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The Golden Era Mar 30, 1900

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'{ jTryytre���' ''
Jambs Hendebson,
Builder & Contractor,
l^pplyef Bnlldinf
ipreptnd. Prompt
Ume for Sale.
Look ijluk laui wckk vuii stiw-i
������si-emasgeeaseJiiimtumuuuuuMn Ejcagif
Plan  may  be seen at anil Prlves of
Let. and Term, obtained irom
C. W. FIELD, Agrent, Golden.
VOL. IX  NO. 85
GOLDEN   B.C., Fli^AY, MARtttSO 1C00
$2 Per Year
A complete new stock of the
Best made in Canada.
There is only one BEST���-
and, that is
Men's Suits,
Boys'    "
Youths "
Odd Fants
���� Vests
"   Coats
Fabrics include
Scotch Tweed
Fancy Worsted  .
Manchester Serge
Venetian Worsted
English Cheviot
Suits any where from1
$5.00 to $20.00
General Merchant,
i Aexander Block.
Can You Not See
that for ths oorraetion
lB*-wt n-jifcct iiiil.s to vi*
)'f ;!ofcotive sight tho
own are tho I).
'..'.���'    30ldttt
Patmore's Store,
and tt is acknowledged by all that his stock
of drugs, confectionery, patents and sundries   *
Is the beat in town.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized, $2,600,000
Capital Paid Up t**3i>3-SM
Beat ���   ;    ���       1.55.V06O
II. S. Rowland, I'roaids-tsi.
T H. Merrltt, Vlee Hre..
Wm. ILmaay,    T. Sutherland Slaynor
Hubert -hurray, Kliaa linger.,,
Win. Ilettdl-le.
D. B. Wiikie, Goneral Manager.
E. Hay, Inanoetor.
MANITOBA, H. W. T. and B. C.
Brandon, Calgary, Edmonton.
Oolden,      Nelson,       Portage la f rairle,
Prince Albert,    Borelitoko,    Stralkuonn.
Vancouver,       Winnipeg,
Easex, Fergus, Oall, Hamilton, Ingoreell,
Liatmvel, Niagara Falls, Fort Colbourne
Rat l"ortage, Snult Ste. Marie, St.
Cttbtrinoi, St. Thomas, Toronto, Wolland,
WswdBtoek, and Moutrtal, Vuo.
Agent* In flrent hrltnln:
Lloyd'a Bank. Ltd , 72 Lombard St., London
with whom money may be deposited for
transfer by letter or cable to any of the
above branches.
Agentaln Culled Htatcfu
NEW YORK-Bank of Montreal, Bauk of
CniOAHO-Firat NaUonal Honk.
ST. PAUL-Seoond National Hank.
SAN PHANCIHUO-Wolla, Fargo * Co.'.
Age-ata la Konth Africa.
Interest allowed on deposit.
Provincial, Municipal uud otber debtaturua
Available at ell point, itt Canada, United
Kingdom, United States.
J. 3. Gibb, M-jr., Golden Branoh.
A New Lot
���    Roots and Shoes
A New Lot
' Shirts and Underwear
A New Lot
Spring Hats -and caps.
CirofBtiii, 8horbaijd Oat$
A.     WARREN'^
Bodega   Restaurant,
Seals at any hour.
���\ Fish and Oame in season.
Brtad, CaKei, Fruit .
aad CsnfeoUenery*
Alwiy* in Stook.
Fresh Oysters.
i. ill's*.' as���
We  Sell
Jat 0\*******^r*vr-*u��-
'   The Flianl Cuntdian Iiu*,
Ths Mobbis- *������..
A Beauty tt a Le., Pile*.
We Sell
The lutest Edison Phonograph for     $12.50
Edison Records at 50cts.
Guitars, Mandolins, Violins,
etc., etc.
Sheet Music of all kinds and
all Magical -Supplies.
The Alberta Music Co.
Orchestra Ibr Danees dr Concert..
Athalmer House,
Athalmer, B. C,
First el**i aeeomtriada-ttoii tor Travellers,
Prosp��8l;oi*i�� and Mining M-en.
<$kddle art I Pack Horses Supplied.
The B. C. Assay & Ghemical Supply to, Ltd.
L   Vaoconver.     *    -lift
LMB*l^2S!!ig,^^-y-tjt--***^^^ g**,
tetmm***il-l**rtb*\mnm-n*m: -
to ths Lsdlss eT Oolden and
Vtolnlty Ibr their attsnd-
anes and appreclatloii of
oor SlUInery Display.
NEXT WIK we eommenee to
sail ont the stoek pniehss-
ssd from Mrs. Luke at
Uil Honor. Mia Lientenaut Governor, ht. been iiisijised to pn.. lhe Io ���
lowing erdci-iii-touur.il regarding the
niinertl aet:
���'That gold coiuuiieeiuuers be and
ere hereby inairucte.1 uot to iaauea
certificate ol improvement, tor any
mineral claim until the book, of the
mining recorder ol thu division, in
whleh such cluisn ' la eitiinle, .how
lhat the free miner hat doue and ie*
oorded the work, pr tn.do payments ul
money, or both,, ip tne extent ur
tniouiit -mentioned 1st .eoiion 7 of lhe
'.Minorut Aot Aineudmeiif, 1*51*9,' and
ha. duly recorded .uch work or pny
sneul." , '" *   ,
Provlnoial P-sople'i Party.
1-.' Carter Cotton as leader ol the
Provincial People1. Party hit. brought
hia policy laslore'tbe olector. of the
province in the isanit o( the New. Atl
vertlser of .March it. It ia practically
an euduraatioo of the platform enun
ciuted by tho S-nnliu government in
1SU7, and which the electors approved
at the general election, in lsas He
propose, to re introduce the following
hill..-. To repeal ill* alien exclusion
trt; to amend tlie, liqiioi license act ol
IHilli; to provide for. the compulsory
scaling* of lo,*s; 'to re-disrril.ute rhe
electoral niprasentatianoftheproeiiiiv;
to amend the act furtl.e'*>etubliaiiinent
of a bureau ef liquor and of council, of
conciliation and arbitration; mid io re-
enact the labor regulation aot. He
prom'se. to bring forward le*ii.latiou
lor the* extension of railways iu tha
province,. tnd will make. a risdio-il
change in the railway policy with a
view to the Hate ownership of the
railway, of the prov>luce. Cotton's
asldres. ia worthy of perusal, nud we
recommend e.-ory Lil-eral nnd Con
servntlvoto study it .thoroughly, then
compare it with ike policy uf bis own
pnrty. We believe the decision will
make hint mure iletermlued than ever
to vole party lines, as til will no doubt
agree lhat the party ol which Mr.
Cotton ia leader itf pot with the times
Matters ,ro��Mc.
Mr, Charles WJ��<jM) '"Bunoininal
letdsir ot the l.'ohwrvjtlve ptfty in
..ilut.pro-iiwiK on. Utttg Inh.rvla.wea-at
Toj-oulp aaid: ii'lt, bi -��UcI_l|iiAt _Sr*.
Martin- w.nre to cancel the present
voters' li.t. If this ia hie etseuse for
poatpnufug .the election fl i* a good
ono, becaute the voters' list should he
cancelled from time to time, in a
country when the population i. ever
changing. I am .urpriaed that lhe
late irovvriiuH'tii did not cancel the
voters' lis' last s car. I don's ew nny
desperate hurry for an eieotion any-
I  want a part,
of capital nnd the opening up of low*
grade prope.-tits. It will mon be ouly
tho best of tbo old properties that will
be worked, und those Imt iudiffeiemly
vtitil Ibe legislature leaves theownett
nnd the man free. to make tbeir own
arrangement, ts suits thetutsjlvee best,
Sandon Mining Keviow.
The Sew Denver Ledge says that In
moat oases M. P, P. stands for Mighty
Poor Politician.
William Fernle has come out tnd
declared himself as a strictly Independent candidate at the neat provincial
election, snd has reasonable chance* of
��� A Grand Surplus.
The Hon    W   8. Fielding hat de
Ii,-red his Hudgei s,eeoh. and thereby i
Hniionnt-i-d that on  thellOth of June ;e,ection-
net! there  would  be   a surplus  of	
S7.50O.00O.     No  wonder   .here   wna1    Now ifiat Mslnnes has shuffled unto
���f.*I!L.'hC!'.M.r.':'.*i;   H" "'"�� "'^ o h'" M"'���,i���,'��� "��'��Mer-i for the present the
speech tbnt the current vein's lin n- ,..,.       ,     . ....
ciisl operations wtuld show thst a I r���"*"'��""l"y ot what some call his
ordinary expenditure, all capit .1 ex* "arbitrary acts," we think he shonld
petiditures and .lie cost of the contiig-j be given a rest Then should Martin
ente to South Africa would be met a.,,1- be deleared tt the polls criticize Mo-
not oue dollar would In added to the Tl,������ ���.���,���.��� >, _��� -_
pnblio debt ot the country, Ilnm" *****>* " -**- **���
Mr. Fielding stated thai aftor the.    _.    ���,       ~        ~~    ,     ���
1st of July next preferential tariff wish !    Tl"** N*-,,,on M,",r ,���*,,���,,'��� ,hst Mr-
Britniii  would lie increased  from 20 Cotton hss not t place in Ihe local
per cent, to 33 1 8 por cent, in favor field of politics at present, and sag*
IS1"'80 't'"" -f.��r "'C1-*'* ��3''����" geat. that he go into training tsa
colleo'od on goods with other countries ... , ;
there would ba on these same goods-0'"'"'"" for 'be commons in the spoil!, ti on British goods. I proacliing Federal elections. Many
Mr. Fielding uiinonnced In his people nre much kinder to the late
eia-ifoli that the government hed.enh.-Finance jjlnieser and suiraest that in-
mittfd a pr posnl lu Trinidad to havo .,���,- ���. .������*,,. ,, ��� ,.. ,
tire tr...le with verv fe*v exceptions ,'tni of 'tmh,">�� ��*���-��-' -���'���n pol-
beiwcoti is and Canada. Tuie prupoeal ,'i(" ll" ,R,M " nlen.nre trip and visit
will be siibmitteil nt a sueesiug of the tLe old friends in Colorado.
Legislature of Trinidad on Monday.
Tho only change iu the tm-.ff w.is the
placing of Hiachii'erv lu In used iu the
Though   one   cannot   help   feeling
I"""".   .'"   l>'<l,*���,|.o. .,    ,U   IS,   IISCT,    II,   llttll      ~. .      If, ���     , , .      .
manufacture of beet root Mi*;ar on ill*)        ** '" Cron*1" bei"K p,MC'1 in 80
freo list
A Big Concern.
Wo  beg to call the attention of om-
humiliating a poult'on oh Majubn Day
as to have to surrender, seeing that he
ie a skilful nnd pluckv soldier, there is
no  denying  the  fi.ct  that  he is t
rendera to the advertisement of W S. \ treacherous-being and extremely vin-
Ssiito ft Co.  nppearint!  for the first j j*    .��� *    t   *    ,. .      .     ,
ti.no in thi. paper. W. S 8,nto, ot!d"!"t"'"3 tow"rd" ,he E"',l,8h- At ,he
ihe firm of Johnson, Sauto k Co., ol!���',:���s,o^i, -lau he bss never been known
Wiiidrrinere,.   well    aud     lavorably ' to speak civilly to an Englishman, sud
known as an np-to date business man,
has started a new store at Peterborough, where he hoc erected a Hue
large building40x110 feot, equipped with
a thoroughly complete aud firet-elnss
slock nf general merchandise. Thit
will undoubtedly bo the headquarters
fur mining and prospecting supplies.
��� ...Csart at Winlarmsra.
Tub weilkuown residents of Win*
.lerWrre -were at rested lately on com*
pleiut of a Finlander named John
Julians for rolling him at Athelniar
while ho was in t di'iiiiken sleep. The
care was tried the same evening at 8
o'clock before E. J. Scovil, J. P., tnd
B A. Kimpton, J. P. Atier hearing
lho ci.se Messrs. Scovil and Kimpton
dismissed it with cost, on the Fin,
houurable acquittal for the prisoner..
hia hatred towarde us is well known
He most uow hate ns moro than ever,
sa ought he to be enjoying himself.
way    I want a purty government in |  *	
Bii'ith CoItnnUi, ..nd we cannot litre FirS Refuge W.ndOW.
t too i govern-no..! unleu ll ie t parly j    A pa���niy|-,���,|, *���,���, jKniM p. Low.
government. ell. of Wtynreborongh, no doubt tctu-
He. II, A. V. A
acortUliy In-
OtU Hill (Frtetl-eign-On north
feS*' kmmS. ,
tOjtot Flftee^JineenS
Liberal Convention.
The Liberal meet ing menilone.1 In
oor Int. Issue wet held in Queen's
mnpleroom on Saturday evening with
t fnll lionso.
M. Dainard wt, shown a. chair
otnd. and titer explaining the object
of the meeting, sl.at of nominating
dtltgelee to attend the Literal convention to he held in Vancouver on Apr I
Mi. The -voloe of lhe meeting wae
thtt th* delogtle. be inatructed to vote
for ptrtj line., tooordingly the follow*
lngdelegateewereuominste.it Me.ar.
V W. Welle, M. P. P., H. R. Moodie,
Hon. F W. Aylmer. M Dainard. ��
A. Haggen, J. A. Bate., A. Campbell
tnd J. 0. Greene It i. expected np*
reaent-itlvot will he tent from Field
and Windermere.
A Cabinet Sinister.
Premier Martin bnt been out On s
hunting oxpedltioo end thia lime return, with �� provincial teareitry, in
the perton of G. W, Beel*. Many
throughout the provinoe are to-day
wondering who Mr. lie he Is. The
new ininl.ter lis. been a resident of
Ihe provinoe for thirteen years and has
teen prominent iu lhe Farmer'! Iu*
.tliu.e work for t number of yetre.
Heretofore the new man h .a nol taken
much part In politic, but it a good
���pesker and t cauihh man.
The Effects of ths Law.
We tuppote It Is a low estimate io
uy that It all the propertiea of the
oountry wei* in full operation, shere
ahculd be, nn. wav snd she other, from
8,000 to 10,000 men- employed, tnd
then an not ntw mon than one qntr
ter of iht lumber uud.r prenent conditions; tnd then It ihooltue a.aur
tnce thtt the number will not be nn-
terlally Inonewsl until tbl Itw ia
ohtnged. Ia It then In the inienet of
tk* eoontry-l. It In tk* Intereet of
tht mlntn themwlve. t. a body the
cbtnteshsMldbemtd.r Wt ilk thou
prlntt tbtt tn vehemently d- nouncing
inttitensue, If It is In tkt Intent! ot
either tk* Mb or tht eeuttry thtl
saining operations ihoold b. tllowed
t* dng tlong for the n*gt lv* yatre
tt tkiy have dragged for tit* put Mn
mouth.? W* tn aot * prophet nor
tk* m.l. prophet, b��t wesay, for
vie know It, operation, vlll hi little
bitt-w thtn they ��re for tkt nut fivt
ymtt tt Umi unliei tht duirtd ohtng*.
la thi light-hour Itw in aide. For
local and p-mootl reawu a mint hen
tai then will plok ap W time., but
olken tgiln will lima thtlrttif.ind
���won wiltthtoperatiooilM<isMHtoct��<
.mil ik* aattagM in awdt.
It ia nan proven heystnd �� dsntht s h.
t*Mei. taw kit iaentud tt* eoti
Then tn* Canadian, whose sentiments are representi-d by Hon. Colonel
Prior's sneer at Hon. Joseph Mtrtin
as "a man better kuown than re-
apeoted." There tn- Canadians w"ho
do no! enjoy Colonel Prior's intimate
acquaintance with the private failings
of Mr. Martin, and who on public
groundt must reepect the new Premier
of Britiih Columbia. It would be
well for the country if Colonel Prior
tnd other public men who bold themselves super!-'!- lo Hon. Joseph Martin
could rival his usefulness to the people, whom he has served, or to the
party, whleh owes mora to him thin
to any other Liberal la Canada.���Toronto Telegram.
ato-l by Ihe recent appalling ftitlltln
of firm In mill, resulting from tht ope
rntlvet being compelled to jump from
the windows to escape she flames, baa
dense 1 u Sn refuge chamber, to be
built in oonneotlon with wittdont
which hta many meritoriou. feature.
Tb* windows ere often the only mean.
ot etctpa in case of fin, tnd iu railing
Hn-.. dri.ft. are created, to lhat the
flame, and liuoki toon j*our out of
them, forcing the unfortunate, who
hare taken refuge ou the sills either to
jump totheir po-.aii.Jo death below or to
remain tnd be suiuthereil or burned to
nesth. This ohsuiher ie tornied of shu-
tor. of Iron, or suitable uou*inflamni*
thie material, iheir desi.ii being tuch
tbtt whin the lower tnd upper shutters
tn retpeotively railed tnd lowered, tnd
the side abnuen folded in against them,
it emokeproof nh.subrr la lormod. Iu It
onl may take refuge and remain nntil
the fireman hive tn opportunity to raise
ladder, or stretch jumping nets. Tbit
arrangement effectually protects the one
who hu takeu relsige In lt until they
an rescued, unless, of coarse, the fire
should first destroy thtt particular
part of the building. The very ftct
tbat the wlndo/r Is thus cloud helpt
materially in pnvrnling the spread of
the fl.tino>. Hi-tides, it it opertted
from the in.ide of the building, tnd
thut form, t flm-ibuiter tbtt can be
more qnlekty placed in operation thtn
abutter,  on lhe outside of t building.
