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The Golden Era Apr 8, 1898

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Tbe Oolden Era
Is tbe most widely circulated and
beet advertising medium in East
Kootenay. This is the paper that
is read by the miners, tbe ranchers,
tbe railroaders" and lumbermen.
Subscription, $2 00 per Annum
In Advance	
Map of Golden
Mining Division
%  It} V. C. I.MS.C ���
i     On receipt of II copies ef tklsvslaabl.
3  map will be mailed by
i"he Golden Ere Catnaany IM. I .by.
Uuldou, O
.J i.JJM-J!l!i	
92 1'er Year
VOL VII.   NO. 86.
Is Now Completed.
Surplus Goods in many lines
will be cleared at Cost Prices.
Snaps and Bargains to be
had in all directions for
..... Ready Cash.
General 0 merchant,
. . Agent For . .
Phoenix o! London and other Fire insurance Cos
The Confelation Life Associ .tion, Tcronlc.
Ihe Reliance Loan & Savings Co., of Ontaric.
anadian Railway Accident Insurance Company.
. ..the Columbia House.
A Strletly First Class Hotel in Ever) Respect.
Equipped with sll Modern Convenience*.
Best Brands of Liquors and Clears.
Tbe Table is Second to None.
Headquarters lor Mining and Commercial Men.
Golden, B. C.
Wm. McNeish, Prop.
the .
���     a    e    e     ���    t>    ��
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigftrs.
Rates $.'.00 Per Day. ���:.::o::::���
Kootenay House,
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men.
Baggage Transferred Free.
Jftt and Cold Baths.
Ullock & Barry.
Illst Proprietor*.
Jjussell House ...
Goldtn, B. C^M.
Skelton & Healy, Proprietors.
a Headquarters for Miners, _
| Prospectors and Lumbermen,
m��tM, ��1.0�� Tn D*y.
Wo*** *re+ lodging. #5 Per Wneb.
First Class Bar.
miners' association.
Tbe monthly meeting of the Miners'
Association was held at the Columbia
House on Tuesday night when the following were present:-Hon. F. W.
Ayliner (President), Messrs. M. Dainard, Lone. Henderson, Hatch. Munsou,
Noble, McNeish, W. Dainard, Conner,
Mercier, Cartwright, Macaulay, Warren. Haggen, and Capt. Bacon.
On ihe question of the adoption of
the minutes coming up for consideration, A. Macaulay said that at last
neeiiiig a resolution was adopted in
egard to re-sinking which should not
have, been introduced without notice.
It was understood that nothing of thnt
kind wee to be brought up without
notice, end the business ot which notice had been given for last meeting
was assessment work.
H. 0. Lowe contended the resolution
was against the interests of the real
prospector and in the interest of the
hotel prospector, as tho former wonld
he put to $10 or 115 expense to come in
to find the Gold Commissioner to get a
permit, whereas ths man about town
could look out for a claim falling in,
get a permit and beat the other man
out of it. He moved tbat the question
be reopened.
Seconded by Mr.McNeish and carried.
M. Dainard said this did not affect
former locations but only those in
The president said it was the same
idea that he had always advocated. Aa
a matter of justice to the Oold Coin
missioner, li.ivvovor, lie would oppose
hese things being left to the discretion
jf that officer, who would be sure to lie
charged with favoritism. Hecoutend
���d that anv such provisions should be
einbodiei in the law itself. He warned the Association against passim;
resolutions that were nut likely to be
in ihe interest of the mining industry
and said that the less they tampered
with the Mineral Act the bettor
(Hear, bear,). It they confined them-
selves to the amendment! of real grievances they would be lisuncd iu.
As it was too late to get the Ian
amended this session it was uiiderstom
that the mailer be dropped for tie
Letters were read from the Minister
of Mines acknowledging resolutions ol
las' meot'nganl from members appointing proxies.
Ob the motion ol Mr. McNeish, sec
onded by Mr. Lowe, the President and
Secretary, and Mr. Mercier were ap
pointed a committee to report on the
in""'Hmrnt nf the bv laws.
The PrssidJnt complained that he
wua represented in the minutes of last
meeting ns advocating the doing awav
of assessment work and the substitti
tion of a tax instead. What he sug
���ested was the doing away with tin
compulsory assessment conditions aa
it present existing, and there wa>
roiliing about a tax io hia paper which
he produced.
The Secretary defended the accuracy
of the minutes, quoting from Mr.
Aylmcr's paper and said that in the
supplementary remarks to his paper
Mr. Ayliner had auggested that a sum
might be payable by way of tax in
lieu   of assessment work.
The President considered that the
discussion on hia paper might stand
over till another occasion as there was
mother meeting to be held there thai
Mr. Lowe objected to the business i
the Miners' Association being ruahe.
through for other meetings, as liai.
been the case of late. He thought tlie.v
should take plenty of time tj .u ihiir
Messrs. M. D.inard, Mercier and
Haggen were appointed a committee
io wait on Mr. Griffith, snd urge the
following works: road to Carbonate
Landing; ferry over Blueberry rivei
at Hambley'a; trail to head nf Mine
water; and bridge at hand of Bugaboo;
continuation of Otlertail,trail to give
T. Heliseu access to his property.
Some strong remarks were mud.
about the Minister if Mines bavin.-
omitted mentbn of North East Kootenay in the annual report of the department, and it was resolved on the motion of H. G. Lowe, seconded hy M.
Dainard, that this Association deplores
tha foot that North Kast Kootenay has
been ignored by the Minister of Mines
in his annual roport for tiie iiqrrem
year. ���
On the motion of Mr. Lowe, sseond-
ed by Mr.*Cartwrigbt, it was resolved
that the secretary discontinue Iiu
practice of sending notices to member.-.
unless in tbe case of special business.
On the motion of Mr- Lowe, second-
ed by Mr. Macaulay, it was resolved
that as then- art indications of a late
season tho Minister of Mines he re
liies'ed to give iwo months extension
for assessment work.
On tbe motkn nf M. Dainard.
seconded by W. MrNeisb, it was resolve I that the Association endorse tie
proposal for a duty on lead so ss it
encourage itsi being smelted In Canada-
The other d,ay iit thi [egl^atlve assembly, Mr. Ceil ton's res lutiun "That
in i he opinion of this house, laborers in
inlnef,should n9t,'as such, ho required
to take out free miners' licenses." was
defeated upon a atrict party division.
Messrs. Keilleand Hipgins voting with
the opposition in favor of the resolution.
in other words, the government o
British Columbia says to the operative
miners of the Province that a China-
nan mar work in the coil mines ol
the Wellington snd Union colleries.
free and unmolested by the tax collector, but when an unfortunate white
miner wants to wheel a barrow load
of rock from a mine tunnel, or uncover
��� rein with hie shovel, he must walk
up to the recorder's counter and pay
an annual fee of In for ihe privilege
but the Wellington and Union colleries
are owned hy the Dnusmuirs, and that
makes all the difference in the world -
with this incapable Go uruiutfut of
ours.���Kaslo Kootenain.
Mr. W. C. Howard, manager of ihe
Alberta and 1.'. C. Mining Institute at
Calgary, has procured a tirst-clnss
plant and chemical appliances iu read
ineaa for the season's operations. He
i. sl.o ni ranging to build complete assaying offices. When at Calgary the
olner day our representative p.id a
visit to Mr. Howard's laboratory and
was much interested in the complete
outtit which has lieen imported for the
fitting up of the Institute. Special care
will be paid to the sampling of sped
mens sent in for assay, so tbat the re
suit, may be depended upon aa being a
reliable average of the specimens. For
this purpose an ingenious centrifugal
sampler has bee.i provided and this
uives six samples of a specimen, two
of which will be used for assay and
check, two returned to the sender for
future reference, and two retained in
ihe Institute as a similar safeguard.
dr. Howard has the highest quulihV
'ions for conduct inn a business of tltii.
kind, holding English degiess i,i
chemical science, and having hlsu
studied in Germany, where he had the
advantage of a thorough Uborstorv
.ionise. E. A- Haggen is agent for til.
Institute for North East .vluoleimv au.
wil) receive and forward samples en-
trusted to I im. Information as to fees
will be furnished by Ur. Haggen on
The representative of the English
Syndicate which has arranged the pur
cbsse of the Robert E. Burns claim has
ioueto London to arrange fur the
ueceiaary capital to work the propel ty
and enlarge the mill.
Tbe Directors of the Bald Mountain
Mining Company were to have held a
mnetini: this week to considsr what
steps they will take during the coming
season. They have had a proposal to
purchase from an American Syndics'e.
md they will eilher dispose of tbe
|.ro|wrty or go on with work them
.elves with a view to doing further
development and putting in machinery.
River dredging for gold seems to l>.
at last a success in B. C. It seem.*
.o have fallen to the Heatty Gold
.hedging and Mining Company to
nuke a success of this plan of securing
the gold from the bottom of the river-
Die dredgo manufactured by the
dears Ke.iiiv ft Sous, Wetland, Ont.,
began actual work on August 30th lasi,
i.ul, during September, 11,500 worth
if gold was lifted from the river. In Oc
ober the out put jumped to aboui
I3.0C0 and now the dredge is picking
up the precious metal at the tate of
J1..U per day ! a clear net profit of
something over ItCOadayl A gold
.rick, weighing 204 ounces has been
<ent to th" mint, and this should pan
out some 13,670.
Oolit.a  School.
Rll-oar l-'OK   AI'HtL.
.Senior Fifth Class-1st, Annie
Kenny; 2nd, Laura Kennv; 3rd, Gladys
Houston. Junior Fifth Class-It,
Walter Houston ; 2nd, Gertie Field ;
iril, Ralph Kenny, Fourth Class
1st, Minnie Woodley; 2nd, Malie An
leison ; 3rd, Mary Connor. Senior
Third Class���1st, Maggie Archer; 2nd,
Willie Hoi.iton ; 3rd. Ms Bookhout.
Junior Third Class - l��t, Ben Hanna ;
2nd, George Love; Bid, Lottto Wood-
:ey. Second Class - 1st, Minnie Suih
���ruitd ; ilmi, Adelaide Lavequo; 3rd,
,1 ik Parsons. 11. Primer Class -
1st, Kova Nicholson ; 2nd, Percy Lake;
;l..l, P....V Hanna. I. Primer Class���
1st. Tommy Conner.     Promoted dtir-
,g Alar, h : From Second to Junior
r.iir.l. Beii Hanna; from I. Primer to
II. Primer, Hoy Hanna, Kova Nicholson, Oweua Starforth, Allan Hanna,
Lawrence D.ilcuat.
Average attendance 3*.
Mr Uunne, of Donald, hae been
entrusts.! with 'he ,ainling ofilm
scenery for ihe perfortnani-*)of Iidanilie
hy the Calgary Operatic Society. The
principal scene will be that ol Windsor
by Moonlight.
Tho Calgray Herald complains about
tlieUuininion Government reducing the
-.old.*- Customs R.tarne.
Thn following are the returns of
Ititiea paid toC H. Parson, customs
officer, at the Port of Golden since
January 1st of last year to 31st Jvl-.roh
Qisrler ending March'SI. '97,11929 47
June   30   "     2021.4*1
'��� Sept.   30   "     8183.K4
Dec.    91   "     1217.42
'��� March 81   '98   385141
Total 112,197.511
Quarter ending June 30, 'M. 1)414 57
i- Sep    30   "     87.12.73
" Dee.   31    ���'     1612.27
" Mch   31   '98   2899 30
Total .W.W.87
C. Cartwilghl intends improving
the accomomdation of McMtudo House
this season by an addition of 2|i feet
A hall has been sent for and the ,���,. Uu������lll0ii tiovarumeni reeucingm.
