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The Golden Era Jan 30, 1897

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VOL. VI. NO. 26.
$2 Per Yeae
Room Wanted
Attention P
, .*��������.
#   New Stock.
For the next two or
three weeks previous
#      to Stock Taking THIS
STORE will give you
special opportunities
to secure   a   great
many thinga   for a
very little money.
Wishing to reduce
stock as much as pos
sible to make room
for spring purchases
every    inducement
__S-_B_H-M_^_SSS_-W_W_l-M-M-^S_W��-S__i__M-S��_WM-S-i     ll*
#      will be offered in the
matter of price.
Foi* the next 30 days I will
sell for cash before taking
**������*���*������f  .,   esbe '��� ***���~������eg
yj>     stock.    Be sure and get bar-      ���VV
gains, as room must be made
for new goods. Very Low
(INCO.iTOI-.vm> 1(170.)
"A Drop
"In the Bucket"
doesn't amount to much,
but a drop in prices
amounts to a whole lot
to most people.' That's
what has happened in
the Grocery Department
of the Big Store on Stephen Avenue, Calgary.
There's no reason why
you shouldn't get the
benefit so drop us a card
and get more valuable
information on the subject.
Golden, on the main line of the Canadian
Pacific Hallway, at its connection with the
steamboat navigation of the Columbia rlvor I
the mineral und commercial centre of Eastern
British Columbia: headquarters of thi Oolden Smelting works, the Upper Columbia
Navigation Co., and lumber Industry; the
outlet for the widely known ana far
fumed agricultural and -rrar-ing land of the
Columbia- Kootenay Valleys; unrivalled
f��r scenery of all kinds; the distributing
point for the richest miners! country on the
.tf. G- P-fl-RSO].,
General Merchant  ���  ���  ���  Alexander Block
Agent Ut the Pkaal* l-Ire Assurance Co. of London,
Bag. and The Confederation M��* Atweeiatloa, Toronto.
Wholesale and Retail Druggist
between Winnipeg and
the Coast.
Mail Orders Receive    '
Prompt Attention.
Calgary, Alberta.
, Miss Katie Soott is visiting at
Capt. Armstrong left for ths
on Sunday.
The Misses Bertha and Minnie
Woodley sre visiting st Calgary.
Mr. Brown, stenographer at the Big
Store, returned from Calgary on Wednesday.
Harry Woodley returned from a
businese trip to the Upper Country on
Watch, Clock & Jewelry
in the best style of the trade with the
lesst possible delay. Mail and Express
orders receive prompt sttention.
JOHN   MeMILLAX,     .
Watchmaker aad Jeweller,
ttolden, B.C.
Opposite the Columbia House.
The Neilson Furniture Co
Will mail, free of charge, one of their
. Il fust rated  Cataloirues  and   Price
Lists to any person sending them
thsir address.
The  Nellson   Furniture  Co.,
Calgary, Alberta,
The thermometer registered 45 below
zero on Tuesday morning.
Wood is in great demand and ths
ranchers are reaping a harvest.
Owing to the severe cold weather
No. 1 has been irregular all week.
C. A. Warren is offering goods st
"Very Low Prices'' for tbs next SO
The Methodjst parsonage is now in
the house lately vacated by Mrs. Dan
Several of the principal eities and
towns in tbe Dominion are subscribing
liberally to relieve the plague distress
in India.
Geo B. McDermot has completed
stocktaking and you want to keep
an eye open, Bargains ? Bargains ? ?
Bargains Galore???
G. R. Maxwell, M. P., D. G. Mac-
douald'and Dr. Milne, of Vancouver,
are expected to go east soon tu discuss
railway matters with the Ottawa
Geo. Ball, a mulatto cook has been
arrested at Donald, for the abduction
of Ella Lofswold. a kitchen girl for*
merly employed at the Alberta hotel,
A Very Little money goes s Very
Long way in purchasing goods at the
Big  Store   at   present.   Mr. Parson
The difference between eonfidenes
snd trust is only a mere verbal distinction. If you hsvs eonfidenes in ���
man you will tiust him. snd if you
trust him you will bo apt to loss yonr
confidence.   B. C. Com. Journal,
A suggestion hss been made which
is thst in vlsw of ths snxistv of so
many people to build tbe Crow's Nest*
Kootenay and Kootenay and Coast
railways it might not bs out of plans
for tbs province to ask for bids specifying how much of s bonus will be
given for the privilege of building
either or both of tbem.-Ex.
London, Jan. 26.--Tba London
papers to-day report Canada's generous
help for tbs stsrving people of Indis.
Tbe remarkable success of tbs Star's
(and is specially noted in ths Times
and ths Westminster Gssstts. Ths
St. James Gatette ssys it is satisfactory to see the colonial sympathy,
which seeing Canada's direct relations
with India, ie ss reasonable and jnst
as it is creditable.
Ths totsl smount collected by tbs
Dominion Government during ths f-sst
yesr by mesas of tbs #60 poll tax on
Chinese immigrants smounted to |88,*
800, of which amount 947,400 wss collected at Voncouver. snd 189,847 st
Viotoria. As British Columbia, by
statute, is entitled to one-fourth of ths
collection mads in tbis Province, tb*
Provincial Government will thus rs*
ceive a ������ pick up" of about 121,000.���
No fswer thsn twelve rsilway chsr-
ters are being applied for st this
winter's session of tbe British Columbia Legislature. Tbe proposed railways sre designed chiefly for tb*
opening up of gold snd other mineral
regions, snd are projected over th*
nortbsrn part of ths province, ss well
ss ths southern, snd one of thsm is in*
tended to tsp ths Upper Yukon valley,
where placer mining bss been conducted on s considstahls seals for several
vears. ���- Bevelstoke Herald.
Application will be mads at the next
session of the federal psrlismsnt to
incorporate ths Brstish Pacific railway
company, for ths purpose of building
a lins from Victoris to Winnipeg vis
Butte Inlet, Cariboo, Edmonton, snd
Prince Albert, with s branch Un* to ���
port on Hudson's Bay, and branch**
down the valleys of ths Canoe, Colt xtt*
bis snd Kootenay rivers to tk* 4 'tk
parallel of latitude, witb power to pur*
chase, lease, smalgamats or make running arrangements with sxistlng linss
or linss of propessd railways.
