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The Golden Era Sep 15, 1894

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i ���)
VOL. IV.   NO G.
$J Per Yeah
Charies A.  CUarren's.
Golden,     -     -     B.C.
Has been newly built and. newly furnished.
Heated throughout with hot air. The
table is first class. The bar is stocked
with choice Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
Wm. jWefleish, - Prop.
We are daily expecting the arrival of a
large shipment of choice Evaporated Fruits
direct from California, consisting of:
ries, Plums, Nectarines, Prunes, Figs
and Raisins, in 251b. boxes and bags.
Also in 51b. boxes.
The latter size is a Specialty.
Just what the Ladies have
been looking for.
Carlin & Lake,
Field, Golden & Fort Steele.
Down With High Prices Por
Electric Belts.
fc (1.55,12.65, $3.70 i former prices 90, $7,
' |10. Qualty remains the name���16 different styles) dry battery anil acid belts
���mild or strong current. Less than half
the prioe of any other company and mora
home testimonials than all the rest together. Full list free. Mention this
paper. W. T. BAER k CO. Wii Usor, Onfc
Honae for Sale.
A well finished, commodious, two
story dwelling house and lots, size
2(1x21?, with loan-too 22x12, to lie sold
together with out houses. For particulars apply to F. Glover.
The Golden Eua 92 per year.
Golden, ou the mulu lino nf tbe Ciiiiiirtiim
1'iieitit! Railway, at its connection witli tlio
steamboat naviiratiuii of tbo Columbia river:
the mineral mnl commercial centre of Eastern
Hrititfli Columbia] headquarters of Uu Colri-
eu Smelting works, tlio Upper Columbia
Navigation Co., anil lumber industry; tlio
outlet for the witloly known anu fur
tamed agricultural ami grazing lantl uf tbo
Columbia & Kootenay valleys; unrivalled
fur scenery of all kinds; tbe distributing
|Hiiut fur the richest mineral country oil the
(Incorporated 1070.)
Etc. Etc.
Prices quoted and samples supplied on
Special  attention given  to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
Co'y, Calgary, or
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission i.l patients.
TICKETS may be bad from the under
signed or any member of the
PRICE -Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
SEALED TENDERS address-*! to tho undersigned, and en uracil "'I'ciiilor for Cost
Ollieo, Victoria, 11.C, will bo receive'! ut this
otiit-e until Friday, 111th Uctulier, is'.M, for the
several wurks required in the erection ol a
Cost Office at Victoria, ll.C.
Chins und s|ieciticati'iiis can bo seen at tho
Department of I'ublic Works, Ottawa, mill at
the oliiee of F. C (jumble, Esq., iiesitlcut
Euj-iiteer, Victoria. ll.C.,Mill tenders will
not lie cuiisiilere.1 unless iiiiule ou tbo form
supplied anil signed by the actual signature
of tenderers.
An accepted bank cheque, payable to the
order of the .Minister uf I'ublic iiurks, equal
tu 5 iter ceutof umuuiit oi tender, must accompany etc It lender, Ibis choline wid be forfeited it the party decline the contract, or
fail to complete tint work contracted fur, ami
will lie returned iu case uf non-acceptance of
Tlie Department dues not bind itself tu accept the lowest or any tender.
Hy order,
E. F. ROY,
Sec rotary.
Doiuirtnient of Public Work, I
Ottawa, bib, Sept.. 18)11.     (
Golden Hospital Society.
From Drill) a.m. to 11 a.m.
"       2  p.m. "  4 p.m.
"        7      "    "   8    ".
Sunday  from   10 a.m. to  12  in., aud
from 7 p.m. to 8 p.in.
From 2:110 p.m.  to 8 p.m., daily,
except .Monday uud SiiUirdiiy.
11 r Oiu-isii.
At the Bon Ton Bukery always, for
fresh bread und cukes.
Mi-E. Chas. Wyckoff of Field was u
visitor this week.
Frank Lang and E. Plowright have
gone to Canyon Creek on a hunting
Mrs. S. S. Fowler returned on
Thursday from a visit to tbe const
Fresh oysters just arrived at the
Maple Leaf Restaurant.
Mr. James Henderson has been milking some improvements at the school
this week.
Mr. Thompson, C.P.R. photographer
was in town this week inking a few
views of the town.
Twelve louves of bread for $1.00 at
the Bon Ton Bakery.
Hon. Wilfrid Lnurier, Literal leader in the House of Commons passed
thro' on Friday last en route for the
Editor Bradcn of the Calgary Tribune paid a flying visit to Golden on
Friday of lust week, coming iu on No.
1 and returning by No. 2.
Oysters in everv style, ut all hours
of the day or night at tliu Maple Leaf
Restaurant, F. Fields, proprietor.
Mr. Parson, son of Capt. Parson,
iccompanied by bis wife uud child,
arrived this week from Australia.
They will remain here the guests of
Mrs. Harry Parson, for fonie time.
At the Gun Club practice this week
the married men again defeated tbe
single men by 2fi to li). The bachelors
hud better brace up a little if they
want to be in it.
Hospital    A ck no wTi'tl-rim-ills.
Received with  thanks at the Golden
Chickens from Bert Low.
Cut flowers from A. Mitchell.
Geose from Mr. Richardson.
Ferns from Mrs. S. S. Fowler.
Fruit from Mr. Faskeu.
Pictures from Cm Iin & Luke.
Gent's whiskers from Mr. Connacher.
Photographs from W. J. Gould.
Maple ''Syrup" from C. A. Warren.
Tlio  Picnic.
Tho picnic in aid of the Hospital
takes places to-day. The stores, hotels,
and business places of the town will
be closed from 9 a.m. to (i p.m. and
everyone will turn in and help to make
the picnic a success. The picnic will
be held up the river to the little mill,
the party will proceed thither ou the
Upper Columbia Co.'s steamer Gwendoline. The fare is only 75 cents and
those who wish it can have lunch on
board tlie bout for the small sum uf
25 cents. A full account of'the day's
proceedings will bo given in our next
Horse lliiclii-r.
A few of rhe sports worked tip a
little excitement this week by having
a couple of horse races. The first was
a match nice between Morning Star
and Contincbcr's Buckskin, n j mile
dash, resulting iu favor of Morning
Star. Tbo day following a race wits
arranged between Morning Star and
Happy Jack. The distance was the
same as also was the result, Morning
Star leading ut the finish by ubout a
length. Considerable money changed
b.iuds oil this nice.
Presbyterian Service.
Service   will     be   held   to-morrow
morning  in  the school   house at 10
o'clock,   conducted    by   Rev. VV. 11.
The Hospital Concert.
\\"p beg to remind our readers of
tbe Johiison-Sinlly concert iu aid of
the hospital next Saturday evening.
A plan of the ball may be seen at tho
post office and as there are only a
limited number ol reserved seat tickets
for stile, we would advise those who
wish to secure a good sout to secure
their tickets without delay, See bills
for particulars and character of the
First Dance of the Season.
Tlio opening dance of the season was
held on Thursday night last and in
everv respect was pronounced a success. The music was supplied by Mr
J. C. Reedcr on the violin nnd gave
entire satisfaction to all. If the interest which wns shown last Thursday.
night is kept up there is no reason
why we cannot make it a weekly
affair. The public are requested to
come to the hall on time as tbe dance
will shut down at 12 o'clock sharp.
A dunce will take phice next Thursday
evening. Everybody invited. Admission - Gentlemen 50 cents; Ladies
Jn|iiinese the A-rgri-Hsors.
London, Sept. 11.-The Times Wei-
Htii-Hei despatch says that a commission composed of foreigners who have
been iiiveutigating the matter reports
that the evidence goes to show that
the Japanese were aggressors in the
naval warfare and waylaid and attacked the Chinese ships. The Chinese
fleet is now in perfect fighting trim.