G.ldeu Football tlub wil eminence |nler(KJt ���������.,.,, bv ,h, p ��� 8,viMl.,
practice a. soon as a suitable piece of:IUuk ,��� j.-.. ,������������,. We regret �����
ground is put in shape. Iseothat   our   esteemed contemporary
The Government will place a boat at I knows so li'ile of economics as to
the salmon beds, near Windermere for jlicvail a fact thai ell money author!-
the convenience of people crossing to ties consider to have first place in the
and from Toby creek welfare   oi a nation, low interest and
P������.. .,      ,.  ,     ,    .     . cbeup iiiOliev.
. White was the highest   tenderer:        '
for the town lot ownel by J.   Gibson,    A peinioii from Slocan enters a protest
"iid offered  for sale under mortgage,  against the granting nl   private  bills
The price was IXOs The ranch vva�� not , Kiviiig tbe monopoly or all s'reams and
sold. j creeks   in   East   nud   West Kootenay
I.   n       *��    ��� .     t,    ��� ,      together with the right  of oxproprla*
Mr. Rov.  Dominion Engineer,  has;,.       ,    ,    .,  M^tmUt        To'hatld
sent Angus McDonald   to  Golden   to      " ,���,������,,, ���,' rights above
t��kech.rge!oaii��d.��lge, and to ye  it ,   ' d ,,, 0 ,��    .     .,.,
caulked and in readn.es for i be coining m] o{  ���       Iv),      of' {    >fM
seasons operations. I        m> a|)(,   ^   r���P davelo*���wnt
As showing the volume of labor cm- of their properties, bur also invest the
ploye i by th.' Columbia River Lumber owners of the charters will a very
Co.du ing the winter,' he company have coniidern die portion of the values of all
paid out 17,000 iu wages to their camp  adjacent properties.
hands this month. I    ,. . .     .,.     ... .. .    .
It is, or should be,  the highest nun
Mr. H. E. Foster intends making of every merchant to please bis cos-
his ho,ne ut Ihe Gordon Ranch ,-t Itoinur*; and that the wide awake drug
Winder.cere, and with that view he is firm oi Meyers & Eshleman. Sterling,
having the homestead considerably en-  111., is doing St.. .a proven b.v   the   ful-
larged and improved
Inspector Bum*, of the Education
Department, will hoi.l an examination
at GjlJen school next week for the
high school qualifications, Tne candidates from Donald school will culm
to Golden fjr exam-nation.
G. Erickaon who is one of 'he ir(osi
efficient JtHcers o the C.P R. leturne I
last week fro.n Chicago, where he had
ben called owing io tin ii lusi 6! h s
sister, who d.el while lie was there.
Mr. Ericksou'a frieuds will symj.allii.u
with him in bis bereavement
Several now engines are on the wn.v
from the East for tbe proposed extend
ed run from Luggau tu Revelaioke
These engines will be used for the pass
enger trains ouly nnd are said to be
the finest an ' must powerful engines
that have yet been turned out of the
C. P R shops.
Col. Baker s'aies arrangements had
been made bv the Government fur th
building of 400 miles uf railway Irom
Vancouver to B .uiidnry Creel; .He
claims to ha<e a guaraiileo frum a
railway cmupuny to build it ami 'infers
that a bonus of ;4,IJOO u mile will be
Iu reply to thedepntaiiou lhat wait
ed on him re necessary works in the
district Mr. Griffith said Im would at
tend to the Carbonate road as soon as
possible. He had arranged wilh 0.
Haines about the Bltiewater trail, With
regard to the Blaeberry he augges e i
asking theC. P. R. to be allowed io
plank the bridire so that it could be
used for crossing horses.
Mr. Morrison, who has been s'arioii
ed at the C. P. R. office at Gulden, fut
the past six months, hasbeeu promoted
to the position of station and express
agent at Palliser, We congratulate
Mr. Morrison on his appointment
During his siav in Gulden he proved
himself an efficient and obliging officer,
who waa a favorite with the public
and a credit to the C. P. Ii. service.
The teamesiing and entertainment
held in the Methodist Church last
night wa< a gmt si.vtsMS The programme was lengthy, consisting of
duetts, recitations, read.tins, dialogues,
etc. Sj-eeinl mention should be made
uf ilie masterly way iu which Masters
Bert and Allan Hanna gave tha dialogue " A Manly Mail". and the liar
monies rendered by Bookhout Bros
The net proceeds were I4J.0O.
The alterations of tho C. P. R arrangements on this portion of the
line contemplate that the passenger
engines will run dlr-ct from Revelstoke
to Laggnn.    With   such  a henv
I'.win ��, from Mr. Esble
l'i >Guns' exnerieiici in th:-
iiesS I have ue er aeen ur i
a ui.'.i ci.,e ihe! gave tie p
lion   >  Chaiiilwrliiln'a   Oi
ng   btiai
I ur triid
.)ld bv nil
,   Whole.
Yi. neon-
dm :
The folio'-ving are tiie v^'itital reus
paid last rear in the D.atr I Beaver
W. G. Nrtilson P10 lo Wiviiip; n'i'l
dellvei'iinr mail; Dunal' W. Pat-
more, II >0 for n-c'dvi . deliver.,',
|?27.H5, commission �� ""Riiy orders;
>. t*. ?!t.:i..; saiar.' , rent allow-
.'...-$s.; Golden.*<rj W.irr.n. rn-
ceiviuu end dellvi^*.'?lJO; roimiiission
���ii money or.lers*Vi 1)4 ; salary 3.00 ;
rem allovHiice S7.">;   Palliser.   F.   M.
M.fli.i.rst ��;(j
: I'iid 0   W ������;. if. ra
icivin^ him iii
in. i*v flUU;i'iMiuiii8ic��
.���n monev or.'i
:h -vii*.iM,  S. .I.   *s :;4;
itinry   9I8U;
Uohimliiit   VjJItn.   I��.
3.*i��ttU*ll *;* ���
> iitnnllis,; (Ittiileti to St.
i2i.cn*. h\ P
Anil-" V,.::-    ft|,0C(l;     A.
i) \W SI'iO
i a-ttit'rti-To
' '-fit   :..    ��� dc    .ner.f.-i    iff
Cm-tfli R' li'eilv ����-   vi.u
of fi|f�� mn.-ii vi
hhtiiii. im I -:.Ti:-if.t..   (irn-
imrafioiis   ot
h- m rket.   It liroke hii
exceeliuglyd.iiiger.iuH'ioi gb iii^-iboins.
and in gratitude.therefor, I d sire io
inform juu thai (will ne'er be with-
out it, nnd vou slioid f.*-l proud uf
the lii.il esteem hi which your Ren.e-
diea arc held by the peupfe ni general.
It ia the one rented, niiion-^ ten thousand Success tu it.������ O. R Downet,
Editor D.-mocrat. Albion, Ind. For
sale bv all druggist. Langley t Co ,
Wholesale Agents, Victoria and Van-
eon ver. 34 ial
The Go'deii R nk Co. met at the
Columbia House on Tuesday night
when thine w-re present: Hon. F. W
Ayliner, Messrs. Dainard. Ullock. Wnr-
ren. Henderson, Huiilies, Houston,
Neilson. Rae, Hot-ertsoit, aud Cupt.
Bacon. .Mr. Warren was voted to ths
chair. The b.iii.ling committee. Hon.
F. W. A. liner and Messrs. Henderson
and Neilson submitted alternative designs fur a skating and curling rink.
It wna decided to sdopi the plan showing a rink 170 feet in length by NO feet
wide. Ital;' of which should I* devoted
to curling an.I half to skating. The
cost waa estimated at I3.C00, and ihe
company will have a nominal capital
of l.'i.t.Oil in lit) nhnrcK. The mutter
of she was ordered to stand over for
auot er meeting.
(To the Editor ol Tun Goi.UEX Etta:)
D-ar Sir:���Allow me  through   yo-jr
columns tu thank lite members of the
moii uf road to 0|��vrate it seems lo ����� , l-adies If ispiial Guil I fur t he generous
that this is a cruel tax on the engine-j''0'"'''1"'"0'1 Khl,h- -""OUgli Ibe.ir
drivers, who.e work on  the iir��Wj|it ������*����,l��,*-��-. Mm. Clailc. has  lawn  iuiid��._
'totheC'athul.c Church.
U. A. TltAfKR,
Donald. l)0th Match. 1K!W.
livisioua is a severe strain, the
alertness required on such a danuerons
part of the road requiring tbo men iu
be in the best of freshness and vigor.
The proposed change must result hi ox*
cuasive strain on the drivers, who are
prettv certain to oppose these arrangements,
S-iliHi'rita) io the Gui.iikx Eha and
help t-j a.iieiirr the interests ol the
district,    Bend   $-'   (or   a year's sub-
For the next week while taking" stock will sell
Hats,   Caps,  Shirts,  Dry Goods, Cloth ing,
Hardware, Fancy Goods.
Got your larttnins with cash pnrehases.
. . C. A. WARREN . . THE GULDKiN   UU,  i-UH/AV,   APRIL 8.   1888.
- golden -
To Arrive
This Week
1 car Coal Oil "Best
1 car General Groceries.
1 cur Builder's Hardware, Paints, Oils
and Glass.
1 car Mattrasses, Pillows, Cotts, Etc.
1 car Furniture, Iron
Beds, Etc.
i,re coining to band every day.
Wo are showing bargains never
heard oi before in Golden in Iho
following:    Blouses and Dress Silks
Starting ixtfiba per yard- Grey and
White Cot!  .is, Prints, Muslins. Dress
Fabrics an-    'i immense slock of
lleiiornl Dif   Soils.
\\\ wJ	
4.000 rolls Now Wall Papers just
arrived, in beautiful designs
bargains in Hoots njrd Shoes.
Bargains in Crockery und Glasrwaro.
Bargains in Carpets and Curtains,
ill fact
Bargains in Every Department.
Plenty of fre.ii new laid Egga at
Bnc per dozen.
Is coinK tu bo our Banner Year.    Wo
nro wide-open for business, ami
making now customers every clay.
Geo. B. McDermot,
-Ucn-oriil Merchant.
The British Columbia Review,
Mining Journal and Coromprrisl
neconl.    Published in London.
BulMcription, $2.50 per annum.   Subacrlp
iluns and idvorttseroents received by
E. A. HAGtJEN, Golden,
Agent for East Kootunay.
Wanted: Farmer*, or other Indualrioux
persona ot' fair udtieation io whom WO a month
tvo.ild bean inducement 1 could also otigfttce
H few ladieH ut thoir own homes.
UCO Toronto,
AffCiitft: "Tho Remitifnl Lifo nf Mi��
WlDflrtl, by hor secretary find literary ox
HCtltor.  Amm A. Gordon;   tilt rod netton  by
l-jidyllenry riotiioraot; Bella (<*��� everybody
Great aupp. \'n<.\ octus iifty ceiits. Hook*
on tini6.J   '���' " 8(K
Mradloy-G.nrroston Company, Lt'd, Toronto
tivo -KouUcinon or. fcidiiis Jo trflypj for
rosrKHwibiH, establisnWl house* in (Jritlili 'C'rf-
umnm. Monthly Swj.W mid expenses, Posi
lion steady. Itewrofico. Em-hue selfaddroa
Md stamped (mvelope. Tne Dominion Com
P��ny, Dopt. Y Chicago. SMaptt
to introduce" GHint-t.cs of the Unseen,'1 tht
ji'ost niRrv-jllnus boon tinea the. nhbllcAtiOll of
tho Bible. KflvcaJwl reliffiou demonstrated
Ku-fUfflBUral f��ctKoftJ*r*^'.iWnnf. lonp-er ir
doubt.   -l{fiv' Dr Aus m is tho Editor; Dr
adffllv. OTttfetoof" of Philt-*.v<hj\ VK'tqrl-.
