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The Golden Era Jun 15, 1895

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Array ya-i^l
VOL. IV.   NO. 45
$2 Per Year
I have just finished my annual stocktaking and find that my stock fnr exceeds
my expectations in suits, pants, coats, vests, boots and shoes,
hats and caps.
In order to remedy this I oiler tbe following inducements:
Quifcl I   bovo  over  FIFTY   Suits   that  I   will   sell   at   cost and
Pfl -ntc       1 haTe over T^Bl-1- HUNDRED pairs of pants that I will sell
rdlllO* at exact cost.
IW. J. ItoOKis Cowbli,, M.A., B.So.P.G.S,
I K. 8. Arnojjp WaliiI noIsr.
Cowell and Wallinger,
Assayers & Metallurgists.
Assays unil Analysis made of all kimlsof ores.
Experiments nnide anil mlvic- given nn
easiest uiothotls of reduction or oxtraction,
Up Country results  returned
next mail.
I have over TWENTY coats that 1 will sell nt all prices.
Voctc       *   '������,ve  over  TWENTY   vests    that   I  will   sell  at.very
VoaLb. low prices.
Dnnin     0-    CU/-./-.-     I have an immense stock of boots and shoes at
JJOOIS   &   OflOeS. p..*0B8 satisfactory to all.
WjlTQ    Rr    fPsin-j.     *  'iave bats and capn to fit the head and suit the
It will be to j oar intarcut to rail aud examine these
Cj-SII   BAKU AIX ���*--.
Golden, B.C
Has been newly built and newly furnished.
Heated throughout with hot air. The
table is first c'ass. The bar is stocked
with choice Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
Vim. JWcfieish, - Prop.
esale  and Retail
Druggist, West of Winnipeg.
10 0 17 Rocky Mountain Lodge,
.U.U.r. No. 31, meets every
Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethern cordially welcomed.
H. G. Paiison, Secy.
oun town.
Golden, on tlio main line ut' the Ciiiiiuliriii
I'.'nritie Railway, lit ils connection with the
steamboat navigation of the Columbia river:
the mineral nml commercial centre of���ustorn
llritish Ciiliniihlii: headquarters of th' Golden Smelting works, the Upper Columbia
Navigation Co., mul lumber industry; the
outlet for the widely known nntl fnr
tinned agricultural and grazing 1,-iiul ef tlie
Columbia & Kootoniiy Vulloys r nnriviilleil
for scenery of nil kinds; the distributing
point I'm' the richest liiiiiernl country on the
Upper CotaMaKly Co.
Commencing- May 28, Steamers leave Golden
Steamer���Golden to Adela . . . leaves Tuesday 7 a.m.
Tramway���Adela to Interlaken . . Wednesday.
Steamer���Interlaken to Canal Flat        . u
Steamer-Canal Flat to Fort Steele arrives Thursday p.m.
Steamer���Fort Steele to Canal Flat leaves Friday 7 ;i.m.
Steamer���Canal Flat to Interlaken . . Saturday
Tramway���Interlaken to Adela      ... ',
SteamQr-'-Adola to Golden   .     arrives Sunday IS o'clock.
Throu#h "$12.00.    Local about 5 cents per mile.
Meals 50 cents.   Berths in cabin 50cts., in stateroom ��1.00.
Through rate 5 cents per pound.
When tho Company's liability is limited to Two Dollars per pound.
Golden to Fort Steele  A 3.00;  B 2.50 ,*   C2.00; D 1.50.
���   Canal Flat A 1.75;  B 1.60 ;   C 1.40;  D 1-20.
Rate A includes Class 1 and 2 Canadian Freight Classification.
���i  n       .. ..   3 Bnd 4 ii u ..
ii   c       ���' ���-   finnd.i        " " "
ii   j)       tt it   7all(}8        it ., it
Rate C and D will only apply to shipments of 10,000 lbs or more at ono time.
Freight will be delivered ns far south as navigation will permit, and
Will bo charged for according to distance transported.
T. B. H. COCHiUNS, Frasldent;        F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
Mr. John McKay is a visitor from
the Upper Country.
Mr. Jas. Henderson is busily engaged painting Mr, .Malniel Duinard's
new house.
The farmers ought to feel well pleased at the abundant rainfall we have
had this week.
Mr. Joe Cnl'lin returned from Fort
Steele, per S. S. Duchess, on Suuday.
Ho left the next day for Field,
An oider-in-couiicil has been passed
nt Ottawa granting the quarter section
of land it hove the Smelter bridge for a
public park
age was done, and the Water in the
creek not Iieing very high the ducking
dill not amount to much. Tlie young
man, however, cann-ot be too careful
in future.
Prospectors still continuo to flock
towards Canyon creek. Last week
Messrs. R. Milligan, T. Mercier. and
J. Lake went out, but owing to Milligan meeting with an accident, a rock
falling on bis foot and severely crushing it, the party had to return. Lake
and Mercier had quite a time getting
Milligan down, having to carry him
all the way. Tho liiifortuuiito victim
of the accident is now in the hospital
under the care of Dr, Taylor, and is
doing well. Lake and Mercier lost no
time in returning to the creek, this
time accompanied by Dan Milligan.
Several parties have sinco followed
and the creek will no doubt be thoroughly prospected.
In two weeks more the Fifth Annual
Sports of the Golden Sports Association will be held. A good programme
of horse races and athletic sports lias
been arranged, a trophy lias also been
presented for a Gun Club shoot, all
the Gun Clubs in the district beine
invited to take part, a silver modal
being given for the highest individual
score. The sports will extend over
two days, a pleasing feature this year
being the aquatic sports to be held on
Vacboii's slough. On the evening of
tlio lirst day an excursion will be held
up tbo river on the S.S. Duchess,
which will no doubt add greatly to the
enjoyment of the visitors, a goodly
number of whom are expected from the
Upper Country and the towns along
the line.
Mr. W. R. Coggesball of Toronto,
an enthusiastic representative of the
Canadian Entertainment Bureau, spent
Wednesday in town and made arrange'
inents for the appearance here of the
Misses Webling of London, Eng.
on Wednesday evening July 31st.
This bureau has under its management over fifty of the leading Canadian attractions and has been the
means of placing over a thousand on
tortninnients in Ontario this past sea
son, and intends rouring two or more
attractions to tbe Pacific const every
summer which will no doubt be
appreciated by tlio people along the
Hue. Mr. Coggesball assures us that
we may expect a rare treat in the
appearance  of  the  Misses Webling.