In Southern Corea u Japanese edict
bus been issued enjoining the Corcuns
to cut oil the hair as a token of submission to Japan. The people ignore
the edict. A Sbnughui despatch says
the Chinese merchants ure leaving
Tien-tsin fearing to be impressed into
the army.
Washington, Sept. 11.���A telegram
received at the Japanese legation this
morning states that un important
treaty is being negotiated between Japan and Corea, which authoritatively
defines the relations of the two countries towards each other and towards
San Francisco, Sept. 11.���Li Hung
Chang is reported to bu in danger of
losing his power through intrigue nnd
discontent iu Pekin at bis conduct of
tbo war.
Highest Honors���World'* Pair.
A pure Grape Cream of Taitar Powder.   Fro*
Horn Ammonia, Alum or any oilier a-JulUiuiit..
40 YEARS TUB JiANu-\|kJ, gtlti* (0..l>i,it ffit-it
Tho UJulJiJ.i ii IA is publialiotl every
Saturday morning i.i ll un in catch tlto east
ami west mail trai.is, also lliu mail fur the
upper country, iViu liii'.uuru, i-'oi-i aittulo etc
It is the.only advertising iutt.li.ou in .htti.e.it
Kuutetluy district.
S ibsi-.ripti.iii  Utiles :   ")2.tXl per
aiiiiiliu IN
Advortisoittonts anil f
the office nut Liter tliiiu 1
to insure iiisertiuu,
on Thursday
Advertisement rates uiutle known un appli-
catiui- *n
All cash to lie paid tn tlio Manager, from
whom lho Uu iipauy's I'Oiroipt will bo obtained.
Ik Golds' Era Publiiliig Ccmpinf.
Postngo stumps are gummed by n
starched paste made Irom potatoes.
The Duke of York's infant sou hns
been presented with a $4,000 baby
In the days of Columbus only seven
metals . were known to exist. Now
there are 51.
It is said that an electric railroad
���100 miles long is to be built connecting
Boise City and Lewiston. Idaho.
German postoffice employees nre not
permitted to marry without the special
permission of the Government.
A syndicate has been formed for in
troducing the use of compressed gas ns
a motor for driving street cars iu England.
The largest police office in lite world
is the new one ut Scotland Yard, in
which ii,000 police officers cuu be uo*
A money sieve has been invented by
a Brooklyn deacon. It sorts the pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters taken
at the church collections.
Mnsboiiiihind bus u newspaper culled
the Unitali Advertiser. It is written,
not printed, and the edition of 50 is
issuetl by a copying process.
A Damascus sword is made of alternate layers of iron and steel, tempered
so nicely that the point can be bent
back to the hilt, the edge so keen that
it will penetrate a cont ol mail, and so
line a polish that the Moslem can use
it as a looking glass to arrange bis
A Itlvi-r   Itftivt'Cil Tilt-in.
Loudon, Sept. 8. ���A Shanghai dispatch to the Times says the opposing
armies of China and Japan are now
separated only by the Iinjin river,
which is at present impassable owing
to the annual floods. Adispntcb from
Hong Kong says a number of Europeans employed in theChinese customs
j department are resigning their posts iu
order to join the iiiu'iil service on nc-
lintigos must bo inicoullt of tbo large pay offered for the
bitter service. Most of the customs
employees joining the naval services
were formerly gunners nnd torpedo experts iu the British navy.
Shanghai, Sept. 8.��� A note sont out
by the Chinese government ou Aug.
2*1, gives briefly the events whicli led
to tbo present trouble between China
und Japan, China suys thut nt the
request of Koroil Chinese troops wore
sent there to suppress a rebellion.
Tiiis complete I tbo Chinese wero about
to bo withdrawn when Japan sunt a
force to enter Korea on tbe pretense ol
suppressing a rebellion but really to
occupy Seoul and demand that Korea
repudiate ber allegiance to China and
declare independence, A peaceful solution of the problem was sought by
inducing the Japanese to withdraw
from Seoul, but Japan refused. China
still forbore, ana until the firing on
Chinese transports by the Japanese
war vessels China luul done the utmost
to preserve good fellowship.
Copenhagen, Sept. 8. ���A private
telegram received here to day from
Shanghai seems to confirm the report
thut negotiations for uu armistice between China und Japan are iu progress.
CIIIM TO SUN I) ships.
London, Sept. 7.-It is reported that
the Chinese government have arranged
to purchase a number of vessels coin ���
prising tbe Chilian navy.
tender   in   large   amount.     Another
And he shoved out his pennies and
purclitised stamps one at a time till he
got his bundled. But the clerk was
cured, Pennies are legal tender at li is
window in barrel lo;s.
J. C, Piummer, Plasterer,
is prepared to tin all kinds of
Plain & Ornamental Plastering',
at shortest notice, Terms reason;.Uo.
Salist'iit'tion guaranteed,
liofot'onces furnished if desired.   Address r
.1. (J. l-LUMMEII, Goklon, MM.
E|ilHco|illlllllia Wliu  llffust'ti to Dunce
'   lire   Denounced.
Noitbfielil, Minn., Sept. 7.-The
liev. Edward Mtiyses, of the Episcopal
Chinch at Hondas, is iu trouble. Nome
time ago a series of meetings were
called and upon the first night a dance
was announced in the public ball. In-
steud of attending this meeting the
congregation went to the dunce in u
body. Next Sunday Mnyses said to
the members : " I would ask you if it
is more important to attend a low
public dance than it is to attend to
yonr church duties, inul if yon think ii
right, to have me preach to omptj
b.-iii-liesV If you do. then go then
and stay."
This created bitter feeling, ami three
weeks thereafter the minister made
these remarks before au audience of
Ii00 persons most of tbem church
people: "If you want to loin hell
just come to Diindus." Now the
church folk have got their turn on
Mnyses, for he has allowed the young
people of the city to organize a dancing school, nnd that, too, in his bouse
The members of the sebcol are young
women of the Methodist. Presbyterian
and Episcopalian churches. Wednesday night a public meeting for next
Monday was culled at tbe instigation
of James McCadden Deacon, of the
Episcopalian church, to ask Mayses to
sin uluir tlii'tltitt'siitifl places of Courts
01' Assly.e, Nisi   Prills, anil Oyer uinl
Ti-l'lllilli'l',   illlfl   (It'll   rill   I'lltil   lie-
lit cry for the Vein' 1 'ill I.
Fai.i. Assijsks.
*Nelson Monday. 10th September
*D'iitald  Monday. 17th September
Clinton Thursday 20tliSnpteiiihei-
Richfield  Monday.*Mih Supti'iiibtr
Kamloops.... Monday.. 1st October,
Vernon Monday.. Mi h October
Lytton Friday .. 12th October
New Westminster Tuusiliiy-i' liNovoinb'r
Vancouver.... Monday. 12th November
Victoria Tuesday 20ih November
Nuiiiinuo Tuesday -lilt November
���"Special Assizes adjourned from thu
Spring by Mr. Justice VVulkeiu and
now fixed for these dales.
Amlil lb" t'onfii-i'iti 'til' llilllltl l-=!t-lf h-nrj.
(It t.'"rili.''iinii'i irln'teta n Ij.-.i.i-1-i- i n    '',
Wliere l'ull uiiMtaia full iiuu ti buliuioa uut ..I
Fi'iuti nvii'tt'" pipes nufl toliieoo nml fiiftc;
Jtisttlieru ��hero luu brush ami tliu crop inul
lb, spurs
HnitK ilit'Vit from tlie jticturit of Vimus who
(So filthily sho woll mtalit have uivnctl It us
Tin' iin n't* n llnv white sutin iiiii" ptf-i-t,
Wlinl Iiinil I'.ii.i.iinu sluill 1 weluu iu.1 ubout
it 1
Of some Cinderella, Kith Prince as my part,
Or lens ot* n love Willi iiwiituiin to flout it.
