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The Golden Era Jul 26, 1901

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 James IiEfiDEfisoN,
B-uilder & Contractor,
'' GOLDilN, B.C.
A aupplv ol* Br.ilsl.iis: 1-lroc for fair.
Plsrisa prapa-rsKl.   Prompt attention ttiveu to
{J*. l-'l
Sign Wrltor *^jj
Scenic ArOstl *M
lloii-sc llcroi-ntor.
Leave Orders at ilootemy House, Goldm, B.C.
-A)L. XI NO. 41      f Is
GOLDEN, British Columbia, FRIDAY, JULY 26. 1D01
2 Per Year.
The Big Store.
New stock of food stuffs for man
and beast���a full car load ofthe best
brands. Prices as easy as possible
under present market conditions.
Rolled Oats
Graham Flour
Corn Meal
Split Peas
Pearl Barley
Special Value in Ore-
o-on and. Canadian
Canqp Blankets.
Trale Where Cash does Double Duty.
the stock of
Hats and Caps.
Gents' Furnishings,
Fine Suitings,
Up-to-Date Pantings, at
J. C. TOM & Cos.
If not an inspection will pay you.
Saddles, Pack-saddles,
Straps, Whips, Collars, etc.
Boss-Miner's Boot,        - $5,50
16-inch River Boot, made in full French
Calf, double soles,        - 7.50
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital (Paid IJ-11 ��'4.a0t*,*MiO
Best ���        1 M.tO.IHIII
II. S. Ho-vl.-u'.sl, * I,]SSsi(l*'llt.
T. H. Merrill,        -        Vkel'rca.
Wm. Kjimsny,     T. S.ltl.os-lsis.il Ht.iyuor
Hubert Jallray, Elijss Hoiiers,
Will, llenili'ie.
Head OrncE: ToitoNTo.
D. H. Wii.kik, (issues-;,! Miuniger.
li. Hay, Insspector.
MANITOBA, N. W. T. mill 11. 0.
Ilnsiislon, Colgsiry, Ksliiioislon,
(.sjlsltsn,        Nelson, I'nrl.'ijjo In I'r.t.rie,
1'rince Allsert,     Revelstoke,     Sti'iithconn.
VjiiitouvGr,        \Viiissi|*ei*,
Essex, resins, ijlalt, llsssiiilloii. Isiitei'sull.
I.istowel, Ni.iirjs.rji Fslllss, 1'ort CoUsonl'ise
Itslt l'ortaito,        ."-....It Ste. Marie, St.
Ciitluirinea, St. Tbosiuis, Toronto, Well.iusi,
Wooslstotlt, anil Moiitrti.1, Vise.
Agents In <*rent llritahi:
Lloysl's Iiisssk, Ltd., li Loinbnnl fit., London
will, whom money mny Ise flepositcl for
transfer by letter or i-nblo to nuy ot the
above brni.t-l.ea.
Agents in Units*-;! Slut.*-.:
NEW YORK-llni.lt s.f Montreal, Hunk ol
rillCAUO-Firat National Hank.
81'. PAUL���Sni'onsl Njitiosinl Ilnnk.
SAN FKANlTSCO-Wells, Far-suit Cos
Agents In South Afrien.
lutorssst nlloivi-tl ou deposits,
l'ro,sl.t*Ijil, Miu.ii-ipnl jinil other debenture.*
AvnH.ihle nt nil [missis Iss ('lltllisl.., l.'uitisl
K isiirduiii, L'liilct States.
J. S. Gibb, Mrr., Golden Branch.
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary rublic,ronveyancer, etc
Office in l.pjier Col.tushia Navigation and
Tram say Coin jinny'. lluiklinK,
l.nl.len. II. C.
Harvey, McCarter & Pinkham,
llarrlalera, Solicits,.--!, Ae*
Revelstoke, B.C. Fort Steele, B.C
Ifonisis Alssxas.der llloi'k  (lolde.t 11. ('.
Goods Right.    +    +    +   Prices Right.
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Co.
Steamers DUCHESS and HYAK c*rning
H. IH. Halls.
Season of 1901 Opens April 2nd.
Only Quick and Comfortable Route to Mining* Towns of Windermere Mining
.Leave Golden Tuesday 4 a.m., arriving at Peterboroiigli.
Athalmer, Canterbury and Windermere samo evening'
Returning arrive at Golden Wednesday afternoon.
|Leave Golden Friday 4 a.m. for Peterborough and intermediate points; returning arrive at Oolden Sunday
Low ratos on Ove, Lumber, Hay, Grain and Coal.
For further information apply to
C.  H.  PARSON, secretary,
Jas. 13HADY, D.L.S., & P.L.8.
Mining Engineer,
M. Ara'n. Inst. M.E.
Surveys ninilo ft.r Assessment Work ,'iinl
Crown Urania.
Laud fer sale nu Luke Wiudirniero jsiisl
Fiiisllny Creek, Enst Koss'euny.
.  .  .  Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
South  Hide Kleklng  Horae River,
Hull Bros. & Co.
Wlioleaalo A Retail
i    Cattle, Sheep and Morse Doalers.
"'.'"  ��*j|,,*-OOLDEN, B.C.
|Town and District.;?
(J *-*-; s/a^.-is.'s/e -psm/ifi. ziwwwiA.
Mr. end Mrs. Pitts, o[ Windermere,
are visiting friends in town. Mrs.
Pitts' sweet shiRing at the Presbyterian social wns much appreciated.
Mis and .Miss Fields, of Field, wore
iu town during the week. Miss Fields'
accomplishments won much praise at
the Wednesday evening entertainment.
Mrs Wood.and Miss Jones of Vancouver, arrived in town ou Thursday,
and are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. F.
W. Jones.
Mr. Evans, editor of the Canterbury
Outcrop, arrives) in town Wednesday
from upper country on a brief business
visit, returning on Friday.
Thy Victorias are jirogressing very
favorably with arrangements for their
Ball which they intend holding ou the
2urd of August. Tickets will bis sold
by the committee of management.
A dueling ol the Amatuoi- Athletic
Association was hebl on Thursday
evening in tho Columbia Hall, with
President Gibb in the chair. After the
usual routine business it was reported
that $190.00 hai been collected of tlse
amount subscribed and that the remaining balance of $130.00 was being
rj|iidly paid. in. The contract entered
into by Mr A. C. Hamilton lo clean off
the splice iu lhe rssco track was read
ami ajipi-oved by the lueetljig. Before
closing ihu jsresideut \ ss.isl that he
wished to see every |ii;rson that played
any game w lutever even to the small, st
uf the junior footballers attend (he
meetings ami subscribe their quarter
or half dollar as thoy oould afford it,
and thus take sin active interest iu the
providing of grout.ilH for sports.
women to travel nnd advertise tor old ostitis
lisliesl house ot* solid iiuaiu-ini stnndiug. Salary 8180 a year anil expeiisea. nil |sayisble iu
1'js.sh. No cn.missing required, tiive ro-
forouccs und enclose selt'iiddressed stamped
envelope, Adslress Manager, .'ts'sis Caxton
lllslg., Chicago. act II
Prospectors who have claims lo di.-
poso of should consult Andrew F.
Rosenlnrger, of the Prospector's Exchange, Nelscn.   See   nd on page il. *
Five .hundred men are wauled for
construction work on the Arrowhead
and Kootenny railway in the Lnrdo
district. Wages, $2.25 to 82.50 per
day.-- Kaniloops Inland Sentinel.
For first-class
Dairy Butter
Fresh Eggs
and all kinds of
Farm Produce
Apply to
(FoilM F.)
Certilieate   of Improvements,
situate in tho OoMen Mining Division or
Kast Kootonay District, on tlw Middle Fork
ut' the. Spillimat-heuo l*ivor, and bniinded
north hy vacant Crown hnnl** \ south by tho
Whistler and Favorite, Cr. Or., mineral
claims; cant by Maud S. ami Stand by, Cr.
Or., mineral claims, wont hy tho Inter
national nn t Favorite Cr. Or. miuoral claims,
TAKE NOTICE that I, James Brady,
acting as agent for J. L. 81link, J. .1. Kenny,
and II. N. Hand, Freo Miner's Certilieate
Noa, It-l-I'Mi, It 4401);) and It 10754, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, toapply to
the Milling Kucordor tor a Certilieate of Im
provements, for tho purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of the auovo elniin.
And further tako noiie. that action, under
���jeeliun 117, must bo eommeiii'cd boforo tho
issuance ot sui'lrCertifit-atnof Improvements.
Hated this Thirteenth day of .lulv, A.D.
1001, Sill
��m��GOLDEN, B.C.
One of tbo Largest and Heat Managed Hotels iu llritish Columbia.
���t-!i.S|MH-i��l attontiou given to baggage of
Con.moreial men. Delivered to aud from
(tuition free of charge.
KaTE8, t\*l per day. Special ratos ior
regular hoarders.
Mr Griffith, Government auent, returned from the Upper country on
Sunday morning and reports business
fairly good. The new Horse Thief
road has beeu completed for five miles.
It is expected the whole will be built
by the time snow flies.
Before H R Moodie. J. P. on Monday J Lamontagne was charged by
MrPugh, oneof theC P R peace officers,
with culling him a scab. Several witnesses were examined and their evidence went to show that Mr Pugh was
mistaken and that Mr Lamontagne
had not used that epithet to him. The
case was therefore dismissed.
Word has been received from Mr.
Bulraan, Secretary of the Windermere
District Football Club, to tlie effect
that Hon. W C Wells has donated a
trophy for competttlen between Football Clubs in North-East Kootenay.
This will be played for, for the first
time, at the(Windermere races. Medals
will be given to the members of the
winning team, The members of the
Golden Football Club must turn out
;o practice on the few nights left for
 *-*W* <   >*���-**-	
Game Protect Inn.
