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The Golden Era Dec 1, 1899

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Full Text

r     James Henderson,
Builder & Contractor,
A supply of Building Lime fur Sale.
Plate prepared. Prompt attention given to
look Htm: E.icn "HKi.;*. Foil Min,
Stock of over 20(1 to choose from.
Ymnc   CAHD8. and
As good os the lien
Anywhere in the West.
FIELD,  the  Dragclst.
VOL.'IX  NO. 18
Pe& Yfe
I*/*ia/*va/t tAn\***-*a\*Vb��A/i/iWt*t*A*Y*rV* ****/****>&*���*-MteViieVa^a���*���'*&& t,*/a,v** M
\ .1
Crosse & BlackwelTs Candied Peels
XraClietS.      Orange,   Lemon,   Citron   and   Assorted
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of the latest Novels by the most popular writers of the
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. ia-iiii/V',;, ,*- *.. *  'i -i. v   i ii i.i.  ii       i
JlaVe You Jtoy Friends?
Ctrtalnly, you hate I And of conns you are not forffsttlnsr
that Xmas will soon bs here. I have Jnst opened a nios
MlHUon of Xmas Ooods and will M plsassd to show thtm.
W. ALEXANDER. Jeweller
Situatnln Hie Oolden nilulnrr Division of
lilat Kootenay District. Wliore loi-iitoa
on nnrtli furli of Spilllmarlicoo Kiver,
hunr Hunts llasln.
Talio nollca tliat L J���hn Henderson, of
Golden, in agent for W. C. Tillson. of Salem,
Oroc,in, U.S.A., Flee miner's Certificate
f.0, 7IC5A, intend siity dnj-s from the date
lierenfto apply to tho r.iinini; rot-order for a
ccirtiliciile of i:npro\-eininta far the purpose
ot obiaininc a Crown Urant of the above
And fitrtlior tako notice Hint lu-tlitn nnder
section a7 must bo conitnonceil taifoi-ellio
uswni-o nf snch certilieate of improvements.
Dated this llird day of Supteiubur, ISC.
NOTICE I; hereby given tbat an application
���Mil ho mndo lo Uw Uirlslatlvc Assbmlil" cf
the Provlnco of British Columbia at its nest
session for an Act to incorporate n enmpan*
with powor to construct,equip, maintain an*.
operate a lino or lines of tefoplione electrical
imperial Bank ot Canada
Heaii Office i Toronto.
I'uii! I'll Capital
IteHci ve
11. S. Ilowlucii. President.
V. R. tlerritt,Vico*l'rm|iUnt (St.i.'nllicrlnes)
Wm. Hiuiisay. Robert JaiFrii'i'.T.'-tiitlierltiiid,
Stnyncr, Kline Roffors, \\ in. llouilrio,
1). It. Wll.ltlB, Geusrul Maitntrer.
E. Hav, Iiisjiottur.
Ilrnnilon, Calfrary. Kiliiiontnn,
Portnjro la Prairie, I'rinco Alliert,
Bovelsloko, B.Cjl .Nelson, B.C.,
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Ingci-sull, Liatowel, Nillgui-H Falls, Port Col-
bourne, Rat Porl&ire, Sault Ste. .Murio,
St. Citthcriomi, St. Thomas,
Toronto, Wellnnil, Womlstock, and
Muutrenl, *-!iio.
Asotttn in �����; I'en-t llrltuiii:
Lloyd's Bank, Ltd , 7*1 LomUaril St., London
with whom moiioy may b�� (lonosilcdTor
transfer by letter ur ealile lo any of tlio
above bruin-lies.
Agont* In I!r.iicil States:
NEWYOHK-Bauk of Montreal, Bank of
CIIU'.AOO-First Natlon.1 Bank.
ST. PAUL-Sccoud Kiitjonnl Bank.
loterost allowed ,011 deposits,
Pry.iueinl, Muuieipal nnd other doiioilturos
Available r.t all points in I'nniula, United
Kingdom, United States.
J. S. Gibb, Mur., Golden Branch,
Progress of the Fight, as Published in Our "Dally
War Bulletin."
A roward of Four Hundred Dollars will be
paid lo anyone Riving iutiirinllliiin that will
lend to conviction nf snyiuie kjjlinii or stonl-
inir cattle and liiii-*.o.-:.<if rlia tVilluivinir In-niuls,
liolQiigiug to tlio Elk l'.-irU Hniieh Co. ami
II. E. Furstcr.
Cattle I-lcandcd:
'[   Ou rlirlit rii-s,. lwlf ri/ilit ear out off.
1  On loft hip.
M  On left ribs.
-*.'    On left ribs.
*"��� *;  Ou loft hip.
Iloitte-s "Branded:
1  On rigiit neek.
'I  OnlaftsWiildet.
M   On lofl ahoulder.
I  Ou ri��iit. shoulilcr.
IS  On left shoiiltler.
Elk Park Ranoh Co.
H. E Forster.
Slnclah, B.C., Sept. Wlh, 1S!0.
works, power hmises, gennrntion plant and
sll such otlier appliances as are necessary
and proper for the melioration of electricity
**---"  r -"���'* - "ie same
within aud 1'irougboiit the
of East .Kooicuny and the various
lownsltes In tho said dis- trlct as
tbo Company from time to timo de*
tormlnas and to construct, maintain anil
operate tho samo along tbe sides ol, and
Mi-ross or under any highway, streets, public
bridges, or any such places In the said district a. the Company from time to timet do
let mines, ami to construct, erect and maintain such and so many poles and other works
and devices as the Company deems necessary
fer making completing, supporting, using,
working, operating and maintaining iho
system   of   communication  by telephone
{ir electrical works, power bouse, general-
Ug plant tnd other appliances, anil
to open or break up any part or parts of the
._, officers orweiktiiou
for the purposes of the
Oompany, Its si
think proper, am. ...
undertaking to purchase, aent
and hold and sell and dispose of or eurrt
iu)re, or
""   "Is	
term of
 ., buildings       ..
limits aforesaid and to
tenements within the
rehase or lease for
any telephone line estnb*
ofyeara, .���, ._ .,
to be established in British Colum-
connectl'  ������ ��� - ......
which tl
rcluse or
any te
lUheil . ._	
bla, connectlug er to be connected with tho
lines which the Company may construct tnd
to purchase or lease for any Arm of year, the
right of any company to construct and main-
lain any such telephone line and to amalgamate wilh or lease it. line or Ikies, or any portion or portions thereof to any company
possessing ss proprietor uy line of telephone communication connecting or to be
eonnectod with the said Company's lino or
lines and to acquire Inndt.benusci, privilege.
or other aids from any persona or IroOie.
corporate, and with all other usual, necessary
or Incidental right., newer, or privilege, as
may he.necesitry or Incidental or conducive
to tbe attainment of tht above object, or any
et them.
Dated this 10th day of October 1800.
dIT Solicitors for the Applicants.
Read THE ERA*.
TAKE NOriCE tbnt 110 days after ilato
we intotid lo apply to lhe Chief C'liiiiiuUsioiier
of Lauds unit Works for a special llt-cnso to
cut mil carry away timber on tbo following
described Intnl.! Silunte on Spring Creek
about 0 miles abovo it. junction -villi Toby
Creek, in tbe District nf East Kootenay,
commencing at n post on the west side of
Spring Crook, thenee north oast 60 chains,
thence east lOclu.ins, Ihonre north lOeliaina,
thence west l'W, Hence sonlli 10 chains to
pluce of cumiuem-etuent, containing I,Dai
acres more or loss. .
WinilermerO, November 7, li**. 61
KOTIOE in lioreliy given tliat M days
dftordnto neiiiiuiul to apply to the Chief
Commwsionorof/jJiiiflHHna Works at Victtiri*
for the foltowius Umlwr livwe:��� Sitmitod nn
tha west /vti m Wimlnrmoru Lake, Cint
Kootoiisy Uish-ii't,. comnioncluif At n |utst
filnntpcl nt the S.Wt voriior nf lot 1117, thoncfl
ciiHt 40i'tiaiiii*, tliom:.' Rmitti W) L'liaini, llicnt'o
wust &) vlmiiis. ttionce north 130 clmiitH,
thoure cant40 chains, thoitee smith 40 chain*
to placu ot ('.(imnienuemeut, containing iKJO
acres more or lew*.
DAVll) HA1.E.
GoMcn, Nov. 10, l����i.
NOTICE Is hereby givon that IV) dnya
after tlJite wo intend to make up|)lic��tiuu to
tho t.'hlof Commimioiior of Land* ami Work*
for n Kporiul livfiiwoto cut hihI vany awuy
tiinh-or Irom the ffollowitiff doncribcd l.niiiN:-
Situntetl'on Uoulder Creek. In tho District of
East Kootenay, at or near the YorVe uf same,
coniineiicliiff at a eteke plauiod alnuit 100
yards Hut of the creak, thonce WO chains
south, tlionce 69| chaioa went, theuce WO
chains north, thonce Giw clwlmi east to place
of commouceuiont, coutnlning 1W0 acres more
' ^     .    \V. DEN. ABEL.     ���
Windermero, Oct. *10,18W,
For Sale,
Will buy my Stock &
Effects.   A bargain
Apply at Onto
JVTack Joe.
London Nov. 28
As yet tho War OQIbb has not re-
iielv-ntl General Methuen'a detailed list
of tlte ca&ionltics At his laat encage
ment, which took |>lnco Ht Grass Pan.
nor is thoro any information at hand
regard! tig the wliaroaljontB of the Ninth
Lancers, who were sent in pursuit of
the enemy in that engagement.
The Daily Mail Bays that private
tulegrains announce tiirit thn Lancers
nre still scontim; ahead of Getter
Methuen's advauco column, hnt i
Methuen intimated yesterday that he
was giving hi-t men a day's rest hefore
prcceitding further, this ti hitn.lly pos-
iblo. Indeed great anslty is felt, more
especially in view of the fact that the
Berlin Journal, wWch regularly prints
Boer communications, announces that
Mora it could have been ascertained
from British lourcen the Naval Brigade
had,ono hundred men killed at Grass
Pan. and that tho Ninth Lancers were
It is understood that the government
co proceed Immediately with tho mobilization and embarkation of the sixth
division of 10,000 troops, to be placed
under thecommand of Lieutenant Gen-
oral Hildyard, whose Beacon Hill encounter should be recoguized as one of
rhe beit things in the campaign yet
shown, as if. relieved tho tension of
the situation and brought the relief of
Ladysmith within distance
General Bailor appears to be confident of Guneral Moth uen's-; ability ami
is devoting nil his energy to tho relief
of Ladysmith.
Attempts will be made presumably id
reach��� Colcmso In timo to cut off the retreat of tho Boers from AVeeuen over
Tngela River. It is feared, however,
that tbo enemy will bo the first to ar*
rive at that point and immediately
proceed to destroy the bridge in order
to intercept the British advance.
At Freer bridge the British forces
fonnd two massive spans utterly
wrecked by dynamite. One piece
weighing 34 pounds having boon hurled for a distance of two hundred yards.
BtillBV bas warned the various relief
noinmlUeeti at Oupo Town to bo prepared for tho arrival of 10,COO rufuguos
from  Kimberley as soon as -the lelge
Sin* tir-.Mi iVi-i'-i'I*
According to a desp&tch from J).
Aar dated Siiudny, tlio Boers bad
destroyed thn bridge at Stein burg o:
i hd proyioua day and Were being rula-
torwd at that point.
Thn Colonial Office has received thd
following cable from tbe Governor of
.'"fatal, fluted from Pe'-lenmuitxburg on
���Sunday: -"Tho Boers itroreclrlnj
VVeenen. Our troops are occupying
the ridge northward of Mool Itiver. It
Hppenra the Boers found our position
and mired toward Ladysmith with
���ill tbe loot tbey could collett. The
river is flooded- General Hullvr has
rived here. Telegraph communication witb Estcourt was icatored this
The Commander-in-Chief ��' Cape
Town has sent, the Admiralty an addi
tional list of the cusualtic3 among tho
British Naval Brigade ougftged In the
battle at Gras Pan, which took place
north of Belmont, an follows; ���
Midshipman of tho brulBer Dorris,
10 sailors and marine's killed; 13 petty
otlicars and l'i non-coinniissicinvd otfi
cers and men of marines wounded. The
total cnsnfiltifts, including the names
ol those already reported, aro 105,
London, Nov. 29.
A despatch from Orango river datod
Monday, the 27th instant, describing
tbe battle of Eualin, says that the
Boers had successfully retreated. The
Lancers attempted to Intercept but
were too slow in accomplishing their
oliject. A severe tiro opening from the
hill.-i forced them to retreat. General
Cronje is with the Boars at this point.
Among tbo Boor prisoners taken are
Algernon Jeppd And Commandant
Bessik, who ted tho Boer forces. Many
of the
The onomy was shellod during his
retreat and must have lost heavily, but
ihey succeeded in making their escape
northward with their six guns.
Tht British wero badly in need of
cavalry, at it was Itnpoilible to cut
off the retreat of tin* nnuiny. With
moro cavalry thn Bnt s!i couil havo
Bottled thisnortuT for tiror, Moat of
the lighting kook placo iu Vho State
territory, while lue engagement was
admlrahly planned, Thirty Boers
wero wonnded and are 'injur treatment
At the cloye of tho engagement Gon.
Methuen complim^iio!! tbo
on tho manner in which they had
performed tbeir duty and also on their
splendid behavior under fire. Unexpressed regret In feeling terms of their
Caps Town, Nov. 29.
Transports with thirty-throe officers
and   1,801)   men.    aud   lhe   b tea mer
Bavarian   with  eighty-throe   atficors
and 2,810 arrived here Tuesday.
Loudon, Nov.** 29.
Tha War Office has  roceivnd   tlle
following    despatch   from .   (1en<>Wtl
Buller, dated Cape Townt Nov. 28I ���
General Methuenreports that Mod 'ei*
River was reconnoitred at n o'clock in
the morning to asoertnin tho position
of the enemy thero and found thorn
and concealed, with no means of out-
llanfiin? the titfttj'wliK'lt is at pr��ent
voiy   high.    The action   commenced
with tbe mounted infatry nud cavalry
inking  the lead at at 5 ."10 a.m.   The
Guards took up their position  on  tbo
right, while Ninth Brigade formed up
ou  the left and attacked tho enemy's
position in widoly extended order at
(i.JIO am., and supported by the artillery, fo-und itself in front of the
8,000 strong with two large guns and
four Krupp guns.   The Naval Brlgado
rendered   gtcat   assistance   from   the
railway after dcsjii-ritte  hard   (igVui-nf;
which   lasted   ten   hours.     Our  mon
were without water or fool during the
whole of the fighting and  working  in
the burning Sun. aud finally succeeded
iu compelling   tbo enemy   to retreat
from his stronghold.    General Curew
was   successful   in   getting   a   small
party across the river and was gallantly assisted by ."00 sapper*.   I speak in
terms of the highest praise of the cou-
duct of all who wore engaged in one of
hardest and most trying fights in  the
annals of the British army.    If I can
mention ono arm in  particular,  It
tbe two batteries of artillery."
Loudon, Nov. 30.
A special despatch from Windsor
says "General Met linen's despatch to
tho Queeoo nfter the battle of Modder
River says, that it was the bloodiest
battlain tho history of the past century.
The British shelled the euetnj in the
trenches, and then charged them with
fixed bayonets. The result was that
great havoc was wrought on the Boars.
The slaughter was something tremendous,
London, Nov. 30.