Ami uiilv tais left its thu price nf u ituni't?
Or. It'll yuu Ihu truth, IIioiikIi it tint s lint otlfoltl
Fir mi' nny I'oin.tnt'i! ".- Invu ur r, ��� I'oi,
Ait-I wiv'ils tho shjiiii'i' i.i whioh I am tnlil,
tuysi'iindmuHiursieinmtloil'I or Ural niiiiur.t.
���Goiii'uu lii.i'liiiiinii Fife, In Vuuuu.
Doesn't It Seem Kunny ?
That it is a cold day when a man is
That a blunt man's sayings may be
very cutting,
Thut when a man is short he generally bus a long face.
That a man's shortcomings go a
long way against bim.
That many a fly meets a watery
grave in n milk pitcher.
That it is bad form, though good
laslu, to soak your bread iu gravy.
That some people can't even catch a
cold without getting it iu the neck.
That a pensive maiden may become
expensive alter marriage.
That women are all bells, because
you never know lliu metal they ure
made of till you ring tbem.
That a man's liauie is never mud
while be bus the dust, even though he
don't come in out ol iho rain.
That there's a time in every man's
life when his mustache is "down" on
iiiin and won't take any ol his lip.
(lot Ills Penny Stumps.
j\ peiitlemnn went to tbe stamp-
window at the post-office in a ci rain
town l��st week nml culled for 100
penny stamps, tendering in payment
1(10 pouny pieces,
" Those aro not legal tender in any
such amounts," growled the stump-
clerk.    " 1 refuse to accept them."
" You do, eh '���"' answered the gentleman. "Well, then, give mo ono
stamp," at the same time shoving out
a penny.
'lhe stump was forthcoming.
"Now give mu a stamp."
He got it.
'���Another stamp.    Now another."
"See here," said Ihe clerk, "how
many stumps do you wani 'i You uio
keeping twenty pooplu waiting."
"0, I always keep within tbo law,"
responded the gentleman. -'Another
stump, please.      Pennies are not legal
Application for C'l'ttMcute of  Improvements.
Take notice that I, Arthur P. Ciiin-,
mins, Administrator of the Estate of |
the late Archibald McMurdo, free miner's cert 1 liuate No. 474-ii), intend; sixiy
���lais from the ditto hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner, for a certificate
of improvements, for tho purpose of
obtaining a Crown grunt of the above
Ami further take notice, that adverse
claims must be sent to the Gold Commissioner and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 18th day of August, 1894.
A. P. Cummins,
Administrator of the Estate of the
lute Archibald  McMuido.
f?.    -4
The adjourned Spring nssi.'es will be
held at the Court Hoist.'. Donald, on
Monday the seventeenth day of September, l.'SIll, ut 10 o'clock um.
By order,
S. Ri;iiiitt.u-:i,
prompt answer ami an bond opinion, write to
MIINN it CO., who liavo luul nearly fifty yonra*
ezperlimco In the patent business. Cniiittiinilrii.
tionsstrictly fnntlili'iitliil. A llnn-tbiink of In.
formation i-oni'i'i-intm rnirnti. and bow to obtain tlium sent free. Also a cau-lotfutt of mccbun.
leal anil si'ii'fituij hooks sont free.
Patents taken through Munn A Co. receive
special notlcelit the Hiicntlnc lineriinti. n.il
thus are brought widely uetur j the politic without cost to the Inventor, Thla splt-mlltl phI'it,
Issued weekly, clot-tint ly lllustrntal. bos by fnr tlio
larirest circulation of nny scientific work In tbo
world. All a year.  Stintiilii entiles sent. free.
Building Edition, monthly, cue a year. Slnitlo
copies, **r.1 cents. Kvcry number contains iii'im-
Sfttl plate*, In colors, nlnt i.lmtni*rnpba of new
ousea, witb plans, eiiablltiii builders to nhnw tbo
latest deslims and secure contracts. Addrcsa
MUNN �� CO, NEW YultK, 301 ButlAllWAT.
porfoct eft Be to wenrer. thnn l.y nil other
ilt'vti'4'.riiiitlilnf-il Thtyietiilulnruest
Ruptufo uiitler severest slittlu. Asys-
tem of fitting baa been perl-ectod tlio
last 80 yoars. fully oatlal to poi sonnl
examination liy iniiii. 0? jmtnnts
to 'V. -come W\C ITfftl
Ill.liooltJroe UaSrWI
<'!|.��HUM��'l.l'Tlfr.        J_,_
ulliing [ll.W.,'l'lU'oblodaa^-l2
The mr-iestrn bronght tho n--ertiiTe to
n closo with tl blare nml buug that inntlo
tbe wiilis echo and the fuoiii ,'htrj litinou,
for tire "ii't'otts of ft" Alhnm'uM Tin* itro
Hired plenty uf "po" in their music, as
In everything eonin-i-tpd with th ��� oniev'
tiiiiiinetit for which they paiil twenty-
five cents per bend. An tli" mil-in
censed tint gun ly curtain rollud up ua.l
reveitlutl a brilliantly set stag" si'utin���
brill; tut with pnpii-i- milo'liu and tinsel
an i tin' many lnuko-bt-lioves of the
mimic world.
Thero was n crowded ho-iso, nnd the
mixed assemblage gave good opportunity
fo.- ihu study of types. But aniiiug the
hundreds wore jiioi two o:' wUo.u i w.::.t
to loll yon.
Mima was first violin in the Alhnmhril
orchestra, '1 Here was n truditiou to the
elFtc;, tint bis name lui I o ten baon
Mimes, but been use itoino one bad said
t'nat be was "mimsey ���looking," tho
ii'iine hud forthwltu been contracted as
M i.nn wns two hnfulreil years old. The
uvchiu's eavli-ist recollections were of
Ihe crowded thoroughfares iiltiinf Pnvli
Eow, of ln-t terror of the bi;; "olie?i*iti*i
nti'l of cold iitn'l hungor, Lis l'uliier
wns n ti i of��� ills motbnr in b'tl. His
father's father died upon tlie gallows,
while hi.i mutf-viinl grntlflf'ithr>r Irnd
tiikeri up bis periiiuiieiii, resilience ut
Ring Sing. I hnve not ti'vilih'l in truce
his et-iifialfiirieiil tree iiutbur, but tni.iu
no liouiii 1 iiouid find t'uit fyr two linn-
died years the conititioiis iif i.i.....ii/
and I ni'iroiiinent bad been such es to
t'oneeriiriite ami oulu.i.iiite i:. poor little
Minis Bvt-t-.i' wicked and wretched trait
to which b .'iniiii.-.- is snbj  ���'.
Minis inn! not been long in this world
u.'til hebtifl iissimiliitfil jiprfocily nil '���'��� "
ku'-.wl ilr.-it of good and evil whicli bis
progenitors hud been infltish-in-isly ii-t-
iit-rtrtl tilt-.* for bim through so many
���/.'lu'i'iiti'iris; und it does not re-mire
lunch piT-'i-'i'cih* to gnoss in whicli
bi'.inch of this knowludgu bu had thu
griT.'-"t' iitliorit.men.
Now you mny think from this thnt
?'i.ii.'i w*s prottv bad; but he wus not,
b. cruise be posserfse i one   saving grace.
