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The Golden Era Sep 15, 1899

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 r -nt,   ���*-. ��� f - ..*  -.    ���*>���* ���.��.-,( ,i-a.in-'.t..ts*;-*-**r
&> i&..-
Thomas O'Brien,
Votary Publlo.CoiiTey aneer, ate
Ofletjt Upper Cehmbia Na.lgaUaa sal
***" ""   ~m BvBakta,
Trtany Company-. I
James Herder***,
Builder Se Contractor
...  A supply of Biuldttif lint for Ssit.
Plan, prepared.  Prompt attehtibu given td
82 Per Yeas-
EG, Parson,
By the time this paper reaches yon we
will nave opened up and placed on sale
the latest ideas in
Ladies Felt Hats
including Sailors, Alpines, Walking
Hats, etc., in all staple and fancy colore
favored by Dame Fashion for Fall '19.
Men's Black Fedoras
and Knockabouts, in all the correct
Children's Hats & Gaps
in pleasing variety, at prices sure to
suit you.
' These goods are made right, bought right, and will
be sold right-giving you the most hat-style, the most hat
value, nnd the most hat satisfaction the market affords.
An Early Inspection will
to Your Advantage.
Upper Columbia
Navigation fi Tramway Co.
& International Transportation Co.
Connecting with C.P.R. at Golden, B.C.
Direct Route to Athalmer & Windermere,
and surrounding Mining District
Steamers Leave Golden Tuesday and Friday
mornings at 4 a.m.
The Only Quick and Comfortable Route.
Consignors will be charged with all way freight between
Oolden and Windermere at which point a Company's
agent will be stationed.
AU freight and charges on goods to Windermere and
points beyond will have to be paid to the Company's
agent at Windermere before delivery of goods.
& H. PARSON, Man��*er
Groceries, Stationery, Tinware, Boots & Shoes,
Glassware, Hardware, Gents Hats and Caps, Para-
soles, Blinds, Clothing, Umberellas, Fancy Goods,
Gents Furnishings, Neck Ties, Hen's Gloves and
Mitts, Ladles Gloves, Iron Beds. Spring Beds, Mut:
trasses, Pillows, Saddles. Baby waggons, Whips,
Cigars, Flour, Bratt, Gate
- Special Values in Teas and Coffees at
C.     A.     WARRENS.
Athalmer House,
Atlialmer, B. 0..
First Class accommodation for Travellers,
Prospectors aad Mining Men.
Saddle and Pack Horses Supplied.
Scientists Make an Astonishing:
Thia agt uiuet be one that In wear
lag and tiring for liars. Old linn,
chaueen nnd hit tribe never wonld
have won even paining attention had
they lived fn thie century. No man
oan Invent Ilea lhat an one-hall aa
wonderful aa are the troths that have
been discovered In the last (ew yesrs
and that are being discovered almost
every day now. Another liar, and one
Who held tbe palm not long ago. has
jlst been relegated into obscurity by
faot. He is the man who started the
story a (ew summers ago that the Ice
crop had been ruined by a new worm,
the ioe-werm. which burrowed In the
Ice and destroyed it In great quantities.
Like many wildly ridiculous things,
the tale had the ef net of startling news
at tret galence, sntl it was not till a
moment's thought had been given to it
that one discovered the (act that It
was a hoax. So it was passed along
cheerfully, and no doubt most readers
of the World have laughed over It.
And now eoraes dry, aolemn sen-
sation-hatiag science, and announces
that thore has been
In the United States several new species
of a worm called Messenchytroeus.
Atnl the worm with tbat hard name
is nothing mon or less than an ioe
worm, a worm that lives in and on
ice and show and diss if it is taken into a temperatun even a few degrees
liiirher than ia that of hia cold home.
Henry J. Bryant la the scientist who
has lound this new eroatun in tke ice
of the Malaaplna glacier on Hi
St. Ellas, The discovery waa made
during a long tenr of exploration of
the glacier of thia glsnt mountain and
the iitteution of the party wae first
called to tb* creatures by the sign of
ourlona patches on the white enow.
He aaye: "The snow-worms were first
observed a few hundred yards from
our first camp, on the edve of the snow,
mantle of the*glacier, which extended
to within a few .ntil.'. ul ih.'"-T-or-mtnai*
fhee ol the glacier. The snow lunatic,
which In places ����������. six or seven,.-feci
in (leptn, nan entirely dl.aiipeared, exposing the hard, compact ice of the
glacier. The elevation ol the first
snow camp was 620 feet above the sen
level. Here but few specimens of the
norms wen noted. At onr second
camp in the snow, elevation 1,2110
leet, they were abundant in iilaces, as
also at our next camp, elevation 1,6K0
toot, where thoir pres-'nee in lares numbers Irregularly dispersed prosented the
appearance of
on tiie snow. Our hase camp was on
a email expanse of snow-free ground
on the south slope of a range at an
altitude of 1,760 fert. A few worme
were observed on the ailjnccnt snow of
the main glacier at a somewhat lower
elevation: but I do not recall seeing
any representatives of this species on
nny of our excursions in the upper
snow fields of the reagon, During tbo
month of Jnne and early part of July,
while the snow is comparatively dry,
tbey appear about i .o'clock in tbe
afternoon on tbe surface and move
sluggishly about, their dark color being quite conspicuous againat the
white background. Tbey remain on
the surface during the night; but when
tho sun appears in tho mcrning they
again burrow into the snow. They were
widely distributed over the eotin snow
field of the glaoier, diminiehing in
number toward theedgee. Then waa
no uniformity iu their dispersion. We
did most of our sledging at night, and
frequently passed patohes ol aoow rt.*
oral hundred yard. In extent without
noticing any specimen., and then
would come to Irregularly defined
areas, which seemed to support col.
oniea of them, when the anow ahowed
shadowy, duetlike patcbee caused by
their presence In ooneiderahle numbers,
Ar showing their sensitiveness lo
heat, I frequently observed
aa soon at a piece of enow containing
thein waa taken lu hand. Later in the
season, when tbe melting ie (urther
advanced and the snow saturated with
moisture, the worme appear to become
mon active, and can be obeerved moving moving about in the shallow pools
and lakeleta which form en the surface
ol the glacier. When the enow entirely disappeared aud tho hard ice
surface of the glacier appeared, the
snow-worms wen obeerved in the
water which formed In tbe narrow
envaaaee. In my note* o{ August Snd
I find the following: 'Collected come
black worms to-day in a crack ol tbe
gtaoler���(ound tbem in the water of a
high, narrow crevaas*. Obeerved them
on the edge o( the submerged snow at
a depth of five (est Mew the surface.
Th* worme worn to hav* a browner
color then when band ra th* now
earlier in the season. Soma o( tbe
speoimeus I obtained had also distinct
whitish bande around their bodice.'
Thi* variation in color le noticeable io
the specimens collected in spring and
let* eummer. As may be suppoatd,
than la a marked abotnoe ���( animal
111* on th* surface of th* glacier whioh
ha* an estimated length of TO miles
aad a width of 25 or 30 milts. Wild
geese were found noting oa th* ter-
mlnal moraine near tha ooait la June.
The desolate monotony of the anow
horlxon waa broken only on two or
turn -M-Msieu by th* tpptarsac* tl
two species of Arctic gulls. Six species
of moths, (our species of spiders, one
new species, and a nnmber of Hies,
which include two or three new species
wate collected on the glacier.
The only Insect found associated
with the snow-worm was a minute
black tbyaanuran, which resembled at
first glance a flea. Those insects were
fonnd contlnnououaly and constantly
associated wilh the worms In the dry
snow, and, later on, In the pools of
water. They wero very active, and
leaped abont like flaaa. In no instance
wen lichens obeerved essoolated with
the worme, although at several localities on tbe glacier
on the snow Indicated the presence ol
the minute plants, whioh give rite t��
the 'red snow' frequently obeerved by
Artlo traveler*. Th* mean temperature of day and night on the expedition
ha* not yet been computed, bnt I
���hould estimate that tbo mean temperature at night was about 82 degrees
and in the day about 66 degrees." The
enow-worm lives and grows while
maintaining a bodily temperature
which can seldom vary mnch from the
(reeling point of water. According to
Ur. Bryant it lives during the summer
In the melting snow, and the water
derived therefrom which collects in
hollows and clefts in the Ice. During
the night, the period of It* activity,
when it comes to tho anrfsce of tbe
���now, th* mean temperature et the air
I* abont S3 degrees. When the sun
thines the worms descend into the melting snow���a veritable f reeling medium
which must keep their small bodies
continually chilled to Its own temperature. Professor Bussel, who also saw
the worme on the Halespina glacier,
confirms Mr. Bryant with this state
ment: "In the earlr morning before
rheeunlight touched the snow, its
surface was literally covered with
small, slim, black worms, about an
inch long. These creatures were wriggling on the snow in thousands; but
as the son rose and made its warmth
felt, they dissappearod beneath the
surface. Tbey are not seen when the
temperature Is above freaaing." Pr>
feasor Bussel adds that he has observed smaller worms  on  tbe  snows  of
Mount Rainier,   Wash Vanconver
HuU almost given np, bnt wns Ureas-lit
Hack to . *rf**et Health by (J'iiiiiiIhm--
liiln'. Oolle. Cholera anil diarrhoea
Head Rt. Editorial.
From the Times, Hill* ills, Va,
I suffered with diarrhoea for a long
time and thought I waa past being
cured. I had aiietit much time and
money and suffered so much misery
that I had almost decided to give up
all hopes of recovery and await the
resul', bnt noticing the advertisement
of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy and also some testimonials stating how some wonderful
cures hnd beeu wrought by this remedy, I decided to try it. After takinga
few doses I waa entirely well of that
trouble, and I wlsb to say further to
my readers and fellow sufferers that I
am a hale aud hearty man to-day and
feel aa well aa I ew did in my life.���
O.B.Moore For sale by all druggists,
Henderson Bro*. wholesale agts. Victoria and Vancouver.
Publio School Report.
The following is the school report
for the month of August:
Fifth Class-1 Walter Houston, 2
Laura Konny.
Fourth Class-1 Willie Houston, 2
Ida Bcokhout.
Senr. Third-1 Bert Hanna, 2 Geo.
Junior Third-1 Minnie Sutherland,
2 Roy Hanna.
Second Class-1 Lena Mclntoih, 2
Stanley Moodie.
First Class-1 Percy Lake, 2 Budd
II. Primer.-1 Louise Mersau, 2
Robbie Miller.
I. Primer-1 Vivian Nattrass, 2
Moss Morgan.
Tablet -1 Blanche Engblenc, 2
Johnnie Rutherford.
Average attendance -80.
Wnat Mr   Dolmage tells the
Toronto World.
Golden, a C. Aug. 18
Your not* to hand, andl jutt though'
I would writ* and Mil yon what wonderfully discoveries cf mineral have
boen made on Timber Limit No. 18. II
the limit he* keen etri-iped o( timber il
ha* not been (tripped of It* mineral���
oopper aad gold. There have been five
locations made lately on it. A Montreal company have bought two o( the
prospect* and have a gang of men
working them. They have struck a
great ledge o( copper ore, which aaaaya
1190 in copper and 18 ia gold to th*
ton. Then aro other claima there that
hav* raited in prion aince th* excitement over thia. Than an location,
uear here tvtry day aad it Is expected
it will make one of tlte Urgent mining
camp* in Brltlth Columbia.
Then ha* alao been a big discovery
farther op th* river, a*ar Winder-
men, Th* Red Line Claim, an English company then-lit it for 1110,000.
It has aa-M-nii li'i i ounces la silver
and 117 la sold. Then I* mat mining excitement hen now. Xloakik*
is not in It now.   Tow reepeotlully,
Report of W. F. Robertson, Provincial Miirtralogrist.
HAi.n.iTit nnoiip.
After following this ledge in 25 feet
N. 70' W��� the tnnnel bears off to the
left (S. GO'W.) for 125 feet, cross-cutting the country rook, here consisting
of fine grained quarttites and cutting
on the way several small quarts stringers running irregularly. At this point
a drift waa run to the right for 15 feet
in the country reck, but without result. The main tunnel makes a bend
still (urther to the left (or about 16
(eet, and In so doing cuts obliquely the
1st vein; here about 10 (est wide, at a
point not exceeding 16 to 20 feet from
where it waa uncovered In the open cut
already referred to.
A ehaft, eaid to be ia feet deep, is on
the property, very well timbered and
provided with a horse whim, but it wae
so filled with water thnt I could not get
down. This shaft is clearly not in line
with the course of either of tbe ledges
exposed, and I was unable to discover
any outcropping to indicate upon what
it had been aunk.
So far locations on this stream have
been pretty well confined to the vicinity of its source, the trail to which
starta from the Columbia river, at
Carbonate Landing. At the landing
horses can usually be obtained, and
good accommodations are provided at
the hotel, conducted by C. Cartwright.
The trail, alter leaving the landing,
crosses over the summit into the valley o( the North Fork, below Loon
Lake, thence climbing over another
summit iuto the valley ol the Middle
Fork, which it follows. The trail is a
good one, well kept and not very rongh.
The distance Irom the landing to the
head o( the Middle Fork is shout 80
.. *. unmoor vt ei-*,*-*. ...
ed on Vermont Creek, one of the tribu
tariee of the Middle Fork, and a large
amount of work bas here boen done.
Some years agoacensido, able quantity
of ore wus shipped from hero aad
hauled over tbo sleigh road down to
Wells' Landing. Much of the ore,
however, never got (urther than the
river bank, where it waa left, as being
too low grade,���the result of having
no competent assayer at the mine to
guide the sorting of on.
Ae very littlo work lifts been dooe
on the creek in the past two or three
years, I did not visit the old workings.
On this creek a number of prospers
are located, some said to bo vury promising, but nol as yet developed to auy
This basin is situated at the head of
Cariboo Creek, which flows from the
north inlo the Middle Fork, about 24
miles from Carbonate Landing. There
ere a number of locations in and
around the basin, tbe most important
of which are noted below.
Located In the Cariboo baain, at the
extreme upper end, and at an elevation
of 8.900 feet. It is a 1,600x600
Crown Grant, owned by L. B. Keyser
and J. C. Joliffe, of Golden. Ou thia
property there is a 65-foot, tunnel on a
G-ioot quarts voin, carrying a paystreak of iron sulphides, averaging
about 2 Inches wide, from which streak
good values in gold are said to have
been obtained. The rest, of the vein is
net mineralized and does not carry
Is a Crown granted claim adjoining
the Ellen D., and is held by tke same
jwners. Elevation 8.700 feet. A
tunnel driven In 60 feet crosscuts a
number of small quarts stringers, and
near the face has cut a quarts ledge 24
te 80 Incbee wide, carrying a email
percentage of Iron sulphidee containing
valuta chleflv In gold.
Iain of tho opinion that tho quart*
In this locality does not carry free gold,
except near the surface, and es a result
of the decomposition of the sulphides.
(To bo Continued.)
A Word to Slot hers.
