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The Golden Era Jul 30, 1897

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Array Ur
The Golden Era
��� la the most widely circulated ind
best advertising medium in East
Kootenay. This is the paper that
ie read by the miners, the ranchers,
ths railroaders and lumbermen.
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. . Agent For . .
Phoenix of London and other Fire Insurance Cos
+   +
The confederation Life Association, Toronto.
The Reliance Loan & Savings Co., of Ontario.
���     +  +
Canadian Railway Accident Insurance Company.
Slocan Ciiy hua a pay-roll of *2.ri,00i'
11 month.
Rossland's mines have shipped over
.'14.000 ions thus far this year.
The Whitewater mine is preparing
to Increase its fnrco to 100 men.
The Donald Minin-- Oe. have taken
an option on C. Baines' properly at
Bu lil Mountain.
Silverton hns a pay-roll of from
110,0011 to *I2.000 monthly. according
tn the Hilvertonlnn.
J, Culleu has sold one fourth interest
In the Black Goat, Prulrie Mountain,
to Sheriff Redgrave.
H. Richardson hue sold his interest
in the Diadem at mouth of McM.ir.lo
Creek to M. Dainard.
Mr, Dainard went out on Monday lo
locate some claims on the new copper
discovery on Copper Creek.
Mr. Clark, station agent at Donald,
hns one of the linest mineral collections
we have seen. It embraces ores from
all parts of Canada.
A. Tregent has been appointed accountant of the Home Payne mine st
r.awrie. Ths mine will in future be
known as the Lanark Limited.
11. Hnirhea and W. Logan have gone
out to do development work on the
Maehno and Little Wonder claims, on
the north fork of the Spillamachen..
In doing 110,000 worth of development-work the Reco mine hss shipped
130,000 worth of ore. The new 120 ton
concentrator will be in operation by
October 1st.
Mr. Kirk reports steady progress
with development work nn the Min'ral
King clsim at Toby Creek. The tunnel
is in about 40 feet, and there are 20
tons of ore on the dump.
More development work will he done
on the Swansea at Windermere. Al
ready over S'l.OOO of development work
has lieen done on this properly, mid il
is estimated there is S.'i.OOO of ore on
the dump.
On Saturday a party of prospector* ;
arrived from the other vide of the
divide, having come through the|
Simpson's j Pass. They loeated some!
claims on the Calgary side, and now ,
intend prospecting in the Columbia i
On Tuesday night Professor Hard
man, Mr. Bruce,,mining engineer, and
Mr. C. A. Warren, who had accompanied them, returned from their inspection of the Bluewater clsims
recently bonded by Mr. Hammond.
The Professor does not care to say
much about it pending his report being
sent in.
Mr. Townsend received a lew days
ago the returns from a sample of
white iron which he found in the wall
of the lead in the International claim. ,
and which he had sent fo'r assay.
These returns show-id the highly sails-'
factory return of s)-2.T>_, aud it is little I
wonder that Mr. Townsend is highly ���
pleased with the prospects of the I
The following locations have been
recorded at Oolden: July 24th, Centaur. I
at head P.fteen Mile Croak, by M !
Dainard; July Utith. Multum In Pnrvn,
on No. 2 Creak, hy W. A. Allen; Oold
Dollar, wiw place, by W, A. Allen;
July 27th, Copper King, on Copper
Creek, by A. W, Upton; Anaconda.
on Copper Creek, by N. P. Johnston;
St. Lawrence, on Vermont Creek, by
Cbss. Vanes; Sureka, Vermont Creek,
by N. F. Johnson; Mother, on V.-i-
mont Creek, by A. W. Upton.
Messrs. Johnston snd Upton, two
prospectors who name in from West
Kootenay about ail weeks ago, returned
on Sunday from the Spillamaohere.
district, where they made what ap
peers to he an important discovery or
the divide between Vermont and Coppei
Creeks. The vein they found i>
between 12 and 14 feet in thickness
and appears to be heavily nilneralisai
hroughoul. It Is a copper mv carrying gold. Samples have heen sent foi
issay. Measrs. Johnson and Uptoi
located seven olaims- Copper Kins.
Eureka, Bluebell, Alios, Anaconda, St
Lawrence, and Mot hi r. Ths.
brought in some magnificent sample
>f ore (rom the St. Lawrence claim
Phey obtained supplies In Oolden, an<
intend tb return at onos snd pnt li
Jsvelopment work.  "
H. G. Low has sold to M. Dainnnl
the Bondholder claim on the middle
fork of the Spillumnclieiie.
The Hon. P, W. Aylmer has transferred to C. A. Warren, his interest In
the A. M. O. claim which he recently
located on Driftwood Creek.
Hon. P. W. Aylmer lias just completed the survey of the Clipper claim
in the International group, and the
Helen D. and Buckskin claims in
Caribuo Basin.
While in the Spillamachene country
last week G. S. McCarter visited the
Jnanitti claim on Copper Creak, au-l
reports that there is an iiiimunseshou-
ing of ore on this claim, which is the
propertv of Messrs. Oppi-nheinier ami
Anderson of Vancouver,
W. Clark, station agent at Donald,
has a placer lease on the Bluewater.
and negotiations are proceeding with
Vancouver parties to take it over au-l
work it. Mr. Clark is doing his hesr
tp promote an arrangement so bene-
flcial to the district. Mr. Clark
informs us that hi washed nil excellent
platinum prospect out of the Blue-
wiiler some years ago.
Mr. Kirk, of Loudon, Out., who in
interested in the Mineral King claim
on Toby Creek, returned to Guillen hy
the Duchess on Sunday, and reports
discoveries of large bodies of copper
and lead ore on Tc-by Creek and vicinity.
Prospectors from Port Steele are now
crowding intothe Windermere country
There were 30 at work ou Toby Creek,
and ten more went in the other day.
About ten years ago claims were
located III the Selkirks ou the south
side of Canyon Creek opposite Golden,
the names of the locators being T.
Wright, J. Kain, C. Strope, Maguire.
McRae, Irvine, aud others. The or.
wus a silver glance, with peacoclr
silver, ami carried 114 of gold per ton
The claims were abandoned owing tu
the refractory character of the oil1.,
Things have changed since then, nmi
we suggest to .some of the prosiiecioisj
the desirability of their again visiting ;
the ground and locating some of these
claims, A" important ledge evidently
exists there,
Mr.   Kirk brought  to Golden with
him   this     week   some    inugiiili.'eiit
samples of ore from the Mineral King
nnd Swansea claims.    Those from the,
former  appear   rich   in   copper   ami j
galonii,   while the Swansea s|>ecinieii*i
are,oxides and  carbonates of copper-
with   some   grey copper.     Mr.   Kirk
had also some line specimens of gnlenn
and copper ores  from the Erie mine.
located by Mr. Stevenson in the vicinity
ef   the   Mineral   King.    Other   good
claims,  in .Mr. Kirk's opinion,   which
have been located uu Tohy ('reck lire I be
Biineialli.t,   recorded   by Mr.  Brown. \
and a new cliiiui striked hy Mr. Melvor, j
aud showing very line grey copper and I
The  following  new  locations haver
been recorded  at   Donald:   July   Hth, |
Prince of Wales, on Prairie Mountain,
by W. Abriihiimson; Victoria Kegimi. I
on   ('oppeislain    Mountain,      by   C,
Abrnhamstin; July 18th, Big Pour, on'
Bear Creek, hy D. A. McKinuon; Julv
14th,  Akola, between  head of Clear-1
water and  Bluewater Rivers, by Dr.
Taylor; July   Kith,  Jubilee,   between'
head of Old's Creek and Bluowater, hy I
R. W. Patmore; July   17th, Belfast. I
by W.  J.   Ijnppan, an slope of Old's
Creek, Bluewater; July -'2nd, Ragle, ai -
Kinbasket Lake,   by  G. S. McCarter;
Silver Bell, same locality, hy M. Duin i
aril;   July   12th,   Chestnut,   between
head of Old's Creek .-.ml Bluewa'er, by
Bailies and Cooper;  Heather, on alone
of Oid's (.'reek, by McRne and Culleu.
E. Cass, who haa lawn carrying on
ths development of the Canal Plat
claim, came Into town lest week on
his way to McLeod. He states that
the tunnel has been driven 110 leet,
but failing to strike the ledge he had
the property examined by J. Brady,
mining engineer, wbo expressed a high
opinion of ths prospects of the property, snil advised following down tbe
lead to get its direction before doing
any more work in the tunnel. This
is now bslng dona. Mr. Cuss also
started work within 20 fast of the
mouth of ths tunnal before he left with
a view to driving in oa ths bony of
or*. From ths outcrop ths vsin as
followed down has already Increased
in width (rom ons to two (est, and
wu still widening when Mr. Csss
Those popular mining investors in
East  Kooteiiny,   Messrs.   G.   und   II.
