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The Golden Era Jul 5, 1901

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Array <*^y^-l^^<^     ^Jjr^G^
to       Jams Hendebbon,
�� BuUder& Contractor,
OS       A supply of Building Lime for Sal*.
*J Plan prepared.   Prompt attention given te
, Jife order..
&*mtW8&$$m& ?)
8i*-Q Writer
tfeenle ArtUt
Hum l>ee��rat*r.
Lwv. Ord.r. at Kootsny Heat., Gold.., B.O.
'fOh.   XI  NO.   40
GOLDEN, British Columbia. FRIDAY, JULY 5. 1901
2 Per Year.
The Big Store.
New stock of food stuffs for man
and beast~a full car load of the best
brands. Prices as easy as possible
under present market conditions.
Boiled Oats
Graham Flour
Corn Meal
Split Peas
Pearl Barley
Special Value inOre-
r;or| and Canadian
Ca'nqp Blankets.
Trale Where'Cash does Double Duly.
'��� imrtimt-itifi^^
Just arriv-&ft mt
A carload of
GEO. GALE & Co's.
Iron Bedsteads,
Mattrasses und
. A. Warren's.
General Merchant,   -----  OOLDEN, B.C.
Upper Columbia
NaYigatipn ��S Tramway Co.
Stsamars- DUCHESS and HYAK KBu*
Season of 1901 Opens April 2nd.
Saddles, Pack-saddles,
Straps, Whips, Collars, etc.
.......      Boss Miner's Boot,
01 Lb IAL :   16-lneh River Boot, made in full French
Calf, double soles,        ...
Only Quick and Comfortable Route to Min-
ihff Towns of Windermere Mining
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital (Paid Up. ���XVSOO 0<>0
Beat - .        1830,000
U-;   Director.-'
n. 8. Hewlaml,       -       President.
T.R. MerriK,        ���        Vice-Pies.
Wn, Kassiaay,     T. Sutherland Staynor
Rebert Jafl'ray, ��lia. Rogers,
Wm. Hendrie.
11KAI) Omci:   TOKOXTO.
D. K. Wii.kie, General Manager.
JK. Hay, In.pes.tor.
MANITOBA, N. W. T. and B. C.
Brando.., Calgary, Edmonton,
Golden, Kelson, Portage la I'ra.rie,
Prince Albert, Revelstoke, Strathcona.
Vancouver,       Winnipeg,
V.nnex, Fen���, Gall, Hamilton, Ingersoll,
Mstovsrel, Niagara Fall., Port Colbourne
Hat I'ortage, Haul! Ste. Marie, St.
Catharines. St. Thomas, Toronto, Wellnn.1,
Woodstock, and Montreal, 'int.
Agents In <��rent Uritalit:
Lloyd'. Bank, Ltd., 12 Lo.nbs.rd St., tendon
stlth whom money may be deposited for
tnn.sf.r by letter or cable to any ol the
above branches. -
Agents In Culled States:
NEW YORK- Bank of Montreal, Bank el
CllK*AGO-Flrst National Batik.
ST. PA l'i.-Second National Bank.
SAN FRANCISCO-Well*, Fargo k Ce..
Agents la South Africa.
Interest allowed on dopoaltss.
fro, ini-iisl, Municipal ami other del,B��t..re��
,^\.    purchased.
DRAFTS** t.ETTEl!8t>l* eiffiffl* -
Available at all jHsintn in ('.inula, United
r*'      Kingdom, Uaitesl State.* '
J. S. Gibb, Mgr., Golden Branch.
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solicitor.
Notary Public.Convey ancer, etc
Office In Upper Columbia Kavijtasion and
Train ray Company's Building,
Holden, B. V.
Harvey, McCarter tt Pinkham,
llarrlater.. Solicitor.. Ae.
Revelstoke, B.C. Fort Steele, B.C,
Rooms Alexander Block Golden B. C.
Jas. Brady, D.L.S., & P.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
M. Am'n. Inst. M.E.
Surveys made for Assessment Work and
Crown Grants.
Land for sale on Lake Windermere and
Findlay Creek, East Koo'.enay.
P. fi. DE80RME.AU,
...  Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
Rontb Side Kicking florae River,
Hull Bros. & ���o.
WholesileiRetail   *
Cattle, Sheep and Hone Dealers.
For first-class
Leave Oolden: Tuesday 4 am, arriving -at Peterborough
Athalmer, Canterbury and Windermere same evening-
Returning arrive at Golden Wednesday afternoon.
Leave Oolden Friday -4 a.m. for Peterborough and intermediate points; returning arrive at Oolden Sunday
���       afternoon. ���"'���'���.
Low rates on Ore, Lumber, Hay, Grain and Ooal.
for further information apply to
C. H.  PARSON, secretary,
Dairy Butter
Fresh Eggs
.and all kind, ul
Farm Produce
Apply to
Reveletoke Junior Football Team Tie
a Seeend Time with tbe Viotoria..
��� -Uolden Senior. Prove Tee Maeh
for Rerelateko Hen. '
Sunday', Np, 2 brought in a orowd
ol iportsmen from Revelstoke. The
Football Club of that town aendinji
senler end junior team, to play with
the-Golden kiokera. The aft..noon
vrae .pent io viewing the eurroundinge
of * ho town, the riaitor. being especially pleased with the boating facilitiae
���riich ne enjoy. The various churches
were attended in the evening according
te the religion, tendenciee ot the visitor*.
Monday morning a visit wai paid lo
the uroundi which had been put into
ae good shape ae possible for the
games. Seats were erected for the
accomodation of spectators and whitewash was used to mark the ground off
fer Ihe convenience of '.he (slayer..
Wh.n Referee Donaldson blew the
the whistle fur the junior game en
Monday there was a large crowd of
spectator, present on the field and the
teams lined up as follows : -
Revelstoke- Goal, DS.nythr; Back,
C Palmer, J Inches; HalfBack, E Corson (Capt.), G MoLeod, C Corson;
Forwards, W Beavo, E Reams, G
Beavo. G Richard, G Graham.
Gol |<*n -Goal, A, Woodland; Back.
R Kenny. B HannajHalf Back, 1
M Alpine, G StaffM^MoriJ-K.- For
nit.; 11 Hanna, H Pughe, L Gould
(Cap..), W Pughe, M Melutosh.
Considerable comment was aroused
by the difference in weight between th.
two teams, the Hevelstoke boys averaging much hearier than the Victorias.
From the start it was apparent that a
close game waa to be expected, the ball
travelling lirst to one goal and then te
the other, the local team was having
the best of it. The forward line of tbe
Victorias, however, was w.ak and at
critical moments lott the ball throigh
the men not being up in position, in
feet one of the players seemed to bo
unable to tear himself away from the
defense. During the first half no goals
w.re scored though both had narrow
escapes. The goal keepers, however,
were on hand and made good stops,
one in particular by Woodland which
was much applauded.
. After a short rest the ball was faced
off again.the Victorias, having to play
with the sun in their eves, and after
about 20 minutes play, a goal was
scored by Revelstoke. It was claimed
that the player who seored wa. offside, but the referee gave the goal and
play wss resumsd. Ths Victories now
made desperate efforts to even the score
and shot after shot was poured into
tbe Revelstoke goal, but Smythe made
some good slops snd was lucky ia
having the ball pas. the posts when
he missed so that when the whistle
blew for time the score was 1 to 0 in
Rev.lstoke's favor.
After the game was over, Geo Beavo,
who kicked the goal, acknowledged
that he was off-side and that the referee's decision wss incorrect, so it was
sgreed that the game be called a tie.
The senior teams took the field immediately after the close of the junior
game. The local team appearing in
white with a winged foot iu red on
their breast.. The Revelstoke team
founsl themselves short a man and
little delay ensued. Mr. R. Sanderson
wetil- on to fill the vacanc and the
teams fsicd one another a. below:
Revelstoke-Goal, Hamilton; Back.,
Dodd, Purvis; Half Back, Carey. Mi
Rae, Sanderson; Forwards, Smytha.
Graham, MeGuire,  Donaldson,  I'arr.
Golslen-Goal, Tom; Back, Tayler,
Patmore; Hs.ll Back, King, Alexander,
Stalker; Forward., Field, Robertson,
Holt, Sinclair, La Fleur.
The game was a most enjoyable one
from a spectator's standpoint, the p.c
being a hot one from start to finish
No goals were scored in the first hall
during which the Revelstoke team
having won the toss, played wilh their
backs to the sun, ths Golden men
having the disadvantage of the sun in
their eyes. The form exhibited by the
home team was a surprise lo those
who had not known of tl.e faithful
practise which has been put in by the
local men for tbe week previous to the
game, the effects of which could be
seen in the perfect understanding which
existed between the players. Tke
Revelstoke defence was kept busy, but
proved equal to the occasion, stopping
rush after rush. When the whietie
was blown for half time a rush wae
made for the water pails by the playsis
to get some of the dust from their
throats, and a welcome 10 minutes
rest was enjoyed.
