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The Golden Era Sep 9, 1893

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VOL. ii
$3 Per Yeah
INSTANT    -���   HEADACHE     -     WAFERS
lire a positivi cur ��� for all cases of headache, whether
iiervotti's, bilious, or neuralgic.    Sent post .
,".,' ��� free ou receipt of price
S3  Cents   J't's*   Jlo-t*.
Dry Goods,  Groceries,  Boots  end   SIiocs,
Hardware, Etc., Etc,
ler Co.
I       Sir.   R.   I'.   Wilson   bus found  it.
necessary   to build   all   addition to bis
sasli  and door factory.     Bus-iness is
Mr.   Albert  ffealy   from  Calgary,
B.lll lillll'IMMI AOCIDEXT.
G.'Coivhlg of N'ew llrir.isivlo't the L'n-
(Incorporated 11170.)
Etc. Et
Some lime between Sunday night and
her of Sir, F 0. tlealy, in in town. ; Monday I 'iiirg Isaac X.,lun,n laborer
He will niiike Goldon his headijiini'tors,employed by ihe Upper Columbia Co,,
for a timo, I liciird a splash in  tbo  Muter just be-
Lust week wo hnd to report but scant tweeu tho Duchess and the wharf,
[sport for ihe loci lovers or the gun ; H" was chatting with another man nt
this week Messrs. Smith, Rumbold, tll(! 'lllie lllK* jumped up to see what
Clements, Gibson and others have had ! '"'d happened. He saw what he sup-
very good bags, j posed was a man struggling in the
Mr. Henri- ll. Holt, ex-engineer of wnter luul M'to-vowd to pull bin. out
the Duchess, left lust week for Van- but missln�� him' ,lftev 8eiirel'in�� fo1'
cottver, It is his lutein ion to go from Iabout six "li,iiU"s' went [0 bod- (A
thereto Buffalo, N Y��� taking in  the ���'v hiiniai.e iniin this Isaac Nolan)
California .".Giant 1
Of which a Full Stock  is Constantly on hand.
Subscriptions takaa for all  Canadian,  American, British  or
Foreign Newspapers and Periodicals.
a T-rr'.  -n-v -ir***!, t~^ -"v v   Special  attention Q-iven  to
A.     WARREN, MAIL ORDERS.   Write ua
Golden, B-.'C;
World's Fair on route.
Sir. If. 0. Parson is having a house
I erected for himself on ihe south side
of Mr. J. F. Armstrong's, We hear
lhat    Sir.      Rutherford    also   intends
i building next lo Sir. Parson's.
K.J JL 11
The next  morning a  body, wns seen
floating on the Columbia ;  Capt. Armstrong was notified,'and   ordered   that
| a rope be put around it 10 save it. and
that the coroner be notified.   'This was
done, und ou Tuesday this  official  arrived with constable H. Redgrave.    A
Rev.  Mr. Tough, and  Mr.   W. C-j jury wns at once sworn, the body taken
Dennett of   Field, wero in town this hat 0- t-10 water| examined and inden-
week.     We hear Mr. Bennett Iiuh hart Lified.    jfc- marks were found but in
Prices quoted nnd samples supi lied on iilu  addition to his  fainiiy  recently in  deceased's pocket $14.1,0 in  cash, and
the shape or a boy.     Wo extend our L,,  identification  ticket issued by tho
congratulations. c. P.   I!.  Co., bearing the name,  G.
Mr. F. Lung is building a new ware- Cowhig, signod by Peter White as
house just opposite his store. Sir. C. foreman, were discovered. Thedecens-
A. Wari'on has coinplutod his, and ed ivoul by ihe mime cf "Old Jerry"
Messrs. Carlin i'i Lake urn about ready at Field where bo was known : be had
to go into thoir business block, truly beou working on the C.P.R. for some
tradesmen are going abend in Golden, time past. Sir. W. C. Bennett identi-
They were talking ou a Columbia -led the man and said he wns addicted
river steamboat the other day of the to drink. It is supposed that he acci-
fondness shown by mules for bacon dentally walked over the wharf into
ami  pork rinds, etc     bays   an   old | the rivor. mid tho jury, ot which  Sir.
Now ready for business, has been newly built
and 33-.Yly furnisheJ. The table is first class. The bails stocked with choice Wines, Liquor.), and Cigars.
��\t (*���*��� 'Ti
: -:    PRINTING
Job    Department
_:0;��� OF ��� :o:���
Address HI|CSq(VSBM
Co'y, Ca.!g?.ry, cr
Mptam :
1 eurlv   .leys
Gordon Sutherland  was  foreman.
HUDSON'S    BAY   CO. j them chew the bog-posts 0
 ,      .  river boat,
Is a wholesale and retail
druggist und 11111 supply
AT ltEtlHI.Ali I'llIUES.
1.11 Stickeen turned   a verdict   that   (leased, (j.
Cowhig, came 10 his deuth by ('.rowing
while under the influence uf intoxicut-
, -11       ,, , 1     .     r  in1; liquor.   The coroner severely, nnd
from   Haniiliiiu, Out.,   ll  oat   load  ol      B     ��� ���"
,. ,    . 1 ,������        1.   ,, ,,.,-.���: justlv,   I'.oniinented on  the action  of
(���uriu'.v s stoves uud tin goods. Parties  '      ��� 1
Isaac  Nolan, or rather  it  should  bo
... I lie way
wishing anything in this lino will do
well to wait 11 few days und examine
this lot before purchasing elsewhere, i
The best and cheapest in I lie market.
DrjUj'iIjT- I    The  Victoria lacr. bso   team  passod
suid, bis inuutioii. L is a strange
thing lhat any person calling himself
a man, shoul I decide tu retire to bid
knowing Unit a fellow creature bud
1 only six minutes before fallen into the
[ river.
through     Golden   on    Monday
Tl:ey recently  won tho championship , . ......
\ , ,      ,.        , ., The deceased came  originally   from
New Brunswick tinil this is nil that  is
known of his antecedents.
of  British Columbia and are on their
w.iy east  where   they   will   meet the
lending lacrosse clubs of Ontario and
Quebec and will no doubt give a good  ,,.,,.,. m ,���,. ,.���.,,,,��� S(|W s���lltv,Lu,���.
account of themselves, ns the team is I tier Yard.
ay morning tho town
Golden, on the iniilii line of the C'aiiniliau
I'ncilic lt.,ibv,'iv, ut its coiuioulioii ivitli the
Htouinbnut iiiivig-itiuii of the 1 oliiii.liiii river:
the minor,.] mid coimiicrcii.lceiiti'aot'Eiistom
llritish Columbia: liei,iiqi.iirters ol'll.e tiolil-
011 Smelting works, tlio Upper t'oliniiblii compoSed of many obi Eastern players. ]    Early 0:1 Ti
navigation  Co., (.nil  l.iinlior mihistry: the '
outlet  for  the  widely   known   unil   for      |)r j  \, Taylor, SI.D.. of Ottawa,   was startled by tho cry  of tire*    On
tinned agricultural mul grazing li.iul of tlio ','','.'',.,'        . ���       .- ���'. c      1 .    1  "���    .1
(.uliuul-i*. & Kootem.y Valtovsi    'Ividlutl   who bus been appointed House Surgeon  investigation 11 was I,mud to be in thb.