Mothera of children affected witb
croup or a severe cold need not hesitate to administer Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy. It contains no opiate nor
narcotic in any form and may be given
as confidently to the babe as to an
adult. The great success tbat has attended ite ute in the treatment of colda
and croup haa won for it the approval
aad pniee it has received throughout
the United States and in many foreign
land*. Far tale by all druggist*.
Henderson Bros wholesale agents,
Victoria and Vancouver.
"Keep to the Left."
(Vancouver World.)
The rule of the road, "keep tc the
left," it not (0 much honored in tbe
obaarvanc* on tb* street* of Vancouver
a* it ought to bt. Tbt* oan hardly be
tke malt af Igaorauet, for th* rule h**
been established long enough to make
it thoroughly known. But drivers of
teams and riders of bicycles, either
through !orget(ulness or through wilful wrongheadness, very often Ignon
it, to tbe consequent confusion o( traffic and somtimes actual damage. Many
people are ao constituted, unfortunately, that an appeal founded on regard
for tho publio good has no chance of
reaching t! em. In suoh cases it would
be well it the machinery of tbe law
were set in motion to teach the leS.on
that there are rights possess-*-! by all In
common, and that one eet of men cannot be allowed to uasurp tbem to tke
Injury of other*.
DreyfUs   Sentenced   to  Ten
Years' Imprisonment.
Rennes, Sept. 9,���This afternoon at
8:10 o'clock the judge* of the court-
martial returned a verdict of guilty
against Dreyfus.
The court stood 6 to 2 for the condemnation of the prisoner. The court
fonnd extenuating circumstance..
The crowd outside greeted the verdict with cheers (or tbe army.
The prisoner wea aen'enced to ten
years' imprisonment.
There ia great excitement hen aad
throughout France.
The verdict of the Court Martial at
Rennes has chocked the world. The
note of condemnation ia universal.
Dreyfus will bo spared the crowning
infamy of degradation, in all probability. It is possible that the prestige
of France may suffer yet another well-
deserved blow in the boycotting ef tbe
Paris Exposition by her slater nationa.
Duchess Passeflfffl? List.
Sept. 1st-Oolden to Hefner's, J.
Bullman; Windermere, T. Jones; Fir-
lands, C. A. Watt; Brisco to Windermere, W. U. Bott; Firlands to Athalmer, A. Fountain.
Windermere to Horsethief, W. "McKenzie; to Oolden, A. E. Calrick, W.
Bott, F. C. Lang.
Sept. Dili.-Golden to Carbonate, F.
C. Lang; Spillimachene, Barr, J. Y-.
McNaught, J. Buchan, A. Legatt. F.
Lsrns, Mrs. Washburn, Mra. Gallup,
njUtshall-Ina~_      _-*���
Wuioermere to Golden, Cbadbourn,
P. Lee, B. Manuel, H. C. Hammond,
H. Mitcbell-Innee, B. B. Bruce; Athalmer to Golden, Parkinson; Galena to
Golden, J. Y. McNaught; Firlanda to
Golden, F. W. Aylmer.
Sept. 8th-Golden to Columbia Valley, W. Bott, Miss Bott; to Athalmer,
Swede, Lowden, J. E. Griffith; to
Windermere, F. A. Mullholland, Coul-
thard, Chadbourn.
Windermere to Athalmer���D. Merman, F. Dooley, I. Nolan; Athalmer to
Golden, J. Lake, F. Lavin, J. Deper-
cies; from Johnston's Landing. Ellioc,
J. E. Griffith.
Sept. 12th.-To Windermere, B
Stewart, S H. O'Dell, H. Mitchell-
Innes, Stoddart, jr.; to Athalmer, J.
Lake; to Firlanda, F. W. Aylmer; to
Galena, W. Pellew Harvey; to Carbonate, E. A. Haggen; Edlurd, to 15-mile
creek; two tares from Athalmer to
From Windermere to Athalmer, H.
Mitchell-Innes, two fares; E. S. John-
ton, Athalmer to Golden; T. Jones,
Windermere to Golden; F. Loney, W.
Logan, one fare, Welle' Landing to
Too ninny People are Willing to Take Him
at III. Woril-Tliis Man Didn't���South
American Kidney Cure Turned the tables
You may live a -reek���You might live a
year!" This is the consolation his physician
gave a well-known manufacturer iu Toronto
eighteen mouth, ago. Diabetes and ether
kidney complications bad a last hold oa him;
but lie's living, sod bale and hearty to-day.
and give, the credit to South Aui.rir.nu
Kidney Cure���tbe greatest of all kidney si-.-
t-itics. Tbere wa. improvement after one
bottle, and three more affected tbe cure,
Sold by O. A, Wsrren.
The strike of the T. Eaton k Co.'a
employes haa placed beyond a doubt
tho soundness of our long held belief
that tke Toronto papen an In serfdom
and that the Toronto department atoms
ara their maatera. Here Ie an important fight between employe and employer ; several hundred cloak makara
are daily and nightly parading the
city streets; they hold public meetings
and the beet men o( the land epeak (er
them; Mammoth audiences pass resolutions of sympathy for tbem. In ehort
it le the moat Important item, in somo
respects, that ha* com* befon the Toronto press lu many montha, yet we
muse read Ottawa and Montreal papers
in order to learn the meanest details
of the etrike. Tbe Toronto press le
mum. Not only does It refrain editorial notice, of the strike, but it wilt not
even give it a fair report. The octopus
ha* the prest by the throat and this
accounts for (ha all-white record ot
t he octopus.   Citiaen k Country.
A well-known Canadian Contractor ha. Thi.
to say ofthe Ureal Sonth Amenoan Nervine -Ho wusU Grippe Victim.
"The Grippe had dragged mete the edge
ef the grave. My nt rvons system was shattered; 1 dropped from 1801b.. nr IB r* a**
tbau a moat*. I began rate* Booth Atottt
can Kervln*. MyalrengtkVniy appetite, my*
weight came back by leeps and bounds, ana
tn-day 1 am a. well and -prong as over I ��
and only wish I could Mfl it to the thoesa-.
who an like snifttera cf tkt*A*KMktf (Ma
Scotland Yard Detective Effects
Arrest at Donald.
A Scotland Yard detective made ar.
important arrest at Donald oa Monday
in connection with tbe theft of bond*
worth 867,000 which were stolen (roof
a London, England, atoekbroker, recently.
About two month* age Mt**r*. H.
Chrlatie and W. O. O. Crick arrived at
Donald and commenced preparation***
(or a trip to Tete Jeune Cache gold
fields. Two week* were spent in out-"
fitting, during which th* vlaltore"
apent their money in a moat lavish
manner, Tho beat pack horsee available were purcbaaed and aeveral marf
engaged to accompany the party.
A (ew day* after Maaere, Chrlatie'
and Criok'e pack train had started, a;
gentleman arrived from London *nd'
made a nnmber o( enquiries into the
movements o( the party. He took ip
hie ratidence In Donald and people aooa
ceased to connect hi* arrival with th'*'
luxurious traveller* Who had can* t*C
the goldfields.
On Monday th* pack train aad It**
leaden returned. Immediately upoif
th* arrival of th* travellers 111 town"*
the London vieitor appeared oa the,
scene and producing a warrant placetf
H. Christie under arrest. Crick however, made a harried exit, and hae net
aince been aeon. The warrant under"
which Chrlatie ha* been arreated, it ir
alleged, charge* him with being Implicated in the theft of honde worth
867,000, which Crick f* accuaed o!
having atolen and which were negotiated by Chrlatie (or the sum c( ��8,000*
aterllng. ....
The detective is a Scotland Yard1
officer and baa Inched the men froaf
Louden and through the Statea.
Sudden DeatS.
We regret to record this week 'be?
sudden death (rom heart failure of Mr;
John Holbert at Firlanda on Monday,
Sept. 11th. The deceased had been;
complaining for aome tlmeol hi* heart
troubling him ooAonly Monday morning he waa found dead in bed. "The'
remain* wen brought to Oolden oa
Tueaday per steamer Selkirk, and interred in tke Golden cemetery Wednesday morning. The funeral took place*
from St. Paul's Church, Rev. tt. B.
Turner conducting tbe service.
Tbe deceased was 23 years of age,
and came to thia country in the sptflng
from Burke's Falls, Ontario. Since)
coming to thia district he wae employed on Mr. H. E. Forster's ranch *l.
Firlanda. Deceased was a brother of
Mn. Thos. Alton, of Golden, for who***
mnch sympathy is felt.
Young: Ladles Callsthenio Chitt
A meeting of the above-uamed club*
wa* held on Monday evening whea th*
following officers wen elected :
Hon. Pros.��� Mrs. J. E. Griffith.
Hon. Vlce-Prea���Mra. C. H. Parsori.-
President���Miss M. A. Kenny.
Vice-President���Miss G. Houston.
Secretary���Miaa G. Fielda.
Treasurer���Miss J. Sinclair.
Committee of Management.���Miaaof
G. Bookhout, M. Conner, J, Pughe,
E. Wood, J. Hood.
It Is has been decided te have Mis*?
Marietta La Dell, Interpreter of Liter-'
ature, give an entertainment here on1
Monday Sept. 25tb, in aid of the club,*
Found it in a Bottle of South America*'
Khentnatic Care, and waa Healed ef ell'
Muscular Rheumatism.
Muscular Rheumatism had the life mttf.
racked out of me," says It. D, McDonald, of
8t George. P.E.I. *'l was a great Butferer
and had tried many remedies and doctor**:
without say permanont teiief. 1 hoard Of
South American Klieumntic Cure, sent Iff
milosto Chartottetewh furs bottle, uud before
ll was all used I was free from naia. To day
I am a. well as ever, and am doing aif f cart
to speed toe good new. of this great healer,"
aiddby U. A. Warrea.
Mr, W. A. Carlyle, at promt general superintendent of the propertie*' tf
ihe British American Corporation in
Rossland, has received the appoint-*
man! of manager of the historic Rif
Tinto copper mi*** lu Spain.
Mr. Carlyle exptot* to attumt hi*
ntw position on January 1, hut wilt
not take charge of the Bio Tinto tilf
April 1, aa it will take bin tally three-
months to familiarise himself with ths?
property. He will hand over the*
charge of the B. A. C. properties to*
hie enccesaor, who ba* yet to be ap-*
pointed on Deo. 1.
Mr. Cnrlvle'a salary aa manager of
the Rio Tinto will ho about 825,000 a*
vear, in addit'oh*(0which he willhave*
a fin* house rem tree, (a wall a* tteo,
light and fuel, and all the servants be
      i    r* --
Notlce li hereby' given, that' tie Interest
held by Ssmuel Wilson in the "IMt CBanee't
Mineral'Claim,situated net- Pslliior, will be:
sold by public anction to, the hlj;lh*t udder
in sbSfcdays aftw date ol this netfce, at ths��
l-eutnVnn.Uiildea. en the loth day of No-
vstabe* st ten e'<-locI��;��r defi-uITto paymenf*
ef ��We.meiit together, with all raw an*
cUrge��ocoa*taie|Uy'a��i!k -WkuW
tltt same he WW before that dm* to Robert-.
Mf-wEon, Sotm, KM, C. NoJIIOBt
Bated at OcHen^liilh-fcooteinberf l*t*\ BOERS   DEFIANT.
Tne Boers Request an i'xplanntlon a*
to the Masting ol British Troop*
on the Transvaal Frontier.
Pretoria, Sept. 8.���At the desire it
the Transvaal government Mr. Conyng-
liuni Greene, British diplomatic agent
liere, nonimuuicnted to Sir Alfred Mil-
ue*r, governor of Cupe Colony, and Brit
ifih high commissioner in South Africa,
an enquiry us to whether au explanation shonld be siven iu regard to th*
mobilization of British troops on the
Triuisvuul fl-outit r.
Loudon, Sept. 8.��� The Transvaal
situation .'-ns ohanged since yealerday
lor Ilio worne. Tho I'oer requeat for
au explanation as to the massing of
British trooiis on the frontier of the
Trausvnul is au ominous note of ir'tn*
tion and Impatience, which, at snoh a
critical stuse, cuu scarcely be interpreted us uuythiug Imt dellauce.
Botli lien nml m Cnpo Colony, the
tension uud arming contioue. Whether
'tomorrow's cabinet council will afford
itiimcdnto relief is still a question of
great doubt. The more conservative
believe Hint Iho cabinet will only pnt
a time limit 011 negntiiitious, and the
Interim will lie merely u repetition of
the anxious time which lias marked the
past few weeks.
Cape Town udvices say the Afrikanders regard (lie lust Boer reply as evasive; while others regard it as designed
toentuugle tbo two governments in
further negotiations. The average
opinion of tho Britisli press is inolined
to regurd it ns tlm lust straw whioh
will break the buck of the most long
sulTeriug diplomatic cumel.
Thu second edition of the Morning
Post today contains u special dispatch
from Pielurtnaritzburg, the oapital of
Natal, saying au ultimatum will be
forwarded to the Boers toduy.
Cape Tou, Sept. 8.���Midnight���The
Boers, it is positively-stated, are con-
ceutrating ou the border.
London, Sept. 8.���The Daily Mail
publishes Uie following dispatch from
Johannesburg: "ft is reliably reported
from Pretoria that a special military
train, with a body of armed men, waa
dispatched to Hi*- Natal border on Tuesday night with uu equipment of several
iieavy Held gnus nnd a quantity of
The Johucnesburg correspondent of
the Times says: "As showing the
mental attitude of the Boers, I qnote
the remark of au influential governmont official, supposed to be au enlightened man, whose name, if disolosed,
would cause surprise. 'Don't worry,'
lie said, 'we've licked tbe English
twice already aud we will give tbem
such a Hogging this time as tbey never
hot.' "
A special dispatch to the Morning
Post from Petemmritzburg says that
the 800 Boers who^lo**.- p.*.���to tu.
Stnndertou, about fifty miles from the
frontier, pushed on to Volkssrust, close
to the Natal border, where they are
now encamped. The same correspondent says that Ihe arrangements for the
defence of Newcastle, in Natal, are
uow practically oomplete.
Ship Wrecked In Ht.Murj'H HI ver, doling
Up tbe Simi to Nnvlfffttlon.
Toronto. Sept. 8.��� A serious low will
ba oucaaioiieti to tlte upper lake shipping indnRtry by a block whioh had
occurred nt Sault Ste. Marie canal by
the wrecking of a large ship laden
with iron ore in St. Mary's river, effeo*
tively blocking the ohannel for all'boats
drawing more than 18 1-2 feet of
���wutf-r. Stopping St. Mary's channel
even for a few days at the present time
involves a very large loss to vessel
owners. Canadian owners will of
course lose less in proportion than the
Americans, and will not, of -course, be
very muoh hurt, as the proportion of
the Canadian deep draft vessels wu
comparatively small. The Canadian
Pacific railway Hns from Owen Sound
to Fort William will be prevented from
sailing nnd two vessels of the Northern
company which ply to Lake Superior
ports will have to sail lighter than
usual or also tie-up for the time. The
Hosedale, Bannockburn and otber Canadian grain carriers using the well and
canal only draw fourteen feet and by
loading light can get through the old
Canadian channel of thirteen and one
half ftefc, The carriage of Canadian
* wheat from Fort William to Buffalo
nud of American wheat and iron ore
from Lake Superior to Lake Erie ports
will, however, be almost stopped as the
vessels eugaged iu that traffic are of
great size und caunot possibly get
through till the blockade is raised. In
the present congestion of traflic this If
ii very serious thing for the owners of
graiu in Lake Superior elevators.