At the call of the referee's whistle
the ball was pnt in play again and for
tha first few minutes was very even,
but soon the Revelstoke defenss showed
signs that the hard struggle wa. telling
on their staying powers and the Golden forwards began to bombard Hamil
ton. About ihis time a regre'lable
accident cccuied when Rny Smythe
came iuto collision wilh Dr. Taylor,
and received a nasty fall which laid
him out. A substitute beiug necessary,
C. Palmer of ths junior team took his
place and play was resumed. Almost
immediately after this, J. La Fleur by
a beautiful shot from the wing, which
eluded the almost invincible Hamilton.
scorsd the first goal for Golden. This
was followed in a few minutes by a
loug shot from King, which was tried
for by one of the Revelstoke backs, but
passed him aud sailed through th.
goal. After this the home team played
more on the defensive and when time
was called tl.e score stood two to nil in
favor of Golden,
In the evening a smoking concert
was tendered ths? visiting teams, as
owing to the train being expected about
10 o'clock, it was not thought advisable to hold tl.esujsper as originally
intended. An enjoyable erening was
spent and at 10.10 the visitors were
escorted to the station hy a large
orowd, cheers for the home teams being
given with hearty good will bythe
Revelstoke men before they left, the
train pulling out amid a round of
cheering from the crowd on the station
platform who ware unanimous in their
admiration of the sportsmanlike spirit
of the Revelstoke players.
Little Melville Mcintosh received a
severe kick on the head during a
scrimmage which completely (lazed him
for a white. He pluckily cominued
play and bis clever work was admired
on ell sides.
One spectator remarked that if all
one legged players could do as well as
Louis Gould it would pay to have a
team composed of one-legged men'
Roy Hanna had lots of fun with
some of the big juniors, he can play
rings around most of them.
Dr. Holt gavo a splendid exhibition
of the game of football, being alwaya
willing to pass the ball without in
dtlging in grandstand play. Hi once
took the ball through eix opposing
players, his command of the leather
being perfect.
Captain Sinclair smiled after tryir.g
the effect of a charge on Purvis, the
big Revelstoke back. It didn't work
worth a cent.
Charlie Tom played for the second
time between the posts on Monday's
game and he played a star game too
Eliminating the Objectionable.
London June 29.-The report of the
Select Committe of the House of Lords
appointed to consider the Accession
Declaration of the Sovereign In regsnl
to transubstantiation, finds that tlie
language can Ise advaiKagnouslv modified without diminishing it. efficacy,
as security for il.e maintenance of she
Protestant succession. The form of
declaration suggested bribe Committer
does not contain phrases relative to
islolstry, etc which are ��o olijwtion*
nble to Roman Catholics.
Palliser Pabulum.
Frain Oar Own C.rresDendeat.
Palli.sr, July 4-Tho firet thunderstorm of the season occurred on Tuesday night. It came up the Kicking
Horse pass aud shook tl.e mouutains
with crash and boom of its royal artillery. The river is a font higher from
the heavy downpour of rain. Weather
rery coul.
Hon. W. C. Wells arrived on Tuesday from Victoria and left for Calgary
on Wednesday accompanied by man*
ager George Wells.
An accident occurred to Ray Eshel-
snann on Wedi.rs.slay Is. which a severs
cut on his right hand will disable hiin
for a week or two. Careful dressing
and a stitch or two stopped the blood
and relieved the pain.
Gillian Currie, an old employs** in
the mill, has gone coa.t wards. During
his labors here he psoved to be an efficient carriage setter, besides being
prompt and reliable in the performance
of all hss duties.
A gander dance, with Albert Kijoe
wielding the bow and Ed D.ilil aa floor
manager, is the latest amusement.
Jim Campbell pulle-l out yesterday
for Peterboro whire he has accepted a
responsible position  oss public works.
Ross Rounds is enlarging the Bleep*
ing j.ccommoditiiun to his neat little
house which fuel, lis conjunction with
certuiu well defined laws of partnership,
snake it probable thai he will take another and u better Issslf for life tiefure
tl.e leaves lie-in to fall.
A tug*of-war, a wrestling contest
and a foot. rHcecon.titi.led a very short
but lively spectacle on Dominion Day.
The remainder of the day was spent
in physical cult ure and lung tretuuseut
in tho mill and at tlie saint time adding
shingles to the roofs uf our future
A friend has favored *'Pab" with a
copy of the Boston Globe. Judging
by its matter and pictures the Boston-
inns think they are 'some punk...*,."
It would be an eye opener for then, tn
take a run out here and see a bit of
life in tl.e woolly west. Because Boston ia fertile is. barnacles and moss,
tneir papers call it "cultclsaw." They
style their city tbe modern Athens-
shades of Demosthenes, Homer and
Arletolle, what gall! Come this way
friend Globe and see nature as she is,
without any trininiii.gs, and you will
get an idea of the disparity of lean
and a 17,000-foot R.okj mountain.
Arrivals at Hotel De Bunk-Archie
Lamb, Jim Smiley, Geo A'lsop, Hercules Prisk, Robt, nnd John Efton.
It is reported here that Peter Sebastian has sold the Anna Jnsel.ine lead
mine. A large number of persons are
iuieiested in the deal.
The Trackmen's Strike.
On this division the strike bas not
materially changed, the men s'audiiig
firmly together and the company still
using the Japanese gang and pa.rolling the track with tl.e special train.
Orders bave ben issued to all freight
crews lisnitiog their rate oi speed to 15
miles sn hour on the best portion of
the track and from eight to ten on the .
snore dangerous sections.
It is reported that the compsuiy haa
secured a dozen men from I here-Mat lo
act a. bridgemen on this di-gMta, hut
be have sine, learned thai tfc-ljr have
refused to go to work.. From
other points on the road contradictor**
reports are received, but from the reports given out by the company regarding this section, it is safe to dis-
count any claims they make.
The passenger trains continue to be
very late so that tl.e stateme its of the
strikers to the effect that the men are
standing out would seem to be correct.
Word hss come from Montreal to the
effect that the company is likely to
ai range with the strikers soon. It is
to be hi'ped this is true.
Dawson, June 24. ���The jury, in the
case of Georirn O'Brien, charged with
the murder of Linn Kelfe, Fred Cl.y-
son an<l Ole Oleaon ve.'erday evening
brought in a verdict of gnilty*, ae
charged. This morning .he prieouer
was brought into court and sentenced
to Ise hanged ou Augnst it
Tl.e ca.. wa. beicun on June 9, and
for 13 daya the ereatesi criminal case
in the history of the northwest wae
fsmel.t out Sixty eix witueeaea were
called by the pusecntion.
London, .Tuns- 2!) Th. revenue return, fnr .he Ussited Kingdom for she
quarter en led Ju >e 00, h show an in-
nrea.n from all eossrs.es nf t'!l,0H�� 105
over ihe returns for the corresponding
nsiarlar uf 1000. Of the inure-so ��*!,-
440 OOO |e 'erived from the ine sine lax
and ��7*17.000 from 'he Cueto.oe.
Montreal, June 27. - Andres* A'ls'i,
head of the .hipping firm of H. k A.
Allan, died thie afternoon fruit heart
failure.   He had been  in ill health for
D.��tt, .rstr rbsMUM -alt.
T..ronto. June 29 Sir ThoinsssGalt,
lase Chief Justice ���( the Court ot
Common Pl.����. died thia morning at
hi. home, 99 Pembroke Street. For
weeka lie has been in a feeble rtate,
some time and was advanced in years. I and his de.ih was not unexpected. THE ERA, GOLDEN, EG,July 5, ISO)
��Its (Soli-cit (Bva.
Ko. V. CiiAMi^Ki, - Editor and Publisher
fiubscriptlou. HOO per year iu advance.
Aslvortisiiig rates snade known oss request
(���'.IT:* *Y   f.i.v 5.  11.11
The appointment of an 0 iicUl AC-
iniiiistratur for the district uf Gol-len
and Win lermere I. one that will meet
with uuiversa' approval by all interested. As pointed uut by this journal
l.sst February aioiher administrator
v as needed owing lu tho extent of the
cuusiltueuuv, and the Government lias
beau well advised in making this new*
appointment. Mr. Griffith's appoint*
��� oent tu tl.e office will also meet with
j.opular approval, as he is a man ol
....blemished reputation nnd trus'cd by
nil. For an oflice like official adminis
trator a man ia needed whost character
is well and lavorablj known, and who
has ability to perforin his duties to
ilie s.iisfaction uf those concerned.
Mr. Griffith i.a man who fulfills these
iei|uireiiieiits, and we feel sure the an*
liounceinei.t will be received with favor
all uver the district.
Sequel  to  st It a Killing ef  Ilia Cook
Near Uolslen by Mni llrotlser ef sin
L.i. Ion, Juno 27.���The  ari.locrntic
fsisnilr of the l.tscellea hns  .nose titan
is share (f   grim  skelton-..    Within
I lie past month two heavy blows have
fallen upon ibis ennobled bouse.
TI101.1 came lo light, today a P��d
sequel to the iocc.it killing of his
Chinese cook on his British Columbia
ranch by Hon. Francis J. Lascelle",
l.O'.v nil inmate of ih. asylum for the
insane at New Westminster.
Hon. Eric Liscelles, brother ofthe
Esrl of Uarewood, brother or the Coun
l��ss of Djssnrt nnd brother of the unfortunate Hon. Francis J. Liscelles,
was fo ind dead in a slow wagon al
This penniless aristocrat has for
-searsbs.cn exhibiting automatic jic-
lures at country fairs under the name
of E ic L-sith. When ha beard of his
brother's insanity, and of the murder
of his servant nesr Golden, 11. C, Eric
L .smiles began drinking heavily, and
d;ed from tne effects.
l.siicis from hi. sister, the Countess
of Diss.rt, and from a L.ndon lawyer
ua. found ill the dead man', pocket.
A remittance wss enclosed, and reference was made in the Liters lo the
iioubl*. uf bis brother Francis iu Bri
i.su Columbia.
