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The Golden Era Mar 23, 1895

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JCr\tivi [lH
i*-oyr- tfl
mm s
VOL. IV.   NU. 33
$a Per Year
It is stock taking time,
prices are low for cash.
Will not last long. Buy-
before everything is measured and taken down.
Charles A.  ttlawen's.
Guaranteed; To , Cure
" That Pain In the Back."
-LiioniiHt, Calgary.
If) 0 17   Bocky Mountain Lodge,
*\J.U.l ,       No     ;,4i    meetH   evw���
Monday evening ut 8 o'clock.   Visiting
brethern cordially welcomed.
H. G. Parson, Secy.
Golden, on the main lino of the Canadian
Pacific Knllw'iy. nt its connection with the
sloiini limit navigation of the Columbia river :
the mineral nml commercial centre of Eastern
liritisli Ciilutiiliia; lioiulquartors of tlu liolden Smelting works, tiie Upper Coluinliia
Navigation Co., nnd Itnulier industry| the
outlet for the widely known nud fnr
fumed agricultural and grnxing land of the
Columbia A Kooteiiny Valleys: unrivalled
for scenery of all kinds; the distributing
point for tlie richest mineral country ou the
An amendment was moved by J. C.
Greene, seconded by Capt. Gordon that
the authority of the Public Committee
be restricted to those resolutions passed this evening and not to extend to
the public interests generally.
On a vote being taken the amendment was defeated. The original
motion was then put and curried, it
was decided to vote by ballot without
nominations. Tlio ballot resulted in
Messrs. M. Dainard, \V. McNeish, C.
A. Warren, J. F. Armstrong, nud
Capt. Armstrong being elected.
The meeting then adjourned.
Has been newly built and newly furnished.
Heated throughout with hot air. The
table is lirst class. The bar is stocked
with choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Wm. ]V_e]V_eish, - Prop.
Several Important Mutter. Dlacuaaed.
A Public Committee Appointed.
Upper Columbia
& TramWay
During the winter a stage will be run between
Golden, Galena, Windermere, Thunder Hill, Cana!
Flat, Wasa and Fort Steele,
leaving Golden on the following Tuesdays:
November 13 & 27.
December 11 & 25.
January 8 & 22.
February 5 & 19.
March 5 & 19.
April 2 & 16.
and leaving Fort Steele on the alternate Tuesdays.
Golden to Fort Steele 10 cents per pound
When tbe Company's liability is limited to Two Dollars per pound.
Special rates given on more valuable parcels.
Through $16.00.       Local 10 cents per mile.    .
B. H. COCHRANE, President;       F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
A public meeting of the citizens of
Golden was held Sn Wednesday evening last in the Queen's Hotel sample
room the attendance was very large.
Mr. J. F. Armstrong was voted to the
chair and D. M. Kae appointed secretary of the meeting. The chairman
briefly laid before the meeting the
various subjects for discussion. The
first matter taken up was the Courts
and Magistrate question. After some
discussion it was moved by Capt.
Armstrong, socouded by W. L. Houston, that the public committee hereafter to be appointed, should represent
to the Government the necessity of
appointing a Stipendiary Magistrate
for Golden aud the holding of a County
Court here.   Curried.
Street Works. ���Moved by M. Dainard, seconded by W. Dainard, that the
Public Committee take steps to have
the Government open up the street
immediately south of the C.P.R.
track.   Carried.
Moved by Capt. Armstrong, seconded by M. Dainard that the committee
be instructed to communicate with the
Government and the CP.lt. authorities re having the holes south of the
depot filled up immediately.    Carried.
New Bridge. ��� In this connection it
was moved by M. Carlin, seconded by
W. L. Houston that the Public Committee be instructed to communicate
with the Government for a new bridge
over the Kicking Horse River. Carried.
Dyking Works.-It was unanimously resolved that the Public Committee
be instructed to look after the matter
of extending and strengthening the
dykes on the North side of the Kicking
Horse River.
New School House.���Resolved that
the committee be instructed to ask the
school trustees to agitate for a new
school house.
Public Park.���Resolved that the
Public Committee be instructed not to
lose sight of this matter.
Fire Protection���Mr. M. Dainard,
on behalf of the Fire Wardens, stated
that the Government had been asked
to give some aid towards fire protection and had replied that they could
do nothing in the meantime.
Tlie meeting then proceeded to
appoint a Public Committee. It was
moved by M. Carlin, seconded by M.
Dainard that a Public Committee of
live be appointed to look after the
public interests, said committee to
hold office (or one year,
A meeting of the Public Committee
wan held on Thursday afternoon.
Present: J. F, Armstrong, F. P.
Armstrong, C. A. Warren, M. Dainard and W. McNeish. Mr. J. F.
Armstrong was elected chairman of
the commute. The committee then
appointed D. M. Rae, Recording Secy,
and Capt. Parsons, Corresponding
The question of Dyking was first
taken up and it was resolved that a
letter be written to the Commissioner
of Lands & Works, stating that we
have been informed that money had
been voted for the protection of the
river bunk aud that it would be expended ; that the work done last year during the flood, was necessarily done iu
an imperfect manner; that there is
danger of part of tlie works being
carried away next high water; that
the extension of the wing dam wo.ild
much increase its usefulness us a protection to the bank ; t hat we have
reason to believe that, the Dominion
Government would gram $500 towards
this work.
A discussion arose concerning the
filling of the holes between the station
and the hotels, and it wus resolved
that a letter be written to Supt.
Whyte, asking whether the C.P.R.
would complete the filling and agree
not to fence that portion of their
grounds, if the Government fill the
holes to within one foot of tlie surface.
In the matter of Fire Protection it
was resolved that the secretary be instructed to write the Fite Wardens requesting them to enforce the Fire
Regulations in the case of Vachon's
house, and the Chinaman's shack,
west of C. A. Warren's store.
The opening up of the street next the
C.P.R. track was then brought up and
Messrs. Dainard and J. F. Armstrong
were appointed a sub-committee to
interview the Government Agent in
the matter.
In regard to the school mutter it
was resolved that the school trustees
be asked to inform the committee as
to tho number of children attending
school and the number under age.
In regard to a new bridge it was
resolved that a letter be written to the
Golden Lumber Co. enquiring if they
would join with this committee in
working for a new bridge.
In tho matter of a Stipendiary Magistrate the chairman was instructed
to obtain nil the information possible
regarding the amount ol business
transacted in the Court here.
In regard to the Public Park, it wus
resolved that a letter be written to J.
A. Mara. M.P., stating tliut il. would
be necessary to make some improvements ou the grounds at an early date
and asking if be could not get some
guarantee that any money so expended
would not be thrown away.
