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The Golden Era Aug 26, 1898

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 The Golden Era |
Is the most widely circulated and ��
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Kootenay.   This is the paper that s
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By V. C. Lang ...
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Vanconver, II. C.
P.O. Bos 356. Tolograpbio Addressi   "ASSAY," Vancouver,!). C.
It will be remembered that some
sensation was created at Donald last
season by the discovery of a large
gold copper lead on what is now
known as Brown's creek. Several
claims were staked out on the lead,
mid it was reported that some eastern
capitalists were likely to take tbe matter up and do some development on it.
That did not come off, so certain residents of Donald took the matter in
hand themselves and have been doing
development work. Determined to see
something of the new strike wo visited
the ground the other day in company
with tbe discoverer, A. W. Brown. A
good trail takes us to Copper Creek,
about ei.ht miles out from Donald.
We don't know to what tbe creek
owes its name as we have not heard of
any discoveries there, though the float
in the creek looks as if it were iu a
likely copper country. Ou the way
we pass the shaft sunk on the Yellow
Jacket claim some years ago. What
the inducement was for doing this
work we don't suppose anybody knows
as the lead is so very small and the
quartz appears to be barren of any
is also passed on the way some five
miles out from Donald. Well we got
as far as Copper Creek. Tho trail suddenly here assumes perpendicular
form and is so steep that it is a difficult matter to get horses down and up.
The next creek crossed is known as
Grizzly Creek, and while tbe trail is
better than at Copper Creek there is
ample room for improvement. Ten
miles from Donald we come to the
Wait-a-bit Falls. Travellers generally
camp here for the night. The sight of
the Kails is a grand one, the water
falling in immense body, with deafening roar, foi a distance of 20 feet. An
excellent bridge has been built over the
Wait-a-bit this season by Mr. Brown,
and the trail is continued ou the other
side across Brown's creek, and thence
up the summit of the mountain,
is a fairly go'od one as far ns the summit it is.a perfect terror from there to
the head of the creek below the camp.
Down the meutainside it is in places
perpendicular, narrow and langerous,
while at the bottom there are such bog
holes that it is nothing short of
cruelty to animals to put tho horses
over it. Only $150 was granted for
the work by tho Government and
Mr. Brown has hnd to do the rest.
This includes the bridgo over the
Wait-a-bit, so that with the extent of
ground that had to be covered it is not
surprising that Mr. Brown reckoned
be eould give no more time to trail
building than necessary, and had to be
satisfied with a means of access, leaving a better trail for futur.; consideration. There is nn doubt at all that an
exc llent lit e of trail can be got by
following Brown's Creek, though it
may be more expensive to build.
The bed of the eteek is no sooner
reached than the mineral character of
the country becomes apparent, being
cut in all directions by quartz stringers, while the creek bed is full ot float
carrying mineral, mainly copper.
Within a mile of the head of ibe creek
a turn is made for
which is a little below the summit of
the mountain. This necessitates a
c'imb up a creek bed for a height of
something like 3,500 feet. The camp
is reached at last, and after dinner we
proceed to explore the ground. Numerous stringers are seen to traverse the
monntain side, outcropping here and
there. There are also two series of
leads in the vicinity of the camp.
One, the more northerly, is evidently
a copper-bearing series, while tbe
other gives more promise of oarrylng
the precious metals. The first consists
mainly of two leads, each four feet, in
width, out-cropping on the summit, nt
a point 7,.'100 feet above sea level.
These leads are situated in a dyke of
porphyry, which rises between the
limestone snd the talcose schists common to that part of the country.
From a bluff on the Gid's creek side of
the mountain it can be seen that theso
run into one another at a depth of 200
feet below the summit, forming one
lead, which could be easily developed
below the point of junction for lot 0
feet. A short tunnel on this vein
would show at small cost whether it
is of any commercial value, and as to
what the extent of that value is. This
lead ia altogether undeveloped as yet,
bat that it is a strong body is evident
from the fact that it traverses the
country across Gid's creek on one side
of the summit and across Brown's
creek on tbe other side, and there nre
several claims located along its course,
so that its extent is well-known.
That the loud is mineral bearing is
evident from the largo amount of flout
quarts, carrying considerable pieces of
chalcopyrite, found in the bed of the
creek below.
has a strike ol 70 west of north, with
a dip of 20 to the west. The strike of
tbe porphyrv dyke and the leads therefore conforms to that of the country
rock, which is however cut by the dip
of the leads as the country rock dips
at an angle greater by ten degrees.
The second series of mineral bearing
rocks lies to the south about half a
mile. The indications of ore in thesr
rocks aro entirely different from the
other, as the stringers abound in specimens of grey copper, galena, and iron
pyrites, whicli is certain to be gold
bearing. It. is in this series of rocks
that development work is being done
ut present. A drift has been run for n
distance of fifteen feet into a ledge said
to be three feet in thickness, but whicli
appears to bo only a stringer of tht
main lead, and this, in that event,
will probably be found farther south
than the present workings. Seven
claims have been located by Donald
people on these ledges. Messrs. Brown
and Lantoy own the Copper Xing and
Mary Ann claims; Messrs. Forrest
and Vye the Union Jack; Donald
Prospecting Association the Sno'.vflukc;
Mr. Manuel the El Dorado; Messrs.
Pitts anal Leo the Eureka; and Messrs.
Lee and Brown the Copper Queen. We
picked up some fine prospects of galena
and gold-bearing quartz on the El
Dorado. Wood and wuter are plentiful, and the location is a capital one
for a mine should further prospecting
reveal deposits of value.
To Klondike  Find. No  Favor In the
R/v*  of    Mlettfarg.  Lliottt and
Summit of the Kockv Mts.
225 miles N.W. of St. John,
May 1st, 1898,
Editor op The Golden Era :
Dear Sir,- I write you a few lines
to let you nnd friends know of our tri|.
nnd all about tho Edmonton route to
We left Calgary on the 24th day ol
January with our horses and outfit
We proceeded about 20 miles north of
Edmonton to a ranch, giving oats lo
our horses three times a day tu
strengthen them. We left thereon
February 21st and made Lesser Slave
Lake in 16 days. Resting 3 days we
made Peace ttiver Landing in i)J days,
Dunvuaan in 4 days, aud Fort St.
John in 7 days, in all from Edmonton
tJ St. John in 31J days. We left tit.
John on April 1st, going up Peace
river 30 miles, then up Half Wi-y
river to the secoi d fork, and then up
thesecond fork to head waters of saint-,
thence overland to tbe summit which
we reached 10 days ngo. We will have
to wait here till the snow goes down,
probably 10 days or more. We are
about 60 miles from Fort Graham on
Findley rivor. When we reach there
wc will go on to Pick Lake into which
the Black or Mood river flows, and go
d-iwn it and up the Liard to Lake
Francis. We are ahead of all patties
which left Edmonton overland and arc
camped where the California outfit
which left Edmonton, Aug. 2nd, 1897,
were. From Fort Graham to Pick
Lake is about 100 miles. People don't
need to rely ou maps, they are not correct and we have seen a good many of
them. The route is no good, nothing
but morass all the way and lots of
places no road or trail. We travelled
on ice nearly 600 miles. There were
at loast 1G0 outfits on the trail, we
passed them all and here we are within 60 miles of Inspector Moody and
police who were sent out by the government last summer, and we will get
ahead of thein. Dead horses lie all;
along the trail by hundreds. One out- J
fit alone lost 126 cut of 13,. head. We
have not lost a horse but we carried
oats all the way till April 10th, and
we have good horses, Each horse
hauled liOOIbs on toboggans. All the
outfits behind us are building boats on
Peace river and are taking the water
route from there. Nobody can follow
us, being too late, as the Smoky river
was hreakiug up as we passed. We
came up Peace river nearly 300 miles
and ovei 200 miles on Half Way river.
We have not seen a single miner on
Peace river. There is very little gold
ou the east sides of the Rockies. Tito
Ashcroft route is the best unless there
<S a route along the Columbia valley.
I pity people who leave Edmonton
with pack horses in the spring as most
of the trail is morass.
My partner, Ed. Kenny nhused tho
Edmonton overland route all the way.
Ho is after a mooso now trying to run
him down,
J. N. Lhote,
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World's Monster
imumtmmmamimmmmmmmmmmmmmmm      WShoWsi#|
3 Ring Circus, 5 Continent Menagerie,
Trained Animal Exhibition, Real
Roman  Hippodrome, Free
Horse   Fair.
Surely comiii��* and positively exhibit at
The Mighty ovalapns, tlio rarest, strangest,
awfulest of all the mighty monsters of the great dee]).
RAJAH, the biggest brute on earth, a towering giant.
The very lord of beasts. Taller, longer, weighs mine,
cost more than any elephant evar captured. Bigger
than the famous Jumbo.
Capt. Santiago, High Diver, the. world's highest
diver; actually flings himself backward from the
highest point ever dived from.
Little Edna, the girl wonder. The only lady turning
forward and backward somersaults on a bareback
horse. A challenge of $10,000 to any one whocan
produce her equal.
Racing- Steers, a great novelty.
If 10 exalted circus champions in 150 supreme acts.
World's Menagerie, complete, largest, greatest.
