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The Golden Era May 8, 1897

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M     ���
Wit tuke a flptelthy of     | ���
mCBtadl,      Posters,
/v-i XtMwH-b, '��� Dodgers,   v
'���'.')   "   Bosinttt Ctrdi,    Etc.,
Etc., Etc., Etc, v
^est Advertising Media..
in East Kootenay,
Neat, Artistic Job Printing*
promptly executed.
VOL. VI. .NO. 40.
GOLDEN B.C., SATl RDAY, MAY   8    1897
...mA.: -x���     ,     i      _-.  !���     	
$2 Per Year
General ���& penchant.
e tee te o o a a a a �� *>._
Received this week farther shipments of
1 Boots and Shoes
Dry  Goods.
My Spring Stock In these lines will soon
be complete, Do not foil to inspect my
range of ���
Summer Blitises/
�� e co o o o p. a at eo 6_e[ .
a ��� ���
s \ .   ���        /     ���
B. Laurance's Spectacles.
You Oan
at)     a    Q    a
C 3 ; ���: a c   '    C   -"- "
A eoukpieti\rtw.k of
Faint*/Oils,  White  Lead,
Window Glass, Etc.
Jnst arrived a carload of good Prairie
Hay.  Mow coming*.
e'e't e'oro'oVe'Vo.Oj}
Ag-^nt For   .   .
Phoenix of London and other Fr? hsurancs Go's
Tho Moderation Life Association. Tcrontc,
,'.+ + +"���
Ths Reliance Loan I Savings Co., ot Mm.
Boots & Shoes
Hats & Caps
Sftraw Hats
Dress Goods
Large Stock and must be Reduced.
Prospectors and Miners supplies always
in stock.
I       U-J-L-t-	
Oolden, on ths main Idre of, lb. Canadian
PaciHc Railway, at ha touneetion witb tbt1
���teainboat navigation of the Colombia river t
the mineral andcemnierelalcentreofEastern
Hritish Columbia! headquarter, of thi Gold-
en Smelting works, the Upper, Columbia
Navigation Co., and lumber industry; the
outlet for the widely known and far
famed agricultural and Erasing land of tbe
Columbia ft Kootenay Valleys: unrirslled
for scenery of all kinds; tbe distributing
point for the richest mineral country on the
Mr. Brad)-, M. E. ia in town.
Mr. M. Dainard is expected down
I rom Fort Steele next week.
The Kicking Horse river list been
riling rapidly during tht isst ftw
Mrs. W. C. Wells, Mrt, Curry and
J. D Wvlls of Palliser spent yesterday
iu town. \
Mr. Geo. Hayes of the Grand Central Hotel, Fort Steele, returned to
Stsele on Weiltietdav.
What   steps are bainf taken for the j
ceieliriitioii in  Oolden of  tba Diamoud
J milieu ou the Siiud June*-
Miss   lirowurigg Wt laat Thursday
on   a two  mouths visit to her sister,.
Mrs. Williams, at Truil, B.C. |
C. P. R. Engine U.ti hat been ttt* j
tiontu at Golden Ior work iu the yard
and iu lhe Ricking Horte lJaiijn.ii.
Divint service will be held in the
EumIi.Ii Church to-morrow inoriiitru-
at 11 o'clock aud al 7:80 iu the evi ti-
A social dance took place In tiiti
Alexander Hail laet tvtulng which
wat wall atteuded by lovtrt of tbe
light fantastic tot.
Mr. Jacob Dalmagt returned on
Tuesday from Toronto, Ht will tbis
teatuii uiitct operaiiuus iu luikuismoi
lur au Eastern Company.
It is reported tbat Supt. Whyte, of
Winnipeg, bat littn made auperiuteiid-
���ut ol the whole ol thc .. P. R, be-
ween Wiuuipt* aud the Coatt.
Chang tbt Chinese  Envoy to Eiik-
Itnd  witb   bis retinue ol  tteittati.it'
nnd   ser.auta   patted through lio'iieu
ou Thursday't tact bouud train.*        . I
On the west bound train uf Tu.-s.lt.> .
a special car wa* utLcliui which uu.
occupied by delegates to th. R-iilv-uy
Cunductor's couveii'.i.'ii n: L--- Augelut
Tht delegates wero aiioomji-iui(jd...by
ibtir wine. All were delighted with
tbt mttcblttt totnery ef tht Rockitt.
W. R. Lindsay came down from
Windermere on Monday. Owing to
the depth of snowon Toby preek he
haa lieen unatte to commence'w��rk on
bit company'! claims there.
The World tayt: "Britith Columbia's motto and national, patriotic
"rail, ing cry wonld aeem to be Develop
tbe North, tbe South, tbe Eatt and
the Wett I" Certainly, but not by the
Tiirner-Rithet-Ebertt-Heinzt method.
Their method went out of style some
decades ago except in British Columbia, snd it is out of dttt here now.���
The Budget.
The new Methoditt Church will be
opened on Sundty next, special services being held in tht morning at 11
o'clock, afttrnoon 3 o'clock, and in the'
evening at 7:30 o'clock! The services
will lit conducted by the Rev. Chaa.
Ladner, preeident of the B.C. Methoditt Conference. On Mondty evening
a social will bt btld in tht church to
which everyone it cordially invittd.
Tht programme will bt of a musical
and literary charaoter and a good time
ia expected, admission 85 ctntt. Tbt
entertainment will commence at eight
o'clock tharp.
Tht Revelstoke Herald hit tbe following : ��� "Mr. G. 8. McCarter,lawyer
of Oolden, came into town yesterday.
He describes affairs in journaliitic
circlet tt being lively of late. When
the  train   left  yesterday Mr. E.  A.
Donald tbopt thit summer. Mora fHJ* ��*������? ���*���������- 'PJ'-J ���-'���*���-
me hav alraadv bsen employed and ,on* -"��� ""i,,ll!on/ ^TVuWu
the ta_ is  tube* increased aljI round, I "'  Kev��l��okt, had lockedout Mr D.
M. Rae, wbo bte been running the Era
for the  paet few yean, and wat hold*
u-     ���      ���. t ........I.. : ing the fort, ou which an attack vi tt
Winnipeg as formerly. j ^ ^;_ m _M ,.       ^^
Mr, George Perguaton tn old Ctrl ��'���"!'. *** _UV Hwtld ,??r- K"'���
boo in.ii.-r will liHtmre ou placer ���������-J ��������������-���������� *�������� �����*��-���--- *���*������.. continue
mining in the sample room of the to do eo for a few dayt yet until Mr.