Tbey Cannot be Beat.
Downii't Big Dnsnttic tud Specitlty
Company, McPhee No. S, look ihe olty
by storm lut uight-aud you un lot
11,1. Iron elad faot drop through thi
���kylight of yonr intellect���thtt thty branCllCS
nannot be but by ttiy oompany that -        . D������,_����e.|-��~
tvir held thi board, in thi eity of and Prospecting
Mitiot    To pnl It mildly. Hit 0|sn-t
houu list evening wu erowded  t*
.iilooatlon by no entliu.it.tie indienw
British Columbia will havt reasorf
to thank Lieutenant-Governor Mclunet*
If hia diuhtrg. of tn unpleasant duty
hu no other result thtn tbe suUti-
tution of party government for lho
infernal system bt personal politics
which hu cursed that province. Partv
government does nut always produce
good results, but it doe. enable the"
people to get ettctly the tort of government which tbey denrve, Govern*
ment by a set of politicians, who are'
united by nothing stronger than personal dislikes and likes, doe. not enable*
the people to know whet they ure vot-'
lug tor, or what they are voting"
against. Party government hM'
largely failed in Ontario; first, bbctose*
then Is not enough independence in'
t he rank and file to keep the lenders of
Ihe party traveling in tho right direction; and secondly, because there it--
not enough independence among the
people to keep the ofiice-holdiug politicians from thinking they hive iMife
interest in tbeir jobs. The ftiiures of
party government can be cured by tbo
people, and the failures of tho nonpartisan government eannot be oured4
by anybody.^Toronto Telegram.
Seemingly Joseph Mertiu i. determined tu fill his cabinet with outsiders, and iu doing so we believe he
is echoing the voice of the Liberal'and'
tbe Conservative party, et so fir the
majority of possible candidates to pre'
wnt themselves before tbe electors tt
next eieotion are meu who have not
had the privilege of writing M. M. P.
alter their names. Possibly tbis It ts
it ahould be. Undoubtedly the people
have not forgotten the Lieutenant-
Governor's late visit to the House
when Martin represented, as it wire,
speaker, government and opposition -
those who should bave been then to
fill the seats to which they hnd been
elected by tho people were in the lobbies. Thi�� set of the late government-
and oppost'ir-n l.ns been cotsntrnftited
upon tfinroghont. not only fh��prov
ince, but the whole dominion;* ami
sometimes these comments are not ar
all flattering to the honorable gentlemen. So tar as wa know, none oi
these members have oome fttn-nAlly
before ihe electors witb an expfarmtio.-i
of the renson or reasons for their lotions, Silence, sometimes, is golden,
bu* since no explsnntion hae heen
given, would it not suggest itself tn
the gentle reader that these M. V. P.'s
wished by their tetiont that day to be
relegated to private life? This beinc
so nothing rlvu ni mon utlsftcn'oi-
than to see so many n*w men cotninp
Peterborough, B.C.,,
Have equipped themselves with the largest
and most complete stock of
General Merchandise
in the Windermere Mining District and
making their
Headquarters for all
: for all /"*1 i ���
r:-8 Supplies.
The Reporter lack, ipse* tn lb I. Issuo
lo do full juttlw to thi* popular pity.
Suflto* to uy lhat all whoappurast on
tk* iligt win tril.ii In their rr.peet
irt linu. Two of tka ehief l.alure.
wu thi appoannu of Mr. Btnnington
u '���Bone." tnd ta* two nlnaomi and
handsome little firlo. Baby Margery
���nd Baby Paul. Of all tke homely
men tktt ever .truck Mlnot "Bom*"
Bennington it instiled to tke "whole
about," bat ju: tk* um* he lean
irtlit in hit line. Every Hint he
thawed hii "olauletl pkia," to to
epuk. the audlinu wa. eoavnlud
wltk ltughter. Th* pertormenee of
BaUtN Mtrgerv and Pnill wu limply
airvaloai and 1* ilea* truth tk* prlw
ofadatiuion. It gou without wy Ing
that Mt-sPhw pule ap lb* bul tktp
  tvtr tun in ihu* ptrtt aad will ba*
omit**! from lft to ��m eut. a crowM houu at all Haw whence
Tkll tltt alone will prevent tka Income | comes to Mlnot. - Mlnot He-porter.
tTo'n T^aJ* hnmT**t*��**l% Ij0we8t Estimates given to Mining Men
coming into the country to
... Develop Properties*
Having Our  Own Freight
Boats We Defy
Boer Aocnnnt of Udj.ttllh ��� Troop.
Still Poarlag la-Ste-fa Versus
Krager-f rops of Rumors.
Kroonstadl, Orauge Free Slate,
March SHI.���Tbe Boers commanded by
Hen. Olivier, havo engaged tbe British
troops under Qen. Oataore in the vicinity of Bethnlie, repulsing tbe British
with huvy loss and capturing many.
Bnrgben tie arriving lu great nuui
bere.   lien. Dowel arrived today.
Pletermnrif-sburg, March .'���!.��� The
view taken in certain qnarters lhat the
relief ot Ladysmlth arose unt of Lord
Robert, operations must be disputed. It
is true that -I.OOn Free Stat rs were
withdrawn from the Ladysmith cover
ing army, to defend their own conutry,
aud to that extent the invasion ot the
republic helped na, but ou a similar
principle the faot that wo o oupied 111,*
nOO of tbe enemy's best troops, undoubtedly helped Lord Roberts. The
Boeis at Pleter'e knew nothing of Cron
jo', difficulties, and laughed at the
statement that he had surrendered,
when told eo during a truce of the
26ih. Tbe resistance of the enemy
wos at any rate sufficiently severe to
came ns nearly ns great losses as the
main tinny ont of n mnch smaller
force. It wonld be t oth u crnel and nn
nuwortby thing to deprive the soldier*,
of the Natal field uriny ot t eir h.rd
wou laurels and uone wonld repudiate
snoh a suggestion more vigorously
than the chivalrous comuinuder-iu-
Loudon, Maroh 211.���Troops are still
pouring iuto Sooth Africa, nnd not less
thau 5,200 reached Oape Towu yesterday. The new arrivals probably will
be used along EimberLy line, to cover
the n ivauce to Mil ekiug, of tbe lourtn
cavalry brigade, if it is not wanted iu
the Free State, where Lorn Roberts is
stronger than ever through the addition
ot Gntaore's, Clement's and Brabant's
commands. The cnvalry will be most
useful to work iu conjunction with a
large force ot yeomanry from Mnft-kiug,
towards Pretoria, in or-ier to threaten
and llank thn Boer army, holding the
line of the Vnti.
Revised reports of loseo * are: Boer
losses���Killed, 2,120; wounded, 1,Sol-
nick, 4,851. British���Killed, 2,041
wonnded, 0,860;  dead of diaeate, 1)80.
Cape Towu, March 28.���Tbo transport Milwaukee arrived at Oape Town
yesterday. All are reported well.
Thirty-eight horses dead. Signed by
Col. Gordon.
Thro Milwtnkee sailed from Halifax
on tbe afternoon of Wednesday, Feb.
21, with the meu tnd horses of A and
B squadrons of Mounted Rifles nud the
men, horses aud guns of C Battery, R.
O. A., in all seven nnndred men.
Kimberley, Maroh 28.���Tbere wa, a
smnrt artillery duel near Wurreutou
yesterday moruiug. A battery under
Major Blowitt, supported by the Kimberley Light Hone, located the Boers
who employed four guns, two of which
nud ocrdile, bnt ineffectively. Tbe
British battery replied witb effect tnd
alleuced the tioer Are. The Boers sent
two shells near the railway station,
which was not damaged.
London, Maroh 28.���A dispatch to
tbe Morning Post from Bloemfontein,
dated Wednesday, ny.: "A deserter
reports tbat the enemy, after repeated
dissensions,lias withdrawn from Brand-
fort northwards. He thinks it unlike*
ly lhat the Boers will make a stand
anywhere sontb of tbe Vaal. I cannot
personally short' suoh tptiuiisui."
A d spate!] to the Times from Kimberley, soys: "The date of tbe demur-
tore of tbe Mafeking column from here
hai not yet been fixed."
A .pecial correspondent of the Time,
at Bloemfontein, telegraphing Thursday, aaya: "Yetteiday Kr. ger leaned
a proclamation annexing the Free State
to tho T-ansvnal. Mr. Steyn imraedi
ntely lined a counter proolainai ion, do
cluing the Free State intact."
The Cape Town correspondent of tiie
Daily Chronicle, telegraphing Thursday, says tbat Sir Obarles Warren's di*
vision is embarking at Durban for East
London, Cape Colony.
It is also announced from the Trans
vaal capital that tbe Italian's government hu declined lo interfere. No attention is paid iu uny quarter to the
wild Boer rumor, of Commandant
O.tven' victory over General Gatacio,
which in only destgnetl to relieve the
drooping spirits of tue burghers.
The Daily News has the following
from Bloemfontein, dated Wednesday:
"It in rumored that Mr. Kruger and
Mr. Steyn will meet nt Kroonstad, in
tbe Orange Free Stale on April 4, to
diiouii the fnture progi amine. The
feeling between th* Transvaal and tbe
Free Stale I. very bitter.
Th" Gammons Discuss llie P stuiasle 'a
Itesoliill >m���Dealing Willi Ahus a Arising .'rum tlle luiilrii.-l 8v.lt in ��� .Ur.
Puttee strong'}* supports tlle Prln.-l**l.-
In an Able. Speech.
Ottawa, March 23.���Hon. Mr. Mu*
leck, poitmaster-general, iu tbe house
tod-sy moved bis fair wage, resolution,
which i, as follows: "That it bo resolved, tbat all governmeit eontrac s
should contain snoh conditions as will
prevent abuses, which mty triso from
the .ub*lelting of suoh oontrtots, snd
that every effort shonld be made to secure ths piyment of such wages as are
generally accepted es onrrent in each
trade for competent workmen in the
distriot where tne work is ca.ried out;
..nd thut t1 is house cordially concurs
iu suoh polioy, and deems it the duty
of the government to take immediate
steps to give effect thereto. It is hereby declared that the work ta which the
foregoing polioy shall apply includes
uot only work nndertaken by tlio gov
eminent Itself, bnt also all works aided
by grant of Dominion pnblio funds.'
Mr. Mnlo k said that the first time
tbat a resolution of ihis kind was
moved wu In tbe Imperial parliament
in 1891. Not only niii the resolution
he was proposing deal witb government
works, hut oth- r works of pnblic character. Canada had the experience ol
tbe nia-eher -ooutry in this matter. It
wonld be necessarc to frame regulations
for the proper oarrying ont of the icso-
The first two propositions dealt with
tbe expenditure ot publio money to
those who supplied material aud labor.
As to the quo lion of sot-contracts, the
enforcement of wbat be proeporcd iu
this resolution wonld be most desirable.
The contractor would have to be re
sponsible foi hi. agents and it would
not be possible for any contractor to tie
Irund bis workmen ont of their just
rights. Then, as to tbat part ot the
resolution whioh referred to fnir wages,
it ought tohavegentralsuppoir. Contractors fnquently secured foreign
workmen, and thus polled down the
labor market in this way. His resolution wonld put it beoyud contractors'
interests to leek to interfere witb the
labor market. Contractors will natural*
ly utilize all local labor before applying to outside. Wbat Ihe country was
interested iu was to eee that workmen
got a fair day's wages for a fair da/s
Mr. D. O. Fraser thonght the resoln*
r'on contained good work of a good
Mr. Puttee read form Imperial reports what had been done in connection
with tho adoption of a similar insolation by the British parlinmeLt with a
view of showing that it was effective.
The sub-committees' report, after six
years of its worikng found very little
fault with the plan iu Britaiu. AilJ-
mau who will read tlu report of tbe
committee and the report of Mr. Buxton, a member of that committee nno
tl.o original introducer of the resolution
in the English honse of commons, could
not say lhat there wu anything in
either of these reports that in nny way
condomns that resolution, ur con-
doranedlhe objeoti sought or that it
showed these objects were not attained.
The principle underlying u ' resolution
snch as thst now befo.e the bou e was
tbat of justice ml falrnetB ns between
employer aud i mployee. The effect ol
the o-nlract tsday wu tint to do certain work wu apparently lo plaoe all
responsibility for fair dealing upon tbe
contractor, but as a matter of faot a
man performing lor the conntry tbl.
work has actually been, U an emp oyot
of labor. Now, nnder a contract tbt
responsibility is delegated, and under
tho system of competition as wo have
It now it wu often delegated into very
unworthy hands. Ho believed tbit on
all pnblio work, the goverument should
be an employer ot labor; tbat it sbouln
do Hi own work, and at a fair, living
rate of wages. It had been demonstrated that this oonld be done eati-fa ���
torily; that lt conld be done well aim
done economically. Many large oilier
and some towns bad tested this matter,
and the results hid b on most sttisfac*
lory, hiving shown ft to be far superior
to tbe contract system. It requires, ol
course, that wo should have men good
enough. Tbtt principle, which was
laid down in the motion, wonld be applied end conld be applied. It hid
been applied by the British government
and some otber impo tont bodies. Several oilios both in England antl In tbis
country have adopted a similar method.
Some cities bave even gone further.
The oity of Wiuuipeg, for instance, had
adopted a minimum rate, a rate aolual
lv higher than tbe onrrent rate aud this
being taken to a court of law lo settle
whether a city had power to adopt thut
principle, it was proved that this
polioy was a good pnblio polioy because-
It wu so held by tbe court. The state-
should, at least throw its weight on
tho side of the better rather than ou
the side of tbe worse conditions of em
loyment. Thtt was what be considered was the ptineiple involved.
Caudltn  Cole   Returns   to   Uuty���
Swiss View of the strugglo���
Rhodes quits the Field.
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine Goes
Deeper and Cures the Cold--It Is Prompt
and Thorough in Action.
Oough mixtures ire almost u nnmer-
ou u drag stores, and many of them
are deoidedly d.ngerotu, being prepared by pemu not qualified to prtMribt
tb* ptom treatment for diseue. True,
thty stop tht oough. But .topping the
oou,h It merely removing the warning
wbioh nature gives of the trouble within. Aad, besides, n cough is stopped
by opttie. tbit detdeu the nerves and
rain tbe itomacb.
In oontrut with the nuniorou mix-
tore, deviled to slop a oongb, and as
make lt more difficult for the system to
throw ot Ik* oold.Dr. Ohafe'i Syrup of
Lin-wed and Turpentine stands u a
Mdentlllo preparation, tbe prescription
of Americt'. Grentes** Phyilciau. It
thoroughly ourei oold and cough togelh*
erby helping on exjutoratloo.loowniug
tbe tightneu In the chut md treeinr
tfe* tody of th* irtttt "fetttu whim
aael bt discharged, btfon oan mi be
By .topping IbudinltalS* an* mk-
it* ii -son iia*atw****wj>
medio drive tbe disease deeper and the
effort expended In trying to oongb
tears the delicate linings of the throat
and bronohiol tnbea end sets np oon-
gutlon of the lung..
So long a. Dr. Ohau's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine is .uud freely
there )��� no .linger of a cold developing
Into urions long trouble. It hetl. Ihe
irritated air pauagu, keeps the congh
lorn* and radically owu the cold.
Dr. Chow's Syrup of Llnieed and
Turpentine is the .afegutrd against
pneumonia and consumption iu scare,
of thom.nds of borne, in tbe United
States and Otntda. It is mother's
favorite remedy for oronp, bronchitis,
whooping cough, nUmus, ooughs, colds
and I broil irritation. 25oenli a bottle;
family tin, thru time, u mask, M
Mi at all dealer!, or Bdmtneon,
k Co.. IB**!**
Oold in Uw hud aad catarrh an
prompUy *Od tboroaghly oured "by Dr.
Ohm*' Qrturb Oan.   Ilouaabu,
fm-tAm^mAfnmm^   *.
'Ot-wvrn* ji^^oo_ ...       ���
lew saw*
London, March 82.���The only newt
from South Africa showing n.-tivity
ou either side comes from Warren-
town, noitb of Kimberley, where desultory lighting occunod all day Sunday, resulting iu tbe retreat ot the
Bootb towards Chriatiana under shell
fire. Tho i-ro&ress of Ibis column towards Mafeking hns either almost entirely censed or is forbidden to be mentioned iu dispatches. Nothing new
comes from Colonel Planter and Mafeking apparently still awnits relief.
It is mid that when President Kruger left Bloemfontein, after his reoent
visit there, Pr. sitlent Stern's parting
remark wai: "Mind Hie British do
uot oatoh you, or yon -..ill get hotter
quarters at St, Helena thnn I,"
Rndyard Kipliny hns gone to Bloemfontein.
The Boen at Aliwal North ore reported to be still lioldiug a position In
tho big hills on thn Free State side.