I'm; r.eenory of' -,ll khulsi  the ilit-triliiithig | fol. ,|u, (���*������,*������   Ho.-pitnl, arrived on  lumber yard of ihe Golden saw mill,
j*-   j  ������; ������'. -*i"*l T V *i*     X T
��� ���: i'iiom :	
Fort   Steele
will bo found a great convenience, as by it watches and
other repairs sent to W. ALEXANDER, Donald,
will receive prompt attention.
Don't  Forget  Tho  Address;
' Box I
3    # Donald, fl.6.
Watchmaker, JeWeller & Optician.
point liir the richest mineral country on ihe
The lire wus first noticed by the night
watchman about half past four. H i
iuimediiii.lv mused some of ihe mill
ha.nl.-. who lost no time in getting  to
Sunday Inst.   Dr. Taylor is a graduate
of  Sicllill  College and comes from the
east highly  recommended.     We hope
ho will  Hnd things here congenial 1
Mrs, G. E. Manuel, of Donald, is in  his tastes und wa tako great pleasure Iextinguish the flumes.    Tho alarm was
town on a'visii. ! in heartily welcoming him lo Golden, ' first given in town by Mr, Chas, War-
Rov.Jolin McDougall, and  Mr.   P.  ������*-���������     He was busily engaged betiveon
L. ti.'usse, India,, Agent nn the Stonoy ���>:""1 ���* ,nMa* UP ,l"' ul'l""' Country
lleservc, Morley, aci pnnled hy Mr.  ���������"!���'  *vl" ���,"'"iv'''1 -l   telophona
.lu sli. Cm II of the Indian Do-   ssago to the eltecl  thai the lumber
llegilill, came  iu  ���., .\,,. , y-.i'd wus on lire.      lie  very promptly
,. aroused the hoys in-the neighborhood,
purlmenl   at   Uegliia, rum'
' I.  Tuesday   lust,     Complaints
 ., , le by the   Kcou-nuy  Indiniis who "m(1�� B l timo in KettIni- t0 tl,e
Sir.   Wii". Cook, ot Pnll'sor, was in
town on Wednes lay.
Sir. E. Freeniniiile. of Donald wns u
visitor on Saturday lust.
Mr. L. 0. Hill  returned   from Coel
rune 011 Monday's No. I.
Tlie C.P.R.   surveyors are si,11  in  l^tflV,^|���K tlio Si |'S coming III from ���*�����������"��� ot l*otio11-     ,!-v  i,l""il   '  "Vl":
town on professional work. , |t(l0 .|',.,,,,���ries and   I ting on 1 heir 'I"- Rre WM ll>  i,s worst.and at one
Sir. Pete I.anibricli caino in from 1 he : reserve.     The Stonoys likowis ��� claim ''""' " l""1-'"1 '',s ' Wn the"lil1 itsel{
Upper Country this week. that the  Kootenays  have been  ..ess- would go, bill by the united efforts ol
,, ,,        ,.. , . ,   ,, ,1,1     1  , ,,,1 ,1,.���,,,,, ��� between fifty and sixtv men. this was
Messrs. Dave   Dickie  nnd  Darney  passing.     Ihonoov imea goutleinon
_���.     1 , ,,   1 .        ' .       1        1 . 1 ,,,   ,,, ,,���������  u I averted,  and   nTter about  two  bonis
O'Rourko of Oarbunato wero in town aro bore by  appointment   ti sot a
this weok. deputation from the Kootenay district '��"�� "-1""'"  l!"'  1|'"1"'-   tt'ul��   ��ot
.,,    ���,.:������.   ,,  ,���,..:,,,    ,���,:���.,|,.��� ! under eonlr.il.    The lire is supposed to
The  llyuk   went out   on   Monday  with  a view   to making au ninioab,
heavily  laden   with   freight   for tho | BOttlomeiit.
Upper Couiilry.
havn started from the "Uetsy" which
was stun.ling close lo iho lumber pile
where tho tbo was first noticed.    Tlio
estimated  loss of luinhor is ubo.,1 200.
The cc.nclcrv nl tho side of thoC.P. jbOO fivt, valued nt about $25, per 1,C00
II. truck is., nrortunniely iteii iug pretl y :''"''; T!.' I"1"1 "V, ',*���������"���.��������������� ;'"���"������������������������"
,   ��� ,,:... the I 111.... and Aims lire Insurance
full, tliere are many locations available
Now Couiotory.
Sir. SI. Dainiird has rettiTiied from n
trip to inines near Donulil. Full particulars next week.
Sirs.   0.   Woodley   left on   No,   2
Wednesday   for   Calgury,  where   she suitable  for such  11 think 1,8 a burialJ
will spend a few weeks. ground and wo think that some uei ion I
Mr, RobartCounaolier, of Marquette,  should   be taken   by  the  citi.ams of,
Mich.,   brother  of   Sir.   Harry Con-
nacher is here this week on a visit.
companies, Mr. Frank I liven, agent.
I'.'.'si.v: irlan Chnrrh,
Service will lie held in the school
Golden to secure u mora private and UOime to-morrow afternoon at 2:*'i��
.e!,.,|iiiitc spot. o'clock, conducted by 11 v, W, li. RtisS. ifi'.xz (5jiacit ffint
huge bundles and piles of cordage uud
Tho GOLDEN ERA is published every
Saturday-morning in time to eutcli tho oust!
and wust mail trains, also the mail for thu
upper country, Windermere, Fort Steele etc
It is tlio only advertising medium in the Eei.t
Kootenay district.
S Ascription Rates : S-'.Oll |ier anmiiii IN'
' hawsers, pottory uud eiu'lhcuwiire,
decorated    china,   stationery,   paper
| mantels, easels, and all descriptions of
art supplies are shown. From the
different courts iii this section are
hoard continually the sounds of inns c-
al instruments which make an attractive show.
Advertisements and changes must be iu
tbo oltico not later than l-J a.in, mi Thursday
to insure uisertiuu.
Advertisement rates mailo kiiown ou appll-
catiui- *o
All cash to be purl to the Manager, from
who.li the Company's receipt will bo obtahiod,
Ik Golden Era Publishing Cimpan),
A l
the,  western   side of   Canada's
spu.ee is a very interesting nnd instructive exhibit made by the Department
of Indian a flairs ut Ottawa'. Herewith
their teachers are a number of Indian
boys and giris from the government
Indian schools in *he distant north
west of Canada, Tuese young people
tho tlescondants of the race which
originally owned the vast continent of
North America daily pursue their
routine work just the same as if they
were at homo iu their schools. Here
is a coffee-colored cousin rf some mute.
I inglorious "Sitting Bull'' winking
away in approved nnd molern style
with a printing prens. There a dark-
eyed I'entliesilei with riven lucks is
Canada   has   o'ttdnui   her   mother I weaving a homely mat with the swift-
SATURDAY, SEPT.   9. lH'.l.'J.
country in tlieuoat and pretty curtains
she has erectelar.iui.il her space in the
Manufacturers' hulling. T.ie Canadian section is on tbo west, side of
Columbia avenue, witli Great Britain
on the north, Dinmark on the south,
anl B.'lginin 01 the eist, across Ihe
avenue. Beery foot of tin : 1.000
square feet of spice is crowded with
minufact ire 1 goo Is fro n all piris of
Canada. On tho in iin aisle of the
building the Dominion lias put forth
���in extra off >rt, au 1 the neatly dtvised
curtain which inolosis the spice is
viiriel with a citadel-like creation in
the center that risos sum twenty-live
feet, and is gaily decorated with
Canadian fl igs and bunting. Within
the spice is located tbo exhibit in
glass cases, erected on pyramids, all
being mounted on platforms.
