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The Golden Era Oct 13, 1899

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Array uiSsS'-i   S-
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solicitor.
Notary PuMle-Coiw eyaneer, ete
Office to Upper Columbia Navigation and
Trawsay Company's J
James Render*,
Builder & Contractor.
A supply of Building I.im* for Bait.
Plaus prepared.   Prompt attention gtiee ie
VOL. IX NO. 11
12 Per Y&tft
H. G. Parson,
General Merchandise,!
One Way
to find out what money is worth is to try
to borrow it Another way, unquestionably
better, is to try its power at " The Bi-jj
Store." Just now special attention is
being given the new linesof Comforters,
Pillows and Cushions.
The dainty patterns, durable materials,
faultless finish and reasonable prices of
these goods will be a revelation to you.
Manufacturers of these lines are always
trying to outdo each other and the last
man on top got our order.;
covered with art sateens, fine English
Chintz or dainty Art Muslins, properly
quilted and evesj, the cheapest filled with
fine white cotton JaJWwg, at prioes to-suit
any purse.
a complete.range of weights, qualities aud
<wM Mhtyyrilti^-TJavered with the new
crepe sateen, art sateen, art silks.and satin,
any size, any price, any color combination
yoiiwlsh.   -���-'������������������ .���*".*"��� '        .*.".:*       ���*.���..���?
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hiad Or Horn t Tohokto.
H. 8. Howland, PreaM.nl.
T. B. Msrritt,Vica-PrtaMsnt (St.Cathsrlnea)
Wm. Ramsay, Robert Jeffrey, T.Sutherland,
Stnyner, Ellas Rogers, Wm.. Ilendrie.
I). R. Wilkik, General Manager,
E. Hay, Inspector.
Brandon, Calgary. Edmonton.
Portage la Prairie, Prince Albert,
Bevelatoke, B.C;, Kelaon, B.C.,
Vsnconver, B.C., Winnipeg,
Goldsa, B.C., Strathcoua.
Essex, Fergus, Gait, Hamilton,
Ingenoll, Listowel, Niagara Fall., Port Col-
bourne, Rat Portage, fault Ste. Marie,
St Catherines, St. Thomas,
Toronto, Wetland, Wooilatock, and
Montreal, -Qua.
Agent* In Oreat Britain:
Lloyd's Bank, Ltd., IS Lombard St., London
with whom money may be deposited for
trausfer by letter or cable to any of the
above branches.
Agent* In United State*:
NEW VORK-Bsnk. of Montreal, Bank of
CHICAGO-Firel National Bank.
ST. PAUL-Sacond National Bank.
Interest allowed on deposits.
Provincial, Municipal and other debentures
Available at all points ia Canada, United
Kingdom, United States.
J. S. Gibb, Mgr., Golden Branoh.
A reward of Four Hmulred Dollars will be
wad to con.lcti.in of anyone killiug or steal.
Ing cottla and horaaa,of tha following'
���Wlniigliig-tO-tlia. Elk Pari Baiudu
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Go.
& International Transportation Go.
Connecting with C.P.R at Golden, EC.
Direct Route to Athalmer & Windermere,
and surrounding Mining District
Steamers f ,-eave -Golden Tuesday and Friday
mornings at 4 a.m.
The Only Quick and Comfortable Route.
Consignors will be charged with all way freight between
Golden and Windermere at which point a Company's
agent will be stationed.
All freight and charges on goods to Windermere and
points beyond will have to be paid to the Company's
agent at Windermere before delivery of goods.
C.   H.   PARSON, Manager.
Groceries, Btatlonery, Tinware, Boots & Shoes,
Glassware, Hardware, Gents Hats and Caps, Para-
; - soles, Blinds, Clothing, Umberellas, Fancy Goods,
Gents Furnishings, Neck Ties, Men's Gloves and
Mitts, Ladies Gloves, Iron Beds, Spring Beds, Mat
..trasses, Pillows, Saddles, Baby Waggons, Whips,
Cigars, Flour, Bran, Oats.
Special Values in Teas and Coffees at
���.     A.    WARREN'S.
���esesaaasaeuasa.nl '    / ���   "it       ' eaMs-ME-sassMsta
Athalmer House,
Athalmer, B. C,
lint Class accommodation for Travellers,
Prospectort Mid Mining Men.
Saddle aad Pack Horae* Supplied.
paid to anyone giving information that will
r  " ���   j&l " *' -  '
-     jg-ti..
IL E. I*orstor.
 CaUil1**) l,tei*B**|l*uili -
'I On right ribs, half right ear cut off.
1  On left Up.
J* On left ribs.
"8    On left rib..
18 On lift hip. -
Horae* tlrmuUit:
'I  Ou right neck,
*'I   On leftsbould.i.
Ill  On left ahotiklor.
1  Ou right shoulder.
IS   Un left .houbler.
Elk Park Ranch Co,
H. E Forster.
Slcclaii, B.C., Sept. Wh, 18911.
Notice is hereby glvsn that I intend within
sixty days to apply to the Chief Commission*
er of Lands and Works to purehuao the following described land* situated on Number
Two Creek, on west aide of Columbia Kiver:
Ne. 1 corner alike commencing at S. E. cor
ner of Mr. Colon C. Mschayfe land,, thonco
running 40 chains east, thence 40 chains
north, thence 40 chains wosMbence 40 chain,
annth lo point of commencement, containing
.lOOaorea more or leas.
Dated this l��th September, 1889.
Situate In tbe Golden mining Division of
Eaat Kootenai District. Where located
on north fork of Spillimacheiie River,
near Rums Baslu.
Take notice that I, John Henderson, of
Oolden, aa agent tor W. 0. 'f lllaon, of Halem,
Oregon, U.S.A., Freo miner's Cerliticnto
No. 7105A, Intend alsty days from the dale
hereof to appiyiDthe mining recorder for a
cerllllcats of improvomsnts Ibr the parpoe.
nl obtaining a Crown (Irani of tha above
And Author take notice that action umler
section 17 must be eoniinenced before the
Isauam-eof inch certificate of Improvements.
Dated this Bed dsy of September, lew.
Situate ht tke Golden Mining Division of
North last Kootenay District.  Where
Located-Near Ike bead of tke Middle
Fork of the BplUln-a-.hene Hirer.
Take nod., that we, WltUam McNeish, of
Goldeu, Free Miners Ctrti-Sctte No. 1110390,
Thomas Todd of GoMen, Administrator In the
Estate ofthe law John 0. Todd, Free Mluers
CertiScsts No. 7USA, and Thomas McNaught
of (lolilen, Adtulnlstrator in the Eatate of the
late Harry G. Woodley, Free Minors Certi-
flcals No. WNA, intend M days from the
date hereof to apply to the Mining Recorder
Ibr a Certificate of Improvement, for the
purpoaeofobtaining.a> CsewnUmnt of the-
above claim.
And further take notice thst action under
section 87 must be commenced before tbe
Uauniii. of tarb terumetttat Improvein-iuU.
TlldMAS TODD. Administrator,
TUOSv McNACOrIT,. Admlnutr.tor.
Rubber Stamps.
Orders Ibr Rubber Stamps and Seals will be
received at, the Gou-hn Era Office and
eieouted with promptitude.
UaiM Lability.
Report of W. F. Robertson, Provincial Mineralogist.
On these main lodges are several
open outs and a shaft, snid to be down
60 feet, also soms smaller pits. I was
unable to get into any of these nnd hnd
to judge ol the mineralization from the
material on tht dump, evidently piled
up aa on. From this I should say
that the quarti carried a small percentage of galena, not of groat importance, and a atill smeller amount ol
gray copptr. The chief source of min-
eralfiation was iron sulphides, whicli
are irregularly distributed through tlio
quarts, and which carries certain gold
values. Judging from the dump* I
should say that on the gold vuliiea
contained in these iron sulphide, ihu
value of the property depends
A certain amount of frou gold bus
been fouu-i on thr surfuca, bm I tun
satisfied thut tho quartz carried no
such goldexc.pt .sas.ocirfted.withthe
iron sulphides, or from the oxidization
of the same. As to th. percentage of
iron sulphides present in the quurtz
ledges as exposed, I am uuable to form
an accurate opinion for reasons already
stated, but the amount ia tuch at to at
least encourage further development.
ravougiTB uiauRii. claim.
A location owned by Geo. Stark, M*
Dainard tt al, and it situated directly
below the International. The quartz
ledges of the International probably
extend Into thi; claim, but are not ex
posed on lbs surface or by any ...swell
Ingt that I could find. A tunnel has
been started below tho International
groand and haa been run In for two
sett ot timbers in slide rock, There
wet no mineral in place viaibli either
in the tunnel or on tbajgrfae*. . <-�����
Crown-granted claims owned by J.C.
Jolliffe and A. fi. Stracey, cf Oolden.
these claimi art adjoining and Ire to
the north-east ol the International, the
MaudS being an e<itanuioq up the hill
of the Standby.   The -main  quarti
"dgHI Mil lllrou*iluboih ' these, eluiini
and ore very strong and permanent.
tunnel also a 40-Io'ot shaft and a number et open outs oil ths quarti ledges.
In the tunnel the work was Started on
one vein, but after goiug a few feet
oross ont tu the loft and followed in
another ledge A little galena is found
with the quartz, but tbe priuuipal
values aro in gold occurring lu iron
sulphides. I waaunible to got down
the shaft, hut tho ore on the dump
showed a fair amount of iron sulphides.
Un tho Maud S there Is a tunnel in
250 leet, which in ita course haa out
three large quartz ledges. The largest,
10 lest wide, has a atrike N. 75' W.,
while the other two run N. 50' W.,
perhaps indicating tbe possibility of a
third eorioa of veins. Those veins are
seme wbat ml lerallaed witb iron ml*
phides carrying gold.
Soms 150 further ii[i the hill there la
on open out'on the big ledge, winch
hen, in addition to the iron, has a
considerable quantity of galena showing, amounting te about 5 per oeut of
tbe face ol exposure
Formerly the Whistler Fraction, ia
a location bald by Dougal HcDougall.
An open cnt of 10 feet was started tn
a large quarti ledge, which seems to
out out a (ew fnt below surface. Tho
strike of the quartz is N. 55" W, aud
It ia barren where exposed. Thero is
a second open out on ono oi the orosi-
course veins, showing! small quan'I-y
of iron and galena. The surface hers
la quite bam and I traced tlio vein lor
soma 100 feet Im wa. unable to trace
It any farther.
A location owned hy L. 11. Km i>er,
of Oolden, and lies noxt to Maud Hand
above ths Standby. A ii inch while
quarti ledge is exposed on lho face of
the cliff running N, 40" W, but ip*
paroiitly quite b irrou. A tnnnel was
Itarted in about 10 feet to the rbht
of thll, and run in parallel with tho
ledge (or 25 leet, when It cross* cut on
an angle ol 56." for 15 (se: until the
ledge wai cut following it along 10 f.-st
McMurdo Creek la the largest branoh
(ram the south, flowing into the North
Fork ol the Spilllniaoheno River.
Thit district ol couutry It reached
by trail Irom Carbonate Landing, a
distance ol about 85 miles over a (air
A ntw trail hai been out this laet
year, starting in (rom Bear Creek, on
the C.P. By*, (olio wing an Beaver
river (or a abort dlitinee, and then
cutting over Prairie Mountain, but of
thia trail I oan only spe.lt ol htarsay.
I got np to tbe North Fork and ou
bo McMurdo on September 89th, when
Mother and heavier (all of snow came,
and I wat only ablt to visit two claims.
Suoh examination as I wae able to
make ol these was very incomplete and
therefore, unsatisfactory,
Ie a looation on MoMurdo Creek, at
an. tlevation ol 6,800 (est. belonging to
8 Blobirdnon et Al. She- tountry
rteh li ilate, cut occasionally by igneous rooks. A 84-inch quanta ledge
ontoropped on a steep hillside, with a
Krlke to the weetward on tin inrhet,
but, as development titogi-etmd, tho
vein was found to turn off sharply to
the south.
Then is at present a 10-foot open
cut, leading to a 10-foot tnnnel, with a
second smaller open out above. At the
surlaoe thero was a showing of several
inches of solid galena, which is not so
strong at the inner (ace, but the development Is not sufficient to prove anything.
Some Iron sulphides also occur In
the q i.riz. and I saw free gold panned
from tho surface dirt, probably from
��� he oxidization of these pyrites.
A location held by H. 0. Low et al.,
aud ia near the I. X. L. A 12-incb
quarti vein is exposed, dipping into tbe
hill at an angle of about 15 degrees,
with a strike N. and S. Very little
work has bsen done on tbo property.
The quartz ia mineralized witli galena and iron sulphides, while the uir
faoe dirt   will yield free gold in tbe
OoHen Publio Sobool.
Tlm following is the suhool rsport
for month uf September: ���
Fifth Class-1 Walter Houston 2
Gladys Houston.
Fourth Class -1 Ida Bookhout 8
Maggie Archer.
Snr Third Class���1 Bert Hanna 8
Tom' Stephens.
Jnr. Third Class-1 Roy Hanna 2
Melville Mcintosh.
Snr. Second Class -1 Stanley Moodie
2 Lena Malntoah.
Jnr. Second Glass���1 Katie Pughe 2
Harry Moore.
First Class-I Percy Lake 2  Bertie
II Primer Class���1 Maggie Mcintosh
3 Albert Soles.
I Primsr Class���1 Moss Morgan 2
Tony Deseriuau.
Tablet Class-I Blanche Engblom 2
John Rutherford.
Average auondance - 60.
Mrs. Angle, of.Herrltton,: suffered ko
l~-.vor.iy That Bar friend. Faaiwl
"tho Via* Likely .. be u Foi-niROcnt
In the piotui-esqqe village of Morrit-
ton reside. Mrs. William Angle, who,
afier months of suffering, has found a
cure from the use of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills. Mrs, Angle relates se follows the experieuco through which
she has passed. "Four years ago this
spring, while a resident of Buffalo I
had nn nttsok of typhoid fever and
the disease left ine in a worn ont and
extremely nervous condition, so that
t lie li aft noise startled me. 1 could oot
sleep at times fur a week on account
of terrible attacks of heart troublo.
Then again my head would trouble me
id I bad bad dreams. I had no
appetite and lost twenty two pounds
in weight and had become so very thin
that my (Hands were alarmed. When
iu this condition I was treated by two
pliysiciiius but with no avail. I tried
overythtng recommended but stilt
found no relief. Filially a relative persuaded me to try Ur. Williams' Pink
Pills. After I had taken the lirst box
I could see a change for the better, so
I continued the use of the pills until I
had finished six boxes and tbo results
wen mo��t gratifying. I uow have
normal sleep, there is no more twitching in my hands, the palpitations have
ceased, and I have gained in weight
and strength. My whole system seems
toned up, und I [eel eutirely well I
feel grateful to the Dr. William.'
Mel'ciiieOo,, and hope they will keep
up the ueod worlt of admiui.iering to
die aftiii'tod,"
Dr Williams' Pink Pills core by go
Ir.-y.to thn root'.of the disease. They
ifu.-w and hiilid up ihe blood, and
strahgtbelt the nerves, thus driving
.���|*>e.it*o from ihe system. Avoid im-
Itailoiia by Insisting that every box
you piifcliase is enclosed in a wrapper
bearing Ihe full trade mark, Dr. Williams' Pink Pills (or Palo People.