KITTIE KRUGER, the only lady -1- and G-hors rider
in the world.
Whole droves and herds of animals. Giant Camel, Long
Maned and Tailed Horse, Baby Hippopotamus, Baby
Lions, Serpents and birds.
A grand free street parade every entry day at 10 a.m.
High Dive, 10:30 a.m., and 6:S0 p.ni.
Excursions on (J. P. Railroads. All tents water-proof.
Doors open at 1 & 7 p.m.     Performances at 2 & ti p.m.
607 an26
K*''*2i^\*ii?Xt,KS\d\+Xj.>\J'\*.i^'X&J\JiJ><>. - -.a.":--.!./-''...-, Viiv. -I
For�� Grehpm,
June, 8, 1898.
Hue we are nt last through the
mountains and bog, safe away up the
Findlay river. The police aro not
back yet from where they went nfter
horses to Stewart Lake. It is quite a
distance yet to Dease river landing
between 200 and 3C0 miles. Will let
you hear again from there.
Yours truly,
,T. N. Lhote,
Ed, Kenny,
| C. A. WARREN, ��� ���
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Correspondence 'is invited oti matters of
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the writer must be enclosed, not for publication, but for the private information ofthe
odltornntl as a guarantee of good faith. Auv
letter received later than Wednesday will
have to stand over till thu following issue.
The Golden Era Companv Limited Liability*
A convention of the opposition mem*
bers-elect for the purpose of selecting a
leader and the discussion of other
important matters, is being held at
Vancouver today.
Says the Nelson Tribune: "Tho
events of the past week have demount rut oil that the opposition party is
rather well knit together and that the
members of that party consider themselves strong enough -to handle the
affairs of tho province without the
assistance of Hon. Robert Beaven or
any other outsider."
WU-C flSolbcu i&va
(Edited  by T- A. HAQOBN.)
FRIDAY, AUGUST 26, 1898.
lis going to lie our Banner Year.    "We
tare wide open for business, and
���luniking new customers evory day.
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Kennedys Kergan
Cor. Michigan Ave. and Siiefby St. f
The-Province says : " An instance
uf how loosely the laws of the province
havo been drawn by the late government has been brought to the notice of
the public through the-proteut-s entered'
after tho recent elections. In the reply
to tho protest entered against the election of Col. Baker, Messrs. Tapper,
Peters & Potts, as counttel for Col.
Bul;er, ask that the ..petition be die*.
tni-ssed on'lhe grounds, among others,
* tliat the supreme court had not had
conferred on it any authority to try
election petitions; that the officer required hy thu act to he appointed by
tho chief justice to attend to the pro
-limlnaries in such ea-ses has never
been appointed, and that, while the act
inquires tho security for costs to bd
deposited in the Bank of England, the
money has not been so deposited.'
"This odd position ot affairs arises
from tho fact, that the British Columbia statues provide that when no local
act has boen passed tho Britmh-fltatutes
tire te 'be followed. Ju a matter so
vitally important as this, the government neglected to pass the neetfisnry
legislation, and. ns a consequence,
when protests are entered, tlie form o(
proceedure is identical with that of
the English courts, although nothing
is so-plain as the fact that regulations
which might meet tho requirements in
the old country, might be wholly un-
suite 1 to the conditions bore.
" Of course the contention is that no
one would expect the phraseology of
tho British act to be taken literally
hero. For instance, when litigants
pay money into court in England, they
pay it into the Bank' -of "England.
Mere the process is to pay it directly
into court. It is hardly likely that
auy judge would dismiss a petition on
such a ground as this, but t lie .absence
of au act flamed to suit local conditions shows the extraordinary enro-
lessness with which tho affairs of the
province have boen administered."
A despatch from Victoria says that
Col. Baker will rosigu his seat and
retire to pastoral lifo at Cranbrook.
Ex-Premier Turner finds that his business interests will nocassitate his retirement from public life. Ho will
probably leavo fur England shortly.
Whilst in office, the Turuerites were
very patriotic, but sitting in Opposition lias no charms for thein.
In a recent issue the Montreal Witness says: ''Mr, Martin quitted Dominion politics and went to British
Columbia where lie has speedily
emerged from the main crowd and become one of the lenders, if not the
principal leader of the opposition. Mr.
M art in> chose the right side iu.provincial politics, for there certainly wus
need of a change of government, the
iniquities of some of the members of
the Tumor government, including
those of the .premier,-having attracted
the attention of even the London
SEALED TENDERS addressed to the
Postmaster General, will be received at Ottawa until noon, uu the 28rd September, 181)8,
for the conveyance of Her Majesty's Mails on
proposed contracts for four years once per
week-eaoh way between
Golden and Windermere,
Fort Steele nnd Windermere,
from the 1st November noxt.
Printed notices containing further Information asto conditions ot proposed aontrtiets
may be neon and blank forms ot touder may
he obtained at tho Post Offices of -ooldou,
Galena, Columbia Valley, Sinclair, Thunder
Hill, Fairmont Springs, Port Steele,.and at
this office,
P, O. Inspector,
Post Office Inspector's Office,
*\ ictonia, B.-U.,
12th August, 1888, M6s3
Hon. F. W. Aylmer     President
W. O. Mitchell-Junes Vice     do
W. O. Neilson, J. V    do      do
E. Johnson  do      do
E. A. Haggen Secretary-Treasurer
THie ���reirubir meetings of tho association
will tio hold on tho first Tuesday in evory
month at the Columbia Ifeuso, Uolden.
All possible information will bo furnished
by the association upon application to
E. A. IlAGOBN, Sec, Oolden.
"���        EACH Pt/SSTEII IN ElJ^ELCD
' ���"Dim���B* ma 25,*s0 "IIYWD*
���IaME2��-=>      rolls toe'i.oo      i
j~^ K$lMNCEC(y
J iyxwtf.rur.Eis       no.-trecALT
The following ia the view taken by
Toronto Telegram o[ the.proceedings of
flie Tumor --government prior to the
elections and its opinions upon that
conduct and its results : ''The Turner government readjusted the constituencies of British Columbia to suit
itself, went to the people nt the lime of
its own choosing, Sounted in two men
elected ils-iudependenis, and prtlOtioHlly
usurped two seats iu the Cassiar district, and, iat that, could only muster
as inuuy members'in 'the new legislature as tho united opposition. British .
Columbia .hod been so gerrymandered ASS3V3T3     &     0f<8'i?ii3t$
-. -a -._ jail J .
Cuqqirjgliam h JIarVey
(Ij.it:- of Vuncouvei)
An extra of the British Columbia
Gazette Issued lust Saturday contained
tho appointment of Charles A. Semlin,
of Cache Creek; Francis L Carter-
Cotton, of Vanoouvor ; Joseph Martin,
of Vuncouvei-; Hubert E. MoKechuio,
of Nanuimo, and J, Freda Hume, of
Nelson, aa members of the Executive
Council, and ot Hon. J, Frocl, liuitio ��h
Provincial Secretary anal Minister o!
Mines. Notice was ulsogivon rcitv'ln'l-1
ing tho a]apoiuttuouts of Hon, Josoph
Martin os Acting Provincial Secretary,
and Hon. F, L, Carter-Cotton as acting
Minister of Mines.
Hon. J. Fred. Hume, Provincial
Secretary and .Minister of Mines, was
horn in Jacksonville, Carleton county,
N 13., on Aug. B, 1S30. Ho was married at Kcvolstoke in 1891 and is one
of the best known and most popular
men In British Columbia. Ho first
engaged in business iu this province
at Gulden in 1SM4, finally locating in
Nelson in 1888. Mr. Huano was first
I elected to the Legislature in 18IH.
D ontiy Cured with Onullottlo.
A ^rea*.cnreiiud a ffreat testimony. "For
t^n j ears I puffored greatly frotn Hoart
Dine me, fluttering of the Heart and .Smoth
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'   BoldhyC.A.'Warion.
that a 'majority of tha papular vote did
not ensure a ^majority in tho legislature ; hut tho opposition seemed a
majority uf thn popular vote, aud the
results cf the election reduced theanin-
Utora of the crown to tlieranks of
conspirators against the will of the
people. Lieutenant-Governor Mclnties
would have boon false to any true idea
of duty if he had sat idle and allowed
a discredited ministry breathing time
of several mouths to le spent in the
hard work of using the country's
money in a desperate effort to purchase
a majority which it could not. tecum
at the polls. Going outside the legislature for a premier to undertake'the
formation of a government is an unusual,but not unprecedented exercise of
discretion. Oliver Mowat was not in
the legislature when he was entrusted
with the duties of premier in.stTcce.s-
sion to Edward Blake."
A11,work tion in duplifate a'd �� nar
ran t ed. A port ou of each sample
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Why Not Buy the Best?
Every woman wears
a crown who. ia the
mother of a healthy
baby. The mother of
a puny, sickly, peevish baby bears a
cross. It rests with
every woman to decide for herself which
kind of a mother she
will bL'.
The womau who
takes the right
care   of   herself
3 during the months
preceding maternity may rest
content In the as-
Rur-mca* that her
liaa by will be a
stttjiiir, healthy,
happy aane.   The
* ACHE, ir.T-.8K.aa. on Eircaria*., *
5       PERRY OAVI8 A SON.
^tna-i    Windermere.
