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The Golden Era May 6, 1893

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VOL. II    NO 40
��� %  0��*w��
SATURDAY, MA�� C, 189;i.
-S2 Peb Yeah
arts u positive prujjj,for al'liai-'s of headache, whet he
'ilOl'VOui'S, bilious, orV'onilgio.     Scut post
free on receipt"of price.
25   Cents
 .: DEALEft-lN :	
- V -
Golden, on tlio mnin lino of (lie Ci.undliin
PacificRailway, litits connection ��i,li the
steamboat nawgaiiuii of the Cohtnibhf river;
the mineral anil cnnniioreii,I centre nf Eastern
British l ohunbi,.; hcdipu.ners ut'tll ��� (iolil-
on Smelting  \vorKS\*l tile   l'p|)or   Columbia
*;,iof't'' fr $!$/ t$?US: &! Dominion Government to proceed with
fumed luri'iei.liiii'iil aim Brazing I.muI ol the ! the improvements to the embaukment
Columbia & Kpotenii}' \ alleys!   unrivalled
been   amicably   settled,
niinil your P's and (J's it if
G'sard Y's.
Mr.  Mara, M.P.,   has  written  Mr.
Warren that he has   reeoininetiileil tin:
Instead   of   fairness   to   nil
mind i our ' friends' it will   hi
publish in full tin
issue.    The jury
Lu'iig, F.  M.   Wi
and I he deceased's
advisable for us to
evidence,in 01.r next
consisted of: ���P, C.
lis, 11.   Carlin, J. C.
tor scenery of all kinds i tlio distributing
point fur tlio richest mineral country on the
Dry Goods,  Groceries, |Boots  and  Shoes,
Hardware, I$ic., Etc,
"."...   ate ,: AGENT FORTH E: f
California Giairt; Powder Co.
Of which a Full Stock  is Constantly onwjnand.
Golden, B.C.
" Local  and  Traveling.
To represent our veil known Iioiipo.
yon need nocapin.l to ropresonl a fir u Ih t
warrants nnrserv stock first 11. KB and true to
name. WORK ALL THE YEAK. 8:00 a
liiulith to tlm right man. Apply quick, staling ago. L. h. MAY &, CO.,
Nurserymen, Florists ii'iil Seedsmen.
ft. Van}, Minn.
(This house is responsible.)
11 It is worth the prica to every person
"   Darlington
who even reads a newspaper,
Blue Pencil Rules.
.A.. O. NBVINa
A Pocket Primer for the use of Reporters,
Correspondent and Copy Choppers.
Hhort. simple and practical rules for
makioit anil edition newspaper copy,
and of equal value to all who with to
write correct Entfllth.
Sent on receipt of price.  P'lce, 10 rents
P'T cony.   ALLAN FORJIAN, Publisher
117 Nassau Street, New York.
��"<i MINERS
COSOI3NTRATBn Silt Ml. 5Tfl ti lies s troll lt-
tll. n sugar.     Can carry 0 |llal to sjfl s. in
vest pocket,    HeuiTSSfJO to A. K. Wnlilon ' |jeailiuir l'niiit Shop in tin
I n., Wholesale Druggist, Calgary, and a'
supply by mail will be forwarded,
Choice Frsih Butter, Baled Hay, Feed and
Seed Oraln, Vegetables of all Kinds
broceriFH. I'rovl��ion��, Flour
mill I'VimI.
CALGARY,        -        ALBERTA.
Church ill'Cncliinil.
ST. Paul's, iiiii.iien.
Apl. 28, Mating nnd Sermon 10.C0n.in
Evensong and Sermon every Sunday
7.30 p.m.
ST.   l'ETEIt's,  DONALD.
Apl. 9, Matin) ft Hoi v Com. 10.80a.m.
���'   Evensong ft Sermon 7.1)0 p.m.
Apl.  16, Holy Communion 8.00 a.m.
11     Matini and Sermon 10.30 a.m.
11 Evensong ft Sermon 7.30 p.m.
Evensong and Sermon every Thursday
(except April 20).
J. C. (,'. Kemsi, Incumbent.
noM'.rnt i�� vi:vt sjior.
If you want your house Painted. Papered
or Ciilsoiuined. or any kind of a si^n Painted
write to J. II   MILLWARD. CALUARV, tin
west, for    hoi
Work and prices that are right.
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given
that any persons selling to, giving to
or procuring spirit nous liipiors for
persons prohibited under ait of the
Province, V.c. fi!, Chap. -1, will lie
prosecuted with the utmost rigour of
the law.
A. 1'. Cummins,
Stipendiary Magistrate
Donald, B.C., May Did, 1898.
Wanted   Machine   Rock-Drill
Two or three competent
men as above, can get employment by calling or addressing1,
W. Pellew Harvey,
Assay Offices
Golden, B, C.
Scud to ��� Templeton,
For Testimonials Regarding
PINK POWDER never fails to effect
a speedy cure in ytJiu worst case of
Rhenmntic Fever, Rheumatism, Neuralgia and Sciatica.
Mr. II. Ii. Alexunder visited us this
('has. Cartwright from Carbonate
has been down.
Mr. W, Alexander of Donald was in
town on Tuesday.
The Alexander lilock will be completed right away.
Hon. J''. W. Aylmer came in from
his ranch this week.
Mr. Smart, undertaker, Calgary,
came in on No. 1 Thursday.
Work has commence I on the railway
from Revelstoke south.
Don't forget the dance on the 5th
June in connection with the sports.
Miss Georgia Connacher has gone on
a visit to her sister at Salmon Ann.
Several men are dailyarriving here,
aM as is usual at this time of the year
looking for work.
S.lver has advanced to 83J cents
since our report was put in typo on
another page.
A freight train to which was attached four car loads of Chinese passed
East uu Thursday.
Dr. Herbert of Donald, Dr. Brett,
Banff and Rev. J. C. C. Keinm have
been visitors ibis week.
Mrs Tr.ckey of D.mald was in town
this week, also Messrs Pitts, Geo.
Sutherland and Ke>. Air. Ross.
Mr. Tom Junes arrived on S.nulay.
also Mr. X. Puterson for'Founder Hill
and Mr. Irving fur his mineral claims.
"We should be glad if the Upper
Columbia Co. would oblige us by sending their passenger list as was done
last year.
Hun. Frank Laoolles has arrived
from England where he lias been
spending the winter and a very happy
time with his friends.
The Hyak arrived o'j Tuesday last
with the mails from the Upper Country
and left again on Wednesday. Sje
passenger list elsewhere.
The annual statement of St. Peter's
Church accounts, Donald, will Is
printed and circulate I amongst the
parishioners in n few days.
Tho posters for the annual rac> here
on Monday and Tuesday the Oth and
lith of June, as also the programmes
of sports on I hose days aiv now out.
