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The Golden Era Sep 1, 1894

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Array '
A El   ���:   1894   x-
VOL IV.   NO 5.
$J Per Yeah
SEIililflG OUT
Charles A.  CUapren's.
Has lieen newly built and newly furnished.
Heated throughout with hot air. The
table is first class. The bar is stocked
with choice Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
(Incorporated 1070.)
Etc Etc.
Prices quoted and samples sup* lied on
Golden, nn the main line nf the Cain-uli-in
Pacific Railway, at its connection witb the
steamboat navigation of tlie (.'ubiinbia river;
the mineral unit commercial centre of Eastern
llritish Columbia; lieaibpuirters of Hu (Julil-
en Smelting works, the Up|ier Coluinliia
Navigation Co., iliul lumber industry; the
outlet for the widely known anil far
fninetl agricultural find grazing Iiinil nf the
Columbia A Koutciiny Valleys ; unrivalled
for scenery of all kmils; tlio distributing
point for the richest mineral country on the
attention given
Write us.
Wm. IWefleish, - Prop.
Carlin & Lake,
We have just received a car load of
Lake of the Woods PATENT HUNGARIAN
FLOUR ground from Manitoba No. 1 Hard
Wheat, also
Cornmeal,Bran, Shorts.Chop
Wheat for Chicken Feed
AU of which will be sold at Lowest Prices.
Co'y, Calgary, or
[NOT INt-oltroitATI.il.]
A general bunking business transacted.
Deposits received and interest allowed.
Collections on all points promptly attended to.
olold dust purchased and accounted for
at highest market rates.
May 1, 1804. Manager.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission uf patients.
TICKETS may be liud from the undersigned or any member of the
PRICE-Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Field, Golden & Fort Steele.
Billy Schriver, the star outcher of
the Chicago bane ball elub accomplish-
,,..! a new (eat in catching a baseball
thrown from the top of Washington's
monument in Washington, D.C.
The Franklin coal mine disaster was
caused by unknown parties who fired
the mine.
The tenants and servants of a Russian count had a fight over the seizure
of cattle for rent. About a dozen men
were killed.
Cannon, of England, defeated Wcln-
erney, of America, iu Livepool on Monday Inst in a wrestling match for the
championship of the world,
Oolilcn Hoapltnl Society.
From 0:110 a.m. to 11 a.m.
"      2  p.m. "  i p.m.
ii      7     ii   ii  y   ii
Sunday from 10 a.m. to 12 in., aud
from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.
visiTiNU nouns.
From 2:110 p.m. to 8 p.m., daily,
except Monday und Saturday.
Br OituKit.
I'rc��liytii'iiiii Service.
Service will he held to-morrow
moi-iiiiig iu the school house ut 10
o'clock, conducted by Mr. G. R.
The GoLoiiN Eu, t 92 per year.
Monday, Labour   Day, is   a public
Capt. and Mrs. Gordon were visitors
again this week.
Mr. Chas. Cartwright of Carbonate
came in Thursday.
Mr. Fred Burns returned this week
from a visit to Banff.
Messrs, Shaw and Townsend went
east ou Tuesday last,
Mr, W. J. Gould, the photographer,
has moved further eust.
Fresh oysters just arrived at the
Maple Leaf Restaurant.
F. C. Laiig and W. McNeish huve
returned from the coast.
Mr. J. A, Campbell has returned
from a two weeks' visit tu the prairie.
Tbe case of diphtheria on the hill is
a very mild one, und the child is doing
favorably under the care ol Dr. Taylor.
The Bon Ton bakery still holds the
fort for fresh bread, cakes, etc.
Mr. John Coukwright rallied a rifle
on Wednesday night at the Columbia
House. Mr. Ed. Murphy wus the
lucky winner.
Mr, T. Mercier is having a dwelling
house erected fur himself, next to Mr.
Ed. Kenny's. Mr. J. Rae is doing
the work.
Sportsmen hare been getting their
munitions of war in order this week,
and it is expected a great slaughtering
will take place to-duy.
Oysters in every style, at all hours
of the day or night nt the Maple Leal
Restaurant, F. Fields, proprietor.
Air. Mercier went up country on
Tuesday's boat, but was obliged to return home on Thursday, having sprained his nnkle.
Mrs. J. M. Ptilethorpe and family,
late of Horse Creek, accompanied by
Mr. Ruddick, left ou Sunday for t behold home iu Iugersoll, Out.
Mr.   H. J.  C.mian, partner in the
firm of Messrs.  Owen & Caiman, re
turned this  week from Loudon, Eug
laud, where he has been ou a visit
Fresh pies and cakes as usual on
Tuesdays, Thursdays uud Saturdays.
Mrs. S. S. Fowler, two children and
maid are .-.(.ending sume weeks at the
Glacier. Mrs. Fowler with hor moth
er will visit the Coust before returning.
Mrs. 11. D. Hume of Salmon Arm,
who has been spending a few weeks
here ou a visit to her sister, Miss
Coiiiiiicher, returned huuie on Sunday's
No. 1.
Rev. W. R. Ross left ou Tuesday
for Fort Steele. During his absence
Mr. G. R. Faskeii of Field will con
duct tho services in the ,Picsbyleriaii
We are glad to state that Mr. Harry
Connacher is rapidly recovering from
bis illness. He has been ordered nouih
by the doctor and will probably leave
on Monday for California,
The C.P.R. new time card will come
iuto effect to-morrow. On the new-
time the order of the trains will lie reversed, No. 2 will arrive here in the
iiioiuin-j aud No. 1 in the aft-jrnouu.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Woodley returned this week from their up country
trip. We are sorry to state thut Mr.
W. is in rather poor health at present.
It is hoped he will recover before long,
Mrs. Joe Lake returned on Monday
aftor a few weeks visit to Banff, Mrs.
Lake was accompanied by Miss Turn-'
bull, of Scaforth, Out., and Miss An-
drews of tbe Sanitarium, Banff. Miss
Turnbull returned east on Wednesday's
The body of Mrs. Jackson, who was
drowned in the Columbia river on,
August 10th, was found on Sunday
near Moberly by Mr. Chas. Bubar and
party. The body was brought to Gold,
en on Monday's express from the west
und interred in the cemetery here.
We understand the sanitary inspector has been going the rounds this
week warning the citizens about throw,
ing out slops, etc. We are not awaro
whether he visited Yee Lee's laundry
or not but the filthiness existing in
the neighborhood of that shack is certainly not conducive to the health o(
the residents ill that viciuty,
For Sale.
Good banjo with case for sale, pa.
tent keys. Enquire at Elu office,
Price 820.