There are several  mining deals ou  Ketumof Messrs Millihall-lnilBS
hand but wn are not yet  at  liberty to
publish pui-ticiilnrs.
Major Clohecy came in from the McMurdo district yesterday. Hc has Mi-chell-IniiSS, returned tp Golden on
been pushing on with the driving on j Thursday. In a conversation with
the hanging wall of the Crown Point! Mr. G. Mitchell Innes. who has ho-ii
laid. The trail between the summit|on a visit to the home country in
nud the liennisoii claim has beenj connection with the mining develop-
oomple-ed and a trail Is being con- ment of East Knot nav, thnt gentle*
strutted to the Boston. A new cabin man informed us that it is -.he firm's
is nlso being built for the accnmmodn-'intention  to  proceed vigorously wi h
tion of ihe men who will hi put
work on the Bennlson claim. The
Major has located a new claim, the
Bennlson No. 2.
The Prospector says Sullivan Hill is
a mountain of mineral.
One of the most important discoveries, made this year has been located
by Steve Young on Wild Horse Creek.
It is reported that a deul has
been coiisiimuted in a large number of
claims on the north fork of the St.
Mary's River.
Since January 1st there have beer
800 locations recorded at Fort Steele,
making a total of 1750 claims recorded
in the district.
F. P. Norbury, maw.ger of the
Blucher group, on the Sullivan Hill,
has returned from tho property, bring
Ing with hiin some very line sample-
of galena.
Mr. Patty, representing an English
syndicate, has bonded a group of
claims near St. Mitry's Lake. DO men
are at work developing the property.
Wm. Millikin has uncovered 30 feet
of steel galena on the Enterorise claim,
three-fourths of a mile from St.. Mary's
River. The lead can be traced for
4,500 feet.
Col. Ridpath says that no power on
earth can keep East Kootenay from
showing to the world that the greatest
mining region in existence lies between
the llockies and the Selkirks.
An important strike was made about
the 1st of .Inly at St. Mary's Lakes.
The ore shine consists of a ledge seven
feet in width, carrying gold and cop
per. nnd can be traced for 3,000 feet.
Work has begun on a 100 foot
tunnel at the North Star, which will
he run under the present tunnel io tap
i vein which was struck on the
original tunnel. The work will be
pushed through as fast ns possible.
 -������ ���
development work on the Mitchell
group at Quarts Creek, the Edinburgh
group on Prairie Mountain, the St.
George, Vulcan and Drugon, on Toby
Creek, and the Pretty Girl on Horso
Thief Creek. During his stay in tho
home country Mr. G. Mitchell Innes
found capitalists very much interested
In British Columbia as a field for
mining investment, but what tbey
want are bona fide develops! proper*
ties, and it is no use putting undeveloped prospects befor* them. He hna
great faith in East Kootenay, and
believes that only solid developmer t
work is required to put it into a condition which will bring into it nil the
capital that is required. Mr. Mitchell*
Innes su ceeded in enlisting the co*
operation of several good capitalists,
and believes that the faith which ha
hns himself shown in the country is
about to be realised.
Talking of other mutters he ex*
pressed himself as greatly delighted
with the jubilee celebrations which ha
had the pleasure of witnessing. Tha
feature of the parade was the colonial
troops, and the French and German
officials were very much impress.'!
with this wondrous display uf tiu
strength of the empire, uf whieh it
was an object le-son
"As to Laurier" said Mr Mitchell-
Innea, ''be they Liberals or Conservatives, all must admit thai he cover. .
himself with glory."
The Itnllwi.y -.hope Burned Down
On Sunday a lire broke out in the
CPU. workshops st Revelstoke. completely destroying the main building
and doing serions damage <o thren
railway en.ines and a rotnrv, which
were in the shops at the time. One of
the engines Ins been sent on to the
Donnlil shops for repair. It is probable that all repairs for the Revel,
stoke seotlon will be done at the Donald shops mull n new building can he
put in Ht Revelstoke and the repairing
plant reinstated.
��� .
E. Clark, of Windermere, has 40
acres in crop this year, of which 30
seres nre in outs, nud 10 in wheat,
He informs us thnt the crops in ihe
Windermere district are looking ex*
cepticniilly well this season.
Dr. Duncan, secretary of tho Provincial Board of Health, and Cupt,
Clive Phillips Wol'ey, Provincial
Sanitary Inspector, are on a visit to
Enst and West Kootenay to inspect,
the sanitary condition of the various
towiiKites. They put iu today in an
inspection ol Oolden.
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The UOLDEN ERA ��� published every j.,.i���,������t of
Friday evening.  It is the best advertising cheapening of gold to the detriment ol
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Subscription Rates i   f-.OO per milium IM
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Correspondence is invited on matters of
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the writer must be enclosed, uot for publication, but for the private information uf the
editor and as a guarantee of good faith.
Tbe Golden Era Companf Limited Liability,
Office, Golden, B. V
m%9 Otolben Qbva
(Edited by E. A. IlAGOEN.)
FRIDAY, JULY   30,   1897.
Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes,
Crockery and
Fancy Goods,
Stoves and
Flour and Feed,
AVe regret to notice the attitude of
the Canadian  press generally on the
silver question.   There is an amount
of prejudice aud ignorance of the subject displayed which is utterly unpardonable in the case ol men professing
to lead public opinion.   The Victoria
Daily Times says that in   adopting
free silver the United States would be
| leaning on a broken  reed.   Perhaps
the editor of our contemporary will
admit that such men as the late Professor   Walker,  Mr.  Lidderdule.   the
able governor of the Bank of England,j resources
people by the abundance of cheap
money. These money monopolists
then proposed to demonetise gold and
make silver the money medium. Why
don't they support that policy today?
Because tbey succeeded���by fraud,
corruption, aud bribery���in getting
Germany and America to demonetise
silver in 1873, It is an historic fact
that half a million of English geld was
.pent in the bribery of the American
legislature for the passage of the bill
demonetising silver. From that day
till new gold has appreciated In value,
till It is now worth over 60 per cent
more than in 1873, or in other words
it will buy that much more of the
produots of labor. That has been
evidenced in the fall of wages and of
the prices of agricultural products,
No man has done more than William
Bryan to teach the people the principles of money, and as sure as the
night follows the day the restoration
of silver coinage will come, Higher
wages, higher prices, better times,
cheaper money���these benefits will
surely follow iu the train of free silver.
Tha British Government has been
forced to meet the silverltes half way
by agreeing to reopen the Indian mints
to the coinage of silver, and to increase
its legal tender functions iu Great
Britain. To us in British Columbia
the remonetisntioii of silver is all-
important. Here is a country teeming
with silver ore. If the demonetisation
of silver continued for any length of
time, and the gold trust maintained
its monopoly, tho price of silver would
continue to go down until the result
would be to shut dowu our mines and
ruin tho development of our mineral
With the reinonetisntion of
We sympathise with the Fort Steele
people tn the scandalous attempt that
has been made by Col. Baker to damn
Fort Steele In order to boom hia pet
townsite of  Craubrook.    This  man
seems to hav* no sense of publio propriety, but would appear to be prepared
to set at defiance the interests entrusted
to him by his constituents If only he
may become rioh at their expense, and
at the expense oi the publio estate.
It seems to us that Col. Baker's connection  with  the  Canal  Flat  land
scheme, his dealings witb the Craubrook estate, the history of his connection  with  the  B.   C.   Southern
charter and other schemes of that ilk,
form ample grounds tor his Impeachment by the Provincial Parliament.
The trouble is that the present Parliament does not possess enough men of
grit to do their duty in this matter,
but the question should be made a test
one before the eleotors, who would,
we are sure, insist on the new Parliament adopting the course we suggest,
At all events Col. Baker should be
called upon to resign his position as a
Minister of the Crown pending such an
investigation.   His last act is utterly
unpardonable. Fort Steele is at present
the recognised townsite of the southern
For over a week now the telephone
ltnea In Golden have ben down and
lying about tha streets, to the danger
of passers-by. We don't know who is
responsible for this state of things, but
surely somebody must be. Falling
nobody else taking steps to remove the
danger to the pnblie by wires tripping
about the pathways, we should think
it would be the duty of tue Government officers to take the matter in
hand.         ���
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At Golden, B. C.
Suits to Measure From
$15 up
We are informed that a road from
Wardner to Moyie would be a great
convenience. Tbe distance Is only 17
miles, and the root* affords facilities
for an excellent roadway. If this
work will bs a public convenience tt
should be carried out.