T.iyntou ft. tlordon Props.
Good accomodation for pro.pcctors and
Freighters.   First-class mealB.
ftf Rater: XlonKBATE,
M   })    f/j^   	
y^ Ljjs^ rt-*. woman who Buf-
V^-v \r a   A*..**   few   front  disur-
~^^\j^-y^ }<Wr" of llie tlia*
tinctly   feminine
nvaniitn dining (liin cHileal period, and
ihilfi lo resort 'o ihe ri^:*.t rciucav, i# pretty
iure t'i huve a puny, pttvlnh, sickly baby,
born into the world with the needs br weak-
news ami disease already implanted in its
little body. Dr. Tierce's Favorite Prescription fa the bent of all medicines for
prospective tu'otherri It imparts health,
ttrengtb, vigor, and elasticity lo the deli-
cate aud important organs that bear the
brunt of motherhood. It prepares a woman for tbe time of trial and clanger. It
itrengthewsand invigorates, and insures the
perfect .well-being and absolute health of
both mother and child, it does away with
the squearainlmeBfi of the interesting period. It makes sure an ample supply of
nourishment for the little new-comer, it
transforms weak, sickly, nervous and de-
spoudt'iit invalids into healthy, happy
wives mid mothers. Thousands of homes
tn which b.ibi.'�� mice came to stay but for a
brief day and then die, now bless this wonderful medicine for the gift of linppy,
healthful babies,
The dealer who tries to persuade yon to
take noiue other medicine, than that you
risk fur insults your Intelligence,
" The lust doctors in Kntioss City told me that
unless I went to ths hoi>pllfll nud hid an operation performed I coiiU) not live," writes Minn
Hroonie Galloway, ol wilder, jtihnwu Co,,
Knns. "I had ulceration and weakttem; nnd
each month I would >,--?t dawn in lied and suffer
Severely lor twenty-four hours. Four bottles of
your * rnvorite Prescripiion ' cured me."
For cur.stf nation--Dr. I'ieice's Pellets.
Advertise in the GOLDEN ERA
For Information ��nd f r��a Handbook write to
Otdent bureau for securing patents In America,
Every puteia taken out by us Is brought before
the public by a notice given free of ohaf|�� in thg
Smvtffit American
Lftrooflt ctroulat.ton of star .elenttfle piper In tb,
world. Spleualaalla- lllaasiraaieal. No tiatelltareaal
nun ihould baj wttlaout it. wttltr. 83.00 *
T"aar: ILfiOstT tnoratbs. Aatdreiia MUNN & CO..
fra,--mania* Sttl liroad-ik-y, Now Tort Uu.
The MUNSON possesses
many points of superiority
over all other writing machines. The most durable
typewriter manufactured.
aVilalrcss for particulars,
The Munson Typewriter
ill anal 00 Wonalrll St,
517 Cltic.-tKO, 111.
The Great Pain Reliever
Superior to All Others.
It   rt'lif-vpa   the  pains  atitl  nclieB tha
minute 'it'i'-lldd.   It, Ouren;���
Muscular Swellings,
Sore Back or Side,
Scalds, Burns,
C.halLblaiTW, 'etc.,
Sore Throat,
Sore Chest,
Cold on the Chest,
Coughs, Colds, etc.,
Can Im nsaicl internally as well as ex*
trruaill.v.    HltllairOtls ta��tify to its
Miipictil relief.    Xo hon.c shoulal
bo without it.
Soial lay all dettlers.   25 cts, *&ltc
7,000   BIGYGLES
cairietl over from 1897 niiiKt bo saLri-
ficeal now. Now Hinl> Grado, all
Satyles, best equipment, guaranteed.
$9.75  to   $17.00
Used wheels, late models, all makes
$3.00  to   $12.00
Wo ship on approval without a cent
payment. Write for bargain list und
art catalogue of swell 'H8 models.
Bicyclo free to advertise them, liuler
agents wanted. Learn how to earn a
Bicycle und make money.
J. S. Mead Cycle Agent,
4.">7se'l30 Chicago, III.
. . Robert Dodds . .
OoldiMi B.jt*
���W "   "*
Will   start   business   next  wepk   in
Business Cards.
Builder and Contractor,
-   -   -   -   Golden, B. C.
A supply of  Building  Lime
For Sale.
Plans prepared.   Prompt attention given to orders. 26to
Hon. F. W. AYLMER, C. E.
Provincial .1,,,-inil Surveyor,
Sub-Agent Dominion Governmont.
Agont Dominion Townsite, Oolden.
Special attention to Minoral Claims.
HOI otlk>e, Alexander Mock, Goldon.
...Mining Engineer..*
M. Ain't) Inst. M. E.
Agont for obtaining  Crown   Grants,
<1oiii��fU)uiml ussesment work, etc.
Afldre88 :      (jol-tlen, It. C.
Clarence Hersoy,
Assayer and Chemist,
(Established 187'.)) L.E ADVIL LB, COLOHADO
��� Samples by mail or express receive
prompt attention.
Spceiiurn AsiMiy I'rieos:��� Gold, silver and
lead, ��1; any two of the above, 75c; anyone
of the above, GOtij copper analysis, 8!: plati-
li'iui, nickel or tin, So. Write for full price
.list and mailing envelopes.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for tha
admission of .patients,
TICKETS may be bin] from the uiideia-.
sigtied or any member of tliu
PRICE- Ten Dollars per your or Si*
Dollars per half year.
NO FATaltA-Soxi-ipt private wards.
0. K. -PARSON,
Acting Seoietiuy.
Golden    Era
.   .   .   ANB   .   .   .
3. C. Blining Record
AVill Lo srnt to any address on
leueipt of SU.OU whicli covers
a years subscription to both
The imperial Life
Assurance Ccmpany
Of Canada.
CAPITAL   STOCK,   $1,000,000.
S'-J'-O.OOO Deposited with Dominion
Government    for  Seourity
of   Policy   Holders.
Prosi'lent���llon. Sir Oliver Mownt.
Yii'e-I'i'oaaialeut���.loiaopli W, Flavollo  E��q.
Mana^in^ l)ivets,or���1'\ G. Cox.
Agent, Golden, fi, C,
HO I'll E    CUBE confidential.
Healthful, safe, inexpensive home
treatment for alcoholism. No hypodermic injections; no publicity, nolo s
of time from business uud a certainty
of cure. Consultation and rorrcspon-
free and
FOR D81RK. London, Out. He'-
ferenccs ss to Dr. MoTnggftrt's professional integrity permitted by Sir W.
R. Mt'icilith, Chief Justice; Hon. G.
W. Ra)R��, Minister of Education J 0.
W. Yorker, banker j U. S. Strothy,
manager Trailers' Bank.
Particulars can lie obtained on reference to the Editor of The Com em
Miller's building.
Subscribe to the Oolden Ek.v und
help to advance the interests ol tie
district, Send $2 for a year's subscription!
3 M i>��' vSrfPffiWjdS1*
r*^T7i  ^VSmb ���*"* *���"*- "**���mmm ���      *
1  '4 MO.M3J.
tlhoRfftl Fx��o: Vat;
s rrollMJtld<J}l* J^f?
  Hi*AiM*o*A m*A m*A *m\im% '���* ***
BSuod for our u<j--v tM*-)H {'utnloatm.
iilustrpiG.l In cotwii, Ciiitolaing full
(]��� s^rliitit'Dr. of nil o>iv Pliitnin nml
OriCHMi-     IW-W'tH ��-��'i��� me
n:\\y Urn of twtunl inftwili.ctutors
--.���w ~ si'i'illri; s?t**lHs"ivfly t�� ti:�� t:'!��<>rwl
Bx��:-***��*-#f,uMl(. (lift;r!. ;it f.'i��.��rv co��t���U
(uo foi" l,f'��f ii-f.i*y.    "'i-:J;!'':v"J':i\ Aa*"��i*':
to lunrlutH'r (ilium ntt't'd.
1iriTiiv,vciff!"-bui- *.MiV yww'binkj
miv iMi.k.t.ifciii'.'i nf fi.:. tar i, or of nrj
���nf tljn in-iltiiii-.il. ..I i'niri.r,.s who li-ivo l-'ir
cl'.3*l'rt mil!!, im ol d-MUU-f worth of llwtro-
inuiitjifi-ciii im tlaHnn unnrly 60 yi'n;.J.   v*>T
nowbnak 'Tlio n. ������.���! of I It.. IVnpU', '""�����""
Iti.7�� thoiiro.d r.yii.u rcftTi'iit"", *n�� ' '������'
CORNI23H  & CO.,
W��m.frtctuM r- of A-MPrtorn ^���it,a^,A\j^Yr^a1^-
^~hfeNDf^V'tv.'i'rt!'**.'i!'-'ri:>;i (���'���;��� ,'aii'���       	
itlur t'tf-I'Mfiimri-hli. i'l:.., ty **, i^fy,.
which nuv oiiii enn oit.div t.ljlnfn a i    ''iiral
;-����iui:sa vii.ii.siii a #...,iorMih*iJ&wm
l'i-?. Full osi'iH-uutirtii vt\r< t-Tiiry c |25'apW
.Mtalovae. - _^ ^.^^^.^Ji   ���
A Great
Copper  Bonanza In East
'The Mines' Development, Trust and
Guarantee company have taken hold
��� of  and  are  developing a tremendous
-copper property about four and a half
miles   west  of Windermere  in East
-Kootenay.     Four claims are included
in the group, of which the Swansea is
'the main one.
