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The Golden Era Jan 23, 1897

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 Mf\T,   iA/--/ *>_-*..
VOL. VJ. NO. 35,
OOLDEN B.C., SATl RDAy, JANUARY 23   1807.
$2 Per Year
Room Wanted
#' New Stock.
j     j   Hi"    ��� ��� ��� ��� ���    3  ���>   .���     ���     ��� t��� >
I   ^"".-������.���.i-i    '    ���-<���-----* - ���      ��������� ..[,������ ! -"-rr	
For thc -lext two or
Attention ?
For the next 30 days I will
sell for cash before taking
stock.    Be sure and get bar
gains, as room must be made
for new goods. Very Low
three weeks previous
#      to Stock Taking THIS      #
STORE will give you
special opportunities
to secure   a   great
many things   for a
very little money.
Wishing to reduce
stock as much as pos
sible to make room
for spring purchases
every    inducement
will be offered in the
matter of price.
"A Drop
"In the Bucket"
doesn't amount to much,
but a drop in prices
amounts to a whole lot
to most peojile! That's
what has happened in
. the Grocery "Department
of the ilig Store on .Stephen Avenue, Calgary.
There's no reason why
you shouldn't get the
benefit so drop us a card
and get more valuable
information on the sub
ject. j
Golden, 011 the main line of the Canadian
1 -until- Knil-my. ��t its connection with the
steamboat navigation of the Columbia river;
the mineral -md commercial centre of Eastern
Hritish Columbia I headquarters of tli j Golden Smelting works, the Upper Columbia
Nnvigntiou Co., unil Iitnilier industry; the
outlet for the widely known and far
finned agricultural mid grassing land of the
Coluinliia A Kooteiiny Valleys: iiuriviillctl
tor sconery of nil kinds; tlio distributing
point for the richest mineral country on the
���-!������������ ��� ,    ���      ���      ���      ���      ���      ���     7
(General Merchant,  ���  -   ���  Alexander Block
Af ent for tha Phoenix Fire Assurance Co. of London,
Kng. and The ���onl*derat|s>-* -Life Association, Toronto.
Wholesale and Retail Druggist
between Winnipeg and
the Coast.
Mail Orders Receive
Prompt Attention.
Calgary, Alberta.
Watch, Clock & Jewelry
"Repairing \
in the best style of the trade with the
least possible delay. Mail and Express
orders receive prompt attention.
Watchmaker and Jeweller.
���Molden, R.V.
Opposite the Columbia House.
The Neilson Furniture Co
Will mail, free of charge, one of their
Illustrated   Catalogues  snd    Price
List* to  any person sending them
their address.
The  Neilson   Furniture  Co.,
Calgary, Alberta.
Mr. S. Barber returned on Monday
Irom a visit to Calvary.
Liberal associations have been formed during the past week at Kumloops
und Rossland.
Divine servico was held on Sunday
morning at Btibar's Camp by the liev.
G H. Osborne.
Post-office Inspector Fletcher wss in
town last Thursday on business connected with his office.
Owing to the soft weather on Wednesday snow slides were prevalent in
the Selkirks and No. 2 was delayed
24 hours. ,
Any hopes which were entertained
for good skating tbe early part of the
week, were blighted by the snowfall of
Wednesday and Friday.
The Kicking Horse overflowed on
Monday night lust and lovers of skating arc now waiting for a cold snap
so that they may pursue their favorite
We call the attention of our readers
this week to C. A. Warren's advertise
ment. His annual stock-taking aula
is now on and people desirous ol bargains should cull and examine his stock
The first number of the Kevelstoke
Herald is to hand and presents u bright
and newsy uppeurunce. The Herald is
a semi-weekly devoted to the mining
interests of Kevelstoke, Iilecillewaet,
Big Bend, Lardeau. Trout Lake, Albeit
Canyon and Jordan Puss districts.
An order was received at Russland
the otlier day for 10,000shares ol War
Fugle at f 1.(11 from a Toronto broker,
who has close connections with the
Guoderliains. This woulil indicate
that the price of ths mine is 1850,000
as announced at the time ol the sale.
A millionaire in Indiana, who lost
eyesight aui-io yeurs ago, has offered
Kev. W. F.Clirismus the sum of *.>UU-
000 if be can cure his blindness. Mr
Ctirismus will visit hiin, but absolutely refuses to accept any stated sunt for
bis services, and uiiythiiig the patient
may wish to subscribe will simply be
used iu curryihg on the work .Mr.
Chrisnias is engaged in in connection
with prophecy and divine healing, ih
has uo doubt but thut a cure pill bs
R. Marpole, superintendent of Ihe
Pacific division of the C.P.R., announces that, the company will be prepared to let the contract for tbe construction of the Slocan river road
within thirty days. Tt is not likely
that actual work will be commenced
upon the same before spring. ���Nelson
It is announced here that Hewitt
Bostock, M.P. for the Yale-Carl boo-
Kootenay district, will visit the various places of most importance in south
west Kootenay before returning to
Ottawa to resume his legislative duties
He is desirous of becoming intimately
acquainted with the needs of every
part of his constituency.
Mr. M. Curlin returned from Winni.
peg on Sunday. The Winnipeg Free
Press of Jan. 14th says: "M. Carlin,
interested in the mining industries of
���Golden, B.C., arrived from the west
this morning. Mr. Carlin says the
Crow's Nest Pass railway will be bnilt
tin. coming summer, and intimates
that he has already received from the
C.P.R. a contract to get out all tha
ties needed for tho road."
The past year has shown that boom,
methods are not required to bring the
mineral resources of the province to
the front. The richness of the mineral
deposits in utmost every section of
British Columbia is becoming mora
evident each day. Experienced men
who have carefully examined ths
country pronounce but one opinion ���
thut it is ahead of anything so far discovered in any .part of the world. We
have yet to hear of .in adverse opinion
on that point and the only wonder is
that the mineral wealth so bountifully
bestowed has remained hidden for so
many years,���B.C. Mining Record.
The means of communication between Golden and Fort Steele are very
poor, especially during the winter
months. The residents of both places
have petitioned the Postmaster-General for a weekly instead of a fortnightly mail service, and this will probably
be granted, as to refuse it would be an
injustice to a very important rection
of British Columbia. A movement it
also on foot to connect Golden und
Fort Steele by cnble, in order to give
both telephone uud telegraphic communication between the two places.
