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The Golden Era Oct 20, 1894

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Array \ a*r\jr. 4^Ar
VOL. IV.   XO. ll
$1 Per Year
Charles fi.  CUarcen's.
Has been newly built and newly furnished.
Heated throughout with hot air. The
table is first class. The bar is stocked
with choice Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
Wm. JWe^eish, - Prop.
We have received this week a car load of Mixed Groceries consisting of
New Canned Tomatoes. New Canned Peaches.
REaS "          BEANS
Fearman's Extra Special Hams and Breakfast Bacon.  They come a little higher in
Srice than the ordinary, but they are a
One car of stoves arrived this week
Dealers in
Wanted.-Active, Honest, Oen-
tlbman or Lady to travel, representing established, reliable house. Salary
$66 monthly and traveling expenses,
with increase, if suited. Enclose re-
' ferences and self addressed stamped
!HT Omaha Building, Chicago.
J. C. Plummer, Plasterer,
is prepared to do all kinds of
Plain & Ornamental Plastering:,
at shortest notice. Terms rcasonalilc.
Satisfaction giinriintoetl.
References furnished if desired.  Address!
J. C. riiUMMEli, Golden, ll.C.
Golden, on the main Hue of tlie Canadian
Pacific Riiilwny. at its connection with tlio
steamboat navigation of tint Coluinliia river:
tin' mineral and commercial centre ofEasteru
llritish Columbia s headquarters of liu t'ltlii-
en Hntoltiug works, the Upper Columbia
Navigation Co., ami lumber industry; the
outlet for tlie widely known and far
famed agricultural nnd awning hind of tlm
Coluinliia A Kooteiiny Valleys; unrivalled
for scenery of nil kinds; tlio distributing
point fin' the richest mineral country on tlio
(Incorporated 1(170.)
Etc. Etc.
Prices quoted and samples sup- lied on
Special  attention given  to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
Co'y, Calgary, or
Wll-ill'-inli' iiiiiI
Iti-mil i��i'assist
Orders Promptly   Attemdbd  To.
aolden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now o|��n for the
admission i.f patients.
TICKETS may be hud from the undersigned or any member of the
PRICE -Ten Dollars |ier year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
SEALED TENDER8 atlilrr>sed to the tin-
ilorsignetl. and hi orscil "Tender tor I'ost
Oflico, Victoria, ll.C. ������ ill lo recuivcil nt litis
iilHi-p inril Friday, I'.itlt October, is'.H, lor the
sevornl works required in tlio oructfou ot u
I'ost Oflico ut Victoria, ll.C.
I'litus mid specifications I'ltn bo seen nt the
Department of I'ublic Works, Ottawa, mid at
the olilco of l'\ I' Gamble, Esq;, liosilout
Enehioor, Victoria. H.Ciiiid tenders will
not do considered unless made on tin- form
supplied ntttl signed Ity tlie actual signature
llf ICIIllfllOI'S.
An aci'Opted bank cheque, paynlile to the
order of the Minister uf Public \\ orks, equal
to *i por i-eni ol amount of tender, iititst iiccbm-
pan;,'i-iit h louder, '1 Ills cheque wl.l lie I'ur-
ft'in'il it the party tloi'linu the contract, or
fail to cninploto tin' work contracted for, uud
will ho returned in caso of iioii-acceptaiico of
'1'lttr llepartii.trnt tint's not liintl itself toiUJ-
i-ept the lowest or any toiitlor.
Ily order,
E. P. ROY,
Doptirttneiil of I'ublic Work,)
Ottawa, Uth, Sept.. 1891.     i
The Bon Ton Bakery for fresh bread,
cukes, pies, etc.
Mr. and Mrs. Mercier have moved
into their new house.
T. B. H. Cochrane was among the
visitors this week.
Oysters, just arrived, at the Coluinliia House Restaurant,
Mr. Jus. Henderson has a large
gang of men ut work on Mr. Luke's
Mr. Francis ihe photographer lias
been kept busy this week. Pny bim a
cull and examine his work.
Shirts and underwear made to order
at Mrs. Reoder's ; Hon Ton Bakery,
Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Kimpton and
Mrs. Patmore of Donald weie visitors
this week.
Oysters In every style at the Columbia House Restaurant.
Mr. Francis photographed the school
children the other day. Take them nil
together thoy are not n bad looking
Several members of the Gun Club
have been out pi-noticing rifle shooting
this week There is some talk of u
mutch with Donald at au early date.
E. A. Nash, D.uniniou Land Ageut.
wus a visitor the later end of last week
He posted notices ou the site of the
recent lire to tlie effect that trespassers
ou that property  would be prosecuted.
A. D. McKinuon, Presbyterian missionary who hns been located at Fort
Steele ull summer, cume down on Suu-
Iny's bout. He is on his way buck to
Queen's University, Kingston, where
lie will resume his studies.
The harvest festival decorations in
St. Paul's Church were perfectly lovely and a credit to all who assisted iu
the'work. Mr. Francis photographed
the interior ol the church lust week,
and will tnrn out n number of copies
for stile,
C. E. Hamilton bus decided to run
an all night restaurant in connection
with the dining lonn department of
the Columbia House. It will be known
A meeting of the Managing Committee of the Curling Club was held in
the Kooteiiny House oil Monday evening Inst, F. W. Aylmer in the chair.
At this meeting it was untiniiiioiisly
resolved that the club be culled tho
Golden Curling Club. Mr. AV. McNeish, on behalf of tlio Rink Co., submitted the plans of the proposed rink,
for the approval of the committee, and
also made an offer on bulialf of the
sydluate to the effect that thoy were
prepared to supply everything necessary in connection with the rink, to
ninke and keep the iee iu good order,
to pny the affiliation fee to the Manitoba Branch of the R.C.C.C., for
which a charge of 810 would be made
to each member of the club for the
season, the curlers having the use of
the rink live nights per week. It was
proposed to throw tin rink open every
Saturday for skating. A lengthy discussion followed as to the advisability
of accepting this proposal and dually
au amendment to the proposal was
moved by H. 0. Parson, seconded by
C. A. Warren that the Golden Curling
Club accept the offer of the syndicate
to erect a rink according to the plan
submitted and furnish the ice and
necessary lights uud fires on every
night of the week except Saturday nnd
iSundav and to pav the syndicate a
rent to be agreed upon for the use of
-fin-It building, the Curling Club to
have control of the rink at nil times
during the season, with the exception
of the nights before mentioned. On ft
vote being taken the amendment was
defeated nnd the syndicate's offer
Work on the rink will be pushed
ahead rapidly under the supervision of.
Mi-. Jus. Henderson. The building
will bu .'10x110 feet, with waiting room
etc., for the convenience of spectators.
Twenty-seven members have already
been obtained and hopes are entertained
that quite a number more will be secured before the season opens.
Unl.li'ii Hospital Society.
nouns l'-on consultation.
From !):itO a.in. to 11 a.m.
" 2 p.m. " 4 p.m.