There are  three shafts in this pro-
\ iperty at  intervals on the vein of   150
-feet.   Shaft No. 1 shows in the bottom
Jour feet of  copper carbonates of an
��� average   value of  24 per cent copper.
At shaft No. 'i tho ore  is ,'10 feet avido.
.'Samples assay from G per cent to iiO
per cent copper. This is said to be
one of the moat wonderful blowouts of
'Copper ever seen. -Shaft Nc. 8 is doavn
'SO feet and shows four feot of mineral
averaging 15 per cent copper.
The nvcrago value of the vein matter
all over is about 15 per centum. Aud
thcie are already 150 tons of high
--shipping grade ore ou the dump. It is
tho intention of the Alines' Develop-
ment to sink shafts No. 1 and 2 to a
i .uniform depth of 75 feot. and connect
them by a drift at that level. And
work haa already been started with
this end in view. The vein is a true
1 -fissure and contains an immense ton-
^.lutge of.ricli copper ore.
Arrangements have been made with
the Canadian Paicific railway for a
'���through rate from Windermere to
['Trail by water and rail. At the
smelter this ore on account of the'hlgh
i copper value will command a very high
1 premium and the mine can be worked
[ajit A profit from the first.
���Later on. when   a  subsidiary com-
^ipany has been formed, a Jong working
'tunnel   is   contemplated,   which   will
open up tbe ground from end to ond.
It is highly creditable to the energy
.and  enterprise  of  Rossland that the
men coiiRccteal with the exploitation of
this ureat prospect are all citizens of
(IRosslnnd.    And there can be no doubt
that they cau be depended on to open
dt up in a  workmanlike way, and add
another   gr.-at   proalucer to the mines
1 aotganized in and managed from Ross-
i aland. ��� Rossland Leader.
-Moro   lVn->Ii>   nro   Toviura-1   by
P.i-.i-ys  of  Kl.aaiuii.arisaii   Than
Any Otlier Gauia).--Thero Is a Cure
Frjiu the Aalvortiser, Ifartlnnd, N.H.
Mr. R'chard Dixon, of Lower
Brighton, is one of the most prosper*
ous and best known farmers of Carle-
ton county, N.H.    J.i .Tune, .1897, Mr.
, H.xoii was seize.! with au attack uf
rheumatism, anal tor six weeks lay
aboil suffering all the tortures of this
.terrible  disease.     He  e;reiv so weak
' 'that he was unable to turn in bed, anil
his friends almost dosp.iirod of his
recovery. At this stago one of his
friends, who lut'l been oured of trie
.-same disease by the uso of Dr. Will'-
lia-ns' Pink Palls, urged Mr. Dixon to
give thein a trial, which advice was
followed. Almost from the day Mr.
Dixon began the use of tho pills an
Improvement was notul. Previously
ihis appetite had almost completely
fttiled aud the tirst. igu of lettiriiing
health was a frequent feeling of hunger. Then the pains be.-.an to leave
him, and bis strength gradually returned an*l after using alio t a dozen
Pronounced Incurable by Doctors, But Made Strong and
Well by Paine's Celery
Wells k Richardson Co.,
Gkntlemun:���Having been given
up to die some time ago by some of the
best doctors of the United States, I
came to Canada last autumn terribly
ill, and had lost all hope. Suffering
agonies from inflammatory rhe mutism, I was strongly urged to use
Paine's Celery Compound. I gave it a
trial as recommended, and the first
bottle did mo so much good I continued
with the medicine until I had used
seven bottles, when I found myself
perfectly curol; indeed, I never felt
better iu all my life than at present.
I use  every   possible  mcuns to tell
others of   Ptiine's   Celery Compound,
and   will   alwavs  recommend   it   to
those troubled with rheumatism.
STours very truly,
Ronton Pond, P.y.
What the   Winnipeg Froo Pre,* Say,
The performance in the rings and
on the platform was all of it good and
some of it extra good. In the latter
class would fall the bareback riding of
littlo Edua, who perforins the difficult
feat of turning a somersault on the
back of a galloping horse A very
taking act was that by two artists, one
of whom held up a long slippery pole
while the 'Other performed various
pretty feats upon tho top of it. Two
iaaly acrobats did some balancing work
on the trapoze, even swinging through
a wide arc while standing upon the
bar. Two-sets of threo men did soino
very good tumbling feats. The flying
ladder and .flying Tings were both
entertaining, as was the pefortnnnce of
tavoof the acrobats in Hying leaps,
the Uttor heing tho best exhibition of
the kind ever seen hero, A little squad
of clowns played hnseball with firecrackers ��nd in other ways created
amusement. Four traineal horses did
some very clover work In tho rinu, A
team of four, two gent la-men and two
ladies contributed a series of tumbling
the j acts. The show elided with the usual
. | hippodrome races, Including the Rom-
j an'chariot race,pony race, man against
' horse, mulerace/otc.
iiu tho menagerie the finest specimen
of elephant flesh ever seen in the city
was on exhibition. R ijah was cap-
tured on the Island of Singapore and
brought to America in 1892. He is!
only 28 years of age and is a kinely I
follow. He st..nds two inches ta'ler
than Bat mini's Jumbo and weighs 2 -
GOUlbs. more. He eats about l.OOOlhs.
of hay a day and appears to thrbe
upon it. His Iocs are chained to stroi g
stakes, as Rajah is not always in the
b st of humor and must not be Eiven
a ly freedom. He has two coinpnnionr,
a male and a female, muoh smaller.
The fa ma'e is 75 years of age and I ea-.s
the sweet name of Jennie. She is a
native of India; the other male is 2S
years obi and is from B.trmah. Tbe
boxing kangaroo was a bin attraction.
This unique animal has the g'ovei
placed upon her forepaws and gives an
exhibition that is not only amusing
but wonderful. There is a caire of
lions, three femahs, and two nialer.
Ono of those was born on the night of
President McKinley's election.     Ther
We beg to announce that wo have
obtained another gasoline tank and
are prepared to perform all work in
our line at the shortest possible notice.
Assayers and Chemists.
Golden, B.C., Ang 18th, 1898.       610
Under section 83 of tho Mineral Act, 1806,
the interest of Charles Van Nous in the mineral claims Copper King, Anaconda, St.
Laurence, Mother I.ixle, Eureka, Bluebird
and Alaco will liosolai by Miction, sixty days
. unless the sum of 8878.77 bo paid
after alato.	
to tuo forthwith,
Golden, ll.t'., Aug, 8th, |898.       ouo-Kl
a TICK.', hereby given Hint sixty (110)
days after alate 1 inteaal to apply to tho
Chief C'eimriissiiinei- of Lauds and VVorks
for permission to purchase tuo acres of
land on the South sido uf Finlay Creek,
East Kootenay, II. C.| described as .foi-
Commencing atn nest on the S, W. corner
of Lot 14, U. I. East Kootonay, marked
"15. L. Brady's S. E. corner", thence
North 80 admins ; thence West ttj clinics;
tlieiu'o South St) chains, snd tlionee East
80 chains moro or loss to initial post E.I..
E. L. itRADY,
By James Brady.
, . Atrent.
JlllySath, 1897, iS-Ml
Livery and Feed Stables
Good Saddle Horses and
Rigs of ell kinds for
Hire at Reasonable Rates.
Teaming of all kinds a specialty.
A. C. Hamilton,
,   GOLDEN, B. C.
Wholesale antl Itclnll
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Upper Columbia IWgatioi] & Tram-
Way Co., L't'd, and
Iqiernatioqai  Transportation Coy.
Connecting with C. P. R. at Golden B. C, and
lireat Northern Railway at Jennings, Montana.
The McMurdo Mouse,
ClIAS.   C'AI'TWItHillr,   PlIOPItlETOIt,
(iolita-n Blarhi'tH.
Wheat SI.CO to $1.05
Oats   O.fiOto   0.G8
Barley  0.25 to  0 80
Beef (live) .,  i SO to  4.75
Beef (dressed) -S.fiOto  H.50
Pork (li ve)   5.50 to   0. a')0
Pork (dressed)  8.00 to  8.00
Mutton 10.00 to 10.CO
Butler   0.25 to   0..').")
Bgga   0.2ft to   0.50
Hay (baled) 17.00 to 20.00
Hay (loose). 14.00 to 14.CO
Potatoes    0.75 to   0.!)0
Good accommodation for Miners.
Best Brands of Liquors Kept.
Saddle or Pack Horses for Sale or Hire
Direct Route  to  Fort Steele.
Steamers leavfl   Golden Tuesday nntl
Friday mornings at 4  a. tu.   Connect
at   Windermere with Stage for Fort
S'eele and Wnrdner.
The only quick and comfortable route,
Consignors will bo charged with
way freight between Goiden and  Win-
doimiere tit which  point a'Company's
Eigont will be stationed.