Messrs Spragge and Manuel of Djii-
ald have been in Golden recently,
attending the funeral, on behalf of the
Masonic Lodge, of Mr. Holmes Granger, who was a brother of that society.
Wo have heard this week of an interesting locul law case where 8">,t00
are involved.   The matter has however
on the north side of the Kicking Horse
Several ���improvements are being
made in the town. Grading and
cleaning up seems the order of the day.
Many of the old shucks are being
removed -forever���and in consequence
things generally are lojk.ng Irtier.
Mr. Holmes Granger's r
Durick, W. MeNcish and F. Owen,
foreman. Their verdict was us follows:
We liu'd thill death resulted from
heart" failure, while under treatment
for chronic alcoholism,
Possibly the experiences of   the past
few days, to a few residents of Golden,
Will  be a  lasting   lesson, ono  which
will make them  consider the error of
nains were j I heir'ways and   lead to more vigorous
interred in the cemetery here on Monday last. The funeral was well
attended and as usual .great rcsn'ct
was shown. Mr. J. F. Ar istroin;.
lay reader and J.P. read the funeral
On the 2!)th of April the new Government steam-dredge was successfully
launched from the yards of the U.C.N.
& T. Company. She will be titled at
an earlv dale with machinery, etc.,
and it is hoped will be .at work early
in July.
course of action on the part of those
who have it in lheir power to avert
such scandalous linings. This paragraph will be well understood m Golden
no doubt.
lut j re j* iinfg to Mining I'artiu'f..
[Xotos from ui.r correspondiut.)
The Odd Fellows here had a  church
rade yesterday.   S i inlay   23rd, and
,,     ,,   ,   ��� , ,,.    ,. , ,   though the duv was wet had   a   sple.i-
Mr. U. J. Brownngg from Wuiliohl!        - .' ���
n,i     i n 11    ii ���        i      i did -turn out in full regalia.   Rev
Park has been m Golden tins week and i . _     .
gives an account as glowing as ever of
the country up there.      II ��� is also our
authority for statin.; that a post otticJ
will ha establish^ 1 at once to be called
���-'Thunder Hill" office.      We presume
the Park is no more?
Messrs John  Henderson and F. M.
Wells have  again   been exploring the
country around and alio.it us, this time
Spilliinacbeeii has been the centre of
attraction. They are much plowed
with their investigation aud have an
idea that very shortly all the s.iuw
will be away and that prospecting
could be easily carried on there.
We have with regret to announce
the death of iwj well known inhabitants of this district. Tiie lirst, on
.Monday morning last of .Mr. ILlmos
Granger, who has resided here for
some time, brother of Mr. Allan
Granger, and the second on We lnesday
Croueher, Church of England minister
from V.le, preached ail excellent sermon from ihe tcct '��� L >vo the Brotherhood." The s TVioo was well attended.
A chrstening also took place.
The weather here has been quite
April in ch trader J r tin mora or less
falling each day. Tue spring is very
backward, and the water in all the
ere!;- is eery low. T.iu mild weather
now prevailing will soon, it is hoped,
cause the water to Hjw freely, so that
the various claims now waiting for
water will soon be fully s ipplio-1. At
the Van Winkle liar, at Lytton, water
is sadly nee l ��� I. a.id all are anxiously
wa.tiug for a full supply to commence
operations. A meat deal of attention
is centred on this property as if tho
results are nearly as good as the
expectations, a very great impetus
will be given to hydraulic mining
operations, and [here will le quite a
' i may
morning of Mr. .1. V. Steene of Donald, j n,s|, fo|. milling |ot.,uiOUB,
Mr. Steeno was one? the proprietor of | j( |���,
The Frazor and Thompson both continue at very low l.vels. Miners and
others interested, are now making  fur
the Selkirk House there and uu lo the
time of his death a part owner of the
Revelstoke Lumber  Co.      Mr   Siecue
died at tho Q.ieen's Hotel, attended up
to the last by his medical adviser, Dr.
Herbert, who did his best lo bring 1 lie
patient thro.igh. R.'v. J. C. C. Kouuti
was also nre.se.ii a.id sjinj other
I'rienos. The EitA extends sympathy
to the boi'oai'eu relatives of ihoUecoaseJ
Prusbylorlan Clinrch.
Service will be ledd    in    the
bouse to morrow morning   at
conducted   by   the   Rev.  .Mr.
the Cariboo and other districts for llio
summer work.
A very interesting milling case was
tried al Vile last week, bjfore Judge
X ii'iuan Hole of New Westminster, tho
milling court Judge, and a jury of lice.
The parties t.> the case were .Messrs. J.
Kill, plantiffj and George D Rodney,
defendant: were ably represented by
counsel. Dr. J. F. Rolls hv Mr. John
Honlib r of Vancouver) and Mr. Rodney by Air. II ill iersoii, i-f New West-
iiuusier, ami Mr. Shaw ul" Vancouver.
The facts of the case being ihese : Mr.
h> iilucy had located sonic mineral
claims al S.wash creek; also a placer
claim of ttuuft, tiding unable to incur
the necessary expense of developing
I he properties, he bad entered into a
mining partnership w th Dr. Hulls,
making over lo him a three-fourth iu-
lerest, o.l Dr. II ills advancing tho
monies to devolopo the properties.
From the e.ul-u.a it appeared that
There was an inquest held on Tlnirs- Dr. Hulls bail advanced from time to
day histby Coroner Manuel touching 'time some $3,0C0,. nnd work had been
the death of Mr. J. C. Steene, who as continued on the placer claim for two
all know died on Wednesday morning I years with very meagre results. Con-
last after a very brief illness. Wit- sequently the planliff requested Kod-
iiesses Messrs Greene, Kenny, Brown- i.cy to shin down the minus if they
rigg, Bert Low and Dr. Herbert were yielded no better at a specified time,
called and examined under oath, the which was in June 1892. A lay-over
evidence in each case was all bearing '��� was then applied for, which ran until
on the same point. As considerable Octobor. From facts brought out it
talk has nlready been in circulation appeared that on the expiration of the
concerning   the matter,   we think in (Continued on Page 4.)
GltAN'OEII, At Golden uu Moud.i.v
morning. May 1st, Mr. Holmes
Grander, lalJ ol V ..tlaii.l.
Sri-:i:XE. -At Gulden oi Welues.l.iy
morning, May Ilrd, Mr. J. i .
Steene, late of Djiiuld.
laquuar. ~
tfc'.u* 05olJ>;:t (!3ra
Tlio  GOLDEN ERA  is piihlishud evory
Saturday morning in time to catch tho cast
anl west mail trains, nisi
upper country, Wiiideni
It is the only advertising
Kootouay district.
the  mail  fur  tho
1 Steide etc
in the Beat
British   Columbia  has 1200 feet of. to man's possession some fresh conquest
ll .or space in the Mines  Building, and i from   tho    "unexplored    .���em.iinder."
