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The Golden Era Feb 24, 1899

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Array ill
The Golden Era
Ie the molt widely airculated and
best advertising medium in Esst
Kootenay. Thie is the paper that
is read by the minera, the laucherB,
the iKilroadsrs and lumbermen.
Subscription, $2.00 per Annum
.   in Advance ..,. . . . . .
VOL nil   NO. 30
| lhe Golden Era,
v Ha* been appetstsd th* Gtieft*
�� for North; East Kootenay tar
���j Dominion  and ProviaeialOav-
S eminent notices and adverliie-
a moots.    Published by
0 Thb CoLoaK Sea Co., Iff��., L��.,
1 GoLbH, B.<$
Special Reductions In Dry Goods, Boots and
Shoes and Heavy Winter Clothing.
Previous to Stock Taking.
por a pine Suit
and a Perfect pit
. . . Patronize . . ."
J. C. TOM,
The Fashionable Talfcr.
Opposite The Colum ia House.      5:J9tc
will commence on Fob. 1st, 1899.
}�� $ �����*$
Clothing, Hats & Caps,
Boots 5c Shoes, Gents Furnishings,
Special Values In
Gloves, Mitts, and Footwear
- - -  AT  - - -
Says the Pi-OTinco: "The new British Columbia government has
record for itself in this regard that is
a gratifying reversal of the rule.
Everyone of its pro-election pledges
has been kept and it has also iniiugur-
ated much uaaa-f.il legislation ��� .
or nothing was said ubon ef ��� it
attained office. Tlio repeal of tho
nicitj-rnRa) tax. the reduction of the
rale of interest on tho b.init overdraft
from four to three per cent., ibe ami-
mongolian legislation, tho throwing
open of railway reserves to progpeotors,
the repeal of lhe aat molting; a six
months- residenci* compulsory in the
case of barristers coining from oilier
provinces, the alien exclusion act us
regards the Atlin country placers are
all feathers in the new government's
cap of which both ihe government and
the pBovince have every reason to be
prouJ. The now government has done
more for British Columbia during the
few mouths it has been iu office, than
the Turner government did (luring all
the years that it mismanaged tho
country's affairs. In fact it may be
said lhat up to the present British
Columbia lias never had a government." _
True to their pledges the Simlin
Government have introduced legislation to repeal the mortgage tux.
Says the Cranbroou Herald: '-The
Windermere district, promises- to be a
rich one, anal that community will take
a grant step forward this year."
The Kooteuay Mail remarks
"Tho Turner party is looking for a
new name and it has beeu already
called the B. C. First Party. Does
this stand for Big Corporations First
Party ?"
Truly everything looks well for the
mining industry. Following on the
rise in copper there is a substantial
ris-i iu lead whicli a-.alvaiicual 20 cents
at New York on Thursday, the closing
pi-iiso being 4-4..-10.
eighteen years ago since I lirst had the
pleasure of knowing Mr. Martin aud I
have nover known a man whose
private und public life has been conducted more with honor and high
principle, is it not a notable thing
thoy have nothing to say against him?
All thoy tell j-oh is that he was thrown
over by his party."
How have iho mighty fallen ? The
Turner party ban ao thoroughly fallen
into disrepute that in the iSel-aoo election poor Mr, Farwoll lost his deposit,
just as would havo happened to any
Tui-noi-ite opposing Mr. Wells in North
East Kootenay.
The Semlin Government ore fulfilling
their election pledges to the letter.
They have repeuled tlio act allowing a
tive million loan and are contenting
themselves with a loan of a million
and three-quarters, over half of which
is required to wipe out tbe legacy of
bunk overdraft left by the Turner government. The Government have also
knocked out the extravagant susidiet
provided by the Turner Goveinmeut
[oi-C.P.U.,Maekeu2ie&.Maun and British Pacific railway schemes. This
prompt and decisive action has creatod
consternation among the charter-mongers who have hitherto been robbing
-.lie Province
For the first time in the history of
ths Province the Government is en*
rleavoring to put the finances of the
Province ill such shape that the revenue will overtake the expenditure, so
that the reign of debts aud deficits
may lie at an end. Retrenchment will
be effected by the cutting down of
extravagant salaries and doing away
with useless officials, while more
money will be available for publio
works and education than hitherto.
This is a grand policy, and one in
which we wish the Government all
success. It is certainly a policy that
will meet wilh the approval of the
Bravo Sen Vttli
Victims to stomach, liver and kidney troubles as well as womeu, and all
feel the results in loss of appetite,
poisuus in lite blood, backache, nervousness, headache and tired listless,
run-down feeling. But there's norieeal
to feel like that. Listen to .1. W Gardner, lalaville, Ind. He says: "F.lec-
tric Bitters are just- the thing for a
man when ho is all run down, and
don't care whotlier he lives or dies. It
did more to givo me new strength ami
good appetite than anything I could
���take. I can now eat anything and
have a now lease on life" Only 00
cents, at any Drug Store. Every bottle
guaranteed. S
The Toronto Telegram says : "Even
if Hon. Joseph Martin did take all his
e-auhly possessions to British Columbia iu a carpet bag, lie has the ��atis-
faotion of knowing ill at a carpet bag
will now provide ample accommodation for all (lie political belongings of
his euumies.
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men.
Baggage Transferred B'ree.
Jfat and Gold Baths.
Ullock & Barry,
According to tho Fort Steole Prospector it is said the C P.11. is after
iMr. Bostoek'n soalp. There is a small
army in British Columbia that will
atitaud to the C.P.R. and see that Mr.
Bostoek's scalp remains where it belongs, in tho Ottawa house, aud uoi in
tiie U.P.R. topee.
Speaking at Moyie Mr. Bostock, M.
P.P. said ho was in favor of the government controlling the railways, and
thought that any railway company
stioulal be given a charter to build imo
Canada. He considered lhat bv having railway competition the different
roads would  keep each other iu check.
To Hotel Keepers and Others :
From this date forward this Company
will refuse to accept any orders, on account
of wages due to camp men.
By Order.
M.  CARLIN,  General  Manager.
Dated at Golden, B.C., January I3th, 1899.
The Victoria Times fittingly says:
"Mr.-Semlin was to be turned out as
soon as ihe Legislature met, then it
was put off till -before the Legislature
prorogues.' now it is postponed till the
uext general election. North East
Kootenay gave another terrible wrench
to the --constitution" (of the Turner
The Annual meeting of the shareholders of
the Upper Columbia Navigation and Tramway Company, Limited, will be held at the
Company's omce in Unldon, II. C. on Monday
the sixth day of March A. D. 161KI at two
o'clock in the afternoon, fair the election oi
Directors, and for the ordering of the affairs
ef the Company generally.
By order of the Board
Ooldtn B.C. February 8th 18M
, lfcl British Columbia Southern Railway
������ill apply to the Parliament of Canada, at its
ant session, lor an Act authorising the Company to proceed to construct its eastern section as described in the Act, ��0-81 Victoria,
Chapter IB until the 1st of January 1901; and
te authorise the Company to construct, or
*<Miurre, and te operate, a railway, bttweea I
point on its line of railway in the*neighborhood of Fort Steele, ana a paiiut at or noar
Golden on ihe Canadian Pueilic Railway, by
a route having the same general directiaiit as
thevntloys of tho Columbia and Kootonay
Rivers, and also branch lines therefrom, not
exceeding in any one vase thirty miles in
By ordor of the Board
Montreal. HOUi November, 1898. fsM
NOTICE Is hereby give* that application
will be made to tho Parliament of Canada, at
the next session thereof; for an Act to incorporate "Tbe Laurentian Assurance Company," for the purpose of carrying on the
business of tire and marine assurance, and
kavingits chief office in ths City of Montreal,
In the Province of Quebec.
Montreal December 80th 1898.
Jolisitors for Applieaatt.
Says the Kamloops Sentinel: "The
electors of North East Kootonay are
not dominated by Turnerisoi in any
form, The Colonist forgets that Victoria has a corner on that commodity,
such as it is. If the North Eaiat
Kootenay election hail beeu decided by
a poll this would havo been strikingly
demonstrated if only to show that the
raising of tbo sectional cry in Victoria
recently is a thing to ba resented."
* The Winnipeg Triliuuo says : "Hon.
Mr. Martin seems to be duplicating in
British Columbia much of the useful
legislation which, as attorney -genera!
in the Greenway government, he put
through the Manitoba legislature.
His latest measure is one :.o deprive
civil servants, soldiers und sailors, of
the franchise. The bill which we
have in this province, covering the
same ground, has been found to work
admirably, and we believe tbat it is
generally recognized to be in the interests of tbe civil servants themselves,"
A wtiter in the Nelson Tribune pays
tht following tribute to Hon. Joseph
Martin, Attorney-general of B.C.:������
"The opposition appears to level its
guns against our attorney-general,
their cry 'Joe Martin, Joe Martin,' is
it not a notable thing that tbey have
not word to bis discredit?   It is neatly
Great activity is promised in lhe
north during the coming season and it
looks as if Beaver is going to boom up
into a live townsite. It is proposed to
put a steamer on ths Columbia River
to run from Beaver as far as Surprise
Rapids, where there will he a two mile
portage, and then anothor steamer
will connect and run right up the Columbia to the Big Bend and thence 40
miles up Canoo River to the Big Jam.
This will transport freight by water a
hundred miles, or to within sixty
miles of Tele Jaune Cache.
The Revelstoke people are also abont
to bid for this trado by putting a
steamer on the Columbia River north
of Revelstoke. That, route however is
40 miles longer and will be a most
difficult one to handle, owing to the
numerous rapids and several portages
will he required; wherea's on the route
from Beaver is a first-class water way,
with the exception of Surprise Rapids.
Truly North East Kootenay is entering ou a new period of prosperity.
Tha late W. G. Neilson, M.P.P. had a
very high opinion of the outlook for
Beaver as uu important townsite in
tbo future owing to its being the necessary point of connection between tho
Upper Columbia River and Canoe River
with the C.P.R. line at its most northern point. Mr. Neilson's ideas on this
score seem to be about to be realised.
Donald will he the best point for
land traffic from the north to connect
with tiie C.P.R., but until a wagon
road is built the traffic frotn and to
Donald must bo limited to pack trains.
T: e existing mail arrangements be-
iweou Uolden and Wiilderiuers are
found io he very unsatisfactory iu
that there is often not snffia.ient lime
to answer correspondence and fill orders hy return mail, as the lime-table
is now arranged, The mail is rarely
sorted betoro about six o'clock on tho
dey of arrival at Golalen, and is supposed r.o close again a, bout eight o'clock
the sumo evening, It would bo a great
advantage lo our business meo if the
iniail were to lie over at Goldeu half a
day at lenst. We suggest te the
Golden Board of Trado that they
sliould make some representations to
the jioittul authorities on the matter.
Cilutilbm-lalii't. Cough Remody Always
Proves Effectual.
There are no better medicines on the
market than Chamberlain's. We have
used tjie Cough Reinedy when all
others failed, and in everv instance it
proved effectual. Almost daily wo hear
the virtues of Chamberlain's remedies
ettolled by those who hava used them.