.1      7     ii   a  (j   -
Sunday from   10 a.m. to  12 tu., and
from 7 p.m. to H p in,
visi.-i.vii nouns.
From 2:110 p.m.  to H p.m., daily,
except Monday and Saturday.
By Ouuei!.
I as   tho   Coluinliia   House Restaurant
and will be kept in first class style.
A. P. Cummins, Government Agent,
has fixed Moilduy, Oct. 22nd, for the
election of three lire wardens to represent Golden for the ensuing yenr.
Nominations will bo received at tho
Government Office from 10 a.nj. toll
a in., nnd polling if nil* will take place
from 11 a.m. !q I p.m. A public
meeting will be held iu the sample
room of the Queen's Hotel to-night at
!) o'clock for the purpose of nominating
candidates for the positions ol fire
The North Yul.' Election.
Kamloops, Oct. 15 - Some interesting developments have taken place heru
to-day iii connection with tho election
to fill the vacancy iu the representation.
for North Yale caused by the appoint?
ment of Mr. tG, B, Martin to the position of Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works;:! The crucial question was
the reported iliteu'.ion.pf the Provincial Government...to. grant further aid
to the Briti-di, .P,.iciiii; sc.he'iie, and so
strong wus the opposition developed
in tbe Riding to that proposal, thnt
Mr. Martin, although popular, nnd
with the adviiiitage of the feeling
among nwiny of the Opposition electors
that he should not he subjected to a
contest, as the result of his acceptance
of oliiee, realised tlint he had no show
of elect ion unless he agreed" to oppose
any such project. The Premier, Mr.
Davit', arrived this morning and is
evidently of the same opinion, as Mr.
Martin bus to-day given u formal
pledge lhat he will oppose any further
aid to tho llritish Pacific Railway.
In coiisequen.ie of this, tho Opposition
party bus agreed not to put a cnndU
date in the field and Mr. Martin will,
therefore, be returned on Wednesday
by acclamation.
Japanese Goods &
Toilet Articles
TEMPLETON'S Piiaii.malv, Calgary
�� Presbyterian Men Ire.
Service will be held to-morroiy
morning in the school house at 10
o'clock, conducted by Rev. W. R,.
Ross. wThe .'"i.-.f-.Ht t&va
Tli3 OJij.lii { E'l V is iKiblisliod every
Saturday morula.' in ti no to catch the eust
aud wost mail trains, also the mail for the
uppor eo.iiiu-y, Via tor ntii'o, f'lji't cHi-i'lo etc
It is the only uili-et-tisiiig nietltiim ia the ueat
Kootenay district,
No; you had better ask her daughter;' and remember that  God's little angels
S ilncriptitti Hates t
jjU.il.) |iur aiiiiiini IN
Advertise notits ami elinn-res must ho in
tlio ollic.il not later than i-J .i.u, on Thursday
to insure insertion.
Advertise noiit rales made known on nppli-
eatioi- '.ii
All cash to Im nail to the Mamit-nr, from
ttrliii.il tiio Ou.iipiliiy's receipt will tin obtained.
III. Ufa En Publishing Campany.
she is at home, and can give you the
: latest news,' I then asked the daugh-
! ter to use my hand, and tell me ho-.v
her mother was. My hand then, as
always, unconscious of the least difference in the control of the embodied or
disembodied, wrote ���' Mother had a
better sleep last night. There is no
neeu for vou to return earlier.'" Mr.
Stead states that this telepathic assurance was confirmed bv the telegram,
which arrived as prophesied. ���Home
and Colonial Mail.
SATURDAY, OCT. 20, 1894.
Lost   Ijlffllt-
The following poem taken from the
Winni*ieg Saturday Night, was written by Mr. Owen A. Sinily during his
recent trip through the Rocky Mountains :
Last night I dreamed I saw the moon
Behind a snow-tipped  peak descend,
And waking, said, "I'll follow soon,
For there she waits for me-my friend.
My friend - the moon.
And   fleet-winged   fancy,   sweet   and
Whirled ull my being into flight
And caught and carried me along
To where she sank iu silvery light,
My friend���the moon.
O'er crags and over torrent-bed,
O'er   dreary   plain   uud   mountain
A wild and useless course I sped,
For I hud lost in my mad haste
My friend -the moon.
Jolly and vouth go hand in hand.
Twus not the moon that I had seeu,
But some pale star uiy fancy fanned
Into a semblance ot its Queen,
My friend- lhe moon.
Folly and youth !   How well I knew
The moon was miles and miles away;
And yet I hoped and longed for you
And for your gloom-dispelling ray,
My friend-the moon.
I had a lamp to light my way,
But shattered it long days ago,
For as the starlight is to day,
So was the lamp compared with you,
My Irieud���the moon.
The moon has gone ; Ihe lamp no more
Burns, beacon-like, across my days.
Darkness seems darker than before
I knew the guidance of your ravs,
My friend--the ir.oou.
Yet when I close my eyes, that burn
With useless louging, useless pain,
The sweet lost yesternights return,
Pule grow the stars. You only reign,
My friend-the moon.
are with you." Flossie (ten minutes
later) -"I enn't go to sleep,  inamma.
I guess one of God's little angels is
biting me."
The Witty Retort.
A well-known British politician
said recently : A curious thing about
political oratory and wit is the sidelight I got upon one aspect ol it years
ago. One morning a quaint-looking
old chap came into my cilice and suid
that he had read in the newspapers
that I was to speak at a mass meeting
the following night, und wanted to
know if it was true. When I told
him that it was so he revealed to me
a new method of gaining oratorical
distinction. He volunteered to interrupt my speech at stated intervals
with a remark that should be agreed
upon between us. To this iuterj ction
I was to retort wittily, and thus acquire a reputation as a witty speaker.
My first impression was that he was
amusing himself at tny expense, Inn. he
repeated to me several things I could
reply to wittily, and wanted ine to pay
him roundly for helping me to a reputation. But I told him I was indifferent to that kind of fame, and he went
away disappointed. Not very long
after thai I was seated on a stage listening to a speaker, when who should
rise iu the audience but my quaint
visitor, and bawl out one of the very
things he wanted me to pay him for
interrupting me with. The orator
answered him with ihe same retort
that I was offered the privilege of making, and the audience exploded into
laughter, and I heartily joined iu, but
my amusement hud not the sume
foundation, I fancy, as that of the
rest of the laughers. And during the
rest of the evening the old fellow made
au occasional interruption fromdiffereiit
parts of the house, and the retorts were
of the same manufactured sort. I am
a trirle sceptical now ou the subject of
witty retorts. - Exchange.
VICTORIA, by the Grace of God, of
lho United Kingdom of Great liri-
taiu niiii Ireland, Quekn. Defender
of the Faith, etc, etc., &e.
