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The Golden Era Jul 28, 1894

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'ft/A,  li-
VJL. III.   NO 52.
$2 Per Year
Dry Goods, Groceries,  Boots and Shoes,
Hardware, Etc.
California Giant Powder Company,
of which ii full stock is constantly on hand,
Subscriptions taken for all Canadian, American, British or
Foreign Newspapers and Periodicals.
Golden. B.C.
Golden,     -     -     B.C.
Has lieen newly built and newly furnished.
Heated throughout with hot air. The
table is first c.'ass. The bar is stocked
with choice Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
(Incorporated 1(170.)
Etc. Etc.
Prices quoted and samples suprlied on
OUR TOWM. protect ion of   tho  river   banks on the
Golden, nn the innin line of lhe Cunndiiin Kicking Horse river, the local govern-
nicihc Iw.iliv'iy. ,it ns  fiiiint'ctinn   with tlio
steamboat navigation of the Coltinibiii river 11 ment contributing an equal   amount.
&!?�� t T-V '��*ve -*'s�� ���4�� �� aPPropriution
en Smelting works,  tho  Upper  Columbia 1 of $n,0(J0 for river  improvements be-
2ajr8? .ii"- widely11" kunj:!""a,! t! '��������-�� c������ ^ ������� ** ��-���*
MffJriM A ^ brick- vi,iu,*d�� *mo' ���
for scenery of nil kinds;  the distributing I brought down on tbo Hyak lust Sun-
rouloilt.      i0l'e't'''1''6"'1 tuu"tr5'0" ""* day from the E.K E. Co.'s property at
Wild Horse. This is the lirst goM
brick ever produced in East Kootenay.
It was forwarded to the Bank of British Columbia, Victoria, B.C.
Col. Raymond, professional gambler,
was arrested here Tuesday night. He
ciime here from Calgury on Monday,
where he is wanted for stealing a sido-
boiird and silver water pitcher from
George Murdoch, auctioneer. Sergt.
Brooks. N.W.M.P.. arrived from Banff
Wednesdity morning uud tuok the
prisoner east ou No, 2.
Special attention given  to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
Wm. yiefleish, ~ Prop.
Co'y, Calgary, or
During the next six weeks we are determined to
reduce our
Large and Varied Stock
as much as possible, in order to facilitate Stock
taking and to make room for
Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots   and Shoes, Crockery and
Glassware will be offered at
20 p.e. Discount
NOTICE is hereby -riven Hint David
Oppenhettner and R. H. Alexandei
have hied with mo an application for u
Crown Grant to their mineral locution
situated on Copper Creek, in the District of East Kootenai*, known as the
Juiinita claim. Adverse applicants, if
any, are required to send in their objections to ine wilbiu CO days frm:
this date.
Donald, (ith December, 18i).l.
Govt. Agent, East Kootenay, B.C.
Field, Golden & Fort Steele.
July 4th, 1894.
The Cassei Go 2d Exi. acting Co. Ltd. Glasgow.
'The MiicArthur-Forreat Cyanide Process.)
Experimental test* nn pnrcels up tn ���Hll'lh*
iimiiIk to ii*eortuin cost ot extraction mnl |ter-
coutiigc of -r.lii i.ml silvor recovered by
menus of the l,'y,.uiilo Process at the
Testing: Works of above Co.
Fur further particulars apply tu i
W.  IN-Heir Harvey, tf. V. ��..
Keprtiseiitfitive A Sii|-ei'iiitniiileut fur ll.C.
Down With High Prices For
Electric Belts.
91.65,12.65, $3.701 former prices 95, 97,
910. Qunlty remains the same���16 different styles- dry battery and acid belts
���mild or strong current. Less than half
the price of any other company and more
home testimonials than all the rest together. Full list free. Mention this
paper. W. T. BAER & CO. Wii dsor, Out*
A general banking business transacted.
Deposits received and interest allowed,
Collections on all points promptly attended to.
Gold dust purchased und uncounted for
at highest market rules.
Mny 1, 1804. Manager.
Mr.   S.   S.   Fowler   went   west on
Monday's No. 1,
Miss Connacher left this week on a
visit to the coast.
Try McCully's for  ice cream  and
Mr.   Leslie  Moodie  returned   from
Culgury ou Tuesday.
Mr. J. O. Lewis of Revelstoke is
here on a visit
Cull on MeCully for fresh vegetables
and green fruits.
Miss Lambert left on Monday last
for Winnipeg.
Sliorill Redgrave of Donald was here
this week.
Mr, F. C. Lang left on Tuesday for
a visit to his home iu Lindsay, O it.
Miss Carlin of Minnesota, sister ol
Mike wus u visitor here this week.
Always on hand at McCully's, all
kinds of fruit and vegetables.
Mr. George Alexander of Calgary
was n passenger on Monday's '.west
bound express.
Mrs. Smith, accompanied by Miss
Lizzie Smith, left this week for her
home in the east.
The Golden sports who visited the
Calgary Fair lime returned sadder,
but not; any wiser men.
We nre glad to state that Mr. G.
Fraser is convalescent and may be seen
going his usuul rounds wearing a
happy smile.
Water melons just arrived nt McCully's Fruit Store, successor to Claxton.
Hon. Col. linker, Capt. Gordon, A.
H. Wuti-uii, und Rev. Raymond, arrival from the south per ss Hyak, on
Sunday evening last.
Mr. Bob Connacher, brother of Mr.
Harry Cotiliacher uf the Kootenay
House, stopped off here a few days this
week ou his way east from 'Frisco.
Mr. Chas. Butler, Lite of Carlin &
Lake's, Field, lias been appointed time
keeper at tbe mill in place of Mr. E.
N. Murphy, who resigned a short time
Messrs. Granger, Moodie, M. Dainard, D. Dickie, ami F. Oivnn went to
the const ilns week iu cuiiuectiuu Willi
the "Bobbie Burns" mining suit
which is going on now.
A mn'giiindent piano-cssed organ
will be riilheil iu the Queen's Hotel tonight. The instrument is valued i.i
8225 and is in lirst class tiri.er. The
raffle will commence at !> o'clock sharp,
tickets .-?.'.
Special Constable W. Miller is doing
good work mound town. He has hi*
eye skinned fur trumps, having run
four in un Wednesday iii-.ht. Under
his supervision the town has been u
little mure orderly ul hue.
