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The Golden Era Jan 20, 1894

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Array r
VOL. III.   NO 25.
$2 Per Yeah
aro a positive cure for all cases of headache, whether
uei'voiirs, bilious, or neuralgic,     Sent post
free on receipt of price
85  Cents   Fer  IJox.
Dry Gootfs,  traceries,  Boots  and  Shoes,
Hardware,  Etc., Etc,
California Giant Powder Co.
Of which a Full Stock  is Constantly on hand.
Subscriptions taken for all Canadian, Am:ri?an, British or
Foreign Newspapers and Periodicals.
Golden. B.C.
Has been newly built and newly furnished.
Heated throughout with hot air. The
table is first class. The bar is stocked
with choice Wings. Liquors and Cigars.
Wm. flefielsh, - Prop.
KLIN & ,
Geqeral Merchants, jUexaijder Block.
Just Received! A Splendid Stock
of the best candies, including- tho
celebrated "G. B." Chocolates,
the "best in tho land."
Those who do not make a rule of
indulging- in Candy, would perhaps like to buy some of our
Kura Kold Cough Lozenges.
They are very good.
(Incorporated KI70.)
Etc. Etc.
Prices ipioteil and Samples sup* lied on
Special  attention given   to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
Address H|DSGI.'SBAY
Co'y, Caigsry, cr
Is a wholesale and retail
druggist and can supply
Concert nnd  Dunce.
Tli'', weekly assembly is evidently
becoming more popular, Tin's week's
was, without exception, tho best tliut
litis been held yet. There was a largo
attendance and the entertainment commenced at 8:,'j0. Mr. J. P. Armstrong
officiated as chairman. The first number on the programme was a song by
Mr. Plowright, ''TheMidshipitiite,"
whicli was well received. This was
followed by a song from Mr. Owen
'���The future Mrs. 'Awkins," which
created considerable amusement. The
number which followed was probably
the star piece of the evening, It ulso
was a song and was rendered by one of
Golden's favorites, Mrs. Moodie. Quite
a timo hns elapsed since Mrs. Moodie's
hist appearance ill public, and iu the
"Queen of the Earth" she ably sustained her reputation us a singer.
Being vigorously encored she gracefully responded witli '��� I am weary
waiting alone." Mr. J. P, Armstrong
then gave one of his humorous readings, "Paddy the Piper,' which so
delight a Golden audience. Capt.
Armstrong followed with a son-j,
���'Our skipper and Our crow," which
he rendered with good effect, and being
loudly encored he responded by repeating tlie lust verse. The next was
a song by Mr. Plowright, "Tom Bowling," followed liy another .selection
from Mrs. Moodie, "In Old Madrid."
Mr. Owen then told the audience how
he " Knocked tbeni in the 01.1 Kent
Road," whicli completed the first part
of the programme. Tlie chairs were
soon hustled to one side and dancing
was commenced and kept up till one.
o'clock. Among those present; at the
entertainment we noticed Messrs. A.
P. Cummins   and G.   E. Manuel of
ont TOWN.
Golden, nn tlio main lino of tho Canndinn
I'-ii'ilii' Railway, in its connection with the
steamboat navigation of the Columbia river :
the minor.',! nmi I'umiiii'i'i'i'.lcoutrniit'K'isti'rii
liriti-.li I uliiiiilii,: headquarters of I lu Golden Smelting works, the Upper (ohiiuhiii
Navigation Cn., ami liimlipi- iudustrv; tho
outlet fur Ihe widely known ami fur
famed agricultural .-mil grazing l.nul of the
Columbia ,t Kooleitiiv Vulleys: unrivalled
for scenery oi nil kinds | the distributing
point for the richest mineral country on the
An Errori
We bog to correct i mistake which
wus made iu tbo "Grand Concert
Company's " poster. Instead of reading "The champion humorist of the
United States," it should read, "The
champion hnrinonicist."
0*irlln*( nml Ski-ting lllnk.
It has been decideu to use the rink on
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for
curling and tor skating on Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Saturdays. Tickets
for curling and skating are sold separately. For curling $3 per mouth and
for skating *3*J for family tickets and
$1 for single tickets. Admission to
non-ticket holders 25 cents.
The ice is now in good condition for
curling. The rink will be open for
skating this afternoon.
Tickets may be obtained from the
Secretary, Mr. G. B. McDormot, and
at tho Kootenay House, Queen's Hotel
and Columbia House.
Public Meeting.
A public meeting will lie held in the
Alexander Hall on Monday evening
next, the 22nd inst,, at 8 p.in., sharp.
We are glad Instate that Dr. Tny- j '���'���10 obJ'-ct of *���"���* meeting will be to
lor has iissed the medical examlna- take steps for tho procuring of anew
tions recentlv held in Victoria, and is I ���'���"'.���''"l" ground.    The necessity of this
would not be advisable to attempt any
further extension than taking down
the partition between the church and
the vestry and placing pews in the
latter. In future one of the vestrymen will see that persons, who arrive
after tho church is partly filled, aro
shown to such seats in front as are
A  Telephone  E.vcIiuiikc
The Upper Columbia Company havo
determined to establish a telephone
exchange, if enough subscribers can be
obtained to pay the current expenses.
The annual charge will be $15, Tho
lollowing connections will bo provided,
at tho start :
Upper Columbia Co.
Golden Saw Mill.
Carlin & Lake.
The Post Office..
C.P.R. Station.
The Hospital.
J. F, Armstrong's residence.
F. P. Armstrong's       "
Non-subscribors can use the telephone at the Post Office on payment
of ten cents. The Columbia Co. am
to be commended for their enterprise,
and it is hoped that the Government
will have a telephone at tho Court
House aud that the chief business,
houses will also secure connection.
A Ploncor (lone.
At a quarter past twelve on Sunday
night, Archie McMurdo, pioneer prospector of East Kootenay, died in the
hospital, of Bright's Disease. Ha
belonged to Prince Edward Island and
came to British Columbia about
eleven years ago from Montana. Siuco
that time his name hns been connected
with some of the richest finds in this
district. Only a few days ago lie
sold a promising claim, tlie International, to a Toronto syndicate. His
death, wiiilc not altogether unexpected,
wus a great surprise to many. The
funeral took place on Tuesday morning aim was largely intended. Tho
burial service was read by Mr. J. F.
Armstrong. The pall bearers wero
Messrs. J. C. Greene, F. C. Lang,
Capt. Armstrong, Bert Low, M. Dainard and Geo. Stark.
.Mr. Fred M. Wells is in town this
Mr. and Mrs. H. Redgrave of Donald, were visitors this week.
Mr. T. (!. Wauloss, insurance agent,
of Calgary, is in town this week.
Mr. H. L. Cummins came in from
the Upper Country on Tuesday last.
Tlie section men, both east and west,
were kept busy during the recent soft
weather, with numerous snow slides.
now entitled to register as a practitioner of this province.
The Hospital Ball Committee are
leaving no stone unturned to make
this the event of the season. Tickets
may lie had from H. Connacher, See,
or at tin* I'o-t Office, for the small sum
of $2.
The addition to tlio Queen's Hotel
has assumed  vast  proportions during
will be readily recognized bytheoitl-
stons, and all aro urgently requested to
St. ""mil's Church.
At a meeting held on Monday ovon-
ing, it was determined to continue tho
subscription to the incumbent's stipend
ut tlio saiiie liiiuro as heretofore. It
wns mentioned that  persons arriving
Preabytorliin Church.
Service will be held in the Alexander
Hall to-morrow morning ut 10 o'clock
conducted by the Rev. W. R. Ross.
(iriiiiil Concert Next Week.