Cued.iy, while hu wns jet a very
I'tinli lad, Minis heard a lui id pbiyiu,-;
i i tho street. Possibly ho bad heard
music before, bnt only with the onto.'
fir. It bud never reached and touched
thnt  micro ol'gu.iijui wliicj   wo tui-ui
i.'itns followed the band a long tray���-
upDroriilway, past the City Hull ami in-
lo one of the grand nveniies which ho
fuly knew ns "uptown." Tile band
niiu'ched fust, and poor Mims's little feet
grew very tired, until they would carry
hlm no farther. Tii.-u lu t:..t Co'.vn u,j-
o.i the i-itroiiig mil fried.
lint be roue, from the curb with the
f'-r-ds nf ambition firmly iiuiibt-ateil
vi ithiii him.   lie wonld be a liiuoici.in.
Eeiicefnrth Minis snid 'pnnei'S and
blncked hunts liioru in.lust -io..sly til.ill
ever, und hoarded Iris pennies with all
tie '.;i'.eii of a miser. When he finally
connled tliein and found there were
enough to buy a life, it was the coinmui'
million of the first step in his ciueui-,
From that on he ascended by regular
singes, tii ��� lir.it of which was hanging**
iilo.tt a Uuwi'rv cim.'crt hull nnd ciri.i-
vnting lhe acquaintance of tho niuriciaiis
there., nnd the irist of which was lU.it
violia ut the All) tmbi'n.
When tho overlnre wns over and tlie
enrtniu lilted, Minis leaned back in his
chair, closed his eyes and kept only
wid''nwul.-e enou-li to know when any
li.u-iicnl lu-cttinpiliiii'iii'tit -"rm iiGO'led,
Dot he \vu< not permitted to rest lung
in pe.-.'-i-. There wns n roar from tho
audience, half of npplnnsp uud half of
'ierlsiuti, niel he opened Ins eyes to luo.i
about 'or tlie crtti i'.
On the siiil'ii wils n young chillitl'suso
giving a serin comic song with interludes ill il.inci- stupe and graceful posturing. A new singer, he s.iw at once.
Ami, to catch tiio nndlcnce, slut
was siit'-ing to nnd milking eyes at
smile line ill the orchestra, and Hint
soma one wns���Milus! Now this
luul never happened before, There
wero plenty of comely fellows in tiie
orchestra. Thu young mini wuo played
tbe bass viol was of a Byroulo est of
feature, and thu cowet-pl tyer v.-rin us
round and rosy rs a hi r rod applet and
these were tlio niics nl ivhtnil (lie sylphs
of thest'i*" nsii'dly mudo pretty montiis,
That she shoilld have selfrcleti him, Willi
bin nhi and weiiJ-.onud face, to draw ail
eyes toward, made him boil with wrui h.
As lie eitiild do nothing bnt sit qilietly
nnd hear i-. he began to study U.u t-ui-'ei*.
Ami this is what ho tin \v:
A yotmg girl not yet beyond herteons,
Ho was t'liiio sure of time, iu spile of
the "imike np" of the stage, which the
foot lights and her lioiii-.io.ju to them
and to iii.u bronght out so hideously.
A i-iil witlin fresh, bright face, yet mini. Vied by tho hard life of tho  theatre.
The fame of " Nome," tho new singer
at the Alliumm-n, nn quickly through
the town, and the theatre wns crowded
nightly. And every night 3be sang at
Minis, until it came to be the feature of
her performance and looked for by the
regular habitues us tbe piece de resistance of the entertainment.
"Did you sco old Minis?" said one,
"Upon my word, he blushes like a
school-boy when Nonie comes nt him.
Must bo a new sensation to the old chap,
to have a girl look ut him twice. Once
is euough to scuru most of 'em into a
"Well. I would bo willing to wear his
face for n night, to get ns many smiles
ns he does. Lut hero goes lor a try for
one. at least."
With that, the young fellow turned to
a flower seller und selected a clump of
lhe finest rores. At the end of Nellie's
act. be stood well up nnd throw them
straight to her feet. Nonie bowed, picked them nil nnd courtesietl again, laugh-
ing uud showing her white teeth tbo
wfiilo. Minis, scowling u little, looked
about to sue who bail thrown tlie flowers. When he suw, tiio scowl grew
That night, the flr-tt violin did another
strnugo thing, tor uu orcneutra-playeil.
He went to the stage door nml waited
for Nonie to com. out. There was it
group uf men about, waiting for a
chance to ogle tbe favorite or, perhaps,
invite hor to u little supper in some
nenrby cosy retvoat; and among them
Minis saw the one wbo had thrown tho
flowers. As Nonie cnitie out, this mnn
hurried forward und sjioke to her. Tho
girl hesitated, stopped and listened;
then, with a slow and half uncertain
negative, wont ou past bim to the street
The fellow made ns if to follow, but,
looking nboiit, he saw Minis' eyes fixed
upon llllll. Beneath tbe streetlights
they glittered liko beads ot tire and
seemed uncanny from tho setting of his
queer, ptilo face. Tho man shrugged
his shoulders and walked away in tho
other direction.
The nest night, whilo Nonio wns sing-
inir, a heavy flower piece was sent down
to trie stage���an unusual thing ut the
| Al'iiambrii, where miittern of that sort
; were not much indulged in.   It sohnp-
i pened Hint if came down whore Minis
| w is, and ho had to h >l;i lift it over tho
j stage-rail.   As be did so, ho saw a noto
I lying iiiuonr- the flowers, nnd with a
I lir-tei'inis tiilin he tiiiiun'.-od to throw it
I nut so thnt it fell boiieutli his chair.   He
I knew instinctively who hud sent it, yet,
| to confirm bis suspicion, lie turned and
looked about tiie house.
As be hud thotitrbt, tho same fellow
was again standing to catch .\ wile's
gin .-co of nok'toivluilgeinent; bnt Nonii ���' i
glance was fixed, initio ul, upon tue first
violin, mnl the blue eyes shot ont fiery
darts ns Minis deliberately stoop. ,1.
picked up the note uud placed it iu bis
I poukot.
Opii'i    the   following night Nonie
thought lo havo her revenge.     So sue
! begun   by  singin- and making eyes at
J tint Byrouio youth with  tho bass-viol,
I .iu.1  utterly  ignored  Minis' presence.
| Bnt .--lit* had reckoned without her host.
I for the audience would buve none of it.
| They  bad  become so ucciist'uueil to
i hnvinu tiiu first violin as a silent partner
iu  tints  lirtie by-plny, that t'-iey would
brook no change.   Ami theiltuecontrasc
buuvt-uu tbe luce nf mis onl young gamin
and tiie rosy cuceks uud spiiikliuK eyes
oi the girl lent a picturesque eii'eetive*
need io tuo ocenu tii.it noliiingelsetou'.d,
bo ihe pt-opie begun to Ms anil howl
ami   boot   to allow their  disapproval,
w.iilo  cries  of   "Minis!    Minis!   The
hit violin!" gave u.uleii inteip.vtatio.i
to their meaning.
Tne girl stopped, bewildered nt the
outburst, and at lirst did not realize the
curiae. Lnt whan sho did her eyes
Unshod uuitrilyi and she went ou, insistently ignoring their displeasnre anl
trying to drown the tumult witli her
ov.'n voice nud lo charm them into good
nature with her pretty ways.
lu the confusion she carelessly came
loo near the footlights, and jarring tho
slight gauze coven.i - from one oi t.icin,
swept, her filmy skirls above it.
A tongue of llaine leaped upon her,
mil there wiu a cry of horror fro n
tho   house.      Tho   audience,   panic-
stricken   by   the   possibility   of   tire
among sll the infiuiiiablu material of
lho stage,   rushed   pell-mell,  for the
doors. The orchestra loliowe-1, tu,ui-liiig
over their Instruments, and in less timo
I than it t.i'.ii-s tno to tell it they had clour-
I ni snch a space that only two people re*
: utuiuutl i.i liu on wiilgcretl pori.Oii ni the
I tin .-a iv.   One of these  was the girl,
I Wrapped in the winding-sheet ol flume,
and tne o.her wns Minis.