Police v'ourt.
On Tuesday morning las'; the keepers
and initiates of the houses of ill fame
in Golden, appeared before Justices of
the Peace Armstrong and Aylmer on n
charge of " being loose, idle and disorderly persons, prostitutes, having no
visible means of support, and vagrants
under the net." They all pleaded
guilty nud were sentenced as follows :
The housekeepers were fined 810 and
$3.25 costs or 20 days hard labor, and
the inmates were fined $5 and $11.25
costs or IU ilays hard labor each. In
all cases the fines were paid. Tho
prisoners were told that they were not
to look on this fine ns a license to
continue iu tln-ir business but they must
leave the town- and were warned that
if brought up again they would be
given the f .11 contents of the law,
which meant six months hard labor
with-nt the option of u line.
Curler*'  llcctlllg.
A meeting uf nil those interested in
the organizing of a Curling Club will
be held in tlie Kootenay House, on
Monday evening next at 9 o'clock.
It is huped their will be a good attendance ns it is necessary that all arrangements lie in,1.1.1 uinl a rink erected in
guud lime and not louse half the season
us wus the case hist winter.
The Itoiiuin Cutliolle Church.
D. J, McDiiuiilil wus t he successful
tenderer for the construction of tho
HC. Church, his figures for the same
being $1025.10. Tenders were also received fruui the following: Jus.
Henderson, -Jib!)!);'Gordon Sutherland,
���JlllO; Houston & Co. 11275. Work
will be commenced right away. Ladies
of the church ure now canvassing the
town for subscript ions to tho Building
Fund nud are meeting with great
The nnniiiil meeting of the Golden
Hospital Society will be held in the
Alexander llml, Golden, on Monday,
- lit li August at M p.m.. fur the purpose
of electing local in rectors for the ensuing year. Any person holding a
yearly ticket or paying monthly dues
is entitled to vo'e.
I'renliyterliiii N<*rvlce.
Service  will    be  held   to-morrow
morning in the school   house at 10
o'clock,   conducted    by   Mr.   G.   R.
The Uoldk.n Eua ��2 per yeur.
Rev. W. R. Ross was a passenger
on  Monday's eust  bound train.      Hit,     A cur load of   cattle at rived  from
has gone to Manitoba on a visit to his CaUtti-.v   this   week   lor Mess,*. Hull
,.. ,,.  ,���.!,:��� ���i.���  %������ .j ! in us. ifc Co., among  which were threo
oil home.   During his alisence .Mr. O. L,        .., , "���   ..,   ��� ,.
n hue milk cows for H. G. Parson, Mr.
R, Fasken. Presbyterian missionary nt Umu H11(, ,,���. Oo)l|ell Hospital lespeu-
Field, will conduct the services at the tively.     Air. Wouiiley desires to warn
various stations. i llie public that  these cnitlu are especi
ally dangerous  uud  advises theui to
Tlio   Dominion    Government   have stm. 0|eul. ,- ti,Uy should hnppon to
made uu appropriation of SalO for the, run across then: iu their truvols. Oi-.te (JSul'-ictt t&va
Tho GOLDEN EUA is published every
Saturday iiior.iiug iu tinnt to catch the east
and west until trains, also the until fur tliu
uppercoiiiti'y, IViu-lei'iiiei-u, Kurt,Steele etc
It. is tint o.lly advertising iiic.ii.i.ii iu llie Ke���t
Kootouny ilistric-t.
S inscription llate* i 92.00 per imiitiiu in
Advertisements and change* must be in
the olKce nut later than I3a.iu, ou Thursduy
to insure insertion.
Advertisement rate* ui.uln knoivu onuppli-
catior -u
f-'JAII cash to lie paid tn Ihe Manager, from
ivluiin the (lu np.iiiy's receipt will be obtained.
Ike Gulden Era Publishing C-nnpany.
maiiship   uf   tlio   ring   is beautiful ��� "Make your mind easy," wns  the
beautiful.    Tliut alone would render it brisk   rejoinder.      "I  shall start my
valuable.     But what makes it almost investigations  ut,  ouco.     You   shnll
priceless is its extreme rarity.     There hear from  me shortly  how I succeed
are only two others like it in England.
or, I believe, iu Europe."
"And these are ���where?"
'���Tlie ouent  the  British Museum;
Guotl morning."
As soon us tbo Baronet was fairly
off the premise-;, Mr. Hydenseko sent
for u cub and  druio straight across to
SATURDAY, JULY 28, 1804.
Th3 Missing Signet.
" All right.    Show hiin up, George!
Tlm scene was Mr. Hydenseko1
well-known oliiee iu Long Acre, nnd
the speaker was that estimable gentleman himself, addressing bis confidential cL-rk, who had just brought iu n
culler's card to his chief.
George disappeared, and soon return-
en with the visitor, fur whom hc
placed a chair, and then discreetly retired. The latter was a little, shrivelled oil man, with bent shoulder* and
a tottering gait, seemingly quite over-
weighed by the heavy fiirliiied overcoat
iu which he was chid. His face was
vory wrinkled, and, with its hollow
.chocks and sunken eyes, guvo every
indication of advanced age. But. in
the latter wore to be observed a
peculiar brilliancy and keenness,
which showed thut his mental activity
still remained unimpaired by bis physical decroptitude. They would have
lieen fine eyes, but for tbe'r expression
ol suspicious and uneasy cunning,
which, however, entirely spoilt his
f.icj nu 1 rendered him n verv disagreeable-looking old mail indeed.
'��� Mr. Hydenseko?" he enquired, in a
quavering voice.
"At your service, sir," replied lhe
" You know tne by name. Mr.
"Everybody knows S.r Jacob True-
love," answered our friend with his
sail vest bow.
"I have come to consult you, Mr.
Hydcnseke, on a most private and
important matter. I need hardly say
that whatever I may tell you must be
regarded as strictly and absolutely
"Q lite so," nodded Mr. Hydensoke.
"You may trust my discretion I assure
"Thank yon; I feel that I etui.
Now, Mr. Hydcnseke, you know, per
Imps, that I utn a great collector of
antique gems?"