A grand concert and musical entertainment will lie given in the Alexander Hall on Wednesday evening next,
The concert will be for tlie benefit of
the Hall, and according to the posters
will be one of the finest ever given in
Golden. A dance will take place at
tho conclusion of the entertainment,
The admission fee is 25 corns, reserved
seats, 50 cents ; plan of reserved seats
may be seen at the post office.
tlie past week, and will retleot ureal late havo sometimes difficulty in oli-
e.-edit on Mr. J. 0. Greene, when com- j tnining seats and that it was advisable
pleted, at the same timo showing his ! to enlarge the building. The meeting
unbounded faith iu tho prosperity of . resolved that until the finances of the
the town. 1 parish wero in a better  condition it
IVo|ilc lii(ll*-nuiit.
Vancouver, B.C.. Jan. 1(5, -Indignation meetings are being held in
Westminster for the purpose of expressing displeasure at the action of the
minister of justice in commuting the
death sentence of the Indians Peter
and Jack, who killed a policeman Pet-
triudrcgh a year ago. The mayor has
boon largely petitioned to call a public
mass meeting to express disapproval.
The Indians of B.C. are now very hostile to white settlers, and it is feared
tho mild punishment meted out to
these tw<' Siwasll murderers will make
them more rciiklcssuf tlie consequences,
Indians do uot mind being incarcerated
in the " big house," but have a horror
of hanging. ��f��
rJTUc 05M*>cu (Sva
Tho GOLDEN' Etl.V is publisUod every
Saturday morning in time to catch the east
an I west iiii.il trains, also tlio mail fur tlio
upper country, Wliiiloruioro, Fort Steele etc
It is tho only advertising medium in the Beat
Kuuteiiuy district.
S ihscription Hates : $-!,00 |ku unillllll IS
A Ivertisotnoiita aii'l changes must bo hi
tho n.Ki'.o lint lutor than I- il.iu, on Tltiii-sday
t*> insure uisortiuu.
A Ivoi'tlsoaioul ratos mado known on application *u
All tuuli 11 lie pul'l tn iho Manager, from
ivli i u tin,','.i.upa .,,''.- ri'viiii will bo obtained,
"His   fuce and  evon  his   lips are i
burned," said Mrs. Ht'lleiis'.cin.    "He GL3 GOVERNMENT r.OAC3.
suffers ii (treat deal now, but of  course1 Cm Extensive -".vstem <if lllphwoya Built
110 ono is to blalne,"    CllicilgoTribune, i Wl""' ">e Nation Wua Young.
  I    Tho first impetus given to the building
_    . ,        ,    ,. .  I of good roads in the United States was
!)n lug Jewelry uolibury In Montreal. | wh(m congres3 um-er t,)e pbwer8 ���,, tho
Montreal, Jim. 11, "Xusterday evi n- j new constitution, proceeded to establish
ing burglars broke into tun store of .Mr. I postofflces and build pontronds forth'.'
Cocbeiithaler. St. Juines st rest.     The   conWaneo of tho mails.   This connect-
. '        ,. ed for the first time every town m tho
burglars entered eithi r by the ladder or ��� whoU) ,., staU|3 by est.lb--s-1(;d routua o{
by means of the staircase leading up   communication.   "
to the officii next door.    One board had      Aa fast as uew states were admitted
bee., taken  fr.o.n ,he staircase leaving! *n.to,:he J-1"!��� ������� f,fr"' government
' stipulated with them for the making cf
ItoaU sweepings, eveept manure, mm
common caml und cluy make suitable
binding material over broken stone.
In making a. new road wetting down
or sprinkling hno been proven injurious.
Cuoh practice is wise in repair, us then
the biuding material is solidified, whilo
the water does uot penetrate the surfaco
coating to soften or weaken it.
mini   to crawl I
room eu m-tli (or a mini io orawi i g00,x. sn|wtnnt-a* highways, connecting
through, bit on the oilier hand iho their isbief cities and towns with each
boards hud lieen removed from thu! other and with the rest of the Union.
tho store, ulii
T!ib li'lihii Era PuSllsliiiig &
Hum of
SATURDAY,  JAN*. 20, 1804.
Ilia Whlslieia Were Luu, led.
Men who persist, in smoking wltile.
iu a barber's chair may profit by tho
cx|ierience of Henry HiiUenstein, who
was frightfully burned nhont the face
head and neck in Alfred Otto's barber
shop at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon.
Ho is now at his home, 4oi Wist
Congress street, swathed in bandages,
uud vows ho will novel again attempt
to light it ci. ii while a barber is
putting tonic on his hair. Fritz Hotz,
tho barber who was catering to his
customer's wants, fared almost as
badly as Mr. Hnllensteiu, His right
baud wus burned mid one half of his
long blonde mustache was singed in
such a manner that he was obliged to
trim it short.
After Mr. Hallenstoin had been
shave ! the barber said :
" What will you have ou your
Mr. Hallensteiu knew that Fritz
wanted him to uso Mr. Otto's tonic
and he conseutel. The barber had
dius'la considerable amount of this
1 qulil on Mr. lliiileiistein's head, when
tiie latter decided lie wanted to smoke,
Ho pulled out. u cigar and asked for u
light. There were uo mutches ut baud
so he took a piece of shaving paper,
folded it up aud lighted it from the
gas jet. As hu brought the burning
pii'ier close to tlie cigar the alcoholic
fumes from thu tunic igliiied. There
was a sudden Hush of iluiuc, und Mr
Hallensteiu, scivuiuiiig at the top of
his voice, leaped from thu chair,
Fritz grabbed a towel and as quickly
ns possible smothered the Humes.
Mr. ll.illenstein was burned badly
iiliout the face, ears uud neck. The
skin all peeled off. His eyebrows,
mustache and hair were badly singed.
Ho was taken t,o Dr. Jewett's otticc,
"hcro-his wounds were dressed. Fritz
himself bus not escaped injuries. His
right huii'l was severely burned. One-
half of his long mustache was burned
away. AVheii one of his fellow barbers took a pair of shears and clipped
the other side to make it mutch Fritz
almost cried with grief. During bis
excitement lie threw away the bottle
containing the mysterious tonic. It
struck square on tho back of Elsworth
lluwley, thu barber who wus cutting a
man's hair iu ihu next chair. The
man jumped up and ran outside and
did not return for hu'l au hour. There
was a groat deal ol confusion in the
barber's shop, and during the aitcriioou
curious people peeped through the windows to see what was the matter,
Mr. Otto, tiio proprietor, was uot iu
the shop when tlie accident occurred.
He is a German. When he saw tho
barber's bund in bandages l.e inquired
what the trouble was. When iufoi'm-
ed what hail happened bo became
excited and could S.iy nothing. He
would not say of what tiio tonic was
made, and ran out of his place o\er to
the doc"or's oliiee.
Later in thu evening Mr. Ilullon-
stein was seen at his residence. ��� He
could not spank us every movement of
the mouth Irritated the burned flesh.
His head and neck were covered with
bandages. All lhat could lie seen were
his eye-a-uni'. lips.
hack door ol the store, which 1.01.1
luunicntes, hy means t
with tiie catacomb like
I uvivixo "frill. 'lho burglars might
;ia\e entered by either way. After
entering they did not attempt to meddle with the safe or any 01 the showcases, but confined themselves 10 the
eastern ouo of ihe two front windows,
which tor the past mouth or so has
been sparkling with brilliant holiday
gems of great value. They evidently
scooped up everything they oiiild within the short space ut their disposal,
and iu their hurry overlooked lti diamond rail's hull-hidden iu ihe hearts
of artificial flowers, which 1 re worth
0.1 au ilvere-jo 'ji'oO apiece. Tho total
value 01 the diamonds taken is about
$4,000; including some very valuable
pendants and bracelets, 10 brooches,
diamond, opul aud turquoise pins, two
pairs of diamond cull links uud a number of other pieces of diamond studded
jewelry. Mr. Uoehetithaler's loss is
fully covered by insurance.