Ten Tears In the Tolls
South American Kidney Cure Loosed tbe
Bonds and Freed the Prisoner.   It Relieves in Bis Hours. H^^_
This Is te certify thst after taking six
bottles of South American Kidney Core I am
completely cured of stricture and gravel,
having suffered from these complaint, for
over ten years.  I lelt relief almost immediately, and after taking three bottles felt
greatly Improved.   I continued its use until
1 wss satisfied.  I waa perfectly cured.-*
Willis GotT, Chippewa, Out,
Sold by C. A. Warren. HI
e e
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H��w la It D��_et
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In patronising ma you support tbe
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Tailor, Golden, B. C.      8to
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���""""' .office is one of the local  	
portion cf East Kootenay, an* b�� �� Lost deserving of your support.   We
large population. Cranbrook as yet
exists only on paper, and it is a gross
abuse of his position and power that
Col. Baker should transfer the Government aud Mining Recorder's offices to
Cranbrook to help to boom bis town-
site. The indignation which this
action has aroused at Fort Sieele is
fully justified, and we hope the time is
not far distant wheu Col Baker Shall
suffer tor his publio misdeeds.
Sign Writers, Painters and
Paper Hangers
Orders-promptly attended to.      Wto
can do anything tn the printing line
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remedies had failed; then we tried
Chamberlain's Colio, Cholera, and
Diarrhoea Remedy, whioh gave very
speedy relief." For sale by all drug-
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the premises.
who successfully steered the financial
ship in the Baling crisis, Rt.   Hen,
A. J. Balfour, Messrs. H. R. Grenfell,
H. Hucks, Gibbs,   and  others  who
have held the   highest positions   in
financial circles,  and have mado the
silver question a special study,  ought
to know more about it than he, and
they aro  advocates   ot   thia  course.
An   eastern   paper   says:   ���'Occasionally a bimetallist or a  'rag money'
advocate crops up, only to be regarded
wiih passiug interest as somewhat of
a curiosity."   Yet we suppose there is
not a sane nuin in the Dominion who
would not admit that the "rag money"
of Canada forms the  soundest and
most convenient money system in the
world,   Sir  John  McDonald was  a
thorough believer in "rag money," and
he steadily  pursued his "rag money"
policy till he had established u system
that placed the banking institutions ol
Canada ou a rock that withstood the
most terrible financial storm.   If the
bimetallist is tho "curiosity" of which
our contempoiury speaks,  then such
curiosities abound, for the best financial men of Britain, America, France,
Germany, Austria, and other leading
nations are bimetallists.   Yet another
eastern editor has the following: "True
a silver trust is no less dangerous than
sugar trust,  (or though it cannot
silver the price ol that metal will be
doubled, and the milling activity of
today iu British Columbia will pale
before that which is to come. The
interests of Canada are identical with
those of the United States on the
silver question, and our people should
joiu bauds with Bryanisin to bring
about the triumph of free sllvor.
We have something for you
for the next two weeks.
200 Blouses at
Exactly Half Price.
Ladies' and Children's Boots
and Shoes at Cost for
the next 30 days.
��� ��� Don't ��� ���
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raise the price ot silver so as to make
it 16 to 1 of gold, tree silver at that
ratio wonld rob the creditor of tbe
di-orence between the legal ratio and
the market ratio.    Bryanlsm is a
dreary  alternative  to  the reign   of
trusts and monopolies, but it is possible that the electorate may preterit."
Does not this journalist see that In
denouncing a silver trust he is supporting a gold trust, tha cruellest, most
merollest,   and   most   unscrupulous
trust the world has ev-r**-**-.   This
gold trust procured tbe demonetisation
ot silver in England tn 1816 by an
atrocious system ol  legislative corruption.    That legislation resulted,
.ccording to PfofeMor Javons, In the
Increase of the value of gold by 180
per oent, and added millions to tht
wealth of the gold trust, bat bronght
min to the nation tiU tht rioh goldj
dltcoverlteofthttarly Wt.es replaced
The  women  of  British  Columbia
again   petitioned   the    last   session
of   the   Legislature  for   the*  franchise,   and   that    congregation    of
antiquaries, calling itself Parliament,
was profoundly shocked.   These wiseacres���who  represent   the   charter-
mongers first, themselves second, and
the people last-bave not yet recovered
from their antediluvian Ideas that the
voters' list may consist of all exoepl
'criminals, lunatics, and women."   It
Is high time our legislators recognised
that women have to obey the law at
well as men, and that therefore they
ahould have a voice in Its making.
.Women are equally  Interested  with
I men in social and econoinie questions.
The education of the young has found
tbe ablest exponents and workers in
women.   A man sunk In degradation,
and who woald sell his vote (or a
glass ot beer, has a voice In electing
the legislators, yet the noble women
who form the wives and mothers ot
the community are precluded from a
privilege which  they oould exercise
more intelligently and honorably.   It
tt high time that we had at the bead
of affairs those who recognise with
Galileo that "the world does move,"
and who are prepared to generously
extend to woman the right that is heis
at well as thtirt.
Wo have repeatedly urged thu cause
ot the enlargement of the Donald
school. If ever a people have been
badly treated in the matter of school
accommodation the people ot Donald
have been. The school trustees recently again urged the Minister of
Education to have the school enlarged,
and this is the reply they got (rom
Mr. Pope, Superintendent of Education:���
"I am directed to state, in reply to
your communication of the 10th Inst,
that it is understood by the Department that the prospects are that the
attendance at your sohool- will be very
materially diminished In tht near
future on account ol the removal of
the C. P. R. works from your town,
and that under these circumstances
the Government would not at present
be justified Iii building any addition to
your sohoolhouse."
Apart Irom the railway workshops,
Donald is the centre of great mining
activity, and ts likely to be an important mining town. For over three
yeara the enlarged school accommodation has been required, and hu been
put off (rom timt to tlmt. thereby
inflicting a great wrong on the distriot. The (act that th* accommodation is and hat been urgently required ought to be sufficient justification for tbt work being done.
WailTAfl���AKe"-�� f��r "Queen Vic-
" *-*u W5U t- ria, Her IleiSn and Diamond Jubilee.*' Qverfk-win-r with latent aiid
richest nlctures. Conlalna the eisloised bi-
SgrWif H�� Majealy. with authentic His-,
-fry of hor remarkable re gn, wid tuU account of the Diamond J-tUbe;���_, ��"1j^�� m
Big book. Tremendous demand. .���..-._
foragenta. CoimiiUhioiiuO percent. Credit
itiveu. Freight nasi. OtnTIT KRBH. Duty
paiil, Write onfek for outfit and territory.
Dearborn St., Chicago. Meets
I beg to give notice that tbe report appearing lu certain newspapers lo the effect
that I have transferred my ipterst hi the
Uiunt Mineral Claim to Mr. Henry Croft is
absolutely without fan���ation.
Victoria Metallurgical Works. K-M
Builder and Contractor,
'���   -  - .-..-  Golden, B. C.
A supply of Building Lime
For Sale.
Plans prepared.   Prompt attention given to orders. **8te
. . Undertaken and
.   Embalmen,
Cal_*ry,   ���    ���    AH*.
A genar-il meeting ef the Golden Hospital
Society, for the election of trustees for the
ensuing year, will be held at the Schoolroom,
Golden, on Monday, August Hnd, at 8 p.m.
Similar meetings will alao be held at
Donald, Beaver, Palliser, Field. Wats, Fort
Steele, and Windermere, at the same date
and hour.
By order ot the Hoard,
C. a PARSON, decretal
��� ar
Barrister, Solicitor &
- - - Notary Public.
Office at Upper Columbia Navigation
Co. Building, Golden, B. C.
Will bt in Goldtn on Monday ot tech
Board of Trade.
By request 1 hereby convene a meeting of
the bi-iueaa men of Gulden to consider the
Uo-ofa Hoard of Trade to *t��*�����
and prMnote the owiuuerelsl and general
interests of the town.and dMr let,     ^^
The meeting will heheH at_the|Mice of
the Golden Era, on Tuesday next, Hi th inst,
atth.bourof8p.nl.      t ^ HaG0-j,.
Vim, Vigor, Vitality
���N M DAY!.
WATCH  ...
Clerk and Jewelry repairing dens in
the beat style of the trade with the
least poaaikle delay. Mai) and ei-
preaa orders receive prompt sttention
Idcknktf ui Jtitiki - hUu, I. C.
(Opposite the Columbia House.)