Msny have formed an opinion thst
because a store is situated in tbs
country the stock must necessarily bs
severs! seasons out of date, snd not a
few storekeepers help people to srrivs
at this conclusion by making tbs remark, when objection ia offered to SCO*
article. " Well, yon know you cau
hardly ex|iect lo find Such goods on
sale In a small pluce like this," or
sotnetbitiit to thnl r-ffect. Thi< a' very
goo'l wny to take to send customers to
city estalili.liinenis. Vet when trade
languishes these merchants are th*
first to bewail their hii.nl lot and prats
about people not being willing to pst*
ronize home industries. Put ions ar*
not likely io purchase what they d*
not used in order to further bom*
enterprises nntl tn be put off wilh nn*
desirable goods wheu the faeillies for
are so thoroughly taken advantage
by the city merchant. - 1'uct.
states that room must be made for \ keeping posted  on   prevailing styles
spring goods.
The large new residence of Mr. Jas.
Henderson was the scene of much
gaiety on Thursday evening, the "occasion being a house-warming. Tb*
light fantastic was indulged in till tbs
wee small hours of the inorninj.
Advertise in THE GOLDEN ERA
The best advertising medium
In East Kootenay| Whs (TJolb.tt td-va
The GOMlEX RIU .s niiblished every
Saturday morning iu time to catch the eust
and west mail trains, also the mail for the
upper uountryv.-iViii,leruiere, Furt Steele ete
ft U the only advertising medium in theEeut
j-ooteuuy district.
Subscription Kojiih t SiMM-ier annum IN
Advertisements and chaiigss must be in
the office not later thim I'i u in, on Thursday
t> insure insertion.
All cash to.be paid tu the Mriiirit-'ttr, from
whom the Company's receipt will be obtained.
Advertisement rates made known ou uppli-
catior *o
Ike.olden tia Publishing Compin-j, ���
SATURDAY; JAN. 80, 1897.
voters to be deposited in the ballot-box
Anderson had a supply of ballots with
which to illustrate his method. It is
but fair to one at least of these deputies to say he refused to be a party to
so gross a fraud, but the others appeared to acquiesce entirely in Anderson's scheme, and if they did not succeed in carrying it out they were prevented fiom doing so only bv the
viligance of Mr. Martin's scrutineers
and tbe J��ar- of the consequences of
discovery Anderson has been com
initted for trial at the Spring Assizes
for his share in tbis unsavoury
business. - Province.
We trust that during the 'next few
months the electors will give crrelul
consideration to the requirements of
this Province. British Columbia has
appuremr'ly-'ter-ived' at a Crisis in ita
historyl'-'To-'He, or not-:to be,- is -.the
question!"' To be the mos*. prosperous
province i-tr'the Dominion, where de-
velopmedt'ra aided not retarded by.the
powers that bs/an'd where every settler
has an equal'opportunity-for the pursuit of " health,* happiness - snd - freedom," or to-be a monopoly ridden
country, ' where the interests of the
many are sacrificed to the greed of a
few. The few who reap theadvantges
of an ad-iioistri-tipn such ss, that of
the present: government are not, let it
he borne-inmiiidj-Tmorij blameworthy
than the people who permit of thecon
tiuuance of such a state of affairs. If
the people will tersiet in ignoring their
own interests until it is too late, the
few who take advantage of this
negligence can hardly be held primarily at fault. Every Brjiisli Columbian
entitled to the franchise should register
bis name snd in due course cast his
vote for honest administration in the
light ol:.tiie.-req,uirements of the Province. ���KumU-ops Sentii-jql.
���I-.'    .-.'    \.IH.."   '���������
���* '���-��� .t*ry E.rruptjon..     ,.
One* of the-grekt.surprjses of tiie Jate
general'elections-was .the fact that the
province ���ot- Manitoba returned only
two members in- support of the Liberal
party.'' In view Of the recent shocking
disclosures-)'the wonder is that- it returned, any. So Systematic, flagrant
and widespread was the corruption
resorted to by the .Conservatives .that
Mr. Hugh J. Macdonald aud Mr.' N.
Boyd have been forced.to vuca.e, their
���eats. By an organized and unblushing resort to ballot-box stuffing the'
will qf the,people was nullified, and
Liberal, vptes turned into Conservative
ballots. So much bus been written
about these most. d,i-*:;rui e'ul and nefarious trausi��ctioiis. altnoic ,uieqnulled even iu the worst aiiuuls ot Tory
corruption, that it 's peilinus unnecessary to say mote j but just to. give
the public something to beur iu mind,
the following extract f'-om the Globe
i* reproduced to show* bow tbe plot
was hatched and carried out iu Winnipeg:    ( ;
On the night prior to the election
five deputy reinii'iiiigofliuein met iu a I
bedroom in the Lriluu.i Hotel, 'and'
were* there instructed by one 0 B.
Anderson in the art of destroying and
substituting ballots. He first insttuc-
ted the deputies tii place it piece of lead
under the finger nail of the right hand',
and whsn counting ballots at the close
of ths pool, while iu the act of unfolding to make a mark on the back there-
of vfith the lead, thus destroying it,
and to then reject it on the count for
tbat reason. He theu told the n how
to substitute ballots. First they were
to mark a number of ballots tor Mac*
donsld snd place them folded in their
left cost pockets. When a recognised
Martin voter presented a ballot, in
testing off ths connte'rfoil they were to
iubSt,.tHt*ift)r tjje Martin ballot one
previously marked for Macdonald. He
further requested then, to initial a
number of S_llots sud pass them out
to Macdonald workers outside the poll*
thst tbey might gis. them tp -riled |
Oil Fields of kaat Kootenav
One of the various resorces of East
Kootenay wo'iing for development is
the petroleum found in the Flathead
valley, in the south ens'.ern portion of
tbis distinct.    This is a section of tbe
count, y but little known, and . is separated f oin the remainder of the dis-
liict by a hi-jh run-je of mountains.
