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The Golden Era Aug 18, 1899

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���*r- . ���
Thomas O'Brien,
aotary PnbUe-Con-reyaneer, eto
Office lo Upper Calumbis Navigation aud
Tram My Cempony'. r ",*
James Henderson,
Builder & Contractor,
A simply of Building Lime for Sale.
Plaits prepared.   Prompt attention given to
$2 Per Year
The Men and Women
Of The Future
will soon be storting' to school again and
will require new thing3 of all sorts. The
following items are of special interest to
mothers because the happy combination of
high quality and price littleness places them
in a class by themselves���quite beyond all
for boys & girls with boyish tendencies-the
never-wear-out sort���with double knees,
double soles, and high spliced ankles.
strong and durable, yet pliable and easy on
the little feet. We have every sort, low
shoes, button shoes, and strong lace boots. A
special line of Tan Oxfords at 75 Gents.
Hats and Caps,
Straw, Felt and Cloth. The assortment is so
large description is impossible. Prices will
sfli'prise you.
Boys' Reefer Suits, Sailor Suits, Two-piece
suits, Three-piece suits, and Youths' long-pant
extra special valuo in Boys' C'oylon flannol
-  and cambric shirts.
A choice selection of Misses Blouses mado of
Percales, Cambric and Madras.
Handkerchiefs, Neckwear* hair ribbon,
no matter��� wbat is needed,you will find it here.
tf. 'a~PHi?sofrr
General   Merchant.
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Co.
& International Transportation Co.
Connecting with C.P.R. at Golden, B.C.
Direct Route to Athalmer & Windermere,
j and surrounding Mining District
Steamers Leave Golden Tuesday and Friday
,.)   mornings at 4 a. m.
The Only Quick and Comfortable Route.
Consignors will be charged with all way freight between
. Golden and Windermere at which point a Company's
agent will be stationed.
All freight and charges on goods to Windermere and
"points, beyond will hnve to be paid to tho Company's
agont at Windermere before delivery of goods.
C.   H.   PARSON,  Manager.
Groceries, Stationery, Tinware, .Boots & Shoes,
Glaaawaro, Hardware, Gents Hats and Caps, Para-
soles, Blinds, Clothing, Umberollaa, Fancy Goods,
Gents Furnishings, Neck Ties, Men's Gloves and
Mitts, Ladies Gloves, Iron Beds, Spring Beds, Mat:
' trasses, Pillows. Saddles, Baby waggons, Whips,
Cigars, Flour. Bran, Oats.
Special Values in Teas and Coffees at
C.     A.     WARREN'S.
Athalmer House,
Athalmer, B. 0.,
First Class accommodation for Travellers,
Prospeetors and Mining Men.
Saddle and Pack Horses Supplied.
Victoria Times : "Henderson's return )n New Westminster is a foregone conclusion. Certainly neither
Mann nor Held could defeat him. The
electors of New Westminster by an
overwhelming majority Intend to take
advantage of this opportunity of securing Cabinet representation. White
there is plenty of Opposition talk there
Is no organization and no enthusiasm."
A correspondent of the Nelson Tribune writes from New Westminster;
"The government will accept responsibility for the eight-hour legislation,
and will defend the same In the New
Westminster campaign. This will he
the ohlef Issue in the contest. If the
legislation has ruined the province,
and the people of Westminster are not
all fools, there should bo a verdict
Against tho government. It is safe to
say, however, that no such verdict
wiil be rendered."
Says the Nanaimo Review :���"-The
mine owners and kindred interests
have succeeded in getting Hon. Joseph
Martin out of the B. C. Cabinet - with
some little help from the gentleman
himself. These people bad been in tho
habit of ignoring mining laws and
regulations, and Martin does not make
the kind of attorney-general to bo
ignored. He got the eight-hour law
for metalliferous mines passed and got
it enforced, and they went for bis scalp
and got It. The labor interests promise to stand by Martin aud there Is
every prospect of Joseph continuing to
illuminate a little corner in B. C.
politics for a whilo yet."
The Nelson Tribune fittingly remarks: "Ex-Attorney General Martin has been up before the benchers of
the law society charged with prosecuting a law suit for a client on shares.
This in Jaw is called champerty and Is
against the rules of the law society.
It ti safe to say nine out of ten lawyers in British Columbia aro guilty of
iheoffonce with which Mr. Martin Is
charged; bat they nre wont to go farther than lie is charged with going.
He is only charged with asking half;
they take the whole. Probably It is
because Mr. Martin did not demand
the whole that he Is being proceeded
A Mot lur Tai ln-
Ltttlu Daughter'* Life.
I am the Mother of eight children
and have had a great deal of experience
wiih medicines. Lust summer my
little daughter had the dysentery in
ita worst form. We i bought she
would die. I tried everything I conld
think of, but nothing warned to do her
any good. I saw by an advertiaoinotit
in our paper that Chamberlain** Colic,
Cholera and 'Diarrhoea Rciiiudy wae
highly recommended and sent und got
a bottle at once. It proved to lw one
of the very tear medicines we ever had
In the house. It saved my lit tii* daughter'^ life. I am anxious for emy
mother to know what an excellent
medicine It is. Had I known it nt lirst
it would have aaved me a grout deal
of anxiety aud my little daughter much
suffering, fours truly. Mrs. Geo. F.
Burlu'clc, Liberty-It. I. For sale by
all druggixts. Henderson Bros, wholesale agts. Victoria and Vancouver.
Duchess Passenger List.
Aug. 1 Ith.���Golden to Carbonate,
F. Berthiaumo; to Athalmer. J. Barr;
to Windermere. E. and Mre. Smyth;
Athalmer to Windermere, A. F. Mul-
bolland, Powers.
Windermere to Athalmer, Monte-
sambert; Arhnlmer to Sinclair. D.Kier,
J. Barr; Windermere to Golden, J. E.
Griffith, C. R. Dixon; Athalmer tu
Golden, W. it. Wickworth, E. Elter;
Brisco to Golden, E Watkins, Athalmer to Golden, Miss L. Kenny, Mrs.
Lake, D. McDougal."
Aug. 16th.���Golden to Windermere,
Miss Gibbon, II. Annie, A. M. Simons.
Gray, D. McDonald, Shorrock, F. 0,
Lang, P. Dooley, J. E. Griffith, J. M.
Seott; to Athalmer, Hart; to Carbonate, Major Clohecy, J. Henderson;
McKay's to Windermere, E. M. Burr;
Athalmer to Windermere, Montezam-
bert, Hare
Windermere to Athalmer, H, Mitchell-Innes, J. M. Scott. Hart; to Golden
Miss Findlay, Shorrock, Chadbonrn,
Green, R. R. Bruce, Mulholland, L. G.
Garnett, Mrs. Kimpton; Athalmer to
Golden, Mrs. Washburn; Carbonate to
Golden, J. Henderson.
Treublesorae to tbo Army.
Daring the civil war, as well as in
our late war with Spain, diarrhoea was
one of the most troublesome diseases
the army had to contend with. In
many Instances It became chronic and
ths old soldiers still suffer from it. Mr.
David Taylor of Wind Ridge, Greene
Co., Pa., is one of these. Houses,
Chamberlain's Colio, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy and says hs never
found anything tbat weald give him
snoh quick relief. It Is fer sale by all
druggists. Henderson Bros wholesale
agts. Victoria and Vancouver.
Wanted by Lady���Board
end residence with private family.
Apply stating terms to "A.B."��ra
Milk Cows Wanted.
Wanted to pnrohaaa,  milk cows,
Apply tofi. A, Htggto, Gvidau,
A property that hen attracted a good
deal of attention since its location lust
year is what is known as the MacLean
property. This -vas atruok by A. McLean and P. Nelson, while out prospecting last season, and lies in the
basin at the head of McLean Creek, a
tributary of the north fork of the
Spillimachene. This basin is situated
at the summit of the lofty mountain
iu which Knowlton, De Varrennes,
and McLean Creeks take their rise.
The head of the basin ia ono of the
most rugged rocky spot* to bo found
in the mountains, with its great bluffs
of quarteite, and maism of boulders
flung from the overhanging sky-aspiring peaks. Strong evidences of the
mineralised character of tho country
are afforded by the float to ba seen
lying among tlio rocks. Tlio writer.
crossed the summit from the Certainty
camp, and on reaching the summit the
stakes of tbe
olaim, owned by Messrs. Ntdaon and
McLean, may ba seen. The ledge on
which this property is located is some
seven foot in width, nnd showing evidences of copper mineralisation
throughout. It is as a gold proposition, however, that it appears to have
its value, assaying fairly well in the
precious metal. Further along tho
gulch is seeu the No. 1 post of the
claim which was considered to be the
most promising coppor location mado
In the district last year. A northern
extension, called the Cinnamon, has
also beon staked. To the .southwest
side of tho claim is a trap dyke with a
dip of il to tho East, and with a strike
of 80 degrees wcrt of north. Evidences
of the strong eruptive forces which
have beeu in operation here are afforded
by the fact thut toward.-! the lead this
trap dyko has been tilted over in an
opposite direction and shuttered,apparently by a lime dyko wbioh has been
thrown up. Thif lime dyko may be
seen crossing thi* country for miles.
Along this lime dyke Ue* the lead on
which tho Cinnamon and Good Luck
claims have been located. The mountain slo|>os at a low angle on tho
course of Lhe load, something like 25
degrees, but approached an angle of 45
to the southward. Although the lead
is biir'i'jU up fur tho moot part In'SITdo
mutter, evidences of its magnitude are
Jfoji.dui.Ul tim UstJ.luitjJoiit.from the
e3go, rielilv copper-stained and carry-
lug more or Ihss ore, in found for a
mine down the basin below tbe lund.
The discovery post in pUced at a point
about 7 5t)0 feet above sen-level'. Hiiro
nn open out his been run on the lead
for u length of la feot and an average
depth of '1 feet. The lend haa a strike
of 47 west of north aud a dip of 57
souths The hanging wall is porphyry
and thu f-uotwnll is found in contact
with tho lime dyke The width of tlie
lead ou the hanging wall side is 4 feet,
then there is a porphyrlttdintrtibion of
20 inches in width, and another stienk
of quartz l'i fuohei in width, tho ledge
thus presenting n total width of G-Jft.
On the hanging wall thore is a paystreak of solid chalcopyrite, carrying
from 2d to 30 per cent copper and $<i
gold. Thie paystreak runs from 5 to
15 inched in width, and shows some of
the nicest copper ore to be seen In tho
country. In addition to the work
already mentioned, open cuts have
boen made over another 50 feet of the
ledge showing a continuation of the
class of oro already referred to. The
No. 1 post of the Good Luck is at an
elevation of 7,000 feet above sea-level
and the highest cut is on the Cinnamon at au elevation of 7,700 feet above
sea level, Thero is thus 400 feet of
vertical ledge-matin- between tho two
points. The ledgo crosses the summit
still higher and M. Dninutd, who is
also Interested iu the other property,
has located a cliiin on the Canyon
Croek side of tho mountain. A trail
haa beon mndo this soason from the
north fork trail of Canyon Crock to
the saddle of the divide between the
north fork of tho Spilliiuacbeue and
the south fork of Canyon Creek. This
trail was curried out under the supervision of M. Dainard, and is au excel
lout piece of work. Wi h two miles
of trail constricted, this would connect the Good Luck and Ciunuiuou
claims with the Governmont trail.
Tho claims aro locatod at the head of
a nice basin, with plenty of grass in
summer, but at this altitude the summer Is necessarily short. Mr. Dainard
this week brought Into Golden somo
fine specimens of ore from thu property.
Caught in a Rock Slide.
The other day a man named Crom-
bie, well known at Field, went out
prospecting on the mountain behind
the town and expected to be away
about tbree hours. Not turning up
search was made for him but without
result, aud it was feared he bad fallen
down the mountain side and been
killed, or had beeu so disabled that he
was unable to help himself. F. Fields
went out tbree successive days to look
for him but without success and on
Wednesday particulars were sent to
Acting-constable Hamilton, who authorised a search for Crom bio. The
body was found, apparently dead some
time, byt we havo not yet learned the
Latah ���Crombie has been missing
since Sunday. He was apparently
crossing a rock-slide on the mountain
behind Field, when the rooks gave
way and swept him down tho mountain aide, almost burying tho body
which waa much disfigured,
must have been instantaneous
Iteeeivsd ior Dr. Agnew's Cure for tho Heart
bad it in These Words-"! thought 1 was
Dying and it Cured me."
"All signs fail" but those of heart disease,
and it Is never safe to dally a minuto with
litem. Have you palpitation or fluttering,
shortness of breath, chilly sensations, faint-
ing spells, dizziness, pains about the heart?
All these indicate derangement. The record
of lives saved by Dr. Agnew'a Cure for the
Heart ia a long ono, and the almost incredible
cures it makes ia proof that tho days of miracles are not past. It gives relief in thirty
minutes.   It acts like magic.
Bolu by 0. A. Wnrren
Says the Nelson Tribune: ��'It is
admitted by the opponents of the Semlin government who havo recently
rrlved in Nelson from tho Coast that
attorney-general Henderson will be
re elected in New Westminster without
The soothing nnd healing properties
of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, Its
pleasant taste and prompt and permanent cures, bave made it a great favorite
with the people everywhere, For sale
by ell druggists. Henderson Bros,
wholsselo agts, Victoria * Vancouver.
(From Our Own Correspondent;)
R. R. Bruce is working a force of 16
men on the Sitting Bull.
H. O'Donughy and William Hamilton have struck it rich on Boulder
Fraaer and Chalmer's syndicate are
working a force of men on the S Ivor
Thread, Boulder Creek.
Geo. Starke has resumed work at the
Delphine and will make several shipments before fall.
Peterborough lots are now on the
D, Balu is pushing construction
work on our bridge in good shap?.
The Windermere district certainly
has not any kick coming against their
worthy representative, W. C. Wells,
M.P.P.. We have undoubtedly got
the right man this time.
Work will be resumed at the Delos
The Macintosh syndicate will put in
a winter camp at the Bed Line.
Several vory satisfactory assay returns linvef "been vcn-aWo-a* -ttmia*n -tliw
week from E, A. Haggen, metallurgist, Golden, on oue of the latest
strikes on Boulder Creek. A check
assay was sent to Montana and tho
returns wore exactly the aaino as those
from Golden.
Harry Innes reports everything look-
ing well up on Law Creok,
Tii�� "Banjo Kid" is sojourning at
tht* Salmon Beds building up ou fish.
Bou Pugh, mayor of Foil Stvele,
spent Wednesday in town.
0. A. Brown is pushing development, in good shapn on his gioup of
chums near Goldie Creek.
Development work has been started
on tho White Elephant: joining the
Red Lino.
Manager Banna tine reports the
Swansea looking better thnn ever.
Frank Morizeau is (becoming jockey
��� look out for him.