A Cool Colliery.
Mexico City, Mex., Jail, 11.-The
National Bank of Mexico is tlio victim
of a remurkable robbery. Ou Tuesday
one oi the tellers was counting out the
coin by piling up the heavy sucks of
silver, ,'ach containing 1,1.00 silver
dollars, when a well dressed young
man sauntered into the room, nnd
while attention wus directed elsewhere,
picked up one cf tlio sucks aud strolled
out. Beckoning to a burden carrier,
who was waitiug for a job ou the
st reet corner, he handed hiiu the sack
aud leisurely lod along the crowded
streets for u block to the nearest street
cat-lino. Here he stopped 11 passing
cur mid tossing a real to the burden
carrier, quietly took a seut iu lho cur,
with the stolen sack of money iu plain
sight by his side. Passengers on the
car thought he was a paymaster or
soineiliing of the sort. Afier riding 10
tho suburb of Tacuboza lie left tlie car
and escaped.
C litem; n P. mule Footpads.
Chicago, Jan. 10.���Female footpads
introduced a uow wrinkle iu the business last night. As Chas. Krobii was
passing along Forty-eight street, ho
was accosted by two women who wore
shawls over their heads. " What
time is it V" asked one of them. She
Instantly cast ber sdawl over Kroliu's
head while tlio other one seized bim
around tlie neck and threw him to the
sidewalk. Then, while one of thorn
held him, the other went through his
pockets, securing SK.iiO, his wages for
'.ho week. Before he could recognlzo
what had happened the women hud
Welsh Mill. I1II0.
Swansea, Wules, Jan. 1!!.-The
iiieiul trade is anxiously awaiting tbe
action of congress on tho tariff bill.
The Metal Exchange of thut city has
several representatives iu tbe United
States, nnd cable dispatches on tiie
probable vote on 'lie tin plate schedule
1 Two per cent of tho proceeds of tho
I wiles of llietr public lands was set aside
j lor this piu'pui'u, From time to time
miuivress also made large appropriations
1 to wistst this work.
Too first turnpike road from Balti-
| move to Wheeling, 170 miles iu length,
I wus laid out 111 this way. A similar road
I from Washington to Cumberland, 1.10
miles long, Vi-.id also constructed about
thu Raino timo. The Cumberland roud
was curried IliS miles farther, to thu east
bank of the Ohio river, lu rough the states
of Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia.
Then it was extended westward SO miles
to Zanesville ami thence through the
elates of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois to St.
Louis. This colossal chain of public
highways co:it tlie government upward
of ?'!.,1W.U!0(l to construct. It is known
in history an the Cumberland road system, anil tho effect it had upon travel
aud transportation wus enormous. Before it was built it took eight duys to
travel from Baltimore to Virginia. After
it was finished tha journey wus mado iu
three days.
Many other chains of highways were
constructed under the supervision of tho
war department, almost every state in
the Union shariug to come extent in
this policy of internal improvement.
Under (Jeucral Jackson a stop was put
to tlio expenditure of money by the general government for roadbuilding purposes, but up to that time it hud already
spent over $30,000,000 iu creating and developing state highways and canals.
It u interesting lo look back at tho
roaduiiiking of our great-grandfathers.
lu tho older st-ates many hundreds of
miles of plank roads wore built at acost
of $1,21,0 per inilel drawl roads wero
also built very extensively along tho
banks of rivers. Ouo of the best types
nf the surlier roads built in thia counVry
was the charcoal roud.
This stylo of road was generally laid
through njftrshy forests. Timber was
cut in 34 foot lengths and piled up lengthwise In tlie center of tho road until the
pile wus ubout 1") feet high. This pilo
was thou covered with earth taken fvo-ii
ditches on either tiido of tin; road. T ion
it wus burned until tho wood wan perfectly charred, and then the pile wan
raked down to lho width of 10 feet, with
a depth of two feet in the middle and 1 f
oue foot at either aide. These charcoal
roads became very compact end free
from dust. The cost of building such :i
roud was about >':fi(,'0 per mile'. All these
early typos of roads were used for tho
most part in tho country districts.���New
York Recorder.
Gmill llo'llits Double till) j-fui'llior'a Income.
Tho cont of highway transportation
over thu properly buiit roads of Frunee
does not exceed one-third tbo like e:*-
pense in the United States, it being common iii the rural districts of France to
haul three tons cud in the cities from
three to live ions net freight with ono
horse. In I his way the good read saves
the fanner each year much more than
its cost, and we mayignors the increased
pluiisiire 1:1 in, use. If two horses ha,nl
the loud of li'mr, one wagon of two, one
set of harness of two, one driver si rco
for two. and if sis miles instead of three
Ijo passed per hour, the aggregate saving
would double the net. income of the average huckster or farmer.���Exchange.
Lottie Collins' "Marguerite" Is being
pirated, us was ber "'lVi-rii-ra.*'
Thomas Q. Seabrooke and George W
Lederer have separated nine::-.!,!).
Alice Gulll.'ird liaa signed for "The Little
Tycoon," in winch she- will play Hurrioaue,
K. A. Warren lius completed arrange*
moots for his starring tour iu "Nobody's
Mas Figtnun says that In* is to star next
seuijoii iu a musical comedy that, is beiti1;
written Cor iiiai.
I'lcii.iLii Carroll, William Iilaisiiell and
W. G. Stewart will uppuur iu support of
Fay Teuiplelon.
Mine. Herrmann, wife of Professor Herrmann, the magician, bus been learning the
intricacies of the serpentine' dance.
The latest eiigayi'ini'nt made by Abbrv,
Schocirol cud Gran !or the Metropolitan
Opera company is Virgiuhi Colouibuli.
The Lydiii Yoainans-TiMis company,
which started out to present a farce comedy called "Ups aud Downs" oil lour, Las
Lucille Saunders lias heen engaged liy
Mania iiec, Karl and Mucdouald lur the
[lostuuians. She is a contralto ami bus
beeu siugiug iu I-.nglaud.
"-"ellottu ite-il, 11 yuiui'- Minnesota woman, who successfully played tho Frenchwoman in "llauds .Urnss the Sea" last
season, is witli '-Milton Itoylo's Friends."
Sophie Allien.; a young society woman nf
C!iiiit:iiun.-,a, made her debut nil tho pro*
fuasiotiiil Htaguin lltat city, playing Knie
lu "She Sloops to Conquer," with Willie;!
Clarke and Deuuiuout Sinltb'u company.
The govern ment will (Ix no date for tbo
grand rush to Hot out of the Cherokee strip.
���Detroit Tribune.
The man who noes down to tho strip to
sell victuals instead of to raise them will
.make the most money.���Topeku Journal.
All this to ixain possession of land for
which the settlers must pay from ti to j.)
pur aero, and on which they must reside for
live years before obtaining a title.���Chicago
It was not because the government was a
biinlio steerer, hut because a great many
people were* funis, that tiie Cherokee opening turned out to be a highuuko game.���
St. Louis Post-Dispatch,
A contest between dollurs would bo just
ch moral as the wild uud brutal physical
-.crumble lately witnessed, 11 the government bus (tn v more land to throw oncii. lot
it be sold,-Philudi'lpMu Inquirer,
Silvages clone could think that there was
0'i better way of tillotlhigsiiuiuthingprized
ll un appointing u day on which everybody
desiring it was to In; allowed to iiialio 11
grand i'UbIi for it,���Koohestor Union.
It Is oluar from tho conditions attending
tiie lirst move uu'.'.e toward tho settlement
e.t" llie t'lieinkit' strip tliut many of the
boonnrii win i.e. worse oil in a short time
thuu they are now.���Baltimore American,
This is the way modern history is making ii' li -i .i.i'.-. euatiii,..:!:, and us one
(dun ��� ��� e. '. Into theoldonlerof evulutipn
j:- '.'a i'i. v:!i nf emu tiiouwculths lie past,
.".-:���.,..'. Btri-..^ely Inntiliuute,���Boston Globe.
