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The Golden Era Mar 4, 1898

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Array The Golden Era *
Is the most widely circulated and 9
best advertising medium in East <?
Kootenay.   This is the paper that ��
is read by the miners, the ranchers, %
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Prospectors and Lumbermen.
Bates,  91.00  Per  Day.
Board and Lodging, 15 Per Week,
First Class Bar.
Turner-Pooley & Co.
Mr. Kellie, M. P., waa on tho War.
path.-Some Stern Home Trutha
for T.-P.
In the Legislative Assembly J. M.
Kellie gave Mr, Booth his explanation
of what he considered a fair measure
of redistribution. He said that it
should bo a measure which would recognize that a man in Kootenay was
just as good as a man in any other
part of the province���just as good as a
man in Esquimau. Cowichuu or Al'
berni. He resumed the statement of
the member for North Victoria (Mr.
Booth) that the mines of Kootenay
had been developed by the pledged
credit of the rest of the province. He
reminded Mr. Booth that tho revenue
from his district was about $7,000,
whereas the revenue from Kootenay
was $310,000. Since Kootenay was
contributing so large a revenue, he
held that it should receive more consideration in the way of representation and appropriations, than it was
getting, During the past year he
stated, the government had taken over
$200,000 more out of Kootenay than it
had expended in the district. Kootenay was a big district, but there was
a very small amount spent upon trails
and roads in tho region, in comparison
with the amount spent iu other sections. The policy of the government
was to cinch the miners of Kootenay
at every turn. In Kootenay, the government took the miners by the throat
and made them pay $5 for the privilege of working in the mines. In tho
coal mines of Vancouver Island there
was no such charge made. Ho
wanted to know why the
miners of Kootenay were obliged to pay when the miners of Vancouver Island were allowed to go scot
free? The government disciiminnted
not only against the working miners
of Kootenay, but against the mine
owners of Kootenay as well. Thoy
had to pay a tax upon their output,
whereas no tax was imposed upon (he
output of the coal mines. Mr. Kellie
also stated that the public accounts
showed that the money taken from
Kootenay was used to defray the educational expenses of municipalities
throughout the province. There was
something wrong in the government's
system, which permitted municipalities
to be created and absorb the revenues
of the province and then called for the
expenditure of the general revenue of
the 'rrovince with in such municipalities
for educational purposes. Mr. Kellie
dubbed the speech from the throne as n
set of bare bones, There was nothing
of importance in it. There was a promise of patch-work of redistribution
but there was nothing said about the
repeal of the tax upon working miners,
nor the repeal of tbe mortgage tax.
There was nothing to intimate that
the coal barons would pay their share
of thn taxes. Mr. Kellie spoke against
both the Vancouver & Eastern Rail-
way subsidy and Mackenzie & Mann's
other railway subsidy. Upon the question of redistribution, he urged the
claim of West Kootenay for additional
representation. Upon the basis of revenue or population West Kootenay, as
compared with some of the other districts, was entitled to 52 members upon
the floor of the House. For his part
he proposed to enter a protest against
the further milking of Kootenay, unless the government was prepared to
pay something for the cow. As to the
question of the Nelson & Fort Shep-
pard Railway land grant, the government hnd clearly exceeded its authority in over-riding the provisions of the
Land Oram Act. Ho mado the specific sharps that the government had allowed the railway company to grnb
4,800 acres of land north of Rossland
as line lands, when the grand total of
land which the company could show
that it was entitled tn did not aggro-
gate one-half that amount. He also
criticised the Lands and Works Department for its failure to issue a
Crown grant to Alex. Currio for his
pre-emption within tho railway lauds,
which had boen provided up as early
as 1892. He charged the government
with betraying the free minors of
Kootenay, in that it allowed D. C.
Corbin to charge mine owners for timber whioh the miners whore entitled to
under the Mineral Act.
To Correspondents.
Tbojus Bbidob.���We have to take
the statement officially given us as the
correct one.���Ed.G.E.
The snow is now disappearing in
the Crow's Nost Pass. The weather is
mild and the railway will probably he
completed as far ap tho coal mines In
May. There will be from eight to 10
thousand tons of coal awaiting shipment by that time,���Calgary  Herald.
J. Henderson returned from the
Burns Basin on snowshoes on Friday,
finding the trip a pretty hard one. The
tunnel on the Lincoln has been driven
80 feet and that on the Lucky Jack 40
fee**. In the latter claim tho miners
struck some nice ore the day Mr. Henderson left.
It is learned from Ainsworth that
the Omaha & Grant Smelter company
has suspended operations in the Koot-
enays and closed all plants in which it
is interested. Tho motive is not known,
as it has been considered that tlHr
operations were profitable, They havo
been running tho concentrator at Pilot
Bay for several weeks,
F. C. Lang's mineral cabinet does
him so much credit, that we aro glad
to learn the Government have authorized him to have it built the full
width of the Mining Recorder's office.
When filled with specimens got up in
the stylo of the present cabinet it will
constitute one of the finest mineral
collections on tho American continent.
Mr. A. St, G. Hainersley,���ot Vancouver, proposes to start sampling works at
Rosehcrry. West Kootenai. Ho has
secured the ground for tiie site and arranged for the machinery and special
freight rates, and has signed conducts
for 4U0 tons ot oro per month. J. Of-
strander, formerly of Denver, Colo.,
and a man of a large experience, will
be manager of tho works, and H. K.
Walton, formerly of Golden, will be
nssayer and hook keeper.
We give Col. Baker, as Minister of
Mines, credit for one thing, and thnt is
that in appointing the Provincial Mineralogist he has sought to obtain the
best man independent, of other considerations. The appointment of Mr.
Carlyle has been a most beneficial one
to the Province, and now we have another nble man appointed ns his successor, iu the person of R. G. McC'on
nell, of tho Dominion Geological Department, who has accepted the position. His geological work has for the
last 10 or 12 years oeen mostly in this
Province and during that time ho has
travelled extensively over British Columbia. He has done Hold work in
Cariboo, Cassiar, Kamloops district,
Ea.-t and West Kootenay, his last
three years being spout mostly in the
Kooteuays. Ho Iihs thorough scientific^ attainments and is a good practical man. high principled and thoroughly disinterested in his work.
The Nelson Tribune expresses the
following-opinion: ''Tampering with
the Mineral Act is to bo at all times
condemned, nnd the proposed changes,
originated by W. A. Carlyle, affecting
tho life of a location are not lavored
by the miners, and should not be countenanced by the Mining Committee of
the Legislature. As the nature of the
changes becomes more familiar, the
greater is tho opposition evinced
throughout the district, To tho capitalist it would work no hardship, but
to the prospector it would mean his
all. There can bo no general fault
found with tho act as it now stands,
and it tends to greater confidence from
the prospector than the proposed
amendment would evoke. To be circumscribed in the scope of his operations does not encourage the prospec
ting of a country's mineral resources
hy the hardy miner. British Columbia does not aim to be narrow in its
laws, believing in the most good for
the general masses���a fact that should
he ever before the eyes of the Legislature."
A new strike of copper ore hes been
made recently on tho east side of Wild
Horse Creek, within a half mile of
Fort Stoele.
Mr. Shier has put a small force of
men at work developing the Riverside mining claim. This property is
situate.1 within two miios of Steele.
The tunnel now being run on the
Colassal group, on the East Fork of
Wild Horse Creek, is now iu 82 feet,
with a splendid showing of mineral.
Tho Browery Creek Placer Mining
Company have let contract to sink a
shaft to bod rock on their placer property on Brewery Creek.
Tho North Star Company has a
large force of men taking out ore on
the North Star, also the Midnight, and
report has it that a considerable
amount of rich galena has been struck
on the latter claim.
Mr. H. T. Collett has gone east from
Great Falls, Montana, to purchase
machinery for the Dodo group of
mines, situated on tbe East Fork of
Wild Horse.
The Ontario elections form a olose
party record:���Among tho latost despatches was an estimato from Torou-
to as follows: Telegram, Ind., Conservatives 45, Liberals 47, Patronl; Mail-
Empire, Conservatives 47, Liberals 45,
Patrons 1; Globe, Liberals 47, Conservatives 44. Patrons 2. Toronto went
solidly Conservative and the Methodist
minister, Dr. Ewart, who ran in the
Liberal interest, was defeated. Only
three members of tho former Liberal
cabinet have regained their seats,
Miners Association.
The Prupo-ml of Oolnjf Away With
AsseiuinQnt Work ��iiseUNs-.'il--H;-M<>-
lutio.i to the Governniuntt
Tho monthly meeting of thn Minora
Association was hold at the Columbia
House on Tuesday night. Present:���
Messrs. Jones, McNeish, Wallace,
Noble, Hatch, Logan, Mercier, M.
Dainard, Lung-lauds, Bfliea, Munson,
Conner, Cartwright aud Haggen. In
the absence of the president Mr. Dainard was voted to the chair.
A letter was read from the president
stating that he had to be unavoidably
A circular was road giving particulars of the Mining Institute for British
Mr. Ay liner's paper, read at last
meeting, advocating the doing away
with assessment conditions and levying a tax instead, then came up for
The chairman said he was not in
favor of doing away with assess ment
work. The president's proposal would
be more in favor of the middle man
than the prospector, and the monied
man was the one who would principally gain.
