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The Golden Era May 31, 1901

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Array Xtl-**-m09&9&e&O&*
... .. James Hmdr**.*,
Builder & Contractor,
l^S^.1^^^ as^-u
v- ^ffxtN0?3i  ijfY''
Big* Wrilrr
Neealt Artist
Imt ItetsstatSny.
L**v* Mm* at EsMtuey Hn*, (MM*, AC
11 i*r*< im ���mmm*-*-m*
GOUlK$ Bwfii*^^^ tf&IDAY, MAY HI. 1901
$2 Per Year.
���lack Cotton Boss for womsn, futlfathio->*d, H.rmsdorf
dy*,..           , six pair I 1 00
List* finlshsd Black Cotton Hosts.  25
Summer wslgbt Black Cashmsrs Ho** , thr** pair 1 00
Fin* whit* M.l�� finished bo*.  31
Purs Lists Thread, all BJ** and Blaok with whit* sols,
slso open work sleelg*......          60
Cotton vasts fur womsn, ,..- two for -1 96
Fast W.ckLisI, .finished Taffeta Glove.  16
Men'* Balbriggan 0��sa*rw*��r, per rait. 1 00.
M.n'. In* Lisle and "Cotton half bos*  16
Mfn'sCsabmsrsBoss,           .thr**'pair 100,
Light -slight negligee ihlrt* ..'....... .\.....  ...... 50
Silk Front Shirt*, without collar*..................... 1 00
Wash Neckties, a��.ott��d pattern*,  ..two tor 25
Ws quots only s fsw number* but tb* assortment ia templet*.
Oxford Shs-ses for ohildrsn���Tan, Ot Blood and Black. ..$ 0 K
Oxford Shoos for youth'* and 6oy* .  ........... '..   100
Strap 8lipper* snd Shoes for Children           60
Women's Kid Slippers. Dongola Oxfords,   .Ingle and
double .trap sandal*, regular vain** 49 60 arid W,
your choice for.      3 00
Men'* teutlland Shoot, Un and blaek, t*vtn Uy)**, *U
weight*, any rij.iV.: .., ;;..,...   8 00
Tr*de where Cash does doable duty.
* "W
XJL. \M* .iJL *.x!1LX'I,*m'V/,i|Mi|-,
ax*, ^.p-r*-.���-.-���-?.���-*���.-
 __   , -ffift
I ���$*&$** :  ms.
Wm. llendri*.
_ Hjmiu Oi'ritsr.i T.moNTO.
D. li WlMlk, General Manager.
I. Hsr, Inspector.
���    MANITOBA, M. W. T. and II. C.
Brando*, Cslgary, Edmonlen,
gold**        KsSJMt.,'       rnrtagelal'rairl*,
Prince Albert,     Kerelslo.se,     Stratheos*.
Vtncouver,    , -IVjunlpeg,
Ejiei, Parsiu, Gait. Hamilton, Ingersoll,
UitowiJ, Kiagara, Falls, Port Colbourn*
���toifortsg*, Itault8l*.lir��rl�� it
C*th*rlneo. St. Thomas, Toronto, Vrilasd,
Woo**t��ihfsnd Mo*tr>ftl,i��l��.
Agent* Its iarttmt Hrltelm
UsvydVBank. Ltd., 78 Lombard St., London
with whon i money may ba deposits*.! far
truHtsar by tetter *r caWSto uiy of th*
(bore branch*..
Agea'sin United MUtets
NBWYORK-ltank ,f Montreal, Btsfc.t
s^fe^K^. i
SAN mNCISC^RBri^; * &,,
Ageata Im Swath Afrit**.    ���
���slnt*r*.t allowed en deposit..    :���
���_    ���     ,,    DEBENTURES.    ���
Titfmm, Municipal and other debentnres
AmIUbto ��t ��ll points in C*n��.|��, United
Klngdosi, United Stat...      .
J.S.GIt��btl|--rj, aq-^��n ��r|��ph.
in       ii m-1 ***JitAjmhiim
.���., ��� n.-r V     .: ���"    " : tti"", ��������� ���
Just arrived
/A carload of *
.   GS0 GAIiB&Co'B.
Iron Bedsteads,
Mtottrasses and;,*,.."
Geural Herehant,
Upper Columbia
Steamers DUCHESS and HYAK S^';:���*.
,   leaaon of lOOt Opsins April and.
Only Quick and Comfortable Route to Mining Towns of Windermere Mining
Le��ve OoWen Tuesday 4 am, arriving atP^rborough
Athalra*ir, Oataterbury and Wlnd-Bra��re��am�� evening-
Leave Golden th/OAy 4 AM* for Pet��rbor<>��ffh and ib��ir-
pedlftttf^nfs; wtjurning arrive at Oolden SttBday
afternoon. a:��*..'.',,,,.1;.,'-
Low rates on Ore, Lumber, Hay, Grain and Coal.
For further intortiirtlon apply to
��� (J.! H* PARSON,-seoMtarr,
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized. $2,600,000
<j����ittvir.ui> etMoapoo
��������t vnueee
Thomas O'Brien;
Oarrliter, Solicitor. J
Notary PUblle.Convey ance*-, Me
-  *���**...     ;'/';*   .
Office ui' Upper (Jolambia Navigatis* aad
Trnvay C**q*sJri** lluildhw,
���"older.. .,   Mfc*.
Hs-tmy, MeCarttn* * Mnkten
' . Mem*-****, aauettmea. *e. '
Heralstoln, H.C
*'"*'{-( ���"'���'... A. >
ROM* Aanan
j  Fort Steele, 11.0.
ok Uolden b. c.
Hull Bros. & Co.
Wholesale A llatail
' Bititclners.
CalUe, Ub-wp and Horse Dealers.
S ��OLDBN,'B.C...-,. .'. "
Jas. Bbady, P^S., &, P.L8.
Minin��r Engineer,
M. Am-n. lust. M.E.
Agent for obtaining Crown Grants, doing
annual asseaament work, etc..   Address
.  .  . Tailor.
Golden,* B.C.
���������th lisle Slaking Hon* Mlv*r,
JBttttsi;'C��ke^ Pastr**,   ���
~.��WsesiilMir Cakstsw.   .
Brtad on Sale st O. B. McPerrnot'*.
Joseph Phaheuf^1.^
Modern Concentrator, 100 lon. c��nacily.
I*Jger��ood Hsslst, Electric Sinking Pnmn,
s1M|-iilr#,aiiAon*n(lrls,'s Water Wbes-ls
and otfter Pla*t.
For/nartlrnlara apply lo P. O. Box HU,
RstelsSolis Bt*tK.n.
ttTHATED ant* the prwi**. if O. F. Wil-
���*������ .�����, vj sWHMlor, Blaebwry, * black pony
witb .tar oa fbrabsud. If omaw do** sot
trtr. wtihln 10 days th* aslnal
���Wltmtp*g,'.Man., May 88.-Pr*miet
Boblin sttnonmas tbl* morning thst s
71 psr sent rsdueslon on all t��rl��s af-
fswtlng trade Will b* mad* on all th*
oldNorthrrn Ptcift-linn in Manitoba.
It is sgpicted th* rtdnotlou* will fio
|no��a*oton Jau* I.i.
t This. ���r-)S|fl-3-ifot*'.-*b-i% JV-pt. a* yst, af-
feot theCansdtan Noitkern tjttem,    .
||       _
Prtlhnlntry Trial Takes Place
At Peterboro To-day-Thos.
O'Brtoa Left OOlden rhurs*
day Evenin*- by Speoial
Steamer to Defend.
The SS. Duchess left on Thursday
evening (pr Peterborough, a i.lesjrsm
having been reoelved vis Fort Steele
announcing that Hon. F. Lausellet, of
ThansJsr Hill, hsd shot a Chinaman.
Ths boat mads ths special trip for the
purpose of conveying Mr. T. O'Brien,
legsl sdrittr ol Mr L*scelle>, to Psler-
boro. where tbe prelim'nsry trisl wss
to take plaoe Friday morning.
Hon. Frank Latcelloa i. a wealthy
and bigfily respected rancher of the
0**nmhl�� valley. Hi* place ia 24 miles
acres, tba lake from Windermere. No*'
thing i* fcrios-rn of the details of the
tragedy here beyond Ih* brief telegram
referred to above. The En a' s reporter,
through jconrteiy of C��pt. Armstrong,
want up with th* Duchess and on his
return, wh.iplj.i* exiiected on Sunday,
no time will ha loot in furnishing out
readers with, a,,full report of all that
hi* occurred. "'
Mr. Lascellet is so well and favorably know In town that the slaspast interest and anxisty is (sit In everything
(-onnaeted with tbs ess*.
C. P. R. BmpUy*** Dl.ssatl.I.d
' Ottawa, May 27.-All the Brother-
hood and Service ptistt have joined in
a proteat againtt the amended rale* ot
the 0��n*dl��n P��cifio Railway. An
appeal baa bten mid* to th* R.llway
CorUtnlUesB ot the Privy Council. One
of th* rul*�� ohjtsjtejl to, is that lthe
������plovssse. In *sy-*p��rng employment,
Aaaunae* ift risk*. The fourteen day's
nothe, which employe.'* sr* required
to give; the right to deiuct fine* for
neglect of duty, and making the Gen
eral Superintendent the. final offiier
to appeal to; dismissal for visiting
places where liquor is sold and also tbe
clause preventing employees engaging
in any business or trade without permission, are all asked to be cancelled,
.''-The sj. P. R. PrssjjMt. ���
Montreal, May 27.���In the courae of
an interview. Mr. Shaughnessy, President of the Canadian Pacific Railway
referied to Mr. Whyle's mission ������
"Mr. Whyte will sail next month
snd work toward the Pacific from St.
PtMriburg, going ovar that vatt
country, and looking into it* trade
possibilities. I hays thonght tbat
Canada mjjght supply a good many
articles of manufacture required in
tha western portion of Siberia, a. I
think they oould ba landsd at th* Pad
fio tormious of the Trasavfiiberlan
Railway, and sent inland a good din
tance, cheeper than the same goods
coals] be handled via St. Pstsrsburg."
LoDskn, May 28.��� A ssnistlonsl
mtts*Aw arid oss* of inutlistlon has oo<
curted in it low lodging houss in Dor.
sst Street, Whitecb.pel. oloss to tha
���cans ol th* "Jsck-ths Ripper" murders of 1888. Ths victim, a woman
named Annie Austin, 88-yasrs old, was
found dying in a bedroom on Sundsy
morning snd wss removed to * hospital
when *h*expired. The murderer*,
raped and th* police were not notified
of th* orim* nntil early yesterday. The
mnrder'* long stsrt snd the total,(ack
of a dsseription of him nitdsv W**j)*
prch��n*Ion nniikely. Ths wounds on
ths lowsr part of the victim's body are
too rtyolttng for description. Tbs
womsn was conscious when found,
but died Without msking a statement.