It was resolved to hold committee
meetings every Thursday, for the
present, and that a public meeting be
held the second Thursday in each
mouth, when the committee will report
tbe work doue.
We regret to have to record tIll's!
week the death of a prominent fellow
townsman. Mr. James Pogue died on
Friday the loth inst. of heart disease
The deceased was in partnership witb
Mr. ��. N, Murphy in tho lumber
business, was well known in the district, a general favorite and respected
by ull who kne*v him. The funeral
took place ou Sunday afternoon, from
the Columbia House to St. Paul's
Church, where a short service was1
held by Rov. Archdeacon McKay,
thence to the cemetery. The pall
bearers were Messrs. M. Carlin, J. H.
Laidlaw, F. Burns, A. H. Watson, G.
Clark and W. McNeish. The deceased,
was 110 years of age.
For* Steelo Mining Aaaoelatlsnt
A mining association has been recently formed at Fort Steele, with
over forty members. The object of
this association is a commendable one,
viz.: the advancing of the mining interests of this section of East Kootenay. We wish the association every
success and trust it will be the means-
of bringing the unbounded mineral
resources of the country forcibly before
the capitalist. With Such men as
Messrs. Galbraith and T. McVittie,
president aud secretary, respectively,,
at the head of affairs, the association,
is bound to make its influence for good
felt in the ccun'rj. Full particulars
of the association will be found in
another column. .,,
Work on Mr. M. Dainard's house isv
progressing rapidly.
The Government have had a yery
substantial bridge put in over tha
creek, opposite Mr. F. C. Lang's residence, iu place of the one which was
washed out last Spring.
Our old friend Sam, the Chinaman,
formerly cook at the Columbia House,
returned this week from China, be received quite au ovation at the depot.
What's the matter with the Football
Club boys! Isn't it about time you
were re-organising? According to all
reports there is good material in town
lor a first class team.
Miss Curran left for Calgary last
Mr. George Mattick of Ottertail came
in on No. 1 on Thursday last, he went
east, to Calgary ou No. 2.
The next open ineetirg of the Young
People's Society of Christian Endeavor
will be held on Friday evening next at
hi o'clock, in the school house. A good,
literary and musical programme has-
been ifrraiiged and a good time is expected.   Everybody welcome.
5th March, 1895.
HIS HONOUR tho Lieutonaut-Oov.
crnor has been pleased to accept
the resignation of Mr. .lames Fergus,
son Armstrong, of Golden, East
Kootenay, as a Justice of the Peace
within and for the County of Kootonay, in the Province of British Columbia.
Down With High Prices For
Electric Belts.
81.55, $2.65,13.70 j farmer prices $5, $7,
|10. Qualty remains tho same���16 different styles* dry battery and acid belt*.
���luil.i or strong current. Lets than half
the price of any other company and mora
home testimonial* than all the rest to��
{Tether. Full list free. Mention this
paper. W. T. BAEli & CO. Wu dsor, Onfc oT'te (Sol>en <&va
The GOLDEN El.A is published every
Saturday rooniiug in time to catch the east
and west mail trains, also the mail for the
upper country, Windermere, Fort .Steele etc
It is the only advertising medium in the Eeut
Kootenay district.
Subscription Rates i te.no per annum IN
Advertisements anil changes must be in
the office not later than I*! a in, on Thursday
to insure insertion.
Advertisement rates mad* known on application *.o
All cash to lie paid tu the Manager, from
whom the Company's receipt will be obtained.
Tlie Golden En Publishin�� Csmpanf,
An association has been formed at
Fort Steelo for the purpose of advancing the mining interests of this section
of East Kootcnav. The project has
beon discussed for some time, for it
has become apparent to all those interested in the advancement of the country that something had to be done to
bring to the notice of the outside
world the numerous valuable mineral
deposits that were laying idle for the
want of capital to develop them The
association is called lho Fort Steele
Mining Association of East Kootenay,
B.C., the constitution being formed on
broad enough lines to include all those
who are in any way interested in the
welfare of the country.
After several meetings the constitution and by-laws have been adopted,
the officers elected, and everything has
been now placed on satisfactory basis
lor the transaction of business, and
-with a paid-up list of over forty members there is every probability that the
association will be quite successful in
its aims: which are, to establish a
bureau of mining information and
cabinet at Fort Steele, for the purpose
of being in a position to afford all
necessary information concerning any
mino or mineral claim in the section.
All members being impressed witli
the necessity of giving into the
Secretary nil the data and assays
of any of their own claims or any other
that they have knowledge of; by
which means we hope to be in a position to given reliable description of all
mineral claims, that is as to their position, width of vein, character of reck,
amount of assay, in fact all that is
generally1 known of a mineral claim in
its first stages. And further than
that,.from time to time papers will be
written descriptive of the different
mines and mineral deposits of the section and sent out for publication in
the leading newspapers of the Province
and adjoining States. Such papers
will be subject to the approval of a
committee appointrd for the purpose,
so as to do away with, as much as
possible, the danger of any highly
colored or unreliable report being published abroad, which might cast discredit on our Association; by these
means we trust to make our influence
felt in the section, and expect the
hearty co-operation of all classes, be
they miners or not, for it is only by
the development of our mines that any
real progress is possible in this section
of British Columbia.
Secy. Fobt Steele Minimi Ass.
March 11th, 1895
We do not hold ourselves responsible for the
opinions expressed by our correspondents.
Banff, Ai.ta., Mch. 10th, '95.
Mr. Editor,���*'One of the Boys"
in his letter last week has omitted the
names of several who were still unmarried on my last visit to that "town
of fair ladies "���Donald.
The first that strikes my memory is
jovial Geo. Sutherland, with his hearty
laugh and his big heart, (two thirds
reserved for the fair sex), who was
about the only bachelor who got out a
cutter and took the girls for a ride
when I was in the town.
Then Charlie Baines surely has not
left the town, nnd his small stature
would not render him ineligible.
Surely T. Downey is not yet married
for though he worship-jed at the
shrine of beauty, still he never seemed
to "come to the point." Blythe too
was well known as a ladies man and
though his appearance was tho reverse
of his name still some ladies fancy
thnt still of beauty.
I suppose that Tommy Coughlin
and llillv Bonus Iieing so near the
fatal leap are no longer considered as
bachelors. But how about Al. Vye,
" Protty " Honderson, Jim l.iiphum,
Billy Jordan, Bob Hylnntl, Arthur
Denman, Bob Collie, Joe Laiizo, Mat
Otto, "Kid" Hopgood, and last but
not least Cassie, for though Hassle
says that he is married 1 don't believe
it, for what business has a married
man buying bonnets for young girls.