Thcsci-M-i-iir across tlie frontier���"every
nian fur nuuself, and the devil telle tins
hiudmost"��� xvas barbarous, though perhaps typical of methods largely characteristic uf this ruuhiug ceutury of ours.���Boston Herald.
Tho Roads of tlio I'l-cnr:,.
Thorongh construction.vigilunt watching and prompt repair are tlie secrets of
Pre' 'h success with roads. They are
of three kinds���national, department
and township. Tlio general rule in rural
districts is to sacrifice the straight lino
in order to follow the valleys us much
us possible rising by gentle grades
where this is required. Bide drainage b
provide,! for, und tho roud of course tl
Highest i 1 tho middle, thu sides sloping
transversely ubout an inch to the yard.
Macadamizing is tho rule of construction, except for tho towns, and tiie layer
of broltuu stones is usually placed directly ou the beatoii ground, though sometimes a Uynr of sand or stones intervenes to help the drainage.
To lho removal of old material, worn
and wasted  by uso.  lho  French give ,
great attention,   .Mter their roads are
finished thoy are carefully rolled by thu j
compressor, which consist-1 of ono or
two heavy cylinders drawn by horses or
propelled by steam.    For really  half a 1
century the French engineers have gun- j
orally  used   on   rnadwuvs   built   fes
3'-',:~y traffic basaltic   rock wtiore   it
can be had near by.   Its cost is about |
$1,800 for ihe amount used on u mile uf j
road, una Mr Loonns says that It is not !
only far better but about 80 percent
cheaper than the crushed granite for-
W. 11. Howells was a printer in Ohio
when a boy. Uo used to set O/JOO cms ami
then go fishing.
Thomas I!.".:���:!>��� started in lifeiisnnarciii-
t-K , and (lie house ill which he lives wan
bui.t Loin bis own designs.
Tiie real iiiiuio of tiie most distinguished
Dutch lito'elist of li!s time, Muurteu Moor*
tons, is Vim du I'uurteiiSchwarz,
Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes is now tho
oldest In ing iiiuii cunsplciioitRly identified
with literature. He was born in the same
year as Tennyson, Darwin and Gladstone.
David, tiie artist, when uot pain!lug,
amused himself by scraping an old ii.id.i-,
wuich he did abominably. He would insist
on playing for every visitor ami often exclaimed, "Oh, if 1 bud only beou burn a
Robert Louis Stevenson is said to bo a I
must laborious writer, lie rewrites his
manuscript to such au extent lhat at the
end of tue day scarcely une of tbe original
sentences remuihs uuchatiged. Occasionally lie spends three weeks uuusiugle ehup*
teriiiid men throws it away.
Mark Twain bus returned from a long
trip abroad looklug far from well. His
usually rosy complexion is colorless, and
lus face looks thin uud sickly. To un interviewer who tried tu get him to tulk he
saidi "You can't interview me. 1 lost unvoice while abroad." lie has a cough and
speaks with dilliculty.
Secret marriages are in every country in
Europe considered illegal.
The Greek church employs two rings in
tiio marriage ceremony���ouo of gold, t' \
other uf silver,
,'. hundred years ago, when the hriilc hnd
1 fortune, the newspapers stuted that fuct
uud gave also ihu amount.
In Samoa the bride Wears a wreath of
flowers, a dress of cocoa iituttiug, and has
iier face colored with turmeric.
Wedding riugs engraved with the device
nf a heart and two clasped bauds have been
foliudln Kgypttiin loinbs (luting il. C. -iiiitl.
The caliph nf Khurtoom has TOO watches,
und not one of them ljocs.
When Princess Anne, afterward queen of
England, was inurriod, s!ie wore a lieud-
Iress '.i yards high cud M ynrds iu cireuui-
.'. reuce.
The Prince's  of Wales appears at tho^
opera dressed in black, veiled with jet ami''
���iiibroiiiered ebilToii.   The other royal ladies wear either black or white.
The queen of Holland celebrated herfour-
teeulh birliiduy recently, and by ber spe-
.::���! request ihe festivities ran largely to
-chool ireuis, iu which she took 1.11 active
Queen Victoria has grown so lame that
she lias given up tier huhit of always stand-
in;* alter diuuer in the gullery ut -.Viudsov
and nils iu an ariiichulr. Tliuse who.uic
near her ur liiny be speukiug to lit-r sit
down also,
������Tlie latest report about thu German emperor is lo tiie elfeet I hut Le proposes tu lie
crowned 111 lierliu u ���:;*. year. In tliut event
ihere will be 11 splendid ceremony, nt
wbicli ull Cieeruwnid beads of ine fathei*-
land and other royalties will be prusunt.
Scanderberg, Ling of Albania, who lived
in the lliU'eiiiii century, wus repined thy
strongest man of bis liuio. lie was a mail
uf '���rest siaiiU'c, and Ihe power of his arm
was such tiiat he thought nothing of cui-
1 in:; two men hi halves with ouo uiugh-
biow ol liis sword.
are receive:! daily.   The.leading Welsh
papers have almost daily editorials on I mevly so much employed.���New York
thu. subject, taking   the ground thut I bun.
only  tlie repeal ol the. tin ,''late duly ~ZT.     7*7    7.
'        ,, ,,,'      , ���' Things to Consider.
can sweep away tue nreva ing depres*     ��� ,  . , ,   ;, , . ���     ,   . ,
.....        .    .    ,,' ,7     '   . .:    Material should be carefullv selected, ;
sion 111 the  principality  and insure nt, ���,     , .,..        ,  , ,   ��� 1
, _ '       '    . ���  ,       . ! durabilitv uud chenpness.whon prepared
leitW a temporary revival.     A census
li'iade during tho past week shows that
226 Welsh mills are idle, nnd iu many
cases whore the employees have offered
to work at  half the former wages the
managera have refused on the Itroiindl.'JfortV.^
that  operations  even   ou  ibis   basis     Every county shonld own and operato 1
would mem a loss. I nt k..18t olle sU,ulll tofld toUeri
being Brut considered: then by using lo- j
cal sroue local labor niuy be uiiiployed, i
and bo by outiiiy for stone and hibiir each
locality will loan extent be benefited di- j
rectly by the distribution of lho incucy
Great Britain's capital In our railroads is
said to amount tn 8ft(J0,()00,O00.
On its buffet curs lust year the Pullman
company Nerved 4,000,000 meals.
The Burlington bridge across the Missouri nt lletlefontahlu bluffs will bu completed i.i Kovumher,
The French government proposes to im- j
pose lines upon railway companies fol j
trains thut are run behind schedule lime.    1
It. is stated Unit a railway train traveling
at the rale of Ul) miles an hour could not
lie pulled up in u distance less thun two
Thui ��� is un engineer on the Georgia, Car- !
oliim uud Northern railroad who .-ays he
can make bis engine get such u move on
thai sliu jumps over thu shaky bridges
without touching them.
The due Hundred uud Fifty-fifth street
viaduct approach t. ine Ne-.v York Central
brliii.c over the Hat'li :-��� river has been completed as regards (lie Iron work. The work
has been umler way torovnr two years.
.The first normal school was opaaui in
Pitriiiin 1705. '���'
The oldest fierl-in university is that of
Hi.'i���eIb.-:-_-. l.i.uidLii.i 111.
In the Henry mountains in southern
Utah Is a mouud covered with giant crystals. Peril et prisms ul selculte u led luu-'
are found there.