There is no doubt, that the Dominion
has many and 111.11*0 varied and uioli.i-
bly better lines of niannfnctnre than
those which are shown on this busy
Columbia avenuo of the Manufacturers
building. There is much to criticise
in the display which Canada makes,
and tho manufacturers of the Dominion
have done themselves scanty ere lit by
the display which they have made at
the World's Pair. Despite this there
there are a great many lines of .manufacture I pro lui'ts in tin Canadian
co,.rt which will compare favorably
with those of the older, more populous,
and more pro'fiitioiis manufacturing
countries. Tim cotton king bus been
at work in tin Dominion, and in two
long, woll-nVished native-wool cases
are most tastefully arranged many of
the Canadian cotton mills.
Cotton fabrics of all kinds are shown
and textile goods occupy a prominent
place. Tweeds, meltons, braids, silk
thread, and carpets are also extensively
exhibited. Gloves, hosiery, underwear
and reaily-mitrte clothing are tastefully
arranged in glass cases made of Canadian elm, birch and cherry. Two very
protty eases fairly grown with a burden of ladies' work of all description,!
uess and skill of uu expert. Stockings
ure being knitted by machinery, and,
different household duties ure lining
perform.*.! daily. All around are ihe
pro lucts of th" civilise I I.i linn grain
thai ho has sown, tilled aud harvester1
il i ir that li-iii. grouu I, roots ami
vogiitibles   th it be  his   plantol   and
cured for. in intl'.i.
kinds tb it, ho h:
gether, and samp]
school   children in   tl
"d goo Is of many
skilltully  put to-
if tho work of the
Indian tr.bes
under tho guiirdiiinsliip of the civil
govern.no.it. There are also many
curios of .lie warpath of other days,
the hunt and the trail. Ou the edge
of t ie space allotted to tho, Indian exhibit stands a camp made entirely of
buffalo skins, probably llie only one of
tbo kind in tin world, us the buffalo is
now extinct. These skins are exceedingly valuable, ns money could not
repine:) iliom. Ou nil sides of this
antiquated dwulling are fitntiist iu drawings and here nnd there ure the horrid,
bloody sculps thut were the penalty of
sumo enemy's rashness or mis letds.
IN M U! II IN EliV nn. i���
Canada's court in Machinery ball is
splendidly located at the east end ol
center floor o.' the bail ling and immediately opposite the court of Great
Britain. The court is artistically arranged and plentifully decorated with
Canadian und llritish tings. In order
to show the good feeling which exists
between the mother country and her
premier colony, the entrance to the
Canadian court is surmounted by British Hugs and emblems, while tlie entrance to (treat Britain's court is decorated wilh the Cuiiiidinn beaver und
Dominion ensign While this exhibit
has many features of --ecnlinr interest
to visitors, tbo display is scarcely even
a fair representation of what Canada's
machinery imiiiiifiioturers can produce.
Many important lines are absent, and
a number uf the largest iiiauufnctiiruts
an. not represented at all.
There is u good display of automatic
and traction engines, compound marine
From an economic standpoint, one
of Canada's greatest resources is the
inexhaustible supply of minerals which
ure stored away under Canadian soil.
Large deposits of economic minerals in
absolutely unknown quantities and of
iiiicst.iniuled value are to be found in
the mountainous districts of almost
every province iu the Dominion.
Tlio display which the country
makes in the .Mining building is a fair
index to the natural mineral resources
of the country. Tho Canadian section
comprises an area of 10,100 square ft.,
and is on tbo main lloor west of the
central uisle extending buck under the
west, gallery, The courts are similar
to all oilier Canadian courts, in so far
us large and prominent signs are concerned. Canadian flags and bunting
give a gala day appearance to this
most interest ing section. The arrange-
i.ieut of the courts is good. The largest and wealthiest province assuming
the most prominent position, and the
smaller provinces with less Important
exhibits modestly coming after. The
tout euseuililo is exceedingly pleasing
nnd a careful inspection of the different
courts is highly instructive. Upon
entering tbo large central court the
visitor is immediately interested with
llie great pyramids of gold blocks
representing'tho vitldof that precious
metal throughout Canada since it wus
lirst discovered in the far western province of British Columbia. The totul
yield of gold from British Columbia
done is estimated at something over
! JVl.l 00,000 while across I he continent
,l,7iO miles, the surf-beaten province
jf Nova S.-otiti on the Atlantic ocean
lias produced from her gold deposits
since IH 14 over S8,()40,000. Lithe
banner province of Ontario, extensive
deposits of gold quart-* are being worked, largely by American capitalists,
und here the output is estimated at
nearly ��1,000,000 annually.
The samples of coul from British
3olttinb.it show the excellent quality in
boib anthracite and bituminous of the
inexhaustible coal fields of that province. Black diamonds ure also taken
out in large quantities iu the pro vine,
of Nova Scotia, and the sparsely wood-
���d ami illimitable areas of farming
land in tho gro.it Northwest of the
Dominion have a plentiful supply of
excellent coal from the large deposits
about Banff springs, near the Rocky
mountains. The province of Nova
Scotia makes a poor showing of coul
samples, despite thu fact that she has
some of the crentest coal acres ou the
continent. One mine in this province
bus a shaft running two miles out
under iho bed of the Atlantic ocean,
and the seam of coul is said to be the
ichest iu the world. -
The showing of nickel and nickel ore
from the Sudbury district of the province of Outnrio is ono which bus
attracted the universal attention not
only of mining experts hut also of
naval officers. The quality of these
ores can best be indicated b.y the resell
of tho recent ton's made by the naval
departments of Great Britain, France,
Germany, uud thu United States, iu
which  Canadian  nickel  was found to
of mineralogy, Silver ore, argentiferous gnlonu, copper ores, iron ores,
marble granite, building stones of all
kinds, graphite, crude and prepared,
gypsum, lime and limestone, pigments,
salt in great profusion are scattered
through and tastefully arranged in
pyramids in this fine Canadian collection. Typographical and geographical
maps, and drawings are also arranged
on the wulls, so that tho visitor at
once gets a gool idea of where the
economic minerals of the country are
situated. The gold from Canadian
mines is worth at the mint iu Philadelphia from 819.40 to $20 per ounce.
Somo of the quarts! specimens tuken
from the Nova Seotiit mines ussny us
high ��$T.'),Ct0 a ton.
caih.i;  NEWS.
Montreal, Aug. Ul.���Claims amounting to $100,000 have been made against
the city for damage done by the Hooding of dwellings and business during
Tuesday's storm.
Montreal, Ami 111. -Sixty-seven
French-Canadian families arrived from
the New England States to-day, They
say they have been driven buck to
Canada by hard times.
Toronto, Aug. ill.-The property
committee of the city council bus do-
ng '.lie
i clubs
elded to lay a formal conip
the Ontario government coi
allege 1 evils iiiisiuj; fro ii
in which the government :
io sell liquor.
