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The Golden Era Aug 9, 1901

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Array I!
Jambs IlaNCEaisos,
Builder & Contractor,
GOLDiriN, B.C.
A supply of Balding Ume for Sale,
Plan, prepared. Prompt attenlioa givm to
Mien Writer
Ncenle Artist      '
Ilonae llccomtor.
I.ave Orders at Hot-tansy Kout, Golden, I.C.
-/OL. XI NO. 41
GOLDEN, British Columbia, FRIDAY, Auccot 9. 1901
2 Per Year.
OUR last car lot of Assorted Groceries included:
Zephyr Cream Sodas���3 lb. tins
Cream Sodas���2 lb. cartons.
Arrowroot Sultana
Ginger-nuts Shortbread
Smyrna Macaroons
Social Teas Garibaldi
Tartlets        ' Jam-Jams
Coffee and Tea Biscuits
Waterloo Wafers in bulk and jib* tins.,
Huntley & Palmer's Italian Macaroons in 1 lb. tins.  ,
Shilling's Best Baking Powder
imported direct from "Frisco in large lots,
therefore priced lower than usual���12 oz.,
���>�� and 5 lb. tins.
03K Tree condensed milk and all other
brands but Oak Tree is the v-cry top notch
of excellence, Try a can and if not suited
tako your pick of other brands free of cost.
Saddles, Pack-saddles,
Straps, Whips, Collars, etc.
mi-niai      -9osa Miner's Boot,        *���'-.������ -       ($5,50
SPECIAL '  16-inch Biver Boot, made in filll FrtJncli
Calf, double soles,        -        -        *        7.50
Tra-Je Where Gash does Double Duty.
' ^!^
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital <Pllli! C-�� S2,5<K> IWO
Rest ��� .       1,850,000
H, S. Iloivlaiul,    ' -       Preaklent.
T. 1(. Morrltt,        -        Vli'si-I'res.
Win. Jtm>m.y,     T. Sulliodiiitil Slayntsr
Hubert Juffray, Ellaa Rogers,
Win. Hondrie.
I). K. Wii.kik, Ueneral Manager.
��. Hav, Inspector.
MANITOBA, N. W. T. ansl B. C.
Braniloii, (.'nlgnry, Kdisioiititn.
Usslden,       Nelson,        I'ortngo lis l'ni.rie,
; I'riatte Albert,     Ifevolsloke, .  Strathruiia.
Vasscouver,       Wismipcg,
j , 0.\'TAftIO> ft" QUI3BEO.
- Kssex, FertriiN, (lult. Hamilton,  Ingers<,ll,
l.lstmral, Niagara Fulls,   Port CoU.oiir.ie
Hat l'ortago,        Sault Ste. Marie, St.
Ciith.trii.es. St. Thomas, Toronto, Wella.nl,
Woodstock, a.ttl Moalrtal, Vise.
Agent* in Orent Britiiln:
l.luytl'a Bank, I.til, 7*1 Lombard St,, London
ssitl. wlusin money mssy bednpswited tisr
transfer liy letter or table li sissy ol llie
above brunches.
Agent*. In United Stale*:
NEW YOBK-Hank of Montreal, Ilnnk ol
CIIICAUU-nrai National Bank.
SI'. I'AUL-Sniosal National llisssk.
SAN KIIA.VCl.Sf��.\Vellss, Kar��s.|t Cos,
...'.ilk.        v
A edits, jti Month Al'rion.
, AVitW-A I.1MITE1).
Ttitorest ..II..-V.-,I mi ilenossit-s.
|   *     '������'<���      DEHKNTI.IIES.
i i'ro.inci.il, .Mtiuli-ir.sil anil otlier ilelsentiirw
|)lll'S'IUS-!S'si.   '
Avj.jb.l1l9 at all ji'tiiiis in Canada, I'mtul
! Kingdom, t'tsitesj Mbite-,.
J. S. Gibb, tfirr,, Golden Branch.
the stock of
Hats and Caps,
Gents' Furnishings,
Pino Suitings,
Up-to-Date Pantings, at
J. C. TOM & Cos.
Tf not an inspection will pay you.
Goods Right.    +   +    +   Prices Right.
Upper Columbia
Steamers DUCHESS and HYAK tkVtu.
Season of .801 Opens April 2nd.
Only Quick and Comfortable Rou-j-e to Mining Towns of Windermere Mining*
Llteevo Golden Tuesday 4 a.m., arriving- at Peterbflroijg-h
Athalmer, Canterbury and Windermere same evening
Returning arrive at Golden Wednesday afternoon.
Leave Golden Friday 4 a.m. for Peterborough and intermediate points; returning arrive at, Oolden Sunday
afternoon. ;��� ' >' '
Lo* rates on Ore, Lum.b9r, Hay, Grain a#d;Ooal.
For further information apply to
Tliomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solleltor,
Notary Publlc.Conveyancer, etc
Oflsi-e lit l.'pper Coliinibia *Nusigaiion ,mii!
Train say 1'oiujsauy'a Building,
finldsen. li. V.
Harvey, MeCarter & Pinkham,
Ili.ril.tera, So! kilos., Av.
Kevojstoko, B.C.
Fort Stsielo, B.C.
Ksioma Alexander Illoik ('olden B. C.
Jas. Brady, D.L.8., & P.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
M. Ani'ti. Inst. M.E.
Survey* made for Assessment Work nusl
Crown Urania.
Land for rude on I.t.ke Windermere and
Fludlny Creak, East Koo'.enny.
...  Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
Ronth liUo Kleklnr ITorab Rlrer,
Hull Bros. & Co.
Wholesale.st Retail
Caltla, Sheep anil Horia Deahri.
For first-class
Hon. Jo.epll  Chi.is.barlal.) H.ild to be
the Only Man Who Ua. a Proper
Approelatlon of Kngland'. Position
In Boor War.
London, August 4.���Ford Cable���
Whatever may bo said about the raoi-
aliiiei of reprisals on ruffianism, there
is a House of relief in having a atronjj
man at the front with the courage required for epci.kins: plainly. Brititili
politico hae reached a stoge of Habbi
ness where tl.e functions of theOpjsosi*
tion are paralyzed by faction feuds nntl
intrigue.!, and tl.e ministers Jack the
energy needed for pulling shemselvea
together and winding up lhe session
'������ill. dignity and atrength. Suddenly
there is loadomhip by a statesman who
takes a serious view of a war employ*
ing moro than 300,000 British soldiers
for two year's, and who knows his own
mind. Ur. Chamberlain's speech last
night caina like a strong gale after a
stagnant cal in, lt created a great uproar among the Irish mom hers nnd intense excitement in the House, and
svkeii the laat word wns spoken it was
known that the Ooverumeut had de-
tilled upon a polioy of ret.ris.al-. in
answer lo Commandant KritcingnrV
iiballenge. It would not he an eye for
at. eye or a tooth for a tooth, but all
Boers shooting wounded aoldicsa or
killing unlive aeoiita in the -service ol
the lili'iali iv.sul.l he tried by cour:
martial ami aet....need tu .loutIs.
t.'IIAMailllLAl.V UIJJ NOT t'l.lN's'J
from the slit rt tu the - finish. Hb de
dared thnt houses which sheltered
those ud'nuei'tied in the outrages ought
to be burned, thnt ilie I'oli.sy of .leva.
stating the enemy's country was n
natural oneration of war; thatcoticct;-
tsasioa cnsu.na had been humanely designed and asiiniiiisiered, in spits ol
terrible luortality; lhat the guerilla
warfare had degenerated into a cara-
puign of brigandage nud outrage; thnt
mistaken leniency waa the policy of
the past, and that atrocities and crimes
against the law of civilised warfare
would lie severely dealt with. Mr.
Chamberlain wns terribly in earnest,
aud represented the common sense of
the middle ulns.es of .England, nsssv aa
always the real stronghold of political
power, when he contended that the
time for illusions and sentiment had
passed, nml that a war with irresponsible brigands snd marauders must be
brought to an end in a business-liko
Sir Henry Camphell-Bannermaii enacted tke part of a captain facing both
ways for tha Liberal faotions and Sir
Eslwnrd Grey was rewarded for the
courage of his convictions by flouts
and insults from the irreconcilable, on
the Nationalists side. Commandant
Kriuinger has confouaded the pro-
Boer partisans here just ns Mr. Kruger
succeeded In,doing two years ago when
he issued his ultimatum. Whether
the British were right or wrong in
ordering thf punishment of notorious
Caps rebels, tht slaughter of wounded
soldiers and captured blacks was not a
policy wbich the moat fanatic radical
oould condone. There cannot be clemency to murderers even in time of war.
Dairy Butter
Fresh Eggs
and all kinds of
Farm Produce
Apply to
C. fl. PARSON, SAcrttni-y.
One of the Largest ansl Heat Man-
njrod Hotels in British Columbia.
((.Special attention gives to haggag* of
Csiiiiinorcial mas. Dtslnered to and trom
station free efcharg*.
RATES, *l per day..' . Special rates lor
-tegular hoarders.
���   !*y rttorenftot*.-
Hospital Report.
The Annual General Meeting of the
Golden Hospital Society wns held nt
th* school house, Golden, on Monday,
Ang. fi, at 8 p.m. There were present
about 80 people. Mr. Harrison w.,s
appointed chairman and Mr. Jamea
Wood secretary.
Tl.e report of the financial position
of the hospital was read by Mr. Robbins as also the medical superintendent's report.
The election of two directors for the
ensuing year waa then proceeded with.
Messrs. Rutherford nnd Robbins wore
elected, Mr. Jones moved a vote of
thanks to lhe retiring Board, as also to
Dr. Taylor, nurses and secretary for
their untiring efforts during the pass
year.   The meeting then adjourned.
Golden, B.C, Aug. 5, 1901.
To the Buard ol Directors and Subscribers of  Goldon Hospital Society :
Gentlemen,-1 hnve the honor to
submit to you ibe report ofthe medical
superintendent, balance sheet of our
Hospital' nnd statement of revenue and
expenditure for the year ending June
30, 1901, Kttd ask your kind atteniion
to the few remarks I will make iii n
sum*mai*y way relative to the work of
our institution for tho jinst 12 months.
Tho number of putieuts treated wore
II1,. for n total of 15C-1 days, an average of 13.fi days ppt* pntiaut, being a
decrease in the'former of ID jiatients,
as also a decrease of 444 days over last
year. This may at first seem a falling
off, but if wo consider thnt last yonr
was our record year, made so ohielly
with the gnat number of C. P. R.
patients that wero admitted, I consider
tho present yenr well up to the average, nnd the surplus of $1,0011.8'; a
satisfactory showing of lust year's
business. .'
The -preragf cost of maintenance per
dny jtsei- hem] is ti. IC, nmde upas foi
low: Botii'd, $0.65 jier day; drugs.
*0.29; snl.srits, $1.2*1; fuel aud light.
-fO.fi.S; total, $2.1fi.    '
The expenditures show an jiicrrme
of $li,'J.-i.01 over .he previous year. This
is prii.eiiu.lly due 'to the fact that ��
windmill nnd outfit hns bsen erected at
a cost of $iVJ5.a7. Considerable work
has been done in the last two yoars
beautifying the grounds, planting
shrubs and trees and making a lawn.
For this reason n supply of wnter wss
indispensikle for irrigation purposes
and for lhe house.
The revenue nccotiitt nlso shows nn
incnesse of $448.1)1, notwithstanding
that there has been a dectease of S230.-
119 in jny patients. In the previous
yenr a largo proportion of this amount
was collected from the C.P.R., vis;..
$fi(>5.57. This year ouly $329,50 ws.s
contributed by them, while thcainotint
realized from pay patlojlts," exclusive
of lho C.P.R., wns larger tbis year
thnn in former years.
No revenue wns derived this year
from entertainments. This wns owing
to the death of our much lamented
Queen, when it wns decided by the
Boara to alum .'on ull festivities, This
account also showed a gain of $181. lis
in lhe previous year.
Then on account of our grnnt having betn restored l.y the dovernmint
thia shows an increase of t'oii over
1900, and the monthly subscriptions
from the lumber camps have also in-
creased (344.8U over the previous year,
which is substantial evidence of the
busy season enjoyed by them in tht
The interior of the hospital has been
painted throughout, and whirl-enamel-
led bedsteads placed in tbe general
ward, which has greatly improved iis
appeal ans'.e.