Hoping " Ono of tho Boys " will continue his admirable catalogue.
I remain,
" One or Them in Si'ikit."
Notice to Taxpayers.
Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
NOTICE is hereby given, in accordance with the Statutes, that Provincial Revenue Tax and all Taxes
levied tinder the Assessment Act are
now due for the year 1895. All uf the
above named Taxes collectible within
the Eustern Division of the District of
Kootenay, aro payable at my office,
Court House, Donald. Assessed taxes
are collectible at tbe following rates,
If paid on or before June 30th, 1895,
Provincial Revenue $11.00 per capita.
One-half ot one per cent on Real
Two per cent  on assessed  value of
Wild Land.
One-third of one per cent on Person'
al Property.
One-half of one per cent on income
If paid after June 30th, Wib:
Two-thirds of one per cent on Real
Two and one-half per cent on assess
ed value of Wild Land.
One-half of one per cent on Personal
Three-fourths of  one per cent  ou
Assessor and Collector.
Donald, B.C., Jan. 14th, 1895.
The creditors of Harry Connacher,
late of Golden, in the district of Kootenay. hotel keeper, decease.-, are hereby
requested to send in full particulars of
their claims hy registered letter addressed to A. G. M. Spragge, solicitor,
Donald, solicitor for James Stevens
Connacher, executor of the said Harry
Connacher. Such claims are so to bo
sent within sixty days of this date and
after the expiration of the said sixty
days the said James Stevens Connacher will proceed with the distribution of
the estate havimg regard only to those
claim*: ol which  he shall have notice.
Dated at Golden, British Columbia,
this 19th January, 1895.
Jas. Cus'naciier,
Executor of Harry Connacher.
Have on hand a large stock
of Watches, Clocks, Silverware, Etc.
Orders By   "Hall    Promptly
Attended T*.
Send your repairs here, will be
returned by return stage or
J. C. BROWN,    -    MANAGER,
Golden, B.C.
Gentlemen: -
In response to the widely expressed
desire of representative men in various
parts of vour District I have decided
to come forward as a candidate at the
forthcoming elections, in opposition to
the present government.
As this is such an enormous district
I am. of course, personally unknown
to a large number ol you ; but I n.ay
state that I have large interests at and
around Ducks and Kamloops, and am
very desirous, for yonr wellare and
mine, to see this Province progress
more than it has done the last few
I am opposed to the policy of protection whicli has been pursued for the
last sixteen vears, as being unfitted to
the requirements of the country and
benefitting the Lw at the expense of
the many.
I join in the condemnation of the
corrupt manner iu which the administration of the affairs of this country
has been carried on during the time
that the present party has been iu
I consider:���
1. That a customs tariff, if imposed
at all, should only he for the purpose
of raising a revenue, not for the purpose of | rotection:
2. That freer trade relations witli
Great Britain and the United States
would immediately benefit this country :
3. That under existing circumstances and the peculiar nature ot the
country mining machinery should be
allowed to come in free of duty '.
4. That the natural resources of
the country should be the first to be
5. That in order to accomplish this
end the country should be opened up,
the rivers made navigable, and increased facilities for communication anil
transportation afforded:
6. That the mail and other contracts let. by the government should be
put up to public tender:
T. That the strictest economy
should be observed in the administration of the public service, and all unnecessary expenditure should be stopped:
8. That all complaints in regard to
the disposal of government lands and
issuing ot titles should be inquired
into uud any grievances redressed, and
llie surveys iu the railway belt completed as quickly as possible.
As this district comprises so large
an extent of country it will be impossible for ine to visit every polling division und become acquainted with the
electors, but I shall make a point of
visiting as many as possible aud holding meetings for the purpose of placing
my views on public matters before
yon, nnd learning froiq you thu local
requirements ot each district.
I have no objects ot my own to serve
bv asking you to support ine, but I
have time that I can give to promote
the interests of this District, the Province, and the Dominion, and I shall
devote it to that purpose.
For these reasons I ask yonr support ut the approaching Dominion
Elections, nnd trust you will see fit to
give it to ine.
Yours faithfully,
Kamloops, 28th Feb., 1895.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission ol patients.
TICKETS may be had from the undersigned or any member of the
PRICE-Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Yesterday now is a part of forover.
Bound up In a slioaf which God holds tight.
with glad days and sad days and bad days
wliltrh never
Shall visit us more with their bloom and
their blight.
Their fullness ot sunshine   or  aorrowful
Let them go. since we cannot relieve them.
Cannot unilo and t-iiiinni atom r
God In ills mercy foririve, receive them!
Only the no.v day. are our own.
To-day la ours, and to-duy alt t. -.
Lnrine was pretty, petite and 18. She
had a nice situation at the Pharmacie de
Siam, .in the Rue St. Honore. She had
no one dependent upun her, and all the
money she earned wa* her own. Her
dress was of cheap material perhaps, but
it was cut and fitted witb thut daintiness
of perfection which seems to be the
natural --if*, uf the Parlsiemie. ao that one
never thought of the cheapness, but admired only the effect whioh was charming.
She was bookkeeper aud genii* assistant
at the pliuriuaeie ami luul a littl* room of
her own across the Seine, in the Kue de
Lille. Sin* crossed the river twice every
day -once in trie morning when the sun
was shilling, and again at ni-ini. wheu th*
radium lights along the river's bunk glittered like jewels iu a long necklace. She
had her little walk through the gardens of
the Tuileriee every morning after she hud
crossed the Pont Royal, but did not return
through the gm-il. ns In the evening, fur a
park iu the morning ia a different thing to
a park at night. Uu Iter return she always walked along the Hue de Tuilei-iea
until ah* came to ths bridge to see the
gleaming white statues III the sunlight.
Her favorite statue was one of a woman
who stood ou a pedestal near the Rue de
Rivoli. The arm was thrown over her
bend, and mere was a smile ou the marble
lace wlii-rh was inscrutable. It fascinated
the girl as she i.siked up ... it. and seemed
to be lhe morning greeting to her busy
day's work iu the city. It' no huh was in
sight, which wast.tteu the case at 0 o'clock
in the morning, the giri kissed tu* tips of
her lingers, mnl tossed the salute airily up
lo the alatue, aud the wotuau ol stoiio
always sullied bad: ut her tin, strange,
���t.vsucal smile whicli seemed lo express-
th.ii it knew much more ol thin world anl
it* wny. ; him uid tin. little Purislonu* who
daily guzed up .tl her.
Lnrine was nappy, as a matter of course,
for wus not Paris always beauilful? Did
not the sun shine brightly? Aud was not
the air alwaia clear? Wiint more, then,
could a young girl wish! There was one
thing wiiiou w���� perhaps lacking, but that
at last was supplied; ami then there wus
not a happier gin in a,l Paris thau Luriue.