Private Cole, tbe Canadian whom
the Queen visited at Netley hospital,
returned to South Africa today, fully
recovered from bis wonusls.
Berne, Switzerland, March 22,���The
federal council bus answered the Boers
appeal for mediation ns follows:
"The Swiss federal conncil would
bave been pleased to co-operate in
friendly mediation in order to end further bloodshed, but ns tho presidents of
both the South African republics havo
directly approacbei Ihe British government in order to cjnclu-le a p-aoe on a
basis indicated, and lhe British govern*
ment hu shown itself against the proposal, aud as furthermore the British
government has declared to tie cabinet
Ht Washington that it did not prop-.so
to accept the intervention of any power,
the Swiss federsl council, to its regret, most alio renounce the idea of
taking any step, on the lines of the request mado by the presidents of the
South African Republics. Tbere remain, lor tbe federal oounoll, in tbe
oirobmstances, nothing but to expreu
its sincere wish that the belligerents
will bave succeeded nt uo too distant
date In finding a basis for au understanding honorable to both parlies."
A statement comes Irom Pretoria ad-
mitt ng that tbe Boer losses during the
war exceed 7,000. No fresh news has
beeu received from Mafeking; but a
Pretoria ditpatoh, Thursday, Maroh lt,
asserts tbnt Col. Plnmer has not teen
able to adavnee south of Lobatsi.
London, March 2..���Several telegrams hive passed between President
Kruger and the British government, iu
addition to tbe Salisbury.Kruger correspondence already punlishcd. The
foreign offloe received a dispatch from
Pretoria yesterday. Tbe contents of
thew commnnio.illonsoinnot yet be obtained.
General Gntacro is sweeping through
the eountry like a cyol<-'ne with flying
columns iu all directions. His swiftness and strategy hvao proved of Inestimable value to Lord Roberta Rebuilding of tho rnilway bridge at Norval'i
Pont will occupy two months'. Th*
temporary bridge will be completed in
about teu day.. Meanwhile the supplies are transported by in toiitl trim-
way across the gap. Them works ne-
oessanly delay the providing of supplies
for tbe advance
1 .ong and anxiously have been awaited the news of the relief of Mafeking,
bnt lt hu not yet bun leoelved. Hon.
W. P. Sobriener, Ihe Cape premier,
hu granted the reqnest of the mayor of
Oape Town that a pnblio holiday be
proclaimed thronghout theeolouy when
the relief of Mafeking is announced
The corr spondent of the Times at
Loureuzo Marquee, teleginphing on
Tuesday, says: "Itis reported from
Pretoria t at a scheme hu t een arranged for the amalgamation of the Transvaal and the Free State. President
Kruger will "become tlle pr sident of
the federated stales and Dr. Steyn th*
eommaudnnt-geuer.il of the Boer army.
The flag will be the same as that of the
Tnnetnul, with the additional orange
Mongullim Murdo.ers Are Ituldcil and
Mix ArrrsUnl.
Ban Francisco, Cal., Marsh 22.���A
police rai t on tbe Highbinders lut
nl,ht resulted in the arrest of six of
the most cotorions members of tbe
Buey Sing Toug. Etch of the men In
custody is oecn-ed (fat least e ne murder, and several nrestspectedof having
assassinated I <vo or more membert of
tbe rivtl tongs.
The supposed leader of tbe gtng is
Sa Ho Mun. He is ohtrged by the
police with four uinr en. 8u Ho Mun
���ttempted to draw his revolver wben
the officers attempted lo arrest him,
bnt wis disarmed. Otber arrest! will
follow, bot the police admit thtt oon-
viol ng evidence will be hard to noun
in til the ons,..    	
Cleveland, March 2*) ��� A*a result of
the remit increase of wages granted
the Muslilon miners, the Manlllon
Diltriot Ootl Operator! association hu
deoided to nil i the prloe of coil 16
cent, per tou. The luoroaw in th*
wages of the miners, it Istnid.a mounted to 20 per oent, The advance tn the
prim ot ooal is to tike effect April 1.
Hamilton, Much 22.���In view of
personation it the recent toting on Ihe
waterworks bylaw in Ibis olty, Mayor
Toetul announces his intcutlon of recommending an investigation to detect
and punish the penonaton, If ponible.
Montreal, March 23.���The Nnmli*
mitio and Antiqutrian society cf Mont*
real deoided to join with similar orgin-
Intloni in Toronto, Ottawa and Quebec, In bringiug pre.iure <o Itear upon
the Dominion government to induce II
to purchase the Plains uf Abraham,
tai thus prevent thll historic ground
from being eut up iuto building lota.
New York, Muoh 28.���The British
���taamir Pawnee arrived today from
Medllunuetn porta vlt Bermuda and
wu dtttlMd at quarantine awing Is
Uw preunc. on board of thru cuu et
Fifty-lwo Mllll sis ire -Serving bat th.
Oold SUniliu-'l Is Kb' b Ishml
nntl a sin plus A-sur-td.
Lcndou, March 22.���The India offloe
ha. issued ill annual fiuanoial ittti-
mont. Thi, .bows a snrplns for 18(9,
1900 of ���Si'.Ma.odo and an estimated
surplus for 1900* 1901 of ��160,000.
The famine eipntlituie for 1899*1900
worked out it ��1 055,000. It ii eitl-
mited tbat the famine expenditure for
1900 1901 will be ���8.865,009. Except
lor the famine expenditure the budget
is' regarded as healthy. The gold
standard boa been successfully introduced and all demands have bun met
withont borrowiug. The surplus of
��180,000 is however, -only a paper surplus; for a temporary loau of ��500,000
li to be incurred iu England; and tt ii
estimated that n temporary loan of
three orores of rupees will be necessary
for ways t.ud means.
Calcutta, March 22.���In introducing
tbe budget today tbe finanoi.1 member
of the India oonnoil, Mr. Clinton Daw-
kins, alluded daring tbe course ot hi!
speech, to the enormous flow ot fold
Iudiawardi. He said lt thonld be deoided to coin in nddtional million ot
silver rupees. In spite ot the famine
the country bad attained the gold standard through the continued closure of
the mints, and the ordlunry operations
ot trade without adding to the indebtedness ol India, an1 tbe uncertainty in
regard to the falling and changing of
tbe rate of enhnugo had become a
thing ol the past, ���
Americana and Canadians Confer us to
What thonld He Done.
Fargo, N.D., Maroh 22 The muling under ihe auspioes of the Trl-State
Drainage ds Canal association to consider tbe propo-ed Improvement! to the
Red river, and tributaries and to thi
goverument thereof wes oalled to order
by the mayor of Forgo, Mr. Johnaon,
at 10 o'clock yesterday morning. Mr.
Johnwn thanked all present fur Iheir
lutwnoo and extended a cordial welcome on behalf ot Fargo, especially to
tbe gentlemen from Winnipeg for the
interest they were taking in the matter.
Among those present were Hon. D.
H. McPnddeu, minister of publio
works, Manitoba; Horace' Wilson,
mayor of Winnipeg;Colonel Sooble and
W.G.Bell, of Winnipeg; Mayor N.
Morril and O. Long, Ortonville, Minn.;
Mayor John Dinnle, Alderman G. B.
Clifford, Editor G. B. Winsbip, F. A.
Brown, ft Collins, F. B, Moouey, John
Eanguau, James Dinnte, L. Guthrie,
J. D. Bacon, W. P. Alsip and P. F.
Williams, Grand Forks, and Mayor
Brandt, Eaat Grand Forks.
Friday, M.*.:-.::i sa.
In Cleveland 1,100 machinist, went oa
Osman Ps.ha, llie hero of PL-ma. ll
not dead.
Navigation al th. western lake port.
-Mil nol open III! May.      ,    ,
Or. .tOhti 'A. Church, a pioneer pliy.1.
clou of Aylmer, l;a.��� I. dead.
Tbe towo ol Kuabkaaook, on Koot*.
nay Lake, wa. d..troyed t.,v lire.
Ths- Appl.ton company, ct "X.w York,
haa gone Into th. receiver', hand.,
���The eblel of polioe at Sydney, C. 11.,
was fatally tl.ifihed by am Italian.
Brown, of Wlunlpeg, ea.lly won th,
three mile akallng rnc. at lint Portal..
l'tc Totitu, of O School, Toronto, com.
nutted suicide at the Stanley barrack..
Mra. Alphona. Olronnrd, of Montreal,
wns killed while turning om tin electrlu
Trouble la threatened In Morocco and
tws. cruleers have been dispatched from
Andrew Carnegie will organise on. of
tbo greatest aieel a.vnillcalca In the
world. .
The Interruption to Hon. EdsrarA
Hlake'e apeteh at the nent Bt. rat.
rlck'a banquat In London, waa preelpl.
tateil by a tew hot.heada.
T1111181.AY, MAKOII 22.
Oeoian raabn, tb. hero of lM.vna, 1.
Admiral Dewey Is seriously III at
f-Hvnnnali, Ga.
u. A. Lureou, the pioneer ot 'Vahl-
goon district, 1.  .lend.
Ban Fronclaco police arreted .event
highbinder, nccueod of murder.
Thirty Mr-son. were tuiur.il in Chicago
by the tailing of a freight elevator.
Mra. Lang-try will not bei allowed to
play "Th. Degenerate*," In Cleveland.
Except fir the famine expenditure.,
India*, budget la  regarded aa healthy.
Mnsslllon coal advanced lu price on
ncoonnt of the Iticren.e In miner,
Southwestern botelkeepors Were fined
at Brandon for selling liquor without a
Cotinsel* for Sir Clusa. Tupper la   ap.
Sljln".     foi-    a   postponement   of   the
rundon trial.
Turkey line yielded In mission railway
Mr Hen. ll. Bertram, M. 1'., lor Centre
Toronto, I. dead
The Britisli snip city ot  Vloresse. la
a.bore near- Sun Francisco.
-Two Cleveland fl.hl.ig tugs are fut
in an Ice-field 111   Lake, Erie.
Oaviu no.., a well-to-do Knioreon
farmer, waa killed In a runaway acel-
The anniversary of Mgr. t.imgevio's
consecration wns celebrated In 91. Boniface,
Passenger, rates from the enst to lhe
I'aeiflc coast points, liuvu been ud*
.The Spanish government la cultivating the friendship ot sonlti American
Blinrkej failed to appear lo cover
Fltstlinntoii*' deposit uud McCoy will
lako bla place.
- The c. I'. It. management .ial. th.
setsurc of 0. N. 1'. I'sis limber ha. no
political significance.
The sum ol .00,00.1 franca wa. taken
from clerk. In Pari., tho properly of
the Northern railroad.
Th ��� Mtist rs O:a*antso for Protection.
New York, Matoii 92.���In anticipation of an extension to this olty of th*
strike of machinists now itt progress in
Chicago, Columbus., and Peterson,
S.3., lcoal manufacturers uf machinery are oigauizing, says tbe Herald today. Delogate Georgo H. Warner, of
tho International Machinists' association, siyi tbtt the causes that have led
to tne strikes of machinists in Chicago
will, it the Ohloago men win, preoii.it
at. ess-llma In ell the large oltlei of thi
oountry if the manufacturers do not ao>
oedo to the demand for n nine honr
work day.  '
Berliu.Muoh 22.���An offlolil tgtnoy
today gave oot that a Wuhington die
patch bad been receive I setting forth
that an American wartUp had been
aent to Ttku, intended to participate In
the eventual joint naval demonstration
should China persl.t In her refusal to
suppress the sects hostile fo Obrllliiua.
Kingston Maroh 32���Dr. William
Alonzo Wright, who live in the Dewrt
Lake district for many yean, li mining
It lb reported In some quart tra that he'
wu shot In the Clarendon diltriot u
the result of a quarrel over icmo property thtl be hid t claim on in that
part of tin country. Thut report cannot be verified. He frequently carried
a ooulderable mm ot money on bit par*
���on, sometimes having between $000
and 1700 abont him.
San Frinoiioo, Oil., Much 12.���
Oapt. Stone tnd 20 men of the wrecked Britiih ihlpOlty cf Florenoo, whioh
���traokont ml ten mllu south ot
Point Pedro last night, -were picked up
by the tug Alert, two miles north of
Point Pedro, this ufterncon, ind
brought to thit city. The Florenu
sailed from Iqnique for Ban Frtnoltoo
on Feb. 2, with M00 tou of nitrate
unsigned to Balfonr, Guthrie k Oa
She euconntered fine weather to tbl
���quator, which wu oroiMd 21 days out
Toronto, M.roh 23.���The home million committee of the Presbyterian
churoh of'Canada continued ill annul
meeting in Knox church today, and
olilnis for the put year were pasted to
tbe tmount of $80,400. The request,
of presbyteriei for the yur beginning
April 1 were passed, u follow!: British Columbia, *��8,S00; Klondike, |6,*
000 Manitoba and tbe Northwest, |I0,*
100; Ontario Ind (Juebeo, 126,800;
total, 179,800. Adding to thit travelling expense, of ml.sion.rle*. .alary of
mperfntendint tnd explain ot administration, thi mm required for next
yur will li* olow on $100,000.
New Tork, Muoh II.���"BipuinUBl.
mad* wilh model! of thi projeotid bat*
tle.hlp.at tbe Wuhington navy-yard
htvt danouireted that to oanry tb*
weight! planned by thi naval board at
oonatnotlon the mull aut In largwr
than any American batlluhlp yet
plmned. _.
Linooln, Nib.. Maroh 91.���Ool. W.
J. Bryan returned, to Linooln yeitar-
dty, after in ibsihce of two month!,
tnd will remilu until Tuesday, when
be will .tart for a month'! Iou of tbl
NorthWHt and t"e Haniflo cout itatu.
Ed. ctintroo wu untueM at Wl**
ilug ...lie. to .even yean fer .bootleg with Intent t* kill.
Uand 8, the famooi Irotllng  man.
.._ hurled with hour. In   tkt
umetery at Ea.t.VLw; N. Y.
The Bond-Uorri. eablu.t, NeWfos
land I. ready to meet the MHi
a turbulent mmioii I. nkead.
Hon. Ed. Blake attomptod to .n**k at
a National'.! gathering In London, btt
wt. greetsd with metfte ertet.
An atlask wu Hade by
Wm. Dun, a far-par, at I
on tbe a t. 11., BS ullo.
H.r. Fatue, LoeUU.tr luting fits
trip to Burepi. Illttatu. Uw fintHn*
are Ming wall triateOy tu tttptg.
Three U S. soldiers wore shot iu Cour
d'Alene mine trouble..
The Mikado mine made a record run���
114,000 In   two week*.
A 9.1,000 tiro visited 111. business see*
Hon ot Medicine Hat.
Nine Indian, havo been urreated t.ccul.
���d of  a  Bkagtiay mnrder.
A Manitoba Immigration agent met
wilh rough u.oge lu  Ru��.la.
Th. total aiaonnt of subscriptions to
Ih. Brltl.li war loau wns J.3*j*f,000,000.
��� The trial of . tho Bliapscted murderer.
.of  lata Gov. Goebel commence. Friuy.
Admiral Dewey's .ecrotury denies th.
admiral I. going tn Ijtirop. till, summer.
The Libel cue ngnlnat Sir cha.. Tup*
p.r wilt b. heard In Brandon naxt
About 20 mllu ot lb. McGregor u>
teuton oi tbe 0. P. 11. will be coutrutV
ed this eummcr,
Icludle dtlegtUa Inter, itw.d ' tu
loeal gov.nim.ut aad Manager Whyl.
r. the road to Qlmlt.
Blabop Potior ho. returned Irom tU
Gen, Loekharl, ol lho Britieh India
forcea  I. .dud.
Lady Bpotil.woode, author ot "Aula
Laurie," I. dead.
The new yacht for th. Queen will colt
about |2,000,0OU.
The I'orttge In Prairie board ol tndi
ha. ben re-organls.d.
TlieeFortage u.bI'h. opw on Taesdty
with thr-se erlmtual euel.
Howard O, Stovel, an ex-Wlnalpegg��r,
dl.d In Colombia republic, South Amer*
1. V. BUI., M. P., of St. John City,
will probably succeed the late Senator
.A gasoline explosion ia coluoibo.,
Ohio, resulted la the .lento ol fur
The Brandon bonaplel hn. eloeed aad
tbl trophic, and prise, bar. but dl.-
Bt. I'alrlck'. Bay duration through,
ont th. Brlti.h empire aurnt*..d lay.
thing similar lu tn. history ot tU at*
Clarke Wallace, M. P., wa. Injured at
Braeebrldge, Ont.
Manitoba college .ludent. hav. or*
gaalnd an artllliry team.
Trado revi.wa ootid, a very pro.p��r-
oa. y.tr In   th. Dominion,
Mr. Gl.ii Oampbell received a warm
welcome on bl. return to Daupblo,
Settler. w..t al Portage It Frtlrle
ds.sre a branch Un. ot the K* 1*. rail*
Tand.ra ar. being called for a u*
$12,000 Stlvttlon Army l.rrnckt, Wtol
Il.v. 1. B, fillcox ba. accpted
to cra'.rtl caogregtttunal ekiMkl
Th.   eut ol  Winnipeg local
tare,    lmprov.rn.ot.   lut   yur
Fruldut Igletla.. ol cult Rita, ���
n.peudsHl th. con.tltnllon ind statin
klmaalf dictator.