, tho  exhibit  coinnianils a very   promt-  Tho  universal  element that manifests
neut position, being in a direct   line its presence by heat, light and elcctri-
Unionists to protest openly against the tiuiity to present to tho czar a petition
incendiary speeches of their leaders." against certain local abuses.     A con-
London, April l?7.���William Towns- llict ensued,  it is said, between   tho
end, tho   man  under   arrest   who   is train guards and the peasants, and tho
.,     .    . from the  main  entrance, and together city is now roeognizod  in  all Its pro-1 suspected of having designs upon tho | general  result   was    that   forty-two
i;     ���-. ii��� i.',..,. I wit''  tho English exhibit of the pro-1 tean   disguises  and, by   a ���thousand I lifo of Mr. Gladstone, went away from
S ibwriptiou
i'utos : $J,00 |ier .'inniiiii IX
ducts of the British mines will bo the | cunning devices, made to perform I Sheffield on Saturday last without inmost useful service for man. The keen forming his wife or anybody of his
penetration that detects in the electric i purpose to go away. His wife says
flash  to-day the ray of sunlight that | that he is subject to tits, and is often
.Vlvftrtisoinonts anl changes mast bo hi
tho o'Hco nut later than 12 a.in, on Thursday
t" ins,ire insertion.
A Ivorl
cation in
cnoiit rates made known en uppli-
VII cash to bo pail la the Manager, ft	
a i .1 theOa.up.uiy's receipt will I htained.
Tha Uiu Eia Publishln^ Cmpaii1/,
SATURDAY, MAY. fi, 180:).
Arrival ol' the First Unteli of llrlt sli
Columbia  Hull bits.
World's Fair Grounds, Canadian
Building. April 18. Yesterday the
first exhibit from the British Columbia
coast ariivel at Jackson Park. I
consistc ! of shipments from Vancouver
and Victoria, which wore forwardod
on March lilth,
Chas, F. Law, the British Columbia
commissioner, is working lik i a Trojan
getting the exhibits in position. He
has a great deal of work before him for
0110 pair of bauds and is greatly pressed
for help. But the provincial government in their wisdom have decided
that Commissioner Law can do it all.
And whether he can or not he has to
do it. A glance would be sufficient to
a person of ordinary observation to tell
that, Mr. Law wants help; and if that
help is not. forthcoming the government
will be to blame if the British Columbia exhibit does not show up as it
Mr. Law was seen and questioned
by the Times correspondent. Ho was
unpacking the large coal specimens
from the Union and New Vancouver
coal mines and placing them in position
in the Mines and Mining Building,
You seem very busy, Mr. Law?
Cannot you get help?
Mr. Law went on working and
appeared not to hear the question. The
question was again put. The reply
came: "I am in the employ of the
government and it is not for me to say
anything about tlie subject." Though
Mr. Law was non-committal in his
reply the manner of reply suggested lo
tho questioner that that gentleman
thought more than be cared to say.
Mr. Law spoke with more freedom
ou the exhibits. Be said: "The
largo coal exhibits will be the linest of
the kind in the building. It is true
that our other mineral specimens are
small, compared with the specimens
from other parts, but I think that they
are large enough to give a good idea of
the mineral wealth of the Pacific province. I saw the British Columbia
fruit specimens, which have been hi
coll storage in Chicago during the
winter. That was tho other day.
Some of them were decayed, but a
large number are in good condition.
I think that we can select from them
specimens which will do us great
era lit and make a very presentable
table in the horticnlaral buil ling. The
straw and grain exhibits have not yet
arrived. The GOO jars of preserved
fruit has vet to  come  an 1 so has the
; first to attract the attention of visitors.
A principal feature of the British Columbia mines exhibit is a pyramid of
gold bricks. Each brick has a representative value of SM,COO and there and lay dormant in an inert lump of I without his whost-abouts being known,
aro sufficient bricks to make tho total coal through the cycles of agOS'that|Ho has been subject to spells of deep
representative  value 8,")0,000,0C0, tho intervened, may yet discover  in what
output of the British Columbia initios, consists tin wonderful  transfer lion
A   little   incident   occurred   in  the from   one   form, of  energy to another.
Mines Building yesterday indicative of The present hypothesis respecting this
tho   friendly   (?)   feeling   ot   Ontario elomont is stated by F. S. Walker in a
towards the  provinces of Quebec and contribution lo tlie Electrical Engineer,
B.C.,   who     nil   exhibit  on   adjacent which we quote:
Hoc r ground.     Ontario began to erect      "As  far as the writer is able to
a   large   wall   between   her   mineral understand the mutter now, electricity
exhibits   and   those   of    Quobec   and is simply the motion of   the molecules
British Columbia,     Hon, John Miio-|oE tho different  substances which are
| peasants and fifteen soldiers were killed
in the fight, or crushed by the train.
to-day the ray of  sunlight that j that he is subject  to tits, ait
was   imprisoned millions of  years ago   absent from   home   for   days at a time
depression, hut   has   never shown any
symptoms of homicidal mania.
rile Hun Ills Wiped Out.
New York, April 27 The World
prims the following from the City of
Mexico: ThoTomiissohlobaudits who
were  besieged  near San Vicente, Chi-
A Terrible German Truffeily.
The Daily News states that the German papers contain accounts of a crime
recalling in some respects tho murder
of the Jew pedlar in the "Bells." One
evening last week a farmer and his
daughter, returning from th�� market
uf llutniuelsburg, Poniernuia, called at
an inn, and in asking for something to
drink the fanner showed a purse containing a deal of money, Soon afterwards ho left, but had not got far
when he was   attacked   from   behind
kiutosh, of Montreal, und Hon. Mr. tho subjects of electrical action, just as'
Joly, Quobec's commissioners, and heat, light and sound aro, and the only
Commissioner Law, of British Coluin- difference between thesj forces is the
bin, objected to the unsightly wall, rate uf the motion, The motion of
1 which cutoff the view from certain ! sound, as weal! know, is comparative-
points of tho British Columbia and ly slow; that of heat and light is very
Quebec exhibits. Nicholas Awrey, rapid. That of electricity would
M.P.P.,  Ontario's   commissioner,   re- appear to be somewhere  between the
hauhau, sallied forth Monday night and murdered, his skull being smashed
and at tanked .he troops. Every him- with a thick stick. The little girl,
��� lit was killed. The troops lost the j terrified, ran back to the inn, and told
lieutenant colonel of the Ninth infantry j ho, inn-keener's wife. Tho woman
and twenty-live officers and men. Till
ends the Toiuassachioans,
fusel to listoil to i'oinoustranecs and
the complaint was earrie I to headquarters, wilh the result that Ontario
was ordered to make two large archways in her Chinese wall. Ontario's
commissioner did not like this. The
l.iillldate went forth and ha I to be
obeyed, and there is someonu with aggrieved feelings.
