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The Golden Era Sep 16, 1893

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VOL. II r.   NO 7.
$2 Per Year
LYSTANT    -    HS AD ACHE     -     WAFERS
ate a positive cure for all cases of headache, whether
liorvoura, bifious, or neuralgic.     Sent post
free on receipt of price
*5   Out*.   Per   Ito-it.
Dry Goods,  Groceries,  Boots  ��nd  Shoes,
Hardware, Etc., Etc,
J \ -T  T-l  , -, ,
.1 \
ivj i A
-ill >  *  ft �����
Giant Powder Co.
Of which a Full Stock  is Constantly on hand.
Subscriptions taken for all Canadian, American, British c:
Foreign Newspapers and Periodicals.
Golden, B C.
(Incorporated 11170.)
Etc. Etc,
Prices quoted nnd samples supplied on
Now ready for business, has been newly built
and newly furnished. Tlie table is first class. T!ic Lai
is stocked with choice \Vines, Liquors, and Cigars.
iNeish -  Proprietor.
Special  attention given  to
MAIL ORDERS;   Write us.
lddres* NMSOiYSBAY
Co'y, Calgary, or
Is a wholesale mid retail
druggist und can supply
���'EaPLSTON,     ���
Carlin and Lake,
Alexander Block,
Golden, B. C.
Golden, on tile mill., lino nf the Canadian
Pacific Railway, at its connection with the
itoi.inlin.-it iiinigi.ii.iii nf tlie Columbia river :
.he n.ineriil unit coiiiinart'bil centre of Eastern
llritish l iibiiiil.i.i: hewlipiiu-ters ot'tliJ Uolil-
eii Smelting works, the L'piier toluiiibiii
Xiivigatinu Co., anil lumber Industry; tlie
outlet tor the widely known uud fur
filmed agriciiltiiriil lllul grazing hind nl' the
Colinnbli, ii Kooteiiny Vi.lleys: iinriviillod
for scenery nf nil kinds: the distributing
point for tlie richest mineral country on the
We have had several nights of heavy
frost this week, warning us of the approaching winter.
Mr. Win. Alexander, of Donald,came
in from the east on Wednesday and
left for Donald on Thursday.
Mr. A. P. Cummins, Gold Commissioner, Donald, was in town this week
eu route for tlie Upper Country.
The " Betsy " is convalescent. She
put in an appearance on Wednesday
afternoon ; the flrot since the fire.
Mr. Chas. Cartwright, the genial
proprietor jf the McMurdo House. Carbonate, was in town for a few days
this week,
Mr. P. L. Grasse, Indian Agent,
Morley, and Mr. Jas. D Campbell, of
the Indian Department, Regiua, returned east on Sunday last.
Mr. Mike Carlin returned from the
east on Monday, accompanied by his
brother Mr. Win. Carlin. He left
again for the East ou Thursday.
Among the urrlvals from the Upper
Country on Saturday last, per str.
H.vnk, were Hon. F. Lascelles, A. W.
McVittie, and Jack Campbell.
Golden seems to be quite a favorite
resort for the Donald people, judging
from the number of visitors we have
had from that town during the past
few weeks.
On Wednesday last, ns Nj. 2 was
pulling out of Field. Mr. Erickson's
clerk was crossing tlie truck when he
slipped and fell on the rail, severely
injuring his knee cup.
Mr. Hugh Coiinacher, who Inn been
visiting hero for some tune, left on
Monday for the coast. Air. Robert
Coiiiii.clier, who has also been here on
visit, left on Wednesday last
for the west.
We are glad to state that Mr. Chas.
Watts, who hits been a patient, in the
Donald hospital for sonio time, owing
to injuries received in a full from the
roof of his house, has completely recovered. He came down from Donald
on Tuesday lest.
At a meeting of the School trustees,
held on Tuesday evening, it was announced that Col. Baker had obtained
i grant for the purchase of a new stove
for the School House. The thanks of
the Board were tendered F. C. Lang,
for the gift of a bell.
Mr. Fred M. Wells is again in town.
Dr. Herbert, of Donald, was in town
on Wednesday.
Lieut. T. B. H. Cochrane was a visitor this week.
Mr. Jack Rutherford went east
Canmore last week
Mr. W. G. Neilson, of Beaver, paid
us a visit this week.
Mr. W. Pellew Harvey has got:o to
the coast on a business trip.
Mr. Phillips. Indian Agent, Fort
Steele, was in town this week.
Mr. J. W. Connors is busily engaged
haying, at Horse creek, this week.
Capt. and Mrs. Gordon came in from
the Upper Country ou Tuesday evening
Mr. Peter Sebastian has a friend
from Philadelphia as his guest this
Miss Steene, of Donald, was a visitor this week, the guest of Miss Coiinacher.
Messrs A. 0. M. Spragge and G.
Mnniicl, of Donald, were noticed in
town this week.
Of Interest to I.iulU's,
Miss Leishtmin of Calgary, who was
here last Spring, will be ut the Kootenay House on Sept. 2Htll nnd 29th,
representing W. C. Milner. Calgary,
and will show a fell lino iu all the
latest styles of full niillji.ery and
fancy goods.
MfR.iK-JoiiNsiiN.��� At Mr. Johnson's
Giile.u., on Nept. 7th, by the Rev.
J. 0, C. Kemm, Neil MuRau to
Iugrid Johnson.
Me.srs Carlin nnd Luke.
This firm will soon lie roady for
business iu their new store. The stock
is rapidly being put in place, and next
week will probably see everything in
full swing, Tlio store is one which
would do credit to a much larger town,
The firm have iu Mr. H. G. Parson, a
very energetic manager, and one who
Will look well after the interests of his
employers. He is also a general favorite wherever he is known.
Mr. Parson will be assisted in the
store by Mr. H. Sherratt and Mr. Frank
Partridge, who have recently come
from Grenfell, Assa. Mr, Sherratt Will
have charge of the grocery, and Mr,
PatlidgC of the dry goods departineut.
A Raker for Golilen.
We hear on good authority that a
Mr. Ainy, of Medicine Hat, lias rented
Mr. .lull.i Gibson's house, bulo'v the
Queen's hotel, with the intention uf
starting a bakery. We are of the
opinion that Mr. Ainy will find his
enterprise highly appreciated hy the
residents of Golden. He ii expected
here in a few days.
A Itunuwiiy Ailblt'iil.