After the meeting of tho A. A. A. in
Columbia Hill, another was hell for
the purpose of forming a Game Protective Association. Mr Griffith was
chosen as chairman, pro tern, aud \V.
Alexander, S *c rotary. Mr G ii Iff t h
thou explained that JJr Trt ill ton had
had been appointed game warden for
the district of North Ei;t Kootenay
and wished to have au association
formed here, tho members of whicli
would assist him in the protection of
the game of tho district from slaughter
out of season. Mr Griffith then called
for nominations for jffisai'j an 1 i!i3
following were elected by acclam mou:
President, J G Ullock; Vice president.
C A Warren; Secret ary -Sreasurer, W.
Alexander. Tiie following plelge was
then prepared.
Ws', the und-Jr&ign9d, members of
the Golden District Game Protective
Association, hereby hind ourselves to
act collectively*, as well as individually,
as assistants to tlm gums warden of
this district and with that end in view
we, an 1 each of us shall take such
measures as wilt bring to justice any
person or persons who may be guilty
of an Infringement of the Gam: Act.
By signing it aud paying the noin
iuai fee of SO cents any person may bo-
come a msinbar and become directly
interests,] in the preservation of our
g-'ine.  ^	
A Siicc-'Hsfiil Social.
The entertainment given by the
Ladies Aid of the Presbyterian church,
in Columbia Hall, on Wednesday evening, was a distinct suacess throughout,
The programme was particularly good
and refreshments were disposed of in
such a way as to suggest high appre
elation, We would give moro extend
ed notice of the programme if it were
not that the paper is so crowded with
correspondence ihis week as to make
extended comment impossible. Suffice
to say that the whole proceedings ro*
ilect great credit on the ladles whol
arrange 1 it, and was heartily enjoyed
by all.
Clwrus, My Mountain Home.
Oolden (iloe Club,
Recitation, The Execution of Montrose
Miss Fields.
Rending Dooloy on Christian Science
Mr. W. Alexander.
Chorus ��� ��� ��� Tho Forest Song
Oolden O.ee Club.
Duot Violin aud Piano
Mr Oiiiiii unit Miss Welts.
Hesitation. ��� .The Face on Mar Room Floor
Mr. F. Rich
40 minutes.
Chorus  .The Littlo Grey Bird I
Oolden Oleo Olub.
Song Cows are In tins Clover
Mrs. Pitts.
Recitation The Su'innlmaster's Guests'
Miss F.ehls.
Song Love's Sorrow |
Mrs Pitts.
Guitar floto  ...   Miss Fields/
Sour Anchored
Kev. V. M. Purdy.
Rov. Mr Laidley gavo a sh.irt. address.
There is no longer any doubt that
Sir Louis Davies is about to retire
from the Dominion Cabinet and to take
the sear on the Bench of the Supreme
Court of Canada, rendered vacant by
the death of the late Mr Justice King.
Sir Louis Davies will tw snrepedprl
In the Cabinet by the Hon. H. U.
Emmerson, of the Provincial Government of New Brunswick, who will be
appointed Minister of Murine and
Palliser Pabulum.
From Our Own Correspondent.
Palliser, July 21 -Scorching days
forced the beautiful snow to retreat far
tin thu hlghor ponies, where it ha"*bade
Old Sol defiance for r.ges, The Kicking horso is frisky hut not dangerous,
Miss Marjorle Macdonald has returned from L'lggan when- she hud
been attending private school.
Since tin? traclciiiMi's strike b'gan n
number oT person--:, including a magistrate, have inonired n*i to tho meaning
of the word " scab." At a conspiracy trial held recently iu England, the prosecuting counsel give the
following definition of a scab: "A
scab is to his trad j what a traitor is
to his country, an I though both may
be useful in troublesome times, they
are dbte-tted by all when peace returns,
so when h dp Ih neode.1 a scab is the
last to contribute assistance and tlie
first to gra-tp a benefit he never labore t
to procure. Hi cares only for himself;
he sees not bsyon 1 the extent of a dny.
and for a momentary approbation he
wonld bit ray friend-., family and country; hi short, he is a traitor ou a small
scale, who firsts-ills thej-iitrneytneu,
and is himself afterwards sold in his
turn bv hi-* employer, until at last ho
is despised by both and deserted by all.
Ha is an enemy to himself, to the present age aud to all posterity" Cis-
sel's dictionary defines it as a " paltry
dirty follow." In medical terms he is
designate! as a q lack, iu religion as a
heretic, in law hs a shyster, in politics
a traitor, and in tne social worl 1 he is
the most contemptuous b-iing to be
Messrs. Bullock an 1 Hddon pulled
out for tha prairie lust week, boing
lured there hy the report uf big wages
for hay-makers.
Arrivals ut the Hotel Dib'ink : D in-
cm McCallum. Jack Livingstone, Dm
MacDonald, all  undergoing treatment!.
Geo. Wells is ou h business lo.r
east for the paa! ten days.
Part of this correspondence is hei I
over fur next week, o.ving   to  luck o��
By a telegram receive 1 Monday by
Mr. Maxwell, M, P frou the Minister
of the Interior, it is s'.itt-. I that thu
Dominion Government has tHken another and important step io direct the
uold from the Yukon district into
Canadian channels. <>,i nil gold from
that region on which the royalty of
five per cent has be.-u paid, brought to
to the Dominion Ass.iy Office hero, a
rebate of one per cent will be made to
the owner. This action will enable
the miner to get the intrinsic value of
the gold without any deduction for
the expenses connected with its handling by the banks or other purchasers
aud will make Vancouver the point at
whicli he can dispose of it io thu best,
Ottawa, July LMJ. -- Not wit hstand*
iug the fuel, of the announce.ni*nt made
a few dnys ago that tliu medals or
the (...uiudiiuis who served in South
Africa were on hou id the Ophir, i lit)
that there would not Im time to engrave them before the dines Hxed for
presentation by the Duke of Cornwall
mid Vork. thu medals have actually
arrived at the department of militia
here. The number iu all is -TOU, and
aro contained iu seven cases.
The department will also take steps
to have them engraved and have iht*in
shipped to the different pointr-at Which
they will be presented t" tlie intending
recipients hy his royal highness.
Washington, July !?.�� In response
t) the representation-! of tliu state department the Brills,i Go*eminent hus
declined to release nny of the Americans who were captured while serving
iu the Boer army.
The only exceptions will he iu the
cases of prisoners whose health is suell
as to make their confinement dangerous.
Some American'-' are among tho
military prisoners iuCe.luii mid iho
state department h id special refereuuH
to their cases in uddresslmi the British
Government in this mutter,
Toronto. Julv *J4 -Senator G. W
Allan died this iuorinng at his homo
Ottawa. Julv 24.-George O'Brien,
the Dawson murderer, will be ban go. I
as the executive declines to iuturfeie
in his cast.
���uta THE TSIU O:)LLENVRC,Ji:ly20, 190!.
Kite Mo'.bcn  iBviie
priif.MiiRr- p.vkrv nnnAv.
Eu. V. t'lMMiKits, ���  Editor and Pnbliftlioi-
Suhncriiitionp ^iffi per year in ndvnnco.
Advertising rate- made known mi request
FRn\Y, Jm,v   2S. I Ml.
The normal process of development
in the earliest stages of a country's
sntilomflul seems to ho almost invariable from a slams of being governed
to ih.it of governing or sharing In
t he government, We are, of course,
speaking of modern times, and par-
Ocularly of newly settled lauds, and
the above stHiuinenfc will practically
em bod v the proi.'**s through which
British Columhla lias em rged into u
c uidi'ion of sf-ir govern men t from the
status of a crown colon-.. It is equally
applicable us regards local admiuis-
trition and'we find th t theiituetoentb
coiitnry bus wiiuesncd a great change
of opinion from centralization in favor
of de centralization. We see thu evidence of this iu the increased desire of
villages and towns to attain the rank
privileges up ert.tin ng  to au in*
corpora ted city, This desire is laudable
aud shows that tlie people are anxious
Jo share In the government of their
own local ill' and desirous of coutri
Inning what they can uf their ability
itnd time in assisting to direct lhe
pr ogres*} uu i improvement of the dis
triet wheiu they reside,
Descending from generalities to
particulars, is it not a lilting time for
the pHupiuof Uolden to be stirring in
in their own interests ? At present
we Hie p.ij nig luxes to- tho provincial
treasury and, except through lhe efforts
of our iHpi'Hseiitrttiuo In llie Provincial
Hou**e, we have no voice in I he ex-
js. iidniiiM uf our own iiioi ey.
Golden is the centre of a large dis
trioi whibb is rapidly settling up; the
towu iiself has a residential population
of 6011 ui least and Is increasing rapidly,
Its irude is largo lur its size, uud its
inhnliiiaiiis fit's alert, busy and pro
g ussive, Wi maiuiain that if wc
were incorporated and hud the direct
iiianHueiuent ul our owu municipal
affair- a benolioient and Iiivigoratinp
cbaiiuu would come over the town, The
peopl-, em rusted wuh the expenditure
of their own money, would see that ii
was used in a wny (hut wuuld really
lisslhi the town. We would have direct control over many matters which
ure now nd in In 1st med from \ iuluria,
wo would feel that ihe destinies of our
towu were in our own hands, and the
conseijneut responsibility would unquestionably be of great advantage to
us and the ure.i tributary to Oolden.
It, may he argued lhat the popu
! at iou is mil ull, hut lhat is uu valid
objection. e.spHiuHlly if we bear iu
mind ibat sinal'er phi ous have been
incorporated iu British Columbia. A
small ponul'itiou snonld he no obstacle
tu iiM'.orporntioii provided ihut the
people are united iu a ui.-h to juiplOVC
their surroundinuti.