-rnlv��n��lfy, ..igrrltel tho Introduction*. \Tb<
contributors fire ficholttrly fiiid devout meii.
anion'ftKvlilTW.c.lj-lfrp.:.   Dr.  "llyj-j...., Judfc'i
Groo. Rov. Qj w, Henderson, "*ov. wm
KBttleivell^ttH.'Cdyftk.M. ���� QWw
Kcarlcs., Evnttfjolist Oirassley nfid uuinr-y
others. Contains oxnerleneoa of W#n oy
Mark Twain, Dr. Buckley, W. T. Stead, and
a h tst ot similar men.. .Tliu veil, ttoparatlno
tbe spirit is drawn Uek tft��-.tl��U -ill nu\y"in
)oast havo n " /,'liiup.so." Pull bound canvass
ing book, 75cents; worth twice that. Ex
parlance iinueroiiaiy.. JSooks on time
Freight puid. Biffconitnwnpiis Sellousi��ht
To AtlvnrtUurg nud   suliscrl hepa.
Tho GOLDEN ERA .s nuMUlH every
Friday evouinjr. It is the bost udvertisiufr
medium in the K; nt Kootenay district
Subscription Kmon.  sa.oo per annum in
Alterations ami changes of stsnding ad ver-
tutenieut* iuusi lie in u e 1t. ..1- not later than
noon n�� Wednesday tn ensure insertion. Imt
casual advert sementswill lo received up till
noon on Friday,
Wliile till reasonable care will be taken,tho
proprietor]* will not bo feeponsiblt* for any
omission or error in any i.d\enuen.ciit.
All aououuts to lie paid tu tin- Mminfling
Director, or his authorized agent,from whom
the coiiipnny'a receipt will be obtained,
Advertising rates: Display ads., 81.50 per
column iui-li; Leg lads., 10 cents per lino
for first insertion, 0 cents for onch tuluitioiud
insertion) Ueadiug notices. 12 cents per lino
eaoh issue,
All business communications slumld bo ad
dressed to tho Waniigitig Director, and all
literary communication*-), letters for publication or news items should bo ad..rossod to tbe
Correspondence is invited on matte sj of
pul lie interest, but to secure publicaUqp
.. Ii letters im.st l��e brief. In tie case ot
aiiutiydrons letters the tlame and address of
tho writer must be oiudftsftl. not for publityi-
tion, but for tbo prlvitto Information Qftlio
editor ami tin a gtiar'anleoof good ftfltlt, Auv
letter received lator than Wednesday will
have to stand over ti.l tbo following issue.
The G'jl-jtn [ia Conpenv Limited Llabilil],
OpnoKtGolden, B.C.
Kite 05olbcu OHrt
{Edited  by E. A. Hauc.kn.)
FRIDAY,   APRIL  8,    1S98.
While wo should be glad to soo n
railway put in band from Golden to
the Yukon In tlio north, and from Golden to tho International Boundary in
the south, believing as wo do that it is
tbo best route that baa yet benti -suggested, we must protest against t he
bill iu the form in which it is before
tbo D. C. Parliament, and wo think
mass meetings should be convened in
both Goldon and Donald to make em -
phatie protest. Wc have just seen th"
bill for the first time, and the pro-
pjsal-i are anything but businesslike
so far as tbo Province is concerned.
Wo havo workod hard to draw atteii-
ention to th.e advuntages of the Got.-
DHX EltA Air Line as tlie best and
shortest of All-Canadian routes to the
Yukon on the north, and its extension,
to connect with 'th--Great North'rn
ou tbo south would bo an effect tin I
check o:i the monopoly iinil overcharges
of the C. P. R. But whilo wo favor
these routes for railways we slniil
most emphatically oppose to tlie utmost extent in onr pe-wtnV any attempt
to monopolise tlio country in -lie way
proposed by the bill unless tbe public
interests aie efficiently' safe guarded
both by requirement of a deposit for
tho due fulfilment of the scheme proposed in tho charter, and hy limiting
the rime within which the roads hilts'
bo built to say three or four years ut
tbo outside. When this charier was
fii'gt proposed wo wrote to the applicants and stated we wished to know
whether they bona fide intended to go
on with tht scheme, We stated that
if so we should assist k!1 we could,
but if tho charter was sought for
merely speculative purposes we should
opposo it. We were assured that the
'leees-mry capital was forthcoming,
and that the work would be gone ou
With. On tbat assurance we have
supported      the        proposal. In
tbe f-.ce of that assurance,
hen, why should the applicants have
my objection to being bound down by
teposit and to reasonable time for the
.ompletion of the work. Their opposition to such provisions looks very like
.l bogus affair ; and we object, and tho
people of tho district will object to
heir public estate being locked up for
-erhaps years from al! enterprise,
dtnply that three gentlemen should
havo a monopoly on the railway enter-
prices of tho district to makn what
:hey can out of them hy cinching other
people who may bo prepared to take
tho matter up iu a spirit of integrity,
md with a view to the work being
carried out, Wo would rather sec tbo
charter rejected altogether than that
ibis should happen, and. wo believe
that in this matter we voice . the wi-
inimous sentiment of the district.
The amendements to the bill as pro*
��� losed by Mr. Sword, on behalf of tho
opposition, are eminently   reasonable.
Hera they are: ���
Nevertheless, failure to complete
&tfy 'one or more of tho said
sections, or portions of any section.
within the time so limited for the
���om||tletio*p of tho same respectively,
shaU not prejudice tho rightu, powers
or privileges.of the Company, In ro-
-.poet of such .part or parts (if any)
>f the. sections us to which Mich
litiluro shall be tnado H�� shall, at thn
ex,,tration of such limited time, be
made nnd completed. ,
"Tho Company shall, witli in six
nonihs after the passage of this Act,
'leposi; with thn Provincial Government/the sum of if*,000. either in cash
or approved bonus, as security that
tbe company will expend not less than
$10,000 in surveys or construction of
the railway hereby authorised to be
built, before tbe 30tb June, 181W, and
in default of such expenditure the
aforessid sum of $5,000 shall be forfeited to aud become the property of
the Government, as liquidated and
ascertained damages, and not as a
penalty ; and should such security not
be depo-ited with the Government
wit hid the aforesaid time, all the
rights and privileges conferred by
this. Act shall be null and void."
If the charter Is asked fur asalegeti
mate enterprise and not as a means of
swindling tho public by locking up
tho country and stealing the public
estate, then tbe promoters can find
no reason on earth for refusing the
amendments as propoesd, aud any ro
fusul ou their part ought to justify
Purliinetit in rejecting the charter
without any further hesitation.
Last session tiio Dominion Government promised that if iho people of the
Columbia Valley would wait until
this year a vote would bo placed on
the estimates for building a telegraph
lino from Golden to Port Steele. Tbe
estimates are now before us, but ihe
pVomised giant has not been made,
and wo have drawn the attention of
Mr, Bostock", M. P. to theomi.-sion, iii
the hopR that it may be rectilied.
Every young woman needs a Httlc
Uffht upon tin.- subject of health, TJicrej,
ii-i far too much new.
fashioned prudery,
among mothers. Every young woman J'AfS
should have ex- .-wSr ���'
plained to her the
supreme necessity nf keeping
herself pure
free from weal:- "\i
ness and disease ^"
in a womaldyway.
K-*r general health, her futurfc kaupiuess,
her K'"*'l looses, Her physical strength, her
Capability as a wife a:.d mother, and the
lietdth and strength of (rtnerations to come
are dependent upon this.
.vail'...', in I he world will destroy the
syio.l looks, \vUol;'Sor.icness, the amiability,
and thv a���"���.���?fulness of a woman quicker,
than <usord?vs'ofthedeUc'ftteahd important
organs that bear the burden** of maternity.
Dr. Pivrcf.'s K.vi.ii.e Prescription is the
'}��� ��� t of all iurdltfiut*;! fur women who are
ailiiiK in this way. It makes a woman
strong and healthy where a woman most
a.-'-..-, health and strength. It relieves
pun', siMthe-i i it flam tnn tion, heals ulcera-
ti-tii ar.d glycH rest and tone lo the tortured
nerves. It cure-; all the ills and pains too
[���(hniubmy eon-Mdsrt d .in uncomfortable in-
h-. rilifncc of wmi Hlkltid. It has been used
for over thirty ycara with an unbrokerf
record of - uevfesa. More of it hes bpen sold
th-m of all the other tueuicinea for women
coinhitifid. It la the discovery of Dr. It. V,
Pierce, for thirty year-, chief consulting
physician to th/liivjilidw' liotel and Surgical Institute, at I.uiTV.n, N. Y. He will
cheerfully antiw-er, without charge, all let-
ter:-- from ailing wonu-u.
" 'three vears ftzo." writes Mrs. J. N*. Messier,
of i��� VanHerbllt Avenue, Xew York. Pf. Y.. "the
best pliyslclaiis in this city said there was no
cum fprj��e-7unless I wouldgo to a hospital and
have an ojx.-ratf.m (-'.-i fi.rnn.-d. I could not walk
across the room. 1 took Dr. -Pierce's favorite
Prescription and after three bottles I could
work, walk and ride,"
Torpid liver and Constipation arc surely
and Rpecdily curid bv Dr. Pierce's Pleasant
Pellets. They never jripg. They regulate, ���
tone up (md invi^nriite the liver, stomach
and bowels No stibstlltite urged by mer-
ceinry dealers is as good.
-rUutes Suite u  Wurtlup������ Tlm  Maine
TurpOBuly IJlown up-Tri-nitlcat
Hopes foe n Suttl-inont.
Washington, March 31.���Anticipating that Chili wijl sell a mnu of-wur
io the TJuiied States, Coinmander F.
M. S.vmonds, commanding the gunboat Marietta, has been ordered to pro-
coed at once from Callao to Valparaiso,
where he will hoist tho American flag
on board the vessel.
Lieut.-Commander Marix, judge advocate of tiie board of inquiry into tho
Maine disaster, released from the oath
of secrecy iu relation to the blowing up
of the bat't'eshfp, had this to say.
���* We know the Maine was ' blown up
by a mine R8 surely as a ph.VMcinn
knows a man was poisoned when he
linds him suffering from the effects of
The president received a telegram
from Minister Woodford, Madrid, iu
which be had an extended conffience
with Premier Sagasta, His U,ensage
hns a very hopeful tone and grW?s tbo
President hope that the final settle-
in.Piit;pf the question at issue may be
determined at to-morrow's confurenco.
The main topic of discussion at tlm
meeting yesterday berweou Mr. Woodford aud Premier S'lgastn is known to
have been tho prompt ce*-sation of bos
i iii ties on the Island of (Julia, the re
lease of the reeoiiceutrados, with per
mission for thorn to return to their
homes and resume their occupations
without further molestation.
"Tr.airtr-.ce how war between tbe
United States 'ind ypuin can b.. avoided," said Sir Charles Diiko ;o the correspondent,
Extvtci from the Toronto Daily "GLOBE" of
August 7th, 1697.
A   ITonio   Treatment,   known   ns   tlio
DyRe <.Ofp, -toy whleh Kv*"<-y Victim of Intcuinporanuu  can be
P.rinauuutly oureil.
A Clerical  Gold  Miner.
Under the above bending the Mon
tr?ul S'ar says : ���" A clerical gold
seeker who oncp held hitili rank in the
Church of England i; the North* Went
Terrltoriesi and was until lately Rector
of DonaW and Golden, B, C, is now
working bis own placer'gold claims in
the Yukon with pick and shovel, some
what to the dismay of former clerical
confreres, who don't altogether relish
tht. complete change frem u religious to
a purely secular occupation.