Ths polls* ara apprehensive of tun has
outrage* and a paulo ha* bean created
ia tb* neighborhood.
Ottawa, May 28.-F. H. Chrgus. of
Sault 8t*. Marl*, today sinned tb* coo-
tract fw * sisamship ssrvies to Francs
for whioh a subsidy ol 1100,000 was
vot*d by parliament laat session. For
ths first ytar Clorguu's line will inaks
18 irfpt-
A Mica Dtpo.lt  f.san* SO Mlle.fnn
.    . B*av*r.
,W. Calland.r of Canmort, returned
thi* wwk (rom Supreme Rapid* en th*
Columbia river about to mile* below
B**v*r bringing with him ��om* fin*
���ptcimen* of mica whioh he *t*te*
ha obtained from a ledge 30 feel
in. thickness. Th* ledg* has bwn triced
over a gnat extent of country and i.
without question a very rioh strike.
Mr. Callander intend* to bring **7*ral
oargs-ses up ths rivsr to Beaver by boat,
tbi* summer and expects to realize
h.nd.om. profit* (rom thein. If th*
-extent end quality of th* ledg* are a*
n-jniented (and Mr Callander la a very
reliable man; this is oae of th* richest
���trike* evermade in tb* province, end
will do mnch to illustrate the pos.lbil-
ities of North Eut Kootenay.
Palliser Pabulum.
Continued from page .1.
Palliser, May 29.���If the pulse of
ths Kicking Hon* w*�� normsl a wesk
sgo it is now, after a careful diagnosis,
considered too rapid for th* safety of
property and maybe also of life. A
rise ot nine inches on Tuesday make*
the Horse just'2 (t. li in. below the record braker of '91. The effect ot a
downpour of rain from 4 to fi p. m. on
Tuaaday hat not bad time ta bt fully
felt at the time of writing. The blue-
black hue of the higher peak* ia * well
known signal to old mountaineers to
get out ot ths way (or something is
bound to break loot* when they frown
in thne manner. At 6 p. m. resterdav
tba water wa* within an Inch of the
-dead'' line in th* Hon. W. C. Well's
Wednesday, 8 *. tn.���Water rote
>hre* tnohe* during th* night and ha*
crossed the "dead" line, the large fly
wheal in the mill being submersed.
Ths mill is closed. Wiather cooler.
Wster atationary.
A wuhout oo ths C. P. R. abostt 2
mil., eaat of Palliser caused alight fle-
Isy to train* on Monday but it I* now
fully repiired. \.'���;.
Mr* 3. H*rgr*vts is visiting with
friends in Oolden,  ,
It* is. quite probable that Robert
Festhrrstons will nersr wear th* Vic*
tori* Cross but it ia not improbabl*
that he will wear a- crown when
ke scales the Great Divide A poor
woman arriving late at night oa the
delayed express stood on the platform1
friendless and homeless. In reply *.*>
hsr request for shelter Robtrt took her
little belonging* in one hand and.wilh
the other ltd berto the nearest dwelling
bit unfortunately then wa* "no room'
then. Over a dark and treacherous
rOad he escorted her and tapping at s
friendly d*or h* wu welcomed with
bi* tired and 1'onelv charge where ahe
remained for the night. It was only
a "cup of oold water" but then can
be no doubt that the recording ang.l
put a larite merit mark after the name
of Robert Featberstone for thi* deed of
kindness. . Trusu, gallantry waa never
shown on battlefield nor charity mere
wortiiily dispensed than thi*. Hen is
a lesson in gentility for torn* high-
collared, stiff n*ok��d g*ntry to emulate.
Hon. W. C. Walt* arrived on Sunday
snd ntornsd on Tustday to Victoria.
Opening: Up New Agricultural
Vary fsw British Columbian* realit*
th* latent value of Ihe va��t acreage of
valuable agricultural land now lying
open to settlement in the lower Fianr
Valley, or the vast pouibilitie* of that
West of the Hope mountain, and between the Fraser and international
line lit* more tli*u a million aud a
quarter acre* of laud, over half nt
whioh i* tillable, while at preieiit leal
than 10,000 acre, are under cuts ivas ion.
For yeara settlement and development of thia district hss been alow
owing to tba occasional flooding of
thi* land during the annual riu of th*
Fraser, and lack of tranaprsttation fac-
llitie*. These dificulties have lieen and
��r�� being obviates! The lands hats*
all beeu dyked by the muuicipaliti**
and the assistance of th* prorluiHal
Government, and the Cat adian Pau-slfk
Railway  i* about to construct liasP'
hioh will open up the*, land* fully.
Ths Hns will run trom Hdps to iM
ooast, and with its branches to cOnltsct
ith New Wswtminatsr, Vancouver
���nd Victoria, will b* aome 1B0 mile*
iu length, much of which will b* built
thia year, aud it ia confidently expected
that a ateady stream of immigration
will set in to the lower mainland as
soon sa ihis lint ia constructed and
that the rapid development of the immense agriculturul resource* of thia
favored by nature district will continence. If thi* reault follow*, and it
surely will, Britiih Columbia will mm
bo able to fead itself and will no lenger
have to depend on' Washington, the
Territoriea aud th* East for it* food
Some idea of tha possibilities of thi*
diltriot may be gained by referring to
Surrey municipality, uro*. from New
Westminster. Tl.l* town contains
260,000 aores, halt of which is tillable
but of wbioh only 10.080 acres arCoul*
tivated. Surrey's agricultural produce
laat yesrvaa vaJu*d.**^ ��g��,000, py
about *2i for encb sure cultivtied
During ih*' easne jear Britiab Columbia imported $2,fs00,000 worth ol er*
duce from tb* TJnited State* and about
the *aiue amouut from the Eaat aud
from the Territoriea.
It will be seeu from the foregoing
that the opening of then* land* wilt
enable our peopl. to save Mvstrat mil
lion* each year, kasp our money at
home, and add immeasurably to tlrS
wealth and materially tot i* population
of our province.
The Provincial Government will encourage the system of sra.isl holi1ii)|ia
iu opening up this rs*--iou by refusing
to sell land in large iracts. The Government will supply *i .imping powder
to settlers at cost, *n i by other mean*
enable the aettler to i educe tbe coat ot
clearing land to a minimum. I.i thi*
regard the C P R wiil co-operate with
the Government in securing th* early
���tttlament of these land* by g.vius)
low rale* of transport on gossd*, effects
*s d machinery of intending settlers, a*
well as on their supplies. Low rate*
will alio be given on shipments of
produce. This is in pursuance of a
steadfast policy of tnu oompany to aid
th* d*vilopraent nt the agricultural r*>
���ource* of Britiab Columbia.
Th* company' has not a<lopt*d thi*
polioy   lolaly for  rh*   b**s*8t   of lb*
firmer, hut for the genenl good of th*
P��lli**r,    May  31.-Th*   Kicking  provjno,, for *,, f0Uo��ri*i thi* eourw
Hornbu *nb��ided enough to enable tba mlutt ot ,|��� illtM<ol. will secure a
tbe mill  to begin  sewing after  two loo.-.,,-.*., ���,-,, cheaper aupply of food
days' enforced idleness. Than wu no
los* of material and all danger for the
present ha* .heen dispelled by a cool
wave, The old Hon* is subject >o
tantrum* at this, time of tbe year and
than i* no telling what it may do in a
Th* tooth of .a large pre-Adainic
animal wa* fonnd here recently! It ia
thonght to b* on* of ->n ieihyatosRurs���
sniffs, enabling him to live cheaper
and better, supply a market for tk*
farmer, and add lamely to the proa*
parity of th* two large class** of our
population, prosperity which will b*
���bared by every reeislent of tlie pro*
ApsjMal ts. Arbitration.
Berlin, Mssy 28.-8,.ocial deapatohes
from St.  Peter.ls.irg assert that Dr.
Levds.   le
an animal half fish and ball bird, now j Hm(, jk ������������ ������. Dr
long  extinct.     Ii must hare been a.* ��
., ��� ... .    .. ,.        I preaens nc the  late Bs>*r   RepnoliBS,
���'bird" by the enormous tooth it. pos-' ,., ,        ..'��.
, ��� have appealed fnrmerelv to 'h* Hag..*
Arbitration Couri,  promising to abide
[Ouroorreaponslent'a relationship to
Baron Munchaussn is new fully estab-
ll��hed.-Eu j
Spiosr'* ahingla mill, situated ort
False crssk, Vanoouver, waa destroyed
by fin Ssinday morning.
Th* Northern Pacific lines in Msni-
toba ar* bow Mag operated by tba
Rohlin Gov**��m*nt, haviagbatn handed over by th* companj   ou Saturday.
by the decision of the Tribunal, re-
sarding lain** invo1s*esl ill th* South
African war, and ���Krltitlsij* os.t that
several of the psfsgtapl.s of th* Con?
ttitutlon of th* Arbitration, Court,
Signed hy the PowsM. wpt>s*��snt*d at
th* Peaoe Conferenoe, bear dlreolly upon the South African cu*.
A ,180,000.000 dun-up is expsctel
iu Kloudyk*. THE ERA, GOLDEN, RC. MAY 31, 1111.
(She Oj0l->*tt <Bva.
published ivnr psidat.
Xu. V. ClI^UBERS, ��� Editor and Publisher.
Suhscrl-ttlou 1200 par yur In tdvue*.
Advertising rates made known on request
FRIDAY. Mat 31. 1901.
We cannot help expressing strong
disapproval of th* action ot lhe Federal
Ooverninent in increasingth��MS*ional
indemnity from $1,0001.011,500. This
is certainly a matter that onght to
have been brought before the elector*,
and in passing the,aot in the way they
did tlie Government has tsksn * mun
advantage of the taxpayers. Tbl. Is ���
cse in point where the principle of the
referendum ought lo be adhered lo and
the electors ba ihe ones lo decide
whether tbey would increase the allow*
ance ot their representatives in parlia
A hired man lias no right to increase
hi* salary without the consent ot hi*
employer, and if he doe* so it must
eil Iter be by force or fraud, The membera who were recently elected knew
what the sessional indemnity was, snd
j ist what they would get if they were
elected, but not one of them expressed
.any dissatisfaction with the allowance
which they kuew they would receive,
but a* aoon as they were in power and
in �� position to help themselves, without saying one word to their employers (th* electors), they appropriated
another $500 per session.
This action on the part ot parliament i* con'einptible and ought not to
sbs overlooked by the ratepayera. It is
an underhanded way of doing business
and as such should receive the severesi
It is uo justification to plead that
Ihe act was concurred in by the leader
of the Opposition in parliament. His
approval or disapproval does not inaka
the matter right.
