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The Golden Era Mar 20, 1897

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<  ~*f" a    a    a    a
We make a Specialty of
Bill Heads,       Posters,
Letter Pads,    Dodgers,
Business Cards,    Etc.,
Etc., Etc., Etc.
Best Advertising Medium
iu East Kootenay.
Neat, Artistic Job Printing
promptly executed.
Per Year
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m   m
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of Bran, Shorts, Oats and Chop now on lutnd
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Agent For   ...
Phosnix of London and other Fire Insurance Cos
+ + +
The Confederation Life Association. Toronto.
* + +
The Reliance Loan & Savings Co.. 0/ Ontario.
Oolden, on the main line of the Caiiiidiun
Pacific Uail-vny. nt its connection with the
steamboat navigation of the (. oli.n.biii rlvur;
the mineral and coinnierchilcentre of Eastern
llritish Columbia; lie��ili|iu.rters of th* Oolden Smelting works, the I 'p-xtr Columbia
Narigutinu Co., i.utl lun.ber industry; the
outlet for the widely known and far
finned Ngriciiltiiriil mid grin-in-.' I1.111I of the
Cohiiiihja A Kootenay vi.lleys t unririillcti
for scenery of all kinds: the distributing
|s>int for the richest mineral country on the
Mr. W. 0. Well* of Palmer has
gone to the Coast on a business trip.
The Scottish Chief on Jubilee Mountain hns lieen bonded to a local man.
There were S'i c|ni>.is located in the
Donald mining < Ivi io.-idi * ng I99'i. .
Mra, Will una of KhsIo is ii, town
on a visit to her mother Mra. Brownrigg. \
The postmaster general will issue a
new three cent stump in honor of Hi-r
MaJHsty's juhile*.
County Conit was held at Donal I on
the lilth inst. when a number of cases
were disposed of.
Onr Motto Neat, prompt and repaid*. Price, always reasonable. -
D. L. Bettschen, Jeweller.
We have had tha ������ Unspeakable
Turk " too long We will soon have
the ''Unspeakable Powers."
The railway men of Donald celebrated St. Patrick'. Dny by giving a grand
hall and supper iu the towu hull.
Bert Low has bonded toTormti
men his interest in the Syenite Bluff
and Agnes mineral claims ou Vermont
Charcoal, the Macleod Indian inor*
,'erer, was hanged st Macleod on
Tui'sdav last for the murder of Sergt.
Thomas McNaught of Thunder Hill,
East Kootenuy. Esquire, hss been
gazetted a Notary Public for the
The B.C. Gazette of March 4th eon*
tains notice of application liy no 1a��s
than 57 new mining companies fjr
Cecil Blxon got hack from Fort
Steele on the last stsge, looking badly-
"sunburnt." He hat g*ue east to
Calgary 10 recuperate.
No less th'.n 400 passengers left To
ronto last Tuesday for the West, a
considerable number cf whom ure coining to British Columbia.
Three new mining companies la e
heen incorporated at. Dom.ld to under*
tske the development of same promising claims in this vicinity.
Mr- W. J. 0. Boucbier of Calgary,
Homestead Ius|iector. has been nui.li.--i
lhat the government will dispense
with his services after April 1st.
��� Where I* the woman with thn
Hi ales? Cecil Rhodes tuke* all Ihe
til-i ine for the Jameson mid ho why
is b* not sent to. jail the same as Dr.
B. Lawrence, the eye specialist, is iu
10.11. H G. 1.....UI1 hit.', secured
tvery sigh": n spectacles, uud s Hue
lot of um n f>- ng i-lssH.s fi r pros-wi-
tors unil 1111 uei-..
Wjik will be resumed short y b.i
tl.* K 0 '" ay Coii-ulrUiiitd u. on the
CroMi, Poin-on .McMi.n ''reck. This
1 s one of ' e uost prom 1 gjiioperties
in the Dint not.
Mr. G. W. Willis of Vancouver,
-lent this week in Golden uu milling
b siuess. He has secured options ou
a grou| f 'a ins at lhe hi-ad Of Mc-
Mui'do Clonk mid on se.erul other 1 ro-,
pei-tieti iu th* vicinity. .-'
Mr. Wa'elel has returned from Bugaboo Creek where he has procured some
promising chums. A lurg* force uf
.men will be put t. work in the spring
Uevei.ip.ng tlie prupert u*��.
The latest cha ���*. e against Premier
Liuirier is that he is a Free Mneuu.
This is positively too iivvful. It is nut
su ! Hi- is not a Mnsou either In.111 or
free   He is only a cabii et-maki r.
It is rumored in town   but rumor is
sniiieiiii,. a a lyin-: report   lhat a lucal
m 11 ng aiiinteitr *x| ert essayed a piece
of ure 111110 his claim lust we. k      The |
ussay sho-.ed t4.K0O.blO to the ton.
Mr. Phillips, secretury of tbe Luke
of tbe Woods Milling Co. spent Tburs
uny iu town He Ims ik-cu .ill through
British Columbia iu the iiiteresis ul
bis coinpiiuy uud was gni.tly uuprrss-
eil wiih what he saw.
The following gentlemen are to be
culled to the bar of this Province: - F
8. Andrews, Ed wurd Croiiyn, E. J.
D-hcoii. W. A. Uilliher. A. C. Gait.
J. K: Grunt, J. A. McDounld, W. J.
Nelson ami P. E. Wilson.
The glorious 17th of Ireland v>ns
appropiately celebrate! here 011 Wed
iiesdsy evening last. It partook largely of the nature of a smoking ( and
drinking) concert mid is suid to have
been a " howling" success.
Arebde.icon Mire'ray condu t*d services in St Pmil's Eniscopial Church
last Sunday. In tb* evening hepreiic'i-
nd on the r.ov��toiisness of Ahsb for
Nshoth's viiteysrd sud the p-tni-h
ment that befell for this transgression.
Tbe li'ir fi ht is over. Fi'fsirnmons
st Carson. Ne-mln. on tli-* I7tb ins' .
n-t Mr. flnr'-ett *n si-Hip in 14 hard
fon-ht rounds It is s-ilij Cor'ett is
ntw w Hi itr to .hs'te iiiind. with Fits.
Ven- lifle -tioney i-linn-ied hnnds her*
in the result.