The ne'u.-al outlet   of  the  valley   is
down the Flathead River into Montana
and the neatest railroad is the Great
Northern.       Some  y- .is ago ni.eu-
tion    was   called   to    this   section
itY ou;*h the finding of crude oil in the
possession of some Stony Indians who
annually bunted in this valley, and
tbey were induced to show some miners wheie they obtalued the oij, which
they (the Indians) were in the habit of
using as a medicine for complaints of
all kinds.   Tbe sui 'aire indications are
good, and two different qualities of oil
.have been {Obtained.   On   Kishneena
Creek, a short distance north of the
international boundary line,   a   black
oil similar to the Pennsylvania and
Ohio oil is found    But on .Sage creek
some eight miles north, tliere is found
au oil that is nearly pure of a light
yellow color, which  will  burn   in   a
lamp as it comes   from  the ground.
Close by there is natural gas escaping
from the bedrock which burns freely
ou ignition.    Some of this oil, sent to
the Geological  Museum  at  Ottawa,
caused  considerable  excitement   and
comment and was pronounced a fraud
on account of its purity.   Dr. Selwyn,
head of tbe department, made a special
trip to the valley end was surprised to
find the oil -ienu'iie, aud also that this
oil was found in the Cumbrian formo-
tion which was something unknown
as o!l hitherto discovered has heen in
T.enton L'mes one.   Dltectly due east
of S-.'te creek, and on the eastern slope
of the   Rocky  Mountains in Alberta
Ttt 'forty, the-e t��e plenty of surface
indications  of ��� cr.ide  o'l.   And  the
fiud'ag of these indications over such
u lege n-j.i, snd in tbe same formation woulil go to show that there is a
la.-ge o'l field uwsi'iog capital to develop it and we may expect thst in the
neni- mi. me  the  oil   fields  in   East
Koo-en'uy w'il be known all, over tbe
Ht-AiMi-tien ef the Bsport That Senator
Cox and Kobtrt Jaffray are Interaited.
Ottawa, Jan 22. ���It was denied that
Senator Cox and'Robert Jaffray had
secured the British Columbia Southern
railway charter in British Columbia,
but the report is firmly believed. Col.
Baker oue of the chief owners ol British Columbia Southern charter said the
task was hopeless without Federal
government aid, and he realized tbe
faot that the land grant alone would
not enable the company to make such
financial arrangements as would secure
the completion of the road. The syndicate embraces prominent capitalists
in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa.
Hon. Mr. Cox is known to be an energetic business man, and realizing the
importance to Canada of the completion of the line to Lethbridge, by way
of Fort Macleod iuto the Kootenay, a
project iii which lhe government is
equally interested, it is not likely negotiations looking to an eailey start being made on - the undertaking will
ei tber be wearisome or ' protracted.
Senator Cox will command the ear of
tha administration in this mutter, and
at the forthcoming seusion of parliament, such lej-islution may be enacted
as will ensure an early start being
made and the speedy completion of au
all-rail route from the east.
In the late war 1 was a soldier iu
the First Maryland Volunteers, Company Q. During my ii-i-in of service I
contrac ed chronic diarrhoea. Since
theu I huve used a great amount of
medicine, but when I found any that
would give ine relief it would injure
my siemach, until Chamberlain's Colic
Cholera and diarrhoea Remedy wus
brought to my notice. I u.-eu it and
will say it is the only remedy that
gave me permanent relief and no bud
results to follow. I tuke pleasure in
recommending this prepurutirn to till
of my old comrades, who, while giving
their services to their country, contracted this dreadful disease as I did,
from eating unwholesome and uncooked food. Yours truly, A. E. Benuiku,
Hasley, Oregon. For sale by Druggists
Langly A Co., Wholesale Ageuts, Victoria and Vancouver.
Sixteen-Year 014 Bieksn Tiaoeat lonriag
Ihe Werld.
One of the passengers from Nanaimo
by the Joan Thursday morning was a J.
16 year old yonth named Riobard J.
Vincent. About three years ago young
Vincent got tired of  living   in   New
Vork and has since visited countries
in nearly every quarter  of  the globe
and has been presented to many of the
sovereigns of  the  countries  visited.
The peculiar thing about these journey-
ings is that during the three years lie
has been ������on the road" he has always
had the best tbat was to be had in
transportation and hotel accomodgtion
and yet he started without a cent and
hus not accepted a cent iu cash during
his trip, and has travelled aud stayed
everywhere absolutely free. His unique
reputation for a boy of his age,  and
his truly American nerve has secured
for him all the luxuries of  life.     According to the stories he has told the
reporteis cf four con, ineuts,  when  he
wants something he tells what h*> I si
done and will do shows bis credentials
and asks for what he wants    Strange
to say he has  generally   got  it,   the
originality of his career and ambitions
and the good fortune he has had in
meeting     distinguished     personages
standing him iu good stead.
I'oa'al llegolatlona.
Ottawa, Jan. 21.- At the coming
session of pavement, a change will
jurobeblv be in,M*iu for all newspaper
inui er .rttnsnv; ed llirou-Ji the post-
office. The prese.it system ef frte
transmission has been much abused,
and unless set!on is taken tbe postal
car will soon be inadequate to carry
the "iiDwapiiper meter. During the
last month lhe postoffice department
supplied 800 bags, with a capacity of
lour bushels each, for the issue of one
newspsper out of 350. Tbis is called
educational matter, end Is carried free
for the prop- ie'tor at the country's expense. By the new rules of ths post-
office department, letters bearing ths
signature of the sender will be relumed without going to the deed letter
office. No extra charge will be made
for suoh returns.
Get your Printing done at
the GOLDEN ERA office. Neat
and artUt.o work done cheap.
Skating Without Logs.