Kick From the Standard.
��� London, Sept. 8.��� The Standard
makes an editorial protest thia morn,
ing against insinuations from America
that Great Britain haa "rejected Canadian dictation and abandoned the Can-
u:liiiu claims in the Alaskan affair."
Hummer Theater Blown Down.
St. Thomas, Sept. 8.���The summer
theatre nt Piaufore Park was blown
down by a terrific storm at 8 o'olook
yesterday. The players were preparing for a performance at 8 80 when the
bnilding collapsed. John Spurr, a
yonng man abont 24 years old, who
resides on Court ti street in this city,
and connected with the theatre, was
badly injured. The rest were taken
from the ruins and escaped with various cnts nml bruises. The structure
. waa n now one, being erected abont
threo mouths uga
Montreal, Sept 8.���Tho preliminary
trial of William Weir, president, and
V. W. Smith, aud F. K. Lemlenx,
respectively director and accountant of
the Ville Marie bank, charged with
making a false statement concerning
the circulation of the bank to tht government commenced yesterday morn-
lug. Tbe officials of eighteen banks
wen examined. Tha bank'* statement
gave Its circulation aa $901,870, while
witnesses testified that the/ bold in
tbeir respective bauka uotea to the
aggregate of #457,805. Tba oaae was
adjourned for a week.
Mlii Park U visiting friends at Kae*
Uraitl ImH celebrated it* TTtli umil-
Hamilton citizen-1-- have deel-dei) to i>ur.
chase  Dnmluru park.
MtM Rrlggp iu bveiidiiitf a few ilaya
with (Hernia at  Efteu.
Land haa Veen nelecte.1 iu Alberta tor
a large colony ot Finn*.
The telegraph Hue to Dawbon City will
be operated by Oct. 1,1th.
Sir Thos. Upton desirca to purchaM
chase the Lukes ol Klltaruey.
The Harden City hotel, Lung I^lnml,
wn* iteatroyed by tire.  Loss $230,000.
E. 15. Niion, or the 11. It. stores, is ill
at  the (iranil   Pacific  hotel,  Chicago.
John Livingstone brother nt tliu AN
rlcaii explorer, did) ut Ll�� towel. Out.
The Km-alnu government bus i-losed 110
synagogue*  lu  the  Houthtreet  provinces.
J ii*. McXah Nicholson, one of the lied
river expedition veterans, died ut lielle-
ville. Out.
Mrs. (Dr.) Cm me, ot Lancaster, Wis.,
who haa l.eeii visiting In C-urherry, bus
returned home.
Mr. MeXichot, ol the <\ P. 11.. bus ea.
liiimtcil the value of this year's Manitoba crop* ,��1  fill i.OOO.oi H>.
Dr. T. A, Bertram, u Uisley hero, was
given a gram! reueptluii ou b|s return
to  his   Iioiiic   iu   DuudtiH,  Ont,
Tlio government, ll bus b����u decided,
mny give a money allowance In placo
of rations to Yukon offlt'liila.
A young mau In the Llslowel, Out.,
diMrlcl, went tbrmtgii a threshing nm-
I'bliie, uud was badly mangled.
A Montreal bucket shop has been rinsed nml warrants issued for the arrest
ol the malinger, who lias fled.
A summer ibcutrc at si. Tlinnias,Onto
wns blown down by a terrific wind
storm 5ml many players were Injured,
The malinger and other official* of ilia
Hunk Ville Marie, arc ou trial lu Moutreal, and a hud state of affairs was
shown to hnve existed lu lhe defunct
Mrs, Margaret liartabure, widow ot
tiie late Mv. John Mm-Is bore, I bo pioneer
mnnufucturer ot Duudns, and builder ot
the first pumps for the Hunilllon waterworks system, died nl her residence In
Hamilton tills week. Mis. liurtstioie had
reached tbe advanced ago o( 00 years.
She was mother ot Mr. Alexander Uart.
shore, of Hamilton.
Mr. Mi-IiiiiIm Maltfi.lt Mom.wliHt Illlt.lu*
matin--- Speci'li .t Nanulmo.
Vnncouver, B.O., Sept. 8.���W. W.
B. Mclnnes, M.F., -was somewhat
iutlaiuatory in bis speech at Nanaimo
on Labor day, when be said he would
resign his seat because of the failure of
efforts to secure anil-Mongolian legislation. He said that at the next session
tbe matter would come up again. If
the government then refused to do anything ibey must take tbo matter in
their owu bauds. It was a serious
thing to counsel violence, but there
would tbeu be no otber recourse open
to tbem.
Fell Into a Separator.
Lindsay, Sept. 8.���A threshing machine accident happened laat night on
Ihe farm of Edward Oostello, a farmer,
living a few miles east of the town, by
whioh Michael Powers, a lad of nineteen years lost his life. Tbe young
mun was employed ou a thresher and
at the close of the day's work wu
cleaning np the machinery when part
of tbo woodwork ou whioh be wu
standing gave away. He fell into the
maohine and went through it and wu
passed ont to bis fellow laborers on top
ot T*-T in ll 1   '        '      *'*���' i    --iiwglnri and
torn condition.    He  lived bnt a few
bonrs.         .
Pleased With the West.
Montreal, Sept. 8.���Mr. D. MoNi
coll returned to Montreal lut evening,
haviog completed his fint trip of
inspection to the coast in tbe capacity
of assi-'taut general manager of theOan*
adiau Paoiflo railway Speaking of the
crops in Manitoba he says, the like hae
never been seen before iu tbe history of
tbe prairie province. He estimates tbe
cash value of the present year's orop
near 180,000,000. The result will be
a stimulating effect to every branoh of
trade in the country. Mr. McNicoll
returns to Montreal perfectly satisfied
with all he saw and is delighted with
the crops aud country. He predicts a
largely increased volume of immigra-
tion west next season.
Charged With Conspiracy.
London, Sept. 8.���Tbe Paris correspondent of tbe Daily Telegram, refer*
ring to tbe repurt which tbe pnblio prosecutor will submit to tbe senate sit-
ting as a high court to try tbe persons
charged with conspiring to bring about
a change in the form of government,
says: "The report will include writ
ten evidence of tbe collusion between
the auti-Seuiites and Royalists. A letter from tbe Duke of Orleans to M.
Andre Buffet has been seized, proving
tbat ihe pretender bas been subsidising
aud fomenting the labor agitation,
with a view of provoking the government lo call ont tbo troops, and thus
produce a revolutionary outbreak.
Hotel In Flames.
New York, Sept. 8.���Garden Olty
hotel, of Garden City, L.I., is burning.
Allot tbe 1110 guests are safe. The
volunteer Are departments of the neigh*
boring towns are endeavoring to save
the buildings from total destruction.
Tbe damage is already $50,000.
Ottawa, Sept. 8.���-F. Beauobane,
timber agent in tbe Klondike, bu
resigned and O. Sylvester, ot Artha-
baske, has beon appointed In his plaoe.
An orderlnconncil has been passed
permitting tbe minister of tbe interior
to give a money allowance in place ot
rations,to government officials in the
r '  r ii.ee   i
Ht. Ledger Stakes.
London, Sept. 7.���At the second day
of the Doucaster meetiug yesterday the
race of tbe St. Leger -tikes was won
by tbe Dnke of Westminster's colt Flying Fox.
Williamson, Va., Sept. 7.���Seven
persons were killed by a freight train
yesterday iu Diugess Tnnuel, on tbe
Norfolk and Western railway. The
dead are : F. Archer, brakeman;
Oharlea Booth, brakeman; John Ohaf-
giu, flremun, nnd four tramps, names
Monte Chrlstl Surrenders.
Cape Haytien, Haytl, Sept. 7.��� Gen.
Guellito Heureaux, commander of
Monte Ohristi, hu surrendered and
Generals Paoheoo and Rosa are now
occupying tbe olty, ud Its environs.
The Mope uuder the command of Gen.
Caoeree, -wbioh were marching against
Monte Ohristi bave been ordered to
return to Santiago de Los Oaballeroa.
All tin oountiy la rejoicing at thi
arrival of Juan Isidore Jimines.
Jlminei arrived at Puerto Plata yesterday from Cuba, accompanied by tt
armed revolutionists
���tied and   all ny. ylth va.'' m
it a few      "Bleedin inside,
[Coerrltht, IMS. br the Author. 1
"Whataro you fellers doin in there."
he cried. "The divil will be after yon
afore long if you don't git up and moye
"I'm well enough where I am," replied Henry.   "Go on yourself."
"What kind of an idiot bu you anyway V growled the* strange soldier,
striding over into the company of tho
two men and the horse.
He hail a bandage n'wut his head
which.waa stained ;-*Hl- l-'c���' v-it is
carried his gu with ��� jaunty awing
and appeared to have, no uneasinese
abont bis own ability to get away from
the devil, whenever it pleased him to
"Say, what'e the matter with yon
anyway!" the strange soldier continued, looking down at Price and
timching him with the butt of his gun.
"Hnrtr"        *
"I'm shot through the lungs," said
Henry. "I've got to die, and I don't
want to he bumped along on a horse"���
"Hurry,"said tlio stranger. "What's
tho other feller gut to soy abont iti"
"He's deaf," said Henry, witha deep
groan, u he tried tu shift bis position.
Spence came a step nearer tu tho tall
soldier in order to make a closer examination ot his bandage. "Got plngged
in the bead, didn't ye, strangert"
"Stranger lie blanked," returned the
tail soldier. "My name's Smith." He
inutiuned Silence to one side and addressed himself to Price. "If you're
shot through tho lungs, you better be
set np on end. young feller. You'll
breathe easier that way.   We can't all
IFItfl a quick leap he fattened hll arl-p
ml Jlm't collm-.
of ns get off with a scratch like I did.
Coiue, now I" bo continued, straddling
Price's body and lifting him by tbe
shoulders. "It won't hurt but a minute
and you'll feel a heap better."
Henry winced with pain and sat back
against the tree with a gruau.
"Had it dressed?"
"No, nol" said Henry, with a gurgling in his speech.   "It's no use.   It's
iin inside,"saidSmith. "Isee.
Mebby it .can't be "helped, but it certainly goes ag'in ray grain to leave you
hereto die��� Sh I Hold your tongues,
boys; there's aomethin comin on he
Smith caught Spence by the arm and
held up a warning linger. At the aame
moment a mass of figures rose above
the brow of the hill, and two guns of
the cavalry with mounted cannoniers
came dashing down the slope with din
of galloping hoofs, jingling sabers and
clattering tools, through which the
heavy breathing of the horses could be
distinctly heard. A scramble down the
hill, a double rumble over the bridge
and presently ouly I he babbling of the
brook above an undercurrent of rapidly
retreating sound.
Tbe rush of the flying section quickened the pulses of the three men, and
the heavy silence that followed was
eloquent of peril, imminent if undefined. The horse, which had been frightened at first, sidled against the deaf
man and threw up his head with an
appealing whinny that was prolonged
in a succession of hoarse Heatings in
his throat and chest.
A heavy sigh came from the ground
where Price was lying. "Save yourselves, comrades," lie said. "It's a dying man against two useful Uvea. The
country needs"��� Here bis words ended
in a gurgling cough.
"I believe you, yonng feller," said
Smith, swinging his rifle to his shoulder and shoving up the bandage on one
side of his head. He had forgotten for
the moment that the clotted rag wu
not a cap, and the effect on his expression was grotesque in the extreme.
"Yon boys better get amove on'ye,"
he said as he started for the road.
There wae another rumble of wheels
and the shifting and turning of a pursuing section on tbe brow df the hill.
Thia time the black figures were swallowed up among the trees on the ridge
directly overhanging Price and the deaf
man. Smith dropped the butt of his gun
to the ground with an oath and came
back ou his toes, listening to the voices
ap above him and to the trampling In
the timber. When he heard the gun
trails fall on the hollow ground with a
rattle of chains, followed by the scrambling of teams and the bumping of
wheels over obstacles, he squatted down
ut his tracks without speaking, and the
deaf man, observing his action, lay
down by his side, keeping a hold on the
bridle reins.
The lid of a limber chest creaked and
fell with a bang. Somebody In authority swore frightfully. The twigs
crackled nnder running feet, and the
rammer heads beat on the shells like
striking blows with a wooden mallet In
a barrel.
One gunner cried, "Ready ���fire!"
Tbere wu a rushing overhead like the
passing ol a giant rocket, bnt this was
nothing to the strange vision tbat appeared to the eyes of the three men by
the brook.
A halo of light enveloped the gun and
showed tbe four numbers "broken
baok" outside the wheels. The arms of
the gunner were extended above hit
head like a letter Y. No. 1 with the
sponge, No. 2 over opposite, the man
with the thumbstall and the man
with the lanyard, which was still
writhing like a snake above hia head,
Sashed ont for an instant, revealing distinctly their solemn faces, and u the
light faded they sprang on the wheels
to roll the gun up from its recoil. Smith
Uttered a low exclamation of surprise
u the straggling agures melted into the
darkness, but Henry Price bounded
from the ground like a rubber ball and
yelled at the top of his voice, "Jim,
Jim Price!'* Even the deaf man heard
him and understood.
Henry's call was answered promptly
by a voice from the hill.
"Is thnt you, Hankt Well, Weill'"
And with the last word there waa the
crash of a body through the bushes,
which made it plain that Jim wu coming with leaps and bounds for an interview.
Such amuing activity in a dying
nun, coupled with tbe surprising events
which had preceded ond were following
it. struck Smith and Spence dumb.
They could only stare open mouthed at
the darning figure before them, uttering inarticulate sounds of joy whioh
served to guide Jim through the brush
lo his brother.
The otber gun wu fired at the instant Jim linvst on the scene, so that he
tenmed to be swept out of the darkness
hy the midcrcnrreiit of tbe shell that
rushed tlirongh the night overhead.
"Doggone iti" exclaimed Jim, shaking Henry's blind limply and experimentally, us though he doubted If it
were rent flesh uml blood. "I thought I
killed yon nlieu yon rolled down that
"Jim," said Henry, "I've tried my
best tu get killed ���tilt three days because
I thought I'd murdered you, and here
run turn up fut and sassy with not so
much n.i -tii-ink yuu.' "
"You're nnutlier," cried Jim.
"Sound as a nut and aggra.-atln to the
"I'm shot through the lungs," said
"Yuu are! Yuu ain't!" cried Jim.
"Let me fell of yon." And he began
fumbling abont Henry's breast. "You
fool, there ain't a scratch on you. You
always lied ton much imagination.
Co***io, sninrly, here's the ball rollln
about in the slack of yonr shirt above
your belt."