Agent for the Canadian Bueltlag -
Aaaaying Works
Amys. Testa and Smelting ef Ores
with the greatest expedition aad ael-
-   eutMe accuracy
Call or write lor further information
Cures general or special debility, wskeful*
nw, ape-raatuirh-a, emissions, fa-potency,
  _.   r.orrec., famHonal disorder),
tteuralgla Torment.
Thousands Could Tell the Same Story of
Misery that William Davidaon Tells, and
Thousands Have Today the Same Bong
of Rejoicing���Cured by South American
"I suffered untold misery for over three
months from  neuralgia of the stomach.
i-hya-ians did their best to help me, but all
attempts were baffled. I saw south American
Nervine advertised, and resolved te try it.
The first bottle gave me great relief, and
after I had used six buttles I was oorepittely
cured of this dreadful disease." Wo. David
sen, Thedford, Ont
Sold by C. A. Warm. 81
In Bad For Weeks
And Every Breath She Drew was as Excruciating Pain. Rheumatism bad Fastened
Hia Talona on His Prey- South American
Rheumatic Cure Snatched Her From
Hia Grasp.
"For fifteen years I had been troubled
with rke-natlam. It had settled la my back.
At times the pain was so severe ss to entirely
lay me np for weeks at a tine. I was Just
about diacouraged and had given up hope
I when I was recommended to try South
American Rheumslic Cure. -1 did so. The
first bottle enabled me to le.ve my bed, sod
in one week from the time I comnenced lis
use I was completely cured.   It is undoubtedly the best remedy tn lhe world for then-
istlam." Mrs. John Beaumont, Elora.Ont.
Sold by C. A. Warren. ��
pare.-, etc. Corrects functional aiaoraera,
eaaaed by errors ur excesses, quickly restoring Lost Mankind iu old or young, giving
Vigor and Strength where former wenkneas
A-ruy Office, and Chemical Laboratory,
Vancouver, B. 0.
Established 18U0.
For several yesra with Vivian k Sou,
Swanaea, and local representative for them.
For D years manager for the sawyer* to
the Rio Timo Co., London.
Canadian representative of the Caaeel Gold
Extracting Co., Ltd, Ulasgow iCyanida
N.B.-AII work personally superintended.
Only competent-en employed. Ke pupils
- _hu-p  aaawae ._ ilTflllsTli   nisviw    emam *��������*.
pAvailed.   flsiivtatart  package
effectual snd legitimate.
Itetnai anu riwhw, _^_^_h_J_H
��� ure. la Qal.k and Th.roegfc.
Dent be deceived by MUti-ma- inaiat on
Catou'a Vltallsera. gent aealed if your drag-
gist doee not have tt. Price 81 per pkge.,t>
for 85, with written guarantee of complete
cun. Information, reforat-ss, etc., free end
cjufidentlal.  Bend us statement of car* ���-���
out���'en���u.   oun u> ��..<_.-��. ������ v��� ���
���Beta for a week's trial treatment  Oue only
sent to each penoa 8Wc
Oaten tte*. Ce..'Beaten, Mass.
Rubber Stamps
be recti
i for Rubber Stamps and'Reals wtt
!rST_r _T.okieoi_-oiiic.__
| with |jtwnntltn|-e.
A fortune in ��n hour can be made by
tovtntii��Kimtth*njnt-*. Bm^"?
for ourbeautHul ~~ Book **���**��*'.
able to Invent
ItMttat, aoaay
la _xel_riv^*-��--rnt-.t-. Ow Mat tell nt
*.*���-. *��������������������� ���_.���_.
light. CMfeeOwsau-f
hamateaetsallygsWagtte-i eaemtaa
Oaaaeamt,la ema Aet, aleaeilWM*.
ri.uis aad Cat.leans ttaa aa mM_m_sb*>
K.A. atAtita-m
Mining, Meal -elate an*
riaaaelal Agent ....
Parehattrt Obtained for Prospects sal Developed Claims.
*dd'e"i _  _
.... tiaMra. B. G.
For Sale
-Pall shed claim la one of richest localities
ef last Kootensy. II, 100 of development
work done. -Hays from this claim hav*
given 880 lagold.TO ounces ailver end 80 per
seat copper. Tliere are Ive well dtlatd
leads on the property.  Prure8oj000.
Group ef foer full i
ore carrying gold.
Farm of 180aertt an*. ....    ..	
.-nlUvatloaiwellwmataL  Ont^lng*....
10 acres in
PaMoM for a Railway Coupler and a Ropo
To Let
ree ptftienlars of above apply to
E.A. HaoORK,
OaMenEraOa-ce. THE GOLDEN ERA, FRIDAY, JULY.80; 18&7.
Th. Preepvater Chang*. It. View.
. In attacking an article in the Era
'? the,Fort Steele Prospector, in its issue
of June 16th, taid- -'The electors may
go along way and fare badly ere they
have a representative like the ptesent
one, who hat been moet devoted to the
belt Interests of East Kootenay." Just
a month afterwards the Prospector
has to eat Its own. words, and has
come round to the views of the Goi-uks
Era. Our contemporary now deadlines Col. Bskei as "prostituting his
position at our representative for
selfish purposes aud personal gain,"
- And again oar contemporary says:
���'We know that this ir another of the
many crimes to be oharged to himsell
and to the government of which he is
a member." Our contemporary ends
with th* following address to the
Hon. Jat. Baker: "Oo it while you
have the chance; your time is short.
Neither you, nor any man who has the
temerity to condone your sins, will
warm your seat again as member for
Eatt Kootenay. Had you delayed
your scheme until Cranbrook had an
existence at a town, or until the publio
interests seem to demand it, then yonr
unblushing infidelity would not have
been to evident. But your work Is too
eoarse, too coarse, Colonel. We can't
stand your work."
4 >
In the Kloadlke-Th. Uolil Field, of
th. Yukon
Seattle, Wash., July Slst.-B W.
Shaw, formerly a well-known insurance man of this city, now in tbe
Klondike district, has written a letter
to a business man ot this city, in
whier he states frankly he does not
expect to be believed.
"This Is a great mining strike,"
ssys Shaw, "probably the greatest on
the  American  continent  or   in  the
1 world. Oold hat not been found In
great paying quantities except on two
creeks, covered by about 300 claims.
Soma of tne pay streaks are nearly all
geld. Ont thousand dollars to the pan
it uot an uncommon thing, and as
high at 100 ounces have been taken
ont tn a tingle pan. It is not uausuul
to see men coming in with all tho gold
dust they can carry. You would not
lielieve me when I tell you that I went
-iuto one pabin and eoiWtedfive live-
gallon oil cans full of gdl'd dust, but it
It a fact. It it the result of the work
ol two men daring tht winter, and the
dump it.not mteh more than half
worked ont. Than hae been about
48,000,000 in dust taken out so far in
the district. . At a low estimate, I
believe then will he tM.000,000 taken
ont during the next year."
a a
hulk th. Wardreha. and Oleaata.
Ia almost every home half-worn
garments and goodt art stowed away
in wardrobe* aud closets thtt can be
mad* at good ad new and fitted for
months of wear.
The operation ot recreating and
beautifying is simple, the coat ts
trifling, and the general results beyond
th* comprehension of those who are
acquainted witb the work of lioin*
Dresses, jackets, capes, vests, pants,
ribbons, silks, feathers, and a score of
other things worn aud faded can be
transformed Into things ot beauty and
fashion at a cost of from ten to twenty
Thoutandt of Canadian families use
Diamond Dyes every year and save a
gnat dial ot money All users of
Diamond Dv*t lay it it to eaay to utt
thtin. Tbt directions are ao explicit
���nd simple tbat a child can do good
'work. -
At then an many imitations and
worthless dyes told ttt that your
dealer gives you tht Diamond Dyes
when you ask for them. Common
dyee ruin your goods; Diamond Dyes
bring success in color aud beauty. 93
a ���
Be loyal to your town and district!
(Ht yonr printing done at the office of
the.aot.D__ Era.
Part of It Buggaatlv. or Bern*. In th.
Did World
From Quebec a correspondent writes
to the Paris Daily Messenger:���"lot on
parle francais" might be written on
the portals ol this quaint and picturesque old city.   Strolling in  lower
Quebec you might easily fancy yourself  in  Amiens or  Dieppe.   In  thc
upper town theie is more English, bui
everywhere an amusing mixture.   On
the same card you will read '���Maisou n
louer" and "House to let"; on one side
of the door "Pas  d'udmis-tion   sans
affaires," and on the other "No admittance except on btiKineiis." This bilingual necessity causes- a Utile  extra
painting and printing. Each "railway
crossing"  must  be marked   likewise
"Traverse du cheinin de fer," and every
official "notice" must be printed also
In full as an "avis."   Tbe blending is
often curious, as when two adjoining
shops have their announcements one
in French and the other in English.