Twelve hours reflection on Goneral
Met linen's brief depptit-ch Ins only
served to Inorense public anxiety, and
sua pence. All kinds of speculations
are Indulged In.
In the absence of any indication as
to whether tbe Boors are on the south
or north bank of the Modder Iti ver.
tlio best opinions ore inclined to favor
the latter theory, aud it Is pointed out.
that the British must have been utterly exhausted if thay could not follow
up tho retreating Boer forces and crush
tbem, ae the enemy crowded over the
bridge io their compulsory line of
Tbe Morning Post correspondent,
who has usually shown great   ability
exhaust the spirit of the British troops
by incessant harrassing."
A despatch from Ladysmith Rays:-*
���'All -ate well and cheerful. The Boers
nro not shelling to day. Wh have nd
fear that tbey .wi'l attack the town.
Our position we nave made very strong
with redoubts and breastworks, and
we look forward confidently to the
ultimate result."
London, Dec. 1,
The Times publishes tbe following
despatch irom Natal, dated November
27*; ���''Beyond reports from Estcourt
that firing wus heard iu tho direction
of Lndyfitnitb Monday, tlmro ti not a
shred ot news of any kind from thn
scat of war, SalnKpfflcial statements
have been issued to tbe effect that
Met linen's wound is not serious ami
that he is expected to be all right id
the course of a few days. It is CUI'talm
however, that tbo wound will preveni
Ins being in tho sndtllo and great
anxiety prevails as to whether he will
lie compelled temporarily to abandon
personal direction of affairs. Hisnexl)
in command is Col. Oolevilte, conir
mnnding the Guards brigade, wbo hna
a reputation as an exoellent officer.
Lord Wols'jley's announcement that
a new division will bu cm be-Heed witht
out delay haa lieen received with th$
greatest satisfaction, Transports will
soon be returning from tVie Cape ono.
it is hoped that men will bo despatch-
od speedily on this point.
Tho Morning Post Bays: -"The
oonor wo van make up our minds as
to ihe magnitude of the work on hand',
the sootier it will be accomplished."
Lieut. Col. Sppflord's death ends &
most promising career. He wns tho
oliicer mainly responsible for wording
out tho plans for mobilization.
Kimberley. Nov. 24th, by way At
B.oomionteio Thore were ft few rifle
s *o's early to- ay from the direction
of Wright's farm, but this was regard,
ed ns merely one of numerous Bopi
tricks to ilnf-v on\ meu oot bj   indno;
ine getting near. TbisaftteVnoon rim
emy blew up two culverts near the
rifle butts on tbo railway lino towards
Spy f on let rt. News of the proximity
of the relieving farbba grattly cheered
the garrison and Inhabitants, All are
wild with delight. A few Boors v.hro
seen to day,   but   it   is   believed   the
suggests that tbe Boers are still on the enemy is   con;posed   of   small   bands
youth side of the river and that th
bridge ti in their hands,
out the danger of the b-*-idL
too small for the fore*) which crossed
on pontoons, 'i'lie importance of this
pcntooiiing operation is proved by the-
f.-ict that General Polec.ire, one of
only two generals was solecie.l to
superintend it.
No word has since arrived either
from General M?thueu or Natal. Speculation is therefore useless. It is believed thnt Goneral Methuen will be
immediately reinforced from Cape
Town by two batnlllonb of infantry, a
detachment of cavalry nml a batten
of artillery.
Colonel Albrecht, whoif�� a prominent officer in tbe ranks of the Boor
army, and doing the engineering wot*'*-.
of tbo enemy in opposing General
Methuen, was formerly an officer in
tbo Austrian army. He entered the
Free State army brfore the war broke
out and soon brought Its artillery to a
high slate of pfllcency, Ho is known
as an able Strategist,
Somo surprise is expressed a:, tin-
fact that Genera^Mothuen's troops bad
to fight witlumt food or water for ten
hours. It iecjtis however -that be Is
not using tinned rations, purchasing
and paying for fresh food ns hurfquiius
it. Ho usually begins bis march nboin
3 o'clock in tbo morning after a hreak
fast of cocoa. Then be does bis lighting or inarching, nud afterwards
pitches bis camp near the beat wnter.
daring when his transports arrive.
The afternoon is given (JVfer to resting
tha troops, wbo only Iftvo the most
absolute necessities allowed tbem.
As one correspondent describes, the
British aro fighting nn omniprosont
but almost Invisible foe. Unstlntetl
admiration is every *A'hereoxpi'Ossod for
tho splendid work of Moth uen's galluui
column. With a force really inadequate be has marched n't niUrt ami
fought threo battles within seven days,
coming out victorious tu all i Li ol-
Whilo no credence is given ro the
rumor that Ladysmith has fallen.- it
scarcely served to Impress tho public
wi'-h tha danger of what isatill within
the bouiid*i of possibility. Such misfortune would probnlily produce a formidable revolt among the Capo Hulch.
Tho Daily News sayst���" WlinCerer
comes, we must brace our nervei to
meet it. Uufortuna'.oly, today locks
as if wo hnd a very stem and earnest
struggle before wo can pod our Wa>
clp*ir to the final victory."
Tho Times saya: ���''Tho fact Hint
thus far tho Boers bave b-v.n able to
repel our attacks by inadequate forces
upon thoir well-chosen position, while
kooping tbo Initiative iu their own
hands, is a decided hindrance to tbe
British advance. Ample numbers are
our greatest need and the decision to
send out sixty divisions Ins corrniuly
not bsen taken too soon, now that disloyalty in Capo Colony has to btt faced.
Even greater efforts will have to be
nade as tho only wtie cours.. to turn
to account for tbe somewhat bitter
lessons of 1 ho past six weeks u��d to
employ a larger factor of safety.1'
Landon, Nov. 30.
Tho Standard puhlislios ibe follow-,
ing despatch frdm Ladysmith, dated
Wednesday, 22nd :���'*S iiurday last
my correspondence, a wbole sank Cull,
returned, Showing the difficulty of
communication with tho outside world.
Tbe Boei-3 cannonade ��a almost dolly,
but- tht>ra have boot hw casualties,
Kud^ntly the object of tlfeenamv ti fo
around Kimberley h lots of 50 'or so,
lie points I tho greater part having gone to Spy-
which Is | fonteiu, whero tiring is belioyad to
havo been beard about noou. -tVom
Kutfiir sources cobia rotj-eKb that th^'e
wore two large Eo-ji* forces ar-ONiHand's
Dam, with 150 waggons for wnttsr
suyply. Tbo Boets hnvo cut the
��� yistiup dam three mil��s distant,
allowing the water to run down tfltonH
;!ieiv laaget*P nnd into an old dry dun-
on the farm. This is believed lo be
the Free Stain base oT operations on
tho western border, Official e-Tinmtes
place the number of  Boer fln&[Ul  tired
at  tb
3 bon biirdtm
m of Kim
>y at
ami ours ��t
no fewer.)
As th
3 enemy's sl.e
��� hiti
Sandy   ghiu
iii   tlieit-  I
were  grwn
I,   .,.. .- i
���l d
tii rou
jh the baril
1 n re
in as
ilisf.ietui\ C(
iraceodt*d to
Dionliidd to r
but   this  iimuediateh
the  enemy's   cord
to   gnnBi
returned nfi
>r Bftj   -
if bis
i lieri
s in:o
ile rcr
is out-
>w of
big gutiC*
guns with thoMaroo and I.
contingent with orders to-
submission. Bumin rdmen
mi��hi*ng coutinuo w\\\\ yt
se.lt. Euemy'B Bo *ri^!i di
on Biitttl'dfty by making
going a way ai.d leaving tbe
appitrontly in n sm'e of being dismantled. Qtii; scouts found ibe ir-nemy
hiddbn in forto, eo wo remained quiet.
The el etny's DH.OU-pounder lining dum-
aged bas been roplacod b> a mote eG!-.
mi-t.T plecB. Dailj pusbiuu o it our,
advance work with goo��I effect Th{
hoftltb of the carrisoti ti. good t��nd t
hnvo no crtsnnltlea to i-bp^rt,"
^London, Dec. 1. The two armiesen*
tiiiged nt Modder River weronvtdently.
of rqual strength and wt*re dnder the
direct leadership of Cronjohimself, and
were withdrawn from Kimberley to
repel tho relief column. The Boore
wore fitrontrly entronlilted dil t'io !:!gll
bunk of the river, their marksmen cort'
oeulod In tronpbes and dense thickets.,
having also two lurga guns and four
Krupp guns and other nrtillety. Thoy
bad the river in front of tbcjfi, (d'olt'ct-
ing tbem against the bayotiet uhargq
of tbo British. Pains were tnkon hy
Goneral Methuen to point out ihodifii-
oulty of tho t-iituatton and the sit-enOj
ous exertions of tlie entire Britisli
force which fought from dawn to dusVl
wit bout t'ood or wati-r disposed cautious?
military men to describe it a:; ii drnwij
battle with heavy losses' l!i killed and
It is reported that ayounp American
woman, who will soon be worth something liko twenty million dollars, hn*'
consented to marry a young English
viscount provided he wins the Victoria
Cross in South ^fritja. Thocioss and
the millions are well worth winning^
but tho girl who would mnko such
terms- not any. tbunk vou I
When fthe TrtttmViutl war Is ovor^
wouder if, among the exkibh-s at the
Paris exposition, Oom Piinl wlff tiave *
prominent place. It tnfgbt be a goott
way to pay off tbo debt Ihtsurrml.b.Y*.
G&totl Britain. espeolaHy if ho ^to-i
caged and placed in a tctit and a srtfSM
ad-oisskii char^'t," ENEMY ROUTED.
A*%m -fc ->->*.-*���>-***.-��. -***. -***��� -*-**. -*-**. -**. -*. -fc-*fc a^.a.a -AjikX
Boers Were In a Strong Position and
the British Loss Was 58 Killed,
159 Wonnded, 18 Missing,
London, Nov. 3-1.���The secretary of
state for war haa received the following
dispatoh through Geu. Forester-Walk*
er, from Gen. Methuen, dated Belmont,
Nov. 28���Attacked the enemy at daybreak this morning. He was In strong
position.. Tbree ridges were carried In
succession, the last attack being pre*
pated by .shrapnel. Infantry behaved
splendidly and received support from
the naval brigade and artillery. The
enemy fought with courage and skill.
Had I attacked later I should have had
far heavier lossos.
Our victoiy was complete. Have
taken forty prisoners. Am burying ft
good nnmber of tbe Boers, bnt tho
greater part of tbo enemy's dead and
wonnded wero removed by their com
rades. Havo captured a large nnmber
of horses and cows and destroyed
largo quautiy of ammunition.
Brigadier General I'Vatlierstoulmugh
was severely wonnded and Llent.-Ool.
Crabb. of tbe Grenadier Guards is reported wounded. Unr otber casnaltes
Grenadier Guards, third battalion,
killed, Lieut. F.yer, wonnded, Lieut
Blunded, duugorods. Second battalion
wonuded, Lieut. Vaughttn, Lieut.
Gnerdou-Rebow aud Lieut Rnssell.
Reported wounded, Lieut. Lyon and
Lieut. Cameron. Grenadier Guards,
rank und file, killed HO, wounded SO,
missing 11).
Coldstream Guards, First battalion,
wouuded Lieut. Tbe Hon, 0. Willoagh*
by and Lieut. Burton, tbe latter severely ; rauk aud file, killed 8,wounded 88,
missing ii.
Scots Guards ��� First battalion,
wouuded, Ma jnr Hon. North Dairymple-
Hamilton, severely Lieut. Bulk-ley
aud Lieut, Alexander; rank aud file,
killed, nine wouuded 84.
Northumberland Fu.siliers ��� F.rst
battalion, killed, dipt Edgar and
Lieut. Brine; wounded, Major Hash-
wuod and Lieut. Festiug, dangerously;
Oapt. Snpte ana Lieut. Fishbourne,
severely; rank and flic, killed 13,
wounded 83.
Northamptonshire regiment-���Second
battalion, wouuded, Oapt. Freelaud
and Lieut. Burton, severely.
South Yorkshire regiment���Second
battalion, rank and file, wounded three.
Liter it was learned the fighting occurred at Wittcputs station, a point between Belmont and Orange River station, near tbe railway line to Kimberley. Witteputs Station is iu Gape Ooi-
ony.a few miles west of tbe Free State,
and about 75 miles by rail from Kimberley.
Orange River, Nov. 34.--Tho Hon,
Mr. Logan a member of the Cape Colony legislative council, who has just
returned here from Belmont, saya tho
British troops engaged the Boers this
side of Belmont, (heir urtillt rv practice
being splendid. The British infantry
carried tbe kopjes at the point of the
bayonet and drove the Boers from their
Durban, Nov. 38.���The Natal Times
this evening says: "During n uight attack ou Sunday, General White captured several Boer positions, witb guns
aud much material.
Loudou. Nov. 33.���The admiralty
annouuees tbnt the First Dragoons left
town today for Durb.iu to reinforce
lien. Clery, whose advance is delayed
by look of cavalry.
Cape Town, Nov. 28.��� General Boiler bas gone to Natal. He is expected
to return here shortly.
The steumer Waiwera, with the New
Zealand contingent ot troops on board,
has arrived here.
The   Boers    occupied    Steynsbnrg,
eoufbwf st of Burghersdorp, on Monday.
Mafeking was safe as  late  as Nov.
De Aar, Nov. 23.��� A dispatch rider,
wbo has arrived bere, reports lhat all
was well at Kimberley when he left j
that town. A sortie was made on the
16th, and the British carried tbe advance works of tbe Boots. Nineteen!
of the enemy were killed. At Oringe
River, the dispatch states, the British
loss in a sortie was one killed and eight
London, Nov. 24.���It is r.ported
Mafeking is suffering from Jack of water, and that fever is rife there.
Queens town. Oape Colony, Nov. 98.
���For stragetical reasons nnd to reassure tbe British population General
Gataore decided on a partial forward
movement after reinforcements arrived
Several further arrests have been
made at Naanwport and tbat neighborhood of influential Dntob, suspected
of disloyalty. Replying to deputations
from Hersohell regarding the intentions
of the Free State forces at Ladygrey,
Commandant Olivier declared the Invasion of Hersohell distriot was not Intended. Nevertheless au incursion Is
anticipated and the native* are arming
and preparing
"I paid ber," said tbo imaginative
yonng man, "the highest compliment
one human being could pay another."
"What did you say to her?" asked
tbe practical young man.
"I told Iter sho wns n superior being
wbo walked on chalk."
"You fool! How did she take It?'
"She looked at me in astonishment,
turned her hack on me nnd walked out
of tbe room."
"Wbat did you mean by It, anyway?"
"I meant thnt she wns a wbtte soled
Aad tii* Cow Didn't Want Dlthet.
"Those people next door evidently
have uever lived In the country before."
"Whnt makes you think ior
"I fcenrd tbem wrangling last night
Both wanted to milk tht cow."���D��
trolt Freo Preta. .    .
Mrs. Dump (trying In vein to tqaeeso
��� No. 5 foot into a No. 8 shoe)-Thb)
stem* a trifle tight, but I'm afraid a No.
4 Is tnu large.
Iir. Plump.-*ou are too easily fright-
���Md, my dear.-Ohio lute Jonraal.
Friday, Ni.vm.brr '<*..
Ocean freight ratea tor 1000 have bsen
Many .it, S. soldiers have Joined Aguln*.
i Ulu'�� forces.
Thos. H. Ismay, who founded ths
White Star Line, is dead.
British trco.ifl had an engagement with
Dervishes; 400 ot the enemy were killed.
"Kid" McCoy, the pugilist. Is seriously IU at hU home in White Plains, N.Y.