Tke notarial. Dwk.r gut ol tu*
terf.ll.re w.r. lound guilty at Wood,
���took aid mteuef.
Vienna. Maroh ll.-Soeaw of wild
dlwrtu wu* wltBitwl l�� Uw nfok-
Has yutudiT. 1** pruidtsu ai tb*
obambu, Dr. Vou.   Pick*,' **ppr��Nd
��� Gumtn Nitidbtltt inttrpillitlco.
Greatly ucltesl, tbt German, latu-
rupted Um prooudlngi for halt an honr
denouncing th. preeident, aadhullug
at him nab iplthel. u "blukfiard,"
"ooavlot" and "thieving loundiil."
gulnoy, Mm., Much 11. -IM
Mulo hill building W Htuoock itrul,
wu burned thll morelug, eulailing a
leu of $58,000 on th* building aad lis
BnghUMtea, N.T. Mireb ll.-ftn
tbia ��fteruooa dutnyed Ontnl Bap*
tiitehanhUOrune. Th* Im oa
ot$l,t00oovenHt t atll fnotlon
Part OibKM, Min., Minh'lli-Th*
PortGibun oompnu, la whioh wt*
t*m* 1,000 bain dt nottoo, wu bin-
��d here tdday.   Lw $11)0,0(10 fully
^ "  '-'>r,ll.-"^m-Jl*jd<MB,
, a Mddlng Ubml patHem*-*
hu aw>noMmM ^t^aiMiN,.
Kstm Arc Bora Liar..
The KuHli* ninket an Intcre.tlng
.tud)-. You ciinutit uudersttnd lilm ill
���t ouce. It requlru time, nnd a good
deal of IL A new nrrlvnl thinks the
Kaffir It a bora prevaricator of lhe
truth and hll bit reisons for so thinking.
Suppose you catch t "boy" committing a misdemeanor. Ask bim whnt
he has been doing, and be will look up
In your face, a picture of Innocence,
and reply, "Ikona, una."���a plump de*
mat. Tell bim you uw htm do It,
tlircnti'ii him with punlihtuent; be will
���till persist lu maintaining* hll Inuo*
cem-s'. He will Mill pls-asl iguoraoce of
tbe inlideed tnd mutti'i- In nstoulsh-
ment or fear, "Ikona, Imnn." In fact,
be knows nolhiug whatever about it.
If the offense be ouo that cannot be
overlooked, you proceed to administer
reproof-wlth the foot. If you are not
particular aud wish to bo Impressive.
Whnt does hi do? If bl ll a raw
"boy" nnd not uud to II, be runs off
with a terrified look on bla face; If he
la uted io It, he rellrei precipitately
with a utlified iuille, not neceeurlly
boon use he bat got lilt thrashing, but
becauu he no longer hai It to look forward to.
Tho only explanation for the systematic lying or the native In face of the
most convincing proof li tint tbe native mind li totally unable to form n
conception of whnt wo understand by
triithfnlneu.-I.ondon Mnll.
Aa "Aaa.rl.aa" Uael.
During my rnldence In Heidelberg a
lamentable and terrible offnlr took
place that throw a profound gloom
over the unlveralty and tho entire
town. Two German itudcntB, having
quarreled, decided tbo earth wns not
large onough for both of them to live
lo nud resorted lo tho diabolical practice called the "American duel."
In a darkened room tba two young
mon drew lots, hnvlng sworn thnt be
who drew the black ball would commit
���ulclde. Tbe unhappy lour weut to
bis room and discharged a bullet Into
bla breast, but missed bla licni-t and
llngeresl for several dayi on bli deathbed. Hi! parent! were summoned by
telegraph aud besought him on their
knees to disclose the name of his antagonist, but he steadfastly refused
tud died with tho secret In his breast.
The student! not only excused bli
conduct, but praised bli courage, and
when his remains wero taken to the
railwny station to be transported to a
distant olty tbey accompanied the fit;
ncrnl cortege with torches and music!
The students olaimed be wu not n suicide, for he was killed In an honorable
duel, and they maintained thnt Ids opponent was not nccessory to bis dcnlb
because be shot himself. I hid many
arguments with them and never conld
convince them of tbeir extraordinary
tergiversation.���Science.    .
lool.d lk> Crow*.
Some people will go to great trouble
and expense lo perpetrate a lobe. The
other day two well known society meu
hired a closed carriage and decorates!
it with bows of wblte ribbon and flow*
era aud other paraphernalia belonging
to a well appointed wedding.
On each sido wit bung a placard announcing tbat tbe occupants wero Just
II nttrnctcd great attention, and when
It pulled up lu front of the Gait House
a few day. ago a large crowd bad congregated to ue tbe happy brldo and
groom alight. Tbo driver tlowly got
down from bis seat bcitdo the dqor.
He opened It deliberately, and wben
he iwung tbe door open tbe curloui
crowd surged forward. Tbere wu no
bride and no groom Inside, bnt Instead
a big placard bearing tn great black letters the single word, "Rubber."        /
For n little while tbe driver had (he
Joke to himself, but toon tbe crowd
realised the neat swindle, and all enjoyed th* episode hugely.���Louisville
*   Waa lb. Rlghtl
A certain woman, uyt tiie Wichita Eagle, desired the arrest of the
uloon keeper who bad bun telling
whisky to ber drunken busbnnd. Having conducted the officer to the uloon,
���be wai told by bim to pick out the
proprietor. Seven men, ill looking
alike and dressed tllke, were Handing motionless around a whisky
barrel, and th* cbuld not tell
which wa* the on., but ibe stepped
to the barrel and tuned the spigot,
and tbo liquor began to pour out on
tho floor. One of tbe men sprang out
of th* circle and turned tbe spigot oil
"Arrant that man!" the nld.
But wai ihe right! Wnt It more
likely to be tlio proprietor who would
thus plead guilty and go to Jail or ume
Innocent mnn with an unquenchable
thirst who was horrified It seeing the
awful waste'/
Rt, a Hae* 4te.Uo>.
They hid n dispute, ond tbey bad
to leave it to tbe military ex-
llet," they uked, "do you
deadliest V"
lulniilos be remained In
ly.   Than he looked up
ode who hat settled the
ly and definitely.
that triti," hi uld.-L'hln-
go Put
���M tt It aaake.i.
Ma. Htyrlx-Heow much do yew
charge for pullln ��� tooth!
Dentl.t-One dollar with gat-SO
nntl without
Mr. Oayflx-Say, youug feller, don't
yew try none o' yer bunko garnet, on
to*. Mebby I dew look kind o' grub,
bnt I reckon 1 ain't goln tor give up no
B0 centt cxtry for gat whan It'a bread
dayllgbt-Cblngo Niws.
Tbt -sbamol* li uwklly IdnUfiod
With SWltMrlitnV bot tb* tnlrasl Is
leu common then tbia la any otber
country which It Inhabit*. Anuria li
the nil bom* -of, tb* chamois, whan
-tbey ara mott plutifuL
A War��l���� m rrta.e.
"Franc* bat taken forcible
Hon of Kwang-Uhtu-Wan bay."
"Tbli may be one of Ikon am
where ibe'M find .lie', trying to Oban
Wan more than th* caa awallow."-
Clevelaad Plain Dealer.
���Ilarl.u Tea.
Tra��oler-lf New Jf*** nolety boons!, of only WO-fMeiM what do th.
BHIIltU or mat *ijtett do for nluiura
or t-HrniMOr    ,.
tin, Poreui��lred-Th*f read abont
irliat w����W.-New York W*lkly.
Grain, Provisions and Stocks
14$ FtliMMi ���$., Wiaalptf, Hh.
-���***** ������
Wheal���Mtniloba No. 1 hard, fnt
William, *!o. -..-
Floor���Ogilvle's Hungarian patent,
$1.76; Glenora, $1.01; Manitoba
Strong Bakers, $1.40; XXXX, $1;
Lake ot Ihe Woods patent. $1.81;
Strong Baken, $1.65; Medora, $1.40;
XXXX, $1 20. per saok of 08 poundi delivered In Winnipeg.
Mlllfeed-Ogilvi*'! bran, $18.60,
���boits, $13 80 pit'ton; Lake ot th*
Wood! bran, $18.50; short!. $14.80.
. Ground Feed���Oatohop, 122 p r ton i
buliy obop $17, ind mixed fetd at
buleyand ott. $10 pu ton. Oon
chop, $19; oilcake, $17.
Outi-No. 8 wblte, 81 to llo pu
bubel in onrlol. on tnok. No. 8 mixed,
II to llo.
Birley���Otrloti 88 to 88o off oan
here. At country point. SOo-on traok
la the rnliug figure.
Oorn���Oat lots of No I oan on tnok
are wo-th 43 to.So.
Whut���At 18o freight rat* point*
84a ll now tht ruling quotation, at ISO
pointa file, tnd wnt ot that Ole.
Flaxued���About $1.25 per bushel
reprewnts tbl vtlue.
Oatmeal���Manitoba -meal II being
offered it $1.85 per 80 lb. nek to th*
Kill! trace by miller.
Hay���Fresh biled hay ia worth $5 to
$5.60 per ton; losoe hty on the street,
IB to $4.
Butter���Creamery���Ths market il
nominal at about 24o par pound Dairy
���Flout dtiry in tubs will bring u
high u 300, uud li regularly quoted ll
18 to 19o, print! fetob 20o per pound,
rolli 18 to 1 Oo, and woond grade butter fnm 14 to 17o, according to quality. Freight and coinmiiion off than
Oheew���Small, 14 to 14 l-8o pu
pound and large, 18 1 lo.
Eggs���The top price for oue eggs
now, i abject to candling, Is llo pu
duen, Ins exprtuage. Limed an
worth lOo pu down, and fresh local
eggt 26a
Vegetables���Potatoes 60 to 56o pu
bulbil; turnirt, 261 to 80o; otrrota
OOo; bull, 40 to 60o; parsnips, 1 l-lo
per pound; dry rulons, $1.26 to $1.60
per bushel; cabbage, 2o pu pound;
celery 76o par doun bonobu, lettuoe
���nd pirsley, 40o psr doten bunohu.
Dressed Meats���Beef, oily dreiwd,
6 to 7o per lb; connlrr dreued, 6 to 6o;
mutton. 8 to Oo; lamb, 8 to 9ij.x-eal,
8 to 9o; hogs, Oo to 0 I 4o for' bul
Poultry��� Turkey!, llo pu lb.;
docks, loo; getsr, Oo; chickens, llo.
Game���Babbits are worth 7o uoh.
Pigeons 20o per pair.
Hides ��� Fi-omu hldu 0 l-lo pu
pound, five lonucls tire; Na 1 iiuput*
ed hldu, 7c; No. I, Oo; Na 8, Ml
Branded hides grade No. 2, and bulla
No. S; Up, 1), colt, 8 l-lo; deakln
���kins, 25 to 853 crob; .beep akiua, 40
to SOo eaoh. horiehtdes, 60 to 76o etch.
Wool���Wo quote prloe. ben 8 to ts
for unwashed fi o e.
Senero root��� 8io pw lb.
1*1 SL Louis uot forget tbit to tbe
pure nil thinge ire pure.���Ohlcago Timer
Bt. Leuli i. buay .hipping mukn ta
South Africa and tcoldlug Cbictgo.���
Wuhington l'o.t.
Tbe sooner tbe St. Lonl. people regard
tbat caaal opening a cli-ted lueldeni th.
leu trouble they will have on iheir handa.
-Wusliington Timet.
SL Louii I. Sgbllng Chleigo'i drtlnigi
nu.l. Wateh bow Chicago will gel back
It SL Louis' world's fnir. Cities In their
wrap, are a good deal like quarroUomi
aelghbori.-Alcblisoa lllobe.
A Boaton paper Ihlnki It to tb. credit   _
ot Chlcags.'. druimge canal thll ttb an   ��
e.ught In It.   So they are, and without
tbe lean trouble, for ibey Ikut on tbeir
back..-s��. t/iu'. Ols.lir-Dem-ieret
He Wast, <��� ae Rlafet.
The following loiter wm received by
���n Atlnntn hooktssdlnr recently:
Dosr air���Will you pick sen H. a Kode *t
Oeorjtcr, so I kin knew bow to prarlla lllc law I -
been alitityln all winter I Waal I. he Rite when
I sit up In Con form, kllsnts which coti-*> lo my
Pcrlfraliun: so I want a Knde ot tli-iinti-r. In hlg
Ty|n', so I kin S|x-ll all way , l,r..uul�� wilhMK
Truliblc.   lu, nlcaar an.in-> . Knili- nt Orvort.
The fonr peruti. accused of eompll.    1
city In   the murder of   th. ltte Qov, ;}
Goebel. ot  Kentucky, were brought to
Frankfort for trial, which comm*ne.. on
Do Not
mv temp m ���mimm uhi
am un ���iieeuNT-
A<!Wylugtaivlageubtiatdi. Wtui
funhhUw-Haetausnalte taypifiil.
[ Write fu puUc-tlui aad grin.
mown*-*.* ******
Bsqnrtad by Alknrty * Chtmploa,
-*  - -  *      WlnnipH.
Olty Pass. Vy	
Mouttniat Om	
 ito IVr
romamw UoUOt.
���t-aoM by Alloway * Okmi***}
.trut, Wlnnlm.
^J.o.tei.eii ****** l**til*i**|9*9 jj
IWHI-IIMHIH ll     i& H
i*4<*^***0*��MM'M**l|M      <*W -_
it*t*****t*******m*t��* ,>Hn
iiNli(HHHNNNM��     <H ������
���tt*\tf^*mf*****m***t**   *\n
hmiiiM')'>mUii(im|i-s   <m t?
Golden Bra.
Aw  BztltUc Hotel Iiallnt l�� Bar
lUrher'a Early Brnfa*
!** "In the prehistoric days at Bar Hnc*
v*bor," vald a Boaton man. "before tbe
dresa luit had cait its blighting ibndow
- there and when Rodlck'a and tbe 'fish
pond* were tbe center of all the gayety.
life waa pleasant, even though many of'
thi' conveniences wblcb wc now demand
w*-re wholly lacking. Hodlck's was a
hero of a place, with no elevntor nud In-
noceut of electric bells. One msn In imminent need of Ice water once ol��;nlned
It, however, by going. Ipto the hat. and
yelling 'Murder!' nt the top of his Inuga.
He gathered together most of the lintel
guests and Anally got the Ice witter of
his soul's desire, but bis success did not
���eem to establish n precedent.
"The fire deportment was, so to speak,
In embryo. In the Hod Ick at the hend of
each stairway there used, to stand n large
hogshead of water for use In an emergency, and thereby bangs tbe tale I nm
' about to tell you,
"I.nte of an evening there entered the
deserted 'fishpond' a young man whose
fixed and glassy eye and wnudcrlng
smile betrayed what bis evening's occu-
Bitloo had been. In order to settle any
ngerlng doubt as to his condition, how
aver, he proceeded to emit Jl series of
blood curdling shrieks, which called forth
a hasty and ampbaflc protest from tbe
night clerk, who, on advancing upon the
Inebriated one, was promptly laid low by
a right handcr. Tbe nlgbt force. In an
angry array promptly went to the succor
ot tbo night clerk, whereat his assailant
retreated up stairs, closely followed by
his pursuers.
"Reaching the landing, he espied the
hogshead of water, which he promptly
heaved down the stairway npon his opponents, who, drenched by tbe wnter and
carried off their feet by the butt Itself,
In a "wild state of rage renewed the attack, only to be treated to tbe same dose
on tbe second flight of stairs nnd yet again
on tbe third, at which point, his ammunition being exhausted, they captured nnd
got even with the belligerent one.
"In the morning great was the anger
and loud tho lamentations of Herr Rodick
at the state of his stairway and the damaged condition of his nlgbt force, but he
who bad accomplished the outrage was
rich in this world's goods, from part of
wblcb ha way made to separate for dl-fcrs
rtilued carpets, sundry abrasions and for
giving five men tbree baths nplecc nt fl
a both, the regular rate at that time In
Bar Hnrbor."-New York Tribune.
Tho    Formosa    Sarnces    Won    the
Match With tha KaaUshwem.
Tbe wild mountaineers of Inner For*
mosa arc still very little known. The
few whites who have met thom tell
stories about tbem tbnt are either amusing or curious, Here Is one of the stories
that Golborne Baber told: He said a
party of English officers from a man-of-
mA-vrar landed on the Island and met a lot
ot natives who were armed witb match-
. locks. Tbe Englishmen had an Inter-
' prater, and the natives talked freely witb
them. At last tbe whites challenged the
natives to a trial of skill in shooting, and
the offer was accepted.