The very latest acquisition to skating circles is a gentleman who is Unless. Sketitt's at the Mulntyre rink
were many of them not' aware of the
fact that one of the gentleman utigug
ing in the fascinating p. st>iue was
minus both lower limits.'. The- men is
Herbert C. Pierce and his home is at
Hurtuey. Man. Two or three pears
ago while out limning in the Turtle
mountains, a shot gun in tho bauds of
a companion was disehnrged into
Pierce's lejs. Dj^tors tried to save
them, but delay in auipiitution only
complicated mat'ers and brfore the
troubta was over Mr. Pierce had had
bis legs amputated five or six times.
After travelling aoout in a small car
for several months he constructed for
himself a pair of art fi ini 1'iubs. He
now wean a pair especially construe
ted for him by au American firm and
walks as well as he ever did. His success has tempted him to try his luck
on ice and he came to the city and huu
a pair of skates made 'osu'thispuieut
bus. Although he has not developed
very great speed he will soon be able
to handle his ska'es gracefully aud
good enough for all praciit.ul pirposes.
Mr. Pierce says that he w'>ll play
hockey as soon as he has acquired the
necessary control over his movements.
As a tj,oal keeper lie will stunle the
players by not using pads.   Free Press.
Rome time ago Mr. Simon Goldbaum
lit San Sui* Rey, Cal., was troubled
with ��� lams back and rheumatism. He
used Chamberlain's Puiu Uuliu aud a
prompt oure wa* effected. He says be
hss al ice advised many of lus friends
to try it and all who have done so liu. a
spoken highly of it. It is for sale by
Druggists Langly A Co., Wholesale
Agents, Victoria snd Vsncouvsr,
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is
famous for its cures of bad colds. I.
opens the secretions, relieves the lungs
andai-is nature iu restoring the system
to a healthy condition. Ii freely used
af s oon as the cold has been contacted
and before it has become settled in the
system, it greatly lessons the severity
of the attack and hus oft-m cured in V
single day what would h-ive lieen n
severe cold. For Sale by Druggists
Langly A Co , Wholesale Agents, Vic*
troia and Vancouver.
Bend To-day.
Ladies  and  gentlemen, be slivs to
yonr own interest.'1 There has recently
bee. discovered, and is now for isle by
the undersigned,  s truly wonderful
Hair   Grower"    and   "Complexion
Whitening." This -'Hair Grower"-will
actually  grow hair on a bald head in
six weeks by the use of this wonderful
���Hair Grower."     It will also prevent
the hair from falling.     By the use of
this excellent remedv boys raise an excellent moustache in six weeks. Ladies
if you want a surprising head of hair,
have it immediately by 'he use of this
"Hair Grower." We also sell a "Complexion   Whitening" thst will in one
month's  time  make you as clear and
white as the skin can be made.   We
never knew a lady or gentleman to use
two bottles or  "Whitening," for they
all  say   that before tbey finished ths '
second   bottle  they  were as white as
they would wish to be.   After the use
of this ���-Whitening," the skin will forever retain its color.     It alse removes
freckles, etc, etc. The "Hair Grower"
is  50 cents   per bottle, and the "Face
Whitening'' 50 cents per bottle. Either-
of these  remedies will be sent to any
address  on receipt of price.   Address
all orders to���
R. ft J. RYAN,
201 Division  Street, Otawa, Ont,
Cpurcli Services.
Rich Gold Deposit In Algonui.
Port Arthur. Jan. 22. - Your correspondent hus just had information us
to what appears to bethebiggest thing
yet heard of in the way of gold discoveries in Algoma. The ore body is composed of pykehotile, identical with
thut of British Columbia. A sample
of it just assayed gives $50 68 in - gold
to the ton. The ore body ie over 1,-
000 feet in length, and averages at
least sixty feel in width. The localitj
is one that has never been supposed to
be gold bearing, but is rioli iu other
minerals. It is about forty miles irom
the Canadian Pacific railway. Fun Iier
developments ate expected withiu the
next few days.
A Big Fire at Toronto.
Toronto, Jan. 21.- Fire iu the Electric Light company'* buildings on th'
Esplanade at 5 o'clock this morning,
from whence tbe light of the city is.
supplied, d'd damage amounting to
ubout $75,000, The city was in darkness immed'aely the Ota broke out.
Several men in the building escaped
narrowly with their lives, so suddenly
did the fire bie'ak out and ao quickly
spread. Damage is practically covered*
by insurance.
Prosperity was nsver. won by th.
hand or tongue of a pessimist; look
aloft and keeK the cheerful side of lije
in view. Grumble seldom; sing and
whistle often. Who veld " God bless
the man that whistles at h>s work?*'
A man who goes ub.iut with his head
cast down and eyes on the ground,
may pick np many a nickle. now an.i
then a gold piece, and perhaps someday a bank note; bnt he misses the
great blue sky above, the great given
beauteous earth about him aud the sunlight iu the nir.-Ex.
The usual evening service will be
held to-morrow in'St.. Paul's Church
.it 7:1)0 o'clorlt.'-- ��� ��� *^
Service will lie conducted in th*
Presbyterian Church ,by Rev. T. S.
Qlaxslnrd. B.A., to morrow morning
ut 10" o'clock.
Methodist service .will be held in tlm
school house to-morrow evening
at 7:110 o'clock.
Direct Route to all Eastern
Montreal and Toronto without
change of cars.
Direct connection .teum
i j
Advertising makes known to people
wants of which they were previouslv
No man can do profitable advertising milks he deals in something thut
people, want.
The. most successful, sdvertisers nre
frequently .those wbo possess no liter-
-.ry ability whatsvsr.
3aggage checked'; to European
... destination. . ,-
Special .trip
Around   the World,
. $580.00        i
R.H.S. " AQRAHGI" intended to
leave London March 17th,
1897, via Tenerlife, Gape
Town, Kelboiirne, Sydney,
New Zealand, FIJI, Hawaii,
add Vanoouver; Tickets
good for i:2 months,  i
Shortest and quickest route to
Kaslo,       ���'���������
fo China and Japan via the
���   famms Empress Steamers.
To Australia and New Zealand
via the Can-Aus. line.