Queen's Hotel this evening at eight ���**������.����������� procurte that attain plant
oYlock. admission tb utiitt, Mr. Fer- '��������*' ���>������*-*���S0',n�� �������� I"" "> ���" ���---�����*������-
gussou has ueeii mining in Can boo,*"01--" -���""���""��� ���*���**���' -���
since  'ii8      He was also a member of j _ '
the Uigitlati.e A.w.ubl..- for three I Mr. J. J. Young of the Calgary
terms about fifteen years ago. | Herald went ettt   pu Thursday on lilt
: return from   Fergtitton.    Ht report a
Mr. P. Watelet Miirueii thia week ' that everything points to a great fot-
from his claim ut thn head of bugaboo Hire for Fergutton at it ia tht center
Creek. Judging from tbe lirtlaii' smile ol the richest pari of Weat Kootenay.
.vii-ii l.y Mr. W w* surtuiH.'thut he; Mr. Young hat got hit foot into somo
hiiU Htruok it rich A�� * iiimtcir of oi the best things in Wttt Kootenay
fn��t we believe he hut -*i',000 toue of j among others the Great Weetern
hiiili grade gahnia in t.glit AH '-i'�� �����""��� tot which the Home Ptj'nt tyn-
���iistritt utnli is it few men Of Mr, dictte offer of loO.OOO hat been refuttd.
Wattlet't stamp who are not attaisl to i Mr. Young did a iutlt business with
sptnd a few thouaand dollara to dtvel- ont ol tht officials of the Chinese En*
op tht'r proptrtitt. The dittrict it voy who was on tbt same train east,
rich but a mint cannot be developed by > He told him a block of 60,000 shares
txptnding ft paltry few fcundi-eu doi-1 ot stock iu tbe Gi-cut Western Mine-.,
law.    ' . '��� ���': *���.*'". rtM...    ,'������    t.; ;' :'-���'.{ ."
Ont of tht members of tht Btitish
House of Commont has already given
notice of a motion-ef eongiwtplation
and thanks to" 'Canada���' for ���thecoh-
cetsibn she hts made to tbe mother
country in ber new tariff,
Canadiau industries art feeling the
good effects of the new tariff already,
bar largest yarn factory, Sir Chnrlet
Tupper, and the Unlimited Gas Works,
O. E. Foster, have been running overtime ever tiuct the 22ud ot April.���
Tbe Budget.
Arebdetcon McKty hat decided to
leave for the Yiikun about tbt lit of
Junt. H. it intending going aa far as
Forty Mile river, the present head*
quarters of the police, by fore making
any more definite plant. - Revelstekt
The Upper Columbia Navigation Co't
steamer "Duchett" will leave Golden
for the Upper Country on Tuesday
morning. The water has risen in the
Columbia sufficient to permit of the
���' Duchess " making the journey here
tofore made by tht ������ Pert."
J{, I i-esentatives of tht Goldtn Gun
Club journeyed to Donald last Saturday uud tuffered defeat at the bande of
the Gun Club of that town. The
Donald boys will visit Golden shortly
when it is hoped tbt Goldenites will
give a better account uf themselves.
It is reported cn good authority tbat
quita tn improvement it to bt madt in
us a lot of   the   western   rupairt are
going   to   be iniule there iusttnd of at oThe OS-lb-en ��*��*
The UOLDEN ERA '-(published every
Saturday morning in tlrat to catch the east
and west mail trains, also tbe mail for the
upper country, Windermere.Fort Steele etc
t is thy only advertising medium in the Eon
Kootenay district,
Subscription Rates t
ti.,00per annum in
Advertisements and changes must be in
ill. office not later than 12 a m, on Thursday
n insure insertion.
All cosh to be paid tu the Manager, from
whom the Company's receipt will be obtained.
Advertisement rates made known nn appli-
catior .
Tbe Golden En Publishing Conipan),
better cute,but we know enough of tbe
law of contract, to be aware that the
contract made between the Government and Mr. W. A. B. Grohman hat
not been carried oat on his part. Tbe
grant of land was on condition that a
navigable canal be nidde und kept, open
for all time to come. Tlie canal ne.ver
wus made and the grant should not
have been given, therefore the .recipients must restore it to tbo peo|.lc, oi
the Province who have been mot-- a
righteously deprived of it.
SATURDAY; MAY  8, 1897.
In our columns last week vie pub
lithed a narrative of tbe Grohman
Canal Swindle and how the people of
Eaet Kootenay have been defrauded
out of 30,000 acres of tht finest lands
in Eatt Kootenay. The grant wat
given on the express conditio*! that a
navigable canal wat to be conttructed
and kept in full working order in all
time coming. It wat never constructed
in terms of tbe agreement and yet tbe
30,000 acres have pasted away and are
in the possession of a foreign company
Mr William Adolpb Bnillie'Grohmnn
���we will give him bit full name���tbe
author of thit mischief mutt bave been
an astute man, and. waa one too many
/or the members of tbe Government.
We wonder how he commenced and
carried out hit project. Perhapa he
practised tbe same tactics adopted by
tome others and appealed to the finer
feelings of certain influential pertont
through their stomachs by wining and
dining tbem well. It does not much
matter what conrte he adopted. At
���11 events there must have been gross
carelessness and blundering stupidity
somewhere. No enquiry could have
been made into tbe scheme, or else it
wat ol the merest superficial kind. The
humblest tyro in engineering science,
could scarcely have made tucb a blunder in patting and approving of tht
plant for tuch a senseless and absurd
scheme, as the slightest examination
of tht locality would have shown the
(utility of inch a project. Snpervit-
vision of tht work seems never to have
been undertaken by the Government,
��r elte itt official wts the most incapable perton that could have been tt*
Jtettd. We do not know who framed
the Agreement, but we do know who
waa responsible. Such a condition of
matters prevail now, when the re-
sources of the Province are being
Alienated to'the company.promoter and
charter monger.
How the Government ever took over
tbe canal which we tuppot-e thpy
would do in terms of Article'three is
one of those mysteries we should like
solved. We know there have been
enquiries already aa to tbit swindle,
but tbey have been utterly inadequate.
Wie wsnt to know wbo it to blame for
it, or where rests thc responsibility.
The Government may try to ehirk the
enquiry and shelve the question. It is
.quite fit and capable (or this course of
conduct, but this will not satisfy the
people, wore especially the people io
East Kootenay. When we are dem ruling tbis .enquiry and ilto redress it
will not do for the Government tn say
wt b*ve made a bad bargain and we
cannot help it. Tbe people of the I'i-ov*
ine are now finding, out they have
made ti bad bargain, a very bad bar*
gain in continuing the Government in
office and power, who are squander! ur
tht rttontcet ot the province in a most,
reckleet and profuse manner. The
people will have part of t best ratourcea
back, and aiMag tbem those 80,000
tores ef la_d la fast Kootenay of
whioh tbey havt hem moat thamefully
deprived. Wt de not pretend to bt
skilled in tht substitutes of law to tt
��� ���
Return  of lnte.tuta E.tutes for Knst
We have received the official return
of monies received and paid by the
OfficialAdministrationsof the Province
for the year ending 31st Dec. 1896.