We hs<-�� 1 ��� -*ntwt in iTi'dp" who
Its. disc v red -i Bl'-'er .lordmt In
British ('"! 1 mil Mini 'heHebrew
race wool 1 he iin: roved if the. fe! on
hscon. W'> exiw*'��� ���.h.-rtl.- tn hear he
hss dilirnvpred Rumiiii remains ill
Fr ilk Littln. ni-iti-H'er of ���' TT>:tr��i
collieries, wis on T'liirwl ' -t|(Kl
hv Mnglsiratt*   A'ri'ts U     n for
employ im* Ohl'i*" mide-        n    noi|.
trnrv to tbe ant1 Chlnci. .-In  -e in the
Coal Mines Reg- '   lop -et  w !nh ws.
recently dcelnre  ci stitnti.. r.|.     Notice of st'peal wt n>,  ��� ,1 ' It I. iton>
j probable  that  the Siipnm* court of
j Canada   will   be called upon to decide
j the oonstitntionality of the clause,
Mr. Win. Logan of Carbonate has
bonded to a London, Ont., Syndicate,
the Black Prince claim in the McMur-
1I0 district and has also bonded to a
local innn the Golden Lien near the
Crown Point on McMurdo creek.
Reports from the directions of Fort
Steele sre tt the effect that snow ha*
fallen heavily there recently. Hay is
verv sore* in the country between
here and Fort Steele and oattle and
borsi-s are said to be in a starving condition.
Certain of the sporting blades in
Golden would rather see a booking
j match between "Ben" and "Joe" than
! the boxing contest between Corbett
j snd Fitzsimmons. "George" says h*
will hold the stakes should the match
be arranged.
j A ^"-i.m-N Era man on the wing
stop ed the proverbial "well known
citizp"" vesterdsy with the stereotyped
j question ; "What do yon know?" "A
j pre-it deal more than I used to, and a
I i'i-' a' deal less than I used to think I
knew." was the answer
O'-r sb'ewslks are now commencing
t < appear and are struggling to dism*
t thirl" themselves from the snowy en-
cntil ranees. If our Calgary curling
1.1 ,. '��� ���.j,0 complained of the want
of  sidewalks���were to   return   they
���ni I ���''.cover that we were well supplied with pavements.
A for m in at the Golden Cache mire
st LMIooet named Marshall Cleveland
was killed by falling over a precipice.
Te lisd tii-en to town and wss return-
I g to th* mine when he fell from sn
icv trail, a distance of 800 feet. His
relatives are supposed to live at Liberty and Oregon City, Oregon.
Pedro-/better known among h'e,
a soeistes ss Swipes is in a disconsolate mood. His friend Harry has gone
��.. av for a few days and he refuses to
tie comforted. He mopes, but has not'
a*- yet taken to tbe chewing of furniture. M< re persons thi.n Pedro will
rei'.ice on Hsrry's return, even "Billy"
will welcome and shake. Hurry np
Some of the Chinese who arrived by
t ��� Empress of India bave put in rlr-
'ilnttoii here a number of counterfeit
American   half dollars, which   are a
0 pital   ropv  of the genuine article.
T'.ev were leeced on the other side bv
1 err.1   clever swindlers.    The public
���uld do well to examine all American
half  tinllars coming into their posses-
si m.   Vancouver World.
Tbe Government has been advised
tb t Her Majesty's Government hss
. |. .-ted Tuesday, June 22, as the day
mi which to hold the official celebr. ���
tion nf the Queen's Diamond Jubilee,
and the ministers are consequently
considering whether or not it is ad*
vlsul le to set aside that day for the
official celebration in the Dominion, or
hold it on Monday the 21st.
The trade and navigation rtturi 1
for IW shows that British Columbia
takes fifth place this year as a revenue
producing province, New Brunswick
l��ing 130,000 ahead of it. The year
previous British Columbia was fourth.
The amount collected in British Columbia was 11,0511.691, and in New
Brunswick 11,0)16,(104. Ontario stands
at the head of th* list, being $30,100
11 head of Quebec.
Tbe latest mining crate in Calgary
has been caused bv some person di*-*
-ru -.-ring black sand in the Elbow river
near Calgary. Tbe excited ones havo
heard lhat similar sand in the Saskatchewan near Edmonton was found to
cum-1268 gold to the ton. Calgarians
uu sluw ! Tbe black sand racket is au
old  one  in B.C.    Even Calgary real
rite ia better than most black sand
pr r-ceil ions.
I A lother flutter of ���xoit*n *.it haa
bu-1 caused in mining circles in (J..i*
gary hy some one taking there from
the Kootenay (as he says) a lump of
rook which on examination was foun 1
to contain all sorts of precious things
and chiefly opals. He told his awe
stricken listeners tbat ha oould show
them acres of similar rock. Wa hav*
no doubt he can Hud acres of tne rook
but  as to tha opals-well he can Umi
j them 0 j���we don't th.'nk. rite GOLDEN BRA .s oublished every
S-itardiiy morning iu time to catch the east
and west mail trains, also the mail for the
ij ipor country, Wiuderuiere, fort 8teele etc
I is the only advertising medium in the Eea
K i itotuiy district.
We trust that every man interested in
mining will at once interest himself in
this mining association and lend his
best efforts toward making it a success. Upon its success largely depends
the success of Golden as a mining
Srtliscription Kates : (ji.OOper annum
Ailvnt-tiseinents aud changes must be iu
the office not later than 12 a in, on Thursday
to insure insertion.
.Ml cash to be paid to the Manager, from
ir horn the Company's receipt will bo obtained.
.Uvortisemeut rates made known on nppli-
o.ttior -jo
The Golden En Puklitblat Company.
SATURDAY, M'C'H 20, 1897.
Some two or three weeks ago it was
suggested  in  these columns  that a
Hoard of Trade should be organised in
Golden and we are glad to learn that
the  proposal   has   met with a hearty
reception   by the business men of the
place.     The Town Committee which
i'or-some years past has done efficient,
work for the place and district will on
the 24th instant wind up its business
affairs and thus render necessary the
formation   of  some  new association
representative of the business interests
oi   the plane, which association shall
be  charged   with the duty of  taking
action   upon   public matters affecting
our  local interests.     No time should
be lost in  calling a public  meeting of
business  men to make  arrangements
for the formation of a good live Board
of Trade as there are various questions
of  vital  interest to Golden, likely to
arise within a very short time.     The
rapid development of the district will
be the means of raising  new public
question*   from  time  to time and no
body ef  men in tb*  district,can command  such   influence  as  a Board of
Trade made up of  representative business men who know best the needs of
the district.
* * .
Mining associations are being formed
all over the Province and it occurs to
us that on* section of the proposed
new Board of Trade might well be
made up of the men in the Golden and
Donald mining divisions who are devoting their time and oapital to the
development of the mineral resources
of these districts. The necessity aud
advantages of such an association of
mining men must be seen by every oue.
At the present time there is no person
in the vicinity to whom an investor
can apply to obtain tbat information
which is requisite to enable him to
form a proper estimate of the extent of
the mineral deposits of this part of the
mineral deposits of this part of the
country or the amount of development
work that has been accomplished.