Toronto, Aua;. ill. --Albert 0. William's bus entered action against the
city and suburban railway for ��20,010
for inj irios alleged to have been sus-
t lined by his father, Jas. M. Williams
by Iieing thrown from a cir in. June
Toronto, Aug. ill���Robert Packings,
a city tough, stabbo.l Phillip O'Reilly,
a coal carter, in the chest, with a knife
last night, intlicti.ig a soriuus wound.
Tlio act was coin nittel without the
slightest provocation. Packings was
Mont run I, Aug. Ul.���John Fisher, a
tanner of Buck river, bus been fined go
and costs or $20 in all for punishing
his son on account of disobedience by
thrusting him bead first into a barrel
of garbage.   .
Kingston, Aug. 81. ���Tbo opening of
the new school of minus will take
place about October 15. Already the
sunt of $.j.">,000 has boon subscribel us
capital which it is hoped to increi.se to
Briiutford, Out., Aug. II.-Eighteen
months ago Edward Vessy, late of the
2nd KuniskilU-n Fusiliers and of New
Zealand, came to Forest City, Out.,
and married Violet Btickiiiham, late of
Ireland, who came to London, Out.
Through a photograph of the husband,
sent to bis wife's relatives in Ireland,
it transpired thut Edward and Violot
are brother and sister. The former has
left bis home and cannot be found.
.Montreal, Aug. 81. - Tliere is a big
split in the tanks of labor here, the
Trade and  Labor union have secoeuod
Queeustowti, Aug. 81.-��� Capt. Smith
of tlie steamship Britannic, which
arrived hero from New Bork to-day,
reports that this morning he passed
tho steamship Montevidean, shout two
and a half hours west of Browhead,
having iu tow the overduo steamship
London, Aug. 31.���The London
Chamber of Commarco iu urging tho
adoption of immediate measures to
protect British interests in Siam,
points out that an infringement of
Shim's independence would permanently
injure Great Britain throughout the
London, Aug. 31 -Tho ''Standard''.'"
Sliiif.gliiii correspondent says: Tha
Chinese Government is greatly incensed
at France's new demands on Siam.
The Siamese envoys are having frequent
interviews with Li Hung Chung. It
is reported that firm instructions havo
been telegraphed to the Chinese Alinis-
ter at Paris."
London, Aug. 31. ���The epidemic in
the Lincolnshire seaport of Grimsby
bus been declared officially to lie Asiatic cholera, after having been culled
"cboleria disease" for ninny days.
The last victim of the disease wasa
woman who died lust Tuesday. Several other cases before hers hail ended
fatally. The authorities of Grimsby
believe that the cholera was brought
to i lie city by immigrants from the infected ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam.
London. Aug. 31.��� More than CC,-
000 miners resumed work in South
Wales to-day. Their return to tho
mines means practically the collapse of
tho strike iu South Wales and Slon-
inouthsbire. During their absence,
from work all but 20 of the 2C4 coller-
ies in tbeso two districts have been
shut down. Some 40,1.00 men still
hold out in South Wales and Monmouthshire, but their yielding to thu
terms of the owners is regarded as u
matter of only a few days. It is understood that in no case nave the men
who went b ick to work to-day obtaiue I
20 per cent increase in wages Eor which
thoy struck. The decision of tho
Welsh uiine.s to give up the tight was
known among the strikers in the English coul districts lust evening and
greatly depressed their spirits as until
a few daye ago the Welshmen were
considered the most uncompromising
of all the -100,000 colliers who had
gone out.
from different parts of thu Dominion, j engines.sipuin injectors and exhausters, I have tbo greatest power of resistance from the Knights of Labor.   Tho rival
Some  of  this   work   is   particularly  high simed engines, fire engines, water "lid Was by all menus the most suitable bodies will test their strength on Mon-
haiidsoiiiu and. artistic and beautifully ' wheels ami iron working machinery of: 'or thu purpose of making armor plates
executed. There Is also quite it credit- all descriptions, Including planers, 'or Improved war vessels. Pollowiug
ableexhibit of soloand harness leather, j drills, -diapers, lathes, etc., power j the result of these tests American capi-
Scales, stoves anl hollow-ware, water-!hammers, woodworking machinery, tal Immediately found its way into
. heaters, horseshoes, stove polish,! lubricators, grease cups, nnd general' Canada, and con now thousands of
screens, rivets, spades, shovels, and an i steam-fittings and grain grinders. The tons of Canadian nickel ore are being
mmense array of like in tides meet the: display of woodworking machinery is mined by the Sudbury Nickel company
eye in every direction. Tliere is a par-, one of tho finest on exhibition at the to fill a contract made with the neigh-
tioularly pretty exhibit of circular and j fair. This might almost lie ex|iocted boring authorities at Washington.
band saws of almost every pattern from n country which produces the This metal will be iisod for making
which has attracted much attention quantity of limber that Canada does, armor plates for our proposed new war
and it is doubtful whether in this de- The exhibit of brick-making machines! ships.
pnrt incut Canada is surpassed by any j bus attracted Bpeplal attention and is. The displays of asbestos nnd mica
exhibits nt tho Pair. A creditable. constantly examined by United Suites 1 nnd phosphates from tho extensive
display of boots and shoes occupies a! and foreign exports. At one end of mineral areas of tho province of Quo-
proniiireut position. Puiiits,pigments, the court is u large medal StampingI boc show iho economic value of the
baths, sink traps, and Innumerable | press and tbo Canadian maple loaf is'deposits there. Tin scientific collection
other articles goto ni.ik.i up this ox- turned out in gold and silver badges, of mineral ores and fossils made by
tended exhibit. A solid pyramid of nnd Sold ns souvenirs Of a visit to Cu- the geological survey of Cauda is one
press;:.! brick ol tho. vary llaost quality, I inula in Machinery halt. I wlib.li cannot fail to intermit students
day (Labor day) by two processions,
and each body will hold its own.
While the routes chosen for the processions are apart, thore will probably
be police to keep the bodies from coming together. For the first time sinco
the organization of the Knights of
Lnlxir in Quebec, thoy will attend low
mass nt Notre Dime church on Labor
day. The Knights were at first condemned by the church.
Vancouver, Aug, 31.���All canneries
on the Fraser River, shut down yesterday. This year's pack is tho biggest
on record, the latest estimate placing
it at 471,000 cases. The largest previous pack was 303,87i> cases put tin
in 1889. The puck on northern rivers
will not exceed 80.000 cases, being
smaller than tne previous years.
I'liKliiuil vs. Anntriillii.
Tho following are the results of
the various cricket matches between
England and Australia:
1880���Aug. 28, Oval, winners, England (by 5 wickets).
1882-Aug. 28, Oval, Australia (7
runs).    ���
1884-July 11. Manchester, drawn,
1884 -July 21, Lords, England (innings and ."> runs).
1884-Aug. 11, Oval, drawn (heavy
1881-July i>, Manchester, England
(4 wickets).
1888.--July 10, Lords, England (innings and 217 runs).
1888-July Hi, Lords, Australia ((il
1888���Aug. 13, Oval, England (innings and 137 runs).
1888 -Aug. 30, Maiichestor, England
(innings and 21 runs).
