive
your patronage.
General Merchant.
(INCOFI*6l?���T_l*> 1C7I1.)
The backbone of the winter is
now pruet'cully broken ami ive
must clear uut the balance of
our furs or carry tliein over un-
Rdiic Wafers
are guaranteed to cure
La Grippe, Rhoumatism, Neuralgia, St _c.ai.ica.
PRICE SI per box,  or 0 Boxes for 95.
J. (!. T-mpIjMton, Chemist,
Calgary, is Wholcstilo Agent,
Tho Neilson Furniture Co
til uoxt season. Currying goodsJ wm m(liI] fee of charge, one of their
"  Price
M-W-N**--   MOWS.
from one season to nuotlicr is
not our policy so please see if
what follows does not interest
Original price 925 Reduced to 8-0
o0       .. ������*
Original price $50 Reduced to S4.') [   Oolden, on tho main lino of llie
"       ���'      45       " 40
"      '���      40      " ;i'l
Original Price 935 Reduced te ?���>'!
Men's Persian Liiinb. Beaver and other
Cups at 10 per cent discount.
Illustrated   Catiiloiiiias   and
Lists  to   any   person seiulin;
Uieir address.
TI19   Neilson.
Calg-ary, Alberta
Moves in mining iiiattcrsin different
part.'! of the world nro i|iiite apparent,
ami some are turning their attention
to tin' Koutenn.vs. There nro expected
in n short time���at the immediate ooin-
lnenceineiit of spring-two strong com-
piuiies, who will turn their attention
particularly tp East Kootenay. Tho
one is Introducing English capital and
the other American. It appears listless lo keep reiterating the fact that
tli'ji'fl are numerous prospects in East
Kootenay that will very well stand
tliein i investigation and that we have one of
Ithe richest mineral bells iu liritisli
FUFniturQ CO., Columbia. The fact is well known to
many and it is only a matter of time,
uud we shall see as prosperous a milling locality as tliere is In the Province
This   niucndiuciit   to   the assessment
Canadian '
I'.icitic Hallway, at Its connection with the ' act is-if iniulo enforceable - however,
riitK i -'V   ���'"">'   ��tlonl����d   to discourage
llritish Columbia i '���eadqi'iirters of liu Uolil- further   develor-eineiit of   our mineral
on Smelting works, the  Upper  Columbia        i.i      ,, . -   ���       ,    ,       ,   ,     ,
Navigation Co., and  hunter Industry! tlio wealth.   But it is to be ho-ed that by
outlet  for  the  widely   known   and   far the influence of West arid East Route-
famed agricultural and grazing laud ol the ,     , .    . ,   -    .
Columbia*  Kootenay  Vi.llevs:   unrivalled\m!f combined   the  Provincial   Legis-
fnr scenery ot all kinds i  the- cllntrlbutiiiHT I lature will be  brought   to reconsider
point for the richest mineral country ou tlie
the   ninttar'uf  James M. Rogers,
By order of 'Vue County Court of
Kooteiiny, sealed tenders for the purchase of Lot Ills, Group 1, situate
near Winuerniere in the district of
East Kootenay, will lie received by the
undersigned nml will lie opened nl
noon ou Tuesday the lHth day ol
February, A.D., lKDli.
This is lis Klin n tiiriii lis there is hi (lie district,'.H acres have been uiiilur cultivation
and are fenced 1,11(1 irrigated, Iill acres addition..I are fenced ami hnve been used lis pasture. 250 acres lire excellent arable luud and
can Is) irrigutoil ut n small espouse. The
improvements iueliiilo 11 frame dwelling
In.iiM! und u full set .it'uutliiiililiugs,
91.500 may remain ou mortgage for
;l years at H per cent interest.
For terms and further particulars
apply lo the undersigned,
Oliicial Administrator,
(114 . Donald, B.C.
Clulilc.1 Hospital Society.
From 11:110 a.m. to 11 n.m.
'���       2  p.m. "  4 p.m.
7     ii   i,   -j   ..
Sunday from   10 a.m. to  12 in., and
from 7 p.iu. to H p.m.
VIHITINO not,'Its.
From  -:.'I0 p.m.  to H p.m., daily,
except Monday nnd Saturday.
Br Oiiuhk.
Weakness of Body sad
Hind. EC-rcts of E->
tenor Exceues in Old
er Young, Robust,
Noble Manhood full-.
iRedortd. How to enlarge sud Strengthen
Weak, Undeveloped
Orgsiii and Farts ol
Body, Absolutely un*
failing Home Treat.
Bent���Benefits in a
day. Men testify from
60 States and Foreif-n
Countries. Write them.
Descriptive Book, es*
plans-ion aad proofl
nailed (sealed) free.
We notice that Mr. F. C. Lang has
changed tho colour of his rig to Brown
Mr. F. C. Lang in returning from
the Upper Country brought some valuable specimens, and gives ns grout
accounts of the decided improvements
to be seen on some of the ranches. He
scarcely went us far as Windermero.
We hear that "Heart und Hand" is
not   in   it, since   tlie   opening of the
Matrimonial Bureau ut Shortyville,
I shnll not try toexpliiin the geography
of that place.
Mr. McDermot has just received the
latest styles iu Stetson Cow Boy, Soft
and Fedora hats -something new you
Tho Carbonate Hotel will have an
"At Home" about the lirst of the
month, ut which there will he un
opportunity to !