In writingol the recent bond robbery
lu London and the arrest of one of lhe
culprits in Britisli Columbia, a reporter
of tha l.oiiili-d (F.ng.) "Morning Leader," spoko of the place win ro Somers
(alias Criok) waa taken iuto custody,
us "a distant uncivilised corner oi
Briilah Columbia," Ho evidently did
uot know tho name ol this "uncivilised
coruer" and would doubtless be surprised to find that it is Donald, a station on the main line ef the C'auadlan
Pacific Railway. Douald is not a big
place it is not an iinnbrtant one, but
its few people nay certainly claim to-
be civillized. Poor Donald! It suffer.
ed hardly when the C. P. R. le(t it to
look after itself and now it is called an
"uncivilised corner" of Britieh Columbia. This Is the unklndest cut of all.
���News Advertiser.
The mile-posts recently fixed on the
road between Windermere and Canal
Flat by Mr Hambly, under insrruc
tiont of the Government, have been
mnch appreciated by travellers. Th��
lollowing are the distance, fiom Golden ol the main points:���Carbonate 16
miles, Hog Rsnch'23-miles, Spillimachene 41 miles. Shorty's 49 miles, McKay's 66 miles. Sinoilar 68 miles,
Windermere 82 miles, Brewer's 95
mllet, Cenal Flat 111 miles, Kootenay
Bridge 113 mllet.
Fourteen claimi have been recorded
on Bugaboo Creek,
R. S. Gallop has resumed work on
the Phoenix group, Horse Thiel Creek.
The Swanssa, Dividend, Silver
Thread, Delphine, Sitting Bull, Red
Lint, White Elephant, White Cat and
Pretty Girl miues are all working large
forces ol men.
C. P. Seale and W. H Welch, ol
Sandou, struck it rich on Number Two
Creek, having located ah Immense
silver-lead proposition.
Messrs Starbird, Collet and Robinson
are arranging to do development work
on the Red Line this winter and are
busy getting  in supplies.
J. Y. McNaught nnd Bullman junr.
nre busy packing out ore Irom tbe
Mericer group on the Bugaboo. Tliey
have experienced awful weather, tbe
camp having bsen surrounded by as
much as three feet of snow.
The new controlling owners of the
Delphine propose to work tbeir property actively this winter under the
management of Mr. Bruce, the able re
presentative of Messrs. Osier and
Hammond's mining interests in Kootenay.
TheB. C. Copper Syndicate have
purchased the McRae ptoperties on
Jubilee and Spillimachene mountains
and propose pushing development work
there, as the result of tbe recent inspection of these properties by W. Pellew
Harvey M. E. It is intended to get iu
a winter camp.
John Burman reports an immense
showing of high grade gray copper
and argentiferous galena ore on the
Ground Floor group, Boulder Cretk.
Mr. Burman report! that then Is over
2 feet of solid ore on an average in
eight, which haa beon stripped for
over 50 (eet. The ore averages over
���150 to the ton. It is not unlikely
that this properly will be bonded to
an eastern syndicate during tbe next
two months, A force of men has been
worked throughout the summer under
the direction of E. L. Kenny, of West
. J. Nobie, foreman of the Certainty
Company's mine on Fifteen Mile Creek,
report, having struok tbe No. 1 lead
in No. 3 tunnel, witb a similar sise of
ore-body to that proved io No. 1 tunnel. Tbis gives the Company pay ore
in each of the three tunnels driven on
this property. No. 3 tnnnel will be
driven 200 feot this winter and will be
the main working tunnel of the pre
party, with a height of about 700 (est
of ore-body above it as shown bythe
development work to  far  carried out.
The deal (or the D��Iphine, owned by
Messrs. Kimpton. Stark and Harrison,
has now been completed, with the
result that Messrs. O.lcr and Hammond bave secuted for thoir syndicate
a three-foiirths interest in th. property
for $35,000, the former owners retaining the other fourth interest. Recent
work doue on thia property has much
improved its prospect. Messrs. Kimpton, Stark and Harrison are deserving
ef gnat credit for the excellent manner In which tbey developed this property, aod their enterprise has boen a
fine example to their neighbours.
It is understood that the lawsuit between Hon. C. H. Mcintosh, on the
one hand, and Messrs. Starbird, Collett and Robinaon cn ths other, over
the Red Line property at Windermere,
has been settled by the payment made
by Mr. Mcintosh being refunded.
Messrs. Starbird, Collett end Robin*
son hnve now bought out P. Larson's
interest lor 115,000, payable over eight
months, thu. simplifying l lift difficulty
about the title. It is understood that
Mr. Mulford, manager for Fraser and
Chalmers, is the gentleman who has
taken the new bond on the Red Line
for 1150,000
A despatch to thf'Diily Telegraph"
from Ladysmlth, dated Wednesday,
alone among the specials received, declares that war has been begun by tht
Boers In Natal. The coirespondent
says: "Free State burghers hays ae-
curod a train at Ladysmlth, which
wns the property of tht Natal Government. Laat night a mounted petrel
was atoned by Boon. Tht men'l
orders were not to fire unlets they
were fired upon."
It is rumored that Mr. Cenytgham
Greene, the British Diplomatic Agent
at Pretoria, hat bun ������-���sia-.sinated
���       a *���
OnBufc. ,-*n CrcsSt,
(From oar Ocn Corrcap.xl.al.)
The Sear Group, tan*:;jtii!-).->f ftr*
claims, namely, Black Btrf, Smra
Bear, Loudon Copper, Bell, cud "Slack
Prince, situated en Mugabso '-.'reek, 10
miles from the Columbia "V.-rer, wat
located the 29th ultimo by licberi 'Ac-
Keemen aod Dan Stai11andst-,.i/^th of
Windermere, B.C, 'i'ha 'sdge Averages 20 leet In width, 4 leet ut .tieh
Is solid oopper ere, snd tke IkJ -?.a be
traced for over 1,500 ?��t. ~i�� ore
body is over 500 (eet long n !*���-, surface. Messrs. McKcum.-.n -.ti Siid-
lander brought in lottl j-^-ificnt
copper are (rem the r.-o*ettj ot tin
4th inttint,
NOTICE ia harrby given that an application
will lie made lo tliu Legislative Asiienibly of
the Province of Uriti*.li Columbia at ila next
aeaaionfor an Actio Incorporate aei.mpsny
with power to cniinlrncl.enuili. maintain and
operato a lino or lines uf lertplione within and
throughout tho I)i��tri.t ol Kiwi Keolenny
aud tlio variiiua tuivu.ite*. in tlio raid di-
trii-t a. tin, Company from ti.;.-. lo'imedo-
tarmiua. and to cni.tru.l. maintain nnd
operate the .sine along Ibe .ides ol, and
aero*, or undor mv liigli-vay, atreota, public
bri'lget, or i ny audi places in ihe a.id district a. lho Coiiijmuy from timn tn time de
tormina., and lo eiinatriict, ernet ami main
taiai .uch and ao many pol.ni and uli er work,
and devieoaa. the Company deems necessary
for making eoninloting, supporting, using,
working, operating snd maintaining tho
ayatein of communication by tolaplinne*aiid
to-open or break up any part or part, ot the
said highway, or atroela aa often ss the said
Company, ila agent., officers or workmen
think proper, and ior the purporea of the
undertaking lo purchase, acquire, or leaso
and hold and sell and dispone of or aurrender
lands, building, or tenements within the
limit* aforesaid and to purchase or le-we lor
any term of years, any telephone line established or to be eatsbllalied iu British Columbia, connecting or to be connected wilh tho
lines which the Company may construct and
to purrhaae or lease for any term of years tho
sight of any company to cmistruct and maintain any aueh telephone lino and to amalgam*
ate with or leaso ita line or line., o. nny portion or pertioua thereof to any company
possessing aa proprietor* any line of telephone comainnioetion connecting or to bo
ciniiiectod with tho said Company's line or
lines slid to acquire lauda.bouusea, privileges
or other aids from any persons or bodies
corporate, and with sll other usnali necessary
or incidental rights, powers or privileges as
may he necessary or incidental or conducive
to tbo attainment of the above-objects or any
el thein.
Datod thi. lot Inlay cMklober Mm.
til SoUcitoerhMkl Applieanta.
coHssavAim co:.7�� jrra
The Conservative conrtntlo***,, nbloh
closed its session at New We**?-���:-.ttst
on Friday, endorsed lhe decision ef the
former convention ef 1898 that It M
desirable that the Liberal Ooseei vitlve
party should, as a party tnr.e *iut III
provincial elections for the purpes,*, of
ensuring the government end 'agiali-
n'oii-if ibis province en J.ikMcl-Cm-
servative principles.
It is proposed: (1) T�� '*���'.*. ���."-.-=-
voters' lists. (2) To active!? sld in
the cciist.uctlon ol trails thrcugkiut
ihe uudev'elop I portions ef the p.-e-v*
ince, and the bkUdlfljj cf picrlcelet
trunk roads of public ncuwit-*. ft)
To provide for the official -.-..--...-ction,
of elevators and hoisting gee", (i) To
improve the administration of justice
and secure the speedy lispoeitkn if
legal disputes. (5) Ta ftotlh An
effective systsm (or the sst-.lew.nt of
disputes between capital uni **!*or.
(') To adopt t i principle el geytri-
inent o-viii-ra 1,, of railway! la so far
as the circumstances of tke prevlace*
will admit, and the vdoptici **f tie
principle that no beau* ahe*.'1. be
granted te any railway .cmp.uy
which docs not girt tat jovtrcBtDt
of the proving .lis cestui ft rnm
over lines benultd together "*vlth tbe
option o( pnrnli.au. (7) Tu .-.nn
control and administration of tk*
fisheries within the*��sderiM tf .be
province. (8) To actively usi.t by
State aid in tho development . I the
agricultural resources ef tht p.-iv.nr:.
(9) To make the London agoney of
British Columbia effective lifjitiiflifting the natural wealth of tb\ ...���cvftsce*'
and as a place for .proiitabla investment of cipiirl. (10) Iu the ln:crest*r
of labor tiie Liberal-Conservative pert/
sympathizes with and endorses the*
principle of the eight-hour lair. (11)
To provide tn improved lystom of
education. (12) Te recognin and reform tht system of provincial aid te.
medical men and b-oepitsli ia otstlyins
parts of the province. (18) To -Hiive*
ly support the advancement el tb*
mining interests el Britieh. Columbia.
(14) To aid in tho immigration of
female domestic ssrvants.
Col. Prior was sleeted president, 8.
B. Ellis, secretary, and D. B, Kir,
T. O'Britrt represented Ooldtn at tk*
A nward it offend for  laferaaation
etnettning tke ib.ft of a
Only Natural Curs
For all Disorders of tbe Dlgsr*
tive Functions Is Dr. Von
Stan's Pineapple Tablets.
Most medical mtn know thnt th*
pineapple contains a quantity ol vege*
table pepsin. This product ie invaluable, becauso It exerts I wonderful
power in the digestion of aU kinds of
food, Science hns now consolidated
this grand essence into tabloti, antl
thus, within reach of everyone, la ��
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Dr. Ton Stan't Plntapple TFablets aw
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prevention and cure of sickness in tk*
last thousand years. A good dlges.
tion is tho basis of health*, and ill
may have it by the (aithfal1 use of
these marvellous tablets. Box ol 60
Tablets, 85 cents.
Sold by C. A. Warren.
If nnotherfrelght tripuannot bomade**
The annual shooting excursion by th***"
Hyakwlllgoop the Columbia Biter
'next week and is sure to be well patronised, eithe oflJotri of tht Havlga-
ilon Company span notffort to nuker
the trip a pleasant onl (or thoee e-velV--.
thcmeelvetaofi*, KAFFIRS RAIDING
Indian Transports Arrive at  Natal
With 2,500 British Infantry
and Cavalry.
London, Oct. B.���A dispatch from
Johannesburg reports that tho Kaffirs
are raiding the business places and
houses in the east rand. The whites
fired on them, A speoiul force of police
has beeu dispatched to disperse the
London, Oct. 6.���Nothing new has
developed as to the Transvaal situation
since morning. The Daily Telegraph's
dispatch of this morning announcing
that the Boers bad invaded Natal and
1 seized Liang's Nek, now seems to be
without foundation. The government
has received nothing to justify the report, although snch a move would cause
little surprise. The British position
in Natal was considerably strengthened
by the arrival today of Indian trans
ports with reinforcements of abont
3,600 infantry and cavalry, all of
whiclrwill be promptly seut to the
front by trains, and with their arrival
at Glencove and Ladysmith tomorrow
the British advanced camps and lines
of communication will bo practically
safeguarded against the risk of a# successful dash across the frontier by tha
The military authorities apparently
no lougiv foar the mussing of the Boers
along the border, und iu fact, it haa
beon provided that the Boers shall not
make a sudden invasion in the Territory. Tbe Natal authorities are rather
pleased with this because they argue,
the tension of waiting will tell severely on tbe Boerg discipline, and, moreover, they will soon exhaust what little
forago there is near the border aud be
compelled to tall baok on tbeir base,
because in view of the ineffective commissariat they ore unwilling to advance
into Natal leaving behind them a foli-
ngeiess veldt.
While there is no diminution in the
flood of dispatches from South Africa
recording witb almost tiresome iteration the military preparations, and
movements of both sides, with all kinds
kinds of accurate and inaccurate
rumors and specilations, the real solution
remains unchanged. It is evident that
strong efforts are still being made to
preserve peaoe simultaneously with determined energy to be prepared for
any emergency. It is expected that the
5,000 reserves will be called ont tomorrow, and that an army corps will
be mobilized on the loth or the 30th of
the month In the meantime, it is interesting to note that neither side
shows any anxiety to precipitate a conflict, but is rather inclined to give opportunity for the play of peace influences.
From other Newcastle advices It appears that the premier of Natal had
said to the military authorities that
they cau render Newcastle assistance,
adding that if the Boers intend to attack the tnwu resistance wonld be
futile and the women and children
should be sent away and tne town surrendered.
A  One.t of   Sir  Roderick  Cameron   al
Slaliii Island.
New York, Oct. 0.���The Eatl of
Minto, Governor-General of Canada,
nnd Lady Minto, who have beeu tbe
guests of Lord S. Bryce, at his home in
Washington Square, left there yesterday ufteruoon and weut to the home of
Sir Roderick Cameron, at Grossmere,
Staten Island. Lord and Lady Minto
will be Sir Roderick's guests until Saturday, when Lady Minto will sail for
England, and the governor will return
to Canada aud resume his official
duties. Sir Roderick entertained a
party at diuner last night in honor of
Lord and Lady Minto. There was a re.
oeption following the dinner.
Uritlsh Troops on Somali Coast.
Paris, Oot. 0���According to a dispatch from Rut Kibnlil, on tho Gulf of
Aden, tbe Indo-Brltish troops recently
landed on the Somali coast, and fought
nesr Berb ra. ou u bay of the Gulf of
Aden, with the forces of an Arabmul-
lah, named Sheik Mohammed Salleh,
who lias been proclaimed Mahdi by the
Hinterland Mussulmans, who nre instigating an uprising of the Somalls
against Ihe Abyssinians. Dnring ths
light twenty-seven Somalia were killed.
New Telegraph Lint to Dawson.
Montreal, Oct. 6.��� The Canadian
Paciflo railway today officially announced Ihe opening of a new telegraph
line to Dawson. The tariff will bt announced later.
Viotoria, Oot. O.���Mlohael Powers,
one of the best known saloon-keepers of
Victoria, who was sand-bagged by unknown assailants ou Sunday morning,
died from his Injuries today. The
police ere following np the esse, and
that of tho horrible "Jack the Ripper"
mnrder, whioh oconrred the previots
night, bnt no olue has yet been obtained.