This is not an empty puff, paid for at
so much a line, but is voluntarily
given in good faith, in tbe hope that
suffering humanity may try these remedies and, like the writer be benefited
--From the Glenville (W. Vs.) Path-
tinder. For sale by all druggists,
Henderson Bros. Wholesale Agents
Victoria and Vancouver.
Tbe Now Brunswick elections have
resulted practically in the wiping out
of the Conservative party in that province, only 4 Conservatives being returned as against 42 Liberals. The
light was largely between the liberals
as represented in the Dominion House
by Mr. Blair, and the conservatives as
repra-sntited in the Dominion House by
Hou. Geo. E. Foster, indeed it is considered that the result of tho election
must be that Mr. Foster cannot even
gain his own seat st the next Dominion elections, the County of York,
which he now represents, having re*
jected all four of the candidates pat up
by tho Hon. G. E. Foster.
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Bowmanville, Feb. 15 -The remains
of lhe late W. Cator, one of the victims ef the Roger's Pass snnwslide
disaster, reached here on Monday evening last; the bodies of Mrs. Cator and
two children having arrived on Wednesday of laet week. They were held
over until ihis afternoon, whan the
four���the entile family���were interred
III the Bowmanville cemetery, tho funeral taking placo from the resideuee of
Mrs. Cator's uncle, Mr. W. Scott. Tbe
funeral was a large one, the members
of Newcastle Lodge, S.O.E., of which
society Mr. Cator was a member, together with those of Bowmanville and
other lodges of the same society from
tbe sui rounding district attending in a
body. The officiating' clergyman was
ths Rev. W. H. Turnbull, M.A., pastor
of St. Paul's Presbyterian church.
Ths burial sorvice of the Sons of England was also read over Mr. Cator's
grave. As tbe procession wended its
way through King street, with three
hearses, the sight was a sad one, which
elicited expressions of sorrow from all.
Mr. Cit'or carried an insurance of 2000
dollars iu the Sons of England and
alss had several thousand dollars to
his credit in the Ontario bank here.
Bright's Disease Pronooncod l'ast Hope by
Physicians���-South American Kidney Cure
is the Life Savor.
A traveller lair :i well'ttnomt western manufacturing tii'in was so hale and hearty that
the possibility of bis contracting kidney
trouble was furthest, from bis mind, but
through constant exposure Height's Disease,
that most iusiiiious of sllnionts, laid lt'alal on
him. He doctored for months���-physicians
gave him but a short time to live. A friend
whai bad ileriveal groat benelit from South
American Kidney Cure recommended it to
him. When ho had taken sovan bottles all
signs of the disease hud left him, and today
he is as well as over.
Sold byC. A. Warren.
Binder  Twlao and   tlio   Philippine
The Philippine Islands are just now
in a state of war and as Manila Hemp
comes from these islands our farmer
readers are interested in the outcome,
ns it may mean a very high price for
tbeir binder twine next harvest. On
another page of this paper will be found
an advertisement of National binder
twine, guaranteed the best in Canada,
made entirely of pure Manila hemp.
The editor of this paper recommends
the National Farmers Co., tbeir responsibility being fully guaranteed.
The estimates brought down ly
Finoncj Minister Cotton iucludt tb*
following items, exclusive of the Education and school building votes, tor
North East Kootenay .*
Donald $100, Gclden $100. Both
these items will bt allowed t�� Goldtn.
Government Agent, 12 montht, t��
30th June, 1900, at ��100-$1,200.
Clerk and Collector, 12 mouths, to
30th June. 1900, at $90-11,080.
Assessor and Collector, 12 months,
to 30th June, 1900, at 190-11,080.
Ordinary estimates $9,000.
Supplementary estimates $2,000 ta
cover expenditure required before June
30th of current year.
Rngistrttr, County Court, 12 months
to 30th June, 1900, at $25 -$300.
School, construction and furniture,
Victoria,   Feb,   18���The  estimate
brought down by the government   die
close some  rather   startling   things
Among   them is the fact that $100,000
was expended by tbe  Tumor  got eminent on the Glenora-Teslin   trail.    I
will be necessary to borrow a  million
and a half, on which interest will   be-
paid at 3 per cent.
The superintendent of police wil!
have his salary cut down from $195 a
month to $125; the sergeant of police
from ��125 to $85. Provision is mado
for a minister of mines with a salary
ot $4000 a year and a deputy at 8150
per month. It is supposed this means
the divisio.i of Hume's dual offi-.es awl
that Rigizi'is wiil be mt-ie provincial
secretary. Th- speaker's 3alsrv ii' ro
duce! from S1500 to $1000, ai d the
clerk ofthe bouses loses J400 , a  yes i*
The salaries for Administration of
Justice are reduced by SbO.lioO..
Tbe Provincial Secretary's depart.
ment salaries are reduced by $3,2uu.
In the matter of education the Government have mado a great increase of
expenditure, the difference being Jl.4,-
S00 over the last estimates, and $60,-
000 over the actual expenditure made
last year. In this th* Government
again show tbey appreciate the situation and are prepared to meat the requirements of the times. In addition
to this large vote, there it a further
appropriation under Public Works vote
of $20,000 for new schools.
Without in any way diminishing
the efficiency of tbe services, ths Education office will cost 83,000 less than
formerly, this being effected by a reduction in the salary of the superintendent of education by 50 dollars a month
and by having three instead of four
A large cut is made in advertising,
$2,500 being set aside for this purpose
as against $9,000 specified in the last
estimate, and 14,837 actually speut in.
this ,vay lust year, the greater portion
of tbat amount enriching the coders ot
Turnerite organs.
The Government apparently contemplate inaugurating a new policy in the
granting of aid to tire departments, as
provision is only made in the estimates
for grants for six months.
In the miscellaneous expenditure
3,000 dollars replaces the former 600 io.
aid of Former1* Institutes, the Provincial Board of Health calls for only
4,1)00 dollars instead of 7,600; the-
agent-general is allowed 1,000 for office
contingencies in place of 3,500 enjoyed
by Mr. Verncn.
Special provision is made for 15,000
dollars for a provincial exhibit at the
Paris exhibition nest year.
The over expenditure and the unauthorised expenditure made by the
Turner government, as contained in
the auppli-nieiitarics, amount to 421,-
760.76 dollars. Oftbislai- eistti 100,-
000 was speut, or absolutely wasted,
on the trail from Telegraph cn-ek to
Teslin lake. Uuder iho late government tbe percentu|.o of salaries to the
revenue woe a fraction over 26 per
cent, now it is under 20 per cent.,
whilst strict economy has been in.
augu rated.
The Government, true to tbeir
pledges had introduced legislation to-
abolish the Mortgage tax and the tax
on wage workers in metalliferous
mines, ihus cutting off large source*
of revenue. In order >o provide in some
measure for this loss the Government
has decided to increase the tax on incomes over {2:000 and-increase tbt Liquor License fees in rural districts froui.
$60 io $100.
An interruption in the regular proceedings was caused on Friday by tbe
entry of W. C. Wells, the new mtmber
for North East Kootonay. He was introduced by Hou. Mr. Semlin and Iir.,
Kellie. Mr Speaker welcomed him tt
the step* of th* throne aud Mr. "Willsa
took hia seat amid loud gov*t��s����nt
��&v '*"
. j . ,. a*. To Advertisers and Subscribers.
The GOLDEN ERA il published overy Friday evening. It ts tho beat ndvi rtlnng medium
In the East kootenay district.
Subscription Eat.*:   $2.00pCr annum IX Aif
Alterations nnd chantfe* of etaiuhng rdror-
ilrments mmi be i" tueomcenot inter than
noon on Wodne��dnv to Insure insertion, tmt
���aasual advertli-wmeiiis wili bo received tip iill
onpnon Friday *      * ,���,     .      ..
While all reaaonaWa oara will lw taken, the
yr^rletors will nut be resj��oiislplc lor niij
umwlon or error In nny advertisement.
All mreounit* nt b*-> I*: id to the Managing
Director, or hia authorized iir.-nt, r-.-f-ru \rnoro
* the compftiiv'!* receipt will R* ���.'biniiiPU.
Adverting rales: Display pda., (LfiO per
column liu'b; Ugal ndi.,10 rents uer lino tor
first insertion, 6 i-fiits for *.iv:b ailditional iuser-
ilou; Heading nutted, 18 cents per line each
All buslm-?!* rnnimunli'fttion* should h<' addressed totha Managing Director, and all liter*
wry, communications,lectors for publication or
news items should be addressed t*j the Editor.
Correspondence is invited on matters ol publio
interest, nut to secure publication such letter*
hum be briefs In the cose of anonymous letters
the name and address of the writer must be enclosed, not forpublleatlon, t.ut for the private
Information of the editor and as a guarantee ol
guod faith. Auv letter received later than Wednesday will have to stand over till lhe tollowlng
Tbe Golden Era Co. Limited Liability.
OFFICE.   IIOLDKN',   li.  (.'���
that all Hie classes of companies men
tionod should bo subjected to an nssess-
nii-nt, uu- some us tbo personal prop-
i'1-ty of private individuals. Tho deputation asked for au assessment of tho
street railway oars as personality
Premier Hardy, in reply, said there
was a diversity of opinion, anil that
thero were always two sides to a jase.
He thought thero might to legislation
introduced at this a**-ssiou of tbo legislature which wonld change tho old assessment laws somewhat.
Problems to lie Considered.
London, Feb. 13.���The president of
the chamber of shipping, at thn annual meeting of tbat body today, referred to tbe excellent relations between Great Britain und tbe United
States, but said there wore certain questions whioh must bo faced, for instance
that of the neutrality of the Nicaragua
canal. He trusted tbat tbo foreign
oflioe would not agree to the abrogation
of the Olayton-Bnlwor treaty unless
tbe neutrality of the canal aud non-
prtferential rates in it* use were guar-
.Intend tho Act.
Vancouver, Feb. 14.���Juntos Lambert, wbo has returned from Atlin, in-
uauo*. to suggest to tho goverumeut
some further alterations ia the placer
wining act. He states that speculators,
practically Americans, liavo staked ont
many placer claims in tho Atlin district, but have not recorded them. A
newcomer does not know this. When
be arrives in the district ho sees the
stakes aud is about to pass on when he
is accosted by u man who says that for
t*50 ho ean get tho newcomer one of the
staked out claims. The new arrival
may not hnve $."i0 to spare and has to
go further afield. He cannot waste
time to make a two days' jnnrnoy to
see if the claims are recorded. Tbe
present placer mining act, Mr. Lambeit
says, sbuuld be umeuded so that all locators be obliged to placo their names
and tho number of their miues' licenses
an the stake just in the same way as is
provided by tbo quartz mining act. If
this was done, Americans and others
would not, Mr. Lambert thinks, be so
easily able to speculate at tho expense
of lenitimate minors.
A Promising Season.