Mr. Mercier did not tit ink they
should meddle with the assessment.
Mr. Langlands agieed that such a
proposal would not help out the prospector.
It was considered that the president
should have an opportunity of being
present to defend his proposals, and on
the motion of Mr. Mercier, seconded by
Mr. McNoish, it was resolved that further discussion of the subject bo post*
poned till next meeting.
The secretary thought up the question of the present provision of tiie
Mineral Act which allowed the assessment work to be avoided by the payment
of ��100 into the treasury, and contended that such a provision was against
the development of tho country. They
wanted to combine the mutual aid of
capital and labor, and the way to do
that was to require all holders of mines
to do assessment work so as to give
employmont to the poorer class of prospectors. He moved that the Minister
of Mines he requested to abolish the
clause which permits assessment obligations to be avoided by a money payment.
Seconded by Mr, Mercier and carried.
On the motion of the Chairman,
seconded by Mr. Wallace, it was resolved to urge on the Dominion Govern*
ment the appointment of a Dominion
portfolio of mines for the purpose of
advancing tho interests of tho mining
industries of the Dominion, and that a
copv of the resolution be forwarded to
Mr.'Bostock, M. P.
On the motion of Mr. McNeish, seconded by Mr. Noble, it was resolved to
endorse the resolutions passed at Ross-
land regarding the question of Astatic
labor, aud which were as follows.
"Whereas, The supreme court of
British Columbia has declared constitutional an act passed by the legislature prohibiting the employment of
Chinese in coal mines in tho province;
"'Whereas, It is contended as justification for such legislation that Chinese are a source of dancer in many
ways to the lives and limbs of operatives ot such mines; and
"Whereas, The same elements of
danger to a great extent are to he contended against in metalliferous mines
as are encountered in coal mines, as
well as other dangers that aro unknown to the coal mining industry;
"Whereas, It has been a matter of
common comment that Chinese have
been extensively employed in the Van
Anda metalliferous mine, Texada Island. B. C.
"Therefore he it resolved, That wo
urgently request the government to introduce a law to prohibit the employment of Mongolians in metuliferous
mines, with sufficient penaltiosattached
to secure its due observance and en*
forcemnet as a measure   of   protection
to the lives on J limbs of workmen engaged in the metalliferous mining industry and the Interest of labor generally.
"Whereas. The legislature of British
Columbia in the year 1890 having
deemed it wise and advisable, passed
an act providing for iho prohibition of
tho employment of Chinese underground in coal mines and
'���Whereas It. bus come to onr knowledge that said act has for almost eight
years been openly, flagrantly and viciously violated by the Union Colliery
company, of Vancouver Island, a corporation controlled by the Dunsrauirs,
who have been the recipients of concessions of incalculable value from the
people of this province, and
"Whereas, It is alleged that Chinese
to the number of 600 or H00 are employed in, and at tbo mines of the said
company at Union, B. C, much to the
danger of tho lives and limbs of white
men engaged in said mines and to the
hindrance und detriment of ihe interest
of labor generally and
"Whereas, Said act has been declared constitutional by , the supremo
court of British Columbia, but owing
to ibe fact that no provision has been
made, naming penalties for the punishment of violation therefor, said law is
to ulI practical purposes inoperative
and little better than a farse, therefore
be it.
"Resolved, That wo consider it the
duty of the government to make every
possible provision to compel corpora-
lions to comply with the laws of tbe
province as well as other citizens of
the state, and we request the govern-
to introduce legislation providing for a
penalty of $10 per day for each and
every Chinaman employed in coal
mines contrary to law."
Mr. MoNeish brought up the question of re-looations, H-- suggested an
amendment to tbe Act requiring that a
permit should be obtained from the
Gold Commissioner before a claim
could be re-staked, and then that it
should not be recorded until tbo assessment work is done, for which ��J0 days
should be allowed. In that case and
under these conditions it could be relocated by the original locator or anyone else. The necessity of obtaining a
permit would avoid troublo and litigation which might otherwise ensue.
Mr, Mercier supported this proposal.
Tbe chairman thought 90 days
should be allowed.
Mr. McNeish embodied his suggestion in a motion with the ad i'ion
thai the period (luring which a uliim
should bo h��ld prior to re-location
should be 12 months so as to pro*.ent
its abandonment and ro location by
the original owner in ti al way.
Mr. Mercier seconded. The motion
was carried.
Letter   Receive;!   by  n.   I*,  i arson--
Price r* of Supplies Wanted,
Mr. Parson has received the following letter from Bonnors Ferry, which
shows tbe attention that is now being
given to the GOI.OBN 33BA Air Line:
"Dear Sir,- We, the citizens of
Bonnors Ferry, Idaho, are advertising
tho Banners Ferry, Fort Steele, Golden route to the Klondike. In order
to offer any inducements we write you
for a price list of articles and outfit
that would be used ou this trip, as wo
intend to advertlso your point as tho
place to outfit as to provisions, eto
Horses can be purchased up hero very
cheaply. The object is to save the
duty ou outfit. Any information you
can furnish and any maps you can
send would  be thankfully received."
A. Calgary telegram says: Oscar
Thorpe lost an eye Thursday night
by a peculiar accident. He was driving Kerr Bros' delivery rig, and in
cracking his whip the lash wound
round the nhaf*, and the end snapping
off, pierced his eye, totally destroying
the sight. The eye was subsequently
removed. It was only a few minutes
after the boy was brought home that
his grandmother died.
ti-o gentlemen ur Indies to travel for
responsible, established house In lirlttoh Columbia. Monthly ftJfi.OO and expenses. Position steady. Reference, Enclose self-adders*
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The British Columbia Review,
Mining Journal and Commercial
hocord.    Published in London.
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E. A. HAGGEN, Golden,
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"Tho best life of Her Majesty I havo seen,"
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To Atlvertlsors and Subscribers.
Tho GOLDEN ERA .s oublished every
Friday evening. It is tho best advertising
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Subscription Kales ;   $-j.00 per annum IN
Alterations nnd changesof standing advertisements imu>t bo in tiie cilice not later than
noon on Wednesday to ensure insertion, but
casual advertisements will lie received up till
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While ail reasonable euro will be taken, the
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All accounts to be paid tu the Managing
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All business communications should be addressed to the Managing Director, and all
literary communications, letlors for publication or news ileitis should bo addressed to the
Correspondence is invited on mutters of
public interest, but to secure publication
such letters must be brief. In the case ot
anonymous letters the nnino and address of
the writer must be enclosed, not for publication, but for tbo nrivato information of the
editor and ns a guarantee of good faith. Any
lotter received later than Wednesday will
have to staud over till the following issue.
Itie Men la Company Mai lialilliij,
Officii, Golden, ii. c.
Kite (BcHbcn OJva
(Edited by E. A. HAQOBN.)
FRIDAY, MARCH 4,  1898.
It must be n matter of regret to
every true Liberal to see the way in
which the Dominion Ministry are do-
parting from Liberal principles in regard to their railway policy. In tho
Crow's Nest Road the Government
had a line opportunity of entering on
the new policy of Government ownership and control -of railways, instead
of giving away tho public property in
the shape of land, nnd tho public funds,
to subsidise a wealthy corporation and
make it more powerful and detrimental
to tbo public interest. For a long
time it has been evident that Canada
is governed neither by Conservatives
nor Grits but by the C. P. R. The recent fall in the C. P. R. stocks, and
tho opinions expressed by the English
and German press, show that they are
alive to the fact that this huge monopoly is cutting a rod for its own back.
The people can only he oppressed so
far and when Sir Willian Van Home
and his associates get their heels down
firmly enough the people will not only
kick but will demand that this monopoly
shall be wipe! out by special legislation in the interest of the country,
Canada is the only British colony
that does not own her railways and
tbe magnificent success of the Government railways in the Australian colonies is a complete answer to tho monopolist slander that the Government
cannot run railways. The Government can employ just as good officers
as tho C. P. R. and indeed the
Government can, and ought to, command the services of the best men in
the sta'.e. Switzerland has decided on
the referendum hy a vast majority to
buy up all the railways iu that counter}', and that the state shall run
them. The state railways of Germany are a remarkable example of the
success of state ownership of railways.
Hungary has the cheapest and most
successful railway system in the
world. All this goes to show what a
huge mistake our towu Government
are making in running railway monopolies as they are doing. They give
the money to build the railway, they
give away the public estate to subsidise it; they subsidise tbe railways
heavily after they are built by the
mail and other cash payments; they
provide huge salaries for officals, and
these salaries have to come out of the
pockets of the public. After they have
found the money, built the road, and
provided the bulk of the fundi for
running it, any reasonable man would
say that they should excerciss some
control over it but instead of the Government controlling the road the
road controls the Government,
For the above reasons
we oannot support the Stickine Railway job. It may not be such a glaring job as some of those perpetrated
bv the Tories In the past, but it is
Tory policy all the same, and one of
the worst features of the policy.   Here
Catarrh can be Cured.