The wall detracts from the mineral
exhibit of N'wS.uth Wales and the
Commissioners of that colony say a
great deal and think more Tho New
South Wales mineral exhibit will perhaps be the finest in the building.
That colony is spending a large sum of
money in advertising her mineral
resources, She has not only got
beautiful specimens of the (-rude ore.
but her specimens of ore products are
among the linest. l:i this court England exhibits entirely 111 mineral products, with the exception of several
line specimens of Sjiith Wales coal.
Space has been allotted to the Northwest Territories. It is small and a.i
yet there are no exhibits ill position.
Nova Scotia, New Brunswick ami
Prince Edward Island are not showing
ill this building.
Manitoba is having her exhibition
all by itself; it. does not form part of
the Dominion display. At the Hotel
Manitoba, ou Sroney avenue, outside of
the grounds proper, Manitoba has
arranged her wares. The exhibit cannot be pronounce I upon, as it is not in
position. Manitoba's display is certainly side-tracked and will 03 33011
only by such guests as stay at the
hotel or visitors who chance to drop
around that way. In the agricultural
court the Dominion government exhibits wheat from the experimental farm
in Manitoba, This action of the federal government does not appear to be
appreciated bv the Manitobans.
The action of Manitoba in separating
herself from the other provinces anil
tho undercurrent of petty bickerings
which manifests itself has cause 1 the
broad-minded to think that Canada
would have done better bad she taken
hold of the exhibit as a Dominion
undertaking instead of having the
provinces exhibit separately. Ill the
Canadiou building, a plain an 1 neat
structure, the different provincial commissioners   have offiues,     Quebeo   is
slew motion of sound and the rapid
motion of the beat waves, whose
motion is slowest (that is slower than
that of light). And it would appear
that the wonderful adaptability which
electricity shows for every kind of
work is due entirely to the position
which its rate of motion occupies in
the scale of the energies. It would
also appear that the reason this wonderful agent lay dormant for so many
ages, and is even now only partially
developed, is, very largely, at any rate,
because we have no sense which corresponds to the particular periods of
vibration comprised within the electrical range."
forestry nxhibit, with tho exception of | represented by Hon. John Mackintosh
two largo blocks which came with the | Ho��- Ml" ''""dry, Hon. Mr. Joly ;
nluural exhibit yesterday. But 1 Ontario by Nicholas Awrey, M.I'.P.;
think that we areas well off in tlio Northwest Territories by Senator Perm-rivalof our exhibits as other exhihl- leJ' I 'Wish Columbia, by Chas. F.
tqrs,.no'd a great deal better than some. Law- Jolm s- Lnrko u Canadian
File dhli exhibits we shall have in the . clliet commissioner, and Mr. Dimmook
'e.'oman's   Builling   aro   samples   0f [ i�� his secretary.-Victoria Times.
tapestry   work   from   Vancouver,    11 	
learned  the other day thai other Bri- What l�� Electricity?
^Columbia exhibits would ha shown |    Tu0  w0rks   o[   n.ltm.a  ,lbound   hl
in   this department, but   I understand, . ,     ...       .
,       .        , .    , , ,  ._     .; nivsteries and, a thongh we inuv never
they are shown  privately und do not ]    ��� B ���'
come' through my hands as British ', penetrate to her innermost secrets, it is
Qolumbiu commissioner." nevertheless true that every year adds
Gladstone's LITc In Peril.
London, April 28.,- TJio wife of Captain Roberts, of the White Star steamship Narouic, which has been missing
since February 11th, when the vessel
sailel fro.ii Liverpool for New York,
an I tli3 wifj of Chief Officer Wright
who was second in command to C.ipt.
Roberts on the Narouic, have both
gone insane through despair caused by
the loss of their husbands anl have
ha I to be placed in an asylum fur
the insane.
Tho Pall Mall Gazette to day contains a most sensational article hen led
" it, iiinrs of an Attempt to Slioot
Gladstone," the type usjd in the hen I-
lines being tin largest '.n usj for that
purpose. Tlio paper states that the
alleged attempt ou the Prime Minister's
life was male while Mr. Gladstone
was walking through St. James Park
at midnight last night on his way to
his homo in Downing street. The
accuracy of the report of the! Pall Mall
Gazette is double I. It is probable thill
the story is b.isel 0.1 the fact that a
man who is now in custody on the
charge of carrying a revolver on a
public thoroughfare had in one of his
pockets a note-book containing a number of entries d'tailing the recent
movements of Gladstone. Fr.sober
will be arraignel shortly, ami his
object in making these entries will be
learned, if possible. T. e article ill the
Pull Mall Gazette, cause! much excitement among the friends and supporters
uf Gladstone, and many inquiries from
various parts of the country have Ikvh
made its to the truthfulness of the
American   Tui'ilT.
Washington, D.C., April 27��� "Congress will bo convened in special session between September 1st, ami loth
at latest. If there should liu any
necessity for calling Congress together
before that time it will be done, but I
see no reason for such action at this
time."' In substance this was the
language used by President Cleveland
yesterday. Ho was addressing Congressman ICIIgoro of Texas and several
correspondents in conversation. "Have
you any objection to having this
statement made public V" asked Kilgore.
"No object ions whatever," returned
the President. "Fact is, I think it is
only fair to the business men of the
country lo know that the present tar,II
is to bo changed, and that it will be
done just as soon us careful and conservative action can be taken." This
IS the first direct and authentic statement the President lias yet maud in
reference to this matter.
Are  Going West.
Lord Aberdeen is looked on as the
coming Governor-General in succession
lo Lord Stanley of Preston, and his
lordship will be passing through Winnipeg shortly, en route to his frail
orchard in the Okauagau district.
British Columbia. Lord mid Lady
Aberdeen, with prominent Irish peers, |
are now in Chicago, to witness the
World's Fair, arranging an exhibit of
Irish linen industries. The C.l'.R.
are having a steamer built for service
ou the Okauagau Lake, and while in
the west Lady Aberdeen will launch
and christen the boat, which will be
given tiie name of her ladyship. The j
"Lady Aberdeen" will ply between
I'euticton and Vernon.
shut the child in a room. Looking
through the keyhole, tho girl saw tho
innkeeper return with n blood-stained
stick in his hand, and heard him describe how ho bad committed tho
murder, and discuss tho best means of
getting rid of her. The child jumped
from a window and lied to her home.
The innkeeper and his wife were
GnlllK lo the Pair.