'��� I havii henrd that you possess
about the best private collection in
"Well, I think I do. At least, I
am aware of nunc butter, with the
possible exception ol that belonging to
my friend, the Dukool X-���. ut B	
Castle. His father, you know, spent
fabulous sums iu acquiring rare specimens. He was a great connoisseur,
But his son hardly appreciates or
values his splendid collection sufficiently. However, that, has nothing to do
with the present cusc. What I have
come lo consult you about is this : I
hnve just been robbed of the most
valuable gem iu my whole collection."
" Ah!" said Mr. Hydenseke, laconically, screwing up his eyes and waiting to hear more.
"The gem in question," continued
the old man, in an excited voice, "is a
signet ring of the Roman Emperor
\espasian, a rare sort of blood-stone,
ongraved with n miniature Colcsseum,
and round it t he let tersT. F.V.I. (Titus
Flavius Vespasianus Imperntor), in a
setting of African gold.     The work-
the oilier  in the collodion of  whicli 1 the British Museum.
1 was speaking just, now - the Duke ol
jX 's at B. Castle."
j     " When did you lirst miss this ring,
Sir Jacob?"
" Yesterday,   when    I   opened   my
i jewel -safe to arrange uud classify sonic ' signet
I neiv purchases." through
"And when had yon lust opened it
'���The day before Hint. I luul a call
from .liinshikuff, the groat duuler iu
antique gems; ami I then opened my
safe iu his presirnce  tu ask his opinion
Upon entering
that sombre edifice, he lietouk himself
to the room where lhe old Roman
gems are on show, nnd there, with the
i.ssistaucc of a catalogue and u civil
attendant, he discovered tlie Vespasian
This hc curlf.illy inspected
thu glus.s by w liich if. was
guarded, finding it answer exactly to
llie tlescripticn which S.r Jacob bad
given him, Hc mado a careful drawing of the ring, which be relegated to
bis notebook, und then returned to the
oliiee in Loiij Aero to consider his next
abuiit une or iwo seals whicli 1 picked ste|
up lust mouth ill Brussels, and uf the
genuineness of which I wus not satisfied."
"The ring wns not missing then?"
" No j to i hut I can swear. The fact
is, Mr. Hvilensekc (and I mny us well
confess il at once), that I have a suspicion ���amounting almost tu n certainly thut .liinshikuff tuok the ring."
"Hem!" coughed Mr. Hydensoke,
performing his favorite operation of
scratching bis chin. " Yuu believe
that, do you ?"
"I am convinced of it."
"Have you communicated with the
"No; I have expressly lofrnined
from lining so. I must recover that
ring, Mr. Hydenseke" (dropping his
voice uinl speaking very impressively)
" without either scuiiilul or publicity.
In fact (and I have heard of your tluing
such things), I wish it got away from
Janshikoff without his knowlelge.
Tliere is a secret connected with it
whicli must never bo divulged."
"A dangerous secret?" inquired Mr.
"Yes; dangerous in a sense-that is,
if it were known in certain quarters
that I possessed the ring, I might be
obliged to hand it over to the original
owners, You remember that big jewel
scandal at the Vatican fifteen years
'��� Well, a ring closely resembling,
that which we are discussing disappeared from the Pope's collection at
that time, and could ne-iei- be traced.
This ono-I mean the one I have just
lost���I picket! up at a seedy second-
liutid shop iu Paris two years back.
I paid a good price for it, ami I asked
no questions.    Y'ou take mo If"
"I think so, Sir Jacob," answered
Mr. Hydenseke, with his peculiar
"You will understand, then," the
other cont iu ued, "why I am anxious
to have tho matter kept strictly
"Of course. And perhaps Jimshi-
kog took that into account���eh?'
" Most probably. He is a vory
sharp feilow. But now, Mr. Hydenseke" (he spoke very excitedly, leaning
over and placing bis hand on the detective's sleeve), "I must get that
signet?back, without delay. For if
Janshikoff once parts with it, goodbye to our cbuiicu of ever seoing it
again. Will you undertake the job
Mr. Hydenseke?"
"Whut's tho figure?" usked our
friend, thoughtfully,
"A cool thousand, and all expenses,"
" Very well, Sir Jacob, I'm your
Mr. Hydenseke now produced his
note-book, and put the baronet through
a lengthy catechism, jotting down his
replies in shorthand. At the ond of
this process whicli occnpied i.bont an
hour, Sir Jacob rose to take his departure.
"You will lose no time-no time.
Mr. Hydenseke, will you?" he said, in
a voice of absolute entreaty. "If I
fail to recover that signet, it will
almost kill inc."
After au hour spent in careful relief.'
tion ho summoned tliu most trustworthy member of his stuff, and instructed hi ill to keep a watch ou
Janshikoff lur the next twenty-four
lie did not, indeed, think it probable
that the astute dealer iu antiques
would attempt to dispose of his spoil
at present. Still it was b. tter to be on
the safe side, and to havo him kept
under cl si surveillance, wblie he (Mr.
Hydenseke) conducted certain preliminary investigations in another
Tbe [act was, a curious point had
struck the dcit cfive from the outset.
No one knew more than he did about
tho gr at jt w 1 robberies of the last
twenty years, and thnt famous scandal at the Vatican-of which Sir Jacob
bad spoken ���was nearly ns fresh in
Hydenseke's mind us if it luul occurred
yesterday. A client of his own bud
employed him on certain business connected with the sensational esclaudre,
and iu the oouiso of the 1 iqiiirics
which he then made he bad become
intimately acquainted with '.lie ins
iiiuT outs of tbe whole affair.
" I heard nothing ol a Vespasian
signet at the time I inn sure," solilou-
qnizp'l Mr. Hydenseke, frowning per
plexedly, "I will go und ask Pinker-
ton.    Piukertoii ii sure to know."
Acting on this resolve, he walked
round to Mr. P'llkertem's shop in
Wardonr street. Jeie niiih Fiukertoii
keeps an emporium for articles ol
virtu, which he knows more ubout
than any other iniiii in England. He
is nu old-fashioned mini; old-fashioned
in his appearance, his methods, more
piirtichirly, in his honesty. But he
is very shrewd ; gifted with a most
capacious memory} uud, us an expett
in Greek nnd Roman gcins, without an
(To be continued.)
" It Is worth tho price to every pemnn
who even reads a newspaper."���Darlington
Blue Pencil Rules.