Quite a number of the Oddfellows
attended the regular meeting on Monday evening, "Ciirboiuitu" however
wus not represented.
Mr. C, Cartwright who Ims the con-
truct for the hauling of the Vermont
Creek ore has over half of the amount
contracted delivered ut the binding.
Mr, P. Liunbiicli of the Riverside
House, Spitleinauhene, has in course
of construction n large scow to be used
us n ferry, for the transport of teams
and supplies to the Bugaboo and Kpille-
luiicbeue mines,
Tho Calgary b nspiel is over, the
curlers have returned, the bovs had a
good time ���for further particulars
apply to Mr. O. P, Thompson.
We also-after some preliminaries���
hear that "JMaccoronlvillo" tho new
and coin moil ions townsite south of
here is receiving considerable attention
Larue investments are being made in
lots by the capitalists uf the neighborhood,
Golden's dull, sure! We just seo
now und then, some few remains of
tbo Calgury bonspiel.      It wns a good
the measure, for if they do not the
eff.'ct will be disastrous indeed to lis
here, where   mining is in its infancy.
Mr. Harry Symonds, Q.C., of Calgary, who was here some two weeks
ago, procuring bonds on mining properties has-after obtaining a considerable amount-sailed for England
to try and'place them on the market.
Mr, S.vinouus has ihe interests of Calgury particularly at heart in the
scheme, but he thinks by having East
Kootenay -'go ahead" Calgary will not
be left without feeling some of the advantages derived. AVe hope he may
succeed and will endeavor to render
him every assistance iu our powei.
Mr. B. Able of   Windermere was in
town last week procuring supplies for
the currying out of some work on the
Swansea claim near Windermere. It
is n copper property containing cur*
boiuites uud oxides of copper. There
has been some work done on it prior
to this and has shown the claim to bo
more than ordinarily rich in copper.
A shaft of COft. bus been sunk which
exposes a urge body of mineralized
vein matter anil it is the intention of
Mr. Abie to go deeper on the lode us it
appears io improve as he proceeds Irom
the surface. Some of tho ore has, I
believe, been shipped to Swansea with
very encouraging results.
We understand that Mr. C. McKay
has disposed of his half Interest iu his
copper property ou Spilleniiiohene.
This is u Crown grant property and
quito a lorge amount of work has been
done whicli proves materially the COII"
tinuity iiml richness of tlie deposit it
jis more than likely that active operations will be I'oiiinu'iii'cl ihul'C ill lhe
spring, We also understand ihut Mr.
II. II. Alexander who holds ihe other
half, rofuses io dispose uf it, as Im
lirnil,,- Uilimes the property will ul-
tiuintuly become very valuable.
Mi.    McNeish    is   ai
time   they   had there, and   certainly  work on the IIidil.1
helps Golden   to  keep up Its acquired Spilloiuachui.o,
reputation. bis atte m ti
It is, too, absorbed   in   public meet-, ore riu her i him
also   continuing
I Treasure mine ou
ml rs now devoting
he mining of shipping
of iie.eloping tlie pro-
ings, political and otherwise, I am porty. Ii may not bo ont of place to
beginning to think ihe town enn at suggest that it is always the better
last show seme courtesy to its Hon. plan to endeavor lo keep In the ledge
Member, and consider him fortunate to | and mine oro, rather than to drivo
receive so much intention and it is tunnels in the hope of striking the
hinted that ho will receive more if I"1'0 soihowbero or oi her, where the
arrangements ai-o not speedily made to amount of capital io be expended is
improve the river banks. t no', itiexhaustuble. ffchc <Kfo!>>?it
. a
The GOLDEN EUA is published every
Saturday moruiu^ in time iu catch tho east
and wost mail trains, nls-j ihu nmil for the
upper country, iViuilni'min'o, i\,i\ mwjIh etc
is the only advurtifiin-^ iiie-liuiii in ihoi-e-it
ootouay district
Subscript.)on lifttus:
32,00 per annum in
Advertisomonts  and
changes must he in
tho office not lafor than
I'i a m, nu Thursday
to insure msortion.
All cash to lie pall tu the Manager, from
whom tho Co upuny's receipt will he obtained.
Advortis'viirtut rates mailo known on apple
oatioi' *;o
The Golden Era Publishing C-ampany.
B-gf.'J1 ���  I..   '���**���-*!���'���;���������it���-��� �����������������^���w.----��J**
SATTJHDAY, FEB. 29 1898.
Moiie TAXES I sure thing I An increased revenue from sources old nnd
new, but principally the la��ter, is provided for by a bill to amend tho nssess-
ment act. It reduces the amount exempted from 91,500 to SKIiO.
Then ''there shall be assessed, levied
and collected from every person, and
paid to Her Majesty, her heirs and
successors, tho stuns following, that is
to suy : -
'���Four-fifths of one per cent, on the
assessed value of real estate other than
'wilil land':
"Three-quarters of one per cen,. on
tho assessed value of personal property:
"One and one-quarter per cent on so
much of   tho income of any person us
exceeds eight, hundred dollars :
"Three per cent on the assessed
value of 'wild land':
"Provided, always/hat if the above
tuxes so assessed and levied are paid
on or before the '10th day of June in
each year, but not otherwise, the collector is hereby authorized to receivo
and shall receive in lieu of the above
rates : ���
"Three-fifths of one per cent on the
assessed value of real estate otlier than
'wild land':
"One-half of one per cent on the
assessed value of personal property :
"One per cent on so much of the income of any person as exceeds eight
buddred dollars:
"Two and one-half percent upon the
assessed value of 'wild land.'"