The  Jury's Recommendation   to Mercy, Backed by Judge
McColl's Opinion, Left no Other Course Open.
Dsptforl. J sine 29.���At a meeting of
t se U sited Irish L-ag'ia litre tonigh",
Mr. J.hn Dillijn Ac so-iiical fiircely
the Gjvernmint and lhe war in South
During the proves* of ths mie'ing
tl.e delegates from B irmonpsay ma'ch-
csl in, carryin' banners, which they
p.a:e.l b.liin.l the speaker's chair,
in. ler a portrait of the King. In Hi*
s.iouss to crie. oi "Cover him up" the
Immure wero hung up so ns to blot
on the portrait, lo the manifest satis
f.iiit.o.i ofthe audience, who cheered
liiii.dro.ls uf trials by medical science to stom
llie lisle of i*s ravages-.'ind not not until
buuth A.uei'lcan Kidney Curs, proveil beyond
.. slsmlst ita pota-or lo turn back the tide, was
thore tl glows, oi iu.ytl.lngb.il despair f.sr
.lie victim ol tlsis dread form of kidnoy dis-
u..��u.   bull I,. U. *V I'li'iussre.-ul.
Tne Hague. June 29.-The formal
institution of the Dutch branch of lhe
International Arbitration Union took
I laue so lay. Messrs Kruger. Wessels.
Fischer snd Woltnarans were appointed honorary members. The meeting
decided that it would be of no use to
seek 'he meditation of the Hague
Court fur the lettlenu nl of the South
African troubles.
1'hss |*npiilnr view ssf tl.u lolalion uf the
rs liilinll of the islissl to htiiiiiiu s-har..ctor and
eouilsu't is in; r' esl is: in uy ii familiar expres
���doss..   Vesiio..k of there sA'iug "laid blood"
betweess peni'la at enmity, ot* "blsto htssosl" ns
li��li.-Kti.iK nucestry. of "black blsss.l"... des
crlbiug a trs'sieherous .utture, and iu many
fiuo'her jiliras. marl, onr belie! that iu th..
mental moral and phyais.sl mnu, "the bluoI
is tlse life.''  'I Iso one basis of a healthful,
happy and sssssfal ll'e is pure blood.   Wit*.
the l'lt-n.1  pure, disease litis no permanent
I slgiisg '"aceintl.eaysleiu.   For this roasuu
Itieus'siiFDr. Pierce's Uolslen Mclls-id '��� is*
. .very ri �� thss bsslynf sllsea es whleh have
tiseir "ori.'il. iu  I sipurlty  of the Islsssxl.   li
iibolutoly purlmw the liUsl. carrying nlf
l.sewas'e ami onia-nsuus liuttier, l,.crea.isig
ish. action of the lilxsd-usukissg gl-iusbs, siini
build ng up lho Isissly by sui'ldyiug tlu. bls-ml
iu qllunti v and qsuslity sucls. s is oasoniiisl to
lo a lousiisiuu of belli..   It eures ninety-
."Kb. |.u.s|sl.. eul of OA'ory hundred who give
i.a fairlrhl,
On June 27 the case of Fred Collin;
cams be "ore tlie Cabinet for consideration, and in view of the strong recotn
menda'ion of Hon. Chief Justice McColl and the jury which sat on ths
cases, -*,, order-in council was jiassttd
commuting the death ssn'ence to one
of imprisonment for life.
The case is still fresh in llie minis
of lhe people of this district, great interest having beon shown at the time
of the trial a few weeks ago, snd much
sympathy expressed foi the prisoner,
whe, in the opinion of meny who saw
him on the morning of the crime, was
not strictlr accountable for the murder
of Arthur Dando, better known as the
Baiij-* Kid. Collins, it will ba re
member..!, was attacked by Dando in
the early morning hours of the 9th of
October last, being struck on the head
with a quart bottle D.uido then proceeded to wreck the house and left
leaving Collins lying insensible.
Collins then hud his wound dressed
and went to Athalmer, where he re
mained till about 7:30, and procured a
revolver and cartridges. Leaving
Athalmer in a rig he returned to Peterboro, nnd on his arrival threatened to
shoot Geo, Chamberlain, accusing bim
of being concerned in the trouble of the
night before. Harry Munson, whose
evidence at the trial elicited favorable
comment from the judge, persuaded
hint of bis mistake, and induced him
io go to the local magistrate, Mr. Scoville, for a warrant for Dando's arrest.
Scoville apparently did not. r 'alizu how
serious tl.e manor was, and told Collins to consult a lawyer aud come back
in an hour. Collins seemingly took
thi. ns a refusal and went nt once to
the hotel where Dando slept nnd enquired as to his whereabout., flourishing his revolver and announcing hi"
intention to shoot him. Four men
who were in the bar at this time al*
lowed hiin to go upstairs in search of
Duulo, and sought places of snf-ity
when ihey heard shots in Ihe upper
When Culls.ia returned to the bar
with tl.e revolver in his hand his head
was bleeding und he said "Dando touk
the gun from me and shot ine," and
left lhe bouse.
Dando was found br.atl.ing his Inst,
having been shot in the chest and abdomen, The arrest of Collins was accomplished without any trouble and
be was brought before Magistrate Scoville uud committed for trial to the
Assizes. At. the Assizes he was defended by Thos. O'Brien, who rested
his case on the plea of insanity. The
Crown was represented by Hon. T. M
Daly, K.C., of Rossland. Hun. Chief
Justice McColl gave the case his un
divided attention, and his address to
the jury was confined to legal points
raised by counsel.
The following gentlemen composed
the jury : J. A. Mclntyre, 8. H. Gale,
F. Halliday, R. Wvld, R. W Patmure,
W. Flynn, H. Gale, T. Todd, W.
Baumber, A. Dahlquist, R. Bookhout,
J. H. Semple (foreman). After a
couple of hours' deliberation they
brought in a verdict of guilty with a
recommendation to mercy -
His Lordship then expressed the
opinion that the verdict waa the only
one that could have been arrived at,
and promised, in submitting the case
to the Minister of Justice, to support
tlie jury's recommendation. He then
pronounced the death sentence, setting
the date for July 26th. The judge was
completely overcome wiih emotion and
had to leave the bench for a short time
to recover his composure.
Colling was taken to Nelson gaol
next morning and nn Eka representative secured a snap shot of him on his
wny to the station, in custody of
Officers Barnes and Cameron.
Collins was well known here, having
spent a year in Golden working at 1.1s
I rude of house decorator. He came from
Woodstock, Ont., where his family
leside, and used to work in the Karn
piano and organ faotory there. There
is no truth in the report that he was
once an inmate of an insane asylum.
He was, however, known as a "bad
boy" and more than once made the
acquaintance of Ihe police magistrate.
A petition was circulated in Woodstock to the Minister of Justice on his
behalf, and 1.400 signatures were obtained, including the Mayor of the
town aud all the prominent citizens.
A Denver millionaire has placed in
escrow in a Denver bank a prolimi.srry
emlon ..'out uf 11,000,000 toe.tal.liss.
svl'al will h" known as ihePeojsl-s.
Church, fo lu 'ing the doctrine laid
(own by Dr H. A. Thoina., uf.Glsh ���
sg's, T. i. i.tuasis tl.ei the new church
wiil be strictly uusles.uiuinuiiuual.
Prosi.ec orri who have ciaiiti*. lo dispose of should consult Andrew F.
Rosenb-'rgcr, of the Prospector's Exchange, Nelscn.    Sec ad on jingo 8.   *
LIFE OUT," is the way Mrs. K. H. Wright,
of llr.-ckrille, Out*, describes her sufferings
Irons smothering, fluttering and palpitation.
Alter trying many remedies without Iseisetit,
n'% Isottlos nf Dr. Agnew'a Dure lur the heart
resiori-d her to I ertei't health. The first
doso gave almost isislasst relief and in a day
a.iffer.ng ceased altogether.���Sold lay U. W.
women to travel .nil advertise fur old ostsb-
I slsesl house ul'solid tinaus-i-sl standing. Salary tied a year and expenses, sll pnyahle In
cash. No .'..uvasssiug required. Give re*
fereiices aud ens-lose self-uddreaeed stamped
osivelo[se. Asldrcss Manager, iioa I'axton
Bldg., aiicagd; out 11.
Poets have been
fond of likening
woman to a flower.
Her fairness le
flowerlike. Her
sweetness suggests
the flower fragrance.
Her very fragility
finds its type again
in the frail flower, which languishes when
neglected, and is so easily destroyed. It
ia a pretty simile and almost as perfect as
AU women love flowers, and every woman
who grows them knows that their health
depends on daily care. Not alone are
water and sunshine necessary to the health
of the plant. Their leaves and roots must
be guarded from the parasites which soon
destroy the flower's beauty and undermine
its life.
If a wosnas. would-care for herself as she
docs for her plants she would preserve her
beauty and retain her Btreugth fur beyond
tlte period when the average woman looks
old aud feels older than she looks.
Of woman's preservation of her beauty
lies In the Intelligent care of the womanly
health. So close is the relation between
the health of the delicate womanly organs
and the health of the whole body, that
whenever the feminine functions are deranged or disturbed the consequences are
felt by every nerve in the body. -Severe
headache, backache, pain iu the side, and
bearing-down pains ure borne with by so
many thousands of women that one who is
in sound health l. a rare exception. Most
women would give anything to know how
to be cured. The way is very plain. Follow the path made by more than a half a
million women who have been perfectly
cured of womanly Ills and weakness.
ss r believe I owe my life to Dr. Fierce', favorite Prescription aud ��� Fl.su.sst Pellets,'�� uy.