A Pocket Primer for tbe use of Reporters,
Correspondents and Copy Chopper*.
Short, simple snd practical roles for
and of equal value to all wbo wish to
write cornet English.
Sent on receipt of price. Price. 10 rents
P'T copy. ALLAN TORMAN, Publisher,
117 Nassau Street, New York.
can i obtain a pa:
MliNN * CO., whoh.T.b-ulDaiir'lr'iifiV'wiri*'
azperlenoe In th. patent bnstnj���   ���"--���	
PATENT t   For a
opinion, write to
tion* Btrlctl y confltlentli
IS.   A Handbook ot In.
l'ntent* ud bow to ob.
formation concerning 1  	
tain tbem lent tree. Alto a eatalogue of mechan.
leal and actenttao book* lent free.
Patent* .taken tbrouBh Munn A Co.	
thu are broiij-ht widely before tbe public without oprt to tbe Inventor, Thi* splendid paper,
lulled weekly, elenntly Illustrated, bu by far th.
homes, *
tatort fiesiimi andlieciire contracts.  AiM-m*-
Naphtha is death on moths, but very
dangerous to handle,
l'onsied coffee and ground coffee beans
mixed witli hoin-y are used tu restore
broken-down horses in Germany.
If Tcxiis were Inid down in Enrope it
might f i'so plnei-d a.1 to include the capitals uf Ein.-li.nil, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and Garuintiy.
A powder made from a fo**il shell known
as "the devil'* t.illlub" ia regarded a* a
cure and a preventive of whin-ping
cough hi many part* uf England and Ire-
An elephant hns a peculiar way of cooling himself when the weather i* warm and
fresh water nut at hand. He put* his
trunk iu his throat, draw* water from his
stomach and sprinkle* it over Ida buck.
Male mosqtiltoc* du nut bite.
The uriginal iuv.ntur uf paper was the
Mount Sinai, in Arabia, is 6,541 feet in
The ninuiniy cats unearthed iu Egypt
have red hair.
The coininou bore, fly has 16,000 facets
on it* eyes,
The kea'rel hss been known to fly ISO
mile* au liuiir.
Female frugs have no void; only the
males cun sing,
A Ilea'* niuuth is placed exactly between
hi* for* leg*.
The highest mountain in Europe is Mount
Blanc���15,783 feet.
There are inure muscle* in the tail of a
rat than lu a human baud.
Time and beauty will never wed.
Duu't bet ia the only straight tip.
Ueauty is apt to love unly its mirror.
No mail i* wis. enough to answer a
It takes a fortune to feed one race
Don't let your grist sprout in going to
It i* a bad thing to have credit at the
faru bunk.
Many a man rides .to a race track and
walk* back.
Hope'* anchor is mad. of heavier metal
than gold
Yuu hare probably noticed that sober
men seldom fight.
The turkey does not show the fox where
she lay* her egg*.
A borrower ia often but the' meanest
kind of a beggar in good clothe*.
Dutch country houses are decorated with
Iu Paris tbe undertaking business is
monopolized by the city government.
On some part* of the const uf France
wheu the wind is east the mist that appears, it is said, bears with it a noticeable
Vienna has entered upon an extensive
scheme nf embellishment, nml unsightly
pnbl.u building* nr. tu give place to new
one* uf nriisiic design.
Iu England the sncpe-tsfiil lawyer makes
from $.5.(100 In ��100.000 a rear nud successful phisiiiliina $,nii,0iiu to $100,000; the
average banister and medical iniiii. however, dues nut make mure lhau $1,300 a
Every trade in China bu its patron
Hindoos believe the moon is th. food of
the god..
Pekin. China, is surrounded by a wall
fifty leet high and forty feet thick.
China i. the most ancient empire in tbe
world, and contains one-filth uf the human
No Japanese is ever guilty of swearing
for the simple reason that usths are unknown to the Japiinese language.
The oldest tree on earth is said to be the
Boo tree ill the sacred city uf Amarapnora,
Burmab. It was planted in the year 338
B. C.
Cherrapongee, in southwestern Assam,
is the wettest place in tlie world, the average annual rainfall there being six hundred
aud ten inches.
In Japan a man can lire like a gentleman fur about two hundred and fifty dollars a year. This sum will pny the rent of
a house, the salaries of two servants aud
supply plenty uf fond.
Tin me who suppose that the people of all
China use the sumo language are badly
mistaken. There are a* many different dialect* spoken in the Flowery kingdom **
there are iu all Europe.
Tho lust censu* of India wns taken with
marvelous celerity and thoroughness. One
inilliun peuple were employed as census
lakers, and the hug. task was don.
chiefly on un. day, th. 36th of F.bruary,
Egyptian monument* represent hat. in
nearly th. shape of tbe Mexican sombrero.
It is estimated that one of the largest
stones in the pyramids weighs fully eighty-
eight tuna
The "rook cork" mentioned by Pliny
and other ancient writers is thought to
have been asbestos.
In au old Indian burying ground in St.
Simon, On., th. remain* of a warrior over
eight feet lung were excavuted recently.
A prehistoric human skull found nt An*
nlstoil, Ala., in 181*0, measured thirty-futir
inch.* iu circumference just above the
Petrified horse track* are among the
curiosities attributed to Missouri. They
are said lo be found in the bottom of u
creek iu Kay county.
Official* uf Ihe Smithsonian institute
have d.--covered evidence* which lend theiu
ttt believe tnat the liiuund builder* weie
the progenitor* tit the modern Indian*,
1'iiiiy siiyn l.nit iirii-ks and tile* so light
as lu swim ill ivanr Here made iu Italy,
SpiiiniiiiilGre.ee. Ton peculiar art ui
tuts nun.tuJitiiiii'H was recently d.scuvete.
by unitiil.mi geiit.euiau.
Oliftirniii lui* a 3,300 acre prune orchard.
V lulurin, Australia, hnd n gold output of
about $l'-|,IIOO,OiI01n*t year.