"And whereas tho output of mines
in tht province is by law subject to
the personal property tax, but there
rre no adequate provisions for its
equitable adjustment and collection,
and it is advisable to remedy this and
to deal separately and clearly with the
taxation of this division of property:
"There shall be assessed, levied and
collected from every person owning,
managing, leasing cr working a mine,
and paid to Her Majesty, her heirs and
successors, the sums following, that is
to say:
"Two per cent on the assessed value
of the gross output of such mine, thnt
is to say: on the assessed value of nil
oro or mineral-bearing substances
raised, gotten or gained from any
lauds iu the province, such value to be
so assessed and determined upon such
output us it lies on the mining premises."
The tax upon mining output above
provided for is to bo payable monthly.
This last provision rather bents
anything I ever beard of. ou tho plea
of equitable taxation too. Consider
for n moment the effect of such a law,
surely tho present free miner of B.C
has enough difficulties to overcome
without loading him with another.
Instead of hampering him iu every
possible way I should have thought
that it would have been more to tho
point if the policy of tlio government
of a province which depends almost
entirely for its future prosperity on ils
mineral resources, hud been to ronder
auy and all ussistuiico in their power
to tho developers oi its main industry.
nud wt all know how badly wo stand
iu   uue I   of   such development,    The
thing in itself is absurd. Wait until
tho properties are paying to be operated, then they may bear a tax, but to
throw dust in the eyes of the hard
working developer by taxing him on
tbe plea that he is spending his money
for the good of the province is not altogether a desirable plan of procedure
for our picked men tc establish as a
precedent for future generations to take
example. And then, the way the assessments are proposed to be levied is
most unequitable. Fer example suppose you hnd on your oro dump 100
tons of refractory gold ore, which assayed $50 to the ton. It would he
assessed at *>f>,000 or so, you at the
timo did not know that it may cost
you SJ-.-5 to tho ton to treat it, nevertheless you would hnve to pay your
tax ol (100. I have tho same amount
of free-milling gold ore which will
only cost mo $2 a ton to lie treated
still I have only to pay the same
amount of tnxes, though my profits
aro nearly double yours. And then
again how is the assessor to arrive at
the "value of the gross out-put" of a
mine, without tho services of an experienced sampler and a considerable
number of assays. Such a bill is outside the bounds of reason to any practical man.
Awake all ye that sleep! The comet
is coming, to he here on the 14th. Wo
hour thc sound of the trump, and if
the professor has made a mistake of a
inillioueth part of a unit in his figures
the comet may strike us. Some of you
remember on the occasion of that hostile invader wanting to approach us
too nearly some 85 years past, it was
the popular opinion that we should
escape bim if we betook ourselves to
Australia, and not a few went thither.
The north pole has been discovered,
of course it has, and as I think one of
our contemporaries suggested that the
Canadian Oovernment should certainly
"tako it up." Why, sure thing! they
could project a land ard water route
which would certainly open "other
markets'' for our protected industries
It wo'ild be beneficial I think if the
Hudson Bay scheme be left to subside
for a few days and this lie taken up.
I mention this only for further consideration of course.
which would considering its importance to the Province, have only been
"cold modesty"���certainly does them
credit. The leader of the Government
did not speak in favor of its most important bill of the session, beennse a
member of the Opposition did not, or
could not, or would not, speak before
him, antl consequently no one rising to
speak���I thought it was usual for the
Government take, at the second reading of their bills, the opportunity to
explain their views on tlie subject matter of tho logisliition that they seek to
make law���the acting speaker put the
motion for tlie second rending, it was
carried with n rush nud nmid a very
audible chuckle from the ministerial
bonches at the "cleverness" of their
Premier in refusing to voice the views
of tlie government at a time when it
was considered inopportune as a party
manoeuvre. Of comso I should not
mention this, but to show the cleverness of our government. ���"The evil
that men do lives after them, the good
is oft interred with their bones."
I saw in one of the West Kootenay
papers, I do not exactly kdow which
now, a statement which surprised me
not n little. It was that a company
had paid 825,000 for a property-
mineral of course���nnd that the Co.
thought or hoped they had a mine.this
is un instance of one of the many evils
invariably attending a boom. If they
think they have a mine of course they
have got it. But their hopes may be
deferred and we cannot pity them if
their hearts grow sick.
Thc comet hns surely warned some
to Hue from their senses, for we hear
much and long of the new Napoleon
and then that "strango and unheard of
scenes will then transpire" ami the end
of the world comes in 11114 and strange
to relate that "nino' months alter the
translation of tho 144 000, Satan and
his legion will bo cas' down t j the
earth from the atmospheric heavens.
This will occupy for its progressive
completion about seventy days, chiefly
through January ami February 1904
The only remark I can make on these
Biblical interpretations' of the liev.
Baxter's is that -he appears to be 8
years too late in fixing his time; for if
vou remember Perrine's comet takes us
to our long account on the Uth or
15th of March next.
In another column I have published
���at the   request of tho committee appointed   at public   meeting���ibe reply
received by them re the improvements
on   the bunks of  tho   Kicking Horse
river   from   the Provincial Secretary.