I now btg to draw your attcntissn to
tht urgent need of projier lireappliincs?s
for the hospital.   I would  al���o lug-
To Golden Hospital Society :
Gbstleke-i,- During the year ending June !)>h. there wereireated in the
hospital 111 patients, of whom 100
wore males and II females. The total
number of hospital dnr. were 1504, sn
average of 111 5 days per ra'h'nt. Aa
to results there were cured 100, improved 2. not improved 1, not (rented
fi, died 2, snd three remaining in the
hospital nt the end ol the year. Of
deaths one waa due to at-me tuberculosis, the other to inenlgltls, '
Our thanks is due to the crdployees
of the Hon W, C. Wells for their eon'
tribution, through Mr. A. .McDonald,
towards forming a librnry for the use
of tho patients. The monty thds contributed has been used to purchase a
considerable number of stnndnrd work.
of fiction, history, etc.. all neatly bound
and well printed.
Access so the Hssspitsl has been
greatly facilitated by the building of
th6 sidewalk from tho Kicking Horse
bridge to tbe gate, the mud and dint
of tbo rond beiuji entirely nvoided.
Considerable improvement its tlie appearance of the Hospital grounds is io
be cx|)er.nd when the windmill, recently erected, gets permanently into good
working order, lu the past nny attempt to beautify the grounds was off*
set to a large extent, by the lack of
water. Now, however, with that difficult overcome, the lawns und fiWers.
shoiilsl fiourisli.
I huve tbo honor to be. etc.,
J. N, Tav-.o'i,
Golden, B.C., July 2, 1001.
Statement oi revenue
and Ciipeudl'
tun) for year ending June HO, 1001:
S 1138 sll)
Duildings aud repairs	
Expense account	
1)7 :j
Ice jtccouut ,.
. .Ti 09-
Fare., to Kunlt 	
m w
Clearing account	
ilKI (Ity
OS ol)
ill HI
Drugs  ,	
���Wl (11
51 li?
'.' Ill
Laundry \
IM 83
Salaries anil sv.igo.	
2141 W
Housekeeping expeus-ci	
888 il
SI ��.*,
II *!.*,
Isolated ward 	
.Suitionei y	
il 01
.V.su oi
 3011*9 (Id
SiiOi 00
.Surplus .luno 110, 1!****)   	
Wj 10
tluvui'iiaioi.t. subsidy	
l.Hlj (10
Annual tickets	
' iTll (XI
Monthly slinks	
at iii/
l'tsy jiatiesst.	
tilis (is
jj so
���-���'7JI-I 80
For the year calling Jnno SO. IUO!.
Ily pntionta $ lilii 14
Ily casl      4., Iii
Uy Hank    Suit ksj
By Pros'. Uuverhutuut      7.1 *d
Hy -Sundry accounts    ion ini
Ily l.'olumlsia Kiver I,. (.',,,..   mm (14
Ily Upper Col. iNav.' ft T. to.    00 iii
liy Hon. W. O. Wells     HI 77s
Hyl'.IMI    170 70
-���SICW 01
Sisnilry ni'foiuiii, iu UuIi!i.ii.,$ UilTi 87
Sundry ncuavuts iss  oilier
jtlsco.    -I \. 8,1
9 (178.70
1005 00
81014 Oil
Dowsger Empress Frederick, died h>
Cl-onlserg. Germany, Aug. ftth. It ia
snid the immediate cause of her death
was dropsy si-'ci'injinuyiugctsiicer. Tha
Emperor wus at her bedside when she
passed away.
O.taiva, Aug.. 3 -A priscbimatlorl
appears iu she Canada (jazettu f-'ilay,
hriuging Into effedt the Pacific Ci.ldu
Act, of last session, isn'ler  Which Can.
gest for your consideration the nee
sity of putting in a new furnace, as tin! Il,la plod*,.*.. lierSelf io pny.n|i to ��2,-
old one is burnt out. | ~0l),tm as her share of the project,
The good Work done by tlio medical (
suisei'intendeiii,  Nurse Holt and  her!
,, ,. ,        ,    As rumors are ahum that the Dut*.
assistant reflects great credit ou thum,  ,lnd D���,;hesH of *.���vi  Kin |10| ���,������ ���������
and I have great |ils��asitreiuexj>res>ii gjat any points in ldi.1 Territories it may
my npjireciation of their efforts on be-j he as well :o ssate that there lis. hews
half ol the Hospital. "�� '���"ei'tinl change in she programnie
, ,    ,       ",',"_   ,    '    ,.        I already puhlished.   S'opiviges  will Im
In eonelusion  I beg to tcnuof my | mmAm ;, ri���einR eMtfm\ ^     t J
thanks to the Board aud stuff for the.'j-*,,*)*. i'.obablv also there will b.. a
gs'eat assistance they have re' d, red me stay off fur a fmv hours' sh'ooiln** at
dufin-j the past ytur. ' Bush Lake.   Tbe only change of eon-
sequence it that, it is fully expected ih��
Your obedient servant,
S. G. Ro-im.ss,
royal parly  will  lie ucrsoni|ianl��d by
Lord aud L.d.v Minto and Sir Wjlfrij t.
and Lssly La��iitr.
-^y, THE EH.-, GOLLEX, B. C, Avgust-a, Ull
One ll.-ia Klllesl, another nsist It.
bhoalder Hrokeu���'* Lias,,-, Jos." 1.
k-iu��-.��,,i   ap  tlnconscloa*���Golden
ll.laK.  tsiu  I'lmlleace  Cut. Ilouw.
Ti.e  races held at WiiiJermero this
year attracted a   larger crowd than
autned and the better coi.di.ion of the
viaiiora aoon begon to tell, the ball
Iseiug kept more in tl.n Windermere
half of .hn field but .lie home team'
Kept mnnful)** at it and several dangerous rushes were made which tried
tl.e mettle of the Oolden defenoe. Chnr-
lie Tom in goal nia.la some splendid
formerly tliuu-jh ihe ..umber 0f horses I ���*"*'"-*��� w,,ll�� U'' T*-J*lor "I"1 J U V'''m
was not uj, tofonnor years. Judges I v'rK "'""-V* ��" ������*������������'��� Wi,h 4lhaat
ve-e: W G Mitchell-Innes, Dr Taylor, 1i:' ���"i"""*' "> \-*T. Bulman was forced
and Mr S. Brewer/ Tl.e Wlrihars\'�� min *JwllV|' '?,��f\">P�� iu hi. legs,
in the horse r.ces were as follows: I (iM*n I*'*'"* ��ff �� ���'""' t0 ��<|ual1".e
Oreen Ra.-. J mile.-lst., Jim's ,hi"��-*������ wh,n ""��� *'k\��'* '''"*' <or
So'rail! 2nd. Gordon'sfJoMi*. Finish-!lUn" rhfi """* ",001 ** ,0 ' ���" OoUen'a
ed in same order In two heats, i,*,"or'  th* 1-*"l'h"r l",vin�� found tlia
Pony   Raw,   i   mile (hem.)-Ui.,Wi","r""'ro -H  '���>ret Mines in  the
Jackson's Sietpy ; Snd, Jim's Sorrall. \'m''omi 1,l,lf ��'tlie ��*���">*
S-sme in two heats. When the teams af-fiiiMcd after the
Half-mile o,wn,(heassi-1st., A.il-i-;,<"in<M,'e'V*  ���0**k"d   mort !lkri chlm"-,>*
au's Roy Cari'uthers;  i!nd , Gordon's
Goldie,    Same in Iwo Isual-,,
Half mils, for hoi-sua bred in tbe
valley. ���Ul Usey E.-j;lej i.,i Hh.uk
Cuw boy race- 1st, Simoon; 2nd II
fcs Foiiey.
Cigar Raise ���l.t, D Jenkins; 2nd,
C Cai'iwrijrlit,
lu the Cos. buy race which wat run
wills two turns oss. to the r.ght4*Hiid
il.e other to the left, 1). Jenkins,
iniiiiiiieil on Clarke's Pinto bad a lend
of ovtr 100 yards at the laet turn, hut
sweeps .has. nt'.ything else with the
slust and lueapiratiui. combined which
cout sal their facssa. A swim in ihe
clear waters of the lake soon put that
ruin and then an inventory of damage" Iming made it was found that the
game hud been entirely tree frum any
roughness and excepting a kick ou she
ankle receive I by Joe Lit Flour, ihu
casi,alties were jirncticully nil.
iheownets might be back auv moment.
lt had evidently been ocoupie-i'by two
persons, for there waa a double hunk
and a duplicate supply cl table utenil*.
ot the Yukon traveller. The-cohstulile
waited over niul.t, lu lhe hope that
the owners woulsl tuts. ..p. but aoon
concluded lhat the pUce bad lieen
abandoned. He reports*.! to his com-
radsu, nud Constable Pei.nvcuick and
Di'teotive Muguire, also of the Mounted'
Police were detailed to I sok Insoihe
the matter. The��� siiuiiuer iu which
these men wrung her secrets from she
bos,to of the desert forms n really
inarvelloiil chapter in the records ot
crime. Tbey spent weeks in the
neighborhood of tbe teul and along tl.e
private trail which bad served as tlie
key to tho whole black mystery. Thoy
literally sifted the snow inch l.y inch,
nnd from many mute things iltc.v read
the ghastly stoiy. Tl.ey found lho
three patc'.iesof blood where tlie vidisns
had given up their lives, not without
n struggle ou the part of Oleson at
Itsust. They found the slisuurdcd shells
ot tl.e cartridget by* which ihe sleed
Iliad lawn done. They found a bonfire
i uenr thn tout lu   vrbrail their clothing
Mr Smyth of Wiudurnie... acted ua i had been burnt to |i.evci.t identification,
referee nii'l c.ive satisfaction lo both-But fiusn the ..-Ill's were picked o.H
aisles though l.e was u li ll lu slow in I buttons,. buckles, etc., which were
giving: liiis decisions. identified.    After  the lires bul cooled,
Afier she bent ot the day  wns over, .the murderers linsl evidently  gathored
made a ...taiake uud turned the wrong U^ w a \v'.-11r iu a neat speech it hu larger articles dial would not burn,
way on I.ia way back lo llie tinning Lj,e.eute.l llie,Tris|iliy io Capt. Sfnclairj and threw ihem into the aiirriuuding
point his hurst came imo collinio.i ��� , ,i,u CioKloi. ream, before a large scrub, lint the pinient offi.iers found
witJi outs of the others whicli w��s �������������� assembled in front of tiie Win-jimmy ot thim-CUyson's Yalo keve.
coming to tht turn, both horses being |,������..,..,���. uolei.    f,, presenting the cup! which were found lo 1st the drawers to
which ihey belonged, nil electric belt
which O.esou wus known lu wear, also
his filet and. plyers.
