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The Golden Era Mar 18, 1898

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Array ll
The Golden Era
Is the most widely circulated and
best advertising medium iu'Eust
Kootenay. This is the paper that
is read by the miners, the ranchers,
the railroaders and lumbermen.
Subscription, $2.00 per Annum
In Advance	
.Map or Oolden
| Mining Division
I Hyt.V.lAkue...
i      On  receipt of $1 copies of this r/Jur.ble
^  map will be mailed by
<? The Golden Era Company L'ul. l.Ly.,
��5 Golden, II. U.
VOL. VII. NO. 33.
��2 1'kr Year
Is Now Completed.
po oooeapesooeoo
Surplus Goods in many lines
will be cleared at Cost Prices.
Snaps and Bargains to be
had in all directions for
 Ready Cash.
General |f| ffierehant,
. . Agent For . .
Phoenix of London and other Fire Insurance Go's.
Tin Confederation Life Association, Tatontc.
Ihe Rsliancs Loan & Savings Co., of Ontario.
Canadian Railway Accident Instance Company.
... the rolumbia House,
5s=s���"^^Golden, B. C.
A Strictly First Class Hotel in Every Respect.
Equipped with all Modern Conveniences.
Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
The Table is Second to None.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial Men.
^""Wm. McNeish, Prop.
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Rates $i.00 Per Day. -  ���::::o::::���
Kootenay House,
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men.
Baggage Transferred Free.
jiot and Gold Baths.
Ullock & Barry,
SlBst Proprietors.
Russell House ...
Golden, B. C.__
���immmmmmtm m\
Skelton & Healy, Proprietors.
Bate*, ���1.00 Per Day.
Board and Lodging, $5 Per Week.
Headquarters for Miners,
Prospectors and Lumbermen.
Major Clolleoy Du.orlboa the BounU
aon nnil Uo.ton l*ro]>urtle. und thu
Work Dune on Thuiii��Thu Cliunne
(Tho World.)
Major Clohec.v, of Everett, Wash.,
is a uuest at the Hotel Vancouver, Hn
is a gentleman ol Urge mining experience, having been engaged for io years
in tIiut great industry in tbo United
Stale*. He arrived yesterday fmm
Victoria, his visit there ll living been
for tho purpose ot interviewing the
Govorninont ou tlio qu.sllon ol building a wagon roud from Golden to several mines in which lie is interested in
East Kootenay. Instead of paying SB7
pur ton for ii'uiiS|iortutiou of ore as ut
present, the building of the roud would
reduce the cost to only a low dollars.
In conversation with a representative of the World last night the Major
said that about two years ago lie visited the Golden district aud us a result
the Idaho and Alaska claims on Copper Creek, the Crown Point in McMurdo Basin, and tlio Boston claim on
the Selkirk Divide were secured by
him. On his return homo to Washington he' interested in the venture
several American and English capitalists and the Kootenay Consolidated
Company, a close corporation of live
members, was formed to work the properties. The work of the coiiij any lias
been carried ou in a thoroughly business like manner under the superintendence of Major Cloln-cy, and has consisted of extensive development ou
each of the company's properties.
So far the most of tho work lias
been done on the Beunisou group,
which gives every promiso of turning
out very satisfactorily. The mineral
indications in this pint of the country
form an extraordinary feature of the
locality. Hundreds of tons of float
consisting of galena, gray copper und
quartz, can he seen all around and appear to have come from the denudation of the big vain of the Boston.
List year a irinl shipment of IU Ions
was packed out under great difficulties
from the Boston*claim and it gave a
return cf $io per ton from the Everetl
smelter, The average assays are about
SH.'l to the ton. Tlio oro was gray cop-
l-er and was t.ikeu out of an
open cut made 150 feet holoiv the sum
mit. Nine veins run piu-Hliel on the
Boston and they are from two and a
half to 12 feet wido. Mr. Susmati,
Canadian Paoilio expeit, and Mr.
Hnrdmnii, Professor of Mineralogy
of McGill University, both speak
very highly of tlio property, tho former
stilting that it contained the largest
body of ore of the kind that he hud
ever seen.
Incidentally Major Clohec.v spokn of
the propeilies owned by the Chaniie
Mining Co., of Vancouver. He made
diligent inquiries about them, because
he was interested in any development
work going on in the vicinity, and
had heard trustworthy and very fluttering statements of the prnspiTiii of
the company's claims. One man who
had u record tor caution and truthfulness told him that the development
work on the Clianno properties bad
disclosed conditions so favorable that
he acknowledged himself much surprised.
Yankee. Preparing for War���Sandy
Hook lining Foi'llfUd.
New York. March 14.���The 300 artillerymen, ordered from Fort Hamilton and Fort Wads worth lo Saiidy
Hook, wero transferred to tho latter
place today. Under the direction of
tlio army engineers, bundieds of soldiers and workmen are busy mounting
guns, Imiiding ramparts and laying
other defences at the Hook. Nut since
the civil war has such activity been
seen there. A train of 21 oars, each
loaded wilh a 12 inch steel murinr, is
lying on n siding near the fonillos-
tions. It arrived yesterday from the
Watcrville Arsenal. The work of crec
ting mounts for tho mortars is being
rushed. Many mortars urn already in
place. They tire out of sight iu deep
pits, with batteries of Hi each, and
cannot bo reached by the enetn/'s guns
except by shells. Dozens of K, 10 anil
12-inch steel rifles Hie at tho Hook
ready for mounting. When tho engineers are through, the fortifications
will he among tbo strongest iu the
world. All women and children have
been ordered from the Hook. The
wives of many of the workm u ...
or a C. P. It. Engineer at Bovelttoke
"Sti'iicU by it "Uout."
(Iiovelstokl! Herald.)
Engineer MoNnb, of Donald, had
about as narrow tin isoipo from death
lust, Wednesday us iiny man ever hud.
He had just brought the No. 1 in from
Donald at about 7.30 p. m. It was
dark und he loft his engine und was
st oiling up tho track opposite C. B,
Hume it Co's store, when lie heard the
passenger engine backing quickly from
the tunic to tiie westbound pa.senger
on the main track. He .stepped out of
ths track tu avoid it. hut did nut notice
that the "gout" was coming behind
him on the No. 2 track. Ir wits close
ou him und as the engine struck him,
ho throw himself towards i bu center
of the track, gr. spingat thedrawheud.
Fortunately he managed lo clutch the
link and hung on to it, his holy l.eiug
partly sustained by tho footboard,
while the engine, which was going at
a good rine of speed, run about 7o
yur s. A man standing on the foot-
hoard gave the alarm and the engine
was stopped. Whan picked up Mr. Mi)
Nab was quite conscious, and though
of course severely shaken by his terrible experience the only real injuries
done him were an extensive bruise on
his right thigh and a cut on the lower
part of his face. Ho was sent back to
his home ut Donald ou Tuesday's No.
2. Mr. 'McNuh is one of the oldest engineers on she road.
First Class Ilnr.
Some opposition was offered to the
establishment of Canadian Customs
officers on the passes near Skagway,
but tho Yankees now realiz* tho situation and are taking kindly to It, All
reports of trouble arc entirely unfounded.
Lord Salisbury wns greatly fatigued
by last Friday's Cabinet meeting and
a return of weakness has supervened.
The Premier has been advised to take
a complete rest in the south of Fiance.
Right Hon. Arthur James Balfour
will deal with foreign affairs in iho
Closing quotations at New York:
Lead  U.fiO, silver bullion 55, spot 55J,
Tho survay of the Favorite and
Whistler claims in ths International
Biisln is gazetted.
An option has he?n again t.-ken on
the Swansea mine at Windermere
and a cash deposit paid.
There is every promise of nn early
prospecting season, us tlio weather is
mild and there has been considetablu
thaw with little snow of Into.
It is proposed by the Syndicate for
whom Mr A. St. G. Hsmersiey, of
Vancouver, nets, to put iu a diamond
drill ou Jiibiluo Mountain this coming
season for thu purpose of thoroughly
tasting iho copper deposits there.
The Nip and Tuck has he u bonded
hy Messrs. ,T. M. Buxton &. Co. for
���SJOjCOU and 20 per cent iu lioii-HSsestt
aide sliHres in a new company to he
formed by an English syndicate, ulio
will pay $i,U0U in cash on April 1st,
and the balance later on.
Letters to Rev. Father Husson and
Dick Hurdisty confirm the report that
1 Ciiyime" Graham Ims come acrussthe
mountains from tho headwaters of the
Pellr River, and had struok pay diit
nt StO tu 520 per day. Graham cr.-ss
ell 'he Upper Liard west of the mountains i.i Novi inlir-r, mid reached Fort
St John February 1, with horses und
sleds. Uo found plenty of feed by the
Tho report which Frank Berthuno
and bis males bring back from tho
Columbia River north of Kinhasket
Like ought to result in native prospecting there this season. They report
excellent plucer goid prospects in the
neighborhood of Ciiniinius Creek, and
an excellent field for prospecting from
a placer point of view. It is almost a
certainty that good pay gold ecu be
got in that locality.
Frank Berthune nnd party returned
on Tuesday from their prospecting
trip towards the Big Bend. They tried
to get bottom on Cummins' Creek, 12
miles north of Kiubasket Like, hut
failed owing to tho quantify of water.
As it would take a ureut deal of labor
to overcome this difficulty by the construction of a drain the work h.td
to he abandoned as the party was too
small for such nn undertaking, Frank
reports that good gold prospect* can
hn got nttywhere with the pan in thai
Tne Kootenay Mining A Protective
ussociatii.'ti has made a suggestion that
a fiee miner shall have the privilege
of doing work in excess of $100 on a
mineral claim, nud thst such work
as shall lie found to be in exorfis of
that required for thecurrent year shall
he credited to him us assessment work
for future years. Tho Russiand Miner
thinks this suggestion is worthy of
consideration of tho mining committee
of the legislative assembly, for the
reason that, if incorporated in the
Mineral Act it would stim tlale dove!
upment work.