She aluiu.il crieii it nluiul to her favorite
statue the nent moru.ug, for it aeemed to
ber taut tile smile liud broadened since she
bad passed it tne morning betore, and she
felt as if tha wuuiiin ut stone guessed the
secret uf the woman uf dean.
Luriue had noticed him fur several day*
hovering about tue piiarmaoie, and looking
iu nt ber now and men; sue saw it all, but
pretended tu: to see..
On* night he followed her aa far as the
bridge, but she wulked rapidly on, and
he did nut overtake her. he never entered the plu.rmu.ie, but lingered about as if
waiting for a ulianee lu sneuk to her.
Lur.ne had no uue tu cuutfde in but the
wumau of stone, and it aeemed by her
smile that sue uuderstuod already, and
there was uo need to tell her tnat lb*
inevitable young man had come. The
next night u* loiiowed ber quite across
tue bridge, and this time Luriue did not
walk so quickly. Girls in her position
aie not supposed tu have formal introductions to uieir lovers.
"Quod evening," waa all he said to her.
She glanced eidawa. a shyly at him, but
did nut answer, aud tlie young man walked on beside her.
..you com* this way every night," be
uid. "1 have been watching you. Are
you offbdedt"
"No,  sh* aatd, almost la a whisper.
������Then may I walk with yoa to your
home?" he asked.
"You may walk with me as far as the
comer of the Rue de Lille," she replied.
"Thank you!"said the young fellow,
and together they walked the short distance, and tliere lie bade her good-night,
after asking permission to meet her at tlie
eurner of th* Rue St. Honor*, and walk
bum* with her tli* next night.
"You must nut come to tho shop," sho
"I understand," he replied, nodding his
head in as: nt to her fn-bee. He tuld h.rr
his nuuie was Jean Dnti't, mil bymid by
she called him Jean, and lie rail ad Imr
Luriue. 1 Ie never haunted tli* Pha.maci*
now. bnt waited tot her at lb* corner, and
on* Snuday be took her for a little excursion ou tbe river, which she enjoyed exceedingly. Thn* time weut on. and Lnrine
was very happy. The statue smiled ils
enigmatical smile, though, when th* sky
was overcast, then seemed to her a subtle
warning In tne smile. Pel baps it was because they had quarreled the ulght before.
Jean had seemed to her han.li and uufur-
Eivmg. He hnd asked ber If sh. oonld not
ring him sum* things from th* Pharmacie, and guv* her a list of three chemicals, tb* nam** of whleb be had written
en a paper.
"Yoa can easily get tbem," he had said:
they are in every pharmacie, and will
never be missed."
"tint," said the girl tn horror, "that
would be stealing."
The young man laughed.
"How tnuoh do tbey pay yon there?" hs
asked. And when sh* told bim, he laugh-
ad, again, and said:
"Why, blew yon, if I -rot so little as
that I would take something from th*
shelves jyjry dnyjud sell It"	
l'-e girl looked: at mm in amazement,
and he. angry at her, turned upon his heel
and left her. She leaned her arms upon
the pa-upet if the bridge, aud looked
duwu Itiiu the dark water. Tne river
aiways fascinated her at night, aud she
often puiistil tu look at it when crossing
tbe liriugf, shuddering as she .lid su. She
cried a liuleas sh* tlinugnt ��f ins abrupt
departure, and wondered if she had tiei-n
um harsh -Aim hiui. After all, it was not
very much he naked her to do, and they
did pny her so little ut the pharmacie.
And llien, perhaps her lover was poor, and
needed tlie ar litres he had asked her tu get
Perhaps he was ill. and had aaid nothing.
There was a touch ou her shoulder. She
looked round. Jean was beside ber, bnt
Ihe trown had not yet disappeared from
hia brow.
"Give me that paper," h* said, abruptly.
She unclosed her hand, and he picked
the paper from it, and waa turning away.
"Stop!" she said; "I will get you what
yon want, but 1 will myself put the money
in the till for what they cost"
He stood there, looking st her for a
moment, uud then said:
"Luriue. I think yoo am a littl* fool.
They owe yon ever so much more than
that   However, I mutt have th* things,"
and he gave her baok tbe paper with the
"Be sure yon let no one see that, and be
very certain that yon get th* right
things." He walked'with heras far as the
corner of line de Lille. "Yon are not
angry with met" he asked ber before they
"I wonld do anything for yon," she
whispered, aud then h�� kissed her goodnight.
She got the chemicals when the proprietor was out, and tied them np neatly, a*
was her habit afterwards concealing tliei-
in the little basket in which she carried
her lunch. The proprietor was a auarp*
eyed old lynx, who looked well after hia
shop and Lis pretty little assistant
"Who bus been getting so much ohlorate
of pctash?" be risked, taking down th* jar,
and looking sharply at her.
The girl trembled.
"It is all right," she said. "Her* la the
money iu the till."
"Of eonrui'," he said. "I did not expsot
you toglvn it '.way for nothing. Who
bought It!"
"An old nun ' replied the girl, trembling still, bnt the proprietor did not uotic*
that���he was oountiug the money, and
found it right
"I was wondering what h ��� wanted with
so much of it. If he come* in agaiu look
sharp!, at him, and be able to describe bim
���o tne. It seems suspicions." Why it seem-
jd suspicions Lnrine did not know, but
she passed an anxious time Until she took
the basket iu her hand aud went lo meet
her lover at the comer of the Rue das Pyr-
amides.   His drat question was���
"Have yon broogut in* the things!"
"Yes," she answered. "Will yoa take
them here, now?"
"Not here, not here,"hereplied hurriedly, and then ask anxiously, "Did anyone
see you take them?"
"No, but the proprietor knows of th*
large package, fur he counted the money."
"What money?" asked Jean.
"Why, the money for the things. Yon
don't think I waa going to steal tuem, did
Tbe yonng man laughed, and drew ber
into a qniet corner of th* garden* of the
"I will not bar* time to go with yoa to
the Rue de Lille to night," hi said.
"But you will come a* nsual to-morrow
night?" she asked, anxiously.
"Certainly, certainly," be replied, aa hs
rapidly concealed the package* in hi*
The next night tbe girl waited patiently
for her lover at tlie comer where tney were
in the habit of meeting, bnt he did not
come. At last she saw a man running
rapidly down th* (treat, and a* he passed
a brilliantly-lighted window aha recognised Jaau. He came quickly towards
"Here I am," eh* eried, running forward. She caught bim by the arm, saying. "Oh, Jean, what is the matter!"