Toronto, Oot. 6 Aid.   Hallam hat
written Rev. Dr. Potts, announcing
that though not a Methodist and bnt in
indifferent churchgoer, he will oon.
tribute ��600 to the million dollar fund
which ihe ohuroh Is raising, his subscription to be devoted to tbe educational work of the church.
Hy   Hair  a   I,- nntil, lull  Neither  Veeael
Reached Ihu llulf-Vt'ay lluoy.
New York, Oct. 6.���-Again today the
sea refused the Shamrock and the
Oolnmbia a field of conflict; again today the multitude which wentontto sea
to watch the contestants for the international yachting championship of the
world, returned disappointed and not a
little disgusted. The question of the
supremacy of tho two - great yachts is
still as much nn open question ns before
tboy first met, as the contest today was
in some respect more of a fluke than
that of Tuesday. It was a drifting
match almost from start to finish.
Crossing the line with a breeze of
five knots un honr, it never blew more
than six, most of the time less than
three, and part of the time not a breath
nf air was stirring. After sailing four
hours and forty-three minutes, the
yachts having covered only twelve
miles of tbe course to the outer mark,
the regatta committee declared the race
off, as it was manifestly impossible
with the breeze then blowing for the
fleet raoers to round the stakeboat be*
fore tbe limit expired, muoh less to get
buck home again. Dnring the time in
whioh the yachts were at it, the wind
whioh carried them dead before it over
the line, had hauled uronna nntil, at
the fiuish, they wero beating in tu iti
Christian Endeavor.
Montreal, Oot. 0.���The first Dominion convention of the Christian Endeavor societies of Canada was opened
in St. James' Methodist cburoh to-,
uight. A large nnmber of delegates
from Ontario, Quebec and the Maritime
provinces have arrived to attend the
convention, which will continue until
next Tuesday. Tbis afternoon the
meeting received reports from executive officers. This evening G. Tower
Ferguson, chairman of the Canadian
council, presided. The convention
opened with a short praise service, devotional exercises aud words of welcome by James Wilson, chairman ofthe Montreal 1899 committee and
others, with responses by Rev. S. P.
Rose, D.D., Ottawa, vice-chairman and
the presidents and representatives of
all the provincial unions.
Monsrignlcur Farrellev Injured.
Belleville, Oot. 6.*���Rev. Monsiguonr
Fariclley met with a painful accideut
la-teveuiug but fortunately it is not
serious. Hc bad been attending a meet-
in*; of tbe separate school board in the
council chamber aud started for home
ahead of the other members. When
nearly at the foot of tbe first flight of
steps he mistook the last step for the
luuding, with tho result that he fell
heavily to the floor and was badly
bruised about the head. He was rendered unconscious by the fnll, bnt wns
soon surrounded by members of the
bo ird who beard the fall, and a physician was speedily summoned. He soon
regnined consciousness and was driven
Disabled Steamer In Tow.
Melbourne, Australia, Oct. 8.���The
disabled British steamer Wniksto
which nailed from London on May 4,
for l.ytleton, New Zealand, and for a
long time was unheard ot till spoken on
August 2, in latlitude 89' south, longitude 89 east, with a broken shaft, is reported by tho British steamer Ujna,
u Inch hns arrived here from Calcutta,
lo be iu tow of the British steamer
A-loini, Capt B.u-nel, from London,
Angust 4, for Fremtuitlo, and lt is ex
peeled to reach Freiuantle by Oct, 4
Tho Waikuto is being towed by a steam
er which left tbe samo port exactly
three mouths after her, and she has
crossed t'..e Indian Ocean, from the
south const of Africa, since she was
spoken disabled.
Defeated Again.
Vunco aver, Oot. (1.���Tlio Toronto La-
(���rosso clnb was beaten again today by
the Westmiuster team by a score of 7
lo H. Tliey aro evidently no match for
the British Colambia champions.
Seizure of Treasure Train Regarded
as an Act of War -Pretoria Banks'
Gold f nnflsentcd by Transvaal.
Olds?. .October 0.
A meeting of lu-.nl  lrlslimci
New York, Oot. 6.���Jas. O. Jewett,
of this city has entered a snit In the
supreme court against the United States
and Mexico for |5nfl,*.si alleged to be
duo for participation in defending the
Republic of Mexico In lb39 and 1800.
Montreal,   Oot.   8 Wllbrod   Barll
the manufacturer charged by the Que*
beo bank with forgeries amounting to
several thousand of dollars, was sentenced today to twenty-three months
Berlin, Oct. 8.���The North Waterloo
election ease was resumed yesterday
and will contline probably all week.
Guelpb.Oct. 8 Alex. Mackenzie, registrar for Wellington, died tbit after-
ucon. He came to Canada in 1851 ind
was the oldest Mason lo tb*) My, bar-
tag beeu nttde a member in 1145.
held 111 South Africa,
Alex. Mnokonzle, registrar ol IVul
liugiuu county, Out, In doud.
Wllbrui] liard, ii Qttoliou luiinufac*
tuier, ivus KL'iiteliccd lor forgery.
Tin- jubilee wing of tiie Winnipeg
(leiieral hnepitiil wuh iormtilly opened.
Micliaei Power***, a Victoria, 11. I.'.,
Eu'ooii-Kccper, lias ifeu frem saml-bag
Kaffirs nre milling the business
places iu lho I'lnsl Hiitul. iVliltoj lli-c-.l
ou them.
I'euce meeting** at Halifax ami i'lrnt-
liiglinm. ICng.. wore disturbed by
General Biillcrs bus fun ivi-lleil Queen
\ ietoriu previous to departing lor
South Africa.
Edtvurd Llclitonheini, n foirth Ville
Merle limit: citrontor, has been urrest-
oil and place I on  trial.
A Christiuii Endeavor train was
uiei'koil near Luke Clinnipliiiii on the
Del.ui.ire nud Hudson rallroiid.
Tlio international cricket match be.
t-vix-n tne visiting lligish tenia and
ail Noiv York resulted lu a draw.
O.vlng to calms und light windi tha
America Cup race wns ugalu iiiifln-
blin.l nnd will bo resnlled Sitnrdiy,
The Sbninrouk wus uliui I whon tht
race was oalle I.
Berlin, Oot. 8.���The Eeulscber
Colonial Zeitnng in an article on Lib*
eriasaya: "Liberia mnst necessarily
soon cense lo exist. France and E _
land are both indulging In machinations to annex the country. Liberia is
nf ihe greatest yalno to Germany, es*
p -dally the Camerons. Two-thirds of
the Liberia firms are Germans, nnd
Germany must, therefore, see that she
ges a share of the territory or the
whole." i
Toronto, Oct. O.���Tbo body of a
female Infant, apparently only a few
days of age, was fonnd nnder the railway bridge whioh crosses the reservoir
in the para* this evening. It is supposed to te a mnrder caic.
Washington, Oot, 0.���The fonr warships designated for Manila are the
armored cruiser Brooklyn, the cruiser
New Orleans, the Badger md the gnu-
boat Nashville.
Fort William, Oot. e.-TiieO. P. R.
boitt have stopped carrying first [olais
paMMItrt for tht season.
Bloemfoute'in, Oot. 5.���The govern,
meut publishes a telegram from Boshof
stating that tho British forces have
crossed the border aud that fighting haa
commenced. Another telegram says
the troops have crossed the border bnt
that uo lighting has occurred. The
government discredits the report.
Londou, Oct. 5��� Other telegrams represent that a Boer attack upon Natal
is expeutcd at nuy moment, but assert
that Commandant General Jonbert haa
threatened to shoot any man who
moves without orders.
Tbt London morning papers are inclined to regard tbe seizure of gold by
the Transvaal government as an net of
No ubsolnte confirmation is obtainable of the report-that a Boer ultimatum has beeu presented, bnt the news
conies from good Boer sources.
The Dally Telegraph's correspondent
nt New Cnsilo, Nntnl, Bends his paper
asiuiilnr message io tbat sent by tbe
correspondent of the Daily Chronicle,
and says he is sure half of the Boers
will oiler no serious resistance to the
Britisli troops. "Tbe Free State," he
says, "has made no preparations and it
is doubtful If it can pnt n thousand
men iu lhe field at present."
A special dispatch from Pretoria says
the Transvaal government has seized
gold to tbo value of ��800,000 wbioh is
now lodged in the state mint. Tbe
goverumcut, the dispatch adds, will indemnify the banks to wbich the gold is
The Daily Mail's special correspondent at Lorenzo, Marquez, reports that
H. M. S. Philmoel has gone to Durban
for tbo purpose of landing 100 men
and a guu. Commenting editorially
ou the foregoing dispatch the Daily
Mail says it considers tbat the aotion
reported indicates grave danger. The
admiralty, says tbe Daily Mail, would
not tonnteuauce snoh a measure except
in circumstances of uucBnal euiergeuoy
and it thinks it probable that other British warships arc converging silently
upou the theatre of aotion.
The Daily Chronicle's correspondent
at Oape Town says Mr. J. H. Hofmey*
er, tbe Afrikander leader in Oape
Colony, and Sir Alfred Milner, British
high commissioner for Sonth Africa
uud governor of Cape Colouy, met to
day in conference. Au unconfirmed
report is in circulation tbat Mr. Hof-
meyer has beeu entrusted with an imperial mission to Pretoria.
Orders have beeu issued from Pretoria closing all the saloons In the
gold fields. The Transvaal government
has taken over the Ferreira mines, and
all Ibe mines iu the goldfields. A
group of five of the Eoksteiu mines
have been closed. Additional transports, with troops from India, arrived
tbis morning at Durbau, Natal, and
will proceed tu the front immediately.
It Is rumored there that tbe Boers are
withdrawing from tbe Natal border
owing to lack of forage.
A dispatch from Volksrost says the
Boer camp on lhe Onak border now
comprises 8,000 men and is growing
daily. The oamp breathes with outrageous fervor. One of the largest
corps lay on the veldt without shelter
during a heavy thunder storm. Commandant General Jonbert is momentarily expeoted to assume command ot
the Boer forces.
A London news agency publishes the
following dispatch from Volksmst
Transvaal, dated Oct. 8: "A confirmed
report is in circulation here that the
timo allowed the British troops to withdraw from the Transvaal border will
expire at 4 o'olook tomorrow afternoon,
and tbat failure to comply with the
demand -will be considered tantamount
to e declaration of war."
The British foreign oflice at 5 o'olook
assured the Associated Press that absolutely nothing was known there of
any Transvaal demand for the -withdrawal of tbe British Iroops from the
Up In a Military Kite Balloon.
Berlin, Oot. 6���Brigadier General
A, W. Greely, honorary vice-president
of the international geographical congress, accompanied by Major H. T. Al
len, military attache of the U.S. em.
bassy iu Berlin, today ascended at
Potsdam in a military kite balloon, tbe
invention ot Mr. Perctval Siegsfeld.
Emperor William granted General
Greely a speoial permit to make the ascent. Greely has purchased a similar
balloon for the United States government.
Winnipeg, Oct. 5,���The machinists
employed iu tho O. P. R. shops from
Fort William to Vancouver, including
Winnipeg, struok yesterday morning at
a season when tbis company is at its
busiest The strike Is for a mluimum
wage of 96 cents per honr and recognition ot the Machinists union by tbt
O, P. R.
mm���****. I  iii      i
Longshoremen Strike.
West Superior, Oot, 8.���A general
strike, nffeottng ill freight and flour
handlers in tbis olty, was ordered by
the Longshoremen's onion yesterday.
Five hundred men are ont and no boats
are being loaded. The men demand
that none bnt union men be bind,
Thanksgiving- Oct. 19.
Ottawa, Oet. 8.���Ootober 10th
been fixed by Ibe government it a day
ot national thanksgiving in Canada.
The holiday comes two weeks Irom today.
Quebec, Oot. 5.���Lord Seymour, commander in-chief of the British troopt
at Halifax, was sworn in here thll
afternoon It administrator of the Dominion during the absence of the governor-general. Mr. McGee, elerk of
the privy coonoll, administered tbt
Stratford, Oot. 6.��� George Jo.ksou,
bartender it the O. T, R. refreshment
rooms hare attempted to commit nloid*
today hy ratting hii throat with ���
razor. Ht bid been .offering boa
melancholia fo�� tome time put.
Thuradar. October 5.
Tlio Erltlali parliament will meet on
the mil  Instant.
More transport, liavo arrived froia
India at Durban.
Sir Wlllluiii Vernon Harcourt liaa made
a, bitter attack un Chamberlain,
Two large beta, with odd. on the 00l<
uniliia, wore made In  Now York.
. Tlio Tran.vaal government hn. taken
over all tlic mine. In   tin- gold Held*.
The U. S. have recovered the gunboat
Crdanata, captured by tbe  Filipino..
A poor ntu-udanco greeted .Sir Charles
Tapper at llcrwlcli, *\. s��� u-vlng to rain.
A longshoreman', strike 1. an at West
Superior, 4l)(i freight handlers -luitlliig
A list ol tho test.- made by Dr. Bell,
ot Winnipeg dairymen*, milk 1. pub.
Admiral Dewey, ut Ills ovra ronueat,
lias been relieved ol the command ol the
Owing to i-ovolatliins in the Madagaa.
car camialgn, Ucnci-nl Mercier I. said
tu be la   disgrace.
Doers hull! lie a treasure traiu eon,
talcing ��oU0,C00 from the gold Mold.,
bound to Cape Colony.
The Liberal members ot the British
commons have derided tu support the
government*. S. A. iolicy.
Sir Thomas Upton I'm. great hope, on
the outcome ut to-day*, race, hut believes It   will bo a   worthy contest.
Tbe Ti-aiiavaal haa made nu demand
on Britain lu withdraw ber truopa lion]
the Natal border, coutrary to rcporte.
Sixty men, wbo came to replace atrlk.
���rs at tlio l'blladolphla .hip yard.,
yielded tu the men and Jolnod the atrlke.
The Allan line has decided tu givo up
the Canadian mall contract owing to the
i-eiiiilsillouliig of their heat boat, as
transport, by th. British gov.ruinent,
Names of Ihose Kec.iminrnd.il by tb.
Minister or the Interior to Aet.
Ottawa, Oot. 5.���A great deal ot discussion has taken place in reference to
tbe bill whioh -was brought before par*
-lament at its last session to provide for
the inspection of elevators and for the
construction of flat warehouses. The
government made an appropriation to
pay tbe expenses of a commission to in*
veetigate the subject nnd the minister
of the interior bas now made a reoom.
mendatlon for the appointment ot a
commission. The commissioners selected are: Judge. Senkler, St. Catharines, chairman; W. F. Slrett, M.P.P.,
Glendale, Man.,;Chas. O. Castle, Fox-
ton, Man., and William Lothian, Pipestone. Chas. N. Bell, Winnipeg, is appointed secretary.
Judge Senkler Is one of the best
known and most highly respected
country judges in the provinoe of Ontario. His presence as chairman of tht
commission will insure an elfectlye and
impartial investigation and will command general confidence nnd respect.
The other three members ot the commission are ill farmers. Mr. Slrett
hu been for many yean a member ot
the provincial legislature of Manitoba,
haying been elected aa the Patron representative. Mr. Castle lt a member
of the Western Grain Standards board,
where he hai represented tbe interests
ot farmers. Mr. Lothian ii' a well
known farmer of tbe Pipestone district,
Md was for some yean reeve ot tht
municipality in which ht resides. Tht
commission thus being constituted by
the appointment of a jndge whose
character and ability were universally
recognized, together with ��� tbree independent farmers, should ensure a complete and satisfactory investigation.