What is needed is a rail-ray to tap
that wondrously rich district.���B.C,
Mining Record.
Uurllng Motes.
The Calgary curlers will probably,
visit Golden after the bonspiel.
The District Medal which was com*
peted for on Thuasday wan won hy
W. McNeish.
The weekly points game for ths
Ogilvie Buttons resulted aa follows :
1st. D. M. Rae, 2nd. T. Todd. 3rd. G.
H. Brock.
W. IVf-iNf-ls'i'it rink won the Upper
Columbia C'u.'�� il'ijie- Inn)- trips to
Fort Sii'i'le mid I'-tniM -ivililiillg live
Mrnlglit rnnip-*.
The i ill -mint- guini-v hj*.ve heen
playnl in tir' lil ioii-| conn et it ion I���
Houston ; j .... \V.,ri'iM ."���* ll. Ua/O 13
vs. McX. isli <S.- 0-l.i.iiie Iii vs/Dals*
ard 12. f
Tlii-us rinks have hesii formed to
visit C��V'ri..'. to Hike paiJt in ths
Thlr-l Amiiuil Huiii>|.iel of th��*> Calgsry
Ciirliug Club', tlm rinks ��re Iliads up
ns folim-s: F. H. Iiarj's O. A. Warren, W. MeNi-j"'.!. fi. G. I'anxiu. skii,
T. Tmiii, ,U Linii.-iii.--u, 1> -M. Rae,
J. Rue. sk-ip. G. _ -.icCurirrr, J.Todd,
G. WooJllov, P. li. Whiiu, skip. It is
hojied /I.... a hi.-.* i'ii.U.- ,. iii make a
creditable showing and not return
em,-pty-handed.    We wish then, every
'*' (Che tSoloetx <&va
The OOLDEN BRA .s nublished every
Saturday morning in time to catch the east
and west mail trains, also the mail for the
uoper couutry, Windermere, Port Steele etc
jt it the only advertising medium iu the Eoat
K loteuay district
Subscription Kates t S&OOner annual in
Advertisements and changes must be Hi
the office not later than ll* a ill, on Thursday
t'i insure insertion.
All cash to be paid tu the Manager, from
whom the Company's receipt will he obtained.
Advertisement rates made known on appli-
catior '.o
General postpone action till well nigh
the crack of doom in that particular
matter? For precisely the same reason.
Does the Opposition want any more
bombs to hurl into the Government
camp ?
The .allien En P..li-tiinji Company.
SATURDAY, JAN. 23, 1897.
The Province:     The Legislature is
to meet, we understand, next month in
the new buildings.     Very shortly the
old ones will be pulled down ; so will
the Government, and it would certainly be in  accordance   with the general
fitness of things could it be arranged
for them   both to fall together.     But
that, perhaps, were  a little too much
to hope for.   It is always a risky proceeding  to  fix   the date for a funeral
"ia  advance,"  and we must perforce
console  ourselves with the assurance
that the  present administration ia in
the last stage of consumption of public
funds.   Whether its last shuffle of the
mortal coil of politics into well earned
oblivion   happens   this  or next year
will entirely depend upon the attitude
assumed   by  Her  Majesty's  scratch
opposition.  Are its members sufficiently imbued with the progressive spirit
which  of  late   has  so  refreshingly
manifested itself throughout the province  to  organize  a concerted attack
upon the  ministry with the practical
certainty of success ?    Does Mr. Sem-
1 in mean   business?    If  he does and
can get his   followers into line, we believe it is beyond all possible probable
shadow of doubt that their reuks will
be enforced   by several ot the Government supporters at the first signa cf a
strong  and vigorous course of action.
There  are   '-wobblers" galore (we use
the  word  in  no disrespectful sense)
who are only waiting for a lead.
Does the Opposition lack war material? Is it short of ammunition?
We trow not. It need search no further than the past year's record of
mat-administration to find several
loopholes iuvitingty open to attack.
What better opportunity, for instance, can it desire than the Premier's
celebrated telegram last spring at tbe
time of tbe up-country miners' agitation against the two per ceut imposition upon the output of their ore,
stating that coal was subjected to a
similar tax'! The coal barons' little
Government might be treated to a very-
unpleasant quarter of an hour over
that epUode. Incidents of less importance have brought about the
downfall of a ministry before uow,
And we see no reason why the premier
should not be hoisted with his own
petard, dispatched, in fact, with his
own dispatch.
That the message   was sent, "the
same with intent to deceivj" there  is
no doubt; that it did   not succeed in
its object was no fault of tbe sender's.
Jt was the action of a weuk man,  the
weak leader of a weak administration.
Why, aa s matter of fact, should tbe
monstrous injustice of taxing one class
of miners who dig for gold and letting
another .who dig for coll go scot  free
have been perpetrated?   B-tnuse  the
little Government is absolutely under
the control, entirely at the beck and
call of the coal Ihorons.    Why was no
enquiry instituted into the scandalous
snd disgraceful ��-tate of affairs at Un-
lou disclosed by thta journal, or if an
enquiry was institufc-d why   was it
not prosecuted unto the bittrt-; end?
For precisely the same reason.    Why
did the President of the Council takSj a
brief against his own Government
the matter of the constitutionality
What The Editor Suys.
The coming session of the Provincial
Legislature wili be ofte of unusual importance and it will require the exercise of  unusual  industry,   combined
with discretion,  on  the  part  of our
legislators to deal satisfactorily  with
the many questions of vital import to
the welfare of British  Columbia that
will certainly be raised before Purlin-
ment prorogues again.     There will be
no graver issue then that of the redistribution of electoral districts,   whioh
must be taken up immediately if the
present eminently unfair condition of
affairs is to be righted.     If the Government will deal with the matter on
grounds of common justice there should
be no insuperable difficulty in so rearranging the seats as to give fuir enough
representation to every section of the
Province.    Unfortunately it  is to be
feared that influences thut  huve prevailed in the past may again assert
themselves and prevent what is right
being done    Esquiimilt with its two
representatives and four hundred odd
electors is an outrage.     Here are two
seats that can be handed over to the
Kootenays.     A third can be obtained
from among the too numerous seats
held by Victoria  city   and   districts.