Montreal, April 27.-Canada will be
represented at the opening of the
Chicago World's Fair by Hon. Messrs
Bowell, Onimot and Angers. The
three Ministers leave for Chicago today. Mr. Bowell goes as acting
Premier; Angers as Minister of Agriculture, to disburse tlio Government
appropriation of (150,000, and Oulmet
as Minister of Public Works, to supervise the erection of the Canadian
| pavilion on the exhibition grounds.
When this work is donq Ouimet will
proceed to tho   Pacific coast to inspect
F. N. Chadbourne, a conservative
and experienced mining man, reporting
to the Srokane Miner on the conditions
and prospect in t he Slocan country says
tho ores in that district are not in
bunches or bodies, but show chutes of
ore, while the veins are regular. Tho
country abounds in porphyries dykes,
l he formation being slate veins por-
pbyritic and high grade. There are
twenty mines whose possible j early
output is estimated at 20.000 tons ��nd
a total valuation of i5o,0C0,t00. Tho
average, profit per ton is estimated at
s40, which, with proper appliances and
shipping facilities, may be increased to
���iSO per ton. The country has been
somewhat over-boomed. No artificial
stimulus is required, us the mines aro
of great value and fully able to stand
on iheir own merits, There will be a
rush of prospectors and real estuto
dealers. Among the most promising
points in Kaslo. Prospecting has not
been thorough ; many of the claims
are in good bauds and will be developed. Nature has concentrated tho >ro
to that reduction works are not a
necessity. The Washington mine lias
already shipped about 1,000 tons of
high-grade ore with a handsome profit,
Other mines have shipped a less quantity of ore,but all show a decided margin of profit.
Tin* finest, cmnpletest and latest line of Klee-'
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Appliance now lu tbemar��ot nnd you can try It
for Three Blontha. Largest .1st of testimonials
on earth, tend for book and journal Treo.
it. r. Ccrr & <'<>., Windsor, cm.
Metal Report.
Wo aro indebted to the Engineering
and Mining Journal of New York for
the following quotations :���
New York. April 2s, 1898.
Silver.    The  demand   has   continued
good, but the  condition of  the
market is dull at N2:|c. pcroz. in
New York ; ,')Hjd. in London.
tho Federal public works of British Copper.     Business dull at 11.76o. per
A Timely Warning.
A Petition to ttie Cxnr.
London, April 27.-The Daily j St. Petersburg, April 27. -M-ny
Chronicle says this morning that thoI rumors are current regarding the
attempt to shoot Mr. Gladstone, sug- cause of the recent stopping of the
gests the murder of President Garfield, j Imperial train while eu route to th
and "warns the Unionist statesmen
who indulge in abuse of Mr. Gladstone
that there aro people ill Ireland and
England ready to translate such abuse
into actions." The Daily News says:
"The incident has embarrased Union-
lb. in New York ; English G.M.
B's ��45 per ton.
Lead, This market is very strong but
very little business is doing.
A few transactions took plaeo
at 4.2.1c. jier lb.; Spanish
and English ��10 per ton.
Crimea   and tho resulting  fiicht by]     t    ,,���   ,    . . .,        ,
,   .��� ���        I'1 the  Austrian  army  there have
which  the Czar was mado ill.     Oho been, on tl.e average, 181 suicide:
rumor is to the effect that thousands
of peasants living in villages near
Clarkoff laid themselves upon the
railway   track in  order   to stop the
100,0CO men during tho last five years.
The suicides were equal to a fifth of
tho total mortality of the army during
this period, and more deaths were duo
to this than to typhoid fever, pneu-
ist circles, and has encourage] many I czar's train, and ibus have an oppor-| mouia, or consumption, y
Assoc. Mem. Inst. C.E.
nlers for a Licence to eat Timber  TMUf jng +q TaXDaVefS. MIKIJfC     ll\(. I\ Kllll.
ii Dominion Lands In tho Province   !1��"��'1*'v ��u   x ClAl/ajd O. ,
_._ j Com i it an m, Ai.iia.- Ft, Steele, B.C.
Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
of  lirltlsli Columbia.
undersigned  ami marked i
resscil   to  tho
the envelope I
���'Tender for Timber llorlli 117, to lioiipeueii i 	
ou the 3 ml Muv, ISiW," "ill be received at
this llepartniea't iniiil nnoii on Miua'av. ihe I    NOTICE IS MEHEIIY GIVEN. Inuccoril-
���J-'ud of May next, ���or a liconco to cut limber' unco with the Statutes., that Piwiucii.l Rev
uu Herili 117, described as follows:- Conni
ciiifr at the intersection of the Beaver I'i
(Grailiii.leuf Laval and McGlll.)
MiKiXfi   il\��>im:i:k.
eiic.e Tax and all Taxes levied nuclei' the As
with the North boundary of Tinil or Mertli-ln   sossniont Act nr ivduo for thu year I8KL   Head Office, QUBHEC;   Branch   Ollices
SlIEUBIlOOKB, &, 17 Place d'Al'ines
Analytical Chemist & Assayor,
Golden   British Columbia.
A-'-- i VI Nil     HATES.
n bums, cash i.\ advance.)
Block I, thence Nui'tliorly aluiiir the paid All of tho nbovo name I Taxes culloctiblo
Heaver Hljov four miles' in direct distance | within the Pastern I ii islon, uf the District
iviilia depllioi Ml chains mi  lioEist sli o;    ,.,.   , ,, ,,.
the   Westerly I uilai'v   to bo tlio Eiis'orly  "'t K....t.-ii;.y. are payable at inyuftico, I nun
linnudary of the cmiw'iiui I'licllio Railway House, Doiinlil,    Assessed Taxos aro collect-
right rf way;.md the N'nriheilv boundary lo  Ible at the following rales, ylss t
.���mat right iinir!en wl li the cone r. I hearing j..      ., ,
i.filie river within the Mnrlh, and coii'i.lnliig I '' land ou or befure Juno .'ICtli, IS!).!
be area nf tin,rsquar iles. ninre nr less.       :    ,,     .    .... ,..,,.,
The regulations mice- which a license will '    ' i""v"" '���' hovomio, Sfl.fJO por capita,
be  issued, together wiMi a sketch slio"ing     (luu-lii.ll'of ouo per cent ou b'e.d IVoporty.