To Our faithful the Members elected to
serve in the Legislative Assembly
of Our Province of British Coluinliia at Our Ciiy of Victoria. -
Theodore Davie, 1 UlHEREAS
Attorney-General. ) ."* We are
desirous ami resolved, as soon as may
be, to meet Our people of Onr Province
of British Columbia, and <o have their
advice in 0 ir Legislature :
NOW KNOW YE. that for divers
causes and considerations, and taking
into consideration lhe ease and convenience of Our loving subjects, We
have thought lit, liy and with the
advice of Onr Executive Council of the
Province of British Columbia, to hereby convoke, and by these presents enjoin you, ami eaJi of you, that on
Monday, the Twelfth tlay of the mouth
of November, one thousand eiu-ht hundred and ninety-four, yon meet Us in
Onr sab! Legislature or Parliament ol
O.tr said Province, at Our City of
BUSINESS to treat, do, act, nud conclude upon those things which in Our
Legisliituie of the Province uf British
Columbia, by the Common Council of
Our said Province may, by the luvoui
of God, be ordained.
In Testimony Whereof, Wu have
caused these Our Letters tn be
made Patent and the Great Seal
of the said Province to be hereunto affixed: WITNESS, the
Honourable EooAR DewiiNEV,
Lieutenant ���Governor of Our said
Province of British Coluinliia.
in Onr City of Victoria, in Our
said Province, this Twouty-
seventh day of September, iu the
year of 0 ir Lord ono thousand
eight hundred and ninety-four,
and in the fifty-eighth year oi
Our reign.
By Command.
Provincial Secretary.
���'he World's .luttipltiic Record llrokoii
The latest mail from Lieland brings
details ol the greatest broad jump accomplished since 1885. The hero of
the occasion is John M. Moouey, a
member of Xuvier Athletic Association,
New York, and the scene of his triumph over existing figures was Mit-
chelstown. Ireland, where a big tour'
naiuent look place on September uth
Moouey had previously announced his
intention of making a supreme effort
to break the record at the meeting, if
weather and other conditions were
favorable. He succeeded so well that,
his jump measured 2.'1 feet 8 inches.
The best record performance up to then
was 23 feet (ij inches, by C. B. Fry of
Oxford, England, and C. S. Beber of
Detroit, Both these celebrities jumped
from a wooden joice set in the turf nt
the takeoff end of the jump, but
Moouey is reported to have jumped
from the natural sod. - Nelson Tribune.
Tlii-i-fi wss no one like 'im. 'Orae or Foot,
Not- any of tlie (Inns 1 know;
An' bocitnse It was so, why, o' course 'e went
Whicli is Jnst what the bent men do.
Ho It's knock out your pipes an' follow me I
An' it's tlnisli up yuur swipes nn' follow me I
Oh, 'ark lo tlio bli ilriim eullin,-
Follow me���follow nil! 'onto I
'Is mtirit she neighs the 'ole dsy long���
Mil- pttws Ihu 'ine uik-lit thl'inich.
An' she won't take Vr feed 'cause o' waitin'
fur'is step,
Wliii-ii is Jusl what a beast would do.
'Is irlrl she cops with n Itiitnhsrtller
lie tt,tc 'er limn i n is ItiitiUffiit
An' llie lititttts are up in church, for she's got
tli   heu't'iii' tiuoKOtl,
Which is just what n Kirl would do.
We fought 'bout a do'*���lost week it wero���
No more than a round or two;
Hut I struck 'im cruel 'liiirtl, au' I wish I 'adn't
Whan is Just what n man can't do.
'K wns all Ihtil I 'nit ill the wny of a friend,
Alt' I've'tii to i.n'1 oiiii new:
lint l'n -live my pay uu' stripe for to get the
lllv.-iil'. nc'u.
Which it's Just too late to do.
So It's knock out your pities nn' follow me,
An' It's llnlsli off your sullies an' follow me���
Oh. 'ttl'k to tlie lil'i'S a eritwliu'l
liiimiv nut���lijiiii,,' luu 'onto I
Tnke 'im away 1   'E'cs gone where tho best
men no.
Take'lie n��ay..   An' tho gun-wlicols tiirnln'
Take 'tin n way!  There's more from tho place
'e come.
Take 'nu uu ay, wilh tho limber an' the drum.
For it's "Three rounds blank" an' follow me;
Alt' i.'s "Tnil'lcuii rank'' an' .o.. JW mo:
Uh, pas-til!' I tie lnvu o' women.
Follow mi'���follow we 'time!
���Iltiilyiinl Kl-illiit;, III lhe 1 ail Mall Magazine.
Tbnt man���that poor wreck and effigy
nf u mail���was the friend of uiy early
nays. We loved the same woman,
quarreled for her, and fought. It was
i.i ' iu south and iu the time when hot
blood curried men to the duelling
ground. W o fought beneath the arched
live oaks in the Old Parish road below
tne city where so many of the foolish
youths of Nuw Orleans have met. I ran
him tliruugh with my sword, and left
llllll lor ileutl upon the field. I was
forced to fly, with my seconds. The
physician was a stranger to mc, a friend
uf uis. He sent mo a paper later, marked with au account uf tlie duel, und the
ueatli of my opponent. I went abroad.
Before leaving I tried to see her���the
woman we had fought for. Ikuew that
-me loved me, ami not him."
Hc paused���and was silent so long
that I uiuugiit ho had forgotten me, I
Hindu a liule movement lo attract his
attention. He looked up at me and
smiled again,
"1 have lieen back in the long ago,"
he snid. "'1 here are pleasant memories
there, as well as sail ones. It is much to
iiliuw that yon were once loved by n
{ pure woman. I knew that, for she told
me so iu a little note tli.it 1 have nlways
kept. Nothing can take that kuowl-
unge  from me.     But she suid that she
conld never marry a man who had the
blood of uuotlier on his hands and on his
Again he paused and seemed to dream,
and I respected and did not break the
I    "1 have seen her many times since,"
1 he began again, presently,  "as one sees
the stars away olf In  the  unreachable
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       heavens.    Bnt never to touch her hninl
fPIl li-ATli   linilll'! U'l'llDV      ���her garments, even; not even to speak
llllwLlJ  JjfiAU & SlUlvI. , with   her,   except as we have met and
  j pasted in tho stieet.     She  has  never
I have hinted to yon that I believed if
ever the Lid Beau told ine his own
t-tory it would be the story of stories.
Tin i*e was point thing about the limn,
llilongh nil my ucquuiiitiii et with Mill,
which him impressed mu witli too feel
ing thnt Iris whole life had been one
imig tragiiiy. Vol, tiiero was uo more
genial. i"itiipiiniunable man in nil the
cliilt.   He was .ujijeiu  wiih uut'Uuuie,
Hill'. .J.!'    IIUO     .l.t,H...J ......      ....w^��...��, j,,,,       W���y       l()
with gentle humor,   with  the quality I left the other.
married, tint I I know that she bus grown
old. still loving me, as I have grown old,
loving her."
Alter this he asked me to tell him
what I had done, and I did this as briefly as I could.
"Yon suy he has not long to liver
Will yon come with me?"
He started np eagerly, drawing on his
cont We went out together aud I led
the  wny  to the hospital, where I had
Mr. Stoud's Teleputliy.