In regard to quartz mining the report says : "In East Kootenay, as
in most otlier localities, great discouragement has been felt by those interested in silver properties, owing to the
depressed stato and uncertain future-
value of that metal. A consequent
inactivity in development has been the*
rule with respect to properties which
do not hold forth prospects of producing gold. The attention uf prospectors
lias been given to gold quart*!, especially in tbe Fort Steele Division of the
Hu wns Ptinl.lied.
One of the conductors who visited
Vancouver' recently told a World reporter a good story of how a "railroad
hog " was punished. He had piled the
seat next to him in a car seat with his
bundles, and when (I gentleman asked
if anyone was to occupy it he replied
that the bundles belonged to a gentleman who was temporarily in the
smoking car. "All right," said the
gentleman, "I will sit in the seat un-'
til lie comes," and he proceeded to
remove the bundles. Pretty soon the'
owner of the bundles arrived at his
destination and began to gather up bis
effects, but the gentleman at once put
a veto on this, with the remark:
'��� You can't take those bundles ; you
yourself said they belonged to a man
wbo was temporarily in the smoking
car." The fellow was mad and abusive
but the gentleman was inexorable.-
Filially the conductor was called in
who delivered his dictum as follows :-
"If the bundles are not claimed by
anyone on tho train, then, by coming-
around to-morrow to the depot and
identifying them satisfactorily, we
will give them to yo.i." The mttti'sr
face was as red its fire with rage, and
shook liko gelatine, but he could do-
nothing. So, timid tbe laughter of the
passengers, he rushed to the door to
juinp off just as the train was passing
out of the station. And he meekly
came around to the depot for his bundles the next day, but swore revenge
upon the man who played such a
practical joke upon him.
The annual school meeting will be
held in the school house at 11 a.m. on |They have met with great success in
Saturday, June 2l)tli. A trustee will the cast and the press everywhere
be elected  in  pi nee of  K. !���'. Wilson, I have spoken   of  them in the highest
and several important matters will be
The Calgary District Agricultural
Fair takes place next week on tho
lilth, 20tb and 21st insts. Special
rates have been obtained from the C.
P.R. for parties visiting tho Fuir. jV
number ol Goldenites intend going
praise. Miss F. M. Kenrick, a distinguished pinniste, accompany.") them.
Further particulars will begiven later.
I'lisKen-rei* l.lst.
Going    South.���Messrs.    Davidson
and I'cshiill.
Going North.���J. Carlin, W
son, F. W. Aylmer.
A very exciting football match wns
played cn Thursday evening in which
Mr. J. C. Greene look a prominent
activo part. The agility displayed by
J.C. wns something wonderful. The
game was witnessed by a largo number of prominent citizens. The gnine,
however, resulted rather seriously for
Mr. Greene, he had a window broken,
lost a cuff button, and retired from the
field with a sore head-such is theIMinn
fortune of war. j 1894,
I'rt'Nl.vterliin Hcrvl-'i*.
Service will be held to-morrow
luuruing iu the sclmol house at 10
u'fliii'k, conducted by
T.    S.
Honor' of il-v mini-tia-r ��r mini's.
The annual report of the Minister of
lor  the yenr   ending Dee. Hist,
just to hand, shows the total
On  Saturday    evening   last,   Mr. j yield of  placer gold from the various
E. J. Cann, while crossing tlio train* m****-***  ,0 be ��24.900, an   incro.-ise of
way bridge  on his bicycle, got his 85,200 over the product ion of   1803,
machine  Wedged  between   the  tram distributed ns follows I
rail and the plunking.     Ill  trying to | Wild Horse Creek $22,500
extricate his   wheel   the rider lost bis; Perry Creek        1100
equilibrium and was precipitated imoj Moyle River     1,800
the creek bolow.   Fortunately no daiu-1 Desultory mining - say	
Kliigiirn Fulls IloS-ni.
Buffalo, N.Y., June 11.���The New
York capitalists, John Jacob Astor,
the Webbs, H. McK. Trombly, Chaun-
cey M. Depew and, undoubtedly, the
j Vaiidcrbilts,wbo last week bought out
I the controlling interest of the Depew*
Improvement company for 8728,000
[ have, it is said, acquired over 5,000-
! acres of the most desirable land in the
vicinity of Niagara Falls, N.Y. The
men above mentioned) as is well known
control the.Niagara Falls Power company and llie object iu purchasing tlie
land is undoubtedly to sell or lease the
sume to liiiiiiufnctoi'iiig (inns which
may be expected to locate there us soon'
as the power is ready for distribution.
Options on these 5,000 acres have been'
quietly obtained by their agents during-'
i hn past two months, On Wednesday
nf this week the heads of the company
will, it is Said, li* nt iho Falls for tho
purpose of consummating the deal,
ilt ttiiiniiiTil Mus-ukm'.' nf Missionaries.-
Shanghai. June 10.-No definite,
news has been received here with regard to the latest report concerning
the fate of tbe missionaries at Chong
Tu, the capital of the Province of
Szohuen, Western China, who ares-aid to have heen massacred. It is-
known, however, that serious rioting
has occurred a; Cheng Til, but affairs
there are believed 10 have been quiet
recently, although rioting ivus spreading in tlio country southward; JKlte (Colfrcit CCvi-t
Tho QOLDISX EUA  is published every
. 'tiuilnv I'loriiui;,' in tunO lo eateh the east.
riuil .v.. .   .nil li'.'iiiis, aUu  the  mail fur  the
ii-spur L-oriiti      iVinAeriuore, Fort Steele etc
tt is tl.     ily advertising iiiediuin in lhe Kent
Kootenay.,...'. r-ic.i
follows *.- Stoildart, lOll ; Prentice, 91.
This result adds one to tbe strength of
the government party in the bouse and
detracts one from tbo opposition.
milium   IN
Hero's a Stale or Thins..
Science, dear Lady  Betty, has diminished hope, knowledge has destroyed
our illusions, and experience has deprived  us of  intenst, Here,   then, is
Advertisements and changes must he in ' the authorized   dictionary of   discon
the olHee nut Inter than 1- a in, un Thursday  tent:
to insure msei-tinn.
Advertisement rates ut.-i'l. known on appti-
cntior -o
All cash tobephi.ltu tlm Manager, from
vlio'ii the Company's receipt, will beobtaliied.
Ill- Galil-n tu Publlslilnj Compaiiy.
SVTURDAY, JUNK 15, 1896.
There is no use in  advising people
not to speculate;  they  will speculate.
And there are points at whicli it is impossible to draw the line between "legitimate  business"   and   speculation.