A serious accident took place on
Wednesday Inst, canned by the running
away of Mr. Alex, Campbell's team.
Ab Mr. Campbell was returning home
from work, his team took fright at
something and started off at a break'
neck pace, Mr. Campbell finding lhat
he could do nothing with them attempt'
ed lo .'.ave himself and iu doing so got
badly thrown, breaking the upper part
of his right arm, and receiving severe
bruises about his hip and hffai|,oi-eof the
w'heels passing over him. -'fortunately
Dr. Herbert was close by at the time
and had the broken arm set at once.
Sandy is pretty badly broken up. and
much sen. put hy i. expressed for him.
Julius Wollff and Jim Noble have been
attending to his wants us best tl-ey
can, Dr. Taylor bt*iiig,uiifortuuatolyfat
The Hush  Hlvor District.
Mr. Manuel Daiuard returned recent'
ly from the Bush river district, whew
ft big silver-lend strike was made some
time ago by Frank Bet nunc and part'
ner. Tho place can be easily reached
from either Donald or Beaver. From
Donald it is about 45 miles hy trail,
and from Beaver about 30 miles by
river. The vein is from 80 feet and
upwards wide, fully one-third of
which is solid ore. Four claims have
been staked on the ledge by well-known
local men. Mr. Dainard repor's the
prospects in this district to be very
I.t'iivliig for England,
Rev. J. 0. C. Kemm preached his
fnrewoll sermon, to a large and uppie-
ciativo audience iu St. Paul's last
Sunday evening. Li the course of his
remarks he said that his work here
during the pnst three years had been a
pleasant one and he had gained much
experience, chiefly of a missionary
character which would lie of great
benefit to him in other places. He
also said that much of the success
which bad attended the church and
the regular services which bad been
given were chiefly duo to the untiring
fin Mull lo-inorrrw.
The post office will he closed to-mof'
row owing to some changes which aro
taking place iu that department.
I nlImlle I'lim-ch Service.
Catholic (liurrh service will he held to-
nmrrniv lit the (jneen's hotel. .Mass will ti.k*��
place at !i nun., ii ml First ( nniiniiiiioii nf
children at mi,ss. Hex. Father Arenrsins
will preach. In the evening at iiDO the Kev.
Father will lecture at Field. Everybody M
Slight Aerl lent at Kani.na.kl.,
Monday's Atlantic express was eighl
hours late iu reaching Calgary. When
about one unie east of Kanuiinskis an
axle on the tender of the locomotive
broke, throwing the tender from the
truck and tearing up the roadbed pretty
badly, None of the other ears left I he
. rails, Fortunately the train was not
and self-denying efforts of one of tiioi running ftt ��� high rate of speed or (he
members, (Mr. J. F. Armstron.il). result would have been disastrous, A
Mr. Kemm loaves for E 'gland on the | fresh engine and wrecking crew weld
27th of this month, where he will sent out, from Canmore, and after
remain for two years, retumlnir at tho! several hours delay the train proceeded.
end of thnt time to British Columbia, j There wero a large number Of Ao��.
He carries with him the best wishes of traliaii   and   American     tounsts  en
his many friends in this district.
board. - Calj-ary Herald, ���vfc
lO'ic BSciUion, ��va
iincouver.    The slight trouble will in
.lull probability  never recur, but it has
I meanwhile given tlie Victorians an-
I oilier excuse for an ntt ,cl: ou the CM'.
IR.. as agents fur tbo now line.
The (I i!.!>i',\ EllA is published ovorj
Saturday inoriiliig in ti:uo to catch tlio oust
aii'l west mail trains, iiImj the mail fur the
upper country, Wiutlorinero, Fori Steele etc
It. is thu only advertising muilbun i;i tlie Ee..t
Kooloiuiydistrict. An-Giooura-jlng Rupiirt
Gilbert   Finklo and   VV. H.  Mackie
S ibscriptbn Kates : 810D i��r imntitn ix I ]1UV0   returned  from  their  summer's
ADVANCE!. prospecting   in     tin)    L.irJo-D mean
, , ,    , , ,    .   i country.    Thoy report making a strike
A'lvQi'tisoniouls  and cliaiigos must be in ...
th i office nol later than I*! ,1.111, on Thursday | "ellr t,l�� H lsl;ins   Rrol'Pi wll,on th<-'''
to insure insertion. say   eclipses   anything  yet found in
I that section.     Thoy secured thirteen
claims in nil. carrying silver, lead, and
I copper, in greater or less quantities,
' 1 Assays   b'.vo  b'on   had  ranging from
U) to I "id ounces silver, ami' as high
out I'.-i
cutior '11
Aliens.. t.
1)9 pit
w'io.u the Co
I j 1,1,IV
:es made known on appli-
I I., tho Manager, fro
's receipt will bo ibtniliuil,
The Golden Era Pallistoj Camjaiif,
The Uaion mine's coal exhibit at the
World's Fair took 11 first prize.
The Co'vichan Agricultural Show is
to be held at Duncan's 0:1 the 2ih'*1
Bush (Ires have done some damage
to mucin's i.i the Mara district of the
Fine g'uu.ie,' lihil is rapoi'tal to
havo boon found in the Niti.iat Valley
of Vancouver Islnii 1.
Iron or,', alleged to run in a vein 75
loft thick, has lately bean brought in
from Biirulay Sound.
Tbo Vernon public school is, like the
town, growing and has now 77 children enrolled in its two divisions.
Tin* bops 011 the Coldstream Ranch,
near Vernon, now being p'eke I ure
said to make up quite au exceptional
A butcher's combine lately formed
at Nnnaimo has bop:, dissolved and
meat prices an falling, much 10 ihe
general satisfaction.
Tlio   Okanngan   and   Spallumcheou
Agricultural   Society   has   decided to
hold another exhibition this year.     1
was lit-st expected to lapse.
The 'viiini'.no ''Freo Press " states
that Mr. Michael Djuohue, of Point
Holmes, V\. icoaver Isl 11 '. foun i 11
p'tul be.' [alien into his well 0:1 Saturday
Grouse and prairie cl.ic
plentiful than usual in the
this aa.ism, aud the local ;���
ingly   warns olf   sports.11
The tug Lome of Victoria has been
fined S'KIOhy the United States authorities for towing a tug into Port Angeles
in breach of restrictive coasting regulations.
Further disquieting revelations are
heing made at V.ctoria as to the manner in which that City'-s Council proposes to spread sewage along shallow
surface drains near inhabited houses.