Ail freight und olmrgcs on  Roods to
Wfudermero and points   beyond will
have to lie paid to the Com pony's agent
at Windf rmert* before rteiiv<>i*y of goods,
DaggORO allowance on Steamer lliO lbs,
for adult; allowance on Stage 2i) His.
ij*er ncliih. fff desired extra baggage cau
I* forwarded by express team ��t express
rates (10 cents per pound).
Address all express cure of V. ('. Co', Golden.
C. II. Parson,
Tho British Columbia Review,
Mining Journal mat Coautiercial
iiecoril.    Published in -London.
��� Subscript Ion, $2 50 per annum.   Subscrlp*
tinii-i mid ���ulverii.-ii'iiit'iitb received by
E. A. HAflOEX, Golden,
Agent )'or'Kast Kootenay.
Pacific Hy
East via the Lake Routes.
Hteisiiirr-. Leave Vt, Willi-.iii
Alberta every Friday.
Athabasca every iSiiiiiIny.
.Maiaitoba every Tuesday.
Connecting with trains from Golden,
One way anal
Bound Trip Tickets at
Heduccd iPrices,
boxos Mr. Dixon was as well as ever an 33 ponies, comprising dapple treys
lie had been. To a reporter of tho land Shetlnnds, bears, doers, tigers,
Hnrtlaud Advertiser, Mr. Dixon said I cougars, pumas, camels, etc., the
he had no doubt his present health wns -wholo forroinj'nn interesting and edu-
dlto entirely to the use of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills, and since his recovery he
occasionally uses a box to ward off a
{lossible recur enco of the trouble.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cure by
making new blood and invigorating
the nerves, but you must get the
genuine, always put up iu boxes tho
wrapper around which bears tbe full
trade mark name "Dr, Williams'
Pink Pills for Palo People" Do not
be persuaded.to take any of the numerous   link   colored  imitations   which
cativc collection.
This Who'.o (.Villain Would not Contain tlio
Names of tho Many I'rominont Ministers,
Moaibors of Parliament and Professional
Men all over this Continent who Havo been
Cured of Catarrh by Dr. Af-iaoav's Catarrhal
Powder- Itglvoa relief in 10 Minutes,
Volumes of testimony havo been written of
11, its curative noavors. Catarrh is an asrjfravat.
some  unscrupulous  dealers, say   aro i,iBlll���la.ly I nig ill i,n;in.tal,egia.naK--a
"just tho same." Ia ease of doubt
send direct to Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co.. Brock-Mile, Out., and tho pillj
will bo mailed post paid at 50 cents a
box or six boxes for 82.50.
In scores of small country towns
nnd villages iu Canada enterprising
men and women nre adding to their
yearly income by tho work of dyeing
for friends and noighbors around them
who bare not the time to do the work
These town and village dvers without exception use the Diamond Dyes iu
preference to all others, because t hey
give the most brilliant, pure and unfading colors to all varieties of materials.
Hundreds of orders from those country dyers are filled every week by the
manufacturers of Diamond Dyes.
Thero are great possibilities for such
work In nil small parishes, an I the
statements just made may iulluence
many who are seekinar for a pla i to
increase their revenue. There are good
dollar, lu Diamond Dyes.
little a-lllat 111 tliu licaaal-   l.lJfrlcaat   it" and 'soon
vaaii'i-o in its thrall. Eighty in overy hundred
have the taint. Ur. Aguuws Catarrhal Powder aaill I'lu-c Hiesliitlii'.si cold in thu bead,
U'nl cure tlio niii.t stuliliorn cases ef catarrh.
'Its cell ai le iustaunous," guys ono. "1 lead
il my duty tn recoianioiid it to tlio public,"
may- miotlier. iNovur got relief until I tisoil
it 'say- another, anal saa oa and uli. Acn,
like inaj-ii' and abvayn euro*.
Sold, by 0. A. Warren
Miners! Tho way for you tosucced,
is to make known tbo n-sourceis of
your camps. The way to do that is to
sond newM of your finds to tho Golden
Eiia. Subsorlbo yourself to iheKitA
uud sond it to your friends. The Eua
will tell them all about it better than
you can.
The Eldredge
The Belvidere
Superior to all others Irrespective
ol price.  Catalogue tells you
why.  Write lor one.
N��w York.
Klondike Gold Fields
Direct via C. P.Tl. Steamers to
Wrangel & Skagway.
At Cheapest Km cm.
When appearance is a consideration!
Ready to Wear j
becomes a necessity.
Who can afford to ignore bis
^personal appearance?
A large manufacturer who studies
the want of the people, and whose
business depends upon supplying
those wants, will give better results
than a tailor whose opportunities
are limited and trade local.
If your local dealer does not keep
Remember there arc others '���Write to a lartrer aud
���Shorey's Cloth lug-
more enterprising merchant elsewhere. |
See that Ehorc-'s Cuerantee Card Is In the pocket cf each garment.             j
-a��.H--iaa-aaa*-4H m-iaa. II. hi i.-araa--*��4.<-*-a---��+.>'--��ai-. W-a-a-*���...��-aJ
Sailings from
Tees  Aug  2
Cottage City  " .3
City ot Seattle  " 4
Alki  " (I
llosalie  " 12
Topeka    " III
Tees  " 15
C.P.R. connection  through from Vancouver to
Dawson city in 10 clays
I    Apply to the nearest Canadian  Pacific Railway Agent, or address
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
Ticket Agent, Golalen
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all lands
of Lumber, Etc.
Golden and Beaver, B. O.
Rubber Stamps
OrderH fair Rubber Stamps and Reals uill
lie received at the Culaleii Era OtMee and
Crawling, or 8 tinging Slain Diseases Reliev-
eil in a Few Minutes by Dr. Aiine-v'*- Oint-
nieul���I'rice 25 (ents.
Dr. Affnow's Ointment relive, instantly
and cures latter, rait ihenni, scald head
ecifieaia, ulcers, blotches and all oi-upiions
ef tlio skin. It is s-wjtliiug and quieting ami
ua:ts liko magic iu all baby bumut'A, irritation
uf the st'.-d|i or rashes dui nig tcotliiug time
35 coats a box.
Solil by 0a A. Warren.
.Judicious advertisin-; Is the keystone of success. Aihcrtiso iu the
Oolden Eua.
oxectitod uitli promptitude
Die Golden En "
Unified Liability.
Assaying Institute...
I!i-.iala-uarta-r��, (aal(-ary. Albci'lH.
Ph. D., B. O. SI E��� Etc., MannRer.
Special Coarso iu Germany.
Assays,  Sampling, Analytical Work, and
Coucoiitrntod Oros.   All parcels of pro aro
carefully sampled, one paartiou tested, uno
portion labelloi ,-ind kept, for six liltnitlio us
a roloronco, and if desirnl tho thiril -wriion
-v.ll bo returned to owner, ,-is a chock on
ussay inarl'j.
CASH WITH SAMPLE,?, which should ha
tloft with  tbo undersigned, from  whom
eriiu may be obtauiod on application.
Resident Apeut,
���li-'Sst Oolden, II. C,
. . WE   PRINT... ,
Send t-.s your orders.
That is what we are here for.
The Golden Era Company
Limited I.iaiiimtv.
Managing Director.
Address: Golden, 15. C.
���muni   *
"YyE mail free for asking "The Craft of
St. Crispin," a 50 page handsomely
illustrated catalogue ofthe "Slater Shoe" telling how shoes are made, ,fhe kind of shoes
that fit all kinds of feet, the lund of wear that
certain leathers give and how to care for them.
Call or drop a card to the local " Slater Shoe"
agency, or
The Slater Shoe Factory
all   -r'jAW
II. (J. Parson, Sole Local Agent.     2i'2
Ilright mnn ."iiid aaaiiiia'n. aa'lni are not too,
proud to work, nml u-oitld like tii mako Somo j by
money dtirinu* the next threo nuan lis in toll-
iiur the tvondoi-fiii story ef the Ii to nf Mr.
(.bidstoito tu thoir iieiglihuitrs. @>1.00nday
easily inailo, some make threo titaios tliat
sum. No risk, na' exnorionce, no ca;it,'ii
necessary.  Write quickly for particulars.
-Mb* 1.1.MI! nn, ToilO.VrO.
"The Story of Mr. nlndsteuo's Lifo " is of
tbo greatest man of the ages, and ombraces
the history of the niiioteentli century, the
most wonderful century since time bogan. It
lias the solltlity of fact and tho fasclnalion of
fiction, anil Is told in eleqtiOHt simplicity,
lletter senai for yaiur outtit laa'fore you sla'a^)
and he lirst in tho Held. Capital unnecessary,
Big -Vtiifos paid, for the hook sells toovury-
Bradley flarrofson Co,, Limited,
���l*j Toronto.
Tbe only ronmllan " Lll'o of Glndstone" is
.���ll Hopkins, Hoii.O. \\. Ross, Mid
Sir \\ iilrld Lniit'ler. A lasting moumiiout i,.
tlio groat iii,-iii und to Uauudian lltoriilure.
netvai'o ot Anioi'ic.'iii catclipoiuivliouks h.-ui-
ilied layC.'iu.'ialiam Houses. Our book has been
in preparation loryears. Handsomely bound.
Profusely illustrated. IIIr commission, Pros-
tioctiis froo to r.-invossi'i-. Fielulil paid ;
hooks on time. With this book vou can down
them all.