When Mr. Stead was at Grindclwald,
iu July, he rend news of the illness of
a dear friend, which made hiin decide
to leave for England on the folic wing
day. He telegraphed iu tluf meantime
for further news of his friend's condition. But the telegraph was too dilatory a means of communication lo
satisfy his impatient longing to hear
how it fared with his friend. "Sitting down at the table, I determined to
try whether or not I could, by the nid
of my automatic hand, obtain any
news from London. I first asked the
everfaithful friend, who some three
years ago passed from our sight,
whether she could tell me how the patient was. My hand wrote without a
moment's hesitation���'Your friend is
better. You need not return. The
proof of this is that about seven o'clock
you will receive a telegram to this
effect, when you will see I am correct.'
I then asked, mentally, if I should ask
iny friend's son to use my hand tele- Flossie-"I'm afraid to go to sleep
pathically, to give me the latest news, all alone in the dark." Mamma-"You
The answer  came at once as follows: g0 right to bed like a good little girl,
There is a story told in the Columbus, Georgia, Enquirer Sun of a colored girl who happened to meet a gentleman going down the street, and who
got on the same side of the narrow
walk ; then both started for the other
side, and another collision was imminent. They then danced back and
dodged again, when the colored girl
suddenly stopped and said: " See
heah, mister, what am dis gwine to
be, a suhottische or a wait/. ? "
Application for Cert Monti- of  Improvements.
Take notiee that I, Arthur P. Cummins, Administrator of the Estate of
the late Archibald McMurdo, free miner's certificate No. 4T4 -.1, intend, sixty
days from lhe date hereof, to apply lo
ihe Gold Commissioner for a certificate
of improvements, for tho purpose of
obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further take notice, that adverse
claims must lie sent to the Gobi Commissioner und action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 18th day of August, 181)4.
A. P. Cummins,
Administrator of th" Estate of the
late Archibald McMurdo.
thnt is known as 'tin; iniiii of lill.fiuU
kiiuiuess." as yon may have gathered
from soiuu oi l.iesu tales thut i iiuvu
loi.l yon. Yet, there wns n certain
gruvo undercurrent ia the iulu lhat
nn 1 often caused me to wonder ut its
reason. While 1 ilt sire 1 his story, with
all the keen avidity that a newspaper
man is capable of, I h.-ul firmly inatlp tip
my mind that 1 would never suggest
this de-ire to him���fir I was routi'ieut
llie tiie would come of his own uucoid
.0 ne day.   Am) it did.
In the'lighted street in front of the
club', I Wis approiiciied one night by u
miserable viilcnrht who asked me for
alms. Not f inni chili ity, but because
il was lim easiest way, 1 put my hand
ui my pot'tiel niiii gave iiiiu u coin. As
i lutim-til il to ni tn. tne Uld Leau came
down the Sups. Lie paused as lliuu���ii
turned to stone wnen be saw tlie beggar, nud grew-ail wiilLu, li.ie one who i.i
suddenly struck witn death. And the
beggar, seeing him, stayed tiie hand
t hat had been stretched forth for tiio
cum. ami leered at bun and callou bim
jeeriugly by name. I stood looking
from one to'tlie other, knowing lliat I
was witnessing the culminating scene
i a great drama, yet powerless to coin*
irebetiil its iiieiiniii-r. After a pause
that wus. doubtless not more than a uio-
neut, but that hml spun out iiiliniiely
u my imagination, my tuend cume
.o\v the steps slowly, and placed his
.iniiti uu iny sun,.i ier. His Voice was
quiet, but vibrated with a strange, deep
ii-i'ii.or us i.e spuuo io me.
"Do ine titis favor," he Bnid; "go
with this mu., film niiii shelter and
food, and whatever else lie may need.
Jo lor him all that he asks, for I owe
ni.n a great debt. I will wait for you
lie tnrncd, nnd went slowly np tho
steps again, while I gnvo iny attention
io tlie fellow before me. I do not need
io tell yon much of him. He seemed
I iie worst of bis class. Dressed in rugs,
lilihy ami palsied with drink, he was
toothsome iu the extreme. He mumbled nuw] in a maudlin way, ami staggered liiiui theer weakness. I soon
saw that his mind was half gone, and
that he was ill ami miserable. Want
had do ie almost its worst, upon him.
ly: nn
He easily niiouiitieil to i ethic led, and j i come to von?
The torch of human sympathy thnt
we had 1 ivtn him had mellowed the
poor nut eust, and silenced his. jeers.
The meeting between the two men was
affecting. The long years seemed blotted out. anil their hands clasped, as
they had done in their yoiitb. The
stranger had grown weaker since I left
"I am dying, Willis," he said brokenly; "it mny lie but u matter of a few
hours. I havo wronged yon. ami I want
yonr forgiveness. I know want I nave
made your life. I have lieen wretc'-ied,
and weak, ami miserable ns any uug that
walks he earth. But I accept it all as
tiie jnst rowurd fnr what I did. 1 provoked yon beyond human e.iiliir.ne.
Compelled yon to fight, hucaiisii I hoped
to kill yn.i. Wnen 1 tell, it would have
been only right if I l.a 1 ul-il. Uut I
lived, saved through the exertions of my
physician, ami then together we uiiido
up'tliut lie, mnl sent it to you. Ikuew
what that would do. Then, when 1 was
well ugtiiii, 1 t.r.iiik and gambled uuul
ei tv and the devil claimed me. whol-
nuiil I became thu rui.i yon uinv
ice. I did not think over to ci-o. s yuur
path again, bnt I am glad that it has
happened so. Lean die eusiur for having said this,"
The Old Bean tint his arms about the
dying man. and his taee down closo
beside him, and I heard him whisper:
"My dear Kilgnr, let the dead past
bnrv its dead,"
We remained with him thmn-rh the
'rest of that night, and througn tlie following day, and through the next night.
He grew gradually weaker, ami his life
went out jnst as the sun of a new day
had risen. When it was all over, wo
went back to the club and there my
friend wrote a brief mite.
"Will you take it to this address," he
asked Ine; "bnt wait," he added; "yon
should have the right to read this."
He unfolded the paper nnd laid it before mo, aud I looiied and saw these
"Thehnnd of Ood has turned back
the leaves of the book of the past. I
have jnst come from the deathbed of
Edgar Freeman. We wero friends
again, at the la -t; and my hands aud
lay soul are free from his blood.   May
\  ��1  I -L..II.1  l.-~_        Vs��
 id sn honest opinion, mite lo
. h.rluji.rlvflftv ���mm1
���romp- soioer snil sn honest opinion, wriio io
A ITS N ot CO., wlio have hid nesrly shy rears'
sipetienoe laths intent business. Communtcs-
tlons strictly onnfldentlsl. A Handbook of In.
fortnstlon consuming Patents snd how to ob.
- ilnthei       '" ���������
tions strictly c
fortnstlon concerning l	
tsln them sent free. Also s Catalonia ot ffiochsn-
lest and -dentine: books ��ont free.
Patents taken through Munn tt Co. receive
special notice In the-Sclrnllflc tiiierlrnit, and
thus sre brought widely before the public without cost to the .nventor. This splendid psper.