Moreover, there is no need of an increased allowance. One thousand dol
lars is f.ir remuneration for four
mouths' work and is more than many
ot the members would make it I hev
were at home attending to their private
lt is well known that nearly every
member of parliament travels on a free
railway pass so there is nolhiug to pay
om of tlie sessional allowance for
traiisjsorialion. On a four months'
-session they make $250 per month,
which ia aiiijil* for all tbeir needs aud
is a good deal more than some or thein
are worth.
Tbia act ia all the more reprehensible
coming as it doe* from lha Liberal
Ooverninent who were pledged to
economy. The increased sessional indemnity will add $4:17,000 to the espouse of Governmeut. There are many
old-time Liberals who cannot help
feeling disappointed with the action of
ihe leader, of the party, and see only
- too clearly what must be the inevitable
T.in public treasury ia always looked
upon tir politicians as fair prey for
theio, and ibe apathy with which the
average elector looks upon this aort of
thing givea greater encouragement to
tlie avaricious plunderers.
We hope our readera will make a
mental note of tlila matter and when
Ih. amooth-tongtied candidate comes
around so interview .��� lie "dear work-
iiignieii" about their votes ace to it that
he is made aware ot their sentiments
regarding liis plundering |>ruclivitie*
It wsll 1st seen hy relerensw to a dee-
patch (rom Ottawa, pul.lial.od in an-
uth.r column, that tha Dominion Ooverninent ara likely to disallow uartaiu
legislation psssed by the provincial
Gj.erii.ne.it restricting Japanese immigration and their employment in
���uroifisid inslsisiries. The people of
British _Columbia ahould not tamely
���sihn.il to tbia. If the le<.'ial.itioii
passed by I l.e local leuislaiiirsisin liti*
with the wishes ot th* people, and we
Iselis-vo it is, it s'iuiiU Im backed up
with public seuti.ue.it that tolerates no
i uiei ference If i lie sett an disallow
ed the electors ahould press for thsir
re.et.nuiment and keep the agitation up
till tii* desired end is secured. If thi*
is not il'jiie tl.e Dominion authorities
will conclude that tl.e |seo|slo of Ihis
province ur* indifferent and do not care
wba'her ami Mongolian legislation is
veisjo i or uut.
Cs.l. Ss eel*, who leaves for South
Afrio s lies., week, will h��v�� command
uf 2.000 man, ii.cludiug the Canadians
wftu enlisted iu Canada and sail d for
So.it i. Africa iu March. He will u*
one ofthe li **e colour!, ������pmt. iug under
Biduu I'jacII.
The Mineral Aet.
For th* b*n*fit of any of oar resl.r*
who ra��y be Interested we give below
the full text of the recent amendment
to th* Miner*! Act: ���
HIS MAJESTY, by and with tb*
���dvic* and consent ot lhe Legi.lativ*
Assembly of th* Province of Briti.h
Columbia, enacta ** follow*:
1. Thi* Act may be cited ss tbs
"Mineral Act Amendment Act, 1901."
2. Section 4 of the "Mineral Act
Amendment Act.1889." is henby re-
pealed, and th* following .ub.tltuted
���'4. Iri osn any person should ��llow
hi* (re* miner's certificate to *kplre h*
nuy, at any tlm* -within six months
from ths dat. of raoh expiration, obtain trom the proper officer, upon tha
payment of a hs of fifteen dollars, a
spec'al free miner's certificate. Sueb
special certificate shsll hsvs ths effect
of reviving the title of the person to
whom it is issued to all mineral claims
*��hich such person owned at the tim*
of the lapse of his formsr certificate,
except audi a* under the provisions of
ot th* Mineral Act and Amending Act*
had become the property of *om* othtr
parson at or before th* tim* of th* issue
of such special certificate, and shall
alsooperalt ass free miner's certificate
until midnight of the thirty-Brat day
of May next aftsr its iaaue. In the
um of a joint stock company the fu
for suoh special certificate shall be
thru hundred dollars. Suoh urtificate
���hall be in the following form:
HPf-CIAL mil miser's certificate
(Not transferable.)
"This is to csrtllv that ,of
bas paid me the sum o(
(fifteen or three hundred ss the earn
maybe) dollars, and is entitled to all
the rights and privileges of a Ira*
minei from midnight of the (hen insert th* date of the day immediately
preceding tba dote of issue ot certifi
oate) day of , A. D.  19      .until
midnight  of the  thirty-first day of
May, A. D. IU      .
"This special certificate, so ftr only
a* suoh title de|��nds upon such person
having a free miner'* certificate, shsll
have the effect of nviving the title of
the person to whom it is issued to all
mining properties whicli suoh person*
owned at tim* of tha lapse of his
former certificate, except .uch a* have
bacomeths property of aoma other person.
������Iisu*d at th*    dsy ol
A. D. 19      .
Aatl-Japaa... Lagl.latUa.
Ottawa, Msy SS-Bsforf, ths-Minister of Ju.tlce luves for England asf t
month, it is e�� peered h* will tak* de-
ciilv* notion In ref.ruo. to l*gl.l��tion
P��**ed by tha legislature of Briti.h
Columbia, lakt )Ur. impMing e*rta!n
restriction! And disabilitiu Ob Japanese. According ro tbs answer given
to Colonel Hughs*, th* othar day, tha
Government haa until neat September
to disallow sola referred to, and a* th*
minister will be away from Ottawa for
three or (oar months, It will bs Incumbent upon him to dul with tbl*
matttr btfon h* Imt* for th* Old
Country. That th* sot* in qucition
will be diaallowed seems to bo undoubted, although th* Government
wonld rather have had th* friendly oo-
operation o( th* Britiih Colnmbia Government tc nmov* alleged dissbllitlu.
It wu fully expected thst si ths recent
ses.ion of tb* Legislature action would
hav* bun taksn to most ths view* of
the Japans-us Gorsrnment snd obviate
tht necusity of Fsdsral interference.
It is ssid that Premier Dunsmuir,
whsn in Ottawa, in ths urly winter,
practically gavej*uuranc* to that'srtfeot.
The Japanese Government has bun
pruslng very strenuously for ths re-
puling of ths obnoxious statute*, and
a* th* Japanese minister of fonign
affair., Mr. Kato, formerly ambassador for Japan la England, stands wsll
with the British authorities, h* hu
bsen stnnuously pressing (or disallowance. The Home Government, for
reason* of Imperial policy, dou not
want any rupture in th* relation* of
Britain with Japan, ctpecislly at thi*
junctun, *nd h*nce it asks th* Dominion Government to ei.rcis* it* authority, and to veto legi.lstion. Accordingly, thi* will b* dons.
"(Signature of officer iaauing Mine.)'
8. Section 141 of lb* Mineral Act is
hereby repealed, and the following
���utxtituted therefor:
"141. Affidavit* and declarations required under th* provisions of this Act
shall ba mad* befon ono o( tha following officiate having jurisdiction in th*
Provinc* of Britiab Columbia, or the
psrt thereof when suoh affidavits or
declarations may be Sworn or made,
that is to gay: Supreme or County
Court Judge, Registrar of a Court of
Record, Gold Commissioner, Mining
Recrder, Stipendiary Magistrate, Jus<
ties of the Puce, Notary Public, or
Commissioner lor taking Affidavits,'
4. This Act shsll not coins into force
until tlie first day of July, A. D. 1901
London, May 24.���An *splc*ion occurred thi* moruiug at the Univerial
colliery at Seuglienydd, in tii* Rhonda
valley Wales. About a hundred m*n
wen iu the pit at the tim* ofthe disaster and then I* little hops o( saving
ths livu of nny of ihem. Tht rescuer*
ara working with gnat difficulty owiug
to lack of air. Five bodies hays bun
recovarad. Thsrr* Is no hop* that
wvsnty miners who aio (till entombed
will be brought out alive.
Ottawa. Onl., May 25-Tha following Canadian utualtlu have been re'
ported from Cap* Towu lo tb* militia
department: C. A. Barrell, died of
enteric fever May 15; 2249. Johu Cain<
���rou, died of dyuulry May 14. Both
U-louged to th* South African uoustub
JEALOUS UIVALS uunuot turn back the
tide. Tboden.au.1 Mir Ur. Aguow's littlo Pills
is a ...ssrr.'l. . heap Jo buy, but dianausd. in
quality���banish lulu*-,, cjsUd IsMigsrs, water
brash, palu altar Htiiui, .lek h*adacu*, Mver
J'ri.-a, ui crate pl*.-s*utly. IU cuts���oohl by
t. \\ . 1'ulUSVI'U. -si
Th* steamer Baltimore of Chicago,
weut down lu Lake Huron on May 24th.
Thirteen uf tlu; crew of fifteen wsre
Is ua-ued.-
Oa larthars Rlv*r and Trail.
Victoria, B. C. May ft.���The steam*
���r Amur bring* new* thst navigation
has commenced from Lake Lebsrge to
Dawson, bnt that Lake Lebarge was
still solid sad likely to remain so for
two week*, whin she left Skagway.
Fivs ateamer* left Lebarge on May 17.
for Dawaon, all loaded, and many with
acowa. eleven being taken by th* On,
Flora and Nora. There were iu-jam*
in Fivs Finger* and at Selkirk and
Whit* Horu, which ll wa* teared
would delay them. The ���turner Clot-
sett ha* left Dawson, bound up. Four
ScowS owned by J C Dumoleton have
been wrecked in Thirty-Mile, and thsir
cargoes lost. Freighter* hav* Isoen
making big money at Lsbarge, unding,
f night over th* iu, iom* urn ing $400
per day. The Klondyke Rivtr and
Bonsnss Crash wen in flood, and iom*
dump* w*r* endangered.
I From lbs Canterbury Outcrop.)
Ths Peterboro sawmill is preparing
for anothor run,
Geo. Slirk* has hsd bis nsw cottage
at Peterboro completed and ou Monday
moved Iuto It/
Good lumber Is now in demand and
ths man who oan supply it will soon
bs much aough' after.
Mr. Joseph Lake and Muter P*rey
arrived from Oolden on tb* DuchSss
Saturday evening ��nd in lutura will
reside wilh Mr. Lak* at Athalmer.
Thar* sum* to prsvsds in tb* air ��t
Fort Steele wonderful assuranou that
tha Kootensy Central Railway will
���tarl coustruotiou and build loto this.
valley this yur. Ws sincerely bop*'
tht* will b* accomplished ss It mun.
a great deal to this distriot.
J. Rshdsr I* tb* n*w portmaster at
Peterboro,1 vie* W. S. Sauto.