IlfltlHV  fill'  Slllo,
A well finished, commodious, two
story dwelling house and lots, size
2tix22, with luuu-iuo 22x12, to be sold
together with out houses. For par-,
ticulars apply to F. Glover,
Tlie Uiin Club.
At a meeting held in tlie Queen's
Hotel ou Friday evening, Aug. 24th,
F. W. Aylinei in t|ie chair, it was resolved to form the Golden Gun Club,.,
The following officers were then duly
elected:-President, dipt. G. F. Par.
son; Sec.-Treiis. G. B McDermot;
Committeei-F. AV. Aylmer, E, Plow-
right, H. G. Low. C. C. Cothran, M,
Uaiutird, G. Stark, AV. McNeish. The
club bus already 2si members with it
number of otliers likely to come in,
A very successful practice was held oil
Saturday last. The following are tho
scores out ol a possible 10 ;���
H. R. Moodie   4      H- G. Low      7
G.B.McDermot 8
F. Anderson 5
W. Clemens 5
E. Plowright   4
G. Stark 3
Capt. Parsons li
C. C. Cothrun 1
G. White 2
J. Hamilton 3
P. Russell   '    4
20 23
On AVeduesduy afternoon ii match
took place between llie married and iho
single men, the benedicts showing their
superiority by defeating the bachelors
by one point, The following is lho
score: ���
dipt. Parson
G. B, McDermot 7
G. AVhite 3
W. Miller a
C. C, Cuthnui   7
P. Russell 2
H. G. Low
F. W. Aylmer
E. Plowright
AV. McNeish
G. Stark
J, Hamilton
WHEREAS au Act further to amend
the law relating tu holidays,
Chap, oh, A'tc. [>7**i8, enacts that tbo
first Monday of September shall bo
kept and observed as a legal hululny,
under the name ul Lubuiir Un-,, noticq
is hereby given thut the offices of tbo
Provincial Government will bo closed
on that day,
By Command.
Provincial Secretary,
Provincial Secretary's Office,
���.'Sib Au-ju-il, ISiM.
-.-��� STCUc ("B.-il*"tc.i (Sva
Tbo (Jilljillj.-I EUA is published every
Saturday morning in time tu catch tbe east
Slid wost mail trains, also the mail fur the
upper country, Wiii'liii'.iiiiru, i-'iji'l dtt-oln etc
It is tlie imly advertising iiietliiiin iu ihuKent
Kuuteuay district.
8'ilMuriptioa ItaUis:
$-i.;M |str iiimuiil IN
Advertisements mil changes must bo in
tba olden uut later than li a.ui, mi Thursday
to insure iiisiirtiua.
Ailvortiseiiieiit rates itiiule knnivn on uppli-
catioi' *.u
All cash tn be paM tn tin- MniutgHr, t'niin
wliu,n thu (Ju'iipauy's receipt will beobtulnoil.
The Golden En Publishing Compatif.
Provincial   l'n I ills.
Thero will lie no Labor Day celebration nt Nanaimo this year.
Harvesting is rapidly progressing in
the Enderby district.
The Agricultural Exhibition at Kamloops will be held ou October Ilrd, 4th
and 5th.
A breworv is to lie started nt Kamloops by Mr. B. Wehrfi-itis, hue of Con-
conully, Wash.
The contract for the new gasometer
at Nanaimo has been let to Mr. W.
The Chilliwack Agricultural Exhibition will lie held 011 October Hiih
17th nnd 18th.
" Fairplny," a shipping journal of
London, states that tho Canadian Pacific Navigation Company has given
au order to Messrs. Fleming and Fer-
gusson, of Paisley, Sco'lund, (ur two
160 feet steel steamers with twin
The congregation of St. Andrew's
Presbyterian church, New Westminster, is strongly opposed to accepting
the resignation of the pastor, the Rev.
Mr. Scouler .and hns decided to send
commissioners to the Presbytery to represent its views.
The '-British Columbia Gazette-'
has a notice calling for lenders for ihu
construction of a (i(IO bridge across the
Thompson river at Asbcroft. The
bridge is to have two Pratt truss combination spans of 200 feet each. Tenders will bo rcccivod up to Octubor
The Coluinliia Mining Company has
been organized in Seattle. It has purchased 1140 acres ol laud opposite Yale,
B.C., and will speedily begin hydraulic
operations there. It paid $28,010 for
the pro|ierty. Water will be carried
across the Fraser river on n wire suspension bridge at 11 cost of i}.i0,( 00,
The incorporators aro Messrs. F. W,
Lttdd, W. H. Flett end T. O'Connor of
Merrill, Wis., and T. A. Du-.eg of
Notico is given in the "B.C. Gazette" that in pursuance of the provisions of the Official Scalers' Act of
1804, an examination of candidates for
the position of official scalers will lie
held at Vancouver 011 0>e 18th September. There are lour scalers to be appointed ami the examiners are Messrs.
R. H. H Alexander, W. H. Chase,
and Win. McPhiirsou.
L. W. Paisley was arraigned before
two justices of the peace on Thursday
of last week lit Mission, on the charge
of neglect of duty us Returning Ollicer
in the late Provincial election ut Chilliwack, in not holding the Court ol Revision on the date advertised, and also
for admitting as voters fifteen 1 trsons
whose applications wore irregular.
Mr. Thomas E. Kitchen is the prosecutor. Defendant naked an adjournment for a week to prepare his case,
and the request wus granted. Mr.
Forin appeared for the *rosecution
and Mr. Henderson for the defence. ���
The Shooting Season.
The billowing is a synopsis of the
game laws of British Columbia: ���
It is lawful to shoot-
Blue grouse, prairio-lowl  and  partridge,   from   1st  September   to   'list
Willow or rufllud grouse, from 1st
October to '(1st January.
Ducks, from 1st September to last
day of February.
Cock pheasants (except on mainland) Irom 1st October to Hist January.
Deer, elk, caribou, moose, hare,
mountain sheep ami mountain goat,
from l'n It September to Hist December
. (lu mainland, east of Cascades,
mountain sheep, mountain goat and
enribnu, Irom 1st September to 20th
It i�� unlawful to shoot -
Hen pheasants at any time.
Pheasants 011 thu mainland at any
Co.v elk or cow  moose at anv time.
Quail before the 1 st September, 189-i.
It is unlawful to buy ur sell, or offer
or expose for sale ���
Any pheasant at any time.
Any deer under the age uf twelve
months at any time.
A doe of any age at any time.
[i..s.] J. H. TURNER.
VICTORIA, by the Grau) of God, of
the United Kingdom of Great
Brituin and Ireland, Queen,
Defender of the Faith, &c, Ac,
TIb Iho voice nf tlio fnrrlor,
1 hear hlm complain 1
"Tliut Hliiic has cnllltt uu,
I must null il mailu.