All business has some of the elements
of speculation in it ���which is the same
as saving that  life is uncertain.     At
intervals of   a few years   tliere   como
periods whon the chances in the slock
markets  favor   the   nonprofessional,
when there is  such an impulse on the
part of   the   public  that prices move
upward   rapidly   and   without- much
reference to  the  immediate conditions
of industry and   merchandising.     At
such times tbe professional is wont to
say   " it  is the fools that are making
money,"   thnt   is, people who do not
know  much   about   the business win
profits, while many of  th* old heads
get out of the market.     The  country
has recently entered upon one of these
periods.     Thc man who buys blindly
makes money, and tho man wbo stops
to reason   that  the properties are not
earning enough to justify a rapid rise,
anil   consequently   sells   short, loses.
But earnings are uot the only things
that   niiike   prices.     Tbo   temporary
fancy of the public  bus everything to
do   wilh   quotations, and   when   the
crowd has the buying craze woe to the
man who gets  in tho way.     To anybody who is   bound   to speculate, the
only   sound   advico   now   is that he
shall buy  before  lie sells.     That the
market will have reactions from time
to timo goes  without   saying, but the
ordinary operator is not quick enough
or skillful enough  to avail himself of
such   incidents.     His   guiding   star
should be the (act that the business of
the country is improving and thnt the
most  potent  forces now in operation
make toward greater values for stocks.
There aro now lietter opportunities for
a discerning   trader   to make  money
than   have   existed   in   this   country
since   the  active  period   immediately
following tbe resumption of speci payments.    Of course, those opportunities
ure   not   confined   to   tho exchanges.
Almost   any   quick-witted   man,   by
looking   over  these fields  cf industry
nml trade with   which   be   is most familiar, will si re places  where his capl-
tnl and intelligence cun he employed to
greater   advantage.     The   next three
yours promise  to he n harvest time for
the  mini of   siiinll  capital  and alert
mind.    Chicngd Economist,
What is creation ?   A failure.
What is liteV   A bore.
What is iniiii?   A fraud.
What is woman?     Both   a
and a bore.
What is beauty ?   A deception.
What is love?   A disease.
What is marriage?   A mistake,
What is a wife?   A trial.
What isa child?   A nuisance.
What is the devil?   A fable.
What is good?   Hypocrisy.
What is evil?   Detection.
What is wisdom?   Selfishness.
What is happiness?   A delusion.
What is friendship?   Humbug.
What is generosity ?   Imbeeility.
What is monoy ?   Everything.
What is everything ?   Nothing.
Were we, perhaps, not happier,
when we were monkeys?���London
���llloout Election.
Mr. 11. C. Stoildart, ol Clinton, who
wus defeated by a majority of one in
thc general elections in July last for
West Lillooet, is to be congratulated
upon his success on Saturday, June
1st, when he was elected by a majority
of 12 votes over Mr. J. D. Prentice.
Mr. Stoddart protested Mr. Prentice's
election Inst yent, but before the case
came up for trial it was agreod that
the latter should bold his seat for one
session, and that the seat should be
contested again. A special aot of legislature making this provision was
passed, and the election accordingly
came oft  on   June  1st, resulting  as
At Dinner Time.
Where is my wandering wife to-day,
Tbe wife of my tenderest care,
0, why is it now that  she's always
And not at home, cooking my fare?
The meals onco were warm, and ready
on time,
When I came home hungry to dinner,
But now I just dine on a "smack"' for
a dime,
Just like any other poor sinner.
Stranger, go out, and  bring  my wife
.Anil tell her to stop this queer caper,
No more oji the streets with the newsboys to roam
A   selling   the   great     "Woman's
British SuMIitb Killed.
Calcutta, June 8. Despatches received here this morning from Simiii
say tho tribesmen at Chitral again
threaten to attack the British troops.
A body of 500 tribesmen is collected in
the vicinity of Durgai, and the British
are preparing for an attack. Later
despatches from Simia say that a
body of Shlramiis has surprised the
village twenty miles from Fort Sande-
man in the Zhob country, and killed a
British lieutenant and some seven
Arrest nt Let li brill go.
Lethbridge. N.W.T., June 8.-A
sensational arrest was made here lust
night. Charles Warren, a mysterious
character, who has been here for nine
mouths past, was anested on the
charge of being tbe leader in the Donaldson tar end feathering episode last
February. Hu is to appear beforo a
magistrate this afternoon. Mr. Wrig-
ley has been retained by the Donaldson
family for the prosecution.
Atlvice to Prospector, nntl Miners.
Tho new book "Hidden Mines and
How to Find Them," by W. Thos.
Newman, describes every ore, gem,
and precious stone of value to commerce, and tells how to find them, and
test them by simple means, in plain
language. This book is needed by
every mnn here, and to accommodate,
may be ordered at this office. Price is
only $1.50 in cloth, and $2.00 in
leather covers (nice to carry around)
and means money made and saved to
the prospector.
We found wo had tt> hide, hi" shoes,
Hlsstocklngs. trousers, waistcoat, coat
And then Ini vowed he'd put on Stte'B
Pink gingham, and he'd Iiml his boat
And have a lark.   He wouldn't slay
In lied and swallow misty slutt!
And thus he'd' tret and toss nil day.
Oh, thero was Interest quite enough
Wheu Dicky had the measles!
On Monday he was eltxincnt:
"I say, now, nmi her, since I'm sick.
I must live liku a nobby Kent:
What If uld Spectacles ilooBkick?
See. here's the lunch list; live cream tarts
Three red bananas, nnd some dates,
A coltee onko nntl walnut heiirtsl"
We sadly thought of pearly gntca
When Dicky hud the uienaltisl
On Wednesday 'twas, he called for Besai
"Ilnlln!   Come In nml rend a story.
That's il; the linge is turned, 1 guess.
Kow give un tights nml men all gory.
Lie still, Don Carlo���sli-h���you'd best!
Was that n Cossack rule the horse?
All right, go un, tilt, skill the rest,
Thai's only love." This wns, of course,
When Dicky had the nnrusltrsl
On Sunday In a steamer chair
We left hlm, ami we went to church.
The service over, In tlie glare
Uf sunlight, oiiti woollen perch.
Set freckled Dicky wilh his chums;
His tongue was running like a streak.
We're thankful now. whatever comes,
It ain't surpass thnt awful week
When lltckv had tho incnslesl
Anna M. Wii.i.iaus.
The supper had been clenrod away
and the hired girl was washing the
dishes in tbe kitchen and singing at her
work. The twins, snugly tucked in
their little cradles, were smiling in their
sleep. Mr. Toodles was quietly rending
his paper by the sitting-room table.
