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The Golden Era May 13, 1898

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Array ir
DNm ttotden Era *
I* th* moit widely circulated and $
b**t adv*rti*ing medium In East j?
Kootenay.   Thi* is th* paper that f
is read by the miners, the ranchers, 2
the r��ilroaders and lumberman. ��
Subscription, f 2.00 par Annum %
In Advanoe  ...... I
| Map of (iolden
S Mininfr; Division
| ��y !���-. C. 1-eag...
V Ou receipt of 11 copies ef this vaiinW*
^ map will he mailed hy
f. Tito Golden Era Company L'ld. tly.,
t Oolden, ac
VOL VII.   NO. 41
GOLDEN B.C., FRIDAY,   MAY 13, 1898.
$2 l'EB Vkau
General 0 merchant,
���p.-fi'-5'**>'���>' a 9 *^*9 ft'^ g Tig
Cheap Clearing Sale
Of Furniture,
Bedroom Sets
Spring Mattrasses
Dimn Tables
Wardrobes       Single Beds
Etchen Tables, Common
Chairs, Lounges, Etc.
Spanish Fleet
Gone Home.
American I leet Will
Spanish Admiral Killed.
Few Patterns in Wall Paper
Reduced in Price.
. . Agent For . .
PSiipix of London and olhsr Fira Insurance Co's
-^-Jba Ctinfedaraljon Life Association, Toronto.
Ih3 Bslianca Loan & Savings Co., of Ontario.
Canadian Railway Accidant Insurance Gompcny.
Spanish      War-ship
I      - - -THE rolumbia House,
A Strictly First Clsss Hots! in Every Respect.
Equipped with sll Modern Conveniences.
JB*��t Brands of Liquors end Cisj-irs.
Th* T��bl* i* Second to None.
Heftdqu.rters for Mining snd Commercial Men.
Golden, B. C.
1131 jg |
Wm. McNeish, Prop
]       QUEEN'S   HOTEL.
i TTAnrlnnoftftra fm�� flAmmoiviitil nifi
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Itiquors and Cigars.
Rates $2.00 Per Day. _::::o::::_
Kootenay House,
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men.
Baggage Transferred -Free.
Kot and Cold Baths.
Ullock & Barry,
llttt Proprietors.
Russell House
flnlrlnn. H   r
Skelton & Brewster, Proprietors.
Headquarters for Miners^
Prospectors and Lumbermen
���1.90 Per  Day.
Bo.nl end Lodging, tft Per Week.
Fir*t Clnss Bar.
Washington���News has just been
received that tho Spanish flout, which
left Cmio Verde, accompanied hy the
Spanish braggadocio that the Ann'ri-
i;an cities on the Atlantic Coast u-ere
to be hoiiibarde'l. has as a' matter of
fact absolutely flod from the Held of
action and is for the present snfewith*
in the Spanish harbor ut Cadiz, where
it has arrived. This was evidently the
Spanish squadron that wns reported
from Lisbon yesterday, so that instead
of going out to protect Spanish inter
ests in Cuha and Porto Rico, lot alone
the att'Dipt to bombard the Atlantic
cities, the fleet has actually retired
from ihe Hold of aggressive waif**.'
and has hurried home. Never has
there been such a miserable attempt to
defend a. nation'* honor as that which
Spain li'ils put up on this occasion, her
proud hoisting having ended in shuffling nud retreat of tlm most discredit
alils character. It is hard to tell
whether the naval oliicials were relieved or disappointed hy the nowa that
cume.ltuo to both the Navy and State
Dc'pnitnieiits' that the Cup* Verde
sqiiildron . instead of bring, as waa
supposed, in thevicinity of Porto Rico,
and in actual engagement with Aclmir-:
al Sampson's fleet, had actually at ri veil j
at Cadiz, Spain.
Thesafeiv of the QitaOn from thej
aitaclt proposed by the Spanish, ship-
lying off Barbadoeds is now assured,
and the way is clear for the proseeii
lion of activo military operations in
Cuha without having to run the rink
of tho American army of occupation
beine cut oft hy the Spaniard*.
On the oilier hand it is believed thnt
no enduring pence can be assured till
the Spanish fleet is utterly destroyed,
and it now appears that in order to do
ihis the American sailors must make
np their minis to cross the Atlantic
Ocean and meet the Spaniards on their
own waters, a task very much more
difficult than that which has been an
ticipated of meeting them in American
Thn suggestion Is made by sonic
members of tho Navy Board that there
is yet the possibility that the Spanish
squadron may make a quick passage
into the Pacific by way of die Suez
Canal and attack Commodore Dewey's
United States fleet at Manila. Any
risk of that sort will hare to be countermanded.
Nothing hns yet been heard from
A liuirsl Sampson, but there is confident expeuitition that interesting news
will be leceivod from his squadron
within the next 24 hours. Whether
he mount, to make an attack on Peirto
Rico or not cannot he definitely ascer
Admiral Monteno, thn commander of
the Spanish fleet at Manila, and who
escaped from Cavile by running along
the shorn to the City of Manila with
his two sons, has been killed hy the
populace of the City, who were Indlg-
tlan*. st the manner in which hr* allowed th* American fleet to catch: him in
such an unprepared condition.
Tho hospital at San Rogue, which waa
filled with the wounded Spanish soldiers, was set on lire by the shells
from the American fleet and the
Sisters of Charity were burned to death
in their brave efforts to remove the
wontidod men from furl her danger
from American shells. This sad story
ef the whr is regretted on all aides.
Mnsssor'es aro reported to huve on-
enrred outside of Manila, the insurgents revenging themselves on ihe for
tner tyranny of tho Spnnittrl* by
butchering thn innocent Spanish women and children.
New York-The torpedo boat Win-
slow engaged three Spanish gunboats
off Cardonals Bay ou Monday afternoon. She dirablcd one and c.itne out
of the fray unscathed herself after her
plucky encounter. The shooting wns
brisk on both tide*, hut no fatalities
ensued. After the Spanish boat was
disabled the Spaniards withdrew from
tho assault of the torpedo boat, taking
refuge in Cardinals Bay.
D. Campbell has recorded the Bock
Wall claim on Salmon Biver.
A quantity of hydraulic piping has
arrived at Oolden station for the Nip
and Tuck Company who evidently iu
tend extending their water supply -
The Le Roi Mine is again reported
sold to B. A, Corporation for |,'1,C00,-
000. Their former price was $o. 000,
0C0 but Ibe sale is since denied.
The Bull! Mountain Company have
determined actively to prosecute the
development of their mine, snd have
naked Mr. Griffith to huve the trail
put in good order to give them access.
AT     The war is having a bad  effect   on
'Alining   iu vestments,  capitalists who
fad decided on taking   up   properties
b\. the district now being disposed to
J old back until they see more prospects
f peace being restored.
Messrs. Forrest, Pitts. Vye, Brown,
Baiius, and other Donald residents interested on the new strikes on the
muit-u-liit snd Bluew.ter Rivers near
Donald into :d pushing ondeielopineut
Forces | wark there as soon as the snow  goes.
It is stated that the owners of the
Monarch Mine, at Field, contemplate
putting a smelter in the valley below,
the mine. They will however, wait
till some mora improved method of
treating zinc-lead ores like those at the
.Monarch mine can bo approved.
Mr. Cnrlin, of Field, has great faith
in the mineral resources of that dis
trict and hits been engaged at present
developing his claim, the Robin Hood,
located on the north side of the track
while he intends doing work oil other
properties in .which he is interested.
On the Robin Rood he hits a lead of
live feet or quart* showing copper and
galena which gave an assay value of
$10.   The ore looks welt.
Mr. Haggen hns received advice of
an JCngJjflh Syndicate being formed
wilh a capita] of ��250,000 sterling
tb.it will operate partly in East Kooio-
Itfty, The Syndicate's engineer informs
him he will shortly visit the district
io sue what there is to offer and the
Company will la* in a position to take
Up anything that has sufficient promise
ef justifying expenditure in development.
The English Company represented
ut Golden by W.O. Mitchell Junes has
bean re organised and a new company
formed with a capital of sixty thousand pounds, the name of the new company being the Golden British Columbia Exploration. This means that the
company will now push ou rapidly
with the development ef itn properties
in this district.
The Robert E. Burns mine *>n the
middle fork of the Spilliinnchene
River, will bo operated by the Associ-
led Gold-Mines of B, C, one of the
largest and most powerful companies
operating in the Province. The Cora
puny also owns claims in tha Big Bend,
Lardeuii, Lemon Creek, White Grouse
Mountain, Coal Hill at Kamloo s, aud
ths Nicola Valley,Lyiton.Lillooet, and
Harrison Lako districts, thus being
mo of the luost extensive mine owners
ol B. C.
Mr. Kellie asked the Hon. the Minister of Minos evhy were the applies'
tio.ia of Manuel Dainard and G. S. Me-
Carter refused for an extension of time
to do work oh four mineral claims in
East Kootenay District. The Hon.
Culonsl Bilker replied ns follows
" With twoeiovptions, all applications
for extension of time to perforin assessment work have been refused, Geo. S,
M.tCari.'r's among tlio number, thorn
being uo unusual depih of snow, or
curly winter, as lust year, when an
Order iu Council was passed empowsr-
ug the Gold Commissioners to grant
extension of time. No application for
extension of time has been made by
M un,el Dainard,"
A plncr proposition that deserres
some, attention is Quartz Creek, near
Bcuur. This ground gave Mr. Sptugg*
a n-tiirii of $700 for the short time he
worked it and no niiempt arcins to
havo bean made to get to bed-rock,
which ought, judging from the site of
the nugget* obtained, to l>e a small
Klondike. There is a difficulty about
tho *atcr rights ss the Columbia
River Co. require tlii. stream for driv.
ing their sawmill, but we know Mr,
Neilson sufficiently well to feel sure
that he Will give a reasonable permit so
long as It will not interfere with the
milling oporstions. A prospector
named Martin does * little sur'ac*
work there from time to time .nil always makes a stake. Quart* Creek
has splendid mineral indication* and
ought to come to the front. W* nre
informed that from 12 to S3 it day
wns got some time ago in the wash
from a slid* np the Creek,
East Kootenay
To The Front.