It ii understood, tbat the Allan lino
haa sold two ot its best steamers to the
British government to be used for oon.
veyiiig troops to South Africa and tbt
oompany haa now notified tbe department here that they will not be able to
accept the mall contract on its present
terms. If slower vessels be not ao.
copied thoy cannot carry it out. The
matter is now under tbe consideration
of Sir Riohard Cartwright. Tbe Elder
Dempster line is now giving fairly
good satisfaction.
Twenty-Two  Canadian   Factories  Under
On. Management.
Montreal, Oot. 5.���-A deputation,
oomposed of W. R. Hobbs, yioe-presid.
ent of the Canadian Consolidated Plate
Glass company ;R. M. Jeffery, Ohioago,
andG. R. Show, a Toronto lawyer,
bare been in the olty " some time
negotiating for the formation of a new
oompany nnder the name of the Oanad*
Ian Export Furniture Co., with a
capital ot $8,000,000. The necessary
capital has been secured, lt Is under*
stood, through R. Wilson Smith and
Meldrnm A Oo. As a result ot tht
operations twenty-two of tbe largest
furniture factories in tbe oountry will
bs brought under one management,
The representatives met thia morning
at the Windsor and practically deolded
to bnild a monster factory in Montreal.
Montreal haa been ohosen aa tbe site of
the new factory because of its being tht
shipping port of the country. Detail!
of tbe scheme have not yet been elaborated, but tbe necessary capital for tbe
enterprln hai been secured. The principal firms interested in the new com-
pany are: Krntohel Furniture Co., of
Hanover; Thos. Ball k Sons, limited,
of Wingham; Snyder Bros, ft Co., ot
Waterloo; Tbe Antlers Manufacturing
Co., of Berlin, Ont.; Messrs. Geo.
MoLennngnnn & Co., of Stratford;
Messrs. Burr Bros. & Co., of Guelph,
���nd tbt Amerioan Rattan Oo, of Walk-
Oporto, Oot. J.���Fonr ntw oases ot
bnbonic plagne and one death win reported on Tnesdiy.
Wheat���Manitoba Na 1 hard it "tat
William, 71)40
Flour���Ogilvie's Hungarian patent,
11.86; Glenora, $1.88; Manitoba strong
bakers', 1,46; XXXX, (1.06; Like ot
the Woodipatent.il. 86; itrong bakers',
11.86; second bakers', $1.46; XXXX,
11.16 per sack ot 98 poandf, deli-tend
in Winnipeg.
Mlllfttd-Bnn $10 $0, ud iborti
$18.60, net priot to dealers.
Ground Feed���But Oil shop, $11
ptr ton; mixed barley and oata, $10.00
to $10.00; bnt grideiof own feed $10,
inferior qualities $17.60 per ton. 011-
oake, $84 per tou.
Oett���87 to 89o on traok, Winnipeg.
Com���None offering
Barley���87 to 880 for new barley in
oan here.
Flax���For clean new seed SOo ptr
Hay���Baled, $6.60 to $0.60 on traok
Butter���Oeamery, 81o at the factories; dairy, 18c for Hunt grades
Cheese���180 per pound delivered at
Eggt���Strlolly fresh, 18o.
Vegetables ��� Potatoes, onoloe, new
Vegetables���Potatoes.S6o per bushel;
oitron, IH to Ho ptr ponnd; carrots,
86e per bushel; parsnips, $1.00 per
bushel; cauliflower, 60 to 76o per doi;
tomatoes, native, 9)$o per pound; cabbage, 86 to 60c per dozen; turnips, 80o
ptr bushel; celery, K0 to 86j per dozen
bnnobes; pumpkins, 1 to ljtfo per lb.;
squash, lc per ponnd; Hubbard, 80;
marrow, 86 to 40o per dozen.
Seneca Root���80o per pound.
Wool���7 to 80 per ponnd will be paid
for mixed lott
Hides���Na 1, 7o; No. 8, 60; No.
8, 6. Kip, 8 to 8X0; oalf. 80; dea*
kin skins, 86 to 860 eaoh; ibearllng
sheepskins, 10 to SOo; honehldee, SOo
to 76o eaoh.
Dressed Meats ��� Beet, 80 to 7o;
mutton, 9c to lOo; lamb, 10 to llo;
veal, 7 to So; pork, 7o per pound.
Poultry���Fowl. tiOa per pair; spring
chickens, 40 to OOo per pair; ducks,
800 ptr pair; geese, 80 to 76o eaoh;
turkeys, Uo per pound; wild docks,
86 to 40o per pair.
Cattle���Choice export 8^ to SXo
iff oars; bntohers', 8 to S-^o.
Sheep���4 to 4)40 per pound.
Hogs���Choice, 4 X to 60 off oon.
Mlloh Cows���Good new milken nn
worth (46 in the oliy
Ho-te ���Goolwok hones from $109
8M HelMS**.!
nwi Lot. and Marry
the Maa lhe Did Lev..
This Is a maxim of unfailing truth,
thnt nobody ever pries Into another man's
concerns bnt with n design to do, or to
be able to do him a mlachlef.���South.
The greatest depth te which a ship
has been anchored Is* 2,(.i0 fathoms���
considerably wore thai two miles.
Alaskan Bomdiry.
Toronto, Oot. 6.���A speoial cable
itys: Sir Louis Davies, since his arrival here haa had a nnmber of Interviews with Mr. Chamberlain ind the
foreign office respecting tha Alsaksn
bonndiry dispute. Lord Pauneefote
wat present at the liter consultations.
No authoritative statement oan be procured, but it it understood that much
diplomatic correspondence ind effort
bave resulled in a provisional boundary
being sgrerd upon witb regnrd to the
Ohilcot Pats, while the oase of the
otber peases will be continued. All
those arrangements will be without prejudice to the treaty righti of either
oountry. The several governments
bare been trying to find a bails for a
reference of tbe subject to arbitration.
It is understood tbat Canada maintains tbe position which wat astnmtd
by her representative, upon the joint
high commission. She ll willing to
���ccept either a fair oompromlee or a re*
ferenoe to arbitration, titter without
reservation or witb thott memtloni
for wbioh 1 precedent ll ifforded by
Uw Veneintii MbMnttoa.
Lenrnlnu and D-.-.p.|>.U.
First Citizen of Bostou-1 am told
he Is very learned.
Second Citizen of Boston-On tbt
conl;-'i',v, bo doesn't even know bo bat
11 stoiiiiii-li. from nny Inconvenience It
ever gives hiin
Mr*. Stanley  Lc.cs Her LI'e While At.
I.nil ling lo lies,-,!.* Her Chi'.'.
Windsor, Ont, Ut. 8��� A trill
drowning occurred at T. cnmseli, u vii
lege near here, on Thursday evening,
wben Mrs. George Stanley and ber in
fant daughter Gladys wen drowned
The little one fell into n large uncover
ed cistern near the house and tbe
mother sprang In to save ber end was
unable to climb np the slippery walls,
Two Brothers Prombly Lost it Set,
Vanconver, B., O., Oct. 6.���On
Thursday Mrs. Mannon left for Howe
Sound and on Saturday afternoon ber
two soul, thinking of giving her a surprise, left In company wilh Crawford
Sawen in a email sail boat. * The
weather being fine they took no overcoats, and got as far at Point Atkinson
light bouse. Tbe light houn keeper
took tbem in ind gave them topper, at
tbis same time urging tbem to return
to Vancouver, bnt to no avail.
Mr. Irving, Ihe lighthouse keeper,
supplied eaoh boy with a coat and they
left again. They wen toon after met
by Oapt. Oale*, wbo stopped hll boat
md be?ged them to return, bnt nothing
wonld deter tbem. A heavy gale
sprang up Immediately uferwards and
although a diligent searoh has been
made, no vestige of tbe boyi or their
boat has been found.
New York, Oct. 6.���Army Secretary
Peyton, of tbe Brotherhood ot St. An
dnw who has just returned tram tbe
Philippines, declares tbat Ibe United
Stales has 46,000 "drunkards, rakes
and gamblers "in aud around Manila
aud tbit religions progress is qniet out
of iht qneitionjwhlle Amerioan soldiers
���n there.
Alloway & Champion,
Ll.l.d Stuck, bought, aold, nd earried
en Margin.
tVrlt. na If you wish to .zebangs .ny "Uadet
money, to buy Government or tt ��. w. Oet
Loads, or to nod moo.)- eaywhwe.
Reported by Alloway * Champion,
Stook Broken, Wlnnlpig.
lft.M-11. MMNL    m*B*tt.
jlsrobaats'  IH        .tJ
Union  119
Warlifla XD M IM.
Payn. ���...,;. JCD l��l Jt
Commercial Cable  .    M 111
Montreal Td ID IU Iiu
Bleb.* Ont,Mav.  10   - 111*4
Ultjr Faulty  li III
H��llf��x R'r f. I.., Ill tl
Moutreal Osa  IBS IH
Toronto K'y  il .1
Dululb Praf.rr-d         )�� ....
Can. Pac, B'y, Monti-eel         *1       tl
OSi.Pae. B'y. London        itti ....
Money, time..         t ....
Honey.oneall........  IM ....
Quoted by Alloway * Champion,
80S Main atreet, Wlnniptg.
BatohsmarkB., I0.U 1-4
.SaHsa ���M
:*.."*.".'.."*.::;:::;'.'. *8 ���*���
i.e. ���>���������..teetteet _
^^;:::::;:;:::::;:::::::;:::;;::: |
Wben old Mr. Be ran b died at Niche-
Conk, Nathaniel Muddlcombe, hia grand*
aon, was the only heir. He was born and
brought up in England nnd bnd nerer,
seen his grandfather. Six months after
his death Mr. Muddlcombe appeared at
Nicheconk and took possession of tbe old
homestead where bit mother's ancestors
had lived for generations and where
many BevnuBes were born only to die off
and make way for the son of the dead
man's daughter, whom be had repudiated
because she married on alien and whom
he bod cut off In a will wbich he destroy*
ed tbe rcvy day of his death, ihe man in
whose faror It was having borrowed one
or his dogs to go bunting ond accidentally
shot It So the property went to the ro*
pitdlntrd daughter's only child, sbe bet-
self baring died a few mouths before ber
Mr. Muddlcombe found tbat his grand*
fnther's estate held a mortgage for $5,000
on the farm of Squire Oulvcr near, by,
and interest was overdue. 80 be went to
iee the squire about It and waa bewitch*
eil hy the aqulre'a daughter, Grace, aa
sweet a country lass as ever managed a
dairy. Muddlcombe said not a word
about the Interest either on his first call
or nuy other, but be began to make love
to Grace, wbo waa in a sad quandary.
She was just 20, and tbree years before
Frank Layton, to whom she bad plighted
ber troth, bad started for tbe Klondike,
and from that time she had never bad
word from him, but bad learned from the
newspapers that the vessel In which he
snited wns lost and that nearly If not all
���n board had perished.
Her father didn't know of her engage*
ment to Prank, and therefore he ea*
couraged Muddlcombe. He wns rich and
wns putting the old homestead tn splendid order and exercising excellent taste
In preserving all the quaint characteristics of tbe house. Hc was a good
enough fellow In bis way, but he was 40
years old, bald and sedate as a deacon.
Poor Grace didn't care just one little bit
for bim and let him see It In as polite ���
way as she knew how. Nevertheless be
persevered, and the squire was nappy,
for be saw how bis daughter's marriage
to Muddlcombe might not only wipe out
tiie mortgage, but mako ber mistress of
the fine old homestead nnd tbe wife of *
rich man.
The time came when Muddlcombe
spoke to tbe old man, wbo consented
cheerfully to hta paying attentions to
Grace. Grace, knowing bow her father
wus situated, didn't say no, but asked
time to consider his offer. 1 with which
she expressed herself as greatly flatter
ed and so forth. But to her 12-year-oI^
brother Ned she communicated ber decision to mn away rather than marry tbe
solemn, sblny pated, stupid old fellow,
and Ned encouraged ber, vowing that, if
the worst came to the worst, he would
go witb. her and befon doing so help
himself to some of the old man's cash
and a rifle
Grace put off Muddlcombe week after
week until another six months' Interest
on. tbe mortgage became due, and Mud*
dlcombe, finding be wasn't advancing
much Id his suit, hinted to the squire
tbat he wai short of ready money aad
that 12 months' Interest wonld soon ba
due. Thereupon the squire Insisted that
Grace should hurry up and accept Muddlcombe,' and to tbe very next day ahe
said yes, and Muddlcombe expressed a
desire that tbe wedding should take
place within a month.
Three weeks passed, during which tlma
Muddlcombe got lota of new furniture
Into the homestead. Only another week
wos left, and poor Grace was In a dread*
fut state of mind. Ned went to tht
postoffice every day to see If thtrt
was n letter, but there waa, no sign of
Frank's existence. At last, however, ba
came Into the house out day just at
dark, drew, bis sister Into her. room, doa*
ed the door and said In a gasping whisper;
"Frank's* outside lu the lane." As
soon ts It was dark Frank and Grace
mot, and, oh, bow sweet It was! Water
to a thirsty traveler���ilellversnee to a
shipwrecked Bailor���food to a starving
outcast���salvation to a sinking soul?
Take your choice. Nay, put them all to*'
gcther, and then yon may Imagine how
Grace felt.
At anybody wbo knows anything of
human nature In petticoats aod love
must admit, It Is hardly necessary for
me to say that Frank and Grace nnder
the shadow of the hills renewed their
vows and made them as much stronger
ee words conld do It When Frank told
Grace that he had made "a big haul" in
the Klondike and bad over $300,000 deposited in a bank, the was not sorry and
pever for a moment experienced a dread
of bis leaving her for some fine lady.
(She understood the value of thai pleaa*
pnt sum apd told Frank bow sbe appreciated i| ond also intimated that be must
fit once produce enough of It to pay tht
Interest on tha mortgage.
���The Interest?" ht aald. "Wl*y, l*U
pay off the whole principal aa well."
That being settled, sbe told bim about
Mr Mnddicombt audbow ahe bad prom-
|M-d to marry bin, believing Frsuk was
ill-mi nntl wnert tbey neither marry nor.
nro given iu marriage.
"Rut," said sbe, "I did It to save papa,
���ml now that you've come I'll fling him
overboard and take you Id spite of all
yum' wealth. Comt right inside now, and
I'll tell nana, sod I'm Jutt as sure as I aa
1      "    .       ���     ���  "J
that I lovt yon tbat papa won't say a
word against my taking back my prom-
tee to Muddlcombe."
"Of course," said Frank, 'It wonld bt
much simpler for mt to shoot him, butts yon might object to that course aa
being too Klondfklsh I'll agreed to your
80 tbey went inside and surprised tht
old man, and each made a clean brtaat
of it, and tbe squirt aald:
MHow about tba mortgage and ths interest?"
"I'll pay 'em," said Frank.
"Ton?" exclaimed tht old man.
"That's what I aald," Frank replied In
that manner which la offensive to noma
"How win you manage that?" tbt
���quirt aiked.
"Draw a check for tht amount" aald
The squire stared, and Grace put her
handkerchief to ber face. Then Frank
out nnd told about hia success in the
Klondike, and the old squire swore he had
always liked hia pluck and wouldn't hart
anybody else In tbe world for a son-in-
law but him.