'1'oiil'iug his cont from him ns he sprang
j forward.  Minis tiling liitiiself upon the
! tat.",".   Tnu girl,   turi'iir-stiuken,   but
realizing his -lunger us well as her own,
i bit mu  to  retreat toward  tlie wings.
1 Minis, seeing Hint In n moment more tno
I tire would bu coumunii-ated io the cau*
i viw si'i'iu'.-, leaped upon her uud gathered
i the .ivii:: flame into disarms.   Himself
Insensible in ihe puiu uud danger or re-
| gni'dless of tbem in his pissioiiiuo en-
| iieavor lo save the girl, he bunt tue tiro
I down wiih ills hums, tore ber burning
' skins i.v.'i.y and ut last wrapped her,
j tori n.ei and burned, butliviu&uudcoii-
; Bci'ii'.s, io his own garment.
iviiiK was not so st.viruly injured but
j thai sue could appear ut the Aiiiuuibru
j again lu ti tew weeks, and when her return was announced, tbo huuse was
I crowded.
Ntiiiiu did not attempt to sing to any-
r one but Minis thut night, but. on this
| occasion, he wns not tlie first violin. Ho
bu.l spent bis leisure during hur retirement in composing a new accoinpaiii-
- -    ���     "��� -        ���. ..-A ..baJ a���,i . ������-/
ment to her nance, mm unit nam.,-	
ohtiiiued permission to lead tliu, n'l-olies-
tr.i ou tins eventiul night for us pur
I say that he had spent hia leisure/for ,
luuc.i of Mims' time hint lately been
taken up iu haunting t.ie florists' anil
tiiu fruit-shops, mu bearing olf their
clioicesi treasures to Nonius room. And
when lie had been admitted to hor bud
Mile, and sue, lying tliere so sweet and
fair, lirul taken bis huu 1 anil kissed it,
and ci iud over tho scirs -.i-hnni were
ihero for her sake, and inul thanked him i
so prettily for saving her liio, the poor
ex gttiuiu Wad ve,y happliy wi-eleiied
ii.devil. I
jjiii as I have said, she got well', and |
sang una danced and made oi us al Mnuil
Us sue bud uo\ er done buiore, r
W hen she bud finished, how they did I
applaud 1 They ulioutod find suiaiiiud
iiml mingled cries ot '" Nonie!" iaid:
"Minis!" They grew so wild that the
orchestra-player bad to go and stnml
uuoli ihe siago lieside Nouie nml bow
li.u ockuowlodginents. jVnd thin was
boinethiug thut an orchestra player at
the Alhiuubru bml never done before.     |
As the curtain fell slowly and shut
them out from the people, Slims heard
Niluio give a long  sish.    lie  turned
toward ner, and saw a look iu horiuue,
tuiU iiiuile bim say inipultiivulyj
"What is it, ilear';"
Perhaps there was more potency than
lie knew in tiie little word. Perhaps ms
voice expressed more tlinn the word it- I
self. However it wus, I am cnniu th ;t'
no immodest or uitiuai ieniy thongnt
prompted Nonie as she turew ber arms
iiroiiini .Uini.-.' nock ami lei her ueud fail
upon his shoulder, tike n tired child
Arm nenlier knew that the cui-iiiiu hid
gone just lai' ciionga 10 suieiU tnoir
Lends irom the anlieuee, iin.il renewed
t hunts an i iiinguiei'iiiitl liraviis tn.il now
veil ihe closing nut ol lut-ir nuie ui'tituu
liud uei'ii ii'Cu. ii'd.
In iiie years that followed, old Time
played some queer Irimig. i m- jiuu.ii
iinuiil iu tic ii ol the evil that bud lieen
iloue to -iliuis, and tne joy i,no i,ii;u.;ut
inni bis luu weiled up umi shone un*.
tiu'Oug'u his lui-u, luiiKing it yoiingor.
V niiu jiouio, us even lue pi'ettiesi girls
will. Krewgriiilunliy older, uiuii it came
lo puss linn there was not so much disparity between their lacus tin i.uu.d
lii..tteoue it.ii.i twice.
VV ueuever 1 see .Mims now, I cannot
help I'Ui.'slion viiiii.ii is u.u uttou^ot
pi.iuu.ialii'y iu shaping a man's bin, me
ImuuUjjUU ol iiuiu.uij Ul oi l'n ...........t.j.f
gurtixea* <&nvba*
Never make n remark at the expense of
the utlier���it is meanness.
Never sigh over what might have been,
bnt Illlike tiie best of what ia
Never part for the day without loving
words tu think of during absence. '
Never Hnd fruit, unless it is perfidly
cer'tilti that a fault has been committed
iitul itltvfi'S sneitk lovingly.
The vory ui-urest itpprttaob to dntiiestio
bappiiii'Bs on earth is in the cultivation on
bulb sides of fibsoluto uuselfisliuess.
Hon. J, A. Louoiiked, Q,C.
(J. S. McOakteii.
fitiK-rliPcd   A   McCarter,
Biii-ristors, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for I'mik of Montreal.
CALOAltV, - N.W.T,
That a womnn can succeed.
Peruse mid ponder the following facts;
Miss Jiury K Cutler lives in Hillistoo,
jlfter her fittber'a death ten years ago
she heciiiiio sule iniinajor of aixlyeight
nines of land.
.it mnl time n scIumiI teacher, sho quit
tilt' dim- the siiooiiiig of young miiuls uud
men ivent tn fanning it.
I'rieliils nnd neighbors shook their bonds
nuilniril: "Don't you do it, Mnry." But
.inni said, with a plucky nnd decided air,
Hull she would ami sue did.
Fruit and vegetables are lho chief crops.
Sin- nip- rvises all the work herself nud
sell- inn products nf her skill and industry
direct ;o cotititiuiois, the surplus going to
The ]ieiic!i orchard numbers fourteen
hundred vigorous, hearing trees, nud when
it is stated tbnt nut a failure has this wideawake Human tcored in seven yetiisiuraising successful crops nf pouches, you will
tiiiinit it is not all chancr,.
T.'itler's pictures of peasant life have
never Is-eti i-x"eiled.
QuHitiiti .Unsays wns a blacksmith who
determined tu quit Unit trmlo lor art.
Hiibeus was educated by his mother, to
whom be attributed nil his siiccuss in   life.
Vim Ijovdoti painted his lirst great pic-
Mr .-. ih.it oi Su Hubert, ul the ugu of 13
1 iiriier's pictures wero admitted to the
Km- il ni'iitlcuiy before the arlist wus 13
yc-irs nil.
Cr-egr painted tevertl of bis beat plo*
lui' s niter be hnd passed eighty years, aud
tiled ul eighty three.
Vim Dick has never been snrpnsaed in
nlit.ity to ilrnir the features nud hands of
Bitters. Tin r ��� is its tnucii chiirnoter iu bis
liiintts a* in ids r.tueH,
ltnphiiei's pictures are often so thinly
pni>t d that the |h-ii strokes ou the can-
v.is tiiii'ie fur the giiiiiftnco of tlie painter
nre Visible through the layers of paint.
1' riiilifi'illo was at work oil the "Vision
of Si. '''rutin*" wi.eii ltoino wna storiueil
by (Jin sinlilo Bourlsin iu 1327. Tho sol-
iters burst nun bis siiidiu. nut were so
itilriii'tid by the picture tbnt bu was pro*
Snl i an t Bnsn in bis vunth nw-ficinted
villi hrit-itu is iu lower imly, mid thus
g.-.lne i many subjects tor his lirnsb. Sotuu
, nt ids iNiliitiiiga were iutri'duit. d iu evi-
cenu" .it tne trials of tbe captured briguudg
uii.iiy years later.