Wo are   glad   to hoar   that it bus advanced to such a stnge that, it is under
the  consideration of   the Government
Agent, but   as to it "being possible to
apply any appropriation   for thut purpose"   is not   what we want to be depending on for the safety of the town.
There is nothing in the whole of East
Kootenay that requires appropriations
so badly to   be  granted for as on the
bunk of   the jiver nt the west end of
the town.     It is just because we "remember tlie large sums that have been
already   spent- upon   the banks" that
we are so   anxious to have some more
spent.     For if there is not whut has
been   spent   will   be   utterly  thrown I
uwav, it is to protect the   sound parts
that we arc endeavoring to have done.
I should like to impress upon the Government   Agent this very urgent need
and   hope  that   when under his consideration it will receive due attention.
B. MeDeraiot's
Is the Place to Buy Your
Dry Goods,
Boots & Shoes,
Hardware, Etc.
According to ono of our American
contemporaries published in one of the
principle cities of the States, the Rev.
 said   that   ho had recently come
across a very interesting fact, discovered by some one working in Smithsonian Institution. The discovery related to the colour of sin, Several of
the ministers present spoke up and
said that the colour of sin was scarlet
because   tho  Bible said so.    Dr.	
replied that the scientist who hud
made this inuestigationhud discovered
that sin was a distinct colour of its
own. He bus, by means of a chemical
process examined the perspiration of
persons aroused to a sinful passion,
and when this was subjected to a certain test the perspiration became a
pinkisk colour. He had mado more
than 40 experiments nnd in every Instants the result was the same. The
perspiration coming from persons not
under the influence of evil does uot
have tlio colour. I should not mention this, but I rather see thnt by this
discovery wo shall be able, iu thu fut-
uro, to draw the sinful lino which in
all important nowadays. From henceforth there will be a tixed line of demarcation for the Christian, lint still
we may ask : oui bono?
Guo-tis Must be So-d to make room for
It is money in your pocket
To Buy Your Goods at
e Great Bargain Store
Golderj,   B.C.
Orders by Mail Promptly Attended To.
In another part will be found somo
letters from Mr. W. G, Bolt, of Salmon River. His communications are
certainly worthy of consideration.
Golden is without doubt, thu proper
location for a port of customs, und his
suggestion of sending a request to the
Government mny have some fruit, if
entered into in the right spirit.
He is of course quite correct about
the best place to establish a hatchery.
Dona d or Golden would lie out of  tlio
question, tho Salmon Beds which is at
The Provincial   Government are do   present the hatchery of; the Columbia
ing well; that is if passing bills go lor I fiver is undoubtedly  the place, and it.
anything.     The   way  in which they I l"*<*el't1in ���{  �� I''"*"* possessing better
. .,        ,    ,,.,,,        .  . , i natural   advantages   for an extensive
got the school bill through its second s,*,������- Hatchery can be found on tlie
reading-without the usual debuting,  Pacific coast.
a:!iii:i:iii;iiiiiii:;:i!iii!!i::iiiii;:;:::::!;::;::;:::'.::!;;:::ii:::i;::;ii:i:ii!i!iii:!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim.iiiiS    (
1 Look far tho Little Card in tho Pockets.
Shorey's celebrated ready-made clothing has a card |j
iu the pocket of each garment guaranteeing the cloth fj-j
] used iu its manufacture to be thoroughly Sponged ft
j and Shrunk and its workmanship to Cl1jrM.pv'-l<i 1
| be sound in every particular. Always ""Or-cy ���*-�� |
| ask for and bs sure that you pet Shorey's Ready Made |
| make. Every reliable dealer keeps it. Clothing 1
:i:iii:i!iiiiiir!i!iiiiiiiiiiii!i!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!iii:!i!::!::!::!i:ii::!!!!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiii>'iiun ll
Notice to Taxpayers.
Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
Dona-.ii Division or East Kootenay
T.TOTICE is hereby given, in accord-
*�� mice with the Statues, that Provincial Revenue Tux and all taxes
levied under the Assessment Act are
now due for the year 1898, All of tlie
above named taxes collectable within
the Donald Division of East Kootenay
district, are payable at my oilice, the
Court House, Golden.
Assessed taxes are collectable at tlie
following rutes. viz. :
If paid on or before June '10th Wi:
One half of one per cent ou real property.
Two per cent on assessed value of
wild land.
One third of one per cent on personal property.
One half of one per cent on income.
If puid after June .JOtli WOO���
Two-thirds of one per cent on real
Two and one half per cent on assessed value of wild laud.
One half of one per cent on personal
Three-fourths of one er cent on income.
Provincial Revenue Tux SD.OO per
Assessor and Collector.
Golden, January 2ud, lrW!.
Application for Curt I Heat.r of  Improvements.
Take notice that I, Walter Dainard,
free miner's certificate No.47bi)9,intend,
(JO days from the date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for u certiiicato
of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further take notice, that adverse
claims must be sent to the .Mining Recorder and action commenced before
the issuance of such certilieute of improvements.
Dated this seventh day of December
Walt-k Dainard,
By his agent, P. W, Aylmer.
g**u0im00 ��-**$>*.
Hon. J, A. Louoiieed, <J,C.
. McOAltTBR.