.'ippi'iixiinalely the pi.si ion uf tho berth in!    Two per cent mi assesi.ii.l   \���l f Will
quoslinn, limy be  ohtlil I  at this I'epart-; i ,..���i
 liter-'t the nfflceof the Crown Timber i","  ,. ,    ,
Agent .; Now Wcstn.ins'cr. |    Olifl-thli'il ol   nun   per   cent  mi   I'orsoiu.l
Each  i,-:,lc,  untat bo accompanied by an   Property,
accepted clmm.e on ��� ch..rtei'pd !'��� uk In     Oiioliidfufoiin per cert on iiicomo,
lavonr ot the Deputvoi  tin-  MliiMtorn'  the1       .   '
Interior for iln   loiian! of the biuiiis uliidi |        If paid after June iibth, IISH.'S:
the applicant  is  propai'i I   to  p..y for til
Mining! Smelting
CO (Limited)
y,i tender by telegraph will be entertained.
(���'or rotary,
llcpartuioiit nf the Inferior
Ottawa, 2,'st March, IB!).'!.
Tenders for a Dense to cut Timber
on Dominion Lamia In the Province
of lll'itlsll Columbia.
SEALED TENOERS, addressed in tho
undersigned, and marked on the envelope
"'lender for Timber Berth i!(i, to lo opened
mi the *.'inl May, iSil'ij" will he received at
tliis Departn.oat until i inn Monday tlio
22nd "f May next. I'm' a liceme lo cut tiinbur
on Berth 110,descrihod as follows s���
Coiiinienclng at the soutli-tvest rornor n*'
Timber Bortli ill. thence easterly idoag the
south biiuudary nf the w id Lertli two n ilus :
limine due siniih Olio mile j thence due west
one mile; thence di.e south one mile; thence
due west one and one bail miles, more or loss
to Hi.1 Roi.vor I ivoi'j thoiice uortliorly almig
said river ie tlio point nf coiillaeiu'en cut.
ciint.'.iiiiug an area uf four sipmru 11,lie's niore
,ir less, in iliesaid Province.
The regulation* under which a licoilro will
bo issi.(iil togothor with a sketch showing
approximately the pnsbiou uf the bortli in
question, may he obti iued al this Dflparf-
n nut or at the ulliie in' the Crown Timber
Agent at Now Wcstu [aster.
Each t<i.e'er must lie accoiup iiieil hvan
accepted clienac ai a chartered ft.-.nk in
favour of the Deputy of the Minister of the
Interior. fnr ilc amount nf ilte bonus which
die applicant is prepared to p���y for the
Notendi r hyloliigriipli will he entertained.
Pi 'i- rotary.
Department nf the Interior,
Ottawa,'J st M..rch, ISfli'.
SEALED TENDERS addressed to the
Postmaster General will he re civil at Ottawa niiiil noon on Friday the tilth May, for
tllO conveyance (if Her Majesty's  Iliads null
proposed contract fur four year, weekly in
summer and fortnightly in winter, each way
golden ami m ". mr.ux:: mission
from the 1st July next.
Printed notices containing further infor-
Mi.'ui. ii as to conditions nf proposed contract,
limy lie obtained at the ['osl office* of Galena
Whulernioro, Fairmont Springs Koutonay
and Fort Steele, ami at this office.
P. O. Iiispoctur.
I', o. Inspector's OfHco,
Victoria, B.C., :11st March. 180.1.
ei :   in  . eal I'rop-
"at on assessed value
Two-thirds of one per
Two and alio ha If per
I'Wild band.
One half of inie per cent on Personal Property.
'I hrce fourths uf one per cent ou income.
Assessor and Collector.
Donald Jan. 1Kb. Mil.
Silver, field or Lead, each i?l M
Siiver, Gold and Lead, combined .'! (IP
silver and Lead 2 fin
Silver. Gold and Cupper ���! no
Silver and Gold 2 00
Silver ..nil Cop|>or :t 8(1
ISOJ      ASSAYKIt TO l'HM      18DS
British Columbia Government
of all specimens sent from the Province 13
Gold, Silver & Lead Ores.
NOT1CK is lieroby given I lint JIO days fitter
duto I Iittoiid nmUiuK application Jo tlio Hon-
orulilo tlio Cliiot'C imnissioiior ot' l.auds ami
Wnrk.s for pcni.Usinii tti I'Bi'ol'd ��01 inches of
.valor tin' in i/ratin^ purjuisos tor a form of.'��
yetiva to 10 t/.koneoftvoyedMi(U]ivei*toit\tVoiti
Hospital Cifi'lv at a point on said crook jilt or
near tlio ptaco vvltoro Alexander Campbell'*
ditch divorlsa portion of said Hospital Crook j SAVINGS   BANK   DEPARTMENT
thou westerly parallel to said Ho��pi?al Crook
to tho prop ��<>il (io\ornmeiit Road thou nloiijr
Bank Of Montreal.
and parallel to said Government I'oad until
it crosRoa tl��! Canadian Pwific Railway right
of way to my fi.no, said proposed Government I'oad Ii 'iuy: ahont one mile west of the
Town of Golden in tin1 I'rovim-o of Iirili��li
Dated ��-it Vancouver. I'.C, this 22nd day of
February, W>.
i^tioiucocr CTav&e*
Li!iis!a<ukJ   &   llt'Cni'tca*,
Interest nt Curront rates.
W. B. ailAVELEY, Manaoeh.
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
(.OLDilX, lit'.
For full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
Thos. Fry,
Practical   Watchmaker*
Stephen Ave., Calg-ary, Alba.
! IVorkiiinnMliip diiiai'inirocil NccoikI to Xonc in the Xorth
W��'.<tt Tt'i'iitoricH.
lu,*J'Ml���T*���.m HULL BROS & CO.,
il.u'risters. Aihneates. Solicitors, Notai'ien
Etc., Cai.iI.vuv, Ai.iiiiiti'A.
ui-'.-'icu ��� srKi'.'iiA'  Avkxci: I
tVaiolcixnii-niiil Kctail
JKI'ilNtt.V nmi WJBlir.LIlK.
Mombors Asiiocii.',D.L.S. & IM..S. for ll.C. i CflttlC, SllCOp ftUCl
Horse Dealers.
SURVEYORS, Civil Eiiffiiieera, Draittrht��
men, VidiintorH, etc' Calvary and Now \\e.-.i-
iniiister.  Correa|ioiiilouce Holicltcd..
R.j.Jbi'hso.n, i).i..s���r.i..s. of n.c. &oiit.
Cai.hauv, Alba.
A. 0. \Vnci;i.i:ii, D.I..S. ;;��� r.L.s. of ll.C.
NBW \Vi;siJllx.sn:it ll.C.
Job    Department
���:o:��� OF��� :o:���
McCnrtlij-   &   Harvey,
Magazino At Thunder Hill
N'n. I, 00 per cent i \".'-', l<> per cent.
I'ailisters, Advoc.tas, Notaries,
tors tnr:
'I be In,|n>i i..l Hank nl'Canada.