"Aa a bee to the hive.
Or u, liiril tu lliu iiont.
Thes. loose shfM*B return
To cause me unrest."
Tuesday ,the 14th day of August, 1804.
Honourable the Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works, dated 2nd
August, 1804, recommending that the
provisions of the '-Official Scalers'
Act, 1804," lie put into force, and that
a proclamation to that effect be published in the British Columbia Gazette
as required by the Act.
The Minis-er also recommends that
for the purposes of this Act the Province be divided iuto three districts, as
follows, viz.:  -
District No. 1.
All that portion of the Province
comprised within lho Island of Vancouver, lor which there shall be up
pointed one Official Scaler.
DiSTltiur No. 2.
All that portion of the'Provinee except Vancouver Island which lies to
the west of the Cascade Range of
Mountains, for which there shall be
appointed two Official Scalers.
District No. 8.
All that portion of the Province not
included in Districts 1 and 2, for
which there shall be appointed one
Official Scaler.
The Minister further recommends
that the following named gentlemen Is*
appointed a Board of Examiners to examine and test the ability and knowledge uf ali applicants desiring to be
appointed Ofliciul Scalers, and that
their reiiiiiiicrntion be five dollars per
day while actually employed ns such
Examiners, viz. : - R. H. H. Alexander, W. H. Chase, Win. Mcl'hersou.
Clerk, Executive Oouncil.
\ ^-*i f i.*.fi 1 ������������       ^*
eipenenm In the i��lent baalneaa. Qom-n-uiloe-
Uoiu-artctl]* confidential.   A Haa-lVeek ot Io.
" ���1 concomlaif I'nleal. anl bow to ob.
neat free. Alio ��� oeulotw of mesh
formation concernine
tala tbem aent free. Al	
loll ens aclentiflti booke aent
Patent, taken tbroo
���peclal notloelntbe Kclentlflc American, and
thai are brow-lit wlftal-t before the potillo wall.
(met to the Inventor, Thta avlendld paper,
Mwee-flT.elenantlTlllmtrated.baibT far Hie
it ejroolatlon of aw .dentine work In the
1, !1J cent*,  Etc.. ...
plates. In colon, and
houiee, witb plana, ���*-' "
latent dealen. and i 	
I a rear. Sample copies 1	
EVfliioo.monthly. ��i.S0ayear. Simla
_, __ cent*. Brery number contain* beau-
plates. In colon, and nhnto*-rapba of new
���a, witb plana, enabling bullden to enow tbe
Tiiboiiokb Davie,    1   WHEREAS
Attorney-General. J " it is provided by section 22 of an Act passed by
the Legislature of British Columbia iu
the tifty-sHveuth year uf Our Reign,
intituled "An Act to provide for the
appointment uf Official Scalers of saw-
lugs and other cut timber." that the
said Act shall not comu into force until proclaimed by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council:
Ami whereas Our said Lieutenant-
Governor, by and with the advice of
bis Exec11tiveCuu11c.il, bits by an Order
in Council been pleimed to direct that
the said Act shnll come into operation
(rom the date hereof:
And whereas section 2 of the said
Act decrees that it shall be lawful fur
the Ijieiitenant-Ouvernur in Council,
for the purpose of the said Act, by
Order in Council, to divide the Province into districts:
And whereas Our said Lieutenant-
Governor, by and with the advice of
bis Executive Council, has, by an
Order iu Council in that behalf, been
pleased to divide the Provii-ce into
three Districts, namely : ���
All that portion uf the Province
comprised Within the Island of Vancouver to be  known as District No. 1;
All that portion of the Province, ex
eluding Vancouver Island, which is
situated to the west of the Cascmle
Range of Mountains, to be known us
District No 2;
All that portion of the Province not
included within Districts Nos. 1 and 2,
to he known as District No. 3;
NOW KNOW YE, then-fore, that
in pursuance thereof, AVe do hereby
proclaim the said "Official Scalers'
Act, 1894," to come and be in force
from t be dale hereof;
And the Districts thereunder to be
as is hereinbefore recited.
I.N Testimony Whkueok, We have
caused these Our Letters to lie
made Patent nud the Great Seal
of the snid Province to be here
unto affixed: WITNESS, the
Honourable John Hekiikkt
TuiiNBit, the Deputy of Our
Lieutenant-Governor of Our said
Province of Btitish Columbia,
iu Our City of Victoria, in Onr
said Province, this fourteenth
day of August, in the year ol
Our Lord one thousand eight
hundred and ninety-four, and in
the fifty eighth year of Our
By Command
Provincial Secretary.
NOTICE is hereby givpn, in'pursn-
unco of thu "Official Scalers' Act,
1894," that an examination of candidates for the position uf Officiul Scalers will be In-Ill at the office of the
Provincial 'I imber Ins|iector. ut Vancouver, on Tuesday, 18th September
All persons intonding to present
Lthemselves for examination shnll, ou
or lielnre the 10th dny of September
next, give notice in writing to the undersigned of such intention, and their
post-office address.
Chief Commissioner of Lauds & Works.
Lands & Wirks Depnriinant.
Victoria, B C, 22nd August, 1894.
ton OUBXt
ave been af-
scted by my
.'ruini, with
perfect eflM to wearer, than by all other
wlevirritroHiblnr*. Theyietalnlargest
Rupture under aevereat atrain. A aya-
tem of flttlnfrbna bean perfected the
laet 00 yuan, fully equal tqperaonal
examination �����* mill I* BTjmtenta .
rtiinin ���'it'rw-'.
i Ul Hint StW.Tiiieeu
"Weldon Park, Eloisel" snid Mr.
Luttrell, as the carriage In which he
nnd his daughter had been driven from
Fontenoy entered a broad nveiine lending to a stately mansion. Elnise looked
with languid'interest at the house, the
broad sweep of lawn, the grand trees,
representing the estate of Fruuk Weldon.
"Yes, papa." she snid quietly. "I remember the place quite well, although
I wns only about twelve years old when
we were here last, I suppose the ludy on
the porch is Mrs. Weldon."
"Yes���yes���and Frank Is thero too.
Dear me, Eloise. I wish you would not
look as if yon were half asleep."
Thus admodished, Eloise sat more
erect, and put some animation into her
greeting as the carriage stopped ut the
foot of die (light of broad steps leailin-j*
to the porch, whore Mrs. AVebloii nnd
her son waited to welcome their guests.
It hnd been understood in the families
of Weldon and Luttrell fur yptirs that
Frank and Elnise would one day unite
the fortunes and estates hy a marriage.