Toronto. Fob. 17.���A special cable
says: "The Canadian goveru��ieut
having intimated its willingness to re
ceivo lnureof tlio Doukhobors nnd Bottle
tlia'in in the west, the committee is preparing to disputeh another contingent
of about, a thousand. Theso are now
settled in Cyprus, but the climate lias
proved unsuitable and iuuiiy event they
desired to avoid dispersion into various
quarters of the world.
The Hambm-g-Aiiierican line intends to put on seven ships to ply be
twoen Hamburg and Halifax between
April and Jnne, carrying immigrants,
mainly Galieians iiinl Hungarians.
The high ooramissiucr for Canada is
now receiving from 100 to  100 letters
daily enquiring as to the conditions ol*
taiuing in Canada and its suitability as
a Held for emigration.
5      PERRY DAVIS k 80N.
Approves of the Project.
Ottawa, Feb. 11.���In the militia
general orders issued today General
Million announced his approval of. thai
formation of a military institute nt
Winnipeg in connection with No. 10
military district.
The major-general regrets that there
has been no dismounted service practiced by cavalry regiments and that
musketry practice has in many cases
been neglected. He intimates tliat
there will be a concentration of the
cavalry regiments into brigades during
next rammer's drill season.
.liaiitieal Stock Exchange.
Montreal. Feb. 17.���It. is no wonder
that n scat iu tho Montreal stock ex
oliange is worth 810,000. During the
lust month the number of shares sold
amounted to tho large total of ���144,018
(composed of SOB,4!l(* miscellaneous, 4
400 of street railways aud 1,08(1 ol
banks) and $-10,000 wortli of bonds.
The most, active stock was tlio War
Eagle, of which !I1!J,II50 sbari-s changed
hands aud variation* in price were also
notable from *S0fi to ���Jilllt.fiO. The
next* most active stock was Toronto
Street Railway, with S.'l.TIPt shares,
and here again tho advance was a sub
stautial 8JJ points. Tlio other stock
most, active wero gas. Canadian Padiflo,
Dominion cotton, Richelieu Electric
and Montreal Street railway. Bank
slocks were comparatively quiet.
A New Class of Assessment.
Toronto, Feb. 17.���A large deputation waited on the cabinet this afternoon, representing several oities, including Toronto, asking that the law-
be chnnged so that substruction poles,
wires, rails, tracks, and other property
of the street railway*, telegrapb.electi-ic
light, und power,water, gas, telegraph,
and other such companies, bo classed us
real estate.uud tho basis of value thereof should be the same as auy real estate
owned by a private owner. They urged
"Vioaragun Hill Defeated.
Washington, Feb. 17.���Tho house today settled the fate of the Nicaragua
cauul bill in this congress by refusing
to override the decision of the chair in
committee of the whole when the ehaii
held that the eaual bill offered as an
amendment was out of order. Tin
friends of ilio Xicaragna Canal bill
were very confident yesterday aud today that they wonld trinuiph, but nfter
four hours of debate the chair was sns
tained 137 to 103.
(.overnmcut   Appointments.
Ottawa, Feb. 17.���George Pratt, of
Montreal, is appointed trade instructor
for the St. Vincent do Paul penitent!
Mujor Gordeau has beeu appointed te
look after the fishery exhibit for tin
Paris exhibition; Dr. Dawson, for thf
mineral exhibit; Prof. Robertson, for
foods aud products; Prof. Sanndors, for
Hold und orchards; and Mr. Dupius.
the sec-etury of the board, will have to
look after the selection of tho woods of
the Dominion.
" Handsome is that handsome does," is theold theoretical adage, but after all it's the
skin-deep beauty that's attractive. It would take a big lot
of handsome doing to compensate for a skin that is
diseased and whose appearance is distasteful to all who
it, and the torment of the
patient whose daily burden it
is to bear it about. Da.
Agnew's Ointment is a wonderful cure for all sorts of
Skin Diseases���itching, burning, stinging sensations which
are accompaniments���tetter,
salt rheum, scald head, ring
worm, eczema, itch, ulcers,
erysipelas, liver spots, and all
eruptions of the skin���one application allays tbe irritation,
and perseverance in its uso
results in a speedy cure. For
blind, bleeding, itching, and
ulcerating piles it's a magical
balm; one application gives comfort and relief in an instant, and in from tbree to
five nights the trouble disappears.   Price, 35 cts.
_ A London lady had eczema for Years so
j��. EMD1SI0H
If*-#V/  .    SI-ITTI-al. air 1*10��1>.
T ['it    am arotpcH.MM
OEHUITY. tke iHana-M-. or lliU article
are atno-at manifest.
By the Hid of The D. & L. Emulsion, 1 have
gmteorld of a hacking eolith which bad troubled
mo for over a year, and have gained consider-
ataly in weight
T. IL W1NGHAM, C.E., Montreal.
50c. and Jl per Battle
A Mew Departure.
Dr. Marschaud, tho celebrated
French physician, has at last opened
liin niagniliceutly equipped laboratory
iu Windsor, Out. There is a large
staff of chemists and physicians at his
command, and the men and women
of Cauada may now proonre tho advice
of this famous specialist free of charge.
Dr. Marschand has a world-wide reputation for successfully treating all
uervons diseases of men aud women,
uud you havo bnt to writo the doctor
to be convinced that your answer, When
received, is from a uian who is entitled to the high position he holds iu
the medical fraternity.
Why sutler in silence when you can
secure the advice of this eminent physician free of charge.
All correspondence is strictly confidential and names are held as sacred.
Answers to correspondents are
mailed iu plain envelopes.
You are not asked to pay any exor
bitant prico for medicines, in fact it
rarely happens that a patient has expended over 50 cents to ono dollar lie
fore he or she becomes a firm friend
and admirer of the doctor.
A special staff of ludy physicians
assist Dr. Marschaud in his treatment
of females citBes. Always inclose three
cent stamp when you writo and address
The Dr. Mnrschand Chemical Co., Detroit, Mieh., U. S. A. Mention the
Golden Era when you tvrite the doctor.
.  .ady    ,
badly, lier face una neck were so disfigurod she
went Into a lifo of seclusion, and Iho stinging
pain of It was so Intense lhat, to uso ber own
word--, sho " avent nest thing to mad," Sho tried
many olnimcnts, salves and washes���was ireated
by specialists on skin diseases without gettlna,'
any lasting benefit. Sho bought u box of Dn.
Aonew's Ointment���one application gavo her
comfort, and to-day, after using tbrco boxes her
A Toronto gentleman, living on Dova-rcourt
Road, spent a small fortune in treatments and
remealies for piles in their very worst form, was
treated by electricity with temporary relief only,
and had deciaaed to go on the operating table and
have a surgical operation performed, but was
recommendeaf to try Dr. Agnew's Ointment���
he did so. Tlio first application of it relieved
ihointensodisiress���Mpersisted In its use and
to-day he's rewarded witb a cure after years of
aakln is as clear and pink as a baby's.
OR. AdNBW'S CURB POR THE HE ART-Rcllcves smothering, palpitation and fluttering. A
���*-. .��-*..��... ��--��-**u*k.-.. -.��...-.-.�� rcgularlllosavcrlncase3of organlcheart troubles.
OR. AONEW'S CATARRHAL POWDBR-Rclleves cold In lha head In io minutes.  Cures hay
. ��� fever and catarrh.
BR.   AONEW'S  LIVBR PILES���Regulate Iho bowels.  Tone the system.   Never gripe.   Pleasant
llltia. doses.  40 In a vial; 20 eta, 6
SOIiC   B"V   O.   -A..   WABBEN.
Injured by an Explosion.
Halifax, Fob. 17.���A dynamite explosion occurred on Young avenue yesterday aud frightfully injured three
workmen, W. Swan, Michael Muldoney
and Wm. Gilfoy. The cap had teen
left on a charge of dynamite by Swan
on Monday, who neglected to remove it
when the men quit work owing to bad
weather. While scraping the snow oft'
the rock Swan's shovel struck the cap
causing an explosion. The three men
were blown some distance and terribly
injured. Swan's eyesight is destroyed
and the other two men are probably
fatally injured.
Free From Smallpox.
Montreal, Feb. 17.���Montreal people
congratulate themselves on the fuel
tbat thongh there are seventeen cases of
smallpox in Ontario uot one has devel
oped iu Montreal. There was one case
reported on St. Patrick street, which
tho provincial board of health pro
nouneed to be smallpox, but which Dr.
Labergo, the city health officer, positively declared was nor. At any rate
tho patieut is better, the house has been
fumigated and no new cases have ap
peai-ed. In the province of Quebec
there aro only four cases and all located
at St. Telesphore county.
If awoman walked
bare-footed on tbe
sharp edge of a
sword, she would
not undergo one-
tenth of the agony
daily borne by thou-
sands of women
without complaint.
They suffer greater
misery and pain
than could be inflicted by all the professional torturers
,a.a\ that the world ever
kna-w. Day and
night they suffer
from headaches,
dragging down and
burning sensations,
pains in the sides and
back, hot
and cold
I nervous
and trembling sensations and physical lassitude and mental
despondency. The whole body is tortured
with pain and the entire nervous system is
racked. If they consult the average obscure physician, he will attribute their bad
feelings to stomach, liver, kidney, heart or
nervous trouble. If. by accident, he hits
upon the right cause, fie will Insist upon
the disgusting examinations and local treatment so embarrassing to a sensitive, modest woman,
Tiie real trouble is weakness or disease
of the delicate nnal important organs that
bear the btiralens of maternity. There is no
necessity for examinations or lawal treatment, fir. Pierce'r. Favorite Prescription
cures all disorders of this nature in the
privacy of the home. It acts directly on
the sensitive organs concerned, making
them strong and well, lt allays itiflatnina*
Hon, heals ulceration, soothes pain and
tones and builds up the nerves. It stops
exhausting drains. It banishes the discomforts of the expectant months, and makes
baby's coming easy and almost painless.
It restores the beauty and vivacity lost
through long months or years of pain and
suffering. Thousands ofwomen have testified to its marvelous merits. At all medicine stores.   Avoid substitutes.
To cover customs and mailing only, send
31 one*ccnt stamps fur paper-covered copy,
or 50 fair cloth-bound copy, of Dr. Pierce's
Common Sense Ma-die,al Adviser. Address,
Dr. R. V. Tierce, Bltffiilo. N. Y.
Fifty Donkhobor children are being
taught English in All Peoples Mission,
The Cators Laid to Rest.
Bowmanville, Peb. 11. ���The fnnoral
of the late W. Oator, his wife and two
ohildron, who perished in the snowslide
disaster nt Roger's Pass on the Canadian Pacific, took place yesterday. The
fnnoral wns very largo. Rov. W H.
Tnrnbnll, PreBbyterian pastor, officiated. '     ,
Tho Property Owners* association, of
Winnipeg, favor a reduction of interest
on overdue taxes and the abolition of
canvassing in raonioipal contests.
! Official Sews Despatched by the Premier���The .Nation In Jlournin-?.
A Tom-bins; Tribute.
Paris, Fob. 17.���M. Felix Fa-are,
president of the republic of France,
died at 10 o'clock last night after an
illness of three hours. Death was from
apoplexy. The president was OS years
of age last Jauuary. It had be-11 known
for some time that his beart was weak;
Imt the first intimation that he was
sick was given at half-past six this
afternoon when a message was dis
patched to Premier M. Dupuy,announc
ing thnt tne president was ill. M.