"The dencel" said Henry. "I ain't
wounded I"
"Strike mo dead," cried Smith, projecting himself iuto view with the gory
bauduge cocked over his right eye.
Jim bad believed that he wu alone
with bis brother, and at the appearance
of stich a menacing third party he took
a precautionary step backward.
"How are they at home, sonny t
How's mother's rheumatics?"
"Come and seel" cried Henry, and
with a quick leap he fastened his grip
on Jim's collar. At the same moment
the flying miction which had passed so
recently opened fire from the opposite
hill iu reply to the Confederate guns.
For a space the darkness overhead wu
streaked with burning fuses and between the shrieking of the shells and
the rour of tbe guns Smith wu unable
to catch a word cf the argument that
wsb passing between tbe brothers, who
were Hupping about the ground like two
chickens with their heuds chopped off.
As nature became exhausted, the two
combatants rested in each other's arms,
making an occasional spumodic flop
and then subsiding.
"I always was your match, Jim
Price," gasped Henry, "and now I
ain't wnnnded���like I-tlinna-.it J was���
I'll send you home to mother���if it
What the proviso was' did no. appear, for Henry's jerky sentence wu
swallowed up in the rush of two shells
trailing lire overhead, and the whites
of Jim's eyes looked bloodshot in the
light of the guns.
Henry never relaxed his grip on hia
brother nntil the firing ceased, and then
he handed his prisoner over to Smith
and deaf Spence, who tossed him on
the back of the hoif-p. Jim wu too exhausted to talk at first, bnt before the
party had proceeded far on tbe road he
began to remonstrate against snch un-
brotherly treatment.
"Now you shut np, Jim," said Henry. "If yon knew what I've been
through in the last three daye on account of yon, you'd know I'm fond of
you. I'm a little beat myself, bnt there
are some things I want yon to explain
to my captain."
Alloway & Champion,
1 laird Stock. t-outht, ���old, and oarrrloo
on margin.
Writ. o. It yon wish to excbsiise .nykjadof
money, -to bay Government or C NT w. Oo.
Land*, or to t.nd money .nywner..
Max-aa-al'. Visit i* Vo.nl.
In a Florentine musical paper, 1st
Scene Illustrate, Muoagnl tells the
story of a visit which he paid to Verdi
with his wife and children. Verdi wu
Installed in hia favoritejsuitof rooms at
the Hotel Milano. He loves children,
and before long he had the bimbi perched upon his knee. Maacagni had come
to Milan to conduct some orchestral concerts at La Scale, and he had a gnat
deal to uy about hia programmes and
his novelties.
The old man listened with interest to
Us descriptions of works by Scandinavian and Slavonic composers, whioh are
rarely beard in Italy, particularly those
of Svendien and Tecbaikowsky. After
a time Mascagui heard him murmur, u
If talking to himself, "Who would have
thought in my time that people like
that wonld know how to compose music!"        	
Hie Oae Om* Aet.
Judge Hubbard of Cedar Rapids, la.,
wu in his time quite a character,
writes a correspondent of Law Notes,
f he governor who appointed him to the
bench resumed the practice of law after
the expiration of hia term and occasionally practiced in Judge Hubbard's
court. On one oocuion tlte jndge ruled
against the former governor, and the
latter, waxing indignant, indulged in
several remarks in regard to "man's ingratitude" aad "benefitsforgot"
The jndge soon wmried of each insinuations and fixing his eagle eye on
the former governor uid, "Let me tell
you, sir, that tha only worthy aotion of
yonr entire administration wuwhen
you appointor me judge."
How te noaaovo Itn.t Prom HarMe.
Use a solution of one part of nitric
acid In Ud parts of water. Apply to the
spots only, than rinse with water and
Willie Wae Oolitic.,.
Miss Spinster���Willie, you ought to
be ashamed. You've been fighting
Little Wlllle-Oh, no, you're mlstak-
sn. Tbe other boy knocked me down
and sat on me before I bad a chance.���
Cleveland Leader.
no Idler.
"Bertha. I don't like to see yon waste
time on that young man. He doesn't
Jo rin} thing."
. "Doesn't do anything! Why, lie
plays golf or tennis from morning till
nlglit."-C'blcago Uncord.
Reported by Alloway A Champion,
Stock Brokers, Winnipeg
Winnipeg, lug. at use.
jtaHjn.                        Setter. Bntert
Montreal  at
Soboa'a       m na
ercliMl.'        Ill I6SN
Union       1*1 	
Commerce        IM .49
CommereUI Cable        Its IN
Montra.1 Tel        IH llo
Kleh. & (Inl. Nav        IU USX
City ll.. R'y       m m
Halifax H'y '        IIS ill
Montreal (In        m IIU
Toronto R'y       118H ��� it
Dululh PnArr-d          16 UU
Can, Pac. R'y, Montreal        mt i>**H
Cn. Hae. R'y. London         Ml"!;
Money. time          u ,,���
Mtney onoall  li
(juoled   by Alloway ft Champion,
8011 Main street, Winnipeg.
HtJi-hnnera.. tO.HS 1*4
Anal l.n Gulden �� S*<
Roll.nd (lullilen St
Fnne. liM
Hl*-.lpii Itolllile. B0 8-4
rtmilili Markka.     18
Kronor 88
ItsHan Ure;	
wmmriiu juitmsro.
Wheat���No   1 hud. Fort William,
Flour���Ogllvloa���Hungarian patent,
-11.75; Glenora, I 55; Manitoba strong
bakers, $1.86. Lake of the Woods-
Patent, 11.75; strong bakers, |1.55;
second bakers, #1 86; XXXX, 11.05
per sack of 98 lbs. Discount of 5c per
sack to cash buyers.
Millfeed���Bran 111, and shorts 113,
net price todealeis
Ground Feed���Beet Oat ohdp, 188
per ton; mixed barley and oata, 1*8.50
to 184.60; best grades of oorn feed 119,
inferior qualities $17.60 per ton. Oilcake, 124 per ton.
Oata���Good feed, s0o.
Oatmeal���Oar lots of rolled abont
$1.65 tor 80 lb. aacka
Oorn���Oar lota on traok here, 41 %a.
Barley���New is .xnetted to realise
atout 30 to 8.-c opening prices.
Ha y���Baled, |6 60 to .0 50 on track
here   Loose hay on the atreet, |6.
Butter���dreamery, 18o at the factories; dairy, l.e
Oheese���10*^0 to 10*140
Bggs���Strictly freth, 160
Vegetables ��� Potatoes, choice, new
potatoes, from 80o to 860 per bushel;
carrots, 46o per bushel; peppers, 7 to
lOo per don ; citr n, 8c per pound;
rhubarb, lo per lb ; radishes, 10c per
down bum-lies; green onions, lS^o per
doa. bnnohis; cauliflower, 26 to860 per
doseu, according to sine; tomatoes, 80
per lb.-, new peas, OOo per bushel;
butter beau, 80 per ponud; cucumbers,
15c to 80o per dot ; cabbage, 15 to 860;
turnips, 860 per bushel; celery, 85o
per dozen bunches; brood beans, io
ner lb.: sweet corn. 10c per doztnooba.
Seneca Root���86^0 per ponnd.
Hides���Na 1, ��Jo; Na *, 6),o; Na
S, 4 1 I.   Kip, e <o e>fo| ooli, O01 i*m
kin skins, 85 to 85o each; sheepskins
and lambskins, 40 to 660; horse hides,
80o to 76o each.
Wool���7 to 8c for unwashed Manitoba fleece..
Dressed Meats ���Beef, 0% to 7o;
mutton, 10 to llo; veal, IH to8)fo;
pork, 6 to 6J40.
Poultry���Fowl, ��0o per pair; spring
chickens, 85 to 40c per pair; young
ducks, OOo per pair; turkeys, llo par
lb., live weight; upland plover. 80c
per pair; wil 1 ducks, 86 to tOo per pair.
Oattle���Grass fed, off oars at Wiuuipeg, t%a per pound.
Sbeep���Choice Manitoba stook, 4),o
per pound off cars.
Hogs���Selected weights, 15.00 per
100 pounds.
Milch Cows���-Good new milkers are
worth from $80 upwards in the city.
St. Thomu, Sept. 6.���Probably a
fatal accident occurred to tbe ten-year*
old daughter of Mrs. Stephen Height,
Saturday. She was accompanying a
relative on a milk route when the
horse ran away aud she wu thrown
out sustaining serious injuries.
He Saved His Brother.     .
Durham, Out., Sept. 6.���A sad
drowning accident occurred bere yesterday. Two sons of Robert Webber, of
Bentlnick, were returning from school,
and the younger of tbem entered the
river whore the current wns very
strong, and was taken off his feet. The
brother went promptly in to help bis
little brother to the abutment of a
bridge, up which the Utile fellow
climbed, bnt the elder's strength mnst
bave become exhausted as he unk and
wu drowned.
Quebec, Sept. 8.���The Allan line
Parisian, which bad nn aground In St.
Lawrence a few days ago while on her
way down froju Montreal, sailed foi
Liverpool yesterday morning, ber damages having been repaired.
Stuttgart, Sept. 7.���Emperor William
arrived hero yesterday. Ho wu
received at tbe station by tbe Knights
of Wurtemburg and Saxony.
Toronto, Sept.0.���A newsboy named
Williamson, aged 18 years, was rzn
over and killed hy a trolley car on
King atreet near the exhibition
grounds yesterday. No relative! of
the lad cau be fonnd and he Is only
partially identified. . He was trying lo
catoh Ihe car at the time ot the accid-
Detroit, Mich., Sept. ��.��� Miss Sua-
auua Reed, aged 45, of Exeler, Out.,
either fell or jumped from the Grand
Trunk oar ferry u it was leaving the
dock here yesterday afternoon. Miss
Reed, who is well to do, owning fonr
paying gat wells at Marthavllle In the
Pelrolea, Ontario, regions, wu oa her
way home from visiting Mends here
wben she met her death.
. New York, Sept. 1���The American
Bicycle company completed its permanent organisation by tin election of officers. Albert G. Spaoldlug wu chosen
u president. For tb* purohaee of the
various plants, which inoltde the old-
tit and moet prominent Mncems in the
United States, then will bt Issued
$40,000,000 stock,
Oh wh.��� an thy white bead* Bout *
Heart 0' Dainty!
*%*y are u whit, ham 9a the eweo. aeads,
. - Hurto' Beset*, t
They are a. whit. .wan. In the data, thy
*h*\ .wan. In eight of w shadowy Und*
Beart o' Bmutyl
Ok UN aiala thy whit, haada   Bwl .*
H-eirt 0' Beauty I
���up %e tt�� wbit�� wivei on Um jenavr eeeAe.
Heart o' Beauty I
Ikajr will hearken bow to   thoee  wa*iaf
To tha magia wanda ot thy white haada,
Heart o* Beauty I
ffftn the white dawn till the gray domic.
Heart o' Beauty I
I hear the unaeen warea of finnan at* ifo
Heart o' Beauty!
1 aet the mn rlae and eel over ahadowy tanda,
Bat never, never, never thy white hauda, th/
white hands,
Heart 0' Beantyl
���Flora Hacleod In Mew York Tribune.
It has been some time since tht Nn-
weds have been beard from in these columns Not that they have been divorced
or have censed to have tbe numerous
small difficulties Incident to newly wedded couples. Indeed at this writing tbey
have a couple of small difficulties, aged
respectively 8 years and 8 months, before whom most other matrimonial
troubles fade into insignificance by
comparison. When the calendar becomes divided Into four seasons���vis.
colic, teething, walking and talking���
and the principal Items of expense are
pap, paregoric Fund's extract and
pills, then all other ills which do not
affect ths bealtb and well being of tbe
"infantry" fade away until tbey become
as nothing. There is nothing amusing
about tbe illness of a child, even If It
be no more than that common and comprehensive ailment known u "tummy
ache." Therefore the annals of tbe Nn-
wed family have been allowed to lapse
for lack of suitable material. But last
week tbere occurred an incident In tho
real comedy vein which may be worth
Now, it happened that for once the
Imp and the infant were asleep simultaneously, and Mrs. Nuwed was entertaining a conpleof callers amid snch
unaccustomed peace and tranquillity
she could scarcely realise it, and was
constantly on the qui vlve for something to happen. Consequently a ring
at the doorbell gave her a nervous start
that completely severed the threads of
Now. the Nnweda live in one of thoee
modern flat buildings which bave all
the doorbells down in the lobby and
speaking tubes running to the different
apartments, so tbat it is possible to
pnt a caller through a sort of entrance
examination before admitting bim by
means of a push button tbat opens the
front doer.
So when Mrs. Nuwed's maidservant,
who combines the duties of cook, chambermaid and nurse, appeared to announce the visitor the ladies learned
that a smooth spoken Individual desired
to show the "lady of the bouso" some
very fine imported dress gooda Accordingly tboy decided to admit bim and
inspect bis warea, a species of dissipation which no woman can resist, be he
a peddler at tinware or a  -Mirreyor of
silks end laces. The three together decided that they were a match for any
fakir���and, by the way, it is now time
to introduce the other ladies as Mrs
Lafilu tad Mrs. Pearl.
The peddler proved to be a very suave
individual, with a alight Scotch accent,
and as he unrolled bis pack he proceeded
to unfold a very specious tale about
how he became possessed of these valuable goods and was able to offer them
to discerning ladiee tt surprisingly low
figures. According to tbis tale, be
bought them dirt cheap, owing to bla
connection with some English mills,
and the inference was that be had succeeded in sneaking them past Uncle
Sam'a customs collectors without paying the customary duty. Now, It ia a
atrange aad unexplained characteristic
of women tbtt nothing appeals to them
Ilka smuggled goods Consequently this
iugsnlous tale heightened the interest
in his warea, and when be unfolded
them it was to a chorus of ecstatic feminine squeals
They were very plsnsible looking
pieces of dress goods, with a fine glassy
finish like broadcloth, good selvage and
a yard and a half wide. All these points
were artfully suggested by the peddler,
although be permitted the ladies to
think that thsy had discovered tbem.
"Now, you know, of course, tbtt no
cheap gooda come in thia width," said
be oracularly, whereat each lady nodded
assent Indeed it may bo suspected that
thia peddler wu a bit of a hypnotist.
Of count the price wit tht next
thing asked, tad the artful peddler at
first mentioned a pretty stiff figure
.When the ladles drew back, ha admitted that as he wis anxious to return to
Ihe old country, he wonld entertain
propositions looking toward tctliag
down tht original price. At the stmt
timt hi took occasion to mention thtl
ht hid sold to Mrs. Senator O'Grady a
piece of goods exactly like the one offered for a greatly advanced price.