The young people did not consider tuuui-
selves to lie formally betrothed, but
wheu old Mr. Weldon died uud left his
chum and lifelong friend Mr. Luttrell
as one of the trustees fur the pruperty
his son would inherit when he came of
age. he certainly expected Eloise would
reign at Weldon Park when Mrs. Weldon, Frank's uiulher, diet); uud when
Mrs. Luttrell died iu Paris, she urged
her hat-hand's return to Ainericu with
the conviction thut it wonld be better
now fur iriluisu to marry Frank, sincesbo
had devoted much of her life to her
mother's t-tnto of invalidism.
It was eight years since the Luttrells
had left America tn travel fur 11111 lamo
fit of Mrs. Luttrells health, when she
died. In that time Elnise hnd lice'i nnder the care of a Gorman guveruess iu
Germany, a French governess in Paris
and au Englisii governess iu Loiiuou
and in Italy. She had studied music
under the best masters, Inni tiuubluu iu
art, hnd gone iuto socie'y at fifteen to
"keep pupu company" wiicii her mother
was 111. Early developed, she had never
yet had any love affair, mid when Frank
Weldon was sent abroad to finish his
education, and joined the Luu rolls,
Elnise gave him a cool hut fleiitlly reception, quite prepared to marry him on
the foreign platform, to "please : upa."
They were tugether in many foreign
cities, but their love-ninking was of the
must languid description, each giving
the other cordial liking and thinking ardent feeling quite superfluous under the
circumstances. They parted in Paris,
and Frank hud lieen ut home nearly two
yeurs when he welcomed the Luttrells
to America and to Weldon Park.
"You must make usaloiig visit before
yon go home," Mrs. Weldon hud written
to Eloise, "it is so long since four hunse
wns opened that it will not be hiiintabie
for uinntliH.and yon will be so near that
yo.i can easily superintend all the cleaning or refurnishing."
"So, after a few days' rest in New
York the Luttrells telegrnpheu to Weldon Park and were met at the station
by the carriage.
It must be confessed thnt Mrs. Weldon
was not pleasantly impressed by tho
entire coolness of her daughter-in-law-
elect. She was a warm-hearted impulsive little woman, who idolized her only
son, and she made little allowance fnr
the early maturity iuto which Eloise
hail lieen forced. It chilleu her to see
how calm and self-posRissed this girl of
twenty wus, aud even tho statuesque
character of her superb beauty ruiher
appalled her. She gave Frank a half-
frightened look us the guests swept up the
staircase to the rooms prepared for tbem,
and Frank, as soon as they were out of
hearing, broke into a boyish laughter.
Nearly five years older thiin Eluise he
looked younger, being blonde and boyish,
while she was brunette and stately. I
think iu her hea-t of heaiti Eioise rather despised his merry, light hearted nature, but she never expressed auy such
When the guests joined mother nnd
son in the drawing-room before dinner
they were both surprised to meet a gentleman who wns introduced by Mrs.
Weldon, as "my brother, Doctor (Jer-
rish." and to find this member of the
family a cripple and invalid. He wis a
tall, slight-built man, of thirty-seven or
eight, with a delicate, relinud face, aud
with one shoulder deformed while there
was a decided halt in his gait. Shrinking evidently from notice, he yet made
an effort to aid iu entertaining hu sister's guests, and conversed in a low
sweet voice, almost womanly in its
delicate undulations.
It was not uutil the next day that
Frank, sauntering through the garden
with Elnise, spoke of his uncle.
"No," he snid, in answer to ber question, "he did not live here before yoo
went abroad. He was practicing medicine then in Boston.but he was Injured by
a fall, and he lost his property in some unfortunate investments; so moiuer insisted upon his coming here, to take
care of her while I was in Europe. Since
then, it has been easy to persuade him
to stay. He enjoys the seciueiun, and
he is a close student, contributing large
ly to medical literntnre, though he has
ceased to practice. He cannot trust his
nerves since his accident, aud a doctor
uare not be nervous."
" Does ho suffer much V
" Not physically, but I think he does
mentally. He wns ambitious and au
enthusiast in his profession. It was
nurd to be cut short in what promised
(0 be an unusually snccesstul career."
"Very hard." said Eloise, with a great
sigh. It is as bud as being a wouiau
wiih no great object to live fnr "
Frame lutueti eiigutiy bewildered, but
made uo reply. Eioise had never confided to him the luugiugs of her heart to
be a great artist or a great singer, nor
the weary disgust to her that it was to
know she must be only a fashiouable
yuung Imly, with plenty of money of
her own aud a fortune of her futuer s in
"1 cannot even be Lady Bountiful,"
thought this disgusted young lady, "for
J here are no  very  poor  people about
ere taut I know of,   and papa wuuld
not let me go near them if there were."
Lit  Frank's  accuuut   of  his uncle  '
roused her interest, and  she lunged to
It t bim know how keenly she sympathized with him.
Ii >vas uot eajy to brenk through his
reserve, bnt certainly no -better opportunities could be found than those
afforded by a summer sojourn in thu
same country-house; and scarcely knowing h"W the intimacv commenced.
Doctor Gerrish and Eloise became
Eloise wonld have indignantly denied
the possibility of her flattering any one,
and yet tliere was the most delicate flattery in her respectful deference to
Doctor Gerrish s opinions, her habit of
turning to him for sympathy in her
opinions, her evident pleasure in his society. She sang hit favorite songs and
wore his favorite colors; and when he
would talk to her of his pursuits, his
book in progress, she felt a strange sense
nf elation at being thought worthy of
his confidence.
Alterations were being made at Luttrell Place, where Mr. Luttrell talked of
establishing himself for the future, but
they were not urged forward very rapidly. The house and grounds benim-ed to
Eloise, bomg a portion of her mother's
properly bequeathed to her; and Mr.
I Luttrell ntteii spoke of going nbmnd
again, as if the settling duwu at Luttrell Place was not entirely decidud
"It is as well to have the place in order," he told Elo se. "Yon and Frank
may object to living here, yon know,
though Mrs. Weldou would be a model
luuiiier-iu law."
And Eloise hail answered only by a
burning blush and drooping eyes.
Mure than once she hail met any reference to that tacit engagement in the.
same way, but Mr. Luttrell had asaou.
no questions.
In the fall they went to their n-mi
home, ami Frank becuine a daiiy
visitor, while there was seldom a
week passed when Eloise did in it
drive over in her pony-carriage to cull
ou Mis. Weldon. She was unlike the
calm, self-possessed woman who
hud returned from Europe, iu those
dnys. She was restless and pre occup-
e I, neglecting her usual pursuits, ami
often shutting herself np in her room
for hours t "getber. coming out with red
eyes nud pale cheeks, but never speaking of illness or sorrow.