He shook her rudely and shouted at her
���"Let me go, you fool!" But she clung to
him, nnlil he raised his fist and struck her
squarely in tlie face. Luiiua staggered"
against the wall, and Jean ran uu. A
sialw rt rian who had spoken to Luriue a
few I���out. uis bef.-r., ami, lint understanding li.-r silence, simxl in a dis.rw.iy near
watching iier, spraug out when he * w the
assault, and thrust hi* slick between th*
feet of the Hying wall. Hinging bim fae*
forwr.rd in ih' pavement. The next in*
slant lie place, hia foot between his shoulders, holding him down aa if be were a
"You villain!" be erUd. "Strike a woman, would you?"
Jean lay there ss If stunned, and two
gens d'arme* cam* pautlngly upon the
"Thi* scoundrel,"' said ibe nan, "has
juat asa.ulted s woman.   I saw him."
"He lias done more than that," aaid on*
of th* officers, grimly, a* If, after ail, tbe
striking of the woman wa* bat a trivial
They secured the yeoag man and dragged him with tbem. Tne girl earn* np to
them aud said, talteringly���
"It ia all a mistake, it waa an aeeidenk
He didn't menu to du it"
"Oh, be didn't, and pray how do yon
know?" asked one of th* officer..
"Yoa little devil," aaid Jean to the girl
through hit clinched teeth, "it's all roar
Unit." '
The officers harried him off.
"I think," uld one, "that we should
bar* arrested tbe girl; yon heard what she
said/' y
"iee," said tha other, "bnt We have
enough on our hands now, if Ibe crowd
finds uut who he is,"
Lnrine thought of following them, bnt
she was so stunned by the words that her
lovjr had said to ber, rather than by the
blow he had given ber, that she turned ber
ateps sadly toward the Point Royal and
went to her room.
'1 he next morning she did not go through
the gardens,-as Ht'ual, to her work, and
when she entered the Phariuricte de Slain,
trie proprietor cried out. "Here she is, the
vixen! Who would have thought it of
her? Y ti wretch, you stole my drugs to
give to that villain!"
"I did not." said Luriue, stoutly. "I
put the moil y in the till for them."
"Hear her! She confesses!" said tha
The two concealed officers stepped forward and urrested ber where she stood as
lhe accomplice uf Jean Dure*, who, the
night lieiure, hal flung a bumu iu tue
crowded Avenue d* lOpem.
Even the prejudiced French judges soon
saw that the girl was Innocent of all evil
intent, and waa but tue victim uf the
scoiiiidri'l who passed by the name uf Jean
l'ltret. He wis sentenced fur life; she waa
sei ire. He hsd tried lo place ths bliuue
ou her, like tneuraven he Wis, lo shield
another wmu u. 'ihis was what rut Lur
ine to the heart, She might have tried to
Iiml nn rxi'iise fur bis crime, but she real*
irieil that he hail never cared lur her, and
but u -ed her as his tool tu get possession
ot liir chemicals be dared nut buy.
lu'.he dirz/.lillg rain she Winked away
from her prison, penniless, and broken in
I.uiy sun spirit. Sue ps��at*d tne little
1 iiii'uiHi'ie de Siam, not daring tu enter,
-ve waked in the rain along the Rue ties
l'yraiiiiit's, mul across tueRiedeRivcli,
and int.. tne Tuileries Gardens. She had
torgniieii nlsmt her atone worn in, but, nn-
.".iis.'iousH', her steps Were directed toller.
I ne lu'ked up at her eta ue wiili amaze-
lllent, at lirst uut recognizing it. li waa
in. longer thu statue of a smiling woni-u.
Tue I'.'ii'i was thrown back, the eye*
��������>��' .1. The last mnrtal agony was on the
I .ire. I was a ghastly monument to death.
Tin- giii wa su pel plexed by the change
i.i tier statue that for a moment sue lurg.it
tin- rti.-. ol iier o-rn lire, (jn������ snw thut ihe
smiling futiN wa* bill a tusk, hell iu place
1 j tue curving of Ihe l< t i.t'ln over it.
Life, she realized now, was made up nf
tragedy and c ineily, and be who see. hut
I a smiling face, sees but the halt or bin,
* 1, in", wid lie a woman ut s une." she
a.-, d, as she swiftly dssceuded the steps ot
th* uiiiise.
Carrying a iVnun-le.1 Comrade Forty
Miles Through C..I.1 anil Stu.w.
A young mini, Henry Hraiilt. a resident
of Peterl-oro, Out., recently performed an
net of lb-""Ism, actuated by friendship,
which i- wo thy of record mining the heroic deed. u n**riir'c lllilli of any age, says
The lie.. .Moines Leader. The Manchester
Union says tliut Hraiilt and another young
mail. John Jriniit'snu. were at work in the
v ilil Miuliuvuskii rej-iou for the St. j\ii-
1 uuy Luiiitier Comiiany. J'imiesoii met
' ith a severe accirli'iu which rendered
1 .n delirium, ami Hraiilt. started with
1 .m for civiliy, lion, where surgical treat*
Ment could Is. had They hud traveled on
1 Dt but n few huiidri'd yard- when Jan-
i'son'sstreugrli gave out n d he became.
I" Ipless. Hraiilt. iletermiiieil to save his-
. iiupanion if iu his p.hut, .shouldered the
invalid and started ou Ills Ion;.', cold tramp
of some 4(1 miles io the nearest railroad.
Without a inoinullt's sleep, and li'tiring
besides his human burden, a package of
provisions, Hraiilt continued his journey
for four days and nights, through cold
and snow, until finally, almost as helpless
from exhaust ion nnd fatigue as his friend
was from illness, he luul tho supreme
satisfaction of reaching the end of bis
j uifuey and placing Jamie-am where he
was able to lie properly tri-.-.ed. Such a
feat of endurance seems almost incredible,
and only a seasoned woodman, inured to
hardship, could have accomplished it; nud
among thine capable of It it is rare to liud
so striking an example ot disinterested
friendship, even when a human life Is at
stake. Whatever ills station in life may
lie, vou ng Hraiilt deserves to rank among
nature's uoblem.ui.
Jtl-ilniHMt ��.f the Household.
"Did you hear about Mrs. De Hillings'"
asked the wife slgniticiiutly as the husband
settled himself comfortably in his armchair.
"No. What alsiut her?" he asked suspiciously.
"Well, there's a little gossip going
around the neighborhood thnt may mean
something. You kuow how fond of gayety
she is?"
"Oh, yea."
"And how Mf. D* Billings bates sod
"Well, I heard him say last nigbt that
be was tired of that sort of thing."
"I don't blame him."
"And thnt he proposed to stop It"
"Hu ought to."
"Iu fact, hia exact words were that he
proposed to lead her a merry dance."