Along the Orand Alien, running right
across the Plains of Abraham, you
might be in Brussels or Paris, only
that ���'Clifton terrace" seems to recall
you  to  Kensington.   Travellers  for
whom Europe is too distant aro ad
vised to go to Quebec, there to find i
bit of the medieval old world trans
planted to the new, but still embalmed
in its ancient religious sentiinentalisin,
upon   which  the  rush   and roar ol
modern unrest produces as little effect
as the Atlantic breakers on the cliffs
of  Cape  Breton.    French   continues
uppermost until you pass Montreal,
but from Ottawa and Kingston to the
Pac.lic the legend of the nearly univer
sal tongue is like that ot the Paris
shopkeepers, who announced "Engiirh
spoken."   In most ot the best schools
English is taught, and a large number
of the people are convol mint with both
languages, Englifh being indispensable
for commerce.
Another Remarkable Recovery
From Catarrh
Japanese Catarrh Care
A   X.v.r   Falling   Remedy .. (lured
wh.u Catarrh Special let ��� railed.
Joseph Little, mill owner, Port
Essington, formerly of Vancouver,
writes: ��� "Japanese Catarrh Cun
cured me of catarrh which had troubled
me for 25 yearn, during which time I
had spent hundreds of dollars with
r-pecialints in Toronto and San Francisco, but obtained no peruianeiii
relief until using Japanese Caiarrh
Cure about eight years ago. Since
lhat time I have been complete!,
cured, and my catarrh has not
troubled mo in the least, It. in truly n
wonderful remedy; the first application
Japanese Catarrh Cure cures Cold
in the Head lu 80 minutes, and there
Is not a case of Catarrh which cannot
lie cured if Japanese Catarrh Oure i-
uerslstently used. Sold by all drug
gists; 50 cents. Mailed on receipt of
price. Aijll'ress W. A. Griffith-. A Co .
wholesale druggists, Vancouver, B. C.
Sample free, enclose three cent stump
Chemist & Druggist
Has now opened in tl e premises
lately occupied by D.  L. Bettschen.
Prescriptions (teMfrttapuat,-,
A Full Stock of Patent Me Urines nnd
Ilrug-rl*- Sundries Kept
Beaton. Why   <:huiii*>erlaln's  C'ollc.
Cholera, und Olurr_o.ii Uem-
. ly la til. Beet.
1. Because it affords almost instant
relief in case of pain in the stomach,
colic and cholera morbus,
'2. Because it is the only it-mody
thut never fails in the most severe
eases of dysentery and diarrhoea..
3. Because it is the only remedy
thut will cure chronic diarrhoea.
4. Because it is the only reined,,
that will prevent bilious colic.
8. Because it is the only remedy
that will cure epidemical dysentery.
li. Because it is the only remedy
that can always be depended upou in
cases of cholera Infantum.
7. Because it is the most prompt
and most tellable medicine in use br
bowel complaints.
8. Because it produces no bad results.
i). Because it is pleasant and sale
to take.
10. Because It has saved the lives
of mora people than any otlier medicine
in the world. '
For sale by all druggist s-Langley
A Co., wholesale agenls, Victoria and
Vancouver. 7.I.V7
To know if Tub Uolden Era in�� good
lulvertiaiug iiiediuui. To' Tent thia and
to introduce our go-la iu tliu viciuity
wc will givo ii.vny i-hsulutelv I'll*-', n
Sterling Silver I'ii-kle Fork, beautifully
twisted uuiidle, 11 inches lung.woi-tli -J I.--��.
Tut ont till* nil. mul aentl witli Hat fur
narking nml postage nntl we will send
Fork prepaid, together witli cur big bargain liat fiibk. Wn have bargains in
everything nnd sell i.t wholesale 'lii'o<rt
lo consumer.   AGENTS WANTED.
Wonewoc Bargain House,
Wonewoc. WU.
Wholeanle and Ketnll
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
OOLDEN,  B. C.      2r..i-
Winde mere Hotel,
���IMr Subscribe for the Eka   ****..
Hopplim for
Assayers ���������
Chemists -:
Muffler., Crucibles, Hrorilk-ra, Furnace*,
t-liuiiiicala, Clieiuicl An-iurutiir., Uulancr a.
linker �� Admiu-on'* 0.1. Acids.
We ure Importer*,.)���iiiiifuctiirers
mul .loliliera.
1710 -JIlixniiuBt.
Denver, Colo.
Work, nt
Pueblo fol.��.
To do so, send your orders for ns
to print your memoranda with a
locality map of East Kootenay
and the various locations on lhe
hack of each form I
The Golden Era Company
Limited Liability
Oeneral Printers and Publishers,
Golden, B. C.
Itest llrilllilH of
Liquors Kept..
��� ��� ���
Snililla Howe*, Siu;;lc nnd Double Iflgs
Ull Hire nt r>li..rt-.*st Niiili-0.      44t<-
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open forth,
adinissiou of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the undersigned or any member of the
PRICE- Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per hull yenr.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Acting Secretary.
A thin oily fibre-food fluid, which
link* into the pores leaving a
velvety burnishing film outside.
Rub this friction coat a
little, and lo.��� a brilliant,
lasting, lustre dawns
through it.
Neither varnish, turpentine,
nor wax, to parch leather or seal up its pores, in���*
!| Siater Shoe PoushI
II. 6. Parson, Sole Golden Agent.     7ft
__ - 1'
I Upper Columbia NaVigatioq & Tran\Way Co.Ji
���   and
Iqtenjational Traqsportatioq Gorqpaijy.
Connecting with C. P. H. at Uolden, B. C, and
Ureal Northern Railway at Jenuiuga, Montana.
|48 Hours to Fort Steele*]
VOT1CE ia hereby given that 110 duya after
date 1, the undersigned, intern! to apply
to the Commissioner of Luiuls uinl Work* for
leave to purcluue IIKIii.-re.ol' Uud.ilUH-rlbeil
iu. IJillowst��� llegiuning i.t a |kmI nu.rke.1 "A.
11. Kerg-Mii'a southeast irurner," situatm!
about the 'miction ol the North inul .VeM
Hrm-cue* ot* llie Ht Mary'* lliver, in East
Kuoteimy, Furt Stjele District! thence weal
40 .-huliis; thence north 40 cliaim*; tlieiue
mutt 40 chain*; thenee south 40 ehuiiu. to the
pliuru ul' beuiiiuing.
A. 0. FEIlUl'SuX.
East Kootenuy, Fort Steele District,
June-list, 18117. KiSerJI
VOTICE is hereby giveu that uO days after
date I, the uiuleraigucd, intend to apply
to the Commissioner of Luiuls mul Work* tor
Ici-ve to puri-lui-e IU0 acre, ot'luuil, ilesi-ribe.1
ns follows:��� lie-tinning ut ii post uuo-UcI" II.
Abbott's south-west corner, situmeil alwui
the Jiiiicti.ii. ot* the North uut! West llruu.-lies
vour naiM    Th* ����� to do that ia to! of the St. Mary's Hlver, in Gust Konteiuiy.
your camps.    J. he wny to uo tnat is to  -^ gteu|e r*i,,rl��li tliou.e east 40. hum
send news of your finds to IheGoLUKS I thence
and send it to your friends.   The Era
will tell them all about it better than
you can.   IS a year.
You may hunt the world over and
you will not And  another medicine
Miners! Tha way for you to succeed
it to make known the resources of
   .until  40 iliulus: thence west 4"
Subscribe yourself to the Era jj*.'$��** ��~"-~l~ * el-nin. lo the pluce or
beginning. ^^
liu-t Kootciuiy, IurtSteele Dis.ri.t,
Julie -list, IMU7. ���HiSe'TI
VOTICr. is hereby given thnt HO days alter
dale i, the uislorsi-riieil, iuteiiil tn apply
to tlie CoiuiiiiMioner .if (jSiids u. d Works for
, leave to puri'linse lit) acre, of land, describe!
equal lo Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera,' aa I'olluws--Ik-giuuing at a |wat mark, d ".I.
II.   AliU.li*.   uoriii e���st   corner,"  altiihiiil
Pacific Ry.
Direct Kiiil Koute to
Montreal and Toronto
Anil nil Eastern points.
Lake route to lhe eust���Sailings from
Fort William.
Alberta Every Tuesday to Windsor
..���.tluliruill...Every T'iura>ll.y lo Owen Suiuul
Mniiiluhii      .E.ery Sunday to Oiveii Sumi.l
Coiim-etiugtrains t'ruiii l.nlileiutt Hi,*���every
M.imiuy, I'lii.rstluy ..ml r-iiiu,.,.-.y.