LoHgheed  A  McG'arter,
Barristers, Advocates, Sol itors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Hank o Montreal.
C'ALOAllY, - N.W.T.
It.  J.  JEPlISOiV,
D.I..S. A P.L.S. for B.C. DOMINION Jir
Draughtsman, Valuator,otc;,CAIjGAKY,
N.W.T.   Correspondence Solicited.
I..J..f-r-1'li.soN, 1).1,���S���1M���S. of U.C, (tout.
Mining fr'ngiii-'i'r,
A jflctnllar-riHt.
Reports on properties n Specialty.
Got.l)i:.\. U.C.
Application   for; Certificates of Improvements.
Take notice that I, Thomas Jones,
free miner's certificate No. 47S48, intend
110 days from date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for certificates
of improvements for tlie purpose of
obtaiiiiug crown grunts of above
And further take notice that adverse
claims must be sent to the .Mining Recorder and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificates of improvements.
Thos. Jones,
By his agent F. W." Aylmer,
D'te.1 this 14th duy of December,
In the Supreme Court of British Ol-
iiiubia, re Commoner, ��� Coiiliuuber
vs. Pither.
Pursuant to an order of the Supreme
Court of British Columbia iniide in the
mutter of the estate of Henry Connacher in tbe suit of Connaclier vs
Pithor. The creditors of Henry Conuiicher, late of Golden, in the District
of Kootenay. hotel keeper, deceased,
who died ou or about the mouth of
January, 1895, ure uu or before the
Hist day of April, I89>i, to send by
registersd letter to A. G. M. Spragge.
of Donald, lu the District of Kootenay.
British Columbia, the solicitor for
James Stevens Coiinacher, the above
named plaintiff, the executor of the
deceased, their Christian and surname
addresses and discriplions, the full
particulars of their cliiiius.a statement
of their accounts, and the nature of
the securities (if any) held by them or
in default thereof they will he perenip-
torilly excluded from tlie benefit of tlie
said order. Every creditor holding
nny security is to produce the same
liefore James Ferguson Armstrong,
Registrar of the County Court at Donald, the Referee appointed by the
Court to take the accounts and enquiries under the said oriler, at his
chambers at tho Court House at Donald in the Province of British Columbia on the 8th day of April. 1*89, at
ten o'clock in tho forenoon Iieing the
time appointed for adjudication on the
said claims.
Dated at Donald, in the District of
Kootenay, British Columbia, this In! li
day of January, 189ii.
Referoe appointed under tho said order.
Clmi-eli Services.
The usual evening service will be
held to-morrow in St. Paul's Church
nt 7:30 o'clock.
Methodist service will ito held in the
sohonl house to-morrow morning nt
10  o'clock, conducted by Mr, Robins,
Presbyterian service will be held
to-morrow evening in the school
house at 7:30 o'clock, conduoted by
Rev. T. S. Glassford, B.A.
Notice of Application for rei-tlllcuten
of  Improvements.
Tuko notice that I, John McRae,
freo miner's' certificate No. 3145.-1,
intend, sixty dnys from the dntu
hereof, to apply to the Gold Commissioner for certificates of improvements, for tlie purpose of obtaining
Crown grunts of the aboveclaims.
And further take notice that adverse
claims must be sent to tlie Mining Recorder, and action commenced liefore
t he issuance of such certificates of improvements.
John McRae,
By his agent F  W. Avi.MER.
Dated this 14th day of December.
Livery^a Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire,
OOIjII-jjV.       -       IM'.
g I Smelting
CO, (Limited)
Wholesale anil Jtetail
Cattle, Sheep antl
Horse Dealers.
Undertakers and
���   .   Embalmers,
Calgary     ���     ���       A Ilia
For full particulars apply to
H B. ALEXANDER, manager
thnt application will lie made to the
Legislative Assembly of the Province
of British Coluinliia at the next session for un act to incorporate a com-
puiiy for the purpose of constructing,
operating and working deep tunnels,
drifts or siiafts for the purpose of exploring for. discovering, working,
getting, acquiring uud recovering minerals sitiinte in I Iiml veins, ledges or
lo.li s in the nistrictsof Eust and West
Kooteuiiv, Yule and Cariboo, in the
Province of Hritish Columbia, mul for
nntl ring upon nud nci|Uiriug lauds lor
such purposes, ami for collecting lolls
For ibe use of such tunnels or workings by uuy other persons or companies engaged III mining and for no*
ijiiiriug s ch wiiter powers or privileges, rights or incidents, hs may be
necessary for, or incidental or conducive to the attainment of the foregoing objects or any of them.
d-4 st Applicant,
MltS.   MTjI It FORTH.
Iuto with Misses Barlow A Weir,
Portage la Prairie.
All orders left with Mu. G, B. Mc-
D.oi-.,ior will have prompt attention.
Golden ifosp-iai Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for Hie
admission of patients.
TICKETS may he had from tlie undersigned or uuy member of the
PRICE Ten rMiurs per yenr or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Job    Depa,rtmer|t
-:o:��� OF ���io:���
tan by al
... .     ---  yietainlar.