'Hie Can..da IVrniaucut l.nau and Snvlllj
'ill" Vorksblro l.nan and Sicurilies tor-  For Hoop Work ami liloivinft Up Stunips
1'nraliiili.   -      	
'I lie Mosnoy Harris Co, il.ldi.elc, etc. .     ,      .,     .
Terinsi (Strictly Cash.
(Ulaes   Btoplion Avoituo, ( algary.
!��� McCAiiruv,..!..'. TUUNDEIUIllX.M'ir.Go.,(UM.)
llnit.M'i: llABVEV, U.A., I..I..U. ���U'{'111 for R. I'. Rltliot Co.
Baby   Carriages.
AVING secureil the Ag'oncy of the famous
McKeo it Harring'ton baby carriages, I
11. r. tiMinim
Noiice la lieroby irlvoii dial a Sltlluff of
tbe Comity Court, will bo hold 011 Friday,
the 20th .ley of May, im, ���!  lOoVlock  1.I.(,vlNt,AM.AN��� sut\ KY..K C1VII.
11,111., lit the Court Uoiuo, Dom.lil.
s. Rbuoravk,
Registrar County Court.
Donald, Kast Koolenay,
March, loth. I8W).
NOTICE. ���        	
Any porson founrl cutting-, J.   LA1NSON-WILLS,
or known to Imvo cut any| ji. i:..   p. c ��.,
trees on tl.c Smelter Town-
site Go's   property  will   Ik.-
prosecuted by the Company. Reports on Mines & MinoritlProperties
Golden, Nov. 16tll, 18��i'. SOU Aldgiit Sr,, OrrA^ v.
ForinfnnnHtliin anil frnc tlaiiatiook write to
Ml'N.S' A CO.. atll BllOAUWAV, Now Volnc.
Oldest imri'iiu far sei urtiui I'uiontii in America.
V.\.-:v patent wboii oi i by im is brniiuli; beforo
Hie puollo branoiloe Biven tret, ot cliuritc la ilio
wntttti Mtnmx
l.art' -: inrnlatlon ofanyfloientlflopaportn tho
wnrlU. -n.lullv illustruea.   No IfatoIIUreilt
nmi1 ilionm be iritliout a. Wockiy. 83.011 .1
viiir- r1.AUats montbe Adilroea MPN> A CO.,
IH uu&utia-, illil IlroAdwalt, .New Vork ''in.
am prepared to furnish a superior article at
very low prices. These gooes are the best,
and are- oiAKANTF.nn to give satisfaction.
Call and see photo; and gel prices.
Watchmaker & Jeweller,
N.B.   Mali Orders prompllv excited. LINTON SROS.,
Siatjonars, Boataeliors,
AX �� xy.WNDKAl.KKS.
E.nt Kootenay will not In, llclihnl Its
Slater District.
a mile and a half lung, and a seventy-
ton concentrator will.be in operation
; in aboii ten davs. The ore is mined
out of the side of the mountain just
like a quarry, and loaded in cars
which run down the tramway to the
ore bins, from which it gojs to the
concentrator, The concentrates will
be shipped to I be smelters at Great
Falls and Tin e in orOol Ion. Four miles
from Ft. Steel.: ou Wild Horse creek are
very extensive i bicer diggings, which
for a number of years were worked by
the Chinose, Ian have recently gone
into the hands ol 111 English syndicate
which is putting in a hydraulic plant
for their further development. There
are other rich placer diggings in Wild
Horse creek, which have not been
worked, as well as in Weaver creek
ami Nigger creek.     The  North  Star
>'ew Firm.
"We call attention to the advertisement in Ibis is'iueof Messrs. McCarthy
& Harvey, barristers etc. of Calgary.
Mr. McCarthyi late partner in Long-
heed, McCarthy & McCarter, has for a
long liuicbeen too favorably known
in British Columbia to require any
particular not ice oi his standing in the
profession and Mr Harvey we hear is
a late prominent young lawyer of
Upper Columbia fas^Co.
Canal and other schemes now being
projected indicate that, development in
East Kootenay this year will not be
behind that of West Kootenay. That
a powerful American syndicate will lie
actively engaged getting out coul before
tail, is admitted, and other tangible
work is also under consideration. In
view of this the following contribution
to the descriptive literature of the
great interior by A. O. Scraggy, contracting freight agent of the C.P.R.
will be read with interest :
I went over the C inadian Pacific to
Golden, B.C., and from there took a
sleigh with Capt. P. P. Armstrong,
manager of the Upper Columbia Navigation and Tramway Company, to
Spiliimacheene, fifty miles away. Then
we went by wagon to Wasa, 100 miles:
then we took a sin ill row-boat to
Port Steele, and from there on to Jennings, Montana, rowing the whole
is  a  wide, rich   country,  extending
along   the   Upper  Columbia   to   the
north and tlio Kootenay   southward
across the boundary into Montana.    I,
is a fine farming and grazing country,
the valley being from five to ten miles
wide, while tlu   mountains on each
side have several rich mines.     The
country   has  bco.i  settle! for 2.) or 80
years, but it was inaccessible until the
Canadian Pacific was built.     Now it
is   accessible  from  the main  line by
means of steamers  which run on the
Upper Columbia river from Golden to
the lakes at its so..rce, and a wagon
road runs from Golden to a point ten
miles below  Fort Steele, while trails
reach the different settlements.     Tho
Columbia   rises   in  some   springs  in
what is known as Canal Flat, only u
mile from where the Kootenay i'iows
by from its source in a, iiuulow iu the
L;auchoil r.tnge of the Rocky mountains.     The Kootenay fbws into the
Columbia  700 or Hit) miles down the
latter river at Robson.     Some five or
six years ano a canal was built to connect the two rivers ut Canal Flat and
was expects! to give boar, communication   between  them, but  it is out of
repair.   An appropriation of S2,f)bU is
expected to put it in repair this year,
so that it can bo used by  ligh   draft
boats on the two rivers.     It is just a
little short of a mile long and  has a
lock midway, because there is a fall of
about ten feet toward the  Columbia.
Forty-five miles lower down the Kootenay than this canal is  Foil  Steele,
the principal trading point of  East
The mines of this district are said
to be very rich in gold, silver  anil
lead; in fact, this is the first part of
the Kootenay country where gold was
discovered.     The country is full ol
prospectors, and more aro  going in.
The development of the mines is very
easy, for they are all in tho side hills,
so that the ore can be quarried and no
tunneling is necessary.   Thunder Hill
Mining Company is developing a group
oi mines, of which the Thunder Hill is
the principal, si'uated about 050 feet
above the level of the Upper Columbia
lake.   It is reached by tramway, about [
mine, about 25 miles west of Fort
Steele in the Selkirk range, is said to
be the largest body of valuable oro
ever discovered in any country. It is
a solid body of ore ilii feet wido, nnd is
very rich. The discoverer sold it to
Montreal parties for S4U,C00* and they
have locate! all the country around
and are getting in men and machinery
to develop it. There is other development going on, and a good deal of
work will be done this year.