Issued weekly, elegantly Illustrated, bos by far the
largest circulation of any sclentlttc work In tba
3 s yesr.  Sample copies sent free.
iple ooplei
thly, tit-lli
BuildingEdltlon.nionthly,frf.60syesr. Single
apples, IIS otmt*. Every number eontslns beautiful pistes, In color., snd pliotogrsphs of new
bouses, with plsns, ensbling builders to show tbe
lstest designs snd secure contracts.  Address
MUNN �� CO, Nuw folia, 3VT Bboadwat.
1 nunc linn, lirst. to a placed where ho
w sbiittieu, umi cleanly drer-seil, mnl
fed. 'ineii, I saw more cle.iiiy low little strength was in Iiiiu, and so we went
i.ntiii.im io a no.spn.il, and I procured
,i bed lor anu thero. Alter the linysi-
i iuii had examined bim, lie told me that
.tie span* of life bung only by a thread,
it liiigilt tie a mutter of a few hours; at
liien.oat, but a few dnys, before the
etui wuuld come.   It was far past mid
.... ......... bw...��.    .. ..���� .... i    -      rout leu you in iier.    one wus worm}- iu-
hlit wuwi I left him, uud returned lo | UuVl. i^.,,,. Ht.rvea for seven times the
When 1 nud read this I saw already
tho dawning ol a new and glorious day
for the UM Beau, and 1 trust one had
illicitly dawned for the poor outcast. I
wont witn a light heart, witli speeding
I hnd thought to find an old woman
���a woman grown old before her time.
But 1 found her in the sweet and full
maturity of womanhood. I will not try
nnd tell you of her.   She was worthy to
.Ik-club. ....._^_^___
The Old Bean wns alone in an upper
rou....   A dim light burned on the table,
a low fire in the grate. The usual accessories, tobacco nml liquors, were notable lor their absence.
Hu looked up when I entered, and I
saw t .in i.e  was still Vei-v  white.    I
seven years that   Jacob  served  for
I was her slave from the moment I
saw her.   I conld have fallen down at
her feet and worshipped her when (he
said to mo:
"He must love yon, or he wonld not
 ,-���, -���--,��� . ���--.      .       .      have trusted yon with  this uies-uige.
iiioiight I conld detect the Bignsofa   Tell him that I wait for hisi-orning."
severe mental strnggle-a struggle for       sllml l ,��������� vou t|le restv   No , tulnk
se.; conirol.    A-.au smile iiltteil about    j. win |lot    Bl��� j ���,���.. 8.ly t0 Vo|, -.,,���,.
Ins geuile inonth-a sad smile, yet one   I thim inv lrieml hns found lieFouu-
ihnt was not utterly without "ov. tai��� ,,, Ylin.,,. for -li8 stl.p ial^ate,, his
lie iuoiio.it.. me to a dull' near the CVB brighter, uis smi.e more joyful, his
grate, a . 11 sat uowu and waited for T0-OB mm.un. ulm -,-a |������lrt luuro ��������������� 0f
m.-ii io speiiis. llus ne did after a time, the m-|-j u�� ���,������.������ kiudnesi eveu than
jooi-ing dreamily into the fire tbe while, it was before. Yet hisguinbuuy loss,
���ut is a i..o.nory from tlie past, he for there are no more cozy hours in the
sniil; '-more-a ghost from the grave,    club alcove, and no mure sturles of the
A sknll of briar wood with silver cross
bones for ornament is a smoker's fancy.
The vine-wreathed claret jugs In engraved lilass nnd silver urilt nre the most
attractive things of their S'.'r*.
Grac, fill silver tete ntee cnlTeo and
berry s.-ls festooned with gurlnmls bespeak
the h spitnlity ot pi. uns and 'irbors.
Larue spniiiis uf silver tiilt luivi* Kleins nf
raised work ini-litslng pnipie*   uf   enamel
work.    These s| lis have broken edges of
metal a: d en .ni"l. These, liow-ver. only
extend hilf w.-iy tiroillid the spoott, ienviitg
the working ends sharp mid tree.
Belt pins are milium the ntivi'lties.
These nr�� enlarged bill pills, Intended to
effect n belter union lit i-eeii the back if
the belt and a woman's skirt. Tney nre
covered wilh raised work or occasionally
are set with tiny tun-tin sea and semi-pro*
chins stones.
In sports yachting supersedes pvervtliinij-
el-e lu Ihinu's nrililllielltnl and syilllnilio
leaves nml peiiiitmtH adorn everything.
Alter all this is an Mittiseini'itt thut interests few compared with other S'ttrts.
Yachtsmen n..d wiuiieu, p'-maps, have
more money to spend in trinkets.
Mrs. Francis Willnnl ii writing a book
on bicycling, a recreation to v/bioli siie lias
become nrdeutly tittuciietl.
Of 1,000 men who marry. 882 mnrry
yonimer woiueti, 5711 uinrrv women of
the same age, and eighty-nine marry older
M. CasimlrPerler, tlie new French President, married his cousin, Mile. Helens
Perier, daughter of M. Edoiuird P.-rier,
who held the post of master of requests to
the council of state.
A man cau carry a heavier bundle thnn
n woman call carry, but he can't carry mi
many. If they contain bargains, there is
no limit to the lumber of bundles a woman can carry.���Atchison G.obe.
Miss Alice Onrsoii. of Josephine rtinntv,
Ore., run against li r lover, Jeff Hayes, in
Hint county for superintendent of education, And she defeated him. She was a
republican and he was n popnlis .
The French war department has reported
in favor of a new buckler made of uiuuiiii-
liui nud copper.
Sirins, the lixetl star, now in the ascend-
niit. is computed to be 100,000,00 J, OW)
wiles distant from the sun.
During the most peaceful years the
world has 8,700,0'KI men who are withdrawn frnji productive occupations to i use
as soldiers.
The West Indian migratory crab is the
only creature thai Is bum lu the sea, main tea in fresh water, aud posses is adult
li.e ou laud.
An old, iiliternte man who can quote
scripture liy the ii, ur is creating a sinus-
lion ill Kentucky by vlniuiliig to be John
the Baptist.
In 1702 a suit tax was levied in Grent
Britain, snd during the French wars was
raised to ��30 per ton, over sixteen times
the value of the article, si
In 1813 there were 38 papers in London
���8 morning Slid 7 evening, 7 every oilier
day, 10 every Sunday.
Lust yenr the United States and Canada
published 111,573 papers, with nu aggregate
circuital f 3.481.010,000 copies.
The little island of Iceland, with about
seventy thousand inhabitants, hns thesitme
number of newspapers as the great empire
of China.
Types are not used in printing Per-ittn
newspapers. The "oopy" is liiven lo uu
expel t penman, who writes it out iteatl..
Tuen his wor.i is lithographed.
The first English^ book was printed in
1474. lu 18U1 the publishers of this country issued 4 (1(15 new bonks, with an average uf 1,000 copies each. During the same
year tliere were 4,420 new books printed in
England expends annually on piotnres
at leant three million pounds.