The Athalmer boy should have had
the foct race at Windermere on tbo 5th
Good for the Governmont.
Since the privy council hns decided
that the net prohibiting the employment of Chinese underground hi coal
mines ia beyond the authority of the
provincial legislature, the governmont
has determined to accomplish the same
result hi a different way. This decision is announced as a result of an
interview with Ralph Smith, as representative of thu mi tiers' union. The
mine inspector will bu ordered to prohibit tho employment tiudoiground of
any person not able to read aud understand the coal mines regulations. This
rule not to affect any persons so employed before tho 1st August.
A Rich Gold Strike.
News from Atlin tells of a fabulously rich find of free-milling ore by C. A.
Anderson of North Held, Vancouver
Island, and J. Pearson, of Yakima,
Wash. The find war* inkUC in the Big
Horn country, and assays of tho rock
show it to run from $2,000 to 912,000
n gold to the ton. Messrs. Anderson
and Pearson showed the sninplos to
Chief Engineer L-iwis, of the White
Pass & Yukon anil way, who immediately organi'/oJ a party, Including the
two prospectors, aud sent them back
to stake off claims. Samples of the ore
were sent to Atlin for assay, Mr. Lin-
dor, tho aasayer for tbe B. N. A. doing
tba work, and certifying as follows;
No. 101, 912,952 gold; No. 162, $12,-
860 gold; No. 102 $222 silver; No. 103,
$2, 904 gold. The ore was taken indiscriminately from differnt parts of
the lodge. Two pounds of it roosted,
pulverized and washed iu a pan yielded $7.
Rheumatism Attacks Old and Young Alike���
But it Never  Baffles Mouth American
Khoumatic Cure.
Wm. H. Winslow, sr.,MA Turgeon atreet,
St. Henri, Que., says of the great South
American Khoumatic Cnrei  "My son was so
bad with acute rheumatism tliat we thought
ho was going to die.    We triod many remedies and physicians without success.   Three
bottles of your wonderful remedy hns made a
now man of him.    The first few dosus gavo
delightful relief from tho pain."
field by 0' A, Warren.
A Pedley appears to have struck s
fine deposit of zinc on Salmon  River,
The Prospector reports the finding of
nickel ore which according to reliable
analysis will run 12-J per cent nickel
to the tou.
A.  W. Upton, W. Dainard, and C.
E. Nicholson located some promising
gold-bearing claims last week on tbe
south fork of Canyon Creek.
O. A. Brown is making a deal for
the Blmetallist claim which he owns
on Toby Creek, and which has been
long recognised as a very promising
T. Mercier, foreman of the Certainty
Company's operations on Canyon Creek
was in town this week and reports the
Porphyry and Iron Hill looking very
W. G. Birney, who has been pros
pecting Canyon Creek on account of
O. D. Hoar, of Revelstoke, bas made
an excellent strike of copper ore on tbe
north fork nnd recorded B claims this
The Cascade Record says: In and
around tho new town of Phoenix the
Old Ironsides, Knob Hill, Golden
Crown, Winnipeg aud Gold Drop are
said to employ 250 men at $3.50 per
day, making a payroll of about 41,000
daily. Over $150,000 worth of machinery has been taken iu tbis season."
The No. 2 tunnel on the Certainty
mine is now in 44 feet and bas been
well timbered. It Is expectod that tbe
tunnel will cut the ore body in another
40 to 45 feet, giving 325 feet of depth
on the No, 4 lead. The prospective
value of tho property largely depends
on the result of this portion of tho development work.
R. R. Bruce, who is in charge of the
Sitting Bill group on Horsethief creek
was in Golden this week, and reports
the property as looking well. Mr.
Bruce has 10 men at work pushing
development. The many friends cf
Mr. Bruce will be glad to bear that he
has made a good strike, for be has
stuck to East Kootenay veil during
the past three seasons.
Mr. Clemos, M.E., an English Mining Engineer of   very high standing,
-,u. I.*., been un a. visit  iv Hit.-district
during the past fortnight, inspecting
the properties of the New Golden British Columbia, Limited, in company
with the Company's Manager, W O.
Mitchell-Innes, left for the west on
Friday, and will start on the return
journey to England next week.
Tho Prospector says: "Word has
beon received from Tracy creek that the
Estol'a company at a depth of about 90
ftet ran a cross cut and ascertained the
lead was 14 feet wide, all solid ore.
The work of sinking the shaft will
now be continued, whioh will tap the
400 foot tunnel now boiog driven. Tbe
oro which Is being taken from tbe
working is an excellent shipping product."
D. McDonald M. E. ono of tho best
mining experts operating iu the Province and representative of Hon. C. H.
Macintosh, arrived in Golden this
week on a visit to the Red Lino, of
which ho will make a thorough examination. While in Golden Mr. McDonald secured an extension of the option
on the Vermont Creek Group, owned
by Upton and Johnson, to enable him
to examine It on behalf of Hon. C. H.
Macintosh, for whom it is now bonded. Mr. McDonald will visit the
property next month and if he is satisfied with it development work will
be pushed ahead. Mr, McDonald left
by the Duchess ou Tuesday for Windermere.
..���-The following new locations have
been recorded at Golden:���Aug. 9th,
Paris, by A. E, Lees, on McMurdo
Creek, Ironclad, by W, J. McKIuskcr,
on Logan Creek- 10th, Golden Joe,
by J. Lamontaigne, Goldeu Cnido, by
J. G. Ullock, Oolden Paragon, by H.
B. Brewster, all on middle fork of
Oanron Crook adjacent to Porphyry
and Iron Hill; Bed Fox, by Ole Oborg,
Blue Fox by J. Noble, Tangin by N.
E. Sjodin, all on Fifteen Mile Creek on
summit opposite Certainty Group;
Gold Plate, hy F J. Deacon, on mid-
dlo fork of Canyon Creek. Aug 14th,
King William, by W. O. Birney,
Prince by L, Wilkinson, Fairview.
by W. Crlckenay, all on North fork of
Canyon Creek. Aug. loth, Copper
Cliff, by M. Dainard, on tributary of
Canyon Creek, Aug, 10th, Oold Bug,
by W. Dainard, Copjier Point and Copper Chief, by C. E. Nicholson, all on
south fork of Canyon Creek. Aug.
17th, Jumping Bull, by Edward F.lwel,
on No. 2 Creek, Gopher, by J. Dolmage.
on Carbonate Mountain,
But Dr. Agnew's Ointment Quenches aud
S, E. Rtichnam, or tho Soldiers' National
Home, Grant Co., Indiana, writer: "I have
beon troubled sevoroty with acute eczema on
tho face and fiend. ! cured it witbone box of
Dr. Agnew's Ointment: It jnst took one
application to stop tho itching and burning
Herniations. 1 think it a marvellous cure.
95 cents.
Sold by 0. A, Warren,
We have -good authority for stating
that the Great Northern are contemplating early communication wilb
Windermere by railway, The project
is to take a branch line- from the Lar-
deau Duncan line ever the Toby Creek
summit Into the Windermere district
and thua establish tbo transportation
system that atone is now wanted to
bring Windormere to tbe front as a
jBiuiufe camp.
J. S. Gibb Appointed Manager
at Golden.
(Vancouver WcrM.)
"J. S. Gibb, who bas been accountant
and assistant manager In the Imperial
Bank of Canada bere, has been appointed manager of tbs branch of that bank
at Golden. Mr. and Mrs. Gibb and family leave for Golden to-morrow (Thursday), where tbey wilt reside in tbe
furture. Tbey bave been residents of
Vancouver for over three years, during which period they made hosts of
friends, wbo, while pleased to hear of
Mr. Gihb's promotion, will regret to
learn of their departure. They will he
greatelv missed in social circles, but ie
is another oase of that which will ba
Vancouver's loss, will be Golden'fl
gain. The best wishes of a wide circle
of friends will follow them to their
new home."
Mr. Gibb arrived in Golden thie
Social and Athletic Club.
A meeting will be held in the Odd-
fellows' Hall on Thursday evening
next at 8 o'clock for the purpose of
organising a Social and Athletic Club,
The objecti of the club will be te provide a library and reading room, where
tht latest papers, magazines and periodicals of the day will be accessible to
those of a literary turn of mind; games
of different kinds, sue1! as checkers,
chess, etc., will also be provided for.
For those wbo prefer athletic exercises
there will be boxing, fencing, and snch
other athletics as can be arranged for.
It is purposed to have the club roome
accessible by day as well as in tbe
evenings, and the programme may be
varied according to the desire ot tbe
members, for instance, one evening in
tbe week may be devoted to a mock
parliament, debate, or musical entertainment. It is hoped that a sufficient
number will turn out to tbe meeting to
warrant the organising of the clnb and
election of officers.
Railway Station Improvements.
R. Marpole writes to the Board of
Trade: "I directed Mr. Duschesnay
to arrange for an extension of the present platform, and I am in receipt of a
letter from bim to day in which he
states that he is arranging to extend Is
beyond the tank a sufficient distance so
tbat passengers on the last oar of a
long train will be able to disembark on
the platform. We readily admit tbat
Golden should hare a far more com*
modlous station, and I hope in the
near future to get the necoseory funds
to erect such accommodation as will
satisfy the people of Golden,"
Kruger Caves In.
London, Aug. 15���President Kruger*
according to a despatch from Johannesburg, has sent a reply, accepting
the proposal of tbe secretary of state
for tbe colonies, Mr. Joseph Chamber*
lain, to submit the franchise controversy to a joint commission of inquiry,
on condition that the independence of
the Transvaal shall not be impugned.
The Johannesburg correspondent of
the Morning Post says: "President
Kruger, owing to advancing years,
haa become physically and mentally
incapableof doaling with the situation.
Often at tho meetings of the executive
he weeps, but possibly he is shamming
Tourists Attempt to Scale the
Peak of Ht. Ausiniboine.
Moose Jaw, N.W.T., Aug. 14���
Henry O. Bryant, of Philadelphia,
who snib August 81st for Oreat Bri.
tain, where lie will bave a voice In tha
proceeding, ol the geographical con-
grna, anil Louis 3, Steele, ol London,
arrived hero this morning altar several
weeks si-out in exploration in the Canadian Rocky mountains, Mr. Bryant
proceeds to Philadelphia, via Montreal,
and Mr Steele to St. Paul, Chicago,
New York and then to Swltserland.
The Routlemen, logethor with Walter
D. Wilcox, ol Washington, recently
attempted with Swiss guides, to scale
the peak cf Mount Assinibiine, but
(ailed, lloih Messrs. Steele and Bryant, with otlier (limber.., will tty
again next year. They declare that
the Assinibolna peak, which is about
twenty miles from theCituadian transcontinental line, is ons hundred time-,
more difficult to ascend tha. th*
Matter horn.
Counterfeit One Dollar Bills.
The Toronto "Globe" calls attention
to the fact that thon appoara to be
quite a number of counterfeit fl bills
in circulation. Merchants nnd others
ahould watch carefully all the 91 bills
they handle, A short, description of
tbe counterfeit, ia as follows: A fair
counterfeit, is dated June 1st, 1878, series "A, *' A mast noticeable defect ie
the portrait of Lady Diilferiu, which
Jacks a lifelike appearance and la poor-,
ly enijnved. In the counterfeit IIm position of the head hides the right eye,
The lathe work is very poorly imitated, aad tbe paper is ol interior i,u��l.
Mr. l'hepue the Recipient of  Man)
Congratulations by Wire From
Winnipeg and Other Cities.
Hastings, Out., Aug. 11.���J* W.
Anderson, who is reported as having
robbed Molsou's Bank at Winnipeg last
fall, is u native of this village, aud son
of the late David Audcrson, au extensive real estate broker uud money lender
for upwards of thirty-five years.
The accused was burn here abont 28
years ago, nud was a constant resident
of tho place up to the time of bis accepting u position iu tbo Molsou's
Bunk, nearly two years ago. He was
educated at tbe Hustings public and
Norwood high schools, where he secured a second ilass certlfloate aud after*
wurds taught school tor nine months,
quitting to take u position iu the Mol-
buu'h Bank. His family connections
uud luinie Irniniug am and have been
all that could bo desired. No stain
agaiust his character or any member of
his family up to pu-seut lias ever existed. Some four years niio his father
died quite suddenly, and his lurge
business was Ink��� in hand by the
mother uud oue of tlio sous, and successfully and satisfactorily disposed of.
Three urotht-rs, older lliau the prisoner,
hold positions of honor and trust, two
of whom, aud one yoouger, ure in various banks.
Tho report of his arrest fell like a
elap of thunder out of u clear sky and
cast a gloom over uud amused the sympathy of the wliole village. He was a
geueral favorite iu the village uud his
leaving was regretted by his many
frieuds. Such is his stnuding and
family history tliat uo oue cuu seem*
iugly believe that he wus iu anyway
connected wilh tbe robbery. Later reports from his employer are that he has
been remauded for u week aud he believes him to be perfectly innocent.
Treutou, Out., Aug. II.���The news
of the urrest of Anderson for the robbery of tho Molson'B buuk at Winnipeg
last September was received here with
much interest, und T. B. Phepoe, mun-
uger of the Mol��< ll's buck bete, was tbe
recipient of uiuuv congratulations by
citizens, aud all day telegrams have
beeu pouriug iu ou him aud his family
from friends and prouiiiuut citizens cf
Winnipeg, where he wus deservedly
A Ilurt-iritiie  C'atisefl  Bluett   l.��nn nl Life
kikI  rropi'il*.
Ponce, Aug. 11.��� A hurricane struck
here ut H o'clock Tuesday morning and
lasted until !i p. in. The rivers over-
Wowed, flooding tho town. It is estimated that 200 persons were drowned.
The town and port ure total wrecks.
It is believed that the damage done
will amount to over $ii00,000, No
uews has been, w-oeivfiiL.i'MM- *i**-o interior since the storm broke.
Kingston, Ja., Aug. li.���Turks island reports that a cyclone passed over
during the niirht, after doing trifling
dumage. The centre of disturbance is
apparently proceeding northwest to*
wards the Amerioan coast.
St Thomas, Wil., Aug. II.���The is-
luud of Montserrutt (British West Indies) was completely devastated by a
hurricane on Monday. Churches, es*
tales and villages were destroyed anp
nearly a hundred persons were killed.
In addition many were injured and
rendered homeless aud terrible distress
exists among the sufferers.
rldav, AitflUtt
y 4,010 Immigrants arrived
Mte Transvaal arc declri-
nmiiiK .Tu';
tu  Winiiii'i'^.
-Tiding* tro
eilly warlike.
The Yakuts iiniiiiu rebellion In  Meat*
bun u intuit  t'luif-j.
The Ville Marie batik, Montreal, iia��
gone  Into   liquidation.
Twenty-tive bnildings were destroyed
by fire at Iuwo-nl, Oat.
Trouble lb brewing la the boot aim
ihoc trade hi  Toronto.