The experience all over ('uiiuda is
that '���incor|.nraiioii" has almost Invariably been to the benefit of ihe place
incorporated, and we (irmly believe
thut Golden would (ind iu it the-ol-
ui ion of many of the small troubles
which aiise, in aduniuii to glvhlii os
the admini-tiat ou of our local affairs
by local mer acquainted with local requirements---.
MoiiffMllu itiiNHiir-t.
London. Jn.y I!).���"Mongolia is
now Russian," suys a despatch to
the Daily KxpieaS from St Peter-biiru,
"L'rga, a Chiue.se frontier station on
ibe load to Pekin. about 200 mihs
south of KialhtH, has been fortified
and garrisoned b.v Russian infautiy
and Cossacks.
'���Surveying parties, escorted by
troops, have pene rated as fur us the
e Ige uf the great deseit tode'ermiiie
the route of a direct railway to Pekin
across the desert and tlm point where
ir will join the mid S.beritiu Railway
ex ten-don no.v beiug const ructedaroui.d
the spilth uud of Luke Daikal."
rtuHHla'H wil.v Move.
London, July 11). A despatch to
The (.lobe from Shanghai, dated July
IT, hh^s the Russians, through the
Ine 11 IglailH, ure eiidi-Kvoi ing tu Uiy
the Kii Ping collieries iu N rthern
Chili Province, lhe-iraiegin .������ ue of
which is tiica.culuble. The Kai-Piuu
collierict nr*- now largely * polyinu
the ohVIpr of thn powers in the far
en-t with mill.
Burdetle. MiM'st'i *s *������ *��� ���*"**���* oi Hii*
L fell io iho lot of Mr, Chamberlain
to propose ihu toast, "The Dominion
J Canada," ut iho dinner given ly
Lonl Slrathconu in Loudou. ou July
I, and he di-*eh��ri;"d lhe duty iu a
singularly happy manner. He referred
to Dominion D.ty as "the anniversary
of ihe hi rib nf h initinii om1 of thosi
4reat iihiIuus that unininski* np th
great empire ��� gcuater that the world
has ever seen before- to which we ure
all so proud tu belong,* Afier spiakmg
of ihu anticipations of the founders of
Confederal Eon, he said : "I cannot
help thinking that even the most sail
guine iiieu who surrounded the cradle
of the Federation could not havo dared
anticipate the lusty vigor, the aston*
shin; vigor of the infant they helped
bring Into tho world. We iiuo'.e iu
full his next remarks:
It is not for me, sir, to repeat to you
the history of thu development of your
great country, lu the course of a
period which amounts only to the span
of an average life, you have established all the lu-titutions of a civilized
and orderly Government, you have
created vast industries, employing
great pop:ilat Ions; you have trans
formed u trackless waste into oue ol
the great granaries of the world
(cheers); you have opened up sources
of incalculable mineral wealth; you
have created uew centres uf intellectual
energy; yon have reared a | eople strenuous, id cite I, law-abiding and God*
f-aring ihe real and truest fo illation
of a great nation (loud cheers). The
record of the internal | rocess of Canada is one of almo.it unbroken advance
and wheu we look buck upon it, we do
not wonder upon it. Wc are able to
justify the confidence with which
every Canadian is horn iu the des iu
ies of the uiagiiilici'Ut laud which is
his appointed heritage. Uut if tin
founders of the Canadian federation
were unable completely to realize till
rapidity and completeness with which
iho spirit ofthe people would evolvi
all the Institutions, all ihe qualities,
all the characteristics which go to
perfect, nationhood, still less were they
able to appreciate, 'he lesult which
this development would have upon tin
relations between Canada mil tb
nation from which she sprung. Whet
the utmost liberty was conceded io tin
Canadian pf>Oj le to work out their owi
destinies. Io tra'vel on lines they themselves should appoint. I iliink it cannot, be denied thut the s-atestnen o1
this conu'lT and niutiv ol the i ost
eminent Canadians believed that that
was only a step towards an inevitable
result ���that il wus only a movemmi
in the direction of complete SPparu(]oi ,
which, lerhnps. was to lie followed it
iis tm ii by absorption in the powerful
and friendly neighbor which you have
:o tlm south of you; (Cries of "No'
and "Never.") Vou my **Nu" now,
but yon would not hnvo snid it if tot.
hud been living thirty years aen. (Yes
and Question ) Hut fortunately fur ur
aud still inure fortunately, I think.
fur Canada (Ch(ers), these a uii. i pal ions
huve not beeu fulfilled. Willi lhe
growth of Canada has come litis foi lei
and justifiable confidence. Canada has
f.'It herself strong enough to eurr.v
forward her destiny alone.-���alone, that
i*. to say, with only the slight but
enormously strengthened link which
binds her to the Mother Country.
(Cheers.) Federation has inspired, ii
1 may sav so. the provinces whi'h gi
to make up the Dominion with a ne**
and a wider pi.tl'lotlsu . !��� hus situ
.rested the advntiLifgrs winch ,\ou huvi
derive I from federation, and suggeslei,
to yon tho possible iutvaiita��.es of i
still git filer union iu which sistei
nations shall be held logeiher hy com
mou aspirations. (Cheers)
Mr Chntnherhiin's appreciation ol
the Dominion will give pleasure to
every Canadian. Ifis .i-iftre-ice to th'
nurt pluu'il hy Canada in the war wai"
equally satisfactory, He touched upon
the question of imperial Fediiiition,
"Hying thut ihere is a movement ji
that direction, hut tlepre. tiling au*
attempt to force it. The wish for sum
a union must, he says, come from the
Colonic-, but be believes I here I-
liothiug which the people of Ormi
Britain would more gladly vvelcoup
dp described Dritalnas Isolated a mom
the nations, hnt mt alone, since sin
has lier great fa nhy mound her. W>
,0-nie ihe concluding puriio.iut' ihir
admirahV spw ub :
Upi-HI-li**��� upon thi- t ine-worn conn
try of otjr-i -there still fulls ihe t>..r
den of Knipire, and our people are i u
uuwoithy. They are not less willing
to bea i this burden, audio make the
necessary sacrifices 'o ui.tihtain t|it
empire ih-in were thei* aures!or*> io
guiu it fChcpt"-). |tm if ihe time Should
cuii.e   a neu   ihu sceptic  ol   dominion
shall prove too heavy for our hands,
then we look to you. We look to the
young nations, the heirs of the future���
those to whom it is given to entry on
to distant ages the glory of the Britisli flag, and the pride ofthe Briti-h
dominion-(Cheers) -we look to you
���o appreciate our position, and to approve our policy, nnd to give us your
<elu to enable us to meet the taunts of
jur enemies with the cheers of our
children (Cheers). If yon do this ���
and you will do it ���you will give us
rhe right to sin*, in the words of one
of your Canadian poets:
"Laugh,   little folk! for joy to think
that England's sun basset,
But Fame laughs   louder thau  ye all.
And Freedom louder yet;
Take back your spite-engendered sneer,
your Conscript-nurtured scorn;
Hark ! to the cry that comes from East
out heralding the morn.
Vml   Westward  cf  the  sunset ���from
the race yo so revile,
from continent to continent, it sounds
from hill to hill.
And by the broad  St. Lawrence, from
beneath the Southern Cross,
���We, we are England's 1 Count with us
before you count hor loss."'
The Provincial Ooverninent has decided to undertake theconstruction of u
iew Ooverninent House immediately
and push tho work forward to com-
plol iou us rapidly us possible. The decision reached is to build a wooden
houso on a stone foundation. Mar.y
p oj le have expressed a prefirence for
.i stone structure, Imt such excel
lent effects are now prjduced in wood
and the relative expense of the latter
is so much less, that we think on
the whole the determination of the
roverumeut is a wise one. The new
building will be iu all respects one
worthy of the province and in keeping
.vith the commanding site ou which ii
will he ertcied.
Tiie Ooverumeut hus   also determin-
;d to proceed with the building of the
bridge acro-?s the Fraser at >"ew West
minster,   authorized   by   the  house at
'he  recent   session.    This  bridge will
.('commodate both  highway und  rail-
vuy traflic, and   will play u  very im
ort unt part in the business  affairs of
he south western   Itlalulaiid.    A good
nauv years  Iiiivh   pa-sed   since   tl e
con truction  of a  (nidge in   the place
eferrod to was   proposed,   and   it   is
[iiite a ton4 tune since  the leglsiutuie
oinmiited the province to a large sum
in the nature of a subsidy   or bonus to
ny company t iut  would undertake to
finance the undertaking.
I' has also been decided   to send out
i ptrtv to explore the Hope Mountains
.vith the view of determining once uud
or ull    whether  a   pass exists  over
hem, which will permit of  the profit
ible construction  and operation of a
railway,   This is a, point upon which
n spite of all that bus been  alleged to
he contrary, very   grave doubt exists.
ff thero is no such pass, thut is, if the
���rossing of the mountain range will be
atte.-idel   with   sucli   cost,  is   will   In
practicullv prohibitory, the legislature
will   he  iu  a   better position  than ut
tjresent to deal with the Coiwt-Kooteu*
project, and this will   also be true if it
is B'lOWn thut au available pass exist*-*.
Of course, it is possible by spending
noney oucttgh to build u ruilway any
A'litre,   but   what   the   people of  the
pr vluce wo Id like  to ascer'ain  is if
he pas-age of thu  Hope Mountains
-an he regitiiled  ui the present time as
ifea.-ihle project, all I liiugs considered.
This survey is  uot taken  ou behalf ol
auy company, but solely   iu ihe public
latere tt,
Thc-e announcements are of mon
��� bun ordinary importance, and afford
evidence ofthe determination of the
Government to carry out a progress-
aud business like policy. They will
he wtl. received by the public���Colon
PILES.��� Itching, Itleodlngand llllutl Piles,
Uuiiifort iu oun ��� pplication. it cures in three
io six ni-jfhis. It cures all skin diseases iu
youug and uid. A remedy beyond compare,
uid it never tails, ;,'i cents.--Sold by It. W,
The fishermen's strike ou the Frasri
has hceu settled t|j* a compromise. The
i.en have accepted Iiif. cents per fish
Tor one qii iter of the pack after which
,U cents will he paid.