Rupture under severest strain,   A ays-
woro crnn
havo beon effected by tny
-       -- ���".h
prsicm patent*!,'
F0rI.1form3t.oT-! and freo Handbook writo to
MUNN & CO.. Sol I!ifU_-lJtVAV. NBW TOHtr.
fl, i.rhf bureau for socuting patents In America,
Every parent taken ottt by ns if hmtml-i boforo
tlie pubJio by a iiuticu given lice of charge iu tbe
#b8tifb Jterian
f.inost circulation of nny flcipiitiflc paper in tho
world, _--.-i-ii.il-liy Illustrated. No Into!Ileum
miin r-hmiiti be Without It. \Veeklv, Si<*u�� ���*
runr: *l.;;iyK inmiihi.. A.ldrcc-* MUNN & - u,
V.-ausiuiUi- 3-tfl ilioadwuy, New Yuri; City.
Trua-es, witb
perfect erase to wearer, than by all other
iti'v-fi-i-it-oiir-biiii d They 1 etainlargest
tern of iittinKbaa been perfected tho
last AC years, fully equal to personal
examination i���� itmll.   87 imtonte
��.-����--�� DBPORM IT Vi
1.11���UU I.*. W. Tu.iiUlO_
The modern standard Family Medicine : Cures the
common every-day
ills of humanity.
prompt answer and an hi'-iost opinion, write to
MINN dk COh Who have hart nearly fifty -curs'
experience In the patent business* Communion*
tions strictly confidential. A llnnnhnoli oi information conecr-iing I'titOiite nod how to ob- I
tain tiiem sent free. Also a catalogue of mechanical and scientific books -.rut free.
Patents tntten throiiirh Munn & Co. receive
speciiil notieo in the BeientlHO American* and
thus aro brought widely before thc public without cost to tlio inventor. Tnis -f-olendid paper.
Issued woeklv, elegantly Illustrated, bat* by far Hie
largest circulation of nny scientific work in the
world. $.*$ �� year.  Bamtjie copies Bent free.
BuildlmrEdltitiD, nimiilily, *,.1fi0a yen-.   Stnjrlu \
cojiicM, \l& cunt-.   Kvcry number contains beau- j
tlful plates, in colon*, and photographs of new
house**, with plants eiiabili**f builders to show tho
latest d-sltfm aud secur-i uimrnota.  Address
nvan a (joH a.vf fount aux iiiiu_.uw.iy.
riN-s-r Tr* ���   Lil
in thc World ���*���   --99-9 m
11 Monsoon" Tea is put up hy the Indian TVa
growers as a sample of the best qualities of Indian
Teas. Therefore they use thc greatest care in (he
s.-l-rvtion of the Tea and its blend, that is why thev
put it up themselves and sell it only in the original
f*tcliages, thereby securing its purity and excellence
Nit up in % lb., i Ib. and j lb. packages, anil never
H-jld in bulk.
If your grocer does not keep it, tell him to write to
11 .ind 13 Front Street East, Toronto. Awarded
Highest Honors���World's Fair,
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.  Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,
lo,;'sliit',ire i won:,I   opiuu llie Guicm-
', eni is in   .. ur.1   is  ci'tltil tu wiBiUru
parlance -'ii tight hole."
Just, -'to help tic , ovoi'iimeui OUT"
l.rl nu' liuiulilj sngvist the following:
Ilt'dllCU lllU snlr.l'.l'S uf l.ll gOi'crilllieul
O���luiuls, Sny, 0 c bird, Nu iluiilil
lliu ulHuiii
gustiuii, I
lot, tu replace.
Our   Minister   of   Mines,   &*>., iti:
&e., oonlil stand 11 fif.y tnr cut "Ut.t
luops.      A great ninny friends ivero ut
ttiestlltioiilus.il  1 hum olf   nnd   wish
tin-in Hod speed.      Mr,  Clark lho tiew
agent arrived  uu   Monday from Sims*
vv;i|, mul entered uu Inn  duties tliu folio., in;; iliij',
Railway ui rules have liei'li somewhat
st'K- exulted ihe   lust fnw days over the re*
hard  jiuit uf 11 uullisiun between U prominent
| I'llill'O.lll uilickll wIll'M)   j.il'iSililrtlUll UX-
tui.ils tu tins puint, uinl 11 member uf
the [unith estate in VV"si Kootuuiiy.
mnl, if he ilil not lilte it, lhere lire I'f|ie i.,.ni-.i:ul 1111111 had his heiiilli',li<
numbers nf ex-ministers (roully uoiiipe- | l.it.Uy damaged, ivhno the knight of
tent men) who, 110 iloulit, would be. i|,��� mu]hhoi*ii 'dM*iii>iftI with m bttaiy a��m.-.
glad of the "Sit." Bettor this than I uueel linger
ii'hi lu tin: burthenol the already over-
er Columbia KSavCo.
la   ��Hi   nut rc-lirtli Unit t hey would wui liu u
\Vtnlo not tu-M oui'solvo*-. iTspnnsiiiln fur the
.''iiuiiiiis i!.\prt*s.��-il hy our -.un'tinpuiuiuiitiii
riiiiolier,   ii.ii.it-    uinl  general
���.    i'ettur this anyway.     -���|���
Yours irul,',
F. W. AviiSiEit,
, S4t.li Feb., IW>.
(...tiit'i. lis 11 I'i.i'I ol' Klltl'V.
