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The Golden Era Aug 2, 1901

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Array U V
�� Builder & Contractor,
rw       A supply of Bi-ftKni Lima fcr Hoist.
*0 Plw* prepared.  Prompt alteat'ou glvrato
m orders.
Biga Writer
HsccMle Artist
���������ae UsBcaratar.
tea.. Order.at loeteaay Ho��i��, Ooldta.B.C.   |
/OL XI NO. 41
GOLDEN. British Ultjmbu, FRIDAY, Augost 2. 1901
2 Per Year.
��� 11
OUR last car lot of Assorted Groceries Included:
Zephyr Cream Sodas���3 lb. tins
Cream Sodas���2 lb. cartons.
Arrowroot Sultana
Ginger-nuts Shortbread
Smyrna Macaroons
Social Teas Garibaldi
Tartlets Jam-Jams
Coffee and Tea Biscuits
Waterloo Wafers in bulk and |lb. tins.
Huntley & Palmer's Italian Macaroons in I lb. tins.
Shilling's Best Baking Powder
imports direct from 'Frisco in large lots,
therefore priced lower than usual���12 oz*.
24 and 5 lb. tins. .   "';,
O3K TrftB condensed milk and all other
bran<"}a \>ut Oak Tree is the very top notch
of exflflUence, Try a can and if not sui^/t
take yqUr pick of other brands free of e-jjjj-*,.',
Saddles, Pack-saddles,
Straps, Whips, Collars, etc.
pnrs-.ii 1      Boss liner's Boot,  ,'/.'-        -        -       $5,50
Or tLIAL '.   16-inch River Boot, made in full French
Cair, double soles,        -,'*.,���        -        7.50
-Tjpd3 Where Cash does Doubts Duly,
He    G.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Pnld V91 ��*.SO-'> II-OO
Beat 1 S.-.O.IM10
II. S. Howland, I'resislent.
T. II. Merrill, ��� VU'e-I'res.
Wm. Rasnsav,     T. Sutherland Stnysaor
Hubert Jalt'ray, Ellas Rogers,
Win. Heudrie.
D. lt. Wii.kik, General Manager.
E. Hay, Inspector.
MANITOBA, K. VV*. T. ami ll. C.
Itr.'iiiilini, Calgary, Edmonton,
llsslilo.i,       Nelson,        Portage lit 1'rairie,
Prince Allien,     Iterelaloke,     Strathcona.
Vancouver,       Winnipeg,
Essex, Fergus.,- Gall,. Hamilton,   Ingerssill,
l.istowal, Niagara Fulls,   Port CoUsottrue
Rat Portage,        Sautt Sio. Marie, St.
Catharines, St. TI.on.sia, Toronto, Welhsnsl,
Woodstock, ami Montrsul, '-Ine.
Agents in 4-ireiit Britain:
Lloyd's Bank, Ltd., 72 Ldmbard St., l-onslon
with whom i.touey may he dsspoaitesl tor
transfer l.y- letter or cable to auyot tl.e
above braiii'hes.
Agents in lulled Htaves:
SEW YORK   llauk of Montreal, IIf.uk ol
��� America.
sQBllAIKI-First National llank.
nM'AlIt.-SecJi.i.l Nalioinil llnuk
HfN FlfANllSrti-Well.*., Fur-fa Ik Ci
Hank. '
' Att'ntst in Ninth Afrlei
'i&%*iA yStlTEU. r p
the stoc-k of
Hats and Caps.
Oents* Furnishings,    .
Fino Suitings,
Up-t-o-Date Panting**, at
J. C. TOM & Cos.
If not an inspection, will pay you.
Goods Right.    +   +    +   Prices Right.
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Co.
Steamers DUCHESS and HYAK MSB*.
Season of 1901 Opens April 2nd.
Only Quick and Comfortable Route to Mining Towns of Windermere Mining
Leave Golden Tuesday 4 a.m., arriving at Peterborough
Athalmsr, Canterbury and Windermere same evening
Returning arrive at Golden Wednesday afternoon.
Leave Golden Friday 4 a.m. for Peterborough and inter-
niediatc points; returning arrive at Golden Sunday
Low ratos on Ore, Lumber, Hay, Grain and Coal.
For further information apply to
C.  H.  PARSON,-Sfjsretaiy.
25,000 MEN
On Strike In syn-.co.-A Complete Tie-
San Francisco, July 30.���Twenty-
five thousand union men are on strike
thii morning along the waterfront of
San Francisco, and if the cessation of
work ordered by the City Front Federation continues effective, it will practically mean the doting of the port
during the continuence of the strike.
Although a large number of man
were hired to fill tha places of the
striken, practically no merchandise
has been moved. No dilturbances have
been reported.
Owing to the Strike inaugurated today, the business section of the city
is completely tied up, and indications
are that general business stagnation
will ensue.
The labor tioubfct reached their cul-
miiutttMlate last nl^ht when the City
Front Federation ordered a general
siriks* oa tkt docks of the San Fran*
ciscd, Oakland, Mission Rock and Port
Cswisaio go Into effect this morning.
The j-esolution to strike, wliioh re-
ceiv.��l..lWji��HaB.iiiiTioiis sMstas��nm��nt of
every fMsj^kkioii of the federation, was
���Short, INK.;it) ttteet will tie to sMi.se a
temporary*' pmlyalf, ol the shipping
business of Sail-Francisco such a* 111*
Mill been \*mti)tori known.   It reads
.    ., ,, ���----.--������-. .-----..--���   if    '-Tlie full nWsnbei ship of the City
Aviitlubla at, ill I ri4hits,ii> . amain, I uit.il   _ ��� , *,��, ,   ',. , .'
K!iwloi..^*is*����tStat*4. From. I edera'tlon  refuses;,to worton
J. S. Gibb, (H>r.,tJcWen Brflnch. .the docks of Sun Francisco.
s,u s^ei-o-sit-,.
.  t'HEH.
Pro...trial, Municipal-ai��l otlier slabeatiiaa*-,,',,,,
Jai ..ui-     ��� l-ssrvjisist-ii.
"   'llte.*MiT��** l.ETTERS OF CREDIT
Port Custu and Mission Rock. The
steamers Doiilta and Walla Walla with
malM and passengers now in tho stream
will be allowed lo go to sea."
The mreting of the federation was a
long one antl there ��H much healed
argument,   but  whek Ihe  resolution
Offlce in Upper Columbia Navigation and Ica"*6 ,0 **��� vole .very delegate present
London, July SO���At the first meeting of the creditors to-day, subsequent
to a meeting of the rhaaehohlers of the
of the Standard Exploration Company,
one of the mining concerns known aa
the Whiltaker-Wright Oroup, the
official receiver made such astonishing
revelations that he drew from Ihe excited shareholders demands for the
lynching of the persons implicated.
The receiver said lhat the estimated
assets were farcical. The fourteen
mines valued at ��767,000 had earned
nothing. The company started witb a
cash capital of ��500,000, but the directors took little interest in the company's mines and devoted themselves
to stock exchange speculation. "And
that's where your money is gone,"
said the receiver. " Two hundred and
twenty-eight thousand pounds was
lost in differences, in Lake Erie speculation, and ��235,000 was lost in differences in Caledonian copper. The
total profits from speculation are ��118,-
000, and the losses are ��536,000."
"And these are still at large?"
shouted another shareholder.
"Yes, they are," came the answer
and immediately -.hose present at the
meeting rose to their feet shouting,
"Lynch them!" Ic was an exciting
moment for Lord Pelham-Clinton, Oen.
Oough-Halthorp and others who were
attending the meeting A storm of
angry cries and hisses broke out, and
the receiver finally succeeded in calming the shareholders by promising
them every protection possible.
Durban, Natal, July 30-Details received here of what first seemed an
ordinary skirmish between a British
column and a Boer commando, near
Nqtiita, on July 28, show that a hard
all day fight occurred, in which the
British narrowly escaped tl.e loss of a
Kun ol the 67 Field battery. Four
hundred Boers repeatedly rushed the
British position, killing Major Ed*
Wnrsls and Gunner Carpenter. The
gun was limbered up, and taken ut a
gallop fctr. thrw.ro ilea,, under heavy
fire.   Five British were.killed.';'.', ;   .' .
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Fublic.Conveyancer, etc
ay t'omjsaiiy'a Building,
Harvey, McCarter & Pinkham,
liarrl.tera, kotltltora. Ae*
Jievelatoke, B.0. Fort Steele, B.0.
Kooma Alexander lllork Uolslen It, I*.
Jas. Urady, D.LS.. & P.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
M. Ans'n. Inat. M.E.
Surveys made for AasK-asme.it Work ami
Crown lirattts.
Land I'or aale is.. Lake Wind��rniero and
Fhullay Creek, Eaat Kootenay.
.   .  .  Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
Roots*. Hide Kleklni Horae River,
Hull Bros. & Co.
Wholesalo A Retail
Cattle, Sheep anil Horse Dealers.
For first-class
Dairy Butter
Fresh Eggs
and'all kinds of
Farrn Produce
Apply to
voted in favor of the strike. The foi
lowing unions were represented, com
prising all the workers on the waterfront: Sailor's union of the Pacific;
lour local union* of longshoremen;
Marine Men; Brotherhood of Teamsters;
Ship and Steamboat Joiners; Packers,
Porters, Warehousemen, Shipping
clerks. Piledrivers and Bridge Builders,
Hoisting Engineers, Steam and Hot-
water Fitters and Coal Teamsters.
The decision to inaugurate a general
strike, which is a direct outcome of
the lockout of the teamsters, will havs
for its iinmediateeffect the cessation ol
all labor in and around ths great docks
about the bay of San Francisco. The
Sand Teamsters' union and the Oakland Teamsters' union also ordered a
This will make a total of ever 25,000
union workmen who have stopped
their work since the middle of May
last, divided as follows: City Front
Federation, comprising fourteen organizations, 15,000 men; Machinists and
Ironworkers, 7,000, Cooks and Waits rs
1,500; Sand Teamsters, 600; Oakland
Teamsters, 1000.
The tie-up will be complete it the
plans of the labor unions are successful. They hope to slop the loading,
aud even to prevent the moving of
shi|is that are almost ready for departure.
Unless the proprietors and managers
are able to secure sufficient non-union
help to load and maun their vessels,
the strike will jitactioally mean tl.e
closing of the port and the suspension
of business in the wholesale assd maim
faciuring sections of San Francisco
and Oakland.
s-Plir Annual Oeneral Vlssetii.g of tlie as.ls-
���*��� ssrilsera lo the llssldeu Hksspiisil Art'eiy,
for tlio ples'tion ssf Trsisst-ses for tlsts ensuing
year, mil Ise helsl s*t the Schos-I Houss*,, Hidden, B. C. oss Monday, August 5th, 11101, ut 8
u's-lsH'k, p. us.
Similar ..ssde.ings wilt Ise lisdsl ��l Donald,
Palliser, ll<saver. Field. Thunder Hill, Wasa.
Fort Steel and W iudermos-o, at the sains date
antl li.it.i-.
l*i ��� * *   ;
Victoria, July 30-Within' the. last
three   days   nearly   $30,000   dollars
worth of gold lias been assayed at the
Provincial office here and sold to local
banks.    All ol the above amount, with
the exception of $2,500 from   Wreck
Bay, waa from  lhe  Klondike creeks.
and the general averaga was about $16
to the ounce.   The additional facilities
provided by the Dominion and B.  C.
Governments  are  already  attracting
miners   to  here -and  Vancouver  who
formerly went to Seattle.
Palliser Pabulum.
From Our Owe CerreaDondeat.