"It's time he did."
"Do you really mean thatr" shs asked
"Of coi't-si) I do, I���" Then be stopped
aud looked at hia wife sharply. "Look
here, Jane," he said. "Whiyjr are you
driving at?"
"Well, he ended by explaining that he
meant he would take her. to the charity
luill, .and if you really think that it'a
"I'll take you," he Interrupted quickly.
"You've earned it, but I want it distinctly
understood Hint I will never listen to
neighborhood gossip again."
Then he settled back in hi* chair and
growled all the rest of the evening.
Keen  Appreciation nf Wit.
Father Healy, tho celebrated parish
priest of Kllllney, was a true wit, Mr.
Balfour, while ho was Chief Secretary
for Ireland, onco asked. Father Healy if
the Irish hated him as heartily as tho
newspapers declared they did.
"If thoy only hated the devil half as
much as they bato you," said the honest
father, "thero would bis no work left for
us to da"
Onco he sent a sort of Mr, Malaprop to
England to buy a horse for him.
"I didn't buy him," said the man nn
his return, "because he had a touch of tho
"Then you should havo bought him,"
said Father Healy, "for ko must have
been a lineal descendant of Balaam'*
a**."���Youth's Companion.
Mo Sign of Regret.
A drill sergeant nf n volunteer regiment,
in drilling a squad whom hu was Instructing In the funeral exercise, said: "Now,
lads, I want to see how well yuu can do
it. I'm going to wnlk through the ranks,
and I wish you to supposo I'm the corpse.''
Ho ordered tho squad to rest on their
arras reversed and stand nt ease. Then
ho walked through tho ranks and addressed them as follows:" Yonr arms an.
all right and your feet are nil right, but
there is ono thing wanting, my lads���you
hadn't that look of regret on your fnou
that you ought to have when a corpse
walks past. "���Tit-Bite.
The 1'rli.ee as a Horse llreedcr.
A lot of shire horses bred by the Prince
of Wales wns sold recently nt Wolferton,
and this is how It was done: A big tent
was set up, in which free lunch wns
1-,'rved, ovor 1,000 people coming to it by
SjKiclal train from London, The Prince
himself presided, nnd proposed the health
cf the Queen. With hlm were his two
daughters, tho Duko nnd Duchess of York,
Prince Christian, and a sprinkling of the
nobility. After luncheon the bidding began, and fifty horses were sold for 8.7,500.
Secrets of Their Live..
Every man's life, no matter how humble, would furnish nn Interesting book if
cleverly written. You can't always tell
by a glance at a man what bis past has
lieen. There is a humble- carpenter ill
town wbo was the prize orator at an Eastern college. Not far from the home ot the
writer of this there lives an ugly, decrepit
old woman who was considered iu her
youth the handsomest girl in Kentucky.
Poems were written iilsmt her, men went
crnsy over her, and duels were fought by
jealous admirers. Yet she married a
worthless man who got drunk and abused
her. Tha intensely religious life followed
by another niiui lu towu is tlie result ot
remorse over having caused the death of n
comrade a great many years ago. A woman who was once presented nt court in
England Is not admitted to the lajst society
In Atchison. A highly respectable citizen
sends $1,000 a year away to the conscience
fund nt Washington. Young people nre
interesting for what they are, but the
older folks are more interesting for what
they have lieen, if they could lie induced
to tell the story.���Atchison Globe.
gU0itt��00 ffiavi.0.
Hon. J, A. Louoheed, Q,C.
Gr.'S. McCAitTEit.
Long hoed   A   McCarter,
Barristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Hank of Montreal.
Caloarv, - N.W.T.
I'll* Sweet Chilli.
A sweet child sat at it table near me in a
restaurant not long ago. He was a child
of the Lord Fauntleroy type, and its
mother's back hair had that hopeless,
tired-of-Iife look that only the possession
of thnt sort ot offspring can give. The
sweet child was frank in hia comments on
everything he saw.
"Oh, mnl" said he, pointing to a man
whose ears were so arranged that they
could freckle on the under side, "get on to
them ears."
"Hush.Georgle," remonstrated the mother, visibly embarrassed, "tbe gentleman
will hear you."
"Huh!" said Georgia, "if he couldn't
with them ears he ought to be ashamed.''
And only the strident voice of a waiter
somewhere in the distance broke the silence.
Old lllblea.
The first Bible printed in America wns
in 1008. It was translated by John Eliot
into the Algonkln language, for the Indian". The following facts relating to the
present value of this aud other old Bibles
will prove interesting. At the sale of the
Drlnluy library in Now York, March, 1878,
nn Eliot New Testament nf lftfll brought
$700. At the same sale n Bible o' IHfii-l sold
for tl.uHO. At, au auction in lWia Uibleof
1685 brou lit mo. The Bemetit copy of
the Eliot Testament of lflfll sold In London
in 18-jIO for less than a dollar. The same
copy at a sale in New York in 1800, brought
$1)10. The total number of Indian Testaments and Hlblesof this period now known
to exist is 135. The first Bible printed iu
America in a European tonguo is "The
Snur Bible." This was printed iu German, by Christian Saur, who came to this
country in 1734.
Th* Menial's -.tort.
Tlie Eskimo housewife was shouting up
the back stairs.
"Mary," she cried, "It's time you were
getting breakfast."
The hired girl snorted petulantly.
"You make me weary," she exclaimed,
"calling me before February every morning."
Such Is llf* In 80 degrees 85 minute*
north latitude.
IVuman's Advance In Japan.
' Twenty years ago the persons of the
Emperor nud Empress of Japan were
sacred: they were seen by no one save high
court, officials, and even to these the Emperor's face must lie veiled. The Empress now visits tbe free hospital of Tokio
and talks or gives presents to the patients
a* freely as iu any western land.
D.L.S. & P.L.S. for B.C. DOMINION &
Draughtsman, Valuator .etc., CALGARY,
N.W.T.   Correspondence Solicited.
IU.J-PHSO-, D.L.S..P.L.S. of U.C. ���Ont.
Calgary, Alba.
MrCni'tli*--   A   Harvey.
Barristers, Advocates, Notaries, _c.   Solicitors ton���
Tho Imperial Bank of Canada.
I he Canada Periu-inont Loan A Savings Co.
lhe Yorkshire Loan A SociiritiesCorjKiration
1 ho Miwsey-IIarris Co. (Ltd).etc., etc.
Ollices���Stephen Avenue, Calgary.
P. McCarthy, Q.O.
Hoiiao- Harvey, B.A. L.L.B.
Mining I Smelting
CO. (Limited)
Assoc. Mem. I.nst. C.E.
mtixixg  K\<;i>EKn.