Aguinaldo will submit if un iudeDon-
dvut republiii is assured to the Filipinos.
Rev J. M. Bacon and i>arty iu England hud a thrilling adveulure up tn a
Mouty A. Cole, of Canada, a    dental
indent. Ik on liia.1 for murder at Wilmington, Lei.
Seven men, the shipwrecked crew ot
thu Cladda Bello, a British vesgul, have
arrived at Boston.;
Quarantine lias been declared against
Montana by the Territorial government
owing tu tht' prevalence! ot hmull-pox In
that state,
ilinr-Ndny. November 2:).
Lord  Salisbury  Is   111  With  influenza,
Dr, J. T, Wilson, ot Shoal Lake, li
Alex. Morwlck died suddenly at lieauss-
Jinir, Mau, ���
IIukIi McLpiiuiui, a prominent Mont.
rt-aler,  Is   dead.
Austrian minora hiilinilo (hu UuHlans
have occupied Herat.
Emperor William inspected the Lite
Guard* at Windsor eastlo.
Kev. Dr. Shaw, ot tlio Method Ut cob
lent'. Montreal, Las resigned.
Tin' lust of tiie season's ouuan steam'
ers has arrived in   tlio St. Lawrence.
The logging u-ouibl nation an l'uget
.Sound  has  raised  the price of   Ious.
Pox Day settlui-s, on Antieosti, have
been offered a tract of land on L&ks
A forty-clu-lit hour Idcyclu ruee Ior the
American ciiaiiiiiloiisliip, '*"" "'���*"*'* '"
Kansas City,
has started In
MOOI RIVER FIGHT!   J-djjbmbw.
Grain, Provisions and Stocks
Imperial Troops Responded Promptly
ud Fired Several Shells Which
Caused the Boer* to Retire.
Wednesday, November 'A'i.
Two freight trains collided at East
Selkirk, Man,
Vlce.I'rusident llobart, o! the United
Status. Is dead, I
Jno; c. Sliea, an Ottawa journalist,
died la   Arizona,
Jefi'ries anil Corbett have been match.
ed   to   fight   in   Scpteinlier,  1900.
Queen Victoria etarts next March for
the shores of   tho Mediterranean.
Tin- Donaldson line steamer, Manchester Enterprise, has foundered at sea,
.Sir William Dawson's funeral was
largely attended aud very impressive,.
Seventeen vessels were wrecked during
recent storms around Newfoundland j
coast. |
Citizens of Ilio Uraiulo City, Texas, at.
tacked u fort -garrisoned by colored
Vancouver police believe tliey have cap.
turiM Tascott, tliu celebrated Chicago
The police commissioners of Wlnnl.
lien have recommended an increase ot
the salnrles of   the police.
Tiii--4<l��,v, Nii.eulier SI.
Ten vessel! ware wrecked In the
Straits of   Mugellea.
Lady Salisbury, tin* wife of the British premier, it   ili-u.il.
Children ol iourlcun years are report-
oil fighting in   the Doer ranks.
The Manltoiu government hus decided
to assist  the Dauphin  fire suite ten.
Mr. \Y. V. Lux ton lias been appointed
ed!tor.fii-cliiof of   tho St. Paul Globe.
A party of 200 Doliemlaiie will arrive In   Wcslera Canada next spring.
An acetylene explosion In the Fort
Steele, B. ft, post office injured two
Two sous of Mr. il. M. Howard, horn
hi Winnipeg, are with the Drltlsh troops
ut   l-uil.vhuiitli.
An enrUiijiiaku proof palace, designed
for the crown prince-of' .(npnn, te tinder
construction In   Chicago.
Mrs. Evelyn Adams, author of the
novel "In Marrlago a Failure 7" has
died In poverty In  New Vork,
At Mrs. .lames Drown rotter's benefit
for the American hospital ship Maine,
lu London, 18,500 wns realized.
Prlva e Win Connection wl h e'l
lUrkets. Grain* "' ���"**
CJit   "       *
Connection wl h a'l Leading
   aud Securities Bought. Sold end
-..Tried- ii Margns. dmSDonoence Solicited.
Private cypher Code Famished upon Application.
148 Princess St., Winnipeg, Han.
Monday No vein ber 20.
The (Juebec legislature will be num.
moiied  on  Jan.  11th,
Mayor Audrews was nominated by Centra   Winnipeg Oppositionists.
Tht damaged Lake Winnipeg 4(.earner.
Lady ol   the Lake, has readied Selkirk.
Geo. Ilowcson, a Hat l'orluge tailor,
has been arrested, charged wltU murder.
Sir J. William Dawson, foinur principal of McGill, died In Montreal of
Kir, J. T. Gordon will contest Moan,
tain In tlio Interests of Manitoba Op*
M. Derouledo was sentenced to three
months' I ui prison men t for Insulting Pre.
sident Loubet,
Tom .Smith and others attempted to
clean out a Winnipeg lodging house, A
knife was drawn,
The Elder Dempster steamer Merrl-
moc. from Quebec, Is twelve dnys orer.
due la   Hi arrival at  Belfast.
Col. Otter, uow head ot the South
African Canadian contingent, may heap.
pointed chiel of the Toronto fire brigade.
Tho Empress of Germany has written
letter stating she is shocked at the
ridicule thrown at the Dlble hy n German  university professor,
Saturday, November 18.
An earthquake visited Santiago de
Proclamation won the November Eng.
iteh Derby*
Sir Diehard Webster has been crtat*
ed a   baronet.
Emit ltollinger was hauged In Chicago
for wife-murder.
Emperor William, the Kinpreie and
two sous bave left for England.
Tbe rate for call loan* at Toronto
baake range from 0  1-2 to 'J  per treat,
Ool. Evans will asinine temporary con.
trol ol tbe Itoyal Canadian Dragoons
at Toronto,
The grain commission look evidonco at
DraiidoL yesterday and will continue the
sitting to-day,
Hilda Blake was sentenced to he hanged Dec, 27th, tor murdering Mrs, Iiobt,
Lane, of   Brandon.
There are said to be no eigne of war
between itussia and Japan, according
to reliable correspondents.
A. D. IfcTler, general imggags agent
of the C. V. It., Montreal, has been pro.
rooted to be general fuel agent.
Well, Hardly!
Gottlieb Haekennau, a farmer, llvlnf
near the Burlington (Ia.) golf links.
was found In Ills eafcbago patch knocking tbe heads to plocea In nn endeavor
to lift them over tbe fence, having suddenly become Insane from watching
the game. It Is said to be the first com
of golf Insanity on record���New York
Tha Highest Praia*.
"Was your friend an agreeable
"Yes, even onr cook Uked her."���Chf-
ctgo Record.
i m *-m\ ������'��� 'i
A Barer* AttmaU*
���*I have to be at home every night at
10 o'clock," sold the married man, "ol
account of the baby."
"How old ts she?"
"Thirty-two years."
, "What?" I
"Yes, 82 years. Yon sec, the baby It
my wife. She never got over her la*
Inncy."���Detroit Free Press.
An AutaniN Not*.
She���How merrily tbe leaves art dsno*
Ing orer tk* ground ia the breesel
He-Yes; they're about th* only thing*
that th* summer left pretty watt o-bV*
Nsw York World.
London, Nov. 38 ���The Daily News
bas the following from Pletermarlti-
burg under date of Wednesday: "Your
correspondent managed to escape from
the Alool River distriot yesterday before
the arrival of i.,O00 Boots, who are
looting tbe farmsteads in all directions.
Tbe Natal Boers, encouraged by the
success of tbe Trnusvaalers, joiu in the
looting. The main body of the Boers
made a rapid march from Ululdi, south-
west of Estcourt., tn a point near Fort
Nottingham, south of the railway In a
single day. These are within forty
miles of Pietermaritsburg at tbe lartb-
est aud it is thought tliey intend to attack the town."
Tbe Morning Post correspondent at
Pietermnritsburg, tele graphing Tuesday eveuing, snys: "Tbe Boers nre
uow uli around Mod! Kiver station,
where another of yonr correspondents
Is reported to be with the troops."
A il it* patch to the Daily News from
Nottingham Road, Natal, dated Toes-
day, says ilmt the Boers have arrived
near tht re.
Durban, Natal, Nov. 28.��� Tho Boers
opened lire with artillery ou Moot River camp from the north, bnt without
casualties to tbe British. About 8,000
Free States Boers with guns are march
ing from tbe west by way of Fort Nottingham.
Mtioi River, Natal, Nov. 22, 8 p.m.
���The British fired several shells,
wbiob are belie red to hove caused
havoc among thu Boers, tbat latter taking advantage of the heavy raiu and retiring Thfa Boers' shells were apparently aimed at the bridge. It was s
surprise attack, but hud beeu fully
guarded. The British bnd three
Dnrban, Nov. 22.���Today's
ment at Mooi River found the British
almost entirely on the defensive. A
correspoueut of the Natal Advertiser
says the Boers' second shell fell within
a few yards of a detachment of British
infantry, that Ihe shell is little or no
damage, and that firing continued for
about half an hour at intervals of from
three to four minutes. According to
tbis account the British troops prepared
witb the utmost promptitude and advanced undt r oover wherever possible.
The British urtilleiy was iu position
behiud the hotel where General Barton
nnd his staff were being accommodated.
Major Thorueycroft's monnled infantry moved to cover ou a ridge on the
enemy's left flunk The Devonshire
regiment and tbe Rovn'. V/elsh Fusiliers
occupied the trenches. There was but
little fire, the correspondent says, but
tbe enemy possessed at least one howitzer witb a rang of five miles, besides
several six ponudt-rs.
London, Nov. 2a.��� The Daily Mail
publishes a dUpateh from Naau wpoovt
dated Wednesday, which saya that a
large force under General Methuen has
crossed the Orange river and is advancing to tbe relief of Kimberley.
L ndoa, Nov. 38.���The Daily Mail
euys this morning: "We are ablo to
confirm the report that orders have been
issned to mobilize a Bixth division at
Aldershot for service in South Africa,
or whenever it may be wanted."
London, Nov 23.���Although it Is
evident that the situation in Natal is
again becoming sufficiently alarming,
nothing cau be offloially ascertained lo
allay public anxiety, or the curiosity
felt regarding the disposition of tbe
reinforcement) recently landed at Dnrban. Tbe war office dispatches ore confirmed to a mere recital of a few casualties at Moot river. These also confirm
the reports of skirmishes there, but
give no details as to how the engagements happened. The speoial correspondents are ouly permitted to describe
Major General Barton's camp at Mooi
rvier vaguely as "large" or "ample." j
One correspondent snys that 7,000
Boers are within 25 miles of Howiok
Falls, near Pietermaritburg, and thnt
the inhabltauts are fleeing to the capital. Evidently a considerable force of
tbe enemy is now within 80 or 40 miles
of Fietermaritabnrg but it is offloially
announced from there that no auxiety
prevails, tbe garrison numbering *
thousand men with six gnus. Gen.
Joubert'a | Ian, apparently, waa a daring attempt to defeat the British relieving column from Durban in detail,
while still attempting the reduction
ot Ladysmith.
A serious attaek on Mooi River camp
is now hourly cxpectel with tbe object
of destroying the bridge at Weston.
Sbonld tbis be accomplished tbe Boers
wonld be free to turn their attention
again to Estoonrt, while.if it failed the
enemy would retire again on Weenen
and join tbo investing forces around
Ladysmith. -	
Montreal, Nov. 38.��� Dr. Beaudry,
inspector of tbe provincial board of
health, says the smallpox epidemic in
Bt. Paschal and otber parishes Is nnder
control and there is little danger of fur*
ther spread.
M���       n S        i     1    I
Sydney, N.S.W��� Nov. 98.���The gov*
ernment statistician announced that ro-
ports received regarding the present
season's wheat yield indicate tbat it
will be doublo of that last year.
Winnipeg, Nov. 28, 1899���Th*
ohango Id wheat pr eet tinting th* put
week bas beeu unimportant. Tlieststis-
tios have all been of a bearish obaraoter,
inolnding an increase in the Amerioan
risible Bnppl-r of 1,1100.000 bushels,
���mall seaboard olearauoes, very limited
export demand aod very favorable reports on the growing crops of Australia,
New Sooth Wales and tne Argentine.
The latter country is said to have a orop
even larger than la-t year's and harvesting haa already commenced In the
northern sections. Should these crops
mature withont disaster, there will to
an exportable surplus of abont 100,*
000,000 bushels to be shipped dnring
the coming year. The Amerioan visible supply is now 04,000,000 bushel,
compared with 91,400,000 bushel, at
this time laat year und oountry elevator ttocn In the northwestern itatee are
now 11,000,000 bushels, oom pared with
7, SOO, 000 bushel! laat year. It it estimated that ouly forty per oent. of tht
orop haa left lint hands In the spring
wheat state,. The speculation It tmall
and the sentiment variable, bnt leaning
to a little Improvement on the theory
that tbere have beta only temporary
reactions sinoe December told at 75
cents and one wonld be natural, even
though temporary. Vet the markit
shows inherent weakness nnder tha
large supplies the world over, tmall
shipping and export demand, a doll
speculation and the heavier and steady
movement from the southern hemisphere.
Wheat���Manitoba So. 1 hard at fort
William, 07Jio
Flour���Ugiivie'e Hungarian patent,
11.90; Glenora, #1.70, Manitoba strong
bakers', 1.60; XXXi", (1.15, Lake of
tbe Woods p-vent-fl. 90, strong baken',
(1.70* Medora, #1.50; XXXX, $1.80
per sack of 98 pounds, delivered in
Millfeed���Ogilvie bran, fil 50 per
to, j shoits, fin 50 net Lake of the
Woods bran, saok.d, (1*1; shorts, |1��.
Ground iTeea���b-��, uat onop, (HO
per ton; mixed barley and oata,#18.00
barley ohop, 16; Oilcake, #S7 per ton.
Oats���Milling, it to 970, and feed
grades. 95 to Sec on traok hen.
Oatmeal���Fer tack of 80 lbs., #1.76.
Barley���95 to 96j lor feed; malting,
89o, on tiaok bere.
Oorn���-41 to 42o cn traok.
Wheat���At oountry i oiut. 58 to 87c
per bushel.
flax���At country points, #1.90 per
Bay���Baled, #8.00 on traok, Winnipeg; Loose, 11 to #6.
Bnttar���dreamery, S9j at the lac*
lories; dairy, 90c for finest grades.
Cheese���120 at the faoloriea for
Eggs���Stri Ily fresh, 90o.
Vegetables���Potatoes,40o per bushel;
carrots, 60o per bushel; turnip., 90
to 3oo per bushel; beets, 98 to SOo per
bushel; parsnips, )j4*o per ponnd;
pumpkins, lj^o per lb.; dry onions,
75o to (1.00 per bushel; cabbage, X
to lo per pound; oetery, 80o per doxen
bunches; squash, lo per ponnd; Hub-
uaid, 1H��; marrow, 80 to 76? per dot,
green house lettuce, 4Co per doxen
bun hes; gieen honse psnley, 9co per
dozen bnnohet.
Seneca root�����7o per ponnd.
Hides���Inspected hides, Na 1, 7 Jfo;
No.2,6Xo; So.t, oHo. Branded hides
grade Na 9, and built Na 8. Kip,
7c; calf, 8 to 8J,o; deakln skins, 96
to 86c each; sheepskins, fresh killed,
60o eaoh; oountry skint and lambs, 80o
each; borsebides, 60c to 76o eaoh.
Wool���Unwashed Manitoba fleece,
to Do per pound.   None offering.