Mr. 11. Cai'iuichuel, Provincial As-
savcr, is inspecting tho gold reefs of
tho Alberni district, with u view to
ascertain whether they ure rich enough
to justify th) miking or trails to them
hy the Provincial Government.
A sudden squall off theCopper Island
coast some time since caused the oap-
sizing of a boat belonging to tlie scaler
Fawn anl tho loss of the throe ino:i
out in hor. Tho Fawn returns with
some 910 skins aboard, S.iij reports
generally unfavorable weather and a
diminishing catch.
Tho steamer Estello of Xew Westminster rescued on Friday morning oil
the Sand Heads two men clinging desperately to the upturned keel of a capsized sailboat.    They had been iu their
con arc less
ess accord-
,   from the
its 82 per cent copper; 7,") per cent lead
has also been obtained. Tiiobost look-
ling claims arc tlie Dominion, Buuher.
Empress, Cashier, and Mountain
j Chief, located in a contact between
j sliite and lime, the veins being about
, lour feet wide and perpendicular,
I trending northwest and southeast.
The easiest nnd best way to reach
the ground, so the locators say, is to
ascend the D mean river to the mouth
of Hall creek, dislan*. from Kootenay
hike about fitly miles; thence hy easy
grade live miles un Hall creek. They
state that a s'.e 1111'.o.it can ba run on
1 be D me in to the Big Jam. which Is
ton miles below Hull creek.
Thes* gentlemen have given the
L.irdu-D.iucan pretty thorough scouring the past season, and are of the
opinion that it is destined .0 lie a pro-
due'ive con.try in silver, lean, and
copper, when once opened up, Many
prospectors wont iu there early last
spring and did not wait for the snow
to disappear until they came out,
when they gave the country a black-
eye. Tim Duncan river bottoms, it is
claimed, are s litable for ranching purposes. T .valve nun are at work 011 the
Haskius group, and the tiu'l from
front Lake to these claims is about
finished ���Nelson Tribune.
Tlie Rolibor Capture!!.
Montreal, Sipt 11.-Henry Curling,
ivbo robbe I Miss D mean on Sherbrooke
street of SD.UI.O worth of j;wols and
iDuey recently has been captured.
Ihiof detective Culle.i received a cable-
gram from the Liverpool police this
noiuiiig, hinting that C.illeu had arrived there yesterday and had been
arrested. O.i being searched nearly all
tbo stolen property was found. Curling will lie brought back and made to
stand bis trial,
(j.niililcrs Sv li'ivl
Montreal, Sept. 9. -Shortly after 11
o'clock lust night tliere was great excitement on S:, Lawrence street hy an
explosion iu tlie Turf Commission
rooms. The firemen responded to an
alarm. I. is thought the noisu was
caused by a gas eqilosion After the
dames were put out it was found that
the damage done was the outcome of a
gun powder explosion. Thoy found a
tin minis or with a fuse attached. The
furniture and whole building' wus
shattered. Some ninnscme.it was
caused liy the hasty re:rent of gamblers. Mo one was hurt. Revenge
for gambling losses is assigned as the
cause of the attempt to blow up the
nefarious den.
Killed at Vernon.
Vernon, B.C. Sipt. !) -Win. Spatil-
ding, of Dundee, Scotland, aged 110,
who was manager of Sir Lester Kayo's
farm in the Northwest, and who has
been looking over the country with a
view to purcliuuiii-j land, opened the
collar door of the K tie.nalkn hotel by
mistake last   night   and  fell in head
T'id Uppsr VI j use Itjjcets  t'le.  Irish
Heme 11.lie 11111.
London, Sjpt. 8,-Although it was
generally understood that the House of
Lords would reject the Hime Rule bill
to-night, the house did not li 1 up until
after dinner hour, popular interest; centering in tho Marquis of Salisbury,
who was not expaotal to risauntil towards midnight. In the meantime
Baron Hilsbuifc', Biron Herschell,
Baron Mo'.lksivell and the Bishop of
Ripon bail spoken to h ilf emptv
benches, After!) o'clock the scone outside and iusido the h itise livened up as
members and visitors began.streaming
iu. The peeress;.'.!1, strangers', and
diplomatic galleries showed few vacant
seals. Conspicuously occupying a portion of tlio area of the house were
twenty-two bishops attired ill their
cap .clous regalia with lawn sleeves.
Tbo Archbishop of Canterbury, the
Bishop of O.iiord, and every notable
church dignitary w is present. Members of the Hjuseof Commons crowded
the nccossas and standing room around
the throne, 'J'.ia lobbies hull so many
people that they were impassable until
the police received orders to clear
i em.
0 itsi.le of the parliament houses
organize! hinds from Conservative
working'nun's clubs specially formal
to in site a jubilant domristr.uioii on
the rejection of the Homo R lie li.ll he-
,'an to assemble at 11) o'clock. Simp
hint of their intention having re.ichel
the Rilieul workin'men's clubs anl
Irish societies, sm ill detachments of
these soon appeared ou tho scene. As
a brawl was fenrel, tho police, hiving
bee., rein.'orec.l, broko up the different
groups and kept, them moving. Many
of the Tory club's men, fi ..ling their
ovation se'ieuie balked, then cleared
olf, and the crowd outside diminished
as time passed without the iinnoiii.co-
.neat of the division.
T.ie debate in tho house reached the
icmo of dullness iu the E u-l of Morley's
maunde;in,sagainst the hill, A number of oilier peers were on the roll to
speak, bit a sense of weariness affected
them as well as tin house generally.
Lord Salisbury, seizing a chance during a momentary pause, rose at 10:IIU
o'clock amid rapturous cheers, and
began his speoeh. Hi spoke for an
bour anl 11 quarter. His co 1 i 1 ���',������..,
was mark..' 1 by quiet eloquence, S ������. 1
signs of waning vigor wero noticed iu
him, but tliesi are, in part ui i i.isi
ittrib itoJ. to the oppressive h: it iu tho
TlieEirl of Kimbarlv, Lord President of the Council, and Sioratary of
State for India, briefly replied to Lord
The Lord Chancellor then put the
motion for the second reading of the
bill. H) caused sonye. marrimotit by
crying "I think the 'contents' have
it." Very loud and determined was
the rival cry, "Tiio non-contents have
it." The house divided at midnight,
and the res.ilt was tlie rejection of the
motion by a vole of 410 to 41.