These three seats given to Southern
Kootenay would, providing the new
electoral districts thus created were intelligently   delimitated,  meet the requirements of   that   section   without
prejudice to the interests of any" other
portion of  the  Province. ���Kamloops
Canadian Statesman Chosen at tht Ohitf���
A Solid Iris. Phalanx,
London,   Jan.   14.���Hon.   Edward
Blake has been chosen by the dissatisfied Irish members of parliament to |
move the amendment to the addresses |
in reply to the Queen's speech in the
house of commons, demanding the reform of Irish taxation.     This is the
result of an understanding arrived at
between tbe Dillonites, Healyites, Red-
mondites and Unionists;  in fact, all
the promoters of the new movemont.
All these elements will  support Mr.
Blake.   The choice of the Canadian for
this duty puts hiin forward as the
leader of a united Irish  party.-    The
combination will once again bring the
government face to face with the solid
Irish phalanx.     Mr. Blake's selection
is a signal tribute of his high position
in Irish affairs.   Some see in  it  the
beginning of a new era in Irish parliamentary warfare, in which Mr.  Bluke
will become the leader  of  a  united
Nationalist party.   That view is,  at
least, premature, for on the question
of home rule the Unionists from Ireland are as much opposed to it as ever.
The reports this afternoon show that
Lieutenant-Governor Kirkpatrick, who
underwent an operation yesterday,  is
progressing satisfactorily.     The doctors, howevor, are awaiting to-morrow's examination before pronouncing
the opetation entirely successful.     So
far everything points to itg success
The Cor Shops Again.
Some people doubted the recent report that the cur shops at Donald were
to be removed to Revelstoke. It is now
learned that when Mr. Maxwell, M. P.
for Burrard, wus eust lately he interviewed Vice-President Shaughnessy,
wbo, in course of conversation, is said
to have stated that these car shops
wonld bo removed to Revelstoke this
year. If this is true -and there is no
good reason tu doubt it, as it comes
from a reliable source - next spring will
probably see a commencement made in
this direction. The C. P. R. taking
over the .C. A K. S. N. Co's steamers
is also said to indicate the intention of
the company to centralise their business at Revelstoke.
If they wish to pay any real attention to this town thev bad best begin
by giving it a coast rate, or ut least a
more favorable rate, from the east.
People of the Interior are already too
much subject to Coast domination,and
if bnt Coust rates were given, in the
Interior, towns long dormant wou'd
revive and flourish. ���Kootenay Mail
Hugh John's Beat.
Winnipeg, Jan. 16. ��� (Special) Petition to unseat Hugh John Macdonald
came up for trial yesterday. Michael
Scanlau swore lie wus paid $40 for
teams on election day by F. J. Youhill,
Macdonald's counsel admitted Youhill
us agent for Hugh John and as a result the election, was declared void;
appealing to the Supreme court in the
matter of ovet ruling. Overruling preliminary objections still hold good and
stays all further proceedings till Anally
disposed of. Meantime, Hugh John
holds his seat.
the Coal Aot ?   For precisely the same
reason,   And why did the Attorney*
In    British    Colamola    Capitalised
Vancouver, B. C. Jan. 14.���The
British Columbia Gazette shows that
there were 33'3 ooinpunies organized in
the province during 189ii, for the purpose of developing the mines of British
Columbia, which is about 200 more
than the previous year. The total
capitalization of these companies is
$345,000,000. This immense capitalization shows that, there is something
radically wrong with our mining laws
���and even the brilliant mining possibilities of British Columliiu do not
warrant these splendid preparations.
The boards of trade are taking the
matter up nnd nre preparing to move
the local government to have every
new company taxed one per cent of
their nominal capitalisation. This, it
is thought, by reducing the number of
shares and increasing their price will
effectually prevent ���' wild catting." It
is said there ate 65,000 more olaims in
he province looking for companies���
that there will be lots ot chance to
legislate yet.
Crow's  Neat  Railway.
Hewitt Bostock, M. P. for this constituency, in an interview published in
the Revelstoke Mail and reproduced in
our columns yesterday, declared himself squarely in favor of the goveen-
uient building nud operating the Crow's
Nest Pas-. Railway. The Miner is
tery much gratified to learn that our
member takes the same view of this
question that we do,' for the reason
that Mr. Bostock's views ought to
have, and probably will have, great
weight with tbe government. Representing, _* he does, the district
through which the proposed railway
s to be built be is, above all other
members of tbe house of commons, entitled to be heard ou the question.
The fact that the Hou. Mr. Blair,
the minister of railways and canals,
after coming to the province and
thoroughly investigating the question
for himself has come to the same conclusion, should greatly strengthen Mr.
Bostock's position, and we think that
government ownership and control of
tho Crow's Nest Pass railway can now
he secured without unnecessarily delaying the construction of the railway.
Mr. Bostock ha* his constituency with
him heart and soul, and we shall hope
to see his views embodied in the
statutes passed at the next session of
A Baign tf Terror In! Plugie Strioksa Bom*
bay-Htarly a Million .lti-Womtn
Bury the Dead 8oiat._t.ti.
Bombay, Jan. 14.-Over half the
population of the city, estimated to,
amount to about 900,000, has fled
from the plague, and the erstwhile
crowded streets, docks and bazaars are
unrecognizable. Business in piece
goods, metals, crockery and hardware
is at a standstill. The money-lenders
have vanished, the courts are deserted,
and the judges and officials have gone
to a healthier clime.
Many of tbe native dootors, graduates of the college, have fled, and
those remaining refuse to attend plague
cases, or, when they do attend to them
will not touch the sufferers, dreading
Clerks and other, whose vocations
call them to tbe oity daily, have fled
to suburban stations, where the people
are mostly living in thatched huts,
It is estimated tbat 800,000 persons
are encamped at Andheri, whence they
will soon be forced to migrate, owing
to lack of water and sanitation tnreat*
ening to breed cholera. The cemeteries
are already filled to overflowing, and
the wind is spreading the contagion,
The night* are made hideous by cymbals and melanohply dirges. Often
difficult* is experienced in burying the
dead, friends and relations refusing to
carry the corpses. In some instances
women assisted in carrying them. A
large number of plague corpses remain
at the Tower of Silence, the Parsee
burial-place, which bave not been eaten by the vultures inhabiting it.