The cleric in question is, the Ven
Archdeacon McKay, a man of stout
physique and about fifty years of age.
The Archdeacon describes the bard
ships of tho Yukon as really terrible,
hut means to hold on. as lie thinks ho
is prospecting good claims."
In.reference to the abovo we have to
say that these remarks regarding the
Ven. Archdeacon McKay are utterly
uncalled for. Tbe rev. gentleman is a
man in every sense of tbo word. He
works his claims during the week and
conducts religions services on Sundays,
ami he has just as much right to what
ho earns by the sweat of his brow in
the Yukon aa anybody else.
Cupid breaks his bow at the sight of
a face full of pimples. Hollow cheeks,
sunken eyes, and a sallow complexion
will defy his bent intentions. Beamy
is more than ���-kin deep The skin is
merely the surface on which is written
iu plain characters tbe condition of the
bodv. Dr. Pierce's Golden Aledical
Discovery is good for the complexion
because it makrs tbo whole hotly
healthy-becauHO ft created and purifies
thn blood, makes tho digestion strong
and clears oiit impurities of all kinds.
By inoieasing the ttbilitv- to assimilate*
nutritious food, and by the infusion of
its own ingredients it enriches tho
blood and so makes solid, healthy flesh.
It cures diseases of tbo lungs, liver,"
stomach, bowels, ijkfn and ;e-i|p, simply because nil tiieso diseases spring
from the same c'lt&fle���n*disordered digestion'And'consequent impure blood.
650 00   FOB   BICLEASE.
Rheumatism's Rutldeas Hands Clutchod Him
For Five Years���Two llottbs pf-South
American Rhmunatie Curo
Gave Hi.u His Liberty.
Williams McAteor, Fm'i'ner, Croonio'rft I'.
O , writes; " For years 1 havo Icon a stifleY-
er from acute rlirmuuuisin. At times I have
been completely l.dd nn witb.it could not
put on lay clothing without i.Hsislaiiee. Ho-
tore Thau completed tlio .--ec-ml bottle of
Smith Amerie.Mi liho-umatie Cure 1 w.tsu
well man. If those two botllcit had cost mo
950.00 J would have const;ierod it cheap nioab
Sold byC. A. War; en. * flUS
Tho Month of April a Coloring
and r.Q-creating Time.
| Diamond pyca Miiho Old Things I.ool.
Ah Well Am New.
This is the gieut sprin<; month fir
using Diamond Dyes. Old faded auc:
dingy looking dresses', costumes, skir.s,
blouses, jackets, capes, shawls, mi i
suits for men and boys aro usuall..
looked over with a view of tilting them
I'ov another season's wear. j
The dyeing operation is an iiuportani
one and demands care. The great
point is to get thu right d-,es���colors
that are pure, blight and wnrtuuteu
fast to washing aud sunlight.
The Diamond Dyes- the only guaranteed dyes iu the world possess ail
the important virtues' for *t lie prod no- '���
tion of perfect colors/ The popular and
tested Diamond Dyes have such an [mi [
in on so demand all o.-er tho world hit
unscrupulous dealers, for the sake u|
large profits, pell vf!c iiuiiations, I-
you would havo your garments and
goods colored richly and permanenily,
avoid all such imitations. ..   ���;/
Refuse all dyes that 'your denier tolls
yon are just as good as tbo l,Di.tn.ond."
Write fur book of directions aud
color card sent free to any address by
Wells & Richardson Co,, 'Montreal.
P. Q. UlTp
All crave or desire for stimulants is
removed in from three io five days, nnd
iu four weeks un'ieiits are restored llv
their natural condition. I. consists of
a vegetable liquii taken as. a' Ionic.
No' publicity,, uu bad after-oftecls. MtlrU
no loss of time from business duties.
To bring the cure within the roach of
all, the fee has been reduced to $��.').
For further information write or
consult D*. McTt-ffgir-t, Londpu, Oiit.
or manager Golden Eua.
References as to Dr. McTaggart's
professional standing aud personal integrity permitted by
Sir W. R. Meredith, Chiuf Justice of
Ontario, Toronto;
Hou. G. W. Ross, Minister of Edu
cation Toronto;    .,
G. W. Yarkt-r, Banker aud.Pinauciai
Agent, Toronto;
It. .1. Fleming, ��x-Mayor of Tpionto
City, Toronto;
H. S. Srany, General Manager
Trader's Bank, Toronto;
S. Nordheiiner, German Consul,
Toronto. ���   ���
The following from Aid Spohee, Sec-
rotary of the Dominion Alliance, is one
of many such testimonials in his possession :
Toronto, July.12, 1897,
A. McTaggart. Sq.. M. IX
Dear Sir, ��� In reply io your enqujry
regarding my knowledge of tho Dyke
emu for luteniperan.ee, I hmo to say
that it was brought under my notice
about a year ngn, and I snotualli, interest c*d myself in a nuinbm* of cases thai
wue treated by it. In .aouio of them
the results were romarkable..��� several
parties who Were confirmed inebriates
In coming entirely changed and remaining till tho pRsenj time sober and use
ful citizens. 'Several otiur parties
treated at the same tiino I hav'e lost
S'ghr of. Imt do not personally know
of a ease out of bull a dossen in which
the treatment watt cot successful.
With host wishes. I remain,
Yours, sincerely,
'153 P S. Spisnor
Symptom-*) A nil The fTroat Cure.
Koto the Ki&ns:���Inflammation, nfinrotPn-
1 iun of urine, scalding, sharp pains iu nas<-
ifig.'dragging pain ni tho bladder, ehilfs,
< old extremities; all those deunto bt.ildpr de-
n.iigeu.oni, catarrh oj the bladder, aud other
serious cninplicaliohs. If iiegloetod wfll re-
suit in stiibhorii Mil hey disoYder-J and pliyfllctd
wreck. Seuth American liiiluny i;i,ro will-
i.rrest tdl these syuiptoms, dis, ol ah the
(tr.usos, ele.-iiiK-i Mid k< ep the systflfn clean.
It's a kidney s.oclfic, a lite giver and a Ihe
Sold by C. A. Warren. ::08
(,rotr b nf Claims iu whb'h iiitere.-tt will bo
given lor tho dc.elot'Hipat ��f the i roporty.
l h,iiiiKiiii.ni be-u,ilu,s will iti.ud .extupiua-
tion.   Apply
Mining Agent,,
The Leading Specialists of America I
20 Years In Detroit.
Tboasnndj ef young and tnidi-lo-oced
mcuaro troubled wit li tins diBcasD���inauy
unconE'jiouKly. Ihcy Uiay have a Hmarfr-
ins scnEatlon, smnll. twistins Dtrcum,
sharp cut tin �� nainp at tiou-;, nligbt din-
char-je, difficulty in coiatncneiiuc, weak
orgenp, omissioni, and all tho symptona
of norvoua debility���they havo STH1C-
TUKK. Doa'tlctdoctoncsperimeuton
you, by catt.ua-, strotchtcff, or tearlna
you. 'A'hts v/ill not euro you, as H will re-
MKST absorbs tho etricturo tismo)
Itcaunevorreturn. No pain,bo suffor-
ing, no doteulioii fioin bus^u-aes by our
method. Thot'oxraloigmif'arostron'fth-
onci. Tho uurves aro iuvijjyrated, and
Hie bfin otw&nhood retaina.
-* Thmwands cf young and middle-ftuctl
men ava Uuvii-.i; their Boxtrnt v.yjor and
vitality eoctinuplly sapped by this'dis-
curio. They aro frerjiieiitly unconi-cioua
(���t ths caato of the-jo 3ympt1.ni"*. Utjneral
Weakness, Uirtiatur.T.1 I>i*?chargeE, Falling Manhood, Norvoiiraos*., Poor Memory, Irritability, at tiino- Bmarting Bou-
Kttion, Sunken Lyes, wilh dn-rk circlet*,
Weak Bank, General iJenrowlon, Lack
ot Autbitiou, Vnrlwcelo, Shrunken
Partu, oto.* TULEEP and BTRlCTURtl
may bo tho orv.ifo. Don't consult family
doctors, as they have no esperieiica in
theso- epocial-: .ife<pcea-:dont allow
Quacks to experimeiit on you. Consult
hjiecialist?, whebnvo made a life study of
. DiecapesofMenondWomon, OnrNBW
MWTHOD- TitliATMIiKT .wili Posi-L
I tlvoly euro you.; One thousand dollars I
Ut a cilio wo Rcca-ptifor troatraent and I
��� cannotciire. Torrasuwdsratofonoure. I
,   Wo trbst anil enrol -EMISSIONS, f
KS,KII��Vl:YsmlHIiAliIlI!RDi>'��lso,. .
I I'llEfi.    If nimble' w call, wrlto for I
1    for   'IIOMBll
Removed to
New Stoie     .'
South-East of
'; KicHiug Horse Bridge
.11 y .Hotto 1��
Good Quality,
Good Fitting- and
Good Workmanship.
Business Cards.
Notary Public, Golden, It, C.
��� A post card addressed to ni9    I -
at I lie post officii. Golden, will
receive prompt uuentioii.     ' 29te
Builder and Contractor,
-   -   -   -   Go'.dsn, B. O.
A Supply ot  Building  Lime   - ���
For Sale.
Plans prepared.    Prompt ot-
U'lition given 10 oiili'is. 28to
l'roviuci.-;! I,';nd Surveyor.
Suli-Apeut .Don.'luiou (.overnineiit,
Apcnt psjiniiiiou Townsite, (��oMeu,
Sj-ecitd attend .11 to Mi.ior..! CIrdins,
���>0I Ofa^AloMuddr block, (-oiden.
Barrister; Solicitor &
-'  -  -  Notary Public,
OIK'jo' at Upinr Columbia Nnvlu��t(on
,    I    Co. BuJUinu, Goliiun. B, O.
j Will I'll in Oolileii on   Moi.ilaj' pf pitch
f|.Clarence Horsey,
Assayor au;l Chemist,
j j Estalilisliod I870j r.BAiivii.i.i., Coi.ouauo
Si'.inpl.is b'y nii.il or express receive
i prompt Miontion.
I Specimen Assay Pricest-Uoll, silver mill
i lc.il, 3'; i.ii j: two ot' ilio i.bove, 'ioc; auv oue
: ot the iilnive, OOci copiwi- i.m.lysis, S:i bli.it-
| ii'int, nickel or I in, -so. Write for full price
t lisuuiil iimiiiuK unvelopos.
liolda.n Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL ia now open for the
.-admission of patients.'.'
TICKETS may be bad from the tinder-
signed or.' any'member of the
PRICE -Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
JIO EXTRAS except private words,
Kennedys KerganI
iCoi. tMg-.it HsntfSytyf St.
K&Ykmxm JKc&K K
He loyal to ydlft>'oMstrl(��l Kubserilie
to and advertise in tiie Gulden 'Era.
Subscribe to the Ooldbs Elljji art')
lielp to ndvnnco tbe interests1'dl tl.e
district. Sand S2 lor 'fi JeoHs subscription! .���:���
The Imperial life
Assuranca Company
Of Canada.   !..���' '.1
CAPITA!.. STOCK,   $1,000,000.
JSoCCCO.Dcpoiiiei'l with'ifc'iu'iBfifJl-*- ;;
Oovurniiient    for   Security,
0/   Polioy   Holders.,:
Prosiilent-^llon. Sir Oliver, Mows),
Vk'8-l're-iilont���Joseph W. Flavelle   Esn.
Mauat'lng Director���K. O. Cos.
E. A. Haoobs,
219 ��� ARent, Uolilcn, B. C.