Dupny immediately repaired to the
Elysee. All medical efforts proved
futile, and tho president died ou the
stroke of 10. The Hag over the Elyseo
was immediately lowered to half mast
and the news was dispatched to all the
officials and tho members of the cub
inet. General Znrlindcu,military gov
ernor of Paris, the grand chancellor of
the Legion of Honor, tho prefect of the
Seine,tbo prefect of the police of Paris,
and tho presidents of the senate nnd
chamber of deputies promptly arrived
at the Elysee.
The report spread rapidly through
tho city, and largo crowds soon assembled iu tho vicinity of the palase.
Abont 0 o'clock, M. Fauro, who was
then in his stndy, went to the door of
the room of M. LeGull, his private secretary, which is contiguous to the
study, nnd said: "I do not feel well.
Come to me." M. LeGall immediately
wont to tho president's aid, led him to
a sofa, and called General iJiiillond,
general secretary of the president's
household; M. Blonde], under private
secretary, and Dr. Humbert, who happened to bo at the Elysee attending a
relative. The president's condition
did not appear dangerous; bnt Dr.
Humbert, on perceiving that he was
rapidly getting worse, telephoned for
Dr. Lanne-laoiigue, and Dr. Chonrlet,
who arrived with M* Dupuy, and were
joined later by Mr. Bergeroy. Thongh
M. Faure still retained consciousness,
the doctors soon recognized that the
case wns hopeless; bnt it was not until
nearly 8 o'clock that tbe members of
the family wore informed of the real
state of affairs. They then came to the
sofa win re the president lay upon 11
hoBtily improvised bed. Soon after he
began to loose conscionsness, and despite all efforts, expired at 10 o'clock in
tlio presence of tho family and M,
Dupuy. M. Dnpny commnnicnted the
sad intelligence to M. Lonbet, presi
dent of tho senate; M. Paul Deschancl,
president of the chamber of deputies,
the members of the cabinet, and to
other high fnuntioiiaries, after which he
addressed the following dispatch to all
prefects and sub-prefects iu France:
"I have the sad task to announce to
you, in the death of the president,
which occurred at 10 o'clock last even
iiig, as the result of an apoplectic
siiokc. Kindly take the necessary
measures to inform the population
immediately of the monrning thnt has
fallen upon the republic. The government counts upon yonr active vigilance
.it this painful juncture." It was not
until 11 o'clock that the nows began to
become known to the general pnblic in
Paris. From that timo began 11 continuous arrival of publio men. Street
orders, however, were issued, and only
members of the cabinet wero admitted
to tbe Elyseo.
The president was apparently aware
of tho serionsness of tho attack, for he
said: "I feel myself failing; I am
gone, all gone," and he expressed a
desire to see his wifo and children
When Madame Faure and Mademoiselle
Luoie Faure entered the room tho president exclaimed: "Jo suis bieu souf-
frnnt. Je ?uis perdu," ("I am
suffering greatly; I am lost.") M.
Faure remained on a sola, repeating
that he had no illusions as to the issue
of bis case. His wife came to him and
he bade her an affectionate farewell.
It was a touching scene. Ho thanked
her for the affection and devotion she
had constantly shown him, and then he
bade farewell to bis daughters, the doc-
tors and his personal attendants, thanking all for their cure nud devotion, and
asking them to pardon any hasty words
he might have uttered.
M. Cambion, French ambassador,had
already retired for the night, when the
news was broken to him. Ho expressed
the greatest surprise and sorrow.
Very painful it was to witness the
distress of Madame Faure ami the
children. Only when wilh the greatest
difficulty could sho be induced to leave
tbe death chamber, and even then she
insisted on remaining iu M. LeGnllo's
room, apart from tbe children, ia order
to give free vent to her grief.
Mademoiselle Lnoio Faure, Madame
Bcrge, tho other daughter, and M.
Bergo are iu tbe secretary-general's
Ontario A. O. U. W.
Toronto, Feb. 17.���The A. O. U. W.
Grand lodge of Ontario this afternoon
decided that agents of the old line insurance companies may still hold post
tions in the grand lodge. Certificates
for ��8,000 are not to be issued Mem
ders attaining the ago of seventy years
are not to be exempt from the pay
ments of assessments. The officers of
local lodges are requested to file bonds
with the grand recorder. Tho sum of
$10,000 was voted to te set apart for
keeping up the organizing staff and
$3,000 for meeting the expenses of district deputies. No graud organizer is
to be appointed this year,bnt tho grand
master workman is to issne full control
of the organization department. Tho
bonds of grand recorder, M. D. Carder,
wero fixed at $20,000.
$$$WE   PRINT$-$-$
Send us your orders.
That is what wo are here for.
Tbe Wen Era Company,
LlHlIlII    LlAMLriT.
Managing Director.
Address:   GOLDEN. B. C.
HULL   BROS &   CO.,
���Wholcule ami Retail���
Cattle, Sheep and Horso Dealers.
Rubber Stamps.
Orders for Rubber Stiiinjm and SeaU will be
received at t o Golden Era Office and executed
with promptitude.
The Golden Ern Company,
LlQiiteil Liability
..Mining Engineer..
M. Am'n Inet. M. ��.
Ag<mt for obtaining Crown Grants, iloinv
annual assessment work, etc.
Address:   QOLDEN,  B.C.
(Established 1879) Leadvillb, Colorado.
Samples by mall or express receive
prompt attention.
Specimen Away   Prices:���Oold, stiver and
lead, *l; any two of the above, 75c; any one of
the above, nOc; copper analysis, n; platinum,
nickel or tin, IS.   Write for mil price list and
mailing envelopes.
persons In this state to manogu our
buslnefwln their own nnd nearby couMie-*. It
is mainly office work conducted at home. Salary 8trutght>9(K) a year and expenses���dpflnhe,
lonatide, no more, no lew salary. Mont hi v> 78,
KeftreiiL-i.-. Knoloed self-add eased stamped
envelope, Herbert E. Hess, Prat., Dept. M.
persons in this state to muncg-j our
business in thoir own at d near-by counties, it
is mainly office work conducted nt home. Salary straight. OiXi a year mid expenwis-deilnUe,
lionalldc.nomorc.uo less salary. Monthly-:7i.
Reference. Enctosn self-addressed stamped
envelope, Herbert E. Hew, Prest., Dept. M.
Subscribe to the Oolukh Era and help
to advance tho interests vt the district.
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If yoa intend spending tbe
wintT in a
Milder  Climate
Write or call {or particulars
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Reduced  Rate .   .
Excursion Tickets.
Apply to tho nearest Canadian Pacific Kailway Agent, or address
Traffic Manager,
Winuipej, Haa.
Ticket Agent, Golden.
Notary Public, Mining, Seal
Estate k Commission Agt.
Deeds prepared and attested. Parties
represented in I olico court, Small Debts
oourt and County court. Account* collected and disputed claims adjusted.
Town Lots and Farm Lands f -r sale.
Working and Dividend Paying Mines in
various parts of British Columbia.
Gold Quarts, Copper, Gold, and Silver-
Lead Prospect, and Developed Propertiea
on Bond.
Reports and  information 'furni.hed.
Stocks in British Columbia mines
bought and solal.
Cable Address:   KANAG.UI, Golden.
Cades in use: Moieiug & Neal, aid
Bedford McNeill.
.   HOTEL.
Good   accommodation   foi    prospectors  ind
Freighter-*.  Flrst-clsss umals.
1.   Your best local newspaper
8.  The thrlce-a-wcok
3. Finely illustrated monthly magazine
Brighten your homes for winter.   These
tliree, forming a complete library, for one
year for
Address:   THE MANAGER,
Uolden F.ra Co. Ld. Ly..
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A supply ef Building Lime for sal..
Plans prepared.  Prompt attention
given to orders.
Li very and Feed State
Good Saddle Horses and
Bigs of all kinds for
Hire at Reasonable Rates.
Teaming of all kinds a specialty.
Headquarters for Commercial Men.   Two Commodious Sam
pie Rooms,    Baggage Transferred Free.    Hot
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Rates $2.00 Per Day.
Choice Wines, Llqtton and Cigars.
Very valuable Remedy la all
aflectl-tuti of tht   ,   .
Large Bottlo, 35c
Prop's, of Parry Davis' Pain-Killer
Navigation & tanay Company, Li,
& International Transportation Co.
Connecting with C. P. R. at  Golden, B. C, and Great
Northern   Railway at   Jennings,   Montana,
C. H. Parson,
Manager. !>
31ie new jot and out steal embroideries
ere quaint ond elaborate In design, and
tahe-rcork on net, velvet or satin Is very
beautifully executed.
The new weaves-of lustrous oorded silks
that are in such high vogue this season
share with catln the honor of making
special gowns of ceremony,
;.. "More and wore svelt and clinging, If
41s he possible, grow the dross skirts,
tunics, princess robes and long pepluin
and tsbiier effects on the front and sides
Of the gown.
Very handsome ball dresses are this season wade of chenille dotted net over satin,
trliniccd with very fluffy plaited ruffles of
chllfon bordered with tiny lines of chenille the color of the dot in the net.
A11 sorts of quaintly flounced polonaises,
redlugaitcs. newmarkets, cnmisards and
princess shaped cloak dresses, witb loose,
curved fronts and bishop sleevos, prevail
���irons tho unusual variety of winter
An-ong the gray furs zlbolllne, Persian
lamb mid chinchilla am the most fashion-
. able used this winter. Chinchilla Is one
of tho most, expensive nnd certainly it is
tho least durable and loss becoming than
the other pelts.
Many cf Ihe new French demldresa
gowns are made with threo or llvo overlapping flounces arranged upon a very
closely fitting foundation skirt which ex*
p.Hiids very much on tho lower portion.
The round waist is joined, or else cut in
one with tbo upper flounce.
Very novel and pretty effects are employed In deccratlng tho tops of new winter sleeves that are as close fitting as they
cau comfortably bo worn. Crescent shnped
puffs of fur or velvet, Vandykes covered
with special pieces In passementerie,
stitched straps and Queen Bess puffs
slashed and laced across all are used.
Italian red, much like the tint of the
heart of a Jaok rose, is a marked favorite
In the brilliant winter list of colors, and
cloth gowns of this becoming shade, with
sable, mink, otter or fox band collar and
revrrs by way of trimming, are considered
among tho smartest of the winter styles
for youthful wearers.