Corpses have been found in thestaeets.
The official returns show that up to
yesterday evening tliere were 3,394
cases of bubonic plague, aud 2,356
deaths from that disease.
Send To-day.
Ladies and gentlemen., be alive to
yonr own interest.   There has recently
been discovered, and is now for sale by
tbe undersigned,   a  truly wonderful
"Hair   Grower"    and   "Complexion
Whitening.-" This "Hair Grower" will
actually  grow hair on a bald head in
six weeks by the use of this wonderful
���Hair Grower."    It, wiil also prevent
the hair from falling.     By the use of
this excellent remedv boys raise an excellent moustache in six weeks. Ladies
if you want a surprising head of hair,
have it immediately by the use of this
"Hair Grower." We also sell a "Complexion  Whitening" that will In one
month's  time  make yon ss clear snd
white aa the skin can be made.   We ,
never knew a Isdy or gentlemen to use
two bottles of   "Whitening," for they
all  say  that before they finished the
second   bottle  they   were as whits ss
they would wish to be.   After the use
-if this ������Whitening," the skin will forever retain its color.     It else removes
freckles, etc., etc. The "Hair Grower"
is  50 cents   per bottle, and the "Face
Whitening-' 50 cents per bottle. Either
of these  remedies will be sent to any
address  on receipt of price.   Address
all orders to���
R. A 3. RYAN,
201 Division  Stheet, Otawa, Out.
Church Services.
Some time ago Mr. Simon Goldbaum
of San Suis Roy, Cal., was troubled
with a lame back and rheumatism. He
used Chamberlain's Paiu Balm and a
prompt cure was effected. He says he
has si ice advised many of bis friends
to try it and all who have-lone so huve
spo'ken highly of it. It is for sale by
Druggists Langly A Co., Wholesale
Agents, Victoria and Vancouver,
l.e Roi Miner Injured.
John Colistro, a miner iu the Le
Roi mine, fell three floors in the shaft
Thursday just before the noon hour
aud sustained severe injury to the
spine. He wat taken hy sleigh to the
Sisters' hospital and Dr. Coultbard
called to attend him. Tbe doctor believes that while s vertebra of Colis-
tro'ss-pine is dislocated the chances for
his recovery sre fair. He is in bad
shape, however, snd msy not recover,
Bualneaa  Advice.
Never look for a "bargain" in an
employee. If a man is not worth fair
pav he is usually not worth having at
The merchant who can't laugh heartily can't make money, because be is to
sournatured to make and hold customers.
Give two men thn same location, the
same stock,  tne  name  opportunities
and one will make a success and the
other a failure iu business.
Politness has been defined to be artificial good nature, but we may affirm
with much -ii-eater propriety thatgood
nature is natural politness.
If it hus not been your custom here
tofore to road the advertisements systematically, begin now. There may be
more money ill them than you think.
Keep your book account aa small as
possible. Havo frequent settlements
with your sustomers, and at stated
times. Have theiu understand this ie
a part of your business, and they will
respect you more and increase their
The usual evening service will be
held to-morrow in St. Paul's Church
at 7:30 o'clock.
Service will he conducted in the
Presbyterian Church by Rev. T. 8.
Grlassford, B.A., to morrow tvening
ut 7:30 o'clock.
Methodist service will be held in ths
school house to-morrow morning
ut 10 o'clock.-
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy it
famous for its cures of bad uol.ia. It
opens th* scretious, relieves,the lungs
nnd aios nature in restoring the system
to a healthy condition. L freely used
af soon as th* cold ha* been contacted
and liefore it has become settled in the
system, it greatly lessons the severity
of the attack and ha* often cured iu a
tingle day what would have been a
Severe oold. For Sale by Druggists
Langly A Co , Wholesale Agent*, Victoria aud Vanoouver.
Quits a Difference.
The society editor, in describing the
belle of tbo Thanksgiving ball, concluded, saying: "And her dainty feet
were incased iu shoes that resembled
fairy boots." But he was horror-
stricken the next morning on glancing
down tlie column of hi* paper to see.
that hi* blundering printer had set it
up in this manner: " And her dirty
feet were incased in shoes that resembled ferry-boats "���Boot snd Shoe
Direct Route to all Eastern
Montreal nnd Toronto without
Chang . of car..
Direct connection _te_mers at
Baggage checked to European
Special trip
Around   thef World,
R.M.S. "AORAN'dr* Intended to
leave London March 17th,*
1897, via Tenerlffe, Cape
Town, Melbourne, Sydney,
New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii,
and Vancouver; Tickets
gcod foi* 12 months.
Shortest and quickest route to
To China and Japan via the
famous Empress Steamers.
To Australia and Nf w Zealand
via the Can-Aus. line.
Apply for pnr'iciilurs to
Traffic Manager,
Or to Winnipeg.
V. E. WtLIS,
Af Mc, ttctitp. i?
There came to me an Artist of the Aubrey
Beardsley brand,
A man   whose reputation hid resounded
through the land.
His advertising posters had secured for him
-   renown,
And his multicolored efforts had received
the critic's crown.
He ssid that, if I wished it, he would make
me a design���
A business ad that surely would all other
ones outshine,
HU price,���live hundred dollars���seemed a
little steep, 'tis true,
But I gave him the commission, and here's
.what the fellow drew:
A Violet young lady with bright vermillion
Upon a black and yellow wheel set with a
vacant stare.
Some gray and purple foliage was growing
on her right
From pink and orange branches of a tree
most, snowy white.
A chnrch of red and saffron stood in an amber
Where crimson grass was partly by anasure
fence concealed.
Some dark brown clouds were fleeting with
gold one* in the sky,
And birds of lemon plumage were soaring up
on high.
Oh, it was work of wonder, there's no question about that,
For connoisseurs came often to the artist's
charming flat.
And they wondered at the drawing, so artistic in the touch, ,,  ,
And they wondered at the colors���said they
never had seen such I
And they wondered at the blending, at the
weird conception grand,
And a lot of other things I couldn't understand. , .