The   ifles.   Promising
Season Ever Experienced,
Coast and West Kootenay tuning lien Have Their Eyes
on North-East Kootenay--
J. C. Pitts, is doing the happy
father set. s. bouncing baby giri being the occasion.
Dog poisoning has started up again.
Till*, comes of not making an nxampla
of tho offender some two years ago.
Tlio Government have been partially
rebuilding the Wait-a Bit bridge, Mr.
Baines completing the work in a  vny
satisfactory manner.
Arrangements lire being mad* for *
foot bull match between the Golden and
Donnld Juveniles (under If,) to be
played at Donald on 24ih of May.
It. is rumored that the ladies are in*
tending giving a ball on   the 24th   of
They Say the Work of Last May.   Wo hope ihi* is correct *��� ibey
Season Shows This District: h*vf ,"'"""*�� 1'rov'1'W,,M lh6y cu> do
i in this lino.
is Far Ahead of West Root- j   A v(,n. e���ioyM, p,mpin(, p,rty ������
enay-Influx Of Capital arviinged by Mr. Tlios, Johnson actowi
thn Wait-ft-Hit, k nice littlo tima being
indulged in by those foiiuuatu euough
to be among tho nujiilier.
During the past  few   davs   several:    The first   meeting   nf   the   Donald
raining men have come into or pn-md I Mu,.llHl ^P^vement Society was faehl
,    ,    _. ,    , iu the school house Inst Tuesday *��� e-
through the District aud  they  unan* I ning< bm ow,ng ,��� ���,��� -eMmnt  ���,���..
imously   express   the    opinion   that  jug ou same date tha attendance   mis
North-East Kootenay never had a tot- irather limited.
ter prospect befor   it than it  has  this]  ��-���	
season. There will be an influx of'
mining men from both West Kootenay
and the Coast. Never have there been
more enquiries for North East Koole* On Sunday tjext,-May loth, servioit*
liar properties than at. the present | will.be at Donald as follows: Celebra*
time, and as soon ns the snow goes the],io" ��- Ho|V C'ominiiuion al H a. lu.;
lepivsentatives of capitalists will be in j morning prayer hiui senium at 11 am,;
tho District to examine and report on | "veiling prayer and sermon at 7:30 p.in
variDTra properties.     The accounts of
and Labor.
, Church of Kngltt'1,1  Missionary District of Do.i.iltl nnd tiol.leu.
the prospects obtained lust season and
the remits of the development work
dono by the Kooteuny Consolidated
Company nnil others havo served to
show that for mineral wealth this
District is not to be surpassed, if it can
Im equalled, ss a country of rich mineral resources. This ia largely due to
the fact tbat the country abounds in
the two motitis tbat are most in demand at the, present time, gold and
copper. Certainly there is also abundance of aiher and lend, but th.tyeilow
metals lira what people ar*. after at
the present time.
"It Is th. Host on Barth."
That is what Edward* k Parker,
merchants, of Plain*. Ga��, say of
Chamberlain's P.ii uUnlin, tor rheu-
mutism, lame back, deep seated and
musculu! pains. (Sold hy all druggists,
Langley k Co wholes*!* Agents Victoria and Vancouver. 407
Uol'Sf ribs for th* Kit*
Pu"a}lB Hestinjj at D-mili
A public meeting was held in Forrest's Hotel. Donald, on Wednesday
evening lust :o consider matters of
public interest. Mr. Forrest una appointed chairman aud W. Caldwell
acting secretary.
After a lengthy discussion, it was
decided to ask the Gold Commissioner
for thu following expenditures :
C. Baines moved and J- M Johnson
seconded, that (loO be granted for const! uciion of a bridge near Wait-a-Bit
Fulls, and also for trail up Brown's
Creek- Carried.
Mr. Forrest then moved and Mr.
Clark seconded, that $100 be expended
for construction of trail to claims tive
miles north-east of Bluewater trail-
$250 was then suggested to bo spent
on the old Wait a-Bi' trail in tbe way
of clearing out aid unending, Mr.
Hurt being the mover and Mr, Manuel
the seconder; who also proposed that
taO lie applied for repairing of Bald
Mountain trail ���Carried.
Mr. Baines then moved, and Mr.
Johnson seconded, tbat $400 be spent
iu extending and clearing out tlieBltte-
waier trail -Carried.
Owing to the bad state of thcPeitcu-
pine Creek trail, Mr. Forrest moved
and Mr. Baines seconded, that $200 be j
spent on this.
The Bjaebery trail also neodingquite
a lot of repaits. it was moved by Mr.
Johnson end seconded hy Mr. Manuel,
lhat f 100 be also expended nn this.
M< sars. Format, Mauticl, and Caldwell were then appointed a committee
to wait upon the Gold Commissioner
snd explain to him these warns.
Nu service at Golden,
On Tuesday Mu.v l7tb at Ottertail,
e.-etiint: prayer and soi mon at 7:110 p,ru.
On Wednesday May lfth ui Kivld,
evening prayer and sermon at 7:30 p. m.
Ou Thursday May llbb. Ascension
Day, at Field, Celebration of Holy
Communion at 7:40 iu the morning.
On the same day at Golden, evening
prayer at d sermon at 7:b0 p  in.
Tile Itest Itet.ue.ily  fur   ltrcuninttsni.
From The FairhavhK (NY.) Rttoi*-
TEKl'-Mr: James Rowlin.i of-his village, states thnt for twenty live years
his wife has been a suilerer fre in
rheumatism. A fow nights ago she
was ir. such pain that she was neuily
crazy. Slie sent Mr. Rowland for th*
doctor, inn be hud read of Cliunlstr-
Isin's Pain Balm and instead of going
for the ph' sician he went to the sti-re
and secured a bottle of it. His wife
did not approve uf Mr. Rowland's
purchase at first, but nevertheless
applied the Balm lb.roughly aud iu
��u hour's time was able to go to sleep.
She now applies it whenever she feele
any ache or pain und tiruls that it al*
ways gives relief. Ho says that no
medicine which she had used ever did
her ns much good. For sale by all
druggi.ets, Langley & Co, wholesale
Agents Victoria and Vancouver.     407
Bo loyal tc your district!   Subscribe
to snd advertise in tbo GoLUKK  EltA.
I'Vi/e/i. ��v�� s.��'.��� ���%�����>; ���<- M'fe���*. f*t
Hudson's Bay Co. |
Int'orpor.trd 1670.
The   Mo��i    Tp-T >���!>������>
Outfitter*,    in
WvAtrrii   ?
Curd of Thanks. j ��
I beg to tender my sincere thank* to' j*
the people ol Golden who have shown ' j.
mc so much kindlier, during tho illness' v
of my late Husband and since my'*
bereavement. ?
Hakkiet A. Pcok.    13
Intending  Prospector* should
write ur. for one nf our new
Folders, which e.uU.IUUS .Hi
exc.tilent If pan 1 snestiinste
of .lie pi', I.tibic Owal ol a eoiu-
ple-/ outfli fur tin Gel i Kieiels
381 st Calgapy,
For the next week while taking stock will sell
Hats,   Caps,  Shirts,   Dry Goods, Clothing,
Hardware, Fancy Goods.
Get your bargains with cash pnrchasat
. . C. A. WARREN . , THE GOLDlfilS  ERA,  t'KIDAY, M-AY  .1
- golden -
To Arrive
This Week
1 car Coal Oil "Best
1 car General Groceries.
1 car Builder's Hardware, Paints, Oils
. and Glass.
1 car Mattrasses, Pillows, Cotts, Etc.
1 car Furniture, Iron
Beds, Etc
To A<Jvertfftt<rft and   Mub-.-.-rllior**..
The GOLDEN EKA .s miblisb-id etrry
Friday evening, Ir is tbe best advertising
medium in the IC- fit Kuoicimy dit-trirt
autai-ripiiun Kw-teh : S'-.U' i.et annum t.N
Altera!: -ns ana changes of standing advertise.ei<u u.iiM in-, in t> e i ft ice iioi litter ihi.n
noon mi W (Uincsi;.v t" OM-ture iiif-ertioii, .nit
c.-aual advurt Ken-cuts will be received up till
ii.h-.ij on Friday.
WI Uo all reasonable care will bo taken, the
proprietor**, will not be re3-pon1.il>) tor any
omission or error iu any takenb-eine-.it.
till accouuta tu be paid to the M.amghig
Director, ur iii.-. authorized agent, from whom
the company'*-receipt Kill be obtained.
Advertising rMep: Display ud.s.,$!.50por
i column inch; Leg li.ds., 10 cents per line
for firm ihsertiuii, 0 cents for ei.cli aui.ition,.!
.nsi rtiou; Ueadiug noticia, U tents per Hue
oa-i'h issue.
All business communications should be addressed to the Managing Director, aud all
literary eouiiiiimieMiuii.s, letter-*, for publication or news items should be wit tressed to the
(.orrespondunce is invited on matters of
public interest, but to secure publication
iiiwli Ic-'Uvs must bo brief. In tl e cane ot
atl-juyuiOuK letters the m.uio and address of
the writer must be enclosed, not for publication, but for tho privf.to information ot tlio
editor aud as a guarantee of good faiih. Any
letter received later than ^ediiosday will
have to stand over ti.l tho following issue.
Tiie Golden tia Companf Ltmlled Liability*
Office, Qoldkn, ji. c,
mtv O-Jolbcn (Bva
(Edited by E. A. Ha-mien.)
FRIDAY,     MAY   13,    1898.
are coming to hand every day.