Dr, Henry G. Carroll, M. P., Kamonraska,
Quo., is one of Fifty Members of Parliament Who Havo Successfully Used and
Endorsed Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powdor
Medical etiquette and conversation makes
members of tbo profession shy in bearing
testimony to tbo efficacy of a proprietary
medicine. Medicines that tho doctors do endorse you may bo sure are good. Dr. Henry
O. Carroll, M. P., of Kamonraska, Ouo., tolls
over bis own signature of the good qualities
of Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder, not alone
from personal use, but ns a medical man.
Upwards ot filly members of Parliament,
who havo Buttered from catarrh, h*vo used
this medicine with success.
Sold by C. A. Warren. 330
was a case clearly where the Government had every opportunity to put in
shape the policy of state ownership of
railways. An isolated railway, connected with no other system, opening
up mineral lands and with the reasons
of state policy behind it, offered a first
class oppertunity. The Government
could huve found the money as well as
McKenzie and Maun, and by procuring the services of the best men the road
could have been built just as speedily
as by the charter holders. Differential freights could have been put on
United States goods for the benefit of
Canada if neccessary as a retaliatory
measures. The mineral lands would
have been retained by the people. The
Dominion will regret this railway policy only once but that is for ever. The
sooner the Grits change their railway
policy the better both for the party and
the state,
Mr. Casey, MP., has brought into
tho Dominion Houso of Commons a
much needed measure iu the shape of
a bill to enable farmers and others to
cut drains across railway lines as in
the case ol the C. P. R. A strong
necessity for such a law exists no further than Goldon, where, by tho diversion of Hospital Creek, the C, P. R
did great damage to A. Campbell's
farm. So far he has been without
remedy, except that he has been a'
considerable expense in building dams
to keep the water off his farm. By
the aid of this bill he could defy the
C. P. R. and cut a channel across the
railway line so as to deviate the
stream to its natural channel and to
save his land. We hope as a matter
of justice the measure will pass, as
there are doubtless many that have
been placed in the same unjust position
as Mr. Campbell.
Tho Nanaimo Review thus puts it
very truthfully: "Perhaps no more
positive proof is needed of the oft
asserted fact that this province is governed in the interests of the money
class than cr.n be found by a peep into
tho public accounts. The Finuuce
Minister estimated last year that nn
income of $30,000 would be raised by
means of a tax on all incomes above
21,000 per annum, The amount actu
ally received from this source tens but
38037, The same financier predictod a
revenue of $45,000 from mining certificates, but managed to squeeze $166,-
000 from the poor miner. Verity, to
him that hath shall be given, but
from him that hath not shall be taken
even that which lie hath."
We are beginning to hear the truth
about the Yukon, Mr. Liveruash, who
is one of a deputation from Dawson
City to Ottawa says: ''If the simple
truth were brought home to many a
poor fellow now preparing for a trip
to Yukon, much suffering would be
���pared. The truth is that the output
and probable wealth of the Yukon are
vastly exaggerated. He reports that
every dollar thus far extracted from
tbe Klondike has cost one dollar. More
than one half of the men who went to
Klondike last year must be written
down failures. They are poorer than
when they went in."
A man who neglects Ills health is sailing
his craft of life in dangerous ueas. He
cannot too soon awaken to the fact that lie
is imperiling his most precious endowment. All the wealth in the world, all the
power in tbe world, all the pleasure In the
world, all the love and poetry and music
and nobility and beauty are but dust In the
mouth of the man who has lost his health.
Keeping healthy means looking after the
disorders that ninety-nine men in a hundred neglect. You cannot get the average,
every-day man to believe that indigestion
er biliousness, or costiveness or headache
or loss of sleep or appetite, or shakiness in
the morning aud dullness through the day
amount to much anyway. He will "pooh,
pooh" nt you, until some morning he
wakes up and finds himself sick abed.
Then he will send for a doctor and find out
to his surprise that all these disorders have
been but the danger signals of a big malady
that has robbed him of his health, possibly
foreves. It may be consumption or nervous prostration or malaria or rheumatism
or some blood or skin disease. It matters
not, they all have their inception in the
same neglected disorders. Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery makes the appetite keen, the digestion perfect, the liver
active, the blood pure, the nerves steady
and gives sound and refreshing sleep. It
is the great blood-utaker and flesh-builder.
It cures 98 per cent, of all cases of consumption. In fact bronchial, throat and
lung affections generally yield to it. Medicine stores sell It.
One or two at bedtime core constipation
���Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. They regulate and invigorate the stomach, liver and
bowels.    By all 'medicine dealers.
A correspondent writes us from tbe
States regarding the Golden Era
Air Line prospects: "The whole country is crazy and don't know which
way they are to turn to do something.
Take the current, now at flood, and
give it direction. The hardships depicted by returning emigrants, and
having lo conform to so much in the
way of provisions, &c, has caused
prospectors to cast about for a place
to prospect."
As showing the rottenness of the
Turner-Pooley finances the Government had an overdraft with the Bank
of British Columbia of (199,254 on
Feb. 10th.   They are going it.
The Toronto Telegram says- "The
Turner Government is famous as one
of the most incompetent and eorrupt
administrations that ever held power
in a Canadian province."
From the Catholic Record.
London, Ont., March 20, 1897.
We can speak from personal knowledge of tht good work done in this
city by the Dyke Cure for Intemperance, and the consulting physician,
Dr.A. McTaggart, guarantees that the
remedy will do all that is claimed for
it. In proof of this, he is willing
that we become the custodians of each
fee paid, until the end of the treatment,
when, in the event of its failure to
cure, we are authorized to return the
same to the party who sent it,
Many cases in this city have been
cured since August last, and only such
families can truly appreciate the great
happiness they notsysnjoy.
Tiios, Coffey,
Publisher Catholic Record.
The cost of the addition to the school
at Donald was $598.
On Sunday two C. P. R. trains
loaded with Klondikers passed through
tor the coast.
The Department of Agriculture have
issued a very useful Bulletin on fruit
growing and tree planting.
On Sunday a dog team came in from
Fort Steele with a party bound for the
Yukon. The party will go in from
The new and commodious building
at the Hog Ranch has been completed,
and Mr. Scully, the manager, has
moved into it.
It is rumored that North West Liberals are advocating the appointment
of Jos. Martin as Lieutenant Governor
of the Territories.
The demands for the C. P. R. railway traffic in the east are so great
that altogether 20 engineers have
been sent from the western division to
Mr. Griffith, Government Agent,
went as far as Canal Flat last week
and got hack 011 Monday. He has arranged to have the Golden-Fort Steele
road improved where it is cut up,
Thos. Earle, A. C. Flumorfelt and
D. R. Ker, of Victoria, aro applicants
to the Provincial Legislature for a
railway from Cranbrook to St. Mary's
and thence to Horse Thief and No. 2
Creeks neat Windermere.
We have roceived the first number
of tho Mineral City News, which will
take in the Cariboo country, ' which
Camp McKinnly has made famous.
Mineral City is the new townsite on
Arrow Lake. The issue is a very-
creditable one.
A few months age, Mr. Byron Every,
of Woodstock, Mish., was badly afflicted with rheumatism. Hisrightleg was
swollen the full length, causing him
great suffering. He was advised to try
Chamberlain's Pain Balm, The first
bottle of it helped him considerable
and the second bottle effected a cure.
For sale by all druggists. Langley &
Co., Wholesale Agents, Victoria and
Vancouver. 311ra4
Hon. Col. Baker humorously explained in the Legislature the other
day that the reason be did not send a
ship load of women into East Kootenay to make wives for the miners
was that since the Government had
opened up the roads the women bad
got in with out any assistance.
I have given Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy a fair test and consider it one
of tbo very best remedies for croup
that I have ever found. One dose has
always been sufficient, although I use
it freely. Any cold my ohildren contract yields very readily to this medicine. I can conscientiously recommend it for croup and colds inchildren.
���Geo. E. Wolfe, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Feruanilinn, Fin, Sold by
all druggists, Langley nnd Co.,
Wholesalo Agents, Victoria and Vancouver. 311m4
The Vancouver World says: "J. H.
Wardner, who with Capt. Armstrong
will operate a line of steamers on Teslin Lake this summer, came over from
Victoria this morning, having arrived
from Wrangel by the Thistle on Sunday nighl. He has just come from
Teslin Lake and says that the Stickine
route is not neatly bo rough as it is
pictured to be Miners who go into
that country ready for hardships will
get along all right." This confirms
the opinion of Capt. Armstrong's
friends here, that he had got to Stickine all right.
Brentford, April 2, 1897.
Dr. A. McTaggart, London: -
Dear Sir-We have much pleasure in
giving our testimony to the wonderfnl
effect of the Dyke Cure for one of our
citizens, who was a victim to the drink
habit, He had been addicted constantly for 16 y. itrs, nnd now he can
say truly he has not the least desire
for drink. Will gladly give any information to those desiring it.
(Signed)       Wm. Williman
City Missionary
Mrs. B. F. Brophey
President W.C.T.U.
London. Ont., April 6, 1897
At the request of Dr. McTaggart,
the Secretary of the London W.C.T.U.
and myself visited a number of his
patients who had previously been ad
dieted to the too free use of intoxicants, but who. through the taking of
the Dyke cure, were changed from
drinking into non-drinking men and
women, they freely admitting that
even the taste of strong drink has been
removed. Judging from our observations, we think that any alcoholic victim or sufferer would do well to givo
the above cure a trial.