Palliser, July 31-Sheriff  Redgrave
was here twice recently in   his offlolal
capacity as constable.    His flrst visit
was to investigate a case ol burglarious
entry of the mill store, anil  his tecond
was te apprehend  a young Swede for
common assault committed on an Italian.    No developments have been made
inthefirstcaseand  very  little information retarding it  ia to he obtained ;
indeed, so mysteriously  ia the whole
affair enshrouded lhat It  may  require
the servias of a ''Sherlock Holmes" to
unfold.   The second   case   was easy.
Two bunk mates,   Swede and Italian,
both of  whom cpeak   |ioor English,
misunderstood each  otlier, in Ihe dark
���in daylight  they  manage lo make
themselves understood   by   signs ���'he
Italian receiving a blow on Ihe cranium
With a billet of wood that will cause a
bald   spot   for   some   tisna   at   least,
while the Swede is said  lo have been
seared out ol a year's growth hy the
Italian  brandishing  ai  axe near hia
vital   legions.    Both   appeared before
tho magistrate at Golden,  the Swede
being fined and the Italian paid court
costs.   Orgies  have   been   rather  frequent of  late antl the sspectacle of a
raving inebriate on Sunday  conld not
but offend the moat  hardened, much
more the tender sensibilities of women
and children.    In view of the above it
has been suggested   that a constable
resident here, be np|.oit.ted.
Illustrative of tho power and siestritc
tiveuess of water, tbere is a lot of land
disappearing daily on the P���||j��er side
of the Kicking Horae. when it is ai
flood tide. Two buildings belonging
to the C.P.R. have been* undermined
nnd are now tottering on ihe brink of
tbe ever encroaching liter. Tlie well
sunk by the railway it- the spring v, ������,
at that time seetsil sards fro.ii iho
river, now ii is lu the rae:-. and unless protected will soon
stream, tt seems n piij so
land shoul'l In* allots ! :
want of an ounce ui pr. .
railway aiding will he I list n
**'H. C. Jelly, for"ierly of Field, Is
permanently located .here -is C j* -Bi
agent. Mr.-Jelly Is. a.sou i f a foruMrr
member of ilia Norihwei.t Jegislaifse
'  in mid-
.such good
.   .  ��� I ,l-
ion     Tho ���
xi   u dis
. ���;
London, July 30. -There was a mild
uproar iu the house of commons be- anvililug like a Ial
tween 1 and 2 o'clock this morning at jlu Hionalre swallows,
tho conclusion of tho debate on lhe
taxation of agricultural property.
Conservatives interrupted Mr. Walton,
Liberal,Willi cries of "divide." William
Redmond on a point of order called
the attontion of the Speaker to the
interruption, but the speaker ruled that
the point was not well taken. Mr.
Walton resumed, but was quite in.
audible owing to the persistent, cries
ot   "divide."   Mr   Redmond   shouted
police, police." The speaker said this
uproar was disorderly.
Mr Redmond: "Why don't you
keep order,"
The speaker directed him to leave
the house and named him.    -
Mr. Balfour, the Government leader,
moved Mr. Redmond's suspension and
this was carried by  a vole of 303 to
Patriok O'Brien |sersisted iu the
same point of order and waa in lulu
named and t impended. Tlse Bill waa
then adopted.
Ottawa, July 29.-Hou. Jos. Cbanj.'
berlain cables that 18*16, Trooper Nelson, is dangerously ill of "ulsi'ic. His
next ol kin is Titos. Hill. Virden. Man.
Mr. Chamberlain sends another ines
aage stating that 210, Trooper Geo
Richards Serpell, Suuih Africaii constabulary, died of acute t.slieroulosis.
following pneuiuuliia at Parusburg,
uu July 21st; His next of kin was
Albert Sepell, of Enter, Eng.
Sulsaibe now fur the Eka.
������ Is ,--.
.  '.I  ol
l 1  lho
logs and
heir do-
ndfuj   of
-'   in a.U
asseiu'blv, residt.it a
already   it.urate'V I.
having biiVtiiea*   i
pojuilar v. ith
Swallows. ,1
timid ami secls.aive
iheir pri.lt> littlo |
screeching saws, thi
e'ry, tins thunder o|
falling lumlsei the, earn t
ineijtio duties insallj un
iheir surroundings, Flin
out fjr a full sen hours each day ihey
seem never io Ftrike or io enter into
dispute. No
nu trusts, nu
monopolies, all are equal, happy and
Industrious IiK'iir.iaieinnocence, ihey
pursue iheir evanescent way tu a ls*-au-
lltul faitli lhat nolhiug will In,iin
them, yet, bird like, ihe.y will Dirt
with another's sweetheart which
causes feathers lo fly and ungues to
jabber. Let ua preserve and protect
tl.e bird*, no; only fur their use ansl
beauty, but bocauselhey helptoelhvra-
lize a corrupt world.
The thermometer touched 78 on
Tuesday, the highest drgi-w ul heat
attained .his summer, Last Saturday
snow (ell on lhe foothills and uu the
high mountain peaks. There is nothing phenomenal about the latier as
there has beeu snow and fruai every
week this summer, thanks to uur all.-
George Walls wanmed Wednesday
from a two greeks,' business tou.* !��� tl,*,
Xorthwustaud Manitoba: He repur.a
very favorably -of the crops, and in
consequences every branch of trade ia
but It |��'ua|��ruua and buuyaul,
Hun. W. C. Wells arrived ou Toes,-
dsty and left lur il.e wnat Wsituesnay.
E. Dal.l, J. Johnston .-mid W. Courtney loll [ur Winnipeg uu   Wedusvarfay.
ChiCBgu, July 80.-Tin Chronicle
says: Prices uu ull classes uf brooms,
will be ailvauced at a meeting u{ the
brush and broom manufacturers ot ihu
United Hiaies, which ia beiug held here
today. Tne liruomtrust has been forced
to charge Use dealers more by an advance in hrssoH. nor... The increase
will range all lho way Irons 25 to 50
ecu is a Joieu. Tffia ERA, GGLTE:;, LC.,,UTcr&T 2, 19D
��he 0tfUi��it ��ret*
Pi:n:.ts:i::i. i.vkrv piuday.
Ed. V. C:i\.m ;:;!��� v
A(ivtti-tii��iiiff ���
13ti OH per ynar in nti vim ee,
(���� im.de known u.i rt'ij*.*'
FRIDAY.   Aim.   -J. IM i.
Tl.e V'i-toi-in Coll
of run H-��
I pnny to subsidize  ihe cona* motion nt
thn rate oT   #4,0C0 ier miln  without
 knowing n|j-proximately vt'.hut the ulti-
��� Editor nnd I'uWIaliorj mate outlay would Involve?
I- mny bo true dint Mr. Bodwell'-a
com putty might not ticcept the survey
mule hy the Gowu'iiutQiit; but Itis
alao true that thpGovernment, rust-on*
Kihle for the outlay, hits someihlnic to
sn) tihoiii the eoinlitioris uinl thu dutu
upon vvl'Icii tho subsidy is to be granted.
\nd ii 1*4 ji Iho true lhat iletftlled plnnn
<.f ttn Kiilhi'iitiu survey bv i*.j-*pn!inihle
iMitfiiieeifi would hnve to tio tili-d for appro vh I before Mny contract was outetod
IntOs If ih�� \\, V. A E. Imd undertaken fitch a survey nml Mr. Boil well
could now submit such plans, his post
tion would he a   much more valid one.
mist, in discussing
loverntnont survey
^^^^^^^^^^^^ iiu-., siyi: SiM-ma!
r< iiiiik ihie h-iri'i'-i have appeared In
tl. proaa In onposi'.ion to ilie decision
of ihe Government to sond nui nn ex
pi -mury survey party in notiuection
wi��h the proposed short line from tlie
C msi ro Kootenny ��� in the Hope Monti* | IJeyoml a red lino drawn on n provlli-
They nre remarkable from tin olnl map, iuiWeatlntf the probable line
fuel that they emnunte from those pro- which such a railway would take, and
f.'-seiliv strongest  in support  of the u few  btirometrloal elevations,  which
iy  im;an  anything or nothing,  no
ch plans hnve heen sttJjmjtted,    Yei
| Mr. Hud well has promoted an agitation
c instruction nf such �� railway ; and it
is of pnrtloulnr HiijiiiHoanoe that tins' ro'ijfcst opposition arises from the
hoHoitor and principal 'promoter ol
wiiat is known as the V.. \'. & E.rail
way. That Mr. BocUvell should take
up the ondjtels .-iKiiiust the survey is
suifKestivH of motives that in the popu
Iar mind r lers his attitude,   to say
the least, o en losuspiciou. From his
professional eoun"0tlon with the
scheme Ms -attitude snu^o-is comet lilim
renllv quiip apart from the objections
ur^cd hy him We will nut assume,
f-r instil nee, that iu Mr. Budwll's tnind
the fact Hint tho appropriation for
" surveys ' should hu applied to the
survey of a line of railway hits uin
rual force of itself, except as a stick ti
heat the tiovarnmHiit for purposes oi
hii own Otherwise, when a siutUai
cour>u was pursuei iu IH!).') li in con
nectluii with tho British $aoiHc line,
wiih which Mr, Bod well had a professions! and prominent connection, he
wulil naturnlly have raised a similar
oij.-ciioii. It is . not ou record anywhere that he did.
Mr. Boil well, iu a letter in Uie Colonist, sia'es that the appropriation for
surveys In '-)'. li waa explained to the
Uuuse, but Mr Bodwell "ill nor, deny
mat the amount, expended was in  the
in *t lie province for tha purpose of forcing lho Government into accepting
Ins terms it Illy willy, and has uow
the effrontery to challenge the Government for iiscertaiiiiiii; what is necessary lo kuow beforo the provincial
credit i*. pledged to so largo an extent,
Helms ai liis back a small coterie of
press supporters, whose efforts huve
been inspired by him at every turn.
Among these are lhe Rossland Miner
aud tho Nelson Miner, whose energies
by the way are just now divided iu
attacking the Gove-N-nneiit and lighting
the Miiiers'  unions of Kiotenuy,
It is sail that if tho Government
.vere sincere in its prosiuit course, it
wonld have provided a specific sum in
ihe estimates fur the purpose of a
survey, and is now for sinister motives
abusing its prerogative iti using money
uot so intended. It is well kuown Unit]
when tho Loan Bill whs past, it was
understood thnt a special Session would
h! called to ratify auy coUitrnct lhe
Government might propose lo make
for the construction of the railwny. in
case an offer were received before the
next regular Session. It Is, therefore,
natural to suppose that an,/  company
Dominion Government did not pjrani
tho suhsl Iy we do not know. As the
friends of Mr Bod well are in powor at
Ottawa, and ho professes to be in thoir
confidence, lie should be in a position
io tell us. If the Provincial Government was willing to extend u fair
���dinre of aid and the building of the
Coast * Xoute it uy line is dependent for
further aid from the Domiuiuu Government, on what grounds aro the Provincial Government io blame? Bj
what species of legal sophistry or log.c
is the contention uf Mr Oodwell aud
his friends tu be mnde compatible with
ihe factsV Perhaps Mr Bodwell hns
some knowledge which he hns so fur
wit held. If he will be phased to en*
lighten the public wo shall undertake
to further examine his reasons .and his
position iu this matter.