The Jlnrqnic of W.iterforl voted sitting, and the End of Galloway votel
while lying at full length ou a bench.
Lord Headlcy returnel from a hunting
expedition on the Z.iiubosl river in
order to ba able to vote. All the
bishops went with tho majority. 'llie
announcement of the result wns receive! with laugh tor and some cheering.
phess coiuiasr.
London, Sept. 8,.���The Daily News
commenting on the fate of the Homo
R ile bill in the House of Lirds, says:
���'Nothing is mora favorable to the
s'.tcess of a political or social reform
than a large hostilo majority in the
House of Lords, If the Tories had
had iiioro sense they would have mide
tho majority s.nallor 11111 we should
have fared worse."
The D lily Chronicle, says: " Onr
reply is extremely simple. Tlie abolition of the House of Lords now ba-
00 uos a plank of the 11*idle il platform,
and tho clauses of the Hmia R tie bill
providing for a second oliuinb-r in
Ireland must he molilie.l. Dnvn with
t.ha House of Lords. It is useless
mincing words."
Tue Stanlarl:      "When a government tamely  submits to such iv rebuff
everybody  will draw the  conclusion
hat it was afraid to faco the country."
The T.inos believes that, the Hjitse
of Lords will be sustained by an over-
ivhelming majority of the English
EnglLll   Millers- Hint..
London, Sept. fi, -Raports of renewed disorder among the striking coal
minors wero received yesterday. A
thousand minors gathered uear.Clios-
lerfl lit! and then marched in 11 mass to
Oak Thorpe colliery, gathering in
numbers and in b ildnsss at every stop.
Che mob supplied itself with stake 1
from trucks they had overturned and
.n-irchol to the Siirlmd colliery,
whore they co nmittel fresh disturb-
iinc*s. Toe police ivora unable to cope
with the crowds au 1 troops wero sa-.it
from ShafJiild. S.mllar disturbances
occurred at other places. Th ire arc
reports of a 1 litiomil anl sirioas tie-
111 lustrations hilug mide by striking
coal minors. At Chesterfield. Derby -
sliir,), the disorders wero particularly
viole.it, anl tho troops of tha Sixth
D.-.igioi Gauds and a o.npi-.iy of
Irish F .siliais were sent there to help
restore peaoa. Whan tho Fusiliers ar
rivol at Chesterfield thev fo 1111 a imb
of riotous miners iu possession of the
colliery 'promises. The rioters wore
11i.spjr.s3l. Tiio people of the town are
in a state of p inic over the actions of
strikers, a.. I th; tro ips will remain to
prevent further disorder, Sn-lous riots
occurred last night in Yorkshire. Several colliery bail lings wero sicked and
burn,' 1. Troops were called to disperse
the rioters mil to guu-l tho mine pro-
p.: i;.\ A miners' riot al.sj oeoun'ol at
Trim'.le, Wales, this evening, and
tro is of cavalry were necessary to
snp*press it.
Tim Oliolern,
Loudon, Sept. 7. -Sanitary Inspector Djgerty was ��� rickon with'Asiatic
cholera in II ill ibis morning, and was
taken to tho hospital. Tliere has been
0:10 death from cholera in Hull to-day.
London, Sept. 7.-The Vienna correspondent of the Times telegraphs
that tho manoeuvres at Oallciu are
boing performed in accordance with the
programme. The weather is cold and
the troops are healthy.
Oaring tho l..st forty-eight hours
niiieteo-.i new cases and eleven deaths
were reported in Galicia, and twenty
new cases and twenty-five deaths in
Hungary. No fresh cases of cholera
were reported iu Berlin yesterday.
Berlin, Sept. 7. -TheRhino has boon
olTicially declared infected with cholera
and bathing in the river is forbidden,
le house then cleared of spectators I All baths along the banks lire closed,
and adjourned immediately. The authorities iu the Rhine valley are
I O.itsi le 0" tho building the police instructed to adopt stringent measures
j.l.iulkepta free circulation during the to prevent tho uso of river water for
W ishlngtoh, Sept. !). ���Indirect contradiction to Mr. Geary's understanding of tho situ ition, comes a statemint
apparently from a well informal source,
that the President has called a halt in
the oxecutio'.i of the Exclusion Law.
Tne Treasury hul about parfected arrangements to carry tho laws into
effect, and a circular was in actual
course of preparation containing in-
s't'iiotions to tlio Government ofiiuals,
when all of a sudden all work in tho
direction of executing the Liw was
suspended. Tlio matter was the subject of cabinet discussion, and it was
after t',10 Cabinet meeting that tho
Treasury officials stopped work on the
preparations. Assistant Secretary
llam'.liu, who bus charge of milliters
pertaining to the Chinese laws, declined to discuss the subjeet this afternoon, saying that, the matter was now
in the hands of Attornoy-GenerulOlney.
Mr. O'lioy siid be was not, at liberty
to talk on the matter. A significant
matter in this coaneclion is the fact
that Mr. Ev-orett, of Massachusetts,
to-day intro-lucotf iu tho House a B.ll
to molify the Geary Law by extending
the timo for tho registration of Chinese
iron the s>th of May, 1H9S, to Sept. 1st
ISD4, nn I iu various'! other ways,
alleviating the sorority of tho provisions of that measure. The Bill has
been referred by the Spanker to the
Committee 0:1 Foreign Allan's, which
it is 1111 lerstool will take immediate
action upon it. I. is stated that this
Bill was drawn up and introduced witli
the direct sanction of the S-oretnry of-
State, tho Secretary ol the Treasury
and the Attorney-General und that it
is in fact an administration measure,
dis'gnol, as it is sail, to "serve as a
preso.it .assurance to the E noire of
China that, we have not entirely abandoned our frio.illy relations with that
llefuse to Pay Taxes.
Ottawa, Sept. 8. ���(United Press dispatch.) -A gentleman who. has just
reached the city from the township of
Low, Ottawa county, says that cue
people of that lonesome district aro
again organizing to resist the payment
of taxes which for the past twenty
years they have defied the authorities
to collect. Taxes have now accumulated to the extent of thousands of dollars, and although the government
have sent up bailiffs to enforce the law
they have always retreated with broken
heads. A short time ago n company
of militia wns ordered to go into the
township to back up tho bailiffs,,but
bearing of tho raid that was lobe niado
upon the.11 the people organized with
shotguns, pitch forks and so on, and
.secreting themselves on the main road
waited in ambush for the soldiers. Tho
latter learned of the trap and refused'o
proceed. The township is about thirty
miles from the Ottawa river. There
are several hundred settlers who ara
willing to pay their taxes, but they
are largely outnumbered, and would be
driven from the settlement if they did
so. Another attempt, however, is to bo
made by sanding up a large force of
militia to carry out the law.