The eatate of Bufu* La.nb will b*
distributed at Fort Swale on June 8th
by official administrator J. F. Armstrong.
Mr and Mrs W. S. Santo moved ovtr
from Peterboro' to Canterbury ou Friday. J*r. Santo ia rushing th* finishing of tba interior of hi* nsw si on la
order to open it. Already h* l>*�� re,
oeived two shipment, ot general good*
ant mon an ou the way.
It may sum Strang*, it is nev.rth.-
lu. tru*, that whil* in. *v*ry othtr
distriot then has bun scores of notiow
published advertising co-owners out of
mineral olaim* for not doing tbsir
legal *bar* of d*velopm*nt, then baa
uot bun a single ad. ot ibis kind in
tlie Windeinwr. Dlyition to date,
This speaks wsll (or .tbs pro.peoior*
bin snd goM to show that ths claims
staksd hsr* air* worthy of davelopment.
saDi. te
erusl, ruu -
Mouth Awwlusu
IB*.*-P*lii In thsbuk is. lbs
 Ibrladis.  TuUHgtectth*
r Ifulaaly over to* dlaSsat
tsTnJraijouslii hsfpfug tbe" lis^yskidisiya
osUuf tlio miw Msllsssosrt. ltreliurei lit six
bjurs.-Sotd by 11. W. Patuiuiu.
s mid Uuily lite destroying,
tu KUuoy Uure has pomr *Un
in fSssslplug tba usirfykidusy.
thsy sn kept down,
they divert tb* nutrition which the
���oil providu from
th* growing oom *ad sola Ibdr pto-
DUeue. are to tlw body what weed*
oss to tbs soil. Thsy divert th* nutrition which is necessary to mind health,
and th* body, instead of bting .trong
tod hardy, drag, out a tickly existence.
When the atonuch I* diseased, and the
other organ* of digestion *nd nutritioa
ar. involved with it, there i* * constant
loss of nutrition by the body. Tbe stom-
ache and It* allied organ, are not able to
convert the food* into nourishment, and
hence the body and It* eeverel organ, are
deprived of the necstuary elements of
vitality. What ia known u "weak"
hurt or "week" lungs, "weak" nervu
���nd otlier form* of so-culled vreakness, are
generally caused by tweak'' stomach.
When the stomach aad the other organs
of digestion snd nutritioa are cured, then
the other diseases are cured with tt. Di*.
tue. which are caused by a diseased
condition of the stomach are cured
through the stomach. Dr. Pierce'*
Golden Medical Discovery cures diaeuu
of the stomach and Its associates! organ*
of digestion and nutrition. It corea
through th* stomach discuses of heart,
lung., liver and other organs. It in-
creaws the activity of the blood-making
gland*, ao that tbe whole body is nourished by an abundant supply of pure
blood, rich In the bright red corpuscle*
of hulth.
There i. no alcohol in "Golden Medical Disco-wry " and it contain* neither
opium, cocaine, nor any other narcotic.
It is strictly ��� temperance medicine.   ���
Persons suffering from chronic foniis
of disease are invited to consult Dr.
lleree by letter free. All correspondence
strictly private. Address Dr. R.V. Plena,
Buffalo, N. Y.
Sufi*r*r*t tor Yt
���Mv gratitude toyou and your' Gcslden Medical Discovery' la ao gnat." write. Mr. ROM
Martin, of Arte., M.sson Co..W��t Virginia, "tbat
I am at a to., to find words to esprcu rs.y true
feeling. 1 had suffered for . number of year.
Willi bin* and lis root trouble., and doctor-sl with
���pcdallsf., Inst got no better. Then I sledded
tu try Dr. Pierce'a Golslea Medical Discovery,
and after .win* 11 I was greatly relieved. 1 "law
.11 faith that It hss asvesfmy
��� 1 have one of yi
II a grand work.*
-esTmy If
book, .ud thiak
TorpU Llvar Ottrat*.
���1 wa. a suf'erer from torpid llverfjr over *
rear." -vrilea Mra. Nora Wijlla, ol WheotSeld,
lasper Ca, Ind., "snd could not sleep, nor eat
srat very Utile, and then It woald cauae me great
alatresa. I tried aeveral doctors but cot no reef. Was advised by a frieud to write to Dr.
Pierce, which I did, and In a lew days I recehrc-1
a letter advising m�� lo lake has'do-den Msra-
tent Discovery' and also hi. 'Pleasant Pellets.'
^fter I lud teksra sraly half a bottle I wss grcaUy
.proved. I only took three bottles of tk*
' Golden Medical DWsvery' aad two vials ofthe
'Pellet..' and. thanks to Dr. Pierce and hi*
wonderful medicine. I am as welt ss ever In my
life, aad feel that life Is worth living after all
���Ust winter I look a severe cold which resulted la pleurisy.  Tongue can not tell what I
.uffered. For two nights and two day. I could
not move without it nearly killed me. I told
mv husband I eould not endure another night est
Business and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time to Boy.
Moderate Prices I Easy 1 erms of Payment
GOLDEN iis the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
tlte head of navigation on the Columbia River, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
> The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with the
fact that transportation is now assured at an early date
by a railway running the length of the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered farms
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
And it to their interest to purchase before a further rise
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agree*
ment for sale signed by Townsite Trustees,
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on
application to
H. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
H. G. Parson, Merchant.
How often this doubting question is, asked,
and when the truth conies to light it is proved that heart disease is accountable for the
sudden death.
No case of heart trouble is so long standing* or so severe
relieve inside of thirty minutes-and it never fails to cure.
.suffering. Tke weather was su cold snd Moray
that tt was alsasMt too had for ony oue to (oar*
mile, to tow*, but hc went, and sot a bottle of
Dr. Pierce'. Katract of Smart-Weed, which gav.
me imsuat relief. I caa suy that tor sll pains
thst I have tried It Sjr It hss worked like magic.
We keen a bottl. of the 'Smart-Weed' In th*
hosue all Ih. time. I canns* thank Dr. Piers*)
������ougk for whst he hss doa. Ibr ***"
Constipation lu* almost counties, consequence.. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellet*
cure constipation aad oure Its consequence*. They should always be usod
with -"Golden M*dle*l tt*co*��ry,* whstl
the use of * laxative I* Indicated.
A grain of sand in the eye ca* cans* ex-
cruitinR airony. A grainofpeppor In ptaee
of the grain ofsansliutensiSiH. tbe torment.
Th* pain ia not confined to th* org*** *<l*et-
ed. The whole body feeU th* shock of that
Hide irritating particle. It la ao when there
i. any derangement or dlswrder of the delicate
womanly organs. Th. disordsK taar ���*���*>
trivial h��t tfe i-hol* body fsMsb.lt- Tlw n*r-
vou* *y.t*a> i�� diwrdered. Tla.i-.are fret*
fulness, Ir rat Ibilily, sullsniuau and d.prtsuion
ot.piriu. Th. general hulth of woin.nde-
pMidt on th* local hulth of th* etgatupe*
culUrly feininina. 1j!*bio*��, th* drslsa.
ulcaratloin, bearing downpstina, and other
affliction, of woro.n, ��ud th* whol* body luls
th* benefit. Dr. Plero.'. r��vorU*. Pre-
HriptkHi la a .puttie for His dt****as that
tudumin* th* ttrstngth otvmm. It is fre*
fren epium, ceedn* aud *th*r narsotlc,
���adaoos which sotsr tats, jrauy oth*r* pre-
psrslion. Ibr wouus'a uM. It iMku vmk
wosn.n .trong and.lckwsiwsrsw.il.
When Sir Alfred lltlosr anrltsd In Loo-
don, oa May 26, aa uaasaally dlstlu-
gulshsd orqwd greeted hlr* oa th* platform. Th* flrst psrsoa to Miss hii hand
wot Lord Saliebury, who wosatljr wel-
eooistd bim. Th*n, In qulek rotation,
earn* Mt. Cb*>mb*rl*lo,'Ijord Bohart*,
Mr.A..T.Balfour, Lord Halsy, Mi.Brod-
riok. Lord Crsoborne snd otber o*>lD*t
ministers end halt a hundred dakM
aud earls and othsr p��**on*l tt*m**.
All remarksd hour wsll Sir *|tf*4 w**
looking Heobstud with L��rd 8*ll��-
bur/ .aad Mr. Ohsmbsrlalo and thsn
wm! out of tb* station. A lair slssd
crowd cheered hlra hurtily. Tb*ltlog
has *l*v*t*d Sir AWred Milu*r to tb*
A Mrlous Rslsfsgtd over tht great
lakM ol the east on May 34th, Many
vessel* were wrecked or seriously dam-
Becauw it is a liquid specific it acis directly and quickly���It is powerful ��nd harmless���lt has gone rjght to
death's door for many a victim and nursed tbem fitck to
health���liis priceless to heart sufferera Sold by R. W.
Patmore. 3
M__aem*-***s**-m**mmMiii * ���nil. i ****---*-*-*re^**-----*m**m-*mem^a--*-m
No Cure, No Pay
MOd* hy MM rsrassrlsM*** of Dt. Clark**
Llttl* **- rm*.
To ths Zdltor of ths Goldm Ens,
Sir,���W* mak* lbs following pro-
poul to ths resdsr* of t beQoLDMi Kba:
To sny one who I* a ubject ol rh*oin-
tti.m (no mattsr how long standing)
or any blood disstsM, ss snnmsratsd
below and will give Dr. Clarke's Won-
dsrfulLlttls Bed PIU* a fair and impartial trial) and do not find a perfeot
cars, ws will refund ths money psld
for tbs pills. Rno substantisl la-
provsmsnt is obMrvsd, w* will in addition, pay their volutin caahon satia-
factory evldeuc* b*lng aupplled to this
, W* hav* y*t to know ol stingt*
cau whsro theu wondorful pills has*
not been almost snt'rsly sueostsfal In
���Jesting a enrt. PANADA QB1ML
���5lL CO. Psirtwrbortsugb, Oat.