It is estimated that ii, 000.000.000 oysters
aro i'tin*i.iiiL'd lu lite Um.td Kliigduin -in-
'flier* nre revernl fnctorle* in India, end
one, at le ..st, in Europe, Unit at Maniilinlin,
German , where uuiler I* mane irnln uu*
a company has been formed in New
Z*'ii anil tti ��� siiiiiiisli n whaling Htatinu uu
tne rCeriiuidi-c i*latui*, in the Pauillc ocean,
iiurtnivest of New Zealand,
Author ties expect ihe Australian wheat
yietd will lie the heuvlest in ihe hi-tti-ry of
tnat colony. They anticipate mere Will hu
a surplus available lur export uf 11,735,0110
,\.r. A. I'auiniin, a cnpitnlist nf Julian-
ne* urg, South Airltia, ���* Hunting nn enter rise lu r enter $1,500,000 iu sunken
trttist.rt'. Tlie gold is cn.Unfiled its li ii
iron sal-* ��h ch went down i.i lithe enip
liirni'iiii.'iid i.tf lhe Alricau coast tony
year* uno.
In nrtler tn avoid setting fire In the pampas hyspink- from it* litiiiiiiiiitive* tue
11.ic im* Aires (ire it Southern rail nud Im*
iheen experimenting *ncc*��*fiiily with petroleum a* a locomotive fuel, the intention
belli'.- to substitute petroleum lur coul if
pracli.'ihie.   ���
One nf the curious thing* about the
gulf stieuiii i* that no whale* ure found
iu it.
The Dakota river is tli* longest un*
nnviga ie river in the world���over 1,000
The greatest recurded depth of Lake
Michigan is SiO feet    The mean depth is
02~> feet.
Vessel* of 3,000 tun* carry seven anchor*,
four of a maxiiuiiiii weight uf ly tuns, with
annul 300 fiilimui* uf cable.
Steel low been us. tl for *ltin building
only fourteen year*, yet it is estimated that
90 per cent, ot the vessel* Luilt al the present day ar * ul Hteel.
There i* a ve-se1 ilint wa* built on lho
Clyde, is owned in HiiBtuii, hall* from
Honolulu, ami is iiiiiueii after * chinaman
whu live* iii Hawaii. Sue ia the bark
Fueling Suey.
Men li ving without women, by themselves, become savage and sinful.
The li'iiiiiiaiion t f our national character i�� laid by tb. uiuiuer* uf the nation.
We cannot talk nf superiority among
spheres uud duties that a e ulike eaaeii*
Many a woman doe. the wnrk of ber
life witiiuut being seen or noticed by the
The world knows nothing, or does not
think, of the fears, the pain*, and tne
anxieties iusepuraule trout the mother's
it l* a point uf honor that .Moorish women never know their own ugc*. They
have un birthday celebrations.
In Chinese the letter "I" has 145 way* of
b< ing pronounced, and each pronunciation
haa a dill rent meaning.
The parish of St, Marylebone hits ss
many it* three thunaand iiiiildlt'ga, officially described us fauturlcs and workshop*.
Plaster of Pari*, mixed with an eqnal
portion uf ii itmeiil mid a small quantity of
*ugar, Httuii settle* enckm ulie's.
Salt dissolved iu alcohul will take out
grease spot*.
Moth* dislike newspapers as much as the
prepared inr ptij.er.
Bug* when sunken should lie handled by
the mi tile, nnd not the end*.
Ciiitlillu.ver n-ed for pickle* should be
prepared i y lirel bulling tne vegetable.
A ie ..spoonful uf powdered borax added
to c 'Id e.tiich wid tend tu give tile linen an
extra elilliics*.
Pule ring* can be mad. tn run easily by
minting the pole with kerosene until thor-
ougi.iy -.mouth.
So sweet nud so natural a thing is piety
among women thut men have come tu regard a woman without it a* strange, if uot
unhealthy.���J. O. Holland.
The mines tributary to Butt. City,
Mont., have an output of $38,000,000 a
A vein of mineral wax, whioh resemble*
pure butter, haa beau discuvered by peate
digger* in Ireland.
The old Buimrio mines, in Mexico, are
said tu have yielded $500,000,000 worth of
ore iu twficiiituriis. ^
At a depth of 8.000 feet in the famous
Couistook mine at Virginia City, Nev., the
wnier* that trickle from sides, roof ami
bottom have a uniform temperature uf 170
degree* Fahrenheit.
Australia mined 4,037,939 tons of coal
lust ye-.r. The supply is apparently inexhaustible, snd is counted on tu be an important fnctor in the future industrial development of the country.
Qtfeen Victoria tigus about 50,000 document* a yeur.
Most of the telegrams sent by Queen
Victoria are iu cipher.
Princess Elizabeth of Austria smokes
thirty, forty aud suuietiuiee fitly cigarettes
a day.
Lady Henry Somerset want* the Queen
tn confer order* of nobility npon women
just as she doe* upon men.
The crown pr.tiee** of Denmark is a royal
"hlghnes*" hy nature a* well a* by birth���
being six feet three inches tall.
Catharit e tie Medici, queen uf France,
Wore the longest train ou record. It was
her bridal rube. The Haiti was borne by
twenty puge , and was forty-eight yard's
Fifteen English brewers and wine merchant* whu died last year left over $30,-
The .total number of electors in the
United State*, including women entitled
tu vote, ia 13.500.000.
During the quarter ending February 1
the state of South Carolina made a net
profit uf $41,000 uu gross sales of $350,000
worth of whisky.
If the Hollanders actually undertake to
drain the Znider Zee, the first item of
expense will he a niunster dam that will
eust at least $18 000.000.
In 1850 there were 0.737 persons in the
prisons of tne United States, ur 303 per
1,000.000 of the population; nuw there are
69,358, or 1,180 per 1,000,000, a remarkable sign of the times iu that cuiintry.
A sitting of the County Court for
East Kootenay will be held at the
Court House. Donald, on Monday the
13th day of August, 1S94, at 11 o'clock
By order,
S, RuiiClltAVB,
Donald. B.C., Recorder.
July 2nd, 1804.
Th. tallow tree, which produces a kind
of fat, is one of the most useful tree* iu
Fulton O. Berry, of Centrevllle, Cal.,
has ou hi* plantation a tree which last season produced fuiir thousand orange*.
The celebrated "Apple* of Sodom,"
which gruw on tlie shore* uf the Dead sea,
are a specie* uf fungi similar lo our "puff
In the Went India islands, Nubia and
the Suiidnn whistling tree* ar. I mud.