But I did MV littlo wondering, as you may
huve surmised���
I wondered what, the people thought thut
poster advertised 1
Ndtice to Taxpayers.
Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
���tfu-im'-a (Eiu-ij....
Mo.v. J, jY. LouoiiriEi), t'.C.
. MfCAllTER.
Luiughcoil  &   J.('Carter,
iWristers, Advocates, Sol iturs. Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors tor Hank Montreal.
A Wealthy Canadian   Disappears li
tliu Ultc City.
Chicago, Jan. I'i.-Chief of Police
Badennch is in receipt of a letter from
Toronto, Canada, requesting the Chi-
' oago police to make enquiries for T. F.
[ Sinclair, lute of Victoria, B. C. Sin-
' clir left Toronto three weeks ago to
jj come to Chicago. He is supposed to
' bs in this city at the present time,
Friends haye uot heard from him since
' \ be left Canada. Sinclair is wealthy
and hi* friends fear soma harm has
befallen bim.
In the late war 1 was a soldier in
the First Maryland Volunteers, Company G. During my term of service I
contracted chronic diarrhcea. Siuet
then I have used a great amount ol
medicine, bnt when I found any that
would give ine relief it would injure
my siemach, until Chamberlain's Colic
Cholera and diarrhani Remedy was
brought to my notice. I used it uud
will sny it is the only remedy that
gave me permanent relief and no bad
results to follow. I take -.(ensure in
recommending ihis preparatirn to all
of my old comrades, who, while giving
) their services to titer country, ecu
tructed this dreadful disease us I did.
from eating unwholesome and uncook
ed food. Tours truly. A. E. Bh.nui-.-u.
Huiley. Oregon. For sale by Druggists
Langly A Co., Wholt-dile Agents, Vic
toria and Vancouver. .
Northers Division.or East Kootenav District.
NOTICE Is hereby given in accordance
witli the Statutes that Provincial Revenue Tax and all taxes levied under the Assessment Act are nowdue for the year IW,
All of the above named taxes collectable
within the Northern Division of East Kootenay District are payable at my office, the
Court House, Oolden.
Assessed taxes are collectable nt the following rates, viz i���
If paid on or before June 80th 1897:
Three-iitths of one per cent on Real Property.
Two and one-hulf per cent on assessed value
of wild land.
One-half of one per cent on personal property.
On so much of the incomes ot any person ss
exceeds one thousand dollars the following
rates namely t-Upon such excess of income
when the sum U not moro than ten thousand
dollars, one per cent; when such excess is
over ten thousand dollars and not more than
twenty thousand dollars one and one-quarter
of ono per cent; when such excess is over
twenty thousand dollars, one and one-half of
one per cent,
If paid on or after the 1st July 1897
Foiir-Hfths of one per cent on Real property
Three per cent on the assessetl value uf
wild laud.
Three-fourths <~f one per cent on Personal
On so much oi tiie incomesof-my pn-sjn v
exceeds one thOii'iiiid dollars tlio F-illo.viii-i
rates namely; Upon such excess wla-n rlin.
same is not nu.re than tin iiliousaml dullnm,
one and one-*|iuirter of one |ier cent! when
such excess in over ten thousand tlolilii's uinl
not more thliii twenty thnuwiiitl dollars, one
inul one-halt i-t'oiie per rent! whin such excess is over twenty thousand diHiu* oiieantl
three-quarters of one per cent.
l'roviiu i.J Revenue Tux $1.01 per capita.
Assessor and Collector,
Golden, January Snd, 11-97.
B.  J.  JEPHN-niV,
D.L.S. A P.L.S. for U.C. DOMINION ft
D>'ui!-*litsiiiuii, Valuator .etc., CA1.MARY,
N.W.T.   Correspondence t-ulicited.
R.J.JEPHSON, D.1j.S.,P.L.S. of ll.C. &Ont.
.Cauialtv, Alba.
Conducted in all Its branches by
(M.N. Eng. Inst; M. A M. E.)
Samples tested up to WO lbs.   Certificates
direct to clients.
A. J. Hopkins, Alexander Block.
WI'oIoniiI-' anil Retail
Expert Watch Repairing.
Having teen appointed by
the C.P.R. toisi inspect all
watches carried by their employees, my duties will take
me to Golden every week
after'1 Jan. 1st, 18*37, when I
will^be-'lpleased to doj any
work required by the poople
of Golden.
Canmore,      :��- :      Alberta.
Cattle; Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
��� >EAD.
'copper      ��� ���   WANlfcU.
Write for prices.   Give assays, etc.
Oolden Hospital Society.
From 9:30 n.m. to 11 n.m.
" 2 p.m. -' 4 p.m.
ii      i    ii   ii f-   ii
Sunday from 10 s.m. to 12 m., snd
from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.
From  2:.'*0 p.m   to H p.m., del
j except Monday snd Saturday.
Bv 'Orii-r.
fL. S.J ~*& DEWDNEY.
VICTORIA, by the (trace of ('od, of the
United Kingdom of Ureut Britain and Ire
liiiii, UUriMN. Defender ot the Fnith,ftc.,_c.
To Our fiiithtnl the Memliers elected to
serve in the l.e-rislntive Assembly of Our
Province of British Columbia at Our City of
D. M. Erkrt.1, ) lA/HERKAS Wo are
Atl.iriiey-tieneral. 5 VV desirous nntl re
solved, us soon as inay lie, to meet Our people
of Our Province of British Columbia, and tu
have their advice in Uur Legislature!
NUW KNOW Y���, that for divers causer
i.ud considerations, and ti.klug iuto consideration thu esse nntl convenience of Uur loving
subjects. We hare thought fit, by anil wilh
the advice of Uur   Irxocutive Council of the
i'rovince of llritish C'-iluiiil.i.i, to hereby convoke, unil by these presents enjoin you, mul
e..ch of you, th..t on Mnn- ay, the eighth day
of the mouth of February, one housund eiglil
hundred uud ninety-seven, ynu meet Us lu
Uur suid Legislature or Parliament of Our
said Province, at Our I ity of Victoria, Kill,
do, at", and   conclude  upon  those things
vlii'i'h lu Our l.fgisl.itiireuf'tho Province ot
llritish Coliiiul>i.i, by ihu Common ruiim-il of
i"lur Si.id Province mi,y, by.llicfovonr ot'l.wl,
Ire urdi.iiie.1.