1880-July 21, Lords, England (7
1890 -Aug. 11, Oval, England (2
18!H)-Aus. 25, Manchester, abandoned (rain).
1893���July 17, Lords, drawn (rain).
1893 -Aug. 14, Oval, England (Innings and 43 runs).
Summary :-England 10 wins, Australia 2 wins; three games drawn and
one abandoned.
A water spout.   A temperance oration. UNCONDITIONALLY.
Congress Iti-poulN the Slieiioio Silver
I'lircluisu Law.
Washington, DC, Aug. 28.-Tho
gallorius of tin house of representatives
to-day were taxed to full capacity und
the audio.ice wus un euger uud enthusiastic one nil through the roll calls on
the various amen.Im nits uu 1 the lii.nl
passage vote 0:1 the Wilso i bill. Th. re
was however, a buzz of continuous
conversation and oocas'onal outbursts
of applause that coil t not be suppress-
ol. I.i o'io souse tin voting in the
hottso was uninteresting. When it
was soon that the aii*i-silver men were
in a strong majority upon the first vote
taken, the galleries relapsed into their
usual conversation and in the floor the
victors and vanquished alike retired to
the clonk rooms to li;l,t tin gre.it
battle o.-or again iu a genial mood,
The silver men felt chagriiiol at llulr
overwhelming dufo.t, bit they took
their overthro.v philosophically, and
found in their lata opponents men who
were too ga iero.is to s.iy a ight of ungraciousness,
After tin chaplain's prayer and 'he
swearing in of Rupreseutative Weaver
(N.Y.). the resolution contained in tin
order of procelui'd on tin silver question wus reportel by the clerk, providing for u vote first upon the free coinage of silver at th ' present ratio of 1 1
to 1 Mr. I'',",!.!'- first union In.-nt.
The anuiirt n.euts provi bug for free
coinage, ut i b ��� vui'io ii ratios of l'l to 1
17 to 1, IS to I. Ill to 1 aui 20 to 1
wero detente I successively by votes
ranging from 10d to 241, to tin lust,
which was 119 to 222, The amendment to re-e.iaot tin Blun l-Allison
act was donate I ���yeas, 131; nays,
213. The next action wus tin vote ou
direct appeal���the SVilson bill. The
speaker declare I Sir. Bailey's amendment not Hieing the ratio, out of order,
und callel for a vote o.i tho engrossment and tho thirl reading of the b.ll.
This was o.derel, tin bill was road a
third time b,v title an 1 tin roll was
calloioutholiial passage of tin bill.
The call begun ut 3 p.m. uud at 3.27
the speaker announced the result: Yens
240; n..ys, 110. So the bill was
After SI.', patchings hid given notice that ho wo ibl call up tin house
rules to'inori'o.v, the house adjourned
ut 3.31.
I.,' T.lil SHNATiS.
Washington, Aug. 28.���I.i the senate to-duy the bouse bill to repeal the
Sierinnii ape was reform I to the committee o i finance. Sir. V.uirliees
chairman of tho committee, uuuouiiceu
thut there would lie prompt action bv
the committee to-morrow. Tin senate
adjourned at ii p.m.
Till! AIllUMSrit II'IIIV HrilltKSl'HIl.
Washington, Aug. 28 -Allthe members of tin u.l iiiiiistritiou took the
gerates". interest in tin votes on the
Wilson bill, Secretary Carlisle especially so. He received in Ins offieiu
tho treasury department the official
aiiuouncenie.it of the several votes us
sootl as tiny wero Hushed ucr.iss the
wires. Winn the first vote was received, which showed that free coinage
at tin rati.) of I 1 io 1 wus beaten by
l.o2 majority, be said tin majority
was greater than be hnd anticipated,
and that ho would have been satisfied
with sixty majority. At tin conclusion of all the votes Secretary Our-
lislo stated to the United Press l-epre-1
sentativu that ho was very much
gratified at the result and felt that it
would do much to restore public confidence. He exprossel the hope " that
the senato would take speedy action on
the silver question." The secretary
added that-the present stringency wns
not duo to want of money but to
hoarding it and withdrawing it from
btisincsa on account of this lack of
New York, Aug. 28. -Tho news of
the passage of SVilson bill was received
with general satisfaction, Henry
Clews says tho effect, us anticipated
already has benefitted commercial centers of tbo west.
London, Aug 21IJ -Tho Times says :
'"Iho Wilson bill goes to the somite
with all the authority that the very
remarkable declaration of opinion of
the lower bouse can confer. It is
evident that tho severe uud continued
depression in trade has worked a very
decided change in tho popular views.
Ii may be hoped that the removal of
tbo silver incubus will enable the
Americ ins t,j sou m ire clearly what
other measures are required to put
business ou a sound basis."
The .Morning Pust savs thut tin
vote in the United States House of
Ilepres.mtutives yesterday indicates a
great change in American opinion, and
shows that the Democrats are practically united for the repeal of the silver
net. In tho face of such a majority,
it uibls. the struggle in the Semite will
probably be shorter than wus autici-
| lilted.
The Daily News to-duy expresses the
opinion that the repeal of ihe Sherman
act will prove a serious blow to bi-
uietallists throughout the world, but a
great victory for common sense and
the single standard
South Africa for England.
E i,-inn I bus conn forward in South
Africa with a Roland for France's
jiumese Oliver. Sir. Cecil J. Rhodes,
the Prime Minister of Cape Colony, is
well known to be one of the ablest nnd
most successful of those who ure seeking to extend the dominions of the
(J teen, nnd much weight must be
attache] to his utterances on Imperial
affairs. Ho bus just been making a
speech on British policy iu Africa, in
which he explicitly declares bis intention to make the Zunbesi instead of
the Orange river the Northern bound-1
nry of Cape Colony. This means the
absorption of the Orange Free Suite
and the Trans null Republic, which
are now independent, besides Slusbona-
lan.l and Matab lolaii'l, which are
already uu lor British protection, nnd
threatens Guzuland, which makes half
if Portugese East Africa, No doubt
Mr. Rhodes moans what he says uud
will presently s;t out to do it. Tile
Orange State and the Transvaal will
have to be secured by treaty, unit that
should not bo a difficult tusk, since
chose states owe about all their progress
and any enterprise, thoy have to England, Slutubelelui.d may havo to he
won bv hard fighting, but i: is doubtless worth it, for it is one of the
choicest regions iu all the continent,
Musliouuluiid is already famous fur the
wealth of its gold mines, Iu these
advances England will have practically a free htliltl, for she will come
into coullict with the in I crests or
desires of no oilier European power
save Por.ugal, an I Portugal scarcely
counts.-  Montreal W.ti'.es?.
-jjUtaiuroa (!iav&o.
Down With Hieh Prices For
Electric Belts.
$1.55, $2.05, $3.70; (brim r prici s $."-, $7,
$10. Qui.ity remains tin Hume���iii till-
feront styles* ilry battery am moid bets
���mild or strong current. I. ss than naif
the ] irice of any other company undiiioro
home testimonials than ail tin. nut together. Pull list live. Mention tins
paper. W. T. BAER & CO. Wo tlsor, Onfr
Hob*,el ul- Her Dlllllioillls.
New Yprk, Aug. 81.- The Commercial Advertiser says: Sirs. 1'. H.