Hnidley-Onri'ctson Company, Llinlled,
���I*) Toronin
tive gentlemen or ladles to travel foi
responsible, ostabllslied bouse in British a-i
umbia. Monthly SaiaVOO anil expenses, I'aasi-
Hon steady. Reference. Ktifloso sclf-nddres-
sod stnitipetl envelope, Too Dominion Company, Dopt, Y Chicago 3WapSII.
ot Now York,       i.i'a .
MISS LILL1E KLEISER,     '   ii!   '
Columbia Hall, Sept. 1st. ":
Admission 35c.      Reserved Seats 50b.
Children   25c.
JJISS DEVLIN of Golden, late of Toronto, Gold -Medalist, will preside
at the piano.
Itance After Concert.
Trains aro now running on the
Crow's Nest railway to Cranbrook.
The elections for the general assembly of Cape Colony are now in
A Conservative ('invention is to bo
held at Vancouver ou the 1st and 2nd
of September.
Miss Sussie Sexton was shot at and
mortally wounde.l by ber sister, who
is insane, at Newmarket, Ont,
Judge SlcColl lias been appointed
chief justice ol British Columbia. The
appointment gives general satisfaction.
Four Indians, convicted of the murder oi VV. Meocbau, will bo executed at
Dawson city on the 1st of March.
Mr. Frank Bothunecameinon Tuesday from Canoo river, be reports a
good country out there for prospectors.
It is feared there will be a famine in
the Klondike the coming winter, there
being 20,000 people and far too little
The Bank of Commerce will shortly
establish a branch at Coal Creek, 9?E.
Kootenay. Mr. T. R. Billet, of tbo
Winnipeg branch, will bo manager,
Slessrs. C. A. Warren, G. B. McDermot, and E. Plowright were elected fire wardens last Saturday for tbe
ensuing year.
"What are the promoters of the new
rink doing? It is time the building
wus started if it is to be utilized the
coming winter.
Mr. F. Dargi.s left on Tuesday for
Calgary to take part in tbe bicycle
races which will be hold there on Wednesday and Thursday of next week.
We wish Frank overy success.
Jamaica is preparing a plebiscite to
the British parliament requesting permission to arrange the terms of their
annexation to the United States of
A number of the Golden sports went
eouth this morning to participate in
the sports at Windermere to-inorrow,
a full account of which will appear in
our next issuo.
Amont; the passengers for Fort Steele
on Tuesday's beat were Thos Mc-
Naught, president ot tho Golden &
Port Steele Development Co., and E.
H. Fletcher, Post Office Inspector.
We publish in another column an
interesting letter from Messrs. Lhote
nnd Kenny, they wa:.-.i people against
going to Klondike by i'.,e Edmontou
R. P. Pettipieco of the Revelstoke
Herald paid us a call on Thursday.
He was very much struck with
Recorder Lang's hiinet'f.! collection at
the court hou:e, ind says he never
saw fir.--.- ore 'a: ta.; country.
Arrang-a-enic are being made for a
general p'.sulo to be held shortly. Two
representati*.,..! from each of tin
churches liavo the preparations in
hand. The part'.-. ..Ian will be given
Ths service! at St. Paul's church
Golden, on Sunday noxt Aug. 28, will
be as follows: At 8 a.m. Celebration
of Holy Communion; 11 a.m. iMorning
Prayer and uennon; 7.3o p.m. Evening
Prayer and sermon,
Premier Semlin's Government has
cancelled iho commission appointed
pome months ago of R. E. Gosnell aud
two associates to make inquiry into
agricultural conditions throughout tho
Arrangements are being made for a
grand celobration at Revelstoke on
Labor Day. Tho programme will consist of a gun club shoot, football tour-
nainont, bicycle races, and athletic
In connection with the Presbyterian
Church, Golden, Sabbath services will
l�� held at 11 a, tn., and 7:30 p. tu,
Sabbath School 2.30 p. m., choir
practice on Thursday at 8. p, m. and
prayer  meoting on Friday at 8 p.m.
About one month ago my child,
which ia fifteen months old, had an
attack of diarrhoea accompanied by
vomiting. I gave it such remedies as
are usually given in such cases, but as
nothing gave relief, we sent for a physician and it was uniler his care for a
week. At tbis time the child had
been sick for about ten days and was
having about twenty-live operations of
bowels every twelve hours, and we
���were convinced that unless it soon
obtained relief it would not live.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholerannd Diar
rhoea Remedy was recommended, ttnd
I decided, to try it. I soon noticed a
change for the better; by its continued
use a complete cure was brought about
and is now perfectly healthy.���0. L.
Boons, Stuinptown, Gilmer Co.,
W. Va. Sold by all druggists,
{.angley & Co. wholesale aigenis Vic_
fcyiii ti.nd V'auQO.uv.er., 495
Great Britain and Russia have come
to an agreement on the Chinese question.
The Rov. W, B. Costley, of Stock-
bridge, Ga., while attending to his
pastoral duties at Ellenwood, that
state, was attacked by cholera morbus.
He .ays: '-By chancel happened to net
jiold of a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, and I
think it was the means ot saving my
life, It relived tne at once." For
slo by all druggists, Langley & Co,
wholesale Agents Victoria and Vancouver. 495
The Columbia River Lumber Co.
propose to open up shortly their timber limits between the Bluewater and
the Columbia river. These limits in-
clualo the finest timber wo have seen in
British Columbia���-timber which is
equal to any of the forests of the
coast. The limits include n (treat deal
of cedar. In these limits, if tbey can
be preserved from firo, the Company
appear to havo an immense amount of
wealth in   prospect for years to come.
Those who nre acquainted with Hon
Joseph Martin, the new attorney general of the province, were amused with
tho announceinaMit tliat the now minister created a stir In the legislative
buildings tbo day utter bis appointment by putting in an appearance at 8
o'clock in the morning. This is some-
what out ot the ordinary, and those
who have been holding down government jobs In tho capital for the past
few years don't ktiow where they are
Two clever artistes, Miss Annie
Louise White, and Miss Lillie Kleiser,
will give one of their high class entertainments in Golden on tbe evening of
Sept. 1st. Over 500 American and
Canadian newspapers unhesitating say-
that as nn all round entertainer Miss
White is certainly the best, yet, while
Mies Kleiser, the Canadian soprano, is
a general favorite wherever she has
appeared. Miss Devlin, who has recently cotne amongst us,from Toronto,
will presialo at the piano. This will
lie tho treat, ot the season. A dance
will be held after the concert. Book
your seats early at G. B. McDermot's.
For particulars see advertisement.
I'nlal Mountain.-   A llreat  Property.
This mining location has hitherto
been regarded in the public mind as a
sort ot uncertain project. Why we
dont know. Probably tbe absurd capitalisation of the Company with its
$2,500,000 for teu prospects claims,
has given it such a wild-cat air that
the public have regarded the Company's property as litle short of anything else, anal the affair has done the
district and the Company an immense
amonnt of harm. Having heard all
these stories, and lie prevalent opinion
concerning the property, we visited it
with some misgivings as to its value,
and were agreeably Surprised at what
wo saw.' The trail from tbe C. P. R
line to the mine is tbe best in the district- It was laid out by T. Mercier,
and is a credit to him, as a horse can
travel any part of it- with a load, and
free from any difficulty whatever, owing to the uniformity of tbe grade, and
the excellett manner in which the
trail has been opened but. The only
difficulty we found with it is that at.
the Donald end it has been badly
blocked with fallen timber and tho
Government do not seem to have
taken steps to clear it {or some time.
We reached the Company's cabin about
midnight, and early next morning
proceeded, in company with Mr. McAllister, of Calgary to look over t.he
ground. The Bald MonutainCompany's
property consists of 10 claims, located
along the length ol the
lead. Tho property thus embraces
something like.
At the western end of the property
this ledge shows in the face of a bluff
at an altitude of 6950 ftet above sea-
level. The strike of the ledge is north
east by sooth west, and it has a dip of
55 degrees to tho north. Tho ledge
has thus been described as a blanket
vein, but as it assumes a more vertical
position as it travels east our opinion
is that it is a liasuro vine tilted up at
the Bald Mountain end, which would
improve its position ns a mineral prospect. The lead is about eight feet
thick where in 6hows in the bluff. Two
tunnels have been driven ou tbo lead,
one at each end of the property. The
tunnel at the west end lain tib feel,
cutting right through tbo lead, and
there are also lateral drills, one on
each sido, and each 20 feat in length,
The direction of the tunnel is 50 east
of south, so that it cuts lhe lead nt
right angles. The tunnel cuts through
several quartz stringers in its course,
all well defined with clean talcose gouge.
These stringers run from two inohes to
two feet and a half in thickness, aud
appear io be all morn or less mineralised. An assay on one of these stringers
1<1 inches iu thickness and 40 feet in
from the mouth of the tunnel, gave an
assay of $14 in gold. This tunnel
runs through.
From the time it cuts the lead on tho
footwall till it reaches the hanging
Tnero are two classes of quartz in the
tunnel, one a rusty white which Is
certainly the best gold-bearing rock
while the other is a bluish grey
quartz carrying about 6 ox. of gold.