F.*B. Tatss, Msrlbsnk, Ont, wrltssi
I havs b^d stomseb troablea lot osse
two yssrs, and havs trisd, dils**nt
rsmsdlM, and I think *~* ***** *****
olDr..Clari��'sWon4*rfnl Llttl*Bad
Pill* I hav* takto, hav* slon* st* more
Dr, OlwsWiLittle RsdPUI* area
pceltlv* and csrtsln oars for U grlpps,
rbsaamtltm, ssthts��,p*rslysls, oatarrh
ssssma, ooughs, Uoksohs, IndldMlios.
sll stomaoh and llvsvr trouble*, fsmsM
s*om(dsints avsn whsn th* disuses havs
bun Handing tor many yurs, thsmott
stubborn cau* will yield.. Prior 50
���tot. pw box. ForuUbylooslsIrrlf*
���jsts.   Dr.  Clark.'.  Saf* Cm, tw
paid (or any ��*mt**y trill fae* mt*
Dr. CTsrks's Sure Cure for Cstsrrsh,
and Dr, Cl��ks'sfKiwCai��fwI!��t*��i��,
..m* prist*.: vm meat* >*m b* j*to
for aay I
TboSMttl* Tlmn, wbioh liasnally
wsU-informsd eoDosrslLg th* plans of \
ths Onat northern railway, says tbat
work lit tn bs bsgon immstdi��tWy upon   ,
th* Crow's Nut Southern %nd th*  '
branoh from tbs Great Northsrn, whish I
will eonnsot with It.   Soms dttsreoo* \
ol opinion Mists, says th* Swttl* ,
napsr, U to whstw tbe junction will
b* made with tb* main lin* of th*   |
Or.��t N��rth*ra.  It i* olainvtd by the (;
people ol Kalispsl that the braqeh will   i
���tart from ther*.  Tke people ol Jen-
���Inge, whleh is wtet ol Xalispel, s*y  \
their town will b* triured, hat th*
Tims* thinks thst Llbby will be tb* ;
junction, aad that the Hae will lollow
tbe ot��rss of the kootenay rlrer. /
It also says that the whole line will
bs oompl-Mskl this yur, snd IhstCrpw'a
Nut ooal wlU b* ia oo*s**tltlosi with
WHhlD^oa aad VaumfSr Wand
���otlMoretsswlatsirMMU,  gating the eoastraolisa el the line within
the time -Dstatloatd, It Is easy to ss*
lhat lb*Crow's Nset seal will thso he *
in eompstltloo with the WssbingtotJ
ooal is sll point* eut ol th* CateaitM .
It msy even pay to ban] it orer the
mountains and fell It in the t|qnnd
eltlu In or��oe|-dea M Wuhlagton
co*l, b*o*oM Iks qislity *t the latter
Is tsltflor, bat It Is hardly likely tkat
it will erer oosto In compttttioa with
���ash high groduof ooal *��� thoee miasd
s��a Vaneoavsr Islsod.  Then will na-
dolibtsdly he dsvslopsd a Tsqr Jgrg*
���wl mi* Irom th*, Cww> Nset to
fjolat* In the nonh-fMtKa United
. m.
SsKla lay
Palliser Pabulum.
rrom Onr Or/a sCorreap��nd*nt.
P��lll*er, May 2*nd.-There i* a
tendenoy by soms ot the psrtissa pre**
ol th* Provincial Opposition to diss*
���paige the political slanting of th*
m*mb*r tor New Wutminitir for
having given to Mr. Dunsmnlr ��
measure of support during thedoting
honr* of ths session. It will be fresh
in th* memories ot many that st th*
lut generel election the peopl* pronounced againit Government owner-
Ship of railway* *nd Mr. Brown 1* but
following th* with than expressed by
ths majority ot ths sleetors. Ths
electors slso paralyse J by thsir overwhelming voice the party llnu nry so
vehemently urged by some nltrs loyal
adherents of both partlss. There is,
therefore, nothing tnoonslstsnt In Mr.
Brown'* aupport ot tha Government on
tha Cosst-Kootanay railway queitlon,
nor can he be oh*rged with loruking
thspsopls whsn, as issxpsstsd, hs will
taks a sut in Mr. Dunsmuir's esbinst.
Party linu would dsbtr Mr. Brown
' from a Mat on th* Govsrnmsnt sids of
ths Spuksr's chair but thoM llnu
were givsn a quittus thst It is doubtful if thsy will aver be revived again,
. and as there 1* ne Opposition party bs
.  cannot be charged with detecting it
* It would baa coup d'etat of greater
signifiosnes than anything that hu
occurred lu th* provinoid political
arena tor many a moon, il Mr. Brown
may bs induced to sit in the Hon.
Premier's ubinet. It meant s cessation
ot th* long Handing strits bstwun Isl-
- and and Mainland when their reepectiv*
champion, .hall grate in th* iau��
pasture and sleep in the on* fold. A
*ort of political millenium will follow
when" the Hon of New Wutmineter
and tb* lamb ot Victoria shall lis
down together, snd all who have ths
* interests of ths province at bssrt will
shout hallelujah. As a man of untarnished private and public lit* Mr.
Brown will bring into the cabinet a
w*lght of character not leu then thst
of ths sged retiring minister. As fin'
ance minister hs would bs able to stesr
off tbs rock on which Mr Cotton ptriih-
ed, for that gentleman wa* a total
wreck on a swell head rent in a very
few months of brief authority. With
���uch men at th* Premier, the Commissioner of Las.ds ami Works and J
I". Browu iliera la llo fs3ar of the Government co.niniuiii si a.iy'<lee-l<i inimical
tu tl.e public weal. From thom on*
may expect mouuiny without parsi-
ms-my and liberality ^without extravagance,' ��� '���������'.  f'
Messrs Morrison and Campbell captured a large black bear reoently on
the Beaverfoot. Benin had on hi* very
but cost ot beautiful tor, having juat
com* out ot hi* winter lair.
A croquet lawn b*> bun. pnl in oondition by Chsf Bsstwiok and it is msds
the battleground of many a hotlv
contested gam* during the evening*.
A number ot n*w arrival* since lut
wuk at the Hotel ,-Ds Bunk will
tak* th* plteh-tat treatment. B.
Donne It tsklng the treatment, wblob,
with ths celebrated food prepared by
* Chef Bestwlok, is hsvlng a vsry favor-
able (Boot. Hei* conductor on (jaunting car snd always has two slabs in
ths sir st ones. If bis lungs snd his
back hold out he will tak* treatment
for a'month anyhow.
It Is Intended to have a library In-
otituted in charge oftrait-tt* forth*
uu ol  *mploy*u of th* mill.   Tb*
.  travelling library lo��ned by the Got..
..   eminent will b* obtained as soon ss
ths nso*u��rv  tormsl sppllestion 1*
I    mad*.   It I* expeowd thst fellows will
���    ���'oo.sub up" a little towards proourlng
soms illustrsted paper* snd msgsslnes.
Bob MsMumy with a gang ol rlvsr
driver*  i* Mndlng  leg* to the mill
Jo* Edmonds i* bask Irom Golds*,
hospital and is looking mnch bsttsr.
Montsal, May 86.-At a masting ol
the Municipal Bsform Assoolstlon bn
Thursday night, alstttrwas read lr*m
ir Wllfrled Lsarhr In reply to a me-
orial Irom ths osseoistion that the
duty on coal oil bs removsd.   Tbs prs-
misr Mid: "Whsn  ws reformed th*
tariff in W97 ws made a very subsun-
ti*l reform in th* duty ahargsd on
coal oii. ' It might b* th*t something
wi0ane8, who furnish the
Gasman orchestras."
RswasU Whs. Kak. Ba*sr-r-r Ttulr K*.
****, *****a-it***0*a*t*tty*Ut***
All Attmtm U Ct-rtile. Iks-a-A W��n-J
Sty tS*r��l.I In which, an American girl
should bs dons yst in that direotion, '*m Impl-catsd be,* drawn tho .-"Mutton
" i   ���*    *��� -"---a* *-   -a*-  aa 1 m**-***-.*-
but we think It It always dsngerou* to
tinker witb the tariff. W* think that
oar tariff, with it* pottibla impsrfu-
tiont should remain as it is until ths
tim* hu arrived for a g*n*r*l revision.
It ws were to tinker with tb* tsrlff
svsry yur npon one clsu ot articles
and thso upon anotbsi, the result
would bsjoonfuslon ot buslnus, ths
svll ol which woald mon thso offut
ths pottibls benelit which would re-
salt Irom a partial reform."
De WU'* Wane* EsnsssjM Fr**a Oasjrtare
Mr. BMUttt Burleigh, Ih* well-
known w��r correspondent, Mil* ths
following storr ol tbs narrow (Map*
olDs Wot from capture by a colonial
trooper: - In th* recent pur.uit of De
Wet, a* Knox lift sn Orsng* Kiver
Colony town, * certain colonial scout,
busy cleaning ont certain article., loitered behind. He has sines bun court-
msrtialled tor thst fault, but, in view
of the following incident, 1st off with a
osutlonsry remark or two. Leaving
hi* horu in front of * houu, ha walked toward ths outskirts of tbs little
town, either to call on somebody or
see that all our peopl* hsd passed ont.
He *aw a amart Cap* cart arrive in
front of * door, snd sbmeona in It call
oat> tsjj th* inmates. Going toward*
tbe vehicle, he sddrrssed ths occupant
curtly uying, "Who srs you?" Ths
man, who looked like ihs ordinary
type ol Bosr, and seemed unarmed,
**id, "Why ahould I tell you f* to the
colonial. But there being something
about hi* dress snd manner which ths
Mout could not quit* under*t*tid, he
repeated with more pertinacity, "Come
your name; I want It." Th* other,
little abashed, but apparently une*��y
replied, "I dun't *w that I am bound
In any way to tell you my nam*, or
who I sm. At hi* the Colonist whij
lied out, cooked, and presented hi* r.
solver at ill* ttranger lu th* Cape cart,
shouting, Imperatively, "Your name,
snd who you *re!" But, .alack- at
that moment there came a troop of
mounted Boer* round th* corner. The
Colonial wu too late and oould not
sup. *nd *o wu inauntly mod* primmer. Seeing that ths man in ths Csp*
cart seemed to be a person in suthority
ovsr ths Boars, theunabaahed Colonial
remarked, ������Well, my gsms's up/snd
ss you nud have no hesitation now In
tailing m* wbo you ai*, ��ir, out of
curiosity I'd Ilk* to know yoar name
���till." "Very well,' said tbs Bosr, "I'll
tell you. rmChrlstlsnDsWet."And
he smiled grimly, and drove on Into
the town. The Colonial subsequently
that night escaped. It is all very un-
satisfactory; but there are men who
miss being famous, snd svsn great,
just as there era womsn who miss bting
beautiful. And In both instance* thus
misobsnoM effect others to ssdnsu f��r
more then shsmsths persons Immediately concerned, for a merciful Nature
ntver lets thsm know sll that they
havs missed. So Ds Wst who wu
hsld up, escaped.
n*hlon's fondness for Hungarian or-
f&Mtra* ibewc-rU over and * ieo.nl soot-
���  ,' ������*-.''.   .'
Uolden UlhadUtrlbutlngpoint forth*rich
Mining Dlvl��lon.,��f GoUsm and Wlnd*r-
r**r*. TralM. mall., stags snd hosts srrlvs
and depart ufollew* i
"���?!����� *�������$*. *89in*'-
��� ^��r^w*w<
C.r.R.gs*igWs(tf,'}0��. Dsily.