Oolden Murkot*.
Wheat tl.00tojl.05
Outs  0.00 to  0.G8
Barley   0.25 to   0,10
Beef (live)   3 00 to   3.50
Beef (dressed)  4.50 to  5.50
Pork  (live)   4 CO to   4.25
Pork (dressed).. ������   5.00 to  6.00
Mutton   5.CO to   5.00
Butter  0.25 to  0.35
Eggs  0.25 to  0.50
Hay (baled) 17.00 to 20 00
Hny (loose) 14.00 to 14.00
Potatoes   0.76 to  0,90
I'roparml   to   Ainnlcruitiatt)   North Kiwi
Kootuuny With lt.'Vt-ln-toke.
(Kootonay Muil.)
"In a manner which warrants its
being dealt with, ,\et nor specific
enough to cull correal, comes tlm rumor to tho Mail, that thu redistribution measure proposed by the Government in ty include Donald ami Uohb-ii
-portions of N. East Kootenav with N.
West Kootenay proper. While there
would he ni thing lint welcome for E.ist
Kootenaians in any scheme lor mutual
advantage, the Mail believes that this
proposal, if correct, is not one of thnt
nature, and feels su.e the E ist Kootenaians concerned will take the same
view of it, Their addition to us would
mean, probably, the loss of Trout Lake
&ud Lardeau divisions with which we
are closely related ami which we will
not. relinquish without a struggle, If
it does not mean the loss of those divisions or other territory, then there
is no need to put North East Kootenay
into this riding as it has already sufficient voter* registered to eutltld it to a
member. If North East Kootenay is
added to our already large riding it
will be very unfair if two members are
hot. given to it. unfair on the basis of
membership now accorded io Lilluoe',
Cariboo and oilier places. There are
now about H.'iO registered voters ami
applications to vote, iu f.e Revelstoke
utttce, which is nearly twice as many
as has thet'ariboo wilh lis I women-hers,
and more than Cassia r, East and West
Lillooet aud S.anh N.nminio, with four
members between them, can tutal up
together. Where then is the justice
or point in adding N. E. Kootenay'*
vote to this, when it is already large
enough to claim its own representative.
N. E. Kootenay, too, has grievance
in this respect. It has already, we are
credibly informed, 6i)Q voters. This
is more than Cariboo has with two
members,doublfi what Casslar has with
one, more than Cowichan Alherui with
two, aud Esquimau with two (scrotal
other oxainples could be given of inequality J and if these constituencies
deserve representation in the legislature surely Ni E. Kootenay docs even
still more so.
'But apart from numerical facts
altogether, 'herd isauotherreason why
these districts should havesep.raie
representation, that is the question of
dissimilarity or divergence of interests.
The interests ol these two -ections are
entirely apart. That of Golden and
Djuald is dirocte I and extended to its
main artery uf Traile, the north Columbia-Root en uy valley, that o I Revel -
stoke to its c injections north and
south in the Columbia Arrow Like
valley. Of course each centre has its
trails, area of east and west, but the
main interests of each place is not across tne divide, or not one with the
other,hut lies with enllrely different peo-
plesand centres. There is not hing much
in common in trade or influence he
tweirU Revelstoke aud Golden Donald
sections, their spheres are different ami
they are each sufficiently largo and in-
llueiitial euough to he given recognition by representation in a House containing many members from aniticial
and unnecessary constituencies, The
rumor, it is hoped, is not correct."
Ihe   Sti-ldo*   Matte   b*,* the  lied   Mnn
Towards ' IvUtaafclon.
Mr.  Gulbraith,   Indian Ay out, h-s
presented the following report of ihe
Dominion Government cm tin* I*idi*tu
SMtlem :uts of the Kootenav A^anay:
"There Is a marked improvfment lu
the buildings erected of late, au i the
[riiliaus are beginning to look with
more intention after th��ir mo It in ihe
winter, providing sheds for them, tie.
A general effort is being made to ^et
au   improved   breed  of horses, and to
| dispose of their "cayuses," or Indian
poll 104,    which   are practically useless
[and consume annually much feed.
They also take ureut care of th��ir farming Implements, which are carefuly
pinned under cover during the winter,
Tbe increase of stock and produce uf
farms, &c, has been pood, which,
with tie facilities for earniiiK money
as stock hunters, guides, &c, provided
by the influx of white men in pursuit
of   mines,  and other investments, has
; furnished all with the means   of   sup-
I port,
j Tiie conduct of the Indians in this
agency   has been very (good, i temper-
lance and immorality being almost uu-
' known among them.
I    A   new church is now being erected
; Tor the use of the Indians; it will cost
���S:j,000   or   more, und lumber is on the
��� ground at Ihe Lower Columbia Lake
Resent :o build a church at that
The population of the district is 030
��� males 2S7, females 271, children of
school ag'; ''i. The value cf their
propcru -!S*).3fiO, consisting of personalty $7'i 112, realty $205,378. They
own i.bV.O horses and '622 head of
young stock T.iey earned wages last
year to the extent of $1,050.
Golden Hospital.
At the meeting of the Kninloops
Hospital Committee the following discussion took place concerning the Golden Hospital:
'���Mr. Mara said the Golden Hospital received 75c. a month from such a
large body of lumbermen that there
war< nearly enough to run the hospital.
In Nelson it was thu same.
"Mr. Grahame said that the people
n the interior would go to Golden because the coast was so far, but here
they are so near the coast that once in
the train they uo on.
"Mr. Nash said (hat Mr. H E. Fori-
ter n up por ted a ward at his own expense at Golden, and he was informed
that he was so satisfied with the management of this hospital that he intended to do the same here."���Standard,
News in Brief
Eleven persons were burned to death
in a the which took place iu New
France has announced her intention
of occupying Lieu Chan as a naval
The British Admiralty has placed
large.orders with the Welsh colliery
owtu rs.
The Canadian Pacific Railway Com-
..uii.v nre building 12 steamers for the
Yukon trade.
The opening of navigation on the
gieat lakes is expected to take place
almost immediately.
Spain has a fleet of privateers at
Barcelona and Valencia ready to ��c-
tack United Slates commerce.
Wolf Joel, trustee of the estate of
the late Barney Barnato. was shot in
his ollice by a soldier named Vou Vclt-
Sir Adolphe Chaplentl will likely be
ihe Conservative candidate for the seat
in Battot, left vacant by the death of
Mr. Lhipont,
Russia will check Japanese aggression in China at any cost. Au Anglo
Japanese alliance against Russia is
considered probable.
The Grand River is swollen, great
masses of ice Houtlug down, and is
IS fefct above its normal height.   West
Brant ford is flooded.
The rn-h to the Yukon still continues. Thousands of persons arriving
at Vancouver cannot possibly secure
transport to the nonh this season.
L. B. Hamhlin reports seve:al.thousand people in Dawson. Urge numbers
are frozen in on the river, and that
famine is likely to occur before spring.
United Stales Navy Department
closed a deal for the purchase of two
tine cruisers, just completed at Els-
wick, England, for the Brazilian Government.
A rumor has been circulated that
the men of the armv reserve residing
in Canada would be called out simultaneously with those of Great Britain
aud Ireland.
Great Britain's channel fleet is pronounced available for foreign service
tn case of need.
li.i' cffintiQiiitiu ur ladles to iravel fur
responsible, oa iiblisherl houpejn liritish Columbia. Vfouthly 865.00 and Oxpent-on. Position steady. KoVerence. Cuebmo self adders*
led stamped ohm lope. Tlio Dominion Company, Dept. V (lilcago. 204*p29
Dry Goods, Boots and
Shoes and Fancy Goods.
- golden -
Q {$ {$ {$
To Arrive
This Week
1 car Coal Oil "Best
1 car General Groceries.
1 car Builder's Hardware, Paints, Oils
and Glass.
1 car Mattrasses, Pillows, Cotts, Etc.
1 car Furniture, Iron
Beds, Etc.
To AUv.rtla.rs and subscribers.
The UOLDEN ERA .a nublislwd every
Friday evening, li ia tiie best advertising
medium in ihe r.ist Kuoimsy district
Subscription Kates ;   Ba.taj j.er annum IN
Alterations and changes of .landing advertisement*, u.usi be in ti u dim- not luier than
noon "ii Wounea-lay to ensure insertion, but
c.-aitiil advert seiuentawill be received up till
noon on Friday.
VVi-ilo all reasonable care will be taken, the
proprietors will not bo r09|ionsibl��- t'or any
omission or error iu any advertisement.
All accounts to be paid lu tlm .Managing
Diioctor.or Ills authorized agent, from whom
the company's receipt will bo obtiiiiied.
Advertising rules: Display ads., 81.50 per
column inch; Leg I lids., 10 cents per line
for firm insertion, ti cents for ouch udtiitioiu.1
insertion* Koi.dlug noiius, r.' cents per line
each issue.
All business cotiuniinications should he addressed to iho ,Miiiiiic;iiig director, and nil
literary communications,Tottora for publication or news items should bo udurossetl to the
Correspondence is Invited on matters Of
piiblie interest, but to secure publication
siii'h letters must be brief. In the enso ot
aniiuyiiious loiters the m.mo mid address of
the wriior must be enclosed, nut for publication, but for tho private iiiformutiou of the
oditor mid us a guurniueiiof good faith. Any
letter received tutor limn \\ednesday will
have to stand over till the following issue.