J. K. Wright,
E. S. Cospord.
919 mr 17 Secretary.
The following is tho expenditure for
the year in this district: Trunk road,
Golden to Cnnal, Flat, 85,741; road between Donald and Goldon, $297; Buga
boo and North and Middle forks of
Spillimaohene, McMurdo and Copper
Creolts, Carbonate Landing e.nd Carbonate to Spillhiiiicheno, jl,033; Golden streets and bridges, $4,117, of
whioh $1,000 is still duo. In tho
Windermere division 81,810 was spent
on Dutch, Toby and HorsoThief trails,
and in the Donald division $1,049 on
the Wait-a-bit, Bald Mountain, Bea
vermouth and Canoe River trails. $38
was also expended on tho Donald
Mr. Ward L. Smith, of Frederick-
stown, Mo., was troubled with chronic
diarrhoea for over 30 years. He had
become fully satisfied that it was ouly
a quostion of a short time until he
would have to give up. He had been
treated by the best physicians in Europe and America but got 110 permanent
relief. One day he picked up a newspaper and chanced to read an advertisement of Chamberlain's Colic, Choi,
era and Diarrhoea Remedy. He got a
bottle of it, the first dose helped him
and its continued use cured him. For
sale by all druggists. Langley & Co.,
Wholesale Agents, Victoria and Van
couver. 311in4
Dr. Sutherland, formerly of Donald,
and who lately left for Yukon, writes
to a friend from Skagway: "Before
leaving Victoria we bonded our goods
through to Dawson City. On our
arrival here we are informed that we
will have to pay full duty on our
bonded goods (which will not bo refunded when we get out of disputed
territory), or else will have to pay a
customs official to accompany us out
disputed territory at the expense of
about $9 a day on tbe average, In the
first place, ther charged us from S3 to
$4 for clearance papers. Next, the
customs officers keep us waiting three
days before we can get hold of the
goods; meanwhile charging us for
keeping the goods." Dr. Sutherland
recommends a little more backbone in
our Canadian authorities, and says
"The sooner that Canada awakes to
the true state of affairs and closes
the ports of Dyea aud Skagway as
means of entry to our Northwest Territories, the bettor for herself and her
Stinging Hkln IM.cn.c.
Relieved by one application of Dr. Agnew's
Ointment in 10 minutes. It radically cures
tetter, aalt rhoum. eczema. No ease too long
standing to baffle it on a fair trial. Fer
babies' aeald head, common at teething time,
it la without a peer.   35 cents.
Sold by C.A.Warren. 388
Removed to
New Stoie
South-East of
Kicking Horse Bridge.
My Motto la
Good Quality,
Good Fitting and
Good Workmanship.
Business Cards.
Notary Public, Golden, B. C.
A post card addressed to me
at the post office, Golden, will
receive prompt attention.        29to
Builder and Contractor,
-   -   -   -   Golden, B. O.
A supply of Building Lime
For Sale.
Plan's prepared.   Prompt attention given to orders. 28te
Hon. F. W. AYLMER, C. E.
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Siib-Apont Dominion Govern rjont.
Agent Dominion To.vDsitc, Gulden.
Special attention to Mineral Claims.
301 Ofliee, Aloxanrier Dlock, Oolden.
Barrister, Solicitor &
-  -  -  Notary Public.
Office nt Upper Columbia Navigation
Co. Building, Golden. B. C.
Will bo in Golden on  Monday of each
week. 36to
Clarence Hersey,
Assayer and Chamist,
(Established 1879) LEADVILLE, COLORADO
Samples by mail or express receive
prompt attention.
Specimen Assay Prices:���Gold, silver and
lead, lit any two of the above, 75c; anyone
of tho above, 60e; copper analysis, $1: platinum, nickel or tin, ��5. Write for full price
list and mailing envelopes.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the undersigned or any member of the
PRICE-Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Acting Secretary.
The Imperial Life
Assurance Company
Of Canada.
CAPITAL   STOCK,   $1,000,000.
$250,000 Deposited with Dominion
Government    for  Security
of   Policy   Holders.
President���Hon, Sir Oliver Mowat.
Vice-President���Joseph W. Flavelle   Eaq.
Managing Direolor���F. G. Cox.
E. A. Haooen,
219 Agent, Golden, B. 0.
We Charge No Commission,      We Buy Right Out.
Full Fricea.  Correct Selection.
Ropes and Tagi Fmrniihid Free.
Hides, Pelts,Wool
Tallow,   Ginseng,   Seneca.
��� ������'���'������
Write for Circular giving Latest Market Prices,	
Immediate Remittances. No Uoinmlaslou Ohurgod*
Jas. McMillan & Co.   mc.   rwmSHBl mm. THE GOLDEN  ERA,  FRIDAY,  MARCH   I.  189S.
The Canadian Pacific Railway
la Loyal to Cctnudlau Interests.
Tbe people of British Columbia are
not easy to satisfy in the matter of the
efforts which government, railways,
press and people of Canada generally
should make in order to secure to the
British Columbia ports the Yukon
business, but the Canadian Pacific
Hallway's course seems to be highly
approved at least by the Victoria (B.C.)
'Times.' It says: The Canadian Pacific Railway Company has shown wonderful, yet characteristic, energy in
dealing with the Klondike question,
they have fairly flooded the United
Kingdom with literature in tbe highest degree beneficial to the interests of
Canada, yet indulging in no abuse or
misrepresentation of the Americans.
The ease for Canada has been put in
���uch a msnnorthatthousaiidswhowould
hare gone to Seattle, Tncoma Portland
and other American points have come to
Viotoria, Vancouver and other British
Columbia cities. The C.P.R. can take
passangers to Seattle quite as cheaply
at they can land them in Victoria or
Vancouver, but it is to the Company's
credit that all their efforts have been
to divert the travel of Canada. We
don't expect railway companies to be
influenced entirely by patriotism, but
the C. P R. have certainly in this
matter done all within their power to
tive Canada the benefit rf their influence without going out of the way to
hurt rival lines by false statements.
The Alaska Coinmerical Companv,
with all their experience in the Yukon
and thorough knowledge of the rules
and regulations governing the import
of goods to the Klondike, purchasing
their stores in Victoria is significant
testimony to the fact that the Canadian campaign has been conducted on
the proper lines and that it will be
completely successful.1'
Dragged From a Condi'
tion of Physical Wretchedness and Misery.
Paine's Celery Compound Was the
Mr. Barrand Says:
"Surely the Medicine  Which
has Done so Much for Me
Will Prove a Blessing
to Others."
Moat Desperate Cases of Rheumatism are Overcome by
Nature's Cure, Paine's
Celery Compound.
The Only Remedy for Pain-Racked
und Stiffened Limbs.
Home Dyeing Made Easy
a Child can Dye With
Diamond Dyes.
Diamond Dyes Color Anything Any
Dolor--Make Old Cl.aku, Uowna,
Scarfs, and Suits Look Like New-
How to Dross Well at Small Cost.
Diamond Dyes are a wonderful help
to economical dressing. These simple
home dyes will color anything any
color, and they make cloaks, stockings
dresses, feathers, laces, curtains, etc.,
look like new.
Many ol the Diamond Dyes are made
frjin specially prepared dyestuffs, nnd
in no other way can home dyeing be
done so simply and satisfactorily.
They come in all colors, and the
plain and explicit directions on the
package make it easv for the most in-
vxperienced to use them with success,
liven a child can dye a rich perfect
color, if Diamond Dyes are used.
Do not risk your material with dyes
that claim to color both cotton and
wool with the same dye, for it is impossible to get satisfactory results
with dyes of that character. In Diamond Dyes there are special dyes for
cotton and special dyes for wool and
they are all guaranteed to give satisfaction, if used according to directions.
Farther Particulars--Narrow Escape
"List of the Loaaoa.
In addition to the particulars already published, we learn from the Calgary Herald that Carey's hall, a building owned by Chus. Carey, the well
known and popular C. P. It. engineer,
was also destroyed.
A list of the losses is as follows:
S. Laurendeau, building Ac. $100; C.
Carey, building and contents $1,000;
C. Christenson, contents of Pullman,
19,000; Mrs. J. Keer, Pulinan hotel
building, 14,000; W. Henderson,
Waverley hotel building, $1,000; Geo.
Holmes, two buildings, $1,400; Mrs.
Birney and 0. D Galetelv, contents of
Waverley house, $250 apiece; J. Houston, damage by moving furniture; W.
Alexander, damage to  furniture, $100.
J. Erickson, of Field, had just arrived in town and gone to bed. He
escaped in his underclothes and fur
coat, and had to stay in bed until a
new pair of unmentionables could he
oftained. He lost a sum of money and
a $300 gold watch.