.LI.K   t L'ltEH   ItHECMATIh-M.-lt   is
lift', harmless Mid acts quick give* Jiliim*,)
inst;.,u I'Jitot' a.il an absolute Vuio iu front
<���e )���' three days���works wonders iu must
acute (.-rum ui rluMiiuati-iui- ('ue man's test I
llioiiy: "I Spent 0 weeks iu bed imli.ro coiu-
ni-'iieiiig its use 4 bottles cured inc.- Suld
ll / IC.   **. ratiiiiiro - lid
Tue Aruoutiutfi won the senior eights
at t'lf National regatta, Philadelphia,
the \V>ii.,ij<i.'g crew he ug second.
(Contributed.) v
Ye mountain peaks and giant crags
'1 hat luwer m-ijustii- to ihe sky,
J lew ott with sense of awe diiblime
Your gruudeurs suioto my wondering eyi I
1 love tlio ocean's awful voice,
Wheu on lhe rocks its breakers roar,
Lut Donald's wiowchul peaks and crags
And forests grand, delight mo more,
Ye grand uid mountain**) ot might,
J glory in your ruggod grace
Aud scenes of ever now delight,
That time itself can ne'er efface.
Alas! alas! \is sa:l to think
A white man pleads fur a heathen Chink.
Does he think ot the w���y ho does his woik,
Ofthe gruesome gtr ns thnt mount) him lurk,
Wauls him to cook thb fond ho ea s,
Wash liis shirt ami iron his sheets;
How he moistens tin i lobes mid sprinklts
lho buns
With lho water that washes his lenrous gums;
Duos he think uf the loathsome opium den.
Whore he sinks to the lowest grade uf meu.
Alas for the une who cannot tiud
A h lp among our white mankind.
������  ho Province.
Loudon, July 20.-The War Ollici
.ssued late tonight a despatch from
Lord Kitchener giving the correspondence between Mr Reitz and Mr Steyn
that was captured with thn latter'��
baggage nearLindley July 11.
Mr Rehz, under date of May 10,
wrote Mr Steyn that a meeting of tho
Transvaal Ooverninent h��d been held,
attended by Oen. Botha, Geu Vilijoen
and Mr Smuts, to consider ihe national
-irui.iii n.
He went on to catalog tbe diiricaltits,
ihe numerous surrenders of burghers
entailing a heavy responsibility ou
tbe Goverument, the rapidly decreasing
supply of ammunition, the disintegration of the Ooverumeut and the lack
of any definite assurance of European
'���In view of these facts," ho said,
������iho Ooverninent has decided toad-
dress a message to President Kruger,
pointing out the terrible conditions,
The time has passed for us to let mat
ters drift as at present. We must
utke a final .-.top."
MrSteyu, replying May 15, upbraids
Mi, Ueii;s with weak * hearteduess,
sa>ing: "There is still sufficient am
munition io continue the struggle,
You ask what prospect there is of a
successful lei initiation. I ask what
chance there wus for two small lepub
lies when they declared war ugaiusi
the mighty power of Oreat Britain
You will answer that we trusted in
God and iu foreign intervention. What
reason is tbere now to place less trust
iu God ?"
���I have seen recent European news
papers, and I firmly believe that complications will occur*.* in Europe iu
the course of a few months w iiicli will
secure our good fortune."
Mr Steyn also says the fuel that Mr
Kruger aud lhe Boer delegates remain
in Eur pe convinces bim that they
consider the case not beyond hope. He
adds tbat be has summoned Geu De
Wet and urges Mr Reitz to take no
steps until he has heard further from
"The blood is tho life." Science has never
gouo beyond that simple statement of script
are. Jlit; it has illuminated thnt statement
imd given it a meaning over broadening with
tho increasing breadth of knowledge. Whon
tho blood ia "bad"or Impure it is net ahmo
tho body which suffers through disease. The
brain in also clouded, the mind and judgment
are effected, ami mnny an evil deed or impure thought may lie directly traced to tho
impurity of the blood, Nu ouo vim he well
buh.tjceii in mind anil body whose blood i.i
impure. Nn one can have a wholesome aud
pure life unless the blood is puro. Foul blood
can lo mado puro hy the uso of Dr. Pierce's
Gulden Mo.Iical Discovery. Wheu tho blood
u pure, body mid brain aro alike healthy and
liebecuines a dally happiness.
Every woman should own a copy of the
People's Common Sense Medical Advisor,
sent freo on receipt uf 111 one-cent stamps lo
pav expense uf mailing and customs. Tho
oamo book nf l(X!8 najjes in substatit al cloth
fn* aO stamps.
I iffy thousand garment workers
have gone ou strike in New York,
Bi dey camp has close**!. Corporal
Ormundsou won 'he King's prize.
The Ophir, convoying the royal
party, was obliged to put into Albany.
Australia, owing to bad weather.
The Wil!tl.i|6a | olici! fire 1 shots in n
Fon*eca street resort while arresting
resisting inmates.
A l.ASKET'OFPEAHLS. Dr V.-n Stan's
Pineapple 1'nhlets woulil prove a great solace
to the disheat tenet! disnepliv if he would hut
nisi iheir p.toney. They're veritable gems
iu preventing tlio sealing of f-tnmaeh disorders, hy aiding and stimulating digestion
UO of these h tilth '���pearls" in a box, nud
they cost fin cents. Kocouuiieiided ny must
eminent physicians.���riolil hy ll Yv, Pat*
JOB PRINTING our Specialty
Townsite Of
Business and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy lerms of Payment.
the lie;
GOLDEN is, the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
head of navigation on the Columbia Kiver, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with the
fiict that transportation is now assured at an early date
by a railway running the length ot the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
ictivity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure tlie
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEx\ TOWNSITE now offered forms
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase before a further rise
takes place.
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agreement for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
Plans may be soon and prices and terms obtained on
application to
II. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
II. G. Parson, Merchant.
A Monls-eftl p'lith'imits lists been Tor
some iiionllinex|):itisiliisi; is. his fi-ietuls
on llie 8n|serliillve meiiis ol liis Chineso cook, snys lhe Montreal Herald.
There was 11011111))! thus, lhe Mlovv
couliln'i. tlo, usi'l ilo it well, ansl lhe
innsier of lhe hosis holsl was eternally
iflorlf.i inji in the freedom of his home
from the thriililoni of the ordinary
ruler of the liilolitn, The other nljiht
th s worthy citizen had a larjfoiiuinbei'
of liis man fiieuds in to dinner, and
as usual lie turned the conversation iu
the direction of his Immaculate Chinese
ssrvant. After the cigars were lighted, ho sai I, 'Now come out to the
kiichen with me and ss'e whnt a jewel
of a servant we have." The guests
filed out in procession nnd marched to
tho kitchen, where every pan that
hung upon the walls reflected their
faces like u mirror, and there was the
Cliinaiiin.il, the cause af all this brightness, washing his feet in the soup pot.
The stomach is the vital center of ihe
body. It is the organ from which all
other organs nre fed. A weak stomach
menus a weak man. There never was a
strong man with a weak stomach. What
is called " weak stomach " is in general a
diseased condition of the stomach and
other organs of digestion and nutrition,
which jirevents the proper digestion or
the foosl which is taken into the stomach, and sq reduces the nutrition of the
hosly. When all food is taken away the
hasly starves. Wlien the food eaten is
only digested ansl assimilated in part it
only nourishes tl.e body in part, and so
tli2 body is partly starved. And this
starvation is felt lu everv organ of the
body de|)endcnt on the blood which is
made from food.
Tlle great variety of the cures performed oy Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery is due to its remarkable
power to heal diseases of the stomach
ami allied organs. It cures through the
stomach diseases seemingly remote, but
which have their origin in a diseased
condition of the stomach and the other
organs of digestion and nutrition.
" Weak " heart, lungs, kidneys and weakness of other organs is cured with the
cure of the weak stomach.
Mr. Ttsotsssss A. Swarta. Box I>M, Ruts-Station
C Cultnssbiss, Ohio, write.: " I wna takes, very
sick with aevcre headaclle. then cranspa In the
stoiissich, nnd food would not diRcat, then kJdsscy
and liver trouble, nnd sny back got weak ao I
could scarcely Ret nronnd. The more I doctored
the worse I Rot usstll nix years passed. I had become ao poorly I could only wnlk In the house
by the did ol a chair, and I Rot bo thin 1 hnd
givin up to (iir, thinking that I could not be
cures!. Then one of my' nciRhhors said, ' Take
Dr. Pierce's Oolden Mesllcnl Discovery nnd sssnke
* new man osst of yourself,1 Tlse fisst bottle
helped me so I thought I woulsl get another, nud
after I had taken elsrht Isottlcs I waa weighed
nnd found I linsl gnliu'd twe s'v-seves. (27) Iba.
In a'sotst six weeks. I hnve doise sssore bard
work lis the past eleven months thnn I did fn
two years before, antl I nm ns jtout and Isenltliy
to-day., I think, ns I ever wns."
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets con
1'l.illlp Wagner, Dominion Government iiilerpi'eter, was sentenced to five
mouths  imprisonment   al   Ksl.i.oi.ioii
(or swindling Galis.ians.
Dr. Clarke's Little Red Pills ara
a Wonder to the Medical
De. Clarke's Little JM Pills cures!
me of Rheumatism of twelve years
standing.-Edward Pure 11, conductor
CPU., Montreal'
Dr Clarke's Little R-d PilN cnri'sl
site of clironi,' rheiiinstisni. of 22yt'ftrt��.
afier every oilier ri'ineilv had failed. ���
H. ,\|'. Black. Sasslt Sis..  Marie
There i< no remedy to equal llr.