Christinas cume, and there wns a ball
nt Weluofi Park, which would bu followed, it was understood, by a similar
entertainment ut Luttrell Place uu iS����*
Year's Eve. It was l-ecweeu these two.
festivities thnt Mrs. Weiuuu cume, uue
day, to vis.t Eloise.
'iiiedear little woman was terribly
troubled und took her grief to headi-unr-
ters. yuite by accident, she haa discovered that her crippled brother hud
given his heart to the lienntifui girl who
hud so gently won his confidence, and
the hopelessness of his attiicuiiieiii was
appalling to his warm hearua sister. It
wus the strangest thing to ask, but she
did asx Eloise to stay away from A> tu-
dun Purk uutil alter her marriage.
"Then my brother and I will go abroad
nnlil he is aimself again." she said, "ami
I know you will keep bis secret. ��ou
will never let him know I betrayed hut
confidence, Eloisel" she pleaded.
"I will never let him know."
"He (eels tho fact of bis poverty and
his deformity So keenly," said Mrs. Weldou, "thut he wonld never dream of
speukiug of his love; but he has a true,
noule heart, and it will not be easy for
him tu cunqner the uassion be ieeis.
Pour Si ephen I Ho has bad a hard life. "
Eluise echoed the sigh, but made no
comment, and Mrs. AVelduu departed,
only hull satisfied with herself. Sho
might have lieen less so bad she heard
a question Eloise asked Frank ��� lew
hours luter. Tbey were discussing tuo
ball in prospect, when Eloise suid:
"Frank, don't vou think this fare* nf
onr engagement nnd better end! Yon
wilt never care half as much fur me as
you do for that pretty May Hilton."
And Frank blushiugly assented.
The night of the ball was clear,
brilliant moonlight,' and Doctor Gerrish. wbo seldom left home, astonished
her sister by appearing In full dress just
before the carriage star led.
" I urn going with you," he said, bnt
did nut explain that there had reached
him a little not from Eloise. ���
" I have a New Yeer'e gift for yon, and bej�� *
rou will coiue for It on Wetliieedar evening.-"";
She had never seemed to him so winning us on that evening when, in on* of
her exquisite Parisian toilets, she received her friends. Stately as ever,
there was yet a soft light in ber eyes ho
e had never seen there before, and her
voice was low and musical as she gave
him cordial greeting.
Just before midnight she took hia arm
rind led bim to tbe conservatory to on a
his opinion on some new arrangement
there. They were standing qniie aloue
among the flowers when the church
clock struck 12. Silently they counted
the strokes, and us the lost one died
ownv. Dr, Gerrish took Eloise's hand in
his own, saying, in a luw, tender  tone:
"May 1 wish you a happy New
Year /
Mie was very pale us sho looked into
Ills luce und a iswered :
."You mono cau make it'so, Tb'tl-
the'lirst hour of lMli-j���lenp year���anu
1���I���you ought to kuow, stupid 1"
jSobody emu was very much nston-
lulled, but Mr. Luttrell went abroad
wlieu Doctor ami Mrs. Gerri-tli took up
their uliude ut Luttrell l'lme Inst utn-
week after Frank Weblon brought
pr-trv May Wuldon, neu Hilton, ho \\ ul*
tiuii i'urk,
"iin never wonld havo nshetl tne.
pa pit,'' Eloise said, when she ronfns-. ���'
i ho truth ot her proptmul to hei'fiiilinr:
' .ml yet he loved me I Was 1 vr;
ilreatlful���indiscreet ��� or uuuinidenl*-,
do yon liana, pupa i"
Aud Mr, Luurell, laughing heurtily.
only said ���
" Very I But If he is pleased I do not
see why nny one else should onieci."
And there was no donU that iii-ercr
I lur-ish was more than pienseu wuu i.io
luitiy aiti|iiiii*d treasure.
lliird ll.'MilJiiaa.
Molly: I read a.chapter in the Bible
this -uiurnitig, papa.
.Ur. -Surplice (much pleasedl: DM
v.'ti, my dear! That's nicu. Whutwiu.
it ail about?
Molly (..lowly): AVell, It wus uioolly
ull ijegeln.*���Judge.
sincere   jVl-t-ltery.
" I don't know why my wntoh wir ne*
I'u," saiii .dr. Stuyiuug, oUeiu.b- a cun...
" Perhaps it Is because the irc-eilcni
has in un esiiiltiisiieu," eujjotntcd uue,
' Wearily.���Ti-utii.
A t.iiuil i'tiuni.
Penelope���Duu't you see the advan-
i;ichloy--No; I do not
l'l.'uciupe��� Why, yuu know how ti
tn..iio money aim 1 kuuw how to speiu.
i..    V, i.  . a '.euui ��i a uiuael
WISCELLANrO'lSNOTtfj.        1
The leading srtloles of export from
Great Britain are ootton goods, woolens,
linens aud inetiila.
Spain expurts wine, raialns, onions, oranges, nnis, obvee, iron, quioksllver, lead
and cupper.
I The leading products of Ceylon are rioe,
cotton, coffee, lea, Peruvisn bark,  t/.nna-
1 uon and t'ticiiaiiiits.
I The rice paper tree, a native of China,
now flourishes in Florida, where It wna in-
' truduced as au expeiiuieul fume years
| There are Insects whioh pass eevernl
vesta iu prepsratury etatee uf existence,
���nil. fltmlly, wheu perfect, live but a few
! Workmen boring an sr'ealan well In
Luuiaiaua struck a maple log in a aouu.l
���tale of preaej-stliHi live hundred aud
forty feet below the surface.
guaUxctm Qttxvbe*
Ilerachoil Sin-lb, uf Itrut-kvillo, Intl., ll
elxlceu ye.irs old, aix fe-t Ave inchea high,
��f��l 'r.niing ai mu rae of uu inch iu aix
I'i.- largest cave ill Mexic t. if mil In the
world. Hits l��' it (ullnil uy a i'reuc.i nligill-
it*r in -h" wild, ufthesilUthwe-t. In it be
Iniiii'l a nem "nr., proving that the onv, rn
Iiml unci* neeii iuiialiili'tl,
Il ia aaiil mnl all lhe u'ubl in lho worl',
not I'lilititing ln.il ill ulriiill stile, would
���ml uiiik't a bind-, u( mure tiiim 111*1 cnliio
yarils. A cnlm of Um alsivs diiiif-iislniia
liilllll he rut ill a I.Hilll*H feci t'lutll way.