Subscribe for the Era
Heart Spasms
No onraa in tho human anatomr te-d��T
whose diseases ran he mora readilr detected tban those of the henrt-and medical
dlaoorerr has mado them amenable to
proper treatm-nt. If you havepalpltatloa
or fluttering;, shortness of breath, weak or
Irregular pnlie, swelling of feat or ankles,
pole, la the left lido, fainting spells, dropsies! tendency, ear of these Indlosto heart
disease. No mutter ot how long standing
Dr. Agnaw's Cura for tho Heart * 111 euro���
It'a a heart ar-ccitlc���acts qelokly-octs
surely���acta safely.
" I was given up to die br physicians
and friends. One close of Dr. Agnow a
Cure for ihe Heart gave mo ease, nnd
six bottles ollred my else of lutes.!
rears' atanrilnv." lira. J.U HELIAR,
Wlutewood, N.W.T. K
Quarantooa roliofln 80 jnlnutM.
Sold by U. A. Warren.
Wells & Richardson .Co.,
Dear Sirs:���Just a year ago I was
attacked by inflammatory rheuatism in
its most acute form, which totally incapacitated me from pursuing my
trade- thai of a tailor���or in fact from
doing work even of the very lightest
kind, a* every nerve in my body was
affected. I was in this distressing condition for more than seven months,
when I commenced to use Paine's Celery
Compound. I soon began to realize
the beneficial effects of tho medicine;
but my case was an obstinate one, and
required the persistent use of the Compound for some months before 1 was
able to move about, I am thankful to
say I am so far recovered that I have
commenced work again; and I am very
hopeful that by continuing the use of
the Compound a little longer I shall,
please God, be restored to my wonted
health and strength again. Surely tho
medicine that has done so much for me
will prove an equal blessing to others
similarly afflicted; and to such I say,
'���Give Paine;* Celery Compound a
trial." for what your medicine has
done for mo you have my most grateful thanks.
Yours truly
John Barrand,
337 Barrie, Ont,
Mews in Brief.
Archbishop Cleary died at Kingston,
Four persons were killed by a snow-
slide at Quebec.
B, N. A. and Bank of Commerce
will open branches at Dawson City.
The citizens of Victoria ask that the
United States citizens be shut out of
the Yukon.
Flavien Dupont, M. P. for Bagott,
was injured, it is feared fatally, by the
overturning of a car on the Grand
The big four story plant of the National Tobacco Works at St. Louis
caught fire. The total loss will be in
the neighborhood of $2,000,000.
W. S. Whiffen, nephew of Premier
Turner, was examining his revolver at
Vancouver when it went off unexpectedly, tbo bullet penetrating the brain.
Death was instantaneous.
At Youngstown, O., Angello Will
shot Martha Lawrence. Joseph Far-
undo, Mrs. Peter Farando and Daniel
Noute. Farmers armed with Winchesters and shot guns are searching
for Will.
German Catholics at Kingston, N.
Y., are up in arms over an address
made by Rev. F. Weber, that it was
the duty of every loyal Catholic to
take up arms for Spain against the
United States in case war is declared,
A succession of terrific earthquakes
have caused great destruction of property at Jamaica. There were numerous landslides, and the water pipes
were wrecked, and the entire population of the island were thrown into
great consternation.
Dr. Agnew's Care for tho Heart
Is a heaven-sent, boon to sufferers from heart
disease. No matter of how long standing it
will effect a radical cure. Don't postpono
treatment if you suspect heart weakness of
any sort. This great remedy has boon tested
and proved the quickest and safest of cures.
Relief in .'10 minutes in most acute oases.
Eminent physicians are using it in their
' illv practice.
Sold by C. A. Warren. 386
Information Department
Those desirous of obtaining information regarding the mineral sections of
East Kootenay and their resources,
will be furnished such information by
addressing their inquiries to the Editor
of the Era, free of charge.
Judicious advertising in the keystone of success. Advertise In the
Golden Era.
tive gentloinon or ladies to travel for
responsible, established house iu llritisll Columbia. Monthly $115.00 and expenses, Position steady. Reference, Enclose solf-addres-
sed stamped onvelope. Too Dominion Company, Dept. Y Chicago. 20lup23
��*������ ���
���  50c.
50c.   ���
These watches are solid 14-carat
gold, and our usual list price for
them here in England is ��f> ($2fi)
each, but to introduce ourenormons
Catalogue, we will seud you this
watch free if you take advantage of
our marvellous offer. If you want
one, write to us without dolay
With your letter send us 50 cents
International Money Order, for
which we will send yon a solid silver brooch, worth $1, und our offer.
After you receive the beautiful
watch, we shall expect you to show
it to your friends, and call their attention to this advertisement. The
watch is sent free by registered post
on your complying with our advertisement and our offer, and is warranted for five years.    Address:���
Watchmakers' Alliance &
Ernest Goode's Stores, Ltd.,
184 Oxford St., London. England.
Money returned if not more than
15 Princess Street, Birmingham,
'I thank you very much for the
beautiful watch you sent me freo of
charge. I have tested it for nine
months and it never varies one
hnlf-a-minute from one week's end
to another."���E, Wilks.
"To give away a Gold Watch
worth 25 dols. is certainly a splendid advertisement, but as the
Watchmaker's Alliance is the largest firm of Watchmakers in England, they can afford it/'-Eon'ORX.
Be sure and address your letter, 184
4     Oxford Street, London, England.      f.
��� ��
�����>������ ����������
Wholesale anil Retail
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Livery and Feed Stables
Good Saddle Horses and
Rigs of all kinds for
Hire at Reasonable Rates.
Teaming of all kinds a specialty.
+ x + x +
A. C. Hamilton,
GOLDEN, B. C. laltc
The McMurdo House,
cardonate landing,
east kootenay,
Chas. Cartwrioht, Proprietor.
Good accommodation for Miners.
Best Brands of Liquors Kept,
Saddle or Pack Horses for Sale or Hire
Golden Era,
Published Every
Friday Evening.
Subscription, $2 per Annum,
Payable in Advance,
. Paper.
The Business Man,
The Politician.
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The Miner,
The Rancher,
The Lumberman.
Wear Kidduck...
A leather with a conscience Permits your
feet to throw off perspiration. Tougher than
calfskin, flexible as a glove. 'Waterproof anrj
porous as a duck's feathers. Can be had only
in the $430 and $530 grades of the Goodyear
Slater Shoe.
H. G. Parson, Sole Local Agent.     242
a cert.
^EKWe aro Manufacturers and Direct Importer.?, and carry a Lur^e Stock of Bnliiuces,
Clny Goods, Scientific and
Practical Hooks. Gluss*
ware. .Vliti inuiu Goods,
Acids, ChemioylH, and nil
o!her Assa.vors' and Millers' requirement'*'!.
Sole Agents fur Morjrtin
Crucible Company, Baltfr-
sph; Becker's Son's  Balances; Brunlon & Pearae's Pocket Mine-Transit, etc.
Vancouver, St.*.'.
P. O. Box 1156. Telegraphic Address!   "ASSAY,'
The annual meeting of the sharoholilera of
the Upper Columbia Navigafion and Tramway Company, Ltd., will lie held at tho Company's' office in Golden, U. 0., on Monday,
the seventh day of March, A.D. 18!)7, at
two o'clock in the afternoon, for the election
of Directors, and for the ordering of tho affair, of the Company generally.
By order uf tho Board,
Golden, B. C, Feb. 15th, 1898. :il!Cin4
Hon. F. W. Aylmor President
W. O. Mitchefl-Innes Vice     do
W. G. Neilson, J. P  do       do
K. Johnson  do      do
E. A. Haggen Secretary-Treasurer
Tho regular meetings of tho association
will be held on the first Tuesday in every
mouth at the Columbia House, Goldon.
All possible information will be furnished
by the association upon application to
E. A. Haooen, Sec, Golden.
To purchase for a Now York client a free
gold prospect worth $10,000 to 815,000.
Apply        E. A. HAOQBN,
334m II Golden.
For Rent.
Ten (10) acres of a vegetable garden to
rent on shares. Team, seed nnd tools furnished.   For further particulars apply lo
J..W. Conner,
3!!3ml7 Golden, B. 0.
Rubber Stamps
Orders for Rubber Stamps and Seals will
s received at the Golden Era Office aud
exocuted with promptitude.
Tho Golden Era Company,
Limited Liability.
Advertise Your District
To do so, send your orders for us
to print your memoranda with a
locality map of East Kootenay
nnd tho various looations on Ihe
back of each form!
The Golden Era Company
Limited Liability
General Printers and Publisher?,
Golden, B. C.
Medicine Hat
London, Ont.
Canal Flat
Fort Steelo
New Denver
-*-J-g a c ��� *���}���>���
One of tiie most vigorously conducted and widely circulated papers
published in British Columbia.
A Tip-Top Medium for Advertisers.
Rates on application to the proprietors.
The Golden Era Co.,
Limited Liability,
Golden,   -  B. C.
Pacific Hy
Write for pamphlet descriptive of the routes to the
Yukon Country, Sailing1
Dates, Kates, etc.
giw nouse
FC :���'(  STEELE.
OPPOSITE THE   gj'S��-^!��     ���;"���(''"."'���'~:
Prices to Suit Everybody.