Tli3 Official Administrator for tbe
County of Kootenay ia Mr. James F.
Armstrong, Stipendiary Magistrate
and Deputy Land Commissioner, Donsld. The number of estates administered during the year is 33, of which
10 have now been closed, The total
personality as shown by the return is
820,626.45 of which *13,508,l).i hat
been paid into the Provincial Secretary
awaiting for distribution among the
next of kin who can establiah their
right to a share of the succession, of
the 23 intestate estates still remaining
to be wound up. The following are
the estates which are being presently
administered and to which the next of
kin are now entitled to succeed on
establishing their right:
Thomas Woodcock, Nicholas Lara*
pia,. James Edwin Sabine, Frederick
Hill, T. Higstrum, Benjamin Samuel-
son, Elephet W. Harris, Patrick Mc
Names, Isaac V'elzian, James Baker,
G. Cowheg, Giovanni Bougera, James
M. Rogers, Charles L,. Lewis, Archibald McMurdo, James N". Flower,
Fanny E. Matlaw, Antonio Garrach,
Margaret Bell, August Tas, Alida
Roberge, Samuel M. Woods, and Samuel McGee. ,
Should any of our readers desire
fuller information as to any of the
estates we shall be glad to furnish the
same on Application, .
An Aunt's Advice.
Brought a Young Lady out of
The Shadow of Death.
lost all appetiteand my mealt often
went untasttd. Medicine teemed to
have no effect upon me. I wat setting
weaker all tbe time, and at latt began
to give up hope for recovery. My
parents were of course in great distress
and I knew by the looks and actions
of friends who called to tee me tbat
they thought I wail doomed to an
early death. Then a dear lady friend
died and I managed out of love for her
to drag myself to her funeral. The
rs.iiisation of teeing her laid away,
believing that I would toon follow
her, was a strange one. Shortly after thia an aunt ot mine, Mrs. W.
Henderson, of Toronto, Came to visit
at our place. My condition troubled
her very much and she insisted on iny
trying Dr, Williams' Pink Fills. To
please !.or I consented but. with little
hope of any good result. The effect,
however, was wonderful and a pleating
surprise to ma, I soon began to feel
more cheerful and teemed to feel
stronger. Then my appetite began to
improve and the color return to my
cheeks and lips. From tbat hour I
stead.ly gained strength, and was
soon enjoying my former excellent
health, aud I am sincere in expressing
my belief thai to Dr. Williams' Pin-
Pills do I owe my recovery."
Enquiry among neighbors corrohor
ated Miss Langford's story as to her
illness and remarkable recovery. In
her case at least Dr. William's Pink
Pills have given a striking proof that
they possess wonderful merits.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cure by
going to the root of the disease. Tbey
renew and build up the blood, and
strengthen the nerves, thus driving
disease from tbe system. Avoid imitations by insisting thnt every box
you purchase is enclosed in a wrapping bearing the hill trade mark, Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills (or Pale People.
A sitting of the County Court of Kootenay
will be held at the Court House at Donald, on
Saturday the 5th day of jane,
1897, at 10 o'clock in tbe forenoon
By order
Donald, B.C.. May 4th 1887.
Fast Losing Ground.
Dealers and druggists who handle
and sell common package dyes for
borne dyeing sre finding out thnt they
are fast losing ground as business men
Once a woman ia deceived she never
returns to the merchant that caused
her loss of time aud money.
The dealers who give their customers Diamond Dyes when dyes are asked
for are the successful arid trusted business men in every part of Canada,
Diamond Dyes are perfect -in color and
dyeing power; the ouly dyes that can
warrant satisfaction. Every buyer
should see that the name " Diamond"
appears on each package handed to
them by a dealer.
was as. follows
" I had lagrippe in the spring qf
1894, I did qot teem to get over the
.effects of the attack, and at the sum-
met progressed became weak and list-
less. Any kind of work became a bur*
umi to me. Alter pumping-a pail of
wnter from the well, I would have to
.��iind nud hold my bands over my
heart for a moment or so'- it would
flutior to violent!/. I could not go up
Stairs without difficulty, and towards
the latt would have to ".rest on the
ttept, and when I got to the top, lie
down until I could recover my breath,
IbeeatA a mere skeleton, my cheeks
to tpaj-t th* worn case appear tht I wtrtWke wax and my lij~t colorleet, I
A BsmarkaUe Cist that Vividly   thews
the Wonderfal Health-Bettering fewer  o
Or. Williams' Pink rills.
From the Orongeville Banner
There is no doubt at all that many
people are prejudiced against proprietary medicines, and equally no doubt
many look upon the testimonials published st much in the nature of an exaggerated puff. If the Banner hns been
tinctured with this feeling it has, so
far as one medicine is concerned, had
���ts doubts removed. "Werefer to Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills, concerning the
curative qualities of which strong
claims have been made, and proofa ad*
vanred in their support which, seemed
equally strong. But it is when one
comes across in their own locality a
case almost rivalling tiny that have
been made public, that doubt disappears an d conviction follows. Such a
case the Banner came across and investigated and now gives the facts.
The case is that of Miss Sarr.h Lang-
ford, an estimable young lady who resides in the neighborhood of Camilla.
We were told she had been brought j
near to death's door and had been restored to health through the agency of
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. Wede-'iried
however, to cn.-'. hearsay aside and investigate for otti'-.i-lves.
We found Mist Langford the picture j
of health and good spirits, ut Iter.
pleasant home in Camilla. In response j
to onr ini-uiriea tt to her  illness  and I
the cause of her recovery, she express-     ��,   ,��� .. ���      ..,.,��-. _,
a.l   l..r   -,;ti;-j.--_-   tn  ���,.ti.f-    -..-.    Mr. W. H. Iteimett. Member for East Bim
ed   Iier   willingness   to  tatitfy    our Coe, tnd forty-nine others olthe House of
curiosity, and as she added, relate her, Uomuions, have, over tbeir owu signatures,
experience for the good of othere affile-1 tola of the good effects of Dr, Agnew's Catur*
txid as ahe was. Her atory very briefly MP^;J*M *�� wm��Jy .has done
PIIjW! t'UBKD IN �� TO 6 NlOHTSl-Dr.
Agnew's Ointment will cure all cases of itching piles in from three to six nights. One
application brings comfort. For blind and
bleeding piles it is peerless. Also cures Tetter, Suit lvheum, Ecsems, Harbor's Itch and
all eruptions of tbe skin, iio cents., .old by
C. A. WarrCn. 1
Death Charmed Away Under the Spoil of Dr
Agnew's (Jure for the Heart���More Wonderful than a Fairy Tate is the Story of
Mrs, Rotulhotise, of Willscroft, Out.