Mrs. Maria O. Hayzel, writing fs'osss Brooklassd.
D. C. "Six yeara asp., .Iter the birth of one of
my children, I was left In a weak, run-dowu condition. My health seemed utterly B��ne. I sut
f^rcd Irom nervoisaucss, female wealssscss and
rheumatism, aud I suffered everything one could
suffer from these com plaints. Ufe was a burden,
I doctored with three different physicians ansl
gut no relief. I tried (several patesst medicines,
all with the ssasne result. 1 began to get worse,
and to add to the coin plications I suffered ter*
ribly from cossstipation. I clsaiscesl to see oue ol
vour advertisements and couclusled to try the
above remedies. I conssneuced to take Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription and 'pleasant
Pellets' and began to impros'e right away, aud
:ontissised improving assd gaining in strength. I
.-assnot express the relief. It waa su great, seven
illu.lths later my little slassghter was born without suucli trouble. I feel that I wossld never
have been able to endure my coufiiiemeist had
it not beeu for the help I received from Dr.
Pierce's medicines. My baby was a fine, healthy
child, and the only one I hove ever been able to
ssurse. She is now two vears old aud I have
never had to take assy medicine siuce, sw I feel
that your medicine has made a lasting ctsre
with me. I owe so much iu thanks, it would be
itnpossible for me to express by word or pea
how thankful I am to God aud Dr. Fierce."
Nomma is surer
Thin the effect of Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription. Untaxes weak women strong,
sick women well. It regulates the periods,
stops disagreeable drains, heals inflammation and ulceration, and cures female weakness. It prepares tbe wife for motherhood,
gives her vigor and physical strength, so
that the birth hour is practically painless.
It is the best of tonics because lt contains
no alcohol, neither opium, cocaine, nor any
other narcotic. For working women in the
home, store or schoolroom it is an invaluable medicine. It quiets the nerves, increases the appetite, and causes restful
and refreshing sleep. Nursing mothers
will find no tonic so beneficial to mother
and child as Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescrip-
That question is often on a woman's Una,
for of her it ia expected that she shall be
ready to do something in any emergency
In the home. When that question refers
to health, sickness or disease, the answer
will be found in Dr. Pierce's Common
Sense Medical Adviser. This great work
contains 1008 large pages, and is sent free
on receipt of stamps to pay expense of
customs and mailing only. Send 31 one-cent
stamps for the book bound In paper or 50
stamps for the volume In cloth binding.
Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
G.nnor.Elected hy 4 Majority���Ladle.
All Vot.d--MB.li Excitement.
On Saturday a number of residents
of the school section were at the school
house at 11 o'clock, the advertised
hour for holding the meeting to elect a
trustee in place of Wm. Sutherland
whose term expired. Neither of the
other trustees was present and the
minutes ot the last school meeting were
not to be had.
Mr. Moody was oalled to the chair
an dMr. Barron to tbe secretary's desk.
Mr. Aylmer then addressed the meeting
and called attention to the fact that
there were two vaoancies lobe filled as
Mr. C. H. Parson wae not properly
elected. Owing, however, to the fact
that this meeting wae called for the
election of one trustee only, it waa not
within the power of this meeting to
fill the two vacancies. The Cluirmen
then called for nominations and J. W.
Connor was nominated by C. A. Warren, seconded by Mr. Wesson. A few
minutes before the hour (or the closing
of the nomination, Mr. Robbins, secretary of the school Board arrived an.l
noiuinased VV. Rutherford, whleh was
Muuisiled by R. W. Pal more. The
statement fur the year waa read by
Mr. Bobbins. The minutes of the
last-annual meeting were read by Mr.
Rubbins, and the faot was elicited that
no notice was givon to the publio for
tho election of more than one trustee,
Townsite 01 Golden.
jtiBBPSSaBBBBB g 8 .i.^L-'|A���-��*..^���*Ju^^^���^^7y7q^^^fff^
Business and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy lerms of Payment.
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia River, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made io
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with the
fact that transportation is now assured at an early date
by a railway running the length of the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forms
the only land available for the extension of the building
area. ��-
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
And it to their interest to purchase before a further rise
takes place.
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agreement for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on
application to
II. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
H. G. Parson, Merchant.
A Half Year ol Excitement'
The Royal Visit to Canada.
The Closing Scenes ofthe War.
The Return ofthe Army.
An Opportunity f j? Gj den EHA Raadars to Reap Pasted During
*   tbis Period of Excitement.
By a very satisfactory clubbing arrangement with that great Family Newspaper the Family Heral.l and Weekly Star ol Montreal we are enabled to offer
to new subscribers the biggest value ever heard of.
The balance of this year promises the most startling events, and every person should keep posted.   Here is an opportunity.
For the small sum of $1.00 we will seud yon nntil January Ist, 1903, The
Golden Era, The Family Herald and Weekly Star and the Family Herald's
two great premium pictures, '-Christ in the Temple" and "Home from tbe
Is that not a dollar's worth? Either'picture alone is worth double the money.
This offer is open only to Jnne 80th as the supply of pictures is limited and
cannot be promised after that dale.
To any of our present subscribers we offer the Family Herald and Weekly
Star until January 1st, 1902, including the two pictures, for the email lam of
B0 conis.
the school law was read and it wae
fonnd tbat the proper procedure had
not been followed. Ur Alyraer then
eontended that Ur, Parson was illeg
ally elected. Ur. llobblna olaimed that
the Superintendent of Education had
assured him that he wae satisfied with
Mr. Parson's eieotion. It was pointed
out that the Supt. of Education was
not empowered to overrule the law.
Mr. Alymer moved, seconded by W.
Alexander, that in the opinion ol this
meeting the election of Mr. C. H, Far-
son was illegal and that the trustees
be requested to take the proper steps
to fill the vacancy.   Carried.
The hour for receiving nominations
having passed the Chairman declared
a poll necessary between Ur. J. W.
Connor, and Win. Rutherford. The
meeting decided that the voting be
open, and then began one of the most
exciting elections ever held in Oolden.
The ladies rallied to the support ol
their favorites, and Mr. Jones for
Rutherford and Ur McNeish for Con
nors secured every available vote. At
4 p. in. the vote stood Connor 72,
Ruthetford 68. Mr. Robbing protested
against closing tho poll as hia watch,
being slow, only pointed lo 10 min. to
4. The oh.irniam however refused to
keep the poll open lorger as it was
opened by the same time piece aa it
wns closed by,
There ere some rumore tbat Mr.
Connor's election will be protested but
vte trust tbat thie I* mere talk as th6
election was a very fair one, everything
being done good naturedly and to take
any action now would only serve to
embitter both parties.
THE attention of Pre-einptors ot Crown
lands is hereby called to sn amendment te
the "Land Act," passed at the last session of
the Legislature, which provides as follows,
vis. ,���
"9 Pre-Anptors of Crown landa, whether
in arrears in payment ot instalments of per*
chase money or not. who at the timeef coming
into lorce of Ihis Art here olitainedCertlficstea
of Improvement, or whs. shsll have obtained
Certificates of Improvement within twelve
month, thereafter, shall on conforming with
the provisions ofthe "Lend Act," eieept as
hereby altered, be entitled to obtain Crown
grants of their pre-emption claima upon completing payments of purchsse money at Ibe
rate oi seventy-live cents psr sere, snd Crown
"ant feet, which payments may bs made as
iloas i���
"Twenty-flve cents per acre on or before
Ihe Hist day of December, 1801;
"Tnentv-tive cents psr sere en er before
the SOth day of June, liift!;
"And the remaining-
Twenty live cents on er before tbe Slst day
December, 1901, and  without any farther
psynieht of interest or arrears of Interest.''
Deputy Commiaslouer of Lends k Wffh.
Lends and Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., 1st Jons, 1WI.        II
The family ol Mr. S. Weetsiev, tta
Ontario farmer ate poisoner! pefrisige
last week nnd Mr. Weet-**y |jejl ih*
name day. The other n��wl)ets at tb*
family were saved with difficoity. THE ERA, GOLDEN, B.C, July 5, I iii
The General Assembly of the Presby
lerian Churoh amongst its many other
duties, surveys the Foreign Mission
Field. The death of Dr. George Leslie
MacKav in Furmosa, makes this the
saddest Foreign Mission Report erer
presented to that body. The Presbyterian Church is divided into two
sections for mission purposes-the
Eastern and Western. The Eastern
Section found in their first missionary,
Dr. John God lie, one of ths heroes of
missions; one ot the unforgetable men
whose life has been an inspiration for
half a century. He labored in the New
Heuredes with wonderful reselts.
Whe^he landed on the Island of Aneit-
ynm in the New Hebredes, thers were
no Christians. When he loft, he could
find no heathen. The inspiration of
such a man did much to make the
missions of ths E istern Section of the
Churoh a success.
The Western Section waa equally
fortunate in finding in Dr. G. L. MacKav, Iheir first missionary, another
hero. He Ian led in Formosa, friend
Ijsj, ninoniSt .1 hostile pao|ile in Deo.
18J1. H- now lays down his work
leavia*! in the mission 60 congregation's
nnd 6* native preacls'ere tiained by
himself. Ths reason, there are not
more churches is that the northern
part of Formosa ft practioally covered.