The light shone softly on bis meek and
benevolent face and illuuiin-ted the full
moon on the top of his small but sensible head. Mrs. Toodles was knitting in
he? favorite rocking chair by the cheerful grate fire.
But something was on Mrs. Toodles'
mind. She allowed the kitten to play
witb tho bail of yarn dropped from her
capacious lap without once stamping
her substantial feet and crying "scat."
Finally she laid her long, glistening
knitting needles down and aimed her
penetrating spectacles straight nt her
diminutive husband who, without seeing it, felt the influence of the steady
glare and moved uneasily in consequence.
"Mr. Toodles 1" at last she began, "I
am going to take boarders and make
"Are you, my dearl" he answered,
looking sweetly at her strong and
rather masculine features, "where aro
you going to take them?"
"Right here in this house and right
awuy," she said, decidedly. "Mrs,
Brown does, nud she's bought herself ;
already a sealskin sock, a new piano and
lots of lovely furniture out of the pro*'
fits. You always say you can't afford
those things, but 1 know better. Now j
I've made my mind up to eurn them '.
myself, anil don't you dare oppose it. |
This house will be a palace before I'm .
through." I
<- "How many boarders will tho twins
leave yon time to work for, my dear,"
lie gently usked, without surprise or
losing the place he was reading, "and
what rooms can you give them?"
"I'll get two to start with and give
them your room and put you in the
attic on a cot. You like the air up
there, you say, and think the view is
charming, and as for the twins, Mr.
Toodles, you'll be delighted to hold
them when I'm busy, of course.
"And it won't cost a cent extra for
the table, either. What feeds four will
feed more when I do tho buying and
serving. Oht It takes.a:woninn to man-
ago thoso things. And then you'll hnve
company to talk with at home, bo you
won't hnve to visit the 'club'���as you
call it."
"Will your boarders smoke pipes, my
dear, or cigarottes in our sitting room
evenings'! You can hardly bear a good
cigar now, you know, aud then the
odor permeating the house might osBify
the twins and lend them to love cigarettes, too."
"My boarders will not smoke if I
don't like it���any more than you, Mr.
Toodles." snapped the good lady.
"But you can't prevent them smoking
in their room, my dear, and that is next
to yours���and the twins."
Mrs. Toodles mode no reply for
awhile, but her woman's mind was
shaken a bit
"Tbey can sinoko with their heads out
of a window. Maybe they won't use
the vile weed at all. Every man isn't a
chimney, puffing as if a ton of soft coal
was burning inside ot hint," she vehemently replied.
"No, indeed, my dear," blandly answered the husband, who loved a cigar
next to his wife, "bnt who'll let the
boarders in at night if they are ont past
our bedtimet You know yon wouldn't
want to trust strangers with a latch key
to our home."  .
"Woll, Mr. Toodles, if you ain't man
enough to sit up for them I'll let them
iu myself, sir."
"Suppose, my dear," spoke the mild-
tempered man, "they should come home
slightly hilarious from liquor and tried
to kiss yon."
Mrs. T.'s spectacles blazed furiously
at the unmoved nnd apparently sincere
countenance of her little lord and master.
Then with an impressive sweep of her
ponderous right hand she exclaimed:
"Mr. Toodles, whnt do you mean? I
think I can take entire care of myself
under those circumstances as you. sir,
know by experience. Hal I'd like to
see a man attempt nonsense with me.
You ain't jealous already, I hope."
"O, certainly not, my dear," smile.
Mr. T., "I'm only too proud when your
charms uro admired by tbe sterner sex.
The fact is, my darling, I liko yonr plan
so much that I'll get u boarder for you
Tbo angry cloivl on Miv. Toodles'face
changed to the brightest sunshine.
"Spoken liko a true, good, loving husband yon are," sho shouted In her tenderest tones, "und now, dear Timothy,
let's go to bed for I must be up at daylight, you know, to prepare for tbo
The next morning Mr. Toodles called
on a large, reliable friend.
1     "Jock I" be said, when they were alone,
' "I want  yon  to  fill your trunk with
bricks and come with it to my house
and play boarder for a week.   Mrs.  T.
has got boarders on the brain, yon know,
and I want yon to euro her.   If your appetite is us good as it used tn be you'll
I do it sure.   Her cooking you'll find well
1 worthy of your subiimest efforts in the
--.astronomical line.
|     "All you'll have to do is to clear  the
table at every meal and be as much of
I a nuisance as possible.   Bring nil  tbe
I pipes you've got and your old comet to
keep the twins howling all night. You're
going to have my room���the best iu the
house���aud I'll be stuck up in the attio
|    That evening the bogus boarder arrived with his loaded trunk at the Toodles'
I    Mrs, Toodles,  gayly arrayed for the
I grand occasion, welcomed him wiih her
I most captivating smiles, and Mr. Tood-
I les solemnly escorted bim to the dining
1 room.
The table was a sight to see, for the
unsuspecting amateur landlady had excel! d herself in heaping it with goodies.
She knew, or thought she did, the importance ol making a favorable iiunres
sion at tbe start, although, we're obliged to say, bIio intended t,r soon run on
hush and stow, ami other less expensive
but equally tilling dishes.
Mr. Toodles. looking as meek and innocent as a new bom babe, did his honors from his end of tho table, and Mrs.
Toodles. beaming witb delight and
graciousness, nobly attended to her
For a timo all went on swimmingly,
but Boon even the twins in high chairs
opposite Mr. Jack evinced surprise nt
tbe rapid disappearance of tho food, and
a pardonable fear lest they should starve
in the midst of such a plenty.
Mrs. Toodles, In spite of ber acknowledged fame as a hostess, showed signs
of uneasiness, and soon became positively nervous nt each fresh assault the
new boarder made on the vlvandB, whilo
her husband, pretending not tc see her
warning glances, kept on urging Mr.
Eosyuiun to eat.
At lust whon the staring twins themselves were in dnnger of being swallowed by the insatiable boarder to top off
with, and when poor Mrs. Toodles
threatened to collapse entirely Mr. Easy-
man pronounced himself satisfied���until
breakfast I
With a remarkably straight and sober
face ho accompanied his wicked and
overjoyed host to the Bitting room, leaving Mrs. Toodles and the twins to Bhare
the terrors of tho situation between
When the distressed lady had stammered her directions for breakfast to tho
hired girl and put the Btnrtled twins to
Bleep, she, with a forced and sickly
smilo nnd a worried look, joiued the
She conld scarcely see or breathe ir.
the fog of pipe smoke they uiud.i. bnt
she endure I it bravely, for It wouldn't
do to frighten the gay and apparently
contentod now boarder away by too
suddenly disturbing his home comfort
after dinner.