Ik golden da Cnmgani Lin.ited Liatilltj,
Office, Goi.dek, B, C.     	
nit, aud was so recognised, that the
Government who introduced tne pol-
ioy some eight years ago ao gained and
maintained the confidence of the people
by that policy that they have held
office ever since, and their party has
been returned at two elections since
till they are guaranteed a longer term
of office than any Government thai
has held office in that country. If
Premier Turner were to express such
sentiments and make such statements
in a country where the people know all
about it from experience, he would be
relegated to the cold shades of oblivion
from one end of the country to the
other. A man in his position ought
to have some respect for the office he
holds, and should not drag it In the
mire by glaring untruths and misre-
pressutatiou, which have the appearance of having bsen deliberately made
(or his own ends.
are coming to hand every day.
We are showing bargains never
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following:    Blouses and Dress Silks -
starting at 2oe, per yi.nl - Grey and
White Cottons, Prints, Muslins. Dress
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25c per dozen.
Is going to lie our Banner Year,
are wide open for business, and
making new customers every day.
Geo. B. McDermot,
General Merchant
The British Columbia Review,
Mining Journal and Commercial
lvecord.    Published in London.
Subacription, 82.60 per annum.   Subscriptions and advertisements received by
E. A. HAGGEN, Golden,
Agent for East Kootenay.
Wanted, Farmers' sons or other industrious
persons of fair education to whom tuOn month
would be an inducement. I could also engage
a few ladle, .t their own |��J**gC(yrr>
���Hi Toronto.
Agcntsi "filimraes of the Unseen," fascinating book. 8wee| a Ihe entire Held of borderland subjects. Everybody ordera. Marvellous Illustrations.    Prospectus   free to
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responsible, established house in British Columbia. Monthly 885.(0 and expenses. Position steady. Reference. Enclose self adders-
sed stamped envelope. The Dominion Company, Dept. Y Chicago. aOlup��
Agents. "Woman" is tho title of our great
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Wiliard," the most wonderful woman uf the
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ot the greatest women known, with biographical sketches.   Snaps for canvassers.
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clmnic who had earned 11.60a day is clearing
85 a dav. We want more agents. Canvas
sing outfit 25 cents, worth 81. ���������_ . ���..
312 (Limited) TOKONIO.
/SB-      Subscribe for the Era  ���*"*
tithe Ojolbrn Oivo
(Edited by E. A. Hagoes.)
statute ot the privileges which it now
enjoys, and that thn charges whioh
may be levied by its members were
themselves regnlatedbylaw.Ifsuchchar-
ges are permissible the members would
soon get rioh in proportion as their
clients became poor. Taxation is an
unsatisfactory remedy in cases where
there may be over-charges of law
costs, as the taxing officer is invariably on the side of the lawyer and the
costs of taxation generally amount to
as much, if not more, than the
amount which he may deduct aa overcharge.
Extract from the Toronto Daily "GLOBE" of
August 7th, 1897.
A Home Treatment,  known ns th.
Dyke Cure, by which Every Victim of Jntumperunee can b.
Permanently Cared.
FRIDAY, MARCH 18,  1898.
We are informed on pretty good
minority that tha Turner-Pooley
combination propose as one of the features of their redistribution policy, to
amalgamate the North East Kootenay
and Nort West Kootenay districts in
one electorate, That would mean that
the Nakiisu district, which properly
belongs to Revelstoke, would be cut off
from there and added :o one of the
southern constituencies of West Kootenay. Golden and ihe Columbia Valley
would be joined with Revelstoke,
when the two districts have no interest in common whatever. The interests of Revelsti'ke lie in the valleys to
the south and north. The same applies to Golden, and it is utterly ridiculous to combine in an electoral
district interests of so varied a character. We ure informed that the object ot the move is, if possible, to
secure a seat for Col. Baker at the
coming elections; but the resort to
such trickery is not the way to gain
further support to this Government in
its corrupt policy. It must rather
have the effect of alienating support
they would otherwise have. Such a
policy could only have a serious effect
on this part of the district and would
mean practically its dis-enfranchise-
ment, No*, that the Govern.ent would
take that into consideration it it answered their purposes, but to the people of Golden and Donald, and to the
surrounding district, it is a very seii
ous matter- It means making all this
district tributary to Revelstoke, and
against this every man who has a
soul ot his own ought tokick - aud that
most vigorously. If the report of this
move proves to be true, public meetings
ought to be held at Donald and Gol
den and every step taken to checkmate it in the interest of the people
and of their district.
It transpires that the Provincial
Parliament resolution that a Committee should be appointed to consider the
best means of obtaining cheap capital
for farmers required the consent of the
Turner Government before it could be
adopted, and Premier Turner blocked
it by refusing consent. Thnt gentleman
made a speech on the occasion which
brands him as either grossly ignorant
ot the first principles of statesmanship
or as making a deliberate attempt to
mislead the House and the people. He
said there were a dozen different industries as important to the Province as
agriculture. In this hs goes directly
against the consensus ot opinion of the
economists and of statesman who
have made it ti.eir business to study
this matter. He then went on to tell
tho House of the failure of the pol cy
in New Zealand, forgetting to tell the
truth, tbat the policy had been such a
boon   not  ouly  to the farmers but to
Fonght Catarrh for Fifty Tears.
Eighty Years ol Age When Victory Came���
Dr. Agnew'a Catarrhal Powder the One
George Lewis, of Shamokin, Pa., says: "1
was troubled with catarrh for 50 years. I am
80 years old, 1 used a groat many catarrh
remedies, but Dr. Agnew's i atarih.il Powder
was the one medicine that gave immediate
relief and cured me of the disease." At Ottawa, U. M. >iorlhrop, a prominent member
of the Civil Service, used this mediciiio and
tolls of its beneKls in the case of catarrh and
cold in tho h-'iul.  It relieves in 10 minutes.
Sold by C. A. Warren. 853
John Ross, the well known railway
contractor, died suddenly.
The above would make a very appropriate advertisement ot enquiry as
to where the public estate has gone
and is going. A return presented to
the Provincial Parliament on the motion ot Mr, Williams, M. P. P. gives
some astounding revelations. It shows
that clote ou eight million acres ot
public estate have been given away to
railway charier-mongers, and another
two millions applied for and to be given no doubt in dun course. Nearly
four million acres alone were given to
the Columbia and Western Railway,
only 187 miles in length, and the reservation fot Col. Baker's pet job, the
B. C. Somthern, is IM miles long. I
there no patriotism or public spirit in
the people of the Province when such
scandalous appropriations of the public estate are made to the friends of the
Government without protest? How
long is a continueiice of this polioy to
he tolerated? Can the people not see
that it means a sorry day for British
Columbia iu the future, and that this
policy is the hatching ground ot those
monopolies which will arise and at
tempt to crush ihe people, resulting in
labor troubles and riots such as tlio
United States hns weltered in of late
years as the product of a similar
The Nelson Tribune says: "The
Province has a very wily set of financiers at the helm ot state. When the
fiscal returns were presented to the
Legislature, there was shown a deficit
ol something like 8300,000. It has
since been discovered that these figures
should have been doubled, as the public accounts comities last week showed
up an overdraft oft 190,IM. which hns
encroached upon this year's revenue.
Instead, therefore, of having money
to go upon, the Province is met with a
most serious deficit. It was policy
tor Mr. Turner and his colleagues to
present as flashy a balance sheet ss
possible, bat his "cooked" accounts
have been ruthlessly exposed. He hss
thus been robbed of an important item
with which he hoped to tickle the
electorate in the approaching elections.''
Refering to Chinese labor in coal
mines tho Nelson Tribune ssys: "The
Dunsmuirs, or in fact any similar corporation, may break the law at will,
knowing that punishment cannot be
meted out to ihem. No oilier country
can expose a similar situation, and the
wonder is the island has been bulldozed so long. Signs multiply, however,
that the constituencies will swing into
line with those of the mainland and
condemn the careless law-givers the
next balloting."
We have teen a local hill of law
costs iii which $o5 am charged fur giving a notice �� hich wool 1 n ke about a
minute to fill up. If this is a i instance
of the law costs which the members ot
the B. C. Law Society ate entitled tu
extort Irom the Kublic wh.i may have
the misfortune to come within their
grip, then all we can say is that it is
time the Law Society was deprived by
The Tillage blacksmith Is usually
. .. considered the type
l iUw of B��od health,
.JjJnFO- Even he sickens and
���p5(L dies frequently In
i/^A early youth. No
s-^\ man, not even the
' -./-Ninost robust, can af-
) ford to neglect his
health, which is his
/. most precious en.
dowinent. The
man who does so
will sooner or
later pay the
'penalty in some
serious or fatal
malady. When a
man finds that he
Is losing his appetite, that he
passes restless
nights, thst he
awakens in the morninf unrefreshed and
without ambition or mental or bodily visor,
when he is troubled with headaches, nervousness or biliousness, it ia time for him to
take serious thought for his health.
These symptoms are by no means trivial,
and are indicative of disorders that may
lead to consumption, nervous prostration,
malarial troubles or some serious blood
disease. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery is the best of all medicines for men
and women who suffer in this way. It re-
stores the lost appetite; it gives sweet, refreshing sleep; makes the digestion perfect,
the liver active and purifies and enriches
the blood. It is the neatest of all nerve
tonics. It is the great blood-maker and
flesh-builder.   It cures 08 per cent, of all
cases of consumption, weak lungs, bron
chltls, spitting of blot	
and kindred ailments.
blood, obstinate coughs
It is also an unfail
ing cure for nervous exhaustion and prostration.   At all medicine stores.