Mount Kiiiseo, which rises precipitously
���Ml feet out 01 Mooschead lako, Maine, is
wholly composed of homstone and Is the
lurgest muss of that uiiiierul iu the kuowu
One of the most singular products nf
Hawaii is a vitreous lava known us "Pele's
hair." It is 11 utlky, fihiiueuto*is subBtunce,
oiive green, soil, but very brills. K is pro-
utieed by llie wind catching the tiery spray
thrown u 11 from the ureal crater of Kilauea.
The name nt tiny head, applied to a lam*
mis prumniiiury ut the MusHachusettscoiuit,
menus exactly what it seems lo mean and
in |ieculiar!y appropriate. The headland,
ils seen from tlie sea, ir; ���-'���>' with many
colors running iu strata, the result of
chemical qualities iu 1 he earth of the cliff.
A gentleman speukiug tliruui-h the telephone during 11 recent thunderstorm in
Lontluu va-: (lung violently across the room.
lesiit,   the   olcotl'lcluil,  thinks   ho line
evolved the prnbieiu of Iruiismittiiig electricity lo a distance with little loss ofA
power, '     '-'
j\n niitoinntic electrie tniisic leaf turner
h iihoiii 10 tie put upon the market. In- 1
be easily attached in any piano music rack
and is operated by touching a button with
i lie foot.
A German scholar, Professor Ilraun,
has discovered that if a spit-,, l of wire be
i lee.:;,'.wl inectiauicnlly a current will be
,i, ���:��� Iii   t,   The creation of the ourreut
-,- ti .I due -:�� magnetic ur thertnuuiei trhi effects, but is baaed upon the fuct that the
beudiug of a wire generates a current iu it. \i>
��� Melnl Itoport*
We are indebted to the Engineering
and Minin'- Journal of New York for
the following '(notations ;���
N;;w York; Jan. 5, 1894.
Silver hns been quiet here and the market in London has lieen weak, yet
purchases by shorts have contributed to steady n market that
othor'vis! would have been a declining one, since trade is dull and
no prospect of  immediate revival.
&ix&im8& (Siirbc.
Hox. J, A. 1,oii:mii:i:ii, Q,C.
G. 8, McCaiiteh.
f-oaglieeil!  &  McCapter,
ll..i'1'istei's, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Bank uf Montreal,
CAI.IiAliV, - N.W.T.
Tu Our faithful the Members elected to nerve
in the Legislative Assembly uf Uur 1'ro-
Yim.^-GK!in^!''hiill,t Om'U,y'0t].1fiEW5S��*��5I  nnil WDaKEOJK
. nr'j'.r., iiiAminxT Members Assoeii.iD.t'.S. & I'.L.S, for ll.C,
TiiuononK Davib, }  WHEREAS Weure SURVEYORS, Civil Engineers, Driiughts-
Attornoy-Genen.l,   I     desirous   aud  ro- j men, Valuators, etc*   Ciilgnryiiud Now West-
solved, ns soon us ui.-iy be, to moot I lur people ] minster.   Correspondence solicited..
Uur I'ruviureot' llritish Columbia, and in i li���l���Jlil'iisi,.\, D.L.S.,P.L.S. of ll.C. &0nt.
New York, iWlcts., Loudon, Ulgd
Copper.    Manufacturers aro still com- i have their advice in onr Legislatures _ (' AbOAltv, All
plaining about lack  of orders to I   NOW KNOW YE, that for divers eiuisen  Al ��' mimLB^h'w!^^MX'^'c
,,   .i       . i  - ,i .��� i  ������������'I considerations, and taking into conslilor- _ M,\\ \\ I.--I .���ii.\st|..u IU,
enable them to work full time, nnd ! ,,������<,��� ,|K, ellse and i voiiioui t Our loving 1       ��� .,     ..        .     ���
prospects  fnl' a chango for the I subjects, We have thoitght lit, by and witli I        M<*��ai-tl.y    A    Mai-vcy,
the iulviie ot uur Lxouutivo Council of llie  ilarristers, Advocntos, Notaries, &c.   Solid
belter in  this direction are uppiir-1 i'rovTnceof "llritisliT'nTii'ilhin, tcTiioroby coil- I tors ioi'
(.'inly   not of   a   very   proiuisiug
nature,    G.M.B's. .'.'���ll 7-. (id.
il is sharing the fate of  all other
metals, tho week showing another
*-|iauish, ��0  is ud.. and
voko, uud by those presents enjoin yoli, nnd The Imperial Bank of Canada
each of you, Unit ou  Th ,s ,.,'y, ili'e Kigh- Tho Camilla I'unuiiiieut Loan & Savings Co.
leentli day of Ihe iiiquth of iliuuiiiry, one Thu Yorkshiro Loan & iJociii'lliosCoi'poi'alioii
In tho County, Court of Kontcnny, hohlen
at llie Last '..i'i'S.-iug uf Ih" (.'oliliuhiil l.'ivei';
i.i tie.* i.'utter nl .failles 1'ak.er, dccou-ied, uud
ia tlie inciter of ihe Official Administrators
/.ei, dated thu '...li di.y of Mahiiury, A.D.,
l8'.i 11
Upon reading the tifildavils ut' Arlhur Patrick ���;, 'uiiiusi.ntl Henry Kodhwoll Holt;it
i.- ,i i,-.i 'ii.it Arthur Patrick 1 uuiiiiiv.s,
���: 'i.-l .V' niuisti'.itui* fur thu County cuurt,
. 'strict "i Kouteiiii.y, bo Administrator of all
.���.uu -i.i :itlar ihe guilds, chattels, rights und
e.'C' .       ��� .j..n ei Mnker, deceased,
ui! that ibis orcer be published in tho
ii , ��� Eua newspaper fur the period of
si':?;, .:.,,,-.:.
ISigned)   Wsi. WARD SI'INKS, J.
iii.' creditors of JuiiioS tinker, laie of Golden, in the District nf tCuoteiiiiy, foreman
���rovcrim:'..! re; il.-, are trequested in send tu
niiM'.i'hi.i : i days nt' this date particulars nt
iheir ej.'.i.us.' At'ie. ilm completion of the
salil C'J (lays I shall pr.nie: wilh tlio distribution nt :!.:��� .. i i estate.
i!.'.. ill..-t inii,' Id, :-i thedistrict of Koolouay
this Utli ill.. -.!��� .!..:i..ary, is.,1.
I ifficiul Ailiiiinistr.'.tur.
thousand eight htuiiln u and ninety
ment l's in Our said Logi.-kitiu'o'or Cilia-
iiieiit nf lliirs,dd I'm', hue, at Uur Citvof
Victoria, FOli THE D.SP.ITCIIOF l.l'sl-
NESS.to treat, do, act, ,'itid cnnehido upon
tlie-.. ihinj-s irhii li m i lur I ngisluturo of lliu
l'rovinco of IliitUli '. nl ,n,l,i,i, Uy ihe C	
men i "iin.il of Out- said Province may, by
tho favour oi'God, bu ordiiliioil.
In Ti'.M'i'i'i.s"i- Wiit'iRKoi', Wo havo
r.nuseil those Our Letters.to bo iniide
Pntout i ml iIn: .';,e,it -. ,-| ������' Iho said
Province :, !i" lieroiiulu iHisou :   \\ IT-
I'lie .Mcs.-ey-lliirris I 0. (Llli).Otc,, etc,
unices - Stophou Avenue, Calgury,
I'. M.'l'AK.'iiy, Q.C,
HoilAUl" "JAIIVEV, D.A., L.L.I!.
Assoo, MiiM. Inst. C.E.
CO, (Limited)
*   re-T^-.tl I*-..r.--.-.-*1   ��T*lfT��-J��*.'
eS, thi
In lho county court of Ituoleuiiy.