Wo are showing tmfgHiltp t-ever
heard of before in Oolden In tho
following:    Blouses und Dress Silks
starting ut 20c per yard    Gie> und
White Cotton a, Print**, Muslins. Dress
fabrics nnd nn immense stock of
General Dry GoodH,
f 000 rolls New Wall Papers just
arrived, in beautiful design***
Hargnins in Boots nnd Shoes,
.Bargains in Crockery and G;nsr\v.-re.
.Bargains iu Carpets aud Curtains.
in fact
Bargains in Every Department.
Plenty of (re..h now laid Eggs at
��5c per dozen.
\* going to he our Banner Year
Are wide open for business, and
making new customers every day.
It   is high  time the tneiu'ers of the
Provincial House who have u spark of
backbone   It ft   ti<ok up the cudgels in
deft nco of the public rights und put   a
tiro.,- to that stereotyped phrase of the
[Turner Puo.ev     Government,      who,
when   thoy want to avoid an unpleasant i) ties ti 011, refuse to ����� ewer "011 the
grounds of public policy."   Excepting
in   the   case of war or finance no government is justified iu making such   u
reply to the members whom the people
lime sent to the   Legislature,   and  if
tbe House were, on  each occasion  on
which this shuffling reply is given  by
Premier Turner and his friends, to resolve that the reply is  unsatisfactory,
they would soon put a   stop   to such
cunthig humbug,    As a matter of fact,
in nine out of ten of the cases in which
the members of   the   Turner   Cabinet
give th's reply they are simply shielding the jobbery of theirfrieuds or hoodwinking members while another public "steal" is gjlng on.    This   is   the
miserable state into which things have
drifted in II. C. politics.
Geo. B. McDermot,
(���cneral Morchant
J .U"-"        I   I        '��� ���    imSBS
Rubber Stamps
Orders for Rubber Stamps nnd Seals will
be received at the Golden Era Office und
executed with promptitude.
The Golden Era Company,
Limited Liability.
C. F. Peterson,
Tinsmith & Plumber,
.South Endef Klukioghorse Bridge,
Order- d work punctually attended to.   3l5at
full tfupply of^*V
Drugs, Chemicals, IV. tent Medicines,
Toilet t rticlej and Stationery have arrived.
Golden Pharmacy..
And you are moat heartily invited to
call ��ti" inepsct onr stock.
Prescriptions und private Recipes carefully prepared with i'ure Drum-
'.olden. B.C.,
Chemist, Druggist & -tat'entr
Assaying Institute...
f|Mdqa*rt.rs, C*lr��ry, Alberta.
Ph. D., B. Ci M E.. Etc, M��nager.
Special Course in Germany.
Assays, Sampling, Analytical Work, and
Concentrated Ore*. All parcels ofore are
carefully sampled, one portion tested, on*
MriCUtolled and kepi for sU mcmO* as
��riterence, ��nd if deairedlhe third portlo*
will be retnrned to owner, a* �� check on
CASrfwiTH SAMPLES.Avhich should be
left with the undersigned, from whom
terms may be obtained on application.
Besident Agent,
,-M Gold*., B.r.
Wasliiimton���Secretary Long sni.l
at theclosi, ot otHce hoirs today tlmt
up lo thnt time he hud received no
word rroin Admiral Dewey. He added,
however, thnt he tell no apprehension
over this luck ol ttood news because,
in tliu Hr-t place, reports could not be
expected with the caldes from Manila
cm ; and furthermore no fear was entertained as to Admiral Dewey's ability to maintain his position. There
was 110 doulit, the Secretary said, th.it
Admiral Dewey's Heel hid annihilated
the Spanish Meet, and had already accomplished much more. Admiral
Dewey was anpirently master ot the
situation at Manila.
It. wns aiiKuested to Secretary Long
that the shora butteries at Cavite and
on Corrijuedor Island mijjlit to a -er-
ious menace to the operation', of the
United State." fleet, but the Secretary
said he did not share that view, hold-
iuir that the strength of the Olympia
Vnd other ships was ample to make
llim master of Manila.
Madrid���At the Cabinet Council today I lie Queen Ruceut presided and
Premier Sujms'a explained the war
situation. He announced the safe arrival at Porto Rico of ihe Spanish
Transatlantic Company's sieamer Al-
phuliso XII. with strong reinforcements of troops an I a valuable cargo
of aiuuiiiiioti and supplies, She evaded
the American cruisers.
London-A mcasim* received here
states that Admiral Dewey followed up
his first victory by au attack on the
shore f nts, in which he silenced the
batteries of the Spaniards and landed
his men, thus flooring * s coud victory,
Manila was captured by the Aiueriuan
tleet afier a brisk engagement' nnd
tho Americans now control thePhillip-
lues. Th* government is being curried
on by Admiral Dewey. This is ihe
first news frotn Manila that does not
hear the stamp ol Spanish authorship.
How tho news reached here is not
stated, but possibly comes .over by
some swift merchantman. This private telegram contir.n* the news of the
destruction of the Spanish fleet, and
the einking ot the flagship Bsina
Tbe Spaniards report having defeated the insurgent bands iu Cuba.
It is reported that fire Spanish ship*
of war are without ammunition,
The Cuban Autonomist Congress
opened at Havana on Wednesdpy.
The Queen Regent of Spain is reported to be preparing lor flight owing to
the - indignation - of the people at the
way in whioh the war has been man
aged, and the threat* ol rSrolution.
There ia much speculation as to ths
movements of Admiral Sampson's fleet
(rom Havana.
The United State* cruiser Wilmington has landed, a party of marines at
Marin), ifi mil** from Havana.
New York Increasing anxiety is
noticeable in official circles as to the
movements of the Spanish fleet which
left Cape Vetdo. It is feared this fleet
will turn up suddenly at one of the
coast cities, or may be in its way to
the relief of Havana, or lo Porto Rico.
The latter suspicion accounts for the
activity of the portion of Admiral
Sampson's fleet in hurrying of to Porto
Rico with a view of intercepting the
Spanish squudron there, should that
be its point of destination, Another
suggestion ia that perhaps the cnem.
ia endeavoring to intercept the Oregon'
and the other two United States warships now on 'heir way up tho coast.
New York���The World has just
published nn extra with a cable message troin Hong Kong announcing the
arrival there of the United Status Rpy-
cnuo cutter McCullough, from Manila
The despatch suites that the Spanish
fleet of eleven vessels was completely
destroyed, hero were 300 Spanish
marines killed ami 4UU wounded. No:
a single mini on board the Aiuorican
fleet was killed, and only six were
slightly wounded in ihe engagement.
The whole ot the vess.-ls of the American fleet escaped uninjured, and after
the engagement with the Spanish fleet
evas over Admiral Dewey opened tire
on the forts that had been assisting
the Spanish ships in the engagement.
These forts were Boon silenced, and
Admiral Dewey lauded his men and
took possession ot the City.
Washington f ha Navy Deportment
has just received a despatch from Hong
Kong from the Commander of the Me-
t'ulloch, which has arrive,] there from
Manila wilh despatches and messages
from Admiral Dewey.
Key West -On Thursday evening
the United States gunboats captured
the big French liner Lafayette, while
she was trying to run iho blockade into Havana. International complications are feared with France as a result, as it is recognized 'hut this power is so heavily interested in Spain ami
sympathises so strongly with that king
ilom that proliahtv the French nation
would he only too glad to have some
i'en*onahle excuse for helping its neighbor in iho fray. Stronger colcr is given to this tear by tiie tact that the
Lafayetto helongel to the French Naval Reserve. The sympathy of Great
Britain with the United States in the
present war is, however, regarded as a
pretty certain check on France. Last
night ilie ullieials received instructions
from Washington to release tho'Lafay*
ette immediately, and conduct her to
Havana. It is belioecd this may end
the atlair.
New York-A despatch from Porto
Rico says "Tim main Spanish fleet
from Cape Verde is expected neredalh.
Great prepiira*ious for its reception tire
being uiuile. Orders have been received
to prepare 4U,0C0 ratio a for the Heel."
This notice, which emanates trou hi^b
Spanish olHcials, is probably mislead-
Nevertheless all indications
point to its truth. The harbour has
lieen cleared of vessels lo make room
for the aiich rage of the Spanish fleet,
d all merchantmen have been pulled
up under the shelter of the hills fearing
bombardment tomorrow by the Un.ied
States fleet under Admiral Simpson
The newsis corroborated of tin Spanish
��� learner Alphonso having arrived safely at Porto Rico with a large cargo of
provisions and ammunition. The
Isabella is the only Spanish warship
iu that port at the present time.
There have beon several arret* at
Porto Rico and deportation of United
States sympathisers.
Tho Aiueriuan fleet under Admiral
Sampson is expected al Porto Itieeo
day, and the bombardment of the place
will begin immediately It is now considered certain that the great and final
buttle between the Spanish nud American squadrons will take place oft Porto
Rico. Admiral Sampson   will   keep   u
sharp look-out for the appearance of
the S.anisli ships and on their being
sighted will immediately go out and
meet them. As thn ships which will
meet on both sides, should this surmise prove correct, comprise the flower
of tbe navies of America and Spain,
the battle gives promise ot being a
eri'ible conflict. It is not yet
known what particular ships of the
American fleet will take part in this
fight, but Capt. Sampson has detailed
inii< o-lni'-i for the co idiot 'ha
Iowa, of 11.410 ions.the most powerful
ship in the American navy, tbe flagship New York. 8,200 tons, Indiana,
10,188 tons, and the Puritan of 6000
On the Spanish .ide. if the reports
are true as to Porto Rico lieing the
point of destiny of the Spanish flee',
there evill probably be 'he Pelayo, of
D.II0II tons. Spain's best battleship, and
iiu* only liist elass liatllasliipslieowns.
Then conies the Carlos V. of S,iM>
ions, iho Visoaya, Cardinal Cisueros
Admiral O'licndo, Maria Theresa, each
7,000 tons and steaming -0 knots, and
tlm Chrisiolinl Colon ot 11,840 ions anil
a similar speed rata. The fleot is also
strong in torpedo bouts nud a supreme
effort will lie utudt* to get in the work
of these internal machine*.