Mrs. Rebecca F. Gardner, cf Grafton, York
Co.. Va., writes: "When I waa married I
weighed 135 pounds. I was taken sick and reduced la health and broke out with a disease
which my doctor said was eczema. 1 fell away
to 90 pounds. I began using Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery, and now I weigh 140 pound,
and am well."
Constipation often causes sickness. Dr.
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure constipation.
One little "Pellet" is a gentle laxative, and
two a mild cathartic. They never gripe.
They are tiny, sugar-coated, anti-bilious
granules, in little vials. Druggists have
nothing else "just as good." They regulate the Stomach, Liver and Bowel*,
The New York correspondent ot the
Daily Telegraph says: "I have it on
good authority that a triple alliance
between Great Britain, the United
States and Japan is pending." Such
an alliance is most desirable at a criti
cal moment like the present. These
three nations, it united, with their immense wealth and splendid navies,
could mantain peace throughout the
wo: Id, or beat into subjection any nation which dared to trniisend its
All crave or desire for stimulants is
removed in from three to five days, and
iu four weeks oa'.ieiits are restored to
their natural condition. It consists of
a vegetable liquid, taken as a tonic.
No publicity, nu bad after-effects, aud
no loss of time from business duties.
To bring the cure within the reach of
all, the fee bus been reduced to 825.
For further information write or
consult Dr. McTaggart, London, Out.
or manager Golden Era.
References as to Dr. McTaggnrt's
professional standing and personal integrity permitted by
Sir W. R. Meredith, Chief Justice of
Ontario, Toronto;
Hon. G. W. Ross, Minister of Education Toronto;
G. W. Yarker, Banker and Financial
Agent, Toronto;
R. J. Fleming, ex-Mayor of Toronto
City, Toronto;
H. S. S'vany, General Manager
Trader's Bank, Toronto;
S. Nordheinier, German Consul, |
Toronio. |
The lollowing from Aid Spence, Secretary ot the Dominion Alliance, is one
of many such testimonials in his possession:
Toronto, July 12, 1897.
A. McTaggart, Esq., M. D.
Dear Sir,- In reply to your enquiry
regarding my knowledge of the Dyke
cure for Intemperance, I have to say
that it was brought under my notice
about a year ago, and I specially interested myself in a number of cuses that
were treated by it. In some of thein
the results were remarkable, several
parties who were confirmed inebriates
becoming entirely changed and remaining till tho present time sober and useful citizens. Several other parties
treated at the same time I have lost
sight of. but do not personally know
of a case out of half a dozen in which
the treatment was not successful.
With best wishes, I remain,
Yours, sincerely,
353 F. S. Spench.
Tailoring 1
Removed to
New Stoie
South-East of
Kicking Horse Bridge.
Ily Motto U
Good Quality,
Good Fitting and
Good Workmanship.
Business Cards.
The 6r.-t division ot the session, on
the Stickine Railway contract, waa a
great vic'ory lor the Lauri'-r Government. The opposition amendment was
defeated by (in year, tc 119 nays. Government majority of hi. Five Con-
survatives voted with the Government
aud three Liber..), voted against the
Make Old Dresses New.
Notary Public, Golden, B. C.
A post card addressed to me
at the post office, Golden, will
receive prompt attention.        29to
Builder and Contractor,
-   -   -   -   Golden, B. (J.
A supply of Building  Lime
For Sale.
Plans prepared.   Prompt attention given to orders. 28to
Hon. F. W. AYLMER, C. E.
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Sub-Agent Dominion Government.
Agent Dominion Townsite, Golden,
Special attention to Mineral Claims.
Dot Office, Alexander Block, Golden,
A big fire at Toronto did about
$150,000 damage to ihecs'ablishments
of the Robert Carries storage warehouse, Dominion Wire Manufacturing
Company, and Topesa Chemical Company.
Diamond Dyes the Simplest and
Easiest Way cf Home Dyeing.
Their Great Superiority Over all Other Ways
of Home Dyeing���A Ten-Cent Package
Will Cjlor Prom Oue to Five Pounds of
Goods-Colors That Will Not Wash Out
in Strong Soapsuds. j
K&K   K&K   K&K   K <3.
I Tb�� Leading Specialists ef America I
20 Year. In Detroit.
250,000 CirH.
Barrister, Solicitor &
- - - Notary Public,
Office at Upper Columbia Navigation
Co. Building, Golden. B. C.
Will be in Golden on  Monday of each
week. 36to
Success in home dyeing depends
wholly upon the king of dyes used, j
With Diamond Djes, if the simple!
directions on the package are followed
carefully, und the special dyes for cotton are used for coiton and mixed
goods and the wool dyes used for wool-
en, there is absolutely uo chance of
Diamond Dyes are very simple and
easy to use, and hy using a atick to
lift the goods while in the dye bath,
there is no need of soiling the hands
For beauty, brilliancy, und fastness, no
other dye stuffs, whether for home use
or for the dye shop, equal the Diamond, The latest scientific discoveries
are used in their manufacture, they
are guaranteed the strongest and fastest of al! known dyes, and their solid
colors will not wash out in the strong-
eat soapsuds, nor will they fade win 11
exposed to the sunlight.
Try Diamond Dyes once, and see
how essy it is to make old laded
dresses, waists, ribbons, coats, etc.
look like new. 850
dliuasn  many I
        Jher uityhaveaamart-l
I ing sensation, small, twisting itre.ni, I
I ...     '-���-"*���i.tllibtdla-1
icing, weak I
Alfred   Moody,   a  farmer north of
Carman, committed suicide by hanging
���kin Distress.
Ecsems, Tetter, Salt Rheum, Scald Head,
llurber'a Itch, Ringworm, and other akin
diseases and eruptions cause It. Dr. Agnew's Ointment cures it. Oue application
will nllav irritation. 113 cents. Dr. Agnew's
Liver Pills are smallest, cheapest, best. 10
Sold by C. A. Wsrren. 963
Thousands of young and mkkUs-sgad
iconaoiotulr.  Thi
, _g sensation, anu_.
sharp ratting wlni at
I charm difficulty la coi���
-irgmns, emissions, and all
. jf nervous debllit:
I Ton.
I turn.-
Imbni   - 	
I henc4r4fflovutheitrlotoi.peraisa.atbr.
I It can never return.  Kr	
lati  '
I theblissof uVnboodfetarni.
It can never return. Kopaln,nojraffci>l
Ing, no detention from business by onr I
��� method. TheMzcMorganaareatraogui-1
I en.d.  Tha nerves ar. invigorated, and I
1 th. bliss of manhood returns.
|l Thousand! of young and middle-aged I
I men are having their sexual visor a
'  UtjMDoDtlnuallr sapped by this t    .
. They are frequently unconscious I
oftheosanotthesa symptoms. General I
""   '      , Unnatural 1)1    ���
 sod, Nervousne
iry, Irritability, nt time 1 smarting 8
aifon, Sunken Eres, with dark clro
I log Man'
knees. Unnatural Discharges, Fall-1
Manhood, Nervousness, Poor Mem-1
Irritability, nt time 1 Smarting. San-1
 1, ���UU.w u,�� nu,	
Weak Back, General Depression, Is
mayb.th.ouue. Don't consultL family |
is.   Kb
eiperunoe in I
-don't allow I
: yon. Consult I
���    ~,  eallf. study of I
[seascs of Men and Women. Our NEW I
. ET110D TIlWTMErU' will, nod-1
I tiroly euro yon. One thousand dollars I
I for a case w. accept lor treatment and I
I eannotcure. lormamodarateforaoura. I
Parts, eto.
I maybetheesuie.
doctors, as they have no	
then- special   diseases���don't
Quaokato experiment on yon -
"      iwl.havemadeallf.ltudyol I
1 Cor. Michigan Ave. and Shelby St.
K&K   K&K   K&K   K&
Clarence Ilersey,
Assayer and Chemist,
(Established 1879) LEADVIM.B, COLORADO
Samples by mail or express receive
prompt attention.
Spocimen Assay Prices:���Gold, stiver and
lean, II: any two of the above, 75c; any on.
of the above, 50e {copper analysis, II; platinum, nickel or tin, to. Write for full price
list and mailing envelopes.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for tha
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the undersigned or any member of the
PRICE-Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Aoting Secretary.
The Imperial Life
Assurance Company
Of Canada.
CAPITAL   STOCK,   $1,000,000.
1250,000 Deposited with Dominion
Government   for  Sesurity
of   Polioy  Holders.
Presldent-Hon. Sir Oliver Mowat.
Vice-Preslilent-Joseph W. Flav.ll.  Im.
Managing Direcior-F. G. Cos.
E. A. Haooen,
SIB Agent, GokUtn, B. 0.
Don't Hold for Traveller.   Ship and Save His Expenses.
B��ph aad Tags lamlshsd tree.
Fall Prices.  Oorrect Selection.
Hides, Pelts, Wool
Tallow,  Ginseng,  Seneea.
Write for Circular giving Latest Market Prices.
Immediate ltuinlttunecs.
Jets. McMillan & Co.
No Commission c hargesl.
200.213 Flrat Avo North
mXNEAPOMg, HUfX. ^������
Was There Ever
a Great Victory?
Paine's Celery Compound, the World's Fairpus
Disease Baqisher, SaVes the Life of
Mr. Ghurch.
All Other Medicines Had Failed and Death
Was Fully Expected.
As a Spring* Medicine for New Blood, New Strength and
Sound Health, Paine's Celery Compound is
Recommended by Thousands.
The complete cure of Mr. John A.