Wo must congratulate the Winnipeg Free Press on its issue of Saturday,
July 27. The paper was made up of
forty pu^es aud gave an exhaustive
report of tl.e condition of crops in tlie
great west. It is -safe to say that the
wheat yield oF lhe Northwest nud
Manitoba will produce as muoh weulth
us Hie gold dust brought down from
iuieres-s nf his particular scheme, and j proposing to make such uu offer would
huve immediately set about an cxplor*
the remarks of the Hon. Mr. Davie nnd
the Hun. Mr. Turner at that date which
were mnde in lv.dy rn objections of the
Opposition to su large un amount ol
money being expended for survey.-*.
would apply wih Pfp.nl force at the
present time-in fact witb much greater
lorce because n knowledge of the country tributary to ihn V., \*. &E,, and
of the r. uie itself is of very great importance, and has bean rendered all the
mure s> hy the a.-itathui for the con
sirucrion of the Coasr-Kouteuay railway, und Mm important interests to be
served rhero-.y. The fuct thut Mr
Bodwell is personally und largely ir*
te rested in promoting thut company
must he taken Into consideration, nnd.
speaking ''rum motives ol friendliness
to that genthun in, it would have be-
tiayed very much better taste nud
judgment ou Ins pur* tu have kepi
silent und allowed the disinterested
and unprejudiced publ.o to speak in
this matter.
If we sts-uune that Mr. Bodwell is
quite sure uf ti feasible route existing,
us he claims, he cannot iu reason urge
that in the ileter niiiaiiou lo make fl
thorough nnd absolutely authentic ex-
ploruiiuu and s.n .ey with us much ex
peduIon as possible, the project with
which he is as-nc.uted cau iu any wny
bo deluded or pn-j (diced, If i be report
of the ohlefo of ihe survey is in favoi
of the existence uf u feasible route, he
must see thut thu Goveruinutii is in
tliat wuy placing Itself iu u position
v> herein it cunld not, even f it so de
sired, s'limi iu the way uf lhe under
taking I'-jiij-j cal't'ird out. To ordinary
lay minds it mu.it be apparent that, if
the Government be desirous uf causing
dela>taslis opponent.-, allege, byt.i
course it has now adopted, it id simply
spiking its own guns, I) .es Mr. Bud well
wish ilie puidic to infer thut iu order
to fun her the alleged nefarious designs
of the Governmeut the members of the
survey commission, men of standing
and loug experience, will jeopardise
their reputation und pro-,tituie their
pro fa is ion, by avoiding natural pflss-s
uud falsifying levels? Will Mr. Hod-
well   or  nny   lay mnn  who   has  yti
spoke uiuinin   ilmt   Messrs,  Dewd
ne>. Perry und fi.inutugtou nre not us
well ipiulititel to in ike us reliable ,(
report ms i hat of any person upon whom
he him-elf le-ie*.-*    IV,11   Mr. Bodwell
Tno School Meeting,
The much talked of school m eting
wns held ou Monday ns advertised and
ufter nu hour beiii{- consumed in conducting Jegat opinions given by gentlemen in nil walks of life, excepting the
JegaJ profession, it was deoided to have
a written decision on a list of questions
covering the whole ground of tl*
-uecrtSBiiry Qualification of a voter iu
.school meetings,
.Shortly before 11 o'clock, llie mill
twitch engine brought up every mule
Inhabitant who looked to be HX years
of age und when Ihey arrived ut the
school house they found it about hnlf
full of residents from the north side
of the river.
At 11 o'clock. Mr C. H. Parson, iu
virtue of his position as senior trustee,
culled the moeilug to order, nud set io
work to explain to those preseut the
realtors for calling the meeting, He
then went ou to ghoan opinion on the
meaning of householder as defined in
Bulldog: KsJiy.
The details given by the Outcrop of
the murder of fijard by Bulldog Kelly
ire uot accurate, Tiie following are
iho fuels uf the ease as given by Muu-
itel Dainard, uue uf the party,
Beard was returning tu Missoula,
Mont., wiih ubuut i-l.UlO, which had!
heeu obtained by thu sale of liquor.
(Beard w,.s agent fur Eddie it Hani-
uiuiid whu li.nl n -AhutUaule li<|uur lie*
���iiiaej. U.iina.d met Bear.I i'or the
lirst time at the Hog Ranch while on
his wuy to Wild Horso. Next morning they started off ou the trail, Dainard taking the lead. Behind him was
a pack horse theu came Heard uud lust
Harry Louis, or "Dutch Harry* It
wns about 10 o'clock in the morning,
and about 2\ miles from the Hog
Ranch, when the shooting took place.
Beard was shot iu the back. Dainard
turned und saw a man behind un upturned root with a rifle. Beard's
horse gn vet wo jumps nnd at the second
jump BetU'd -fell off dead. The mnn
with tbo rifle then (turned on Dutch
Harry, who swung himself onto tho
ground nnd tried to get under -cover,
but wns shot in the fleshy part of the
leg. He ciawled into the bushes nud
got buck to Hog Ranch. Dainard
mnde u break to put as much distance
ns possible between him und Kelly.
He rode ou for hnlf n mile and mnde a
circle during which he met four other
men ���two white men and two Indians.
Informing >tbeua ofthe shoot.ng they
hU proceeded buck to where Beard Iny
dead, und afterwards touk the body
buck to Hog Ranch.
Mr.Duinarddot-n not believe'h.s-ory
of Kelly's deuth us given in the Outcrop. He bus good authority thut
Kelly is serving u term ol 15 years in
jail for robbery, belli,; convicted in the
year 18SKJ.
TownsiteOf Golden.'
Business and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
flow is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy lerms of Payment.
tnory survey in order to lay before the I the Sclio d Act iu its amended form.
Ooverninent the plans necessary upon j While doing this he hud occasion tu
whioh to base aoontract. Some months refer lo a telegram received bv 0.13.
hnvo pussed. no offer hus been received ; M-Dermot from Deputy Attorney Gen-
und no survey party bus been plnce.i WM| j^Lwiii, ou Suturduy, uud s�� up
iu the -field. In tho meantime the k, opposition to tiio opinion there-nx-
BoiUvellimi press has bom persUiemly |KjSsed   a   letter   received   from   Mr.
enquiring what the Government
doing to redeem its promises, nud us
p-x-Mis-tctttly endeavoring to breed dis
content. Inevitably the ruilway question must be re-opened nt the next
Sjssion. nml the Government, iu the
absence of any honest endeavor on the
pnrt uf the V , V A E., to prove Its
ability or desiru to build vhi Hone
vfouii'ain, look the iiiintive itself, mul
will he iu a pu.-dtlon to biy beforo the
Honse thu exact information on which
c ns'ruetiou of such a railwny
Ilobiusoii, Superintendent of J3duu.ition,
A discussion followjd, taken pi.rt in
by Me-srs Alymer, Moodie, Carlin,
Jones, McDermot, Often, Good, Kurti-
son nnd others, which was Huully
thoitght to be out of order und nominations were asked for chairman, Mr.
Moodie nominated Hou. F. VV Alymer,
which wus secouietl by Mr Green. Mr.
C.irlin then nominated Mr Devlin,
which wum seconded by Mr Jones.
Then a discussion on those who should
must vote broke our. anew, uud us nothing
could   be arranged   between  the  iwo
It wiJI huve aaewtaJned tbe most Ipnrties it was decided to request Mr.
feeble routes, the Jetigth of line and Griffith to preside, which ho kindly
its approximate   cost.   The   country  consented to do.   Two secretaries were
Will huve all thu fuels, und will not be
ut the mercy of nny ruilway corporation, Tlie moneys even if i- be nut
reeuped by uny company liking hold,
will \m well spent if it shall iu the
future prevent mistakes which nre
possible by blindly entering into u
huge enterprise of t he kin I.
I   w snid the Government  in i,he interests ol tin  C.   I*.   It.  iist deUved.
au-d is delaying, tlie building of t1t�� jq*iHlICtctttioii-n, aud all votoj objected
Coast Kootonay ruilway. Let us con- to bo placei to one side und sent to
aider tbe iu itter fairly, nml lut us also J VlatorU (or dejlslon.   This unmeet,-
then chosen, Messrs C. A, Warren and
C. H. Parson. Then ihe diffeteui
opinions were laid befoie Mr. Griffith,
who looked carefully into the School
Act nud amendments, into letters nnd
telegrams ami confessed thut the question seemed a hopeless one. It wus
then suggested by Mr Jones that the
election begone ou with, each voter
using  his  own judgment  us to  his
see whom the responsibility renlly be*
I onus. Wheu tho Uritlsh Columbia
delegation went to Ottawa one nf the
main objects wus to secure the cooperation uu I ussistunce of ihe Dominion
in bul-Using thu'. line, without which
Mr Bodweil himself admits over bis
own sbj;ature his oompany will not
proceed with tho im in portion ofthe
rou.I ilii-sou-ib tbe Hope Mountains.
The uiider'ukiuj was urged i'i the
strongest way possible, In tiie S(-eech
from ihe Vurune it   was declared to be
iu; with favor, Mr. Moodie moved
'biita coniiuiLit-ccomposad of two Irom
each party uud ihe chairman heap
���pointed to draw up a set of questions
.covering the whole ground and submit thein to the Attorney General for
decision, uud thnt this meeting adjourn
till next Monday to allow time to receive an answer to same, This wus
seconded by Mr Jones nnd curried.
The following gentlemen were named
to net  wiih Mr Griffith on  the com*
mine*-).    Messrs, K- G. Parson, 1*\ W.
the police nftlM Government lo s^isi j Alymer.  C. A. Wnrren,  F.W.Jones.
thut line. A Bill waa brought -down
nnd pussol providing under certain
uundiiious applicable to certain Other
Iiu a for h -subsidy in aid tlneieof. I.
these (rots on their face ilo u-iit show
thn buna li.es of the Government
imthiuu cord. I* was left for Mr Uxl-
well uud his frietitlH to impute uiuliw*
of Insincerity uud contrary de-d.-.'.s.
found he could not coeice * In-
Tne meeting inen adjourned ou motion
of Messrs Dujnnrd nnd Gr?en.
Palliser Pabulum
From Our Own Corresooudont.
Judging by actual results the present
Provincial Government, in the year
since it wus entrusted with tho reins
of authoritv. has jrtstiified the declaration of the Premier nnd his colleagues
thai it would lie a government run on
business lines only���business in the
sense that any individual would conduct his otrn afiuirs lo a successful
issue. Iu form'-r administration*: politics, with its concomitants of jealousy.
intrigue and scheming, ubsorbtd the
iMiu.iste-r*/ time and attention io such
au ext-e-ut that the real business of ihe
country was deplorably neglected, The
province is uow emerging ftom that
"midnight of dark ages," the blighting
pall of which had enveloped every enterprise of a public nature. Aud the
people have leiirned by au experience
nut to be forgottPn uever to entrust
their public uffairs with tho mere
office-seeking politician whose penchant
for portfolios maddens to the extent of
crucifying friend or foe on his own
political cross. How near ihis pro
vines was to casting into tho ocean u
cocl million of dollars for a i ncific
cubic we nre all tao painfully aware;
and instead of fostering enterprise that
would have increased the receipts of a
depleted treasury we Bnd the same admin ist rut iou accessory, if not the
principal, in u case thut throttled nu
industry in the city of Vancouver uud
t'.ierehy deprived the provineo of n
large revenue: To intrust such men
with the power of otlice is only to In
v tedisusrer uudencoi.rngo immorality.
Br ratio und incompetent us thu Semlin-
Cotton udmiuJstratJon was its itnmed
into nud short live! successor wns
even worse; without head or tall neither
of ihem resembled things animate In
the heavens above or the earth beneath.