It Is no nse going on, for tbe render
can set well enough what la coming.
Grace resolved to dismiss Muddlcombe
very politely, protesting that she-, wu
very sorry, bnt that aba bad triad to lovt
bim aud failed.
Next day Frank came bounding Into
the bouse, for It was a hot day, and tht
door was wide open. Into the parlor he
went and found Grace there. They wert
engaged in those silly antics in which
youthful lovers will engage when suddenly there waa a footstep, and Grace saw
Muddlcombe almost 00 tht threshold.
What was there for her to do? She
didn't want Muddlcombe to see Frank,
for she waa In hopes of getting rid of bit
middle aged lover and him out of tht
neighborhood without bla discovering the
true cause of her dismissing bim.. Sht
did what girls situated as she waa do on
the stage���put Frank Into tbe closet and
closed the door. She bad just done this
when Muddlcombe entered the parlor,
aald good morning and Sat down. Then
he drew some papers from his pocket and
began exhibiting to her plans for tht reconstruction of the homestead garden
after they were married.
Grace was In a truly lamentable condition of mind aa tbe minutes flew,.for
Frank was shut In a close and confined
space and might suffocate If be waa not
presently released. Fortunately, sht
heard the voico of Ned at the other end
of tbe passage, and saying, "Excuse me a
moment," she left the room, hurried to
Ned and took him aside. >'
"Oh, dear Ned," she s|ld, "I'm In aa
awful fix. When I saw Muddlcombe coming, I put Frank Into the parlor cleftt
and he'll be suffocated soon If I can't get
Muddlcombe out of tbe way. Ned, dear,
can't you help me?"
Ned thought for.a moment, and thtn
in an awfully hoarse whisper:'
"Give me a minute, and I'll manage
He rushed out at the back door, and ���
JiaO^furned to the parlor. In less than
a minute Ned came In at tbe front door
on tbe run and entering tht room almost
breathless said:
"Mr. Muddlcombe, the doctor���out In
the lano-w'nuta to see you���lo a great
hurry���guess something's tbt matter." ���
Muddlcombe arose and saying, "I'll be
back soon," hastened away.
Grace released Frank at once, and It
was time. He wns perspiring profusely,
as the place was about as hot as an oven.
"Go right away to tbt back ptassa,"
said Grace. "Don't itay a second, aa Mr,
Muddlcombe may ht back."
Frank did aa he was told, and Ned
went along with him and explained how
the thing was done. Grace followed and
hugged Ned tud kissed him and vowed
she'd never forget his kindness ai long aa
she lived.  Frank said:
"Ned, bave you got a wheel?"
"No; 1 wish I bad," Ned answered.
"Well, you shall have tha best tbat
money can buy tbt first time I go to
town.'* ,
Mr. Muddlcombe returned and ssld to
Grace that he wondered why the doctor
didn't stay after lending such an urgent
message. After he left Grace sat down
and with tha assistance of Frank wrote
a letter informing "dear Mr. Muddlcombe" of her change of mind and
breaking the engagement Ned carried
the letter to the postoffice, and Frank
gave him a dollar.
Two days later Mr. Muddlcombe's lawyer received tht fall amount of the mortgage ou Squirt Culver'i property, with
the Interest, and communicated to tha
squire that hia client bad departed for
England, directing him to foreclose, and
leaving tht homestead on his hands for
sale, vith all the furnlturt, Und and everything else pertaining to It "
In n week tht homestead property wu
Frank's, and when he and Grace wert
married a month later tbey made tha
homestead their home. .. *
Ned Is married and manages bis father's farm. There are 10 many young
Culvert and youug I,aytona that it looks
ai though tba whole neighborhood will
toon be overrun witb descendants of thi
two fami|ies,-Brook|yn Citizen.
piTlttan *f Ube* ,}���-
Close Fitted Parent-I tell yon, my
pom It li a great deal hunter to iptw)
money witb good judgment than It la
to make It .-���.,-��� at*
The Young Mnu (not ao cloae Hated)
-Well, rtiilicr, h't tue take half Hit
bin-deli aff your lut min. Von nmkf It,
end I'll ajH'tnl lt.-(.'lilcngo Trltitivt
Met Worth �� Ossst.
*V> (set Is siy brttias, rir," Sbs uli  ,
* tmntet a hiak usatat laatsad.
Absolutely Cure ITCHING PILES?
Instead of using large space in this paper to convince you
of the fact that Dr. Chase's Ointment is a positive cure for
Piles, we have another plan which will, convince the most
We know that if you try Dr. Chase's Ointment yoiu will
be convinced, just as scores of thousands have been, by being
cured. If we could hand you a sample box of Dr. Chase's
Ointment we would do so, but we can't, and therefore we ask
you to send us your name and address and a 2-cent stamp for
postage, and we will send you a sample box of Dr. Chase's
Ointment and a copy of Dr. Chase's Supplementary Recipe
There may be enough in the sample to cure yoi|, and if *q
we sha)l not lose it) (be KWSfim, for -WJJ wljl tell yoip friend*,
and the fame of {hit graft Ointment wjp iprewj. TJ>U spec'u-j
offer is for a short time only. Sm4 tot-Jay. ij^r. Crope'4
Ointment for isle fay all defers or QDHMiisott, fts\T�� $ Co.,
Toronto. Q-oii-msxr Eha^
������W Ih* NavaJoea PaaUked a las-
peeled Hcdluiae Haa.
' A small band of Navfljo Indians, the
sole remnant of a once mighty tribe, bare
wandered for the last decade around
what Is known as Kearns cntiyon, In
.Arizona, They are ao Insignificant In
numbers and have hitherto borne such a
reputation for pence that little attention
la paid to them. There happened among
them lately, however, n crime so terrible
that. Although the whites in the vicinity
realized how hopeless all effort at reformation was, where Indian religion was
concerned, all felt that something In
retribution onght to be done.
Smallpox bnd raged among the band
for some time, ond almost half ot them
had died. Suddenly the leaders took It
Into their heads that their medicine man,
who had lately quarreled with somo of
them, Was responsible for the malady.
With characteristic Indian promptitude
they waited no time for consideration.
The "spot sickness" was carrying off
their babes and young men. The modi*
due may could alleviate It, but wouldn't
Therefore, kill bim. They surrounded
his tepee at night and, entering while he
slept, bound him hand and foot and tied
him to a tree. They then told him how
be alone was responsible for the woe that
had come among tbem and danced the
dance of death for him In his presence.
The rest of the tale Is perhaps best told
In the language of one of the witnesses.
"Then they told Bine NImalgo how one
by ono he had stain the young men and
the babies. And one by one, ns they told
him this, they broke the bones In him,
broke tbem in abort pieces, beginning
with tlte little bones, nnd nfter that tbe
great ones tbnt do not break easily.
"He lived long, for he wos a rery
strong man. The bad medicine made bim
"Thoy took off his scalp, for be was on
enemy. Tbey cut off his cars. Where be
has gone they will fyiow him by these
signs, I think tbey cut nway bis arms
nnd logs. They danced the death dance
and sang to him his bnd deeds while
they did these,thing*.
"I do not know the names of tbe 12
that did this.
"When they were weary, thoy fired 12
bullets Into the body. Each fired one
"Then they cut the thongs that held
the liinly to the tree, aud tbey put Bine
Into i lie hognn. His legs aud arms and
all the parts of his body they put in together. Then tbey set fire to ttte hogan,
singing and dancing about, and It burned
rery taut. The fire ate up all the bad
medicine. The nshea were clean."1���Clu
ciuiiiitl Km)Hirer.
M's Liniment Cures DijIiMa.
Bow a Drankeh Hisband Was Made a
Softer Man by a Determined Wife.
She writes:���"I had for a long time beta
thinking of trying the Samaria Prescript
tion treatment on my husband for his
drinking hablti, but I was afraid ha would
discover thut I was giving him -medioine.
and the thought unnerved me. I hesitated
for nearly a week:, but one day when he
came home very muoh Intoxicated and
bis week's salary nearly all spent; I threw
off all foar and determined to make an
effort to tare oar home from the-ruin I
saw opmlng. at all hazards. I tent for
ronr Samaria Prescription and pnt it In
hlaooffee at directed noxt morning, end
watched and prayed for the result At
noon I gavo him more and also at snt
Ha never suspected a thing, and I
boldly kept right on giving lt regular.. ,���
I had dltoovered something that set every
herve In my body tingling with hope and
happiness, and I could tee a bright future
���pro id out before mo���a peaceful, happy
home, a share I n the good filings of life, an
attentive, loving husband, comforts, and
everything else dear to a woman's heart,
for my husband bad told me that whiskey
was vile stuff and he wat taking a dislike
to It It was only too true, for before 1
had oMen him the full course he had -stop-
pad drinking altogether, but I kept giving
the medicine till It was gone, and then tent
for another lotto have on hand if he should
rehtpte,ashe had done from his promises
before. He never has, and Inmwritlni
you thll letter to tell you how thankful -
am. I honestly believe It will oure the
wont oases."
A pamphlet In plain, sealed envelope,
Bent free, giving testimonials ndfull information, with directions how to take or
administer Samaria Prescription. Corre-
apondenoe considered laoredly oonflden-
IHi'*���**��**? Ito Samaria Bemadj Co..
Jordan street, Toronto, Ont
Nol IJultti Unique.
Two months ago a collector paid tbt
extravagant mm of ��180 for a copy or
Jtudyard Iglnllng's earliest known work,
"Itohbolbov Lyrlos," and bagged It to
bla WMIopMllBi breast In. the belief that
jt Wat,, at the catalogue stated, ''absolute*
ly unique." But tbe realization of so
astounding a price for these youthful
effusions, says ihe Liverpool Courier, led
to the ransacking of other libraries, with
the result tbnt no fewer than thret otber
���opt" bave boen unearthed and teat to
the auction room.
IP^���**-**"���l   'W ���!   '������ I
Mr W��p *)>*-"* In ttilidpit,
proportionately there Is no greet elfy
tn the civilised world that has so few
morning papers as London. This li dut
to tha largo expenditure Involved In
starting a paper In the metropolis. Any*
one contemplating this must be prepared
to loso many thousands of pounds a year
for two or three years, aud then, perhaps,
to fall. \   ' ���
Its Methods of catchfn* and Dlapon-
Idk of Ita Food,
Never before has It fallen to my lot to
nee the terrible monster we encountered
on the passage from San Francisco to*
ward Nanaimo in the bark Wlliscott of
We knew tbat tbe octupus grew to an
immense size,, as Banks and Solander,
who accompanied Captain Cook In his
first voyage around the world, fonnd the
dead carcass of oue floating on the water
to the westward'of Cape Horn. It waa
supposed to be 20 by 30 feet, the body
only. Tbe tentacles were hanging under
water, lt was surrounded by myriads of
birds, which were feeding greedily on Its
remains. Pliny also mentions a similar
monster having eight arms 80 feet long
and a correspohding girth, and many other writers too numerous to mention bave
certified to Its actual existence. But 1
did not believe thnt anything similar to
the terrible "devilfish" described by Victor Hugo was really In existence until I
hnd ocular demonstration of tbe fact on
this passage.
Its eyes were large, of a. greenish tint
and somewhat protruding. Its month,
however, was not so very large, and it
appeared to be shaped like a parrot's bill.
Its tentaclct were tapering and, like Its
body, of a grayish ��� color, covered with
spots. It appeared to possess the chameleonlike power of changing tbe color of
these spots In a most extraordinary manner as fast as tbe. eye could detect the
changes. They varied from o very rich
crimson to a dark, dull brown, these
changes no doubt Indicating the high
state of excitement under which the creature was at the time.
Suddenly the octopus discharged a huge
Jet of a dark colored fluid full Into the
eyes of tbe sunlish, and then, rushing forward with the rapidity of au arrow, it
encircled Its prey with the long tentacles,
and In another moment the victor and
the vanquished had disappeared below
the surface of the water.
In a few moments more we bad sailed
right over the scene and found the water
was colored almost black for a space of
fully 200 feet In diameter, and we noticed
an odor slightly resembling Iodine risiag
from the water. Our patent log line of
snow white cotton, which was timing
astern, was colored almoat black, and it
has not yet assumed Its white freshness,
although It has towed In the water fully
800 miles since the above episode.
About 20 minutes after we had passed
over this stfot we saw the huge creature
again on the surface enjoying Its meal lu
a very leisurely manner, rolling the body
of tbe unfortunate sunlish over and over
and biting off large mouthfuls with Its
cruel looking beak.
I knew before tbat these huge octopods
and their relatives, the decapods, were
not altogether mythical, bb they have at
the National museum In Washington a
papier mache cast of one ot the latter,
which was found stranded on the north
shore of Trinity bay, Newfoundland, on
the 22d day of September, 1877. The total length of thli specimen, Including tentacles, was only 60 feet so It is quite safe
to infer that It bad uot become of age
when tt wat wrecked.���San Franclsce
Two Q��er Drags,
Of tbe two queerest drugs in the world
the one called "exeat" is the one most to
be avoided. It Is a South American
product and made by the tropical Indians
A grain of It will make you feel the
need of violent exertion, and once you
begin tbere is no stopping. You walk
till yon die. Moreover, you do uot walk
straight ahead, but In a little circle of
two or three yards diameter. Toil tramp
wildly and steadily on, teelog nothing
nnd not suffering actual pain, but with
all-your nerves on fire and your brain
spinning. You do not stop walking till
you drop dead In your tracks. The extreme vitality Is kept up till the last moment Some of the Indians have a way
of dosing their captives with this drug,
sitting around the victim whilo be walks.
Tbe other drug li a European product
called "vlnard" and also acts on the
brain. A common result of this drug
when taken in any quantity la to cause
an insane desire���In an educated man, at
any rate���to do sums. It develops the
arithmetical powers to a wonderful extent, though only for a short time. Tho
victim's chief desire Is to get hold of
Sencil and paper, aud once this is done
e scribbles figures, sometimes making
attempts nt adding them up, but never
getting them' right Presently the figures
tlecomo mere scrawls, and the usual result Is death or insanity. It Is well known
to men of science and Is used In some
kinds of medicine by bomeopathlsts,���
St. Louis Republic.
Irish lasartness.
'���'"Bad luck to them Afraydees," said a
Dublin carman tbe otber day when an
officer handed him a shilling after driving
from Richmond barracks to the Kildare
Street club. "Why?" asked the officer.
"Sure they're killed all the gentlemen
that was lb the army." The officer wai
so pleased witb tbe veiled Insult tbat he
doubled the fare,
"Why are Irishman always laying bare
tbe wrongs of their country*?" osbed some
one In tbe house. "Because they want
them redressed," thundered Major O'Gor-
An Irish navvy on the Holyhead boat
was complaining of his foreman, "He'd
not stir n finger himself to lift u red herring off tbe gridiron, but he'd ask you to
shift the rock o'.Glbraltar."-"Macdon*
igh'i Irish Mfe and Character."
Japanese Catarrh
Cure Cures
Nasal Catarrh.
Japanese Catarrh Cure is a penetrating,
nothing, snd healing pomade, which tg inserted
up the nostrils hy a small camel's hair pencil.