Clarke's Little Bed Pills for nervous
'roubles.-W. H. Robertson, Editor
Daily Times Peterborough, Out.
1 nearly slietl from la grippe, and did
not seem 10 gain strength till I tried
Dr. Clarke's Wonderful Littla Red
Pills-Thos Jackson, Washington avej
nue. Rochester.
They cure rheumatism and all blood
diseases every time.��� Dr. K'ng, Peterborough, Out.
Dr. Clarke's Little Red Pills are a
positive and certain cure for la grippe,
rhuemti'.isin, ass lima.paralysis, catarrh
ssczeinn, coughs, backache, indigestion,
all stomach and liver troubles, female
complaints even when 1 lie diseases have
bren standing [or many years, the most
stubborn cases will yield. Price 50
cents jser box. For sale by local druggists. Dr. Clarke's Sure Cure for
Catarrh, and Dr. Clnrke'-s Sure Cure
for Eczema, same price, 910 will be
jsHitl for any case they will not permanently cure
Dr. Clarke's Sure Cure forl.'sitnrrah,
nnd Dr. Clarke's Sure Cure for Eczema,
same price. Ten dollars will be paid
for sny case they will not permanently
Tho Pacific Cable.
London, July CO. In lhe bona of
emmons today, J. Austen Cl.aii.ler-
1 u'n, financial secretary of the treasury, detailing thu jsrrgress of the
Pacific cable snid thus sevens 1 sectional
cable houses has] already been constructed and sent out and were l.eiug
erected at the various lasiding  jdsices.
The survey bad been satisfnciorily
completed over 1BC0 miles of the proposed route and the manufacture of
cable would begin this week.
Mr Chiimbtrlain said landing sites
bad been selected at Queensland, New
Zealand, Norfolk island, between New
Zealand and New Caledonia, and that
the cable board is satisfied as to the
ability of ilie contractor to complete
the work by the end of 1902.
Mr. D. J. Beaten, editor and manager of the Nelson Miner, died on 21st
inst., as lhe result of a sireet car accident.
Mr. Kruger, wife of ex-President
Kruger, die) at Pretoria, July Jl, of
pneumonia, after an illness of three
days.   Sin, wns (17 years old.
Sul scribe now fcr tl.e Eua.
*'| THE ERA, GOLDEN', B.C, July, 2g flif.
en e
With the
In China
In some parts af Asia tigers pine-
tltsilly live upon human llesh. lu
uortlieiii Mnucliurln and iu fact all
nlong tlie Amur liver the tigers kill
nn IneresUble number of hiimaii beings. Colonel Willlum II. Itoot of
Wyoming, dealer In wild animals, re-
oeiitly.related uu exciting exi.ork'Uce
he bnd while limiting In this region:
"I arrived at a village about 50 miles
from the mountains In western .Manchuria ami perhaps 20 or Ul) miles
south of the Amur river In the summer. 1 had with me a party of three
I'liropenus, iwo Englishmen and a
Scotchman, and nn Interpreter and sov*
rii or elghl conlles. We Isnsl several of
tlie lineal limning rlfli's nmili*, niuuiig
llii'iu being l hit's' es press rllles sliniil*
lug explosive bullets und funr lliiiliu
"IVIu'ii wc nrrlveil. sve pri'seulesl our
Ic'it'is io (he mayor or li.<i.il mini of
tin- villngs-���our li'tii'is wer.' from llie
iiiniid.nlii of Hint pari of the oiluuli-.v-
Infoiiiilug the rendiTs Hull we were
tiger hurt lei's ami ns such should lie
treated Willi ri*s|ssvi ami aided on our
way. The mayor informed us that
ills village linsl suffered from ravages
of tigers from lhe remotest times, that
there were two tigers lu the hills near
i by which harbored lhe souls of executed criminals. Hint the spirits of executed criminals eutered those Iwo
tigers and that tbey at times became
so bold as to enter the village In open
day and carry on" people.
-Must about the time nc four white
men were ready to start the mayor
cuius? around with about 40 of the nor*
ili'Ri looking coolies I ever saw chnlncsl
together  In pairs  by  means of leg
shaikh's.    lie  Informed   us  that  he
used some of his convicts nnd criminals In tiger hunting, and If a convict
killed a tiger he wns pardoned.   Of
smuse I did not waut such nn outfit
ns tbat with us, and 1 told the mayor
no. but lis' Insisted that Ihey lie permuted to go. ami at last I consented.
"Here let me sny Ibat Ibe thriH" men
vltb mc were nil ex|inrlenced hunters.
Dumililnon, lhe .'-Villi hiii'in, wns one of
* tie h,"*i sluts I ever saw, not evcu bnr*
nig Al Huston or Ed Lain? of Wyo*
"siiii     lie bad bunted Hgers before.
.'!.- wus a biiril mun lo gel along with.
'mt a good man nevertheless,    (.rant
nnd Alters, the two Englishmen, were
t.lsn good si Ms and cool lieuslesl men.
"Well  II wns finally decided tbat wc
should ties,, nd ou the brush In a line
wuh (Jriiin ..nil Akers In the middle
' mill Doun!<l-*nn on one end and myself
on the other.    We walked along the
ridge above .the ravine until we came
f opposite the pnrt of Ibe brush In which
llie tigers were supposed to hare their
lair.   Tben we formed our line and pre*
I   pared to descend upon the brush.   The
l poor devils began to beat their pans
and shout with qulveriug voices.   The
,t noise had Just started when I beard
i   Donaldson's voice above It all shouting, 'Hold onl'
"I glanced In his direction, nnd there
he wns kneeling and aiming with bis
Marlln nt something across the ravine.
I heard the crack of his rifle, and, look-
, Ing In tbe direction In which he shot
1 and about 200 yards distant across the
I ravine on the hillside, I saw nn enor*
^inous tiger leap Into the air and fall
nek ptonedead.
CWI.cn the coolies saw what Donald-
\lind done. Ihey felt better.   We all
across the ravine through the
In some disorder and in consider-
pte. utterly oblivious of the fact
fre   were otber  tlgem  there.
or coolies had a hard time
Ku tbe brush shackled togeth-
^wo.  In fact, they were left
Donaldson, Akers, Grant,
ftwo or three of tbe guards
Iched the dead tiger.when
we neard a noost unenrtniy screaming
���nd screeching among the coolies In
the brush. The guards fired Into the
"rush with their old blunderbusses and
tben mo!: |*> flight. We whit* -u��n bss*
tened down there to see whut wu., ,..e
"We bad not gone far Into the brush
before 1 almost stumbled over a dead
cooly. Ills companion, chained to lilin.
was lying near by. with his arm nearly
torn off. While Akers ami 1 were looking at this sight we heard (limit cry:
'Look out! Tiger!' We both cocUcd
our guns and looked about us.
* "Suddenly there was n flash of yellow, and a large tiger was In lhe air
and on Its wny toward Akers. Fortunately be had seen It In time to raise
Ids rifle, which wns an express with explosive bullet, and place It squarely ou
the breast of the tiger, just as the animal reached lilm, and lire. Of course
the luii.net knocked Akers silly, but II
hurt the tiger worse.
"The tiger fell on top of Akers, but
It seemed to be paralyzed. It jusl
crouched there without moving. I was
only ten feet distant, and 1 took careful aim nt tlie animal's temple cud
fired. The bullet plowed Its brain out,
ind it rolled over dead. We examined
the anlmnl and found that the bullet
from Akers' gun had passed through
Its lungs and had struck Its backbone
somewhat back of Its shoulders and
had followed the backbone slown ns
fnr as the loins before exploding. It
was the stroke on the backbone thai
paralyzed the animal and had thereby
saved Akers' life, Akers was pretty
badly bruised up, but not swloiisly Injured. Tiiree coolies we+e killed nnd
several others Injured.
"We found thnt the tiger Donaldson
hnd shot had been struck squarely In
the heart. Both animals bore numerous
scars which they had received In othet
hunts. Those two nnlninls had killed
hundreds of Chinamen."
Double l*\t,t) Es'inj Shark*,
Eijbt Feet Long, Ousht
Wear Tacorrja.
aailirr discovered men mai ne wit.
captured n line spi'i'Imeu of lhe "liger
shark." with the exception Out His
one bad two heads, two tails and ine
body It measiired S feet lu lenfrth nml
was 18 Inches thick. The mounter wns
then taken Inio Tacoma nutl sold lo a
well known taxidermist, where It Is
creating the createst cssrlo'ity.
^ nuin records oj.ren.ling hank to niDO ,s.
Camilla Ilainn.nrluii Ilnds thut thu rainfall of Paris has grniluolly Increased nbout
threo Inches, being now a little more than
1)8 Inches a year. Tho amount of difference sccu.s to indicate tbnt the increase Is
real nud not due togroater accuracy of observation.
Surely tbe sea I10I1I2 many wooden
lo Its waters, nud It Is only occasional
ly that mau Is permitted to behold
some of the fearsome creatures that
hare their abode In Its mighty depths.
Ei'i'd Miller of Tacoma. expert angler, has made the most sensational
capture yet recorded lu the history ol
fishes. Ills i.rlze Is a Iwo headed, two
tailed innu ent.'u.'; shark, known sis a
"tiger .".lin'-li." Thin shark luciiHiires
eight feet frotn tip of tall to the end of
cither of Its bends.
Mr. .Miller recently went out to his
fnvorite fishing result on I'ligel sisiiui'
to try his luck at deep water fishing Ir
this pni'tlculnr Ideality a two 1101111I
sinker was necessary on lhe llui>. nx iht
tide runs nhout six miles nn hour. Hit
llns��. n heavy cotton one. being cast It
about 300 feel of wnter with live ln-i'-
rlng eight or ten inches long for lin.