Dressed Meats���Beef, good to ohoioe,
5 to 0H��; mutton, 8 to 9o; lamb, 8 to
lOo; veal, tH to to; dressed hogs, t>H
to OH per ponnd.
Poultry���Turkeys. 11 to lf^e per
pound, dressed weight; geese, lOo per
ponnd: ducks, lOo per pound; mixed
lots chickens, lOo per poind.
Tallow���9>, to ��He per ponnd.
Oattle���Good to ohoioe steen; 8oto
&Ho per piund off can; common, iH
to 8c; ttooken, yearlings, #16 to tltt.
Sheep���Olioloa giadel, 4o per ponnd;
lambs, 4 to 6c per pound.
Hoiis���Ohoice welgnti, 6o; aeoondt,
iVo i er ponnd.
Milk cowt���Very wane. Good milk-
era, from (85 to t50.
The exonnlous to the east an thit
year to be mn from December 4lh to
The inauguration of the excursion,
over the Canadian Paciflo took plan
thirteen yean ago and with tba la-
creased business eaoh year the immigration on the following spring alio maoh
increased. Tbe i xtent of the influence
wielded by tnr settlen can beat to aetn
hy the exonr. Ionian thematlvet. eaoh
of whom la ntnally accompanied by
two or three friends on the ni urn to the
west, lt baa beeu the desire of tbe
O.P.R. that this Influence should be
fostered in the east at the results he-
sides adding to their Dusinen improves
the trade ot tbe country, helping the
merchant, storekeeper and tradesman
and, probably what ba. a mon tonefl-
otal effect ensures the contentment of
the settler who is completely at home
when within daily naoh of hit friends.
The company also attaohea considerable Importance to the result to to derived from Ihe visit, ol (urtettlert to
the old luine- at it tends to draw the
yonng men of tho east out wist during
our harvest season, eaoh year seeing a
greater number. To snob proportions
has this grown, hardly credible, yet a
faot nevertheless, that over 10,000
youug men came from tbe east in
August hut on the oheap ratea made by
the company.
The good these young mon do la Incalculable aud when tbeir favorable Impressions of lhe west an eonflrmed by*
the prosperous condition of onr retld-
enn wbo .pend Iheir holiday''" 'he
east, next spring should tee a greater
Influx then ever of new comers.
The Indications are lhat a greater
number then In auy former year will
tpend Christmas w th the old folks and
special inducements are being effored
to any wbo go east and who oan dispose of the vacant lands iu their localities.
Tbe O.P. R. is expected of this Increased excursion business an making
gnat preparations to lake oan of lt.
The flnt olass coaches specially built
for the service of the "Imperial
Limited," and than wbich there an no
finer oars on the American continent,
are being bronght wett, while tbe new
tourist can, a deicriptlon of which il
given In a folder issued by Ihe oompany
aud to be hud of any agent, an models
of comfort.
The company do not confine thit accommodation to tbe east bound jour,
ney. Tbey intend running the 'oorilt
oan from tie east In Ihe spring so that
tbe exoursionisls may bave similar ao*
oommo 'ation coming back.
��� What, probably, will to of groat advantage to many going east via the O.
P.R. will be Ihe facilities afforded lo
bring back effects, and lo accompany
friends who have effects, will be the
Express settlers trains lhat will to run
iu Ihe spring. These tnins an made
up i.l Ti.rt.uto and Mootnal and an mn
through .pi rial tourist aud oolonilt
oan being uitached, for-the aconmmod*
ution of tbe pisseng rs who tnvel with
tbeir stock and effeols, tbe passengers
being as c.mfortable os on passenger
The probabilities ara that tlu- isndus
will b.- delayed it.) .In-r tbe elect.ons,
and Ibe l.tttr may delay many, in the
weit over the Ohrislmaa and New Y- ar
holidays. For those wbo may be prevented from getting away these who
may desire to spend the holidays here
the tlokets pure.'and on December 81st
will be made good by tbe O.P.R. to
reach the destination np till tho 10th
of January.
Fay in SORIP for Dominion Lands and
'   Sara 30 par Oast. Discount.
For full information apply to
Alloway & Champion,
Or lo .ny offlce of the MKROHANTS' BANK
OF CANADA, or the UNION BAN* 0��
CANADA lu Manitoba or Ihe West,
The Russian finance minister attempt-.
.(1 suicide. He lia. lieen charged with
m!aa-i|iropriat!ng monies.
T.onl  Strathcona nilili-csncd    tiie Dlr.
mlnirtiain elianiiti-r. or comine. ce on cs
dlau trade relation, ivitii Hrltnln.
A writ has licen issued ut-Rliist Sir
Ctia.. Tupper hy Mr. A. E. I'lillllp, of
Brandon, charging defamation of character.  '
0. P. B. Elevator Destroyed.
Toronto, Nov, 98, -The O.P.B. elevator at tbe foct of Bathnnt street,
owned hy tbe harbor commissioners,
was burned lo tbe ground tonight. The
lota It 110,260. A fire in tbe Toronto
Feather and Mattress company on Belinda street, did (80,0i.0 damage this
evening. ��� ":	
lion. Mr. Slfton. O. C. Fraser, SI. P.i
Frank Oliver. M. 1'., nnd A. I., Slfton, U,
h. A��� vtsit.it th. CnriLtnn nml l.eth.
brldice Irrigation cann 1 districts.
Cant. Vt'alnwrlglit was arrested In
Rowland charged w;tti Issuing logus
ehwtusa !��� N.lstUi B. a
Reported by Alloway A Champion,
Block Broken, Winnipeg.
-"to***,. Mie-a   am*
Montreal  It) M
SOntario            , .... I.i
Olson's  -hi Ul
enftanu"  101 .M
Union  ID
gomimroe ������ 148 .flu
WarEagl. SO M ITS
Payne , ,  IU no
Commercial 0.1,1.  it .MM
SEntr��,ITal.���  It) 1���
Bleb.* Oat,lav.  UO IM
OltvP.M.B1,  uo alu
H.IU.I R'jf ?. :,:". ui ml'*
Montreal Oa< ,  Ul W
Toronto R'y., :....,.. 1M1J l!��
"=;��� N.W. Land  St SHv
Csn. Pec, B-y, Monlrul  M*-j W*\
Qui. Pec B'y. London  It ....
Money,time.  I���7 ....
Monty,obc��1i  . t
Quoted  by Alloway * Champion,
.888 Main street, Wlnnlpag.
tt*,. , .��., to.tt m
���eiM.n WW
Snllden p
;::::::::::::::::::: ���!��
:::::::::::::::::::: :3
A Carlo*. Plaat.
"A curious plant," said an eminent
botanist to the writer a day or two
ago, "Is the wild tamarind or Juba
plant of the riverside and waste places
of tropical America, and very atrange
are. Ita effects upon tbe nonraminant
animals that feed upon Ita young
shoots, leaves, pods and aeeds. It
causes bones lo lose tbe hair from
their manes and tails, baa a similar effect upon mules and donkeya and reduces pigs to complete nakedness.
Hones an aald to recover wben fed
exclusively on corn and grata, bnt tbe
new hair Is of different color and
feature from tbe old, eo that tbe animal It never quite the aame aa It was.
"One animal of which I personally
knew, after feeding on the plant lost
Ita hoofs and hnd to be kept In slings
until they grew and hardened again.
Itumlnnnt nnlinnls are not thtw affected, aud the growth of the plant la
actually encouraged In the Bahamas as
a fodder plant for cattle, sheep and
goats. Tbe difference Is probably due
to changes effected Upon it In the
chewing of tbe cml."-Washlngton
Star.       ._	
A Jealous Blepttaal.
Tbere Is a rery Jealous elephant In
the Jardln des Plunu-a. Paris. The
place where tie la lioiist-d adjoins that
In which the i-mm-la arc located, and a
young camel m-vutly Introduced hu
bad great attention lavished on him. to
tbe detriment of tbe elephant, which
hail hitherto nioaoirallMMl public favor
In thai quarter. The elephant grew
more Jealous day nfter dny. Palling ta
attract tbe attention of a dainty little
girl who waa caressing his young rival,
Ihe huge pachyderm HIM hit trunk
with wnter and deluged lhe offending
fair one from In-nil to root.
' ��ke War la live.
Lit nt nol burden our tlm* with
trifles ond onr souls with grievance!.
We ara erery one of ua gojjl, bad and
Indifferent In our dally Journey, walking with steady or unsteady step directly toward an open -trove, snd why
worry and fret over anything? Wbat
Is the laurel wreath of fame bnt a
shadow? What Is wealth but a bubble? Let ua do our duty-the right as
Oed gives us to nee ihe right, with
malice toward none, with charity lot
Lethbridge, Nov. Il.-Wcvd ol tha
Intended nmoval of Oapt. Desna, commanding Ihe Mounted Folio* bat*, taa
caused muoh regret, this efficient offloer
being a general favorite with all iltmi
A memorial from tha town ooaaoH tu
been forwarded to the dapattSNOl tt-
qantlug thi countermanding nl tha aotion.
Th* Lady DImomk-* Thst
* H* WaSftBMVABtsTliHThat
������ Wm ��� Literary Celebrity.
Jncguci Bruhiere it an artist whose
mjrtbnlotfical picture* bave e mont delightful modern air. Hii (Ireclaa god-
dexwK louk like Parlaleoui.*. Thflr wind
blmvu bail*, tbeir blgh heeled aaadalv Aod
a Printline twirl given to tbeir drapery
bave enptlvuted tbe Parisian ladies. So
tbey crowd Jacques' studio aod implore
blot to let tbem ait for Diuuas and An-
dromedas. But be is a most uuroniautlc
fellow and Is swayed by no considerations
otber than those of gain. Although be Is
but 30, be has gained fame and some for
tune, and be Is so industrious that he flies
from useless words und time consumers���
tbnt Is to sny, women nml bores.
A year ago, just after tbe art exhibit
closed, Jacques determined to go on a
sketching tour. So be packed bis trunk,
mwlsted by bis friend. Rugeue de Lssii,
uud was bidding adieu to bis studio when
tbe ncrrunt entered wltl? a note. It was
a "iii- little note, daintily perfumed, and
tbe address was written In the most dell*
cute hand imaglnuble. lie read it, frown*
til and, crumpling it up, threw It on tbt
"Confound the women!" he cried,
"What's the mnttcrV" asked bis friend.
"Why, I'm such on unlucky fellow,"
replied Jnet|ues. "There's always soma
woman or otber bothering mc, writing
about bow she ndmires my paintings and
bow she'd like to see me nnd all that sort
of tiling. Jnst os If n man should say he
would like to see uiy palutlugs because
be mlmired tbe cut of my beard. Look,"
said be. picking up tbe letter. " 'address
Mute, [.ciinlc,' such a street and uuui-
"Rut," snld Eugene, who wns reading
tbe note. "It's very well written, I assure
you, full of most delicate wit. Wbat Aft
you going lodo with it Y"
"Oh. you literary men!" groaned
.Inclines. "What am I going to do with
It? Why, burn It of course. What do
you suppose I om going to do with it?"
"I'll tell you whnt to do with it," uid
Eugene.   "You're going away"���
"Then give It to me."
"Why, whot'll you do with Itr said
Jner^tes, with a stare. '
"Well, I'll play painter." replied Bu*
iretic. "I'm not much of one, but 1 can
dnuli n little���enough, nt nil events, to
deceive n woman In love, and I'll find out
who "Mmc. la-conic' Is. That's only part
of her name, I'm sure."
So il was settled. Jacqnos Bruhiere,
pn inter, set off fur Switzerland, nnd Eugene de Lasil, man of letters, remained
to personate hlra. bnt only for Mme. Le*
onie. Other visitors were told the truth
���thnt the master was gone.
Al Inst she came. Eugene's romantic
fancy bad painted her as young and
lifitiiiiful. but she wns more than tbat.
She was divine. Rhe wns a brunette and
hnd ihe most delightful nose, the most
sparkling eyes, the most glorious hair and
the most adorable little hands nnd feet
that Engene bnd ever seen. He flattered
himself thai he wns correctly made up
fur his role. His velvet blouse and jaunty cap were a little too clean perhaps,
but lhat was a good fault.
Mine. leeonle wnnted her portrait paint*
ed. nnd It was rery difficult for her to decide bow It should lie done. She wavered
loug. One day sbe would be Ompbnle,
the next sbe bad decided that to Ik- represented ns Salome wiih necessary to ber
peaee of mind. But when Eugene bad
made bis preparations his fickle goddess
decided that Delilah was the character
that suited her, and then she would wander around the studio and drape herself
with the barbaric stuffs used by long
gone models a nd handle tbe curious
weapons and examine the porcelains, and
tben she would sny tbat sbe was weary
and would come the next day, and she
would go. leaving Eugene de Lnssi deeper In love than ever.
As for bim. be waa In a dream. Ht
hnd retired from the world. At bis own
iiunrlers bis door was dally stormed by
publishers, by managers, by printers'
hoys, by creditors and by friends. But
no one knew where be bad gone, ne bad
told bis servants be was going nwny, bnt
had not told them where. It was wrong,
decidedly wrong, but bt took a certain
ferocious joy lo It when be thought how
he himself bod once pursued these same
editors and managers.
Eugone bad at Inst discovered that bis
Inamurnta was a widow, wealthy and of
good family. Her full name was l*eonl*
de Nores. He had nover told bis lovt,
but that ihe wm blind to It was Impossible, yet the was certainly blind to bla
painting, for sbt expressed ber admiration or It witb ao enthusiasm that made
Eugene wince. But oue day, wbeo be
wuh, as usual, attempting to transfer ber
to canvas, a particularly atrocious tree
which he Introduced In tbe background
tilinctcil her attention.
'Maciiuca," said sbe, "don't you think
thai yon nre-tbat you are-well, tbat
you're losing a little of your skill?"
"Whnt!" shouted Eugene.
"I menu-that la���I'm afraid tbat 1
keep yon from roar work so much
"I only hop* that yon mny keep ne
from II forerer," returned tbe amorous
Eugene. And ao tbo dangerous moment
rs t t t s ��� ���
Hut this state of affairs could not last
forever. Ont flat day as Eugene was
tented upon a divan thinking of bis lady*
hive, who had just departed, who should
enter bnt Jaeqnea Bruhiere. Tea, thtrt
be was, with his attendant carrying his
umbrella, bis sketch books, hU camp
stmils. his baggage, e time artist Just
from tbe country. The false oot trembled as be tbouaht that hit dream waa
over. Had he been a Borgia ht would
have slain his friend, Aa ht was not ha
pressed his band warmly and bade him
But how conld be extricate himself
from hit dilemma? How conld bt answer to a high spirited woman for tht dt**
ception ht had practiced upon her? Aa
to persuading Jacqoes to content to aay
arrangement for keeping ap tbe deception, that was oat of tho question. Where
bis art was concerned tht painter would
prove as deaf as a pott and as unmanageable aa a balky horae. So Eugent
was pusxled.
Finally a bright idea occurred to him.
"Why not," thought he* "girt a comic
turn to the affair? If properly done,
Leoute will be disarmed. She Is easily
moved to laughter,, and then I will explain and beg ber forgiveness." '
Alas! Poor Butfme's Idea was not a
happy one.
The next day when Leonlt appeared It
waa Jacques who met her al tbe door.
He was In blouse, cap and carried palette
aud brushes.
"Can 1 net M. Bruhiere?" tbt asktd
with some little surprise.
"Tbat Is my name, madam," replied
the painter.