There never was, and never will be, a
universal panacea, in one remedy, for all
ills to which flesh Is heir���tbe very nature
of many curatives being such that were
tbe germs of other and differently seated
diseases rooted in the system of tbe patient���wbat would relieve one 111 In turn
would aggravate the other. We have,
.however, in Quinine Wine, when obtainable in a sound unanulterated state, a
remedy for many and grievous Ills. By Its
gradual and Judicious use the frailest ays-
terns are led Into convalescence and
strength by the Influence which Quinine
exerts on Nature's own restoratives. It
relieves tbe drooping spirits of those with
whom a chronic state of morbid despondency and lack of Interest in life is a disease, and, by tranquilizlng the nerves, disposes to sound and refreshing sleep���Imparts vigor to the action of the blood,
which, being stimulated, courses throuh-
out the veins, strengthening tbe healthy
animal functions of tbe system, thereby
making activity a necessary result,
strengthening the frame, and giving life
S> the digestive organs, which naturally
emand increased substance���result, im*
f roved appetite. Northrop & Lyman, of
oronto. have given to the publio their
superior Quinine Wine at the usual rate,
and, gauged by tbe opinion of scientists,
this wine approaches nearest perfection
of any In the market. All drug-cists sell lb
Shifting the Taxes.
"I Buppose," saM the clerk, "it is all
right to leave the assessment of old
Croesus the same as last year."
"Well, hardly,'' replied the chief assessor.   "Ho has succeeded in getting a
man witb a title to marry his heniely
daughter, and I have an idea abont half
'* of the taxes are now due from tbe son-
* in-law. '���'    	
.< The winners of tire sewing machines in
the Koyal Crown Soap competition for.
���' the week ending Feb. 11th, are as follows:
Winnipeg. Mrs. P. O'Donnell, ��8 Pacific
Ave.; Manitoba. Jennie MoKerchar,
Burnside; North West Territories, Flossie
Finlayson, Prince Albert. . The Boyal
Grown Soap Co. wilt oontlnue this competition, giving away three machines
each week until further notice.
Fa's Da-Bullion.
Johnny���Pa, wbat is the difference
between being deaf and being hard ot
Pa���Tho man who is hard of hearing
ii (opposed to have money.���Boston
fort Sawder.
"When I was discharged, my employer let me down easy."
"How so?"-      . -""
"He said I conld get work more readily than an inferior man."���Detroit
Free Press. .
-'-Hei. Air of Ownership.
''What aa air of ownership tbe bride
"Yes; sho went through the marriage ceremony as though it wero ber
own   patent rite.'
Dealer.      ________
HuifllfuauiBiieru MnMi
Novelty ia the great parent ot pleasure.���Sooth.
It is tba motive alone tbat gives
ohoraoter to the action! of men.���Bru-
'   . ���    Obstinacy and vebemenoy in opinion
<<are tha surest proofs ot stupidity.���
.' '    No man doth safely rule but he tbat
bath learned gladly to obey.���Thomas
a Kempls.
Nature baa mad* occupation a necos-
.    ally, to us; society makes it a duty;
habit makes it a pleasure.
- If there be aogbt surpassing human
-  deed or word or tbougbt, it is a mother's love.���Marchioness do Spadara.
Tbe true grandeur of humanity is in
moral elevation, austainod, enlightened
and decorated by tha intellect of man.
���0. Sumner.
To know how to grow old is tbe mas-
terwork of wisdom aud one of the most
difficult chapters in the great art of living.��� Almel.
Dr. Ward's Blood and Nerve Pills have
done me an incalculable amount of good.
I think they are the best, surest and
quickest acting cure for nervousness,
unhealthy action of tho heart, insomnia or
sleeplessness, anemia or impoverished
blood, loss of appetite, general debility and
ill-health. For nine years, before 1 commenced taking Dr. Ward's Blood and
nerve Pills, my heart was weak and in an
unhealthy state. Its action was so much
impaired that I could not walk across the
street without suffering great distress,
my beart fluttering and beating so rapidly
that I could scarcely breathe, causing
faintnesa, loss of strength, and leaving
my nerves all unstrung. My sleep was
very much disturbed, I had no appetite
and there was little strength or vitality in
my blood; I was always excessively
I have now taken tbree boxes of
Dr. Ward's Blood and Nerve Pills and
since taking them I have not been away
from my business an hour. Before taking
these pills it was a frequent occurrence
for me to be away from business. As a
result of taking Dr. Ward's Pills my heart
is perfectly healthy and strong and gives
me no distress or trouble whatever. They
removed all nerve trouble, made my nerves
strong and gave me healthy sleep. These
pills also made my blood rich and strong
and gave ma a healthy appetite. Dr.
Ward's Pills bave given me perfect health,
restoring my lost strength, in place of
continual ill-health, weakness, heart
trouble and nervousness. In justice I
cannot speak too highly of this wonderful
medicine. Signed, Miss N. Millward,
Walton St., Port Hope, Ont.
Dr. Ward's Blood and Nerve Pills are
sold at 50c. per box, 5 boxes for f loo at
druggists, or mailed on receipt of price
71 Victoria Street, Toronto. Book of information free.
Library Pussies.
At tbo formal opening of tba new
London library building Harberg
Wright told of come cf tbe strange
things in the way of books for whioh he
had been asked. One application was
(or a book on the raising of Lazarus,
Ho sent tbe Mi bio .ami also a book on
Bible myths to show both Bides of tbe
qnestion. He had been asked for a book
"on the squaring of oitoles in all ages.
Another Applicant had wanted a book
on tbe royal princess wbo bud acted as
a cook in London aud made nice curries. And there was one otbor question
which bad been put to him���"Who was
tbo Coptic saint who made a mummy
talk in tho third century?"
���They that judge of the powers ot a pill
by Its size, would consider Parmalee's
Vegetable Pills to be laoklng. It is a
Utile wonder among pills. What it lacks
in size it makes up in potency. The remedies which it carries are put up in
these small doses, b-oause they are so
poworful that oniy smell doses are required. The full strength of the extracts
Is secured In this form and do their work
Deserves a Medal.
Hooligan���Bedad, sorr, it's mesilf
tiiat had a narrow squake of drowning.
It's skating Oi was, sorr, and, begorra,.
Oi wint clane through, and how 01 got
ont Oi can't tell at all, at all. Bnt,
sorr, Oi'm going to apply for tbe medal
of the Royal society, and 01 make no
donbt bnt they'll give it me.
Smith���Bnt why i Yon saved no one.
Hooligan���Saved no one I Be the
powers, sorr, and didn't I save mesilf ?���
Blckle's Antl - Consumptive Syrup
stands at tbe head of the list for all dis-
eases of the throat and lunge. It acts
liko magio In brtaklng up a cold. A
cougn is soon subdued, tightness of the
chest Is relieved, even the worst case of
consumption Is relieved, while In recent
cases lt may be said never to fall. It is a
medicine prepared from the aciive principles or virtues of several medicinal horbs,
and cau be depended upon for all put
monary complaints.
Question to Be Settled.
They had jnst reached the point in
the story where the heroine entered cold
as an iceberg and met tbe hero's burning glances.
"Now," exclaimed one of the readers
excitedly, "it simply remains to be seen
whether she will thaw or he will freeze.
How do you want to bet!"
Bnt, of coarse, the sentimental girl
wouldn't bet. Sbe wonld be a party to
no such sacrilege.
PARED.���Pills which dissipate themselves in tbe stomach cannot be expected to
have much effo.-t upon the Intestines, and
to overcome c istiveness the modiolus administered must Influence tho action of
these ononis. Parmalee's Vegetable Pills
nre so mado, under the supervision of experts, that the substance in them Intended to operate on tbe intestines are retard-
din action until tliev pass through the
stomach to tbe bowels.
ffinard's Linimint Cores Oandrmr.
No heritage can a father bequeath to
his children like a good name. Nor is
there in a family any riober heirloom
than tbe memory of a noble ancestor.���
j. Hamilton.
Tbe Turks have no war songs except
those they have translated from other
Single eyeglasses worn by women ii
tba form taken by the latest London
fashionable insanity.
Manx is the.best tongne for oonrting,
as it has 87 ways in which to say "My
dear." This is the opinion of tbe London Manx society.
A remarkable feature of India is tbe
number of deserted capitnls. There are
no less than tbree old Delbis, all close
to each other, and south of the present
Two orocodiles in a circus nt Bayvnx,
France, got into a light in which a hind
leg of ouo of tbe beasls was badly lacerated. A veterinary surgeon was called
in, wbo amputated tbe leg successfully,
Ihe crcocdile being as lively as ever.
Tha Blood Is a Vital Element-It Must Be
Kept Pure. Rich and Red���Only In This
Way Can Young Girls Attain Perfect
In tbe early days of her womanhood
every girl���no matter what her station
in life���should be bright, active, cheerful eua happy; her step should be light,
her eye bright and ber oheeks rosy with
the glow of health.' But the reverse is
the unfortunate condition of thousands
of yonng girls throughout the Dominion. They drag along, always tired,
never hungry, breathless and with a
palpitating heart after slight exorcise,
so that merely to go np stairs is exhausting. If a doctor is consulted he tells
them that they are anaemic���tbo plain
English for which is they have too
little blood���and unless a powerful
blood enriching, nerve-restoring tonic
snch as Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for
Pale People is taken to restore health,
decline and an early grave is only too
likely to follow.
The benefit which follow tbe use of
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills in oases of this
kind is amply illustrated by the foi-
lowing testimonial from Miss Ida Bookman, of Marksville, Ont. Miss Bookman says: ^'It gives me much pleasure
to acknowledge tbe benefit I have derived from the use of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills. My health was completely
broken down; I became ao weak I
conld scarcely walk across a room,
waa very pale, bad no appetite, and
gradually lost flesh until I was merely
a skeleton. I was subject to palpitation of tbe heart, dizziness and violent
headaches. I was under treatment
from two doctors, but noither seemed
to benefit me and I went on in this
way for abont seven months. Having
seen Dr. Williams' Pink Pills recommended I determined to try them. Before I finished the second box I began to
improve, and by tbe time I bad used
eight boxes I was as well as ever I had
been, and had gained 23 pounds in
weight. I am grateful for what Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills have done for me
and freely give this testimony in tho
hope tbat it may benefit some other
girl suffering aa I was."
More pale and bloodies? girls have
been made bright, active and strong by
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills than by any
other means. Mothers shonld see tbat
their daughters entering womanhood
are strengthened and invigorated by
the nse of this great blood-making
tonic. Sold by all dealers or sent post
paid at SOo a box or six boxes for tii. 00
by addressing tbe Dr. Williams' Medi
cine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Heat the Time Per It
He shivered.
"I oan readily see," ho said, turning
sharply oa his caller, "that yon area
consistent advocate of tbe open door
He shivered again.
However, bis words were not lost, for
tho caller went back and shut it.���Chicago Post.
TRY IT -It wonld be a gross injustice
to eonfonnd that standard healing agent
wlth tbe ordinary unguents, lotions and
salvos. They ate oftentimes Inflammatory
and astringent. This OU is, on tbo contrary, eminently cooling and soothing
when applied externslly to relieve pain,
and powerfully remedial when swallowed.
Easy Grilles.
"I am going toeing at theFroblshers'."
"How lucLy you are!"
"Why so!"
"They don't know one tune from another. "���Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Sometimes Goes by Contraries.
After ten years' courting Brown married,
And soon he was discontented.
But Robinpon married In haste.
And he has never repented. .
-Chicago Tribune.
From his feet to his boJy,
and ran a blood tinged,
irritating water.