Cochrane, Ai.ua. -Ft. Steele, B.C
(Graduate of Laval and Mctilll.)
Head Office, Qubhec ;  Branch  Offices
Shehiihooke, & 17 Place d'Armes
Hill, Montreal.
Samuel S. Fowler, E.M.,
MEM. All. INS. M.E.
*iti*vi.\tw k.\��ji.m:i;r.
Properties reported upon.    Estinintes nnd
plans fur nil metallurgical plants.
P. 0. Box 1,    -    Golden, B.C.
Livery tt Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
GOL1H.-V. IM*.
Wlioletuilt- and Itetail
3 U TC H E RS.
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Undertakers and
���  .   Embalmers,
Cnlfrary     ��� Alba
ATr-N 11-11   TO.
"It is worth tb* price to every parson
who even reads a newspaper."���Darlington
tbi jotniKAL ninns to
Blue Pencil Rules.
A Pocket Primer (or the use of Reporters,
Oornepondenta aad Oopy Choppers.
Short, simple and practical rule* for
making and editing newspaper copy,
and of equal vain* to all who wish to
write correct English.
Sent on receipt ot price. Price, 10 cents
Ev copy.  ALLAN TORMAN, PuMlaha
7 Naauu Street, K*w York.
Gold, Silver A Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H B. ALEXANDER, manager
H. Connacher, Proprietor.
Uulilen IInsnlt.il Noclety.
From fl:il0 n.m. to 11 n.m.
" 2 p.m. " 4 p.m.
..       7     ii   ��  H   ..
Sunday  from  10 a.m. to  12 in,, and
from 7 p.m. to H p m.
visrriNii hoiks.
From  2:1)0 p.m.  to S p.m., daily,
except Monday and Saturday.
Br Ori>__.
Knwly refitted and furnished. Strictlv FIRST
CL.\SS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of giier-ns. Headquarters for mining men and
miners. Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Lauding. Direct importer ami wholesale und
l'ptnil denier iu Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
Special attention given to orders from up th*
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,        -       B.C.
Job    Departmer|t
���:o:��� OF ��� :o:���
-ore CURES
iRve been ef-
Truiaei, with
perf��ct ��e��ft to wearer than by all other
d����ifricomblar��i 'Iheylatalnlatvaat
Suptura under aevereatatraJn,   4eya-
_-. -lJUULEL-Id _.
CAVtAI 6. inflUt MARKS^Pf
prompt, answor and an honest opinion, write to
MINNA: CO., who have bail nearly tif tjt .ear.'
experience in tbe patent business. Communication, strictly confldentlal. A Handbook of Information concerning l-ntenia and how to obtain tbem tent free. Also a catalogue of meclian-
loal and solentlne books sent free.
Patent, taken through Munn k Co. receive
special notice In tbe -scientific American, and
thus ar* brousht widely before the public without cost to the Inventor. Tbis splendid psper.
Issued weeklr, elegantly llrastrated, ha. br far the
lai-gut circulation of ani; Mlentiac work In tba
a P-ar-cr tea
�� of lit
ttmofllttlngbM been perfected the .
la.teSTeart.ft.llyequafteiper.onBl A
.lamination toriull.  87latciula _J
masts-* ��'1.i-tii-.
114���__, U.W., i inr*..'Hi.
���i, with plana, enabling builder, fo show tbe
st. de-im. and secure contracts. Address
IUNN * CO, Maw Joan, 361 -boaiiw-t.
FiNcar Tc-.
in vat Wuaie
''Monsoon" Teals put up by Ih. Indiaa T*a
t-r.-wer. a. a .ample of the beat qualities ,.f Indian
'iii-!.. Therefore ihey use the greatest car. in Ih*
.election of th. Tea and its blend, that i. why Ihey
put it up themselves and sell it only in the original
package*!, thereby securing it. purity and atcellane*.
Put up in )(lb., i lb. and 5 lb. pad���ass, and nam*
���ild in bulk.
If your grocer dees not keep it, tall him to write I*
{ 11 and 13 Front Street East, TchwiI*. Awarded
Richest Honors���World's Fair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Fret
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant.
The entertainment for the lienefit of
tho public ,'icliool was held lust Friday
evening at the Dolgardno Hall and
was a great success, not only iu attendance but ulso from a (iuiincinl point.
The hall was filled with an attentive
audience and when the chairman, Mr.
Galbraith. proceed .-il to open the entertainment with an address, not a
vacant seat was in the room, whicli
speaks well for tlio interest the residents took in its success.
A very careful programme had been
prepared and wns faith fully curried
out. The first piece on the list wns an
instrumental duett by Prof. Farquhar-
son on the violin and Miss Bailey on
the organ, it is needless to say it was
well rendered, then followed songs
and recitations by tlie pupils of the
public school, and the creditable manner in which they acquitted themselves
showed how carefully they had been
trained. Master Herbert Clark followed witli an excellent rendering of a
"Psalm of Life," which was well received. A reading by Master Roy
Leeper, of Dallas, Texas, was attentively listened to, then a duett by Mrs.
Jennings and Mrs. Sucksmith, ���' Far
Away" was admirably given, their
sweet voices blending nicely together.
An amusing recitation by Mr. P. Will-
lnott, entitled, " Fort Steele from 1893
to 1895," full of local "hits" kept the
audience in good humor and wns very
much enjoyed. Then a song by Mr.
F.Woods, "Killaloo," it is needless
to say was well sung and showed Mr.
Woods possessed a finely cultivated
voice. A charming recitation by Miss
Bailey, "Edinburgh after Flodden"
was well received, then followed n
short play in which Masters Clark
and Leeper and Miss M. Wade were
the principal actors ami the parts were
so well sustained by the trio that the
audience was kept iu roars of laughter.
A song iiy Mr. Samuel Hodson followed
"I stood nt the Bridge," his clear
baritone voice told well in its rendition and he was loudly applauded.
An amusing charade came next in
which Mr. Justice McVittie, Mrs.
Levett, Miss E. Frizzell, Mr. James
Murphy and Mr. .Samuel Hodson took
part, each sustaining their role admirably. Mr. Hodson, us a " had hoy "
was simply perfect, Mrs. Levett ns
mother, graceful nnd natural and Mr.