Hails urlre ud d*p*rt ftw. peldw Pott
<Mne*u below i * *
"    8i?ihl7��Wrt..ndrrH*y.
D*-��rl--ry W-t lOgdUU,.
"   smooth H1.0O Bstutdays'i U*��
Ragistorasl rasll mmt bs in 10 muMMs hsv
fores lrs��il* s^osr*.
P.c IHc ttindud tin*'
The Emhmv sj.ntral.
Th* Kopt*n��y Central Railway will
bnild its line right Into ths town ot
Fort Steel*.
It lssxpset*d that snrtrsylag will
oommsMs in Jans.
Ths line will lure ths Crow's Nut
branch, at a point bstwsrn Elko snd
lb* Crow's Nut Landing, thence in tbt
most direct line to Fort Stuls. Thi*
part ofth* llo* will bs constructed
tbis yMr.
It is th* Intention of ths oompany to
build to Windermere m soon u pouibls.
There wu n*v*r sny doubt felt hsr*
but tbat Fort Stuls would havs railway sonnastio'n*.
Tbt msttsr i* now Mttled, snd ths
people ol Steel*, end tbS mining man
otths district surrounding can lay
tbsir plsns sosordlngly.-ProspMtot.
St.- two continent* to thot* curlou. people
eallsd Tslgsnu In;Hungary, Bohemians
In France and gyptte* In England and the
VnlW Slate*. Hungary Is tb* bom* of
lb*Ttlgs��s in total a* they have any
hsymsa, In sill othw Xnropoan countrte*
th.y ww�� isMScutsd for centurlu .. oral*-
MriMof th* ull on* and en.iuln of Ohrla-
faulty, but Hungary took pity on them
���nd treated the wanderer* like loat ohlldren. lt wu In tbo fifteenth century that
they first mad. th.ir appoannc* thos,
King Slgtamond reoelved thom ho.plt.bly
snd reoommsnded to th* charity and pity
of th* publio "thot* poor wandering pao-
ple, without ��� bom* and hounded by awry
Thar* are now about 160,000 of the*.
T.lganre In Hungary. Thoy m*y be divided into throe claan.���thou who go
bareheaded and barefooted, th* wandering
gyptles; thou wbo wen headgear and
���hoe. on Sundays, tb* aemlnoniad.* snd
thou who al way* wear bat* and .hoe. and
wbo hav* to a great extant abandoned th*
nomadlo live, of their ancestors. Thau
latter are th* most olvlllaed ud are generally musician., who ucel In tbt ploying
of Hungarian tune*.
When tho Tslganea arrived In Hungary,
they wero not trained musically, but they
soon appropriated Magyar mu.lo, ud onl
ef it hav* mad* a crude and weird art of
their own. Their favorite ln.trum.nt la
lh.-'bM'*l]a,"u they term th* violin.
Somo play the harp, bnt tbey hav* ��� marked aversion for tbe piano, forth* reawn
tbat It cannot bs easily moved ���bout. In
Hungary no fete or fsxtlval taku plan
without a Tilgan. orchestra. At elee-
tlon times ��� Taigas* band always
hud* the electoral precession*, *nd no
wedding I* considered complete without
thoir mualo for tb* dure. The Ttlgsnes
hate become natural uiu.loli.na, playing
trom Inspiration ond generally being unable to read mu.lo. Uut. who mado a
ttudy of the Tzigane*, aay. that rouslo I.
to them a aunllm* language, s my.tlo
���ong, whioh they often make um ot In-
Itead ol conversation, and tbat thoy bava
In fact, Invented a music of their own,
Ono of the favorite abode, of then
���tranga peopl. I* near the frontier of Croatia It ta there thut the typical Bohemian, .re aoon at their boat. Their "camps"
are alwaya aot np at some distance from
the nearest town or village, often tn close
proslmlty to soma forest. The Ttlgun.
but*���for tliey ure nothing more���consist
of * .Ingle room, unless tbe owner I. extremely woll to do. and generally devoid
cl furniture. The Talgune* eat and sleep
on th* bare boards. At all time, of tba
day thoro I* * smoldering lire In tba but,
over which hangs a sandstone pot, tor lb*
Tzigane bu no fixed hour for his meals,
but eat* whenever bo fools, hungry. Th.
ordinary bill uf fare consists of potntoes,
stew*, milk und lard. On festive occasions
such titbit, are Indulged In u hedgehogs,
totes and squirrel.. Cats ere considered
by tbe Tziganes ��� princely diet. Dogs ar*
trained to hunt hedgehog, and foxc*. They
have * peculiar manner of cooking foxes.
Tbey aro plaoed in running water for ���
couple of tuiy* and thtn cooked under hot
coal* In * hola tn tb* ground. Th* Tzigane* hav* ��� partiality for tbo flosli of dead
animals, and whenever * farm or ��� (tabl*
take* Ore thoy rush to the soene In the
bop. of llndlngthe carcass of some dead
annual. Like certain oriental race*, thoy
uw thoir linger* In convoying food to their
Tzigane women, a. * rule, go about half
naked, tho young girls wearing nothing
but a small apron, excepting wben thsy
goto th* neighboring town. Tba men
wear but llttl* clothing, and until tb*
timo of their marriage, at between ID and
lt year* of age, tbey go about almost
naked. After marriage, however, they
attire themselves In tho gaudy Hungarian
national costume of wblob they are very
proud. Cast oft garment, of aomo Magyar
nobleman thoy bave * great weakness Ior,
���nd whon they are ablo to obtain a bright
red coat their satisfaction I. complete.
The Tziganes bave horror of work or
restraint of any kind. Evan thew who
hav* a fixed re.ld.noe Ilk* to roam about
whra tbey feel so Inclined. 8oflrm I. tbl.
wanderlDg instinct with them that they
have no word In thtlr language to signify
���'remain." Moat of tb* trade* thoy adopt
ore suitable tor a nomadlo Itf*. They are
either bore* dealers, blaoktmlths, .beep
���hearer* or, snd obovs sill, beggar* II it
quite ImpoHlble to tak* s country drlv.
through torn* provinoe* of Hungary without coming ootom a bud of Ttlgsnes,
���om* on* of, whom will surely follow *
carrl.go for s half hour or more until he
hM received a Min. Th* Tzigane, have
given thamMlvM tb* nlcknam* of "poor
m.n," ud tb* bsblt of bagging l.n thoroughly toottd In tb*m th*t even wall to
do member* of their no*, Whom on* oos-a-
tlonolly m**t* la BudspsM driving pnn
blooded bones and wearing cutly jsrwela,
cannot renin th* tmptotlon of asking for
On* of the Largest and But Managed Hotels tn Britiab Columbia.
s**,8pecial attention given to baggage of
Commercial men. -Delivered to and frem
itation free of charge.
KaTES, IH per day. Special rats, lor
regular boarder..
Columbia River Lumber C��-
:.   | Fir and Spruce Lumber,
MANUFACTURERS OP p  ,      *.���        ,
ALL KINDS OF tBDar  **,,,S'  BlC"     .
������������������ Fir Dimension a Specialty.
-+ Hills at Golden, Beaver and Kualt. ���**���
Largest Capacity In the Mountains.    Terms Cash.
Head Office, Golder|, B.C.
Canadian Pacific Railway
TRAINS   .   ......   .
Direct Route
to all points
East and West.
Passenger, booked to
For descriptive Psmphlets snd sll information apply to nearest local
A.G.P.A., Agent,
Vancouver. Golden, B.C.
toot *g THI GBAVE."-Iflhe
w *f l-toplt who rush tore worthy a
. a. .South AnHutoan ��*rvis* u s tost
small gut Ita. * nret fsr**-!, Msvauch
raiMry ud smfcrlog wiilf h*.p��red,   If
you are uy-twrve dltorJ** mu..rsMdVt
Judging by tb* number o| smIom
sppMring in tb* Bsvelstoke Hsreld,
for psrmlsslon to oul aod taha away
timber in tbe Big Brad DUtriet, there
mutl bs lotutthisg r*rtloularly vain,
able ub lh��l wsy!
Muy ansueostsful *tt*mpt* hav* bean
���ads tor*t*r��ln tbe vagabond propMiltlM
of th* Tilgue*. Th* Kmperor Jorsph II
ooo. tried to compri thstm to h��r* ��� flx*d
resldenoeand ��nottad tbem land, distributed agricultural lmplstmenta among them
and ordered tbem ta cultivate their land;
but, Initead of taking up their rssiidono*.
in tb* oomfortabls houM. they had boon
ptMnted with, th* Tzigane* turned th*
bousw into subles for their horses and
oow* ud aet np tents near by for their
own rns. To prevent th* oorn givon tbem
for and from sprouting they boiled it,
But th* emperor wa* nol dlscou.-aged.
H* aboll*h*d tb* Ttlg*n* language, *��� h*
bad already don* mre* with the Magyar
Ungnsgo, did *w*y with the very noun of
Tzigane and finally took their children
ftom tbsrm to b* stdOMled hy German and
Hungarian farmer*, who were to bring
thsm up aooording to s ttrictcoilcof dlml-
oltn*. Bul th* llttl* Tziganes grew up
mm ill th* Instlnot* of' thtlr race, *nd at
ttM first opportunity thoy escaped ud retained their p��reni*,-K��gy Harpad Cor.
��I*W Ydrk Tlmsn.
-r-NptMor- WbM l��tit* tr����lo are|-*
taking alum toil  ...
Ntw tittrk���Wut to oontrect my ttom-
**b h that I can tire within m* relsry.���
*��.���- y*���"*-���   .
Bicycles !
Bicycles !
AGENT for Golden
and vicinity for the
Sale of hardly lines
Standard Fruit Stock, Small Fruits, Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, etc. Terms liberal.
Apply now to the
The Prospectors' Exchange
No. 4, K.-W.-G. BLOCK, NELSON, B.C.
Gold, Silver-Lead snd Copper Mines wanted st ths EXCHANGE.
FREE MILLING GOLD properties wanted at once for Eastern investors.
Psrtiss hsving mining property tor sale ara requested to send samples of tbeir
or* to ths Exchange for exhibition.
We desire to hear from prospector* who have promising mineral claim* in
British Columbia.
Prospectors and mining men are requested to make the Exchange their headquarters when in Nelson.
All samples should bs tent by express, PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited.   Address all communications to
Telephone No. 104, P.O. Box 700. NELSON, B.C.
-*-     *
S-psfclal Attention
*.��� Sewing Machines.
Kicking Horse Bridge.
A, F. ��� A. X.
Mountain Lodge, Ko. 11. A. F. k
A. M. Regular Communication,
aecond Monday in every month.