James Elder, a leader ol the Manitoba
ratroim, died at Virden.
(Jen. Otis has closed all the insurgents'
lull-is to foreign traffic.
Constable Flower, of the N. W. M. 1*.,
Lethbridge, enintu-Uleil HUloido.
Harvesting ban starlet] mi tbe farm o!
Premier Greenway, crystal Cltjv
a Gretna (armor wae awarded $1,130
for the Illegal sellltre ot   bin chatloltf,
Nelson lacronsi' team hai* arrheil li
Vancouver to oley for the Lliamplutiftlilp
The mireii year old eon ot   Wm. Wat.
U'N��. ol   Cnyngn, nut,, waa burned
Tbe Heaver yacht Iuim I ecu Dhnson
rep runout Canada against the Upiiou
ol   Uuulicster.
The  Vlrdetl  l-nsi'iiall  toiirnainont
or-ened; Winnipeg uud Virden proving the
wiiiniiij, toains,
The il. T. It. has cHliLbi|��heii au fib
cents per 100 pounds rate from Now
York to Kansas,
The c. V, It. haa doeldod to run two
local trains \<er wee], between Ual l'ort��
age ami   Winnipeg.
The oilier to cross tbe 0. I1. H. trucks
ui Portage la I'ralrlo, ima liee.i rueelv.
ed by tlio Ni I". It.
Major (ilrouaril. Hie Egyptian cam.
na lull hero, wuh Ulned by fellow Ouin-
iHaiis ut Aylmer, tjHO.
Tbe Second (lay ot the Nqe.awu fu|r
wuh uvea more sticcesslill than tbe o| oi|.
tug day; large crowds ueliitf present,
A Herman lad nniiieti Fir I while herd.
lug cattle near Indian Head, waa almost
wniTleil to death by a jack o7""iioiinds.
W. W. Ogilvie, of Montreal, iiredlcts
a large viold. excoodlug 10,000,000 l.usli.
Die ol wheat, In Manitoba aud Ibe Ter.
Counsel for HreyliiH are well miti-4 led
Willi the inanner In which the case la
being conducted. The si min. however,
In   telling on the inlmuier,.
Worried by a Pack of Dogs.
Indian Head, N.W.T., Aug. 11.���
While herding cattle ou the farm ol
Mr. J. S. Conr yesterday evening,
which njoius the railway, a little German boy named Fiel was set upon by
six or seven honuds owned by parties
iu the town. The little fellow is literally torn to pieces although life is
not yet extinct. He is under the cure
of Dr. Hunt, who is straining every
nerve to preserve life. Tin* boy had
struggled with the brutes for some half
hour and would have bi-eu worried to
death there uud then but for the very
timely assistance rendered by the sec-
tion men who biippcurd tu come along
ou the handcar au their way home to
supper. A sud tVutnre of the occurrence is thut the father of the boy was
on the hand ear and wus oue ot the
first to see his boy on tbe ground being
surely worried to death, Indignation
is at a high pitch owing to the number
of useless hounds of the kind rnnning
abont the town. Staff Sergeant Fyffe,
N.W.M.P., was down today from
(jn'Appelle investigating the matter
and it promises to be umde Interesting
for tbe owners of Ihe dogs.
Dying Untitle the Trail.
Lethbridge, N.W.T., Aug. 11.��� Last
night some persons cn route to Curd*
stou fouud Constable Flower, of the
Mounted Police, iu a dying condition
ut the side of the trail, two bullet
wounds were discovered iu his head,
from which he bled profusely, dying a
few minutes after being found. The
ooorner is making uu iuvcstlgatlou.
The Tniln   Was fin nu  In-tirade When
tht) Engine Jumped lli�� Traok.
Ottawa, Aug. 11.���Tho man beBt
qualified to tell how the Canada Atlantic railwny wreck occurred at St. Poly-
carpe yesterday is Robert Orr, the engineer of the ill-fated train. Mr. Orr
was brought to Ottawa last evening
aud is now confined to his bed at his
home on Gladstone avenue He is
suffering from tendons in his left leg
caused by tbe dragging of hiB foot,
which was unaccountably held from
the wrecked cab by main forco. His
fuco is also badly scalded and it will
be about three weeks before he is able
to be out again.
"How do you account for tbe accident," asked tho reporter.
"I cannot account for it at all,''replied Mr. Orr, "We were making regular running time, not going us fust us
wu do at many other places on the line
and not as fast ns we do even at this
point going the other way because we
were going up grade."
Contractor liochelon's child, who
was injured in Ihe wreck, died yesterday [fljl'p W��t'^ ftt.iv.f.t hospital. His
father, mother and sister were fllfm
ed yesterday, thus wiping out the
whole family. They belonged to Mon
treal, uud tbis makes eight victims of
the wreck.
The deaths aro ns follows: Geo. Mc-
Cuaig, fireman, Ottawa; Edward
Stars, Ottawa; Jos. Rochelon, Mou-
treal; Mrs. Jos. Rochelon, Montreal;
Wilson O'Connor, Ottawa; Mis- Rochelon, a yoang girl, daughter of Mrs.
Rochelon, aud the 8-year-old son of
Jos. Rochelon, who died this morning.
Poured OU on the Fire.
Cayuga, Aug. 11.���A fatal accident
occurred yesterday morning at the farm
house of Wm. Waller's, about two
miles from the village of Russell, Wai-
lerr's boy, between twelve and fifteen
yeurs of age, was alone iu tbe bonse
preparing breakfast on a stove. The
lire was not burning well aud the boy
poured the contents ol' an oil can on the
coals until the can exploded, enveloping bim in flames. He immediately ran
outside screaming. His brother, who
was ploughing near by, ran (o Ins assistance and threw a cout around him, but
by this time his clothing was all
burned from his body and his skin was
hanging in shreds. Dr. Kerr, of
Cayuga, was called and did nil he
could to relieve the sufferer, who died
about five honrs after the accident.
Both his parents were away from home,
his father being in Hamilton and his
mother on a visit to friends ut Severn
Troops for Mouth Africa.
London, Aug. 11.���The St. James
Gazette yesterday afternoon says all
the shipping companies under charter
to the British admiralty for ti-nnsnort
purposes have been notified to hold
their transports iu reserve for the immediate dispatch of troops. The steamer Duuea has been ordered to be in
readiness ou Saturday to ship a detachment of horse artillery to South Africa.
Buffalo, N. V., Aug. ll.���A special
cable dispatch to (he Evening News
from London says: The one absorbing
topio today is the Transvaal situation,
and tbe belief is becoming daily more
firm that nothing but war cau settle
tbe question and that tbis settlement is
not far off,
Fireman and Six Passengers Killed���
Several Persons Injured by the
Hot Water and Steam.
Montreal, Aug. 10.���News bas jnst
reached here that the fast express from
Moutreal to Ottawa on the Cauada Atlantic railway, jumped the track twenty miles from St. Polycarpe this morning and seven people wore killed and
many injured. The cause of the accident is unknown, aud details are unobtainable at this time, it being a difficult
poiut to reach.
The identified dead so far are Joseph
Rocheleau aud daughter, of Champlain
street, Montreal; Ned Stairs aud Wilson O'Connor,of Ottawa; Nellie Ryan,
Bridget Ryan and Ellen McDougoll, of
Muuiwakl, and Mrs. Jos. Rooheleau,
of Moutreal, were fatally injured. Most
of the dead and injured were pilgrims
returning from the shrine ut St. Anne
de Beuupre.
It Wai $10,000 for th* Iteiwyory of the
Money mid Aifcut of the Culprit.
Montreal, Aug, 10.���F. Wolferstan
Thomas, general manager of Molson's
Bauk, speaking of the recovery of tbe
money stolen from the Winnipeg
brunch, said today; "J have advices
which state 100,000 of tbe $09,000 has
been recovered, and tbat an arrest bas
been made. The reward has been paid.
It wus $10,000 for the recovery of the
money and the arrest of the culprit,
and was paid lesB the percentage of tbe
$3,000 not recovered."
Hell Acquitted.
Montreal, Ang. 10.���Geo. Boll, wbo
says he stole the Carrrauzu letter from
a bonse in Tupper street, was acquitted
of having done so bv the police magistrate this morning, there being no evidence, apart from his own confession,
which wns not used in the oonrt
agaiust him, to prove that he had done
During the trial Bell created a scene
iu the court room by assaulting Detective Kellert, a witness wbo said he did
uot know Bell. Tbe magistrate ordered Bell's removal to a cell nud he will
come up this afternoon for the assault.
Hanbne Ville Marie.
Montreal, Aug. 10.���The directors of
La Banqne Ville Marie met this alter-
noon to receive the report of the inspectors. It is not likely that they will
bave their statement ready for publication today.
Mrs. Edward Thatcher, of Laohine,
has taken action to recover $200 which,
she says, she deposited after it had
been decided to close the bank.
The Standard Life Assurance company, whioh owns the bnildiug occupied in part  by the head offices of the
Thursday, Aujfiiat 10.
The British house ol commons has pro*
Wheat harvesting has started at
Cartwright,  Man.
Tho Neeiiawa miiniiicr fair had a sue.
ceeaful opening day.
The Australians defeated Warwick*.
shire by nine tvlokels.   -
Frlnel: al Hicks, nt the McUill Normal
Behind, Montreal. In   dead.
A lYlimli'fg idinlogranlier was fined for
taking pictures on Sunday.
lleeenl rnlns did ii.ueli damage to hay
in   WoodlnndB municipality.
The secret lesilon ol the Dreytuu trial
was contlnned anil the riddle si'SHlon will
re-oj-en Saturday.
lt i�� now aald B.000 men will he re.
quired to harvest the Manltula and
Territorial cro;.s.
Drs, Workman nnd Coggnhall hnve dis
covered In Wyoming the remains of a
monster Dinosaur.
Winnipeg t Ily council -anil hoard ol
trade will leave o.i t tie Lako Winnipeg
outing,   August   UK I li. 1
Hurricanes and cyclones have destroyed
much property hi the West Indie*. Lives
were lost nit-*).
The Fill) Inoo sucked the U. 8. nt earner
SaturniiH and carried oil a cargo valued
at *iun,iinii.
Karl M. Creelniiiii. a Montreal Journal-
ltd, haw readied I.iuioki-c, Win., cn route
around the world.
The N* V, hat awarded A. -riullirle, of
St. Paul, the contract for building i!B
miles  of    the  I'urLnge extension.
The Money Recovered bj �� Canadian
Detect!.., Who Will Claim
the 110,000 Reward.
i sol z nit? on the In*
nitnre for reut.
Engine Goes Through Jlrlclt Walls.
Tweed, Ont, Aug. 10.���Owing to
the carelessness of some of the employees of the Bay of Qulnte railway
bere of leaving a switch opeu last
night tbe incoming passenger train
from Kingston rushed through it at
high speed and went into tbe engine
shed aud through two brick walls at
the end of the shed, lauding in a ditch
on the other Bide. The engine was badly wreoked and the walls of the engine
shed completely destroyed. No one
was injured.
Fishing Smack Fired Upon.
Loudon, Aug. 10.��� The British torpedo gunboat Leda fouud a French boat
fishing withiu tbe 3-mile line this
morning. The fishermen attempted to
escape and did not stop when a blauk
shot was fired. The Leda tbeu fired a
sbot directly at the fishing boat and
killed the helmsmau.
Member-* of the Itrithb parliament hn
lleve a Transvaal war Is coming. More
troopu have been ordered to South
A gatllng gnu ami n coinruny of In-
fun try have been ordered lo Miami
county, Ind., to prevent the lynching o|
an ahduclor.
The li. S. secretory of the 8] anlHh em-'
hasHy- la hi* ofllclal report, filale.n the
Italian lynching* In Louisiana were par-
lle.ularly atrocinim.
Another electric car wan blown up In
Cleveland and the motnriiiau Injured.
French Hulling      Imut       la      English
waier��, killing the helmsman.
ii. W. Kiddle won heatH In the mile
and half mile bicycle champloiiHhlpa at
the world'" meet, Montreal. I ut lout two
other heatR through an accident,
Jno, IV. Anilcisija, charged nth the
theft of (102,(101) from Molsoim' flank.
Winnipeg, wbh brought up In the police
court and remanded Ior -one week.
Hamilton, Aug. 10.���Mr. Murphy.
section man on tho HumiHon, Grimsby
aud Bcuiusvillu electrio railwny, was
struck by u car ou the Hue not far from
Grimsby at noon today aud wus thrown
violently on his head, striking n lie.
He was brought lo ihe city aud removed to hospital, his skull being fraO'
tnred. He died st 7.80 o'clock last
For 38 Ml leu of New Kniiil In Mm* Holm
to A. (lulhite, of Nt. Paul.
St. Paul, Aug. 10.���The Northern
Pacific today awarded a contract for
twenty-eight miles of uew road in
Manitoba to A. Guthrie of St. Paul, of
the firm of A Guthrie & Oo., railroad
contractors. Twenty miles of this rood
will extend from Portage la Prairie between tbe Manitoba and Northwestern
and the main Hue of the Canadian Pacific iu a northwesterly direction.
Eight miles will be extended north
from Portage la Prairie. Mr. Darling,
tbe assistant engineer of the Northern
Pacific, and Mr. Foley, the Minnesota
contractor, went over the proposed
route last week, returning to the head
offices here Tuesday. It is understood
that work ou the grade will be corn*
menced at once us soon as Mr. James
Fishsr, of Wiuuipeg, tne company's solicitor, wbo is now en route here, arranges the details.
Writ of Habeas Corpus (I ran ted.
London, Aug. 10.���A writ of habeas
corpus for the custody of Gladys Perot,
the daughter of Mrs. William H. Perot,
wbo abducted the child from Baltimore, has been granted to Mr. Newton
Crane iu behalf of Mrs. Perot but has
not yet been served.
Mr. Crane told the reporter of the
Associated Press yesterday it would be
served, that the mother and child would
appear iu the Queeu's Benoh of the
high court of justice, and he had no
donbt the custody of Gladys wonld be
granted to Mr. Perot iu accordance
with the judgment of the Maryland
court in whicli extradition proceedings
agaiust Mrs. Perot will be dropped, as
Mr. Perot, senior does not desire to
prosecute the case against tbe mother.
Mr. Charles Matthews, whom Mrs. Perot retained as leading counsel, threw
��p the case on Monday. ���-
Dreyfus Trial.
Refines, Ang. 10.���The searet sesaluu
of the Dreyfns court-martial yesterday
lasted from 0.30 a.m. until 11.46 a. in.
General Cfaanoine nearly completed his
part of tbe explanation of the dosier.
The. dossier consists of abont 400 documents of which fifty were disposed of
Several documents written in German were read daring the -proceedings
today nnd a German dictionary was
Bent for and tbe correspondent here of
the Associated Press learns from a
sure source that wheu certain words
and expressions conld not be exactly
understood even with lhe aid of a dictionary. Dreyfns, who is a perfect
German scholar, volunteered a translation and was allowed io give explanations which were of valuable assistance
to the members of the court.