C. LEVETT, Prop.
iKfeWW*'-?"^*' 9 f RVSS r*'V rrw!...i an 2??rtmajn<smaaRs��mwti^r<^aTIFl^9anR��tR -yy
"The Province" Map of
THE   K I iO N 1W K !:~'
Absolutely Free
To Now Subscribers to "The Province."
'���The Provinoo" claims lliat it lias the largest circulation west of Win.
nipeg, and that claim Ima never been questioned or challenged. It is now
determined if money nnd energy etui do it, to incroiisp hs circulation until it
attain this object the directors have arranged with The Province Publishing
Company, Limited Liability, for ilie supply of
One Hundred Thousand Copies i,"/,,',^ Map of the Klondyke
To every NKW suscrlber who sonds $1.00 to "Thn Province." Victoria or
Vancouver, Canada's only high class weekly, '���Tiie Province/' will send for
one year from tho date tho subscription is received lo any address in On: da
or Ihe Uniiod States (United Kingdom i-1.00 extra), to^i ther with o:.e copy of
the above map. The map has never been sold for less than liiy Cents or
"The Province" for less thivn a Dollar, Bv taking advantage of ih:s titipie-
cedented offer, which is oniy possible in the cise ot Ni w Sib'.iilirs w] o
enclose their money with their order, they get the two for the piice of one.
This offer will be withdrawn us soon as the special edition of or.o hundrtd
thousand codpies is exhausted, It is the, most generous offer e\er u.ade ly
any newspaper in any part of the world to obtain new siibfcriliers. Evuy
subscription bookod under this arrangement means a direct Ics to tho publishers, cut a largo circulation menus more advertising at lienor rates, and in
this way "Tho Province" hopes to in ike good tho deficit, Send $1.1:0 to "The
Province" by return mail and get a copy of this beautiful accurate map and
"The Province" for u your.
The PROVINCE PUB. Co., Ltd. Lty���      Victoria and Vancouver.
Tf Yon aro Wanting a
The Great Pain Reliever!    Wh>'x,>,: Hu>'the Best?
Bailing*  for   February  and
Danube Feb. 22
Cottago City Fob. 21
Victorian Feb. 27
Queen ,,Feb. 28
Islander  Mar.    1
Thistle Mar.    3
Danube Mar.   8
Islander Mar. 15
All Agents can ticket
through, which will include
meals and berths.
Apply to tho nearest Canadian Pacific Railway Agent, or address
Traffio Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
0. E. WELLS,
���Site Ticket Agent, Golden
Superior to All Others.
It  relieves  the pains and aches the
minute applied.    It Cures:���
Stiff Joints,
Muscular Swellings,
Sore Back or Side,
Scalds, Burn?,
Ohillblains, etc.,
Sore Throat,
Sore Chest,
Oold on the Chest,
Coughs, Colds, etc.,
Can be used internally as  well as externally.    Hundreds testify to itii
Magical  relief.    No home should
be without it.
The MUNSON possesses
many points of superiority
over all oilier writing machines. The most durable
typewriter manufactured.
Address for particulars,
The Munson Typewriter
,. ,, ,      ,, ,   , ������   , ,,,    I   Mamifivitiirers, IMO-O-U \v. Lake Street,
Sold by-fU! dealers.   25ct��. 91tc| Chicago, 111. r>i" THE  GULDEN  ERA,   FRIDAY,   MAKCH  -i,   189S.
* Cigars given away at Starforth &
H Helgeson will be the Opposition
candidate for Cariboo.
H. T. Brown, of Spokane, han gone
to CrauLrjok, to st.n*t a newspaper.
* Von cannot pot better tea than
$&l&da. II. 0 Parson is agent in
Service will be held at th? Presbyterian Church, Golden, on Sunday at
7.30 p.m.
* Read 0. D, McDermot's new advertisement relating 'o tbe bargains be is
ofFering nnd extensive importations of
new \fO\ da.
Premier Lanrier has promised 'lie
Ed nonton people that the Dominion
G ivpvmrtont will take steps io open a
road from there to the Yukon,
O. E. Smith will hold service in
connection with the Methodist chmcli
on Sunday next ns follows; Donald
11 a. in.  and Golden T.iJO p.m.
* All kind*! of fruit and ornamental
treet for sale, cheap and warranted.
Call at my place, Golden, B. C, John
McMillan. 840ap4
Mr McSweeney, manager Hull Bros,
Golden business, has obtained a sausage making ranch trie mul will make
tbe genuine article on the spot in
Th�� Upper Columbia Navigation
Company ere giving the H\'ak a
thorough overhaul and gening her in
readiness for the re-opening of Navigation.
* Aro von troubled with indigestion?
Chew Somftrvjll'ri Pepsin Gum! Star-
forth ft Bligh, egenls.
H. L. Brown, engineer to the Upper
Columbia Navigation Company, lias
resolved riot to go to ihe Yukon after
all an*. b'R returned fo Goldari to rejoin the Navigation Company.
Tbe C P. H. have launched a large
trtWBler barge at Nelson, B. C. It will
accommodate In rial's mvl will be used
between Xel��on and K'.skonook in
connection with the Crow's Nest Pass
* After t-ikin<_- stock - H. G. Par��on
is dfferirtB if fat inducements to clear
ont many lines in order to make room
for new spring goods.
There will t^ no service in St. Paul's
church. Golden, on Sunday. March
flth. The Bishop of New Wrstminster
propose to hold an ordination nt
Revels'oke on that day, when Revs.
C. F- Yates, of Kaslo. and JT. B. Turner aro to be ordained to the priesthood.
On Tuesday niarlit there wns con-
sldernbtfl excitement in town over the
Ontnrtb elections, The proprietor^ of
the Kootenay House. Messrs. IJIIork it
Barry, bad arranged to have the results pnst'yl in detail at their hotel,
Where many townsfolk scrutinized the
Owing to tbo combina'ion going
wrong (}. B. McJ>rmot, had to get two
blacksmiths in to open his safe, and
the &6<ii- bad to be sept to Toronto for
repair. Meantime Mr. McDerrndt requests ns to stale that he will he unable to retain cash on band for cashing
checks till his safe is  again put right.
The Nelson Tribune says: "Hon.
Messrs. Turner and Poolfly's fHow of
temper in the House last week, provoke 1 by Mr. Cotton's remarks, does
not by any means commend those honorable gentlemen favorably to the electorate, who would hove preferred to
have reen them meet the 6barges in a
more manly way.
Tho meeting of citizens on Tuesday
night, resolved to urge, on the Fire
Wardens that Advantage should be
taken of the grant of 8200 passed last
session for fire protection in Golden.
Messrs. Greene, Dainard and Haggen
were appointed a committee to wait on
the wardens on the matter. They interviewed Mr. "Warren ns one of the
wardens nnd ho promised to call a
meeting of the wardens to consider tho
Dr. Borden. Minist<\* of Militia and
Defonco, informed Mr. BaiUie, of *he
Prospector, that he had been in coni-
inunicaMon with people in tli6 interior
of the Province respecting the. formation of a battalion of infantry in
which companies would be established,
One each nt Kntnloops, Hevelstoke
RrissUnd, Nelson and Fort Steele, and
possibly nt other places. The suggestion was made Ily Mr. Bostock that nt
Fort Steele, where considerable ranching was carried on, a company of
mounted infantry might ho formed of
recti its owning and maintaining their
own horses. The Minister was much
interested and greatly favored with
the idea.
Mr, D.irick.in an interview with the
Toronto Globe, contended -Thnt Fort
Steele is hound to be tho great smelting centre of Kast Kootenay." Mr.
Durick flays ''Fort S'eeln Is bound to
surpass Rossland as a centro of population and -business, and he is now
purchasing supplies to meet the coming demands. His purchases id Toronto include general drygoods, groceries, boots and shoes, prospectors' outfits, etc. He Is one of n number who
have come east from the Kootonay to
buy. and lie Is of the opinion that the
completion of the Crow's Nest Railway means a tremendous amount of
general trndlng business for eastern
-Canada. Tlm goods ho is taking back
#vill occupy several ears."
��� This year's crop of nuts just arrived at the Golden Fruit Store.
In the Dominion Parliament Mr.
Bostock introduced a bill respecting
tbe Columbia it Western Railway Co.
It was read a first time.
* Do you want a new Sewing Ma-
Bhine this Bpring? If so, buy a Singer
from H G. Parson.    Easy terms.
In the Provincial Legislature Cotton'* mortage tux resolution was defeated on Monday, Mtttter'sam'endihent
being adopted Upon a straight party
vote of lfi to \2.
A Vancouver telegram says: Tbe
steiimer Joan arrived from Wrangel
Tuesday afternoon, narrowly escaping
destruction in a terrific storm. Dyea.
Skagiiay and Wrangel are terribly
overcrowded. Death camps on the
trails and chaos reigns in  tbe   towns.
* Choice   variety   of   Cigars     and |
Cigarettes  just   opened at Starforth A
A correspondent writes from Wratt*
get; "N" one is going over the trail.
It rook four men and 10 degs 15 days
to make In miles. The road is clear
for 15 miles, hut then tbe cold wind
cannot be faced by man or beast. Tbe
snow is If) feet deep on tho ice. By
this means 1,000 miners are blocked at
Stlkiue river. People coming in Ero-cn
Skagway and Dyea declare that death
is king and chaos reigns."