A g'rl, usually we'ira lhe expression on
her luce thut is must beeoiiiiug.
Tbo nu n who go to church to please
their ivtv's are enjoying themselves,
Tlnre ought to be a law compelling
every man to rt-u.1 a petition before siug*
ing it.
j\ woman's hard work Is done in buying
tilings, a man's bard work ia to pay for
Py the time it wa��te pnpor basket hns
beeti iu use six mouths, it represents as
tunny lii'iirtiicues ns a grave.
liy ti-liinK iinltij.tr nusly in any of the
bikes near town, n III nil imiv by u hurd
day's work laud a fi-h two iuctu-a long.
jV couple recelllly divorced nt A'chinon
were eugngiil six yearn in order lo get real
Weil acquainted before inurriage.
IVhell a gill gels married and has a
baby, she furgela tliut she ever knew any-
body before tiie baby nr lived, lint niter
she bus luul two or three, and they come
Hteli'se together they umi wear e .eh
nth r't clothes, she Ileitis lo recall occil*
sitillilily, widle washing and irouiiig uud
Itietitli tg, the friends sue used tu enjoy bo-
lure shit liud no in my cares.
In Jnnnn they don't throw flowers or
���vri nibs nt nu nctur. They give hiin a
Fitsbiiiiiable young ladies in Japan, when
I liev iles.ro to look very attractive, gild
Uieir lips,
lu Australia it is tho fashion tn keep the
I'lniies nf the dead till Sunday in order tu
in-ure n b.rge nttuiidaiice ut the fuuerul,
Tbe IC-j-v-.ilinns weru hard drinkers.
Their lirst tl.slt nt tbe table was boiled
Cithhiif-e, set veil wilh suit meat to stimulate their thirst.
If nu Egyptian df sires a divorce all be
bus to do is to repeat three limes the
minis "1 put yon from ine," aud the legal
s.'paratii'ti is complete,
A typical southern  Afrcan   household
deieribetl   by  Oliver    Siit'eiuer   has  an
Kitirlisli father, a half Dutch mother witb
! a   French   nam'.*,  a Scotch gove-ness,  a
! Zulu conk,  a Hottentot h.ii-enuiid nud a
i ls'.'ii..r stable hoy, while the little girl who
Wined on tlio lultle wtts a llasiitn.
Rnbert Lewis Stephenson's new story,
. "I iie Ebb Tide," will be published siuial-
tiilleollsly lu Eii'-luiul America.
j\ Jitptuit'se novelist bus prudttced a Blory
I'ltlletl "ii.o 1'iilluilicc ot a llog," which is
t" appear in one  hundred aid eight vol.
' i.lies, issued al short intervals ut u pupulur
I p. id*.
I     "Lure in Idleness," a short novel by
Mnl .uu Crawford, will shortly nppe.tr.   It
I it a itet'.y rel.itiug to  life nt Bur Harbor,
; i r.ii inclndt B sevinil   of   the   cllliracters
itiii itlv ktmwii tu us iu "(Catherine Lander-
The calaliir-tio of the Bihlintheq -ft Nn-
ttniiiilo. ot' Purls, the largest library iu the
iituiil, will sliurlly lci lo | res:;. This
c tal'giie, alphabetically nrraiigt'il, hna
over two mi luin five hiittdrttl iliuusiiiul
litis, and will comprise eighty quarto
vt ii n ities
The person who srild "yon can't catch
flies wiih vinegar" never looked in the
pickle castor in a down-town restaurant,
A dude should learn something iu this
life besides how to blow smoke through
bis nose uud tne art of slliiiuliiiiiig bis
iuiuey with u rut tun cane.
Never taunt -.ith n put mistake.
Never both lie aiiury nt the same timo.
Never meet without n loving welcome.
Never allow a request to be repeated.
Let s "If denial bo the daily aim and
pri lice nf each.
Never let lie sua go down upon any
anger or griovnuce.
Never talk at one another, either alone
or in ciiui'iiiny.
Members Assucn.Il.L.S. &P.L.8. for B.C,
SUKVEYOItN, Civil Engineers, Draughtsmen, Valuators, etc' Calgury mnl New Westminster. Correspondence solicited..
B.J.JE1-IIS0N, D.Ij.S.,P.L.S. of B.C, &Oitt.
C,w,(-AKV, Alba.
A. 0. ".ViiEi-M-lt, D.L.S. A l'.L.iS. of B.C.
New VV'ES'r.MiNSTi.ii B.C.
McCurtliy   &   llnrveij-.
Barristers. Advocates, Notaries, &c.   Solicitors tor i���
The I in | ><* ii.. I Batik of Cunaila.
The Cauiiila I'lrrnniiieut I loan S Savings Co.
Thu Yorksltire l.onn it Sectirilicst orporatiun
Tho Mussey-lliii'ris ' o, (Ltdj.etc,, etc.
Oflices -St'eplien Avenue, Calgury.
P. MuC.univ, (^.C.
llflllAIJB H.WlVEV, B.A.  L.L.B.
Assoc. Mem. Inst. C,E.
���fii.jVi'V-r.  EjVoikker,
Cochrane, Ai.ua.-Ft. Steele, B.C.
Love ia s conuierleiier who is censtniitly
passing off copper for gold, but whu some*
tlm b iurns gold into copper.
I  hnve  spent my life hi soeinj people
I tli", not of Uieir niluients, but uf Unit great
' uud iiictiruble tlisense. the want of inoliey.
The moral woilil las u'lilters where ills.
1 lliillfite.l persons iry to splusu lho mild iu
wiiinii Ihey are wullowiug   upon   ineii of
1 buttur.
I Tn uu observer there is sitinethim; sntl*
deniini iu llie spectacle it pineriy made
up Ike nn old wuiuiiu Hying lu givu the
l.e lo her fact*.
' In political life men frequently turn
their cliiiriictt'rs inside out, nud it often
happens thai the public does uut know
which is tbo right side.
In Ihe heart of tho woman who loves
there Is such u wealth of hope I ll requires utility a dagger thrust to kill llioui.
They hive and bleetl ttt the lust,
i Hupp iiess bus no history. Story toiler)
of all countries llliilersliind this ao well
tbttl the phrnso "they lived happily ever
after" ends all adventures of love.
I        thTwealth OF NATIONS*
Great Britain with nil her possesions
lays claim to ���JlS.BUO.OOU.OOil.
Franco colli'a second In point nf wealth
Willi something Use ���Jlil,;iUU,UIW,OUO,
Germany has a I auk acuitntit, or inord
Correctly speaking, asset*, of -Jul.fiUJ.OUO,-
Rnnin hns a small matt��r, yon know, of
$9,085,000,000 iess lllilli its(leruian cousin,
being aocretliieil with S'.M.Tl5.OUO,0110.
Austria nud Italy bring up the rear nf
those nations which hnve ovt.' $10.(1(10,-
000.0UU of possession-, with SlS,UU,'i,UUU,'
000 and Sjll,"5u,UUil,uud re piuuiely.
((iratbiate uf Laval and Mcliill.)
Jiniii'   i:x<��ixki'k.
Head Office, Queiieo j  Branch Offices
SiiElintiiifiKE, & 17 Place d'Amies
Hill. MllNTIlEAl..
Samuel S. Fowier, E.M.,
SIIjVffj\(br K-Vd.rMi-HR.
I'rupei'ttfs repofetl upon. . Estimntcs and
plans fur all luoti.lliirgic.l plants.