THE TURN OF LIFE, its danders and sufferings.
Just as the healthy, robust girl passes in safety the critical period when the feminine
organism assumes its functions, so in later life the woman of regular habits and good
health passes without difficulty that trying time when menstruation ceases.
To the weak, nervous woman whose blood is thin and whose vitality runs low this
change of life is the beginning of misery and suffering. Instead of gradually growing less
the menses become irregular, the system is poisoned and deranged, and there are pains
and aches, despondency, nervous prostration, paralysis and insanity.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
Is a' specific of unparalleled merit for the irregularities which are responsible for most
of the sufferings of women. This great restorative (in pill form) cures permanently by
making the blood rich, creating new nerve force and building up the system. It gives
new life and vitality to the body, invigorates the delicate feminine organs and restores the
color to the cheeks and roundness to the form. By weighing yourself while taking Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food you will note thte gradual increase, which tells of returning health
and strength.
Fifty cents a box, at all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates & Co., Toronto.
llelcmt't Mission.
London, Ang. 10.���The St. Peten-
bnrg correspondent of the Dally Mail
telegraphing re tbe mL-iiou of M. Theo-
phile Delcuue, Frenoh minister of foreign attain, who 1b now in Kussia,
says: "I learn from a good source that
M. Delcasse in his conference with the
Russian foreign minister failed in nil
endeavor to strengthen the Franco-Una*
sian alliance by placing Rossia's colonial polioy on a basis of absolute solidity
with tbat of France. Count Moravleff
approves, even urges, a Franco-German
reapproachiuent. Nothing was arranged abont the cziir's visit to Paris during
the exposition. Delossse will not stop
at Berlin ou his way home.
Toronto, Aug. 9.���-A young man,
named Murtie Shew, aged 17 was a
passenger on tbe ferry boat Hbnmrook
from tbe island tbis afternoon and
jumped from the deck for the wharf
wben the boat came in. He miscalculated the distance and bit bis head, fell
Into the water and t-ank. His body was
recovered but life was eitlnot. The
deceased was employed at the baseball
Cartwright, Aug. 10.���Joseph Brad-
lay, who lives on section 811)-;, near
Cartwright, commenced onttlng wheat
ii. ���      '
Canton, Ohio, Ang. 11,���The dead
bodies of Edward Eckinger, Ms wife
and their three year old daughter were
found by neighbors lying on a bed In
the Eckinger dwelling three miles from
here. Mrs Eckinger seemingly had
shot her husband and daughter witb a
sbot gun and then committed snicide.
They had quarreled frequently and had
agreed to a separation tbat was to bave
beeu begun yesterday.
Iniiisnnrolis, Ind., Aug. 10.���-Cover,
nor Mount, on the request of Sheriff
Dunn, pf Miami county, bas ordered a
oompany of light infantry nnd ten
members of Battery A, with a galling
gun, to Peru Immediately, to prevent
a mob tram lynching tne alleged abductor Jones, wno It Is charged recently Inveigled Nellie Berger from home.
Dunn says he baa Information tbat a
mob of 800 men will attempt to take
the prisoner.
Valparaiso, Chill, Ang. 10.���A tidal
wave burst Into tbe bay yesbirday evening, tearing down tbe embankment and
sweeping off a nnmber of can, locomotive., and tons of merchandise. Th*
loss Is estimated at sewral millions.
Winnipeg, Aug. 9���The 103.000 stolen from the Molsou's bank here between the 28th of September and tbe
4th of October Inst year, have been recovered, and John W. Anderson, who
was employed as a junior clerk in tbe
bauk\at the time, iH lying in the provincial jail charged with having committed the robbery. Tbis robbery waa
oue of the great local sensations of last
year, and the events of tbe past couple
of days bave revived it in all Ita intensity.
Davis arrived here in March last and
secured employment as a clerk iu. tbe
establishment of Jerry Robinson & Co.
His first step in the olever detective feat
which be lias just achieved wai to ascertain where Anderson boarded, and
he then secured lodgings iu the same
plaoe uud became friondly with the
yonng man on whom hiB suspicions lu
some way bad become centred. Prior
to this Anderson had left tbe service of
the bank, resigning, it is said, on account of dissatisftioton with bis salary,
and taken employment with Stobart &
Co., and afterwards with the McOlary
Manufacturing company. Davis and
Anderson became very intimate friends,
and by degrees, it seems, the detective
completely installed himself iu Anderson's confidence and ultimately wormed
from him, according to rumor, some
important admissions or allusion to tbe
robbery, which confirmed bis belief in
the ex-ulerk's guilt. Davis spent bis
spare moments in adding link to link
of tbe chain of evidence which he was
slowly but surely winding around bis
man. One thing led to another until
Anderson was indiscreet enough to
visit tbe place where the money was
kept, with Davis on bis heels. Tbis
was on Bnnday evening, and on Monday afternoon, in company witb Mr.
Harry Whitla and a half a dozen Douk-
bobor laborers, wbo conld not speak a
word ot English, and who did not know
wbat they were employed for; Davis
weut to the place whore he had seeu
Anderson go, and after some little
search, the cash was discovered, and
after a few moments digging, tbe
stolen money was iu the possession of
the detective.
Manager Kohl, of the Molson's bank,
Mr. Archibald, solicitor; Mr. Davis,
and his lawyer, Mr. Whitla, were in
earnest consultation all Monday uight
and yesterday morning, with the result
that ft was decided to place Anderson
under arrest. Accordingly a warrant
was sworn ont by Davis, charging Anderson witb tbe theft of f03,000 from
tbe Wiuuipeg branch of the Molsou's
bank The warrant was placed in the
bands of Chief Elliott, ond Anderson
was arrested Tuesday afternoon.
Robbed of 11,500 at Dawson.
Vancouver. Aug. 9.���The biggest
rabharr that Tlnwnou baa known for
several months, was committed two
weeks ago Suuday, a well-known Victorian being the victim. Tbe scene of
the crime was tbe Grotto saloon, owned
by King and Gowen, tbe latter gentleman being in charge of the bar. Bnsi-
nrns was uot very brisk, and some iime
toward 1 o'clock in the morning Mr.
Gowen fell to doting, his nap costing
bim upwards of (1,600, for while be
snoozed some one entered,by the rear
door and quietly appropriated the con
tents of the tills, a sack of dust containing $700, a smaller sack worth $400,
$400 in silver, and $75 in small
change. There is absolutely no clue to
the identity of the thief.
Condensed News by Wire.
Madrid, Aug. 9.���It is stated that
the insurgents in tbe Philippines demand $7,000,000 for the releare of the
Spanish prisoners held by thorn.
Kingston, Jamaica, Ang. 9.���-Cable
communication with tbe islands eastward of Porto Rico ia Interrupted supposedly through tbe destruction of land
lines by a cyclone.
Uibridge, Ang. 9.���James Vander-
borongb, Sr., one of the eldest settlers
in Scott township, was killed this
morning by bis horse taking fright at
a traction engine and running into an
incoming train.
Greenock, Aug. 9.���The British
steamer Samara, Captain Walker,
wbioh arrived bere August 5th from
St. Thomas, Canada, reports passing
through ice fields 180 miles east of
Belle Isle and icebergs 700 feet high
were sighted. Her fon-aprock is supposed to be damaged, being tall of
Peoria, 111 ��� Aug. 9.���Mrs. Betsy
Griffin, whose great grandfather was
the Earl of Oharnock, died in a but
near Furmington today. Papers found
in the hovel where sho lived in a miserable manner for several yews show
her to be ot noble blood and bad she
pushed her claim at the proper time
she wonld have received the third of
the estate, valued at $1,000,000. Up
te ber laat days she refused all favors.
The friends of the woman wjll sell her
hut and defray her f nuerul eip.-nsos.
iii   i ������
N. P. Engineer Killed.
St. Paul, Aug. 9.���Engineer Beebe
waa killed and Fireman Hill mortally
injured in a Northern Pacific railway
wreck near Florence, Mont., thia afternoon. The engine jumped the rails.
Hill was terribly scalded.
Niagara Falls, Ang. 9.���Robert
O'Shea, 40 yean old, a porter at tbe
Onion hotel, committed suicide this
afternoon by jumping from the cantilever bridge tbat spans tbe gorge. He
wu intoxicated at tbe time.
Paris, Aug. 9.��� Emperor "William
conferred upon Count voa Hunter-
Ledenburg, German ambasaador bere,
the tlte of prince in recognition of hia
aervioeaabeadof the German delegation to the peasa conference at The
Tbe Hague, Aug. 9.���Tbe Amerioan
delegates to the recent peaoe conference
ban offend, ou behalf of tha United
States, to erect near th* English churoh
a peaoe ohapel, with a stone to commemorate the conference. Tha Offer
has been gratefully accepted.       . .
Wednetday, Aognit 0.
TTInnlppc Orangemen will erect e toni
���torey building..
Tbe Dre,vfiM court martial wai held be.
bind closed doom.
Tbe tiynoil ol Rupert's Land openi 1b
Winnipeg* to-day.
Brandon eionr��Ionlitn to tbe uumbti.
of   1,000 visited Winnipeg.
Tbe British government has decided to
give India a gold standard.
Marshall O. Waggoner's biff infidel
library will be publicly burned.
Fran): Mills, ot Newmarket, Oat., waa
drowned near Arrowhead, B. C.
A rerdivt has been given tn connection witb the Bar Harbor accident.
"iifcclneer Beetle, of tho N. P. railway,
was killed In a wreck in  Montana.
A project to Mettle D.0OO Finns
lu Newfoundland Ih   under discussion.
The Canadians lost the International
cricket match at Toronto liy 1)4 runs.
Admiral Dewey ixehaugMl vlBlts with
the Italian army cnmmaniler at Naples*
Andrew Carnegie Iiiih donated ��10,006
to a I'lil'lfe library nt Keigliley, Yorkshire.
The ship, East Lotlilnii, was mink lit
Ibe Llcard by the UHUhIi battleship
Winnipeg villi submit n by-law to the
rate] ayer* to ttefin-e fundt to l-uild a
Uraiid Forks lias luvlteil the Willi bat.
allion to viHlt tbeir city, and it will
likely he mci'.ilml.
The Beaver yiu-ht won two rai'.ns at
the trial* ior the Camilla tup represent
tall vt.1  In   Toronto,
The Montreal blcyelo race*, In which
Kiddle, nf Manitoba, bun entered) commence tlila ufternooit.
The L. A. W. will he the only II. 8.
body of wheelmen recognlicd at the
world's meet, Montreal.
The peasantry ot Bessnrnhla province
in the Itusslan Black Sea district, havt
broken out la rebellion owing to famine.
Many people were unable to enter the
ball at Rapid City to listen to the
speeches of Messrs. ttrcenway. Watson,
McMillan and McCoimell, at tbe Liberal
Tbe Molsons' Bank robbery mystery, In
Winnipeg, lias been cleared up. Jno. W,
Anderson, a Jnntor clerk In the bank,
charged wiUii taking the money, was nr-
rested and the money recovered.
The Report Confirmed��� Alitor Cannot Be
a Peer���C'armorl Kevolt.
London, Ang. 9.���Tbe Rome correspondent of the Daily Mail teyt the
Italian government has received post
tive confirmation of the report tbat
China and Japan have concluded an
London, Ang. 9.���Mr. Henry La-
bouchere says in Truth: "Tbe rumor
tbat Mr. Wm. Waldorf Aator will soon
be raised to the peerage assumes what
is imiussible. A law passed during tbe
reign of William III deprives the crown
of the power of conferring the i auk of
peer upon naturalized aliens. It was
enacted because the king was converting too many Dutch republicans into
British peers. A baronet or a knight
Mr" Astor could be and if he is ready
to pay there is no donbt he will find
no difficulty in negotiating the mat*
Zaualbar, Aug. B.��� Great Cormori
island is in revolt. Tbe police commissary bas been assassinated ard the
governor's residence is besieged. A
gunboat hns been ordered to assist the
island authorities in restoring order.
The islands form part of the French
colonial possessions.
Torquay.Eug., Ang. 9.���The British
battleship, Sampareil, while returning
from the manoeuvres, sank a fall
rigged ship last night off the Lizard.
One man was drowned. Tbe warship
communicated the news to the other
ships of the fleet by wireless telegiapby.
Pretotla Fort. Being .Sir.natti.iicd, aud
Boar Aa.llt. lit.yll.ar Ot.n.
London, Aug. 9.���The Daily Mail
publishes the following dispatch fiom
Johannesburg: "By a special artiole
added to the grondvret (tbe constitution of the Transvaal), the president ia
authorized, in tho event of war, rebellion, or other emergency, to proclaim
martial law, aud to compell every inhabitant of tbe republic to bear arms
iu its defence. The Pretoria forts are
being strengthened, und Boer agents
are buying up all the available draught
oieu in Beohuanaland."
Capetown, Ang. 9. ������ A dispatch
from Pretoria, says tbe volksraad haa
declined to agree to the suggestion of
Mr. Joseph Chamberlain, British secretary of state for the colonies, that the
effect which tbe Transvaal franchise
reform, will have ou the Uitlanders
should be inquired into by a joint commission.      	
Drowning a nt Toronto.
Toronto, Aug. 9.���Fred W. Woods,
aged 18, a bank clerk at Toronto -junction, tried to swim across the Humber
river at a wide part, bnt was drowned.
A couple of companions who successfully reached the other side tried to
tender assistance, but in vain.  .
Tbe body of a woman aged abont
forty years, and identified as Mrs.
George Dickson, wus found in Grenadier* Pond in High Park this af teruoou.
Tbe body bad evidently been iu the
water some hours, though fonnd In
water only four feet deep. The deceased
was subject to melancholia and ia supposed to huve committed suicide.
John Jordan, a deck hand on tbe
steamer Argyle, is supposed to have
been drowned Sunday night on a trip
from Oswego to Kingftou. Jordan was
talking to a oomradeon tbe deck aud In
the latter turning away Jordan curiously diaappeard and only hia hat wu to
be seeu.
Treat*****,   tar   th.   Vail   M-wllnc  ot
-9.ptM.bar t aad *.
The fall masting of  the Manitoba
Jockey club haa been arranged for September 2 and 4, and bids fair to be one
of tb* race maeta of the season.   Pones
to tbe amount of 11,888 have been hung
up, ud the beat bones of the year
will oompete.