The work lhat remains for his successors is to buildup ani develop the
churches foundsd by li im. Such a
life is worth living, and it will never
lie forgotten. Ths Rsv. Gaull, who
has been associated with Dr. MacKay
is a strong man, and will now assume
the burden Another appointment will
soon be made, and thus the work will
be maintained.
The Chinese are steadily increasing
in numbers. Raising the capitation
tax to 8100.00 does not appreciably
affect them. Whatever may bs eaid
about the Chinese problem from the
labcr stai.dpoint, exclusive measures,
there is no duubt ns to the churches
% duty now. Thsy are strangers amongst
ue. The gospsl is for them, as for us,
nnd the chinch should seek to give it
. to them. They all expect to return to
China. The majori'y do return nnd
as miuy as have been taught the truth
*iu Canada, lake it wilh them and
scatter the pool seed in their own father hnd.
The Foreign Mission Committee of
the Tresbi teriau Church has decided
to sart a Mission in Macao, China,
for the txpress jsiirpose of following
up work done in Canada. The Chinese
themselvi'B want a mission there
mnongst ther own people and will help
tu su| port it.
The Rev. Alexander Don, of Dune
din, New Zealand, has been called to
take up lhe work Mr Winchester has
laid down in British Columbia. Mr.
Don has b��n in China and knows the
villages from which our Canadian
Chinese come, and will thus be able at
once to toush them sympathetically
It would be a glorious thing if the
15C00 Chinese in Canada now, were eo
influenced as to recognise Jesus Christ
as Redeemer. The result in China
would be incalculable. They are scattered in colonies ull through the land.
The churches everywhere should.be on
the alert to win andoonvert them iuto
workers amongst their own people.
In many towns and villages, earnest
Christians are making an effort, but in
other places they are entirely neglected.
Good news comes frotn India as to
the results of the famine. Already
rainy of the rescued ones are seeking
baptism. The few that remain in
many uf the desolated villages, now
welcome the missionary and listen te
him as never before. The ploughing
of the soil.precedes, tl.e harvest. The
harroi-t will come in due time. Let us
not weary in welldoing. Then sowers
and reapers shall rejoice together.
R. P MacKay
Cos fedissiiiMi Lifs' Bldg., Tornssso
PILL DOSE!) with naiusmiiia, big punt-
era, prejitsl.ee peopleagninssi pilla gener.,liy
Dr. Aisuov'n I iser till, are .evululioniying
she 'III deis.misi ihey nre ao pleaunt ami
tansy to take- she noses are small and su is
' the "lice, 10 cents fur 40 .liases. Ililiotwness,
ilck hens.ache, con-,..patif'�� sllapsslleu. Works
like a charm,   --jo.il bv It. W Patn.ora.���Oil.
. *        Oasette ApiMlntmenta.
Charlssss E Hamilton of Golden, Deputy-District Registrar, to* he Distriot
Registrar of me GoMen Ra-jistry ol
the 8* -fine Court, vice J. Jl. Griffl'h,
i-ati-tiiei, Ssti's ai.|.��intmeh< to take
effect   -     ,!���  3.1.1   lat   of JuU.   1901
John E. Griffith, of O.sl'leil, Goveru-
ment Agent, tu b. .OiBiiial Administrator for that portion Si tbe County
of Kootenay, comprised within the five
boundaries ol tlte Golden and Windermere milling divisions. Suoh appointment to take effect on the 3rd day of
July, l-OQl.
rir.isist.srrul Itj.alt. Follow th) Caa o*
Dr. darks'. Little Rli PUIs.
Tu the Editor of the Era :
Sir:-We make the following proposals to tbe readers of the Golden Era:
To any one who ie a subject of rheumatism (no matter how longstanding)
or any blood disease, ss enumerated
below, and will give Dr. Clarke'e Wonderful Little Red Pills a fair and impartial trial and do not find a perfect
cure, we will refund the money paid
for the pills. If no substantial improvement is observed we will in addition, pay (10 in cash on satisfactory
evidence being supplied us to this
We have yet to know of a single
cssi where these wonderful pills hare
not been almost entire!., successful in
effecting a cure. CANADA CHEMICAL CO, Peterborough, Ont.
They cured me of rheumatism after
I had been given up.���Andrew Closkey,
Victoria, B.C.
Ex-Aid. Bailey, St, Johns, writes :
I cannot speak too highly of Dr.Clark's
Wonderful Little Red Pills. They
worked a miracle in my case and cured
me alter many years of Buffering. I do
not think their equal is to be obtained.
Nothing like Dr. Clarke's Little Rtd
Pills for the cure of heart trouble,
weaknesses snd blood diseases. Have
used them everywhere with success.���
Dr. E F Mann, late of H. XI. forces,
South Africa.
Dr. Clarke's Little Red Pills permanently cured me of backs ehe. I suffered
for years and only took two boxes.
That is a year ago.. I have not had a
symptom since. James R. Jackson,
Sault Ste Marie, Ont.
I do not believe there i-i a medicine
to compare with Dr. Clarke's Little
Red Pilla. They cured me of indiges
tion and catarrh of t lie stomach, after
nine years' Buffering.���H S. Macdonald, G.T R. shops, Montreal.
Dr. Clarke's Little Red Pills are a
positive and certain cure for la grippe,
rhuemaiism, asthma.paralysis, catarrh
eczema, coughs, backache, indigestion,
11 stomach and liver troubles, female
complaints even when the diseases hare
been standing for many years, the most
stubborn cases will yield. Price 50
cents per box. For Bale by local druggists. Dr. Clarke's Sure Cure for
Catnrrh, and Dr. Clarke's Sure Cure
for Eczema, same price. $10 will be
paid for any oase they will not permanently cure.
Dr. Clarke's Sure Cure for Catarrab,
and Dr. Clarke's, Sure Cure for Eczema,
same price. Ten dollars will be paid
for sny case thoy will not permanently
The motorman whose presence of
mind and self sacrificing bravery foiled
ths desperate dash for freedom of the
Amerioan bank robbers at Toronto
recently, lias been presented by the
street railway company with a cheque
for $25.00. Tbe letter accompanying
the cheque stated '-that no monetary
grant could properly reward his exhibition of courage; thn check was
only a token of the company's appro*
oiation of hie bravery." The Toronto
World thinks ''that the public would
have been batter pleased il the Toronto
railway company had paid less atten-
tinn tu the "token" side of the presentation and given more consideration
to the amount of the cheoue."
���The stomach is the centre from which,
from the standpoint of health, flows "weal sir
woe." A healthy stomach means perfect
digestion���perfect digestion means strong
and steady nerve centres���strong nerve centres mean cood circulation, rich blood and
good health.. South American Norvlue makes
and keeps the stomach right. Sold by R. W.
Patmore��� I*
Motherhood means either happiness
<r misery. There is scant happiness for
i he mother, who in pain and weakness
rings into the world a weakling babe
.* Moll she can neither nurse nor nourish.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription fits
.omen for motherhood. It strengthens
the maternal organism. It tranquili7.es
the nerves, encourages the appetite and
brings refreshing sleep. It makes the
birth hour practially painless and gives
the mother the nourishment to give her
There ie no alcohol in "Favorite Prescription," and it is absolutely free from
opium, cocaine, and all other narcotics.
���' WorslB cannot express how grateful I am for
your kind advice and yossr ' Favorite rreacrip-
lion,' is writes Mra. Vs. B. Dssrricka, of Perrowa,
Campbell Co., Va. ss t feel that it haa cssred me.
I had been in poor health for four yeara. Buffers*! greatly with my right side, alao with
hearing-down palna, and my uerves were in a
dreadful state. Alter using tour bottles of your
' Favorite Prescription' t am now well. I asn
the mother of two childr-n. With tht first
child I suffered twenty-eight hour., ...d with
tbs second I used your medicine and was .Ick
only three houn. f believe Dr. Pierce'. Favorite Pressciptioa to be the bet medicine In th.
world for suffering fenuless. I wish you great
sssccess, and hope that God will bless you la
yoar noble work.*1
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical'
Adviser, in paper covers, is sent free on
receipt of 31 one-cent stamps to pay
expense of customs and mailing only.
Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. V.
Canadian Pacific Railway
a:;i> hco jlisk.
II. Eloped, and HI. Deacendant. to tb.
Fourth Generation Followed III. Ei-
ample���Th. Itecord Now Contain. Eight
C��.e��, and It Hay nave Addition,.
"I road In The Sun not long ago," said
a Stouben county man, "an Item from a
western paper mentioning with some show
of boastfulnoss a family In the town whore
the paper ia published thst hss a record nf
six elopements to Its crodlt thus far, with
two daughters left who may Increase the
score. That record ts fair, but Is bohlnd
that of a family that I know about, ll
mny bo that this family, which began
eloping In Steubon county a good mnny
years ago and has been keeping It up in
other counties and states ovor since, hn.
been longer In the race than the western
eloping family brought forward with so
much brag, but that doesn't rule It out.
"This family Is tho Msnning family
There have boen eight elopements in It,
nnd I wouldn't be surprised If I should
hear when I get back home that the record
has beon put up to nine, for I had It
straight from hoadquartors only a week
ngo that things wore shaping that wny.