Then ensued a chattering and bargaining which, it may also he noted, it in-
other delight of tht feminine soul
Then wu one piece of black gooda
which all tht ladies coveted, but Mra
Paul wu this >nt to make ta offer for
it. to tht otbera ut back and left tht
field to her. The price gradually diminished from $0 to $8 for a piece of five
yarda, tad tn ruching thit litter figure
the peddler throw ap hia hands despairingly tnd declired he oould reduce it no
Encouraged by tht lucceae of Mra
Purl In btating down the peddler, the
other ladlw tried a few panes at him,
bat tht prices thty offered were uot up
tp hie ttandard, and, with tht tlr cf a
man who had bona btdly butrn. ht
folded up hit p->ck md departed. Then.
"*���"t to uy- after htr trlr-uph. Mra
Pearl became panic stricken, explaining
that It wu a piece of extravagance on
her part, and that aha had expended on
this piece of goods, which sbe could not
possibly use beforo next fall, a large
part of her weekly allowance. Shi likewise declared that tht wu tfrtid to tak.
It borne leet her busbsnd should up*
braid her. Accordingly, aha agreed to
liave it with Mra. Nnwed for t day or
two, nntil aha conld smuggle it lioma
And this is bow Mra Nnwed came to
covet her neighbor's goods. By the time
Mr. Nuwed ctmt homt to dinner tht
hid inspected that piece of "brotd-
cloth" tt lent a down times, ind with
each Inspection her desire to possess It
became overpowering.
80 wben Mr. Nnwed, tired and hungry, did arrive he wat treated to a
rhapsody on this particular piece ol
"broadcloth" aad was silently voted
tn unfeeling brute by bis gentle spouse
because be preferred corned beef and
cabbage to contemplation of Its manifold beauties. After dinner and with
lighted cigar between bla llpa lie assumed ��� judicial aspect and proceeded
to examine tbe cloth. Mrs. Nnwed displayed it in all lights, draped It over
her shapely person dresawise and expatiated upon its beautiful gloss, Itt
great width and its eminent desirability
ti a spring gown. Then, of course, sht
explained how ehe "really had nothing
to wear," which wu something .of a
revelation to Mr. Nuwed. who recalled
some recently paid dressmaker's' bills
tnd could aot remember having seea
hia sponse in the role of beauty unadorned. However, like a wise husband, ht said nothing on this score
and contented himself with trying to
tear tbe cloth, after which he decided
that it was pretty good stuff.
This was really all be knew about
dress goods, but he argued from tbt
���tandpoint of common sense that there
must be something queer about aman'a
telling goods at less than coat. Incidentally it may be mentioned that Mr.
Nnwed had been bitten by one of thou
Cuban cigar peddlers, although, of
course, be kept this fact secret from hit
wife, bnt it served to cut bis eyeteetb,
and be applied the lesson to tbe "broadcloth" peddler. According to his diagnosis, the mm wu either a smuggler
and liable to the law or a thief, la
which case Mra Nuwed might be relieved of the goods by the police. If not
euspected of receiving stolen goods, or
a plain everyday fakir, with a new
voMion "of tho Cuban cigar game.
Neither of tbe first two argument,
appealed to Mrs. Nuwed, for by that
ume barbaric trait of femininity al-
ready mentioned the sex seems to delight in a slight flavor of lawlessness.
As for ths Insinuation that It might be
1 "phony" piece of gooda, indeed aba
declared she wonld Irnst her own cyet
���gainst my would be swindler. Accordingly she proposed the next diy to
make overturn to Mrs. Pearl for tht
Snrcbaat of the goods, and the best Mr,
in wed conld dowu to persuade her
to take a cample of it to some reliable
ttort to be tested.
Accordingly tbe next morning Mra
Nuwed sallied down town with a piece
of the coveted goods In her pocket. She
felt a guilty sensation every time iht
Rested a policeman, md hid the sample
> her deepest pocket lest it should
prove a clew. She went to the store
where the utuslly does her trading and
nnder pretense of trying to match
the sample presented it to the clerk.
"Ob, yes," uid tht clerk, "wo havt
tbit goods, although not la tho ume
Mra Nuwed glowed with a feeling of
conscious superiority.
"What Is lbs differencet" uid she
"Well, ours it���� cents a. yard; thit
teems to be an Inferior piece, and yon
ean buy it tor about 80 cents a yard."
"Well, what kind of cloth la itt'
filtered Mra Nuwed.
"Flannel, just plain black flannel,'
tntwered tbe clerk, "bat It teemt lo
have been gloated on one tide. Tbey do
tbtt with a hot Iron and some kind of
preptration to mako it look like broadcloth."
That is why lira Nnwed did not get'
her bargain, tnd why Mra Petri It
making Iht "broadcloth" up into horae
hlink.ta���Washington Pott
In Berlin nearly all tke repair, of Hit'
griucinal streets ire carried on at alibi.
Blame the Kidneys
For that dlttreailng backacht and help them to gtt wtll by tiling
Backache is usually the most pronounced symptom
of kidney disease. Other indications are irregularities in
urinating and deposits in the urine.
Success in curing kidney disease and preventing
Bright's Disease, Diabetes, Dropsy, etc.", depends largely
on the stage of the disease at which it is taken. If treat*
ment is begun before the tissues are too far wasted away,
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills will positively cure you,
and promptly at that,  ' }i
. Mr. John Lewis, Surrey Centre, B. C, states: "I
have been troubled with kidney disease and terrible paipa
in the back for over a year. Dr. Chase's Kidney-LiVer *
Pills have taken the pains away and are: curing me. They
are good pills for the kdneys."
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver .Pills act direttlfc on the
kidneys, strengthen and invigorate them, nnd permanently'
curs kidney, disej^g an4 backache.
One pill a dose; *s cents a box. At all dealers, or'
Edmanson, Bates & Co.,Torpnto.   ������ -,������������ 4.0
Goi-DEivr Eua..
*yeee paym on corn.
Th. Doe   Glvoa a Little L.a.nn lo
H.tor.l History.
'"Uiere uaed to be au eccentric old
tnaracter In our neighborhood," uid
a planter from one of the upper par*
lslies, "who went by tho name of Doe
Johnson. He bad never been 40 mllee
from tbe settlement In hie lift and was
barely able to read and write, but he
waa naturally a tort of Jnck cf all
trades, and somehow or other he acquired a tremendous reputation for
"Whenever an argument arose among
the country folks Doc Johnson was
pretty certain to be called In to decide
It, nnd aa he would rather have died
than to have admitted Ignorance on
any subject aome of hit statements of
fict were amaxlng lu tbe extreme.
"One day a farmer In tbe vicinity received a latter from bit ton, who bid
moved up to Iowa, toying, among otber thlngt, that tht com crop wu looking bad tnd tbo country wat being
overrun by Immigrant!. The latt word
Mumped tht old man, and after put*
���ling In vain over lit meaning ht hap
pened to let Doc and called him In.
Johnson knew from the peculiar
warmth of hta greeting tbat he waa
going to be asked to eolve aome knotty problem and at once assumed tbe
wisest air.
"'Doc,' uid tht farmer, pointing to
the myiterious passage In the letter,
"what In thunder doea that boy mean
by Immigrants? What air they like,
"Johnaon spelled through tbe paragraph, nnd, noting the reference to the
bail com crop, began rapidly to put two
and two together. .
" 'Inimygionts!' he exclaimed to
gain time. 'Why, I thought everybody
kuowed what tbey wns!'
" 'Air tbey critters?1 asked tbe farmer cautiously.
" 'Tbey Is/ replied tbe Doc, 'a kind
of er cross between a 'possum and a
coon, and I'll tell you what,' he added
Impressively���'they're Jest simply death
on corn.' "���New Orleans Times-Democrat.
Ast for Miiart'i ait tub m oilier.
���$w i Drmfcei Husband Was Made ���
Settt Mm ty a DttenrtteJ Wife
She writo.:-"! hod for a long time been
thinking of trying the Samaria Preeorip.
Hon treatment on my husband for hll
drinking habits but I wu afraid he wonld
discover that I was giving him medicine,
and the thought unnerved me. I hesitated
for nearly a week, but one day when he
oama home very muoh intoxicated and
his week's salary nearly all spent, I threw
off all fear and determined to make an
effort to save our home from the ruin I
saw opining, at all hatarda. I tent for
War Samaria Prescription and pat It la
hia coffee u directed next morning and
watohed and prayed for the result At
npea I gave him more and alto at supper.
S(.?*K..,n.-,?l?h,d �� ""--"fr and * �����
boldly kept right on giving it regularly, i
I had discovered something that sot eve
mess, and l could see a
sp-nud out before ma���a peaceful, happy
home, a shore in the good things of life, an
attentive, loving husband, comforts, and
everything else dear to a woman't heart,
for my husband had told me that whiskey
wuvlle Muff and he vras taking a dislike
toll. Tt wat only too true, for befon I
had given him the full course he bad stop,
nod drinking altogether, but I kept giving
the medioine till It wu gone, and then sent
for another lot to have on hand If he should
relapse, as be bad done from his promises
baton. He never has, and I am writing
yon this letter to tell you how thankful!
am.  I honestly believe it will can tht
A pamphlet In plain, sealed envelope
cent free, giving testimonial., nd full Information, with direction, how to toko et
odmluliter Samaria Prescription. Corn.
mnaenee considered sacredly confidential. Address The Simaria Remedy Oo.,
Jordan street, Toronto, Ont.^^^     '
III fiPDiniDI* hus no equal for sir. Ihouldns
ULuOuAUllli MX.nuuwRurof OrvMiwv fars.
Plah aa neater..
The Inhabitants of Cochin China and
81am bare known the fighting capacity
of a savage Mule fish for many yean,
and have long been In tba bublt of
making malcbet between those owned
by different men, Just as Mexicans
match gamecocks and sonic Americans
and Englishmen bull pups. Wben �����
matcb Is made the parlies to It having
laid thoir bets bring tbeir specimens
of tbe fierce little Betta pugnas In
globea of water. Both arc put Into one
globe and without a moment's licslta*
tlou they Ily at each other and do not
cento fighting uutll oue of tbe coin-
Imoots la killed by tbt oilier.
II It oaly ��� year ar two oluce tpocl-
mens of tbit Bib win brought to
Parle, but now ninny are owned In
rnrls. and II la uid thai Ihe demand
for good specimens Is constantly cn the
Increase. They nre beautifully spotted
witb red and blue and wottkl attract
attention In auy aquarium liy tlie.li
colon ulone. The oarage nature lie-
bind the beamy would hardly be tut
IKxied.-Cliltago Inter Ocean.
lw inun unm u tu inn.
|.��avlaa a Hoeord,
"Von will not refuse my latt re*
quint?" pleaded tbt condemned criminal.
"Mo," milled tbt jailer. "What It Itr
"I want to be photographed la the
act of eating my lut meal, ao thnt
wben It Is written ot me, 'On the morning of bla execution ht ate a hearty
breakfait of ham and eggt, coffte and
fried pototoei,' the proof will be nt
Imud to show tbat I am not tht base
lift vt of cuitoni!"
Hit reniiett was granted, and Ibe
hardened wretch, Implacable to tho
jail, piadt bit farewell breakfast ot
pie and whlikj. '
Ther KM* the Ke-re.
Vl-dton to Tangier and ether aettle-
tuoete ef Morocco notice tbe keys that
are carefully kept In aafety In the houses
... ofsoiae ot tbt families at ancient de*
These keys belong to the "houses In
Spain oaee occupied by A. Moon before
* their expulsion from their homes mtny
centuries ago.    The Spaniards occupy
' theno old bouses, but tke desoendanta of
th. Moorish owners still guard the keys
jn the hope that the day will come when
tbey can return to Ore-neat aad **���**��
mum iirafi5��iir*i
Tho Iot.re.tlntl Proe... Briefly ond
I-utrnctlvelr Ile.ci-lbeil.
The manufacture of wall paper is
singularly interesting. First, a web of
blank paper is set in a reel behind a
blotching machine; two cylinders hriuj-
tbe free end of the paper Into th*> ma
chine, where a roller working in a coloi
pan puts a large quantity of color upon
the paper In blotches* Then a set of flat
brushes, called jiggers, brush quickly
back and forth, thus spreading the coloring matter evenly over the surface of
the paper.
As the paper comes from the blotching maohino a workman takes one end
of It, wrape tt aronnd a stick and placet
the stick acrosa two parallel endless
chains, and the paper Is thus carried np
an incline When 18 feet of It has run
ont, the chains take up another stick
tbat lies across them and carry it np as
they did the flnt stick. A third stick
soon follows the second, and thus the
work oontinnee nntil the enti-.-o web of
paper hu been run out of the blotching
The chains in their working hang the
paper tn loops over a system of steam
pipes, and it* ia thns thoroughly dried
befon it reaches the end of the chain-
work, where it is again wound into
web form.
Wall paper designs are first sketched
on paper and then transferred to rollers
of the sixe required. It Is necessary to
prepare u many rollers u then aro
colon in the design. Thus, if tbe design requires printing in eight colore,
eight rollers muM be prepared.
When all of the rollers are ready, the
artist direct! his workmen, and each
one la given a color. A workman to
whom that color hu been given takes a
roller to his bench, sets tt firmly in the
grasp of a vise, and, with hammers,
files, brass ribbons and brass rods, goes
to work. Every bit of tbe design that
Is to be in green is traced ont for him,
and he carefully reproduces it in relief
on the roller.
Wben his work is finished, the roller
beon on ita face, in raised brass, green
stems, leaves, etc, and at the proper
time and placo will put tbe green coloring and shading just where the designer intended it should be. In like manner the other rollers are made ready for
use, and they are then taken to a press
that hu a large cylinder of tbe width
of ordinary wall paper. There are
grooves aronnd the sides and the bottom of thit cylinder, into which are fitted the rods on the ends of the rollers,
and when in position the faces of the
rollers just touch the cylinder. An end-
leea cloth band comes to each of the
rollers from below (each band works in
a color, pan), which contains in liquid
form the coloring matter to be carried
on the roller to which the band belonga
Each roller is placed In snch position
that the part of the design upon it will
strike exactly la the spot necessitated
bythe relative position of the other
When all ia ready, the paper tbat hu
passed through the blotching machine
is placed between the cylinder and the
first roller, tbe cylinder and the rollers
revolve rapidly, and soon tbe paper ia
beautifully printed. At each of the end-
lees cloth bands there Is a steel scraper
called a doctor, and It is the doctor's
_ prevent faio much llnnld from
ihe other pans from getting on tne
The wall paper press throws off ten
rolls of paper a minute, and each roll
contains 16 yards It Is said that
stamped paper for walls was first man-
ufactuted In Holland abont tbe year
1555. Some of the very costly wall paper in use nowadays Is beautifully embossed and hand painted.���Philadelphia
How Kollenlte Explode..
Tests made with the new explosive,
kallenltc, tbow that it hns some properties of marked superiority to dynamite.
Instead, for exnuiple, of being largely
composed of au Incombustible, linsellke,
Infusorial earth, eucalyptus leaves and
titreo bark ara used, these containing
a large quantity of gas and their combustion adding to the force of the explosion. Tbe whole coiupouud, in fact,
Is explosive, and this, It is claimed, Increases Its efficiency and economy tt
tbe ume time.