But when tho pair of rascals began a
heated political argument each, of
course, taking opposite sides, she commenced to seo that keeping boarders
wasn't ns nice ns her friend, Mrs. Brown,
had cracked it up to be.
By and bv, however, Mr. Easyman
grew more entertaining, but whether
the harrowing tales ho invented of
boarding house experiences served to
make his now landlady more cheerful
wasa question.
At lost, to the poor victim's relief,
came bedtime, and Mr. Jack, after a
hearty goodnight, and a carefully stolen
wink at tho meek-faced husband, retired
to his room.
Then Mrs. Toodles, doing considerable
thinking, lot the smoke out the windows,
gazed at tbe disorder and damage done,
and sadder if not wiser, sought the bo-
lace of sleep.
Hardly had she pressed the pillow with
her aching head when, "toot! tootl
tooty, tooty. tn-whoot, to oo oo oot!"
frum tho new boarder's cornet in tho
next roo.ii make her spring upright on
her bed.
As a fearfnl accompaniment to tht;
unearthly, nerve shattering toots both
twins ut once howled their midnight
melodies for all or more than they wero
Poor Mrs, T. C'lu'.d stand it no longer.
Pushing iti her ghostly night garment*
upstairs to her husband, who. pretending ti lie asleep, lot hor r.-inke hiir: well
before answering, she drugged hint
down��tilirs end furiously bodu him silence tlie terrible cornet.
Seeing that his first dosn of bonrder
medicine had taken capitally he knocked
on his pal's door and with u win per and
several sounds like smothered laughter
succeeded In making everything quiet
Biive tbe twins. Those he luul to walk,
one on each arm, for a. long, cold hour,
but be bore the punishment so well deserved without his usual groans.
So it went on till the end of tho boarder's first week arrived.
Then Mrs. Toodles, weighing less nntl
looking pile nnd distressed, begged the
husband to tell Mr. Easyman that Mrs.
T. wished to rive np takiug boiu-ders
a-id to find another place.
"But, my dear," snid the old hypocrite, with the smoothest face, "we've
taken Mr. Easyman for a year and ho
Buys he likes ns so much that he's going
to stay and bring a friend who's coming
to night."
Mrs. Torallei fainted on tbe spot.
When she "come to" her husband, bs-
surod that his medicine hnd proved thoroughly effective for life, promised to
persuade the bonrder to leaveeveu if ho
paid money to make hiin go.
The boarder, thankful not to he fired,
left nt once an,l Mr. Toodles now is
happy In bis quiet home.���II. 0. Dodge,
in Con'.,ill's Sun.
nor, writ
���act lent;:
iltn  Voii
mruiil.   1
.-..nig. for A I't.i.trnlt.i Voire.
The contralto voice is best adapted to
.niu i Inglng, but, It may bo excellently
combined lu ducts with thi. soprano and
Jessie Bnnleit-Duil li, n
lo on ihu "I'. ,-k of ii Cou-
ln iho Ladles' Homo
iloselfcrion the yolci
dnpt itself t" snored
nml to the tir.iiiuitlc mid more serious
styles of ballad. Sacred songs, ilminntlo
or pathetic Imlhuls, love songs and lullabies scorn the especial field nf ihe contralto. For thelighter souks Molloy's nro
always good and Invariably popular.
Howe Temple's songs for contralto,
especially "My Lady's Bower" by this
author, arc beautiful. Tlie love songs of
Frederick H. Cowan und Sir Arthur Sullivan arc known tho world over. Tho
ballads written by John W. Mullen nro
all guuil for ct.ntmlto singing. The lieau-
tll'ul stings by Tlto Mattel nre so many ai
to Ihi almost, Innumerable. T.wil and
Tours have also boon proline wrlli-rs of
commit., music. Wo have sonic new composers who am giving us very Intuit if ul
cont ml to songs. Of those an. tho "Cradlo
Song" and "Good-by, Sweetheart," of
Kate Vonnoh, and somo lovely linlhuls by
Anita Owen. Theic aro so many good
sacrcil songs for contralto that 1 have nut
sufficient space In which to onumemto
them Thu sume mny lx- said <>t the classical songs. The best way to secure tho
latter Ib to purchase thn scores of tlio
great contralto operas, "Orpheus,"
"Trovnture," "Carmen," "La Prophotc"
nntl ninny others, and select the contralto
sungs frum them.
l.ll.'lil-Kli'ger.'tl Kuyiiltv.
To believe a French writer, thoro nro
no fewer than 4,000 women caught, overy
year in stealing during shopping expeditions, n linl.it euphoniously styled kleptomania. The number nt titled ladles seised with this si rang., mahuly while examining the fashions of Paris, he lulls us,
is almost liicretllhle. Among the recent)
culprits weii. a Hussion Duchess ami tin,
daughter of a reigning sovereign. As a
rule, these moro distinguished offenders
am let off on the payment of a round sum
tor the relief of lho poor, and when lho
shoplifter is known lo ho rich tho sum
exacted rises to as much as 10,01X1 francs.
The police authorities eonsunt to this
sort of condonation.
Mm. MIIII, er Worth nr.li.le.
Of Worth, the fiiinuus t'rench mllllnor,
it is selil thnt, though he pnrsui-ally flttoil
nil hi u.iir. is, "tlie wo mi i 1* not living
to wli'iin lie evic piil't n compliment.
Wren une romomliors his ten minions,
and that he lltlod evory be.uitlfni woman
of fashion of his perltMl r.t ono time or nn*
other, his stolid self-polso, or rathur stoicism, is a marvel." '4
Programme of Sports.
Golden, B.C., July (si & 2nd.
(Commencing at 13 o'clock, sharp.)
���gxx&ixxsao ffittvfc*.
Hon. J, A. Louoheed, Q.C.
6. S. McCartbr.
liOngheed A McCarter,
Birristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Bank of Montreal.
Purse.    1st.      2nd.
Half-mile dash, saddle horse race, open to horses who have nover
won an advertised purse of 810.   Owners up      $10 00  (90 00  810 00
First Heut Half-mile Horse Knee        40 00   80 00    10 00
One Hundred Yards Foot Race, open to any person resident of
Kootenay for six months        12 50    10 00     2 SO
Second Heat Half-mile horse race
Slow Race, cripples barred, no saddles, whips or spurs allowed,
Time limit:��minutes         10 00    10 00
Third Heat Half-wile Horse Race if necessary.
Wheelbarrow Race, blindfolded        10 00     7 00     3 00
First Heat Hurdle Race        50 00    85 00    15 00
Miners' Race, course decided by Judges        15 00    10 00     5 00
Second Heat Hurdle Race.