At midnight a distinctly
Unionist demonstration was held, consisting i,. the ilmrishing of tho Union
first.   It' must havestruck iheholto
,,.,'il.His  ,..i-d:i..n  nil  night anl wore! with fearful^ farce, haing a heavy man. ] ^"^ '^~ -������,  ��� ,��� ,.s
11 and exhaustion,   "hen found  10 minutes later he was
domestic purposes.
K.i.l  Atl.-ritlr l'a.Huge.
Queenstown, Sept. 8.���The Cunurder
nearly dead of cold and exhaustion, j wnen toituu  IU miillltes  Inter he wns      , oheerin    fulT Lor,l Salisbury, thoICaiupanhi arrived herein 8.01 a.m. to-
Tlie rescued men were from Vancouver. | dead, concussion of the brain being the
Tbo Victoria people are  verj
Duke of Argyle and Joseph Chamber- day, making tho passage from Sapdy
lain. Sky rockets were sent up from' Hook iu 6 days, 14 hours and 50 inin.
the precincts of tho house and wero This beats the previous eastward re-
greeted with ringing cheers. A few ] cord, also held by tho same vessel,
ing. It had been mixed with tlio j If n woman's faco is hor fortune a home rulers protested but there was no whicW was 5 days, 17 hours and 42
Sound ca'go  which is'taken out at mail's cheek is/frequently His. I disorder. minutes..
'lie rescue
India-' ��"m"*8'    A" "1 quest will lie held to-day
1   . 1  .1   . :���   ; a,, Kn/i tn Dacaasod was a general favorite,
limit tluit'itouio of  tbcir Ui'iglit Had to
lie brought on to \ itncotivor for unload-1  ~-
llreonway Candidate Elected In Brandon,
Brandon, Sept. 8.-One of the hottest
political fights that was over fought in
Manitoba took- place here to-day, when
Mr. Chas. Adams, tho government
candidate, defeated W. A. Maclonald,
loader of the Opposition in the Manitoba legislature. With popular candidates at.d a very close constituency it
wns any bo ly's r.ico until the conclusion
when (he ballot boxes revealed the fact
that Mr. Adanisoii hud carried the day
with a majority of thirty-one. Both
sides worked like Trojans and the
country was scoured for absentee vomers
and most of them wero secured. Electors camo from the const and from
Ontario and marked their ballots today. To-night a torch light procession ���
paraded the streets of tho city. The
procession ended atthe committee rooms ,
of the successful candidate. Exclusion ol'-J'l'ncsc.
New York, Sept, 9.-The long fight
over the admission of Chinese at this
port came to a head in a rather sensational manner to-day, when the officials
of the Ward line of steamships landed
two Chinese against the protests of the
United Slates Customs officer on the
dock and the orders of Collector Kil-
herth, who decide I that I be men should
not land and must be returned by the
steamship company. This is the first
case of the kind that bus occurred here
and created much excitement in tlie
Customs house and steamship circles.
Too two Chinamen. Yung Ki and Gee
Tek arrived here last Monday on the
steamer Saratoga Iron) Havana, Their
documents were not satisfactory lo the
collector who decided t lint they were
laborers coming iu under the guise of
students, and ho directed that they
should be prevented Irom landing, Tlie
Oaratoga wns to sail to-day at 1 o'clock
nnd just before that time the steamship officials ordered the Chinese to
take their baggage and go ashore. A
customs officer had been placed in charge
of them to see that I hey did not land,
and he protested against tlio movement
warning the steamship officers of tin
oh? mo they were committing nnd
the penalty. The latter said they
would assume ::ll responsibility
and told the United States officer to
stand aside. The Chinamen were put
ou the dock and the steamship sailed.
The officer took the two Chinamen to
the Custom bouse and related whal
had occurrel to the Collector. At the
ci ime time a l.twyor appearol and told
the Collector thai be was going to
apply to the United States for it writ
of habeas corpus iu behalf of the two
Celestials. The Collector was so sup
prised at the action of the steamship
company that bo could hardly toll
what to do. lie finally turned the
case over to Inspector Scharf, who took
the two Chinamen to tho Tombs when.
he looked then upon a charge under
tho Act of July 5th, 1KS4, "attthori'i-
ing the arrest of Ciiinu-nen unlawfully
iu the United 8 ates." Inspector
Scbnrf said be would nt once go to
Washington niiil report all I be facts o'
thece.se'i the S.'cretary of the Treasury. Tito penalty for landing Chinese
ag tins', the orders of the collector of i.
port is a-fine not to exceed $1,0C0 and
���one year's imprisonment for each
Chinaman landed. This is the first
case where open defiance has been
shown in the matter, nnd the Collector
has ordered that,  it,  be made a  tesl
Eihiiri . lloiul.
London, Sept. P. ��� Letters just received iu England from an officer in
Euiiii Pasha's expedition, confirm the
report of the murder of Emin, ami announces tho finding of a box cont lining
Einiii's despatches written just before
ha was murdered. Tin box is now on
its way to England. The letters describe iu detail the capture of Nyanguo,
which was stormed ou March 4th.
Tho Arabs lost RUO men, aud only two
Europeans were killed.
Ottawa, Sept. !).-After Oct. loth
the boll maintained nt Active Pass
light station will be replaced by a
steam fog horn, which will give blasts
of six seconds duration, witli intervals
of 24 seconds between lhem.
The corporal ion of New Westminster
hits deposited with the Public Works
depart.lie...t ut Ottawa plnr.s showing
tho bridge contemplated to be constructed across thu Fraser river, and
will nsk authority from the department within the month.
,1. A. Noway, one of iho executive
officers of tbo National Wall paper
Association of the United Suites, is iu
the city to Interview tho Customs department ou tariff matters nffacting
wall-pa pc.
A divorce application is made by a
laborer named Hicks, who lives in the
village of Thornton, Simcoo county,
Out. Adultery is the ground upon
which the application is based.
The Earl of Aberdeen is expected to
reach this country on Sept. 17th. He
will bo mot at Quebec by the Premier
and several of tue Cabinet, and will be
sworn in there.