IN Ti:ktimii.vv   .Vih-ki-iii*,    We have
tsMUHid  those (lur .1-utters to lw mi.ilir
Patent, mul the .(real Seal of ihe snil
l'roviucii to Ihb liiiretiuto ��tH.v!:     Wl r
NKSN, the  llniiuiiriilile Kis; .     Ili.u'i.-
KHV, Lieiiteuiiiii-li'oiurnnr uf (lur s.-ii
Pniviiice of l-iiti-h ( oliunliii., in Our
I iiyot' 1 ictorin, in Our s,.it I'ruviiice,
this twenty-ninth day nf I erou.ber, in
the year of Our l.nnl one llinusaiiil eight
lii.udreil mul ninety-six. and in rlio sixtieth year uf Uur l.oun.
Ily Command.
tle.lt Pru.iiici.il Secretary.
Undertakers and
���  .   Embalmers,
Calgary -Ulia
TEI.EOKAI'II    Oltli-l'S   l'llOUPTI.V
-TTI'NIlKI'    1'il.
Golden City Baker;.
Fresh Bread Dai!}.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the undersigned or any meinlier of the
PRICE Ten Dollar* per yenr or Si*.
Dollars per half year;
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Actin;.' Secretary.
Anyone sen��� at�� skatnli and description mar
���tuloklr asoerUIn, freo, whether an Invention Is
SrotMbl- paUnUbla. Coiu-unloallm. ttrlcllr
oonad��ntlaL Oldest aa-ioitprswuirlnspjfenu
m America.   Wa bare a Washington oRlce.
Patents takes through Munu * Co. reoulra
apodal notion In the
THAT    ^*mmW '
Tlm leading Omlo.ue In Canada
Vours for tha asking-write lor It.
, Tells I' bout Best and Rarest ewds known.
��� See-is by Mall sals arrival (uaraaieed
fm Ste��le, Briggs Seed Co. m\
"*Di"t" ��*"" -Tonisfs. Oat.
' da's Greatest.Seed HaaM."
NOTICE is hereby vi en 'hut iipplici.tioii
will Is. ma. u to tlm I e-iilri'1,'1 Assemblyuf
British I uliiniliiii at irs next session forin
Act to liii-1-rnt.r.-do n cumiiimy for thep..r
pose of cons ruciiii-r "ur.i|ipin��-, iiiaint.iliiln/-
��iul onenilinir a railway from It point uf nr
I near !���nrt Meelo iu u unrtliveste Iv ilir ctloli
I to a point at or nerr ��� m'IIiiii, llllll poivor* In
i-onsiriu-t, e'liilp,  in, int. in    and    operate j
| hranclt Hues n- nn .- nv < Im o- points ..Ion-,'
the iniiin nr  liralit-h  Hues .-.nil also tu con '
I struct.*, eiinip, in'iiiiiriiiii and n| eriilc tele-
���Truiih and lel��nh.'iio Hies und ..ll necessary
I works iu conn.-i-tlon witli thes,,iil rullwv.yi
1 with powers uf iii'tit.iriii^ loiuls, pii.ile-res.
bun -e. i-r ulher iriffs from uuy Uovorniiioiil,
1111,111.-1111,1 cur[ioi'.'itio:i or urltni-1..-'sons or
hotlius a :<l lo ii.akotri.ffic lilld oijler . ii-.-li'.o-
I limits ..ih r.'iilwnv.sMviniliiiiit. or other ' urn
punier, t (.nil 'or all oilier usual, necessary or
iiiciilentt.l  rights, ixiwois .mil privilege's in
that Iielh.lt'.
Dated mis lltlidsyof Juniwry,'.'.,D., 181I7.
A. 8r. 0. HAMMER-rr;l,EY,
jieiit SulicitorfuiApidi.-uiits. .
beantlfallT lllu.tr-ilod. Isramt eti-onlutlon of
sUOsix month*.   Snednnn oopl-aandU-ND
OK ON P.tsxts wnt treo. Addreis
S61 Broadway, Nuw Ver_.
TH1RTV-8EVENTH YEAR.   ��� ��� ���
Twenty Pagt^WeeklysIll-strate-.
Muni conrt mu. .
820 Masket 8t., 8an Francisco, Cal.
; iRaasns Uy Stay's ClOtfliOg is Hie Best
BeC-lUSe s'-or-7< ���>* the-only manufacturer, of clothing who goa-1 '
-*   rantee their work and their guarantee is a* good oigold. ' '
AH their materials are Sponged and Shrunk and will not shrink or spot with rain.   (
Their Bicycle Suits are up-to-date models of comfort and ore all Rigby Proofed. ( |
They Rigby Waterproof all their Spring snd Fall Overcoats and make no extra | |
charge for IL    Everybody is asking for Shorey's clothing but sanu-aes dealers I I
I' try to persuade people to lake inferior goods. II
Look in the pocket for Shorey's Guarantee Ticket ''
Job    Dcpa,rtmer|t
���:o:��� OF��� :o:���
Mannfachu-ors of t-nsh, Pcors, ��t wldii gf-
Turned aud Sawn Balusters. Newel lostfe.Hand Raih and
! ackets.   Ail sizes of glass in stock.
The Machine and Dlacktm'ith i hoji ait picj and to do
all kinds of repaii's as soon aa possible. AU sizes of Fij e
Fitting and ' rass 0���,t��U on hand.
Wagon Ropniis. i\iles, Slilifts. Ax'(s. '���'joks ��J Felloca,
Hickory and Maple Piank.
by ibot-uds. Sab. Bare aad Always ralUbl.
RETOSE SUBSTITUTES. From all dragdaia
or malltd, tm from obeervatloo, on receiM ol
11.00. Sealed BanialarsSeems
m w _ w Tm SoperSotis hair can be remo-
������I A I aj tli tnmthe tact,ama and
I I r\ I IC "��k ����� Two Mlnu.es. ��nd
" -*- * m m ^growth fi-mrd-iroyed by
' PILATOH.'-jeriNiilyharaileie. Statbyiii-l.M-ecf.
onrecflptofprice.ll.M. Aftats wanied.
iBMeov.'" -*r_~J_*s��!��.