Dolournlng brethren cordially lull. W. PATMORE, W. M.
C. rl. PARSON   Secretary.
i, o. o. r.
Rocky Mountain Lodge No. 34 meets in
Oddtetlows Hall, Golden, every Wednesday
at 8 p.m.   "sojourning brethren welcome.
Church Services.
st, Paul's���church or England.
Services every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:80 p.m. Celebration of Holy Communion 1st snd 3rd Sundsys of the month
after Morning Prsyer, snd on Greater
Festivals snd Holy Days at 8 a.m., or
u may bs announced from tha chancel.
S'inday School at 2:80 p.m.
All an ooidlslly invited, to sttsnd
ths services.
C. F. Yates, Vicar.
HsrvlcesverySundsy at 7:80 p.m.
Sunday Sohool and Blbls Class st 8
pjn. shsrp.
Choir prutlos svsry Thursdsy *ven*
Rev. V. M. Purdy, B.A., Psstor.
. Servlsvs* every Sunday st 11 a.m. snd
7:8 p.   ���
Sunday Sohool at 2:80 p.m.
I Prayer Mreiing on Tuesday atSp.m.
Geo. Kinnit. Patter.   ���
Civil Mrvants through ou*. the provinoe srs being ssked to give a sum
equal to tour percent of their salary
toward* providing a mutable leltl*
monls'l to th* Hon. J. H. Turnsr, retiring fiususje minister.
Hon. Jo*. Roy. Mcretary ol th*
Dtpartment ol Publio Work*, who
formerly bald the position-et Dominion
EngisMr at New WMtmtustsr, hu
bssp  appointed   inspector   of  public
Eleventh Year of Publication.
Circulates Throughout the District.
Subscribers all over the Continent.
Examine our list and see if there is anything you i-equiro
in Job Printing.   WE PRINT: ;     ���
POSTERS    ,;"'.        ," ! ���:,
Rider Agents Wanted
One in each town to ride and exhibit a sample 1901 model bicycle of our
manufacture. YOU CAN MAKE 810 TO Jul) A WEEK be.ide. having a
wheel to ride for yourself. ....
1901 Models, High Grade Guaranteed, S10 to $18
'00 ft '99 Models. Best Make,' - - 87 to 912
500 Second-Hand Wheels, taken In trade
by.ur01ils)ag..tore.,maayMgos-4s��aew   ���   ���   ���    f 3 to $8
We ship any bicycle ON APPROVAL? to anyone WITHOUT A CENT
DEPOSIT IN ADVANCE I fl naifC FrOO Trial Ycu "lk" ���"���ol''"'1'
andMow .. .'.'*'. lUUayS rlBB I lldl. .HO BISK In orttar*
ing from Us, ss. you do not need to pay a cent il the bicycle dees not *uit you,
n*. nm* ktiu �� whMl until you h��v* wrltteu for our EA0TOBYPRICES
UO ROI DU} and FREE TRIAL OFFER. Thi* liberal uler has nev.r
beeu equalled aud it 1* a guarauteeof th* quality ot our wheels.
j WE WANT a rellsbl* -vsreon In eaoh town to dittrihute uttloglits for u��
lu txobang* lor a bioyol*.   Writ* today lor tree catalogue and our tpMiol of .r.
-,*�����< i sanaa'."��-"*
'**? ���~?irrp-r***m-r>*r'.
* (Successor to S. Hudon.)
Harness and Saddles made to order and repaired.
Pack Saddles and Pack Straps made and repaired.
Trunks and Valises repaired.
Leather Straps of all kinds made to order and ropaired.
Boots and Shoes repaired.
All Wserk Itone JttMtly Cheaply aad Piwatftly.
South Side of Kicking Horse  Bridge.
���t**MW*l."s*Vt>> ssvSJ^tsVSsMsl, *>%l%oWt �����
| Town and District. |
��>../& i.-.-.t-.t'ti**!*^* a*Mv*v*>��
H. G. Parton has a change of ad thi*
WMk.   Bud it oarefully.
A. C. McDonald, rsprtMUting th*
Winnipeg Commsrcial, spent Tuesday
in town.
We noticed in town on Thursday
Mr.' Deaka, wbo took so prominent s
part lut year in the local election.
Mr*. Wmhbourne of Canterbury,
cam* down on tho Duchess, Monday
ansl will remain in town a ihort tlm*.
On* of tb* principal attraction* at
' th* C*lg*ry fair in July will be tbe
especial exhibit* of agricultural societies
In the N.W.T.
Hon. W. C. Wells spent Monday in
town, returning to th* cout ou Tum-
sfay's train. J. D. Wells accompanied
The Kicking Horse has been np to
within a (oot of flood level this week,
. but the cooler weather since Wednes
day has reduced itt volume consider
Evening aervico only will ba held in
the Methodist church on Sunday next.
Sunday sohool at 2:30. Rev. Mr.
Laidlsy, the new pastor, is expected in
Golden next Tuesday.
Vr. J. W. Symonds, who wss with
Strathcona's Hone, is in town this
week. , He.escapeu without a acratch,
though he bad aeveral bullet* pass
thi-Osis"!*. hit.cloth*..
A shipment of about seven tons of
os* *freiia,,l,<j|ie. Certainty Company's
Canyon-.creak,,, mine was made tbis
week, the sfw'pment being Included In *
car of Paradise or*.
The boslrdsrs at the Columbia House
presented Mr and Mr* McN*i*h wiih a
rahinet of ���telling silvtr tabic ware
suitably engraves! a. a mark of appreciation ou. th.ir retiring from tbs
management of ths hotsl.
A special sale of. goods suitable for
warm weather has been started at
Person's big store. The prices quoted
are ss low as those seen in saltern
pursers. You won't save a cent by
sending east or buying from  peddlers.
We not* that tbs Revtlatoke Herald
has made arrsngemaiiss with tha Dally
Province of Vancouver to um their
series of articles op the "Public man of
British Columbia,* illustrated by halitosis, cuts of the victim*. Thi* is
"oatilsl kail lietanin" with a vengeance.
Anconling ro an article in the Vancouver World, the council ol that oity
have heen victimized by lhe horse dealers ot Seattle, from whom thsy recently purchased three horse, for uss in
. the lire department, The oitv fathers
don't think ao much of themselves na
horso buyers now.
Of the pupils who wrotson the high
���chool entrance examination at Goldan
last wMk, Walter Houaton and Laura
K'nnay hav* paaastd, and Nellie Shaw
passed in every subject except grammar.
It ia s .ubjs'ctof conjectureyet wb*th*r
the last named will be allowed to *nt*r
th* high school, a* sh* scored lbs total
marks requisite.
Two commercial men hai a narrow
escape from serious injury on Saturday
lut. Tliey Mcured * railway velocipede
' did atartad to go lo Palliser but found
that it was rather hot work and turn
ad back sftor going a few milre Onl
thsir return to towu a dog ran out at
them near the smelter snd ths jigger
left the track while going at a good
speed. Both the drummer* were badly
���h.iksii up but escaped  serious injury.
Golden march mi i a hav* been complaining of bard timet but they ar*
not reduced to tba nssjcewlty or" sending
out members of their staff ss peddler*
along the lin* u ar* some .of the mer.
elianl* of BsirrJatok* and Kamloop*.
One day tbl* wuh ih.r. w.re no Im*
than thn* wah ilintrani* ia Gold*n
returning frew renew paluia. Ths
oatooritiM (Mtght to look. closely jut*.
th* orwMlttlal* of Ihere pack mau to
M* if tbsj havs ths necessary licsnses.
B. Boikh.*,ut trapped a bear nssr
town this wmk.
Prospectors should list their properties with Andrew F. BoMiiberger
of ihs.prospector's Exchange, Nelson.
K. W. Patmore has completed Ih*
re-erection of the hoUM whjoh lie removed from Donald. Mr. Patmore
will move into it uext week.
Bedding-cut plant* now ray forad
the flower and vegetable gardes at
Henry's Nurseries and Grrenhou.es
Vancouver, B. C, jt
The "Viotori**" challenge a local
Miiior tram to play them a practiM
gam* of football Wednesday evening
*t 7 o'clock on their ground* opposite
ihe old Era printing office.
���'Vletstrlas" at SUvelststk*.
Th* Football match played between
the Junior* of Revelstoke snd Golden
on Friday laat was very hotly contest-
ed and after two hours play resulted in
a tie, no goals being scored.
When Our boys ssw ths team that
Bevelltoks proposed to put on the field
against thsm, thsy protested against a
couple ol very aged -'juniors,* one of
ihem weighing no less tl.sn HO
pounds, snd substitutes wars put on
instead. R. Kenny, wss badly injured
during * rush on goal.after playing for
half an hour, Snd though theRevelstok*
team put off one of their men, Ralph's
loss wat felt seversly. by ths Goldon
tsam. Ths Revelstoke team promise
a return game hare on July firat, ud
soma organized effort should be made
io level the ground* near lire .old Ens
office In order that s good gsms csn bs
��� ���aa,���
Qsieen's-W B Angu^, Toronte-.Q
Hnrton, Winnipeg; Bobt Allan, John
All sn, Goldtn; D Jenkins, D L Sutton,
Windermere; B C Burton,Golden; Jno
Love, Winnipeg;.. P McMsnus, Shunter's C*mp.
Rue-sell-,Taj Frauts, Joa Chardon,
Win Williamson, Jno Selwood, Win.
Emerj, A McDonald, Robt Cooper, J
Mcl'herson, A Retching, Bobt Smith,
Geo Bows, Jno SwItKir, Geo Boyd.
Columbia- A M Fullerton, Viotoria;
Mrs A A Palill, Nanaimo; J H MoKay,
Goldun, ED Kerr, Revelstoke; J
Stalker, Beaver.; A Smith, Winnipeg;
H B MucklMton, Revelstoke; A M
Johnston, Nanaimo; H E Foster,
Miss E Priiigle, Miss C B Montgomery,
Windermere; J A Bangs. Calgarr; C
Scott, A C McDonald, Winnipeg; H B
Alexander, Calgary; B B Bruce, Peterboro; J II Griffith, Donald; T C Johnston, Montreal.
Kootenay���Geo Bury, D Johnston,
Carbonate; V Auderaou, Field; W Miller, Revelstoke; A B Simmons, Toronto; D O'Neil, Peterboro; E Shunter,
Heaver; F Smith. Toronto; A Carlson,
PalliMr; G Freeman. Toronto;, J H
Gillie, New Denver; T Gillispy, Bevel
stoke; A Campbell, Vancouver; John
Livingston, W Get, Fluid.
Ths nsw* of ths death of W. H.