Third Heat Hurdle Race, if necessary.
Football Match���Golden vs. All Comers.
In all events 4 to onter 3 to start.   Horses to carry not less than 1-Hbs.    Entrance
fee 10 per cent of purse.
Moonlight Excursion on the Columbia River per.S.S. Duchess,
Gun Club Shoot, governed by Fort Garry rules, 6 men in each team, 15 shots to each man,
Entrance fee 15 for each team. Trophy���a cup valued at $25. Silver medal to
highest individual score.   Shoot to commence nt 9 o'clock.
(Commencing at 13 o'clock.)
PUBSe.   1st. 2nd.
Four Hundred Yards Foot Race      $20 00  $15 09 $5 00
One Milo Dash         7500    60 00 25 00
Catching Greasy I'ig. Prize-the pig.
Tub Rare   $10 CO
Greasy Poie    10 00
Log Rolling Contest  830 00  820 00 $10 00
CanoeRaeo   2000    15 OO     5 00
In all events 4 lo enter 3 to start.   Horses to carry not less than 1201bs.    Entrance
10 per cent of purse in all cases, except Tub Race and Greasy Pole, which are free.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the undersigned or any member of the
PRICE-Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
It is stated that Dr. Bertillon has
discovered a new method lor Identifying handwriting by enlarging the letters by photography and measuring
the alterations due to beating of the
Showing the Dutes and Places ef
Courts of Assise. Nisi Pi-las. Oyer
and Terminer, aad ueineral Uaol
Delivery for the Tear 181)5.
Spring Assizes.
Nanaimo Tuesday ... 7t h May-
New Westminster.Tuesday.. 14th May
Vancouver Tuesday .. 21st May
Clinton Monday.. 27th May
Victoria Tuesday.. 28th Mny
Kamloops     . Monday.. 3rd June
Vernon Monday.. 10th June
���Donald Friday... Uth June
���Nelson Wednesday 19th June
���Special Assize
D.L.S. & P.L.8. for B.C. DOMINION &
Draughtsman, Valuator.etc, CAI.I.AKY,
N.W.T.   Correspondence Solicited.
R.J.JEPHSOS, D,L.S���P.L.S. of B.C. 4-Ont.
McCarthy   A   llnrvcy.
Barristers, Advocates, Notaries, &c.   Solicitors lor i���
The Imperial Bank of Canada,
The Canada Permanent Loan A Savings Co.
Thn Yorkshire Loan A Set'iiritiesCorporatiou
The Massey-llarris Co, (Ltd), etc., etc,
Offices���Stephen Avenue, Calgary.
P. McCarthy, Q.C.
Horace Harvey, B.A. L.L.B.
Mining I Smelting
CO, (Limited)
Assou. Mem. Inst. C.E.
Cochrane, Aliia.���Ft. Steele, B.C.
Samuel S. Fowler, E.M.,
Properties reported upon.    Estimates anil
plans for sll metallurgical plants.
P. 0. Box 1,    -    Golden, B.C.
Livery tt Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
Wholennle and ltetail
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Undertakers and
���   .   Embalmers,
Calgary Alba
"It is worth the pries to every .person
who even reads a newspaper."���Darlington
Blue Pencil Rules.
__- Ck NJ-VIX-TB.
A Pocket Primer for the use of Reporters,
Oomsponde-ts and Copy Choppers.
Short, simple snd practical rales for
making and editing newspaper copy,
and of equal value to all who wish to
write correct English.
J?��Si "R'rl-v f_&Sfk%%___T
per oopy.  Allan run"���an, i*uD_ian,
W Nassau Btreet, Mew York.
Golden Hospital Society.
From 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.
2 p.m.
4 p.m.
ii       7     it   tt   -j    it
Sunday from  10 a.m. to  12 in., and
from 7 p.m. to 8 p m.
From 2:110 p.m. lo 8 p.m., daily,
eicept Monday and Saturday.
Br Order.
Down With High Prices For
Electric Belts.
91.55. $2.65,93.70 ��� former prices 95, 97.
910. Qualty remains the Mme���10 different styles; dry battery and acid belts
���mild or strong current. Lees than half
the prioe of any other company and moro
home testimonials than all the rest together. Full list free. Mention this
paper. W. T. BAER & CO. Wit dsor, Ont
Gold, Silver & Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H B. ALEXANDER, manager
^m^ti. Connacher, Proprietor.
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictly FIRST
CLASS in every res-ject. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Headquarters for mining men nud
miners. Convenient to Station and .Sternal o it
Landing. Direct importer and wholesale ami
retail dealer in Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
Special attention given to orders from u,. the
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,        -       B.C.
Job    Depeirtmer|t
���:o:��� OF ���:o:���
prompt umi and sa bom-it opinion, write to
MUNN * Oil., wbo bete bad nearly llf I **car.'
experience In tho potent business. Cnni-n���ilt-a-
tion��slrtctlrcnn"*l��ntlal. A Handbook of In.
formation ooncerniutl I'nlptils end bow tn <*-
tela tbem Mat free. Also e cMalogue of me���isa*
���si and KM-tlBo boob, sent free.
Paten- teten through Munn k Co. reetrlTe
spocl.l notion In tho Nrlcntinc Amrrlcnn. end
thus are broaarht widely before tbe putilio without cnet to the IDfentor. Thi. splendid neper.
. ..���..         i-s_ta.bT.art*--
I���*1-'*- ���___!___iaarn*rHiaj*i��tte*j. ta. b;
l-uveet'-nrcul-ititi- of'aiiTVoi'cittiflc'w'orii'in the
world. S3 e yoer.  Sample copies ecm f rev.
BaU-OjKdllloo^miinlhlT.llsD.-csr. Sinttle
copies, _J cent��� -Terr number eantnln. beautiful pUtee. In colon, end photographs of new
bomaa. witb pi���is, et���mf builder, io show tbe
Ut.sldMln.UHlM-ntreoooint-i-  Adrtre-s
MUN- A OO, MswTrW. SHI B-o-uwAT.
FlNCST TCA ���      ^^S-B
IN THC WOULD ���     ������������
'��� Monsoon" Tea is put up by the Indian Tea
rwwcnnit sample of the bat qualities uf Indian
I'd*. Therefore they use the gront-st care in iho
s-lection of the Tea and its Mend, that �� why they
put it up themsetvewi anil sell it only in Ihe or.f-rin.il
p wkag-*, thereby nucurinR its purity nnd excellence,
-"-.it up in % IK, i lb. and 5 lb. packages, and never
sold in bulk.