Uut tbey ure dead nnd will soon bo
.forgotten* If su<cce&8 in private life
counts for anything, sud we think it
a cardinal feature ns well as tin important index in gauging a men's
public cupueity or ability, two men nt
leu SI nm far away und above any
thut have ever sat hi the James Bay
legislature hull. Plain und unostentatious in demeanor, methodical und
cautious, not wanting in firmness uud
executive power, they have Riven A
stability to government thnt bus not
la-en attained by any In the past. Those
genii-emeu are lho Hon. W, C. Wells,
Commissioner of Liun.s nnd Work's,
nnd ihe Uuu. Jus. Dunsmuir, Premier.
the Department uf Public Wtrks,
the must impoitulit of all il.e portfolios
tbe   Chief   Commissioner
GOLDEN is tlie key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on tlie Columbia Kiver, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters ofthe Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
Tho important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with the
fact that traLsportation is now assured at an early date
by a railway running the length of the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in tho mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forms
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase lefore a further rise
takes place.
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agree
ment for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on
application to
II. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
II. G. Parson, Merchant
��� i i
nt the head of u depuituieiit for which
a nnw OJUiitry, such us British Colum-
bia, is so largely dependent for its,
progress and welfare. Both gentlemen ure iu possession of grent potentialities wbich, it is sincere!v hoped,
they mny long be fl pared to develop in
the boiiornble positions they now
occupy, thus rescuing the country
from the perilous condition to which
it hud been brought by former legis
tutors, of whom the predominant,
characteristic wns thut of the political
sitsts. (sss-i- liis own su^ii-uisiii- 'l>*st sissy
nsilw.is   unui|iiiiiy   will   iissslsjiisske  to| wlis-n'
bisiill ihs..|.ro|i.iswi1 rolltt'iiy uu ��iiy tax-, Go'eminent i.iti, hc.j,'i.,s>  bin lunus
latin-; sajjMi'ts, u illiout lii\-' innliiiu 11 mill no ol In lo.
survey similar lu tlio one now in hand? I    Mr. Bniliietl'-i com jinny refn-e.l to
Does, sis. BjJwell liosse>s|y  ibiuk Is-itt-iiioci.'|>l ili*. uumlliloris. ol llie Govern
��ny Oiveiiiiiii'iii isuulil   be j.sssiifii.il ill   ment io Isiiild Use line its �� (vl.ole wish*
.cisieriii'! inio si contract with  u ��om
out the Dominion sub.ilJy,   Why the
iiei.i'tiie ovei.v,j.:x.:i) HE.Utr.
���.. Il.e gtoat undine svhit'l. pu nil's litis
l,.i'i.iifj'ii yi'isr sy.tenl l.ssi'ss hrsMasisi, ever*
ti,.XQsi. -iriiiiiiinK uiulei' lAs 1 i.nl bec.iiMU sii-s-
e..,-. luia s'lis'.'^'uii ifV    Dr.  Affile v's Oure
101'   tllU   liesil'l    IH   SIxl.'S'u'.,    1.1,,1'IV   ,,,i-    tin. I
<��� utuuer, and ilssisy ile,ii.,ii**.i-���i,'a le lse���it
au.roret'. tlislt it is slsss H.tssat, aill-i-.-sl ami
..iv,., ., u6��y i'0.iiu.iy ni.it inuUienl aei*...cu
lsu.is.--i.   *,iill,y il ,. l;,.i,..ore.-.si. |,|1B rM0���rt)d-  0[ ihis  uvustl  iiruviuco.
An  i!ior"nse hiss  Isjen msi'Vi   hythe'^j,  0f ���  ,uerv  Ik la in  il.u wouds   he
(Ji.niulniu I'neiliii railsvuy in she suhe-
Sjirajigeis/ssaw mill at S.nelter lake.
Grand Forks, wso destroyed by fire on
on July 25.   Total  loss will amount
to $;*o,coo,
Another strike is threatened at Hon,
has   the , Jus Disn^snuir'a K-tlestsinn mine.   The
���.Vonilurful Ri.tiit. Pallow tin Uste at
Dr. (,'l.il'kj'�� l.lttle ItuJ Pills.
To the Editor of the EltA :
Sir: ���We make lhe fullo'vinj* Pro
posuls to tl.e readers of tl.e Golden Ern:
To uuy one who is t. subject of rheu-
iii.itisin (uo .miner how \o���g sti.nslin*;)
or auy blood disease, as enuineriiie.l
bslow, and will give Dr. Clarke's W'jti-
derful Little li -d Pills a fair and ist.-
partial tii.il ami sio uot liud a pevlevt
cure, we will rduml tbe money paid
for tho pills. If uo substantial Im-
lU'Oveinens is ohsorved we will in itildi-
tion, pay $10 in cash on satisfactory
evidence being supplied us io this
We have yet to know of a single
case where theso wonderful pills have
not been almost entirely successful in
effecting a cure. CANADA CHEMICAL CO, Peterborough, Ont.
They cured me of rheumatism after
I had been given ii|>. ���Andrew Closkey,
Victoria, B.O.
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I cannot speak too highly of Dr.ClsWk's
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Nothing like Dr. Clarke's Little lied
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weaknesses and blood diseases.   Havo
sised them everywhere with success,���
ulcer can be cured! ! Ds'. E F Ms.1111,   late of H. M.  forces,
Dr. Pierce's I'avorite   South Africa.
Prescription not only I Dr. Clarke's Little Bed Pills permanently cured me of hnckuche. I suffered
for years and only took two boxen.
Tliat is a year ago. I have not bad a
symptom since. James It. Jackson,
Haiilt .Ste Marie, Onl.
I do net believe there is a medicine
to compare with Dr. Clarke's Little
Ited Pills. They cured uw of indigestion and catnrrl. of the stomach, after
nine years' suffering. - H S. Macdonald, G.T.R. shops. Montreal.
Dr. Clarke's Liule lied Pills area
positive and certain cure for la giippe,
rhuemaiism.asthma paralysis, catarrh
eczema, coughs, backache, indigestion,
all stomach and liver iroubles, female
complaints even when lhe diseases havo
bsen standing formally years, lhe most
stubborn cases wili yield. Price 50
cents.per box. For sale by local druggists. Dr. Clarke's Sure Cure for
Catarrh, and Dr. Clarke's .Sine Cure
for Eczema, same price. 110 will be
paid for any case they will not permanently cure
Dr. Clarke's Sure Cure for Catarrah,
und Dr. Clarke's Sure Cure for Eczema,
same price. Ten dollars will be paid
fssr ssi.y case they will not permanently
When that cry sounds liow people
rush  to help and   sympathize!    And
when some fireman  rescues u woman
from the flames, the
streets echo with applauding shouts.
And yet if that
woman had perished
in the llames it is possible that she would
have suffered less
than she suffers almost daily from tlie
inflammation which
disease has lighted in
g the delicate womanly
That fire of inflammation can be put
out.    The  gnawing
establishes womanly
regularity aud dries
enfeebling drains, hut
it heals inflammation
and ulcerations and
cures female weakness. It makes weak
^^^^^^^^ women strong and
sick women well.
ss I assfls-rest for four vs-aris with wts-a, fossr ptif-
BicitsllH prossnlltlceil lik-i-nitioii nasi prolnpsss.s of
tlle sitcniH," wrjtea Mrs. Ailn llrooks. of Klrlsy-
villc, Tnticy Co., Missouri. "Also JsiHnsssissntiou
of bladder and uretlsns. My cjissc wns clirouic
���ssd complicated. Had acveral good plivsiclaoa,
but kept .letting worse. Had been confined to
mv bed five months when I wrote to you. I
received your reply very Boon assd then dla*
siiisscd my pliyslcs.in and hep*nn Inking Dr,
Pierce's nieilicuiea. I took eight bottles of hia
' Pnvorite Prescription' assd ��� Oolden Medical
Discovery,' and began to get better at once. Ia
two months I conld sit ssp iss a chair, nnd kept
getting belter. In four months could do all my
house work, including washing and scwssig."
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical
Adviser, paper covers, is sent free on
receipt of jt one-cent stamps to pay
rx-pense of customs and mailing only.
Address Dr. P., V. fierce, Bu0alo, N. Y.
piuisliar ljualific.itlun  uf  j.r.i''tic.il cx-
ps'i'iunce in   piuuiutii.g and developing
d ,1c of tate of iva^sss , nisi io she s-lac.k-
-smiths of lhe  line from   Winnipeg to
V..iicoii.er ii clusivi'.
Stilsci'ibc now for the Eka.
hits uninh.ioh.id a lai'^e aud flourishing
industry ��� a lumnfactoi' of the poople
and an Lot or to the country; Hence
ltlslll.lt n-mura j idicious selection
could have been m.iJe in  pluojiig hiin
me., waist a "livinc* wage.
HUMAN' HAPPINESS, I'llHessa In lis as
stiutts, mul no l-ospector of persons, lia j mot
its conqueror in .Smith American Nervine.
This great stomach and nerve, reiuesly
slinsulates digestion, tones the nerves, ..ids
circ.latisin, drives oul- Initialitica, slipnls
oinai'.iatinn, and brings back the tinw ol' perfect health, '-lues hundreds it' "chronics"
that have halHesl physicians. Sold by R Vi
Winnipeg Free Pressi-Twenty thon-
sond men are wanted to help iu harvesting the crops in  western Canada.
A CItY FOI! HEf.P.-A pain in tl.e back
is thu cry uf lhe kidneys fur help, f-'onili
Aiiu'rieast Kidney I'ui-e ia the only cure that
hasn't a failure written against it in esses of
llriglit's disease, diabetes, hithnuutnliim of
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lie pi'Os-eil's ..till euros. Sold by lit. IN. 1 at*
more- .10 (..
THE ERA, GOLDEtf, B.C, August, 2 lin.
- (From tke Victoria Tiii.es.)
No one but tbe most inveterate critic
or firm friend of the Provincial Govern,
-.cbcccu Dainty waa a maid whose summer* nc
ono know,
ment is |saviug much attention to pro-1 Chough ahe for fifteen yeai'shad said: last shu
.     .  ,      ,*..         . I        was thirty-two,
vinctlll politics tu the*so holiday limes, 'ind, though she never felt, real smart, folks
The mid summer session  of the House '       -*���*"'*��� hor r"""*r l"''��'1"
is but a dream; but tho possible recon
struction of tho cabinet is  something
more substantial for the mind to dwell
upon.   There has  beon some talk of
Mr. Turner giving up prospootfl of ro*
pose in bis peaceful London oflice for
the fasuiuating turuu.il  of active participation in public affairs as leader in
succession to Mr. Dunsmuir.   That is
all talk.   The Finance Minister feels
that  his work  here is done.   Uuless
something uuforseen   occurs he  will
never again occupy a seat  in tlte as
sembly.   The public is therefore chief
ly  interested it.  the mun destined to
succeed him.   If a  proper choice be
made we do not know that t,bo Govern
ment  will  be past redemption.   The
leaven of the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and  Works has not been equal
'to the  job of  quickening   the   whole
lump of the cabinet, bnt .it has at least
acted as an  antidote to tlie deadening
-influence of Toryism which predominates there.   If   Mr  Wells  were .pro
vided with a capable colleague to-hold
-up  his  hands the  forces of progress
might achieve a notable victory.   The
'Opposition  is  in  a hopeless position.
-Nothing can be ex|iected from it.   The
.present  Governmeut   will  remain   iu
power, with certain modifications from
'time to time in its personel, for its full
itersn.    Therefore tl.e exertions of all
���who have tlie highest Interests ofthe
proyiuce at heart .botild he exerted for
the regeneration and uplifting and re*
-formation of the adrai..iot,r.ition.   Tlte
selection  of a Liberal of character in
fluooessiotrto  Mr. Turner  would have
an  immediately   healthy  effect, what
the ultimate result might   he would of
course all depend   upon circumstances.
Mr. Dunsiniiir has lost the conihlence
of   the   pi'oplo   of British   Columbia.
What does lie propose to do -to'regain
that whicli he has lost ?   That   is tlie
qubStiou the voters are asking.
ind while sho had a good, kind beart, alls, lnul
no appetite.