Such spots ns Miller selected are I:-.,
favorite haunts of black bass. According to bis story, be wns making good
progress, when without any warning
there was a frightful commotion In nnd
about where he hnd cast Ills line. The
wnter wns thrashed Into foam, nnd the
boat began to rock violently.
The demonstration In the wntet
frightened tl.e flsbermnn, who under.
stood perfectly that somi'thlngof more
thnn ordinary size wns nli.inrd his
hook, lie was soon aware of the causa
of all the.disturbance by the double
headed monger Jumping clear out of
the water near bis Lout In its effort to
escape from tbe line.
One glance sulllced for Miller. The
double set of Jaws was enough, and a
start was made for shore with all ths
strength be could command.
When the bonl at lust reached the
beach. Miller felt safe. He bent all
bis energies lo lhe landing of bis
���Irange fish. He was deicruiliied It
should not t'scnpe him. Theu began a
terrific struggle-1 lie man al oue end
of the line and the shark at the other,
Ihe mosl novel "tug i.f war" on recorsl.
The strung Hue beciiaic taut, and every secoud tbe Usher feared It would
part. With scientific handling the big
monster's movements were controlled,
and It was worked nearer ibe shore,
where a heavy pole wus brought Into
play.   A line was al inched  uud ihe
0**%-,,-* m*.
are weesls. Unless
tbey are kept slown,
tbey divert the nutrition which the
soil provides from
tlie growing crops aud ruin their prs>
Diseases are to the bodv what weeds
are to the soil. They divert the nutrition which is necessary to sound health,
anil tV.e body, instesiil of being strong
and hardy, drags out a sickly existence.
When the stomach is d'scas'ed, and the
otlier organs of digestion and nutrition
are involved with it, there is a constant
loss of nutrition by Hie body. The slom-
ache and its nllled organs are net able to
convert fie foods into nourishment, nnd
hence the body and its several organs are
deprived of Hie necessary elements of
vitality. What is known as "weak"
heart or " weak " lungs, " weak " nerves
and other forms of to-culled weakness, are
generally caused by "weak" stomach.
When the stomach sinrl the other organs
of digestion anil nutritioa ore cured, llien
the otlier diseases aro cured witli it. Diseases which are caused hy a diseased
condition of the stomach are cured
through the stomach. Dr. Pierce's
Golden Mcslicnl Discovery cures diseases
of the stomach anil its associated organs
of digestion anil nutrition, It cures
through the stomach diseases of-heart,
lungs, liver and oilier organs. It increases the activity of lhe hlood-ninking
pll.llds, eo that the whole body is Hour,
tailed by au abundant supply of pure
blood, rich iu the bright red corpuscles
of health.
There is no alcohol in "Oolden Medical Discovery " and it contains neither
opium, cocaine nor any other iiurcolic,
It is strictly a temperance medicine.
Persons suffering from chronic forms
of disease arc invited to consult Dr.
Pierce by letter free. All correspondence
strictly private. Address Dr. li. V. Pierce,
Brtfi^lo, fl. Y.
Suf-'c!*otl for Years.
"Sty prnllsti-le lis vou nntl vonr ' t'.olilen Med*
leal Discovery' is no iiri-tit.'' irrites Mr. Rosa
Miiitla. of Aries?, Mfiaon Co..West Virginia, "tlmi
I as'.s .*,'. a loss to rm,I 'vortla to express sssy true
feetlilff, I Ism! ssifXcrt-st for 11 iistlisbcr of yeara
will) Isiiljinilil tllrotit troubles, isnil doctor-tl wills
apcclnlisla, but got nu better. Then I decided
to try Dr. I'lcrcts'H Golslt.ll Mestlcul IJlscovt-i-y,
and after ttalng It I wna crcntlv relieved. 1 have
nil fnitli Usui it litis Hnvcirmv life.
11 have out- ,,f your medical boc'-s ami tltluk
II a grisisd work."
TcPfiitf Liver Gcwad*
"I wns n hi/ t-rer from torpid liver fur over e
yenr." writes Min. Norn Willis, of Wlientfield,
Ifisper Co., hid., ''nml could not sleep, nor cnt
I *it very little, tt��d llien it would cause tlie great
-*��� stress. I tried nevcr.il doctors lutl got no relief, Was mlvfscd liy n friend lo write to Dr.
"Pierce, which I did, nnd in n few dnys I received
n teller in I vising nie to (nlte his 'Golden Medical Discovery' mid nlsn his 'Plennnill Pellets.'
After I had taken only Imlfn bottle I wnsRrently
improved. I only took three bottles of the
1 Golden Medical Jiiscovery' nnd two vials ofthe
'relicts,1 nnd, thanks to Dr. Pierce und lill
-H-nttilrrf.il medicine. I nm ns well as ever in my
li.V. nud feel thnt life in worth living after nil.
"Last winter I took a severe cold which reunited iu pleurisy. Tongue can not tell what I
Buffered. I'or two nights mid two days I conld
not move without it nearly killed me. I told
my hiishund I could uot endure another night ol
Buffering. The wenthcr was so cold nnd Htormj-
thnt It wns nlmost too Imd for nny one to go nie
miles to town, hut he went, nnd 'got n bottle of
Dr. Pierce's Kxtrnct of Smart -Weed, which gnve
tue instant relief. I enn sny thnt for nil pnins
thnt I hnve tried it for it has worked like magic.
We keen n liottle of the 'Smnrt-Wced' in tht
house nil the time. I cannot thank Dr. 1'ieict
enough for whnt he has doue for me "
Constipation has almost countless consequences. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets
cure constipation and cure its consequences. They should always be used
with "Golden Medical Discovery," when
the use of a laxative is indicated,
Piospeciois who have claims to dispose of should consult Andrew F.
Rosenb'Tner, of the Prospector'-** Exchange, Nelscn.    Sje   ad ou pace 8. *
115, Hon. Jos. Chamberlain cabled
instructions ns to who is tho proper
pirty to apply to for infotmation of
fie Canadian coiisialv.arv in South
-���Kev W II Main, psMtor of the Haptfat Emanuel Church, Hut-fali), tf.ve.-i struuir te.sti-
monv for and is a firm u-aliover in Dr. A#*
new'n Catarrhal Powder. He lias tried many
kinds of remedies without avail. "Afier using:
Dr Affile" V< Catarrhal Powder I wan benefited at once," are his words. It ti a wonder-
fd rumdoy, fjO conts-Sold by it, W Vhl
The governor of Missouri set apart
yesterday for a prayer and fast day 'o
break die diT.uuht, nnd  it turned out
lhe hottest of the vear,
WANTK1>-*TKI-,8T'"0*',"ITVEX \M>
woiiimi to trflvol end ad��nr fm'br eld Mrth-
lislir-ii b msH of soli i ft.mi nihil st finding*. Hilary -1,80a year an-' rapPivflK . II ayalle h
cash. No raiivasMiig reunired. i.i.e to.
feromes and em-lose self add rei-swl i* tamped
envelope. Adders Manager, Hfl6 ("axton
lilii-g., < lihi.;.o. uiri 11
Canadian Pacific Railway
Stiirtlns June lCth, win
mnke the run from Const
to const in .    .    ,
100 Hours.
Clump rntes now in effect
to ihe
For full particulars ap|sly
to tl.e nearest local agent,
or to	
*W��', A.G.P.A.,
Goltlen, li.C. Vancouver.
Church Services.
Soi'vices every Sunday at 11 a in. nml
7:30 p.m. Celebration of Holy Communion 1st nntl ilrtl Sundays of the month
after MornitiR Prayer, antl on Grealcr
Festivals ami Holy Days at 8 a.m., or
as may be announced from the chancel.
Ssinday School at. 2:30 p.m.
All are cordially invited to attend
the services.
C F. Yatks, Vicar.
Service every Sunslnv at 7:.')0 p.m.
Sunday School and Bible Class nf *
p.m. sharp.
Choir practice every Thursday even-
at 1.
Kev. V. M. Pi-ki.v, B.A., Pastor.
Si'i'vires every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:8. j n .
Sunday School hi 2:30 p.m.
Prayer Meetin/ron Tuesday at8 p.m.
Kev, K. li. Laiulbv, Pastor.
Guidon ift tli*> distributing point for the rich
Mining Divisions of Uolden and Winder*
mere. Trains, imiilf, stage and boats arrive
and depart as follows ;
.\mt iv,w.s.
CPU. t'rnin Kast, I5u"i, Dally.
"   West, IQiM,    "'
Stage from Windermere, ifi.no, I-Yiduv.
88. Dlirhess fioni Windermere, Ki.-fXt Wednesday and Sunday.
C.P.R. flniilff West, lo-Vi, Dailv.
Kast, 10)05,    " "
Stage to Winder'tiere, 8,0', Sundays.
S.S. Duchess to Winilcriuoro, 4)00, Tuesdays
and Fridays.
Mails arrive and depart from Golden Post
Office as below:
Arrive���From Kast tfitiiS daily.
"    West fOiOil "
"    South 17:00 Weil, and FriJny.
Depart-For West  loo,*) dailv.
"    Kast    10:0*1  "    ,
"    South -Jl.OO Saturdays: 18:;W
Kogistered mail musf be in 10    imi les beforo mails close.
Pi.villi-, standard time.
A, F. *  A.  *l.
&      Mountain Losljre, No. 11. A. P.  &
*tf\r  ���-- M. Kfljriiliir Cointniiiili'iition,
f^jK   rfflcoml Moniliiy in every niontli.
'   ���        SiHoiu'iiiii^ Itri'iliitii, cortlially in-
��. W. PATMORE, IV. M.
0 II. l'AKSON   Bocrelary.
I,   O.   O,   V.