If your grocer does net lccep it, tell htm to write to
It An- ta Front Otroet Cast, Toronto; ���:., Awarded
Highest Honors-World'. Pair;,
Aivfnl 'SinliiK Disaster.
Brcste, June V\ 'I'he S'ltingnltez
iniiii' belonging lo Count Von Doro*
nersmnrk is on lire. Out nf the -ICO
miner- ni work when tlie lire broke
mi' ��� n'y -III renclied the surface in
safety. Tbe fate of the other miners
is not known ns this despatch is sent.
-ovtl  llcrcitfoi'd'e Exploit.
Of l.oi'il Berosford (io whom the
! Duchess of Marlborough wns lately I
iniiri'ierl) Archibald Forbes tells the
following story :
" Jlfi'i sfunl   wns  out on n scout, or |
rather   an   armed   reeoiiiioissiince, to!
nscortniii   tho   streugili   of   tier Zulu
A pure Crape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Fret   f Bullor directed hiin to be very
Som Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant, ,,   , ,        , ,
40 YEARS THE STANDARD. wary, or   lie   would   be ambuscaded.
  ,._,_  r'l'lie iidvii'Q   was  good, for  about   ten
miles from  ciini|
>tInln,'- Under Hi.' Nea.
At Botallnck, nonr Cape Cornwall, a
striking oxample is seen nf man's boldness iii searching for
skill in securing it.
on the While Uni-
valoosl rlvol", tliere sprung out of a
deep watei'iiiit oi-ossing the plain a line
of Zulus 2.CC0 strong. Bcrosfcrd
iiiiiiieilintely ordered bis forco���only
wealth nnd his four troops strong to fall buck, keep-
J'etiilliick  is a i inn tlie Zulus in check.     Just then a
bold headland, composed of lingo sergeant wns shot off bis horse, and
musses of horn���hleinlo. masked by [the Zulus mado a dash lor him, Beres-
walls of slate, against  ivliicli  1111��� At
lantio surges are constantly dashing.
But the persevering efforts of mnn
have at this point been more powerful
than those of nature. (flooinv precipices of slate, which unnumbered n'res
of sea storms have been nimble to dis-
���ilnce, are here cut in twain by the
miner, whose complicated machinery
clings to the cliff at places where it
would seem almost impossible fornn
engino to lie lixed. Powerful steam
engines, stamp mills, and nil the heavy
machinery required in modern mining
nre perched on what at lirst sight
seems inaccessible situations, so that
from a distance they look as if growing put of the crags. All is noise ami
bustle, which contrast strangely with
the placidity of the seaward view.
'���Kibbles" descend fathoms beneath
the sea,.and ascend again wilh cupper
or tin ores, which are wheeled away to
larger lierips, where women, boys and
girls separate various qualities with
the systematic industry of workers in
n factory. Everybody and everything
���rocks, platforms und piths -are
smeared with the prevailing red hue
derived from a slight mixture of iron
with copper or till ores, and thor tlio
very muddy stream fluwing from the
s'amp mill to the sea bus imparted to
ford turned back, and with one hand
pulled the wounded man up behind
while bo hold bis cocked Colt revolver
in the other. He bad just got the
iniiii up when the warriors were on
him. Ho shot four in about eight
seconds, and thus halted tbem. He
was joined by Sorgtant O'Toole, and
with his nitl Beresford was able to get
buck to the command, which fell back
slowly till they recrossed the river,
and were reinforced by Boiler's whole
"I tell yon, it was touch and go,
for bad Beresford's horse stumbled
with tbe double load be carried 'Bill'
would have been a 'goner.'"
This brave deed won for both Beresford and O'Toole the Victoria Cross.���
with the boy, the annuls of the state
the beach, the breakers and the foam 1 failing to record a* parallel case.   Both
A Vim! Iil'nl Mn tl-ror.
La Pone, Ind., June 11.- Indiana
lias a youthful murderer in Gilbert
Ijowsber, four years old, who killed
Bernico Collins, nt Monticello bis victim being a toddling infant. Being
angry with the Collins child, ho hacked ber with stones, and before ber
cries for help brought relief she wns
dead. The authorities uio puzzled as
to what steps nre to be taken in dealing
families are prominent,
IllsitNtrt.tiM Flood..
Pan. June 11.-Floods continue
throughout Nnvnrre and thc lowlands
of the Pyrenees. Severe sufferings as
n result of the Hoods are reported from
the Basque country, Bonds, bridges,
and railroads have been swept away
and liclils have been destroyed by the
rush of water from the bills.
the same rubicund tinge. If ore is
coming up plentifully and of good
quality, everybody is pleased, and far
tioivii in the gloomy depths of the
mine, which Cornish legends people
with spirits, the news that n new
" bunch " of copper bus been struck, or
that the old lode is growing richer,
fills tho workers with professional joy.
As tbo visitor creeps along lhe passages into which the light of dny bus
never entered, bo bears comparatively
little, until, having become accustomed
lo the darkness barely illuminated by -���"" Entered the Mntrlmonlnl Stnto.
Ihe Birrker of lamps, he dimly dis- News bus been received here of the
languishes the stalwart gnomes at marriage of Mr. Win. Chandler, who
work. Coming from the upper world several years ago was manager here
amid tho din of heavy stamps and for .Messrs. Hull Bros. & Co., to
measured girsb of pumps, the clang of j Miss Ednu Ernie Atwood, daughter of
machinery abovo nnd Ihe surge of the Mr. J. Atwood of Dayton, Wash. The
sea below, tho rattlo of wagons on wedding took place in Dayton, Wash.,
tramways, ami I he crowds of men nud on Thursday, June (Ith. "Billy's"
boys climbing up and down paths many friends here send their hourly
whit'li'sirem   too steep for a goat, lhe congratulations.
modi Hod   silence   of   Ihe level   strike: 	
some ns unnatural.     In places, how-1
ever, the guides may risk I Im visitor to      8now fe:1 '" 0olde'n yes-onlay n*-*****-
listen to ii curious sound.     It is the I"1'''
booming of tbe waves above, and the
grating of the stones  on the set bottom.     Then be is told, to give
courage, that in some o
the lirst   level  the  ore  bus  been  cut I
away until a roof not  more than six |
or eight feet thick bus lieen left.   First
worked on the face of  the cliffs only,
tbo  mines descended, level  by  level,
until   tbo   excavations   extended   for
more thnn six   fathoms under the sen,
nnd for  long distances  inland, while
the greatest depth to��� which iti, had I Opposite the Kootenay Hotel,
been sunk is about  L'CCO feet.    Mining     lr ^   ���->���������'*���"��
and Scientific Press. | Goldon, B.C.
f the recesses of ] \jSiTlTl     Ot     UO.