In tome experlmenti at Sydney, at
noted In Tbe Mining Journal, four
hotel were drilled to a depth of 10 feet,
and each wu charged with 12 pounds
of the kallenltc; the charge wat fired by
electricity and dislodged with comparatively slight upheaval tome 200
cubic yards of stone; thero was little
noise pnd hardly nny perceptible smoke
or fumes. These qualities, It is thought,
Indicate thnt kallenltc Is a desirable
explosive for military as well aa for
milling pnrpoaea.
"Load Me Voir Ants."
A plague of small ants Is worrying
the good housekeepen tn the lower part
of town. The little pesta get in the
sugar bowls, play havoc with cakes and
pies nnd drown themselves In the jelly
���nd fruit preserves It It will known
(bat the large black ante devour the little red ones, and ons bright lady Introduced several of the big block nnts Into
her home in order that they might cat
the little ones np The black iittta did
their work nobly, and now the house is
free of the small posts Since the bright
woman made her successful experiment
her neighbon frequently run over und
ask: "Mra ������, will )-on please lend
me yonr big black ants for�� day nr so?
I want to borrow thorn to eat my little
diet"���Breckinridge News
tlaaap. oa Po.ter..
France la trying bard to anrptiss Orr
many in the matter of red tape Ad ver
tiling posters must bear raven no stewips
varying In value according to the site
of tho poster. A man who affixed a It
centime stamp on a pastor which should
havt had only a t centime stump hu.
jutt been fined IM francs, or tii tut
Alrle. to Oellsla.
. Muhlo-Our caddie lott ill tht twill
at the picnic tbt other day, and only
tor on Inspiration wa should havt bad
no game of golf.
Braulo-iWbat did you do?
Motblo-Wt need the bard boiled
eggt from tht lunch baskott.-Town
1 .        i
Bllahl.t HefOS.
"I used to think Fordyct would mako
a mat political bott some day."
���And you don't think ht will?"
, J'#t*ter in tht world.  Ht'll never
BWM'evea  a  ttatumtar-Ghlcago
At Last!
A Remedy haa been DlHcavered tha* will
Peruuuiently Cure Catarrh.
This is not merely the wards of the makers
of this remedy, but th^jusertlon Is backed ap
by leading physicians and tbe honorable testimonies ofntradrciM of cored ones And more,
there is ttn absolute giiarnitee to cnrt> In ererv
package or money will be Tfifumled. We wilt
also send a two week**' trial quantity free to any
Sorson suffering from this dangerous diaenm-.
aiianese Catarrh Core ts u new discovery,
being a prescription perfected by one of
Aineiica'smost supceflHftilspoelaliHlH in treating thie disease. It la a soothing, penetrating
and healing pomade, prepared from ataintoft
compounds oflixHne ami Essential oils, to be
inserted up th.*! noHtrlls. The heat of the body
melts it, uud the very net of breathing ctirrfcs
lt to lhe dlm-iisi-d j>art��.   It reaches, sootlics
and heals every uart of iho miiooun membrane
curing invari-tbry all forms of oatnrrh of the
nose and throtif, nntl all forms of enturrhn)
denfnw. Mr, Joseph Little, the well known
mill owner of Port KsHlngton, B. C, writes:
"Japan-we Catarrh Cure t-onihleMy tunil mi'
of catarrh, which hid trnulilrii tin; fur sR years,
during which tlnii1 I hnd spent over tv-ftm on
remedies nml siiocltilists In Ton ml o nnd Kan
Frandacti. About two ymrs ag<i I pro-mind
six luxesut Jtraiiou OttMrrh Cure, nml thin'
etmiiiliillng this treatment have not folt the
slighted' nyinptinuM uf my ft inner trouble. 1
enn h'ghly recommend il. Heller camu from
thellrHtitpiilicRliiin.    We nlwnj'H keeji a m\.-
fily in the mill fur cuts nnd hums, nml non-Viler
l Hiijierior Miiiny ottitT n-;ii..,iy lurho'.llug."
Baltl Ity alhlrrggl-Hts.   BO cents.   Knmnle fret-.
Enci'.iwSnimtHiitimi.    AddivM, Tliu Oi'lili.h'
te Hnt'phvr-011 Co.. L'i Church Htre.it, Toronto
Chicken   Talk That  Hinin   Beings
CttK <t*lekly Learn to Comprehend.
It la a strnnge language tbat human
tars learn readily to comprehend. For
the most part It is instinctive. A fuzzy
toddler six hours out ot tbe shell bas tive
distinct calls. Tbe first and loudest of
thein Is tho lost note, uttered wben he
loses sight of bis mother or finds himself
out In the cold. It is loud nnd very
shrill. The second, tbe hunger note, is ai
shrill, but more plaintive. As soon as
eating begins it changes to a sort of satisfied chlttcring.
After cntlHg they grow sleepy and cry
to be hovered. Th? note is somewhat
like thnt of hunger, with a peculiar tremolo breaking It In tbe middle. Very
rarely do the mothers disregard It, though
they may be eager to go foraging over
grass plots or down hedgerows.
The fifth note, the chir-r of fright or
astonishment, is the quaintest of nil.
The chicks themselves appear to find
something in It distinctly humorous.
When they are a few days old, If a big,
wriggling worm or a fat, juicy bug be
thrown to tbem witb their usual food,
they will first draw ntsoy from it, chir-r-
ring In concert then, after eying it a
minute, seize upon it aud toss It about
with faint, immature chuckling cackles.
This chir-r develops at last in the grating
call of warning, ut souud of which from
tbeir mothers even tbe youngest scatter
aud scuttle to cover.
Anything, a bird, a kite, even a very
small passing cloud sailing in the sky
overhead, will evoke tbis warning cry.
Let one ben sound It, and every other
hen will take it up. Often, oftener than
not, Indeed, the nlarm is n false one, but
centuries of hawks hnve impressed upon
each feathered mind tbnt "danger cometh
out of the air,'' and tbey govern them'
selves accordingly.
Everybody knows how bens cluck to
their broods, but It may be news to mnny
that though 100 hens may be clucking
in the same luclosure the voice of each
will be Individual and unmistakable to
ber immediate family. A chick just out
of the nest may not be able to discriminate, but let bim follow for a dny, and
he ts past making uilsuiKus.
Even more wonderful Is the ben's nbil-
Ity to differcutlnte her brood from all the
mtr Wim BplWrtfr, 111 tempered fowls
this often leads to pitiful barnyard tragedies. An Intruder, feeding peacefully
nmoug chicks of bis own size, shape and
color, has often been slain with oue Bin*
gle blow of a sharp and augry beak.
A cock, especially a gamecock, or one
of Spanish breed, has a wonderful variety of crows. By means of them, Indeed,
he runs the whole gamut uf expression-
hope, fear, defiance, triumph, love, bate,
rnge, vanity and o fine, Ineffable conceit.
It Is the hens without families, though,
thai are the true barnyard gossips. Any
fine day, outstde molting time, you may
see them standing In groups, their heads
close together, clucking and chattering
like so mnny blackbirds, or else wallow*
ing In light earth, pocking lightly as they
scratch and wallow, aud evidently finding It good sport to throw dirt over each
A hen, save when setting, will never
wallow alone. Aud when setting she ts
not normal, but a ragged, unkempt and
very ill tempered shadow of herself,
scowling aud pecking at whatever comet
near her.-
no Not Carry Gold Cola, Because It
la Vail of Hlerobea.
It Is dangerous to go about with a
pocketful of money. Because a thief
mny catch you? No, not specially, but
because microbes will get after you. If
yon carry gold about with you, the doctor
It sure to get It Micro organisms of the
most dangerous tort live longer on gold-
pieces than anywhere else���almost. The
nnmber of bacteria found on the surface
of the coins varies considerably���on silver
and gold from 400 to 3,500, and on copper a still larger number.
To show the harmful results tbat may
occur from this, doses of from one to five
cubic centimeters are Inoculated Into tbe
blood or under tbe skin of rabbits and
guinea pigs. In one case out of ten
death results. In a scries of experiments
by a French physician death waa sometimes very rapid, with symptoms of acutt
septicaemia. In one case tuberculosis
was communicated to a rabbit by a piece
of wool which had been passed over a
ten centime copper coin. *
There are other ways to court Ills than
by carrying pocket fills of money. Heading on cart and boatt Is productive of a
great deal of trouble with people's eyes,
finch eye It controlled by ttx muscles,
and tbe point of vision It only one-
twenty-fifth of an Inch In diameter. The
motion of tbe car makes It a great strata
on theso musclet to focut tbe eyet properly.
A good way to develop paralysis of tht
facial muscles It to let tht barber wash
your face witb very hot water mornings
when you feel rutty. Hot water opens
up tbe pores of the skin and permits the
face to become chilled suddenly. Thit
brings on paralysis. Very hot towels will
do the tame thing.
Croaaatloa la Japaa.
A consular report from the Brltlth It*
gallon In Tokyo contains tome curiout
Information on cremation at practiced In
Japan. It tt stated that the body tn Itt
rough woodep coffin It placed on a thick
gridiron -extending nearly the whole
length of tht chamber, and firewood la
piled Into a recent at tht back. Witb
forced draft, the heat generated by tbit
when lighted tt sufficient within a few
hours to completely consume the body.
An average of something over 70
pounds of wood It required for complete
cremation, thongh this amount varies
with the body to fat burned. It It, for
Instance, fonnd that fat people burn far
more easily than thin, while persons who
have died of consumption require more
time hnd more wood than any others.
Tha time vurlct from three tt ill hour*
For   Once   Feriiriiatil!-*!    ISniln    .*lct*-*l
Qtlltik*)*, Unum-h.
"Gew'jt.' l-Vr*-i!i*oii." slini*p!,v exclaim*
ml Ills wife nfter tlit? visitor linil goat-.
"I woulilu't for worlds lit- aa big u
hypocrite as yon are!"
"lu wiult wny." lie ik*iiiiiniU��J, *'lmve
I been nttlng ilie hypocrite*."
"Voij li'-ow -vi'l! i-nou-.li. Wlmn
Cousin .leery sliowt-rt ns tlio picture of
tlio young woman lie Is going to ninny,
yuu snlil, -Slu-'s ns iiii-ity as n iik-tui-e!'
nml you I now she Is homely i-notigli to
loosen tlu* jinlut on n lirii-k wull."
(Ii-nrge Kta-tm-lii'd his olilu anil i-e-
loctt'il n moment.
"ill's. i'Y'i'gUBou���ni.-itlnm," lie said,
"ilon't nccttbe mo of hypocrisy. She Is
ns pretty ns n picture���hor own picture."
Even then it Old tint occur to Mrs.
Ferguson to retort that this explanation
illiin't help him nny, ns the photograph
surely was retouched.
And nn opportunity for crushltnj a
hushnnd, once lost, never turns up
agaln.-Chlcago Tribune.
What Ih. Bcl.aeo ol Medicine Ho.
-  Doa..
"Hut Is It not illtUcult to keep Dens
In the suburbs?'*
The pnle, gaunt mnn with the hollow
eyes gestured ileprccnilngly.
"Oh, no," he1 replied, "not since tho
Invention of quinine capsules In tho
form of kernels ot corn."
Of course, now nnd then a hon with a
weak heart or something would sue
cuuib to malaria, but only now and
ITIPPDHnD-n will heal [re.horoldwoond.ln
ULul-Ii&UIui mnn or lifiiHt.  It hu no equal
K.po.laa* III. Men.
"Our colonel Is getting entirely toe
risky," remarked a Filipino soldier.
"Yes," nssonted a comrade; "ho made
us hold on to onr trenches yesterday
until the Americans got In plain view
of us."
���SIGNALS OF DANOKn.-Have you
'o.t yon- up ittef 11 ,-e you a loatid
tongne I H ��� e yon ait i iipleawit taste In
the mouth t lin s y u. hi-adauho. and
have yon d zzln k*.. Ii so, y*mr stoniauh
li tut ot order, an i vi ti lie. d nit diolne.
But joud   n.t like mcillolniv   He t nt
Brefers slokt i ss to tued olne must suffer,
*it under the lie in-c.ic s tha wise
man woukl i-r euro a b x i f P rine'e 's
Vece able Pills and *p.ed ly go', h mself
in health, and itrlvc t-i ko p so.
-lost What He Need.
"Whnt In lite world did you buy that
piece of land loi'V" wns nsked of the
visionary citizen who suddenly decided
to take ap his residence outside of the
city. "The soil Is unproductive and
"(iood: Vour judgment confirms my
owu. If the soil is not sour my scheme
Is n failure. I propose to raise cucumbers and yonng onions that are pickled
In the growth.'*
Tbe Allan's new olyde built steamer
"Bavarian" 120U ten, twin screw, description of whioh was given at time
ahe waa lannehed from Denny & Oo. 'a
yards Dumbarton, has jnst completed
her trial trip which proved a great auc-
oeaa.. Her average speed for the voyage
waa seventeen and a linll knots.    Thia
Blum ��� lie to bo pvrl.up-1    iho  cpoc-HC
as well as too largest vessel trading to
Montreal, in fact larger than the majority of steamers sailing rrom New York.
It also demonstrates tbo fact that passengers ma; now make aa good time
via Montreal as any otber route, the
difference In speed being equalized by
the shorter route via Ihe St. Lawrence.
* The "Bavarian" is a model of perfection aa far aa safety nnd comfort is concerned. The interior decoration and
furnishings arc of the highest order;
thnnsauds of Incandescent lamps illuminate every pnrt ot tbe boat. She has
superior ac-coiiimoiliition for all classes
of passengers. Tho first cabin accommodation is situated in the steadiest
and widest pnrt of the ship. The
maximum nnmber of cabin paaseugers
to be carried is 800. Special attention
has been given the second cabin, many
new features whioh will add to the
comfort of passengers, will now be
fonnd by those taking that olaaa of accommodation. Iu fact she possess all
the comforts anil conveniences that delight Ihe heart of the ocean voyager.
The third class accommodation has not
been overlooked. There laa nice sitting
room for women and smoking room for
the men, also separate rooms for men
aud their wives.
Sbe filled the wnnt called for hy
every one in regard to the fast Atlantic
service. By this steamer the passage
oan he made from Winnipeg to Liverpool in a little over eight days and
without nny of the inconveniences of
trinsferrlng a long distance from the
1 BellBtille lady, Whom Doctors
Failed to Help, Cured it
��� N�� em who hai not suffered from kidney
dlaeaae can Imagine the terrible torture
thoee endure who are the victim, of aome
disorder of these delicate filters of the
body. Mrs. Richard Reea, a well-known
andhlghlyrespectedladyol Belleville, Ont,
had to bear the burden of kidney complaint
for over ao years and now Doan's Kidney
Pills have cured her when all also failed.
Her husband made tbe following state,
ment of her case ��� " For ao -pears ray wife
baa been a sufferer from pain In the back,
sleeplessness and nervousness and general
prostration. Nothing seemed to help her.