Hetsveo.s ith- ages ot lfs and 4's, Bliss time
when -vomniiltssotl begins aud motherhood
ieuds, it is est-i nj.to'1 that tlio aggregate torni
oil wo nan's suffering is teu veil's Ton yearn
otttuf thirty 1 Oiin-tliirl of tho best part of
a woman's iil'o saerifieesl! Think of Ilio
. siorinoiis loss of time I Hut timo is net t.ll
Uiu.t is lost. Those yours of suTci-iu? steal
lin. lik-out frum the e ee!is, the brightness
fi'it.u tlsss eyas,' the fair.ioss Irom the form.
Thoy write their record in ins.ny a crease
.-sssd wi'.ukle. What a hsiou il.ou to svuuiaa is
Dr. 1','ercu's Fsfvoritfl Prescription. It pro*
.motes regiilarlls. dries np debilitating
-drains, lands u'ees-asioii, cuius female wonk-
..icss, and estalUislio.. ihu delicate womanly
���organs i,i vig irons and puriaaiieut Jtealtli*
Ko othoi' Il.eflit.tll0 can sin for svoinaii svhat is
duuo liy Di'.. Pierce's Favorite I'l-esenijijuu.
"THilloiia WAR.
The Vlsskfoutolis Outrages.
London, July 23.���Tho Daily Mail
(publishes Lord Kitchener's official re-
pott regarding the yiakfou'lein ailui)',
which is as follows: ���
"Lieutenant W. S. B. Duff has given
me the following : ���Ou tl.e day after
the light at 1/lnkfonteiu, May 29th,
Lieutenant Hearn told him that whilo
lying on the ground wounilecl, he saw
about twenty yards from him. Lieutenant Spring and .Sergeant Findlay, both
slightly wounded. They wore binding
up each other's wounds, wheu a young
Boer, with a pink puggaree around his
that, came up and shot both dead.
Lieutenant Ileum lay quite still. The
Boers thinking hiin dead, contented
themselves with taking his purse and
leggings. Lieutenant Hearn also said
that others of our wounded were shot
by Boers.
Lieutenant Duff collected  this testi*
mossy of eight privates and non-coin*
missioned   officers,   who  affirm that
���they saw Boors shoot our wounded.-'
Lord Kitelleuor tu go to India.
London, July 27.-Mull advices sny
that it is reported in Pretoria that
Xord Kitchener will give up hi; command on August Slst and proceed to
England, where he will remain five
months, then taking over the supreme
command in India, nnd that. Sir Bin*
don Blood is expected to succeed him
in South Alrica.
Objected to the Outl).
Jamestown, St. Helena, July 2(1.���
Bad blood among tl.e Boer prisoners
in St. Helena, over tho question of
taking thu Oath of Allegiance to Kin*
Edward, has led tu so much lighting
and disorder that it has been necessary
to remove those who have taken the
oath to tl N'pirue end,.sure,
There sver" sevoral severe encounters,
nnd the Vigil'inne Cimsui'tpo of le
Irrecoiioilubles Kt.hjucied those who
had taken the oath to iu lescribable
indignities. The ringleaileis have been
imprisoned in the fortress,
3he always en.ne to breakfast late und ne'er
foritot her sigh.
First sho would puss her little ptnte and try a
pieeo of pis',
Next she woulsl east her eyes uroutul the tnbto
left assd right,
rose,, if fcoillt'tlllliu could bu .found to ten.pt
her appetite.
If on lho table beans-were found, to eat sons.
b1.o woulsl try,
And then -of Is,ml. ehnpa apotl a .ponnd, nor
pass .tho ooitlisls liy.
A pioeo,or,two,of but ,mini bread wiss alway,
hor dellaht,
Although, poor ihi..1;, she always eaid sho had
no appetite!
She noxt wonlsl try a chickon'aslcgmnd then *
piece of wlnit.
Next sho would cat a soft bailed egg and then
most anything.
Sho ahvuys winsted something ���light when lirst
Else started in,
But how sho eoiixed hor appetite would sunk.
an osts-ielt grill.
���Thoinus F. Porter .in .Now York Sun.
A Rooky Mountain Guide Who Tliougl-*.
Munchausen Waa a Liar.
Sir Georgo Ooro, a wealthy Irish sjiorts-
man, begnu in 1855 a hunting expedition
among tbo Rocky mountains which ccou-
pietl two years antl cxccctleil anything of
tho kind-over scon on this continent. The
.outfit consisted of 50 person!-, inclutling
.secretaries, a steward, cooks, llyniakcrs,
dog tenders, servants, a train of On wagons
.and .numerous satltllo horses and .logs.
-Old .I.ini iBrldgcr was Sir George's guide
and Interpreter, antl no mun on thu frontier tknow .the glens .anil pusses of the ,   ,     ,   -  ���
niountnliw-sonoouratolyiishudht. Though ! 'mn"i>"   It "rata-inflammation and ul-
The happiness of htmio life 'tletjenfr
largely on .the .health of the wife ami
motticr. Wiles, iher strength is ���unequal
to the daily cares and duties 'of home,
the evening honr finds iiarmtterly worn
out, tootircsl to talk, noes weary to read.
At lirst even she is tglud to have her
husband go out for the evening. -She
wants rest ansl qssiet at any price. And
so the foundation for marital misery is
often laid in ill-health.
But when the housewife is healthy
and strong she finds in her day's duties
only a sufficient outlet for lier energy.
She looks forward all day to the evening
hour spent willi her husband over a
book, or passed in quiet conversation.
And every eveninj. so spent ilraws the
wife nearer to ibe husband ami knits
together the twain who arc "one flesh''
in the higher m-iiy.cf one mind,
Every woman Bhatild know that the
general  health fli-ponds on   the local
womanly health,   {-regularity, weakening drains, ..riflutimt, "
tiie woman's strength nnd destroy htr
happiness with Jier health.
In iiiuety.eltj.lrt cnsBs in every hundred
the us*, of Jar. Piece's Favorite Prescription will rife*-' a complete cure of
Canadian Pacific Hailwa)
A XT* NOO LIS fr..
Starting June lCth, will
make the run from Const
to const in	
100 Hours.
Cheap rales now in effect
to the   .
* --**..   *
For full particulars appily
to iho nearest local agewt,
or lo	
-"������Wis A.G.P.A.,
Ool,Ion, B.C. Vancouver.
Church Services.
illiterate) nntl .-as 'Unconventional nf? nn In
diun, Urldgor wna honest, kind, ^em-roiis
and shrowd���just tbe man to attract thu
Irish sportsman.
In his "Old Santn Fo Troll*" Colonel
Inmiu. describes tlie companionship of thu
two men���oue n rich, uriuciitutl, whale
bo tiled Irish nolilomnn, tho other it mnn
who from boyhood had lived on the plain-**,
depending on his tact nnd rifle for food
and life.
Sir Georgo would Uo in bed until 10
o'clock In the morning; then ho too!-: a
bath, ate bis brook fust nnd set out gutier*
olly alone for tho tlny'n bunt. It wm not
-unusual for him to remain out until io nt
iiiight..mid ho seldom returned without
uim:n.t." Ills dinner will) tben served, to
'which .he extended an invitation to
Alter the -meal wns over Sir Georgo wns
iln tbe habit of oieiiding from some Look
and draw Ing.arntifiaoiii Uridger bis ideas
.nliiiut the nutlior.
The Irishmun usually rend from Sluikoo*
.pence, wblcb IJr.dgt-ir .rcckiu'd wus tuu
iiighfnlu'in for him,
"Tbet thur big Dutchman, Mr. Full-
���stuff," he count.c.led, "was .a luetic too
fond of biger beer."
Sir Gcurgt) rend the "Adveiiiirres of
Baron -Mum haus.'n' 10 Dritlgur, who remarked ifchnt, he'd bu dugguned ef ho nwiiI-
luwed uvoiy.tliiing tliut- th.ir barou snld.
lie liiougLtiEiu*ftv,tts ".it Hur," yet coknoivl-
edg'Jil thut some of bis own advunttir. s
amoug the JJ hick Ice', would be equally
wonderful, "if writ down In a book.''
Drklger thought Sir Georgo s FtiocessfuJ
hunter, an opinion justified by the records
of tbo two years' hunt���40 grizzly boars,
2,iion buffaloes, numerous antelopes and
othor small game.
sr. Pauls-ciiimcii tw enolahu.
.   .      .   _ .    lSm'vices every Sunday ut U a.m. and
rains anflaiimia'ioii, ulceration and   7:30 p.m. Coiebrut iou of Holy Comman-
l^.^^!!l.i^^^! H I i(;'�� >" "��'l 8nl Sundays cf tho month
j aner MortiiUK Prayer, aiul on Greater
j D'estivnls and Holy Days at 8 a.m., or
as tuny he announced from the chancel,
S'lllday School at. 2:30 ti.m.
All   are co'rtllally invited to attend
tho (services,
0   P. Tates, Vicar.
l'l!i:stiVTl:lllAN CHUKCHI,
Service every Snndnv nt 7:110 p.m,
Sunday .fluhool and llib'le Class at
js.tn. sliarp.
I'hoir pi-act ice e\*ery Thursday evett-
al 7.
Hev. V. M. Pimm.-, I..A., Pastw.
MEtnHomsT uininon,
womanly diseaiiea. In ia a relial.lc regulator, lt dries the slrains whicli enfeeble
women, lt bails inflammation and ulceration mulsnires female weakness. //
mairs weak milieu tirmig ,amt sick
women well.
Sich aiul aflintf women arc rmvitecl to
consult Dr. 1'ierce, by letter, free. All
oorrespooulcuce is belli as sacredly confidential au.l -ivonmnly conHde-nces arc
guarded by strict pro.Vs iatia] ptivacy.
Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, riuffalo, N. Y.
In a little over thirty years, asskted
by his medical stall c-f nearly tn score of
physicians, Dr. I'icrc., ,chlef consulting
physician to 'the Invalids' Hotsl aud
Surgical Institute of HufTaK JJ. V��� 1ms
treated nml cured more tium 5:aW a .million women.
There is no similar offer til free con-
sulfation by letter which has behind it
a physician of Dr. Tierce's en inencc and
success, or an instilttsiou of worl.l-M'itle
fame such ns the Invalids' Hold and
Surgical Institute of DttfEalo, N. Y.
Write to Dr. Pierce mil obtain a
specialist's opinion absolutely without
charge or fee.
"Iwiis pleased tlmt "Or. Plcrc-e answered ny
letter." writes Mrs. c. W. Yuiu% ���of Sotuli
Ksgeut Street (Ue I'nrkl, Wilkt*slm(w, Ptmia.
'���I .im ���R-rfeetlv willini,- f.��r you io I'Ht* mv IllllliC
ami address, ns I think it my duly to let tke   C.IMf, from K;:st, 1,'j:"i, Daily.
an;! Spruce iimiber,
���uiuFiOTDun of cedar Sills, etc..
Fir Dimension a Specialty.
*+ Mills at Golden, Beaver and Kualt -k
Largest Capacity in Ui-s Mountains.     Terms Cr.Eh.
Head Office. Golden, B.C.
\JT l        1 a::E\T for  (iolden
.Sale ol Iianilv lines
iy lines
Standard Fruit Stock, Small Fruits. Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, etc. Terms Iibera!.
Apply now to the
The Prospectors' Exchange
No. 4, K.-W.-U. BLOCK. KELSON, B.C.
Gobi, Silver Lead and Copper Mines wanted ut the EXCHAKGJJ.
FREE MILLING GOLD properties wanted nt once bu Eastern in-.-snis.
Parlies hiivhsi; mining irroperty ror sale are tei|iiested to  end s nil les of thei��
ove to the Exc'liango for exhilbilioii,
J We desire to hear  rrom  prosjiect'Org  win,  h.,v ��� j.t-u.i.i-Ing m
British Oolirnnthia.