A statue of Marshal de MnoMahon will lie
erected at Aututi. It is tu be thirty feet
Miss P-te O'Hallnran is the only w< man
member uf the Astronomical society ou tbe
Pacific. She was nominated to thai honor
by Prof. Hulden.
The memorial statue of the late Right
Hon. Sir John A Mai-ilotiald, which is to
be erected iu Toronto, is now ready for
the ousting. It was modeled by Hamilton
Two lions in bronse modeled by Edward
Kemeys, and cast in Chicago, have beau
pluoed in front of lhe new art insritute.
They are the gift of the widow of Henry
*> A luoky man is one who saves what he
A wise man Is one who hu been often
Do a man more than one favor and he
will expect it as a regular thing.    V
There never was an ugly man who did
not excuse his looks by thinking that he
was smart.
Some people yon like until you find them
ont, and others you do not like until yoa '
find them out.
Sometimes men do not realize thnt they
are luoky until yearn after they have had
their good luck.
Most people enjoy the music of interest-
bearing notes, I
He who is behind with his work must
always be driven to it i
The toe of your boot is not a good thing
to caress yonr cow with,
Swnrt'liniiire ctille-<e inculty iiunil-er* four
women, the registrar, the (lean, Susan J.
( iiniilngliam. Ph. D.. professor of inath-
ciiatles, aud Marie A. Kemp, professor of
The state university of Tennessee has
ninned Its doors to women, and the worn-
it-i's clubs are oricani/.iug to raise money for
tt woman's building in the university
grounds. -*
-gueinrrr* (Etu-'e-e,
��� ���
Swiss girls in the time if William Tell
were married iu bright-colored got-rii, plain
apron, red hose, bridnl wreiita mil a
stomacher, on which the bride's mime nnd
the date of her birth were eiigioved is
large letters.
In Oeiinany the bride is enlliled to the
morgenabe, morning gift; the custom having lortuerly been that on the morning
after the wedding she was eutitleti to nsi,
for what she pleased, aud her request cuitlu
not be refused.
In one country district of G��rmany "pay-
weddings" were in vogue ns late us the present century, ennli guest pny.ng tor his .it-
tertiiiiiiiieiit un much na 1 e would at uu inn.
the receipts going to .ot up the nappy ��� air
in.their new home,
Gretnn Green wns commonly chosen for
a plnce of marriage by English riiunwny
couples, us it was the first village ncru--
the border on the wi st const r md, ami the
laxity nf Scottish marriage laws a.lowed
almost nny kind of ceremony.
The Erirens of Burundi have their marriages at a funeral fen��t. When a villag. r
dies his remains lire tcni; or rily dispuseti
of until one or mure marriages can in- a.
riuiged, when they uio diainteirt-ii, n ureal
feast made and tho fuuernl setyicen pop-
erly performed.
When a Chinese girl Is married ber attendants nre always the oldest mid ugliest
women In lie found in the neighbor,mi:,
who nre paid tu net as foils tu her beauty,
It rs snid thnt sume exceptlonnl.y ugly obi
women make their living by iicliug tu
professional in le.ul.iiits 'it weddings.
Iu Sweden and Russia lhe ero.vn is the
bride's chief ornament It is i-einmonly uf
silver and uflen very becoming, litir.itg
the ceremony thu grisim must pine* it on
the bend uf the bride with his oiin hands,
and if Ity any o.iiiuce it should slip lu o e
side or fad off the omen is regarded as ex
ceediugly disttstruiis.
The use of steel for ship building wns
begun in 1879.
The modern French navy dates from tbe
reign uf Napoleon HI.
The screw propeller was Introduced into
the British navy in 1840.
The heaviest anchors weigh about seventy eevon hundredweight.
Little Greece hns a mercantile marine
employing 20.80(1 sailors.
The greatost naval victory of modelu
times was won at '1 rnlnlgur in 1805.
The greatest naval notion In Greek history wns that at S .lamia, B.C. 480.
Sea signals were invented nud put iu
operat.oii during the reign of J..me* 11.
At the present day at.otit ninety-six iter
cent of all vessels are built uf steel.
Copper sheathing was first used for vessel of tlie English navy about the ve..i-
The log was first used in navigation hy
Pigabetts curly ill the sixteenth oeulnry,
The first naval expedition on record was
that of the Argoiittais, probably pirates,
B. C. 1203.
The first sea fight mentioned in history
wns between the Corinthians and Cure; -
runs, H. C. 064.
The average consumption of coal in one
and one-half pounds per hour to each indicated horsepower.
The average life of au American ship is
eighteen yeurs; of nn Iriirglish, twenty-six;
of a Scandinavian, thirty.
Hon. J, A. Louohekd, Q,c.
0. S. McCartbr.
f-r-nftltee-l  A  McCnrter,
Burristors, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
tic, Etc.
Solicitors for Punk of Montreal.
C'AI.iiAltv, - N.W.T.
-fEPrcMON nnfl WKJ.EI.F.B
Members Assocn.-D.L.S! A P.L.S. for I'd'
SURVEYORS, I ivil Engineer's, Draughtsmen, Vltliilitors. etc' Calgary'ind New Westminster. 1 iiiTosiioiiilciu-e solicited.,
l...l..li;i-llstiN, l).L.*��.,l'.L.S. of ll.C. SOnf,
.    .   ... Cw.OAllv, Albll.
A. 0. \\ [ii-Ri,t*n, O.L.S. & I'.l, s. of ll.C,
Ni;w WiisI'lillNS-riiill ll.C.
Mr-Cai-flir   A   llarvc-r.
I'ltrristei's. Advocates, Notaries, Se,   Solicitors tor; -
The Imperial Punk of Ciiniuhi,
The Ciniailii I'ermiiiiout Loan k Siivinpsfn.
'I'li ���Yorkshire Loan A Hccuritiest orporntion
I lip Massey !i,,rris t o. (Ltd).etc, etc,
(I Wees- Stephen Aceni.e, l iiigary.
P. MuCaiii'iiv, (j.O,
llOHAUIrl HARVEV, li.A.  L.L.II.
Assiit;. Mem. Inst. C.E.
.ii msn  MSGtsr.rn.
COOIIRANB, Al.llA. - Ft. Si-EEIjE, B.f.
(tlratlu.'ite of Laval and McOill.)
WfSlSG   tJ**t��s'5XII-!l',R.
Head Office. Queued j nrnnoh Offices
SilEltliiinriKi'i, it 17 Place d'Ai-mes
Hill. MuNTRBAI..
Samuel S. Fow'ar, UL
MEM,  A.M.  1XS. M.B.
irgxrw-hr HXtisxrrR.
Proporlios lopor'od nnnn.    Ksti nates nnd
plans tor.-, I iiietiJlurgii'i.l plants.
?. 0. Box i,    -    Coltien, B.C
Assay Ollices A Chemical Laboratory
(Established in ll.C. in ISM.)
Viiii-'Otircr,       ���       1..C.
Bank Of Montreal.