Doctors and medicines all failed, until we
rot a ray of hope when we aaw Doan's
Kidney Pills advertised aa tt poaitlve curt.
ber right away, and ahe ia now batter la
every respect. We can heartily recom.
mend Doan's Kidney Pilla to all auftren,
for theyseemtostriketheright spot quickly,
and thelr.actlon ia not only quick but It is
"I cannot aay mora In favor of these
wonderful pills than that they saved my
wife from lingering torture, which ahe bad
endured tor to years past, and 1 sincerely
trust that all sufferera will give Doaa.
Kidney Pilla a fair trial."      "
Cure constipation, biliousness
sick headache and dyspepsia.
Save the Babies.
Thousands of them dlt every rammer who could be saved by tbe
timely use of Dr. Fowler's Ext.
of Wild Strawberry.
There is not a mother
who loves her infant but
should keep on hand during the hot weather a
bottle ol Dr. Fowler's
Extract of Wild Strawberry.
Tbere Is no remedy to
safe and so effective for
the diarrhoea of infants,
and none has the endor-
satlon of so man/ Canadian mothers who hava
proved ttt merits, and therefore speak
with confidence. One of these Is Mrs.
Peter Jones, Warkworth, Ont., who says i
"I can give Dr, Fowler's Extract of Wild
Strawberry great praise, for it saved my
baby's life. She was cutting her teeth
and was taken with diarrhesa very bad.
My sister advised ine to get Dr. Fowler's
Extract of Wild Strawberry. I got a
bottle and it cured the baby almost at
So   the   Colonel   Promptly   Toolr   ���
Ntveet HoTcni r.
"Who ti that uinu limping along on
crutches, with his lu-iul nil doue up la
imiHlngi's?" Inquired tlio nastern man
of the landlord of the Metropolitan hotel at Neil Dog. "lie looks ne though
he hud met with a terrible accident."
"Accident ntithln," replied the land
lord. "It wuz mitliln but jest durii
foolishiiesft. Tbnt there feller-BU.
Witters is bis name--he didn't have no
more sense then ter tell Jim Peters
thet he wuz a wuss liar then Gunnel
Hunk Phillips, wben ev'ryhody knows
(hut the cunnel Is tbe tvtist liar lu
"And then tbe trouble begnn, I aup
���jose?" Interrupted tbe stranger.
"Not right nway," answered the landlord. "The cunnel didn't bear of it till
two or three days later, but when b��
'Jld-Wfinl, yer kin see fer yerself whai
be doue to poor P.m."
"Rut what grievance did tho colonel
ImveV" inquired the tourist. "The fellow suid tliat .Mr. Peters was a worse
tint' Hum the colonel."
"that's Jest it. D'ye think the cua-
nel'H irn'ii to stand by an henr n rank
nitiiitoor classed 'way abend of himself
without pt'oteatlo?*"*--New York Journal.
Tfccy ilin ji ne of tie powers ��� f a pill
hy its si/ti won it u I)si er Parmo es
Veneabo P.ll�� t> it- ivjnlnjj. t is
it 1 ttlo wonder among pi.Is. What- lt
ii'ks In h\v, it makvR uo in poieniy.
T e rimed! -s * Idoii it nrrl s ar<* put up
in ihen i small u &>���< been i.e they are to
p w.-flnl thit only ina 1 dosis a o to
quired Th i f-.l) K'lun th of tho extrae s
1 se ur tl lu t :is 'o in nntl dn their work
The Jocund Wind .liuumer,
"We've simply got enough of It!"
protested the neighbors.
The man who had heeti running
scales upon a j rout bono luttgttod gnyly
"'*"***������    *���>'!"   '"   "Vlijlt    Vt"   'il'IffM   tall.
tbe boru of plenty!" be exclaimed ns
by sudden inspiration.
Here be laughed again, although
near to death,
0*u/t ^MA/Mits *t/ fceUtens e��' foeiS-
���he: master
��� ^.e s r Ta*i' & o <^p i n IITeWor 1��
Mm\illiiMAOE BY \\Wm
I was cured   of Khcutnatie Gout by
I wat anted of Acute  Bronchitis  hy
Sussex. Lt. Col. O. Crewe Read.
I was cured ot acute Rheumatism by
Markhnm Out. O. S. BILLING.
A -d-yenr-ohl liy Arion, dam Hour],
2:17, bns been tunned ,Sau Teltiiu and
Is n natural pacer. Within 30 days
nfter being lakvll front grass lie showed a mile belter than 2:30 ut that gait.
Amelia, by Electioneer, Is said to
bave foaled twins four limes in eight
years. She Is the dam of four In the
list, notwithstanding her Iomk of lime
bused on the theory that twin colts
seldom live and uever prosper.���Turf,
Field nnd Farm.
p.R..U-PiU whin dFHip.iti! hiiu-
E-elves In tlo ttoiniio i inn i t ho ei e ted
to have muj-i tlfeut umu t e nte-t Ines,
nul to overeo-u- ocMhe ess tho imdl ine1
admiriisteie I mn t i< lluenre the action
<f these -ara). P��nu lee - Vega able
PI 1 ��� nre n> nnule, uudi r t- e u( ervir-uon
of ixDirts, t at t*i'*> FUbstiiutuK in iliom
liitende t < ope 11 on the Inte tints nre
re*.a ded InhO lo i until i' ey pus through
t e stomach t ��� t o lo ��� e's
Watts���Did you see that story about
an arrowhead being brought up from i
depth of more than l-Su-J feet under
ground ?
Potts-Yet. Strikes me tbe fellow
tbnt shot It tbat deep Into tbe earth
mutt have been a pretty good man In
bla time.- Indlnnnprtlls Journal.
eoluiiilHu' Oversight.
That wns n wise schoolboy who,
wben the matter asked, "Why was it
that bit great discovery was uot properly appreciated until long nfter Columbia wat dead?" promptly replied,
"lt wns because he didn't advertise,
Iff nVDVITDE-Hecommflndwl liy stockmen u
UltuiJnMJttD best euro for wounds snd torn
Can't Shake It Off.
"Yes, that's his fad. He Is a good
���urgeon, but for tbe last ten years he
haa studied nothing but warts."
"Well, that's a tort of tiling tbnt
grows ou one, you know."���Detroit
Camlatakable Symptoms.
"Doctor, my husband says black aad
fed spots appear before his eyet every
tight,   Wbat do you adviser
"1 advise that be stop playing
Rare Devotion,
*'Do you think Dolly's tlauce lores
"Indeed lie does. Why, he went fnd
made love to Hint pretty Albright girl.
Just to give Dolly u ehnncv to cut bet
Mf-Collle-ft Weekly.
mun unuiT u um nnmcuu.
it nt v.Ht the Spiiiiklns That He
lloiu illy Denerved.
The mother of n little Huston boy,
visiling friends ou Cnpltol hill, round
ed the kid up when he appeared for
breakfast the otlier morning.
"Weiidall," she said lo bim, "you
will recall that upon the second evening of our arrival here I forbade you
reading Herbert Spencer and Huxley
ut night by Hie light of tiie gas lu
tbe room set aside for you. on account
of the heating properties of the Illuminating fluid. Vim have disobeyed
me, aud I nin about to ptiulsh you. I
am very sorry to hnve to"���
"I beg of you to eliminate the preamble," replied the kid. "Punitive
measures Inflicted conversationally
create a distinct sense of fnlfgue within me. At any rate 1 pray you to reserve your didactic discourse until
after the application of the birch."
Then the slipper fell nnd tbe kid
bawled almost like something human,
���Wasliiugtdu Post.
ftile, t*in yotinif lues ���������uingeoj hy
revets oil gh and <��� i'd�� mny be in*tar ed
!y Di*. 'Hi mis' Bo'eo 1j wil. Croup,
wboopl g .'i ugh, brunch, i-. in sliorj ml
nflfe t ii s or he throit u- d lungs, in relieved iy i'-ih torlint pr pariturn, whicli
alsi rinediis rhe'imnlio pain-?, ions,
bru'st-'f-i. pi e . kin ey ��� itli u ty, and is
m<st io numi'i.
Jones Knows llmv.
"Isn't Jones n little penurious when
it comes lo supplying money for household expenses?"
"I won't say as to that, but I'll tell
you what happened. Ills wife told
him that tbe parlor carpet had become
so worn and fuzzy that It was impossible to sweep It any more without
making it  worse.    Some men would
Jones got the lawn mower nnd ruu It
over the carpet."���Detroit Free Press.
I in oil  Si'tii'iur.
"Whatever Induced the Brown tons to
put in their summer In a houseboat?"
"It makes it comparatively easy for
t'.iein to dodge their creditors.'*���Chicago Post
Then Is danger in neglecting a oold.
Many who nave died ot Consumption
inted tbeir troubles from exposure, followed by a cold which settled on their
uugs, aud in a short time they were beyond the skill of the best physician. Bad
-hey tibed Blckla's Antl-Consumptive
Syrup, before it wns too late, their lives
���vould lave been epaivd. This medicine
���ins no equul fur curing coughs, colds,
tnd all affections of the throat and lungs.
A Current IHirnae.
"Making a clean sweep of It."���Judy.
Group Promptly Believed,
Mrs. J. SlmiuH, Mt. Pleasant, Vancouver, B. C, writeB: "One of onr children
has been subject to oroup almott tlnue its
birth. We And Griffith's Menthol Liniment always to give prompt relief, and
would not be without lt in our horae. As
a liniment we do not think it has any
equal,   All druggists, ��5ots-
A Venm-fiil TIhhikIiI.
"In some future year." said the cltl*
sen with n powerful Imagination, "(he
human race will fltttl tlie sun extinct.
That onco glowing orb will cense to
tibed Its rays upon our world. Then
wbal'll we do."
"Whnt will we do?" echoed the mo
rose mnn, who was grinning for the
first lime in weeks. "Thai isn't tin
qilltstlou. Whnt'll the iceman do?"-
Waslilugton Star.
There never wai, and never will be, a
universal panaoea, In one remedy, for all
Hit to wbioh flesh is heir���the very nature
ot many curatives being such that were
the germs of other and differently seated
diseases rooted in the syttem ot the patient���what would relieve one IU In turn
would aggravate the other. We have,
however, tn Quinine Wine, when obtainable In a toond, unadulterated (.tate, a
remedy for many and grievous tilt. By Its
gradual and judicious ueo the frallett systems nre led into convalescence and
strength bv the influence which Qmnine
exerts on Nature's own restoratives. It
relieves tbe drooping spirits ot those with
whom a chronic state of morbid despondency and lack of Interest In life It a disease, and, by tronquilizing the nerves,
dispose! to sound and refreshing sleep���
Imparts vigor to tbe action ot tho blood,
which, being stimulated, courses throughout tbe veins, strengthening the healthy
animal functions of the system, thereby
making activity a necessary lesult,
strengthening the frame, and living life
to the digestive organs, whleh naturally
demand Increased substance���result, improved appetite. Northrop and Lvman, of
Toronto, bave given to the publio their
superior Quinine Wine at the usual rate,
ana, ganged by the opinion of scientists,
this wine approaches nearest perfection
of any la tht market.    All druggists sell
OOLD PI WED. ��,".��"!!
tu  in wait vi'iir  iiftine ��i��l  aiMrau,
mid we will (i.iwbiiI tliu waldi lu tou
tiy extiroB fur rgiimiiiutkin.    It li I
-it ii]. I i.f k Mid Uml dint-nroul
i--.li five item wind a
 fur tradingpur-
U afii-r iiirfful main-
iiatii.n you nnd thii watch to
iitemi-til ai icimientnt,
hs exj.i-i-M -let-lit tlba
���hugm, autlllii juun.
Terry Watch Co., Toronto, Out
W. V. U.    2.17
LEST TOD FORGET, note that wo buy
Butler, Cheese nnd Frush Egga for export���that
wi- ImnilU* tiiiS'ilim! Engines and Horse Powers,
anil Mint our " Alexandra" nnd "Melntte"
Cream Separators are thu best in the worldi
Cn r ri; -1 iij(i (i 3j i ��-e solicited.
fob the printer
Made by the celebrated firm
ol Ault & Wiborg.
Tha lateat and beat.
New., Miieellanj,
" rial., etc.   Beat
i world.
Out by tha "Gat-
ling" Procett. Tht
only i
kind in Canada.
' plant of tiie
Ot all makes and
kinds���now and te-
ooad hand.
Unequalled by aay other la
Canada, in matter, paper aad
All Kinds for Printers
Head OBmi Toronto.
Padlo Coaat Branch: MO Cordera
Stnat, Tancontcr.
��������������������������*��������������������������� eeeeeeee
LDCU, STEELE i BBITOL   I'lrel. Tea.
���n.p.��.���.fQ,.MH..     J��f;$g;g��a,
Willi 11, H.mllton.Qpt.    I. 8. a B. Bpl.1
Oarrt-LK...  wagou*.  narrow., wlndnulu*
ae.  tOcfcDHClT PLOW CO., Wlaggg
ft is
Ctiase & Sanborn's
Seal Brand Coffee,
reason:enpugh why.it u
McDEBMOT bas Jnst received a mammoth
oar load of Furniture.   Although furni
ture has
Advanced 15 Per cent
This Lot was
Purchased Before the Rise
and customers will be given advantage of
this SNAP.
The stock is too large and varied to enumerate articles or quote prices, but we will be
pleased to show you through and give
closest figures on any article you want.
G. B. McDermot,
Headquarters for Miners' Supplies.
LAKE  &   CO.,
have opened as
ATHALMER, (Salmon Beds)
Stock of Miners' Supplies, General
Stores and all Camp Requisites.
Oolden waa visited on Tuesday by a
���even thunderstorm accompanied by
heavy raina.
It ia reported' that H. C. Hammond
baa pnrohMad tba Delphine mine on
Toby Creek.
No change In tht Transvaal situ-
ation li expected until tba time ol tba
conference arrive..
It baa been decided to send 10,000
Britiab troops to Natal, bringing tba
force there up ti> 15,01.0.
Mra. Uibb, wile of Mr. J. 8. Gibb,
manager of tbe Imperial Untile at
Uolden, arrived from tbe coaat on
W. Fellow Harvey. M.E., arrived io
Ool leu on Mouday and loft by the
Duchess on Tuesday inoruiug to examine properties at Windermere aud
The proposal to organise a curling
club, at Dawson City, baa "caught
on," aod next winter the roarin' game
wiil probably ba one of lha chief pastime, ol Dawsouites,
The Canadian Paoiflo railway company baa given a round trip rate lo
tb* exhibition which takes place at
Calgary ea September 57th and 28th,
from Goldeu of 15.0i>.
Mr. James Henderson bas commenced the erection of a residence lor Capt.
Bacon opposite Mr. t\ Vt. .Ioue.' residence, to whioh Mr. Henderson is patting th* fitUtblug touches.
Service! at St. Paul's Church oa
Sunday nut, Sept. 17th, will belli a.m. Celebration of Holy Communion; 11 a.m. Mattius, Litany nud ser*
mon; 7:110 p.m. Eveusoug aud sermon.
Mr. T. A. Knowlton, of Waterloo,
Quebec, wbo is interested in tke Certainty Gold and Mining Co., aud who
bas spent the paat few works la visiting the propertiea owued by tbis company returned home on Tuesday.