^_��-rvi>es every Sunday at 11 a.m. and J prospe-,tora ftml mi���iTI),mta ���- mwsu,f, , .,;., , h(. Ex, , ,
"s��� ,'v Sohool ������* *���.:;_ p.m. "'""''e''9 ''''"," *" Xelson-
Prayer Mens Ing on Tuesday at8 p.m. All samples should be sent by express, FHLT.-Un.
lUi-.T. II. II. Laiii���i,i:y, Pastor.     |
  CurrespondencQ solicited.    Addresy nil coinuitinicutiors to
AXIMI-.W  V. BC��1
1 S'll'sJ-
! Tclpplioiu' -N'o. 1C4,
iP.O. Bex 710.
rjnMoii Ih ttn* ills trU ii i Hi ii* pi/int fnr rlif'TM-Ii
Mining UivMmm -t' (Jrildew  find  Winder ������
mere.   Tnilun, iivjiIIk, t\U\p* nml hunts nrrlvo XU n
ami tloparl tistuHowsi | Ilfcj
Fanny Iiiciilcnt v:i a llridal Trip.
A .young IilurT-lccl.ootlplQ toolc a Jute tniin
for "Wiishlnglon, -tntumling to spun el itbcii
-hunoymoon in rambling thront-b tbo i'or*
rlclursof thconpltol, CongrosBlonal library
and other publio bulltlhlga.   Thu purUH    , ,.,. ������ , ,. v  . ,lw ,, ,�����
was awakening pnssonycraat nn itnustml* ��� duty to write to yon nml tell ym 1 think ft
people know wlr.i a wotidvr ul m-etllcltie ynu :      "       "   \\.pst  Ill-'U'
have,   When I had UtoM iidHhniw i begnu to : ���<,.,,*,, rmm \\4r,,,,\'',,,\ ta on i?..t i.,-
think I wonld never  bave  cltllclrrn. mnl  n-y ; << Ti VV       u--     '     :    ' ." \.-   .
him'miid always snid thai ifi would take voi-t ! 's:>* ')"(,"'��" l>n��i Windoriitniv,  Ur.0,) Wed
licitie I would Hooit l.e o!l -rljflit,   Mv hack j licatiwy lllltl Stllliljiy.
I to abno-it break a.id I would gtt "sick Ht
Rtontacli nml It ivc ttnclt iundnclicsj did not ! ���" - AnV\ Itr s.
W what to do;  Uny used lo net n��* nearly I /��� ii ti   ,,. ;,,��� ���m***,i    i- --    I...11
y, an.l I us d lo dread to pet up, t fell so i LtlJu K']]"���* \Vrst-   ; ::^ "W'
;  then  I   liegiu   IflktiiR  your  mediciiic. | ., ���..   .-^'"'i  "'���'H
su baby was expected I took it all the time hUltfn I" �� ilinci'tnowi, Uv)'. Slillilny*'.
1 was tlmt wny. I' f..'t line all the time aud I
never get those dlsjay spells now. I hardly ever
hawe-n nervous headache auv more. ] have n
tperfijet romp of a bny; lie Is the Itglrt .of our
tiome. I am now twenty yearn ohi mid my
baby in almost eight mouthy old. n now feea
well, and weigh it>o [louuds, ami the "baby 2~M
pounds.    We feel very grateful  for the good
?'our medicine did (i-r tw. We ate both healthy,
haukfiito Df. Pierce'.** medicine.*"
���"Your 'Favorite I*reHciii��llon' has done a*.
much for me," snv.-i Mrs. Suwni Wtasl, ol I.awu-
dale, Cleveland t<>.. N. C��� "that I feel ft my
iy early hour that morning, nntl Jung bo
foro tho train rea-.:l:etl Ualtliiinre be bad
tbont up. Tho groom told hls.hrido tbat
ho would k'avo bis coat uml batitnd rutin
to tbo flmoking conipartmont of tbo train.
Ho went uut and unit n frloml, wbo nsked
bim bm.k Into anothor car iti order that be
might muut ;a friend of bit), Hnon tho eon-
dilator ibcgnii making bis rounds nntl taking up tlukutH, Tho young britlo rofurrud
him to tbo Hmoklng apnrtmont, whoro, she
snid, hor buslmnd would bo found. A mu-
wont later the condttctur ruturuud and In-
fonned bor polituly thut; tho brldogroom
wns Jiob to bo foti ml. Thu othor pnssungcri
wore startled by a loud shriek.
"My husband! Oh, my hi;.-bnml!"
"JJon'-t bo nlnrincd, madam," said tbe
uonducfor runsstiringly. "Nothing has
Jiappem-d to your husband. Jin is probably
la Jlaltlnioro. Wo dropped two sleepers at
-that point." Ami thut wus why frlomli
of tho young -couplo who wont to tho station In .this (dty to meet thom saw only
thu-brldo ellnglng to un overcoat nml n
silk bat mul walling, "This Is nlJ tboro la
letttut bim!"���Washington Post.
��aved my life. 1 hnd been under tlie treatment
of two doctors���hnd two mishaps. I was .-ilnii,--!
a skeleton, weighed onlv seven I y pounds. A
Irlend or mine rccoinuieuded Doctor ljierc*t's
Favorite Prescription, and when I commenced
to take It my health began to bnprow greatly,
lu ten mouths I was a happy niulhtir. I thnd
only taken six bottles and bave never taken muy
medicine since, <of nny kind, atid nowweigll 150
pounds, 1 nm now' nwaiting the -coiimig bf
another child in the best of health. I cannot
say too much iu praise of your ' Favorite Prescription,'"
Dr. Piercers Pleasant Pellets are af
ntioe the most agreeable and most effective laxative for women's mse.
4,00. Tuusdny*
1 iloptirt from Goldon Post |
l)tu'4iess to W'iuUoriHw
Mul l'"fid;iy.s.
Minis arrive ;u
Ofiine.:is bolow3
Arrix'ti   Fimm iEnst I'n.Vulailv.
"     West |0;ai "
"    South 17:00 'iVml.Aiul I'riiav..
Depart-For West |*'iiVidnaiy.
"   Enst   IO.ft-1 "
"    South ai-jOO Sfltiml/iys; I&.10
Koglstofefl mail must bo in 10    imi tes beforo mails elwsf.
Ptteilic stnudii-rd Wino.
Mi (iiuiu
Eleventh Year of Publication,
Circulates Throughout the Distiiet.
Subscribers all over tho Continent.
-Grant Hamilton, ussootnto editor on
���Fudge, was lu thu days of his youth nu
Ohio boy. It was theu thnt he worked In
a grocery store, measured beans and corn
and potatoes nnd suoh things rs those.
One dny n crabbed old fellow with whom
Hamilton was acquainted entered the
>storo nnd inquired for sumo mackerel. Iu
obcdlenoo to tho request young Hamilton
ran his arm deep down in tho bnrrol and,
holding up n fish to tho gazo 0/ -tho prospective purchaser, Bald:
"How will this ono suit you, uir?"
"Woll, my boy," iterated thogontlomnn
as bo touched tho tip of his linger to the
fish, "this tastes awfully snlty."
"My denr sir," said Hnmllitan, "Jf you
had been In that brine as long us that ttih
you'd bu sally too." And when -tlto -oiut
fellow told tbo proprietor ol tlio store��c*f
Hamilton's remark tho prospective sateens*
���or of tho lamented Uernhard Ollluui wns
told to seek another job.-���New Orleans
A Redeetlon.
"Why don't you read tome Instead of
keeping tho impure nil to yourself in gloomy
silence?" snid Mrs. Simggs tuhurhttsbnnd.
"Vury woll, my denr," luplii-d Mr.
Snnggs, who alwaya strovu to please, "111
read you this urtlulu ou 'Manners In Congress.' "
"Thnnk you, but I do not enro for purely speculative disquisitions."���Pittsburg
JOB PRINTING our Specialty.
**tlt**Van Arrives Ilnine.
Southampton, July 20. ��� Genera]
Baden-l'owell anSved bere tills tiftci*-
noon,   Uo wns foi'mealv  velconi-Ml by
tbo   Mayor nml  Civil  tuuboriiies
Soutbampion,   at   the  |>ier-bea>l.    lie
boarded  a  tra-in   for Lun.'on,   amid ?-t
scotH! of intense <Mi-tliiisi'asui.
S<*anduloii-H IT Ti'm..
Ijon-tlon, July HQ, - Klpff EJwurd
presented tnednls to J),COO returned
Yeomanry at tlia Hoi-so fluarde parade
here today. The ceremony was tiie
sumo as observed at the former presentation of medals but tlie inclement
weather robbed the function of its
Queen Alexandra and Prince Kihvani
Bon of the Duke of Cornwall and York,
wero present.
Considerable comment litis beeu
aroused by the refusal of twelve non-
coin m isshned officers and men to attend lho ceremony, on the ground -itut
their pny was in arrears. These men
have addressed letters to King E Iward.
pointing out ibat tbey cannot submit
to be decorated white their wives and
families and some of their number nre
starving. The claims -of the men wbo
say tbey bave not been paid vary from
��"u. to ��127. Some of the claimants
alliv'e ti.at tlirv have had to pawn
their earlier medals in ordur to proe'ire
food for their families.
Prospectors wiw have chums to dis
pose of should ennsuit Andrew !*'.
Kosenbrrger, of the Prospector's Ex
change, Nelscn.   .See   ad on page 3, *
A. F. A   A.  M.
Mountain fjodge, Na. 11. A. F. tk.
A. M. Itogular Cammmtlcntion,
socoud Mnuilay in every month,
Si .ii n i rn iu x broth pen ���cordially invited.
C ll. PARSON   Secretary.
I.    O.   O.    K.
Rotsky Mo.ititiiln Loilgo no. ."I hm-pIss in
Oil.ltalls.wi. Hull, (l,,lil��ti, overy Ws'ilunsil.'sy
IV   at Hi,.in.    Snjnitl'liili'. bl'sstliri'll svs'ls'itlliss.
of J E. \i. I'EAUCE, N.U, T. KIX(... S...-.
Ors-riii V.;
Certificate of Improvements.
clttlmR,bIIiihIoIn tits1 llolslon Missus'; Division of North Ksist Kootenny I)sstr*rt.
Wlioro liH'.stoil i���On Ottert.tll Creek.
Tlike si'itit'ts tlmt 1, K- MjicKwizis1, I's-fo
MIiioi-'m Coi'tlfii'iito No. II IflTlli. int I, sixty
ll.lVts from Ills) il.'lto liciTsit*. to.l|l|<lv  to tlse!
>lii.i.ifr llos'sirilssi' Ibr ss s'S's'lifii'iito of improve* j
tisonts, Ibr tire purrsoKss of obtaining it (Jrossu
-jniut of tlio -Hnve vi'i.n.
Ansl fsirtlser t.iko iintii'o th.it notion, initios'
��*--rtMli^7, tssnst Iss- isotnineilt-ptl  Isotbro tlsss }*,-
��i"ji��,*s- s.fssns'Is i-s-i'tifiwitL' of isnnrovo.no.ittt,
Diitcii fhiHs *r��silli slisy of Julie, IU01,
By his Ajront
II. si. I'AltSOX.
Examine onr list and seo if there is any tiling-yon reqnac
in Job Printing,   WE PRINT:
j.i:t;.u. i-oini.s
Rider Agents Wanted
ForInfnr**iatlonan'iriroJ!an(HKKi!( write to
MUNN & CO., mil UitOAUWAV, Nnw YoniC.
Olilcst bureau for ���MHirltlif pntPntt InAnirrlc"1.