The hest of tbe body melts this pomade and tbe
patient breathes tbe soothing medication
through the nostrils, aod Ihe nasal channels
opeu up. Tbs stuffed-up fueling In tbe head
leaves, and the person ian brent ha naturally
through ihe nose. The dull pains acrom the
head cease. Continual use for a short time
soothes the mucous membrane until tbe soro*
ne*e and Inflammation are all gone, ihe bad
odor of the breath pnsr-es away, and ibe lust
senses of smell and hearing return.   The drop-
filng ta the throat Is permanently checked, and
he nose does not stop np towards night. The
discharge irom the nose grows lem and less an-i
finally stops altotrether. It does not drive the
disease Into the ihioot or lungs or Into the ears,
as so often Is done by washes, douches and the
temporary relief catarrh powders and snuffs
whioh contain cosalno and other fatal alkaloids,
which relieve at thn time but give rise to a false
security. Japanese Catarrh Cure la a thorough
antiseptic, ts cleansing and healing in Its action,
and soothes the minute applied.
A freo sample will be sent to any persoi
suffering from this most dangerous disease
Enclose fr-oent stamp. Hold ny aU druggists.
Sn vents. Six for *..tO,tir by mall. Address,
The Griffiths k Macpherson Co., IM Church
street, Toronto.
Battle With a Maniac on si Chimney
350 Feat Htvta.
"Every time I see a tall chimney," said
an ex-GngliBbman who has lived for
many years in Washington, "1 am reminded of a thrilling affair tbat happened
when I was a lad In Bradford, England,
my birthplace. A 250 foot chimney had
just been completed, and two brick masons ouly were left ou the top to put tbe
finishing touches on It. Both of them
were big men. One of tbem, a fellow of
gigantic strength, went suddenly Insane
just as the last bit of work was done on
the chimney, and his companion looked
on witb horror while the maniac deliberately cut away the rope ladder leading
from the top of the chimney to the
"The maniac no sooner did this than he
turned to his companion and calmly announced that he was going to throw him
over the side of the chimney to the
ground. They closed, and a terrific protracted struggle ensued. The workmen
down -below had seen the rope ladder
when It struck the ground, and they
knew at once tbat something was wrong
with the two men at the top.
"They got away from the chimney at a
sufficient distance to see what was going
on up at the top, and they witnessed tbe
frightful encounter between the two men.
The maniac frequently, by pure strength,
got his companion over to the very edge
of the chimney. Every time be did this
tbe sane man would muster up all of his
force nnd push the madman back. The
hand to hand battle went on for hours,
while a company of firemen down below
were endeavoring to shoot a line over the
chimney by means of a rocket cannon.
Finally tbe sauo man got a certain hold
on the madman and broke tbe latter's
arm.   Then the maniac lay quiet.
"After hours of aiming the firemen
managed to get a line over the chimney,
which the exhausted brick mason, almost
'all out' from his terrible struggle with
the Insane man, grabbed. Then he drew
np the rope ladder, fastened It and came
down to the ground, sinking Into a semicomatose condition, from which he did
not emerge for days, ai his toot touched
tbe last round of the ladder.   His hatr
MUirt'i mirni cits Bunt a cm
1-nltu... Hiitl ll.ol.rl..
II will hi ntfft of dubious Joy to
smoker. It learn tbtt tbt fl����or of tbeir
f.forlto brand, ol tobacco Is not das to
tht .imII.iio. of Iht Ittf, bat to tbt
hutst-to which Inhabit It Tht kaeM*
olotln boldly assarts that Hit dtlloatt
aroma.'th. Mibtle abides of daror whioh
affect tbt palate of tht smoker art om
Ud alt attributable to'Ihe agnoy ot
mlorobts alone, and that II It lo frtisltd
baotarla ud nol to any particular plant
growth thai Iht gratitude of smokers Is
due. A German bacteriologist, Herr K.
Bnobsland, was tht flret lo draw atttn-
lion to tht remarkable feot that IM Haror
of tobaon Is not inherent In Itself, bnt
It dne to the microbes wbioh aid In Its
process iX fermentation. Ht enlll-nted
Ihe Inset Waal Indlu baotarla and In-
b-odnttd Hum Into oommon Gtmuu)
nbacoo, aad ma oonnoltssurs oould not
���11 iht prodnot from tht best Wsel In-
Uan tobacco. A patent bas bttn applied
oi to mannfaclort hlgh-olass tobaoooo In
lermany, ud II It bopad thai tht bee-
Ma mar lake Madly to cabbage, so that
bt beet brands may bt Imitated In Get-.
tany al the loweat nrlot. But thtrt Is,
I seeme, one drawback. Tho baclerU ar.
peal, and rout being transplants! treat
jielrownhon.ee. They Iqw tbeir flt-ror
way frbm their usual haunts, in tplte
f Iht -i-rllat of tclenimo parsons. If era'It
M so tvtry man might grow hit qifi-
iwoMt la alt cellar ul 'tht customs
out MU Wt lo glit qp ta���
(baocq jnd lory dm;   on rolo-**W
lie Hnd Concettled Ufa Identity fur I iirty
l.mitf   Yi'am-J���������uumt    Mia    Wile
Married   .-lenin.
The (loath of Leonard B. flecker,
aged 72 years, wnlch recently occurred at
Vates Center, Kan-, has revealed r. caw
cf self-sflcridoe seldom beard ot outside
the domain of fiction. Three 5 oars ago
Bleolcer went to the. country peddling a
few cheap articles and, too old and Weary
tu proceed farther, a kind-hearted farmer
took him In nnd cared fur htm alibi) b��
died, 'io the family which lefrieniled
him ho told the story of his lifo, reserving for the grave the speolrta name* of
per/on* and localities.
He stated that In 1861 he left a wife
and five children in Michigan und
answered the first call for volunteer-*
J be fortunes of war weva against him
und for months he lay a prisoner in
Ander.-ionvillo Prison, For somo reason
hu was led to believe that a certain otner
batch of prisoners would soon be exchanged. Among tbem was a dying mun
and the two comrades exchanged names
and military designations, Tho soldier
died and the death wai reported as that
of Leonard B. Blwker and is so recorded
In the War Department The real Weaker
was released after a time, rejoined his
regiment and served until the cloae of the
war without ooinmnnloatlng with his
family. Then he went baok and fonnd
bis wife married to another man. Ho
ascertained that bis children were well
oared for and then left the oominunltr
without revealing bis Identity. Through
out hii lire he carefully guarded hU
secret and since coming to Kansas w 11
often urged to apply for a twnalon. but
stoutly refused, Kven when near death
he would not reveal tbe location of hU
former home or permit anyone to communicate with his old owoolatea. He was
a man of more than ordinary education
and the truth of his story or the possession of a noble pnrposu in his long sacrifice cannot be doubted.
There never vnu, and never will be, *
universal nanaoea, in one remedy, for all
ills to wnlch flesh ts heir���the very nature
ot many ouratives being Bitch that were
the germs of other and differently Mated
diseases rooted in the system of the patient���what would relievo one Ul In turn
would aggravate tho other. Vie have,
however, in Quinine Wine, when obtainable in a sound, unadulterated state, a
remedy for many and grievous Ilia By its
gradual and judicious use tho frailest systems are led Iuto convalescence and
strength bv the influence wbioh Quinine
exerts on Nature's own restoratives. It
relieves the drooping spirits of those with
whom a chronic state of morbid despondency and lack of Interest In life is a disease, and, by tranqnilizing the nerves,
disposes to sound and refreshing sleep-
Imparts vigor to the aotion of the blood,
which, being stimulated, courses throughout the veins, strengthening tbe healthy
animal fnnotlons of the system, thereby
making activity a necessary result,
strengthening the frame, and giving life
to tbe digestive orgins, which naturally
demand Increased substance���result, improved appetite, Northrop and Lyman, of
Toronto, nave givon to the pnblio their
superior Quinine Wine at the usual rate,
and, gauged by the opinion of so lent Is ta,
tbis wine approaches nearest perfection
of any tn the market.    A11 druggists sail
out of his stupor it wai silvered all over.
"Two firemen volunteered to go up the
rope ladder after the maniac. They had
nearly reached tbe top of tbe chimney
wben the Insane man walked over to the
edge, looked around quietly for a minute
or so, paying no attention to the cries of
his rescuers, and then dived headforemost
to tbe ground. He was probably dead
before-he struck the earth, and he was
picked up a shapeless mass."���Washington Post,
Should take with them a supply
of Dr. Fowler's Ext. of
Wild Strawberry.
Those who Intend
going camping this
summer should take
with them Dr. Fowler's
Extract of Wild Strawberry.
Getting wet, catching cold, drinking water that is not always
pure.or eat ing food that
disagrees, may bring
on an attack of Colic,
Cramps and Diarrhoea,
Prompt treatment
with Dr.  Fowler's
Strawberry In such
cases relieves the pain,
t checks   the diarrhoea
and   prevents serious
;,consequences.   Don't
take chances of spoiling a whole summer's
outing through neglect of putting a bottle
of this great diarrhoea doctor in with your
supplies.    But see lhat it's the genuine
Dr. Fowler's Extract of Wild Strawberry,
as most of the Imitations are highly dangerous.
Kmperor  or  Chi hi*   ltau I foiling   Great
Fleimnre Over Iu Sterlet.
Bev. T. J. N. Gattrell. who for ten
years has been a oolporteur of the American Bible Society In northern China, has
returned to the United States.   In his
.   , , .,   ,   .    -   ; -    .--- last report to the society he soyaiilCver -.���
had been raven black, but when haaama, -ffifr^ preimttttdfr^opy^WNew
Hai an Jii*nratabl�� Knee, Ci*ii|i|it<l Gray
11 nil' und  Miintticlie.
We found Mataufa sitting on a mat in
the Kings house. On a wall, where a
sii.aU portion of the sido of tho bouse was
bor.rdod In, hung a photograph of a
group of German naval officers, and
above It a gaudily ornamented picture of
the Virgin on a background of blue peppered with gold Rtars��� for Mataafa is a
strict Koman Catholic. From one of the
central pillars of the house hung a modern rifle. On tho floor hualdu the chief
was a cheap muhogany-frnmed mirror, 1
lamp without a chimney und a tin
enamelled mug and water carufo, The
surroundings oould bo taken in at
glance, but tho man himself arrested the
attention. Thore wns a calm dignity of
manner about him, as he sat thero cto��r-
legged on his mat, a large lavaluva of
tappu covering his spacious loins and
waist. His short-cropped gray hair und
mustache showed elfins of advancing age,
and, perchnnae, of his Ave years' banishment in the Island of Juluir*. He seemed
a roan of strong personality as he sat
there, with Inscrutable face and Ann
head poised above a bravo chose and big
breasts, overy now nnd then swishing
tbe flies away with his ebony-handled
fne of hor**) tall; but all the time there
wns that j hlfty look of the eye, and we
know now that, for all his grand air, he
Is a very babe In politics, and too apt to
ba made the puppet of priests and prime
ministers in thi.* puppet principality.
I was cured of terrible  lumbago by
Rev. Wm. Brown.
I was cured of a bad case of earache
Mra. S. Kaulback.
I was cured of   senailive   lungs   by
Mre. S. Masters.
Courtship In Boerlaad.
The other evening I witnessed among
tbe natives tbe carrying off of a girl from
a location. This carrying off Is called by
tbem ukutwala, and tbe girl, though not
Indisposed to accept tbe man, onuses obstacles to be placed In bis way. He
ereutunlly watches his opportunity, after
first placing ao many bead of cattle In
(be kraal of the gtri'i father, and carries
ber off by main force, Tba heartrending cries of the bride hi ihe la carried
away are something pitiful,- a cry that
pierces tbe beart of a Christian, but Is a
cry of ber own, which, being Interpreted,
means, "Don't take me, bnt I want to
go. for 1 like It "-Johannesburg Standard. .	
Bxpert ReeemnfMdatleaa.
Two burglars, after working on a safe
all night, acknowledged themselves completely baffled by the saw combination
and were gathering np their tools Id dls-
"Sny, BUI, I'll tell yer how wt kin
make something out 0' this job."
"Wat yer meanT
"Let's bant ap the manufacturer of
this safe and aell him ear testimonials."
-Ohio State Journal.
Ha Stood Corrected,
"Cooking school? B'mphl I suppose
you've leaned everything except how to
bake bread, yonng woman?"
"Yea, air.. Wo don't bake bread at
cooking school."
"Oh, you don't?'
���"No, sir. We bake the dough/M^
cago Tribune.
When e Chinaman takes a walk, ha
|lkes to take along a cage with a canary
bird., lung It up on a \rep and listen to
the ��ong whkb thf surround logs Inspire.
, m    1 uli'i 1*      i.a 1.
Under tfct laws of Chlu tht mag wb��
How the Farnoun -Pacer Happened to
Get Hia Name.
John It. Gentry, the well known horseman, told this story of how the great
pacer came to get bis name:
"I have been frequently accused of tak*
Ing nd vantage of an opportunity to place
my name before tbe public by naming
after myself the great horse that I owned
and raced. It Is true that the animal
was named after me, but I assure you
that 1 was not responsible for having
named bim. I believe that I have ro*
eelved no little advertising solely, on account of tho record of the horse. I have
never told the true story of haw the.horse
boppened to bear my own name,
"Wben I bought him In Wichita, Kan.,
be was but a small colt and looked more
like n Newfoundland dog than anything
else. His bulr was long and ao uneven
tbat In appearance tbe colt approached
tho ridiculous. Wben I took bim down
to the farm, near Sedalla.tbe hired hands
laughed at my purchase and declared
that they would not allow inch on unprepossessing looking animal on tbe place.
The feeling against the ugly duckling
reached such a high.pitch that he was
given but little attention, and I waa almost tempted to dispose of him.
"1 decided to keep him, however, and
that ugly little colt was named John R.
In a spirit of fun on tbe part'of my hired
bonds, and as such action was most un*
complimentary to me I told tbe men to
refrain from jesting with md In that manner. Tbey assured me tbat the naming
of tbe colt was simply a joke, and os It
was all In a spirit of fun I did not name
the horse myself, but allowed the men on
the place to continue to call him after
me.        *
"Tbt colt .grew up and wai still quite
homely In appearance, but by that time
It would bave cost me $60 to change the
name on tbe registration books of tbt association. So bt was called after mt
and In later years became the most famous of pacers, I campaigned bim all
through tbe grand circuit, and at my
reputation depended aim ply on the name
of my horse I owe my own personal sue*
cess to the attempts of my hired men to
make fun of me by naming tht homely
colt John R. Gentry." - Kansas City
Journal. ^_____���
The Hagllah Barhee.
"I've beard a great deal about .tbt
cheapness ot things on tbe otber side,"
said Mr. Jack Geary the other day, relating bis experiences abroad, "but about
tho ouly thing I found tbat ts cheap in
England Is a share and a hair cut Tbey
charge fourpence for hair cutting and tuppence for shaving. Tbey give you a good,
honest tuppence worth at that aud
you're apt to lose a trifle of skin along
with your accumulation ot whiskers.
"The hotels? Well, the best of tbem
in all Lonuon compared with any of our
first class American hotels looks like 80
Freqneat Testa.
- "Do you call John Lnwton an honest
mnn?" demanded an Irate Individual whq
bad listened in indignant silence fo tbe
pntlw of a successful ranchman from tbo
lips at a time serving friend.