Increase   Youp   Business   and   Make   Kloney   H&ndKag
....    ..     ��� .-ill*' -i *w*,*^��.j. _  V.-.   |>S    .,'fy*.        ._
Full Friaas.  Cerreet Selection,
Ropoa sad Tari Fornlslied Frto
1 nnimilIn!!- Ttot:i|ttnnrea.
Hides, Felt%m:pol;v
Tallow,   OinBeng.T^Seuuyu.1 ' ���, ���
'���  ��.'��> ;*':--��.*��""   '���-.'''  [J
Writofor fyiroulnreiyinp; Latest Market Prices.
-No Commission Charged.
Jas  McMillan & Co.   Inc.     Taafift^,,**i. ft
TBE GOt-UEiN  EltA,  FliilJAY,  AJ'iiJl
A girl aged 111 has been inarr icd at
$395,450 is the amount placed on the
estimates for police protection in the
Yukon during the ensuing year.
Captain John Irvine telegraphs to
the Colonist that the Stikine rivor is
all right and that people aro ���'oing up
in line shape.
The C. P. R. bridge over tbo Columbia rivet at Donald has been rebuilt, stone piers having been put iu
with superstructure of new timbers.
412,985 has been placed ou tlio Dominion 'estimates for the administration
of affairs connected with the Indians
of British Columbia during the present
Mr. C. W. Field has received advice
of the shipment his stock of drugs,
chemicals, patent medicines, aud
stationery which ho experts to open up
in a few days.
The Columbia River Lumber Co.
have decided ou removing tiie sawmill
in what lias been known aa Bubar'a
camp. The machinery will lie in Golden till next winter, when it will be
placed where required for the winter's
At the Railway Committee of tho
House of Commons Mr. Bostock wai
the first sneaker on the ICotilu River
Railway Charter. He answered the
arguments advanced by Mr, Slinug-
nessy and Van Home and denounced
the attempts of the C P. R. lo inouop
o.'ize the railways of ihe country.
A. C. MucDoniild of Winnipeg, has
been appointed agent at Windermere for
for (lie Upper Columbia Navigation Co.
for the season. Mr. Mac Do mild comes
with high recommendations, having
been connected with the freght department of the C. P. R. for two years nnd
having bean agent for some time for
tbe Massey-Harris Company.
A letter received from C. R. Dougall
says tho Liforge party, Which left re
cently for tho Klondike by the Kdiuoli-
tou route, has broken up and will return home. George Campbell, writing
from Edmonton, slates I hat Major J.
E. Johnson's party, will also return
home, they having found it almost
impossible to gat through the pass until much later in the season.
The Dominion estimates provide
a sunt of SfntlOO for tho improvement
of the Columbia River between Golden
���and Winderinoro during the coming
year, au I fiuOO for tha removal of the
rocks in 'the Coluinbia.abovo Ravel
stake, SJOOD is voted for tho improve-
liisiit of the D.incan Rivor for navigation. $15,000 ii voted for general
drelging Oier.itions' iu the Province
during th'a coining season.
0/ the Provincial grant for North-
fast Kootonay this season over $1000
is owing to iho Golden Lumber Co. IP
connection with the bridge contraci
rein lining over from last year. Of the
amount voted however Ur. Griffith hat
arranged to havo $1500 sat aside foi
the extension of the dykin'.; n'brk on
the upper side of the Kinlciiigliorsn
bridge and this in itself is a much
needed piece of work.
Tho Winnipeg Tribune publishes the
following from a Yukon conespoinlenf
"Hero I am liku hundreds of .them,
driven by starvation. My last meals
cost S3 each and then they closed down.
I offered HO for 50 pounds of flour. I
did not get it and had to come to Fort
Yukon 400 miles for grub. I have
seen strong men weeping over their
hard luck nnd I have seen 100 men
driven so desperate that any crime
would have been committed if tha
spark had only been kindled. Gold
Sinks to nothing in the face of starvation. Men have gold In sacks but uo
food. I have soon thousands of dollars
in gold lying around as nothing almost. Money is of no value when it
won't buv anything. The Klondike
mines are very rich but it takes both
money and hard work to develop thein."
Nerve, Shattered���Stomach Weak -Digestion   Darangnil -Prostrate!���SJiith
Ainoric.in Nervine is iVmn.iu's
Crienil���Nevor Fickle
Mrs. Hutchinson, of VantliSloiir, P. O., Ont.
says: " 'South American Nerniio is a ~wou-
derftil iiialii'iui, an I the oaiy ram ily tli.it
eve' lu.'lpe 1 me. 1 was a great sii'l'erer from
nervous prostration, aud ..cute indigestion.
The first dose relievo I mo and fhreo bottles
eoiojilete.y cured mo."
Hold hy C.A.Warren. 868
Dr.  Wait. Writes  to the  ICainloAp's
���nlilla.l ReRaritliiR Thla Projected
Uollway.'BTiil tliechaetor Which   "
~ Aila Itee1i.Atni.teJt for ItiAutk-    .;
orlie Construction of Saina.
"Sir,���MbvOT by: tho FsiSfc-sJiulas o.'
their pre lecessors, tho insatiable charter-monger is again at work Of the
many railway schon.es now boing considered by the local {���"legislature, the
��� Kootenay Anil- Noruli Wostorn js far
ahead'of'all others in rcg.irl.to scope,
vagueness and cupidity.
The scope cf the scheme i�� most comprehensive inasmuch as it provides for
tbo oowor to constrnot over, it is a lid,
.'1,009 miles of railway. This is divided into six sections: two run from
Holde'i. southwards by tho Columbia
and Kootonay valleys to the boundary
lino j four extend in a nor'horly direo-
' tion from Golden to tho northern
���.,   boundary of the Province.
The vagueness of the scheme is
shown by tlio way the fourth, fifth and
sixth sections aro set forth. Prom
Fort McLeod, on McLeod lake, the company can select any route tlley | lease
so long as they hit the Liard river
anywhere west of the 124th degree of
longitude, and when that point is
reached they ask for the right of going
up or down that river to the northern
boundary, or, in lieu of that, westerly
to "some point at or nearTesliii lake"!
Section 48 of the bill deals with the
tinje to he allowed for the construction
of this group of railways ; this extends
from three to ten years, hut is so worded as to really mean ten vears through
out. It is i his section thut is so mischievous and what the Opposition
members are so manfully combatting
in the Legislature today.
It will be seon on referring to any
good map of the Province that the
proposed lines of railway traverse probably the richest uiinerul bearing
districts of British Columbia, and the
object the promoters of this Bohenie
have in view is to secure absolute control of nn extensive and valuable area
of the Province, while effectually shutting out all parties who mav hereafter
bring forward bona tide plans for railway construction in those districts.
There is no provision made iu tbe
bill for any forfeiture for failure lo
commence construction within tbe
times mentioned in connection with
each leition; there is no-guarantee of
any kind whatsoever, ns tho bill
stands, that construction will be begun
on any portion of the line even within
the full limit of 10 years, much less
that tho system should be completed
within the period.
The Opposition pointed this out and
have insisted on tlio introduction into
tlio bill of u section whereby some
forfeitures will be imposed, and Mr.
Sword introd'icod a motion with this
Mr. Hunter, the manipulator of the
bill for the promoters, is fighting
against any interference with the wording of the bill. This, of conrs.', is to
bo expected from such a quarter. What
else could be looked for from tbe henchman of, perhaps, tho largest monopoly
in the Province? He has been trained
iu a good school for such work. His
long ussociaiion with the Duusinuirs
and witli the Hon, J. H. Turner and
the ditto C. E. Pooley, promoters aud
directors of certain speculative companies, with tlio Hon. James
Baker, tbe successful steerer of the B.
C. Southern steal; with tho Hon. D.
Al. Eberis, champion of the Nelson &
Fort Sheppord railway scheme and
��� he attendant liiudgrab, lias eminently
fitted him for the position of booster
of a scheme that is in plain words an
attempt to foist upon the people of
British Columbia another rapacious
Can anyone affirm with truth and
honesty that the promoters intend going ahead ut once with this work for
which Ibey seek a charter? . Is it not
evident ou the facs of.it that the intention is simply to get a cinch on
that portion of tlio country by forestalling all enterprises for its development which may in perfect good faith
bo mado hereafter ?. This is proved by
the unwillingness of the promoters to
agree to the introduction of any clause
insisting on a forfeiture in case of non-
nomlpetion within a definite time limit.
.Mr. Hunter state l-in the House that he
was not prepared to amend section 48.
If the people for whom Mr, Hunter is
act ing bad been actuated in asking for a
charter, by a spirt of bona fides, they
would not have refused to liaveeitliera
definite time limit or a cash forfeiture.
But they did refuse as Mr. Hunter's
action showed, and the only   inference
Continued on page 4.
In tlio event of a   I The payment of the
stroke of gnod for-1 nmos is guaranteed
ttmo vou can win  I hv.iovernmeut. Ut
YOU are Invited to Participate in tho
f.lHIM'VK   (if   WillllhKf
in the Grand Drawings of Prizes (Junr-
teed by tho Stato of Hamburg i.t which
11  trillions  34-9,325 marks
���rarely have to ho won.
In tho course of those advantageous
drawings, which contain according to the
nros'ectus only I .'8,0.0 tickets, tho following prizes will ho torthconiingV-'izi I'lio
Highest prize will he ment. 500,000 marks
Premium of *M0 000 marks
Prizo    of-WW) marks
of 100,00) marks
of 70,0 X) marks
of 70,030 marks
of (>5,00fl marks
of (30,000 marks
of 65, 00 marks
of 60,030 marks
of 40,033 marks
U0,i 00 marks
1 Prize
2 Prizes
I Prizo
1 Prize
1 Prize
1 Prize
2 Prizes
1 Prizo
1 Prize
2 Prizes
20 Prizes
5ti Prizes
JOti Prizea
2'G Prizes
812 Prizes
1.118 Prizes
4'J Prizo.*
140 Prizes
80(152 Prizes
IH159 Prizes
'.Will Piizes
Information Department
Those desirous of obtaining information regtirding the mineral sections of
Kast Kootenay end their resources,
will he furnished such information hy
addressing their inquiries to the Editor
of the ErfA, free of charge.
of 20.000 marks
of 10,000 marks
of   6,0 KJ marks
of   IJ.OW marks
of   2,000 marks
ill'    1,003 marks
of     4 0 marks
of     HtiO marks
of     BOO marks *
of      1,15 mark**
of 1114,104,100 marks
of 7*1, 45, al marks
in jilt 511,180 prize* which must he surely
won in 7 drawings within tho apace ot a
few mouths. i.
Tho highest prize of let drawing nm-[
omits to Mki 50,000, increase at 2d draw-!
ing to Mk. 63,0. j0, in ;jd Mk. 00,000, i*--4ih 3
Mk. 115,003, in 5th Mk. 70,0.0, in Oih Mk. B
75,000, in 7lh .Mk. 200,000. and together J
with tho Premium of Mk. MOO.OOOin the?
most fortunate case to Mk. .'00,000.
t Tho official oust tor partici; ation in the
first two drswings amounts to
Dollar 4,n0 fur a full ticket,
Dollar 2.25 for half a ticket,
Dollur 1.1 Jl for one quarter of n ticket,
Halt resp. quarter tickets will entitle to
mm halt resp one quarter of the amount,
won by iho respective number, named on
the ticket.
iflie stakes for participation in, the following drawings, as well as theoxact
prize-tahle*. aro indicated in the official
prosoectus, which 1 mju<1 on demand gratis iu advam-e. The pros; ectus isal;
sent gratis with every order. After the
drawing I shall forward to every tickot-
holder tlio otlicial list of the winning
The payment ait-i forvrarding of (he mmh m
to those concerned will havo my special
aud prompt attention, and with tho most
absolute secrecy.