Such   an   association   as that mentioned   might   be of  great  benefit tu
themselves aud this milling district if
thej* would establish in some convenient  and central place in Golden, and
under the care of  some good man, an
office or room where specimens of all
the  ores found   iu the district can be
exhibited   to  the   public and   where
owners of mining properties can leave
full particulars of  their various properties  together with copies of  assay
certificates, reports, etc.    At the present time we find mine owners offering
their properties for sale and expecting
people to buy them although they cannot furnish sample* of the ore for assay   purposes, nor  can   they furnish
assay  certificates,   the same having,
through carelessness been lost or mislaid.     The  establishment ot such an
office and tb* collection of  all this information  would assist materially in
the  disposition   of  the propertlet bv
sale or  development.     We ar* on the
eve of  a great boom in East Kootenay
and the  McMurdo district and one or
two other* an the "hope" of .Golden.
The Local Legislature is "pegging
away" down yonder at Victoria putting through a few private bills which
give away the water rights of the Province to anybody who has cheek
enough to ask for them, also passing
some acts to clean up certain ��� 'ambiguities" which seem to have crept into
earlier acts of the Legislature which
partake of much the same nature as
those above referred to.
* *
The wise and sensible motion of Mr.
Forsteij, in  the Local House, has been
ruled  but of  order by the Speaker as
contemplating the expenditure of public money.   The purport of t'.ie motion
was that the Dominion, either by herself or with the assistance of the Province, should build and control a railway from the coast to the Crow's Nest
Pass; or  otherwise the Province with
the assistance of the Dominion should
build   and  control the railway.   The
House seems to have acquiesced in Mr.
Speaker's ruling.   His ruling was cer
tainly the most effective way of breaking all discussion on a subject which
is so essential to the well-being of the
people  and  to  the prosperity of  the
Province.     The  ruling-may be in accordance  with precedent, or the rules
of the House.     If  either, the sooner
precedent   is  destroyed and the rules
alterod  the  better  it   will be for the
freedom of discussion. '  The more wc
consider  the ruling the more puzzled
we are to understand the reason,---"the
expenditure of  public money."    Why
tnat should have been the most powerful   reason   for  the discussion in the
House.   It may be unparliamentary to
differ  or  dissent   from the Speaker's
ruling, but when ruling i* inedplicable
to  tbe  lay mind we may be pardoned
for expressing some surprise,
We were puzzled at a similar ruliug
when a petition for the establishment
of a Land Registry office for West
Kootenay was presented to the House.
We knew something was wrong somewhere and very properly blamed the
member for presenting an incompetent
petition. But are ail petitions and
resolutions incompetent when import*
ant business affecting the people's welfare is attempted to be brought iuto
the House bv either ot these methods,
If this be so, it is time there were a
drastic change.
We  could  understand
" hands of building railways and colonization roads between Parry Sound
"and James Buy, and all along the
"North Shore.
Take notice that I intend to apply to J F
Armstrong, Esquire.Stipeiidiary Magistrate,
  --- ��� ,���.W�����|"HWI���w. j.  j.jtiprj-iuai*-,
This may be all very true, nnd wilh-fc^
disputing   the  accuracy   of the i sel House, Oolden.
above statements���some of which we
do not admit���we enquire how stands
British   Columbia  in   regard to the
Dominion?   Our   Province gives  far
more to the Dominion than shs receives
in return,   If all tbe revenue collected
in our Province were retained for its
use, there would be ro need of subsidies from the Dominion. *  Part of the
revenue contributed bv us hat gone to
develop the resources of Ontario and
why should there be abjections to more
of that revenue being paid back  to us
to enable us to develop - ouu. mineral
wealth.   British Columbia i* the largest province in the Dominion and promises soon to be the richest and most
prosperous.    We do not want any aid
from Ontario, but we want soiue of j
our revenue paid back to us -so us 'o
develop -and the more we develop the
greater will be our revenue.   Has- Ontario become jealous  of her Western
Sister?   If there is to be rivalry,  let
it be the rivalry of friendly emulation.
Bust Kootenay Mine..
Mr. W. Pellew Harvey of Vancouver, a graduate of the Cornish School
of Mines iu England, whs interviewed
in Toronto by the Globe and among
other things Mr. Harvey said:
"East Kootenay," "has been very
much neglected in the past, as there
are undoubtedly vast bodies of ore
there which will sooner or later"he the
means of adding considerably to the
wealth of those who nre lucky enough
to get iu ami ��� rocure properties at a
time when they can be acquired at a
reasonable cost. The hick of lacilties
for transportation hns stood in the way
of more rapid development. This, however, will be overcome by tho building
of such lines as the Crow's Nest Pass
and, whether th* line is built by tbe
C. P. R. or the government, the liene*
fits derived by the owners of properties
will be enormous.
'It is in East Kootenay,' continued
Mr. Harvey, ��� that the great coal field*
are located. These have to be looked
to as a most important factor for cheap
smelting in East ami West Kootenay,
and the Crow's Nest Puss railway will
be the means ol opening np these fields
and laying down coal, and cuke where
it is wanted."
Golden, B.C., March llth, 1897.
Prospectors and Miners having claims or
interests in claims for stile, could not do better than communicate with -
Mining Broker & Financial Agent,
Golden and Fort Stbkle.
TENDERS will be received by the undersigned up to April 20th, 1897, for the purchase of all these parcels of bind, situate in
East Kootenuy District, known ns lots thirty
(DO), thirty-one (SI), thirty-two (82) and
thirty three '.Aa), in Block seventeen (17),
Subdivision of section twelve (12), township
twrnty-seven 127), range twenty-two (22),
west of the filth principal meridian, in the
province of llritish Columbia, according to
a map, or plan, deposited in tiie Land Registry Office at Victoria, B, C, numbered
four hundred antl sixty-nine.
The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Dated March llth, 1897.
47 Langley St., Victoria,
Solicitor for the Mortgagees,
East, West, North, South.
Yoa need not go either direction to(etPerfect*Flttinc,
Well-Hade, and Dnrable
Ye people of Golden, and Donald too,
Your Tailor has come, his name is Frank
He can cut and lit with the best in the land,
Andmakesup a garment with his own hand.
In England he cnt for houses of fame.
Such as Hobson*s of London, who bears a
I great namei
And in Canada too, Just let me say
He wss cutter for the great Hudson's Bay.
cleaning, nnd altering too,
oroughly done by this same Frank
Willbe' ______________
-V ' [Piigh;
Both Ladles'and Gentlemen's clothes let me
��    - [state,
Will be workmanlike doue, nud quite up to
Now let ine solicit your work, old and new,
And put to the test, your tailor.Frank Pughs
His charges you'll find will be all right
And the work when completed,  "Just out
[ of eight."
"Patronise Home Industry!"
Store opposite post office,
Golden, B. C.
Toronto Mineral Claim, situate hi the Gold
en Mining Division ot East Kootenay District
located Kpillimaclieeii Moi.maiu.