Iltii'ky Mountain Losi^o Xo. 'It nspela in
Osiillisilisiva Hall, (liililon, every Wotliiettdiiy
at H is.iii.  Sojiiiirniiijr bretltroii tvelvnino,
(;. I'EAKIIE 1V.U. J T. WOOD Ss��*.
Columbia River Lumber Qo.
 ^_ Fir and Spruce Lumber,
Fir Dimension a Specialty.
-*+ Mills at Golden, Beaver and Kualt. -k
Largest Capacity in the Mountains.     Terms Cash.
Head Office, Oolden, B.O.
(Kuril. V.)
Certilieate of Improvements.
I'lfiiinst, aituato ill III. (isslslisn Mining l>isi-
���ion nf North Kast Kootenay District.
Wliore Itss'iitoil t���Oil Ottertail Croek.
Take notis-n that I, E. Mai'KenulB, Free
Minor's Ceriifis'itte No. II10711*!, Intend, sixty
tlav-s fi'sini the ilnle lierenf, loii|)|'ly to the1
Hisniisff Re.snr.lerli.ra rprtis/ittntu ssf improvements, for tiie psirposs! of obtaining a t'ross.s
grant of Ihn aliovo cliiitis.
Ami furtlier tsike notive that action, inulor
spt'tiiin 117, must ho L'oiss.ue.u-csi beforo tlio la*
aiuu.t'e of sut'lt cerlifii'iite of hiiprovesnenls.
Dnto.1 this Toulli .lay of June, IU0I,
E. MaoKbxkib,
Uv his Auent
(.10 11* lj. PAIMOK.
AGENT for Golden
and viciniiy for the
Sale of hardly lines
Standard Fruit Stock, Small Fruits, Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, etc. Terms liberal.
Apply now to the
The Prospectors' Exchange
No. 4, K.-W.-G. BLOCK, NELSON, B.C.
Gold, Silver Lend and Copper Mines wanted at llie EXCHANGE.
FREE MILLING GOLD |.ropertie3 wanted at once for Eastern investors,
Parties having mining property for sale are requested to send samples of their
ore to the Exchange for exhibit ion.
We desire to hear from prospectors who have promising mineral claim, n
British Columbia.
Prospectors and mining men are requested to make tlie Exchange their  headquarters when in Nelson.
All samples should he sent by express, PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited.   Address nil communications to
v\i��iti:iv v. uosi'M.riti.a'K
Telephone No. 1C4. P.O. Box 700. NELSON, B.C.
Eleventh Year of Publication.
Circulates Throughout the District.
Subscribers all over the Continent.
Examine our list nnd so*.* if there is anything yon requiro
in Job Printing.   WE PRINT:
OOPVmOHTt,   (ta
For Information antl froo Handbook svrlt. 10
MU.H.I * CO.. 141 Biioadwat, New Yonsr.
Oldest lmr.au for Brtsirlnir potent, tn Ames-loss.
Jjvpry s*ntt.ntt.-,ltenoistliy sssl, lirotistlst nsfttro
tlse pulillo by * uot .co slvvn tree of charge lu Use
lar-r-wt ctTfiilntM of nny rdnpUfln pave tn thd
win .1. Milrn'lliiiv I liistmu-d. No hitolllgeut
r��n ���jitrald be without it* wtfbjy, tfg.ma
S.i��,:*l,.'3 6lsnionthi. Af-Jm *, MTJN'.' ft -CO..
yt'i-JBHi-B*^ ,'.3,' Jir^aCwc;; KiW Vork City,
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in*; from us, as you do not need tu pny n vent if tiie M.tyele doe*, not suit you.
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III exchange for a bicycle,    Write today for free cutis Ioc tie and our special off. t,
Leiters on the School Question���A(s3 Some
Official Correspondence.
Kniroit l-'.it'i | school on lhe south side of  the river,
Sir.   On Monday, 29ih inst., at 11 tho Government will give ns plonty ol
...m.. su tbe school rcosn. a  vote  will  land FREE, near the  hospital-not a
he taken regarding building anelemen- s'lngy little frontage of 75 feet,  but
lary .t'hool on the Smeller Townsite. I a'IOi.t four acres.
In order that all  shall vole with In*      If jou fancy  the Methodist church
tolligenc.! there   are n  few   points  Ijynt can gel this cheap an.l possession
should liko to bring before tho notice of ( 50oii.
yonr readers: j     li   vou   want   the   present   school
(ll The prevailing idea  is lhat the  building raised another story  so as to
pioposed  Bite  is   behind tlm Presby* | ������-���,���. ,*  |a,*K6   handsome   building, ,in
iug idea is tliat the
behind tliu Presby* | s
tsrtan church, 'l'i.is is an error. The
Church is on Calgary street, block "i,
while the said site is on the farthest
end of block 18, corner of Alberta street
aud S,'Cond Avenue. Second avenue is
situated in the dense woods, about 000
feet buck of the nearest graded road.
(-2) A considerable amount of money, J
which could  otherwise be spent on a
suhool,   would   be   swallowed   sip   in
clearing out new roads to this place.     I
(UJ There are no families living near '��*�� <���" l~" ��*0-. bouse, next Monday,
this site, therefore there will be no t0 vot0 ��n the question ot asohool site,
truffle In tbli direction and iu winter U should like to give a little inlorniit-
tbe roads will be I in passable. Itio" <"������' ������"> ��ubjeol,  and  remove some
(���ll Tbe little benelit gained in dis-1 ot tbe misunderstanding which aispears
tunce for children   living  down the
tramway, as compared with the  pres-l     F"<**��������''" ''"��'��� l':'st
eut siie, would be mnre than oonnter-
acte.l  by   tlse   disadvantages   of  bad
roads lu spring, full and winter.
full view of passing tra'ns and which
wiil act as an advertisement to our
town, say so. Let it bo known just
what you want. Speak now or forever hold your peace.
Editor Eua :
Sir ���As there is to bo a public meet
' ts prevail,
_ Fur some time past tiiera has not
] been suffluient room in ihe present
j schojl for tlie accommodation of tbe
I junior class, and these children had for
(ii) Tho Government lots selected j "��� while to uso a portion of ihe butcher
next the hospital would, as regards sll6P. ���"���'*��� ���"- llt Present usi"S Ine
distance, good roads and sidewalk, be waiting room of tho skating rink. The
u much better location, and it will not mMUit bei���� brought to their alien-
be long before the .Idewalkjby the Hot*-1tio" tlli! CO'iincilof Public Instruct iou
pits,I will he extended to meet the little decided, as shown by tlie letter of the
bridge at Alberta sireet, thus makinK Superliiteinljint of Education, ilsited
good walking all the way to that site, UBl1' April, which was published in
if chosen. the EltA, to erect  on the south side of
(Iii III placing lho elementary school I lh- Kicking Hor.sc a new school house
it.  .hat  out of tlie-way   place the foi-
utilized for the classes belonging to tlie
principal and to the first assistant. As
soon ns tlio necessary money has been
voted by the House construction of
the new school building will be begun,
but I beg to add the site as shown to
me on the occasion of my recent visit
to Golden is not satisfactory to tlie
Ivlu a itn D.-a-iinei.t, being altogether too near tlie Kicking Horse river.
It would be advisable, therefore, for
yonr Board to enter into negotiations
with a view of obtaining a site Further
removed from the Kicking Horse. 1
should be j,loused to have an expression
from your Board concerning this school
site at your earliest convenience.
I have tlio honor to be, etc.,
Superintendent of Education.
Golden, July G. 11)01.
Mil   S. G. Romil.NS, Secretary  School
Board :
Sir, ���At the last annual school meeting, held at tlie school House iu -he
town of Golden, a resolution was pas
sen declaring that Mr. C. H. Parson
was illegally elected, and that the
Trustees bo requested to take projier
steps to Bli the vacancy.
As I have since been duly elected a
member of that board, I deem it my
duty to call vour intuition to this
resolution, and will name Monday,
July 8th, 9 o'clock p.m., to meet you
at lhe school house, for the purpose of
arranging lite matter wilh you.
If ,\ ou fail to meet me at the place
and hour mimed I will take the ueces
sury ste|,s to have the vacancy filled
Yours truly,
[Signed] J. W. CONNER.
must proceed in th's mutter in conformity with tiie provisions of Section
53 of tlie School Act. Your Board
will, therefore, choose a site for the
new school house, nnd will immediately thereafter call a speoial meeting
of the voters (or the purpose of ap-
j.roving of your selection. If ihe majority of lhe voters who are present at
that meeting do not approve of the silo
chosen by thoTrustees, the voters shall
themselves at this meeting determine
upon a suitable site, and this decision,
subject to the approval of the Council
of Public Instruction, decides the matter finally,
I have tbe honor, etc.,
[Signed]      ALEX. ROBINSON,
Supt. of Education.
lowing objections will arise:
(a) As ii rule little children nre
put in chur^o uf older brothers ami
si titers, who look after thom going to
and from school and on ilie play
ground. If the two schools are!
(ilticotl at such a !onj> distance apart
it rd i nl ers this impossible. j
(b) In winter the littlo ones will j
have to "break the roads" as there-
will be no traffic in that district.
(c) The head mister can bave no
snpurvisiou over a. ward school situ
uted at such a distance from hiin.
(d) There is a slight objection owing to the proximity of the shooting
grounds,   the  race track,   and  the
dynamite warehouse.
Now. readers   will ask   what object
the chief pushers iu this matter have iu
view in trying to gut a ward sehool
erected in such au out-of-the-way place.
Certainlv uot to benefit tbeir own
children, as tbey do not patronize the
common school, but -send their children
tu a private pchool where tliey won't
mix with uther children.
Certainly not to benelit the mill childreu as a much better location can be
got uear thn hospital.
Then what V
Simply to use this as a means to get
iiew streets opened up and to boom a:
private   towusi'u   at   public expense. ]
Aud what huve the owners and agents
of this townsite done  for  us   that w
1 for the primary grades, aud stated thnt
the present building would continue to
be used for the classes of the principal
and tlie first assistant.