George Manning started the record of the
family In the eloping lino. He was nn
early settlor up In old Steubon and worked
for QenernI Wheeler, one of the big guns
of tho pioneer days. Manning foil In love
with the general's daughter, and she reciprocated. Whon her arlstocratlo father
found it out, he discharged the presumptuous hired man. The hired man ownod n
good horse, and It wns not until a goutl
many hours after Manning had quit the
general's service that tbe goneral found
thnt Manning had ridslon his horso rapidly
toward tha wost with the daughter of tho
house of Whooler riding on tho horse bohlnd him. General Wheolor chased the
elopers through tbe wilderness all tho way
to Olonn Point, learning on tho way that
they had paused long enough at Genesee
sottlemont to be married. At Olcan Point
the gonornl gave up the chase, for the eloping pair had gone on down the Alleghany
river In a canoo.
"Manning settled with his bride In the
wilderness of Warren county, Pa., and
took up large traots of tine land. He bo-
come a colonel In tho war of 1813, and after the war grew Immensely rich from his
pine lumber. He had daughters. He also
had among his many workmen a humble
sawyor named Curtln, who foil in love
with tho oldest daughter, Kiln. Sho returned the loro of the young woodsman
Curtln hnd the courngo to nsk Colonel
Manning for his daughter, and his request
was emphatically rofused. Then he eloped
with the girl.   This was In 1819.
"Threo years later another daughter
eloped with nnd nmrrletl 1. young ductui
whose practice was burely sufficient to pay
for his own living. When he illod, how
over, only four or five years ngo, he wns
worth half a million. He was Dr. Aiu
broso W. Sullivan, famous In the Alio
ghnny valley. Ono of his daughters, Alloc
Manning Sullivan, accepted thu suit uf a
ynung man who was objectionable lo her
father. The latter forbssdo lier to ninrry
him. .She followed hor stern parent's
youthful example nnd promptly elopes!
with her lover. Thinking to profit by ex
Iierlence, when his second daughter been me
engaged to a young man who was not her
father's cboico, Dr. Sullivan consented tu
tbe match. This must havo been a disappointment to the daughter, for she broke
off tho match herself, nnd a yenr Inter
eloped with and married the brother ol
her former lover without giving her fullier
a ohanco to say whether he would uccejit
the young man as a son-in-law or not.
"Colonel Manning also had a son. His
name was Jason. At tho ngo of SO Jason
fell In love with Betty Graco, the pretty
daughter of ono of his father's teamsters
The colonel was furious whon he learned
of this attuohmont and thought he would
break lt off by Bonding tho boy away lu
Philadelphia to school. The buy weut
without a protest, much to his father's
surprise. Tbo father wasn't so much surprised, though, whon he learned tsvu days
later that tho pretty Betty had Joined .la-
son on tho way. Colonel Manning swore
he would disinherit tho boy; but, learning
that the couplo, just as ho had dono years
and years before, bad been married on Iho
way, ho sent after them, overhauled them
at Harrisburg and brought the... back.
Wben Colonel Manning died, Jnson succeeded to the manogomont ol his lnrge
buslnoss. A son and a daughter wero born
to Jason Manning and bis backwoods wlfo.
"In 1808 tbe son was 20 and wnnted to
marry Stella MoCrea, who was 17. Malcolm McCrea, the girl's father, and Jason
Manning wore bitter enemies, the result
of business difficulties, and both parents
opposed the match. Jason's son, who was
naniod Georgo for bis grandfather, Colonel
Manning, having the precedent of both
parent and grandparent before bin., simply settled oil dispute In the mutter by
running away with Stella MoCrea and
marrying her. The very next yoar his sister Belle defied parental objootlon to hor
choice of a husband, Georgo MoCorralck,
and eloped with him. He has slnoo mode
something of n mark as a lawyor and politician In western Pennsylvania. Georgo
Manning, who eloped with Stella McCross,
and son of Jaeon, who eloped with Betty
Grace, reoently had bis own preeodc.it followed by bis 80-year-old daughter, Stollo
MoCroa Manning, who eloped with Georgo
Burns, aged 21. Tbe only objection to
this matoh that the girl's parents had was
that young Burns was a cousin of hor
mother. Burns' sister, by tho way, elopod
with Seth Smell of Pittsburg only s yenr
ego, but I don't count her In this record
of the Manning family no more than I do
the Fry Manning nnd Doe Manning families, distant relatives of old Colonel Manning, both of which havs an elopement to
their credit."���.Now York Sun.
Starting June 10th, will
mnke Ihe run from Coast
to const in	
100 Hours.
Cheap rates now in effect
to il.e	
Columbia River Lumber Co*
Fir and Spruce Lumber,
Cedar Sills, etc.,
Fir Dimension a Specialty,
-+ Mills at Golden, Beaver and Kualt. +���*
Largest Capacity in the Mountains.     Terms Cash.
Heeid Office, Golde-q, B.C.
For full particulars apply
to the nearest local agont,
or lo	
Golden, B.C.
Church Services.
Services every Sunday at 11 a in. and
7:30 p.m. Celebration of Holy Communion 1st nnd 3rd Sundays of the month
after Morning Prayer, and on Greater
Festivals and Holy Days at 8 a.m., or
as may be announced from the chancel,
S'lnilny School at. 2:30 p.m.
All are cordially invited to attend
the services.
C F. Yates, Vicnr.
Service every Sunday nt 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School and Bible Class nt 3
p.m. sharp.
Choir practice every Thursday even-
at 7.
Ekv. V. M. TtiBDY, B.A., Paslor.
Services every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:3; j m.
Sunday School st 2:30 p.m.
Prayer Meeting on Tuesday at8p.m.
Key. R. B, Laiui.ey, Pastor.
AGENT for Goldon
and vicinity for the
Sale of hardly lines
Standard Fruit Stock, Small Fruits. Ornamental Trees, Shruhs, etc. Terms liberal.
Apply now to the
"It Isn't true, Is It," asked Hollo* at he
finished reading "Tho Pled Piper of
Hamolin"���"It Isn't true that he oould
play on his pipe so that the rats would go
eU and down themselves!"
"Well," replied Hollo's father, "I don't
know about that. I think It may be true.
Yuur Uncle George can play tbe flute so
thot tt will scare >o>w Into a river and
drive all tbe dogs In tbe neighborhood
cn.zy. Yes, I should say the poem Is true,"
���London Fun.
Goldon is tlw (listriliittinc point fnr tlio rtcli
Mining Divisions uf (lolnen mul Wlmlor*
iiicro. Train:-:, mails, stage and Lu'its Jirrivo
nnd de-part us folltms :
C.IUI. from Ernst, 15:55, Dally,
'���   West, 10.00,    "
ritiiffdfrom Wind or more, 1C>:00, Friiluy,
ite. DticliGsa from Wiudernioro, 1G.00 Wednesday and Sunday.
C.P.R. ffo.iriff.WoHt, 15;55, Daily.
Emit,  lOrfV),     "
Suiffp to Winder more j 8:0', Smrlays.
SS. Uucluws tu Windermere, -IjOO, Tuesdays
i.i.d Fridays.
Mails arrive and depart from Goldeu Tost
Office as below:
Arrive���From Kast 15:55 daily,
"    West 10:0:1 "
"    South 17:00 Wed. and Friday.
Depart���For West 15 55 daily.
"    East ItO-Oil ������
"    South 21,00 Saturdays; 18:.��
Registered iri.il trust bo in 10 minutes before mails rinse.
Pacific standard time.
A. V. A A. HI.
Mountain Lodge, No. 11. A. P. &
A. M. Ite-rulnr Coinn.uuirat.on,
K0col.il Moniissy iu every month.
Koionrninu; brethreu cordially invited.
li. W. i'ATMOHE, W. M.
C II. PARSON   Secretary.
I,   O.  O.   F.
Rocky Mountain l.oslge Ko. .14 meets in
Oddfellows Hall, llolslen, overy Wednesday
st 8 p.m.   Sojourning brethren welcome.
C. l'EARCE N.O. J T. WOOD Bee.
The Prospectors' Exchange
No. 4, K.-W.-G. BLOCK, NELSON, B.C.
Gold, Silver Lead and Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE.
FREE MILLING GOLD properties wanted nt once for Em-tern investors.
Parties having mining property for sale nre reiinosted to seud cnniides of their
ore to the Exchange for exhibition.
We desire lo bear from  prospectors  who   hnve promi-in;; mineral claims in
British Columbia.
Prospectors nnd mining men nro requested to make the Exchange  their  hesd-
quarters when in Nelson.
All samples should be sent by express, PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited.   Address ail coinmuiiicntioi-E to
Axniutw p. KosExnrK.-i-.u
Telephone No. 1C4. P.O. Box 700. NELSON, B.C.
Eleventh Year of Publication.
Circulates Throughout tho District.
Subscribers all over the Continent.
(Forin F.)
Certilieate of Improvements.
claims, aitnato in the tJelilen Mining Division of North Eaat Kootenay District,
Where locateil i���On Ottertail Creek.
Take notice thst I, E* MasKe.ir.ie, Free
Miner's Certilieate Nn. II 10.02, intend, sixty
.lava from the dsto hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvement*, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
grant of Ihe above claim.
And further tako notice that action, under
section 87, must bo commenced isefore the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated thia Tenth day of June, 1901,
Ur hss Agent
,10 11. ... I-AKSOX.
. __ MMl. .
For Issfenrs.tls-n.n'l tree Hasidboot. writ* to
xunm a co.. ai bbojpwat, nsw yo����.
Olds-rt ImtMs. lot wmrtswpattntalnAm.rltss.
ErBrT MUM takes, issstl-y Wla ssrosscht b��tnrn
Ih. tMufu hy * act [os *ilsrn f r**o ot ouree la lbs
I-.rs.ttdtrsslali���ofassy ssrtsssiuil"jsjiwrlnts'i.