The rusty white quartz is very similar
to the quartz ot tiie Burns Basin, and
appears  to  carry  about    the same
amount of gold, namely $15 to $16 per
ton. We saw visible gold in several
samples that we selected for examination. The lead rises between talc,
schist and slate, and has a dip of 30
to the east, the lead thus cutting the
formation in dip but conforming to it
in strike. Numerous assays have been
obtained on the Bald Mountain ores
and appear to have given general satisfaction to the Directors. We have
not had access to these assays, but
probably the best test of which we are
aware was that a ton ot ore was despatched to the coast last year for a
mill test. The sample assayed $30, but
the mill tost only gave a return of
half that amount. The owners ef tht
mill appear to have been at a loss to
account for the difference in the results.
We noticed, however, that the.
much of it being in the iron pyrities,
with which the lead abounds in places.
In that case it would be impossible tu
save the gold with an ordinary mill
and a small cyanide plant would be
required in conjunction with a mill in
working this property before satisfactory results could be obtained in the
saving of tho gold. We cannot speak
in too high terms of the way in which
development work has been dono on
the Bald Mountain property. It is
well doue iu every way, and iseffecti>e
in showing up the mine. The tunnel
is 6ft. by 4ft. and is thereto��� at ail
able as a working tunnel for the operation nf the mine. The main ledge can
be seen out cropping over the whole
length of the Company's property and
wil/) tapped this season at the extreme
eastern and by a tunnel which was
driven 86 feet, and cut into the main
lead a distance of four feet. The time
at out* disposal did not permit of dur
visiting the eastern end of the property, but we are informed that the
property looks even better there than
at the western end. This season's
development work was done under
charge of J. Noble.   There are.
Traversing the property and their outcrops can be traced at numerous points
along its length. Wu have no hesita-
tation in expressing the opinion that
the Bald Mountain Company's property
is one of the must promising in East
Kootenay today, and that wi ether
'operated by the Coupany or by purchasing syndicates ,it will prove under
efficient management whut we claim for
Duchess Puilengei- List.
Aug. ID, Up trip.-D. A.McKinnon,
M. Daiuurd, A. Langlands, Carbonate.
H. Burrows, J. Ward, A. Brown,
Windermere. Cosgrove Co., Fort
Down trip.-Dr. Peek), J. Noble, L.
Keyser, W. Scott, J. Mote, J. C.
Joliffe, W. R. Young.
Aug. 23, Up trip.���B. Lowe, T.
Todd, C. Hatch, O. Upton, H. Estelle,
H. Munson, Carbonate. W. F. Robertson, T. and J. McNaught, J. Peterson, J. Colmayns, E. H. Fletcher, W.
G. Mitchell-Innes.
Down trip.��� Messrs. Bruce, Shaw,
Upton, Lowe, Inues,
Pyny-Peetal j
Very valuable Remedy la ill
affections of the
Urge Bottles, 25c
Prop'., of Fein Dw" Ptln-Killer       I
E. A. Haggen,
Notary Public and Oonveynnuer.
Mining, Heal Estate and
Financial Agent  .   .   .  .
Purchasers Obtained for Prospects and Doveloped Claims.
....  Golden. B. C.
Shell the Enemv of health and
Happiness.���Is tho Stomach Sour? Is
there Distress after Eating ? Is yoar Appo
tite Waning'. Do you get Dizzy? Have you
"Nausea? Frequent Sick Headache?���furo-
runners of a general break-up. Dr. Von
Stan's Pineappfe Tablets dispel all these distressing symptoms. Tbey aid tho digestive
organs, cure the incipient of the chronic
cases.   35 cents.
Sold by U. A. Warren. ~I
Stable to Rent
Opposite the Queen's Hotel.  Inquire at
Queen's Hotol for terms. Ask lor proprietor.
Fop Sale
Group of two claims of gold-bearing quarts
in best mineral district of Last Kootenay.
Assays up to 8700 in gold. 10,17
Placer lease. 13
Group of two gold claims. One of tho best
propoiiitions on the market, and can be
cheaply developed. Assays gave about $200
perlon. 11
Interest in told property in exchange for
development work. 8
Group of 13 claims, do*, eloped. Ko better
property in Ilritish Columbia, It!
Group of thiee claims in quartz country.
Good average assays. If
Claim in ono of best locations iu Selkirks.
Cheaply worked. Assays $116 in gold, silver
and copper. II
Choice    gold    property,    freemilling
Assays up to "5)40.  Development work      III
Two claims in good location.   Quartz carrying gold and copjier. 20
Claim adjoiningkuoiMi gold property.   21
Three claims near Columblu Liver.   l;ig
ledge, gold and copper. "l
Two claims, 10 It. lodge assays In gold and
10 per cont copper.                                22,211
Three claims, develrirved, assays 528 iu
gold, best loeatiuu in Selkirks.                  20
Colli quartz claim, assays SHI.              27
Gold quartz claim, developed, gaiod lend,
assays to ��28.                                          28
Two quart;: claims iu convenient posit*, ll,
pun gold.                                                        d0
Group of 4 ch'.iiiis, one u-s-.ying $5 in Gold
and .10por cent copier.                           14
Five claims, copper and g. Id, value $80 n
ton.                                                        �����
Three quartz claims, uo cash, working proposition.                                                 32
Three claims in proved country.            118
Ono-thi.d unas. essiblo into.est in developed
group of claims near Oolden.                    89
Silver lead mine. 00,000 tons ot oro bloekeil
out ready to ship.    Location   convenient
to railway.
Group of throe claims in Moyio district.
Free milling gold averaging til per ton.
Considerable development. 41
Group of two claims at Moyio.   Free milling ga)ld.   llig proposition. 42
Claim nt Moyio.   Copper and gold. Developed.   Oood prospect. 43
Group of claims, freemilling gold quart-!.
Groun ofthrco claims, gold, silver, lew]
and bsiinutli. 47
Group of 4 claims, very promising pro-
sports. 48
Group ol 4 claims, gold quartz. 40
Group of two claims, gold quartz, worth
dcfclopiug.                                        '    6"
Groun ot 6 claims, gold, silver and load,
noar railway.                                          61
Leuseof hydraulic river bed. 52
Claim, carrying bismuth, galena und copper. Assayed up to SHOO.                  ���   35
Gold-copper claim, with big lodgo, assayed
$27. 65
Three claims, which have shipped consider
able ore-galena und grey coppor. 60
Group of three free gold claims at Fair-
view.                                                    58a
Groupof four freo gold claims at Fairview.
Two claims in splendid location. Free gold
You HaveCatarrh!
Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder gives perpetual liberty
from that dread malady.   Man goes forth free as
a bird under its healing influence.
What a glorious thing is liberty I Alas, how many are in bondage to th��
ravages of disease,  and what disease holds more slaves to-day than
catarrh doe. ?   That you can have lib.
eity from it is a thousand-times-proven
\-PQWBER haa solved the problem. You
yltf want evidence.   An army of prominent
anal reliable people huve attested to tin
filicacy, tho quiclt and permanent healing powers or this wonJerlul remedy,
Can anyone distrust  the testimony ol
"S     ^Jtj^PJfiMy i-""--*  such men as IVt-liop Sweatman, Rev.
?      V3fi-;<! ''-Cit'" %)    John   I-ni.-t y,   of the  Episcopalian
*       X.'.M .,r'*3- (���      church, Toronto} Rev.  Dr. Withrow,
Rev. Or. Ga braith, of the Methodist
rhurch in Canada! Rev. Muiigo Fraser,
of tho Presbyterian church, Hamilton,
and n lonp list of Senators, Commoner**, and prolesslonnl men of the
highest standing in Hie Dominion ? Their written testimony you can
verily anv timo. Hera are two ot tho most recent rece.ved. Thoy come
il the fulness of the heart and unsolicited.
" T ."m ho wall pleased with "Or. Agnew's
Catarrhal Fowder un". tho good results
derived fiom it that I hardly know liow
to express myself.  For years 1 have boon
:���'.;...i with catarrh In the lie,a! anal*
.l.rouia 1 have trlajal dl'Ccrunt remedies,
out found no relief unii! 1 began using
.)r. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder. Words
���lanii.". exprena my gratitude for the good
It has dope me," Mrs. M. Orecwood, 201
Adelaide street .vest, Toronto,
Dr. A;,tcw's Cure for the Heart and Dr. Agnew's Ointment are as efficacious for t'te ailinen**) for which they were compounded as is Dr.
Vgnew's Catarrhal Fowder. The Heart Cure i. a life-saver when it
-eems past hope j the Ointment nevor fails to he.il all skin disorders and
piles; Dr. A-rr.ew's Pills cure sick headache, constipation, biliousness
tnd 'iver troubles���little pills, littlo doses.
" I havo been a sufferer from tliroaS
nnal nasal catarrh for over twenty years.
Ail effort*! to get rial of tho disgusting
ar.iatr.aiy  full-al. until 1 UHeal Ur. Agnew's
a'aturrhal Powder. I had tried many
remedies, und spent lota of money wtUi
physlclups, 1 was attrncted to your reived-' lay seeing It In a drug store. I pro-
a'aira-al a bottle, and in 15 ralnutea after
Hie I'.ratt itjapllcatiicn 1 had relief, and af-
'.i r using three bottles I feel I am cured.