6 boats, IS.S0-   i^itlcrfanFree.  Tha
Um irfaSMM Co., Ueauml. Ca* a.
I      R-I-P-A-N-S
The modern standard Family Medicine : Cures the
common cvery-dcy
ills of humanity. Awarded
Highest Honors-World'* Pair,
Development Work is Being Energetically
Carried   on-l_e   Bao-iuery j, -ow
BitouKad by London Chamber of Commerce,
a-d.eolared I. practicable.
London,   Jan.    18.-Tbe    London
A pure Grape Crism of Tartar Powder,
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,
The well-known gold-mining pro-.chamber of commerce to-day decided to
perty on the 1'raser River, iu irlniish re-establish a Canadian trade section.
Columbia, known as the ���'lit-' Slide j The proposal to organize a British
j.ine," hus ueeu tuken over by tbe Columbia mining sub-section was
Kelly Creek Gold Miiii|}g and Milling j dropped as undesirable at present,
Company, of British Cotumliia, and as leaving the Canadian   section to cover
Know all Men by These Presents.
Freight on the 0. P. R.
Important changes in tbe freight
regulations of the C. P, 11. go into
effect. Hereafter certain classes of
freight will he known as ���' rush " and
others as " fast " freight. To distinguish the two agents, will fasten to
pars containing 'Irtish" commodities
red discs, and to those carrying "fast"
merchandise groan discs.
"Bush" freight will comprise the
following goods in carloads; Tea, silk
and Asiatic freight from Vancouver,
preen fruit, apples, dressed beef (except shipments of dressed beef between
Detroit and Newport, as to which
special instruptjpns will be issued),
eggs, butter, export cheese and provisions, and export apples between Nov.
1 and april 1, antl also any freight
whioh the general or district officers of
the freight department, the general
pr assistant superintendents, the
superintendent of car service, the car
service agents at Winnipeg and Van
pouver, snd the qar distributers at Toronto and St. John may nominate.
These classes of goods will be given
preference ovpr all freight excepting
jive stock and dressed beef between Der
troit and Newport.
"Fast" freight;, under the new rules
will consist of all merchandise except
what is known as coarse merchandise,
nnd will be designated by a green disc
pn tbe oar. "Fast" freight must be
giveh pieferenoe over all freight except
"rush "freight.
Alfomu Uol.l III lues.
Port Arthur, Jan. 18. Mr. H. A,
Wiley, vice-president of the Snwbill
Oold Mines company, returned tbis
morning from the mine. He reports
the abaft at the Ban-bill 160 feet deep,
aad by tbe end of the inputh both the
north sud south drifts will have b<*en
driven about 100 feet. Drifts have
alto been started both north and smith
at the 150 foot level. He reports the
-nine as showing richer t linn it ever
has in its previous history.
The whole country iu that immediate neighborhood is being surveyed.
A large number of teams are on the
road now conveying supplies and machinery to both Sawbill aub Hawk
P��y mines.
Important Rullwny  Deal.
Toronto interests are at work quietly
negotating a railway deal in British
Columbia, whioh, it is said, will be of
the greatest advantage to the Province
in developing the coal fields in the
southern pert of Bptish Columbia.
During tbs past woek Senator Cox
���nd Robert Juffruy have been in Montreal, it was supposed, in connection
with the Crow's Nest Puss railway,
but in business circles in the east it is
understood thst th.e (wp Torontonians,
on behalf of a syndicate, are after the
charter of the British Columbia Southern Railway, wpich takes witb it several millions of acres nf land, granted
���s s subsidy by the British Columbia
Ths lands in qnsssiqn cover the im
msnse coal fields in the southern part
of ths Province, a large quantity of
whleb is already owned by parties in-
tsiestsd in the syndicate now seeking
tbs charter of ths Southern Railway.
This country will bs tapped by tjie
Pfpw,s Nsst Rsilwsy,
u result there has been a lively scramble lor siock. So eagerly have the
smaller dealers been to secure shares
thut it has been found uecessui-y to arrange the shares in blocks of not less
than one hundred shares at 15 cents
per share
So fur us the Big Slide Mine is concerned, it bus passed the experimental
stage and ths work of development is
being energetically curried ou. . This
property is situate on the Fraser River
at the junction of Kelley Creek, on the
slope of Pavillion Mountain, district of
Lillooet, B. C��� and about thirty-five
miles irom Ashcroft stutjoii, on the C.
P. 11., from which a good stage road
runs to Clinton, a few miles from the
mine. The district of Lillooet. us all
milling engineers iu British Columbia
know, is famous for its rich gold mines
one of the most important being the
"Oolden Cache," witb its enormous
ledges of free gold-bearing quart.,
whiph runs up to $500 per ton.
The property taken over by ' the
Kelley Company consists of three
claims, about sixty*threo acres iu extent, for which a perfect title has been
secured from the Crown. j\. vein of
gold-bearing qurrtj. about forty-two
inches on, the surface in width, runs
for a distance of 4,500 feet, along with
pwo sn-aller veins or stringers, giving
an average assay value of $21 in gold
and (2.50 in silver to tbo too, although
in more than one place the assay of
over $42 in gold to the ton.
The machinery in the mine is complete and of the most approved modern
construction having cost upwards of
$110,000 and it is the intention of the
company to add more machinery as the
mine develops. At present about 500
feetof tunnels has been driven and it
is estimated that a further expenditure
of not less than $2,000 in additional
tunnelling will open up the main ledge
Tbe machinery now in operation consists of n modern ten-stamp mill, ore
crusher, Pi ton water wheels, concentrators, bullion furnace, und all necessary shafting, pulleys, etc , together
with an extensive pipe line to the
water wheels. There are also three
mi|l hou-.es, furnace ho..se, blacksmith's shop, office and boarding and
sleeping houses for the men, all situated iu excellent condition for water
power and dump. Kelley Creek provides ample water power for all purposes and there is an abundance of
timber for mining purposes for many
years to come.
the whole ground. Hon. R. R. Dobell
who presided on the occasion, read a
letter from Hon. W. Laurier, explaining that the Dominion Government
had asked the co-operation of the imperial government in making a survey
of the Hudson Buy route, coast, etc
Right Hon. O. J. Goschen, the first
lord of the admiralty, had replied that
he regarded the route impracticable for
steam navigation, and thut the imperial government, must, therefore, decline
to co-operate with Canada. Mr. Laurier hud added; "We will, therefore,
do the survey ourselves." Mr. Dobell,
Mr Robert Gillespie, and several
other speakers,, agreed with
Mr. Goschen that the route wus impracticable for steamers.