'i lilci 11 the east crossing of Ihe Columbia
ri.. '���. in '1,0 11111 ler  ot  ' harlcs i a: ;-s.i.uo
.i    '     deceived   r.mi iu ihe matter  ui* '.lie
ii.      I  A luiiiistr.'iiiirs  Act, dated   the lith
i...y ni .Luu. .ry, iWli
Upon rolling tho affidavit ul' Arthur Pat
rick! uiiuniits, it is ordered that jVrthur Patrick t nan ins, Oilici.'d Adiiiinistnitor fur tho
county court, District of Kooienuy, Lo Ad-
niliiisti'j.tor nl" .-.II and sini-ular the goods,
eiiattels and credits uf Iharlos Langslone
Luwis, doecsod
Anil that this order be published in lliu
Gut.:,!-.. Lu.t uewsjHipcr fur ihe perhidof
&i-:iy days.
(.-i.-ne:!)   W.M. WAEDSPINKS.J.
The cre-liinrs ii't liarles IjUllgstolit* Lewis,
Into of Ciena, i.i tli ��� district ul Kootenay,
tanner, are requested In send in the particulars uf their claims tn the undersigned within sixty tiny* oi tins dale, alter which ���tiniu
tlie said estate rill ho distributed.
Dated tills Dth ,ll ary, IS'll, at Donald, iu
tlio district of Kootenay.
A. P.
Official Administrator.
uriil'le Kim,it i)i:,v
������:\\ Lieiitoiiaut-Uovoi'iior of Uur said
Produce of llritish i oluinliia, in our
City uf Victoria, iu ' nr said Province,
this Fourteenth day .if Deeoinbor, in
the year nf Our Lord one thousand
oiuvhr hundred and uhioty-threo. ami iu
lho Hfty-soventh'yoiir of Oiir.ruign.
ily tionniiand.
Provincial Secretary.
BIISIjVW    EX��I5fEEK,      N*U     |  -|
".ooiiiiAsi*, Ai.ha. -Er. Srani,**, B.C.! 8 ��� p> \ f"
  _    ItI fllfiS
"A.  LEO-FRED,       UuiU
l��.�� r*\T'lJ*n I���
s a-J i Surd.
(Gi'.idu.'ito uf Laval and McGill. I
"titrijuHSft  usMiKfiJin.
j Head Oiiice, QUBI1150 ;  Branch  Offices
SiiBitiiiiooKE, & 17 Place d'Annes
83.    1 LLLurj    .i.-i.-JLl
Analytical Oleiaist & Assayor,
Golden, Bi'itish Cclumbia.
NOTICE is horoby givon lhat tho P.c.
"n'.ithni'u I\'.:ii.v,.y 1 'ouifviuy wid apply to the
Legislature of tho Province nf P.iiiish Cohuii-
bi 1, at its nest soisinu, fur ,ui act tn consolidate mid amend tho several Acts relating to
the Couip..ny; also for power to construct a
branch line, eoiuiiionciug at a point nn the
main line at nr near the torksof Michel Creek
thence by way uf Michel Creek lu Martin
Dated this "th December, 18D-".
Solicitors for tho Applicants.
! 'SI  ���:<>    I    . W i���    i
Iii the "hipronio Court of Ilrilish Cohiinhiii.
in ihu matter uf ihe "Winding Up Art-1
ami Ameniliiig Acts, and i:i the iiit.tter ut'
tho Thunder 1 Till .Minin;: Company
Hy ,-ui order made in the above manors hy
the Hou.iraliln' Mr. Justice M, \V. Tyrwhitt
Drake, dated the ii*!iid vay nf November,
iWM, li' u AS ORDEPED that thu said
riiimilor Hill Mining Company. I.iniiteil, he
wound up by the Court under ihe lii'ui isinns
of thu ''Winding Up Act" and Amending
Acts as from the sth day of November, I8U1,
.ind that l-Iiu'vey Combe. Dopttty liogistrur
of this Honorable Cuurt be cniistitiitcil Iro-
visionul Liquidator nf the iiffiiirs of tlio Coin-
Piiuy, without security, AND IT WAS 1*1'!'-
THEI1 OKDFjIIED ili.'.t iiotieulie gi.cn by
��� irctil.il' In ihe croditui's. couti'iliiitoi'ios, anil
Shiireholilors of ii meutiiiR to ho held 011 the
IJtth Fobrunry, ISO , at Hs'lO o'clock iu tho
altoriinon at the Court House, ISnslinn Hquiira
Viutorhi, ll.C, fur tho appoiuliiiuut nf a per-
i.'iniieul lipiidatorui lho said Loiuprny.
Dated tho Mth iluy of Deeoinbor, 189,'J.
Vive >
alers' Block, Govoriuhont Street,
Victoria, B'.O.,
Solicitor for the Petitioner,
1K03      ASSAYElt TO TUB        K!12
Bpitioh Columbja Covernirjer.t.
of all sp3oi:nem sou* from tho Pravini". to
the y\"orld*s fair, Chicago.
For full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
Rank Of S^Hiityoal
Interest nt Current rates.
V,'. B. OHAVEI.EY. Maxaukii.
IflAnytL Ufiltii-ihiJ,
Livery Zz Faecl Stables,
aadcilo lioi-ses fc? Bird.
Wltolci-taic it:i<l ICetnil
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GCLL'-i*'.,   II. Vi.
K^H. Gcnnacher, Proprietor.
Newly reiitted and furnished. Strictly FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Headquarters for mining, men and
minors. Convenient, to Station and Steamboat
Landing, Direct importer and wholesale and
retail dealer ill Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
Special attention given to orders from u^. the
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,        -        B.C.
j J. SMART & CO.
j     Undertakai's and
I       ''.���'���.  Embalmops,
Calgary     *     -     Alba.
"���-���lif! Gil   ''i-,-( n'''-,!   Cftosntll    write to J. H. MILLWAUD. CAUlAUV,
JiUlMCli   ItUbUHClJ   OUuiClVa 1 l<��aiHiiix l*��iutSltop in the  (vest, lor *;-
- '     work and pricos that ure right.
If you want yuiir house l'ldiitcd. l'spered
or Catsoiiiiueil. or any kind nt asign Paiuted
tu,]. II. MILI.WAIil). Cauiauv, the
..'ood I
Job    Dcp ei r 1111 c r\ t
_:o:- OF ���:o:���
I ivillmniUFRIiKjoHvecoipl
Fo?tafoTintiH  '. '.f.il firoo I'.inMoGltwr.tflto
01J-J6I u.iV'"'*,>- -'"' ������t'cniii,/ iiatQIiU tn ,J.Dii'i'i{*ft.
1,'v,-." r.n"!!i. talu-ii 'Hit t-y its in tirmi'jiii. liofi'i"
1:1,' public uya.aot.ca mivon tieaot alined In t.io
���-���I-I������?-���!',fif ^iiifit'kfiJi
$> % m ���M iV"' * *  ,*?? w* v '* -i i. v: 1-*
liir-i'i'.olroiilalloti efaiiricifntlSoriirwla tire
,(Mlu. i-i.ti'r.illrtty lltll'tnlteit. I-o li.jnll!j"��i.i.
man -.lieiilil !wwllnim. .:. ���y'eeli'T. t-tLIKI ��
VMUi" .(..-.'Six innutii-    i'tlai-fciirt Ml :-e .'. v.O.,
Ir-USD-ii-j-us. Ulil lii-cailira*-, -v'ovr Verii city.
THE HOSPITAL is how open for the1 *-)||-j-ni tr.-�� 1
admission of patients. j ;' jllii tLU'w. ,
TICKETS may be had From the under- simple VF.UKTAIil.l'. MALM thai "ill resigned or any literabor nf tho move Tun, Froohlo*. Ftmplva. Ulutelica,
committee, llluekliouils, o*c,, loavjng the skin soft,
,,���,,,���   ,���     ,, ,, ,.    clear and hoantlt'iil.    Address A. D. STEM*
PllICE-'lon Dollars per year or Six U.^,UOAimSt  NoB. York.