Of i In. recruits in the Itriish nrinv last
year 82.UM urn- Imrn inE. guitnl. 3,001 in
Hc'ilati'l ami 8. silo in Ireland, (lu.- limit*
nml three Im tl red nud live nt the-e yuuug
suluiere were uuuer seventeen ynnra uf
Electricity baa lieen mluplfd fur towing
the central Isi.its ou the suiiiiuit level u(
lhe Canal de Hunruoytie, wniuh ciillllet'H
the Sieno and Simile, emu-inn; in its cmr-a
the divine is-tweeii tue ohumiel and tue
li esli. err iiieat t.
Ciiiuiuudtire Edwin D. Morgan, of New
York, lias Infiiim* the father ul Ids tnird
ouil'i. ami, miier the wilt of tlie lute Uur.
h 1). . or .nn, will r-n-elve m-v u niiiulretl
nii'l lilt, liniusiiu-t dfiiinrt. uriwo liiiuiiied
sud li.'iy ih iii-niiil thill.in for ��� noli itliiltl.
VV .Iter (Jay, n Uusiuu tutnt w: ii lives in
P'-ris, has rtit*iv.-tt tlie high linitur nf the
pnrunn-e by Ine French giiVeriiin-lit of hia
������iettire in tne saitiii of the *Ji*��lu--* Ely-
eeea, tinny nr. "Ln Ulgnrrcriis." Also tne
Vieituii academy line swarded Idm a lirst*
elane gold medal fur his paimbig, "The
Parduu," aiiuwii at lasl /ear's salmi.
An Indian woman nged 23 is inlng fnr
a divorce from bur OJ-yearold husband
|    Mrs. Mary C. Davie and John Davis
sn elderly couple of Emporia. Kan., wire
lately divorced from euou other for the
i filth time.
| Mr. Ague nf Allegheny, has eloped with
' the wife of William Stager. The bereavt d
I husband Amis consolation In the though'.
j that Ague la likely tu shake ber bvfur.t
Here la sn advertisement from the Ana-
tralasiin: "If Hubert Lyiiolt, my husband, does not return snd suppuit a.*
within three in "itilia fiom ibis dale, I
intend to reuiur.y. Florence Einiliu
LANDS ACROSS THE 8EA.      *"�����
The world hss 2,291 warships.
Agricultural laborers in India earn barely five cents a day.
Fiance iiupurts fully ten times as much
wine as it expurts.
Emperor William has all his plain
clothes made in Loudon.
The Spanish budget shows a deficit of
24,.133,497 pesetas.
The notes of the Bank of England cost
exactly one cent each.
False teeth made of Ivory have been
found in the Human catacombs.
In South America ruin frequently falls
lu torrents from a clear sky,
Prut. TyndsU's grave is covered with
heather, bis favuriie plant.
In tbe British museum there are 2,700
complete Bibles in sll languages.
The tuttil income uf the Church of England ia about uue million dollars  a week.
In German orphan aud funndling ssy-
ttuue 90 per cent, uf the chiidruii die of
The Egyptians consider It unhealthy to
wash a child uutil it is at It-set uue year
Henry Irving, it is reported, may stand
for. a vscsuuy in the London couuty
The Costn Mean Congress hss levied sn
export tax of four'shillings per quintel on
In Korea umbrellas are nf oiled paper,
have no handles, aud are simply worn over
the hat.
The orange grows wild sll over tropical
Asia, and ia everywhere regarded as indigenous.
Hydrophobia is must frequent in Sweden, where 282 deaths in a million annual ly occur limn this cause.
Variety  alone  gives joy; the Sweetest
meals the soonest clny,���I'riur.
Tim ini ai euspieuce ia Unit which buldl
lis Iini male lur .1,1,1.1111.0.���llulwer.
lden-i are like ts'iinis���tti.ti uu nut have
theiu until '.liny griii* up. ��� Vulinln*.
In 11.-iiiitl iieelf tin re is no oilier boodle tlllill ille ercselll   llliilllelll.���jllluil. .
Ik- tii ways employed alsuit a llie rational
tiling, -hat tlie nevu Uud Uivu nut lUle.������
Ijctiru In��iy "Nu." It will be of more
use lu /uu tiiim lu Im) able tu read Latin.-���
Where there Is lunch preieiialnn. much
hns In en Isuruwed; nature never pruteuda
Avoid multiplicity of busineas; the man
of une tiling la me 11111101 ���uiaa.-ae,���Iryuu
Thu away uf Chastity over tbe senses
lin-M-a her queenly; iter light and ]iesce
fender i.er i-eiiiiuiui,���Juiua-ri,
"1'is the in.m's laue tnat -ins him weight.
HU ili'bi.s help, hut not mum than his
brow.���rjluirlea Jiuxtuti.
Iu a vain in n, tue aiimlleat spark may
kindle lulu the gteniesi flume, h-oatias the
i>.aiiriuia are always prepared fur It���
The prinei|Ml agricultural product of
Germany is isitati-ea; the secoud Is hay;
the third M lewis.
Fortune tellers talk to long earn.
Don't take tip* from flattery's tongue.
The best fighters wear the fewest feathers
There is no peace iu the honss where
children rule. -
The eutter is not to blame fur the borrowed cuet.
Science alone won't always ssve you
from a knockout.
Decorations are not slways sn evidence
of great deeds.
Some kind of eanotity suggeiU Ibe need
of a diainfeetaiit
Sums mighty good climbing has been
done iu cowni ie boots.
Tbe lax collector cau tell yoa who pays
for the king's gift*.
The spirit of prayer is made up of supplication, not advice.
Some people try to make up in plumes
What they lack iu pluck.
More than one man has fallen from the
force uf his uwu blow.
The man that really knows s little is entitled tu a professorship.
The whisper ut Blunder can be heard far
tber than the report of a hundred-tonga 11.
1 Ex. Is that part of a man's title thai is
generally foro-d un him.
The beat time to get oat of the stay Is
before you are run over.
Sometimes s headline bus more influenoe
then a column snide.
Persons wbo steal time will be tried In
eternity���and tber can't puck the jury.
It Is hard lo lielieve times are hard when
yon see ten thousand people al a otron*.
Green corn is in the market sud the
doc tun are beginning to rend np uu culiu.
Perhaps the reason persona dun't watch
their tongues closer is b.cause they cau'I
see them.
I Moat parrots nre green, bnt they Islk as
good sense a* lot* of men who think themselves wuuderftuly smart.
If vanity is a disease thst makes a   fool
, of a man, there must be a great many men
exposed lu the disvime,     _
Hon. J, A. Louoheisd, Q,C.
liOnglieed  A  IhTcCarter,
Barristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Hnuk of Montreal.