The Western Mining World says: ���
"So far as this publication  is concern-
; ed it does not favor anv route to the
Klondike. When it conies to a choice
of routes over which   American   bene
.arid sinew, slightly embellished with
bruins, shall desert the splendid mining fields of this country for the over-
boomed, God forsaken regions   of   the
j north   one  route is as gdod as another
��� - Especially if it costs more."
Mr. Field has   decided   on   starting
btislneo    as   chemist   aud   druggist
in     Golden,    in     premises      to     be
built for hiiri by Mrs. Lang   adjoining
j Hie Gold lis  Era   riffice.   Mr.   Field
comes from Milton; Out., nnd has had
, considerable dispensing  experience   in
i the city of Toronto as well as in   that
: town.     We wish Mr.   Fiobt success in
: 'tiis   venture.    He   comes   with   high
recommendations, including one   from
(the Dmii of the Toronto Pharmaceu'.i-
! cal college.
The International gives tiie following particulars of it fatal accident on
it he Crow's Nest Road: A French
; Canadian was at work alone in a stone
cut. Those at work near the place
heard the explosion and rushed to the
cut. They found the victim blown
about ;V) feet from the fire where he
had been inawing the dynamite, Both
Ins legs were shattered and he was injured internally, yet he was conscious,
and remained so up to the time of his
death, an half hour later.
At the Columbia House on Tuesday
night a meeting convened by the Town
Committee was held to consider the
river question. Mr. Dainard was voted
to the chair. It was resolved to write
to the Dominion Minister of Public
Works and ask for a vote of 30,000 towards dredging the Kickingborse
channel, and to ask Mr. Bostock, M.
P., to support the proposal. It was
also resolved to write to Hon. Col.
Baker, M. P. P.. to endeavor to get a
grant of 35,000 to complete the dyking
work. Messrs. Greene, Dainard and
Haggen were appointed a committee to
give effect to the resolutions.
The Prospector says that at a point
where the Crow's Nest line crosses
j the main range of the Rocky Monn-
ains, two tunnels, one 700 and the
other 200 feet in length, have been
under construction for some months,
and aro now in for a distance of nearly 100 feet. I* was thought when the
tunnels where first started that hard,
solid formation would be found, but
after running in 100 feet there is no
change, the slaty structure constantly
falling, rendering the tunnels unsafe
for workmen. It has been decided
to abandon work on the tunnel and
run a loop around that portion of tho
mountain, which will lengthen the
line nearly five miles.
A woman's headaches may come
from several causes. She may have a
headache arising from nervousness, or
from digestive disturbances, Nine
cas s in 10, her headaches como from
disorders peculiar to her sex. It may
show itself in the symptoms which are
eharactoristis of a dozen disorders.
Thousands of times, women have been
treated Tor tho wrong disorders. Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription was
compounded for the sole purpose of relieving womankind of these ills and
pains. Thousands of women have
testified that nfter taking treatment
From several physienns without benefit, the "Favorite Prescription" cured
them completely and quickly. It has
been used for over U0 years, and has
an unbroken record of success.
The woman who hesitates is invited
to send 31 ono-cent stamps to covor
only tho cost of mailing a copy of
Doctor Pierce's Common Sense Medical
Adviser, which contains plain, clear
information about Ft] 1 of the organs of
the human hodv and thoir functions.
School Report.
Kennedy   At    Don ���rlns     Compct It ten-
Other '"nun's and Nott't*.
On Friday evening last the Golden
rtnks commenced the competition for
a. handsome curler's vest, presented by
Kennedy and Douglas, of Toronto,
when Rae defeated Henderson 10 to ',).
McNeish defaulted to Houston on
Saturday night. On Monday Rae won
from Warren by 14 to 12, and Houston
defeated Parson's navigable rink by 10
to 5. On Tuesday night Houston and
Rae played the final, when the latter
won by lB to 7. The ownership of the
vest now lies between Brown and
Brock of Rae's rink.
On Wednesday afternoon Alexander
defeated Dainard 13 to 5 in the Calgary Brewing & Malting Company's
18 shot game competition, thus winning the line! in class B. The final in
class A stands between Warren and
At the Edmonton bonspiel Kinnisten. of Calgary, won both the Grand
Challenge and tbe Merchant's trophy.
Premiers unit Promoters Agnln.
Victoria, Feb. 24.-There was r
stormy debate in the House, today Up
on the resolution affecting the Connection of Cabinet ministers with tbe
directorates of mining companies. Mr.
Sword's resolution, regretting the action o( the Hon. Messrs. Turner and
Pooley, was ruled out of order by the
Speaker. An appeal wus thked to the
House, and the Chair was sustained
by a strict party vote.
An abstract resolution moved hy Mr.
Kennedy, upon tbe same subject, was
given the six months' hoist, upon practically the same vote. There was a
warm debate. Mr, Cotton was called
to order four times by the speaker,
and was finally ordered to tnke his
seat, the Speaker declaring that he
was travelling outside of the amendment moving the six months' hoist.
The following is the report of the
Golden school for February, the pupils
inenrioned having the highest standing in their respective classes: Sr. oth,
1 Annie Kenny, 2 Laura Kenny; jr.
5th, 1 Walter Houston, 2 Gertie G.
Fields; Fourth, 1 Mary Conner, 2
Malie Anderson; sr. 3rd, 1 Maggie Archer, 2 Emily Kennv, 3 Willie Houston; jr. 3rd, 1 Lottie Woodley, 2 Arthur Jay'nes, 3 Lyla Love; Second, 1
Minnie Sutherland, 2 Be.*t Hanna, 3
Blanche Love; II. Primer, 1 Kntie
Pughe. 2 Percy Lake. 3 Katie Kenny
I, Primer, I Roy Hanna, 2 Kova
Nicholson, 3 Allan Hanna. Average
attendance, 37.
Spain is hurriedly getting her navy
into fighting trim, and a torpedo flotilla will set, sail for Havana this
Mrs Geo. Davidson, aged 28 years,
left her home at St. Joseph. Mich.,
clad in a night dress, with her two
weeks' old baby In her arms, and
jumped into ihe river.    Both drowned.
Oolden Market!.
Wheat $1.00 to
Oats   0.H0 to
Barley   0.25 to
Beer (live)   3 00 to
Beef (dressed)    4.50 to
Pork  (live)    4 GO to
Pork (dressed)   6.00 to
Mutton   kOO to
Butler   0.25 to
Eggs   0.25 to
Hay (baled) 17.00 to
Hay (loose) 14.00 to
Potatoes   0.75 to
E. A. Haggen,
.Votary Public and Conveyancer,
Mining. Heal Estate and
Financial Agent .   .   . *
Purchasers Obtained for Prospects and Developed Claims.
....  Golden, B. C.
Fop Sale
0 30
14 00
News in Briof
Six persons killeJ and 20 injured in
railway accident at Chicago.
Bodies found in While Pass of live
men who died from exposure.
Caverhill, Hughes & Co., wholesale
giocers of Montreal, have failed.
Unsuccessful attempt made to assassinate Kin"; George o( Greece.
Child named Saunders bui'iied to
death al Toronto hy clothes catching
The British steamer Legislator has
been burned at sea. Six lives were
It has been decided to increase the
strength of the British army by 2f),0C0
British steamer Cliveden collided
with and sank foreign sb.ii> Agostirlo
Representative Gibson has introduced a bill to appropriate S2O,C0ti,0OO
for warships.
Tho United States Government has
decide I to abandon the proposed relief
expendition to Alaska.
Edmonton Town Council and Board
of Trade resolved to explore and blaze
a road to tho Pelly river.
The result of the prorincal elections
throughout Ontario is that the Hardy
Government is sustained by a email
Jfrs. Lavina Kendriok, aged 72, of
North Head, N. B., committed for
trial for murder of infant of her adopted daughter.
The British colonial office upholds
Canada's right to hoist the British
flag at Summit Lake, in the disputed
Yukon Territory.
No new developments in connection
with tho Maine disaster. Now generally admitted that occurrence was
purely accidental,
Nine lives were lost in a fearful fire
which rafred for a short time in Char
leston, S. C. The heart-rending
screams of several dying women were
It's not the man who advertises once
or twice, BUT the man who advertises
ALL of the time; he's the man that
A Dyspeptic?
R-ANBDWfF -ftOWif.
Braftctated��� weary���ffloomy. No one enn
Rflflqufttely defciibf tho abject miser; ot
tilt.- roffcrer troth itysp-psin and Indigestion. South American Nervine Is Hie
greatest discovery In medical science
for tiie cure of nil chronic stomfieh
troubles. It nets directly through the
nerves���the seat ot ��!1 disease. Thousands testify of cures made. Itellef from
the first dose.
"I wus a stent sufferer from
Stomach nud nerve troubles; Trterl n
scoit of remedies. NO relief. Hnlf a
hott!" of Smith American Nervine
Worked wonders. Six bottles made a
new mnn of me "-W. H. Sherman,
Morrlsburji. Out.
,     Don1- okpbWmont with   now am
> douLtrul r.iodlcinoo-Tako tho trloti
> and tootad,
Hold by C. A. Warren.