The following la the programme:
Grand, cross country steeplechase
cup or  $100
11-8 mile dash     176
Half-mile heata, open     ISO
9**10 trot or pao3  (8.10  trotters
eltgilbe) ,     100
8.80 trot or  pace   (8.98 trotters
eligible)     800
Free for all, trot or pace  1400
Hurdle race     160
8.26 trot or pace   (3.20 trotters
eligible)     900
X Mile dash     160
Half mile, pony, heata    100
The entries  will  cloae  on August
I        i '    i    l lis., i. .        a* '
Wheat���No. 1 hard, Fort William,
Flour���OgilviGS���Hungarian patent,
$1.86; Glenora, 1.76; Manitoba strong
bakers, $1.86. Lake of the Woods-
Potent, $1.86; strong bakers, $1,76;
second bakers, $1.86; XXXX, $1.06
per sack of 98 lbs. Discount of 6o per
saok to cash buyers.
Millfeed���Bran $9.60, and abort* R19
per ton in bulk; -large lota, $1 par ton
Ground Feed���Best Oa* chop, $98
per ton; mixed barley and oata, $98.60
to $24.60; be��t grades of oorn feed $10,
inferior qualities $17.60 per ton. 011-
oake, $84 per ton.
Oata���Good feed, 40o to 41o.
Oatmeal���Oar lota of rolled abont
$1.86 for 80 lb. sacks.
Oorn���Oar lota on traok hero, 41o.
Barley���About 88o per bushel of 48
Wheat���Country prices���68 to 66o
for best grades.
Hay���Baled, $6 60 to $8.60 on traok
bere   Loose hay on the atreet, $6.
Butter ���dreamery, 16o; dairy,
10 to Ho.
Oheeee���Factory, 8^0 to 9c; dairy,
8 to 8*0.
Eggs���Candled, 19*^0.
Vegetables���Potatoes, oho.ee, 40 to
60o per bushel; new potatoes, 76o;
rhubarb, lo per lb.; radishes, lOo per
doaeu buuohes; green onions, 19^c per
doa. buuohes; cauliflower, 40 to46o per
doaeu, according to size; tomatoes, 6o
per lb.; new peas, OOo per bushel;
butter beans, 8o per pound; cucumber*,
SOo to 40c per doa.; cabbage, 26 to 40o;
turnips, 18)0 in bnnobea; celery, 90
to 86o per dozen bunches.
Seneca Root���Sio per pound.
Hides���No. 1, 6)o; No. 9, 6K��; No.
8, 4 1 9. Kip, 8 to 6X0; calf. 80; dea*
kin skins, 96 to 860 eaoh; sheepskin*
and lambskins, 40 to 660; hon* hide*,
60c to 76o each.
160 per lb, dressed.
Wool���7 to 80 for unwashed Manitoba fleece.
Tallow���Na 1, 8fco; Na 9, t%.
OtaamaA Vagi*���Boat, off to 7>��o;
mutton, 10 to 10^o; veal, 8 to 80;
pork, 8 to 7c.
Poultry���Fowl, 60o per pair; spring
ohioken*, 8D to 40c per pair; young
ducks, SOo per pair; turkeys, Ho per
lb., live weight; upland plover, 8O0
per pair.
Cattle���Grass fed, off can at Win
uipeg, 8%o per pound.
Sheep���Choice Manitoba Block, 4t
per pound off can.
Hoga���160  to 860   pound*, $4.96
to $4.86.
eia, and from $80 to $46 will be paid
Milch Cows���Good new milkers are
worth from $80 upwards in the city.
Horses���Good working horses will
bring from $100 upward, acoordlug to
quality.        .
Toronto, Aug. 11.���Fire in Hillock
k company's planing mill at the corner
of Queen and George street, did $4,000
damage early tbis morning.
Port An Prince, Hayti, Aug. II.���
Tbe latest uews from Santo Domingo
says the revolutionary movement Is extending and tbe province of Vega is in
arms. It is impossible to obtain nny
details here.   Tbis olty is calm.
Madrid, Aug. It.���Adiapalch from
Manila reports that the dispatch boat
Alova bas sailed to take possession of
the Caroline Islands.
Montreal, Ang. II.���Miss Anuie
Ripley, a girl employed by the Sun
Manufacturing Co., at St. Henri, waa
run over by a G. T, B. freight train
and killed last nigbt.
Father Point, Que., Aug. 11.���The
ss. Mammae, of the Elder-Dempster
line from Bristol, recently ashore on
Antieosti, passed up at 0 a. m. in tow
of tbe Lord Stanley.
Virden, Aug. 11 .���James Elder, a
farmer and prominent Patrou leader
and later au Induifrlal Independent,
died last evening at 7,
London, Ang. II.���Emperor Wil*
Ham will visit the Queen at Windsor
Castle* In November, remaining n week.
Strathford, Aug, 10.���The five-year-
old sou of Alex. Fatter fell from the
railway bridge to tho river fifty feet
below. He alighted on hi* head in the
water, wbioh is shallow, and struck the
muddy bottom. The wain broke hi*
fall and he waa uninjured.
. ���      a
Montreal, Aug. 10.���Tha world M-
oyole meet opened yesterday afternoon.
Geo. W. Riddle, of Winnlp-tg, beat
Brown, of tb* Chicago univenlty, in
the eighth heat of -the mil* championship race.   Time 9.89 9-6.
St.. Paul, Aug. II.���A boat capsized
on Lake Harriet, near Miunopolls yea-
terday and Sigurd A. Rudd and Ida
Olson were drowned. Rndd was 99
year* old and a brother of tbe famous
akater.    Min Olson'* aye waa 19.
Alloway & Champion,
U.1.4 Slock. Imutlit, wid, aad .arrrlad
on inRrgtti. .
Writ. D. If jou wl.li toeicli.nai.ny Undo.
pionjy, to bur Uoverimwit or V. K.tt. Oo.
Laiidn, or to lend moony Mywhm.
Reported  by Alloway k Ohamplbn,
Slock Broken, Winnipeg
wtnolvear. Au*. io, lan.
taatt, stoert   Bonn.
Montreal  no
Jtolsou'.....       m        mn
Meroll-ml.'        l;a -a-i"
Oumtnt-roe 1       ISJ
Commercial Cable        l.7!��      lis
jfoBtrjUTel        17* 110*
Wfb.A Oat.Hav.       110 1 tii
utyAuR'y....      m       no
MoatrMtOas        lis tot
Toronta R'y        mu      nsu
DuiuthPr.fcrt*-i...:::.:.::.:    i""   if
gHi.Fk..B'y,Houtrnl        Ml   -     ST
Money,time         .
Money, on call..  a
Hatctwnarka,  sassi..
AuMaaOiil-i.il....  . . ..       SS
goiiuta��ii(B...:....:.::. .;..     ��
Fnuies i8t4
Banlaa Rouble.     ���   10K
nnnisb Markka........:..*::"...:::.::; -jS m
Q-oii-DEisr Eba.
Ther Don't-Mean lo Hurt K��eh Other, bot Cook Thinks 80,
"You're a uiean, horrible tyrant, and
I know you dou'i love me. I believe
you never did love me. Vou just married ine out of spite In order to show
that horrible Biggs girl who jilted you
that she was not the only woman In
the world. Oh, how could you be so
cruel as to take me from a good home
and nbuse me like this?"
"But, my dear, you are unreasonable. You have worked yourself Into a
passion because I objected to that last
bill tbat Muslin Se Co. presented. You
know you did not need the goods and
1 bave bad an awful time keeping up
my club assessments this month all
on that account  Besides"���
"Club assessments, Indeedl Of
course (crying) you thing more of your
mean old club than you do of me; you
always did think more of everything
than you did of me. Tho Idea of
thinking of your club wben you know
I needed every stitch of clothing I
purchased, but you never think I need
anything (with sarcasm); It's all right
as long as your club dues are paid."
And 10 the conversation Is kept up
for half an hour or more. Cooks are
scarce articles In the suburbs, aod this
young married couple Is entitled to a
great deal of credit for the clever manner in which they are able to keep
one for six weeks at a stretch before
she dually discovers It Is all a scheme
to keep the boss of the culinary department on the lookout for a thrilling
end to the prearranged tragedy.-
Cleveland Lender.
Minard's Liniment Cores Burns, etc*
How a Drunken Hufrimml Wil Made a
Sober Man by a Determined Wife.
She writes:���"I had for a long time
beeu thinking of trying the Samaria
Prescription treatment ou my husband
for his drinking habits, but I -was
afraid be would discover that I wm
giving him medioine and the thought
unnerved me. I hesitated for nearly ft
week, bnt one day when he came home
very much intoxicated and his week's
salary nearly all speut, I threw off all
fear and determined to make an effort
to save our home from the min I saw
coming, at all hazards. I sent for yonr
Samaria Prescription and put it in his
coffee as directed next morning and
watched nud prayed for tbe result. At
noon I gave him more and also at supper. He never suspected a thing, and
I then boldly kept right on giving it
regnlariy as I had discovered something
tbat set every nerve in my body tingling with hope and hnppiuesa, nnd I
oould Bee a bright future spread out before me���a peaceful, happy home, a
���hare In the good things of life, an at
tentive, loviog husband, comforts, aud
everything else dear to a woman's
beart, for my husband had told me that
whiskey was vile stuff and he was tak*
Ing a dislike to it. It was only too
tone, for before I had given bim the
fnll course he hM stopped annwng altogether, but I kept giving the medioine till it was gone, and then sent for
another lot to have on band if he
should relapse, as he had done from his
promises before. He never has, and I
em writing yon this letter to tell yon
how thankful I am. I honestly believe
It will oure tbe worst oases."
We will send our pamphlet free, giving testimonials and all fnll information with directions bow to take or administer Samaria Prescription . Correspondence considered sacredly confidential. Address Tbe Samaria Remedy
Oo., Jordan street, Toronto. Ont.
ULOERKUBS-san are tor Poiioi oak or it?
A Clever Little Dos.
A curious Illustration of canine Intelligence���and Its limitations���was observed by a writer In The Outlook a
few days ngo. Pausing down a street
lie saw a flne Airedale terrhfr lying
down and with both forepaws and
muzzled nose scrubbing tbe surface of
un iiun grating with n bone, as if to
bring It to a high state of polish. The
owner saw nud explained. The grating Is Just over a cellar in which the
terrier sleeps. Ills muzzle prevents
Iii 111 from attacking luuea to advantage by day. so be brings the bones of
his finding to the grating, hoping to
push tbem through and gnaw luxuriously when unmuzzled at night But
tbe little chap bad but tbe vaguest
Ideas of the size limits of the grating,
and, ns the ordinary slses of bones go,
he must have had at least two failures
to every success. Yet, with real terrier Ingenuity, he turned evefi bis fall*
tire to account, for after vigorously
trying every hole In the grating he
would quietly stop, lick tbe entire
grating clean of the grease and meat
juice rubbed off the bone, then rub off
another layer and repeat the licking.
Minard's Liniment Believes Neuralgia
A IportlMB Phrase.
9   nt    -f
"Johnaon has quit playing poker,
"Yes; be snid his wife cried nlwul It
so that he gave It u|>"
"Ab! I see.   Game culled ou aiTOiuit
of taltt."
"I don't see what we want with all
those little Islands," snid one German
'You just wait," answered the other.
"Possibly there wlir-fae an earthquake
one of these days which will push
some territory to the surface that II
really worth building a town ou."���
Washington Star.   	
Hlnard'i Ualaent te iftle everywhere
An unary little brook one day
Went rushing toward (lie tea
And thus eompIaiTied In bitter ton-Hi
"There's no 0111 caret tor me.
"In summer many friends hate I,
Ily Hie It bright and cay.
But now, deterted and forlorn,
1 wend my lonely way."
'     Tb* let king, bearing her complaint.
Bant o'er tbt little brook
. And strove to comfort and consolt
With tender word and look.
And whispering low he aald to her,
" 'Tls now I love you best."
And In hia strong yet loving clasp
Ho kissed her into rest,
���Caroline II. Gulli-gKer In Good Housekeeping.
ne Worked Off a Dead Ticket on a
Deaf Hate.
"About two niuntlis ago," said a ticket
scalper, "a good looking chap with u bis
roll of money came into my place.and
bought a pasteboard to Frisco. Ho wns
such an attractive, clever fellow that I
took an Instant liking to him, and I wns
rather shocked last week when be walked In looking like a tramp. He told me
a fantastic bard luck story, declared bu
bad tost all bis money, admitted he hnd
beaten his wny Into town 011 a freight
md wound up by asking me to help him
get hack to the count. 'Give ine nny old
ticket that calls fur Texas,' he pleaded.
'I don't care If It was Issued lu the year
"In hunting through my stock I found
an expired ticket to Dallas, and lie
pounced on It like a cat. 'Will yuu let
me bave this?* he asked eagerly.
" i will It yuu'll tell me how you ure
goiug to ride on It,' I replied.
" 'Why, It's dend easy,' says he. *Yon
see, I bad a partner once wbo was deaf
and dumb, and I learned the sign language. When tbe conductor comes
along, I'll give him this ticket, nud when
he kicks I'll reply with my hands. Tliea
he'll kick some more, and I'll give him
another dose of signs. He won't be able
to make me understand at all, aud the
deuce a bit wilt he understand himself.
By thut time tbe passengers will get Interested, and a howl will go up against
putting off a poor deaf and dumb man.
The upshot of the affair will be that he'll
lack tbe moral courage to fire me, and I'll
get my ride to Dallas.'
"I was so amused that 1 let bim take
the ticket and kept on chuckling until a
friend from Texas dropped lu a few days
later to have a chat. 'Did y' hear about
that deaf and dumb man who was swindled by some scalper?' says lie.
"'No,' says 1, beginning to feel chilly
down the back,
" 'Well, It was an outrage/ be went on.
'Some Infernal rascal sold him a deud
ticket to Dallas, but the conductor wns
kind enough to carry bim after he gut
the facts. 1 didn't hear the scoundrel's
name, but the passengers have it. und
they are going to show bim up.'
"That's tough, isn't it? If I ever see
that smooth gent again, I'm goiug to
have some of bis gore."���New Orleans
Well Rewarded.
Mr. Lucy, iu The Strand, says tbnt
when the late Lord Bnrringlon was made
a peer of the United Kingdom people
asked why. Members of the house of
commons, ransacking tbeir memories for
suggestion of reason, recalled how one
night, while Dizzy was still with us in
the commons, he, awakening from profound reverie, could not find his eyeglass.
He wanted to stick It In bt-s right eye uud
take bis accustomed survey of tbe limine.
With a haste and perturbation foreign to
his impassive miinner, he rooted about
uia    iLU|juanm."    iiiminvr,    iiv    rouiru    11 Ul
tbe recesses of "his "wnlHtcoiif. "TugginT ffrf" ""V.'
his shirt collar, peered ou Ihe ground at
his feet, bad given It up fur u had job,
wben Lord Barrlogtun, who wns sitting
near bim, quietly put his hand between
the premier's shoulders and brought
round the errant glass.
Dizzy, though not demonstrative, adds
Mr. Lucy, never forgot a friend or �� favor. So it came about five years (titer,
when the reins of power were slipping
out of his lingers, be held them for n moment longer to gire Lord BurritiKtou a
sent lu tbe house uf lords nnd n place on
the roll of the English peerage. Al least
that was what was said at the lime in
the private conversation of Lord Harrington's friends.