Acting, nc doubt, under section 58
of the School Act. tbe Trustees, having
selected a site for this building') are
tusking tho voters io approve of iheir
choice Tlm Superintendent of Education, when hero, did not approve of
tbe first site proposed on account of its
proximity to the river, aud in deference
to his suggestion the Trustees selected
one two blocks further from the river,
As a play-ground for the children is of
vital im port a nee, I may say that the
site chosen is admirably adapted, being
untimely free from stones and gnu el.
As it is rumored that this site it to
cost three or four hundred dollars, let
me make it clear that this ground will
be a free gift; whereas no similar offer
hits been made from any oilier direction, and it may he well to point out
that whilo the Provincial Government
will build ihe school (lie so-called
������Government Townsi'u''  does not be-
I long to ihem but is the property of the
I Dominion.
j     As a reason for  selecting this site it
| nay be said that there were 97 children ou the last school roll, of whom
83 lived north of tho Kicking Horse,
and 114 ou the south side ���of these latter only five lived on tho Dominion
Governraort Townsite,   whero it has
Golden, BC, July 13, 1901.
S. G. Koijbiss. Esq., Secretary protein
Golden School Board:
Dear Sir,���I am in receipt of your
notice of meeting of School Board, aud
beg to state that the proper place for
meetings is the school  house, and fail
to see what the Upper Columbia Navigation Co. have to do with the matter.
If you call a meeting at the school
house, Golden, any time that suits you,
I will attend, but I beg to notify you
t hat I do not consider C H. Parson as a
Trustee, and, under the circumstance***,
am* surprised that he has not, the courtesy to recognize the fact by withdraw-
ii g.
I am, etc.,
[Signed] J. W. CONNER,
been suggested a site should be tho: en,
good of our little I ��" u ��ravel ,mnk' Bmi cloao ,0 the K011"
should sacritlco tl
ones to aid thom V
Nothing  fur   us   and   a great deal
against us.
How ?
Well,   the   Smelter   Townsite   was
granted ou  condition  that a  smelter
would be erected, furnished and oper- j lM view ot ""**-<��� <'"'<'"ins.nnces. il
ated, Had this been done look at the I a��*'ettrs to *"e ,**"t lhe Tlu*"ees *"-v*-
bsiteiits that would have accrued to tlie ! """'e t,,e "*0**'' <**���������-�����* ^a'""> P����
era! hospital, which woulsl bo mule
si ruble both for ibe children and foi
lhe patients, to say nothing of the isolated ward, wbioh might have to be
used at any lime for infectious dis
Iu view  of theso circumstances.
town. Iimteud of some thirteen years
of stagnation wu would have thirteen
years of growth an.l prosperity to
show. What would have been of immense benelit to mine owners, miners,
storekeepers, laborers, hotel keejiers,
sieuinsliip o.v.iers. farmers und others
Iiu- been withheld from (hem and us.
Ouly the owners uud agents ure getting any benefit out of tills private
.Shall we allow ihem to funic us into
vctiug any more public funds which
shall benelit them onlv?
Wo have been allo-sing this sort of
iliiiu to gb on tor about thirteen years,
while calmly swallow year by year
their promises io operate tlio smeller.
Now in tl.e time tutakea tirisi stand.
Fellow citiis.'.iiS, if yt.il think the pro*
poatnl smelter situ Uut a good one, vole
against it next Monday.
Tliu.. you have tliu choice of three j mury grades, while the present build-
ullim'  I l.ioos    If jou   want  a   ward | ing, consisting of two rooms, will be
sihie, and should be generously supported by every voter in tbe district
who thinks for himself, iu order lhat
tlie const ruction of the new building
may proceed immediately.
Yours faiiiilully,
Golden, July 'Jo, 1001.
Victoria. B.C., April li, 11)01.
S. G. Uo:int.,-s. Esq., Secretary Sohoul
Board, Golden, B.C.:
Sir,���I bu to advise you   that tlse
Hon. thu dune 1 ui' L'ubiio In.slructioli
has this day decided tu erect uu thu left
bank of tliu Kicking Horse river, u uew
sciiool l,.io.o Consisting of  oue  huge
toui.i only,   This new building will he
usssd by llie children unending tbo pri.
Golden, July 8, 1901.
J. W. Co.NSF.it. Esq., Golen, B.C.:
Dear Sir,-Iu reply to your letter of
the G inst., which only reached me today, 1 beg to inform you tlie whole
proceedings of the lute annual meeting
has been forwarded to the Superintendent of Education at Victoria.
Nothing can be dono witli regard to
the validity of Mr C. H. Parson's
election until we hear from him.
Should you desire to have a meeting
of tlio Trustees of the school at any
tiine, if jou will kindly advise me iu
time to jsermit of due notice being
given to the other school Trustees I
ivill be only too hii|ijiy at all times to
cull suell meet ing.
Pending any decision to the contrary
itis understood ofoourse lhat C. H,
Parson is still a duly qualified Trustee.
I might also mention tliat the Gov-
erumen'. Agent lias requested the
Trustees to meet bim this afternoon at
o |. in. to inspect the grouads over by
the hospital in connection wiih a site
for the school. As Mr Griffith only gavo
me ibis notice ut 12.15 I am giving
you the first intimation in my power.
Yours truly,
[Signed] S. G. ROBBINS
Secretary School Board.
Education Office,
Victoria, July 8, 1901.
S. G. Robmns, Esq., Secretary School
Board, Golden, B.C.:
Sir, ��� I beg to acknowledge receipt of
your letter of the Snd inst,, and min
utes of annual meeting.
In regard lo .Mr. Parson, I beg to
say that lie is a Trustee to ail intents
and purposes until after an invesligii
tion has been huh) and the Council of
Public Instruction hare cancelled his
appointment, No Trustee must be
elected in his stead unless he (Mr. Par
son) resigns liis seut at tlio Board.
Before an investigation can be held
an affidavit suiting fully the reasons
why Mr, Parsons is disqualified to act
as a Trustee must first be sent to tbis
An affidavit must also be forwarded
stating fully the grounds of protest
against ihe election of Mr. Conner on
tlie 39th ult.
Holding an investigation, is nn ex-
pensive mntter, and we are sometimes
asked to hold one when there is no
good ground lo s.ipport the request.
I may say tliat it seems vory strange
to me that an investigation as to the
qualifications of Mr. Parson ns a Trus
tee sliould be asked for u year after his
election to oflice.
I have lha honor, etc..
ISigued]       ALEX. ROBINSON,
Supt. of Education,
Education* Office.
Victoria, July 12, 1901.
S. G. Ruiimss, Esq.. Secretary School
Board, Gulden, B.C.:
Sir,���Concerning the selection of a
siie for school purpose* in Golden, I
beg to udvi.si, you that tl.e Hon. the
Minister uf Education hus decided that
thu Sohool   Trustee of your district
Is full of Business -in fact, we Lftvo a (ittl ? more
than we can handle just now. Customers, however, wait patiently their turn to purchase the
Bargains now offering.
Mark, Learn and Don't Forget
the Following	
We are now doing Business on the
cash principle:,
and intend to stick to it or leave town
4�� z/n r\r\r\   forty thousand pol-
ON HAND. This is too large a stock for our present
premises and we intend to sell half of the Goods in the
next 60 Days. We are now in the firing line and do
not intend to let anyone undersell us.
Euitok Eka :
Sir,-I find that by acting as secretary at the annual school meeting I
have got myself into difficulties. Some
peo| le on tbe south si.le accuse me of
being iu league with the north side,
nnd some of those on the north side accuse me of being in league witli the
south side. I wish to defend myself,
as far us possible, against any such
charges, if yon can give ine space.
The reasons for these complaints are
as follows: First, by an oversight, I
recorded ihe minutes on a separate
sheet of foolscap, insteud of in the
proper miuuto book. This book wns
not given to me anil I look it lor granted tliat it was not on band. Cnme-
qssentty when I banded tbe minutes
over to the School Board, I was told
that tliey should be entered properly in
tlie minute book, I then copied ilietn
into it but refused io sign them unless
the chairman of lhe meeting also
signed them. He refused lo do so, and
in consequence I gave offence lo tlie
Trustees, who evidently thonght I was
in league witli the peojsle on the north
Then, on tlie otlier hand, some of
the people on the north side are an
noyed because I did not make a duplicate or copy of the minutes, and nc
cuse me of being in league with the
Trustees nnd people on the south side.
I did not keep a copy or duplicate be
cause the School Act did not authorize
me to do so.
I regret that I consented to act as
secretary. I was busy in another room
at my annual school reports, and had
no intention of going to tlie meeting,
but some of the people camo to me and
requested me to act as secretary. 1
did so out of pure good-will and a de'
sire to oblige, and had no idea whatever that by doing so I should get myself into difficulty.
I can assure those ou both sides of
thn river who are annoyed at me, that.
I acted strictly in accordance with the
provisions of the School Act and that
I nm not in league with any party
whatsoever. Moreover, ns a teacher, I
cannot afford to antagonize any party.
Hoping that these statements mar
prove satisfactory,
Yours respectfully,
Golden, Julj 25, 1901.
(In giving so much space to the
above correspondence, we hare done
so at lhe special request of members of
the two different jsarties, but trust
that in doing so we are not putting
ourselves between the upper nnd nether
millstones. Both parties have represented that tbeir desires were to put
such facts before t he electors us would
enable thein to vote intelligently and
have souuht the assistance of tho pros*,
in doing so. We very freely give this
space and have published all that was
placed before us, but wu are not committing ourselves to either side, preferring to let our readers judge for
themselves and act accordingly���Em-
��� -,****	
The case of Suhustian vs. King will
bs published in our next issuo.
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Drugs, Stationery, Confectionery Md Cij


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