Where disease bus effected the heart tbe
remedy to be applied muat'be speedy in Its
ode. ts, or all may be lost. Mrs. koadhouso
of Willscroft, Ont., says i "Cold sweat would
stand out in great beads upon my li.ee, because of the intense -uttering truin heart disease. 1 often felt that the death struggle was
at hand. No medicine gave me help until 1
used Ur. Agnew's Cure for tlie Heart. In
thirty minutes the severe pain was removed,
and after taking little moro than one bottle
the trouble had vanished. I know nothing uf
it to-ay." Sold by U. A, Warreu,
* ���
A large percentage of Members in the Commons 8unor froui Catarrh���The Hoist of
Fifty Found iu Dr. Agnew.'s Catarrhal
Cornier- They tell their own'stcry of Successful Recovery Throagh This Remedy.
Any person depositing any animal or
vegetable matter in the Kicking Horse River
on its banks or in the Pond between the crib-
work and the bank of the river will be prosecuted,
Oolden, B.C., 29th April. 1807.
By order of the \
Local Board of Health.
East, West, North, South.
Yen aieed aet ��e either dJU-*��-
W��.l*nade�� " ~ ""
Notice to the Public.
As a certain Mr. E. A. Haggen, ia, ...
understand, leading the citizens of Uolden to
believe that he is connected witb tbe Oolden
Era, we beg to say that no sucb person,
other than Mr. It. M. Rae, manager, has
any right, or authority, to make contracts or
collect moneys on behalf of tbe Uolden Era
Co. Mr. Haggen has nothing to de with
the management of tbe paper.
D. M. RAE,
Manager Golden Era Co.,
(-United Liability.)
Dated, thit 3rd day of May, 1807,
NOTICE is hereby given thit I intend to
apply sixty days after date to the Commissioner of Lands and Works for tbe District
of East Kootenay, for permission to purchase ISO acres ol nnsurveyed, unoccupied
and unreserved Crown Lands, described as
follows:. Coimiiencing at a post- planted
on the east bank of the Columbia river
about li chains south of Spillamacheen
steamer landing; thence east 20 chains,
thence north HO chains, thenee west to the
Columbia river say 00 chains and thence
following tbe Columbia river south to the
point oficommencement.  .    .,
Dated, Galena, B.C., 2Mb March. 18U7.
NOTICE.     ���
Toronto Mineral Claim, situate in the Golden Mining Division ot East Kooteni.y District
located Splllimacheen Mountain.
Take notice that 1, John McRae, free miner's
certillcate No. 41117. intend, sixty days
from tbe date hereof, to apply to tlie Oold
Commissioner fir a certificate of improve
ments, for the
Crown grah^-oi
purpose of obtainm-.;
r the above claim.
And further fate notice, tint adverse claims
must he sent to the (fold Cotiunls-iiiiiier
sn action commenced before tbe issuance
nf such certillcate of nnprovenien ���.
Dated thklOtb day of June, im,
John McRak,
By bis agent, F. W. Aylmer.
given lhat
is hereby _
Town site of
an auction sale of lot in the .
Flat Creek, being parts of Sections Ut.nd 15
in Township ai, Range 27 West Of the Gth
Meridian, will bo held on Thursday, Hie 80th
of May, 18117, at Laurie, B. O, a new station
on tho Citnitdian I'acilic Railway, two and
one-half miles East of llleclllewnot snd shout
two miles from tbe property to bu sold.
Tisitasi-Oiie-fonrth in cash and the balance in three equal animal instalments, with
I iiiterei-t at �� per eent |ier annum.
For upr-ct prices ami other Information arid- to Agent of Dominion Lands, Kunloopa.
rlral Powder.   .
for these I'srliaiiisntarian* it is doing for
thousands of others in public aud private life
the Dominion over. VV 1th cold in the' head it
gives immediate relief inside of half sn hour,
and a little perseverance quickly rids the
head of all trouble. Itia easy and pleasant
to use and produces no hurtlnl aftereffects,
Sold by C. A. Warren,
��� t���������'*.
Greek Micces. In  Eplrns.
London, April S9.-A special despatch from. Athens save that tbe
Greeks have occupied the heighta ol
Pentepigadia, 'north of Arta and about
half way between that place and Jan*
ina, in Eplrus. Tht despatch adds
that the Greek troopt havt entrenched
themsejyet o�� the heights  mentioned
By order,
Department of tbo Interior.
Ottawa, loth April, 1807.
NOTICE is hereby given in pursuance of
Section 2 of the *'Companies' Act Amendment Act !IWt ""that a special meeting of
the shareholders of tbe Bald Mountain
Mining and Development Company Lt'd
Liability, will beheld at tho office ol tin
Company, Alexander Block, Golden,
British Columbia, on
T-nendiiy, *Sth Italy ef May.
1807, at 2 o'clock in tbe aflernoon, for tbe
purpose of considering, tad, if deemed advisable, of passing s resolution to dispose
of the whole or any portion of the assets of
the Company.
Dated at liolden this 23rd day of April, 1807.
In England he cut for bouse, of
Such as Hobson1! of London,
Repairing, cleaning, and alter
Will be thoroughly done by'
99 it
-people of Golden, Mtf JtoKiaWK
Your Tailor baa cant, his name it -Flank
He csn cut and Ut with the beet In the land,
And makes up a garment witb hb own hand.
. ,i oetrt a
I if rest-mm ti
And in Canada too, }ust let me th   ���
He was cutter for the great Hadtot-i Bay.
some Frank
Both Ladies' and Gentlemen's elothes let at
Will be workmanlike done, tnd quite up to*
Now let me solicit your work, old tnd new,
And put to the teA your UHor.Frank Plight
" CH lhe work*when complete-, ***5St cut
[of sight."
"Patronise Rome IndustryI"
Store opposite pott office,
Golden, B. C.
��� -..���-..     Tailor.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL it now open for tbt
admission of patients.
TICKETS may bt had from tha undersigned or any member of ths
PBICE-Ten Dollars per year or Sis
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
-_     C. H. PARSON,
Acting Secretary.
Church Service*.
Tbeutual evening tervlce will bs
held to-morrow ia St, Paul't Church
at 7:30 o'clock.
Methoditt service will bt held in ths
school houtt to-morrow evening
at 7:30 o'clock.
Service will be conducted in ths
Presbyterian Church by Bev. Jaa.
Harcourt, B.A., tn* morrow morning
at 11  o'clock.
Th. flee--*, cot.tl.mt iat i-l-tt Utt at Vat!
tr-jl aim. innooala th. world, that tas* a*wr
ttOml to eur.. We ai* at putM** at It teat wt
will back our raUet aad Mud you say tketrl-d
,-.;-pl_nc�� now ln��h�� su-riMlaadjoo earn try It
fcrTlim-Himtbsi UiT-tt-tsOmia-jj--.-.
ca earth. Send for book aad J mtuil fte��.