The easiest way into the country is
by train to Golden, where connection
is made with the steamer Duchess, a
finely appointed little boat with accommodation fur twenty-live cabin and
eighty deck passengers. The trip is
made from Golden in daylight to the
head of navigation on the Columbia
at the canal. The traveler passes the
Rockies ou one side and the Selkirks
ou the oilier, both rising to verv high
altitudes, often as high us 10,000 feet.
The river and its tributaries are full
of trout, salmon, and ling, and the
mountains are full of game, such as
mountain sheep, deer, elk, lynx, cay-
otes, ,.1-airie chickens, partridges, blue
grouse, quail and sni e, Ample opportunity is offered sportsmen at any of
the ranches along the valley near the
steamer landings to stop ovor night oi
as long as they please, and the settlors
arc very hospitable and treat strangers
with (rreat consideration.
One of tho principal points of interest is the hot springs ou Sinclair creek
bout (in miles from Golden, at an
elevation of about 3,500 feet above the
sea level. They are at the head of a
deep canyon right in the heart of the
Rocky Mountains. It is claimed by
the Indians and old settlers that the
curative qualities of the springs are
wonderful, for -.hey have been tried on
rheumatism and skin diseases with
great success. We met people on the
way to camp out at the springs,
though a man named McKay hud u
fine ranch within half a mile whero
the people can slop. The owner of
the springs intends to build a wagon
road this year from the steamer lauding, und will have to build a suspension bridge across tho canyon at the
height of 1,000 feet and a quarter of a
mile long, including the  approaches.
Minora, dephaon & Wheeler.
We havo received u circular from
this firm alluding to maty points of
interest in connection with their doings
and what they are prepared to do
Tbev sum up by stating that one of
the firm will be here in May i and that
Mr. Wheeler has had tho honor of
being appointel correction surveyor lo
the New Westminster land district by
the Minister of the Interior.
Sad Accident.
Gn Monday afternoon as Mr. Stewart, bridge foreman at S;oney Creek
was standing on the bridge, a rock
fell striking him ou the head und
knocked him off. He fell about 125
feet and was taken to Donald Hospital
where he lingered till 7 o'clock Tuesday morning. The accident was all
the more sad as Mr. Stewart had just
been promoted to foremanship.
Messrs.  Jillll-M    I.cwls   &   Soils'   inlJ-
.ilo.itlil.r Itcport for April.
Extracts: The copper market has
fallen, under pressure of sales, to ��44-
18 9 per ton for G. M. B.
The Tharsis Copper Co. shipped
285, IU2 long tons of copper pyrites last
year. Rio Tinto produced ill,58!) long
tons of fine copper.
S.lver and lead as in last statement,
(Continued from Page 1.)
lay-over, Rodney applied fur SCOft.
of the bust ground of thep.acermining
property in his own name, and a
friend of his took another 200ft.,
which, after recording, he sold teRodney for $25. It the then appeared that
Rodney then obtained some other parties to interest themselves in the property, and eventually sold the claims,
with huts, tools Humes, rights etc. to
them ; the property in tools etc. being
valued at $1,010. Alter this Rodney
hud put a notice in the paper, stating
that the partnership existing between
himself and Or. Rolls was dissolved.
It did not appear that the Dr. had derived any benefit from the sale of the
property, nor had any account been
rendered to him. He naturally, fancying himself interested iu the matter,
brought the suit. The issuo to be
determined was this : "In reviewing
the case the Judge explained the law
to the jury, and most ably showed
them that a mining court was not
only a court of law but also a court of
equity and that this matter was not
fully understood.     Hence, said Judge
April 18th, the Steamers
VK will leave Golden every
for tho head of Navigation. Stage connection for Fort Steele by steamers leaving Apl.
18th, May 2nd, 16th and 30th.
Low water Tariff 1893 in force until May 15th.
To Hog- Handle and Landings below 40 csnts per lOO'.bs.
" Steamboat Landing " 70    "
* Little Warehouse ���' 1.00     "
" Windermere                     "          1.25     " u
to Points on Lake Tramway           1.50     * u
" Landings on Upper Lake             1.75    u "
Special Rates on largs lots of Grain, Flour, Beef, etc.
Express to all Landings.   Two cents per lb. and one
per cent on marked value.   Lowest charge 15 cents.
Manufacturers and   Dealers in F.r and Spruce Timber
Flooring, Celling, Siding-, Cedar Shingles, Lime, Coal, Brick.
One can also see the spawning beds of U^ m.luy mi800u0eptions arise,
the salmon on the Upper Columbia, Mining contracts are often entered
fur   the  water  is very  clear, and at into between  parlies, of which, often
jehlM.   B.   LANG,:
ROOTS & SHOES,        STATIONERY, PIPES,   Etc.,   Etc.
Pine Groceries a Specialty.
certain seasons tlio salmon can lie seen
in the holes in which they spawn.
The steamers cannot run on the
river fur the 2.ri0 miles between Golden
and Revelstoke, because it is full of
rapids, dalles and falls where it cuts
throne,,, the Selkirks,
There is less snow in  that valley
| than in other parts of the Kootenay
country, but this winter has been very
severe, and the settlers have suffered
heavy losses of cattle, but not enough
to discourage them. While the laud
is very productive it is cheap, for you
can yet all yon want for ��2.50 per acre
It is well timbered with tamarack,
pine and cedar, though  it is not as
| large as on the Sound. There are a
number of sawmills along the river.���
Vancouver World.
T:ik Goutnx EttA $2 per year.
the miner is unversed in law terms,
and meanings that may enter into nr-
rangonients, if dealing with sharp
parties, hat may be prejudicial to
himself; also on the ether hand, many
go into mining ventures on the representations of thu owners of the property
and huing ignorant of mining matters,
are therefore dependant ou the good
faith and honesty of their mining partners who aro working the claims. The
mining court here steps in, in such
cases, and arrives at the intentions of
the parties, dealing with the matter
not as case of common law, but one oi
equity and justice. Judge Bole emphatically pointing out that in no other
dealings was there such need of honor,
honesty and fair dealings, as there
was in mining matters. The jury,
afte a short absence, returned to the
court and unanimously lound thut there
was a dissolution of partnership, and
found for the plaintiff, Dr. Rolls.
This is an important case bearing on
the rights of outside investors, and the
finding of the court gave universal
M. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
Mill and Mining Machinery, Boilers, Engines and
Agricultural Implements. A good general blacksmith
shop in connection with the Machine Shop.
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, Frames, Stair and Turned
Work. Estimates furnished and contracts taken on all
kinds of buildings.
Houston & Wilson,


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