Apply for particulars to
Traffic Manager,
Or to Winnipeg,
A-tr-ir Palmer Kills His Brsthar aad Wounds
His Mother and Sitter.
Nsw York, Jsn. 19.���A terrible tragedy occurred' last night at Manaronick,
West Chester County. Arthur Palmer, during a fit of insanity, shot his
brother, Leonard-Palmer, killing him
almost instantly and fatally wounded
his mother- snd sister. He. began, a
general fusilade, first turning the
weapon on his sister Gertrude. He
fired two shots at her, both of which
took effect, one in the abdomen and tha
other in the right arm. He then shin
his mother, three bullets entering her
body, two in the back and one in tbe
side. At this junction Leonard Palmer, who it is believed lieuj-d the shots
while working in the barn run into
the house. The insane man met him
with several shots, pne of the bullets
striking him lairly in the forehead.
Gertrude, the sister, managed to escape from the heuse and fied, with
blood streaming froni her wounds, to
the house of A. G Deforests, a couple
of hundred yards from Palmer's bouse.
Tbe people at this place also beard the
shots and a farm hand ran to Palmer's
to see what the trouble was. , J"|i .the
meantime the murderer hud made his
escupe. The house presented a terrible
sight. There wus blood everywhere
about the kitchen und iliuin-c room,
and from the sola on whicli jMis. Milliner lay blood ran iu a thick stream tu
the Uuoiv The mul her was suiikiM
with blood. On the llmr of the dining
room five empty shells from a 32-cali-
bar revolver w re found, showing that
the iiiHune inuu had taken time to reload the weapon befoie the appearance
of bis brother. The hour-e where the
murder uccurred is au old-fashioned
farm bouse  in  an isolated local it v.
Notice to Taxpayers.
Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax.   ..
��xx&xxxeae ttaxtia.
Hon. J, A. Lough-bed, Q,C.
)j   .   MCCAKTER.
Long-heed   A  HtcCarter,
Barristers, Advocates, Sol iters, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Hunk Montreal.
Caloabv, - N.W.T.
Northern Division of East Kootenay DlSTBIOT.
NOTICE is hereby given in accordance
with the Statutes thut Provincial Revenue Tax and all tuxes levied under the Assessment Acture nowdue foi the year 1887.
All of the above named t��-es collectable
within the Northern Division of East Koote*
nay District ore payable at ray office, the
Court House, Oolden.
Assessed tuxes are collectable at the following rates,- visi���
If paid on or before June 30th 1897:
ThreS-fltths of one. per cent on Heal Property.
Two and one-half per cent on assessed valne
of wild land.
One-half of one per cent on personal property.
On so much of the incomes of any person as
exceeds one thousand dollars the following
rates namely:���Upon such excess of income
when the sum is not more than ten thousand
dollars, one per cent: when such excess is
over ten thousand dollars and not more than
twenty thousand dollars one and one-quarter
of one per cent; when such excess is over
twenty thousand dollars, one and one-half of
one per cent.
If paid on or after ths 1st July 1897
Four-fifths of one per cent on Real property
Three per cent on the assessed value of
wild land.
Three-fourths of one per cent on Personal
On so much of the incomes of any person aa
exceeds one thousand dollars the following
rates namely-���Upon such excess when the
same is not mora than ten shousand dollars,
one snd one-quarter of one per cent; wlien
such excess is over ten thousand dollars and
not more than twenty thousand dollars, one
and one-half of one per ceut: when such excess is over twenty thousand dollars one and
three-quarters of one per cent.
Provincial Revenue Tax S3.00 per capita.
.. ������'  ���      Assessor and Collector.
Golden, January 2nd, 1897.
B.   J.   JEP1INO***,
D.L.S. & P.L.S. fur B.C. DOMINION _
Draughtsman, Valuator .etc., UALUAK V,
N.W.T.   Correspondence Solicited.
R.J.JBPII80N, D.L.S..P.L.S, of B.C. &Ont.
.C-il.imuv, Alia.
Expert Watch Repairing.
one     daughter
al live at home. Arthur is n tall,
powerful fellow, with u i-eptituiion of
being a man of great strength, but it.
considered weak mentally. He was
married two years ago and his wife
has been 'absent several weeks visiting
relatives iu Canada.
-' NOPCE.-: \.j
theUolilea Cemetery will be held at
the Upper Columliiu Company's ofli**im*.-.';., ;
Non.luy the First Uuy of 1'vb.uary
At eight o'clock iu t he evening, for the pur
nose of electing iru-teesarul ordering the affairs of thei-eiuererv generally. Owners of
full lots are entitled to vote for trustees.
-J. F. jV���M-TRo>[U,''
Guidon, 20th Jauuury, 1SU7.
Pritwoflu'-Sfeetby li{ feet is tJ.00,.
single graves 92.00.
Persons indebted to the MliieMty are re-
qiieslud to 'settle their-jiccouiits.
Coiidttcted in all its branches by
(M.N. Eug.-Inst. M.-M.E.)    ���
Samples tested up to 200 lbs.  Certificates
direct to clients.
A. J. Hopkins, Alexander Block.
Wholesale and Retail
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
4. SMART & CO.
Undertakers and
���   .   Embalmers,
Calgary   . Alba
...      ATTKNI1K1I    Til.    ...
|_. S.l
SILVER, QRES        ;
COPPER   "  ��� *   WAfiTED.
Write for prices.   Ui��eass.'.ys,~etc.
_ DRNVEH,  ��*OM��.
O-t-UUn HsapltUI 8-K.l-.t-.
From 9:80 a.m. to 11 a.m.
. ���'     '8 p*m. " 4 p.m.
ii      7    "   "  8   "
Sunday from 10 a. in. to 12 m.,and
from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Frnn  2:30 p.m.  to 8 p.m., dal
sssspt M .n-lay and Saturday.
..'"""     Bv OlIilH.
VICTORIA, by the Grace of Ged, of the
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ire-
lsnuVQUEKN. Defender oi the Faith,_c.._c.