Vt. T. Pacr A Ct... Vttm&aar, em.
to Rons count* dm> vMm
u oaimio iv rat on or
Thtts wonderful Dyes itvt tbc���ndiof
dollars nattily to happy hornet ia Canada.
capes, kekett, and ��mm'and boys'suite can
lie re-dyed, and made to look at well um,
at a CMt of ten cents.
Dioawnd Dytt tit 9* taiaaX ts im t ttwy
art tbt bright-*, MrttMt tad tot daral-U.
Aik foe lbs -"Dlawoad~~| tttatalloiha���
Dinctten Bui utdmmfUs t/ttknd tltt'h
fret, address
Wsus A RlcHAtDton Co,, Moolrtal P. (J.
A spatial el -.its-Canada Gazette published on-Wsdnstday sets apart June
'  22ud for the diamond jubilee celebra-
f :)tion in Canada.
The Oddfellewt of London. Ontario,
bavt comt to tht conclusion that Sunday, parades are a violation of the
hoii-eM of the Sal-bath. This year
they assembled and marched to church
on Monday.
London, April 28.���Aa a minting; of
the Presbyterian svnod today at Sun-
derland, the business committee decided to reject the petition containing
charges-of heresy which bad been pre-,
tented againtt Bev. John Watson, D.
D., (Iran Maclaren).
An entirely new rate for the Kootenay dittrict htt been ittued by the
Grand Trunk which may reault in a
further prolongation of tbe rate war.
Tbe-Canadian i PaoihVe new rate war.
Ths Canadian Pacific, new rate of
round trip tickett from Eastern Canada to the. Kootenay, becomec effective
\ on tha Uth. It is ��� $125 from Toronto
good for 90daya.
I The. Weekly Budget thinks Mr. Mc-
Innes and' ibe Globe have both made
fools of themselves. Mr. Molnnes
had no proof of his statements concerning the Globe and that paper certainly lowered itself in tbe estimation
of a great* many by descending to use
such low. bar-room talk at "liar and
slanderer." Such language it turely
not becoming to one of Canada's, greatest dailies. '    ,,'.
Among the 34 gold-producing countries iu the world Canada it eighth.
Ltst year the United States led tbe
procession with a gold product of
��o7,000,000. Tbe seven next in order
were: Auitrnlia, 143,709,322; Transvaal, $43,184,819; Russia, $31.599,-
097; Mexico, $6,989,000; India, $6..
002,608; China, $5,167,600; Canada,
$3,760,000. In another year Canada
probably -will take' a higher standing.
-Industrial World.
A Montreal despatch says : Sir
Charles Host, Scotch baronet who is
largely inttretted in British Columbia
mines and other ventures, is iu tbe
oity, Sir Charles tayi tbe Americans
have possession of British Columbia
mining districts'and they mean to
keep it. They were the first to find
tht mintrai wealth, and'ii will be Am
erlcan and not Can-rtli��n or -English
capital that will work it, Sir Charlie
speaks of the much demanded Ci-ow't.
Ntst Past railway at toiuething which
will not do much good to anybody.
-   The  Mining  Herald  says  the ap
proaching setton promises to he one oi
gnat txcitement in mining circles,   i.
it,.tht ont subject npppriiiostjii t.h
minds at intn.   Those n liu were- Uu-gi
ly engaged   in  mining  latt'year will
plunge  fill  deeper into it this year,
and  those  who made money in their
ventures will seek to make more. This
feeling it not confined to the capitalist.
Tbt prospector it >turting out for new
-.Ids. aud bit labor will make kuowu
tbe wealth of 'neWcmnps which were
not hehrd-of. last year.     This is particularly true in Km.t Kootenay.
The Princess oi Wales has written
to the Lord Mayor of London, pointing out tin,-. in I Ik- schemes to
commemorate, lit-" bran,cm! Jubilee ol
Queen Victoiii in June, lhe poorest of
the poor, the tenanit of this Loudoi.
alums, have lieen o.erlooked. She
aaya: "Might I plead that they also
thould bave a share in the fetes of
tbat blessed day and so remember to
the end of their lives that great and
good Queen whose reign, by the bless
ing of God, bat .been prolonged Itr 60
years. Let us tinr.fors provide these
unfortunate oues, these beggars ami
outcasts, with a dinner or tome substantial meal during the week of Jubilee commemoration. I have greet
pleasure in heading a subscription list
for that purpose, with ��100."     I
Common language it tbe beet adver
Using language.
Paeifie fty.
Direct Route to all Eastern points
Montreal and Toronto
Direct connection with Ocean Steamers at
Halifax, St. John and
New York.
Bagt-rij-e checked to European destination
Shortest and quickest mute to
Kaslo, Nol son, Rossland.
And all poin'r* in the I'm- Fumed Kootenay
and Silvery Blocan,  To
China    and    Japan,
via the famous Empress  Steamers from
Vancouver i
Empress of India    ... -2fltli March
Empress of Japan 10th April
Empress of China 10th May
Honolulu, Australia,
New Zealand,
via the Can, Aus, Line from Vinii ouvor
Warrimoo Stli S pril
Mioweita.   8ih May
Apply for particulars to
Traffic .Manager,
Or to Winnipeg,
..; c. k. WKLI.S.
Agent. <,ioliI<*M.
"It Is worth the prT. to everr psnor.
who even nods a aswapap. r."���Unrlwiiion
Blue Pencil Rules.
_v_ a*. Nxrrxxsra..
���kst Primer for tb. um of Rcmrten,
Jotftspeawnte and Copr . Cboppera.
Hhort. -apl* and praatmal ralM tor
makltJK and tdftlnt newsptivr ciipy,
and of-nntl vain, tn til who with to
write cornet Intlbh.
anoslotof price   p,.c��, 10 cmti
Business Cards.
B.  J    JKI-SON,
D.L.S. A P.L.S. ror B.C. Dominion A
Provincial Laud Surveyor, Draughts-
mail, Valuator, Etc , Calgary, N, W
'P. Correspondence Soliiited.
R. J. J-PbON, D L.S.. P.L S. of U.C
and Ont. Calgary. Alba.
Undertakers and
.   .   Embalmers,
Calgary ���      Allin
(Meinb. N. En-- '.net. M. & M. E.) .
Mining Ehftluot-r ��� Assaj-er,
Vancouver, 11. ('.
Advance* mitdo on consignments of Ores
arid Mlittelby s|icciiil ari'iuigeii,i-ut for Eur-
OpCllll ISllieltlTH,
ASSAYS rut I   I'EI'ORTS  accepted [as
fliiiil liy leading Hniiiicial linns.