Peculiar .lisped leaves aud pods, with a
split ur open edge, give the wind a
cbiiiici'. . ,...-. ���     -
Mem' er* of the Austrian parliament get
$4 per day.
jii.i.til i,3110.000 ��rticli**arepledged with
Ijohfloii pawnbroker* each week.
lit linssln, a* ill France, Italy and Spain,
lit,'* c.rry no pin Urges, either official ur
The textile emigre** nf Franca has de-
rid, d lo adopt * standard liat of prices, as
in Engliinn.
The nun.mil (mid n* royaltte* cn coal
and metals in 1 Still in the United Kingdom wan estima eil at t'5.000,000.
The Itiugi nt tune during whicn a note
line remained outside the Bank uf Eug-
l.n d is 111 years.    It wa* lur $135.
jV Parisian ia on trial lor tuaiishtngliter,
because hi* -lug bit a pedestrian, causing
I'm, later'* 'death from liydriiphoh-'n.
Brick* from which is believed to be tbe
remain* of the uld Tower of Babel are
*i II found in great prolusion al Bin Niui-
ruit, Babylonia.
'1 here were in England and Wales last
rear 318.351 marriage*, 914.189 birth* and
StiU.O'.'.liieiitlia. The rat minted population
of the Iwo countries tu the middle of Ihe
���ear wa* 39.781.100.
-gitoiwoo ��avi-s.
O. 8. Ml-CAltTI.lt.
fi-tneheed  A  IWrCnrter,
iWri��ter��, Advocate*, Solicitor*, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors fur Hank uf Montreal.
CAI.OA11V-, - N.W.T.
Member* Assoch.-'D.Ij.S. & P.I..S, lor ll.C,
SURVEYORS, Civil Engineer*, Draught**
men, Valuators, etc Calgary niu! New Westminster, ('iirresimnilence solicited..
l..J.,li'l'llsoN, O.I..S.,I'.L.S. of B.C. iHlut.
C'Al.ltAltV, Alba.
A. O. WiibbIjBII, D.Ij.S. A P.L.S. of B.C.
Nuw Wusmi-NSTuu B.C.
Application   for   Certlllei-ti> of
pro lenient*.
Take notice thnt I, A. L. Hogg, Free
?diner's certificate No. 28.-117, intend,
60 days from date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for a certificate
of improvement* for the purpose of
obtaining a crown grant of above
And further take notice that adverse
claim* must be sent to the Mining Recorder and notion commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this first day of June, 1894.
A. L. Hood.
Ult-Carthy   A   Hiti-vcy,
Barristers, Advuciite*, Notaries, Ac.   Solicitors tor:- -
lliu Im-ierhil Hunkhf Canada.
The Canada I'eriii'ineut I,oil 11 & Saving*Co,
'liii! Yorkshire I,mm A Securitiesl'orporntJoii
The Mnasey-Hiirri* In. (Ltd).etc.,etc.
Office*- Stephen Avenue, Calgary.
P. MoO'AlirilV, Q.C.
Horace Haiivev, B.A. Ij.Ij.B.
Assoc. Mem. Ixst. C.E.
.nijVixo  ��-.\4;iX-r:t-R.
CociiitANB, Ai.ua.-Ft. Steele, B.C.
Mining! Smelting
CO, (Limited)
Countess Fendure tlleichen has modelled a statue of Queen Vi-tnrin, which ia
to be sculptured iu marble fur the Jubilee
hospital at Montreal, Can.
The statu* of Benjamin Franklin which
stood in front of the Electriu building at
the world'* fill ha* been presented to the
Uiiivers.iy of Pennsylvania,
The Bavarian ���.overninent has awarded
Mr. l'idgwuy Knight, the well-known American lit inter, lhe urn** of the Royal Order
���it St. Michael fur lhe pictures which he
ha* recently sent to Munich.
Prof. Hubert Ilerktuner, Bavarian and
American hy birth and bringing np, Euro-
���eau ill hi* art training, is declaiming
i gainst the British student who gue* to
Pari* instead uf lu school iu Iluahey park,
n here he hu a colony ul young wurkiu.a
Mid workgirl* in urt pursuit*.
' That a dress made of live-cent caallie Is
surprisingly cool, and will wear longer
than one would ecti-sjso from tbe thin
nature of Ihe goods.
That a handful of iron tack, are good to
clean' out buttles and fruit cans with; half
till the jar wilh ��oap*uds, than add tba
tucks and shake.
That a box in the kitchen, or drawer or
shelf in the cupboard will hold paper
bag*, also the string*, and they will be
found useful many titties.
That newspapers should be saved for
kitchen use, to wipe the (love off, to
) ninth the teakettle, to wipe tbe llatlrons,
doubled to place under a hot kettl. or hot
dish w. wish to place uu the table.
(tlr.idiinte of Lav.-tl nnd Mi-('ill.)
miKiKM kxi.ixu.sk.
Head Office, Qiibiiec ;  Branch  Offices
SilBltiiHOOKB, & 17 Place d'Armes
In the Supreme Cnurt nf llritish Cnhinibin:
in the mailer of Archibiilil McMurdn tlt'censed
and iu the matter of the Ofliciul Administrators Act, dated the Fifteenth day of May, A.
1). ISSII: upon rending the affidavit* nf Arthur
Patrick Cummin* and Herbert lienrgo Low-
It i* ordered that Arthur Patrick Cummin*.
Official Administrator tor the County Court
District nf Kooteiiny, shall lie Administrator
nf all mid singular the irntsls, chattels and
credits nf Arehilinlil Mt-Miirdo deceased and
that thi* order Im published iu the I'fil.liEN
EltA in!iv*pjq��'r lur the iieriml of sixty day*.
(Signed)   W.1I. WARD SPINKS,
Local Judge uf Supreme Court.
The creditor* of Archibald Mi-Munlu. lute
of (loltlen. iu lhe District of Knntenay, niilier,
ileceftseil, are rut|iiireil within sixty day*
fr.uii thi* tbtte, tn send me |Hirticiihir* uf their
elaiin*. Alter the expiration of the said sixty
days I shall proceed with the distribution uf
the snid estate.
D.-'tcd nt Duiifiltl, ill tlio District of Kooto-
miy, thi* 2,-lril May, WM.