$.���&* Remittance of money can ho made
hy American flank notes, by registered
letler or hy Piis't-Offlce Ordors. Small
amounts can idso bo sent by postago-
fi&j? on account of the approaching
rawing of the prizes, please address the
orders jmmediately in all confidence direct to
ftamuvl   Ifeckftclier,  sum1.,
at HAMl.l'KU, Germany,     3u2.-.p2*>J
*��� ���e*o
Wholesale and lteti.il
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
B. C.
lO^afiiin&jjiliJif&Ei} ,-,y.,;r ,n.\s.
.. TH e*. ��� .
Golden Era,'
Published Every
Friday Evening'.
A ru-jy leather, light and
porous as cloth, waterproof and lustrous as a
duck's back.
Black and colors.
-=-" _'Z^~'""" Can te had only in the
$4.C0 and $5.50 grades
of the Goodyear Veiled.
�����      Slater Shoe.
G. Parson, Sole Local
Subscription, Sj>2 per A'naitlin, ASSAY
Payable in-Adva-nca ,-,���-��� \\\- ��r* m
. Paper.
Tho Business  Man,
The Politician. :
The Railroader;
The Miner,
The Rancher,
T.ie Lumberman.
oinewijATios ik
Assnyi-rs'  iuii!   Min
l-1'n' i'(-i|'iiit'limius.
S.ilo Aucnis fur Mores I
Cllicllilo (..''iiiii.iiiiv. H.nkr
ei'ii: Biiler's Sun's lli.luii
o'sPoi'lji'l Mlne'lViiiisil, uic
| rcn; Ilriiiiion it Pom
Vnuccnvoi*. K?. V,
11'- O. Pox m. Telegraphic Adilrws:   "AM
w sdafuftsajii ��wiu&aitf)&utod��tihd
Mai * *'��� um| c ������>**.'.rn j.'^s..,-'
j Wimilpou;
j Lon'lon, Ont.
I Newfoundland
| Colorado
' Oonnld
Foil Stpelo
Livery and Feed Stables
Oood Saddle Horses und
Kins of nil kinds for
Hire at Reasonable Rules.
Teaming of nil kinds a specialty.
f x + x +
A."C. Hamilton,
*!-.-.���-*= I Ssndon
Modloine Hut
lieu ver
Cannl Flat
New Denver
Prices to Suit Everybody.
C. LEVETT, Prop.
KWVf^lB ;> wwtf-rr*rir*--**p-?? *r
- *.    *.    ,vr,   X    .'*.   t    ,' *    '.
The Province" .Map of
golden, b. c.
CLIPPER Mineral Claim, situnto in tlio
Oolden Miuinir I)ii'Hion of North -East. Kootonay, Incatod iu Iiiitirn.titun.'il Itssin, on
Middle Fork of Hpllllniai'lieoii River.
Take imHno tint. I, Joliu tVullncu Connor,
Freo Miners Cortiliuiihi No. Si.'.l^), intend,
sixty diiys iViiiii ilioil.ito liern.it, to up jy to
the tloU Coinniissioiior for a Cortilleaie of
Improvements, for the purpose (if obtaining
a Crown Grant of tlm aliovo cl��iin.
And further take notice that ailvorso claims
must lie,sou to the Onld (*oiiiiuissiouor, and
actions commenved before tho issnaiiee uf
such Cortidcstss uf Iinprovemonts.
Dated this Slllh day of March, A. D. 18IB,
The McMurdo House,
Good Accommodation for Miners,
Best Brands of Liquorfi Kept.
Saddle or Puck Horses for Sate or Hire
-*��-J^*J �� 5 ���'���{'�����-
Ono of ihe most vlgorpusly conducted' and  w'idely uircuti.ted   pnpora
pahlished in Drills!) Columbia.
A Tip-Tup Medium t'or AdvertiMers,
Kales on appli.-a.ioii iu tlio p ojirietors.
[lis GoId8:i Era Co.,
Limited Liability,
Golden,   -  B. C.
Absolutely Free
To Kew Subscribers to 'The Province."
''The Province
nil'pg, and rim, (
detormiuod if mon
can prove that it
atritin tliis object I
Company, Limited Liability
claims ijin't it Ins 'he lurjesi clrctil-ition west tit AVi��-
iiim IniJ- never been quest immd or thn lien-tied; Ii is ttbw
and energy ran do ji. in iitrjeaj-** il*.- fcircttlnHort unll) it
3 directors Iihvo arranged with The Province Publishing
for the supply of
1 v.
,-Mapof tiie Ivlondyke
Paeif ie Hy
{One Hundred Thousand Copl��� -,,fE'
To every NKAV snscrlher who s��nds ll.OO to "The P-rovi'me," Victnria or
Vanconvor, CihiiuIh'sohI.v lii^li cla.gs weekly, '-The Pi-ovlnre," will send for
one,year from the date the-suhsciiptioii i-- received tunny nddiess in Ci.nftdft
i or tht> United States (United ICingdoui 5J.C0 estra), to^pi ht'V with one copy of
the shove map. The map bus mn-Vr Uen sold for k>8 ihsn Titty (cnts cr
l-'The Province" for le^s tj:.-in a Pollai'. Bv talcing adv-nni-flpc ut this unjre-
jcedemo.i offer, whi, h is only possible in I be esse cf New SulctiLcrs wlj.o
entdoso thoir raon.*ay with their order, -ili^y pet the iwo IVt tltf j/ri-.t* of ont?.
This offer will bu withdrawn re soon jts the spec in 1 edition of oiic hundred
thousand eodpios i.s oxhanslod. It*.jjs (be nirst-uein'ions effer pier made l.y
any ncwspjippi'jn.any part cf thu world io obtain t.< w Kitlscrihers, Ereiy
subscript icy. boohed tmityr lln'-p arr.iijgpineiti imans it -Jitccl loss io the publishers, cut a laig'* i.itcitl'itioi) inoans more ndvprtising nt letter rales, and in
this way '���The Province" hopes io make good ihe deficit. Send ��1.10 to '"The
Provineo" by return mail and u*l a copy of this beautiful accurate mtlp and
'���The Province" for it year.
for  pamphlet
Tli'a PR0VIN IE Pin. Co., Ltd. Lty ,
Victoria and Vancouver.
: Jfofeofter tbe >ubscrin-ioo rates to
Tlie'V'Hneoiiver Daily and Suroi-Weelt-
ly World will lie ns follows :
Pally edition, by mall, por annum, $5 Oi)
'   Do.        for six months  2 75
...  Do.     . poriiunili     60
Tho Snini-Weelilv e.liiioi, mailed
per amain   SI 00
I>o.        fir six mouths....      ISO
Advance payiuouts insistej npor.  In
every instance.
The foreign postage (that in to nil
oniintris. otitKide of- Canada, Newfoundland and the United states) .will
be added to the sulntcrintioii. rates.
XV Sample oopjes supplied on appli-
Address -
JT. C. Mct.AOAN, Vuileouver. B.C.
tllaiiiiffof. 350-tii3J
fAVOBITZ Jllnornl Claim, eltltalo in Iho        ���   .- �� ii ,      .    .i
Oolden Sllnln/r Division of North 1'asi Knot-: SC.'iptlVfl OI tllB 1'OtltOS CO tile
enay, lOCAtoil  in  Intem.'itiun,'I  liaslll, en, \r   , /,        , c.   -i*
Middle I'urk uf-S| illinni.lieno I,Ivor. j 1 11K011      (..(Uliltry.       I'ltlllilfJ'
Take notice that I, Manuel Di.lnanl, Free' r,   .        n   . .'
Minors Cnrtilk'.iio No  Mi.Ti, intend, sixiy [ J 'fltCS,   JultCS,  CtC.
(lays from the dntn trreaf, to apply to the
tiold t'oiniiii.ssiuiier fur a Certiliviile of in,-i
nrovenieiits, for the purpose of olitalnliiff a
Croivn Grant of ihe .'thuve claim,
And further t,\ko noiivptliataifverso claims
must lie sent to ihe Liolu Commissioner, ami
actions ciiijimcei'od  licforo the issuance of
such l.'ei'lilicato of linprovouieiits.
Daieil this third day of .March, A.D. 1W8.
fcOiny) ,M, Dainard.
Mulling* for April.
*Uottsge City April
Tho Great Pain
i If Vou aro Wanting1 a
WH-Xol Ih'.V ll:r rest?
,..:.,  April
... April
Ausit'ulian... .
Hon. F. \V. Aylrner...
W. a. Jllichefl-lnnes..
w, (J. Neilson; J. 1\
K. ���.'olmson	
E. A. Ibigi-eu	
.... ...'... .President -
 Vice     do
 , do       do
  do       do      '
Secretary-Treasurer j
Qn'op'ii.. April SO
NintrClioiv April 23
Tho rainilar iiieethii,'s of the ussociati'iu
ivill he held on the lirst 'Tuesilav in every
month ut tho Columbia House, (lelden.
All possible information ivill lie fur;
hy the asseciatiuii upon iiptlicaHoii to
K. A. ti.Vli'.lEN, Soc, GMden.
Rubber Stamps
Orders for Riilihor Stamps and Peals Will
lio received at the Guidon lira OfliCo and i
.executed uith promptitude.
The Golden Era Conipanv, I
. . Limited Liability.
���Cottage City sails for Wmnpl. Jim- j Sprain
can and Sic 1;a only.
All Affor!t,'j can ticket
thronjT-h .it ratei'whicli ivill j
include meals and Iwrtli on j
steamei', '
Superior to All Others.
It   relieves   the
minute applied-.
Sciatica,    '������ jl
.c''tilf Joints. ;
Muscular .Swellin^.-i. Is
pains ..nil ucHe's tlicit Cincs:���        i
: ��*. ���
Anply to thn nearest  Canadian
:ifm Railway A^ent, or uddress
K.013T. KERR,
Tr.illii' ,Maiinj*pr,
Winnipeg, .\lni
Ticket Aitotit, Oolden
Cruis'os,  ' ���
Hope Bhck'ttl' i'idt
Scalds. Ihirns,
; Chillblains,
Sore Throat,
!     Sore Chest. ���
(*old on the ( hest,
Coiig'lis, Colds, etc.,
Can lie nMid iinei'iitilly aa -.veil aa ei:-
ternully,   Itniidrodfl testify m iis
Miiirieal  relief     No liouie should
[    bo witliout ir.
'Sold by all dealers.    H'o cU. SUc
     JM ���'��tr?i-_
..   , '������     T'.i '."������:...;���;���. (iv..*.,^,), ..
ot0      ���'t'irtr,'''Mr!Kii'ON:'','j*wsv?s*t'S
'';many points (if supeyio'nty
over' all other writing' ma-
ieHih'es.   The most  durable
'typewriter manufactured.   .
tildros" foi' parth'iilars,
Ths Munsoii Typswrlter
Mamifacfursnt, fclO-SIW \V< Lake Street,
Cbicui-o, ill. 51" THE GOLDEN ERA, FRIDAY, APRIL 8,  .8��<*.
Paine's Celery Compound the Great Spring Cleanser
and Life Giver.
April is now with us.   The feather-1
ed songster* are here again  warbling
I h.-ir av.ee.eat noies in ) scans ol praise
lor �� new season.   Katun- is throwing
iff her old nub.   The   tries are hnd
dins;, the grass is showing  new life,,
snd soon the wild flowers will  put on
their dazzling  dress  of   besuty   snd
richness.    All nanus Mens to lie call- j
ing out lo man, saying.   "Be happy.
snd rejoice ; give thai.ks to Him who
makes sticb ginIm>iprovision for ihe
children of earih."