Caldwell, on Friday morning cnnls
with a shock of surprlM to reeldents ol
Hevelstoke. The deceased was going
around.in hi* usual hulth on Thursday and his condition did not caus*
sny alarm to his friends until S short
whllit before bi* death, which was
caused by heart discuss aud occurred
between T and 8 o'clock.
Mr. Caldwell came to Revels;oke
from Douald last November and hns
lawn ruuniug tho Q.esu'* hotel in
partnership with Al. Vy�� sinus' tbat
tim*. Before that be ruu the Nellie
House st Donald, whlnh hs left'ths
service of llitsC. I*. B. ss conductor to
undertake. The funeral will be son
dueled by B.v. W, C. Calder at 4:1(0
p.in., on Monday. Tbe Masonic lodg*
ha* assumed uimiK* uf Ih* stuivmoay.
Tha deceased lesvr* a widow and thr-*
cblldrou.-Mevd.iuk* HaraM,
Tha Orienul Couuaiaiiutt. hu both
holdlug sessions in Rossland and N��l-.
sou during the past week.
Genis*Watches  ;:
Ladles' Watches
Sliver Novelties 'S-SS,.
Optical Goods
At reasonable pricjes, call on
A Right Verdict.
��� ���   ;y';:Cur0.s*..ei';;-
1    IV'iiifl-ithaC'Soldinyourhead.
patmore o;;'
..,   has severalkinds in stock and
.'*,"'-..������. good.   :���:   -:-: ..'��� :-:      :-:���'.-   :-,
���������^DEALEB.IN- '"'   '      '
Drugs, Stationery. Confectionery and Cigars;
have: you seen
the stock of
Is fnll of BusinefB-in fact, wefcavsja litt!��m&jl
than win can handle jnst now. Customers, however, wait patiently their turn to purchase tbt
Bargains now -offering.
Mark. Learn and Don't Forget
the Following  .   .   ...
We are now doing Business on the
and intend to stick to.it or leave tow**
Hats.and Caps.
Up-to-Date Pantings, at
xJ. Cf TOM & Cos. ������������p^t.mi
t-t-t--------*-. ��� ���   ��� bbbbbbhH     *** ***. f��.ftn nrnar-anrixfl
If not an insptJettqn will paj: you.
Goods Right.
Wt dn not hssld ourselves mpmuible for the
opinion ot Corres|sonslents.
Eunoil Kba:
Sir,���In a abort tim* tb* Oaks snd
Duchess of York will'he passing
Oolden on th.ir trip through Canada,
and an opportunity way be ftiven* oqrj
citisens to uive ��om* ra��ni testation, ofi|
tbsir esteem for and loyalty to the
Everett," Wash., Msy J8.---A push
cart loaded wtth 48 boxes of dyosaiis
wa* struok by a Oreat Nnrthsrn fi-sight
train near Skyfaoinish. A terrific st*
|plo��'sm followed. Ths engine Was
hurled some distsnee up ths mountain
*ld., three freight oars were demolisbsd
and about SOO feet of track lorn up,
A atone shovel standing near was re-
to scrap Iron.v-EbglnMr Moth wis seriously hurt.
Glasgow, May 2ff.���Alter coniult*-
royal visitors.   A friand has snggMtsd.
tbat It would bs a good idea to for**tr||^ ?$*'" ^fyQ^&f***
company of eltisao soldiers, who should
appear in their uiusl civilian dnss,
snd thould arm themMlvM with what-
���v*r *tyle of rifl. they chose. Someone
with a knowledge of military drill
could give, th* nece...ry training, and
on the arrival of th* royal pany her*
soms manoeuvres oould bs manipulated.
It th* Duke of York cared to review
the ciliseu .oldier., some exhibition of
marksmanship eould bs given. .*'.*
This would not only be a dsmonstrs*
tion ot loyalty snd srs teem, but also of
wbat could be done ia an emrrRsrocy by
our citizen* for tha defence ot .the Empire. "''���'* ���,;J'
I menly throw out tbis IdM forth*
cou.idera'ion of say wbo way hay*
been thinking of tb* asms matter.
.'    ABSITOK.
A W*nd*rfal lavoatin.
Thty eur* dandruff, hair falliag,
h**d**oh*. ate*, yet eon* tb* ssnts ��*
an ordinary comb���Dr. WhltM Electric
Comb. Tb* only patented Comb ia
lhe world. People, everywhere It hs.
beeu introduced aro wild witb delight,
You limply eoin'p your hsir each day
and ih* comb doM tb* nti. This
wonderful comb is simply unbreakable
audi* mad**o that it i* absolutely
iinpos-ible l�� break or cut', th* hafr.
Sold on * written gusraute* to'glv*
satisfscllon iii every respstet,. Send
stamps for on*. ' L��dies'.:six* nOs.
Oanta' sirs* 3fto. Live men and woman
wanted everywhere io Introduce tbl*
ariiole. Sell* en light. Aue.it* ar*
wild with SI.CC.M. (Sv. want column
of Ihis paper.) Adilr*M B. V. Bom,
Oen. Mgr. Deoattir, III,
A d-stpatoh io tb* Vanswiissy; World
from Viotoria ntya: Th* 6or*>ranssnl Is
In soiistiltstlbu today with'C'-B.Sword,
D'iminlon Fislml*., oSmt, In ragerd
to the lakin+i over' est th* flahtriM of
the Prorliww. It is uudsystood thst *
(.nwl-iiuatloo will ebertly she luoed,
formuliy sssJmtng provincial control.
hss dnidsd to Mnd the Shamrock I. to
America with tbs challenger In order
tbat he may continue tbe trial race*
right up to tb* data of th* eup races.
This will cost an additional ��4,000,
hat Sir Thomas ia confident that tbe
advantage to bs gsined justlfi** th*
expense. Captain Wring* will command
tsa Shamrock I. with-the ssmeeraw.
women lo travel and aivettlm tit old Mt*b-
lished house of solid ttnancial .tending. Salary 1180 a yMr and ejpenao., dt parabl* la
���- ih.  Ko canvassing  required.  Glv* n-
, ances Snd escloM *tdf-tddr*u(d-tunp*d
envelop*, Addrtt* Manager, Hid C����to*
UUg��� Ihlcago. vet 11
1' Th* populalloa of Winnipeg, according to tbe ofstoial figures of tb* osu.us
inst uk.n, is 41,697, an iaoraaM ovm
list wnsus ef .6,M8.
WANTED-LsdlM aad gentlemsn te
IntroduMths "hotiMt"Mller on Mirth.
Dr. Wb|M'i Eleotrio Comb, pateaied
lb��99i; Agmt* are coining money.,
CutM all forms ot sealp allmants, |
liMdachM, sis}., yst cost* ih* Mm* oa
an ordinary comb Sand Mrs in stamp*
4st.-2.ft OHft    FORTTTHOUSAND DOI>
*Pft\Jf\J\JtJ.   lARS worth OF GOODS
> . - * *������ *   ���
ON HAND.     This is too laree a stock for our preseiit
premises and we intend to sell half of the Goods in the
next 60 Days.   We are now in the firing line and ds#'
not intend to let anyone undersell us.      * ^
Look at these SNAPS;,':'./.   .   .   .
2,000   TINS Best Condensed Milk, only 5c. per tii.
20,000   TINS Best: Canned Tomatoes, Corn, Perls and
Beans, *3 tins, for 25c.
5 Tons New Evaporated Peaches, extra choice, 3 In.
for 25c. Bl    -'���:
During*the Holidays wejgive to every piirchasCi-ol
1 or more pounds of Our Best Coffees or Tens a beautiful
present free. We import Our Own Teas and Coffees and
can guarantee Best Quality and Prices.
We have positively the finest and best selected'stock
of Goods in British Columbia, and our prices art'the closest.
P'     ] ���������������'     '"'��� fat    ':��� ' ^if'fk   f     i
No Jaw-Bone  ��   .   p^,  t l
Taken in exchange for Gooda * CASH is the only
article to work miracles with at Our Store.
Pressed Herbs,
Ws have In alack sw.r ttP v.ri*rtr*> et th* hwt pnttoi betb* ororarabl*.
All put up In o*s Mac* psVsksgM at ten cents cH'h. ThrM for US eeat*.
Sswl oaywhor* by tails oa MMtptof prlea.
T"*c��-v;r/-vl ts-d^srsJyMiVbrsadofHsrlWslsrliotlta
A*ft-X V Ol Syriogt*.  Phtln or Sunel covemd, half-pint to Mr
quart..  Evsiryo** gtarranteed tat twelve month..
The best Congh Medicine 1 &-ig*i ijft^
alsmiby couth cur.. It U a nstursl remedy *nd ao cure, naturally,
which fa * whol* lot better than drugging the lahawd throat and lungs
into InMuiMlty as sow* cough medicine, do.  So. 8M0 Cough Corel*
met.fMm ^**Htsas-r^
���p, fa uoun go**
and Mc. If jrou
BS.,-��rrW��y'. Fin* Toilst
_-Mh*laM*t. Will Mil cos
ial* | ons doran tablet* fcr N.
Will Mil co* U6.it for IS cent*;
~~   Doa-t be let Ml m
for .ample.
Dreatur. IU.
D. N.. Bom, Om. Mgr..
Th* Btnd d'Or MIom on Bridge river. Lillooet, hare betn sold hy thsir
Vaaeouver owner* to a N*w York
syndic*!*, who intend pushing devsl-
opm.nt work thi* .umraer.
A ��now*lisl*on the line at BMr Cnsk,
runniug out oi Bog*rr. jfa*��, driayed
tb* tisins on Saturday tor Mver��l
hours. s,*^^^^H^HHH
Eleotrte Railway Aetddeiiit.
Alhsny, jN. X* 'Mar^.-.T-Blaijlf&'l
nsrs racing for a twitch while raanlng
In opposite dlrsettWas'st ibe tate ef 40
mil��s sn hour ttm.fet* Uvea yMtsrdsy
afternoon by a isjrrlllo oblliaion, while
losrer sigty presmlnsnt pssopls, eene fat*
illy ��ndothsrtMripuSlJr Injared, flUed
tbasooidsst wai*ls.olvorlow hospitsls
tilth th* poMlbllUji of othtr deaths
before mornirig. *'���' * ]
VUat la*IsMlo7rf SisMOi'l
mlasitr. B.C., sud must b*
ssji ntarssd to Wat ��a as
ille-Md dat*.
s* nsMiilsIM M
h^  -   .
CMas-CssssslesliintsT ttujjtt.
^vfotorls, B.C-, *jS^-*Iay,i(IOI.
lOv pAf neygtm
w. c. vmxA.
W*\ /'  ' ,'    '     ^^
Liqaor Li-MDM A��t. 180CK
JOB PBINTI��0en*Sp*��l��|t7i


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