It  was nvidont that   the men wbo
|,i,iis��d. Noi withstanding tl���, uiivei*.,, Wull��� rei!-elle>, t|ul ,,,��� bI)OI1,
finished li,,. but waa tllsqualilUJ fur; ,,���,��� |,etonKlnK io the cup bad nut
making llie wrong turn. arrived,  Imi that a substitute had to
In lhe Cigar Usee .he conditions. be ��ent. Ht said, however, I hilt ihe
In Id down were thai the horses should ! pvo|irr base would bt sent un r.s soon
be lined up with saddles ot. t he ground 1 posaiblu.    After the  pre.eutl.liol. hull
besisle th.au nnd nt ibe  wold "Go" the, listen made, list crowd gave three limes
hail occupied that tent were the mm*'
deters, and it wus equally evident thai
it had beet, erected,there as the headquarters of murder, for its occupants
had actually cut down 27 .notion trees
so ss to bu enabled to .see at a great
distniiee   anyone   iRovis.g   along lha
London. Aug, III lis grout contrast
with the favorable' comments eliuited
here by lhe contribution of ��5,000 to
the Queen Victoria Memorial Fund by
thu delegates'of the New York Cham-
Iser of Commerce, who recently vieitad
Loudon, ia il.e nueer with which the
Duke ot Orleans contribution ol ��100
has been received. The St. James'
Gazelle terms the Duke's action as
s'astoiiiisling iiiijsiidenav' nnd in com*
mun with the Daily Mroniole urges
the Lord Mayor to reject this contribution ou account ot tba pari which
i|.h )J,.ke of Orleans took in ihaoari-
sfler.vur.ls whe,. -.he spring llouds be-\^_.;H ot.Quee.1  Victoria  which  up
A fortnight a-joa despatch Horn lhe**" 'I"jir '"'"'^*""*' \.scared iu the Paris  newt-papm.   The
(ilube's cisrvs-spos.sle.it in D.iwsf.i Cis v ' t*>'"*).h�� offiws Is s.l not waited for j mim |,upers nays lhe New Yorkers'
gave a graphic aketol. of lliesil.iso of Ibis evidence to talis, ne.ii.sn. I. tliejgift "eiuphasixrs in A dignifls-d and
ihe trial of ilia man  O'llrien. charged ;��b��iulou��il tent, was nu ordinary Yukon:(graceful manner ilia feeling which, we
ja  goneral   iu   tbo United
horses wore to be snddlod.   cigars ware; three  foi  our popular  represeniniive,
Hcllled  aud a i-asJe run round a stake, Mr. W.lls. and then sang--For Hs-'s a
HOO** .1 ssi',1. uwsy and back to the snirt-' Jolly Gousl Fellow."
ing I",im where this jsulges Inspected     The Secreiary  of l|.o ,S|.oils com-
the saddles io saiisfy theinsul'es lhat) mi.see ordersisl eleven silver meslali j D.nvson trni). 1'rou. this eery tl.ey
lbs kssuis w*r�� projierly Med and ex- i through W. Alexander, Jeweller, to his jlmd seen the three men apiirouchiug ou
ninlnwl the cigars to see that [Hey mntle as iiiomeulo* ot-hi. game, lust jth.,t ChiiMmas morniiig and bad sal-
were liglned. I) Jenkins got away in !���wing to lhe delayed iniius ihey did li.,1 tsirtl. nud murdered ll.t.n. Tbe
a very short I line and was nearly home ' not coaio lo hand iu limn for ihegnine, bodies were stripimd ansl l Iiro Wis ilits)
when C Cartwright got mounted, The but will Ise Mini lo the nieiuliisi-a of ills, a ,,.���t of the river where i;. was o|*n,
liext to get away was VV Chamber* j team immediately ou iheir arrival. jdlsnpi-ual'iil*; under Die iee. lo be ilia-
lain. bss. his ssddlo   was loo.e and his [ ���-.. ���
hurseg^vengsand exhibition bt h..��k j a Tragedy in tho Wilderness
iug and finished by running away.'
tS.ve.-al Indian riders got away together
ansl as .hs*y w.re nearing tl.n wire, Y.
Nicholson iiaried out ansl ran [ull
till inns "Las.series." with very seriosis
t-n.ulss. Jue losing picked up uncoil*
saioisa and h.s horse having i.ssl.oul-
stm's*jk.'okau,   while   N'icholson's   horss
New York. Aug. a -General Baden-
Powell aaeerit that Mrs. IJruger, after
President Krsigw left South Afrioa for
Europe, until her death, had been in
reel pt ol ��20 a man ill from the B it-
ish Government, and that aba baa alio
hnd the free use of a governmeut car*
I'iage and governmeut horae*. The
hero ot Mafeking also atatea that Mra.
Steyn, wife of Prswide.it Sieyn of ihe
late Orange Free Stare, waa paid ��100
a month by the government, aud likewise had Ihe use ot u carriage and
horeet. Thit laiter_ statement it aald
to be confirmed by a letter from Mrs.
Steyn to a niece in Scotland Id whleh
the wrote; "I uever lived so well in
my lite," ,
Paris, Aug, il -In the coarse of tho
interview wild Mr. Kruger, published
iu the Figaro today, theex.-preaido.it of
iheTiunsvnal tald: " We have already
once proposed peace directly to Great
Britain, aud we will -not renew the
pro|iosiiion. All we are willing lo
give for jsence it- money, il Great Brit
ain asks it; and no price Is too dear to
obtain lude-sendence aud the right to
Ihe as a tree mil iou."
London, Aug.* .'I-A letter trom n
soldim* in South Africa, dated Nyls-
trootn, Transvaal Colony, July Oth,
snvs that the Boers wrecked a traiu
near Nnhoomspruit on July 4. One
hundred und fifty Boors attacked the
train-guard and 28 Gordan Highland-
era were killed. 18 wounded and,'teu
captured. The conductor, engineer
ami tirenun ot tho traiu ivorc subsequently shot. i
had lu be killed lis buck being broken.
Nicholson essuiped without a s.ralcl.
Tl.e ae.f.iden's occtirrissg in the two
rnca* will, n .urn should teach a lesson tu those iu charge nnd iu future
the arrangements should be such that
lhe atari aud finish will not. beat tlie
same point as aecide'uis arc alwaya
likely tu occur when nu-.Ii is  lhe case.
TnessiMutts iu lhe athletic events
Mick Race.-1st, Jo ; 2nd. I'linllua.
Putting Shot (Ki pounds.) -lat,, (J
Cam.ro... Ill ft. u in. 2.1.1., TH Tay lor,!
Ml met. i
wiih murdtr in th�� Yukon.   Naturally  '">l"'' '"" "" -*11"'*-''01' hno been ma.le
it UC0.Ipies a gr.-at deni uf spnes iu I he 'n" '' ,'1"" "'n��W (t out from all ol hers,
Dawson City |a|iera which have since,'1'1"" "ovehad been a,*., in tl.e pusses-
C'sstue to  hand.    The  News gives' columns day  afier slay   to  the eriileuce
stud s|,eeches.  and it ...ay lsusaidtl.nl
tl..' annuls uf justice have seldom re-
ie sled a more reiiiaikuble co ifirmntion
of thepliri.se that murder,  though ii
sioti of twou.es. named O'Brien aud
Grave*. O'Brien bad been lu Daw
son prison and hud been a great steal
sip nud down the river about that lime.
He was arrested al Tagisb as a suspect,
and the police gradually wove a net of
hntl. no tongue. ��ill sja-ak with most j <*ircismstantiul evidence about him that.
Itiil-itculous orgnu. On Chi-lstmns! ���4">'lm' "oil.ing to make it absolutely
iiiorning, 1HII0, ih.ee men luft a ion I-1 coiitpleta. Articles belonging lo thfl
house on Skagway trail, known aa '"urdered men were found on bim, und
Minto io��d house. Tha next road- ^l"'0"' tvtry atcp of hia Issurneylugii
houso wna ��t Hutcliiku.aud there they j l."-',ure l***��l~tt '<>"��� ��f'��r iesivitig ilie
shoubl have arrived that night, but '���'**''*"��� theorlme wm tfiioail. Before
i hey never turned u|i.   Two of them,  1)lK!,""h"1'2**>   w09s "�� w��e isennilcss.
slid Fie
TuSsl.tU the l.'alSJV.
-uu., .1 Fiixpa'i'.ok.
Clny.ou und llelfe. had come thus far, | ���~,~'~h'X lli�� w*>'.    Afl��''  ll"*< -'H* "*
  , , -.'CO miles from Dawson,  Intending to i **��-' l�� I'Otseiaion of ai roll ot bills snd
Three Lagged race.-U. P.nkham | t(mi* -^ ,.,���, will) t|)e|l. .,������,���, I a pouch of unggett, oue of, hem being
ui... Andrew a,���l Ignatius. | h| |||g ^^ fa.^ . ���m|1 lmM' ,o remarkable a. to be well knowu
l.i.CUiueroii, :01S|)0|li |wll���1(!Rrl l0 i*i,itch>fcti, where''�� Dawson, .ind also known to have
Ihu was esuy loved In connection with ><>����' possession of Clayeon. Graven,
On Siiinl'day uioruiug at IKIO thai t|���, t,,|H|il.al)|, |ilies. He had l����u tent !ll'*"'"l"jr "-""s MHMni- t0 h,iv' ."*'���-
Trap ahusstlng couiest was held. Each lu���* ,0 n.���;r ,n* nu-t ,������. |IH..ill(. j0M0' vnnisl.ed. hut it is sutpeoted thntOV
s-uniesin... having'10 birds. Ur T.sy j HOi *V���H retiiruiiig to his post. He Drien subscqueii'ly murderod the |.art-
lor and Mr ll E Furster t.ed wish six | ,,���,! ���h*.le ,���, eM;,^a,nn���- ,0 bepresentl' ���ll!l' 0' hi�� 0,i""J*
birsla eacUs.,,1 iu II... shout off ��'���,,,. aCbris.mns dinner nl Hutehiku.for! ��� Seldon. have the tirelessncss and ro-
fueaier won lirat place, with the *0r,l wl||oj, Cf.rpor��l ltynii ot tl.e Mounted sourcf.sluess of Bri.iih juatiee been
taking MMi-inl,      # I Potion had |irs.sv|.lthi a rare treat iu  ���iuie ic.uarkably disj.lay'e'd.    Mr.  V.
All adjouusueni waa theu made lo ���,.. yllkp���. ������n.ely, a turkey. There, Wade, tl.e Crowu prosecutor, whaji
the 1-uutl.sll grosada wnere teams ...,tll ���0���si.Wr���b(�� surprise, when ho the ease waa brought 10 bis notice,
iron. Wlutierniere Distrset and Oul : ,���.*���. 10 ,��� 0|, *,������,. ,*,���| when l.e was! ���i,pears to have determined that uo
den were iu ..lay the lirat gams for il.e j ���*,,., ���,,,,,,, 0��� pwml-er 111 hia friend trouble or espenao ahould hi spared lu
,.o.s8.��ion of a silver c.,>,.reau,,,ed by j,,., ..or|)nr���|, [earing that he l.ad re-1hunting slown llie murderers ot these
11..... W. C Wells and ti.M.ub��.if|<loii-.Ua,|v(il| ^jj,, W,lp-t (n ^.-i -peHormHttntj of-j ,1?^ Uuirortiiiitft-t men.' One wltnett
snip   of Use D.strici .of   Nosik   E-sss , ,,)K ,,���,.., �����irtUll jowll l||e ���(������ ,��� ^,, w||() ^   Miy.. **u}..u  ..... ,^
lv""lei'��y* ' :|.0|e<oroouiing io his aid, if he needed . bsck ii.OgO miles, although the nai'-
rasiun of his story occupied but five
.Uinsito-.. Auo:her witness' was detained a year and a half at the ex|*ense j
of the Crown  in order to secure her |
nre sure,
���   . mm'.****
" Take care uf Ihe penniw ami tho pounds
will take rare ssf thonisel.es " Large things
are bttt an aggregation of small things. If
wo lake care uf the small things we ..re iu
effect taking rare of the large ihii.hs which
tho small things combine to make. Tako
care of what you eat, when yon-oat, and how
Ysw eat, and yonr stoinaih will take enre of
itself, Hut who tokos care of auch trivial
things ? Thst b why, someday, tin ...alarity
���f peojsle have take rare ol the stomach.
When Ibat day coluea there is no ski to
effective in undoing the results of past carelessness ��a Dr, Pierce's Medical Discovery,
lt strengths tbe stomach and restores the
organs of digestion ami nutrition lo a condition of healthy activity. It cures biliousness,
heartburn, BatuleUco, ��� indigestion, palpila-
iou, diasinen cold extremities aud a snoro
of other ailments which are but the symptoms of disorder in lhe stomach aud lit tilled
*��� ���    i iSS -���--
The people ot Miaaouri prayed tor
rain two weeks ago, and got uo relief.
The Herald advertised for rain last
Thursday, and Friday afternoon there
came a glorious rainstorm.-CrUn-
brouk Herald.
Tl.e  Windermere ten.,  ainrted  lhe! nuy
game with hi-.is.Ii. whicli iiuui-hliuiaiy
ahoweil   sisal   ths   ...layers
novices   st  ibegssne
the hnll Iseis st brouulu
close io the Gnlsleu sio
Cirporal  Ryan  had' got down  the
weie noj,,.,.;!  K(,ou,|  m.ii.y   m\\��� when   iii*
re-,uii��d in i^|-P|j eJ.e ohserVesI ti.e traoea ol a leail
HAVE YOU KCZBMAV-lfive yi,u any
skin Alteaaesor eruplioiu ? Are you subject
lu challng or scakling 1 Dr. Agnew's Obit-
nioiii prevents and enrei any and all ul these,
and cures livluag, blooding and bjiud piles
besides. Oue application brings relief in 10
mlnules, f'tsct cured in three Iq jix nights.