Church, ot Coldbrook, N. 8., and the
production of his strong letter ol testimony in favor ot Paine's Celery Compound are of themselves s libelant to
convince every sick person that Paine's
Celery Compound is a medicine honest
ly prepared and recommended f-ir thn
euring of all siok people. No other
medicine known to medical science
ean so well and so promptly restore
last strength and vitality iu the spring
months. v
It is not the common medicines of
the diy that physio ins prescribe and
the best classes of people recommend.
It is only a won lerful and marvellous
life restorer like Paine's Celery Compound that can command attention
and nspeiit. Mr. Ciurch writes as
Wills ft Richabdson Co.,
Gentlemen:-It is with pleasure
tbat I give testimony in favor of your
marvellous  medicine,   Paine's Celery
Robert Wild has sold his ranch at
Golden to a Mr. Jones, from the east,
the price being %i, 6U0 for 160 acres.
It is reported that the Maui toba
Government has oomplated a provisional arrangement with Mann ft Mc-
Kenzie by whioh certain aid will be
voted this session to construct the
Rainy River and Manitoba South
Eastern Railway and so secure relief
from the onerous freight rates, especially on wheat, for which Oreeuway
has been fighting so long.
We have received the annual report
ot the Canadian Child Saving Work
for 1897. This society is rendering
splendid service on behalf of the children and is prepared to assist children
who are really in need in any pare of
Canada. The work is a voluntary one
and dependeu: entirely upon the free
will offerings of people for the helping
of Canadian Children. The Society
are at present very urgently in need of
fundi to do tbo work pressing upon
President McKinley asked tho board
of inquiry on tho Maine disaster for a
full report hy Tuesday morning to present at the noon meeting of the cabinet. The President's line ot action
will be a demand for a heavy indemnity and the immediate evacuation of
Cuba by Spanish troops. If Spain accepts, there will be no war, but if not,
which is most probable, hostilities will
begin immediately. The message
from ths president was expected on
A correspondent writes from Dawson
City: "Tho majority are suffering
and In want here. Only a few aia
gathering fortunes Mauy will leave
in tho spring with Isas money than
they brought with them. My husband I aro going to leave on tho first
boat, whioh will arrive about Juno 1.
People are arriving every day. Sometimes 60 come in between dawn and
dark. Thev report that thousands ii] ���
on thousands are waiting where food
Ii cheaper and that they will arrive
on tho first boats. Coniractorsaremak-
ing contracts for next ssason on a
basts of ID per day just about enough
to live on. It is not as easy to grow
rich m tht papers say. Much ot the
news ii sent out by Klondike boom
Tht Nelson Economist lays:
"James Carroll was in from Moyie
City during tbe week and complains
that tht monopoly of the public road
claimed by Porter Brothers, the freighter! for tho Crow's Nest Railway, is
causing a great deal of trouble and
unnecessary expense. The Porters, he
���ays, charge what they Ilka and will
not allow tht use of the wharves formerly held by Armstrong. If any ont
takes to freighting in opposition to
thttn, thty are soon pressed into the
strviee of tht contractors. Mr. Carroll
also statas that tho trade ot Fort
Steele is being diverted from Nelson by
reason ot the rates oharged hy the Porters." It strikes us Fort Steele would
have done better to have stuck to the
Oolden rout*,
Compoun 1. I had an attack of Is
grippe which put me into such a condition that I could not sleep or eat. I
was completely tun down, had ex
trerac nervous prostration, nud lay for
days in a half stupefied state.
After spending all my. money for
medicine which did little good, I gave
up to die, when one day a paper on
Paine's Celery Compound was brought
to me. I at once procured the medicine aud derived great relief from the
first bottle. I slept better, ate better,
and digestion improved. After using
nins bottles I feel like a new man. I
can truly say that Paine's Celery Com.
pound snatched mt from tht grave
and gave me a new lease of life.
I earnestly urge all sufferers to use
Paine's Celery Compound, feeling sure.
It will curt them. Do not spend your
money for medicines tbat cannot cure
Yours truly,
1151 John A. Ciiuacii
Information Department
Those desirous of obtaining information regarding the mineral sections of
East Kootenay and their resources,
will be furnished such information hy
addressing their inquiries to the Editor
of the Era, free of charge.
A Clergyman'. Thumping ff.art.
Cured After Tears of Tedious but Fruitless
Treatment��� These are the Words of Kev.
I,. W. Showers, of Elderton, Pa.
"Hyrase was chronic. Had uneasiness
nlwitt the heart, and palpitation since I wns a
hoy. As soon as I saw Or. Agnew's Cure fur
the Heart advertised. I procured it. 1 am
new using my fifth bottle and experience
Kreat improvement. The choking, abnormal
sating and w,.rm feeling and thumping
have entirely disappeared. This remedy
will save your life it you aro a victim of heart
Sold by C. A. Warren.
Dupont, M. P. for Begot, died as the
re/ult of injuries In a railway accident
some weeks ago.
Pile*, whether Itching, blind or
blooding-, are relieved by one
���pplloatlon of
Dr. Agnew's Ointment
And oared In 3 to 5 nishts.
Dr. M. Barkmen, Bloshamton, K. V.,
wrlteet Send me 11 dosen more of At*
naw's Ointment. I prescribe large quantum of It. It Is a wond.r wnrk.r In skla
diseases and a great ��nr. for pll.��.-n
Sold by 0. A. Warren.
tive gentlemen or ladies to travel for
. -jponaibfe, established house in British Col
umbia. Monthly tiVj.OO and expenses, Position steady. Reference. Enclose self addressed stamped envelope. Tne Dominion Company, Dept. Y Chicago. i��iap23
For Rent.  .
Ten (10) acres of a vegetable garden to
rent on shares. Team, seed and fools furnished.  For further particulars apply to
J. W. Conner,
823ml7 Oolden, B. C.
Advertise Your District
To do so, send your orders for us
to print your memoranda with a
locality map of East Kootenay
and the various locations on the
back of each form!
The Golden Era Company-
Limited Liability
General Printers and Publishers,
Golden, B. C,
����������� ��������>
t     A FORTUNE.      t
In the event of a
stroke of good fortune you can win
500,000 Marks.
Tho payment of the
E rises is guaranteed
y t iovernment. 1st
drawing Junk 10th.
YOU are Invited to Participate in the
ehaiice. of winning
in the Grand Drawings of Prizes (luitr
teed by the State of Hamburg ia which
11 mliions 849,325 marks
surely have to bo won.
In the course of theso advantageous
drawings, which contain according io tho
prospectus only I I8.0.X) tickets, the following prizes will be forthcoming.viz: Tlio
Highest prize will bo event. uO0,OJ0 marks
Premium of iiOO 000 murks
1 Prize    of 0)0,000 marks
1 Prize    of 100,001 marks
3 Prizes  of 75,030 marks
1 Prize.-  of ill.OJJ marks
1 Prize    of 05,000 marks
1 Prize    of 00,000 murks
1 Prize    of 55,' 00 marks
I Prizes   of 50,000 murks
1 Prize    of 40,003 marks
1 Prize    of ��n,' 00 marks
2 Prizes  of 20,000 marks
16 Prizes
te Prizes
106 Prizea
2^6 Prizes
811 Prizes
1518 Prizes
+11 Prizes
140 Prizes
30(152 Prizea
10,000 marks
5,0)0 marks
3,000 murks
2,000 murks
1,000 murks
4 K) murks
.100 murks
200 murks
155 marks
9959 prizes   of 134,104.100 marks
9351 Pilzes  of 73. 45,21 marks
in all 59,180 prizes which must be surely
won in 7 drawings within the space ot a
few months.
Tho highest prize nf 1st drawing amounts to Mk. 50,000, increase at al draw
ing to Mk. 55,00, in 3d Mk. 00,003, in 4th
Mk. 05,000, in 5th Mk. 70,0 0, iu Gih Mk.
75,000, in 7th Mk. 200,000, mid together
with the Premium of Mk. 300,000 in (he
most fortunate case to Mk. .'00,000.
The official cost for purticij atij.. it. the
first two drawings amounts to
Dollar 4.50 for a full ticket,
Dollar 2.25 for half a ticket,
Duller 1.1 it for one quarter of a ticket
Half resp. quarter tickets wilt entitle lo
one halt resp. one quarter of the amount,
won by the respective number, named on
the ticket.
The stakes for participa'ion in tho ful
lowing drawings, as well as the exact
prize-table, are indicated in the official
pros'iectus, which I send on demand gratis in advance. The prospectus is also
sent gratis with every order. After the
drawing I shall forward to every ticket-
holder the official list of the winning
The pi-neil ltd forwarding tl the inauntt ion
to those concerned will have my special
and prompt attention, and with the most
absolute secrecy.
Remittance of money can be made
by American Hank-notes, by registered
letter or by PiistOfhce-Orders. Small
amounts can also be aent by postage-
#*" On aeconnt of the approaching
drawing of the prizes, please address the
orders immediately in all confidence direct to
Samnel   Herkscher,  aenr..
I    at HAMBURG, Germany.     352up2?o
���         ���
�����������> .toe
Livery and Feed Stables
Oood Saddle Horses and
Rigs of all kinds for
Hire at Reasonable Rates.
Teaming of all kinds a specialty.
+ x + x +
A. C. Hamilton,
The McMurdo House,
carbonate landing,
kast kootenay,
Chas. Cartwrioht, Proprietor.
Oood accommodation for Miners.
Best Brands of Liquors Kept.
Saddle or Pack Horses tor Sale or Hire
FAVORITE Mineral Claim, situate in the
Golden Mining Division of North Fast Kootenay, located in International Uasin, on
Middle Fork of Spllliniac-hene 1,'iver.