Take notice that I, John McRae, free miner's
certificate No. 41117, intend, sixty d.,ys
from the date hereof, to apply to tlio (>i>li
Commissioner fur a certillcate uf improvements, for tho purpose of obtaining a
Crown grant of lhe above claim.
And further take notice, that wi verso claims 	
of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 10th day of June, 181111,
Jiill.N Mc'tAK,
Office -
By hissgont, F. <V. Aylmer.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ a charter-
monger, like the Provincial Secretary
having serious objections to the discussion of the railway resolution or
the Government whose ways are like
the heathen Chinee, having every desire to break the discussion. None of
these motives could possibly influence
the Speaker, but yet the reason of his
ruling is like'.nto the goodness of the
Creator ���"past finding out."
* * *
The Toronto Scar is against the
Dominion Government giving aid to
build the Crow's Nest Pass railway
It says: "Let British Co uinhia build
" it herself -as the benefit is for her-
" self alone ���why should the Dominion
"or rather Ontario, which now pay*
" three-fifths of the Dominion Govern-
"ment** expenditure, help in the construction of the Crow's Nest Pas*
" lin*. whioh will benefit British Col-
"unibia only, while Ontario has al*
" ready done so much for the rust of
" the Dominion and needs to much development in its own mining and
" timber districts. There is _ strong
" feeling that it is time Ontario did
"something iu the way of developing
"all its northern districts, lhat On-
"tario's first duty is to itself, and
"that British Columbia, having given
"away vast resources, cannot fairly
"look to Ontario for'aid, wheu. this
"province has the big task ou its
a ���
I. It Crow'. Nest Pas. Construction t
Lethbridge. March III. -Dan Mann,
railroad contractor, arrived here this
morning. In view of the contemplated building of the Crow's Nest road, a
staff of Canadian Pacific railway engineers, under the direction of M. H.
McLeod, hus been engaged during tlie
past week in making a final selection
of the various projected surveys. Owing to the bright suushine aud recent
fall of snow three, of the party are
laid up to-day with snow-blindness.
A Merchant's Revenge.
A good story of bow a merohant got
even with the Government come* from
Brussels. The Treasury officials seised
a shipment of 1,000 pairs of gloves on
the ground that the goods were undervalued, paying the merchant for them
at the prices at whiuh they were entered, and causing bim to lose a big contract. Shortly afterwards he imported
another case of the same kind of gloves
declaring them at exactly the same
value as the former entry. Again the
Treasury officials seized the goo Is, and
paid the merohant their declared value. - -,     ,, ,       ���- -, -,--
Whpn time ..(TeiBil thn -loves for suln rata* iwnielyt���.poll such excess when tlie
I .      .i.       i      j .   ..T I       ���     "��"*'�����������*�� '"������"��� ihtiu ten alioiisiuid dollars,
however, they found to their chagrin oneaudono-quartorufune per cents when
that they were all made for the left such excess is over teu tiiuiisiiiid dollars nisi
hand, iu coiiseiiiienue of which no pur- i not more than twenty lli,iiis..nd dollars, ouo
j.i...... j..,.,i.i i- fj...��� i wi.ki.. ..<_-. l *��1 oue-huli otono per cent* when su.-li ex-
chaser could lie found.     Withiu a few | ^ ������ ovor twciity'tlh.iu.Miii dollar
Notice to Taxpayers.
Assessment Aot and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
Northern Division of East Koote
nav District.
NOTICE is hereby given in accordance
with the Statutes thai 1'rnvinc ii I Revenue Tux and all taxes levied under the Assessment Act ure uowilne tor tlie yer it-H?.
All of the alwve named taxes i-ujlectuble
within the Northern l)h i>iou of Knst bis.ie
nay District aro payable at my office, the
Court House, Goldeu.
Assessed taxes ure collectable at the following rates, vis i���
If paid on or before June '10th lf-il7:
Three-filths of one percent on Reid Property.
Two nml one-half perceutou assessed value
of wild land.
One-half of one per cent on personal property.
On so much of the incomes ol any person as
exceeds one thousand dollars the tullimiug
rates namely:- I'pun such excess of income
when the sum i.i not mora than ton thoiisiiuti
dollars, one per cent; wheu such excess is
over ten thousand dollars mid not more th.-.ti
twenty thousand dollars one ami nnc-qiuiner
of one per cent; when such est ess is over
twenty thousand dollars, one and one -half of
one tier ceut.
If paid on or after the 1st July 1807
Four-fifths of one per rent on Real property
Three per centou the assessed value of
wild Iiinil.
Three-fourths of ono per cent on Personal
(hi so much of the incomes of any person as
exceeds one tliousauil dollars the fulluu-ing
< ���
 Alexander Block, Upstairs,
<;or.DE��T, b.c.
and Operated.
Correspondence from Owners of Mining I 'ropertios anil Parties i-ieeking
Mining Investments solicited.
Wholesale and Retail Drug-gist
between Winnipeg: and
the Coast.
Mai! Orders Receive
Prompt Attention.
Calgary, Alberta.
WATCH  .  .  .
Clock and Jewelry repairing done in
the best style of the trade with tho
'oust possible delay. Mail and express orders receive prompt attention.
Watchmaker and Jeweller - Golden. I. C.
(Opposite the Columbia House.)
Agent for the Canadian Smelting &
Assaying Works.
Assays, Tests snd Smelting of Ores
wiih the greatest expedition snd scientific accuracy.
. tailor write lor further information,
......     ,,  11 rata is over twenty
hours a shabby nine old msn appeared j threu-ipinrtcrs of
at the appraisers' -.tores, said he had
heard Home gloves were there whiuh
oould not.be sold, and asked how much
he oould have them for. The appraiser
who had been kicking himself for having seised tho worthless stuff, said the
good* oould be had fnr the cost of
storage and cartage. Iu. three hours-f
the gloves were lying in the warehouse
of the importing merchant, who, a
month later, brought in 1,000 right
hand ones, which were passe I through
the custom bonne without demur-
Dry Goods Economist.
.. -- .- one por cent.
I'roviui-ud Keveiiuu Tux *1.0'
one and
per capita.
Assessor and Collector.
Goldeu, January .nd, 1807.
Cliureli Srvices.
The usual evening service will I e
held to-morrow iu St. Paul's Chinch
at 7:110 o'clock.
Methodist service will be held in the
school house tomorrow tveuii g
at 7:1)0 o'clock.
Gcldan Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patient*.
TICKETS may be had from tbe undersigned or any member of the
PRICE-Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private ward*.
Acting Secretary.
_________^__^^_^^_^^^_. ,    Service   will  he  conducted   in the
Good judgment in the selection of Presbyterian   Church   by   Rev. T. 8. |
mediums is at the basil of successfuliGlassford,  B..i.,  ta morrow morning'
advertising. -      at 10 o'clock.