R,��LMBaai'ii'ii ii^iilwa-',' NowYork Oily,
usplantllsIlT ni.atn.t-Hl,   No lutflllgjsil
ua anossll bo wiihoot Is,  wewnjn,M a
���SriSUHIsslimnsssln Aim-"". ���*-!��*���*��� Uu,
kniWnu   sua. a Um .��i*<*uatr   Vnte* YnPl* "**���
JOB rKI.VriXO om' Socially.
Examine our list and see if there is anything you require
in Job Printing.   WE PRINT:
Rider Agents Wanted
One in each town to ridfl nnd pxliihit a sample IHOI model bicycle of our
manufacture. YOU CAN MAKE $10 TO Sol) A WEEK besides having a
wheel to ride for yourself.
1901 Models, High Grade Guaranteed, $10 to $18
'00 & '99 Models, Best Mako. - - $7 to $12
500 Secend-Hand Wheels, taken In trade
by our Chicago stores, many as good aa new   ���   ���   ���     C 3 tO $8
Weslslssnnv hi.'.vele ON APPUOVAL to anrone WITHOUT A CENT
DEPOSIT IN ADVANCE 111 fl-,,,, CrQQ f .',*.! Yr.utaks.als.oli.ielv
B1,d allow IUU3y5 ri38 I liai. NO RISK in ordering from us, as you do not need lo \n,y a ceist if lhe bicycle sloe, uut suit you..
n- *,.' Kmi a wheel until vou ba'-e written for onr FACTORY PRICES
U J li Ji liliy and FREE TRIAL OFFER. This liberal off.r has never
been equalled aud it is a guarantee uf the quality nf our sa lies is.
WE WANT s rellthle ""won In each town lo distribute catalogtiM for ue
in exchange for a bicycle.   Write today ior fxee calalsvgue and our special offer.
t* ',*.,
���:',/0*>-,.',�� -;������ 1'.*?'*/S ''���: X
Town and District
p st* ��/��/*���*/&'-,%V*i/tfo* */*/*!*/*i\t
A hiicbintc post has been placed in
position at tho post office. Now, Char
lie, put a platform Irom tl.e sidewalk
to the door and the pedestrians will
ctll jolt '* blotsed."
A lacro.se club is heing organised in
town, several old players, having
worked up interest in Canada's na.
tional Kama. There is material for a
good isam and wa hops to see a game
here in the near future.
On Jnly 1st the Windermere dis*
trim baseball club played Peterboro.
The game was verv onesided, result
ing in a score 26 to 2 in favor of Peter
horos.gh. The feature ol the game was
Lannour's home run.
O.ving to the delay iu arrival of the
mail from the east, eur correspondence from Palliser came lo hand to late
lo he published in fnll this week. Part
of it will appear on the inside next
The local Mason's attended a special
service ii. St Paul's church on Sunday
evening in celebration ot John Baptist
dsy. Rev. Bro. Yates preached a ser
mon of special reference to the order.
The church was decorated with beautiful wieatbs oi pansies in the form of
Masonic emblems.
Tl.e heaviest rain storm of the ysar
visited Gelden on Tuesday after-neon,
about 4.30. After the first fury ol the
storm was spent a couple of very sharp
thunder clsps brought people lo iheir
[eet in alarm, bul no damage was done
in this neighborhood. The weather
bas beeu very unsettled since.
Miss Sinclair, of Wolseley, Ass., i
sister oi Mrs. Jes. Hanna and Mr G
Sinclair, of this town, spsnt a few
days in Golden on her way to Kani
loops whero she intends to write on
I he teachers' examination. After the
examination concludes she will sjiend
the summer with her sister, Mrs. West'
man, of Vernon, formerly a resident of
this town.
Notices are posted in town announcing the visit of ths Kelly Merry Mak
ers to Golden on July 18. Thie entertainment is a unique one and is guar
aniesd to make the most melancholy
subject forget his sorrows, while there
is nothing in the entire programme to
offend the most fastidious taste. The
jslrm of ths hnll is to be seen at C, A.
The Right Rev. John Dart, D.D.,
Bishop of the Diocese of Kootenay,
will administer the rite of Conlrma-
tiou in St. Paul's church, Golden, on
Sunday morning next at 11 o'clock
and will eonsccrate ths church in the
evening at 7*80. The Bishop will
spend several days in Golden and vicinity, visiting the mission districts Of
Field aud Windermere.
The Albertan, of Calgary, publishes
a letter from R. M. Wilson, who enlisted with the South African Constabulary bere, '-Bob" has had his
*|-poini.ueiit as corporal confirmed (or
three mouths, when his record will
determine whe'her he will retain his
rank or uot. His letter goes over the
s.siue grounds as the oue published last
week from W. Mageof. and reports all
the boys well.
Hon. W. C. Wells arrived from the
coaat on Monday and lilt on Tuesday
Ior Pailiser, where he will spend a few
days. He intends to go up the river
o;. next Tuesday's boat. Ho wss inter
vi��wed by the special constable., who
were sent out at the request of the C.P.
R , and wi.o refused to aet as jeace
owners, in refs-rence to their pay which
has as yet not been forthcoming. He
liruinlsed to look the matter up and
have it arranged as soon as possible.
The telegraphic message received
fross. Ottawa by Mr. T. O'Brien that
Fr.d Collins had been reprieved seems
io meet with comnendation from i
very large section of the community
Mr. O'Brien is deserving of congratu
lation as he had a most difficult case to
ti^ht, having noevjdeuceto assist him,
and opposed by the Hon. T. Wayne
Daly, on* ot lhe list recognized counsel in B. (J
Hon. VV  C. Wells,   when   in town
thie week, was askad by our repressn
t.tive what was likely to he done in
the mailer ��t railway construction at
Il.e coast, and informed hiin  that ar-
la.igesneiits will likely  be made wilh
theCP.R  10 construct  the pre.ossd
lines.    Alto that ths Government con*
tsisnpiutud putting a louse ut surveyors
iu wis. k io determine if e feasible route
cull lis fott'sul over the  Hope Mountains.    If such  a  rotue is fs-und ��r-
nngeineiit. will he msde to'haveshe
line built l.y the C. P. R.   ��t eu serfy
d;.te. ili'is giving the desired oouuec-
liun tR'is.wii li.o isuaatamltliefutorior.
Orangemen parade lo divine service
at the Methodist church next Sunday
Mrs H Pratt and daughter of Field,
spent a few days wilh Mrs. J. Pratt,
this week.
Mr. Geo. Bott, ot Ottawa, went up
on Friday's boat on a visit to Wm.
Bott o( Galena.
Tenders are being called by the Athletic Association tor clearing the racetrack ground.   See ad.
Owing to the attitude assumed by
Mr. Peter Sebastian towards union
labor we cannot aupport him lor tho
position ot mayor of Golden.
Ths hotels were all tilled to overflowing this week owing to the number
ot visitors from outside points who
came in >o take part in or witness ths
football games.
The midsummer fiction number of
the July Cosmopolitan contains the
bast story Bret Harte has written in a
long time. The well known Jack
Hamlin is the hero, and he will be
eagerly welcomed back by the public.
Desperado and gambler that he is,
theoretically we ought not toliko him,
but ne has that fine courage too rarely
met with in real life or in fiction, aud
those whoread "A Mercury of the Foothills" will probably lose eight ot his
faults in following the events which
take place upon that 'heaven-kissing
hill." Katrine Trask's story in the
same number should be read by every
woman. It is one ot those homely
tragedies constantly going on in modern society. It is probably the clever
eat piece ot work Mrs. Trask has evor
done. R. K. Munkittrick's quaint
New England coast yam has a breezi-
ness about it that makes it really re
tteshing. The July instalment ot
Egcrtou Castle's story begins to raise
the curtain on the inevitable ruin which
tlie Dnke of Cluny's weakness must
bring un those who love him.
Athlsstlo Aa.oelatloa Farsnad.
A number of gentlemen who are interested in athletics arranged tor a
public meeting in the Columbia hall.on
Wednesday evening, July 3rd. No
tices ot the meeting were posited, nnd
nt 9 o'c'ock Wednesday evening there
was a large number present. Mr. J.:S
Gibb was -.electol as chairman and: W.,|
B. Robertson as seoretary ot lhe meet
ing. The chairman then explained lhe
object of calling the meeting, pointing
out that at present uo suitable ground
was available for athletic sports, aud
suggested that an athletic association
be formed which coild receive sub
tcriptions for the purpose of clearing
up the ground in the centre of the race
track and take charge of having the
oik done.
A letter was read from Mr. Armstrong in reference to the town receiving a grant of the property on which
the race-track is, but there was no
definite information regardingshematter.
It was then moved by Rev. Mr.
Yates, icconded by R. W. Patmore,
that the citizens now present form
themselves into an association, to bs
known as the Golden Amateur Athletic Association.   Carried.
The following officers were then
elected :
Patron -Hon. W. C. Wells.
Hon.  President-Rev. 0. F. Yates.
President-J. S. Gibb.
First Vice-President-Dr, Taylor.
Second Vico President-J, G. Ullock.
Sec-Trees. ���\V. B. Robertson.
Executive Committee-G. Sinclair,
1. E. Griffith. G. B. McDermot, F. B.
Whiting, Wm. McNeirh.
Moved by J. 0. Ullock, seconded by
R. W. Patmore, lhat this Association
communicate with Mr. G. S. MeCarter
and Mr. F. AimMrong and try to obtain from Ihem full information regard-
Ihe grant of land.'  Carried.