Tho Finance department  has made
up a final statement oT revenue and ex-1
po.uliture on  account of the last fiscal :
year.     The   revenue   is SIS, 1111,707 ;
expenditure, $.'lii,74'i,121 ; sill-plus 81,-
1181,580, or about $130,01)0 higher than j
csti.miteil by the Fiiinnco Minister.
The   immigrant   branch   has  taken
steps towards securing release from
quarantine of cattle of two settlers
named Clarke and Anderson, who came
from Idaho nnd settled in Calgary
district. The animals wero detained I
at Osoyoos.
The Dominion Government lias refused to ratify the agreement entered
into with the steamship aud railway
transportation companies, by which il
���vns proposed that an officer of the
American Government should bo stn-
tiuuc 1 ut Q lobec to inspect all immigrants passing through eu route to the
United States, to savo tho trouble and
delay of inspecting at the boundary
line. The proposed arrangement had
two objects in view - -the one to meet
the requirements of the alien labor law
and the other to ensure a rigid quarantine inspection, the immigrants passing inspection to be furuishod at Q ic-
be: witli a certificatei or passport,
which, on presentation, would enable
them to pass into the United States
without further del ly at the international boundary.
-5?u-3tnc��o (��i*-vl��0.
Mux. J, A. LoUOIiEED, Q,C.
(I. S. McCauter.
liiiii-t'Iii'i'il  &  jflcCnrter,
fWristers, Advocates, Solicitors,, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Hank of Montreal.
Members Assocu.D.L.S. S I'.L.S. for ll.C,
liilMINloN AM) I'laiYINt'lAL LAND
SUKVEYORs, (.'nil Engineers, Draughtsmen, Valuators, otc Galgnry iiiiil New \\ est
minster. Correspondence solicited..
K.J.Jlal'HHO.N, D.l...S.,l'.l.,s. i,r |i.(J, &0tit.
(JAI.OAUV, Albn.
A. O. WlIBEI.ER, D.L.S. & I'.L.S. of B.C.
NEW Wi'SiMixsi'i;]'  ll.C.
SttcOaa'tliy   A    Him-vdj,
1 ll.'irrifUi'i'w, Ailvnci.tes, Notarial, &c.   Solici-
tors tin-:
The Imperii.! Dunk of Oitiwulii.
Tho Ciuiiiibi Permanent Lutm k SnvliigsCn,
'Ih- Yorkshire l,ui,n A HociiriliosCorpori.liou
I    Tin. Miim-ey-Hurris to. (I.I.I).etc., en-.
!    OHices   Mtophon Aveni.c, tidgnry.
' I'. M.'CAItI'llV, Q.O.
Horace llAitvi-.y, R.A., L.L.I!.
EI. h. {JUIM*iti3;iM.
Golden     -     -     -     B.C,
ining I Smelting
CO (Limited)
Love is blind hut small brothers are!
ill. E.,    V. V. 8.,
Raports on Minos A. Mineral Properties
20 l Ai.iiEnr (jr., On-.w.-.i.
Assn.:. Mem. Inst. C.E.
M1X li x r;   MSG 5 X I'I I-', R.
ComuiANE, Alua.��� Ft. Steele, B.C
a. leofrebT
(Griiduatoot'Lr.viiliiiid McGill.)
31'IltfrSI��    t-l.W'yM'lFE:.
Head Office, QtlBBBii;  Branch  Offices
SlIEKUltOOKE, it 17 Place d'Al'lllCS
Hill. MoNTltKAL.
Analytioal Chemist & Assayer,
Colc'isn, British Columbia.
1802      ASSA YKI! TO I'HK        81)2
British Co'.umbia Government
or all spesitnon: oat ."nm tie Provinci to
Ban!; Of fo!on<real.
Interest at Current rates.
W. B. GRAVELEY. Manacier.
mnuel mmu,
Livary & Feod Stables,
Sa*ld!e Koraas for Hire.
ilver & Lead Ores,
For full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
���   ill!:' 'ij   sr   !    '; V  '!?   "   lle'lll
H. Connacher, Proprietor
Newly refitted nnd furuishod. Strictlv FIRST
CLASS iu every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Headquarters for mini..'" men and
miners. Conveniens to Station and SleamboHt
Landing, Direct importer and wholesale and
retail dealer in Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
Special attention given to orders from u,. the
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,        -        B.C.
Down With High Prices For
Electric Belts.
11.55, $2.65, $3.70 j former prices $.**, $7,
$10.    Q.iulty remains tun tnune���I.i ilil-
fcrent ntyh'8; dry battery am I add belts ,
1 ���mild or strong current. L'ss than hah?'
j the price of any other company undmoro
I home testiinonialc than nil tlie rest to- !
i pother.    Full list free.    Mention tlua 1
paper. W. T. BAER A CO. Wii dsor, Onfr
C. II. Tapper Knlfflitotl.
Ottawa, Sept. 7.--A cable message
was receive 1 iu the city this afterncon
stating that Her Majesty had been
graciously pleased to create lion C.
H. Topper a Knight Commander of S;.
Michael and St. Goorge in recognition
of his services as British agent in connection with the Belirlug Sea arbitration. Tho new knight will bo known
as Sir Charles llibbert Topper, to distinguish him from his talented father.
The business man who occupies
apartments over his siore can't very
well avoid living above his income.
Merchant. ��� " Now, hero is a piece of
goods that speaks for itself."
Uncle Hayseed. - "Well, that
wouldn't suit Mainly, Sho likes to do
her own talkiu'."
Metal Report.
We are Indebted to tho Engineering
and Miuin - Journal of New York for
the following quotations: -
New Yo.uk. Sept. 1, 1893.
Silver. The London market has been :
strong and advanced, based on
active demand from India, and
short supplies. China bus also
bemi nn nctive buyer for future
shipments. Prices ruling in
Now York 7;Se. jar oz., London '
.-Ud. per o/..
Copper.      The market  has  been very !
Hat, indeed  a few   parcels have
been sold al 9"[o.    Exports have
been   Uliprccoilontod.    (!.  M. 11.
��40 las. to ill per ton.
Lead. This market has Improved un
diminished production. Prices
ruling being from 11.50 lo 3.Goo.
per Ih. English ��'10. Spanish
i'i) 17 (i per ton.