Interest nt Current rates.
W. B. CRAVELEY, Manager.
imuel mum,
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle liorboa for Hire.
CUItDKX, U.!,.
WiioU'Ktil.-inn! Hi-full
3UTGH ��R S.
Cattle, Sheep and
Ilorso Dealers.
Gui-iJiii',,   L. C.
I      Undertakers and
| ���  .  Embdlmers,
Cnlft-nry      ���     -       Allia
'     I.; i.l.t.l.At'll    oitlil'liM   1'Ull.lil'ii.i'
i ATTli.M'llll    III.
CO, (Limited)
Gold, Silver I
For full particulars apply to
ilii �����!
'F^:'.UljiL:.i-ii:.A'-! H-tw
, r^iPH'
��� '-"},5-i.'?!'i. ' ��� -*":'.'
*-:H. Connssher, Fieprieicr.
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictly FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Headquarters lor mining men nnd
miners. Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Landing, Direct importer and wholesale nml
retail denier in AVines, Liquors, and Cigars,
Special attention given to orders from Uu the
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,        -        B.C.
qd.adt!MiO -*->% onono
OrUn I h\u w uUUUo.
My stock is the larg-est and most complete in the
An immense stock of \Y. W. -"'looker's. J. C. Clabrongh
& Eros, W. IT. TisclnH's.antl W. Richnrd'R shot guns,
Ail calibers of Winchester and Mnrliti rifles.
Every description of cartridge,loth riile and shot gun.
Trappers' Sup^i-js a Specialty.
Goods all bought
for Spot Cash and
imported direct,
Tg3&* Prices the lowest.
WriOulic   bii   cd   i.tjiiHiL.
Quality the  lest.
PiMpi ;v i��-�� ���'.n....',)o..re,'oipi;CHAR(,ES E. TISDALL, VANCOUVER, B.C.
I i:?.. ;...��'.' ut ,-,*.'stamp,,-, i-,'Cfi|,e tur u <
simple VEQETAHLK liAl.ll lln.t will re-
mme I'uii. l-'reckl.'s. Plmjili'S, lllofclll-si
lilaciilic i Is. etc, leaving Ihu skin soft,
clew nml bountiful, Address A. 1). STEM-
PEL, CO Aim St., Now Vork.
"I* Is worth the -i*-'". tn ever-* pi-Tine
wh" even reads u new evuir r."��� liatULguin
Jerusalem litis 135 places where liquor
it sold, the license fees going to Constantinople.
There are more Endeavorers in Australia than in England and the remarkable
growth is iiiinlialed.
The number uf educational institution*
of one ktntl or niiii'her iu India is put
down in Chambers' Cyclupetliu (18113) st
inn jomtXAL Bcrims to
Blue Pencil Rules.
���. Or. xr-rarvz-BTS.
A Pocket Pr'nier for tbe use of Reporters,
Correspondents and Copy Choppers,
Short, simple snd piactirsl rnles for
maHa-i and edition newspan-r copy,
and of qu��l value tn all ntio wish lo
wrtecorrect Enelish.
Sent**nrecelntof p'tce Pl-e. 10 renfs
r cony. ALLAN TI'RMAN, Publlshu
'Nsss.a Street.New Vcrk.
W. ALEXANDER has removed to Calgary, and Vi*i!l bo pleased to execute rll
orders sent to him there. Work left with
C. A. Warren, Golden, rnd 11. W. Patmore,
Donald, will be promptly forwarded.
RememLcr tlie address.
W, Alexander, Calgary. Awarded
Highest Honors-World'*. Pair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Fre��
iom Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
The lumber for the toboggan slide
has   come   ami   the   miiniigeinitut Mission: for bids for erection nf it.
Mr. nnd   Mrs, Cuts.   ? e les iifcon*-
panied Mrs Richard-on, mother of Mis.
Nelles, ns fnr ns Calgary     Mrs. Iliclt
ardson goes on a v sit inst.
Asst. Supt. leasley is the liappj
father of another boy.
Several of uur Pportsnien sre talk n-.
of getting up a gun club, the prelim in
aries for organization have been mail'
and in a few days will he completed
Golden club had better look uut iu:
their laurels.
It seems thero is trouble round some
where. The home of Thos. St inson wn-
broken into uinl everything ransuel.e
and thrown about. Tom in ���j-oiiiy; rontii
with blood iu his eye and won betidt
tho parties if he lays his liiintl oi
them. There was nothing taken out
No new developments in the Forrest
House robbery up to date.
Government is slow with its money
Those who have been working on th
trail all slimmer havo not receiver
their pny yet. Some of them an
waiting anxiously for it, as they
would liko to go out trapping for tin
scascn and want to take a ��� ood suppl.
of provi.-ioiis along.
Our Quadrille club seems to him
struck a snag and split. Tlie trould
is apparently about the appointing oi
a floor manager - an empty honor am'
a very unthankful job generally.
Tliere will be a subscription danci
this week and, possibly, ai'rnnueinenti
will be mado an I an uuderstnndiin
come to in regard to the Qnadrillt
N V'S   vni'F.-.
A, J. Ellis, or (Juli-nvy, is dial.
Tlie . nner  of  Afgh inn-tall  is  \ery
A 11*1 dlton hits broken out at. Han
'.mc. China
W. S U.'slffrtts. Quebec immigru-
lon agent, is dead.
Crowi'll W Is in, e-i-M.P., died sullenly, al Win-Jinni, Out.
Extensive forgeries havo been de-
.���cie'l by tint Chic .. o police.
Tne Olul'ic.nls  sec,,.led a lur, o iniijoi-
v in the Belgian elections.
A muiInr and li.r tlii'te uhihli-eu
.cn.' Ihu i.I'd at Eliistibuth. N.J,
A plotiiiiieiil Suns Oitv attoi'iiey
as duuiiuipud anil is n delimiter.
There is an utu-oi titineil rumor ll.nt
he ix Qi.eeii of Hawaii is lust,no,
Jo in A. Butterly, Jr.. wus arrested
n Ch ui'AO for einbiirz ing -flO,(JtU.
N. W. lloyle lias been appointed
il'illcipill uf the Toroiilu law school.
S.r Alfred Stephen, formerly I em -
.ovel'itor ol Now South Wales, is Ut'll'd.
Stun Wilson, who is wnlk.inu around
he world, will be iu Winnipeg in
bout ll week.
������Ontling Gnu" Howard and his
on are reported lost off the Labrador
Venezuela is said to be freed from
nteriial s.rife mid iu a j rospclOuS cm.*
A Sunday excursion train was
.vreeked ut New Oilcans with fatal
The C. P. It. are to convey li'i
Iritish soldiers from Halifux to Es-
Three thousand two hundred names
ttive been addcu to the Ottiiwu votees'
The Central W.C.T.U. is to co-
tperate with tlio Salvation Army in
esette work.
R. B. Angus, of ihe Bank of Mont-
eal, is named fur the Quelec iieiinurj
Fifteen Florida fishermen were
liowued iu llie recent sioiin neai
Build Bros., of Pilot Mound, have
s tipped to Engliind $70,010 worth of
���utile since April.