G'AMlAllV, - N.W.T,
Members Assocn. D.I..8. A IM..S. for ll.C
SURVEYORS, Civil Engineers, Draughtsmen, Valuators, etc- Calgary anil New Westminster. Correspondent'0 solicited..
'UJ-gPHSON, D.L.S.,P.L.S. of B.C. ftOnt.
- ,��� ���      CaIjOaiiy. Alba.
1. 0. WIIBBIjBU. D.L.S. & P.L.S. of ll.C.
McCarthy   A   llnrvcr.
Barristers, Advocates, Notaries, &c. ' Solicitors lor t���
The liuperi.'.l Bank of Ciiniiiln.
'lhe ('lunula I'erimineiit I.win A Savings Co,
Tin- Yorkshire 1,01111 A Securities! or|Hirntiun
Tlio Miissey-lbiins I'd. (I.till.etc, etc.
Oiiices���Stephen Avenue, Calgary,
Pi MuCauthy, Q.O.
HoitAOB Haiivky, B.A. L.L.B.
Assou. Mem. Inst. C.E.
MiKIXft    I'.\<>I\EI,R.
(Griuliiate of Laval inul Mcllill.)
"IIIXIX4.'    E.X-I.IjN'EF.R.
Head Office, Qubiiei!;  Branch Offices
SllEltiittooKE, & 17 Place d'Armes
Hill. MoNTKBAIi.
Samuel S. Fowler, E.M.,
Properties ro|iorfcil upon.    Estimates nud
plans for all metellurgicnl plants.
P. 0. Box 1,    -    Golden, B.C.
Assiiy Ollices A Chemical Laboratory.
(Established hi B.C. iu 1HWI.)
Yunroavcr, L.V.
Bank Of Montreal.
Interest at Current rates.
W. B. GKAVELEY. Manager.
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
Hliolexnlf and Retail
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Undertakers and
.   ���   .   Embalmers,
('nl-rni'.v Allia.
ATrEXill'll)    TO.
If von want your house I'liiutcil. l'ii|Siri-fl
or ("iilsiiiitineil, ur nny kind ol 11 si-ru 1'iiiuteil
wrltotoj, II. .MII.I.WAI.I1. CAI.11AHY. the
Leiiiliuir I'niiit Simp ill the West, for itissi
work ami prices that are ri-iht.
r WlrLCv. ofa 2stamp,a race
nu receipt
. ..... -.-......���. ....,.,...-i'ei|ic lur a
simple VEGETABLE BALM that will re
move '*'����������� Kreeklcs, IMinplt-a, lllntt-lit-s,
ninekhends. itv��� loavin-r the skin soft,
clear and bomitifiil. Address A. D. STEM-
PEL, 60 Ann St., Now York.
Down With High Prices For
Electric Belts.
11.55, $165, $3.701 former |irices $5, $7,
$10. Qimlty remains tho same���1(1 different styles; dry battery amlacitl belts
���mild or strong current. Less than half
the prioe of any other company and more
home testimonials than all the rest together. Full list free. Mention this
i-apcr. W. T. BAER k OU Wn dsor, Out.
Mining! Smelting
CO, (Limited)
Gold, Silver & Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
H. Connacher, Proprietor.
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictly FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof sufe for convenience
of guests. Headquarters for iniuiu-; men and
miners. Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer and wholesale and
retail denier in Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
.S|tec.ial attention given to orders from u,. the
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,        -        B.C.
My stock is the largest and most complete in the
An immense stock of W. W. Oreeners, J. C. -Jlabrongh
& Bros., AV. H. T.sdall's, and W. Richard's shot guns.
All calibers of Winchester and Marlin rifles.
Every description of cartridge, both rifle and shot gun.
Trappers' Supplies a Specialty.
Goods all bought
for Spot Cash and
imported direct.
Prices the lowest.
Quality the   best.
wholesale & hETAiL. solicited.
W. ALEXANDER has removed to Calgary, and will bo pleased to execute nil
orders sent to him there. Work left with
C. A. Warren, Golden, and R. W. Patmore,
Donald, will be promptly forwarded.
Remember the address.
W. Alexander, Calgary. Awarded
HlghMt Honors-World'.* Fair.
A pure Gripe Cream of Tartar Powder.   Fret
bom Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
���     August 30th.
Conductors Gove and Crawford of
Medicine Hat were in town on Thursday last.
Mrs. Stark and Mrs. Robinson of
Medicine Hat arrived in town on Friday last as the guests of Mrs. Erickson,
since which they have been touring
round to the several places of interest.
Mr. Hooper, C.E.. and wife, were
passengers on the west bound train of
Saturday last.
Mr. F. M. Thrupp, of Bermuda, who
has been a guest at Mount Stephen
House for several days, left on Wednesday evening for Luggan.
Mr. J. Hoffman, of Vienna, arrived
from the west on Sunday last and
spent a day, professionally, painting
our picturesque scenery.
Prof. Ferguaon came in from Golden
on Sunday evening and stopped off
over Monday to entertain the boys
with his abilities.
The new seats arrived for the school
room, in bulk, one day last week and
after several futile efforts to get on to
the combination of construction, rue-
cess was eventually obtained by sheer
perseverance after which the boys set
to work during their leisure to fix
them up into articles of utility,
A good crop of hay has been cut off
the grounds surrounding the C.P.R.
hotel here, and the numerous stacks
give- the town quite an agricultural
The moral tone of this locality is
something above the averaga. I overheard a group of onr prominent citizens raise a serious objection to having the pny car perform its joyful
mitsion on a Sunday. They however
condescended to pocket their feelings
"just for this once" and marched up
as one man and received the dust
���'under protest."
Mr. Turnbull, C.E., was a visitor
over Sunday and proceeded west on
Monday morning.
That man is the most peculiar ot
animals is being amply demonstrated
bv the strategy of the modern girl.
The dawn of each succeeding orb reveals more clearly the indisputable
fact that the much discounted culinary
department is the only true route liy
which to attain the destination of
etheral happiness. To burrow from
the untidiluviiin ages and encroach on
the domain of our much esteemed local.
I might modernize thus : "Man wants
but lit tie here below���but wants that
little���dongh." Coming down to
common, everyday, hard, bare facts,
we may point in conclusive evidence
to the ruffled atmosphere that but a
few dart ago pervaded the domicile of
our lair rhymer and to the uncontrovertible proof that serenity has only
been secured solely thro' the discriminating palate of her much belated lesser
half. Our vers-atile friend seems to
comprehend this fact in no small degree and with* frankness and good
nature uncommonly commendable of
the sex seems, by almost a repetition
ot last week's sentiment, to possess an
ardent desire to benefit the borne circle
el posterity:
Our life 'tis now one round of joys
Since hubby h. s found out
That I can make such cake and pies
That be ne'er dreamed about.