"You Jacques Bruhiere!" aald the, with
au amused Inugb, aud ahe pushed by him   '
and entered tbe studio.   "You the great
painter?  No, not" and ahe seated htrself
and looked at bim defiantly. -
But If sbe wat at btr eaat Id tbe studio
bt wis more to. Htr quick woman's eye
noted this, ood on tht easel thtrt wat al- -
ready beguu a canvas In which sht recognised the matter's touch. Leonle was
becoming III at ease. She picked np a
little Hindoo god which stood on the table beside ber and Angered It nervously.
Her hands trembled, tht little monster
slipped from them and dashed In pieces
on the floor.
The artist stepped to the, wall ond rang
tbe bell The door opened, and a servant
entered clad In livery and wearing.an
apron, rendered necessary by the fact of
his cleaning brushes.
"Did monsieur ring?" bt asked.
Iaeouie stared at him and grew white.
"Yes, Jean," replied the artist "Gather up the fragments of this trifle, which
madnme has unfortunately broken.
Now," said he, turning to Leonle, "It
madnme will kindly Inform me to what
I ewe the honor of this vis"���
Ue stopped. Her- wblte. set face, her
staring eyes, frightened him.
"A luckeyt" sbe hissed, "a base lackey!
And I bave loved this heartless, cruel,
lying wretch!"
With n audden Impulse of fury, sht
snatched up a pretty toy, n silver, poniard, wbich luy upon the table, and
sprang nt Eugene. Quick us a flash the
artist dashed between tbem. But quick
ns be was, he was too lute. Tbe poniard
struck Eugene In tbe aide, Inflicting a
deep wound. At this Leonlt uttered a
shriek and fainted away.
Eugene's comedy hod become a tragedy.
"Truly a pretty sight for the studio of
an honest, hardworking painter," groaned Jacques Bruhiere, aa he gaxed upon
the two prostrate forms. "This comes of
obliging your friends. Catch me doing it
e        e        *        *        eet
Tbree years bad passed. Leonle wat la
tbe brilliant salon of tht Oomtesse dt
Sngoite, whose house wat always filled
with tbe literary men of tbt day, and she
invariably secured tbe literary Hon. She
wom making her way through tht brilliant throng toward Leouie.
"My dear," said'she wben she reached
her, "yon haw read ttint novel of which
all Paris Is talklng-'Les Deux Princesses?* "
"Yes." said Leonle, "It la a charming
"Do you know Its author?"
"Eugene de Lassl? No. It be here
this evening?"
"Yes, and 1 want to present bim to
you. Ah, there be Is. M. de Lassl I And
in another moment there stood before Leonle���the false painter.
For a moment be hesitated, but the old
spell reasserted Itself, and she.found herself listening almost against ber will to
hit pleas for pardon, and he pleaded hit
cause most eloquently.
"I am half Inclined not to forgive you."
the laid at length. "Yon acted abominably.   You know you did."
"I acted like a fool ond a knave." said
Eugene, "and you ought nover to pardon
mc, but you will, won't you?"
"Well," said tbe beauty tern (reluctantly, "if you'll be a very good boy"���
"And never deceive me again"���
"And   never  paint  any   more such
wretched trees?"
"Tben I forgive you for having played
tbe servant."
"But I wnnt to play |t again/'
She looked at him inquiringly.
"1 want to be your servant forever."
e       *       ft       #       *       t
Their first child waa $ boy.   He waa
called Jacques de Lassl, and Brublert
was bla godfather.���Adapted for Argonaut From the French.
Ceeie far Prfit.
"Rich and poor alike follow my faumblt
calling," remarked the train aunoqneer
as the crowd in tbe waiting room rushed
aboard the Loneiyrlllt accommodstion.-
Phlladelpbla Rfecord.
A VomlalM FUI-M*
Wife���You are to dlfferentl
Husband-How, my lovt?
Wife-Well, yog art at indlfeftatl-
Dttrolt Journal
Dr. Dttl, of the geological strvsy, has
fttarntd W|9��/.J��asln^ ^^^^^^^^^
trt of tht
mLosrais around"O'reA Hlart Lake.
Prlneljvtt    Grant, of   Qtetn'a onlvtr-
���Ity, ntt with a great mention on hi'1
tttnra tm Kingston frtui fcagtaad*
Women are so accustomed to attribute their paint to
ailments of the feminine organs that they frequently suffer
with backache and kidney disorders without understanding
the nature of the disease.
The most marked symptom of kidney disease is back,
ache. Then there is irregularities in urinating and deposits
in the urine. When these indications are present, delay*
are dangerous. There is safety only in the immediate
treatment with the world's greatest kidney cure���
Women who suffer with backache and the tired, lan<
guid feelings, which accompany kidney ailments can use
Dr. Chase's Kidney Liver-Pills with perfect confidence.
They are purely vegetable, and ace naturally on the kidneys, liver and bowels.
One pill a dose, a$ cents a box. At��U dealers*, or
Edmakson, Bates & Co., Toronto. cio
Q-oii-DEasr Eua.
Jco Pale-hen Is simply anbeatable on
a liulf mile track. Bt_
Pnge. 2*00%, Is stepping fust on th*
New York Speedway.
Wootlburn farm retires from th.
ten-ding business tbis fall.
Heir at Law's (2:05141 broken leg la
doing nicely, and be will recover.
Much Ado. 2:18*14, relishes split beats
and haa never yet won a race "off tbe
Bnah, 2*09(4. may be seen al th.
races later. Sbe recently worked a
half mile In 2:13%
J. D. Callery. the Pittsburg road rid
er, baa bought the fast stallion Russell
wood, 2:14m, by Atwood.
Lord Vincent, S-06%. now priced nt
$20,000, cost George Tod of Vouugs-
town, O.i just 11,000 last winter.
Eula Mac, 2*2*% tbe Drat 2:30 2-year-
old trotter of 1890, la by McKlnney,
2:11*4, out of Balance All, 2*211%, by
Brigadier, 2:21(4.
Tho 4-year-old trotting ally Neeretta.
-wbo won In 2:12(4 at Santa Ilosn, Cal..
Is the first foal af her sire, Ni-i-rtiut,
2:11!4. by Albert W.
Joseph II. Ake and Daniel Wise of
Bykesvllle, Pa., bare purchasix! tho
promising green pacing mare All���
Ake from John II. Patchen of Patch.
en ville, Pa.
Ciovernor Pacheco, the brother of
Palo Alto, 2*08%, bought by .1. .1. McDonald or Cuthbert, Ga., at Hon. W.
J. White's receul sale, Is lo stand In
Kentucky noxt year.
The Maid, 2*06*"4, was timed a half In
one minute and three-quarters In 1 .III
In Ibe 1*11.000 Neponset purse at Head'
villi-, bnt wns unplaced, although the
best time wns bnt 2:08V*,. 1-Vni-fnl
breaks destroyed any clinuce that she
might have hnd.
MfflABD'8 UKIMEHrftr Silt EtlfPrtm.
IswaDnnkea NiskaidWn Mate a
Sotor Mai kyaDeterniied W��e.
She writes:���"I had tot a long tlm. been
thinking of trying the Samaria Presorii
Hon treatment on my husband for hU
Making bablt,, but I was afraid he wonld
ilsoover that I was giving him medioine,
tnd tho thought unnerved me. I hesitated
lor nearly a week, but one day when he
same home very much Intoxicated and
his week's salary nearly all spent, I threw
3-ff aU tear ana determined to make ao
iffort to save onr home from the ruin I
���aw oomlng, at all haiards.  I lent foi
Bur Samaria Prescription and sat It In
��� eoffee as dlreoted next morning and
mtohed and prayed for the result. Al
ill I gavo him more and also at supper.
 *"--     *""'   |, and I then
fha-fdlKorcrod iomething that set even
aorre In my body tingling with hope ane
happtnns. and I oould see a bright futon
never snspeoted "a thing, and ft
kept right ongt-ring It��
ipra-ul out befon me���a peaceful, happj
home, a share In the good things of life, ar
attentive, loving husband, comfort., ant
mrylhlng else dear to a woman's beart
tot my husband had told me that whisker
was vll. stuff and ha waa taking a dlslllu
to It. It was only too true, for before 1
had given him the fall course he had stop
S drinking altogether, but I kept gtflni
medioine tui it wm sons, and then sen!
another lot to haveon hand II he should
rehtpee, as-h. nad done from his promises
before. He never has, and I am writing
you this letter to tell yon how thankful I
am.  I honestly believe lt will oure ft.
A pamphlet In plain, sealed envelope,
Hnt free, giving testimonials nnd fnll Information, with direction, how to take or
administer Samaria Pwaorlption. Correspondent* oonslderrd sacredly oonflden*
UaL Address The Samaria BenHdy Co.,
Jordan street^ Toronto, Ont,
A Baaafketor to HI. BpeelM.
Daring the recent drought I sat In the
train opposite a gentleman who seemed to
be haunted by a flxwl Idea. He never tired
of repeating bow great a blessing It wonld
be for humanity If artificial rain oould be
produoed.   "Yon see," he excitedly remarked, "I have already tried everything.
The plan of going np in a balloon and
sending down a shower with a watering
can failed, because we hsvs no means of
-transport to lift sufficient quantities of
hwatt-r into the air; further, a fountain,
f rising at least S00 feet Into (he air and
I *Ka|terlng Jeta of water In all directions,
L jame too expensive: cannons to perforate
1 (he cloud, md make them .xploda are not
Set Invented, -and are, |u fact, useless when
bere an nq clouds about"	
I    "flxouse tne," I Interrupted, "yo�� wish
. to become a benefactor of the human face,
��ud more especially theagrlon|tural population. Yon area landed proprietor,I pre
> ''No," he replied, "nn umbrella makerl"
j -��Bunt��i Allerlel.	
f mm roomr m�� mm
Hot la Hotidar Array,
"I suppose you don't think wo make
"much of n showing." aald Oom Paul ta
lie strange*-. ^T"
/"I must say thore are not many evl-
Alices of glory and authority."
("Well, you'll bave to come around
jrlien we're uot so busy If you want lo
) our pomp aud pageantry. Tbe |wel
ttureale Is al work cleaning blunder-
, tb* members of the brass baud
practicing at tlio ride range and
be military tailors are all working
L overtime   re-enforcing   tbe  cavalry's
r pantaloons. Von'll havo to make a few
| allowances.'-      	
What He'd Hav. ta Learn,
"I should think a man who wrote
I Mcb an Illegible hand as you do would
fleam to uss tb* typewriter."
"Too bard to learn."
f "Nonsense.   Tb* typewriter ta easy
I learn."
"Ob, the typewriter Is, of course, hnt
tit's a different matter to learn to spell.
iXou can't .nd a word with ft crooked
Jlno aa Hi* typewriter."
te Wee** We* A*aram*at,
Crlllcus (looking at a picture of th.
Mtnnrt'ssionlst sclwoli-lf "that's iilgn
%ri. tbep I'm an Mint.
.-"C-rttletts-Well, that la high ��rt-���TM>
Lamar ens aunt
Aa Irish WataiBft
Htv. Pr. Marahall, ,wbo waa a mil
known oonrtrt to Home, nnd wbo waa a
tefy taut man, wtighlng abont 80 stunt,
*u* took a covered oar from Dublin to
Dromoondra. Before ht got Into the car
|ht naked tbt driver to tell htm wbat tbe
ftere was. "I lava that to you, yonr rav
'" "Bttt how much is Itt" "What
ryoarmv��ren��nhu����i," "That won't
I ahall not get into tbt car till yon
_J ��t��fce far*"  "Getty at onoe, yonr
tr��rercnot, far If tht homt tnmt and |tta
* sight of yaathtdlrllaetep he'll goat
^."-"Bnvtawjfmw of Irish I.lfe.,r
Asthma Care vs. Asthma Belief,
It Is a reoogulsed faot among these kofferiag
/ram asthma tbat the longer they nso the tern-
ponry r-elluf asthma remedies which require to
be burned, thd worse they become, nntil It loses
Us effect entirely. Clarke's Kola Compound is
not among thh class, but will permanently
core the worst case bf asthma In from 00 to N
days. Mr. F.J. Palntoo. proprietor of Psln-
toa's Music Store. Vaaoauwr, B.C., writes:
"1 bxte bsen e great sufferer from asthma
tn Its worst form for over fifteen years, and
hsd consulted phystdaas both In England
aad Canada bnt obtained no relief. A friend of
mine who had been cured by the Kola Compound advised me to try It, and three bottles
havs entirely cured me; lt Is now over two
years since my recovery, and asthma has not
iroiitntd me ainc*; and previous to taking pr.
all druggists* Free sample .bottle rent to nny
person. Mention this paper. Adoresa lb*
Griffith** Mac,.hereonCo., Wt Church street,
Toronto, or Vancouver, B.C., sole Canadian
; At Niagara Falls the Philadelphia
company is constructing a large plant
for the manufacture of calcic carbide.
If the electrical furnaces there cau
produce the carbide fn sufficient quantities to supply the demands of a largo
city, and on an economical basis, there
can be little doubt of acetylene's futuvo
success. Scientific men agree on these
points, but somo are not so confident
that the enrtu desired can be accomplished as are thofi interested in the
Philadelphia company,
The carbide will be brought to Phili
delphla in lumps, then liquefied, placed
in cylinders and distributed to householders, who will connect them in their
cellars with nervice pipes from the
street mains, whence the supplylof city
gas is derived. No change in existing
gas fixtures will be necessary, except to
substitute for the five feet per hour
burner a tip through which one-half a
cubic foot of acetylene will flow in an
hour. A one-half foot burner, with
acetylene, it haa beeu demonstrated,
will give the same illumination as
three ordinary live feet burners using
city gas, A cylinder six inches in
diameter and nix feet long will hold
sufficient acetylene to light an ordinary
ten to thirteen room dwelling three
Based upon photometric tests 1,000
feet of acetylene light la equal to 12,500
feet of city gas. Bays of acetylene
light are claimed to diffuse to greater extent than any other known illuminant.
Under them all colors and shades are
almost as accurately distinguished as
in* sunlight.
In a circular issued by the Acetylene
Light, Heat and Power Company, of
Philadelphia, these advantages are
claimed for the product; "It gives
more light, throws out less heat, consumes less oxygen and can be produced
at much less cost thau other illuminating gases. It is capable of being stored
aa a solid in the shape of calcic carbide,
as a liquid or as a gas. It may be
shipped long distances as carbide or aa
a compressed liquid gas manufactured
from it, and in the latter state may be
applied to all purposes of isolated lighting, especially as in railroad trains,
atreet cars, carriages, bicycles, steam*
ahips or sailing vessels, street lighting,
and it may be used in dwellings, stores
or manufactories, its application for
the latter purpose permitting the manufacture of a gas sufficiently low priced
to be used for fuel or heating purposes."
When the company begins the distribution of cylinders of light through'
out the city consumers will be charged
80 cents per thousand cubic feet,
Philadelphians pay $1 per thousand for
gas manufactured by the municipality,
but promoters claim 1,000 feet of acetylene are equal to 1-2,600 feet of city gas.
She Didn't Know.
"You are ao late."
It was nearly 1 o'clock iu the morn*
ing, and Mrs. Dimpleton looked reproachfully at her husband, who but a
moment before had stealthily entered
the house. Dimpleton turned quickly,
and, putting his hand under his wife's
chin, lifted her rueful face to hia own
and then put hia arms around her.