Mrs. A. K��lrsttad, Snider Mt, N.B., tell:
how her littlo boy suffered, and how
B.B.B. cured him permanently.
There is not a
mother in this land
who has a child suffering* from skin disease in any form but
will thank Mrs. Ketr-
stead, of Snider Mt..
N.B., for telling of
the remarkable manner in which her boy*
Freddy, was cured
of one of the sever-
FRfcliDY KEIRSTEAD.   cst an<^ mMt *��rtur-
Ing of skin diseases
by the use of Burdock Blood Bitters; and
not only relieved and cured for the time
being, but, mark you, after eight years
tke disease has shown no sign of returning.
The following is Mrs, Keirsteads
letter :���
"With gratitude I can testify to the
wonderful curative powers of Burdock
Blood Bitters. Eight years ago our little
son, Freddy, was afflicted with salt rheum
and was in a dreadful condition. His legs,
from the soles of his feet to his body, were
entirely raw, and ran a bloody water,
which appeared to burn and itch until he
was often in ��reat agony.
" After trying several remedies, we resolved to give B, B. B. a trial.
" You can imagine with what delight
and gratitude we saw our boy entirely
cured after using one bottle and part of
the second. We gave him the remainder
of the second bottle, and from that time
till the present he has never had a sign of
salt rheum or a sick day. You need not
wonder that 1 think there is no other
medicine can equal Burdock Blood Bitters
to purify the blood and build up the health
and strength."
IM Liniment for sale eyerywtiere. MM's Liniment Cures Bui, etc,
They Reach
The Kidneys.
Mr. Conrad Beyer's opinion
No one ean be healthy with the kidneys
in u diseased or disordered state. Tho
poisonous Uric Aold whieli it is their
duty to filter out of tbe blood, is carried
into tho system and produces Kbeuum-
tism, Headaches, Backaehes and hundreds of ills and ailments.
Any one who hns the slightest suspicion
tbat the kidneys are not acting right
should take Doun's Kidney Pills. Tbey
are the most effective kidney remoaly
known. Mr. Conrad Beyer, at E. K.
Snyder's Shoe Store, Beriin, Out., hears
this out when he says:
"Anyono suffering with kidney troubles
cannot do better than take Ilium's Kidney Pills, for they cured my wife who
bas been afflicted witb pain in the buck
and other kiduey troubles for a long
time. They have helped a great many
of my acquaintances in this town, and I
must say they nro the medicine Hint
reach tbe kidneys with the best effects."
Ancient Glass-making;.
When the conncil of ten ruled Venice.
they issned a decree regarding the art
of glossmaking. It runs "If a workman curry bis art beyond the limits of
his country to the detriment of the re
public, he shall be desired to return. If
he disobey, his nearest relatives shull
be imprisoned. If, in spite of tbeir imprisonment, he remain obstinate in hia
wish to live abroad, an emissary shall
be told off to kill him."
French Humor.
Madame (to her chambermaid)���Justine, the doorbell rang.
"Is madams sure it wasn't the
"Couldn't be���it is only quarter of
"Yes, but madame knows tho clock
1b fasti"���Echo de Paris.
The little Japs are about as free from
the vico of drunkenness as any people
in the world. In fact, it is tbe rarest
thing in the world to see an inebriated
subject of the mikado. The native
drink, "saki," is used about as tea in
this country, and it is bnt little more
is tho best.
Matthias Foley, Oil City, Out.
Joseph Snow, Norway, Mo.
Ohns. "Whooten, Malgravc, N. S.
Kev. B.O. rmstrung, Mulgrure, N.S.
Pierre Landry, senr., Pokemoucbe,
N. B.
Thomas Wesson, Sheffield, N. B.
"W. *R.   -A.Lr.A2ST,
General Insurance Agent,
FIRE;Companle*a l(ejare*.euted i
Quebec Fire Assnranco Co
Koyal Insurance Co.
Sun Insurance Office
Union A ssuranco Society
All classes of Insurances transacted and loam
promptly nnd satisfactorily settled.
in touch, tone and flu
Ish they have no equal.
Correspondents wanted in every town to as*
a agents.
BBID BROS., l,-,-*KlnsSl.We.t,
is the kind that housekeepers who want only the
best always buy. Packed
in pound and two-pound
tin cans, it conies into
the home with all its natural aroma and strength.
Protected by our Seal,
the consumer knows that
its purity and strength
have been untampered
with. Your grocer sells
this kind, but be sure our
seal and name is on the
can you buy. ��g*
SEEDS, j. il Twins.
the great SEEDSMAN of the N"RTHWEST
for your SEEDS lor 18D9, uh lie kttiM th-
LArtGfcST Stock of Rardin, Finn am'
Flower Seeds In thiA countrv to select from
uso Scod Drills and Cultivators. You can havi
ourkrBiiiUustmtedcatal tfue FREE by sond
log your name and address to J. \\. pukKinm
m Market St.. Winnipeg.
\\ e bep to call the attention of our readers to
the advertisement of Dr. Ward's Blcoit nml
Norvo Pills in tills paper. The linn liave M*j
placed on the market Dr. Ward's Liver Pllla,
which have already proved to be n mtwi oxeel*
lent family medicine as a cure for constipation,
dyppojiHii'.. ljUiuustit.-s.--i* <*ti'. They are sulci ,u Bfic
tier viul. orfi for *1, or mailed on receipt of nrlce
by the Dr. Ward Co., Limited. Toronto, Out.
W. N. U.      208
Next doorlo  P. O.
Household SnfeSt aninll kIka,  -   ���  #13.00
IIouNehold Safe*, Urge size,    -   -     30.00
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Merchants' Hnft'fl, all sizes and price* ; oi
mey terms or chn)i. Come nnd hoc thein oi
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November nnd nonember.
You can unset this man, but vou cau't npset
tbe FACT that
Ih tha- beat- Bnkim- Po-a-akr to use.   Bea-aiia-a, It.
ri'iti-111N 0UA-t,,x�� trblleIt la low in
WHITE STAR Is everywhere in tills country
"When buying, why not get the best?"
May oost you a little more at first thnn thu oheip trash with whioh Eastern makers are flooding the market;, hut are they not well
worth  tbe difTi-Teous in  price?
In ALI/ our HODSE, FLOOR iiinl EI.KVATOR Paints, and as everybody knows,
the QUALITY of tbo OIL is tlio LIFE of tlio PAINT.   Sold by leading
IIAKinVAKK dealers between tho Great Lakc3 and Pacific Ocean.
Full strength: over 76 lbs breaking .train. Full
length: 6uu feet to thu pound. Full wolffht: 80 lbs to
each bale. No clogging in the binder���compactly wound.
NATIONAL Hinder Twine is made entirely of
pure Manilla Hump without adulterant ot auv kind und
is absolutely the hest over offered t In. Canadian fanner.
NATIONAL Hinder Tnine "ill cost von no mure
than inferior grades, will give better satisfaction in the
fluid than any you havo ever used, and besides you will
receive a valuablu  premium With each Eiaiin*-pound
HALE, FO.! S12.00 CASH.
$12 CASH with any uuu of the following valuable and
usoful premiums:
1-t-Ktirnt GOLD-PLATED WATCH, stem-winding and stem-setting, guaranteed reliable time-keeper���lady's or goiitleiuau'9 size���maker's guarantee
with each watch.
SOLID GOLD KING set with genuine Garnet and
Opal gems���stamped and wan-anted���with maker's
Trade Mark and guarantee.
MUSICAL CLOCK, glass sides, in Nickel .Silver und
Gilt���a handsome ornament and accurate time-piece.
A never ending pleasure in the home.
$12 Cash for .-mv one nt ihe above Premiums
The National Fanners Co.
sells direct to practical bona
lidu Farmers; employs no middle men or agents, does'
business only for cash, makes no losses���evory dollar
docs its full duty. Wo havo a lot of NATIONAL
Binder Twine on hand���so much thnt tho bank rate
of inturcst until after harvest, ou tho monoy lockod up,
will amount to many thousand dollars, We want to suvu
that interest and give it to the fanner in return for cash.
That is where the premium comes in.
This Company reserves the right to refund your momy if the price of Hemp advances by reason of the Philippine war or
other causes. Manilla Hemp comes from
the Philippine Islands.
ORDER AT ONCK and mako certain of your
season's supply before Hemp advances.
T Remit menoy lo us only lay Postal XatQ, !>, *i tmce Order ��
T Esprcs-i Order or Iti'-riaala-real L-lli'i-. l\ riluyi ur nnmc n'liiiilv I
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x from WINNIPEG, we send you Die promlum prepaid i>v mail T
T or aaxpra-ssl'i-ani Ti'l-otito. * ���
:w Observe n'bovo directions vnrofnllv -ao w<* cannot *.
make any llltstnko In I'ot-wui-alial-r vaiall--rata alaa. Sit*-T
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T a Musical Clock oi-u Illn-r-lf the latter, aeudu lileeo T
Z ol' tati-laajj- or |ui |i(*r size required, *
***************** **************Q*y***t
We want the good will nf all Canadian farmers for
NATIONAL Binder Twine. Our business will
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Twine and surprised at tliu excellence and elegance of
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We giro onr cash customers
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Gold frames 4 inches in      Q nn
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a a ���
Geo. B. McDermot,
General Merchant.
The Merits of Dodd's Kidney
Pills Can't be Hidden.
Mr. C*. Grlinr-a. ofjHatnlltoi, tolls or
his Experience���He Suffered with
Bright's Disease for Eight Years'
���Dodd's Kidney PI luCurcdHlm
Hamilton, Feb. 20���"Mr. Griggs, is
it true that you were cured of Bright's
Disease by Dodd's Kidnoy Pills, after
eight years suffering and when no
other medicines could do yon any
This question was asked, a few days
ago. by a gentleman who wished to
investigate for himself the statement
made in last week's papers to theabore
"It is true," answered Mr. Griggs,
emphatically, "I was cured by Dodd's
Kidney Pills when every other medicine I had tried had utterly failed to do
me any good.
"When I was advised to try Dodd'a
Kidney Pills I did not think they
would help me any more than other
medicines had. I was so sick that I
wat willing te try any means, if it
gave a hope, or a chance of cure.
''Well soon after I started using tho
Pills, I began to feel different. I found
in a week or so, that I was actually getting better. I kept on taking the medicine until I had used three boxes.
After that I didn't need any more. I
was cured, completely and permanently. You may know what I think of
Dodd's Kidney Pills, when I tell you
t hat I never let my house be without
Dodd's Kidney Pills are the only
known positive cure for Bright's Disease, Diabetes, Rheumatism, Lumbago,
Gout, Sciatica, Gravel, Stone in the
Bladder, Diseases ol Woman, and other
Kidney Diseases.
Dodd's Kidney Pills are seld by all
druggists at fifty cent a box, six boxes
$2.60, or sent, on receipt of price by
The Dodds Medicine Co., Limited,
Mr. R. W. Jameson, member of the
Dominion house for Winuipeg, acci-
ilently shot himself at hit residence ou
The many fi-iaiuis of A Lsiich wiil
regret to learn thai liis saw-mill at
Cranbrook was burned down last week.