Take notice thst I, Manuel Dainard, Froo
Miners Certificate No. 86025, intend, sixty
days from the datn hereof, to apply to the
Gold Commissioner for a Certificate of Iiu-
Crovements, for tho purpose of obtaining a
rown Grant of Iho above claim.
And further take noiicotliatadverse claims
must be sent to tho Gold Commissioner, and
actions commenced  heforo the issuance of
such Leriificitte of Improvements.
Dated this third day of March, A.D. 1898.
33��my4 M. Dainard.
Hon. P. W. Aylmer President
W. G. Mitchell-lnnes Vice     do
W. G. Neilson, J. P    do      do
E. Johnson  do      do
E, A. Hsggen Secretary-Treasurer
The regular meetings of the association
will be held on tho first Tuesday in every
month at the Columbia House, Golden.
All possible information will be furnished
by tho association upon application to
E. A. Haoobn, Sec, Golden.
Rubber Stamps
Orders for Rubber Stamps and Souls will
)��� received at the Golden Era Office and
oxecuted with promptitude.
Tho Gulden Era Company,
Limited Liability.
Wholesale and ltetnil
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Golden Era,
Published Every
Friday Evening;.
Subscription, $2 per Annum,
Payable in Advance.
. Paper.
The Business Man.
The Politician.
The Railroader,
The Miner,
The Rancher,
The Lumberman.
London, Out.
Fort Steele
Medicine Hat
Canal Flat
New Denver
One of tho most vigorously conducted and widely circulated   papers
published in British Columbia.
A Tip-Top Medium for Advertisers.
Rates on application to the proprietors.
The Golden Era Co.,
Limited Liability,
Golden,   -  B.C.
Pacific Hy
Write for pamphlet descriptive of the routes to the
Yukon Country, Sailing1
Dates, Rates, etc.
Sailing* for March and
Danube Mar. 22
Alki Mar. 23
Pnkshan Mar. 24
Ning Chow Mar. 24
Victorian Mar. 24
���Cottage Cit.y Mar. 26
Islander Mar. 29
Thistle Mar. 31
Australian April   1
Danube April   5
���Cottage City sails for Wrangel, Juneau and Sitka only.
All Agents can ticket
through at rates which will
include meals and berth on
because its "shine" lasts
long, and seems too simple.
'Pays hurt better to use a
wax pore-filler, and polish
up a previous polish.
Paid by the week,
instead of by the pair,
he'd shine the actual
leather, hard and
Apply to the nearest Canadian Pacific Hail way Agent, or address
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Mnn.
61tc Ticket Agent, Oolden
smooth surfaced, with
. -Siater Shoe Poush
II ���!������ II inn II ���   mill      II Til  ���" **���*
H. 6. Parson, Sole Local Agent.     245
>��*"We are Manufacturers and Direct Importers, and carry a Large Stock of Balances,
Furnaces, Fire Clay Goods, Scientific and
Practical Books, Glassware, Platinum Goods,
Acids, Chemicals, and all
other Assuyers' and Millers' requirements.
Sole  Agents for Morgan
Crucible Company, Batter-
'&���'*'*       sen. Becker's Son's  Balances; Brunton & Pearse's Pocket Mine Transit, etc.
Vancouver, II. C.
P.O. Box 355. Telegraphic Address:   "ASSAY," Vancouver, B.C.
Lodging House
opposite the Steele House,
Prices to Suit Everybody.
C. LEVETT, Prop.
"The Province" Map of
Absolutely Free
To New Subscribers to "The Province."
'���The Province" claims that it has the largest circulation west ot Winnipeg, and that claim has never been questioned or challenged. It is now
letermined if moriev and energy can do it. to increase its circulation until it
can prove that it lias THE LARGEST CIRCULATION IN CANADA. To
attain this object the directors have arranged with The Province Publishing
Company, Limited Liability, for the supply of
One Hundred Thousand Copies flmiS* Map of the Klondyke
To every NRW suscriber who sends ��1.00 to "Tho Province," Victoria or
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The Province" for less than a Dollar. Bv taking advantage ��( this unprecedented offer, whi^h is only possible in the case of New Subcribers who
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The Province" for a year.
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The Munson Typewriter
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Chicago, lit. ot? w
THE GOLDEN EltA,  FRIDAY,  MARCH  18,   1898.
* Cigars given awav at Starforth &
P. White, section foreman of tho C.
P. R., ItiteutU leaving Oolden shortly.
The next Court of Assise will In-
held at DonuId on Monday, June 2tth.
Service will be held nt the Prcshy-
terian Church, Gulden, on Sunday at
?.yo p.m.
The curling rink lias Wen thrown
open for yk-iting and thesport if being
well Attended.
M. Carliu and family have removed
into the large house formerly ouailpie<J
by C H. Parson.
* Aro von troubled with tttdtgestiouV
Chew Somoi'vill'a Pepsin Quml .St.ir-
forth & Bligli, agents.
James Henderson had his right arm
badly poisoned this week and has been
under the ears of Dr. Taylor.
It is reported that, a murder hns
been committed at Six Mile, between
Beaver and and the Summit, but no
particulars are to hand.
Constable Cox wns despatched to
Donald on Tuesday and succeeded in
catching a Chinaman who had been
suftpeoted of sly grog selling.
G. E. Smith will liolil service iu
connection with the Methodist church
on Sunday next as follows: Donald
11 a. m.  and Golden 7.;!0 p.m.
* All kinds of fruit and ornamental
tree-*, for sale, cheap and warranted.
Call at my place, Golden, 13. C, .Tolin
McMillan. 840h|*4
F. Healy has sold his interests in
tho Russell house, and goes to Moose-
jaw. J.I Brewstur has joined \V Sltel-
ton in the proprietory of the Russell
Messrs. Starforth & Bllgh have dissolved partnership, and the business
will he continued bv Mr. Stnrforih.
Mr. BUgh has taken charge of the bar
At the Kootenay House.
Mr. MoCready, timber inspector for
the C. P. R., will leave Golden next
week for the Crow's Nest Phhh, when*
lie has been ordered to do the iiHppe-
tion of some ties for the C. and K.
J. A. Bangs, as attorney for II. E.
Foster, lias sold to Mr. M< lines, of
Fort Steele, the whole of the Hook of
sheep on Ihe Gordon ranch at.Winder
mere. Mr. Bangs intends stocking
the ranch with cattle.
J. Durick, of Fort Steele, nccomnan
ied by hisnister,ai'rivod in Got ten from
the oast on Thursday, They had
the misfortune to be in the wrecked
train, hit luckily got off with no injury beyond a shaking.
According to the official returns 3'i
children attend tht school forIufliiui8.it
Sr.Eugene Mission,there being 1:2 bo.s
and 21 girls. The average school attendance for the j ear was 11 and all
the children were in the iirst standard.
Neva of the death of W. II. Kinnisten. of Calvary, wad received in Gol
den ou Friday with deep regret As a
curler and mining man Mr Kinnisten
was well known aud highly esteemed.
He wis one of the directors of the
Bald Mountain Company,
The Upper Columbia Navigation
Company have decided on stationing
an agent at Windermere during the
coming season to look after freight
and punctually a', tend to ihe wants of
shippers and passengers, R. M. Wilson,
of the Golden Eua oliice. has been
appointed to the position.
At the Police Court on Monday
morning bnfore C. A. Warren, Esq.,
J. P., George Chitty was charged with
having smashed tho door of the
Queen's Hotel, assaulting Mr. Greene
and using obscene language. He was
fined $15 and costs SI.35, arid oriered
to pay $.") for the damage clone to the
door, in default UO days in gaol.
J. C. Greene, chairman of the Town
* This year's crop of nuts   just    arrived at the Golden Fruit Store.
Wm. Whyte manager of C   P.   R
Vancouver that owing IO the
heavy trafljo probably   two   trains  a
day would be put on.
At St. Paul's church, Golden, there
will be an even ng service and address
at 7.H0 p.m. ou Friday, March ISth,
im I Wednesday, March 23rd.
The Dominion Government have iu
trodiced a hill regarding the inspection of steamships, and examination
Htitl liceising of engineers employed on
The Golden Curling Club thought
fnllv sent a wreath on the occasion of
the burial of the late W. H. Kinnisten
of Cnlgory, who was a favorite with
tho Golden curlers.
* Choice variety of Cigars and
Cigarettes just opened at Starforth ��
Between tho Golden Lumber Com
puny and their successors, the Colum
bla Rivor Lumber Co., L8Q.C00 lie
have been delivered to the order of ihe
C. P. R. at Golden railway station
this winter.
In future persons whodesire to huve
their names placed upon the voters' 11* t
must either present rheir application
in person to I be Collector or make a
statutory declaration before a Justice
of the Peace.
A hill ban been introduced havinu
for its object the amendment of the Do
minion Licensing Law, by empowering
the police to search premises where
they believe liquor to be illegally sold,
and to prosecute if liquor is so found.
In tbe House of Commons on Monday Divis, of Saskatchewan, com
plained o\ the exorbitant railway rates
being ch: rged by the C. P. R. in the
west, and said tic believed that the
railways should be under the control
of tiie railway commissioners'
The Dominion Government havo decide! on l in pro vauu the Duncan River,
nnd Mr. Roy, Dominion Government
Engineer,   has   arrange)  to have the
s lagging an I improvement of tho
1 river I12 I done as soon as the ice goes
lout. He considers the ri-er cunle
: made navigable for a considerable dis-
i tance,
Mr. and Mrs. Forres*, of the Forrest
; Hous.j, Donald, celebrated Sr. Patrick's
I lay by a ball lust evening in the 0*1(1-
I follows   Hall   of   that   town.    Many
Golden people had tieen tuvlttd to participate of the hospitality oE the   host
and   hostess,   but as No. 1 did not ��r-
rivo   till   1,30   a.m.   they   wero  unable   to   go, much to their disappointment.