"Ah, ray dear," he said, softly, "do
you suppose I have been happy away
ft��m you* When I met Winkletoo,
purely by chanoe, ha invited me to
ppend the evening with him, lt took e,
great deal of will power, I can assure
you, to accept the invitation, It waa
only the thought of business, and that
tt really meant more for you in the end,
that compelled me to. How unhappy
| was aa we bought the tickets and entered the theater I Your faoe was constantly before me, How I longed to
tear myself away from that brilliant
scene and follow the promptings of my
heart t I applauded mechanically, my
laugh waa forced, and then at the
supper, afterwards, how miserable I
was t I pictured you sitting here Alone
without me,   I���"
������But I waan't alone," interpolated
Mrs, Dimpleton,
"Not alono!" echoed her husband.
"Who on earth was with you ?"
His wife smiled, loftily, aa ahe re-
plied i
"No one haa been with me, strictly
speaking, Only if I had known that
you were goiug to be so late, I would
have stayed at my club half un hour
Worked tha Cashier,
A good itory ia told of a young man,
who, besides being a spendthrift, ia a
splendid mimic, and ean imitate hia
father's voice to a dot, Not long ago
tha young man wanted, at onoe, some
money to pay a bill, and he knew that
his father would treat a request for the
aame with oold contempt. Watting till
he knew that his father would ba away,
he went to a telephone and rang up the
office, calling for tht cashier, The
cashier answered, and wben ho was at
the other end the young man imitated
his sire's voloe,
'I say, Blank, if that scapegrace son
of mine comes round and asks for ��100,
don't give it to him. Only give him
The cashier promised that he would
obey the order, Not long after, tbe son
called at the office and demanded WOO,
He was refused by the conscientious
cashier, and. apparently In anger, the
young man contented himself with the
160, When tha old man reached the
offlce there wat a scene.
���ba Will Maud It,
Lilly-Why did you speak to that
horrid fellow to- the car ?.-Wtmnt
you afraid It would affect your standing?  	
Millie-Notoblt. Hs never offered
a girl a seatta his lift,
Miss Addle Mflrhi MiMuMI-H
Had never tretr'ni i-.m1i:
She'd Just tip u itVr lo Midiljom,
lliluuukfi-, v.i*.. uml miiIt.
But wlirn ih-��� started tor Hue Orleem
She'd never u tlicuvh: .1 flunk',
Fot all to lier that * jjutn.-.. Kuans
li locking itiinKi tn her trunk.
With that article ot bd;-aje she
Down to the station went.
Within lirr portet die ImJ the key,
And she was well ninicnt.
Tbe baggageman said, "Tickets, please!"
Out came that ktv wtili spunk-.
And there tliey luuiid tliem till at ease
Locked safely in lier trunk!
Now when she tunie tu New Orleans
Her aunt wns hi tin.- train;
With a grace liefi(Un;f a pair ot  i*�� u
They klweil-umi kissed attain!
Her cousin asked lier for lier cheeks,
His spirit low ll sunk
Wben she announce* she "espec's
They're sate inside lier trunk!"
Ha told the tate lo the trutnmen tlier%
And tliey lauuhed long und luuilj
He felt as It he'd like to swear���
Tbe occasion drew a crowd,
But, crowd or noi. Mies Addle sht
From duty never shrunk;
Sbe Just produced her little key
And found llicm in lur trunk 1
-Clilca��o Record.
THOROUGHLY.-Paniieleo's Vegetable
PlUi olear the stomach and bowels of
bilious matter, oanse t&e excretory vessels to throw off impurities from tbe
blood Into tbe bowels nnd expel tbe deleterious mat i from tbe body. Tbey do thit
without pain or looonvenience to tbt patient, who speedily leallaes their mod
offices as soo u as they begin to take effect.
Tbey have strong reoommendations from
all kinds of people.
A Trade Trick.
All cigar flavors do not come from
flgtirn.   There are tricks in nil linden.
A certain chemist iti Cleveland does n
large business in selling extract of cigars.
To lonh at tlio fluid in it dottle il migbt
be tukeu for extract of vniillliuoi' any
lirown colored mi-ilic-iut>. Hut such an
odor! It is tlio essence of nil that Is delightfully fragrnut in Havana tobacco,
the iint'Nt in the world.
"There's uot a bit of tobacco in It,"
said the ehi-tnist. "1 make it of otlier
materials. 1 Dell it to tobacco manufacturers nud there my interest ends."
The interest of the manufitetttrers does
uot end there, however, for they buy
cheap tobacco, make It into cigars, flavor
tbem witb tho Havana smell and sell
tbein at n higher price than tbey would
bring without the use of the chemists'
The Hint* Quinine In Dnropa.
Peru Is the birthplace of the potato,
which was used qs an article of food by
the Incus and exported to Europe by tbe
Spaniards when they took over quinine
bark nnd named it in honor of tbe Countess of Chlncon, whose husband at that
time wns viceroy, Tbe Indians bad used
the hark for medicinal purposes as long
ns any oue conld remember, but this noble lady wns the lirst European to test
Its efficacy, aud it proved so excellent a
cure for tbe malnrla which saturatea the
atmosphere of Limn tbat she Induced the
���feattlt fathers to recommend It to tbe
medicos of the old world. These wise old
chaps sent It to Spain and Italy, and It
Is wilt) thnt one of the lirst doses of qui'
nine that wns ever administered In Eu-
nijie was swallowed by tbe pope.���Chicago llecord.
JUST THE THING THAT'S WANTED.���A pill that aett upon tht stomach
and vet fa sooompounded that certain In-
i;redlents of It preserve their power to aot
ipon tbe Intestinal canals, so as to clear
them of excreta, the retention of whioh
cannot but be hurtful, was long looked
for by the medioal profession. It was
found In Parmelee's Vegetable Pills,
Wbioh are the result of much expert study,
and aro scientifically preparad as a laxative aad an alterative in one.
Origin of the Fronch Theater.
Volumes innumerable bave been written on tho origin of the French theater,
which had aa humble a beginning as the
theater in all otber European countries,
with tbe exception, however, of opera. The
spoken drama or France, as of otber European countries, had humbler beginnings,
Hud the first regular troop of the Comedle
FmiicHifte bad its origin In it combination
of wondering companies. It Is a little
it re t ti it ts two centuries ago, In the year
1(180, tbnt the theater where'"the come-
dlaus of the king" habitually performed
received tbe title of Comedle Francaise,
though its constitution dates from 1680,
when, by order of Louis XIV, the company of tbe Hotel do Hourgogne was
united to that or tbe Theater Guenegaud
In the Hue Mnxarln. The history of the
Comedie Francalse cannot well bo separated from thntof Corneilleandof Molten,
Its greatest writers, tbongh Mollere. who
dtedlu 1078, nml Cornell!*, wbo died lo
1584, produced their works long before tbe
Theater Francata was officially constituted
���St. James Budget.	
His Infirmity,
Gentleman��� Vou can't work on account
of paralysis! Nonsense, you look as
strong ns I do.
Trauip��� Well, yon Bee, buss, it's paralysis of de will dot I'm troubled wit.���
Brooklyn Life.
The three groat vital factors
of this body of ours ara the
heart, the nerves andthe blood.
It is because of the- triple
Siwer possessed by Milburn's
eart and NervePllls of making
weak, irregular beating hearts
strong and steady, toning np
run down, shattered, nervous
systems and supplying those
elemtnta necessary to make
thin, watery blood rich and
red, that ao many wonderful
cures hare been aeertdittd to
thia remedy.
Bere Is the em of Hn. B.
J. Arnold, Woodstock, M.&.,
who says:
"I wu troubled Aw mm
time With ntrvont prostration
and general weakness, feeling
Irritable, debilitated aad tlatp-
Itaa Marly all tha Um. My
tntlia system btaaata nn
down. Aa soon as I betas
taking Milburn'a Btartand
Nerve Pills. I rtaliatd that
thty had a calming, toothing
lnflutnte upon tba nerves.
Every dose seemed to help tht
cure. They rettored say deep,
strengthened my nerves aad
rive toae to my tntirt s/stoia.
think them wonderful."
Hale OU Age.
Bad to see people
advanced in yeare
aehe. Lame Back,
Urinary Troubles
and Kidney Weakness. A hale old
age, free from pains
and aehes, oan only
mw- s\ wn beattainedbykeep-
iug tha kidneys right and the blood pure.
befriend tht agtd by freeing them from
pain and correcting all Disorders of tht
Kidneys and Urinary System.
Mr. Thomas Asb, an old resident of
Renfrew, Ont., spoke aa follows:
"I am 72 years of age, and have been
tronbled for a number of years with pains
across my baok. When 1 would stoop
over It gavt agonising pain to straighten
up. I wu ao bad that I oould scarcely
walk. I hare taken many kinds of medicines, bnt aot nothing to help me. Being
recommended to try Doan's Kidney Pillt
I got a box. After taking three doses 1
noticed a great change for the better,
and I ean now get around as smart as a
crloket, I can spilt my own wood and am,
In fact, just like a new man."
On* summer itay to a young chllil I snld,
"\Vrltc to tli.v inutlmr, liny,"   Willi earnest tics
Ann lsuoriiiK flngen nil iiiim*.'*.! to tiuce
1'liv mystic cluiriU'tei'S, lie bunt till li ail
iTIial iliuuld liitve ilunccil aml<) tin-  Hhwits  in
Over th? hlnrrnl pujfo tor a lislt liimr's space.
Then, with a slifli that liunluied sll lhe plaee.
trial,   "Mamma   knowat"   snd  out  to  mmnhint
O soul of mine, whin tasks arc hard and Ionic
Anil lift! ao erou-di thco with Its stress and strain
That thou, hull fainting, sn too tired to pray,
Drink thmi this wine ot-tilcwlnjt slid be strong!
Uod kmtwst   What ilimi��li the lips lw dumb witb
Or the pen drops?   He knows whai thou wouldsl
It.   Dorr In  New  Vork  Mail  and  Ks
-Julia C.
Dear Sirs,���A few days ago X was
taken with a severe pain and contraction of the cords of my leg, and had
to be taken home In a ng. I oonld not
sleep for tbe pain, and was unable to
pnt my foot to the floor. A friend
told me of your MINARD'S LINIMENT, and one hour from the .first application, I was able to walk, and
tbe pain entirely disappeared.
You oan use my name as freely as
yon like, aa I consider It tbe best
remedy I have ever med.
Ingersoll, Ont.
The MraterlM of Spellinsr.
The proprietor of a country shop once
worked himself nearly into n brain fever
endeavoring to mako Intelligible the following note given to him by a email boy,
the son of one of his customers:
"mister Cream���Wuut you lut my bony
bev a pair of Easy toad shusV"
However, be wns prolmbly not more
horrified than tbe schoolmaster wbo re*
ccired a letter from a man who wrote:
"I bave decided to Inter my boy in your
The letter which ono person wrote ta
an editor when diKi-ontinning his paper
contains Interna! evidence of tbe truth
of Its assertions:
"I think fuulkrt orient to spend their
mutiny for paypur, my tbul lUdcnt. nnd
every one subl be wnw the inlttllb-tMitext
until In the country and hnd the stimrteni
family of botau thut ever dug taters."-
H. Porter, Lower Ireland, P. Q., writes :
"My son, 18 months old bad oroup no hnd
that nothing gave him relief until a
neitbbor brought me some ot DH.
gave him, and In six hours he was owed.
It Is the best medicine I ever med and I
would not be without a bottle ot lt In my
house.' ���     	
Coadltloaa Changed.
"You used to sny you couldn't love
hiin If be were the last man In tbe
"Yes: I know."
"And yet yon nre engaged to be married to him.   You hnre changed."
"No, not nt all. You see, If fat were
the Inst mnn in the world there couldn't
bo Ibis rich old uncle of bis, who bus
come Along and promised to leave bim
Net of the Ancient Order.
The art of (ompouudlng liniments and
lotions It recorded among the anol*uts of
many ages baok, but tirlfflths' Menthol
Liniment It a decided Improvement on
all previous linimentn brought Iwfore tbe
public Itooniblnes the well known pain
relieving prooerties of Menthol with tl t
best counter Irritants known to medical
8o!euce.   Sold by all druggists. 2ft cent*.
lesrersoll ������ Clever.
The late Colonel Ingersoll onoe sent
the following letter of regret In answer to an Invitation to dinner by the
Clover club:
I Rfnt that It Is Impossibls for ms to bs in
"clover" with you tomorrow, first anniversary
dinner, 1SS3. A wonderful thing fs "clover." li
means honey and cream���that is to say. Industry
and contentment, thst ts to say, the happy bees
In perfumed fields��� and at the cottage gste "Old
Boss," the bountiful, serenely chewing satisfaction's cud in that Hewed twilight pause thai,
like a benediction, falls between sit toil and
sleep. This clover makes ne dream of happy
hours, of childhood's rosy cheeks, of dimpled
babes, of wholesome, loving wives, ot honest men.
ot springs and brooks and Uolrta, and all tln-ie
Is ot stainless Joy in peaceful human life.
A wonderful word is clovrrt Drop the "c" and
joii have Hit happiest ol msnklnd. Tske sway the
"o" ard "r" and you have left th? only thing that
n-ukt". a heaven ol llils dull and barren tartli.
Cut ofl the "r" alone, and there reuialin a very
deceitful tmd that swi>i-tens ths brrntti snd krept
peace in countless homes whose intiu-n frequent
dubs. After all. Bottom was right, "Oood lis),
tweet hay, hath ao fellow."
ttOBtsr O. horssoLt,
-Philadelphia Times.
liuri'i miint Cpb Bm, tie.
Hereepowar ef a Whale.
An Interesting study of the horsepower
of the whale bas been madt by the eminent anatomist, Sir William Turner, of
the University of Edinburgh, In conjunction with Mr. John Henderson, tht equal
ly eminent Glasgow shipbuilder. The size
and dimension* of a great whale stranded
several years ago on the shore at Longrld-
dy furnished tht necessary data for a computation of tho power necessary to propel
It at tht rata of 19 miles an hour. Tots
whalt measured 80 ftet In length, 80
serosa the ftangsa of- tbt tall aad weighed
T4 toua. It was calculated that 140 horsepower wat nanisiiiiry to attain tht speed
mentioned���Lowdon Exchange.
Tka _ ,
medicine, Holloway'a
II kinds of corns, want.
alt to remove cannot
I remedy.
latMleaa JeaaU.
don't tee wbat Jennie Flypp will
do when ant hat to -five up her bicycle
Pooh, aba woa'l give It up. She'll
Just sew a couple nort buttons on tba
back of tbe aklrt and call It a rainy day
CL*0 CLO.tv AT  IIA1T "mTT.
Why Eager Faces IIIhik-IiciI end One Moth*
er*s lleuii Grow Fnlnt.
Men on the wharf were looking through
their long glassm nt the vessel coming in.
Two of them spoke almost Ht tbe same
time. "It ti Ibe Jessie Koberts." tbey
A little boy, wbo bad been looking, too,
started on a run up the wharf. He never
stopped running till he broke, hreutbleas,
lato a little house, low and weather beaten and banked witb seaweed, under tbe
brow of tip hill. "Mother! Mother!" he
erted. "She's coming! she's coming! the
Jessie's moat In."
Tbe young womuu, making lireud, threw
a faded shawl over her bead und hIiouI-
dent. Sbe wiped her bunds on ber uprun
and started with the boy.
A little crowd whh already on the wharf
���folk drawn together by tbe common
bond of dally bread, won from the deep
waters, and tbe dearer ties of husbands,
lovers, brothers uud fntbera on board.
Two of tbe owners were there. They Raw
tbeir vessel back from the crafty sen and
tbe stealthy fog. All her white sails were
spread aud drawing. The sun of the clear
winter morning shone on her clean decks.