Fiske, a wealthy widow of Bostov,
was robbed of diamonds worth 94,04 II
and a letter of credit for ��20,000 sterling on tho steamship Campania, ou
which she arrived from Europe on
Saturday lust.. The robbery is said to
have boon committed within twenty-
four hours of tho time the vessel
arrived at New York. The mutter bus
been placed in the bunds of detectives,
who have as yet found no clue to the
Hon. J, A. LoiKHlBip, Q,C.
O. s. MoOartek.
I,t)ii<e|iccil   A   MH'nrtU'r.
1',.1'risters, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc, Etc.
Solicitors for Hank pf Muutrci.l.
Camiaiiv, - N.W.T.
Ill'IISOeV   and   WBt 1,1,0,1.15
Members Assocu. D.L.S. & P.L.N, for ll.C,
SUBVEYOKS, Civil Engineers, Drauklits-1
men, Valuators, etc Calgary unit Now \\ est-
niinster. Ciii'respontlerii'G solicited,.
B.J.JMPIISOX, D.I..S���l'.i..S. of ll.C. Mint.
A. O. WHHEM-R, D.L.S. & I'.L.S. of ll.C.
Ni;w Wus'1'.uiNsruii ll.C.
Hit-Cart liy   A    lliirvt'.v.
Ilurristers, Atlvoci.tos, Noturies, ,\c.   Solicitors tor t���
Tlio lu.peri.l Iluuk of CiUiiulu,
The Can,,da I'ei'ui'ilioitt l.oiui It Siivhij.sr,,.
I'll. Vorksliire l.n.-.u it Seeiiriiiest oi'pornlloli
The .\li,ssey-ll;,rri> i.e. (Ltilj.olc, etc.
Unices���Stephen Aveui.o, Oidgi.ry.
P. .VIuCAltriiV, (j.C,
Horaub HAltVliV, H.A.. L.L.I1,
ii. I.. cum-mixm.
GOLDEN       -       -       -       ll.C.
M. E..    IP. C. H.,
Reports on .Mines & MineralProportios
20:i Ai.iiEilr Si-., Ottawa.
AssoO, Mem. Ixsr. C.E.
hixixc.   k\(;im;i:h.
CosKrane, Ai.iia.- Fr. Steele, B.r
(GrailiiiiteofLavidiiuil Mciiili.)
Ml XII VIM   I'l.Vu.'BXKI'lEt.
Head Olflce, Queiieu ;' Brunch  Offices
SiiBimttooKE, & 17 Place d'Armes
Hill. MoxntBAi,,
mines, a .Mineral products.
Analytical Chemist & As-iayer,
Golden, British Columbia.
1903      AS3AYEK TO 1'Hlil        803
3ritish Columbia Government
of all a jeaimens sent from the Provinr-i to
Bank Of RflonireaL
Interest at Current rates.
W. 11. ORAVKLEY. SIanaiikii.
manuel mm,
livery & FaeJ stables,
Saddle dorses for Hire.
<.ol:>*jX. tu:.
lining! Smelting
CO (Limited)
tad Ores.
For full pai'ticitliirs apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
H. Conrtachcr, Proprietor
Newly refitted and furnished. Sti-'mlv FIRST
CLASS iu every respect. Sample R.ioms for
Coiiiuicruial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests, Heudiiiiarturs for mining men nnd
miners. Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer and wholesale and
retail denier iu Winos. Iiit'itors, nnd Cigars,
Special attention given to orders from u,. the
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,        -        IJ.C.
���IVJ-uh'.-siil'" inn! Kctnil
(battle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDiiN,   B. C.
PIMP! FQ I "ill m.-iil f iitiai-: -I'l'i'lpt
,""11 CCO. nf a 2 stamp,!! rcreipc tin- a
simple YKllr'.T.'III.L' HALM Hint will re
move Tan, I'-rceklos. I'IiiiiiIcn. Iilotelivi-*
lll-u'klit'iulx. etc., leuviu,; the skin soft,
clear uud beautiful. Address A. I). STUM-
PEL, UO Ann St., Now York.
j J. SMART & CO.
!     Undertakers and
.   *   .   Embalmers,
Ciilxiir.v     ���      -      AI ha.
This is to certify thai Win. .1. Kirk-
I patriuk   and   W n.   H. .Tohnson,   of
Galena, have dissolved partnership iu
I their ranch.
W.  .1.   KlKKI'AT'tli:*-,
W.   11.   .InllNSuX.
Dated -.Tub August, ISIIil.
THI, BO 11A I'll    liltliKIIS   I'IIO.MI'1'I.V
Adellna Putti iu worth S2n,C0O,COO.
Magazine At Thunder Hill
!   No, I, mi per coul: N'o. *!, I" per rent.
Fur Deep Work nnil Wowing Up Stumps j
Terms StrlcJIy Cnnili.
THUNDER HILL M'g. Co., (1.1.1.)
Agent.  Kl'.l'nr l.'illii't Cn.    !
(3m��m:i:i{ paint siitii:
if yell IVIIttt J1I.II'   lllill.ic riu'llfl'll,   f';,|'i.ri-,l
nr (jalsoiiiiuuil, nr iiny knul nl usigu I'nlnieil
iv.h.'ti,,). II. Mll.lAVAIi'D. CAUIAIIV, tlio
Leading Piiiiit Simp in tlie west, for good
Work aud prices that are right.
For Infonnntloii mid fret) Il.-tniil.oolt -trite ti,
ML'NX ,V CO.. ;^ii IlUtlAbWAT. NlUV VllltK.
oiiiu..!. tuiienu for H-ciuing patents In Ainerion.
y.vt'ri- patent tnlten out liy n* is btonapl Mfom
tiic ;Vubllc ny aii'jiica i.rivuri Ircnol cbutiit) iu llio
Mtutitlt %mmm
Tdiriroet iiirciilotion of any sctentlfld p&ror!n ttin
world. Pi��l��iuiirilv illu��traujil. No intolltcfMib
man stlmiiUl'. bu wiihout> it. Weebly. 83 til* U
vew: tl..i0'8nc nid/iili-s. Add reus MINN & VO���
I'i it; ^ui.u-i. UUX Utoadwuy, licw *.*;;i Ulty.
Q.ialllletitliiii anil ItuglHtratlon of Vo-
- Ills Ait  is711.
NOTICE is hereby (.iven that the
Ci.uri of Revision and Appeal held nt
the ('our; He use, Donald, this 7th day
of August at II o'clock a.iu,, bus locit
adjourned till Monday Ihe 2Hth duy of
August, IM1:'. at B.inio place aud hour.
S.  II Bill! It A VI",
Collector of Votes, E.K.E l��.
"|i is wnf"'i the pHre to rv.rv i-rrwHi
win- iwi rt .i... a iivwi-|.,tiM r.-'-li.illu-tion
Tin: .">(-nsAt. nrroisTO
Blue Vergil Rules.
A Poclret Prtsm* for th�� mb pf Rpporiprn,
('iirrc��*|intFiii:ii.r' ni.ii Vopy Chopper*,
Hbort, Btmple ��nrt i'iKii<��J rnlrn for
ntAhlhs .>�����. 'viiiiiiK n*"wnpm��r rupy,
jtfifl <*f t|.ii vHitu* u* all w bo with lu
Wftte eniTGUt   Luiflir-li.