Editor litit.iii.N Ku .:
Slit, ���As Gol'li'li is thu distributing
point fur over two linn lied miles
to ihu suuth mnl ns fur hurl h lis ('mine
river, it is only just tliut it he m.i.le u
port. Iluiiils .1.111 iiii_; frolii the mist i.i'ir
Inrhl iii Calgury, frum the west liiuii-
loops, iiiiil peujile living ii|i i-ountiy
nre comet hues mouths liefore tdey 1:1111
get articles out uf bund. This is 11
great ilr.iwliiick tu our district, I
pressed this mutter so.nu time ugo uu
our number und in 11 letter uf Lite date
Im lulls 111,; the Government hnve the
mutter under consideration. The people ui K 1st. Kootouny shuiihl send 11
-iroilgl. worded request ut unco to
Ottawa 011 this subject us it is 11 mutter that effects each uud every individual in the district. I would ulso be
pleased to see lhe Era join (ulcus un
this question.
W. 0. Burr.
Salmon River, Feb. 13th.
Tiio iluvi'i'iiiiient's Ft.ply.
Provincial Sue let u r> 's Olllci
V.otoriu, 13.0., Feb. IS, -"'J.
M. Di.iiini'il, Es.p,
j        Oohl-11. ILL'.,
1 Slit, 1 am in receipt of yuur letter
of the Will iiisliint, in refill il tu the
improvements uu ihu Blinks ol the
Kicking Horse River. The nnitter i.-
uiidor the consideration ol the Government Agent, uinl should it be possible to apply any of tlte appropriation
for the purpose, it will bu done. Uut,
yuu must remember the large stuns
thnt lllive already been spent, upun lhe
bunks, mnl it is, | loperly spoaking,the
I duty of the Duniiuitiii tu attend 10 lhe
I Hooding of tlio river.
I 1 um, Sir,
j Your obedient servant,
i J A.M US lrlAKKll,
I Provincial Sucrntury.
Mrs. Temple, ivifuuf the locomotive
Foreuiiiti at Wavelstoke, who hud buei
thn guisi of Mrs. Nelles lor u lew dins
luu (or home last Friday,
Kv.erything bus been uvraiiKed for a
grand Masonic Hull about, the middle
tot April und it is hoped thut some
prominent masons (rom the coast, and
1 ' 01 her putts will bu able 10 attend.
Ou ilit thut u well known manipulator ot lhe (hroltlo stationed here,
will shortly luud to the altar one of
Donald's fuir iliuiyhtta-s. Whether
this is an outcome of tlie Leap Yuur
jj.iil deponent sujs its not.
��� Nii'lO.
A Salmon II..I. Ii.'.'v-
S.ll, I notice in the "Colonist'' of
Feb. ilrd, Mr. Mara is urging the establishment of 11 Salmon Hatchery ou
the Coluinliia River, in the vicinity of
Donald or (Jol leu. The idea is 11 good
one but the location is not in my opinion favourable, its salmon require 11
clear gravelly stream fur spawning iu.
At present the only places lhe lish
frequent are the mouth uf Windermere
hake at what is known as the Salmon
lieds ami Salmon river, which latter
takes its mime from the large quantities ol tish that yeur by yenr glide into its clear waters, I have seen between twenty and thirty tons ol salmon taken out of this si ream iu a
short time by the Indians To anyone with an eye for nature it is a line
sight to see those large tish alter running the Columbia tor a thousand
miles, many of ihem battered antl
bruised, still struggling oil to their
birth place to again lay tho foundation
for tuture generations ot lish. From
years of observation I would judge
they nre (rom eight to ten days in
milking the trip from salt water. The
first run are very line eating but after
remaining long in fresh water they
get foul. The salmon that como up
here are what is known as tliu deal
heads, a rather course lish but very
large. I have several times killed
some that weighed tiftv pounds, the
smallest not under twenty. This class
of fish mc a little late in running,
With a hatchery established different
kinds could be tried and the people of
East Kootenay would in a few years
have a home article to tickle their
palate, with also some sport in capturing tlio fish. By all menus let the
hatchery lie established.
W.  G. Bott.
Salmon River, Feb. 19th.
A Mild !-.u.--KCi.tlon.
Editor (Ini.l.KN Ell 1:
Slit,-From reports of  the proceedings of the present session ol the local, to take charge of the station at Kani
Olllllllll   lloilrgH.
"Come and trip it as you go,
On thu light, fantastic toe."
-   -| Public M'.
During- the winter a stage will lo run between
Golden, Galena, Windermere, Thunder Hill, Canal
Flat, ftasa and Fort Steele,
Leaving* Golden and Fort Steele
The sentiments expressed in the
above lines certainly sei'in.'il uppermost in the minds ol the merry throng
that assembled in the Oddfellows
Hull ou St. Valnntine's night, to partake of tho generous entertainment
hospitully provided by the ladies oi
Donald. The Grand March started at
_l!l)0 with over ol) couple on the lloor,
and ut ils conclusion the gentlemen
were conducted to their seats where
they sat fur a short lime in fear and
trembling, everyone imagining thai
his fate for the night might lu that of
u wall flower, Happily this wus not
the case as the ladies entered heartily
into the spirit of the affair, and took
care to evenly distribute their favors
amongst their friends, while the energetic committee took every precaution
to sou that strangers were well looked
utter. With good music and a perfect
floor dancing was kept up and thoroughly enjoyed until midnight when
supper was announced. C. N. Nelles
of the Nelles lluuse was the caterer
and certainly surpassed hitnsulf in providing a most recherche repast to which
ample justice wns done, and of which
everybody wus loud ill its praise.