Ice in tbe rigging gleamed like iliaiuuiuls
She was deep In tbe wider, au earnest ol
hundreds���perhaps thoiiKiindH���of liarreN
of Hub to the bold.
"I hope they've got a good fare ttiln
time," said n t'arewoni woman. "We've
got to pay something on our mortgage
next week. I ain't litid nny uew does for
a year."
The vcsHi'l fast grew bigger, nnd while
those on the wharf watched, she dame
about. Then the light left every face.
No one said a word���no oue made a cry or
a groan. The men presided ueurerthe edge
of tbo wharf, and the women, white faced
and shuddering, shrunk buck aud drew
together. Kvery eve wim fixed on the vessel 'h mainmast, where the stunt mid stripes
flew at bnlf mast. The topsail bad hidden
the flag until the ve-.se] came about.
There they stood, wniting till the Jessie
bad been made fast. The woman from tlu1
little bouse, pale and trembling, held her
boy by the hand. To ber came tbe cap
tain with uncovered bend. IIU blue eyes
were wet witb water tbnt, though salt,
was not of tbe Hen. He tried to speak, but
failed. The wonmn hid her face in her
hands. The captain took the boy by tlu
haud nnd put his arm nhout the woman's
waist and led them borne.���Donahue's
Heath Culled the Hand.
Four Hcea nnd a joker killed a tough,
hearty Yuma Indian named Orislit A
Quabue In the county jail here. This is
not the first time that four aces hnve
brought nliout n tragedy, but probably
the first time thnt it has been caused just
this wny.
Quabue was one of Chief Miguel's band
of rebellions Indians who, with tbeir lead
er, were in the county jail for n month or
so awaiting their trial ou a charge of assault. Quabue wiih a pretty good Indian
nnd wan allowed considerable liberty. Hi
became acquainted with the turnkey, and
being a jolly fellow wns made a sort of
comrade by the petty uflicfals.
Quabue wns playing a gnme of poker
with Walter Seott, a fellow prisoner. Scott
dealt the cards, and Qunhue picked np his
hand. It was a put one. Qunhue looked
nt his cards and stretched out his hand to
raise the ante, when Scott was startled at
seeing his fellow player's face change in u
ghastly way. He Hwnyed In his chair a
few seconds and fell over on the stone
floor dead. An attempt, was made to.give
him medical care, but it wns unavailing,
aud the doctor pronounced it a case of
bursting a blood vessel leading to tbe
A spectator noticed thut the Indian
though dead, still clutched bis cardu lu
his band, and on extricating them from
hfs death grip they were found to consist
of four aces uud the joker. Quabue evidently thought be held live aces, ami it
was more joy than he could stand.���Los
Angeles Cor. Sau Francisco Examiner.
Roman Doctor:.
Oculists were In bad repute lu Martini's
time. "The blear eyed Hylas," he says,
In a satire, "would have paid you sixpence, U Quint us; one eye is gone, lie will
still pay you threepence. Make haste and
take it; brief Is your chance. When be Is
blind, he will pay you nothing." Pliny
tells us what income the more fashionable
physicians made. Home bad an income of
g&U.OOO sesterces, about ��2,000.
Quintus Stertinlus condescended to take
600,000 sesterces from the emperor. He
could have made 100,000 more by private
practice, nnd he und bis brother left a for
tune of nearly ��250,000 of our money. Galen's fee for curing tbe wife of tbe Consul
Boethlns was about ��-100, aud Manliua
Commits, according to Pliny, paid ��2,000
for the cure of a skin disease.
A modern writer, however, does not
think the average physician mnde more
than enough to keep himself. The status
of the medical profession was fairly wejl
defined in Home. There were district med
teal officers, who were allowed to practice,
bnt bad to attend the poor gratuitously.
Imperial physicians, nrchiutri palatini,
were the prototypes of the "physician extraordinary."���London Spectator.
Swallowing Itself.
Tbe boa constrictor was once in such a
position that even his magnificent fasting
capacities were exhausted, and it became
absolutely necessary for bim to procure
something to eat. This particular constrictor wan quite a large fellow with a
correspondingly extensive appetite. He
could get nothing to eat and became very
feeble and weak. Finally he resorted to
cannibalism and began to swallow the
end of his tail, which was lying handy,
and be was too diilhtnd hungry to realize
what he wax doing. He proceeded to swal
low with his usual abandon when the his
torian left him, and now the question Is
when did ho stop swallowing his tail, and
If he didn't stop wbat eventually became
of tbe unfortunate creature.��� *St, Louis
U lobe-Democrat.
go Like John.
An addition to the stock of parrot stories
comes from England. "The other day,1'
says a writer In The Pictorial, "tt clergy
man told me he had been visiting an old
woman who bad lately lost ber husband.
He waa commiserating with her on lier
loneliness and said he understood how
much sbe must miss her husband. 'Well,
sir, not so much as you'd think,' whs the
somewhat unexpected auswer. 'You see,
our old parrot, he do swear so like John, I
feel as tf hn were a-sittin nigh me!' "
Right In lho Swim.
Mrs. iligbleighfe���Have you had your
monogram put on your carriage^
Mrs. Dongtong (who is ranking her debut Into society)���Yes. Indeed. Aud I
bad"K. S. V. IV put with It, just like
your lovely Invitation cards.���Chicago
A Neighborly Mistake.
Amateur Soprano���It's just too mean
for anything! That dug of yours howls
every time I sing.
Neighbor���I'm very sorry, mum.
"Why don't you stop htm?"
"You see, mum, we didn't know It was
that way."
"What wayr
"We thought, mdhi, tbat you was tryln
to spite ns by slnglu every time be howl*
ed."-Ncw York Weekly.
A Lena Folt Want.
'Blggt has tuvented soap that can't bt
stolen from hotels nnd waiting rooms,"
"How docs It work)"
"Over a roller, tame as tht towels."���
OUaage Becord*
Blokle's Antl-Consumptive Syrnpttands
at tbe he-id of the list for ad du-easut of
tbe throat and lungs It acts like magic
tn breaking up a oold A oough Is soon
subdued, lightness of tbeoheac is relieved,
even tbe worse ea*e of consumption Is relieved, while In recent oases It may be said
never to fall. It Is a niedloine prepared from
tbe active principles or virtues of several
medicinal herbs, and oan be depended
upon for all pulmonary complaints.
The Rail tray Signal Tower.
The signal tower, rectangular, with
rows of windows on all sides, stood at the
Intersection of many brunches. At this
point the trunk line resolved itself from
four tracks Into two, nnd here tbe gravel
track, which looked us if it had been laid
by a palsied contractor, left the main Hue
uud respectability behind and hobbled out
of fctgh't behind the signal station with an
Intoxicated air. Beneath tbe tower, to the
light, a donble tracked brunch lapped a
fertile country beyond the sandhills.
And beneath the signal tower, to tbe
left, a single tracked branch, ouly a mile
long, brought South Sumach, one of those
tin-some towns that manufacture on u
water power, it) touch with the middleman. This petty brunch���as if the case
hud been with petty people���-Hindu more
troublo ihim all the rest of the lines put
together. The signal men found this out.
So Sumach junction bad Its place In the
world, ami perhaps It waa a more Impor
taut one than that of many u complacent
and opulent suburb.
The heart of this little community did
not center, us a thoughtless person might
suppose, in the church or I he commander)',
or the grocery store, or tne school, but In
the signal lower. It was the pulsuof the
section. It was thu life blood of thousands of unconcerned travelers, whose lives
uud happiness depended ou the intelligent
vigilance of three men.    These three took
turns up there tn the tower, locking nnd
unlocking switches and signals, until one
might expect thein to faint, for dizziness
and confusion.���Scrihner's Magazine.
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator does
not require the help of nny purgative medicine to complete the cure. Give It a trial
and be convinced.
The Mau With a l'aii**.
He was a brave man, for bu ut tempted
to curry a large pane of glass across State
street when the afternoon rush was at its
hest. For tt few- moments ho hesitated at
the edge of the sidewalk, and then be cut
itt between two delivery wagons nnd
reached the cable truck. Ho waited for a
train to get by, and then be waited for u
hansom cab, and a big truck brushed him
from behind.
Presently tbere seemed to lie an opening, He had crossed the two tracks, Bev
eral persons had stopped nt the corner to
see how he would manage it.
After he had crossed the tracks be shift
ed the pane of glass to another position.
It stuck up a foot above his head. A dray
loaded with barrels bad shut him off. The
druy moved slowly, and the man with
the glass became indignant.
"Hurry up there, will you?" he shout
He was paying so much attention to tbe
dray that hu did not see the florist's wag
ou wheel up from behind. Tbe large damp
nose of nu overworked horse caught him
iu thu shoulder. Hu stumbled forward
against the hind wheel of the dray, nnd
It was all over.
The man hnd a small jagged piece of
glass In each hand. The policeman and
the drivers laughed in a sympathetic way,
and that was as much satisfaction as be
ever got.���Chicago Record,
An Kgc Tax.
The state finances iu Russia nre recruited by ti graduated income tax, commencing at I per cent on incomes between 1,000
and   2,00(1   rubles in ruble equals .is. 2d.I,
and lucre-nxlng ut the rate of one-tenth per
cent on every additional I ,"0() or fraction
of 1,000 rubles. A duty of a quarter kopec
(about oue-tenth of a penny) is also im
posed on the eggs of all kinds of poultry,
which tax on food realizes several millions
of rubles.���Temple liar.
New York's Building Within a llulldlbi
That Interests Engineers.
New York has no place tbat Is ns Interesting to engineers aud students of engineering as tbe big cable building at tbt
northwest corner of Broadway und Houston streeet, which fs one of tbe power sta-
tious of the Broadway cable road. This Is
nn eight story building, w ith a granite and
brick front and au interior of steel, being
really a building within a building. What
makes the building a scientific curiosity Is
tha fact that, though the ponderous operating machinery of the station is at work
unceasingly night and duy, Its working
does not produce the slightest jar or tremor
In the building. There are 550 tons of
machinery, all told, in motion when tbe
*. ���Ubi works, including driviug wheels,
shafts uud cable drums. The shafts of
the driving wheels themselves weigh SO
toils each, nnd two of the driving wheels
are 82 feet In diameter.
Tbe machinery Is 05 feet below the sidewalk level, and In Itself is a wondrous
sight to a layman. A visit to the power
room makes plain at a glance how tbe engineers have solved the problem of eliminating the'jar and tremor of the mighty
steel power makers. The builders have
simply reared tbe hnge superstructure of
stouu and steel on great steel pillars that
are nearly 1', toot In diameter. These
pillars rest on a foundation of concrete
and do not come In contact at any point
with the foundations upon which the cable
machinery is built. This latter foundation Is u separate and distinct one of steel
plates tilled in with concrete, with big circular boles nt different points. The foundation pillars of the building pass through
these holes, and there Is a free apace of
bnlf a dozen Inches all around between the
pillars aud the steel and concrete fouuda-
Kven If the giant machinery did jar,
the jarring could uot be communicated to
the steel pillars of the building, aod without such commuuicatlon It would be impossible to produce a jarring of the walls.
It is an equally astonishing fact to a layman thnt tbe machinery Itself does not jar
in the least. The mammoth shafts of the
driving wheel beat the air and produce a
sensation like thumping upon the ear
drum of the visitor to the power house,
but tbat ts nil.
If a visitor places his hands ou the walls
or tbe street columns, he can rendtly discover thnt there is not the slightest tremor of either walls or pillars. There Is a
big store on the ground floor of the building over the power room, aud every one
who goes in the store is amazed to find that
the floor does not shake. Tbe visitor can
hear the machinery going below htm, but
ho cannot feel any motion despite tbe
enormous weight of tbe machinery,���New
Vork Sun. 	
A Clio lee.
A ilny off wiih Hie daisy, the lily or tin rose
Mny be Hid ililiii; [ur potll,  who are simple,  I
Um ftive in*.' In Uie autumn time, tin best in sll
Hit- lund,
A day off wit), a cldt-r. mill and douglinuts clow
at  IiuikI,
-Sew York World.
Where He Wns Locky.
"Whatever becnnie of that gambler
who iveut tu Alaska?"
"He struck gnlil all light."
"In tlle Klondike'.'"
"No: on a prospector coming back."���
Chicago Post.
"To learn tn swim," I toM hor,
"Assuredly one ���oiijrlit."
"Dm if one learn," ijuotll site, "one mvyn'l
Continue to be tauslii."
���IMruP .iou* aL
Mnch Alike.
"Do the twin sisters look much
"Alike? Why, enchof them can tell
ii hur imt is on straight by jti��t looking
att.be oilier."
f Must hnve the
genuine, The
imitations look
very nice> but they
hurt mydelicstcSKIHI��
Ttte AisiTTsaCT.Sesa Ccv.        A ���
fob the pR|NTER
OmI by th. "Ot>
" rtocm. Th.
plant ol Uu
Of ��U	
ki-sdj���nawul ������
sond hud.
HIVO X*** -J *���* Mbfcn-Md Art*
INIVu ��* ���kRl' * Wibarl-
TYPE Th* """' ���"���"" "���
Uuqakllwl by any othtr la
Ou��d>, la natttr, p-spu ud
pus, mils
AU Kinds for Printers
Meat OB-ni Toroito.
PMiSa Coat Bnuhi IN Otttnt
BttMl, Tumitw.
iou, tnu i iinra. oii-si* *-**-*���*_
tm*.n.r. .1 a-c^ii-    ��{;�������gS��,
finU, BM.uua.OM.  v.aam.1,iM
poi it-need anil responsible tu-n to
lake tbe management in Maniti.tia ui.d
tbo JNi >tliwe,t ��if a British Life cfBce
witli nn established Losiues.-'. Apply
P. O  lici 1 ������(-,-���, Winnipeg.
If rou keep cows you cannot afford ta ���**���
without a CREAM SEPARATOR, and If you
I want to have tha bait, moat moderate In
1 price, aad ea easiest terme, apply la
R. A.  LISTER * CO., LTD.,
ISl King St., WlDRlpaff,
Dealers lo Dairy Supplies aad Product, Oat*
ollaa Koflnes, Bona Trawl 1'owora, Kt��.
Oarrlaf**,  Wagons,  Barrows, WlDdmTlu;
*���.   COOfcaHUTT PLOW CO., Wlmmlpag.
If yon cannot attend the Ulaalpa* Bul-
 ���_..���  ,__* do n|)1. wtg^a* ,orJr
. w     i five I=J���
| tlona In some subject by mail.
' Cpllcn jut now, do aot i
1 .thorn "   "*"    ""
Writ, as for fall Information.   Toa
R��a! Batata and Financial Braksn,
tl, Main It.. Wlnntpai.
w. a. d. m
.Tanlng. .t noin*e.  We oan live "yonr laafrao-
"on* In Mm. subject bj mail.
Write for doMriptlT. catalogu*.
��� EDDY'S
tBLE      I
Maaatara Man. aad It. W. I.
--aaaaaaaaaaa, THli GOLDEN' EltA, FRIDAY, DEGEMBER I. 1889.
McDERMOT has just received a mammoth
car load of Furniture. Although furniture has
Advanced 15 Per cent
This Lot was
Purchased Before the Rise
and customers will bo given advantage of
this SNAP.
The stock is too large ��nii varied to enumerate articles or quote prices, but wo will be
pleased to show you through and give
closest figures on any article you want.
G. B. McDermot
Headquarters for Miners' Supplies.
&   CO,
havo opened as
ATHALMER, (Salmon Beds)
Stock of Miners' Supplies, General
Stores and all Gamp Requisites.