A Tas oa Knowleilve.
In June, 1833. Charles Knight began
publishing the Penny Cyclopedia In England. It was an instructive popular
work, sold fn small parts at a small
price���just the kind of book the government ought to encourage.
But governments figured differently
then. The Penny ��� Cyclopedia netimllv
paid lu taxes lietween $150,000 and
$100,000 In 13 years, which sum was just
about the publisher's total loss.
A complete set of the work weighed
83 .pounds. Twenty thousand renins
paid tl cents a pound tax', or $-12.0011: I lie
remaining 30,000 reams paid 3 cents it
pound, ur $32,000, while the tux ou
miiltsinrd and wrappers und other incidentals brought the grand total up to
ihe sum named.���St Louis Post-Dispatch.
A laeeeMfal Hold Up.
The following colloquy is reported lietween the tnte Mr. Spurgeon and n buy
iu his orphanage:
"Mis'r Spudgln, s'poslng there was an
urphln 'sylum an a biiniierd orpliius in
it. ou all the orpliius hud mtcles mi
aimtes lu bring 'em en lies uu apples Yept
one orpliiu wot hadn't no one; oughthi
-MUUebttdy give thai urphin a sixpenceV"
"I think so," replied Mr. Spurgeon.
"But why?"
"'Cause I'm him." said Bob.
Thu story goes thai Ihu "orphlu" hud
thu sixpence.���Sau Priim-lxco Argonaut,
Don't Waste
Your Money on
Catarrh Cures.
and It the
The proprietors of Japanese Catarrh Cure are
dally receiving ninny letters of gratitude from
the cntarrli-umicteil in nil parts ot Canada.
Daring December and January we tent out
over three thousand free sample liuxes, and In
BJ per cent, of the enscs tlio people tell us that
even the small cum pie hna done thein more good
than many dollar*-' "worth of Bo-cnUed curea.
Japanese Catarrh Cure is tlio result of a prescription perfected by years of experimental
study by one of America's most successful
specialists In  treating  this  disease.    It  Is  a
tiomaite prepared from stniuloss compounds of
odloe and Essential or Volatile oil*. Tlm
natural bent of the body melts it, nnd the very
act- of breathing carries it to the diseased parts;
It reaches eveiy diseased portion fivm the
orifice of the HOU to the Innermost reeesiies ol
the middle ear, curing Invariably all forms ol
catarrh of the nose aud throat, und all forms of
catarrhal duafneim.
Sold by all druirgists. Price, AO cents: six
bottlejj, yd.!*i. A fiee rumple sent tn any nd-
(Irt'd-j. Em-lone .'>-cmil Hinni'i. AdilreSt. The
(Iriltithsft Mav) llersoti Co., I-Si Cluireh Street,
Toronto. '	
Bnt   They   Were   Not   tbe   Kind   He
Smoked Himself.
"Spunking of cigars," said a New Or
leuus lawyer to somo friends at the to-
buccoaist's on the corner, "I'll tell you
a little story which is not without a
"One of my dents Is an old planter up
the river, and on several different occasions I have fouud It necessary to
visit bim ut his borne. The old man is a
great smoker, aad has always insisted
on my accepting some of his cigars,
which were peculiarly villainous. After
my first experience with them I took the
precaution, when 1 paid him a visit, of
currying a tow choice llaviinas for my
private consumption nud a few of au
entirely different brand to present to my
bout. 1 selected ns nearly as possible
the kind he bad given uie, and don't
think 1 missed it very far, although 1
must confess I never saw him smoke
them. 'I believe 1 would prefer my
own,' he would say, and put tbem In bis
"Well, a few days ago 1 learned accidentally that it was bis birthday, and
not being able to think of anything else,
concluded to send him a boi of cigars.
'I'll strike his taste this time/ I Bald to
myself, and stepping Into a store near
my oflice I told the proprietor to give me
a box of the strongest and rankest a
centers he bad lu stock, i want them
for old Major So-and-so,' I said, 'to send
aa a little birthday present.' 'Then
you'd better change your order,' replied
tbe tobacconist. 'The major has bought
his cigars here for years and I'm thoroughly familiar with his favorites.' 'But
I know exactly whut be smokes,' 1 protested; 'In fact I have one or two now.'
'You may know what be gives away,'
said the dealer, smiling, 'but I can assure you ho smokes none but the best
himself.' 1 bought a box of beautiful
Cuban weeds and wrote the major a
note, suggesting that we stop fooling
each other. I suppose his opinion of my
taste was Identical of my opinion of bis,
and both were bused on exactly tbe same
evidence."���New Orleans Times-Democrat. 	
I* Re  Could  Not  Srmpathlie  With
the Victim of Hard Lack.
"Are you tbe editor?" be said as be
walked solemnly but fearlessly Into the
sanctum sanctorum without saying good
morning or observing uny other of tbe
Inspector of Village School ii)iies|liin-
Ing clussl���Now, my boy. what Is an island?
Pupil Idejectedlyi-I dilllliii. sir.
Inspector-Well, for instanee, conld I
ride from here tn Krani-e? ���
Pupil ihrtglitcnlmi iipi-Nou. sir. thnt
yvr couldn't, for feyther saw yer ou boss-
buck t'other day an sed us how he'd lay
a shilling yer couldn't mlde a niolle without n-wabbllng off.-Spure Moincuts.
Knot hern py consists In transferring a
disease from man tu tome atilmal nnd Is
the converse of the medical theory thnt
nnimals convey disease to man. 1 ati
system of .curing Ills wus devised by
I'Vrnpl, a Florentine.
The Philippines lie wholly within tht
tropics, reaching at the suutb to within
4J4 degrees of tht equator.
Delations Unloaded.
"I told bim tbat he wasn't my Ideal
man, and be told me I wasn't bis ideal
"And tbenr
"Then we felt perfectly safe to go
abend aod get married."���Chicago Iter.
Where He Hrred.
Piinnioo," mid Cuesar, "bas shown
tne where I made my great mistake."
"Where waa Itr' flaked Alexander.
"I should Ittivt* swum tbe Rubicon,"
V\'Um\ the shade of .lullus.-Phlladel-
phin Norili American,
"1 um," responded the editor pretty
much as if be were N. Bounpurte crossing the Alps.
"Well, they told me dowu stairs you
was tbe mau I wanted to see."
"If It is the editor you want, I'm the
man.   What is it you will have?"
Tbe visitor sat down.
"Did you ever think you loved a woman
harder than a mule can kick?" he inquired In a manner which Indicated tbat
the editor wouldn't hesitate to answer.
"Well," snid tbe editor smiling, "I
don't know thnt it Is any ot your business."
"Of course It ain't," the visitor responded quite unruffled. "But you must
have. You look like a man that had the
right feelings Iu him. I guess every man
has, that is uny kind of a man at all,
don't you?"
The visitor's manner was irresistible.
"Grnntcd thnt I have," said the editor,
"what has that got to do with what you
are here for?"
"Did you erer marry a wldder with
'leveu children?" continued the visitor
without explanation.
"I never did," said the editor heartily.
"Don't knuw nothlu about that sort of
thing, do you?"
"Nothing whatever."
The visitor rose to go.
"Them people down stairs was mistaken," he said briefly.
"What do you mean?" Inquired the
puzzled editor.
"They snid I wonted to see the editor."
"Well, don't you?"
"No, sir. I'm lookln for the man that's
got a feller feelin and cau sympathize
with me. You don't know the fust principles. Good mornln," aud be walked
out with ns little ceremony as he had
come In.
Willi fond satisfaction we're hailing
Return of the negligee shirt,
Whose bosom with starch is ne'er stiffeot-d,
Whose, collar Ilea low tnd inert.
It may not be what It called "drtaay,"
But not an iota wt care.
For comfort is what we're now inking
In things that we eat, drink tod wear.
At last we are tree from discomfort
Of bosom aa stiff u a board,
Which held ut erect ta the armor
That in the old timet turned a sword.
No mure by long cuffs are we bothered,
The kind that encircled our fists,
Por negligee sleeves we're new wearing,
And they only come to the wrllU.
No mure are wc worried by collars
In whicli uur poor necks were long cooped
And by which we nearly were strangled
Kacli lime we unthinkingly sluoped.
Our heads we are now freely turning
In uuy direction we plt'iisc
Without muking ipik-k revulutlon
Or swinging aruund by decreet. ���
Tiie hroud silken seurls we've dlseurded
Pur others uf much smaller size.
And nnw iiunid our necks wc ure wearing
The narrow and neut little lies.
The hliiil studs We tumbled bin often
Until ue were red in the lace
Have guile, uud the old rustin.-i-.-j buttons
Are I'uck In lhe time honored pliuii.
When Imt wiivcs rush in ami unsall us,
"lit ctiiiilurt all mortals desire,
And Unit Is lust what wo are finding
lu um kin .i lliln cliiing-p of utiire.
Though som-f will declare ll'a not -.dressy,"
Itetiiutks nl tilth i-iillc-a don't hurt
Our fccliniM, lor gladly we're hulling
lb-turn of the negligee ���liltt.
-I'Ulslmrg  Chrinilele-Telegrtph.
Mast Wants bnt Little,
"My poor man, take a little of this
ple-me own make���I'm sure It will digest."
"It motght, lady, hut If It's all tbe
same ter you. let me die-Jest 'ere wid-
out It."���Ally Sloper.
EYr-H. ���Among the many good qualities
whioh Parmelee's Vegetable Pills possess, besides regulating t e digestive
organs, 1b their efficacy in reduolng Inflammation of the eyes It has called
fort i ii.any letters if recommendation
from tiote who were afflicted with this
complaint and found a oure In tne pills.
l>.ey affect the nerve centeis and tbe
blood In a surprisingly active way, and
the result Is almost Immediately leea,
At Her Second Weddla*.
"And so she poisoned ber husbandl
Ab, bow could she do It? She Is so
sweet looking and so beautiful."
"That's just the reason. Sbe knew
she would bave a cinch with the Jury."
���Chicago Times-Herald.
Its DIstditnttKe.
"1 don't value success In life as highly as 1 used to."
���'-Wiiy apt?'-*** --. 	
"After people bave won fame they
bave nothing to look forward to."���
Chicago Record.	
Afaoe covered with pimples Is unsightly.
It tell* of Internal Irregularities which
should long since hnve been corrected.
Tbe liver and tho kidneys are not performing their functions in thn healthy
war they should, and these pimples are
to let yon koow that the blood protests.
Parmelee's V.getable Pills will drive
them all away, and will leave tbe skin
clear aud clean. Try tbem, and there will
be another witness to their excellence
Didn't Car* For the Stock.
When Tom Johuson, sou of Herscbel
V. Johnson of Georgia, was collector of
customs at Savannah, an acquaintance
called oue morning to ask Ms oplulou on
Central railroad stock,
"Why do you want to know?" said
Tom. "Got any of It?"
"Yes, I have, and I'd like to know
whether It's worth holding on to or not.
What's yonr honest opinion?"
"See that old colored mammy sitting
out there on the sidewalk with her little
stock of goobers and chestnuts? She's
blind. This morning 1 passed her, and
sbe held out her hand for something, and
ns 1 was feeling sorter blue I gave her a
piece of paper I happened to bave In my
Angers. She crumbled it up, and, discovering It wasn't a bank note, said, 'Mars
Johnson, whut Is dis yo's gibin de ole
mammy'/' I told ber It was 100 shares of
Georgia Centra) railroad stock, and she
banded It back, saying, 'Mars Johnson,
dis ain't no time fo* jokiu; please, sah,
take tils buck uud gttumc u nickel,' "���Atlanta Constitution.
He Who Mast Be Obeyed.
"Hut after you bad knocked down the
two or three policemen who bad cornered you. and could hnve escaped by
running form the flat you were try lug
to rub," Inquired tbe magistrate, bcut
on getting nt the facts In tbe case,
"how did It happen that you surrendered so tamely to this undersized officer in cltlxeu's clothes?"
"I thought he was the Janitor," said
the captured burglar.-Chicago Ti'lb-
Hiue. _____..._..__
Ab Opportaalty Reelected.
"Goodness! I wish 1 had gone to
"Why, Henryf
"Well, here's Dewey going to get a
present of 1200,000, aud 1 have to
scramble like mad for street car fare.1
-Detroit Free Press.
A Little Bit of Salt.
Every child needs a little bit of salt,
and iu almost every food It 1b well to
put some, oot only for tbe taste, but
for Its value In digesting the food. It
Is a notable fact tbat all animals welcome salt occasionally, and, like human beings, pine when there Is a lack
of lt In Holland, some generations
ago, It Is said to have been tbe custom
to punish criminals by allowing no
food but bread without salt Tbe con-
fi-Mpieiice was tbo blood became depraved, tbey became infested with
worms aud died miserably. Blood
contains a large percentage of salt, nud
no one can be healthy without It An
experienced physician has stated tbat
If a strong solution of salt aud wnter
be Injected Into the veins of a person
dying with cholera tbe patient will lie
roused from bis stupor, nnd occasionally It lias led to recovery.���ledger
Should take with them a supply
of Dp. Fowler's Ext. of
Wild Strawberry.
Those who intend
going camping this
summer should take
with them Dr. Fowler's
Extract of Wild Strawberry.
Getting wet, catching cold, drinking water that is not always
pu re,or eating!ood that
disagrees, may bring
on an attack of Colic,
Cramps and Diarrhoea.
Prompt treatment
With Dr. Fowler's
Strawberry in such
cases relieves the pain,
checks tbe diarrhoea
[and prevents serious
' cons equences. Don't
take chances of spoiling a whole summer's
outing through neglect of putting a bottle
of this great dlarrhcca doctor in with your
supplies. But see that it's the genuine
Dr. Fowler's Extract of Wild Strawberry,
as most of Ihe imitations uro highly dangerous.
Tiie White Mnn In the Tropics.
The attempt to acclimatise tiie white
mnn In the tropics must be recognized
to be a blunder of the lirst magnitude.
All experiments based upon the Idea
are mere idle and empty enterprises,
foredoomed to failure. Excepting only
the deportation or the African raws
under the situation of eluvery, probablv
no other Idea which lias held the mind
of our civilization during the lust throe
hundred years las led to ho much physical and moral Buffering und degradation or bus strewn Hie world with the
wreck* of so many gigantic enterprises.
In the tropics a while man lives and
works under water. Alike iu a moral,
in an ethlcul nud in n political Bense,
the atmosphere he breathes must be
that of another region than thai which
produced him and to which he belongs,
Neither physically, morally nor politl
cully can be be acclimatized in the tro
pice.���Benjamin S. Kidd.
The Hett Family Liniment Known.