Daily mul direct sitrvice lo
Kaslo, IVelsoa, Sandon
j\iul ,-ul pitiuts in the Far Faiueil Kouteui.y
antl Silvery Slocan.
To China and Japan
From Vancouver
Empress of India 'iial August
Eiuprosa uf Junuii *.!nl Aiigiwt
Honolulu, Australia.
New Zealand,
From Vancouver
Miiiwer:.. 8th August
Anriuigi 2 nl Augmt
Apply for par'iculars to
V. K. WKM.M.
Agent. Ui ld��n.
Or write, to    ROBT. KERR,
Traffic Manager,
liltc Wiuni|ieg.
Steamer, leave Golden Monday and Friday evenlnga on arrival
of Eust bound train. Connections at Canal Flat wilh Stage for
Fort Steele and Wardner.
The only quick and comfortable route.
til  >���
Addreu all eipreu care ol V. C. Co'y., Goldeu.
F. P. Armstrong,
ht m me *> - - A _> - _k-_____fc
*a.*n-tn t t t
iHHi" Itnfiif iilhuti
nr-wstesmns BICYCLES.
A WINNER from the Start
You'll want It, If you SEE It
H( MMCMMMR IS Workflft.
* vm ir-p-y**y^-p-PT����<>er|i m m m
and Diarrhoea Remedv for bowel complaints, It is pleasant, sale, and
reliable, For sale by all druagists-
Langley A Co,, wholesale agents,
Viotoria and Vancouver. 73A7
"We publish in another column the
advertisement of the Imperial Bank ol
panada. The Imperial it one ot the
boat banking Institution, doing business in the Dominion, and Calgary, at
whioh the bank hus a branch, is the
most convenient point for doing business from Golden,
We have received the prospectus of
tha British Columbia Provincial
Oeneral Election League, which has
been organised at Vancouver. The
-.roiiouuoed object of the league ii to
work up the voters' lifts so as tu
seoure a thoroughly re, re��eiit��tlve
poll at the coming election. The
organisation proposes to do Its work
iri-etpectlve .(party, and it it honestly
oairies out tbt work that Is responsible
tor bringing It Into existence It wil
ender excellent uei-vice,
aUnit the Junction of the Nor li i.ud West
llruu.-lies uf the St. .Mary's lliver, in East
Kuotcnuy, Fort Steele District' thenee west
411 rhniiis; theme south 40 .-finiiis; ilieuee
l-nat 411 i-lliiiils: thelil-0 north IU ill..ins to the
pli.i-0 ul |.egilllliug.
j. 0. Aiiiiorr.
Eust K oinuay. Fort Steele District,
June Hl.t, IWI. tUlSe-H
Vin'ICE is lierebv given that IIO days after
date 1, llie mule-signetl, iiituml to apply
to the Coiiimiasiniier of Ijiuuls uial Works tor
leave to piirclinM) WOiu-res nf lailil.desci'il-ed
as fullowsi���llegiimiiig at a post marked "VY,
A. Morrison's uorth-weat corner," situated
about the Jiiiictkin of the *-ortli uid West
llraiielies of tlie St. Mary's lliver, in Enat
Kisiiciiny, Fort Steele District; thenee mist
40 vlhiina; thence south 411 . Iialua: tli. nee
west 40 .In.ins: then.e north 40 chains to the
place of beginning.
W. A. MO..K1SON.
East Kootenay, Fort Steele District,
June ..at, 1*17. HUSnU
Notice to the Public
ia net coiinevied wiih the uuuiiigeiueiit ol' the
Notice ia hereby given that Mr. D. M. One
ia net connected with the uuuiiigeiueiit ol' tin
Uokleu Era, Mid that I am the only person
anlhoriaed lo make contract, and to collect
and receive pay-uent of accounla due to the
proprietory compnliy.
E. A. Haiku--,,
Managing Director GoHen Era
Company l.lmlled Llatiility.
Daled.thls 17th day of May, 101.
��� ��� OF CANADA
Head Offlrr. To-ront*.
Paid Up Capital - H.9��3,Gihi
lveserve   -   -   -    tl,li*i(!,8U(l
H. S. Howland, President.
T.R.Merritt. Vice Pres.(8t.Catharines)
William Ramsay, Robert Jaffray,
Hugh Ryan, T. Sutherland Stsyner,
E. Rogers.
0. R. Wilkie, General Manager.
North West and British Columbia.
)(eating ��� ��� ���
A Bicycle that sells quickly because it is mmlo
to please the rider. Because it 1 uns wotuiei*-
fu!ly easy with its long chain, and with
the bearings so made that the balls revolve
without even common friction.
Brandon    Portage la
Calgary Prairie
Edmonton Prince Albert
Essex Niagara Falls
Fergus Port Colborue
Oalt Rat Portage
Ingersoll Ssnlt Ste. Marie
8t. Catharines
Agents in Great Britain- Lloyd's Rank,
Ltd., 711 Lombard St, London, with whom
money may be deposited for transfer by letter
or cable to any or above hranehea.
Agents in tbe Tnlled Statea - New York,
Bank of Montreal. Bank of America; Chicago, First National Huuk; St. Paul, Second
National Bank.
Savings Bank llepartment-Denosits of 11
snd upwards received and interest nllowod.
Debentures ��� Provincial. Municipal and
other debentures purchased.
Draft, sad Utters of Credit- Available at
1 points in Canada, United Kingdom,
United Statea, Europe, India, thins, Japan,
Australia, Naw Zealand, etc.'
-Tat Manager Calgary Branch.
St Thomas
Catpn's Tansy Pills.
A tried, true tad talk HI lit HI -f|H'|
Always reliable. Avoid **.*-1-- ��� m*"'
imitations.    Get   CATON. and save regrets.  At druggists, or aent sealed, tl. Our
booklet 4 cents. 6Mci
Catoii Ipee. Oe., Bestea, Mass.      I
Keating is the Lightest Guaranteed
Road Bicycle in the World.
ft Keating Wheel Co., ft
Write and manikin "IRA."
-rHIRTY-MVENTH V��AB.   ��� ��� ���
Twenty htei;W��*ir.ni*_rtr_tel.
im-tetiman to Mmw Win.
���nm boixa-i. m nu, nrmb.
aaoMAimrrtrj lagPmnomoojCal.
bf U~__~i. Mrfe, Sure eat Alw.y. le-M*.
It trljTU SUKTITl' I ES F-om ell dtun.1.-
�� auulee, hm tnm .bM-Mwa m iwrelH ut
U.tS, Stales P-',c-*n 9 ttn<>
H   A   I  ���At r*l traa the fcce, eras, ***
��� PIU-IXM/nMlrhSfaleaa Seabv-aall.MeUii.
e>ncel|irffric.,|l.W.   A|eail����oied
UNIMCOieiNtCO.. MONTRiai. c.
_ ����� Sell, |i OO:
hlH.ilUr.frle    IBS
���.���enal.Cea. thf: golden era, Friday, july 30, 1.97.
HlghMt Honon-WorM'* Pair,
A pure Grape Creim of Tartar Powder. Fret
torn Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,
40 YEARS the standard.
The new C. P. R. hotel at Rove'*
etoke hat been opened.
Mr. Griffith enters on his duties ae
Oold Commissioner on August 2nd.
Printed receipt forms, in books of
flfty, sre on sale at tbe Oolu.n Eua
Orders for rubber stamps will be
' received and promptly executed at the
Golden Era office.
Tbe Alberta Hotel of Calgary is one
ol tht best conducted hotels between
the coast and ths east.
Tbere was a slight Irost on Sunday
night, but fortunately little damage
was done to the potato crops.
Mr. Lawson, conductor on the C. P.
R.,  leaves  Donald ou Monday to take
up his residence at Revelstoke.
The ooast lumber mills have secured
. the supply of timber for the Howe
' trusses to be used on the Crow's Nest
:" road.
8,000,000 feet of timber is required
to he landed on tbe eastern extremity
ot the Crow's Nest road before winter
sets in.
Vaehon Bros, have a magnificent
crop of small fruits in the shape of
gooseberries, raspberries, black, red,
and white currants.
We have received the first number of
the Nelson Economist, a new weekly
paper started at Nelson. It ie sraurtlv
written, and well printed and edited.
Haymaking is now proceeding
actively throughout the district,
having been delayed by the wet
weather. The bay crop ia everywhere
Sheriff Redgrave's garden at Don
aid is a credit to bim. The
sheriff has grown a grand crop of
potatoes and general garden stuff there
thit teason.