Many * thankful prayer will ascend
from truly grateful and healthy men:
snd women for the beauties snd boun-j
ties of the new season. On the other
liaml, a vast multitude of half dead, j
broken down, weak, debilitated and
suffering men and women ��ill not have
the capacity to appreciate the mercies
so bountifully b) at owed. Their thoughts
are centred on their afflictions and sufferings ; they are moody, deai ondent,
morose, and some are ho| ele���� aud iu
It is to this suffering class that ws
would speak words of hope and comfort. Warning would Im unnecessary
if i on fully rained tie fuel that
Paine's Celery Compound rare* I be diseasethat is now making such progress
and havoc in your body.
It matters not whether ihe trouble
In, rheumatism, neuralgia, kidney disease, liver coinplaim, nervous prosm-
' tion, agonizing dyspepsia cr blood diseases. Paine's Celery Compound is able
to make tun whole and well.
i Paine'a Celery Compound, unlike
other medicines, irh true snd rapid
j haniehrr of disaase ; it makes the pure
, blood, ro lhat life and energy flow ,
quickly to every muscle, nerve aud |
' tissue. Nature's medicine promptly j
i restores strength, vigor, appetite and
'digestion: it gives sweet sleep aud re- j
��� pore to the wearied nnd restless. |
! Will these honest and strong assur-j
auves induce you to give earth's last j
medicine a fair trial in this your time;
of danger? The experience of physicians |
and i h ir kindly words in. fa-.'or of,
|paine'a Celery Compound should be a]
guarantee ot success to you.
Tho marvellous results given to
weak, sickly and broken down clergymen, judges, members of parliament,
and to worthy and honorable citizens
of every city in the Dominion, speak
roll ines in favor of Paine's Celery
One bottle experimented wilh atthis
season is always enough to make the
most critical and skeptical continue
with the medicine until they are cured.
It has In en truly said by an eminent
Canadian puss correspondent that "Nu
physician is ever needed in homes
tvhuro Paine's Celery Compound is
ThoC. P. B. have uow the timber
on th* ground for the enlargement of
lit. Stephen House.
Mr. Thon, formerly of ihe 0. P. R
office at Banff, succeeds Mr. Morrison
at Oolden station.
L. Hoodie has been appointed purser
for the Upper Columbia Navigation
Company's steamers.
Mr. Currie, formerly in charje of
Palliser Station, has been promoted to
the position of station agent at  Field.
The Lumber Company havo now got
their railway engine running cars !�����-
tweeo the C. P. R. station aud the
C. W. Field, Chemist, of Gold n,
has received hi ��� stock of drugs, chomi
cats, patent medicines, etc., nud invites
inspection of same.
The season promises to be a busy one
at the Palliser sawmills. Mr. Well,
has got tbe river tilled with logs, and
is strengthening his boom.
* Ail kinds ef fruit and ornamental
trees for aale, cheap aud warranted.
Call at my place, Golden, II. C-, John
McMillan. 340np4
G. E. Smith will hold service in
connection with the Met hod is; church
on Sunday next aa follows: Donald
11 a. m. anil Golden 7.30 p.m.
On Tuesday the winter camps broke
���p and tha Colombia River Company
disbursed (4,000 in wagns. The men
crowded into town for a "good time,"
0, H. Parson, customs officer at
Golden, ia in receipt of an order iu
council absolutely prohibiting, under
the San Jose Soale Act, tie importation of nursery stock from outside
Calgary ia quite a lively city at the
present time, owing largely to the expenditure of people en route to i he Yukon, by way of Edmonton, anil lo the
successful ranching season.
A gentleman who passed through
the other day aaw W. (!. Mitchell.
Inneain London.and that gentleman informed him he would shortly bo leaving Ijondan for Golden. He is expected
here in the course of u month.
St. Paul's Church, Golden, on Good
Friday -evening service and address
at 8 p. m. On Easter Day - morning
prayer am! Holy Communion at II a.
in.; evening prayer and sermon nt 7'30
p.m. Choir practice at $ p.m. on
Oa Easter Monday, April llth, the
annual Vestry masting, to uhich al!
tha men w/o are members of the con-
grag aliott jal S>. Paul's are invited, wil
be heldin>Uohurch at 7:30 p. tn., lo
elect ehura* wards s lor ihe ensuing
year, and "for other busin ss.
At Donald last year tho noatat
mayo* was $1030.90. 635 poatiil
' I ssere issued tor ��|0,33a��l. and
star W.844.-.8 were paid out. At
i the revenue wra 11521.68. 5K2
. Money ordsve fret* issued lor 19.434 07
- ami orden. were paid to the amount of
$3,710.59. At Field the rnvoniie was
$#\72.88. 291 money orders were issued
lor  $7,751 irS,   nnd   orders   paid  for
Oa the morning of Feb. SO, 18M, j
Wbj Sick with rheumatism and Iny in
bid until Mar 21st, when 1 got a hot-
tie of Chamberlain �� Pain Balm The
firs, application >f it relieved me .<!
most entire)/from the pain an) t|ie
second afford*! oomph'to relief. 11 u
short time I was able to bo up aid
about again.-A. T. Moitu.ux. Im
verne. Minn. Sold bv all druggists.
I-mgley A Co, Wholesale Ag'iita.
Victoria audi Vm-oouver. 84 ;���!
TheOi-ltloil Tliuo of llitarnlty and
tho tttftholsof a Ir.iiuou. Nueaa to
Ru.eoro tho Mother'* Sti*onfftr��.
From Tho Evening News, Detroit, Mich.
No woman ia better filled for nursing, or has had more years of practical experience in that work than Mrs.
Moses Morris, of 340Fourteenth street,
Da'roit. Mich. For iO years alia has
neon   recognised as thn best nud most
The Kootenay Mail publishes "A
Dreadful Story'1 about the burial of
the bodr of Jornigan, who waa found
dead on Bald Mountain. Serious statements are made against the government
rli<-iah-. We have enquired i.ito the
natter and are informed there is not a
.vor.1 of truth in the charges made.
Nurse  Morns' Sscret.
IOr.I23��' LtVi."..
have so far only succeeded in proving
their titter iarapaciiy lor the respon-
sdlde office which they unfortunately
at this present lime so unworthily
the glow of health to pale and sallow
cheeks. In men they effect a radical
cure in all cases arising from mental
strain, overworked or excesses of whatever nature. Or. Willirms' Pink Pills
are sold in boxes (never in loose   hulk)
at 50 cents a box or six boxes for $.'. 50,   nDACTr,. Trn   rva, t TCTrli
and   may be had   ol all druggists, or  PHUSTRMeD, EXHAUSTED.
d rect by   mail   from   Dr.   Williams'
Medicine Company, Brockville, On*.
(Continued from page 3.
is that they trust to the so inenessof a
reckless government to net the tiill
passed through in all tho glory of the
vagueness, and its monopoly creating
Yet the Opposition has not fought
alogether in vain, for they huve forced
Mr. HnitT to do something wiiich.
thoigli in itself ol li tie moment, is a
virtual acknowledgement that they
bad right on tlioi- side Mr. Hunter
now proposes to reframe sect ion 4k, and
to cut down the time allowed fur the
completion of the railway from 10 to
eight years; four yoais being  granted
succes-iful nurse in  confinement cases,
and ovor three hundred happy mothers for   the Uriu three sections, and eight
nan testify to her skillful nursing and years for   thn   last   three,   the most
Always engaged months ahead, northerly   sections.     But  even   this
sho hns had to decline hundreds of
pressing an I pleading applications for
her services: She has mute a specialty
of confinement cai.es, and has made so
high a reputation in this city, that her
engagement, in all cases, is taken as
a sure sign of the mot bar's speedy
Mrs. Morris was a nurse in England
before she came to America, and so
wan her mother and her mother's
mother brtora her. When asked oneo
hy a loading physician the secret of
her great success in treating mothers
in co'.line nent cases, she said she u*ed
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale Peo
suguested amendment ' doss not
definitely fix the time limit, for
loopholes are provided by the beaitti-
follv vague wording of the umv section.
and once the charter is granted the
promoters can snap their fingers at
the Government nnd the people.
This ia far from satisfactory ; something more than thin is needed and
should be done. The Opposition must
insist on the insertion iu the bill of a
forfeiture clause. To them only can
we look. What little good has b> n
done in the way of amending the bill
as introduced has been brought about
solely   by   their   untiring efforts; the
pie in such cases as they biild up the' Government have done absolutely
mother more quickly and surely than ; nothing to guard the interests of the
any othsr medicine she had ever used.   Province.
Mrs. Morris was seen at her pretty
little home on Fourteenth Street, and
when asked regarding the use of these
pills in her profession, she said : "I
have used Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for
But what else can he. expected from
the Turner Pooley Government 1 Not
one v;f member* of that Government
lifted up his voice against the alienation   of   lands by the B. C. Southern
Pale People since they were put on Ihe charter, a masterpiece of scandal and a
market. Th-y built me np when I disgrace to any body of decent men.
was all run down and lo nervous I Not a single memlajr of that Govern-
could not get any rest. After ihey had ment said uay to Hie Ca-siar Central
helped mi 1 begun to use them in ro-. monopoly, whose creation was instru-
storing mothers in confinement c sea. j mental in bringing I he then Speaker
There is nothing lhat can Ijeprescribul in direct conflict with the Government,
or given by * physician that will givo Not a member of the Government has
health   and   strength   to a mother so dared   to force the Duiismuira to keep
quickly as Dr. Williams'Pink Pills for
Pale People. It is true that in some
cases where the lather or parents were
prejudice! against the much advertised Ur. Williams' Pink Pill, for Pale
People, I gave thein as '-Tonic Pills,"
but they allcumeoutof * Dr. Williams'
Pink Pill box.
"I have given them in hundreds cf
oases of confinement to the mother,
and it is wonderful how they buld up
the system. I have practically demon
straicil iheir great worth many times
and have recommended them to bun
drede ol mothers for their young
daughters. Tu*. I have been successful in confinement cases, hut I must
give Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
People a great part of the credit for
tho speedy recovery of mot hers. They
certainly have noepml us a strength
and health builder. Ton can say for
tne that I strongly advise that Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People
Im kept and used in everv house."
the law against the employment of
Chinese underground. Not n member
thought enough of the justice due to
laboring men to vote in favor of Mr.
Cotton'* motion for the abolition of
the annual tax of $5 from men who
ne- the pick, shore), hammer or drill
in metalliferiouH mines; and, in face
of this, it ia not likely that a memlajr
of that Government wilt be found who
will he man enough to stand up for
the Province whose interests he ia supposed lo care for beforenll else, and insist that no charier shall he granted
unless the b >nn fi let of the promoter*
isas.ured by the introduction of aelanse
requiring the mmedistecommencement
of constructing, a definite time limit
for tbe completion of the whole Hue rf
railwav, and a cash forfeiture for
damages for noncompliance with these
The course of the Opposition members iu this instance ia highly to be
onmmeiideil.   and   if tho bill is passed
All th" elements nenue-sary to give through by sheir force of members, by
new I'f'and richness to the blood nnd u straight party vot". without, any
restore ahatterel nerves are cO'ttuinot, . coutti lorition b ing shown for the bsst
in n condense! form, in Dr. Williams' inter nts and the future welfare ot
Pmk i'ill. for Palo People. Tlie.v nro [Hi iti*h Columbia and her people, Hie
also a spooitiofor trophies, peculiar lo Turner ministry will have only prorid-
fetnalns a ich as suppression*. Irreg i- e 1 utiother long nail for their coffin,
hiritles and all form* of weakness, for tho people of this Province will not
Tney buill  up the blood, and restore, be led by the now by a sst of men who
LL do not appreciate
the words of John U.