Moved by Rov. C F. Yates, second'
el by R Patmore, that the committee
submit a set of bylaws for sanction
of ihs Association in three weeks from
July 4lh.   Carried,
A -uibscriptiou list was elarteJ as
follows :
"We, the unties signed, promise to
pay tie amount opposiseour respective
nanus, when exile)) epos, by the Golden
A.na'eur Athletic Association, said
amount to go towards the improve*
ol grounds at present known ae the
race track, aa ilecii.ed upon by the Association.
The isnintuitiee was author'zed. to
us|ees th. g nui.de and d-j everything
is have then cleared with as little de
Send Your Money ��# Town,
But for ^^^^^^^^
Gents' Watches
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Optical Goods
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Will fix that cold in your head
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Drugs, Stationery, Confectionery and Cigars.
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Hats and Caps.
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Promotion Examinations���Successful Pupils.
lav aa pos.ilsle
Over t.-O was subscribed at the
nseetiii^, and jssirsons in rrested in -.pert
are asked to nm W. B Rnheri.on who
has, she list, and put their nniin-sdown
fur wh.its.ui amount ihey are willing
to give towards piusldiug a suiiablo
ptibiic recreation gounl.
Tablet to Junior I. Primer-I, Nellie
Miller; 2. Willie Henderson; 3, Violet
Deacon; 4, Maggie Ranche.
Junior I. Primer to Senior I. Primer
���Olive Milligan, James Henderson,
Bartram Rutherford, May Miller, Eva
Oove, Wiuifred Deaeon, Alice Antoya.
sSenior I. Primer to II. Primer- Pearl
Milligan, Antonia Desormeau, Vera
Patmore, Blanche Engllomi*Jfearnet
II. Primer to I. Reader���Florence
Morgan, Irene Deacon, Arthur Kenny,
Mossom Morgan, Joseph Sutherland,
Harry Deacon.
I. Reader to Divieion II.���George
Woodland, Charles Dahlqnest, John
Rutherford, Bobt. Miller. Clara,Chambers, Gladstone.Woodluu 1, Louise Antoya, Vivian Nattrass.
Junior Second to Senior Second-
Julius Johnaon; Willie Miller, Thos.
Senior Second to Junior Third-
Lawrence Dahlaueat, Budd Griffith,
Walter Morgan, Harry Moore ; Sidney
Junior Third to Division I.���Edith
Whiting, Bertie Robbins, Addie Antoya Hattie Rutherford, Katie Kenny,
Herbert Blakely. Fanny Conner.
Senior Third to Fourth-Stanley
Moodie, John Parson, John Blakely,
Wynn Griffith. ,
Division I.���St.nliy Moodie, pro.
fleiency; John Pars n, regularity and
punctuality; Muriel Miller, deportment.
Division II.���Elith Whiting, proficiency; Hatiie Rutherford, regelarity;
Lawrence Dalil'iucst, denor:ment;
U.vi.iou III.���Geo. Woodland, pro.
liciency; Florence Morgin, regularity;
WilLo Il.-udot'soti, DeisuituiSut.
The public examination for Miss
Pringle's pupils waa held on Thursday
afternoon, Jnne 27, and those for the
other two rooms were held on Fridsy
afternoon. A short entertainment was
given at the close of each. Mrs. Harrison presented the Honor Rolls to
Miss Pringle's pupils.
At the clcse of the examinations on
Friday afternoon, the pupils of the
Senior and Intermediate rooms combined their forces and gave a joint
entertainment consisting of recitations,
dialogues, calisthenics and choruses.
Mrs. Dr. Taylor presented the Honor
Rolls, Both rooms were tastefully
decorated by the pnpils. A large
number of parents and friends were
present on both Thursday and Friday.
��� ��� m ��� *m,
A Challenge.
Editor Era:
The Peterborough Baseball Club
challenges a strictly local baseball
team ol Oolden to play a friendly game
at Windermere races August 2nd end
Srd at Windermere. We trust that
the Golden boys will organize in order
to come down and help to make the
races a success. An early reply is requested.      < ��� ' ;.
Peterborough B, B, Club,
Peterborough, B.C.
Is full of Business���in fact, na Lara a littl******
than we can handle just now. Customers, however, wait patiently their turn to purchase tke
Bargains now offering.
Mark, Learn and Don't Forget
the Following   ....   .
We are now doing Business on the "
and intend to stick to it or leave town
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premises and we intend to sell half of the Goods in the
next 60. Days. We are now in the firing line and de
not intend to let anyone undersell us. -
Look at these SNAPS   ....
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can guarantee Best Quality and Prices.
We have positively the finest and best selected stock
of Goods in British Columbia, and our prices are the closest.
No Jaw-Bone   .   .   ,   .
Taken in exchange for Goods.   GASH is the only
article to work miracles with at Our Store.        ,   ;,,* .'
''r.i - ���
Golden, 13.C.
HIS HONOUR the LieutenantG.vernor
in Council hss been pleased to make
the following appointments i
27th Jnne, 1901.
Esquire, Deputy District Registrar, lo be
Diatrict Registrsr of lhe Oelden Registry of
the Supreme Court, vice J. E, Griffith, Esquire, resigned. Such appointment to take
effect on the Ind of Julv 1901
JOHN E. GRIFFITH, ef Golden, Esquire,
8.M., Government Agent, to be Official Administrator, for thnt portion of the County of
Kootenay, comprised within the boundaries
of the OoMen and Windermere Mining divisions. Such appointment to take effect oo
the Srd day of July 1901.
Th. Royal Tear.' -
Halitax, June 29,-The steamer Ophir is ie arrive at Halifax on September
10th. The Juno and St. George,.the
ships accompanying th* Ophir, are
expeeted on the 14th, and, with the
Ophir, will lie heie while their Royal
Highnesses are touring the Dominion.
The homeward voyage begins in Ootober,
 -a.���i ��� ��� -  i
London, June 38 The royal proclamation announcing that th* opronation of Kirg Edward is to tak* placa
in Juue next, the exact day not being
determined upon, waa read thie morning at St. James's palace, Tempi* Bar
aud the Koyal -Exchange, with all the
quaint niedieevsl snensn which marked
the occasion ot the proclaiming of tbe
th* accession ot the King. - ���**
NOTICE is hereby given thst copies of
the s<Jode of Mine Signals previ.   *
   ��� previdedby
the above Act, which comes into tbree on the
1st pros., can be obtained from the King's
Printer, Victoria.
a chari
on rubl.. ^-mmmmmmmm*wmwmw_mmwmwm^.^.^.^
Minister ef Minis.
THE Inspectors of MeUUifsrrotu MiiM.tr*
I    hereby assigned the following as their
respective Inspection District* wilh head-
to Uk.
.Km   WMWH  waa   ESS.	
Such assignment to Uk*
15th, 1901, until ftrf
quarters as noted,
place from Jane
Archibald Dick, Inspector.
Headquarters,   Ornbreek, *tt*e et
Deputy Mining Recorder.
Insoeclion District shell eefurls* ell ef
Eest Kootenay tnd tlse Gest Mining Division of Weet Kootenay.
In addition to the dills* of Inspector ef
Metalliferous Mines, Mr. Dick will tlse eel te
Inspector of t'osl Mines within Ih* state Die-
James HoGuooa, Ii
"----lutrters, 0
br, Nelson.
corde- "-'
ef Miaiag Re-
iar, victoria.
pies en paper will he furnished free, hut
irge of mty cents will be made for thee*
���boer cloth.
Department ef Mines.
27th June, 1901.
���^GOLDEN,. B.0.
One of the Largest tnd Hest Men-
aged Hotels iu British Colurablt.
sM.Speei��l attention given Is btggage ef
Commorclal men. Delivered to au Ron
station free nf charge.
Ka'I'ES, K! per day. Special rales ler
regular boarsleri.
JOB PRINTING our Specialty.
Inspection District shall eemniee til ef
WestKsioteuay except Cost Shot Mining
Division, tnd tlso the Glial Perks M
Kettle River Mining Divisions ef Til* District.
Thomas Momar, Inspector.
Headquarter., Goverament Building.,
Inspection District, Vancouver Wtt*. tat
Coast District.
Mr. Morgan it also inspector of Coel I
for thie District.
Notice is hereby given ef snch Inapeetloa
Districts tnd that.ja Buordtiee.with Ibe
MetallitWoas Miiee Aet.
i.of tcel-
1897,'1 and AmendingActs,n	
dents to employeee happening withia. say ef
" inspection  of
dents to t~,._, *    .... .....
snch districts must be promptly reported
both to the Inspector of such District til
al<so to the Minister et Mite., Victoria.
In mines not Included ta the above Di.tr lets
managers will report, In duplies*., to Uw
Minister of Mines direct, who, If he eeisMere
it neeessary, will tsslgn u inspoetor to
specially report. '
Blank forms upon nbimiem-tte reperl. ef
such accidents may he ablilitd Mn Ihe la-
ap*-tors>fthe District, frees lh*Ml|lag Recorder, or noon applieatiai la IBM Mee.
Department of Mines,
5th Jun* NOI.
���TENDERS are requested to clear atd level
* a portion of the ground circled by th*
race tftck. The tret cemniiaes 180 yards
etst and west ted the full width between the
ground lo be elesrtd, greh-
lled.end til ttoaes remsned.-a
, ) (seedmUbt supplied).      ^
-*���n, io be sent to W. B. Robertson, ,
By order et the-Wm taillce.


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