Griffiths'   Menthol    Liniment   Is  the
freattst pain reliever of thn present day.
t toothea tne painful parts the minute
applied, and Is a complete medioine chest
in Itself Use It lor Scalds, Hums,
���Bruises, Sore Throat, Cold on tne Chest,
and all forma of swelling and inflammation.   All druggists, S5 cents,
Sa-rltiK a Drowning Mnn,
Magistrate���You nre accused of
striking a drowning mnn a fatal blow
with a hammer.
Prisoner���Ol was tryln to save his
lolfe, y'r honor. Sure dldu't Oi scliwim
out to help bim?
"Rut you took a hammer along nud
killed him with It."
"Yls, nor. If ye don't kill 'em they'll
grab ye ivery toline, y'r honor."���Exchange.
Dear Sirs,���I uivrc *TcnV f��ttw iu
MINARD'S LINIMENT, us lust year
I cured a horse of Ring-bone, with five
It blistered tbe horse but in n mouth
tbere was no ring boue and no lameness.   *       DANIEL MUROHISON.
Four Falls, N.B.
Cure of Ganoer.
Soma twelve years
ago Mrs. Elisabeth
Gilhula, wife of the
postmaster of Buxton, Ont., was taken
Ul with an obscure
stomach trouble
which her physicians pronounced
cancer of the stomach and Informed
her that her leaie of
life would be short.
hns. OILHULA. On the advice of
friends she commenced taking Burdock
Blood Bitters. Tbe results tbat followed
were little short of marvellous. Her
strength and -vigor returned and In a short
time sbe was completely cured. Mrs.
Gilhula la to-day In the full enjoyment ol
good health, and In all these years there has
oot been tha slightest return of tbe trouble.
Here it ihe tetter Mrs, Gilhula terete et
the time of her cure;
"About four years ago 1 was taken sick
with stomach trouble and consulted several
of the leading; physicians here, all of whom
pronounced toe disease to be cancer of the
itomach of an Incurable nature, and told
me that It was hardly to be expected that
t could livelong. Afterwardthetwo doctors
who were attending me gave me up to die.
** By the advice of some of my friends,
who knew of the virtues of Burdock Blood
Bitters, I wae Induced to try It, and I am
now happy to say that after using part ol
Ihe first bottle I felt so muck better I waa
able to get up. I am thankful to state that
I am completely cured ofthe disease by the
use of B.B.B., although U had baffled the
doctors for a long time. 1 am firmly convinced that Burdock Blood Bitters saved
my life."
Here is ihe letter received fhm here short
time ago :
"I am still In good health. I thank
Burdock Blood Bitters for saving my life
twelve years ago, and highly recommend
It to other sufferers from stomach troubles
of any kind."       Elizamth Gilhula.
Tbe Department l.nlij-rlmh.
"Where nre you going to spend .vour
vacation?" called tbe girl at the safety
pin counter to the charmer at the soil
ed ribbon table.
"1 guess I'll take It out in traveling."
"Where ore you going to travel?'*-
"Well, I'm going to visit every de
partment in this store If It takes uie a
whole week to do it. Yes'm; what size.
please?"���Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Where Cantout Falls.
In Paraguay n gentleman is enjoined
hy the laws of good society lo kiss every
lady to whom he is introduced. This
sounds alluring unless you happen tn
nave met a lady iu Paraguay.���Ibis tun
It may be only a tri.'dng cold, but neg
leet lt aud It will fasten Us fangs lu yuur
lungs, and you will soon be carried to an
untimely grave. In this oountry we have
suddon changes and must oxpoot to have
roughs and colds. We cannot avoid them
but we can effect a cure by using Bicklu's
Anti-Consumptive Syrup, the medicine
that has never been known to fail In curing coughs, colds, bronchitis and all
affections of tbe throat, lungs nnd chest.
The Pity of It.
Ethel���How harmonious tbe color of
everything In this church Is!
Margaret���Yes, excepting the sexton.
Why doesn't he wear slfllued glasses?
-Harlem Life.
Donbiriil Alintii Hi** Method.
II is Imnlly |mssll>|<> iu eat (he trusts
to ilea lb at it ham | net. -Memphis Com
menial Appeal
"It was wonderful to see that young
American   lady   'lending   the   mob,'"
snid one Parisian.
"Wbat was wonderful about It?"
"Why, the fact that we could understand her French."���Washington Slur.
Record a of Two Old Finn 11 leu.
"Your grandfather used lo bow wood
for my grandfather."
"Yes; I've heard him tell how your
grandfather beat him down on bis
price and a half tbe time didn't pay
bim."���Chicago Record. _
PLOERKURE HffllS All Old OT FBtt f Mitt
Not a Hero It erne in be red.
"I used to thluk Burgess hud nmsid
ernble patriotism, but I was mistaken
There's n man who Is not to be trunted
He has no real love for his country.'1
"What makes you think thai?"
"Hasn't be gone and rinineil his trip
lets Heury, Albert and Francis?"���Clil
cago Times-Herald.
Father-What Is the moaning of that
black eye, my son)
Johnny���Oh, that's merely a mark of
esteem, father.
Father���How so?
Johnny���I esteemed myself a better
boxer  than  Tommy  Jones.-Chlcago
���iaard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
I Must have the
ocnuine, The
imitations look
very nice> but they
hurt my delicate SKIN.
Till AhuitTmut Boi�� Coy. (
w. n, u.  'm
i.kst vou lniuiiiT. ii.n.. tliat we toy
Butiiir. Oheew nml ITres.1 Egga for export���that
wu Immllt! Iiun ilimi -"iiKino* nml Hurst! Power.,
uml Hull oiir '��� AI*>xuiiilrH" nnd "M^lnlt."
Uri'iuii Separators um til.* Iwal in tliu wurlil.
Gorre>noiiilenvo wolli-itml.
import.,, of oroc.,1..     fcf'* ��*<���;�������.
Write AS. IUinIltuii,Ont.     1...S.& 11.Spleen
i   pHf'kfll.    Put
up by
KM-tll's   Grtut   AclilavNiiifliita   llepreinut
TImii-,0 U'lioit) Ileal U Snilg Ovei ��� T lie nt.
"Next to tho art of living justly und
kindly with our fellows comes thu urt of
iiiiiii.t-iiiniiif,' it I if n uf hnppiiii'ss und tranquility," writes Kev. ])r. NewellDwlght
Hillirf, of " ihe Secrets of a Happy Life,"
in Tlm Radius' Home Journal. "For the
notil wus made for joy and pood oheer.
Life is a soboal j labor and sorrow, vlt.-
tury ami diifciLt toll togi'tliur as touchers,
but happiness Is life's aim and graduating point.. Next to tbn duty of self-denial
comes the duty of delight. What ripeness
is to an orange, what Mong Is to t Iir lurk.
Whut culture und refinement ure to the
Intellect, tliat hoppinojs is to the soul.
As vulgarity uud ignorance betoken n
nogleotetl mind, so unhuppiness und
misery proclaim the neglected heart.
Tho norma] nature will keep strung aud
fresh the chorda that vibrate joy. Depression and worry take the nerve out of
man's arm. take thu keen edge from his
mind, loii life uf its victory. For unhup-
piness wins no battlei, gloom Invents no
tool, wretchedness writes no drama.
Karth's privat achievements represent.
mn.-n nmrw warns s:ing over w,*> wsfcn.
To meets storm with calm, defeat with
Faith, literal-it into with charity. N not an
3iisy thiug, Nothlnn requires .so much
Ais'.io n, ptnolloe and skill in learning
how lo live habitually above the dis-
temporutairra of Hfo*-"
" Whafs in a name?   A rose by any
other name would smell as sweet"
-There U m good deal In a :
the name Is
That  means a guarantee of 1'1'KITY
It everywhere In this country.  Once uied
It If a continuous favorite,
fob the printer
Made by the celebrated firm
of Ault S* Wiborg,
THERE IS NOT n moro dangerous class
of diiorders than those which affect tho
breathing organ?, Nullify this danger
wiih Dr, Thomas' Buleotrlo Oil���a pulmonic of uckuiiwlidged i llicaoy. H ourca
lameness and torenois when applied ox-
terually, as well us swellul neck and
crick In the baok; uud, at un inward --peel Ik', possessed most sutistant al claims to
public euiilidence.
Willi tier Color llllnd.
Mr. Whitney gri'itllj surprised ine by
cottfiwdtif! c lin I lie wus quite color blind.
He eM'iiqililied his emiilllloii b> miyhig
thai if I mine tu Atiicshiiry I should Im
seand'ilizcd by one uf his carpels. ll
appeared that he wits never pcrmiticd hy
the giiai'iltiin goddess of his henrili lo go
"shopping" for himself, bul thai onee, being in Huston und needing a earpet, in*
hail ventured io go lo a store and hay
what he thought to he a very nice, quiet
article, precisely suited to adorn a Quaker homo. When il arrived ut Atuesluiry,
there was a universal slioul of horror, for
whai hail struck Mr. Whltller as a particularly soft coinhinutioo til* browns and
grays proved to normal eyes tu he a Intltl
pallern of hright red roses on n lield nf
the crudest cabhiigu green. When he had
told ine this, it was I hen easy to observe
thai the fullness and hrillianey of Ida
wonderful eyes hnd suuielhlnu which wns
not entirely norma I about them.���Uosse
in Hookumu.	
There never was, and never will be, a
universal panacea, io one remedy, for all
ills to whioh flesh Is heir���tbe very nature
ot many curatives being suoh that were
the genus of other and differently seated
diseases rooted in the system of the patient���what would relieve one 111 in turn
would aggravate the other. We have,
however, In QuMne Wine, when obtainable In a sound- unadulterated state, a
remedy for many and grievous Ills. By Its
gradual nnd judicious use the frailest systems are led Into convalescence and
strength bv the influence whioh Quinine
eierts ou Nature's own restoratives, ll
relieves the drooping spirits of those with
whom a chronic state of morbid despond-
enay and laok of Interest la life is a disease, and, by trnnqulllzlng tbe nerves,
disposes to sound and refreshing sleep-
Imparts vigor to the aotion of the blood,
which, being stimulated, courses throughout the veins, strengthening the healthy
animal functions ot tbe system, thereby
making activity a necessary result,
strengthening tbe frame, and giving life
to the digestive organs, which naturally
demand increased substance���result, Improved appetite. Northrop and Lvman, of
Toronto, have given to tbo publio their
���uperlor Quinine Wine at tbe usual ��te,
snd, ganged by the opinion of scientists,
this wine approaches nearest perfection
of any In the market.    All druggists sell
****,*  ���  miaaa*    Ca8t by tha "G>t-
Dnl  I tDv   Uu*?" Proee... Th.
rtULLLltO   only pknt of th.
kind in Canada.
Unequalled by any other In
Canada, in matter, paper and
All Kinds for Printers
The latest end hest.
"News, Miscellany,
Serials, eto.   Best ii
tho world.
Of all
kinds���new and second hand.
Head Office:  Toronto.
Pacific Coast Branch:  6*20 Cordova
Street, Vancouver.
Cftrrlagcn,  Whkoii**-**,' BarrowH, wlnumllu,
Ac.   COCKgHUTT 1'LOW CO., Winnipeg.
Th* Hornet'* Chnrse.
Mr. Hervy Lmicy, in The Scletlflc
Americau, describes the wny hornets defend their homes. There is always a
sentinel on watch at the entrance, and
when a stone Is thrown nt the ucst "the
band that threw It has been marked as
sure us the sun shines, and before the attacking party ean possibly turn the head
he will feel a stunning blow in the forehead and possibly drop to the earth with
pain, for the hornet (lies with such velocity tbat the human body is not swift
enough in movement to get out of tbe
In making such a charge, Mr. Laney
suys, the hornet Hies "with bend aud tail
together," and the sting is driven deep.
But If the boy gets behind a tree or
bush and throws from shelter be is like*
ly to escnpe, because the hornet seems
(o possess little power of locating the
etiemy by sight. When the delivery of
a stone is followed by u successful
Chitrgl'. Mr. Laney thinks, It Is because
the hornet possesses "the faculty of
marking the direction of a missile
thrown ut the nest."
He knows,
His patron knows,
and cvetybody  knows
that this can contains
the purest,  best, and
most  delicious  Coffee
that expert buyers can
procure.   It's
Chase & Sanborn's
Seal Brand Coffee,
that's the reason.
McDERMOT has just received a mammoth
car load of Furniture. Although furniture lias
Advanced 15 Per cent
This Lot was
Purchased Before the Rise
and customers will be given advantage of
this SNAP.
Tiie stock is too large and varied to enumerate articles or quote prices, but we will be
pleased to show you through and give
closest figures on any article yon want.
School will re-open oo Monday tbo
2lst inst. * j ���; o J ,-i
Tha Imperial  Bank  will  open at
Golden on Monday next. ' ��� K ]
G. B. MeDermot,
GOLDEN,      -       B-0.
Headquarters for Miners' Supplies.
&   CO.,
have opened as
ATICALMEI^,    (Salmon Beds)
Full   Stock of Miners'  Supplies, General
Stores and all Camp Requisites.
The New Westminster jltc-Upa -will
take place on the 24th.:   -'��� ���** tr ��� &'"'
Divine service will "A &tf "la; the
Presbyterian Church, dhcSAil*^t
at 7:80 p.m. ���.�� ���-8,*.3 li ?.������*'
J. Henderson will start wort the
week after next on the votnnvaI,oj the
courthouse from Donah) to Goldeu. -'
S Barber, ftir.nei ly, ot Gohien, ia
running a steamer, the Glinofa, -oa the
Fraser river,
Mr. Farrel. U, ��. remrned fester
day from Spokane, and left this1 morning by the Duchess for Windermeiv.
*.#. Ormtston, tbe well-known Gntfiui-
driverof the C P.ti , has beeu moved
from Field to Cslgsr.v.
The Cascade Record * painted-itself
red over the arrival of -tfie tirst * loco
motive into the Boundary con. tl-y..'.
Miss Gibbous returned from, the
Coast this -Week to resume hor duties
as teacher of the Windermere suhool.
Miss Millard is not returning to take
charge of the Donald school aud the
Trustees are seeking another teacher.
J. B, Oifftn, Vancouver inannpcr of
R. G. Dun aud Co.. was a visitor to
Golden this week.
J. Taylor, Provincial Surveyor,
has now tot out the plans for tho new
townsite of Peterborough in the Col-
umbia Valley.
Wc have to thank Mr. Bostock, M.
P., for a copy of tho regulations of the
Canadian Commission for the Paris
A. H. Tegart, who has returned from
Atlin, reports that Capt. Armstrong
is doing well at tbo new gold Geld. Mr.
Tegart has gone lo Wintlcimere.
F. E. Hobbs formerly foreman of
the Donald shops has been appointed
Master Mechanic of that Division with
headquarters at Bsvelstoke,
it. L. Reid, solicitor, of New Westminster, will oppose A. Henderson in
his election as the result of his up-
pointraeutto thoAtrorney-Generulship,
Owing to the bid weather Main's
circus did not stop at Golden. Many
came to town to sea it and had to go
away disappointed.