WIiok'S"��S*'nsHl Retail
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Undertakers and
.   ���  .   Embalmers,     '
Calgary    -     -     AI kit.
t   -i'i:i.i:i:i'.A|.|i   orders ritiiMi'i'i.v
| ai-i-i:mu:ii  to.
Mag-asir-o At Thunder Hill
No. I, 00 por cent: No, 2, IO por cent.
For Deep Work mill Hlo'ving Up Stiliupi
TVi'tn. BtrlsHy Cttsli.
THUNDER 1III.I. M'g. ('.,.. (l.t'il.)
Agent,  h'l'.l'nr Kilbct Co,
If yon .vain your house Painted. Papered i
nr I'.-ilsiiiniui'il, nr liny Km.I nt asign I'aiuti'il I
write tn.l. II. Mll.l.WAPI). Cll.tt.inv. the
bonding Paint Shop in tin. west, for g.iu.1
Work and prices that are right. I
PS [if! D3XC ' "'" ""'-'' '''l','"E> ��" rocoipt
��� I'll I tX-V nf n ���istiuiip.n receipe fur a
simple VEQETAHIjE HALM that will re-
move Tun, ['roelileii. Pimple.. Itlntchcr.
Illiicliho.ids. etc, loaviug tin. skin soft,
clear nnd beiintifi.l. Address A. I). STEM-
I'EI,, 00 Ami St., Now York.
Tins is to certify that Win. ,T. ICIrk-
patrick. and Win. H. Johnson, of
Galena, have dissolved partnership in
their ranch.
W. ���'.   IClltKI'ATIUCK,
W. It. Johnson.
Haled -.'.'nil August, 1MI.I.
Scictitifio American
Agency for
G0PYRI0HT8,   etc,
For Informal inn unit free HniKthook write to
MUNN ,v CO.. :;.il mioAi.wAT. New Youk.
OKI-.-.I. I'tii-i'fiu for ascurlni- patents In Anienoa.
jjivery I'liicnt taken out by us is tm-uplit befoi-e
the pumio by a uoiloc given free of charite In tlie    i.
$mtttiffc -ameviau
Laivcst otrfliilatfon of nny ?nlcntlflo paper In tlio
world,   -������������nli-ni.klly illiirtrateii.   No tntelllfroni
nmti ihmitq bo without It.   Wwltly, 9.1.00 n    !   p-
vciir: fLi'disix inomlis.   AiidrHdti MtINN <k CO., it
PLUUSUEllfl* Hiil Uioatiwuy, Now Ycrts "Ity        '
I'u.il I lliat ion nmi II i-k 1st rati on of Voter. Act  lN7<i.
���NOTICE is hereby fiven thut Ihe
Court of Revision and Appeal held at
tbo Court House, Donald, ibis 7th day
of August at II o'clock a.lii,, has heen
adjourned iill Monday the 28th day of
August, 1898, at same place nnd hour.
S. Ueuoiiavb,
Collector of Votes, E.K..E D.
" It is worth llio pr'r. to every i-erson
Him iivn reads a newspa-x r."���llaillngioa
tu i: jot;n.\Ai. iiefers to
Blue Pencil Rules.
jx. a-. iNEivi-Krs,
A Pocliet I*r'ircr tor tbo ns. ot Reporters.
CorreepoDilenls and ropy ('hoppem.
Hbnrt. simple and piactiral niln for
makimr ami edltlb-t newspars-r copy,
and nt .i|ii.l value tn (11 ��lo with lu
wr.lecorreet Euaii.-h.
Sent on rec In) of p'lre   P |oe. 10 rente
���r cwy.   ALLAN MlRMAN, Publlibtt
IT Nntsiu Si'i-et. Ke��- Vi tk. HOSPITAL SUBSCRIPriON LIST.
The following is a complete Golden
list of those who have subscribed
towards the hospital with one of the
subscription list from Donald. Tne
other gentlemen ou the committee having failed to send in their respective
lists iu time for publication this week,
wo will endeavor to give them in our
next issue. The total amount subscribed iu Golden is ��11 il), which with
tho one Donald list of $o7 brings the
total up to $1,026,
Upper Columbia Co  S100 00
Golden Saw Mill  100 00
Golden Mining&lSmelting Co. 100 U0
P. P. Armstrong  ��0 CO
Carlin & Lake  fiO to
Win. McNuish  10 00
Collected by H. L. Cummins
on steamer  10 00
R. B. Angus  5 CO
Friend  5 CO
$430 CO
c. a. warrbn'h Lisr.
C. A. Warren   $::*)
H. Love     10
E. Plowright,      10
J.'W. Connor  10    .
Alex. Campboll  10
Win. Warren  f>
W.Miller  5
H. Holt,   5
W. Hustwich  ii
O'Loughlin Bros   2
T. Ryan, Winnipeg.... 2
Cole, Emory & Co  2
G.  A.  Campbell, Moot. I
G. R. Gregg, Victoria.. 1
A. E. Mncnniightou  1
J. Campbell  1
J. Gilpin, Toronto  1
C. Smith   1
R. H. Robertson   1
- S 08 00
M. B. Lang  $25
O. B. McDermot  ��
FredM Wells  5
Gordon Sutherland  ii
John Koiikrigbt  5
.T->bn Henderson  ;>
R. F, Wilson  II
W. C. Bennett  ii
G. H. Woodley       2
A. Vachoii  2
P. Sebastian  1
Wm. Lei-ly  1
��� $ ,10 00
,i. c. Greene's list.
J. C. Greene  S.'iO
James G  Gordon     50
H. R. Moodie     20
A. McMurdo     10
Mr. Blackwood     10
J. Stacey       .*)
- $145 00
ii. connacher's list.
H. Connacher  $.*i0
Hon. & Lady Cochrane. 50
F. J. Lnscellcs  20
W. Pellew Harvey  20
E. Gordon     10
F. G. Healey     10
Geo. McCabe     10
5. Tollemacbe  10
6. Ruuibold   ��
F. Glover  5
M. Dninurd  a
F. H. Bacon  ii
D. M. Rae  5
A. F. Turnbull  5
W. J. McLean  5
Fritz Zitterberg  5
D. Craig  5
���Tallies Henderson  5
A. W. McVittie  5 ���
John McTaggart   1
��� $2ijj 00
Total  ��039 00
j. c. pit re' LIST.