Dollars per half year.
\  ;;   \   . 'i  . **.(
U'.,^!...-. .*^.!..I....J.I.'.lNl^l^uiJ..��jI*.rf'J*'.*.irt-l
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Down With Hiffh e'rices For
Electric Bolts.
91.55, S*2.05, $3.70 5 former prices $.">, $7,1
I'.O.    (.'unity remains the same���16 dil* \
l'eretit styles* dry battery andocid belts
 mild ur :;trong current. Less than liulf
the prioo of any other company and moro
home lent ini';"..nls thnn all the rest to*
gethor, Full'list l: "s Mention this.'
iiaper. W.T.BAEB i0 '.Wii dsor.Ont;;
"It is worth tlio pr'cp tn ever'- person :
whi, even reads u uewspii-j. r."���UullaEion .
Blue Mmi SIules.
a., a-. "fsr-mviiTB.
A Pocbet Primer for the use of Reporters,
Oorreapontli'iu- and Copy Clin*i*ier��.
Short, almple snd praetlral rules tor
makinit ami ciiltlnc rowspaiier ropy,
and nf iiinil value tn all who wish to
write correct Enellsh.
Sent onrecciotof prlrp.   P'lre. 10 rents
ST cony.   ALLAN TOR MAN, Publishes
7 NasslU Street. Kuw Ycrk.
Staters, Booksellers,
and courage of  the lirspital stall  car* .    .
ried them through and saved lives and j  RISE OF JONES CITY.
building for more glorious work in tl.e
years to come.
Fifteen MiNiinis Latpk. ��� The
fire is out and the Secretury still
Lastly.���-We are sorry to have to
WALL I.,,-!--'that the love of ''filth lucre1' is
einlieilded in the Insurance
simply for gain, wns under 10 miliutoc
ou tho spot. Ho might have lost
thro   policies.
"An Eve Wir.vBSS."
"That was a good story," briefly observed lioliinson.
"Thank ydii,"  returned  Jones.   "Aa I
' have remarked so many times before, ��� I
j simply related thu facts.   Of course .lack-
son will pretend that he does nut believe
I It.   Ilisteuil of treasuring up such tliiin*s
. fur use in the future lie rejects them, and
'-("���ent who ' '���"-" mlHses golden opportunities to im
" ' ' prove his yoitiig mind.   He will see his
mistake when it is too bite."
"How long did yuii stay with the circus"'" asked Smith.
"Two years," answered Jones.
"lint what I'll like to impure," broke In
I ,1,'ieksnn Peters, witli some earnestness, "is
I if you pretend to tell us t bat. you could take
jn Navigation f*/y
& Tramway
! wwit
BONTitinurei) |
AVe rogrdt thnt this important addition to the news of the Kit \ was sent
ill too late to th ) office, for I isi week's
. insertion, hit hope, hy tho br 'bless
interest with whicli our read rs will
persue it, that that will be ample forgiveness for its tardj iiehut.
The Elt.l is gl id to hive an opportunity of publicly mentioning the
heroic conduct of u medical man, two
females and a Celestial at the Golden'
Hospital ou the ovoniiig of the 8th of
Seated in quiet ropose nt supper on
tlie evening abovo muuConod, their
quiet was rudely broken iu upon by the
excited,and perspiring Chinaman, who
in trembling tones announced the
tragic word " lire." The good man
hastily leaving bis supper untested,
quickly reached the scene of confusion,
followed hy the matron and her sister.
Dr. Donovan, for such was the horoe's
n.line. (Iieing Dr. Taylor's suhstitue)
retained his unruffled calm, which
through all tho excitement never forsook him, and hurriedly fetching
water tripped down the cellar steps
like a boy ot fourteen, thou by moans
of one of "Grey's Ear Syringes,"
(which no family, hotel or hospital
should ever be without) he managed
to squirt a few teaspoofuls of water on
the smoking timbers. He proceeded
hy means of this valuable apparatus,
alter a few anxious moments, to keep
tlie fire under, nnd was ably supported
through all tho trying or leal by the
matron and her sister, the last unnisd
lady being a Valuable assistant, using
a tin dipper to great advantage. The
life saving wor'c proceeded quietly and
satisfactorily, no screams proceeded
from the mouths of tin females (this
is a positive fact and sworn to). Word
Iieing hurriedly sent to the secretary,
for the reason that, his house was the
nearest, received no help from that
quarter. The important man had not
broken bread, lie wanted his supper,
would bo over there "shortly." Th.s
sweetly thoughtful reply was truthfully carried hack. If this little newspaper ever dies, or is ever stamped ont
through too big au opposition, it will
willingly kick the bucket and folding
up its paragruphy accross its headings,
stretch out its columns, with the
thought that it had done its duty by-
showing up tho true character uf one
of the supposed to bu shining lights of
To return to mr narrative, after
begging the forgiveness of oui readers
for this digression, what a scene of
ruin, wreck and charred remains,
would havo met the eyes, ot the score
tary. (after his.supper,) If noble actions, ear syringe, tin dipper, etc., had
been left till lie arrived. What mouths
of labor would have beou r it.hiessly
trampled  upon  liy  the   i'ls'ileeis gn-
Cnl-r ti'.v Elections.
Culg'iry, Jan. IA,���Undoubtedly the
li,iv lost fought iiiuiiioip.il election ever
contested herd closed this evening. A
lui'uhlight procession headed by a brass
band celebrated the successful caudi-
dales'triumph, 'I uo results are : For
mayor, VV, F. Orr, majority Hi over
Mr. dishing, For aldermen : ��� Ward
one, A. L. Cameron, A. Lucas, Jos.
Biiiinuriiian ; Ward two, J. E, Jam-ties
J. A. Nolan, R. J. Hutchingsj Ward
three, J. S. Feelian, A. McBride, T.
Underwood ; School Trustees, A. Allan,
S. I.icCuinb.
Soudunesj Relic!.
New Orleans. Jan. I'i. ���The Skerry -
more, a British steamer, wlio.se crew is
composed largely of natives of tlio
northern part of Africa and the East
Indies', wus the scene of -ll exciting
| mutiny yesterday morning. A free
(light, occurred yesterday iimong lu
iSouiliinusO employed in the engine
room. These were reprimanded this
morning by Capt. Chandler, who told
the men they would be lined for their
behavior. At this the men rebelled,
ami muttering tin cats against the
officers of the vessel, disappeared into
the hold, from which they nt once
emerged armed with sticks, knives and
iron bars. A rush wus made for the
cuptai i and mates, who retired into
tneir quarters, barricaded tho doors
and resisted assault until the arrival
uf a detachment of police. The seuii-
siiViigcs from Soudan fought the police
with vigor, but were finally subdued
and placed under arrest.
Ylctiirics for IllHUr'r.'lltH.
Buenos Ay res, Jan. Iii. ��� Rio despatches received here state that the
Aqiiidabnu had taken up a position in
front of the custom house preparing to
land troops. The insurgents captured
Engenlio Island. Forty Government
I roups wero killed and (!0 captured.
Tbe Government litis sent reinforcements to Nictliuroy, The Government
forces on Saturday tried to capture the
Insurgent cruiser Guannbura but were
repulsed with heavy loss.
You are requested to attend the
|,ublic meeting in the Alexander Hall,
Monday evening next at 8 o'clock.
��� h ��� (���'        AIm v
In tlio County Cuurt nf Kootenay; hidden ut
tho East Crossing of tlie Columbia liimr; iu
the unit tor of Juntos M. Ifogers.docoj soil, uud
in tho mutter of the Official Administrators
Aid ; iliite.l tho eighteenth day of lloeoiuhor.