Four Spanish warships are off Bar-
undoes watching for the United States
warship Oregon, of 10.288 tons, which
should pass there now at any time on
her way north.
The American cruiser Wilmington
put to flight and killed a party of
Spanish cavalry who were attacking a
lauding party near Matanzas. It is
believed that a large number of the
troop weie killed and wounded.
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Washington���Further and complete
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Key "West - Matanzas waa bombarded on Saturday by tbe Utiiiad States
Heel. Several Spaniards are reported
to have been killed but there is no further news as to the result of tlm engagement.
Havana - At half-past olulit o'clock
this morning two United States cruisers, -which were pursuing ihe Spanish
schooner Santiago, hound from Yucatan with a cargo of salt fish, approached the S-idaldo batter.es, which tired at
them when about five mil?** off the
Six shots were discharged at the
ships, and it is reported that ouo pro*
jectile carried off the smoke-stack uf
the oue or the United States cruisers,
which was in the rear. Another Spanish projectile was driven -on to the
deck of the other cruiser. Tbe Americans replied with 12 shots hut their
projectiles fell two miles short of the
Spanish batteries. The cruisers then
retreated under full head of steam.
The shot which fell on one of the United States cruisers drove her under the
water, aud it is asserted positively
that a hole was made in her hull below the water lino. The shooting of
the Spaniards was remarkably good
and would have made it very hot for
any vessels within range;
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(War News Continued.)
war* completely at th* mercy ol the
American battleships under Adm'ral
D*w*y, whoa* fleet had com* upon
ttiam *o suddenly and unexpectedly
Admiral DcCvey's instructions were to
capture and destroy the Spanish fleet
At whatever cost. Never were iustrun
tion* .executed in so complete a fashion.
At the end of seven hours from the
first *hot from Admiral Dewey's ship-
then was absolutely nothing left of
the Spanish fleet but a few relics
When it is considered that the
Spaniards had lost over 600 men
killed, and tha' all their ships to the
number of 14 wero utterly destroyed,
and also that th* Spanish arsenal at
Cavite wa* also blown up, and it. defence* demolished by American shot
and shell, it will become apparent that
th* victory of the United States Commodore Is oils of the most coinpleie ami
wonderful achievements in the history
ot naval warfare. Not a man on board
of ths American fleet was killed and
not a ship of ths Stars and Stripes was
damaged to any extent. Only'six men
of th* American forces were wounded
and the*, were all ou board the Balti
more. The wounds sustained by thein
were only (light.
The Spaniards fought nobly and
with desperate bravery. When the
Captain of ihe Spanish warship, Don
Antonio Ulloa, found that she could
not ha kept afloat any longer o
count of tbe manner in which she had
been torn about hy the United States
���hells he pluckily uailel her colours
to ths malt, and she sunk with all
hands on board, fighting <o '-lie lust
a glorious tribute to the valour of the
Spanish arms. Her hull had been
complitely riddled by tlio shot and
(hell of the American gunnery, aud her
upper deck had been swept clean by
tha awful fusiUde which the Auieri
cons poured into her from their deadly weapons. Though their vessel wus
sinking beneath them the Spanish
marines continued pluckily to work
Ihuir guns as effectively as possible
till tha ship, and brave fellows on
board of her, sank beneath the waters.
Port Au Prince-Th* Montgomery,
a third-rate cruiser which waa acting
aa picket for Admiral Sampson's tiee.t
has reported thai off Luterlue. Porto
Kico, at 5 o'clock last evening she engaged with a powerful Spanish cruiser
at long range. A running fight follow
ed, and the Montgomery feigned retreat, retiring in iho direction of Admiral Sampson's squadron. A score
of .hots were exchange 1 between tha
���hip* while in sight of here. Both
cruisers wore under force 1 draft, and
headed for Ihe Cuban Coast, The
Spaniard is supposed to Im the picket
��� of I ha main Spanish licet from Cape
Varde, which will lie fjll'iwiui c'os.
behind. A. desneriite engagement lie-
twe.ii the main ttiuts of Spain and the
United States therefore seems imminent
ill this vicinity.
New fork, L.tor���A special telegram from Sin Domingo states'hut.
the officials report heavy ctiiitioiiiiding
north of Monte Ohriato ami about five
miles from the Const. Tile firing is
terrible judging from thedisiau' boom
ing of the big guns. It is buliuved
here, and there seems'no hoiihi ai'om
it, that the great naval buttle which
has been expectel between tlio main
fleet* of th* United Stales and S, aiu
was begun this (Sunday) morning.
Admiral Sampson's fleer and the
Spanish fleet from Cape Verde were
both due at Porto Rino yesterday and
therfore th* awful c.a'mounding doubt*
less indicates that these fleets hate
met in an engagement whicli will be
th* most terrible and desperate in
modern warfare. This haitie will
bring the war to an eud at an early
date. Tho Spaniards announced
that they would make one more desperate effort to redeem the honor of the
Spanish arms and in this engagement
they will doubtless fight like dmnons.
As tha ships are so evenly matched the
result of this desperaio battle i* ��ig.r-
ly awaited and difi.iit. no.vi is
anxiously awaited by th* friends of
both powers.
Washington-Tlie-e is the best
authority for the statement lhat yesterday paaaed without any report from
Admiral Sampson's fleet, though there
ha* been intense anxietv to bear news
nf the result of the engagem -nt reported yesterday and whicli it iii believed
crtainly meant that the great fleets of
Spain and tha United States had come
into collision in a deap irate effort to
de��tr.iy each other, resulting'iii a battln
In which no quarter would be given
There is something mysterious in ths
statement now made that the Navy
Department does not expect to. hear
any new* of Admiral Sampson's fleet
for several days. The authority for
this statcraint-is fnjly acquainted with
Admiral Sampson's plans, and thin remark would seem to indicate, that the
Admiral.: haying failed to find the
Spanieh'flcet at the place whore he ox-
poctod to meet them, hud turned hi*
attention to.alternative project*' with
a riow to brfhgiug about u signal defeat of the Spaniards. What those
plans are cannot Is, ascertained. It ia
evident however, that the 'Navy Department is under no apprehension ns
to th* safety of Admiral Sampson's
fleet, nor of any of t ha vossols of tho
Tha Senate has voted its thanks and
a sword to Commodore Dewey, and
medal* to hi* officers nnd men.
It appears thst the Spaniards still
bold Manila, as Commodore Dawe.v
had not (ore* enough to land and hold
the town, and he is now waiting reinforcements from ths United States.
These will Im despatched from Sun
Francisco a* rapidly as possible. Commodore Dewey will be reinforced at
Manila by 6000 United State*  troops.
A United States warship has captured another Spanish fishing smack eff
Tbe steamer Giissio has sailed from
Tampa with troops and sure* for
Two United States warships have
been driven into retreat by two Spanish gun-boats off Cardinal*.
The Spanish ship P.iulin. which was
chased by a United States cruiser, has
reached Porto Rico in safety.
Libson -A Spanish fleet, consisting
of nine vessels, passed Cape Espichel,
il miles south-west of this port yesterday, and was steering in a southerly
Madrid -A cable despatch from the
Captain Oeneral of Porto Rico says
he haa information that the United
States fleet is approaching, and will
probably bo nhird the town and endeavour to obtain possession ot ihe
City and harbor.
A (rihralrar despatch states that the
American ami Spanish squadrons in
the Atlantic had a desperate engage
ment resulting in favor of the Spaniards. '
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west 2o ch..ins, thence north 2u ih.-ius,
thence west.io chains, thence southeaterly,
ulong bank i f Columbia Hi ver to initial posts
and being in tbe vicinity of (juleiia Post
Itv his agent
Galena, Kast Kooteuav, U*C��� April 26. 1898.
CUPPER Mineral Claim, situate in tho
Golden Mining Division of North East Koot-
enay, located in lutormitioual H.isin, un
Middle Fork of Spilliun.i'hi'Ou River.
Take notice th.it I, Julia Wallace Connor,
Free Alit.ers Certificate No. Sj.lW'J, inumd.
sixty days from the date hereof, to ap, ly to
tho Uold Commissioner for it Cerliticatu of
Improvement*, for the purpose of obtaining
a ifuwii ttrunr of the above chdm.
'lid further take notice iliatadverse claims
must be sen to the Cold Commissioner, aud
actions commenced before the issuance uf
such Certiticates of Improvement.*.
Dated this 2'Jth day of March, A. D. 1898.
(Ton. F, W. Aylmer.. President
VV. G. Mite heft-1 nnes Vice     do
W. G. Neilsou, J. P    do      do
10. .lohnstm   do       do
E, A. Haggon Secretary-Treasurer
The regular nioetitigs of the iifisnciati-.u
will bo hold on the first Tuesday iu every
mouth at tho Columbia House, Golden.
All possible information will be furnished
by tho association upon ap, licatluu to
E. A. HArm.:N'. Sec, Goldon.
Wc ��uarant�� that these
Plasters will relieve
pain qju'efcer than any
other. Put up only in
25c tin boxes and $1.00
yard rolls, Tiie latter
allows you to cut the
Plaster any size.
Every family
should have ono
ready for r.n emergency.
limit,   KffKTBEAL
Eowira ef Im-t-ttik.-it
The Great Pain Reliever
Superior to All Others.
It   relieves   the  piiins .,ud aclies the
minute applied.   It Cures:���
Muscular Swelling^
Sore Back or Side,
Scalds, Burns,
Chillblains, etc.,
Sore Throat,
Sore Chest,
Cold on the Chest,
Coughs, Colds, etc.,
Oni) Im iis-id internally us  well as externally,    liun.lreils testify to its
Mituicul  relief.    No homo shoulit
be without it.
Sold hy All tlunlers.    35 cits, Site
If You are Wanting a
Why Not Buy thi* Best ?