__*"�����; A Senator Fer Kootenay.
The following is from the Mining
Record:   "If rumor is to be relied
upon there will be a vacant senator-
ship   in  thi*  province  before long.
Should this turn out to be the case we
desire to point out to the Government
that tbe representation of British Columbia in parliament is not equally divided. The Coast get* tbe lion's share.
Viotoria has two members in the Commons, Nanaimo one, Vancouver oue,
New Westminster one, and the great
district of Yale*Cariboo only one:    In
the Senate there are  two   from the
Coast  and  one  from  Cariboo,    but
Kootenay is entirely left out in the
cold.   So far as the Commons is con
corned tliere can hardly bo a change
made in the representation until after
the next census, and this will nieau
practically that Yale-Cariboo will have
to get along with one member for tbe
next ten years.   Yet during that time
tb* population of Kootenay alone bids
fair to more than double tbat of all the
other sections of the province put together.   We see, then, before ua an injustice, being done an important district
which apparently cannot be remedied
for  years  to  come.   The  Dominion
Government, however, has it in ita
power, if it to desires, to grant a par*
t al remedy whioh,  although  not all
tl.at conld be desired, would be better
than nothing. When a vacancy occurs
iu the senatorial representation of this
province, let the position be given to a
Kootenay man.   This would leave one
Senator for the Coast, one for Cariboo
aud one for Kuoienuy- a fair division.
To appoint a Senator (rom the Coast
would be au injustice to Kootenay,
whicu to-day is one of the most important sections of British Columbia-
one whiuh will have more population
and produce more wealth during the
next few years than all the ortier parts
oi the province combined.    We would
like to sea this questiou takeu up by
the people and press of Kootenay so
that tbe  Dominion  Government  may
be made .fully aware of public feelii'g
on the subject."
No���Kootenay doesn't want any
Senators aud the whole country can
get along very nicely without them
and save the expenditure uf half a
million dollars a year. There are too
many .Senators already -There are not
enough members of the House of Common*. Kootenay needs more repre
sentatives of her people-A Senator is
not .responsi ule to tbe people-He
doesn't care a " hang" for the people
He represents the Government that ap<
point* Iiiiu. Instead of Yule-Cariboo
having oue representative iu the Coin
mom she should have three or four.
If the Mining Record will explain what
earthly ute the S.mator is we might la
inclined to argue the question as to
how many Kootenay ought to have,
At the same time the Record might ex
plain of what earthly use are a lot ol
them who are now in tbe Senate.
Somo time ago a deputation of Railway men waited on some of thu Ottawa
authorities and asked that they la-
given repi-eseiiiution in the Senate.
The reply wus ������ what good can we do
you in the Senate ir1 If yo i want a
man in.a place where ho cun be of use
to you elect him tu tbe House of Commons.       	
The ll rent ness ot llrltnln.
- According to the St. Petersburg No-
voe Vreiuya. tbe British  government
is at the bottom of the new outbreak
ill Crete.    Seuor   Michelena.  formerly
Venezuelan   envoy to Givnt  Britain,
has a notiuii thut the Anglo-Vouexuel
au Treaty is a piece of British trickery;
the French ('hanvini-ts iweiva Brit
ain ever.vwh.-re obstructing the growth
of their colonial empire,  aud S untui
Morgan hns ni-jhtiniites over  iinugiu
ary British  intrigues  ill  Nlciiin-iilll I
What witb famine and plague raging
ill India, with wars nt-u'nsi the  Mnh-
dists an the Upper Nile, with the Fill
ahs on tbe Niger, with the c.niiibul
monster who rules  B nin,  nnd   with
trouble brewing  in  Smith   Africa,  tu
say nothing of doiiiesiio aff.iiis and
the per ���miinl Irish ipiestion. one wou'd
suppose thut  Great   Britain   hud   her
bands pretty full.   Nevertheless,   ibe
ubiquitous Briton seems io find time
to keep the jiujioes all over the woild
in a cunt unions stain of panic.    What
an unconscious tribute to these Anglophobia.-* pav   to  the   uii-'ht   nf th"
British Empire!    Philadelpb u Record
In a biilK-1 of voices, ibe one voice
-thnt is loudest and strongest will be
beard and ram-guim-il nlsi-.e ihediu;
all the other weaker voices comb ins.
will not l-e able lo nnnsir ils ndividu*
nitty. The "iii'-i'.-Vt i.ilvi-ri iscr in nny
line nf business mekes a -ii-cnttr impression . ou ihe publ n tbun a tb-zen
small ml'ei'is.rs whu. i:i-lli|iii,ctl. |cr-
baps *pen<i twice n. mi., h. Thcri- sen
���mall voices are nil piielied m one kei,
while the large advertiser's torn. lis. s
dominant, strong ami atteuiiuu compelling,   ubove  the ma*��.
-ut Dr. Agnew's Ouro for the Heart
Gave relief In 30 Minutes uud throe
Bottle, effected a cure which baffled the best of I'hysicluus.
This is what Mrs. J. Cockburn of Wark-
wortb, Ont., says t "For tburteen years I
have been a great sufferer from heart ilisease:
troubled very much with sharp, shooting
pains constantly passing through my heart.,
Very often the spasms were so severe that 1
would become unconscious. My limbs would
swell antl become quite cold. For these fourteen years I doctored with best physicians
without relief. Having seen Or. Agnew's
cure for the heart adv*rtisod, 1 determined t..
try it, und before I had taken half a buttle I
.found groat rebel. 1 felt the beneficial erlocts
��� inside of SO, minutes, I have takeu throe
bottles and, it has dime mo more goud tbau
any medicine or any physician ever did, 1
can conscientiously recommend it to ull suf-
lerers Irom heart trouble. Sold by C. A, V, arreu
a a
.'.' My dear," said the editor's wife to
her husband, "I want $20 to pay for
my new bonnet.  It is a perfect poem."
"I never pay for poems,"replied the
brute of a man.
In the fall of 1H93 a son of Mr. T.
A. A. McFarland, a prominent merchant of Live Oak, Sutter Co., Cal,,
was taken with a very heavy cold.
The pains in the chest were so severe
that he bad spasms aud wus threaten,
ed with pneumonia. His father gave
him several large doses of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy whiuh broke up
the cold and cured him. . Mr. McFarland suys whenever his children have
croup he invarihly gives tliein Chum
berlaiti's Cough Remedy and it always
cures them. He considers it tlie best
cough remedy iu the market. Fur Sale
by Druggists Litngly A Co., Wholesale Agents Victoria and Vancouver.
a ���
Suffer more or less from-hut Most of
���fallalve.r Diseases. Cuturrh��� Iliul
Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal I'owder Is a
wonderful renii-dy I. t.-nt lllo.l to b.v
Thousands who hav been cured
Outright���Mr. Alex. -Uuiomlson ��i
Roieinutli. Oat., suys i
"1 huve lieen troubled witb catarrh fora
great uu.iiy yours. Have siii'raretl greatly
from it. 1 had tried all the so-called cures,
but never received any relief from Ihem.