A. P. Cummins   $20
S.Redgrave     10
J. C. Pitts      5
R. W. Patmore       5
J. Serscn      ��
B. Freemantle       5
James Cullen      5
J. H. Sterritt	
ilUiiiiilOlO,     UjJ.vOullJ.O,
a:; �� xi.'.v^iE.vixiis.
Sloei-i's Good Outlook.
'1 here is nothing in tlie nil- which
could lead anyone to believe that the
Slocan country is going to In'anything
like ipiiet. Tbo indications at present
point to a most notice season.
Tlio Mountain Chlefis putting out
eight to ten tons a day of good shipping ore. Of ibis output fifteen tons per
week is being hauled to Kaslo. There
are about twenty men employed In this
The owners of the Washington have
ordered 15,000 ore sacks from a local
mere].ant, and have let a contract for
the hauling of 1C00 tons from the mine
to Kaslo. There are forty men employed on the Washington and they
will iu all probability be kept employed
during the winter.
There have been no shipments from
the Slucaii Sun- but extensive development work which continues to demonstrate the great value of liie property
us it continues to improve each day.
There is (iOO tons on the dump at present. On this property there are thirteen men.
The Noble Five has considerable ore
on the dump and will increase the
present staff.
The Wellington continues to ship ore
to T.ieoma, and a force of men will be
kept at work developing the property.
The shipments from this mine last
year averaged 375 ounces in silver
The Bonanza King bus a number of
men at, work and thev are getting out
large quantities of ore.
The owners of the Dardanelles announce thorn intention oi working on
an extensive, scale this winter. They
have a large stock of wood cut ready
for the operation of their steam plant,
The I lalio has a dozen men at work
and is aiviting tho arrival of ore sacks
to commence tbo shipping of ore.
The Aluio has nnido application for
a large consiiiginent of ore sacks and it
lso will ship ore ���Nelson Minor.
Surprised tlio Americana.
Mr. Allan Cnvmi, who returned
home on Sunday's deh.yed Pacific express, was seen by a Herald representative, and stated that he felt much
improved by his trip, which included
the principal cities of tlie States. Mr.
Cavan said that Grey Eagle had proved
a big surprise to some of tbo American
turfmen, and had boon highly successful whenever he appeared. He hud
left the horsi) behind to fulfil engagements, anil bo did not ill Ink it probable tliut Grey Eaglo would be seen
again on any North western track.���
Calgury Herald.
D_ talent Ions by tile  Scuttle   City
Seattle, Sept. 12,-Adolph Krug,
city treasurer of Seattle, has left the
city and when heard from late this
evening was at New Westminster, B.
C. Krug has been buying oity warrants with city funds, expecting to be
able to redeem iliein when the city sold
S.'iOO.CCu in bonds. The bonds were
not sold as he expected at the time,
and Krug was left with $lb'5,C00 iu
city warrants on his hands. To-day
was the date for the semi-annual examination of the city treasurer's books,
and Krug, fearing detection, fed to
British Columbia. He will be brought
buck. This city will lose nothing, as
the warrants can be secured and
Krug's bondsmen are solid citizens.
rare lluill'Olllbe.
Washington, D.C., Sept. 11.���As
one measure of relief from the "present
deplorable condition of the country."
Representative U-rosvenor, of Ohio,
to-day introduced a resolution reciting
that ''it is not the intention of the
Fifty-Third Congress to make radical
or important, changes in the principles
of tariff taxation, and it is hereby
sole.nly declared that Congress will
not undertake a sweeping revision of
the tariff, nor will it remove from
American products, either of the firm,
the mine or the shop, thut protection
which now stands lietweeu the American producer and the foreign producer |
and especially is it. hereby declared
that congress will not remove from the
products of agricultural industries the
full measure of protection now afford
ed by law to the end that wages uiii.i
be maintained at the present rates and
the producer be rewarded for his labor
and capital by adequate prices.'' 'flit:
resolution was referred lo the committee on ways and means.
Job    Departrxierjt
_:0:��� OF ���:o:���
Fort   Steele
will be found a great convenienco. ns by it watches and
other repairs sent to W.  ALEXANDER, Donald,
will receive prompt attention.
$ 57 OO
Don't Forget The Address;
Wlkander, |Lia6.
Watchmaker, JeWeller & Optician,
Upper Columbia tgwayCo.
Tramway from G.F.B. Qolden to ColnmbU'Biver.
Strs. DUCHESS & HYAK on Columbia River
Tramway between Mud Lake and Upper Columbia Lake.
" PERT on Upper Columbia Lake.
Freight Wagons between Upper Colombia Lake and Kootenay River,
" GWEN D0LINE on Upper Kootenay Riv.
Stage Line Iron Upper Columbia Lake to Fort Steele.
Saturday  Ilbon
Friday  WW
Miles ,
10:00 1(*0
11:00, Hit
SO-OD 1:8
1S-01 1*8
Wednesday ���������
nrr. Goldon, s. II yak, I've,
Galena        "  nrr,
Windermere  "     "
I've. Adola "    ���'
nrr.   " Tramway leave
" Thunder riill,Pertnrr.
,e. Canal Flat, "   "
nrr.        "    Stago I've.
I've. Wnsa "
"   FortSteelo    "
5 00
5 50
7 00
11 00
12 00
Tuesday     7:00
Wednesday   18:00
Thursday    H-on
" 11,: 0
Friday    7:00
Saturday    7K*0
Freight Rates to Fort Steele, Canadian Freight Classification.
A   Class 1&2   $!1.C0
B       "    3,4, 5,4 G  $2.25
C       "    7,8. 9, &10  91.50
Express Rates, Golden to Fort Steele-4centsperlb. and 2 p. c. on merited value.
" Golden to Canal Flat 2cts. per lb. and 1 p.c. "
T. B. Ii. COCHRANE, President;       F. P ARMSTRONG, Manager.
.   B.   LANG,:
lining & General Supplies.
BOOTS &��� SHOES.        STATIONERY, PIPES,   Etc.,   Etc.
Fine Groceries a Specialty
M. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
Machine Shop
Golden, B.C.,
AVE on hand for SALE a lot of Pipe Fitting, consisting of Short Nipples, Bushings, I'nion Couplings, Elbows, Tees, Bras* Globe Valves, Brass Pet Cocks
Nuts and Washors, Square-head Machine Bolts, Carriage
Bolts and Iron.
Sash, Duors, Blinds, Mouldings, Frames, Stair and Turned'
Work. Estimates furnished and contracts taken on all ,
kinds of buildings.


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