The MUNSOX possesses
ninny points oi' superiority
over ail other writing ma
chines. The most rlu'rabli
ty pew ri tt-r maiiui'ac i n red.
Adilrfi.*s fur purii'iuliirs,
The Munson Typewriter
Mnnuf.ifliifera. 210-414 W. !i,kn Siroi't,
( l.'i.'lli.-i), 111. ill
Livery and Feed Stables j
Oood Saddle Horses nn-1
Higs ot sll kiwis for
Hire at Reasonable Jiutes.
Teaming of nil kinds a specialty.
+ x + x +
A. C. Hamilton,
OOLDEN, B. C. 131tc
Wholesale and Itctntl
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Stable to Rent
Opposite tlio  Queen's Hotol.   Inquire nt
Quoou'm Hotel fur terms,  Afk tor proprietor.
I3RHAPS tip was n
1'j-u.c, but s-jini* one
Ir:i.t Mli<t I but In till*
nut tliere ��r�� at��
bi'ttUhy wompn, tu*
��*?(>      HU.   II).! HJ*    \70-
un i), itrou; and
noble pliy.li-.il!r, a.
"    ���   are    inontall
thi-y   are   iii(-nt��lly
timf morally; but ft
ia true Rrri*r:kMpS|
tlm:   n   Iflrr-r-   pt��fj.
(K*titag(- of thp wo*
nicu of tin* t'ovir.rv
suffer from nervous*
ni'(-s and wm'Wl 'le-
blllty.    liny   ilrai
o-ot   ft  WMry Mtuffnrc.   and utch  'lay  lif
���> any of putn nml  Rtifrerln*-,.    't'-iU imt* i
the  rA.n  with   MIm  Annlo   Hattcrvon,   nf
finrkvlllf.   X,    B.    ,8bi>   sufS-TM   ii-rr'.hly I
ftfom IndlMt-tlon and urrrotwut'j-j),   Si-.** wni
tiinnonciHl by soine **np,  jmninhow,  to try
Sj'iith Ani-rlcnn Nervlnp.'Of piniHe, It wa?
-Ik*  bopltiif  a*Ml*nst  tirtpt**--���noih'.r pnteit
NiHllclue. Ho* eh-.* bad hikei. o-lr on<.* W^i
wnvn   her  ajratcm   bffrm   fit   faVe  on   th��
nr-alth   of par:lent  n-iir-i, ami  nft'f  m!'��r<
tliftf   tinttloa   nlif   vren   coiiHi!��tt-ly   e\\?tiit
No wander ��ltu in iimng in ht��r e4nvU-ti.ua
that there I* nn remedy like goutb Amari.
can Nervine.���2ft*.
Sold by C. A, W��rren
���itjr-��- f J VLLlSJSUiJii
Tool |
KXies ROSE OKr.2C51 Hl'.SS IN 132 HOURS ;
ie ciareagei
m KAlVf/iPfAi
Superior to all others Irrespective :
o} price.   Catalof-ue tells you      j
why.   Write tor one. i
The McMurdo House,
Chad. CAiuwitioiir, Phopriktor.
Good nccnimnodation for Miners.
Best Brands of Liquors Kept.
Snd'lle or Punk Horses for Sale or Hire
Pacific Hy
Upper Columbia NaVigatioq���& Tram-
.Way Co., L't'd, and
Iijternatioijal  Transportation Coy.
Connectine; with (\. P. K. ni Oolden ... C" si"*-
(Ireiit  Northern   Railway lit Jslinings, Monmns.
Direct Route to   Fort Steele.
Steamers leavo   Ooltlen Twestlay unci
Friday mortiitigo nt 4  a. iu.    (.'onni-ct
nt   Winiiermero  with  Sing*) for Port
Srpele and Wiirdnci".
Tho only quick und coinforlftlilo loute,
Conpijftiora will ha oli&rged  witli nil
w��y fti-lfiht iictwoen CJoldt*n nud  Win*
dcrmece at whirli  point a CompHtiy'a
(i^fiii will be Htatiotied.
All freight   nnd vlittrMeH on  jiforla to
W indri ii ere end  points   bey ond  will
bavo to be paid lo tii*- Couipany'a npcut
at \Vimlii inert* U'foie delivery of ^ooils,
llflKgn^p allowin ce on Stimuer lMJ II ..
jier itdnlt j allowance on Sta^c. Ss.fi  ill*,
(iiu- adnlt. If dralrt'd exivu ba^^iigc can
be forwarded hyejtpror-sieamht <spHM
ratPH (10 cent a \>vy pound).
Address all express cur*1 of V. (.'. tV. Oolden.
'mm. 'i
C. II. Parson,
East via the Lake Routes.
Greatly Reduced Rates.
Steamer* l*vare Ft. U'illinni
Allii'i'fa every Friday. i
Aihftl*Hf-ca every Sunday.
Manitoba every Tuesday.
Connecting with trains from Golden,
4  ���
Klondike Gold . ields
Di'rwt vin C. P. U. Steiimers 'o
Wriiiigel & Skagway.
'.:. S. Tartar and Athon nn
P' n Itii-Rest hteairiers eniiii.pl in the
Yukon trade. Spo.-lully lined for
tiie piiHSciiKer irelHc, linv nu super
ior iicconiinoilaiion for all classes.
millings far Mi' y.
KingOhow Hay 12
Palishan   May J5
Islander May 15
Diiiiiiln! Mnv L'O
Alki   May 25
Isliiii.it r   May 26
Write, iov pa inidilet descrlptlvo of
roittee to III. Yukon nml otln-r par-
lifiiltirH iu connection with tlie
Apply lo ihe nearest Canadian   Pa-
'.ifie R.ilwti, A^ent, or address
Trallic Msungev,
Winuipfti:, Man.
ltc ' Ticket Aijaiit, Golden
K&K   K&K   K&K   K&
I Tin Leading Specialists of America [
20 Years In Detroit.
250,000 Cure*.
J   Tbonnadfl of young and middle-iffod |
I men arc troubled witU this disease���many I
I unoonacioualy.   They may hare a smart-1
1 Ing sensation, small, twisting stream, [
sharp cuttiTif pains at times, slight di{-1
charge, difficulty iu oommencing, weak I
organ)!, omis.iion**, and ail the symptoms I
of nervous debility���they hava B'fRIC-1
TUUE. Don'tletdoctor.icxperimenton |
Ready to Wear
Rigby Waterpoofed
Spring Overcoats
Are made by tailors, stayed
in every vent, and keep their
stylish shape to the cud.
They cost much less than coati
made by the best custom tailo s
and cannot bo equalled iu style,
by the smaller tailors.
Shorey's Guarantee C.-rdi i the TV-V-t ii tha wearer's cextificta of
permanent shape and highest tai!oii;:;; i xi eilence.
As! (:r fArsr-y'i " ric-t'j. (> V.'.ir" C:��hlnf.
��-OeX>v-C.e \XX>0-&OCOCK>0*3
I you. by cutting, stretching, or tearing I
I you. Xhiswiilnotciiroyou.asitwillre-I
I MKNT absorbs tho stricture tissue; I
I hence removes the ptricturepem&nently. I
1 It can an ver roturn. No pain, no suffer-1
| lug, no doteatlon from business by oar I
| method. TbeseznilorgaDBRrestrenrth. I
I ened. The nerves ara invigorated, ud I
I the bliss of manhood returns. T
I* Thousands of young and middlfraged I
1 men aro having thoir sexual vigor and I
'Ity ooutiuunlty sapped by this dls> I
| ease. They are frequently unconscious I
of the cause of those symptoms. Uonoral
I Weakness, Vnnitural liiselmrgcs, Fail-
I log Manhood, NorvousuoFa, Poor Mem*
I ory. Irritability, nt tiinr. Smarting Ben-
I sation, Snnken Eyes, with dark circles,
I Weak Back* General Depression, Lack
I of   Ambition.   Varioocole.   Shrunken
| Parts etc.  GLEET and BTUICTURK
I maybe the cause.  Don't consult family
doctors, as they havo no experience in
these*  special   disease}���don't   allow
Qnactts to osporimont on yon.  Consult
I Spooioluits,whehavemadealiiostudyof
DiseasesorMenandWomon. Onr NEW
, METHOD   TllKATMENT will poet-
| Mroly cure yon. One thousand dollars
for ft ooso we accept for treatment and
] cannot euro, Termi moderate for a curt*
CURES guaranteed!
I rKBll;. If unabl�����to call, t
1 Cor. Michigan Ays. and Shelby St. |
K&KK&K   K&K- K
Manufacturers of and Dei-tars iu all kinds
of Lumber, Etc.
 C0..T..A..T0KS TO THE C. V. R.
Golden and Beaver, B. C.
He won't use it, because its "shine" lasts
too long, and seems too simple.
'Pays him better to use a
wax pore-filler, and polish
up a previous polish.
Paid by the week,
instead of by the pair,
he'd shine the actual
leather, hard and
smooth surfaced, with
-Siater Shoe Poush
11. G. Parson, Sole Local Agent.     *.'+���-.
'    'or'
Lodging House
Steele House,
Prices to Suit Everyl��idj.
O. LEVBTT, Pr TBI! O0UD1SS  ERA,  t'-ftlDAY, MAY  ,23  189&
The   Inaperi��l   i'aqfc   -will   cp?a
.brunch r.t Port Susie.
The 5c Eu^a H'W*'it��l was o;*en<>;l
on S-ituay by *K��v. Pnihttf Coecota.
Tbe Kcvel^roltefiuu Club will pro-1
The Opposition bare moved * very
| dwtrabltt -nmpRtiiaent to the Tnriier-
j Pe-oiev borrbvvtng! policy 'hu. tbe
j greater portion of ihe programme statu!
���over till ftfter the -flections ar* orA r
j thrtt the foellng of till? people   m:��y   bo
! )iscftrt��iat*d.