Kiir|pto-q     &     Pitts,
General Merchants,
Miners going northward via Canoe river route will
find it a large saving and convenience to procure their
supplies at Donald.
Solo Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windermere,  Golden   &   Donald
Mining Divisions.
Agents at Windermere for California Giant Powder Co
Everybody ti admiring tbe fine ilin
ploy of ehiun at the Hit; Store.
Three grand teas Ham Lois, Sulada.
Honde in packets at the Iii*; Store.
Mecca coffee hi lib nud 2 pound cans
cannot be excelled. Buy it ut the Big
At next meeting of the Foresters
Dec. 7th tlio election of offii-erd fo/ the
etisoihg veur will tnko |.luro.
Service in the PrMiytfrlttii Church.
Sundiiy tveniiii: nt 7i>0. Snl.ject, 'The
Lord icimu'th." All iovitrd.
Tii* Fire Uriynilonre tho feoIpI**p*��pf
a handsome *pt of lioillilolmflicfeK presented hy the Grw'it WiHt Saddlery
Company of Caluarv.
At Rt. Piuil'itChnrcli ottSiiiidiit liext,
Deo, .-nl theru iv.ll he no inoi-ninu 8M'*
vices, hut at 7 :t0 p. ni tho a will )>e
Evensong mid sermon. Atuhdeiieon Mc
Kay will take thiti service,
Mr- Hurry J. Gul** was tho stcces -
fill lender for li'iiIMIng of tho 1-oli-ii <J
cottngo in conn cunu witli ihu Oc-lden
ttiint'i-ti) Iluspital. The luiiiding im.M
he flnisU'd hy thu in id tlio of Jauntily
Don't foriiet in we whnt V,
\X* Welti hs*. for Xmun t'< c��-
Tlm C, P. B.   hnve  determined   ic
bent all past records in the way of it
rapid through -service from Mod trail
to tho Const and are arninglhg for a
i)U hour run from Mow rati to Vancouver, to start next apHng,
The men who liavo been doing duvol*
opminii work on the property of the
New Golden British Columbia at Spruce
Treo Creek, on the middle fork of the
SjiiHimneheoc, returned to town this
week. They report that tlm ledge is
looking well, showing 2i ft. of lead
well mineralized wilh copper ore.
"When Goneral Manager Wlii'o wits
on his recent tour over thu Pacific sec
tion of the road ho paid Mr. Killeen,
roadiiiitster at Field, a high ootnpli
ment for the effective und economical
way in wiiich ho had maintained the
peimenent way between Fifld and
Laggan since'takinn charge of the
An liumoKuc -stork of Xmas
Cm-tiff, ole, ctiiiitriBina over
JMSO cllfiVrent Uiii:is. may Uc
iwzn at Fluid's Wag Store.
What might have beon a serious
accident was dovtrly averted bv Mr.
Green and Mr McNeish on Sunday
afternoon lii��, A hidy* had got off the
tourist car to take in the sights when
the train started, and in her efforea to
regain tbe car she missed her fooling,
and her body swung against the step
of the car. The two gentlemen men*
tiouad immediately ran to her assistance and after some hard work as the
'.ruin was still in motion, lifted hei
-clear of all danger.
Mr. It. It. Bruce, engineer for the
syndicate who are operating the Delphi��� mine ou Toby Creek, was in
Golden this week, and gives a very
satisfactory account of tho results of
the work doneTtfHfS utuTcr' Ills nnprr��
vision- When incieaKiug lhe size of
tbo shaft a body of immensely rich
grey copper oro which assayed fiOO oz
of silver per lon und U per cent copper,
This ore is being sorted for shipment
as it is talton out of the shaft. Theauc-
cest which has attended this property
si no*) Mr. Brueo has taken charge of
oficbils fair lo make the Delphine
among tbe most pvomisiug mines in
British Columbia.
Perfumes, brashes, parse*.
gift boakf^jpictura boakw. au4
games, anti choice bovert eon-
feetUnm-y at FiHLirti.
Tho 1-1 foot addition to the length of
the curling rink is now oomplete, and
tho other changes necessary will be
iliiisled in the course nf a couple of
days, so that should the weather permit tho rink will he in full swing hy
the end of noxt week. Bythe change
the curlers will occupy the centre of
the rink where tho skating was last
season, nnd tho sknters .will have n
cnurse nround tho outside of the rink
sixteen feet wide, and about 11 circuits
will make a milo. So that, should
skaters eo wish, hy connnting how
often they go around the rink during
un evening tliey can tell how many
miles thev huve gone, another new
feature of tho rink is that a number of
the windows havo been plixcd un
hinges to tit in the colder air from the
outside while the rink is being flooded.
Th* rink company deserve great credit
for making the alterations as it makes
the skating course fur superior to
what it was lust season, and the curlers have just as good as before.
qjia nnnnluvtn nnrinnnnnrinnnruinnnrijvinrinnn^^
* Can be Procured from the most
Reliable Dealers only.
Heavy [black worsted cheviot
This Garment "Made to order" by a  Tailor  though
psrhaps " not to fit" would be SIT.OQ.
SHOREY'S  CLOTHING   is   not   made  to  order,  but
made tn fit, and every thread in guaranteed,
F. Dar/jiB nml wife, of Athalmer,
am staying at tlio Queen'-*,.
B. B. Oajlplwll. I. 0. F. i-i-RRtilier
lnH Golden for liis home In Bevchtoke
Su'n-lny  last,
\V. 0. .Mitchell Innes and bride re*
turned from I heir honeymoon trip on
Sunday last.
H Emelle left for his min. on
Canyon Creek on Thursday last to be
iilisent about n week.
The cneo of lho Queen vermis Quio-
livun will l.c argued In Vancouver on
the 7th of December next.
Alfred Fortey of Windormerearrived
here on Monday last and left again for
Windermere on Thursday.
Thomas O'Brien loft for Calgary on
Wednesday on IoriiI business. He will
return on Saturday Morning.
Mr*, and MissParson left forEngland
on Wednesday's No 2. Their many
friends bid thein hon voyage at the
II. B. Brace, manager ofthe Dolphino
mine arrived from Windermere or
Monday last in connection with min
ing business.
J. Like of Lake k Co. Athalmer,
wis in town lor a fow days. He ra-
ports the road between here and Atlialmer, in very poor shape,
Townsite of Golden.
Business and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy Terms of Payment.
Cbhtificatb or Imit.oyemsntS.
The Union, The Ssowsi.idk, and No.
81 mineral claims,
Stale In the Golden mining division of
North East Kontonay district. Whore
located���-Near the iiuuil of Bugaboo
The Westeiin Gross mineral claim.
Situate in tho Golden mining division of
East Kootenay district, whore located
���At the head of Bugaboo Creolr on the
Take untitle that 1 Tliomns McNaught acting ns ogohtfor (I) The Gol-leu and Fort
Steele Development Company, Limited.
Free miner's certificate No. III0HSO. issued
HOtli June, 1099, and for Joseph 1 .nniontagne.
Free miners certificate No. 71UBA, Issued
28th March, 1899, the owners of the Union
mineral claim; (2) the ssid Goldon and Fort
Steele Development Company Limited, and
for T. Mercier, Freo miner's certificate No.
1110129, issued Snd August, 18911, the owners
of tbo sold Snowslido, No. 21 and Western
Shins mineral claims, intend HO dnys from
io diita hereof to apply to the mining re*
corder for a certilieate of improvement, for
tiie purpose of obtaining a Crown gran
the above claims.
And furlher tako notice that action nnder
section .17 must be commonced boforo the
issuance of snch certificate of improvements.
Dated this 9th day of Uctobor, 1899
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on tho Golumbia Kiver, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising' and ranching country, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with the
fact that transportation is now assured at an early date
by a railway rdnning the length ot the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensuregreat
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure tie
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forms
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who wili
And it to their interest to purchase before a further rise
takes place. ,
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on
application to ���
NO sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agreement for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
H. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
II. G. Farson, Merchant, or
E. A. Haggen, Agent, Golden.
(From our Own Correspondent)
Mr. Manuel  left   for tlio coast   <
business n few dnys nco.
Mrs. John Nelson whs taken serious-
Cross of
ill on Sunday  laBt.   Dr.
Bevclstoko was called In.
Mr Pitts ro'urnod from Winitwmer*
tSntiday morning.
Dr. Cross had an orgetit oall on Sunday morning te attend the Pitt's baby
who was suffering from un attack of
������i-" wpwaettBBBgM
The H. B. A. VOGEL
Commercial Collet****,
Uo*-*-.  347. Vancouver,  11. V,
Thorough instruction in business
methods, Boot-keeping, (we use no
text-books, but do actual business)
Shorthand una Typewriting., We prepare for examinations.
.. . THE . ..
Headquarters for Commercial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Rooms.    Daggage Transferred Free.
Hot and Cold Paths.
Rates $2 per day. Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars
J.  C.  Greene, Proprietor.
.Book's Cotton Boot Compound
I  I. .noctw.tt.ltr iuc>t monthl-.br ant
or *k.'io.ooOL.*ll��ii, Bste,��iri*oiiisl. Ladles ask
"T -"Tjonr draMlslfor"-.*. CUM tttl to*
tent, fate no other, as alnllx totes, pills and
IniltaMoiiflsrod.nit.rons. Prl(*e,No. 1,11 per
box iKo. II, io degrees strosg.r.l|--*sr box. No.
1 or s. msllftd en nnlnt of price uid two 1-Mnt
stamp.. Ik* Cook tompu; Windsor, Oal.
13-irNos. 1 and I -wid .nd rei-on-m.ad-*d by e*
lUfooslble Oniggtsti la C-uu-de.
N). 1 f.nd No. 2 said In'Oolilen by C. W
Field, 0. A. Warren, and K* W, 1'ntm.ro
Head ol navinntion on Colombia Biter,
Tbe roost central point In Windermere Mining Division.
Extract from Report of Minister of Minea for 1888: " A tt-Kgjton r*ad
conld be built from the 'Salmon Beds' ATHALMER -at * reasonable coat,
and will be so built as soon aa It is justified by tha mining development."
Dry climate, charming scenery, perfect boating on lake and river, aud
good fishing and shooting in Immediate vicinity.
Level surface with gravel sob soil to build upon i cold, olear water tba
year round for household purposes', and splendid water power bloso to town.
. Large and complete saw-mill (20 M. daily capacity) on tbo ground assures
obeap lumber.
Terms easy, particularly so to Investors wishing to build,
'��� '  I1
If you want
Good Bread
Calgary Flour.
The Calgary Milling Company guar
antee their flour the equal of any
brand on the Oolden Market and
hereby authorize all grocers to sell
it subject to above guarantee aud
tbey will refund tho lull amount
paid for flour upon rotnrn of any
not equal to guarantee.  "
Sold by 0. A. Warren.
I,   O.   0.   P.
nockv Mountain I.��l(tb so. ,'M meets In
Oddfellows Hall, Golden, every Wednesday
at 8 p.m.   Kojoitruinir brothren welcome.
C. l'EAROE, K.U.   W, !.!��� HOUSTON, V.O
J, T. WOOD, fieerotary.
tha  Fire
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Go.
& International Transportation. Co.
Connecting with C.P.R. at Colden, B.C.
C.   H.   PARSON,  Onager
Tho following letters hnve boon ro
eolvod und oxpl in themselves: -
Hamilton, Nov. 10, 1899.
Geo, B. McDennor, Esq.,
Cblel Ouldin Fire Brigade,
Golden, B.C,
Dear Sir, ��� Inferring to your ciroular
of lot Nov., we heg to say that we
have sent to the nccretai->'*tioasur��i- ol
i hp Golden Fire Brigade the sum ol
1110 CO as a subscription for the objects
mentioned in your circular.
We thank you for drawing our attention to this, as It gives ns a great
deal of pleasure to be of some assistance in this mutter. We shall always
take an interest in tbs town of Golden
and hope and trust tbat your Fire
Brigade may be succession In prevent*
ing serious loss to the citizens.
With best wishes for its success, we
are Yours truly,
Hamilton, Nov. 24, 1899,
Mr. Geo. B. McDermot,
Goldsn, B.C.
Dear Sir,-Replying to your circular
letter of Nov.  1 relating to your fire
protection of your town and the desire
of your citizens for a suitable fire ball,
we enclose you onr cheque for twenty*
five (196) dollars towards tho cost of
the same.
Ws hops yonr circular will receive a
hearty and large response.
Yours truly,
Limited. '
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solicitor.
N'otary Publlo.Conveyanoer, ete
k-eiu Upper Columbia Navigation snd
Tiani'iiy Company's lluilding,
Hol-len, II. V,
Livery & Feed Stables
lligs ol nil hinds for hiro at reasonable rates.
Teaming of all kinds a Spocialty.
A. C. Hamilton,
C. "D. Liang, Agent
The B. C. Assay & Chemical Supply to, Ltd.
(Latt MA.CFABLANE ft Go.)
Vancouver,      -      B.C.
We are Manufacturers anil direct Importers, and carry t Urge stock of Bntanca-I,
Fiirnaccn* Fire Clay (-Joodfl, Svinntlfic and Practical Books, Glassware, 1'latinum Goods,
Acids, Chemicals-, and all otlier Assayers* ami Miners' requirements.
BULB AGENTti for Morgan Ciuclbla Company, Baitartfe'
Biuuacec, Etc. ..   ,.
Catalogue and full particulars oo application.
ioc Iter's Vou'   3]
A. W. Palmer, ���
Chemist & Druggist,
Hull Bros. & Co.
Wholesale A Retail
Cuttle, Sheep and Horse Dealer..
Why Spend JVEoney
on READY-MADE CLOTHES when you can
just as CHEAP.
I have the best assortment of Tweeds, Sergey
Fancy Vests and Overcoats in the Province.
It is foolish to spend pour money in the East
on Inferior Domestic Goods when you can get
the Best Imported Material at home at lower
Clothes Cleaned and Repaired.
J. C. TOM,
Jas Beady, D.L.S., & P.L.8.
Mining: Engineer,
M. Am'n. Inst.MK.
Agent for obtaining Crom Grants, doing
annual auessinent work, etc,   Address i
To Be Sold
In Lots to Suit Buyers
IX Aranglit Utiles,
lt Pack Mules,
Tbe above stock is In first cliiss condition,
and is well broken. Pack rijrgin g and harness can also be arranged fcr. The stook Is
situated In Ksmloop. neighborhood, Offers
to be made to
The W��T*rly Mine Llmltefl,
P. A. Desormeau,
... Tailor.
Golden, B.C .
ReBtk turn Kleklng Horso River,
*��<Md1i nuqlheaiat,
IWln Ouuid.. Only
Wood's Fhobprodixb Is sold la GoHop
t B. W. PatniM-a, C,
". Field, Druggists.
A. Wsrren, and C.
Lakeside Hotel,
TAYHT0N & Gordo**, Prom
Good accommodation Ibr pMspeetors sad
Freighters,   "flrst-cles. meals.
White & Scott,
Barristers, Solleltort, Motariu,
Bevelitokt, B.C.
Fruit Store & Restaurant,
Silver table furniture.
Cell and Ins-mot at
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Etc.
Agent for E. A, HAGGEN,
Assayer a Metallurgist.
' Orrioa ai Laxisiob Horn-,
Windermere,  - B.C.
Coffins and
Orders ptoaptl/ aUsssM to.
W. L. Houston,
Oolden, B.C.
Canadian Pacific Rallwa
Quickest Tins and Lowest Bales to all ;
point! EAST sad WEST.
Excursion BttM to
and all Winter nuorUkJi
Old Oountry.l
SfsatorM   *'
Gsn. Pass, Aaati


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