It ia reported from Victoria tbat the
Hon. Col. Baker and Hon. Mr. Martin
will retire from the Turner Cabinet,
and two other supporters ot the party
will* be appointed in their stead.
Mr. Neilson, of the Beaver mills,
who hat been on a visit to Mr. Haney
at Ft. McLeod. informs us tbat gentleman it pushing on the construction of
the Crow's Nest Road with great
Mr. MeNelth hss greatly Improved
the apVarance of the bar room of the
Columbia House bv the addition to it
of a large mirror 13 feet in length by
8ft. Gio. in width. He hna also added
��� oath register.
Our readers will he glad to learn
tbat there is a good prospect of a band
being formed for Oolden by the addition to the population of gentlemen
whe have been members of bauds in
neighboring towns.
Tbt men who are flocking in to the
Crow't Nett Past Railway works are
not likely to get fat on tbe wages
offering tbere, the rate being only ISO
a month and IS bonus if tbe men stay
oa tht work all summer.
M. Csrlin. manager of the Oolden
Lumber Co., returned on Wednesday
evening (rom a visit to the Crow's
Nest rosd. The company have received an order to supply 200,000 ties,
betides telegraph poles aud other
timber, for the C. P. R.
The Duchess will In future leave
Golden on Mondays and Fridays,
instead of Mondays and Thursdays as
hitherto. The change in time-table it
made to enablt tht company's stage to
leave Steele on Friday afternoons and
bring with It the reply mail to tbat
reaching Steele on Thursday evening.
, A start bu agahl been made on the
bridge over the Kicking horse at
Goldtn, Frater's bridge gang having
arrived to do tbt work, Wt understand that It it aot tbt intention of
tht Lumber Co. tb'eompltlt tha brldgt
thlt season, but merely to oroet over a
part of tht present brldgt and remove
tba spans for completion of the work
during next winter.
J. F. Pugh kdvertises for a girl as
apprentice to the tailoring business,'
Miss Wells goes to the Annje
Wright Seminary of Tacoiua in September to complete her eduoation.    '
Rev. G, E. Smith will condu'ot
services in connection witb tbe Methodist church on Sunday next as follows:
Donald at 11 a.m.; Golden at 7.30 p.m.
The C. P. R. have now put into effect their reduced freight rates on the
Western and Paclflo sections between
Winnipeg and Vanoouver, the rates to
cover freight each way.
The Uevelstoke Herald thinks tbat
the effect bf the tire at the Revelstoke
shops will be-to hurry up the C. P. R.
in making the changes whioh they
have for some time contemplated.
H. J- Parkhill, formerly of Donald,
has been promoted to the position of
ohiet train despatoher at Field, and
Mr, Carman of Field now tills both
the offices of agent and despatoher,
Mr. J. F. Armstrong will conduct
farewell services at St Paul's church,
Oolden, on Sunday evening at 7..SO, as
As there wss only a small attendance at the meeting convened to form
a board of trade for Golden, there
appeared to be so little interest in tbe
matter tbat no definite notion was
In view of the mining aotlvity in
East Kootenay, there should be a good
demand for supplies for assayers and
chemists. The Standard Fire Brick
Co., of Denver, Col., are manufacturers
and suppliers of suoh requirements,
Professor Hardman was much struck
during his visit into the southern
portion ot Eatt Kootenay by the splendid' crops gtown at Wasa by N.
Hanson, whose plan of irrigation
seems to be a specially successful one.
Mr. Taylor, manager of the Calgary
branoh of the Hudson's Bay Co.'s business, informs us that business with
them is very satisfactory���much more
so thau tbey have been finding it for
some time. They do a considerable
western trade, and intend putting a
man on the road permanently in that
direction,  as thsy find their business
Mr. W. C. Wells, proprietor of the
Palliser mills, will cut a quantity of
timber for tbe Crow's Nest road,
having got in a lot of logs which he
bad cut along the railway line and
hauled up by train to tbe mill.
The first meeting ot the Golden
Town Committee elected tome time
ago was held at the Queen's Hotel on
Wednesday, when there were present:
Messrs. Greene, Hamilton, Henderson,
and McDermot, Mr, Greene was
elected chairman and Mr. 'Hamilton
secretary. The secretary was instructed to obtain the board's books
which were in the possession ot D. M.
Rae, and also to interview Mr. Armstrong, Government agent, with reference to the 1200 voted for fire protection
being made available. The committee
will meet again on Friday next.
he leaves next  week  to take up his I gradually extending,  and more par-
residence permanently at Fort Steele.
Daring the past week H. G. Parson
has received a carload of whiskey and
other liquors from the east, a carload
of Calgary beer, a carload of Chatham
wagons, buggies, democrats and rigs,
also two carloads of oats.
Mrs. C, E. Hamilton, who was on a
visit to the Winnipeg fair aud to see
her friends, states that most unpleasant    weather    was   experienced
tloularly the shipping part of it.
Mr. S. Hardy, who was some years I Downey,  of
ago one of the most popular ranchers I bave been
Helpless For A Tear
Bowed Down With Rheumatl.m and
From the Pott Sackville, N.B.
Records  like  the following  carry
conviction with them, and in a practical sense It might be said that this is
still the age of miracles.   Mr. Edward
Maccan,  N.B.  says:  '-I
a resident of Cumberland
of Canal Flat, and who still owns a
ranch there, returned to Golden on
Thursday last and went up the river
by the Duchess. Mr. Hardy received
a hearty welcome from old friends, and
many were the enquiries and good
wishes for the health ot his good wife
and himself.   It is now four years
during fair week.    There was an eu- j sjnDe Mr. and Mrs. Hardy returned to
where they have
attendance   of   visitors   and
We wish Mr. J. F. Armstrong all
succes in his appointment as Gold
Commissioner of the uew die-net of
Fort Steele. Mr. Armstrong has
proved himself to be a hard-working |
and energetio public ollicer, and has
always taken great interest in his
publio duties.
A. Leitch, manager of the Cranbrook Lumber Co., arrived iu Golden
on Friday with a steam boiler and
engine and sawmill plant for Cranbrook. Tbe engiue was a iio horse
power, aud the plant included planing
and shingle' machines. The engine
wss taken by road ou Monday from
Golden station.
A general meeting of the Golden
Hospital Society, for the election
ot trustees for the ensuing year, will
be held at tbe schoolroom, Golden, on
Mondsy, August 2nd, at 8 p. In. Similar meetings will also be held at
Donald, Beaver, Palliser, Field, Wasa,
Fort Steele, and Windermere, at the
same date and hour.
The Donald Sohool Committee have
written to the Under Secretary for
Education asking what authority he
haa for the statement thst the railway
workshops wiil be removed from
Donsld to Golden. They have also
written to Superintendent Marpole and
Sir William Van Home to ask whether
there is any truth in tbe report.
At H, G. Parson's store we have
been shown a new idea in the shape ot
a ventilated shoe of which the firm
has imported a stock. The air enters
the shoe above the heel, and passes
along a tube fitted iu a cork sole. The
motion of the foot in walking causes a
respiratory action which keeps the
font cool, dry, and free from perspir-
etion. The new shoe should also bs a
great boon in winter when the feet
suffer from the confinement ol rubbers,
as the ventilator is so placed as to bt
above the top of the ordinary rubber
The statutory meeting of the Hat*
tinga, B.C. Exploration Syndioate wat
held in London, England, oa tht 21st
ult. Tht company owns eight olaims
in the Fort Steele distriot, between tbt
Sullivan and North Star groups, and
claims Lieutenant-Governor Dewdney
at itt right*band man. Tha chairman
ttid: "There may be some difficulty in
locating the veins, owing to the large
quantity of float on the property; but,
as every mining man knows, the" only
way to discover the lodet it to sink a
thaft and crosscut eaat or west, or
north and tonth, at tht case may be.
Tht cropt grown on J. Gibson's
farm at Goldtn thit teason would take
tome beating. At a sample of tht
wheat crop, tor instance we taw stalks
ot it measured the other day wbioh
were five and'a bait feat In length,
and these were an ordinary sample of
tht crop, than which a better could
not bt grown In B.C. The seed for
tbli crop waa obtained from H. G.
Parson's tiort, and mutt havt been ot
high quality. Mr. Gibson bu alto
magnificent ttopt- ef oelt, potatoes,
and Vtgttabltt, though- In tbt latter bt
hu suffered considerable lost from tha
fly and bu had to replant.
the home country,
remained since.
We are informed that Miss McMillan, sohool teacher of the Golden
school, resigned her position during
the early part of this week, the resignation to take effect at the end ol
August. Early in September the will
go to Minneapolis, Minn, to take a
commercial course, after which she
will take a position with her brother
in his abstract of titles office at
Leangdon, N.D. We wish Miss McMillan success in the new career which
ahe has chosen.