I>*ep rt-gret wHsexprNKi] in Golden
on Sunday ftfternoc-i on receipt of a
telegram hy Mr. Wrtrren thnt Ju��. C.
Uttiick, -a former re*i.!et��C here, bar)
.lie.t wi IVrt Suele, front | neatnotyia.
Mr, Darkle was nil along the road in
j thu mountuiuK (luring construction hiii.
Sr. Phil'sCimreh was crowded   on| "WKUnlJyJjettkjl fttCulta>��i,|W��i��ei-
bably van Donald on M-y 24th. waWBow* to th, :i��mt*r of 25 pm*1 ��M�� e"0l���� gj�� '���"���** ���?-*���- ^
Thero aro terrible not0 iu JiMy.    In | -n�� to the church in a hotly.   Roe. H | ff ~l^;1*? ** *??!,ur*? ?ou"?
WiUa uVr.iv  1,000  peo^ls* have  teejy B.   Timer  eoudiio(.e4 the Mr vice and
killed, delivered ;* .-fennon upi-ropritito to   the
Over twenty T��koner�� were drowu-
td ot Crater I<aka by the ice, giving
The Oanmlmn troops {or tho Yukon
paused through Ooldeu by ^j^cia] twin
on Ttic*d **.*/.
Mr. Powell. orKanixer for the Turu-
er*Pauley patty, and who has huon on
n trip thtODi^h Eas* Kootemty in their
[ I Interests, Suits ilie cause so unpopnlur
j that h* hns rcttigue-d  his Ap*-H>iiiimeiit
j and will prohubly  stuft  a  uevv**piii-cr
tfho ntort|ppi-e has sob)  John Gib- j ��t Ferni6,
pxt'�� farm of ItfO ..no-*, nt Oolden *�� ��T.
W. Conner for |l,.0Aa.
U* U Brown ha* -rasiti'toi hi1* pj.->i*
tion ����Eii^iiiBer io the (Jppor Columbia Navii^.iLois Company.
H. 0. Par-on'sDtorent Port Stanlo
wub broteu into last wctt atwl tfo.no
liquor nnd cigar* were sioleii.
Mr. Orifirb has received word from
\V. fi. Mitchell limes that he will arrive in Golden about ibe ini-id!* of
Kev. Mr. Wrljpbt will hold services
at the Piesbyterhiii Church, Gol-lert,
on Sunduy next at Ila, in., and 7:;10
p. m.
Two Chinameu nt Gtaaier i-lY ������.�����:.
Ijnm-ellol last w(*t>k, one cmtjtijt Mi.
(.tb#r badly with en hie.
Gti Wednosdny tbo n^idsnee of Mrs.
L^ v'-Nr��c wits q larantine I on nccotr.it
of thw if'nes*o( i\it>tnat Levetpte. whom
Dr. Tayloi* hu I cuine :o'sispoct to ho
suff^rii-f; from dlpthori *. Liter devel
opinent.*-. how.*ver. pro..'! ihoc:.ti.wof
tho iltues** ui Ui a saver.) attack of
Charles Hmderson, ttl employes- at
tha Golden sawmill, iviw *�����.-�����< tfijti I in
loading a car with [>ol.s on Ties lay
when the support hroko, and Ucii'ter-
son was throvvn down, several loifs
tolling on him. Hu was romo-ed 10
the hospital hur fot'tuuately the only
injuries that he rippaws 'to have -*-us-
tainoil were sovera coutualous on t. e
M*?3-*r** Venosia and Ruirh arrive!
from Port Steele this week with   their
Tha Golden Gun Club held the  first   ���"��<-'--* ���tfif-   lntendiii��   to  go to the
0,nei)ici, cutiniry by ivay oi thn (*m.L>-
ex Eka Air Line    As   ihe   trail   lie-
teveeu Doiuilil ami   Canoe   River   has
I not liijen cleared on a* yet they tl-.oi.i-
slioot of tbe season on S.tturday, but
there wits ft veryiinail uttenditiivo uf
The Bsiistriljution Hill hns been
altered to give ntioiher mtttolier io
West Kootenay, 8iocan .beiurf ou-tti-
tntod a sr*|c'iiil eliHiiui-ate.
Mr. Tuttiily, an Eiuii.h murine
engineer, haa been appointed to succeed
.Mr. Bro-,'11 as e'lj-ineer to the Ui-per
Cniiiinbi., Navigation Co.
T.'io*'j not yut on the  elimtora.1  roil
e.l to i-o in by A-ehismft, lint will endeavor 10 iiome out by ilie Fraser unci
Columbia Rivee Valley.
At 11 m oiiii'; nt Fiild on Friday
ninbt to''leer t.vo delegates 'o itileinl
the OnriCtsitloti tiottventian lit tioldsn,
Mi ssi'-,. tl 0 ICilloott nud A. H.iusou
wore iiji^-oiiitii i deldi-ates, Motions
pr��i't>sc'.l thnt the (.elevates sup-
shouldftot their names in by the ITth port, W.C. Wells and M. D.iuiir.l re
|ns... '.n tvhicli daia it is espaotei tha specivoly, but It was orantuaJly -���
-rolls will practically close.
Rov. Mr. ManM.ilioo i.a* be.^n appointed to the charno of ths Pre.iiyter
ian coiif-re^aiio is of Galena, 1'oiittni'ia
Vallov, anil Wiuderrnei-e.
It is propositi to add a verandah to
to the Uoldoii Hospital and which will
beenensed with ^la*s to act as a sun
bath for the patients.
J. Gibson is taking steps to upset
the recent 9a!cs of hi. properties tinder
jnortnu^e. .Mr. E. P. D-ivieJ, th* Weli-
kuown VaiiCouvor lawyer, will act for
A larsely attended tneetir|K w���� halil
Ot Pnlliser on Saturday night to elect
a delegate to the Opposition convention
at Golden. P. Crai^ was eiectei at
Owing to the lo-r water siiil lieing
exiierieuce.l the Hyak did not ttet hick
Irom Winderineie till last niitht and
was cotiKeqiiently ttuable to make the
trip again to lay.
The Kootenay and Northwest Rail-
way Charier -o build a roud from
Oolden to tho Yukon via tiie Goi.ukn
Era Air Line- has dually passed thu
6. C. Legislature.
P. Millward, of Canal Flat, returned
to Golden yesterday from his trip to
England, having enjoyed hia visit very
-much, aa ha has not soon th. old
country Rr eight years.
Major Clohecy arrived in Go'd-ti on
Wednesday and will remain for a time
pending adviie as to whether the Gov.
ernra-nt intend to aid in giving access-
to the Beaver Valley or not.
W. R. PtMcocl., foreman of the Columbia River Lumber Co". Csmp at
Moberly. had one ol the tendons of the
left band torn out by a hook.' and had
to come to Gollen to havo the wound
dressed by Dr. Taylor.
. Lord Nort.nry, wha is bonvilv inter
cstcd in tho Upper Columbia Navigation Company and in the Nip nn IT.tfk
Hydraulic Co.. will arrive in this dirt
trict shortly in connection with bis
Interests here,
At a tBS'tinu held at tin Presbyter-
Ian Church, Golden last niuht it wns
���rrantti-d to or-tanisa a choir in connection with tha church Mr. Mitchell
was aupointnl organist and Mr.
Jitcbieeernet player.
9. (I. Parson ha. broil appointed
sent for tbe celebrate I Columbia
bi-yclos, a novdlty of which is the do
I ig away with tho oh .in and tha sub
stitutiou of a bevel wheel driving rod,
���11 encased so as to be du.t proof.
At tb�� Opposition convention held
at Oolden on Monday, delegates were
preterit from Field, Palliser, and Golden- W. C. Wells was nnaminously
cboeee. at the candidal.' in the Opposition interest st tbe coininj Provincial
Tbe WettSeld (Ind.) News print si he
following in regard to an old re.identof
that place: 'Trunk McAvoy. for
tnauy years in the employ of tha L.,
K- A. 4 C. Ry. here, says: 1 hav.
ttss4 Chamberlain's. Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Rem.by ' for ten years or
longer���am m>rer without it in toy
family. I considtr it the best remedy
of  tbe  kind   raanufantnre.1.    I   take
Sin  reeoutnen ling it."'It it a
or all bowel  disorders,   Fir
all druggists, Langley k Co.
a   Agents     Victoria     and
yancQav��|.   .
for a time, then Ihe hotel at Canal
Flat, and eventually moved lo Fort
Steal,', where he did a iarce nud pros
perous merchant bn.-inrus iii partner
ship with Mr. \Y. Carlin. Ho leaves
a widow and three young children.
A man may dress as well aa his own
ttood judumont and the assistance of
an artisiiu tailor may eleot. He may
take hia "tuba" but if hia digestive
organs are out uf order, he will have
an unwholesome appearance. Hi*
ocintpiexiou nud the white of bis eyes
will hate a yeilo.viab cast. Hia
loiitfi.e will he eo ted, appetite poor,
his teeth rusty, his breath abominable,
lie is one bit;, nniui.'stujeeabte aign of
constipatton. Tim quii.kest, suieat,
vastest way to cure this trouble is tu
tako Dr. Pierce's Pleasuut Pellet-.
Tiiy\ u,-.'iiiiidei of ri'tiued. concotitrate.1
vegetable es'r.icia ��� Notliing in the
least harmful enters into i hen* composition. They limit down all impurities,
and "iiinke ilum moee on. ' They tire
t lie product of many years' study and
practice. Dr. Pieiv.e cannot afford to
put forth a wonMe*sarticle.
Address with 31 cents in one cents.
stamps, tu cover cust of mailing only,
World's Dispensary Medical Association, Buff,.lo, N. Y., mid get a free
copy uf ihe "Medical Advitiscr."    406
solved that the delegates   be   given   a
free baud.
Tiie passengers on the last trip of
'he Hyak were the following : To
Spillituiichnne, J. Dolmuge; Gordon's
Rincli, Hon, F. W. A.'l.i'er; Winder-
mora, 0, 11. Di.fnit; Fort Steele. R.