To Our falthhd the Members elected' te
serve in the Legislative Assembly of Our
Province of British Columbia at Our City of
D. M. -berth,     -) taf HEREAS We are'
Attorney-General. S VV desirous and resolved, Jis soon as may be, to meet Our people
of Our Province of British Columbia, and to
have their advice in Onr Legislature:
NOW KNOW. YE, that for divers causes
arid --j*_��iderationi, and taking into consideration the esse and convenience of Our loving
subjects. We have thought fit, by and with
the advice of Our uxeoative Council of the
Province of British t'oluniliiu.-tohereby convoke, and by these presents enjoin you, and
each of you, that on Mou-loy,tne eighth day
o'f the month of February, one thousandeight
hundred and ninety-seven, you meet Us in
Our Mid Legislature or Parliament of Onr
suidProvince-tttOurtityof Victoria, FOR
do, ac\ and conclude upon those things
whirl-kin Our Lfeislatureflf the Province of
Britis��Columbla, by tbo Common Council of
Onr said Province may, by the favour of God,
be ordained.
In Testimonv. . Wh-rr.-Op, , We. have
caused these Our Letters'to be'made
Patent, and the Great Seal of tbe said
Province to be -hereunto affixed t i Witness, the Honourable Euoah Dewii-
xkv, .Lieutenant-Governor of Our sail
Province of British Cotortibbv hi Our
CityofVielerla, in Our said Province,
this tWenty-ninih dayof December, in
the yeur of Our Lord one thousand eight
hundred-und iiinety-six.aiid in the sixtieth year of Our Roigu.   '   ~ '
rl. J. ST^HFORm
Golden City Bakery.
Fnsh Bread Daily.
By Command.
Provincial Secretary.
NOTICE is hereby given that application
will lie maile to ths- I euislativ. Assembly of-
llritj-ili l.'iiliiinliiu at its next session for an
AVI-hi incur|it.r��tn u c.im|iauy tor the pur-
pose of i'omosucting j.*iip|iii��, niaintiiiiiinir
and onernting u railway from a point at or
near 1-nrtSteele in a luirtlme.-torlvdin-ctioii
to a point at or neat fiVldeu, with powers tu
constru.-t, oiitilp, niaintiln and operate
brimch lines 1'r.im any n.iut or points nloug
tho inaiii or branch Dues uu! also to con-
struct, en-uln, itinintain and operate telegraph and teleplmiio lines and all necessary
���mm In conni-ction udlh tlin s.-.itl railway i
with powers of acquiriiig lands, privileges,
r-ouu-.es or other iiltls from anv I'urerniuent,
miinicinal corporation or other persons or
bodies mid to nm to truffle and mlier .-.rr.iiige-
ments wiih railway,ateanilHiat or other Coin-
names: and fnr all tuber usuul, necessary or.
incidental rights, powers and privileges In
tout bohfilf
Dated this lllhday of Jumuiry, A.D., 1807
1; A. 8r. 6. HAMJIERSUy,
H6 6t Solicitor for Applicants.
MPVftlOHT* ��0.
put SSSSIH* afcatch and dMCTtpttor. mar
yeteerttlxtne. wlietber _i intention u
STSuSublft loo.ioui.ic-riuiii .incur
" ������TOjdeat eteneyfprwcurlnii patonta
_ ___.-_   Webatra a Wasnnaton om.o.
l-aSnuTtT--. throusb Muuu a Co. ntein
SeaaUfallr Idssti-tad. lanmu. ctntt-luuon of
|SrMlV��-Isok.*_aal. waaklr.wnri.liei. lesri
luSau moufba.Spaeui.an ooplM suS Uaso
BOOR OH tUTSKTS sunt tree. Address
Ml UrnSwav, New Vork.
>THIRTY-8EVeNTH YEAR.   +.*>, *
. .iNWSWiiSABt* to Minin* Men,    ,
turns- eowti m:
MOMarkstSt., Sah FsanoisoolCai.
Having been appointed "b^
the C.P.E. to inspect all
watches carried by their employees, my duties will take
me to Golden every week
alter Jan. 1st, 1897, when I
will be pleased to do any
work required by the people
of G-olden.    .,,
Canmore,      : - :     Alberta..
; Shorey's Clothing
Every garment is warranted to give satisfaction and has a little <
,, gtturantee card in the pocket. ;, J
|       Their materials are all good and every seam is sewn wjth the best ���
' > linen thread.   Shorey's Clothing is cut on such a variety of- patterns ���
',', that any figure can be perfectly fitted.   All Shorey's Bicycle Suits}
| and Spring and Fall Overcoats are Waterproofed by thi Rigby Process J
' and no extra charge for it. ���
All dealers sell Shorey's Clothing now because their customers Z
J; insist on having it. j
-- ���<��� ��� ��� ���-��<'���������������������*����������������������������>����������������>�����<>���������������������������->��<-��������� *
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may lie had from lhe undersigned or any member of the
PRICE Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half yeur.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Acting Secretary.
Job    Department
_:o:_ OF ���:o���
Manufacturers    of   !;-ash,   l^pf-ts,   Mouldfh**
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Band Rails And-
Brackets.   All sizes of a*-a��s in stock. ..'
I -The Machine and Blackt-mith ^bojiaicpiouued to do
aM kindsqfrimpairs as soon ijis'possiblo, All sizqs ol Pij*e
Fitting* and limss Q-oods on hand
I ' "  '        ''���.'���'
1   Wagon Repiiirs,  Poles; Shnffs,. Axl( s. Sj ...lus & Felices,
Hickory nnd Maple Plank.
I " '. ��� '   ':     ���
by dxmaakss. Sab, Sara aad Always r-lLbk
RlfUSB SUBSTITUTES. From all drusjlm
ar milltd, uee baa ebaarratloa, oa receipt of
11.00. SfahulpanleiilanSctau
vsd fro-a th. lac., arms and
aack la Two Miaatn, and
-rrewtB tarn dortroyid- by
arahaa. Soataya-il.saaled,
H A' f Dv^SiM^I-Ka.iu-au and
I 1 tf\ I ��V,,d- .m-Tm* >���'-""����. .-D-!
on r.ctlpt of prlc 11.00.  Agtats waatad.