During the interval Mcsdanics Penzer,
Kimpton, Patmore, Miss Walker and
Mr. Sellar played very acceptably a
number of extras. Alter supper dancing was resume laud continued till the
wee stna' hours when every holy went
homo with the conviction tho Leap
Year Bull hud been the most successful ever given in Donald, while the
male portion ol the dancers thought
what a pity it was thut Leap Your
would not again greet us till 1904. It
was the unanimous verdict of all who
attended that the committee of ladies
consisting ol Mesdttmos Gritlitb,
Nelles, Needham, Jamieson aud Patmore, deserved   lhe  highest praise for
the very able maimer iu which every
thing   from   start,   to finish wa* con.*.\
ducted, while   Mr.   Bonus   deserves a  y
word  of  praise for his work as flocr   \Miss   Connacher, of  Kamloops,
Mr. J, N. Trickey   accompanied by
Mrs. and Miss Trickey left on Tuesday
���8 Fittings.
visiting her sister, Mrs. H. D. Hume,
this week.
Capt. Armstrong and family returned yesterday from Montreal.
Golden to Fort Steele 10 cents per pound
When the Company's liability is limited to Two Dollars per pound.
Special rates given on moro valuable parcels.
Through SB 1 COO.    Local 10 cents per mile.
T. 6. H. COCHRANE, Prosideht;        F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
41 Ul
ill    I
Returning prosperity wid nmke niliny rich,Ini
a sliurt time us by successful SiHiriil.-ili.ni iu Until
Systematic Plan ni
A public meeting wus held on Wednesday tho 'J ilh hist, to discuss lhe
interest of the muling industry of East
Kuuleiiiiy. There were u large number present. Mr. M. Dainard was
voted to the chair, Ho said that as
they had received a telegram from
I'OiifiTlus iu West Kootenay iu relation
lo a bill now pending iu tlie Provincial
Legislature, which proposed to levy u
nix on the out-put of nil mineral ores,
und mineral healing substances raised
or gotten from any lauds iu the province. He asked some of the gentlemen present ut the meeting what I lie.
thought would bu lhe best mode of
procedure to adopt to try and prevent
such uu iniquitous measure becoming
law. lie snid It was a matter whicli
concerned us In Eust Kooteiiny very
nearly, ns our mining industry was at
its infancy aud such a bill, if it should
lie enforced* would at once check all
further development, and put au end
to the operation of the mines whicli at
present wen; in a stiijie of development
uud lie hoped thut the present meeting
would he unanimous in making some
attempt iu preventing the bill becoming law.
Mr. Ai liner very practically illustrated tlie effects such a bill would
have upon the properties that were at
present being developed in East Kootenay and showing tlie inconsistency of
ihe Government in-after attempting
to foster mining iu the province to
immediately turn and bumper tlio industry with a moat unfairly levied
tax, He explained that the subject
would take 5 hours to be properly
discussed, but he had said sufficient to
show that the effect of such a law
would bo most disastrous to us as a
mining community.
Mr. W. McNeish also spoke upon
the great burden it would place upon
struggling I'.evelopurs of mineral properties, and would certainly have the
effect of discouraging them (rom any
further work
Mr. M. Curlin wished to know what
the money was required (or-in which
government, department. To whom
was quoted Mr. Pooley's explanation
that���'-They could not make two ends
meet." in any of the departments,
Mr. Aylmer proposed lhat a letter
should bo written, signed by the chairman and secretary o( the meeting and
sent to our member praying him to
oppose tho bill. .
The meeting was then adjourned -prackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.
Wi,h thanks to the chairman.       nA Have on hand a lot of Wash Itosin and Bat
y iri.rlio so lunch nithiti
'������ -irrli.
oe made by out
originated by us.   All successful spec 'i.tui'- ii|Ksriio mi rt regtllnr system.
It is ii well-known fact tlu-t there inn ihoimi.niU of n ,"u iu i.ll parts uf tlio l.'iiitcd Stiitri
who, by systematic trading tin.nigh 1 'iici;,'i) brokers, muke huge i.iiiuiiuts overy ye.-.r,
ranging Irom a few thousand dollars for ��� the liiuii who invests r, liiunlnil ur l��o li'i.iii.iii,
dollars up to -?.-���*1.1NK1 to ,-<llli,IK��) nr mure hy those who invest a tew tlioiisim.l.
It is also a fact that those who niiikn the li.rgest profits truni r.iiupi.riitively siiiull in
vestments on this ph.n are lrorsoiis who live uwuy Irum Chicago and invest through broker:
who thoroughly understand systematic trading.
Our plan dues not risk tlio whole amount invested on nny tr.iile, but rovers both sides
so that whether tho market rises ur ti.lls it brings n steady profit thut piles up I'lioi'inui.slv.
iu li short time.
WHITE KOR CONVINCING PROOFS, ulso our Miiiuinl on sitreowful Bpcctilntioi
and our Daily Market Report, full of iiioiiuy-miiking pointers. ALL FREE. Our Milium
explains margin trading fully.   Highest references hi regard toutir' standing i.iul success)
For further particulars address
THOMAS & Co., Bankers and Brokers,
241-242 Rlalto Building:, CHICAGO, ILL/
Manufactures    of    Sash,    Doors,
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails am


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