Specialty! 1 hocking Kinder Pulps and
tit,liiuii Assays,
HEI-RESENTINO the Oissel gold Ex-
trni'.ing i>., L'td,6f (iliisgow,
Tlto .Miic.jVrtliur-Forrest Cyanide Process.
riNtsT t>. I   ^Z_W
INTMIWOSLO ���     ^������~ ���
"Monsoon" Teal, put up ay the Indian Tm
bitoman at a satnpU-of ih. best qualities uf Indian
Te*_. Therefor, the), uw th. -rrwleit cur. in lb.
MlKtJoa of th. Tea and IK blind, lhat - why they
put it up tAtamtMftnd sell It only la th. orif int.
packages, th-reby Mourinj its purity . nd Mccllence.
Put up In K lb., i lb. and 5 lb. p_*i**��, aad n.m
���old ia bulk.
If your |-roo*c do* aot keep it, Ull him to writ. IS
11 and 13 Front StrMt East, Toronto.
Beer!   Beer!   Beer
The best Beer in Canada is made liy the
Calgary  Brewing & Waiting-
Co.,  Lfd,  -.
Manufacture rs nf I cor, Alo f.ml f-ula Water
Insist on getting I'l.lgnry 1 eer e. cry nine
Tliey all have it.
llie Couipany'sagent for Fast h'uilem.y 1
H. G. Parson,
��.ol.1en. B.C.
I TH!;-TY-Sr.V_NTH YEAR.   ��� ���  ���
Twenty Paees; Weekly; Illustrate..
-j.HPr.rr Metre rail.
220 Market 8t., San Francisco, Cal
The modern standard Family Medicine : Cures the
common every-day
ills of humanity.
Send to      :      :      :      :
Or to
New Denver.
Anyont mikUds a iketeh and tMe-lpUoa nay
qulokly asc.rUla.RM. whether an I titration U
probably pattntanl.. Com-an-at-ms itrlotly
oonUdentl.1. Oldest tmenty lot Kcurlni patant.
In Amerlc���   W. hat* t Vfublnstoa o-e*..
Patents taken tbrouxh -un- * Co. NMl-e
tpM���I notlo. In tbt
381 Urutway. Hew York.
U.-uur B-r,W..T��i._te-
Plant your
home claim with
[Steele, Briggsj
'���High and." SmSs.
told by Lading SmIws.
Ask fnr them.
Safe investment.
CATALOe.tS mma,
iTht Steele, Brlggt SosdCo.J
Toronto, Ont.
yttlMmmm _^M-r��
ky ih-jomd..   S'l-. S...   ��..J Aiw*y�� ttlleble
KEtUSEMJHsTII'UI'E-..   traaall drsM-ss
et si��il��i', ft.- Iti-m oliHinulm, 0. nulpt et
I1.S0.   S-.led laniicular. > uenu
XMttm mtmoiOA St) ,-MORTRSAl,, e...
veil Iron, the-u, uih ud
fi fim I *X "ek'TiTf'-- -^Tfw* ."���������
ia IV. M
Ih ��.rM->r-l
ttmwth fr,f*v��rrt>.ln��y.d kr
���inilnt. mu by wil.sMlM.
. ,111 wal. ��l
tANt MtoieiiMt co.. Montreal ta*.
ma       **T y
or is it
��o!r;g, bit!
be relied
on for correct time.
Watch re-
with us.
All work
Watchmaker & Jeweller.
fti*ct**s �����ffl��-(L)��.-tosoeacaa����-,--c'��ci)-*.-r.(B -j g c a* s -Tt aiqra-oi.ecj
��� Upper Courqbia NaVigatioq & TranjWay to.,
Iijterqational Traijsportatioq Corqparjy.
TIME    TABLE.    1897.
(ioi.nl-x Fort Stffi*.-route- I'ntil opcnlnir of Navigation, Singe wll!
leave Gulden every Tuesday, 2, p. in., arrivhif* in Fort Steole'.Saturday
Leaves Fort Steele every Tuesday niorniii|*, arriving at Oolden Friday
After 1st May, Steamers will leave Golden 4, a. ni.. Tuesdays anil Fridays, connecting with Stage at Adela and arrive at Fort Steele Thursday
and Sunday afternoons.
Leave Fort Steele Tuesday and Friday mornings and arrive at Golden
Thursday and Sunday afternoons.
Vt tt Steele ami Jennljigti Bonte.
Navigatiiui c-ipected lo o|ien 10th April.   After 1st Hay boats will leave
daily (except S1111.l4.y1.
Golden 1st March.
", F. P. Armstrong,
J Manager.
3 �� V�� O ���jB*a"f ��*"Crt1��~C*"0lb"��^0"Vlir^l��~�� ��"�� 9 <D 9 9 9 ��mn.��9B������B8Q"
���5     Ja\j    l)epa,rtmcr|t     g
v^ .���.       I\VI         ��_
:o:��� OF -:or���
g   The GOLDEN ERA   ��
_-Ar*3 P*wt
fA_w�� (^y^s^K*^^
���*WfltlS 0 c8IUTY. ?r*KJ52:
Golden Sash & Door Factory & Machine Shop.
Mnniilnctiirers ol Hash, limits, .Mouldings, Turned and Sawn Balusters,
Ne.vel I'nsis, Hand''ails and Hritckets.   All sixes of glass in stock.
The Machiim and lll.icksiuiih Shop are pronared to do all kind of repair
as soon as po-��iUe.   .< II ��i/.o.* of Pipe Fitting anil llrsss goods on hand.
Wagon 'rep.'.lr, i'.'lo., Shafts, ..xles. Spokes and Felloes.  Hickory and
Maple I'll���ik.
��� ��� ���**
K'_ht-t Honors-WorM** Pair,
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Fret!
toot Ammonia, Alum or tny other adulterant, j
Hereafter Miner.* Hlght. Will Only
be Granted to llritish Subject.
by Birth ar HatvrallMtltn.
The providcal legislature bat, by a
'vote oil!) to   10,   parried  a  decisive
change in t
Any person
must not , ,i
either a B-**
an intentioi.
taken on lit
| lines, and ������
preuitor, tht
j for the oh
crn! Ebsi't
The Western Bid fatlCe UlTlslont of
tho Hood Hay be Amalgamate-.
Montresl, May 4,���It is rumored
that the ofli Mils of tht Canadian Pacific have uliri, t oontomplation a ro
arrangement ol the western antl P.aei-
He divisions ol the rotd. The vacancy
caused by thn resignation . ���������,-...:
Supt. Abbott is not  yet   I- - Tho
presence in Montreal of General Supt.