The Englishmen fastened a mark to a
tree about 100 yards distant. Tbe officers ind off and made what they considered pretty lair practice, but tbe natives
didn't seem to tM at all Impressed. Then
tbe fellows with the matchlocks were la-
formed that It was tbeir turn, and, much
to the surprise of the whites, every man
of them threw himself on bis belly and
began to crawl through the underbrush
toward the target. They squirmed over
the ground to within about three yards
of tbe target, then blued away, and, of
course, every mtfa hit the mnrk exactly
In tbe center,
"Look barer Hid the whites. "This
Isn't exactly fair, Is it*?" Then they explained to the aborigines the accepted
rules of target practice. The natives listened witb mnch Interest and then made
this comment:
"Well, we don't know anything about
the way you mun shoot at marks, bat
we've just shown yon bow we shoot
Chinese, nnd why shouldn't we shoot at
a mark the same way? We want to bit
things when we fire, nnd why shouldn't
, up fire the way we can shoot best}"
Nothing conld convince tbem that tbey
hadn't won tbe match, and they walked
off with tbe small prise the whites had
pnt up for the best marksmanship.���Exchange. .   ..       '.
Vent Weeemne mn4 Their MepriB*.
Investigation! Into tbe results of mar-
��� triages between deaf persons produce several highly Interesting facts. As would
naturally be supposed, onions In cases
whore bath pnHncri nro deaf are far
more liable to result In deaf offspring
thnn ordinary marriages. But the proportion of such instances la only about 10
per cent nnd the proportion of deaf children bm-n therefrom 8ft per cent, while
the proportion of deaf, children born of
ordinary marriages scarcely attains Tper
cent. It also transpires that deaf persons having deaf relatives and married to
deaf partners are very liable to deaf offspring, consanguinity being an element
specially favorable to tbe transmission of
auricular malformations. All these results are strictly In accordance witb the
two laws of heredity which lay down
that a physical anomaly tends to be
transmitted to the offspring and that off*
spring tend to wert to the, normal type.
Peerages WnnnAeel hy Trade.
Glance through the peerage and cross
out the peerages founded by trade, and
how many would be left? The earldom
of Essoifcwas founded by a draper; that
or Warwick, now n commercial enter-
pllse iujtself, by a wool stapler; tbat ot
Northumberland the "Proud Percys," by
an npotbecary; that of Lansdnwne, by a
peddler wbo was ee poor tliat, ho lived
. throe weeks on walnuts. M& Tenter-
den, the chief Justice, stopping with bli
son outside Canterbury cathedral, pointed to a shed opposite and said: "Charles,
In thnt shed your grandfather used to
shave for a penny. It Is tbe proudest
reflection   of   my   life.'1���London   An-
"There you go again," he Interrupted.
 king of worldly thing.."
im rou wrong me," ah.
Mnnet li perfectly beam-
jf.*-MUftd��iaia Vnte. ..
ji flaw 'lofiM iis'-i to"*!
Cork, u nearly every we knewi, li
ea* et tba but nonconductor, ot but or
Perl. Pi ��ni. Ing ,*�� Katei-t.lii  Her Mil-
ilena ul OuskIs Url..|.u'a Their
atlllona of tttoae*.
Pari., Mar.h 21.���Only abont thru
ereU. more aud tba great eipulllon
gatu will bi open. Full ii ilmdj
mating in toilet to rcwiri ihi coming
million!. The hotel! in being te.
no-fated, .hop, repainted, .truti reputed, lamp pull lebrwied, uid park.
reluled in I refloa-eretl. Even the rata
are .porting freib rarniah and tbe oab-
bim new liverin. No city erer pre-
anted inch i say spectacle of nnirenal
Tbe Metropolitan underground railway ll now laying iti track! ind Uw
tnt ooqueltith nation, bare been
ereoled. Tolling traiu are run daily
orer tbe flmtned notion..
Too elented railway wbiob clrou-
law. the excoattlon ground! il also
nearly completed, md Amer.oane will
ba glad lo noognln againat a Pariaian
Iky tin familiar aiihooelte ot their own
derated stations.
Tha ibow ulled Moorish Andaluaia
li oompleted. It ii a huge building ot
hirem-liki inyiterlouneii, with in
opea oonrt in tbe oentre, wltbiplublng
fountain., t) nder inrronnding arcade.
ara all urli ot queer little booth!, al-
aorta, ind duk retreat.. Inildi ii a
Nil Oriental harem, when the bun.
tlu ot ill racci will recline on ouh-
itm, smoking an singing with torn torn
aooompaajment. Turklah coffee and
Arbablin iwutmiata will be urred to
Tiaitora by blaok slarei. Vialton will
lie pririleged to oouvewe wltn the
birem buutlei, prorlded strict deoor-
nm il oburred, Moorish Andalusia hu
imported fitly dancing girl, from Mo
roooo, Egypt, and Spain, and tiny an
now being drilled.
Tbl Canadian notion of bunting and
fliherlu hid mured the honor ot being
tbe lint ready. It li a iplendld ooleo-
tion of trophle. of northern America-
elk, buloea, etc and flab of Incredible
tiie, Some Oanidian Indian, will glre
untieing exhibition, on the Seine.
Tbe Dutoh oolonie. I. one of tho mut
attraotWe spots. Jan, Sumatra, and
Borneo ue cepeoially ourloun A tribe
of twenty Dutoh Malay! hu at rived
for tbii put uf the .how.
A touching example ot fraternal aym
patby li tbe tagenuu with whioh thi
workingmen help to oomplete the Booth
Afrloan building!, everybody regarding
it an honor ta oontrlbute in beauiifr
ing tbe two republic.' sections. Their
gardens are oomplete. Xtlt Su day
thirty volunteen of different nation!
were working under tbe direction ot
two Truivul' gardener.. They also
gilded the oolumni ind cornice in.lde.
All tbli out the Tranirul nohlng, the
work being done duilug the lunoh
Bonn by Frenoh gilder, employed on
the Rosslan Knmlln.
-Savin Boa. Meet. Death In a Baaaway
Kmeraon, Much SI.���Gavin Bou,
a prominent oiliieu, anda well-to-do
turner, living two mllu Irom town,
wbo nn u a Patron candidate in 189*1,
and wu recently nominated at a bye
eieotion, wu initially allied by lit.
own team running iwiy tbii iltunuon
new bli home. Mn. Bou wu tho flnt
towtlnm the ud affair, whioh I.
duply regntted by hii large olrole of
New York, Maroh HI.���Tbl oblef of
polioe lin. nnder arreit fonr alleged
will known Eugliib thieru, wbo an
charged wltn making and running a
counterfeit ootn mill In the tenement
nonu, 388 But 14th itnet. The plaoe
wai raided lut night by thi eeont service men, and In it wen fouud 19 set.
of mould!, pliting ippiritui. and 900
pieces ot Min In prooeu of manufacture. 	
- alai.tess. aat Qsserlteh.
���Ibe life Mr. Quarltcb bad a high opinion of llr. Gladstone's knowledge of antique book., aud wheu tbe Oread Old
Mm vtalted, u he often did, the .hop in
riccadllly be wa. laririably .howu by
tb. proprietor any curiosity tbat chanced
te be lu hi. possession. On. diy Mr.
Quarltcb handed Mr. Ol.d.toue Sir
Thoma. Blyot'. black latter, "Cstell of
Helth," printed lu 1634. end uid, "De
you .ee anything wrong with It!"
Tbe old statesman lied hi. plncc-un
md .canned the title page. Something
excited bl. .u.plclon, ao b. picked np ���
magnifying glaia md hid ��� good look it
the printing, "t'licslmllttl md not ��� type
impreolon, 1 fluey, Mr, Quarltcb," wu
Mr. UI.sl.tone'. comment.
He wu right Thi title pige wu
mining, but it hid been restored so In-
genleuiy u to deceive anybody bul ������
expert. Mr. Quirltch wu wont to uy,
"In moat point, about a book Ol.datona'.
just about right."���London Chroulcl.,
���wort eat Baroa.,.
Th. .word i. the oidlniry emblem ot
wir. Did you ever hear of eny om
wounded with a .word? The biyonet ie
equally worthlea.; lighting men an getting farther apart all the time a. ��� remit of cirllluHon. Civlllutlon I. smart,
but cowardly. An officer ride, it tbl
hud el bla troop, with ��� .word. Why
dou he uot carry ��� Winchester? A
���word I. uot only ��� relic of barbarism,
but it I. ridiculous, "Th. pen I. mightier
thin' tbe .word" I. in old uylng. II
���heuld be changM lo "Tbe pen I. mightier than tb. Winchester." - Atchiua
uer-d la bdUtt ll due chiefly lo tbe dldf-
culty et obtaining ll in aa uuadultaritad
t*aj-*rTttt'UQ'       !'"':i"-   '
f   ��f    J>* ���.Mai *'" �����   *
* areaooonv
Ito in "thu.
 Italy Uw��-
ta bur testimony ol
than oontril
Tofonto, March 19.���Thi Ontario
govwapmt bat -tedded io und Bon.
t: A A Brabtanl, ipaaku ot tba lag*
iilatarr, to the Pari! upuitlon u a
npnuntatlva of tba pcorlaee. Mr.
Bvantunl will luve for Inuwa !������
medlrtely after tbe bouU prorogM..
Fort Arttai*, Maroh 19. ��� Mum
Maokeule and Main bar* ootaplHad
40 mllu of the Balny Hlvu railway
from Stanley, '�� aiilu tim Port
Arihur, wbioh, with the Port'Arthur
and Detain railway, maku 110 mllu
ot new railway aynem now bring operated in thi. dUtriot,
rermsncntly Cured of Asthma, Clarke's
Kola Compound Cares.
Mr.F. J. Falnton, lhemil-known proprietor
of Faintott's Muilo Store, Vancouver, B. OL,
writes: "I have been a gnat lUffsrtr from
asthma ia its wont form tot over fonr years,
wry of tab having had to sit op nearly aU bight.
1 Hart consalttd physicians both la England
aad Canada without obtaining aay permanent
relief and triad many remedies with tha mm*
result. A Mm who had beencowd bjDr.
Ckrke'�� KolaCompcuud advtssd ma to fir it.
And three hottles hnve entirely* cored me. It to
now near]t*��to yean since my recoTery, and
asthma haa not troubled we tinea. I feu vary
grateful to Dr. Clarke for Introducing this won*
derful remedy. 1 nave frequently recommended it to others sofferingae I waa, and do not
know ot a staple oase where the reqnlred number of bottles have been taken that u bas failed
to cure. See that you get Clarke's IVm sample
bottle nent to any peracm. Mention tbia paper.
AddNMTUeGrftfttw A Macpherson Co. Ul
Church street, Toronto, or Vanoon-rer, B.O.,
aolo Canadian agents.
The Traps That Are Laid For Taeaa
by Foreign Aristocrats.
An Amertonn girl bnd better be dend
thnn marry n fnrolgii aristocrat. I.rt
thi'xv bo i-nllod 'imhlonicii alone. That ti
my advice to every youug American woman," -suld the Comtcsso Lorcnn dv Chit-
valine In nn Intel-view. She was formerly Miss Benson of Brooklyn, dunghtir
of Captain Henry John Benson of lhe
revenue cutter service, and speaks from
"1 want to warn American young women to shim the decadent foreigners witb
titles who try to mnny rich wives," sht
added. "It Is a matter of barter ant-
sole, 1 was an American girl, and whe i
rery young I married a Frenchman ot
title. Wheu be died, I found ninnng bis
papers n contract which be hnd made
with n person wbo was In thnt bustncNS
to Hnd bim an eligible wife with n fortune. Ue paid In Installments for the
services of the person who brought me
to his attention. Ue squandered my
money; ami my life wns unhappy.
"My experience Is typlcnl of the rotten
ness of Uie foreign aristocracy, especially
thnt of Prance. Among these impecunious nobles flourishes tho buBincus nf
high class matrimonial agents with a
quasi social standing, who, for a commission, find wives for marriageable men
of title. It js infamy, and I want to
warn the poor little American girls who
go ubrond with false notions and who
are rosily dazzled by a title against the
shame uf It.
"As tbe wife of the Count Cbavnnue 1
moved for some years in the society of
the Faubourg St. Germain. 1 know Its
little Bins nnd Its big sins. 1 know its
scandals, nud 1 knuw the private history
of many persons whose names nre spoken
with awe lu the society of New York
city. The histories of many of them will
not hear Inspection.
"When there is marriage without love,
how can you keep out scandal? High
society In France bas all too much of It.
It Is honeycombed with It. When the
poor American girl whose papa has a fnt
bank account goes to Paris, she Is flattered by attentions which sbe receives
from Mine. This and Mme. That. Mo-
dame proposes to Introduce ber to ber
own milliner, where she can secure the
very latest French gowns, Such n
thoughtful kindness touches the little
American girl, who can never know thnt
madnme gets a commission from the
milliner. She will get a commission on
the little American girl, too, if she can
manage to marry her to some gilded nobleman.
"Sham, hypocrisy, deceit and lying are
typical of French noblemen In high society. Women of title and fashion rent
their opera boxes by tbe year. A night-
comes when she does not core to go to
the opera. Mote. Somebody offers It to
some Amerknu family flattered to death
to be seen Th the titled Frenchwoman's
opera box. No, she won't accept pay,
but If the liberal Americans want to give
anything to my lady's poor fund, wby. It
will be accepted.
"When I left France, I was assured of
i flue income if I wonld only keep a
sharp watch bere for rich American heiresses Intending to go to Paris and provide tbe means for tbeir Introduction to
the proper parties In Paris."���San Francisco Argonaut.
Tkaakerar'e Taverns.
When Harry Warrington comes to
London, he puts np at tbe Bedford and
dines with Mr. Draper at the Cock. That.
estttbllHliniftnt, however, must have been
conducted on somewhat different principles In George It's reign from those
which governed It In the days of Queen
Victoria, for Mr. Draper bad ordered
what be called "nn elegant collation
there" beforehand, a thing unknown at
the Cock when tbo plump head waiter
held sway.
In Vanity Fair Dobbin and George Osborne dine at Slaughter's, In St, Martin's
lane, a house which seems In Co I man's
timo to bave been much used by Frenchmen. There he ind Mr. Chopper, Os-
homo's bend clerk, and tbe two ensigns,
Spnnncr and Stubble, bave "a famous
dinner" together before tba officers depart on the Waterloo campaign.
Wben Dobbin revisits the house after
ten years In India, John, tbe old waiter,
receives him as If bo bad only left tbe day
before and supposes he'll have a roast
fowl for his dinner. These faithful old
waiters at these old taverns regarded
regular customer* as friends and practiced much the same familiarity with tbem
as the old fasboned manservant used
with his master's family In which he had
lived perhaps half a century antl for
whom he would have died. In "Pcnden-
nls" wo bare Dick's and the Albion. Of
Dick's Thackeray aeeius to write with
special Interest, as if II had beeu n fa-
vorlto resort ot bla own In early days.���
���Tbt etttfrrrts'dowager of China haa
aIwu.a jnnb to ibe powers by advnne.
rag abtl-lorelgn official*.
���agar prices have beta advjneed,
i Q��*M Victoria Is   cnihusl	
her coming visit to Ireland.
AU tenant* on property on which the
jw o.. p. it. hotel will be erected lu
��iw C, P. It. hoi
innlpeg, will yu    .
1le��%lrta Green, of New York. It Is
. Jd�� will mnerr the Dnke de. U Torn,
whMe J.Mom* fs_ about #4,0*10 a-rear.
 taierr tbl Dub. il*,)*, Torre,
whuae Imoim (���  aboil t��.0tO A reel.
Hit Morula' M Jpalhrli ���������� replied
lo OftlM* IKy eeftiell'. noti'iil tet.
B#Jt.,jpt-.tea.il* ol, ble.i-M at la*y.
iiw.     .*    ..  -���      -  .   . J   .
Th. V. I. aantawat le ttNtreia or
gjsH ,*^,vK.sroi,'x,l^{
li.s. rint Bane.
Some thn..ouo the deed litter offlc. li
Wiibhifton renlvt-1 e foreign letter id*
drew) to the "l-'lrai Houh Id America."
Tho chief clerk of Ibe puale bare.it wnt
the letter le the federal barge oblce of
New York on tbe theorjr thit till, would
be th. fint bonee intend bj. ��� foreign
Immlirinl liniUnf la Anierlci.' Bl. theory proved correct, for when tb. letter
wu npensNl It w��. fonnd lo cootili a
communication la Bnulu lafenalat tbe
linmlaritlon (ommMoaer ef thi Impend*
Ini arrival of eome Pollah Jewcun who
MIKvlcd to be met It the turf, oilce br
Iheir retativn. "The Hnt bom in Amr-
Ice" li Ml ��� Md dncriptlen for th. IHtl.
IT.J. .tune b.ilWInf thit .tud. it lhe' lip
end ef New York Hrmouttd bj ��� torret
ami i1.jf.tif n-rln* ��� tided .pedmen of
01.1 tllorj. ibove the verticil (tripe, mil
iter, of Ihe eoitom bouae, Tbl. U whero
���II Irauilfronti admitted to New York
Oral wt feot on drjr Und.-Colllcrbi
How lent ihonkl in hooeit mu b��
ptinlihed for a ml.i.k.?  It a dlaboant
tniip eoamlti a nbbtrr or a mnrder, be
bnl If be I. ��� fairly aoam dlUcsi ud
iiun ��
I. fiwl
lahcd for I |lv�� term of yein,
irlci ti do hit statf ud maku a mUtaki
be ll pnnlatted* ������ loat M aa llrn.-
Atcbkno Utotn.