Seeing Ur. Agnew's Catarrh..! 1'owtler large
ly adreriiaed.i determined tu try it, Jtliough
very sceptical ubout any relief, but i was
greatly ami agrreably surprised, fur frum lhe
first tlnsu 1 received very great relief, mid today 1 can bouestly say that it has cured. 1
keep it coustj.ntly iu lho house, as we find it
u quick cure for cold iu the head. It gives
almost instant relief. 1 bave uo hesitancy iu
procLi nitig it the best cure fur c.lt.rrli, aim
I heartily recommend it to oil sin.e.ers irom
this malady.    Sold by Charles A. \\ arreu.
She -1 want to get a
best enamel.
Clerk   Yes, madam,
pint of jour
Face or Bicy-
a ��
Itching, Hum lug Skin Ol.cuse.Cureii
For 33 Outs.
Dr. Agnew's Ointment relieves in one day
ami cures I'.rtier, Salt Kbouiii, Sci.lil iluail,
Eexoma, Harbors' Itch, Livers, bluiclie.t aim
JI erupti .ns ol ibe skin, ll is sou. lung aim
quiotiug aii'l acts like magic iu lhe cure olall
baby buruois;, ij ce.i is. ixild by c,. _ tl arreu
These wonderful Dyes save thousands of
dollars annually to happy homes in Caiurda.
At thi. season, old, faded and soiled dresses,
capes, jackets, and mens' and buys' suits enn
be re-dyed, and mads lo look as well as new,
at a cost of U1 cents.
Diamond Dyes are the easiest to one | they
are the brighlc-'t, strongest ami most durable.
Ask for the "Diamond"; refuse all others
Direction Boob and samples tf colored (loth
free, address
Wells & Richax-sonCo., MontrealP. Q.
Husband (haughtily)   I never
Wife - Well, I wish to gracious you
would. You buy inoru things at
higher prices tbau any two men iu
�� ���
How to dure ltheuiui.tl.in.
Aragu, Cous Co., Greguu, Nov. 10,
IS!)'). I wish* lo iiifi-riii .ou of lhe
great g.Mitl Chuiul-erluiii'a Pain Balm
has dune uiy wife Siie bus been troubled with rheumatism of tho arms and
hands lor six months, ami has tried
many remedies prescribe.! fur that.turn
plaint, but found no relief until sin-
used this Pain Balm; uue bottle uf
which has completely cined her
take pleasure in rrcuniiueii.liiig it fur
that trouble, Yi.ius irulv. 0. A. Bui
lord. For snlo hv llruggis s I.iuigl' >t
Oil., Wlndes-ile Agents V.uiuiiu and
Valient ver.
Pacific By.'
Direct Route to all Eastern
Montreal and Toronto without
change of oars.
Direct connection steamers at
Baggage checked to European
Special trip
Around   the World,
R.M.S. "AORANGI" Intended to
leave London march 17th,
1897, via Tenerlffe, Cape
Town, Melbourne, Sydney,
New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii,
and Vancouver; Tickets
good for 12 months.
Shortest and quickest route t(.
To China and Japan via the
famous Empre.sSter.mers
To Australia and N *w Zealand
via the Can-Aus. line.
Apply for pur'iculurs to
Traffic Manager,
Or to Winnipeg.
V. E. WF.I.I.S.
j-.ge.it. I-hiIiW-ii.
ky lhm__.il.. s��f., Sor* .nd Alw.y. rIUM.
KEIUSK M1IISTIIUTE*i. F.-im .11 Hni����IM.
ar �����'-�����, (re. from oln_��.il"H, on mceipi of
II no. Sealed nuilcuUis S mete
NEW   .   .
Driag along- yonr
ETC.   .     .
and have tliem put in first class repair.
Mail orders receive prompt attention.
''Satisfaction Guaranteed."
Watchmaker & Jeweller.
Pursuant to the "Execution Act."
In the Supreme Court of liritisli Columbia
Ainslev Megraw,
William llavin Couson.
W J Armstrong,
William Bavin Couson, Defendant.
In obedience to tn-o writs of Fieri Farias, issnel out of the aliove Court, und to
mc delivered in I Iio above sni's. the former for the sum of AI8I.72, and the latter for tho sain
nl'S-Jlll.-.--. together ni'h interest on the same, besi les sheriff's fees, I'oiiiidiiges, and till ether
expenses cimnectoil with these suits, I hnve sei/.ed und will nft'er for sale by 1'nlilit- Auction
ill frontof tlio I'ost. Office,. Dt-uulil, I'rovince of I'litisli Columbia, all the right, title, nnd
interest of ibe iihove-iuiincd Dc'cnilniit in thn hriids mid premises described below, or
sittli. ient thereof to satisfy the j ulgmeiit debts and costs in these actions.
East Kootenay
NO. ot I.OI'
,    No. S,
Muck 4.
(-IIMD'HI* Ilir-t-lill'l-IOM
ill' PimPKiirr
Ad.litiiin No. ' Town of
Dout.lil   Map 448
���ease demise for Wl year,
yearly rent of 91.00
WHEN T. HE NOl.ll.
Monday, March ;*Htli, 18117, ll! lesin
Front of I'ost Oflico Donald
Tnim Cash.
Ijind llegistry Offit-e. Victoria,
ilnl day of March. ItW,
'.11.-10 o'clock a.m.
StipeiS-ni* hair cu he I , ..     , _n_^_���_���_���______
ml Ir .si the !>��, sou Mid I he'p'.y eor iV Mint the -Minn-lug uni lhe nniv charges registered nirninst lot
^h^S-fed'hr   ?* *U* '��� '"','i i"" N" ' -'-'"" '-' " "'���,,,��� �����-" W'>"��* ii,le �� ��WK reSsKii, tia!
���PILATON.'p*tl��lirl-ll-lln.. Sumby Mil.M.led, ,
.. rM'Ipt .1 ptic. Il.otl.    >s��ll > w. "nl
The modern standard Family Medicine: Cures the
common every-day
ills of humanity.
..us.iimH enrad bv L ANH'S SPB-
       Ily -uil, fl.OO;
1 ins*., WUU     I'snkruUr. FrM.   Tkt
Ua. M<4IcIm* Ca . MMiml. Cu.
��� ��� ���- ������'.flSilL- . _. ������..fia.-ii. *~J;f-_ -
THIftTV-CgVrNT'-! VrAP.   ��� 4-  ���
. Twenty i-ages Weekly; Illustrated.
j      Inoispt-NSABiE to Mininu Men.
> i-bei Mtui. m tub. ronr.
KMimi nu.