The loss is about ��6000.
"" Mr. Aiiisworth. the able car inspector of the (.' P. R., who was stationed
at Donsld, bas been moved to Laggan,
the Company having agreed to his
Tht friends of. Mr Stracey, formerly
of Golden, will regret io learn of ibe
failure of the Stracey Lichen Yukon
syndicate, which has gone into liquidation.
Messrs. Small and Musgrave have
opened the Cosmopolitan hotel at Cranbrook. Mr Small was very popular
when landlord of the L'aual Flat Hotel.
We wish him success in his enterprise.
In tho protested election for Bauff
tho Court has allowed iho hallo's as
applied for by Dr. Bruit uud declared
hiin elected in place of Mr. Sifton.
The matter is being appealed by Mr,
Tbe big C. P. R. boarling-housc,
which was a prominent building at
Donald, hus been removed to Field,
aud on Thursday last Mr. Killeen laid
out the siie at Field ou which it ia to
be re-erected;
The Golden Lumber Co. expect shortly to be in recuipt of thB machinery for
the enlargement ef the mill at Golalen
and hope to hare the new mill in
operation by tht opening of the milling
season iu about two months time.
The services at St. Paul's church
Golalen, on Sunday next. Fob. 26th
will be: - 11 a. tn. morning prayer, litany and sermon 7.30 p, ni. evening
prayer and sermon. Erening service
oo overy Wednesday during Lent at
8 p.m.
The Revelstoke Herald says: "R.
W. Patmore of Donald went through
to Victoria to enter a protest against
the election of W. C.Wells for N. E.
Kootonay. He took the necessary
papers and deposit with him and there
is not tbe least doubt that Wells will
be unseated."
William Dupen, on remand, under a
charge of falsa pretences by ptssing
Confederate bills, was brought before
Mr. Griffith S. M. on Saturday morning, on being asked if he had anything
to say he made a long statement denying his guilt. He waa then examined
by E. A. Haggen, on behalf of Sarasen
to whom tbe bills were lirst passed.
His Worship found Dupen guilty ofthe
charge laid by the police and senteucetl
biin to two months imprisonment.
Thanks to the good offices of Mr. G.
S. McCarter solisilor for Mr. Thos.
McNaught of tbe Kast Kootenay Miner
the rival editors of Golden arrived at a
settlement of their differences before
Mr. Griffith S. M. on Monday morning
when tho further proceedings w*-ra sa-i
down for bearing. It was arranged
that on publication of apology to E.
A. Haggen by Air. McNaught all further proceedings sliould be witb-drawn
and the editors shook hands before tbe
Magistrate and called oS their quarrel.
In a recent letter from Washington,
D. C, to an olal friend, Major G. A.
aStuder, for twenty ycart UniledStates
Consul at Singapore, says: "Whileai
Des Moines I became acquainted with
a liniment known as Chamberlain's
Pain Balm, which I found excellent
against rheumatism as well as against
soreness of the throat and chest (giving me much eaiser breathing). I hud
a touch of pneumonia early this week,
and two applications frsely applied to
the throat and chest, relieved me of it
at once. I would not be without it for
anything." For sale by all druggists.
Henderson Broi. wholesale Agents
Victoria and Vancouver.
The fall intensity of living is reached ouly by the perfectly healthy. Sickness discounts the capacity for enjoyment. If his body it all out ef order
and run-down, ho will not be able to
enjoy anything, no matter how full of
enjoyment it may be for other people.
If he is just a little bit out of order, if
he "is not sick, but doesn't fuol just
right" he will only be able to enjoy
things ill a half-hearted sort of way.
The neat-ear he ia to bn perfectly woll,
the nearer will his capacity for enjoyment bo perfect. If this condition
doesn't exist, something ougut to he
done. That means nine cases iu ten
ute of Dr. Pierce's Golden Modical Discovery. It works directlr on the digestive organs, and on the blood and
through these on every tissue of the
body. It makes the appetite good, digestion and nutrition perfect and supplies rich, red blood to all the tisanes,
building np solid, healthful flesh.
Send 31 cents in one-cent stamps ta
World's Dispensary Medical Association, Buffalo, N. Y., and receive Dr.
Pierce's IOCS pagt "Common Sense
Medical Adviser," profusely illustrated.
Two lots in town of Golden with house of 4 rooms
and kitchen, stable and
chicken house. Property
Apply to
Golden. B. C,
opened np by the DIAMOND CORE DRILL,
on easy terms by contract,
or part payment received
in ohares if desired. Apply to
Mining Agent, Uolden, B.C.
the syenite iimift uitour.
Right opposite Vermont creek group of
claims is the Syenite Iiluff group, consisting of the Syenite BluS, Black
Horse and Agnes. The owners of
these claims are: - Syesite Bluff, H. G.
Lowe, H. B. Alexander and A Jackson ; Black Horse, M. Dainard; Agnes,
H. B. Alexander. These claims afford
au excellent prospect either us a silver-
lead proposition or bismuth-antimony
property.A groat porphyry dyke, which
bas been mistaken for syenite and so
gave the name lo the property, traverses the u-ouiituiii from east to west
and into it run many stringers and ore
systems of which it doubtless contains
the matrix. The mineral system on
this sido of the rauge is a continuation
of lhat on the Hutli group, separated
by the deep channel gored in the heart
of the mountain system by Vermont
Creek. A good dual of work bus been
done on these properties in days gone
by and ore has been shipped from thein.
The Syenite BluS claim is the lowest
of the three and is located along a
steep rooky face. Tho development
work cousin's of a tunnel driven for a
length of 45 feet along a quartz vein
which is exposed on tht surface aud
then a cross drift of 7J feet in length
is run. The lead is of white quart!!,
lift, wide aud runs along the porphyry
dyke, with stringers running into it
showing high grade galena. Higher
up the hill there is a grand shewing
ef galena on the face of the bluff and
along this a tunnel was driven. This
lead has a strike of 30 degrees went of
north and a dip of .'14 to the south.
Instead of following this load, the
tunnel, however, was run straight in
for a distance of 175 feet into barren
ground, then run at right, angles for
75 feet with no better result, und then
the work wns stopped. A big quarts
vein was however .cut in the tunnel
with a strike of 30 west of north and a
dip of 50 to tbt south. The ore is a
nice galena and pyritic quartz, and 7",-
toua were shipped for treatment at the
Golden smelter, but as the smolter was
never fired tht lest win not made so
far as we are aware. Higher up the
mountain side there is one of the best
prospects wo have seen in the district
in the shape of a showing of iron
oxides about ton feet in width, one of
the best indications of mineral leads to
be found in tho country. This lies
between schist, and mctamorpbic rock
and is well worth exploring. An open
cut has been run into it a distance of
15 to 20 fust and shows some line
galena ore. Hiuher up the mountain
side there aro exposures of high grade
galena, aud some tests have shovrn
that the property ought to possess
value as a bismuth proposition. The
property ia from uli appearances one
worthy of exploration with every
promise of goo-1 results, lt is a property that'could be cheaply worked if
the ore-bodies are found to be of sufficient extent auai value io justify operation,
It is not only for galena ores that
Variuour. Creek holds a premier place
as u point worthy of attention, but it
has probably one of tha biggest aud
most, promising copper pvospecls found
in British Columbia, This is the Anaconda Group, iocateal by Aletsrs. Upton
aud Johnston eighteen months ago,
and in which Messrs. C. Cui-twright,
M, Dainard mid A. Logan are now also
interested. The leads ou which these
claims ate Ideated are immense bodies
of quart a, standing up above lhe country rock or covering the surface wiih
their float, Tho main lead can be
traced from Copper Creek over the
summit to Vermont Creek und again
over the next summit to Crystal Creek
The exposures cau be distinctly seen io
the tteep mountain face on the right
bank of Vermont Creek aud excellent
ore wss obtained from the outcrops
here at the time of the discorery.
Following up lhe divide between Vermont ami Copper Creeks the first exposures appear at a point b'00 lest above
the trail, or about 5,400 feet above sea-
level. The mountain slopes ar an
angle of 45 degrees, affording good facility for development work by tunnelt
or adits and lor the shipping of ore by
gravitation tramway to the valley
beneath. The main leaal has a strike
of 40 degrees west of north.
Development work has been done at
several poiuts on tbe lead and where-
ever opened it shows ore. About halfway up tbe mountain sido a smaller
lead with a strike of north -lo west,
runs into the larger and terminates
near the summit of the mountain iu au
immense chimner of apparently rich
copper ere. This chimney of ore is
about 30 feet across, The main lead
crosses the summit at uu altitude ef
about 8,400 feet, giving 3000 feet of
surface exposures of ledge. The prospector will go a long way to get anything else like it. The main lead lies
between syenite and elate and it about
4 feet in width at its narrowest point,
where the syenite . cuts in on it. . It
runs in average width from eight to
ten feet. On the Copper creek slope
there is one of the finest showings of
copper ore to be teen on this lead that
can be found anywhere. Tbe group
consists of seven claims, tht Copper
King on the Copper Creek elope, the St
Lawrence, Anaconda, Eureka and
Mother Lode, on the Vermont Creek
elope, and the Alice and Blue Bell on
the divide between that and Crystal
Creek. The dip ef thest leads it
nearly vertical, 85, to the south, Tbe
ore assays well in copper aud gold,
two  of   the  essays  having  run a*
follows: No. 1���Copper 14.33 per
cent, gold 3.8 dwtt., value $32 40;
No. 2���Copper 14 per cent, gold 10
dwts. per ton, value $38. J. Brady,
M.E., has at present an option ou the
Surest of All.
Diamond Dyes Excel
all other Dyestuffs.
These World Famed Dyes Are
Home Favorites.
We havo tried to lino other dyet, but
they did not give us satisfaction.
Bought eight packages of your Diamond lives to die our Woollen Yarns
tbe work was perfoot.
For dying Carpets and Cotton Goods,
Diamond Dyet are unequalled.
Windsor, Ont.
Capt. liny ward, of tbe steamer International, has made a big mining
deal, having sold the Alice mine on
the Crow's Nest road, to Geo. Alexander and others for $80,000 cash.
The Mines Development Company,
represented by Mr. Mullholland, of
Rossland. propose to take a bond on
the Centaur group of claims on the
Fifteen Mile Creak, the property of the
Alberta and Kootenay Mining and Development Co. The Alines Development Co. will s art operations first
thing iu the spring.
R Graves, M.E., has closed a bond
for 875,000 with London capitalins
for tho Porcupine group ou Quarts
Creek. Development work will bo
started early in the spring. Tho property is a high grade golal and copper
ore. Messrs. W. 11. Robertson, Sam
Yuille, Denman and Lappan are the
owners of the group, which carries
rich oro but will lie difficult and costly
to work.
The price of the Swansea claim at
Windermere, recently sold to the Darby Company, was $30,000, an advance
of $24,CO0 on the price at which it waa
taken up on the original bond by Mr.
Mullholland. Tne owners were Messrs.