Mr. Young, tho Presbyterian student who is stationed at Windermere,
will occupy the pulpit of tbe Presbyterian Church here for the next two
Sundays in tba absence of Rev. J. F.
Eretia who gee* to Galena aad Win
Mr. James Henderson, who ba* tbe
contract for the removal of tbe Court
House from Donald to Golden informs
us that tb* building baa been torn
down and will be ready to move next
week. The furniture and fixture* hare
been brought to Golden thie week.
Tbe gnat success of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera aud Diarrhoea Remedy
In the treatment of bowel complaints
bas mad* it standard over tbe greater
part of the civilised world. Por sale
all druggists. Henderson Bros,
wholesale agts. Tictoria k Vanconver.
A series of sermons on the "Prodigal
son and his brother," will be preached
in the Methodiat Church. Th* first of
tbe aeries will be given next Sunday
���veiling, Sept. 17th. Subject: "Away
from home and friends." Especially
for youug men.  ^Ejeqiaii*��� -m-Tnnm..
Situate in the Donald Mining Dlvimon of
East Kootea.y District Where located
���On south fliile of Kinbaaket Lake about
COO feet from Lake.
Situate la the Donald Mining Division of
East Kootenay District. Where located
���On south .here of Kiahnsket Lake, immediately out oi Klukaikot Mineral
Take notico thst I, Thomas McNaught of
t'ukleu, nt-tiiig t, .gent for Ihe Golden A Fort
Steele Development Company, Limited, of
Oolden, Free Minor, terlitiwite No. HIONKI,
and Frauk Itertliiaume of Oolden, Free Min
er. Certificate No. 7IM1IA, intend sixty day.
from the date hore-if to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Ituproveini-nts
Jas. Brady; D.LS., & P.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
M-AiVn. Inst. ME.
Agent for obtaining Crown Grants, doing
atuiunl ju-se-um-ent work, etc.   Addnss t
White & Scott,
Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries,
.   Berelstoka, B.C.
Will attend all CoiuityConrts at Gokten,B.O
W. White, Q.C. J.M.8oorr,B.A.,LL.B
for the purposed obtaining a Crown tjraut
of Ihe above claim*).
And further toko notice tliat Action under
Mi-tion :I7 mimt Im commenced before the
humane* of auch Certificate of Improvement..
Datod thia lltli dny of August, IM9.
Situate in the Windermere Mining Dlvlaioa
of "M Koot.nuy DUtrict. Where local*
ed-Oa Toby Creek.
 _     ugDi.l.i
of Eaat Kootcnny District.    Where L
cated���(in Boulder Creek,a tributary cf
Horeethlef Croek.
Tske notice (hnt IJST. O. Mitchell Innes,
as agent for the New tieldsn Britiab Columbia Limited.of London. England (Foreign),
owner, of tha above Mineral Claim., Free
Miner's t'ertllfeltl. No. BIWDB, Intend, .isty
days from the data hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for Certificates of Impro
meiita, for the pun-one of obtaining a t're
Grant of tha above claims.
And further take notice last action, tinder
section Iff, must be commenced before the
issuance of such certificate ot iniprovsnitnts,
Dated this fifth day ef August, 1SS��.
Livery & Feed Stables
Rigs ol all kind, for hire at resaonsble rales.
Teaming of all kinds a Specialty,
A. C. Hamilton,
Towpsite of Golden
Business and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices 4 Easy Terms of Payment
NCTICE ia hereby given that two mentha
after date I Intend to apply to tbe t *hief Commissioner of Lauds and Works, tor permis*
���ion to purchium the following described
land i���Lots Numbers-OTSand S67U, beiugon
the Columbia River in tba District ol Eaat
Kootenay, sad containing 855.8 and SI2.7
seres respectively, be ths same more ur less.
Dated at Golden, 3rd July, 1899.
for young men.
-* epecinl iiiusic.
Kirqptor*|    6c     Pitts,
General Merchants,
Miners going northward via Canoe river route will
find it a large saving and convenience to procure their
supplies at Donald.
Sole Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windermere, Golden   &   Donald
Mining Divisions.
Agents at Windermere for California Giant Powder Co
Toronto is the on* olty in Canada
tbat British Columbia ean look to for
mining capital tbat is willing to tak*
even chances. No Torouto company
operating in (hia province haa suspended work because of tbe enforcement
of tbe eight-hour law for miners work*
ing underground.���Nelson Tribune.
English Spavin Liniment removes all
haul, soft or calloused Lumps aod
Blemishes from horses, Blood Spavin,
Curbs, Splints, King Bone, Sweeney,
Stifles. Sprains, Sort and Swollen
Throat, Cougha, etc, S-ive $50 by uso
of one bottle. Warranted tbe most
wonderful Blemish Cure ever ki own
Sold by C. A. Warren.
Arrangements for the concert and
social in aid of the Preabvterlan
Church to be held in the Alexander
Hall on Thursday evening next an
now oomplete. An attractive musical
and literarv programme has been pre*
pjred aod tha entertainment promises
to be a goo I on*. Th* concert will
commence at 8 o'clock sharp, admission
63 cants.
Th* Goldtn Lumber Co. hav* deter-
miaed to open their valuable timber
limit on Cedar Creek aod ar* now putting In a road there for the purpose of
getting In camp outfit* and supplies.
In this limit ths Company bar* some
of th* finest timber in the Province.
Th* Company will alao run a camp on
thtlr limit at Spillimaohene thia
A big auit will abortlv occupy tb*
attention of th* court*. Nineteen year*
ago J. Hansen executed an agreement
in Sweden which waa in the nature of
as assignment for 97,000 Swedish
crown*. Th* heirs of J, Hansen art
now suing Mills Hansen for $53,476,
being the balance due of principal and
intereat. Mills Hansen is a well-known
business ma* of Waaa, and is reputed
If yon want
Good Bread
Calgary Flour.
The Calgary Milling Company guar
ante* their flour tbe equal of auy
brand on tha Golden Market and
hereby authorlxe all grocer* to nil
it subject to above guarantee and
Ih.***  will   retool >U. I..H ���-.<���.���*.��
paid for Honr upon return of auy
not equal lo guarantee.
Sold by 0. A. Warren.
J-issayar & Metallurgist,
Oolden,     -     B.C.
Gold  It DO
Silver   .... 160
Lead  160
Copper  2 00
Gold and Silver ...  SOO
Lead and Silver ..  100
GoldandCopper  160
Silver and Copper  1 60
Gold, Silver and Lead  t 00
Geld, Bilver and Copper  8 60
Gold, Silver, Lead and Copper. 4 "
Iron  4 00
fin  800
Zinc  8 00
Assays, Sampling, Analytical Work
and Concentrated Ons.
All parcels of on ancanfully sample!
one portion tested, ono labelled and
kept, and th* third, if required, returned to own*r aa a check on tbe
assay made.
Ten-ass V**k With flaa-ple*.
Wmdb-uurb-E. J. SCOVIL.
Athalmek-J. J. LAKE.
Order* left with abor* agents trill n-
oeiv* prompt attention.
Working and Dividend Paying Mines In
variona parts ol British Columbia.
Gob) Quart j. Copper, Gold, and Silver-lead
Prospects and Developed Properties on bond
Galena and Copper Ores
Reports and information furnished regard-
inn mining properties.
Slocks In Ilrltlsli Uoltluillla milieu bought
and sold,
Cable Address:   KAN Ad Aw, Oolden.
A. W. Palmer,
Chemist & Druggist,
Hull Bros. & Co.
GOLDEN is the key to tb* Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia River, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching conn-
try, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with the
fact that transportation is now assured at an early date
by a railway running the length of the Colombia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forma
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase before a further rise
takes place.
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on
application to
No sale of lots is valid nntil purchaser receives agreement for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
H. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
H. G. Parson, Merchant, or
E. A. Haggen, Agent, Golden.
Codes In as) i
ford Mebeill.
Honing k Neat, and Bad*
Wholesale A Betall
Cauls, Sheep and Horse Dealors.
Headquarters for Commercial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Rooms.    Baggage Transferred Free. .
Hot and Cold Baths.
Rates $2 per day. Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars
J.  G.  Greene, Proprietor.
Lest You Forget
Drop into PATMORE'S Store and look over the breezy,
up-to-date novels he has just got in and
Size Up
his nice stock of gold-rimmed eye glasses and spectacles.
"Byes tested free.
The Confectionery
is the latest, dandiest and best, and fresh from the factory.
. In Patmore's
yon cab get Drugs, Perl-aorta, Soaps, Toilet Articles, Stationery, Pipes, Tobaccos, etc. School Supplies of all kinds
at right prices. .
Situate in the Golden Mining Dlvlalenof
North East Kuoienay IHairict.  When
l-eea *d - Nesr the head of the Middle
Fork of iii. fp llinimhene River.
Tske notice tbat we, William McNeish, of
Gulden, Free Miners CortiKrate No. HIOSM,
Thomas Todd ef Golden, Admiulatrator in Ihe
Estate of the late John 0. Todd, Free "itinera
Certificate No. 7IGSA, snd Thomas McNaught
of Golden, Administrator in tbe Estate of Ibe
late Harry G. Woodley, Free Miners Certi
Scale No. J672A, intend 60 days from tbe
totbe MiaJas"
       .   -. Improvement
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
date hereof to apply to tho Miafnir Recorder
for a Certitluite or Improvement, for tbe
above claim.
And further take notice that action nnder
section 87 must bs commenced befon the
issuance of such Certificate of Improrements.
Dated this SOth day of August 18W.
THOMAS TODD. Administrator.
THOS. MeNAUGOT, Administrator.
Notice Is hereby given that sixty dsys after
data I, F. Laseelles, intend to apply lo the
Chief Commissioner of Lands A Works for
permission to purchase the following described tract of land, situated three miles Awn lhe
Kootenay Kirer on the eaat skon of tbe Up.
perColumbisLsk*In Nertl -       	
. efti'.'o'. W. tt'Je NofS'lbllowiai tbe lake
thirty chain.,    'thenee    South    thirty
chain., thence west tin chains to place of
bsgianlng. tbe whole containing thirty acres,
Wool's Plloei'llODIN* is sold In Golden
by R. W. Palmer.. C. A. Warnn, snd ft
W. Fisld, Druggists.
Lakeside Hotel,
TAYKTOK & Gokdon, Pbops
Good accommodatioa for   Prospectors snd
Freighters.   Flrst-claeeiueela.
Head el navigation on Columbia Rivet.
Tb* mo*t central point In Wlodvmen Mining Division.
Extract from lUport of Mlolstsr of Mines for 1886: "A waggon real
conld bt built from tb* 'Salmon Bed*' ATHALMEB-at a rtasoaabl*cost,
and will bt to built a* soon a* It (��� justified by th* mining dtveltptntnt"
Dry climate, charming aoentry, perfect hotting on lak* and rlvtr, aad
good fishing snd shooting in immediate vicinity.
Level surface with growl subsoil lo build upon; cold, clear wafer ih* '
year round fo. hou.ohold pn'ipiisaa, and splsndld watsr pow*r slot* to tow*.
Large and oamplou MW-mlll (tt M. daily capacity) ��mhe ground
oheap lumbar. ���    , -
****vrra. easy, particularly so to Uvwtat* wl.klag io build.
raps-MM. Brat-pat*
tit. 1 and No.S sold lu Golden by C. W
Field, C. A. Warnn, and R. W. l'.tm.r.
To Be Sold
In Lots to Suit Buyers
IS Untucht Males*,
11 Puck JUIe*,
IS t'��) naen.
The shove .lock bj in first class condi'ion,
and la wsll broken. Peek rigging snd harness ran alao bs arranged for. Th* stock Is
situated in K.niloop. neighborhood. Offers
to bs made te
Tke W��T��rI��y Mm Umitei.
Canadian Pacific Railway
"Imperial Limited"
Tin nnparalltltd tucttts.
The fastest and best
equipped train crossing the continent.
Sttamart leave Fort William
Excursion Rates to
the East and
Apply for particular* lo mar-set C.P.B.
agent or to
Ass't.an.Paia.Agt.     Oeo.Pan.Agt.
Winnlptg. Vl-Mlpw.
T. D. Fickard,
Gold. Silver or Land	
OoMaadSili .-...	
Gold or Silver and Copper.
. S1.50
. MO
.   1.00
Gold,Slimandliid''....:;  S.M
Oold, Slim, Lsad and Copper 4.00
Prompt Attention te Samples by mil.
Cub must accompany th* Sample.
Palp kept fer three mouths.
Front Street, Revelstoke, B.C.
Rubber Stamps.
Oiden for .Rubber
and Stsbwlllb*
Liml'M Liability,
C. D. Liang, Agent
The B.C.* Assay & Chemical Supply Co, Ltd
Vancouver.     -     B.C.
We an Manafaclann and direct Imnertert, and carry a bug* sleek of Bahaeea,
Furnace., Fin Clay Goals. Sclaatia. aad Pracliesl Beeks, Glssswsn, PUUnwn Goods,
Ackie, Chemical., and alletbor Astayen' and Mlnen' nqalnsawts.
_ ,      SOLE AGENTS fcr Morgan Cracibl* Company, Baltersesi Becker's Ss**'
Dalaaeoe, Etc.
Ctalogneaadftdl particular, on sppllcjdloa.
For a pine Suit
and a Perfect pit
The Fashionable Tailor.
Opposite The Columbia House.     bitta
E. A. Haggen,
Notary Pahll*. Mlalag, glaasieUI sag
C.mmlMlon Agmt, eoaatlssletMr
Dtedt attested. PsrUss nprtttoted fa
_>.Mcs,~ Small Debt, snd Canty Courts.
Accounts eelheMd snd dltpitsd claims
e. j. scova,
Notary Public,
Conveyancer. Etc.
Agmt for E. A, HAOOEN.
A-Mmj-w * ���*UllUP��iSt.
Ornoa at Liunoa Borm,
Windermere, - B.Q.
V*m m A*7**m *t
Ths lojrsl Afrioaltspsia IndMtfUlSort-Hjrof Brltl|kC��IumWa
WnbtbeMat   ', "
New Westmiiwter, B.C..
October 3rd, 4th* *th* * 6tfc.
$15,000       In Prizes.       $15,000.^
OP��n to the Wo/ld.
A Round of Pleasure for Four Whole Days.
OrtedCtmeenemtk���'iJplwjTi. H*M^lil^ijt^j^gpMlwIy<^Bwil
meeetm tjsrerneue (tern tm yg^^O JWHy��jWHy tenuh   ���*���* tlttesm RMM tern
���  .   -tulo������#'*'....   ������' *������"���:*��� ������      ���        -4-.J earnam^gaam*mAa.   tBmfjMfe
ret rt-tw JJWt *merj wetme\ eme wm pmhhi^ ��nw ee
T.J. Trapp, Pros.,      Arthur Ifalins, Sccf.��
W. H. Keair, Ocnnnlssloner.
1'. n,i*n ���tT*..**x'���


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