(220 Market St.,  8an FBAnasco^CAi
name of the I'.-.iiiili.-iii I', cilb' "all myl i'iii"aiiyi
���Ith Hep e I or. -w The I'.-.iindiaii I'n.-ille Railway Company (bVtheiriittornev
in fiil'l, llurrv Abli.ti I'le-er, I'l.t' No IIIK'n to Vi illiinn llavin Consoii, Demise for '.IU yean
lit the yearly i-i',i- nf < m '   ll. I'M  14, I 8. Ml*! |li.
'st He e nlier, Mil .v' illiinn I'livin I'lmsnn tn Arthur Demnaii, mnrtgngn for all
the residue of the term created liy illdsi il I case, eseept the Inst day thereof to set-tire psy-
iiient uf the sum of '-1 > .' ���* ��� in *.'ni"ii b-' finn I'ntn and interest at U |ier cent, tier annum,
(C. II. II. 4:-ll. I-R-V11 i'iipplii-iii|..n    !i1i-i reglstarcri 24H-IG).
And I i-erlil'y ili.it he lullii.ving are the only judgments registered against the
real esti. e of \\ illiinn l.u in i iinsiill.
ii,\i-i-: .il'
Kl-tllSI'lt .MUX
,1 Mi III.IT
A474 72
A :'.-| ft)
AI-CI 10
i*ri iKJ
Ainsley Megraw
Hainnel C. Hrnl ll
W. J. Armsli'img
Hainnel 0. Hmiili
Ainsley Megraw etal.
ind ' liir.ity that thero is im tin e; istere.1 application for registration in
i-es|-ect of the sal   lots.
S. Y. W00TTON,
FRED. LILLrX'l.', E8Q.,
Vernon, B.C.
Reg-istmr General. Langly A Co.. Wholesale Druggists,
Victoria and Vancouver, desire us to
{lublish tho following extract from A
etter of Cliaa. M- Gutfeld, ol Beedloy.
Fresno Co., Cal., as lie handles the
���remedy referred to and wants his customers to know what a splendid medicine it is:
"It is with pleasure I tell you that
by one day's use of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy 1 was relieved of a very
severe cold. My head was completely
stopped up and I could not sleep at
night. I can recommend this remedy.
A oold nearly always starts in the head
and afterwards extends to the throat
���nd lungs. By using this remedy
freely as soon ns the cold has been contracted it will oure the oold at once and
prevent it from extending to the lungs,
The East Kootenay Mining and Developing Company have acquired by
bond and purchase, several valuable
properties on Perry crook, Bull antl
Elk rivers. Mr. D, W. Jackson, representing the company is preparing
to commence work us soon ns possible
on the Purry creek properties. ���Prospector.
The annual report of tho Canadian
Pacific Hallway Company whicli wus
issued last week contains the following
reference to the construction of the
Crow's Nest Pass railway j The directors feel that they cannot too
strongly urge the immediate construction of n line from Lethbridge to u
connection with your Columbia and
Kootenuy railway at Nelson, a distance of .125 miles, and, anticipating
your approval,they have already taken
stops towards tho commencement ol
the work at the opening of the spring.
Yonr directors confidently expect reasonable assistance at the hands of the
Dominion government,
There is nothing which indicates the
rapid growth of business in Kootenay
so strongly as the spread of banking
institutions throughout the country.
Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo, Snndon
New Denver, Kamloops and now Revelstoke all have brunches of great Canadian banks established. The Bank
of Montreal, Bank of British Columbia
Bank of British North America and
Imperial Bank appear to be vieing with
each other which will get in first. No
sooner is the branch of one bunk established than another soon follows,
and as bankers are generally conservative in their mode ol doing business
and do not go where trade will not
warrant it, the conclusion whicli may
be safely reached is that our mining
towns ure ut present in a very prosperous condition.���Record.
The Toronto Weekly Sun says: '-In
the meantime, what is the necessity ?
Why should Canadians be further impoverished to build the Crow's Nest
Pass Railway? So fur all that has
been claimed is that it is necessary to
enable our merchants and manufacturers to secure the growing trade of the
mining.camps, that the mining camps
may draw supplies of potatoes aud
flour from the district about Lethbridge
that it will bring to the mining camps
a kind of coal suitable for making coke
which is now brought all the way
from England, that it will open up a
district, of great miueral wealth, and
that it will counteract or destroy the
American influence in that region now
established." What is that but the
old spirit that has been keeping Canada in the background fer decades past?
We are not only doing business ou a
back street with the shutters up us
well. ���Freo Press.
Southern East Kootenay has been
only partly prospected and that in only
the more easily accessible sections. A
number of very prominent properties
have been located, some indicating
enormous richness. Prospectors who
bave been in that section for several
years say that vast areas have uot
been explored, although enough is
known of the surrounding country to
convince thorn that the interior offers
tbe venturesome prospoctor rich rewards. Tba routs of the proposed
Crow's Nest Pass railway passes
through this section and, iu anticipation of its speedy construction, there
will unquestionably be a widespread
exploration of that district. Tlie great
difficulty that attends even the partial
development of claims already located
(��� the lack cf trails. Most of the trails
Already opened owe their existence to
the independent work of industrious
find determined prospectors. Thus far
the government has expended only a
few hundred dollars. There can be
no doubt that this large and practically unexplored section offers remarkable inducements to prospectors.���
If yon expect to conquer
In tho battle of to-day
Yon will have to blow your trumpet
In u firm und steady wny.
If you toot yonr littlo whistle,
Then lay aside the horn,
There's not u soul will cvor know
That such a ni.-iii was horn.
Tlio man that owns his acres
Is tlio mnn that plows all day,
And tho man that keeps .-i-humming
Is tho niini that's hero to stay.
Uut the niini who advertises
With n sort of sudden jerk
Is tho niini t li.it blames tlio printor
liei-nu.st! it didn't work.
Uut thn man that gets the business
li.sus lii-iiiuy printer's Ink,
Not it clatter and a sputter,
Uut nu add that makes yon think;
And ho plans his advertisements
As he plans his well bought stock,
And the future uf his business
Is iu solid us u rock.
H. Shorey Uo. of Montreal, lire Taking
Prompt Measures  to enable  tbe
Roadersof This Paper to get
What They ask for,
We will send freo of charge to any
lady or gentleman one of the following
useful and valuable articles :
A desk tablet in leatherette with lead
pencil, calender and adjustable writing
block, elegantly stamped in gold.
A leathor pocket match case with
brass striker.
A 100 page alligator leather memorandum book, gilt edged and ruled.
A leather and celluloid cigar case,
with calender, very compact.
An elegant canvas; corered pocket
wallet,' bound in red leather, with
memorandum book.