Booksellers, Stationers.;
Dealers In
Wall   Paper,   Musical    Instruments,
Frultit, Conlectionery, &c, &e.
Oiniiiiis nv MailokOtii���k-,vib_ wii.i,
Receive Promt Attbntj'on.
Give me a spoon of oleo. ma,
Ahll llie si nil um rilknli,
For I'm going it, mrike a pie, mamma,
I'm going io make a pie.
For .1 urn will bv hungry and tired, ma,
Ami his tissues will decompose!
Sti give nu' a '.imiiiiin' of -ilii-p-phute,
And Un.* carbon niu-. co.iiilost'.
Now give me n eliunk of easoluo, ma,
To shorten the thermic fat;
Anil hand me tho oxygeii liottlo, ma,
And look nt Ihe tliorniostut;
Anil if llie electric oven's cold
Just turn it, on half half an ohm
For I want lo have slipper lvsuly
As soou as John conies home.,.
Now pass ine lho noutrnl dope niriiiiiiia
And rotate lire lni.-iirg mnohlno
lliil give uio the storlli-Oil wilier first
Ami the t loonmnrgarlno.
Ant! the phosphate too for now I think
The new lytioivritor's quit.
Ami John will need more phosphate food
To help bis bralnii bit.��� Chicago News.
Tlieee Ci.i>'-i*.-n tltti 1'ftttlt.lt.v of Life Seen
in Animals nntl   llt'iitilt's, .
A French professor has been making
experiments which prove Unit of nil animals liltle bunny call bear the greater!.
colli. He sliut n 'rabbit up nil ii!-,!it in a
bit cl of iee ami lhe .next morning the
animal soamedtobo very comfortable end
not to know thnt anything unusual hail
1 een going on. Next to llie mli'ilt: in
being able to hour great colli come In
tinier the sliei-p, the goat and the pig rill
domestic animals, The cat was completely outclassed.
One wouhl think that the wild creature
would be tlm hni'ilie-rt and ini'n n'ta.tcr o.
fntrt some of them iiu show almost miraculous tenacity uf life as all old trapper
can testify. A Canadian trapper fouml
not long ago that, one ot his imps hntl
disappeared. A month ai'tenvn rtls lhe
people of Green Lake ninety miles i!i.'-
tnnt from ihu place whore 'tin. trap lnnl
lieen set killed a wolf with that very trap
attached lo bis leg. The animal was i\;-
iluceil almost to a skeleton. That Ire
should have been able to drag the trap
about, for a n.i,nth througli 100 niilc-. t���
fori'st shows how Irani It is to kill n wo :
nnd doubtless his re���-tiros lhe fox mil
the jackal ns well as otlier wiltl amntal
not so nearly connected could larnisi.
material for equally wonderful talcs.
Going down lower ill the bruit, creation
the power of clinging to life scout's to lit-
crease. Every one knows how hard il i
to kill a sirnke nrd the old cuperrtiiitv
about the pieci-fl li'.'irr'- till sunset secnf
to havo boon qulto justified, Otlmrr"] tile-
show even more wonderful powers. 1,
is siniit'iliues very hard to kill n cbmmc
tortoise.   An  Ellglii.li writer, irHiaw; tell
of one  lhat  lived  iirr*  months ; ' rr.
hrain was taken out, moving it - llmhi
nnd walking us before. iAnollinr Hv,.
twenty -three cays after it ri head was et;'
off, and the head itself opened and rliis-*!'
its jaws a quarter of an hour after it wus
separated from iho body.
Next lower In tin seal' of er-atlfe
come the llshes, and no linhormun uei
lw told that tluy will flop about iu th-'
liveliest way hours after they havo b.reri
pulled out of tholr natural habitat. I'm
the champion of all fish in this msr-*ct In
the shark. It is so lard lo kill shark .
that Ihi'y often live when Iif" won'd i-coni
iiiipoi-'iiilc. jV shark was onco i-uiivlu by
the snliiirs on the Kronen irhlp liossigiiol.
and was split open nud el.niitti its on������
would clean a fish, his henri nnd nil his
oilier internal or-.���.ns h-lr.j ia'-ci cut.
The litMly was then tlirown nvor'imrd.
when, t<i the astonishment tif nil, It switr
,'tivay nntl was 80011 out of sight. I.
course, It conld not have lived long, bu,
it is wonderful that ll kept so much lifo
iu Its body as to be able to swim at nil.
tvtt.rtlute n J-'n.ltl.i...
There wns onco n tanner of hides in
London who had an Idea. And out of the
Idea hc built up a fashion, and from tne
fashion he tli-cw n fortune.
Tills is how he did itr After tho hide
in his finishing i'ooiii hail lieuh trimm...
for tho trade thero was always, a great
pile of Btrl] s and Man* s loft over, ,'onie
of them qillto large enough to be ninth
into a mall's shoo. Before that time tinners had soltl these odds and iti'da for
piimp-washcrs, harness row-ties- and win
not, ami the price that tbey receive..
hardly paid the cost of loading them into
freight wagons, lint one tanner w.is not,
satisfied with that way of lining buslucs-.
"I'll make slioos of theso scraps," he
"Hut, yon enn't," ehlmcd nil the who
tanners who knew him. "The 1>atler
won't take black drpssing���it's Duoacumy
and porous,"
"Thou I'll make yollow shoes," said
The wise tanners nil held up (heir
hands and shook tholr heads sagely, a
brlirht iniiii was going astray.
Hut the tatmer reasoned that Ix-cati".-
men luul worn lilnek shoes for no o"n
knew how long was no reason wiry they
Wouldn't wear yellow shoes.
"So I'll ninke yellow slittes," ho said
again.   And th.it was ills Idea,
Then he went, to work on lhe scraps.
and It wasn't long before his yollow slns's
wen' associating with the monocle aid
separated fr.in it only by llie stniuro if
an aristocrat. That was only a little
mom than half a dozen years ago, hut today the russet fins, is known nil over lire
world, f-rnips have lung censed to lie
nsed in lis manufacture, and whole
hides, the best thnt can be obtained, am
none too Good.
Cariin & Iiake,
All  of which  will be sold at  Lowest
Possible Prices.
Manufactures of Sash, Doors, Moulding-*
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine iShop work.
Have on hand a lot of Wash Basin and Bath
and understands what pure wool is and
appreciates exquisite finish buys the
both for herself or children. These
[roods are made m Vests, Drawers,
���lights and Combinations, and are
kept by every first-class dry goods
store. . ���


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