After an. txbauttive ahouiiy made
by o.i.ir special grain com.nltsionsr into
crop cendiiiout tn ilia msjtt important
sections of the whsiat prodiioluu portion ol Western Canada, and a careful
sillily ot the vast amount of iutorm
Townsite Of Golden.
Business and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy Verms of Payment
GOLDEN is the key to tho Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia Kiver, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters cf the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with .the
fact that transportation is now assured at an early date
by a railway running the length of the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the mining camps of NorthJEast Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure tne
operation of the Golden Smelter within the. neit few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered form*
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase Lefore a further rise
takes place.
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agree*
t for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
Plans may be seen and prices and terras obtained on
application to
II. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
II. G. Parson. Merchant.
D-. Clarke's Little Keel Pills aro
a Wonder to tho Medical
, Dr. Clarke's Little Itesl Pills ctm-,1
sne of Uheiimsilism of in-rlve years
Htiiinlin*,'. - Edward Pure 11, conductor
C.P.It., Montreal.
Dr. C'larkfe'a tittle R.d Fill* enrs-A
sue ot chronic rheumstisni. uf 39yarn,
afier eiery other remedy had tailed���
H. M. Black, Sauli Sts, Marie
There is no remedy to et,n��l Be,
Clarke's Little Bed Pills for nervona
���roulsles.-W. U. Robertson, Editor
Daily Times Pi-terboroujib, Ont.
I nearly died from la (triune, and did
not seem lo gain strength till I trioA
Dr, Clarke'a Wonderful Little Red
Pills.-Thos Jackson, Washington ave;
one. Rochester.
They cure rhjumntlsm and all blood
diseases every time. - Dr. Kinjt, Peter-
boroush, Onl.
Dr. Clarke's Little Red Pillt are a
positive and certain sure for la grippe,
The dealer, tempted by the little mon rhuemaitin. asibma.paralysit. catarrh
profit paid;by less meritorious medicines, ^nertn, coughs, backache, lndij-estion,
yr.ll sometimes try and. tell a substitute Ljjj ,10,,1(,oh .nd liver tronblea, female
No one needs to be told to try to cure
a cough. But any one will Ise glad to
be told of a means of cure wbich will
be thorough and lasting. Dr. Pierce's
Oolden Medical Discovery is a medicine which can be confidently relied
on to cure diseases of the organs of
respiration. It cures obstinate, deep-
seated coughs, bronchitis ansl bleeding
of the lungt. It cures when nothing
else will cure, and the locus* phytician
says; . "Then la nothing more that we
can do."
There It no alcohol iu "Golden Medical Discovery,* and It is absolutely free
from opium, cocaine and all other narcotics.
when the "Discovery " it asked for. No
substitute medicine will satisfy the tiek
like "Oolden Medical Discovery." It
always helps.   It almost always cures.
"Twoyearsagoaaevtra csatah started on me
and I was also bothered with catarrh," writ*.
Hr. P. akjosl, of Daacwosv*. Chlango Co., Min
ailon jsresented in itsday'a Issue, in-
. rsln.iiiitf aivay from ihe iniii'utiavelleslj evidence. Ur W-uUi. I" bis lint sum- j (OTIn,,t|-,-^; 0f ,lh�� highest .reliability,
I. iiissum in .he I rm<l m.gmuiy into the bs'sah. Suoiv ' niissjt up of the avideiice, spoke liijii.l** | [^(-ihg rfliorao^ lh�� ~kte.lt. n '|ireisa,
lelibhi of th- support���* of she l.ome; ,,���,,...j,,,,, f,,,o|| |r, ���.,,,, ,he i.&x^rien.fsJf she work of Ofiieert Poun.euiok"' frUnt:uar reguLr Borreaiwiisleuls, from
team. After abo,.. Is. minutes play l,.fi* oy��� vaaH ,,���..��� aeiooied'.'lotliinlf tp|ansl. Mauuire. and of the police Heuorul- eUjrtju,*t ,B4 mUlih. cj*iB|taiiie��, from
Ooldetv s��c>sie.l a throw in fro...  ������>- j ,|j-^.jf,lSt,j-i(i- {��� ���-.,���,. ih��ueut.rarex|.'ausHily.: and the trilme  was .veil ileeerved,' '  ' :r.T ..j . .
lines...,fortably ���
the  Wii.derss.ere goal   line and, by a of.^j,*,.
-,i  vvi|,l��i'ns.sK,   .Rut'but even their wo'rk wo.ld harsi he-rt.
��� railway aiul gnverisineht ;��18��l��l��, and
..    suuw-cssve.vsl   wllslar.ieaa.   .nut' mil even inoir wpra wo,....  nsra tssa,-^^ siiuiujuiut    l.ilsin*al��:['��t'l   end
pretty piece of.... s.biiiaiioa  lbs. Win-1 ,-,��� ,.��������� ,i,|,H-i,,ie,l'rwo , (sl.it,i,arajl.'\  ""le-s  hi. I it not b-en backed ap by  f,���uu*.,;i*i#f-^pr^a^l^tlial--*
| d.'pr>'s-ini,s ���n't. the ..'hire'ai.rii.s'.<.. ss.s'i
lie w.,,.,d.'i:eil. whst es.,'.|,|  liii.'Hl-.ii.li'Hsl
slerniere .lefeu-se weie ��lud.��t  and ibe
lirst. score talliesl .for Uuldes.. : ���   '..
Mi.    W,,Isi's   id'.er.ni nai iou  to Jirliiu;
ihu mnrderer to justice,
Nit Iom after-vsi''1* IS'i'man.   who K.ivoii��,io i.iske siucli si deiiartiirs-fi'osii cu��t utisrhi b".   Tssu .ossse ,i�� a no-jM*'
.   isiov.de.l no adveite ep..di|b'.itprs-vent
whaibv-rf tl>�� ���.B-, .i [,; haiveslini-of'tiie tlan-JiV
."- uruu now i'l|��iiln-f iu 'he Held*-thii.
waa plssviuir si'grand u'issi'. in.de a,he' niain;ir'.volM rrtssd. It' deter.' ossion to every law brc.ker that uii'ltr, ^.^ y*,t'|j:v| wheat itr Manitoba and
long drop ou^oal! wbieh uot |s:.��t j ,*,ined s���(���l|nw il. and i' is dsse so'sbia ' she Union Jaok .ssri.si* will ha as h- j (((> jfor,|*WM,| 'Perflioril-; Will appro-***
('bailie owiug io the aim lwi.au (��)!! determination 61. his purl, th.st'a islassk lei.sls.s-, v. sup|,re-��Hil it. the Os.tskirla,.^ .^ -jjjj^-, ,0 tri,(asO fii)<J.-Winni'
in hit tarn- Score 1 to 1. Dsss-erste beavt��d ��"i>'iridrei' now' awsits 'his lie- 'of' uiiy i I t*j-s)t i����-Vs* "it is .l.*'.i^'biari, and'������ -.^ p'l<1(u|, ju|f g-j
'eifi'SU ��*se iim.k. by b>.ih tsf.iiiis, but -wns in Dswison prison. Si-i'huh ired ' lh��t es>eu the wilderness, with ita hV
when the whistle blew lur liaif time: ynrd-s f.'nm "the main mad he fbu.idp.* terinlnsihle lsiajrliea cf .loufilini'ss, can-
the score was unc'hatiBeii. , hidden' iii the dense scrub a teiit.    No': not Isisle I hc evil deed uiid -. the evildoet
Afier 10 minute's rest pluy wits re-'.one wa.sj.alios-it it, butit-'WuliOd (is if 'from the keen Icrutluj-pf Britisli law.
I cealst sot sleep tilth.I, as the couth was
worst at night. I trSsl Kveral coagh rnedl-
-tuess. hut to no avail, until a year wo, wheu I
got sio bad I could not breathe through my nosse
at timea. I then tried Or. Pierce'a tfotden Med-
teal Dlwovery. Alter taking eight bottles of
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Dlacovety. aad at
tat ume time suing Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy, -
I am a well man. lean thank Dr. Pierce for ray
food health, and will recommend his medldatt
to any one Buffering from tlw aame trouble." .
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant relict, curt oo��
 lo-, .
With a tew changes in the laws, a
few chnnsts in mine managers, and
reasonable men at the head of uniona,
such an era of prosperity would dawn
|n Brltlah Columbia aa to render tha
past an horrible dream. H matters
oould be plaood on lha proper batlt
millions would be) .Invamad within tba
next few years. But one of tha flnt
things to do is to elect more butinest
men and lttt peanut politician, to Ihe
local bouta.���Cranbrook Herald,
t^S> the ordinary run of mtdlcal practice a
greater number than thit have treatesl caanas
af chronic dytpepsla tud have failed, to em*
-but Dr. Von Sfin't Pineapple Tablett (IX)
In a box at 86 centi cott) have made the cure,
giving relSt in one day. Tbete little
".specialists" hive pioven their real merit.
8��BbyB.W. I'atn.ora-7S
���:T.     ���������*> --'"���. '*?.���*** -,!'*-���
|R. L. Rioharslton,. tba nntealtd
insanher for Uttint, la workltiii.' to/ en-
iliii��laani toy an fnslapaiuleut poiuieal
partj' lif.Dominion politlca.
tmwr years of vn,K caVakbh,
-Cluile. sf��. Ilrown. Journalist, of Duluth,
MiunT; writes. "I have been a sufferer from
throat, and nasal catarrh Str over SO years,
'1'atf iBkU.rf.via; tlia well*known editor
of the lnsh Canadi-ip. died in Toronto,  g
August 1st., of' heart failure.
comi.lainta even whan ihe diseases bava
been standing for many -(earl, the moat
stubborn cases will yield. Price GO
cents per box. For tale by loeal druggists. Dr. Clarke's Sura Cure for
Catarrh, and Dr. Clarke's Sure Cure
for Eoxemo, tame price. 110 will bt
pall for any case ihey will not permanently cure
Dr. Clarke'a 8ura Cure for Catarrah,
and Dr. Clarke's Sure Cure for Ectema,
same price. Ten dollars will be paid
for any can they will not permanently
Among Hit Alsa Falls.
London, Julv 30.���Much imerett ia
shown over Lord Mount 8-.e|.hen'a gift
ot 140,000, she annual revenue ol
which it io 1st tpidied towards tl.e
augmentation of a'llpeusla of over SO
minlttswa lu the church of Scosland,
in tha connirie. of Aherdeeuabire and
BanSthlre, .whose psrishes.ar* altuated
In the vicinity ol Isor.l Mount Stephen's
native diltriot. Eaub miuister will
beneflt to tha extent of 1100 annnally.
Tho deed conatltutiug the gift that In
view of tht reduction which baa taken
p'lace in' pariah minister'a atipanda
during ihe last 50 yeara, Lord Mount
Siaphon deatras to restore tba clergy to
a poeition of greater independence. Tha
Glasgow Herald yesterday aald:
Lord Stephen bat gratlfled a fine
���ettilment in bettering ihecireumitan-
cea of those parish niinlkterl who aarva
his 'ain folk,'and laii.t.iledipaahearty i
recognition of bit n.uiii(ice..oa aa .the
people of Aberdeen accs.rded him for
hisi recent handioun benefaction to ,
their iuflrinary."
J. W. Dssvlla, of Golden baa been
appointed notary public in and for th*
" <*?
THE ERA, GOLDEN, B. C, Auousr9,    1! 81,
Ak.lt. I hMr thai rrs-aUag atrps
BY. rapping at the door;
Too wall 1 know the boding atssn-l
Tliat uehere la a bore.
1 do not tremble ttbm 1 tsssset
Th.'Houtssrt of my Iom,
But heaven defend as. tram th. Irtsasl
Who come-but never gout
B. drop. Into my any ctH.tr
And Mk. .bout to. n��wa;
Be peer, into my m..sucrlpt
And gtvea bla candid .lew.;
lie till. me where be like. th. Haa
And where he', forced to grieve;
Be tike. th. atrongeat libertlea,
But never take, hia leave.
Whene'er he eom.se-that dreedful
IHagolse it aa I may,
I know that, like lhe autumn rata,
He'll last throughout tlse day.
In vain I apeak of urgent laakaj
In vsin I sscowl and pout.