Justice McVittie as a crotchety "old
father" was illimitable. Miss Frizzell
as daughter, excellent, and Mr, James
Murphy as "our cousin" was perfectly
nt home in his part nud showed from
his acting that he had carefully pte-
piirod nnd understood the spirit of the
play. Mr. Justice McVittie brought
down the house by introducing the
celebrated advertisement of C.rlin &
Lake's wonderful astral oil. It wns
full of local hits and was no respecter
of persons, from the Indian Agent to
the bridge foreman, recorder and constable, none escaped, and the audience
was kept amused. Then followed the
" shadow pictures " which were much
enjoyed and the evening's entertainment was brought to a close by singing "God Save the yucen." The
success of the evening's entertainment
was in a great measure due to tho indefatigable exertions of our public
school teacher, Miss Bailey, ably
assisted liy our popnlnr Ch ef Justici
Mr. McVittie, who superintended all
mutters i-otitiented with tbe stage, etc.,
aud scenic effects, and to Mr. Join
Giassick ivho lent a willing hand to
irect the stage, gratuitously nnd cheer
fully. We believe It U the intention
to have another entertainment after
tlie Easter holidays.
A very enjoyable evening was spent
recently ut Wasa. Our host Hanson
gave an invitation to a number of
ladies and gentlemen from Fort Steele
to a ball. Dancing was kept up until
midnight wlien an excellent supper
was sat down to by the guests. It is
well known thut our friend Ha..son
docs uot do things by halves and all
the delicacies that could be thought of
were on the table. Mr. Hanson and
his genial assistant William Blade
weie most attentive to the guests aud
before leaving, it was voted tlie
dunce" of the season. Too much
praise cannot be given to our worthy
friend Barnes, who left nothing undone to make the visit of those who
accompanied him to Wasa pleasant.
Mr. and Mrs. Durick of Canal Flat
paid Fort Steele a visit, they were the
guests of Mrs. Levett,
Charlie Edwards and Hyde Baker
returned from Canal Flat and report
the roads fairly good.
Mr. Phillipps, S.M., paid us a short
visit, he expects to be with us again
about the 1st of April. He reports no
snow on Tobacco Plains.
Mr. William Gilles met with a painful accident, his team ran away and
he was badly cut about the head and
hurt iu the spine producing partial
Mrs. Frizzell who was seriously ill
is much better.
ilis. William Forsrthe who wns
ailing is now much better.
We regret to report the serious illness of Mr. Joseph Roberts, he has
been a great sufferer and much sympathy is felt for him.
Mr. Sam Brewer, P.M., Fairmont,
paid us a flying visit, he cante for
Father Coccola to attend his little son
"Hopee" who is seriously ill.
Father Coccola will remain at Windermere to conduct a mission service
for a week before returning to St.
Pork at 8c. per lb. Pioneer of 18G4
think of it! when you had to pay your
$1 aud 31.50 per lb. and it was a favor
to get it at that price. The Tobacco
Plains farmers are keeping us well
supplied with Pork, Eggs, and Chickens. Do these men pay a pedlar's
licence ? and in this way protect our
II. E. Forster and Charlie Edwards
are visiting Hyde Baker at Cranbrook,
they intend paying F. P. Norbury a
short visit.
The ladies of Fort Steele have decided to give a literary and musical entertainment every Friday to which all
the gentlemen have been invited, and
we understand that the gents intend
inviting their lady friends to a similar
entertainment on Wednesday evening,
this will make time pass pleasantly.
Mr. Robt. Jennings reports his
work at Wild Horse Creek getting
..Ioiir satisfactorily, he is now down
125 feet anl no bed rock yet.
On Sunday evening last divine service wns conducted as usual at the
public school room, bv Mr. Galbraith.
His subject was "The Prodigal Son,"
which was listened to attentively
The attendance at these services is
very good and shows the deep interest
tho people take in them. The singing
hy the choir was excellent.
Our old pioneer, Mr. David Griffith,
left us for London for a three mouth's
visit, per last stage.
We wish him a pleasant voyage and
a safe return to his home in Kootenay.
Mr. William Fernie, J.P., sent the
ludy treasurer a handsome subscription to our organ fund.
At a meeting recently held in the
school house, the Mining Association
of Fort Steele was organized with Mr.
Galbraith as president and Mr. Thos.
McVittie, J.P., C.E.,P.L.S., secretary
��� its object is a good one.
(A Song.)
Xo desperado can our town invade,
The  wives  and  children   slumber
For  none, if he's  unarmed, makes us
A noble little band of heroes we.
This noble band received command
To catch a desperado,
And went iu three's for greater ease
To awe the renegado,
For Red McLeod of such a crowd
Must surely be afraid 0
This criminal escaped from Golden jail
And straight to Steele a messenger
was sent,
Where prompt officials, knowing not
to quail,
Resolved the wicked man to circumvent.
We  spread  o'er   mountains, valleys,
And never closed an eye by night (r
We caught the desperado for our pains,
But by a knavish trick he got away.
The man was wanted for a two-bit
But constables like us much money
So, being gone, 'twas wasting gold and
To longer look  for one who wasn't
���"The Pobt oif Fobt Steele."
To Let.
The house near the Hospital, lately
occupied by George Hastie, apply to
G. F.  Parson, Alexander Buildings.
Presbyterian Service.
Service will be held to-morrow
morning in the school house at 10
o'clock, couducted by Rev. W. R.
Manufactures of Sash, Doors, Mouldings
Tui-ncd and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.
Have on Hand a lot of Wash Basin and Bath
Carlin &  Lake,
Dealers in Everything:.
We have just received a full car load
of groceries, and our stock is now complete.
We will sell everything* at prices that were
never heard of in Golden before.
Look over the following: prices and
see if you cannot savo money, by buying* at
Butter, best dairy, 2;<c per lb
u       **  by the tub 21c.
Eggs,g-un ran teal good 22c dz
Hams, finest, 15c lb
Breakfast Bacon, finest   ���*'
Dry sal t baco 11 i 2 .Vc 1 b
Cheese 1f-c ib
Finnan Hacldie 21bs for 2J5c
Codfish 2-ilbs    "
Sugar,granulated; 7*Jlbsfor-8l
"   yellow       lSj-lbs    "
Tomatoes    7 cans for $1.00
Corn *���
Peas tt tt
Beans ���' tt
Condensedrailku *
Soap, monster cake 20 bars #1
Sag-o 3 lbs for 2-56
Tapioca "      u
Beans 41bs     **;������
and everything else in
the Grocery line at the
same low prices.
We have lots of it and will sell suits at a clear discount of 20 p.c. for cash only.   This is a big reduction.
We will sell you a $20 suit for 16.00.
"        " 15    ���-'    "   12.00.
"        " 12    "    "    9.60.
" " 10    "    "    8.00.
All underwear and gents'j furnishings at a clear reduction of 20 per cent.'
For the Ladies we will give a straight reduction of
20 per cent on everything in the Dry Goods Line.
Rubbers, Boots, Shoes, Etc., all at Big Reductions.
Now is the time to supply yourself with everything
as these prices will not last long.
Dealers    Ir)    Everything.


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