P. 0. Box 1,    -    Golden, B.C.
Assay Offices * Chemical  l.u burnt or j
(Estiihlisltoil ill B.C. iu 18c*ll.)
Vaiu-oiiver,       -       1...C3.
Bank Of Montreal.
Interest at Current rates.
W. B. OR.WELEY, Manager.
i-l/ery & Feed Statles,
Saddle Horsec fcp Hire
GOIiUKjV,       -       B.O.
IVItoli-Mali'aiKl Retail
(yattlc, Sheep anil
Ilorsc Dealers
Undertakers and
.   ���   .   Eir'j-ili.-iers,
< 'ii Ijrai'j-     -     ���     Alba
Tl.l.lJlillAI'11    OtttlEIIS    I'ltll'll'II.V
at run ui.u to,
Mining I Smelting
CO, (Limited)
Gold, Silver & Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
,1)1 till pi CQ I ��ill iit.-til 11'lllll*!) fin rot ��ipi
1 11 tli r.r.'.,'. of n *! stump, it receipt' fur |>
simple VKfiKTAIII.E HALM th.it will re
move Tim. I'Vct-lilcs, I'implos. Illotvlius
llliicklii'iifls, etc., lonvillfr the skin soft
clear nml Itonnllfitl. Atltlross j\. II. STEM
PKL, 110 Ann St., New York.
"It Is worth tho nr'oe to evri*** persnn
wlm even reads a news-iapi r."���lititllngiou
Blue Pencil Rules.
A Pocket Primer for tbe use nit Reporters,
("orresDonilenls and Copy Choppers.
1-luort, almple and prnctlcal rules (or
maklni; anil editing newspaper copy,
and nf equal value tn all wbo wish lo
write correct Eneiltb,
Bent on reosln*. of price Pilce, 10 cents
p< r cony. ALLAN TORMAri, Publisher
117 Nassiu Street, New York.
H. Connacher, Proprietor.
Newly refitted anil furnished. Strictly FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of j-itests. Uendquurters for mining men and
Illinois. Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Lundine;. Direct importer and wholesale and
retail denier in Wines, Liquors, und Cigars.
Special attention given to orders from u,, the
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,        -        B.C.
My, stock is the largest and most complete in tho
An immense stock of W. W. Orccner's, J. C. (Jlabrough
t Bros, AV. H. Tisdall's, and AV. Richard's shot ffiins.
All calibers of Winchester and Marl in rifles.
Every description of cartridge,both rifle and shot gun.
Trappers' Supplies a Specialty.
Goods nil hough t
for Spot Cash and
imported direct.
Prices the lowest.
Quality the   best.
WHOLfciSALB   &   KBTA1L. solicited.
W. ALEXANDER has removed to Calgary, and will be pleased to execute all
orders sent to bim tliere. Work left with
C. A. Warren, Golden, and R. W. Patmore,
Donald, will be promptly forwarded.
Remember tlie address.
W. Alexander, Calgary, FORT STEZjL.*. srieflets.
\V i 11! ii in Hull ln'S beort visiting
Winder tii'i't' iiiiiI hits piircbiisi'il about
7n benil uf tine steers for ihu Golden
market. Heennie us fur us rToi-t Steele
and met lniiny old fneiuls who knew
bim when be lirst settled in llritish
Our scbonl bus opened with a good
attendance.Miss Bailey,lute oi Clinton,
is the toucher.
At Windermere n school has also
lieen opened, witli Miss Smith, lute of
Douiild, iu charge, The utteinlunce is
very fair und will liii-reuse.
Ami still they come to the wife of
John iSucksiuitb, a sou anil heir.
Jack Wallinger tliro' the death of un
mint iu India bus fallen heir to a nice
Harry Mathers is also in luck, be
comes into u large property near Dundee, Scotland, thro' the thoughttuluess
of a relative. Harry will leave for
Old Scotia in October.
Mr. Wilson, of Wilson nnd Perdue,
Nelson, is here purchasing steers for
the Nelson and Kaslo markets.
A band of horses passed thro' recently for Edmonton, some were sold at
Fort Steele at very low figures.
Mr. Joseph Lake, wbo was here on
business connected with the firm of
Carlin A Lake, lias returned to Gulden.
Win. Shields and family from Edmonton have just arrived via the
Crow's Nest and will settle iu the
Mr. William Carlin has returned to
Fort Steele lifter a pleasant visit to
Joseph Roberts nnd Edward Bray
have gone to Crow Nest Spiings for a
short visit,
Lady Adela Cochrane bus purchased
the Sincluir Hot Springs from Messrs.
Stuart and Pearse and will build u
" Sanitarium " next summer. She intends making it a fashionable health
Mr. James Brady, M.E., Thunder
Hill, has gone to Victoria.
Mr. Laird and family who were
staying at Wild Horse Creek where
Mr. Laird has milling interests, hnve
left for Cariboo where Mr. La ini will
remain for some time. We hope lo see
hiin back shortly.
Mr. Frizzle and family have settled
at Fort Steele. Mrs. Frizzle recently
gave an "At Home." A pleasant
time was spent,
Football is the great game here. A
match was recently played pot ween the
" Native Sons of the Rockies" against
the "White Residents," resulted in a
victory for the bitter. After tlie game
was over the teams were photographed
hy Dr. Maclean.
A Sunday school was recently opened
with a good attendance. Mrs. Frizzle
and Miss Bailey are the moving spirits
in the good work.
Charles Edwards has gone to Canal
Haying is nearly over and the crops
are fairly good.
Harvesting is going ou rapidly at
Windermere and crops are much better
than usual.
A. P. Cummins, S.M., is looked for
shortly. Il is hoped he will put the
bridges under way at onco.
We can now boast of an "Ice
Cream pailor" with Mrs. Levett presiding. It is a great boon iu tit is
warm weather.
stay here. She returned to Bonner's
Ferry per str   " Annerly."
The "Annerly" has made her last
trip for the season. She will tie up nt
Jennings for llie wiutu'. The '-Kootenay Belle," a light draught bout with
Capt. Flowers, will take her place.
Shu is having lirst class machinery
put in her nt. Liblty Creek, Montana.
Mr. Hanson of Leadville, who bus
been examining the North Star,mine
for some capitalists in llie Eust, pronounces it one of tbo most promising
mines in the Kootctiuys.
We hnve lnnl a very heavy fall of
rain which will lay tbo dust and make
travelling pleasant,
R. L. T. Galbraith bus just returned
from Tobacco Plains and says the crops
are excellent thero but uo market,
Sept. 12th
Robert Ellison bus returned from a
two weeks' trip to the coast cities,
J. C. Pitts returned last Monday
from his trip to lhe coast cities and
found business very fair at Vancouver,
but ipiiet iu Victoria,
Our local Niuirods don't seem to fee!
very proud of their success with gnu
or rod except Mr. Fred Baker who
seems well satisfied with his outing as
one days gunning bugged eight nntl a
half brace. Ducks seem to be burd to
get at in the rushes as several of our
sportsmen hnve found out who tried
Moberly slough on a three days hunting trip.
Last Friday the Quadrille Club gave
their initial dance and everybody bad
a geed time. About sixteen couples
were present.
Rtiftis Kimpton tried an experiment
in chimney cleaning by using coal oil
and everything went smooth till
towards evening when he found that
the heated bricks had set lire to the
flooring in one of tbe rooms. Ruf
won't try coal oil any more.
The Hon. Wilfrid Laurier passed
through on Friday last en route for
the const. Mr. T Forrest of the Forrest House interviewed the lion, statesman iu regard to railroad land matters
in whioh Thos. is very much interested
The lion, gentleman listened to Mr.