Little Brother-Mr. JakMoa. woal *roa
ao and llud be��iri tin wlpshwl
Mr. Jebi-ua-OKtalalr, my Utile an
but wkf I
Mule Brotkar-Ok, ma nn ibe eu
Milbnuhlii. I s��MI M M MI et*.
A LlMle llorv IncidcaKol to a tee,
Lama-lbl. I-Hurl.
Kflorts have been made Iniely to Introduce the work, of iis'iuiuiy Aiuer-
lean iiutlioi-s. rapeciiilly L'lilntgo writer!, as possible to the public school
children. This is what is bappening to
Stanley Waterloo"! "Ab."
"H'tu! Some more of that supplo-
tuontui-y literntiit*e?"sQilYsHl Mi-s.Smith-
ers aa Ethyl Stultbei-s came borne from
tbe Hyde Pork High school with a new
book under her iirni.
"Yessum." said'Ethyl as sbe plump*
ed dowu ou the sofa nad licgau to read,
eatltig six cliu.-oluie cat-omuls to a pane.
Ethyl wears s-yi-ijlasses anil has norv-
nus prostration. In-ou-tlit on, so the
sc-iiool priocipol says, by perniclou.
precocity an.l overstiitly.
'This Is u book that teaches you all
about tlio cave men lu prehistoric limes.
It's just awful good, bci-uusc you can
get such a lot of Instniciloo without
even knowing harsily that you're getting It." Ethyl volunteered arter
"Huh!" sniffed Mrs. Smlthers. who
takes very little stock lu the new ed*
iicntliiu*made-en��y*iind*itnlversiil Isls-a.
"Ys'sstitu. this author believes, you
know, that iiinii t-an.e from a monkey."
"He docs, eh?" queried Mninina
SuilH.ers. wllli a glint In her eye. "Your
���ia will like Hint, won't he?"
"Oh. mn. tliere's nothing personal
nlinui It." ex]ilnla.*d Ethyl.
"Ilarwln. Is Iir ln.|itlriHl Mre. Smith
ers. taking hold of a s-m-ner uf tlle book
"Nume; 'Ah. the Cave DwellsT.' by
Slnnley Waterloo."
"Well. Dot-win or Waterloo, he'll
meet his Hook of Wellington when
your pa comes In. Things Is come lo
pretty puss when seluioltem-liers holds
up parents to ridicule, even when they
nre kinder onery." - Chit-ago Inter
Ocean. ,_
���These significant words were need in regard to Dr. Thomas' Eclcctric Oil by a gentleman who had thoroughly tested ita mei its
in his own cate���having been cured by it of
iamt-nebj of tbe knee of three or lour years'
itjndlng. It never tails to remove soreness
as well as lameness, and is an incomparable
pulmonic and corrective.
The l.nek at Or'er William..
"Yon uevs-r kin tell Mint's In sto' fer
yon. outside er a grocery bill." snld the
old colored philosopher. "Br'er Williams tuck out a accident pulley ft1!
S2f.ii. eu In lt*ii minutes nrterw-jri! a
i-nl!:iiil(l cut Ills head clean off! Millie
fo' slut lime lie wouldn't s>r kniiw.-d <le
I'ligli' sin n sliver dollar" ef lilt had
scmimcd  en  s-linvs-d   lilm!"-Atlanta
Beinedy for Whooping Cough.
At thi. season Whooping Cough Is very
prevalent among torn, of tbe oblldren In
meet famllle.. It la nol advisable to atop
the ooughlog entirely, but relief should
undoubtedly be .ought Grift ha'Menthol
Liniment afford, morepnuipt relief tbaa
any other remedy. Also in oases of Croup
II aftonl. Immediate mllet. Try U. AU
drnggiau. Hi eenta.
Who, tb. Cea.oi-.hlp Ihewa,
"I wish I could gel more definite
news from the- Transvaal."
"Oh. well, we cau gunge what's happening prt-tty well by the censorship."
"Tlie stricter the censorship the more
uufn-'ornlile tlie situation, from an
English point or view."-Chicago Tost
Then never wu, and never will be, a nni
nresl penaoea, in one remedy, tor ail Ills tc
which flwh i. heir���the very nature of mau,
curative, being auch that wen the germ, ol
other and differently seated disease, rooted
In tbe system ol the patient���what would
relieve one 111 In turn would aggravate the
other. We hive, however, In Quinine Wine,
when obtainable lu a aound. unadulterated
atate, a remedy for many and grlevouo ill.
By itr. avadoal and iudiclou. un the hailed
���ratem. in led Into convaleaoeuce ud
airength by the Influence which Quinine ei
ate on nature's own restorative.. It nlle-ret
the drooping spirits of thoee witb whom t
chronic state ol morbid despondency and
���tin life Is a diaasje. and, br
the nerves, disposes lo sound
lack of interest jn life Is a
ud refreshing alecp���Impart, vigor lo tht
action of the blood, which, being stimulated,
counts, throughout the vein., strengthenini
lho healthy animal functions of the _.	
thenby making activity a necessary remit,
atrengihenlng Ibe frame, .nd giving life te
lhe dlgeatlve organ., which nataially demand InonaMd aubstanee���reault. Improved
appetite. Northrop * Lyman, ol Toronto,
have given to the public their mpeiio ��� -Qui*
n!ne Wine et the usual role, and, gauged b)
Uw opinion of MlentlaU, thi. wine op
proeebe. tMereal perfection ol .ar la lbs
sunt.   All druggists sail It.
A llrokra lleeard.
"Well. sir. II'. n rcinnikalile thing
nlni.it my wife. Win-it we wero ninr*
s-ls-il iii yi-iii-s ngo she welglis-d ouly 1*7
"Ami ii,in* ahe tips lhe beam at nhout
inn. ids?"
""So: she's ni Hiin ll ever."���Chicago
Tluiei lisriild.	
Ml I0UI1UHER ll 111 Mil.
Wo Httlo know the toil nnd
li *mUhip that those who make
the "Staff of Life"undergo.
Long hours in superheated
nnd poorly ventilated workrooms is hard on tbe system,
gives tbe kidneys more work than they
can proterl/ do, throws poison into the
system that should bo carried off by these
delicate filters. Then the baok gets bad���
Not much use applying liniments and
plasters. You must roach the Kidneys to
cure the baok. DOAN'S Kidney Pilla
euro all kinds of Dad Backs by restoring
the Kidneys to healthy action,
Mr. Walter Buchanan, who has conducted a bakery tn Snrnia. Ont., for the
past IS years, says:
" For a nnmber of yonri previoni to taking
Doan'a -Kidney Pills I mffnwl a great deal from
acute pains aoroaa tha tmall ot my back, palm tn
the bauk of my head, diulneu, weary feeling and
Rnoral debility. From the flmt few dunes of
inn'a Kidney Pills I commenced tu Improve, and
I have continued until I am today a well innii.
I have not gotapaln or ache abont me. Uy head Is
elaar l tba urinary dlffletdtlea all gone; my sleep ts
refreshing and my health ia Utter now than for
The supreme court of Connecticut
baa decided thnt ft furnace Is |Hiraonal
property nud mny tw removed from a
bulldlug by due process of Inw.
Improvements are being mnde In
Bombay which will reduce the (tensity
of tbe population In curtain districts
from 833 persona to the acre to GOO.
The Philadelphia Record says thnt a
man was once elected to a reHpouslhlo
state offlce In Pennsylvania and served
acceptably wbo could not write bla
name. He was Intelligent and of aound
business ludguiep*.
Dr. Ainold's English Toxin Pills will positively cure permanently and thoroughly the
very wont case of rheumatism, poor blood,
nervousness, or otber germ disease. A trial
will prove this.   Only 75c a bos, bmall size
25c; at all druggists, or postpaid on receipt
of price from The Arnold Chemical C
Limited, Canada Life Building, Toronto.
A Critical Moneat.
Sho-You hesitated when I naked you
If I wero the only girl you hnd ever
Hu-Ycfi; | couldn't tell from your
expression whether you wanted me to
any "No" or "Yea/'-lndlannpolla Jour
nni. __-__*__
Wornu'e Paul,, ar Gelreel
She-Tell me, frank, do you think *
mail is Jnitllled In telling fnlieboodi In
ortler lo gain ��� womin'i consent to
He-llo yon suppose If hi told the
truth ouly aud fully n man would erer
lliiil rnvor In lhe s-j-es of nny wommT-
ISoslon Ti-iusi-i-liu
miHiumaf sim swam.
Tbl empress downier of Cblnn hns Introduced tbe sprln-i style In eupers.rs*-
Rallltmire Auis-i-linn.
'The new O-ys-sir-nlil emperor of Chine
will be probably Inimiiht tip oo .the Bill*
l.nt old l-Vni-li tntllhn. "l-nillea Hrst."-
Haltiniiire Anierle.n.
Cblnn'. eiupsvsa dnsvlfer seem. ts. h*
Himewhnt K't In her ways and also quite
convincing lu auch Utile matters of argu-
lus-nt aa Use issaaessloii ssf n throne.���
Chlelgsi Nell.
The new emperor of China baa . greit
���dvnntnge Innsiniicb is bla youth will
ennhle the empress downiter to oiei-ely
.pnuk him Instead ssf hiving him behead*
��!.-Wlsblngton Hur.
Tbere ire prediction tbli tbe list 01,
of Ihe cards made liy Ih.l charming empress dowager of China will either lak.
ell Ibr robe, ef .tate off Ihe back of 14
(lung Chang or else prs-utnte hiin lo idsll-
tr.iii.il power, bul Ibe pn-dlclur. are net
ipilte svrlalu which II will be.-1'lllsbtin
lllapnlill. .
ut nr mini m *** u m.
��� (llerrly n Situucntloii.
Nellie - I'liaille snys I grow more
beautiful every time lie sees inc.
MnVul-If that's the ense. you ought
to have lilm rail twice n day.���Chicago
Tbe great lung healer Is found In that
exoellent medioine sold as Blckle's Auti-
CoLSumptlve Syrup. It soothes and
tUmlnlsbes the ���enslbllUv' of the mem-
irane of the throat and air passages, nnd
Is a sovereign remedy for Mil ooughs,
���olds, hoarseness, pain or soreness In the
ihest, bronchitis, eto. It has oured many
���vhen supposed to be far advanoed lb oon-
Tii on sin It Was m Pllpflap.
"Dldu'l alleiul tlielmmiuet last night,
lid yotiV (lihsnii gave us n very iit'ttt'
i* liinu'il [liitiegyt'le."
"I tli'lti'l know (iilisou was an aero-
:-ir "-I'lm'ob'oil i��Kln I'tunl..-
ono wishes to be succ-cssful in any undertaking in which he may ocgttge. It is, therefore extremely gratifying to thu proprleior^
of PnrmJee's Vegetable Pills to know thut
their efforts to compoun i a medicine which
WOUld   prove n   lilFfwinu  to   inunkind kav>
been fuccessful beyond their expectations.
Theondoiaationof these pit Is by the public
Is a uuarantce th.it n pill h is been produced
which will fulfill everything claimed for it.
Worry. *
Worry Is a state of spiritual corrosiou.
A trouble either can be remedied or il
can not. If It can, then set about it; If It
cannot be, dismiss it from consciousness.
or bear tt so bravely tbat It may become
transfigured to a blessing.
Dear Bin,���I bave beeu a great
sufferer from rheumatism, and lately
have been confined to my bed. Seeing
jour MINARD'S LINIMENT advertised. I tried it and got immediate re ���
Hot. I ascribe mj restoration to health
to Uw wonderful power of yonr medioine.
Burin, Nfld.        LEWIS S. BUTLER.
The man who will do anything for
bis friends or anything to his enemies
frequently becomes known outside of
bis own township.
A man wbo tries to win success in a
hurry, intending to be worthy of It at
leisure, generally forgets the latter
part of the contract.
A man always feels foolish wben be
first takes off bis bat to the girl be baa
known from childhood.
Men who let the gas burn just a little. In order to save matches, bave
beeu known to succeed ns financiers.
We may think people wbo always
agree witb us are mushy, but somehow we keep ou liking tbem.���Chicago
A Nat oral Tendency,
"I guess Blux baa Just bad n raise In
���alary." said tbe confirmed cynic.
"Has anybody told you so':"
"No, but he goes about saying be
thinks tbe worldtla growing better and
that Ihe danger from trusts is greatly
magnified and tbnt human uature Isn't
so bad after nil. That's the way a mnn
nearly always talks just after he has
had �� raise In aalaryV'-Washington
Star. ���
Uegtnaib nad a purpose lu kocplug
tho tryst punctually.
He came at the appointed hour. Beatrice waa not there.
/be minutes sped. Reginald waited
until SO of these bad speeded.
Then bo heaved a sigh of relief.
"She In half an hour late at least/' be
exclaimed, with glistening eyes. "She
Is not bourgeois after all!"
The qualities of real gentility Inevitably betray themselves sooner or later.
-Detroit Journal.
Western Assurance Company
The annual meeting of shareholders wan
held at tbe company's ufflce* In tbl* City
uu wednesduy, Uarch T. "ti-iw, The 1'resi-
dt-nt, flon. O. A. Cifx, ocvopied thachnlr.
The following HDtnial report tt ibe di
rector*, with acconnnny ng i'h.hk-'ii: Mate-
inent. wa* read by the sect*.ary:
The dlm-tora beg to submit herewith the
nnuunl statement of the company's acooifts
for tbe year ending Itlst December last.
The -revenue account shown a satisfactory
growth In premium income, nud after pay-
incut of.lofwea and expenniM there ti a pu*
Ut balnnuo of $tiM,wj.tw ns n nwult of the
year's trnusui'tioun. Two half-yearly dm-,
ll.'ii.ls have heen jirovlded for at tho rate
of lit per cent, per auiiuui, a. well as nn
amount to cwver depreciation lu seeUM <e *. I
and the reserve fund has lieen Increased
to *i,ioo,;iw��.w��. i   .    !
T.-tkliig lu'o uccouut the laet that dur mi
the ycur 1WW the Are losse** In tbe tnlt.-d
Htates were esceptioually heavy, the o.rec-
tor* feel that these ivsuli�� mum ba to-,
gurded as eminently satisfactory. |
For funic time pa*4t yonr directors nsve
hnd under consideration tlie question <��f!
extending the agencies <��f the eotypauy l.e-
jond the lliuttn of the North Aiin-rl-Hiii eon-1
tlueui, .tnd shortly hetm-e tin* close of lin* |
ye.ir tirrniigi'iiieiits wen- completed for tho
c-KiiiHIsliiu.'iii of n hi-nuch offtce In louden,
KiiRlniid, Hinler wlmt nppenr tu be favor-1
able iitiNplccx.
Toronto, uuiii Fell., iww.
Ueo. A. Cox, 1'renldeut.
siiniuuiry of iiiianciiii statement:
Total  cn��h   Income    |2,583,T41 00
Total    expenditure,     ineludlug
appropriation   for   hw-tes under adjustment   	
. 2,414.096 '��
Itllllllll'C    ......
Dlvlilent declared
..���   lW.tM'J (ID
..     100,001)00
Total unset*   #2,821,7*112 80
Totnl HnbllltieH ('uelndlng cup- 	
Hal) 1,221,882,56
Reserve Fund  **Yl00,*w R0;
I'niiinil  paid      i,tnai.W'Uiail
Capital snbicribdd  i,ooutwww��i
���Security to policyholders .;..|ftH��(��80 W
The Preftldent, 'u moving tbe nilopilou
of the report, ttnidi-It cannot fall to lie
gniiirrhiK to the shareholders, as It li to
the iliici'tor�� and ofltcern of tbe company,
to note the eildence of the rtppremtrili
by the Instirlltg public of the security if-|
fercd bv tlie West cm to lt�� pollcyholilcr*-*
which Ih afforded by the growth lu Mie
volume of bunlnesa transacted���the total i
Income for the year tuivlng exceeded, for
the ttr��t time In tbe history of tlu- com j
pnnv. two and one-half million dollars. Il
ti still more eatiirfaetory to note that i-ol-l
wltliKtandlug the exceptionally heavy tin;
lomwH which have occurred in Home of the
chief cltleti In the United Sin ten���wliei-c
the luisliiesjt proved generally unprofitable'
to the companies engaged lu It���wc ure nb'e
lo Hiiow n�� a result of the yenr'n tMimic- j
Huns a profit balance of .Ml.s.ii-W. The experience nf the year 1WW lu Canada wns ex* |
ceptlffnully favorable, and flic dlmlnNb''d
fire waste In I Ids counter Is certainly tl|
mallei- for eoiiKratiilallon. aside fm-n our.