On the morning of Feb. 20, 1805, I
was sick with rliO'iniatism and lay ill
lid until Mav 21**t, when I got a hot
tie of Cliamlierlaiii's Pain Balm. The
firs', application of it relieved me al
most entirely from tbe pain and the
second afforded complete relief. In :i
short time I was able to he up and
abo it again, - A. T. Morbadx, Lu*
lerue, Minn. Sold by all druggists.
Langley & Co., Wholesale Agents,
Victoria and Vancouver. iJ'lb'al
One of tho men of Frank Berthuii'-.'s
pirty 4)ad a narrow escape from being
drowned on the prospecting (tip up the
Canoe River. The man was in the
lead of the party and suddenly popped
through the ice. Frank had a cane in
his hand which lie reached out and.
with thu help of his mates, the mnn
was rescued, A fire was lit and his
clothes dried and the party had to
camp there for tho remainder of the
J. C. Greene, chairman of tbe Golden
Town Committee, is in receipt of tho
following letter from the Hon. Col.
Baker regarding the request that tho
Provincial Government should put in
hand the dyking of the Kiukinghorse
River: "I am in receipt of your Mter
ol the 3rd inut, asking the Govern
ment   to   phice tlm amount upon the
Capt. Gordon, a former Windermere
resident, was iu Golden yesterday.
J. F. Armstrong, of Fort Steele, hns
iieeu appointed a Deputy Coroner for
the County of Kootenay.
The Government promised a Koot
enay deputation that the tt?disrrihu-
���ion Bill will provide six members for
Kootenay���four for West and two for
East Kootenay.
At Donald yesterday, before Mr.
Griffiib, S. M.. E. Van Ducen was
fined $2 and costs or three days iinpri
sonment for being drunk and incapable
at Donald railway station.
The Chinaman, Charley Chee. who
was arrested by Constable Cox at
Donald for sly grog selling, was
brought before Mr. Griffith, S. M.,
yesterday and fined $1)0 or two months
It is anticipate! that we shall have
early navigation this season. The
river lias been open for some timj. in
tho vicinity of Spillimachene and the
snow is disappearing very rapid
ly. Capt. Biicon reckons, from
appearances, that he will he aide
11 ake the first trip with the Hyak
about the 12th of April. The winter
has been one of the finest ever experienced iu the district,
The express from the East, due in
Golden on Tuesday morning, did
not arrive till Into on Wednesday
night. At Swift Current the tender
left the rails and took :o n spur line,
followed by tbe cars. Three cars
crammed with passengers were upset.
and seven of the passengers were so
Injured that thev bad to be removed to
the hospital itt MedicineH.it. The most
serious case is thnt of a lady, who. it
was feared, had sustained a fracture
of the skull.
A prospector named Corrigan, of
Donald, was found dead iu his cabin
on Bald Mountain on Tuesday. It
seems that he went out. some time ago
to   a   claim   which   he own** ou ihe
ountain. The trip seems 10 have ��� x-
hauste him. for he had evidently just
ot inside his sh
dropped deal while in the act of tak
ng off his clothes and going ro bed.
He had been dead a long time. Volunteers were called for at Donnld yester*
lay to bring the body into that town.
He was GO years of age.
How Thoy Have Helped Tlieniaelve.
nnd Friends.
The fact ia thnt the Turner-Pooley
D insiuiiir agglomeration feur the result nt a thorough ami comprehensive
scheme ol re-distriliution, mill, lieiu��
fearful, they would fain temporise.
That hy increasing the number of representatives :licy nro pulling the
country to needless expense is of no
moment 10 tItem. What mailers a few
more hundreds or thousands of dollars
to n Government with Much a shining
record as can lie shown by the party
that has hail control of- public affairs
iu this Province for th.s past lfi years?
What are a few paltry dollars more
or less to u Government whose transaction* include the bestowal of 1.1)00,-
0D0 acres of public lauds tu the Duns-
uinlrs for i lie const aid ion of a
railway 7.1 miles lone.; the'reservation
if 8,81)8,21)0 acres of public lands for
the promoters of ihe Columbia ct
Western Railway scheme for the construction of 1H7 miles ot railway; the
g ft of hiiuilre.ls of i hoiisiiinls of acres
of coal lands nud three iiinl a half million acres of other public lauds lo the
Hon Col. tinker. Provincial Secret a
ami   his cronies; the payment of some
S2SU.0UU ai ally as Interest, comiuis-
s on and other items in cOi neutloti
wiih ilia public debt of 8i.000.C0U
which they have contrive'! to run tl:
Province ilituj the expenditure of
million and. perhaps, a quarter or more
dollars for the "anchor" at Victoria;
ihe remuneration of oil il k mints at a
yearly cost of over 9ISO.U00, of which
SW.IOO is paid iu Victoria alone?-
Kniuloops Sentinel.
It is, or should be, the highest nim
of ov iry merchant to please his cus
tomers; and thnt tho wido awake drug
firm ot Meyers & Eshleman, Sterling.
Ill,, is doing so, is proven hy the following, from Mr. Eshleman; "In my
1G years' experience in tho drug business I have nover seen or sold or tried
a medicine that gave as good satisfaction as Chamberlain's Colin Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy. Sold by nil
druggists. Langley and Co., Whole,
sale Agents, Victoria and Vancouver. 34 Ja 1
. .A very successful entertainment was
given at the Presbyterian Church,
Oolden, on Friday evening last, Three
quartettes were given by Messrs. Mitchell, King, Plowright and Harcourt;
a duet by Mr. and Miss Harcourt; several selections by Mr. Nonh on the
flute were given in good style nnd accompanied by Mr. G-. Mitchell; tho
recitations and readings given by Mies
Gertie Fields and Miss Lang were
highly appreciated; solos by Mr.
Mitchell, "Commilted to the Deep."
and by Mr. Harcourt, ''The Lost
Cord." completed tho progrninmo Refreshments followed, to which all did
justice. The proceeds amounted to
1,37.25. ���   '
lyking tho Kiokiiighprse lliver. In
replv I may slate that the matter will
be laid beloro the Executive Council
for its consideration."
Committee, has receive,! the following estimates of S-i.OCO for the purpose of
reply from Mr. liosiock, M. P.. io  he
resolution recently forwarded  to hiin:
"I have received your letier about the
ilredi'lng of the Columbia River so as
to let the water get down  out   of   the
Kickinghorse River.  I have forwarded
ic   to   the Minls'er of Public Works,
and I will also see Mr.Siftou about tlio
matter, and trust to Im able to bring
about what you desire."
I desire to attest to the merits of
Chamberlain's Cough Rtmcdy as one
of tho most valuable iiinl efficient pre
parations on the market. It broke an
exceed tngly dangerous cough in24lioiirs,
nnd in gi'ini'.ude ilieretor, I desire lo
inform you that I will never be without it, an I you should feel proud ot
the high esteem in which your Reme
dies nro held by tho people ill general.
It is the one remedy among ten thousand. Success to it.-O. R. Downey
Editor Democrat, Albion, Iud. For
sulo by all druggists. Langley & Co.,
Wholesale Agents, Victoria and Van
couver. 34Gal
On Monday Mr. Roy, Dominion
Engineer for tho Province, arrived nt
Golden, nnd was met by Capt. Bacon,
who accompanied him to the landing,
where the dredge was inspected, and
Mr. Roy will make arrangements for
having it got ready for operations by
the time the ice goes out. A man has
not yet. been appointed to tako charge
for the coming season, hut it is pro
liable that the appointment will be
offered to Mr. Forstcr, of Victoria,
who wns in charge of the dredging
work on the Columbia soma time ago.
Capt Bacon spoke highly to Mr. Roy
ot the benefit to navigation from I lie
result of last season's dredging operations. Mr. Roy has been most successful in the important work entrusted to his care in various parts of the
Province since his appointment about
a vear ago.
E. A. Haggen,
Notary Public and Conveyancer.
Mining, Heal EttaU and
Financial Agent *  ���   . ���
Purchasers Obtained for Prospects aid Developed Claims.
Address i
....  Golden, B. C.
A Great I'ook Free.
When Di\ R. V. Pierce of Buffalo,
N. Y., published tht* first edition of
his grout work. The Pi'Ojdu's Common
Sense Medical Adi\.,er. be announced
that lifter (JSU.CC0 copies had heeii sold
at the regular price, -51.50 per copy,
ihe profit on which would repay bint
for the gr'iit amount of labor ami
money   expended   iu   producing it. he
hut the uoorawl WOuld distribute the next half million
free. As tliid number of copies lias al
ready been sold, he is now giving
aw-iy, absolutely free. 500.000 copies
oT this most complete, interesting and
valuable common sense medical work
ever published the recipient oj.ly Le
ing rtquired to in,.il to him, al above
address, ii\ one cent stumps to covtr
cost of mailing only, and the book will
be s.'iit postpaid, it is a veritah'e
medical library, complete in one vol-
Contains lOOtt [mires, profusely
1. The Free Edition is pre-
cisley the same ns tbat sold at $1.50
except only that thn books are in
strong mauilla paper rovers instead of
cloth. Srjnd now befoie all are given
away. U48
The   Rossi ii nd   Times   takps   ns to
i a si; over  the   paragraph   which   we
published annouuciiii:   the   receipt   of
the  first  copy   of   the   Miner..! City
and   nccnseis   us   of   want,  of
knowledge   of   the   geovraVli'y  of the I"'"''
office ...
country. "We wero indebted to ihe
Xews itself for tiie information as to
tho dis'i'icts it intend-t] io cover, and
for confounding Cariboo of the north
with Camp McKinney. Cariboo, of the
smith, we nevi'r thought oF it. and the
idea has h*��on hatched in tbo fertile
brain of the editor of the Times,
"W C, Howard, of th; Alberta and
B. 0. Assnying Institute, was a
visitor to Gulden ou Thur-day and
appointed E. A. Haggen bis agent Tor
the coining season. Tlio Institute's
laboratory has been splendidly lilted up,
and has the best of appliances for sue- [assassin,
oesaful aud accurate work. Mr. Howard has a deservedly high reputation
as an assay er, and expects to get a
considerable share of support from
this district. He will make a spi-cial
feature of a thorough snmpling so
thm his assays may be relied on as an
average of the specimens submitted to
News in Brief.