M.'l-hcrson. T. W. Liusli. A. Mr.Don-
ald, A Joyce, J. B, Brown, Mrs. Aic-
Donald, Burton and three Chinese O.i
the return trip tlit (.as*t'tigers were:
W. B Abel, J. C. Johnson, A. l)*ley,
0. Lomnn.
T. Robscn. a former resident of Gollen, wilh Mrs. R.bsoti, arrived at
Golden on Saturday aii'l entered into
arrangement with A. Campbell for
tliu leass of Ills farm. Mr. nud Mrs.
Rolison will s'uit a dairy farm here
and ar, Mrs.Rolison has it reputation
us q butter maker the people of Golden
will now have au opportunity of nut-
iinii that hitherto rate commodity,
KOo.1 butter.
The funeral of the late J. F. Pugh
took place on Sunday afternoon and was
largely attended. The body was taken
to St. Pud's Church, where -evvioo
was conducted by Rev. U. B. Turner,
the Rev. gentleman also reading the
beautiful service of the Church of
En-land at the grave. The burial ar-
rangeruents were entrusted to Mv,
Houston. The local msmliers of the
Masonic fraternity noted as pall
Admiral Dewey is sore over an act
of hn.*o treachery which is reported io
have been attempted against him A
procession of priests and sisters of
charity from thu Cavite Hospital, and
Waring crosses, wailed lip-ill linn and
asked clemency fur thusick and wounded. The request was grained, and t lie
procession thanked him with apparent
gratefulness, warning lii.u to keepc.ear
of the wide cliautiel aa it was planted
with mines, and suggested lhat he
take the narrow channel which was
safe. Examination allowed the story
to la falsa ami hnd the Admiral followed the suiiueation uiveu him his ships
would probably huvo been blown up.
Prospectors have started going into
th. Omeuiou country by way uf Revelstoke, and tbe Columbia. Canoe,
Fraser. an 1 Parsnip rivers. With tbe
exception of tiie airmail from Revel-
���toke to thu Big Bend, this is practically the same route as the Goll>kx
Eka Air L no. and ii puspeclors can
i;o from Revelstoke Ihey cau go as
well from Golden, with much greuivr
advantages, und at less oust. Mr.
Oriffii ii ha. men now on to clear '.bo
Muberiy trail from Donald io Canoe
River, and when ihat is done the route
from Golden or Donald will certainly
lie tho shortest and best to connect the
Pence river and O.u-iiica coiiLiry with
the CPU. line.
The agreement by Messrs. Mann k
McKentie with the Provincial Gourn*
ment provides for a railway from Teslin Lake to a port iu British Columbia, the line to be built in twoseetions,
ouo on each aide of the Stickine River,
ths work to begin on both uectiona by
June Ial, noi-tbern ssctiou to be finished by August 31st, 1899, and southern section within two and one-half
years. Thn contractors an to receive
from the Government $4,000 per mile,
and the Government are to have four
per cent of the gross earnings ami to
have control of rates. On ths other
hand tbe contractors have the right io
rep.,)' tbe Government ktihsitly whereupon they shall Im entitled to the full
control of tbe road
I have to request th.it nil accounts due hy
the n.itj.1. K l*t kIi to niiiiCMeii to mo us
C.ily an possible Mitt tlu.r ;.1I amounts uue to
the entitle be pidd forthwith.
I'oi-suu.Hhiivi.iu I'lothe-j at the i-hop lately
mjcupieJ by Mr. i*ughi.l'e requested tu c..U
fur ttiObume.
413in2l Uuldou.
Mrs. Pujrh teailfirs her thanks to tho people of Golden, for their kiuunoiss to her in her
It is requested thnt all airoeunts owlnv by
the late J. L1. I'ti^h Ije reiMorel, una ul
debts ni.u to tbo (*.-J.-.e, bo i iiitl tu air. hi. a.
llk^f-cu, (.-ol.en.
OotJe-u .11.1.
..  U.liOio  (J.u'S
..  0 2fi to   0 oO
..  3 00 te,   !!...(���
Beef (dressed) 	
..4 50 to   n 50
Pork (live)	
.. 4 LO to   4 :Ti
Pork (dressed)	
.. 6 OU tu   f>��,0
..  n.lOto   n.itO
..  0.25 lo   OS'u
..  O.ilfilo   0.50
Hay (haled)	
..17.1.(1 io '.'0 CO
Hay (loose)	
..H.00 to 14 00
..0.75 to   0.90
Golden Era,
Published Every
FpidRjr Evening.
Subscription, 82 per Annum,
Payable in Advance.
. Paper.
The Business Man,
The Politician.
The Railroader,
The Miner,
The Rancher,
The Lumberman.
In Ilio event of s   I The payment of the
.tmke oi gMod for-1 priz.es is guaranteed
time yuu van win  [ bytJovernmeut. 1st
aOO.fXX) Marks;   I drawing Jusa 83rd.
YOl' are Invited to Participate iu the
eliui.re. of wlitiitiia:
; in the Grand Druwinr's of Prizos t-uar-
leeel by the Stute uf llaiuburg lit which
11  in llions 349,325 marks
.nrelj,- have to be won.
In tlio course of these ail vantarreons
drawinus, which contain according to the
t ms evttis only 118,000 tickets, the following prizes will bo t'orthi'oniing.viz: The
Highest prize will be event. aOO,(KX) marks
Preinii'.ru of iiOOOOOnihrk.
1 Prize    of anO.OOO murks
1 I'rizo    of 100,001 marks
3 l'vizv.   of 75,0X) marks
1-lrize    of 70,000marka
I Prize   of uj,000 marks
1 Prize    of mflOD marks
I Prize    of 53, IX) murks
S Prizes  of 60,030 marks
1 Prize   of 40,000 murks
I Prize   of 30.' 00 marks
a Prizes  of 20.000 murks
SO Prizes  of 10,000 murks
5il I'rizes  of   5.000 murks
100 Prizes  of   3,000mi.iks
SO Prizes   of    tJ.OOOmerits
��I2 I'rizes   uf    1,000 marks
1518 Prize.,  of      4 0 murks
4' Prizes   of     SOO murks
140 Prizos  of     -J00 murks
1*31152 Prizes  of      153 murks
0031) Prizes  of f!M, 104,10 marks
9D51 Prizes  of 711. 45, ii marks
in ull 50,180 prizes which must be surely
won iu 7 drawings within the si live ot a :
few months. t
The highest prize nf tat drawing am-;
omits to Mk. 50,030, iiicrci.se ut 2d draw ���
ing to Mk 55,0nO, in :kl Mk. 00,000. iu 4ih
Mk. 05.000, in 5th Mk. .0,0 0, in tiik Mk. <
76,000, in 7th Mk. 200,000, and together
with the Premium of Mk. iiOO.OOO iu the
must furttiiiiiie cuso to Mk. .'00,000. }
,    The oflit'iul cost for purtiei, ation in the
' first twe drawings amounts to
Dollar 4.50 for a full ticket,
Dollar 2.25 for half a ticket,
Dedliir l.lilforoneqttarterofaticket.
j   Half resp. rpini'lar tickets will entitle lo
. one lutlt resp one quurter of the amount,
won by ihe rosi eetive nuniber, named on
, the tic'kot.
Tho stakes for pm-tii'lpn'ion in the following drawings, lis well us the oxavt
prize-table, are in. icated in ihoofliciul
pros ictus, which I solid on demand gratis in Mlvunee The pros ee'tus is also
.sent gratis with every un or. Afier the
drawing 1 shJI forward to every li. kot-
hnliier ihe orriciul list of the whining
muii bora,
j The p-i'-iKl and forvrarding al the amounts won
; lo 1I10..0 concerned will have my special
anil proii'i t utteittioii, und wilh the most
absolute secrecy,
I W PomittalK'ii of money ran lie made
. bv Auioricun I'ank-notes, l.y registered
le'llcr or by P.��t-()rh'ee-Or.'ers. Small
' amounts run also be sent by postage-
. stamp*.
i. ?'-��� On account of Ihe approaching
drawing of tliu prizes, pienso undress the
orders inimediuteiy iu .ill coniiileiH'O di-
. I'C'Ct to
'ftiininol   Ilerksclier,  Henv..
* V.inker
I   lit HAM11.U80, Germany.     862iip22
Wanted t   Sevr.n order writers.  Salary
or commission tu suitable tarsons.
tot) Medical Building, Toronto.
IVnut.etl: Men iifd women who can
work hard talking uud writing six h urs
daily for six days a-wcek, and will bo content
with ton dollars weeklv,   Address;
409 Toronto.
VV tinted I. Teachers and other bright
men for vacation or permanently lo solicit
for'"Canadat an Encyclopaedia of the
Country," in five royal quarto volumes. No
delivering; commission paid weekly.
Tha Linsuott Publishing Co.,
409 Toronto.
WontPd t Voting men and women, or
older ones if still young m spirit, of undoubted character, good talkers, atubitiutis and in
dustrious, can' uud eiu ioyment in a good
cause, with $401 cr mouth uud upwards according to ability.
409     BEV. T. S. LINSCOTT, Toronto.
E. A. Haggen.
Notary Public and fonY.yaiieer,
Mining, Ileal ESt.te and
Financial Agent ���  .  . ���
Purchasers Obtained tor Prospects and Developed Cluhns.
.  .  .  .   Goldon, B. C.
For Sale
Croup of two claims of gold-bearing quarts
in b*tst mineral district of East Kootenay.
Assays up to ST00 iu gold. 10,17
Plucor lease. 16
l��lronp of two gold claims.  One of the best
propositions ou the market, and can be
cheaply developed.   Assays gave about (300
per lon. 11
Interest in gold property in exchange for
development work. li
Group of in claims, developed. No better
piopertyut Uritlsh Lohuubia. 12
Group of th ee chihiis in quarts country.