. frown ia no extinguisher;
It doea not put bin. outl
1 mean to lake Use knocker oi.
Put crane upon tlse sloor
Or bint to John that I am goat
To atay a month or more.
I do not tremble when I meet
Tlie atoulnt of my loess,
Bul heaven defend m. frum th. (Head
Who never, never gon! .
���John Godfrey flue
I The "Personal
|   Representative."]
I      By Blitb Sessions Tipper.j
"I am certainly growing thin," said Mr.
Alfred Whltn.au, contemplating himself
rui'fully In his mirror; "thin and hag-
pud. And, by (Icorge! there are crow's
feet coming around my eyet."
ne shaved himself vigorously for a
nioincnt, then paused, witb razor delicately poised In air. "Well, do yon wonder?", said be, addressing au Invisible
audience. "Do yun wonder-vheu you know
what a dog't life I lead? Tbe only marvel to me ia (hat I am not blind and
deaf and dumb ond bolt and maimed aud
n gibbering .'Idiot 'and a driveling im-
bpcile. *���','���I ���
Having delivered himself of thlrtttte-
r.ii'nt,* Mr. Wl.itmuu uj.penred to grow
a trifle less desiiairiug und finished bis
tnlls-t without uuy further outbursts of
lie seemed even chevrfnl as be descended the botrr.si.ilra lis his breakfast, but
vbs'n his mall v.as banded to bim once
more a lank nt jriaoni veiled blk freshly
fchnven ruddy sdil-oke.,
���'Mow the tnssilile begins," ht muttered ns be, hastily lore open a .note on
tlilsk blue inipi'r, heavily perfumed and
nslds-cssed in u big. scrawling fashionable
feminine hand.
"I.i'l mi'si's" ynu by 1(1 o'clock sharp,"
It tan. "Stinieililng must tie shuts- to end.
ill,'... ontra-is'is ssr 1 shall go mad. If the
vysteuiiitis* niTo-Miii'.' nnd InsnlTernhle
��� I. snli'.iee .villi which I an. trealssl are uot
eiupped al sin'.s%' I shall break my con-
lissi'i." ,
Mr. V.1iitnsnn sl-V.eil.
Ns,.:t he .i|ifi��'d a bnslnese envelope
will, the stntii-| ssf a iv,*ll knsstvn theater
lu its upj.er lift hand cssrni'r und rt-ii.l:-
"Cnme In tt.msirr.iw. about 11 uml Is't
ns talk ssver manes. Your star grows
more dinlKslie every hour. Sonetklng's
cot to Is? di.nc." It was signed by tke
lunnnger. '
Mr. Whitman groaned.
"Mice, pleasant, quiet morning I'm go-
Ins to hnve." he mnnsinred as he sipped
his cog,,,, "What iny sine man ever
goes Into the thcatrii-al bmriness for I
can't Imagine. If 1 ennl.1. 1 would go ont
now and buy a cotton umbrella and then
go and camp out in a country graveyard
(or Ibe rett of my life, lt would Ise so
much more agreeable and comfortable."
But Mr. Whitman finished hll breakfast and hit eisrsir. enjoying both ta long
as possible. "Now to face the music,"
be said as be set forth to walk up Broadway to the' hotel where tbt star whose
personal repretentativt be was lived.
On the waj-.be met a/prominent manager who stopped to greet lilm. "Bow
are you. Whitman!   How's bushiest?"
"Finer respondi-d -the personal repre-
tentative glibly. "House packed, latt
ul-'bt.  Standing room only." -        .
"It tbere any truth la thete rumors of
a lively fight between yog and the management?" "*'*..    ,:",.- ���    ;���:
"Net the eUghtctt," replied Whitman
nnltlushlngly. "All pnisMptswl by erisry,
malice and all unchtrlttblenessv Why,
man, wbo couldn't get on with Mint Liw-
rencet Sbe'i the tweetcit natured, most
amiable woman"���
"That. All right." Interrnpted the other. And then he cocked bis eye slyly and
wickedly at Whitman, addlug: "I managed her a seateo. my boy, and I've got a
memory.  Ta. ft."
Mr. Whitman continued hit walk, chtw*
Ing tbe bitter end of reflection. "So ht'a
on." he muttered. "II i*on't bt long bolero all* Broadway knows It. Bbe't at
likely to take Ibe bit In her teeth any
minute and bolt is she la fn breathe.
Well, I don't much care. She't wearing
me out."
Mr. Whitman waited In* hit star's parlor. From her bedroom h> could'hear her
voice���that voice nf "liquid gold," at one
of the best known of the drnmitle critics
hid dabbed It-raised In petulant accents,
"She's In bid humor," be said and ttared
gloomily Into hit hat
Pretently the door flew open with a
bang, and ont rushed a cyclone nf pink
silk draperies, gilded hair..kohled eyes
aad tnlky lips.   '
"Tori tireee lung enough coming." the
napped. "It'i ten minutes past 10 now.
Ob, don't say anything! I'm Iri no meed
to be thwarted or contradicted. Yon have
got to do something to-on*. an end to these
petty Intuits of Rutherford's. My ertls-
tie temperament cannot endure tbem. I
am going to pieces. I tell yoa. Why
don'l yoa aay sosnoflilngr .,s. *.���:���   ,'���
"How enn IT, he (sked. ftp* .told
mr to keep at 111."
"That wns hnlf air hear ago,", aba re-
tnrted.   "Now talk, tal.'i"
"Well, what's 'llie'lnitter no**", the
personal rrpiTSfniAllv.' eskisl * '���������-.
"Thew yon gn. talking as If I were always enmplnlnlng.- Milter now? .Mat--
ter eaaarb. I tbnnld sny. 1- bad frienda.
In front lasi evening and tent my maid
out with a note, and Butherf '.'.I sent la
word I must ttop It. lis���ilmt brute,
tbit beast-am 1 i litre to Rutherford
���bli prisoner? Or am 1 Bstellt Law-
react, the ttnttt amotlnuiil aetreta in the
country, condetcendlng io play at bis
miserable gingerbread theater, where he
never before had a first clan nitric-
ileal" A kufit of hysteric tears and a
liee ttfgtd handkerchier here cumt iu..
"Well, well," slid Whitman soothingly.
"Now don't, my dear girl. You'll makt
yourself UL I'll seo Rutherford at ouce
sud have a talk with him uud fix It all
up. But yon know no manager allows
notes back and forth."
"If I cannct be allowed to communicate
with my friends," sobbed the lady, "I
might at well go to���to-to���jail���and be
done with It."
"There, there," said the poor personal
representative, still more soothingly. "01
course it's very annoying, but really you
mustn't give way so. Marie," to the
maid, "bring some cologne and bathe
Miss Lawrence's bead. And now, my
dear, you'd better He down and compost
yourself. You won't be fit to appear thii
Aod, thut having soothed' and coaxed
and cajoled the fair out Into a semblance
of composure, the, wretched man set out
for the theater to take bis second dote.
"I tell you, Whitman," tald the angry
manager, "your itar hat got the twellesl
head, Htr notices have turned ber bead,
and ibe Isn't doing i thing but put bn
airs.' But don't forget lt Is the box office
that talks. Sbe'i earning no money for
ut. Tou know the lermt of our contract.
I with the would break it and get out.
I'm tick and tired of ber whims and her
devilish airs."
"So am I," thought tbe unfortunate
personal representative. But aloud he
said: "That's all ..right. Yon've got to
treat Miss Lawrence like a lady or 111
know tbe reason why."
After more angry and futile talk the
two separated, and Mr. Aif red Whitman
felt tbat his exhausted frame required
support., So he went to a convenient
cafe.and ordered one, two and three supports, which he drank as rapidly at possible.
After this life looked somewhat brighter, tnd he returned to the theater for the
matinee ps-rfornianee.
nnt.'s of todav There are old English
lanterns' there" tbat wonld delight' the
heart of tha eollector of curios.
Among the (Talhes-sr lamps arc those
made nr bamboo and Used to light alleyways They are tbt. illumlnatois .that so
often ltad to conflagration*. Eskimo
lamps, old fash-sms-d olive oil lampt and
Japanese lanterns suspended from sticks
add lo the Interest of tha stolitctloBV-
Keuth't Con-ptnloa.
-iava nu. thunderstorms on an average
IT days tn tbe year; Italy, ti; Belgium,
Hi; Holland, 18; Franoe, Anuria and
touth Russia, 16; Spain and Portugal, 111;
England and the high Swiss mountains,
7; Norway, 4; Cairo, 11. lu oust- Turkestan, at well aa In tbe extreme north, there
���re scarcely auy thunderstorms known.
The happincsa of home life depenii
largely on the health of the wife and
mother. When her strength it unequal
to the daily cares and duties of home,
tlie evening hour finds her utterly worn
out, too tired to talk, too weary to read.
At first even she is glad to have her
husband go out for the evening. She
wants rest and quiet at any price. And
so the foundation for marital misery ia
often laid in ill-health.
But when the housewife is healthy
and strong she finds iu her day's duties
only a sufficient outlet for lier energy.
She looks forward all day to the evening
I hour spent with  her  husband over a
During ihe first act a curd was sent to
bim. Hc glanced nt It and reasl the
name of a well known woman, a special
writer for one of the big Sunday papers.
Again the look ssf glossm descended cu bis
countenance. Bnt he sent out word he
wonld see tbe lady. In tripped a businesslike little woman witb a frank, audacious face. "How do you do, Mr. Whitman?" tht tald. "How were you pleased
with the pictures last Sunday?"    .
"Why, I thought them very good Indeed," be said hesitatingly, "but"���
"Didn't Miss Lawrence like them?"
The newspaper woman jumped quickly
to conclusions.
"No, I can't sny she did," Bald tbe personal representative. "She was very
mnch upset." I
'That's a pity. Perhaps 1 had better
see her."- |
But Mr. Whitman rose from his sett
in nhirm. "My denr yonng Indy," he
suld tri'mtslnitsly, "ps-rhaps yon had better not. 1 hnph.iv ynu. if you have any
.-.itumlsertitliiji fssr a suffering fellow being ki's'i, nwsy from Miss Lawrence."    I
"Is It so bail ns IhiilV" laughed the
ns'wspnjsi'r wsiuiun. !
"Il's���it's "Worse." he said. "Dou't'
yssi. know thut tit'tors and actresses nre
til children? And they've gist (is be coaxed ...id en.l.lli'il nnd petted like children. '
Miss I.nsvi's'iii'i, des lured those pictures
sue a libel ami threatens to sue your paper. So you would best uw try to set
.       .       *       ��        *       t       a
At the close ot the matinee Mr. Whitman was summoned to his star's dressing
room. Her maid was Jnst throwing her
chinchilla bordered mantle over her shoulders as he knocked.
"My phytftlan was In front this afternoon." she began, "I'd like to know wby
be wasn't given n box? And what do the
stage carpenters mean by kicking my
dog out of the wings? And that out-
rnit.ous Mine. Chiffon has not tent my
kook, or passed iu quiet conversation.
And every evening so spent draws the
wife nearer to the husband aud knits
together the twain who are "one flesh"
in the higher unity of one mind.
Every womnu sliould know that the
general health depends on the local
womanly health. Irregularity, weakening drains, inflamui.i'ion.-ulceration and
female weakness are disorders whicli sap
the woman's streii;;lli nnd destroy her
happiness wilh her health.
In niuety-ei-tht cases in every hundred
the use of Dr. Tierce's Favorite Prescription will" els.ee- a complete cure of
womanly diseases. It is a reliable regit,
lator. It dries lhe strains which enfeeble
women. It heals iufluuiniatioii and ulceration anil cures feiuule weakness, ft
makes we,ii tiHiiixe*l slmig and sick
women well.
Sick aiul ailing wot'.ieil are invited to
consult Dr. I'ierce, Iv letter, free, All
corrcipoii'lsutce is hs'l.1 as f.icreslly ccn-
lisleutsal an 1 womanly roud 'duces are
guarded by strict prpi'es-i.ini'l privacy.
Address Dr. R. V. I'ierce, liufTalo, N. .',
Iu a little ove ll'.iity years, assisted
by his ii'tcslicisl staff of nearly a scosc of
physicians, Dr. Pierce, chitt consulting
physician to tlle Invalids' lint, I ui.d
Surgical.Institute of IlurTalo, X. y��� lms
Canadian Pacific Railway
Starting June 10th, will
make the run from Coast
to coast in 	
100 Hours.
Cheap rates now in effect
"to the   ......