F.'s explanation of tbo questional
issue here and promised to give bis
attention to it in the forthcoming session. A committee ought to be appointed to ask the Hon. Mr. Laurier to
stop over here and give the people of
Eust Kooteiiny his views on political
matters in general, ou his return trip.
Several of our citizens felt rather sore
at not having au opportunity of slinking bands with the distinguished
state*man on account of his time being
tuken up by the valiant Thomas, but
the old siiying comes true as Tom has
it, "Fortune favors the brave." they
hud the same opportunity as I had but
hadn't the grit.
Freight from the west is moving
lively. On Tuesday thero went thro'
10 car loads of canned salmon and
several loads of tea, in bond, on one
train. The scarcity of empty box
cars makes it rather quiet, The western terminus is in want of aboi.t 7b0
empties to Iill nil the orders.
The approach of winter has s;t several bouse holders to work to have
brick chimneys put on their dwelling
George  Sutherland  bus set to work
on bis  j.ii11tut 1   task of  putting up his
different kind of  pickles and preserves
Dame   Rumor   has  it  that  wc nre alld 891,e(.i���nv  something  which is so
dear to the hearth of tbe children of
far oil "Fatherland" namely cucumbers pickled in suit brine or ns they
cull tbem '��� siilzgnrken."
Tbo long threatened rain fall bus
set iu and will rattier interfere with
he bus gone ns boiler maker in the
It. R. shops. Joe was well liked here
and was a most genial companion.
Several of his shoptniites hero gave
bim a rousing farewell last Saturday
night. Tlie boys were sorry to lose
linn from their midst.
Mr. Fred Weiss of Vancouver takes
the place of Mr. Jos. Watson.
Miss McDonald of Vancouver and
Mii-s Woodbouse (sister of Messrs.
Fred and Win. Woodbouse of our
town,) also ol Vancouver, are hereon
u visit.
Miss Bowie of Lytttm is visiting
Mrs. Trickey,
Mrs, Graham of Victoria is the
guest of Mrs. Griffith.
Mr.   Erickson, roiidnnistei-  on  the
Western   Division, was   on  a tour of
inspection   to  the end of   bis division
not in the usual course.    ���
& TramWay
shortly   to   have  several   marriages
Love seems to triumph always.
Nor lad nor lass need go to school
To learn tho lover's grammar,
His heart's the book, where he must
For "amor vincet omnia."
building operations, although most of
We regret to announce the departure tl,e ���wildings are under shingle.
of Mrs.   Robinson   from amongst us. |    Mr. Jos  Watson nnd family left on
She made  many  friends  during   her Sunday's No.  1 for Vancouver where
A humming bird is suit! tn have been
stung to death by a bee ut Columbia, Wis.,
A yinintt mnn nf Patterson, N.J., recently sneezed ��n Inirtl thai be jerked hil
shoulder out of joint.
Thomas KtliMin, the Inventor, has never
carried a watch in bis life. He has never
wanted to know the time.
The wettest place in the world Is Cher*
rnpnngi, in Assam, where the average rainfall fnr fifteen vt'iirit haa been 493 inches.
Iu 1801 it wns 1103.
A lady at Maple Valley, N.Y., Is raising
in a enge nn albino robin which she found
in the grass nnder a tree. Every feather
ia white uud ils eyes are pink.
The leii.'th nf time thnt fontprlnta will
remain fr-sh-lisikilig iu the soil un the
eniist of Urutriihi tl Is rem. rliahie. Trucks
lltiit uup"!.r Int. n f iv hours old have frequently been -iiini.'t* for Weeks.
A nullum finu* clock is on view in the
windtiiy of n St. l'eieraburg iviiiuhuitiKer.
The hu ils urn pivoted mi thu liiwt', nml
uuy nif-s-ige np"ki'ii into its i-ttr repented
by a phtiiiiiiirapb tiiriui'-li ils mouth. Lis
snid in he the miiy- clock of the kind ut
prest'ttt in exist'-iicf.
AOriiuil Unpiils (Mich.) dentist hns the
hypnotic power no slt-oligly tit.t lie can
peisuii'ii. p lii-nts lliiii they lire siviugilu
ill hiiiutiiiiuks unit fiitin.* iiu crt-nui while
he is ul work ou tiifir iiiol.its. ll uiiiy be
Biipci iluoiis iii nibl nun ma pull is iinsreua-
iujj grimily inul rapidly.
Porcclnln in to bo substituted for gold In
filling teeth.
An extension lndder for upper berths of
sleeping curs has been devised.
Winches were originally made in shapes
to iuiiiiuo pears, gourds, acorns aud birds'
French railroad companies are content-
pl.iiiug the substitution uf tbe telephone
lur tne telegraph.
From a grain of snnil, bnrely visible to
the nuked rye, one thuusuud miles uf
quurtz thread mny be spun.
An En.lii.li curio collector has an old-
time wuiuli which is aluiped liko a cow's
horn. At the end ui every hour it dis*
I'hurgi'S ti tiny pistol.
A L niliiti L'iii'in.ol wliu nnulyz'd n sum-
puj, i ''nu r restorer" selling .it Aity ceii.a
lor ll tuo'iillucu iioltle,   tiitlliil 11 In Uillitlllll
t'tiiniiiou wnier witn truuea ��� 1 ami nud o.ige
I'll. int.
'ine Scientific American bus fi-ured it
uut lliu: in*- energy exerted liy u railroad
limn riiulitij. M'Vi'titi-;ivy mill's nu Hour
Is ni'.il'.y luice Iliul ot n t-o llloustilid-
pttii.iii s'tttl fired triiui a iitiu-uiind:ed*toil
jViiuslriiug ..uu.
A .i.ijjiiiniu cleotrio light bus been III*
Veil e.i lur llie b li in ui li wspiiper le"-
pollers, li la dole e.i IA Ine mid uf ��
pfiivil si the repuricr may cn.ry tits tiwii
light with niiii umi be tililu lu luuke bis
Uulea even iu lhe darkness.    	
Empty threat make lying children.
Tbe serpent of the still wears no rattles.
Don't go to cthe wrong shop to get
There ia many a knock-out In ��� whisky
A stinted wife can find a vest pocket In
the dark.
He is always a slave who lives beyond
his menus.
If we bad eternal sunshine wt would
have no crops.
The dangerous end ot a rattlesnake makes
no noise.
The aggressive man always finds tbe
hornet at home.
There is a Lazarus for every crumb from
the party table.
If every man were to get rich who
believes he knows how, we would hnve no
The worm in the whisky distillery will
do more damage to the farmer this summer
than the cnlworm.
"Willie, do yon and yonr brother ever
fight." "Yes, sir." "Who whips!"
Steamers will leave
Every Tuesday at 7 a.m.
Passenger Rates about 5c. per mile.  Heals 50c.
Freight I^ates.
To Canal Flat A. $1.75; B. 1.60; C. 1.40; D. 1.20.
To Fort Steele A. 3.00; B. 2.50; C. 2.00; D. 1.50.
Rate A. to include Class 1 nnd 2 of Canndian Freight Classification
il and 4
5 and <>
7 and 8
Shipments of 10,000 lbs., of mixed goods to be entitled to car load rates. Freight will he delivered as far
south as navigation will permit and will be charged for
according to distance transported.
Express Rate to Fort Steele 5cts. per lb.
The Company's liability on express parcels Iieing limited to $2 per lb
1 per cent will be charged on excess value mentioned on Bill of Lading.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;       F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
:m.   B.   LANG,:
PIPES,   Etc.,   Etc.
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
-�����       Oranges,
M. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
Manufactures of Sash, Doors, Mouldings
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.
Have on Hand a lot of Wash Basin and Bath


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