Mr. H. G. Parson has shown us a
new stage coach whioh he has just
received from W. Gray A Sons' carriage factory at Chatham, and for
which be is agent for East Kootenay.
This stage has been built specially to
the order of the Upper Navigation Co,,
and will he put on the route between
the head of navigation and Fort
Steele. The new stage coach has
accommodation for nine passengers
and a considerable amount oi baggage.
Besides being handsomely finished, the
coach is particularly strong and well'
W. G. Neilson, manager of the
Beaver mills, returned a few days ago
from Mcleod, where he had been io see
Mr. Haney, manager of construstlon,
regarding the timber supply for tbe
Crow's. Nest road. Mr. Neilson
cured.the supply of the piling required
on the work, and will probably chip
about-three million feet ot timber for
the line. He has made vigorous arrangements tor getting tbt timber out,
having secured 80 men from Winnipeg,
and having bronght a number of
horses from Calgary for haulage purposes.
One of the most enterprising business firms in tht. Northwest is tht
Calgary Brewing A Malting Co., of
whioh A. E. Croat it managing director, aud H. G. Parson it agent for Eatt
Kootenay. The plant le a first-olaas
ont, and .Mr. Croat, who has thoroughly siudied tbt business both in
Canada and the States, adopts tbt
latest and moat approved method of
brewing. The building it of four
storeys witb oellar, and include! a
splendid malt-bouse and kiln. Tbe
malting It done in winter and the
brewing In summer. There are large
storerooms for malt - and bopt, cool
cellars for fermenting and storing the
beer, and departments for bottling and
packing. Tbtn it also a large Icehouse, where 1,100 tone of Ice are put
up tvtry winter. The aerated water
factory ia asperated from the brewery,
and it fitted up with one of the beet
plantt made for thit business. A
cooperage tt attaohed to tbe establishment. First-class facilities for transportation are provided, a railway track
running Into tbt establishment.
Co. some years. I have been a great
sufferer for upwards of ten years with
sciatic rheumatism. I was tortured
with severe pains, which at times
would become almost unbearable, and
I think I suffered almost everything a
man can suffer and live. I was so
crippled that I could not work, and
part of the time was not able to even
move about. I became so weak, and
my system so run down, tbat I despaired of ever getting better. My case
was an almost hopeless one, and as I
had abandoned work I was almost
helpless for over a year, I heard of
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and I was
induced to at least give them a trial.
In a short time I began to recover, and
the agonising pains left my back and
limbs, so that I was enabled to walk
out of doors, Before I had used more
than half a doxeu boxes I was almost
entirely well, and could do a hard
day's work, I had a good appetite,
and began to gain flesh and feel like a
new man. I am free from aches and
pains, and have Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills to thank tor it all.-' The reporter
could not help feeling that Mr.
Downey's oase was a striking one, as
he now presents a stout, well-built
figure, straight-limbed and as smart
in bis movements as a young man of
twenty. 96
Midsummer Danger
Faln'e'a Celery Compound Barely and
quickly (lure, Neuru.tb.nla
One of tht commonest  and  most
dangerous diseases of midsummer it
neurasthenia, or nervous prostration.
This disease, which respects neither
age nor sex, is usually brought on by
overwork and  worry  in  the shop,
office, home, and sohool.
It is maintained by physicians of
large experience that nervous diseases
are increasing so fast that today few
people can boast of perfect freedom
from nervous ailments,
The symptoms of nervous exhaustion are so well known that it is
almost unnecessary to name them,
Dinsineas, sleeplessness, palpitation of
the heart, shooting pains in tbe limbs,
paralytic symptoms, eoustipation, and
headache are the commonest leeders of
the disease.
One of tbe first indications ot nervous disease is irritability, then ensue) despondenoy, often followed by
terrible insanity.
How can nervous exhaustion be
cured so that insanity and death may
oe avoided.
Past experience and medical testimony answer the question fully.
Paine's Celery Compound is the only
medioine that can surely overcome
the troubles of the nervous. This
marvellous curing medicine braces up
every nerve, gives strength to the
muscles and tissues, makes pure, rich
blood, gives perfect digestion, and
sweet, sound sleep.
In this age of overwork, worry, and
fust living, Paine's Celery Compound
is a shield and protector against the
ravages of all nervous ailments, Medi
cal men and druggists huving a full
knowledge ot the virtues ot Paine's
Celery Compound are recommending it
every day.
Its cures attest its superiority and
usefulness; its work in puolic institutions hus given it a popularity
never possessed by any other medicine,
Try it. nervous one; it will quickly
give you that condition of health that
you are looking for. 92
Boat Passengers
July 28rd, up���J. Young, G. B.
Brown, Mrs. E. Corbett, to Steele;
S. Hardy, to Adela; J. Jones, Wong
Hop, to Windermere; D. McDougall,
J. Dolmage, W, G. MoKinnon, P.
Nelson, F. Johnson, to Carbonate.
July 25th, dowu-R. B. Van
Home, H. Drew, J. 8. Putman, J.
Henderson, J. F. Armstrong, to Golden; G. Kirk, Windermere to Golden;
T. Johnson, A. W. Upton,. Carbonate
to Golden; Miss McMillan and Miss
Walton, round trip to Adela and
July 26th, up-S. J. Walsh, A. J.
MoKinnon, H. D. Lumtdtn, A,
Leitch, J. McCrae, G, Hillyard, W.
B. Cray, G. Buscombe, W. J. Mackay,
R. Cummins, to Steele; G. 8. McCarter, J. Mercier, S. Barber, to Spillamachene; D. Kimpton, Mrt. Kimpton
and two children, Mitt Kimpton, to
July 28th. down-W. Hutching,
Miss Thompson, to Golden; W. Gillies,
to Windtrmere; R. Prult, Dr. E. W.
Roberts, G. Hugarth, Canal Flat to
An all Wool,
Fast Dye,
Blue Serge Suit
Which costs 912.00 to
order, can be purchased (op
Shorey's Make) from any
first class dealer in Canada
at $6.75
See that Shorey's Gua-
ra-tbg Ticket is in the
A young girl lo learn the pants and vest
making. Must be a neat aewer. Small salary
to commence. Apply to J. F. Pugh, Tailor,
Oolden. 97tc
Notice of Removal
The office of the MOLUKN EKA haa been
removed to the corner of First Street and
Second Avenue, opposite the Post Office.
WantAH-Agents for "Queen  Vie-
VYUHWU  ^ Her Reign and Die-
mood Jubilee." overitowing with la
richest pictures.  Contains the endo
richest picture.. Contain, the endorsed biography of Her Majesty, With authentic History of ber remarkable reign, and full account of the Diamond Jubilee. Only ai.W.
Blgbook. T-eoJU-oo. demand. Booantt
for agents. Cotimlaelon 60 per cent. Credit
-Inn. Freight ndd. OtrrriT free. Duty
paid. Writeoa-kWrontat and territory.
Dearborn St., Chicago, *"  '
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious .Sample Rooms.
Baggage transferred free.
* Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Rates $2.00 Per Day.
B? Columbia House
Home Comforts.       . .
Modern Conveniences.        . .
Boot Cuisine in the West.    .-
Commodious Sample Rooms.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
First Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
A fortune In an hour can be made by
inventing something new. Send ttamn
for our beantlfbl T*Book of Patent*,-1
"Prises on Patents," and "What profitable to InvenL" Marion* mawon,
Tempi* Building, Montreal, Can. Tha
only firm of Graduate Civil Engineers tn
th* Dominion, transacting patent but*
inese exclusively. FeeaModeraU. Ne
patent, ao pay.
UXm. JV_efleish, - Prop.   1
Neilson Furniture Co.,
Parlor, Dining Room, Bed Room, Office
and General Furnishing.
Special Inducements for
One Month Only:���
10 per oent Discount on Orders Under ISO.
10 per oent Discount and Freight Paid on Ordera
Golden Sash ft Door Factory ft Machine Shop.
Mann-ctnrers ol Ssih, Doors," Mouldings, Turned aad ttm Bthhtttt.
Newel Posts. Hand RaJla and Brackets.  AU alatt tf gttM. in stock.
��� ��*-���'i'    .    ���. .
T-i-teMntand-Ue-tmllbSl^aieiirtiwedtodoall kind of rtjtlr
it moan post-bit, i d ilsm of lips-rtt-ag sad Brass goodsa-hsnd,
Wagon repair, Poles, BhU*, As-*, gpofctt and FeUose, Httkery aad
ntio.Pi-*. HOUSTON &   CO.


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