The weather during this week has
bet.ii some of the worst experienced
this sen son." Heavy ruin fell over
three days and the mountains were
covered with nearly a foot of snow.
Mining Recorder Lang started up
the valley on Tuesday to make his
collection of ores for the Paris exhibition. C. E. Hamilton was appoint ad
hie locum tenons in his nbseuce,
Services at St. Paul's Church on
Sunday next, Aug. 20th will be:���8 a.
m. Celebration of Holy Communion,
11 a. rn. Mattins, Litany and sermon.
7.30 p. in. Evensong and Sermon.
Considerable improvements are being
effected  at   the Unlihm   a-nboU,   the
���'���-   been divided to pro.
for an assistant
Some anxiety was felt in town this.
week aa to the safety of tbe party who
went to surrey the Kinbasfcet Lake
property on behalf ofthe Golden and
Fort Steele Company who have it un*
der boi^d from Frank Berthiaume.
They had been away three weeks without any news of them and it waa intended te tend out a search party
wl^en th-eir arrival aG Donald wai
��/.:' '-:;/<*'    If-ybu want
Goon) Bread
*  -*        " ;     ;   "OW
^Calgai-y F|au*r.
The Calgary' MillingrCompany guar
autee their flour the.equal of* auy
brand on the Golden Market and
hereby authorize all yrocers to: sail
it subject to above guarantee.aud
they wiil refund the full amount
paid for flour upon return of any
not equal to guarantee.
Sold by C. A. Warren.
Jas. Bbadt, D.LS., & P.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
li. A-n> Imt.ME.
Agent for obtaining Crown tin
annual assessment work, etc.   .
White & Scott,
Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries,
Rovelstoke, B.C.
Will attend all County.Cuurt. at Geldeo,B.C
W. White, Q.O. J. li. Scorr, ll.A.,I.I.. B
Sltinttc ill the Windermere Mining Division
ol' EiiafrKotitoiuiy Distriot.   \\ here locut*
od���On Toby Creek.
Situate in the Windermere Mining Divi.liin
ofEastKootoiiuy District. Where h
cated���On Hntildar Croek, a tributary of
liorse-tliiof Crook.
Take notice tliiit !,'W. G. Mllcliolllnnea,
us agent for tlio New Goldon British Columbia Limited.nf Limdon. England (Koreiirn),
owners of Hn iiliore MinerAl Claims, Free
Minor's Certificate No, 11)0308, iuloud, sixty
days from tlm iliits beri-of. to apply to tbo
Mining Recorder for Certiorates of Improvements, ior tbe inirfK-se of obtaining a crown
Grant of the atiMve claims.
Ami further tako not co lhat action, under
section Hi, must lie commeucod boforo the
issuance of such certificate ot tinproreniouta.
Dated this fifth day of August, lffiKJ.
Livery & feed Stables
Rig. ot nil kinds for hire at reasonable rate..
Teaming of all kind, a Specialty.
A. O. Hamilton,
golden, B.C.
Townsite of Golden,
Business and Residential Lot5 For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Model-ate Prices & Easy Terms of Payment
Kiir|ptor|    &     Pitts,
General Merchants,
Mining supplies a Specialty
Miners going1 northward via Canoe river route will
find it a large saving and convenience to procure their
supplies at Donald.
Sole Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windermere, Golden   &   Donald
Mining Divisions.
Agents at Windermere for California Giant Powder Co
NOTICE 1. hereby given that two months
after dii'o I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lauds anil Works, ior I tennis*
sion to purchase the following described
land i���Lots Numbers 2578und 2.J79, beiug on
the Columbia River in the District ot East
Kootciiny, mid containing '**i*i.8 nnd 212.1
acros respectively, he ths same more nr loss.
Dated at Guidon, 3rd July, 1890.
/Lssayor & Metallurgist,
Golden,      -     B.C.
Oold     II. 60
Silver ni*    1 M
Lead  1 10
Copper ,*  2 00
Gold and Silver  2 00
Lead and Silver ...  2 00
Gold nnd Copper  2 50
Silver nnd Copper  2 60
Oold, Silver nnd Lend  8 00
Gold, Silver and Copper  II 60
Gold. Silver, Lead nud Copper. 4 00
Iron  400
Tin  DM
Zino  8 00
Assays, Sampling, Analytical Work
and Concentrated Ores.
All parcels of ore nreoareluily sample),
one portion tested, one labelled nnd
kept, and tbe third, if required, returned to owner hs a cheek on the
assay mado.
Terns: Cash With Samples.
Atiiaimek -J. J. LAKE.
Ordors left with above agents will receive prompt attention.
Headquarters for Commercial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Rooms,    ilnggago Transferred Free.
Hot nnd Cold Baths.
Rates $2 per day. Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars
J.  C.  Greene, Proprietor.
Lest You Forget
Drop into PATMORE'S Storo and look over the breezy,
up-to-date novels he has just got in and
Size Up.
his nice stock of gold-rimmcd eye glasses and spectacles*
Eyo3 tested free.
The Confectionery
is the latest*, dandiest and best, and fresh from the factory.
In Patmore's
yon can get Drugs, Perfumes, Soaps, Toilet Articles, Stationery, Pipit, Toboccos, etc. School Supplies of all kinds
at right prices.
vide accommodation
We have received from the Toronto
Type Foundry a neatly get up brochure giving impressions of members
of the W.C.P.A. on tbeir recent trip
over the Canadian Pacific to L'r'.isii
Mrs. II. A. Kimpton, ol Windermere
came down by the Duchies on Wcdiies
day with I e.- elder son, wbo is vory
ill witb appendicitis and will have to
undergo an operation. He is at theGol-
den Hospital. Air. Kimjitou bus been
sent lor.
Joseph Martin, before the benchers
of the Law Society admitted tbe facts
alleged iu the charge of champerty
made against hiin. The benchers sua
pended hl.n for ono week. In the meantime Mr, Martin will appeal to the Full
Snpitme Court.
Windermere has boen having the
atton-ion of smelter men. Mr. Chadbourne representing the Hall Mines
Smelter, returned on Thursday's boat
from a visit tbere, and Mr. Gunu,
representing Montana smoltiug interests, was u traveller by the same boat.
Archdeacon McKay it back from
Tete Jauue Cache and gives anything
but a favorable opinion ot the -.respects of that country as a placer gold
field. He prospected several creeks
very thoroughly and met with nothing
but disappointment.
The French people aro very excited
over the Dreyfus ntfnit-. Luboi-j. ctHin-
sel fur Dreyfus, was shot by au asmis-
iu but is still alive. The Buonapni-tists
are ���..outing: 'Vive I'Empsreur." The
country minis as it would bo once
more In tho throes of civil war aud
The Onzotteof Friday contains ths
announcement of the issuance uf a writ
for the return of a member to represent
the constitueiiuy ol Now Westminster,
vacated by the appointment of Hon,
Alexander Henderson. Q.U., to the
position of Attoriiey-Gunerul, the writ
being returnable before August 8|st.
English Spavin Liniment removes all
hard, soft ur calloused Lumps and
Blemishes from horses, Blued Spavin,
Curbs, Splints, King Bone, Sweeney,
Stifles. Sprains, Sore aud Swollen.
Thrust, Coughs, ete. Save 160 by use
of one bottle. Warranted the most
wonderful Blemish Cure ever known.
Sold by 0. A. Warren.
D. J. Munn, the well-known eanner,
and a director of the Ka��lo k Slocan
railway, will run against Alexander
Henderson, at New Westminster, to
contest tbe constituency for the attorney-generalship, Munn and Henderson are In the same political party,
followers ol the Semlin-Cotton government aud are prominent Liberals in
Dominion affaire.
The nesting of subscribers to the
Oolden Hospital, adjourned till Saturday laat was dnly held. Messrs. W.
a, Mlteuell-Innee and C. Bubar wen
reelected directors. The accounts
showed tbe hospital finances to be In a
satisfactory condition. Tbt subscribers an evidently satisfied tbat ths in.
stltntlon Is nnder Rood management
and eowUw it best to leave well alone.
A. W. Palmer,
Chemist & Druggist,
Hull Bros. & Co.
Wholesale A Retail
Cattle, Sheep and Horse Denlor..
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia River, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Oolden and Windermere districts, together with the
fact tbat transportation is now assured at an early data, -*.
by a railway running the length of the Columbia atfC /
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great *
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forma
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase before a further rise
takes place.
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on
application to
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agreement for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
H. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
H. G. Parson, Merchant, or
E. A. Haggen, Agent, Golden.
Working anil Dlvldeud Paying Mines in
various parts ot British Columbia.
Gold Quart/,
Galena and Copper Ores
, *jj�� Wood's noiploMM,
iltin        ttlnCiiiidi. OnlT .���.
Tht Ortnt Bngmh Rttntdy.
Bold and recommended by a.1
druggists in c.n.d��. Only nil.
ablo medlclno discovered.
. . ���BBcJuga gttaraoteat to core
'onus 61 Sexual Weakness, all effects of aba*.
excess, Meaul Worry. BxoM.lv. osboHI--.
.Copper, (tolti, ami Silver-lead
Developed Properties on bond
Reports nud information furnished regard-
ing mining properties,
Stock. In British Columbia mines bought
Hinl sold.   ^ ,	
Cable Address:   KANAGAN, Golden.
Co...*. in,*.. M*-*-*:-*0. a sr-wi, -iu.1 ifed-
ford McNeill
.Cook's Cotton Soot ComponaS
Head of navigation ou Columbia River.
The inos' central point in Windermere Mining Division.
Extract from Hepors of Minister of M,inss for 1898: "A waggon road
could be built from tha 'Salmon Beds' ATHALMER - at a reasonable Cost,
and will be so built as soon as it Is justified by the mining developra.nl."
Dry climate, charming scenery, perfeot boating on lake and river, aad
good fishing nnd shooting in immediate vicinity.
Level surface with gravel sub soil to build npon ; cold; clear water the
year round for household purposes, and splendid water power close to town.
Large and oomplete sawmill (20 M. dally oapacity) on the ground sssune
cheap lumber.
Terms easy, particularly So to invsstore wishing to build.
bseoo. Opium or Stlnulants. Mailed on nodus
MfclMlJ.ltS-fS.  OWV��,
  .WnpMsW free torn;    J
Tbo Wead Qempemy, WJ
la stiocewfnll/ttted.    .	
UWOUdlefl. Safe, effectual. Lndfoafk
r dm Mist for CMfc't Ctttw tot Cm-
, jnootEtr,&iaUMisturf>i,pllIiiand
Imitation! art dtngeroofl. Prtoe, Va, 1, $1 per
boxtVftVtlOdegKtsstnmmrinpertiox. K<k
1 or IjOiiUmIea reeelpt<of pnwtand twotyeeat
���r ���**; irr-* *B^*TtJd<iiSdMTnIJ5ffl2��d!dt?SS
C. fi. Iiang, Agent
Wooii'm Puosi-itniiixis is sold in Golden
hy R. W. l'iiliii.TP, C. A. Warron, and C.
W. Field, Druggists.
Lakeside Hotel,
,. windbbmebe,
Taynton & Gordon. Props
Good oerommndtition fur  Prospectors and
Freighters.   First-class meals.
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Etc.
Agent for "8. A, HAGGEN,
Assay or & Metallurgist.
Office at Lak km tin Hotel,
Windermere,  - B.C.
Field, C. A. Warren, and
It. W. Palmare
Bush Men Wanted.
Two Teamsters, Four Sawyers, and
Tbree Swampers.
Teamsters  I36.0D,
Sawyers     MJ.00.
Swampers  ISO.OO,
Per mouth and Board, apply to
Ottertail   Saw   Mill,
Ottertail, DC.
To He Sold
In Lots to Suit Buyers
IS Jlinnglit "Dale*.
11 Vack Mule*,,
19 (.ayara*.
Tho nhoro stiH-h is In first .class cowl lion
.jut is well broken.   I'aeK tigging an
lies, can also lie arranged for*    'I'M .1
ml liar-
sitimiod in Kniii'iRiji. neighborhood,  Olfors
lo be made to
The Wttyerlejr Vine Limited
T. D. Flckard,
Geld, Silver or Lead $1.9)
Copper    S.00   -
(Mil and Silver.      i.00
Gold or Silver and Copper....   2.M
Gold, Silver and Und      8.1)0
Gold, Sliver, Lead and Copper ijOO
Prompt Attention to Samples ly nail.
-Cash must sccoapany the Sample.
Pulp kept for three mouths
Front Street, Revelstoke, B.C.
Rubber Stamps.
Orders for Rubber Stamp, and Seals Kill be
received al the Ooldkk Eba CMficeand
executed with promptitude.
Limited LlakllilT. |7|I
The B. C. Assay & Chemical Supply Co., Ltd.
Vancouver,      -     B.C.
We aro Manufacturers and direct Importers, snd rsrry a large .lock of Balances,
Furnaces, Firo Clay Good., Scientific and Practical Hooks, Ulsstwsre, Platltmm Goods,
Acids, Chemicals, and all otlier Assayers' and Miner.' requirements.
SOLE AGENTS for Morgan Crucible Company, llaiemsat Becker* Seas*
Balance., Etc. n
Catakgueand ftiH particular, en application.
For a pine Suit
and a Perfect pit
Canadian Pacific Railway
"Imperial  Limited"
an unqualified success.
The quickest & finest
train across the
Low Bute, to the East via
the   Lake   Route.
Steamers leave Fort William
Apply for particular* to nearest C.P.B.
agent or to
WM. STf-rr,      C. E. MoPHEBSON,
Aes't.Gen.Pass.Agt.      Gen.Paxs.Agt.
Winnipeg. Winnipeg.
E. A. Haggen,
Rotary I'ubll., Hlnlaa. Mauwelal aad
OoamlMloa Agent. OenaUssleaer
���rth. aapr.ai. Court.
The Fashionable Tailor.
Opposite The Columbia House.     6**9to
1899. PROVINCIAL 1899.
Under tho Auspices of
The Hoyal A-p-loultural a IhdustrUl Society of British CoMmMai
WIU be held at -
New Westminster, B.C.,
October 3rd, 4th, 5th, & 6th.
$15,000       In Prizes.       $15,000.
Open to the World.
A Round of Pleasure for Four Whole Days.
i  Special attraction st ths New We.tailn.Ur opera Hesse
its.at goeatly reduced rales. For special restore, see
Oread Concert saeh en.
"icursions from all, . ,
Ms. No eatranc.fce charged for
OOLDEN, B.0.     ,,
is sttssted. Parties represented ia
1, Small Debts sad County Courts.
aU collected and   disputed clslms
T. J. Trapp, Free*,      Arthur Afalim, SecF.*,
W. H. Keary, Oomintoiiloner*


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