Ofliciul Adiuinistrjitur.
Samuel S. Fowler, E.M.,
Properties reported upon.    Kstinintcs and
plans fur all inctiillurgic.il plimts.
P. 0. Box 1,    -    Golden, B.C.
Aettay Office* A Chemical Laboratory,
(Established iu B.C. in 18fW.)
Vancouver, L.V.
Iu tho Comity Cnurt nf Knnteu.-iy Imlilen at
-Im East Crossing of the Columbia River; in
the matter uf the gi**l�� nf Robert Tlruriiliury
(lece.'tsi'il, inul ill the innlter of the IllHi-iid
.Ailniinisti'.-itiirs Act, ilnletl the Fifteenth day
nf May, MM: upoii re.-uling the atiiibivit ot
(ietirgi! (.oldie
It i* nrilnrod Diet Arthur Patrick ('iiinmius.
Ofliciul jXiliiiiiiistratnr for tho County Court
District nf KiHiti'iuiv, shnll lie Atliniiiistrntiir
nf nil and singiihir the gi*��l*. chattels ami
credit* uf Rnliert Thuriihiiry ilercnseil, uud
that thi* tinier bo published iu the (ioi.tii-N-
EltA iiewHiuiper for the |��irii*l of sixty day*.
(Signed)  Wm. WARD SPINKS,
The crmliltir* tif Rnliert Tlinrnbury. Into nf
Wiiidermiire, ill the District of KiHitenny,
farmer, deceased, lire require!I, within sixty
duv* from thi* date, In send inn imrliculnr* of
their claim*. I'ltoii the expiration of tho said
sixty ihivs I shall proceed with the distribii-
lion* of the Miltl estate.
Dated nl Dniuilil, iu tho District uf Kootenay, this -Mrd May, 1894.
Bank Of Montreal.
Interest at Current rates.
W. B. ORAVELEY, Masager.
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
Wholes-Ale and He tall
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Undertakers and
.   ���  .  Embalmers,
Calgary Alba.
If vou wiint voiir liiiiise I'niiiteil. I'-ir-cred
or C'nlmniiineil, nr nny kind ot a sign Paiim-d
write to.I. H. MILI.WARI). CaliiARV, the
Ijwuliiig Paint Shop in the Ileal, fur gnotl
Work aud price* that are right.
DIMPI EC lullltnaild'HEBIonrccoipt
Tl HI I Ltd. of a 2 stump, a receipt! for a
simple VEIiETAIILE HALM that will re
move Tan. Freckle*. Pimple*, lll-itvlie*.
Illnckhc-iuJ*. etc.. leaving the skin soft
clear and beantlfiil. Address A. D. STEM-
PEL, 60 Ann St., Now York.
Down With Hlgrh Prices For
Electric Belts.
flJii-i, $2.65, $3.70 -, former [iriccs $5, $7,
$10. Qualty remain* tho same���111 different styles; dry battery and acid belts
���mild or strong current. Less than half
the price of any other company and more
home testimonial! than all the rest together. Full list free. Mention this
| paper. W. T. BAER k CO. Wii dsor, Ont.
For full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager:
^a-^SaE -- - H. Connacher. Proprietor.
Newly refitted nnd furnished. Strictly FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Eire-proof safe for convenience
of guests'. Heuilipi.-irti.'i's for mining men nml
miners. Convenient to Stntion and Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer nnd wholesale nnd
retail denier in Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
Special attention given to orders from u,. the
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,       -       B.C.
Job    Depeirtmcr|t
���:o:- OF
W. ALEXANDER has removed to Calgary, and will be pleased to execute all
orders sent to him there. Work left with
C. A. Warren, Golden, and R. W. Patmore,
Donald, will he promptly forwarded.
Remember the address.
W. Alexander, Calgary. Awarded
Highest Honors-World'* Fair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Fret
bom Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
llll.VALII   MIII'.S.
Tba past week has lieen rather qu'et
in regard to social affair*;, The concert of the R. R.T. went off with great
eclat. The boys outdid themselves
with milking everybody have a good
time. Music and refreshments galore
��� the consequence of big expenditure,
left ii small deficit. Golden was conspicuous thr nigh its absonce.
Tliere was another ruffle for a horse,
and .lack Allen was the lucky winner.
His iron horse is not quite so capricious us the new properly.
The forest fires created quite a scare
here the other day and for a few hours
it seemed as if the town wns doomed,
but the wind shifting in time it drove
the lire up towards the mountains, so j
everything is serene.
Mr. Pinley, bridge foreman for the
Hamilton Bridge Co. at Stoney Creek,
was a vi-itor to onr town, as was also
Mr. B. Kerr of Beaver.
Donald is putting on style in the
way of having the houses painted in
gaudy colors several of them having
been treated that way within the last
few days.
Messrs. Adutnson and Hancock, contractors, have started ou Mr. Jordan's
Mrs. J. Hopgood and Miss Hop-rood
from Revelstoke, also Mrs. S.iiio.is
from R igers Puss, were here to attend
the B. R. R.T. concert and dunce.
Several other ladies and gentlemen
were kept away ou account cf the train
being 8 hours late.
Miss G. Connacher and Miss McDonald of your town were here for a
few hours on Tuesday, having accompanied Miss Connacher as fur as here
on her trip west.
We sincerely hope that it may prove
successful and that she will come b.ck
to our midst a I ri^ht, merry, rou ping
Quite a little controversy has taken
possession ol the town lately in which
tbe very elevating subject ������grammar "
is vexata quteslio. The writer of an
article iu an ���.���astern paper used the
popular expression ������Twixtyou and I"
and iu lhe same line corrected himself
by adding that -'T.vixi you and me''
lias correct grammar. The majority
ol people with whom I come in contact
nilirui thut the former sentence is correct uud are willing to wager quite a
few pay rolls to b..ck then- opinion.
I haven't seen the color ot '-their
stuff"   yet, but  lo.- the benefit ol   ull
! and sundry grammarians who are uf
the sume opinion I would like to statu
positively that the word -'ine" is the
proper one io use iu ihis case, and il
they are iu any doubt upon the subject
ii would be well fur them iu cuusnlt a
really competent authority before risking their --dust."
Verily, front! nulla lidos would be a
guud multu lor theiu.