So L'iils just tako tbe tip from me,
If you would wed your beaux,
Just ninke yourself proficient to
Manipulate thodeaux.
- G-M1MA.
August 29th.
The football game last Saturday
afternoon came off as predicted, Tbe
town team was beaten, two to one.
Tbe reason given for this is that bull
ibe team are green at the game. The
shop team put up a good game all of
their men being veteran players.
R. A. Kimpton came home last Sunday from up the river a pretty sick
man and has bean confined to his bed
ever since with an attack of gastrie
fever. Dr. Syinons who is attending
him says that Ruins is on the mend.
George Deny, car repairer in the
shops here, had his nnkle broken last
Saturday by tlie falling of a cur
wheel on it. He wns taken to the C.
I'.R. hospital.
On Tuesday Mr. Palmer, working in
tho shop, had his scalp cut by the
accidental falling of an engine buffer
lieum falling on a piece of steel, which
Hew up and cut the scalp.
Mr. J. C. Pitts has taken charge of
Mr. Kiinptou's store again and is
building a residence for himself.
Mr. Chas. Holioway, tho efficient
clerk of tho C.P.R. store, is going to
leave us for Kamloops. Mr, Holioway
since his coming here has lieen quite
iu demand at social gatherings, both
public and private, as a violin player,
and has always responded most gladly.
Mr. Holioway is quite an accomplished
violin plnyer and there hns been nobody here who ever furnished music
like he has done, nor is there likely lo
he another for a long time to come.
Everybody wishes Charlie good speed
and all the luck possible, although
sorry to loose hiin. Mr. Holioway is
treating evervbody to a dance Thursday night, a general invitation having
been extended by him and a jovial
good time and good music promised.
Simon Frazcr, Win. Thompson, Ed.
Freemantle, and J. McLeod went ont
on a fishing expedition last Friday
night. They were well provided with
bait in both forms���liquid and substantial. After riding five miles thoy
reached the Illnewiiter and had to
camp ou account of darkness, the river
Iieing rather troublesome nnd turbulent
nnd bad to cross even in day time.
So our Donald " Waltons " made camp
and hnd a roaring gootl lire and a h���1
of a good time, "take your calh on it
mate."' In the morning they crossed
the river nnd arrived nt Fish Lake by
nine o'clock. Fishing is pretty good
sport if you have lots of bait, especially the liquid kind and you can cntch
them any size from n gudgeon to a
whale. Our disciples of old " Isaac "
had pretty good sport for a while but
the red eyed bait biting exhausted they
made back tracks for home and arrived
safe from the dangers of the deep. One
of them was heard to remark, "you
can take your oath mate, I could soon
beat old Isaac nt his own game."
T. Needhuin left for the coast on
Wednesday tor a much needed vacation.
Engine 403, which has lieen in tbe
shop for repairs, is out again and looks
like a new engine.
The subscription for the toboggan
slide met with great success and a
meeting is to be held next week for
Miss Carlin went through on Tuesday's No. 1, for her home in the
Sht wln�� thoilate.uinl plficea of Courta
of A-mllc, NUI  1'rlun. mill Oyer tint!
Terminer,   unit Gone nil Ouol Delivery for the Yenr 1804.
Fall Assizes.
���Nelson Monday. 10th September
"���Duiinld Monday. 17th September
Clinton Thursday 20thSej>temher
Richfield Monday.-."4th September
Kamloops Monday.. 1st October.
Vernon Monday.. Uth October
Lytton Frhlaj .. 12th October
New Westminster Tuesday!"' hNovenib'r
Vancouver Monday .12th November
Victoria Tuesday 2Uth November
Nanaimo Tuesday 27th November
���Special Assizes adjourned from the
Spring by Mr. Justice Walkein and
now fixed for these dates.
Application for Certificate of  Improvements.
Take notice that I, Arthur P. Cummins, Administrator of the Estate of
the late Archibald McMurdo, free miner's certificate No. 474'lil, intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to
the Gobi Commissioner for a certificate
of improvements, [or tlie purpose ol
obtaining a Crown (-rant ol tbe above
And further take notice, that adversi
claims must be sent to the Gobi Commissioner and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 18th day of August, 1894.
A. P. Cummins,
Administrator of the Estate of the
late Archibald McMurdo.
Application   for    Certlfleiito  of Im*
Take notice that I, A. L. Hogg, Fret
Miner's certificate No. 2<lill7, intend,
UO days from date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for a certilicat-
of improvements for the purpose ol
obtaining a crown grunt of abovi
And further take notice that adverse
claims must be sent to the Mining Recorder and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this first day of June, 1894.
A. L. Hikio.
The adjourned Spring assizes will be.
held at the Court House, Donald, on
Monday the seventeenth day ol Sef*.
tember, 1H91, at 10 o'clock a.m.
By order,
S. Reikibave,
"It Is teertb tbe price to every jeraon
whn em -reada a aewaDaptr."���baiUiiflxm
Tib joanju, nanus to
Blue Peioil Rules.
jl. Or. xvanrrxTB.
A Pocket Primer for the ate ef
OomaptadeiiU  ud   "
Short, al-aipie sad practical rules for
maain-i and edttln-; aewipapcr etipy,
andoft-qnal raise loan who with to
write correct bill**-.
Sent nn ncerot ef price.  P-lce, W rents
Pi".*- ennr.   ALLAN TOBMAN, Pabllabea
Steamers will leave
Every Tuesday at 7 a.m.
Passenger Rates about 5c. per mile.  Meals 50c.
Freight I^ates.
To Canal Flat A. $1.75; B. 1.60; 0.1.40; D. 1.20.
To Fort Steele A. 3.00; B. 2.50; C. 2.00; D.. 1.50.
Rate A. to include Class 1 nnd 2 of Canadian Freight Classification
" B. ��            11 and 4              "
" C. "            5and��              "            "                 "
������ D. "            7 and 8             "            "                 "
Shipments of 10,000 lbs., of mixed goods to be entitled to car load rates. Freight will lie delivered as far
south as navigation will permit and will be charged for
according to distance transported.
Express Rate to Fort Steele 5cts. per lb.
The Company's liability on express parcels Iieing limited to $2 per lb
1 per cent will be charged on excess value mentioned on Bill of Lading.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;        F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
:m. b. lang;
BOOT8A SHOES,        STATIONERY, PIPES,   Etc.,   Etc.
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
M. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
Manufactures of Sash, Doors, Mouldings
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.
Have on hand a lot of Wash B��.sin and Batty
HOUSTON  -ft.1 CO.
t I


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