"Well," said the other in a tow of OW
Who wisely temporises. "al| | can lay b
thnt he's been In court tbree times, en*
euavd 0* stealing, and he's escaped every
time, I don't know any man ta the state
tbnt'e hid bis honesty teste* My tftf*
fr.��-KMiM City tor,
Testament went to tbe Dowager Empress
our depository hns befen visited almost
dally by officials of the ��urt. They say
the Emperor observes 'Worship' .aay
(Sunday); and that he froatiently goes to
a lonely ilaco to pray to 'Tien Cho'
(God), and that wben be is thus engaged
no one dares disturb him. Same time ago
he purchased through our agency a large
number af solentlflo and Scriptural books,
and we hear he Is delighted with some of
the stories of the patriarchs, and particularly with an Illustrated life of Christ,
which he has ordered to be bound in
velvet and to be put In a convenient
place in the library. Be has applied to
our store for copies of books treating of
the differences between the Catholic and
Protestant churches."
Dean s-tunlejr hi lMlaruio.
Hugh Pearson always spoke of Dean
Stanley as the moat absuni-mlnded man
In tbe world. He was driving once with
him Into Palermo; he complained of feeling oold, and as Stanley bad his travelling bag with him. be advised bim to
pat something extra on. He did so, and
both resumed tbeir papers, A loud laugh
from aome boys suddenly roused Pearson
to the realisation that Stanley was driving through the streets In his nightshirt,
which be hod put on orer his ooat In
pure absence' of mind ��� London News.
Her J nd anient Sustained.
In a divorce cast where there was evidence that the wife called her husband
'ton old fool" tbe court says, "The record sustains tbe wife's Judgment."
And on another point also ber conclusion was affirmed. She told bim she
would bare been foolish to bave married
a man of bla age'who had no money, and
the court says, "Again we think ber judgment was correct."���Case and Comment
Sprain*, ttnloi ud InJnrl* of th*
Back often -aaoMKIdaorlNiU*.
tin. *. Hornhr. OJufew Urn*,
OuelpH, OBt, sayai "Doan's Kidney
Pills M�� fi-end. I hare not been IU sine,
taking them, whicli wss over a Tear ago
last winter, and csn give them my wannest
praise 1 for they restored me to health after
st yean of euffiaring. Twentr-Sw year*
ago I sptaJaad mjf back etvetely, and aver
ante. Tha doctor, told me that my left
kidney aspacUllr wae In a-rery bad condition. A terrible burnlngpsln waaalwaya
Cnent, and I eiiffered terribly frem .no-
go and pain In the small or my back,
together *a5th other painful and distressing
symptoms, common In kidney complaints.
I could not atoep, aod suffered much from
sail rheum. ..-���*��,    .
" When IBrst commenced taking Doan'a
Kidney Fills I bad little or no faithln them,
but I thought I would try them, and H
proved the laat esperlrnent I aver made.
I had only taken two boxes when the paia
left my back mtlrely. Three boxe* mora,
or five In all, mad* a complete cure.
"After ,5 years' of suffering from kidney
disease I am now healthy and strong again,
and will be pleased to substantial, what I
hav. said, should anyone wish lo enquire.'"
Luft-Uv��P Win are th. moat
perfect remedy known for Ihe cure of Con-
atlpatlofl, Ityspepeia Biliousness and Sick
Haadadw. Vbey work without ��� grip,
erpaln, mma\t*met*mtm at |*
A Veteran In the Bu.lneMB. .
One of tliu old Unit- diu-kius, on being
nskeil "how lie wns making out," replied lu tills i'nsliinll:
"Well, suit, tiiiH-s is uilglity tight wid
me, but 1 manage ter make a llvln."
"What MO you doing now?"
"Well, Bull. 1 keeps lie pot b'illn by
���iolu a little [ilinvbi.'a little vntlii ell a
little baptlzin, en w'en dey's nintin
doln at dem tbree I bangs mini de
white folks en waits 'iwell iley gits lu
de notion ler ruu fer oltlee ag'in!"���
Atlanta Constitution. *     _
Tbs great lung healer is found in that
excellent inedtelno aold as Bloklu's Antl*
C'oLsumptlve Syrup It soothes and
dlmlnlshca the sensibility of the membrane of the ttiroat nud sir passages, aud
is a sovereign reinedy for all coughs,
cold,, honraonciis, pain or soreness In the
chest, bronchitis, eto. It hss cured many
when snpposed to bo far advanced In consumption.
Oh, what cam I lor her im'cct -mllte
Who charm-<l me lonj'ajpf
I've crown br'di.l h:r *.3il her wile.
Anil you mty tell her K��.
She la my dearest lister's clilhl;
Uy lonil heart 'iseil to throb
Whene'er che looked al me anil .lolled
And called me "L'nky "loll."
Vet let her limit aome other out
To buy her awe.ll an-i tars;
Her sway o'er me Is |>ut to tout,
"    But through no tuult ol hers.
A little ley has come to lewn���
The BivcctoEl. briglitcstjad!
And al 111. bnsliet, kneeling down,
Am I. his dolln*; *!..!!
���Chicago Nevra.
The Beat Oure for Ootda.
Only thoee who have used Griffiths'
Menthol Liniment oan appreciate its
nine for ooughs and colds, especially
with children. Apply it to tbe throat
and cheat on a flannel when going to bed,
aid the result will surprise you. Try It.
W cents, by all druggists.
fo Warns.
use ALBERT soap.
If your fancy is for a Tar Soap you
will find the best in our
Sold at all Drug Stores.
ft repine nt
f'ut thi* out ind lend Uloui **>U> lh* ****** of your
t.-.itest oijif *������ (ifflc-B ami *t* will (hip jou thi* Vloli*
Willi Uutnt OT MpfM. Ill IJ oet to tin nil utile**,     Bl*
kuIub it at your c*pn** offlo**, and U you find It umUvm
 Hand Mtlrelj e*\ltt**U>ty,f*ijllm
 ��� Mtlnly mxittteUsty,tte,jOm
���apre-M agent our ipecial price. titiaM
Mprea cuti-nt- Tni* 1* a On-air Balitwd.
Insular W.0U Stndlwlu* nioiai vtoWb
���rictd-r colo-rod. LlgWj poUihod. HwarM
ud awMt In turn*, CoBpitu mb em
htiw, extra *tt of��trii*i ud roilu. AjwJB
.     Uwpriw.   Hu'fdlm;tflwnu*��i��d*avoUii<le��ler,*prott
lnhm**nn ���% M*Fartai,e,  Bom   W L, Toronto. Ont
Cfi7rJU*4UiVi'   Mjy &*U**tJ\
rf/iJ-fbtj-A4 l*d**AAAiMM/'totalis
fiiHAj %Z, to Afivrtsk e^fiur '%Ui4
Tbe daisy droops upon Its stem,
A glow is on tliu k-russ,
I tannin touch Iht healing lu-m,
And yet I feel her poll,
Still, like a aumnier wind Hint -streami
Over the &e\d�� unmuwn,
Sowing tin- golden dust ut dreams,
She paste* und i* gone.
With itatcly joy each herb receive*
The intlui-iice which ia hers,
The poplar ihskcs a thousand leavei,
The water Illy itira.
The bending willow whisper** low,
Till wave and whisper meet:
The very river senna to Uow
In Bong beneath her feet.
And yet, and yet, I am so blind,
1 only feel Wer wings,
And deep within my troubled mind
The tranquil heart of things.
���London Spectator.
TRY IT.���It would ben gross injiwtice to
confound that ��tandnrd hotilinu itgent, Dr.
Thomas' Eclkctkiu Oil, with the ordinary
ungtiente, lotions and biiIvc-k. Tliey are
oftentimeu inflammatory and iujti-iuKent.
The Oil is, ou the contrary, eminently cool-
ins nnd soothina when applied externally to
relieve pain, and powerfully remedial when
Fnit* nnd Fnihlon,
"Wot'8 tie mutter wid you, Lizzie?
W'y don't you keep your bat on
���trulRlit like a lady?"
"Larry Morrlssey lilt me wid a brick
Ins' night, nn I can't make me but fit
��ver . de nwellln."~Clevelnnd Plain
t;ii time It waa a popular belief thut de-
(U0119 movoi invisibfr through tbe am-
oient air. soekiog to enter into men and
troublu them At the present day the
demon, dyspepsia. Is at large in the same
way, seeking habitation In those wbo by
I'urt'lesa or unwise living Invito him.
And once he enters a man It is difficult
to dtalortge him. He that finds himself so
jiossesBod shoiiM know that a valiant
friend to do battle for him witb the unseen toe li I'armolee's Vegetable Fills,
whioh are ever ready for tbe trial.
Tifn-.t-ment ,if i'nbtreuloals.
The Paris Therapeutical Society has
arrived at thu following eonclusiou as to
sanitarium treatment: Considered from
a disciplinary, hygienic and dietetlo point
of view, It is tbe best for ttiberauJosis
which hits yet been practiced. The best
sanitarium Is one where climatic advantages can be superadded. Tbe municipal
authorities of health resorts should further the erection of sanitariums for tho
tuberculous Phthisical patients should
not be admitted into the wards of a general hospital, and Bunitarlnms-where poor
poople oan be trotted gratuitously should
be provided in tbe vicinity of all large
W. N. U.   241
News, Mi-M-allany,
Serials, eto.   Beit ia
the world.
Caet by the "Gat-
ling" Proceei. The
only plant of the
kind in Canada.
Of aU makes and
kinds���new and second hand.
fob the printer
III I/O Made by the oelebratad fan
IN lw ��f Aal'> - Wibor��-
TYPFTh* i*t*1*u>d bMt'
Unequalled by any otber ia
Canada, in matter, paper and
All Kinds for Printer*
Head Office:  Toronto*
Paciflo Coant Branch i U9 CordeTS
Street, Yaneoarer.
���+���������������������������������������������� ������������������������
A  MAGIC  PILL.���Dyspepsia Is a foe
���vith which men ��re constantly grappllug
but cannot exterminate. Subdued, and
o all appearances vanquished In nne, it
nukes Its appearance in another direction. In many tbe digestive apparatus is
>s delicate aa the mechanism ot a watah
>r a GOiootlflc Instrument in whioh even
t breath of air will make a variation,
With suoh parsons disorders of the stomach ensue from the most trivial causes
and cause much suffering. To these Pur-
melee's Vegetable Pills ura recommended
as mild and sure.
-Is It
In Harder l.m-k.
Visitor mt popular heiilih rm
is hot us this every slimmer here?
Dejected Citizen���Yes. sir.
Visitm���If I Inul known it. I nevei
tvinilil hnve come.
Dejected Citizen-Nuthrr would X, mister, but you kin git nway f'm here, an I
culn't.���Cbicagu Tribune-
"Why do you weep3"
"I ain't weeping.    Die ll perspiration." ;	
Minard's Liniment Cores Colds, Etc.
MUtitkaa oliiokftn** for Ooat I,
A bird doff ���� Danville, Ind., h Just
now the subject of a strong hallucination. A woman In the neighborhood hns
a bantam hen with ten chicks, so nearly
Ibe size nnd appearanoe of auall that tbe
dog has evidently been completely fooled
aa to tbeir identity, and tor several days
past has been setting them as he wonld
a eevey et qnails. His standi are per-
bet, and be always atari nattl failed er
dragged away.
"How do yon euppose the horse feels
toward tbe automobile?"
"Well, about tbo snipe way tbe mosquito feels toward tho kissing bug."���
Detroit Free Praia,
ftftAe Cut thi* out tnd H-tuT-n
SJfffO to   u*.   with mat ot
WU Tour 11-woft nprM* uBIn
7        uiivu will tuvl till* witch
thn* tot rot) tu examine. It fa U
opM-haa, Kuid-i-iufd. dmi proof
co**. InnaniniL-lr enmved. ftiud
���torn wind Mid *tt mowuenl,
loJy* or ftaft Um. ItUa
pwd time |i!k*s, tqiw! In ���*-
jxaruM fi iKSiikiWi
ud I* Jmt tl'* thlM tar
tradlH  pumwe*,     fi,  OB
nretui asaml nation rou U*
coiiTiTif��d   till*    watch 1*
_ worth -armor* than wa aak,
rw the aipr-M*  agent. &M
rnatr   _.
���tom Wfttche* ira Klrclro 0<<M 11*1*4
��� auil at ictall would roatuttwam*
of tl" uu or ll'J f\ hut to Intro.
dnaa our hmlim* MjrfllMM
* advantage of our tuurefu in
oBW. If you want ona write tu
iu with-uit delay. With ymit
Mtamiid �����*��_'*��*��� InaUniiM.
..��� r     ���--. .jjpurmend*!
Sim to ihla AdnrtlMinetrt. n* Watch ti
tba marvflioS offn'whicli wawfll ���end. Ud it i* fulir war-
ranted. Mowrretoroad If not more than aatufled. Addra**
ton tomjtoynvtrn, - touohto, onr.
LDGU, -STEELE It lUROL   cmie *���������_
I��Pomr�� .f Qroc��rtM     fc��*?B*��K?U
flitl U, HamlltoBeOnt.    L.a.4B.8ploM
���a. OOOkaHPTt PLOW CO*, Wlaalpag.
Stem    Wlo-llBf
.        _ _ .lldfloU
an Anloh.rp, Acoor*
Knif, an Anloh.rp.	
lulling 9 boxe. of Dr. Prtoe'e
Samp.. Ilia Blood Pilla at ��
Ota. per boa, DONT SEND
MONEY, alroplr eend tow
name aad addra. aad we
will Bend tou Uie Pilla Mat-aid
with onr CUlefa.. Bul then
end remit tu the payment and
wo will Bend yon th. Premium iou aeleit
Thea. Pill. our. Impur. Mottt, rb.uin.lUm,
liter aad k.dney dlma.a nnd .11 alotnach trou*
blea Plllaretnrnabl.il nut aold. Write aa at
once aad menUon thia paper.
i rice mra. oo:,
���a Say lire.!, Toronto, Oat.
is theklnd that housekeepers who want only the
best always buy. Packed
in pound and two-pound
-tin cans, it comes into
the home with all its natural aroma and strength.
Protected by our Seal,
the consumer knows that
its purity and strength
have been untampered
with. Your grocer sells
this kind, but be sure our
teal and name is on the
can you buy. *jT
want to hw. tha baat, mo.tm.dmt. la
prlee, aad ee u.Mt tarma, apply ta
ft. A. LISTER It CO., LTD.,
���It Kln�� St., Winnipeg,
setaer aks: ksss* is THE GOLDEN ERA, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 18. 1899.
MoDEBMOT bas just received a mammoth
car load of Furniture.   Although furni
tore has
Advanced 15 Per cent
This Lot was
Purchased Before the Rise
and customers will be given advantage of
this SNAP.
The stock is too large and varied to enumerate articles or quote prices, but we will be
pleased to show you through and give
closc-sl figures on any article you want
G. B. MeDermot
Headquarters for Miners' Supplies.
LAKE &   co,
have opened a*
ATHALMER    (Salmon Beds)
Full  Stock of Miners' Supplies, General
Stores and all Gamp Requisites.
Kirqptor)   ..&    Pitts,
General Merchants,
Mining supplies a Specialty
Miners going northward via Canoe river route will
find it a large saving and convenience to procure their
���upplies at Donald.
Sole Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windermere, Golden   &   Donald
Mining Divisions.
Agents at Windermere tor Calif ornia Giant Powder Co
Thursday, Oot. 19th, haa been fixed
as Thankegiving Day, and will be
observed aa snoh throughout the
George McMillan, ol Galena, ha.
one of tha finest orops ol potatoes this
season that has ever been grown in the
Columbia Valley.
II mining ia aotive In the Bugaboo
during the coming season, Or. Heffner
propo.es outtlag up his raoch ther.
as a townsite.
Mr Griffith, Gold Commissioner, left
Golden oa Tuesday on his usual round
st his district and proposed going attar as Canal Flat.