Bentf-nraoplntof wrtij   P*lr*. W rent*
p-roonr,   AU*AN F(��RM*N, Publltbret
ItTNuwau ��!rt-��t. Soir \x tv. LINTON BROS.,
Stationers, Booltsallers,
AX �� Xj��WSI>EA! EMS.
CALGARY      -        ALBA.
DIM I'll OP MiiS llEDORAVl?.
A few particular, tioiieernlngtito
tury of tile (I     ':inu 1 mi I, tlio
Mrs  Ridgrave, the wife of
Redgrave, died al. I heir rosiden
aid,  on Tuesday,  3rd   September,  at
half-past ten  o'clock, a.m., aged fill.
She has been a great sufferer from beginning of February :    lrouted   by   Dr.
Herbert till end of A]   ,:    nil was then
removed to Victoria and truiited by Dr.
Hall for about a mouth, thou  left  for
Sail Francisco, where after arrival sho
was under   treatment  for  a lion:   six
weeks;   regaining strength and seemingly on the way lo  recovery, she  le-
turned to Donald, und was  Improving
in health nnd  wnlking about  a fowl
hours    before    she      wus     suddenly i bush
taken     very     ill,    and     so     rapid too I
was the fi II desease that mortilicatioi. | her 1:
on tho iiegitiTiit'g oi con si ni;: ion ol trie
CP.lt, and was his lirst comniissirait
and then in'othei cni'iaoiti. s ford yoars.
In April 4384 he was appointed to the
many positions ho now holds us senior
officer, shi'i-ilt of Kootenay, mining recorder and registrar of the county
court, collector voles, assessor nnd
collector, regisin id births, deaths
uud marriages, performing the duties
ns Stipendiary Magistrate under the
bills of salt ordinance, and notary pub-
lie, foi ihe province of B.C., and iu
t'A'vyy capacity p tforiniug ills duties
with integrity uud prudence. His mime
is a household word, honored uud respected ihrougn the whole of tliepro-
I viiii.e and known  almost in every part
leriff'of   theglubo.      The govern incut may
well ft* I proud of such au olrioer. For
the bisl ten years, night uud day and
ut ull times he bus been ready with his
kin Ily advice. He bus no enemies but
ail are friend-.. The vast experience be
ban hud iu different governments those
thirty or more years, enables hiui to
perioral his duties with little trouble.
His loss indeed would bo greatly (olt if
he was removed from us. ��� His wife
was his companion ill all parts of the
globe, a woman of learning, buying in
licY young days mixed iu the highest,
society, imparted her knowledge to hor
ml. and he has said that any
he has performed wus through
ndly advice and knowledge.    She
Metal itoj/Oi't.
"We are indebted to the Engineering
and Mjniiiij Journal of New York  for
the following quotations; -
New Yoiik. Aug. 25, 1893,
Silver. Tho London market has been
strong and advanced, based on
active demand from India, and
short, supplies. China bus also
been an nctive buyer for future
shipments. Prices, ruling ill
Now York 7i!o. per oz., Loudon
i)4d. per oz.
Copper. The market has been very
tint, indeed a few  parcels have
. been sold ai iljjc. Exports have
been unprecedented. G. Jl. B.
.-t'40 lus, to ill.ner ton,
Lead. This market bus improved on
diminished production. Prices
ruling being from 'i.fiO to ii.lhic.
por lb. English ��11). Spanish
��1) 17 (1 por ton,
Upper Columb��Ki,Co.
Traaiiv:.;' from O.P.3. Golden to Colu-nMn-Kivor.
Strs. DUCHESS & HYAK on Columbia River
Tramway between Mud Lsis aid Upper Columbia Late.
u PERT on Upper Columbia Lake.
Freight Wagons between Upper Columbia Lake and Kootenay Siver.
" GWEN DOU N E on Upper Kootenay Riv.
Btajo Lino fro a Upper Columbia La'to to Tort Steele.
set in ui once, suffering inteusly 1,1!
about half an hour bofors death citiue
to hor relief.
Mrs. Redgrave wns the oldest daughter of B31.j11.ilin Lincoln of Siokeille
St, London, and Mill Hill, Heudou'
Middlesex, of the lirw of Lincoln and
Lincoln, butlers, (afteVwards Li.coin
and Bennett,)  ami  niece of   the  lute
Robert Cox,  Burlington  St.   London, i
It. Ii. the
Emperor, i
s   murried
-publisher to her Majjsty, 11.
Prince of Wales nnd the late
Mr. Stephen Rvdgrnve win
nt Birmingham, England, to
deceased wife, .ManI    ^^^^^^^^^
in tho your 1B49.
At that time ho was Btudyiiig law!
but in 185*2 left England for Australia
with his wife and  family.     ...:..
sojourn of seven' vers,   their  I ravels.
took  them  ij   Africa    from  tliere to
England, and then to Toronto. Canada, I
where he held an appointmonl   in   Ihe
police as inspector, rein.lining there for
three years.
In the beginning of in 1^ he
formed the first and only expedition,
overland route, from Toronto. |
Montreal, Goodridge, Hamilton and
other pliices the party rendezvous at
Winnipeg, then called Fort Garry, A
journey sometimes of pleasure and then
of many difficulties and al the expiration of (i months some of the party I mine and tho move
arrived in   Cariboo   going   down the gum plant erected.
Fraser river and tho others going by 	
the way of the Thompson to Kamloops. i f,,. -,-,., ->,>-, jiinlnn
has now passed the great divide and
shu bus left many sorrowing friends
and three sons and three daughters to
mourn a good mother, the loss of
whom cannot be replaced. From our
knowledge of her she was prepared to
go and lief en I was peace. May consolation which she sought bo found by
those she bus loft behind.
Thu Tlmniler Hill Mining Co.
The following paragraph appeared
under the Victoria notes in lust Tues-
diy's New-Advertiser of Vancouver,
Wo hoped to have published a few par-
ticu'itrs on the matter,' under the
authority of tho Hoard of Directors,
bul up to ihe time of going to press
. ivo not been favored with till) in-
iorinal ion : '
A meeting of   tho   directors of  the
Th under Hill   Mining   Company  wus
held   this   morning   to   consider   the
: report from   Mr. Htiisu.. the engineer
j in   chiirgP, hy   whom   the  lunehinery
was orectod.      His report  dealt with
1 putting in amalgam plants for catching
' ih ��� gold.     The mine is closnd temporarily   to  make  some   ull  ni;*s   iu the
machinery.     Tho re;.on, is being considered by tho directors.    The statu of
ihe silver :n irkot litis, it is said, some-
I th
Friday ..
I Woilnesdiiy
urr. (Inlileu, s.llynk, I've.'
"   Galena        "  nrr.
" Vi'iiiilermero  "     *'
I've. Adela "     ���'
nrr.   " Tramway leave
" Thunder!'ill,Port nrr.
I've. Omul Flat, "    "
nrr.        "    Stage I've.
I've. Wnsi. "
"   Fort Sfoelb    "
1 2 50
r, oo
5 60
7 00
11 01
12 00
Tuesday     7*00
IVodiiesiluy   18:00
l)j-i*ii of Mrs. S. |t oil grave.
It is with much regret that, we record this week the death of Mrs. S.
Redgrave, wife of our respected Sheriff.