But, who sang, "Ueil
bless the ruaa wh*
first lovented sleep!"
But appreciation la
not wanting to those
who hare suffered as
Mrs. White, of Mar*
Tuwashlp Oat., who
became so 111 with
aervena troubles that, to quote her brother. Mr. Donald Mcltne, a well-known re-
aldent ot that lllnatrloua aeotlon ot North
Ontario: "Mjr sister had not slept a eight
for over three months. She could not hare
stood this much longer, snd It waa onlv
when death seemed Imminent that South
American Nervine became the rood phy-
; clan. After taking the Orst das* of the
Nervine eh. slept all altht, anil gilned
la flob until perfectly well, and has now
**, ��I�� *�� nervoosneae." This Is a wonder-
ful medleln. In the severest esses of nervousness, and tbe trratest fle.b-bnliiter te
Of .found anywhere In the .world.     "
Sold by C. A. Warren.
We are informed that a paragraph
in last issue in reference 'o ihe prospective candidate, for the Provincial
eluotions waa misuuderstoo I. We are
asked to make it more clear, The
object of the paragraph was lo
point out the necessity of a convention
of the Opposition party as a whole
with view to joining iu selecting and
supporting one candidate to represent
the parry at the forthcoming election.
We did not mean to insinuate that
there was any split in the party itself
beyond the fact thnt members of it had
thoir favorites, and were likely to
have, until delegates representing the
opposition party as a whole could meet
in convention to discuss the matter. It
is now proposed to call such a con*
vention and no doubt this course will
have the effect of bringing the opponents of the Turner Poolev crowd into
line, and securing a block vote for
whatever candidate the convention
may deem the best mm to put up to
represent the opposition party as a
Beef (live)	
Beef (dressed)....
Pork (live)	
Pork (dressed)...
Hoy (baled)	
Hay (loose)	
Fall Mn-ljr ��f ""^^BF
Drugs. Chemiesls, Patent Medicines,
Toilet ittiebs and Sutiuoery have or-
Golden Pharmacy..
And you are most he*rtily Invited to
call ami inspect eur stock.
Prescriptions and private Recipe* carefully prepared wilh Pure Drugs.
C. XV. FIELD,    -
��o,den. B.��J.,
Chemist, Druggist & Stationer.
Assaying Institute...
Headquarters, Calgary, Alberta.
Ph. D., B. C. M E.. Etc, Manager.
Special Course in Germany.
Assays, Sampling, Analytical Work, and
Concentrates! Ores. All parcels of ore are
carefully sampled, one portion tested, on*
portion labelled and kept for six months aa
a relerence, and if desired the third portion
will be returned to owner, as a check ou
essay made.
CASH V. ITU SAMPLES, which should be
left wilh the undersigned, from whom
terms may be obtained on application.
Resident Agent,
373et Geklen, B.C.
Groups of claims whioh will stand
examination are wauled for English
Syndicates, on terms ot interest tor
development.   Apply
2G7ac Golden.
C. F. Peterson,
Tinsmith & Plumber,
South End of Klckinghorso Bridge.
Ordered work punctually attended te.   IU*t
Stable to Rent
Opposite the Queen's Hotel.  Inquire at
Queen'. Hotel for terms. Ask tor proprietor.
Judicious advertising ia the key'
stone of success. Advertise in th*
Goldesi Era.
E. A. Haggen,
Notary Public ond Onveyanrer.
Mining* Itenl Estute und
Financial Agent  .   *   .  .
Purchasers Obtained for Prospects and Developed C h.iniB,
.... Golden, B. C.
For Sale
 fl.CO to $1.05
  O.KOto   0.68J
  0 25 to   0 80
   3 00 to   3.50
  4.50 to   5 50
  tjbOto  4.1*6
   5 00 to   6 00
  5.00 to   5.C0
  0.115 to  0.115
  OlTuo   0.50
 17.t0 to SO 00
 14.00 to 14.00
  0,75 to  0.90
ftavoa Thousands of Llvag,
Fear years age Jacob Oswltta, of Hay
Island, was drajjed te tbe verge of
death by dreadful heart disease.   Ha was
{teen tip to die. From vigorous manhood
e hail gone to a broken dependent wreck.
lie prewired Dr. Aceew's Coro for Ihe
H'.,r.1' .n'!<'l, '��� fslthfelly, and to-dsy
weighs 218 ponds, and Uvea to bleu tb*
day the great remedy was rerotamend.d
to him.   ft relieves Iii W minutes.���Si.
Sold by U. A. Warr��u.
Group of two claim* of gold-bearing quartz
iu Inst mineral district of East Kootenay
Assays up to 5700 in gold. 10,17
Placer lease. 15
Group of two gold claims. One of the beat
propositions on the market, and can be
cheaply developed. Assay, gave about 82)0
per ton. I!
Interest in gold property in exchange for
develop nent work. 11
Groipof lit claims, det eloped. No better
property in I'ritish Columbia. !-
Group of three claims in quarts country.
Good average assays. 18
Claim in one of best locations in Selkirk*.
Cheaply worked. Assays$IJ5mgold, silver
and copper. 9
Choice gold property, freemilling.
Assay* up to $">40.  Develnpinent work      IX
Two claims in good location. Quarts carrying gold and copper. 90
Claim adjoining known gold properly.   It
Three claim, near Columbia River. Bit-
ledge, gold and copper. 7
Two claims. 10 ft. ledge, assays iu gold and
1G per cent copper. H,tl
Three claims, develoned. assay* $28 in
gold, best location ia Selkirk.. 16
Gold quarts claim, assays 9K3, H7
Gold quarts claim, developed, good lead.
assays to VH. 18
Two quarts claiina in convenient position,
pan gold. SO
Gronn of 4 clai'ns, one assaying $5 in Gold
and 10 per cent eo.iper. 14
Five claims, copper and grid, value SWa
ton. 31
Three quarts claims, no cash, working proposition. 32
Throe claims in proved country. SI
Ono-ihi dnnassessilileinte. est in developed
groan of claiina near Golden. 39
Silver lead mine. One of the largest in the
world G0.000 tons ol ore blocked ont ready
to ahin. Location convenient te railway.
Price, Wt��,000. 40
Groan nf threo claim* in Movie district.
Free milling gold averaging $21 per ton.
Considerable development. 41
Group uf two claims at Moyle. Free milling gold.   Hig proposition. 43
Claim at Moyie. Copper and gold. Developed.   Good prospect. 43
Group of claims, freemilling gold quarts.
Groin of three claims, geld, silver, lead
and bsimnth. 47
Group of 4 claims, very premising pne
spools. 4$
Group ol 4 claims, gold quarts. 49
Group of two claims, gold quarts, worth
developing. M
Groui oi 5 claims, gold, silver and lead,
near railway. (I
Leatoof hydrmille river bed. oi
C'lai-n, carrying bismuth, galena and copper. Assayed u;i to $1100. S5
Gold-eoppcr claim, with big ledge, ssa-yed
$27. ��
Three claims, which have shipped considor
shle ore���galena und grey co .per. 60
Group of three free gold claims at Fair-
view, eea
Craapof four tree geld claims at Falrvtaw.
Two claims In splendid location. Free geld
quart*. ���**
Crown grant free geld claim ia working
camp. m���
Free gold developed claim ready to work.
AMsyslli- ���"��
Freemilling gold eltlin in Waahington
State. Ready to shl?. 61a
Claim ou Wild Horse, NelsM, Free gold,
assaying V, ��.���*������ A sup. ��-��
Working free gold rroperly'nearSanFrsa-
ciico. Conr-lote milling sad chlorlrulitn
plant.   Price $250,000. 0$
Free gold pro) etty en Selkirk range.    W
Cold claim on Lemon creek with two
thirds and one third interests in adjaeeut
properties. Ma
Two thirds intereat in elsim on West Slo-
canl.ke. 68b
Claim, free gold, In Bridge River District.
Crown grant, free gold claim, al Honiara!.
Freemilling gold claim, near Nelson.   71a
Claim in Idaho. Free got 1. 71a
Hvdraidic proper.,) on Skaana river. Averages $H,o a yard.' 78a
Copper property running $iO per ton. 78b
- 22 claims at Harrison Lake. Gold and cep-
Three claims of 20 arret each on Ferry
Mile Creek, ueir Klondike. Extensive de*
vetontueiit. Shafts, tunnel, shacks, black*
smith's ahop ai d tools. Wash storage* $68
per square font. ft
Two placer claiina on celebrated Hunter
Creek. Sluicing will realise S50 ptr maa
lerilay.   Title perfect. S6.38
Placer claim on Miller Creek. Primitive
work last season cleared $11,000 per man ever
expenses. 87
Claim on El Dorado Creek, one of the banner pro ertie, of the Klondike. Dirt from
Ne. 2 shaft averaged $5.511 er pan. Well improved. Tide clew lfrice.WM.000. . 81
Claim on HoMkw Creak. Yielded $800 per
day to tha mall. 45
Claim on Miller creek, running from 5c, to
$8,9.i to the pan.
Two chum* on El Dorado creek.     64a 64b
Claiine on Brimstone creek. 64u
Sevon claims on U Dorado creek.
Claims on llnnausa, Hunker, All Gold, .leant*, Bear, Boulder. Murphy, Daadwood.
Meadow, Sul hur, Uawriu and CormaeU
creeks; also on McKays, Nugget and Little
El Dorado gulches.
Full particular., regarding any of the
above properties furnished on application by
Treasury stock iu- the Victoria-Texada
. Gobi Mining Company. This stock is offered at the par value ot 25 cents. Five of
the mines on Texadn Island bare been working for the paat 10 mouths and thb company
i considers it own* the hest proposiion on the
island. Prospectus may lie seen and full par-
i ticulars obtained on application at my offiee,
an,' <X> II shares of treasury stock in oue cf
;the hest properties at Fairview at 80 cents
I per share.
1,000 shares in Cariboo mine. Camp Me-
Kinney, a ateady dividend payer.
Shares in Le Foi, Reeo, Slocan Star, laat-
blor-i'ariboo, l.aat Chance, Idaho. All good
dividend payers.
loo.ooo sharoi iu Klondike El Dorado
Ioo,.i io shares la the bast mining investment in Canada.
2o,ooo shares in Consolidated Cariboo.
Farm of 960 acres, Windermere district.
Laud fenced and under cultivation.   Reuse
and arable.   Rare bargain. S
I    farm of 150 acres, one of tho best and met
highly improved to begot in East Kootenay. t
{    Farm ot 820 acres at ft uidermSre. 35 serf*
I under cultivation.   House and stable, teasing, irrigation.   I heen. 5
|    Farm of 400' aciet at Wiadermere.   rOO
acres under cultivation.    House,  stables,
I granary, roothciisos, fencing and irrigation.
Slock and iin'deinunts.                              $
Farm of 400 acres.  K5 acres under cultivation.   All fenced.   Stocked with rartla sod
burses.   Terms may be arranged.   This is
one nf the hest raruia in the  ��huhruere
2 Fsrmsof ICO acres near GaHeu: improved. 9
Golden town lata.
H.nn* wi h foarlot* in town ef Golds*
for sale.
I   Patents for a Railway Coupler and a Bop*
' Clamp.
Two'towatitns on Crow's Nest rosd.    ft 10
WANTED-To borrow for client*. $IJMO
and $$00 ami Koo on freahcld security.
For particulars of short apply te
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kind*)
of Lumber, Etc, , .   ���
.    .    .    .....    .    .    CONTRACTOR. TO THB C.P. R.
Golden and Beaver, B. C.


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