*c. laaraMOMJlc��d brIMWA STB*
sCe.,Moanaal,Ca*.�� |
R-I-P-A-N-S'  **
The moclern stattJ-
ard Family Medicine:   Cures   th &!
av.-��aaa-M ;
commuii cvei-y-tia*,1 !
ill. of fiiimahisv.      i m-
HlfhMt Honor*���World** Pair,
A pure Grsps Cresm of Tartar Powder. Fret
Be Hade a Business ofD i-oying the Tander-
foet-His List of Vietimi -umber 14.
ban Francisco, Jan. Si).-Frank
Butler, the Australian murderer, whose
known victims number fourteen, is on
board the British ship S.vaiihilda,
f oin Newcastle, N. S. W., due at this
port within a week.. Ont near Farrnl,
one of the islands, the revenue tug,
Hartley, is cruising about on the lookout for the Swanliilda. Ou the Hurt-
lev are Detective MuHitti and Constable Conroy, of Newcastle, and half
a dozen deputy U. S. marshals. Detective Roche, of the colonial police, who
reached New York by way of Loudon,
Ohanae Cos-peny tells Claim* ea Phillip
Am fer (138,000.
The Oold Field* of British Columbia
Association, snd aggregation of British
capitalists, have purchased from the
Channe Mining Company several mineral olaims on Phillip Arm and in the
neighborhood. The price paid wss
"Know all Men by These Presents.
That I,  GEO. B. McDERMOT,  Merchant   of the city
Uurllnp- Note..
H. 0. Parson's rink won the final
in the Bryan A Lee Competition from
D. Rae'on Friday evening of last week.
The game was keenly contested from
stsrt to finish- and was won by ths
IsSt ihot, ths score being IS to 12.
In the 13 Point competition Osborne
defeated Whit* aftsr * hard fought,
Th* Bonihiiy Pestilence.
Bombay, Jan. 25. -The Time* of India announces since bubonic plague
ha* been ���fficially recognized by the
authorities, thsn have been 9,885
deaths from the pestilence in this city.
Ths papar also eays ths number of
deaths whioh occurred in Bombay and
are in excess of ths svsrsgs death rate
within the last five yssrs, may ssfslv
bs attributed to th* plague.
Thr** Hnndred Pariah.
San Francisco,   Jan. 24 Advices
from th* orient per steamer Osslie tell
of a terrible panic in ��temple at Kw-
ong-Tyw. Chins, in which 800 men,
women snd children perished. During
��� theatrical performance a lamp wa*
broke*, which sst the temple nn fir*.
Ths main entrance wu elosed, snd two
smaller raits wer* also choked. Of
ths forty actors in tbs performance,
four escaped.
Fesallar Fatality.
Samokin, Penn., Jan. 2.-). -Miss ]
Helen Muegrav*, of Cameron Township, is dssd, ths result of blood
poisoning caustd by moistening an en*
-slope with her tongue, sealing a letter
intended to end a lovers' quarrel. The
letter was meant for * former lover,
Herman 8bulti, of Pittsburg, in the
bops of bringing about a recnncilation.
"While sssling it she out her tongue;
but littl* sttention was paid to ths out
and apparently it healed vv>. Last
Friday, however, it began to swell and
became rapitllj worse until death.
Meantime tbe letter reached Us destination snd Sbults arrived at ber bedside
in time to bs reconciled to her before
she died.
from Ammonia, Alum or sny other adulterant, I having left Newcastle when   it   was
h.irned Butler sailed on theSwanhilda j
is steaming across tbe oontlnent to
join a party awaiting the murderer.
En route he stopped at Washington to
secure extradition papers. When the
Swanliilda arrives, officers will board
it and place Butler under arrest, if not
already In irons.
Frank Butler is easily the most desperate murderer since Jnck-the-Ripper,
His trail of blood lerds from New
South Wales to the reefs of Western
Australia. He made a business of
murder, his method being to advertise
in English and American papers to engage prospecting in the district, whicli
wss rich In minerals. A stipulation
was made that the vietiin must have
1500 capital. Of estirse many a poor
fellow fell into the trap, and entered a
pirtnership with Butler and went with
him out into the wilderness for gold,
never to re* urn.
Two days after Butler sailed from
Newcastle, the bedies ol victims were
found by a sheep-herder. Through
this mock search for gold Butler literally forced men to dig their own grave*.
In tbe pit they themselves had made,
be bnrisd hit victim;, throwing in a
fsw hand fulls of dirt. Ths shepherd's
dog sented th* bodies, snd bronght the
herder to ths spot. Ths authorities
wer* immediately notified and the
bodies taken to Sydney, where, upon
being searched, evidence was found
pointing clearly to Butler ss the mur*
derer. A few'day* before Butler took
passage on thr four-masted ship Swan*
hilda, which left Newcastle, N. S. W.,
coal laden for Sau Francisco. He took
passage under the name of Lee Welter,
ods of his victim*. Since then three
Australiad detectives have been racing
around the world to head off Butler.
He in 40 years old and rather hand
some, an Englishman by birth.
A Coatly Accident.
Camden, N. J., Jan. 28.'- The railroad accii'eut whioh occurred on the
Atlantic City Meadows lust summer,
resulted in killing fourty-four people
and Injuring about 100 more. It has
proved very costly to the railroad.
i Since the accident the company has
been settling claims for damages out.
side of conrt. It is estimated thus fur
they have paid out in damages neatly
of Golden, in the Province of British Columbia, Bargain Maker extraordinary to the people of East
Kootenay; makes the following declarations bellev
i '
ing the same to be true, etc.
An  American's View.