I,',inn reading tho affidavits of Arthur
I'ati'iek Cummins und George Goldie* ills
ordoroI that Arthur Patrick Cummins, Ofti-
eliii Administrator fur the County Court,
District nf Kootenay, shall lu Administrator
of all nml singular thu goods, enultols und
cre'lita of Junto   M. lingers, deeen-,'1.
jVinl that this order lie published ilt the
t;.,. GiiIjUKN let a newspaper, during tho period
: of sixty days,
(Slgard)  VVM. WARp SP1NK8, J.
what lives would hive ban, losi
Dr. would have left a loving spot
mourn his loss l?)  which uo euthl
comfort coulJ ever console.     Tho   females, alone in  ns-rango Inn 1, what     The creditors nf James M. Rogers, late of
......nl.- n'.n   ubn.-'-   l-.p  lieen   to their  "Indornioio, iu  the district nf  Kootenay,
voulutlio   slies... e   lieen   io moil   ,������,.,������,._ ,le,.,   ���,|, urn rcquiiwl tu send to me;
anxious relative.-    "id  nged mother. | within sixty d ysof this ilute, statements and
Word*)   fnil   t
of      inif-ft-y,
thnt would  ha",  liu.iiiuiigi.v iuii����<"'i A. P. CUMMINS
even     suluut",
^^^^^^^^^    uii.uilingly fnllowad
ou the terrible news.
, full particulars ef their dahlia, and after the
scribo the scenes expiration of such time 1 shall proceed with
I tho distribution nf the said estate.
j   Dutd at Duuiilil, (ith January, 1801.
B.lt the heroism I
l.lliiiiiil AdiuhiLstriitor
un etephiitit uud teach him to swing olf a
trapece by 'tis tail, like a inoiil'.eyi"
"I ,i iii'i l.iinr, why I couldn't, ,1'ickvui,"
replied Jones. "1 tutlgbt that one, ami tie
was just a plain Asiatic elephant, The
swinging was comparatively easy��� tlie
hardest part was to teach hiin tn twist his
tail uliotit tlie bur and raise himself up
He would have lieen performing yet if that
rival showman hadn't greased tlie sccuiul
iiupeze bar, so that his tail slipped nnd un;
wound in mill.ing liisliniil Slll.fMKichallenge
(lying leap. After that I went nut to lie.
koia und liegilll iu the real estate htisirtesa
by fo'.ituliiig .loties City and tuuiiiigu, tue
capital of Tumble Weed county."
Jackson Peters did uot seem tobewholly
satisfied. "Perhaps the bears out there
swim/* from branch to branch by their
tails," hu suggested lu u tone of fine oar
"Impossible," answered Jones. "It was
a prairie country, ho there were no trees
und consequently no bears, Besides, bears
havo no tails. Vou show a lamentable Ig-
uorance of both geography and natural history. It was while at Jones City that I
patented my Dakota pumpkin anchor. Before that it was impossible, as you doubt*
less know, to raise this nutritious vegetable in the territory."
"Np, I didn't know it," returned Jackson
Peters.   "Why wus it impossible!'"
"The vines grew so fast that they wore
tbe pumpkins ull nut dragging them along
the ground. I sold my patent for ���*.",,iK'l)
aud used the money hi booming Joues City,
I built tin churches uud u theater mill
started a daily newspaper���the Jones City
Volcanic Kruption. lint it was a severe
blow to the town when it lost the county
seat. At that time���it wits 10 years ago���
tlie Dakota courthouses wore kept on
wheels, 1 may almost say. One afternoon
a purtyuf men from Jtiinpersbiirgcrept up,
hitched six unties on my courthouse and
trotted away witli it to their own town.
"Cut I was not discuuraged and determined ou tlie boldeststrukecveratleinpieil
III the territory. It wns nothing more nor
less than lotiringtliccapitiil buildingiluwu
from Hlsmarck and put it iu the place ot
my courthouse, thus makiug Jones City
tbe capitol of the territory. Fearing that
tlie old territorial oflicers might nut come,
I hired a new set of officials, including n
governor, auditor, judges, attorney general
and so forth, choosing them mostly Irani
my old county officers, who had lieen left
behind, llorrowing the courthouse wheels
(rum Jay Iiml county, I tooit my territorial
officers. BO lending citizens and 1(1 spans uf
mules uud prnceeded to Hlsmarck.
"Under cuver of darkness we ndjnsted
the wheels and hitched on the mules. .Most
of my officials tuuk their places iu the several rooms, nnd as the level rays of the ris-
Ingsuii shot athwart the broad plain, carpeting it with clnt Ii of cold and waking the
songbirds to melody nnd the wild Mowers
to prodigality of fragrance, I touched up
the wheel mules Irom the front portico, and
v.-c rolled away out of town, with my governor on the roof blowing a tin horn anil
my superintendent of schools, a very conservative mail, on top of the chimney llriug
bis revolver in the air and singing 'Hail Columbia.' It was a noble scene, ami one
which lives in my memory, but the effort
was a failure. Gentlemen, 1 left Dakota
without a cent In tlie world."
Jones rested his cheek in his hand and
looked at tbo floor.
"But tell us what was the difficulty,"
said Hobii.son,
"Yes, it is no more than right that yon,,)
should know. When we were about 10.
miles out, my attorney general came to uih
nnd raised a point of law. It was this:
That Junes City would not become the le-
Kal capital of the territory unless we had
tlie cellar which belonged under the capitol
building. I Kiivutbo reins to my territorial
secretary uud directed the attorney general
instantly to 111 lug a test case before the district court then sitting in Its chamb-rs on
the lirst floor. It decided that he was right.
Thin ns we rattled along across tbe prairie
I appealed the case to the supreme court,
nn tne second Moor. It, continued the decision of the biwer com'",. I instantly
stepped, unhitched the mules and went
buck alter the cellar.
"We were all arrested at Bismnrck, with
the aid of iro ips fruin Fort A. Lincoln, for
abduction, It appeared thut the beggarly
janitor of the capitol was hidden in his
room in tlie attic, and that we had kidnapped the scoundrel without knowing it.
We got olf at the trial, but it cost me
every cent 1 leu! 'i'ndiiy the antiquarian
who searches for Jones City finds only tho
spreading, trackless plain, with the.I mr
l-oses ' ^.^���.^^���m.
of the sun, uud a sen uf prairie lilies billowing Itself iu long rolling waves
the bold caresses of the ardent wind.
No ouo spoke when Jones stopped, l>
all looked ul Jackson Peters. Hia eyes
were closed US if in sleep, but there wasa
nervous, half painful expression on his
face, and even tbe waiter win, ii he came iu
knew hewae not asleep.���Harper's Weekly,
Eoyal Mail Line.
Stage will leave Golden on the following
December 12 and 26; January 9, and 23;
Foby. 6 and 20; March 6 and'20;
April 3 and 17.
turning will leave Fort Steele on the
Intermediate Tuesdays.
Through Fare SI 3;   Way Fare I Dots, per mite.
Express, Golden to Fort Stiele 10 cents per lb., tne com
pany's liability is limited to SLI.OOper lb., unless one per cent
extra is paid on marked value.
During season of navigation a steamer leaves Goldsn
every Tuesday.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, Prasident;        F. P. ARMSTRONC", Manager.
:m.  b.  LANG,:
PIPES,   Etc.,   Etc.
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
M. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
Machine Shop.
Golden, B.C.,
TFt on hand for SALE a lot of Pipe Fitting-, eon-
__ _  u sisting- of Short Nipples, Bushings, Union Coup-
looking uVsuuciiy^ Globe Valves, Brass Pet Cocks1
"""'"'"''^lii!,'. Nuts and Washers, Square-head Machine Bolts, Carriage
Bolts and Iron. ���
Sash, Duor-s, Blinds, Mouldings, Frames, Stair and Turned
Work.   Estimates furnished and contract* taken on all
I kinds of buildings.
Don't forget the Granil Concert ou
Wedncsdny night.


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