That I,  GEO. B. McDERMbT,  Merchant   of the city
Charles Dickens, In his famous story,
" David Copperneld," gives ns a very interesting and amusing description of the person, and diameter of Mr, JMicawber, that
gentleman's chief occupation was watching
and waiting lur " something to turn up,"
whereby he could improve his position and
live in luxury umi contentment. Very tew
of us are free from indulging in hope und expectation fnr something It-tutor to present itself, we lielieve from the evidouce just to
liaiiil, that tho noble tiller of the soil, whether
in the Held or garden, msy Ismiitit himself
anil enjoy a luxurious and prolitable season,if
he willciiusiilt the catalogue of The Steele,
llriggs Sued Co., uf Toronto.
It is tho most comprehensive, artistically
and profusely illustrated, and instructive
guide fnr the farmer aud gnrduer that has
over lieen sent nut hy uuy seed house iu
America. It tells aliout ninny new varieties
.if ensilage corn, new fodder plants, new |io-
latoos, new vegetables, new plants and flow
ers, in fact every department Is brim full of
good things which every grower should try���
Ue speak of the generous support of our
readers to this Canadian seed house, they
have a high reputation for fair dealing, they
are practical nnd experienced and study the
needs of the country lor the progress and
welfare of Canadians. They have our best
An advertisement should be so arranged that the first glance conveys
the idea.
All intelligent effort in advertising
has a theory behind it that directs and
molds it.
One clear, convincing and speaking
fact will effect mors than pages of
glittering generalities,
The Globe Flsoes the Blame for it A}, on
tlie Proper Sbonldari,
Toronto, Jan. 19. -The Globe in de
fending tlin allegation made as to corruption in Manitoba elections, suys
"Their purport is not thut the people
of Manitoba are corrupt, depraved or
unprincipled, but thnt they have been
the victims of u far-reaching conspiracy to deprive them of the franchise
urd t-o prevent their will being expressed at the polls. No blame attaches
to the community in such a case. No
community can prevent gamblers, card
sharpers and crooks from occasionally
making their wu*/ into its territory.
If the community choose to give such
persons power to interfere in elections
it would be very much to blame and
it would share the guilt and responsibility of fraud, corruption aud injustice
that would probublv ensue. Iu this
case the responsibility for the oonduct
of the election rests, not upon Manitoba, its people, or its government, but
upou the lute government at Ottawa
and its friends.
Boyd in Macdonald having abandoned claims to ths seat, it follows that
.they could not show that the offences
committed were trivial, unimportant
and limited, and could not show that
in other respects the election was free
from corruption. We assert, not upon
the authority of the bill of particulars
but upou sworu evidence, ou i.dmisslou
by an abandonment of two seats and
ou our own responsibility, that'the
conduct of the Manitoba elections was
marked by scandalous fraud and corruption en the part of the friends and
agents of the lute federal government.
Another Treaty.
London, Jan. 19.-The Standard's
Vi9imu correspondent says: "An
inspired Paris correspondent of Poli-
tische Correspondent-, learns that
France is mediating the negotiation of
a treaty of arbritration with the United Slates, similar to the Anglo-American treaty. Such a treaty would be
very welcome to France and the prospects of its conclusion are iu no way
the Golden Cemetery will be/ held ut
the Upper Columbia Company's office on
Monday the Flret   Day of February
at eight o'clock lu the evening, for the pur
nose of electing trustees and ordering the affairs of the cemetery generaliv.    Owners of
full lots nre entitled to vote for trustees.
Golden, 20th January, 1807.
Price of lots 8 feet by IS. feet Is Ci.OO;
single graves HOO.
Persons indebted to the cemetery are requested to settle their accounts.
Almost any fad that rages for the
time being can be profitably utilised by
the advertiser,
of Golden, in the Province of British Columbia, gar-
 m^ hit-    - ��� -_-_-____-_-_-__.__.__��__M__i__M__��__M__M__i__^__aas-M-^-^-��
gain Maker extraordinary to the people of Dflst
Kootenay; makes the following declftrfttipns jbgljey-,
ing the same to be true, etc.
Our "Great Picture Sale ", which proved
so successful last season, is now in full blast.
Every Cash Purchaser buying either 10, 25,
or 40 dollars worth of Roods gets a beautiful
Present Absolutely Free
of charge. "Make your home beautifnl by
securing one or.more of these lovely pictures. " Hundreds are gone already although
sale has only been running a few days. Customers are delighted, competitors astounded, and the host of cash buyers tickled to
'     B-M-^-M-M ��� _���_*-_! ��� __M-_a-SM_l-*
Bargains?   Bargains?   Bargains?
" We Never Had Such Bargains Before.'*
3oo pairs men's good strong braces at fie., worth 80c.
Goo   tt     ' "       heavy wool socks* 10c,   '���    V0<-.
300 men's suits at less than half the price usually
asked for the same class of goods.
Good wool pants at $1.00 per pair.
Our stock of
Dry Goods is Complete
i      /       .      .
and at prices that will please ail.
Xmas Goods in Great Variety. '
We have the largest stock of Xmas presents in East Kootenay. All at very low
prices. x     	
Groceries?   Groceries? Groceries?
Every department full to overflowing
with seasonable luxuries, all bought in the
best markets and fresh. Our Teas and Coffees
are unsurpassed for fine flavour.
Easy Chairs, Rockers, Cobblers Chairs
and Fancy Chairs in great variety.
There is not enough ink or enough paper in the Kootenay
to enumerate all the lines of goods and the diflerwit
bargains in stock, so we just stop right here and wish
you all
' \#
Geo,B. MeDermot


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