Interests in the business of tire Insnron-i1.1
It Is lo be hoped that the introduction of
Improved dre protection lu mtr cities nnd
towiiH, nud the adoption of inure suhstna-!
tlnl inelhoiU <n the cou-m-ucllou of buildings, will tend' to n further reduellon of
the burden whicli the payment of some
five mtllhm dollars per aunum by Insiinrice
companies for lire losses In Canada Imposes upon the com in nni iv for I tieeil
scarcely sny that this has to' lie provldeil
from the premiums collected from the in
sin-Ins public. I dedre to euipbnslze wh it
I believe to he a fact -tlmi It \. only by
adopttng measures that will reduce this
sei'tniis annual waste that any matfr'nl reduellon la the tax whleh the public pay in
lire insurance premiums can be britvlil
about fur It Is only tiecessnry to refer in
tbe i..o vera ment reports, showing tbe Income and expenditure of companies Uce'ti-
ed to do business In ibe Doiuii l.m.lo pr.ive
thai ltn i*. has been duritii; Ite whole \e-
rlod euibrneed In these re urns, hut n vory
moderate uiiirgln of profit in ibe companies at Hie rates and umlu*.- iiu. i.���n.ii'i.ni-i
which have prevailed lu thl.i eouutry in (lie
In this eonaectlon It-may not tm out ef
place to refer to the fact that dnring tie
[inst year a number of new co-upaiiii., ha vs.*
ec-m-e into the field, offering tire ini urn nent lower rate* thau those current witb Itw
old established ofticw. It will be Interest-
lait tu ol*erve whether these expertm>?n:s
will prove more suece*sful th.tn prcvlnit
aitempts wblcb have been mnde to afford
indemnity ngatast loss by fire ou nun-e fu-
vornbte terms than companies whleh bave
lieen.loug engaged In the buc-iness feel safe
tn offering. While as Iusi;rr-r-i we nuy ii- p-
these new companies may have discovered
the secret of combining cheapness witb
security, we cannot overlook the fact that
.tin- record of Uie tire .insurance buslne �� In
Cnnudu during tbe past twenty year* sh ,wt,
ii hiss of upwards of two million dollars if
capital, which was invested lu c-oinpnulci
organ'ted it, transact business at what
are termed "cut rates." We may at least
fee] ensured that companies working uj.o.i
these lines, whose entire cash assets are
liieiii-ii io fifty or -sixty thousand dollars,
arc scarcely,lu a position to assume auy
considerable share of the many millions
of liability which fire Insurance companies
are carrying for tbe protection of ue. r.-li*inn
Hint |.i't.|is riv-lii>lilers In t.'anuiln.iiii.l un II It
bas beeu shown* thnt, with due regarj for
the safety uf stockholder^ and the s.cu-lty
of [lollcjholders, any material rodUcCti'H
��� an be made In tire iusurniu-e rates In Hi *
cinmiry, jour directors do not feel warranted 'u iidvueutiug any departure 'rom
the policy we hnve lievu following for uiiiy
years past.
lint to return In the cousbleralloa nf mir
liuslueHs during the yeitr under review.
It will, no doubt, i><- fnt ores ting to ibiire<
holders to lenrn Uint ihe marine branch,
ivtl'cll bus been responsible in sume fnriuer
year* for rather serious losses, lias shown
a jn-.irir 11r Hie bustne>-s of is'ci. nni that
Die general outlook iu this branch appears
to be more |iromlslng than fur aome time
lu our earnings from Interest ther,> baa
1 a n falling off. such as might iiatur.illy
be looked for owing to Ibe reduced r.it -s
obtainable, particularly upon the class of
securities ivhlch are held by thi* company. '
Tiicrc is one mnttit to wh'ch I wlfh pnr-
t'culnrly to ri'fer at this time, li I* now
Within a year of half n century sine.' the
ciinipauy coinmeneed Imalnen* lu Caifida.
Some twenty-live years ago It coiiipl'lel
Its Kvstem of agencies throiigboiit the United .Slates, nnd I think I am warranted in
mii lug thai ll is now citnli.-slied over the
whole of the- North Amorlcii:i continent nil
ii favorable fouling, with nil efficient for.-,-*
of branch iiriiiigci-*,s|iec*ial agents and Vol
ugeiils -working In Its littered*, t'nih'.'
these cli'cuiiiKtiinces your directors have
turned tbeir nt lent ion to the eotiMtleiMtlOii
nf Hi.* niiesHou of Hie desirability of foi-
lotiing the example of the iniljoi-tly of lhe
suecestful Hrli'sli tire offices ami eUihiuc'lig
a larger field ot op.>rallons Ihiiti we at present occupy. In view of the effort* whi.-'i
nre being made-happily Willi no small
measure nl success���lo enlarge the Imdo
relations belween the mother country mil
line self-governing  colonies,  and  to cultl-
tale Inti'i Imilnl luii-lness connect Ions, we
hiive felr Hint the present Is au oppo-tmiu
II  for milking a similar effort tn siwure
some mc.isui'e of reciprocity in Hie bu liteu
if lire Insurance. As it prnctteul step In this
rt1 reel ton M was decided to establish it
brunch office of ilie company lu London,
Kiglanil. This was opened Oil the lsl nf
Hcccnibcr lust, nml placed under Hie mnn-
iigcmeiii of Mr. W. 11. Mctkie-a gciitlenn
who. wc bel'eve. posscane) all the ipmllMeS
of a successful Insurance mauneer. A
11- ini of IMreclors h;is been appointed *n
l.iiii'lnti upon whicli vt have bevn rortiin-
at<- 'n securing tne following g.'iitlen'e'i to
serve. iMinelv: 'the Itltrlit Hon. the Karl nf
Aberdeen, 'i.C.M.C: the ltigbt Hon. Sir
John Keannway, Part., XI.I*, nml Mr,
.lanes Htovcnaon of Messrs. Orhbhuia &
Co.. HrUish and East India morehunt*, and
I am pleased to snv thit wc feel tin' we
have every reason in be err-our-iced at tlie
starl which we bave made In the e* lef
inetriipolls of the empire IW'1 at th- "g'n-
clcs wblcb have thus far been e-'-iiiJIshed
ii> I'uincction  with Ibis new 1irn-rb.
Mr. J. .1. Kenny, tlie V'cn ">���- id -it. *u>e
onded the adoptinn of tlie r port w'-'e'' tyug
can-led iininliiuiiKlr, The eb'-Hnn nf d'-
,-cclnrs for lhe ensiling cent- wi. Hen p^o-
ceeiled with, re"i''t'ng l'i Hie "n "ti ni-ns
re-eleclleii of Hi" fo'luwhiR "f>"t" ncti vz,:
HftU-Jiru A, Cox. Hon B. Cy'��n- M*��-r��,
Itohert   Meaiw   <!.   IE.   It.   C'.eM nm     fl'-i.
McMurrlch, lt. n. Hni<-d. M'. it. Brock, J.
K. Ofllinrno and J, .1. Kenny.
At ii nieeHns of tM Bnnrd of Directors,
held Hiibsciinently, Hon. -nen, A. Cox was
re elciied President nml Mr. J. J. Kenny
Vice-President for tbe ensuing year.        ,
Went- Ajitftt/ <4tumA> Mjt^f**-*y tvn/
t%Ju**Hyui -h 4L** jiM&tW t>
W. N. U.
Mo.tr.Bl. Fre. Bna. At
P. I1.N up. E. P. U.K. a
Hot. Sellout I. Hs-Risi-tlcd.
"I'm not going lo Ht-liuul iihI-i.v!" .he
crls-il juliiliiiitly. "Oil. I'm worry for
yuu girl, who'll linvs.- to tilt nt .vonr
sls-isk. nnd Mitti}-."
"Wlty nt-uii'i yon goluc?" tliey nsked.
"Ust-nitw." kIii- ri'iili.-.l, "I lutve to go
to till' sluntiHt'H."
Tints ws- li-ni-n tin* tilnrt- Unit i-duc-n*
tion lllko. In tin- list nl s-liilillioosl'.
evils.���Chicago I'-avl.
III. Bsa.lnesi. c.reor.
"I aliould think you would bave your
boy trnlued for tooie bustae..."
"I nm."
"Bul be', nevtr done * day', work la
hi. lire."
���Tbal'a Irue."
"He doesn't know anything eicepl
how lod��*.s,dnttet!aud talk nonsense."
"True, agalo, but Hint's pnrt of ibe
mining for bla life i*-po.e."
"Well, what do jrou eipeet to make
of bim*"
"The buaband of an bdren "-Ohlcn*
280 acr,H~l-i0 under crop;   gcosl frame
dwelling,  large  friime  horse   and   cattle
stables, good well: adjoina station, school
and church;  fine land,good district; only
SO miles from Winniptg-U.OOO.
Wh��il|><-(, Man.
NiDuLNPi *f6**
Uanafsetured by THOS. LEK, W lnolp*f.
Sarlotu Conditions that Hllburn'i
Heart and Nerr* Pllli ean
Readily Can.
On. ol Ik. Indication, of Mrloua h..rt
trouble la th. sensation of woainM. or
fnintncBs that come, on at time..
Sometime, it la .imply a dl.iy feeling
thnt passe, oil, or It may bo a .Ute of un ���
cousciousnetu with hand, and feot eold
and countenanc.
ghastly p.le.
TU.s�� aymp-
torn. Indloat. a
weakened heart,
Thn an nnmla-
of tho engine of
Ufa breaking
Now thoro'.
only ono rell.bl.
remedy for restoring atrength and viUlity
to weakened hurt, and nllorlng all Ih.
distressing symptoms. It ta llllbum'.
Honrt and Nerve Pill..
The com ot Un. A. Stratton, IMUrie-
Ion, N.B., amply ptorM thia. BON la
h.r etatement:
"I suffered very mueh from an Impoverished condition of tho blood, coupled
with extreme nervousness. A dluy Mn-
aation on arising quickly or coming down
stair., often troubled me, and my breath
wat ao abort that I could not walk np
.Uln. Tha Lut exertion earned my
heart to Hotter and palpitate violently,
and I tometlmc. felt a .molhorinf an-
wtlon on going to .leep.
I doetored back anil forth for ny w��k-
neaa, bnt I got no relief Irom aay medloln.
until I Med Milburn'. Bout and Narva
Pilla, and I oan aay that thoy belpod me
wond.rfully. Somotimea my fao. and
anna would aw.ll and pnfl, bnt all Hum
trouble, speedily yielded to tho natortng
Inflnaaeoa of Mllbum'a Heart tat Narva
Pill., and I am now .tiong and well. I
did not um them long until I Mgalned lha
blearing of healthful, r��freihlng .leap aad
It will always be a pletuuie to ne to
reeeauMiul thaaa te othor.."
When the doctor* givo yon up���Try an
Oxydonor.   It iu better and cheaper than
Bolng to Oullforoia, as it fumUhes pure-it of
ixygcn to the system by nature's fawa.dl*.
covered by Dr. Banche. Suh-dealers wantod
In each town in Manitoba. AddreM W. T,
Uibblns, (Jrain Exchange, Winnipeg, Mr.
John Buller, Wlnnipegoels, write-*: "Your
Oxydonor is u wonderful thinK nnd h��s mndo
a now man of me. I hnve also cured ono
mnn In ivght hours of u bad case of lumbago." Wo havo dux .*nn of similar lestU
mon Ial?.
Catholic Prayer SSSaJSTSSP
Ornaments, Educational Works. Maliorders/*
celvt prompt attention. D,H SailtrtCO.,lQDtIMl
Persona   entitled
or exiiecting  to
inherit money or
eststes left in the
old countries
should know thai
millions await
betrs of their descendants in this country    Hook of names wot
on receipt of 10 cents.     ��� _  ���. ,������
ll.ix 14��. Truro, s.*\.,s inada.
Imi��rt.'HiilHK-w.r.��       i.s*n. Kitr-*cu
WWIU ll.mllto.utii-     L.HJin.��pleM
a*. SocksHurr p*uow cb��� w,. u>h.
An poattlnly gunmtMd Pun Havana
t**t, end will plow, the sort
'-- ������������    , amokw.
TU marl), laorean of alM novM aa
appnoiatlve publio.    Haaa-
faotsmdoalr by
THE GOMffiX EKA, FRIDAY,   MARCH 30, 1206.
an   Argument
with some people,
Not only WINS the
Beat Trade, but
t-.'M'-'M'if,**'      "A*'-'**!,"**.'      '
'Call and examine our big stock of
Gent's   Furnishings
Bicycle Hose
A Large Assortment���All Up-to-date.
Here we take the greatest pains
To cover up a fellow's brains;
And brainy men are Just the kind
Of buyers we get here, you'll find.
Coming in time for
iff*v.fms if��Asiif**J4-*��*.'-\***jfit
G. B. meDEIflVTOT,
Golden,   B.C.
Kirqptorj     6c     Pitts,
General Merchants,
Miners going northward via Canoe river route will
find it a large saving and convenience to procure tbeir
supplies at Donald.
Sole Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windermere. Golden   &   Donald
Mining Divisions.
Agents at Windermere for Calif
', in ���
Headquarters for Commercial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Rooms.    Baggage Transferred Free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
J Ates $2 per day. Choice Wine.), Liquors & Cigars
J.  C.  Greene, Proprietor.
Upper Columbia
& International Transportation Co.
Connecting1 with C.P.R. at Colden, RC.
PARSON, to-eager.
,   i   j��;   it*a**lj*4*> %
FOB SALE-Two peak horses.
Apply Vscboo Bro..
The Fir. Brit.de had practice yesterday afternoon and did  admirably.
B. .un end proooie the World'a
Fair potatoae for eaed Iron Vaehen
J. D. Well,, end Mra. W. C. Welle
vera game with Iriends In Oolden on
Ms.sr>. Jordan, Kirk and Rohlnaon
were psssangert lo WinJoiinere on
Monday'. Mage.
Thet heat acad potstors are tlm
World'a Fair potatoes reco-uended by
laet year's plasters.
Th. streets around town are nearly
dry. end bicyoling ia be-iiuuiug lo lis
��� he ordVroI the slay.
Owing to tbe breaking up of severs)
campelsat week lhe town hae been
pretty lively till. week.
J C. Green's burningchisnnsy crest*
ed quits en eosltenent Sundey eller
noon for a abort lime.
Wm. McN.i.h, ut Ihe Columbia,
Hone, ia putting * few ornamental
louche on the Inalde of lila hotel
Short .hooting expedidiiion. from
Oolden are now the ordor of Ihe day.
Some very line ����*������ le ibe result.
Beginning on Muiul.y next April
tnd aohool will again re-open et 9
o-clock, Inatead ef 915 ee at  present.
Peter Wblte returned from Atlin
thie week looking hale nud Hearty. He
ipeaka very highly of Atlin aa a mining oamp llsia eeaaou,
Both the Columbia and the Kicking
Horn are now open. Captain Bacon
expect, to make hia fir.t trip up lha
river in about two weeke-
Methodist Church Sunday. April let;
service* both morning and evening.
Evening subject "Something We All
Like.11   Sunday school at 8.30.
Tickets for Downie's Big Company
(MoPhev No. 8) can now be secured at
Field', drue store. Prices 75 and 50
cents, children 25 cts. Reserved seats at
Field'a Drugstore.
M. Piiinard alerted for Wind- mere
on Monday. He will nsprwent 8. Kid-
grave on Saturday at the special meet
lug of License Commissioner, to be
held at Athalmer end Peterborough on
the Slot. *
Downie's Big Company in "My
Unci** from Manila" Suturday, Maroh
31 Prices 75 and 50 cts. children 25
cents. Reserved seals are sold at
Field's Drug store.
The services at St. Paul's Church on
Sunday ne.t, April 1st will be nt II
a.m. Mntins, Litany and sermon. At
7 30 p.m. Evenaoug nnd eermon.
Evensong nnd aertnon ever Wednesday
In Lent at 8 p.m.
Downie's Big Company (McPheeNo.
2) carry a complete hiuid aud orehsntra
heeded by Millie La Tena, the world*
greatest lady drum major, and give a
free street parade und band concert,
March 31. . . .. _j____���
��� flvery ����f^p��*H*l'7oler In North-
Eu.l Kootenay ahould hav. hi. nam.
pnt on tho voters Hat. All persons of
the full age of 21, having resided eix
4 months in the province, anil one month
in ihe distriot are eligible applicants.
Downie's Big Company numbering
twenty-live artist, will appear at the
Columbia Opera House Saturday,
March 31. Prices 75 and 50 Wilts,
children 25 cents, Reserve seats on
sale at Field's Drug store.
The government were enriches! lo the
extent of 15.00 in Sues last Monday
afternoon in the polioe oonrt. It wa.
a case of assault and battery���the fir.t
for a long iime, eut we hope the last
for a further length. - Thia ki id ef
thing appears to be rather hard on the
Messrs. Warren and C- H. Parson,
licence commissioners alerted for the
nnp-sr country on Wednesday, to he
prswenf at the meeting., h.ld on 8stur-
day Slst, for the granting of a license
to Charles Carte-right of Ath.lm.r,
and W. A. Sk.lion of Peterborough.
The soldiers In South Afrioa have
their own little jokes occasionally by
way of variety. Tbe following is probably a striking example. A Boer baker,
shop had bsen des-ertod and oome of our
.oldiore had been ordered lo commandeer the etock, when one of the soldiers
for a joke stuck a loaf of bread ou his
bayonet. An Irish soldier, seeing tbis,
cried ool, "Look, sergeant, be jabers,
there goes ��� man wish the etoS of life
nn the point ot death."