The court of inquiry ml'.a\ Tor   Key
West on the Mangrove.
H. Boiil, of Victoria, h is  been  shot
on  the Bkagway trail by an unknown
When lq Golden on Wednesday Mr.
Roy, Dominion Govermeui Engineer,
met tbo Committee, Messrs, Greene,
Dainard and Haggen, who were appointed at the lute public meeting to
look after tbe matters of drecking and
dyking the Kickinghorse. Mr. Bus-
lock, M. P., had given such prompt
attention to the resolutions forwarded
to him by the meeting that he immediately p aced himself in communication
with Mr. Roy, nnd that gentleman
came up to see ibe state of things, before the ice goes out. uo as to Pliable
him to form an opinion as to the lest
way to carrv out the work. Iu company with the Committee he usited
the lower portion of the Kickinghorso
and also the portion above the bridge.
The Committee pointed out the necessity of dredging out. a deep straight
channel through the present bars
which block tho river. Mr, Roy will
return as . oon as the ice goes out, a d
before high water, and make a morn
thorough inspection of the river and
make tho necessary surveys with a view
to having the work put in hand as
early as possible.
Rfltef In six hours! What a Rial mes>
unco to the pain-racked, bcd-rldden, des*
pairing sufferer from rheumnt sin's cmel
Ri-nsp-aiid this is a fact, borne out by
volumes ot evidence, for this greatest of
pain conquerors.
Rheumatism is curablo-South American Rheumatism   Cure is aa absolute
rspec'nc, and radically cures the most
stubborn cases in from one to three days.
'*I suffered intensely from rheumatism
nnd sciatica.   Tr ed many remedies nnd
many phyBldans  without any laatin*
benefit.   A fow dnscs of *?ouib American Kheuinat ic Cure tvonriorfiuir helped
mai two bottles curod nie/'-E. Ktrrotb.
.Merrickv-llle, unt
Thousands of freed elavoe tall tho
name ��;ory-don't euJJer- an hour
lonj;or.��� 2i
Sold by C. A, Warren.
The second reading of the Yukon
Railway Hill was rushed Through at
Ottawa iu half an hour. It now waits
the third reading,
Last week two trains came together
about a mile east of MerHukville which
resulted in the destruction of two engines aud Hi cars.
A dispatch from Rome says that
the Pode is excising his influence at
Madrid and Washington to avert war
between   Spain aud the United States.
News as lieen Drought by the S. S.
Islander that the law-abiding; citizens
of Skagway have banded together and,
tiacked hy the military, forcibly closed
all gaming houses.
A New Orleans telegram says thero
is a big rush here to enlist to (he
United States navy, Several bundled
candidates have been accepted. The
war feeling is unabated.
The rivers at Gr.lt are higher than
for the past 40 ytars and there is much
damage from -Hoods at Loudon, Brant-
funl and Paris. At west Loudon 1,500
I eople are homeless. Railway tracks
and bridges are washed away.
��  ���   ���   ���  ���
NEW Additions have bo-n made to our plant
aud ti ppliunces.
Our prices aro right.
Wo hhUl ende.ivor to plciso you.
We have tho best of workmanship.
Support locid industry,
Givo us a trial.
Send us your orders.
That Is what we are here for.
The Golden Era Company
Limited Liability.
Managing Dlreotor.
Address: Golden, J3. C.
28 In
Stable to Rent
Opponilo tlio  Queen's Hotel.   Inquire at
QiKKjiiV llotol for terms. Ask lor proprietor
tivo ffuntlommi or Isdioa to trnvol for
ronpoiiHiblu, G.ttililinhetl house in Hrith.li Lol
iiinliiii. Monthly 115 00 mid expenses, Punt-
liunatendy Reference. Knrlusc nelt'iulilrcs-
sed Htiiiiiiied envelope. Tne Dominion Com*
puny, Dupt. Y Chicago. 20lap2:l
6. F. Peterson,
Tinsmith & Plumber,
South End of Kicklnghorto Bridge,
Order d work punctually attended to,   SlSst
For Sale
Group of two claims of gold-bearing quarts
In bint mineral district of East Kootenay.
Assays up to $700 in gold. 16,17
Placer lease. it
Group of two gold claims. One of the best
propositions on the market, and can be
cheaply doreloped. Assays gave about 1200
per ion. u
luierest in gold property In exchange for
development work. j
Group of 10 claims, developed. No better
pioperly in British Columbia. 12
Well developed claim. Most promising
discovery iu the Selkirks. Assays up to lit). 2
Group of seven claims in quarts country.
Good average assays. 18
Group of four full sited claims. Copper
ore carryiug gold. S
Uno of host copper properties In East Kootenay. Smeller test 24 per cent copper, besides gold. 9
Claim in one of hest locations in Selklrks.
Cheaply worked. Assays 8110 in gold, silver
and cupper. 9
Choice (fold property, partly freemilling.
Assays up to &40.   Development work     18
Two claims in good location. Quarts carrying jrolii and copper. 90
Claim ud joining known gold property.   21
Four claiina iu Yukon, near Dawson City,
ground running up to 815 per pan.
Three claims near Columbia River,
ledge, guld and copper,
Threo chums, developed, assays '
gild, best location in Selkirks.
Gold quartz claims, assays 833.
Guld quartz claim, developed, good lead.
assays to e2ti. 28
Two quartz claims in convenient position
pan gold. SO
Five claims, copper and gold, value 830 a
lon. 81
Threo quartz claims, no cash, working proposition, 82
Threo claims iu proved country. 33
Ono-lhird unassessible interest in developed
grouii of claims near Golden. 39
.Silver lead mine. Ono of the largest in the
world. (30,000 tons ot oro blocked out ready
lo ship. Location convenient to railway.
I'rico, 8000,000. 40
Group of three claims in Moyie district.
Freo milling guld averaging 821 l-er ton.
Coiisideralilo development. 41
Group uf two claims at Moyie. Free milling gold.   Big proposition. 42
Claim at Moyie. Copper und gold. Developed.   Hood prospect. 48
Three claims of 20 acres each on Forty
Mile Creek, near Klondike. Extensive development. .Shafts, tunnol, snacks, .blacksmith's shop and tools. Wash averages 966
por square foot. 5
Two placer claims on celebrated Hunter
Creek. Sluicing will realize 860 per man
I er day.   Title perfect. :-5.3t5
Placer claim on Miller Creek. Primitive
work last season cleared 811,000 per man over
e\| euses. 87
Claim on El Dorado Creek, one of the banner pro orties of the Klondike. Dirt from
No. 2 shaft averaged 85.51 per pan. Well improved.  Title clew    Price, 8800,000.       38
Treasury stock iu the Victoria-Texada
Gold Mining Company. This stock is offered nt the par value ot 25 cents. Five of
tho mines on Texadit Island have been working for Ihe past 10 months and this company
considers it owns the host proposhion on the
island. Prospectus may he seen and full particulars obtained on application at my office.
30,i 00 91 shares of treasury stork in one of
the hest properties at Fairview at 30 cents
per share.
1,000 shares in Cariboo mine. Camp McKinney, a steady dividend payer. ,
Shares in Le Roi, Reco, Slocan Star, Ram-
hler-i ariboo, Last Chance, Idaho. All good
dividoud payers.
Farm of 160 acres near Golden; 30 acres in
culfivation; well watered. Outbuildings con
slst of hay shed, poultry yards, root house,
milk house and stables. 4
Farm of 2U0 acres, Windermere district.
Laud fenced and under cultivation. House
nnd stable.   Rare bargain. 2
Farm of 150 acres, one of the best and most
highly Improved to be got in East Kootenay.l
Farm ot H20 acres at Windermere. 86 acres
under cultivation. House and stable, fencing, irrigation.   Cheap. 6
Farm of 100 acres at Windermere. 100
acrea under cultivation. House, stables,
granary, rnnthonves, fencing and irrigation.
Block and implements. f
Farm of 400 acres. 36 acres under cnltiva*
tlon. All fenced. Stocked with cattle and
horses. Terms maybe arranged. This Is
ono of the boat farms in tbe Windermere
Golden town lots.
House with four town lots in town of Golden
for sale.
Patents for a Railway Coupler and a Rope
JnuaiiatJ .itiaca��� -
Judicious advertising is the keystone of success. Advertise in the
Golden Eka.
To Let
WANTED-To borrow for s client, 11,000
en good security.
Tor particulars of above apply te
II. A. HA����KK,
Golden Irs OSes.
Golden Sash & Door Factory & Machine Shop,
Manufacturers of Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Turned and Sawn Balusters,
Nowel Posts, Hand Rails and Brackets.  All sites of glass In stock.
The Machine and Blacksmith Shopare prepared to do all kind of repair
as soon as possible.   AII sizes of Pipe Fitting and Brass goods on hand.
Wagon repair, Poles, Shafts, Axles, Spokes and Felloes. Hickory and
Maple Plank.


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