Our local bard cu.nes to the front iu
quite a new guise this week. 'Tis
hardly within my province to enquire
how lhe inspiration seized our gentle
muse - likely enough 'tis the sad recollection of a late shopping experience���
I simply give the furor poeticus for
what it is worth, remarking that I
am a  bnchelur and,  consequently,  in
j utter ignorance of  the subject in its
The idea of investing some dollars
Always rouses
An insane desire to possess
Lands or houses,
"But, a secret, your fortune quite made is
If, my latest, quite promptly obeyed is,
Just invest in a carload of ladies
Shirts and blouses.
Miss Carlin of Minnesota arrived in
town on Thursday of last week and
remained for a couple uf days us the
guest of her little brother Joe, after
which she left for Golden to visit her
bigger brother.
Mr. W. H. Boorno, photographer of
Calgary, wns a passenger on Thursday's east humid train.
Foreman Fraser with bis bridge nml
building gang was in town on Saturday.
Mr. II. A. Perley of the Albertn,
Calgary, arrived from the oust Sunday
morning, hound for the Glacier House.
Miss Stewart ol I'mult, who bus
been rusticating here lur several days
returned homo on Sunday lust.
Mr. Hooper, C.E., und wife, arrived
bv No. 1 on Tuesday morning aud proceeded west.
Mr. John Stocks of Canmore was in
town on Tuesday.
Mr. J. G. Petty, wife and child, of
Calgary, were passengers on the west
bound train on Wednesday, bound for
Victoria, where Mr. P. has secured an
Mrs. Wheatley and daughter left for
Medicine Hat one evening last week,
where it is is understood the latter is
to undergo an operation to her hip.
Editor Golden Era :
Sir,- I beg to draw the attention of
the public to the advertisement appearing in another column, of the annual
meeting of the Gulden Hospital Society.
At ih's meeting the report of the
Directors will lie presented and au
election held for oliiee holders for the
ensuing year.
It is provided by a by-law adopted
at the meeting culled on August 10th,
1S!I;I, to organize the S iciety, that the
number of directors shall be eleven and
that they shall be appointed by the
members residing in each district, viz.;
Beaver 1, Donald 2. Golden 2, and 1
each from Palliser, Field, Windermere,
Thunder Hill Wasa, and Furt Steele.
All persons holding tickets or paving
monthlv dues are considered members
and have right of vote.
The by-law continues: "At each
annual meeting any grievances thnt
may exist shall be complained of in
writing, and the complaint forwarded
to the Secretary."
The Hospital is meant to supply the
wants of tho whole district ot East
Kootemiy, anil it is to bo hoped that
the help that was afforded by people
outside of Golden toward, its construction will bo followed up now by
interest in its management.
Election of local directors will be
in each ol the above mentioned places
on August 6th.
F. P. AltllSTROSO,
Mr. Sim Jackson of Moore A Mowat
merchant tailors, Brockville, Ont.,
and Mr. Kennedy of Kennedy A Douglas, merchant tailors, Toronto, are in
town this week witb the latest styles
of gents' clothing.
W. G. Nellson of Beaver was a visitor this week.
A smart Aleck.
A girl that giggles.
A woman that tattles.
Stock running at large.
A neighborhood quarrel.
A man who knows it ull.
More loafers than it needs.
Men who see every dog fight.
A few meddlesome old women.
A boy that misbehaves in church.
A tall old maid with a short beau.
One cow that can open every one's
gate. -
A man who "understands" the tariff
A young man who does nothing but
Several men that make reinaks about
One person who always takes his
dug to church.
A man who laughs every time be
says somethiug.
A hon pecked husband and a rooster
pecked wife.
A mother who sees no good iu other
people's children.
A bnily that any l(i year old boy
can lick if he only know it.
A married couple who bill and coo in
public, but fi^ht privately.
Scores of men with the caboose of
their trousers worn smooth us glass.
A girl that chews gum ami goes to
iho post office every time the mail
A high minded woman who always
says the wrong thing when she speaks
in company.
Several men too stingy to take their
home paper, but who burrow the copies
paid for by their neighbors.
A man who smokes and chews tobacco but kicks when asked to furnish
his children with school books.
Men who cun tell you all about finance and how to run other people's
business, but iinve made a dismal failure of their owii business.
jn Navigation fU
M* &TramWayv"i
Steamers will leave *
Every Tuesday at 7 a.m.
Passenger Rates about 5c. per mile.  Meals 50c.
Freight I^ates.
To CVnal Flat A. $1.75; B. 1 CO; C. 1.40; D. 1.20.
To Fort Steele A. 3.00; B. 2.50; C. 2.00; D. 1.50.
Rnte A. to include Class 1 nnd ? of Canadian Freight Classification
"    B.              ���-            3 and 4              ���'���            " '���
"    C. " 5 and <i " " "
u    d, u 7 and 8 " -' "
Shipments of 10,000 lbs., of mixed goods to be entitled to car load rates. Freight will lie delivered as far
south as navigation will permit and will be charged for
according to distance transported.
Express Rate to Fort Steele 5cts. per lb.
Tlie Company's liability on express parcels iieing limited to S2 per lb
1 per cent will be charged on excess value mentioned ou Bill of Lading.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;        F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
The Secretary-Treasurer of the Hospital begs to acknowledge with thanks
the receipt of the following articles:
Two baskets strawberries from Mis.
Cream from Mrs. Love.
Two pillows from Mrs. Capt. Armstrong.
Papers and periodicals from Hon.
Col. Baker.
New potatoes from Mr. John Pratt.
Fruit from Mr. C. A. Warren.
Fau from Mrs. Wells.
Gulden llospltul Socli-ty.
From 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.
"      2  p.m. "  4 p.m.
ti       7     "    "   H   ������
Sunday from  10 a.m. to 12 in., and
from 7 p.m. to S p.m.
VlSlrlNll nouns.
From 2:30 p.m. to S p.m., daily,
except Monday and Saturday.
Br OittiEit.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL it now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the undersigned or any member of the
PRICE -Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
:M.   B.   LANG.Z*
BOOT8A SHOES,        STATIONERY, PIPES,   Etc.,   Etc.
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
M. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
Manufactures of Sash, Doors, Mouldings
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails ahd
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.
Have on hand a lot of Wash Bpsin and Bath


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