J. Lake, W. B. Abel, S. Brewer, nnd
G. S. McCarter. A. S. Goodeve, mayor
of Rossland, is the president of tht
Darby Company which has purchaaad
the property from Mr. Mullholland.
The Cranbrook Herald says: "A
large fault has been mat with in No. 2
seaiu at the Furniecoal mines, and has
cut off the coal in Ihe levels. No
doubt thia fault was the cause of tiie
outburst of gas which exploded lult
Tuesday. The whole of the mon we.:e
off work lhe following day but resui i
ed after a satisfactory interview with
the general manager. The fault���
which was inspected '.'en passant" t-y
��� he eminent geologist, Prof. Montgomery, of Toronto ���will cut off a portion
of the workings, and it will keep the
management hustling to maintain the
output, which, for the moment, tt
seriously affected."
A Coufiimed Invalid From Acute Kheum.-i
tism���South American Rhoumatiu Cure
(.ivo.1 Him His Liberty.
Geo. lilnglAtid, of Chatham, N.B., is a car
penter tuid -ahip-bulldor by trade. Through,
oxposairo to all kinds ot weather he contracted a moat acute term nf rheumatism. Hin.
joints swelled and stiffened, aud lis was laid,
tap in bis boil for six weeks. After doctors
hud faiiod to rolievo him lie tried South
American Rheumatic Cure, and to use his
oavn words: "In ii hours alter I had caim-
insured taking the remedy the pain all left
ino. the swelling subsided aud today I am a.
cured man."
Hold by C. A. Warren.
Bill No 75 wipet out quite a number
of laud nnd money bonuses torailways.
It it creating consternation among
charter promoters and corresponding
satisfaction wilh the public.
Kej*].Hot JFroiu The ft no.
Was the ball that hit G. B, Stead-
man of Newark, Midi., in the Civil
War. It unused horrible Ulcers that
uo treatment helped for 20 years. Then
Bucklen'a Arnica Salve cured him.
Cures Cuts, Bruises Burns, Boils,
Felons, Corns, Skin Eruptions. Best
Pile cure on earth. 25 cts. a box. Cure
guaranteed.   Sold by til Druggists. 3
A reward will be given (or inch information at will lead to the discovery
of the perton or persons who stole from
my house, at Field, $128.35. Persons
are warned against negotiating a C.P.
R cheque drawu in favor of J.A.Smith.
B.Ce Mining Record,
Published monthly, are received by E. A. HAOOEN,
Goldss, B.C.    Prloe
The following letter from Mr. O. A.
Brown, secretary of the Windermere
Mining Association to Mr. Hewitt
Bostock, MP., shows well the promising outlook for the Windermere district :
Windermere, Feb. 10, '99.
Hawrrr Bostook, Esq., M.P.,
Sin,���A�� a meeting of the Windermere Mining Association held here on
tbo 25th of last month, I was directed
to lay before you the viowt and wishes
of the Association in relation to securing tho construction of a telegraph
line between Golden and Windermere.
It had come to the knowledge of the
members that the Golalen Board of
Trade wat moving actively in the matter and they believed that it would be
oxpo'lient to address you earnestly iu
regard thereto. Since the Government
is accustomed to granting approprla
tions for publiu works like this, and
because trade, population, and mining
affairs demand it, tht members of the
Association earnestly desire you to
ute vour utmost endeavors.to induce
the Dominion Government to construct,
or cause to be constructed and operated,
as quickly as possible, a telegraph line
between tbe places uamed above.
This matter is of such vital import
ance that I feel justified iu giving you
at length some of tht reasons why it it
a prime necessity.
Windermere is nearly 100 miles
away from railway and telegraphic
facilities. Trade and population are
fast increasing, and there is much to
warrant the belief tbat they will increase many fold during the present
year. There are in this Mining Division over 800 mineral claims, many of
which are already proved to be valuable properties, and some ot them
genuine bonauzas. Probably more
than half of the whole number are
destined to become paying mines.
Upon these claims the development
work will be performed during the
year, at a cost of at least $80,000.
Many of the claims will be worked
extensively, and much ore transported,
which will involve au expenditure of
probably more than $80,000.
The B. C. Government is providing
for an expenditure of several thousand
dollars upon roads, trails aud bridges
in this division. Several mining towns
are sure to spring up during the year.
In this town of Windermere much
building will lie done, new Government
offices, a school house, lodging houses,
dwellings, ono or more storot and
hotels, nnd some buildings for other
purposes. In addition to uli this it is
safe to pndii-.t tbat during the year the
number of mineral claims in this alivi
tion will he more than doubled. Spring
will bring a great influx of prospectors
and it is possible, if not probable, that
moro than 1.000 mineral claims will be
added to tht number thnt already
gracca this division.
Placer mining here, toe, ie destined
to play a prominent part. There are
thirty-five miles of bars on one stream,
waiting to reward hydraulic workings,
and the bed of the stream itself will
yet have to give up its treasurei. Two
law mills are secured.
Now I am not stating these things
{or buncombe, but am simply saying
what I, as a miner and prospector of
some experience, either know or honestly believe. You ask, why then has
not your Windermere district come to
the front ere this? . I answer-the
country has been new, and transportation and telegraphic facilities have not
been had. Give lis these two things
and miners, prospectors, residents and
capitalists will do the rest.
Now in order to make this division
-what I have stated and predicted for
it, many mining men, speculators, and
capitalists must come, Mott. if not
all, of these will have families or business interests elsewhere; and in prder
that suoh men may be induced to remain here long enough io gain a requisite knowledge of the country; and to
buy, bond, or undertake the development of our properties, tbey must be
given facilities fur communication, at
nay time, with their families, partners
uud agouti at home.
Many a deal it lost because of tho
inability of a would-be-investor to confer with tome one whose consent,
approval, or aid he desires.
Mail facilities ars not what the
business interests of this valley demand. A letter leaving hereon Sunday reaches Golden late Monday evening, usually too late for an answer to
go by the Tuesday morning's mail.
The result is tbat ont week's time it
lost. Under the new arrangement,
which ia abont to taka effect, this
trouble will oot be remedied.
Again, a letter mailed here for soma
distant point Ilk* Vancouver will hart
answers reach here in net last than
eltven dayt, whiltt from more dittant
pointt like Montreal, still another
week's delay ocours. Navigation fa-
cilitiei art of a very unctrtain and unsatisfactory charaoter, "What wonder
th��n that mining affairs bus have not
received tha attention that they merit,
Do what you oan to itcure the
building of the line and you will havt
our luting gratitude.
ft A. Brown,
"Secretary Windermere Mining Aesoc'n.
Life Was A Burden
Till Mrs. Lampman Used
Paine's CeleryCompound
The Only Medicine that Gives
True Strength and Keeps
Tha Body Nourished.
A Letter that Tells of
trials and sufferings,
A New and Joyous Ixistenee
Experienced after use of the
Wonderful Hediolar.
Mri. M. E. Lampman, ef Woodttock,
Ont., writtt at followt regarding her
rescue from suffering and agony:
"After serious consideration I think
it my duty to acknowledge tb* great
good that I havt derived from Paine's
Celery Componnd. No living mortal
oan imagine the suffering! I endured
for four months. That demon 'La
Grippe' got a fast hold tf me; I became
nervous, nnd was so prostrated tbat I
could not sleep night or day.
'���I was reduced to a  mere   skelton,
tnd life became a burden.   My appetite
was very poor, and I waa so extremely
nervous that I co ild not bear to   have
ny person in the rooin'with me.
"Ono Sabbath afternoon I read one
of yeur books, and found that Paint's
Celery Compound had cured many
people. I thought I would try a bottle,
and bought ono that afternoon, and
commenced to take it according to directions. The relief was almost instant.
I continued the use of the Compound,
with the result that I can now sleep
well all night and feel retted when
morning comet. My appetite it good
lam gaining io flesh,and feel likea new
"I cannot find words to express my
gratitude for your great Paint't Celery
Compound, and for the wonderful tor*
it has brought about. I an 78 ysars
of nge, and ca* now walk five miles
without feeling very tired. I am tilling my friends and neigbbort who are
sleepiest and ntrvont and luffering as
I was. I wiih you unbounded suoeess
and hope this may bt read by nn<
one who it afflicted and  anxious   fer
 ,-a-  -������
The Montreal Star save that tbt C.
P.R. have completed their arrasnt*.
ments in regard to connecting Windermere with railway communication aid
that a branch Ilea will leava tha main
line nt a point near Fort Steele junction, following tba meandering of lb*
Kootenay river to Fort Steele. Then**
by. the direct route to Windermere,
making connections with the propo-std
route from Arrow Lake to Wiudtrman.
)>e*tt�� the Klondike.
Mr. A. C. Thomas, of Mnryivjlle,
Tex., baa found a more valuable ,4it-
covery, than has yet been /nade in, jrfc*
Klondike. I'or years he suffered,, .nip
told agony from consumption, accompanied by hemorrhages, nnd wu absolutely curee**, by Or. King's Nan: Disj
covery for consumption. Roughs ana
Colds., He declares that gold is of little/
value jn comparison with this marvel.
pus cure; would have it, even if it cots
a hundred dollars a bottle. Asthma,
Bronchitis and all, throat and lung;
affections are positively cured l**y Dr,
King's New Discovory for Consumption.. Sold at any Drug , Store. , Regular size 60 centt and $1.00. Guaranteed to ciiro or price refunded.'        fc
SEALEI>TENDER8 .aid rested to*fte undersigned and endorsed "Tenders for Nicola
Lake Telegraph," will be received at thia ���,
office until Monday, the Twentieth Marek i
aext (1HU0I. 1
1, For the supply of Pelee and construe- I
tinu of a telegraph line from SPENCEV I
IJKIDGE to NICOLA LAKE, a distance of
W.iuilaw, more or less,
3. Kor the supply of Poles snd the construction of a telegraph lino iroaai KAMLOOF8
te NICOLA LAKE, a distaace of 60 miles,
more or less.
The Polos called f.ir to be of the meet durable kind of weed available, 25 feet kng, not
less than ft inches dinmeter at the top-ttraight
and sound and barked throughout t or, if of
cedar, barked above 5 teet from the butt: aad
to lie delivered along tba existing soadwey
between the -hove points (in either mstaaea)
at distances of 65 yards apart.
The Uovernment will .supply tbe-requislta
material, i.e. Wire. Insulators, Bracket, and
Spikes, te tha order of tba contractor at
Spence'a Bridge or at Kamloops ; tha Contractor is to erect the poles, string the win,
make necessary clearances, and otherwise
perform tho weak of constructioniaccordlag,
to the utuaXswcificatlen of tha De-partaseuf..
TENDERS to state tba price par mile t tba
kind of wood to be used for the pok line; and
how mm after the contract is entered into
the work will be complete*. ...
Each Tender must be accompanied by aa
accepted Bank Cheque for aa amount equal
to 10per cent of tbt bulk nun ot tbt Under.
By Order,
Ei F. Ea EOT,
Secretary Dept-Pnb. Works.
Department ef Publio Works, 	
Ottawa, 14th Feb., 1899. (16
���. W. Palmer,
Chemist & Druggist,


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