Evitv patent token nut liy uk Ih t roURht befi>rn
tlio publiu by a nut.cu given treo utctiarj'o lu tlio
Minim ^mxitm
t-fttMitt dniltfittrn of any jwlnntblnpatwrln thr*
world. t*iiloinllulv- llluiitnttuil. No lnti'lll,-ent
wan thnidil bn lvlthout l(. Wcokty, RS.OQn
Sfftri ILDiiBlxinnnth-*. A-iiln".*, Mil,, v Ar. CO.
Vl-ju^heh-s, ;Hj 1 Il.--ja.Jway, 1-..W XOtti Uir.
Oiw in nn-cli town to rliTo (i'-d pxhltiit �� sntnple 1001 niml-el liit^-r.J-o nf out
ir.nrmfrtctnrt-. YOU CAN MAKE ��10 TO $60 A WEEK la-shles |ihv(iiW a
wheel t-o rids for yt.ut-8.jlf.
1901 Models, High Grnda Cucranteed, % IC to $18
'00 & '99 Models Best Wake. - - $7 to $12
500 Second-Har.d Wheels,taken in trade
by oar Chicago itorei,ma-ny-aa good a? new   -   -   -     ��3 to $8
'   WrkIiIm nn.- hlcvnlp ON APPKOVAT. to mivoji
|I.)K.P0RIT IN ADVANCEIft r, .,.,.  r.  ,     r
ilJK fiuin ns, ns yoji ilo not hpp-1 to \v\\    i.t'hi ;f   li    i-
Dono?buv:,r^,*K'���:u:oi-r*n r
Ism-it eqiinlled ittnl it i.s it irtiarnntft'of the t|t.ts|it     f -i i
n I I'T A ('F,\*T
"��--**   * ls*nl,�����|v
'��� '������':   ���  nrslni.
'' ' * '-'t yois.
lsnss HtviT
WR WANT ii relli-lsl si    ��,
in oxcl.ttnye for ii l>ic.\ cle.    Write to,ltt. for fr
tss... np for na
L'atnloi:i.e mill our kj iiinl off r,
J. L MEAD CYCLE CO.. Chicago* {/
I Town and Dlrtrict.p
e>*l/& -j*/*-*/-"* -��t*2 t/Z/t/l/Z/t $/&&Ai*/k
Mrs P.  Ksie returned to Revelstoke
Mr Alex Toombs of Fielsl, spent Sun
<Uy in town.
Mr T. 0' Brien went up tl,e river on
Tuesday's Insist  rOtlirniltg   nest slay.
H.ljils Kinney paid a visit lo Fielsl
this week, returning Thursday night.
Hon WC Wall,took Tuesday's boat
for tl.e Upper country snd will be [.recent at the Windermere races.
Mrs J tt Uilock went up to Spillims-
ehs-ne on Tuesday to spend a few days
wilh her sister, Mrs Harry.
Rev. Mr. Laidley went to Palliser on
Thursday with the Intention of holding
a service there if found convenient.
Mies Mary Connor and Miss M. Anderson, in company with Mr C.Kichol-
son left on Wednesday for Wit.de. mere
by road.
Mr. A. F. Smith, who left Golden a
couple of weeks ago, hns secured a
|,osition on one ssf the survey parlies
sent oil to the Hope mountains.
K. W. Patmore has moved liis residence from the building hiB store is in
tn his new house erected on Alberts
si rei't ���
Thiee of our local batchelors have
furnished the rooms, over l'atmssre's
drug store and are enjoying all the
comforts of home.
Mr. Gars.BH, ol Canterbury, accom
panied by his wife and son, came it. uu
Tiiu.sday's train and left for Canter
bury on the boat Tliurs.'aj night.
l*ros|,eclors who bave claims lo dis*
poso of should consult Andrew F.
Rosenlsi'isei, of the Pros-vector's Exchange, Nelson. See ad on psge 3. *
'S. tt. Robbins' new residence has
lawn so far completed as to allow of hia
moving into it. When the finishing
touches have heen given to the exterior
Mr. Robbins will have oue of the most
ta-*ie(iil houses in .own.
Mr. C. H. Parson is moving into the
house reoently occipled by Mr. Rob
bins. Siticu Mr. Bobbins left the
projseity has been improved by tl.e
erection of a verandah on the house
and a fine (ence around the lots.
Mau's inhumanity to man has beyond a ilosiht made many mourn, bin
t.iai.'l iudiS-irence to deliuijuent sub-
~'r ini it/, suy. has made many at. editor
doubt t^��t story about throwing; your
IsftJad upon the waters. - Ledge.
Mr. F. M. Barrett, our enterprising
harness-maker, has completed his new
|irt.Hiisws, next to Mr. Hudon, and
moved in ibis week. Mr. Barren's
business is a growing one aud he is
constantly Increasing his stock. Success to him, "nil may he aoon have lo
enlarge his tie**' |ire.nises.
A couple weie recently married and
the bride invited sn old maiden aunt to
the wedding. The cards were (well
and in o ,e corner bore .he inscription,
'Children not expected." After (caning the Inscription closely over her
maws,'.this old lady saisl, "That's all
right but they'll have them just the
Tha presenile ol Mr H. F,. Forsier's
sturdy little steamer, Selkirk, fighting
its way up agssimst tlse strong current
of the KiCini! Horse, brought a good
orowd to the river bauk on Saturday
afternoon. People seemed pleased to
see the b..i   iu  their midst,  and tire
Sebastian TS.  King.
Tommy King, our popular post-office
clerk has been in Mr. Sebastian's black
books for some time, owing to the fact
that Peter has not received as many
letters as l.e considers necessary to the
proper conduct of his many businesses,
Mr F. Stalker being cognizant of iliis
fact suc'ired I'uter, who says he'was
isppoisiied J. P.. latt year, tn sit, in
company wilh ti. II. McDermot, ss
justices on a charge which he brought
against Mr. King of haying abstracted
some of his mail.
Tl.e case wns tried in Columbia Hall
ou Thursday evening, and after hearing theevidencn Peter,as senior justice,
-iiii.nned uj., declining that in view of
is o.v.1 losses l.e had no doubt ni to
tlio prisoner's guilt and announced that
he wns undecided as to whether he
should not give hiin two years and his
discharge or allow.bim to go on "sits-
���sendol'}" soritence. On Mr King |.ro*
mining to be more careful ill future.
tiie lattor sentence was imposed and
the concert was closed.
The Duchess tailesl on Thursday
evening this week in or,ler to accommodate ibe large number who wished
to lake in the Windermere races. One
of the old familiar faces at the Windermere sports will be missing thia year.
We refer to Mr. C. A. Warren who, for
lhe first time in many years, missed
this irijs, owing to the loo'lssll club requiring the services of Mr.  T   King,
We do not holsl ourselves responsible fur the
opinion of i-orrsstjsonsienta.
Eisitoii Era : , ""       '.',
fa. r
Sir,���As ynu are no doabt aware,,at
the school meeting on Monday last a
committee was appointed tp ascertain
definitely the qualification for a voter
in this sohool district. When tbis
committee met I made a propositi of
settlement on tl.e following lines I,
That tke present dispute was a waste
of time and energy ; that it was creating a bad feeling amongst those who
should work together for the good of the
ilistri.t, and that a compromise was in
every way desirable, i    ������
That the Department, of Education
had already decided that, aschool.was
to be built on the south side of. the
Kicking Horse and instructed the
Trustees to select a site. .
That the only reasonable objections
to the site selected wero���that.. it.was
further away t han necessary, that three
lots were insufficient, that money
would have to be spent in clearing the
street and building a sidewalk which
could mora advantageously be spent
otherwise, and that thechiltlren would
have to break roads in the witter. '
That these' objections could all be
done away with by compromising on
a site of six lots in either block 7 or 14,
and all concerned, would be entitled to
credit for securing efirst class location
thus leaving the post office to be looked : within 140 feet of the Fort Steel road
after by Mr. Warren.
The following is a list of those who
were on board when the sleatfter
sailed: *     -
F Anderson, W McNeish, W Alexander and wife. FFields, Mrs F Fields,
Miss 6. Fields, Mr. J. Lamontagne,
Mr. F Rich. Mr. Oarnett, wifeand son,
Dr. Taylor, C W Field, ,1 Pinkham, 0
Sinclair, ,1 Anderson, W B Robertson,
R Stalker, T King, J C Tom, F Whiting, J White, J G Ullock, Mitchell-
The following taam will represent
Golden at Il.e match on Saturday wiih
the Windermere District Club;-Goal.
J. C. Tom; Backs. Dr. Taylor, J. La-
Fleur; Half Bucks, T King, R fruiter.
W Alexander; Forwards. .1 Anilsr.o...
itt Sinclair, .1 Pinkhiiiu, W R Robert
: son, C W Field.
U. P. K. Scored.
To inconvenience the public and delay freight, express, mails, etc , is of
no account with the ('. P. R. To endanger the lives of t'le traveling pub
lie is mere childjslay lo thein. The
alien labor law is deliberately ignored;
from $5 to f 10 a day is being offered lo
men in an effort to disrupt lhe Truckmen'. Union, an underpaid class ol men;
iho railway officials lie wilh impunity;
theit despatches are rot, and the com*
puiiv is spending the people's good
money to buck the interests of the
people. Bu*. all to no avail. Tl.e
strikers have the practical syinjuitby
ot tl.e people and will win out eventually, if they stand pat. They haven't
much to lose, anyway, but organized
labor will not see them lose.- Lurdeait
A Slocan Prayer*
From I he grasp of i he smelter trust,
anil stupid legislators, '
Good Lord deliver ns!
From  bad   whiskey,
and tough beefsteaks, j
Good Lord deliver ns ! '
From  high  water,   burning fi.ivais.
mid a I joining the-Presbyterian church.
,. The representatives of the north side
on the Committee would not enter
tain the proi.rsitjon,. bin itJ.as been
considerably discussed si nee that, time
op both sides,. (
To onr great regret, however, there
now. appeal's' to be no hope ofthe pro
position,boingacceptedi-practically the
only reiruiniug siumWiijg.jjI.f-ek being
tp remove one branch of-ihe-vosld light
by.;unanimoHsly;ixe^electlng ...Mr. C. H.-.
Parsou as a Trustee for the balance of
hit term. The desire to unseat him
on a trivial technicality, lor"j*Vr$l"-*.>e-
was dn no|,.way, ireaiio-r-it.lt, ibassuag:
arisen solely.and only on accesun-ttos.
tl.e disptite.'tiiiisicouncctipu wiih the
school site, weiluink that in order ta*
reach a really >fi'ieiidly..iiiil peaceable
settlement he should' Isesretelectel.      1
Tlse master isiHOV���i,n the hands oi
the voters to slepisle ��-h��tlien- oc'tlsfti
this was a mo|io-,i:iun.)!��vhich. stouhi.
have been accept civ and' these f-Qpt
!'   ���.'   !������ "   .    ^vwji.  ,      .
farther to convenience a few When lhe
old sohool building is the most omtral
for all. We find that we have to und
our children acroas tb* bridge anyway
to the butcher shop and the post office,
so they might at well, go the Nat of
the way..  ,.���.
.Ward school are never built except
inlarge towns or cities, to why bother
wiih onein this little place where it
really it not needed.      ' "��
Let ut agree to j.ut an' addition or
add a ttory to the present (Wilding.
The children will like thit beat.' and as
we like the children beat we oan thnt
agree to be Iriendt again. > ������'-���' ��� *���
Editor Era : ..,,..   .
' Sir: Allow me to correct an unintentional inis-statsinant in my explanation ias^week. I ahould have said
"The chairman refuted to go with me
and sign the minutet al tlie plaoe where
the Secretary of the School Board left
them for us."