6. F. Peterson,
Tinsmith & Plumber,
South End of Kickinghorsu Bridge,
Ordered work punctually attended to.   .115st
FAVORITE Mineral Claim, situate in tho
Goldon Mining Division of North East Kootenay, located in International Ihisin, on
Middle Fork of SpilHtnaehene K'iver.
Take notice that T. Manuel I>,.itmr<t, Freo
Miners Certiiieato No. 86030; intend, sixty
daya from the dat<> hereof, to apply to the
Gold Commissioner for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Ur'snt of the above claim.
And farther uke notice that adverse claims
must bo sent to 1 ho Gold Commissioner, and
actions  commenced   boforo tho issuance of
such CertiHcato of Improvements.
Dated this third day of March, A.D. 1898.
BoOittyi M. Da in aud.
Stable to Rent
Opposite tho Queen's Hotel.   Inquire at
Ouoon's Hotel for terms.  Ask lor proprietor.
* ioa-tf
tivo gentlemen or ladies to travel for
responsible, established house in British Col
unibia. Monthly td&.OO and expenses. Position steady. Reference. Enclose self addressed stamped envelope. Tno Dominion Coin-
pany, Dept- Y Chicago. 20Jap23
; THIRTY-SEVENTH YEAR.   ���  ���  *f
Twenty Pages; Weeklyjlllustrated.
320 Market St.,   8an Francisco, Cal.
K&K   K&K   K&K   Kd
I The lulling Specialists tf Amrlca I
20 Years la Detroit.
250,000 Caret!.
_ Thousands of young and middle-aged I
1 men are troubled with this disease���many I
I unconsciously. They may havo a smart-1
1 inf sensation, small, twisting stream, f
I sharp cuttmfj* pains at times, slight die-1
I charge, difficulty in commencing, weak I
I organs, emissions, and all the symptoms I
I of nervous debility���they have 8TKIC-1
I TURK. Don't let dootors experiment on I
| yon, by Cutting, stretching, or tearing I
I yon. This will not enre yon, as it will re-1
I MENT absorbs tho etricturo tissue; I
I henooremoveathostrietnrn permanently. I
I It can never return. No pain, no Suffer* I
I leg, no detention from hufinois by onr I
I method- These-xu^lorgftn^arestrnngth-1
I ened. The nerves are invigorated, and I
I ihe bliss of manhood returns. f
I' Thousands of young and middle-aged I
1 men are having their sexual vigor and I
I vitality continually sapped hy this dis-1
I ease. They are frequently uneonsolons I
I '���fthecauseofthesesyrnptnms. Oeneral I
I Weakness, Unnatural IHr-cli'irges, Fait-1
] ing Manhood, Nervourmepn, Poor Mem-1
I ory. Irritability, at time* Hmarting Ben-1
I salfon, Sunken Eye-*, with dark circles, I
I Weak Back, General Depression, Lack I
I of   Ambition.   Varicocele.   Bhmnfcen I
Parts, etc. GLEET and BTRICTITKB I
I may bo the cause.   Don't consult family I
doctors* as they have no experience In I
I these- special diseases���don't allow I
I Quacks to experiment on yon. Consult I
I Specialists,whshftvomadealifostadyof I
����*���� w��ra
1 Uvely cure you. One thousand dollars I
I for a case we aooept for treatment and I
1 cannotouro, Terms moderate for a cure. 1
1   Wa treat ond oorei  EMISSIONS, [
BS.KIHNIiYan.llltADIIKllJllifnmi. .
I  Consultation i'kkb.  books I
I FHUB,    If uimbls lo call, write for I
?����ljANK JM H0ME'
1 DR8. ,
Kennedy* Kergan
1 Cor. Michigan Ave. and Shelby St. 1
Group of two claims of ^old-bearing quartz
in l>"*t mineral district of Emit Kootenay.
Assays up to ��700 in gold. 1*6,17
l*Scer lease. 15
Group of two gold claims. One of the best
propositions (,n the market, and can be
cheaply developed. Assays gave about 9800
per ton. n
Interest in gold property in exchange for
development work.
Group of 10 claims, developed, No better
property in Hritish Columbia. 1*��
Well developed claim. Most promising
discovery in tho Selkirk*. Assays up to $(8. I
Group of seven claims in quartz country.
Good average assays. 18
Group of lour full sized claims. Copper
ore carrying gold. 3
One of best copper properties in East Kootenay. Smelter test -M per cent copper, besides gold. 8
Claim in one of best locations in Selkirks.
Cheaply worked. Assays 1116 in gold, silver
and copper. 9
Choice gold property, partly froemilling.
Assays up to &'n0.   Development work      lii
Two claims in good location. Quartz carrying geld and copper. 20
Clhim adjoining known gold property.   21
Four claims in Yukon, near Dawson City,
ground running up to $1b per pan. 5
'llireo claims near Columbia Itiver. Big
ledge, geld and copper. 7
Three claims, developed, assays 828 in
gold, best location in iSolkirks. 26
Gold quartz claims, assays SiJ3. 27
Gold quartz claim, developed, good lead,
assays to 528. 26
Two quartz claims in convenient position
pan gold. 30
Five claims, copper and gold, value 830 a
ton. 31
Three quartz claims, no cash, working proposition, 32
Tlireo claims in proved country. 33
One-third imnsFessiblo interest iu developed
group of claims near Golden; 39
Silver lead mine. One of the largest in the
world. 00,000 tons ot ore blocked out ready
to shld. Location convenient to railway.
Price, 3000,000. 40
Group of three claims in Movio district.
Free milling gold averaging $21 per ton.
Considerable development, 41
Group of two claims at Moyie. Free milling gold,   llig proposition, 42
Claim at Moyie. Copper and gold. Developed.   Good prospect. 48
Three claims of 20 acrea each on Forty
Mile Crock, near Klondike. Exteusivo development. Shafts, tunnel, shacks, blacksmith'--, shop and toolB. Wash averages |5B
per square foot. 5
Two placer claims on celebrated Hunter
Creek. Sluicing will realize $50 per man
per day.  Title perfect, ; 5,36
Placer claim on Miller Creek. Primitive
work last season cleared "511,000 per man over
expenses. 37
Claim on El Dorado Creek, one of tho banner properties of the Klondike. Dirt from
No. 2 shaft averaged $5.5) per pan. Well improved.   Title clear    Price, SHpO.OOO.       38
Treasury stock in the Victoria-Texada
Gold Mining Company. This stock in offered nt the par value ot 25 cents. Five of
the mines on Tcxada Island have been working for the paHt 10 months and this company
considers it owns the best proposition on the
island. Prospectus may he seen and full particulars obtained on application at my office.
30.CO0 31 shares of treasury stock in one of
tho best properties at Kairview at 30 cents
per share.
1,000 shares in Cariboo mine, Camp Mc-
Kinney, a steady dividend payer.
Shares in Le Roi, Reco, Slocan Star, Ram-
hler-Cariboo, Last Chance, Idaho. All good
dividend payers.
Farm of 160 acres near Golden; 30 acres in
cultivation; well wateral. Outbuildings con
sist of hay shed, poultry yards, root house,
milk house and stables. 4
Farm of 260 acres, Windermere district.
Land fenced and under cultivation. House
and stable.   Rare bargain. 2
Farm of 150 acres, one of the best and most
highly improved to begotinEastKootenay.l
Farm ot .'120 acres at Windermere. 35 acrri
under cultivation. House and stable, fencing, irrigation.   Cheap. 5
Farm of 400 acres at Windermere. 100
acres under cultivation. House, stables,
granary, rootliouses, fencing and irrigation.
Stock and implements. 6
Farm of 400 acres. 35 acres under eulliva*
Hon. AH fenced. Stocked with cattle and
horses. Terms maybe arranged. This is
one of the best farms in the Windermere
Golden town lots.
House with fonr town lots in town of Golden
for sale.
Patent* for a Railway Coupler and a Rope
To Let
WANTED-To borrow for i eltont, 11,000
on good security.
Tor partlcnlari of ���bovt apply t*
Ooldm Era (Mc*.
���   ���   ��   ���
GOLDEN ��� ��� ��� ���
office ...
NEW Additions havo been made to our plant
and appliances.
Onr prices are right.
We shall endeavor to please yon.
We ii. .\ o the best of workmanship.
Support local industry.
Givo us a trial.
K&K  K&K   K&K   K&
...WE  PRINT...
BILLS of LADING,    ���
Send oa yonr orders.
That is what we are here for.
The Golden Era Company
Limited Liability.
managing Director.
Address: Golden, B. C.
Golden Sash & Door Factory & Machine Shop.
Mimiifiidiiri.ru ol Snali, Doom, Mouldings, Turned ond Sawn Balusten,
Nnwol Posts, I l.'iml Uniln mid Urnrkets.   All sizes of glass In stock.
TlinMiicliiiii. iiinl lllm-liiiiiiili Shop nro propnri.il to do nil kind of repair
ns noon nB possible,   AII slaw of Pipe Fitting nnd Mrnns goods on hand.
Wngim repair, Poles, Miut'ts, Axles, Spokos and Felloes, Hickory and
Maple Plauk,


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