Whyte, o| tho western division, aad
Supt. Marpole, of the Pacit division,
has apparently started the st -.-. -
there is to be a rearrangem in nf lie
divisions. The change aml'-i di.icuss-
ion is said to be a l extens.or
Pacific division to s-nne point east of
Donald. It it tall- . of at a possibility
-that tbe paoiflo division might b. ��b-
torbtd altogether in the western divi**
ion and a portion of what now cotisti
tutes tht western division to he at*
Itched to tha eattern division, Mm
pole is talked of as the coiniug gener..i
Superintendent of tht P-oidc divisiou.
a a
.'        A Terrible Panic In Paris.
' Paris, May 4, ���Fire broke out at 4
p. in, in a crowded  charitable bazaar
i in the Rue Jean Ooujon, at which the
Duchess of Duxes and otlier well known
patronesses were present. Many people were burned to death. There was
��� terrible panic, during which large
numbers were injured.   Thirty bodies
. hare been recovered and thirty.live in-
J'ured art Iieing oared for by physicians
I any are reported missing.
The basaar in which fire broke ont
was a temporary structure of wood. A
terrible panic and crush followed the
alarm of fire. Then was a wild ruth
|or exitl tnd the wer.ker persona were
trampled an after being '.nocked down.
The nature of the bo- ring aud contents
caused the flames to spread with areat
rapidity. In a short time tbe bazaar
wat a moat of tiamea. The bodies of
thirty victims, mostly womtn, were
-recovered aud laid out ou tne eidewaik
.where tbt bo J its nmdt a ghastly
Special Royal Courte.le. Satendwl to
thtli.S. Ambassador.
London,- May 8.- Col. John Hay,
the newly Appointed IJiiited States ambassador to the court of St. James,
received An unusual distinction to-day
while presenting tht credeutinlt to
Q.ieeo Victoria at Windtor Castle.
During the morning a royal carriage
drove up to Col. Hay's residence with
A coachman and two footmen in the
royal tcarlet livery to convey Colonel
And Mrt. Hay to Paddiugtou station.
At the station tbey wero met by the
Marquis of Salisbury and the master
of the ceremonies, Colonel- the Hon.
Bit Wm, James Colville, wbo n--com-
puuied them lo Windsor. At the
Windtor railroad tintiuu Colonel aud
Mrt. Hay found a royal carriage in
waiting to convey them tfl, the cattle,
where luncheon wse served.
Colonel Hay lirst had an audience
wilh tbe Man-mi. oi tiaii.uiiry, aud
thah presented hit credentials lo Her
Majesty. Tht audience wat brief tnd
formal, but tbt Queen wit specially
gracious, and exchanged with tht ambassador mutual expression, of good
will aud amity between both u.lions.
Mrt, Hay wat tbtn received in au limes bv tht Q-.een, being prenented by
the Co'intcas of Ijrrom, tht lady in
waning. Aa tbe wile of All amoaaa-t-
dor, Mrs. Hay took preuede,.ce over
the Portuguese And Chinese ministers,
who alto pretentf-d their credent- '
upon thit occasion. Colons! and Ms.
JUy remained three boure At Wun. ior
settle, returning iu tht Windtor rail
road ttation in a royal ctrritge, and
wtrt me* at Paddington railroad by
royal carriagt, which conrlyed thi
M tbeir miitntA,
o miner nl   ot, under whioh
-.- -uiririg ;   ���miner's rights
., be over 18, bnt alto  bt
ish subject or else declare
ii so to become.     Thu vote
to .iv.tjndmeut wet on party
van   iriously crossed,    The
p Hon, Mr. Turner,  voted
tij-o, .so did Attorney-Glen
antl Mr. Semlin, ieudw of
.iin Oppositjo'p, while throe .ministers
pol,   Baker, and  Messrs. Mnrtiu and
Pco'ey, opposed it, at  did   ulso   ?>li-.
Cotton mid. Mr.   Sword,   two   ���'.'���   the
most prominent leaders of the Opposition.   .Mo-art, BAkaruid.Mariiu.bei-]
t.i-.-t   the   r-'iangt  would   ���.'.���-��� -ini-age
Unite; States enterprise,   whi '.   Und
done eo much to develop   the    i.i:;.r.;s.).t
Columliiu mining  oountry,   i-.r.   Mr.
Seinlir* In Id that tbe change oaglit  to
come, ami the sooner the bet: it-.     Mr.
Kellie,     ..eminent   raeml       :'-...    the
R.rvr' r..,ke district of West Kootonay.
supported tho  amendment,   i.ud   '���'���.-.
Hume, oppoaition member  for  South
ivootenay, opposed  it.     The  change
���    be popular   with  Canadian   and
r.r*h born residents of British  Col-
jiitibia, but the United  Statu  miners
v.-iil not relish this   adoption   of  the
Pacific i i-ovince of their own western
states policy of preferring tbt subject,
alive born or naturalized, tothealien,
v regards the obtaining of moat valu-
tibia ,,iivileget."
* *>
Will Stare la Starvation Pace.
Warning comet from Alaska that
io one who it not .quipped with a
year's provisions oan obtain employ-
������r.fc.-., ' Speaking of thie rule the
rilesta .'.' uing Itecord eaya:
li a ol.iIm owner emnloye a man
who comes without provisions ht
forces a division of his own toanty
stock tnd it cutting hit own throat
and insuring the doubling of his own
privations. The companies cannot
carry in euougb to supply those already there; an/ addition to tht
number to he provided for mutt bring
tttrvation to til.���Washington Mining Journal.
Plumber. Ntrl-t
Chictgo. May 3-About 1.000 plumbers went on ttrike' this morning, and
work on nearly every building in
course of construction is At a practioal
stand-Mill. Tht main point of difference it over the employment of helpers,
tht union " 'listing that not mora than
one helper lie employed in etch thop.
During the day a dozen maater plumbers, representing about a hundred
workmen, signed the agreement. If
an attempt it madt to hire non-union
mtn to fill tbt placea of the atrikera, a
general strike of til unlont affiliated
witb the building trades uuion may
Canada's Contribution.
Ottawa, May 2.-Mr. Courtney,
Hon. Treasurer uf Ihs.Csna.litin National Indian Famine "nnd, if jnst
about closing the fund, April lit: h
being the la-t day oh.which the subscription lists were to bt out. Stray
sums of small Amounts have heen earning in, however, from outsit!, places
during the past two weeks. , Canada's
contribution will ht in the neighborhood .of t.00,000, which it a very
creditable one.
Trouble tn quarantine.
There it much Kssatiafar.tlon felt
And expressed hy tir, R. M. S. Empress
of Chine's paatei-.ir.r-i. quarantined at
William Head oi account of smallpox.
Particular! ia iIns oo among the 140
saloon pas .'eii-iets,'some of whom are
high die-nii.-.ries the roost exalte 1 being H E. ('hang, tptaial Chinese Am-
luissaiior to t lit Court of St. James tn
repretent His August Majesty th.