Yours truly,
T. 3, Barron.
The following letter was received by
Mr O'Brien who is acting as solicitor
for the Citizens Committee of Golden:
Victoria, B. C. July 27th. 1901.
Tims. O'Brien, Esq., Golden, B. C.
Sir.-Your letter of* the 11 inst. en
closing a petition for certain residents
of Golden relative to the election of
Mr,C. H. Parson aa School Trustee in
June, 1900,. haa been duly receitred.
With respect to ihis communication I
ain,ji;flstri)ctedj)!|��y the Konor-ibh5?the
Minister of Education to advise you as
follows: ��� .:
The Honorable. lh�� Coupoil of* Public Instruction hat been pleased to de
(dare at the election of Mr C. H. Par
son in June, l'JOftas a Trustee of the
Golden School ..District was illegal
the provMidifs of Section 47 of lhe
Sehool Act having' been disregarded
on the occasion otitis election. It will
therefore, be in order for the remaining
membera of tht School Board of Golden to take steps to fill the vacancy
thus caused and they will, be notified
aceftrfilng.y'.1''.' 'I ���*'"   '..   ���*'-
f     Yours  truly.
(Signed)      Ai&jjA.'x'imi Rdbinson,
Supslriutendeut of Education.
now given-tars'she benelit of iliotttiwlnj.
slesireito jioteou theineritKol the sat* "^'^G'OXDl-SN,  B.C.
..���).,,-.) ..LAl.-t*   ������'������'���-   WH.'   .��.."    IV... L,
and io llie.-i,iiteiest��:of i ho jcliuel. cWl**
conclusion,   let. ime.'.tejii
fa, a
���pinion wna  (reely expressed  that  it
would be a xiiod thing  if ull the bouts | and amateur mining experts,
could mate a lauding so near the town.      Good Lord deliver ns!
The annual general meetiini of thei    From |.arty politics,
subscribe s to the Gulden Hoajsital Society; fo.' the election  of  trustees  for
the ei.suii.'t year, will be held  at  the
Suhool  House,   Golden,   ou   Monday,
Aug. ... 1901. at �� p.m.    Similar meet* I
ings will lie held at  Donald.   Palliser,
Usiayer,   Field.  Thunder  Hill,   Wasa,
l'eit' St tele aud Windei mere, nt tl.e
-..i.si-s dale iiinl hour.
The follOA'li.u  who wrote at Kamloops   for teacher's   certificates   have
Issmii successful:   B N Harrison.   W E
llarrs. 1st Olasis. Grade A ; Martha W.
Val. Klswk. Y. ti Gillis, H W Fleming,
1st  class  Usade  11;   J   C   Robson,
Madge P. Sinclair. G W H..1.I, Edith
H MuCully, I. mm E Stephens, *-*t
Class Gsade A.; Annie Smith. Malsel
V Bsnuie, Fosreiice Beanie, Ma.garet
h, Ki.ighl. Grace H. Mh.hIi..1I, E. H
Wayne, Ah.xS.uith, Aslelaida tVaswr.
K.ithui'iuss )E McDougald, H-arMai W
lJ.o-v... 'Jt.sl uls.ss lira''.e ti., J Sulher
l.i.id, F I. Dent. Usd class. Grade B,
Mrs,. Ch'ilos Hay ward, wile of III*
mayor of Vinton.., died, Jisly HO Is, is.
her ���>*!nsl \ ear.
The mis of talwaon up theFr��<*r
liver this vests io ��.KH',..uua. 1. lit
t.s'.wrd Isjs.'.skcr, I
��� f'll-Wf
reports which, has, Wit widely ei
latcl.during the 'lii��t:'.weelf. -that yhe
Columbia Rjys.1- Lujjiber Co. is intei��
e.sted with, ulho, .Alexanders sin. lhe
Smelter-Townsite.������ This, is absolutely
incorrect; neither..the:C. ;R. L. Co.,
Mr, Carlin nor myself have any interest in .that Towimitt, and own nothing
but the laud required for the company's
operations, and have therefore uo inter-
est in the location of; this schoolbei
yond a desire to'eeo .that those people
living*sf)n the south-��)de pf the Kicking
Horse are. not deprived of tl.e reasonable tacilitiet to whicli thdy are entitled and which, the Government.decided to give them, nnd it is on justice
marked cards ot Iheir caltte that we are appealing (or
, ihe support of all , fair-minded people.
; Yours 'stlt-jifdily,
i. F.'"W.*Joi(E��:
1901.     '.*      .,
machine votes,
and s?rub jioliticianss,'
Good Lorsl deliver ut 1
From the wail of the pessimist and
ihe cry of hard tin.es,
(I sod Lord deliver us !
From C.P R. freight rates,
Good Lord deliver us!
From Bob Green as Minister of
.Mines, '".
Oood Lord deliver ut! s.
H sinburg, July UO.��� At a late hour
lonjght the condition ofthe dowager
emprest Frederick  wat reported to be
very serious. ,-   '
Golden, Aug
The Sehool Qa'eatUn,     ,
Em rou EltA.
Sir,���Wheu the South African war
was so much talked about tbere used
lo be a conundrum going the rounds
"Why would it have been better to
have seut Queen Victoria to South
Africa to settle tha war than Lord
Robert! ?* The answer was: ''Because
a sovereign it worth 20 bobt."
Mow, while we see . the joke and
know that women should, keep out of
war, we think that. in tjie case of the
South Golden war, the wome/.,should
he allowed to settle j.the queflion, because ir is the,children's interesss that
should be considered, and womfn know
more about children than men.
. We women have been talking it over
end all acknowledge, no matter .which
side we layer, lhat it would be battel
���f '*j*'--:!i"i.s-
I House....
���: .   O.ie ol lite Largeat umi IJeat Man*
. ...aged,. Ilptels^iss llritish Colusubia.
,f.    ,,   ...HOJ AND GOtD BATHS.
.XavSpesisl attention given to baggage of
Oonnnorcial ...en. Delivered to and from
sWuori'fi-swsjfsSBtTge.i. '*������ ' ,:   ���������'
I.UTES, tt per slay.     Special rales ler
reguttr hoarders.
;   .J.'G. ULLOCK,
. '?���; ���'���'��� PROPRIETOR,
(Form F.)
T i-jekit*, K-in., July 80.���Mra Canie
Nas'ion. who is serving a sentence in
ths. ssouhly jsilfor  "joint smashing,*
va��;is��lay pardoiied by Governor !{"'* the liitleones to atu/ud. the tssme
l-*lAtty. Unss/'trsWld not at lil.t accept, school a* the bigger oun, for' proleo-
,htp*'**t>i Im**ta* the tr*ansl costs tion. gsjiug lo and from and at eukoel,
*tl* tmnillt*. but afWwari'.* dieted
to ***A,
Urf^ti e'Oatiani, atMVuMnm in tha
Auulicasiai^tytiassjut of tha Government,
Ot.a*a, dlsssJ sjssj J-ily 29ih, aged oi.
JOB PRINTING our Specialty,
end for the benefit of the head uiaater's
.Ulat.vi.ion. VJ ... ���
Now soipe of us would like it on the
South s,d<s, near the Hospital,, and
���slut* near the church* but llie.. wsycou'-
csale it would not be lair to make tii.
link.que. from the rauubos and up the
track  near  the smeller go au  much'
of Improveme*nu,
L1TTI.K CHIEF Fractional Mineral Glaha.
situate ill the Oolden Mining Division of
East Kooteiiay District, on the Middle Fork,
of the- Hpilliinachene river, and branded
north hy vacaut Crow.. UMs: ssoiith by the
Whistler and Favorite,' Cr. Or,., mineral
claiina; nut by Maud 8. and Stand by, Cr.
Oi., mineral claims; west by'the Inter
iutio.u.1 and Favorite Cr. Or. mineral elainu.
TAKE NOTICE that I. James Brady,
acting aa agent for J. L. Spink, J. J. Kenny,
snslH. N. Balfd. Free Miner's Certificate
Nos. II.-ISDIW, Jt-I-IOXJ and B I07M, intend,
sixty days frou. the date hereof, to apply to
Use Mining Recorder for a Certilieate of Im
nruvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Urant of the above claim,
And further take notic-s that action, under
section Hi, smut he commenced before the
isasjance of.such Certilieate of Improvements.
Dtted this Thirteenth day oCJuly, A.U
1001. '���'���   '"���' ��� 8*7..
Capt.. pitman Bradlee Strong, late
of the Uoi,vsd Rtatet army,-and' Lady
Francis %JM, tailed for the Orient on
July 25th jtnder the names ot J. G.
Smith'and wile. Lady Francit Hope
is the lawful wife of Lord. Francit
Hope, brother ot the Duke of Newcastle.
He is now a bankrupt, but on the death
of the Duke of Newcastle Vwill succeed
to an estate worth $300,000 a year.'
woineu to travel and. advertise for Kild;e.t��b*
lialsed hssuse of solid -liuancial sta'ndldg; ��� Salary linn a year aiul expense.,' all |iay��We in
.-ash. ISujcassvassing rouu.rod. uis/e. te-
ferei'cesuud oiiilose self-addressed lumped
eunskmeV- Address ILui.ttfoi', hoo Cakton
lilslg.,|,.*|.ic-lgu.,H 5,,     .j,;.   ,       ,,��*<!t,ll
Geo*. E. Fo.ter, ex-Finance Minister,
hast beeu aslujsl to contest Llaner, *iu
the Conservat^e ijiiera-ittjfur tbl) teat
made 1 aca.u Jtsi.Um reaplt of the election trial agaii.ftli. L, Ricltardson, .
1,11'ri.K BHAVE��-OM tiBio-assartar.a
boi 'Turgors" are quilt nig tbe.tieM id wbola
batlaliuns. l)r.'<Agssew's'1.i-s*t|s��l��ill�� at 10
cents a vial ara driving tl.e... out at all
I.S...IS. Hesause'thsfv act"g?nlly.' m-ire
effcetively, never pain. *\H are niuy, to lake.
tsick l|ead.is'ise siis-s-smiii,. to 'one desu.'. Isold ���
byK* \\. I'aluioM.-flO. |
Is full of Business���in faot, ire Lave a iiiM
���wil**.   1>
'   than we c*;n handle just now.  Custonwi
ever, wait patiently their turn to purcHHI (fit
Bargains now offering.
Mark, Learn and Don't Forget
the Following   .   .   .   .   .
We are now doing Business on the ���'
and intend to stick to it or leave i^wn
ON HAND.     This is too large a stock for oiir present  ''
pi-emises and we intend to sell half of the Goods M the
next 60 Days.   We are now in the firing lirife ihtl d��
not intend to let anyone undersell us.
Look at these SNAPS   ....
2,000   TINS Best Condensed Milk, only 5c. per tin.
20,000   TINS Best Canned Tomatoes, Corn, Pil and
Beans, 3 tins for 2<5c.
5 Tons New Evaporatsed Peaehsgs, extra choice, 3 lbs.
for 25c.
During the Holidays we give to every purchaser ol
1 or more pounds of Our Best Coffees or Te��s * beautiful
present free. We import Onr Own Teas and Cvffees and
can guaranty Best Quality and Prices.
We have positively the finest and best selected stock
of Goods in British Columbia, and our prices are thi iJlslisest.
No Jaw-Bone   ....
Taken in exchange for Goods. CASH h*th�� only
article to work miracles with at Our Store.
G. B. meDEfHWOT,
Oolden. B. C.
Send Your Money onf Td
Hut for-
Gents' Watches
Ladies' Watches
Silver Novelties
Jewellry ���*' "'���"���:�����
Optical Goods
At reasonable prices, call on
pi gs*-
te ���


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