Good average assays. 18
Claim iu ono of best locations in Selkirk..
Cheaply worked. Assays 8115 lu gukl, silver
and copper. 0
I hoice gold property, freemilling.
Assays up to 8540.   Development work      111
Two claims in good location. Quarts currying guld and copper. 20
Claim adjoining known gold property.   81
llirce rliihiia near Columbia liiver. Ilig
ledge, gold and copper. 7
Two claims, 10 ft. ledge assays iu gold and
16 per cent copper. -8.,-Si
Three rluln'is, developed, assays 8-28 In
gold, best location in r>efkirks. 20
Uold quartz claim, assays 833. 27
Gold quartz claim, developed, good lead.
assays to 4si8. SB
Two quartz claiina in convenient poaitieu,
pan gelid. 30
Group of 4 claims, one aisi.ylug 86 in Gold t
and 30 per cent co|.| er. 14 :
Five claims, copper aud gi.ld, vulue SilO a I   Treasury stock
!1, ' I.nia     \1,���,,,n-  f'rt,,
Working free gold property nesrSsnlVajt-
cisco. Complete milling aud cbloriruitursi
pliuit.  Price 8260,000. (8
Free gold property on Selkirk rang..    68
Guld claim on Lemon creek with ten.
thirds and one-third interests in adjacent
propertin. 8|k
Two I birds ialereat io claim on W��t Skf-
can like. tab
Claim, free gold, is Bridge River District.
Crown grant, fre* gold claim, at Hosslaiid.
Freemilling gold claim, near N.Ucn.   11.
Claim in Idaho. Free gold. 18a
Hydraulic propertp on Skeans river. Av.r-
agesSH/OaykrO. 18a
Copper property running 84o per ten. 18b
22 claims at Harrison Lake. Gold and eop-
lcr. lie
Three claims of 20 acres each on ftaty
Mile Creek, near Klondike. Eitemiv. development. Shafts, tunnel, shacks, black-
smith's shop and tools. Wash aversgw IM
per square foot, (
Two placer claims on celebrated Hanter
Creek. Sluicing will realise 860 per ma*
1 er day.  Title perfect. -   H��t
Placer claim on Miller Creek. Primitiv.
work last season c leered 911,00C per man ever
ex) case's. 81
Claim on El Dorado Crook, on. of th. baa*
ner proi eriies of the Klondike. Dirt frees
No. 2 shaft averaged 86.50. er pan. Well improved.  '1 ills clear    Price, 8800,000.       81
Claim on Iloosior Crack. Yielded|83oo par
day tu I he man. 48
Claim on Miller creek, running front 8c, te
88.Ui, to the pun.
Two claims on El Dorado creek. . Ws Mb
ClairaoonBrimsioiiecrcek, 84c
Seven claims on II Dorado creek.
Claims on Danmiza, Hunker, All Geld, Adams, bear, Boulder, Murphy, Dcadwood,
Meadow, Sid, hur, Uawvin and Cormacli
creeks; also ou McKays, Nugget and Little
El Dorado gulches.
Full particulars regarding any ef the
above properties furnished on application by
iu   the   Victoria-Texada
31: Gold Mining Company.   This stock is of-
Throe quartz claiins, no cash, working pro; {Kfi!��Min|ijSftsJSU?
P11"1'11'"' |~ iug for ilie'pasl.lO monilis i.uu ihis company
Three claims in proved country. '-.a cunsiilers,'ii iaviis Hit best proposition on tha
iJue-thiid imasfOssibleiiitOiestiudovclopoil isluiifPicspecttis may be seen and fullpar'
grou ' of claims near tjoldcn. i.', tieitlars obtumt'il on application at my office,
silver lead initio. One of Ihe largest in the 110/008i shares of troi-sury stock in one ��f
world. 60,000 ions ot ore blonked out ready tho best properties at Kirviewst 80 cents
tu ship.   Location convenient to railway,  per share. .
Price 8600000. W\ ...I.**"} shares in  (sribooniiite, Camp lit*
Group of tlirco claim, in Moyie district.
Freo milling guld averaging $21 icrlon.
Considerabio developuicnt. 4.
Group uf two claims nt Moyie, Free mill-
lag gold.   Hlg proposition. 42;
Claim at Moyie.   Copper and gold. Devel' |
o; ed.   Good prospect. 4.. j
Group of claims, freemilling gold quarts. [
Croup of'three claims, gold, sijver, lend]
anil hblmuth. '*'
Kinney, a steady dividend payer.
shares in I.e Hot, l.cco. bli'vun Star, Ram-
hlor-rarihoo, Last On'incc, 1-ii.ko. All god
dividend payors,
luti.ooi)eharos in Klondike II Derail*
comj any.
100.1)1)0 fchnres in tlio best mining investment lu Canada,
2S,ioo shares in Consolidated Csriboo.
Farm of 260 acres, Windermere district.
(ir.ninof 4 claims, verv promising pro-  Laud foilced mid, under iidtivstion.   Hosm
��������,.,, ' . .48 and stable   Rare bargain. .   %
,. ..  it,,.  ���u..�����*i., .to'    Kai'iii6flWaciiw,ononflliobcstaadr(H)Sl
Group ot 4 claims, gold quart/.. ���!�� . ^^ lmpr���ve(1,0 boffot in Em, ^otf-tay.l
IVirmot.120news at v. Intlarn 'jie.SViaci*.
under cultivatitui. liou-.u mid stable, fCBC'
iug.jrrigati'jn.   t heap. 8
Farm of 403 acres at Wliidermare. 100
acres tinder cuitivatiun. House, stabler,
granary, mot! oases, fencing ami irrigation.
Group uf two claiina, gold quartz, worth
developing. '*-'
Ground 5 claims, gold, sib or and lead,
near railway. 61
Lease of hydraulic river bed. 62
Uuim, currying bismuth, galena and copper. Assayed ui> to 81100.
Slock mid iini loinents.
Farm of 400 acres)
acres i.nder tultir,**
Gold-eoppor claim, with big ledge, assayed ��� tion.   All fenced.   Stocked with catila and
S*J7.. ,w horses.   'J'erins may bo arranged.   This is
Three claims, v. hi. h huve shipped consider ono of the best iarins in tbe  Windermer*
able oro- galena ami groy crvpor. 66 district.
(iroun of three free coH claims at Fair- ;21''oi'msof 160acresnearG..lilea:iii'provod..��
view. 68a-1 GENERAL.
Groupoffour free gold cluhns at Fairvlow. i    Golden town lets. ���
BS't I    House with four lot. in town ��f Golds.
Two cisiiiis-.u splendid lucktioo. Free gold   for sale. "
i ��. v.��.i,o. >.   i                               *.          Patents for a Railway Coupler am! a JU,p.
i1'*'1*'- - ... ,-i -
luim iu working
Crown grant froo gold
Free gold developed claim ready to work.
Assays 818. <-��������
Freemilling gold claim in Washington
Stale. Heady to ship. bin
Claim ou Wild Hone, Nelson.   Freo gold,
assaying 1576.93. A snap.
Two townsite. on Crow's Nest road.
8 IO
WANTE D-To borrow for clients, II ,008
and 8600 and 85i)0 on trochoid security.
For particulars of above apply t��
K. A. IIA4.I.KX,
Golden Era Office,
The British Columbia Eoviow,
Mining Journal and Counnf relul
hecord.    Published in Loudon.
Subscription, 82.60 por annum.   Si.bscrip
turns and advertisements received by
E, A. HAGGEN, Golden,
Agent for East Kootenay.
London, Ont.
Fort Steele
Mit ford
Medicine Hat
Canal Flat
New Denver
tive gentlomen or ladies to travel for
responsible, established houso in British Columbia. Monthly Sua 00 and expenses. Position steady. Uefereaco. Enclose self addressed stamped envelope. Tne Dominion Cum-
pany, Dept. Y Chicago. 201ap23
Accntnt Book business is belter than
Sot year, puali also have hotter and faster
selling bulks. Agents clearing from 810 to
840 weekly. A few loaders ate "Queen victoria," l.ifo of Mr. Gladstone," "My
Mother's Bible Stories." Progressive Sieak-
er," " Klondike Gold Fields," " Woiu.u,"
" Glimpses of tho Unseen," " Breakfast,
Dinnor and Supper.)'   Bcskson time.
Bradley Garretson Co., Limited,
log Toronto.
Group' of Claims in which Interest will bo
given for the development ef the property.
Claims must be suck ss will etand examine-
���i0n*   A,,ply        E. A. HAGGEN.
[Mining Agent,
Information Department
Those desirous of obtaining information regarding the mineral sectious ol
East Kootenay and their resources,
will be furnished such information by
addressing their inquiries to tbe Editor
ol the Era, free of charge
Healthful, safe, inexpensive home
treatment for alcoholism. No hypodermic injections; no publicity, no lo s
of time from business and a certainty
of cure.   Consultation and correspon*
unmic mite <*enc" lnt *ai
HUmt    1/UilL confidential.   Dr.
FOR      DRINK. London, Out. Bo-
ferences as to Dr. McTuggart's professional integrity permitted by Sir W.
K Meredith, Chief Justice; Hon. G.
W. Ross, Minister' of Education ; (i.
W. Yorker, banker; H. S. Stratby.
manuger Traders' Bank.
One of tbe most vigorously conducted snd widely circulated   papers
published in British Columbia.
A Tip-Top Medium for Advertisers.
Rates an application to the proprietors.
To  Let.
Two furnished bedrooms in  private
bouse.   For partloitlars apply to
383t. This Office.
For Sale
Set ol Platform Weighing Scales.
Weigh up to 1200 lbs. For full particulars apply to
E,  A. UAffgen,
Golden Hospital Society'
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had Irom'the undersigned or any member of the
committee.    ���
PRICE-Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Acting Secretary.
Judicious advertising ia the keystone ol sucoPss. Advertise In. the
Goi.dkn Era.


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