She passed away on Tuesday morning
last, at Donald, after a long and
severe illness. The funeral took place
on Thursday, after tho arrival of No.
1, and wus largely attended: Quite a
number of Goldon residents wero pro
sent, thus showing their inspect  fur
expressed for theSherift and his family Freight Rates to Fort Stasia, Canadian Freig-ht Classification.
lu their bereavement. A   Class 1 & 2   511X0'
| Friday ..
I Sut unity
lilt' 0
Tlio Hospital,
Work on this building is being rapidly pushed ahead under the foreman-
ship of Mr. G. Sutherland. Next week
wo will publish a complete local list, of
those who have subscribed ; probably
the Palliser, Beaver. Donald, Field und
other friends will oblige by sending iu J
a list of their collections.
B       "     3, 4, n. & (1   $2.25
C       "     7, 8. I), & 10   $l.i)0
Express Rates, Golden to Fort Steele-4 cents per lb. and 2 p. c. on marked value.
���' Goldon to Canal Flat -cts. per lb, und 1 p.c. "
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;        F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
do  will
sing of  the
, _ 'au aiual-
imil* ul ai
imal, London.
articles on il
arid.     Tbo fir
The Mining J
Mailing a series o.
i:.g laws of tbiv wo:
taineti a very elaborate reading of
thoso of Brii s'.i Columbia. We.note'
with pleasure lhat lately several editorials favorable to B.C. have app. .��� I
in this jour.ml. the more wrltt. on
tho subject  tho better, as tho iulliienco
ui   0110
this Pr
is  stir.)
Mr. J. A. Mara, Mr. T.instul of Kamloops, Wm. Bowson uud many others
were of the party. The same fall Mr.
Redgrave was one of tbo officers of the
old guol Victoria. He then proo/oded
to Cariboo and had :��� dai 'son
Lightning creek and . ;. ��� ��� ed in
Williams creek, and for a year was
acting chief constable under Mr, O'Reilly ami the hue W. Cox, then gob!
commissioner. His salary being reduced from S2L") to $12o per month he
resigned and joined the overland Telegraph Co.,  holding different positions
thoroill for .lu years, .ill work was
abandoned. The late Deputy Provincial
Secretary Thos. Elwyiu and tho now
Prof. Elliott, of thoSmlthoulan Washington,   who  wns   then  only   a   lad,
forming  daily   companions   in   their sailed yesterday and th
travels and explorations. After leaving : sail in the morning.    Th
this Mr. lie Igrave mud.) his home with . tbisn" i i   n,
his family  for some^ years, going ox- 	
tensively into farming and fruit raising l*ho Rioters I'unls'iod
near  Norfolk,   Va.,  afterwards  near     Chicago, Aug. 80.��� Joseph
Alexandria. Va., whop*  he
:l ll.C.
s pu Iill mill-
il .-oii-
li ii.don mining
lerinlly   benefit
The Financial I'rlsis.
We are constantly   hearing of  liis-
turbnnces in the money  market caused
on account of the  unsettled state of
silver. Many     suggestion     have
been made for the*purpose of restoring
confidence in these mat tors. It, is said
that hardly an investment now-a-ilnys
is safe.     Wo would make our bow to
il rowd and state, thut their is no
easier way of being easy in mind and
of aiding in the restoration of this confidence than by paying your subscription to thu Goi.iibx Eit.v, which was
due on Aug. 8th lust.
Mv . ul Mra "'. IV '"..iisons luive I lie syni-
p.itby ui' their friends here iu tlie ilouthof
their infant son, in ilioir now homo at Okmi-
ngllll Liiiiiliug.
tin Wedne-iilny morning on the arrival of
the dolnye I Ho. ���!, a n.uiot wedding took placo
in Knox Church, lie-.-. Mr. Ifoss officiating.
i'he bri le Ivus Mi-s Workman of Glacier, the
groom W. It, < Irenes bflfotlgors 1V.sk. The
church was, thanks to Mrs. Puss, well lillotl
with llii.ve.-s anl tlio nodding party ulso wen
supplied by 'iie.: iiuly,    The bridesmaid ivaa
HOOTS &, SHOES,        STATIONERY, PIPES,   Etc.,   Etc.
Pine Groceries a Specialty.
I'm lie ���
loft for the
good tt'irjll'
BiiA jo.i
TheU. & I
nislii.il/ lni>i'i
ui it* towns poop
'"   --Ii.il. white Mr. Uriuics was j
. it. Elson.     Tho happy oouplol
��� >' mi No.  1. followed by 1hu|
��� I their many frlonds, whom tho i
ii wishing all  happiness and
, of Mimtro.%1 nrodoinga
in t a kin;;  photographs of
Owing to (he smoke thoy
M. B. LANi
Golden, B.C.
.< s illtns li io
:! in I'Yuiieisc.o, Au
are   to race   froi:
Europe,      They are
Ehnhurst,  City ol
Afton, fjlrionnnd Ol
i In
I.      I'ive ships
Francisco to
British ships
Iras, Falls of
i.   The Ulrica
Gleplni will
jthers sailed
what is known as Redgi'a
ter 8 years returning a-ai
family to llritish Columbia,
tu May, 187(1, he wus
constable and recorder, etc.
ar.    Was with Mr. Ollderdi
. urol.nsel   anil Michael Hurovlt, the moil n' rested
farm, nf.' For participation in Saturday's riot at
with his the city hull, weie fined $100 each today by Justice l'ladwel! on ibo charge
appointed  Of disorderly  conduct, and held to the
for Cassi-' court iu bonds of S'll.O and -5.1C0 each
ik at Yale on the charges of riot and assault.
scenery or to t,-,ke it view of the town,
Mr. McMillan, Jo'voller, of Ottawa, is im a |
trip through the uiourltiiins. Mr. McMillan]
is vrry careful iii leave no nook or cranny of
the town unexplored in hls'senrchlcr business, i
Work on the new uinnso is progrossing
very rapidly and everything (whits to a
speedy completion of the building.
The Diiiiuliliti's win) have been spending
tlio siltuiuor in the ettSt ure coining lininu ami
wo will draw tbo rurtnin oyer Ihe scone thut
meets the goodwifo's eyo ns she g-izes on the
liotisekeopiug Indulge:! iu by her hubby m
hor absence. Uuo thing that Is especially
moan on tho part of tlio lioiisekeeiier is lo give |
nut tliut the visit will lust six weeks or mure
anil then .fust us Imbby gels things cinufort-
iilile i v: to (Imp iii on him without, warning
ouo nf our newly married husbands was
treated in this shabby maimer lust week.
'Ihe latest arrivals I'ioni the Kiust nro Mrs.
Muck ami family :,ud her sister Miss
l.iiiireiicu, -X.l.'.D.
���o��*    I
������ ���: kT
���f ll   ''.5
&/ WSi RDM
Maciiine Shop
Golden, B.C.,
AVE on hand for SALE a lot of Pipe Fitting, consisting- of Hliort Nipples, Bushings, I'nion Couplings, Elbows, Tees, Brass Globe Valves, Brass Pet Cocks
Nuts and Washers, Square-head Machine Bolts, Carriage
Bolts and Iron.
Sash, Duors, Blinds, Mouldings, Frames, Stair and Turned
Work. Estimates furnished and contracts taken on all
kinds of buildings.


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