Receiver (lakes of the N.P.R. has
men completely exonerated from all
'.barges against bint.
A despainte light look place on Sat-
inlay between Americans uud Mux!*
tans at Tutpau, Mex,
Ten teattiiis for lho necessity of muscular nativity.
1. Any tna-i who tlo=*t not tak�� timo f r
exercise \ii.l probnblv have tutnke time lu
Le ill.
2. Buily mnl mini are both gifts, nml
fur the rimer use of them our Maker will
liu d its lespniiaihle.
11. Exercise gradually increases the physical powers, and gives more strength In
resi-1 s ckness.
' Exercise'ivill do for yonr body whit
itit u ttt'tiii tr..in in* will do for your mind
���educate umi strengthen it.
S. Pinto nailed ti mail Initio because lie
exercised the mind while the body was allowed lo suffer.
0. A S'tiiiiil body lies at the foundation
of all that cups tn make life a success. Exercise will help to L'ive it.
7. Exercise will help a young man to leud
a chaste life.
I     8. Varied, light nnd brisk exercise; next
to sleep, will rest   tlio   tired  brain belter
tl in 11 1111111111111 else.
0. .Metal nil rust if not used, and the
body will become diseased if not exercised.
10, A man "ton busy" to take enre of
bis health is like a workman too busy lu
harpen his tools,
Upper Golurflbia laSrayCo.
Steamers will leave
Pri-sbytorliin Church Social.
A necktie social was given by tin
ladies of tlie Presbyterian Chinch,
Donald, on Wednesday lflth ult. It
was a decided success. The audience
was large and tho programme a good
one, which was as follows: ���A quartette hy Miss Woodbouse inul Messrs.
Haines, Campbell nud Smith j a recitation by Mi- Cobb; Instrumental duct
by Mr. Jordan and Will; song, "Daisy's
Reply," by Miss Wood house; tecltn*
tion liy Mins Ross; sing by Mr. F.
Woodbouse. At this point, their was
nn Intermission, then followed n dialogue entitled ���' Aunt Prno," by Misses
Laurence and Ross, which elicited
some laughter; song by Miss Wood*
house; recitation by Mr. Pawl; a
reading by Miss Stcen, nud a solo and
chorus "If the waters could speak as
they Kow." This closed the artistic
part of the entertainment. Refreshments were then served and the singing of the national nuthein brought
the proceedings to a close, aud all
went home after spending nn enjoyable
evening. Thanks nre due to the ladies
for their sumptuous entertainment and
to the others who contributed so
largely to make the social a success.
The proceeds were very satisfactory.
A sitting of the County Court will
bf bebl at the Court House, Donald, on
Wednesday, the Uth day of November. 1894, at 10 o'clock a.in.
By order.
Registrar County Court.
Donald, B.C.,
Oct. nth, 1SD4.
Paraguay was settled by the Spaniards
in 1515.
Tne republic of Holland was constltut d
in 157D.
The lirst whent raised ill the new  worl
was son u on tho islanl uf Iabelln ill Ja
nnrv, 1104, and uu Match lid t,ie I'lii'i .uth
C'iiiitl i wits discovered by Ciibut in
14UU; cxpl.'ied by the rVlieh," 15U-J. I'iS-j
inul Ifiij'l; Ki'itletl, 1540: Qnebuu built,
lOttll: t.'ik-ii by Eiij-liiud. Ifl-J.
T e West litdtei lu-iii' I e Id's' bind ills*
covered by Culiiinbiis in 140-. early Bout ���
iti.-nt.-s inre m.tie iu t.iein. nut uuy Ij
Spii.tt. bin by liliiu'liiU'l, 1-riiuce, Roll.iuii,
Ileum rl; nu t Su'eilirn.
Tne union uf the crowns of England and
fri-i I Mid I: | lace in A.l).   10X1,  In the
gri at iidviiutnge uf both count lies, bur tin y
had lueir separate parliaments and governments ti 1 A, D. 1700.
The Spiliiards took poss<>sslnn of Chili
soon nfi r their conquest of Peru, and continued iu pirns Hsiuii nnlil 1M10, when the
struggle lor Independence Itef-an. The le-
publio was established in IV18.
The New Testament wns first printed ii
Irish in 1003.
As late ns 1773 women rode astride.
Side saddles are modern inventions.
It il just 100 years since the Cornish-
man, William Mnrdiick, discovered that
coal gas might bo used an au iliuiitiiiaiii.
��tn.f. ��WTI!B, oflMKtoB
Bt V tut. Totorto, w.ll ask.
Ms Mli annual vJslttoBrltlsn
Columbia Boliesaiiyllniilur*
he cnnothold with euso. Pst-
ci. oe oi 87 t-ntoi tB on BPPll-
a*ice�� forcuro of club Feet nnd
.it llof rmiticB. Becoirntended
VV PhyBlclnns overywnere.
\?lll v "It oorronally,
VJ-lt-ll-i IS,-.'.tti'l'i-lr.-trHotp',
Moti. ft 1'ucs., Oct.. SO and 30.
11* Vl.tHTCSKRi B.r.. Vlrtwta
Bohi., Vj-Ollauuiisi'. Oct. 81st.
(jitim* ii nl s-'i.-Ti in Nciinim.
Vcsvtabl m iif ull KliitiM.
Every Tuesday at 7 am
Passenger Rates about 5c. per mile.  Meals 50e.
About iashions in dresses, but everyone
agrees thut tho bust foundation lbr any costume is tho
Black tights, which allow tho figure to be
shewn to perfection nml do awny with overstockings, bloomer's, and iinin-ci-'-��in,y skirts.
All Indies in Montreal wore them lust tall
and winter, and during the coming season
nothing else will be considered, they were
such a -success.
��� Send for our illustrated catalogue, free by
post, if your own dealer hns not got them.
Freight Incites.
To Canal Flat A. $1.75; B. 1 GO; C. 1.40; D. 1.20.
To Fort Steele A. 3.00; B. 2.50; C. 2.00; D. 1.50.
Bate A. to include Class 1 and 2 of Canadian Freight Classification
ti    B                "             Stand 4              " "'
..    (* ii 5andH " "
..    d. " '���'���'������Is
Sliipine'its of 10,000 lbs., of mixed g-oods to be en-
*it!cd to car load rates. Freight will be delivered as far
.south as navigation \-. ill permit and will be charged for
according to distance transported.
Express Rate to Fort Steele Sets, per lb.
The Company'-- liability on express parcels being limited to $2 per lb
1 per cent will bo charged ou excess value mentioned on Bill of Lading.
r. B. H. COCHRANE, Prasident;       F. P. ARMSfRONG, Manager.
:m. b. lang,^.
Mining & Goneral Supplies.
BOOTS & SHOES,        STATIONERY, PIPES,   Etc.,   Etc.
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
M. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
Manufactures of Sash, Doors, Mouldings
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.
Have on hand a lot of Wash Basin and Bath


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