President Kruger has issued mi
ultimatum demanding the* withdrawal
ol the Briti.h troops Irom the Ironliei
within (orty-eight h.urs.
0. Cartwright Is electing great Im
provsments at hia ranoh at Carbonate
whioh, when cleared, will be one ol the
beat tn ths Columbia Valley.
Joe Fitspatrick has effected great
improvements at tbe Hog Ranoh since
resuming the management, and it is
again a favorite stoppiug plaoe foi
Services at St. Paul's Church on
Sunday neat Oct 16th will be; S a. m.
Celebration of Holy Communion; 11 a.
m. Mattins, Litany and sermon; 7.8C
p. m. Evensong and sermon.
The court house and governmem
buildings under the supervision of Mr.
Jamas Henderson are assuming vast
proportions, and when completed will
be quite an addition to the town.
Prospectors on the Bugaboo thi.
season have hai to put up with seriou.
hardships awing to the had state ol
the trail, which is filled with timber,
wkils the bridges are in bad state.
Methodist Church Sunday Oot. 15th
ejacial anniversary services at 11 a, m.
and 7.30 p, m. Bev. S. J. Thompson
ol Hevelstoke will preaoh at both services. Don't forget the tea and concert
io Columbia Hall on Monday evening.
The C.P.E.'s new winter schedule
whioh will oome Iuto effect on the
16th Inst., is practically a reversion
to the old time card in effect before the
institution of the Imperial Limited.
No. 1 will arrive hers at 10:20, and
No. 2 at 16:10.
Some anilely ia felt for the safety of
the Rev. Mr. Evans, Presbyterian
Minister of Golden who left last week
on a hunting expedition at Beaver in
company with Messrs Price and Evans.
Hs was to return in time for services at
Golden on Sunday evening, bnt nothing
has bean heard of him since lha party
A dance will be held in the Alexander Hall on Thursday evening, Oct,
19th, Thanksgiving Day. Arrangements bave been made to have first
olass music on this occasion, refresh,
meets will be served during tbe even*
ing and an enjoyable tim* is antioi
pated. Tha dance will
at ��:S0 o'clock. *
English Spavin Liniment removes all
hard, soft or calloused Lumps and
Blemishes frem borses, Blood Spavin,
Curbs, Splints, Ring Bone,' Sweeney,
Stifles, Sprains, Sore and Swollen
Throat, Coughs, etc. Save 160 by use
of one bottle. Warranted the most
wonderful Blemish Cure ever known.
Sold by C. A. Warren.
W. G. Mitchell-Innes returned Wed-
neaday night from his visit te Winder-
Hera where he had gono to ascertain
particulars of the disappearance of his
brother. Harry's cap wae found, also
the cunoe in which the missing men
had attempted to cross ths lake. The
canoe was upiide down with one end
buried ia the sand ou ihe beach at
Brown's Bay. From thia it would ap
sear t bat the missing men had nearly
reached Windermere when tbey met
wiih their sad fate. All attempts to
find the bodies have so far beon unsuccessful.
Certificate or Improvements.
Tub Union, Tub Snowslidb, and No.
21 mineral glaus,
Situate in tbo Golden mining division of
North East Kootonay district. Where
located���"Naur tho head of Bugaboo
Thb WestbrS Cross minbbal claim,
Situate in the Oolden mining division of
East Kootenay district. Where located
���At the head of Bugaboo Creek on the
Take notice that I Thomas McNaught acting as agent for (I) The Golden and Port
Steele Development Company, Limited.
bVe miner's certificate No. K1G389, issued
(Oth June, 19W, and for Joseph Lamoatagiw,
(Tree miners certificate No. 711H3A, Issued
Sth March. 1899, the -owners of the Uuiou
nineral claim; (2, the said Golden and Fort
Steele Development Company Limited, and
'or T. Mercier, Free miner's certificate No,
B10189, issued tail August, I8W, the owner*
>f the said Sniwnl.de,No. 21 aud Western
Cross miuoral claims, iutend 00 days trout
the date horeof to api'ly to the miuiug recorder for a certificate of improvement* tor
the purpose of obtaining a Crown grautof
iho above claima.
And further take notice that action under
xectlou ;t7 miut be commenced before the
iiauince of such certlttcatoof improvoutenti.
Dated this 9th day of October, 1890   -
Headqiinrtcrs for Commercial Mon.    Two Commodious
Sample Rooms.    Hagjrage Transferred Free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Bates $2 per day. Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars
J.  C.  Greene, Proprietor.
Lest You Forget
Drop into PATMORE'S  Store and look over the breezy,
np-to-date novels he has jnst got in and
Size Up
his nice stock of gold-rimmed eye glasses and spectacles.
Eyes tested free.
The Confectionery
is the latest, dandiest and best, and fresh from the factory.
-���.������      w     ...    ����� In Patmore's
you can get Drum, Perfumes, Soaps, Toilet Articles, Stationery. Pipes, Tobaccos, etc. School Supplies of all kiofr
.at sight pricus* i
Situate in the Donnld Mining Diviaion (if
Eaat Kooteiiny Dietrlct.   Where located
���On south sido or Kinliiiak.t Lake about
OOO feet from Lake.
Siliinto in the Donald Mining Diviaion of
East Kootonny District, tt here loomed
- tin south slioro of Kinlul-ket Li.de. im*
mt-iliiiiely oust ol Kiubaskot Mineral
Take notice that I. Thomas McNaught of
Golden, acting as agont for the Uolden & Fort
Steele Development t'omnauy, Limited, of
Uolden, Free Miners ' crliiiiMiio No. 11101*1,
and Frank Bertlii.uu.ie of Uolden, Free Minora Certilieate No. 704IA, Intend sUty day.
frmn the date hereof to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a CertUcule of Iniprovemcnta
for the purpose of obtaining ��� Crown Grant
of the above claima.
And further take notice that action under
section 37 must be commenced before the
issuance of auch Certilieate of Improvements.
Dated this 11th day of August, 1899.
Jlssayer & Metallurgist,
Oolden,     -     B.C.
Gold  1180
Silver  180
Lead          180
Copper i  > 00
Gold snd Silver  SOO
Lead nnd Silver  *DC
Gold and Copper  9 6C
Silver and Copper  9 bt
Gold,-Silver and Lead  8 01
Gold, Silver and Copper  8 IM
Gold. Silver, Lead and Copper. 4 Ot
Iron  4 00
Tin  800
Zluo   8 09
Assays, Sampling, Analytical Work
and Concentrated Ores.
All parcels ol ore are carefully aample*l,
one portion tested, one labelled and
kept, and the third, if required, re*
turned to owner as a check on the
essay mads.
Torn-it CMfc With M-Mflea.
Wu-dto-mm-E. J. SCOVIL.
Athamhu-J. J. LAKE.
Orders left with above o-jonts will receive prompt atloulion.
Working and Dividend Paying mine, is
vsrlous parts ol Britiab Columbia.
OoM Quartz, roivpor, Gold, and Silver-lead
Prospects and Developed Properties on bond
Galena and Copper Ores
Reports ami information furnished regarding mining properties,
Stocks in British Columbia mines bought
and aold.
Cable Addiws:   KANAOAN, Golden.
Codoslnnsai Moroing k Kosl, and Bedford McNeill.
Townsite of Golden.
Business and Residential Lots Tor Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
Situate In the Windermere Mining Division
of East Kootenay District.   Where locat-
ed-On Toby Creek.
Situate in the Windermere Mining Division
��� ef Eaat Kootenay District.  -Where to-
cated-On Boulder Creek, a tributary of
Bone-thief Croek.
Take notice tliot I,**W. G. Mitchell-Innes,
aa agent for the New Golden British Columbia Limited,of London. England (Foreign),
owners of ths above Mineral Claims, Free
Miner's Certilieate No. 11I0S88, Intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to tha
Mining Recorder for Certificate, of In
menta, for the purpose of obtaining a
Grant of the above claima..
$10 Reward.
The above reward will be paid to
anyone giving sucb information as
will lead to the conviction of tho party
who stole a saddle belonging to ine
from Brewster's itubles, Golden.
L.  H.  Estell.
And further title-, aot'c *li.l actio... u*A*r
aectioa 87, must he comnieuced before the
issuance of auch crtHicaie ol improvements.
Dated thia ilftli day of August, 1KB.
Notice is hereby given thnt sixly days after
I, F. Laseelles; intend  '
���        ___ to applytothe
Chief Coiumisaioner of Lands & works for
permission to perchase the following described tract of land, aituated three mile, from the
Kootenay River on the east shore of tbe Upper Columbia Lako iu North Eaat Kootenay
District, starling at a peat marked F.'Lss*
cells*, 8. W. thence North following the lake
ahoro thirty chains, thence Ettat
thirty chains, theuce South thirty
chains, thence woat ten chiiina io place of
beginning, tiie whole containing thirty acres.
Dated Sept. 1st, 1899.
Notice ia hereby given, that the interest
held by Samuel Wilson in the "Laat Chance"
Mineral Claim, situated nea' Palliser, will be
aold by public auction to the highest bidder
in slaty day. after date of thie notice, at tho
Court House, Golden on the 10th day of November at tan o'clock, for default in payment
of assessment together, with all cost, awl
chargej occasioned by such default, union.
thoaeinebepattl before tbat date to Robert
M. WHson, Uolden, F. M, 0. No. BI04IM.
Datod at Golden, 15th September, 1899.
etojMJL't Cotton Soot Ooapoul
I. auoctaslullj need monthlyft ores
IMOLadlu. Saf��,.����otuel. UdUsask
toother, a
Uonssrsdangeio-as. rale* No. Ml Mr
for \, BalAdenKS'y_o? pr?��. yd r*oa*mt
iiu Canada.
No. I and No*�� sold lu Golden by C. W
Field, C. A. Warren, and 8. W. Petmsre
It yen want
Good Bread
Calgary Flour.
The Calgary Milling Company guar
ante, their floor the equal of toy
brand on the Golden��� Market aod
hereby authorize all grocers to sell
it subject to abeve guuraatae and
they will refund tht foil amount
paid for flour upon return ���( nny
not'equal to guarantee.
Sold by C. A. Warren.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy Terms of Payment.
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia Kiver, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching oountry, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.       , ,
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with the
fttct that transportation is now assured at an early date
by a railway running the length of the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now ofTered form*
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest td purchase before a further rise
takes place.
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on
application to
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agreement for sale signed by Townsite Trustees,
H. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon.
H. G. Parson, Merchant, or
E. A. Haggen, Agent, Golden.
Head of navigation on Colombia River. .
Thn mott oentral point in Windermere Mining Division.
Extract from Report of Minister of Mines for 1898: " A Waggon read
could bs built from th* -Salmon Beds' ATHALMER-at a reaaoaable cost,
and wilt bt so built ts toon at it it justified by tbt mining development."
Dry climate, charming scenery, perfect hotting on lake and river, and
good fishing and shooting ih immediate vicinity.
' Level surface with gravel tnb soil to bnild upon; oold, clear water tht.
year round for houteholJ purposes, nnd splendid wtttr powtr olost t* town.
Large nnd complete sawmill (20 M. daily capacity) on tht ground assures
cheap lumber.
Terms Mty, particularly to to invtttort wltblng to build.
A. W. Palmer.
Chemist & Druggist,
Hull Bros. & Co.
Wholeasle A Retail
CatUt, Sheep and Horse Deeler,.
A Diamond for a Dollar.
A Llmitsd Special Offer which
will last for 10 days Only.
Oioiuixis Bakrios Diamonds have a
world-wide reputation. It is almost ltn|.-o*.
aible to diatluguish thorn from genuine diamonds cosliag hundreds of dollar, each.
They are worn by the boat people We will
forward a Uksuish Hakiiiim Diamond
mounted in .1 heavy ring, pin, or .tud,to any
uddrosa upon receipt of price, 11.00 each.
Earrings, acrewa or drop., ���*** tier pair. King
setiiugs are made oi oue continuons piece of
thick, shelled goU, and are warranted net to
bullish. "Special combination oiler for ton
days only! King and stii-l Bent to any ad-
dross uiKin receipt of ll.M. In ordering
ring give Huger measurement by using a
uieco of airing-also full |arlicula|-a. Address nlainlv.
1181 UM llroadway,
Now York.
mt^Aflm -7M4*-, ftonlhoato,
Bold ulimaaii
Fruit Store & Restaurant,
Silver tahlt furniture,
Oall and inspect at
Livery & Feed Stables
Rigs ol all kinds for hire at reasonable rates.
Teaming ef all kinds a Specially.
A. C. fiiMILTON,
WANTED-Wt will pay $12 00 a
week salary to either a man or woman
to represent the Midland Monthly
Magajlnanra subscription solicitor.
The Midland if the same sine nn Me-
Cluret or tht' Cosmopolitan, .lilt
now in Hi sinth year nnd Is tht only
Magaaine ot tbis kind published In the
arm Centrnl j Wett.- A heudsom.
premium given lo taoh rabtMibar.
Send iO oentt for loopy of the Midland
tnd premiom Hit lo tht TwrniTUta
CENTUKT PVUillUIMQ CO., tit.  Louil,
Wood's Fhosphodink U sold In Ooldsn
by K. W. Patmore, 0. A. Warren, tnd 0,
W. Field, Druggists.
Lakeside Hotel,
Taynton & Gordon, Props
Good accominodntlon for 1-ro.pertors and
:. Knighton.  Kiratclssa meal,.
To Be Sold
In Lots to Suit Buyers
IS Drangbt Hnlen,
11 Pack Mmlen,
IS Caynneo,
The above stock hta
and b well broken. Pi
ness can alao bo arrsni
siuiatedin Kamloops
to bs made to
The Waverley "Mm Malted.
Jas. Brady, D,I*8., & P.L8.
Alining Engineer,
M. Amt. Jnst-HE.
C,B, Uang, Agent
The B.C. Assay& Chemical Supply Co, Ltd.
.     (LattMACFARLANEACo.)
Vancouver,     -     B.O.
Wo are Mannfcctnren and direct Importers, and e.rry a large Mask of BaltnMt, -
Furnace., Fire day Goods, Sclenlidc snd Ksctlcsl Books, GlssswSra, PUtlnnsa Gesda,'
Acids, Cheinicsls, snd all other Aaaayera' aod Miner.' requirement.. ....    .
SOLE AGMITS for Morgan Oiudhle Company, Baittrstti Becker'. Sent''
poira pine Suit
and a Perfect pit
The Fashionable Tailoi-ti
Opposite The Columbia House.     bl.
E. A. Haggen,
notary f obi 1., II Inlng, VInuelnl and
OanmlsalM Agent, OantmlHlaaev
af lha lapreai. oonrt.
_Dstdt tlltsttd.   Parths.npitstnti* In
Pellet, Small Debts tad County Courts.
Accounts collected and   disputed claim,
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Etc.
Agmt for JE. A, HAOOEN,
Allayer & ������UHurgist.
Omen AT I.AglJtDI Botil,
Windermere, - B.O.
White &^oott,
BwrUters, SoJWWM, HoUflSfc
IsTSUtoki, B.C.
Coffins and
Orden ptonptly atMndtd to.
W. L. Houstonp
QoHen, B.O.
Canadian Pacific Railway!
Qoltknt Soatt
to nil
Through mn I*
No ohnngt of enn from Wlnnlptg
Passangers oan tcoopy herthl ifti
9 p. m. tteh night.
WK Milt,     O.B.lhPBUUM(l


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