For full particulars apply
lo the nearest local agent,
or la	
Agent, A.Q.P.A.,
Golden,' B. C. Vancouver.
Church Services.
Services every Sunday at 11a.m. and
7:30 p.m. Celebration cf Holy Communion 1st and Srd Sundays of the month
alter Moruiug Prayer, and on Greater
Festivals-ami Holy Daya at 8 a.m., or
as may be announced from tbo chancel.
Ssinday School at 2:110 p.m.
All are cordially invitod to attend
the services.
C F. Yates, Vicar,
.Service every Sivnslav sit 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School and Bible Class a:. 3
p.m. sharp.
Choir practice every Thursday even-
at 7.
Bev. V. M. Purdy, B.A., Pastor.
urrnoDisr church,
S.rvis'es every Sunday at 11 a.m. aud
7:3. ) m.
Sunday School ,.: 2:30 p.m.
Prayer Mealing on Tuesday atS p.m.
IIkv. Jt. B. La ii.i.bv,'Pastor.
I.islilen is the distributing point fnr the rich
Miisissg Divisions nf linlilen and Winder-
mere. Trains, mails, singe uud bouts ai'ris c
anil ilejuirt its tulhnvs i
C.P.I.', frotn Klist, ir.:.Vi, Unilv.
"   West. 10-OH,     "'
�����tnjris frran Windermere. ItisTfl, Krlilsv,
SH. Duchess fi ran Whiilenuorls, 1U.UU Weil*
liesdny -nisi Sunday.
C.I'.K. gsslne "sVost, liVsli, Daily.
East, Irt-OTi,    *'
treated and cured more than half a mil- I """u*" i'< Winderusero, Mil. Sundays*.
lion women. i *""'���'��� l-i's'lie-;-' t<�� Vs hulersncru, 4rfW, Ttss-sslsys
There i.no similar offer <sf free con- j      ''���"' ���*'1'i||��>'��-
imitation In- letter which loss behind il     Miiilsarrivfljiiid de|a,�� from Uolden Post
a physician of Dr. Pierce's <���>. i.iencc ami I(11*"'1' "* '"-4'""1'
success, or an institution of worlil-uide
fame such as the Invalids' lintel and
Surgical Institute of Buffalo, N. Y.
Write to Dr. Pierce und obtain a
specialist's opinion absolutely without
cliargc or fee.
RIwns plermetl Hint Ur. Pierce nmnvc-rcd ny
letter." writes Mrs. c. W. Vuhhr. of Sontn
Repent Street fl.re l'tirl;., Witkeslmrre. lVtitm.
* I ttni jK.rft-c.lv tvillhiK for you to ut-* mv mime
���ml mlilre-*!*, ar, I think il my duty to'let the
people know whnt a wotiili r ul met'liiitp yiiu
linvf*.    wiifii I had tho-te -mir-lini.*. I fcrpnu to
Arrive-From Kn*��t 1iV*r>ilnii\*.
"     Went 'tUiflH ���*
"     Simtli 17r<W '.Wil. nnd FriJny.
I)oi'��rt-For Wnt 1'uVMlniK'.
'���    T-twt   10-rflct  "
"    Suuili 21:00 Haiuraitpit lft-^iO
Kor in tr ml until nm*-:. be in 10    iiiutcs be*
fore hinIIx clwe
I'.icili-i*. sfiiiiilanl time.
meilicine I would kcoii t* alt rmht. My ftnek
used to alniont hrenk and I would get nick at
my stomach nml huve auch hendueIk's I did not
know what to tlo; they iif-ed to ret mt nearly
crazy, and I used to dread to get up, I felt ee
liiid; then I begun tnkliiK your medicine.
When baby wn-t expected I took it alt the tlmt
I wa* that way. 1 felt fine att the lime and I
sever get those dizzy upella now; I hardly ever
have a nervuim heaii.n-lic any more.   I have a
Eerfect romp of a hoy; hc ti the tipht of our
ome. I am now twentv yearn old and mv
baby la almost eight -mouths old. I now feel
well, and weigh iSo pouuda. nnd ihe hnby s.fU
pounds. We feci very grnlefnl for the Rood
vour medicine did fur tu. We are both healthy,
thauka to Dr. Pierce's medicine."
* Your ' Pavorit. Prescription' haa done se
much for me," anvs Mra. Sinsun Wrnat. of Lawo-
slat*; clcvelSs'.d to., N. C. ".h.l I fsxl il ny
duty lo writs..lo vols and tell yots J think ft
ssaved my Htr.' I Isftsl beess under lhe tre.tm.at
ef tm. doctors���had two nsish.pa. I was .tms��t
a aks-letnis, weighed only .evenly (sound.. A
friend of mine recommeoded Doctor Pierre'.
Pavorite Prescription, and when I commenced
lo t.lte ie mv health liernn to Improve greatly.
In lea mosth. I w.. a happy mother. I had
only taken ala bottle* and have never taken any
medicine .Inc., of l
pentads.   I am now swsRinr
aaothsar child ia th. heat of h.allh.
aay kind, and now weigh 130
I cannot
K.voril. rre-
ssay too much la pralM of year
Dr. Pierce'a Pleasant Pelleta ate at
onee the most agreeable and nioat stflte-
tj-re laxative far women's nae.
_ -       ..._���    Hi.. ..���,.    <).-.    **.*:,.��-A    initia . wiinin never ssave qnuorv... ani. my
new   costume,   alllum-li   lhe   perjured , hushaml olw.v. ,al,l that If I would t��kr vour
wretch swore It should be nt my hotel by
1 o'clock.   Now. unless 1 have that gown,
there'll be tronble."
"There sever Is anything else," thought
Ihe P. II.
"I want yon to go to that frightful old
dressmaker, and get tbat gown for me."
"I'm not a meeaenger boy," began poor
Whitman, but was Interrupted.
"Yon can take your choice, Ur. Alfred
Whitman. Oo and get the gown and
bring It to my hotel, or 1 do not play tbis
evening.   There!"
Of course the gentlemonly represents-
tive yielded the point, as he always did,
and, taking a cab, drove to the honse ot
the dressmaker, npon whom he emptied
the viola of his wrath. The exquisite
creation was hastily peeked and carried/
out to Ihe cab. and Ur. Whitman and tbe
gown started for the hotel of the star.
It Is beet not to dwell npon Ae mental
condition at tbe personal representative
during Ibis ride. Re had Jnst come to
the conclusion that be most draw, tbe
line somewhere when tbere came a tremendous crash like the crack of doom.
A cable car had struck the cab and
overturned It The horse ran away, tbe
driver was burled ten feet, the personal
representstlve was picked np uncan/
sclous, aad Broadway was strewn with
lace and ribbons and accordion plaiting. ,
eee      a      a      a      ��� ���,
Ai midnight the personal representative opened bis languid eyes and looked
up Into a sweet, setene face under a
dainty white cap,
������Shi" said the owner of this face.
���'Don** talk; don't move."
-"Where am I?" murmured the poo'
fellow.  "InheevenT
"Sia." come that soft tow voice. "In
the hospital.   Ton were bsdly hurt,"
The personal representstlve cloeed hia
eyes again. In the hospital? Badly
burl? Well, what matter? Hehad
not been so comfortable for two months.
He was perfectly satlsBed.-Kew Sort
.Herald. ��� . ,..-.. .*....���������',
Ssame Curious Laa.**.    .'
A drelly lamp has thsj,fbartn of novelty.
It halls from the West.lndlea and Is quite
a' preicptiiius sffulr, being IS Inches high
.nnd luilll In Ihree stories. It Is mnde ef
wicker an.l bambsso cages, with little
ds-eio. *  .    .
la taeae eigea (r����lfa ara Imprisoned
end art eared far ens) fed. The lamp la
one of a Mlls-K'Hm. brought together at
Ihe National muaeuB in Washington by
Walter Hough.
The cdllertlnn Includes lamps et all
ages, frnm those nf ancient nations ta
���     ���          .-*���> sa  t>,,���ll.->
A. f. * A. .It.
Munutah. Loslirr, Nn. II. A. F. &
A. M. Keixiilisr Commuulratinn,
second Monsiny in every month.
Sn'miruhiu- brethren cordially invited.
II. W. 1'ATMOUE. W. M.
C ll. I'AIISU.N  'Secretary.
I,  O. 6.  V,
Becky Mountain Lodjre No. Ill meets in
Osldlellows Hall, (lolsloss, every Weslnesdil)-
nt * P.m.   SoJinirniiiK brethren welenme.
F.. SI. l'EAKCE, N.U. T. KINI-, Sec
'��� An iiiveatiirailssn ,lmo allairs of lhe
Westminister jail haa commenced.
Warden Armstrong is charged with
mlaapproprlailnit jail supplin and improper conduct wilh  h-mele prisoners.
Reeryhody |n*e��ented 10 Their Roynl
Hiuhsse s*s, Il'ilse and Duchess s.f
Cornwall aud York,  inuat wear silk
(Fern. F.)
Certificate of Improvements.
claims,sitimte in lhs> Ooklen Mns.nj; Uiu
aims ssf North Enst Kssstenay Disstrict.
Wlianluralod r-OnPttertallCroek.
Takn notico that I, E. Mi.cKenr.ie, 1:rae
Miner!*. Cevillli'iile Ko. 111070S, Intend, slaty
s'lavs frsm.tho dale l.oreof, ioa|ip)y u. Hie
Mining Beessrder lor a ccrliricato ot hnprovo-
niiss.ts"fur Ibe puruswis of ohMininjc a Crown
Krantefthaabovo claim.
Ami further ts.ko notice tbat action, under
section 117, must Iss fini.uieus-osl belore tho is*
siunu'e id ssich certificate of Improwsmouts.
listed this Tenth dey of Jnno,.lU0l,
Uy his Agent
It. il. I'AltBON.
Columbia River L^wiber Ca
 Fir snd Spruce Lumber.
MANUFACTURERS OF QeC|ar  $j||Si   efCi)
iLL KINDS OF .......    ���.
��� - Fir Dimension a Specialty.
*+ Mills at Golden, Beaver and Kualt. +-
Largest Capacity in the Ucuntains.    Terms Cash.
Head Office, Golden, tJ.C
AGENT for Golden
and vicinity for lho
Salo of hardly lines
Standard Fruit Stock, Small Fruits, Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, etc. Terms libcral.
Apply now to the
The Prospectors' Exchange
Ko. 4, K.-\V,-0. BLOCK, KELSON', B.C.
Gold, Silver Lend and Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE.
FREE MILLING GOLD isropcrtit, wanted at once for Eastern investors,
Parties havinir mininu property for,Bnle are requested lo send sss.ni-les of thei*
ore to the Exchange for exhibition.
Wo desire to honr  from   prosjiectors  wbo  hsive proinii-in�� mineral claim, n
British Columbia. -
Prospectors and minim.' men are requested to make the Exchange  their  headquarters when in Nelson. . '
All samples should bo sent by express, PREPAID.
Coi*res|)ondence solicited.    Address a'.l communications to
AXIMIKW  *.. R��HEXlirR---rit
Telephone No. 104. P.O. Box 700. NELSON, B.C.
Eleventh Year of Publication.
Circulates Throughout the District.
Subscribers all over the Continent.
Examine our list and so*; if there is anything you ivquiro
in Job Printing.   WE PRINT :
Siliri'IN'll TAI IS
Rider Agents Wanted
d'onM P.)
:Os,c isi s'soh lovvn In
I ii.aniifaeiiii-e,
haia and frook uoata.   Esvl'*o are to i        ,. ��r  |m���-,nvamant.8 ' "'���",1,f,,el"7 ,
ba dressed in hall-inournin*!, i Cortifl-Jate    Of   ImpTOVemontS,, whe(jl ,��� viie ,���, ,.um.8eU
ride aid exhibit s snips.1.' Iflfll  ss-n.lel   l-icyr-le of onr
VOU CAN MAKE $10 TO Ss'sO A WEEK Is.ss.les  havili|| a
l��HTs��.  a
��'*mi*W.>��I*��W'W'Ii".  Aildmr-, K-OV*��rfc ug^
V��l��hem>i get i'R|hlw��7i Xtw Vi��k CltJ.
slnuite in tho <l"l'i��ss M.uiiiB niyislraiot,
feast Kosslenay Distris't, sis. tl.e Middle lyk j
of the Hi'llliinaeheno river, and Isnuudesl |
nurih hy vaca.it Crown liinils; snuih hy the'
Whistl''r ass) Favurise, Cr. Or., mineral
claims; cast by Mastd 8. asul Su.usl by, I r. j
Or., mineral claims: "rest I'}' the Inter
national am'. Fsivssrite Cr.Or mlnnral elainis.