Emperor   of   China  At   the  Queen'--
D amond Jubilee celebration.
Ambassador Chang, who it ot the
very highest rank in China, and is
travail ng with a big suitt, htt cabled
to his Emperor, na well as sending a
protest to the jtfarqi.it of Salisbury.
Tbe other passengers have tlto wired
thtir protest against submitting to the
quarantine regulatU.no, and to being
kept prisoners tor fourteen dtyt.
It would certainly teem tbtt eo important a quarantine etation At William
Head should afford tut h accommodation that unfortunatt passengers wonld
not feel as if they were being treated
no better then ctttie. If the ltte Government bad done their duty, tbingt
vould not bt tt they are At present At
William Head. No time thould bt
lott by tht pretent government to put
thlngt in such a thape that thote having to comply with the quarantine
regulation!, galling at tbt but, will
*>n assured tome measure of comfort
and pro��eot(pn'to their hulth.
lire re Packing Po-vn
London, May 4. - Th-:- dilllp-ilty of
saying what bat Actually oir.i.rred ttt
the seat.of wer continues. Uut the
I ;��� -imptlon from the known facts of
the-military situation ia that Edhem
!'.���;--.���',�� is merely feeling the Greek position at Pharsalos, preparatory to
delivering a general attack. Edhem
Va Ws repeated assaults on the wingt
oi tne Greek formation have probably
hat) the object of compelling Prince
Constantino to send them reinforcements and tbnt weaken hit ventre at
Pharsalos. We may toon, therefore,
expect to htar that Edhem Pasha hat
ttruck htrd at tbia weakened point.
It looka at though Greece wat giving up the game in Crete, end the recall of Col. Vat-os ctn only he regarded at making for peace and is apparently the first ttep in that direction.
Greece, mty thut regain the frienthip
of tht powers, whioh have always
stipulated thit amende before using
thtir good offices ti Constsntinople.
The appointment of a nominal successor to Col. Vattot it undoubtedly
only t blind to allay popular protests.
Held Up On The Street
By Cramps, Giddiness and Weakness Re*
suiting From Dyspepsia.
Paine's Celery  Compound Delivers Mr. Rom  Fron Every
Boat PHasenan-r Llai.
B. A Welbon, G, D. Richardson, wife
and family,"W. M. Stewart and wile,
G. W,   Dtwson,
aa-jUP*- TO FORT tTBBI.i-..
E.   Morehtad,   W.   RicbsrJr      "Vm.
JJobler, B. G. Shier, G. B. Leslie,*, J.
Fraser, Mrt. O'Connor, L. McNeil, P.
MoCtnn, C. McKinuon.
B. A. Welbon.
A. Shadwick T. E. Linden.
Annual General Meeting of Ih* Alberta * Kootenay  Development Go
The annual meeting of the shareholders of the Alberta A Kootenay
Development Co. wat held in Golden
on the (it).. The number of directors
wat incensed Irom 6 to 11 and the
following gentlemen were elected di-
������'���etors for next yetr l'
W. C. Wella, Palliaer; Dr. Ii. G.
Brett, Banff; 6. Erickson, Field; G.
8. McCarter, Golden; Dr. N. J. Lindsay, Fort 8tee|.. | Thos. McNaught,
Fort Steele; W. Colpmau, Slocan
City; J. F. Betts. speaker of the N.
W. Assembley, Prince Albert; J.
Cardell, Canmore; Dr. W. B. Lindsay
Strathroy, Ont.; W, G. Neilson,
The company's manager, Mr. Dainurd, reported having secured tome
cl'.ims on Perry Creek, on whioh work
will be commented this month. Tbe
M-i-perties carry large veins of fret-
tilling gold ort and art among tht
most promising claims in tht Fort
S;.-de country. With a directorate
, .inposed of th. ahme named Htnlje*
.nen the shareholders may M attured
i hat the oomiiany-R i||(a|*Mt| Will be
��e|| looked llfwr,   .
������.   ,
All Wool Bicycle Suits :
of 5-tortjr's mske, Wstenroefed
bv the Rigby Proetu, cab be par*
chased *m chssplT ss unptWtd
goods of ta interior Bwke. Tbs
wty you will knew thst yourdttltr
gives you Shorey't moke of Utadv-
mtdt Clothing it te look la lis
pocktttindtM tktt yee find t end
ruaranltring ths Mods to bs
shrunk tad tht wornwa-Up aet
M. Utomtt It CO.. at Missiwl. i
ThtttoryBf Mr. Wm. V. Rost, of
Montrttl.it tht experience of tbouttndt
of men and womep who are living a
mi s.r able life owing to the agonies of
Mr. Rose's experience with tufftring
wns a long one ��� From bit ytuth in-
digestion and slomtcb troubles tubjto*
tad him to daily tortures, tbd continued up ro his sixty-fourth yttr, Always
ini'1-e.iking in inieneity and danger.
After a lifetime of failures with
medioines tnd doetort, a ' friend who
hid used Paint's Celtry Compound
with great tucoets induced Mr. Rot*
to glvt it a trial. The medicine wat
used, and now Mr. Rote joyfully bottti
of health and a new leant of lift.
Mr. Bote, with a vitw of benefitting
til dytpeptic tufferert, writes at
11 For s Ions; tins I was a great sufferer from dptptptit, Aad was often
compelled to ttop oa tht street until I
could reoover from crtmpt, pains sn
tttaokt of giddinssi thst wers brought
00 by ths terrible dlstsss. I hsd littl*
strength, oould not tlttp much, sad
wti to run down thtt 1 thought I
would ntvtr gti bstttr,
" I uttd tunny kindt of medicine, but
thay did me very little good.    At latt
1 wai recommended to uu Ptint't Celery Compound. I tried a bottlt, and
it did me mora goad than anything 1
had taken before. I have uttd four
bottles and bave completely baniehed
the distressing pains in my stomach
and I feel well. '
" After having had dyspepsia for Almost a lifttimt, I think ths eua is a
wondtrful ont."
When yon come to Golden stop at
The   Kootenay   House,
D1NW0. �����,'
-., -iltOOM.
:   RATESi    '
�����.�� PBR PAT.
S.    A l]LER,    Proprietor.
Headquarters for Commercial men.        ,
Two Cummofli.ms Sample Rooms.  .
Baggage transfen-ed fi-ce.
HotandCokl iatlis.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Ci err*.
Rates %l.0$$i}p$my.
B! Columbia House
Home Comforts,       . ..     .  ��� '    ..
Modern Conveniences. . . .
Ve t Cuisine in the West.   . . .
('lufTiiiidioiis Sample Rooms. .
Hi-at!i|i-ni-ti.ra for Mining Sbn.      . .
iifsi I'iass JJraudsof Liquors and Cifan.
Cflm. |VTGf.eish, - Pfop.


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