Aa a compensation we only ask, if
you are a resilient of a town or village
containing the number of inhabitants
mentioned below, to send the names of
merchants who deal in clothing or Dry
Goods and from whom you nro utiable
to obtain Shorey's mako of clothing or
Rigby Waterproof Cloth or Clothing.
Prom a village or town of 500 to
1200 inhabitants send 2 names,
From a village or town of 1200 to
6000 inhabitants send il names.
From a village or town of (iOUO or
over inhabitants send 4 names.
Our reason for making this offer is
that as a consequence of making n
superior class of clothing a demand
has been created ior our goods, and it
has been claimed that it was sometimes
impossible for people to get our make
from their dealers who probably could
make more profit by selling an inferior
class of goods. We wishto investigate the matter and intend arranging
that everyone shall be able to obtain
Shorey's Guaranteed Clothing, uo matter in how obscure or out-of-the-way
place they mny reside.
H. SHOREY A CO., Montreal.
Wholesale Clothiers and Dealers
���   in Rigby Waterproof Clothing
and Cloth.
Conditions  In Britain,
In the Globe appears the following
paragraph: " Mr. D. D. Mannn, a Montreal contractor, who has just returned
from England, states that iu Manchester be found workmen so scarce that it
was difficult to procure labor. As his
business was in connection with the
Manchester railway he should know
the condition of the British labor market. According lo paotection theories
the British workman should all bo idle
through the influx of foreign goods.
Tbe trouble with such theories is that
they never lit the facts." Reports from
"the Old Country" generally agree
in stating that the industrial condition
there is good nnd the unemployed
scarce, in which respect they differ
materially from the reports from the
protected United States. It may be
well to note further that said reports
indicate a small imigration from Britain during the current year, and therefore a small increase to Canada's
population from that source. Canadians, however, are not. so selfish as tn
feel regret if a wave oi prosperity keeps
the British workiiigntuti (rom leuviug
his own country.
Au English company now seeks to
develope the Yukon country on a large
scale, if they can como to terms with
the government. A bill of incorporation will be asked from Pui-litinient
with power to do a general trading
and transportation business, The company does not ask financial assistance
from the government, except what is
implied in a guarantee of ii per ceut ou
a million dollars' worth of bonds.' No
monopoly is intended, although the
development plans of tho company include the construction of many miles
ef railway. They will utilize tho
White Mountain Pass to gain access to
tbe country,
���ghtetttf-o (Cca-Jt��.
GEO. H. Met* 4KTKR.
Notary Public, Conveyancer, Etc,,
Office ���
Alexander Ulock, Golden, B. C.
Representing i
The Alberta A Kootenuy Development Co.
The Eust Kootenuy Mining and Development Co., Etc., Etc.
Mineral Claims bought, sold, and developed.
R.   J.   JEPHNOjV,
D.L.S. A P.L.S. for U.C. DOMINION &
Draughtsman, Valuntor.otc, CALGARY,
N.W.T.   Correspondence Solicited.
R.J.JEHHSO.N, D.L.S.,P.L.S. of B.C. &Ont.
I'al.iiiiuv, Alba.
Mining Broker,
Financial Agent,
Notary Public,
Conducted in all its branches by .
(M.N. Eng. Inst. M. & M. E.)
Samples tested up to 200 lbs.   Certificates
direct tn clients.
A. J. Hopkins, Alexander Block.
Undertakers and
���   .   Embalmers,
Calgary      ��� Alba
The Neilson Furniture Co
Will mail, free of charge, one of their
Illustrated   Catalogues  and   Price
Lists to  tiny person sending them
their address.
The  Nellson    Furniture  Co.,
Calgary, Alberta.
HULL BROS & lo..
Wliolcnale and Retail
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Beer!   Beer!   Beer!
The best Beer in Canada is made by the
Calgary   Brewing tt Halting
Co.,  Lt'd.
Manufacturers of Peer, Ale and Soda Water.
Insist on getting Culgary Beer every 'line.
Thev all have it.
The Company's agent for East Kootenay is
H. -U. Parson,
Golden, U.C.
���o viamv
Ainr-SM mi-Iik ��� ���Mob snd ascription may
���liO .11 month*.    StWl_.ll CO(H��Jl Uld HAJID
Book os r_i_NTS sent-w. Adams
301 Brea.nav, Hew Vert.
It is not necessary to pull down
your competitor's business ip order to
build np your own.
Watch Repairing. . .
By a Competent Man.
W. Alexander will \te at the Queen's
Hotel every Thursday and Friday
and will be pleased to quote prices
on work and Watches at figures that
will open your eyes.
Canmore,      : - :     Alberta,.
* * g _L_B -L_L__JP-_-_5___J
>(p(DC)(DB(tB>'0>ottca��<td*-a)(H)<8 fi_9L_j * ���
Upper Golurqbia NaVigatioi} & TranjWay to.,
���    ���    and    ���    ���    ���
Irjtsrqational Transportation Eon]paqy.
TIME    TABLE.     1.897.
Go-jD-N-Fort Strki.h route-Until opening of Navigation, Stage will
leave Golden every Tuesday, 2, p. ill., arriving in Fort Steele Saturday
Leaves Fort Steele every Tuesday morning, arriving at Golden Friday
After 1st May, 8tcamers will leave Golden 4, a. m., Tuesdays and Fridays, connecting with Stage at Adela uud arrive at Fort Steele Thursday
and Sunday ufteruoons.
I.envo Fort Steelo Tuesday and Friday mornings and arrive at Golden
Thursday and Sunday afternoons.
Fort Steele* and Jcnnlng* Rente.
Navigation expected to open 10th April.  After 1st May boats will leave
dully (except Sunday j. ;
Golden Ist March. -
F. P. Armstrong,
<S 3> 9 O OS 9 9 119 SO SS OS IS (D SS CS 9 <9 $ 0 Q A 5 �� 9 **���>'
a     Job    Department     g
K -:o:- OF -:o:- ��
|  The GOLDEN ERA   g
Golden Sash & Door Factory & Machine Shop.
Manufacturers ol Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Turned and Sawn Balusters,
Newel Costs, Hand Kails and Brackets.   All sir.es of glass in stock.
The Machluo and lll.icksinith Shop are prepared to do all kind of repair
as soon as possible.   111 sixes of Pipe Fitting and Brass goods on hand,.
Wagon repair, Poles, Shafts, Axles, Spokes and Felloes. Hickory snd
Maple Plank.
N,t a Pleasant Surprise
to have your new snlt rip at the seems, ( I
lhe pockets tear down through not being | I
well stayed, tbe buttons cone off, or to t |
have it shrink up tbe first time it gets , |
wet io that you cannot wear it. All these . .
unpleasant and unprofitable results may
���be svoided by Insisting on getting ''
I Shorey's Clothing. In tbe pocket of <'
each garment is a little ticket guarantee- I I
ing it, the guarantee is good and means I I
what it says. *e i |


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