O. 8*. McConnell reoelved a letter
from 8* Barber, agent of the ateamer
Alpha, yoeterday dated Seattle, March
24th* Mr, Barber writes that be bae
booked almost all tbe passengers and
freight he can carry and will sail sire
In tbe first wa>k In April. Mr. Barber
says hia passengers are all Amerioan.
who any that if thsv srs placed on the
ice at the thne mile limit thev will
make Nome all right, and Ihey would
like to eee anyone prevent American
Blilsena walking from neutral territory
Into an American country. Ae advertised, the Alpha wilt be Ih* first
eienroer to rail for Nome.
To Bellevs Ir Evans.
Mr, Elamberger the Presbyterian
atadant el Held Is to nlkee Mr. Enn
and preach In the Oolden Presbyterian
Church nntil the appointed ordained
man for this church will arrive. Mr.
Blumberger wbo came lo Canada from
Koulgeberg, Germany, about B yean
ago hae been .isiee.tudylng In Toronto
having graduated from th. university
ef Toronto In the spring of 139$. 8er
vice will commence as nsual at 7.80
o'olook and a cordial invitltation to all
Is extended.
*. a.
WlndsnMrt Reboot Report
Fourth Class-1, Walter Steddart;
1, Id ward Moregean.
Seoond Oias��-l, Vaughan Kimpton;
2, Martin Moregean.
Second Primer Class 8nr.~l, William
T.veton; 1. Edward Harrison.      .   .
8-n-rad Primer Claw Jor.-Donald
First Primer Clasi-1, Cllve Cam
enn; I, William Harrleeo.
Windermere News.
(from the Nebon Miner)
Meesra, Fcter and Santo have completed *i heir large aton at Peterborough
and will soon havs tbe largest stoek of
good* In the Interior of British Columbia.
Messrs. Skelton and Brewster have
completed a large and oommodions
hotel at Peterborough.
The Peterborough and Athalmer saw
mill, srs working night aud day te fill
order, for the local trade.
The Warrior and Jupiter S'ar claima
will be devoloi-o.1 on a large seals this
season.   They are eitiiat.il on Boulder
Creek, th the copper belt.
Development  work   Is  progressing
cry favorably on the Silver Tip mine,
Toby Crook.
The Joan group, situated at 8koo-
kuniohucli, will be worked en a large
Male during th. present season.
Development work on the Delphine
���nine up to date abowa a marked Improvement In the mine, the om house
and dump being filled with an iinni>.n��e
���mount of high grade ore. This ore
will nit over 1100 to th* ton:
The Faradiie group, Spring Creek
will reanme development work dating
the latter pert of April ou anexteusivs
scale Thll properly has the largest
eurface shawjng earbottatss, west of
the Becky Mountains. Tbe tunnel Is
now In 70 feet and has not as yet crose-
ent the lead.
H. E. No.v.. mining engineer, ha*
bonded aome verv promising propettiea
on Toby and Horse Thief Creeks. Mr,
N'eave represents English capital.
The Bear Group, on th* Bugaboo
Creek, will be developed during tbe
early part of the summer. Thie properly ha* au immense showing of copper ore.'
The White Cep, Blaok Prlnoe, Alps,
Sitting Ball, Silver Tbred, and Pay*
Ing Tiller group., .Ituated on Boulder
Creek, will be worked on an exienelvo
seals during the coming season.
Tlie Peyetone group hae been worked throughout the winter with wonderful remits. -
I hereby givo notice thi
date hen of I intend npi
Cosnmaaaionen of LanL
Enni-ebn to purchase the
id aituaied In Wl "
North Eut Kootenay.
.. thenee eMt Mvantyewe*
     JumbUBIreMheaM folio.
riwrnerth Easterly to
CMmenelnsr st South last Career
Sty-fear chstes to
Nl. Unon I,
Townsite of Golden.
Buiness  and Residential Lots For &1<
Blocks for Investors.
NOTlCE.il hereby given that an applies!-
,ji will be made tn fins I-nshslative A-mUy
of tlie I'mrlnre of ilrlibb ColumMe, at Ite
Now is the Tims to Buy.   '
Moderate Prices A Easy Terms of
noitaeaalon, for sis Aet to incorporate a
Company wilh power to conalmel, equip,
maintain, and oj-erete .....phone and leb-
���n.1 m.lnt��sn auehend -so* many nob.
graph Iih��a within mid throughout .11 th.
i-ltieS, town., mnnleiptlitio. and diatrlet.
of th. ni.Inl.Ml of the Province of
British- Coliimbl*. Olid to eowruel, erect,
and other work, soil device, a. the Company
deem neeeenry for making, c<m|.bti..s*. .up-
porflng iialng, working, oi-eral-hur sad imte-
Mning the ayatm of comnunlMilon by tab*
hoocand telegraph, and to opfn or bra Jt np
any pert er part, ef tbe ��U highway, or
���tree), a. often s. e>M tfeosl'tuy, "����#r*ut..
officr. or workmen thi"* peeper .nd for tl*
pnrpoae.oHheundert.kinB. to purcbOM, acquire lea*, espropriaie. bold and||�� and di*
sir bare, for any terns of year., any
telephone or lelegrp.li line, eauiblbshed, or
tobewlabllabed.ln Brltbh Cnlnmbb, <**���
neeted. or le be connected with toe lhe
which the Coinntwy nusy .eonjlruet snd to
amslgatn.te with or lean. it. line or line., or
any portion nr portion, thereof, to any Cue.
pany i-oaaMaing,.. Pronrlelor, any line of
telephone or telegraph eomraunk-alsou eou-
neetlng,or to be eoimeeted, wilh the nld
Comnany V Hn. or lines-, and tn borrow meaty
for the parps-em-rf tin Company, and k>
pledge or mortgage any of she fViinpenyl,
eaaetsfor lhat por|*nee. and to receive beoiu*.
sod s.rlvllegea frim any pereq-. oi bjdy jor
Mr.te:mA with.Uothern��u.l,i*esoaa��y or
Incidental righto, power, or .privilege, as
may be aeeewary *��� Incidental to she attain
ment of toe above uejeet., et aaroflMm.
Dated thi. Irt dsy of March. IMf.
dai.v * Hamilton.
Sollcli��v.*lorthe Applicants.
Hotel Arrivals.
Columbia Honoa-R   D. Macphall,
B. Neilo, D M. Hurriaon, Toronto; R
Mnehin, Victoria)'0. A. Jordan, 0, H
Robin.cn.-Ro.aUnd; John M Miller,
agent Downie's'"Big Co.; Thomsu
Jones, Windermijre; Oliver Morris,
WiMonein; Thomas Todd, Cnvou
Creek; E B. Hsugford, Cklgarv; P. R.
Wblte, Caril*oo;"N: "W. T.; J. A. Kirk,
Rossland; E. L, Wliltn.ll, Revelstoke;
W. Norton, Calgary; H. B. Mucklea-
ton.T Kilpstrlok,*. McMillan, Revelstoke; f. Rom, Hamilton; D. Gordon,
Queen'. Hotel-A. Houston, Victoris
Harbor, Out.; I'. Dolan, Marquette.
MIoln; John Mack, Winnipeg; J Wilson. Moberley; 0. Iverson, Winder
mere; E A. Baker, Vaueouver; Chas.
Griggs. Cnlgaryl'Fresi- D*njel, Revelstoke; Thomas McDougal.. F. Herri*,
Onrbo��a��; Ur. an.l liter -KWsmu.
George Moore, Field; M. J. O'Brien,
Bsnehstoke; J. Fitsp*��rlck. Hog
Ranch; B.. M.i*,' Ml use: poll*; J.
Jordan. Montreal) J. Cevanagh, BsJ-
cine, Wle.; G. Strong, Wlhghem. Ont.
Kootenay Hou*o-H* R* Van Norman, Toronto; Hugh Miller. Golden;
J. D. Well.. Pulllur; Charlee Pe.ro--,
Peterborough; C. R. Dixon, Hamiliou;
j. Holley, C. P. fi; A. R.  Tufte,
C. A. Carman, VlHicouver; W. W.
Armstrong, Toronto; E. Boanulgan,
G. Travis, W. A. Hnvlll, Edmonton.
Winnipeg IndnstrUl.
Arrangements -at* now shout com-
plotea tor the holding-of th* Indnssrlal
Fair at Winnipeg this year, and It le
Intended to make this year1* oxhibltlen
more attractive then ever. Th* sum
of 115,000 *ion�� wilt *��� til*-* In prise*
nnd attractions- The racing meet will
In ell probability be tho greatest pro-
gramma *rsr prestntcd In Canada.
Arrangement, ere slso being made
whereby it is hoped the committee In
charge will be abb lb -secure an* ef tb*
greateet .pect.cul.r war productions
ever devised, the seen* being laid in
South Afrioa, and will represent something Ilk* th* relief of Ladyomith, or
other startling leeturee nf th* war.
At present Mr, Ha..bach, manager
of the exhibition, ta fn Britieh Columbia for the purpose ef adsllng a Brlsi.h
Columbia department, and it le aald
he I* meeting with considerable cue-
N0TI01! fa hereby (riven lhat an opnll*
ration will N. made at the UxW.ti.ve Amm-
mbly of tbe Province s.f llrltkb Colnmbia at
its next amisin lor in Act to Incorporate. a
eominny wilh piwer tn eon.lrs.et.y-
in.-ilnt.ln .nd operate . line or Hoe. of
phone ebetrled work., power Muasse. gssj
���tbo pbnt and ell meb other, ai-dllanV u
are neeessaary .nd: roper for lhe, getaeratbe
-    ,...._ ^-f pn--   -   ���  -   -
  ly *n ..	
aile. in tb�� s.id Dbtriet a. the Omipany
     ���talj.nv- ���,..        =--
ofebetrbby or other pxsiw- and tranamMfr
Ing the Mm. within end throughout'
IrKl of Eut Kootensy     ' *
 ^, timDb*
and the vari.m�� town-
frem lime to time determine, end _
���trnrt. nmiutsin'onil operate the Mine abni
th. -ddMof, and arm. or under any bigl
war, atreeta. mblie bridge., w any eucl
[.bce.inth.nld ** -*- " **
.ram time to tlm. ���	
itruut, eraet end maluahi smeb awl w many
*���- and other work, snd ilevic as the
itrlrt a. the Compsaay
oniponydeein. neceas ry for making eim-
leting, .niiportlng, lining, working, operat*
ig om matntiinlng th.ay.lsm ofesimmnnlc-
lenbytebs.honeoreleclrleal wovkis.-newer
���ouMs]gtsler.tIng plsnt end other .ppHsneee.
audtooi e-iorbresk up any part or psrbef
.. . ..,_-.._���������(-:r ... .-..
s��H lemi any, n> sgesb. ofloere or
menibink proper, and for the purfne
undertaking to pnreheae, oeqiill* or ���
snd hold tu^isdrand-lbpMJf or mi reed
er land.; bnHdinga or. ueement. wltMn the
I mi a afore-said end lo purclnue erb-ae for
Wa^inmeetiiigorlebeconnreied with He
line, which the Company may emmruet ansl
tepurebiiae or basse for aeyterm of yw. the
eempany to eog^ttyl and -maki-
���-.... ..-Stebnlf^lliiKHloSsiiallieiiv
ate with or bam Ita line or Usee, or any portion or portion, therefore to any comn>nv
possaemiog aaproprbtw ���nvllne of tebphose
commnnli-ntfon eonuocflng or tn le cemaecP
ed wilh the uid Company*, line or line, end
to oequiro bmb. bonnae*, prlvibsne or
otbsr .M. from any ps*r����a or boslHs corporate, and with on ether nnal, nmeaary
or IneMsHtal right., powers or privlbg*. a.
may be neeeuary or im-bentalor i-ondaeti--.
oflhem. **.-'���
Dated Ihla Ial day ofMsrch II
Solicitor, for Ibe Applicant..
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Vail?
the h-sad of navigation on the Columbia Kiver, and th
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching war
try, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia Rive
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made ii
the Oolden and Windermere districts, together with tb
fact that transportation is now assured at an early dat
by a railway running the length of the Columbia am
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure grett
activity In the mining camps of North East Kootenay
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure thi
operation of the Golden Smelter within this next tin
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered form,
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices ara favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase before a fnrther tim
takes place.
Plans may be seen and prices and terras obtained on
application to
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agree
ment for sale bigned by Townsite Trustees.
��� *������'*..- '.-./'
n. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon/
H. G. Parson, Merchant, or
E. A. Haggen, Agent, Golden.
a nice Suit or a
Pair of Pants Ibr
Easter, call on
P. A. Desormeau,
A* It Is the intention of tb* undersigned to dlrsolve ptrtnereblp on tb*
let day of April, 1"M0, ell pertlee having claims against tb* Arm of Ullook
ft Barry are requested M lend In rar-
tlealars of Ibe eaat* on or before
March St.
All persons who ar* owing said Snn
will be good sHiongh to ssttb- seme on
er before Maroh 81, e* after lhat dat*
all unsettled .coou.it. will Im handed
lo eulieiter for collection.
Dated at Golden tbl* 8th day of
March, 1800.
Props. Kootsnar Honor, Goldm.
Qneen Vletoria's Ballets.
Many ot ihs bujlets that her*
changed th* whole espsot. of hbtory
are etill prtsaerved to cell qp .trong
���motion* in those whe look upon lii.m;
snd flrst, perh��p-s, .moog tbeee ie the
fetal missile that filled Lord Nelson,
this being in possession of the Q.seen,
a* are ������ veral more to b. nfemd to.
Among these hre'the death meeeen-
gere that struck duwu Osnsral Wolfe
at Quebec, a huge and lumbering shot
tbat Is in the strongest entrust with
th* no less sleedly missilsM *f to-dsy.
Tbis els* applin io Ih* fragment of
iron that brought about the death et
that eplendid herOi Bergoyne before
Corunno. Th.es three bull.le, .with
other tretieal nil**, er* eoetolned in
glass oom* wlik mag*l<e*otlr-<*re*d
look eboey moenting*, end Ik* ���tollies them**lv*e iwt neon ���'Ud of
whit* ..tin. It. Is ttMurti that no
elngle relic In th. Queen', seeeraeio*
move* her eo deeply er lnl*reit* her
���o muoh a* the Nelson -me, which wu
pnented to her ss * eone^nnee ef *
reqoe��t in her own handwriting t
Another ballet of her eoliectlea that
has a particular inieml f*r th* Queen
is the on* which kill** Gravel Ar
G-��rg* Cathcart Were Inkerm.n, all
bl* .tat being killed around bim *���
elmoet unprecedented .fair lor Her
Majesty knew personally tbl* flue tt*
fioer ie ber young oafs, end talked
with him jnst beloi* he eet forth.
Among ber relics, too, tke Queen mt*
ticnlerlr cherishe* the** wbleh tmt
Cpul* Kolan, wbo itUvatt* tke fetil
order, I. mounted it W|*e��*r far ItMIt
oa a silver tripod, lal*amU*Jtt*m
siscksd ��arbinM.-Ail��w��l,
..UsefUl Now..
P-ectoral Balsam
Pure Norwegian
Cod-liver Off.
FOB cotpr
Parisian Emollient
Cold Cream
Witch Hazel cream
Field's catarrh snuff
Golden, B.C.
leatk IMe Kleklng Hen* Blver,
Coffins and
Fnneral Bones ot all kind*.
Order* premptUy atieaded to.
W. La Houston,
Golden, B.C.
Hull Bros, te Co.
* Wbsbssb A BshiS
Cttb, Sheep end Hon. Detain.
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solicitor.
Notary Pnbllo,Conve*f anesr,ete
Ofleein Upper Colnmbb Nsvlgalbn and
Tramvay Companys BeHlog,
-       U.C.
OraiaMrelal CMIeM**, .
U*% MT.  riHHtw, ���. C,
Hwey, MeCarUr * rtakhan,
���eerlMsn, ���eileltere, *..
Absindsr BbcMblden, B. 0.
A      PUT OP BT
fr  me
"\*'."- The BaHi
The Dtuggia*.
A. W. Palmer,
Chemist *% Dfiggist,
Bobt, Elliot, M.D.,
U*m*i Phrslelsn * largera
Jas Bbadt, D.L&, 4 P.LS.
Mining Engineer,
MAss-n. Iart.MB.
T. B. BOW,
House Painter,. .
P*perhaager, Etc
nnsA-rn crfti
UAomt-A*. mtM, *m*m*t
i**ee a*umwa wo,
Fee Sfrtng ploetlnf. Utfet AA*
Mt oemtM* Meek   Is   ITietern
0i%tie, Oall g-jki. Milf ligr mt*.
tUm at talTimmtaltam. ���1-Mnh
,Thoro*gh inMnetlM la
nmh-eUi Beek-kaapfaif, (we m* m
ttatA*tkt, knt de aitusl boslMss)
Sbwthand and Typesprillnt. W�� propel* for eismlnstlons.
Quickset Tlew awl LowMtBatee teall
poiet* BftUt ami WBW.
lisvskHi Sfttss te
���slid Whiter
cittf urn te in
<M Countit.
'   "%.-����** Mmt,


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