Prof. Bernard Bisby, of Detroit,  in
the course of a lecture on the life and
times of Marie Antoinette, held before
a large audience recently, said, among
other things, that  the  condition  of
affairs which led  np  ta the French
revolution wns almost identical with
that   prevalent   to-day in the United
States.  There money was king, people
worshipped  the golden  calf,   public
morality was at a  low  ebb,   religion
was losing  its  hold  on   ths people,
monopolies controlled ths government
and the millionaire* waxed rioher and
richer on the toil of the ill-paid laborer.   Some American instltntions were
rotton to the core,   The whole fabric
of the union needed overhauling.  God
would one day-all the nation to never*
account.   Meantime, he said, a gigantic strike waa opening snd would pro
bably occur this spring,  shaking  ths
industrial structure to its centre snd
producing  widespread   disaster   snd
rain.   Dr.   Bisby'*  remarks  created
quite a sensation.
Our "Great Picture Sale ", -which proved
so successful last season, is now in full blasts
Every Cash Purchaser buying either 10. 25,
or 40 dollars worth of goods gets a beautiful
Present Absolutely Free
of charge. "Make your home beautifnl by
securing one or more of these lovely pictures. " Hundreds are gone already although
sale has only been running a few days. Customers are delighted, competitors astounded, and the host .of cash buyers tickled to
death. ^^^ '
Bargains ?   Bargains ?   Bargains ?
A Dlaaiead Klag Dead.
Mr, Joseph Mylchreest,   who  was
ons of ths Casslsr minsrs of tbs ssrly
���t>0*, died at his boms in Pssl,  Isle of
Msn, on Dec, 29. He spent only about
a year in this province, going next to
South Amerles  and  then  to South
Africa, and after some reverses there
secured ��� fortunate less* of diamond
property,   from  wbieh   h* laid  th*
foundation of what quickly grew to be
* fortune.   He became ons of ths lead*
ing operators in ths diamond fields,
���nd at last In 1886, sold out his inter*
ssts to Mr, Cecil Rode* for  ��120,000.
Th*n he returned to the place of his
birth, on the Isle of Msn,  where his
sterling snd generous qualities appear
to h��v* wod (or bin th* respect snd
���steem of the whole community,    In
1891 he wa* sleeted s member of the
House of Keys, * position which bs
hold nntil bis dsath.    Tbs loss tbs
const-unity experienced in his death is
fittingly raprssssd in a bssntiful  "In
M*mori��m" written by hi* oslsbrstsd
fellow countryman Hi. Hall Calne,
|w th* Isle of Mu "Tlvm."-mx,
Starving In Chicago.
Chicago, Jan 22.���Men, women and
children are starving Jn Chicago in
sight ot relief because the county com
missioners do not allow the bounty
Sgeut enough help to distribute supplies
The county treasury is rich in its tur-
pulus, and there is an. accumulation of
appeals from thousands of cold snd
hungry families. These men are desperate, and the countv agent is helpless to savs ths famine-stricken women
and babes. A warning has bsen given
that the deserving poor are becoming
dangerous, snd thsir hunger is likely
to drive tbem to riots, iu which their
cry will be ������bread." Tb* men who
give this warning are members of th*
fore* of County Agent Olson.
hair least la Prison.
London, Jan. 28.-Lady Scott can
hardly be said to bs lsnguishing in *
prison cell while serving her term of
eight months' imprisonment for libel*
ling her son-in-law, Earl Russell. She
is not treated Ilk* common mortal*,
bnt like an extraordinary miedemesn-
snt. Two rooms in Holioway prison
srs sst apart for hsr use, snd are
especially furnished for hsr by her son-
in-law, Diok Russell, who psid tbs
costs of her trial. Hsr wins snd food
papers and books sre supplied from
outsids. A specially paid inatnon
wait* npon ber. Lady Scott will
shortly plead thst her hssltb is bresk*
ing down from th* oonfinment and ssk
thst ber sentence bs commuted,
Tb* Devil It D.rirt.
Lonlon. Jan. 24 -There sre two
little boy* in Germany who honestly
believe they have rid ths world of ths
devil. They live nssr Huntebury and
are 8 and 12 years of age. Th* other
day tbey were left by their mother st
horns to take care of the house. A msn
with blackened face and black attire
suddenly entered and announced " I
am the devil; where do yon keep yonr
money?" Faith and fear alike induced
them to believe the intruder. They
instantly pointed to * trunk where th*
modest wesltb of their parent* was
treasured. While ths musky intruder
was ransacking the chest the younger
boy whispered to his brother to go and
fetch the gun and shoot tb* devil dead
The brother jumped at tb* idea, fetched the weapon, crept np to the unsuspecting thief and lodged ths whols
charge in his back.   He fell back dead.
A New Woman's Epitaph.
Here lies a poor woman who always
was busy;
She lived nnder pressure thst rendered
her dissy,
She belonged to ten dob* and read
Browning by tight,   .
Showsd st luncheons and tess, snd
would vote it shs might;
Shs served on the school board witb
courage and seal,
Shs golfed snd shs kodaked snd rods
on a wheel;   ..
She read Tolotol and Ibsen, knew ml*
crobss by name j
Approved of Delsarte, wa* a " Daughter " and " Dame " ;
Her ohildren want in for th* top education-
Her husband want seaward for nervous prostration.
On* day on her tablet* she fonnd sn
hour free���
Ths shook wss too great, and shs dlsd
���Philadelphia B*cord.
We Never Had Such Bargains Before,
3oo pairs men's good strong braces at 5c., worth 30c.
Coo   *'���-    *   .   heavy wool socks ������ 10c, ������*?    20c.
3..i0 men's suits at less than half the price usually
asked for the same class of goods.
Good wool pants at $1.00 per pair.'
Our stock of
Dry Goods is Complete
and at prices that will please all.
Xmas Goods in Great Variety.
We have the largest stock of Xmas presents ih East Kootenay. All at very low
���__���__���_���_���������������������_������ WM>I-Mb
Groceries?   Groceries? Groceries?
Every department full to overflowing
with seasonable luxuries, all bought in the .
best markets and fresh. Our Teas and Coffees
are unsurpassed for fine flavour.
Easy Chairs, Rockers, Cobblers Chairs
and Fancy. Chairs in great variety.
There is not enough ink or enough paper in the Kootenay
to enumerate all the lines of goods and the different
bargains in stock, so we just stop right here and wish
you all
Geo. B. McDermot,


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