It Is truly a mnrvellous remedy."
Clinrles C, llrown. Malinger Ind. Press
Durea.it, Dulutli, Minn,
\ Hudson's Bay Co. |
$   . Incorporated 1670. f.
The Most ���p-To-l��nte
Ontfttterw In Weslern
9 Intending   Prospectors should
J-> write us for one of our new
���<������ Folders, which  contains an
�� excellent Mt.p and an estimate
is of the probable cost of a eom-
& pleto outfit for tho Gold Fields
1881st Calgary.
S7\Vl��/ mmmtmrn* ��������
Ili\Wr �������� '���'"*<<���> tn��������M.
\jV��VJ . sri-mmi oi mood.
T rl��     �� <oi)��n. loss
DEBUITV, that aVneflt. ot thlt E.UajlaJ
���rat moat MUlalfett.
Br the -aid of Tbe D & L. Emaililon, I hems
gotten aid of a hacking cough which had troubltd
ma for over a year, and have gained cotulder-
ai-ly In weight.
T. H. WIKGHAM, C.B., Motatroad.
SO��. ��id $1 pair Battle
.������-���������. p�����trnttn
Crown grant free gold cbiiai in working
camp. f'lio
Free gold developed claim ready to wurk.
Assays $12. I'.a
Freemilling gold claim in Washington
Stale. Heady to ship. (Ila
Claim ou Wild Horse, Kelson. Froo gold
assaying 37G.96. A snap. 62a
Working free gold properly nearfanFrar.*
Cisco, tom.leto milling aud elilorini.tion
plant.   Price S25O.00O. 68
Freo gold proi ei ty on Selkirk range.    laj
Gaild claim on l.t**nion creek wilh two
thirds and one-third interests in adjacent
properties. OHa
Two thirds interest in claim on West Slocan lake. C8b
Claim, freo gold, in Ilritlgo Kivcr District.
Crown grant, freo gold claim, at Hesslaud.
Freemilling geld claim, near Kelson.   71a
(loiin iu Idaho. Free gol',. lit
Hydraulic propertp on Bkenna rivor. Averages 91uu a yard. 7.1a
Copper proporty running do per ton. 7hb
22 claims at Harrison Lake. Gold and cop.
Throe dahlia of 20 acres each on Forty
Mile Creek, near Klondike Extensive development. Shafts, tunnel, shacks, black
smith's shop and tools. Wash averages tbo
per square foot. 6
Two placer claims on celebrated Hunter
Creek. Sluicing will realise 160 per man
per day.   Title perfect. i\b,H6
Placer claim on Miller Creok. Primitive
work last season cleared 111,000 per man over
expenses. B7
Claim on El Dorado Crock, one of the banner properties of the Klondiko. Dirt from
Ko. 2 shaft averaged 16.69 por pan. Well improved.   Title clour    Price, S��00,000.       08
Golden town lots.
Honso with four lots in town of Golalen
for sale.
Patents for a Railway Coupler and a Rope
Two townsitns on Crow's Neat rood.    8 10
WANTED-To borrow for cllonts, $1,000
and WOO and |6oO on freehold security.
For particulars of above apply to
Golden Era Office.
������Companies Act, 1S97."
Canada: \
No.  104.
1 "New Gulden llrttish Columbia,
Limited." is authorised and licenced
to carry on business within the Province of British Columbia, und to
carry oait or ('fleet all or any of the
oblects hereinafter set forth to whioh
the legislative authority of the Lei-is-
liatir.e of British Columbia extonds,
Tho head ollia'c of the Coupany is
situate at No ti, Queen Street Place, in
the City of London England.
The amount.of the capital of the
Company is ��l"2.00u divided into l'i,'-
W.0 shares of HI each.
The head oHUm ol the Company in
this Province is situate a" Vancouver,
and William Gilbert Mitchell Lines,
mining agent, whose address is Vancouver afureside, ts the attorney for
the Company.
Tho objects for which the Cotnpuny
has been established are: ���
(a) To purchase, toko on lease, or
otherwise acquire, mines, milling
rights, and metalliferous land and
any interest therein, and to explore,
work, exercise, develop nod turn to
account the same, and in particular to
acquire and take over all the properties, mines, estates land hereditaments
and rights, the property of a Company known as Golden British Columbia, Limited, now in liquidation,
together with the assets aud effects of
such Company, aud with a view thereto outer into and carry into effect,
either with or without modificatsoiis,
a draft agreement which has been already prepared and is expressed to be
made between Golden Br'tish Columbia, Limited (therein culled tho old
Company), of the first part, Fredor
ick Hebert Williams, liquidator of the
old Company, of the second part and
New Golden British Columbia, Limited (therein called the new Company),
of tbe third part,
(b) To crush, win, got, quarry,
smelt, calcine, refine, dress, amalgamate, manipulate, purchase, and prepare (or market, ore metal and mineral
subst nee of all kinds, and to carry on
either upon or in connection wilh tbe
premises ur elsowere, the business of
miners, mslers, smelters, and workers
��� of any process iu the production, reduction, ami making merchantable of
minerals, metals und metallic products, supplies of water, merchants,
and nianufacturers.aiid workers of any
minerals, metals, articles and things
used in or in connection with mining,
milling, smelting aud other processes
aforesaid, or any of them:
(c) To search for mines and minorals
either on land known to contain such
raiues and minerals or otherwise, and
to buy and sell, lease or take up, the
rights of search or other miners' rights
or claims under any mining statues
or regulations of any place where the
Company carries ou operations, and
other rights respecting the same:
(d) To aoqiiiro options, or enter into
contracts for the purpose of any grants
concessions, lea- es, or setts, easeineiitu,
or interests in lands, waters, mill
sites, townships, mines, minerals, and
other hereditaments, and any plant,
machinery, implements, conveniences,
provisions nnd things, and any other
property, real or personal, movable or
immovable, for purposes incidental
thereto, or to any other objects of the
Company, or capable of being used in
connection with metallurgical operations or required by workmeu or others
employed by the Company, and to
work, transfer, let, or snblet the same.
(e) To acquire any inventions, letters
patent or licenses, capable of  being
used for the purpose of the Company
or any ol thein, and to work, transfer,
let, or sublet the same: |
(f) To acquire and undertake the
whole or any part of the business,
property and liabilities, of any person
or company carrying on any business
which this Company is authorised to
carry on; and to acquire and hold any
shares, stocks, bonds, obligations, debentures, securities, negotiable or
otherwise, ol or other interests in any
English, colonial or otlier companies,
associations or undertakings capable
of being managed or conducted so as
directly or indirectly to benefit |the
business of tlie t'oini any. Also toad-
vatico money on any such shares,
stocks, buuils, obligations, debentures,
securities of or other interests in Buch
companies, associations or undertakings, and to accept such shares or
stocks, botuls, obligations, debentures
or securities as partial or full security
for payments duo to the Company. |
(li) To acquire, construct or hire, 'or
join with others In acquiring, construction or hiring, auy mills, canals,
waterworks, machinery, roads,Jbridges
tramways, railways, engines.jj plant,
stock, buildings, works, matters, or
which may be necessarv or convenient
(or 'fee pufpoae of the Company, or
nnv of thein, nnd to the working ol
the same or any part thereof:
(h) To improve, manage, develop,
let, underlet or sell, or otherwise dispose of, charge or deal with in auy
manner whatsoever, the undertaking
or any par or parts of the p operty of
the Company, or any rights, wayleaves
or easements in or over the same, and
to accept us payment therefor either
casli or shares and partly shares, in
any other company purchasing the
(i) To establish and maintain agon-
cies of the Company in British Columbia and in any other colony, dominion, foreign country or state, and
lo procure the Company to be registered or incorporated in any suoh colony,
dominion, foreign country or state.
(j) To amalgamate with any other
company having objects altogether or
in part similar io the objects ol this
Company, and to enter into partnership, joint adventure, reciprocal concession or otherwise, with any company or person or firm engaged or
about to engage in any business or
transaction which this Company is
authorised to engage in, or capable of
being conducted sons directly or indirectly to beniiit this Company:
(k) To hold, in the names of others
any proporty which the Company is
authorised to acquire, and to carry on
or do any of the business and acts and
things aforesaid, either as principal or
agent, and oither by the agency of or
as agents or trustees for others:
(I) To make, purchase sell, accept
or indorse bills of exchange and other
instruments, negotiable or otherwise
and to borrow money either with or
without st-cmity, aud either upon negotiable instruments or otherwise' including the issue of debentures charged
upon all or any of tbo Company's property (both present and future), including its uncalled capital:
(in) Mo promote and form other companies for any of '.he objects mentioned iu this Memorandum:
(u) To invest aud deal with the
moneys of the Company not Immediately required upon such securities
and in such manner as may from time
to time be determined:
(o) To distribute any of the property of the Company among tho mem*
bers in specie:
(p) To carry on business in any part
of tbe world and to do all such things
as are incidental or conducive to the
attainment of the above objects.
Given under my hand and seal of
ollico Victoria, Provlnco of British
Columbia, this 8th day of August, one
thousands eight hundred and ninety-
eight.   [i..s.] S. Y. "WOOTTON,
Registrar uf Joint Stock Companies,


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