TAKE NOTli'K llust I. Jauies Brii.lv,
ai'^ij.'.issiBont.��irJ. I.. Mi nh.J .l.lei.u-',
an.1 II. N. Ilsird. Free Mines'.- < urilHriile
Xsis. II IMsW. II4 lid I ansl B MW.ssJ. intoisl,
sljlv ds.vs fivni thu .1st* l.ersmt. t��� upislj; is.
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���00 & '99 Models Best Mrke. . - - f 7 to $12
500 Second-Hand Wheels, ta ken in trado
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*Xf,\ ,���,. 1,1,'vel.. ON APPIIOVAL to anyune Wl'JHl CT A CV>T
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inn from ns. as you do not need to |usv
t\im  .si kaiu s wlss'el Until vms hu-e written lor ons FAI TORY PRICES
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Yi.ii tsslt.,abssvliitely
NO 1IISK in orders
cent if the Hryrle sloe�� ssot suit yu".
. cnaranies'of the iiuslity nf .snr ��he, is.
lile ViuliiV^VsiSiBfTsa* siT-nvtllis'iito's'sf'liu ' heen .-^..ulled and it is i
nrssvei.sei.is, for tlm iiurnssse of saiiahihiK a, ��� . . i���������
Orewn Urs.lt nfths'sUs. s'lairn. I        \VF. WANT a reliable isevsoil 111 ea.'.h town so.l.si.slsuts- oalaloirnes Isir ua
Ansl further tnKo uniirj thnt luti'sn. unsler j.   ...-.,...��� for a bicyile.    Write today for free catslous.e ..nd our .jstsvialob.r.
��cliun 87. ..nisi Ise siossui.eu.esl l.istr.rotlio '" eaooauge iu. a 0,0,..
issi.ssns-n of slash f'-eriills'isti! ul'lin|)royoiiiuiit8.;
���rtivaai* *�� **' **-***** -���*,*.-.-���.��� */. ---:,-_    . -.    .
llsicliMs'l'histeiiiili  h-.y of .Is.ly. A.li* j
III5I. -��>   '
J. L WFftD CYCLE CO.. (Mimk
XiA'AiAip^.v.'P.i^'^* ./t.a.t^V*'*/?^
| Town and District. |
Jits. Harry IVooilley, of Toronto, is
visiting ber mother inlaw Mrs. Geo.
\VoodIey, of Oolden.
Prospectors who have claims lo dispose of sliould consult Andrew F,
R-jsenh ruer, of lhe Prosjicctot'e Each . ncs, Nelson.   See   ad on page  8.*
Ms H'livard Laidley, nephew of Rev.
II  H. Laidley, paid his relatives here
avlait, l-ist week.    Ho is from Ontario,
. but lutsnls snttlln.tr in   il.e North west.
Jie returned on Wrdiii-.ilisy.
Mr. Fred Stalker wus itlsle lo leave
the lIo.|.ital on Wednosduy having
fully l-ecovered from the threatened
ss.sck of sniioiidicittis from which be
was siiffmiiiK.
A mother living in Peterboro, Out..,
is eiii|iiiriug for her son, Peter O'Ns.il
Hs came wttst in 1811.1, and was last
lieird uf at Heaver, P. C. Address
Jos. Henley. Boi "III,   I'sterboio, Ont.
Mr, J Piukhaui. while having a
f.irawell dip iu the waters ot Like
Windermere on sSntardny awning, cut
his foot Severely as. a broken bottle
ila weut lo Oh Hospital on the arrival
oi ih�� Duchess at Golden.
The S'lver Challenge Cup |,resentesl
b.v Hon. W C Wells for coiujietltloii
ainuntf tlio Asstictstion Football Clubs
of North East Kootenny bus been on
exhibition iu IV. Alexander's window
this week, it is of a plaits bu*. elfeclive
ds'Si^u and when tlte elssjuy huso arrives will ssniks the best football
trophy in the west.
Tins medals which were won hy the
Golden Football club iu the Match
with Riticls.oke ot. July Ist aru on
ex Ifl hi Hop iu W Alexander's window
ami hare heen much admired, They
are of silver enamelled in two colors
will, a k-1s s-autre which .hows two
ti,-ur.s in low relief, engaged iu ihu
We are in rs'ceipt of the pr'sie lipi for
ihe New A'usiiiiii.stei- exhibition'. I
is a vstry cre,|italile proslliolio'n, s'.on*
Hilling 108 pages printeil hy Dingle st
Galbraith. Tlie fair will be held on
October 1, 2, 3A 4. Tba i rize Hai
amounts ioMO,000. Therowill bo lb.
usual sports and aiisertuinwieiiis for
visitors thul have chai-sicterized forms.--
exliihiiiuiis. ,
A committee of ofliccrs aud teachers
ofthe Methodist Sunday School havs-
in hit..,I the matter of arranging an
an excursion and basket picnic up the
river h) the steamer Duchess. As tbe
water is pretty high just now the dato
hiss not In est fixed, hut it is thought
probable thai it will take plane inside
of three weeks. Tu our next issue d*.-
fii.il-*. notice wil! bs given. An excttr-
lion ought tu Luke) w.-il iu this betiini-
iui weather.
Oue ofthe most interested spectator!,
at lhe Golden Win lennere football
match was Mv S.oddal'd's isuu'ciosvj
.Inn. When Iba Golduit vi.iiurs uere
leaving. Mr Siodd'u)'il piuseiilcl the
bud to Wm MoNeish and in the short
lime since It jl arrival ill town ha has
managed to mske hini-elf ihoruutrhly
a*, home, dvoii..-; lhe first few
days to a honsisl6liOs.se visitation of
tbeisiwu which, has tu all apjieisruiicas,
ksiisiiesl hi... us to ihe desirability of
Guide..'as a resilience.
Tne lie* gams, warden recently ap-
pois.teti can Hnd wurk to do on the
tb* Kootenay liver, K*>|iOI'lS havo
s'oine io liainl of llpllsus frum the
Nofihivesf cuiiiiiir into B.C., ami killing sleer uui'..inoo-.e. They huve ul-
ready .hut live mouse-rib raw bulls assd
iwo oowi-and twelve red tlevr, I(a
n hi's umi. wero guilty ut this in-
fiit, lion of the game laa' hu w-wl-J
quickly'be lil'toughl to jnetlue, and we
s -* no le.i.ou why Indians. elpOclully
ibu.e (ruin u'si.ido uf 11. C. should Ise
allowed io kill uut of season. Hy sll
ill .litis let the Government enforce the
game laws aid s�� su it those who are
auili.v of infractions are made io.iit.er
fu. -.heir ilul.suretiun.
The liwelilii; called for Tlius'sdav
evening by "Jr. Usuastbiu. our well*
kiiuwn nsiiiH owner, tw'ilineiiss ihe
school sjisestiuss, was largely attended
In-the mining men of lhe lowli. Mr.
|j.<lMStlsill. lu a very uleaiMiidoiiiviuC'
ii.K <|*os;h, allowed lln'tlie notion of
the Dotnluioii Guveriiiiwiit. uf lfJSU in
liking nway li.u-1 to whiuli bo ban al-
ira ly si-uuresl a tiiId. and usksfd if lho
ni ileus present would eu-spurt him in
uiorcising hi* 'iKbta A resolution
v'ua psiaausl uiisuiimously. culling-on
Mr, Sjba.ti.sss to liis.*) in. siedis.ie pus*
Hiasiuu of tho pru-asny wlii-h ii.oludea
all the Uud within a four-mile radius
of Mi* Ssibuatiuii'adwelling. hiiJ��.".00,-
OUO of stock ii. Mr. Scbiisiiun's swelter
v..,., sub��oi''ljj(il for at tiio moeliit*.
Mr. Arthur Hamilton le making
good progress in clearing off the race
Mr. E. 8cliunter returned from a
'Lit tc hie home In Ontario tbia week.
He brought with him a number of
men from the vicinity of his home to
wo'k in tin., bush for tl.e Columbia
Riser Lu in l-er Co.
Rev. X, M. Purdy. the Presbyterian
minister, has seen fir, to resign his
chirge here, the resignation haying
be1., se'it into ihe Convener ofthe
Homo Mission Committee, who refused
su acoopt i'and urged Mr. Purdy to
remain. Mr. Purdy however, having
fully decided on ihis step, has placed
the matter before the Presbytery which
will deal with it at its meeting early
in September.
The adjourned school nicetini: waa
reassembled on Monday, Aug., o, ami
'(though no word had bison received
from Victoria, In-answer to the questions sub...Iiitd to lhe Attorney-Gen.
eral's Oapiirtuio'it, It was decided to
go en wiih tbo voting ou the school
site. A protest was omeied agsinsl
this aotion and ouly on. of the voters
living on tl.e north side of the Kicking
Horse registered a vote ou the question, I
as it was thought that it was not rlghl
tu go on wilh the matter until answers to tha committee's questions had
heou received. The result of the j.oll
was 110 (or, 1 agitiusi.
Tho Victoria fool ball Club had to
cltnnge the Jute of their hull, which
was to bo held on August 2.*ird lo Tubs
day, Aug. 20th., ou account of a bill
at Field, g'.ve i on the 2.1nl. Tiie 1. d e-
bave e ino 10 the aid of lhe hoys in
promising refreshments, aiul Mr. C A
Warren has kindly consented to act as
lloor manager at the dance. Tickets,
whicli are selling ut SI 00 a couple,
cau he bought at Ihis office or
from members of the committee. As
thi. is the first attempt of tiie bovs at
anything of this nature ir is to lw
hoped thut e-.ery person, who has an
interest iu our hoys, will Im present at
the'ball   whether  they dance  or not.
What is the Value of an
(Br niton IlAsmiis, .if ��.. F.I.C.)
At first sight this seems to be u
strange question, but when - one consolers what is usually meant when an
assay is quoted in reference lo a piece
of rock from a mining property, it is
qnoted as being the value of the ledge,
and this Is what it is not in the majority of cases. An assay sample to represent the riilue of ti ledge must
necessarily consist of the rock that is
representative of all the different kinds
of rock or gangue that occur in the ledge
In ns nearly as possible the same proportion its they ocrur naturally. This
is what tho owners of properties neg
leet to do. Tl.ey take a sample of the
ore only, separating the gangue ns
much ns possible, in fact they concentrate the ore on the property aud again
in Ibe assayer's office, before bunding
in the sample for assay, the result
being nn nanny return showing the
values of the ore in a highly concentrated furin, in many cases 20 times us
high us it should bu, this result being
handed round as an average of the
iedge; '.be owner fully believing ull Iho
time hu has been conscientiously sampling the ore, He ban not, but simply
picking out the best pieces. Thia |ilan
is very often adopted by |srospectors,
hut the more usual one is to break off
pieces of rock from the ledge and keep
the best looking ones, and have the
best of whut l.e has kept as��ayed. This
plan, although giving much too high
a result, is not nearly so bnd ns the
first, but still is apt to lend to disastrous results as the following case
will show which ban|.ened three or
four s ears ago.
Any funds that am lef' after nil debts
snd i'X|'0nses are  pn id will  he donated | 0P""0"
tu tbe Gil,leu A uuieur Athletic Association.
roll,,., Court.
On the 2ml of August,  K.tm   High
Was brought np liefore II. R.   Moodie.
A compuny owned a property and
were trying to do tbe right thing by
the shareholders, their manager was
the locator of the claims, a prospector,
wiih little experience of mining. The
assays run from $15 to $42, nnd ao the
directors begnu lo have a pretty goosl
ol their |si-o|ieri.v. Finally
ilu-y bs'came abort of funds and tried
to sell out. A tlioinugl.ly consu'enlious
mining engineer was sent out lo make
a report for the ivoulj be piu dinners.
His highest return wns $1.00 and ihe
general   average   sample  $2 50.   The
.1.   P., and fined $.'. asid  costs or  1*'>, mining tingiuetu' in question said that
days hnrd labor for being drunk and
disorderly, anil usting obst-enelanguage.
Oil Aug   8th..  Elwiird  Coulter, a
new arrival frum the Enst, drunk and
j disorderly, using obscene language and
; wauling to light or kill  someone, was
Irijol, *.-. before J. E.  Griffith,  Esq.,
.'St ipehtlnry.Magistrate.
I    Tnis young man,  22 years of age.
can neither read nor writs; had no
.schooling, no church ami hail, rrom
[Ontario,   hilt  his  vocabulary   in  low
iai'guage ia iiniiiei.se.
Donald llo.sia.
Mr Jos Shaw, jr., line In-tiii   very
successful in passing his ti nil exam*
illusions at the Calgary High School, ���
tlse results of which  he heard a few
week. ago.   He was uwnrloJ a Second j
Class Xon-professioual   Teacher's Certificate for theTerrltorie-s.    Joe  was
l.e had male the best he could of i'
its he woulsl have gladly given a favor
41.10 report had ihe poperty. given him
as chance.
To taku an average sample takes
eotumlernblo time and care, uud is not
so easy ns it appears tube. It Is
certainly an extremely important operation requiring bull., experience uud
practice. Anyone csn go und chip off
it few j.ieces of rock here aud there and
osll that sampling, but it iu not. erery
one who can go and sample a mine
nnd find out what it ia worth to a
-The more successful j.rospectors I
have come ..cross are all of them par*
tiuulnr about their .-samples, both in
taking them aud having tbem thoroughly mixed in the assay office j be.
���cans') minerals exist iu mauy sliai.es
,    ..and forms,   and wl at uppears to be
forsnerelyapupslofihs Dunaldscho>l|o||ly   ..^   mu(,   gh_a   ^.^ ^
richest  minerals.     Thia  experienced
Inspectors know and take thoir saiu-
aud his claa. mates will be  pleased to
bear uf his success.
Mr. and   ��lrs.  McMillan,and tlieir j piort nccor<Ji*ip;Jy.
guest, Mrs Drake of Wiuuipeg, visited.    -fho |^st waj,' |s t0 take aa good aod
Goldeu last   Saturday.    Mrs.   Hiskojf,.,,'��� *..,.,...|,* ���, possible, of all kinds
was to leave Donald on  Monday to ���, tou\. the ^j^ mny contain, and
visii   friends ut  jiiiuiluups  and  tlie! brinjf it'��o the neisaasyer and get him to
assay and saai|.le it for you. The assay result of auch a sample will have
aome real value,
A Henry t.'ontriK't.
.I.si-.k S'swart I.hs rewired the con*
tract for the seven mile cut off which
ih* ('....ailiin Pacific Railway Co. bus
sledded to build ar Field ut. the main
In..', Thu work is very heavy an 1 Is
ox|iecte,l to cost well on to $100,000
per mile. Its construction will oflcct
it great saving in the operation of lhe
I'M,! hot!i in respect to limo au.1 ex-
jmisa.��� Jfilsoii Tribute.
This, no doubt, ref-us to tlmt por-
tiji. of the ro.id between Field and
Oitertsiil. i* new route for wbioh wss
surveyed last siiininor, which will do
away with thu Ottertail grade.
The hest wny to represent a property
to |ioc|,|�� is to take as. average sample,
and also a apeoitueii of tha beat ore in
thu properly, quoting the two sainples,
first, an tiie average of ao many feat
uf the v.in, the otber aa' representing
the clean ore, and if there is a solid
streak of ore give tbo width,' Tnis at
once gives anyone un idea of the value
of the property. Evan if the average
bu low. it does not so much matter if
there Is plenty of it and of a concentrating quality.
To suoh an extent haa the habit gon",
in some parts of the- oountry, of con'
WANTKI)-TKi;.ST\VORTIIYMK\ASO:i'">"'ating lhe assay sum pie, before
Iw'sH-eu io travel nml advertise lur old ostsls-1 as^ayinii lhat a prospector's assay
lli-beil house nf.Miliil (iniinriiil-.tumliug.   Sid-! ,       , ,     '        >> ,
I ary *7*"i a yenr siel expenisw, nil |uiy<ili!�� In j return has become a bye-woM, ao much
|sis-h. No * s-niiviiasliijf iwiiiirad. Give ro- s .���_. -voulii. be Investors get dis-
��res,ees snsl essrlisse selt-asldresssid milinpsssl I '     ,
eiivelnjse. Adilre... M..n..gor, .'km t'axtuu gu-ned, after oue or two ex|sariences,
JisUg,, i hic.gss. net 11
_____ of thinking  they are going  to  see
KilF-rNU'll^-ivTl'lT^UCCUMH   i���- soiuetbi.ng really   guud, and   finding
..siSsutb Assiisilesii Whuumaie Cure iWui.-ns I-|l(,j.. J,m,e.a|   average   sample going
il got'.-i riglu t,i the s"rfl ot the tumble -t.ia.l: " ... .....    i
ra'inVM me cause. Msnysss called cures hut j only ..ue or twu dollars, ufie.' tl.ey had
a.m,,;, pah. Ie.ii|s,r.n*ily sss.lv, m .We It ___, ,0le,������|y UDSured lhat il lie ver
Minns sgiiiu with dtsublo vlnlours.   ilot so . * .
with ilslsgrest i*sssh��I,v.   ll ei'-nlii'isitis Is'nin i went Uiie.iib *20i    'lhe result is that
llTtninT���tMtUV*1 "uTE'if! i **>* "'" -**���!�� -*���*-** ~i - *��-" >-
I ,iimore.- TI .      j iuvesiur, ultur he has had
JOU I'ltK.TKjy uur SjsJcIally,.        I ..uparlui.c.j, iu, Who too*
oue ortwu|i,o(,e u
ic .ainj'le 1' that Mr-
end, Who uaeajed it ti.. If tj.e answer
to the first ia "tha f.rosjsector," in
many oaaea it la hard to get him to
listen to any* more.. Thia, of course
maksa it 7ery hard far the owners of
really good properties to get a chance
to sell.
It is tbis luck of making the samples
ot any real value that baa in a great
measure kept this country back. If
onlv the prospectors' samplee wore
taken with more care, they would be of
some value and -would certainly bring
quicker returns, and it moat be remembered that the value of the assay retnrn
dcjionds upon tho care with whioh tbe
original sample is taken.
Palliser Pabulum
From Our Oun Correspondent.
Palliser, July 7.���Viewed from whatever atandpoiut one may choose the
administration of heathen Oriental
immigrants into this count ry bus not
one redeeming phase, They bring
with tbem all their barbaric customs
and all their hideous vices wiih which
tliey defy our oiviiiastion or Christianity to eradicate. They reduce Ihe
labor market to a standard that no
white man can complete or subsist in
it, while they becoino a ready prey for
thn designing labor contractor who. in
collusion with tbermployer, robs them
of their wage and profits enormously
out of iheir ignorance. The taak of
civilisiing and christianizing heathens
here is too great when weighed against
the contaminating influence they exert
over our own depraved race. The
social habits of the Chiucse aud Japanese are far fr.uu being such thnt
would elevate the youib or their
elders and their economic worth lo the
country ia uii since tbey deport their
money, iheir bones anil iheir clothes
Britain's other sslf governing colonies
have excluded tbem from entry; only
Canada, poor politically damned Cauada, tolerates. Sir Wilfrid Laurier
allows that tbey are a necessary evil.
The Right Hon. Joae|sh Chamberlain,
Colonial Secretary urge, the Dominion
Government to bear with the Japanese
us it might disturb the entente conliule
existing he-ween Britain nnd Japan
to restrict their immigration. Iu other
worjs, Canadians must suffsr that the
Right Hun.'gentleman may use Japan
as a sort of buffer between 'he lion and
tl.e hear. Puruhared friendship csn
neyer en-lure and If the Japs and other
Oriental olTi.l are lo be dumped on' our
shores to aui't Dr.wiring stitet diplomats it would he hotter by far to sever
the friendly tie with the Japs thau to
alienatu a portion. . nt least, of His
Majesty's loyal subjects. Soma religious xunlots favor Oriental immigration
as a means of christianizing, them.
They do not know Ihe bible for in it
there ia lhe command: '-Thou shall
have no dealings witb ihem," meaning
the heathen, This was s|.okan to tbe
Israelites of old and it la equally applicable to the Israel of today: (Vide
Baut. 7.) Everyonc.who loves hiafeilow
creatures, pity a ibe poor heal hen but
that does not carry with it the obligation to tolerate them in our midat.
Send missionaries and money to Japan
and China but for self ��� preservation
and self respect of whliemen the bea*
then must be converted in hia own
country where bis degrading habits
will do least harm.
D J Maodonald, Dominion Lands
Agent at Kamloops ia here on business
for the Crown Timber department.
It isreported hare that Peter Sebastian
hns swapped the Lids/ Mellows iron
pyrites mine for a mula. Peter'a other
olefins, however, will more than make
up for any loss he mar have sustained
in the deal.
Louis Monetle, Of Montreal, who
purchased a larin in tba Red Deer
Valley this summer, ia registered at
Ihe Hotel Debunk. He ia practising
lumber architecture and Is making
good progress, having both handa fnll
of slivers and somo bruises on his shins.
He don't swear at all, at least if he
does It ia not understandable.
Bev. R. B. Laidley, Of Golden, held
divine aervioe here on Thursday, Aug.
1. Thore wna a large attendance and
tha 'tetOf attentlbh to the sermon.
Tha toftf 'waa rrom Jer. ix., S3, 24:
"Thua'saith the Lord, Let not tbe
wise man glory in his wisdom, neither
let the mighty man glory liibie might,
let not* the rioli man glory In. bla
ri.bvs: But let him that giwiaib glory-
In this, Hint he understandsth and
knowetb me." In his auulvs.e of the
text. tba reverend gentleman emphasized lha abidiuguese of rullgion ns
oom pared will, wurldlv wisdoiu, riches
nud atienglli ��� whioh ilirs-e things bave
no permanency and afford no ho|se of
life eternal. Above and before all
things, l.e exhorted hia bearers with
great fervency and e-trtisiatuMs, tn seek
and uits.ii. religion-first, put.lugall
thinge else iu u secondary place, The
expressed by several persons
Luiiliey will oon** ai cftou aa
Is full of Business���in fact, we Lave a Httls-mor-?
than we c&n handle just now. Customers, however, wait patiently their turn to purchar* ths
Bargains now offering.
Mark, Learn and Don't Forget
the Following   .   .   .   .   .
���*-<l rM-re ���, _____.	
������slsvi 111,      Is���!
We are-'now doing Business on the
and intend to stick to it or leave town
ON HAND. This is too large a stock for our present
premises and we intend to sell half of the Goods in the
next 60 Days. We are now in the firing line and d��
not intend to let anyone undersell us.
Look at these SNAPS   ...   .
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for 2r>C. ���
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No Jaw-Bone   .   .   .   .
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the aplrlt'ahall prompt.   Tha harveat
is ready.
Tha meeting on Monay evenina for
the purpose of electing a hoapital director waa well attended. Manager
Geo. Welta diaoharjred tha dntiet of
chairman, aud in bla remark, urged
the iiens-waity of continued aupport to
and the beneficial advantajjea of tbe
Goldeu Hoapital. In answer to a question he aald tliat certain medical j��up-
plica were furnished by the hoapital to
be in readiness in case of acoident or
any emer-jenov, hut for some unknown
reason.none had bean received at Palliser. He would endeavor to have the
matter rectified as Soon aa possible.
He askixl if anyosa bad auy complaints
to make; there'belnn not* li* waa
daiy eleoted director lor th* swsuinjr
year. V*.
A horde of Japs, with whit* man a*
"herders," ara at Wbrk replacing th*
striking trackmen. ."'How many of
them have violated the alien labor law
and wbat is being don* by Itr. Chill-
her. M P.; Mr. Foley, Oriental labor
Commissioner, or Mr, Breioner, Labor
Mediator, in tha matter 1 .
Word haa bean received (rom Mr*.
HargraTM that she is progressing
rapidly towards co.nplate rtetoration of
health. She visited the Pan-American
at Buffalo, Ut excessive beat marred
the pleasura anticipated in viewing tb*.
v.ouderful exhibition.


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